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The Ledge 1905-04-05

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 . «-■■/-  f
i ?;iifv^
-is'" ••") V*;
,-a »'
I      1   1*
♦jfe   "* _    ilLd&Bj   2-4       -*»*     *** Hi    *^f >*/, ,**"""■* 'ij1
Mr. Biggs It was ono of tho best entertainments ever given in Fernie.
-WbenAI Bizzuto leased the* Roma
1  te
A' P. WaUcct, p. P. took a prisoner to
KeUon on Suodoy..
F. J. Mitchell will move io th9 *L. T,
W. bltwk about the 16th. '       .   f •' '
Bobh—In Fernie on March ,150th, the
wile ol F. J. Mitchell of a ton.
One of the signs of oprl'ng Is thu new
awning put up by W. C. Hamllon Co.
Messrs Digby & Wslde have the contract for building the Anglican rectory.
Tbo millinery openings in Fernio7 last
wee!* were financially, and artistically a
aneoAm. '    -
Tbe King's hotel will be reopened
Hotel he rented the dining and bed
room deportments toother parting who
couaJocted their branch of the bm-lneSs
In sacb an unsanitary condition that-Al
called loathe i-ealtb inspector. aud had
them ejeevla: Ho has now put thr
Roma in v.position and .condition to
command o good trade, and under his
own management the/hotel should* easily do a large busl-pxs.
The Knights oi I'-.thla-i gave an   At
[Home In the.Oddk-llow'u Hall on Mon
thtoeveringunder the management'of dar erenlng upon the occasion  of  the
Wm'Mills.                                     "    IvisU of Noble BinAs.S R and P Q   C.
E. H. Bird's children, who hare been   m *"   -■-* -■ -•"■'-••*-
ill with,the scarlet fever are rapidly
Mrs. Fred Handley will Iw operated
on at the hospital In a few days tor
appendicitis. , .^
After the May session' of the Grand
Lodge the Rathboue Sisters will organize »« Fernie.
There were eight settlers at the Waldorf on Saturday night upon their way
to locate In Alberta. ._    _____
Last week Oscar Bunstrota sold' his
residence to P. R, Lundie, aud removed
bis family to Calgary.
Bare your eyes examined by Dr. A
Howe**ho will boat the Hold Fernie
from April 7 to 12, Inclusive.'   '   ' * *
There are no new. cases of scarlet
fever lo the city, and all patients suffer j
ng from it are out of danger.
Every purchaser of a watch at C. Q.
Da can have several .tunes of musle
played without extra-charge.
Steve Irwin, taremaa ot the .B. C.
Telephone crew has gotie to Rossland.
S6toa->k Hodge's des with bin*. - --'" <■
One or two UgJitfl have "occurred'is
feruie lately that did net take place in
-the Opera House, and for which no admission waaacharged,
Ds*. A. Howe, eye specialist,' will-be at
the Hotel Feinie fr.ira April 7 to 12 pro
jwsred to scientiflcally ana successfully \
-treat all optical defoots '
At a recent meeting of tha police
icommlssloners, P. C. Burrows was not*
*stle4 that bis cervices would aot b*->e-_
quired after April 80th.
A first-class Ore escape is to be put ta_J
.■from the upper floor of tbe .-Hotjl "ffar^
-ote."; Later it'Itr the _intentaon. J«tj<fco
fBUintigement to add anotber^storiy and
-put ia sn elevator.
W. \V. Tuttle acted as chairman and
short and able speeche-u were delivered
by Mossrs liookes, Mott, Rosa, Kobson,
Dunn and others. Want nl space for
bills a lengthy report. There are 85
Knights in town, and tlm Lodge is to tie
placed oii a solid .basis.
*. W.'W. Tuttlo will open his hotel on
Saturday the bar will bo conducted
by Mr. Tuttle,and the rooms, and din
ingroo n by C. Leo. The bar and fixtures
came from Chicago, and cost $3,000.
The bar is called the Delmonte. The
dining room will be run strictly short
order, and will be the first of the kind
in a B.*C. hotel. All the delicacies of
the season will be procured daily from
Spokane and other points, and _the service will be continuous. The dining
room is 28 x 80 feet. The kitchen has a
French range, and electric fans. Tbe
house has 18 bedrooms, parlor, writing
and bath rooms, and is heated with
hot aliv'Tbe bar haa a marble base
aroun<nt_ and iii lighted with 23 elec
trie lights , Few bars equal this O'je In
the west.   In the Ore last ,'AprU Tuttle
lost ."36,000	
BY-LAW NO.  11
There1 Is considerable opposition in
the city towards the temporary loan bylaw to raise «3O00, the voting on which
takes plaee on Saturday. Many argue
that they aro afraid to entrust the
Council with that amount of money for
fear that it -will be wasted foolishly,
and that tho defeat of the' by-law means
_ Council mot on Friday.
. It was decided to ask the city attorney for a written opinion upon the
rights of the city to take water from
Fairy or other creeks outside of the city
limits, also the. right-of-way through
lands.' '   '
, It was agreed to appoint a new committee to confer with Mr. McDoogall
re I airy Creek water supply.
It waa decided to employ an engineer
at oncetto give estimates upon., water
and sewer system
The clerk was instructed to write tbe
manager of the Union b-.uk at Leth-
briilge'asking'hitn what he would
charge for a piece , of ground. between
railway a'nd*Elk.river to oo used as a
The Mayor reported making enquiries
re water in Vancouver and stated that]
Mr. Tracey wan willing to come to
Fernie anil mak'ean estimateas to cost
ol a water system. Has nis-) repotted
that SOU damages were claimed by the
B.C. Telephone Co., and that the
lawyers claimed no knowledge of a sale
to the Coal Co, Lawyers claimed gond
chance tor an appeal against the judge
ment recently given by tbe Supreme
court in favor of tho B. C. Telephone
Council met on Tuesday evening.
Mr. McDougall asked 95,800 for the
use of his water right on Ferry Creek.
Nothing done in the matter.
The cemetery question was discussed
and tho .committee urged to do something
Aids. Cree and Tutile were appointed
a committee to wait upou tho C. N. P.
Coal Co and obtain an offer re supplying the city with water.
lt was decided to close the case with
the B. C. Telephone Co. and notify the
city's Vancouver lawyer* to aend in the
bill of costs, and return all papers connected with the caeo.
Adjourned until April 10th'.
torial, evidently vv
manager of the' Cr<
Co., which te rathe
miners.in thecollitsri'
Herc'it'iBi-    s '*
-, ■-The other qaeitf
difficult to,hand!e. *;f
the minert attitude
because it tarns rat
ic than a human Itar
further because the1''
puted by the employ
of Sunday labor
•' necessity."   In th
monopoly In.the'Cro
company claim'tfiat
terestin the drib which j
towns of Mlch3l,'CoalCrt&. and Carbonado monopolize ttie tia-jiness; and
further thai .they are-«pK within
their rightain kcepifp tiese as closed
towns if they wtifc'Wiug they own
them.   Legally the Iatte|proposition
Price, ,$2 a Year, in Advance
^!£^w*^i!^!«!>i!i ^*^.i^i^li.y.i.y.^yA^i, '*%£*i_.l&^i-_&_p'_i
-"*- -/T*- -f*- •''* '•a. tk* t,* t.* ti*   ft* ft* tl* *t* ft* ft* ft* tl* ft*   ft* ft* ft* ft* tl* ft* fl*
e dis
nee is
t Pas-s the
iiave no in-
the close
Jiorally it is
indelensible, when w«-.ffke into ac
cannot bo questioned.
count that the workmett_rfre by force
of clrcumstance3.'compelfe9 to live in
the towns ow'ned,by tuelrfcmpioyers,
adjoiDing'tbe mines. "JThcre being
no alternative they-charily become subject to, the conaiticns that
The most important piece of railroad news this week is the fact that
the Spokane & International Railway
people are going to construct a wagon
road up the Moyie to the International line. There is a good road
from BonnersPerfv to the Moyie and
with the construction of the road up
the Movie, we shall have a wagon
j road from Bonners FeiTy to thn In'
ternational line, a dirtance of about
35 miles.. . !,
. This piece of information  is'iriipor-
tant at this time, meaning as it does
that  BQpplies  for  the    construction
work ol the new railroad for the entire distance will be freighted ont
from Pon.iers Ferry.   This town will
therefore become the most important
supply point on the entire line, and
will profit very greatly by reason of
these favorable conditions.   Bonnera
Ferry will  be the biggest  railroad
camp in the entire country.   It is not
unlikely that the leading contractors
will have their headquarters herr,
and the volume ot business that will
be done in Bnnners Ferry in the next
eighteen months will be something
enormous    It is not an exaggerated
figure to print when we predict that
there  will be 2. COO  working  men
in the construction camps tributary
to this place. —Bonncrs Ferry Herald.
_&_i&$& $&&%$$^$v$$.*&_x£_vt£-i>-*
ft* ft* ft* fi* ft* ft*, ft* fi* ft* ft* ft* fi* ft* ft* -ft* tt* ft*
sr*.OP_o_ot ypo^i^r^o^i^i^^y*
ft* ft* ft*tt>ft* ft* ft* ft* ft*
Horns are froquently ^*bamefully
treated lu Fertile by brutal drivers,
-and a branch of the society for preventing cruelty io animals might '■ do flome
business in this city.
L*>t Saturday F. Burns & Co. re-
•ctived a carload of meat, fowl, eggs,
-and butter. There was ia ton of dry,
aband-plcked ducks, chickens and tur-
ieya in the shipment.  ■
The contract for the now building of
-theC. N. Trading Co. will be let next
nreek. SlncaMr. Barcley came to Ferule It is reported tbat T. Eaton has hit
•the trail for more hone-vad fidds.
Mable, the little danghttr of Wm
Mills, Baker aronue, died ou April Ut
lrom ocarlot fever. The funeral took
place on Sunday. Scott & Ross conducted the funeral, and Rev. Dunn the
burial services.        .,
A. Dixon and wife, E. E. Ware and
wife, and Mrs. Hudson and children,
all from Mountain Home. Idaho, were
At the Hotel Feruie this week. -They
ware on their way to Red Deer, Alberta,
where they will settle on stock ranches
C. H. Lerers has resigned his position
.on the city police force, and will go
north in a month to work with * Q. T.
P. survey party undnr the leadership of
Harry Cummltia. John Beaudoin has
.taken tbe place of Mr. Levers upon the
-police force.
Having completed his duties iti Pernio, G" C. Hodge leaves this  week
tbe Boundary with a fat check In
pocket.   He will always remember
coal metropolis as a place  of Htlrring
event*-, but is thankful that his dog did
mot loso its ears.,.
Ga*torge Carruthers is opening it tailor'
iflhop in Rogers' old stand.' He is an old-
Aimer in Fertile, and waa burnt out in
the great fire of last April loolng overy
•dollar bo had ou earth. He is now enabled to again open a shop, atid will no
■doubt do a large business.
Joseph "Perc, a miner from Coal
•Creek died In the hospital last Saturday
inm inflammation ot tho bowels. He
•was burled In the Fernie cemetery on
Bunday afternoon. Hla mother, ono
olstor and two brothora came in from
Lethbridge to attend ihe funeral.
The patient In tho hoepltal who lost
bis foot and'handshy amputation some
time a*.o has boon removed to the Siu-
tera hoiplul In Cranbrook. Ho is without s dollar and has no rotative.-, and is
In his presont sad condition through lying outside when the thermoraotor waa
awoy bolow itoro. , .,    •  .   ■
Tho cantata, Agatha, glvon in Fernio some time ngo by the choir of tho
Methodist church Is to bo reproduced In
Cranbrook on the 15th of April for tho
boncflt of tho reading room In that
burg. A delightful treat It) In More for
Cranbrook, as undor tho guidance of
Vancouver;—The Crows Nest Southern railway is being sued by; the Fernh
Lumber Company (or 59-2,533.®. Thc
case arises from tbo forest fires which
devastated large areau: oi the-Crows
Nest Pass timber country last_ August.
About 85,000,000. feet of standing timber
was destroyed aud 1,883,833 feet ot-' logs
went up in smoke as well as two mites
of logging tramway, all. belonging to
tbe Fernie Lumber company.
  The lumber company clairaa that the
the resignation of our present Council, fires originated from a right of way
The purpose of the bylaw is to raise which wob being, cleared for iharall-
f-Ukdafortbe^iotoation ,ot ^payipg-the way.. It is. asserted that the. fi<ev grew
^ilW-**tk*f«skV^item*^iJi^ tfwiBfc1o*:.li*^t^^ 'co-np
waiting until the taxes are paid In June *"",v "nrf '
it' does net effect the taxes,  and if
passed will enable tbe city, to pay  its
debts at once, aud saretho risk of cases
In court for debts. **"
any and its _t»ntnictors in permitting
the burning of debris in months when
clearing fires ate prohibited,
Mr. Leblanc and fatully bave removed
to Alberta.
Dr Howe, «n optician from Montana
is in the-dty.
J. H. MeMulUn, C.«f P.PM went to
Cranbrook yesterday.    ' ''"'..-.=..
Thomas Pogue has gono on a two
monthi trip tc Idaho. r,
A J. Mott bas returned from a trip .to
Nelson, Spokane aud other points.
W. C Hamilton spent Sunday In
Cranbrook visiting his mother and sis-
.•er9«' '''■'"'    '*- ■"' :'"'"'
J. L. Gutes has returned from hie
trip to Washington with renewed
Miss Gertrude Moore came in from
Red Deer last week to act as typewriter
for Eckstein & La we.
Mrs. Reid, matron ot the hospital waa
called to Luusden last week owing to
the death ot her lather.
L P. Eckstein has returned from his
trip tb Kelson. He found the smelter
city slightly troubled witb ennui.
J. C. Carruthers was in town this
week from Nelson, and says that he
always finds business'good lu Ferule.
J. F.Spalding has put a fine cabinet
on exhibition in front of tho L. T. W.
block.   Tho photos speak tor their producer.
, It. W. Coulthard has gone to Toronto
for a few months.   He Is still suffering'
from an Injury received whllo playing
hockey last winter
Mrs. Arnold Wallenger returned to
Fort Steele last week having recovered
from the illness that confined hor to thu
Fernie hospital for many days.
Dr. Bishop of Cranbrook on behalf of
the 0. P. K. haa n»de a special examination of tbo injuries received by S. U.
Sllnn In a train wreck last winter.
Mr. Marks who has been suffering
from blood poisoning in ono of his hands
for threo weeks has gone to Frank to
visit his ulster and rest for a fow days.
A plontaatit surprise party was given
VV. J*. Morrison and his wlfo last Wednesday ovoiiln
Sheppard & Elliott nave a pet red
squirrel in thoir store that is thoroughly domesticated. Ho runs about the'
shop without auy fear, and last Sunday
getting lonesome he smashed a few' dollar's worth of lamps in search of a cure
for ennui. He has a fine cage in which
he runs the only wheel game allowed in
Fernie. Last fall every time he got
out of the cage he got busy laying
away stores for tho winter. He packed
a keg of nuts oue by one into the cage,
and had stolen all of Bruce Brown's'
nuggets before his quarters were examined for discovery. He is certainly
a pet, but the firm will not advertise
him for sale.
In ringing up the Central telephone
office do not yell, but speak clear and
gentle A great deal of aiitioyonco hae
been caused at thc Contral by loud
calling at the operators. Education is
necessary iu the handling of telephones
in order to save the operators from earache. In calling up over the phone if
you should wish to make a second call
immediately remember to ring off and
wait a minute beforo making the second
call In Fernie thc phono does not ring
off when you put the receiver up so
always turn tho call when you ~ -
through    "■"
AC. P. R. brakesman by the name of
Mtllor was brought to the hospital on
Monday evening in an unconscious condition. He was knocked off a railway
coach a few miles west of tbe city by a
sagiring telcKraph wire or an overhead
brlilgo.   His recovery Is doubtful.
At Coal Creek last week John Kior
fell on his doorstep, and sustained a
fracture of the skull. He Is In the hospital and his recovery is doubtful. All
his upper limbs are paralyzed.
exist.   Oue'ofth^wndltlonsisthat
there is only one .'store 'iVfcacli town.
it belongs,to the 'same* Una, and the
principal par.rieVin thai Brm is a
relative of* tbo financiarj^irector of
the rompany. This syrtem pratically
perpetuates*^**- itei'most'objectionable
form tbe ''wril.ny'sliop^of the Old
Couutry, the esfatence"6l, which was
put an end to many yowsago by the
Truck Act.   It'"was held there, and
assuredly is liere,"thayvben a workman has earned his wagea be has a
rigto to spend facia without let, hindrance or compulBibn. theoretically
the Crow'a Nest employee! bave this
privelege, practicallyijtb^y are deprived of it by the r«ft&fp» the company to sell any land,laail to allow
any competltion'in 6*wres>|'pbjcction-
abhfas the systeb'-wonia^be even it
it could be eheWa that theifencrs did
not suffer .mon-i^ftrs'^I^ in conse
quence, staa^ el^j^hajn-itT wirald involve a 'ca>toU,i^eJ^]lfc%»'* rights.
and a meaBa»^(|^^^_;*ntij^|
»Ww>rar«*i*-*» «•'•*»
it becomes a positive actofWression,
and injustice when the result;is to
curtail   thc earning power* ot the
workmen's wages by pennilting.tbe
monopolise to charge excessive,prices
for their goods.   The miners ■assert,
and assume the riMponsibilitfof^rab-
iishlng tho statement, that-in these
closed towns they pay from 15 to 20
per cent, more tor tbe same goods as
the merchants of Fernie, which is an
open town, charge. ThiB is only1 what
we should expect.   The one object ot
monopolies is to cinch, and the one
object of corporation owned and closed
towns is to aid thc cinch.   Whether
the.CfealCo. have any direct,interest
in the monopoly   stores we do not
know, that is' not pertinent to the issue, in any case tho result la the
same, their employees are at the
mercy of a monopoly  from whom
alone they can purchase the actual
necessaries ot life, this syBtem'was
created, and is perpetuated by the
Coal Co., and they  must therefore
take the responsibility.   Just J*what
that may mean bas not yet fully developed, but the resolution passed at
the Convention referred to is under
stood to be the prelude to a positive
demand for the abandonment of tho
present store monopoly by throwing
open the closed towns to other tradesmen, or an advance in wages equi
yalent to the extra oost of tho neces-
sories ol life under the cresentsystem.
That the uliuers desire to be perfectly
fair is evidenced by the tact that they
arc willing to abandon their application it the Company will guarantee to
charge the same prices at the monopoly stores as rule ij^^aSfn-**i   -*-e
nearest open town. WfjAt^ue they
will find it difficult, iffjSJf.S-'osslble,
The death of Jim Wardner is reported
from El Taso,Texas "Jim has been'reported dead several'times in  the past,
and the writer would fain believe that
this report is false, but  the evidence
points  the   other way.   Jim   was  a
prince   in many ways, and   made a
freight car or two"of money during hie
day, but never tied many string! on it.
Every old time trail blazer and prospector between Alaska and Mexico will
regret to hear that Jim  has  climbed
the shaft and gone where  the Indians
do not break in and scalp the inhabitants, and where gold is used for paving
stones.   Thoeditorof this  paper  had
planned a long  expedition  with Jim
from which each  expected to make a
million, but the be't laid plans often
evaporate.   Jim han gone prospecting
in a formation from which  none have
ever returned, and left ua to fight the
Indians alone in Fernie, although when
his will is read we may be a millionaire.
"Gond-bye Jim, and take keer of yer
__u*/u Vi»pl".'*   May your wings be the whitest
and the band never goes off shift.       "i*«i
% '" ■'",   From the Tlidoa    '
About 150 men are working on the
Zinc smelter at Frank.
A short order restaurant has beon
opened in Frank, to he known as the
Frank Cafe, by J. H. Johnson.
Wedding invitations are out announcing the wedding'of; Miss'-Ethel
Dickson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
James-Dickson, of McLaren's mill, to
Mr. Raleijrh Coff-iy, to take plac« in
the Methodist church here on Wednesday, April 1 Ith.
G. H. Findlay who ha3 been for
some time connected with tbe ollict-
ol the C<°ul company at Coleman, wiiti
lately in charge of the hank thri-e.
left last Saturday for Cliicag .1 when
he will make his future home.
M. McKenz'e, of Macleod, ncconi
panied by John Aiid, ot the Winnipeg branch of the.Canadian Iiitnk 0!
Commerce were visitors in town Inst
aS-iturday. Mr. Aiid was looking tin-
district over with a view of 'it-catiu't
a branch of the llank of Cominerct
here and wa3 favorable impressed
with Blairmore as a loeatiou.
The coke ovens at Coleman nre alt
flrcd up and nearly twice as much
coke is being turned out there than
there was before the latestrike. Additional miners are being put to
work at the mine arid the coal out
put will shortly reach as great n tonnage as ever before and bids fair to
be much increased. Around the
town things are a little quiet yet,
but business is steadily picking up
and alter next payday the merchants
believe that business will again be
as good as ever.
i'rom the f.filater
It ia reported on gond auth-.ritv
that Messrs Brcckenridge & Lund
have been awarded the C'-ntraC". of. '
building the ten miles of railroad between Yahk arid the I-reniaiioiinl-
boundary line, and that the dirt will
be flying within a few woeks. The.
heaviest wurk on thc line U between
the boundary niid Bonncrs Ferry.
Y'Uik stiitim. promises to Ik- i_uitp a.
lively point during const rue; ion.
Tom Cavern. Jsick S.vina-irt'-n,-' Frank
OlappHiid F. .1. MeM.-iliun mv. n_-plying lor liquor licenses, .sud- in all
probability there will be one or two
stores opened there.
Tne St...Eugene mine broke all
previous records for thc month nf
March. During the muuth 3700 tun-J
of concentrates.-■ were milled ami _
'shipped. This ia considerably ov. v
100 tons a -day, which is saiil.to.be
the capacity nf the mill. As it tnkt-s
about four tons of tho ore as it -conies
from the mine to make.a ton of con-
cei'tratcs it vi ill be seen that nearly
15,000 cons were baudU-d. Of the
concentrates made, 2300 ton3 were
shipped to (Jermanv, 800 to Belguim
and the remaining GOO tons wero
seut to Nelson and Trail smelters.
A representative of The  Star this
week bad au interview on this  all
important matter with * arties known ^p^iion of Feraie sl.o«-n malice in
to be able to speak   with authority  Ua attempt to interfere with the opera
  — .a—. .1.
The Vancouver Province printu the
following report of the B. C. Telephone"
Co's case against Fernie.
The plaintiffs seeking a perpetual in- ■
'miction nnd exemplary damxges, -the
case oi the. British Columbia Telephone
Co. vs. the corporation of Ferine came
to trial in Supreme Court before Mr.
Justice Morrison.
His Lordship held that the plaintiff
company was entitled to a pei'i«tui*.l injunction. He, however refused to consider exemplary damages ue justlfit-d
under the   circumstances.    .Had   the
A myelins; of the Baseball Association
of Fernie was held at the Napanee hotel
on Monday evening, T. H. Whelan was
in the chair and stated the object of the
meeting. Tho following officers were
elected unanimously
R. G. Drinn'ti, honorary president,
B. W. Wood, honorary vice-president
Fred Stork, honorary president
James Sloan, vice president
C. W. D.ivey, secrctarv
N  E. Su-.ldaby, treasurer
. .A communication was read from the
Rossland club and discussed. It wae
decided that fernie was tu-j distant
from tho t'iwns comprising the circnit
to piny anything but independent, ball,
and the secretary was instructed to not
ity Rossland to that effect. Adjourned
until Friday evening. Apr'l 7th.
from what transpired in the course of
the conversation we gathered t at it
is, after all, the intention ofthe Canadian Pacific ttailway Co. to begin I
tfal Rail-VHy'fn "thViraiuc^£-i"ta3;future| ^>
not withstand ing all reports to the
contrary, and carry it tb'cbmpletinn,
if possible, before the snow flies again.
Our infoi mant also says tho estimates
of the company for the current year
include an item sufficient to - cover
the c»")st of construction ot the entire
line from Golden to Fort Steele.
Couple this with the present activity
openly displayed arouud the C. P. It.
yards here and it would seem to convince anyone that the assertion contains more truth than poetry. However, we have uinnv reasons to believe that things will shortly assume
definite shape.   Gulden Star.
tions of the plaintiff company, then tlio
decision in the matter of damages might
have been different.
The plaintiff company was represcnt-
eilbvMr.JUU.McMiittipa, K.-  C. aud..-..-.   *   •
aiit8ra"pi'«ai"':'d^^fen^^'rlCT-XnisoB.-K^^    _.-.*,.'    .
a man
will liiiaa i» aimtv..',  -■ «^.^r^y          «... «.-.--r. 	
to  refuse  this  rea^^icqneBt.   this city by making dog 1
Should unwise counsc^jM^l, and thorn.   It ia a very olev
the issue have to be fi
can bc.but ono resu
enlightened country
Tho Foresters.
During tho last four yoars the Foresters In Fernio havo had vory few meetings At ono last week it was decided
to increase thn numbor in tho future,
't'hcio should bu a largo attendance nt
.     .  , ...     tho meeting called for Tucadav, April
by thoir many friends. 25th a3 upoI1 „mt0vening tho election
ofotllcers will tako'place,'ili'iu"oitior important business transacted. All Korea*
tors are oxtmilled a cordial Invitation
to bo proseut
IUllcd ut Colomnn
Two miner*, John Zatkl md Mlko
Kublnlc wore killed Inst Monday at
Coleman wldlo thnwlng dynamito on
their cabin stove. Both are Austriaus
and havo futnlllc* In Europe.
Sja^ftft'eo and
M. McDonald, of Calgary, hns just
completed a trip along the Crow nnd
reports business on the roof He is a
member of tho linn nf McDonald, Simpson & Co. "Little Mhc'' as he is called
by his friends deserves all the nuccess
can possibly come his
He lias liveai '.0 years in Cal-
He. remembers the time when if
 took all tbo laud between  the
great cow camp and the Hat to a bank
he could not raise i-l.50 on it. Now all
has changed and Mac is up to his neck
in monetary clover. It is all duo Mac
for ho is mire of an angel than any man
wo bave seen from Calgary.
Editor •.kixib
Sir—The city council of  Fornie
are doinjr much to educate the youth of
catchers out of
... . ating si|*ht to
ne of boys roping untaxed dogs
The   construi-tion of the   nei-es^ar;
.vor!-s goi*s merrily along     The'fonn
dations for tlio. building to contain' tha-
haulage engines are beiiii tin j- in   th-
rear of the lam; rocm.   The machinery
ia now being removed from the rnir.s ni
the tild building, which was close tn the
power house to the tite of   the  new
building.   Three new lviilers are to be.
installed to furnish power for the haul
age engine    An expert fnnn  tho Dayton Machinery Works is-U|iei'iiatoiidin*;
tl.e removal aiid re-'crection of this machinery.
lt is reported that a contract for the
erection of the Steele tipple has been ..let
lo a Chicago firm
Tho regular Board of Examiners, con
sistingofD. Martin, chairman; J. Mc-
Climent and T. Bigns, (representing T.
Addison) met on Monday for the pur
pise of exmniniu.* applicants tor certificates for competency aa coal miners,
Fifteen out of the seventeen applicunt.i
Tho delegation from the Unions will
hold 11 second conference with tho C'*al
Co. at Feruio todny.
Music and tablo game« tre.v the dji't-r
of tho evening with a dainty ropast at
the finis.
Dan McDonald, one of tho proprietors
ol tho Mauitoba Hotel, Cranbrook,
spas-ted through Ferule on Sunday, on
his way back trom Detroit wliero holms
been visiting his kin since lust December. Dnn id a universal favorite, and
his many friends are pleased to see him
Ngain In Koat Kootenay.
Another Telogi,
John Talt, a8sistao*"'jgJ3tendent
of tho C. P. ft. telogra*Jt''sj'm camo
iu from '.Viunipog last _f*£*_£jtt' m^n
arrangements for a coii7_**j&!.^ofiico in
Fornie, us tbo pressin*J_^_,'*-ja'l vnoss  is
too great at tho rail*   ^JA.i      l'hls
hmoi a'.ion ivill bo a
to business people
load from   Mr    Fy!
I'alt is a vory picas
looks like a priest
liko a Methodist p
parish.   Mr. Talt
in Winnipeg,
znns console
qu'.toa arc e
I n Bi^n of a go
see a ga
ud dragging them through the streets
towards the pound
The cutting off of
do_-s' cars and laying them before our
dignified city duds along with an nffii
davit shows how advanced nud civilized
we aro becoming ia municipal government.
Yours Dogfully
Hiram Cooley.
liusy  Pincher
T. L«bo'„ of l"i 11-.-I-.tir-Cra'.-i'U ••>;<". '.a
Fernio this week on his way from a
trip to Seattle and other points' Mr.
Lelh-I is ono of the. pioneers of Pincher
having lived thclr'21 years, and walt-hed
th.- town grow since tho first cabin was
erected. Ilo states that Pincher is now
well nn the way to prosperity, and is
showing his laitli in ita future by commencing this week tho erection of a
tatonc block that will tost 5'2.r),000.
Pick tho Prevaricator.
Tho Nelson Tribune says that tho
Trites-Wood Co. bus commenced operations upon their new store building In
In an interview in the Winnipeg Freo
Press, Mr. Wood, of the Trites-Wood
Co. states that his Grin wiU commence
their msw store building in Fernio next
A local parnpraph in the t-'ernlo Freo
Press states that tho Trites-Woud Co.
will probably nut Ouiiii'meir now oioaik
until next year.
Appeal Dismissed
A telei.-r.ini from Vancouver was re-
colvoil yesterday announcing that tlio
appeal entered by the Crows Nest 1'iiss
Coal Co against thn tniiitiou of costs in
the Leo case nnd questioning tho juris-
lillctiou to tax was disallowed.
C*., anil Mr. EHgar'Bloomfield.
At the outset Mr. Wilson  request";d
an ailjournment in order that ho might
be able to present to the court dettils
concvrniiiir a reported   agreement   011
the part of the British Columbia Tela:-
phone. Company, to sell out its interests
in the Fernie Telephone system to Ihe
Crows NVat Pass Coal Co..   Mr. Wilson   .'
••tated that Mr. Alfred Stork, Mayor of
Fernie, who arrived in Vancouver yc-s-
tertlay, had telegraphed Mr. Ci. G.  S.
Lindijay, an pflicer cd the coal company
requesting iufuruution aj to hew runt-    -
ters stood between llie telephone company aud thc coal company with  refer-
to the telephone, system.   Thisotoriiing
Mr. Liudsay replied    'ihjs   telegtr.iii
was th'-n re.td by counsel.   Mr. Liudt-ay
stated that tbe telephone enmr-any h.td
transferred its. interact  iu   the  Fernie
j telephone system to the coal cnmpai.y.
on February Ith, ar.d that since  that
date the telplnne  eomn-.ny's  di-tri'-t
sn-.>erititcndent h«al  been   working "iu
F'Ttiie for the caial company.
Mr AVi'son also pivjuled thnt till
Marchlil.-t Mayor Stork had not been
aware of the transfer.
Why, if he had known it, would
Stork havo sent such an idiotic t«;le-
Kram to Mr Lindsay asked Mr. Wilson us he held the mes*a'-c in hi* han»l.
Well, since you have used the term,
I would like to know too, replied  tho
Mr. Wilson thought thnt as tho tt !••-
phone company had trnnsfi-rred its i*i-
terests in Fernie it had no rights whatever in its present action.
Mr. McPhilllps contended that though
the defendant has ceased to be in & po-
sitinn to annoy the plaintiff, yet the lat-
j ter wns still cutitled to the injunction.
! Counsel  characterized   as   absolutely
fahe in its intent sent by Mr. Lindsay.
Accordiii)* to Mr. MePhillips Mr. Bloom-
field knew through his examination  of
Mr II. W. Kent, general superint-niil
ont of tho telephone company, that tln^
company had not withdrawn from Fer-
, uie, und would not do eo till thu works
! thero were completed, and they aro not
yet completed.
According to statements mado to tho
court, the British Columbia Telophon-e
Co. hns agreed with the Crows Nest
Pass Coal Co to refrain lor ono vear
from attempting to install 11 tulophom
system in Fernie.
Toward the conclusion of   his aro-e
ment Mr. Mrl'hilllps  asked th? ,vt_r;
tn arnti'. a perpetual injunction r-nr-iir
ing tli« cnrporiititin of Fernie fiuiji'"^.'-
terfering  with   the   plaintiff fO'rrp.u...*
and to  award   suMiintiiil   p>-ji-.h .-»•■..
damages in view nl tlio. fact thni-  \'c.
nic had sought lo prevent thn pi.v.nt ■
(iiiiii  doing certain   things   iv'iiw'-.
knew tbo company had 11 perfect ri„-! •
to do
Court adjimrtit'd Ht  1-i.ilO o'r'■■• ■•'■•   ••.
■J UO oVioek    At the reHUmption ■■;'  t:-. 1
1 sitting, Mr W1I1011 made his «:.:'..:,. -'.*
I fur t!ie defence. Son &Co.
L.T.W. Block, Fernie, B. C.
Agents in Ferric for T, G. Proctor, Nelson
OppoiiU the Da-pot, FEIWIE
The home for railroadmen
and lumbermen.
Finest   Liquors and Cigars.
a*. "^"^"■-'^-fi.i,,-.-j^*V...,,,,-,.
In Fernie, is a pleasant
home' for: all who travel.
Booms reserved by wire.
«|* A «$*
Ti. Wheton, Manager
C",    , «    lea   i
1 '.  t r      "i
The Ledge.
. T. LOWEB.Y, Editor and Flnanoior.
Tin: LEDGE U published every Wednesday
in Kernio, B C.   Tlio prico is <S a year.    '""
tiiini. rutencivon upon application.
Tasty Meals,
.'.v.-.v^-'vEaey ''Beds,.;.A-'- ■•'. v-:
'.■," -^   Nerve Bracers
v; -v"1' '. '-Of'Every;- • v
:: :.;V3i5»_fe:_.|l'V
--■vvbv,-rv::-.limited.; •;:'■-,        -
"Wholoaale Dealors and Direct Importers
.     of Wliies, Liquors aud Cigars.
District Agents for
Poramory Chain nncne
■■"-"■■ and.Scblitz Boer
Distributers of ;        i'   -.-■_ ■:'•
'       Chamberlain and .
;   .   ; .       Pharaoh Cigars
^■ea-st-isri-Bi ^b.o:
Sim S&irt Olal-sf-$ at $4
Shin $as$! $ai!$ at $4
8t mystdrc in the Todd Block
There is no better
than that sold by
The United States is good to the
Irish. Chnrles Sweeny has sold his
stock in the Federal Mining Co. for
$2,600,000.. It is reported thut the
American Smelter Trust are the buyers which means another hole in thc
cinch around tho users of lead in the
States. Tho abj-vo sum of money is
an awful amount for ono man tomake
in a few years time, and shows the
chances that exist in America for
men of brains, nerve and pall.
Sweeny would have been a long time*
making such a pile in the land where
his ancestors were probably farmers.
Sweeny has now sufficient to keep
him in a grub suke fur the balance
of his days unless he blows it in on
papal benedictions and politics,
In silver dollars the amount Sweeny
hns just had placed to his credit
wouid weigh 180,000 pounds, and it
would take three freight cars to take
it from Now York to his cellar in
Spokane, although we do not think
he would grumble at tbe freight.
The actual amount of money in circulation In the United States up. to
October 1. 1901, according to the
New York World Almanac was, .$2,-
562,139,479. This same table, figuring the population ot the United
States to be 82,214,000, estimates that
there is $31.16 circulation per capita.
If 70;000 people in Spokane have
their full share of the money in- clr.
eolation in cash it only means that
there is   $2,170,000   in circulation
here. ,!,'•"''
Two and one halt million dollars in
silver dollars would fill a vault'ten
ieet iilgh nnd seven feet square. '-It
would cover an acreof ground, and,
piled dollar upon dollar in a single
column, would tower above the highest peak on the American continent. -
If $1 bank notes were laid* end to
end the amount of money under
question would make a green streak
from Winnipeg to Calgary, and if
judiciously expended for booze 25
millions of good drinks could be ob
tained, or,in Ontario doable that
number. With that roll in' his sack
a man could lose a thousand every
day playing poker, and it would be
more tban_two years before a chap
would turn in his last bean. This
merely shows how much some make
out of mining.
Sweeny might invest his three
freight cars of dollurs in B. C. to good
advantage. For tbat amount he
should bo able to buy a majority ol
the legislators at Victoria, and then
get anything he wanted In this-province, or be could come to Fernie and
etiil have money left after he had
bought a few acres of dumping
Land has many values in British
Mr. McEvoy, land commissioner
fur the Crows Nest Pata Coal Co. says
that land in East Kootenay fur damping ground. purpo.e3 is wortii $500 au
acre.  ' 	
Mr. McEvoy, delegate to Associated Boards of Trade at Nelson says
tbat land in East Kootenay ia worth
25 cents an acre.
Mr. McEvoy, member of Fernie
Board of Trade says in speaking of
giving a grant to the Grand Trunk
Pacific that land is only worth 15
cents an ucre.  .
Evidently there is some difference.
PiUYEB ia the original wireless telegraphy.	
With all bis faults somo of tho west
still lovea Siflon.
The traits of every animal are pro
duced in the human race whlohdeep-
ens the mystery in  connection  with
our past history.
—*_ -—*--"""~-"*~*
Understanding the cupitity of the
human race the  gambler  wins by
bis dexterity.    This applies  to all
schemes  were the profits promised
are unnaturally great .
The progress made by every
church comes by infidels and reformers hammering on the walls and
awakening pastor and congregation
out 6fa conservative slumber.
Within each individual no 'matter
how faint there isjt something which
tells us that we are immortal. The
life tbat animates clay und makes it
walk touches something else when
nature claims the material matter.
quently we a:
front as rapkl.Ss it is possible for us
*to do. . Wheie many boosters are
gathered together you generally find
a lively citv.' Fernie has a chance
to be thesecond city in B. C, but
the knocker uiu*t be chained bolore
tbe result will be omained.
The Czar ot Russia attempted suicide the other day. Poor man you
can't blanie him much, although If he
wants to climb the golden stairs he
slionld find no difficulty in doing, so
in bis own country without going to
the expense of getting a ticket over
tbe suicide short line.
The. papers have said nothing
about Jim Wardner lately. He must
have got away from the Indians of
Mexico by this time.. Jim should
come to Fernie.' The Indians here
will not Jtouch him, and the whiskey
is the best on earth, and there isn't a
good smear player in town. .Come
along Jim, and spend a few years in
our midst .   .
B. C is an empire within itself and
only needs to be" advertised and
pushed along by enterprising people^
Wbt? do npt.sit down'every "tew-Vniin.'
rites- in 6rder: to emanate- a,howl
about hard times.. There.should be
no such a thing as hard. timeB in such
a province, rich as it Is in so many of
tbe natural'resources that make nations wealthy. __^_
It puzzles us to understand how
the Japanese soldiers have been so
succcBsfuLin tbeir fight against Russia. Hardly any of them havo ever
been to a camp meeting, touched
holy water or been captured by the
Salvation Army, and we are safe in
saying that not one Jap in a million
ever heard of Laurier or attended a
S^pirate School.      * »
• Fashion has a great deal to do
with the price of some things. In the
Okanagan fruit farms are all the rage,
and land has gone up to $200 an acre
in spots miles from any town. There
is plenty of good fruit land in East and
West Kootenay that the owners find
bard to sell ' at $10 an acre. * Jnst
make theso places fashionable and
tho situation will be reserved. It
can be done witb printer's ink aDd
John D. Rockefeller, who is bald-
headed as a billiard ball has givpn in
his time to churches and colleges
828,753,000, but not a dollar to newspapers. ','., It is said that John did not
get all his money by tbe most honest
methods but that does not hurt tbe
innocent money or the institutions to
which he gives it. If John sent us a
million we would not return it We
would advertise for the rightful
owners to claim It.   f
Indianapolis ministers have s'art-
ed a movement lo have churches sup
ported by a direct tax upon the'mem-
bership, according to the amount of
worldly goods they possess. The
idea of the ministers is that the abil
ity of a member to pay should be
guaged by his property, as represented by the tax assessment books.
This Is fair and just as a busin- ss
policy," but it is not the Biblo plan
The Saviour of men taught that
what was giviyi must be given cheet
fully and that he or she gave most
rejoiced in the giving. If He were
on earth to dav he would say to the
old miser from whom money is wrung
from an assessment law, "thy mone\
perish with thee"
Safely first, profits next. These factors for 35 years have placed the Mutual
Life of Canada as the true policy holders company in which to insure. Jusl
investigate by calling on the agent al
the Hotel Fernie. .
The Smelter Trust
(Tho America.n Smeltiue * ad B«finl&g Co.).
*' *        '^. -    '"*;.Vs
Is capitalize .'for'., $150,000,000.     Its
■*">'-**.",' /•.,*"'<&'_&
assetsamount.ta only aMnV»S^o,000,c<>o
■^l^^t^^^fnmei^o^ pay dividends pn.pizi&jS^ffiiirdrtoaiiec.
George's Weekly will show thc miner
how to escape from this Octopus.
Send for a copy of the issue of March
4th, 10.05.   Address—
George's Weekly,
"Docver, Colo., U. 8. A.
New Crop Now in  Stock
Home Grown and Imported
Wholesalo and Retail-
Special Prices to Farmer's Institutes
Thousand! of Fruit and  Ornamental Tiaei
Bhododendrom.   ' Boies,     Greenhouse
and Hardy Plants
now growing In my nurseries for
Spring planting
Eastern prices or lest. White Labor
VsnoooTer, B.Q.
3010 "Westminster Boad.
British Lion
TiriE .
Is of the utmost importance in
these days of modern life when a
minute may sometimes mean a million.
Alwnys have a watch that keeps the
correct time, and if it will not, talk to
Co O. Demaurez
Cigar Store
• Gives a coupon to every purchaser of
25 cents worth of goods.- To the holder
of the greatest ^umbcr-of'couponsby.
June'ist'a custom iiAiac-suit cf clothes
worth S35 , will be; given. ' All* coupon
holders intending" to compete, for thc
prize must hand in their coupons not
later than June 1st.
L. ATKINSON, Proprietor
The Club
Cigar Store
Is now entirely under the manage*
ment of the undersigned. In stock,
all the popular brands of the day in
Cigars add Tobaccos.
Pipes a specialty.* '
•ir? ,-aa.
I! yoa aro looking 1 for FJBlnn^, "Battling
Hunting, Boating or Glacier Climbing, go to
New Denver &nd stop & few'daya, week*, or
months at thefNpwjmarket, Hotel with, Henry_^
Stege.^ Home cbokjjug, arid'tho" fiiic'et beverages"
in the world, including wafer.'-' Write or wire
for rates. .   , ' ,    •'.*   _ *'  ;   -      ,    •
'nwnarktf fyttr ~«'" •
' .    ".  /'   .FBTOTIE - *■'      "     ' -'
First Class: ia.Every Respect
MRS..S.*, JENNINGS,. PaoPBiBrrnras.
Is the home of all Slocan people traveling to and from Poplar.
Strictly First Class
Up to Date
Electric Lighted
Steam Heat-
fernie; b.c.
Hot and Cold Baths   *
Billiard and Pool Room Large Sample Rooms
Bar Room Unexcelled
Kates : $2.50 per day
. Manager
^S.     a__aH_-pn_.   t^^s^^n^S^   OiiiiiM-iafMim** .  £&
Manufacturers of Lager Beer, Bottled Beer & Porter ^
•   -'..-..-• ' _»!_.
-- . Howland Avenue, Fernie '
Fort Steele Brewery Co.,ltd.
Brewers of Extra Fine
L&ger Beer and Aerated
Waters.  Bottled Goods.
a Specialty.
A good chance for a future home on reasonable terms.
& Winchester
For Brick and Stone Work,
This" year the month of March
was like nearly everything else in
the city. ■   '-
There are no i>aloons in tho bare:,
but Coal Creek cannot prosper .without itatipplo,     ...    '.'„■'.
Times may bo lmrd in tho Slocan
but are not nqnrly as bad as tbo
bomb timea in liusdiu.
Ontario Is plaj ing back at Kossland. .Iu Pctcrboro a gold mining
company has been organized with a
c.a.i-1-.i! of .$2,500,000.
The drummers are protesting
againsVthe tax placed upon them by
tbe B. C. government, It is easy for
them to get even by adding a little
more to tho cost of their goods. We
do not Uko to see the drummers lose
anything for life would often
dreary without them. Still we have
got to have money in this province
for our revenue according to tho latest report shows signs of consumption,
and must be fattened with something.
Tbe Board of Trade in Calgary
has liberal notions.' It wants the
premier of tho pro vino to havo a salary of $7,000 a year, and the cabinet
ministers $5,000. It also wants the
loader ol thc opposition to havo tho
same amount as tlio cabinet m in liters. This is a reform in tho right
direction. Pay big sitltiries and tlio
members ol a government will have
no excuse for boodling, nnrl the pro
fession of politics will have a chance {
to becomo respectable
First-class work guaranteed. Con
tracts taken for building coke ovens in
any part oi the country. Estimates
P. O. Box 383, Ferule, B.C.
J. A. MacLean
Builder and Contractor
Dealer in
Rough and Dressed Lumber
afgooteaay Valleys Go^ Ltd.
About i6ooacres,.Mixed FARMING and GRAZING
CREEKi/io miles from ELKO. *
Will be subdivided to suit purchaser in blocks from <
8o acres upwards. ,
Price from $3.00 to $7.00 per acre. Terms— i-sth <
cash; .balance in yenrJy instalments at 6 per j
cent, interest.     . J
A*r«nti in F«rnU:
Mott, Son & Co.
T. G. Proctor Manager Nelson
J. R. Cameron
Is tba tailor
nobbiest snltlngi*
om„ nud tbe fit and
[tip,is the best
Is in a delightful lotcation and from its balconies
can be seen all the beanty of the grand Booriory
tbat surrounds, hems in, and adorhB the btuiy
city of Nelson. It is tbe homo of tourists and
bnsiness men from all parts of tbe world. , Tho
ouisino never dragahi tbe .mire of mediocrity* <$
and every room in an enemy to insomnia. I
yoa need rooms when on tho way In, toncb tbe
wire and the deed ia done.
a eager, Nelson
Rjffla"tt«r.4*CTTf5"!--- Wpg*_g3It3SiSS^^
■•■,:-■■■■■ --.-■"■■  ;:;■'■"'■:   ': :'"':'■""'"." V •" i.:"-'  '■ -    ■     ''"■ QtyWSffi&kSfiS&'WW,
■:;. /.ftiYijWjWSgs
Sandy* Bowers-was 'a ' teamster, and
his wife u buxom and not uncomely
Scotch woman who took in washing
and kept a i|iin>-rs" hoarding bouse.;_ It
was in the early days of Virginia city
before men had grasped this*ifu|l. value
of the discovery, and the teamster, in
company with others of his kind, came
into possession of several hundred feet
on ihfc teda at Gold Hill. - .'
His claim be -ame one of the bonan-
. jus of theVajgiorr; and Sandy found himself richer, lliao he-ever thought any
one could be. Neither lie por liis wife
ever rose to the level of their fortune.
The^ remained the teamster and the
washerwoman to the end. There is a
story that neither could read nor write.
*s \ - , y
After giving an entertainment at- the
International Hotel, such as that hostelry of many grandeurs had never before.seen, they went to Europe for two
When they came back they were
still the teamster and the washerwoman
Europe had added no veneer. But thc
money was still in plenty. ""Money .to
throw at the birds," as the old man
was wont to say. Nevada was more to
their taste than anywhere else, so they
■sleeted to remain thqrc, and that strange
monument of wealth, which is known
all througb*,Nevada .and California-.as
the Bowers mansion was built on the
shore of Washoe lake. ■
The-site was. one., of extraordinary
beauty, with the walls of snow capped
Sierra.bchind it, and sapphire sweep of
water in front. Money was never considered in - its:' construction. It - was
built of quarried-stone -'and furnished
with the costliest San Francisco could
supply. A library of books with San-
•fly's name on every volume was one of
its -features. The'door handles were of
silver,, the table furnishings .the finest
lo be had at that place at that time.
Here the old people—Cor they. were
£eUinp old—settled and  dispensed   a
lavish hospitality. Here an adopted
child whom they dearly loved 'and had
named'Persia, died.:' Here, loo, laier
on,. Sandy died and was buried in the
garden under the shadow of the Sierra.
And here—the shades of evening beginning lo close on this strange drama
—poverty overtook his widow. She
strove to redeem her first losses by
speculation, throwing good money after
bad. In her case, the wheel,of fortune
made a complete revolution. Her old
ago saw her as poor as she had been in
her youth. She passed from stage to
stage and finally m-idc a •'livelihood by
practicing fortune telling in San Francisco, it having been always understood
that she had the gift, of second sight.
The crystal in- which she gazed had
shown her many things, but nothing
stranger, more dramatic and varied
than her own life.
Senator Gallinger was talking aboul
curtain shipping .reforms that he has in
his -mind.
. These reforms, he said, would be
made "easily, would be made at once,
were not human nature the same in
shipping ' circles as it is all the world
By tbat I mean that   thc   people in
the wrqng always think themselves   in
the right.V They always think theother
side in the  wrong.    They are   like  a
Concord woman whose son enlisted for
the Spanish American war.
> Her son, a raw recruit,   was   natur-j
ally awkward at first.    He was, in fact
thc most awkward youth in the  squad
Nevertheless;  his   mother,   regarding
him as he marched  away, and   music
and waving of flags, could hardly  admire enough his military grace   and
"Oh," she said, -'look, look! They're
all out of step but our.Jim."
In round figures 300,000 men and 50
warships; large and small; have been
placed out of action since the Russian-
Jap war began.   ,.
Official correspondence now issued
tends to show-that, on the whole, cancer is less frequent in aborigines than
in civilized ruces.: 1
Perhaps the finest mausoleum in existence is that in Agra, India, which
was built by the Emperor Slnh Jehan
for himself. It was 22 years in course
of erection, and on it 20,000' men were
constantly employed during that period
It cost _cU8oo,ooo.
Spain has" more hunchbacks than
any country!" In one small village at
the foot of the Sierra Morcna there is
one in every thirteen inhabitants.
France, in the neighborhood of the
Loire, has a great many people suffering from deformed shoulders. It has
been reckoned that'there are a million
hunchbacks in the world at present.
Lat as Gardener of Nelson Club.
Leave orders—P. O. Draw 10.
well known
liance Cigars
(By Eldert Hubbard.)
A little more patience, a little more
•charity for all, a little more devotion, Va
little more love; with less bowing down,
ito the past, aad a Client ignoring of
pretended authority; a brave looking
forward to the future with more conti-
denatein ourselvc*,and -more faith '-fn
our fellows,' and the race will be ripe for
a great burst of light and life.
If ate "hurts the man who nurses it;
alt selfishness robs the mind of its' divine insight and cheats the soul that
•would know.
Gambling robs a man of rest; .and
Jhe-keea edgi.cf his life Is lost in shuf-
tSinf pasteboards. All he gives to his
employer or the world is the' discard.
Outside of his play he is a weak, inefficient person, and his weakness is
very apt to manifest itself in burdening
his friends. -The-curse of gambling
does not fall on the gambler alone any j
more than the drunkard alone suffer* j
for his fault,. Suffering falls upon
everyone within the radius of the gambler.
i would hold my friend only by the
-virtue lhat is in me—by attraction of
Xhe worth that in in my soul.
By taken thought you can-add cu-
abitsto your stature.
Man does what he does because he
4hirtks for the moment it is the best
thing to do.
Met. are ever forsaking fortune when
ahi? is about to smile.
The insane man is apt to be a su-
pr«jnie egotist, and a good way to pun-
asb him is to pay no attention to him.
Man, wise as he is, and pluming
•himself on his ability to defeat his fellows, cannot with Impunity play his
atricksy games with God.
J say to you that man has not suffic
ient imagination lo exaggerate the im
portance of love. It is as J-igh as the
beavcos, deep as hell, as „ sublime as
the stars and great as the galaxy of
worlds thnt fade in our feeble vision into
mere milky ways. _.
**Love holds withirt her ample space
all wrecks."all mins, all grief, all tears;
and all the* smiles, and sunshine and
beauty that mortals.know, are each and
all her priceless gifts, and hers atone.
As the second commandment was the
death of art for a thousand years, so
has the forced servility of women held
civilization in t brail to a. degree tbat no
marl-can compute. \
The only way you can get into the
kingdom of heaven is to carry the kingdom of heaven in your heart.
Enterprise   means   ability   lo  plan,
oversee, supervise and direct.    It is initiative, and wise initiative is the finest.
gift of God to man.    Mao is (lie instrument of Deity.
Our actions and thoughts arc building brain cells, and thc gambler is
building cells of folly. His face is as
astute as thc face of David Harum. lt
gives nothing away. In time the habit ofthe man becomes fixed—he is a
living liar He lies to friends, family,
.employer and business associates. He
forever plays a part. Life io him is a
game of blt-flC
You help me and I'll help you. We
will not be here forever, anyway; soon
death, the kind old nurse, will come
and rock us all to sleep, and we had
better help one another while we may;
wc are going the same way—Jet's go J
hand in band.
People who profess lo love their enemies are apt to hold averages good by
hating their'friends.
Weel, John, how are you today?,
•asl-ed a Scottish minister, on meeting
one of his parishioners.. Gey weel sir,
#ey weel, replied John cautiously, gin
it wasna for the rheumatism in the
right leg. Ah John be thankful for
Ihere is no mistake you are getting old
Jike^thercstofus, and old age doscn't
coma alone. Auld age sir, returned
John, I wonder to hear ye. Auld age
foas tmething lae due wi't. Here's my
jthifr leg jist ns euld; an' its soond and
floyple yet. •
..   ■       a        1,     an.
A* boy wan holding n candle for Ms
toaster, ii plumber, in n Scottish town,
who was doing some repairs tu " P-l-*"
inside u dwelling house. The boy
carelessly held the candle loo near his
muster's head, mid up went hit. hair in
a bliue. 'flic muster turned round in
a rtige, ami 'said: You stupid idiot!
Cakycno watch what ye're doing?
The folk of ihe house 'II think ye've
been singeing a sheep's head with the
«i..ell ye're setting up! A weel, .said
the boy, they'll maybe no" bo fur wrung.
, Sweden's biggest export is   limber.
She sells .£5,500.000 worth a year.
Forests cover nearly one-fourth of
the surface of Germany—about 48,000
square miles.
The cost of thc war to Russia has
been practically _£*,500,000 per week
since the war began.
There are now over 27,000 Chinese
on the Rand, and 7,514 are on their
way to South Africa.
Bricks made of coal dust arc used for
paving In Russia. The coal dust is
combined with molasses and resin.
A gcrinnn process is claimed to give
n rcmnrknble hardness to copper and
it* alloys without effecting the ductility.
Within the past ninety years the
Spanish-speaking population of tlie
world has increased from 26,190,000 to
4 *,000,000.
At the most sanguinary buttle In the
South African wai the total casualties
un both sides did not reach l.uoo.
There hnve been at least ten engagements in Manchuria in which the nis-
unities far exceeded that number.
The Mutual Life
of Canada
The Only Canadian
Life Company that
is    Purely   Mutual
IS 34.years old ;
HAS Assets now exceeding $8,000,000;
HAS a surplus (on Government Valuation Standard), of nearly $900,000;
HAS nearly 30,000 policyholders ;
HAS nearly $40,000,000 of Insurance
in force ;
HAS paid over $6,500,000 in cash to
policyholders or to their families and
HAS in Reserve, for their security, over
7,000,000, in solid assets.
When yon nmokai a cigar
t-ee that It in UNION made.
Wile Prize, Henry Vnne, Colurdbus nnd
Havana Whip Cigara are Union Goods
uinde bv.
Winnipeg, Man.
Reprcscnte-l by OEGUGE NORTON.
Fouaders & Machinists,
•—nelson, b.c.	
The Reliance
Factory, Ltd.,. Montreal, Que.
First maker orotic " Flor do Bahama," " Rosebud," and
, "General Arthur" since 1876 ; over 27 years in existence.
Walter Crone, Western Representative.
Mill and Mining Machinery. Complete
Stock of Shafting, FittingH, etc., always
ou hand Estimates fu mi is Led. Scrap
Iron bought by the carload. Repaiiinland Jobbing.
B. C. Travis, mamacc*
Married men should remember the
uncertainty of life and protect their
wives and children by a policy in the
Mutual Life.
Young men should not dally with
time in regard to life insurance.. The
sooner you commence the sooner your
profits will come to you. It is an investment that always pays.
Young men who have relatives depending upon them should take a policy
in the Mutual Life, it will help mother
if death should, reach you its icy hand
before your youth hns fled.
For full particulars call on our agent
at the Hotel Fernie, in Fernie.
The-door of the
Lowest Rates Best Time
Toronto,   Montreal.  New York,
Maritime   Provinces,    New   England.
Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle,
California Point*.
Has not been locked for many years.
The landlords are always happy,
even when their bank-roll looks thinner than 'the lean edge of an attenuated wafer. Try one of their morning' bracers. Mail orders receive
prompt attention.
Allen &  Palmer
Now's your chance.
Cheapest and best in Fernie. *",s
Best lit and best equipped studio in town
Cabinets $4 to $5 a dozen
% Cabinet       3 xo   4       ,,
Cane de Visile 2 to   3       ,,
Stamp Photos 50c to $1    ,,
Flash  lights,  enlarging   and  copying
done.    Dont forget  the address, opposite the Methodist church.
J. F. Spalding
JL.D.S.,   D.D.S.,
T. W.   Block,
Office hours-
opposite   the   Bank
-8 u.m. to 8 ji.tri. •
\V. It. IltlSS J. 8. T. ALEXANDER
Ross & Alexander
Oflice In h. T. W.'Block, Vlctorls. Avenue.
II. \V. HBtlCUMER." SllKtlWl.aili HKIiCHJIhli
Herchmer & Herchmer
'KERNIE, B. 0.
Offices ovei 1'. Hums Si Co'* block, Victoria avu
Unequalled Passenger Service
Standard and Tourist Sleepers,
Coaches and Dining Cars
Tourist   Sleeper  Service
West—leave J*"LfrV£l>it"(-ike Mon., Wed.,
Tbur., 5ai. to Seattle Si Vancouver.
East—leavj» Dun more for Toronto,
Wed. & Sun.; for Montreal, Mon.
& Fri.; for Boston, Fri.
Atlantic Steamship Agency
Through bookings to and from Great
Britain and the Continent.
For rales, folders and tickets apply
to local agents, or to /
R. Reading, agent, Fernie.
E.J.Coyle. A.G.P.A.
Victoria and Vancouver
Dau-Y Trains leave Fernie at 9:45
a.m., reaching Vancouver and Victoria
the Next Afternoon. Return train
reaches Fernie 9:15 p.m.
The First Class Hotel of Fernie
The Rosori of Commercial and Traveling Men
** a •
..-The.boteJiiVclcgantly furnished with
handsomtknewfurniture throughout,
is heated by-steam and has retnrn
call bells in every room.
Rates :  $2.00 a day  and upwards
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the reier-
vntion oitabli.-)liad in uuraiiiance of the
pro--i ;ions of the " Columbia and \Ve?'<-i-ii
Hailway Subuidy Aot, *KMi." notice* 6* wliia>li
were published in the Bsitish Columbia Guz-
ette anal dated 7th May. IKK), and Sth June.
1806 re.«pec*.ively_ are hereby cjuicelled.
Crown lands situated within the area embraced by the said re.-ervation will be open to
sa'e, settlement, lease ad othur disposition,
under the provisions of 'he "Land Act." tiirei
months after the date of the first publication
of this notice in the British Columbia Gazette
Firoa-ided, however, that in all case a where
ands are so a>old, pre-emptesi, leased or other
wi-.e jaliemtted by thc Government unal are
.subsequently fonud. upon the surveys of the
Columbia and Western Railway Company'.,
blocks, to lie wholly or in part within such
blocks, then the persons so acquiring such
luiiaU shull acquire their title thereto from
the Railway Company, who have nsreeal to
deal with siiash purchasers, pre-emptors. leasees, etc., on the .-same terms uud conditions (is
the Government would ui.der thc provisions
of the "Lunal Act," except in respect ta> timber
lands on the Company's blocks, which shall
be subjeci to the regulations issued by the
Company relative to the cuttlnK of. timber on
the- Columbia, and Western llailavny Lunal
Deputy Commissioner of Lands & Works
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria,SC . S3rd February, IOCS.
L'P. ECK»n...N K. 0. LaWE
Eckstein & Lawe
Barristers at-Law*,    Somcitohb,   Etc.
Cutlib-.it IJIoi-k,  .'_ nic. B. C.
Help  of All Kinds Furnished
Short   Notice
&   GRAY
Next door to Calgary Cattle Co., "Wood Street
Work of All Kinds.    Rates Reasonable.
In the matter of the petitions of R. G, Ed» arils
Leckie, Frank W. Peters, Guy H. Kirk-
patrick and Sir Charles Hibbert Tupper
under Section la. of "The Coal Mines Act."
iJOTICE 18 HEREBY GIVEN that the above
Have oue of their largest storijs in Fernie.
Lamb, Veal, Fresh and Smoked Fish.
Bulk Oysters.   Try a gallon
Day and Evening
Bookkeeping,   Shorthand,   Writing,  Arithmetic,  Spelling,
Correspondence, English Branches, Etc.
Correspondence  Pupils Coached
Low prices and individual instruction make it the 3     M    fln'tTlP.'-i.
chance of ii lifetime. A.  IU.  Ul IllltSO
mentioned parties have tiled petitions to
theJuiiiro «f thu court to alecjale disputes a*
to the rig-Ill ortitle to prospecting licenca-9 for
the folloivinirdc=.ciile.l land j. that is to sav:—
Si-imte in Eadt Ktfbtenavon the east aide o'
the Flatheittl Ria'er on Oil or Sage Creek ami
from about 5 to 8 miles norrii of the Inter*
national Boundary Line. Description of land
staked bv the aforesaid il. 0. Edwards I.ecliie
Commencini; at a post on the r.ortli-we-at
bank of Oil Creek, marked, " K O EilavanL
l.eokie's S. E. Corner" ad'oiniiii- Sir 0. H
Tnpper's S VV. corner post; thence north W
clminsi; thence west 811 chains : thence south
Ha) chains: thence east 8.1 chains to point 0,'
commencement, cnntnininf* a*0 acres.
Sin-.ate in Ea*t Kootonay on the east side aaf
the Flatheaal River a>n Oil or Srn-e Creek, and
fra.ni about 5 to tl miles north of the Interna: ion ill Boundary Line. Description of laiial
staked by the nloresi.id (Juy. J. Ki.-kpatrick:
Commencing at a post on'the north bank of
the Creek, marked "O H. Kirkputria k'a X. W
cornet'' adioinins Mrs. M. K Lane's ia". E cor-
nerpoat; thence south 80chain»; tln-nce east
Wchains: thencenorth sochains; thence west
"0 chains to point of commencement, containing S40 acres
Situato in Kast Kootetiavon thc en st side of
the Flathead River on Oil or Sase Creek and
from about 5 to Smiles north ol the International Boumlnrj* Line Dc-acription of the
land staked by aforesaid Frank W.-Peter*:—
Commencint, at a post on the norrh-wcat
hank of Oil Creek markel "t'ratik W Peter,
N.E.cornor"adioinim-R.O KdwarJ- Leckie'-
S E. corner post; thence south W chain."
thence west &i chains; theme north fii-hMins:
thence east ?0 chains to point of commencement, containinc W) acies.
Situate in East Koo'enay on the rast bide cf
Flathead River on Oil ort*aue Creak and from
about S to 3 miles north nl the luteri.ulioiial
Boundary Line. Lysorititioti of laud .-take I
by aforesaid Sir Charles Hibbert Tiipi^er :—
Commencini. at a post on the 1 orth-we-f
bank of Oil Creek maiked "Sir C.H Tupper'.
corner" adjoiniiit. Fred Peters' X.AV. cornei
post; thence north St)chains; thence ea>t Bu
uhains; thence south i\i eliaius; thence west
Wchain-sto iK>in*.of commencement,ooiitain-
inifiyo acres.
Notice is hereby a-ivt-n that His Honor Jud -e
Forin by order dated Febiuary s.1rd; HKVa. has
onli-rt-1 tbat any person interested in the »nb-
ivs-t matter of said .utlUons or linvinu any
objectiou to the prayer of said petitions beint
Kriaiiteal shall on orlaofore the 1st a'ay of May.
l'Jaal. tile with the Registrar of soiat Court lit
Cranbrook 11 petitions or stutement settiiu-
forth his elaini_ or the Kronnd of his said objection and vtti-ifi the sair.e under oath.
Anal the saiildiidi-e has furtherorit<aresl that
a copy of said petition shall be forw»raled to
anv party nterestesl by such petitioners or
their solicitors on application belni; miidi-
therefor to thc Registrar of sal.I Court at
Dated the <th day of March. l'aOS.
Tupper i Oriifin, J.i". Armstrong,
Vaucouvor, Cranbrook.
Solrs. for Petitioners. Registrar.
Office : Mott, Son & Co., L.T.W. Block
Feknie- British Columbia
Provincial Land Surveyor
Lands and Mineral ClaimsSurveyed
and Crown Granted.
PO.BoxaVS*,        Office: Koateuay St., Nehi.n
Furniturae and
Bargains in
Wall Paper
1 Two complete a-ets of Bar Fixtures, one
BritiBli-Pl.-tie-"ilirror4-i*.9ai Inches, uetv.
Letter Presse.-, Billiard and'Poo.' Tablca-
Cash Keg-isters and other specialities.
Wall   Ordeni   Receive   Prompt   Attention.
R. Elliott, Kaslo, B.C.
P. O   BOX 185
Wlunlpcjr, Sr. Paul, Chit-ago, Toronto
and all Eastern points.
For rates and informntion call on—
Jamks Sloan, Ayciil
all ner\ous ijf
diseases, it
water heal <iy
kidney, liviyf,
Samples of W
Report of Analyst
ater from Halcyon Hot Springs, Arrow
Lake, B.C., 27th Februan-, i8o3-
Laboratory of City Analyst, Edinburgh. Scotland,
J^affiL-^ One Rallon of water contiiincd tlie following in-
y »■"*'**•' ' ts> t])c rcsuns ar_. expressed in parts.
Sulphuretted Hydro-
2 i;*t.oo
'  .86
Fisliiiif* and
per week,
according to
residence in
hotel or villas.
 » .75 I Oold and Silver—Jl Ot
    .75 I Gold, silver, copper 1S>
Samples by mull receive  prompt attention;
Placer Gold, Hetoria, and Kk-h Ores Bought
Send for i'ree Mailing Envs. and Price lalat.
1725 Arspalioe St.,   Denrer. Colo.
DR. MILLOY, *%%".-a
Bu bad 17 >e*rs experience in dental wari, and
makes a speck Ity of Gold Bridge Wcrlc Titlt
made to the Slocan recutarly.
Sandon, 11C. MtetiuKS In Ibe Union Hall
ever.a Friday evening at 7:30 Visiting brethren
cordially luviua to att. nd. J. E. LoyErinc) ,
Xoblaaurand; A. L.Ckaio. Vice Grand; W.J
GAEntrrr, Stcrttnry.
QatSUOS   LODGK JaO   2i.     K.   OF   1».
O Masjla every WedneJday evening at 8 o'clock
in tlio Pythian Castle Hall. Sandon. Sojourninii
brethren will receive a Pythian -arelcome.   S.
1SAAC8.JN, CO.        ALFH*tl J. HALL, K. B- £ H.
AK. HEYLAND, Engineer and Provincial
.   LandSurveyoi.  KASLO
ri-HE KASLO HOTKL. in Ku.Io, ia tho lend-
■A-   ing hotel in tlio citv.
rjlHK FILBERT HOTEL in Snnalon iaa tha*
JL lii'Hiiaiiiiirtert fair ull travellena lo the City
of Sllvrr.        IIKSXK'IT& MIT.ril >*, Prop..
*TiHE VICTORIA KOTF.I. in Nulson Is a luiven
A. fur all aatrangaj Toriel nariaj* from homo.
Beat house (or  l ii alaiv on thi* earth.
W. E MeCAM.LISH, Proptlets^r.
oLKUU   }IOTl"L.   -.Mill.     All luaiikru
lnijirovtiiiunts.   Snuiple ro.jm» In couiac-
Tbe oialv first-class hotel in Y'mlr.
.  Unlay mcLEi-d, Pioprntor.
L * a'.,d American plan. Meal.a.i5ceuU. Kooin.-
frnni >r c up to <1. Only wblic b«lp amuloyed.
N'othlng yellow about tho place eiceptthe quid
iu tha -afe. MALONE _ TliEulLLl/S.
OAI'TLKTT UOUSE,  formerly the Clark
P   Is thu beat si a. day baud In Xaalu
ivbltai help employed.   G.   W
a<0ll.     Ulal/
TUK HOTEL FKUGL'Sn*' U the hoino of
Slooan iwoplo when
Si'wan people when lh«v aro in  fen-onon.
""       VIK, Proprietor--.
TIIK   BKITT.IXNU   nOTKL Is tbo old-
tit tttid the beat lo liV I^ii-dO.   Gold taeckcm
■tlaa-sysaa-iak-omc      ITI.V1X UR03.
"Wtioloa«3.1o   MoroliaxxtB.
THK M0NTO0.11KHV Co.. Ltal,,  Wholuwila
Ma*nufacturors of cholcu confectionery.
Nolson, B.C.
sr,a Iii Butter, Egirs, Cheeae, PTodura and
Fruit, Nialsoil. ». C.
A.    MoDONAI.I),
Fruit, Nolsun, B.C.
Whotealas Doalar In
M! >-.%;
Mount Fernie Lodge Noi'47
Meets every Thursday evening at
p.m. in I.O.O.F. Hall.
f. Beck, P.G..R.S.
TBMM^^MSSt_wrvmiiep -    i     '"    a,   T     ■
t* .   I"    .     *
-.tr.1"W*IS '"a
»V"r,at" 'it , '
.■„-A'r>'"a   ■
--V-.'  c
J       - j*4
_ -_»JL*-*-Aw1
>  ■- .   ■*
.     "   " \s - -J    . i '
_*-i"*»a-T    '
.   *."      1   .* f -'a-*
a , a1"   I . "l    ."
■ *   I— I—.   ■ ■ ■*■■!■—i •*_*__, mmmmThmm
,    J
-v ■■
r        .11
■_'if  .
' .*:*ft.*A'
: "V ,    "   ' ^.yrvr •"
.J-Va-n* -' rti
» '   A. .   >
•   _}
r" 5
■ T-,''>*■' -r*
1     -    I. I
a   t a"
#    1
.a.. *«_i*' ,-..   J -■-*■"'."*i^ "iT,-*'* '"*    *■■ j*'*      '  V*    * ■*  , ', j-
'» 'ifV
■ ,.  'a i 3'-  ., _,_! sr     •
' .. *"
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
$5 and under 3 cents
Over $5 and not exceeding $io 6 cents
Over $io       ,,    -   ,,        -?3<> no cents
Over $30"    „'- '    ,,        $50- 15 cents
f These orders are payable at par al any office of a Chartered Bank in Canada
and althe principal banking point* in the United States.-* fl Negotiable al a
fixed rate at Thi* Canadian Bank of Commerce, London, England.
'  FERNIE BRANCH t : E. H. BIRD, Manager
Fernie Livery arid-Dray Stables
:To the many people who- may
require a course' of .treatment-will* Cod
Liver Oil we would recommend bur
EMULSION with Ihe hypbpho'sphites
of Linican'd Soda.
U has none of the^■"fishy" odor, is
pleasant,to take, and-on account ofthe
special process by which it is emulsified,
it is easily-Absorbed by the weakest sto-
mach.    ,   -
It in the best remedy known to science
for chronic cough's and colds, Bronchitis,
Consumption, Scrofula, Enlarged
Glands," -Rickets, and all wasting, debilitating diseases of either children or
adults.;, * " ,.
Price,©©!) a botftS? ,,
Careful drivers furnished, when required.
Teaming, draying and packing promptly attended to.
Safes and pianos carefully handled. Supplies sent by
pack-train to the Flathead or any part of the mountains.
Baggage transferred to any part of the city day or night.
My city bus meets all trains.
1 haoe th->. 80le agency in Fernie for the sale of the
coal of the Crow's Neat Pass Coal Co., and the price
per ton delioered is $4. Clean coal.and prompt attention to orders.    *'   ■    '•
C 000000099900000000990900999000090900000000000090900
-*'•'. s
Scott & Ross
A complete stock of Coffins, Caskets,'and
Burial Goods, also Metallic Lined Shipping Cases
Victoria Avenue "»
B   (SaesB
Dispensing Chemist, Fernie'Drug Store
' Stop at the Queen's Hotel when in
TroutrLake City.
Semi Readys are one price to all and
that price is right.
Sewing machines to rent at the B. C.
Furniture Company.
An oak and ebony showcase, silver
mounted for sale at the Fernie Drug
The Waldorf has adeed a shower
bath for the delectation of its many
J. F. Spalding is crowded with orders
since he commenced advertising with
this paper.    ".. _      ,      .
See the'Semi Ready's spring stock
for your next suit of clothes finished by
F. J. Mitchell.
Lawn grass, onion sets and many
kinds of garden seeds can be bought at
the Fernie Drug Store.
J. C. Hutchison is still making suits
at the old stand. Leave your measure
and avoid thc rush.
We buy, sell or exchange new or
second hand furniture. The B. C.
Furniture Company.
Masterson, Griffith & Co., Trout
Lake, have all the supplies needed by
lumber camps and mines.
A grey horse in motion so-netimes
causes a lot of trouble, especially when
the owner cannot be found.
, APRIb:5ri905
'W^iii^V. "''.'•-' a-       -
*!.«'  ■ *,      ?.'-   K'a'*T       '     "-.Tt     « -     a .     -    *- ■- •      . t
-    ■ ^T^m^'^AA^AA ':  'v ^-a;;* .-:'.
■.   - v* 'J7&3ki$&& h-'-i.r •:-■'- . '-.'--"■'■ > _
**t»wilWi0mMtmiw\"Vtto+amum^^ mtMmmttm
„ly, well-made and .up-to-date. Our aim >**
jf satisfaction for Us little money as the best
for cash.   See our windows'for the latest in
fri's Furnishings',
'   tv-
Men's Outfitters^        'fe
of Fit-Reform
1 * * ••
We have just-received-a. nice consignment of pure maple
syrup from Quebec in quarts, half-gallons, and gallons.,    .
At-Quebec Prices
with freight added
Cash Tells th© (Cale-
,   , Prompt Delivery
i     5     1 .
%00£f000O0000ot The People'* Orocer,   P. 0. Block, Fernie
_ €$$ mme
any • ©tEes? at tide S^a ; the'
ekddo ] Its - ase
,e he&ltih: .of the
•BY-LAW N6."11
A By-law authorizit*"; .tho .Corporation
,   of tha Municlp»lity'of,.the City of
-Fernie to borrow the sum of Five
-' .ttaoti8«)a_ dollars W.OOO) in.antici;
pation ot the receipt o'f.; Jjs'.reyennc
'.'  for thereat 19()5^   ^^vv    •'    ■
*" - :*   "•■ ■'"" '■(S^.r.-V'-'"-*   "
jtrtistio \17fittinery
' "Vi-'Z-Lfky-v -■■;•
■"■■""%"?■•■■ i".
VW_mr-*tl9 caauaaawwaiB .mjw."—•   -?-*-     • ~    .
nwirom »ny periaMl «aoli »iiEi.of monea not
- afxoe«aiios on pmoujit equal to the toui
nmonnt of tai»i laviartttpou land or r«»l pro
verty »» «h«wn br th« tovl«itl AfMnaroeuc Bol 1
ct tha Uuolal-muty for ths ounont yetr, »n;l
boring such r»t« of Intwrmt «• m»y bexe<iui;
slta, to mtvat tbo enrrent l»if«l oxponditure of
th* Corpor»tlon wbiob.bocomei aaa and par*
»bl« oi?t of that nnnn»l reTomio bofore tho
Ttranns for tbo year bajeomek payable by the
Alto WIUCREA8 to'meet the current lei-al
expendittire ot the Corporation whioh become*
payable ont of tbe aJlnnal ruvonue before tbo
rerenao for the year btcomea jwTable by the
tax payer it is requisite fur the Corporation to
borrow a turn not «xce«din-r "ftve-thoatani"
llflKBEFOBkthe Uanlofpal Cotnicll of tbe
Corporation of tbe Jiunlotpality of tho City of
Fernie enacts a« follow   " -    __    -:   "
1. It iball be lairftd foi the Corporation of
the Municipality of the City of Vernle to borrow upon the eredit of the i»W. Corgwrotion
tbe enm of FIto thotuand dollar. l.»5,000), in
sneb amount- and at nuoh timej a* the name
may ba required, bearini,; interest at a rate
- sot exc«odine Eight per cont. .»%> per annum
That tbe moneye io boijowoa »h»Ujpe
^..•o-iayable and repaid
,t.i«fDecember next. '■"■■■■ .   .   ,..
ru--f i. That the amount §o borrowed shall be a
>--l rltaUlity payable out of the municipal revenue
:. torthtavourrentyear. *  ._.       - -   * '"
-■     4. OSmtthoformofobUgatton to U giren
• t an aoknowUdgo men t of auoh liability abal I
" be apromisiory note or notes, ae'tb's sum:
r be •■•--■--• a.. la-aa-
;CT»o-jayable and repaid on o? before the 3Ut day
 ixguTreJ and adronaxid/iiyied by tbo
Mayor and the 'Finance Comn;l»t«t_ona tbo
aClerk of the Corporation, s-ut/hall bear tho
corporate aeal,' and all of which notee shall baj
made payable on or before the 51st day .of
Deoember next. ■-.. ■:.--. -. .*:-'■:■■'-- •_,•_. ;_-
■ Thi» By-law mar bo'cited os the ".First Temporary Loa» By-law of 1905."        „ '
Bead a ftrst, koeond aiul third, timo on. tho
l«th day of March. A.D.-13US ■---■ „
Beoantidered, adopted and finally pasted by
the Council this     day ot MJrcU, AJ>. VXA.
tlertifled correct by  .       _,.
HocUtered in the County Cotxzt of Eootenny
lhls     day of March, AJ> l!HA
Take notice that the above i« a trm-
copy of tbe proposed by-law upon whieb
the vote ot the ratinicip-ility of the Cor
poratlon of tb** City of Fernie will ba-
Uken at the Court H'lUse on tliu8tl.
d«T of April, a.d. 19u5, heiwctin the
hours of 9 a.tn. and 5 p m (LocalTimt:).
J. A. Kekxie,
*- City Clerk.
Bonnets,   Laces
A%:.     .       ,?    ~:
'{ i
J * *
Artiste   in   Hats,
and   Ribbons,   is
Now Open for Business
in the L.T.W. IB lock, Fernie and is
prepared to attend promptly to all
orders entrusted to her by the ladies
i *
of this city and surrounding towns.
Ladies' own designs m any pattern
executed with accuracy and upon
limited notice if so required.
F. J. Mitchell has the latest patterns
made up-to-date arriving almost daily,
price in pocket of each garment.
The Coal Co. will soon put on thc
the market 51 blocks of lots between
the Elk river-and McPherson avenue.
W. O. Robbins has received his
spring stock of wall paper. Prices
range from 10 cents to $1.50 a roll.
Those suffering from defects of vision
should call upon Dr. A. Howe at the
Hotel Fernie from April 7th ta 12th.
For Jhat .tired feeling that comes
with every Spring drop into the' King
Edward arid sample a soda lemonade."
East Kootenay Rifles will parade on
Friday evening in Stork's Hall. No. 3
company 7:45p.m., and No. 1 company
at 8-45.
We want your business. Come to
us and get goods at the right price on
credit.    We ""sell • everything.   Trites-
WOOd CO>i.fia-i, a -      •;,.■
Dr. A. HS#e will be at the Hotel
Fernla_^f__gfo*__'Ap'ril 7 t6 u, inclusive.
He isan'e^eispetfia/ist and treats1 all
optical defecpty  ■'•'
■ On account qf the magnitude of our
turnover we "can sell to anybody for
cash or crcJifchenper than any firm in
the Kootenays.'Trites-Wood Co.
The Poplar Farm Dairy opened for
business on Monday and delivers fresh
milk tn all.parts of the .city. Leave
your orders with J. C. Hutchison.
The Coal Co. will build a reservoir
otrtlie hill east of the city for thc purpose of supplying, water to the coke
ovens. The big tank will hold about
7,000 frirrelsV
- There is no doubt that a business
firm with a * good class of customers
who pay their bills on pay' day can sell
goods as cheap as any firm which demands cash over the counter.
It is no doubt a great convenience
for people to be able lo run a monthly
account If you want accomodation
we are thc people who can furnish that
accomodation.    Trites-Wood Co
Ladies' Silk and Muslin Shirt Waists.
Ladies' Underwear.    Hats re-made
in the latest styles.
Is the name of a plant or
small while flower which
grows only in the Alps
and the Pyrenees, at a
great altitude, iu fcitu-
ations difficult of nccc.vs.
Edelweiss is much
•sought after by Alpine
traveler*   and iiipun-
1F The quality .in.! temper of the "Edelweiss" Razors are also very difficult; Jo TK® pp3c© Is $2.50
attain. 51 None but the most skillful workmen treat thi* Razor during the pro-: -—-*-*—
ce«a of manufacture. 11 The finished **Edelweiss" Razor is in quality ns much gg §s -^oi*i§3 $2.S0.
ikowiajwVditwy Rnwr as the Edelweiss Flow<er grows above other flowers.
-♦> ■*
a little lime invcstiK.itingithe -*edigreepf vatnisli beforehe permits .
its use oivhis woodwork usually gets big interest on the Investment.
An indifferent,altitude towards varnish is responsible for
many a spoiled interior.    _   -, *
GRANITE gives Iho highest teUilia in tliu way of a finish ,
tittainablo on \vood.
Oppojite the Post Office. Right in thc centre of the city.
'  F. C. McGuire and J.- Podbiclancik
have become naturalized.
The fishing season- has opened, the
birds arc singing, and niany a heart
is glad. The gladdest of all are probably the chaps who had their clothes
made by J. C. Hutchison.
Simon Dragon was sentenced last
week by Judge Forin to three months'
upon the charge of aggravated assault.
A largely signed petition hus been sent
to the Governor-General praying for
his release. '_
These days the Fernie Cigar Store is
crowded with customers buy-in? choice
cigars, and playing*- English billiards.
A coupon is given away with every two-
bit purchase. One coUpen is liable to
make you a suit of clothes.
' D. J. Robertson'& Co.,"Nelson' have
received several carloads .of spring and
summer furniture recently that they are
selling at prices compatible with the financial pulse of the country. Drop a
line and catch'their prices^* «.,.(-
. tn the,excitement wJi?h"sy6u reach
Fernie sio not forget tlfil 'the King Edward Hotel is still agoing; business a}
the old stand. -The V°l-r-<-*ora J* *~
Gates, lias Iseen here a«long time and
always makes life cheerful for lonesome
strangers. "'
The O. K. barber shop, of which W.
F.Vance is proprietor, is one of-the
finest along the Crow.^'Ladies should
remember that after eight o'clock every
evening, except on Sunday and Saturday, they can get baths" and shampoos
unsurpassed anywhere iri the west. The
bath-rooms are first-class in every particular. ;. -   ;■'....'.
Lent is now here
I can supply alt requirements in the way of.
Salt and Canned Fish
Salt Mackerel
Salt Herring:
Holland Herring
Whole Codfish
Boneless Codfish
Shredded Codfish
Canned Herring, Herring in Tomato Sauce, Mackerel, Haddie,
Smelts, Kippered Herring, Sardines, Shrimps, Oysters.sBlue Point
Oysters, Anchovy Paste, Caviar, Bloater Paste, Lobsters, Salmon
Todd Block
The Neoer Slip
Can be depended upon
every time to stay in
place. They are light,
rigid and the price is
-.-moderate.    ~
Eyes tested by the aid of
the latest scientific *
inlcy Edition of
,ocnl and instrumental
iculous price of
a copy
 r.i?iincludes compositions
*£&^&ibiio_t noted Composers
^"riffj^lHelliik,   DcKdutski,
[iiderewski, Meudcls-
andolin'c and piano.
Having opened a shooting
gallery in the Beck block, next
to the bowling alley, we solicit
the trade of all who delight in
the pleasures of marksmanship. Call in and take a shot
or two.
Vincent & Haby
JOHN PETERSON has bought
out the business of J. S. Beckett and
is prepared to supply all customers
with wood promptly. »
Orders can be lefi at Fernie -.Cartage
Co.'s office, P. O. block.   "
W Store
t'mUtn r«nii
of lo«!loa» roast beet tho nppctlilnff odora hi
eucatpfl nnil the rich brown uravy trlcklM temjit- J
liixlrto t: e tllsh. Tlmt H tho kind of acaats our }
hiwf producta.  Teiialor, Juicy, nourlshlns.  Ii
will tmiki- yoti tiraiuv nntl brawny
Of cciur-a wo ml) the tholc-M'. cut- of vr!<l.
Umli, prank, etc., Mso. Hut Ju.it row wo »ro
Ulkiuc beaut. r«f arum of our offcrliitf«.
.{Corner Howard and Main Streets)
Entirely remodelled and newly furnished throughout
Steatnheated and telephone in every room
,- Free, bus riee1s_a!l trains
Electric fire alarms in each room
Kootenay daily papers kept on file
Rate* i176a to "92J0Q'9*r day
£ €. P&air, Proprietor
Lata of tb« Bhalr-JioteJ, fioUonf B,0.        _ ,. .
The McDonald, Simpson Co.
,.v   Wholesale Commission Merchants
and Manufacturers' Agents
The Lumsdcn Roller Mills
The Wapella Roller Mills.
Lever Brothers "Sunlight Soap"
Dalton Brothers "Dish-tower"Soap
Tlie Vogel Packing Co..
The Manitoba Cunning Co
The W. Si R. Jacob Co., Ltd
Bin-ait lUnttfut-u-Kai
The Guelph Foundry Co., Ltd.
The "Armur" Co., Ltd.
The Moyie Mill ti Lumber Co.
Fruit and Produce of all hinds. Correspondence iSoJicited
P. 0. Box 36S, Calgary, Alta.
..-3H^H^ E   EXTEND   YOU
|i& -..^a cordial invitation to
f£ \A/^ visit us and see our
^ ^^ % new selection of *$ <$
It outclasses anything we have ever
attempted, either in low or better
grades. Many fine patterns are so
beautifully colored that'they are at
once an interest to the critic, and
will be a continued delight to the
purchaser. Also our moderate
prices will enable you to DECORATE THE-'HOME.at small expense with varied yet harmonious
effects, and thus add to the pleasure of living in it. of <$ >& <$.
HlaJflif H?1? 7.l-'.'IT'?fli


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