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The Ledge 1905-02-08

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 Volume XII., Numbkr 18
Price, $2 a Year, lv Advance
^•^M*M^M*4!J y.&ii.y.i.yA.y*,y,>. £u.yti.$t_&t£:<&(£te'k_v*
Vlv ft* ft* ft* U* ffi ft* fl*ft* ft* ft* tl* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* VlVViV tt*fl*ft*ft*ti^fi* ft*
came off There wns a large crowd on
the street to see the event, and of course
tho small boy, whether he owned a dog
or not,'was-''there to help hie friend,
and, if possible, do up his friend's opponents. Fivo dogs wore entered for
Iho event. MeDoufjall's Nig won tho
first heat, "with. Miller's Tige a cloao
second, and the other dogs strung along
iho couree In the second heat Tigo
won with Nig second. The third heat
was neck-and-ncck for about 11)0 yards
and then there was a mix-up between
Tige, Nig and about a dozen outside
dogs that werenotinany'way interested
iu the event. Finally they were separated, and Nig won the heat and the
race. Nest Satiireay two or three
prizes will bo given, No coaching will
bo allowed. Each dog tnuiit be handled
alone by the boy driving, and any
coaching, by other boys will be declared a foul and'the doir ruled off.
A movement is on foot in the city
council, it is understood, to materially
reduce expenditures, "ibis is a good
move, if it is directed in the right channel. If it takes the form of reducing
salaries, especially iu the police depart-
ment, it. will be a move in the wrong
direction. A reduction in salary invariably results iu n corresponding-'reduction.'.in. efficiency.-A police force
that cannot be bribed is the exception
and not the rule in tho West, and from
Inquiries made of those who should
know, it is evident that the Fernie
police cannot be "approached.'' If it
is tho prosent intention (to reduce sata-
lies, the aldermen should give the subject their very careful consideration bc;
fore taking action. Economy ia not always a matter.of dollars and cents either
with the business house or the corporation, but rather the amouut of work done
for tho money expended. The guillotine
-is a very effective Instrument in dealing
with hardened criminals, but it is
never used on efficient public servants
except by ward-heeling grafters.
On Friday evening last, at the regular cominunication of Elk River Lodge,
No. 05, A F. & A- M., the following
officers v.ere installed: G. G Jowcll,
W. M.; J. II. Bricker, I. P. M; Dr.
Bonncll, S. \V.; K. W..Wrigleswortta,
J. W.; J. Marshall. Treas,- \V. H.
Whimstcr, .Scc'v; lie v. A. Dunn, Chap,
lain; F. Killers!, S. D.; C W.J,adley,
J. p.i.H. Hammond, S. .S.; J. B. Tur-
no/, J. S ; W. T. Haley, 'l'yler.
^m^^mt^t^i^^^^^^^ #&&«v-^,w
IV. It, Cox of Elko was a visitor to
tho city Friday.
John Powers of Michol spent a few
days in Fernio last week.
Write your friends to see J. L.  Gates
. when thoy stop at Ferule
In tbe skating race Friday night--20
. laps—Punlop defeated Martin by 2 laps
. Jack Gillan, an old time prospector
of tliu Boundary, was in town last week
"Keep your eye on Hutehisoii. He 1ms
Homo Iltio cloth £t)itable for Spring
The proprietor of tho Imperial hotel
lias built au Ice house back of the
The B. C. Tolephono company em
ploy three of tho seven the
Fernie liockev team.!
Prize lights, or rather <rlovo contests
for gate receipts, do not appear to be
a drawing card In Fernie lately.
Tho hockey match between the married and single men Thursday resulted
in a score of 4 to 8 in favor of the kids.
Chas. I. Cowen, late of the Leland
hotel, Winnipeg, has accepted tlie position of manager of tbo Waldorf hotel
In this cily.
Tom Hookes arrived iii town Monday
evening to assume the management of
the new Hotel Fernio. He has started
■retting ready for tlio opening, which
will probably take place on the 18th.
The officers of the Salvation Army
are holding special services -hi" week.
Christians, back-sliders and overy-day
sinners are invited to attend the meetings and take chances of being bene-
iitlcd thereby.
Alderman W. 0. Robins and E. W.
Wiiglesworth are the license coinmis
eioners for tlio City of Iernio, and Aldermen Cree and Herchmer the police
commissioners. The mayor, by virtuo
pf his ollice, is chairman of both boards.
A prominent merchant of., thin toivn
paid a $1 account of Tin* Lewie in
nickels— foreign, American nickels, and
bo Is an alderman, too This is one of
the baneful results of allowing foreign-
era to enter our town und squander
their looeo change.
A purso was found by one of tho B. C.
Telephone Icinployees Saturday and
be posted the following notice on a
ttliiphoue pole: "Found—A purso containing iSI.90 Owner can have it by-
applying at the office ol the B. C. Tele
phone company. We may be foreigners
but we're honest."
A communication from "A Christian-'
has boon received nt this office There
is nothing wronj-about llju matter contained in the article, but there is a
generally observed rule in iiewepnper
offices not to publish correspondence
unless the name of the write"-- actions
panics it.
The I'hoenix l'ionecr has been safely
delivered of its annual special edition,
lt is the best yet, giving a vast amount
of valuable 'information in regard to
mining nnd other resources of the
Boundary district. The editor ofthe
Pioneer is to bo congratulated on the
excellence of tho publication.!
Is it customary in Fernie for members of the council to furnish supplies
to thc city? And is it also customary
for thc lliianco committee to pass fucli
accounts? It so, would It not be nd
visable for the aldermen to have the
opinion of the city solicitor on niembere
furniohlng supplies to the city?
All is quiet in telephone circles. Both
companies working hard, with the B.
C. considerably in the lead Tho ox-
citcuieut Is all over, and people are beginning to appe->iflte the humor of
citizens taking sides and quarreling
over which of the two great corporations shall havo tho privilege of bleeding ihe public.
3M 0. Berg, who lias been In the employ of Smith Bros, (or bodjo time, left
last week for the Boundary to do assessment work on n --roup of claims Bock Creek, lie .will run about
40 feet of a drift tunnel on a 1-foot
stringer with tho object of tapping the
the hr-fo surface Allowing. He expects
to be gone about six months.
Sharp & Ii vino tn Nolson aro the only
tuiiiiiig broken in I?. C., with ono es.-
iTptinn, who have a direct wire iu their
ollice. Lust Monday they Caiuunuiiced
dealing in New York olid Chicago railway, grain nnd other stocks, and Hullcll
customers from all parts if the country.
They guarantee the delivery of all
stocks, and dully issue a Htuieiuent of
tho bank reserves and ilcpu.-its in" the
United ■Stntes.
At the minimi general meeting of the
aharelinliU'r.t in tho British Columbia
Hecord, Ltd., held at tho company's
ollice, Victoria, on Wednc.'-diiy morn-
ing, the 1st inst., Mes-rs II. Mortimer-
Lamb, Tho.-. It. Cunnclt and H. Jacobs
wero elected directors for the ensuing
year. Mr. .Jacob;", who early In January Hiicceedt'd Mr. I.mnb as editor, who
lias retired from active work in connection with tlm Mining Record, though
still retaining the pn.'iliiiu of chairman
of .director.'' It Is Mr. Jiii'iilm' iutcii-
timi t'u'hiiiigi' llie date nf iiiiblii-niloii j
of tlm Mining I'l'diiil  f.inii  ihe   Ii>t nfj I'lfnil I Kniioii
L'.lt'll lllOlllll In llllnllt Ilia' t'.'tli.
On Saturday la-.! the Iii-1! of the sorioH
Dr. Watt of Kurt Steclewlio was in
town this week called on The Ledge-.
Tho doctor is an old newspaper man,
having published a paper in Fergus,
■Wellington Co*inty,|Ontario, previous
to Confederation. In 18G8 ho moved
from Fergus to Meaford in Grey
c unty nnd established the Monitur
in that town, which he published until 18S0. Since that time he has devoted himself to the practice of medicine. He has been in thc West for a
number of years, having first settled
in Cariboo, which district he represented in the provincial legislature
frntn 1892 to 189 1, when he moved to
Fort Steele. The doctor has always
been an advocate of railroads as the
most important factor in the develop
ment ot a new country. While in
Fergus he was the lirst to advocate
the building of the Wellington, Grey
and llruce, which was afterwards
built with a terminal lake point at
Southampton. Through the Meaford
Monitor ho advocated the extension
ot the Nor.hern from Collingvvood to
Meaford. This extension was completed in the early 70's. Since settling Hist Kootenay thc doctor has
made two trips to Ottawa tn connection .vith the Kootenay Central, n
very luip'tant branch line to this
section of Iiritish Columbia, ns it
woulb connect the Crow and thc main
line ofthe C. P. R. and open up a rich
mineral belt, as well as shorten the
timo to the Coast hy 21 hours. He
b-'licves that the Kootenay Central
will be TOiniitenci'd this year. As a
newspaper mnn Dr. vVntt was considered one ol the most able writers
in Western OmarU
of dog races Harted by  T. II. Whelim
Tho hockey match played Monday
evening between Fernio and Pin-
chor Creek resulted in a win for Fornie by a score nf 10 to 1.
Owing t.i objection as to registration Steele's place was taken by Sun-
berg. Kobt. Held iletcd as relureo
and gave entire fmiisl'iiction. The
game opened tame but booh (level-
oped into pretty fast ln'ckey. Smith
scored the first goal for I-Vrtiie, short
ly lifter iiiu.tlier one was innde by
(Irish). Smith who hud been oil' before, had eiuie on again tint had lo go
took his 1 -lace, Fill
elter scored sutui iilii-r Fernie made
tllii'il. 'I'll! p'.uk Was kept Well it11*to
l'iii'.'lier'rtgo:tl, repented attacks made
but failed to score. Kanouse scared
another goal for Fernie by a shot
from center, and just before half time
Martin with a brilliant dash Beored
another.   Score 5—1.
In the second half'the game waB
already'a forgone conclusion. Nevertheless Pincher Creek if anything
played better and contested each
goal never losing heart. Tho game
vvas marked by an absence of rough
play only one of each side being" put
on the fence for 2 minutes apiece.
The Pincher Creek team have some
excellent players but lack combination, their players getting in each
other's way. For thc homo team
Fraser did some very pretty work
The final score stood 10—1 In favor'of
The council met Monday night. All
the members were present. Minutes
of previou: meeting read and adopted.
Alderman Herchmer raised point
that bylaw 8 might interfere with existing rights of license holders, but
the mayor asked him to defer discussion nntil the bylaw came up for reconsideration.
The report of finance committee,
recommending the payment of $1,214-
.78 was then read and caused con-
siderablediscussion. Alderman Robins
thought council should go into
committee with fhe object of endeavoring to cut down expenses.
Alderman Herchmer agreed with
Alderman Rutins and thought that
the dog-tax bylaw should bo enforced,
and that tags should be procured ia
town in order that the bylaw could at
once be put in force. He thought it
was the duty of aldermen to be familiar with every item of expenditure
passed by the finance committee.
Alderman Tuttle thought sufficient
time had elapsed since the finance
committee brought in the report, for
every alderman to bo able to yote intelligently on It.
Alderman Robins did not doubt the
correctness ofthe report nor the ability of the finance committee to
deal with the accounts presented
to thc city, but the aldermen should
look into each item carefully ■ with
the view of cutting down the city's
expenditures.. * -',-■,"
:' The" mayor-'was li®sympathy with
economy, but did .not believe in a
"penny wise and pound foolish" policy.
On motion of Alderman Cree, seconded by Alderman Tuttle, the report
was finally passed.
Following is report of finance committee as adopted:
Police—Keep of prisoners.
S. Slum ...........48.30
P. Burns & Co 3.88
Calgary Cattle Co ..4.90
W. J. Blundell..
Sheppard & Elliott..
F. Stork...,	
CD. Waring ........
.112 00
Fire Department.
.. 13.25
T. II. Whito	
... 5.00
Sheppard & Elliott
... 1.25
Health Department.
Dr. Ilennell, 2 mo's.
1 •• .
School Board.
January Estimates.
$29 58
Election xVccount.
B. C. Gazette ...
Sheppard at Elliott 5.00
Printing (Free Press) 61.25
Expense Account.
Postage    2.00
B.C. Gazette    5.00
City S'letr, Deo.Sal. 100.00
City Clerk   „    „    100.00
Total $12it78
11., law No. 8 was then taken up,
and secured rather rough handling
by Alderman Herchmer, who pointed
out the possibilities of its clashing
with the License Act. The bylaw
was returned to legislative committee
who would act with tho city solicitor
In drafting a new by-law that would
legally cover the ground intended by
Tlio mayor informed tho council
that the telephone matter had been
settled by tho Coal Co. purchasing thc
II. C. Company's rights ard paying
one hundred cents on the dollar for
the actual expenses ol the latter com.
tuny in I-'ernit-. lln coiiL'i'iltultited
the council on their ui-niilmity nnd
the splendid light they had made
against, iho B.C. Company. This wus
ivi'i'h'rtl witlraj'.plitiisif.
M"Vi'(l by Aldi.TiuiiM Civc, seconded
,by Alderini.'ii Tuttle, that tho clerk
be Instructed torequest W. R. Ross,
M.L.A., to introduce an amendment
to the Municipal, Clau3cs Act at the
present session"of tjifi'legistature, empowering municipalities to own and
operate telepbouo jUies.
' The Purdy_ waiter then came up.
It appears' that tjbe council of last
year had entered Into a written agreement with Mr.-Pn«^y in reference to
the moving ol>.balding within the
fire limits..; Therejwas also a "spir
itual"or'vcrbal agreement. A-new
agreement was presented to the council by 'Aid; TtittleAwliich contained
tlie essential points of the verbal and
written agreementi*,' bat the council
could not come tosi£ final decision In
the case,*and it ,yr&& laid over for
future conslderstloni
Council then adjourned.
for the full car wns ifl'150 iu  gold  ano
8100 in silver.
A carload shipment from the same
property last fall-gave $8-1 in gold a ton,
there being S20 per ton of an increase
between the. two lots, The Kilo's ship
Qieiit establishes a n-cnid that has sel
dotn, if ever, been equalled by any oth
er gold property  in 'British Columbia.
The Kilo is no mere prospect, for it
has been -systematically opened by a
series of tunnels, raise:", shafti, and surface cuts Ti.ore is blocked out upwards of 18,000 tons of ore in .'.ho mine,
sullicii'iit to justify the erection of a
mill. There are 28 claims in the group
which ia considered the best fold proposition iu the country. Ex-Senator
Warner Miller, of Xew York is another
of the principal owners.—Slocan Drill.
Tbe telephone "war is over. The
little "tempest in a teapot" has ended
as those ebulitlohs usually do in the.
peoplc^getting.noth'lijg but the privilege of yelling and paying well for
the privdegc- On "|Ioiiday a wire
was received in Fernie Iroin Toronto
that the B. C. Co.hah sold out to the
Coal Co., and work was immediately
stopped by'the'fornie." outfit. The
terms, so far as' can be ascertained
are that the Coal Co..will reimburse
the B. C. for all-expenditures so far
incurred in the installation of the
Fernie system. -That the work so
far done by Mr. Hodge and his assistants  as fust clas3 is shown by the
Coal Company's rcp'-csjntative ask-     	
ing the men to continue cm tlie work I rimonal sea.
until the installation'was completed.
This ends our 1 little" telephone war.
No matter which compajy won out
the people had nothing to gain.
However some of our most prominent
c'tizens accomplished some remarkable somersault3 during the excite
From The Tiine.i
Tom Roach who has the contract  for
getting out mining timbers for the Frank
mine shipped Ids tenth car-load 011 Wednesday.
Wednesday, Feb. 1st was tlie coldest
day bo far this winter the thermometer
registering as low as 40 below ■•-.•ro at 7
a. m.
On Wed. Jan 25th at tlie residence
of F. C Gainey, near Coleman, ihe I'ev.
II. A. Robinson'oiiieint'd at a double
wed'ling. Those whom he united in
marriage were Mr. F. C. Gamy to Miss
Agues F.'Thoma-s and Mr. I'mii Ofner
to Ni--* Ij'iui'A May O Any, a sister of
F. O. lidiny. The groans are both engaged iu ranching near Coleman, Mr
i Ofner ii.ivkiif but .lately formhi'ii coal
mining tn.follow.ranching. The' many
friends of the ne.vjy ma:r't:.!-people
wish them a happy voyage on llie mat-
Paul l'.iliski, one of tho national officer * nf the United Mine Workers of
America, arrived iii Culi-miiii from
.Mount Carina), Penn ,011 Wednesday.
Mounted Policemen Robert Laird who
has been stationed in the Pass here for
the last two years, has takeu a vacation
First it was   the   Mo'.t   fran- !and k'ft■''-•• Thursday for Cranbrook
chise, then the municipal ownership,
then tbe Hammond franchise, and-
then-the-Coal-Co. The order could
easily have been reversed, and some
of our citizens could at least claim the
one virtue of conslstincy.
- At Vancouver lasfe-j/ck.. by order
of Mr. Justice "SIbrfiS-Joti, the names
of Dajctors Telford, Vancouver, and
Veerertbrugghan, Kamloops, will be
replaced on the roll of licensed prac-
tictioners of Biiiish Columbia, which
had been expunged by "the Medical
Council for alleged unprofessional
conduct. Thi3 decision practically
limits the powers of the council, and
makes tbe.judgements of the council
subject to appeal to the courts.
Bob, whose time has almost expired, is
figuring on quitting the force, much to
the regret of his many friends here, and
going into business in Craubrook. He
has been a most ellicient officer and
while all will wish him success in business they will also regret the loss ol his
services as a policeman.
What might have proved a most disastrous (ire in Colemau last Wednesday
was discovered J uat,iugiroo „tp. JSQ3$ijt
its gaining any -headway. "Owing to
the cold weather a hot lire was being
kept in the Kie-piace'iu ihe oflice of the
Colemau hotel. Thrf brickwork .became
so heated that it set fire to the studding
and smoke was soon pouring out
through the wainscoting. Protiip(
work in te.iringouc some of the waii.s.
cotim; and pouring in a few bucket? of
water paved-.the bote! from beit*-"
burnt up.
Red Top mountain,  near Northp.r!
is attracting the attent'on   of miiim-'
men.   Lewie P.,  a proiniueat
mine operator, has recentlv become in
o me r.uiiur 111 111-- sjcuux.. , .... .
t.      „. u ..  -..a,-.,, ;•„„„ ,„„•,, tereste-l 111 a prouii-iing claim 011 tnat
Sir: We would tnnnk you it you could • .   ,   ,     .
„  _, ,, •     „. „„i„„t,i„ mountain and has started developmeni
find a small   space  m  yoar .valuable '
. r      i-  ,. t-. .-t--*-.~~ ,- worts on it.    1 he ore of that .section i>
paper for a few hues in reference to . .,
\n \u op \u \ip \*p •*'<>»* op \*p'\*p <** y* y* y* y.* si* siisi!. y.i.y.i.y.i.ilnl'tili.ili.
^VtSViZVi^tfcViZVi&xVitVittt^^ v,*Vi*'fii,fi*'fi* tt* tt*
Vt* 'ft*
'SlA^ty* ^l*y* *** *t*y* *** <av y> yp .op or ot a.i* op Otopopyp-ot opopypy*
^-•■4">-«-4'aa»«^  ^ V-^lW ••«'>»• ^t*.«^».-i^tk-a>^t-.aa ^*»a-« _**-*r-m  t***-.*.*^*- «.4-v.('t    **• * -* >••" * ** »- • *< ** »"** ■",» *,>'A',r*'*'^vV'*
ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* fl* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* fi* fi* fl* ft* fl*  fi* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft*
(From tlio Hurnlil.)
An old lady named Agnes Matheson
who was brought to tho hospital a few
months ago from B.-iynes lake, died last
Tuesday and was buried on Wednesday
from Beatty's undertaking rooms
R E. Beattie writes to a friend in
Cranbrook that he don't like the atmosphere at Ottawa and that he wishes he
was back in the banana belt. Well, ha-
would miss thc bananas this week.
Tom Rookes   leaves  next  Saturday
r Spokane to make  aomo  purchase
for tho new   Fernie   Hotel   at   Fern it
to simrii-.L", cards and | leasant conversation. An i'!i;,'.ii't iliina'h was served
the guests by Mrs. Alton
One of 111.1 ph-a-ing I'.-atures of the
evening «•«•. rbe presentation of a lung-
niiici'iit -,h-i r tea iet \. irh tray to Mrs
Alton, nml a larire heavy oak "chair,
ti'iinini'd in leutln'r, to. Mr. AI1011, -thii
gifln being acconpanied by the following note:
I'ear Sir-On the oeca-iou' of your
leai ing ihe companyV -service, to «c-
ifi t ii more icihi i"r.-itivo jios-itum, we
mi'inbi'i-.-i nf  tlu  15   'i"c  I".  d'.'[iaitiiia'nt,
be_r reip-i iiiila\   to 'i-ialer v-m our sin-
for Spokane to make_aomo   purcharos . c(;i(. tuni!1,,. ..i.' .11..I r^uae Hint yo.i
nviv have every harpine'S nnd  fcucccss
iu your  neav   position     Wnile   it  was
which   will bo opened under his management about the middle of the month.
To the Editor of Thk Ledge:
the Miners' picnic, to ibe held on July
1st—Dominion Day. I would also like
to mention that Mr John Mitchell, the
national president, «'»T be in attendance land will address'' the public at
large, which will give all a chance to
hear hija. .:'.....
The d-ay will be celebrated by all
kinds of sports, weather permitting.
1 may say that tho committee in
charge beg leavo to thank all who participated in and subscribed towards
helping to make the last picnic a success. Owing to tho high expenditures
tbe net profits were between four aud
five hundred dollar*, which', waa paid
toward the building site of the Miners
hail. We also beg leave to thank the
ladies committee, who so ably helped
in the larratigemenU, and also on the
grounds on the day of the picnic, in
their .attendance on tho wants of the
people. Our thanks for their good will
and untiring patience is unbounded.
Wo would be glad if nllothersocieties
would tako notice of our intention to
hold a picoic*DCxt 1'iominlon Dny. Addison,
Chairman of Committee.
The present dopri'-'-iiin in tho lumber
trade owing to American competition is
shown by the ruling quotation for
shingles. The II 0. Lumber and
Shingle Manufacturers' Association has
agreed that the loea! prico for shingles
will bo 1 fiO, while for the Northwest
and Manitoba the ,-rico is $2, as emu-
pared with 82 05, the rate formerly in
forco. The present prices barely pay
for production so thnt it is no wonder
tho lumbermen think thoy nre entitled
to n little protection .md that tho "poor
farmer'' In the. Nerdiwest should not
alone be conslden-l —NcaVB Advertiser.
Hi-turn haw lnvi
f'lrlond of nre -hij'i
Hall Mine.-Mii.-lt.-i.
Kilo mine, on I.'!
McNaii^br. si'wit
lUTIIIIIplllllfd till' -'
• 'Ca-ived from tlm
I Inst wa'ok to the
t 'Nelson, by the
■ in Creek N F.
.one of Ihe owners
i'merit, and ho hns
flme iiifiirnii'it Tin' i1'HI the returns re
ceived per ion Wei-'- -'-ft in go
vit values t
full COII'.i-illinelit '
"'•; and this for the
:0 tons,   The total
generally high grade silver,  carry i
considerable irold.
The .bond on the Silver Queen mine,
near Keltic Falls, is to be taken up ami
a company has been organized to develop the property. The .Silver Qui en
wasbonded 'by Ralph K.-C'recn'o" >i»
kane last Nuvemtier and has tn-vr-
woiked bteudily since that .time. A
ledge -10 feet wide was uncovered 0:1
tho surface in which there was an I'i
inch streak of pay ore. This pay stri-a'-
widened as depth was attained, and at
a depth of 85 feet the pay ore was over
25 feet iu width.
There is a petition beinjc circulated
over the province asking for more
stringent regulations as to the killinjr
of j-ame. , A copy of the petition can be
found at the townsiie ollice and those
who favor such a measure should step
in there and tuld their uaines to thu petition.
A carload of apples that had been
condemned by the authorities were
burned on the prairie om-day this week
We wish tbe authorities had the power
to conda'inneome of the rotten job work
that is sent in from the outside. We
would take great pleasure in burning
W. D, Hill received a telegram last
evening from Calgary stating that his
son Stanley, who is attending the West
erii Canada, college in that city, had
met with an accident while playins-
hockey and one eye was so bodly in
jun-d that he wou'.d probably it-
Mr. anu Mrs. Hill left this afternoon for
Calgary and will probably bring their
son home with them.
Last Moiid-iy e\ the ten weeks
old baby boy of Mr. and Mrs Kdgar
Home passed away after a brief illness.
The death was a sad blow to the young
parents, aa the baby was unusually
bright one and the treasure of their
happy household. Funeral services
were held at the home Tuesday afternoon, by Rev. Beacham. and the re-
maius interred iu tlie Cranbrook cemetery.'
The policy cf tbe Herald will remain
dent in everything, neutral in notiiin
j Its* politics,-its relij-ion,: its aim and- its
! hopes will be the advancement of Crau-
brunk and Southeast Kootenay. It will
i i':.i!e;ivor to give value receives! for ev-
: cry dollar paial, ai.d to work fur the best
: interest.-*, as the editor sees it. for rho
;conmiunity in which the paper is pub-
i iiehl'il.'-       ._
!    The Calgary Cattle  Co's  siauirhta-r
■ hni!s:' was desiroyed by lire lust Thurs-
ihiy .-'.lid th.* buiiding ami  all the   cu-
! te: :s were a total  loss.   The  contents
'; were vair.a-dahoiit $l!>J0.   Gt-or-jc Wi-l>-
, ster, "f Calgary, gei.eral  manager was
in t'.wn that day, and before   the  tire
was nut he had contracted  for anniher
biiililiiig ttitii Cit'orge Ilm.ter and woik
- is iii-ing pushed mi the structure now.
j    The   Herald    l'ub.irhing- company
! This is the name of the company that
will publish the Herald-in- the  future.
The change has beeu maiK; timply to
' fudlitate the handling of the Ilt-r.ilds
busiiifss, which hns materially inirea.-'ed
.the t':i-1 year.   The new coiiiimuy   Ins ;
been incoriiorateil  with sn .iut!iori/.''d
■•ai i:«l of -il"!,''11'. Sla'i.OV.l i.f whii.-h  hns
. in-i:-i i."%i;i'il ami paid up.   The iiicorp-
;or..:tu-.- aie 1". I*, sritiips.^n, K. P. Simp-
■ -on..I   II. King. M   1'. P-. <-'• '!'- l!o-*er>
-W. l». Hill, K. K.  Beattie. and  M.   I'.i
Itiliings. F. !•". -*imp""!i will remain r.s!
I h.'.'pre. i-.liti.r i.f the IIi-".-a!d and inami |
i ger ol t:ie li'l'iui'ss. So furlhei' -stock i
i wLlbe t-s'.iei! until snuie time in   the
with i-reat nyrut that we heard of your
departure from our mills'., ye.t it give*
us great pleasure that your next position will be one, of iaereufi'd iinfilument
and fmj.lom. In proof of our esteem
you and Mrs. Aitnn ivill kindly accept
a small token i,f i.ur e.-teem and cordial
well wi>hes for your succc.-sS in what
ever sphere your lot may cast On' behalf of ihia einpla'iyes" of the H.&B Dep'r.
The kindness uf with whom he
had been associated tin: pa^t year was
too'much fi'.r Mr. Alton, and f-;i- a few
i moments he i\n-> overcome, out finally
he siu'ccedid in pailially convey ill'' the
feeling cf'-r,iti'iii'!i: .'iuu friendship that
he envertiiiiii'd fur the men and the.
thanks 1 f iiiiiis.'lf.'imi wifm i\.r their generous gifts. Mr. .Alton has already
started on lis new wo.k, and for the
prose:.t his '.nnily wiii ro-.iiic in C'raii-
'''  For: i'tai-le 1'in.pii-tor).
The unconscious influence of environment hns its ii in ihe rr.iuii.g
According', to  mining  statistics compiled by   the   provincial   government,
Southeast Kootenay was very 1n1n.l1 in
evidence as a .silver-h-ad producing di=-"
Interest in Southeast Kootenay mines
is promoted hy the result of legitimate
and conservative cnterpii-e, backed up
by a ktiowledj-e, of the geology of the
The. pnsRibilitiais of tho mining indus-.
try 0? "EoSrito'oJl'n.-iy are  Ix-ttor uppio-
ciated every .year,''as the actual returns
secured from pri'ir  operations   demonstrate the prolitableue.-s of tiie venture
Promise sf greater activity than .ever
before iu the camps aroui'al Fort Steele
the coming s 'iiMiu is ns^iiri-'l In every
direction from town there are inrlira-
tinn* to .-how thai the coming bPasLii
will see more work done 0:1 old audnew
properties than for years, and n'.Oi
spleiidi'l results
The merits o' th." Dull River iroi-
minis will s.ioii be knnwi.'.il hasa'trr.e-
ted the attention of Canada's l.-irgi";r.
operatiiis- co-op u>y
The soas'.n of i!j)l is ended, aief
Southeast Kiioti'tiay ha- dji;" itn ili:u'«.i
o( d>.vi l')pi:u-:it :*.ii.i |.r:,dui--.iaiii: but in.c
as mink a- 1:0'. I I h.-.w lit-:-:i done owing to a larce .-(..uta^e of -a .iter for io.i-
'There are a great many gocd showings, of gol I Wiring laaL-.s- mi Wi'd
llnr-e Creek, paitially openul u;-.
awaiting capital to devi lop the.n.
Itidicatious pa-iiuc to tiie renewal .,f
activa! operation.* it Bull River 0:1 or
about March  1-t.
Then*'is a general ihiiiiiid for i:n!i
River Mtiiiu-- .'< i'l.wer sti'ck aiiiong local miidiig mc:i;-.'. S eele.
The working f.nce 111 the S'.iUh.'ii
mine is luing „radu«diy ii.cieass'tl
Sati-fac'o.-.v   tonditiuiH    prevail     -.a"
I believe in cleanliness of body, mim
and soul.
I believe in kindue.-s to man, woman
child and animals.
I believe in truth, because it makes
nn." free.
I believe in the charity that begins at
home, but does not 01.d there.
I believe iu mercy as 1 hope for
I believe in moral courage, because 1
nm more than a brule.
I bnlicvo In iigiila.".u«nt'fl-i becati?e it
is the shortest nnd be.-t line between
tw eternities;.
I bclit-ve, in patience- because it is the
swiftest way to obtain results.
I believe iu that kind of industry tiiat
takes an ocva-'innn! vacation.
I believe in that sort of economy that
spends money for a good purpose.
I believe in honesty, not for policy'-*
sake, bnt for principal's sake.
I belicvo in honesty, bevnuso it puts n
ro:>f over every man's head.
I believe In obedience, because it i-
the t.nly way to learn Imw to comiiiaii'l.
I believe in self-control bec.iUM' 1
want to influence othorB.
I believe in suffering because it chastens and piiriliiw.
I belie-ve iu justice because 1 bellow
In (.ind.
Kin.Iieily, aiul good  reports   from   tl.e
' ['unite when ilu- growth of lbs town .i>- I Xorth Star und Sutii va'-.i  i-ra.ji.-i ue- .-,:i>
liniiiis a huge li-.cieasi- in   tlie  ctpiip-
: ineilt of the piaiit.
! Cn February I ;th the Cranbrook lire
; brii-aih.' »iil give a 'laiKeat Wentivnili.
■ lor the purpose of raising a littlo nuai't-
': in vary to no'it lb..* extr.v e.\ r.(
' pl.teiug'a house ami rev! on the hill u ith
; an eqiiipmeut of Iw-o t-> pro'ect tl.e
I homes in th it st-< ti-»n of tin- t.»v:i   'lids
is a most laud.abie i'I>j-jct ;;nl every ; er-
ot i-'iiiinioii io, i-itrrence.
The entii-r i-.o -teiiay .list rid is Mif:-.-,--
iiis- now from ilia' tieav. i-ooi-g.-s .if ;i.a>
West Kootenay -"melt i.i
Tlie pl'ai'luc;i"ii ••'. I';.' yetlnw no ',-,!
is on-the ii-.irs"..'.' iu lis* i'i rt :-Ui-.-41
mining'!i-tr;i'. ''!■.>■••• i* ro ici-ni to
suppose tin* la • -*.-.i 1_. ii ere;;s-: \. A
not l-Otltilille il
i-i-liivb!"   Wil i
son livi.i--on the lit:'i -lem'.l purchnie a   -.v j * ■ i„. i„:u-t
ticket   whi'thvr   (Ih-.V can   a'.teinl   the ; uiver m ill m- tl.e
lloi-^a    Cl"'."
.' n.-l-l'.lli./II,
t 1' "in lo a
>i .ia-, ns the tit
".."!-;   pruj ert-i-a
1! tl.e Bill
li; lln- i.:u-
Miillicr--"IIm\ date you tell n
vviishe.l your  face-'    Why i
Jirtv   ns ever."      Tominv
•-    \\\l
il hll«  wa.-hcl il, but
Ymi know
lir;it  lime.'
maybe   il   didn't    !
v.u . illation   didii'l
hilada-lphin Vra.
; danceov net.    ll i- I >r their lieiielir
tlu- tire boys are  cuing to   nil   of   this
I ttoul-U' aiu! tlu'v .-iioiild A.ow their   ::p-
'; preciatimi 1 y reciprocating iii 'I'"   >vn\
:„( buying a ticket.   The-.' ri--!.i-!s can
; he pm-.-hasi'.l at 1 l'lio.-: at-y of tl.e bnsi.
!«.-» houses   or   nt   thn   Herald   ollici-
; Sniv is the time for th" p»"ple who  aie
to receive the l-em-lit of the hill  hou:'e
to net in liu" ami i-liuw what they will
no their share
li.ui Alton, wh> hn< ''s'.*n a». the heal
• of tl.e 'ai'iaige ;tf.e '•■'i'llirg ile;ianiiii'iit
!• i the Crows Nest branch  for  the  past
: aeir hae re.-igmd to acct'i't  a   pnsilinii
i with the Canmllaii   1'ipe   Comp.iuv   n!
! Vancouver, nml will bo tlm nolo repie-
■'setitntivi1 of tha'  cmnpiiny iu   westeri.
: r.ui-iihl,     Mr   Aiten h-'t-been   wilh   tl >'
(•_ I'   i;  fur many vein-am! i« wollai.i!
faaofii'i'v kimii 'I -'dl  "V'i*  the   iv--ieili
iiii.'Sd! that   I'oinp.'iny.      .-i'lce  eoiui--:;
[ol'r,.   Iiiool* he hll'ui.iile lii.'lii.a'frie: ili>
who is..t wish hi:n a'very hii-.-iv.-- in
tii-lil of ivork.   "11 Miuidiiy 111-ht h 1
viu-.l a number "I employ.'i-:i of hi-a
' p.irtineiit to hi* b-'ine to sp>'ii'! ihe
' lung, mil Hi-veral lioin-"   were .!■•.
puCcig-i «.
Ti'la  Vl'lll '
St ir mi; e ■ 1
ln'l i-ractii:.- !
ever since.
,-. or .0 : -
;.i i.ra ll    Io
i-eeu ir. ac
1. lie ,\.-
-l::|-, m.ii
ive ope.-.U
I.V.J I'.\'(T:I)N CON'l IX CI'U)
The interim ii juie t-.on granted the
Ihiti-li Ca liiinbi.'i 'It leph.or.e i.'o. 0:1
•lanu-iry t'i .va i tod i>- to'itititied mi iir*
nppoi-.uiaiii'! Mr. I.'i; Mi'l'l.illip.-, ;<.
(• , io .-in-'. 1.11- I'ottit • ''i-.auibi'i'H before
His l.u'.-iUiip, Mr .lob'.ice MinrUoii.
The order i.i-j.'ii-:: the corporuUoi. i.f
l-'ernie from totcifeiitig Willi the. I". ,;■
i-h ColuiiihtaTeli'i'hoi.e Co., in its v •■.-!;
of installing a tili'plu.iie HV.-teui io the
1 ity of Feriu.'
i :'ie  »ii,-,l  uf the   ilUiii'io
'  ■'•■', il'.l..'     COil'a| iiliy      Kl.. i
Ti,e .!;»!,
11'".- i"-ll !!;••
i'iiiii'1 Im-. fi-
ii-i (or! i- lo I'..' 11
hi., j t'ii.-ii.-".' p- •-- -:
in : th-- 'iti-.'' f '-
air-! ,n th.' pari!'"
vi'-'t.i (.roe,'.-!. "I
,-. -1   ..    -i   u
rg it
f.-r   I
1       (a»»'C"'
.««tat_ti 'A>~~.'f'-^~
■ <i-^f_^\.'"
-<        --r-i'fV.'*i-s_^
--"1 .^7*"** *'->;:.' *■
, jt-j. »-ite.y*jia-8y'*'»:
I$$_&*?<' '•-
I $2.
5*4- - ^ *.
Buls-'Ml-'.aVa-i*    ->     t
The Ledge.
I*t T. JiOiyEtty. E'litor anil Financier.
Tiik IiKnoi: is imblialieil overy Wccliio-idiiy
in J'crnio, 11 (1. ICho price is -2 h your. Allver.
itiBiin- riitamRfvon upon fij>i>lifin.tii>n.
Of two monopolies alwajs choose
the lesser.
Trre Toronto Globe  has  not yet
Reused publication.
East  Kootenay promises to be a
ana.', iiive of industry next summer.
In   Kaslo  recently   the   Liberals
have been raising Kane.
A ciTy without sewers should have
close/*to thc town
a large cemetery
i- - ■ _.
U, all working men were wise
they could easily own all there is on
It is*about time for Rernie to blow
back in the telephone business and
give us a chance to look at our water
(iH-* '  ' _J	
Fernje is lull of energy, but a
greaT'deal of it is like the unhar
ross-id torrent that rashes down the
mountain side.
TnE greed of capi'.al on one side.
- and the greed of labor on the other
j'ften make  a  prosperous city look
like ten cents in New York.
"We have been in Fernie over three
months, and not a single parson has
'asked us it wc hnd a soul, and only
t*.-..      , i   .. «*—
pne saloon, man has askoal us to haye
a drink.   Greatest citv on earth.
' Emotional religion is the cause of
■uiich insanity, and should not be
encouraged.   Real religion-docs not
peed the spur of excitement to drive
it iutoi action.   The really good.sel-
om get excited:', _'"-.. ' '".'      '-"
• •-*■>   >>    * ■■■ ■ ■'.,,,, ■■■■ i*^—. -   -    » " .^-
Many men, especially'in the West,
.wlio always fail in tjieir.own busi;
ness, think they are capable of goid
1iig the affairs of the niuion, nnd seek
Jior public oflice every time they can
pall the wires in their own direction.
,Ti~:rk are more dollar worshipers i'n-Xnierica than anything else
."They will sacrifice almost anything
to gat tho dollars and pile them
awa\, a j that their descendants may
'iroir red ou w'ne and boss the com-
in unity. 	
The Ledge stands for inui icipal
and'government ownership. It be
lieves that the people should owii^rll
rdlioads,, telephone and
telegraph Hnrs, mines, banks and in-
a)nr:ii-ee. It b-licves that every
,biK'l\ should work h.r a living while
limy '.ire pble. and thai all aged and
helpless poop]-: .should be kept in
j.lenty and comfort by the nation.
hand over your watch and money,
and then I'll say good by."
He had taken out a revolver, and
■t seemed advisable to follow his dirt ctions. I gave him my- watch and
loose change, but he did not seem
satisfied, and mado me get off my
horse, and after he bad prodded mo
he discovered the fat wallet of bijls
Jn my shirt. Then he looked at me
critically and 6iuilcd.
'•You're dressed pretty well,
stranger," he said, "and you're
about mv size. I ain't dressed\very
well. Take off those clothes, and do
it (luiek. I want to catch a train and
get out of this country, but I like tjje
w-«y your clothes look, aw} I want to
wear them myself."
"You aren't going to leave me
here without clothes?" I asked,
He laughed then, ana said: "Oh,
no, I'll give you my opt{jt, and won't
charge you a cent lor it. Come, now,
I'm'in a hurry!"
I took off my clothes, and then, ac-
cor "ing to his command, turned my
back' "while be cautiously took off
his and put mine on. Then he
jumped on his horse, looked at my
watch, and taiit: '.'Good by, stranger.
Don't try to fullow me. It ain't
Tliere was nothing for me to do
but put on Irs old clothes, and take
another direction on my pony. I
was lceling pretty miserable about
the Ids* of my money—a little over
seven thousand dollars—and my
watch, and 1 didu't feel any better
by the t*m,e \ reached thc railroad
and Jumped off my horse at the station. -I told tny story and they tele
graphed a description of the niQ.n tip
anddowh.the line while I sat in the
waiting ,room. I had made up my
inind that -I should never see my
money again, bur, suddenly, tinder
my arm, resting at my side, I telt
something that seemed stiffer than
the cloth in my coat. I put my hand
in and there was the wallet. He had
put it in his own clothes when he took
Iti*.way from me, and in hia hurry
hid forgotten to change it back again
when he put on my suit.
A Shrew    Crazy Man.
The late Ur Leroy M. Taylor, the
Orientalist of Washington, devoted
several years to tha study of insanity
Ho used to say that the invincible
obstinacy of insanity was what interested him most in connection with
the subject. He once know an insane chemist who insisted that he
wasdend. Dr. Taylor argued long
and ably and finally said: "Now,
you as a chemist know that if jou.
are dead you cannot bleed. Will you
let me cut you slightly by way cf ex
pcriment?" The monomaniac agreed
and of course when an incision was
made in hi i arm blood flowed Instantly. "There,", said Dr. Taylor,
"that proves that you are not dead."
"Oh, no," was the confident reply, "it
merely shows that dead men can
bleed.'"        _______ '■■''.
The Rothschilds" Treasures.
The houses of the Rothschilds, it is
said, are full of secret sares and
closets, B-irpn Alphonae has a big
collection of art objects, and many
ot the specimens are kept in safes In
the walls, which aro opened occa
awav from the line'd7ailroadTith!.dional1l-*r to s,ho'v ^ }**»f™x. *-<--
{jo much money, but ho laughed and _5___-!?^ ^k,elwl.c" ">"*?
replied that he didn't know anyone
In tlio region who would cash his
A retired banker who now lives in
,3an Francisco, is fond of telling the
t-tury of thc way in which ho was
he'd up by a desperado in Arizona.
Xif'lhat time the banker owned a
small copper mine in Arizona, and
"h-id gpne down there to show it to an
'Eastern man who wished to buy.  He
".liked'tho mine And took it, and to
the astonishment ofthe formerowner,
'he pi* id for it in United States bills ol
" 1 asHed biin how he dared to travel
cheque, and that no one knew he
•pot", tho money, anyho^. "Then I
parted' company'tvltli'mim.   He rode
of the'family are not In the house.
$y this time, the germs of a sus-
,    ,      _       ,       ,.,   , , picVon'mast' luivo''pcxietrAtcil  the
.back to Phoenix, while I started with i brains of the memlcrs of tho house
a freejfc pony toward the main line of o{ comtnong tbttl thcro wa3 ft „0IJcml
'the'railway, twenty milts away.
I didn't feel very nervous, for I was
riding across the desert, which was
sntlrely flat,' except for the scattered
'iplno mesas that stood like loaves of
bread upon its surface. It was not
iintU, I saw another horseman coming,
'lioward mo that I scented troublt\
You see this happened not very long
ago, and the old habit of carrying
weapons had already begun to (all
p/T, so I was completely unarmed.
'•"'/Hello, stranger!" said the new-
co*n6r, Who (poked extremely hard-
"up. "J'vo lost' fiiy 'way. Which
way arn yon going V"
I made thc best of it and chatted
pleasantly with him. Finally,' wher
Jio had looked hio'nil oyer 'ho said :
UStrniiirrr, I've got"n gun, and yoti
.frockon, so I'll ask you ti J
Insane asylum delivery in Yale-
Cartboo previous to the election of
Duncan Koss.	
Premier Koss of Ontario wished the
"past to be sealed with seven seals."
Tno people of that province Bealed it
coiicltialvoly by tho election of 7U
Tories out of a houso ol ffe,
. ■ *
If there is to bo a DominIo*i minister ol mines, .why not IJill Gallihur?
'Uo has brains, something that the
other B. C. members cannot be ac-
■euscd of. He is honest—their most
enthusiastic supbrterd would not c-trc
.to go on the 6tutid and s-.vcar that
wine of the otiicr roprescntativetiol
province arp over ficrapulr^.t.
Ue represents ono of tho largest .tnl-i
nig districts in 'Onhucln, and ho ,<a
.rom Uruce, whiofi should bo HafJ-
cient qualifications for any position
'which a Grit government has to
bestow.  ^ '. .' ■ ■■
Sam Green of Kaslo hns been, is
and probably always will be a Tory.
His brother is also a Tory—the Hon.
K. P. Green, commissioner of lands
and works. For fourteen years Sam
has been postmaster in the town of
Kaslo. He has performed the duties
ol the office ediciently but his brother
is a member of tho "itcBride govern
ment, therefore Sam is declared unduly partisan and dismissed. S. P.
Kane, a defeated Grit candidate in
tbe Kaslo riding has been appointed
to the position. The action oi. Mr.
Galliher is probably all right lrom a
Liberal standpoint, but should Bob
Green retaliate and fire every.Grit
in his department, what a bowl
there would go up lrom the Liberals.
There are a large number of Liberals
iu tho employ ol the provincial government. Their dismissal would
cause hardship to many families. If
Hon. R. F. Green were a Liberal,
acd lived up to Liberal principles,
he would retaliate, but being a Tory,
lie will riot. Such action wquld be
opposed to the traditions ofthe paity.
YV. A. Galliher and Sir Mulock, in
the dismissal of Green, have
simply followed the old Grit rule —
"to the victors belong the spoils,"
while the provincial government
will follow the Tory principal for an
"efficient civil service."
The officer of the law who can
discriminate between protection and
persecution has learned the most C3
scntial ot his duties to the public.
The c|ty council should take somp
action looking to the safety of persons
attending public meetings. The
opera house, shnu'd ya panic occur,
wonld, b.e , a death-trap. >The exits
arc altOgi^her inadequate sjioulri
a stampede occur—'and people will
stampede when they get excited
The  question  of "producer" ana
"non producer" is a dangerous sub
ject for some of the "learned" pro
fessions   to   touch   upon.     Modern
thinkers and writers on social condi
tions do not make any distinction be
tween the gambler and many of the
oilier professions so far as their abili'y
lo produce a nation's necesii*.itie3 is
concerned.   Among ihe non-producing classes it is unwise to criticise
each  oilier.   The public might com
meiiee  to think,   and  thinking by
the common people often results in
disaster  to the  non-producer.   The
man who gains a livelihood by his
wits should not criticize the methods
adopted by   his neighbors iu   their
light for existence.
During the year ending June 30th,
190*, money orders to the value ol
$202,9S-1.27 were issued at the Fernie postolliee, the largest amount
issued in any provincial city, with
the exception of Vancouver. This is
nearly $17,000'a 'month, or $15,000
at least more than it should be. This
amount, il spent in thc district, would
add greatly to tho general prosperity. Besides the amount sent out
in postoflice orders, there must be a
considerable sum sent through the
Dominion Plxpress company.
Substitute for Party Government
The objections to thc party &V8tem
have already b en stated [h these
coIuni3, say's Bystander in Toronto
"\Veekly Sun, and arc just now receiving signal illustration. Thc obvious substitute appears to be an executive council elected by the legislature ns in Switzerland, irrespective
of party, with a legislature elected
freely and not by machines. ' It is
needless to say that' where custom is
so ihveterato, a radical change of
system mast be gradual. To the
emancipation of the clectorsjroin thc
grasp of th-- machines, a. way ap-
pjrenily pnio'.icable is suggested. In
place of the uoininating conventions,
which the wire-pullers controil, let
there bo two ballots; the first for
nomination, the second for election.
For the lirst ballot every body would
be at liberty, under certain condi
tbtis, tu send In his name. Tho list
of names would bo sifted by the ballot. The second ballot would deckle
tlio elcciloii.' There seems to be no
reason why this experiment should
not be tried, the principle appears
to Work well in Franco. *''"■'
'' Few peoplo nro invnre that Ontnrjo's
vast lninenil wcnltli ineludos an immense deposit of gold bearing •grayefs,
Bimil-jj' in character and values to those
that occur in New Zealand, California,
andelsowhurb. In Ne# Zealand thoy
have been worked with rcinarjcj-bh-success for the past fifteen years, yielding
to the'lucky owners profits lar iii excess
of any obtained in other industries,
not infrequently amounting tq four and
five hundred per cent; and thnt from
ground that docs not contain more than
10 cents wortl'fu'g'-kl per cubic yard-
In .California also this industry lias been
making rapid strides and oyer one nun*
-jred'inachlnqs ara at' work in sqme
casea eating into the orchards, which
yield an annual gross income of twenty
thousand dollars, but whose tree roots
it was discovered were being nonrifihed
in soil rich wilh line gold. It .is estimated that these miichiues aro adding
thirty-eix million dollars every twelve
months to the world's hoard.
Gold dredging has in fact reached tho
dignity of an industry and become a
mechanical and commercial proposition
As an 'iivcstmcnl it is ono of the safest
and most profitable in the business
world, having none of the risks of mining and requiring but a comparatively
email capital.'
It has "been known for some time past
toa'few thntpntario possessed similar
deposits'tb those mentioned above.
Somo years ago tlipre wm quite a rush
of proppectors" out to the ground, but
while ull of them found gold it was discovered in too small a quantity to make
the saying of it nrolitab'le, except with
largo machines of modern construction.
For tho past three years, however,
these gravels havo been further tested,
and very satisfactory results obtained.
The district has during tho past fow
months, been visited by a number of
gentlemen both from Toronto and else-
where, all of whom woro surprised at
the vast quantity of giavel containing
the yellow dust.
People must not, howovur, **un away
with the idea that a second klondyko
lias been found to exist io Ontario, and
tha$ nuggets can he dug up indiscriminately." Such is nut the fact. The
gold only occurs in the finest possible
gruius, much of icindeed is inrislblc to
the naked eye, but even those -minute
particles can nnd are being readily
saved by the modern dredge operated
by thoroughly practical men. These
dredges in many instances excavate tho
gravel and extract the gold for three
cents aeubicyaril, Much of thoground
on the Upper Vermillion Eivcr, where
this deposit exists, contains 10,15, and
even 25 cents per cubic yard.
■Extensive modern machine shoes,
business block-!, hn-ge stores and costly
residents follow the opening" up of other
fields and this will moot assuredly also
take'plaee in Northern Ontario where
deposits of aiiriferoua'-jviivuln bv«r forty
miles in exh-ut liavo.been proven to exist. In coifinnation of this it is'
neeessary to cite the reports of Dr. A
P. Colem.-in, who \isited thcsj grounds
on behalf of the Ontario government
The home for fajjfoadmen
and lumbermen.
If you ai*o looking for Fishing, Bathing
Hunting, Boal'jig or Glacier Climbing, go to
Now Denver and stop a few Jays, weckB or
mouths at the Newj-iarketi Hotel with Henry
Stege. Homo cooking, ant} the (iiiPHb beverages}
in thc world, iii.cliuljng water. Write or wire
for rates.
f)CI!IV $tW
\_mmnm Syotel
Hew Denver
Finest   Liquors
In Fernie, is a pleasant
home for all who travel.
Eooj-ps reserved by wire.
It was expected that Japan and
■Russia' would both take silver for
use in China and Kore-», but this cx-
p.*ct.r.ion was nof. fulfilled.
TinE'!..'; ::;
Is of Ihe utmost  importance in
these   duys   of..modern   life   when   i
minute may sometimes mean a million
Always have a  watch that keeps the
correct lime, and if it will not, talk lo
CO. Deniaurez
T. Whelan, Manager
Tasty Meals,
Easy Beds,
Nerve Bracers
Of Every
J.   F,   JARVIS    PROP.
Eoery Purchaser    *■
" of. a dozen cabinet photographs
at S6 will rcgeivc FREE OF CHARGE
one !>'/_ x %}_ portrait taken in any
Photographic work of every description. Interiors and Flash Ljglii Pictures a speciijlly.    Picture F-raming.
Spalding $ Co.
First Class in Every Respect
la the home of all Slocan people traveling to and from Toplar.
Will open next-month with
46 First=Class Rooms
Everything TJp-to-dgte
_ii,Sl'ty.__.ltSltSliSi*Sl*S'1* Op OpOp Op Op Op Op Op Ot «,*> Op Op Op Op Op Op Op
Manufacturers of Lager Beer, Bottled Beer & Porter
Howl.ind Avenue, Fernie
"V tf* ft* <ja> *4> tt* tt* tt* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* tt* ft* f.
Op Op Op Op Op
ft* ft* ft* ft* ft*
Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd.
The Best
Union Made
Ooeralls, Shirts &
M/.PE UY    .;    . .
Lenz Sc Leiser
J. C. Corrtttilers
Wholesale Dealorsand Direct Importers
of Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
District Agents for
I'oramery Charapaprno
and Schlitz Beer
Distributers of
Chamberlain nnd
"'"Pharaoh Cigars
*En*3RNIB     B.O.
Brewers of Extra Fine
Lagei* Beer and Aerated
Waters.  Bottled Goods
a Specialty.
Aj-ent tor Kootenay
P. O. Box «6
Nelson, B.C.
&P  \yhy put your money in
•=   thc savings bank at a low
rate of interest when you can-
buy a
j. A. MacLean
Builder and Contractor
D'-aler in
Rough and Dr-essed Lumber
_   _
A good chance for a future home on reasonable terms.
ECopienay WallBeys Gov Ltd.
About 1600 acres, Mixed FAR5U.VG and GRAZING
Lands on the KOOTENAY HiVER at SAND
CREEK,  io miles from ELKO.
Will be subdivided lo suit purchaser in blocks from
8o acres upwards.
Price from $3.00 to S7.00 per acre.    Terms—i-sth
cash ;   balance in  yearly instalments al 6 per
cent, interest.
Affonls In Fernio:
Mott, Son & Co.
T. G. Proetor Manager Nelson
Advert!'!'! in Tim Luixm.
in the great city of Winnipeg
by paying
down and thc balance in 6, 12
and 18 months. Lots from
$75 to .$100 each according to
location.       '	
W'c, have 500 such lots in
the Chicago of Canada for
sale on the above terms. Call
and f-jce us for particulars.
L.T.W. Block, Fernie, B.C.
ott, Son & Co,
Apenl- in Fcrnl-: for T, 0, f"ror!-?r, Htilnon.
Is in a delightful local-ion and from its ba'lcouics
can be seen nil tho benuty of tlio grand Kcenery
that surrotnula, horns in, and adorns tho busy
city of Nelson. It is the homo of tourists and
biiMiu'ss men from ull parts of tho world. Tho
cuinine never drags in tho miro of mediocrity*
nnd every room is an enemy lo insomnia. I
you need rooms when on tho way in, touch tbo
wire and the deed is done
k*^/w    &/^£l/
B. Tomkins,
anager, Nelson, B.C.
E35C       >»J
m&t mPfW'VIKf    ■\*tmtm u^0^0>m^^
.Chicago, -.? John I,'. Sullivan, Hit-
world's cliampion and kin^ of (-nod follows,—the same old John L., deep of
voice and vast of bulk, came to town
the other day, and wherever John wcnl
Jhere was noise and bustle and the
gathering of crowds. For I here is only
pne John L., and, take him all in all,
wc ne'er shall look upon his like again.
Champions may come and champions
may go, but' John L. Sullivan still
feigns as fi inly enthroned in the hearts
of boxing toy-era as though 20 years had
never been, and the downfall of I'addy
Ryan were but yesterday.
■ The big fellow is clear eyed, fair of
«kin, while of mustache—the very im-
age of a portly aiul prosperous .soiiih-
crn colonel There is quite a gond deal
to him these days—276 pounds—but he
says that Ibis bulk isn't a marker to
what he used to carry. "Weighed 3-0
pounds four years ago"' says John, "so
I'm quite a lightweight now."
The man who had maile a million
with his mighty hands and then spent
il with the gavest pleasure is lo deliver
a lecture at the Waverly rink to-night.
He will tell all  about   things   lie   has
'he money once you've goi it is a different proposiiii.n. i saw fortunes ciune
and go and I mised with the best of
tliiiiji—hut I was,- never sorry for anything I did or fur a dollar that J gave
"I've seen this old world of ours, I
fancy, pretty thoroughly, and I've met
"dl kinds of people." John's face, grim
yet, gentle in a way, relaxed wilh rem-
insccnt smiles. "I was in partnership
once with* a Dutchman—hull, son,
where did I ever see you before?'' And
l)e slopped to pat a googly eyed small
hoy upon the head. The boy is now
gelling a hat with a hole cut in it lo
show die spot where John J.. Sullivan
patted him.
"My lecture," said the big fellow,
lurning the subject from llie unfortunate Dutchman, "oughl to be pretty
(■nod. I'll tell a few things I know
and describe a few incidents of travel.
Maybe I'll tell a few stories too. Hy
the way, I saw a cartoon nol long ago
with my face aud round il the faces of
President Roosevelt, J. I'ierpoint .Morgan—Oh, a lo| pf those boys. I'm going to have a three-sheet made of thai
in his hands. The mirror of t'-e bureau
was smashed and bullets had plowed
the walls and the floor.
"That's all right," said thc wesler-
terncr waving his pistol to emphasize'
his remarks. "No trouble intended
and no offense taken at the way you
break into my room. I was just slop,
ping lhat durned alarm clock. I
bought it down on Sixth Avenue to
wake me up, but when it went off this
morning it kept on going this morning
so long that I got tired and jusl shot it
up a bit.
On the floor lay the shattered remains
of one ofthe cheap- alarms clocks that
may be purchased for a dollar.
"I don't blame him a bit," said one
of the men as the parly backed away;
"I. frequently fuel like doing that very
thing when my alarm clock goes olf in
the morning.
seen and places where he has been  and | cartoon and use it on my lecture tour."
find he will illustrate  the  lecture  with j John smiled -uniaMy as he  thought   of
moving pictures. Incidentally, scon*
■of champions, old and new will dun the
gloves and help Johnalong. The anti-
boxing laws will be lifted fair jusl ibis
■ once, and good old John will gel the
It is said John is a corking good lecturer. Aside from llie personal magnetism of the great old boy, he ought
to make good 011 Ihe platform, for the
fine deep bass voice was made Jiy na-
tnrefor no ignoramus. He had learned
piuch throughout the passing years,
and he knows how to say it. Who, of
John L. Sullian's age has seen more,
done more, or had inure inn?
"Ye-"" says llie deep bass voice today
"I made a million, made il all myself,
find made it on the level. And I spent
it and 1 enjoyed the spending of it. I
don't think any other fellow had a better lime with his coin than John Sullivan."
And thc man who lost one fight and
who never struck a foul blow in all his
battles smiled cheerfully.
"Getting money," said John L. "isn't
so hard." Thai is not llie most difficult thing any man can do.but ke.-piiig
thai great three sheet.
"After Chicago," he said "I'll go
round Ihe country* quite a bit, and I
hope lo make a few dollars. What'll I
do wilh it when 1 make ii? Well I
never know so far ahead.
That's a cinch, John never knew
where the fortunes he had made would
land. What alot of coin John had given away.
"Hupe to see you all Monday" said
the ex-champion as ho started down
the street. "Tell 'em for me that John
I., is still on deck, that he is sober, and
thai he feels good enough to go right
into ihe ring and box as well as ever."
John looks it, too. There is no trace
of dissipation in the clear face and the
tii 111 eyes of the prize ring's greatest
hero. I Jo looks lit to light for a kingdom, if he bad to. Good old John L.
.Sullivan! There may be others in llie
lighting game, but, after all there is
just one John L.
The politician gcta tho plums;
Of courso, it is no theft.
The meek reformer gels the eru.nb8
Of comfoit that are left.
A Criminal's Career
ere long got a wire   that   Keddy   had
broken jail, an event I   had   all  along
Washington Post: Capt. Scth Hul-
lock, who was .Sheriff of Deadwood in
the days uf the big mining stampede to
thc Black Hills, is now superior officer
of thc great f.>rest re-erve in thai
same country. Before migrating lo
South Dakota, in 1H76 he had been
noted as an ofi*n.vr ofthe law in Helena
Mont., and it was the reputation gained there that caused his appointment
as Sheriff in ihe new mining camp.
Capt. Bullock is lull and of wiry p*l.y-
bique, and has about him llie alert air
of a man who has spent much :iuie in
chasing evildoers.
"The first crime in Deadwood." said
he "lhat shocked the whole commuii-
ily was the robbery of the Cheyenne
stage coach, and the murder of its driver, John Slaughter, a popular young
fellow, which was perpetrated within ;,
tniles of ihe camp. Though every effort was made to discover thc criminals
not a clew turned up for several months
after llie deed was committed. Afterwards we learned who all the principals were, but this story has only to do
with one of them—Little Keddv from
Texas—the chief and desp.irado who
was the actual slayer of Slaughter. He
bad been in Texas/hut his real home
was in Ohio.
"By accident I found out lhat Roddy
had a hand in the job, but il was a
long time before I fcajt on the trail.
Then I ascertained that lie had gone
back to his old home in Highland
County, Ohio. Armed with a requisition, I wenl Kast to try to gel him.
for we had never given up the hope o'
punishing the vidians for iheir dastard
ly work. I found him keeping a store
in the same neighborhood in which lie
was born and reared; he had married a
lovely girl and had the respect of the
entire community.
It was uphill work for me trying lo
get the sheriff and other ollieials to believe that this young fellow had been a
highwayman and murderer in the west.
Uiit.nt length I secured his arrest, and
was congratulating myself on the
thought of taking him back, when his
attorney Judge Hough, now living in
Washington, t'ot a hearing in the local courts, there being a law in Ohio
that probable cause must be shown before a defendont could be taken out of
the State to answer a criminal charge.
This was decided in my favor, and
again I was blocked by Judge Hough,
who appealed to the Supreme Court,
Disgusted, I returned In the Wist, and
"Months elapsed, and I had almost
given up hope of capturing my man,
when 1 heard of his return to the Ohio
home, and the curious deeds done hy
him after getting back there. It seems
that he was afraid lo reveal himself to
his formor friends, so what (.Iocs he do
but get about him a gang of thieves
and proceed lo the work of robbing his
old lime neighbors. In a little while
the entire country was terrorized at the
operations of a bold and desperate band
of freebooters who plundered even defenceless women that were suspected
of having any valuables. Finally the
whole country turned out to hunt down
the bandits.
."They were traced lo their hiding
place, and in a little tight Little Keddy
was shot and disabled. Then it was
that 1 was telegraphed for, and, making haste la* the scone, once more 1 got
hindcuffs on the murderer oi Johnny
Slaughter. Hut again I was doomed
to disappointment. Wilh native cunning, and fearing his life would be forfeited if lie-went bade to Dakota, the
villian pleaded guilty to enough bqrg-
laries and robberies in Highland County to secure hiiii'iiu aggregate oi sev-
uiiteen years' imprisonment in the Col
ilinbu* peneteiiliary. All the rest of
his gang o( stagecoach and railway
robbers, including Joe. Collins, Jim
Herry, and S.tni Uass, were killed in
course of time, as ihey richlj  deserved.
Ills way of Slopping   the Clock.
Patrons of an uptown hold, says the
New York Press, were startled
llie morning of a day last week by a
fusillade of pistol shots, the sound of
breaking glass and the crashing of
some heavy object, and followed by several clerks and a nt'inber of men from
the ollice he went to the door or the
room where the noise had occurred,
They could still hear a voice swearing
volubly, and the odor of smoke tillered
through llie cracks of thedoor, the pre-,
prietor ol the hotel put his shoulder 10
the door and added by those who followed, burst into the raiom.
The crowd had expected lo see 11
bloody corpse al llie very least, for the
room was tilled with smoke from a sis
shooter. Hut instead of a desparate
looking man lighting for his life, they
sue a lull man iu ctilured p.ijani.i:'. lying mi hi-back wilh a  big   pislo!   Mill
When Congressman John Sharp
Williams visits New York he never
fails lo look in ala small kindling-wood
shop presided over by an old negro who
was formerly a retainer in the Williams
family. On his latest call he found tbe
old man unhappy.
"What's the mailer, Lafe?" asked
Mr. Williams.
"Ise got cheated out 0" some
money, Marse John, and that's mattab
'iiough," replied the negro. "Had a
lorrible misery in mail loof and went to
a dentist and got hit pulled, and he
chaghed me a dollah, a  whole   dollah.
Why once down in Tenn'see I went
lo ole Doc Tinker, and he pulled two
toofs and broke mah jawbone, and only
chaghed me fifty cents. I'se been
Inspector DicK Exonerated.
Official announcement has been made
that Mr. Archibald Dick, inspector of
mines has been exonerated by the commission, presided over by His Honor
Judge Spinks. The Minister of Mines
stated that the evidence failed to disclose any wrongdoing on the part of
Inspector Dick, and in his report, it is
understood that Judge Spinks very
highly commends the work of this official in the Fernie district. In substance the charge preferred against Mr.
Dick uas that he had accepted a re
tainer of $300 a month from the Crows
Nest Pass Coal Company while acting
as an official of the gouernment.
WE have all experienced that delightful
feeling, when after having dined off
the best and enjdyinga good cigar we feel on
good terms with everybody and satisfiecLthat,
after all, this is an excellent world to live in.
The man who advertises in The Ledge" has
exactly tlint same feeling. His business prospers; he gets fresh customers and keeps them;
and   no stale stock encumbers his  shelves.
Mountr Fernie Lodge, No. 47
i;o; -^k:.^%: o.f.
' Meets every Thursday evening at
p.m. in I.O.O.F. Hall...     ,.
'*■" ''""* "•f.rB£CK,''P.G.,R.S.
'  "1 ■ -■■/ .;■ ,    i- J .'■- -.     	
 1.,,.'      ..     . ■  .      ■.:'.:/■_      ■
United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners
-*-    ■'-*,' of'America, No.-. 220; £??
• i ■        ,     ',;     * >'. "■     .    -v..**-.**'
The .Carpenters ""&; Joiners of Fernie
meet the ist and 3rd. Tuesdays in each
month at the Oddfellows'," Hall.'*'
Stick at the old, weli known
Weeks: "I laughed at my wife when
she first lookup physical culture for a
fad." *
Peeks: "Why.doiTt you now?'
Weeks; "1 dassen't
They had just been introduced.
"Really," she said timidly. "Your
face seems so familiar to me I think wc
niusat have met before."
"Impossible," he sighed; "il we had
ever met before I should either be en-
gage.l lo you, married to you, or dead
of a broken heart ere this."
Tho Censor Postal Curds.
Picture postcards are subjected to a
stern censorship in some continental
countries. In Russia those bearing the
portrait of Tolstoi have been suppressed
Turkey forbids any postcard bearing
the name Allah or- Mohammed or the
portrait of a Mussulman France will
not permit the designer to ridicule the
compulence of the King of Portugal.
&^f_/&m_/*_/T_t^4_/*_f4_i ^%^^nf}
Short   LioM
Victoria and Vancouver
J. Ba'pSjeiTj, l.d.s.,* d.d.s.,
.'DENTIST ;• •'■
L. T. W.   Block,-, opposite, the -Bank
'   ""'Office Kotirs—8 ''.' to 8 p.irf;" ±
VV. II. Boss
J. 8.
T. Alk**andkr
Ross & Alexander j
Office In L. T. W.M'lcok, Vlctorlm A valine.
H. \V. nr.RCIIHKli.
J, R. Cameron
Is the tailor to go to when
you want a summer
"""SlIlT   ftf    C?0"f"hP<"°a Office* ovei r. Hums & Co's block, Viirtorfo are
Herchmer & Herchmer *.
Fl.RNIE, B. C.
The Reliance Cigar Factory,  Ltd.,  Montreal, Que.
First maker ofthe " Flor de Bahama," " Rosebud," and
"General Arthur" since 1876 ; over 27 years in existence.
. Wai.tfk Crone, Western Represen... '....
The door of the
Has.not been locked for many years.
The landlords are always happy,
even when their bank-roll looks thinner than the lean edge of an attenuated wafer. Try one of their morning" bracers. Mail orders receive
prompt attention.
Alien  & Palmer
Daii.v Thains leave Fernie at 10:00
a.m., reaching Vancouver and Victoria
the Next Afternoon-. Return train
reaches Fernie 8:30 p.m.
yi-lCK TIM I*, "v LOW K ATI'S to
Winnipeg, St. Paul, Chicago, Toronlo
and all Kastern points.
For rate
and inform.itii-n call uu--
|, S. Tmumi-M'N, Agent
The First Class Hotel of Fernie
The Resort of Co mm u re in I und Tr.ivtliiii; Ma: 11.
The hotelis eleoantlv furnished with
liandso'nie new furniture throughout,
is heated  by steam and has return
call bells in every room.
Rates*:; $2.00  a  day  and  upwards
He has the nobbiept suitings
to pelect from, and the (it and
workmanship is tha best.
Electrical Supply Depot
Estimates given on .ill kinds of
"Wire Work.
Electric Light  Plants Installed
in auy part of the country.
New Crop  Now  in  Mock
Home Grown and Imported
Wholesiile nnd Retail
Special Prices to Fnrmer-s Institutes
Thousands of  Fruit   nn-l  Ornamental Tree a
Rliotlodciurironi,      I*one4,      Greonhou-o
uinl  llanly Plant*
now proaa-ini: in  my nnrnories for
S-iririi-  plnntina*
[-'uaterxi piice^ or le-,:,. White I.nbor
Vancamver, It.C.
3010 Wa-attiilll»t»'r llnnil.
I.. V. EcKbia...-. K. C. "LAWK
Eckstein &tLawe \
BARniHTi-j-a-AT-LAW,   Solicitors, "-Era.
Cmhlxrt Block, Fernio  B. C.   ',
7 ■*_
Help  of All Kinds Furnished   on
Short   Notice
Ya!  Ya!
Xexta'.oor to Cal(,'*iry Cuttle Co., Wood Street
WotK of All Kinds.    Rates Ueasonulile.
Office : Moil, Son &. Co., L.T.W. Block
Fernie British Coluinbiu
Provincial Land Surveyor
Lands and Mineral Claims Surveyed
and Crown Granted.,
PO. Box 563,        Oflice: Kootena/ St.. Ncli'i-u
*s *•**&.   ,
>.-l\-* f**'-~   '
Order   your   Fall    Suit
Natty Suitings now arriving.
F. F. IJebscher,
Siberian's ticss Tailor
In Tlits-i
—— Nelson, D.c ——
"orks is one of lliv
oldest hs' in ilia" Slocan, ami ha>
nvvor cIom-J ii-. J'.i.'i'*. Tin* niv.tls are
alu-ay-.  tiistv, ar..i  the landlord  nc".s.r '■ Stock of .Slitiftiuj:, Filthi;**, ok'., iihiny.-
Mill and Mining Madiiin-ry.   Com plot i'j
allows   his   ivliiisiuy   to  tlirt   with   lhi'
walcr harrel.
HUGH NIVEM, Proprietor.
on liiiiul     Kstiiiintcit fiunisheil.   Si-rap!
Iron hon'.'lit hy the I'.'irlond.   Hepniiin--|
nnd Jobbing.
D     C.   TRAVIS,   M.NAHCR
Furniture and
I 'iidertiiking
Biirpiina In
Wall Paper
Two ennipli'tf *"N i>f B«r Fixtures, one
lirltisii I'liiti' Min "i MxOil inches, now,
Loiter I'ri'si'es I-l -"'dftinl I'ool'l iihnc
Citsh Hi'i-i.-sters ai'i''ll'Or specinlitii'-*,
Mull   (InliTK   lia-i-'lf   a'romjit   Alli-nlliui.
U. Blliaall. laaslo, B.C.
When vim  -inoko n cl'-nr
h-eo that it is UNION in;ula>.
Illue I'ri/aa. Henry Viuiu, Colu-iibiis and
Iliivanii Whip L'ipirsori! Union Goods
Wliinl-K'-, Mnn
Ha'pra-acuta"! lay (iKl.iliiK HOI'TON.
Oppi->sli.! Court IIoiHi* und now Pout-
ollh'ii. Ilest ' ino.-il lu town. Hiiro-
iieiin and Ainerieaii phin. Onlv white
inlmr employed.    First clnse bar.
TII't.MAS -i Ki'lOKSON,  |<rP,,«,
J Hit forget prejudice for
a nioii'.eu' !
Tlie essentials for a well
tittititJ suit of dollies are pro- '
per Jesigninfa — oireful iruttiiij,'
 expert workmanship—hand
tililorini; and fcood niateri.ds.
These determine the lit and
hanj; oi llie ■•iiriiieiu — thc
stj|t. — iiie slinpc — and llie
permanent rctentiam of" these
qti.dilies durins,' the j-armenl's
Hclmusc you like to Iw
measured «i:h a tape line
docs it tolknv tlut you will obtain the niiiximuni satisfaction on the-e '\-iiiis from the
" litile " fcllsiw who iries to
design—cut--tailor and sew
all hvliiiu-ell?
Semi-ready is the product
of specialists assembled in
units—;t master tailor does the
desij-niiij,' -expert cutters^ cut
tiie cloth and skilled tailors
work on the particular parts
in ihe niiikiiii,' of ttliich they
Thc results of tit—expression—shape and permanent
retention oi these qualities lire
due to the-e elfects belli-" kept
in view in every operation of
the makiiif"'
-I  .75 I (Jold mill Silver «100
-    .751 Hold, -ilvtr, copper I JO
Samples by mail   receive   prompt attention;
I'liccr GjIiI,  Ilctnrts, ami   Hli-li Ores  Ba'iigbt
f^end for Free MaHIng Knvs. and Price List.
171*.*. Arapahoe St.,   Denver. Colo.
P. O   BOX 185
tias bail 17 jea.r> fajia-rieiiee m dental work,aud
miskra a dj«ciilt> of Gold Bridge Work. Vl*lt
made to the Slocan refrutarly
O Sandon. B.C. Meutin'.-s In the Union Hall
evera Krkliav cv<-nliur*t 7:50 Vi-itinic brrthrrn
cordially luvltad to att nd J. E Lovkiti.xn ,
XobiH Urand; A. U. Uiiaiu, Vice Grand; W.J
Oahbutt. Sccrctnry.
llasct.- evury Wcdncsalaj Gveiiing at 8 o'elm-k
In tlie I'- thian Ctsstle Hall, Mand. n Sojsiurnlnit
bt-ithreii will ru-eive a I'ylliian weli-iine. ta.
Isaacson-.C'.C.      Ai.frku J. llAti., K. R.4M.
AK. HEVLAN'D, Enguieor and Provincial
.   Land -iurveyoi.   HAbLO
THE KASLO HOTEL, In Kn.lo.U the I«»d
ins hotel in the city.
rpHK FILIIKRT HO'fKL in Sandon U tliaa
A lieasta-itiurter-.fair nil trsvelieiM to iho Ci'jr
of .Silver.'' ,-l)E>".N KIT & ill' lif IIV. l'ra£"-_
rjiHK VICTOIU.V HOTEL in Nelson U ia haven
JL lor all stnitiKO ToHes aavay trom home.
Ue»t lmwa'e fair !l a aim oil tliU earth.
V.'. K MeCAXDLISH, Proprietor.
llortL.  i.niit.
The o
incntia.   Sample rooms til
. lv lirst-clasit hotel in
rill'MCNT ItllliSK, NKLSON      Eurup.-in
 its. llo-i   -
-    , ,   em, lovr
baut the place eirept tho -oil
frani-l cup to rl. Only white help em, lovt-'t.
SothliiK J'ellow fba-ut the place eirept tha -aiid
lu the .-afu.
BAItTLETT IIOU8B, formerly tlio C'lark
i» the b'-at»! n day hotel In Na-Inoii.
•rblte' t-"l> emplaayedr 0 W. BAKTLKTT.
propri. tor. 	
'PUK IIOTKI. KKKOVSON Ij the hum- uf
1    SI "*
1    Slocnn l*0|'h- avheii they  are  In   FerKUJuU.
MCt'ONXEl. k IIL.ACK, I'roprletuM.
rpilK   IlltlTIAN'NIA
A.   i-st ami tie I
HOTKI, la tho olat-
Imst In llie Lnralo."   Oolil seeker*
alivay.1 iveli-onii'       L'LVIN UliOS.
"Wlioloaalo   MerolmntB.
THE MONTflOMKltv lo   lm„ Whole.ala
Manufacturer*  of clmlie cunfectlouairy.
Nolnm. ll (..'.
t MACDONAI-1" x *-'"■' IVhole-nle M. r-
A. ch.-n.ta tiroeerles anil Jtliilli(- Hupplle*.
Hoi vv.i. N'ct-a-'Ti. M.C.     	
O   '•rain lliiin-r, Eeu*. I'tiuctio. 1'rcalura and
Fruit, Nia'aeii. II <!■       _ __     	
l'Kltt.L'll'N 'c ''"•' N'l*1". I'-'-'-   W'li'l**
F. J. MITCHELL lli^'—
I    A.   Mel»I.V\l
Friltl.   VVa.'ia,   fl!..
1>,    U"|i-.ltia»ln   Dealer   lis,
Wr»>Mj^iB^f«a?a^li<^«;,W;Wttjfais3 "T^'-Kirs'^fja^
M*^  LJi^Uii,  i;iikiNiJ2,  b.<t ,  tli.LiliUAK\  8, '1903
sa«*.   -  .J*   .»   a   .t-
-thfcfct'f'J"*"*        *»*■—* -*)",*V1i**aiAf»1*t*J'-^
"PfW:up.Cap||aj • : ^.^999 '      Rest■*• • §3,500.009
Head Officft ; TORONTO
This Bank transacts every description of Banking Business, incJt-dlng the
issue Of Letters of Credit and Drafts on Foreign Countries, and will negfl$latc or
eolleci bills on any place, where there js a bankor birnt*cr. ..
§*i    *»a» " w    |*M*        **" •     .       4 - ■■ ami, M»n——T—h I        '    _*.
Special - Attention, is,d"jrected to the
following ..Advantages Oljej-g^by.'our
^fjvin'i* BanK.. _   .'  '
and' upwards   received   and   interest
allowed at current rates.
IS addr-a-l tp t|Tp deposit \w-pBJp each
year, at the end, of Mi*.y *-nd Sjoyember.
is subject to no delay *-*b,-i.tever in the
withdrawal pf }jje^t)flle or any portion
'••*.'.       of the deposit.   >
Opposite lhe''Posl.6flice.     '     Right in'-the Centre of thc- City
Sharp & Irvine
•N.'Y.'StQC^-   .
•phicagfp  Grain. §nl Min!-?ff
§wek        '  ~-N
private Wires
Continuous Quotations
Regular ■""-"■gin- 3 percent.
'     '    '      ft.       *** "
' NELSON, B.C.   .
■•>-. .„■>■>
.i-   ^1
•j^pu can smolge your
...«■■--. /A '.
„ .   , .•-.■••. •'■iu": ;•"■."•'/.■'■■?
jjii peace if it Js filled yf'^l]
bought at the
T^**-F^*I'^*V'-'   '
l*s ^ ]G■"fc-M•.r•^.-
.w- *' 'Ai*-r%i< -~
•V ~^A>A
v-i ""St
jL. Atkinson, Prop.
}pHE LADIES of Fernie
*     will find an  Excellent
-§tock of <fi cS-
lafattt's ©ear,
5, Dre$<$,
Beastffiii graua
^t my store in the Todd Block
E*riplQ*f era and Unions.
President Parry of the Citijens? Industrial Association may always be de-
pcu Jed.upon-to go a little too far in his
attacks upon union labor, says the Utah
State Journal. - In his address at the
opening cf the second annual convention of the organization at New York
recently, h,g said. ■ "If trades Unions
sjpuld becqi**C! dgi**}nant in this co-jn-
•**y J liaye npt th*: Ipast dRyht lhii*. pur
industries would Languish and que
streets wsuld be filled with idle men.
No other results could possibly' follow
a system that would base the reward of
Labor, not on merit, but on the power
of organization to dictate terms, a "system that would restrict output, discourage enterprise and permit the indolent
and least efficient to yet thVpace for industry." Does he' consider it. wrong
for., the curtail'"production?
Does he wrong for'them to
discourage individual manufacturers
by compelling-tj-'f-ni ^sell. but."to' the
cpinbipat|gn-*.at,fiiiiiaH5 pf-r-SS ST ,-*•?
driven into bankruptcy by unfair competition.?. Does |*P.han6§?!y believe thaj.
if there was no such thing as labor union the country would be better off?
The trouble with Perry is that he can
only see one side ofthe question.' There
are bad trades unions and good trades
unions. . The labor trust is no more to
be welcomed than the trust in any other
necessary **$ic"f. E[u,t if it is right ■ for
the manufacturers to combine-, U '<" certainly right for the workers to combine'
Tlie labor unions have done a great
deal of harm, but they have also done
a gread deal of good to . the working
man. They have brought about better
working conditions, higher wages, better times for the toilers generally. The
country i. iflFlJfljflf| more all the time
{$ the idea that the closed" shop should
not pljist. That is, that union and non
union men be permjtlpd lp work
together, that "*Q, map, $\\$_}_\ -jijJ discriminated against because |*g haRP.fps
to be or happens not to baj •*. yn'o)n'f**an.
The right of every worker to sell h,\$
labor in the market where lie commands the highest price is generally
upheld, but where it is not upheld the
tyranny of the trust. The day .must
>oon come when the evils in both trusts
and union will be abated
■ liu." mi hi   1   an»>, n..^.ii,.|,i,m^„ ..,|..p»in , iw  .1  Milan.',   n
nm.   jpip 1  a' ■  ''. ai.'^"i
Got the Habit
Go to  Hamilton's fp? your
Out wardrobes ^fld Fit-Reform clothing have.feeen shipped, and to maljjg room for
our new * goods;, wg..will give
20/£ off all. sujjs, overcoats
and winter goods until* , '
February 1 st.
W. C. Hamilton Co.
Fernie Hotel Block
§BN-jpgNeg SBjBMONg.'  '
Oppositio-l cures apathy. ; '
Faith creats the future. '■■•
Fatalism takes all force ouf pf |jfe. •
Rusty pipes do not enrich tke water
of life"..   .. ';" '    '  -    :
A man trjay be loud ang yet HR1 ?!*¥
nmcj}. •--■"     -
Happiness' is never gained yptil it is
Many would rather be in sin than out
of style.        *
Praying lips -cannot square up for
profatie' living. "
Manufacturing sorrow is one of the
worst fif Sins'.".. ,
A crusty tongue se'djom has a~chance
to get rusty." . ",'
You'cannot do God's work arid walk
your own way.   ' •-.-._.!-,'..-.
Character is the only cash that is
cunent-in'heaven. .   .
.Nature mey make some fools, but all
the fops "make themselves.
...Throwing millstones at men   is not
the sa,me tl*|ng a?* giving them flour.
The man who has no mind of ,his
own often has most of il to give away,
It Is a good deal easier to condemn a
new idea than it is to comprehend it..
The greatest coward is the one who
is afraid of being charged with* fear.
Thejchurcti service that, does not
stretch out on to the street-only serves
the devil.- c
Many a mari.thinks he is getting a
corner lot in glory when heputs a dime
i'j) the i-iipllaM-ti'iiip'. tllRt he couldn't pass
on the street car.       ;"''."   ..,r
"A new and complete line of-
l^i^h^ep Cioods   .
Hot Water Dottles, all sizes
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"--.•■ ^^'AWonjjnal Supporters
Anything arid' Jiverytliiiig in  Rubber
"<V-/a"\l       ' -'VJ*.../.,5' aa-     •■.-■■
Cl,Otvd.s at    .,-, ;      ..,.;■-
Auout iot~iimii&iW* jo'tuitftfn PiiBd
"   lUrZa iWut-tnin Puma
.     Jfityi-r-Jiiloha (Stock Foo J •
, ,1 ii.iiWafca.i    ^inwyiw    . ".
4AA-~*.'**~'*"~t* * *."  - —-
But w.Hk-1'n'p, pe CLUB CIGAR
STORE and c?ai)ijnc their stock
of irjiported iiri,a3 domestic cigars,
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Tliu' tfn£!fr ^asgbrt'tiienjt  of njee,jr
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~   '" ' the city,
All tlie magnjiin.cfl'iH^ d-uty'pMigri
'*'" '     , nfwyz tn Block.,
.'Ja/a? door* ttom tli* Wnlstorf Uotul
The Mutual Life
of Canada
ThQ ©nSy Canadian
Life Company *P*iat
Is   Pu*raly   luteal
IS 34 years old ;
HAS Assets now exceeding $8,000,000;
HAS'* >\irP,!u.s (°n Government Valuation Sla'idardv, of nearly $900,000;
H AS nearly 30,000 poliuy'-i'-'^yr*';   '
HAS nearly $40,000,000 of In^f^ce
in force ; "...*■
HAS paid over $6,500,000 in. cash to
policyholders or to their families and
t\\§ \n Reserve; for1 their security, over
' .'f',aop^,g^ in solid assets.
-j_—:—• - ,.
Mai-ripd mejo should' remember the
uncertujrjtj)' pt lift- and protect their
wives ancl s}*tJdt<j!h ky a policy in the
Mutual 0c..* '*
Younp'-mei) t\\mt\$ t*.p,t dally with
tlrpe ir. ffftj)f*] ft?, Jlle inst-rance. The
siior^r you'cQmi't'eiicp the sooner your
Drofits will come {3 yptj. Jjt ^3 an in-
vestnicn*' that a)wityji'pays,.
Young men ,w|j,oJ tjiavc ••cU'tives depending upon them should^aks*; i' policy
in the Mutual Life* It will help i^othcr
if dentil should /each you its ipy hand
before your y<*uth has fled.*'
For full particulars call on out; ofrvo
nt the King lidtvard, in Fernie.
-Mrs. Knicker—Does your cook know
her place?"     Mrs. - Bocker— "That's
just the trouble; she knows any, num
berof them."—Harper's Bazr.
A pair of birdf*—"Isn't the doctor's
wife beautiful? She has a neck like a
swan." "Quite so. And the doctor
j-as'**, bill likf that of a. pejifan."-Judge
'*Fj|i*Y€; you haij any nit:e new dishes
since ypu. gp.{ \|*at expa-ns-iYO cook?"
"Yes ten or a dozen; She smashes
just as many as Ihe old cmtd'i.d/'-.Cleve-
larid Plain Dealer.
Church—"I hate to see a man bow
ing and scraping, don't you."   Gotham
—"Well no: nol if he's doing it when
cleaning the ica from his sidewalk."—
Yonkers Statesman.
"J" t|*jn,|c Jhat the {*gvernment ought
to t-i^e f^a-jge of tbe corporations."
VVes't  an5we**et*j   ^r.    Dqstan  Stan*
"A*$ M\ '§ W'% *-. m.aitsF 9? spip.'.an
Some nf i-s pqfporj-^jcin? thiqlf we
ought to take charge of the (£OYe.rn-
ment."—Washington Sta**.
Constituent—"Now Mr. WmiBPul> •
wish you'd do ycur best to get my boy
a good government job." Congressman
—"Well what can your son do?" Constituent—"What can he do? Great
Scott, man! if he anything I
wouldn't be bothering you!"—Cleveland Plain Dealer.
"Mr. Griddles," said the girl with
the class pin, "did you enjoy hearing a
college song?" "No indeed!" assured
{lie young man in ihe cosy corner.
"Then If yqu upyfef hc-drd one wc girls
will sing you one." "I did, not say I
never heard one; I said I never e-ikjycd
hearing one."—Chicago Daily New-i.
Advertise In The Ledge.
of liucIoiM roiut 1>»| (lie upputkViji txIor»
(ncapo and tho rich brown BT»vy trloftBl temiiV
Inulytot'.cilHil. That U tbo Una 0! iiStt* oiir
boef producer Ttindor, Juicy, ilotirIiiJ),iiff, It
will make you brainy nnirt)ni'?ny
. Of courM wo noli lh« i.tebMMt cats ot vc«l.
Irimlj, pork, etc., also. Ilut Junj ral* \sro ari<
teJkliii; twof,  I)wfw»roofouraMtcriiijji;.
«< Cleanliness;'is ngict to GodJin§ss,"
Our soap will dp the work,
Roy§! grown, Kootenay Queen, ^onifort, Peerjgss,
Perfect, Sunlight, Tar, Ufe Buoy
and all kinds of the highest grades o.f
Toilet Soaps
_. ■ *
S       PROMPT'    §
§    DELIVERY    §
**j ■••,
the People's Grocer,   P. 0. Block, Fernie
- A represeatativeofthe Winnipe-r free
Press called. i"pp,n Lieulen.intrQovernor
Macintosh at M'.flaggi's on Saturday
•ast.-. Mf;,Macintosh was, as usual,
full of expressions of confidence in the
yast possibilities of the west.
"How. is mining and what are the
prospects in British Columbia?" was
asked of him.
"Well, my only regret is that the
cast does not appear to realize the marvellous^ t*'sset3''cx.sti**flf in the Pacific
provjijee," Ije replied. ""Just as sure as
ypU-apd. \ «ire breathing, so sure will
the ^o^neB of; British Columbia be the
richest in the Dominion of Canada."
■ '"How do you account for the slump
in mining?" asked the Free Press representative.
"There never was any slump in mining," was the csilm reply of Mr. Macintosh, "there was a 'slump' as some call
it,-in'share values mines have been
over-capitalized, not by British.CoInm:
biana.-byt ty fi*feitjn as well as eastern
promoters; but Ri'itis.1' Columbia derived no benefit from this; all the profits
were absorbed by eastern brokers, who,
when .the game was played out, were
quite/prepared to, empty-the .vials ol
their,wrath upon the province, which
il! deserved such ungrateful treatment.
Nevertheless, misrepresentation did nol
decrease the volume or value of ores,
qnd lo;d;iy more gold, copper silver
and lead arc being extracted than al
any period in ifje hjstory p,f {he cp.un.try,
and as economic methods of treating
the ore are perfected, it is'made manifest that the -contribution of mineral
wealth will yet astonish the world."
.- "Has the output, then, so largely increased ?" :<i .-■-,•
. "All,.one .has. to do to.ascertain the
facts is to;consult Ibe official returns for
11903 and igo4,*and make a comparison,
past'"Ka-ibteriay in 1903, in coal.-'cokc,
silver,, lead^s pppp^r and, gold, gave'a
tota| p/$',<35{ti*'3 "ipc* in 19,04 a total
of $4,8i3,&>i>^.VVest Kooienay in 1904
showed a total of $6,2(^6,600, a little
more - than $235,000 less than 1903,
this being caused by shortage of water
for smelters, ■ and stoppage of output
for development. The total production
in the various districts in. 1903 was
about 17,495.554, while in 1904 the
total reached $21,144,000. These figures, of course, do nol incluJe $10,000,-
000 for Yukon in 1004, and it must be
remembered (hat the wonderful iron
and coa] dppp.s-ils in other sections have
not yet been touched. In the old days
we .were told that a m,'u* h,acl but to
"tickle the soil" of Manitoba, sow seed
and open his eyes a few weeks after to
find himself a croesus. Well, people
believed it for a time, but ultimately reversed their methods in favor of hard
facts. The same is being done in British Columbia, with satisfactory results.
They are tpining there now and not expecting to get rich from the grass roots
of a claim,"
"And outs.ide of the Koolenays what
other districts yield such values ?"
"Cassiar, Cariboo, Lillooet, Yale and
the coast, mainland and Vancouver.
In the Similkamcen, so soon as transport facilities arc established, both go|d
and gold-copper will be shipped in abi
undance. The Nickel Plate mine in
that distrjet, owned by the estate of the
lato Marcus Daly, has yielded about
ioj£ pounds weight of gold per day off
the plates; it is extracted from arsenical
iron, and a great plant has been erected
at Hedley, the company's headquarters,
and over 81,600,000 already expended.
When you find expert"" miners coming
over to Canada, and investing to such
an amount, you can rely upon it lhat
they know.whnt they are about. Again,
James Hill, the president of the Great
Northern, has invested largely, not only
in the provincoc coal products, but also
in the Granby gold-copper mines und
and smeller at Gra.nd porks. In fact,
many of tl*e best enterprises are owned
or AinpricJijiis.. Still the
work is but in ils infancy; when mclh-.
ods of transport, with resultant cheap
carriage of ore are furnished, the Big
Bend country, north of Revelstoke, and
the Lardeau district will astonish people."
"Where are the Lardeau mines situated ?"
"North and west of Trout lake, which
is about twelve (ni'es from Soaton on
thc northeast arm of the Arrow' lakes,
Columbia river. Near Ferguson there
tire many promising properties, while
Fish creek is exceptionally rich in gold
and silver and lead ores as well as copper. Once the roads are such as to admit of extensive shipments, a vast area
of splendid quartz lodes will be opened
for business. AVithin an area of-thirty
milos, several stamp mills have been erected, and nre in operation. Camborne
north of Bealont bids, fair ttj bccon*e a
hi"e of mining industry ; between Circle City and ,C«inborne, running cast
and west, and Ferguson, Trout lake
and Beaton, the Eva, Nettie L., Silver
Dollar, Silver Cup, Beatrice group and
a score of other tine claims arc being
successfully exploited. Then, a-rain,
Poplar creek, where so much free gold
was taken from the surface, cannot fail
to make a record, provided Ihe Great
I^oflhern Mines company procures sufficient capital to carry on continuous
operations. Wherever one goes, a decided revival of confidence is noticeable.
Yes,* the Rossland cn,mp has already
yielded nearly $30,000,000 in values and
this will continue. Wo are evidently
on the threshold of a new era, as well
as a new system of mining; I mean
mining, not unloading shares on one.'s
Made from Grapes
Cranberries       10c per lb-,
Malaga Grapes 25c per lb.
Force, Malta Vita, Orange
Afeat, 7 packages for .fi.00
Todd Block
But tho Disfigurement.
Dr. Wallace Wood, ot the University of New York, was talking aboul
the love of beauty.
"Thc love of beauty" he said, "is
not so firmly planted in the people's
minds as it should be. Things only
that are useful are considered valuable;
beautiful things too often are regarded
as unimpootnnt.
"This popular idea of the uscfufs
uuspcakable superiority over thc merely beautiful may be illustrated hy a
happening in a barbershop,
A barber, in cutting a young man's
hair, snipped off a piece of his car..
"Oh you have cut a piece of my ear
"But the barber answered in a patronizing, soothing way, as one speaks
to n child:
"Sho! Don't carry on so boss.
"Tain't 'nufl lo effort you' licarin."
Physiologists have never tried to explain why people who arc loquacious,
ant) even garrulous, as long as they
maintain the sweet security of a seat,
halt and tt niter and perhaps break
down hopelessly when they attempt to
speak on their legs. Every one of us
must some lime or other have suffered
Trom one of llicse sudden lapses of memory. " Lord Roseherry" not. long ago
came to a dead halt in the middle ot a
speech; Lowe's collapse in the House of
Commons is still painfully remembered
und poor Black Rod on his first appearance clean forgot thc message from thc
lords. Not even Campbcil-Banncr-
man's promptings restored his memory
and the speaker was obliged tosay that
he understood lhat a message was being brought to ask thc attendance of
the lower house in the lords*. And
even Jupiter hus nodded. Mr. Gladstone himself once lost his cue nnd
stopped abruptly, when Disraeli bent
over and said. "Thc right honorable
gentleman's laat word was 'so and so'"
i> pound can
25 Ceots
*&. half-pound can
Ai ai! grocers
For fifty ypars Pr, Prise's
Cream Baking Powder has
been the standard. It h
,;..the greatest aid to perfect
household cookery.
With least labor and
trouble it makes all hot-
breads, biscuit and cake
of finest flavor; light, appetizing and wholesome.
Day and Eoening
Bookkeeping,  Shorthand,  Writing, Arithmetic,   Spelling,
Correspondence, English, Etc,
Correspondence Pupils Coached
Low prices and individual instruction make it tho It     M' ■ fltu t'.t no
dutncc of n lifetime. •***«   M*   UI lllifejy
Additional Locals
Situation Wanted—A womnn wishes
situation in hotel or private house.
Hotol preferred, and references fur-
nlehed, if desired. . Atklress P. 0.
Drawer 25. Fernie. 2vv
Stop at the Queen's Hotel when in
Trout Lake City.
Sewing machines to rent at the B. C.
Furniture Company.
Remember the rooms are warm these
cold nights at tht) King Edward.
We buy, sell or exchange new or
second hand furniture. Tiio B. C.
Furniture Company.
If you are troubled with rheumatism
you will find the Poo! pf Siloam at
Halycon. Write for particulars to
Sanitarium, Halycon, B. C.
Masterson, Griffith & Co., Trout
Lake, have all the supplies needed by
lumber camps and mines.
At the Kootenay Saloon in Sandon
you do not need an introduction to get
a drink. Put the price on thc bar and
the mixer wit! do the rest.
The (rouble wild most rubber that they crack or-come apart
at ._lhe seams before yipru gel-your
mdncy's worth of wear out of them.
For our slock we have made a selection, of fhu best and most reliable rubber
goods to be found.
The prices we charge you aro not
more than you will pay sonic places for
inferior articles—more than that you
have our guarantee at the back of every
Hot   Water Bottles—a handy thing to
have in the house just now.
Combination  Hot Water Bottles and
fountain syringes,
Household Syringes, Enemas, Nipples,
Breast pumps, Har Syringes, Medicine
DrOppers, etc., etc.
H*tfa   ttnaB   <*b^«
Dispensing Chemist, Pernie Drug Store
British Lion
Winter Carnival
Single Fare
On.Sale Feb 15, 16, 17, good to return
till  Feb. ao.
Of All Kinds at'
Cantfi'-s Bookstore
L/T.W. Block.
Hockey    Ski Running    Snowshocing"
Complete Programme of
C'>'1''u''a'" Winter Sports
There is no better
than that sold by
A. J. Purely & Co.
Have ono of their InrgcHfc 8tores in Fernio. a
Lumb, Venl, Frcoli '»"■ Sinoki-il Fi.-4i. jj
Bulk Oysters.   Try a gallon |
h, r.ssra-'W'**'
m«w <3j,
tr ,«A-««<,,jii'' •
//f>mf*% -**"*•
-< fr i^Aik'- -a     <•*


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