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The Ledge 1905-07-26

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Editor aad Financier
You will become like
5olomori if you read.
The Ledge regularly.
V«.lume XIL, Number 42
Price, $2 a Year, in Advance
*__B 0    J__
Local Happenings in and
About the City
Interesting Items  About
People You Know
. .rjaWs^r -1 _.
The Elk river bridgo is sadly In need
of lepalrs.
C. P. Hill and wife will return to
Hillcrest next niontli .
People wonder liow much Jim Hill
makes out of Ferule water
-   There is rejoicing: In  New  Denver
. j    Jta bank {i*n*i*Mr<*t' is bshi-* removed .to
There is no boycott on tlio Royal
Seiil. You can smoke it any,old time
jou have the price.
Beforo becoming incorporated Cranbrook would do well to look at the fate
of Ftrnieor Slocan City.
Beware of tho politician who says Ids
hands are clean: Aunnina was put out
uf business for less than that.
Jthn Hecnau has been missing from
Fort Steelo sinco July Oth, aud search*
iitjj parties are looking for hi in.
A1, times thoTstreet In front of Handley h livery stable is almost covered
with wagons and other vehicles.
If the sweet graduate girl knows how
to hulf sole tlio dome of her future husband's trousers who hixai-'c graduated  iu
' vain.
The fire is at 111 burning In tho Frank
mine, end as it is ubove water level it
may result In the abandonment of the
Tbe stono trimmings over the windows and on tlio front of the Trites-
Wood Co. block present a very attractive appeal aueu.
In Chinatown thero i i a little Chink
hid just three mouths from China.
J le Heart kuee pants and has already
h-unied how to play ball-
One of the floost patches of potatoes
in Ferniu can txjaetn iu tbe garden of
tbu Methodist parsonage. - It is a credit
to the man with the hoe.
One by two tbo roses fado. Graham,
n Sunday Sclioul   supoiiiitendeut   at
.«    .....        *«     _ _.  I     — _ ,      —.   .     .....      ...a. ....
-_**IKir>a, 'mail.,   o-aat>pa-u   uu.   mas   aiiuaja
du- with tbo church funds.
A &a0,000 tlp|.lo is to be built Bt the
,Fmuk mine, aud a box car loader in-
tst«lk'tl. The mine supplies the C. P.
U. with COO tons of coal a day.
Golden   ia wild with |oy over   the
coiiuiiencetncnt of work on the Kootcn
ay Central, and over at Windermere
tb* local editor U putting- butter „on Wa.
Ferule coal ii being sold in Winnipeg'
aiidli K. Croasdailu has beeu appointed general sellinf* agent. Hoi* advertising ior agenta in Manitoba and the
Tl.o   norm  of   last  Friday even
Ing caused  falling trees   to   knock
out the C. P. R. telegraph servico and
put a dead silence to a portion of the
local telophone lino.
Tho only real "Colonel*' in Fernie did
not receive an invitation to the rifle
iiin|;e demonstration last week. The
ways of amateur army officers are peculiar and scorn to prevail.
Tbo Football club havo received a
h.-.in "some medal presented to them ^by
.l.Fleibhman of Vancouver on tbe oc-
cation ot their winning their recent
mutch agninst Craubrook.
J C. Fernau of the Frank smelter
bus boudod two /.inc properties in Ainsworth camp, West Kootenay, and
r.corgo Fernau Iihs beeu placed in
charge of their development.
Tho spots on tlio sun are larger than
ever. Judging from the recent weather they act upon this earth much tho
samo as this paper does upon the local
r.jitators who think it a- smart trick to
boycott it.
Wilfrid Morand has disposed of his
hotel business n Marysville Ho was
.lu Fernio looking for an oponing, but
without success. At prcsc.it ho is
visiting his brothers hi Kalifpoll while
IiIh wife is ou a visit to the cast.
Tho city police requires anothor
patrolman,: as thc present force
caniiot watch tho city every hour of tho
21. To leavo tho city in tho enrly hours
of morning without protection may
look like economy, but it Is not. Wc
need another policeman, and wo need
him right away.
J. F. Spalding has t then a beautiful
plint-.j-r-ipt. of tho Ivk Lit in bor Co's
mill and yards: also the Lizard rango
of mountains .showing Mt-). Hosmer,
Furiiin, Campbell and Thice Sisters
Tho picture shows thu Klk river und
tlm full bend, mid is 7}i. ny 27 Inches in
is|y.o. 0.1., Ihiyiiton will have a half-
tamo mada from it for tho pages of the
A uierlcan Lumberman's Journal.
8. B. Sllnn catches It going and com
ing. Whilo on hia way west from
Ottawa to Fornie hist wlntor ho was
icrlously Injured In a wreck near
Medicine Hat for which tho C. P. 11.
t aid lilm ibiniHgcs. Near thu (mine
. place while iutumlng east a few weeks
hko ho wns robbed of his   purso  while
\ PE
W. F. Vance and wife aro in Winni
rianv     Mar-i Varty Is visiting the Portland
Mrs. J, Huby is recovering from her
late illness.
Augustus Carney, of Kaslo, was in
the city last week.
Fred Mitchell and Charles Wilson
left for Port Arthur last Friday.
Arthur Mott and W. J. Blundell are
looking at the horses in Winnipeg.-
' L Atkinson, tlio cigar merchant, Is-
in the hospital with typlio-d fever.
Miss Jean Anderson 'will spend her
holidays* at Elko nnd Michel. Miss
Whlmster will nBnist in tho postoflice
during hcrabsonco.
Tho Honorable It. F. Green's wife
and family aro visiting Mrs A T Gar
land iu Kaalo. jMra. Garlan 1 i-i the
daughter of Mr.a. Jennie E. Harris,
who Is at present In Pernio
Bishop Dart camo in from New Westminster on Saturday evening, and confirmation services were held in the
English church on Sunday. On Monday
alternoon a reception was given tho
bishop at the' residence of Aid. Heich-
mer. He returned to tbo coast on
Tuesday morning*.
The working man is the backbone of
every land. It is upon lib broad back
that everything ride.*, and it ls^his
horny hands that produce, ail the wealth
Tho* rest of -he world mav work
but it is . to. handle ,the wealth
made by tho sons nf toil. Without tbe
working man Ferni* would ail 11 he a
virgin wilderness. It is tho- miners
who daily risk their lives underground,
at a lower wage-than is ,paid'Other
miners in the interior of K CA whj* are
keeping up-tho city of Pernio. _ To
thom Ihe bu nine-nil men look f|ir trade,
for without them llifire would bo no
commercial life in Ferula'. The-.Coal
Co. meicly directs, affniis and mm da
the profits to _n',ti-rii stm kholda-ri* most
of whom would sconi to tuu-.hgarmoiiti-.
with the men from whose .'labor (heir
fortunes aro built. These stockholders
aro principally greedy individuals who
have no interest in Fernio or Its ihip.ei',
except to squeeze all tfu-y-cuti'iiut of It*
I    l\l_Allmtt-V
tf possible they would g. ind.the miner 't0--t,in*t,pVd^u tho/.tiinjontv of towns.
down to a w-ge scale that woiil^bnrciy it-^ultl ^av iheclty to n,„ and on-
keop his soul and body, from becoming erat(J ilaovf'a^]exM «„,„ work4.
Tliocvji of 4-jreedv company having
its p.**.**-upon a city-'i- plainly Keen in
FernUV whe're^tfie''-'rov.'.', x<.st Pass
Co-ij Co. teek;! to.*b>"l -'ill to its will,
and crush anyone Ufho dares to'think
or net furihemsel'v^ It w,mts obed-
ience'of the people to its clcinauils,' and
its officials•prob'i'J/y think a man insane whp'd'aros'iiyrlSpri'n-' an opinion
contrary 'to fliuic way of doing business.,, TheC.W.;Pr|:. L & |>. Oo is a
subsidiary c6mpa"u\*of tin-, hi_r i_0ll\ co_..
poratlou and sfij^lies 1'cniie at present
w'fli prater, light" and teli-iihouic eom-
.Irxir-' J.1*f*4-t-.__l,UI
.^i.„ — .^_ .  -   - -
Jililewiyiijjiiny iii to,tlie larger we. do
_bit kiiow-,'but;in"'tliia aiticle for the
aukO'M-brevjtylvF-e -will de-ij-nate the
iwaliias' thV Cdftl".Co , ami turn the
,Uiia«l'2lTt'flii*^''the'inethoal', of collect-
f/ThiilfjithVfurnftlieal is fairly good.-al-
thoug^th'O price is hi^'li in coiiiparisoM
At Dog Creok.40 miles from Ashcroft,
another fool last week took a trip over
tho gun muto. Because a young.lady
refused him tho last danco and gave it
to his rival at a party bold arhis ranch,
tbok" hfsrifltafand' stopped 'to tho-'*door
during, tha danco and pat a bullet
through his brain, his hotly falling* o:.-
to tbo floor among thc dancers.
asleep in tho enr, thus meeting with
i.ore advoutuics than most _ ooplodo lu
a lifetimo.
Tho Conl Crcok ball t-nm picked
fn,in tho Pittsburg brid'. men and
lhe minora will play tho Fernio team
1 ere on Sunday. Thoy nre a strong
team anda g.md game ie looked for.
Fernio will |.lav tho i-nmo team that
beat Kalispell," The gaum will take
place on th' rceivutlun gi-iunrts and
un iiilmlBslou fee of li, raitx will he
a harmed      l-rocicdi    to   _;o   ti,wards
p. Villi" fill' Ulalfl-l UJaJ
Wo Can't ask Qeorgo       \
Tbo Fernie Lsnas wonders why it is
that the Nelson Daily News is absolute
ly silent on the water-works question,
with which tho Fernie people are lab
orlng. Thc Leixje ehould put that
query to the great-grandson of William
Lyon Mackenzie, Ontario's first and
last great rebel —-NelRon Tribune.
Fernie and Coal Creek will play ball
next Sunday On the 8th August the
Fernie" team will leave for Calgary to
take part in tho baseball tournament in
that city. Subscriptions are uow being
taken up to assist the local team, and
tho offering should be liberal for noth
in&r beats a live baseball team to ad
vertlse a city
Tho Hour of Voices
Passing through Chiuatown on a
Sunday afternoon is liable to mske yon
think that Bedlam bad broken loose
nnd butted into Fornie. Gamblimr is
the order of the day, and between it
and tho effect of hop tho sounds tb«i
float in tlie air resemble somewhat
those of the New York Stock Exchange
when a panic is ras-inj; and the bear'
and mills are screeching liko the inmates of a lunatic aeyluin at a picnic
party •
divorced. And yet to a great* extent
the business men overlook tbt) importance of tho minor, lumber'jacks and
other working men to the bent interr-slp
of this city. • Thoy havo myopia when
a son of toil passes by, but need no
specs to see a Coal Co. ollicinl, and yet
if the trade of the Conl Co. was ull there
was in Fernio one hotel and storn might
get a lean living. Tho more' kindly
jou trout tlie working man the more
likely he will "he to do business with
you, and speak sweet words about-your
city when ho goes to distant' -parts
Show hiin by every cmrtei-y that' you
appreciate his north to the commui.ity,
and it will eventually pay better than
too much gazing at one star.
Development work is being commenced in the Bulhloy valley upon an
immense coal area in thc urn-.hern part
of Biitish Columbia for tbe purpose of
•>upplying tho Grand Trunk Pacific
railway with its fuel. The nr-'a. con'
siets of 20 square miles, and it is estimated (hat there is 90 million of tons
of coal in   sio-lit.     Siiaaiikinc aliout   tbe
coal thc Provint-e says.
'.  -The Bulkloy coalfields were examined on behalf of the  Grand   Trunk
company by Mr. J.  K.  McKvoy, ge<>-
logbt of ihcCi'ow-s'*\e*-t c-unp.ii.v, aii'l
formerly a member of the "ro"ln_icn'
survey of Canada.   It   was  uiH>r-   hia
favorable report that the Grar.d Trunk
concluded,the, purclmf^ ot  tliu  land*
■torn-this t»*_»dJcatav
them all tbo members of which nre res
idenls of Victoria and Vancouver.
.While It is pos-ibie to take tens nl
thousands of tons of coal fi-um the nn-
turi'-_eve!opcd coal brd--, it j.- siad-d to
be the intention of the company t,
thoroughly iiir-,sti--atc__ the coal area.'
and make early prupnr.ition f,,r tb<-
to.il supply of the Grand Tii-nk Pr,
cifieiu British Coluuitiia. a jui-liiiiir.ai-y
of which is the work to bs can ied <*n"
/his year under thesuperinte'ideiK-c of
.Mr. Williscroft.
An Italian by the name of Ventura
was lined $25 and coats for shooting at
a target ou thu public highway-
Albert Littlo was aeses-sed $15 and
costs for carrying an overload of boozo
Eal ward Han is was charged with
supplying spirits »o Johnny Hunter,
who is Siwiti-hed. Tlio case was dismissed.
Morris Evans James Pimrrons and
James Sanderson were all liberated on
suspended sentence. They are all
hard working men somewhat out of
luck upon account of an abnormal
Frank Salisbury got ten days at easy
bard labor in order to allay the irritable condition of his nervous system.
George Wood, alias Thomas got two
months ot hard labor for looking ii.
pooplc's windows and doing other
naughty acts.
A Great l'lnno Man
Whitcacre was in   Fernio last
He has been connected for nine
years with tho Mason and Ili.sch Piano
Co., and has sold pianos from ocean to
ocean. About five years ;igo tho company discarded tho wIioIcs-iIm trade nm!
now sell direct to tho-is who ale-ire
pianos,'nnd ef-tnblish wiirernums for tl.e.
storing and exhibition of their goods
all over Canada. Tho company em
plojs its own tuners. The rules of the
company are very strict with its em
ployees, and even a $10,000 mini will
lo.-at) his position if ho violates them
Mr Whitt'iicre Is wettern tnnnngcr for
the company wilh It in hendijuartors nt
Nelson whilo.his territory extends fiom
Fleming, Mnn , to Ala-ku lln in nn
able malinger and iw iv piano snlosmi n
hai no superior in tho great wo t
M.iuy flnttdflng offers have been mude
him by piano llrms in some nf tho
largest Uuited Stntes cities, but ho prefers to stay with Cauada, r.nd tlm Mason
& Ilisch, ono of tho grontost pianos In
the musical world.
A Valuable Discovery.
A scientific discovery has recently
been made which may have un iin
portiuit influence on the future of
southern JJritish Colninljh. An
English company hns apparently
solved the problem of manufacturing
coke from a non-coking coal. It has
supplied the natural ik-liency art ideally, nnd the result issni-l to bepcr-
fcctly successful. The pr-'ccs? is not
unlike the "briqucttiiig,'' which has
been resotted to for nearly half a
century to protlncc domestic and
steam fuel from awl dust. -The home
of the later plant is Swansea, ami
hater South Wales ports. The line
c.-al from the screenings is collected,
10 per d-tit. of pitch added, the mixture superheated in a huge revolving
cylinder until it bectunes a semi-
plastic mass. It is then expelled in
the same way iu which clay Ls forced
lrom pug mill, moulded into briquettes, uud after drtitig and cooling,
becomes a marketable and profitable
fuel. .So prosperous has the industry
become, and so well adapted is thc
fuel, especially f<-r hot countries that
it is a ma tier lor wonder t!.at ic has
not extended lo Canudit.
. Latf'winter^wMirf.the 1! C. Telephone c'onipany sought an entrance into this city the Coat'Co. put up a j-reat
light against It'.iidotl.'by the City C'.iun
ell. The Coal -Co;*.' finally settled the
contention by;buyipi- out the B. C.
company. Throug| the ,-imI of the
Mayor aiid his confreres upon behalf of
the Coal Co! thej city ran np against
some' litigation wltlUhi) 3. C. Telephone
Co. that his,t*ost the, city hundreds of
dollars, aud although the fl-*ht was to
benefit tho COAi'Co.'thc city has had to
bear the expense of the mistakes mado
by it._Mayor.aud alderman. The mean
side of such a spiiit! may have been
overlooked by our indulgent and long
suffering citizens'."-^ After the telephones are put in it is found that they
run nowhere cnteideof fernie, and are
- -a" % .. -*
of little ut>e to many subscribers, except
to help the doctors by increasing indigestion throughv "l«lck " of es-ercise.
Then those who failed to get in when
the. general installation took place have
to pay 812.50 for installing an instrument as'against $**"iu the hi:*h priced
town of Nelson' Thai is freczy increased in Fernie.   -
Lttttipnuj — etu-tcpiic-r
_ I.t IMC
The Liulii's H.-nevolunt .Soa-lity of
Fernie i*i richly deserving ol support
und eiii'oui-nfemetit from evi;ry citizen
in East Kootonay. They have been
tireless in their efforts tn alleviate the
sufferings of the unfortunates of l-Vrnie
and surrounding country. They have
been instrumental. thion_fli Mr.'Smith,
of tbo Children's Home, nl Vaueiaiiver.
in saving no less than lait'lit l,i'|b;s.s
children. They, have h-i.t a lulpiug
hand to -unfortunate women who
evinced a desire to abandon their
former lives, nnd <>urit nn linne-at liviiiir.
<\s a clij-ht ici-o^iiitlon ofthe vainntilt-
n'd roitdi-rcd this part of tlm proviiu-e
tlu-*-_ Indies bnvn imdei'tn!ac:i in rnlsr
us largo a film ns po:*sib!i! Ta. be plneed
at tho dispo.-nl of Mr. S.-trb in nnl of
this noble work Nothing run lie ol
more bencllt to us limn the „nOil work
o' reselling the bulph-i-s from evil
surroundim;*. and phiel<i_ tlimn mi -Inroad to worthy citi/,"!^li'u> It i- ta. be
hoped that enr ind.en at tbeir eaimiosr
cntertaliiiniHit will linvii the n-iv.'iil.li'
iMiriirlH-a of the. Inrtti'Mt iiirnoiit, l-.■ i:|• 1 • •«J
with tha- |-reiitti-l liiiiinrl.il proei eds
that tins b-en c-ff'red bv n „ciiei.nis
biiplle in thu hi.'ito.-y of tlio city.
water at $2.50 a tap,:,or hoi.se, but as
far as has been learned charges noth-
'    *,* *   I
iiig for the Bedimtent:-; <Th,s it evidently throws iu as a kii^fr rebate on. tho
(irico, Tbis paper-#ourd like to know
how many eitics oa%ujth*pay such, an
enormous price Eair^ugh "a wretched
■inality of watflr. Mfe',*"--peiple"invFer-
fcnretl-thnt Ia:go numbers have been
driven iuto thu"bun'-u arena. The
wator supply is none too plentiful, arid
recently at certain time, in the day
■aoiiie taps went dry. Certainly, a fine
service at 32 50 per.
Last winter tho company was guilty
of an act that would almoet hang a
private individual. Owing to low
water above the town of Coal Creek it
turned on the water from below thc
town aud funni-hec! the polluted stuff to
its Fernie patrons Ima.ine .what
water would be like that contained the
waste water from cord miues and the
sewage from a town of several hundred
people. All the warning the company
i-ave wisthe print in,; of a few hand
oil's advising the peoplo to boil . .'he
water. This wnrnin• wasof little use
as so many people in Fernio cannot
re.id. It is bant to think-of a company
doinj-: such a tiling, and later on coming to tho city with ono of the nerviest
propositions on record Such an
atrocious act will always bo a black
mark against the company that holds
Feruie apparently in the shadow- of its
bank account. In some communities
the act would have caused a rebellion. •
The exposing of th:3 great injustice
to tho people and other things in con
nection with city affairs has brought
down the enmity of such minions as
Mayor Stork, Aid. Itobiits and others
who havo exerted themselves unduly
,o boycott Thk 1,e*x;i* and ruin its ..editor. Stork and Robins haveT both attempted to uso their influence to induce
our customers to withdnrw their patronage from this paper. Such men
must hnvo a deep hatred-of the truth
.nnl liltie nyai'il for tho right's of tho
inast-e.s. These mon would crush freedom of honest speech, and mako slaves
of anyone who differed from them in
tliajn_-htor artion, and thoir placo Is in
Russia ami not under tho folds of the
British flag Wherever that fkiR flies
men love freedom and they will not
stand by ami see bullies and liars, oven
attempt to steal tbe bread from an editor whose pen has always been on'the
-■iil>! aif ri.,!tt and justico.-><*_;. man who
has fought tho battles of working men
for lia years cannot be downed by such
unpriiieip'i'd schemers ns Stork, Robins
nud a few others iu this city.: .The dav
of the boomerang is nol yet obsolete
After the reading of the minutes*had
been disposed of, the report of the road*
and street committee was'sbrought. in.
It was to the effect that the bridge over
the river was in pretty bad shape, and
that timber for recovering bad been
ordered and would be laid at once.—
Mayor Stork suggested that the city
buy a hors'e. •
Several communications supposed to
be tenders for bonds were opened, one
from f*. R. Peacock, of the Dominion
Securities Co., declining to tender for
waterworks' bonds stating lhat the city
was too small and.they were going too
fast but suggesting that sewer bonds
be issued in sums of $500 and $1,000
as that was the ordinary aiid most convenient form for investors. A tender
from lhe Bank of Commerce was unopened, as it was considered unfair lo
Manager May lo have bis tender made
public, and as it was the only tender, it
was decided to extend the time for two
week's,'and., open then. From the
general conversation that followed our
reporter gleaned (bat it wns a conditional bid, and for sewers only It
appeared to-be the feeling of some of
ibe aldermen that (lie bank bid should
bo accepted if possible and it was
whispered that Lindsey wanted it so.
Tenders to build sewers are to be
called for and Aid. Cree and Wallace
were appointed a committee to look
after lhe .-.ame. ;
The solicitor was instructed to have
Broley Bros, complete the sidewalk
contract and to insert a clause that
contractor be responsible for all lumber
received from mills.
The waterworks proposition was
brought up by Aid. Robins who
thought'-the'" Council "should accept
Lindsey's proposition and do business
al once with the Coal Co. and attach
hydrants to lhe work now being done
and save tearing  up the streets again.
The Mayor staled that the.'alternative suggestions offered at the public meetings had been laid before: the
Coal Co. by Mr. McEvoy.
Aid. Wallace thought they Were
compelled to have a vote ot the' people
before they could deal with the Coal
Co.- He thought' a deal should be
maJe with the Coal Co. now and thai
more peopje were in favor of doing
business with the Coal Co. than before the agitation started. Aid. Robins
said thiil the agitators were some few-
Liberals but that no person paid any
attention to them, that the party was
in bad shape anyway.
Aid,Wallace again reiterated that it
was best to do business with the Coal
Co. and that if the interests of the
principal ratepayers were consulted
they would do so.
"Aid.. Robins said lhat lhe main agitators had said that it was. against
Stork:principally ihey were fighting.
He^said he''.\rauld£v«_e-*_,l*> it. . -, . .'-• ;
''v^^SsoIf-Stoi" gave it as' his' opinion
that before anything-dennite could be
done, an agreement would have to be
entered into with the Coal Co. and a
by-law submitted-to the people for
One of the aldermen wondered when
Lindsey would be back, and received
the assurance that Mr. McEvoy would
be able to treat on his relurn.
Council adjourned to meet Aug. 2
at   8   p. m.
a    —
The Result of Fire
Eight writs were issued out of tho
Fernie Registry of the Supreme Court
last Saturday agaiust tho Crows Nest
Southern Ruilwav. J. W. Stewart and
R. Quaife The plaintiffs are: The Liverpool, London and Globe Insurance
company, John Turner, liichard Ral-
iison, Thomas Plante. John Beaumont,
William Clifford and William Handley.
Each claim is for damages caused by
("re alleged to have escaped at West
Pernio from'the right of way of the
Crows Nest Southern railway during
the construction of that line  last July.
In addition to the actions commerced
on Saturday there are pending the
easos of the' Fernio Lumber Co., tbe
Elk Lumber Co., and tfie" Uuion Bank
of Canada against the same parties.
The tir-:t suit commenced was that of
the Fairnie Lumber Co. which rlafms
S9i3,00O. In that ca.-e the respective
sides have been diligently working for
some time, and expect to have a trial
at Nelson iu October. The bo.*t legal
talent of the province will gat her at tbe
trial, which will be ono of tho moat important ever held in the interior of B.
C and will practically bo a test case
upon tho result of which tuny depend
the abandonment or prosecution of all
the other suits. Messrs Ross andAlex-
ander represent the claimants while
Mr. L. P. Eckstein is acting for thc
-I'rom tlio Times
' The Fernie Ledge is putting up a
fight for the rights of that city
as against the Crow's Nest Pass Coal
Co. that is a credit to Lowery. its
editor. The people of Fernie will
reapall of the benefitof this fight and
the Ledge will take all of the kicks,
but then Lowery knows before hand
that running a paper in the interests
ofthe people 13 a thankless task.
The Spring Creek coal mines a*
Lewiston, Mont., lately purchased by
S. W. Gebo, formerly of Frank,  is
Culled   from    Exchanges
Along The Crow
General   Progress   and   Prosperity
All Along The Line
no?.' being opened up and cquippe
with an entire new plant. Work has
begun npon a new tipple, chutes for
loading cars, oflice buildings, etc.,
all of which will be mode's of convenience. . Thc railway from Lewis-
ton to the mines, a distance oi two
miles, will be put in at once. These
improvements will enable Mr, Gebo
to largely increase the out put of hi&
new pnrchase
At the McLaren Co's saw mill
above Uie town, employment is
given to some 30 men and this mill is
now turning out oyer 30,000 feet ot
lumber a day. The quality of the
lumber turned out here is of the best
and as a 'consequence it keeps the
mill and men hustling to supply the
many orders received. The company
still have in the river 8ome55,00u
logs which will be ample to keep tin-
mill running until late in the fall.
During the last winter the mill was
remodeled and brought thoroughly
up to date and is now recognized as
one ot the test equipped mills in the
west. Under the management of D.
G. McPimil this mill besides giving
steady employment to a large number" of men has been a dividend paying proposition for its owner.
While Coleman may not .be said to
be  booming,   the town h/climbing
steadily to the front rank of the Pass
towns and we think it is safe to say
'.hat   no other town in this section
has accomplished as much as Coleman  in  the  same  length of time.
Although not yet two years old Coleman has the hest class of buildings
and some of the finest ar.d best stock
cd. "_a-_\nosa  establishments  in
Pass:—Thatcher ""citizens are-6/,a/
most enterprising class is evidenced/
Queer stories lioat over tho mountains about tho Doukhobors. The
Iiouks are said tc be experts nt tear
lot; up survey line stukos, and tisln_r
them, when made of iron, for harrow
teeth. They also have a tyoo whom
tiny trust iuiplicitv much to* tha' material increase of his wealth, and tho
diminution of their own.- It Is said
thnt the bif.'01m keeps a harem in
which lo to'JO young women nro donit-
e,ll'."!. The Douk* nro certainly an
inti'rcHiitig class of peoplo, and • moro
are uu their way to iho cosmopolitan
by thc fact that thev have a fine
church, a bank, are building a goo,:
school, have waterworks and electric
lights and have the only live board
of trade in this section. Coleman
was brought into cxistc-nsc by the
opening up of the mines by the
International Coal and Coke Co. at
that point and the building of their
large plant and coke ovens there.
This company, while conservative,
has accomplished a most stupendous
amount of development work in their
mines besides installing a complete
and modern coal mining plant, more
than capable of handling 2000 tons of
coal per day, in less than two years.
They have 1G0 coke ovens in opera
tion and the ground prepared for a
Inrge number more. Employment is
given by this company to a large
number "of men thus insuring the
busine-s-; men of the town a stead\
pay-roll. That Coleman is assured
ot a bright future no one who is tiie
least lamiiiar with operations ofthe
From the tftnnk Pnpor.
Thclime kilns to the west of the '
town are shipping a large amount uf
finished product.
Lime rock is being shipped .'from
the deposits west of the town to the
sugar refinery at Raymond.
According to L. D. Kcan. of the
Rocky Mountain Development Co.,
there is much activity this year in
the Alberta Oil hYMs to the south H-*
states tbat a townsite is being'laid
out at the junction ol Secpugc and
Oil Creeks, nnd that a hotel, sawmill
and refiniii" j-lani-tro being erected.
Saturday was pa*, day in Frank
and in various camps snrruunding
and tributary towns The amount
of money disbui-cd was in txces-i of
the mouth previous, upwards ot .f37,
OOU having b.;en huudlt-d through
the lona I branch ofthe Union Bank.
The pay sheet, of the Canadian American Coal Co.. was fully siHOCO larger
than in June, constituting the largest
payta-ll in months. All the merchants n-poit do-ng good business, with
monthly accounts paid freely.
Pincher Creek is to have a water
system and will be provided by
Frank people. The Muricipd Water
&. Light Co. is thc name of the company putting in the. system, and J. E
Woods ard'J.'R Fleutot are thc pro-
motors of the enterprise. Thn company will procure its supply ot water
irom Pincher Cicek, nnd it will be
filtered before distributed through
the town. Mr. Woods has been at
Pinchrr Creek tlie past week, superintending the work of gelling the
construction unJcr way.
If the   reports coining from the
south are well founded, the Americans^
arc likely to beat the people on this
side of the 'line into the  Flathead
with a railroad.      The report is to
the  effect that a scheme has been
isucccssfuly • flouted to . build _ a road
l_?»north -„ trom v.lbc-. Northern" Pacific-
through     central     Montana,    con-"
necting   iho Northern Pacific with
coal   company or
property, donbts
Blairmore Times.
their magnificent
for one moment.—
On Saturday afternoon Miss Duncan,
Into housekeeper of the Hotel Fornie,
was nirreeably surprised, when,
upon behialf of the roomers and
empbyces*. Mrs. J. Iv Harris, nnd
Misses MeKellar and Best, presented
her with a beautiful chatelaine bug in
wliich wns contained a tidy sum of
money. The puiso was accompanied
bv au address in which this estimable
young Indy wa.i wished Joy and sunshine during her approaching married
lifo. Sho left Sunday morning (or a
short visit to her parents nt Creston,
and will soon marry the sweetheart of
her school days, who is 0 resident of
A Hour Ad
British Columbia might increase its
business by capturing wild animalc
nnd selling them to fanciers in tho east.
Arthur Cody, a clever young trapper In
Knslo captured a grizzly bear cub this
spring, and tho other day he sold it to
President Roosevelt, who will placo il
n h is collection nt Wnshington.
Thousands will view this cub and it will
bo a groat advertise n cut for Kaslo.
In fact tho appearance of thu cub ml ght
Induce U msovelt some day to como ou l
and take a shot at tho bif* gnme In the
From the LcKalar
D.J.Elmer, who was down to
Yahk and the International lv.mndarv
this week. ropor*3 work on the new
line progres-in„ favorably. At Yahk,
Frank Clapp hns his new hotel running in full swing ar.d is doing a
good business. At%>knne.JuiicU'>it,
Two miles below Yahk, J. F. Print-I.*
is opening a hotel, and Sum Spears
has a neat little store and is carry ing
a good stock ot gjods suitable for
ruilwav construction. Both nre in n
position to do a good business and
tuako some money. Then tit the
town of Hamilton on thc boundary
line .lack Swiunerton is opening a
hotel. Considerable hind has been
locattd alorg the line and several
mineral chiiu s staked.
The new mammoth ."0-drill air
eonipro-Mur at the St. Eugene was set
in mctiim this week. It is one of the
largest pieces of mining miichincry
in Iv.ist Kootenay, and makes the
other two compressors in tlie same
building look like, infants. The new
plant was made by the Jencke-.
Machine Co. of Sherhrooke, Que., and
has a capacity of :i,i)X) feet of air per
minnte. It will furnish jsiwcr for .'SO
Hand machine drills, bringing the
numb.r of these drills u-.ed in the
mino up to SO. The two old com
pressors together omy furnUli jk.wci*
lor '20 drills, so it will be seen th.it
the new plant is a third larger tlmii
the two old ours combined It required un addition to the building ol
1'iOxt.O feet to make room for the _now
compressor and the two new boilers,
which have u capacity ot oOO hufse
Unfortunately the carload of Ihiml
drills and i-ome other cqiilpuu'iit, fan*
tho mine has heen delayed on tb"
road, and unit! it arrive s the wot king
force will not be materially Increased.
When these machines uri'iv'- another
100 men will bo put to work, mo-tly
on development.
"? the Great Northern and extending
.;/. f into thc Flathead country. The present nia n does not appear to be to
cress the line into the Canadian
Flathead but if the road is built
into the country on the American s'de
it will no doubt be but a short time
before it.will be extended across the
From all accoants there seems to
be a peuliar condition of affairs existing in connection with the recently
disclosed land oflice scandal at McLeod. Some time ago discrepan
cies in the accounts at the oflice were
discovered and the office was closed
Shortly after Joseph Nixon, the former land agenr, was given another
Government poMtinn. Tbis raised a
howl und something had to be done.
Nixon laid the b'ameon hisson.a-* he
w.is said to have mi.de gocd the defalcation, the Ottawa authorities up-,
pea red indisiacsed to pmsecutc. r-'iu-
aliyunderpn s^ure fivu* the op|>ositurn
in the commons the government an*'
nouiaced that the c-ise was being investigated bv a c .inmission. "When
this werd was tel graphed west, the
Calgary Herald sent :i special man to
Macleod and he ivpir.s that no such
invcs'.ig.'.tum is in prosiress. Young
N'iXatn'rcicntly spent considerable
lime iu ibis vicinity,but has returned
to Macleod.
Nicola Coat
The Nicola Valh-y inn and Conl Co.
will statrt active nper.-in-ms 011 their
property in Lie fnll ami In-ready tnle-id
•ni the tirst --.ir-, thdt i-mii'! ilirnu.-rh oil
theSpetiei'S iniil^e iunbout n year from
now. So .->..>.s S. liiigh.y of Ashcroft
avho is heavily iiisVrr-.t.'d in the lield.
Mr. Tiiitfh-y slaked this Held 'J-S years
a^'o and h- s him.*' on i-ivr since waitlrg
lor a rend. He hnsgaeat hopes of lim
flit lire of the property.
The Spokane Fair
More nnd stronger premiums nro of-
fered thi* year by the Spokane Inter-
slate Fair, which meets October 0 to l-*-.
Tlm premium list is out and can bo secured by addressing Robert If. Co--
■■rove, secretary and malinger. All
prizes offered urn a.-, strong or stronger
thaiiheloie and nuw premiums hnvo
been added, The premium list Including the 1'iue prnirrniiime, is a neater
pieieof work than evvr before, and ia
iUusti'B.ed with views of Inst year's site-
tea-ful fair Farmers, fruit .rowers,
stork men. mini.1,; ir.e:i, al.'g fanciers,
lover- of art ni.d those iia'ei'c.-sti'.il in
horse racing -h ml,I -./nd (or th.11 minium l!r-r, even if tli--y  havo    nothing
thi'iu.-elves to a.-xlaiiiit.
„„_~,M_.,ia« «rt*™K~^7*™T-^-^|-vr'
H M^MMm^s^ms:_s^_m^^__mi_m
The Ledge.
E... LOW-RY, Editor and Financier,
-HE X,SDO» ij published every Wodcosa-i-*
i_ Fernk, B.C.  lue prion 1 - ** «. voar.   AUver-
it—ig rates -riven upon _pplii:ntfon.
Italy" goes as one better. Milan has
Cramcai- that water tho streets.
Those who worship tho dollar will
always be dominated by its baleful
Feed,some dogs and they will bite
your hand. Kick them and they
frill whine at your feet.
■TheBoandary may yet rival Butte
in the prod action of ore, and take the
ftopper off British Columb'a.
Although this1 is July the ice is
father thick between this office and
'he Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co.
■    -'■■"• ,       "   ',
Love is like candy or champagne
When taken to excess.   This ia why
i. many marriages are failures.
Fernie would be much more prosperous than it is if the business people
would pay more attention' to the
miners and other working men.
The man who works with his hands
and.back is tbe one who is keeping
up this city." The money sent to
stockholder* in the east stays away
a long time.
The people in the east have l*een
complaining about the heat this
month. They should como to British
Columbia where no one dies from the
heat, and.where by climbing a few
thousand foet^ypn can cool" your feet
on the snow any day of tho year. It
certainly gets hot in B. C. but tho air
is so pure that at iOO in the shade it
is cooler than New York at 80.   .
Last year in' London there were
S,G26 outbreaks of fire. That many
tvo-id. have pat Feruie oat of business.
Spokane most be a nice place to
die judging from the number of suicides. Some weeks there is nearly
Finding other business dull Nelson
ia continually talking about advertising the scenio attractions and
working up a tourist trade. When a
proposition is laid before them that
would make the city known in every
land, they go to Bleep, and dream
that they have done something to attract tourists. Nelson- like a . few
other Canadian towns cannot rise,
above the small things of life.
duras. Canadian bank capital is
poured across the line tor the accommodation of Wall street operators. * It
is estimated that more than a hundred millions of Canadian capital are
Invested in America outside ot Canada .
Why reproach British capitalists
with luck of interest in Canada when
Canadian capitalists show so little
fuith in the productive capacity ot
their own country ?"
_3ea_ Office 3  SiamSI _0ff,, _tat_a_aB
Q&pital * $2,235,000       TAesewe * $2,235,000
XLotal Upsets ^$27,500,000, .
.'...___qn. Wm. Gibson, President.   ^ ^
J. Turmbull, Vice-President and General Manager. -
A Ponoral Bnnkinc Oiialnbss transaotod. Currant Accounts dponeil with Morohants, Maim
fadtUTOrs, and Miuiicipiilitios on tho most roasonoblo ttrinu Dankinpr fnoilitios (fUully
oxtanded to all'Deraoimdefllrintf to open business or privitto accounts. bpeoiiil attention
given to all out of town ucoounts.-' Interest nt Current Rates allowed on Savings .'.aank
Depoalts from £1 00 upwards. * Collections effected in all parts of Cunuda nt Lowest It nog,
Druftd issued, payable in Canada or Abroad. British, Amerioan, amlFore'tin Drafts oflsiiod.
_ An office of this Bank has boon opened at Fernie. ■ .     -
AH Correspondence addiossod to the Agent will bu personally attendee} to.
Ageut, Fkunik Branch
Mount Fernie Lodge No. 47
:\,-0,A'j^^.i^%i O.F.
- - "Labor is the ' backbone of every}
town jctst as much as  the  capital | individual had committed
For a time last winter the C. N. P.
E. h. & P, Co , a subsidiary compa'nv
of the Crows Nest Pass Coal Ca, furnished water to Fernie taken from n
stream polluted with the sewage of
another town, stable ammonia and
drainings of coal mines.   If a private
such an
*r   S>" ■r'  -
. '. _/£C_y\_tr- ■
i -■-_,-••"--'■<■■»•. *- -
^lff-^%,-7'      '
■SSr'-f—'  '
ior-,*--,-..    .
Which directs its movements and
pockets the big end of the wealth
""""ear,,ignorance and selfishness are
the three curses ot the world.   If the
three were dead it would .not be nee
•Tssary to wait tor death in order to
View the gcenerv of heaven.
The newspapers light ngainat the
Jowness of the tariff on lumber, and
get rewarded by seeing: some of the
big lumber mills In East Kootenay
', „end east for tbeir job printing.
atrocious act against the health of a
community he would have been arrested for attempting to murder the
people and rob' them at the same
time. And yet this company has
the nerve to ask for the privilege of
furnishing Fernie for ten years more
with its aqua which is not always
The Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co. does
not do business in the good old way
spoken of in the bible, It docs uot
heap coals of Ore on your head
Probably can't spare them from the
~$oke ovens at $4.50 per.
H-_>sl'*y!V,' .
.v^*!S'!"*'>,i?*- ■
*'^>'.a.;-i-.'.-.. •-..
- - 'Vrt'i^^i •• .
In the papers we not! ca that in the
east, cotton yarns have advanced iti
price.  Here in the west fish yarns
, are ranging In price from two to
.ple_bt drinks each.      Extra   good
i-_ yarns m»y bring a little more."
z    It is said that our article in The
-. taEDQE last week on water has driven
many to beer and whiskey, province I
We do not appreciate as a rule
anything clo3o to hand, and lar away
fields nre still green. This even applies to capital judging irom the following remarks from the Hamilton
"In one of his speeches in England
President G-eorge, ot the Canadiin
Manufacturers* association made complaint that British capitalists have
been too neglectful of Canada. While
many millions of American capital
have been coming in to the Dominion to develop Us resources, Mr
George said, hardly a million ot British capital that he knew of had been
invested in Canadian manufacturing
industries. :
That complaint would have been
more appropriately made against
Canadian capitalists. They appear
to have no end of money  to invest
(hat this paper is an organ of the abroad.   They took several millions
A newspaper that dare not speak
in defence of the masses for fear that
it will lose some job printing, or be
crushed by tho corporation that holds
the whip is worse than a coon in slavery days, and - ot little use to the
peoplo; The Nelson Tribune makes
the following remarks upon tho subject:
"The people of Fernie are confronted with a question of great importance to them collectively. -The
question is an adequate water supply
and the ownership of tho supplying
system.     It is generally admitted
that the water supply of a town or a
city should bfl owned by the people
themselves; and there are few towns
and cities in Canada supplied with
water by private   companies.   At
Fernie, the people have voted tbe
money to buy a waterworks system.
An adequate water supply is available.   All that is necessary is to "do
things."   But in steps a private corporation and says No!    And every
resident of Fernie who is dependent
on the private corporation for a share
of his business, hesitates,  and either
says "No" or is silent.    The private
corporation has a daily  newspaper
mouthpiece.   It boasts of its circulation  in  the town of Fernie.    It
carries advertisements of Fernie business men.   Every time the manager
of the private corporation sneezes,
tbe sneeze Is recorded In its columns.
But when a question that concerns
the people of Fernie as a community
arises, it is silent for fear that its
master "will sneeze—and foreclose a
mortgage.     The   daily  nowspaper
organ is printed in Nelson,  a_d is
named "The Daily News."
"- Meets"'e"v"ry   Friday evening at   8
p.ih. in I.O.O.F. Hall.
*    T. Beck, P.G..R.S.
Aberdeen Block, NELSON,
Strictly First Class
Up to 13'Ue'
Electric Lighted
Steam Heat
 FERNIE, B.C. .  	
Hot and Cold. Baths' "
Billiard and Tool Room Large Sample Rooms
Bar Room Unexcelled
Rates : $2.50 per-day
S. F.
_£ FEftL.
Is   offering   «is   a premium
to customers
*J« a-Bapfcer-j l.d.s., d'.d.s.,
,   .11,1 in arali I -
L. T. W.   Block,   opposite, the  Bank
Offiu.", hours-8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
L. P. Eckstein
Barribtkr-at-Law,   Solicitor,   Etc.
CuthUert Block, Fernie, B. C.
Ross & Alexander
Oaice fn L. T. W .'lilock, Victorl* Avunue.
When you Bino.ce a cigar
see that It Is UNION made. .
Blue Prize, Henry Vane,"Colu*_bus and
Havana Ark Cigars are Union Goods
made bv.
% 1\  KIIB0U11NE & CO.
Winnipeg, Una.
Represented bj-^pOHGE HOBTON.
"crisrioisr i__v_3_s__
Crow's  Nest   Special
BSIneir-'s Favorite Cigars
<-$*. tj*
I Central - Hotel!
1 First Class in Every Respect |
■ "MRS. S. JENNINGS, Puoi-wbtbkhi-. T
The door ol~ the
F, G. Latoe
Pest Office Block, Fernie. B. C.
H. W. HKnCIIUER. SllF.ltWOOD Uerciimeii
Herchmer & Herchmer
i-'erme, a c.
Ofllcaa ovei P. Buim _ Co'b block, Victoria ave
Finest Residence in the World
Senator Clark is building in New
York what in said to be the finest res-,
idence in the world. It has already
cost $15,000,000 and is yet far from a
state of completion. The building
stone is a pink marble found in Virginia, and in order to get all that he
.wanted Ahe Senator bought the quarry.
He also purchasd 11 bronze foundry
that there may be no delay in getting
all the bronze he' wants.
' .'■' V;! —
Provincial land Surveyor
Lands and Mineral Claims Surveyed
and Crown Graided.
PO. Box IW),    '   Office: Kootenay St., Kelson
snatch 'em alive 'o
Sticky Fly Paper
l^ill 'em dead 'o
Remember this brand of
Fly'Poison paper
It is the Best.
Oflice : Mott, Son & Co., L.T.W. Block
Teknie——British Columbia
Hqaor traffic Might be so, although
the imaginary snake that comes ont
of pld rye ia no worse than the real
fcv-pheid devil that comes oat of somo
of the Japanese loan floated enrly
this year and now they are taking ail
they can get of the Japanese loan no'tv
floating. Canadian capital is developing Cuba, Antigua, Mexico, lion-
He Declined the Honor.
The Pythian Chronicle
A Frenchman went ;to a brother
member of his lodge and said to him.
"What docs a polar bear do ?".
, The brother answered:
"What does a polar bear  do?
Why he site on the ice.
VYes"said the  brother,   "there's,
nothing else to Bit on."
'Veil, vot he do too ?"
"What does he also do?   Why ho
"Eat fish—sits on zee ice and eats
Bsh.   Then Inotaccept."
"You don't accept? What do you
"On, non. non. I does not accept.
I was appointed to act as polar bear
to zee funeral,
.     .  1 iti I Gold and Silver—J1.CX.
Lead .751 Gold, stiver, copper 1.50
Sample.- by mail receive prompt attention;
Placer Gold, EetorU, and Blch Ores Bought
Send for Free Hailing Envs. and Price List.
1725 Arapahoe St..   Denver, Colo.
e. w. wmoowsofy
(Lata; asaayer Nolson Smelter)
Gold. Silver or lead each ......11.00
Copper (1.50      Qold-Sllver......Jl.So
Cburges tor other metala on application
P. 0.Drawer 1108 ■.-... Phone A87
Gradaate of thirty-aiaht yearn experience.
Laughlio Fountain Pens
Moore's       „ „
Liquid Veneer.
0009000000000000000000000000000000000000 000000009000
Mas not been locked for many years.
The landlords are always happy,
even when their bank-roll looks thinner than the lean edge of an attenuated wafer. Try one of their morning' bracers. Mail orders receive
prompt attention.
Allen &  Palmer
tl 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 ta
Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd.
Fernio, B.O.
Example of Ike Walton
YOU OAN PROCUHE the necessary
AIDS and
AT    ■■■''■''■
Brewers of Extra Fine
Lager Beer and Aerated
Waters.  Bottled Goods
a Specialty.
Teacher of tha Piano
(l_3chet—*-ey Method)
A thorough training'assured each pupil
•__*» _,*lff _"."•"**
J. A. MacLean
.USINESS would bo better It you'd
brush It up a bit,
£ARD TIMES only como to those
who don't get up nnd "p-it,"
WEN now-a-days can't make a pllo
!l-V3y of any decent alzo,
NLESS thoir. local  paper they
persistently patronize.
. —and that's Tub Luna**.
Latest Styles
Jf/nesr So foot ions in itio City,
Mrs. E. Todd
ffllCt DAKllia POWDER CO.
H. D. Talbot
Manufacturer and Dealer in nil
kinds of light and heavy harness,
Harness mado to order on abort
Collars, Brushes, Combs, Whips,
Snaps. All kinds of hamoss parts
on hand.
MIriiiif* liamens a specialty,
2 Doors South'Romi-. Hotol.
New Crop Now in Stock
Homo Grown -nil Importfld
Wholeinto rand fletnll
Spooial r-lcoii to Farmer's Inntltntos
ThouHAndu of Fruit find Ornamentiil Trees
Rhododendroim,     [toici,     Greonhoue*
and Uurily  Plants
Jiovar growing In my namerloia for
Spring plunting
Emtorn prtcos or le.u, Whlto Lnhor
Vuneonror, Il.C.
•1010 Wi-HtmliiKtor Jto.'id.
Builder and Contractor
ISInnakslIglitful lo-
. *   cntimi nr.il from
It A till laOll le-a (.'llll 1.(1
noen nil tliu laenulyuf
the Ktiiiial aaccrierv
lliat.snrriiiatiils, Imma
In, mi'l ntlnniH liv
laiwyolty nf Nflaorl.
It is the lioniB a(f
tourists anal Limine-.a
men from nil inuuuf
theworlal. Tlle cti»«.
tno neverd-iiK*in tlie
inlre of meilio<-rIt,v, •
and evory room i - 11in
enarny to iniaoinntn.
If you iieijd rooinii
when on the wny in,
toiidh thn wire land
tho deed U dmiu.
In Fernio, is a pleasant
home for till who travel.
Kuotiis reserved l»y wire.
fff/»   ($»" ($»
B. TOnPKINS, Hanagr
T. Whelan, Manager
Dealer in
Rough and Dressed Lumber
&   GRAY
Next door to Calgary Cftttlii Co., Wood Htreol
Work of All Kind-.    Itaton ltoHnonnliln,
Philip Carosella
General Merchant
nobhlnat Htoulis In tho wri-it.
youavnntll.mn.lniinvni.ian-Tljr   I rnftr
tlty,«nytlm,j,,.t tliollltcoof lilt  L_UU_
0 v.'ti' vo ff 0 t
._ 0110 of tlio
Print-id Jnit nn
maybe done without advertising-, so vvill grain grow
without fertilizers.
Ilut what will tlio Ii.trveiit bo?
wiNEsj Liquors
..   HOTEL
Is a pleasant home
for the traveler.
Wm. Mills, Prop.
_-'**aWa«4V_,*_' _ *-V_ -_^^_/T?)
Wiiole.inlo Uo.ilurn und Direct ImportcrH
. of Wiiio-i, Liqitni-ri nnil Ci-rara.
District AficntH for
I'oiiiiiu-iy Clniinpaprnc)
nml Sclilit^ nucr
DistriljutcrH of
" '"      Clmiiiberlnlti  mul
— rimraoh Cif*ftrH
-f "H3 K. KT I ID     B.O.
STATFMFNT"-? *,'"' ■" yni,r "*,,,,r
° ' 'V m'"-' ' *-'   wli"iinvi'r vim ri'i-mlrn
  1lv larlntii.l  ami ' '
tlio (alllcia of tlu;
111 i.v
I'U'lajal fit
._«^t?l..m-» 1
■>T*-*mm;**frm?*V?*''*^l,< <i"*'->''^'^'r^T*TZT^if^
TAA 1/• S3
:* '"aTL,
a     '*ij»'»   11,    if
J* I   ,t
"** af7Ja'vs*a*iT' .*''-aay-W—-__gt_a^l*_^'-ia|-a-t__i:
,$y ,r-v.
i- 'A-
iv y
Tlie largest depositsof anthracite coal
in the world are in Pennsylvania.
The largest mfiss of solid iron in the
world is Iron mountain of Missouri.
The Banner quart-: .mine, Nevada
County, California, hasa record of gold
production of about $2,000,000.
Tha* Seattle, Wash., assay office
since being eslablished in 1898 has
tinndled $100,159,030 ,in gold dust,
principally from Alaska.
It is calculated that considerably
ovt'r 15 tons weight ol diamonds has
been obtained from thc diamond! lerous'
of South Africa.
Hie American & Refining Co. has
distributed a. bonus of $200,000 among
ils employees in accordance to its profit
sharing plan. Last year §91,000 was
distributed.     The  larger distribution
is due to the increased earnings.
In the Western Golusa county, California, natural gas escapes from a fissure in the side of a mountain, ll has
been confined and used in lit-tiling up
a hotel and furnishing fuel gas for the
I'itcl-.eii range. Of recent dale il has
heen piped 10■■•■ boiler 'ind found in
such quantity as to keep up a pressure
■•Lforty pounds of steam,
A lar_-e sandhill crane recently Hew
against lhe electric wires carrying
lhe power from the Trukee River to
•lie (..oiiisiiicl-mines and shut oil" all
power to the mines. The pumping
plant and hoisting machinery in the
mines were out of commission for over
sin hour. The bird had struck (wo of
wires., forming .t circut. ll was burnt
lo a crisp and one of lhe copper wires,
the size of a lead pencil, was burnt in
It   would seem a risky speculation
10 invest in the rarer metals.    One day
ihey may be S100 or$500 an ounce, and
the next day  ihcy may  be  placed on
the market  by  lhe   ton.     Something
like this has happeneJ in  the case of
the once rare metal calcium.    Calcium
was lirst made in minute quantities  by
Humphry Davy.    In the  new  process
chloride of calcium is placed in a  re-
cepiable and fused by electrolysis.    An
iron cJtbode forms  basis  upon  which
lhe    mollon    calcium   deposits  itself,
jmd once rare metal builds itself up into  an irregular rod resembling it. cab-
Jiage    stalk.       When    lhe   stalk   has
(4row n to the right length, it is chipped
off and dipped in paraffin wax to  preserve it from the action of the air.    A
curious point proved by the new process
is that the metalic calcium is white and
not yellow.    So rapidly does it change
its color --owing to the  action of thc
•dr—from   white    to   yellow  lhat  the
while  tinge  has  not  previously  been
other case,  and the  stringers .leading
into   the   conglomerate    were   quite
small and very  lightly attached.    But
by   trifling   labor   they uncovered  a
series of masses going   up and  down,
wilh an eastward inclinnlion,   for the
height of 70 or 80   feet,  and going
out   of   sight   both   above   and   below.    It   was at once apparent   they
had   no   conception   of the  immense
thing which a few days' work disclosed
Al   one convenient  point  they broke
away behind the copper so as to get  in
a sund'blast of live or six kegs of powder.   Then ihey striped the mass tar-
ther and   fired again,   without result.
Again they fired  nine  kegs,  and  the
mass remained   unmoved.     Breaking
the   rock   around for a considerable
distance, i'i kegs were shot off without
effect- <md again 22 kegs and the  copper entirely undisturbed at  any  point.
After   further clearing, 25 kegs were
shot off under lhe copper, and  it  was
thought wilh some effect.    But a  final
biast of 30 kegs,  or  750 pounds,   vvas
securely damped beneath the mass and
fired.    As soon as the hot air and powder smoke had time to  clear  away,   a
mass   of   copper   some   45    feet   in
height and from  three  to  live  feet   in
thickness,    apparently   very pur,*,  and
which probably weighed- 300 tons,   hnd
been shut out and was   ready   for  cut-
linkup.   The blast had  lorn   tlie  immense body from ils bed without exhibiting a sign of bending or cracking  it
'n any place, so great  was ils   thickness and its strength,    ll was  torn   off
from other masses, which still remain
in solid rock.
Stick at the old, well known
Reliable Reliance cigars
Yorkshire has 115 clubs which have
have been formed for the promotion of
long-distance pigeon flying.
Society in Egypt, especialy Cairo,
has a curious craze for being photographed in mummy frames.
The statues on the outer walls and
in the corridors of thc British Houses
of Parliament number over 450.
In some Italian towns, instead of
giving books as prizes in school, they
give savings bank books, with a small
sum entered to the credit of-the prize
What is said lo be thc only clock
in London, or perhaps in the Kingdom
without a face is at St. Vedasl's Foster
lane, which tells lhe time hy a small
The Reliance Cigar Factory, Ltd., Montreal, Que
First maker ofthe " Flor de Bahama," " Rosebud," and
"General Arthur"' since 1876 ; over 27 years in existed.*.
Walter Crone, Western Representative.
to Parlors in the T. Beck Block
-   ioiYm: - -   41
.TBtEMIOKES.--:-|.Hi.A|I)KS(.E    ^
Scott & Ross
A complete stock  of Coffins, Caskets, and
Burial Goods, also Metallic Lined Shipping Cases
Victoria Avenue to
Have, one of their largest stores in Fernie.
Lamb, Veal, Fresh and Smoked Fish.
Near Kumara, in the greenstone
district. New Zealand, a cule storekeeper of lhe town, passing a miner's
hut near a yold drcdj-e, was attracted
by u lar_-e stone lying near by, which
he suspected was greenstone. On cliip-
int- a few pieces off lite boulder Info md il taa he pure greenstone, and 011
being weighed it turned the scale at
three tons As the commodity is worth
from 10 lo 50 cents a pound, according
to llie quality, the find was a valuable
one. It was afterwards split iu two
and found to be of excellent quality,
netting the storekeeper u comfortable
little fortune. For some time the
dredge had one. of her mooring lines
li. d to this stone, yet those on the
'dredge and others passing lhe stone
dav after d.iy never imagined that lhe
barren looking rock was of any  value.
One of lhe largest electric generating companies in Californi 1 has been
01g.1ni-.cal at l-'kiali, with a fully subscribed capital-noclc of half a million
dollar*. The new company will occupy the upper part of Poller Vallev
as a storage reservoir, and will utalia-e
the waters of ilicKel river for a generating current. 11 is contemplated to
run a tunnel a mile and a half long
through lhe timmitains, bringing the
water oft lie river to tiie head oi the
valley, and then give il a faill of 470 fl.
into the motors which will generate
the current of electricity. A plant
2,500 horse power will be installed at
the earliest possible time, and this will
he augmented as fast as the service
lines shall have been carried to other
places. It is expeclcd that a full clee-
iric.it supply can be furnished all coast
towns and a.-'ilies, and carried into the
i'lleiiair. The directors of the new
company are 1". I). Madison, S.m Francisco. W. V. Van Arsdale, 11. H. Muir,
K. I-". D.inahoeiiud W. I'. Thomas of
Uki.ih. Muir is the lumber king ol
Mendocino county. The company is
lo be known as the Kel River Power
. mid litigation Co. I'ltiah will be lhe
first city supplied with the current,
ana in addition lo lighting lhe city
electricity will be supplied for the purpose of operating the cily.s pumping
pi,ml.—Sunset Magazine.
The greatest masses of unlive copper known were extracted fiom the
lhe old Minnesota copper mines in
Michigan. The following report
furnishes an idea of the immensity of
one mass and ils difficult exploitation,
Hi-sides the mass.'' in lhe regular
veins, which was also exiicincly rich
at this point, Ihey had taken only .111
or 50 ions out cal' the aoiigloincriiti-,
The  football   was  perfect,  as   in   the
I    j-resh rish constantly arriving  t
. *V*_-*_^/^*V'*_-_'4aiV_/»V^'-'-_^^ %-V*-*V%<*l_-•
fienry Stege
The stamp was round It bore ihe
plain inscription, British Guiana; two
cents. There was no ornamentation
on it of any kind.
A thousand dollars, said (he dealer.
The last one I sold brought twenty
more than that. If you want it you
can have it for a thousand.    A bargain.
Thanks, said the collector, I'm nol
looking for bargains today.
The dealer produced another stamp
Hawaiin Postage. Two cents, it said,
and in the middle,, in a scrollwork-
square, the figure 2 appeared.
I can put no value on this stamp,
the dealer said. Only four copies ofil
are said to be in existence. To say it
is worth its weight in gold would be
nonsense. It would be nonsense to
ssy it is worth itsweigl.-i in diamonds.
Nonsense even to say it is worth its
weight in radium. It is probably the
most valuable stamp in the world.
He took down a New Haven slump,
attached to its original envelope.
These New Havens, he said, issued
by the New Haven postmaster before
the government began to issue postal
stationery are very . rare,. 1 sold a
New Haven last ..year for $1 ;,oo. Will
you have this one at the same figure?
Not today, .-aid the collector
Perhaps vou'd like these two Mauri!- _ .
ius.thePos'*  Office  -'.dr.  u.e pcnMV| indicate eyestrain
and the two-penny stamp? No collection is complete without the Mauritius Post Oflice pair. Their market
price is .■J",*,900.
The collector shook his head.
Then you'll excuse me, won't you?
said the dealer. A red half-anna has
just arrived from India and an insurance agent is wailing in my office to
insure it.    He insures all my stamps.
Dust anal daro-vproof, flttcl wilh the very "^est
sevcn-joiaoled -LUIS or Waltii im mo.emcnt,
stum-wind and sot, and, absolutely GUAK-.S
tlku for f, Yeahs.   Abo u lacautiful chain
i very ->est
Guam, as-
  _     ful chain
aaitli each watch for Mi-ditxlSOil _>'■- AU complete, iG..V). Seeing i> I ..iiuvin-r. Cut this out
nnd send it to ni, aaritla vo-y_a'ttme, ^"ost. Office
*nml **W0*_*__**--S»*_--J_M*-*- '•""- "V   - ,■ •„        ,
DU_BER.^*-sia__S*Ss3KS^_S^S^ nnd Express Oitice A.i ire.-o, and we will send
•____ __.      -*">ni,i_;»"H"'    —- the watch and chain tc, jou for examinBtion.
II yun find it ns re[>ro-.ented, pay HKent the amount nnai exprt'i* chargr*. and Wfttch nnd Chain
ate youra. If you wish to save im-a-iiiR the express charges -.end in tlio full amount.and \v* will
forward to you Watch and Chain liy mnil, ail charf-es pre-paid. If yon .irderC. 0.1). a deposit
aa! M rents is required as a matter of good faith, which amount will he deducted from your hill
Oraler at once, as this olTer may not appear aj-iiin.   When writim- mention this paper.
E. WAGNER & Co., 163 Gordooa St., Yancouoer, B. C.
•*• If you are looking for Fiahiiig, ■ Bathing
Hunting, Boating or Glacier Climbing, go to
New Denver and stop a few days, weekB or
mouths at the Newmarket Hotel with Henry
Stoge. Home cooking, and the finest beverages
in the world, including water. Write or wire
for rates.
newmarKet fiotel
new? Denver
AH. HKYI.ANI), KiiLiurur And 1'rovlocUl (
.   l.nndSu-vtyoi.   KA!*LO
Twitching Eyelids
The slightest hint of it
should not be neglected
We test eyes free oi' charge,
•ind recommend glasses only
when absolutely necessary.
Having opened a shooting
(■allery in the _eckblock, next
to the bowling alley, we solicit
the trade of all who delight in
the pleasures of marksmanship. Call in and take a shot
or .wo.
Vincent & Huby
Its baths cure
all nervous and
diseases, its
water heal all
kidney, liver,
and stomach
ailments and
they eliminate
ull metalic
poisons from
lhe system.
Report of Analyst
Of Samples of Water from Halcyon IIol Spring-., Arrow-
Lake,  B.C.,  1j7t.l1   February, 1898.
Laboratory of City Analyst, Edinburgh, Scotland,
March 3, 1898
One gallon  of water contained the following ingredients, the results are expressed in parts.
Chlorine      8.14
Sulphuric Acid  363.43
Silica     74.29
Lime     84.57
Alkalies as Soda ...      5.71
Magnesia     2*,-.00
Lithia     '   .86
Sulphuretted Hydro
$12 to $18
per week,
according lo
residence in
hotel or villas.
Tl   ft lit   ..»...-■,*   ,t   it /t,   rg./ria't   la lit   ftflTHfflO
■ t',*'.t    tt.ag   r-tf   l.a'jt.-*    a-.ttl^tm    1*1   T.m*  ,/
Pt".*i       '*.*   l*t {,.*,'( 'J   ../».-    f.tatd kt.i'f tt*-j
jr_ A./rft /. ,1 ,P_.i A**'i* a-,-a   "tit*  lit  a'.%(**<* 11   ;,^
»  l   *..-*-t,'t    Ut    .lit-   't.ttt    Ua.f—*fm.t,f;*'*'tmtt
t..**     tt-}*T   tlJ r*..k   it../..**
/.(   .,.tj   rt.itt.f.J    -/.Jff.r/  ,,    ',,*   ,*  tlt( ImS *.'/.
(. »., *ar tt*ft tttl tt.*.   *..*t t-ir/.o-'/ tAtrt fttC mi a.
..-•a    /Jt t,ti ,.   tf.f.t   ra.|>    t.t,m, \t. t *./'•/*«*/' fm.
./.*  f* U.t J-.'.vtaJ  _t fl-/.,* tsd S*olt'   /frr-Ji.f
* •>■•/   ■*■    U 'j  •f^t'ittJ itr* ja.-irrvM ,,tf
.r.-   .1  !.»-    ,A,t.*<.  t AH    'r__4  C*,at *X_t *tl*t*l
,    . ./..W , . /i.   *..-,7   f__,,| (•_,_,,   J;^   ^f /,-,   ,Ptel
t»'nif,_,t itw-Hf. aaJJfa    A.-S*U  Osat   •*•'-/■_    t*a\t* t*
,'ta.-*t ai -.<-■;«**/_.   rtt.t l,AAjtijimt tt tAt J*f
^..:':r  J'J:  t't.: t-r*/,l_, — _*'.       /•
ari.'A *l  —•**■   tit  Gat Mat    M»_ff t ***t *»t
'att,   i»tat_   J* r **tA f**\t ataaa,   AC*.**mtJAtt*a,J*9
m.am a*J    t,*_t   ,t    lAa     t.matt fit*t,lt,   r*}tt^ .-
fir J*rt*.*. /li-4-,.ta-_ tfltff tt
B*/!a*\ 9ttn
r**>_p/3(-t .• tat ,/tit, a~*£ fiapiataa- t,_t*,t<*-
P-ftrt't i> »*• CurtAtfUm iHrti tt*( Tit mat-*,**,*,
Jrrm. -_.fi tit/,.,l tatt. Ut nam, aa* it.aatal tat*at*
a**,tjt*.t *.-«..._ ««/,•« tt.mU. CafmaJ aitm^t*-/,, '**_/.*_?
t.m, JatJ* tml _-_.*_ ta*-.^m*J.* ti., _..U*-~i~J mmn
t-m 1_y„,./ t*t.fJ-t-.tiljAi.*pf:f~t !*>.<**,..Jamm*/t*.,r
t-*-t/U.*t t-J  tatt.-,
er tne
A:_^\pcr/io_ /:•!-;
to the
The Smelter Trust
(Tlie American Sruelting and Refining Co.)
Is capitalized for 8150,000,000. Its
assets amount to only abont 820,000,000
—yet it forces the miner to pay dividends on 8130,000,000 of water.
George's Weekly will show the miner
how to escape from this Octopus.
Send for a copy of the issue of March
4th, 1005.    Address—
George's Weekly,
Donvop, Colo., U. S. A.
A. C. Liphardt
Jeweller       Optician
rpltK KASt.O HOTKI., in Kaia.la), U lim ln.il
Jt-   iiiK liailial in lli" iliv.
COCh'f.K fk l'.U'WOl.TH.
■TIIK FIM1KIIT llflTKr. In Snitilain i.i tlio
JL li(si(il(|imrli-rs, fiariill trii\,'ll,.raln llual'ilv
aaf Silver.        HKN.S'K'ri'ii Mt'ltfll V, I'ropj.'
ill   iiniaraivuni-iitsi.   Saamj.Io ni'inn in I'l-inirc-
tiuii.   Th-- <ii.lv llrkl-i'ltuua liiital In Ymir.
FINLAV McLKUIl, t'loiirlctair
pilKHONT 1101181', NKI.SDN' Kunipt-mi
I   ia.,rt Aniorli'iin I'laiii.   MimI.i, «*ai'cn_. ttooiii-a
from '-'e up to Jl.   'Inly  arlilln ln-lp o.niial aypil.
Xotlilnnr vclloaa-alii'iit tlie plHCa" cxcaint tin* nolil
ntliB-nfu. MAUlNH tt TUECJll.r.US.
11   l-i tlmtwiat tl mhv li-atul In Nrli.iiii_.    only
aallltO   lla-l|l  l'lll|llaajlll
AHTI.KTT IliM'HK,   fnrliH-rly Ihu Clark
III   .N'l-iaaaall.      Olll'
o   w. HAuri.Kri'
VV'holoan.lo   Morolmiits.
*-5 crn in llutlaar, Kukm, (lliiai:.ai!, I'raiiliiaa; Mill
Fruit, Nol-am. II. 0.
j    A.    MfllMINAI,.l»,.   Wll'ila'.iil,' Ii.-aalar  ill
Fruit, Noldain, III',.
Several Thousand
Shares of
J. R.Cameron
Is the tailor to go to when
you want a summer
Suit of Clothes
Ho has the nobbieat suitings
to select from, and the fit and
workmanship is the best.
Adorns the outer mini, and
raises the wearer in lhe
opinion of the critical public
Geo. W, Carruthers
A Summer Suit
lining Stosk
For Sa3a
Mott, Son L Co.
L.T.W. Block, Fernie, 13. C.
Agents in Fcrn:e fur T, G. Proctor, Nelson
of luvtaatu r.w.«t bs'pl tiie Appetizing oaloraa
osac."!'!' nr.il Hit rich hrii.via ki-avy trlcklf- teraut-
ItiaVly t'l tl c all.all. Th.-t i.a tlio kind of roust.! our
laawf product-'. Toiialer. JuU-y, nourlslilnK. It
will inaki' jou liriilny mial braavny
Of ccurss' aa-e "ell the i-holce-t cut» o{ vi-al
l.-inib, pork, etiv. aura. Hut-j_>t row we are
tnlklnK l.ei-f.   Ht'a'fvaareof onroffcrlnR'.
Moat   Market
Sewing Machines
Theso mnchinoa iirt^ now bointr sold
nt lower priet'H, qmility cousidered,
than nny other, eitlier for cash or
on installment of $f\  per  month,
Ntxni.t's ,-tnd On. for Snlo.
Sowing    Macliiin'H    Hopaired   or
J. P. Houlahan,
PERXIE, L'». C Agent
TS probably tho proper
**:. enper at thii* time
of tho year. If you
have a '(li'Hiro in that
call ox
Kenny & McLeod
90 Oay Limit
All Kail via Sumas or
S. S. Princess Victoria
Portland, - Ore.
jJune 1 to Oct 15
Vancouver to
Via  Victoria.
Through Sleeping Car
Arrowhoad to Vancouvor
Sunday       Wednesday       Frldsy
l-'or full  pattii'tilar.-t,
class or tourist:)   Bleepiiiir car   refer
vntions.   Apply to la'culr.^fiit.
K. Rcndiii);
A^ent At I-Vi'iiio
J, S, Carter, P.P. A,       E.,1. CoyU< A O PA.
FOR    ROUr-D    TR3P
Tickets on eale from June l.-<t to
Si-ptember :10th. and limited to ninety
duys from oute of sale—but not later
th.'in November *.Hh. Stop Overs «ill
will be allowval at any point in either
direction within limit of ticket.
i A fa'e of fifty cents will be charj-cd
tickets,   tir.it-! at Portland f ir exfensioii Rctnni Tickot.
Jamss Sloan. Aj-cr.t
Order your Summer suits i">w. Natty
Suitings now ariiviiijj.
F. F. Licbscher,
Slhtrton's Doit Tailor
Furniture and
Bargains ia
Wall Paper
Two completo sots of Bar Kixturcf-, one
British Pinto Mirror -IGx.M inches, new,'
Lotter 1'resse.*, liilliard and Poo! Table.- j
Cash Keijisters and other siK-cinlitios,
Mull   Onler*   Hci'dai;   I'niiiit   Atiaiatlon.
K. Elliott, Kaslo, B.C.
For sale «it all times excellent
sand for piaster.n-**.  Best
sand in tin* country.
Apply to-—
H. P3a»_e,
No. 55, Otd Town
in i-iii,-.fi- .if
llfrl    lasi.-'a
j   an.'!
i.'lli'il.   laia'l   -.III;   ,'i.lsl   ai
,',,,,1 p-.imi.lla tari'.l, P.   -:v   T t'X      t nm
aitvii' vim Ills,-; ut •.!;.■ :■:.., a-1  I (IL L:.UiM
nil I     l!r»ru*a   iill-i-'fa iii milny wi-itflt" i
B  LL   HhAU-    'ii-..l"»t»ra   „t   |„i,,..r   I'a.t
"!hh:,\* •.l.'U.rw?!HE LEDGE
n a.
™^„™^^^^ TOTjmw^
*-i--Ji™**S-__" -
i.*a?(iaa.*_si(ias_7ga: -,
; THE LEDGE, FERNIE   B.C., JULY _6, 1905
he Canadian Bank of Commerce
'nfrupitSjiM' .18,700,000
Heat} Office: TORONTO
--  -Spj-.-is'-.-ilen1.:-?!' it directed to iho following Adv-jntnges offered by
Oi|r Savings Bank.
peposits of $■ and upwards received, and Interest --lla-yp-j at Current Rates,
Interest is added to the Deposit TWICE in each year, at the end of May and
"November.    The Depositor is subject to no delay whatever in the withdrawal
of the whole or any portion'of the deposit.
Payable in all parts of CAN ADA, THE UNITED STATES,
QHEAT   BRITAIN   AND   EUROPE   Bought   and   Sold
at LowpbI Rates.    .
thin laoiujlni,', inserted at the rate of One
cent it word onoli Insertion.
this oflice,
Apply dti this otllce.
—-al land Aveitne,nenrtlieFertileBreivery
Apply to N. Klauarnfin.     . '.     ,■
TUOTICE Is liorobr -riven I hut SJ dnVs &f tor
** date I Intend'to npplv to tho" Licence
Commtflslonors for the Fornie Liu nee Mntiot,
ior a tnansfor of mv licence to sell liquor by
rptiailln the Anstriilian Hotel i-.t Morrissey
■B. O., to Joi,opli E. Steplicnu of Morrissey.
,' Dated at Foriiii) thi* SMli dny of Juno, l'XS.
', W.J.JIOOKT".     -
T, B.. MAY, Manager
- •' -yvy**
■A   .
&■% I-
—£t.^-+v'" A*<\
-m-Qimr"-*-* "5.
" Vaa-Vv-v-
Ciimc. tell ■thi* poou|o what you hijvc,
tfoanliisi aa-lut .you need, ..
Ja'o lietta'V ground can there he fount)
In whioh to plant your sosl.
_A.ml when the rako-olT larini yg)i -jnll,
There'll bo no need to hedge.
You'll lilo.-ss the day you oamp (mr way
And thank the i'prnie l.fcixn*.
Blundell has his window .full cf
"Ru-jliali china.
Sunny Jim's brother was in town last
week soiling- soap.
Kenny & McLeod nlw*tvs have room
(or one niorp artful5, -      -
It is hnnl to beat tho display of boots
$nd slious in Seukbiel'a window.
Surprise your friends by getting a
-*e\v -suit at Kenny & Mc^eo.d,
James GUI accompanied., Chief Mc-
j_klullia to Cranbrook yestfcriiay,
SmoUe.a ft. K. C. cigar and see- the
'fights gliniafwef" on Jhp jjQlden shore of
.^ttisfactio'n,,.       '    •
Thi? Ice cream sold In. tli. MeEwing*
iiarlQ-tt surpiasseallttzelwood for.pure
Geo. W. Carruthers can make you a
-.nit of clothe* {'m* will just suit the
picnic season,   ,
The   Coal Co, cottage-. ba?f» bean
improved by t-heir  poutact with-   (be
- paintbrush.
The Royal Spal is pne pf llie most
sek-hn-ti'a! pigars in P, p. \\bk the
{jttvkeeper for one whep ngst you line
yp to the bar,
_sa—.nil  .   _,._,_-.  -t   n.M_MMl. .11..   "«     *!».»
_***".* W** ■""OHi1*'"* a-L  -j-juaiuaria  uiaataaa laj    v*»v
Fernie Drug Store is a delight to the
Joyeys ol the beautiful.
The King Edward Hotel occupies a
prominent position in Fernie only a
•jtep qf two from ttip C, P. R, depot,
and convenient tfl business housps in
The Coal'-Co. is very \_\-sj just now
***ith the1.?, -n-ier raniue. fhe reservoir
pear the city will mako a good swim-
jning' hole for tbe Slavs.
The Kootenay at Sari-on has not
locked the door for nine years. Right
fiandy for-strangers when they're out
Jate, and cannot • tp'de their thirst for
The delivery team of the C. N. Trading; Co. ran away yesterday and came
;o a standstill on tbe bank of the Elk,
Probably, they wanted a chatigo of
The Hotel Strathcona at Nelson is
prowded with tourists these days
This is little wonder as Colonel Tom-
kins l_aa Iearne4 the art of making
grangers feal at home under his roof.
Any entertainment of any kind
al which an admission fee is
charged and for whii.li we havp
done the. printing, wiii receive
free notico'in these columns, and
if complimentary tickets are furnished The Ledge, a write-up of'
the occurrence will bo given.     ■   •
., In all oilier cases, notices of
entertainments etc., must be paid
for, and no write-up will bo given of any entertainment unless
tickets for the same have been
supplied to this oflice.
This is nothing more than bus-
- ine'ss etiquette and   the   courtesy
due and extended to the press in*
all conjinmiit'ies where ordinary
horse-sense prevails.
I      notice      I
s.           s
S  at^a? ***v authorize^ to   an* g
nouno* that tha
J| wiii ffioa an tjniortainmant §
§ in the iPark, on tThuraday %
g tSaam'ny, jfuyust 3rd, for *»
§ thu purpose of raiting fanda ^
in Jfid ef
>_ ofVaneoupsr.
27j_ : ;
volumoai, Guide nnd Case.   CanttfS but
will sell for *45.     Goo. W. Carruthers. ,
and two up to-data Express War-one.
All (-oods in prune oondition, and Prioes
Reiiasonftblo. Nolson Frelghtina and Trans-
IiOrtation Co. Nelson, B. O. -
Apply to A. Beck. Fernie. :    .
the Palace iMeat Market-on Viotoria av.
en'ue to rent. Suitalilo for oilioo-i or baebolor
quarters.   Apply to i*. Burns (ii Co.
II a——»« ua I -——_————»
OWNERSof conl nr_m8, and timbor limits,
mtiyftnala posslbllTpiiroliii'orby utlt'foss-
Inir Capitalist, euro of box », Fernie.
crease of 203,785 tons over the previous
year. Our own lands could produce
ten thousand tons per day. for the next
sis thousand years .and would not-then
be exhausted."
The expenditure of the Crow's Nest
Pass Coal Company,., and snhsidinry
companies on capital account for improvements this year will be 8250,000,
which amount docs not include the cost
of the new tipjilei - The new office
building in Fernie, costing $28,000,
will be completed by the end of September.
Thc Crow's Nest Pass Coal Company
property is' 45 miles across from
Carbonado on the west to the summit
of thc rockies, and the hardest coal is
found to the west.
"At Carbonado," said Mr. Lindsey,
"we-are mining a semi-anthracite,
which is nearly as good as Pennsylvania
anthracite and quite free from the rock
found iri'the same variety of coal found
elsewhere in the west. This makes an
excellent domestic fuel. Going east
across our field you-come to the.sum-
mil of the Rockies, v, hich is our eastern
limit. - On the east slope of the Rockies
the bituminous coal appears to show
a larger'ash and lower fixed carbon till,
..... .1 u    *a.-
-'.l-aaiiita;    aiiaasugai    aaic
liguit-** SCl'icS.ln
Alberta, they end in the low grade coal
of the Souris area. The coals of Montana and Washington to the south of us
are' also of the lignite variety, which
accounts for our supplying the - Great
Northern Railway System, where it
runs through these Slates, with more
than 1,000 tons daily. "In addition"
said Mr. Lindsey, "we are making one
^ I thousand 'tons of coke daily, wliich
*Ck supplies the smelters of British Coluin-
YaJ. ■ - fiaateni Toqrlsts
'"'**? %',C K ilagedorn, -yife and family of
"perlln, Qnt. were the gnosU last week
pi their pld titue friends., Mp. and Mrs.
H. C Huntington. Mr. Hagedorn is a
Vaaiiufacturer of suspenders and has
beeu out west to see the Portland fait
and the scenic attractions. He was
delighted \y\.h Portland and tho way its
citizens treat visitors. $'r. Hftgedoru,
who through his bueinpsa does, much to
bold up the west Is highly please-} with
Pritish Columbia and wonders |tow so
many can keep away from it. The
working: o( the cpal mines near Fernie
was a revelation to him. and. before
leaving he personally secured many
kodak shots at tho ifljnps -ani) month-
tains tli.it r.urround the greatest coal
(O'-f-' in the Rocky Mouutt-ius.
JL Possible VJuey'j.rt'',
Signor Stephen de Vita, of Sala
Ca-Vatytu-i,". Italy,'is at present In Vici
jorin. The object of Signor de Vita's
visit \$ tu inspect on behalf of an Italian
syndicate'and report upon this country
with regard tQ its'suitability for vine
culture nnd frt-it fanning and incidentally mulberry growing un-) silk-worm
breeding. T',e prpposition is tu found
l*n Vancouver Island an Italian agricul-
jurtd colpny fpr the purposes aforesaid,
joined wjlh the rc-'ring of goats,
cspecii^lly Angora, the . products of
wh|c|, \y\ cheese ai*id woo] arc an Italian
specialty. T',-v_y--d.'cat'' proposes first
jo inaugurals' «n. experimen'i'I farm of
abo-jt a thousand acres ai* \h_ nucleus
pfiip industry \y)uoh it is hoped may
eventually attain lar_e proportions and
form an outlet for the congested population of certain Italian sigi-ici.ilturaI
districts^ Mr. Oe Vita is now proceeding to New Y-"*!" '° confer will* h.'s
folleiigi-es pn the subject.
Not the Intercolonial
Big railroad accident on  the Jirn-
Give me a papur, boy.    What was
the 'iccidcnl?
'    Paid   a dividend.—Cleveland Lead-
**r|\m the Globe
SpcnlililS Of l'-e mi'iing interest in
British Columftia, Mr. Lindsey states
th;tt they are much improved. Metalliferous mining was developing, he
said, as indicated hy work at the Granby smeller, va.hicl> is now treating 1,900
tons of ore daily an-) will before the
end ol thc month be treating 2,800
tons per day. The Crow's iN'est Pass
Coal Company has a contract with the
Granby Smelter to d.ri»ver its entire
requirements of coke for one year. It
will require 400 tons per day.
A large production of ore is expected
as tliercbult of the reorganization of
the Morstreal i\nd Hoslon Company,
his also hoped lhat tho transfer of the
War Fugle, Centre Star and St. Eugene properties to a new syndicate will
largelyijicrease tonage of tliese mines
j-nd consyqi^nlely en--nnce A-1-* worth
of the Trail sn'flter.
The business conditions of the prov-
\WfO gei*eially are gaotl, said Mr.
Liin3s.ey. The lumber industry parr
ticulary is thriving, and -the railroads
are carrying li-rge quantities into the
Territories for builJing purposes. As
a result thc railroads are dejing a large
and profitable business. The difficulty
we have experienced in getting cars
brings tliis home to us rather forcibly.
flow has the eight hour legislation-
.^fleeted (lie mining of coal? was asked.
Willi nsK herpplicJ, it has not been
more than a grievance. On Vancouver Island, however, where the men
enter the mines through shafts, the
legislation has been a serious matter.
The eight hour 'bank lo bank' law has
made the running of these mines impossible, and the older shafts of the
Western Fuel Company hayc closed
Of the Crow's N,cst properly Mr,
Lindsey said that conditions wero never
better. On the last day of June 4,000
tons of coal were moved.
We are now shipping coal from our
mines to Seattle, he said, 600 miles
across the Cascade Mountains, for the
*-*orthern Steamship Company's two
new .steaniyhipH, Minnesota arid Dakota
the largest in the Oriental trade Thc
Dakota makes, her maiden voyage on
July 24. It was the superiority of our
coal that enabled us to secure this important contract. We produce about
half the coal mined in British Cnlumbia,
where the titttptit of all the i-olliurics in
'904 wan 1,685,698  long  lon:i,  an in-
ia and Moplana. Tbe Amalgamated
Copper Trust-use a larger proportion of
our coke at Anaconda than of others,
and use il exclusively at their Great
Falls smeller. The coke is in quality
equal .to* the best Connellsville coke,
\vhich is standard,"
•'No, we have no labor troubles," he
added in reply to u question to that
effect. "We have just signed a contract with our men for two years. Our
wage scale is liberal,: the men are a
good class of miners, making good
wages, mostly marriad men with
families and are contented."
MOTIOE ia horobv (riven thnt 30 days after
--■"(date, intend to inakp application to the
chief commissioner of Laiida iind Works for a
special liconso to out unit carry away timber
from the followiii»r dosoriliod land a sitiiartoa
on Doundury Creek, West Kootenay Dihtrict
Ni?;!. 'COmmeneini- about 10 miles   -/out of
Kootenay river at a post iiiljomin'* the
.   northwest corner nost of A. J. McGuire's No.
6-markodNo 1 K. M,.ll«n|-al,ie-l0rtfan-,too">
ner thanco south Wchuinsftheneo wostaluiiK
• .International boundary 80 ohnins,   thonce
north 80 olmins, theni-o- east 80 chains   to
■Plnce of beglnnintt.
No. ».' Oommoni'iiiK utn post u-1'pinjnf- tho
Northwest corner of >'o.l, miirkod No.i    Ii.
Mnllandalne northeast corner, thonce Kouth
8(1 chaias, tlionci'west alone International
.. .boundary  line mi chains, thonoo north Si
chains, thence east 80 chains to placo of be-
uinntng.    . -
No. 3.  Commencini? at a post adjoining the
northeast corner of Xo, 2, marked ho. 3  II
Mullandaino southoast corner, thonce north
SO cliainv, tbenuii west   80 olialns,   thence
-. south 80 chains. theni'O  east 80 chains  tc
■' place "of btigUuimr.
No, 4.' Cbrn'men'cinB at a post iirtJoininB the
northw—its_oriieiof No. S. liiiuked *-io.-l ._,
llTallandaliw, ...,iiihaiii,t corner thence north
". 80 chains,," fliaiice      west    80     chains,
thenoe   sdntli 80   c-liiiius,  thenoo eiiat 80
'  chaiim to placo uf besinnliiR.   '
No. S.   Coinmum-inRiita post .-.:!<<>-nin(! tho
sontlicasccornurof _o. 4, marked Iso   » 1*.
Mallandalne niirtheust corner, thence wuth
" socliains, thence Most alun« International
.boundarylino mi rli:iin-i,  thence  north 80
ohnlns, thence east 80 chains to place of bo
No,B.  Comint-iiiiiiRiita post uiljointnc tho
northwest corniir of No. 6, iniirkeiljSo. 0 h.
Mullandalno iiDrthuiist corimr, thonce sol th
80 chains, theni-i-wei.* aloim- Internalionnl
nbouiidury  jliiurkic'   ins, theiu-o  north  80
chains, tho'fice east m) chains to pluce of bo-
. sinning.     . .
No. 7. "CommoncinKat a post ud'oiniiiR tho
. nortlieaht odfiwr of No. (1, iiuirkedNo.  7  _.
JUnllaiiilaina-iuiitlieiiit corner, theui-e north
80 chains,, theiu-c west  80 oliRlns.  thence
south 81) olmius, thence fast ta ulialns to place
of beginning.
Staked and dated./nne .1'lth.
AgaM for A J. McOmro it Co.
NOTICE ia'hereby t-iven that 30 days  after
dato 1 intend to make application tu the
chief commissioner of Lands and Works for u
special license to cut auilcurry awny  timber
from the following described lands, situated
on Boundary creek. West Kootenuy Ilistrict,
No. 1.  CominoncinB about 0 miles west of
Kootonay river ut a post  plunted  on  the
north side of Boundary creeft, marked No. 1
A.     J.     McGuire      northwest        tlienco
south 80 chains, thence west along International boundary line 80chains, thence north
80 chains, thonce east 80 chains to point of
No.'2.  Co'mmoncins at a   post due west   1
mile of tho northwest cornor of No. 1 marked No. 2 A.  J.  Mctinire  southwest  corner,
thence north 80chains, thencoeast ftochiiins,
thence south 80 chains, thenco west8(1 chains
to placo of conimcuoomeiiB.*
No,S.  Commonriflirat a post adjoininc Mie
southwest corner of No. i, mnrked No 3 A. J.
McGuire northwest corner, thonce bontli 80
chains,   thence east alonB International
boundary   8J   chains, * thence    north  80
chains, thence waist 80 chains to place ot be-
' ginning. '
No. . Co'ramoncinc at a post adjoining the
northwest corner of Xo. 8, marked No. 4 A.
J. McQuire no'vhenst corner, thence south
80chuins, thonce along International boundary west 80 chains, thence north 80 chains,
thence es*st 80 chains to place of commencement.
No. 5. Commenoinir at n post dne west 1
mile of the northwe . corner of No. -1
marked No. 5 A.J. McGu're northwest coiner, theuce south 80 chains, thenoe east
along International! boundary line S-lchuins
thonce north;to chains, thence west 80
chains to place ot coininonceinont.
No. 6. Commonoini; at a post adjoining the
northwest corner of No. 5. marked No. 0, A.
J. Mi-Quire southwest corner, thonce north
80 ohains, thence, east 80 chains, theuce
south 8<i choins'i.thenco west 80 chains to
place of commencement.
Staked and dateii'Junc 30th.
"  ""I"   "FiirA.J.UcQuiro-Co.
Talking about fur, in the Minneapolis Journal, VV.VV. Jermane says:
The   Hudson  Bay  company^  men
commit themselves  to  the  wilderness
The wife of ihe Governor of the Territ-1 lence, drumming on   it  until  he  was
tions. A tradbr here well expressed
it when he saidj There|s a lot more
money in furs.than the Indian gets.
The unit of barter is a "skin" worth
about 50 cents; 'hnd all trading is done
on these basis, the more valuable ones
being rated at so many skins accord*
ing to their fineness and rarity. The
goods which the halfbreeds and Indians take in exchange, are measured
in these skins units, are extremely
simple. Blankets come first, and
tobacco is, perhaps, second. Tea and
other groceries also figure, as well as
guns and ammunition, and traps nec-
a-essary to the pursuit of wild animals.
Occasionally an Indian -will get so
extravagant as!to buy; some expensive
article, for he is very improvident
when he has, through "peculiar good
fortune, an exceptionally fyt pocket-
book. Oneof_theiii bought a piano
not long ago iii-such- a burst of opu
Big Shirts
for     -..v •
Big Men - • -
16,161-2 and 17
Regular prices of
these Shirts is .
$i.;25'to $.1.50"
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Moroh.ant Tailor
See our window for tlie mosl up-to-date and cheapest
and PITCHERS ever offered in Fernie. Half the regular
prices. Tea sets $5 and upwards. Other articles in proportion.    TAKE A LOOK.       :        :       :        •        :
Prompt Dela.ery
■ a_»«
__?__Bfl_B_ "B"
W- min-uii D
The JeweBer
lifts moved into 1'airily'a old stand and has
now -nora convenient qmirtors in whioh' to
display his choice stood,
For this week on'y ho U makln-r a sueciul ont
In O elites of	
.  La_.5es? Watches
25  . eatr- tSuaran _ee
Gold FiESod Cases
Waitham R_ovement
for $12.50
Even's Watches
at $..50, 1.75,
2.50 and 3.00
F}ve Stores
R. A. WRIOHT, I.othhridj-0.
A. M. WRIOHT, Modicino Hat.
B. W. WltrOHT, Rosthem.
_'. W, WUIOHT, Prince Albort.
C. C. WRIGHT, Vurdy's Old Stand
•a c **»
8 5
O       *\J? O
The People's Qrocer,   P, O. Block, Fernio
_    -W _!>•-__-_      lA//^a/-V/^>l    B^/-_        B     _U/-*»li
11 llkj€>- M UUU KuSJ.j L_LU,
Preserving Time
Now is the lime to buy your
Sugar and Fruit Jars
Prices are right, in fact the only place  to  buy  is'
from as us we only deal in car lots—therefore cheaper.
Notice is hbrolay Riven thnt I intend to apply to tho Chief CommissioiiVr of I.iuids
and Works fur licenso to prospect for Uaaal
nnd Petroleum on the following lands. Beginning at a post marked II. A. Welsh's
northwest corner, thenco west ono mile, thonce
north ono mile, theuce oast ono milo, thonce
isous-h ouo mile to the poiut of commence-
July 12th, liKi. por J. II. Fergnson, agent
Notice is herchy Riven that I In to nil to apply to the Chiof Conimis'.ioner of Lands nuil
Works for license to prospect for Coal nnd
Fetrolenm - on thu following lunals. lief-in-
ninfir nt n post marked "II A. Welsh's northwest corner," thence south one mllo. thence
east ono mile, thenco north one mile, thence
wot ono iniiii to tho point of commencement.
T>     a    aari.*rcir
a*. ...  ,. _._...
Jnly 12th, lDttl. per J. II. Ferguson, afient.
Nor ico is hcreliv Riven that I intond to ar>-
plv to the Chief Commissioner of i^nmls
anil Works for Heoneo to prospect for Cooi
and Petroleum on the following lands he-
l-innin« at a post marked, "It. A Welsh's
northwest corner" therice'eust ono mile to the
Elk river thence north one mile following
the lunik of the _lk river, tlienco west one
mile, thence south one mile to point of commencement. ..   -
July ISth, 1906. xwr J. U. Ferguson, ligent.
_sa_jot.eeaneroovgiven inai j. inconu.to ap-
-."•plyto the Chief Commissioner of Lands
ana works for licenco to prospect for Coal
and Petroleum on the following alesoriljiial
lauds. Ueginning ot a postmarked 'It. E.
lleKechiile's northeast cornor" thence west
one mile,thence north one mllo, thonce enst
one mile, thencesouth one milo to point of
■:--■-      U_ORQE MACDONALD
July 12th, 1008      per J. B. Ferguson,  agent.
Notice is hereby given that I will apply to
the Chief Commissioner of LamU anal
Works for licence to prospect for Coal and
Petroleum on the following land-. Beginning at a post marked "J. II. Ferguson's north
east corner" (planted on tho west shoro of the
Elk river oue milo north from Coal and Petroleum claim 1374) thenco south one mile,
thenco west one mile, thenco north one milo,
thence east ono milo to point of commencement. :•   ■   .
July 12th, 1305, J. B.PEllOUSON.
TVTotice is hereby itiven that I intend to ap-
-"•nlyto the Chief Comrnissloiier of Lnnus
una Works for licence lo prospect for Coal
and Petrokum on the following lands. —Ilc-
ginningnt a post marked "J. Ii. Ferguson's
northeast corner, thonco west one mile, thence
north ono mile, thenco to the west snore of
the Elk river following the said rivor south to
tho point of commencement.
July 12th, 1905. per J. .B.Ferguson, agent.
[VTotico is hereby given that I Intend to ap
■I-'ply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works for licenco lo prospect for Coal nnd
I'etrolenni on the following described lands.
Bcginilingnta post marked "II. E. McKca-hnlo'ia
northeast comer" thence east one milo ta the
Elk river, thenoe north one mile following the
lino of thn Elk river, thence west one mile,
thence south ouo mile to point of commencement.
July 12th, 1905.      per J. B. Ferguson, agent.
cries tells in her-beautiful home in
Regina, of her camping experiences.
Fer five years she saw no white man
except her husband. She Jived in a
lent, in crossing the Northwestern
country, when it was so. cold .that the
steam arising from boiling water
would promply crystalize in the air of
the tent
Lord Strathcona, now the foremost
man in Canada, and the Gbvenor ol
thc HuJson Bay Company, was for
thirty years one ot its agents i n Labrador. Lady Strathcona is a- Cree Indian, or more strictly, about half Cree.
I'lie fur traders were ll|e pioneers who
opened the way for thc settlement of
the northwest, and many of tho railroad towns today which are coining into activity in the new wheat era owe
their start to the simpler, needs of the
period of "the gentlemen adventurers
trading in the Hudson bay," to us its
official l'n;le, ; still stamped on their
Edmonton,, the point furthest north
reached by an Amerioan railway, connected with tho other roads of the
continent, lias been a trading post for
fifty years. The town today contains
a low rambling loghouse which was
used as the "hotel" in 1873, and is
maintained as a relic bf an age that is
passed. Thc modem hotels here have
electric lights and modern shower
Haifa million dollars' worth of fun
are brought in here annually. This
represents a vastly greater amount
when the furs reach their destination
and arc prepared for market, sii*ce the
Indiana and halfbreeds who gather
them in the northern wilds, receive-
but a small part of the ultimata- price
in payment for their elTorts and  priva-
tirud and then* decided to chop it to
pieces to see where -the sonnd came
from. When tli-j time came for him
lo return to the "wilds for the coming
hunt, the traders had to advance
him the necessary supplies for the
season. '"
Great simplicity prevails in the dealings between the responsible  dealers
and  the aboriginal  people,  especially
where they have; not been contaminated by too much association  with  the
white i.-ice, wliltih is the  case in  this
northern country.     Not  unfrequcntly
(he Indian will find an  animal  in  the"
white mans trap; hc.will take the animal out, hanging its skin on a  tree,
and ag-iln selling the trap,  thus doubling   the   strangers   chance op gain,,
when there would not Iw  the slighest
evidence of theft "were  thc simple red
man  to-made off with   thc  goods.    A
story was toid here  today  of an  Ind
ian who came i'i to a trmling post and
found it closed. ...He broke in,   t"ok a
pair   of trousers,  setting  against thc
place a fur which he regarded as sufficient payment.    He took some tobacco
and       left    some       skins        there,
going around lhe post   for his  necces-
ary supplies.     He   then  left  his    remaining furs hanging there without a
note or sign to  indicate where   they
came from.    || -Vas full a  year before
ho made himself'known by returning
to the' post iifjuiii, but  so accurately
arc   the boob of thc company  kepi
that his original changes  were under
slood and the value of his  furs left 011
credit had been computed.
Plain and ruleit in a
great variety of tints
Letter Heads
& Note Heads {XtST^lt^i
bestmanycolor.attheof- J fa   ^
Pint, Quart and Half-Gallon
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Come with the crowds
Business is boomtn«*
Fernii-y _.2_hc8, i_,C!*-.ssoy., Co_! Creek.
Chas.  Richards'   Ideal  Blend
■     a________***-**__**r_*____'*-*»i^
40 and 50 cents per pound
■TTJSu? ______BBI"\ajE_D
Long's and Good Willie's
Peanut Butter, .3oc per bottle
Lettuce, Green Onions.- Radishes,
aiul Turnips,—Fresh Daily.
Todd Block l
Thoro is -io penult required to
sniokon.Rrij-nl Scf-I flsccpt tlio'price,
""'bo H'lim! rule-miillcstft'ita relative
tho K. K. C.
Mcniidorinf? on tho Farm
Oaborno, tKaii.) News: A city girl
writes: "It b it fond dicam of mlno to
becomo n fiti-nior'B wire and riieninli'i-
wkli liiin d'MViHifo'rt imtliwiiy." Ah
y.!B, tlmt in a nlco tlilii-r, but wlicn
your luiiilj.iiul iniM-nl'irn off and luaves
you without wood  runt you  havo  to
incaiiili't' up nml alaiuii t!u' hiiic, iniiliiiur
gplInti.rHoff thi' (cnirc tn <'i»>l.' dinner,
nml'Wlii-ii you nn-unili'i' nluii;-' in iIip
wut j-rrtus in himilIi of eow-i till ymir
nliOdHiiri! tlm c.lnr of nnvii dutiial una
Htoekiii^HcnntsCil, 111,il ivben y< 11 ini'im
dur ncru-m twniity ut'iiaii of (ilnna-liml
{jroiind with a i-lnli 10 diivo lln' 1ih_"f
nut of Hid corulluld, and tenr your dniHii
on tlio liiti'l'-wii'i) fom-e, and nii'iimlyi'
bad; to tin: Iioii.-c, Iind that tlm billy-
(,-out Iniiii butted tin* t-liiillii'otit of your
elall I ami liml the 1 Id hen with forty
i lila'lscn.M In tlm [a.'u lor, you'll put your
liaiidM 011 your IiI[ih nnd ii'iilizn 'tlmt
nn'ninli'i'iii(< iw not v/hnt It in urmlt'.'d up;
to Iin.
MW«*€i   .{S»^


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