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The Ledge 1905-07-05

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 ■AU^jsL~1\ .,. .vi v.s;'r~.—,   - .- . -. _^__J'-ii',>_,
Editor and 'Financier
You will become like
Solomon if you read
The Ledge regularly.
Vi I-UME  XII.,   N.'MHKR   39
FERNIE, B.C., WEDtfESn.AY, JULY 5l  ,cp5
Pkiu', $2 a Yi'\i<_  in Am'ANCi;
*<i> •*!> *i» *_» ••"■ •••' *•* ••- ••■• •»•• -»•   -**• 'i* »i» m* »*i* *!>  <i> •*,(•* <!> ri* -r_i\ «f4v n\ -/iv /£V
aft* • -at n* • -a
**V •* W    T^-***_l   IT-^O «r    «_       « ^    _-   —____ ***
'ViZtf^i&fVitfi&i&ffftStftf v'v*-;?/^--!* — ~" ■
Union Sunday Schojl picnic to   Kil.o  -f
on the 12th.  ■ !<
Kenrly all the F.torcH   wen*   ilosed  *
hnro on Saturday. I
StrawbcrrioB mcstllliig in Ferine 2
boxes fur 26 cunts.
ti* tf tf tf tf ti* tf ti* ti* ti* ti* ti*
In Kalispell lai*t .Sur.-Jay Frrn:e won
thu bull game liv u seme of M to (1.
Mish lln an left hint week lor Calgary.
C'nptiilii McF.voy  was   In  \Viiiiiipcf;
1.1st weok.
(J. U.S. Lindsay and family left for
Toronto on Tuesday.
For dealing 21 i n   the   Koy.il   Hot.-' j    Wm# £i.h, of Morrissev, v aa in  Ihe
Harry Hudson was lined *5J u'stenlay ;<,,,.__ metropolis on Fihh.v.
Verom, tho- infant daugliier of Mr. |     _t -\V. lingers and wife, of   Mnrrisfcey
and "Mrs. Leaskie, died at Mitirii.sey on   Mine's, were in Fernie last Friday.
C D. Warriii"- and P. Jovce left   for
F. C. Lnwe haii been appointed cily
eolieltor in place of J S. T. Aluxandt-r,
,re: igned.
The K K.Q. will soon bu known
nil   over    tow.ii      F    13    lI,iwthon:e
■ known all aliou*. it.
Everything comes lo Fernie    A band
of gypsies are around the city  telling
Spenee's Bridge on S.iturday.
I    (Jenrtre Doyle, of Nelson, is the new
j book-keeper for 1*. _iiru*>._ Co.
■I. M..(lrii'vr, Canadian land agent
at .Spokane was in the city last week.
Messrs. Norman Frnperand Ficchette
carried a tent on their li.--hing tour last
fortunes fair a hit or two.
The repainting of tl.e Coal Co'*,   cot- j f M,"1';o*t;„1 ^rVt*to th .driver fish on Sat!
i in (lav.
tages is under way anil whi'iicoiiiiili-toii
.Will add much to lhe .ippearaucc of (he
Aid.  laobina will  leave the city
j    J. it. I.awry, and C. J. Heaven looked
.     at Nel'O'.i on S.iiinil«v for a   few   fleet-
'" ao-l
September for Port  Artmir where In; j    "
will work Home hoi.so-,  on   a  rail, mid'!    Ten men (..tine in on Thursday from
Pittsliur-"- to work on llie steel tipple al
j_ It"-' ■   >.
The infant daughter of .\lr. and Mrs.
Win. Liphardt died on Monday. '1 he
•fiiner.il  i» being conducted   to-day  by
Ssioit   it    RjaS. ■*■.
Ou Monday a cow belonging to Hob
Fon and  Willinghaui, collided   with   a
brewery wagon near the   brewery nnd
wns put out of business.
-The show iu town all last week was
-richly deserving uf patronage, but
•with the exception of one night the
audiences were not very fat.
'   "c\ I".  Hawthorne  i-i oii Iho way to
JF_er»5a.wii|> a full line of   ltny,it   seals..
This is the cigar tbat in making Nobon
famous tliroughont the went.'
. It Moore, A- Johnson, J. Uotipell, II.
*_nnseu and li. Hull left i*uud.iy fur
Culeiuan   to   assist   in   or^-ani'-ing   a
-Jiraneli of the Eagles in that town.
Cement blocks for uso in the Coal
Co'a. new ollice building are being rapidly nnu.ufiicuiriail ou the piv-miM-s, the
cal lnr in a.-.\cnvatcd, thn founiliiiinii laid
mid the oreclion of the walls will short-
li be begun.
Last Fiiday Pat Burns, wished to
rvin.li St I**i it I in a Lurry so \V Iii own
ai.d James Marshall gave him a twaft
rule on the electric' speedct to Rexfaird,
and caught the ea-lboiiiid'exnrcas with
-a minute to spare.
What might have proved a t-crious
hl.i7.ii was nipped iu lime on Saturday
right. While lireivurks wero under
wiy a Bpurk dropped at the hack nf
llamlley's stables amt • quickly lit up,
but wus ptil out by I.  Polluck.
Jennie l.uiiboiki r, I eiter known as
1'iaiikie Noble, died -it the rcnidence of
Mario Blown last Friday from heart
fiiiltttc The funeral toa k place ou
Sunday and w.-ih coudttcicd hy Scott a&
Ivoss. Thi* funeral piaices-sinn Imlted at
thc Methodist church where tint pastor
delivered a touching burial oration.
Two uow buildings that are being
erected on Yicioiia aveiiiin for lhe
Crown Nest Trading Co. and the Trites
WonilCo will he'in 'ornament and a
credit to the City Workmen aro busy
.on each and ii would look as if there
wits hot rivalry between the contract-
oru us to which one was ready for occupancy Iii st.
Coal Creek.
MiHS Sybil Heading returned last
week from Y.ile wlieie s-he haa been
attending colii'i-e.
Tom liookes was too busy to vi-it Kal
ipprtl ye-sterday, hufif he was not there
iu lle.ih he was in spirit.
T II Whisl.ii-, and soveral other
baseball ctithu-,iat-ts, left on "Monday to
deliver orations at the &aiuo ou the
W. A. Webster will leavo for Calgary
in a few days. Win. Martin iu future
willbe bookkeeper at the Calgary Meat
Market. ' * - *"*""
E. Y. Drake, wife and daughter have
none on a three mouths trip to Knglanil
During his absence .J. A Jensen nil!
act asC. P. U car foreman.
Theso   arc   hard   days for Charles. _
Fyfe.   Tho C.   P.  It. night  lightning {
catcher has been uou est, and lhe  ever
courteous   Charles  haa had to attend
both shifts ard loyk hiippy.
At   the council meeting held   in lhe
Court House on   Monday  evening  tlle
"ft* i.t-'couul -of Wilsiin, Sim-lair at Blo.m--
Op ,
"tf : licld, ordered taxed nt a .previous
meeting, had been leturiied with the
very suhsianiiiil reJui-tion of$2io.O-,
leaving the account $i>i,8.on. A coui-
iiiuiiiiation also nccoiiipanicil it to the
a-fl'ect that.if cheque for llie hitter -iiint.
be not rei-eivt-il by Ihem before July a;
pro<;eeil!iigs ■voidd be instiiute.l ut
oiiuo against the city. Account referred to the fuiiiaiiLe Lommittee for payment.
Correspondence from resident engineer to head engineer of lhe Great
Northern re.their share of grading and
nis reply-was received.
Letler received from F. C. La we refusing, lhe cily solicilorshipat the salarj
ol'feied but agreeing lo :u t for a salary
of $50 per month. Amotion that the
position be olTored to L. P. Eckstein
at the old salary was lost, as was also
.one that J. T. Alexander he offered il at
an increased salary, and I-". C. Liuvc's
offer was accepted,
Re «auditors. It was urged thai.**.
^i*s_Ksna^atli* juaajji^ la.* rcca-jired 'tnd the
clerk ordered-to notify thc auditors to
Ibis etTcct.
The report of finance committee was
Mr Lindsay, through AU, Herchmer
requested (lit- council to meet him at
his oflice.
A motion lhat by-law Id borrow $.5000
to pay for Fairy Creek water as per
agreement with Mr. McDougall,
brought Aid. Ileri-luuer to his leet.-
He   staled that the price was too much
Dominion Day_CeJ.'lir;ilion
iSinictliing like 11 cro.vil •uiwd mil 	
on Dominion Day-to enjiv tlie sports, Manager l.iiul=ay of the Coal Co. is
and rtQQii time generall;' s-ipplied bv evi'leu'lv apuw-ifnl man. Ilemay not
tho Miners Union. ' The t-ains boih he able m move nu empiru, but when
east and west were crow Im|, and  m  il •'■""i-s to a quick march  he   has  the
pe'a cily f.ithi'
'I hev   « ill   run
on the recn.-Htaiun groumi* while then;
iniiit have been unathj.t i_(-7J n»at-
tcivd throu_?liout the city.
the afternoon s m* 2,00 ■ i...,.|f. wen- •",s,i "i,N t)f r"nt,v'' (,'"-v„f"""'H tn'W
U> a  wlu.-per      I hey  will   run   lo  bun
like a holm in ,1 pli-m pie, 01 a chihl to
the- dcwiif,.ll of a |ae.iniit siaii'l. His
'»l ij.stv is niitiirallv di-siroiis of having
The Italian Brass 13ai'h-.fi-e out in his lompany hnhl the water trade of
full force und tlio lii*3'ta.'|aiirarico of thisi:ity. At S- in) a tap we do not
tho Fernie City IJandyw is gre&ted blame him. It loi.ks better than .-ell-
vvith a w.irni rccepiibn The 1l.1v ling liij'libiills on a dr\ nininirg. So
was bfitrht and clear, {Imt toward, lliB Maj"-ty torn he> the nuttoii and
evening- a slifflit'-V'-iiower ft-n, I'Tders the tVy C,«.iiiifll»ir..iiKlit into
but failed to dampen th:- «.tl..i,iasin M-a A>^"^ -0 Jh.it the «a.er«orks
which *adkqPt up rilo.._; w.to the 'Hi^uinca.. hi- d.-eu.Pcd beyond the
. 'r-      l  -  ■;.- cats  of r.iit'payi'ra   and   the   vigilant
Ill^llt. -    _   ^,.^ __i* I p|i»*jg(     (jflji-r ll.'ll S'.'J'.'.iil'J !!!     iiiiu    L'-!V
Tlio hotels and rcst&Jiai.'s did a i ,Vhen they wi-h to do business"with the
good bsiiineS3,'"tho 'bt-o-.lis on thej Corporation have to takeoff their hats j
"rounds were well, -JMiaivjiuzed and \ ami aihlress the. Mayor and hisiv.telht<>-
tlie liquor refreshment'tent kc-j t throe j in a gentle and lespeetfu! mniiner, bnt
men on the jump su'pi'ljin;' :iiir._ ! kings are c\einpt. So when the sum-
quenchers.    "The games wen;  iic-tly i ■»""«•■■■«'••* '-''' o:1*-*'' '"^ll- -he bu-i j
I SltytiltSlty* *'* O. Op Op -.V   \lp Op «.*» Op O. Op Op Op Op  Op Op Op Op Op Op Op
,  ^i^ p,£ s  \i^  ?_t**^* "*_** *'_•* *■'**•• •*•■_■ ■*  *»-#»l'-a*_,ai-«_« «_«••» •«•-> ■^»>*>_ib- a -*ia* a •■•-,« *t  i_-« >■»•• >a_-a *%a* a -ai_>a-<aa> a •«■*- »-,
**_*  *_'  *•»   • a *  • a * *i** '4^ »iV  a*-_V *f^ *    •"»'» » i *■  •'"'i"' *i»  ^A* *"»** **4 *■  *i* *'i *    "i"" **4* *_■*" *_* *_* ""I* *1*
►:-*. y.i
ff v.*
y.n.ty.ty.i.y.'-.y.'.yi.y.t.y.ty.'y.i *•!'»*-" *•*' *** *'* *'■* k'* *" **'/ *■'* *r> *,f s,f *i* op
ff ff ff ff tf tf t'f''S'yi*f'k7ff't'i*'fl*''l\'i'i-T'fl*'f'i^ li'i*Vf'tl*'tl*'tl*fl*^fi^tl''if
IJLAIK.tiOIJK r.ii'iics digging a cellar   on  Haker
  {hill iwil d\ inmitij lor  lihisiing pin-.
1 |"is(-, jiimI auiLlit llie c;i| s wi-ru nut
|iiua«ii.y as they shniild luvc been.
List Tl.uisday evening. (Jlarei.iv,
the fa,111 vear 11I1I sm u!' II ll'Cki'll-
baatli.uii (ouial one ol tlieui ti ltd look
it lidiue, mil Invlikc pioC'-tled 10
I l-icc it on ,-i 1-11; • aid with anoili'i-
r..el: 1 lolf.i-e .111 I'Xpliniaaii l-y potn d-
ing the ei|>.   Tne lny   w.-.s .siicei-:--
ftl),   i.l'll     lis ,1    Ifslllt    tin-     ligiat    ll.ll.ll
wa-, baiiiv iiiittilaled.    N'o ii ne  «as
lo-t in taking the victim of tne aci 1
dent :o tlu* h'»uit,il,   «h""e  the  iu-
j ired niPiiilji r was taken care"
ter smoke is c iiii!i:_tive of vegetable^.    ••■..„     j, w.
giowth.   Accord ing 10 tliis the Frank
l"r aan  lia.     ||,    . s
Coninictiii- !•'.   Merino has  started ;
work   U[ion  the  l-'iank wuterworks
Harry f/:il" lias been re-elected
prcsirlciit nf the heal li-lge of the U.
M. \\. of A. at Coleman
Mrs (Dr.) UYstwocxI, of Coleman,
is in Pincher Cn eK niii-*iiig her girls
win while .itteinling schna-1 there
were stricken il,wn with scarlet
Prof. Tra_i.iii.Mi' claims that sine!-
as a   iiiiri*i)iv
1 PC
hut foi'mnntelv (he la-_.v is nuw otit <at
ejected, and in-pite.,1   the   protest   of' i'H->turo _rou:i<! f,.r c.ittlc.
contested, and the   whole  days   fun
passed oft'in an orderly manner, no_.. _. . ,,, .,       .    ,,       .,   _. ..
1 ■  -. , I liolnns and Wallace theiCi'Uiieil of this
trouble, no rows, no arret-;,  but ev-i ., .   ,  ,    , .   ,
' t? ii-itv  mariheal   In   Lnel-avs   quarteis
ei*i botlv .erjjyinff  ,tbf.mselves   and |Just ,,nf„!l|1|. t,,s<! f)f ,.,„„_,■ t„ the niouu
. t*..\,trr tn  l,o)n .alo-so, -f H*. 11 a l'^ .,.,. i, •«•.       .    • ,. . .
al.l "'r>   -u  •**-,l* «*a--*_   --~   '-.. - ..... ujl    | llllll.      t HI* llllll I J I 111- 111 \ .sterilllls     Ult'CC-
ment. '   - — —-•- j ing went mi, ai.d lln-i.e\t nanning all
Ik-low will be lound :'.  list  of the our citv da '- \\vn- like •■• piers.   Thev
; of the city «.., .l,„p,.e<l, the crowd I slKI() wi" «K«»' .*-"»■•' '•'"*.   b- co"le a j the hospi'.il and geiti.'.g al„ng n'cely.
a    Jack Nail.an left last Saturday on j
a visit t> Liigl.n.d    Jack   will   be;
! rnissid i:i looih.ul ciiules in  thc P.is-' I'.-.-i tim Kr..i.k i'ap.r.
'    a-   Im   it ...       ,,.     r.iill.tiwi ajla,.    en .aas/a,M r.i" , • .. ., , . .      ,
I ..3   .._          .._,.,. ..._.   , ^   p-ll'tll'll   Ul   tlie      ll'a'Se*   I'ltll'ITtl       !)V
of the g,uue and c.ijt.niiot the Cole- t'.ie (Joal C\> fi-r iin: protection for the
winners in the different events,
livent 1. Horserace.-, An eiitrie
_veut  2   Football   1st   inine,
Cieok No 1, «,  Frank 0.    -_iA
man cluo
would not tails, a-i'l   lhe   Mayor   sail
they were all swum tn k-ep iniim, and'    The new ofiicivs   ••'
Coal' aothins: waiukl he iri-.au  to  the   P'-'-s'-j i-Vank local ot thc   U.M
gaiiie. Janilpaialiciinti'S.ii'inI ivevdnim: Fven
, town an ivid 'rue.-ila--;-.
fected   by   the'    \v 15>oth, clerk at  A.   V.   Ling's
*•-   *■•  s'.oie, is laid up as the result ol being
. ,-        . ,, ,, , were, Prieidi'iit    Ii'ihert   Kvans.    I'i  a picked 1-is* week hv a ho-se
Co'e.nanl, IJellevue O.'Via! ,.,:,,■. Cal; latty It„b.„, iionhl ,, ,t talk ex.upt  ««''„dncil| SeciH!tiU.v  j     V    McD.mi.ld-'
Crmk '2nd, 0,  Fernio  S     >.-mi-lii„-,l., lemark that Limlsa\ n.i* I eini- ,s best   .... ,-.,     ,       ,,    '!    A rumor is iu   circulation  here  lo
Fernie 1, Coleman 0.   F! al _-..ne t„ be , friend.    Lind-n's  l^pnotic ii,flt:ene<*    a't;c"',ln"    '--••-, *-"-••'"•   J-'-ir-i's        p" |th0 1 ff. ct tnat a placer g, Ul  diseov-
played on   Saturday- cvi-nl-.g on   the _ aunt indeed 11* girai, or cKe the C. N    '»'"-•! I'eastiici A. «u I5i«uidti. !m-i,as been mnde in  the  Flathead,
reercati >n grounds, Ferui... | I'.-K. Fi; & I'  Cn.   has  stuhlei.lv li-t-n      T!i-* r nly •.■"■il tlel.l*. of UritUli Cl-', [L ,s i,„,¥ls.ible as  yet  to   face   the
Kent 3   Basenall    ft-..n    by   Coal, ^nckenwitii ^w^: ^^^'^  iiml*:.i being actually mined fur coal ..„„„„. tj k, S0U:C0) or t0 oH<lin lleBn.
nv tiiiate ot V.i c'l'tvci-island and ol |ateinlor.naiion tending to prove   or
■ ~'A
Mitchell 1st, Wilion-ind.
and in looking up the   legal   points  in
the case came to thi: opinion that thisi y.*-iWt .*> 100 yard-il.i
.•ouId he espropri.iti-J and the co>l Wi v.-r I.st. Catte:i *2utl."f
would 'ie niua.li less. AU. Rubins 'regarded ibis as another move oit the
part of the lahatruclionisis as .did Aid.
Wallace, who said if ue wanted our
water works in this -.ear we should" go
ahead and do our harness in our own
\\itc- -A d'a*aCH-e.tOn'i{:''s'il_'Wtrll-S CloVO
Creek No  l team.     -   *- i to give the city  -nine!liiii_-,   lin\ieser
Kvont I    li» y-ai-il ilal-i'. all comers, j il will all enme m.t   at the   uproar  on
h,  ininers.,
Saturday eveiiin.
From a calm stanaljaoint it looks as
though -.auter wa° causing mire ok
citment  in the coal i ity than w hiskv-a
Shot To.Pieces
In some parts of Went Koo:en:,y
mining seems to he shot lo |,ieces and
iu consequence, many towns are gradually beginning to look like a hobo in
distresp.     A   mining  camp   with   the
mines shut down is about as pleasant "a
........... *
place.-is a country cemetery at mid
night It soon reverts to eternal silence, while the buildings beao :.e the
ab'ide of bats and rats, and the few inhabitants who hang on, like a hull.log
to a hook ageii*, mope around like lhe
denizens iu Dantea Inferno, and giow
nutty for the lark of In pe and seino
tiling to do.
Misinanagement and stock j'ibbe.ry
has had much to do with the deplorable condition of some of the uiiniiit-
towns in Wept Kootenay. Iinoiniet-
ent and dahomst iiian.igeis have
ruined many a mine, while Hie build
ing of mills  and'otln-r  tmek   jabbing
lni   iuu 1
t many
a   mine ou the hike,   ami   in.ade   tin
Ihe proceeding and lhe council adjourned 10 meet in Ihe Coal Co. oflice.
Previous to adjournment the question .
uas asked by one ofthe Aldermen why
Mr.  Lindsay, if he had anilliing to la\
before   the   council,   diJ    not   appear.
"What,     e\cl. limed    Aid,    IlerJimer,
"before   this d   crowd" waving
his   hand    lo the  people who had   as-
setjihii'd to listen to the" council's  de-
| liberations—"Nol   much, he  wants   to
talk  business."
After the adjournment and as the
members of lhe council filed out on lo
the sidewalk on their way to Ihe Coat
Co. cotil"crci*ie, our reporter approached
a couple of aldermen with the querv,
"I Mippose I'll bo allowed in"—"Not
mils.h," was  the   reply,   'You're   one of
those d d fellows we don't   want
Kvenc 1",   l mile rai,c*j'McI>.)iialil.
Kveni 7   No entruM "•
F.veut H   Married ***->m -a* race, Mr.s,
Aiiey 1st, Mrs. McCartfo Jud.
Fivei.t!)   Voting  women*' race,  Al
wen Anthmiyilst, K.Ht'far,_'gs, 2tul.
F.vry.t Ji-.i'l;-:'-!'. eye-. 7s).!^'a-_UV'a^_--^i_1_U^ by-law & to yuUn (.,. 3 '•
IV'cl- 1st, AiiiTie'CiVvoT^ 2nd. a   ininilcip.il   ■••.'.leiii   <>f  si-ucrs   audi       ".
MvemU Uirl-'raceo' yariN,   Millie   waterworks-,  „,.,- the people want thej
Fir>U.r 1-t. J-Miel .June.--2nd. work   car lied out  iiiuneiliat.-ly     It  i-,
theCiows Xe-=t i'.iss, an i these seem ,approve the ac'ciiracv of the   report.
to be inure than able ti supplv the' 	
A vear ago Irvine lay lor. a voune*
wasdrovined iu the   r.ver,
and that our wnrthv city  fathers luvi ,aV.e to work the > ear through with a
been acting shglolv irfra dig in deseit-j lorce
inc the Council Chamber to iliscuts citv ■ (>i!ipi
husiuess ' in   puv.no   qua.te.9  at the '• produce
bidding of any bidivulunl, even a king.' 10n
markets at pr->eut available,   as in I
111 lilu-r lields have the   mines  been ' ^'"\ '0-v'
Lethbridge,    while    crossing     the
Vi. J. Clar*sso:i was  in 'Safiu^-j^^'^
Event l*-» I'iili'r.iceTj'yards, Fannie | »"-''1' ("'l.v tf> tlliilk <,( (l°;"-  anuhin-j
: lilt's race /g
lella D ck -2ml
D^iutbiats We Have Known
Kruesl Uainmeliueyer has left Nelson
and the countiy for good without paying all of hVi bills. One f,f the Nelson
papers lauds him to the tUhi* upon hi:'
ability as a scientitic milling man.
Tliis mav be  a-o but a  big  fat  gevser
Jone.s Ut, f!a
, l'jivnt W Fat men's rajce," no entiles.
■•"vent li Rnys' racft,' fr. and ''under.
Il.niy Pullnik l*t,'.Mikt|Siinuions'2.x!.
Fvent lo Ijoas'race    1  and  urnler,
ll.iii v Pollock   1st, Cla eiice   KseniMg
Event 15 Coys'race    V and   under,
Dave Maitiu 1st. Kobe." Murray 2ml.
T'veiit 17 llaiy.-a, ran**, li  nnd   under,
.lohu'.Murray 1st, Mike iost 2nd.
Event la Old mains' i.'.e", Joe"vAdaade
1st, EVilli .la>illl Jud.
■   Event 1 i Kunoiiigioag-iuinp, miner.-
MeFagan. V ;...
E\ out 'JO Long j
Chixton. ,
Event  *JL   .-.t.iu'lin. jump,  miners.
-■■Event -J2 Hop, step sad. jump, miners
E'.i-ut 23   lli.h   juin.i,   all   com crs
Event  21   Thro- le-.ed  race. Jack
Su. trait and Sv.l lliii.t.
Event'2.") Tug of Wi; 1    No entries.
S. A. Kiitert.iiiiiiuMit
Tiie S.ilviiti.ni
l else.   The ti*"'rs of uatcr mil naiiirali-,
, want coiuia ction 'saith the sewei .~\ -t»*ni:
anal it is n ,'. to he
j from I.uiuibreck after a loid bl'pow-
  |di*r  and   mine   hardware   for   the
fK|a, 1, til.' 1'l.i'la.a tor 11 t -, j     r 1 • „
1 liiTckenrulge and  Lund nunc.   Ho
Cl rence llickinb.itl.om,   the   boy Urates tliero has i-cver b__-n so miicti
act.vity at Lundbieek; that there are
 ,-M. ■'$:*!&-&
******* Jt    '
expected  that  ti.i-1 who had llis hantl niiuilated   by   tin
"Vf'     I,
asT.-Vj  I
1 a:.•payer-.ue «li'ins: to builil -ou-is expl sion of a giant   powder cap is 'about oOmen working, and tint  the
f..rtheaci. -i.i o'latmnoi'a watersia-tem ^ getting aloi)'? nicely. 'siuft i-.jcently stalled is down  absiut
,u,t mU"ki''l1    .-N!- ,,.ir7  V'?, r,er!    L- n- Vaindicir who has  been ill >J feet.
s-uppM.-il I-! th-C. N.I'.I. L A P. Co is' . !
.        .     a       1     , 1    .    1,. 1   1   ,'ts-r several weeks is, now -able  to be.     V Inil-rp ot'tlip Oranirr. S<,.>i»tv wns
Halt   ii"   'a'   dll'   ll   .Mllll'llt   llaMMg hOlleal SO '         -a   0"'-,C   "I   Ull.  l_l,l|Ij;i_ OOCILI-.      WJIS
that the ieo;.|e i.f tiii* citv will certain!!-;,jUC-    Mr \«iiP«'C;.r wid take a ttip organized at Coleman Monday
be easy 'if they allow-tiie company to | -0 the coast in about two;weeks.
Ul 1 la-a.l. I
iuv   scheme   on   th<*m.     Tlie
pen;.'.!- of  this city-stand ton much in
ift'.veof tiieC'ia! Co.. forgetting thai 110
i aiait: can be eiiiira'av ii.ilepen'lent in this
i iivr'd.   The iiei.-le of Fornie,  and  the
Tlie lodge will be known us tiie
to all  comers, j miners, aih.i   .1.   the  coal are j is; a-
-■'■-    " s'.-irv :■> :ha- t *.>;ll  Co.." as  the  com
them.    >o ai"  ii"t  be afraid
iv   vail'  herita.e  fo
; llCa
i pany is :
iaiial   ili.-'iw
.1 '.a'
ana! spei'ia.ius iiigiiineiit.-
There is considerable milling ac- Star of the Wtst. Tne (-'.leers' elect
tivity at the Sullivan mine. Some 10 j ed wore, IV. JI, II, Grewcati; D. .M ,
men are employed, and the daily j-J- H'. Qniilir: ehuplain, \V- Nelsoi;.
output is about 11'J tons. The g'r.-iile i'"' coidmg and tinutieial Secretary, M.
of tiie ore mined is good, and ot suf [-1. Morrison; treasurer . W. Hani:a'f
ticient value to wairant tlie 1 -spend:- j director, H. (Jreweuit jr; lecturer M.
ture of erecting siiu-ltcr works at I Hunter; li st committee man, J. Mc-
Marvsville.- Lean;   second,   T. X.   Yates:  thinl,
!ks Tin ini--; fourth, J.  K.   Wilcox;
who wiii   quit a  country   without  pav
ing his bills i> a failure, and not   t.>  be jat the hairacks nuSr'a
it111.ste.il  in   aiiv   nnsliion   where,   other ! well i-atroui-cd and ai-
schemes, when .he  proper.ies -li.l   no- 1 havH aK.h.-tuo||„v i,,^.^,.,,     „,. j e:,l  pro-ram «.•.* re, |.
.Wnrr.ni,t -"'"H"!'!i!!.,,,l!'i'S.,',U|.m"^lsi''1111'1 h,i,t "i' |,,;i!   llMi»y<   auoiheri lowing was llie pogr,:.
, „.e..t inii-iuir man with a weakness for IlM'euiu^ remark- ...
stockholders mutter   'vaoienay   ..._ tl.e ,',     „„,      .j,.^ hl, OWl._^OII. j .... lini.,-
saiiio breath with acitif-e.   We*t Kout-
A Xiiiroiv I-'st'iipo
enay has had to 1 many yellow legged
guys trying lo run mines who knew
more about gu/.ziiug bou/.e than they
did about true ti.-sures.    Other.!  were j K.ij-t, live Slav boys   ranging
i hi>lo
J  I'alllSS  b'H.a'l  ?l'K'a il'llU
i Ptli't, T'elior ala;   Eu, '.'■
S M-irsco. ,1. Molorni, C M. and  P. !.•„_,_  	
'"   "■-'•' isolo*'.'.!     '...'   '
The conned of the Toronto hoard of 1 dimply couliil-.-iico uien   who    took   a I from *• to 12 years tonk a hand car  bint | _>_.,„,,
trade pn->ed a resoliitinn yesteiilay, re i ntke off whuiie.ver tlieopportunity pre- ,Sui dav from tlm M. F. ,vt M. ami
greiting (lie action of the legislature of |.veti!e<l, uud looked upon investors in , u-.u-kul it over onto the C. P. ll. Ltovv
Quebec, imposing n tax  ou  ciiiiiuieiciiil j satotk as .1 hit of.sucker-' on'y lit  tu    be I line.   They were  amusing thein-elves
traveller*1 repivsi-iiltnir I'stablishiiients | ilnmpHl Into the frying pain until all
visum-.'tliu pioviiiee and iicnnliiig i's [their s-rea-o had ev.iporat-'d W'esl
opposition In thin kind "I rtistrictioii in | K'lotenny is siiff ring from till thece
i'i)iiiine:'cial iiaterciaiii.-e: nl-o Migm'st- i ihiug:', but within its bonler.s there are
ing that steps he taken to give lhe whl- ■, .still plenty of Inuiest nuil eapaohi men
ent publicity lo the fact that 110 such who may yet I.o able to place, the di—
lax esists in the province of Ontario trict in its proper niche in the miuiui;
The streets of thecity „*■■* badly |„ «■«»■-■■. Until thaf time aniv.s a kind
neml „f repair. l'il_- »I ho.il.le.a dec \ I'-vi.le.ice will have to drop manna
orate the main Uio.oughfare, while j '-■■" ^n,e of .ho cai,.|'S in which bank
mou,,,|H„f.,irth...id mcks are visible accounts have become inere   phantoms
nt every   turn      After every rainfall ioMll,> ",(,l'""'-i'_	
fishponds are forum! and it is any-j
thing but a ciii'lit that thin -s slnuild h>-1
«'i thev nn'. Tho ptull'.' aie expected ■
to l.eep tlieir premisen and the itlle.v-
lu decent sliiipn and it in . up 10. tin-!
i.nii'icll loielindy the ilis_rareful up j
pe.iraucoof Ihesireeli*, ..iiae of uhiih.
resemble a cow path in Alberta moie
than a public road in wiiat otherwise ,
is looked on as a progressive, city. j
.lud.-e Fan in will lend C'U'itv Coaft
in l-Vriiie on Fi-idav. I*!i.« al >cker i*
•■ir,t" he.ivv eiiiis,«l.ing. o' 00a' eriinilial
aa.-eaud a few civil dis,aire... (Uallaui!
.iiiiH.'o. are suiie: Hairy i./ainerim for 11
the retain of ,*7 »') luiin.' the amount
■hey paid fm' 11 hi ii.-ky.'.r'l tlt'.t was not
playing raiaiMading wlieu ihe eist-
liiiiiiail expa'es.'i liit-heil inio mul ileinni-
i-atic.i llie i-ar about two miles west oi'
Fernio.    All the iioys jumped   aiul   e.—
raped without injiirv befaire the en-'ine
1    . —        ,
.-ti m-U tin' car.    I he hoys were arrest j
etl and will have their trial Unlay 1
A Finn Assay 'Mlleo |
lv \V. Wi.ldowsou, formerly of
Vmir and lute assayer for the Hall
Mines sinelti-r istloing :t very pros
pori'U' business at. his as-ay ollice on
Haker street, in Nelson, llis plant
wi'l iiint anything concealed in rock,
while he has a pair of scales that will
weigh If) cents worth of guid in a ton
nl nek. Thi'so scnli'9 urn set on 11
snl'i'l foundation, nnd 11 iv nor. iill'ected
by the j in ing ol the crushers in an
atlj.ici'iit room.
CfSTt ).1I3  l.'I.
t'lisiuuis ci 1 avti >n* '
pint  of Fit' i ',   !',   C -
ending ,)i:ne ;;i)ll>. IDa- •.
V al.i a ■')' l> i'
Diitiah!.', •? 20,!*,
lav niislit was
-xcclli-iit niiifi
red.    The fol-
laev.' A. Dunn
.Mis.  IVHnck
...Misi   I.llla.!.!
. Jas.  Liu-htly
. Miss Hig_>
.Mr    lliiys.i;
Irs.   Ki'iir.edy
Mr,  (.'ritlithr
, 1 -at the Hut
.'  the muiitli
A !"ii'-iiiess Tn.it
'    Tlie tim*"'"  in'vei li-a* i*   when  busi
i i.,._.s   ;,  .jit's-:   ni tl   when    you    neei!
Iinotii*!: -a': ia '-•' ("w leiverli—rs  real---
'this     < ia ali.'ii ily » ban tiuia1- are "s!.n !,
down- of  ••* peta.-e-   i
and   rent   iu   ariaar-
aiel   th.-   sha'low    la-
alalalislfll      llll-     aiiv,.|_
■al   and ilo*  mlvi-rtisa-
tiliit   he   crtiile.l iiii'oiai
21.-..M "'■>
Pllly cnll'Ttei
IM.tMl l:\'.'
, ' n: tv,   ::
Spit its,
*  l-20.*i 7
:."•.' 7
21 -0
IV *-"!
I a-t.-ll   liar
v ' iv •'
; tlie lirst iiatfias-
lll.e pi-.niin.- ''ill
; lio'e* f:i!:-'i_- .I'I.'
! the slieril? ai'i tl r
i tisa'lli.'tat   I-  s-llp!
' vaiuiv HM.-i^iiia-.s
j tie' ei;eos.-.
;      I hi* i* i '!'v
'    1'n tlie i.-ther liat'd,  when hu»iin"-s i
: Ili'iTs.     11 ila-.'     llll-    Slaal-0    Is    Ml    eraaW'laa
liu.t ihe a ii*'aai'ali'l's [.- ii over each   olhe
, in tbe in::-! nis'i lo | '.lrclia.-r
' iiie iii.TiVi.i'il bus  ni't lima'
Inio h, it* li-i". he ''. ilaily grabs his ha"
■atl-l Si'lil aia-r- a-!! !■' tha- printer lllnl
•spieii.ls Iii- lysine-., in th-- p.iper.
'       Talis ai*.' I- faa.iv.
' V.'jia'ii v.aii have lil'ira? la'l-illi'HS than
. a ,,i; a.-iu ait'-i al i". w by do   yaaii    -.vasii-
ll.ll,'      lllaalai-v.      ill     l'rill„';,'g     llaldit'a 101!
; i-riiai-.ls'a> v.,itr st..c- wh.-e   your   •!. .,!•-
nr. s a la!, a-!;.- I tbat 1 hey cannot get in
!     Nu't Nn* . -'ly
' t m :ne iifVcr ha"-! wheu vaiitr i-'i.'ri.-
' :,i,- iaile anal -ha'  i.'.-s are   playiiis-   la;
I Willi Mil' spi .■!" aril 'l"l,'l k'l'I'.V "lla'le
1 to tlllll l"l 'lie ■t»'» . W.llllll:,'! it lia- lll-a-
: III ca.l lal',alU.a! alt '1*1111  Li_Ji.K alia! Spill, g
; ViHti'-elf   no   a"     iidvi'ttisi-iiifiil     llui!
! ivaiaiiil h^lp you oiii i'f ymir dtllicuitiis.
i     Wa-'ll wr le tbat 'liinlfol' !0!i.
i     Tliis is wisdom
I    Are you goiu>: to get wi-e'"
A SiH'i'i'ssful Applit'iitioii
In the Supreiiie I'a-iii't at Vancouver
lust |'riil-,y. befiir.' Iii*lici' Morri-oi-.
■ipplicniia'ii w'.ss niaile by Il.C Sh.'l!''.
iiisii'iicleil hi I,. P Fcksteiu for ih"
release of .1 t-in-!- M.'Coniiic'i on llnbi a*
l',ar|H|s paiaa ahi.gs       Tlie pl'i.s ilO'l'   W'lls
SCIltellia'll a all til'' '-'l-t of .'lll.e I ' Din-
lllaatltll   ill   i-lil  "I'  'hi'   ell-11'L'l'    lll'sl'-l     ill''
Vni-raiic!' Aa-I I'i '• api I'-a'i oi for a
relr.oe «'.,- I-"! ii.';-o-.'.-'l. a.id tin' "hUi
;.: ii |Vi_; ii ■■ a, ; ..■.-.i't"i: i.a^ : -ti'-.!.
It is wa'll known t!):it in the main
' range of tiie Knciiie-i in this iliy.riet
iii.d Wiiiiieniei'e in'uiiig liiv^ion
• there are large, deposits i>: ziuc m'es
iiasocl-ttetl with silver and le.nl v.il
ties. At, piY'sein*. these ure*i are nlivi-
Intely valtuic.ss ai.d ilo; i-nly ti.ing
unit will bring tin-in to a iiifrkct is
t:u: const ruction ot the K.w cii.ii (.'eu-
trai Kail.-a!.
lii'.li, S.m McVica:-. The luge win
organized by J. W. Whiteley, grand
aaivaniz'-r tbt* tiie Nnrthwes: Terri-
Iiouglit it  Urcwi'-ry
Th,'  Spiilif.-iiiali   lo-vieiv  -ays    that
tne laiahai   Ma ling  ,'i   Ilivwing   com
' |-;n-y   iveenilv   iiivaiai/...'!   by   ("l.ailcs
Thi'i-sain! W  .1   C  Wukoti.'l.l. of Spo-
T Miail   I la* |..-|.» a<|.
Albert -.Mtitz, the   r'oiT.i.*"  biv»vi-ry
tiiiigii.u-, was in town Tit'.'siiay
('r.i I.'area ak    never    had    pi-.ttiei*
and when   j;,..v|is na__ .,. tjlt. present lime
to   eat    Ills- '
ll.l vi-
heavy linns tl.e pa*.:, two we>
done woiider- along that li.i.'.
.1  C Mi't.'allum met wi-h a  sever,-
;.CC-il"l.t this tiisiriillig. A I'i'i'.'i'l aXe
ft II i ii the e.aitiiter aiitl tlie bla'le
siiiicl, his light tuit I'li'aTii'g it !»ial
gash, but. Ii-rninati'ly not causing a
pi I'uiaiii'iit ii-'jttry.
.'. I'riulim, I'ligiueer iit the Noriii
Siar mill , c.tight one oi the ling, rs
on lii.s kit haiul ve.siei'ilay while .it-
work on some iiiadiiiiaTV and had tlie
end kmcked ill', lie hurried to town
i.'iiid had it intended tn and the I n't.
fiat no time was lust may enable
him to.save ihe ii'jjtvd iii"inl> •!'.
Fernie h is dame iviiinlers since the
lire.    A representative "I the Herald
' visited the place las', week far rlo-
lirst time sh,eo tin lire swept nut the
btisine*.-  portion ot the   town,    and
■■ was siil'pi is.-il and pleasid 'o see sticli
■ ii tiiiigniii'-iitit s'iiv litii.t, iij' auaiii.
'.''ei'iaie ti day givi--piviiiisi' u'  fiiiuri*
1 greati.is- as i's pr.i-tnT'ty Vs b.iM-al
on a 'inn ta I'.uiin! '■ n
i nn-
,ia i,
1 I'i'*
alllll   .lallll-.'s  I'ra.lilll   ,'(    Mill i,
ar  '
a'ral ilia. [ 1 mt anal teal   e-t,
1-l.i'a •   l.tiewiii'  i-'iiip-iny  at   ll lis--.
,s i,»i.i.»i Ibe ii,- ! wns made by
l'lai'i-.-, wli.i i* uou- .,t |!.,i«e. It it
ta. be !|:.- im. n'i aii ul' lln'   pnrchas-
;•> i-.-:in<aii I a, d n.ciease the capaic
ly ol the pi.int.
A   ui
Ct-.'u ol'Skeletons
in' .an,ii'  inaritiii'.e  alL-caaierv   i<
1 by    li:,'    l.'i'iliaii     ! una'-,    Yal
; ,a-   -■    iibbl   'ia. y com! sii .a  luv-iteiy
an  i.   ;  ',-..-  \'X r's-|l--s!l  !-ba|l
I t,:s ; ,':r:i .1 ra'i'.'it- tin l i'i i"C;i.'-
llitlotl  i! 1,1, ll  I- I.- (I'M a'.|t- 1 t>, i.i .- I >:,,.!
of liaialo, oil tin' Sm.ih Aiin'iieiil
coast ,ll*cia!a-ra"l oil lhe siia.ne tlla- hi li
oi a slup   with a   number of skehtoi.s
aa.ll   III.II _•    balXCs ol  Cll'l o.
Due ot the spars aaf tiie .ship lure   tins
IllsCllptliUI, "(.''Istlftalll,  Newpol't.,
'i.'.::'is praibiibly one if tl.e lleet of
M,.ss|j I'. 11,'nvaa'i .'' t.'o , which trailed
between tha> '.'rislo! chaiilnl and tin!
we-t c'list of Smith America. Sim h-n
Port Talbot early in a\pri\ and h.nl
not sinri! b"i'li lie nil ot,
Stella—So .hick came very lien' rim-
niii-4- over a lariner w hen he tick ymi
nut aiitoiiinhilineV Why ilidi.t In.
*aj.o c/e Iii- horn;
!>. li.i- I i.in't you think I am ni.T'.'
iuii-i".-tiiag than a h."'i, .■*
_-__-_--_»»»~«W-ar5™a«»^^ THsE LEDGE, FERNIEj'rC ", JULY 5, .1905
Job pnnvnsl _,
I_      - -.'-■' -----    - r     ;■*"-• -  -     -   -      -
»^J_aff»-<>-v-Ma--H.-'-s---IJJaw|J«. • ia.1' ■ a-
I KNt)tRrtF.T
.&0O      J
I j -*_5&?  r"^*-
want to get close to the ear of
the people when you have anything to sell. Tell your story
through THE LEDGE.
Tliey listen nuil wntt for. ni*. "Invitation to ii.i.y.
Will yon link tlionii
_» ' ' T_
The Ledge.
B.T.LOWEftY, EalitoraiidVimincic-i'.
Tun JiKiKO- is tiijliliiilioil ovor.v We-lnoidray
in Ferule. B C. Tlio -iri«e is -3 a ,vcnr. Aitvur.
iiniiiK riitiiai Riven upon u->i>lii!titiuu.
The live ad kills dead stock,
Jim Cronin is thc sun,   moon ancf
stars oi Moyie.
laussian officers conld make   for
tunes in AiBerio,* rannlng foot-races.
Alberta should lvi a good plnce for
,     - prodigal sons.   It is full of fat. calves.
In Vancouver the telephone husi
.pess seems to be running  into the
. - vip-Pcoplc "say talk is cheap, and yet it
y^^^_» $20;000 n dny to run the parlia-
. L.:-;(^^^i_ebt at Ottawa.     =.
The B. C Telephone Co. is up
against it in Vancouver. -It .cannot
pell out to a Coal Co.
and Kamloops is becoming a mining
town. iVe hope tbat the good work
will never cease.
Hum hug seems to be tho mnBfc popular thing in Ainr-rlca. The fakir
rolls in money while many honest
men find en-nt difficulty in ge'.ting
mush for breakfast.
Lightninc rpcentlv struck the par
llnnr>nt bulldimrs at O.tawa It
probably had a messnee from New
York for bill Galliher, or-was mini:
to hit. nnncan Itoss ■ lor bucking the
C P. U.
bitter feelings in a community, It is
just aB essential nlmos-t to have one
lanenngc. If colonies aro allowed t:i
settle In various parts of Canada and
retain their own language for .daily
use, their children will take a long
time to become good Canadians. The
French'Canadian does not rise *.ery
high while he stays around home in
Quebec, but when he breaks old ties,
and mixes up with the world for a
time he becomes a vastly superior
t-_ r_
The door of the
-   . SBead &ffi!ce s  ^ar<_i8tcn7 Canada.
Capital * $2,235,000     ' Tllesevvc * $2,235,000
total Zlescte* $27,500,000
Hon. \Y.m. Gji.sun, President.
J. Tl'RNI!ui.i., Vice-Pi'-stdutH 'ind General Manager.
A'ti'ii-jiil HuiilsiiiKHu-slii^iH tr.iii.n':ti'.l. L'tir-i-iil Acuo'ihIh ui'.tir .1 witii M.-rcliainU, i'linu
"i 11 'it-: 'it -rn, iiiisi Slminaiij'.ililic; aa,i * i i.- in.a.-,I r. n-"nuilal.' Iinn» lliinl.il. j Iii'aililion Kliailly
.a*4 I t.^ia-iasl nl to nil iiorKa.iw ('..Miriiu-t.j ftr.i'ii l.ii.iiui'-j a"1 (,iaii*.ti' iica.-a.auntH. l-i.i-ci>il titHmtiut-i
*S   I ui.i-ii tn llll out ol liiavn iii'iioiiial-i        liitoi-i">t nt l_'iiii"i,t   lliar^-i uHowi'il on SuviiiKs  Hunk
1       Da.'|a.''litJ   frill!   Sl.a.l   lllaWiinta, aJolla-i-1 i..|;i tllWIajtl 111 llll la.illa of (.'lllllialu lit I.OWajht lUltual.
!*"l   ' llrufta l-.-tu.i-it, ian_i uhli.. in Uiiiin-'u or Al'ia.ia.l.    Ilrilinh, Aiiii'iR'ttn, it nil Korei'ii liiulta cujhuat.'
! An olliro aif tlaiillaink hiii livci. o|iuiiiil nt I-'ornii'.
All C"rii'a.ia«t.il,,'m:< '< 1 In-Mil lo tliu Aif.tit hilt ln> lui-siiiully uttnntnl 'o.
Has not been locked for many years.
The landlords are always happy,'
even when their.bank-roll looks thinner than the lean edge of anattenu-
ated wafer. Try one of their morning bracers. Mail orders receive
* prompt-attention.
Alien & Palmer        |
' -~-.;'ieii&&v&x?kTM*
Tt.e Tur.intn Telegram savs that 2.5
cents for a hair-cut is a ba'rbcrntis
piece of business. Such an idea is
easilv ennd bv living out west whore
the barbarians have to die up foilr
bits every time their top hirsute crop
is severed bv a tnn.'orial divcrter of
hair into dividends.
The editor ot the "Wiimer paper
says he likes honey. He will probably get somo when the Kootenay
Central hits his' burg with the iron
rail, but it is an even bet that he has
not waded in it to any dangerous extent since he ilung his banner in the
breezes of the upper Columbia valley.
Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd.
Latest Styles
finest Selections in the City.
Mrs; E. Todd
The milleninm bas reached Nakusp. The ladles have quit'woaring
bats on the Btreets,
■-__i__K _*ii^*>f"*"J;ijA»^ •
^^^^Strawberries are- being" - raised in
^^M^Xeihlbridge.    This is another   evi-
Fernie will soon be the greatest
city in the interior of B C. Are you
gctving in on the ground; floor, or just
sitting around ""croaking about the
country going to pieces? Part of il
goes to pieces everyday at tbe colliery near here for it takes 120 freight
cars daily to haul away the production of .coal.      ,    . .'. .vV _.
Si^^^^S^^-^^^are; in- :tho
-J^ii^i'-*-''^1 '^'Bar^Bernhardt will not play  in
^%^^lr"   .'Fernie this season.   She is too busy
r^^ft-ii^^London'a,idcannotcven iook at
f^feite'thls parr of the world.    *
' fe_Wia-__S-4
^W$&'; ,,In Victoria ooc editor tliinks that
'^"thegun is mightier, than the  pen.
■ii-isMay be »-*» although those who use i;
"generally return to the pen.
'MtlVora present appearances Fernie
'"-Will "never go dry for Kick of water,
although  before  many   moons  the
.price per tap is likely to drop into
the cellar.
indigestion causes more trouble
than almost anything else. Keep
and treat the 6tomaeh right, and nature will play music for you
e**ery day.
Thc hobo is mightv and will prevail nr.lc33 he is kept in a placo where
the bars on the windows prevent the
boardots from falling out, and breaking their necks,
•■Wonder bow Grace likes CranbTooi;
since lie moved into tho lumber met-'
ropolis! He must miss the fishing at
old Fort Steele, and the calm of, that
beautiful spot made famous by his
paper. "We sincerely hope that in the
hustle of city life ho- will not lorget to
give us the bal.incc of that story upon thc Bull Kivi-r* iron mines.
Canada should have one school
and-language. A nation divided
nill b-coii-- dizzy and fall down.
Xo religion should be taught in cur
public schools, but mor_lii.y should
enter largely into thc education of
children. It is a thing apart from
religion and never causes strife  or
U     Ll
nf luscious roast bee! tlie iipix:tlzIna-.Q<Io-i
escmie mid Hits itch lirow-* uravy trlckien tennif
iiiRly to t-ealish. Tliutis tlm kind ot .-mul*. onr
laeel proaluci'd. Tcudcr. - juk-y. nourljlilni,-. Ii
la-ill make you brainy nuil luawiiy
- Of cnurac we soil tlie t-li- lce»i cuts nf vi-.-il.
lnmli, pork; olo,: alHO. _ut ju-t row ave art;
tnlkinfe' beef,  llectwars ol our ulTerings.
Meat  Market
In Fernie, is a pleasant
diome for all who travel.
' Booms reserved by 'wire.
.-■~s- '
Ferula-- li. C.
Teacher of tha Piano
'liO»s-heti/.l*cy Method)
~r   **tt
T. Whelan, Manager
.\ thorough training assured eadi pxipn
Revelstroke U jubilant    beciusc
fartnera are settling near that tpwn,
■l™_^___^r$6.5o| Wm. Mill.?, Prop.|i
   — V '     I
4^Z.   80LID    sunn.,..    	
IJust mul ilmnrvproaif.firlcd with tha very bo.-st
sevon-'Biaoltil Ei.oiN nr WaltIiaji nia,\'eniiarit,
(att'iii-winal nnil set, lam' iibsolutoly OCAKAN
TKl'.u Knit S YKAI'.F.   AIji> ii Iciiutiful uliiiin
.«-?",''-l.._ ^Z?<<3lSBS^V*to*.___m_im-V
gyggjls. -_*--_j_*sa_a__-Bs>-5^
TKl'.H KtlK  S YKAIl?,    AUo ll  leillltlllll  tllliam
aa-ith caiili ivntch for thu He-it S'Jilitva   All cum-   .„_,_,  1 .     .
I»lelo.*fiflo.   SeeiiiRlkb-'ltevinij.   CuttbUout    rHP   POI I (\CV\ WTWC    Cd
anJuoiKlil tons, with vimrNiimo, I'ai-at Oiii.:*-   -UL   1 ULLULIVJ »? Ill £,   LU.
a .A.f-i ,.-r.
nnil m»nil it to n«, witn vmir^iaiinj, ■ n-i. _-	
,"iKd Kxprcj3 Ollica- iAalalras_. nnil wb will M'ii'1
thoa,'i,l|s|, H''al rhsli-a taa vrats *-- i»*-niT.1pHai.sss.
E. WMNER & Go., 163 Cordooa 8t,, Vancouoer, B. C.
Its lialhs cure
all nervous and
discuses, its '
watur heal all
kidney, liver,
and stomach
iillinciil!! and
they eliminate
all iiiclalic
polsons from
the system.
mow under tlio new management of Harry Mcintosh,
HofririHn llouiao, RoaKliinal.
Report of Analyst
Of Samples of Water from Halcyon Hot Spriiij-s, Arrow
Lala-, B.C., '27th  February, 1898.
Laboratory of City Analyst, I'"diiibtir_*h, Scotland,
' March 3, 1898
One Rallon  of water contahied the follo.vinf** iu-
Kredients, the results aro expressed in pifi-ts.
Sulphuric Acid...
Alkalii'M as Soda
Miifjiicxia  232.00
Lithia 86
Sulphuretled Hydrogen      .12-oo
F'ishiii'- and
.   Terms:
$12 to $18
per week,
accord in1.' to
residence in
hotel or villas.
Is <i pleasant home
for the traveler.
Si       ruuci
I       th- al
|Siri 11 di'lliililfiil lo-
i ctition mul from
its lialconie.a can be
seen nil tlicbt-Hutyof
the ennui scenery
tlmt surronnila. hems
In, una! aitorim the
laiiavcity of Nuliii'ii.
It Is the home of
touriatts uml liiisinesM
men frnin all imrtJof
the world. The c-uis:
ino tieverilniiniii-tlie
mite of inealiocrit.v,
nnil every room in 11 n
enemy to iiisioraniu.
If yoa need roomn
when on tho wn.v in,
touch "the avlre and
leed ii duuo.
Brewers of Extra Fine
Lager Beer and Aerated
Waters.  Bottled Goods
a Specialty.
B. TOliPKINS, Hanager
j. A. MacLean
Builder and Contractor
Dr-aler in
Rough and Dressed Lumber
! G&Rtral ■ Hetel |
1 First Class in Every Respect
^4^^^^^^.^.^^^ itWrtW&W^Wrfrfrfr
Slriclly First Class
Up to Date
Electric Lighted
Stc-iin Hc'it
> 'f
' Hotel Fernie
Hot ar.d Cold IJ.uhi-
*3illiard and Pool Room Large Sample Rooms
Bar Room Unexcelled,
Rates : §2.50 per day
Wholesale) Dealers and titect Importers
of Wine.*, Liquors |iid Cigura.
District Ajrciits for       !
I'oiiimery Cliainpasno
niai Schlitz Beer
Distributer.-, of j
Clinmherlain |*ii,d
Pharaoh Cigars
•F-EU-KriBI   IB. O.
Philip Carosella
General Merchant-
-and CIGARS '
Ta i.i tit *«»-..' t-.*t  ,m t-t   ■*.i**t*t  tt ihr /lpf'/f.''//*
4 .At rut   //.»/   a*f-j t*.*'j t<iS*«   *'*   ->•••/
f{*lh*p_>. 7i.t ita ttt*.*it <■_* t.l *•* fttt.Jtt.,f,,arj
/t~ AMt »i *t .Fmk lt*U* <*•* '*'*• H* aiiittat* ip, ttut
.* kftatit*   tAt   tUtf  *e.lt*   /-at,/.,,/-. /.j:.f-_iiJ,t
tt.ifj    ttmttr* tad n-a.k   ittt/at
n,t at.,!,   a*,taa-'**f   d.ttftt at  mi   ta t.tl it* **t.
fittftt Urga  famr* ,*.*, '- ataat.mf U.r,  t,at atA.
a»t*   fia f*aj il   a^/latt  titta   t*t*m,iaa*t t*****f tit** ta*.'
*/mr  d.  iatt fir*m*atj  ti £'•*.*  a>*J £\;ttt   Arr/u/t'j
t,'*m*f'p*    tta -tt.mttf •/ fttlUaJ /aat ytrt'r„l| tai//
yta-*/.*,-./ a.tr J*fj   ft*rt/tjf att /Lt* f^-.
r,J.*_ t,4„*.*{/7tf'n>. t JST   r*m.A Cataa'Atf a/t*/1
, .   ^iw^-'W-*/X a—mmfCftCttt/ttt +4tt/*j a>a*t
6*itJ}tti Atru-_,f»*iJla   titTgft a*J fat'Jt*   rut* /a
,   tttm.*.*' H +f%»*AtU   ruitg  (j af+ift** ta Hi /L***.
/■..'»   aft**   -ia.* -Utt* **faa a*   tim        *   '    "    '       '
mitt *4 *t *4t*f*+   U* tit mt  mUaUftmtlat
7a\t»*  ittttf JafAtA*/it*4 a/AtA  Beiamm+J*l.amJ*T
t**tm taj    taa+t   al    -f*a     i^aaat /ttttif,  **ttm'
/.r_/*rtJtf ^_t-t*.t.i*n tfit, tt
Ctamt/mpBt   I*  *m*  vf tla.   uaami fitft^AP-   §***.!**
rtttrtt   tt I**   CAA*J,*.t%,tA thit   T*a****.tm.T,
J-rrm  mAt'A '*./••*!J**l   *ttj»tma -_-./.-v/.af ta_t-m
tmmtjati. n"***tj    A>» >'ita'.T/;M/«>N^,^,   it.J.^t
f.m*   fi'f*a*yi fmaH j*--** a*-nJt.•#*.*„..fit,.t4»4m"
la.*   .*.*//,..,   .„,p.:.att,}lf.t.f*i ,1,1**,./**.*,j.**,
-fjj.jl.~t ImJ l*tt,*f
or -n.r.
-.1-     4    a* 11,1   / t*A
to the
—   —  — —  «__   ^_sv    _^   nm  ■ pp^
y    Limitod-LSabilSfty.
Wholesale Commission Merchants'& Manufacturers' Agents,
Tiie Luinsiieii Roller Mills
Tlie-Wapellu Roller Mills
Lever Hrolliers "H'liiliHlit Soap"
Dalton Hr'jllicr."i"I)i.Nli-lowel" Soap
The Vogcl Piicking Co.
The I'lairniore Lime Mfg, Co.
The Maniiolia Canning Co.
The W. at K. Jm-ob Co., Ltd.
III.Hiamt. Miiniitiii'liiriarJ
The Gtielpli Foundry Co., Ltd,
The '-Anuui-'* Co., Lid.
The aMai_.it: Mill at Lumber Co.
The Hygiene Kn|(i Wiiiii Co.
Fruit and Produce of all kinds.
P.O.   BOX   363,  CALGAKY,  ALIA.
\^^m*?^r>?*!*'rr^*}y^^*^( fi!*CT"*'**'ffCT^
Correspondence Sjiicited.
Xifa *ks*-?j-i
^t-asi-tg-^sg-^-gg^ " Mg_i—zrT^^'i'"iVT^^'^^^rr'^ w I,-.
4, !L»      A*   ''H^. r;>$#
W J_=Sr iS*|-W-__.>i&>i33j^£__^^^^
ritiffi^BI ™**- _-_-_---i----__>
_.tl.g   -■-..■■.-_:  _.af--f... , I--...-.*.- « a-..    ..._..i-..ti    rOt^.a   ..-A    a_.    _Jw.i..rtaili.x.*oi.-~"«.a...,l «-..__ . .«_.-.» —   __~-6— a-.—-~u
:v-:-.-:''a .  ^^A'-i^i'i^iiiM^^A-y'l^A^A'^ A     ' '-
■ ->■-■.■•,■■■■..;;. .a^-«a!g'jM-;fcS^,;;j''B'^ ——- - -""
_■ h WaflaaB—JCqa, p.
THE LEDGE, FERNIE   B.C., Jl'LY 5, 1905
Colt's Peculiar Appetite
IMiiluila-JpliIa IU'COrd
Louis Shoener, 'a fiim.L-r near
Swedesboro, N. J., hasaneif-hl-nioiiihs
'old coll that has developed a freak
The animal takes very kindly to
bread aiid butter, is very fond of mashed potatoes and |;ravy, doles on cakes
and pies, revels pickles, smacks ils lips
over sauerkraut and pit's' feet and
lakes coffee like a veteran.
Wliero Eyeial-jlit Is good
The best eyesight, says London Til
Bits, is possessed by those people whose
lands are vast and barren, and where
obstacles lend'uif-; to shorten the si-jln
tire few. Esquimaux will detect a
white fox in the snow at a great distance away, while the Arabs of lhe
deserts of Africa have such extreme
powers of vision thai on the vast plains
of the desert they will pick out objects
invisible to the ordinary eye at ratines
from one to len miles distant. .Anion**;
civilized people the Norwegians have
better eyesight than nu-M, if not all,
others, as they more generally fulfil the
necessary conditions. The reason why
defective eyes are so much on lhe increase in tbis country and in America
lies in too inuch study of books in early
life and iu badly-lighted rooms.
Happy Comprise'
At a dinner given by the Congrega-
tijnul club at Hartford, Conn., I'rof. l-i.
F. Steiner of Iowa college, who was
the guest of honor, lold the following
An Irishni'in ii>->rr'u'il a Jewess, -ind
their union was a happy one until lhe
stork paid Ihem a visit. The yinnijf
son proved to be a" bone of contention,
for bis father, with pardonable egotism
wished him named I'm, while his
mother was equally decided lhat lie
should bu called Moses. The day was
Slaved, however, by a .Solomon in the
person of a woman acro-as thii hall, for
her suggestion was*accepted by both
parties. The boy was christened I'ul-
Aberdeen Block,  NELSON,
R. C.
Modern Lend Smelter Plants
Ya!   Ya!
Xtixl iloor to C'ul's'iiry Cuttla; Co., Woajil Struct
Wlllll IIf All Killllal.       Itlltc-.l Jtl*lla>OI*l|l>laj.
a cijrar i
Mount Fernie Lodge No, 47
. 0. •_C4^JB. F.
When j;tiu,eni(
sm tlmt it Ib UNION inlide. i
Blue Prize, Henry ^ nne. Ca.liP.ibns and j     M ,-Jd ■       at   8
Havana  Ark   Cigars are ■ i.ioii Uooalh} .() , 0 (y F   UJ
uiade by. i ,   .._,_,   n _-   ,> <*
W, 1\  KILBOUKKi: _ CO. ij^g^
"        al|al'K', .Willi. ■
lU-prCrftlltO'l lay OKOliSE Ki*"*»a
; _>■
_ja-i--_<oa -j;
l\   t* T*.
.J--..-.1      -p.
* 'laV'<'AJp     &
..       .   la.   .,       '-
a-s.       1   .,     a     ir -
**.?-■•*&■_**»    '
/tf*/, V&n._ -   tvV
, uris_\vf?;,- _,
Changed IiIh Mind
HoUatoll I'aaast.
James Barton Adams, who, wilh his
wife, stopped over in Houston last week
on his way to New York Cily, said lhat
coming down from Denver he got in
conversation with a Texas cattleman,
who sang lhe praises of Grand Old
Texas world without end.
"You are not ofthe same opinion as
regards Texas that Sheridan was ?"
observed Adams.
"What opinion was that ?" queried
the cattlemon.
:"\Vhy, he said that if lie owned  u
farm in Texas and one in hell, he'd sell
the one  in Texas, as he would rather
_ live in hell."
"No, ! ain't of that opinion," observed  the   a-uttleman   thoughtfully,  -'and
. I'll bet Sheridan has changed his mind
by this time."
Even Boys Leum Grafting
"I had a little boy in my room who
is bound to figure in some great municipal scandal some day." said the school
teacher to the Indianapolis Star. "He's
a lazy little fellow and he exasperates
rile bemuse he am do so well when he
does work. Lately I've been giving
him lowgrade marks to see if that
would not spur him up a little. Hut,
while it disturbs his father, lhe youngster himself does uot seem lo mind his
low rank. Yesterday he came to me
with more interest in his face than I've
seen for some time.
" 'Say teacher,' he said, dad says if
~ I'll.get a good rank  ibis month  he'll
give  me  $*»o.    And  I'll tell you  what
I'll do.    If you'll give me  high marks
I'll divide thc $*o with you."
"It was 'In-vain that I labored with
him and pointed out that he had insulted inc. He insisted that it was
merely a way for us both to make $to
easily. If he doesn't get a Folk after
him some day I shall be very much
A Lady Ilnnclior-
Aniong thc passengers outgoing   for
the West who attraeled attention at the
C. I'. R. depot on Wednesday, says llie
Winnipeg Free Press,   was a  lady  attended  by her footman, timid and gar
deucr.    There  was a  throng of emigrants ;  a large crowd of men, women
and children pushed their way  to the
train.     Among them,   though  not  of
them, was Mrs. Hargrave of Derbyshire
a wealthy   Fnglish   widow • who   had
Co ue to Canada  in   order  lo  take   up
ranching laud "tu the Km th west.    The
lady said she  had  been  left  a  widow
about a year ago ; lliat her three sons
who were al Hton, havi5 as yet thought
of no profession, and that, on   thinking
the   mailer over,  she i-undtided  lhat
they Would   have a  better chance  in
Canada than in Kiigland.   Accordingly
the thought of Mrs. Hargrave is lo buy
up a large tract of land and settle on il;
and then in the course of a  year bring
out her  hoys,    She has ample mo.iu-a
and  brings her maid, her footman and
her   gardener..      I'aeh   uf theso   will
assist but not in their former  capacity,
that i.-, thoy will be given an opportunity to start for themselves in the course
of a year or so.
NrIuom Trillium
Probably the .most  important  news
thai h;-s reached Kootenay for many  a
day is   lhat the   Ileberlein   process  at
Marvs.'ille   smelter   is   a   pronounced
success.    It has now been running scv- J
eral weeks, and has done all   thai  was j
asked  or  expected of  it.    Just   what!
this .involves   can   hardly   be   realized, '
but it means at least thai  there is   an
actual saving of 65 a ton in   the   treatment of silver-lead  ores of   a   certain
grade, that the other  lead   smelters   in
Ihe Kooienay will  have   to   adopt   lhe
liia-Caira, ar.d that the   producer  slumlil
benefit to the extent of $■ per ton on  a
Oo percent lead ore or concentrate. We
imagine this will do more I ban   lax   or
tariff legislation to stifle the complaints
of lead ore miners, and by solving   the
problem of cheap  treatment it  should
stimulate production to an extent   hitherto   unknown    in   the Slocan      Ju^t
how this economic   problem   has   been
solved may be gathered from    the   lacl
lhat the Ileberlein process is a direct as
compared . with  an   indirect  one.      It
does not produce matte as in  the  ordinary process,   which  then   h is   to be
ireaied again, but its  first   product   is
bullion, which only needs refining.    In
the process of roasting   all   impurities
are   eliminated,   the   ore    being   first
crushed, in the roaster  it   is   rendered
viscious and the sulphur passes   off  so
lhat by the time  the ore   reaches   the
lead   stack   and the   blast  is applied
nothing   remains but to consolidate   it
into metal.    The doing away with   the
intermediate process of trea'ing  matte
effects   the   saving   already   specified.
The most careful assays cf the slag  at
Marysville show   th.it   all   the   silver
values have been recovered in  the  furnace,   lhe   slag   contained   practically
nothing.    Another lead stack  to   treat
customs   ore   has been started.    Il   is
understood  thai  the   management   of
both Trail  and   Hall, mines   smelters
have been watching the development  of
the Herberlein process for a long time.
They realized that if it  proved   a   success at Marysville they would   have   to
adopt it, and only waited for   proot   of
ils efficiency   before   doing  so.-   The
cost of installation ai the local   smelter
would   be between $.So,ooo and   fioo,-
ooo, - a" considerable   sum,    and   one
which   the 'management    would     not
have been justified iu asking   for   until
the absolute success of the process   had
been   demonstrated.    Now    that   thi.-.
has   been  achieved   we  may   hope   to
hear before many months   have  parsed
that all the   lead   smelteis   in    llritislt
Columbia Itufc followed suit, and    thai
the lead mining industry has taken   on
anew lease  ol   life      Incidentally   thi-.
u'lt! be effectual.in turning ilu- >.i-.ali>  in
favor  of   local   as   against    Knropeaii
A Summer Suit
|S pnihnbly the proper
** caper a*t this timo
of tho year. If you
have a desire in that
i I.. T. iV.   Block,   opposite  lhe   Bank
i Ollii:'! lia-itr.-—8 u.m. ta, 8 I' rn.
For SJile at all timQs excellent
sand for. plastering.  Nest
'sand in the count iv.
Apply to—
U. PSante,
Ho. 55r Old Town
W. It. JtoS.-* J. S. T. ALKXAXIJEJl
Ross & Alexander
■•'KKNIK, ». C.
Ofltve In 1..T. W.'Illaick, Victorl» Avenue,
Kenny & McLeod
H. D. Talbot
Ma::'-fse!'.!rsr nnd Dealer iu all
kinds of lift-lit and heavy harne-8.
Harness made  to order on short
Collars, Hrtidies, Combs, Whips,
Snaps. All kinds of harness parts
ou hand
Miiiint! harness a specialty.
■2 Doors South Roma lintel.
New  Crop Now  in Mock
Home Qrovvr. sr.il I:*:; ■'■> '
Wliolesiili.'. il"1' tli'i''
<-t_ciiil Prices Io "Farmer'• la.sti-aiT,.,
Tlioiibunals of  Fruit   unil'Or:...!... ..-..1 Traaf,
Hl,i,ilo-la-iiilro!in,      »«"««<      -■r-.-i.lious.-
mill   Hiirily 1'lttnt-
now growiiic in my nur-ir.— '-it
Slirin/r iiliintir.1.-
Buntc-rn laricus or less. "•• '■■'■'* '-:t!"r
!        Herchmer & Hercnmer
j . 'KKKNIE, I'- C.
ijllii'os ovti 1'. Munis & Co's lilock, Victoria uv«
L. P. Eckstein
Baiikihtek-at-Law,    Soi.lClTOI!,    F.TC.
C'ulliliairt Jllonk,  Ke nlc, H. C.
M. J.iiENUY,
- VaocmiKT, Il.C.
30LO WeHtinln'«tor Kinnl.
F, C. Laioc
Post Olliee Uloelc, l'eniie, B.C.
Oflice : Mon, Son'-.*«' Co., L.T.W. Block
l-'EK.s'tK —British Columbia
I N llie'-f day-* of :iilv;inced i-iviliziilion Job
1 IViniiii^ pl:i\s an iinporlant purl in lhe
t'ljiiiinereial Life of ivory naiton.
3^  ■•sMHaw^iW*^^
"il* «        a I
WHO fails ihroui'li i^nnraniv or fiil.-.e ci*on-
oniy -to urn prinli-il Knwlopes, l.ctli-i'lie.'ids,
Hillht'iid-a, l''ii*., in lliei'oiulua.'l aif his luisiiit's.-a,
loiiuiiits an I'jTaar that is l.ii.al In 11 it.- yroivth
of liis bank ac.ount.
JUDCiv.S -a'.firm by lhe appearance of ils
prinled .stationery inuch the sauie as lhoy do
a drunuiier by the eu! of his dollies.
Typographical Triuniphs ,ire hi(*hly
cssfiitiiil to the pr.a.ipi-rity of umr husiiics*,,
and su_^f,'ostions am _,rivcn free lit this oflice,
ulieie all work from the liny bread ticket lo
tlle fat and hi.i^hlv-colore'l poster i^ created liy
artist.s who kmai the difference benveen a
hloti li and the nniatic arrangement of fipe,
ink and paper.
tZIjc ZCvyC, jrvvttic.
Portland, - Ore,
Provincial Land Surveyor
Lands and Mineral ClaimaSurveyed
anil Crown Granted.
I'O. Box Va, Office: Kootemiy St.. Nelsa la
Shooting Gallery
Having opened a shoolini,'
gallery in lhe Beck block, nest
to the bowling alley, we solicit
tlie trade of all who delight in
tho pleasures of marksmanship. Call in and take a shot
or two.
Vincent & Hiiby
Several Thousand!
Shares cf
Furniture and
| Bargains in
Wall Paper
Two complete sets of'Bar Fixtures, one
Hritisli I'liite .Mirror'lii.\9iJ inelies, new,
Letter I'resse.-. Billiard and Poo! Tables
Cash Iie-ri-ter-s and other specialities,
Stall   I'ralc'i**   Kccelvc   l'roni|at    Attention.
K. Elliott, Kaslo, B.C.
June 1 to Oct. 15
mining Stock
For Sai3
A woman feels sin- can't even he
dea-enlly Sci sick uule.-s slie has rilihons
in her nij-hlgown.
Sometimes a man iniderslaiuls women so well they cm fool him only yi)')
limes out of a tluiiis.iiul.
A college education doesn't cost much
more than learning by experience.
Mott, Son <_. Co.
L.T.W. Block, Fernie, B. C.
/"a-rents in Fernie for T, G. Froctor, Nelson
Tickets on eale fn'in June 1st to j
September KOth, ami limited to ninety';
days from date of >dt—but not later j
than November 30tli.   Stop Overs will
will bo allowed at a'r.y point In either
direction within limit "!' ticket.
A fee of fifty cent.-* v. ill he chargeo
nt roitland for cxtenaimi Return Ticket.
J.iMi'.s Sloan, Agent
C.il.l -i  .73 I ll.al.i ami Sliver—»l (H
U-ii'l ..*. j Oailal, silver, iv|a|*r 1.5<;
S.iiu|.-.i.,a l.y  mail  rwa'Ke  [iruiiii't  Htta'iiliun:
I'lJi-iT Li.-'il.   Iia.-ti.>rt.->. ami  Itk-li Ortd  Iloii(-lit
wiiil for Fr, a- *il.illini:Ki-.\> ami Price l.i.-t
IT-'-*' Arn|iiilwi« St..   Ila-urer. Ciilo
Stick at the old, well known
Reliable Reliance  Cigars
moH£Muc<\      *
. (Uia. ii-Miy.-rNfl.H'ii -siM-lti'r)
I'.ail.l. Sjiva-r a.r [.i;-nai i-ach 'If"
lY'l'Ivr. il.ia       lli'l.!--*ilvi.r.....,'],\l
I'la.itL-''-   faar UtlllT Ilia-tali.  a.II Uliplivtltiull
V. 0.1>i;isa<'i" il'"*' I'lione AOT
Improves the flavor and adds
to the healthfulness of the
Price Baking Powder Co.
The Smelter Trust
(.Tin" Aiiu'rii'an Snit'ltiiiK uinl Iti'fniini,' (.'.».)
Ix ciipitiili/eil fur $150,000,0110. Its
;issets amount to only iibont $-ia,v>tii>,ooo
—yet il furies the miner to pay dividends nn $1 *,c>,oui>,ooo of water.
George's: Weekly will show the miner
how to escape from this Octopus.
Semi for a aiopy of the issue of March
•th, 11)05.   AJihess—
George's Weekly,
Denver, Colo,, U.S.A.
,urs_ Hates
At 1 ll!  % > —
Lewis &. Clarke
NV.vYy.wr irhana-.
Cliea|V!t and iH-.st in l-'ernie.
1-Je-jt litiuiJ bi.---.t equippeJ >luJioin town
C'.ilaincts !?4 to $5 a dozen
,!. (.'ahinet .* to 4 ,,
Ciru-ile Yirs'tli' _' to j; ,,
Staiiip Photo*. 5s(eto$i    ,,
l-liish   lii-his.   cnl.iri-ini-   and  eopving
site tlu
rv.ait tori-et lhe address, oppo-
McihijJi>t cluiri-h.
■* V>:;>'/^^'vv'':'/*.,';7^^;y'-^»I*
.-.,.'.>'-..■:   .,■'■''*"-■ V-Va     *j'a    t ii!!*_*aii
'-.    .- '■
The Reliance Cigar Factory,  Ltd., Montreal, Que.
First maker ofthe " Flor de Bahama," " Rosebud," and
"General Arthur'' since i,S_-6 ; over _j years in existence.
Walter Cro.vk, Western Representative.
If you are looking-.for. Fisliinp, Bathing
-lltintinp, linaiing or Glacier Climbing, go to
New Denver anil stop a few day.", weeks or
months at the Newiiiarket Hotel with Ilenry
•Sti-ge. Hume ■.•ookinj*, and tlie-Gnpst beverages
in the world, including water. Write or wiro
for ratei?.
fienry Stege
.new«iart«t Betel
Hew Denver
J, P. Spalding
It   Hr'Yl.AXP. r.ii>-iii«irH_drrovluclal
AH. HKVU.1l'. r..,»i, 
■   I.unalSurvi'jaai.   KasLo
rimi'i'v*-!." ii"Ti:r.i:
Ka'.'i.. is  tllO  ll.'ll'l
: ,1. r.'.t'ivoi'.Tii.
ill'   KM Ul * 11 "V   l!< 'II'I.   in Siinil.iii i* tin'
III.   H'."'t"'   ,•___... 11 ,r,,i,.   a-r-ato tin-l.'u.v
ll.l tail.    HOTKI..    ^MIK.     Alt  tii"...ra,
\      V, ,'      a   ,1,11'liN      Sliml'l'-  raaaalll- 111   l',,llllla'-
.11   111 .'-'■•■''''    ' . ,,,„_,, 'll(,,e| iu Ymir.
"""'    ' '"■' u"f!NUV Mi'tlKoli. l'laii.rl'lur.
Have one of their largest .--tores in Ft-rnio.
Lamb, Veal, lu'i'-sh and Smoked Fish.
Fresh Fish constantly arriving
9 ■ " -r
_,,.i.,miN1- H01:m:, NKI.SOX      Kiir\,lHMi:
r' m ,1,111 ita.   MiMl.a.r.M'Cn_. Hoaimia
linn "eo  "   »■   Only valallo l.olp emcla.yeit.
Aj4f,■_^^V^V*-a^-a*J,'«i*v**^-i*V*_. _^_V9
4/ia^j_^-*{^^'**l^-*->-t!^-_ *i^^-*-i-->-
la til
la- aula'-
MA1.0NV'. st'l'BK
Km-lull   piu'tieiil.irs,    tickets,   lirst-
class an- tourists   el.','|.iiu' ear   reser-
vittioiis.   Apply to laHi.li.aent.
II. I.YM'litijr
A'jent ut Fernio.
,   .,   ,.    .   ,.   1,1, 1 |: ,1   I'aivlo, A.ll.lVA.
,1  S.liaila'ial'.l ^-        •■ ^     •     'vBUi-ouvcr
I>   la _U--1"'-■" *J " "','•* ",, *  aa-   ua i-Ti.r.TT
aliit.a ha'U' >'Mi|m>>nI
•ia>|,rl. -»r.
faann^rlv tliu Cliarli
"sVliaon.    Huh
«""   Vi.  HAKTt.KTT
ri-ni*.'  \»oNTOOMKItV  -'■■ '.';,'	
r"M,.M,,U,nir,Ta  „f al...i.'.i .'..iifwllonur,
~T7~l "iT "Ti'T .«f 11 . Va' 11111, K.-S Al. K I < V. A t .-
8'iUlu ButlVr-.h-.-a:*. «•«*•• -'n-luve hii-I
Pruic. Na-'-*ain. H ('-         	
I     A     M.noN Vl.ll.    Whajla.--.-lle 1'a.ili-r in
• L'Krult, Xnla'aii. II'*-'-
J. Ro Cameron
1 U  lln- tailaar to j.,-0 to  when
)a.|l     Mlllll    ll    StllllllltT
Suit of Clothes
I He hits the nohhii-Rt hiiitingai
tu eclect from, nnil the lit and
j ivairkiiinnship is the best.
IX   Till-:   SLOGAN
Order your Summer suits now
Suiting.-* now arriving.
!R F. Lichschcr,
Sllvertoa's Itoss Tailor
; DM I      DC A nO    "" •si'a'a. in iriilliy «i'ii-liM
DlLL    ntAUO    llla.l.'.ilora   a.t   l.ll|.ir    Flit
 " v'::iM.?lHE LEDGE
a.I'  I
,,,.\- 1. ."-l.il       }'a
,ii   w.ark   tatllia-.l
■ Ull    111      J'lalir     l-rallT
liaaila'V, f Valla   ll'll'lila)
!STATEMENTS TfLic:.ltn.,, sa
|h 'tefc Bank #
Head Ortice : TORONTO
."•ud-up Capital r.-$8,'H»ft6oO ' Rest.-.--^600.000
*      Speoial attemion is Jireeted  to t|u* fol|Pi'/i"K Advnnla-'es  oflcred   |*y
...... i ■«*-• -^ •   •     ••  •'piir^ayini|-.sJ'ii«k-
ffeftitfi-s or Sji.and upwards.rerfiived" and Inte.esl allowed nt Currc.il-Rales.
Interest is added.to.ibe J^posil TWICE in each year, at^t-il of May and
.^oveii.h'er. ..T|,e,$ x.^or is Mihjecl to no delay whatever in the wilhd.awal
-*"*      ^   o'f'the whole or any portion of the ilepoi.-t.
. a I   , •_.     ( I
Pnyitblf in all parts of CANADA, THK ,1"..V1T_0 STATES,
(JR-liAT .B.Rljf-V-i;-.'   A-NI)   liUROi'li   Hou^lit .and .Sold
t.hi-i liuiutin",'. iai ifi-r.-.i ur_,tlio,riito of Oiiu
cuut-ii wQiil t.i':!i insurtion.    ,    "J	
sjXK.NO-liKlTOHE-N'  s?«*V_   AIT1.V  AT
lino. ■    •"'-
at Lowest :Kaies.
all     !.<<■'•     a .
■ r--'-'-''''—--__-.-
4. B. -MAY, Manager
|   -*9gW^fe|LjC9CAL3
We Ain't Hart So Spring*.
By Cy IVnriiinn
/jBpijljiis siift ,1 *iU>tVa /«*iH*f*?-f"
^miny skjes, .sqhlue and brif'ht;
'^ky's.'lji.'rijilil but out ot siiViii—
LSuiiiiner birds with broken win.sj.
.Some are birds that want to sini*;—
- AVo ain't.had-ijouch of sp/JoK-'     -
\l _ .it.t .  .a .a.'  '.   •- ia   .at-    -1, »I,1K.
(Sunciijiips oiii ,t|hen _o£;s .him,
'^orees.wailijij^fii* .th_J traek.;
^uiiin^p'^here? Wedoii)! ki'iow.where,
There's no music in the air;
(Spring's all scrambled with  the   fall—
'} tljji-£ 8,™$*$;^ s'£0'. his gall—
^Ve aii*t,jia|l i)9 s-iring at .alh J
-Kenny & McLeod alvvavs have room
.VO      ,< - I    I*-
ior pne'iflpfp order.
- ,|.>'-'SYH-jh left for dead upon the lield,
,,.'.-^^C?rrV^he foe, victorious, passes mo by—
Geo. -\V. Cun.utlier-' ran m.,1-*- yoji a
suit, of dollies that \yill-just ^jt .the
picnic season.
\Vhpn.j*.,p.-uivv ollli-ianys Us principles
it oiitp-rows ita iiscfuhiesF, and the'0 is
nptliinsr left .nr it hut to yield gradually
to tlie prneees of iliaiiitcjrriition.
■« 11,1,1 the sif/ppl
lumber camps antj mines.
. -.-..i;..!  iii.ll,*-   ;
Surprise your fricn-ls by getting a
A. Fiiio iUU;d
.Lady llras'sv-is Iliii oiv.nqr-.of oi\_ of;
.the.tnost expensive coats in the world.
11 is made ,cif,ferilh-irs ^an-l cost $i,ooo,
I*-   '11,.    I.     .!•    lS-      .      s   ,        . -
ooo and is insured for $500,000. The
foundation ofthe roul is of hemp grown
in the Sandwich island:,, and to il \*
sewn the feathers from the rarest birds
found in llie Hawaii*! Islands. Around
the mantle runs a border of crescent-
shape fi_-,ures of crinis.oii and go.U ci-1-
orei_l .(jjiithers. The coal was made in
America, and il took twenty years to
complete it,
Not Georjye Henry
The following souuds  a bit fishy to
AiKli.v olil li.aher, unmiril Vi»Iicr,
. lslieil Hull from Hie cilpe of 11 tis.-,uro
At-uii, with iif-riii,
Pulleil tlii'lliliL-rinnii in—
Now tliey're li.-sliiint the lUsuro for Fisher.
/V-K -SO' U
_VJ tl.ia otlic 	
-jTiiciTtSK l>C»W-*-i- -« aS01,i.\K l'^NTil.Vl'.,
A|i|>iy nt tiii-'otlisia-.
o  r o-rs with .iifii.iu.vds ox how-
O'  ij Imut Avoniti'.iiutitlH'vlii'niu-Dicv/er.v
Appty tn X. Kl1111s.ni.u1. 	
A    HKITAXNTV     K.N'CYOI.Oi'KI "IA    OF   iljf
__   •  Vl.llllh'al't.'s'dllil-.- I'H'1 ll«--<".    (Oil -.III   l.llt
v'ill -«oll fur -13.      Gi'». W.O>irn_tlii'r...
WrAOOXS. (Hiri'KltS. Il ,\hXI-WS, SAUHI.h-a
'»» anil -w-u up l'a-i!;'.H< li\pw-.a \\ 11K1111-.
All iroiiita-ii prlii-ii jiaimlition. una Pi1k«»i
llciiMiiiiilili'.     Nulsoii  Ki_l_!irni_ nuil  ruiiiv
rliltion t'o. Xulaaiii, II 0.
TO uK-vr
r«v,s;o unoMS sriTABU-: van oi'I'ioks.
Jt., Apply to A. Mcalc  J-L-i-mi'.      ,      ' '
■0WM^v^M'AA Tihf: Kootenay at Sandon  has  not
a^vt>i«^#.'S^"iV7*ilaocked the door for nine years.    Ri'j-ht
* -' a**l'lL1-'^''' ^"t P ^V'-s-J-'aa.-a*     Ta
5ftsl"'>ivVv^''"^;'*'"''-':^nan^ when   they're out
^ȣr-;:-.'>-'"  '  -Jate, and cannot  trade their tlur.-al for
S___3.-:ri.-'-—..'■./        ,-      -    -
 .--1f-.- -.-•" anything.
r>>    -;• ■   When In douht
W^$S:'; - -   - -     P.l?-v?itiruW,";
•*'^V-.r-Lf A .- ' But iV# ojitidnal with you.
^^a,:\A.f', When in Jove,
-   *.**H-*ly- *p'Vr        f, - or.. I   *      " aa
't*4tr-,*;„•-;, "Play a chjirr*ip—
^'t^.^;"That's wiiatj-our bound to do.
^.Tlit; Fernie Aerie V. .(">. ,|J. y.-^l I.19W
a special session on Ih'jrsdav, 6th inst.
for the purpose of meetin/! Mr. A. -W.
V'on Rhein, Provincial Grand Worthy
Br-sitlcnt,   who   is   on   his way from
s I I    *' aa     1, -
poleuian after instituting aii Aerie of
llie order in that town.
The owners of the saj'/pillj in East
^ind West Kooienay are in conference
jit Calvary this week with a view of
fixing* a staple price for lumber, and to
prevent, the. culling of prices as the
Retailers do not do any slashing. It
f» aJr»K-aiiioii('sl liiemili ini-n.
:. Picnicon July 12th.
-  ^m^nwofJth. coinmittfleJn charge
of tho S. '-'."excur'Aiori to EU-oV*-* he--
"u'the *Methodi9t':ciiureh 'last everiin'r.
The transportation committee reported
liavhij** 'completed nrrnnj-ementa with
theC P. It. as rc_**ard.s transportation.
Thc plan to be followed is the same as
that adopted lapt ryenr.'vi-o The Salt-
bath Seliool committee to procure tick
pts which will sell for 80 and 40 centi*'.
S. S. Scholars will be given their tick
etB iiext'Siimlay at school.   These tick
ets are not good ior passage hut uitiM
be cxeharijced at the station for railwa.
tioUets before Ihe .train leaves.   The
train i.s -^hciluJiiil to I.P'-vo fernie nl
8 80 iu the morning, rv-ty.-'nint: to Icavi
_J«*lko at  7 30   in' the  e.vcn^ug.   It   h
siieciarty requestcil that everyone win
can will provide  flaskets      Tho  Sab
biithscliool* from C wl Crej!-. and  Jlor
rissey are jijiuir.g witli tlie city eehools
in the excursion.
A Slav Excitement
There,wasPPj'.jeescit.Dient in Michel
last Saturday;. -A. Shty- hy the
name of Crureztoma entrusted §700
to-I'aulana Suuina for safekeeping
while lie. went to attend'the. celebration." "iVhile in Fernie he received a
u-legram that his feminine hanker had
deserted her husliand and t-kipped for
Philadelphia' with the $700. Believing
it to ho the -aaj-lul truth he in great
agitation laid an information and the
»a*otnatl was iirrerileit Ml iaf_in;i '<>« 5iaii-.|'''F3
riiHItKK r.AltOK, lJlliGHT l-0!J\»S OVEIt
X tht-1'iiliu-e Ment .Miu'lsi't on'Victniiii Tiv-
t,lilii;.ii> rout **_i-::tl"t'. '.aa-a.-lic-.'* »»r liuuliolur
qaiiirti'i-.a. •'V-iiiIy to 1*. J'imi-.>_ Cai^'        ''      ■'   a
{lay nijihl. '.It now mrns out that she
had left thoijOO wilh Cyureztoiiia'.s i.7
vear' old son and for some reason he
\cpit* it,quiet,.l)iit cventunl.!y^ayejt_.to
bis'muth delighieil fatjier, who deposiU
td the ainouii.t jn a b-nik on Monday,
and iwiil soon take it -with him on a
trip to Em ope. It is said that tho
woman was acting as banker for several
Slavs anil that two of them made, her
disgorge befa-ii-s she l-nardcd the train.'
Another stales that she hud S90 of hi.B,
money with whith she purchased her
ticket. The iiieldent has furnished the
fil-iv population of ..Michel wifli'pletity nl
discus-aious in their sweet and beautiful
language since last Saturday.
The Morrissey Mill
A. J. MtGiuroiS* Co, have acquired
the saw ami shingle...mill at Morrip.-ev
and will put it inaction jn" a.iiout t^en
days.' Mr.' MtftJuiri! who-io ho'neis at
Macleod will spend most of "the sioumer
in and around Ferine. ' TlTb mill iu
question can cut '2u,000 feet of lumber
and 123,000 .shingles every day, hut
will not be run to us full'capacity this
summer.s Mr. McGuini owns 70 square
miles of-tiinbiii- in - the Kootcnays besides large areas of coal lands. He de-
• v cloved acd sold the Lubreck mine.
Healthy   Hair .
Dandruff arises irom an unhealthy
condition   of the scalp.     Tl;c  "best
treatment is by friction.   Use a .good
stiff bristle brush night and morning
There is a lotion,  composed   of two
drams ol borax diassolve'd in one  pint
of rosemary watcr^-which is said to
be beneficial,   applied   three   times
each week and thoroughly   rubbed
into tho scalp"   Friction or ma?sage
is usually recommended-as the best
treatment.    Wash the* head   once
every ivio weeks, and   when   doing
so massage the seal]) vigorously .yilh
the linger tips   employing a   rotary
motion.   Another means of siiinultit-
ng thc healthy action of the scalp is
to separate the hair when shampooing
and scrub the scalp thoroughly  wjth
a linger brush.   This, with tl c nias-
soge'oftlie lingers, will  eft. ctunlly
prevent the condition termed scalp-
bound, and tend to  eradicate, .-dandruff.   This treatment should be continued.    It the litiir does not   grow,
possibly white vaseline robbed in  at
the root* of tlie hair wish the-linger
•a-all  liaii.'u a  invar] plTi-nt..
Cofl'ce as,a Disinfectant
The nscofsct-ffecas a disinfectant,
is gener/illy .known, but it is doubtful .if ,the lijaj'ii'ity (f people are
aware of,its .true, value in this di-
t'octjon.. It :is.'says tlie London Tit-
Bits, one,o( the most poweiful and ol-
IfCtivu agents known, as lias .been
shoy.'n   by    repealed   i-speriments.
T'hc merest pinch t-f coll'eo is usually sufticicnt to cleanse a _ sick
■room even in aggravated cases. 'J,--e
best way to employ it is to freshly
pound thc.co(Tee:in a mortar, if no
mill is ilit hand, and sprinkle-it on a
Tht-.Mrly robin snt upmithe tree
Aiid shivered till he _shook hisfenth'
era off.
' ','Gmat Scott-I wiih 1 hoiln't come,"
■ „iaid lip.
How can I   ever  cure this  dreadful
llctri<-d to  sing,  lint -just  a  dismal
. squeak
Wa* all tho. sound tlmt issued   from
■his fehroat.
To sin.? -Why lih-*.* your   heart   lie
couldn't speak, ,
_ And so, of course, he couldn't sing- a
He   shivered,   with a shudder and   n
squirm, :"
And"th"cii'hc"'.fatlii'ri.-.-l this assertion
, .hold:. —V
The early -bird perhaps may catch
t-ho worm—    -
The early robin snrclv calchcs cold!
Pipgums—Come on an<l g° fiihing
with mo. Vou look as if yon needed
toning up.
Disinukes—I do; 1 went lishing yesi-
TT is.taken'for granted that you all know that wc sell the above
f lines; but possibly are not aware that wc are headquarters for
EVERAL kinds in
stock one of which
is illustrated, and consider it a good buy for any one who "requires a good
clock,      >*        ■ '   ■
ii b^
The price is$2.5D and is guaranteed for one year
/"\THERS at $1.50, $1.75, and a musical one at $4.
Razorine 25c.
Electric Strop Dressers 35c.
Up y
FE!RS-!i_.. B. C 'Phone i, Opposite the Post Oi'ii.-c. Kiuht in the ivntrc of 111.- city.
__"~2*_______E__ __g_________s__*a___jsg__________s____^^
We can do for yon
What you cannot
Do for yourself.
.We .ean take the strongest
Facts about your business
And make them into ads
That bristle with conviction.
We can display them
Effectively without
Squandering space.
Our services ar.e free
To our advertisers.
Will you let us
Fix up your ads,
Making them ads
That attract
And hold trade.
We build that kind.
We are liberal users of
Our own medicine.
It pays us,
It would pay you.       ■.'■''.
Drop in and talk it over.      -
The Ledge.
ffifaatch 'em alive 'o
Sticlty Fly Paper
Hf ill ''em dead 'o
a-ti        -      ■*-*■*■ xr  -n-nrn-r r«i_i
JJiiVlis V iJ._   'A1 i*if-J a-o
Remember'this brand  of
Fly Poison paper
' It is' the Best.
irasts iaisffl
(iriiatmitc nt  tlilrl.v-ul-thl  .vi-iiri  iT5<|iC'iii'ii(;i;.
I/iir-lilIn Fountnin Pens
Miiurn's „ „
J.iqmil' Veneer.
•r-r'j'.vriiriMZE iiomk ixiu'stiiy *r*t
"XJl^ijZQ-^   t___3_3X.
If* 5_       FU A        i_*..r,,.Z-.t
*w*-"j**tr a>    'sjs_->i.     a_>ij-ic_>as
 '- AN'li	
filsno-f's Favorite Cigars
Sewing Machines
These miicliij'es nro ikmv heinir-'srild
at lower in-iut-H, quality eonsiiU-ivd,
tli.'in iiiiy other, i-itlirr fnrein-h or
on iii!>ulir:eiit  of  $;>  l-m*  lUiii'.th.
Ni:'.'P[.i->,aiid.(Xii. feu* Snlc.
Sewiii'r    Miii'liiiies    Repaired    or
J. P. Houlahan,
FERKIB, B. C. Agent.
Example of Ike.Walton
YOU CAX PI'OCURE tholicceaeary
AIDS and
Jim..' :M!a  i:x_.
»Vo. iMliiriiimiiy
Cupt.JAMwSicKviiv. Oinnriii'mliiig
Tliaariiiiipiinv v.ill iiairiialc in Prill Orala-r
at tin- Armoury, r,n \Vi'alin;wliiy -ivuriinir. tlio
.'it!i iii*t.. lit TJ.'s|i. in.
I,I, lit-, uinl Actiiit- A'lit.
>TDTI('K   li  liiriativ ,-iv.n 'lint *iiinv» uPa-r
i*J     .|ll_   I   llila-llafti,   ,l|.-lly   rn   till!   I,'''-'.'''''
(:<.iiiin!.<-i'<iiBr«fa.r tin' 1% rial'i late, tiff I'J*trli-t
fa,.-ll ll'aill-fa'ruf llll liiialic.l  (n   »'-H   Ii'i"';"   ''.V
rota'illil Hid An-al mi Ihi ii   ll'ita.-l lit Moin-'oy,
JI.C ,ta, .lii.iiah V.. S!i.;>ln-ii.*«r Miirri-^i'.V.
I'att-al «t Kuriili! thii -jaitli alny'of Jiini'. l'-'i''.
Atioft.S's th'.' nuler iiiiiti, nnd
r.iises ihe neiirer in the
opinion of thaj iritiirai piiblie
r.r.r osi' i*i-n.M —
B r©i'ai_-^
I|?UQ ^TOr©
Twitching Eyelids
indicate eyestrain.
The.slightest hint of it
should not be neglected
We test eyes free of charge,
and recommend glasses only
wheiv absolutely necessary.
A. C. Liphardt j
Jeweller..      Optician      |
We huve made arrangements
with The J. Y. GriUin Co., Ltd.,
of Wiimipo-Jf, to ship us a cousign-
incnt each >vccl_ of their celebrated
So you can rely on getting,it nice and frosli ;ill
.the lime--once tried always pre fenced.
a.      Projrapt S-elsverv        _
\\90009900aa9O*\ "    ' yJ
5 «» **a *_ r
"^   TI'U'I'IIO-n'K   g
S        5 '.   '
ft 3
n0t>00 0000 uaati'ni
o     tu> o
The People's Grocer,   P. O. Block,  Fernie
1 IKLEfllONBS     {OKFICB--    4I    ^
g a>
- j, _X .   I   f     XT    T. ^
&^>.^[___fi_i_«\                           xj*
„.                               l>
o          A co.mpleic stock   of Coffins, Caskets, and §
!>   - Burial Goods, ajso Metallic Lined Shipping .Cases §
•>                         » **
I§            an ri'-To-D.vn-: iir..-\R.si-: in conniption |
U Parlors in the T. Heck Block Victoria /Vvenue ->
S . ■-*■
ft _
^ Children's Summer Dresses, 3, %
% -4s 5, up to J2 years. Oingham ||
% and Print Dresses, Sailor I )ros- %
§ ses,'light and dark colors.
*#   . 85c, S?l, 81.50, 61.75.
I' LaSics',Shirt- Waists, Under |,
it Shirts/House   j)resses,  and ^
$ Wrappers.
New. Styles.
% Todd Block
PHONE 28 for Prompt-Delivery.
Grocery Ucpartincnt
■_ ip i_ii . i ii ■!■■■  i i-i i ii—■■il ■■*-*■*-■«■■ imi ■inn ■  i 'i ---i -if-'— -I
■ Lc;ivL* vuui1 oiuC'i's iiorc iOV * reserving
We hiivi- Hit' 1'iiKM Cle'in Sli-i*k
and oilier i''niitand Vegetables in Season
* AND Ul'-Tl.'HN
To raa t-as       t??*-0tS--3 13"'* _'"!' K"*
ME f*Et_Ti^__:_
Is   offering    as   a  premium
to customers
j*J \\\- h.i-.v line to-iJ.iy
I One Car Armours I lams & Bacon
|*or a sample order, then you will want more
{]     Also ii'ri'ivt'il lo-J.iy illivi'l lYnni I'".ia-I',iy-
One Car St. Charles Cream
One Car Jersey Cream
I   Buy from us and-yon get il fresh
Don't forget us-for Glass I'mil Jars when ncucled.
A Full Slock ot' all Sizes on hand
Fernlto, taiohel, Mojtjsgsjs CobI Ci-cofc.
In a-lill..f|s ailaal   la, (in-
... „      ,,       BAIL PfiODMMS!k:s;:vv;•;
eo. W. Carruthers Er^HJH'raltME
j Trites-Wood Co.,
l"ff,     iV!
uJiIt<»«a'-s f     t^ __ _.»      _____   * —?  _ _.      „. . __  *i_^J    ii ^„   _. ii       _ _  _, vJu-i. ,,_■     -Ht   n
3-*._.  k   _r-"
ir>-,!,,t--,''-'"''r'ill'-V''*a,*''''J'*»i->*' "i-n'4' "' -t" i ''l 'iJ >i"»M".iirj--ni""'
''   JiW jiJ-"\%ih; '   /_.^«j'*_r*i_«-.aJr-i
_    j_. _fe-__» t -t- __ * .   _-_■     » _ __fa^__iJi__ "•_


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