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The Ledge 1905-01-11

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Full Text

 VOLl'Mli XII.,   Nl'.miiick  14
ruici-:, $2 a Year, in Advance
y.i.y.i.y.i.iii.y.i.y.i.iii.y.'.y.i.sii.ii'Ly.*,y.*~.i*.y.*y_y* *** *»*> ***.».- *■***»* *•*.»****•*
• ?£ /,V *'*V *'-'' •,*''' "^ *"*V '■"" ■"•* ''',* *■''*   ■"•>' '',* '•* 'iWW *i" U*ti^ti*'f'i* OTfia*?}
Vlv *•—•** •* -»      -*t—**■ *- *     * a      •*"—«•** a\J.    ^ Ja. .u—*7 'j;*;
AV .a.'*
WC . -* Vti
,"\i,y.i.sii,s,i.y.i,y.i,y.i,y.i.y.i,y.i.y.i.y,i. y.!,y,'_2ii.*ii.*-u *••> ****** *■''•■■''i *!£*•!»•*■!■'• i-ii
• l> -"IV *J,V /|V /J.V fl* tl* fl* *.* fi* ti* <-|»    'tis il. "tl*t'i*t'i*   'i'i"t'i*'ii*'tl*'tl\tl*fl* "fi*ti*
P-^'-n, *..
.Your Vnly ami Inllneinc Solicit, il
No Axes to Grind
'My nhii, if clecti'd, vvill  he to
Ueep  the  l-'iiiiini'ial  Standing  cf
the City within hounds
Yours truly,
W  (J. 1,'Ulil'lN.S.
S. I'. Daw-.ni will H'.ii 11 to I'l-niit-
with his hriile early i e\t ui'intli.
(..'iiist.'ihl" Samp-ui tin.Is charge, ol
('old Creels police nfi.ui s <m Monday.
L Atkin-'in is 'itiitnii- in a hIih-I* ol
IJiival Seiilh    ('ail and s.iiup!.' iliciu.
S. It. I*. .Stein was in the chy tnii
week, representing !ho   Hell   I'i.iiiu I'n
The King KiIvvmi-.I In I'l-riile ih one ol
the warmest liotels in the !!>iel;y Mi.tin
t'livv ind the red tape and hit l-'ernic
have a di met m.iti connection will.
Spot; ;iui'.
County court vvill h.- held iu I'eniii'
nu January :i>;tli, n ith dud-.' I'miiiui
tlm heueli.
A ease lias heen known it |u>i .•:. mini
ha- heen liiii'd lor Iti'in,- u. tint same
house wilh his w il'e.
'I lie l.ul.es vaiil lie ; lea-etl tn h- sru
that Mr-; 'I odd i- '•I'lliiit* kit* at _o pel
emit, off funnel' juices.
The postniliee. is now in cnuifnrlabie
(purler.-, hut ri'i'ti re- more l.oM'- into
vv hieh iiii'ii may he (hop)., d
.1. (i. C*n 111111 itiir- e.stiiii.iti'-. thai foi
nh.mt 4-|-_',ifi 1 l-'iTiii.' a-r.ii lie cuiim-i'ic.:
viiih the I- hiihi'.'i.l hy vv.-igou road
The Sheppaiil .vi Kluutt I'uail ngoio
giition play al hockey next. Tiic-d.iv
against tlie I'nli's-Wo.j.l l,o. .-mplov C-.
'I he Hiiiuk.'nf tiie. loiy ".I Sea! is s"ei.
ali along tlni Crow, mul il- .Iflicu.ii-
aiaiin.l j erfuiiies the (./. me iu every
l'\ .1 Ilaker. fo'iui'ily with the Vei-
11.111 News, via-, in luvwi o.. Stiuihiy lie
I- selling tipt) for tin- C,t\.loii T\ pc
Horn —Iu Ferine  an  ,1,-inuiiry fit 11   tn
Mr. ami ,\if->. Win. Mills,, a daughter.
j     A Shetland pony is the  cutest  thing
j on four legit iu l'cniie.
The Finnic lintel block will he healed
hv steam iu n few thivs.
and [I J. Johnson.    -       !■ Hr. Herrhmer appeared (or the Coal
For school  trustee. .T. Cj' H I'clitn- Co    Several  wiincab.'o  were cal led
•Unctions, wns given, while coal from
iJ'.o run of the mine is to be supplied
lOeent.'wt ton less than asked in Fer
nio.     On   llie  start  the   minimum
amount ol coal  required by tho smel- jopjw-.iiion,   Ilutobinsou   w»!> eh 0 d   promised to send in his decision early
tor would  he   10U tons a day   and ' bv acclamation. ^ this week.   The Coal Co. claim that.
son v'jis noin-iifitcci bv T.-H. White audit  whs midnight before the c-i-*.'
iinrt   A.  Claxton.   There  h ing  ic wai    linished.   and   Jud^e   Leiimy
rhis would he increased  as ndditinns |    The election for aldermert Ml! mice Li-e lost his life in No, 8 mine, Michel,
were made to the works. Tin? Crow's. ■ place on  Thursday and  prv.iui-.., to last July through his own negligent:.'.
Nest Pa.-* Coal Co. reserved the tight he fairlv lively  before it-j'*. over	
io increase the price of coal upon a  The election of a mayor bye-dama- Various, Trices.
lo increase tlie price ot coal upon
per tlieui cxup.ss of 100 tons.
Kernau   stiitetl   that   the   smelter
i wonld iidd f»0J to the jjoimlatibn of
Ceoruu Cinl will tmi'id u lKiarditi'.-' i-'iank. His intention is to iiiimedia-
house near tlie (J  V. S dep..t. ' tely   erect suitable   houses  for   his
llin-iy llow.'iril of lilaiiiimie spent a I workmen which, if so desired, they
frfw liniiir iii I'miiie l,ie,t week. lean jiurcliiisc, on uiisy terms.   He did
The C. i\ It. has laid off <piite a iiiim-j iK.t know if the jicopleof Fernie
her nf t..- in men al.iu^ Ihe t'rnw. ' would have been williii<r to assist his
The vvi.i'iil iimkri hii-hter to thri-e \ enlerprisu stllllciuiuly to counter'-
■im sinulsi: I'lmU'iiay llelleu^ui's | balance, the disiiilviuitaireK  placed in
The u'.verumcnt vviil cicet a ilio.i/Oo ! his path by the (J. X. I\ Coal Co.
pi.-tollire huhiM-ii: in Foinie nfli-i the ' l'Vrn..u savs we can lij-ure out what
■it.' i- settled upon. (ou-.'!it tn ha fonlicjiiiinj'  to  meet the
Cniil l-'ciiiuiiry 1st, overcoats, suit.- '■ saving of .{-Id a day on eoal. lie ad-
nnl winter ymjils are selling Jo pci | milted tint the longer liatilagc on
.-. nt -iff at llniiiilton's. lore   to  Frank  had  to   be, deducted
A   I'lijiv  of l-'luat   will   often   I'liro the ' llMlll   the    biivillg   Oil   Coal,    but   S.lid
nhii"..   As a tone iu the ui-i vuui. -ys-: ihat the uxtru charge of  '2;i cents a
tem it he us patent medicine. j t,,r!] .,ll(| the t0niiaf:e being less than
A Vir-i.iii.i iivriiui'nil-reliant collected ;conl, le.-ultediti no material reduc
f.l.U »i   in   oil.,   dny   last   Wei k.     I Ids ' ijon,
-peaks weil (or the aiimunt of money in '.     T|K, sl|(J is  c|Cil,.,.,!   !lt   *,*,..,,,k .ln(j
niiition  in   a   progressive p\   like     The city council called for :eiuli".s
Fernie'!is proof that-the c.It3/ -n*. ate ivrentlv for twenty cord-, ol dr> wo .1
too busy to take the j-rope/ mt"iesi and tlie.se were the ja-ices quo'cd |.(-r
in civic ,'iff.iir.-', or else tlia^AL **>H'i'k eoid:
is the wisest head,  the gi^itt-toia Win. Handley  ....
tor and  the most pojiulajfy man   in Hercules I'lanti......
Fernie.   However, Thk Lfij?-.!'. tru,t> .l>.lin Laplihin ....
that the second council of Jivinic will J. S. I'eckett
be superior to the one -th}' ha-, pi-'
pa-ssed away and that cafcii of the
new city fathers will take^his place
around the local throne wi(n no cold
tlecks in his jiocker, riynnitii:*' in lr-
I''ernie Callage Co.
'  (..
; '.•.".
I 01
I   Si
'. To
»,r> .a,.,, ,y. „v ,T, sv> \.f e, a.-/-**, a.v «* av sv •.»> «* m> <i* >v -.v y*yi,£ii, y,*.y*.
V,?ti*Vi*,il"\',,'Vi\.i*7lni*¥i*,Vi7Vi*tt t',*fi* ti* fi* fi* ft* fi*
y.i. i-4.
•;;- fi*
yi, \*f »v «v .*> a.v -.v ».■* «*> »v s*> *'*■ -.v ^"^\j» sj> *j^ a*-,\'t \vy*,y.*,y*y.*,y,_yi,
"i'i*'t.*'fl* "•is/iv^w;*"';,'t'.\'fi*f',i'tl?'t''A'f't*'l*"t'i*'f\* Vi*^\**\**i_*t\*tt*f'i*t't*tt*
Singe!, lit .1 ii k Allet.  v\ -is up on busi-
ues-  durlti',' .tlie   vvenk   irnni   1'inuher
Cieels, vv here he i- now -tat,liiii'd   Jack
.,'   tiie    K im! ill. \    vvas uni'of tho be-t ineii ever in ehiii'ico
inn,   i.u-r   vntli  a   ,,i'il,,. i.,u-|. |j,.|-,. j,, tlie Pans mid it is lo
'•'-■   M ui liv     in , he hoped lliat   tie   will   In-  sent hat k in
i-   l.n-li   iio.,k  sh|.   ih,. ncju fiitnu'  and  not  l"lt  to elutsu
■;'i-l.   in   ut.i- |i'». | ,t,,,v stock uu llie prairie.
.I and vv iiee - - -    	
i    ,
i, r i
I '    iolllid    Ml'
:.. i- of liino.I
.I- tl'at Mill He .u,d fee!
1....1 th ; a..e.
•  ,    ,   ., ,. .,, ,      ,•,   ■ i        . tweeu  1'i'i-nie and  fiexforil, a "h-uiieu
11he Inn ihi gs wi   be of brick oi'stone i  , .,       ,„,     .   .    ,, *      ,.
I . ."     of ii1  in es.   The train  leave-  I enue
-V Hoodoo Kn^iue.
C. P. Ii. engine oOo seems to lc n
Ii'k.iI'hi.    While on  the  way to di-
hoots, or dark I'lcts in  his jtiuol.hiic gary   hist  Sunday    lor    rc|riii*s   ir
bruin. | jiunped the track three  miles west ol
A ltl_GvT.AU BBIiyiCK. '-"W'-'V "",l  "»««•-- »  wreuk ol  five
 ■ cat.-, delaying ihe  west  bound ex
S. li Yerkcs. ..f Se/ittle, A. <-  1'   \ pn-ss-.even hours.   Three weeks ngo
of the (ireat Noriliein  railw.n. via-iu it did  the same thing  near   Flank
Feniie last week arranging■<■•' a nvu- with the same number of ears.
Ihi* daily -erviee  between tl|i-> itv nnd 	
the iii'iiu  hue of   his   roail?    i:.'_"ilai
traiiio  were  put on i.isl   rui--.hiv   l.e-
Tiie K-nii,. C.V.I..-.. Co. I.;,- ,„.,vwl   ,„■<cttred in the lcc.tl.l-/.    Over IJffJ;     ,':  ,     .,,,„,. nfc ,..-„ ,„
;ts„llieeiut..llie1„,.-l„«lil," hlnek. Sii.ee     ,.-„, ...    :,„..„    ,....„„■,„  „ ....ii 'Wp '"* 10  **•   n1'   *'lA   'etlUn?     -.    '      '    '"'
.    ...  1'i'i'iei » inches ol wiitci iiie availiible, ,Jy ^j^ nmle Sl,okai)e j8 rt-j.,.,^,],,,.,
oitti.'im;  Li-iliin-.d''e ical to I en.ie llie,   . .            .    ,,        .,      ,,...      .-.-  —
, .         ,         ,              .,   .at a   cost   jir.icticiilly   nil.     Oluces1 iinil,.,  .,,.,i   •■-.  minute
In* ii i- dniii„- ii  1,u-^i-  liii-iiicrn  in   that i '                       .                  .  . .nouis   anu   ji   iinuuii,
,.._ _   _       . Sea*tl.'   oi .;
1 have been lilted up in  the  Imperial   hours nud 20 minutes, Vtunshiiv"!- u. '
Another Hoodoo.
O'lrwvx, Jan. IL—The Consorva-
tive caucus last night unanimously
decided to accept the resignation of
I! L Hnrden ns leader, and requested liirn to attend an adjourned itiept-
ing at an early   date.    About litis*
i I .-   - ; .
Miiiii.i' i'  c " _
III'     I  -I , "lll-s -i..   -.    ,,-
-ieue ui'.i.r .-i ia   1> '
au I ", it. ,.!.'  .   . v. ..
i>.   '   .  not  .  •,,.- -
he   .    e .. '.'    ii i u j *      '.
s,;.''-'    I.ith -i I., v    I
Tl -   Hi , no   I- |i't  .  i
-',   ,-'e.I li I ' . «,v   I ,. .
in r   C.i "I   . ' < i*   '. '■
>h".t I- no vv oi -".
A    1)1--     do. .    v.,I-    I-   n .tillltll.lll'il    this
vv eel. l.v v\ In. ii I •■ I .o.eri.d I'-'Hik se-
i 111.'-. |||" |. -."In e ...un l' oi It. K.
l.ii-.i;i'.-.ni'l ,v. i ' !." p..--i'-sion aj siion
a , ,i t i"v -'in- .. ,'n./ that is heuii;
<-..:i-ti iu'i i la 11. i. in [ilclon just
e.i-t i I *[ .i.i i % .'. -s .in ni-' eoitn'ri-
le.-t.i .. I'i. vi ill in. ,.l. tn it Ml. 'li'lll-
pi, t<ai v.n1 im . ■ '.!- -aa I., ill.d lli.it
Mr. 1 ".lili" vv ih iii'.v.- l;.e pnsiiiil.e" ar-
-e in a- p>'-- i.!> 1 '.'■ new buiidii-g
W'.il I.' "ii." -ti i,. ,'l i \ "J"i feel, with a
['.-'..nl cilri:; „n I a ;'ii.' irla-- limit
lt v.l 1 i." lea li l.v Miinl. !-t.
ai •■ im in!:; in
Hundreds of coal claims in Siutli-
•;ist Kootcn iv are involved in tl-e
judgment ic-ndtrcd vc-.tiid.iv by
Judge Keiintin, savs •) .• Sp<ike.-man-
Review, again-' A' divw Hackett,
coil li'Ciitor. in lie ci a.- of Kirch &
H-ldcn v. Hnc!s.i" I i-e trial ot the
case involved -i i.- i>>ual testimtiiiy
and was fought .- nob .rnly by the
opposing lawvcis.
.Ji'niiru Ki-imaii's decision was that
Hackett should be held to an tic-
coiinlin? fur iiioucv-. nnd properties
received by hinisell for locating coal
claims in British t'oltimhia by virtue
ol a e'iii| act which cxi-tcd  between
, the coiilesiiiig  |<attits,   Mr. Hackett
'"' denial sioniuo; the eot'.ti'.ict with Mr.
Kirch,  which  Lore th" iiauieotAn-
jdrew Hackett, written iu had pencil.
|-[j(.|,, j    ....   .   w      -~_^..      ......v.      -r       ... w..w  ., .   .... .1111,1   D    llllll       iV    I.1.IIIIIW)       »   ...■•£ - >. .
,. '        ..,,.,, ,,      - w    ! hotel, and ever\ thing jiossible is be-jhoii.'r-   and  -lo  minutes.   JiM-s^iiyi'i-. membersattended. Foster was elected
M.iMin   ikc   lli-eh   have,  sold  a  52,0 'i. ,' '.,,..,.          - „.-,  „ «. \ i      i        ci • • "  i-       ..
li.-ino to the Km"* l-'l-.i'inl hotel of Tt. i'"" clollc >M  'K-''e,l;1':--e  tlic  building  leaving Seattle at  .:.'0 p.j.'i  m \an- leader of the opposition pending l'..>r-
..." "''".. I ..nr! niuaivilinn  i,r('i.ii.ii|.i's   in it i,l 1  vi nn-  L'Oll VCI' «l 4 t).  III.    ai'l'lVe    i III   1 -T lilt* t he dl'll's 1'Ht.lllTl.
loiitn. We can prove that, i.<> othei
lipn'i'iij ivs tli.- ub'ivu privilege. ILL
•staehh-r, ineal a^ent.
A. W. Illea-dell niiive- into the p.is-t
i.Iliio filoek tm-'orrovv, When all hi.-
luiiiri's iiriivu ,-iini are J.iccd in position, he vi i'i have ni.e of the neatest
drug Mores in ihe We-t.
Joe Scuba was in the provincial court
on 'I iks.i,iy, churned vvidt cuttiiiij- Carl
Ku-.a'k ..it  the,  head  vvi.ilu celehratiii'*
and ojieration ofCantida's initial zinc*, eouver at 4 p. m. arnve inj i -riu.: the d,.ns
-jinc-licr. ! w*' *',l-v ilt *S:25 f* "■• '-'■,*".''11''' ■*•""'''■
  nay Cential is h'.iilt the Cir'-u   N-nth-
C1TY COUNCIL ! em will get the bulk of til".- -p.,k.ine
(and  coast  trude from  Kujit lv.iotfii.iv
The council met on Monday even j nmi ,>»■„•., in Southern Al'h.Tta.   The
ing.    Minutes   of previous   meeting | openinjr of   this   new   route mean-, a
were ariojili d j great ilea! to the eoal mt'tronol -.
Lindscy's letter,  stating that
Statistics for J 5)0-1.
Tlie following are the statistic ■■iveii
out at the government olliees for *—on * 11-
eant  Kuotuniiy.
Mining eiaiins reenuled..  .
• 'ertilicate.- nf work	
Certiffcates of iinjirovement-
Conveyances, etc.
n "slav wciliim"*- on  Monday.   The ea
iv,i- ail'i.iiriiei! until Friday
AVl.ile workiiiif on the. eilpf.lit of a
l.'ir.Uliii)' iu the far ea-t end of Fernie
lar-t   i-'inh.y, -snin   l.ar-en, a eurpenter \'"  regaid to  installing  jioles.    The
WOlnllliT    1..1
-N<"  wnrlc  Is   lieing  thine  nl the Coal
C:eek colliery  today.    Tfie iniiteis i.,.| •■■■-■*■■ l" 'h<" lu.-pital vv here Ins injuries j receive 1 .UU1 tiled.
Iitiltlme, a nu.s- meetiiij* iu l-e.'i.ie as iv | ,vt'u' r"c.ii<I to he not iliinjeruiie. j     The ilCCitltltS ol  Bell   it   Failjulmr-
yu to pi'"—. i     Frank Slicrmaii  leaves  tins vvceh* to ! son were ordeted to be paid
i i
ioim Cibiis, wh» !...- ah-iod f.-.r r. jlllt-'"-* t!,t> convention of the.   1,'niu.d!    IL A. Wilkes rejiorted all hydrants
             -^bi«'Wurka.-is at, l...ljaiia|iolU^3urj-j
he could not furnish  a copy ot the
Draft Act before  next Monday, was.    The B   c.   Telephone**-io..-..u.y  i- tinid commissioner's permits..
onlercd to be filed. J m^i^ preparations to ins'idl a tele- [Jm-uments filed	
Ou hehall  of the  IL C. TeIe|)hone | ph0ue syBtem in'Fernie , 0. f Ihi'lgf Alhdavits filed	
company, (i. C. Ih'dge requested the! came in from Nelson hint wckwitha Mining leases issued	
! council to reconsider   their decision
'i III-  p>   lp'.' nf  I'.
a ta-te  of   tl I '. "!'. ".' I. ivs ■.   ni i'i)ii
ll. i r |. ut        '"lni. .*    i' "   I f_ ul ilioi.J    in
tl.al tnvv ii I I.i- in in 'i ., ■ -e| i a di'ii.k of, .. ,
,    . ,  , ,rl Xo   tight was made ou this pom1*,
iv,il-     '.,.-. ..    ii'i  t.  '■    I  o.    ,t   pnllii.l Ol ' " '
I,,-,'  i," luhio to l.i . i'.i- i. iiiiui.ii trv| h«»wever,  and  no expert testimony
tm i.e.    \ i,i ,,' iii -• 11- , iu -li nidi inti'iduced to show  whether or not
^i, I., tin' *-i..ie ni  is. o-a-, wlieii tne'the   name on the original compact
,i'fa.i- ei  t'.e t" .nu.. a " ii. th" I.ami-, was really written by Hackett.
nf   1 .n_- iijn"d  ..en   .'id   -shoii Untied
wo'i'-n        lie-   ,tiinw-| I't'ic  Uouiil   nn
ili.tlht ('I "'s >■ t ..i._'e; i il-
1"     I,   \ I lei • il.. « I: i   " ; ' "--"i.t - - I'll.'
WllI'llpiV      pit', e-       V.l...     "WM     tllltli.'I
hunt- ii'-ar M.iv... I. '- i . "i i' iu ■ to j ut
III I I i I I I " ' • I" 'V I- oil the
vvi.a hen i.i ; tur -. i • . . ■ I « Mr. An-
der-oa In- hull \"__ '._ | n'lsiiato! v
fui  t'.e n.l ni v -!.r!..„. I
until Uros . fell   to the j letter was filed,
.ria.aii.l, a .i-tanee nf :'.! feet    lb; was;    A letter from the chief ol jxilice was
' force of men to jmt up the |. .i.-.-and   Mmme leases in force <:
other   necessary  work.     T ysfm Fiee ininer'a certificates iesued     . :,'i.
used vvill lie of the most wA .n type.  i;uiii|iany's certiticatcs       ■-
and it is the intention of .the I'ltiijiiinv   Special licenses ."      2
in a short time to connect ll.'a.ir!;, all the	
towns alnng the Crow.   L>. \. Mott has The Orangemen.
been appoinied local manager.   About Last   Wednesday evening   Terrace
ii£-v!_ 4__J*> -cvye already l.i-n made, Loyal Orange Lodge. No ITlll intrtalled
■****'        '-    N  "•      ' '-■-              Uowe: G. Letcher, \V. M :
wih In, _,mu ni'ii-ate-tant the ertfiveution ] .,scerc:iinc«i •without turning on: th'
all from eo.il unions.; Upon Ins return !      v«  i...^u   ,.-.,_  f«n.,H  nt   ti..
water.    No hose was found at  thai,
thee may  he -„,■*• t-liiiugi-s ...ailc in j^, of thc ^^  QQm ini    (JSj 0f the bc-t men A the field Uii'\CAA\to_    Keid,    McLeod,   Kcn-ii-on
tlie prei-e-it e.inliaet between tne liiiuuis,   ,.,,,.,, ,, * ,   .!   , , ■ •   c-   n  w n ..« Uavis and   Lvneh   weie  aiinuin'ed   i
,,.   ,.      .  v   , .,      .,   ... tie   l^ld   Town. He recommended 'aklerumnu homu? is S 1-. \\alhice. L/,lWf> *1""  Kwll-«   Wl-,B -tpi'oui.i.u   <
anu llie Crow s .Ni--t las-toal Co. . ... , ,. . ,      ,    ,_ •        , eommittee of iiis'ia^ement
..   v   ......     .        , ,   ,    ,.    I that a hvdrant or stand  pipe be put     In  addition to probacy being the L01"""[[^'" iiiana,,ement.
II. A. u likes has eh.iree of the liroi. , *   , „,, .    .     , .      .      ■•    ,     .
hall ..mil April Nt. and is .h'.-irous ot |'» :lt the i,Mn'lry c,rner-      ri,!i ls  largest taxjuiyer ... th-city he isone MO\IE
l-P'ii-ilj" trl'ili, a-fill lio^tiii-il i.v .liul^r.
I-'olfifurtliH ne'xt Blttli'i of tl... e.niuty-
eotirt in Kei'iuo
Owiiia- to his incre.isins: business. W.
.1. I>liiiu!a-ll has pureiiasid the entire
interest in the htir.-e foimei'iv nunc)
jointly by hiiu-eil'and W. ()   Iinhii,-
Coi.tlactor Ctay  lettirne.l   to  reinie
thi-* week vvitti his b.i.h'     lie wan mar-
nml in (iitiiiv-ii and Hii.-n: tlie l..n.eyino(.!i j
in New Yoil. anil otlu r ensteiu eit,..-     |
In tlieea-e..f ."'in.pl."il vs. Ohlland j tht.K. rtll,K;l>M.t t|u,, departiiient in en-e ami one near AV,  Tuttle's residence ' Wallace  ii a shrew i ■• isiness man,
i' "io! lire.   It is.uiea-y way t.i-.'et a room,  iuiinediately, owing to this being the. and  has shown  hi- t .rii in the city
iii.ii.t.'r  i..villi.,, „  „ t..ti.11 v   i.hc'y tl.e.lep.utmeut'    ,.or)   whvn defective slove  tiipes  by  his   recent   ii've-tni-nts,  und  is
in I. ith c.i-1- ' uA ,„. l,lllt.,     ■ - - ■ It.
• iL.AYilke-,. .D..M -..i^.tlicuu
ecretarv;     Jiavis    aim
aiiis; li.  tVij-usou, li. oi
The case involved n large amount
of money, ditferent estimate- [.lacing
ti." amount at from >"hi,tMj to$70,i).A)
boini- uioiiey due Il.-iekelt. TheSpo-
kane Kail- Luhc coiiipaiiy had a
cont.'.-ict vvrh Hackett for ol j.er cent
ol all li'idiugo up to 2,;rJi acres. The
remaining 1!) jier cent is to be shared'
equally between  Hackett and Kirch
.1 tie l.,-t knowni1*- Ue,,len' »c^'»na: to tbo court's
.•,,„, ,va, m-ti-ri«tl! order,  and all othf r  lindings to be
to M.-- -uuiit raf ihe;' shtifc-cl   equally   between contesting
•   M u "a I.   and thej I'ill'ties.
. s  .. I'.di.o.nia ,'ii-j    'J'lie history of the ca*e shows tbat
... ti. ■ i-i eat winter on J tine in,   V.A'2,  Andrew Hackett
! signed ;t contract va ith  Kirch & Bel-
m". '.oil.- of th.a-u in-l den to tro into HriMsh Columbia along
../a.- a i.ii'» at tlu*- tho line of the nev.'  cut-off  of the.
new en,!.:.. .'c.-  'i - .vniiu    Me-i -.'j,;. (,:,r. Northern i-.iilw.iv, to the town
Basil*. W   1>.  1I.U  iin.1   Dr   '■.""..  : i,i Kernie and cal   liel.U  atun»  anlil
,i.*'*i L
Im:. Ii • ii. •.-."
el.^ I i "i- or, tin-
.i'i ai . ni". I.' .i_''.
It I. .I ! a
h-tp-'V p..i> n: i
j 'V ,n^: th" -u ,-• ..
ie-oi t.
Tii"ie v, i'i   " ,1
!er(-t".|   in   oi _ ti
VlflU lli'filO  tO  I'llli    .I-.    I'lJ.-lltlT IJIt'llllJCTai . ,     • -     _•      .  -J - l.        .   , ,^~.M'    '.'v.-
/ sections of goodT coKing coal for our-
ns   ci
tin l*'
VV llJ  ll.lVe till" OIII  ,
,,,,,,,,,, , selves, and shall also use such other
M-.-.   L.  L   M.'P.'ik   a .s   piireha.-ed .   ,,   , , ,
olitaiiiiii/-   p
'.L'litv   of etuiipaiiv. There ! verv "ecessary it tires occur at the lot our most enterpri-im: eitizens.   He
ii the ui.i.'i ' hosj.ital or north of it, or at or around t has lately comj.leted au  hotel at ti
aie -everal vv:urn room-   ii
,-:.;: \ of the !.:;li :::.. 1 t!.„ ;;,-.- «!  '.!,;■'.;.';::::'.lie   ihirnn's   !l"tel.      A   Stand   pipe . eitet ot Sl'j.OCO that wo'ild be a credit
offend free lo men whov.ish lo -leep ' shoulii be jmt in at Bleusdcll's corner' to a city ten times tiie -/.e of Fernie.
ir  ! . t.-l :'.!..!   v i.i   | ut   fos tti a
„"sl- Co., judgment ha- I
pi.nnlif! Ii.'feii'ruit
wa- aiisiiii—ad with vii-I
| Kriitu the I., a i-r
The Moyie'aerie'of K t'.'le- de.'iii. .1 at
Uieir Inst r."rular nueiiti'' t.. j..a. »• •>
masquerade ball on the even'n._ ol 1 . !•
ruary 1 Ith.
Misses Ida and Isabell,Wiiiteh. id i
turned to Lethbridj-e Wednesdav to it
the   -ii.
-pecii   e.f'i;   tii   make
!,ivor,te   ii'-n:   in   tiie
Si.c   v. ,Ii   : ii-e  t 'i.  ..;•!.-
hav e -i
_-..  in .!
names as shall  be agreed upon be-
... .    . ,   .  - -----    r      llllttieil.au I a ,   oil m^   n' lines   ni.i.if;   aot > aim     .mo    oiii.,,..     i,. ...«..i.  s^.v.
il.tinlil!       I i-'feii'riiit-    uiiiiii.'r   i I.viiii I.,.  ,.   .    .,. ,,1.,   i.i,....  ii,,. a,.,,,,,, , '                   ,          ,  ,                .            .         ,       ,•                    •                 .           i   .- Misses It hi and UaliellW lutein ul i e
,     .     ,     ,,       ,    ■   ,   ,,           , a-n  i- ii.n'iiv   nis. v  tiie tiep.utmeiit SL,.,<on   when defective slove  pipes  by  his   recent   li'vc-rni-nts,  und  is ,     ,..,..     ...  ,      ,,   ,
n.a-.h-iin-.it with vii-st-  m bith (M-C-.      . i |„   . .„   I   ...   .,,,,.,  ., ,,, „,,,., .i.,.          ,             ,          ,                         •     ,   -             ,          -,   .                       i            .t, turned to Lethbndge \\ ednesdav to n-
.    .       ..    . ,■     i.      i     it    .  !                                      luutiiiuiiiii-    |ld overheated stoves get in their, surely ciuulrd toanv e,v c honors thc M,nie .....ir «md:M-l, ti,,.coiivi.rit
v           ,     .-    .,                                                                                deadly   work.     Mr.  Wilkes   found ci'/tzen-* may cnlu' u; :i him.    IVe .
■ii«.-eiiii-r  M"-.-.-. filial. 1 little .-.ml I'nl-;    ^;, a   ... a,,. ■  .1       i. w 1          ....            "...                      ,          .s ,1T           .   *         .    ,           ... A onr pianos were reeei veil byMn.it
,.tk vi, -' ,„ ,,-l -lei.'-:,:.- t Aj{ ',,;,;,,   ,   ; i  V-m e   l     '■lUmCUltyin"CUin"   me,! to .leep at iWcrenu.rejiraetieah.ie.'i of business ee ttwuek.    Tho...  wertf  plll,
-W--a.i.:ed,...i,ls-,.,'W.^ the tire lull owing to a lack of fur- j at the held of civic ailiirs, amUhere jclli^d by Mrs. F. j. McMahoa, .1. II
Mr. S nth. •iii'.'iiiit.'iideitt <>:' ihe -upeii:it"i,.lt!iit. 1 he liiettoii ai.--(' over
I'hildrcn's l'iotes.tiVi>'-oeiety, vv-.ts tu'ilie l.iet Unit some uf the ineii did not
low ii'hi-iv. ek ar.d took Mi-. Siew.ul'-,-^.-t to work ui a a ci i.iiu 'lay after the
font eh 11.lieu to the home in Vanee-aver.' i,,,!ii|ny . .nel iheir hiinpf were l*iv eu to
hav,-, "iii' '-.    'i I-e a \j.I.sii.il on Xiveii !>y  tl. •
..1 f .
-upei !!• tee.lent   llneui-h the i .rievaiiee
Cinii-iiltii-   has  not been ncll n-Liived   for six slicker   all'ltS   for   the   lilV de-
niiure nud recaiinmended that sonic i >s no better candidate iu the .fie'd j Hawkee, J E.Crowe and N  I
be  j'Ut in;   also slickers and   head I than Wallace.    Vote for him totnor-j    Moyie jake iB 8tin 0.,e„ nm| is „„,
gear.   The  rejort was received and i row it  you wish vvi-e and c-ireful ] nkely to freeze over for some time to
1'tled and   the recommendations or-'administration. jeome.   Last year it * froze'over, about
deivd to be eotisl lered. „,,    ' ,       .      ,   ~ „ .| January 2uth.
...    . .,,,., The Oneiiiui: <'iiiue. |
lenders were ordered  to be called , .      .    c .,\    Jim Bates came up from < ranl.nok
i.v ttic men, and tiiev have had several
Fernie jieojile, over :-'.'
.-scribed lastweek by t;
being sub-!
i to swap tish stories with Joe linker this
Manv   latve   iihed   but
taken tli.il  -'.ove :oh eiti-eil I ir
thi-atiliee." it i- y;«isu-^ at  i'i and prolt
uli'.y eo-t  V'"     l.'iik  .it   i'. if you ue.-.;
,i inoliicor nf hi-.it vvi'h few ...ml,        j n.tM.ii','- to talk the matter over. "  .^   yi,.K)n   0r   t[iC   au,iitors   Was :Scr'',,el*''i':St''W<''f;'i   '">' Ir,J citl2c"5 t0 i mini  in the  Kootenays who ir in th.
( liief Luj-iiteer f.aiiil le wa-  in  tnwiij     III the ad.iniii-tr.itir.ii   ol  jil-tiee tho ; adujited. ■ llel"U   lllC   loC:l1   C'tll>     '^  '^ontliiy • same class with  these two  «.'eiitleiiieii.
nn Munilav   ai.tl i'\p-c-=t-l  hi- -h-.ip-; l.h.'i ty ..! a -ul-jt'ct shmihl leeeivethe  '   Win.    H.indlev was awarded  the'llijrilt t,ie clul> l'efoite.l  Macleod by j and what all three don't know ah.Mi:
io ei i,
,\.i k I., '....
ni.e i i
ma to ila- 1\ i
trom a vi-ii
and will ie-i
ileuiieit i-!;.-,
Iiroke oil t;
iiiv.iili. :'':'■ ..•
..: the U:-..i.ii
t'tr.J • •' h,- -
• e al.i
V\ '.I  1
.•   | .
'oi" i an
\    M    t
.-It     lie!
tl     ■
iii.i ii,...
'    • 1
'■   ~l
i. 1     '
1      ..   ,
' ii   r.i'1
' .1! I.JVV
,,..| 1, Id
.   ,  :
,. . ii.'i
"i- >     '.
in L-.
it   I'aii.l-
■ ■tiiriit.l
week.   J. (.'. Drewerv is the onlv other
iei.'i ve the
;!:-.-:   e.'.-i •: t.-r.-.foii      I.\ti'pt   upon   in
ili-jaieil'ii1 !.'-*al ev:i flue no man should
j i.e . o'liu-.ittc.i. L i-nut siillieit'iit that
! lnvause no   halo  oi   i-.-iuetity  is  found
alioiil the .-leeii-etl lhat  he should npmi i
aloiie i- iuiipiitoiis iin it i- iiuja-t. It
i- not. intei.da.'d that any eoillt should
I.e l Oil far   rcveinii1, aiut   the  iutlodlie-
juov.-il of tlle I'liinucr in V iii.-'i the li.-.s
si-Iiii'il lniti-e vv t- liiul; II" 'i il! ,ti-
I'N'iimi'itt the Wiii-'on ro.ol  to  Moiii--es
As stated in thi" p;iper H.'me tim.
,'lijn, tlie C. I''   I!   are-roin,*  on ivirhtli.
ilovcltipmi'iit of   lb".i   eoal   pioj.'i-ty at' ll'.nt aeeoiu.t he made t
Ilo.-iuel*. ''-luht    lni!'--    I't-t   of   i'eraie.
Novell VV'iil l-e   siii|-|.a."I    lor   two y.-ai'S,
and it will liiki-a'> .lit   that   riiue to ^.-t
the st-aius in au e\tn\t:;iuL' eo;..iit';'■:>.
l-'or .-dine time (a II. fli'tltoti has heen
i'X|.i-i:ting a vi-it from his tu- tlier.
whom he h.-l-* lint, seen for thiile.-t!
'years. I,;»-! Tiidav he. rei ei ved a leh--
gram staiin*- li..n *■!.«' -.v.-.* •!.:;:-,-er"es!y
ill at the resident:.' of his i.rather in
N.'t'paavrt, Man , and tn coin,, at nsiee
He left foi theeii-t on SatUi-d.-'V .'Veiiin,.'.
All quiet at t'oleiii.-.u. 'i tt" vvi.rk-
iU'ectn-ai'tl "lawn ll-hf. illitl -o i||- tie-
luitn.-i^ei- Ii.-h igt.i.i-i'il thf union. Tinmen have lint, been paid nil tiicii iva-'.'-.,
and limy cnl'T an vetiutt a^-ain-t the
i-.-.lil).iiuy to I-. Cover I i.e c.-in.t' I lie
('ol.'iu.'i'i mi'l.'i's mi-r.-ly ,".-!."d :i similar
sclii'ilu'i'in fiii'io at other miiie- ,'iiong
llie Crow, nud the in,ui.-o.'.'r ii.t- elo.-eu
to iguoie them as though they weie
chunks of slate ou a ilisinnt dump
contract for -.won.! ujvii signing con-
suffer    Snne   several stnijes with u  rush, and will
limes men a re condemned because of: be brought ujt at the next meeting
tha'infoi'inati.in given (a "snliaily to a
unij-i-tt.'ite outside the eointritum, !mt u
c»;ivti'ti<ili if.-tiii"; upon   these grounds
a score of'.' to 1.    The .■■ate .receipts ; tishing is scarcely worth knowing.
tract in reference to quality of it.        j ^ over $X"X    V''v"{", W'iU   ^1'' I.,T!,e fi,rst T"'"* ^t'"' TT^
ilvlaw Xo. 7, regulating the string-  ft,,|>' l'lil-v Nelson "!-  U '■" »»n w"h»' \ V «l»«day  a tenioon   when   Artbur.
.     - i    ,i        ,    •     a few davs    Kernie wi     pay the i the six-year-old son of Mr. and Mi-
mg  nt   wires,   ptijsed    through   its ,l   -        '- ,,   ,    \   J    ,      .,,,,„   ,,a„,.|,„„„   ,,„,.  hU   ri„h,   >„.
• " ;* next leii"iie game in Macleod on the .*'ol»l   Blackbum. had  his   right   i.^
iliith.    Macleod  is pluwiff in Blair-i-,roken wllile ^sting down tiw,*tt-.
| more t«l;iy.   The line ip on Monday
for reconsideration
Thu council adj turned sine die.
Xotntnatioiis for mayor and alder-
titan of ,-m-h a pi inai; le is de-triictive ot men of Kernie during l'.Ki'i took ['lace .Smith
j wit.-.! we-o iraieiiy term !'.,iti-h.!iintici'.  on Monday.
j.lu.iiee is t.-pre-'.'titeii ns being blind.;    _\,f   mayor,    AUred    Stork   was
to everything that I nominated'l.y (.). X. Koss, L. \'. l-xk-
stein, .1. K. .Mclntyro, IL G. Watson,
W. 0. K'ol.ins, T. IL Whelan iwm W.
an i
. it
add   It
night was ur- fitllows:
Miller f.o.'d
Ma it in Point
K.tt!>tiu*r Cover
Left   Wm
Ki.dit Wa
li. iaeheer !
L. Re! I ,
«veisu«. The. little fellow was curried
home anil Dr. Harvie redueed the !e:n--
t- not h'^.-t! a.ni rft; 111
Tin-; /i.vc s'.nu/ri'.ij.
A memb r ol the K* rnie Hoard of
Trade iot.-lv iewed .1. C, K-riiau ;it
i'V.ink tho i-iln-r dav and Ioim 1 out
vv, itv tlie z'-oe siueller i;i.|   no',   entile
: Ksehwig. Stork was declared elected
' by aeelaitiiuion.
l-'or aldermen ten candidate' ate
in the lii'ld:
S. K. Wuliiice, noiniiiated by I!. A.
The lirst eredit for  the  New Vear in
I.. N'.-ish • the line of placer mining m-iivity iii'C't
W. S'.cdman i j-n to thd aeeinmt of  the Mel.end sv inli
. M. Oiliiltire   eate,  operatliiic on  Valley  eicel-, neai
A. Heheer   i'erry creek, under  the  Ineal iiihiuk.'
  - uit'iit nf .lames lleniiebeiy.
.Must  Not Touch tin" Hiiy 'i'(,L.  ,hift   on   tills exeellent   pi.t.vr
livlaw Xo. 7,   wlr.eli  passed at the : iiropt.sition having been sunk it- far ,t-
hist'nieetiiig ol the ei'\   council, and' hand npp'ianees would permit  of with
will   l.c   riroi.sid.-.ed' ;>5   the   next, Alw water, it beeaine m-ce.-sH.-y to install
: to   i-'eiiiie.    Mr.  I'eniait statul  that   Kerr and W. Iiandtny.
! it was his earnest  desire to lira!," in      I.. M. Proctor, by  A. W'. Hlensdcll
j Kernie. but in addition to the ID cents''and ..I. C. Hutchinson. , j,',..,,-^",. (.],.,n,.,. (,|
in ton moi'f I'.-r eoal  than  at  Kiaitk      W. W. Tuttle,. by J. U. i,ititiil and I
j.roviilcs that nil wir.- bti'Ung in
future in Kernie .-h.'dl !'' l'«t under
ground. Tins iivl.-tw i- limed at the
11. C. Tele|.hoiie .• iiuj .-fiv, although,
steam machinery fur the further •ro.-e-
i-iition of the work. The uieiiil.'eiH of
the syndicate having made an ex.-uniii.i-
tion of the property and the result nl
the develnpiiient<. deelth'tl  that thing:
.lid i,ot make it uy money \
Tom Mai k
in I'el'nie.    Ill- sSio.e   is   the   h--sl  ttiiilj
Imsliceuin this city   for  manv „ ,l,,y.| ••'«  *ii.-ller -  i'!-Tati ,i,^
btitl.ciiig.'iKlriiii;ri'i- "ml his  show not; c.ilili' iiUK>s-ib!.-
being   adveili ■id   in   '1 in: I ,i:oni:,, he ! lies i ill   Kcfuif
the i Vow's ;N'est. 1'as- ("nil  co!ii;>:inv | (ii'i.*. W'. Cli:dt;.
Wiilltcil t"  pl.-IC.'
if pertec'.ly  legal,   it  vvill  shut out  |„(lkl,(1 Miiljeicncly well to  warrant   a
-et'l'ig aiiv kind
of a telephone system.   "^Ui'li  n.  pro-
such   rc-tricl.i >ns on
lhat.   it  be-
A. II. Cree,
uinl K. Stork.
,y  A'   W"   -- i looks.,
i ie 1 tool I in vs or s-'iiiie I
tor thoiu tod > biisi-      I', I.'. Ltintlie, by W. Ifandley and i{|       t<wl  (l) r;t1 i.,uji
Tju> restriction was'A. McLean
further expeiiditiire of  inoiiey.    Aceor-
diiigly a cntnplKte steam  plant is u.iw
! tieediii" on the part of o'.trcity fathers ordered from the Allis Chalmers com-
Hleasdell:,....,... ,"u|.(,   |i!>(.  t||(.  u .y^  „r Ml\\.y   [niny „m| will heal once nlaod on the
.'.r.liies than it  ground.   It vvill consia-t of steam pump
Kisiness  men   fl"'   ,",t'1 ''(impni'ttnenta  of   tin- shaft,
.    . .i     ..   it.,,-. of tin. •„.,,.a..'- steam hoist, and the various other arti-
who have the  wclhne oi-tnc jieojiic ,
La r vg-* !•   -!
.Tli   .'''''I i ,
'1   I ■.- I '.I
Mal'.bv. i
I'he  VV.
ti-r tli.. -;
vv it;-
hetilg '!■■■ :'-
■|lie..:m-.- ■
pl.lti-i.'i ■'■
we-ill."I' '•"•
tioii.-, v. ;il b
M   V
: 0
w,U imv.11.. ,'.-..i- "gain befo,,, ho ea„ | Cat. the smelt-r should   not  rnrtim      K.    Wrigu'lesvvorf.h,   by   K, Stork       ...  ' ,„ tlu, Ml,;m!i-„(! Hmige is  l'U"H "f ^l'"!"";'-.! iM-cessmy fiirth.-ex-
,.h,v iven.   Ilw ex, ,,.  are  -Ho „l„„;  sit,,  „,   |,.   ,.-,,,.|..,-,,|   lr„ „   the , aud A. U.  l.iplmr.lt. imt ni,,,! ' tensive opeiation of the ,,,'oper.y.
Uiii-hisii  tlm..  twice fl .MM'.*H ,:.,*, |  eonipauv, ,..,v other  bu Ming, \    A    15   Trites,   by   A. C. I-Miai'dt^1"1" '    ' - nvv-int, to the vv,,.,  of a suitable vva,..,,
,.i the inajoi-iiy .if ilw I'oiiip.iuie.-phiyingj t|,.iu t|uW„ 1K.|.i|.,||y  rcpiiie I   iii the,,-md K. Stork
tins burg.   Manv ivsiihl.- cunpiiny il',u' sni'-Uin^ pimccss.    The zinc cmipanv i     W, (>.   liiibitw,   by J. ['. Kllio'.l, A.
Hl-lde in-i'ii-v in l-'efnie,   vv lull' lll-t week '
-.!'■ itiirevvari
led   ill  it   iiii.tii'lat'y
i wished to erect dwelling  lioitsos
■ I
its'seventy odd men and their families, js-m.
Ii'ir.ir their j-oliey  to employ   il
|,Ml ll
(..'ii.-it.    'I'«.in Mai
,liy .iti'l h" '.!"•'."'
11 s11M"r pi'.- Ollllh'.l •   ■   i
b«Uhiuv:«iiiii!ln-eatioii. iFnilil; a I foe site,   without liny  l'e
II.   W,  Ui'i'clnncr.
- is.   .Ml   year.1   old t
,.-(   lo   b"    I'-l,     He .
and that i . t.lie ol the !|"'<4>ble li'iiie but.   imill'ied  men.     At ; and W\ 11. \\ IlllllHf.c!*.
The I'irsl C::se.
The first ease under tlio Coiiipen-
an, .1. S. lleau and  II. .1. John-1 sat ion Act, vvas  lieani  before Judge
Luainy Inst Friday.   The counsel for
)}*   A.  Joyce' Mrs.   Lee was ,1.  A.   Mocdoimld   ol
; Iv'osslnud and  L   I'.   K kstein, while
road direct to the mine from Did Town.
it'will be neu'Hsiiry to bring in the machinery via the Hydraulic company's
ground. It vvill bu taken over the aerial
train to the road at the south side oi
Perry cn.-k, and from this point the
[distance will be nulte short to the |.liice
d ia.-.. i.
poptt'ii'l' 1 hi
Venn;; i ••'•; "'< l
Coli-itiiin a. '..
wt-i; f.-t.i ■ -■ i h
,'. t,.-it i-<-„:.-1
the   cud   of   v;
IliTU     I !'!"   ph-.|
Iheir i-ei.'i- tl .t.
t1 "   i.jnce   -i  f^een its for the puroosc of making a
uiiiiner  tunc ''e-1' "''■'' Albert!). IIoj)per. treasurer
liiiik-. ai,d  ""il siipeiintendcnt of the Spokane
'.ill- (i:<-L'ght comj.any, or anyone
nel' i'!-c we may chooie to make a deal
v\ itil oil >tii coal    !oi.<tlcti   uv"   rtriCai'cW
Hackett or others lor him in British
Columbia. I: is furtl.ir agreed that
is li.itcver iiiruiev or interests the s.iid
Andrew Hacket: shall receive (torn
Albert I", iitipjicr ot* Siiid gas light
company, he will and shall divide,
share and share alike, with John K.
i r.-,v. Mr. ^'"'c'1 iiiulAVcrtli Uelden, on account
:ii,-:ti..-.■.; having; of the trip upon which he leaves this
i „,:i .unii W. c, tIth day ol June, h'.3*_*.
l r-r.iiiaiit editor; According to the j.lnintitFseonten-
s-ihiit ii.ilividiial; tion Mr. Hackett w.is advanced $15>J
.;j.i,.-*;i'.ijs:i! ami; iVom Mr. Ilopjier ofthe gas coinjiany
j for exjienses, and li-l; for the coal
; fields*. He made sixteen locations on
j (lis first trip, returned and laid the
| matter before Mr. Hopper. Mr. IIop-
-.-;.- !'.ievvet-v,:. p,.r turned down the proposition be-
-;...-- ye-ur-1 c;mSe [lie ct'ot'i'iiigs did not suit him,
■: and besides it was located on the Ca
. I- now in. nadi.in l'aeitic reserve. In July Mr.
"-'i*'1' .Hackett    made * another   trip,   and
;;-> if.-tiiiling  Ul:ni,. similar locations on names fur-
..'.ei t. ..leiiiati ; ..-j.!,,.,* j,j,|, oinsideot ol the Canadian
ia- ■■''-"-I up, I'-jcJ-.e.   reserve.    In   the.   meantime
i' * .i.Ki-u:   i*-lt.;, t\. Hcl.ien   had  out uo money
■;.    :lU.'l.ll"l|.   ^ tj|t. j.rCi)llt'   .,.;,,    .,,;,[     J,;,,!    ScCUfCd
' cai.itiil to luck upiitiv elaitns Hackee.
'•'';*. ":i .''' "might   find.    Hackttt returned the
second time, August •.'), timi reported
to Kirch i1.; Holden what he had done.
It was arranged  that f.ieorge Heldeu
should   accompany    If.iekct". on the
third trip, I'll'   ilick.-tt  ii-fc  without
young   IVIden.    At'tei'  that  time. In-
pi'i-i-ieli-lv  a voided   litelis'v I'eidcli
i   h..,...i.irv  tui'l relu-t-d   to re|-<>i't to them any
t,.ct-   cotieeri.ing    hii    findings   or
vv hcival'uiHs
K,vi leece showed !!.!.!,. Hackett I.ad
,e   ground   I'-cated   "->   olliillis,    Il'.".-t   ol    whic'l
-.a-e!l under   were   j-ai-l  for  by   S,--k:>ne  j-eople.
laatcflid is   Act'ol'dir.g to the  tel'tllS   each   J el'Soll
wa- to pay A-A bonus a:: I in manv
iiistaiu'e-as high as sikV) and ,f IW).
and bc.-ides that everyone must pay
i.o the Hrtri-h Lolunn>ia government
;|.3i li.':'tl.-l'.
Judge  iVather said  last  evening
t'l.it lie lei; lhat Judge Kciinan's ile
ci-i'.'ii vv.i-uiifaii'and  that   he vv mild
' •■- :iij.tl\ t ntcr a pi'-.a l"i'.( new trial.
• !>i i'ii :i ;
„-   tieeii.
It   Pllis..•;
-i ib.-it;
ot   'Ut-
- We-t-
t^   been
■nl:   li.i
II.    I.
'■'.'•: site.
sting the
an a- 'to'
i u'i
; , 11 .
K. J. Watson, by W. J I. WhJinstcr [ W. A. Macdonald of Nolson mul II joMu-tnlluimit.—Criinbooola Herald.
ing n'-d I-
• ■■il-
;■ ;'t
■ Alii lis.
,-.    -eii'i-..y-
• t   'ho liiol-i-
.'   .1 -    !,l  i   II'
1'ied- At the haute of Mr. ami Mrs.
Snub-'rg. .Iiiniiiirv sth, the Hiin ol Mr.
and Mr-. Svv.ms.au of Klko, a-'ed i>
months aiid '■'■ 'A.-ek-,
\     'ften   gioi'ei*   i-
de td-lnal sal .toiilei -.
one   wli.i  trust*
! 5*5*1
vi -5-afT«rst-i-~ J.— -IP itr**%~rrl& ---K»i-%'
"^^___  T£j-i I* ZhJJ-5_ j_\ ' jjti \tl ip-, ,,,..„ „,,,,,-, ,,.._. ^.i       ■-   -u;--ir.nnii--rrr--mgr I — r-rgitrr-g.  ' '"U1IJ,"I.."--'.":"~"JJ. "»_\t 'll"1"g-^i-»w«w^»».irg>^,jWt,,.t,B.l,,,l>, ..uiy in...
Vull,-M i."if^!n
mi ^.'fff-B'r-nJJI*'^^ r I    ■m.-^iJirf,,i-.i,,j,.,iii,,ji..ii™iwa.i^.ii,.i^.^
JANUARY 11, 1905
The Ledge.
It. T. I.OWKRY, Editor iin.l l-'innnolcr.
Thk J.Kixik i't -mliUhliG.t overy "VVetlno-iiliiy
in Fornii), li ('.. Tlm iirico is >"' 11 yonr. Atlver-
ti-iiiK rntoa Riven 1111011 n|i)>lif ution.
The Medical Council of British Columbia should be abolished. It is a
clot on progress1, and, a sop to snobbery and medical s'ipcrslition.
, The Medical Council of British Columbia, judging from the Kamloops
and other papers, must be like a
society ol old jnaids-too exclusive to
benefit "any one. and mortally afraid
■ot anything In the shape of a man.
After all the real reason why the
Medical Council'pilt -,le knl*e •■--*0'
Pr. VereetbriiKghcn may have been
on account of his name Hardly anybody in "Kamloops can speak the
name without breakinj* rt-nvn on the
accent and calling for the beer. ■ -
Canada would establish a precedent
if it built a navy for its own use, after
building so many railways for othor
people. If we build a navy it should
be for someone else. . Wo do not
mind pay in-; - fur it, but Jm run it
would not look right when held up to-
view alongside our railway policy.  .
, . *   ■V'J-J-'C—-■■
mm i
The rise in silver may close down
the mines in tho Slocan.   With the
. '^present price of the white metal and
y-:W& "prop under lead the mine owners ol
.'^'i'^rthat district must be unhappy, and
?&?\;:"io obtain surcease from sbrrow.-thoy
should close clown, kick at-'tlie government, and escape the horrors of
ennai. .    -
Politics .in Cana'daare largely a
' matter of how U touches the purse.
In B.,C. the good grits are clamoring
lor protection on-, lumber,   while in
.Manitoba'equally as good Grits are
Hft»-s*e?i-x -£-. j*(v>* ''>,<■?"■*
■'praying-'tliat sucha^^i^igj^
^xxmrr^ynai^^^olIoUAV   13   a   great
force  in;politics,   religion  and the
ordinary printing oflice.
.-   •>*$&*.&■■■;
. „ .The'. corrupt • nature of provincial
' foiitics in Ontario is tlie talk of the
Dominion. The Ross party seems to
be ran by a band of pluggers, ballot-
box thieves and land pirates. In
British Columbia the Liberals are
angels compared to their brethren in
Ontario. Out here it is perfectly sale
to talk to almost any Grit you meet,
Most of them were trained as Conservatives in their youth.
other promoters who worked on tho
inside track with the government,
and stood to make millions,out of the
undertaking. - According to the
scheme with which Mr. Kussell is
credited, he was to buy up three
members of the government, two
leading newspapers—one French, the
other English—several Liberal candidates, alter the nomination, when
others could not ho put in their place,
and was to be assisted by Mr. Blair
in a scheme that plainly meant the
defeat of the Laurier government by
a dishonest and treacherous game of
: cm-throat politics. Fortunately it
failed. It was too big a game tote
worked in silence, and Sir Wilfrid
got on to it before the explosion of
the mine. This is the way things
look up to date, and possibly the
truth may not be made known until
parliament meets, when an investigation is likely to beheld, and.every-
thing laid bard that the government
may disire to publish. It is a fortunate circumstance that all parties
to the transaction aro Liberals. So
far as known, not one Conservative
politician is implicated inthescherae.
It was a during project and well .illustrates the dangerous ideas of government prevailing in the atmosphere ot Ottawa as well "as Toronto,
under present conditions.
■ Leaning far out over the pulpit in
Auplelon chapel, his long' white
beard and flowing gown making him
look like a veritable patriarch, Dr.
Lyman Abbott, in a sermon to Harvard students on Sunday, broke
away from the theology which today
forms the basi3 of the faith of millions of orthodox Christians and
sounded tho keynote-ot a new'religion founded, .not on the Bible, but
on science and the-outrcachings of
The Nelson News had a fat issue
'-/^■^•'t^'on New Year's Day.   It contained a
"''^^.kwell. written yearly review of 13. C.
, '•■   ^mining, that should be beneficial to
■" the"province.   The report of the production of coal in the colleries around
"," '      Fernie during l'JOt was incorrect.
The production was 71 l.fWO .'ons,  but
by confusing coke  with coal   the
News man got  more " than '300.000
tons wide of the mark.
Thkodgh ignorancoor a proper
public spirit we occasionally notice
public men who do not advertise
their business in the local press.
Such men require more education
before they can become really groat.
No man who wishes to rise in thc
guidance of the affars or the people
will over reach any great prominence without the assistance of the
press. It is the greatest power in
the world oxeep*. with those who
cannot read.
Wherever you find big money in
Bight you wilt alwayB find thc plotter.
The Bruce Herald makes tho (ol
lowing   remarks   upon    a    daring
scheme that failed.   It says:
"The country is yet mystified by
the -proceedings surrounding the
resignation of.Mr. Whir'from the
chairmanship of thc railway commission. Early in the week Mr. Blab
published a statement which denies
evorything but explains nothing. It
leaves his reputation in a bud position before - the country. Iu thc
meantime, however'some sido lights
have been thrown on the transaction
by tho proceedings of a railway promoter at Ottawa named UurscII. This
enterp'ising upuculator seemst to be
the originator of tlie whole scheme,
thc object of which appears lo have
alined at gelling a share In the con-
Htruciion ol the now trans.ontincnial
"I wonder if you students in Harvard will understand me when I say
that I no longer believe in a great
lirst cause. Tomorrow the newspapers wiii get hold ot this and'brand
me as a heretic. My God is a great
and ever present force, which is
manilest in all the activities of man'
and all the workings of nature.
' I believe in a God who is in and
through and of everything—-not an
absentee God, whom we have to
reach through a Bible or a priest or
some other outside aid, but a God
who is closer to us than hands or feet,
Science, literature and history tell
us lhat there is one eternal energy,
that thc Bible can no longer be accepted as ultimate,- that many of its
laws w ere copied from other relig'ons,
tnat the Ten Comirlandments did not
spring spontaneously froui Moses, but
were, like all laws, a gradual growth
and that man is a creature, not a
"No thinking man will say there
are manv energies. The days of
polytheism are past. There is only
one energy. That energy has always beeu working. It is an intelligent energy. No scientist can deny
it.' It was working before Christ's
lime, even as it is now. For three
years the clouds broke and the light
flashed through. Then they closed
"Yet God ha3 a personality. Wo
recognize it as we recognize the personality of a Titian or an angel. Only
God is a I way s working always creating, wherca9 their work U done.
God stands near us. The mother of
a deaf, dumb and blind child givc3
her daughter one. two, three gifts
without being recognized. Finally
there .brcr.ks through the child's intelligence the fact that theso gilts, so
kind, so loving, spring from thc same
source It feels the mother's hands
and face, then throws its arms around
her neck and kisses her. Kven so
we, over In the presence of God,
como to realizo HiB proximity and
love. God makes for good, man's
progress is n progress upward, each
day is better than the first."
A Good Year
The past year litis been very
gratifying to Canadian Pacific shareholders. The revenue largely ex
cceds the aggregate of lust
year, and the Bale of the railway's land'} in the  Northwest has
exceeded half ii mil I Ion acres.    The
He looked witlia jealo-iiiiiroad has been double-tracked from
eye ou iht-vast sums r.oing io the I Fort William to Winnipeg; grading
has been done on the prairio sections,
the track north of Luke Superior and
in the mountain.^ shorten d and
•straightened, and important brandies
built.. The same program will be
continued .next year.
. A significant hot is the announcement thnt President Thomas Sliauirh-
nessy has signed a contract with the
Canadian steel works for 25,000 tons
of eighty-pound steel rails. This is
the first order for r.iils from the Siuh
works, and tho works is about to
close a contract with tho Pera Marquette and another American road
for two large orders.
Both the Grand Trunk nnd the
government transcontinental railway
commission are energetically pushing'surveys for the new road, the
former from Winnipeg west and the
latter east.
In connection witli the Biiti'h C<>1-
uinbh sec'ion of the road, /...McLeod
railway contractor, is interviewinc
the government about a novel
scheme to establish a .British colon v
along the western end of the line lie
has Ihe support of the Gmnd Trimi
Pacific tind it is ex paced the D->in--
ion authorities will prove equ.ltv
favorable. If civen the corym t n>
build 100 or 150 miles of tin- r ad '
British Colnmlva, -Mr. McL-oi wi I
import several thousind ih-mi .•nm
Great Britain, guaranteeing f-en-
two years'steady work at stiptil ited
wages, and at the expiration of the
job a section or half section ol lui.d at
nominal cof.t.
.'Even before the Grand Trunk
Pacific was first thought of, plans had
been announced for another Canadian
transcontinental, the nucleus ol
which was to be the Catmiinn North
thern. It had been thought, however, that when the Grand Trunk
Pacific scheme Ivcamc an a
plished fact, the Caiiiidi.
^vrtidd__fi'\\ndrin thf> ■'•"
project. The Oanadiin
now completed from Fore
a point not many miles from Battleford, and next year rails will be laid
to Edmonton to complete the middle
or prairio section of the road.
The Canada Gazette contains two
important applications, throwing
light upon the eastern plans ot Mackenzie and Mann. The original
intention had been to acquire the
Canada Atlantic from Georsion Bin-
to the Ottawa river near Mon
treal where the Great Northern controlled by Mackenzie and Man,
would have connected with the ocean
port of Quebec. But the Grand
Trunk acquired thc Canada Atlantic
Now Mackenzie and Mann arc applying for authority to bnild from
Uawksbury, the Great Northern
terminus to the mouth of the French
river on Georgia ,i Bay, where con
nection will be made with tho James
Bay road, now building. A further
application covers a line from Sudbury, on the James Bay road, to
Port Arthur, to connect with thc
present eastern end of thc Canadian
When these links have been completed, Mackenzie and Mann will
have a through road from Quebec to
Edmonton; and probably in the mean
time they will have carried forward
the western section to the mountain j
or the Pacific coast, thus, completing
their lino to tbe Paciflo.
mail witli' plenty of money, while a
man .without money was eh her'clean'
or 'on the hog.' 'A Hy bull' is a ward
detective, and anything that shoots
is a 'lec'i.T.' An '11111111' is a Jonah,
or a cro'ik down 011 his luck.
I ui.ee Hf-keil tin* wife of a man
wiio was in the Tombs whether she
could cool her huuyry children some
brcakhii-iiif I -.cut the feed around,
She looked tit me without compreluni
:;iou."   I in.ule a motion uf eating.
Oh !  she cNclaiine..!, you mean »\ il
we, .-chew the chuck'?   Sure we. will
... 'i
Re^al Hotel
in Fernio. is in u rapid
tiuui'.-ii' of construction,
and will soon bo ready
for the trade of the world.
Wm. Tattle, Pvop.
Is now open to the
•world. It contains
36 rooms find is the
. Finest Hotel
Ratcs, $2 a ckuj and upwards
The Best
Union Made
•ODeralls, Shirts &
Miners' Garments
.no: in1-:
Tn Forme-, ia a pleasant-
home for all who travel.
IJoonif' reserved by wire.
T. .Wliclnu. Manager
Queens Hotel
Rates $1   a  Day
This hotel is a home for all railroad and lumbermen.
'S     .
Tasty .Meals,
Easy Beds,
Nerve Bracers
Of Every
J.   F.   JARVIS    PROP.
If you are looking for Fishing, Bathing
Hunting, Boating or (JlaciiT Climbing, go to
]<o\v Denver and stop a lew dn>s, weeks or
liiontliH at the Newmarket Hotel with Ilenrv
Siege. Home conking, and the finest bo.vcrngcK
in tho world, including water. Write or wire
for rates.
Reury Siege
timmliti ftofel
liew Denver
First Class in Every Respect
MISS. S. JENNINOR, Puoi'im-nima.
Ik llio home of all Slocnn people traveling to nnd from Poplar.
meals always ready.    McLACHLAN BROS., Props.
^■"ST"*. \{   *"*l
l\J     I       d-ii-a*
In'Tliree Forks i>- one of the
Jest  hotels  in   ihe   SloCJin,  nnd  has
^jJi-seii.ij.S.Uoor.'i, Jiui-diaiaiwW'a-KB.
Will open next month with
46 First=-Class Room?,
Everything Up-to-date
*a> \if «,-> a.a> \if a.T* «.!> \»> \'f \'r \if \'r \'r «.t> ».t> *.t> »,•> «,»> «,»> ^t* *1j \if «,a> vi> ^,, nT/
VlWj> fl*tx*tl* ti* tl* ft* ft* tl* ft* ft* tl* fl* ft* fl* tl* ft* ti* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* fl* ft*
*f • 4
► •4
N. KLAL'SMAX, I'rop.
y.i. Manufacturers o( Lasjcr Boer, Bottled Beer & Porter
ft* ° .
Ilovvlnnil Avenue, Ferine'
H- • -at
' \*A
-,'/■ a'> «.»> a.V «.'.» a.T> a.a> *•/ ^^^ «.a, *.t> «.".» «.»> s»* a,>> a»> -.*» \*A -."> *.** <'*_■'* 0*y* ».'.» <
t.* ft* ft* ft* tt* ft* ft* ft* ft* fl* ft* ft* fl* fl* ft* ft* ft* f.* ft* fl* fl* fl* fl* ft* ft*  tt*
,,„„,„,,„.,-. '»^»ilQ(ii^t!Steele Brewery Co
J. C. Carruthers
P. O. Ho:-. ;')
Nelson, H.C.
On the road leading to
Fi n-uson and Trout Lake
has ample accommodation
for man and his horse.
The bacon, beans, beef-
steal:, eggs, oats, hay,
boo/critic and cigars cannot be beaten in the hills
of the Lardenn.
Hotel, _
Is one of Fernie's oldest and
best known hotels. The
Proprietor's'name is.
Win. Eschwig.
&P  Why put your money in
a    the savings bank at a low
rate of interest when you can
buy a
in the ;rreat city of Winnipeg
Arfrot of tbo Underworld.
"When I i*avc up strictly charity
work and began to visit the homes
and haunts of men who are commonly called cro.iks, said Mr**. Ada
Eliot, the Tombs angel, who lias jusl
glyen up her mission to return and
finish a college course at Itadclill'e, I
discovered that I had to learn .1 new
language if I wished to utider.-stand
halt was said to 1110 It it spoken
rot only by the crooks tlietiHt'lve--,
but by the women in their families
and the tradespeople with whom thej
do business.
For instance a stretch means a
term in jali, and it is never referred
to in any other way. -Siviplu'a super'means stealing a watch, while
to 'kop a mug's brass' means to steal
a man's money, A person's eye.* are
invariably referred to aa ,f"-"-",,ers' or
•lanlernM.' In sending a child out
for 10 cents' wonh' of f;In it i.j instructed to risk i'or 'while water.'
Gamblers are referred tons 'gams'or
'punters,' and tliey win or lo-;e
•rhino,' not money. A limn who was
'dirty' I learned to understand was a {Ageiili in Finnic fur  f, G. Procter, flebon
ny paying
down and the balance in 6, 12
and 18 months. Lots from
$75 to 3100 each according to
We have 500 such lots in
tho Chicago" of Canada -for
sale on tlie above terms. Call
and see us for particulars.
LT.W. Hloc-k, Kernie, B.C.
Mt, Son 4 Co.
vs  ins  whiskey   to   llir
Ter barrel.
HUGH N'VEN, Proprietor
u*jm &
W'lipn ymi piii'ike a cigar
see that it. i-. UNION" uiaile.
Hluc I'riz", H-iiry Vniie. Coin m bus and
Ilav.-ina vVl.t.' Cfgars aro Union Cloods
mat! - bv.
W. -1\  KILBOUIiirc & CO.
Wlnnllic-f, Man.
Rcprc-cn»«"l liv '-.FX/UiaK 'tOItTON.
You can smoke your
in peace if it is filled with
bought at the
L. Atkinson, Prop.
M_t Bai/\-«rr/\'_.
xn%i *t Ul
rs of Extra Fine
Laser JJccr and Aerated
AYatcrs.  Bottled Goods
a Specialty.
A good chance, for a future home on reasonable terms.
£    SiooieRiay Vafiicys Go.7 Ltd.
C    About 1600 iieie-s, Mi.\e.I FARM INC and GRAZING
}o Limilion the KOOTICNAV RIVKK nl SAND
CRKKK.  10  miles  from  l-l.KO.
Will be subilividi-d to suit purchaser in blocks from
811 acres upwards-.
Price from $3.00 to $7.00 per acre.    Terms—1-5
cash;   b.ilance in  yearly instalment!* at 6 per
cent, interest.
Ar.-iiIh in Fcriiii' :
Mott, Son & Co,
T. G. Proctor Manager'Nelson
.0    0
wSd£SXS3K3C82K3 K«
£!_*_, %/t_y'<_.4_l/*_/&4_t/ity1X*&AV'l* 'VV^^/tk^*ly^-^^V^/VVaV^."«V9
in in 11 (Iclij-lilful locution and from iln biilroiiic.*'
win be HCitn nil tho beauty of the grand nceuery
tluifc HiiiTotindH, liems in, and lulonin tho Imny
eily of Ncli-on, It ih the lionitt of touri.stK und
business iiipn from all purlH of tlm world. Tlio
oiiit-iiiu never drngri in the iniro of mediocrity
and every room in nn enrmy to itiHoinnia. I
you need rooms when on tlio way in, touch tlio
win! and tlie deed in doiie,
t t
0 0
0 0
aa^''ai'«'V-*&',aV^-'fc^&/*^VQ/^'^^ A^'V?'^
otnkins, Manager,  Nelson, B.C.
ii  Ia EfflT      3eaa Rax
**tt fS<153 S3 r5?5 C«S3C553£20
-, '-r«1
p-V^r-^Hf^  *"_
.<►        £t\    I       "'■
«a'iw«ts3tr!aB--s«!*^jtn----*'xr*^ - an -,
If-^Vf "-* »><,  t b-CU   ^^TStaSSffBHX^ $
THE LEDGE,   FERNIE,   B.C.,  JANUARY ir,  1905
So It G 00s
if virtue were ns guy as sin,
how easily might virtue win?
If right went laughing by, like wrong,
The devil would  lose  half his throng.
If day sought pleasure like the nighl,
Dawn  need not blush to lace the light.
But virtue seems so cold anil proud
That merry sin attracts the crowd.
AikI right lias such a solemn air,
Men follow wrong the debonair.
And care so eats die daytime up—
.At nighl they seize mad folly's cup,
And drink forgelfulncss 'lil dawn,
And so the queer old world goes on.
lilla Wheeler Wilcox.
A Holiday Kliynie
Christinas in de kitchen,
Christmas iu de air,
Christinas in de dinin' room
Christinas everywhere.
Christmas iu llie grocery sto,'
Got aroun' at las';
Christmas in Ihe porl-etbook,
liul going inigbly fas'.
—Washing1 on Star.
MHilary Ins'iructor: Now young
fellows, attention! When is a man the
second in command?
Raw Recruit: When he's married,
1 recon. — Louisville Courier-Journal.
Flint Travelling
A laJ with a (ouch of malatia,
Knlisted to light in Bulgaria,
Bui before he could si:'."'!
A Turk hollered "Scoot!"
And they found him next day in Bavitriii
—Cincinnati! Commercial Tribune.
Relative Oi-entiinKS
Little Irwin—My father is a trust
nr.ignate, so there !
Little Terrence—Oli, be is, is he?
Well, I'll have you lo know my father's
a baseball magnate, so there !-—Philadelphia Bulletin.
"Why Slio Apologised
The ■ throat specialist exhibited his
laryngoscope lo a nervous woman
patient and remarked:
You wonld be surprised lo know how-
far down we can see wilh ibis instrument."
And, then, as he was about In place
the laryngoscope in her lhrai.it, she
apologised for having a hole in her
stocking. — New York 1'ress.
Not Like Fornie.
An American officer wrote home
from Manila llie oilier day about his
"They don't pretend to get dirt out
ef your clothes here," he said. " Thev
drag them down to the river—il is
hard water and partly salt—souse ihem
them in, take them nut. lay them on
boards, anJ wilh stones beat them full
of boles and pound the bullous ofi.
Then 11is.-y smooth them out with a
plank "   '	
As Advertised.
_ A.showman once, adyerliit.*,' ,<nitside
his tent the following noiiiv :
"Come and sec the musical Dog.
Admission *td.
A good many people, attracted by
the title, paid the sum recpiired and entered the tent, wheie a big dog, wearing a huge metal collar, was crouching
iu a corner.
After waiting a while, the audience
called for the showman and asked that
the performance might begin. The
showman seemed surprised ai their request and exclaimed, as be edged towards the door:
"Why. there's llie musical dag,"
pointing to the mastiff. "Can't yer see
the brass band round his neck ?"
The foreign members ol the Filter-
national Peace Conference, held recently at St. Louis, got the cold shoulder
wherever they turned, They were the
most eminent men of the nations of the-
world, engage! nn a mission as high
and holy as was ever entrusted to man,
yet the reception they goi in America
was a disgrace to this .country.
Had they come as the Heralds of
Mars, clad in gold lace, gold bullous
and wearing swords at Iheir side,-, ihcy
would have been wined and dined,
with thc mayors of our cities and llie
statesmen of the land as their humble
The dregs of barbarism in man rise
to Ihe surface at the sight of a war
lord. Civilisation uml the gentler
passions are forgotten in Ihe presence uf
brilliant uniforms an.I clanking swords.
While men make fools of themselves
over the "pomp and ciiviiinstance of
war," women are worse. O! mot hers,
who gi) down into the dark valleys and
shadows of death ta> b ing men into the
world, how long will you continue to
worship at tbo war goil's shrine, .ipon
whose reeking alters your sons are
I have often beard army officers
boast of the weakness o( viitties fortress wlu-ii assailed by men of rank in
In all the ages cf the world's history,
more honor has been bestowed upon
Ihe destroyers of life lhaii on the life
savers. The Prince of Peace has
never been enthroned for a day in the
heart of any nation. Whether in I.mils
savage or civili/ed, the bloody, blear-
eyed, brutal, beastly Prime of war
coiil'iHii's to be the god of nations.
Individuals may, if they will, ivjerl
his reign and live m..ler llie while banner of peace. When a majority of men
so live, then will "swords he beaten
into plow shaft's, spears into pruning
hooks mid nation-, learn war i.o mi'iv,--
Qm, II. Winille.
A Fight In It
"As Shakspere says," remarked
Ciissidy, who was foil J uf airing his
"bnol-lnrnin' occasionally,"what's in a
"Well," replied Casey, "call me one
that Oi don't loike, an' Oi'll show ye."
—Philadelphia Press.
'Tivas Bver Thus
.She vvas a pretty Utile miss
, And he a gallant Mr.
He pledged to her undying love
And then—oh, llten he Ksr.
And now thai she is bis alone,
..And spoken of as Mrs.,
lie never, never lulls--* of love,
And never, never Krs.
The bachelor may bean object of*
public derision, but the married man ■
gets his al home.
10      |3     . IS
-voraDie impression
A Personal Affair
The child: Aunt Mary, nurse says
ils the Lord scoldiu' us.
Aiiut Mary:    Perhaps it is, dear.
The child: Weill don't see whal
he's got to be so mad aboul. i'se done
everything today Ycpl wash my teef.—
Brooklyn Life.
Taking something for nothing, or
wronging a fellow being in any other
way, vvill recoil on the actor with
deadly results.—All geld.
I have often concluded that the lion
est part of mankind would be much loo
hard for the knavish, if they could
bring themselves to incur the guilt, or
thought it worth iheir while lo take ihe
trouble. — Kidding.
Repose and cheerfulness are the
badge of the gentleman—repose in
energy. The Creek battle pieces are
calm; the heroes in whatever violent
actions engaged, retain a serene aspect;
as we say of Niagara that il falls without speed. — Kmerson.
Al a village school iu Suffolk a boy
vv as detained from school to assist in
sorting- potatoes. Tlie sclioolmaster,
as usual on such occasions desired Ihe
boy's father lo write and .stale the
cause of the'boy's absence. The next
morning the hoy appeared with a note
from his father which contained but
one word, "keplalbomeatateriiig."
The schoolmaster, astonished al such
an unhc.ird-of word, puzzled over it for
some miuules, and a! last discovered it
lo signify that llie boy h id beeu -'kept
at home u-ialering."
Strictly   Business
One good ad demands another.
lt p.tVs lo tell whal you have to   sell.
A 1 lose maigin is likely lo make a
close friend.
Nil 1U-sp.-ra1.W11n is llio atlvi'rlisor's
best motto.
The \vis*e advertiser recognizes no
competitors in his ads.
(.'loan advertising attracts clean
people with clean money.
Don't, put olf till tomorrow the advertising (bat should be done today.
Great Drop in Valuo.
Henry Clews, the Wall slreet propnet,
was talking aboul a stock that bad
dropped in value.
Great vvas its fall,   he said.     Il was
pathetic.    It made  me think ol an incident   Ibe other   day   iu   an   express
ollice.    To   this   ollice a  burly,   kind
looking young man came with a pack
age under his arm.
"I want   to express  this package,"
he said.
The clerk as usual asked him "What
is the nature of llie contents of the
"ft is," said the simple-minded
youth in a sad tone, "a bundle of letters from a young lady. I am returning them to her." ':
"Their value?" said ihe clerk.
The viumg man swallowed.
" 1 don'l know what their value is
now," he said huskily, "but a weok
ago 1 thought they were worth about
ball a million dollars."
I lot-so on the I-'ireinaii
Thout.is- A. Ldison was one day explaining an intricate machine lo a
newspaper writer.
Do vuu understand? Mr. Kdison
would ask- And, a moment later, now
do you understand ?
The poor journal!--! vainly tried to
follow the swift sentence', of the inventor. I'virv liille vvhil.' he would
have to stop and say that, just theie,
be did not quite uiiilerM.iiid; ami then,
sighing, Mr. L.liso.l would begin all
over again.
I know I am very given aboul machinery, lite journalist said apologetically.
Oil, no; I have seen greener, said
Mr. Ktlisoit. D'nl I ever It-ll you aboul
the fireman I once met in Canada?
"Well, "ma certain Canadian town
where I was tunning :t telegraph ollice
in my youth, a new factory, wilh a line
engine house, was pel up. I visited
this lailt'tv one uav la» see the engine.
Tin-engineer was oul, and llie li.eni.iii,
a new band, showed tne aboul. As we
stood iidiniriiig the engine together, I
"What hoi'sepowia has this engine?'
The tin-in.in gave a loud laugh.
" I luisopowei■ ?" he exclaimed.
" Why, man, don't you know thai the
machine goes by steam ?"
Neither the sun nor dealh can be ,
looked al wilh a steady .-ye.—La j
Men who have little business are
grelil talkers; the more one thinks, Unless one speaks. — Montesquieu.
Liltie minds are lamed and subdued
by misfortune but great minds rise
above it.—Washington living.
Kdui-nliain his for its object, besides
calling forth the greatest possible quantity of intellectual power, lo inspire the
intense love of truth.-—John Stuart
.Success has no tendency to inform
Ihe understanding. It rolls over us
like a summer billow, leave'; us where
it finds us, and lets in no new ideas lo
the mind. Bui failure ilnusiing us
rudely from our position, compels ns to
lake a survey of the past, lo glance
sharply into llie future, lo acquaint
ourselves wilh a new condition of
things, and thus furnish new fuels la'
the reason, and new materials lnr re-
llection.—-S. P. Ilerron.
Hdiicalion draw ■ out and disciplines
11 man; fills him wilh varied and iaiion.il
ideas; prevents him from sinking inlo
monomania or being excited by transport; gives him deicrmiii.ilc thoiigbls
instead of eccenliic fain ieS pliable
opinions for fixed convictions: replacis
impetuous images by calm reasonings,
sudden resolves by ihe results of tellec-
tion; furnishes us with the wisdom and
ideas* of others; gives ns cou.-cioiis rills!
self command.— M. Taine.
Nitroglycerin, the strongest practical
explosive known, was i!i»<-f>ve.red by ar
Italian  chemist Sobrero   by   name,   in
iSSli.    As nitroglycerin is not   sale   lo-
handlo  it   is usually used in dynamite,
which is prepared by kneading logethei
25 per cent of infusorial   earth   and   75
per  cent   of    nitroglycerin     until     >'
assumes a puttv like condition resembling moisl brown sugar.     Nitroglycerin i
if placed on the wrist or tongue has the j ^
peculiar effect   of    piiiduciug a   violent
headache.     It has  a   svwet.   aromatic,
rattier  pleasant   taste,   but  c.umot   be :
classed as p.irlicul.irlv healthful  food
'.Is cmiUMl not alom- by the man but
, also by bis dress. It's just tlir same
with a leller. It may be well written
but a lul depends nn the paper and the
"printing. That's where we come in.
We print letterheads and envelopes;
also all kindsuf inb nrintinsj;. '"'Ked^e
Mount Fernie Lodge No, 47
Meets cM-iv   Thursday evening at 8
p.m. iu I O.O.I-.  Hall.'
T. I(1:11s.-,  P.G..R.S.
United Urotlicrhoot! of Carpenters ii Joiners
ul AiiKiica, Nu, 1220
'     The I'aip.'iiteis  .\   Joiners of l-'ernie
| meet   Ihe l--1 and   ;i.l   I'llesdavs iu  each
! month ;H iiie UJdfi-llovvs' Hall.
I . .
■J.   E>HVh&P?   l-.D.S.,   D.D.S.,
1 L. T. U\    ISIi'ik,    oppi.siie   the   Hank
i M  .,, ii,,nr --S a....   ... s j, hi.
W.  II    Ii. -- .). S.   i    Al I.X.VM.H!
Ko-,s & Alexander
I'.AIMMSTI.I!.*-',   SuLKJITtillS,   1-;TC.
n.i.'Mi-:. n o.
 T t    -nllnr ui  i.   1'. V\ .MilucL, \ ulun'i Avnme.
Stick at the old, well known
Reliable Reliance Cigars
I \ <l ! J  sfl   ! II. W . Ill III* ill'lii. SlU-Un'.)..'! liFIICIIMEK
COXXKLL    <&    GliAY; Herchmer & Herchmer
CAiti'f.KfLi'.s a ,ii'[Ni-:i:s       Idaijim-      .,   SoIJ'HOKS,  ETC.
X. s.:  1». ii ',.( ;i',m.,s ( .ii*l. I'...,   W.j.1,1 stro-t j ."■;■. It.\'[ i."   1!   c
i  '
' < ilii. . « i.v,., 1'  I'i ni- .v I'./.. Murk, Victoria ave
\S a". ..I  III Imi. I-      It •'.-   it- i-nnul.]..
i^^f^SO^K \,
\y * l^i__w_M
.1.(1. (.'LMMIXGS
i,RO\'INt."l.\L .\SD
l.\M) -sl-KVKVOK
Oil'...':  M.. ii, S .n .V Co., L.T.W. Iiie
.'I'M'.— - - -Hii'ish ".'laliiiiibi i
i. r lit is-., v. y. c. i.aivk
Eckstein & Lawe
l!>l:l.l-,|| I.-   ii-[.''v,     N.| n iium,    lire.
f'1,1,1.. it  li! ,. I.,   I . -mis;. U. C.
FllAKK   FLKTClll-'M
Provincial Land Surveyor
Help   of  All Kinds Furnished ' en
Short,   Notice
The Reliance  Cigar Factory,  Ltd.,  Montreal.  Qui
ll   ,1.1    l.l.l   s|K,
'I,;,',-:-.' ( ..nn. Hon-.- and new Po-t-   OGDEX'      ASSAY     CO.
He-I   -".e   l.it'al   111 ttni'li.     I'.'ll'o IT'*.". Aiii|..iIwi<- St..   Ha-nat-r, Oolo,
I'irst maker of th
"lloncral Arthur'
Wai.tkr ■
"I".    Js
1-   |S-(
.■ii- .." " l'osi_hud," saiJ
i .'7 vi ..is in e.\i-ten.'e.
e  ini'iil  in tnvi'ii.    l-.'ii-o
  •!,     l »t:!v   vi lute
:.    f.i -*. . I..- lull'.
. -ii.:I.--.
Til'(MAS i KI.'K KSiiN".  1'rr.ps
W i -'a i .  t\s ;'ic-i nl.i'ivi.-.
Fiii-jiiiuro nntl ASSAYER
L'iitlcrtakinfif'p o box ies'
liiSI *.'.llll ' Ml
,Telephone 22
The door i    :':e
Wall I'apoi-
■v...- i 'i !■• s,.rs nf I'.ai- 1 i \t ■! 11'-, one
I     S .'  I t     1  1"   s, ms  M|     , „,,     |    |  \i,||.--,   tun-       —. .        . —. . -
!t.u --. <',.it- M'l'i.'i  l'.\''.ua'!..-. new.   Kf.PPl TTJ <-i hl1"i   I IPkPT.S
1..-II.-.- I it  I'.Ui.u.l.-ii.'i i'oi.:Table, OtCd*-*83llip -LI-O^CLa
1 .'.sit ':.'.;i-t.T- ami r.i!..-i spi'ei.ilii.i's,
Mai   Ot i. a    ll .,-'.u-    1 t an.,t     Ut i.'.i.-ii
?   K. Elliott, Kasio, B.C.'''—;i-
1 -i.n.fl ff.iiii Ktirnj. lit i.uii '^ vi,l (.''tii'iilltui
.it. . At.it r.i .tt It.,,-. Appli i..r .-,itlii.it il.itu-.
t..t.- It.-is. t'i.i.il hill Inf...-.u .'.1 hi lo itnv C. V.
O   I
r   f  It Am-itt, N'.-w Itciiatt.
V\    i'  K a'.i.piiiiiii.'-. ll. "s S- A art..  VV'iniil|it'(f.
An old S.'otclivvoni.-iii said to her
pastor one day:
"Dear me, mcenisters m.-ik' miia*kli-
adoo iiliaiot iheir linn! work. But
va hat's tvvn bits o' sermons in the week
tae m:ik* up?    I cud dae it maself."   *;f-
'•U'eel, Jaiii't, 'I said the minister,
"let's hear ye."
"Come avva' wi a test then," t*iiol!;
she.'   ■"' •
He repented with emphasis:
i *4
! ft
eve i.
iii't* !:
'■een looked for many \e.ir-s.
lords are al\v:iys happv,
s i their bank-roll loni-c^ thin-
;he lean edjjfe of an aiiona-
\-r'. Try one of their moin-
. ers.    Mail    orders   roooivs
prompt attention.
S!    S>    A   SHAVE,   &
•*■    SHAMPOO    *
Allen & Palmer
-&n    OR     BATH     p.0.       i,isTi-i. r vivn\..i:i( \v iM'Ki.-i'Kitu i-
VVl'J *\_7 I   ' '' ' I "-I--"'.     . i| ..I ..is in.i-M .i.t : -..iliirv
i :i.,i . t... ..I t li.triiu .*
.1. I. Ml'l|ti).->
I.i   M.V    \1
'1,1 I s   sji
.- i. ii n -
.11.1 a.-..-.
iii. I ...a-   . |..i,.i'-..      \|i ii-i.ui rln. |u,i»
U'vNill1   i,. a 1.I-. I. -s   pi-r- n- tn ri'| re. i.t
t . _* >-'.',lt-'.< '. si I ,. .-.I,   lt"ii-'':.tti..iis'
idrl i. .!■!  ',,ii ..nil ,._-.t,l-     I..,, ;.l luiilura-
,.|  ..-is   ...  i ' i. -i     -is ...1 iri .i .,, . \j,»-ii-. -. ii.tt,I
SSi.-IJa       1*V|.  : -t-   full'}     I'lVMIIXil      i',.n,Illl-
-!>>]..\lri 1'* rti.,i i . nl s i.j.i'j. tu. ia Uu-.ni*.--,
-ti'n--l'.l l'l vi.,- i a.,, r't.'l!.' nnl ■ --i-I.il il.
i., ! -i- -iii ... -■ -«< ,- rl.v.l..]rt-. Ai! Iri -,-,,
si • i i.imim'I.m li .av i. m.s. j.-;,. l-eiirlmrii -•:..
i'i... i.'..
"It is hotter tn dwell in the eornei of i *
the  housetop   than    with   a ..brawling
vvavman in a wide house."
DR. MILLOY, wrV$™'
H u IkiiI 17 ai_-..r- ,-.,, i-.. , i. lit .|ei|[..l work.-ultl
itiMkc* -t -",»-t ta'tv , I ii in linage Wurk. Vi'It
una.!, t • tl.. --I' 'Ut rn;.i'..rla
——NELSON, -*.C	
Janet lired up instantly. j       T      J\       VTq'*>T   r-)rj-p-j
"What's that ve   sav,   sir?     Daevvl .A,    rl CI V. J-oClll
intend onythui'; personal.-' ;
"Stop, Sloo,"    broke in   iier  i) isior. ' r-1- <• -s :;■
i'        .* • i i.i... , < ,
"you would never d.ie for a masem-ster." :■
.„,' ,      !•',,- ' j<< *   i    t     •,.  ! , ,       i Mill ami Miiiin:; M;ie v     l ..i.i; •
Arid   whal    ,or   no,     asUe.i   s.u. , ^..^     ^     ^^^ > q, ^^ ,.,,..,..,..,.„,	
'•-" *   I 'on hand     I.-timate-. :m a -: > n.    --i'i;
"Ueeause,   Ja.n-I,   you   come  ovwr | ( ,rf)U b()n{rht ,,y .,,,, i.;lr|i,!,,     ,., , .,_. , .
soon tae the application." j Iloalei  i'. j ;,n,l  ,l.,!.l.n .-.
i).>!.t    -,..nr    1 .tii    "stitt
ViMv -i.iir.'.s im.-. ii'/itviiij.;
/-'. /*". Licbachcr.
SUilt!.i i"s y.i--  l.nlor
.| i \ ri: < ity i.iiih.i: m>. .".'>, i.o.O.K.
IH.VV. i> -imI... I.i' .VI..' -- .-. 11 >- Clllull Hitll
.a. -\ 1 t.'iiv .a...it..- t :.'' V:.;-.ait- lirt'tlireit
. ,nlt .:iv ii.'vi- ii I.i .a,- i il .1 I. L.ivtltl.M..
s ..,:.■.,".., .1 . \. I. ai. vi... Vi'o tir-tutl, W.J
l. VI  t l  li.S i". '.Hi .
}g*    ^
! He.'lla'I   i'. j
i;. •      ; !
!Rough and'DresseJ Lumber!
sou.i.Afriomw'arundscripjHENRTS NURSERIESjj. R. Cameron
Apply P.O. I.o*-; ^4--, I-Vinie,   U.C.     j
nii: i->si'.\"n.\LS
till ll>   VV.-si.I.ili-l.
Iiio.litin Hull.-  i,
i.m  Ilollantl I
Is   the   !.
Vuu  wan
t-.-,      . > THiirSAMiS    nl-'     llllll     AS1)    on-
NIPKIIPQ-S1 .NA.MKMA1-    •!*> ■ S.
Ul V-lXI iUOO    llli..<l...t..||.l|-..l.-.       It.'-.-. 'r.'i'llhi.nsr
iiiiiI   ll.il'.lv    I'I:...I-   l.'f    I ■■'    I'lianliilJ-.
DO IIAI'I'I'N ■CvfMliSrUAI.I.i n„„-». it,.:»-,.  ,•'. i.      -ta-.l
(li.i-.l.-.i.    H.-I."   nml    'I '*. Si-a-il*.
  Vlla-llV.a   it;     |,,.-'.   !>• 'It.
... .    . •   ,        , ,   .,       i'i'itT!i.i'-.''.r.'s: iim-: r?iv; -    S'jimm.ies.
\\ rile for particulars nhout iiiv Accident ■*    ,.    ,    , ,.-, ,„■  ,.;: t,t,  kluv-it-
Suit of Clothes
It.' I
tl..'  I..-'-.'*-*.-'
to  sc
tf-tt.i   .si ■: '>,
,-!.!.-   *-   t;..-   t
and Sick-ness Politii's, the best in the, KL i,l W*,.,...
,  I'l.IIIIIlN-l...'.
Cat ll. ,V
tn.   i- |..vv'..rJ.    i* 4 -vTf*i^\v
n.In.' ato.-k.   —■ -■■	
•r,  II.0.
Iseal Kstati- Ajreiit
Nelson. 15.C. I
M       R ?-' tr>* ft vp. r- /"<» jf J- '-Tt\
lia- pur, .i.i-s'..
Prcst's PliotogTni)hi' Studio
opposite MethoJi-sl v ■   ireli,
nnd i- now open i'.vi ■'■   ine.ss
im;IsMaxi:n 11-
I I.S   |1|Vp.llVaJ  tl' Vit'  Mils'   '*' 'i
I .    .
! ivp.'iiriti^*' .ii  i Mc
j       DOWN TO DATE
j .Jewelry Sinn', a.**.j■= >-it<
'        i   ' i   !•
i cni hotel,  rt'l'lii.'.
the Xmll
- '.tlsiiictiini   t
!Mrc M Ranpvytic,0l*ia^ '     ''
Electrical Supply Depot,10*:., ' , '-^ Av«m,c;u'h,';r^;1';::;:::^
41 i .Sell--   .-ill   lltivvei'--., li- -ise  plants,: "'  u "" '• '■■'I"'"'- .ut'i ' i„.ir.'.
: "iipoi U d sini.;ui.; i .tnai it -, ! .lies '.'oil,!-,
j inclinliai;   latest  -lyh-s ol' v .Ihinir an.I   l)i.-.!ii.-l A -_*<-iit - f'.r
., ,. . ii   i •    i       f'under shin-, Mi-pviuleis. l-„- ill*, eorsc:-, ' I'"' -ry ri.ii!iip:t-.;m'
Kslinuvtes given on nil   kiiiiln of, >|„,u|lk,|. t,tM.^\,tlA ,u;w„ „•„ Wllis„. ■ a.„l .•■el.lii/ 1!..,
I I'orsets made to ord-.'i*.     I lies nre u-   Iii-lnhuti'i's  nf
 ,,    .Uuiestcd to call an.I see !■.-.■!••.     Home l.'iil.lilherl.Vni   aial
I'.ll.vtl'ic   Lif-liI-    I liinlH   Ili:slllll.-il   uVd.te-.l.vs  and  .V.tu.d.i.    ami ever. I'lnirii-.l.  » .;;.u-.
.iJtce    lor
.1   V. eil
*, l;a*
VV i ..
iii i i-
til    :, la'.'.    I!
-,lie iii.ii.n'
,-     -.    i     !:!.,-    !..    he
'i. ;   '■;      ,1       l.lj-i'      ii'i1
,., •,*...; Mt. '.vill .•It-
ll i\iitiiiin >;!fi-if;ic-
. .. i-.'.-'.i- li.<m the
-..!!.- . v. lie nis- n.
,,        : :'.': -l   .n:d   -.-vv
..'-,      1-     >'.;■      I'l.'dlls'l
,!:    -■•       .I--.   D-Wi.l        ill
'T, -,i '..;;.-. J s- ih.-
s s.j.er'.   s ti"'a r >  .'tit
:.,.,!   -i.i;i,,.i   l..i|.,i-
! 1 e    p.ii*:is itt.lt    p ll I -
ils.it';;   ' il   vv iii. 'i   lliev
.i,h .   .-a'   l!;      < \j.,..,.
■•■   ...ul   pri'iliaiietlt
.,l' tl-.'-s   liii.th'i-.-.  .Hi
,   ,   .■:',,. ■ beitie.  !,,;■'
,. xmiiin-   i.tiiiiii: m> -'i.    k. or r.
*S M . s ..\. rv VV , a ..,! ii i'ii nmi; ills ii'tlm-k
a, ;l,. i'.tl.i 'iiV.i-ii. II ill s.u.iun s-,ij..iuriiiiij{
'.t.'tl.r. i   still   lasi.,vi    l   I'vll.tiiti ua-li-i.tlta-.    S.
t-wi-.A.i C.      miiiU'J   Hall. K. li.jc S.
IOI1N   .llatl.ATCIllK.   IXimiiilyii and  Pro-
•J    aim i;tl l.i.i.ii Stirvi-yur.   Nel-nil, U. C.
K   ilttVI.ANI",  Kiimtu'or nntl Provincial
I.ni l'l Siirvuvoi.    KASLU
'pill-: K.Vsl.i.  litiTKI,. in Kit-.!.., is tin- W.ul
.""'. i:.V,!. .'.   I'.\!'\V«>IITII.
■1   S!
.   i'i
s '   I .
I i-.i*itr i!<
1 .;..". r-; I;;!
1 i' .'s
Ill   s.,,,,1,.,,
..,, , I-, ,...., t
VII  lll'IIV. 1
is      III'.'
: Vi.
..r   .i
i..fii.\ il"
;;. V! .,'-   i. r.
.   ..i„ :   l|...,,
:i:.-. in
:.,r-l .. .!.••
'vV   i;. M..
•I.lsil. !•:■,,|.,i
vi.i.iaiii   ii(i*ri:t..   iim:.    .Hi in- '1. in
.l|     y , .i-.-s.. ;i., i,! ,,    .s.e.it,.;,.   ..,.,li,s III  f.,lilli.'-
ri..n.    1 li   .u.'.v '.r-: . ' ■■-- t. --fa-: in \ imr.
h"I.\l.A\   Mi l.K"l>, i'n irt'tnr.
pi!i;Mii>'l lltilsi:, NKI.SON Kuruiti'iui
I .1..-I VU.'-ti- mi).! -ill. .M.'.ii.a. J.'.riatL-. llunll-.i
i'r.uii J . i.l-t.i I itnlv wl,lrc In-Ip .Mii|.|,.y.'.l.
N ,'liiii;.- v.-ll.iw ,.l-.,ii: t"l:>' I-l..-" 'V'-'i''. Ilii.' sill' 1
,., ll,,- -in , MAI.OM-: .V   I'KKIIlI.I.LS.
|>    1   !
Lll.l--.II   IliH'si;.   (. nii.-rlv   th.'Clark
i III,   I..   •!  -I :. ,! IV  ll-'t.'l   i.I   N. I'-"        I'lllV
,il,,:,.  Ii i,. .ti.,.|...v..l.*    ll.    VV    IIAlirl.i-i'lT.
I>ii.|,ii, :.'t
•l-iii: nnl ii. i-'ritiii
Mi-i"tN\'l-'i..-. /li. '..*!-, I
•pin:   iiiti
\-.M \     III. I 1 1. .- Ilia-  >.l.l-
. .■   |,    ||...  |     ]  !■•      ..1.1-1  na-kl-ra
[   I.VI.S 111,'"
.-httn fi.
[.-  I,.    V\ l,..i..,:i!i.
.    . i.|  I... liuti..-*!-.
Wire VS'm-l*.
I'.h.vtiit'  I
in aiiv part, of tin: eonntiy.
»I*jt'■' \i"'- i'l•"*"
I     VI.- '...- ; -
>, I . I   li'
.     !.( \i (.ii-s. v I i>  ,v   ro.   \\ l...!.-...ili- >l. r-
\ .     ri •,       I.     !    ■      i'i     .Vilnius'   Stl[i|Il.''.
■I..-.   !     '..   Si 1-  ■■   .   I* •'■
U i vliM V ,v ri».,   vv ilnl.l-NALK ItKAI,-
rt   ,,        ii,- i. i... .. i'ii...,,  I'r-.,.liic.: titnl
1.   II.C.     Wll.ll.!-
P,        n i i ■ " n I ! i*" I    1      i- i i.m.l -UN ,\ ro.. n,i, ... nu.   vv nm.!
», j, ml llnL:LL:-■—":'•" 	
1~ERNIII1     E3. C
A.    VI, IlilNAt.ll,    HI;.
iMIlll.   N. l.-.ll.   li I..'
li,' Il...ll..f ill
1-nr-rir ■iim.ii.mi.wft,^. -n-Miliiii- mi--;-, il-1 miM'IT I'■^-.r,si^l''lf'w*T-**^-*-s-->-*''
^rtv^^ ■.,,.j,i,iM-,^l1,iI,i„iy, ^ss
Ir i , 't-«7Hn -i    *vH*""A,
%                               £,hl^:i€'M^^_)fk.                   ,_.,,. .t_______,    .. -.—, ^^m,.--^..^.^.--'^ —^Fr^rr^i'rrT^w
C-.                                                          "S.^^_r^^jirip-ria,^r:.!s'~r^r^u i.... a. M».q«»BHriaHn',g»v,.'-*'Jlll**l""l.' "fi'j^xM^i TVJi   j j i- ff3-,^=j%_^^ii'i i^r'Aiirsrw-'ar2---.»-t,rT vc .-  ~-  _* *^   ^-.~* -*_ c_*  -rv-njj    ,    —    v:.t .m—
inm^r^fmm_w^^Tr^^*^*^^                                                 .   ■   m  ■ , ^ i' . ,   ySi*"i <te :v.r «     7v A?.'   w   '-,. ?»*■-. iAi«rT,'V4   *■ u\fKt 'T^'.1- w. ■
$8,700,000 fiest
Head Onici- : TORONTO
This Hank transacts every description of Hanking Business, including the
■*--:— -'** !iri„c and will negotiate or
I Ins ivauis. i><....-..is... ..... j   	
Issue of Letters of Credit and Drafts on Foreign Countries
collet;! bills on nr.'. place where there is a bank or hanker.
Special Attention i* directed to llie
following Advantages Olfered by our
Savings Bank.
Deposits of One RoiSas*
:ind   upwards   received    and    interest
allowed at current rales.
is added to the deposit twice in each
year, at Ihe end of May and November.
The EBe.
is'inbiecl to no delay whatever in  the
withdrawal of the whole or any portion
of thc deposit.
H. BIRD, Manager
^^st-i**""""""" ">• 11 is for a housekeeper to know that even if her
jr^^^^f}i3W^^L potatoes boil dry and scorch at the bollom there is
Jf^2?c!8^i^>:'J^^g   no burnt taste to them ;   this is true only when tm
Aluminum ECeftle is used.
We sell them, also a number of other articles made
of this metal.
ACR   LADY   PATRONS  will find our House Furnishing Goods section well stocked with Knaniclled Ware, Stoves, Ranges, Pipes, etc.
Tin and Wooden Ware, Brooms nnd Brushes, Nickelled Copper Ware,
Table Cutlery, Carpet Sweepers, Clothes Lines, Shoe and Stove Polish.
Get the Habit
Go  to   Hamilton's  for your
Our wardrobes and Fit-Reform clothing have been shipped, and to make room for
our new goods we will give
20% off all suits, overcoats
and winter goods until
February 1st.
W. C Hamilton Co.
Fernie Hotel Block
Sugaij Cured Breakfast Bacon and Strictly Fresh Eggs
Grifliii  Brand  Sugar Cured  Hams,
'.    Breakfast Bacon and Pure Leaf Lard.
Prices and i,uality  will  convince yon  this is the place to buy your 'goods.
Don't for?el we sell for CASH ONLY and can give you the
Best Prices
-£     ' PRO JMT       §
§     DELIVKKV     ^
"Cj - ■   <S
fl? ahsolutki.y §<^<^^n^&7^7^fe(l-ip!V    NOTUINa.  •m
*■ •fk ite , -TKi
©       *_Jf s       _!__& 11.&&.IL& •9*9-■*_** jits'
The People's Grocer,   P. O. Block,   Fernie
!s Purified by
.Opposite the Post Ollice. Right in the Centre of the City
Of All Kinds at
Cann's Bookstore
L.T.W. Block.
■|;; .;:..;.*
I'■■> :.-■--
li.      -
There is no better
than that sold by    •
Is back at the old
stand with the' same line of
croods he has always sold in
|^S:^tes: '•■■'■: •
ApHE LADLES of Fernie
will  find  an   Excellent
Stock of «-*?
Want's Wear,
(Ms, Dresses,
Beautiful gream
SilK Robes, €tc.
at my store in the Todd Block
There is but littic demand ns yet for
.uranium; Only about iMO tons ol uranium ore, yielam<r from •! to 18 per cent
ot the metal, are cousuuied in tho world
Colorado haa supplied practically all
that tho United States have produced,
and this has gone almost entirely tc
Europe. France, England and Germany are the principal markets. Tlie
metal is hard anil very heavy (!>. 181) and
it is moderately muleable. Tt resembles
nickel and iron, and its color is that of
nickel. At ordinary temperatures, it
is not affected hy water; at red heat,
however, the surface .oxidizes.
The railroad men employed at Black
Butte mountain, north of Moutit Shasta,
Siskiyou   county,   Cal.,   in  shoveling
gravel on tho work trains, have .uncovered an immense body of ice, supposed  to   have  lain  thero  for  many
thousands of yeari-..   The railroad com
pany hau steam shovels, rock-breakers,
and a large number employed in removing eravel from this mountain lor
ballasting the tracks, and consequently
haul away  an  extensive quantity of
ground    This body of ico is. supposed *
to bo the result of an avalauche'ot snow
in a prehistoric ago, now 'covered • up
by a great amount of ground sliding on
top or else accumulating Bince.   The
ico is reported to be of first-class quality
and may prove serviceable to tho railroad company for their own use and for
sale; if it develops  into   a  great ice
quarry.   It may possibly.be the foundation of the.hill, which  is very high
and looms up into a sleep cnne-shitped
mountain of soft gravel and earth.
The north pole is not the only magnet drawing explorers to the fur north.
Several exploring pyrtiea aro following
up the indications of mineral  wealth
discovered in the far north regions in
recent  years.    An   Anglo-Norwegian
enterprise   has spent   the summer  iu
SDitzberijen, where it is intended to de
velop the existing coal resources for the
benefit of the north of Norway.   The
district is near King's bay on tho west.
Coal is also reported on the southeast at
Stoafjord.   .The necessary machinery
for mining the coal and the material for
a wire railway have gone to the King's
bay district, where tlie coal has heen
found near a convenient harbor at Advent bay.   Greenland is also.'credited
with a reputation for valuable minerals
which a Copenhagen merchant has his
eye upon, and has titted out two expeditious to investigate.   A large cryolite
mine is doing a big business at Iwigtuk,
largely for Uncle Sam's benefit, and
partly for Denmark. The miners mostly
winter in Denmark, and havo in stock
two years'provisions.
The Lead Daily Call makes mention
of the fact that the Ilomestake company has up to tho present time turned
out approximately one hundred and
fifty tons of pure gold. Such an amount
of  the   precious metal   is hardly conceivable by the hupiau mind.   We. may
sve a bar worth  say $50,000 that is a
good load for a man to carry.   A mil
lion dollars in gold would be a good
load for a two horso team over country
roniis    It \\")uld bo a little over a ton
and a half in weight.   Ono ton Jof pure
gold is worth" SGO'2,328,17    A  hundred
and fifty* tons would havo a value of
approximately 800,400,000.   This reprn
sents   practically   the   product  of the
Homestake  mine alone     B-fore   this-,
company   purchased    the   Deadwood
Terra, Highland, Father Do Smut nnd
Caledonia properties the^'had madti a
total   production   of twenty eight and
ono.-linlf millions.   This brings the total
of the Home'take and absorbed prop
erties np to nearly one hundred and
nineteen millions of gold production. -
■ "Lookiiur for a story, "re you ?" said f kept losing.    Finally Clay pushed his
r* .. . ...    I .      •        I.      .1.     t      .1 Ll..     .....I    ....1.1
A Grent Mine
A mining man says the next boom
will be in llie Similknmeen and Nicola
valleys. . He cited as one instance of
the ..'richness of the country that the
Nickle Plate mine was richer than anything struck in Cripple Creek or IVuish
Columbia hi the free milling line ; that
150 tons a day was being ire-tieJ an.i
$4,500 saved on the plates every -.lay, to
say nothing of thc concentrate!-; and
that Rogers, the manager, was coining
through tc Seattle, right along as
quickly as he could make the round
trips, bringing out barrels of bullion.
Rogers is increasing his mill to one
hundred' slumps and'is taking in a
twenly-ll*.e ton boiler, ihe biggest ever
hauled over the roads in British Columbia, and he expected to see llie day
when this mine would yield Si0,000
per diem.        -
The Waldorf
The Waldorf, one of the finest hotels
in the West was opened
Monday: The house.cont
aud elegantly furnished
appointments of llie h.ir, dining, writing and sitting rooms are first class.
The house is healed' with hot water,
and brilliantly; lit with electricity. Return call bells make it particularly easy,
for guests, especially-* in the msniing.
The bar is equal to almost-anything in
New York. The fillings behind it are
made from black walnut, and local car-
pen Icrs received several hundreds of
dollars for putting the work together.
This hotel and ils equipment is a credit
to Fernie and the enterprising landlord
who litis put $20,000 cash into the venture. The rates are $2 a day and upwards, and it is safe to say that The
Waldorf will always have plenty of
the old, pokcr-plajing Kentucky Col
onel, as your correspondent walked up
to him and olTcreil him a cigar. "Let's
see. , Did 1 e\or tell you of the time
Henry Clay lust his line property, the
Olympian Spiings, out ton miles here,
'way hack in tho >•*, to George Lansdowne? No? Well, sit down and I
will tell you ninuii it.
"1 was a little shaver then, and used
lo go with my father out to see Henry
Clav'when he owned and lived for a
time at the 'i,-*ri.igs,'as we called them
then. ^ All the girls and hoys from all
over the South, clear lo Now Orleans,
used to come up there then, and they
had some great limes, I cm tell you.
Clay had a race track there, and some
of thc Moods brought thoir racers with
them .:nJ tltoti-ands of dollars were
soim-fuiie.-. tt.-ipered on a single race
There .U...S m-.-d lb\ hunting hereabouts
1 hen, at*d llie l.ainU-r.-a would gallop all
over Baili siis.i'ty nearly before they returned. Then they would lot their
hor.-a .-, rest up a day air two and then
they would have a race themselves out
oil the old course. And the dances they
had at the old Owings mansion, and
then out at the S; .ii.g> were marvels of
"The racing game and the courting
game was not all thoy had there in Ihe
old days. Old George Lansdowne
lived here in 0*ving>vill- then, and he
was worth anywhere from a quarter to
a half million uo.i.ir-,. He was a great
poker player anJ once in a while, when
he was feeling good, he would go out
to see Henry Clay, and they wouiii nave
f •
'-■%{!_'      '
chair back from the table and said,
'George, I 'have no more money hy yje
at this time, hut the Springs are mine.
Whal will you bet against ihem ?'
For some minutes   Lansdowne studied.    Then  he said;   "Henry,   1   have
long   wanted   the   Springs   property.
■They'will hu worth jusl $25,000101110
it' 1  win,  and  you will he thai much
ahead if you win.    Whal do you say?.
"Clay agreed, lind the Colonel pulled
a  long  wallet  out  of his  pocket and
counted out cash and   notes   for {ihe
$25,000     Then ihe game began again.
First  one would  lose   and- then   the
other.    At last Clay's luck again deserted him, and his pile of chips got lower
and lower.    Both had good hands and
both  stayed every  lime.    Clay would
raise, and Ihe old colonel, studying his
hand, as if he was in doubt, would see
it and stay.    Finally Clay threw down
his cards and said,"in llie vernacular of
that day, that he was all in.    He had
held a good hand, an ace liigh'straight
Hush of spades.   The old colonel looked
it  Clay's cards  a  moment  and  then
il his own hand.
. " 'A go.i.l hand, Henry,'lie said, 'a
good hand. But—' and then he laid
down slowly, one hy one, the ace of
diamonds, the .'king of d'umonds, the
queen of diamond", the jack of diamonds, and the ten of diamonds—the
royal flush—'this is a better one.'
"Clay-,pushed back his chair, and,
followed by the colonel, walk'-a] out of
llie room. A few days later the legal
transfer of the 'property was made, and
the colonel became owner ol llieSprings.
!iey have never been the same since,
■id never will be, I reckon."
1 ,T        fe«»«lM$#     ,,,0K lT     $
''" ASK
. Why U\>    ll
McFac-'c* in §
The Painter  n
What Wns  In  It'."
"I want this prescription tilled," she
said to the diuggist. .
"Ves'm," answered he. Inking Ihe
slip of paper frtmi her.
"The doctor gave il lo me for llie
headache," she explained. "Can you
tell me what is in il ?"
"Ves'm. , It calls for sodium bloar-
bonate, elixir pep-mi, aqua pura and—"
"But what's that ?"
"Wh.U's what, madam?"
"Why, here it says 'quant still.' "
"That   merelv  refers   lo   the   aqua i
.. I
pura. !
Bui if it goes inta> llie prescription !
ii will form a part of ii, won't it ?"
"I suppose so, mad.uu.   Shall I send
this or will you take it ?"
"I've got to lake il, havvn't  I ?"
"Nol unless you waul to."
"But the doctor said 1  must."
"O, wc can deliver il to your house,
all right."
"O,   how   funny !    I   thought   you
meant I didn't  have lo  take the medi-
vine "
Keep Cases
By Buying
A Waicli from
British Lion
the old colonel.
"Lansdnwnc seldom got the least bit
under the influence, as we say of gentlemen, but when he did lie'was a terror.
When the olJ colonel got angry, why,
I have seen him many limes when he
would swell up so in tlie neck from anger that his collar button would break
from his shirt and roll over the floor.
That always made the old colonel
"About the poker game ? Oh, yes.
Weil, one day, the old colonel woke up
and he sure was feeling Ins keeping.
He determined to go out and see how
his friend Henry Clay was doing. So
he had his nigger get his horse and
rode out there. Ai riving there and
partaking of a"slight refreshment Lansdowne proposed a poker game. Clay
agreed and the two went to tlie poker
room. Soon the game was on fast and
furious. First Clay would win what
there uas in sight and then Lansdowne
would . ome up with a good hand and
take everything "on the hoard. This
continued almost all day, hut along towards night Clay began losing steadily.
He lost and he lost.
"The colonel kept rallying him on
his luck deserting  him, and still  Clay
**1_a_imth. Mm*. ■ *J' ■&**$    * '* V       * "
^...■■^-■«-f--„">-Vi> *v>   ■*"
—- "    V-\_^*-_7: ;. -
    -*<?--.* s>I-V
noi'vn  TIIK
Addition.il Locals
Fountain pens at BleasJeU's, .Si.50 to
$10". 00.
S. Slinn lias 475 boxes of apples in
his cellar.
Stop at the Queen's Hbtei when in
Trout Lake City.
Sewing machines to rent at the B. C.
Furniture Company.
R'.'inem'.v.T the rooms are warm these
cold nights at the Ring lid ward.
We buy, sell or exchange new or
second hand furniture. The B. C.
Furniture Company.
Dr. Gibson's Syrup of White Pine
& Tar Compound, 35c and 75c a bottle.
Bleasdell's Drug Store.
If you are troubled with rheumatism
you will find the Pool of Siloam at
Halycon. Write for particulars to
Sanitarium, Halycon, B. C.
Miisterson, Griffith &■ Co., Trout
Lake, have all the supplies needed by
lumber camps and mines.
At thc Kooienay Saloon in Sandon
you do not needan introduction to get
a drink. Put the price on llie bar and
the mixer will do llie rest.
-a 1.1.  itot't.o thi:  rtfi'NP
I „rltia.-i,iii.r.M.!. l.-.l Ut" i\Vl"t''"'u'",:'""*
,       I ■■-,<-.l|M- llllll tl:.- -it'll l.i't-a h vr.ava l.ickli'-lt.ltll-
"Well,  to  be  sure vou have lo lake \ .,„.|V t .tt.ii. Tii.ni- il.e t.i-..t «.r ••..-ii >•> r
',,.,,.    -, ,„ I M-.'t" iin^liuiH.    'IVimI.t.   JitKi.   ii..'ltl-lilii--.    It
the medicine, but we would just assnon .     (| nufc(.       ,,r-,,„v ,,,„, -, r,lllliy
,      .    ,    .   ,    ;,     f       ' 1 If,., itr.- sv II  liu' -It  I .'-l aim <•' a.' ''.
have  our  mess-enger boy   lai-e   it   |or . i..ml,   .„«„  ,-n-. »■-•..  i:.;i jut 1;" »ai  .,1.
,. Itilk.ii'itrl'a.'f.    I!.'i'ftt.in'.i!<>iir.iir.rlii.fi.
Cost jviii' little nioncy hut
affords you loth of comfort
The Fernie Cartage  Gompany
■Gait Coal and the Bain Wagon Co.
Office in J'o.st-oflicc Block, opposite stables.
Send the children to us
for their pens and pencils,
slates and scribblers, school
readers and copy books, and
all the etceteras the rising
generation requires in an educational way.
We have a well assorted
stock and keep the prices-well
within range of the parent's
pocket book.
Dispensing Chemist, Fernie Drug Slorcj
The Alexandra
King Edward
Chest Protectors
Bleasdell's gS
AKont for: .   ,
Iiitt-rntitionul ,st''«k.l*iHnl I'rnpartiti'in
Hurry WkIiI/j  llolubVfil.jil  C'hucolnt'H
Miimii'h I''oiiiitn,.'ii I'ltii*
l.itti'-liliiria I'Vjiinlia'n (Viii
MitKlnlity'i UK' Slii'Ut Mttali)
0<ro?t Knock
Hut wall- into The CLUB CIGAR
STORK nnd examine their stocl-
of inipiirtvil and domestic cigars,
rigurelles and tobaccos.
The finest   assortment   of  rnecr-
.sclnium, briiir nipes, und sir.oUcrs'
stiiidi-ie-. in the cilj*,
All ihe niiii-iiziiifaiind daily paper,-
always in stock.
injiram & Stoiiohowse
'l'H-(»tlu-,fi from tlm WuMorf Ilott't
"Humph I  Has he },'ol a hea iache?
"No'ni!   But thai would
"Well, I'm not f,'oiiif* lo pay for pre
scription for messenger boys lo take."
"There would he no charj-e."
"Why, 1 paid the doctor?i fur it."    jf
"Certaily you did, but 1 meant there j
would be no'charge il* the boy took it I
for you." ..*.*' ''
"That's the funniest .thing I ever
heard. How would it do me any good
if he look il."
"I beg your pardon. I misunderstood
you. Then you'd prefer to take it
"Yes, sir. Hut you can send it to
house, if you will."
"Just us you say. (Takes a woman
lo change her mind.")
"Bui you didn't finish telling'me
what there is in it."
"O, nothing much besides what 1
told you. It will he 50c. Thank you.
(That means there is forty-eight cents
in it for ine.")~-Chicago Tribune.
The Mutual Life
of Canada
The Only Canadian
Life Company that
is    PM-ely   BfaiuaS
IS 3^ years old ;
HAS Assets now exceeding .$8,000.000;
HAS a surplus (on Cjovernment Valuation Standard), of nearly $900,000;
HAS nearly 30,000 policyholders;
HAS nearly $40,000,000 of Insurance
in force ;
HAS paid over $6,500,000 in cash to
policyholders or to their families and
HAS in Reserve, for their security, over
7,ooo,oa)o, in solid assets.
Married men should remember the
uncertainly of life and protect their
wives and children by a policy in the
Mutual Life.
Young men should not dally with
lime in regard lo life insurance. The
sooner you commence llie sooner your
prolits will come lo you. It is an investment lliat always pays.
Voting men who have relatives depending upon them should take 11 policy
in the Mutual Life, It will help mother
if deuth should reach you ils icy hand
before your youth has fled.
For full particulars call on our agent
at the King ICdwnrd, in Fernie.
'1 ti^i*-
[Lowest  Rates Best Time
East *
■Toronto.   Montreal,  Na-w Yoik,
Maritime    IVoi-'inces.     New    I'ngS.tr.d.
"        WC5t ''.■'■■'.
Vain Oliver, .Victoria, Seattle,
-California Points.-'.
Unequalled Passenger Service
Standard and  Tourist Sleepers,
Cai.icli'--* and-Dining Cars
Sleeper   Service
AVkst—leave Revelstoke .Mon.,  Wed.,
Tliur., Sat. to Seattle av. Vancouver.
I-'asi-- leave    riuiiinore   tor    Toronto,'
Weil. iV Sun.;   for Maaiilreal, Mon.
aV Fri.;   fur lio-lon, I'ii-
Atlantic SatcsuisllsBp Agency
Through bookings to and from Great
licit tin and the Continent..
Tell me thy company and I will tel|
thee what thou art.—Miguel Cervantes
Haifa loaf may or may not be better
than no bread. It depends altogether
on the maker. j     ^  r:lU.^ MM., ;lIU
After a young man has blown  in all j'» local agents, or u.
his money on a girl she often shows her I\. Rkaiiim;, agent, Fernio.
gratitude    hy   mair-ing   some   other L,<s.(:„rt,r.I' ,1'A.,       i:..i.c,vl". A <i V A.
fellow. j *•■•''"
ticket-- apply
© 0
Ilavit 0110 of their largej-t Hlores in Keriiii-.
a^ Liunl), Veal, I-'rei-li ittnl Smoked Fish.
I Bulk Oysters.   Try a gallon
Day and Eoening
Wi'itinj-f,   AiillniH'iii.',   Spelliii}.:,
Correspondence,  lin^lisli  Hrancltes,   \i\c.
Correspondence  Pupil; Coached
Low prices and individual iiialrucliiin itial'.e 1! tils' J\      T\fi     / rl'iH1(''S
Boolclseepinir,   Shorthand,   Writinjr,  Ariilmu'iic,
land individual iiulriiclion ii'::I-.-j i:
iliainv of a lifetime.
' .rf :Ai'-.A!&A
:v,:- r*■.•■■-:■■■■■


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