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The Ledge 1905-08-02

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■■1'aSSI-^  '
Local Happenings in and
About the City
^Interesting-  Items   About   Hany
People You Know
L. 1'. Eckstein has opened olliccs in
tlio Quail block.
J. \V. Nunn ..esumod Ida duties aa
-city clerk on Tuesday.
TheC. P. R is filling'in tho treaties
•.between Fornie and' Michel.
Have your eyes examined by Dr. A.
JIowo.   Oflice at Pernio hqte.l.
The sew Northern hotel will "be built
-of brick, and three utorles high.
iJr. A. Howe, eye ancciniHt will be at
-the Fernie three days, August 1,2 and
11. ,
Tho iniii'-rs tt'iouldbtiild'a union hall
■and opera limiMi.- in Fornie. There io
■money In It.
After the biff fire Innt week Jim Will-
iln.ee, of Coal Creek, was appointed dny
'.policeman iu Feruie.
Many of the awnings along Victoria
JVvu. aro too low and cause much
,-anuoyanco to tall people.
lt Ih B-id that eome of the Govern
in cut rifles in Fernie are.used for .hunt-
,U)H and personal purposes.
The rooms nnd restaurant in the
Koyal Uotol havo been qucrautied ow-
ling to an outbreak of diphtheria
K. C  Pace, of Uovelatoke is putting
•jn a blower and (.having system at the*]
_lk Lumber Cj. mill, AVost Fernio.
The government has given orders to
prohibit tlm use of tho walls in tho
pofttofllco of Fernie as au advertising
iii odium.
Tho Cranbrook lacrosse team paused
through Fernie last Sunday on their
■way to play for the Levasseur cup al
The city dadg have weakened upon
itaklug around the subscriptiou.to raise
.tumls lor the fli-aiiiien. Nothing- in it
.for tlio Coal Co..
People who write, letters to this
paper should ai{f«thcir lull on.in.es or
-|_ no notice shall be takeji ol the
-matter therein.
At Coal Creek last Thursday morn-'
in-** Meain was turned into tlio water
.pipos to a«yist the firemen at Jb'ernie's
third conflagration.
At th« Ladies' ileiievulent Society
entertainment In the I'.'irl; to morrou
evening limn- will be n real old (m-hion-
'ed AuntSally with Uabfiua de Ciibbageo
do Perfecto'h n la Stories de Pittsburg
for prizes
W. J WrigloHworth, late of Victoria
nnd a graduate of iho Northwestern
dental college of Chieago, has opened
an oflice in the A. Beck block upttuirti.
Ho has the Infest appliance!* incidental,
to his profession.
Geo. W. Carruihers will be at the
Central hotel .until■August' BOlli, and
requests all who owe him to call and
settle as speedily as possible. Ger.r_-e
lost everything iu tho lire, and needs
every dollar that is due him
Quart/. minors seldom work loner in
llio conl, mines at Coal 'Creek. Thoy
arc not afraid of gas, but coiiftidnr the.
mines too dangerous upon account of
falling rock, arid think thnt the systein
of timbering might be improved.
At Jtho basnball frame last Sunday
Fornie defeated Coal Crook by a score
of 8 to 4, being oneof tho best games of
tho season. Next Sunday the Hamo
teams will play another game and a
iipecial car wllfhring visitors from Coal
Creek. '
Tho Mayor thinks the city should buy
ahorse. Ho probably feels like King
Richard, who In early duys exclaimed
"A home! A horse! My kingdom for a
Jiorso!".. However, .there is nothtn--.
like harmony, and the Mayor should
call out for a jackass.
The Trites-Wood Co. has been taking,!
stock for some time past preparatory to
moving into the new etorc. -The ■company will'put in a patent system for
sprinkling its windows in case 67 fire,
and also adopt lhe most up lodate cash
system throughout tho entire establishment
Leo, theeldcst son of Mr. and Mrs.
Castio, of the Royal restaurant,, was
stricken with diphtheria last Friday
night and died on Sunday morning, and
much sympathy is expressed for the
parents in their sad affliction.' The the danger moment*
liltie boy was a universallavorite with .The heat   on   -liL-* sido
•Price, $2 a Year, in Advance
Nothing like being in. the country
■ The poople at tho Fort Steelo brewery.)
••J-ncw nothing about Fonda's third fire-*
/until tho next morning.
Nnt Parting was In Fernio last .week'
.and saw the fireworks. He sells the
Mainland-Cigar ar.d js oneof tne sun-
■niest drummer-) on the road.
Thero was a lively time ia the lane
behind the Fernio Hotel lbs other day
■when J. A. Mcliityre gave a fine exhi
Tuition of his Kkill as a bucking horse
C. O. D. would Jike to discover the
jjnrson who made iiwny with his balance stairs, jewels and watch bands,
.and oilier watch material as they arc-
•no use 10 the finder, but a'great loss to
.€. O. 1).
At a meeting of the polico commissioners held on Thureday it was decid ■
ed to appoint a third constnble, a local
.infill if possible and one satisfactory to
.the chief.
; It is Infra dig for the Mayor of a city
to shoot at a target ou tho Lord's Day,
.especially whon some of tho city par-
.sons are denouncing the horrors of
■Sunday baseball, j
Tho Crows Nest Cigar Factory burnt,
,out last wee.k has re-opened in the.
sample room next to tho. Napanee hotel
•and near the Ledge ollice. George is
rushed with work.
Pernio business mon who are Rending
out of town for their job printing should
not feel hurt when thoir customers send
east for their uoods. Tliis does not
apply to the Coal Co.
■\V. E Lord and wife, of Winnipeg
■were In Fernie la-it week ou their way
from the Portland fair. They nre
.charmod with the. west, especially Nel
■son and West Kootenay.
J P. Houlaluiii now has hi.-t sewing
.machine offl'-e in the bttildiiii; opposite
the King Edward Hotel. He solH tlm
Sin_'.'i', nti'l always Iiuh on band a stock
of tow ng machine supplies.
Thomas Martin Letcher has been appointed fni! wardcui for the district between CiowsNest and Koitenay Land'
:iug. 111m duty is to see that bushllre-<
are prevented and uMiiinubhcd,
The Crow's Nest Pas* Coal Co. wanted
to cut the wane- of the blacksmith'' las
payday, but tin- Union would n
rceeivt'd '.ll
all who know him.
At a.-iir'isieiiiiig in llio Old Town on
Sunday thore was a warm time
amongst the Slavs. Men, women and
children mixed up in a general'.fight
which ended by tho police fiiiing iiie
court on Monday. .The case was adjourned uutil TUun-d.iy in order to get
a competent interpreter.
The Crow's Nest Trading Co. huts a
full line of goods for the new store on
the way in from the east. The new
store will be up-to-date in oveiyiliing
from stock so tbe'iakiugin of eaah.'li'lr
Barclay, the manager, is ono of the
brightest business men in the west, and]
a constantly Increasing trade indicates
that ho has the proper system.
F-rnto'H third fire within 15 months
broke out about 12.45 a. in. on the
morning of July 27th. Tl was first no
ticed hy that alert hotel drummer, Join,
Hunter. The (ire. originated either in
Uarrutheis tailor shop or iu the tree
Vresg printing oflice whi..h was tn the
same building, separakd by a- Ugh'
partition.. The .orisrin of Hie l.iro ■i-
uiikiiown.aiul the reports are conflicting as to tl.e exact spot in wnich it
sprang into actio... It licked the vert-
table lire trap to an ashy fniiah in _i
few minutes and tore west at a rapu.
rate de:-t.'0vi»g all thn lailldii.*,'.** up to
the-Bank of Commerce, the -CatliUert
building being the last to burn. • ".
burned out the Free Pres, (..to: W •
Carruthers tailor shop, Sheppanl; and
Elliott's hardwuie smie, Hai.dU»y 8 coat
ollice,, B C. ■■Fur.rfturc Co., Norther,,
hotel, Geo. Doroi.beelic-r's cigar iactory,
McMaster's biirber shop, ti. -v. ci.j
ticket onicc, Kenny & M-__eod>. tailor,
shop, C. 0. Ueinarez, jeweler, C- Laid--
lev, tailor,-C.O. W.ight, je«eler and
the law office of L. P. Hcksuin. _ ■:
On the opposite side of ibe street the
Kin" Edward hotel e:-es|-ed with
cracked windows end lili-tercd paint
while the roomers under the direction
of inanai-er McCr.-a -lood guard until
li-id passed away.
>.o nf tho street
ciused damage to stoik- and buildings
all the people in hiB potel and packed
up some of hi& peifaunl effects and
ei'-arc. li'      .     . '.
L- M. Proctor brokg Into Cnrriithers
tailor shop and took ojpearmful of goods
This was all that «*|arruthers saved,
•ind it was eventually l»»t in tl.e. sliiilile
Proctor ga ve'tlie ladles in the Waldorf
the keys"of Ida horjs_^"(l told them to
make themselves at borne.
The fire was a sad''blow to George
Carrulbers He was burned out before
and wae struggling tp),_tA on his feet
when the second lire came and left him
with a thimble and 20 cents. George i."
iu poor health and liia iinny friends
deeply HVinpathizo jrith him in his
Johnny Wallace got a Mi,_ican standoff. He I ott his fur-lii'i.''! overcoat but
saved his life. He was asleep in the
■Angels Host, and made a lecoid time
for gettiu-'up early. ,
."The Free Press g*t*'$l._'0 insurance
which will cover the "burn to a great
extent. With the aid of lis plant ■ at.
Moirissey Mines thqp'.-per carne out oi,
time, ami in a manner highly credi-
•able under the circumst"*iucs.
•i ...
Win: Eschwig aod^fieppard & Elliott
are the heaviest losers, tli- >r lo*.scs be
mg two thirds af the W'.al amount.
The Salvation Ariry barracks wa->
not injured."'".Probably the captain
saved   it  by 'prayer.'    Tl.e   Catholic
Chas Richards made a trip cast   last
D. McNeish and family came in from
Elko yesterday,
I). C. Corbin, the railroad king, wns
iu Fernie yesterday.
Fernie has been filled tbia week with
Great Northern ollieials.
Mrs. John Robson and family aro on
a visit to Port Perry, Ont.
A. A. Richardson, of Vancouver is
adjusting liro lossee in Fernie.
L. Atkinson thc civ-ar merchant hag
recovered from his late Uluess. '
Mrs. E. Yockey, of Chicago, is visiting Mr. and Mrs.  Thos.   Whelan this
C. E.Caswell and'E  JV. Clcff were
the firi-t to turn on   the,"'water.     They
found the. hoso out O|i.nidition.    ^       .
'.   Lclie Mills, C. ^iajSp-elJ^'t^jfa1-\
IVrM^iBrCyf^orldBw^^^ __S? 1
w! fulling j-las3, ni,'
auniiiniiiig to almi't ST.WX), all  covei'i
by inauance.   The huiliiings touched j church was equauy mriuuait-.
were'those occupied by lhe postoflice, j    M.llIW  reoplo  iiaVe. inin-a.e.l  tl.eir
Bleasdell,   Blundell,    WMdo-f    hot.-l,; inyur.-mce since thofirb.    Nothing like
Ingrc.m_McIni-.ri-. Club Ci-ar  Store,; an 0,i.(,ct lesson<-    _ .& .
Scott a-i Rues,   Carinichael   and   Aeillo j    _.  *     ,. „„,r/*„- i, ,    ,
.,., ,.,    , ,       ,i ,   „ ' he polico arrested-e._ht peop c for
I heiTux o the iUnacr from lhe con->  ,. ,.      ,    .     ..,.«* '
"."■■■ .        ,       i    v    a    stealing-Ca-inng the-fjre.
Ilagraiion was re.u-hed wbeu tl.e Nonli *
em hotel was fully abhr/.':    lt set lire
io   tbo   Waldorf    l.ofoi    imnn-aiialcly
acro.s thu street and it was here lhat
the'-fight;.was   mad-  to   _vc   ti   lm„e
pr»rtio--';_>f4bai .-.-iry,. ".Tho. -.•opjuuis yl
the hotel  woro Mirrieilly  remnvi-d n
there seemed little hope of  saving   the.
building.   Upon tl.e uppiT li.ilcouy  H.
Lockhuit, L  M. Proctor, E. A    K::n:-
nier, C. Burrows, A  I.. Fuiticr, Ti-d-l.
Pfole,:AVildm.m   nnd   ea-vi-rnl   o;!,cr-.
waged a battle a-r.iiiirst ibe di'vimsi-.i.^
element that eniitle-. them to tha- hunts: praise from every citizen in the a-'ny
It was ft hot place aiid the li_i;-,e.s :..iai
no timo to si! down 'mid fan tl!i-*i»selv».i.
Lockhiii'f held onto llie hese wbile   the
others took three miiiutc .-shifts in holding a door between him and   thi.-   heat
.Ed Kmiinier bad his clothes (l.-tttoyid
f   the   parly _*-.iine iwmilies pan i-r.i up their goods in
Noi'tiiern | ro'adi'icss for tiu- w.r-t.
ISi-al    nnd i      A    fl'W
'killed th<
i'his is a
lis stock. He had ho insurance and
says his loss-ais $1800. Some thief stole
two of his watches,
Kenny & McLeod saved their stock
but   lost their   building.    They have1
opened in tho How Foon block.
L. P. Eckstein lost $180. At the last
moment he saved his sign, und the next
dny was doing business as usual, having secured an oflice in the Quail
The Union restaurant and P. Burns
_ Co. escaped with scarcely a smudge.
During the fire one or two remarked
that this city required a  better water-
The postolliee block was damaged to
the extent of SI,000. Tlie contents of
the office were not disturbed.
A. W. Bleasdell was at Hosmer the
night of the fire, and saw the reflection
of it upon the mountains. He made
efforts to get a handcar to get him to
Uie city but failed, aDd had to wait for
the express.
W. J. Blundell was in Winnipeg at
the time, aud missed the fireworks at
During the racket "somebody stole a
bunch of fireworks from Bean and
Mr. Boyntonof the Elk Lumber Co
aiid all he could to assist the city.
Steam was got up at tbe mill, and the
hose laid to the bridge. Mr. Boynton
states that at any time the city can |
have the same service. By buying"
1,000 feet of hose to connect with the
mill hose the citv caq immediately
have excellent fire protection independent of the waterworks that have always been an aggravation in tbi_
badlv governed community.
In Fernie the coal company owns the
telephono system, the electric lis*_t
system, the water system and a few
others, besides all the coal mincB in
| that locality. The city wishes to put
in a first class wuter system and a sower
systein, but tho Crow's Nest Pass Coal
Co. does not wish to see the water
system installed, as it would put its own
little waterworks ont of business. At
this distance it would^eem to be a good
thing for Fernie if some one else than
the coal company owned at least a fe.w
of the public utilities in tbat -enterprising town.—Phoenix Pioneer,
Editor Lowery, of tho Fernie Ledoe,
has "been pouring hot shot into the
Crow's Nest Pass Coal Company. Thc
language used is particularly scathing.
A few more outbreaks of this character
should stir things up, and if words are
of any nse in putting sand into tho
Fernie business men, Editor Lowery
will tamp it into them It invariably
happens .that the more of a cinch a
monopoly bas, the more thev want.
Monopoly haa a tendency to intoxicate
with power the holders thereof. The
cinch should be broken.—Sandon Mining Standard.
A few more fires, and the people of
Fernie will be forced to admit that .they
made a .mistake in electing as merefbo.-s
of their city council men who are sub-
verient to the Crows Nest Pass Coal Co.
There can be no question as to the
status of Mayor Stork and a majority of
the council. They are partisans of the
coal company,and favor that company's
interests when they iu any way conflict
with the interests of the people of
Fernie. Fernie needs in office men
who will stand for the interests of the
the people first. Wero ruch men in
office to-day Fernie would be-building,
her own waterworks system. Tbe
Tribune does not advocate confiscation
of private interests. The private
owners of the existing waterworks
systein rshould be dealt with fairly.
They should'be offered a fair price for
their property, and a fair price is not
what it could be duplicated for, but
what the property earns as a business
proposition. If tbe existing -water
wor'k3 system is worth §20,000 as a
business proposition, the people of
Fernie can well afford to pay that price.
If worth more, pay it.   They she**-;—*
Culled   from    Exchanges
Along The Crow
General   Progress   am!   Prosperity
All Along The L.rni
From tha Times
' The International Coal & Coke Co.
at Coleman, are employing more
miners at present than at any time
Contractor E Morin'o is now flgur-
f-ing on establishiug^i plant to mnn-
actare Portland Cemeut at this
Tho bl-g .-working shaft atthe Lund-
breck nrineB is now down 80feet and
is being rushed an last as possible.
A number of cottages are being made
there and the towneitcawillbe thrown
open in a few'days.
The posponed PincIier'Grepk races
are to take place on Aagastftlst -and
September Is! next. aSomo nrst.-o'iasa
horses have been entered and goo4
parses hang ap so that some rflna
races may be expected.
I?. C. Moore, of'Let-bridge, 'has
decided to locate in the pass and 'install a complete up to-date undertaking esWblirihr_ent. After looking
over the Pass he decided to make
Blairmore bis head gt_vrtcr3.
It has developed lately tlwt several strangers who have withm *tl»
past-few weeks been spending-«on»e
time in our different coal camps
looking .over the plants and mines
haTe'been.doing so iu the interest ci
the-Sreat Northern Railway.
Material _> being delivered on the
the ground and work has been started npon.tlie _ew fire hall at.Coleman.   A. &. Tri-elle has secured the
contract and will rush the  building
to   completion as fast  as possible.
The building is _o be 24 x 80 feet
and have a 40 foot hose tower.   liia
to be connected bv an electric alarm
system   with   the .company .power
house and the whistle there used to
give the alarm.    A volunteer fire
brigade is being formed ana Cole-
hesitate and act as a woman would in
dickering  for  a  teapot in a tinware
storo    Ownersliip of tbe water-works
I system is of vital importance to the "*""""""~ . .- ,, „"„„-,,„ ov,„„ij
Wm.Eschwig states that his loss ie ^ple of Feinie, even if it wnsopcrated ^ fire fiend if the occasion should
 <...,.,._..  «.nrv.^     „„1 ...,..„,.._.,.„„.„. t„A.    The lo8Sca again arise.
man will soon be well eqaipt to fight
Ta'in I.onkf- p'U'k'a'f Up all his diamond-,-iiid while *'i-re was little danger
be ma le it •*- poli't t > see that every
giie-t w:is wide r.w.iVa'.
Tom Whelan iicu- lost his smile.
Mis l.c.tel h,i.- t-t -el j 1 a'.es on tho outside.
\\\ ('. ii.!;.!!!'-"':! h :' $IS,000 worth of
goods in his -'ore. He packed up some
of tl.e most v-'.liiat-.e.but the fire never
_di within .-I'aart'iaii'-.- distance of his
tine estftbiishii'a'.-.t.
ll:!'!,- a nuni'ir  '■:'  meichants   and
, ...   _  nt Mam
for it, and  tln<   cuiipany
hours to cliutigu their niiuii.   It ch.-ing-
On Saturday in Fernie Conl Creek
defeated Bcllevue at fmittmll by a
ecoro of >f to 0. In Coloiniin tlio same
day Ferine defeated Cithuiiaii by a
score of i to 1. Both woro league
After the bl-r lire last week tho city
■water supply was like bean soup, lt
was slimy and yellow, and had to bo
supped with a spoon in order to brin.-
appreciation. None used it on their
Mrs K. Schram has returned from a
15 months visit to her pareuts in Mount
Forest, Out.
Dr. Barber returned from Portland
on Monday. Mrs. Barber is visiting
friends at tho Coast.
A Wildman and wife, of Dauphin.
Man., arrived yesterday on a visit to
their bjiis Itert and Fred.
Mrs. J. Telfer and daughters have
gone on a two months' trip to points in
Manitoba and the east.
Messrs A. J Mutt, 0. N. I.o«*, W. .).
llluiidi'll, 1'ivd nnd Mrs. Handley have
returned from Winnipeg.
.1. It. Pollock's line new home on
ttiver li'iuk Avenue is making rapid
progress towards completion.
Win Eechwig, wife, and family nre
inakkig their homo with Mr'. lHgby
until they can .secure permanent quarters.
]). a". (YrUiri,   E.J. Kolerti* Mid A.
.1. D.'alin were m  Feruie on TucmIiiv
otitkuir way from examining some coal j
hinds east nf this city.
E.nily. the yniuig dnughter nf  Mr
and   Mrs  Duvirr,  lias reenvered   from
tin- typhoid fever and is able to sit   up
:tnil write siniieihiug
.1 Gnui'lsty, nf (ii-.lt, Out., was look-
in. up orders for mill machinery in
Fernie this week, lie reports u stir
over tho new silver mines on Lake
Miss Mnu'_ii' Mills   of New  Y.>rl<   is
visiting Mrs. Jennings of the   Central
hotel.   Sho will   t.iko in  the   Puritand!
fair, Seattle ami Vancouver before re-1
turuiiiK home. I
in the combat, but none, o
suffered from frostbites Th'
feil, tlie water.pressure iiiii'a
iifterlli.it it was but a brief spell nnil
victory was won by as brave a bsnil of
lire-fighters as e-wr-dwiirged a hose up
stair*. Tlu; Waldorf s.'.fa-, all r-ffnrU
wero coiicentr-it-jd to wipe out the. tire
at the Cuthbert block This-was comparatively ; ea-iy as the Ihiiues were
cbecked by ti-.e tin roof and plastered
walls, and the tut'icased si'pply of
water. Tbe fire eiulcl hi-re 'wi'lmut
even a draft ftdir. ih,-h.-i;.k The falling, of. a' cornice from the ('uthiert
building ■■■'narrowly, esi-aped putti:ig
Haldr--j, A. T l-l.iliiiati.ii. II i.-iekbait.
Caswtll and others 'iiors de combat.''
Sparks from the Ashes
One dog-lost bis life   in   the   excitement.
A tomcat wns gallantly nscued  from
one of the burning building*.
The direct loss fr.u-.i tlie lire is .-inni.it
?70.0'») anal the ir.snrar.ee a"'>our if;?5,iKia).
As a rtilr iii"bt of the people i-xng^erate
their losses when a fiie oc-.'tirs.
Joe Jean, of tlie Imperial was iviriv
iin tlio si'i-ne nnil resi'iu'il n de-k fiaaei
the Free Pie*s taiiil.ling.   II?, woke   or
pails of  v.-iter   would   have
Iii- in  it- incipient  stage,
hint to .iiways   have  some
The Crows Ni"". i'a idingCo. did Jiot
move anything, hut Mr. Barclay bad a
bu.-av itii.ecrii-aiiiu:,' out falling sparks.
"I'lie Trites W.-.o-l Co , ably aided by
lhe st.-.ff packa-d netirly all their goods
jiii'.o the lire -proof tvl.'ar, and kept the
| roof of the /-tore wet with water.
j Mrs ".leiiiiiiijrsrei'eivcd a severe shock
j duiiiig thii coi.li.i-i-i'aion by a thought-
I less individiii'l tetlins: her that her soli
J had been Sairiously injured.
In the absence oi Bill Tuttle the
Mayor acted as chief. It is reported
ihnt tbrou'.ii In* f.'i'-'ight some of tbe
new watei pipes I* ing on the back
streets were removal to safer quarters.
'Aid Robins was ;ii*i most complac-
•.■nt of ail the h>i-ers. He has been
•■e.ttiiig cold feet lately and was preparing to leavo the city. His stock was
largely reduced and with a big insurance ho probably does not view the
calamity in the liglu of a curse.
C (.)  1). Inst his buildings, but saved
S25,000\id tbe inailranco SG.000. lie
h.T^alnjady,commenced "tbe construction of a b'ricl^an'^'stone •*fo'teI'.t*fIiarh"^
upon tbe''Northern'■site, and opened aj
bar in thc old photo studio next to the
Sheppard &. Flliott received a hard
jolt by. the fire. Their loss is ■$■21,000
upon which the insurance is ?*-,000.
Their books aiul tinsmith tools were
saved and they Iiive opened for business near the Koyal Hotel. This firm
has the sympathy of a wide circle of
patrons and friends who sincerely hope
that they will be able to continuo in
business. The firm is enterprising,
up to date and richly deserving the
trade of any community. Thoy are
white clear through, and the calamity
that has burned a hole in tbeir com
mercit.l career was no fault of their
It is estimated that the damage to the
Waldorf hotc! and the furniture fittings
etc , wir! amount to $4,000. Thomas
Pogue, the lessee can hardly estimate
his loss. Liquor was stolen and a lot
wasted by the taps of the barrels being
turned, wIdle the indirect loss will be
greater than anything'"else."' Mr.
Po^ue had built up a fine trade, and
was thinking of having more rooms
added. His trade will necessarily
be shattered for a time by the calamity,
and he has the sympathy of hosts of
friends who have always appreciated
his prompt business methods, aud the
courteous manner iu which he treats
the public.
The tire brigade waa hampered by
tbe lack of watt-r. a hook and ladder
truck, efficient officers, and asbestos
coats, helmets and shields.    With
nt a loss for a year or two.
rora snch firea as.FBrn'm has bad tbe ]    Thc International hovel, at Cole-
last efg_teeh"_ioVit1i"-"*a»"e raori? fban t_o[nJan. has been ref_**n"_rhed and refit--
people would suffer in a hundred years
operating an -up-to-date  water-works
evstem.—Nelson Tribune
water system that any city is entitled
to, the fuo of last week would have
caused less misery to many people,
anil narrowed the gash in tho profits of
1 several insurance companies.
The Mayor and Council were full of
gush, hysterics and perhaps a little
cheap whiskey last Thursday when
they established a dangerous precedent
by giving one man a gold medal, when
so many were equally deserving, and
voting money to pay the firemen. In
the future dozens of men wiilnot work
at Fernie tires.
The gush and enthusiasm of these
akk-rin-inic .resolutions is merely to
curry favor with a public already cursing them witb tlie fervor of a Caliban.
It is a cheap way for our local inisleg-
islators lo throw a sop to an outraged
nnd long-iutiering people. In some
towns such a misfit-and subservient
crowd, after -surh.a 6re ys we ha J last
week would thank   their  stars   to   be
Medals arc usually given men for
saving life. When property is saved
those directly benefitted are entitled
to do the rewarding and ua_: the general public. All firemen should be
paid a stated amount and indemnified
for damage to clothes. No"* one begrudges Lov'khart bis gold medal, but
the concentration of all the glory upon
one man when so many staunch comrades are entitled to a dip at the honey
shows a lack of wisdom upon the pari
dministrators  of  local   af-
tcd and is now nnder the capable
i_2Miage-ient of A. Beok, who has
had a large experience iu that business. The building has been espec-
ialv fitted up with the view to the
the accomodation and comfort of the
•working men and miners, washroom
lockers etc, being installed. One of
the features of this hotel is under the
present management is its table service wbich is equal if not better than
the best furnished in the Pass. No
Chinese labor being employed and
the kitchen under the direct management of Mr. Beck himself.
giMk^lb S M_l _    H-^re,4_?MHl*-aF
Hi a
I have today sold Thk Li-:iv.k, its plant and goodwill to D. V. Mott who is organizing- a
company to carry on thc business upon a larger scale. The paper in the future will be
called Tiie Ledger, and  I will lay the   name of Thk   Ledgk away  with  the bulldog for
future reference.
All accounts due for job prii.imj- aiul advertising up to August ist nre tobe paid  to me.
1 collect all subscriptions due and fill out all that are paid in advance.
From the Leader
The case of the erown vs Joseph
Niederstadt   were   tried vesterd.iy
morning before Justices of Peace Ii
A.   Hill   and K.  D. Trevor.    Mr.
Niederstadt was chnrgrd with selling  beer at  his  brewery  to two
Ix-ys under IS years of age.    The
boys testified that they were under
18, and .that they had _botis.it anil
naid for the beer on the date mentioned.     Mr.   Niederstadt said that
he   was  busy at the time serving
others and did not pay any particular notice to thc bo\ s, bnt as soon as
he learned they was nnder age he
■warned   them   not to come again.
The justices alter weighing the evidence said that they would deal leniently with him and let him off with
thc costs of the case,  but cautioned
him against any further infraction
of the law.
There is a strong suspicion that a
ot our ma la u
fairs.    When   heavy   with   the medal!
fever they should at   least  have   given i
>ilver medals lo the   other   heroes   of j
ihe Waldorf baiitle, a tin  one  to  the I f**w °-" the hotel men in town were
Mayor, and a basswood a (lair I rimmed j back of the move to have Mr.  Nied-
ivitb stmfkuvers to the Coal Co.     Llut, j erstadt  "pulled."
Mr. Ntederstarj!:
no in their nud doire lo get  out   in | i3 selling beer by the quart at tlw
iha'streets* and take up sul*>cripiions j brewcrv   nnd   practwaUy captttr'-d
Ilia,   'li'sa I "... -    .1   ...I.l .»_,.!„ «T»i«     l,,s,..l
The new proprietor will eo
While I will own stock in the company and have a literary connection with  Thc Ledger
it is my intention lo resume the publication at Nelson of Lowery's Claim, which will   be a
monthly journal of iru.l., humor and justice.
I sm!   niv individuality with one of thc journals  that  has made
the pen to D. V. Molt.
R. T. Lowery
.'W  I'.Tils.r:
With these
British Columbia famous and hand
tho beer drinking trade. Tho hoti-l
men naturally enough havo not taken kindly to this , and it is said they
have looking for a chanco to give
his "thirst qcenchiug foundry" a
knockout blow. Mr. Niederstadt is
an honest, industrious, hsrd working
man. and there is not a better citizen
in Movie. His motto hits always
James McLean has served notice on | l>een "Live and  Let  Live,"     It  is
the city touueil that he will apply foran'needless tosay that the light aeiit-
order   from   ihe   court   to a-im-h the lence Imposed on him  met with pop-
waterworks bylaw, and John   McLean • ular approval.,
s doing tbe same lor the sewer by-law
for the lo>ors thev overlooked even a
vote of thanUs lo the great cinch before
whom thev have always bowed and
salaamed like a coon pardon taking up
a collection.
aK i.i.i.ai. s,.,. ..,. -  It  is  seldom   that   mountain  sheep
what thc Coal Co. lias failed  to j venture  near ii l>wn unless it is  high
-   *       ... ........	
An.,''tist ^, 1905
If one is illegal the other is equally so.
From the way Kernie furnishes business for courts and lawyers it will not
be long before lhe legal fraternity will
own   what thc Coal Co. lias failed  to
appropriate in Fernie. It is about j up und deserted, but 011 Mondnv three
time the government stepped in and \ came closo u> the Ferine sawmill.
stopped the constant racket in this) Mike Kerrigan, who is blacksmith at
city. The Coal Co. should have its, the mill, shot one. Quite innocently
greed rough-locked, or it will eat j he told about the matter, not knowing
everything in sight. Its policy is hav- jili.il it was again-t the game Inw. nnd
a di-.is(iou> effect upon the moral-,; had to pay a fine in i\u provincial court.
of the people
3*»*. THErLEDGE, FERNIE   B.C., AUGUST'a, 1905
_i!E I.CIiiiK t.i Tiuliliiiheil evory Wedneadfty
".n Ferine.', B.C.   TI16 price Is *2 re yenr.   Ailver.
.f._iiif*.r(itosRiven uponapplication.
      ■ *,aw,»li»»^«w^aa»^i^i^Tvi—_——_—_—_—»»
No preu$h'or £iiii toe broad-winded
taxi* sincerely cling io a creed.
The craze for getting everything
ir-lu^p makes everything* cheap.
■If the C. P. 1_. wishes it can easily
,_H West Kootenay wlth;totjristse.vefv
tilieirigli price of coke is doing
■much to retard the growth of British
. Columbia.
• Wot a politician fttaCttattwa -*«*ill be
»ny ■fame "honest -eeaase his usAaxy
has been raised. '
drunk. People have ever done
strange things for their religion but
the throwing of, 100 barrel- oi old
wine into a creek seems one of the
wbr6t, especially when the world is
so full of people in search of a little
wine for their-stomach's sake..
According to' the manager's- estimate the .Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co.
has 18,000 millions ot tons of coal in
the area so generously given it by
the government. At. $2 a ton this
■black wealth is worth 36' billions of
dollars, whieh far exceeds the entire
surface 'wealth of America. -In', spite
of this, vast gift,practically the greatest steal ever made from any people
by a foolish .and corrupt government,
the Coal Co are not satisfied and are
crying out for the wtitervorks of
*_e*rie.. . •»
Now Freddy, said the father, when
Ids scion appeared, your, mother • is
going to leavo you to yourself- tomorrow and you will have to go in
Don't try to get out of it,' now-; you
simply vmustl' The '"doctor"has ordered that.you go swimming and
take lots of hard work like that for
your health. He says its just the -]
same as medicine  '
And as Freddy ran out of the room
crying and protesting against this
new medicine, Squiggins smiled 'exultantly at his' knowledge of small
boy nature.
Meets' ev ry   Friday evening at
p.m. ih'I.O.O.F. Hall.
■   '."■■..■*       T.-Bkck, P.G.'.R.S.
•j K?.**"**"?*'-*'
--. ..\ a-,-;-_-5C-as;!|.;,a,;
•T/he recent vote on salaries in Ot-
sja-flft prove? that Canada has a Lib-
,era1 goYiernflient.
.■■■■ Coal costs -_*_ a ton in. Fernie although it is produced only Ave milesi
.away.   This U tbe cheap fuel of an-
f-Jeftt frjBtgry,
Every year the Church of England
gives 40 million dollars to charity.
■Tbis doei not IwU-dfl theamount paid
0 its parsons.
. Public men of mediocre talent always get hostile and  saucy   when
their, fool  methods are exposed by
. Superior minds.
...Canada is cursed with a set of poli-
tfpjana aTwayB eager to sell the rights
cf the people for a little extra cream
op their own porridge.
China haB  put the boycott  upon
' goodB froin the United States without
-3-7p*i AOiwnlting the Mayor of Fernie.
" <jhis a case of cutting off their nose to
: spite their pigtail.
to ft&s -*«-• *>n °»in a CitF Conncn
.'are Vnateance to. all   intelligent
i-peopls, and they should be relegated
' '' po their proper sphere, that of raend-
.V^'ift'B tin pans, or selling old clothes.
-, -i ' i* s* ■   i    '
V';;;"' ijp the ynltedStates' the* .ijaliroads
' ^.-receive about.ten; times, more. -*>r.
..'..carryingmails for the government,
, ajthan thev receive from the express
'.,' iawpanifls for <-*-"■>'*nK merchandise,
.^ How to it in Canada?
Aberdeen Block, NfcLSON,
B. C.
: iV-Weiare glad that jibe judges have
taad jtbeir Balarjea raised.   Jt will
■ ,'bave a tendem.* ,to raise the Btahdard
of ,oarf judioial administration. In
< the past history of,this province we
jhave had many judges of mediocre
.Jajent who' were painful to listen* to,
. .specially when they were just get
■ tiflB sober.
(New Westminster Columbian)
lhe Victoria Times is to be,given
the opportunity of making good its
shameful allegations against Premier
McBride. or confessing to the character it has held for a long time, of the
champion slanderer of the province.
Notoriously, the allegations in the
article upon which tho Premier has
based his suit, are untrae. His government was conceived in treachery,
remarks tho Times, meaning thereby
no doubt that John" Oliver expected
to be a member of the new adrhinis-
tmtion, but was disappointed. Yet
only a few weeks or months before
the same John had participated in a
Liberal party convention declaring
for party government and ^solemnly
pledging everv member present to
abide by this decision. The Con&er-
tives also had adopted party lines.
There might have been cieuse for
avoiding the party decrees under the
circumstances;; but no leader, who
chose to abide by the decisions so
arrived at can be accusscd of treachvj
ery because he disappointed the per
sonal amlit'oh oi men not of his own
party whom circumstances had made
his mates in overthrowing the previous composite government.
As to the Fernie ballot box, the
other count in tne Times indictment,
the record .makes itquite plain that
the fault lay with the law, and not
with the government—the law, that
the government, overthrown by Mr.
McBride had passed. The -present
adminiolratign has had enacted an
amendment making a situation like
that developed in Fernie impossible
for the future. That there was" .anything wrong in Fernie, however,^ was
never demonstrated,; only charged,
as brazenly bb the Times made its
An Odd Prescription
Dr. William Osier, In one of liis
Baltimore lectures, recited a quaint
old cure for the gout—a cure, from a
seventeenth century medical work,
that was designed to show, gout's
First' pick/said 'this odd cure, a
handkerchief from the pocket of a
spinster of 35, .who-never wished to
wed-; second,, wash tho handkerchief
in an honest miller's pond; third, dry
it on the hedge of a parson-who never
was co\ etous; fourth, send it to the
shop of •_ ohys'cian who never killed
a patient; filth," mark it/-with" a
lawyer's ink who never cheated a
client; and sixth, apply lt hot, to the
gout tormented part. A speedy cure
must follow.
*> —
Is a pleasant home
for the traveler.
Wm. Mills, Prop.
L.D.S.,   D.D.S.
'   More BInck Diamonds.    -
A. W. McVittie. of ,(*__nbrook, has
located five square miles of coal land
on.Short's Creek, west of Okanagan
Lake, where there are BeveraJ seams
of good bituminous coal, che principal
seam being 52. inches thick, ; outcropping, on the side of the ■ mountain
north of the valley. The openings
made for examinations are i',700 feet
above the creek and 2^800 feet above
the water level of Okanagan Lake.   .
•W.'. Block,   opposite the
. Office hours-8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
L. P; Eckstein
• -i
Barristkk-at-Law,   Solicitor,   Etc.
CulliUrt Mock, Ferule, B. C.
Head Office
Capital * $2,235,000
Hamilton* Canaffci.
Ttlesevve * $2,235,000
fatal Mssets * $27,500,000
Hon. Wm. Gibson, President.
j. Turnbull, Vice-President and .General Manager.
A Oonorftl Hanking Bmilnotm tMi,nnoto_ Curront Account., opoiiod with Meroliniits, Miinu
fnatuion unil Miiiiiol-jaHtloii .ou tho moHt, roiisonablp termn. Uuukln-f fiioflltloa tfliully
ortmVdBd'to iill nornonsi (le»tr_ns to opon bUHhioim or priviito iiocouiitu. Hpcolul attantimi
SfraMort&wiSata. >.toro,.t at Curront. Ital.. »llowad on Buvta.-i Baiik
DoiioijIU from *1.00 upwards. Collootlons olTontoil in nil parts of Camilla at Lowest RutoH.
DriiftB Issued, payable in Canadtaor Abroad.' Ilrltisli, Amoriiian, and Iaorei«u Droits ciibliajal.
An oflloo of *hls JJank tins boon opened at fornlo.
Ml .Correspondence addressed to/JiaoAltont a-'ill bo porHonully attended to.
_30  la-
Agent, Fmc'ii* Biiancii
When ynu smoke a cigar
see that it is UNION made.
Blue Prize, Henry Yano, Columbus and
Havana Ark  Cigars are Union -Hoods
made by.
RcDrcnenteai by GEOHGK HOttTON.
Strictly First Class
Up to Date
• r Ross & Aleaxander
' .Office In L. T. W.'Ulock, Victoria Avenue.
F. G, Latoe
.PostOflice Block, Fernie. B. C
_r_Nrio_*r i__3k.B_ai_
Crow's   West   Special
Miner's Favorite Cigars
John has Spoken
Roekfeller has said that they, meaning1 the Standard Oil- Company, ii*ust
get rid of Tom Lawson. Tom has been
maK-iiifr it too lively for the stock
gamblers and an effort will be made to
break' him. It is the same old story.
Any honest man or newspaper that
Stands up and -exposes the; schemes of
greedy capital will find enemies who
will-try to break and boycott bim. You
can find1 this out without travelling
many miles from home.
A.r- * s
'■'Clothesmay beautify the appear-
' ftnee of a man but cannot change his
; ■ ^Bbjracter.   Dress a bully or a hog in
'fioidlerclothes, and 'he will take to
Jtotvair or the. wallow.    Just the
' eame'When the 1 opportunity -^presents
'•- iteelt';' Clothe a duffer in alittle brief
. nntho'rity and- he is- still a" duffer.
get»Jwkass-in thc Lord  Mayor's
phair, and. his bray is only a  little
. louder.
;-"/.-. ^TJipfliflprofthirgs are being: re's ^ersed'.    Centuries ago water "was
'"turned into wine lor" rell-jioas pur
"poses, and the other day « Quaker i"
•' Pehnsylvannia turned 1001 aire's cf
jjjjI ie into water, and set all the fishes
May Rival Butte
It's expected that the big mines in
• ► —
the Boundary will rival Butte, before
many years,'-.'to -say';■ nothing*  of\tbe
„   ui»_a.u.j   — ... -  .White" fish creek' district in East Koot-
cliarges of a few days affo, bat never enay which Ib comiaenciiiff to attract
Liberals of [ ottetiiion as a' co*ip(»r, camp.    The development of these mines and others in
Provincial Land Surveyor
Lands and Mineral ClaimsSurveyed
"and Crown Granted.
PO. Box .MS,       Office: Kootenay St.,Neljin
Office: Mott, Son & Co., L.T.W. Block
Fe_*n_e__—British Columbia
(Late aasayer Nelion Smelter)
Oolil. Silver or Lfinai eaoh     JJ.0O
Copper «1.M      Gold-SllTer......«.M
Churgoi for other metnla on application
Phone A67
jpatch 'em .alive 'o
Sticky Fly Paper
ill 'em dead 'o
Remember this brand
Fly Poison paper
It is the Best.
Graduate of thirty-eight years experience.
Lnu-*hlio Fountain Pens
Moore's        „ " „
Electric Lighted
Steam Heat
Mot and Cold Baths
Billiard and Pool Room Lurge Sample Rooms
Bar Room Unexcelled
Rates : .$2.50 per day
Manager     M
bropfi'ht to proof.    If the
Fernie had had - the assurance now.—i-    -.-
'displayed by the Times, no doubt | B. C. depends largely upon the pdee of
they would have filed the election
petition which wonld have established their caso, That they did not do
so, when successful attack upon , the'
seat would have been so "embarrass
ing to the government, is very significant.
A Crafty Father
I'll have* to run down.tomorrow afternoon to do Borne shopping, sighed
Mrs. Squiggins, and I have to leave
Freddy out'to play without keeping
my eye on bim. I'm sure, that he-
only waiting for a'chancc to run off
and go swinimjing in the river,
Don't worry, my dear,'said Squisi-
gius, looking up from his-'paper with
a crafty smile. Just call Freddy, in
here and let me havo a.-talk with
• "
Used in Millions of Homes,
^.o'-Years the Standard. A
Pure Cream of Tartar Powder. Superior to every other
fcnown. Makes finest cake
and pastry, light, flaky bjs-*-
Cirit, deiicious griddle cakes
•—palatable and wholesome*.
PftlCB B«Klt_»
Note.—Avoid baking powders made from
alum. They look like pure powders,
•ind may raise the cake, but alum
is a poison and no one can cat food
.mixed with it without injury to health.
fuel.. A dollar'a ton more on coke will
often.mean non-action for. some of the
very low-grade mines in the Boundary
We can do for you
What you cannot
Do for yourself.
We caritake the strongest
Facts about your business
.And m«ike them into ads
That bristle with conviction.
We can display them
Effectively without
Squandering space.        "
Our services are free
To .our advertisers.
Will you let us
Fix up your ads,
Making them ads
That attract
And hold trade.
We build that kind.
We are liberal users of
Our own medicine.
It pays us,
It would'pay you. .
Drop in and talk it over.
The Ledge.
£-.WAJ9.D8 BROS *
Is   offering    .ns   a premium
to customers
an<n-*_ B
Teatin^ of the Piano
(Leschettzioy Method)
A thorough training assured each pupil
Latest Styles
JTinest Solostions in iho City.
.«'. ■ Lacrosse
Example of Ike Walton
YOU CAN PROCURE the necessary
AIDS and
Central - Hete-1
First Class in Every Respect
MRS. S. JENNINGS, Pi:oi-.ueti'K88.
9999990999000000000000000000 0000 OO 00 0000 990000000000
«J 2
New Crop Now in Stock
Home Orown anal Imported
.....Wholesale and.B__.il..'
Sp«ciitl Price' to Farmer's Inutitutc*
Thouuindii of Kruit  and Ornamental Trees
Rhoiloilendrooa,     Bosei,      Greenhouio
■-._"".'"'   nnil Jrardy Plant*
noav growinff In my nurseries for
SpHnR planting
Eastern prices or loss. "aVhite Labor
V»ncoaTor, B.C.
30tO Westminster Itoad.
Philip Carosella
General Merchant
^F you've got a good .thing-
% push it, don't let business
tag behind;
Jjp-OR the want of a little ef-
^ fort, of the  advertising
M-ipii can show you how to
vm% do >t, it may take you
'by surprise,
UpOscc the money roll your
Jig way.    Why   don't   you
—in Tun: Ledge.
J. A. MacLean
Builder and Contractor
Dealer in
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Ya!  Ta!
Next door to Cal«»ry Cattle Co., Wood Street
Work of All Kinds.    Rates Reu^oiiiihle.
A   SHAVE,   4,
maybe done without advertising, so will grain grow
without fertilizers.
But what will the harvest bo ?
Wliolomilo Dealers and Dlroct Importers
of WIiihh, Uquorn and Ciffam.
Diotiiet A'CfintH for
Poinmcry Champaprnn
and ScliliU Bcui
DiBtnbutorB of
Cliiiiiiborliiiii nml
Pharaoh Ciffam
V' El I-MSTI in     B.O.
STATEMENTS  ^l^r^l^inlr;
„U.  iNi'lTtly print. "1 «.».l TU c   LEDGE
l'n!,Tik"l   (U  llio   ollico   of   inf.   LLUUL
V 0000000000000000000000000000009000000000^
^ .. _  r      * s   k    f* t     f~\ \3t
Thc door of lhe 5
Has not been locked for many years.
The landlords are always happy,
even when their.bank-roll looks thinner than the lean edge of an attenuated wafer. Try one of their morn-
' bracers. Mail orders receive
prompt attention.
Allen & Palmer
_ •00000900000000000000000000000000000909000
ft aft
Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd.
Brewers of Extra Fine
Lager Beer and Aerated
Waters.  Bottled Goods
a Specialty.
__"**■*! "---"C
fienry Stege
«   «
If you nre looking for Fishing, Ilntliing
Iliiuting, Uoiiting or Glacier Climbing, go to
New Denver anil (atop n fa.w ilityH, weeks or
inoiitlm at tlio Newmurket Hotel with Henry
Stege. jgoinc cooking, and tho fniCHt bevettigen
in thii world, including water. . Write or wiro
.for. riitc8.
IS In n 'lnli-jlitfiil lea-
*   lauMmi   inial   lrom
Itillll'll'aal-ll'H   CUM    I I!
. m-mi nil a'laislaeiiiilynr
tlie »a-aiii,| Hiri'ii-ry
Mint iili rminilas, Immii
III, Ull'l llalorllia tlm
lltlaaVlllV tlf Nt'Ua'll.
It     I I   till-    llOIHO     HI
t'<-iri..tiaiinil liuntiic-ia
naa.n frum nil -nirtiaof
tlla. Waal't.l.    Tlll>  Cltlra-
lnis nt-VaTilrii-*..tn Ihta
III i| it   111    Illialllaallt.V,
il ii'i .'Viarj-riiaani lia nil
iiiiimit' 'ai  lla-i'tiitini.
IT Villi I lia.'al laaaalll.l
avln'.ii 'Ha 'lia' aa'ia.l in.
Illllall III" Ulria Hllal
tliU llaJC'll ia allllH-.
B. TOnPKINS, nanngcr
In Fcmic, is n pleniwit
liomo for nil who travel.
ltooniB refierved by wire.
T. Whelan, Manager
. notil,||..,t itlla'lia 111 tliU Wl'.ll.    I'rlnt-.l   ]ll~t   111
I v'Hi K'liui. fiiiam, iii niiv'iiimi. Tijr I enne
|llly,iiiiyi|iiia.,iil  Ilia; iillii;ii a.f Hill  1-tUut
mmrrrrr^^rr;i''"".ViT?rS'Xr,lKlii WaTJJJ T*llim^?***"im-i'TO*l'*y"''*1'*'*'™"^r**-
■-A :    V ■v'i
Til!'.  LKL-GB.  FERNIE, B.C , AUGUST 2>  1905
Deft uU in tlio fiyiitoin.
Albert R. L.iinb, the hack inspector   N',nv a new field has U-eii opened toil in
, ,    .« a      ...I.-    I I     I..    I...
of Wiiisliiiigion, who liais he-en .tppoiiit
ed to tlm lii-,idilii|' uf tiii.iitiiinla'
police department, described  llie otlii'
-1 alllletics and <-.'iaiu--;, whia-li ir-eil to be
more sport!', Inn have no-.v heroini' nro-
l___ioil't 1-    Il was 'iiiid  tliiil in   Toronto
pUllli:     Ua['aaaa..asi.'l    -- * -     •-.....
day the conduct of the duck and cal* .f',-.o,Os>o were bid on a -niifjlu hoat nice,
business of various countries.
"There.are certain. Iiii_-lish towns,'
said Mr. Liunb, "where the  hacUnicn   Moulin, spend iheir earnings in betting.
run their teams on a percentage, a per-  Benin-? on horse-races has at the same T'UiIuS
ccntage   usually, of   one-half.      The  time increased, and by the help ofthe of Silver.      JH:N.N_rr_M_ttPliy,l'roi-ii.
- --     — — 1...-..W.     .n      llu.       i-i_.-ir_'ra,'_ flt-irc '-"-■ " *"■ ' '      '
.trouble with this systein is .that it some
-times leads to dishonesty. A rich
Englishman, the proprietor of 200 hacks,
on which his drivers are supposed to
pay him 50 per cent ol their takings,
told mc one day this incident:
"Ho said it was late in the afternoon,
and alie _•_* -resting on his couch in his
honor oflice. One-oi*his men came in,
and, not seeing the proprietor,' began
to divide up the money lie had earned
that day.
"The proprietor, as _e lay on the
couch, heard the chink of twins, and a
monotonous voice reciting ■
"A shilling for the master, and ono
for myself. A shilling for the master,
and one for myself. Another for myself. A shilling for the „iafit_r, and
one for myself. Another and another
and another for myself, A shilling for
ihe master, two for myself.'
"'So the master tiptoed to the door
and peeped thru. Two piles of coius
lay on tlie table, and llie pile in front of
„L_—river wus by far the larger.
" 'A shilling for the master,' the
man continued, 'and one for myself.
Another for myself.'
"And now, iinally, he came down to
it he last sixpence.    Willi this he did nol
know what to do.    Finally he laid it on
the master's pile, then on his own, andfj
Im repeated, over and over again :
■"•"Sixpence for me, or sixpence for
ihe master? Me, or the master* wJaich ?
Sixpence for the master, or sixpence
" 'Better let  me have it, Sum,'  he
said. "Vou know 1 keep the horses.'"
A Dangerous Precede***;
lined to horse-racing and cock fi'-litii*'-;.
fc-TJX^V-fcW. O'
l(   lU".Vf,.ANl),  _ii,
i.itin1 riiirvc.'oi.    •'■
\ei.i uinl rrovlriflll
aiul largely   by people    of   lhe   poori-i
1,'orl.    Boys and _;irls, says Bishop Di*-
sporting1 columns in  Ihe   newspapers,
1i-i« hi.cn .avlMiiili,,! nunr-   -.    miiMa   aa>irl»r    Uaal.KOI'   HOTKI,.   VHIB.     All  modern
lias been extended over .1  much wider  JJ   min-ove-iia-ntn.  Bninplc roomu in comiee--
••    1 '< >,    Th a. <„.lv Hrst-i'liiiaH lintel In Ymir.
class, On the day when Vice-royaltj
went in state to'llic races, the bcttiiiK
ring we arc told, was so crowded that
at last only a strong man could elbow
bis way into the enclosure. Pulpit
and press denounce the evil. Hut
what in (lie remedy? There is none,
save the general action of (he moral
influences, unless you could close the
betting ring, which nobody has yet
seriously proposed. Perhaps Vice-royalty need nol be taken to it in state.
Not the Proper Snirit
Senator Depew was'condemning an
elderly millionaire who, having lost a
lawsuit, had declared healediy lhat the
courts were unju.t, and the entire government rotten \o the core.
He is not taking his defeat very
gracefully, is he,? said lhe senator.
He is like thc old bachelor whom the
widow refused.
There was an old bachelor who, alter
a brief courtship, proposed lo a widow.
Bat the' widow very positively and
coldly declined thc offer.
I cm never, she said, be more than a
sister to you.
The bachelor dropped her hand in a
Aii, madam, indeed you can, he murmured in a strange voice.
No, 1 cannot she said.
rme.- But you have   daughters,   said   the
"The master walked quietly into the  bachelor.    You may yet be my mother-
'filll' KASt.fl HOTEL, in Kuslu.iii tit. lc'iil
■"■•■    ing hotel in tliu oitv.
iiiiro\eiii<nt8.   BmnpL 	
The oi.lv tlrst-rlnHH lintel lu Ymir.
KIN LAY McLKOD, Titi'irietor.
I _-.,d American plan. Menla, *5cents. Roomn
from'''c uii to cl. Only wlille help employed.
Xotliliij-yellow about the place cxr.Mtjt lhe eold
li, the safe. MA LONE & THEOILL U" 8.
BAKTI.KTT HOUSK,  formerly Ihe Clark
li* the beiit *l a ilay li„tcl In Ki-lrun.    ""'"
.   ■  ...       1.      aa,     11 1 i/T
l_p     ,n ins. ws^i. a.. ** -•■-
vhlte help employed
(J.   W.
"Wholesale   Merchants.
*•""" em lu Butter, Eg^s, Choeue, i'rodui-e mul
Fruit, Nelson, li.C.
a'.   McnONAI.l),   Wlioleaiile lle-Jer In
Kruit, NeUuu, li.C.
Furnitiiro and
Bargains in
Wall Paper
Two complete sets ol Bar Fixtures, one
BiitiBli Plate Mirror4(1x9') iiiclies, new.
Letter PresBC*, Billiard and Poo'. Tables
Cash Registers and other specialities,
Mull   Orders   Receive   l'rompt   Attention.
R. Elliott, Kaslo, B.C.
Portland, - Ore.
I tj«_W___h_^
Wholesale Commission Merchants & Manufacturers' Agents.
The Lumsden Roller Mills
The Wapella Roller Mills
Lever Brothers "Sunlight Soap"
Dalton Brothers "Dish-towel" .Soap
The Vogel Packing Co.
The Blairmore Lime Mfg. Co.
The Manitoba Canning Co.
The W. & R. Jacob Co., Ltd.
Biscuit Wiinufaetnrora
Thc'Guelph Foundry Co., Ltd.
The "Armur"Co., Ltd.
The Moaie Mill &. Lumber Co,
The Hygiene Kola Wine Co.
Fruit and Produce of' all kinds.
P.O.   BOX   363,  CALGARY,   ALTA
Correspondence Solicited.   |
June 1 to Oct. 15
Tickets on Eale from ,June let to
September HOlh, and limited to ninety
days from dote of fial_—but not later
than November 30tli. Stop Overs will
will bo allowed" nt ai.y point in either
direction within limit of ticket.
A fee of fifty cents will be charged
at Portland for extODBion l.cUini Ticket.
Ja.mi.s Sloan, Agent
Whoro ico is Cheap
The largest mass of ice in the   world
is probably the one which fills up  near-
  •- . |,   jaa/a/asua;    .».     »
A New York woman is suing to have |y the whole of the interior of Green
her marriage annulled on the ground land, where it bas accumulated since
that wlum she married Jier husband he before the d_wn of history. It is be-
wascrazy, while she ilioughl he was a |',eveil to now form a Mock about 600,-
' Lcl us hope linn she will   'not, Ooo square miles in area,  and   averag-
succeed in her effort. li would be
dangerou1* pri-edciit. Mnny ■_, wo.nan
thinks the 111,'ui _ie uviriic" isa gen'm*
only to liiid ■-.■Is-jo llio halo of romanci-
is worn off and life is .shorn of its lulu-a
flowers th.it he ii a very .ii".lin.iry" mortal, with iiviny f,i'.i-is ain-J -.VL-aikiicsses
that M?rvu tas .inii.iy ;l ihu Hi di-._;u-i"!
SjioulU ihe inaiiii-gi- be amutlleJ nn
this ' acaiiililll' . Millions of li'i>h:ui'.li
will answer no, unless, llicv h.ave also
heen di'1'a.'iveJ, have awaki-iH-d. trom
love's   youn<   dre.-iui and Ji-sire 10 cs-
'■Tti-i man wlui con'iniics (o bi- a hero
or .1 genius in his wife's eyes is both" a
genius and a hero, unless his wife is
blind. A woman, however, can love a
man who is neither a hero or.a genius
nor anything else but a coinnionpl.ice
iT_*~u*-e, t_u'4i as could be had in any
human market for sea bunch
A woman can love a cat or a poodle
wilh as much fervor as she would love
11 husband; therefore lei not one man
flatter himself to excess over woman's
/ove. .Mrs. Micawbcr was apparently
afona'of insisting that Mr. Micawber is
a man of great lal.-nt, and that she
would never desert him, but she doubtless had a sort of secret contempt for
dim as she contemplated his failures,
•J..c twins, thc debts and the bailiffs
«nd thought of the belter days wilh
"poor papa and mamma." Some women arc too proud, too game to ack-
(-nowledge that they have made a bad
**"U*,_aii., and concealing their disap-
(Kiintmcnt try to make the best of it.
Nol every woman can marry a hero
or a genius. Comparatively there are
only a few of us—not enough to go
round. Let the petition of the New
York woman be denied—Americus
ng a mile and a half in thickness,
According lo the-ie statistics, the
lump of ice is larger in volume than
llie aahule tv, lv i.f ■witer in Iiie Medi-
terra-iean; and iur-.- ■, viuvin-l*  of il    lo
COVlT llu- I'll "li* aal ihe  U111....I Kiiii-d.*"-
Ol"Gla.'.-.t      liiltaia"   .l-KI   ll'1-l.llla.'i     wilh       a
layer awn seven iniaes thick. It* il
ui-re cm inio two a .nr.cuieiii *;!.ib-; nn.l
huilt up L-,)i-.;il!\ i.pon tl'.e'..ilirc *"iaif,a,',
of "gallant little Waifs," i; Waiuld form
it pile mure than 120 mile* high-
There i-i ice enough in (■rei-ulai,d ic
bury the-.'iilire area ajf !he United Stales
aijuaiter of n miie deep.
Twitching Eyelids
indicate eyestrain.
The slightest hint of it
should not be neglected
We lest eyes free of charge,
and recommend glasses only
when absolutely necessary.
A. C. Uphardt
Joioeller        Optician
Au Jtcni of Strength
G»wrge Adc was talking aboul some
buildings that had collapsed half-finished in Chicago.
They were put up, said Mr. Ade, by
builders of a type too familiar to us in
I once heard of two of these builders
H'ho, over a glass of beer, met and
(Hiked together like this:
Jones you always have belter luck
than inc.
Heller lueli?    Mow so?
Why, how else do you account for
myrow of new houses blowing down
in last week's wind, while yours weren't
harmed? All were built the same—
sninc woodwork, same mortar, everything.
Yes, said llu-other builder, but you
forgot tlmt mine had been papered.
Looks Good to Kobe
Winnipeg, Man.-r-A tone of confidence prevades the latest crop report
issued by the Canadian Pacific railway
today. The summary deals with '.Ingrowth of wheat and the weather conditions at all the principal points in the
Canadian wheat belt traversed by the
road. In tew instances are there indications of serious damage from any
During the past Week, however, the
very hot weather has caused severe
electrical storms, wliich iu sonic localities were accompanied by hail. Thc
damage from this cause is nol very
heavy, as none of the storms covered a
w ide area.
Wheat is heading out all over the
west and in some districts has attained
a height of three and a half feet. In a
few sections complaints are made lhat
the growth is too rank from excessive
moisture and heat, so thai thc grain
had lodged. Fanners say, however,
that it will come up again.
Hay is most abundant, in fact it will
be tiie heaviest crop ever taken from
the prairie meadows.
In several districts of Manitoba the
prediction is made that the wheal yield
cannot be less than twenty-five bushels
to the acre, which with the area under
crop ibis season would ensure a total
yield a.'. 80,000,000 bushels. Uetween
30,000 and 40,000 men from theoulside
will be re._uircd as laborers to lake off
thc crop, wliich will commence lo mature within two week1.. ll i* stated
lhat the crop is ten days ahead of thc
period when early fro-sts are lo lac expected.
Several Thoans-it-d
Shares of
gaining Stock
For* Sal 3
90 Day Limit
All Rail via Sum'as or
S. S. Princess Victoria
Vancouver to
Via  Victoria
Arrow :W*-r-*-
For full   particulars,    tickets,   first-
class or tour:.*.->   sleeping car   reservations.   Apply to!'catagent.
1.. "Reading
'Aj*ent at Fernie.
E.J.Coyle, A.G.PA.
J S. Carter, H.P.A-
X, l-.-an
Mott,.Son <_- Co.!j
L.T.W. Block, Fernie, B. C
- ■-   -J
.L   IlOL'XIl   THK   .tOUND
of lu-oiiiin ro.i-*'s ta- .'I the ftppcttzlitB CKlor?
aasi'iue :aui] iiie riila lapaviigrayy trickles tompt-
Ir-Iy t.> I e >lwli. Th't I- tlie kind of roast* our
i,c?.| prmliu-c-i. T.'ia I.t. Juicy, nourishing. Il
will mats, >aa" bratiiv /nal brawny
(>fi-. i:rac «c foil 'ha- fbolcest cuts of veal,
■ lamb, pa.rk. i-ii-. ai-c.   But Ju-t low we aro
Agents in Fernie for T. G. Proctor. Nelson | tB.Ki„K Ua-f. i^.m- of our offertas..-
Jn Australia nn ex-memhiT <>f the
Cabinet has been senlentid 10 imprisonment for stealing inotiaiy to pay his
belting debt. The people in Australia
seem to be madly mlilicted to luirsc-
racini*'and othi'i' spoils, which brintj
bcllint" in their train. Tin-, in.mi.', ap-
pe.irs to be   coiispitim;   villi   S.'ii.ilr.m
it.'i   U   (1'al'a.lc  10    llaa-      (l| |l -| 'l/l ' (l       ..I     lilll if
I'olonil'a,       lilll  a.M'i;, wlla'l   '- tlaa-     |l,l'.» ia'll
fur bi.'llini; i'i 0". ill'.-   niia.i,',      ,\   d'v
^eneiiiliain, af;'. :■: m i ■ rs'iiaallv   i<>o-
UiisIiiomk In the West
Unless the school clauses of this Autonomy Hill meet the approval of those
lusty youn_* provinces, which are heinu
formed in thc West, ihey will simply
lake the first opportunity to -.lip them
over the w-afjon box. And all the
mother rulers at Otlawn, and all the
mailher iliiiiilics in Chri»leiiiloin will
nut be able To prevail a_*Miusi lhe will
of those sturdy WesteriK-rs. Any attempt lo fasten the .-.hiri ul" Sipaiile
Schools, or any schools npon tlieiii will
he n'.a'iili'il they-ai-' no! v\.a.a a! liN.
ll !-• Ii.r iheila In --a1, v. h;a; I "m.1 ,.i
si luaol'i thev waial :niil uli.t; liu' iliiae
r.-llla.'-,    t'l''',     '.'. i'.l    •• av     t'..     '■*'•.■:■', .-..,!;
IS a public-it ion that
•* only iippi'.ii's once
iu every cei ttiry. The
'.Mill century edition has
been on the tnaiktt fur
nearly two yp.ii-s.-iud is
nut yet cxhaunteil.
lt contain'* in iul<lition
to many i-torii'-a and il-
lu-tntiioiis by other
writers, many bun mots
sheifln f nnil evH:iy-i by
It. T. Lowery. Three
Westi-in poi'ins in the
i-iiitinn aro easily worth
mauy tiiiies tliu price of
the publication.
It is sont |.rs°-pnid to
any nildri'S* upon receipt of l."i cents, or two
copies for '_'5 cents.
0       0
Address all orders lo
fffyi Zedge,
Hfcvnie, 3£. Q.
Sewing Machines
These inachineB nro now beins* sold
at lower prices, quality considcrfld,
than any other, either for caeh or
on  instalment  of  $3  per  month.
Nki'i-i.ks and Oil for Sale.
Sowiiij,-    Machine*    Repaired   or
J. P. Houlahan,
PEKME, B. C. Agent
Its baths cure
all nervous and
diseases, its
water heal all
kidney, liver,
and stomach
ailments and
they eliminate
ull metalic
poisons from
the system.
nfow under the new management of Harry Mcintosh,
IIiilTiimn Ilnu-i'. KiH'shniil.
Report of Analyst
Of Samples of Water from Halcyon I lot Springs, Arrow
I.al-e,' n.C,  27th   February, 1S9.S.
Laboratory of City Analyst, F.dinhur(;h, Scotland,
March   3, iSy.S
One  gallon   of water contained the  followiiiy  ingredients, the results are expressed in parts.
Sulphuric Acid...
Alkalies as Soda
Fi-ahiiifi and
Terms :
$12 to $18
per week,
according to
residence in
hotel or villas.
Ti,t,\tia   a it-nt at   it   ta  Hi   Tt.tr.tit   I, til   flUrHfflO
Cal'r.f/    t.,*t   t.tj   r.a.fjett   miJtt/ptm    tit    T,.« ./
/<.<-', a/      ~4.i  trttit ~.fi tJt  t-f a**1   ttta.d At.titf ,tfj
/>. Ji.it. a- .t .Park At Hit ft*, mat* Ht d.itamrt -1  It**
 -•-••'• '*• •'-■- *"'•■ '•'•>«-'-'•/-'«,->
It,.)     tract f t\d nt tt*    af.tpSt*-
"<iJ  «!•,{;   ct.Wt.trtot    t.itr.rf   ,,   -ar-i   ,a  rami tttt tit
•at (a
■ft «
_    ,      ..al *«.»1    a t-t  mn'f*.'.-t tAt Tt   tttt tl|_
7*a rtaJ at   tj'.'tt   tl*,,    (.t*m,st*t tti'f ttat   ha..
,/,,.  /, 4*t JLt.J^.J  _( K*,.,, _„J /\,Att   Sirrm/tltf
,.,l*f .•   //* .a/.'-.-r, tf f~t_tA,aJ /irf jti*>*!r*t) 1 „,//
r*S .4i t'tii.iji't'tttat J 6/7   1_,,A Cr**! iKtt atlfi/l
,   .    _***'■*."■*• **'*.'f tat.l Ct6t Hit aastJiftraa,
alt -Jf.ati J.itt*i_ i-M.'*    tier-its-3*4   trit/tt   <"-*• t't
ttl ,,**.*■ at >t tii trait*   >«/.i   (, afjtjff *• **^f /**•
/tr,tt.f   rfttt   tUt JUtai lit* _»  0-a *     -
t.A.tpi *| aat/ar-  tit ft***   *->al *«« *^*M-«--<>
7Atta  ittt.it Jafatah/irat atmam   ItttrnmAmtat.**^*
*>.** Aaat   ttatt   at   M.    t.m-tt j*rtttify r«ft_y*
ftr*_/.rtJtf   L**UtaUr,  *fl,ty   ta
-   ~        A.COOO.
Crvms/Ktt   It   *•>*  t/tU  Kft JstJttUm »»»,_.♦•
fpttfls    •>  *•*•   Ct-aJiaa/Vt.fA tt-,1   TAt ■*%*.*. t,,-^,
jrem   »A.ti~ti.fiti,tJa,itt   ■**•*! *,tpf.-*lfJ t.ittta
,m+tj tAt ral*at*i    A<f*ir 11, »,l,' fJ.*J H'.j.mf**./*,  ll.tj.rit
tim*    /4~fa t*t* t**mli ft*** plp-^J .* ti., -, ftlr~rjp~j mm-*-
t*.a   **-,? ta*af'tatapt.amattj atattf/at -"»f f»t ..,-,-*.*J** .■*.
'■r--l/.+k.-t  »,_     -_-.V
Aporns the outer man, and
raises the wearer in the
opinion of the critical public
Geo. W. Carruthers
Stick at the old, well known
Reliable Reliance Cigars
iBiUl PaOllW"';:
I :„ -.       -     ,-   I     ■;■•     .   -t,:
■        ,|,s
1.   » i- ll
,   .l.'-L
Poor Printing
Pays Poor Profits.
Wegctoul a class of Printing tli.it is superior  to  the
jroneral run.  : :  :  :
That's why we're kept busy.
Do we ilo your work?
Good Printing Pays
j    We do good I'r'mting.
Tit us with your next order
-Tin-: Li'in.!'.
JR. Cameron
Is the tailor to go to when
yon want a summer
Suit of Clothes
He has the nobbiest suitings
to select from, and the tit nnd
workmanship is the beat
1 is the best.       ! '
oldest tailor;The Reliance Cigar Factory, Ltd., Montreal, Que.
A Summer Suit
|S probably tho proper
•- caper at this time
of tho year. If vou
have a de-siro in lliat
I'.M.I. os*
First maker of tho " Flor de F.ahaina," " Rosebud," and
"General Arthur" since 1.S7O ; over .7 years in existence.
Walter Crone, Western Representative.
Kenny & McLeod
(" 1-aTkT. -  -     M
( lUCMIU'SCK     70
Scott & Ross
r\  complete slock   ot   ColVins, Caskets, and
Burial Goo.ls, also Metallic Lined Shipping Cases
Parlors in the T. Beck Block Victoria Avenue
Order your Siini'tn'i- suits mnv. N.itts
Stiiiiiif's now arriving.
F. F. Licbschcr,
Sllvtrton'a Itii'i Tailor
0   __>»" -4J
Have 0110 of thrir Uv&'A -"tori'i* in
!,:niil>, Veil. I'n':
li anal .-tiaib'i! l'*i*h.
up in i.:a U I
n-lv mi
 ,   v    ImvsIi i;isli coiistaniiy arrivin.ii;
!*!f!L J;!;?iFTHE" LEDGE 11*^^^*.**^**-.***^* w* -_^-* w -^^^
Ill lllllla)'   w. itlal
I-l     aal     lUI'-'r     I'l'l
g-y^*t-__ft*^i^^a_--rtg _y£__urt_*_M^ta*cx_aMixcxa^^
THE LEDGE,...FE*RN1_:' B.C., AUGUST 2, 190*5
The C&ns,dian Bank of Commerce
Head Offico
-D-iid.;L'p Capita'.- - 88,700,000
TORONTp        -   •
.' Rest - - $3,500,000
-Special "-Mention is ;'ir,er.ud  lo the followin-*; Advantage!- ..offered  by
.■"-*""'_    """.'..   '. '    "'      Our Savings Hank.
■Pcpoiiits of *fi and upwards received, and Intrrest allowed,-t-t tlurrent Rates.
Jntervst is mldcd to the Deposit TWICE in each year, at the-end of May and
November.    The Dcomitor is Mihject lo no delay whatever in the withdrawal
'' .iV-tha* whole or any portion ot the deposit.
Payable in all parts of CANADA, THE' UNITED .STATES,
GREAT   I1KITA1N   AND   „UK~OrK   Bought   a-yl   Sold
at Lowest Rates.
•T. B. MAY, Manager
\-._ ,v'--
'; •*''''**£
-■ ■•,.''.?_Fswaf-"-! = :i.
- '■■■sfm^im.-
■ '-:d--.3i__il_f.i.*l-£
Kenny & McLeod alwavs have room
for one nii^e .order.
^-,*^e--H-' Valley mill should take
<_ii) trees off llie Lizard mouutaiu trail
-The.K.'K. C. cigar is the _'coming
._fuv6_ritc iri Fjxfii Kootenay.
•Surprise  your friends by   getting •
'    -ieu suit at Kenny & McLeod.        (
Eye specialist, Dr. A. Ho wo will hi
,at the Hotel Enrnlo, August 1,2 and 8,
The Royal-Seal Cigar is »he delight
flf.the men -who dig the coal out or
{these hills.
The insurance adjuster is busy with
-la.i.i.n_s^.t-d so far has given satisfactory
A. VV. Bleasdell's; store slightly dis-
ffigured ' in the late lire, but is still
^a-i&jg business.
Thej" big Fernie fire did not hurt  the
.   _Riiyal Seal Cigar.    It is still smoking
"alt-hough without   any  danger  to  the
Tiie King fid ward Hoi el occupies a
prominent position in Fernie only a
_step or-two from the C. P. R. depot,
and convenient to business houses in
'he dry.
- Sheppard & Elliott are still in the
ginning and plumbing business. Those
indebted to them will confer a favor  in
• settling their accounts as speedily as
AA possible.
Tlie Kootenay at Sandon has not
Rocked the door for nine years. Right
fet-ndy for strangers when they're out
(ate, and caaaet trade their thirst for
.anything.  >
Frank and Fernie will play a league
- championship game ol football in
Fernie on Satnrday, Aug. 5th:' The
•J-^ck-oJ,* will bt-\at 7 p m., and the
___jui(s8ion • to tho. grounds,   iucludin<;
" ""grand'stund, 25 cents. '
- 'Every man owes it lo himself and
liis family to master a trade or profession. ' jRead tlie display advertisement of the sis Morse -Schools of Telegraphy, in this issue and learn tele--!
Vgraphy and be assured a position
A garden party will  be held  at thej
■Park house grounds, Thursday,  Aiig.
3rd   during   afternoon   and   evening
jUnder the auspices of the Ladies' Ben-
. jevolent Society in aid of the Childrens'
Home fund. A good program of sports
Jias been provided, also music by the
jband and singing by lhe Glee Club.
Admission, afternoon free, evening 10c.
!_■.■■_■■■.._' —
could not help but he impressed with
thc idea that the land around Cranbrook should bo selling for $100 or more
an acre, since there in none better any-
whoto for tho raiting- <-f r»inall;fruit
And whoro wo havo the big advantage
over the Okanagan country is in the
fact that East Kootenay lias a never
'allin_*r market right at her door,in the
coal mining,'.lumbering., and . quart/,
mining industries, wbMiV tho prairie
market is several hundred miles nearer
to Cranbrook than it is to Vernon. I
'nok to son the timo ,conio when small
'ruit laii-tug will be one of the leading
• nd most proijt.ol^o mdustries In this
district. The "people have net como to
.1 full realization of ihe possibilities of
h!s section or along this lino but they
veill in time, and whon thoy do thero
will ho a hit; change in this district." —
.Craubrook Ilera'd. ?
this headline, inserted ut tlie rati) of One
tent » word each inMcrtion.
this ofllue,
Apply ut tliiB ofllco.
X_ land Avenue, noar tlie l'ernio Brewery
Apply to N. Kliuiamrui, •   • -    .
«rA-"-o>Ts,ctiTTEns. harness, saddles
»-*"    Ami two nn to-ilate Express W:isron„a
All  courts  in   prune  conilltion, 'find. Prices
Iteusoiiiiblo.   ' Noln'on Frplyliting'aud Triaim-
jiortiition Co., Nelson, B. C.
rjmvo rooms suitable for offices,
A.   Apply to A. Book, F
the l'nli'.ua JJeat Market .on Victoria aa--
onuo to rent. .Suitable tor otlloos or biiclielor'-
quartern,   Apply to P. Burns & Co.
OWNERSof coal arena, nnd timber limits,
may Unit a possible pnTeharor by uddresi-
liiyr Cap'itnllst, cure of box 2,1, Fernie.
a*j)_?« Wednesday night, a watch charm.
t'OimlstlnR of niD.a.i agate, gopher tootli, anil
aoverolitn.   Return to Raima Hotel.
A special meeting of tho council was
held on Thursday afternoon, the Mayor
and all the aldermen being present.
Application from two of the burnt
out for permission to erect temporary
buildings-V within the fire limits was
refused. . A letter from the Dahk of
Commerce donating 8200 towards tlie
6re brigade and citizens who aided at
tlio tire was received. The council
decided to open a subscription list for
that purposo nnd tho city is down for
$•200. A gold .medal was voted II
L'otkltart for bravery at the fire.
During .ihp past five months the
'hospital in Fernie lias received about
$1000 from the government. -.All
hospitals receiving this grant nre required by the provisions of the grant to
care for the indigent side and injured
without ch.irge.. The managers of the
hospital in tliis city would do well to^
read the provisions ol the Act more
closely when penniless sufferers halt at
their.door.   •
: ,, Mn'di Bad Monoy
':. ...■-.Secretary' Morley   of tho   Toronto
oJBoard ol Trade has sent out  letters tol
: .the Boards of Trade in all the Canadiai
r (Cities asking their co-operation  in the
jraovement to urge tho Dominion gov
.eminent to do sa'uictliitig towards re
' .deeming: the old and mutilated coins.
The extent of mutilated monoy in
^circulation may he imagined when it h
jijtat.e!ai_tb,at_theSt*:ect Railway in Jtini
(Collected $1,800 worth of defaced and
•mitllated silver, liver $10 in had si!
<ver was'taken up in ono Sund.iy at tin
Jarvls Street Baptiet Church, whicl
was disposed ss junk. All the churches
compla!*! .of tip. ljuge jitnqunt of bat:
'nouey afloat, ***hJ'Hi J*j a __t«*n'ral nuis
£uce to nitirciiant8Hiid.i>Mtiken.
-Coramorclnl   Travellers' Tax
Addros-slng the twcuty-tals th annual
jni-^tiug o( the Victoria hoard of trade,
}lon. l},£}. TfctTow, tninistcr of finance,
ju referri/ig;o t,he .tax on commercial
iravollo/s, said tliV* one had proved u
.very dillicult one to ci'llpct. Ii was a!-
'uost hnpoa__ble to get Information cor
^ectly, and the government/o,und that
_tlie tnercliaiitii carry Iin* stocks tliouchr
tlmt the act win not being effectually
Hiiforced, lie whh glad, however, t'
lifinbleto report that in tho last couple
of months about 12"» commorcial trav-
.ellerH* taxes had been 'collected. There
^jad boen talk—nienlv newspaper talk,
for he and hia colleagues had heard
•.othl.ugo( i'—of thn act being disal*
hiwedat Ottawa, but. iinlessi and tinti'
that happened, he at-ked tlinm for tlieii
)\earty support in enforcing it.
JKnat Kooteimy a Fruit Country
A.'W. McVittie, who has Just re
itiir-i<-d from a trip to the Okanagan
.country, speaks very highly of that
.Becti-u uud the town of Vernon, which
he says is bound to be one of the lend
ing places of the whole district. "Lund
pmir there Ih stilling for C-HW per acre,
: no matter how barren it may ho so
Jong a? it is possible logi-t witter onto
•It. The c/.iii-o 'for tlila j-ood pi-lcc in its
/ivailil'llity fi,r.-ii„-i!l fruit. In looking
jjyer tho eituatlon. said Mr. McVittie, I  cli.inn
Get Power Flunt iiitoSIinpo
Lome A. Campbe'l, general minager*|
of the West Kootenay. Power &, .Liglu
ompany and of the British Columbia
Construction & Dietiibnting company,
wliich latter company is building the
new high tension power Hue into the
Bouudary from Bounington falls, on
Kootenay river, when here a day or'
two ago, stated that there are now
about 800 men employed on the clearing of the right' of'way for the new line
from Rossland to Phoenix*, with about
80 men on iho new work for increasing
tbe power capacity at Bennington. In
about two weeks Mr. Campbell expects
that the right of'way wore will be almost completed Hundreds of polos
are now being delivered on the .com
plutetl right of way,- and are being installed rapidly. • '* '■—
It is the intention to gci'as much
done a.i possible during the prevalence'
of fi'.yor.ity'j .weather, though it will
probably be sometime in Febiuary before lhe current is turned on. In a fow
days wi.rk will ';e started .on' the ;-0 x
50 fire proof sub-station to.ue.erected in
Phoenix, and other inrbsta.iona will be
built at Grand forks and Greenwood.
Iu addition to.thc cpnc£i-„a non- using
electricity in tlitr Boundary, it is quite
probable tliat'the I-omijiioii Copper Co.
and the C. P K. at Kiiolt will be users
of light and power from tliis new line
The British Columbia Copper Co. and
the Granby company have already
contracted for a supply .of this power
whenever it can be delivered. Whether
it cau be utilized litre soon enough to
prevent the power i*-liorta-_e that Occurred last wiuter in the Boundary on
The C. P. R. is fitting in the trestle bridges between Michel and Fernie.
Mr. John ■ Firslle. charge'd with
assaulting Mrs. Fanny Anderson,
was lined $10 and costs.   Fine paid.-"
A new camp has been started at
Sparwood, two miles from the de**ot
ofthe C N. y. C, Co., taking ont
It has been arranged.that tjie Minors of Michel will hold their festival
nt Mich-jl this year instead of at
Michel Prairie.
John Visack charged with discharging firearms at night was fined
?5 and costs, in default .30 days in
Fernie jail. Fine paid and gun
Thc saw mill at Anderson's spar,
now known as Carbon Creek, will
again be opened up in full bl_§t on
the first of August. Walter Wardrop
late of the Wardrop''mill, will have
charge of the mill.
/,'*''•'   '.TIMBER NOTIOES
TWOTKIE !■ l,erol>y «ivon that'SO daj-a a'tei
■-■_• dutal i,ntenii to muko ii|i|illcatipn to tlio
oliiof oommimilonur of Lands and Worlmrua :'
Bpeolal liuBiise t<> cut and onrry iiway.'tlinhel-
from the follon-iiie alea-cribed laiidu aitiiHlual
onBounitui'yCca'eKi VVeat Kootenay 1'ihtnet
No.l.   Comineiu'iii« aliout If) miles'  n-ont.of
.   Kootenay river at   a pont  adjolnine   tin-
northwoat corner po-st of A.J.McOiiiro's Jan
ftmarkoitNo IB Mallaudaiiiunortlioimtoorner tlienraaoiiiUHit-iiuiiw tlienco weitiilimir
International houndary f-> elinlns,   thence
mirtb RO'ehiiiiH, tliuiico  eiiBt SO oliams   tn
, place of bo(tj'uiainct.
ito.i.   fcoinmoiHainir ut a po^t ntlloiniii.s' the
•  ^ortllwoat cornor of No.l, miiTlsesl Jao.a    '}•
Atulluiidulne nortlieiist cornor, ttionee BOiitli
Sicliiiins, tiipnt'e avianr aloUR  Intorillltioiiul
liouniliiry   lir.i' Sal oliuins, tlienco north 8"
elminii, theiic-e:i»t W clmlim to placo of he
. ginnins.
No,3. 'Comhiianc'ln'- at a Dont'iidjolnlnu the
noriheast comer of No. 2, marked No. 3 Ji.
M-U'-.ndaIneHuutlioiwt comer, thoiico north
■So'oliainii, tli'ciii'n avest Ml chiiius, thonce
soutti SO chiiiDs. theiii'O cast SO chains to
pliacuoX boajliiiiin-',
No.4. a6ommoiHini;iitii po»l »itJoUiin„ tho
-norlliw-OHt corner of No. 3. marked isu.-i *.,
lliillnniUiii,. i.outlieast corner thenoe north
•--•olilliji.ii .■ tluiiice woa.t 8'1 chauiH,
thonce south t"> chains, thence dust ISO
ohaliirt to pluic of bo_iiiiiIn_.
No. S. tComiDOiuiugiita post adjoininit tlio
isoutlioiibt ooriicr of No. 4, marked No 6 1'..
Mallandalno niarthoiint corner, thenco »oii*h
fOohains, tlieina" «cit alone International
uouniiarvjXiio ''i1 eliiiim, thpnep north 80
olialns, fhenct ain-tl KJolvi'nuto'-Uico of ho-
No,0. Communcii'Ratu post adjolnin-t the
northwest coiner of No. .1, miirkoalNo. C J-..
Mallaudaino norllictut coTrn'r.-thence south
SaloliaiuB. tJiui.ci- weat ali'ii!,' rnlornntipmil
liouiiilary line Si chuini, Hienei) ninth 81)
clialns, thence eu_ aSJ cliuiti- to pl"o-> ft ho.
No. 7.- Commnn.'iiniT at ft poit adjoinlni- tho
nortboabteornerof Xo. II, miirked No. 7 h.
Matlftndaine boutlii'i^lconii-i'. tlienco north
f>0 ohfttiM., thiiaa-l-  aa'ost  R) cliaiim,  thonce
soivlh 8J olmlii'), tlienco eaa>t S,) ohanitf to place
of LeafluiilisK.,
Staked and tinted .lime .IHh.
Aitunt for A. J. McO ulro &.Co.
account of low water at the Caecadn
power worke, remains to be seen.
V.Tm. Priest was fined'" fi'and costs
tor helnjf drunk and indecent.
It -.ost.Joe Leo ?5 and costs for being
■lrur.1* and noisy.
' Wm. Fletcher got ti month for steal-
!ng tools.
Sam Htchards got a month for steal-
■nV.nt the fire.
Sam MoroHcpchnrpcd with Etcnlin'-*
•i bottle wan disc'iai <*rd.
Mike Convctkit and Andrew Pnolin
<;ot.Into.the ba8tSlo for lighting matches
ar.d r.tti'inptiii^ to steal in the Waldorf
cellar. '    '
J h-> Dsitininff'on t*ot a month, nnd
liis wife was discharged under isun-
iienilid sentence for taking thin^H at
tho I'm
Mike Da-mcan wais fined $5 and
costs for shooting a mountain sheep.
He hist the sheep.
Albert Little, charged with hreah-
iug through two doors at thc Kama,
wns disi'liiirxed.
S. Walters nnd li. Turney, accompanied by Misses P. Brown and Bella
Elliott hnd .1 Ihriliiuj*: experience on
Sund.iy. They started from Fernie at
an early hour to Climb the Lizznrd
Rfintjc of nio-Jiilnins With the aid of
horses. Arriving at the Summit they
were so enraptured with the scenery
ihey fnr_.-ot nil about lyinfaf their horses
and lhe t-i'iiincs hit the trail for Fernie
Ifiivin-,' the vomit- p,*a*_*la- In (licit- fate.
By the time they re.-ia:hed they city on
foot   llio scenery hnd   losi    its   every
From tho Frank Paper.
Contractor Morino has completed
the excavatiou for tho extension of
the water main up to gold Creek and
is ready for tjie pipe. It was shipped on the ' ICth   ,
Cattle are reported fattening mnch
earlier this year than osaal and in
consequcncc,cspor-t cattle arc'--.begin-
nin? already. On Monday a trnin-
loitd of 18 cars of W. K. stock left
Pincher C-*ce'_-for the east.
John Danlop, of Grady's hardware
store, left for McLeod Tncsday evening, "There-his danghter was married
Wcdnesd-iy morning to'liobert Kcss
of Cranbrook. Tbe bride had been
bookkeeper for Mr. JSra,dy for a number of yearB
The work of catting the trail from
Blairmore to thc South Fork, to connect with the Flathead trail, is about
completed.. Captain Beebo, who inspected thc trail Sunday as far as
then completed, reports it in good
condition, and the. South Fork can
now be reached in "three- hoats' ride
from here. ' .'    "
Macleod is in -receipt of news from
A. F. Grady, who wenc to Ottawa! to
endeavor to straighten out the right
of tangle over the C. P. It. entering
the town, to the effect that the
tronblc had just been adjusted.
Tho ballast trains which have
been working on the line as far cast
as Pincher Creek for some time have
finished for the season and wero tik-
en off 8atorday night. Tlie steam
shovel haa heen moved lo Fernie.
Durlntr thn week the work of re
pairing No. 12 manway in the local
mine, where thc fatal accident occur-
red to Wm, Carmlclical, was completed, and the property Is again In
full operatio.r Yesterday the regular 500 tons dally output was re-
Two fishing parties spent the week
end in the North Fcrk country, and
returned with splendid catches, the
llnc-st, seen thus far this Beason. Both
parties dono their fishing on Campi
and Todd Creeks, tributaries or the]
Fork, and report the sport to have
been of the highest order. In the
one partv were Al Manuel, Dick
Jordon, and Ii Lukhardt, They
brought in over lfiO tront. The
other partv wns composed of It.
St'-eves, J. W. Wolff, Fral Collins,
J. Ia. Pollock and J. H. /Mexcmtler nt
Ft rule This partv brought in the
neighborhood of 400 ilsli It la reported '-Dicky" proved himself the
champion fisherman of tho purlieu,
being credited with catching u'l hut
.'fit of the total !51.r> caught by his
party during the trip.
NOTICE In hon-bvifiven'tliat .10 dayia after
date 1 Intend lia make application to the
cliiof commissioner of Lamls and Works for a
speoial license t o cut nud curry away tinlhiir
from the followim,-ali!!.crilt"l lands, hituateal
on Boundary .creek. West ICootonay District,
No.l.  Cbmmont-iiiK itbout (I miles wost of
' Kootenay river at a jao-.t planted on the
north aide of 'lomulury crceK, markoai No. 1
A. J. MctSuire norlhwent thenco
south 80 chains, tla-ncu wost alone Interna
ttonal houmlniv line SO chains, thenco north
. 8Q chiiiris, theni-e eu>.t SO chains to point of
No.2, Commencini.'at n. post-dno west 1
mile of the not thaa'«»t corner of No. 1 mark-
■ ed Uf). 2'A.i jf. Mclliiiro southwest corner,
tnence north fti cliuins, thonce east SOohains,
. thoneo south SO chiiiim, thenco west 80ohnins
. -to ptacoofcoiiiiiii-iii'Oi-ieiit.    •
No,S. Commcni'ini.-at a post ndjoinine tho
south-west'eorner of No. S, marked No 3 A. J.
r~:McQ'iUrQ nortliwest corner, thence .south .80
chains,"- thence fast lalonir International
houndary 80 chuina, thonce north 80
ohains, thence west 80 chaius to place of be-
No. 4 CommencinRiit a post adjoining tho
norlliwestco-nerofNo.il, marked _o. I A.
J. McOniiar'nortneii-st corner, thence taOuth
,80chains,thencenlon?International boun-
da-ywesC'SO chain*, the nee north 80 chains,
thence east 80chulns to place of comir.ence-
No.S., Commefcin.- at je. post dne west 1
mile of the nnrthweit corner of .No. A
marJiedNo.5 A.J. ilcOna'ro northwest oon
ner, thonce south 8-1 chains, tlienco east
a long International honndury line 8.1 chains
Hience norlli f<0 chains, thence west fk)
caaiiis to.place of comuieiicement.
No. 0. - Commencing at a.post adjoininu the
northwest comer of No. 5. marked No. 0, A.
J. McGuirosoutbwost cornor, tlienco north
80 chain?, then"" ei"*, so cha-ainn. thence
south 80 chains, thence west , 80  chains   to
'  place of commencement.
Staked and dated June iintli.
*--":"•■     A. J.ilcGUIRE
For A./. 2dcOuire_: Co.
1      ™otice
"^h'orizod io
nounce that ihe '
^ will yive an Onioriainmant §
§ in iho iParh, on Uhuraday \\\
«! €voniny, -ffuyust 3rd, for \_
S" tho purpose ofraisiny fnnda g
| in Jtid of \
% mc : : I
| Qfyilbven's |
§ l&bme,   ' f
S of Vancouver.   • S
«s ft
>cs b
rl Ull        a   aauf I     ™_ ajai
To .
■ *
Shirts, Collars, Ties, Hats
and other Gent's Furnishings, at less than cost.
I am going out of these  lines
entirely and want the room
for my New Fall   Stock
Tweeds etc.
Big Bargains.
Mo rc'ii-lrt'Tiillor
Yih.0 tSevsslep
lias Dioved into I'urdy's old utiuul anal lias
now more convenient quarters in ivh(a_i to
display lib* cholco,stock,
Por this week only ho is innking a Maoclul cut
In 0 sizes of	
Ladies' Watches
25  .ear1 Guarantee
Oo3-_ Foiled Gases
Waliham RUovoment
for $12.50
H-eei^s Watches
at $..50, 1.75,
2.50 and 3.00
Five jS_orss
R. A. WRIOHT, U'thbrlilBo:
A. M. WRIOHT, Modicino Hat.
n. W. WRIOHT, Rosthorn.
P. W, WRIOHT. Princo Albert.
THURSDAY HORNING w.e wjjl sell all our Dishes,
Toilet Sels, Plates, Cups and Saucers at Slaughter
. C. & 13. Jam, aii kinds of Canned (tood,--, Cakes, Biscuits, Ten, Coffee etc., al half price. Don't miss the
Sale.  Everything must go to make room for New stock
Pyom-rot Zfa..~iVQPif
& K **
fhe People's Grocer,   P.O. Block, Fernie
Notice is lierehy given that I intend to nr>-
ply to the Chief Commissioner of '.anas
and Works for license to prospeot for Coal
and Petrol*!-*-*-on tho following lunal.-a. Do-
einninft, at a ppst marked R. A. Welsh's
northwest corner, tlieno.e west one mile, thence
north one mile, thence east ono mile, thence
south ono milo to the point of commencement.
July 12th, 1005. por J. it. KorKiison, agent
Notice i* herolay glvon that I Intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of I.nnals and
Worts for licenso to prospect for Coal and
Tctroloum on tho following lands. Ilc-riii-
ninK at a post marked "it A. Welsh's north-
west corner." thunco south one mile, thence
east one mile, thenoo north one mile, tlienco
west ono milo to the point of commencement.
.inly trih, h'-o*". jHir.T. U T'er^aMim, ii.{nii'.
VTotico Nherolir (riven that I inteml to ap-
A.«ulv tn tho Chief Commissioner of i.a'tds
and Works for licenoa to pro..i«ict for Coal
and Petroleum on the folIowiiiK l»-*..'.s he-
(•inninK at a post marked, "R. .V Welsh's
northw«bt corner" thence cast on i mile to the
Elk rivor -tlience north.one rol.'o followiiiK
thobankof the Elfriver. theni-o west ono
mile, thence south ouo mile to pMut pf commencement. ■ ■   '
July 12th, W06.      .  perJ. U.Fer-tmaon.aBent.
Notice ishorohrBia-pn th.it I Intend to np-
plv to the'Chief Commissioner of ".andi-
ondworka for licence to prospect for Coal
and.'Fetroleum on the followim- aleocribt-al
lands. Jlea-innlUK ot a post marked 'It. _.
MoKechnie's nortneait'cornor" thonce avest
one mile,thenco north one mllo, thoneo east
one mile, thence south one milo to point of
July IStli, 1005    .per J. B.  Korguson,  nsent.
Notice is herehy Kiven that I ivill nj'ply to
the Chief•Commi-si'loner of !.?.::•_'•: sr.!
Workaa for l__r.ee to ti-osnr'-t for Coal and
Petroleum on the following linnla. ikftlii-
ning at a post marlieil "J. B. Ker^-iwon'g north
east corner" (planted r.n the iva*t ..horu-sf tha-
Elk rivor one milo north from LVail anal i's.
troleum cl.-aim 137-1) thonce south one ml!.;.
thonce-west, one mile, thenco mirtli one mile,
tbe:i-:o east ouo mile fn point, of eomiutcve-
July l*tli, l'.«>->. J. R. l-r.?.(iL'SON
Notice U hereby kIvcu that t i'ltcnd to sn-
tilyto the Ciller Ccmmli-.I ,n«r of l.iainls
ana Works forlicfr.ie to pr»apei.-t fair L'-'iii
anal Petrola'um on the followim; l.'inils. 1'.-
i:lnnlm-nt a nost r.iarkid "J. 11. Y<ri-'i-a.,n'N
northeast corner, Ili»riiv wf.» ono mil.*. Malice
north onn mile, thence tu tlio v.cst .ihorf uf
the Elk river following the said river tcutli to
tho point of commoi'cement.
July 12th, 1905.      per J. B. KerKimon, a(-cnt.
Notice is hereby Riven that I Intend to op
rlv-tn the Chief Commissioner of Lunal.
and Works for Iit-cuce loprospect for Coal arid
l-etroloum on the followlnc descrlbcil land-.
Bci-iiimnfr&t a post markeal "R. K. lleKcchnle'^
northeast corner'' thence east one mile to the
Elk river, thence north one mile followim- the
line ofthe Elkrivir, thenco west'one iniiii,
thence avjuth ono mile to point of commencement.
"'     W. HART "at'-H ARO
July 12th, ISO.";.     per J. I!, -'en-iison, aueiit.
Any .entertainment of -iny kind
at which'tan■•admission -'fee- is
ch.trgeJ aiid for whitli we have
done the priming, will receive
free notice in .these- columns, and
. ifcompliinen.'_<r}'iicUeU are furnished The Ledce, a yvrilc-iip of
the occurrence will he given.
In all other cases/ notices of
entertainments etc., must be paid
for, and no write-up will he given of any -entertainment unless
tickets fur the same have heen
supplied to. tliis oflice.
Thi-, is nothing more than huv
incss eiiijuette and the courtesy
due an.I extended to the press in
all communities "where ordinary
horse-sense prevails.
NOTICE is hereby Riven, thnt throo months
afterdate, application   « ill  be lnaati- to
tlielairutoiiant (jovernor in Council, by The
by-tlvcn, th
fter date, application   « ill  be lnaati1 to
irutoiiant (jovcriior in Council, by'
Elk Lumber  and  Munufacturiuit Company
Limited, to change Iho name of the Company
to "Tho Elk Lumber Company, Limiteal."
July _), 190.1 Solicitors fonhe Company.
Trites -Wood Co., Ltd.
J*t*ma**m»^-m*a^*^*m_rmirmam^i*a*miiamij**%fi*r*ii—i>  min ii^atmtmaat-aanmamm^tmami^Bmmiamaamaatamamtm
Preserving Time   .    *
Now is the time to lni/'your
Sugar and. Fruit Jars
Prices arc right, in fact the only phice  to  buy  is
from as us wc only deal in car lots—therefore cheaper.
Pint, Quart and IlalNGallon
Fruit Jars and Rubbers
An abundance for every persprj
Come with the crowds
Business is booming-
Feraio, £_Bche?, rtlori-'isscy, CorJ Croak.
0« '.
Chas,  Richards'   Idea!  Blend
40 and GO crnts per -pound
Lou'tr's and Good Willie's
\     **
NOTICE !•» hcreliy civen that.in dnvs after
date I intend to nppty. to the l,lci,nraj
Cotnmisslonerrt for the J'erniii I.lirnce Ul.atict,
for a transafer of my licence to i.ell liiuor hy
retail in tho Amtrnliiin Hotel at Morri.a-cy
B. C, to.Joseph K. Stephens of .Morrlfiicy.-
Datoal at Furnle thi.-i 20th day of June, t.K).">.
% Peanut Butter, .35c per bottle %
"ii *_u.
SL Lettuce. ■ Greet) Onions.- Radishes, -sjj.
% and Turnips, —Fresh Daily. ^
Todd I>lock 18
W, J.-'Wriglesworth, D, D. S,
Ofkick Ilorcct- llio n n.m.,1 to«p.m
Office In Alex. IlN'k'H Ill'iik
overHllnn'aa B.-akory.
raiNIE,        -       -       -     -        n. 0.
- .      'IHI!. l-g-""       ■    ■■>■ '"
Hunt for Lost JHno
On a hunt for a loHt ■ro!d mine. Th/it
is thc uiiHsion of S.-P.Tnntoii."n |iloiiccr
of Skngwny, now a Moiitnnn lift) iiisur-
ance rnnu, nntTblH Vrottif-r Dr. Pant/in
of Portland Oro., nro at present "upon In
Alaska. TIk-V aro Ir. fcarcfi of n tnlnfi
liH-fitciI by fi fi'ltlo'lt Of tho phynlcinn,
to whom he tnjd of It on Ills den I lined
Tho prospector waa ft French Cnnadlnn
.•md the lost property in eupposed to Iw
in (ho iiolffhlsorliat-Kiil of .Iuu«nu.. It in
Hiiid that ivhi-ii tti« j.ro»pei.'lor flimlly
•.•('.iliKi'dtliiitijiiatli ira.-i near Im ciiltc.d
lor paper nml pehVil and excluded nil
from Iho room oxenpt pr. Pmit'in.' To
Uiedoelof hi- -g-nva niinuto dl-et'tiriiiti
'if where ho hhd fniiiidilie,V»"lnvvun:tel,
Ho drev- rmi'-li okoU'lion of the ciatintry
nii'l wlih tli(;]n,ait stroke of the pencil
a_____*_*_„    EJEEDEP
Aniiitially, to Ull' Im nova- p.i»illoni! ercaloal
by Itallroitil nii'l Tit'ottrnpli l.'imipftiiie». We
want. YOUNG MEN »i"l LA0IE3 of K"oal
haialta", to
\Vn furnlaah 7.'a pair emit, of the Orwrntnra
nnal Stntlon Acent.1 In Amerien Our »lt
aaulio'ilanre theliir^eat nxrluHlvo Tiilncrapli
5-ftho'ila IN THE WOHLp. Ka.tnlillslie'1 :i)
va.'iiria aa.na! oiaalorsijal lay ,ifi InnilluK Raillwiiv
W'ooxiictttii n t'ilri r„>nil to every utinlunt
to furnluh hlin or htr ii ponlilun jaiiylinr
from M" to tflln mon Hi In ritnti'ia-a-r. nf the
itocky Moiintnln*!, or from til. tit Hit) n
iriont.li In Htfili'd av.i^h nf thn Ilaia-klca, IMMEDIATELY UPOM GftAQUATION.
Kttialoiita onii enf-r ut nny time. So v«.
i-ntluii-i. For full p.irti«iilnri ri),'iirali,i-r ury
of oiir.-VhnaiU wnln illicct tn oiirntL-uUlli-r
olllcat lit C'lna-llihiitl, O,   (JaUlnKiii free
Cl-ci.-nstl, Ohio, BuiTnlo, N. Y.
AllanU Ga, LaCroni), V/is.
Tflxark-da, ff*. San ff-nciicn. Cnl.
It requires a. deal of tlunktiifj, and   the   more gj
thinking* thc less money to do the work.
The more you think about it,   the   more   you
will realize the value of       :        :        :
If there is one newspaper in British Columbia
that is thoroughly read, ru^r-fiing, evening
and Sunday, it is THE LEDGE, and il is
read by those with intelligence/enough to appreciate and money enough to buy your goods.
Letter Heads
I'lalill   llllll  III V.l   111 A
i-ra-ai'. vnrlety "f flnta
& Note Heads $&tf\7Ka
IkmUi'i nnvi'iilor, nt 'li"
-The Lodge
MillloiiH lu Coiipcr
Soirtf! Id-''i ol tin1 v.iliio of u irnoal low
,'tnala'. t-oppur niiuii uuiv Im ffiiliu'd from
isiii'ly nf Iliii lil.-aiory ol tin- (.'iilimii't h
Hli'-'lal iliirill^ till) palMt llflDCII VC'll'H.
Tins HirnilliHt yiun l.v dividend [Kiid to
iitochli.dilii-a'l'ii'lii^iliiit tlnm niniiiiiit«'d
to a niilllon nud a hull am! tho lur^col
ono to ton million. Tho tutal of divl-
dcfidri paid diiiin^ tlm pc'loal nailiod
wns llfty-Hlx niididii.". Tin? toinp/iny
Is coiiitrui'.tini." ■•■■■■! Iiniii')ii<>i! tlcdrlciil
plnnt, which \" cnli'iil.'iii'il to iniitciliilly
lo.iaini tlmo|riiiiin;-' i-K|ti:ifo:i r.f thn
propurty mul liicit'iinu itii dMdcinJ
pnyliiff •■■ipiictl.y.
_^rl. V3 ^
ttit^rmrvt wifrv***


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