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The Ledge 1905-07-12

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Full Text

 Price, $2 a Year, in Advance
0/ opo_y*y.ty.ty.ty.ty.ty.tsit y.ty.ty.ty.tytsit yty* *■»• op op op op op op
y.t yt,
ft*. _, _•   „__i -t~~_ _r   «     -. .1 -_™~,   -.      _      _   *•*
o*si_y.'^itsitsity.tsityty.ty.ty.t. y.tsitsitsity* *•■•* y* •«■> *-,> **''' *•■> **■> *»■> ».*>
Painters aro bc-uitifying tlio English CITY-COUNCIL
church Mid uiiuujo
■ Jim 1'onporo hns put in a tendir for
the Kooteiiay Cenii.il work mil of Gold
TheC N. Trading Co  will bo doing
, business in their'liiia" store   by  August
LaBt Sunday t\ sprinkling curt In
Ferniu would lnivebeon highly appreciated.
Some people wunt the earth but tin.'
C; "**.'. 1'. K !• &■ C Qfl. only want.
It was hite lent night when tbo City
Council got ilov/11 to business, mul utter
tiie minutes of Iiint meeting lia'l been
ri:;ul nnd confirmed, u coiiiinuiiieatiiiii
! from the school board asking payment
of $.>00 was read. This ainouut was for
salary, S.-W5 and various accounts
Hinoiinting to the balance, Aid. Cree
contended thai this would have been
paid hut he and Aid. Tritea had dtunaiid-
Lhi: i i-d  un   itemized  account   which   was
The Crow's Nest Pass CoalJ-Co's
, City Council.
Full Text of the Proposed Agreement.
to  tlie
win er.
Feruie beat Coal Creek at Football on
(•■lUii'day. i^ta uf the. "Oiiys" dropped
'I he brakes arc not set in West Fernio, and it is Hying tu the front ut u
rapid {{ait.
Six carloads of Sunday School child-
run uud.their friends lull fur 'Eiko this,
. ■ Tlio Coal Co. should take the brakes
off Ferine, and give us a Ju-.ter' run for
our iiiaiucy.
Feruie will never be a   Lucerne btiij
refuse,'!.   Letter ordered tiled.
City engineer notified Council that
.s-pecilieatioiiii fur waterworks and
s;;v.-urs were ready and that advertis-
meuts for tenderij could now be made,
ordered (lied.
L. 1. Eckstein wrote on bahalf of
Plante account of ?oO, referred to city
solicitor. -
Aid. Cree moved, seconded by Aid.
Witllacc that a public meeting be vailed
fur Thursday at 8 HU p in in further
discuss Limisev's letter, re water sup
p'y.     ■     '    ,
City Clerk was ordered   to furnish
P'kr.vik, B.
C, Jl-ly Jth, 1905
CITY,     , ';;.__   "
Dkar Mb. Mayob :— ;]
Aa a result of tho conference which I'had th.-pleasure of bavin;- last night with yonrself, and all the
members of tho Municipal Council in Feruie, I am disposed,td make the following suggestions for your consideration:
Please   understand   that  theso   are   made.. eabja-ct to the approval of  my Board of Directors, but 1
think that you mav confidently feel  Hint iho Directors ivill cndorsi
Op Op Op Op Op OpOp Op Op Op y*0*_!__?__■_,_!>i!_£_i!>, _T__'__!__'____'!_>I_
Op Op
«-.-a •-.•.-
a-j-v ff
MP Op Op Op O. Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op   Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op
»>..«*...«»'.-4 .*. .*....«.-. -afe ..«»-« ..^...i. *.«••.. fc>.-««.« .V..^*.*-**-.-**..-* ^,^.,«»,.^.4^ *^.^i..—>*.**.-,
ff   ff tf   tl*   tf   tl* ff   tl*  fl*  fl*   ff   ff   ff   ff    ff.  tf   ff      ff  ff   tf  f,*   fi.  ff   tf   tf   tl*
furnish water from the hydrants  for street watering' purposes, at  the rate of S10 00 per
water service throughout the
it certainly i'-iHuiIrt an excellent ennuce
of being the Pittsburg oi Canada.
Just uow Usbiiii- Ugood in the vicinity of Feruie.   DiUiiiiiK-rs   d,i not   re
quire'a ln'ist ce tu fret-mat a few speckled
K. 14. Hawthtrine will be in Fernie in
n short time lor inn purpu.-e of ii.trndin.-
ing lhe Uuyai ."ie-il" uiuie generally in
the coal le^ioos.
Uuriiuueia is humming at the, Flk
Lumbcr Co'a big mill, ai.d it is apparent lhat 0. L. Boyntou iia one of ihe
bebt miuiagers in 15. C
A man   named   Wood was   brought
down from tin-   niiued   mis   morning
_ with his fuot .-mil uukle badly crushed
lie wns taken to llie hospital
A carload ol pnik fr-/in ihellainiiioiid
Co., of liiiinuioiid Ind., piiised liiroiigii
l-Vriiu*last wi-i'k uu its way to Trail.
ICviiieiiliy Caiiada is (short on hogs
The following  ollicei'i) were installi'il
nt the last iiKttiiij-ol (Jlmlstone Local,
No. -JUW; U. ">!    W. ol A.:-Pres.   li.
l-Ivniis; Vice I'i__ . \V. II.'Moore; Fin
V..     bevy , I'. Hi„'g-:; lies! Secy., J. Burton
-'■-    -   '•       AliouHODcratu;,nf strawberries lrom
. ; "      ttii: Iruit-riiiu-lii'-i in Kno'enay lake nro
-'.   '■    .    going uVit Hie Crow to   Winnipeg.    In
-.'-'"*.-       a year or two .strawberry s'pecials wi 1
' ^'-"■''--•■••"•'' "-,-b«J   C-. teuture   ill. railryadiiig ou  the
-":•:*"-"vJv'^'■■•'" Crows';'"--\- • .*■    -•-**.*>-.;...-.-"■'■■:" ■    '._•*
*--^w^*^--j00" GoupiHewas-at M,.yio this week
' - ni.d has aUmit foi.idudi'ai air.ni'.-eui'Mits
-"' io taKU over the   Miinhailtaii   )u)l»l   at
that place    Joe will be minncd  arniliitl
tin: Central wheie be ha-i  tiiiuie  many
Uiverbank nv>'iiuo, one of the prct
tiestslieets in tin; city h-is-iiover hnd
much attention from ibe city or tin-
elinin -KMiifr ,t nverl-'oks the r;vi-r,
and a little labor would vastly irtipr.)Ve
its appearance •
Jiuiii'.-i Nh'liulls cmne from Nov,i
f*cot'iA to Ferniu nome tiine sgo and
Wfiiked in thn iii:iie.-«. He hart been
la-It a inriiiiio but no one. sei-ia-- to know
whore he is nmv lncatt*d J Iv .Salter,
of Nelsuu, is anxious to locate t.itn a>
booh as po-sible.
A recent regul.itinn   is--ui'd   bv   tlm (
po-atiitdi'partiiieiit is worth  licariiii;  iu j
ruiiid by tlnse  linvitu*  b >xa fi.     Aa   nil ; Niji-ihern
t'.irt piiisliiinn;ers :i\o liable to make mis-
Uikes in puttini: mail In'o  the.  wrung
l>')**i'S,   lhe .'niiw-   i-'.'gi'a'a-iioii ..re juiies
ppup'eto  exi'.iiiine  tbeir   mail   l.i'fore
leu viii'-tlm oiii'.!-, am! >hniili! il.ev tind
h piece i.ot   iiddies-e I   to   tin'ii.   tliey
' must return it at unci', ur by linbl.' tn a
."' finoofWfO.   Tlmt il i- the fuilt of the
post ollice iniikf-s no diff-rence.
L,iiy Soiiciior with eupieSi'd all I,y-f.i'.*.'•■
'Iho auditors report waa received aud
ordered laid on the table. Aa there
were manv complaints in this report,
there will promtl-ly be some improvt!-
uii-nts suggested when it comes up for
ili.-scussion. Council adj turned till Tuesday, the 18th inst.
Tho attempt now heini* made bv the
C. N. P. E   L. & P. Co , aided by the
Cily Council, to obtain  a  nionopo'ly of
tlm water system in Fernie is one ofthe
(inest   pieces  of  gall   eve: known  ii.
municipal history.   The citizen? should
stand to a man in defmicenf their rights
against the greed of a giant eorpora
lion, and tlie shilly nha'lvinj* of a weal*
hearted council, evidently too suscp
■tiiilu to  the  threats   uml  promises of
(he  local   octupus to own their i-oula
The pi-opfe of I-emu- inticht rh well  he
dead as live in perpelu'il fe'ir and fieri-
doin nl an ins'iiutioii that has a morbid
appetite for swiping anvthinj- iu  !>ight
Stand pat, and the game is  won.
want no slaves this far west.
Buck from Jfoyu_a..__
—J. C:'FWflHTV vfa'S'iii* 'Fefilie "on "Pi'in-
day having just returned from Gold-
lii'lds, Neviula In that camp one of
the conipHiiii"* he is interested in has n
cn*toms mill for rivntins srold ore, and
ils e,i|i:u-ity In to be enlarged froai 50 to
2U0 Ions. Mr Ft-rnnti who returne't te
Frank on S'.ini'ay eviming estimates
that the smelter liow bt-iug erected iu
tlmt town will i-o*t fully a million do!
bus lt wi'l be icady "to treat load and
.due or.'s by Novi'inber. When in
thorough w.i'rking onler it will bo the
mo-t up-to >late zinc smelter in the
world. This is the zinc smelter that
Fernie miss*d 'iwimr t.i the greed of
the Crows Ncs'. Pass Coal Co.
whatever l sn-rgest
There fs no use,- in a cominunfcatioii of thi_ .kind, entering into tho merits or demerits of Uie present water controversy. JSnlRce it to say that two- water systems will not pay either party iu Fernie As
we have a.system ami are lutwilling to sell -it, I ani pre-'.ire,l to make the following proposition, in consideration of the Miflncip-lity refraining from installing-a water, service, during the period covered  by this agreement.
1. I will furulBli free water for as many fire hydrants as the Municipality cares to itttach to our system,
the Municipality to purchase tbe existing hydrants.., '•'"'',
2. I will furnish, free, sutlicient water to/.flush. the sewers, provided tho amount* required is not
excessive. I shnu'd like to be advised what the water requirements for this purpose will be, but do' uot
anticipato anv difficulty in giving you all your 'requirements
a."     I   will   "     ' '
month per   hvdrant.
■1.      I guarantee to liavp, before the 1st of D,c:ober, an 801b   pressure
thickly settled portions of the  Munieipalitv "■■-.'■   ,
5 I am prepared to sell all our water system in the city of Fernie, at thc end of ten years,
from thc 1st dav of -Inly. IKS. at a price to be fixed by .nrbitr'ition, if the parties caiu.ot agree. The Municipality ie
not to be obliged to talle iiver any portion of the water aerytce*outside or the Municipality, and I would five them 'r.orn
any* -joiiub which the exh'tinjt statutes would require them toipay for the purpose of taking over the service
" "o.       BV'tbat titne'you will i>iobably wish to bring your water supply from Fairy Cree!;, and I will undertake
lo "ivc you an easement for u.-e of right-of-wav from tho bank of the Hik River to the limits of the Municipality, as then
exi-tin" provided the mute is left to tbo selection of.this company 1 may say in this connection, however, that I
think it' would bo well to determine what this route shall be, because of possible settlement along the projected line of
I inn not prepared to make-any undertaking in rezard tn water rates, further than" to say tint the present
rates seem to me to be reasonable, aud I di> not know of auy raiasju why tliuse rates Hhould in the future be increased
I think you nuiv safely reH upon it that ibey will  not be increa.*ed
If the ratepayers should wish it 1 am prepared to undertake that the
from above the Mines. * '"
: V      Yours truly,
9S cents; Pennyslvanriia 91 cents; Illinois h9 cents; West Virginnia (37 cents.
An average of ?1 W
.Selling prici.-s of coke:
Pennsylvaniiia S2 to S'i.fi:) Colorndo
?.l Average reabzed throughout the
(Jiiited .Stntes, **2.oii.
I'csnme opcr
water to supply the town shall come
The cike ovens will
ations tlirs week.
About 20.) men arc
in this camp.
The new officers elected bv thc
Coleman local, N*i, 2(':'3, ofthe U. M.
W. A. are as fallows:
Hurry Gate, reelected President;
Chas. 'Brook:, Financial Secret.iry;
Frank Gessler, Ri-cording Secretary;
and G Grewcutt, Treasurer. The
trustees <irc: T. Haines, T. Tifi'en,
and J. Unsvvorth. The commiitce
elected ore: W. Joseph, D. Davi*. F.
GfSsler, C. Brooks. J. Mathovak, L.
Julia, and H. Gs-te. Sick committee
J. Salvo and 11. Grewcutt.
General Mauager.
in writ'ng
Citizens Heet to Appoint
fleet  to   Hear  C,
Co's Proposition.
Great North.-ru Wreck.
About'})) people v.-'-ro injured, one
"orioij-ly. in tho w-ri-ek of-the. Great
weNtbouiaai liver at .Si'iim;
P.riv-alc.21 mi'e* cn-t of WiUston, N*. f>.
on Wedi,t'silay nf lust week, .lu'y Sth.
•"even.-cars were'luirnod by a tiri^ whirls
bnika' out im'ui'diate'y afti-r tin*'■wreck,
pri'sunliil'ly caused by th»l pxplosion' nf I
i iras tan!' niida-r the
kiiiir car. Tin'
m.ii' ear nud sp.-ci-d car .loliet, eontiiin.
ii.g Dr. Frank Hillings of Chicago, ani
a party of physician'- en route tn Port-
litnal, (bil not li'iava- the rails and were
imh.'irmivl bv the' ll'<:*i-s.
. ^_    ^  —        - v ! iinli.'irmavl lav t.'ic ll'<:*i-s.
< PERSONALS ?!    T!l*' '-""••laU of tb.« r.*a<I =ay that it
< »(^_>__^>/>__vv__vaJ i •V11'* a nitrai'lo (hat the ciisuralities were
/i/syvs^-^x*-^-*^/-*^*- "^/liint   inori-  M'l'iniis,   ns  the   train was
Harry tHa-dimm. of Muele.id, was in   ,.;U1„*m;r :lt a hijrh ra'.-o( speed w!u-n it
Fernie thi*. wu-k
S S^ Tiiylair. Nelson's eminent law
yerwasiii Fernlf. la-t week.
Aid Bill Tuttle left. Fern'" on Mon-
atlny iur a trip tlirour.h the Suites.
Charley Frem-li ha* retiinie.l lo
I'l.'iirinoi'e nfier Ids cruise t:.rough the
Otto Becker waR in the city last week
lo .kin ■ U|> spoi'l.tl fi'ei;bt business for
th.'C. !' It
V, Jarvii went to Coleman on Tin's
day as i de'egute to a inee'.ing of the
f'intbiill lenyiie.
MissH:lia'l M.'Donald, of Cowley was
iii Keriiie hist Sunday on hi r way to
tin- Portland fair.
S ('.. Vau-k.'s. II  A   .1 icl'-son nnd (1
Jl.  William', all G. N   men,were in
tliu city yestenbiy
Th'Mtitfi Criihtin, of Alifhi 1 is lonk'niir
at thesiuhts in Piirtluiul. Hat will ie
turn in time f'>r payih y.
Ader ilin|o"itigof a li,jhtd"i,ki.'t las:
Friday .Iiialije Faii'in s.iiked Ins sh us
und went lishiua- in the Kll<.
.1. C. Fa'i'll.'lll eNpeets i<> move his
fninilv froui Frank io \'in''tuver, p.js.
sllily'to !."s Angt'Ies for Uu; \i inter.
Saul Wethi'i-i lhe hi,; henrted hrnl'".s
llillli on tin- Coil Creek run l-a in the
liospitiil baliiiiig wilh a tcveiM uttuck
of typlm.d.
Dr. nnd Mih llarber l"ft vistaTalay n"
a tilinistire trip i" Portland where lh".v
will take in Ihi* Lewlsit Cl'i-ke uspi-si
tion Tlwy eNj'Uct to liu n'i out iihuui
two wei'k'n.
Mist M. Gate!*, of thai King F
hotel la aves next Monday via tin
liv for a two iitoiiths visli i" her
nnd   brother  at   Pink   liivnr
left the rials. At'C'i'iliui! to the report
there wan no spieailir;- of the rails, and i
they ai-a' tiiwililc to account ior liiej
iiri-iiliMit A- the ia :s left the I ruck I
they pMiti.illy ntacnili'd, bu: did not;
break in two. M t-t of those injured <
suffered from linrii?, the (tiinirs spread-1
inir so rnpiilly that many were s.-or--heal;
befoie tlu-y Voiild be extricated from j
the wreckage
While awnv slua may exteie
to her old liuiiie In Ontario.
:tl. N
,   N'.   I)
In.r Hip
Napoleon said: I bent the 'AiKtrians
bcc.iuse Ihcy did not know the value of
live miiinics.
Napoleon's marshal, Grouchy, came
up hue at Waiii-rlaKi, For that delay
the coiuplcrcr of 1'uriapc died a captive
eagle on the barren imcI- of St.  Helena.
On the great cloi'k of time there is
but one word—"Now."
I>y the street", of "liy and My" one
arrives nt ihe Inuisc o( "Never."
Pulling olT means leaving oil', nnd
goiiig to do bs.'1'oiliiN going oiuloite.
On linn.'! is lhe cry of progress.
Too late! is lhe gro.m of I'nilure. The
uia'e of suivi'-s runs o:i time.
Iiuilil your syskin now. The disorder thai di .trails you, the loose eud-s
Uml worry .mil naijf you— these will
gnuv worse with the passage ol" every
liiani ol linie. tio.it tlieui hclore il is
loo I.ile. Uriiu; ord.'i out of confusion
liefire il ln.vo:iit*i I'b.nis.
Lose to-ilav hr ioiu-ring and it will
be the same sUni |o-,iniirin\ ---and every to-tttiari-W (hei'i'.it'ler.
Illlilll )Olll' >V.l!:'.',1   -.-aJW,
Laast week as an outcome of the secret
conference of the C'uy Council with the
Malinger of the Crow's Nest Pass Coal
Co . rumors flew thtcKand fast through
Fernie, ami as tbe council were pledged to K'Crei.y, the people did not know
what they were up against. In consequence" the following call was i.-sued:
All persons favoring the City of
Fernie owning and operating its own
Waterworks Svstem, and who desire
the Citv Couiu.1 to inll.iw the iustiuc
tions liivci bv the rntcpnyeis in their
vote for tbe town by-law, aro earnestly
and lespeetfudv request ed to meet ii-
the .-nice of Mott, Son. & Co., Friday,
JulvTtb, at B o'clock p m.
J.D   Ql'AH..
1). V.  MoTr.
Fernie, B.C., .Inly 6th
Tin-olliee; of Mott, Son, & Co was
fotir.d to be to> Small tn" aicoraiiiodatr
the gntlterinir. and the _apla's' Hall was
soctire-1 where- some GO odd 'peoph'
a-a.sembled. Among those present wen-
Mayur Stork and Aldermen Tultle,
Wallace ami Kaibins
J.D Qmil was called to the chair
and F.J. Watson ai-printed secretary.
I). V. "Mott stated the object of the
gathering:—to appoint speakers to at
tend the tnpel!n_- called for Saturday
uiirht, and in vh wof tho secrecy that
himir over affair.- moved that L P.
Kekstein, on behalf- o! tlm rat-jpsyerr..
(.resent the legal side of the question
he.foie that meeting. Mr. hekste'm
whs pleas'd til c inseut to the wishes of
iho majiaritv. and a request t'.iat nny
raiepaver de-iriug to hear auy man, to
tall on him. bi'"ii'-;ht Mavor Sunk to
his feet who stated that a cotifarenco
luul been held with 0 G.S. I.indsey
and a verbal offer mado by him what
hud been subsequently con'lirined in
writing nnd would be submitted to the
people on Saturday night
Aid. Tultle stated that he went as
one of the conference to Mr. Liud-ey at
his request, and the subject was discus
eed in a fair and impartial manner, and
thut he was the father of tbe idea thai
the outcome of tlie conference be kept
Mayor Stork considered the nu'etiii'-
of iii'tepayns entirely uncalled for, tl.e
council w'as elected to look after th-'
city's interest and they  were doing sa>
Aid. Tultle was highly imli-naiit at
the lala'.i of ai'Voue barboriii'- th"
thought that the iounril had nny other
Ihari the w.'lfine of the city al heart.
Mr Krksti'iti sod the iii"e'ing had
imt been ealle 1 to ceit-iii'i' but rather to
alii and asked lhat lie bo piivntely in
lorined of the contents of Mr. Litid-ey's
offer in onler that he might be pi'i-puri'd.
to dlsi'ii.-s it at the mi'i'tiug on S.iturdhy.
Things looked hot for a tiinc, but
calmed down without nnv blows nnd
the meeting peacefully adjourned.
Satciujay N'ioiit'h MKim.s'u
On S.'iturdav a meeting called by the
Mayor asneinblod in the opera house.
I'lie Htnyo was neeiiplod hy the Mayor
.-■ml citv council.
Tho Mayor opcneal by Hiiyiujr thnt he
wanted it'disliiutly luider-tonil thut no
deal bad been niat'o with Mr. I.tiidsey
—that the council liitd met Mr. I.ind.-cy
arial a verbid priipn-.iiiiiu bail taeii: made
thum, which had i incii keen ci-ntiriuud
He then iwii the proposi-
:ati ns appearing in aiicther c.iluniu.
Aid. LaTC-e was'in'accord wilh Mr.
Lindsay's proposition, as the borrowing
capacity of tho citv-wis uot suflieieut
:o put in water and sewers and buy ont
ihe Coal Co's water plxnt and that two
rival companies could r.nt exist
Aid Trites spoke in the Bamo terms
as did Aid Robins-""    .,
L. P. K'.-kateiiT-»ave"i very lucid explanation of the ta.nr mi expropriation,
also citing other towns jghere-'waterworks were installed, and'-tho rates,
^ot^bl"^-^'^^'-^**1 Where the-price
is oue. d'llIar'&t'iP''    '     "-
Aid  Wnlhu-iitliuught as a business
rransnciiiin" tlie offer from toe Coal Co.
was n very good proposition".
J. D Quail '"".thought the ratepayers
should be {urnFjhed with a copy of" the
Cn'il Co    ftgreeliielit."
A'd lleuhnier was opposed to the
city handling its waterworks and said
that the scheme of repayment of the
loans was all wrong and that he had
agree.al. to it in ignorance. The citv
would les;'. ?12/KK). It would cost
310,000, S*fl.r>JO or SoO.000 for the Coal
Co plant and stated that until recently
the waterworks had not paid the Coal
Co. ;     *
Mr.  Mott spoke briefly placing the
I'.i/.s'ti's view of the case* and was followed by Aid. Tuttle who astonished
(he nveiiog with the statement that
Lind-ay hail submitted uothin_. lie
had not sjiven a proposition. He did
not agre,» to iiiavtidng. Suggestions
were in' that letter that never were
"-iroua-htiio and di-cuassed at the c»n
ference. lie w,>*,i!'l not accept it The
people of Feruie -aial go-a head and put
in waterworks and so far as he was
concerned he '.meant to follow their
instructions uiiles:* they told him to
stop A motion to appoint a committee
to eoufer with the council was lost.".
The matter will be brnu_ht up at the
meeting of the council Tuesdav night.
The   result of this
si'i-sion    was    kept
to his presence,
.-secret tor several days which is certain
ly not proper. The" people want no
liissteiious proceedings iu the conduct
ot" the city's- business. This barring
out of the prCiS and public from any
meeting of the Council ia like an, act of
the Molly Maguires, and should uot be
permitted in any rational city Tlie
-ecret was revyafed on Saturday evening, a time when merchants with few
exceptions could uot be present, and was
a clever piece of statesmanship upon
the part of Mayor Stork. -It kept tbe
enemy out of tlie high seats.
At the meeting Lindsey's proposition wa.* read out, ar.d it is certaiuly n
bu'.e. Tbe. Coal Co. sprang into e'xis
tence through a gift of the public
domain, and it seems cannot bieak the
habit. For ten years it wauls the ex
elusive right to iurnish this city with
water without paying anything for the
'r.aiichise AtSi'Ma house (with uo
aseurance that the rate would not be
raised) the company would surely be in
clover. To supply Fernie for ten years
:he franchise is "easily worth ?.iT),iX»,
and let the Coal Co offer? nothing,
l.areat snap No wonder Mr. Lindsay
pu.-slies it along.
The imposition of the Coal Co which
From tin* tV.ink Fi-aer.
Sixty-five tickets were Slid here
on D.jiiiiuisn Day for Ferniu and GO
Miss llryan, of Fernie, arrived in
town last week to open up a dressmaking business.
Joe. Knglish arrived Sunday lrom
Cumberland. ling., to accept a position with thii Canadian Jletal Co. as
assistant assi-yor.
II. ii. Siivenn-in arrived from Na*w
York. Tii'-sday morning to tako a,
position as engineer with the Coal
Gotnpaiiy. He is a brotlier ol Jesse
Sileranm, vice president of the company.
Coleman has 3at an example t-lt.it
Frank might very well iinhale, having 1 ad its main streets cleared of
rocks and pus in presentable shape.
The streets of this town have not hud
much labor expended on tlieui, yet
willing hands would soon make un
improvement. Suppose the l-.o-ie
rocks were taken off* the main street
as a s'arter. Take pride in your
Contractor M;>rino ha3 about 000
vardsol the ditch f r the exteusbn
of the water work syst'.ni completed
iind is now awaiting tin; arrival of
the pipe to linish the work.
The Metal Co. has rosamed work
on the main smelter'.building,' which
has b"en delayed by rainy weather.
The walls have risen rapidly during
the week. Work is also progressing
on the long flue leading lrom the furnace in the. main.' building to the
stack to be built on the hill in the
north. Thc Dottery group building
is now covered with the iron rooting
limits ready for the installment ot
the rest, ol the machinery. A pug
mill tor the lire brick plant has arrived and is becoming installed.
The more or iess persistent reports
roll.. ' appearing in different newspapers to
The ■machinery lor the new 30 drill i V,e cffl*,t tlmt the Interaationnl; Coal
air compressor is being installed as K*^-*e Co.  contemplHtes closing its
rapkUy as ix«sib\e, and a big effort "••l"^
the first of August    The companv is I -V --11 -"''■--ft" &* mtoreats of the dis
From tlm I.c-U'ier
Since the cuumencing of work on
the Aui'orn, several new locations
have been made on the west side of
the lake.
Micheal Sullivan, superintendent
of the Aurora property, was- in Nel
son the first ol tiie week getting ore
cars and other supplies for the mine.
Lie already has several men employed and is going right ahead with
prospecting and development work
The men are boarding in town.
For the month ending Jane 30th
t'.e output ot the Si Eugene mine was
2750 tons ot'concentrates. ,'.
*\"ext Monday will bo payday at
the mine, and the company will de
s.ribute a little more than 'f'iS.OOO.
There are about 300. mcu on the puy
behind with development work and j
trict at heart. It is said the reports
lissoon as this machinery is ready wlcmanate from Fernie. It is .to
run. an additional hundred men will  ■"* ci"u^d thiU the reiiortdn this
be put to work., rcsfcl **> }™e'  «s «  13.(t 1«lt:«1' ,to
A,.        ...   .  .      ,. .,! understand how the Crow s Nest Pass
This   will   brmg the wages pa>d J people ccuhl be guiltvof so small a
monthly up to nearly "flO.uOJ. : v-  ' -
The mine
on July 1st.
' n?, !lrfA-irV- •,    a ! piece of business us even wishing, let
paid -y.U.ajJO dividend j luum-ait. mpting, to injure another
(From tlio Prospector)
la addition to mining in the  big"
pes   ol   the Sullivan  mine,  from
ippeais in tins i-sue is simply ridicu-   wiiich 110 tons per day is taken,   .Mr.
ous, and unworthy the. consideration of  J.u-.-.e--Finely is doing a great-deal
of prospecting, and is kee'ping   his
C  X. P. E. L.
Up to date thu
Co. which  is a
sun-Mary  company of
ll:<* O. i-a. i . _a>.'al C, iuu bucu supplying Feruie with its water The
set vice has been poor, and the rates
ex.es-.ive Far lack-of large mains the
city burta-d down over n year ago, and
last winter for a time the water was not
tit to drink with'iit lirst hauling it.
The ratepayers recently voted in
fnvor uf raising C-li'O.OiX) for* the purpose
of installing municipal waterworks and
a fewer sysli'in. With economv and
uo '-rafting the two systems can be put
in for about ?7:i,OaX>. The decision ol
the pe"pie was handed to the City
Council, but so f.u ibey hnvo bucked",
and nhii vt to a man are incline'! to
-acriliie the welfare of thc cjty jn oraler
to assist a (•rw-piiig at id" marble
hearted cui.paiay to -jreater liches.
j They are iin :v.y u-| I'.-itlnsr the plav of
the tih'plioi a' war. and dancing w'hile
lieorite toiiilwui .Smith Liiid-ey
sciape.-s ihe t'alille, (icorgu Cloldwi'u
is entirely too S'vift for the obliging
■ri'.itleim'ii the pi'oploof Fernio chose
hist winter to eM'eu!.' the bu-.iiii-ss o!
the city, lie uni sway the bunch as
the wind daie.-a the tall sunfl nvors He
ca.la'al Ihem out of the Council Chamber
la-st weak to atifciiss public busine.s.s iu
his niivate nl'.ice, lar from the ears oi
the coiiiiiioii people, nnd thoy wa'nt
riirht along ilk'- eai.ius to a 'wiiienueloii
patch, li.fia Pi-*. Well, rather, hut
siill the fiiii*-st piece of tauiiicipal to('nlv-
l.-m that li:;-'come tliis fur w-st. Ah,
Gnoi'i-e you certainly uru clear, sweet
str.if .md erilliled lo your salary
The pb-t tlaii'keiis, mid In ||„; ,!0;i,i ,,f
iiiu'lit li— aiiv dads blip uu-ay home
(nmi the sh id'iw (the lnouti was on
Shift) of ta.e king's a.Illcia, well pleased
wilh the material prospects uf the
(tliu e The king is a genius iu the an
of til.'ll.llig nil lea:* rail*•*■>* Who   eoilll!   Ill-
my b'aidy or coino.unity of wide awal;
iiu'-iness" iner.. It is too full of pork
If the Coal C'a>. will give the city watei
(rout Fairy Ciea k, put in dartre mains,
and a sewer system, and charge _£l a
tnonth for iopia j'tini thoa'c would be
some sense in their proposition, nther
wise it is shnply an attempt to further
tighten the cinch upon this inuch bur
alcned city.
The  Ne.si'.i Tribune contends that
Canadian smelters are paying at least
SI a ton ton much for Feruie coke, and
that the high price charged for this fuel
is disastrous.to li.e miniiii; and smelting industries of this province    It also
states that  when   the  enormous   land
subsides were itiven to tne D. C. fMiutti-
ern railway it was upon the plea of fur
nishin-cheap (uel    Thus it is evident
that the creed of the C. N. 1'. Coal Co.
octupus with all its feelers  extends  to
every tiling that falls  within its grasp
from'installing  telephones   to  smeller
fuel,   l! is out with the long mit seeling to put on the cinch wherever pos-i
hie     U makes its money in   the   we't.
and buvs its   supplies   largely  iu   the
ciast     It has Idled the Crows Nest I'a:
aliof, who send
road.   Th
.:.-  ...1.....   1,     l.    .  .1      I   ! al I'l'i'iai *a   U'l   ',a.'    ~sail ara»ll.S"a , .
r if  the
poll till' ginro'lis  »esl.     ll^   iill'.lllllivr '  • •--  -,..-.,---  ...IIM s. ll.l
efdvt is |.l.iiuly seen upon iii my ol  Hie ; small    f'ive  at  work   cle.'M'in.'   tl>
busiiu'-ss people oi   Forme  who crawl I trail en the North Fork of Wild ![ aise
upon their humls awl kto.e.i  in   treusb!- !t'reck. pr. punitory to  the taking  in
lug fear, and kiss the  toe   of   lhe   ci.il j0f supplies.     As soon  lis  tlio  trail   is
'"  opened work will coiuinei.c- at the
It   is rojiorted tint the Spnkam-
fapalilisr*. liavt' sccureal an opil-n on
develiipiueiit work well ahead.
To i-ucourage the shipment of ziac
ore fiom the Kooten'ays to Kanstis
and Mi-.sour'a sniidters the Canadian
Pacific railway has lately reduced
the freight rates to ten dollars 'per
The marvelous development and
prcducior. o! the ^t. Fugene mine
have attracted thc attention of Mining men from all parts ot the world
l-. Moyio.
Marysville   is   now   a busy little
town, aad people are coming in   Irom [enay
manv i-oints.    Busines.--is ac ive, and jcoar'
CtMiibrook is proiucing largely from j
the general prosperity. ■-Kiinbcrley■[ ■
is a'aS'itetiiiig the iK-nelit of thn im
proa id vi'ii'li-ioii, aud tl:n fiimhi."--.-!'
Milling Company is now kept bus1,
supplying luuiberfor both  mine am
At the Marysville smelter power
lor all pur|*,s-e5 is derived ti'i'in 1'ur
•IS inch IVlton wheels, operating
under tlie head ot o'.'O loot, the water
he'mg ik'itvt'ioil ina nozzle from ;i
21 inch pipe Steel cable transmission from the IVIions delivers the
power toall parts of the work, aial
I'' . .
com] any, which can hardly be said
in any way to be a rival. But
wherever the. report comes from,
there are no two judgments to be
passed on the actuating motive: it is
mean and contemptible as it is that
ofthe krecker wherever found. The
Frank Fa per is-n a position to state
au:horitatively that there is no truth
i.i the report,"and'thnt on the contrary the International Co. expects
to niake no change whatever in its
present mode ct openitions, except
that ir expects to shortly resume the
making of coke.
In order to hold th'j charter sis mil's
of tho Kootenay Central railroad, starting from Golden, will be built this year
The. balance of it to connect with tho
Crow line of the C. P It will bo finish-
ed'next year. The ro.'ial will bt* about
1) miles'lotis-. and will give East Koot-
a    quick   connection with the
with foreign labor .who; send   most   of  ,t_.Vl._- to.-ill parts of the v
tha'ir money abroad.    1 he •.-ovoriiinont   :.._..„..r. t0 i,'  ^ltisf'ict'irv
must have had paitsis when it  handed   '''*>'7     t',,,lK ,  ,   *Wa    ; •
„llt  the   -.omlsto   tliis   gicantie   letuh L.J"h"    *'    L:l|Sl'"'    ''VV".'
upon the glorious west.   Its hb._htin- I I igoi'-Poormaii grotipi I mt
fl . ..   :  .   ..I .:..! .......as    ........    ..,'     , I...  . cail'l II        fa   a'a'o     -, t.     ll'laa'l-      ela'.'
barons thiid'i"g in their knifebiai
iniiiils ihat such servility is nei-ee>Hary
in onl.'r to 'got milk for their uiu-li
Thus is niaiihi'O'l shuttered iu worshiping an autocratic and commercial
The l'*ii_iiiecring and  Mining Journal, the li'iulini* authority on mining
matters   in   the   I'nited   States,   pub
lishes the f.'llowing list of prices real
I/.ed bv the producer fair coal And coke
at th". chief centrei1.   The highest, Mon
tana, furnishes    a   Inir   Ptaiidard   for
CiMnp.ti'isaiii   wi'h   Fast   Kootenay,  its
thn cond'tions aie similar    As to coke,
Colorado, a wesiem I'tntc, is on a par-
itv in utmost every respuct.   yet   coke
sells there at  $.'  ns   against   .?l..*it) al
Selling prlii's of con!:
Molilalia SI ">'■: Iowa 81 HI; Kansas
•M '.'o; Wvoming ll.'l.'a; Mis-oiui *1 :J1
Alaluinui' 51 _»;   li.aliima  Slot):   Ohio;
a Sand Creek iron property.   An  "'■       „	
speetion ol tho property will be made  stopped for "a short time this sprin-i
! Tho Queen Studio
Since A- McLean established tho
i'i'.tc'j:'. studio in N'l-oo he.linn built up
i a large and constantly increasing bus
; ine.-s in photographing, and the. sale uf
j views anil pictures. He enlarges
i photos, frames pictures, and offers mi_-
jitestions upon woiks of art. Tho-ai
j interested iu works nf art while vi-iting
| Nelson should never pass*the Queen
j Studio.   They shou'd go in.
Under the management of O. I.
[i.,ri'.toii, tin'I-'ak Lumber Co. is nu.k-
ing cre.it progress. Two miles of I rn i-
»;o, b'a (eel bigt], t't cni'iy tie' lumber
Irom the mill to the yards is uiial.r
I'-aii'itruction. At present there aia' Ii'i
men in the ini'l ami ~A men im the
la'c.'iug camp In a short tim.' tin;
force in the hush avill Im it-crei.-ial 'o
I'n'. At Hosmer one mile of horsa'i:ia-
road is opeiated to haul the logs lo t;o!
river 'I he C. I' It is puttiii*- in a
s;aiir to the mill The track runs
around the mill to the yards. Tint
driving of logs from Hosmer was only
inside thirty davs.
A Miners Theatre
When building a hull fu* ilieais.'lve.-
in I'eiiiio ilia- miners slu'iibl hii'M an
opera hiiiiso in coiuiei'tioii with it, ar-.l
thus obtain a lar^e reventie up on
iuvestuioiit. Fi'inlo
of a proper building
public eiatertaiiiiumits. Tho millers at
j-andon own the opera Jhouse, atol at
l'hoenlx another one in just about completed If it can be made a siicces-dul
iiivi.'stnii'iit in smaller towns there is no
. i.'as-on why it should not pay well in
he company has la)') iiillllaia feet nf laajfi
lu sigiit The mill is lighted by electricity, aii'l the monthlv payroll i'tt SIOaVX).
Tlie Il.C govprnini'iitcHii holp the com-
pnny by cribbing tho Elk uear the mill,
us some day thn river might chango its
course aud seriously damage this tin-
is much iu need portant source ot revenue to Fernio,
for the holding of
Kalispell will play ball in Fernio next
Sunday and Monday. A special train
will leavo Kalisnell on Supdav with a
lurgn tiuinlior of excursionists (livo
ttu'in a royal reception when the train
pulls in at theG. N.
jiA^l' The Ledge.
R.T. I OWV.HY, Editor ami l-'innncier.
THK MJl't-'K inj>uWi»li«d "-5V v>'eA_e?_-**'
inl"ernie,BC_.   Tlie 1'rii-c is,
1L- _.    Tlie liricc is  'in yenr.   Aal\er.
iil'_.!*.V'-n upon iippiiiiitiod.
In Fernie, water is miprl.ty and will
* .
InaPnllraau the tip is migliticr
^than the pen
In Alberta tlje •wise man know
Jthcir own brands.
By appsalinj? to-cupiditv and using dexterity gamblers of every
"Mild cet the money.
*•£§&'&£■ *~'s
gs*  . --
The C. P. R. before  tinny  years
will h» running strawberry specials
-.j-*'','over tho Crow every June.
•' Corporations have one advantage
over individuals. Thev mav gain
the whole world without losing their
The majority of-people think, too
much abjut what other people sav
and not enough about what they say
about others.,
Afco*it a million buahels of fall
■wheat will be pro-deed in Alberta
this year which [means a great deal
Jq that province.
Fernie should be a great rcsoi". for
tourists. It is a town that you can.-
not see eyerv tlaVi and the world is
gradually finding it out. Been reading this paper -'
At Enderby, Hank Ecklaw has
come out of the Dirk Woods and
brought the Cwl with hiin. He is
leaving that city to do soul work on
an American magazine.
"West Kootenay contains reallv a
better "'inter climate for Canadians
than Southern California, bnt the fact
is not yet known to the world lor the
lack of proper advertising.
Thc parsons in Ontario are becom
ing alarmed »t the decrease of births
in that province, but no complaint is
heard lrom the great west.   A new
country is the place for big families.
"This season so far the C. P R. has
carried more -than 2000 private c.ir
patscngcrs through the mountains
which shows that the tourist business
has plenty of life in it when properly pushed.
Judging from the actions of many
people in Fernie one would think'the
air flew to their brain and' intosicat
ed them To the weak-brained' too
much ozone'will sometimes have a
similar effect lo an excess of boozer-
A "Whenyour-"head stvells until you     Two million boxes of oranges mak-
think .has you  ore  the  only   flood   ing C,000 carloads  are shipped an-
'■   "       "'■■     ,J     "-'      When
thing in town just go outside and try miully from Riverside,  Cal.     Wher
to count the stare. Nelson ships 0,000 carloath of straw
berries grown around Kootenay lake
Orange is the color that is flving
today, it being just 21? years sirce
King Billy oros-ed the Boyne wi'.h-
cttt wettingi his feet.
%L,    -It is estimated that  in   ten  years
IsffNow York will be the largest ci'y in
Collie world.   At present it is ju&t ahout
^-'aliVlf a million behind London. .
Onions eaten every other day will
jbeantify the complexion. It is the
arsenic in this delightlul vegetable
that causes thc change, and not the
-Travellers admit that there are
fewer*fcedbogs in B. C. than any
other part ol Canada. This is a fact
that our Tourist Associations have
The mint'n Canadir seems to  be
Joitering along the road of operation
The fact is to be regretted as the gov-
i-rnment is dead Bure to make money
with a mint.
there will be something- doing in the
li nest climate of .Canada.
To succeed, said Mr. Frolimsn, "a
piny must have snap. Literary men
when they write plays forget tbis
fact. They create dramas of literary
but of no dramatic, worth. Snap is
A literary man asked me the other
dav to tell him what snap was    I de
cribed a plav to him, a one-act play
that was full of snap.
This play opens I explained, in a
drawing room, with a-man and wo
mau seaicii side by side on a sofa,
embracing each other passionately.
Into the drawing room stalks a
man with a grip and an utnberella—
of course tiie husband unexpectedly
The husband no sooner sees the
couple on the sofa than he whips out
a revolver and kills them both—her,
lirst, him afterwards.
'1 hen he puts on his glasses and,
looking about him, suddenly gives a
great start. ,
Good heavens, ho exclaimed, I'm
on the wrong iloor.       ' - . '
One dealer in Nelson has shipped
this season to Winnipeg 14 000 crates
of native strawberries. The growers
ofthe berries received about $*iJ,000
for tlie fruit. It will not be long before Nelson is one of the great Irnit
centres of the west, and largely independent ol its mining resources.
Snappy Plays
•'■■■"At a meeting of the Actors' Fund of
America, Daniel Frohman talked
about play writing.
All, round the itoo«*n -     ■
of hiisclou« roa«t Iwel tlio appetizing ouori-
e ;e.iiic anil thai rich Iirown Bttivy trickles iemiit-
ii.Kly to t o dish. That Is llio kind ol roanta our
beet produces. Te.ider. Juicy, liourls.iliil?. t-
wnliiMkcjoubraliii -Hilbr-aWiiy •
Of eoiine wo -ell tha; < huiocat cuts of veal
limb, pork, »ic , also. But ju-t low wo are
t..lkln|- beef.   lico'iv-ire of our offerings.
Meat   Market i
Fernio, K. C.
Teacher1 of the PSa-no
(Lc-sclictizkey Sletlioal)
A thorough training assured each pupil
4-OZ.   SOLID    8ILVERINE    CASE **^
Dint ii rial dump-proof, At mil with tho very beifc
seveii-icwi'Ifil Ki.'HN or Wai.thaM movement,
sfnin-ai'inal nnil si,!, ami iibuolutailv CjlJAH.aN
tkwi-kok 5 Ykabs. Alio h '■eiaiitiful clmin
with eiich watch for tho nosetWidaj'S. Alt com-
..,   ^„**«-w»~_        ■ ■.-?■_*■*-,* pI«to.jr,M.  Steinitisliellevinir.   CutthiH otit
OtKlllHI   ^*^^j_^?tt?ti<,W®Sr uud send it tons, with vonrSnrno, 1'osl; <>ll'..o
E_--H__t  ~^>at3_______SS-^     ViVeVntS,™^^^^
If y .u find it us rnpn>«int«al, pav iiuvtit the amount nivt o-.p_-£** charRes. «nil U'litch and Chain
n iii youiii If yon wi'h tn -iiu-n r'nyiii* tin., ai-tpre.-aa clmr'-u- send in the full iinioiiiit.aud wc will
lorwiird t.i you Watch umt Clmin l.v inn.il. hU oli-tree* pre|inid. If you nraler C. O. _. a deposit
or M-i i-onti U roiiiilrcd »1 ft mutter of gooal fnith, whia-h umoiint will tie deducted from yoar bill.
Order ut once, n.i this otter imiy not rippem- iiiriiin.   Whon writinf* monti'iii IUU puper.
En'WAGFiE-. Sl Go., 163 Cordooa St., Vancouoer, B. C.
-aiv mtiiwip_*i^m^imp_ _-»****_*>**--i'x^*a»**_„^^ '.
Its h,*iths cure
all nervous and
diseases, its
water heal all
kidney, liver,
and stoiwicii ~
ailments and
Ihcy eliminate
all niclatic
pultons from
llie system.
1,'tw under the new management of Harry Mcintosh,
Ilfaffinnri IIouasH. R'nilnnd.
Report of*Analyst
Of Samples of Water from Halcyon Hoi Springs, Arrow
Lake, B.C.,  37th   1-Vhriiury, 1898.
Laboratory of Cily Analyst, ""iliiihurgh, Scotland,
March  3, 1808 _
One  gallon  of "water contained the following ingredients, the results arc expressed in parts.
Chlorine -•- S-'l
Sulphuric Add
Silica.....  7-r-2-)
Limi!  H-l-57
Alkali"1* as Soda ••• 5.71
Magnesia   232.00
Lithia     '   .86
Sulphuretted Hydro-
«cn ••"•     .I2-00
Pishing und
per week,
at'i'oiding to
residence in
hotel or villas.
yizr^mrnp-mpi tsjr
Tins not been locked for many years.
The landlords are always happy,
even when their bank-roll looks thinner than the lean edge of an attenuated wafer. Try one of their mqrn-
bracers. Mail' orders 'receive
prompt attention.
Allen & Palmer m
J-9Ufl B
Latest Styles
finest Selections in the City.
Mrs. E. Todd
-In Fernio, is a pleasant
homo for all who travel
'Rooms reserved by.wire
T. Wlielan, Manager
Is a ple<is<int home
for the traveler. •
Wm. Mills, Prop.
Wholesale Dealers Biul Direct Importers
of Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
,   -   ..   \       '- J -
District Agents for
Poinmcry Champagne
•-.■■■ .     and Schlltz Beer
Distributers of
Chamberlain and      -
Pharaoh Cigars
*    FBRaNIE     B.O.
TSinn doliRhtful lo-
*■ cntlon ami from
itj- biilconic'i enn I.f
Keen till the boiuft.vo'
the (-rnnil scfiiory
Unit surrounds, lit-ms
in, uml adorns the
limy citv nf .Velw-i.
It it tdo lioma of
tnuriaits und liusinesM
men from nil pnrtsof
thc world. The cuiat-
ine never ilrairs in the
miro of meaiocrity,
nnd ever}-room Im tin
enemy to itii,omrin.
If you nned room*
when on the avny in,
touch the wire snd
the deed is done.
Head Office e  fi-lamfiSton^ Qanada.
Qapitnl *. $2,235,000 y    TAesevve * $2,235,000
ZEQtal 2l8set8*>.$27,$p0,0p$}
Hon. Wm*. Gibson, President.
J. Turnbull, Vice-President and General Manager;
A flciioriil Bunking Buplnosn tranunutud. Current Accounts opened with Merchants, Unnu
fr.ct-areri, f.jiil Muaiiolpiilitlun pn,tlie most roanonulilo tiarraiK IlunkIngTii,oilltIen gladly
oxlunded lo ull person* dp't.u'ing to open liuslnoss or private accounts. Special attention
Blvon to all out of town iiccountu. Itiloro- nt Current Raton allowed ,qu Suvlngs ilank.
Pupiioitai from $1.00 upward;,. Collections olloa-tod 111 nil piirtu of Cuimd» _t Lowuat ftiiteH.
JJraSft-i indiiod, payable in Canada or Abroad,    British, American, mid Foroi«n Drafts cashed.
— A» offico of this Dunk him heen openod at Fernio.
AU Correspondence uddrosxed to tho Af-ont will he pomoiially attendod to,
J. -1. LAWRY
Agent, FKii.vtt* BnANcn
Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd.
Brewers of Extra Fine
Lager Beer and Aerated
Waters.  Bottled Goods
a specialty.
4*_4i4^*M^l--*_**_**_*-_*'_»*M^*-^^ •$"&&%»&%>
t Gentral - HetGl I
I First Class in Every Respect
X   \ MRS. S. JENNINGS, rnopniKi>!iF__.
A p       .
. B. TOnPKINS, Hanagr
. J. A. MacLean .
Builder and Contractor
<     ■ ■ •
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Strictly First Class
Up to Date
Electric Lighted
Sle.im Hunt
Hot and Cold Baths
Billiard and Pool Room Large Sample Rooms
Har Room Unexcelled
Rates: $2.50 per day
r*t..ti.    a,,*4.tAt at   .. Itr  rt,fr**rt   ft th  flfTHC/ID
J I'   ,t    /*,mf   am/j   l..*tjf.t   PH.t.tJ***.   it,   T..a t/
f:.'i.tj       Tf,.   trattt—iirJ  *.t   tad   f*»J,Jit*tAftafj
. fa*, /a'llwil a P\ta  iarttt  <-••»  mtit*  tit afttt**'* tm  ffsva
t i atari *i,fa   l->*    tfitf  *t*tta   t»**_/$*>*■ tmt '•/•a-V^f
>J   M.*4     tt,./***
*aj   dittrirt i
*..J   tm tttt tad mt.
■ aataarttt tAtfr tttt t*M-
Philip Carosella
General Merchant
•*«■ $r «-»_/ ,t A/trtt t/att t*t***t/,t,t t*i*f rttt ft**
.tt- tt titt Jt.J-atJ tt *%*«.* t«J /m.i.l //rr-a./ta^
t.k.t am Ht aU.a.t, y/V»/i*._* /mat y***ti**tlt mttt
JftJ.*ff ***** _fi/j hfr*/tyt,t/t.*.a'tj,
T*i..% f,u,t*f .Tt/uH $ Art rati r»*'_ Avat»m
■      ,   .   .',****** t,ii* m..-.** ,_.!* r^t **m*_r*4**t*a~i
fleatt^ttt &t*U%* tuJJ/a   Ata-gts OaJ  tat'Jrt   euh (u
_Lt*,**J at Tttjaffitt   rtttt tjA/ftftAatt tAt /(*+•
/pt*,t,t*   tftia   .ttra 4ttai alt* %t   tim
a.4a*4 tl aamtaa-  tit §»**a  p. 1*4ftm a art
Tiat*   iafafg J.rniAk/.ftt a/taA    Urntw.ataJat.amj**
tna.t And    tratt   at    tAa     t.trrtt jkwtttH*  tott*'
ftr-J-rtttm^aat,,jArt ttfl,  tt
- ■ /It/t.'.ATtt.
tramU/)i,t   ,U   **a  aftia   m**_£ ^Utm   *-»•.,»
rtttrtt   ta lia   Ca*ai,am /YtrtA tStt. lit mtm*t*t*u
jr'** *.*,'A li*J.,.,ttitt  J*   a4mtmtttt.mtttlt.atfa
n* Ijtk* f.-**..i    fiif**, ti.a.i4*ra~aJ /!}*.,*.,■/,.  HaJ.iU
t.m.   tatywatJ , matt ja'*t ttmmtt.m H„ m,+i/**-J**J mm • ■
ta.t ,l**aj*a*, „„_>/.,__'/,//.■. t.Jrt t*t t**t,./,~~.,/.* .'*
-.-t/.4**-,,ai  ttt..»f
■\ x     tfi-A  \ I /    /fi/ST/t/cr .
to the
L IflC
Wholesale Commission Merchants & Manufacturers' Agents.
The Luinsilcn Rolla-r Mills
The Wapella Roller Mills
Lever Hrolliors ".Sunliglit Sonp"
Dalton Brotlicrs "Dish-iowel" Soap
The Vof-el Pacl-ing Co.
The Illiiirinore Lime Mfj,'. Co.
Fruit and Produce of all hinds.
The Manitoba Cimiiiii(j Co.
Tlie W. & R. Jacob Co., Ltd.
lllaiimlt Miiiinrnntiiroraa
The Ciuelph I'oundry Co., Lid.
The "Arnuii" Co., Ltd.
The Mo>ie Mill .V Lumber Co.
The Hygiene Kola Wine Co.
BOX   363,  CALCjAKY,   ALTA.
Correspondenoo Sjlicited.
P. 0
^^rm^^Ui&^SMI I_lI*_*_f»''M^
THE LEDGE, FERNIE ,-B.L, ji;i.V .2,  1905
Municipal OwnerHhlp
Thai so fnr from being a blessing
wherever introduced, public owner-
-Bliip would be a gigantic curse in the
'United States in lhe revised opinion
which Mr. Jaines Dalyrmple is taking
back with him lo Glasgow. The Scottish engineer who came out to Chicago
4o give the corporation of lhat city ad-
-vicc-on the organization of ils street
.railways as a municipal undertaking
brought with liiin a profound conviction that the Glasgow way of doing
these things was the best way possible. He probably still thinks il is—for
Glasgow, but he is absolutely convinced that il is not for Chicago and
still less for Philadelphia. Willi norlh
country blunlness, he gives his reasons
-/ery directly.
To put street railroads, gas works,
telephone companies, etc., under municipal ownership, he says, would be to
create a political machine in every
Jorge city that would be simply impregnable. These political machines
are already strong enough, with iheir
.control of policemen, firemen and
.other office holders. If in addition to
this they control lhe thousands or men
.employed in the great public utility
(Corporations, the political machines
.would have a power that could not be
overthrown. I came to this country a
bclia-vvsr in public ownership. What I
have seen here , and I have studied the
situation carefully, makes me realize
thai private ownership under proper
.conditions is far better Tor the citizens
of Americac lilies.
tered into tlie musical competition.
The braves and their wives and families from the most reunite parts of the
province will also come to "N'ew Westminister by their own primitive modes
of i-nnvcynnrp and In some of tlii'in this
means perilous trips by .water that cannot be made in less than about two
While here the Indians will be
guests of the government and the management of the fair.
council have stock in the Light, Heat
and Power company. It would'be interesting to know how many paid for
their holdings and how many did not.
—Toronto News.
Gii-ls. Don't Flirt
liver since the world began woman
has occupied the enviable position of
being sought after. Man has placed
her on a pedestal and has been content In worship her and work for her
nnd woo her. Just as long as she
keeps her womanliness she will keep
her place on the pedestal. When she,
ol her own accord, climbs down, making herself easy of conquest, and therefore less desirable, she is in danger ot
losing her place on the pedestal for
good and all. The girl who flirts and
has men following her and speaking to
her is laboring under the mistaken idea
that she'is receiving attention. Well',
so she is; but it is attention of a most
objeelional sort and is dangerously
near insult.
He was a Dimo in
Jn an address to a woman's club,
Francis Wilson, apropos of high prices
at lhe theatre, said:
High prices would indeed be baneful
if they always brought out a man's
■worst nature as they did in the case of
an elderly janitor. Me was complaining to a .friend of the theater's rapacity.
Last week, he said, me and the wife
started oul to see "Her One Sin" and
.when I laid down 50 cents for two seal;.
in the top gidlery, the tickei-sellcr said
lie wanted 30 cents more- because during the engagement of the One Sin
company the lop gallery prices was ad-
* vanced from a quarte,r to 40 cents.
,'V. ,;0.fjcourse, said  the janitor's  friend,
.you didn't-ago in.
7;V,*6h"yes,-1 went in, said the janitor,
"jut 1 sent the wife home, and so, thru
'he theater's blamed greediness, I put
■1 dime in my pocket.
Indians from nil Over
The Man who Payetli Not
In Texas a dishonest young man
married or unmarried, has a puddin'
when il conies lo gelling things without paying for them. There is no law
compelling him to liquidate and hegne.-.
scott free. Without a mortgage there
are no legal processes for collecting a
debt from an unprincipled person. The
merchant is mis-led by good appearances, holy pretentions and lodge membership. Il has gotten to the point
where the young man with the spot
cash is the only honest one, and those
who have no property or responsible
relatives in thc community should not
be trusted. To merchants and landladies wc say: Plant not your trust
upon the shifting sands of au extravagant youth who has no regard for the
truth aud brazenly confronts his cred--
itors with smiles. -Beware of the man
wh" laughs when you ask him to pay
He never pays. The one who gels
m.-id and wants to fight will pay. for he
he has some sense of honor which you
have hurt. The man who laughs is
devoid of honor.
Success nuggets do not lie scatlercd
aboul the surface soil of the business
gold mine. Work hard, relentless,
pick and shovel work alone unearths
life's greatest prizes,
Just as the diamond lies-hidden in
the mountain cave— jusl as the pearl
rests miicc'iled in the ocean's bottom,
so success' lies dormant and beyond
reach of him who does not strive to secure it.
Opportunities, like precious jewels
are all about us. Dut only effort-
steady, ceaseless, whole souled effort—
can dig them out and secure their
Quit scraping over the value of your
business chances; quit remaining content with the pay-dirt on the outer
edges of your commercial prospects.
There is a nugget in every opportunity
—if you only dive deep enough to gel
And don't merely dig without aim
or method. Just as the miner assays
his claim before he sinks his shaft, so
should you probe each business possibility before you begin lo work it.
First locate your claim—your main
chance. Then prove it. Then plan
your system to work it. Then take off
your coat and —DIG.—Commercial.
"Wlinn vou .Brnol.'. a c\<;,..
seo thnt it in UNION made. 1
Rliie Prize', Henry Vane, Cmif-ilni'- nml !
Havana Ark Cigars arc Uiiioii (Inuilsj
mado bv. |
Wii,nlj.. „. Man.
Ki*prc-.cntc'l lay GEGliGB HOHTO.N.
Mount Fernie Lpdge No. 47
I. 0. ^^^^ 0, F.
Meets   ev rv   Friday evening at   .S
p.m. in I.O.O.F. Hall.
T. Beck, P.G..R.S.
Barber1,. -•
,   ...D.S.,
L. T. W.   Block,   opposite  the   Bank
Ofliaifc hours—8 u.in. to 8 p m.
Stick at the old, well known
Reliable Reliance  Cigars
Aberdeen Block,  NELSON,
Ya!   Ya!
Next aioair to Cftlunry Cattle Co
Ross & Alexander
Oniio. In L. T. W.'Iiluck, Vlctorl". Avenue.
Work of All Kinala.
V .■. I S-.ra.--t
Elites Hon-".-. ' !...
Begging in London
It is calculated, says London Tit-
Hits, that 4,000 persons make a living
in London by begging, and that their
average income amounts to about 30s.
a week, or over -6300,000 a year.
Last year, 1,525 persons were arrested
for begging in the streets of whom
more, than 1500 were sentenced to terms
of imprisonment" varying from one
week to three months. Many of these
objects of charity were found in possession of sums of money, and even of
bank-books showing very handsome
Through various Indian agents and
roissionaries representatives of nearly
all the British Columbia tribes, the
fact that the nonunion Fair is to be
held at New Westminster this year has
become widely advertised among the
Indians of the province and the presence of thousand? of them on the banks
ofthe Fraser during the great National
exhibition is already assured.
The Fair management has set aside
$2500 for prizes for Indian exhibits and
sports and these promises lo be something doing in lively fashion among
the redskins every day of the big faiir.
The sports will include all sorts of
canoe races on the river, foot and horse
races and tug of war on land in which
the females as well as the males will
Ten Indian bands have   already  en-
Money is King
The best thing that could happen
.Montreal would be a party tight turning on the question of municipal bood-
ling, but there cannot be such a fight
while liberal capitalists and conservative capitalists together hold thc purse
strings. It is no great wonder that
the Montreal Light, Heat and Power
company with all these political and
financial ramifications is able to control
the city council and to terrorize the
Where bribery is practised it is not
so much straight cash transactions as il
is insidious appeals to the aldermanic
pocket. Stock speculations or stock
presented ns a gift to aldermen, fat
coniracts, deadhead services of all
kinJs, these are the present attentions
that make Ihe Light, Heat and Power
company strong with the City Council
It would be interesting to know today
how many   aldermen   of   the   present
Ing-et-.-joII on Marring1.
I regard marriage as the holiest
institution among men.. Without the
fireside there is no advancement, without the family relation there is no life
worth living. We sometimes hear of
unhappy marriages. Well, that is
the fauit of the people, not thc institution. Every good government is the
family, and everything that tends to
destroy the family, is infamous. I
believe in marriage and hold in utter
contempt the opinion of long h lired
men and short haired women who denounce the greatest ambition any man
can possess is to live and so impose
himself in heart and brain as to be
worthy ofthe love of some splendid
women, and the grandest ambition
that any girl can have is to make herself worthy ol" some mngnilicant man.
That is my.idea. There is 110 success
without marriage. You had better be
emperor of one loving heart and her
empress of yours than be king of all
the world.—Hob Ingersoll.
A Summer Suit
IS prr.bahlv tho proper
caper a*t this tinu-
of the ye'ir. If you
have a desire.ia. thnt
II. W. Hkrciimeii. Sii'.iin'ooiJ Hkiiciimkh
Herchmer & Hercurner
IURIU.STl'RS,   soLinr.    S,   ETO
Ofllav.a ov«i 1'. Humi i Co's blocl;. Victoria ave
L. P. Eckstein
B.uiuistku-at-Law,    Soucnoit,   Etc.
Ci-ilnWt Block,   Fc-nle, B. C.
Kennv& McLeod
Fa C. La toe
Post Ollice Block, 1-Vrnie. B. C.
!               PROVINCIAL ANI)
!                     DOMINION
j               LAND SURVEYOR
: Office :  Molt, Son & Co., L.T.W. Block
Feknii* ISritish Columbia
The Reliance Cigar Factory,  Ltd.,  Montreal, Que.
First maker ofthe " Flor de Bahama," '* Rosebud," and
"General Arthur" since 1876 ; over 27 years in existence.
Walter Crone, Western Representative.
If you are looking for Fif-liing, Lathing
Hunting, Boating or Glacier Climbing, go to
New Denver and .stop- a few davf*. weeks or
months at the Xtnvm-trk'-t Ilnti'l wiili Henry
allege. Home cooking, and the finest beverages
in the world, including water. Write or wire
for rates.
fjenry Stcge
newmarket fiotel
Ittw Denver
Portland, - Ore.
Provincial Land Surveyor
Lands ami Mineral ClaimeSurveycd
and Crown Granted.
I'D. Jt.ix.vj. Ofiiiu: Kootenay St.. Nol-a 11
Havo'one of tbeir largest stores in Fernie.
L„mb_ Yeal, Fresh and Smoked Fish.
j_ urn 11ure ana
j Undertaking:
I I5ar_rains in
I Wall Paper
j Two complete si-ts of Bar Fixtures, otic
British I'i.-ite Mirror-IHxlW inches, new,
Letter I'rrssi:.-.. Billiard anil Pool Tablet?
; lash I'e<--'.-ters and other specialities,
ll.-a.it ■Hrrli'r."   Ra>i-eivo   Prompt   Attention.
R. Elliott, Kaslo, B.C.
$    Fresh Fish constantly arriving  I
© ■fc/-aV**V-"i^'*&.-aV-**w-V_/_^ _/*_'*_/_'_^ •
J. R.Cameron
Is the tailor to °-o to when
you want a summer
Verdict of .Juds'e, Lynch
How did Ihe trial ofthe alleged horse
thief end? asked the stranger from
the effete east.
Oh in the usual manner, replied thc
landlord of the Arizona village inn.
The defend.uu was left in suspense.
June 1 to Oct. 15
. r,oi,l •> .7'i; alalia! ami Silver "U.'K.
I t.tii't .".'> i iMil.-ilver. i-as-i-ier l.._
1 Sn.in|,!i..* lay   in-ill   ra-.viva.'   pr.'iiai't  alta;ntion;
I'hciT li ■lit.   It.'t.art.-. itr-.i'.   Rii'li'O-w'Bajiii-ht
Svnal I'.ir Fne Jhiilia -• K v*  anil Price List. <
IT".". Ariiiuiliiae St..   D.-iikt, Colo.
'^!S_0^2_\Su\t oi Clothes
He has the nobbiest suitings
to select from/and the fit and
workmanship is the best
■FOR' :B_q_3r_D:   TRIiP
.Tickets on Kile from June let to
September MOth, and limited to ninety
days from date of sale—hut not later
than November 30th. Stop livers will
will be allowed at any point in either
direction within limit aif ticket.
A fee of. tifty cents wiii he charged
at Portland for extension I.etuni Ticket.
Ja-h-'sSia'an. Agent
e. w. wieeewsos_
tl.-l-a' :i--:a_\vr Xl 1-a.U J-Ilaa IttTI .
ll.ai.i. Siil,-: ,-,!• I..»fa-i   ,':t-:i .-I.i'i
■ a.'ul>!'a.'r..'..   ■-!.''"■ '       li.,1 :—ill.---. -I ."*'
..Clinre.'-. !».' ••ih.r i:aa,.i>- .,11 :a| ; • 11 •.-111 i. > 11
P. O. I>raiM.'i !!•> I'lioiiis A'*,T
Order your Summer suits now. Natty
Suitings now arriving.
V. P. Liebscher,
Sllvertoa's Bass Tailor
The Smelter Trust
(Tin- American SmeltinK and RetininR Co.)
•      CREAM
cents  a pound  c&n
25 cents a haii pptind can
Dr. Price's Cream Bilking Powder is made from
pure Cream of Tartar derived from grapes, .'.-.a. tlius
combines the highest leavening strength with the
greatest purity and healthfullness.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder is thc most
economical to use, because it goes farther in leavening and insures perfect, wholesome food.
It Saves Money and Saves Health
H. D. Talbot
Manufacturer and Dealer in all
kinds of li^lit. and heavy harne.-8
tin rn ess tiiuile to order on short
Colhir.i, Hriislif!», Combs, Whips,
Simps. All kinds of harness parts
on hand.
Mining harness n specialty.
2 Doors South lioma Holial.
U   A   SHAVE, 4,
*    SHAMPOO ^
U   0R   BATH <$,
Al a lll'.M'
Lewis &l Clarke
N'ow's your dinmv.
Cheapest aud IvM in !;"ernii'.
Ilest lit .md Iv.-t equipped >tudi.> in town
Cabinets :? ■ to S5 a .la'/en
/.' Cabinet .< *o   -(
Carte do Visile .' t.'   ,;
Sl.talip 1'iia'aai-.   .-.• s   la' t'l      ,,
Flash lights, cnl-ii-^inn and copy in j;
done. Doiit forj-e; the.address., opposite tho Methodi-t siuireli.
J, F. Spalding
Is capitalized   for   Si50,000,Oaio.     Its
assets amount to only abont Sjo,000,000
 . _ . 1 —yet it forces the miner to pay divi-
[dends on $130,000,000 of water.
1 ENRY  0      NdRSERIES!     *■■■•-"■««*'-• Weekly will showthe.„iner
I how to escape from this Octopus.
!     Send for a a-onv of the issue of March
j 4th, iqo.v    Address—
New  Crop  Now   in Mock
lli.ttiH Kraissu .-iii-l ImisorU'at *
CiAUI-KN. FlKl.li 1111.1 KI.OU'KU  SKEl>S
W'li.il.i.ila- aai:.!   Iti'tiail
S|a,.i-i:il  IViia-. I,,  I'lirniiT*.- InstitiitHs
'riii.ii-tiii.I.-. aaf   Kauai   an;-!   Ornaiin-ntiil Tre.'a
Itllaialllatl'llllrailw.        |-,,<h^,        {irasi'nliousa* I
uml   llnrila   rlntitsi a
liaiw  icrtawiii^   ila   li:v ltr.r*-ri,'>  f'T
S[.ril.i:   I'I:. I.til.a*
Kii.ati'i-11 |>ri'-e.» or la'.-.. Whit,. l.iil„,r
kkiitii.isi-:_s_ii::i: civk** .*. s*.:pi,i.ik.s. .
Viim-imvi-r, B.C.       ;
noil)   Wi'ltlllillsstl-r  Itiailll.
Geopjje's Weekly,
Denver, Colo.. U.S.A.
Several Thousand
Shares of
\lt. HKYi.ANP. Kai--ti:aor 111.1t I'rovlnrlal
,    I.hihI Mirvi'vnt.    K-.SI.D
'PUK KASl.O Hn.'l'l.i'   !>a>*l". 1- tli.> la-aa.l
-■■    ini- lint, I iu 1U ■ •:■
U',1,1 I! J.  I'AF'W'-lltrM
r|*llK   KII.I!i:l!l'   li"i:r   in S.ir.'!„t> i-  th-i .
A     |H.:a.|:|li'l.la-  I ;'riia.'!:.-r-a;,i(lla-l'lty    AppIV    tO
..llSltv.-r. lal-NM   ,i'.\   \t 1   ia I'I a \ , t*r<>l-        j l   '      "
 *         «< ■ .       .   -     -
l|t.|,i:iili   1IIHI.I..   '■ aim.     All  niaatarn'
ill   liii'.r.'aaiiiei.f-.   > .mi'la- r„..ui* In ciun-i-- j
.iili.   Tlaa.'o..h larsl-a I.i-- la. ta-l i.a \ inir. .
KIN. AY M>-l.K"li, l'iai(ii'..tair.    |
[•or sale at all times excellentf
sand for plastering".   Best
sand i'n the country.
fining S_o_k
For SaB3
-   -     - - ■<*- -■ ■    ■ - ■ -
tt, Son <i Co.
PKKM'I.V*' 11 o 1' s I-:. NK.l.s'iN      Kur.a^Hn
I    n-..il Aiiwrli'iiii lilnii.   .M^'al.-a. ».'.i-iants. Huaiiii*,
r in i! i- ii|, id tl    Oa.lv   wl.lfa' lull' i'iii|a|.ij-f>il. ;
... PSante, j
No. 55, Old Tcwn
 | L.T.W. Block, Fernie, B.C.
r in i: i- ii|, ii» tl    Oa.lv   aarl.lfH li.'lii fiii|.|.)jn>il. ;   _.  , , , .
N.'tlllllL' aa-lt.i-a-illi. II'   Ilia-   I't.alY   a'aa-a'M 'In-i«»llt ;   fl  I I   ' __.   _^_   ft   _.  I I   _  „.   ,    A-"Cnt
*__ v—»»."«''.t'.-■_'■_. bhootiriff (jtallery; *
J>AltTI.**TT lli'l'SF.   f rmrrlv  thn Ct.ark CJ J
I)    Mlla.-la.al -I .a aiu ll'l-'l   III   N'laasn.     Huh- !„.,,
.3 m Fa-mi-' tor T. G. Proctor, Nelson
riiiii. hi<i|i i'iii|ii.i.M'ii.   u   w. nAim.r.TT
■nii.rl raar.
Wl5s3li.-"ialO    M.-ai-ollUlltH.
STATEMENTS tr;;::!,..v:^::;;r„:,::!;:
rpilK MONTi'i'iMKIIY  a'.i . I.t'l..  Wlinli-nl.-
■A    M,ii,it'in'liir..r.-.   «' ■-»>-■ ».-•■ .--amf.<,-ti.ni.ry.
Fir full p.-irt'i'iitiir-., tii!;cts, lirst
a'lnss nr tourists plivpiiij; car I'iv-it
\;itiaiiis.    Apply to laii'iilaj:i"it.
It.   llrinliiij.'
A'.'i'iit at I'Vtnlo,
.1 S I'.itt.T, P.I' A .        I'. .1,1'aiyli', A ll i1 A.    I   V    A.    Mt-IIH.V.»l.l),    Wl-aala'arilo l>«\la'f  in
Nt-Uain, Viuii   .iva'r   fj .   KruU, Ni't-,m. III'.
sJJTAKKlTv~iv t'O., U llnl. US A 1,1-: PI'.AI,-j
--» crat In lliill'T. Ka.-<'. CIw* . t'l'-alano mill .
Fruit, Nial.-iiii. II I"
Ilaviiifi; opened a shooting
gallery in the Heck bhvl*, next
to the bowlin/,' allev, we sa'lia it
the trade of all who dcli_;ht in
the pleasure-* of 111.itl--.iii.iit-
ship. Call in and take ai -.hot
or two.
V3ncon«: &. Nulty
nil I     UCAnt?   «H "i'e"  in in amy is^i^l'a
DILL ncAUo .m-i.-.ii..r* an ,„,v», v.,
a, pi-, |.,,.i. i" .'ii-    y.m .'an fiir   j rnrir
li.lvi.la    ll.T'aa   flit I   "Ul    I'V    IflC     LCUUL
_,-_ ■tV^-*aV*aV*a*> _.*tV-lJV^ *a*y-|V_.-_^lf
*i....a^s.,|a,, y ."aa|a-a, ajj'.J
^'■ll   i.""la"-
,' i,laa«JH''|.|a|i| i.i1,1!!, p
i,i..»aaia.al*jj'a',Js.a|i|iailiaB>;-s-as.a|V'...ii.jj1j,yts ^fVi%*/-mi>*_>\
rl„'., >*, _tesA„. »aj«TOnam,a»IM___s^_y,P_^,CT__.i™w._
ggpp^ppia^^ '       i'i .'...-..—~"—~~ '       A Ai'. ;=* :"W~i"viv?|
' "     V-'-;..:.r,.'.,-.-,'.-.'.''-'-'-:':'-"--,''.."'.-:.': .'.-■■'■'   ■>-'■", .■''','.-        •.-■.'■'■. .■V.l"-..' .': ■.' .•■'.'-.'■■■- . .'.:.-' ;':.':-.-.'■:'-'■. :     ■ .''.■ ■ .■..:''..- ': ■■•■■■;.■■■ .'... - . .,, '      ■ ■■     ,, ".-.■■   ' .  -       .....-■...'.. .. '.Va'i-_(l
- ®i&m *
■_ _ v..
s-  / fc«»
I  ,C»%*
i  _*■
1  ll       —
a? Si.li
ffi'rt*.* fa
*___. lEDe^p^^r-e, g.c, jaLy a, '-m
be Canadian Bank of Commerce
Head Office. -'TORONTO'
°aid-up Capital - - $8,700,000 Rest-'. .->^3,500.000
Special intention is directed to thc following Advantages offered by
Our Savings Bank.
deposits of Si and np-f'.-j/ds received, and Intercut allowed at Curren.t Rates.
Interest is aijded cp Hit Deposit TWICE in each year, at the'end of May and
Novembe^-'   TW Depositor is subject to no delay whatever ii> the withdrawal
of the whole or any portion of the deposit-.
$_.-. A FT**\    P'-ysil-'****•>■* par-s of CANADA, THE UNITED STATES,
pi\r\l   j O   GREAT'   BRITAIN-  AND   fcUROPE   Bought   and   Sold
at Lowest Rates. .  '   • .    . ''
«:  _)_,.
FaDDITIOI-AL locals \
The Swedish anny has been called to
V C. C. Wright, the jeweler lias moved
fnto Furdy's old stand. ■
■.;.'• Kenny & McLeod alwav. have room
/or one more order.
A. J. Purdy moVed   (he   balance   of
I'lis s't'ock to his new store on Monday.
:   I. E. Covert has received  the  contract for' painting the Trites-Wood  Co.
>_ Smoke a K. K. C. cigar and gee the
Jights glimmer on the golden shqre of
.satisfaction. •
A. W. Bleasdell w'ril occypy a store
fn the C N. f. Co block'when it is
,coniplefi.»ij^.. *■
W. )." fj$fe'_ell has fitfe-j his window
., *A*ith a- ft'j>)*_lsonie display of £ "unaware
.Imported from England.
fioiiscs are scarce in Frjs'rrk owing to
the activity caused by the erection of
the smelter.
Masterson, Griffith &V €c, Trout
Lake, have all the syppKeS needed by
lumber camps and ijarinC-.
P. G. M.'Glass vof Winnipeg assisted
at the installation of officers in the
lO-ldfellow's hall on Friday evening.
TheC. N, J. Co. will move into
their new store on Augus*. j 2 ■••ith a
stock of goods treble the aifi'ount now
-The Royal Seal, is one. of the most
celebrated cigars in B. C. Ask the
'barkeeper for one when next you line
•jp to tlie' bar
T. & fifAY,'.Manager
Surprise your friends by getting a
new suit at Kemiy &. McLeod.
Revolutionary risings have occurred
in 3000'towns and villages in 5outhe.-:.
Geo. W. Carruthers can make you- a
suit of .clothes that will just suit the
.picnic season.'
The glorious Fourth's, cerebration
casualty list this year totales up 1(2
killed and 2,431 injured.  '
A cricket club of 30 members was
formed on Monday -evening. Messrs
Spalding, Morgan and Hovvbrook
were appointed an organizing : commit-1
tee*. J. F. Spalding was deputized to '
solicit funds for the club from bpsiness
men of the. city.
V thUliuiitlluB, iii.ortcir.it. tlm ruto or One
cent n v.-ord each in,.a.rt'an.  - .
t_i:a oftico,
A   -1 llOltSK I'OVVEU O lSO_LS'_E_G__*.
„ _   ' Apply nt tliia otncti. I
O    tf OT*j   WITH   BUI|,urNOS ON  HOW-
«iJ>   tt-4 laud Avoiiiio.n'iilUrthoFornioBrewory
Apply to N. Kltnuinuii
v»liunoa',Guiilo nnd lirt-v.  CoitiVZ but
iv 111 noil for «sl5,      Goo. W. Currutliym.
mid two up to-illito Kscpross.WuKoiiii.
„l K-oudi. in PTlmn condition,, and Prices
Kolisomiblo. Kelson Kro]Kliting.on.l Tiun.f
aiorliition Co. Nolson,Btl -	
A]>Iily to A. I'eek J-'orniai. - 1
the l'-ilut-u .Msat Miirkut on Victoriiv uv-
einio to rout, Sultalilc lor olticod or buoholtir
qiiKrturs.   Apply to P. Burns &. &*.
__ p.      ■  --v ai        _ fl .  IT^^..'Uam      -c-xr-SII
/llie   JtSctflK    Ul     llttllllllOil       VVllx
open on Saturday July 15th, from 7
till 9 p. m, Interest allowed on Savings Bank Deposits of $1 and upwards.
ai.a'y h® a tajjood ps^oposstSot!.
A Thrilliiife'Climb
Last Sunday one of the most thrilling eiimhs ever* made in B. C. was
urftfc-'tal-en to the cave on Hosmer
nVoiffl-aJn by Messrs Forsyth, Baldrey,
V"_1uiYie,: Miller, O'Neil, Sleinmon, and
Glendenning-. The s,tart was made
from Fernie at 4 a. m. and the party
returned at 7.30 p. m. Many people
have tried to reach tire cave and
fa'ded. Forsyth and J3aldrey claimed
to have succeeded last* fall but their
word was doubted until Sunday', proof
was found.thai they had gof there as
stated. The party on Sunday hunfj a
white cotton banner across the " cave.
The cave is 60 feet wide, 90 feel
high and iop feet long. The hist 200
feet of the clinih was a feat that few
.._..._ ^ would care to'iry.    11 was around the
During till-week the Fernie wealh- steep mountain on a little narrow shelf
.    --   a.  i-.._   „.„*   oj-_,i.-P  7,-rr..    -*—,:...t.i-u,_'A;,l-_..i a,***'car*   »r=- a
NOTICE is hereby <?ivon  tliat 30 dnya aft^ir
ahitel infajtiit to make uppllcntion to the
oliier comnaisaioner or Lu-nds mul WorksfoiJtt
.-.pi-ci'll licuiise to ont and carry aavuy tlmb'or
from the lolloiving* described laudai situated
011 Boundary Creek, West Kootenay District
No. 1.  Coinmencitiii libout 10 miles   --eat of
Kootenny river at   n post adjoining   the
northwest cnrniir post ol A .'J.McGiiiro'A No.
funnrkedNo IE. MulliindtiinfriiorthenHtcorner thBUCVsmittiHOcbiains thence wuat ulsanp
Iiiturii-tiotml boundary  80 chains, ; tlionuo
laairtb 811 cli'iiiiM, thence  eaat  83ohaiti8 to
•  place of bei;iuning.'
No. 2. Commencini- attv pout adjoining the
Northwe.-*t corner of No.l, marked No.2 ■■': E.
Miillnndiiinp northeast corner, thence south
Siolinips, tiienoa west alonf- International
lioiUnliiiy line .81) chains, thence north 8.,
t'h'A'-iia'thence east tiC chains to place ofbe-
Xo. al. "CoxnmtTnoing at a post adjoinini? the
Jiorthen.it uoinpr of Xo. n.inarkod No. 8 E.
.M.itluiia'.iiiii^iiouthenst corner, thence north
Su chains, thence v._it 80 chains, thence
[south 80chains, thihlce east 80 chains'to
pluce of beginning.
Xo. i- Commencing at a post adjoining the
northwest corner of No. ». markeat No.-I E,
Malliaiidaine southeast corner thence north
is.) chain.-!, I hence •west 80 chains,
tlieuue south 8.1 chains, thenco east 80
uhnins to place of beRiniiin"*.
Xo. 5. Commeni'iiiR at a .post adjoining tho
ssoutlieast corner of No. 4, niurked No 5 E
.Vallancbilne niartlii-aait corner, thence south
Hlctniins, thence west along International
boundary line 80 chains, thence north 8'J
chains, t'hencu east 80 chains to place of be
Xo,fi. Commencing at a port adjoining the
tiorthwe.sr, corner pf N9.5, marked No>. la E.
Mullandaine northeast'eorner. thence so-tii
Poor Printing
Pays Poor Profits.
We get out a class of Printing that is-superior  to  the
general run.- : :': :
That's why we're' kept busy.
• Do we do your work ?
Gond Printing Pays
vVedogood Printing.-
.* Try us with your next order
•   •' —The Led*g_.
g^atch 'em alive ro
*"        TANGLEFOOJ
Sticky Fly Paper
'HI 'em dead 'o
1   ., 1  •
Remember this brand of
Fly Poison paper
It is the Best.
Everybody says that our Pfe-re ®ofi_! Greant._-*y'
_Saa__e_'1 is the best,
Try it and be convinced.    35 cents a pound.
New Potatoes, Turnips) Beans, Peas,, Cabbage
Prompt Delivery        -      -
t-t **
«* K -*-
g ° §
The People's Grocer,   P.O. Block,  Fernie
daaiaa»...»..'.  D>,. ,,u«. ...vwv	
Su'cliniiiB. thi-nce Wast  a lout; International
bniiiidary  line S) en : "   —'
l>UI,iaa_,,„H   .. ^_„..._    .  r.
er has been k lo'nR ivaj' above zero,
the ice man has Riven away a smile
..Kith every .chunk of congealed water.
The King EJwanl Hotel occupies a
prominent position in Ferjiie only a
step or two froiji tjie C, P. R. depot,
jjEija. camthltni }r "-yj-jneifS houses in
JMie citj*.
The' Kootenay at Sandon  has  not
!ocked llie door for nine years. Right
landy for strangers when tjjey're out
ate, and crfrfnot trade their thirst for
The increased lead dutifcs slioulJ
}iave a beneficial effect upon the §lo-
/_tn. • If that district capnot do busi-
pess now it might as \»re}i di.e, and
have a cheap funeral.
 .■--* .    .    ■_."..._- *»■ _'■_   j
Merchants are complaining in Fernie aboul the electric light service.
Qn dark afternoons and in cellars they
have to. use lamps or Candles, and think
lhat they pay enough to .entitle them
to 11 better service. The city should
lisive an electric light system of its own.
D. D. G. M., O. N. $qss assisted
hy other grand officers' installed lo
jheir respective stations lhe' following
pfficcrs in Mount Fernie Lodge No. 47
I. O.O. F. P. Vanduscn, N.*Gj T.
White V. G; Thos. Beck, Rec. Secy;
O.N. Ross, Fin. Secy; I. E. Covert,
Treas. The financial report shows the
l.idgc in a good: flourishing^ cowlitioi*.
After the installation the inorribefs ad
jourucd to Slinn's for re'fresliine'nl^
o"vi' •-.- -..        . ..
of rock which required great care as a
false step meant certain death pn the
jagged rocks far below. Photos were
taken of the cave, but some of the
party woulO not repeat the trip for $100
a iiyiiute. Thc suspense has too tearing effect upon the nerves.
A QueOaV'Senso
Nothing is 'rppre offensive- on a
beautiful morning than (he approach of
a man who has been drinking. The
odor of alcohol,that emanates from him
is a thing the sense of smell will not
pardon. Yet let us take ourselves beforehand one little sip of alcohol, and
we*do not ge(. {he tiniest whiff of the
other nran's afo'nTa. ;
Tlie speaker, whp AvorUed.in a garbage converting plant lighted a cigar
and resumed?
Where I am employed wc take crude
garbage and convert it into soap.
The smell at our converting mill,
where we boil the garbage and squeeze
out the oil, is a very sweet, licorice-
like smell, and the new hands can't
stand It. They get deathly sick.
But after the first week they don't
.notice it at all. It smells the same to
[them in the garbage mill as out of
Y_tf  know thc odor of an    onion
'eater.. .-.V.'hy.V 23: :i .that,... if yoiT have
(.'rtten yourself,a bit of onion, you can't
detect this odjir on him.
baiunilary line ai aiu'alnn, thence north 80
chains, thence eaat 80 chains tu place of beginning.
Xo. 7., Commeniin-j at a-'po-A ailjoinini* thc
northe8iati.co.-:i-:r 6f Xo. 6, marked No. 7 E.
Mullanduino .southeii.-st corner, thence north
■■ ■ bl) ehainn,. thence  went to aihaina, th'encc
aouth 80 chains, thence east 80 chains to place
of beginning.,
Staked and dated'^une Soth.
Agent for A J. JlcUaire & Co.
NOTICE ii herehy given that 30 dava after
.late 1 intend tc. make applicatiorl to the
chief oomnin.siouet of hands nnd Works for a
special license so ont. ami carry away  timber
from the followinc do.aerihod lands, situated
on Boundary creek. West. Kontunay District,
Xo. 1.   Co-nmeni'inf* nhont 6  mile'  -*eat of
Kootomay river at a post  planted  on   the
nortli side of Bunndary creek, marked No. 1
A.     J.     Jlcftnire      northwest ,     thence
south &l chifiaiM, thence west along Interna-
tioniariiounatary line tn chalnn, thence north
83 c)*ains, thence euast 80 chains tu point of
commencement,       . ^ a   v
-Jo...  Comnionein-r at _a   pout due west   1
mile of the noitl>we-f- corner of Nn. l marked No . A'.• J   Jlcliuire-!>outhv-eat corner,
tneuce north «.)ctiaiii!),'thoueeeaHt Wchains,
thence i-oiitli »'i chain.-a, thence west8iJchuin»
to place of cumulence-acnt.
No,S.   Commenf in-at a post adjoining the
p  southwest corner of No. 2, marked No S A. .1
McGuire northwest curner. thence south fJO
,  chainh,   thence  cost  alon-- Intornationiill
bonmt.iry   W:  ohainj,     thence    north  8;i I
ctiains, thence ivest 60 chains to placo of beginning. ;_:/.■'"
Nu  I    Commoncin-- ut a po.it ailjoinin-- the
noi-Hi-A-eit etfrner of No. 3, marked No. 4  A.
J. aUctVaiii-e tid-tlieiist corner, thence south
K-'clmina, tlicn'ce aloni- International bonn-
Unry wi-sttfialiialii)- thence north 81 chains,
thence east_H0 chains to place of commencc-
No ti.. Comm.incin-r at a-.post dne aa'ost 1
mite of thn northwe-it corner of No. 4
rnarked No ii A. J. McGuire northwest ooi-
tacr. thence  south Ki  chains,  thence east
; nlont-' International boundary lino 8 ichaine
thence north Hi) chi*,ins, thence west 8>
chuiii.a to place of coinroencemont.
No. II Commencini- at a post adjoining the
northaa'e-t cnrnor of No. 5. marked No, 8. A.
J. McOuire soiithavestcpnior, thence north
mi chainii, iheiicu "eait 81 chains, thonce
so.ith 81 chaina, thence \ve:,t 80 chains to
ptnee of commeiicemeut.
Itiiked ami dtata^l June 3 th.
A. .1. MsOUIRE
For A. J. McGuire „ Co.
.    Singer
Sewing Machines
These machines arc now belnc snid
at lower prices, quality considered,
than any other, cither for cash or
; on instalment  of  $3  per  indhth.
N_eedi.es .and On, for Sale.
Sewing    Machines . Repaired   or
J. P. Houlalian,
FERNIE, B. C. •"      Agent
Graduate of iliirty-oi-rht years experience.
Laughlio Fountain Pens
Jloore's        „ „
Liquid Veneer.
a-i • r". ■ "2" >-•? in,. r,i*
Scott Ec Ross 1
!CB    70   to
A complete stock  of Coffins, Caskets, and
Burial Goods, afso Metallic Lined Shipping Cases
g Parlors in the TV Beck Block
Victoria Avenue §
I have haiught ont the business of Mr. J. C
Hutchlsou, Morohant Tailor, --& Ior the
balance pr this month am  offering special
indac«m«nts. ..
Suits Made to Order
at Reduced Prices..
Oome in and have a look around.
I think ihave what you'd like.
J. Gar-mlchael
s      %
Example of Ike Walton
YOU CAjM PROCURE the necesBiiry
AiDS and
8 •       . «
[^ = — ■—
of a puir of Scissors is one lest of their quality. Every worlien is in nceil of a pair of Scissors, the
points of which will nip ft thread short vxi-\ clean; the blades of which arc true and slrafp} thc joints of
which being pcrfecUy adjiisled never work loose.
S IE3LlEj____a_ jE\» S
are a  revelation  to every one familiar with  the
ordinary kind; let us hnve'sin opportunity lo show you 'their good points.
See display in our windows. ■
:RT_r-__:_- oust P-A.^_t-_d___*^_t
especially on Table Cutlery. Every tenth purchaser will he-presented with a RING, choice of three
kinds,   on Saturday and Monday. ' -
Fmnm* u* -o.
'Phone 1. Opposite the Post Office.
Right in '.lie centre of the city.
■ C-'iP-
TS_© aJewaler
has moved into Furdy's old. (stand and ha*
now more convenient quarter,- In a*' '-'-  *-
display hU cholco Rtoek,"
Thii weok he la making a
Special drive on
Children's Summer Dresses, 3, ^
4, 5, up to 12 years. Gingham |
and Print Dresses, SailorDrcs- §
ses, light and dark colors.
8.5c, $1, .$1.50, -61.75.
Ladies' Shirt Waists, Under;
Shirts,   House   Dresses,  and-
§ Wrappers.
New   Styles.
In which to
Vin„n «et bi.> kind of a rin« you want,
from a plain gold ono up to a magnillcont
And thay Vo
aSI Good-
Ita a ultasuro to ohow thona stood-, and an in
vitatiain I., extended to all who appreciate
fine Jtw.tory, to c»ll and oxamine thorn.
E-*ive Stores
It. A. WRIOHT, Lothhri.lKH.
A. M. WItlOHT, Modlcino Hat.
D  W.WRIOHT, Itonth«irn.
p" \V, WRIGHT, I'rlnco Albert.
O. C. WRIOHT, I'urdy'iiOld Htand
FERMIE      -     -..   •     *     "     "      B,°'
Twitching Eyelids Trites-Wood Co., Ltd.
indica'te eyestrain.
The slightest hint of it
should not be neglected
We test eyes free of charge,
and recommend glasses only
when absolutely necessary.
A. G. Liphardt
Jeweller       Optician
Adorns tlie outer .tutu. >i>---
rnlscs tlie wearer in the
opinion of thc critical public
Geo. W. Carruthers
trKTIOW  3__V_3I0"1_
Cpov.'s   Wos*   Special
• , AND ■	
ft-Stier'a Favoi-Sio tDSgars
" GS_3i_S_ STOKE
Is   offering   as   a premium
to customers*"
NOTICE In lioriihy Klvon that SOdnvai afifir
ilnte I Intjnil to apply tn tho t.lcanico
C'oinmUialoiiorit faar tlio Feruio Me ncii DUtrlnt
for a triiriHfiir of my llconco tn ho 11 liquor hy
rotnll In tlio Australian Hota-l at Morrli-tay,
II C , to .lowph M. Stnphotm of Sforrlflainy.
Datod at Fornlo tlila 20th dnv of ,fitn-i, V.mh.
'PHONE 28 for Prompt Delivery.
Grocery Department g
.Leave your order.'- here for Preserving
VaV lune the Finest Clean Slock
Also ret'i-iveJ tn-dny direct from Fiictory—-
One Car St. .Charles Cream
One Car Jersey Civam
1   Buy from us and you get it fresh
and other Fruit find Vegetables in-Season
U'e have due lo-d-iy
One Car Armouns Hams&'Bacon
I'or a sample order, then you will want more
Don't forget us for Glass Fruit Jars when needed.
A'Full Stock of all Sizes on hand
sTones at
Fornie; F.ltcSaol, RlorrJssoy, CoaS Crook.
        .iiiiiiii.iii>iii__i_*_*h*iii  iifi-ii*nitr-rrrii 11 ' " ——~~*~«»«aM-^-------—__**pp_a»___i
Trites-Wood Co., Ltd;


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