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The Ledge 1905-04-26

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 V-.LUME XII., Number 29
FERNIE, B.C., WEDNESd^f APRIL 26, jgo5
Price, $2 a-Year,.in Advance
«T* *T* *t» *f» 0*0* Otis'1* 4.r*0*0*. _AA__tS'1* *•""•» *.•"» »»> »'> -i|» ->*> -.*> *•"> *** "-T
%^tr*fci^ffal*"fl*^fi: a3WKW«!«S *7;>-7;v^vj$wvi«;c5i
' WVKvi?y1"V1a^_-rv;-*v_-?vi;-'
Parties In need of storage room should
apply to thts office.
Our local co-tern can have a scoop on
a swift item tbat wu pana up thl-j weok
(-. Mr. Clark was unconscious this morning and may die at any moment.
Llphardt'a sale of watches and jewelry
was a great success.
F. E. Ward, general manager of the
•U N.,fiy. will bo in Fernie this week.
-. ,'   C. H. Lever* hns recovered from a
'   .' *evere attack of pneumonia.
.'■ * Fobs & McDonel have a contract on
tho extension of  (He Great Northern
from the Boundary to tho Coast.
Goo. L. Pedlar attended tho teacher's
convention at Kevelstroko.
E. Ralph is biuy thcuo days "cleaning
Hummer suits.
Bobm—In Fernie on April 28rd tbo wife
of Philip Carosella of a son.
Nest Sunday Coleman will play ball
iu Fernie.
Mr. Williams is beautifying hla home
on Howland avenue.
Iri Fernie last Sunday it was 70 In the
Muddy water is rendering fishing"
inoperative around Fernie. *
The Council met on Thursday even-
D. V. Mott has the finest bed of tulips
in tbe city.
The warm weather is causing" the Elk
River to rise rapidly.
Fernie people, to a great extent foi-
owed the example of Iko Wilton last
A large shipment of fixture! and furniture were added to the Hotel Fernio
. this week.
Gibson Is an "excellent pitcher, and
will make a record for Fernio this summer.
W.J. Blundell has added to his business one of the finest delivery wagons
in the city
The new band of the Salvntbn Army
played for the firat time ou Easter 8unr
Aaj.   It Is a credit to the Army. -
Last night the Foresters elected ofS
• .ccrs.   The initallatlon will take  place
on the SOtb'of May.
These aro tbe days  when  a .water
-wagon in Fernie looks good  to  b  man]
•?..' . „. with Wa mouth lull ot dost;   •       -:_ s '
■"aJ-J-V-*■*->■■■. JVlJ-fW-^-* — *i-a_--*a»a<*«a-rt,'./a>tf   Vya.wal n»»fv'-Ssa'■>, ,.~~ - ^^w^J* - **-""
^ West Foriile is lively theao days w'th
•xople building homes, making gar'dena
-and cha-rfng chickens.
•Ti«LBoaK oflice will be moved this
•week to the «n*ent block of Philip
•Carosella's, just a trtep or two from the
Ferule arid Napanoe hotels.
InaOarbonado the other day a s»nsa-
•tion was caused by the smallest man in
that cam*} thrashing a roalignerof the
lair sex.
Dr A. "Howe, «ye specialist, will be
at the Hotel Fernie until Saturday.
Jmt as well to see him if your optics
need attention.
Owing to.a lack of attendants the ves-
trv meeting lu Christ cljiiTch la*t even
iog was adjourned s-retll next Monday
Ferule enjoys the freedom of the Coal
•Co park and its natural r-eaafies should
not be marred by the biteatring.of trees
and shrubbery.
The charity ball given  on   Monday
eveolngby the Ladies Benevolent 60.
«lety was a social and financial smccess J
Tbo proceeds amountedto about JU5Q.
On Good Friday the slgu read that,
tbe postoflice-would be open for general delivery from 9.30 to 11 p. m.   A
<act much appreciated by the public.
The hotels celebrated Easter Sunday
by elaborate dinners The tables in
the Hotel Fernie were decorated with
cut-flowcrs from Spokane, rhe gift of
Mrs. T. Rooke*.
£. H. Bird, manager of the Bank of
_ .. ..-- u„„« ......a'nra-arl <n Mian-
Couunera-e ainn ««.«.  * -- -T
aimo. T. P. May, formerly of Sandon
and Dawson City will be the new manager in sFernie.
TheC-P.B wator tank was raised
Uut week In order to provide accomodation at this point to the larger locomotives now running on the Crow.
W. J.BluinleT". rcc.-ived a shipment
last week of Jacob's fancy 'lii-cults
lrom Dublin, Ireland. Hois -the s-lo
agent In tbe city forihosc famous goods.
An error reflecting upon tho speed of
the Great Northern was published In a
local ctcro item last week, it should
havo read three weeks instead of five.
Mr. Miller, tlm C. P. It. brakesman
who was badly Injured sorao timo ngo
by being knocked off a coach nt Mor
rissoy Is able to get around again, and
left for Craubrook on Monday.
In the coal mino nt Frank tho men
are working half time, and It will ha a
mouth before the extent or condition of
tha fire is known. The mine will bo
able to fill Its contract with tho 0 1. II
The Interior of the C.l'. R. depot Is
receiving a coat of paint, nnd tho walls
lightened with knli-omi.io. Tho ticket
wickets aro being enlarga-d to better accomodate tho constantly increasing
business of thin great railroad.
The Bank of Hamilton will open in
Fernio next Monday, and the oflleo wiii
likely be In the etoro occupied by
Stork's tin-shop.
For selling cigars nnd ico cream on
Sunday,two Fernie firms wero fined 65
and costs. The police worn pat. onto
this terrible state of affairs by a rlv.-il
merchant who is imbued with more
jealousy than horse sense.
The-four .men, Blair, Richard3011,
and Stacey brothers, who tried to kick
Brazil to pieces at Carbonado pleaded
guilty and were fined 930 nnd costs.
In some places they would havo got n
few months or years in the pen.
It Is reported that the colliery at
Carbonado will be closed down, and the
force at Michel curtailed with a view of
vastly Incre-siag the force at Coal
Creek mines and the production of
coko In Fernio. If the report Is truo
tho company Is probably alining'at tho
concentration of Its production where
moBt profitable.
On Monday a horse attached to a
wagon belonging to the Calgary Cattle
Co." rati away from the C. P. U. dej-ot.
At the postoflice corner the sent fell out
and when turning the corner to the
home stretch tho rig wns overturned
throwing a case of eggs into the wide
world, and making Victoria avenue
look seasonable.
One of the sights in tho city Inst Sunday was a two-wheeled canopied cart
hauled by two of Fernie'a energetic
youngsters, with tho driver shouting
for C. P. It. baggage, and a footman
In attendance. The rig wss made ont
of a packing box aiid two expropriated
barrow, wheels. The boys no doubt
thought they wero running the city
The alleys, backyards, avenu-s and
streets of Fernie require cleaning, especially on Victoria avenue in the
burnt*-over section. It would add
much to the appearance of this - hand-
some avenue if the heaps of burnt tin,
iron and other firo wreckage **.as
cleared away. In ono spot the removal
of dead cats and chickens would render
the immediate ozone much more -palatable to our breathing economy.
N __: Suddaby has his window filled
with burnt leather novelties. Last
week he received from the east a large
t Shipment*--! burnt leather goods such
-•aV*ou-vifi-itr» of Farrnle,-'. kodak plctn'reis
set in leather, hand bags, pipo racks,
a-ralt pockets, flasks, book covers, etc.
Citizens with artistic tastes are in raptures over tho display of beautiful
'leather work that Mr. Suddaby through
'his* enterprise has unfolded to their
Edmonton, April 25.—Frank Oliver whs elected by acclamation to dny.
Saigoe,"April 2G—- Two ships laden with rice nnd bound for Japan
have been captured by the Russian
Hong Kong, April 2C-— Many _ rumors aro current here as to tho positions ofthe naval fleets, bat none are
Paris, April 26.— A St. Petersburg correspondent telegraphs that
Admiral Negabotoff effected a juncture with Admiral Rojestvcnsky on
Aden, Arabia, April 26.—- The situation in Turkish Arabia has been critical. Risa Pasha's troops numbered
<3,000 men, tho Arabs 400, had a
sharp encounter. Most of the troops
aconaistlng of Syrian rc-scrves laid
down tbeir arms or deserted. The
chief of-staff was killed and 7 guns
lost. Reinforcements for Risa Pasha
wero defeated.
CnnisTUKA, Norway, April 26—
■The government has refused to ao-
cedo to th© Crown Ptince regents ro-
ntiRRt for a renewal of tho negotiations for an adjustment of tho grievances botwecn Norway and Sweden.
Norway does net demand a dissolution of the anion.
Talking about tho new coal company
near Cowley, J. F. Stamford hns the
following to say.
I think that the Northwest ConI and
Coke company, to say nothing of its
president, is entitled to' some' praise
from Canadians in attracting so rniich
"English capital Into the country. Our
method of engineering it has not ens', a
cent to Cannda. Tim new company
will purchase from the Canadian gov
ernment before May 1st, 2(5,000 acres of
coal lands for which it is paying S-tfiO,-
000; This land is situated twenty-two
miles hortliwei-t from Cowley, a station
on iiie Canadian rM-.li!-- CiGWn Noot
hraiu-li, forty mllfH west nf the boundary
nf lirlthh Columbia. - The coal is on a
strip of ground a hiiudi-eil and twenty-
live feet in depth comprising nine a-enms
between six Hnd thirteen feet in thick-
ness. It is bituminous in quality, clone-
ly resembling the product of the Crows
Nect company, ' We are nf the opinion
thnt with lim building of a brntich railway from Cowley, wc shall he able to
placo coal on the innrket clieapcr than
the rates which nre now quoted hy the
Crows Nest people. The land itself is
worth 815 nn acrq for ranching purposes, thnt being tho price quoted by
the holders ol Ihe land surrounding
our hlsck. The Crows "Sent company
has a vast coal area, but the surface of
its; ground is mountainous nnd more or
less ditlicult of access.
The first thing lor the new company
to oo, continued President Stamford,..is
to arrange the flotation of the organization. Practically the whole of the
money necessary is up, and has been
put up In London for Romo time past.
Quito a little capital will be necessary
to successfully compete, as the coal
areas of the Crows Nest people are extensive. The railway is the next thing
to be engineered.. In 1903 we succeeded In getting a. charter ■ from the Dominion government to bnild this
branch and connect with the: Crows
Nest branch of th« C. P It The.charter allows a capitalization of £300,000
for a fully equipped Hue. This will be
amply sufficient for our needs, and we
have already got figures from; railway
contractors as to the coaet of gradiii-. of-j
the prairie country. At prcseiajf. there
is no subsidy-granted the Iii-.'-. but ns
tho company is prepared to«..ay over a
quarter-million dollars tti_f.hu govern-
ment for the purchase of these lands,
and is ready to spend several .millions
more in the development of the prop
erty, we think we deserve the custom-,
ary consideration. Moreover . .this
brmicli lino*will, gender the fcoiintry
tnore accessible to"setttew,'-amt"3r.<s_uihi
sidy Iri this direction will he but in conformance with Iho geniiral policy of the
Ottawa government.
- Before many months, concluded Mr.
Stamford, you will see an active start
made not only with the coal lauds hut
with the projected railroad. Neither is
much use without the other.
'to  turn
a c.-i
protection there are 50Of.*»''  WH indl
hoos. ■' ■,- ~AT>&    ir  ,
In the mult room tliOT '■$ * l<iraS"!
mill for grinding the rnaltj •-■|-'-'' -"''j'"
Hiimpfion was (SO -sricK^ I--4 "■°.r,tl1
Leading to the bondeti-rod''!'#"' ,rt "
scaled door of which il}i*}ij«' if." «■-*"■"••
..flicer keeps tl.e kepM/> f ol}™r
weighs llie malt as ii,'A»'^y-'^}' *"'•
collects tlie revenue wJiicii'- j/'- *'entfl
a pound .    »."4    %,
In tlm kettle room thfiW i<§'* l,ir^0
wink where the water,'js, *-l$ned for
uso in the steam boilers' ?' 1 n t,!jlfl room
there is h patent whito-w»3l.itl^"',n-l_c,'|'-1*''
ll.nl o.sr^s.j     ...ill,      avniactltl'ltllSairili'lllitV.
- "I • -• T ■   **""*■■"
TIiIb machine is need oit"i "^'..v(!i,r   l0
white wash the brewery,Lrov^soda   to
hoclc.   It is worked w.lhV^'ni'. a'1'1
long hose  with the -Kprayo
It would l» a grand- m»chir«.4
loose on some things in FerjSt-  In this
room is tin) brewing kt'ltlo,Jfj|n
pacity of 8."i to J0."> hariels*^'-)'
capacity at the present rui'fft ?.° barrels
This big kettle Is opcra>ei_byit|»ft P'-1-8
ing of Meam'tlirou.-"h copiwarVS0''1"*     In
this room Is tlio malt shooter carry
insr the malt to n largo tubjietpw.
Pai-sin-r through a hoWj?nl,r •"n(l
and work room ihe fermenting room i-.
reached. It has nine Gaj-brfrit-1, and
four 50 barrel tanks. -In tlife'room tin-
cooling is done by the amir, inia process, and tho brhias system /:t'V',i. 'l'-ors
aro cement, and the cooling' '•,"•"■ run
overhead, or on the ceiling.^ | liis room
holds 710 b%eri'l■ nf hetir wlildi far ex-
ceeils .the capacity of .'the'} onlinnry
printer. -'.''"v|
In the supply and hop';<-o**t "•■"'' Inrge
packages of.Bnhemian hojis*->*ic!i _>H-k-
ago about the size of a;fai Jdrygni.tU
box.   ?-;; . ' ;'.", ~Aj
In the beer cellar there arcAmr tanks
with a capacity of »'.ba-jrt*ls eai-h.
Ttiey were put in last '.winter' In this-
cellar there is a largo hydrHifliu pump
for thc uao_ot. e nployee«_£j_wjii-n tiicy
have a thirst. The second." Si-llar Im-.
13 tanks capable of !ioIdinjrl'-7«5 barrels
Here is a copter fil[6r>"rl'^i: ceilnr.-a
contain a network of copper pi|iiii|i for
cooling purposes nr tbo.ant^ior.ia sys
tern taigethrr wii'h pleiltyothm'far fire
use. - __ ^ '■':- *
The filling r6oin hasivcapawy of CW
barrels a day.-. 'In thiirodni there is a
new rack-off '■'machine!' that out SW0,
and you could-almoft put it in your
pocket. The keg room has; a, capacity
of 200 barrels. \     ■"_...   \
In,tho boiler room thefpt'irc two
hojlers, one 50, end Ihe olb-'r.'K) 11 1'.,
while the "engino-is 23." .18"'l«'  cns.iue
■ Members iif the Mt, Fernie Lodge
No. 47, liult-pendeiit Order of Oddfellows, hnve arranged for a- union
service in Stork's Hull, Rimduy, April
30th ;it . p. in. in comnifmoralinn of
the SG'.h■ anniversary «.l. llie oulnr.
"The sci'vice is oron tn nil di'iioin-
iriaiions, and wiii. he ■(•mitlncti'd by
Hovs. Dunn, Hnbson, l'aitlcU and
Poole. 'I'lio music is in cluai'ii. of the
Kernie .Male (Jli.-e Club jind liu: whole
ccreiiuiiiv prointst-s io he. successlttl.
Acolleciiim will he t.ikcn up and
turned over to 'the Ladies Benevolent
S-.'cicty. A wi-lcmne is extended to
all visiting oddfellows to meet in the
I.O 0. K. I'wimsatSIiJshiirp.
I. Opening chorus By Glee Club
2..Opening prayer 'By ltnv. Poole
'". Ilynin, Ft-lectcd     ^.ic-v. Poole and
4  Scripture lesson        Kcv. Kolwon.
."i. Prayer '"'..', ltev. Hobson
0. Quartette., 'selected' (J k-c Club
V. Sermon lies'. Dunn
8. Collection and overture
'J. Choi us Glee Club
10 Hymn, selected        Hev. Bartlett
and congregation
II. .Closing' prayer mid benediction
Hev. FkirtleU.
-..-__. '*-,:*  ,-. .   . ■-=••,.   ,.       .i    Fernie is gradually becoming thc
.room there-is iv .ten, ton/*'-l'--ei".!tiii_.', .   " .      .        ,r     .
-  -HhA'_s'    i-"i.--i*-a.i i    .        le.idingcity of thn  interior.   11.   A
.•T>achine^«ndt-n-e]et-r<-a5»Ji'-,,4.a.'|laii._,.    ; .   .   . ' ,     ..>,,.,
* rTKeoffico'iafltted with.-. J rte mwleril   "V'Jw.n. affentfor iho^nk of. llatti..
methods of doing bitslic^    Tho value- ilton arrived in lrom  Winnipeg" Hi/s;
The Crows Nest Trading* Co.
Tenders will be opened next week
fear the ct ustruciicn of ihe new, building on Victoria avenue by the Crows
Nest Tradiug.fJo.,. aiial Mr Barclay
the energetic manager will "sec that
nomoss slicks.to.the.bricks until the
e-dilici- is 'cumi-letcd. The buildinir
will he CO x SO feet with ceilings 111
feet high on the ground floor. In the
upper e-torey there willbo 1-1 rooms
with ceilings il' feet high There
svil! be a cellar andenioath the entire building, and the entire structure will be heated by .-steam.
Pressed brick and stone will be the
material used, and when furnished
the building will be a credit to Fernie, and a Live ol commercial activity.
Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op yp_Op SllSltilLSl-Sli.
«■■> ft*
ypopop op o*^i*si,i^j*^*_ytsi*si_sv^.i*.<ii.y^y.*. y.*.y.i.y.*.y.i,y.i.iii.si*,y.i.y.i.
JSW'rii'Vt&fci&i&ittii'iii'tH-f'i^'tiVii'ttt'fti fittl*rtttofoW>;> t.*^i*
1       Tin Passing of a Voternn
T. II. Whelan received aleleurnm on
Suiiday thai his fathe.r wns dying in
Napanee. Out., and Pat Whelan left on
the evening train in respon-c to tho sad
message from Lome. Mr. Whelan; Sr.
is "O'vears old, and until he rec-ived a
.'a'.l somo few years nyo, wa^ neviu- siik
a dav. He was for '21 years a l!riti-h
soldit-r, serving in  the. Crimea,'  being
,  - .t   .1.     --  :......„   -«f    .1...
i-lla: aji    iiila     .cuastraai    r>,t, .i.„,o    .,,     t,.s.
battle of Ilialai'l.'tvn, an-i drawin-r a
pe-nsion for ririny years. .Tho n-^i'd
sol.Her has one innrriod'daughter, living iu-Napanee, and-four suns Toil,
Pat and Con are resident* . of .Penile
while Ji'ti lives in Wallauo, Idaho.
Jo-nsph wa-i a juili_e for inainy years In-
Wallace, but this 'iionth ho was elected
city clerk and police in-'.istrate. of thnt
city upon llie Independent tirkftt.
(From tlie Hernial) '
A. P. Chcnette, of Marysville, was
injured one evening Inst week while
boarding'a moving train-at the North
.Star mill lie was taken to the hospital, where he is -improving but is
s'.ill in had condition.
A pt-ttiiion has been general I v signed by the ladies of thc town tn have,
the ret! light district; removed trom
its present location to some purti.'ii ol
the towii more remote lrom the uusi-
ni ss centre.
The iimiii s'reet of ..Cr.mbro >k has
been jgrcatly' iinp'ru'ved lately by the
building of-.hit: walks ami crossings.
Tlid ['(.oplc put up lor every d-ill:-r
by personal .subscription and the
■whole, town received the bene tit.
J. R. Pownes and family lets lajt
Tuesday lor their future home near
.■Victoria.   The tamily will b . missed
COAL CRI'ir.ii:
O.ving to the lack of spragging,
some loaded '"ars batted   into ■ and
in Cranbrook  wherrt both   Mr.   and j ki||(,d ,, horsc.in-No. f> thc other day
Mrs. Downcs were well and lavonib
of tho buildingjs f 10,000.. •'. tltu stock
520,000. There arc 17 iiii'U employed
many of whom live in heu-es owned, by
the Cimp "iv and furnislicd with elt-c
trie light and steam hi-.it from the
brewery. It is the intontion of the
company to build -uiito- dwelling
ly known and the two  little girls
were general lavorites.
Charley Diamond, the prospect ir,
has located a galena lend on St, Joseph ceek within three miles of town
that furnishes the best showing on
the surface of any property Ir.cated in
tins country for many years. Mr.
Diamor.d got a hint of the lead 's'ev
cral years ago and on Wednesday he
went tiller it, and by good luck found
the very place he had dreamed ot so
There are rjnito a "nnmb--r of improvements on the Crow line, that arc
being ttrraiiged foi>thiit arc of special interest to this part ef the district
The Cranbrook station is to be enlarged by another story and made
comfortable-to meet the demand tor
increased room. Tlio platform is to
be increased at thc north end to ac-
commoelatc thc longer trains that are
being rnn. Before many weeks
complete vesfibnl'- trains will be rnn
on this line. At .different places in
thc mountains there will be work
done reducing curves, and some of
this work will be a little heavy.
.■s-.Ti.ie.i-Cj.Ul'n. nj't.uas-.- in<iv.r_*i|-;lli ..i
Weigh scales have■b.-'eii put in'at
No. 2 tip[iie.
The mines had a holiday on Monday.
All nr-n have to re_>ort to the timekeeper when going oa or off shif' in
the Coal Crcck'mincs.
Messrs Drinnan and Colvilie in response to a telegram paid a visit to
Frank to assist the managemert
there"; with' ugges ions regarding"
the fire in the mine.
Thc Coal Co. has laid out   a'" two
.■icrp-..'park..a;..short  distance   til o o-
the town.   It will be used for baseball and other spons.
Edith Macdonald, daughter oi John
Macdonald of Lindsay, Ont., and Bister of Mrs. II. W. Herchmer was
married this morning to Sherwood
Herchmer, son of Colonel Herchmer,
of Calgary. The wcelding took pluco
at the resldcnco of Aid. H. W. Herch-
tnor, and tho knot was tied by Father
Cocola. Tho happy couple loft on
tlio G. N. train to spend the honey-
-uoon in Spokane and other cities.
On April 19th, tlio wife of. .Toscph
Barker of a son.
On April 20th, tho wife of Henry
Karwell of a son.
On April 21st, tlio wlfo of V. Hub-
shiiw of a son.
On April 2.'alrd, tho wife of Philip
Carosella of a son.
Feriilo's Big Browery.
The heer made  by the  Fort Steele
Brewing Co  is making Fernio faihous
for something i esides coke,  coal   and
calamities.   Tho erection of tho brewery was commenced in   1900,   and   the
first beer sold in 1901.   On tho first of
January, 1901,  an  Incorporated   company with a capital  stock   of $125,000
took over  the  business    A.   Mtitz  is
president; G. FI. Scntt,  vice-president:
nnd W.   S.  Fairfield,   secretary.   Tho
directors are G. II Scott, T. B. Martin,
E. A Woods and R L.   T.  Galbraith.
The brewery has 1800 barrels of l-e.-r on
hand enough to stave off a largo drouth
in case watar got .carco .around   these
parts.   Tho product last  month   was
1200 barrels, and this month it will be
much greater.   The company has commenced paying dividends, and expects
to pay from 10 to l"i per cent this year.
The company has 541,000  invested 4n
hotels between- Waalner and Frank,
and at the latter town   has  a  branch
brewery.   The company  has recently
purchased tho Fernie brewery from X.
Klaiuman and partners for something
like 811,000, and will  close  that plant
for n time, until  ii  uecouiet*  lit-ueiisaiy
to use it as an  auxiliary.   A.-Mutz  is
ono of tho best known  men alonR  the
Crow, and Is ono of our most energetic
and  enterprising  citizens.   Ho    hails
from the land whoio drinking and making beer has been reduced to  an enact
science    Strongly sided by his worthy
secretary, W. S. Fairfield, ho is rapidly
mi-king tho brewery ono nf tho great
Industries of East Kootenny, and  driving the more concentrated bevernt;e.8
further along tho tunnul of prosperity.
A visit to tli,o   works  in   interesting.
Tho site contains three acre.* and it is
one of   tho  best  in   tho world    The
stream of water running through tho
grounds is pure and rr-tptirt-.s no doctoring.   Pure water is probably more es-
sentlal to a brewery than a dairy.
In thc witter tank room theroarc two
large tanks. The ono for hot beer
holds 10 barrols, and tho other for fire
and beer purposes has a capnclty of
150 barrels. A steam pump keeps the
arrets filled.
b()n tho tiro-proof roof an excellent
chance is afforded to study tho sct-nic
beauties that surround tho great coal
metropolis, anil thorn Is plenty of space
for a largo beer  garden,   including  a
brass band
The cooling room in 50 x GO feot.   In
this room the Leer runs over an endless
week lor the pnrposa of making arrangements to establish a branch e>f
the hank in Fernie. The bank wi'.I
open next week, although the location is not exactly settled. General
manager j.'IT. Murisou will be'hereon'Sand iv to c iinplete arrangements
The Bank of Hamilton ha* a capital ste'Ck of ff2,f-CX),000 with a reserve
of ff."2,l0J,0.O.
Pernio is to have a post--flicc aril.
Dominion government buiMint? thac
will cost about $70,000. lt is likely
lhat only thc tound.-uioii will b- constructed this year. The silo has
caused keen competition between the
owners of city lots, but it, is run.o-ed
that the building will bo erected
near the City II ill on theTo's owned
■ bv \\\ W. Tuttlo as   thev   are the
r..-a.-s.-.c:-. &
■'.'■■ ''iv-lkl
B S. Robertson of l.ext'ord was in
the city this week.
Dr. A. Howe came in horn Kulispell
on Monday'-
Mr. Draper of tho "vlson News was
in tho city il is wok.
MesdainesS K B >ltnn and W. II.
Bolton are visiting Mr- Kaiiey.
\V. A Mitchell, ati'l wife, of Morrissey attended the charily ball this werk.
j. R Koaf and avjV. of Miel.el a:-
tet-ded_the ballon II >"-'l-y evoning
Mi8ses"GiTtes**ari(l Murray nt-enm-
pauied by Mo«srs G-ittsVod Lnckh.cart
spent Sunday at Eiko.
P. E. Pope left or. Wednenlty for
Lethbridge. where he >*"ill conduct au
arction sale for seven duys.
G. II. Webster general manaj-nr of
tho Calvary Cattle l>. vi-ited the local branch last week.
Mrs. C. J.-Stevens i* confined to her
house with a sprainc! ankle.
J. N. Nunn, Arthur Claxtnn and sev
eral otheis spunt Ka.-tir Monday fish
ing at Klko.
O. N. Roes returneal from a visit-t<>
Calgary on Tuesday, and reports lively
limes iu ihu great in-ii|>.
J. C. Hutchison, the well known
tailor is in ihe hospital with a severe
attack of illness.
Mrs Campboll wlmhad been visiting
at Ur. Corsan's (or jfveral weeks left
for her homo in Chiii-'o last weok.
W.J. Btundcll vUiiVd Michel and ru
ports busine-ss prosperous in that com
Aftern resilience <>f two years in Fer
nio 1. L. Ithndcsof tn«  Hank nf Com
merce has been tran-'erred to Victoria,
and left for that city "i 6tiud.iv.
A. Beck visited Frank,. Blatrmnro
and Bu'.levtu-, anil other Alberta points
last week, ami says •'itsincss is better lu
Fernie than any of ihem.
A Terrible Acchlont
David Clark, if Pellatt avenue
was probably fatally injured on Monday forenoon wliilo clearing land
across tho river «ith a stumping machine. Tho dog or lincli-pin canio
out and ho was sirick and carried
with tho swerp c-l the stump receiving terrible injuries in tho pelvic
region. He w,-.s taken to his home
suffering untold agnny, and tho time
of writing Is r."t expected to live.
Mr. Clark Is ,r>,ri yenrs old, and nn oltl
resident of I-ViMa-.
Bank of Commerce
In about three weeks time or Just
as soon as his family is released from
the scarlet fever quarantine, li II.
Bird will remove to Nanaimo, ar.d
take charge of the Bank ol Commerce
in that city. He will be succeeded
in Fernie by T. B. .May, late assistant manager ofthe bank in Dawson.
F.'L. Rhodes has been traiisttirrrtl to
Victoria, ard he is succeeded in Fer
r.ie/by R. A. Dotral.
oily  lota:.off-;r-^;that •_ arc    large
.. ■ -V    t   - -Y--„„i...,,i™-,r-nl, ICiUnimzhtit&i&m?.^^ *'"."'
that has been tTrciua!'-tr-*d"tr:ng'  tii&J;^ , ."*.ff-y-ra-»-^v?^Vii.--^,.__7w*fy ....-  ,_.
past week has been signed ty «i»iltt* p
a number of the huge property owners. These are the people to deckle
t|ursttons of this character and if the
majority of them protest the movement for the present "HI probably
drop. Jt w ill then be up to the town-
site company to do more in the future
than they have d»nc !n the past in
the way if sidewalks and other im
A. l&pQViis$Atri_:i}ALit    v
The Hinl Tiiiies Bill   under   tho *
auspices ed the Fernie  baseball club
will he given iu Siork's Hall em Friday evening.   Thc music   will   "be
first class, and at midnight   all   will
unmask, and an elaborate lunch will
he served.    All nre invited to attend,
The tickets are §1,  and as the proceeds will be used tor a worthy  pur-
[mse there should boa  large attend-,
ance.     Help manly  outdoor sports
and you help the city.
■; a -B-;"»s""K*X.Si----'.-» V: a<.=.'(i*%'B_sB
-. ■•■•.'■■.■* W.JS-ilSiSiiaa.IKM
Repres-jntatives of orgauizeal   labor
jiitdd.a   convention  at   Uhiinnnre "last
will   i c'j week for the purpose of nominating al-
' '      • '    -- 'a a ....     t ...      l.,..;c!„
Bean and Morrison have tho fnle
agency for Ganoiig Urns, chocolates,
and also handle the clioco'ates intttlo by
Webb, Lowney, Cadbury, U ibertson,
Pauline and Cliambors. Christie's his
cuite. Agetatsfor Hazel wood ice cream
Soda fountain drinks. Cigars nnd to
uatCCu.-s ir. grc.-.t variety.
(From Fort Steele r-roM-ector).
It is rumored lhat thc North Star
mine will resume operations during
the coming month.
Operations wiii scon he resumed at j
Bnll River.    Manager G. Ii M-nd. r- '
son has annonnceil thn. j«   j"1 ^ |lnil|llieillk.nl C!„„.i,.ate Cr   U>«I.Utnra
here alout May 1st. .1 his will .V\e L^,,, thilt ,.......    Ft!Uik Shenn ...
employment to ab-mt .50 men. ^ . ,.ri.Bitledat ihetiveting.- R-.ben Ev.u.s
Southeast Koote'iny is essentially a l')f VtM&. J A. McDonald of Blairmore,
country of mires Containing silver i.,__,. j. Steel ofi- h-man were ineiiti.nied
lead copper and go'd. In part tht-V jas pns>ibie canitidates . Am.ther meet-
al'wlvs have and still do comprise | -,«- «ill be hold mi May :lrd when the
t.he great natural wealth of   the dis (labor candidate will   be  du'y   nomiii-
The work ot preparing -.-■• ,
ning placer opcriitions on Wild Horse
creek this season is about ccmplet. d.
Water was turned into thu big ditch
last week, and the c .mpany operas
ing the Fisher ground has commenced
One ol  the  greatest  neeus   lu-i-i.
is  a
It will be ten days before thc Elk
Lumber Co's mill will be running lull
blast. Thc machinery has yet to be
thoroughly tested. This great mill
hns been rushed to completion in a
short time without a hitch of ar.y
kind, and rt-llccts plenty of credit upon thc ability ot the men In charge.
On Monday thc company commenced
(mating logs down the Elk River
lrom Hosmer.
Viituria Dav. Miy 'l\i\i. w 11 bo col-
tilirati-d in u riga'it, r.iyitl manner in
Fi-rtiie, A program of even's i* bein^
ui-itingi'il. (,>i:e of the grai il feature-i
nf thc d.iy will lie n b-i-ia-brtll match b»-
tv.*i'Cii FVrnie at.ri Ki*!'-"'*'1'. An ex- ■
cheap and cflicicnt system
ja-ortatiem, so that industries as
untieveloped may in tiie fn'urc
to the revenues ef this district.
The. Sullivan group of claims 1
present pushing   develo
with a stiinll force.
ni^oii will lie run from Kalspell, and
t is expected that several tm
'", i ttie t.'ivw will be repra'S- nted.
\ et i
Southeast Kootenay has totlay   „  " | .r ,  ex,u.ctt.tl that several toeviu-. along
.. ■- .t.I!l     l.u    .'jrif.aal      TtfOil
add |
The ore bins
the smelter, and at the terminal ol
the tramway are all lillnl. As soon
as the smelter is in operation the
working force at the mine will bo
largely mereared.
,ment work! TheCS.P Coal Co. lias let tha
at! contract fur n .-.tca-1 tipplo at Coal C reek
_tol"<>>l and Patterson, of Pittsburg.
The entire "trne-ttiro will stretch acro««
tlie valley, a distance «f "'^ yards «''d
will be bitilt entirely of sto '. It w.ll
tako about ."-H" tons of eteel, and will
cost about SJOVJOO.   Tho capacity w 'I
copper reduction plant «* S(-,(in ns ■■1C
nccessary amount ot ore is in sight.
Women, no matter  what  tl"-'!"'  Prn"
The new tipple at the No. 1
of the Lille colleries has been started
up and the force, of miners employed
at thi*. mine increased. This company is now turning out more coko
than formerly, nl! ol which is finding
a ready sale to the Ilrr.Uh Columbia
smelters A contract has been made j ima-stim-nt than buying a nui
lnr the Lille tnines. which U one ol j dim-meat policy in the Mutual
iho. holdings ot the West C.iiadianl Canada. They are profitable as an in-
CV'llieiies, ul '.liis |.|ici! with the ll j vestment, in addition to the life iitsur-
M. W. of A. covering a peril'I ol two! aiKc pnnided. Sea' fact.-.from the lady
yet'.i's.—Hlnirmore Times. laye-nt at the Hotel Fernie.
Fifteen cent copper ma v spar   the: 1,1.4.000 tone daily, and by tbo middle
o«ncri'of copper mines in tlie St. jof July it .s pi-H-ctcd tho tipple wi I, • e
Marvsvillc has promised to put   in a j
i ada.
Still They Coin0
Almost every day setters for Al
Perta   from   Oregon.    Idaho,
fcs-.!'... or occupation can r.nu im safer | Washington    pass
,l> ' '_.| en- The  tollowing  rcttler.* wero regis
tered at the Waldorf on Monday. J.
F. Hav i-=, !•'. O. Parsons, S. F. Gin ft",
Paul Tonsetel, S. Mnnsliclil, W. L.
Manslli-hl, J O'Hant and 15. F.
\,i   \
M  J
J- ■»
"t<J*trr*T*"+ ^'lY•-^r-•^''»'jWI»l^|'H■'■IW;■^'T'ffW^I'J^l■V'''l''V^^|•'''''J''^,^,
IIvUaTCTrr   Trai .I!X7«^...'4,.T.,...,,.i..^,.,
"faafl jj,!1 wi11
TTTl. ■-.
t> "1 "-KPT
-Mi A /*-. .,., i 'I
' tt
~y''Tr'^-^atm^"^'"'^  —■.....-—
Mott, Son & Co.
L.T.W. Block, Fernie, B. C.
Agents 111 rciTiiS aOf
Dms.4ap   M^lana,
Opjaaaiilta tho Dcr«ti FKICJIE
Tho home for railroadmen
and lumbermen.
Finest  Liquors and Cigars.
i I
I «
M •'*
1-4  'si
I'S P"
*W   VS.
The Ledge.
It. T. T.OWEHY, EaHtor anil Financier.
Thk I.kiotk 1« uutilUhoat every We-lri«ndi»y
In Forniu. 11C.   The prioo I* -» a .war """"
til J"ueii.ss. *. V.      A.IV |.»«sjs. .-.     ■»..-.--.	
tisinir rufpa ulveri upon ia.)[i,ir.iatlon.	
In Fernie,' is a pleasant
home for all" who travel.
Jtooinn reserved by -wire.
%   - .   :"J,S'*-ts"'
T. T^helan, Manager
s   a
Js a pleasant home
for ihe traveler.
^8M£k a
' V"^**,"-4*?',.^*
^>v *•?
•5" -5.
3 -5
Wm. Mills, Prop.
Valmlewtle Uc-ilcni nnd Diroet Importers
uf AViiai»n, L:ijuors nntl Cigara.
I>istrirt A'_*«*nts for
• •- I'omm-irj* Champagne ■
.   .    ; nnd Bchlitz Beer
Pirtriliuturs. of
Chamberlain and
Pharaoh Cigar*
TnEJK."t7ZXa    8. O.
SBirt KJaUt Saiu.at $4__.
Eaditf asd fi,6H(!r*a'$ 41u<3er-
*vw tit ais fetod*
mum' U)w and mm
sit my store in the Todd Block
There aro nine thoimnd Welsh-
uen in Pata<",oniii, nnd thoy all want
.0 come to western Canada.   It may
...   ._ ..J     &!•• — •      .—n.nA.l.lltan no
OltV   W" OCIllt    bllClll     Ufllia|AaitMvas.„|      «...
he "Welsh make sterling settlers.
Laurier does not seem inclined to
treat tho west with the fairness that
we should receive lrom the Federal
government. The Cttlpary IIer.ild
treats tho matter aa follows:
Thc new provinces aro threatened
with a shabby deal-in many directions by the Lnuricr government.
One cf the really alarming ten tares of
tho autonomy bill, overlooked in the
heat of thc controversy, aroused by
th' educational clauses relates to the
co .1 lnduttry.
Thoro are large mines at Bankheacl,
Blairmore,: Frank, CoK-nian, Lund-
brcck, Lethb'ldgo, Canmore, the
Blacktoot Reserve, Knee Hill, Edmonton,, and elsewhere. At present
it is estimated that 3 000 tons per day
are mined in tho provinces.   On this
Soduct the .Dominion government
llects a royalty of ten cents a ton or
$300 per d.;y. - The revenue from
thU'soutce must increase enormously **i-itliin a lew years and the autonomy bills as now framed contemplate
making tills royalty a permanent asset of the Dominion Government.
What puts this notion in the worst
light is that both Ontario and British
Columbia were conceded this income
from their" Inception. The Dominion
government rejects all propositions
looking to fair treatment in this respect.
The whole thing is on a par with
what this part ofthe country has always received frou. the Laurier government -
• Premier Ilaultain and the west
generallyr have stend-ly maintained
that the new, provincesjihould have
"control ot'tlie pnblio'o'omain. "v-at-th*
Dominion ■*-overnnien*:!'fnsI-it3 that the
lands and timber shul hot.be administered by the new provinces.
-Not only has Sir Wilfred Laurier
attempted to . maintain the position
that tl e west is not lit to recast and
control its educational syBtem, but
wherever he has seen an opportunity
to centralize the ad ministration ofthe
new provinces in Ottawa ho has
grasped It It i this' unscrupulous
determination to cut ofT tho great
natural resources of .the west and destroy-the inspiration cf an independent educational policy, that marks
the acts of the Dominion government
as most menacing.
Richard Hunter suicided in Toronto beside his wile's coffin. Ho did
not have tho courage to live on with-,
mt her. Thus tho world wags on.
3ome men kill themselves because
their wives die, anal others because
thoy will not die. Either way is
usually fatal.
A citizen ol Cranbrook took a bath
the other evening and it felt so good
thnt he tell asleep in it and did not
wake up fur four .hours. When he
did he was nearly frozen, atid swore
ho would never be guilty again.
However he may have drank somo.
new brand ofVhiskey that made the
bath look like a feather bed. In
Fernie no citizen was ever known to
mistake a bath for a feather bed, and
sleep with only a sheet ot water for a
Tins Toronto Globs* states that doom
awaits the present Dominion govern
ment if it continues,to'fly in. the face
of public opinion, and intimates that
the better class ol liberals will turn
it down. Coming from the Globe
this means a greiif, deal, but the present domineering attitude ol the
Laurier government is nothing new.
All governments when ' they think
they have the cinch, owing to a large
majority, invariably become tyrannical arid the people are compelled
to step in and tie their hands in order
to save the country.
Ever'since we5 came to New York,
--..-- \r:-..:..:~' .annum, our old mam-
— V fa"""    •  ■
my has heen eiiJurin','. tortures with
toolhiiche. TiiwiiiiJ tunc nguin I'.e
tried to {--el hert'tJR0 down and have
the tooth out, bb! till h>st week I never
could persuade Wr tli;it New York dentists aren't 'nigiit doctors.' You know
down home ihe.colored people all hc-
lieve thai doctors roam about after
dark tr> ing to catch people to cut up.
You can scare a picaiininy hy siiyinj"
'Night doctor,' when nothing-else will
bother him a bit. Well, at hist mammy consented to go with a daughter of
hers to one of these painless dentists.
Did it hurt? 1 asked her when she
came home.
Lan,' no chile, she said. I suttenly
am glad I went to him. He taken an'
hooked them tongs onto my tooih, an'
he says.
Good ihing you didn't go to Dr.
Jones down stairs. This is ihe way ho
pulls teeth.
Then he gives a poiverful yank at my
jaw , and I lets out a screech.
Unhuh, he'says. I reckon you better be glad you ain't u-gol Doc Jones
a working on your jaw. • An Doc Smith
ain't no belter. This is ihe way thai
he pulls teelh. •.
With that he shows me how Doc
Smith would a-done me, and 1 lets' out
.mother screech.
' An now, he says, I'm a-going to
"monslrato-nyown method of subtraction.-
An he givcslhat tonth just a little
twis,* easy as can be, an' out it,, conies.
Never hurt a ^bit. My lan',' chile, 1
suttling am ghed I didn't go to none
of them other doctors.
The Smelter Trust
(Tlio Amerioan Smolting uml Roflnini* Co.)
Is capitalized fur $150,000,01:0. Its
as lets amount to only about $20,000,000
—yet it forces the miner to pay dividends on $130,000,000 of water.
, George's VvVekly.will show the miner
how to escape from this Octopus.
Send for n copy of the issue of March
4th, iqo.-;.    Address— ,
's Weekly,   .
Donver, Colo., U. S. A.
Sharp &. Irvine
1600 International Coal $   ■%}_
100 North West Coal   '.   1 <">0
25o Alberta Coal          60
WOO St Eugene W
8000 Sullivan   -J
20o0 Great Northern Mines lo
S. A War Scrip 523s-),00
1000 Centre Star ]•>
1000 WarKaglo        -ll
4000 Rainbler-Cnriboo 18
Wire or write for quick Returns
Turner>Boech Bid., NELSON,
If you are looking for Fialiing, Batlung
Hunting, Boating or Glacier Climbing, go to
Now Denver mul'stop a*fow .diiyi-, weekB or
months at the Newmarket Ilotel with Henry
Stpge. Homo cooking/nud tho finest beverage-tin thc world,'including water. Write or. wire
for ratCB.
E-jenry $\w
tatitarket Bote!
new Denver
First Class in Every Respect
tu!" nniuiMEPniAi udtpi
11IL UUivnvii-11-uinB. uu •" •
I L.B.
Is the home of all-SIocan people traveling to and from Poplar.
meals always ready.    McLACHLAN BROS., Props.
S'lriclly First Class
Up to Diale
Electric Lighted
Steam Heat
Issof the utmost importance in
these days of modern life when a
mi nu (a*- may sometiinis mean a million.
Always have r. watch lhat keep-; the
correct lime, aiul if it will nol, talk 10
C. O. Demaurez
at i* F-tnes tear-ames r
Fear and ignorance put many a
clot in the cogs of proves".
It is still true that a hard trail often
ends at Easy street.
TnEseason is approaching when
the 8iualf boy will have a struggle to
keep Ills shoes on.
I'kixce Edward Island-wants a tan
nel to the mainland.   She ought  to
be able to pick up a job lot in B. C.
We have plenty out here that we are
not Ufcing.          .        , .    _.
By Hying In Calgnry a year, a
Vat.coaver doctor has os-eii cured ot
rheumatism It id said that the
"cilmaic around that cow camp wiii
even care delirium tremens.
ht£$i  '*
'.4   '
There is no better
than that sold by'
, Purdy & Co.
Rosslnntl.-'When Ross -Thompson,
founder of KosslRnd, left here. In the
middle of the winter to go to the^nev^
s-oltlfiel-la of NevndarWe told Wa" '■_■«»'$.»
•lint he'inientfeiTto mnko/another- for-
,tune. Some of. theta shook their heads
and solemnly remarked tliat" It is seldom thnt fortune knocks twice at the
same roan's deor.
I intend to J-r.ock at fortune's door
nnd see if ehe'll let me iu ngain said
Mr.'Thompson. I do not intend lo put
her to the trouhla of coming to my door.
Mr. Thompson "aid that whenever he
went into n new district he was lucky
Hnd thought it would he so in thet sterile, dry, bleak wastes of Nevada around
Tonopah and the towii of Goldlield,
which resembles the dest rt of Sahara
on a small ft-ale more than any other
portion of the world. It would seem ns
though Mr. Thompion's prediction hns
already come true, for if recent reports
which have come from Nevada aro
tniBtworthy, he hns found some ledges *n>'
which will make him rich J. Pringlo of
this city is in receipt of a letter from
George Pringle, his brother, who has
been proscecting with Mr. Thompson
for the pasttwo months. At a point 8."*-
miles from Goldfleld they havo located
some very rich gold-copper lcJgGS
which Mr. Pringle says are already the
reigning excitement in that section
He is eati.s'ii'd fiom the fhowiiif-s, which
nre largo, and tbe rlclinet-s of the m-says
that ho, Thompson, and Dr Campbell,
expert for Dr Bowes and John McKane,
who is interested with them/hav-j what
will make them an immense fortune.
Dr. Ai M-1LL0Y .
Jf '_       '-   *   a****'"'*' ** *      *
I - * _t
/-.•;    ebotbst ;
. "\~-1   * ^
Aberdeen Block,- NELSON,
B. C. .
'& Winchester
For Brick and Stone Work.
A texas editor has refused a caso
ol whiskey that w.is sent to him as a
gift.    He must  hive thought the
bsjozcrine contained an infernal ma
These aro 53 Sundays in 1905,
■something that has not been known
sluce 1795. The efforts of the Lords
Day Alliance aro evidently burning"
Know the way many people cat it
Is a wonder that thoy are alive at
thougebf lorty. It'the proper way
to eat was. taught..in churches this
earth would become more like paradise. '■ •-.
!n Bonham, Texas, a preacher Iia8
been trletl for stealing an organ acd
acquitted, We never hear of a par-
Bon being tried for stealing ideas or
come other chap's sermons.
Ik Russia tho reign of terror ia set
Ior Muv 2nd. Upon that day St,
Petersburg will have a boom that
many of the citizens will not apprcc-
j .to, unless the)' are undertakers.
Contains foil value in baking
tJQv/dcr''. the purest, most
e-soribmical made.
Price Baking Powder Go,
For sale at all times excellent
sand for plastering. Best
sand in the country.
Apply to—   -
Bi, i*Saffln4©?
jE-Jo. 55. OltS Town
First-class work guarantc-cd.    Contracts taken for building- coke ovens in
part of  the country.    Estimates
P. O. Box 383, Fernie, B.C.
J. Ro Cauldron
Is the-tenor to go fo when
you want a summer
Suit of Clothes
He has the nobbiest raiting*-
to select from, and the fit and
workmanship Is the best.
otjDE-*t T.\n,on
Hot and Old Baths
Billiard and Poo! Room Large Sample Rooms
Har Room Unexcelled
Kates : $2.50 per day
_\_ ..._ V.v
1 Tii® Fernie ■»■-*-* ny
$* N: KLAUSMAN, Prop.
Cigar Store
50 dozen New Pipes just
Briars, Clays & Meerschaums
Cigar and Cigarette Holders
Call and have a look at them
L ATKINSON, Proprietor
J. A. MacLean
Builder and Contractor
Dealer in
Rough and Dressed Lumber
|i> Manufacturers of Lager Beer, Bottled Beer & Porter
Howland Avenue, Fernie
op o* o* o* op Op o* Op op *!^!_^Iii"_w!^!^I^!^!4i!4*!4^!*i^!4^!i»l4^I-'^'4
Shooting Gallery
Having onencd a shooting
gallery in tht-jfcck hlock, next
to the bowliiijf alle>-, we solicit
- - the trade of all who delight in
the pleasures of marksmanship.    Call in and take a shot
Vincent & Huby & FOll StCClC BECW^rjT CO., Ltd
B    H all'*. '     ■
Brewers of Extra Fine
Lager Beer and Aerated
Waters.  Bottled Goods
a Specialty.
A good chance for a future home on reasonable terms.
Kootenay Valleys Co., Ltd.    °
Ahout 1600 acres, Mixed FARMING and GRAZING
L-inds on the KOOTKNAY RIVER at SAND
CREEK,.. 10 miles-from', ELKO."
WIH he.subdivided to suit purchaser in blocks from
80 acres upwards.
Price from S3.00 to $7.00 per acre.    Terms—i-sth
cash;   balance in yearly instalments at 6 per
cent, interest.
Mo^on&V '■T-'G- ProctorManagor Nelson
$1.00 a day and up
(Weals and Lodging
.$25.00 $26.00 and $30.00
per Month
Breakfast hrs. 5.30 a.m. to9 a.m.
Lunch ,, 11.30 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Dinner       „    6.30 p.m. to 8 p.n*.
First Class in every respect
Order your Spring su'is now,
Suitiiif-.s now arrivinj;.
F. F. Liehschcr,
Slfrtrtw'* Don Tailor
l^V^Vl!ir*aVaVlV •Z*\XW*A$faW_s4&^Wi*,*&1** Q»«i/m'%&&%Q>'Qff
Is in a delightful lo<y.tion and from its balconies
can be seen nil tho bcfttity of tho grand Hcenery
that BurroundH, licms in, and ndortiH tho busy
city of Nelson. It is the homo of tourists and
business men from all parts of tho world. The
flnisine never drngs in tho miro of motliocrity-
and every room is an enemy to insomnia. I
you need rooms whon on tho way in, touch tho
•wire aud tho deed is done.
o *i
&^-<-y-*_/s-__^a*_v^-a_y^iy-*^^ &.»*k-**y*"iV
Tomkins-i Manager, Nelson, B.C. fi
Ji  S
V'o->-.*>    wm
*i> -  .■tm
\ >'■ 1.1
'1 >_
V-*Vj  I (-^iKftsailiOlfflu^
i or
T :-***••*'_
(By..Eliiickt Hl^uhahd.)
Every good thing is loved into life.
Art is the mintage of llio .soul,
Health is polenti:il__powcr.
A man of genius conceives things; a
man of talent carries them forward to
Let's Ucop the windows open to the
east, he worthy, and sonic lime ue
will knoyij'.
Things work by "antithesis, if your
discipline is a little' too severe, you get
no discipline at all.
To know how to write correctly is
nothing—you must, know something
worth recording.
The fallow years arc as good as the
years of plumy—the silcul winter prepares (he soil for spring.
To hoe nil the lime slants the brow.
If all men hoed a little, up man would
have to hoe all the time. Let us all
hoe—a little.
The soul grows by leaps and bounds,
by throes and throbs. A flash! and a
glory stands revealed for which you
have been blindly groping through the
Even the proudest women are willing
to accept orders when llie time is ripe;
and I am fully convinced.'that to lie
domineered over by thc right man is a
thing all good women warmly desire.
What think you the enrlli will he like
when (he'majority ol men and women
in it learn (hat tobe simple and honest
and true, is part of wisdom, nnd lliat
to work for love and beauty is the
highest good.
I have a profound respect for boys,
Griiumy, ragged, tousled boys in the
street often attract me strangely. A
boy is a man in the cocoon—you do
not know what il is goini*" to become
—his life is big with possibilities. Me
may make or unmake kings, change
tbe boundary between status, write
books lhat will mould characters, or
invent machines lhat will revolutionize
the commerce of thc world.
Governments grant men immunity
from danger on payment of a lax.
Thus men cease protecting themselves
and so, in the course of time, loso the
ability to protect themselves, because
the faculty of courage has atrophied
through disuse Brooding rapjiicheii-
sion and crouching fear arc properties
of civilized men—men who are protected by the slate. The joy of reveling, in life is not possible in cities
Holts aud bars, locks and keys, soldiers
and police, and a hundred other symbols of distrust, suspicion and hate, are
on every hand—reminding us that man
is the enemy of man, and must be protected from his brothers. Protection
and slavery are always near of kin.
Grout Waste in Mines.
Barclay Bonthronc, M.E., who h;>s
been inspecting a number of mines in
the Kootenays, states that he found the
waste ot precious metals in thc different
mines had been appalling. This was
particularly the case wilh zinc. One
mine he examined had thrown in the
creek in the past six years fully $150,000
worth of zinc. The manager had told
him (hat the zinc market was low, and
it was before the ni.ignetia* zinc separator hud been invented and it was
thought thc mineral was useless. . They
had marketed their silver lead ore, and,
it becoming la>w grade, tbev had made
in live years $25,000 and thrown away
$150,000. Mr. Uontlirone said he
found that tailings in many instances
had been thrown away, which, if saved,
in these days of. chemical processes,
would have netted handsome sums.
He believes that today British Columbia is in far better shape than ever -is
lo her mines. And there is far more
money being made than the public are
aware of, as often the local press are
jiot anxious to' print' news of succcsfful
The Folly of Selfishness
To Nicolii'TesIa, a friend said one
There i-- this invention of Smith, and
there is this invention of Jones, and
there is thc other invention jof Robinson
lu all these inventions yours was the
leading hand. Without you Ihcy would
never had been patented. And yet you
get no credit for them. Why arc you
Mr. Tesla smiled.
That the inventions have matcralized,
that they benefit mankind, is enough,
he said. I am not selfish. My name
is honored. I live well. Why then
fihould I be so hungry for a little more
money, a little more renown? Why
should I be like the millionaire butcher
of my native town of Smiljan.
This butcher was a bachelor, and,
when he- became a millionaire, he
bought a m.ignilic-int equipage—two
prancing black horses, a set of silver
mounted harness, a coachman in livery
and so forth—and every day he drove
proudly through the town.
But he always drove alone. He
never had anyone with him. So one
day the priest of the parish said:
Why, my good man, do you always
ride alone in your grand coach? Why
do you not take any of your friends out
nith you?
Thc millionaire frowned.
If there were two of us, noonc would
know who thc team belonged to.
Very Awkwurd.
Winston Churchill, the novelist, was
talking about awkward and unusual
forms of expression.
"In Concord,'the other day," he
said, "I heard of an undertaker's
speech thai seemed lo be extremely
awkward and unusual.
"" It-was at a funeral, a funcrai in a
private house, and thc officiating clergyman was just about to begin his address, when the undertaker tiptoed up
to him, and said in a hoarse whisper :
" 'Excuse me, doclor, hut the corpse's
brother wishes to speak to you.' "
The circulation of the blood is affected
by music.
The song of thc nightingale can be
heard ut thc distance of a mile.
It is said that there.is never an oJd
number of rows on an ear of corn.
No person under 16 years of age is
permitted to enter a theatre or tavern
in Heligoland.
German locomotive engineers receive
a gold medal and 100 marks for every
ten years of service without an accident.
In some coast vilhgcs among the
Danes,.Norwegians and Finns, women
are employed as sailors, and prove
themselves to be expert mariners.
Egypt is  the  only   country   in   thc
world where there are more men   than
women.    The male sex in   the  domin
ions of the Khedive exceeds ihe  female
by j 60,000.
C'ltC   •.-«   a.t-n.l   I*.    1*l.-/.i.'l'>.-   «s...t       .sil.Af
German towns. When the tax was
first imposed thousands of the animals
were destroyed by owners desirous lo
avoid payment.
The biggest beehive in the world is
a natural one in Kentucky, known as
the "Mammoah Beehive." Il is in
reality a huge cave, the main compartment of which is 150 feet high, the
floor covering ten acres in extent.
Slick at the old, well known
Reliable^Reliance Cigars
mAmml i\
■*■-....   .. ,.;tx
The Reliance Cigar Factory, Ltd., Montreal, Que.
First maker ofthe " Flor dc Bahama," " Rosebud," and
"General Arthur'' since 1876 ; over 27 vears in existence.
WalteiTCkoni*, Western Representative.
True Dollcncy.
Adrian Fairley, the noted portrait
painter, was talking in his New York
studio about delicacy.
" I was very poor in my youth," he
said, " bnt, despite my poverty, 1
always managed tobe delicate, tactful,
and polite. I often had lo put off my
creditors, I often had to do many disagreeable things, but I always did
them in a del'catu way.
"Once, for instance, I orJered a
5-ccnt plate of soup in a Bowery restaurant. When the waitress brouglu
this soup to me, its condition was such
that 1 felt called upon to rebuke her.
I couched my rebuke in delicate terms.
" 'Emma' I said, taking something
out of the soup and holding it up before
the girl, 'I am grateful to you for this
remembrance, but next lime kindly
give it tome in a locket.' "
nf "-nri-rrirs "rririrs^
(Corner Howard and Main Streets)
Entirely remodelled and newly furnished thioughout
Stcninhcatcd and telephone in every room
Free bus meets all trains
Hleclric fire alarms in each room
Kootenay  daily  papers  kept  oil   file
Rates 1 75c  to  32.00  per day
€. €. Pbair, Proprietor
J.atc ol tho riiftir Hotel, XeUon, J) C.
Vtrirarira's'nrsr^^ 'i'VYo'trs0*
The door of ihe
Has not been locked for many years.
The landlords are always happy,
even when their bank-roll looks thinner than the lean edge of an attenuated wafer. Try one of their morning" bracers. Mail orders receive
prompt attention.
Allen & Palmer
r. te
The First Class Hotel of Fernie
Tlie Bti-ort of Caimmorcinl anal Travtlii-.f- H~n
The hottil is elegantly furnished with
handsome'new furniture throughout,
is heated by steam and has retnrn
call bells in every room.
Rates:  $2.00  a day and  upwards
A Moment of Kinbnrrnssnicnt
Dr. Henjamin Lee, secretary of the
fitate board of licalfh of Pcniisylvaiiuia,
was talking about the eyes of foreigners compared with those of Amcritiuis.
Abroad, he said, and especially in
Italy nnd in Soul hern France, the number with bad eyes U shocking. Indeed
among the poor, nearly every other
man you sec appears to have a cross-
eye or a blind eye, or saline oilier optica] deformity.
In the excellence of our eyes, even
more than in the excellence nf our
(cut!*, we Americans are far ahead of
other nsiti-'iw. Cross eyes arc almost
unknown among us. Hence, in America,.there would hardly have happened
thc disaster lhat happened once in Nice.
A cross-eyed Frenchman ntlviided a
dance given in llie Nice Palais de I.i
Jctcc—in tlie beautiful Casino, ofi' the
Promenade des Anglais, that is built
out over the blue Mediterranean.
At this dance the Frenchman saw
wnted by his side two hulk's whom he
knew. He approached and conversed
a while with Ihem. Then, the music,
Finking up, he loaikcd at the pretiier ol
thu two and said:
ftlay I have thc honor of this wall/?
Both ladies rose Hinultancoiisly, an'
iu the same instant said:
With pleasure.
Have one of their largest Btorea in Fernie.
-Lamb, Veal, Fresh and Smoked Fish.
Bulk Oysters.   Try a gallon
O aV""lr-"*y--*>^'<-iV's"'r-*Jv"'*^^
Lowest Rates Best Time
Toronto,   Montreal,  New York,
Maritime   Provinces,    New   England.
Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle,
California Points".
Unequalled Passenger Service
Standard and Tourist Sleepers,
Coaches and Dining Cars
Tourist   Sleeper*   Service
West—leave Revelstoke Mon., Wed.,
Thur., Sat. to Seattle & Vancouver.
I-'ast—leave Dunmore for Toronto,
Wed. at Sun.; for Montreal, Mon.
& Fri.; for Boston, Fri.
Atlantio Steamship Agency
Through bookings to and from Great
Hrituin and the Continent.
For  rates, folders and tickets apply
to local agents, or to
R. Kkamm.*, agent, Fernie.
.1. S. Cnrtar, li.l-.A..       K. .1. CoyiV. A.O.P.A.
Xilaon, Vancouver
I.nte Gardener of Nelson Club.
Leave orders—P. O. Draw 10.
Victoria and Vancouver
Daily Trains leave Fernie at 9:45
n.m., reaching Vancouver and Victoria
the Nkxt Afternoon. Return train
reaches Fernie 9:15 p.m.
Women, no matter what their profession or occupation can Hud no safer
iria-cstmenl than huying a model en-
ibwinent policy in Ihe Mutual Life oj
Canada. They are profltahle as an investment, in addition to the life insurance provided. See fads from the lady
agent al ihe I Intel Ferine.
Winnipeg, St. Paul, Chicago, Toronto
nnd all Eastern points.
For rates and information call on—
J ami'!* Sloan, Agent
Fernie Livery and Dray Stables
Careful drivers furnished when required.
Teaming, draving,' and packing* promptly attended to.
Safes and'pianos carefully handled. Supplies sent by
pack-train to the Flathead'or any part of the mountains.
Baggage transiexi^d-to any part of the city day or night.
My city bus meets all trains.
I haoe th-v sole agency in Fernie for the sale of the
coal ofthe Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co., and the price
per ton dclicered is §4.   Clean coal and prompt atten
tion to orders.
Dau and Eoening
~t *-*
Bookkeeping,   Shorthand,   Writing,  Arithmetic,   Spelling,
Correspondence,  English Branches,  Etc.
Correspondence  Pupils Coached
Low prices and indiviJial instruction make it the fl     "yj     GfilllGS
chanceo a lifetime.
The McDonald, Simpson Co.
tl. M'PONAl.P
Wholesale Commission Merchants
and Manufacturers' Agents
The Lumsden Roll.-r Mills ! The Maniioha CniiinK' Co.
The Wapella Roller Mills j The NY. & R. J^*^,!^;,^.
Lever Ilrollu-i-. "Sunlijr;ht Soap"    | Thl. (_tk,|p__ Foundry Cv., Ltd.
Dalton HrJllia-rVPisli-towcl" Soap! The "Armur" Co., Lid'
The V-of-el IVUiMK Co. ' The Mo,ic Mill & Lumber Co.
Fruit and Produce of all hinds. Correspondence Solicited
P. 0. Box 363, Calgary, Alta,
Fou ders i. Machinists,
——nelson, B.C.—
Mount Fbrnie Lodge No. 47
Mill and Mining Machinery. Coinplijii'
.Stock of Sliaftina*", Fitting!', etc., bIwiiv>
on hand K-atiimiteH furnishari. .Scrap
Iron bought by the carload. Uepairiii).'
and Jobbing.
B. C. TRAVIS, -.Naaorn
i* aatinu c.tnMi.alin 1 in |>iir.-iiniii'f: of Ilia-
Iirovi.ioim nf t!,e "Coliiuilnu . mi'l' VVe-lcrn
Kuilway SulMidy Aait, 1>-'''I." naatiYf... of wlnYIt
were inililiaalmil In the Il.iifi-all C'olmnlaira a"naz-
t-ttf uml slaitas.l ilii Mtiy. ltaiii; nii.l.'.th June,
lH'.'il ra:^|«'a'.'.li-cly. una ha-reliy on urc-Ui'il,
I'rnwu linul.a iti'mituat avitiiiti tin; urfii cm-
bnii-i' I lav the said ri'-ora'-itian aa'ill lac.f-tH-ii la)
Sll P. Maattlulri|.|lt, Ilillnf ll at otlit-r ali%j.|.sitiaan,
unaler tlif provi-ions of 'In'"l.aaiial Ant." Ihri'i-
Iimntlia ufta-r Ilia, alia I (a of thn lir.t inililicntiiaii
of thia iiotlfH in the Jlritisli ('aaliirnl'in fliiza'l If.
larovi.K.I, lmwfvur. that, in nil en-Os wlii-ii-
IHiia.l.a an- no hoI.I, iiri;.|snipte'l_ li'ii-aoal or otlii'r.
wia« ii|ieuit*,i!,l l,y Hie tjuVfriiiui'iit iinal lira*
»ula.ai'i|iicnllv foiiiiil. lipa.n Ilia- -aura cy~ of t la'
Columbia uinl Wt'.ta-rli Hiaihs-iiv ('iiin|iiiiiys
lalocls,. to lia; wliOily or in |a:arl at'iMiin .aiia'h
lalaia'tsN, thi'li tlm [H.'r.aii[ln H1 ,atr:r_lliril'K -alia.])
luiiili -.hull iii'i|l'.i|i! thi-lr title tln'ri-tu fraaln
thi) llitilwiiy (.'oiniiiiiiy, whai liiivaa ni;ii;a.il ti,
iliaul with Hiirh ]>iiii:liu-aa.rar4 pra* »*injitaara., la**-
sciM.rtis , on tlu; .Mania- ta-rnn. uinl a'onilitioiiri in
tlia-liiiviarnini'iit wonlal midair tin; iirovi-ion.a
nf thu "Lunal Aot,". tixa'v|it in rea|:awf taa tinil nr
lunil.aon tin- t'oininiiiv'* htiat-Ua, aalu'a'h nhall
tie nul.ir-c.-i to the re'-uliiliiana i.«i" I 'In- tin-
Caan,|uiny ralutiva- ta, tin- cuttinc o! t ml.print
tin; CiiluiTilaiH   anal  WVatcrii   Itiiihaay I.iiml
filBllt. <        '
Iiepiit,vOninml.anioi'or of I.11111N& Works
r.nncl. anal WVrln Dcparliiia-nt.
Viistoriit, JIC . --In) "■Vl.ninry, Iful.
.When, you finuke a cigar
see.thnt it is UNION mada*.
Illtii: l'rizia, Henry Vane, Colu',ilius and
Havana Whip Cigars are Union Goods
uiada bv.
"aViiinliief-, Man.
Represents by CEOtlGE HOKTOX.
Meets   ev iv    1'iid.iv eM-,iiii((  nt   X
p.m. in l.O.O'.l*. Mall'.
T. HrcK,  P.(i.,|sJ..S.
J. S<30*ber-, r-.n.s., ii.n..s.,
L.T.W.    IJIock,   oppiisiie   llio   Diiiil-
Olllaiij Iniiir™—.S it.in. to H p in.
VV. K   ItaiKH
J. 3. T. Al.KXAMiKII
Ross & Alexander
Ofllee In  I.. T. VV'.'lllncli, Viclorl-a Avenue.
Herchmer & Herchmer
kkkxie, n C.
Onii'a'i oa-ni I*. Hnrii.a & (.'o'.i lilock. V£ot< rt:i avo
Ii   1'. Ki."KSir.,.s
V. C. I..MVB
Eckstein & La\ve
l!.Mti!i,sTi:i:H .vr-L.taV'    Sui.ii.'itoi.'s,   KtC.
Cu.lilhrt lllciflt, Kavnle, ll, C.
J. ir. LOVE,
Help   of All Kinds Furnished   en
Short   Notice
New Crop Now  in  Mock
Home Grown anal Iinporteal
Wholesale anal Hrtnil
Slsecial Prices to Fiirmca's In..titntes
Thousanil.a of Fruit  anil  Ornamental Trees
RhoiloilenclroiiK.      tlimen.      <>rt-enlioii8t*
unci  Hiarily l*liantaa
now prowini* in my imr^eries for
Sj|irliii! phi'tatiiiB
Eastern prices or less. White I.ahor
Vancouver, B.C.
3010 WeAtmlnater Koiul.
Ya!   Ya!
Next aloor to CulKury Cattle Co.,  VV'ooat Street
\V*6:ls of All Kinals.    Hatea Rajiisoniable.
Oflice : Mott, Son & Co., L.T.W. Block
Feunik -llritish Columhiii
Provincial Land Surveyor
.Lands anil Minorul ClaimeSurveyed
nnd Crown Granted.
PO. Box 5aa,        Odlce: Kootenay St., Nelson
Furniture and
Bargains in
Wall Paper
Cash Uefjiiiiurs .-md other specialities,
JIall   Oriiers   Receive   l'romi-t   Attention.
R. Elliott, Kaslo, B.C.
The Mutual Life
of Canada
The Only Canadian
Life Company thai
is    Pursiy   Mutual
 * .7.*a j (Sold anil Silver jl IX
 .7.'. j laaald.iiht-r, coMtr 1..10
Samplea by   mull   receive   prumiit altantiun;
I'latvr lljlal. It.t..rt.a. aid Rlcli Oro H.iii[rlit
ixinil fur Frac Mailinj.- Euvs. nnd rrtcel.L<t.
17"*5 Ar»|iiihoa. St..   Ut-naer. Cailo.
IS 35 years old ;
HAS Assets now exceeding SS.Osio.ooo;
HAS a surplus (van Govern,iient Valuation Standard), of nearly $i)Oo,oca-;
HAS nearly 30,000 policyholders ;
HAS nearly  $40,0110,000  of lnsuranc
inforL*'*': I NWs your chance.
HAS paid over $6,500.00.1 in_ca-.li U> j Clieape'si and best in Fernie.
policyholders or to their families and   l'csl lit and best equipped studio in town
still ...'■■'.'
HAS in Reserve, for their security, over
7,000,000, in solid assets.
Married men should remember the
uncertainty of life and protect their
wives aud children by a policy in the
.Mutual Life.
Voun^ men should iuu dally with
lime in rejrard to life insuraiiae. The
sooner you commence the sooner your
profits will come lo you. It is an invest men! lh.it always pays.
Yotnif-  men who have relatives de-
peudii*_- upon Ihem sbould take a policy j
in the Mutual Life,   ll will help mother j
if death should reach you ils icy hand |
before your youth has tied.
Cabinets $4 to $5 a dozen
li Cabinet        3 to   4        ,,
Cariede Visale * to   3        ,,
Stamp 1'hotos 50c to $i    ,,
Flash  lit-lits,  enlarj-inj-   and  copying
done.    Dont forget the address, opposite the Methodist church.
J. F. Spalding
R. HEYLAND, Ewntitor and ProvlncUl
l.aaid Surve.voi.   KASLO
' ri*|IK K.AS1.0 HOTKI.. in Ku»ta>, ia tlie leiial-
For full particulars call 011 our ajjeut' _
at the Hotel Fernie, in Fernie.
ilia; hotel ill tlm city.
I'lK'hl.K it PA1-WORTH.
he Jtei'm'e
. Autistic
V'ii'ti'ri.i  Am-ihic
(Opposite   I'titlle's new hotel)
' ri-HK KIMIKIIT HOTKI. in Sainton i.f Hi"
, X l,t'Hali|titirter> faaraatl truvt'Uaars tai tlio Cily
j of Sitair. HKX.NKITJt Ml'Itl'll V. I'rup...
j "*j1|| K V KTi'KlA HOTKI. in Xel-ain it h lnr.>n
; -*- lair all s>riaai,i;t' T'iria'- away fraini huti.a:.
] IV..t Jiaiu.-e la.r -1 .1 .lav un rIii. t-airlii.
W.K .\l.l'-AXI'I.I.-.H.l'rai|iri-tor.
Mai.KOI)    llllll'I..    la.Mlll.      All   in.illall
liii'.r'ivciiidtil^.   Sninjala- rii'.m.a :n a'tiiina--
tijii.   The ui.la iira.t-1'lii.a.a lia.til in Vtuir.
KIN   AV Met.K1.1l1, I nij.ri. tor.
|'l'i:3ll>.NT HOt'.-aK, NKLSi'.V l'.iir..|>a-.in
I H'..a1 Amerfi-mi plan, lleali, rAteim. Havim
fr-nii 1-u|a tu <1. Only aalli": li.l|. em.l.,..-d,
XotlllDK aelljM-aba.ut llie plniv cxerlat llwaiai.d
:ia the -ale. M.tt.tiXK 4 TKK'ill.iM'S.
displaying her Spring
and Summer fashions in
all the latest styles of
millinery, French, Kng-
lish, New York and Toronto. An early call is
BAI-ri.KTT HOtSK,   r-iriiatrlv- tl„. Cinrk
lat tho liest rl a al.iv liaalel In NVl'on      Only
allita-   tl.-Ip  ajllllilaa. |J.     O      W.   H.. tv 1 I.E TT,
.iro.rl. ta-r.
Mil K HOTKI. Ki:it(if.SON |» Hie |,i,nl,'  a,r
I    S...ciin |.'i.|'la''*l\i'n thev   nn-  in   KKr-arti--.il.
ltCl>ONXKI.& HI. UlK, t-roaarU-JoH.
1'IIK   ISKITTANMA    IIOTM. Is lh« i.lil-
l-«t Hlnl ll"'Ija'iJt III till' t.iinl'i.    lilltll aiekaTS
iltt-iy«w,-,as,>niH        t.'I.VIN UIKIS.
"VVliolosatUe   Merolitwits.
•"1-iHK .MOXTOO.MKUY Co, l.tal..  Wla.i!i.aii!„
IV      M ,|. lilll, !tliraT«
nf ■.•liuli'i) euufn-tiuiiir.','.
JTA1IKKV .* CO., \VHO|,KK,VljaV. HK.U.-
J er^ In Hiiiiit. Ebkii. UIium-. i*ri<luar ,ani!
.'rull.Xai'.-oii. II C.
I A. McltONM.l). Wholcaiili' LijIit I.
■1.    fruit, Ncliou, lIC.
P^^^'.-i'^M^'^-^'^.?'"?^-.''^ z-.-^-L.
m^S}^-*,) i^^^«^^'^^_M,HUti'«fltM'fia'
iP<ma«*3C(_t v ...,-
"-"" ■"ri"-iMCjm-ii'-.g»'iJiiMrftf-rr'iV .-ti--^.^""-.--.^.^!.-™^^^..^^
- ■*> J<a-*-«-
e? i
r*- :
■ il
.- --"ci*-*:
? y
- £-.
•pS** ' '
•?'Sf *,*» ■
• •-"'/".■.'."*■ *••''
•fY'?.- "■'•;.'
THE LEDGE, FERN Iii, B-c • APR1L. 26> *9°5
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
Prtiil-iipCzpitaJ-- $8,700,000*
Head OtTicn
JB, JB. WAI.KEB, .adfias-n 1 MW'-'r
Rest-- •■ ,$3,500,000
TORONTO     \.
ALEJi   Mi-HI"! Asst.iGen'l Managor
j*ti:e<t ut the tollowinje rate» .:
•gc and under....... ... .,-••-. .••-•    3 *•**•--«    ..* •
Oyer $s and not exceeding $io     ^ cents    -
,i $|0       " ' ." $30....^..  jo .cents   .
n %x_ . ■ <> '■• $S«     15 cents ,      •
m^e orders nre f auable ot Par a." any oiTice ^n C-anada of a Chartered Banh,,
* Yukon ZtZ^d a'Cihc'principal banking points in ®* UiUlatf States.
*3VTWw»n«*«rfUi« wiAoJ-of .-.emitting «nall sums of money with safety
.    ' . ■.i.f-d .{if. -.juall. cost.
a" a*
.-'    "jLlrilTS  AND  AS* A   RESULT    :
Til? CrowVNe^t Pass Electric JUght and Power Co.^^td.
' - ' |,as laid out a townsite along the line of railway, Jive frtM ^ortborn. to be known as
.   .   , thr <• FERNIE ANNEX" and vi-hich adjajini? the present  or original  townsite of
' Ferule.    The land is within  the inunicipality. of the City of Fernie and comprises
. ■"'■        '  aboi-t Siolots.    Iyi>ts is thc present or orh-inal townsite of Fernie .ylucl; ,-jri"*ii"-iUy .
Sold  for $250 are worth ■   _.
**   •
<~» *"* .
4»   PIati5 will t>e furnished x>n application.
tb '$5000' to-day
Ti»ii*4vcat of^he Great Northern .Railway luis Riv:en a.o addition-*l impulse to the
,'alt*eiidy ,rapid  f-rowth  of Fernie and it..w-Ts a work of necessity.40 lay out this new.
townsite' to meet the'urgent demand for'residentisji* lots." jThe new lots will be placed
..'oh*{he market nfeoui.the jst of May, but' full p^'culm*,* y_i4» ^__ct dale qf kale will.he
•mnqunt-cd i.n Hie next wee4*is-Is«ie of lljjs papei> ._'.-.-
JAMES   McEVOY,     y :.■?.■&
• Land Commissioner..
*_& '   - " I '      ' " til*
FBE  IS<$T  -0^® AUIE   S*2Et^E
See Our Windows for Summar Hits, Lijjtot Suifs, Canvas Shoes,
'   '"" l Etc
I.The! W. C. Hamilton Co. 1
Fit-Reform Wardrobe. Men's Outfitters
> 1 . '  ■   _
iSJS^t^iia^lC^i^W'^'wiV /N ^v #lv <_-♦ <_> *-> /_v tt* fS* fi* ti\ ti* ft* ft* ft* tt* ft
Crirkin's Sweet Mixed, Olives, Capers, Bloater PtiBte, Raaalan
C-vviure, Yorkshire Uelish. Celery Salt, Carrlo Powder, Malt
Vinegar, Jair.s, Jellies and Sauces at the Lowest Prices.
-« a.,a<i.- <tr
a^MiT;HO#i-  ;;*
T»+.9tm_ A,i*»tt/~m."•>'** 1*4   T».r^t&A$JU SfrTA&tO
t/tgftAd*  Ai«f  »*fm  faar-tlCr ai-w   J
Am ******* •+•*■-drill lornt_e*m 'muWHA'fUtumirt >m J.t-a
• m At.rwmt'tt*   i*»   .*i**t ***./#•  hi/i/-'..A/.fVi,i
af«>J>J      frtlftW Aumt —***    f*t*^-1
n.» *A-fr_*,_*—*•*** AttrWaM '.iiA.-..«/#.-<-J-
B*»npt*f (_**y^ *ttF *-_._.**.~%wi*.* *»•*/.«»*i»/ C-Irr* /»•*' -*■<»•
WM   J9* <n-a# Ml   a»*Va*-f   ->-<Vf»   i*tr*m*mmm+ Imti.J ***f f»m*
■$_, U 4tfA***dm*4 ft fir*" *~* **-*'*   t9*r~.fmj
**J"7 II  Wr*** — '* tf/fA/JfAf Aarf ja-r-t-^.t „rf
- ■" -.-• ££•**•'**•*■" ,*~<^mX£i£ft*mZJZ-i: "•*'*•?•*"*
Gf*mf/*rijt*rt»$tluJm*U   A***** OA_t jwtJtt   «*./-#
^i.4lial>H.^-At'aialMN f*«M(Baaaa«JU      >  .      .^*'
&pm.~4  l-Mrf «<  A<«   aV-Mt_ltfH/a.Hlaa'
|f.<_«rli«_U*Ai^|-f4 ".*••■..'
Cr*mo/ttit   •*  »»** J^tfaC w***it}**}*/*•* f ___»•*•
y*-W«   *aO««£>U-l/«J-«f<J«l    •/•    «««• -Mr/.-aaLai -aW-W
ML-i-'naOMi    ti'pmmm .t.^tfJ-^Oy^r-/,,  UiJ*rjr
<<M   /«^». -r«J4M_Jr>**M,a»<>N«.««i.* «yiJ*-^»*^*-
««.• mA-pl-A, ___^ft*--*J'jfU*J.J** U*t*t*Mj.-*m-,f-i.*r_
t-a-ijfctmmjtmmt tmk'f
U   •*  m._i.t.t>*Ja
-■•■\-i-n**.*z --. — -
to the
• Stop at the -Queen'-* Hotel when in
Trout Lake City.l
iGe-t ayow fiolf, .Teonis. or Picnic suits
from Kenny and jMcl-cod.    .
If you wUhe'.o-i-i'.l in June, get your
suit from, -Kenny OcLaod.
• * i
vBlc-udell lis .selling the most popular
music of the day.
. ' For latest in.tailoring call cuu Kenny
and'McLeod. - '- ■' ■-.>*.•
■ Buy a suit  from ,Hut,chinson,  and
iliatQh .the flowers that bloom in May.
Decorate your parlors wit.h*the laicst
spring furniture.. ■ .BoWns has it.
' Before you get married pick out your
furnittAre.at.theB. Q. JftKiHtit« stqrc.
. New line of wash collars just received
at Trites-Wood Co., Ltd.
Ladies,' inspect ihe washable .kid
gloyetf s.Qld b^T.r\tesAy.qqd,Go. * ■ __•    i
Pressing and cleaning suits called for
and delivered. • -See V. J. Mitchell.
"Have a .look at the leather Turkish,
.chairs when you pass llie B,, C. F^ni-;'
ture Co.
"An oak and'-ebony showcase, silver
luounted fer sale at ihe Fernie Drug
Storft, •-•;."
^is.s Varty has just received a large
stock of rea^y-tcii-we^r bat* for '.la'dics
and diilatkej),------ 	
- A man who-Bnds mooey and adver-
lises for"an_.;owiier needg-no law or
church to inake him honest.
- Lawn grass, onion' sfttsvand AJiany
kinds of. garden .seeds can.he bought jit
the Fernie Drugstore, . _ . _
: Masterson, Griffith .Si Co!, 'Trout
Lake, have:, all Ihe supplies needed by
lumber camps and mines. ;
Tliis.seasbn'.6'<l'he year floor covering
is the question.   S^ Xn-e*>>Wobd Co.'s
stock of carpets'-'iKi linoleums.
.-•-.'      : -n:    - '■■■
' _Jf yqij sin oke a. pipe, smoke - a good
due and buy \t .ftt .the Fernie Cigar
Store. A coupon is bjj,cP -wi*1- every
25 cent purchase.
George W. Carruthers js'./unking
some of the-nattiest suits in-taie.ciiy.
Step in and leava your order for the
latest su m mer jgoods.
When the tourists reach Nelson -they
invariably. shake hands with: Colonel
Tomkins.   -The Colonel directs the des
il tiny of lj*e Hot*:! Slrathcona.
§   TELEPHONE   ft
a       r       -4
<* 3
The People's Grocer,  P. O. Block, Fernie
Nothing is too good for Robins. He
received a van of swell furniture last
week, the best ever brought tc Fernie.
Rabins believes in good value nod cash
G. G, S. Lindsay goes to California
this week to visit his family. They
will return wilh him in May.
The Hotel Fernie received more furniture last week.. Thc dining room
chairs are cushioned with leather excelling the seating comfort of any hotel
in B.C. ,
The ladies of Christ church cleared
$<jo at their delicatessen sale last Saturday,
Kasto wants Fertile to play - lacrosse
in -their city on Victoria day. Kaslo
musl be flush as it would cost several
hundred dollars to send a team from
here, even if wc had one. Better usk
our baseball team to make Kaslo
The Kootenay at Sandon has not
looked the door for nine years. Right
*handy for .strangers when they're out
late, and cannot trade their thirst for
Bill Gates, better known as Swift-
wator BUI., "bits made another fortune
in the north. <- jack Gates is still making a fortune at the "King Edward, and
gives a free chaser wUWi.wery morning
tonic. - .       ,..':•*...
The Fornie .Cigar Star£v/ill. hold an
English Billia'd '"Toutd.aainent' which
will -be'very "interesting io Hie 'Iflavcrs of
that beautiful game.-, "Don't_ forget
your coupons when'' you "drop* *in 'to
witness the games. .,-        .   '„.'
D. J. Robertson'& Co.."Nelson have
received sevscil.carlQ-ids.of spring and,
suminerfuntiture recently that' they are
selling at prices compatible with' the financial pulse of tlie country'.'' Drop a
line and catch their prices./*   "
A reader wants to know,.why.a child
cannot buy fruit in Fernie on -Sunday,
und yet on the same day -a team, can
come iri /com' Coal Creak, load a keg
of beer and drive away in peace. Pro-,
bably because beer is more of a necessity
than fr-jit, or puJ-J'iJ- .opinion runs "more
to it than bananas..
ffii* <__*&<&
Hon. Wm. Gibson, President.
J. Turnbull, Vice-President and General Manager.
•gar.l^^-^avstjvirljtis r£caly-.d at the
"' fifijw iif itJrtiw m |"e.ht Trading (Cnin-
J.-nUs** U|» till %l»y -flb'jlor ■*?! Trade-, for
<<]w eri'ctinii of two utorcy i-iicfe and
/.tuiic Muck. PlmiK nnd Kpwific/itioiis
/uar b«* »efii and all othi-r Information
/iiit'-ilua-d lrom N E. Brolc.y. Post oflica-
"ia!ort. The lowest or any tender uot
" jjuii-eiiMiiily awoi'ttd".   -    "■>
Fernie, B.C., April 20,1905
Di"3SoSut{p_n of Partnership
"TAKE NOTICE thnt the partnership
*■ here to-fureexintiiig.between Nich-
'•"" Kl.-.i::-*nan AVillhin*  Each wig. and
Sarah Jenniu<rs jin.de-* tho lirm nam*
and etylo t.f the "Fernie iJ_rew;er.v" hah
this dav Keen dissolved 4>y rnutual con-
M*iit. The-said NiiJua^isKiiiu^nian will
collect all miineys dim to the'eaid part
lUTship and will pny nil liabilities.
WitneFS, Nicholas Klnu-_oria,n.
Sherwood Uerj-Jmier,
Jf you want a Suit of £lotiies
^hat SEy-ER LG3E TJi^IK
aSHAP?.   ant}" FIT    PER
FECTi-y      jw      ^
Call on^-
Kenny & Mcleod:
It is a little short of Pathetic
to see a woman in this age sweeping wj|"; a
Corn Brcom, more particularly as it is rjQt
sin economic way of sweeping.   . •.
will outlast forty Corn Brooms lhat would
mst not less than $15.00, whereas the
BJ;ST BlSSIiLL can be bought for from
$2.50 to $5.00.
Then ronsider all older economics in using
the BJSSEIJy j work accomplished in one-
fourth of the time, with 95% less effort, no
dust, no weariness, np backaches, or sore
hands. Saves and brightens your carpels
and rugs—in fact, makes sweeping day a
pleasant anticipation, instead of a day to be
Opposite thc.Post Office.
.Right in the centre of thc city.
Notice of Assignment.
Pursuant to thc "Creditors' Trusts
Deeds Act, 1901."
Charles O DemaUrezof the City of
Fernio in tho Proviuce of British Col-
ujnbla, Jeweller, in raid City, by dewl
tearing date thfi^oth day of April, 1905.
assigned all hla pTrswval. property, retA
estate, credits and effects which may be
seized and told' under execution, to
Thomas Hugh WheUn of thc sa-'d City
of Fernie, hoiel beeper, in tru-.t, for the
purpose ol paying and satisfying, rate
ablv and proportionately, all tim credi-
tori of the said Charles O. Detnaurez,
according to Jaw. iSaid deed was i»xe-
euted by said nsMgnee on April 25,1905.
All creditors having claims against
the Bald Charles O- Demaurcz aro required to forward particulars of the
rame, duly verified, tn the said assignee
on or before tho first day of June. 1905,
after which date said assignee will proceed to diHtribute tho assets of the said
estate among the parlies entitled thereto, having rejrurd only to tlm claims of
which he shall then havo notice.
Dated at Ferule, B. C, this 25th
day of April, 1905.
Solkitiirs for tho said
Gavttal" $2,500,000
"Cotal [2t88ete *
.Reserve *> $2,100,000
An office of this Bank has been opened at Fernie
W. 5-. ©. IMuvleon
Agent, FgRNie Bbakcii
Fresh Asparagus,
Green Onions
■    Turnips, Parsnips, Beets,
Carrots, Etc.
1 I    .   -      ' '
tr ToDDrBt,bcK
Scott & Ross
of luvlous roant beet tha itppctl-Jn-t odor-
eseiipe mil tlw rich brown urtvy tilclthM tempt-
ln-rfa-tot edlsh. Tbtat is the kind of toast* our
heel produi.fi. Teuder, juicy, nourUhlntf. It
will make you bnluy ftualliriwiiy
Of course wa soli tbe i-bolceat Cuts of vrial.
larob, pork, etc, mo. But Jn<.t t ow wo are
tuUUng beef. .Bcefwmio!curolTcriui-*.
This is jlactimeof year when
disease germs U(fin (o renew their
Such places as drains, closets, outhouses, cellars or anywhere where dirt
has been'allowed to accumulate, .should
be thoroughly disinfected.
For this purpose we have:—
Chloride of Lime,
Carbolic Acid (pure)
Carbolic Acid (crude)
Etc., etc
At heat pricej.
■ Mcth Halls to protect your fur-, nnd
winter clothing.    Price 20c lb.
§ Parlors in the T. Beck Block Victoria Ave ue |
%0009000O09909000004000000Jt00099099009900090A00 0900
A complete stock of Coffins, Caskets, and
Byrial Goods., also Metallic Lined Shipping Cases
(OFFICE - -    41   g
\ RKSIDENCE    67   *-,
Trites-Wood Co., Ltd.
Your Eyes
need the best treatment you
can procure for them because
eyesight is invaluable. '
Let none but the best opticians fit your eyes with glasses.
The best is the cheapest.
Our optician has given the
best of satisfaction to others.
He can do the same to you.
A. G. Liphardt
Jeweller       Optician
Dressy Stilts
I have move-' my tailor shop next
door to .Sl»*ppard at F.IIioils ; right in
the centre of the city; and nm prepared
to manufacture any number of up-to-
date suits.
H*-a*a  Uma   *__&t_
Dispensing Chemist, Fernie Drug Slore
Geo, W.
A Pretty Shoe
maka?6 a fine appearance upon
anyone. Jt allrncts attention,
and favorable comment. If
your shoe is a "cheap-looking"
one, such (Continents will nol
prove -ycry .flattering.
We pride qytsdves upon the
excellence of our shoes. They
arc .of thc latest slyles and
fashions, of £nt* leather, nnd
have a tt-puluAion for their
lusting qualities. JLtt's shoe
you. We havCjtJ-^/lght kind
and our prices are just right.
Our Store carries a fine supply of high-grade shoes at all limes.    Vou
don't have 4o go out of town to have your artistic ideas j-atisficd, We can
do that for you.    Our shoes spunk for tli em selves.
flerfi org some of the shuc people working for us •--
Maker of the celebrated "Invictus.'1
$faker of thc famous "Konqueror" shoe,
Thi? ".'impress" shoe for ladies.
Makers of the "Nurstry" shoes for little folk.-?.
. W'
"•', "-,*. 'y
" a. r "^ *'-
^ 1a^7\
iJ^.M r.V I-",."''
•:a 1
H -   <■■ A.
M f?\vt
fflr*, .f'faa^at-a-'i^afty ^rfaw ^j.«waii*awaaa«OTWta«aaMaw^w«M«a^wa*w, ^mw.
_ "lit— ~awat*-**ja.t..'ina,.ttssa-*.
rr.-ZTi'-wj*'—.—    ti.-* U '


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