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The Ledge 1905-02-01

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 Volume XII., Number 17
Price, $2 a Year, in Advance
u ,
St* *J* *f* 0_, V> «,t> »l> »f> a.T> «.v «.?>  «,*> «V* V «."/ «,»> a.l> »f> *Y> a.t> *»* <T» «»> *l> a.T> a.Y>
S LIFE IN Fnr^"^B^ w
;      At 9 a. IB. it was 12 bnjow zero.
Robins Is Belling all li iu hunting stoves
:   at cost. ,
, Blundell is selling eggs that are very
. fresh aud young.
On Monday tv.o drunks savcdablank
in the police co.urt.
The tcluphoiio war tins advertised
Fornie all over the continent.
J. G. Whitesero look a look at tliu
piano business In Kernie Just we/ik.
Pitt, and Sherlock Holmes, are two
now games procurable- at Bleasdcll's.
"Water fro in tho upper ilani was again
turned into tlio water pipes last Friday.
Pluck-mo-atoroB havo a great cinch
jybfin thu miners are meek enough to
allow thein.
,    During January eleven cases .were
- tried in the provincial police court, and
$30 p-*>id j ti fjiics.
In tlio Kootenay saloon at Sandon a
glass of water ie given free with every
drink of Scotch.
K. B. MeBormid, of Nelson arrived
iti the city this week to btmi-'htuu up
.tho books of a local tinn.
Telephone your orders.;to. D. J.
J'oberisoii & Co. in Nelson. That ia
.when tho Hue is completed.
G. G. S. Lindsoy 'of the Coal Co. has|
gone to Toronto on business, and Sup
eriiitcndeut Drinnan io tho coast.
If thp telephone war keeps up Fornie
will soon look like tli is: | |  |  | | |
I I i I I I I I I I I i I I I I i;
It is now reported thac the Crows
Nest Southern Hy. will be oxtiindud
from Fernie to Michel when spring
*- A art is on exhibition at
Blcasdelt's. It was painted by a local
jtrtist audjhould bo econ by everyone
in towii'.'
".It ia reported that one of our most
prominent citiz.ns will ere long return
from iho cast with a handsome ami
wealthy bride. ,
Kernie almost lost the appropriation
for a j-riv-'inuient postolliee owiug to
tho squabbling1 of eo, many people with
a site to sell.
, Al Ilizzuto is now • proprietor of   tho
\    Jloina-Hptel Jjavina/^kCK it oyor/tliia
■'•' Vcelc. "llo'Js.wtH'knoirn and suro'of'a
• large business. _ j
Ernest Klrkpatriek -rocs to Chicago [
next week, where lie will spend Jsix
weeks lenruing how to thump tlio keyboard of a linotype.
Messrs Lindsoy, iDavios and Lang-
ton have gone east to attend the annual meeting in Toronto on February
10 of the C.N. P. Coal Co.
A general meeting of the Fernie Liberal association >. .'.I beheld in Stork's
opera house on Monday, February 6th.
All Liberals arc requested to attend.
\l. ].. Macdonnell of Nelson wnf in
the city 'ist week looking up C. 1', la-
freight matters. He is one of th * best
and most obliging ollieials of tbo C.P.K.
F.lizabeth Wallace died In I'arkhi'l,
Ontario, last Sunday of heart failure.
Miss Wallaco was a sister of John Wallace, ipanager of the Freo Press, and ho
has the sympathy of many /r|ends in
bis sad bereavement'
If the B. C. Telephone Co.*continues
to do business in Fernio it will not be.
long before Fernio will havo speakim?
connections with all tho towns between
this city aud Calgary. Such a service
would be of great benefit to t!*o lumber
The press liar is not yet dead. One
outside paper reported that the B C.
Telephone Ci was arresting Fernie citizens by tho scoro and throwing them
into dungeons. The same bright paper
remarked that this was not right, and
should not bo in a civili'-ed
The C. N. E L. & P. Co.. under thc
superintendence of Richard Hammond,
has a gang nf men at work dicing
holes for .telephone polos. The company lias the moral support of tho city
council, and some of our aldermen are
busily en .-aged drumming business fur
the latest telephone company in Fernio.
J. T. Wilkinson ol Vancouver, who is
sti'l traveling nruund thu worltl In or*
ilcr to sustain his title of Wings, sends
Tin' I.ianin several pictures of the
young ladies he has met in Honolulu.
Thoy arc. all brunettes, with the dreamy
optical expression that appoals so
strongly to the poetical temperament of
The funeral of Gcorgo Masson Cor-
sail, the seven year-old son of Dr.
Corsuti, took place hist Wednesday,aud
was largely attended. Tlio deceased
was a bright boy and the earthly extinction of his young life was a sad blow
to his parents, who have the sympathy
of many friends In this, one of the deepest aorrowH that can como to any home.
Tho SiO-round glove contest between
•Iim Burrows and Jack Ovmdnrff did
not como ofi in Fernie as advertised,
Ovcrdnrff hnvliii* broken his hand. To
take his phuo Sullivan, who Is i'o relation of John I,, came, over from .Spokane
and on Saturday evening struck a
couple of times at Jim Burrows, but
fnlleu tu iiuikti an Impression, ami re-
tirud from the arena after two rounds
The fiiidlcuco never touched him.
Not a mosquito has been aeon in Fernie this week.
The police are. on the trail of several
local coal thieves.
The new and palatial Hotel Fernie
will open for business February 6.   r   .'
The King Edward is crowded with
gitcEts from all parts of the unlveim
J. C. Hutchinson is closing out at
cost all his stock of gents furnishings.
Tho Review of Spokane reaches Fernio the samo day It is printed, except
Sunday. ,
Three prisoners are in tho local jail
awaiting speedy trial—Brisco, Gibbs
and McCann,
\V. C. Hamilton was called to Cranbrook this week to attend tho funeral
of a young niece.
S. Sliuti has,returned from the Eaet,
and is busily engaged selling his large
stock of Okanagan apples.
Fernio has uo, fight with anv corporation seeking to rend our streets for the
sake of putting I'n a sewage system.
W. R. Ross, 51. L. A., leaves next
week forj&ctoriu to assist the legislation of affairs in this glorious province.
" "Cash is mighty with Blundell. Ilo
takes notiiiug else for groeerica unless,
perhaps, occasionally, fresh cj-gs might
gO. ■ .:    ,'■   :
On Sunday evening the electric light
went off shift for a few minutes and left
some of the local parsons eawing the
air in darkness.
A meeting of tho executive of the
Fernie Liberal association will be held
iu Stork's opera house on Wednesday,
February 1st, at 8 p. in.
Tub Ledge this week installed one
of the'oldest but most reliable printing
presses in the world. It easily prints
the entire edition in nine hours.
At*the present time the Crows Nest
Pats Coal Co. use 35 telephones in. conducting their own business at Fernie,
Michel, Coal Creek and Carbonado.
Sinco its entree into Fernio Tm:
Ledok has caused the name of this city
to bo read by millions of people in all
parts of tbo world, and thc end is not yet.
Alex. Cameron, lato of Rossland, is
driving needles for P. G. McLeod. J.
"week to fill a similar pbsitiotf with McLeod*  ■
A, Good of Crow's Nost, was in Ferine last week advertising the route
from, his town to the Flathead by circulating blue prints,,showing trails aud
other information.
At McKorizie's ^noting 'gallery, next
to the King Edward hotel, John Minton
won the prize on Saturday He made
HO points in a possible 3d, so John certainly is a good shot.
Fernie has no funds to pay for its
chemical fire engine, but does not appear to be worried over the shadow of
law'costs thrust upon it by hasty and
unwise local legislation.
Having finished his contract on the
C. N. S. railway near Swinton, G. 0.
Fobs will visit hie home in Minneapolis
this week, nt1'.1 from thence he will go
to Ottawa in search of his big partner,
Jim McDoncI.
The Ladies Aid of the Methodist
church will give their next monthly tea
at the residence of Mrs. IV V. Mott.
corner of Gemmell street and Riverside
avenuo, from ll to'i and 8 to 10 p in.
on Tuesday, the 7th inst. AH are cordially invited.
Jim Bell, the well-known knight of
tho range, is picking oranges in California as a pastime, and spending the
money he made around Sandon by riding on tho street cars and watching the
swans that pass in the night. " Take
keerof yourself, Jim," and dou't hiitf
the shore of thn "Barbary coast.''
Mr. Mcl'hillips contended that the
words "subject to thn approval of the
municipalities" simply meant that the
company had the right to go on with
the erection of poles or other work, only
that the municipalities had Hip tight to
Say in what manner that work should
be done, and quoted, numerous eases, in
support of his contention.
His lordship was of opinion that while
tho view of counsel was piobahly what
was iu the minds.' oi the legislator*.
when the charter was granted, yet he
could only construe llie word '"appro-
val" as meaning with the consent of the
municipalities. Had it been otherwise,
the,terms "by the. direction" or "under
iho supervision'' would htirely have
been used. Ilo pointed out, however,
that even if liu were to continue tho injunction, it would by no means break
the deadlock that existed, ar. it was at
best:'but .a' temporary expedient, and
visiting tho coronation; cei-omoiiicfi ii.^hey- choose. The people need not
London some years agp'asa n.<uib.-i ; ex pec; anything'more than they are
of iho nillitsry/iontingent tl,ia;1(.^t,,VCI,titletlt() lmm eiUlcr'com.
province, ho met and wooed the lady
who is now his brine.' Ou bc'ialf of the
pioneers who blazed tho 'trails in Ka--,t
and West Kootenay, Tin. Limr-i- extends the heartiest enngratn! '.lioMS, and
trusts that bliss will never dc-en their
blended lives.
One of the oldest mcmlx-i,, of our
Ladies'Choir has just left ns Miss
Shuttleworth has been coim-i-ifd with
us for the last six years. N<*v.- sho has
gone to British Columbia, in
suggested that the only way to settle | thousands of miles away, her thoughts
tbo matter satisfactorily would be to
have a regular stated trial. If the parties would consent to that, ir- could be
sot for February 2nd, when the present
injunction expired.
Mr. Mcl'hillips said he was quite
ready to consent to that, but Mr.
Bloomfield said he was only acting as
an agent for tho City of Fernie, and ho
did not know what the au-
thoritios might wish to do in the-matter.
It was finally decided to set the trial
for February 2nd, and should any other
complications arrisc in the meantime to
prevent it being heard on that date,
arrangements [should, be made for its
postponement in the proper form.
It looks that with the exception cf
paying the costs, the * trouble between
Fernie and the B. C. Telephone Co. is
ended; for on .Friday the mayor and
tho majority of the aldermen eat in with
the Coal Co., took all the cards out of
their sleeves, rolled up the blind, and
showed us what made the shadow.
Tun Leixie does not yet know what
promises wore'i wade, but the deal was
evidently satisfactory to both sides, for
at a meetitigof the directors of the Coal
Co. in,Toronto on Saturday afternoon
it ""was decided that tlio Crow's Nest
Pass Electric Light and Power Co.
should immediately go into the telephone business in Fernie. Contracts
are being, offered to tho public for signature on a basis of'! 1,33 and S2 a
month for local eervice, and the Coal
Co. has offered to reimburse the B. C.
Telephone Co. for all expenses incurred
in Fernie, provided they will abandon
the field.
If the B. C. Telephone Co. withdraws
The council met on Monday evening and adopted minutes of previous
meetings. A large part of the evening was spent in reading and adopting, the. minutes of the many special
meetings held.recently."
The bill of .Mr. McKobie for chemi-
order to' cal fire engine, uuiounting to $350,
take, to herself a husband. Before Iht J was ordered to be paid as soon as
departure, her colleagues in the choir j the funds, .in", the .'treasury would
gaveher a handercliicf hag, iu a Liken ! pcrn*tit.
Trites-Wood & Co. were ordered to
remove at once thc garbage dumped
hy their teamster within the city
The tiudi:or8 were authorized to
cunfor with the linance committee
upon receipt forms and other matters.
The city solicitor was instructed to
wire nn appeal from Justice Morrison o decisiyii. The, intention is to
have   the  appeal  heard before the£S,-2*'S1'* *>t*4J* M******.'* «">.•« V -aV <•* «">V,*A.> «.*> -a.l>At> «*> <*,» aJ> *l_Sl*.
W    -    .      . ■ * Vi-7
y.i.y.i.y.i. yti.y._y.'y*y_.s,i. *t* <,>s,*y*y'y*s',i.y_, s1* *•■> <*> «* *r* *-■"•■ ♦T> '•i*^.,
ft* ft* fi* ft* ft* ft* ft* fi* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* fi* f.* ft* ft* ft* fi* ti* ft* ti* ft* ft* ft* fi*
of their good feeling towai.l- her. Wi:
cordially wish her all bappuu-s-s am!
blessing in married life. She a'.-uri-'s
thc Vicar that herconiieetl'in with lis
was a great  happiness; ami  altlio'i*;!
will often bo with us," tii our work at the
Epiphany. .   .',■
..   , . , tbe  subaidj- . to.}'>•*■—*-*jJ»1jv.Vaa   mail-
frotit til'a)'ax«lts3ei-atld-t-hc tvviil xxiBpsi,yT *'**r'-yro»ai-"s COntWliUtirii^itr»aiT?-!»-!-,^r3T
From  the provincial', depart ment of
mines it has been ascertained that the  |un court and 'not left to the decision
approximate output oE-'iniii.-. -iU in -   -
Pro vim o of British Qn^umbia !ov tin-
year that has just closed., is m <-\i cs of
that of tbe year before";-by 5i.-.'."I,0lJ.
Tho total value of tlnf t'li'.eul-, produced within the couh'nes of the province during the year end.-d on I'.•'•ember SI, 1901, was 619.770A">. '1 he
itmouiit of mineral proa.ict-
year other than ccal was ?1
ot one judge,
Bylaw No. 8 pnsscd and will he re-
considered at next meeting. By tiie
pa-sing of this bylaw no more retail
li'iuor licenses will be granted in
Fernie until the population is 8.300,
nor any more .wholesale' I;c-.uses un-
iii ing tne j til the population is 4,CO.). Alter
»','"■'•.      I tin sa figures are reached, one retail
On Friday eveniiii- the townspeople
had a moBt enjoyable time through the
kindness of Tommy Yuatt, who gave a
dance and supper. Altogether there
were about •-.thirty couples in attendance.
Mr McClelland, late of Fort Steele.,
has arrived with his wifu and family,
anu are staying at the Klk hotel Mr.
MeClelland is hurts to open a school,
whic,!) is much needed.
A large number of men are employed
in this vicinity takiii)- nut ties.
Tbe amount of gold, prm'.iced, both , license to e'verv SOO popuiatioti will
from nuartz and placer^a- in "^^ ' I- g:;mt,'d, 'i:.:! one -ivholuialb' to produced in ^     In l'< I H'fi'every additional 2,003."--
ofignld  prodtte-. vih >:,li,'i,-,    rp.      ,-,,,. . ,
.j,,    ,m!     riieclutf of police, was instructed
000, while in 1903 it wis:-
increase of over half -c. nu:li ::. Ihe
silver product of thc pro> ii.u- wa* al-o
in excess of that of the pre'.:.ui: year.
In lDil-1 it amounted to SV-l*',1' -'• ''■ hii-h
was $378,528 in excess" of 1903.
Last  year  the amount   nf   r.'.p; er
mined in thc various district:: sho-.u-d u
to buy ..six paira oi cheap .■mits fur the
use ol pris'mers.
Adjourned until next Monday.
Dave's Mistake.
It dees ntit pay to hash a gun and
shoot out the litrhts in Cranbrook.   In
ime into the
.,     ., „.,-,    ,,        ,    ,, pl-u lew evenings ago,
considcrablv  over  VMJ,    tl.i-   ni'put  ,  ,   , „       ,,.    ,.     ,    -       ?    ?.-
being N.5OT.O0O.   The coal .,. 1 l0,u., f»""'^wo of hi* friends in a hot dis-
produced amounted to *l,rjj,-> :, bc-inu \ l-llte" '-""-d to quiet afl'airs he fired the
slight increase, the totaj. output ^'"'r'that burg David Crane e
51,300000    Lead, too.'l.icrci.-i.l very J -.j.,,,-^ hQ. j,ft  f(JW  ft,
practically the same  as
i'i   tl.<-   vear
Tlio Small Em!.
The iDomiriioti estim-^j-'s annunt to
$08,064,397, of which '-$?.->i,0J7 ii for
Itritish Columbia, inelu'tiu;*' ?-W,i.<00 for
treasury were nearly 61,750/00. British
Columbia lakes the -:aall end, as i1;
usual when we have l/!i<:ne.-s with the
Tho telephone embrogllo advanced
several stages during the week, II.W.
Kent ri'ttii-t.eil to the coast on Friday,
mul probably has ri' by this
timo from the frost bites ho received in
Fernie. Not being ahlo to get local
cartage linns to haul poles for fear ol a
boycott by some of their customers, he
bought a team, and since then tlio work
of construction bus none on without interruption. Neatly all the workmen
engaged iuu Canadians, and object to
being called "foreigners." Mr. Kent
stated that his company would run a
lino into the Flathead when business
would justify the espouse, and that the.
13. C. Telephone com puny would not
make any money out of local business
for a long time, and would have (o
look to long distance work for a dividend in F.ast Kootenay.
In thu suprrme court at Vancouver
last Thursday thu argument was heard
upon the iipplii'iUlnn nf tho City of
Fernio '." ij'ifsh au injunction isMiml
against it by Mr. .IiimIi'o Morrison in
favor ol the H C. Telephone Co.
L U. Mel'liillip.', K. C, appeared for
the Tt'l'-phoni! company and Edgar
Illi'Ciinlleld repn-.H-iited the City ol Fernie. Mr. libimiHi'hl said t'i,-it tho Telephone company was working on a provincial charier, which gave it the right
toeieet poles and string wins, nuhject,
h(;-.vever, nlwa-s lo the approval of the
itiiiiiieipalitie.H in which the work was
to be done.
docs not givo us as extensive a connection, F-.,ruio quits loser. If both
companies stay in the. local Held, tbe
service, to bo effective, must be doubly I Dominion Govermnei;.
expensivo, forcing subscribers to havo I
two telephones where ono would be
more than enough forv a long time, as
far as purely local business is concerned.
Tho telephone embroglio is a fair
sample of the way business is conducted
in a city that is divided and full of cross
purposes. Judicious forethought would
have saved loss, trouble and much bitter feeling, and it is to bo hoped that
our stormy experience will be a bonefit
to other cities. In the meantime tbe
lawyers are all smiling.
Tho proper solution of the telephone
situation is government ownership of
all trunk lines, and municipal ownership of local syetcmB when so desired
bv the inhabitants of-cities.
contents of his revolver through the
•Aiiidow, and seared the crowd to a
white pallor. Dave' was ran in, and
it cost him aweek's liberty, the loss
of his job, and;*80-for thinking tbat
Cranbrook was like Arizona.
-~J A.l^sJBs£sM-^
There will be a hot time in Fernie
onS.uiirdayafternoon, and the trouble
will conimeiiee at 3 p..-in. 1 AIprize
will be given for the  best runner in
The trouble between the municipality
of Fernie and tho Burrard Inlet Telephone Co."sccaniti to have brought to a
head here a question which has long
been more or less in tho air. The company hns the right by its charter to
erect ite telephones and line" all over
tho province, Th-e necessarily includes
Nanaimo. Knowing thouiicertain temper of local street committees, tho company has always mado it a rule to consult them before erecting voles in the
streets. Human nature is human nature, however, and tho vory fact that
the company had tho right to put up
poles regardless of what tho city council might say or do, has from timo to
timo been the c&uso of irritation. While
the rights of tho company havo been respected there has always been a feeling
at the city hall that the citv should
have absolute power to veto the erection altogether should it suo lit This
has now taken positive jlmpo In tInform of a resolution passed by the city
council last uvening to thn effect that a
petition bo pia'seuted to both houses of
P'.rliiunetit, asking (or legislation to be
passed, to -ircvunt the use of stn 's and
roads In cities by private corporations
for tho purpose ot erecting poles nnd
stringing wires for telephones and other pin poses without the consent of the
municipal council of such cities, and for
the taking over of long distance telo
phone systems, nnd tho operation of the
same in the public interest.
.'a clog nice. The dogs are to be at-
A Change of Pc-»tmaster. ! tached to sleds and the racing track
An official commuiiv .tion has beer. is fl'01" t!le {wstoflice t* the opcri
received through Mr. v.-. A. C'alliher,; home. Three heats will be run, and
M. 1\ by the Kaalo LiVral. Association, tho fun will be illimitable with
stating that following r'-prcsentativosj Tom as ringmaster. Tho
made byjihem, S. V. '"awe is to be > set ct harness offered as a prize can
postmaster at Kaslo v'-i- S. II. Green, j i_ SCi.,A at jllK fiEl).-!K ofiiuc.
Tho immediate cause liidiog up to the j	
action of the. Liber ii .Association .was I Took Kveiytiiing.
the action of Mr. Ore.;! ut the time  off
thc Dominion electi":i, which on a date
(From thu Hnrat.t.)     '
There has been a bin increase in the
assessed valuation of the property of
Craubrook during the past year. This
year it is about 100 per cent more than
last, an increase from f-JOl.OOO to
The new drug .store building to be
occupied by J. ClVinpluton, is about
enclosed, the large [date fur the front
windows has arrived, ai.<l the frames
are ready for beingj;i!.-;ced.
Jack Kyan of.W'ardner, has returned
from a visit to his old home in Ontario.
lie wa3 at Lucnn and saw Vic Rollins,'
and says lliat Vic was badly worked up
over llie campaign..'-'"'":
The next -as-iembly of the C. P. K.
Qnadiille club will be hold February
let, and every two weeks thereafter.
The committee requests that invitations
be presented at the door.
An aerie of Eagles was organized on
Wednesday.evetiiug and the following
ollicers elected: S. J. Morrow, W. P ;
Edgar Davis, W. V. P.; Dr. 'Bishop,
\V. Clmpluiu; Koss Tate, W. S.; C E
Ileid, W.T.; W.CIine, W. Conductor;
W. O'llearu, W. I G.; W. Edwards, W.
O.C.; Dr. Bi-hop,' W. Physician; L.
Clapp. .W. 1), Hill and A. M. Black,
Fairbault, Minnesota, is hero assisting
Mr. Cameron in clositif- the deal. Iu
all probability Craubrook people will be
the purchasers
Joseph Niodor.stadt has purchased the
laiesteror half interest in the Mnylo
brewery from the adniinistrators of tho
estate. Mr. Niederstadt will sever his
connection with the Cosmopolitan Hotel next month, aud v.*ill devote all of
his time to tho brewery.
Practical expedience, "rood sound
judgement and common scnii- fn qti.-nt-
ly wins out over "hook learning." It
is safe to say thai James Cronin never
attended a ruining school a day in Ids
life, and yet ho stands head and shoulders above most of the "si ho.iled" min-
iiii- men in the I'ruvineo. Like Jiin
Hill iu . r.-tili-ofiiliiig. Mr. Cnmiii has
(•aired his kiiowlcd^'' of mi'iini,- step by
sten, and he is tlieiefori; familiHr with
tlie details of every branch of the bttni-
nes?. He can neither j.ut ihe. letters,
"M. F.. "or'-U A. "after hi.-, name, but
his opinion on a mining proposition
■will carry more weight than lhat of any
dozen college bred experts in the cuuii-
(From Fort Steele I'roiiauctor).
Southeast Kootenay is, first, last and
all the time, a mining ilistrict.   Forty
immediately before i-lriiion day, he allowed Hon. It. F. (ini'ii, then engaged
in an active political campaign at-aints
our present Liberal i!:i'::iber and Goo.
Scott of Kaslo, to iii'i-iii-y • the private
portion of the postoilii-- ilnring the sorting and distribti:inL--.:.' :!ie mail for a
period of .upwards id t«,i hours. • Eur-
tlter testimony was ;' rthconiing that
during such illegal oi r.ii iccy of the pott
office the gentlemen i-ncd were en-
•rajred in L'lecli.uie.'rin^ work.
An unoccupied but furnished house
just outside the city limits was recently entered aud everything* stolen,
even the locks on the doors. George
and Joseph'm were arrested lor
the oller.S'-. George was let go on a
suspetidul sentetic-s.-, while Joe is doing two tnoiiliis' iiuie ibr his share in
the dismantling ofn deserted brothel.
Forty six pcopl'' ..(tended mass
meeting No. 2 last r.ght, twelve cf
whom were employ,'ii of thc B. C.
Telephone Co., and ; :vbab!v another
dozen were ratepay.-i-j   Of the city
council, only Mayor ."-'irk and Alder-
■St ■. Petkusjil-uo, Feb. 1.—Last ihe police surprised a meeting of sinkers in n tavern and fired,
killing a girl nntl wounding four
other pers'iis. Jiejiirts Irom ditTcr-
cntqiiiiners are that the strikers are
return ing to work.
Mo.vcrox. X. II.. Feb. 1.—The
Klondike lioekey team was defeated
here hist night by a jcorc of -I to 1.
St.  l'i*T."ii--!iri:'.;,    Feb.   1.—Four
ns have been ordered to sail
h  to leinforce Ad-
man   Tuttle   wciv   t-esent.     The
itiayor  opened   tl.e ifoccediiigs by
reciting the h.invw'ui.jdetiiils which
made    another   eiitiijslnstic    tn:i?* !
meeting nectary, icr which he I mh.;l[ ,.(!Ji..Vt (,cc{
called ujvn Aldernri:; Tuttle.   1'ivtiij *
Mr. Tut tic's lVitiiirks i) appears that
the city iv»ui'cil aski'ijtliG fjoal  Co.
to install ;i telephone System in i'p-,rXor:hS
posilion t'> the V>. ('.:pmp:tnyt that
the objvet ul ihe iiietili-r was'oeu-
doise the :iet:->ii of »c inajot* ui-.d
aldermen, tlm' the cuncil took no
steps lo get better tcils from the B
C. company, and tha the city w.-i-
 tii the    '     '
P.u.'i.-", iVb. 1.-The hearing of the
l'ussiaii witnesSi-s was be;*flii by the
t i'l.-ittii.^sttiii today. Captain W.-iliei.inil oi the transixitts Us
ttlii'il lh;i*.during the evening while
un the lii.ikmit l'-r torpedo boats he
heard sh.-ts and t.-iw the outlines of a
torpedo cralt, wl-.erettjioii he sent a
w:relt;.-s   iiu's.-:<gn   t"   tho   Ihtgship,
-The -progress made in silver-lead
mining iu Southeast Kootenay during
the past year has beon most satisfactory.
■ A large electric>1 mt is projected at
Bull river. It will render available a
stream of water flowing i'X) cubic feet a
second, and will develop ten to twelve
thousand horsepower.
There is little doubt that with adequate capital the iron industry of British Columbia could be made one of the
profit earning branches of the province's
great mineral industry.
The Bull Hiver Mining and Power
company havo .reduced the force employed to six men. Active operations
with a large force will be resumed about
March 1st.
.With the Crow's Nest Pass branch in
active operation, tbe Fernie branch of
the Great Northern completed, the
K.ifiienay Central and C'orbtn ro.uL-
r.'.-i'Is. under con.-truction this year.
Southeast I'noteimy will s-ee an era of
pri'.-perity sut-h as never before wit-
r.e.-.sid iu auy section of British Columbia.
Prospecting for copper in this district
will rtccive considerable att.'iitioii during the coming year. The recent di--
covi'iies made ai.d development work
done in the St. Mary's river district
(live ■rrc.-it proniiM! of.being a copper-
producing region.
The area in this tiintrict known tu
contain placer guid is l.irtre and only
been lotii'hid, leaving still virgin
ground well worth prospecting and
American capita! it is saiil will exploit a umiiher of ; l.ticr minis in the
Fort Steele district during the coining
The importance of zinc mining will
he np-pivi-ialed iu  S 'iithen-t   Kootenai
lip ill  ll'!'  CHillpli'tiOII   Of   Ii'i'    Ki"'tetl:l\
Cuitr.d railway.   A  number of proper
>'rorn Tilt Tiiiic-a
.Married at the"Sanitarium HiVel on
Friday, January'20th, by the Itev. C. I£
Cancallfii, IVicy Poupard to Mi»8
Francis Hubble, both of Frank.
Plans for the zinc smelter aie still in
the hands of llie oflicials.
J. L>. Robertson, who has lately been
engineer at the Frank mine, left on
riiursday for Winnipeg where he has
accepted a position with a survey party.
G. If. Findlay, of the International
Coal Co , now hats charge of the Cole
man bank pending the arrival of a man
to take Mr. Fripn's place in that institution.
W. J. Adcock has removed his boot
and shoe store from Coleman and has
opened up in thc Martin block, Frank,
where he will be pleased to meet any of
liis old customers.
■The Little coU5""--"-, of thc West Canadian Collieries i_.   are at present turn--
ing^out and shining to B. C. points a.'- -
years of placer mining, and six years uf mg;out ami stiij*<jing to is. y points a- -
strated  that7"this  district  is*"*'rich "in  coke ovens otihis comp.i'ny^jfefcVi bm'*.~-r'
of the Solvey type have proved  a  b'g-
succesa, _ ^AAA._
Althoush negotiations have, been <ro-
inn on all week   between  the  striking-
miners and the Coal Company at Coleman no satisfactory adjustment  of  llio-
difliculty has as yet   been evolved.   It
now begins to look as if this strike was
about to develop into one of those long
drawn struggles so   disastrous to tho
welfare, of both   capital and   latior  and
which the innocent as well as those who
instigated the trouble are made to suffer.   Business  men   nre   still  hoping-
against hope and the Miner.* Union has
already made arrangement.-* to iseue relief orders.   Tho officials of tho Company have met the men in several conferences and have made  conceesious,
but are not prepared to concede all of
tho demands made upon then*.'   It ha*
been hoped all a!iuij{ by   ihe   business."
interest   of the   whole   Pass   that   thrt-
trou'nle. at Coleman will soon  be adjtis-
ed but as the present .'trouble appear--
to have all the ear marks of .hi imported
article many   here  are   l.i.Miis-   heart
tie. h.-ive  values in  zinc estimated
(rum 1 i to .vi per cent.
SittATiiitAits'-Siii;Tn.i:\voiii"i;--Iit the
Anglican church, Michel, by the Itov.
Aykroyd Slotiey, on Thursday, January l'.Hh, Uobert vStralhearn of Iertiii"
was united in mariiago to Miss Teresa
Emily May Frances Blutttleworth of
Loudon, I'nglniid.
Mr.Stratlicurii, who is eiignged In
buHlne.-H In Fernio with J, F Spalding,
Ib one of the oldest residents of Koulo
nay, having lived for ninny yenrs at
Nelson nnd Kaslo. Fourteen yearn
ago ho was the only watchmaker in nil
ul Sunt horn I'.ritish Colu.iibia.   While
t-iin (Jliitldo of the atlniirars Il:igshi|
also tcstilicd lo .seeing torpedo touts.
exuieiilmg itseii iruij tne cliitclif*-i: ;ty|l|jr t0I.,Jt..ti«, K-ira fullotv us." Caj.
of the legal (rateriit/'os quickly n*
fiossible. Mr. Tuttl'siid the council
had dune what the* thought host in
tlio interest of the tf, nnd that the
aldermen were imai.mjms in the action t;i ken. j
SuperiiiU'i'.dent lli.fC ol the II. C,
effort to appreciate   varimi-!
lornis et i-ivr.tiv.'.-s, let us not   unilerc.
tiuiilte the Viiltie of a'simply   good   life,
Just lo he ;;.'.'.I, !•> keep life   pure frsun
I'roiii tl..- I.i-n tor
t'reston lni1- thtee c.-isim »f tliphlheria
liarett Keefeh.-i> leased the KM'hange
! .-t.-iloon iu nnd i.j immiiig it.
J lv Crowe has piircha.-eil the piece
of laud jiurth of the loikii, upon which
Pill's dairy is In'.-itrd, funn T. McN'iitie
el' Fort Steele.    Mr Crowe has iihv.ulv
Company WUS then cled to  the plat- | ih-gr;idiug eli'inents,   t;i   ni.-il-e   it  eon- I begun f'tnovin,* the lliiitiel" ff'.lii it.
form,   anil   t-ild  wit Ian excellent jst.uuly li.-l,-i'ul in  little ways  in iho-,
j who are teuehi'il bv tl, lo keep
-.piriliilw.iy-i sivi-et, and avoid al
tier oi petty auger and irrit.'ibilitv - -
lhat i-i.-iu a-, noble as it is ililliiiilt,
 l-'Jwitral  llowanl   lilil.'gs".
system  hi** cmiptlii 'Voultl  inst.
and -.-.Id it would >;-an  all night
service. i
A vole was then, which resulted in an endors-'>i) of the Coal
company's system     S to 0.   Thus: ~"	
ended mass ineetiii •>)> 2, anil it is! Two J,ip.uiisc r^hermen
to Lo hoped the cin't^uncil and the I *ife.i'"h in the Victoria
cillzuis will now 'lithe matter, \ ''"r n-hing with ueis in the
and allow the, two'eiilt'iy corp"i'a
An important strike h.n been recent'
one's ! ly made in the N i, I tunnel of the St.
man-! ''agono mine in the i.uo level    'i'hi-
were   hiii-il
police  iMuit
It is on'y iu prusperhy that we throw
lions to luck liut'ii^i"; otlicnvise ah:nui" iriciids uvcrlioarJ.
j is one nf the lew v.*n-!-,j!!»••» in the luiin'
j iu V'liich rhere wa'' no ore until now
I he .,!'•• Iioily eili'Oillitel"i'i| is said to be
ipiiie an i-*;t'liiriiv.'iiiie, ami already 'Jot
funs of coacenlr.'tiiig ore has been taken out.
The Movie I.timher Co have hud a
• leal on for s-une liiiie for the di-po-ed
i..'il'.eir mill mul i-\tiiiiive timber in-
ti'ie.t.-i near here     II   II.   l'ltehcllcr of
"Does it ray to advertise?'' is a tpies-
tion very fr. ipn ut!y nt-ki-d .ind as frequently answered iu the aflirmntive b.v
ll.ose who pay dm; attention to this department of their business.    Loeul  in-
-t.-isit'es, howovi r, aro like'y to be mnro
convincing than any ei-m-ral discusfiiu
of the siibj.'ct     We therefore call alien-
tion to the MK-ci'-sful work in   tliis  lino
accomplished by   Me-srs   Martin   and
.MeKeii/.ie, »v|io i.e-:in bit*ie. s." in this
city in September Inst     Bight from thu
'•go in,'- tbis enterprising linn has been
up todate in the matter uf advertising
with tin-result that they aro emphatically of the opinion  th-it '-.idvertisini
pays '*   In .'ill nii'destv we mid that this
linn advcr;--i- largely  in   the  Vernon
News, mul   to   tliis   fact,   iu   a
iiii'i-iuv. thoy attribute th.dr lame ami
s!e:(di'y iu'ie i-ing  trade.    They   h;i\.!
also idiiiu'ii  their progressive bii-inoBS
busiitss spirit,  by iplmir.g a bulletin
board in front nf their store nuriounciii; line^ d.uly,  and   by   scattering
broadcast notice ' of what is being dono
i.v thii enterprising and thoroughly up-
to dale linn.
Assistant    liispet-tor    of     Load
Word ha-i been received at Ottawa
that mi recoiniiieiiduti'iii uf d. <>. Buch-
.ituiu. inspector under thu Lead Bounty
Ait. .-"hiriey liei'ling is to be appointed
an as.-istniit lo Mr.liiit'hiinnii hi that de-
piHtiiieiit. It i.-i itiiilerstooil that Mr.
Keeling will In-stationed at the Sullivan smelter nt Miuysvillo. '
Tbe appointment Is a good one and
will Im rccived with Kcucral favor.
Mr Keeling is an „M resident of tho
Kooji'iiiiy-i nnd ha i many friends which
his agreeable persouahllity nnd Intega
rity and chaine'"i' have won for him,.
Bead Tut: Liumi-;,
Ami m^^mmmmm^mmim^
. !**.-.- -- ,:v/,
fliBKUAftY  i,   iyt-5
«B.'js'S':".'?i'c'4i'> /
? Qll*^A^/#/-'i V   '^
» r J-Zvs&s awSA*.f/')-^T,»< J„ ,j> ','i>*"
J- —
;a       an >
''      £CWAR.aV
or thc
about -13 dims and defy detection,
except thut the nicks are too similar,
and it- is said thai the -M on tho neck-
is not quite deep enough, and that
the L in Plmibus is a thousandth ol
un inch crooked. You know every
counterfeiter makes some little mistake. —Evory hotly's Magazine.
Men arc gradually discovering that
they cannot deprive women of equal
rights without suffering" themselves.--
Jl.T.J.ilWEHY, Kilii.ii unit FliiKiK-i'T.
"llllll bCI'ilK in tiubii-slll'I l;lf:r.V Wi-ill'l'-llnj'
•ii Kumiv. IK'.' Tin. prii-i- i" ;!.-. y.'iir. Ailvor.
li.-sii.i; riiti'-sUivun mien application.
l_fc'.Tt*Vft.i •
i"?t*/.,.'.-,CY* s.
|sr7"  '  ■
' *Tf*ll.V
'XA~ -<V
A close observei: in Coal camps can
"jasily soo liovy the Truck Act is
A mkivsi'ai'ek is like -a boarding
|iouse. The patroi.a of bolh [ refer *li
a i oust 'tp a steady diet o( Lush.'
THE Medical Council or British Columbia is in the wrong country. It
•"lisjyl"J be giviiii a swift ticket to Russia
•fr'K rnVailuiTrui iu Russia will teach
•he rulers of that country a lesson
Hint they should Lave learned long
''•KO. _jj '
-Neuson is becoming so good lately
|hnt Some ol the inhabitants never
-  take a gin lizzj without offering u]> a
The K-lntliead oil botun Ivia com
pieucetl.    Two tironii'iers from this
provincearedrillini," fin*stock through
a big a I in oi c of the  Wiuuipeg
i. - 	
_? Shrist Ciiino to Fernie He c- aid
frequently exclaim cf a Ci-ri-iiiT element in this city:   '.' Forgive them.
father,   lor  they • know ■ not   what
;^|beydo.*!       _: 1_   •'
^v.-'-VVm. Blakemoue must bo getting
'' " ready to run for the legislature.   Lie
preached' in Nelson last Sunday upon
the proper- way to ob.ervc the Sab
.    bath Iron* his point oi view.
TuEUE-'is : too triU''   -o\\ in the
politicians ol. Canada, , "i'ded with
greed.-they;woraliipAai'   ->'e dollar
,-;f*,Sfino-.uifcl ' an - iiidi^ai!; v'-pul-iec
•'y.tfllsaJjp^.awHY 'frorMiiie ■ '.'Ugh in
m-dm* wWve'tlfe ulher hogs .v ch-i. uce.
ifnH less ignorance in a community
^"he'nioie difficult it becomes fordt.c-
fcirs, lawyers and parsons to make a
"jivincr." -These three professions live
almost entirelv ur-on the results of
jgnorance, cupidity and fear. ^
Autocratic nnd tyrannical rule is
•being stabbed to death in Russia, and
0ltora will soon bo able t<> print
tbeir sheets without having their ro
War.k6.on tlie weather blue-penciled
by some iron sotiled bri-rht
colon-i, ^n,d a moustache twisted sky
;     yard. 	
IA.-'/' .The an tutored never floubl what is
^-'f^oid'tlieni l>y -jliusriih -*r st.a'c;- Tho.
' pioW|inte)ligeiit mail becomes the
less liable he i3 to be overcome by
specious argument, or waste his time
"ind uioney upon tales about the hei'o
a&e^ that have nevci1 been jiiiiycb.
The Ledge, with ono oxcepi ion, U
the oldest paper in the" interior of Ii,
£J., and has advertised this province
inore than ulniostany other .journal
within its ajontiiies. It was the first
journal in Canada to agititte for a
jnint, perhais because at the time
^iho editor. yyi\s 3»dly in need of one
Ivjow th? tnlnt H%t lust becoming
xuore ijhivn a dream.
would suggest that Fernie is big
enough now to cut the hours between
tiie closing o( tho inaiUior tho westbound train.   	
Tiiiiouoii appealing to religious
bigotry alter tho .Kiel rebellion the
Grits slid into power in Ontario, and
lor .13 yearu they havo tatteued at
the cxpenqo ol tho public. The peoplo turijed tliem out ol power last
week, and tlm province ivM again be
ti decent, place lo live in. We hope-
that at the funeral of Grit power in
Ontario there will also be interred
tho corrupt political methods that for
such a long lime have made that
province notorious throughout thc
world. ~	
IiEV..C. F. Yates, who points out
the Episcopal route from Golden to
heaven, is about to issue a.bpoklet ot
poems, entitled "Idylls of the Sol-
kirks." Some of his poems upon the
mountains of this province have been
well received by those who have had
tlio pleasure of reading them. Poetry
is u'ten much 'uoro effective for good
upon the s-.iul of man than prosy sermons, and . \ye trust that har old
lriend will find plenty of inspiration
for his pen around tha b,ea,utiful
town of Golden.
The Canadiau West loses intelligent and ambitious young men to the
States frequently because ol the barriers which surround the various professions in the way of exorbitant lees.
A case in point is that of a young
lawyer who came west from Nova
Scotia a year ago, lie went to Wiuuipeg to engage in practice. His
examinations were complete and ho
carried tho highest credentials of
legal educatiou, but—he did not have
$50CL,u3 'the .{ee-.for«<secariug* his
ifcunsc*. ^ 11-s went tofrbrfc on the
Free Tress. Last week he concluded
to come lurther west, in the hope ol
finding a more inviting Held iu the
Territories. At. Calgary he met with
somewhat similar exactions. Then
he went on to British Columbia.
Iu the meantime, the same young
men can su.-p upi-uss the boundary
aad iu auy state in the republic be
lice hum one single dollar of expense in tbe way of a, fee for begin-
f iiitig the practice of hivv. ,
'Ihus many young physicians and
lawyers find the Western States more
congenial than the new country uf
tiieir native land. .The loss ot citizens of this type, is a serious loss.
Why do tlie practicing lawyers
and doctors ot Western Canada permit Mich a condition'-1 Is there a
iiinglo OvUtid reason tbat can be urged
in defence ot a system that drives
this class of young-men put of the
West V-Calgary llerald.
The foreman in a certain arsenic
factory .told me that in his boyhood,
when he first came to tha): plant, be
was advised to begin to cat urseuic,
lest his health suffer from the fumea.
Ho did begin, and h*s lirst two or
three small doses gave him a sharp
pain like a burn in his stomach, and
this pain was followed by tremendous
hunger and a violent, disagreeable
excitement. But as his doses increased in frequency and size their
effee; became pleasant. There was
no longer pain or excitement; on the
contrary, thero was a ravenous np
petite and a mood of joyous activity
wherein he could flo three meu's
This chap, by tho time he got to
be 30, was tuking fonr grains of arsenic a day. lie looked, at 30, with
his clear pink and white color, no
more than 23. Ho was as robust as
a blacksmith. lie said he wpuld die
at 45 or so, that-being the age at
which the Styrian ar.enlc caters die.
The drug is a preseryatdi-e and in
Styria,' when graves are opened,
bodies are found to be as fresh six or
seven-years alter interment as on thc
day that they were lowered into the
Burjjlury as a Pastime.
Drink, gambling and all the excitements, of life rolled into one are
as nothing to me compared wijh the
excitement of committing burglary.
The strange history of tbo man who
uttered these words waa feconnted by
Thomas Holmes, a widely-known
police court missionary in an addrcsa
before the Ethnological.society.
Mania, said Mr. Helmes, is responsible for a vast.amount of crime.
Much of it Is of a curions nature, for it
leads men and -women to constant
repetition of one kind of offence:'
Llt.WAn Sh* thia -ooiiaoolioa   that- 'ilc
Holmes told of the man whom he had
tried to influence, and for- whom
burglary had an irresistable ■ fascination. This man had served thirty-
seven terms of imprisonment for
burglarious attempts, and Is now undergoing penal servitude.
Apart from his burglarious instincts
he is manly,'--honorable, tender-
heartc.-, and iu every way an ad-
tuirablo fellow. Twice had Mr.
Holmes set him up in business. He
tried hard to reform, but he told Mr.
Holmes it was no good." The silence
of the night, the element of danger
necessary ^and the straining of his
nerves gave him fiercer joy than all
the other joys DUt together. Noth
ing could keep him from crime.,
Royal Hotel
In Fernio is in a rapid
course of construction,
aud will soon bo ready
for the trade of tho world.
Wm. Tattle, Prop.
A Mtistoryieco for a Son*r.
The pathetic story Ql Goldsmith's
"distressing poverty is recalled by an
episode described in a recent book
called " Familiar' London." Ur.
Jobnsi-ii .is quoted as saying to his
irieitd Jit-swell:
"I received one morning a message from Goldsmith that he vvas in
igrca; distress and, as it was not iu
| hid |-owtr to come to me, begging
itlmt I would count "to liiiu as soon as
| possible.   I sent him a guinea and
."' Inovitslbly Forgofctoii.
Inevitably the business man who
does not keep his estabPisbment before the public will be forgotten, and,
as long as there are men w,ho advertise constantly and loudly, nobody
will charge his mind with remembering those who do not advertise.
Gladstone said that "nothing except
the mint can make money without
advertising." The famous statesman might have gone farther- and
said tbat advertising 19 the mint in
which money is coined for wideawake men.
,    h-tV-sa;
'    Hi-
'   ll"Jl
:, 'Tii
ttf hoafly every' coirtmunitv you
.vvill Hnd a clus3 of men who sit hi
the trout Ww3 on Simdav* and boot-t pruinUed to come to him. directly.^ I
lor Jfsos hi thtrloud.'tst voices. .They '^cordingly went as soon as I was
ire blttcrlv opposed u» .Iinnnflt men Urutoud and found that hU landlady
Who do their own thinki-g, but when j!'=»d arrested him for rent, at which
.11tors | 'll0 •'"""' '■• "■ vI>"lel)t passion.   He then
i t ild mo that ho had a covel ready
ter the pres-*.   I looked into  It and
it (vines u» beating th«'ir creditors
•ho Mitf villainy "I such fiwuin^
bvincrites  is pisiluly s.<'m  'h.-'iiiiih
wjth vvtiich ttudr Si*w -*H '*'<J|'ita.  lolt» l'lc luudladv I
the rr.jgiiiiaaachink
false' lives al'e covered.
In reference to the II. C. Tele; hone
£!•>.. Mayor $tork stand thitt "liit-tv.
yauoouiuijh Scotch in him to flop
ovm*, one! he would opi^se the company to the bitter cud." Onr hand-
jnuo but stubborn mayor did not
tjOsV what brand of Scotch lie. had
"ait 1*1, but it may bo the same that
Cilivln was loaded with when ho
twirnud Servctus at tho stake for daring to opop-sjo him in opinion.
Fr.RX.tai heeds a dlvi-ct mail con
»cctfe*t;i with the'coast via Si-okaue,
put it wUJ not como without the
j^-opei; reprencntations. This town is
&II ol gpod,Grits, nnd they should be
ijafiUy aLlc to get anything we need
§;oui Ujll-fJAllIhei'i proli.'ib'y tho best
^nd mo3» vopuUf' (iriu WciV, oi tin*
should sooii rcturu and, having gone
to a Ijools.-seller, sold It for ,6*00.'■''
The  novel  thus dealt with was
•'Tlu: Vicar of Wakefield."
*\V};      '"ilWO
styrian Ar«onle Eiiters.
Eutiiig ol arsenic Is common in
Styria. The Styrhins say that arsenic
makes one plump and comely and
gives ono strength for great exertions, biieh as running or mountain
climbing, says the Chicago Tribune.
•Styria, in Austria, g^ives tho world
vain qua iititieii of arsenic. The manufacture of lb Li drug is, indeed, the
main Stj-riatt industry. They w^o
make ai'.suiic. eat it aa a rule, for
'ihcy say that only tbe urseiik) ta.t,cr
can witlis.'aiid the,arsenic- f'imi-a,
Theho makers, a,iid eatei!!, of tjlje
drug am conudy. Thoy haye a
bhiiuniig nuil- clear color. They lopk
,1'iueh yii'.iiigcr tha?-. they arc,
A Dollar That's Not.
One evening 1 was sitting witfy a,n
Italian friend in a restaurant. We
were discus-iing American laws and
rcstrict-Una, .at which he was much
inclined to scoff. Did you ever sec a
dollar that is not a dollar? said he.
I shook my head and ho rulled acroas
the table to tne a silver coin, It appeared to be a dollar I examined it
with every cajrc, and, getting another from the cash register, compared thc two. Thoy wero exactly
alike in weight, sound, color, milling
and all. At last I got them confused
and only tny lriend wag able to point
out which wns which.
That Is what R Palermo
dollar, he said. Do you remember
some years ago that vyeatcrn silver
miners were caught taking about
S7,000,000 worth of silver into thc
Nevada City mint and havin&it
turned Into money without being rci*1
corded ? Well, that if-Just what is
going on in Palermo today, with
variations. Silver is bought In San
Luis I'otosi, Mexico, or thereabout,
und shipped to Purls, then to Palermo
and minted with reasonable privacy.
The. dollars are jtunbied w,fth stones
to nick them nnd laid Ingreascdclay,
then come ovo here lu third class
■■•ig-jiig;'! fur iJi-;trlbu'.i;ju,   'J^liey cost;
Is now open to the
world. It contains
31S rooms and is the
Finest Hotel
in- Ec-dt   Kootenay.
Rates, §2-a da-j and upwards
The Best
Union Made
.Ctoeralis, Shirts «3c
- Miners'. Garments
_y MADE BV    ,
J. C. Garruthers.
Agent for Kootenay
P. O. I*s>x 56 Nelson, B.C.
On the road leading to
•'Ferguson and Trout Lake
has ample accommodation
for man and his horse.
The bacon, beans, beefsteak, ctjgs, oatjs, hay,
boozcrme and cigars cannot be bt-at-en in tho bills
oi the Lavdenq.
-$»■ iS»." fi-fe.
Is one of Fernie's oldest ai,nd
best  kaown   hotels.     The
I'ro'iric'tor'B name is.
l" ' '   ..
Wm. Eschwig.
■3^  Why pullyoiir money in
0    the saviigs bank at a low
rate of intere.-O when you can
buy a 1
in t,hc.great cty of Winnipeg
by paying
down and thelilance in 6, 12
and 1,8 motui. Lots from
,$75 to $iooe;|i according to
location. I
We have 5<.|
the  Chicago
sale on the abt"*S
and see us for
L.T.W. BIock
such lots in
Canada   for
terms.   Call
ott, ScJ L Co.
Agents ia \~tuw: for  '("j., Nohqn
It yon aro looking for Fisliing. Bathing
Iluntingj Boating or Glacier Climbing, go to
"New Denver and stop a fow duys, weeks or
months nt the Newmarket Hotel with Henry
Stege. Homo cooking, and tho finest beverages
in tho world, including water. Write or wire
for rates.
S-jeitry Stege
Newmarket Hotel
Hew Denver
In Fernie, is a pleasant
home for all who travel.
Rooms reserved by wire.
T. yviielstn, Manager
Queens Hotel
Rates $1   a Day
This hotel i. a homo for a".J railroad and lumbermen.
Tasty Meals,
Easy BedB,
Nervo Bracera
Of IJvery
J.   F.   JARVIS    PROP.
■is Centra
First Class in Every Respect
MRS. S. JENNINGS, Piiovbietbbbs.
Is tho home jf all Slocan people traveling to and from Poplar.
meals always heady.    McLAOHLAN BROS., Props,
Will open next month with
46 First-class Rooms
Everything Up-to-date.
-, ■ '. ....  _Io -Throe Forks is one of the
oldest hotels in the Slocan, -ind has
never closed its doors. 'The meals are
always tusly, and the landlord never
allows his 'whiskey to Qirt with the
water barrel.
HUGH NIV3N, Proprietor.
vou smoke
)N made.
a cigar
see that it is UNIO
Blno Prize, Henry Yano, Columbus and
Havana Whip Cigars aro Union Goods
made bv.
Winnipeg, Man.
Represente-l by GEOHOE HOBTON.
You t;an smoke your
in peace if it is filled with
bought at the
L. Atkinson, Prop.
*-f*.*ztsi* <** *f* *f__y* «*y* <r*s,*_y*_y*^iisi*si*^it^itsii.si_si_si_y.__ii-
|«.   -       -   - •
$*. N. KLAUSMAN, Prop.
z\*. Manufacturers of Lager Beer, Bottled Beer-& Porter
tip Howland Avenue, Fernie
_**_> aaV ^t> «.v \l* *■** *J* «* *'*"*■** <r* *f* *i*St*S1* *y*ST* <,*S'* <'* *-''* Op «.
Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd.
Brewers of Extra Fine
Lager Beer and Aerated
Waters. '■ Bottled Goods
a Specialty.
n^i'BB u\
A good chance for a future home on reasonable terms.
SSootena*/ Valleys Co.;, Ltd.
About 1C00 acres, Mixed FARMING and GRAZING
CRICKK,  10 miles from EI^KO.
Will be .subdivided to suit purchaser in blocks from
80 acres upwards.
Price from $5.00 to'$7.00 per acre.   Terms—i-slh
cash ;   balance in yearly instalments at 6 per
cent, interest.
ULS-jUs-jajsjUU^^ JLSJUl JLft j
Agontj jj* i'ornlo:
Mott, Son & Co,
T. G4 Proctor Manager Nelson
Ib iu a delightful locution and from its baJconicfl
cou be seen all tho beauty of tlio grand scenery
that BurtoundH, hems in, and adoniH tho buay
city of Nelson. It in tho homo of tourists and
business men from all partH of tho world. The
cuii-ino never drugs in the niiro of mediocrity***
and every room U tin enemy lo iiiHomnia, I
you need rooinH when on tho way in, touch tho
wire and tho deed iH done,
B. Tomkins,
0      A
anager,  Nelson, B.C.
■■ h.j.mpi..>«.i ..y ^^fy
wwswfjs-fjwJjj     ><t      'STJl? ''''''TT^'£'"?"]',5w1*p'*r,*******?r|'*'"
;- v
1,1 \A"
Av  I.   'j*.      ?it*>.l <■"       c
_.    !•*—*
-     • .        '     " V     -.--7.   —-    -a-p   ,"   , r ,        . t   -,» a ,.
*   '. -      ■'»../■    . . -- -Wlj*",     *   T ,J 4    -l%       1 * ■ .:
. —J3 u-l*—. wa*"-. r-u. *. »J^ ._!.•*■    ,     x-J . i-a____i^_.___'. ^_..!_______..   ___. ^. --*J-~JilL_AL, _-_. J>._-     '.   i_
-J-      a"
' a* a*     ^       • ■      *     ,   . - '- *,,■- -.*-*■- ,*    V   "*    " .-*' '   ■**      "     '
/   .7    "■* ^^^K^V'''^^-'^-     ■• l1':'.-;-V:'l- • ■       '  'y   •""'•■-  ^ \ -    '    ■'-
■'•-- 1-.
a*        >i I la.
1. ,   . ry!, t
■ /..
■in-: u<:r.r,i-:, ff.rnib B.C., h-uri' \rt i, io->
Mining iis.'w8 in this district is rather
scarce just at present, yet the drills are
being hit just tlie same and, development work goes;' merrily along. Far
up in tliu mountains liardby are men
employed, who have received no word
from the rest of the world nor have they
been heard from. Early last fall these
men packed up to their mines sufficient
supplies lo last them until next spring.
The great white-blanket has fallen and
-•they are hemmed in by the "beautiful"
until the warm rays of Old Sol liberates
(hem, unless of necessity, then they
may come down on snowshoes and tell
of llie most fascinating: of all things,
what ihcy found in nature's great trea-
' sure vaults. While it may seem strange
and romantic to readers unfamiliar with
life in a mining camp t'lmt men should
shut ihcniM-lves up in llie mountains
for months, will it seem not even more
romantic thai there are'woincnand children up there with them. Think of
the romance of a bride and groom, the
day after their wedding, Oct 10, starling away up Toby Creek to live alone
at the I'lack Diamond until next
spring, and now il ,is over six Weeks
tiince Mr, and Mrs. 1' Michelsen were
last seen hy anyone and there the bride-
must slay until spring.
Mr. and Mrs, 13. H. Washburn and
their two liltie children also went away
upToby Creek on Oct. 27II1 to remain
until spring al the Cliarlemont. Mr.
Washburn came down to the North
Fork two or three weeks ago on snovr-
bhoes for his mail and reported striking
14 inches of high grade galona oro and
is expected to comedown once a month
Hut it will be warm weather in the valley when Mrs. Washburn and her
children are likely lo get down.
Since the above was written it is
learned that Mr. Washburn has been
down to the North Fork for his mail
sometime during the past few days, although no one wus at the cabin when
he arrived there. This relieves his
friends of some anxiety.
There are oilier properties being developed in this  vicinity,  but each  are
several  miles apart and  no afternoon
._t<-;ts are held. —Wilmer Outcrop,
running by \\_y side ami crying with a
child's terror of--sho It new not,
exccpl that her mother was in disliess—
was a'little girl. At this distance of
time in-*;, recollection is that she was
about nine years old.;. <
'.My r diamonds    are   gone !
At the Press Club of Chicago the
other evening a group of newspaper
men were swapping yarns, Here is
ono of special interest which was told
by William Lii/htfoot Vischcr, the poet
. and writer of Southern stories:
A Dowager Duchess I
There are some who associate the
'teirm v.lih age.'ftilse 'curls and "ail environment of claw-footed furniture,
ancient draperies, dim portraits and
half light, hut such notions ate, for the
.most pt'rt, staff and nonsense. Here
is an instance that proves llie stuff and
nonsense. The incident is real and the
names are historic.
In the limes when the Southern
Stales had not become so thoroughly
homogeneous by the influx and interest
of the hurrying Yankee, and when the
.Southern people were content to travel
from Louisville to New Orleans, or to
way landings, on the few palatial
steamers that yet remained in feeble
dellance of (he "sassy" railroads. I
was the owner, editor and publisher of
a little daily newspaper on board the
grand steamboat Richmond, and was
thus in a way—-sometimes in thc way—
an attache of the vsssel.
One winter night our vessel'was
'steaming along the coast—that was
what the stretch of the Mississippi from
Natchez to the Ilalize was called. We
were close ti> die Hayou Sara and so
near to New Orleans thai we would
reach thc guy old Creole capital in the
afternoon of the licit day.
I was then a'very young man, full of
sentiment and" romance, and with me
was a companion who was full of other
things, and needed my attention. His
name was William Henry Harrison
Hale, and he was Iho head printer of
the Richmond Headlight, also associate editor and remainder of the staff,
editorial and mechanical, save the
editor in chief, of which position I held
the lioiisirs.
Except my companion and self there
seemed lo be not another human soul
awake «'n the boat, but the watch of
llie crew. The fresh air of 2 o'clock in
the morning wa> doing William Henry
H.iiri-ion ! much good, and my
orrova lor him was growing lighter. I
was becoming roiu.uitic and had begun
to think how beautiful the wi-id wus
at that hour, still keeping an eye on
iny companion, however, because he
was necessary to the daily
appearance of lln- Headlight.
SudJi'iily my hc.mliful thoughts were
interrupted by a piercing scream from
the main hall, or saloon, of llio vessel,
and from that put of it known as the
ladies' cabin. The dnois of many
stateroom's were partly opo'ied hy the
startled passenger-', and towards the
oflice of the boat forward hurriedly
came 11 comely matron of forty years
perhaps. She was in a richly embroidered robe dc'nuii. and her wealth
of glossy hair fell waving and
rippling upon her shatulilers and down
her hack, over ihe while of her garments, like a --haded brook al nighl
(lowing between banks.
Clinging to the sl;ti tn of this matron,
mother exclaimed in a voice that was
almost choked in a hoarse whisper by
excitement and dismay.
The night clerk had. heen (dozing,
but with this he was not'only awakened
■—he was appalled,
<A thief— one who had probably followed the lady all over Europe and
back 10 the United States, had found
his opportunity, and through the out
side transom of the lady's stateroom
had reached in and cut from her dress
that hung there a pocket thai contained
$100,000 worth of diamonds, and he
had gone ashore at the first landing
thereafter, and before the theft had
been discovered.
'The diamonds were nevirdiscovered,
and a lawsuit against the owners of
the vessel failed to '.obtain damages for
the loss, because there vvas a safe in
the office of llie boat..'for. the. secure
keeping of the passengers' valuables.
The lady who lost the diamonds was
Senora Vanaga, wife of .Signor Antonio
Yanaga do Valle, then of R.-iveuwood,
La., a wealthy and aristocratic Cuban,
to whom she was returning after a
visit lo liurope with her. daughter C011-
1 had met the Utile girl on the trip,
and had barely succeeded in making a
wee bit of 'aaiuaintanre with ln:r,
through the novelty of a printing office
on a steamboat, for she was a very
dignified young lady, more proud, I
thought, than shy.
She became a lifetime friend of Mrs,
Willie K. Vaiiderbilt, who named her
daughter for her, Consuelo.
The elder Consuelo became the
Duchess of Manchester, and when her
son, the present Duke of Manchester,
reached bis majority she was a dowager
duchess. But I saw a late portrait o
her not long ago, which shows tl>e
lady to he young nnd handsome yet.
'The younger Consuelo became the
Duchess of Marlborough, one of ihe
most glorious of the American girls
who have added something to Brilish
nobility.     fl	
Fg£"s often get contaminated fiom
being kept too close to strong c!:ee:;c,
or to onions, or to sauikraut, Always
remember, John, that eggshells aiu
porous, that they acquire the flavor of
coffeo or onions or cheese just as readily
as bulter does.
M. K. Rogers of thii Daly 1' 'luction
Co., Hedley, who holde a bond on the
Maggie mine near Aslicn.ft, linn let n
contractor itsdovelopiin-nt.
The Calumet and Iluela, 11 copper
mine in Michigan, paid a yearly dividend of one million dollani on Dee. 111.
Orders have boeupliici-d for iho two
new large furnaces to bu installed at
tho Granby orncltor. Kadi will have
70 square feot against sr>(i fi'ot in the old
ones; When-install d thc Granby
smelter will have a dally capacity of
2,700 tons of oro.
The American.-Institimi of Miniii'-,
Engineers will hold its annual convention in Victoria this year, cminnciieii:.*
about July 1st. At tim conclusion of*
their deliberations tho members will
take a trip to Alaska and will then
spend two weeks in-tliu Kootenay and
Boundary country, visiting all tlm
principal camps ami inspecting ch»'
prominent mines and 'smcltcrc
vo.ra.DSe Impression
■r-m^Mtr-Lafru* Kfunnan^aA
Is created not alone by the man but
also by his dress. It's just the same
with a' letter, it may be well written
but ajot depends on the paper and the
printing, That's where we come in.
Wc print letterheads and envelopes;
also all kindsol'job printing. THEIvedge
Mount Fernio Lodge No. 47
I. 0, f^J^ 0, F,
Meets everv Thursday evening at 8
p.m. in I.O.6.F. Hall.'
T. Bkci:,  P.G..R.S.
United Biotheiht-otlof Carpenters & Joiners
of Ameiica, No.1220
The Carpenters & Joiners of I'ernie
meet the 1st and 3rd TuesJays in each
month at the O.lsliellows' Hall.
■r •■rvtvn-r-jwm
"Wasn't in Ferine.
I lefl my dog accidentally at.'i friend's
house yesterday, said a young girl.
My friend tried to get him to run after
me, but he would not leave. He plainly
held that 1 would soon return—that
since 1 had gone without him, I would
come back inevitably for him.
-- Finally my -friend . culled me up on
thc telephone.
Your dog won't go, she said. II*e
thinks you will be back, and we can't
drive him out.
Hold him up to the phone, said I.
She held him up.    .
Peter, I said, come home. I am
wailing at home for you. Come straight
home, Peter, good little dog.
Peter wagged his tail, wriggled
down out of my friend's' arms, aud set
oil homeward  like a llash ol lightning.
Kast.Kootenay Is to have another railroad. It will be called thoSpnltanu International, and the route will bu ft um
Spokane eastward to or near Kathdruin
Idaho; thence northeast, crossing the
Pond d'Oreil'e river between Albany
Falls and Late Fend d' Oreih'e to a
point near the mouth of the Moyio river
thence northeast up the Moyie Valley
to a connection with tho C. P. II. at the
International boundary.
The corporation has wido powers.
The capital is 81,000,000 in $100 shares.
The incorporators are Austin Corbin
the 2nd., James Monaghan, George
Turner, George H. Martin and Albert
Alen. Therelre nine trustees, including the incorporators, except Judge
Turner. The others aro Chester Chap-
in, Alfred C. Cbarin and J. K. 0. Sherwood of New York, and Albert II
Sperry and Frank D. Allen of Spokane
Stick at the old, well known
Reliable Reliance Cigars
The early christians felt more and did
more than those of the present day, not
because they were belter mcu, but because they believed more; and they believed more because they knew less.
Doubt is the offspring of knowledge;
the savage never doubts at all. Win-
wood Kcade.
A Less Sleep Society.
Four hours of sleep a night, said :i
vegetarian, is believed by many persons to be quite enough lor any human
being. A society to promulgate the
idea has,been organized mul 1 am ga>-
ing tojoin it. 1 only eat half what I
used to, and if I can learn to sleep hall'
what I uscJ te, another-great-saving
will be made,
Last night I lay abed just four hours
and 1 must confess that I feel very
secily today. You do fed -seedy at
first, the sleep society people say. Vou
must practice and practice—thus you
learn, in time, to sleep intensely, to
sleep with concentration, aud four
hours suffices.
Alexander von Humboldt held advanced views ou the sleep ipitstion. lie
died at eighty.    At 70 he wrote:
"As I get old I want mere sleep—
four'hours at least, When I wis young
two hours were quite enough  for tne."
Littrc, another octogenarian, slept
only four hours a nigh: for twenty
years, and in retrospect regarded these
years as the healthiest oi his life.
l-'dison sleeps only from four to
hours, and there is iu>t a sounder man
alive, except in the way ofde.iliiers.
N'o person could have lost his liberty
but by his not knowing how to defend
it. There arc two methods of losing
it, The one is when the weak have
been subdutai hy the strong', and the
other is when fools have been deceived
by designing" men. People tell of certain conquerors, who having overcome
another nation, caused everyone to put
out air eye; there are people whose eves
are both put out, like the old horses
that turn in a mill, I wish to keep my
Fw Sale
South African War Land Scrip
Apply P.O. I3ox 34.', Fernie,  II.C,
B&FbZP*   L.D.S..   D.D.S.,
L. T. W.    Hloik,   opposite  the   Hank lmur-s--S a.m. to 8 [p in.
W. K. liu-..., J. S, T. AM.XA.NHI.K
PaOss & Alexauder
rsAiu'bTKks. solicitous, f/ic.
:■■;■ i.•>;■.•:, B..;.
Olllct; iii I,. T  U .'1,1 ck, Vii-ii'tii Avenue.
#k Jfef
The Reliance Cigar Factory,  Ltd.,  Montreal, Que.
First maker of the " Flor de Bahama," " Rosebud," and
"General Arthur" since 1S76 ; over 27 years in existence.
Walter Choxk, Western Representative.
Tlie door of the
Hy reading history with a liltleatlen-
tion, we shall perceive that Christianity
at first weak and servile, established itself among the savage and free nations | -S
of Europe by only intimating to their
chiets that its religious principles favored despotism and rendered them absolute. Consequently, wc see barbarous princes suddenly converted; that is.
we see them adopt, without examination, a system so favorable t,o their ambition, and use every art to induce
their subjects  to embrace  it.—D'Hol-
-      ' ■■
Write for particulars about my Accident
and Sickness -Fplrcics, the best in the
HB J. St©eSI
Real Estate Agent Nelson, B.C.
II. W. Hi 1:1 ii'ii.i:. Siikiiu'ci.h liKla. niiKit
Herchmer S_ Herc'
HAHKI:      -.,   SOLI'. II1, US,   FTC.
I-i 11". IK, II   C.
Olltl-i-ii oru. I'. I.inn-s .a: Cu'-i M.11 I., Victdrin uau
L  i'. J-ei-.-i i.i.n 1'. C. Lawk
Eclis.ciii & Lawe
P.Aiatisii.i'.s-AT Law,    ,' o:.n i-ioi..s,   F/rC.,   i'i.-rn:i-   B.C.
Electrical Supply Depot
Help   of All Kird3 Furnished   en
Short   Notice
"**sr.-i 7
Estimates given on all  kinds of
"Wire "Work.
Electric Light- Flunts Inatnlled
in any part of the couutry.
Ha? not been locked for many years.
The landlords are always happv,
even when their bank-roil looks thinner :han the "lean edge of an atte",,.t-
ated wafer. Try one of their tnorn-
ing; bracers.    Mail
prompt attentici
Allen &■ "Palmer
&,   A   SHAVE,
J. A. MacLean
Opposito Court Houso and new Postolliee. Boat 25c'meal in town. Knro-
nenn and American plan. Only white
labor employed.   First class bar.
THOMAS & ElilCKSON', Props
aud Contractor
Ilealer iu
Victoria and Vancouver
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Daii.v Trains leave Fernie at io:ooi
a.m., reaching Vancouver and Victoria j
the Nkxt Aftkknoon. - Return train!
-....v!-"-. Kernie 8:30 p.m. j
iihl   fanner;
lis   summer
All Hones.
Stranger—Aiul   did   the
over there  really  starve
boarders ?
Postmaster—Did he? Why, hy tlu
end of the season they were m> thin liu
mosquitoes broke their hills iryiiif" ti
bile tlieui.—Chieaj'ii N'ew-..
How to HiHMit KfrtrK.
IvKKblielisare pomns,saial the fiioeei".
Remeinher that, John, and don't pack
cki^s along with collee, the way I saw
you doing yesterday.
What difference does it make ? the
assistant asked.
Thin difference, said llie ginevr.
Aiiything aromatic, like o'lfi'i'. ni.ilso
eggs taste if il is pacUed with ihem.
ll makes people think the eggs are
Once I got a cotisii'iiineiit of i-gt;s
puckeil in miiliogimy-.awaln-t. Will,
sir, lli.f.1. eggs ta-ti'd li!;.' funi'ini."
polish.   I lo.-at some Ir ule tin .".1;,'1 ihem,
New  Crop
Now in 5tock
it.-, ••
Alii l.\. KII".I I'
I-l's.-.V     i-       .-I          l'l'li
s:i uii-l ImportG'l
:.   ;.| 1 Itotall
.. f..n i-*s ImMtutoi
itM.i "rimmontal Trees
i).|..«*. •mlr..ii<,
ill..!   1!
's-rt: i ■ 1  ■ . ■■■■ '■■■'
Itn.i-a,      GrocnhouHo
rily I'lianln
in i-»   'iiricrlea for
tiTii.i-:.!;-; n;
!".  KINK** k SOPl'LU-S.
M. J.
Vmis'iiuvor, 11.(1.
,".    ll!    \V.'
min.I.I' ltoail.
Fcuronns i *.*"XHir;:c-iS,
liccru Purchaser
at bu «il
one  'i ',
,1 d.'/eii
iVsi-ive l;K I
■:   ,s>.    psHlt
;el photographs
..:   taken  in anv
Winn pe;j, St. Paul, Chicago, Toronlo
and a'I I'astern points.
flew Li&se
aplu," W
.liois aiu!
.'.i.lltV.        I
1 k i'i'
every descrtp-
!ish Light I'ic-
site Framing.
palding Sf-Co.
Mill and Mil
in- Mac
'linery.   Complete
tiiiu'. !'i'
tin--, etc., always
on Inind     M
'>ii>ii:-.iied.   Scrap
.';    .!"'
.:!i'";d,   -Iicpnirhia-
C. Tn-v
1 O, HamstR
'i ■• i-i-i
r  in go to when
.*     *
1 f-   ,1
i: Ci
i..i< li. -'t.t suitings
>i i-- tlie ticet.
1 l.l'KST    TAILOR
&   GRAY
Stxt ducr tu L'nlh'i.rj Calt'j Co.,   Wuml btrefct
Wutk of AH isii.iN.     Iliitti rini.iuiitiljlu.
Office : Moll, Son & Co., L.T.W. Block
Fernie llritish Columhi.-.
Provincial Land Surveyor
Lands and Mineral Claims Surveyed
and Crown Graated.
PO. Box COS, Office: lioulcur-jr St., XtUt u
(S~!t *' a- •. ■•• '"'-..■'.--,'.
Order   your    Fall    Suit
Natty Suitings now. arriving.
F. F. Liebscher,
Sllvertoo's Boss Talhr
 * .75 I fJoliI anil bilvcr '1.01
 .Ti I tiold. silvtr, coi>|4.r 1.W
Samples by  mail  rccch-c  prom-it  attei.tton-
I'lic-cr Gs,M,  Hi'torli.  mid  Kkli Oit3 Jloiu-lit
Send for Fne *i'a.Iiiij-Ems. and Prke l.L-t.
1.35 Ariap:iliun St.,   Ucnacr, t'olo.
L)K. MIL!X)YvK01?.'"m
tiai o.\u 17}r.T.i^ ti;vn. na-t in ilt'i-ul svurtt. nml
iiiiakii, ».«i)<.i-i.-slt. of Uulil Ilriilp: W.rk.    Visit
"'miade tutheSi'i(Mii ra-Kialorly.
(an.VKIt CITY I.Ol'UE .ML ."!'.».<».■.--.
O   Sauiloii. ll.l*.   M.:*tin,'S in i.ic C'lilmi Hall
ca-ury Krnlay cvi-nira; :it i:'ii   Vt-i;ii,i_- t.ri-t'iii-ii
Cs)rili.i!iy luvltid io nit lid    .1.  K. UniKIM..
Nolili'. (.rami; A. L. C'liAiO. Vicu(*r»nd; W.J
O.vlul'TI. St-rttari-.
Is nropaivl k* Jo line watcli
rop.'iiriii'.f ;tt tlio
Jf-ui'lry Storr, oi'po.'-ito tlio Northern Initi'l, l-'a-niic.
FurnHiire and
Wall Taper
niU's and iiiforiiinlkni cull .ki   ■
J. S. TllaMII'-SaiN, ,\;\i
Tun cniiipli't,' si'til of l!:ir FlxtUr«8, Otll!
UntMl I'luie .Miiini- l-'-.!''» InchcH, iiinv,'l' Cra-r -a*.    I'.llli.lll .'Hid I'dOlTlllllOB
I' lir'-isti'i-siuiii ni!-1''' spoclnlltluH,
->!..:!   i'n!. i-i    !.-■..,,-.      ; ' '"'I't    Allviilloii.
it. I'MiAii, Kaslo, B.C.
l.-.f •.
I i.'iili'is mil! [lii'i-L't [mpnrtors
i;*. I. aiiil Ci^ani.
."I-Ii's.   fm-
iilllllirl'V I
mul l-clilil"' liner
Just for--et pri-jnJico for
a moment!
The essentials for a well
fitting suit of clnllivs nre proper dosij-nin^—c.uel'iil euttini'
—tsjvrt worUm.mshi;*—
tiiiloriiiR unci (-a>Osl mnttiiiiN.
Thc-c determine the lit ami
hull-,' of the "■'irmei-.l — ihe
style — the shape — and she
permanent rcivutioti i'i" t!u>c
c|u;ililies duriiif; the*'.;.;nne:i:'s
Hec.iuse you like to lv
measured wilh a la, a,- line
does it follow lli-il you will oh-
tain the maximum j-ntiKfi.c-
tion on these poin's from 'I'-.'
"little " fellow who tries to
design—cut — tailor an 1 sew-
all hy himself?
Semi-ready is Ihe product
of special!.-Is a.-seiuhle.l in
units—a master tailor sloe- the
designing—expert ■.-utter.- cut
the cloth and sUi'lc.l tailors
work on the p.iriii par:.-
in llie making of v,! il.ey
The results of tit■■-expression—shape anJ p.'nmi no til-
retention of llie.-e i]ti.-.lilie> are
due to these etl*-cls leing kej-l
in view iu every o| fi.ition s>l
the making.
"JAMION   LtMX'i:   NO
: O   Mivh ev. ry \\ vlii'!«i!..y t-ve ihij; at S n'l-Li k
ti.    k. itr  i-
: Iii tin- t'athlan IV-:!.. Halt. i*.i:i>i- n    Sa.ji/tiruii-:
1 tilethrvii will reiiivi- a I'yilnai;
' l-s.wcSs.x.C.C.      ALiian J. iuu.. K. K. i :
H. HKYLAMl, I*rtivli:i-Ul
rj'MK h'ASl.O  IHTfKI., ti
J"-    in;; hotti in tii. rit-..
i'i a KJ.i
t a
I  ^-    licitilituar-t't
Ul Silver. lit.\M.I"i -. .
' '**i:i-: vinuKiA :tnr;;i. i
' i~ lor all -tr.i;._••• T. • ■
- t{.--.t liuu-v fa.r -I :. ''lav -ii. t
! tt. K'l
Ku  lo. ii ti.v* l^u I
s*. I'Ai'wuifr'i.
il. -s.lllllt.ll        it       'll.l
_'.. -.,.  ;   . I.I  tl.s; (II >•
1.1 ilfilV. l'rt/p-
i. it Lit v *.-:
. ..ia Iii.u.s-
\ '111..     A-l  i:n.s!.,rii
ij Ir  I.,   li.- .It c illl.s-v-
Tliu ti. Is i.f.l-ii.- I.■•'■!- li. 1
"■"I.N. AY .M-I.h- I'. 1 i..; i
Msl.l.dll    HUM  I,
liu.r.iV. it'th'.
I |"ici*'io.vr tiai'.--.»■:. .\t
; I ia.ui Aiiii'iii-Hi. i-..oi. y-
; fr Mil .' a- ll|i t" it. i'i ia- va I
i Ns.llillii.' aa-ll.wal- 111 liu- ;•
' II, t!l« •»!.. MAl.H'a.
!.>' -N' I.iir..;n an
la. ..". la-lit.a   111.-- iih
;c lii-lji em,
i-e i a—I'I i.V s-t'.d
A "lltti.ll.l.L':'.
B.\ liri.KTT lltll'Si:, f-n.-irlv llio C-l.'t!'
Id theU'.attl i a! ay U: wl In \. .hjii. ■ ".:v
aliic tl..-l|i iiii|ili.ya'il 'i tt . IIA tl I'l.K I 1",
jirui-ri. ht.
; pin: un
;   I    SI fin
IIOTI'1. l-'Kltlil"-Stl-i
i[ If ivlu'ti 'lii-v   i'.i-
>I l'.iii lifo; If ivlu'ti
•I"'.v.Nl-.l..t lil.Al'K
th-:  Inline '•(
in   l--|'r,i;ii^.i^
I '|*iii-:  iiitin.iNSi.i
I   A    i-jst llll'l Ilia' l).'^» I" ill.   I.
.tlH'uvaiva'l. omi'
I" ll 1, i« lhi» "!il-
liolil .rvlsri.a
t."i.\ iN I.H'i.S,
!-iilli-: Mo.N'rciOMJ-UiV t
Miiinifnetururt I1C.
lf'_4r 1'Olin.nt
.   Wliii'..'.
i   MAi'nii.N,'. i.o a nt , tth-.i-'iiv ji i-
A.   t-liji t<.   rtf-ctrl-a  ami   .Mlnl;»i- Mi;>>.|l.-r.
MAI'ni.l.N,'.|,li   A   <*H
clui K   Orri-n
II.u l'«i.i. IK,
I aJ I'd in Unit' r. K«k"<. ''•'•"
; ".'rult, Nitlrtiii, IH'
,Ks vl.i: M-..VI.-
.-i.',   I'ftalllte   llllll
ii nnd
i'lllil"iiull   Ci;1
l.i;Z      FJ. O.
Fi     n a . t r\ a a t~ a i a: n'lai.i'stiN x <*.•>.. n. i-ii, n.c, w;,.... -
. J. MITCHELL!1'?'.-**^'-'::--'■■"■■"-■'■
\.    lli'lniN ail-
Kuilt   Ni-I»"ii. i>'
5       f
'■f:'R'.gJ**-E)!***>*5.te,iS^**!gl*^™S^ '"-*1   "t^
i'i'SW ss,...i...w^s^",..^'i.M«ip,4i"¥{.'n"l"  Is.j '.i
.     ^a * , t yn.«.n.^i
{*  —
•~^r^^*^v^rr'^'vr"''m'^pr-y—-<'i' Vi    »
-"-'        t JV i-WI l.    i.!..A\2...?A-i,.l.
-1^: "■:
> _ py ,i
ir if " 1      I
a     a       .* v I
,     It. i        a   » ■    .     ,
1.- -        J.   *   ■''
'       '''-*■"        *"S        , J--'
I. HI ,-*-•*
■ I ■ ■   r ut._..t.£. •— '-a-* —      *- f ■-" ■■■•
' 1*
t, ,.. ir'-r^~'"''-y:yr"\:C'y±A^~   ....^r^K--^ i,"«ir--'i
". "-i-^.jif -■:■ — >-.>,•
*_.?,,.~ .n. i^v
"Ai '•"
jl^f^l t
V.J ^
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
Paid-ui) Capital
Head Oilier-
Rest -
This Bank transact'* every description of Hanking Business^ including the
jlssue of Lell.ars of Credit aiu) bra its on "--"oreigu Countries, and will negotiate or
^j-llecl bills on any place where there is a hank or banf-cr,
it-sf&lXS Z\bii%%
• Special  Ajtcniion is directed lo llie
' vfolloivili}^ Ailvantages  Offered   by our
i^'aviiigs Bank.
Eseposciis t?f Qsije BpISqr
^.mj   upwards    received    and    interest
allowed at current rales.
i,s added to the deposit twice in each;
yt'iir',"at Hi.? end of May and November'.*
Tfcs Eeposiios*1     , r "(
is Fiibjoct to no delay whatever in'taie*
withdVawal pf the whole or any portion
(of the deposit.
Get the Habit
is  genepidiy admitteJ
rfeat Hell
with ©©es!
r* _.
Hamilton's  for .your
, BOOTS and
' :' Qur wardrobes and Fit-Re-
4    ^ * - ' *  t
form clothing have been shipped, and to make room  for
20%  off all  suits,   overcoats
and winter goods until
February jst.
Wi" C. Hamilton Co.
Fernie Hotel Block
< Cleanliness is nest to Godliness.'1
, Our soap will do the \yo"rk.
Royal frown, Kootenay Queen, Comfort, Peerless,
Perfect, Sunlight, Tar, Ljfe Buoy
fl-*(J all kinds of the highest grades of
Toilet Soaps
?' 2
5 , PKOMI'T §
§ **»
The People's Grocery   P, O. I?Iock,  Fernie
Wc arc also free to admit that it is HULL trying to pay our
wholesale accounts with the' good inteii'iotis of the people who O'.ve
Vjs money.
MORAL—Sell   niot-e gopd-i   for cash  and
INVITATION—To those whs  owe
I'Wei Is-Fargo"—we need  jt.
less   for credit.
Please   call   with   the.
Of All Kinds a^
Qann's Bookstore
L.T.W. Block.
There is i}0 better
than that sold by
$ J, Purdy & Co.
Is back at the old
.stand with the same-line of
goods he has always sold in
a/TM-IE LADIES of Fernie
will find  Jin ''Excellent
■Stock of ^ iiS
infant's, 8J«iv
Beautlfw %mm
$i!H ROMS, £K.
r*it my store in the Todd Block
A new and complete line of-
■Rubber Goods
Hot Water Hot lies, all sizes
Fountain ayriiige,s, a(l sizes
Enema Syringes
Magic Female .Syfiiit'es
•Tynan tilohe Spray Female
Ati'iuizers, Nipples, tipple Shielns
ilreast Pumps, Ice lings, etc.
Trusses, Ahdoniina' Supporters
^milling  and   Everything \n   Rubber
Goods at
Prescription Drag Sf.««
Ai*a>iit ror—Laiishilii'ia Pniiiilniti I'iaiii
' Mnr-sit l-'iillli'iiln 'Villa   '
'nU-rnnl' i'tunk l'oi,n'
Jim uu Ik inta Thc CLL'D CIGAR
STORE nil'.! .examine their stock
Jit imported and domestic cigars,
cigarettes' ari*d tobaccos. '
■'Xh<i, finest' assortment   of  meer-
.^ailiii'ini, hilar pipes, and snu;|-ers'
^undric's- in the citv,
.All tljK-.i\ia|;a/i|iiviiiii'i :laily papers
iihvays iu stock.
Jr.J5*iV3at3 <k StunsEjouss
' 'Z&k'A'j .r.r.y:' .Va >X:'.y.".' ••"''■-
In the Boundary wc have had. telephone fights enough to last us for years
to come. At one time there were three
independent companies doing'-business
between I'lioeiiis and Qreejiiypod, and
to keep in touch wil|i everyone, the
Pioneer, auipng othera, had a battery
of three different 'phone'* on'", its', office
wall—a most unmitigated" nuisance.
The companies scrapped, and oneswal?
lowed the other, etc., lill the present
company had the field ' lo itself. And
the dear public paid the freight right
througji. •r-'- -
So, we say, in liltlo towns telephone
fights are not profitable. Aside from
the right, or lack of right, of the B C.
Co. to put in a system there, if it is
done by llie city the chances are 'the
system will be a most indifferent tuiy
at best, and will have no outside coiir
neclions wo tli anything. If it is done
hy individuals ihe resull is largely" the
■ame.. There is not business enough
in a towu of 3,000 people to support
■meh a,system properly and 'satisfaclort"
ily without outside connections. ' Then
.1 company already-.haying a doi-en exchanges has a g_reat advantage:,over
one Utile isolated concern, because il
can draw for men, material, etc., and
has had the practical experience—
most important pf all. ■"'
We do notihip'K the E",. C. Telephone
Co. is all that it should he by any nieans
ind sometimes the sen-ice they give is
exasperating to a degree. But we have
tried two other systems in this country,
and we know, what we are talking
about when we say thai the present.system is by far Ihe best so far tried in this
country, open to criticism as it is* sometimes. Why, the Royal Bank of" Canada sunk about $i.*5,oua-j. in backinj; up
an opposition company in the BvumJary
that had first class lines—the Columbia Company—and could not makc_ it
win. They could, get no Nelson or
Spolfane connections worth wlyle, and
no matter how excellent a local sys(em
they had, they were handicapped.—r
Phoenix Pioneer.
;Thc Drake (N.D.) News reports sal-
lilatutary or valedicatutory made some
where er else by an educated Indian
whose former name was Crick-in-His-
Back.    Crick said in part.
My friends, { do not propose to excite hostilities by advancing the proposition lhat wc stand on the threshold of
life. I leave that to the palc-facc graduate of a more athletic curriculum. 1
come from a town of 300 souls and 18
real estate agents. On my_ return my
kjnsipen will stroll out of the tepee lo
gfeu't their brother and ask him where
h'c'got that hat, while the dusky daughter ' qf Bay -Horse- wilh-the-Glanders
\vill don her pink waist.
',All.that the red man is to-day he
owes to the pale-face. We have been
so.benevolently assimilated that one
measely government agent can round
u'p, "'nd herd a whole reservation. The
p*j.)j-;face lobster gives us a bi-ltlc .of
wl}iskey—with a string tied tq it. And
tha* string reaches to the federal courtroom," where we lie around for a couple
of weeks while Ihe witnesses are cash-
ingin their pay vouchers. Then we
Have lo walk home in a snowstorm.
The sun of the red man is -jetting in
the west. Soon will his copper colored
bc assimilated by the copper trust, and
he will be extinct. Vou may put him
into a bicycle suit and tan shoes, but
lie will continue to yearn for planked
muskrat and Jamaica ginger. His
days aro numbered. For a few short
years he may powwow with the smooth
government commissioner, but he is
fading away and you am all see his liu-
i-jb.    I have spoken.
It :.s a j-reat and beautiful ..tlnng_to
be patient if wrongly accused; to be so
strongly girded oiind with right that
you'can meet slander by silence, and
caluinnv with a smile.
of Canada   H
Lafo pqnipany that   '"
Es    E-'ursiy". FifatuaU   ;
IS 34 years old ; •...;.
MAS Assets now exceeding $9,ooo,000;
HAS a surplus (on Government Valuation Standard), of nearly $t*)oo,6oo;
MAS nearly 30,000 policyholders;     :
HAS nearly §40,000,000 of Insitraiice
in force ; '        l '.
aJA3 paid over $6,500,000. in oasli;to
policyholders, or lo their families nnd
still ; ',
HAS in Reserve, for iheir security, over
7,000,000, in solid assets.      : j <
Married men should remon*,ber the
uncertainty of life and protect their
wives and children by a policy,iu the
Muiual Life.      '.   '    " ■'!..<;
Young men should not dally with
■line in rejc;u\I .In life insurance. "The
.turner you comiiienco llie sooner yotir
irolits will come to you. ■ *i 14 an in-
.eslnict-t lhat always, pays,..,,,,...,,... j..'
Young men who have, relatives* tie-!
'ending upon them should lake a policy!
a the Mutual Life. It will help motlici'
f death should reach you its icy hand
'elbre your yo.ulli has Hod. ,    > -—•••••»
' Senator Cox's Berciivement.
The death of Mrs. George A. Cox
wiii be a cause of sincere mourning
beyond the circle of her own household.
I tis not pnly that she was a good
woman and that a family is stricken
and a husband bereaved. The world is
full of good women, in high places and
in low, and death comes as, surely and
as sorely to the home- of povtrly, as
tjiat of wpallh and luxury. But Mrs.
Mrs. Cox was the friend and slay ol
many charities, and the angel of beneficence in many an obscure household.
All her days she was bearing burdens
that were not her own and giving of
her strength and cheerfulness to revive
hearts (hat were ready .to faint and 10
brighten homes where sorrowdwelt and
suffering avas, Thrf frisndg of her
you^h she never let wander far from her
side, and her rare simplicity of character and gracious demeanor were wholly
unaffected by any change of fortune.
With a great reserve of intellectual
power, and singular, equity of mind,
she shrank from" any active identification with public movements and only
those of her own household, were permitted to know how. wide and catholic
were her works of beneficence. She
guarded her charities as she guarded
thc yrivacy of her own home, and we
may not say from how many families
her death removes a chief source of
comforl and support. It cannot be unfitting to say these few words in simple triluite to a good woman who has
gone la rest, and to offer the hand of
sympathy to a sorrowing man, whose
great place 'n the World of aff.iir-*
counts for nothing in comparison wilh
ihe loss he h;\s uow sustained.—Toronlo News.
Bv IlI.W'l'T IIlinUARl)
Society does not punish those who sin
!*ut those who sin and conceal not
Many a man's reputation would nol
know his,' character if they melon the
The ideas that benefit a man are seldom welcome.) by him un lirst prescp-
tation. '.'
When two men of equal intelligence
and sincerity quarrel, hpth are probably rig jit.
The recipe for perpetual ignorance
is : he satisfied with your opinions and
content with your knowledge.
People are always asking me to follow- theira"dvice, bi;t they are 'never
willing to.tell me which way it went.
Writers seldom write what they
think. .. They simply write the things
they think other folks think they think.
Amcriciinitis is on the increase, the
wise ones say. Americaniti<" comes
from an intense desire lo '.'git thar"and
an awful' four that you cannot. The
ounce of prevention i-* to cut down your
calling list, play tag with the children
and let thc'world slide.
- Men toil anJ sweat and struggle nnd
chase'the sea^r,** round the Globe. To
escape Uie winter they to to Florida; to
get away frsm 'he summer, tl\ey go, lp
North Cape and Alaska. Money is the
thing for which they tepipt paresis;
money that they may go to Saratoga
and have peace, theysay. Peace? There
is no peace unless you sit down and
wait for il to catch up.
. Coal on Pence Iijivcr.
No less than 32 applications for coal
prospecting licenses artj contained in
last week's issue of llie British Columbia Gazette,- the majority of them being for lands-ill tlie'Pine River district
of the Pence  River country.    A  nuni-
ber of them havelecri slaked by a party sent out by a syndicate in which Sir
F. W. Borden/M". P., Minister of Militia and Defence, and Sir A. P. Caron
are interested. Melancholy interest
attaches lo those notices from, the fact
that several are signed by the late   Mr.
Howard Stow, formerly wharfinger on
ynion Steamship Company's wharf
who was it member ofthe party. Th,**
notices state : that the claims were
slaked in September" lust-about two
months before Mr. Stow met death : by
drowning in Sturgeon-Lake.
To be famous is to be   slandered
people who do not 1-now you.
The Vancouver divorce, suits of
Greenway vs Greenway and Thompson
vs Thompson have been stood over by
Mr. justice Morrissoiv until the next
assizes, owing'lo some doubt as to
whether proper notice of trial Nd been
served on the defendants. Both suits
arise from the alleged elopement of Mr.
Greenway wilh M,rs. Thompson.
Tha deplorable g indition of the lumber and shing'c industry of British
Columbia ought to appeal to ihe Do-
minion government in a manner that
should bring some relief in the near
future. Not only nre many of the
large mills closed down owing to the
unfair conditions wlpcli exist, but a
number ofthe smaller manufacturers
haye become bankrupt. To what extern the larger firms will be able lo continue operations; under such adverse influences will depend upon the condition
ofthe Un*'etI States lumber market.
If thc demand there should improve to
an extent which will absorb the product of thrmillsand remove theslaught-
ering of lumber on the Canadian mar-.,
ket, onr manufacturers may again re-
siiinc'operations and be in a position lo
make a"living profit. If the opposite
condition sl-ould prevail, however, the
only hope of ;i "revival of the lumber industry of British Columbia lies in receiving some measure of protection
from the hands of the federal government.—:Canadian Lumberman.'
Cranberries 10c per lb-
Malaga Grapes 25c per lb.
Force, Malta Vita, Orange
Meat, 7 packages for $1.00
Todd Block
Additional Locals
Situation' Wasted—A woman wishes
situation iu hotel or private, house.
Hotel preferred, and reforonces furnished if desired. Address P. O.
Drawer 25. Fernie. 2w
Bleasdell's for Baby Hive Croup
S. Slinn has 475 boxes of apples in
his cellar.
Bleasdell's for popular music, 10 cts,
a copy.
Bleasdell's for any old thing in the
Drug line.
Stop at the Queen's Hotel when in
Trout Lake City.
Sewing machines to rent "U the B. C,
Furniture'Company, •
Bleasdcll't for Witch Hn*a-: and Almond Cream for chapped skin.
*    a
Remember the. rooms are warm these
cold nights at the King Edward.
We buy, sell or exchange new or
second hand furniture. The B. C.
Furniture Compapy-
If you arc troubled wilh rheumatism
you will find, the Pool of Si loam at
Halycon. Write for particulars to
Sanititrium, Halycon, B. p.
Masterson, Griffith & Co., Trout
Lake, have all the supplies needed by
lumber camps and mines.
At thc Kootenay Saloon in Sandon
you do not need an introduction to get
a drink. Put the price on the bar and
the mixer ivill do the rest.
Science has explained many things,
but it has not yet told why it sometimes
happens that when seventeen eggs arc
hatched, the brood will consist of sixteen barnyard fowls and one eagle,
For full particulars call on our agei'
it tlle Kinj.; I'd ward   hi I'Vrnie.   .
IM.  ItOUNO  TIIK   1100.Vi*
of liiwlmi" niiiat tii>«f (U« npiMitlztii-r o>lr)i>
Wif. nnil tlm rlcli liruwiiKrnvy trlcH-* luinnt-
IiiKljr to t. e ilMli. Tlmt tn tlie kind of .(.u-(,i our
lid';* firwIni'M. Tninliir, "iiie-"' iHjiirl»,i!iii-. Ii
will tnukc 31 tin limliiy imrj liraivny
Of coiirao iv* full thii .li/.'ec-it I'litl of vntl.
Ifiiiili, •'■■rk, <iti'., airni. Hut jii.t mar ivaj an
tiallciiif- buif.   Hi'ofMuiu vf our oiri'i-liij-.a.
00., LTD,
cents  a potma  can
cents a half pound can
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder is made from
pure Cream of Tartar derived from grapes", and thus
combines the highest leavening strength with thc
greatest purity and healthfulncsa.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder is the most
economical to use, because it goes farther in leaven*.
ing and insures perfect, wholesome food.
It Saves Money and Saves* Health
Day and Eoening
Bookkeeping,   Shorthand,   Writing-,  Arithmetic,   Spelling,
Cori;e.i.,po,n(;lence,  English Branches, Etc.
Correspondence Pupils Coached   •
Low piia-i mul individual instruction make it t.'io A     K/T    flr'trriOCi
di;.iH"'M.falil'.'li.iu-. A;   -A-   VJlllTltfS
"Send that man away, mother."
"With theso words little Charlie
Stewart of Fernie initiated a chain of
cause and consequence which eventually led to the saving of hiaisell and
three younger children from a life
whioh eventually led to the regeneration of four criminals, and may
possibly lead to the regeneration of
the mother who, sinned against, had
herself fallen in sin.
Tho reply was a brutal blow with
a frying pan and still more brutal
words. Driven from the only home
he know, a wretched hovel of two
rooms, in one of which the whole
family slept on two beds a foot apart.
The boy fled, to tho coke ovens and,
taking refuse' there, narrowly escaped a serious accident, if not death.
Awakening- from sleep to find his
clothes burning, ho was discovered
by a watchman who handed him
over to the police.
To tho officciO the littlo fellow told
his sad Btory. "{lis futlier had deserted the family several years be
fore, and his inc-ther, left destitute,
had sought to buy food with the proceeds of a life of sin. It was against
this dishonor ol himself through iiis
mother that tlic'outraged instincts of
the lad rose in protest.
Tbo Fernie-police lost' no time in
sending for Mr. C. J. South of the
Children's'Aid societyl who promptly
took steps '.j.cmovc the children and
to have them committed to the care
of the Vancouver organization, Clad
in warm gar.ncnts supplied by the
good ladies of Fernie, the little ones.
th**eo boys and a girl, have arrived
in this city and are now in the society's home here.
A Fernie lady has offered to adopt
two ol thc children, but on such
terms that they will not bo cut off
completely from, their mother if she
is woitlvy of being permitted to approach thein,, And pi this there is
good hope. Befriended by true
Christians, sha has abandoned a life
to which it is only charitable to as
surae she was driven by destitution,
and the day may come when mother
and little ones will aj-ain bo united.
Hardly had Mr. South left Fernie
before he received a wire recalling
him. A. new case had turned up, one
involving six children who were being destroyed body and soul by a
drunken mother. Promises of amendment were received, however, nndns
the homo here was already lull, Mr,
Sjuth decided that thc woman should
have another chance before she Mfas
parted fjom her offspring.
At Cranbrook Mr. South investigated tho caso of a woman who w;is
leadingan immoral life and settin^tho
worst possible example to her child,
a little girl of seven. Whatever her
other shortcomings, however, the
maternal instinct waa strong. With
dramatic fury sho fought in court to
retain her daughter and vowed to
Improve her manner of life. And so
the caso It* suspense, that the
hands of a little child may perchance
lead the en Ing mother back to the
paths pf right,—Vancouver Province
The mouth indicates  Ihe   flesh ; llie
eye the soul.
The trot-ble with most rubber-
goods is that (hey crack or come apart
at the seams before you gel youp
money's worth of wear out oPthem.
For our stock we have made a selection of fhe best and most reliable rubber
goods to be found.
The prices we charge you arc not
more will pay some places for
inferior articles—more than that you
have our guarantve at the back of every
Hot Water Bodies—a handy thing to
have in the house just now.
Combination Hot Water Bottles and
fountain syringes.
Household Syringes, Iinemas, Nipples,
Breast Pumps, I'ar Syringes, Medicine
Droppers, etc., etc,
Dispensing Chem'-;t, Fernio Drug Stare
British Lion
Winter Carnival
Feb. 15.16,17,18
Single Fare
On Salo Feb 15, 16, 17, good to return
till Feb. 20.
rj, i^*llV^tJV,5f/^.'*aV *^*5i^^"*V"aV*i*i
$ VANCQuyen <*. nelson, tt.c.4
Hockey    Ski Running    Snowshoeing
Complete Programme of
Canadian Winter Sports,
Is of the ut most importance in
these days of mo.lern life when a
minule may sometimes mean a million.
Always have a ".vntcli that keeps the
correct time, and if it will uot, talk to
C. O. Demaurez
Have one of thoir largcHt Htorcn in Fernie.
> Lamb, Veal, 1-VchIi nnd .Smoked MhIi.
! Bulk Oysters.   Try a gallon
l <i/$S%At/k^'*ytl**Sti^^
:     fr    -
— = "7       -v-h
I  / lif ""    ft
*i   t-*    7-i
f, t. V' ..,*-.,
I -*"-*JJUP|UJ'"U«s'T-*',*'*'lT,J-|
■^•OT^rt"^*--**^-^-!*.^"-*-^ "vrp -j^^^tir sr^'^rv.-'t^'- ^T-Asvy'-ir-'''-****- "--i- —,—•*■■
I    >*-.*."        -r   *   ,_ _> I     i     ft'   l    ll    ',*J *''ltA       i-      ' 1 "    1      r" '1 >'-*•!*    * "-     "   '
:A.,tJ^.A.,.^lf'J_JAJi.AAL,... J*«^JI,, ....'.    •' JA~.?..'si. ,.'./. .J,.r,<,.d	
Al   H1?*'!
S.1W llivm%_HV__ftt&t93A_tS2S2
j,,ta, f—emm," 'JU'l'.iuqonm.y*''
y^.     t 3      1        I   i'' *- s
Ur^f, „., ..f....,..\_._,  ......-.'.L...1.'
_ij _.'& ".,«<;. h.?_/
c 7   .7 -ij
,*.*. .1- Mi»^wi«*iwaM>^*i||^iawM|yt^«-r^^
rj A -J ±J   *L
JC* AA ,.
__- _.—_______„—


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