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The Ledge 1905-04-19

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■ ■■' "-     if.-- r-   ' *■" '
V ■     i— i '1    ■ Vr 1 " '■■■■■ -     i   *     f
i'i...,.--' .j;-.. .j-.'l /
Editor and Financier
V-.LUME XII., Number 28
You wiii become like
Solomon if you read
The Ledge regularly.
Price, $2 a Year, in Advance
Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op ypop ypOp.O/ Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op Op
!>    ,- ■•'
. Gardens arc receiving much attention
ithio weok.
The Presbyterian choir will Bingut a
.concert iu Michel on Friday evening".
Dc not forget tin1 delicatessen sale on
Saturday afternoon. It occurs hut once
a year.'
A, J. Purdy is having hla store building roroodeIled_ otjcl will remove to it in
a short tiiuo.
At the delicatessen wle on Satnrday
•afternoon ac the Turnout building there
will be bargains.it! fancy "ieel--w',;iir.
The Salvation Army will hold special
services on Suuday ootnineiiclng at 7
a, in.
Another bakery tu to he opened in
JFernie this mouth.
A. P. Cheuette has eecurcd a license
for au hotel at Fort Steelo Junction
Dan Alton has moved his family from
Cranbrook to Strathcona, Alta.
R. II. "O'Callaghan, a young „£oat
Winer in Glace Bay, N. _.8.. has fallen
belr to $200,000. '      '
Keep away from Tonopah. Tho l-Juck
plague is raging there, and it kills in a
jow hours.
There was a lively game of hall on
tho recreation grounds .last Sunday.
No .church windows were broken.
J. Gangle fell from the pilot of a G N
engine last week and was killed. He
ivas a helper in tho yards at llox ford.
Professional beggare arc working the
soft-hearted "in Ferule. The city should
put a tax on them.
"Uncle Joe''Fletcher died in Kaslo
last weok. He was one of the noble
pioneers uf the great west.
lu Winnipeg you can get a haircut
for ten cents and 0 shave for (iye In
jt'ernle it costs 35 and 25 cents.
N. A. McKillar, H. Bell and A. Far-
xjtiharuon have' formed a partnership
nnd will do contract carpenter work.
Living in Fernio has a tendency to
civilize people. A Chink passed .our
oflico yesterday riding a hicyle.
Mrs. J. W. Taylor,_Keudrick, Idaho,:
•vants information of her son, Bayard
Taylor.    She offers   t*"-W  to  find out
where- he is
ey..\y.   Fortune,  of Oranbrook "is
.oe-rcilug at T_tyi ~*
1 -" -     s.'    r-      _   -
e'Oddfellows have grairfed ttie^t
use 0/ tl;eir JjaJJ thu  first Saturday of
every,month to tho Ladies   Benuvoleiit
";"'Always remember oii a cold day to
phut the postolliee door. Tho Htaff deal
in money ordeiB and l)ayo a dread of
Thos. Hammond visited Jjtoyie lapt
week and reports that, camp upon the
bacon automobile. The gamblers aro
so badly broke that they cannot buy
<jtl for their holdout, nor ice for their
£old decks.
Mr. Week, superintendent of the
Marysville emolter was hi the city las'.
week, and reports that his company
will build him a line residence in the
_smclter town of East Kootenay.
There will be a-anion sorvico in tho
Presbytorian church on Good Friday,
at 11 a. in . Baptists, Methodists and
Presbyterians will take part in the ser-
yices '-■...
Harold Cue, the eminent printer,
-vorked Is last shift iti The Ledge olliee
yesterday, and proceeds to Spokane
J!.oday with thc intention of making a
(typographical tour of tho United States.
P. II. Lundie is building a six-roomed
hqu-e with (,11 modem improvements on
^ho lot he recently bought from Mr.
The Oddfellows will celebrate .the 80th
anniversary of the Order in Stork's Hall
on April SO at '1 p.m. A grand procession
will take pji.ee and all visiting members
aro requested.:?'be in attendance.
Robert Duthi.0, t_h° now city policeman, will movo from Coal Creek next
woek, nnd occupy the house he recently
purchased from J. lilll. He will mako
ono of the finest poUceinon _in America,"
both iu appearance and^ucilty.
W. J. Blundell, having n*nde different
arrangements with James Brolny in
connection with tha purchase* of his
home, has commenced the building of a
ilno residence on tho corner of Hanson
and Holland avenues.
C. II. Powdl, Inspector of the C. P. It.
tplograpliB, wn3 hero tills week completing iiirangoiiiuutM for installlnr the
C.P.R. commercial olllco in tho L.T.W.
block. It will ho opened for business
about tho 1st of May.
J. A. Macdonald, wholesale fruit
dealer, nf Nelson, was in Fornie this
week. Ho in putting in a candy factory
in connection with bin other business,
and reports time!* good in Nelson. Mr.
Miicdotiuld was one of the lirst men to
reach Dawson City in tlio rtioh of '07,
and made a small foituno In tho Klondike.
An ctiitpr Im supposed to know everything. An Ethiopian gentleman
opened our door Inst Sunday ami en-
fjutrod the way to tho En_.li-h church,
while the next day nlotter came from
■tfolspn asking us what a straight ben",
in Fernie,
On Saturday afternoon, April 22, tho
Ladies Guild of Christ church will hold
their annual dolicatassen sale in the
Trumoot building, iiexi to the Leduk
olliee. Refreshments will b« served all
the afternoon For tho children there
will be fishpouds,futl uf chickens and
Euster oggB.
'The printers iu Medicine JIat complain about that cow camp being an
easy mark for advertising fakirs. Si's Fornie. The fakirs have often
reaped a rich harvest in tho coal metropolis, most of the money going out of
Tho other day in RofsIiiikI the baseball team mot with wonderful success.
ui seUiug .season tickets, Trail has
formed an active tcanj audit looks as
tlioiis-.il ball would be tho supreme sport
nround those cainpsthissuiuiner. Sell
lug seat-on tickelB hi Ftrnjo mij-ht help
Lust Sunday a /Jock oi geese headed
norlh Hew over Fernie, Tfoey probably looked down upon the coal city,
and saw the pound or got a chill looking at tliu snow-capped peaks amid
which Feruie nestles so coolly.
IJo not forgot tho collar bazaar given
by the ladies of the Presbyterian church
in.Stork's Opera 'House on Saturday
afternoon The ladies will have for
sale 20D collars daintily made in every
conceivable shape. Refreshments will
be served all afternoon.
Charles Richards has displayed in thc
fine windows of hie laiire store upon
Victoria avenue a varied assortment of
ru(_8 and carpet.", recently imported
frnin England. Tho store has also received a stock of spring and summer
dress goods that should be seen"by all
thu ladies of F.ornie.
There will be divine service in Ciirist
church, Fernie, on Good Friday morning at ll.and at 7:30 p m. On Easter
Sunday there will be' a celebration of
Holy Communion at 8:30 a m.; morning prayer and sermon and Holy Communion at ll a.m.; evensong and sermon at 7:30 p.m.
George McKenzie and his partners
on their long tramp in northern
B. C. found a vast sea n ■ of coal.
McKenzie will* not disclose the location but he says it is within conveu
ient distance of where tho Grand Trunk
Pacilie must run'. He snys the seam is
100 feet wide, between sandstone and
conglomerate formations,' and In one
place is cut by a stream which exposes
a depth of 50 feet.
It was In order to interest capital in
the coal mine nnd ,lso to learn the
value of some quartz finds that McKenzie made his 400 milo tifp over the
northern mountain ranges on snow-
shoes. Leaving his ipartners in camp
last February, lie turned hi • face Pa-
cificwards, carrying a 50 pound pack
and samples that weighed 20 pounds.
Not a human being did he incut for 200
miles He crossea four mountain
ranges, and for 20 consecutive nights
he slept in the snow without oven a teut
to cover him.
In order to travel as light as possible
ho took no gun, and his only weapon of
offense in caso of attack by wild animals
was nn axe Tho only game he sought
for fooa was rabbit. It took him just
40 days to reach Port Essington, at the
mouth of tho Skeena River, whero he
caught a steamer for Vancouver. He
looks as though the trip did him good,
and he is recommending it to his friends
for the benefit of their health. He
plans to return in a few days. He will
tnke the Hudson's Bay company steamer up the Skeena to Hazelton, and from
thero ho will have another walk of 250
miles overland to where his partners
anxiously await his report He says
the district he has prospected bears no
evidence of ever having been visited
by white men before Ho claims to
have been tho first white man to ni.ike
this trip and nobody seems inclined to
dispute the assertion.
A IJ.-Trites tooKva
last week. J
Inspector Dick wis j-* Cord Creek last
week. I
George Dobson, cf- Cala-ary was   in
Fernie this wcck.Be*li<*a"-* luriiituro.
T. H. Whelan ifl'6pendin« a few days
near Jaffray.        j   '
MissSimster, of Carbona'lo, is visiting
friends in tho city.'--
Mrs. D.Smith, niotber of contractor
Smith is very ill.
C-in Murchisonhas returned from a
trip to Spokane.     | -
Harry Oldlandanji wife have returned
from a four moJiihBivWt •'• "ho States.
Misses Kidd and Jftisely, of the hos-
During the past-month several conferences have been held between the
representatives of the Miners' Union
and the ollieials of the Crow's Nest
Pass Coal Ca «itli a view of making
<i satisfactory working arrangement
between'the com puny . .u.-d' it-J employees, effective in June. It was
seen that the present agreement could
not bo terininatcil without giving the
CO day's n/itice. So on the Gih of
April the Union-gave notice Uuit on
the Gih of June they ivould terminate
the present agreement. At the conference held last Saturday a deadkek
ficcurred ujioii the first clause of the
proposed new basis by the Union for
the Working of the collieries around
Feriiie. The miners want lull recognition of the union, and the check-off
pital staff spent Tuesday in Klko
A. M. Brydgca.ofjVancriuver is in tlie system adopted, the .Mime as exists in
ii insurance^ bubim-ss. j Alberta. The. check-off system tneans
xjity upon
J.G McLeod, Pfo. ollicial, was lii-n-!cl,:,£ the <**--".|«-ny taks out of each
on Sundav, and weht to the Coast over. miner's wages his dues for the union,
tlm fn«t lin-s. t iThe 0. N: P. Coal Co. refused to ac-
• I,,, I cede .to this clause and in June the
}_„....  i.. i_ ■-..-..:-• Union miners may w.ilk out of the
mini a anKind Feruie and leave the
the fuat tins.
Johu Trick and! P.  I.ttslibrook
famous shoe drummers, lit in Fernie
last week. | , •
"After a long siege of rheamatiMii |ocn*pany to work their properties
Robert Shaw is again attending to his j with nor. union lab:<r. It is not their
duties at the FortSteelc Brewery. j intention te use co crciim or obstrue-
Mr. Read, C. P.;B. i*i„rlit operator, j tion in anyway whatever.
wont to Fort titeele in connection wilh
the death of Mr. Cook.
Owing to the deadlock upon the
first clause it'-was "useless to discuss
innnds of either Union or Company,
If the lirst clause had been satisfactory
E. H. Mathias a produce dealer from jany other requests, grievances orde-
Morniugaide, Alta , was in the city this
Miss Jean Murray received word on j to both alltiie ethers wouid have been
Saturday that throi-glTa fall her lather j adjusted." Owing to the fact th.it
had been s-riouslvinjured at Bn-iola^-^j Ininer cannot work under-
Ciriiera, Que. -ground without a-certificate of eftie-'
Edinoiid, the young gon of Mrs II.
iencv and sufficient literary know-
Mills, of Pellatt avenue is ill with pi-en- j lrf   -       ^ ami, j.ega,allon8i the.
noinia.   his thesecomLattack tliuhttlM-    -.*- ...    " i   „
■  V   ,    ....   „   i.       ,i        **»y**riiiiioncannotseei,astliowthecor.-.panv
III.a- '* — -u 1 W lllllll till i'i;  1 til-      ^b--***'.'..
Tho New Provinces
Alberta and   Saskatchewan-
gin their    pralMIlCa'll' Ol^
mated pnpuliti"n ffj
In area the former,,
000 squilra' mil
op at/ op op op op opopa'pop y*o* y.*.y.*.yn.y.tyi_iii.y.i, y,i.yAy.i.y.i£i<2ii.£i.
(Krom Fort Steele Prospector).
Placer gold is not the only attraction that Wild Horse Creek Ira to
offer. Several silver lead properties
are being developed.
The outlook is, favorable for the
Hull River Company to start opera-
lions about May 1st.
The Sullivan group of Mines bus
reduced its working force owing to
the large amount of ore on hand. _ As
soon as tlie smelter is in operation,
work lit the mine will be resumed.
St, Eugene—The great showing ol
.silver lead ore in this mine continues
to le the chief topic of conversation
among mining men. Its production,
will earn for the miners .this month,
$25,0.0, fully one third of the Domin
ion lead bounty.
The Bull River group of iron mines
has been developed to an extent that,
enabled its owners to crown grant 3U
Quite a bit of wo; k will be done on
several properties on the east fork ol
Wild Horse Creek this year.
: James Nelson and Kris Kohl are
now engaged in doing the annual assessment work on a copper property
near St. Mary's Lake.
Frank Tracy with a small working
force has commenced development
work on a group of copper claims
near the head of Whitellah Creek.
John P. L:irsen is running a tunnel
several hundred feet to reach an old
channel on Wild Uorsc Creek. The
gravel coming'out of the tunnel is
rich enough to pay all expenses.
From present indications the SuI
livan group of mines, near Kimberly.
will soon develop into a producer ot
great value.
The work ol preparing  for begin
ning operations, thi." season, on Wild
Horse Creek is going on  actively in
ie placer mines.
(""rofc.'tho Ilerulil.)
Captain Pompelly has returned
from Portland, .Oregon, where t»e
spent the winter, and will con'inue
the development' work cm mini**;
property that lie owns near Marysville.
F. Angus, of Hill City, S D., and
W. Tarrant, ol Cu-iter, S D., iinived
last week and will pivct-eil tn wort
upon their property on Luke Creefe,
consisting of several claims. There
has been considerable development
work done and the assays received
give prom i-e of a fine property. If
satisfactory arrangements can be
made the property will be made it
shipper this summer. I: is only four
miles from Marysville and will b_
one of the properties that will b--
pusffced forward on account cf the
building of the Marysville suielt-.-r.
V F. M. Young, chief of a C. P. It.
surveying corps, was in town this
week gating his supplies from Fink
Bros, for carrying on the work from
Vahk to the boundary. In his party
wei-eR. F. Bedford, S. A. McDonald,
W. J. Morrison. V. H. Campbell, M.
L Campbell. II. J. DeSaginy, all of
Winnipeg It is expected .hat the
final survey ol that section will lie
completed .-within a month and then
the work of construction will be commenced and.'piwli'ed forward to completion. Quite a number of people
arc intercs'.c.l in the survey and several Cranbrook citizens have applied
for an hotel license at Yahk.
witb T II. WIT
S. Lindsay was ei
dent, arid' A. II. Cree, honorary vice-
president ; W. W Tuttle, pre-id^nt;
T. H Whelan, 1st vice president; .J.
G'tsty, 2nd; T. Rookes, 3rd; V. Stork,
treasurer; J. E Sheppard, secretary.
It is not likely that any othor sports
ttian'haeetiall will bu represented in the.
Association this seasou, but the local
bal'tossers aro looking foraiani to a
summer filled with flies, base hits and
homo runs. Lewis and Miller, two star
players from Trail, havo joined the
Fernio team. Lewis is a pitcher hard
if> hit, and Miller in centre field has the
reputation of never boinir asUep when .i
hot ball is whis-zhig in the air. Gibson
is another well-known player, having
stood in the box for several Montana
and Washington Icum*
At tho meeting on Friday evening
Messrs. Stork, Wnelan and Tuttle were
appointed a committee to arrange a
program of .Dominion Day Sports with
the miners. On Victoria D.iy hall will
bo played with a team from Knlispell.
aud other sporting events provided for
the delectation of spectators
. Qn Friday tho first gamo will take
place in the Recreation Grounds between
the first and second nines of the local
team. An admission of 25 cejits will be
charged, ami thc proceeds will be expended In ropairiug tho fences around
the grounds, etc
First Nino—Miller, Ryan, Davies,
Hanson, MeKellar, Whelan, McMillan,
Mclntvre and Lewis.
Second Nine—F. Stork, W. W. Tuttle,
J Gui-ty, A C.Lipliiirdt.T. H. "Whelan,
A. Hamilton, W. Gibson, W. Kastner,
C. Houghton and J. McDonald.
This game will bo a ln>t ono nud it is
hard to t*ay who will win the buns. The
citizens ahoold turn out en masse and
encourago by their 'presence, admiration and applause the* grandest game
that is played with hat nud halt.
Salvatora Gattonu, an Italian just ten
months (coin his native land, was killed
lust Saturday at Coal Creek. While
several"t'acn were engaged in pinching
down coal cars to ho loaded at this
tipple, he stopped iu between tlio curs
while they were in motion and was disembowelled, dying in five minutes. He
was ill years old, and leoyep a wife and
child in Italy. When' killed ho had
sJJ3tln his pockets.
The funeral look pjncu an Sunday,
and was largely attended. From the
undertaking parlor.* of Scott ik Rush the
funeral, nceouipauied by tho Italian
society in regalia, mud tho band, proceeded to tho C'ltlinlii:church whore the
sei-a-leo for tliu dead was helal hy Father
Cnecnln after which the body was taken
to the cninetary and interred by the side
of many comrades who have gone
LastwL-a. a.l.a-ii a FiTiii
Co. team ran away from the L. P.**if
depot a little child stood on the crossing
between tlie postolliee and tho King
Ed ward hotel, and eecaped being run
over by the madiloued horses hy about
bis inches. If the child had been
killed the owners cf the team would
liavu been liable to a fino'of 31,50"), besides expenses. • If parents continue to
let their children wander ou the streets
of Fernie some homo:: will be filled with
grief as runaways are of frequent occurrence, and it is a daily sight to see
very small children playing on the
streets unattended by their jiarents.
The Cranbrook "Herald has entered
on its eighth year, and has a type sotting machine Its editor is uot an
iconoclast and has few real, bitter enemies Ho believes in soft soap locals
and sugar-coated editorials, and never
dips his pen in green paint or vitriol un
less ho attacks those with fow friends
and no. commercial standing. Simpson
is alive to thu banking end of a news
papor, and does not court fame at the
expense of losing his bank roll. Hence
he is fair, fat, forty, and will probably
die with his boots under the bed.
«alermen. The Fn '. .JH|, is putting
in a largo store at V- ~#g, tho fixtures alone "Costing ^-<'?W. and the
stock to be carried :: • *{ «ill be worth
over 500,000. "Las'. - ' fed.-y at the
spring opening The '•'• lp. Hamilton
Co did an Immense ..- fcs, arid has
another large stock s> " (• way-in. It
has boon five week-*' ■; :e road, and is
coining via Great .\.>rthern: Mr.
Sandeman was highly pleased with the
business ability of Mr Hamilton, and
the up-to-date way in which he runs his
business Tho store of the W. C. Hamilton Co would reflect _-reat credit upon
cities much larger than Fernie.
A Noted Auctioneer
P E Pope, who is conducting the
Liphardt salo this weefc is a distinguished auctioneer. In thc past 21
months he has travelled !!9,000 miles in
pursuit of bis profession, ai.d has the
credit of conducting suceestfully the
largest auction sains in Canada many
of thein running into six figures. From
hero he goes to Lcthhrialgo and then to
Colorado springs., Thi* is his firet trip
into Kootenay. He was born in Fog.
land, has lived in Camili 15 years, and
conducts ealos all over America.
pes were
t, and his
v morning,
small raft
ipple for it.
t I raiolaed from
1 to 1 giitened be
ta!, -en the bigs
I f.      L.J-.-. I jlegra phers
are taking up subscriptions to send his
body for burial at Murukirk, Ont. Cook-
was 27 years old and leaves a wife to
whom he had only been married three
months, to whom tiie sympathy of all
humane people is extenned in the deep
sorrow that has fallen across her path.
On Wednesday afternoon, at 1.3)
o'clock, at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
,T. A. Gillis, Mr. W. A. Mitchell of
Morrissey, 'was united in marriage to
iliss .Mtircia M. Foss, daughter ot Mr.
and Mrs G. O. Foss, ot Minneapolis,
IMinn , Rev. Fortune officiating*-   Tho
wedding was a<_uiet one, "tily a lew
relatives and close friends of the fam-
bcing prt'.s.-nt.   The bride   whs
en awivy by Vier lia.liev.    'L'bv; \ju.r-
ot tlie St. I lor waa'/tastefully di.coni.ted. and the
 ^njght  fell) bride looked cliariuing in a gown ot
an3'w"a.s* quite  se- pointe de spfnte*" afl   harrl    work,
yitijurcd, but no bones' broken, carrying a shower  boquet of roses,
as taken to the hospital. the fjl- The couple stood beneath  a b,iwer
lowing day. formed of Oregon ..'grapevine,   fernn
, F. M. Toungri a C. P. R. engineer, and palms. At the close of the cere-
is now at Yahk and is making the mony the wedding party sat down to
final survey between ther«* and the j a most attractive repast. The bride
boundary line. It is expi-ctcd that ajand j-room ielt on the four o'clock
lively little town will spring  np  at train fur Caibonado wi ere ihe groom
Development work has been carried
on steadily at the 'Brrckenridjge a*i
Lund coal property, at Lubreck,  all
winter under the management of W.
Addie.   The coal taken out during
development has found a ready sale ! tel at Hamilton
at Calgary and other points for  do j    The ladies of Moyie will give   a
mestic purposes.    Tiie u-*>al mined at'dance in Kagle ha'l on Monday even
Lubreck is a superior quality of Lig- j i"*r. April, i-lth,  for the purpose
nite and close I y  resembles that of
Yahk junction.
he St. Eugene company distributed J.'-iO.COO amongst its empl -yees last
Monday. March broke all records
for amount of ore mined and shipped
and Ic-r the size ot the company's payroll.
A. T. Clark has handed in his ivs
igntition as coroner for Moyie, and it
has b'-en accepted. The. oflice is now
open for someone who is after a position of this sort.
K. A. Hill, Al Doyle and Walter
Ed wards, license commissioners, me:
in Cranbrook yesterday and granted
Huiior licenses -to -Thus. Caven and
Frank Clapp for hotels at Yahk, nnd
to A. P. Cheuette for..n hotel at Fort
Steele Junction. Harry McVittie
w.is also granted a license for an hu-
liolds the position ot accountant with
the coal company. A large number
of friends accompanied them to the
depot and showered them with rice
and go*d wishes on the departure of
the train,
Last Saturday was payday
for thc collieries of the C. N. P.
Coal Co., and the following was
paid in wages:
Coal Creek   -   -
"tlicho!  -   -   -
Carbonado   -   <
20,415 80
Total $125,096.55
If Canada was for the Canadians Fornie would be from ?flo,00D to 8-10,000
richer after each payday. The post
ofiico sunda out iu monoy orders over
$15,000 a month, and moro than that
amount Is sent through tho bank to foreign parts. Tim Eaton lm» boon practically shut out recently. Tho bulk of
tlio in.iiiiiy sunt away Ivor. Pernio __ooh
The Council met Ins: night and discussed the water systti-*.. It was do
cided to biro Mr. Tra
to coine here and ma
on the cost of water \*
The Finance conin
accounts amounting
which $3251.21 had
The balance was ordi
and tho clerk is sc
cheques this morning
time to give the press
The tenders for pi
Vortlslng wero opene
ings ago, but so
done in the matter
tako fivo mtnutu
tender from TnE
about less than
competitor.   1
like to know tl
70,   of
>o paid
lad no
Lethbridge and is in great demand
lor householil use. The main entry
at the mine is now iu 1G0O feet and
an air shaft has Intelv been driven
up to the surface, near tho face,
which has a vertical depth on the
coal of 21U feet. This property is situated directly upon '.he railroad at a
point about 17 miles east of here.—
Blairmore Times.
No. 2 mine is again working, but
aio tonnage men have as yet been
put to work.
The erection ol No. 2 tipple was
conducted with expedition, and in a
manner reflecting much credit upon
tho management of its speedy erection
No. 3 mine •••.•-'■•',rd operations
.John Finch and Miss Lille Tipper-
were mnrricd nt the home of the
bride's parents yesterday evening.
The coal mine at Frank is on (ire.
It caught yesterday from burning
timbers iu the roof of the tunnel,
quite a distance from the mouth. A
despatch says that it is well under
control, and that no one was injured.
raising money fer tlie benet'lt of the
M.iyie Fire Brigade. One hnndred
feet i'f new hose wns ordered recently
and it is lor the raising of funds to
pay fur this that the dance is being
The Canadian Pacific company
have sa-ine extensive improvements
outlined for the Crow's Nest branch
of their road, and they are putting
forth every effairt to have the ro.ul in
good repair by the time their $_>•>
kane hraneh is built. Among the
improvements in this vicinity will lv
the tearing up of light rails along
Moyie lake and replacing them with
heavy steel and the enlarging ot the
tunnel near the head ot the npper
Movie lake New ties ara also being
Bcatten-tl along thu line, unnecessary
curves ito being straightened out
and considerable new (-Hiding and
ballasting U going on.
and.- gas
in opera-
Mown  to  Pieces
Thawing powder is increaHing the
death record along ihe Crow. Ln>t
Saturday II. P. 'Iliratt, a laborer in
'Jietki'iihiidge a<; Lund's gang nt llie
Loup, was blown to pieces while thawing dynamite. He was blown to atoms,
uml only Miiall fragments of his body
could be found Another laborer, who
was close at hand whim tho explosion
eiciiiied was su badly injured that he
had to bu taken to tlioi.Mia.liel hospital.
A. Allan, collector of customs, returned yesterday from Pincher Cieek
Fanners iu that district are delighted
with the nceiit fall ot snow, aiid
farming operations are being pushed.
Fall wheat is looking splendid and
already fanners are anticipating an
early harvest.     ........
Mr. Allen drove out to tbe Hocky .
Muuntaiti Development LVs oil fields
at Oil City, and found the men busy
ou well No. 2 which is already down
500 feet by dnlling by night and
day shilts.
This well gives every
also of being iu oil. Oil
talis-wed up from the start.
A small retiuery is now
lion and thc various pivduets ate run
oil", literally, while you wai;, gasj-
linc, coal oil,, headlight, lubricating,
cylinder, black oil. Everything is cf
oil, mid the quality is only equalled
by a few oil wells in Ponnsilvaiinia,
and excelled by none.
Enormous reservoirs ol crude oil
have been located on tl-o property
and in a very few months a gu-*lnr
will be in evidence. The high grades
qualities uf the crude oil liiukc tho
process ol r<liuiug very siiv.ple aiad
cheaply done, the various oils being
immediately lit for use alter distill-j
Sixteen mtn are employed and
this number will he largely fticrciisl-al"
as tho company nre gelling ready to
sink several muro. Wells, undoubtedly oil, in Alberta and British Col-
unibia will he a great industry, and,
will attract the attention ot thousands
who have watched the oil development, in the L'uitcd Stales.
Albcrti.'s and British Columbia's
resources in natural products are unequalled on the (■ontiticnt,—Calgaiy
' **'-i&^i;i-L,','':'i™_*4
s,'X ^crV'SM. 9_*€^f -V
,^4^" ;*^f p^'1
PsVTrTS.li-i.i .....a. M.b   ...i,Alr...  _,.Z\,tIi.T.iA Wa
afc'al   &
""" -^
L.T.W. Block, Fernie, B. Cr
Agents in Fernie for T, G. Proctor, Nelson
r-_tr$ „ _ _*i      WI      w-% ***rv s-* w^*
ft. T. LOWKRY, Editor anil Financier.
inV'ornio, B 0.   Tlio price U *i a war.   Ad. er.
ttHlntc- niton Klvcn upon appltnation.
(••apo-lte -''8 I)aPot> FEIl!-IE
The, home ior railroadmen
and lumbermen,
Finest -t-q1?0555 3n(- Cig^rs.
The Japs won a bloodless victory I is now tied up in llnd prantsto rail
,   . I.... j.-.a,.* Ji„..,i devploDinont
at SalmO. lllUUS  l.lll»l,  JJH-f-ICOarnaa-   UC'liaaifaaaaaaa.
'     * .wil.a^-A.s.—^.r
' i.r*^s^*-^via^ 's. s
* *. - fif-f ~*rp*- -\'* *,
V-      *"-.wsyV--"--r. -'-
Is a pleasant home
for the traveler.
Wm. Mills, Prop.
Whol6?s5a Dc. «**«nr» nn-* ■01rect Import---'8
of Wlues, Liquors and Cigars.
District Agents for..,
PonSmory Champagne
and.Scblltz Beer
Chamberlain and-, '
.M-haradh Cigars
IT3 R.N 13B "H-,3* C«
mn Wst Suits at $4
Rain $M$
CjKKe*)' anil iglilldrcn's Underwear cf a!| Kinds
lafchfe' Wear and-Hosiery
at my store in the Todd Block
At Babvlon recently some love letters written on bricks were doff up.
In tho old days writing love letters
must have been a serious matter.   A
young man would need an  express
"wairon todeliver anordinary missive.
To have ft young lady hand  bank
your letters when Babylon was on
the boom must have been a  great
sight.   Imagine writing to a Babylonian damsej for several summers
and then fall out, with a demand for
your sweet missives.   -Some  fellows
could build a  house.   Tho    report
does not say what the  bricks  were
made out of. but wo suppose the same
stuff as the writers.   If love letters
were written on gold bricks a  roan
could never get them back when the
break came, and his former sweetness would have consolation every
time she unlozkcr] the woodshed and
looked at tho pile of yellow bricks.
Babylon must have been a lively
place when tho citizens presented an
address to the legislature .or a convention of Rubes just in lrom the fig
country. Then when the boys left
home every mother expec.ed a brick
regularly from across the Red Sea.
Since the era we write $bbut business has been slightly dull in Babylon and we never get any job print
ing.romthcAwnat all. No doulj
In three {?*» old "
the cjty done
presume money was also , pi
bricks whiQh would make it more
fectaal when-thrown at the birds.
The advantage of this can readily be
sfeen by the initiated.* Then money
made' out of bricks^ could not be
burned, although the bricks had to
be burned before the  money   **»»
made. -
These love letters on brick  are
making Babylon again famous, although some rival camp might dig
up some wiitton ou toast or sub rosa-
Thereis no donb; that some were
written in those days on sub rosa.  In
addition to the aboveUie world owes
a debt of gratitude to Babylon.   It is
from that city that we get the word
babv, and few words i.i the English
language ai>o more impressive,   especially if. insomnia strikes one of
thera about 2 a. in., while your wife
is away burying her mother-in-law,
and the bottle of lacteal fluid lieu m
a shattered heap upon the Brussels.
Agony.       However   around     the
i.ame ot babe is clustered the sweetest memories that touch the soul of
the human race.   If the little cherubs ever cease coming this great Dominion would  soon  be of little us&
even to the 'Grand Trunk  Pacific,
and the row over the separate schools
in the far west would  become  like
the love letters in Babylon.. How-
over there is no "immediate"cause" for
alarm. ■ -'..■
IF a vote of the children in Canada
was taken there would be noseparate
If the Dominion would let the
provinces alone in the matter of separate schools the trouble would be
local and not general.
^Morality should be taught all
children without superstition. Superstition should bo taught them when
the children aro 21 years old.
The youngest grandfather in
America lives in Texas. Ho is 36
years old, and should have a gold
jnedal from Hoosevelt.
In Canada many Roman Catholics
protest againt sending their children
to separate schools. Tho education
received is never as efficient as that
obtained in non-sectarian institution.
British Columbia is Qrie of the
greatest countries on earth  in the
matter of mineral  wealth,  bat the
valuable material cannot walk.   It
mu'-t be tva,l» tn rnnvei by labor and
cap i.il.	
yJJ, l.a'.r,;: !*.t .ihicwrr in
iSim-al £■'■-■.-J"    ltw_i^
thai tin- Lilly in
on In*) 1 -l". ii-
tO ill"! ll'-a! i-
Is seriously retarded. West Kootcnav
is the garden of Op"', but Its advantages need more tbnn admiration
before the inlmoftatia will have
creases in their b.ifiki"C0"int3'
The report no* comes that the
richest mines in clrrf* hf-ve bofn
struck in Ontario* Smie story applies to all . the jdisirictB between
Alaska and Swcetfte<r*am inLowor
California. It go terolly comes in
the fall, and to hat r ill" the spring
is a departure «iatffo hail with
pleasure. Talking about mines we
mignt say that tfcere are millions
still in thc tall peaks around the Slo
oan and Rossland |
The dumping g|pQ*d clause might
bo applied to the (Astern newspapers
in Canada. The JrcS Is filled with
rdronto.and otherfdail.es sent out for
less than thejeostftf the white paper
while at home tlje price is three
times as great. *f-lm is unfair to the
papers of the westgYind Mulock should
see tbat a changet ia mado^ in the
postal rate. Thess eastern papers
:nt west mer«|y for Advertising
Sharp & Irvine
WE WILL-sell.
1600 Internntlonal Conl 8   .2fl}_'
100 North West Coal      1 60 *
25o Alberta Coal    a       60
1000 St Eugene *>
3000 SulHvan    --
•20o0 Great Northern Mines 15
S. A War Scrip ,.,.. WaS.OO
1000 CentroStar..., ]»
1000 War Eaglo }t
2000 Rambler-Cariboo •»
Wire or write for quick Return*
If you are looking for Ffelinig, Bathing
Hunting, Booting «v OIboIcp Climbing, go to
New Denver and stop tt few iliiyp, weeks or
mouths at the Nowmark<;t Hotel with Henry
' Stege. Home cooking, and tlie linest beverages
in the world, including water. Write or wire
for rates.
M D-nmcr
newtnarHct fioftl
First Class In Every Respect
MBS. S. JENNINGS, Puopuibi-ress.
la the home of all Slocan people traveling to. and from Poplar.
meals always ready.    McLAOHLAN BROS., Props.
Turner'Boech Bid., NELSON,
Is of the utmost importance in
these days of modern life when a
minute may sometimes mean a million.
Always have a wiitch that keeps the
correct time, and if it will not, talk lo
G. 0. Demaurez
Strictly First Cluss
Up to Date
Steam Heat
•"-HERS        ad
i-SON, B'C.j!
Hot and Cold Baths
Billiard and Pool Room Large Saiiiplif Rooms
Bar Room Unexcelled
Rates : .$2.50 per day
f ^
M Manufacturers of Lager Beer, Bottled Beer& Porter -^
.W? si*.
There is no better
than .that sold by
\ j. Purely 4
A man in Boston sayb that $05 a
year is quito Bafllcient to clothe any
woman, ft"'ipUflit bo so in Boston
but here in the west wo think the
women ought to be allowed $75 a
year, Here is the list that a lady
needia every year according to the
chap in tho bean city. ".__-.'.
TbiB is the list decided on: Eitrht
bats tritnuied by the wearer, eight
pairs of shoes, (Oxfords), eight pairs
of high shoes, two outer garments tor
autn.^*, two outer garnionto for -win-.
itv, sixteen cotton shirtwaists, twenty
tour pairs stockings, two kimonas,
lour cotton shirtwaist suits, ten underskirts, forty-eight handkerchiefs,
eight corset covers, neckwarc, eight
nightgowns, two umbrellas, eight
pairs of cotton gloves, six winter un-
tlcrvests, four woollen shirtwaists,
two silk shirtwaists, twelve corsets,
Bix summer undervests, eight pain
uf kid gloves, eight pairs of rubbers,
sixteen pairs of cotton dl''-w''""3> one
ninff, belts, buckles, etc.
pi -al.ll *■■ i v
to eivilu
Piii'IJi   b°n
eiiii'loyment of Jap-.
tlie ininc-and milNtf tii
Bnri-li (-ilumi)M.   The n<.:i
the mill at !3ahno who so recently de
lied public opinion and  expression
willdiscoverth.it in the future  he
will walk along a trail full of thorns.
It all our industries were guided by
such a rash individual British Columbia would be a poor place for anything wlj.te.	
Carbie Nation lectured in Celeste,
Texas, '.he other day. She did not
smash any gin mills, but overturned
adomino game in a gaming parlor
Carrie is still a very vigorous woman
and it" is expected she will reach
British Columbia this summer. §t.e
has probably hear4 thus Peek Mc-
Swaln has sixteen bottles of snake
promoters cashed under the Star
office at Princeton.
Frank Oliver, has slipped intoSlf-
ton's shoes and illustrates to the world
what some editors can do in spite of
profanity aud a ■ irontier--.education.
Frank has risen through faith. lie
had faith in Edmonton and the great
west when in the cariy_ (toys *-e
printed a little paper on a nut-cracker
press while the snakes came up
through the floor and gazed ac him
in astonishment. Frank has risen to
his present diz?y eminence without
ever teaching a Sunday School.
jilpr jto, gft to when
a summer     "",-
:j.e nobbiest"saltlogs
Io*b_\\1$'.wv[, and*'the fit and
workmaiibbip is the best
e* iMr\AV   T(        'OLD&ST  TAILOR
New Pipes just.
Briars, Clays '&*M?erscha«ms
Cigar and Cigarette^ Holders
Call and have a Took at th^em
. Brewers of Extra Fine
: laager Beer .and Aerated
.Waters.; Bottled ^bods
; .a Specialty^, v
. BB', Its,
.'.'    "AAA    -4
(EUROPEAN*PL^')' i,V-- ■
■> .      •" J* ttM_    t
Regular Lunch'aii^JBinncr
" J25c '
Short Orders and Sunday
family dinners a .speciality.
■ f_r
Travellers arriving;on late
trains will find a home here.
Builder aBd/Xo|tractor
», DealeHn-,.' _cl^
'• - A good chance for \ future ^ o«^H»V W&»'
About ,6boacrcvMlied FARMINGandGRAZING    «, -«  ,.,     ^
V Lands en the KOOTENAY WW& ^NDj £ $ +. , j, *
\ JCREKK, ta .*mila»"-"f»aT» tLKO.«v    . -,     . t. i
wii tal^v!& loV^t«■^-*rin H-jf0"--'--:
dn "asnat ainivarils. i   7A A -»     -. " '
a -  ~^- i-.
So acres "upwards."       > - -- .      _. ■ „-.   ..
Wee from 83.00*W $7'.->o '^^r^T^l'S.^ -
r       aStii -b-ilancVsiV ycairlyjinstalments at 6^.^, ■,
*" _ cc(it: interest.*:   ''t.\t*~\-J\'       .'..   ■•  -*,>>:*
•v* :.s a,   _.- -a. **•■'■ r*-*-;: '..A-   . t"<   .'   ..iAS:Z_-''
Somo men strike when all
*]t*ftt,\i n change of air.
The main idea of politics In Cannda
by politicians is to knock down what
the other party puts up, and flab for
pap.' In order to bo a shining light
in tha profession it is necessary to be a
careful liar,.an expert juggler of soft
snap, and own a hand-that never forgets to shako hands with anything
from the monkey ,011 a hand organ to
the jewclied-flngers of a champagne
flavored capitalist. In these days of
graft an honest mnn looks more
lonely in a legislative body than a
theatrical poster in .a' Jnethodist
church. _______
IN B.C. the A<-r.-e!i"ed l*o.i"dv ol
Trado'lntend :o keep Uf»-;iii a_-.' itlni
until pending land de:ils . hstwcen
ra.ilroa,ds and government is setih.-d,
and all reserves cancelled. Su mucli
land in the interior of thb province
and Night
it ijii.<c,fyp vi   .,.
J- *1     *""   * ■""'■"I       Ml „!   *"*^
---Miirar^u.  ja-JUAi.-A^ZUi t_}_ __
\ -jl. -Jl*( ^1 a fa
Is in a delightful locfttlon.and jfrpnrlto Mwnies'
can bo eccn all tho beauty oi the grand .fpeacsy^ r
th*fc eurroundfl, hom-3 in, audJadorne t^e Ivusy, ,
c># Oi Nelson- It is 'the homfc of tour*fiUi otjd   •
busineaa men from oil paVta ofthe VT>rl<k. Il" "
busineaa men irom «" i'«» >«*- v* -"•*- •■.—--; -...,__     ^ __j_, —
fluieine never dragB,iu the;n)?rc»7of mediocrity-; -. ~y\"-^
and every room ia an"on-imy to insotninfi-rl;1,.,;: -S-.^;-.-
you need rooms when on tbe' way.in, toucU;tho r      £-3.    -
wire and the deed iH done. ./'■"'"
(Bv Ei-BEKT Huuiiahd.)
The IeSS you  require   looking after,,     I think if 1 worked for a man I would
tlie more able you lire to stand alone
and complete your tasks, the greater
the reward. Then if you cannot - only
do your own work, but direct intelligently '.and effectively the efforts of
others, your reward is in exact ratio,
and the more people you "direct, und
the higher the intelligence you can
rightly lend, and more valuable is your
..life.   _ _ :y
It is ridiculous to suppose that a
youth' can shut himself away from the
.actual world of men, women ifirfi
tWngs, in ,a college for a few years and
then come forth and direct mortiils in
the way of lite.
Many people cannot adjust themselves to new conditions without pain.
.God is good, there is no devil but
ienr, nothiiin; can harm us, the universe
is planned for good! Ahl _ a new
thought—all life is one, and we are
' brothers to thc birds and trees. Our
life is a necessary and inlregul part of
the energy that turns the wheeling
planet,s and holds the world in space.
He who influences the thoughl of
his time, influences the thought of. all
the time that follows. He has made
ills impress on eternity. ,
Ifyouarea student in a college,
.seize upon the good that is there. You
•getgood by giving it. You gain by
giving—so give sympathy and cheerful loyalty to thciiistitutioii. Be proud of
it. Sland by your teachers—ihey are
-doing the best they can. ' If thc place
isfaully, make it a better place by an
example of cheerfully doing your work
every day the best _you .can. Mind your
awn. business.
People who live all the year in the
quiet valleys where roses continually
bloom, are not necessarily happy
work for him. I would not work for
him a part of the time, and the rest of
the lime work against him. I would
give an undivided service or none. If
you work for a man, in heaven's name,
work for him. ■
Ah! that is why 1 lift my hat to the
engineer—he is doing his work. He i-"
minding his own business.
The voice is the true index of the
soul. People who are vulgar rimy
dress correctly, and -.peak grammatically, but they continue either to screech
or to purr. The clear, low, musical
modulation belongs only to thu men
and woman who think and feel. To
possess a beautiful voice you  must  be
In <*very successful concern, whether
it be bank, school, factory, steamship
company or railroad, ihe spirit of one
man runs through the animates of the
entire iustilution. The success or
failure of the .enterprise turns on the
mental, moral and spiritual iiuulilius ol
this one man. And the leader vvh.i
can imbue an army of workers with a
spirit of earnest fidelity to duty, an unswerving desire to do < the thing ihni
should be done, and srjways wilh animation, kindness, courtesy and good
cheer,'musl be'ranked iu: .one of the
great men of the earth.
I have noticed lhat in households
where a strap hangs behind the
kitchen door, ready for use, it is-'nol
utilized aso much for discipline as to
ease the feelings of the parent. They
say. lhat expression is a need of the
human heart! and I am also convinced
that in many hearts there is a strong
desire at limes lo "thrash" someone.
I expect to see the day when no
schoolmaster will have more ihun 20
The riaoo Culled Medicine Hat
That which follows is hot poetry.
liveiitocallitver.se might hurt some
sensitive vers'c writer. That it is ' the
genuine product of a Medicine Hal
youth, as it purports to be; we do not
doubt. Thc sentiment does ho-ioralike
to his heart and his head, for while in
one line we read that "the. birds are
warbling their songs of love," in another the youth alludes to the value of
natural gas, which means no coal to
carry or wood to chop for boys. We
, may expect that n.decided boom in boy
j immigration lo Medicine Mat will follow the printing of these lines. Nay
more, the poot'Maelntyre musi look to
bis laurels.    Here are Ihe lines:—
Just a word to let you know
Medicine Hat has no snow.
The sun is beaming  her  rays   from
And the birds are warbling   their songs
of love
The river has lost her cover of ice,
The winds arc calm and smell like spice
Hvre the blizzards are never felt,
They    don't  belong to  the   "Banana
The ground has lost her snowy spread
Spring is here and winter is dead.
The grass has unearthed her  foliage
And here and there butterflies are seen.
The rainclouds have visited once this
Bui with Ihem   no  flaky clouds
The farmers have started their crops
to sow
The skating season ceased long ago.
The gas has beaten ils  record   this
Aud is used all over without' any  fear;
Without any ashes,, or coal or wood,
I'"or  b<*ays   its  value  is    exceptionally
Oh! leave your eastern frozen towns.
And leave your cares andiceand frowns
And come out to  the   Hat,   where's
The balmy air of the "Banana Belt."
—Medicine Hal Youth.
\\\ 'aflnafv,.. i_._-U
faf»>.if»r>ls»<K(j)fJa'i •'*_w[l.-v/
It)," 1905
<-%iirk PIt old, well known
Mill and Mining Machinery. Complete
Stock of .Shafting, Fitting!-, etc., nlwiiy-
011 hand Estimates fuitiislied. Scr«|
Iron bought by tlie carload. Ilepniriii).'
and Jobbing.
1ount Fernie Lodge No. 47
Meets   ev ry   Friday' evening at   8
p.m. in I.O.O.F. Hall.
T. Bkck, l'.G.,R.S..'
J. BarSsc-r, l.d.s., d.d.s.,
T. W.    Block,   opposite  the   Bank
Ollico lioiir.-a—fl ii.m. to 8 p.m.
The Reliance^Cigar Factory, Ltd.,  Montreal, Que,
First maker °f lb'.' " Flnr de Bahama." " Rosebud," and
"Genera. Arthjr"' since iiiyn ; over 27 years in existeiia-e.
UfALThK Cuonic, Western Representative.
\V". II   RllHH J. S. T. Al.KX.VM>KR
Paos? & Alexander
KKit.vir:, n. c.
Oflii-o 111   I., T. W.'Ill, ck, Viclairli Avumie.
* f, to
k\     IN KASLO
Tlie door o( the    .
JjaycjiiJons and Hnrd Work
"   An inventor   s.it   in   his   laboratory
smoking a cigar.
Sometimes the   best .inventions, hel
said, arc hit on (he  most   easily. * In
that case thc inventor fails to   see   the
yal.u.e of his idea and all the profit goes
istoa Ik -to snmcone else.
Take for instance,  the case ot ihsl
lucifer match.
There was a poor young schoolteacher named Isaac Holden, who used
lo get up at 4 o'block every morning to
• chemistry before his school '	
-iawTo.strike a light,
._.-    nt tfitu a nuisance, anJuo.-m'
or two'pf tf-tpewweiitin'g, jic composed
N an explosive mU<-"re which, dabbed on
.u toothpick would flame up on application of friction.'   .
The ' principal   of the   school    was I
struck with these matches, and advised ;
young Holden to patent his itJca.    But
the youti) only'augh^,   w___)  jw  pin..3
jtmyed to make matches for lis own use (
-and ho even delivered a lecture wherein
he told   the   public   how   Ihcy  might
make matches for their own   use,   too.
This invention had come to Holden sol
easily that his eyes were blinded to its
enormous value.
Too Jluch for Cowboys
Chicago—Skinner Humphrey of the
Dig Timber, Mont., passed through
Chicago en route home from the inauguration ceremonies. Mr. -Humphrey,
jm company with Long Thompson, of
Carry Owen, Fred Maxey, of CrO-v
.Agency, and ''Slider" Avery of While
Creek, talked of nothing but the in-
agttial ball.
.Talk about dressing. We do some
dog's in clothes in Big Timber, but we
were laid out cold at the ball, said
Humphrey. I
Wc gets into the ball and the- first
rbOttZ we sees was a stunning woman
_*avbrting across thc floor with a fellow
in'h swell uniform. But the girl didn't
appear to have any clothes on. She
(poked cold aud lost. Long Thompson
turned lib; head -away and blushed,
something he hadn't done since lie '.v;;:*
a calf on the range of life. He whispers to us, especially to Sliver Avery,
who v>ns staring until his eyes began
to bulge.
For God's sake fellers don't look!
'af hat pocr heifer's broke loose without
knowin' how she look*. Give her a
chance to duck.
Jjo we all shut our cye-j but Avery—
(lie never was respectable anyway. After
a time when it got tiresome we opens
our lamps, and^thcre's a hundred or
jjipfc jvomen skating around, dressed
|ikc thc first—nothing on but a lariat
and saddle blanket,
I'm going to bed, says Mnxcy, for if
I ever talk in my sleep after I get home
^nd my old woman gets 011 lo what
sinful things JVesccn here, its all day,
S.o wc back out, rejoicing that we
don't live where clothes arc so scarce.
Otherwise we had a bully time,
Teddy's i)|| fifiht. We're going to
("end him a horse this spring that will
beat anything Washington ever saw.
Has not been locked for many years.
Th£ landlords are always happy,
even when iheir bank-roll looks thinner than the lean ed_:e ef an attenuated wafer. Try one of their morning1 fj__racers. Mail orders receive
prompt .attention.
Alien & Palmer
. *>
ATOTICK Irf HKItKllV CUVKS* Llmt tlie'ro-'i-r-
1* a-titiaiii e.-.tftl,|i.ali">l in |iiir,auatici; faf rhaa
lirovijsiniiH of-the ." Columlnii iiii-l Wa"*tni-ii
Idiilwiiy Sulislil.v Aot, IK'H." iiaitiiiea of wliia-'u
wuri; pulilUlu-'l in ^lio Tlaiti.li (.'oliinihin flu/.,
uttc anil iliitn<r*Mi May. I'M. unal Mi Jniir..,
18111, reHiKii-.'.ivfcly. iiiiilii.iitli.v i-iiiieuak-'l.
Ciiiw-n liuiila pitniitn'l within  tlm i-.ri'a om-
liriti-a.-al lay tin; .mill raj-ervtition will I (.. upi'ii 'ai
sail", Tsaa* a I a*lf 10 tl t. ll-a^a;  iv.al   ait!ll;r alislaa-.sitiaall,
unaliT tin- |:i-ovisirii)H of ilia' "l.aaiaal Aa-t.'' thiiia'
iiiniirlis aftiT tho aliarn of rlii.. firVf inililiiiitii.n
aaf thi.-s iifiti':aa in tlii,l!rirl»li Culi'iiihiu Ousi-tti;:..	
uraivisli.it. iicwf.va;:-. tlmf  in  n'l  misca wju-ic j
lltllal". lira: •.!! sail,I, |ara--a-anlat<- \f  la.Il_.-.l''l or lltlia'l'- j J.   \i. J.^
is-Ni' iilii'iiiiia.-l  lay thu fiiia'a'-.-iiiiVi-nt  nil'!  ine
-sillifla.(sliia.ntlv  laillliil.  upaai!   t Ins ..lirv^ys of I In-
("ailtnitl in an.!  Wpsli-rn  Huilwav- Oaamiiai-.y.- .
l.la>a'k-, to lit- -alm'ly or in  pari aa;ithin Mirh '
laioclv^, tlisin  thai ivr.-i"!'-. .-a*   iit-.aniiri. 14   — arf111
hiriils  asllllll   lU-qilil*; -iii'ir titla:-thi.-riitai fraalll
thai   Itiiiiway I'aimpaliy, lalaaa   haav.j  ncil't-l  tf.
alf'lti   with'ssll''h   |llirt*.llll.Ha*I'--.   lllt'-l-llljalos-s.   la.^-
-.et:.. a.|c , oii tliu ...ami* ti.nn., uinl a-aanalitioii^ 11.-
tliffinvi rnini'iit m-oiiI.I uva|(.r tha. ijii.vi.iini?,
nl tin; "I,unit Ant," «..vi:a.jit in rampea't tn-ttmliiT
tail'lann thf raiiiiiinnv's hlaai-k., wliiiali Nli.atE
In- »iil<]f<ii to tlm n; »ll!lll iaitia issnoal liv tin-
Curniuiny rL-liitiva. to tin- a-tittine- aif tirnl cr am
the Oalumlaiii   anal   Wai^tcrn   llui:wiay l.a.inl
\V. -."*. fiORK
Dupnty Comniis.^iiar.er nf I.aiitlsfc W'oikr.
T.anaJ-nii'i \V..rlm |ifp..rlnici't.-
Viutoriia, 11 (.'. -.'UralTuhinary. l:aa.'a.
Herchmer &-. Herchmer
1-T.nxrK. n 0.
Onil-.'sa fiVI!.  I1. I*a"-, t-41*= & Ola* a laiairk. *a'ia:ta,a iti ,s s 6
<M|....N I'*.  (!.' I.AWJi
Eckstein & Lav/e
ii.Miii!MTi:n.s at Law,    Siii.iiit(ii:s,    Kts".
•   Ciialih r: lilock,   Fa: nle   Ii. (J.
Help   of All Kinds "Furnished   en
Short   Notice
Whpn you Rtnoke a cigni
-i*e that it W UNION tnadi>.
lilue Piizi', Hi'iiry Vane. CoIumI'US nntl, ~	
Havana Whip Ciffars are Union (Jnod- i N-(.xt.,!oor tnUulKiiryCuttle fo., W*„<,1 :-tn.-f.
niaila' by. '        -. ,,
Ya!   Yti!
Wiiini.af-lr. Mini
Ki'prcaacnlaj'l lay OKOH-'E ttf'KTnX.
Woik of All Kinals,    Hull!., ftiiasonnlita!.
New   Crop. Now. in  Mock
Haunc Grown ar.a! fmp.arta.al
.OAttl>E.V. FIKI.U nnil FI.OWEIl  .SEKIjS
V.*!iolt'«ile anal  Itetiiit
*"lie.-i(il   Prices to FiirnifrN Institutes
Thoiijiiiuls uf  Fruit   anal  Oriiaiin-iiiiil Tieaas
llhixlodasnilraiim.      Tlosa'si.      Cra.'aiiih<)iihu
uml  lliaraly  l'litiitH
now t-i-O's'ii*? in in.v nur»iriej for
Spiin-; plantir.i-
Kiiatern prices or less. White Lai.or
Viincoavcr, Il.C.
3010 WeRtmiimta-r Itaiinl.
•e^   A   SHAVE,
Office : Moiti Sun at Co., L.T.\V..BIock
l-'r.K.viE- British Columbia
Provincial Land Surveyor
Lands and Mineral ClaimsSur veyed
and Crown Granted.
I'D. Box M,        Office: Kooti.-naj'St.. Xelsm
Easter Holiday
Excursion Rate
Late CiHnlener ot Nel*ain Club.
Leave orjers^—P.O. Draw u>.
Return to soil irom all *.cir.tr. in
Canada, West of Port Arthur
April   19,  20,  21,   22
Good to return till
April   25th
Victoria and Vancouver
Daily .Trains leave Fernie at 9:45
a.!**., reaching Vam-ouver and Victoria
the Next Aiteksoon*. Return trnin
reaches Fornie 9:15 p.m.
he Mutual Life
of Canada
The On!y Canadian
Life Company that
is    PurcSy   tftuiual
IS j' years'old ;
HAS Assets now exceedinjj" $8,000,000;
HAS a surplus (on dovenunent  \'alu-
atiori Standard), of nearly $qoo,ooo;
H AS nearly -o.oaio policyholders ;
HAS nearly $40,000,000 of Insurance
in force ;
HAS paid over $6,500,000 in  ca»h U>
policvholders or to their families and j
still '
HAS in Reserve, for their security, os.-er
7,000,000, in ssilid assets.
Furniture and
Darg-ains in
Wall Paper
Two complete sets of .Bar Fixtures, ono
>V at      **V      I -'■•■i-ish Plate Mirror •lHx9'i inches, new,
••1*^_?"■___  ' - k .s"«'»aa. I'rnaatwr.UaUaa.val aual I'col Tablea
P"--C   SAITDO^ 1 *-'-ttXi UeB\»vas»ia «an>. ov>ver ^\>a:anI\\U\al»;
,__, *-' "   '       I    Mall   Onion   Rtcclvc   I'romjit - Attcutlon.
R. Elliott, Kaslo, B.C.
•fE?E-.BH°oVE8#2     SANDON
 Day and Eoening
Bookkeeping, Shorthand,   Writing, Arithmetic,   Spelling,
Correspondence, English Branches,  Htc.
Correspondence Pupils Coached
Married men should rememlier the
uncertainty- of life and protect their
wives and .children' by •; policy in the
Mutual Life.
Ydiiiiii  men   should   not   d;il!y with
lime iu refrar.r to life insuraiiae.    The
sooner you commence  the sooner your
protils will come  to you.     It  is an in- j
vestment that always pays. -j
Youni;  men who have relatives de-j
pending upon them should take a policy I
, in tho Mutual Life.   It will help mother j
■ if death  should   reach   you its icy han.i |
1 before your youth has fled.
Gulil . :.' ."ft 1 (Jajlal and Sllvi-r—J-l IM
I...-UU -.73 I MulU, illvcr, a*ai|<i.l-r  1.MI
Sann>ie.a by  mnii   rue-ire iira.mpt attaiitlun;
Pl.a-.-r (ii.Ial.   Ilat..rt.a.   iiiiil   Rii-h Oic3   BuiiKlit
sViul Iur i'rat; Mailiim* Ku\«. and i'rlcti l.i>t
17'*f."» Arapiiliuc St.,   Denver* Colo.
Xow's your chance. "
Cheapest and best in Fernie.
Best lit and best equipped studio in town
Cabinets !?.f to $5 a dozen
*_ Cabinet        _' to   4        ,,
Carte de Visile z to
.Stamp Pliotos  50c to Si     ,,
l;lash   lis"lits,   eiilarfjinj*   and . copyinj*"
done.    Dout forget the address, oppy..
i site the .Methodist church.
J. F. Spalding
Low prices and ii-JiviUual instruction make it the
ih.n-.ee of a lifetime.
:   1      K. HEYLAXU, Eutrmeor fuul Pruvtuuial
i A .    LiuiU raurvuaui.   hASI,i>
A.   M.   GriltlCS -     l'~or tuli P^ft'oulars call on our iifjent j HOTELS.
i at the Hotel i'ernie, in Kernie.  —  	
 ■— |r*pHK KAS/.O liOTKI.. in Kn>lo, is tbe lead-
!   -*-     illll lialtel ill till'a-itv.
10C1-.I.1-: X. rAt'WORTH.
=—.....  —  ".       '_AA. 1—J—.—_.^n,iaKi.ii!.t.,j__ivxzs^jr'ys&W^SS£&iiS^'Z^ j
m.lW-r-ajyg-*i"*'*£S5^ "'""   * ""»-'
Ktl.HKIaT HOTKL  in Sainton  i* th*
ii-i.iuiir-.-r> fa.ria't 11 its,: I'it- lai lliai City
a.( Silver.        ITN.NKTT\ Ml lll'll V. I'ru.a...
y ' rj'H I-: VK lMItl.V HO'l'Kl. iiiKcl-uu i- ai Litu'ii
fe' '  -la-    l.ir aill ^ttiiii^a' Taarii-^ anii.v from houiai.
t : l)i..-.r ham.>e fair   111 .Ir.i ,111 ilai. narlh.
It ■- W.E- .MsCA.Nl-I.I.-ali.I'ra'iarU't.ir.
Tho Snlvation Army harracks aro being touched with iniprovenieiitH in the
tjhapi: of paint and more wimjows.
For ltntca, Tickets anil Further
Inforiimtion apply to local Agents :
Women, no matter what Iheir profession or occupation c:|i) liml no safer
investment than huyiiif,' a model endowment policy in tho Mutual Life oj
Canada. They lire profitable as an investment, iu addition to tho life insurance-provided. Sen factsfroin the lady
agent at the Hold l-'crniu,
Ma-l.l'HU   HOTKL.   la Mil*.     All  modern
im-.nva nm.Is.   .SnitiJ.li- lu uu. In ivn-.a-r-
Tli» o..h lir-.t-rlit.<j liot.'l 11. Ynnr.
K1.V.AY Mi'LKi'D, l-i.'irla-wr.
■'KKJIO.NT lll>-J.>H, SKUS11S      Kil.-a.|"Uii
i     H l.li Allla-ril'ltti. |llllll.    Meallsa, i"aa'ont.a.  itonlla.l
fr.in: -J eti|'In :t.   Only wlilli- ha'Ip t-iiiiaWya-rt.
.-.' itll'l'!.' S.II..W .ll.aiul   till!   t-hla a-   l-Vrlat tlie a_ul(l
M A Lti.N 1. i TUEt.ill.LCS.
BAItTI.KTT lla>i;si-;,   f.riniarlv  tliaa Clurk
ia tliL- las-.at si llalalV lli.tail   ill   Nal'ult.      UlalY
a-lltta-  ha'Ip i;lil,.lal..ll.     O     W.   tl A la I' LE IT,
I'm: iinrni. ri:itiiisoN u iiw Imma.' <.f
i     Sl.'i-.lll ,. ..p].- laliHii Ehcv   l.raa    ill    Ktallllaaoil.
Ml'l.'ilNSEL& ISL.aa1''. l'ro|.rlf|ajrai.
t ill till' l.ar.lai. " '■■ '■ --
1*a 11 ■-.     I. a. a .,/»..... ..     ....-.._ _        .
•    •■*• 1111.1 Ilia- I'.it.ba i'.';'.}',a,';''"-   Ga.lil sa-1'ka-r.a
vyiioloaaalo   M©i*ol"it\nts.
'•-UF  MiiNT'liiMEtlV (*.-. I.til..  WliobiMilia
«.      M-italllili'turajH    ail   I'li.iisii   UalllftietiollaTV-
i or UlRKl" ,« CO.,   WHOLESALE ItEAL-
i-t   ers In Ilnila-r. Eirirs, Cliua-kai.  rrualiui; mill
A.   Jli-liiiNAMi,   Whole.uli: Ix-ak-r 'In
r'rult, NclSsin, 11.0.
*» % ^   if- z:
"V!^c\\        *«     ^'^jg**^™>t^_\*ffi\l!
t-H^JW*.!. 1   1 in ilk hnn4t]_ * >"Hi' Mtitik"-1 li_j__l- >"'H'^'it?^^Jlv'^t %       *-.*•!    jm'W Af-^^T'^'IX
Lb?     $
ft   J J . . ......
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
Paid-up Capita. - . $9,700,099      Rest.-.- $3,50O.OQp-
Head Office : TORO^Tp
B. E. VyA^KEB, Gimerul "Jonoger _>!."?*£. laAI^D, Ao!,t.,C»o*.,l Mftnag-jr
Issued nt tlio following ratea:    '
$5 and under  3 cent-;.
Over $5 and not exceeding $10  ,9 .'**-*vts
". $10      V. •'.' $&o..'..'.. jocei-'s-
.'.'$33      -.V" .'.'   '     $50  f£c<fn.j* .   -
JThcse orders arc Patjable at Par ut any ollice in Canjada of a Chartered Banh,
/Yukon excepted) and at the principal bank in,- p.oiius in the United States.
•Thej- form an ^-jce&enl uici'ioii of f£i$ititii*g small sums of money with safety
•   "" '" "*' *    * " aud at s'niiiil tost.
Fernie Livery and Dray Stables
Careful driver? furnjsh^d when required.
■feariiing,  dfi\yj}*8  #wj   packing"   promptly   attended   to.
Safes*and^-pianos• carefully'1 handled.    Supplies sept by.
paclj-train to the Flathead or any part of the mountains-.
p-iggage transferred tq apy part of the city day or night.
• My city bus meets all trains.. 'y
j haye til's sole agency in Fernie for the sale of the
coal of the Crow's Ngst pass Coal Co., and the price
per ton delioered is $4. Clean ooal and prompt attention to orders.
/ OK"*|CE
Scott §: ROSS
Victoria Avenue |
■ at •vo: ',      '■
This is the time ■ of year when
disease germs begin to renew their
- Such places as drains, closets, outhouses, cellars or anywhere where dirt
has been allowed to accumulate, should
be thoroughly disinfected.
For this purpose we Jiay„e :■??
Chloride of Lime,
\9?pp§Fi!?-! *
Carbolic Acid (pure)
pirbolic Acid (crude)
£'c,; etc.
■ At best prices*.
Moth Balls tp Pf.Qta-'ct your furs and
winter clothing.    Price 20c lb.
The FitfReform Wardrobe
W-16 o^cyally opened an April 15th
BHp   laara
Dispensing Chemist, Fernie-Drug Slow
A complete stock of Coffins, Caskets, and
Serial Goods,.also Metallic Lined Shipping Cases
Parlors in the T, Beck Block   -
' <-;;#
Your Eyes
peed (|*jg l-gst tt-eatiiien.t you
pan procure for them because
eyesight is invaluable. -
Let noneibu t.-ihe,best opti-1
]The best is the cheapest.
Our_optician has given the
best of satisfaction 'to. others.
pe can do the same to.you.
ii, Q. Liphardt
Jgtgeljer'      Optician
Stop at the Queen's * Hotel when in
1'rout Lake City.
Blcasdcll is selling the most popular
music of the dny.
For latest ir» tailoring call on Kenny
aud McLeod.
Decorate your parlors with the latest
spring furniture.   Robins has it.
Before you get married pick out your
furniture ut the B. C. Furniture store.
VV. O. Robins expects another car cl
furniture to arrive this week.
Leave your measure with  Kenny  &
McLefjd and f hey will do the rest.
W.   VVardrop has been    appointed
posjtihaster at Sparwood.
Thomas Fawcclt will .build   a   residence on McPherson avenue.
Miss Etta fjirkpatrick |ias joined the
postolliee stall in Cranbrook. .
New line of wash collars just received
at Trites-Wood Co., Ltd.
Ladic-i,   inspcit   the   w.i"h
gloves sold hy Tiitis-WVa-J
Preying .mJ cle
and delivered.
S5*w '
te   We have just received a nice consignment of pure maplg
||      syrup from Quebec in quarts, half-gallons and gallons.
The ll»>ni*of Fit-RefflPifl Men's.Outfitter§
1 £-" ■■—^ f
ftWES/P  RV WTOR   «
•'•- LoNDpN—rTf^e gpy^rnment  introduced  an  Alien   Labor
bill in the hdifeeioday.    It forbids,   the  landing of  immigrants wfyo^.-sflre without   means of support,   ot lunatics.
The infir.m„an_8.of criminal except ofthe political class.
London—Tshejews ol Kisniel and other towns of Southern Russia are leaving their homes in fear of what may
happen during the coming celebration of the Rus.sjan Easter.
'Manilla--— S ixleen Japanese cruisers and torpedo froat
destroyers wer; scouting off Sampaloo this morning.
New .York- _-"JI)e thifd trial of Nan Patterson was |?pgun
here today.
^9000900 0909*\
\\   TELEPHONE   &
« t_
1 5 1
with freight added
-Cag-1* TellB the Tale
Prompt Relivery
Tjje Peppje's Grocer,   P, Q. Block, Fernit*
Irr&m Asparagus
Green Onions
, Manilla—Tthree war vessels, were sighted  at   Batanges
at four o'clock^his morning.    Their.nationality is unknown.
" Kingston,Q|t.—Two men were killed here today by an
explosion on tra^verfKnent's steamer, Scout. The Scout
is employed.in.distributing acetylene gas to river buoys and
when the explosion   oc-
Turnlps, Parsnips, Beets,
Carrots, Etc,
Todd Block
(Corner Howard aiid Math Streets)
Entirely remodelled and newly furnished thtoughout
Stcamheated and telephone in every room
Free bus meets all trains
Electric fire alarms in each room
Kootenay daily paper!* kep.. c)p file
r> day
Tvari*i|s'«-^i v '- ■' ^
-.'V 0-f*_srt-5,---
'   .  '        -^-Cta.'.'.sA' „
.„* ar*
!'-"?■'.'  ■
j^or sale at all tim^s .excellent
sand for plastering-. Best
t>and in the co,0njlry.
...v -■: -.- .-i      -.■: ■'.,".} f
ApP*y-tP^r   . . . ,;_;
Ko. 55, Old Town
Ka     -
Jrr'        m_    '.a '   . t' _, ■'. t •__• ■.  —
If you want a Suit of .Olothf
SHAPE,   and    FIT    PER
JECILY      :-:      :-:
Coll on-r~ .'
Kenny & McLeod
of lim-lcui man Laef tlia upp<:Uzln|- odors
?'■* K\'i* liV". rlMVUriivn t-ravy t Icklia tcraiit-
ly to t a; tK_li.  Tbat k. tlie kind ot Maants our
I11 '
hcet produce^;  Tcuiier, -juii'y,  nourlsh'tiir.   Ii
■will iralct- you lii-ialny'rUii. brawny
Olcuurst) wesolf the a li'-lco«c cuts ot veal,
liimb. pork, etc., auo. But Jtr-t ion- wo «re
ta.lUnj-Lrcof.  Bcai/irare 6f'4 Jrorrerinsi.'
J. C. Hutchison is cosmopolitan. He
makes suits for anyone who has the
... Fernie is not a seapoj-t town, fj-jt
you can always fintj schpopcrs o.f beer
at thc King Edward.
Thc smeller at Frank has bought the
machiucry of the old concentrating
plant at Republic, Wash.,
I Semi-Ready can turn you out an
Easter suit that will be in everyway up-
to-date.    F. J. Mitchell.'
Get a new suit of clothes for   Easter
^o'match   your  best  girl's  new   hat
Semi-Ready has them, prices right.
zar   of  Russia
• a   -• r;-,
iter than a Fer-
a 'bath'."'.': With
made by G. W,
may  command    the
Jtfi«fc•-»>i.*aa^-a^^^^rg.^; ■?_■ :r-r-g*g-**E»f5asg aa.g'W'&.u.'f»•"*<■
' raplT-"     '   ,;——— —
1  ..•
.'■'"..» ' *-**-*-*---**------1,*****l**»****»lf ' ■ If 11 aiml
•-..-■  M7r>*.*£*"-
There'* a qeedtus sign tor you !    Suppose'that instoad
of making thqt appeal by sign, you had a
Larimer Door Check & Spring
mado fast to that door. Then it would shut auto-
tuatically." with nover a bit of nolEjynglmt (o latch,
too Isu't that a solution of tho open dpor problem ?
Inu't it cheaper to spend a few dollars for that purpose, than, to'nut. four tlinos the-amount in the
yoctor'B pocket t Don't you feol bettor without a
'ctfldthaji with ono? Doesn't a draught cause n
cold?" Doesn't a partly opeu nrlnd blown door pror
duce tho drnu-fjlit ? It cnrtninly docs and voa can't
holp but admit wo are tight. Wo know what lhat
door check is doing, has done, and will'do. Why
'delay, then ? ,'Phonu us, writo us. or call md wo
will liavo tho chopfc ready for you. Wo will put it
Jjp'and adjust it; or you can.
late, and cannot t
Without clothes l!
would not look mu<
nie coke worker a
clothes, especially w
Carruthers you
Watches, clocks, cut glass and jewelry at auction, at Liphardt's sale.
T!**. F?fn.-8 |_''"*il*iC*: Co. Ifds stjjd the
season's cut to a Wiunipeg firm
W. R. Ross, M. L. A. has returned
from Victoria.
D. J, Robertson & Co., Nelson have
recuived several carloads of spring and
summer furniture recently lhat they are
selling at prices compatible with the financial pulse pf the country. Drop a
line and catch their prices.
Thc Fernie Ggar Store has recently
receive-] a large consignment of pipes.
These arc in briar, clay and the higher
grades. Pijte sriiokers should have a
look at them. A coupon is still given
at this popular store with every -*5-ccnt
Opposite the Post Oflice.
Right in the centre of the city.
Wi. i*t. • _ . 1
TV«*.i". new hotel)
MISS VJ-?::JY is now
\ *displa-f"C,;^erSpring
and Sumrr' *avV'*ashions in
I'on  it
I in-.lc.id of
rf.icc.    As "it
lo hoist .1 cage
1 ft it   iao'.iU   .ippear
i> if Iliii made icty little
■ice.     Tho   i.ige   ho'ACicr   wil|
tat^ t1^ c'8^* nlen at a l-in'!i anJ
when 400 men"liayc to be hoisted the
operation consumes half au hour. Under the present system tlie first eight
men go down shortly after 6.30- a. m.
so jthat at 7 o'clock when thc working
day begins, all are in the mine. Thc
first cage of imen is hoisted exactly 8
hours later, namely at 3 p. in., so that
it is nearly 3.30 p. m. f-efo.rs the last
man is out of the minp. it is therefore quite possible for 3 man to be
nearly nine hours underground, a'-
ihough as a rule the C{i\s( oi going and
CQiriing is so far adhered to lhat few-
are below more than eight find a half
. Under the regulation which will now
go into force the first man cannot leave
the pithead until 7 a, m.and the last
man must be out of the mine a' 3 -p.
m. ' 'r'This means that the average
time below ground will be seven and a
half hour!*, a loss nf about nn hour per
man qf working time, which means
that niupy of thc miners will not put iu
more, than five and a half hours actually digging coal.
It should be pointed out that thi:* law
asa matter of fact, has been on llie stntutp
book for one year. All that the new
act does is to provide penalties for its
'he McDonald, Simpson Co,
Wholesale Commission Merchanta
and Manufacturers' Agents
The Lumsden Roller Mil's
The Wapella Roller Mills
Lever Brothers "Sunlight Soap"
Dalton Brothers "Dish-towel" Soap
The Vogel Packing Co.
Tlie Manitoba Canning Co.
The W. & R. Jacob Co.. Ltd.
Iliac-lit UaQuftctn-crt
The Guelph Foundry Co., Ltd.
Thc "Armur" Co., Ltd.
The iVloyic Mill & Lumber Co.
Fruit and Produce of all kinds. Correspondence Solicited,
P.O. Box 363, Calgary, Alta.
Trites -Wood Co., Ltd.
Easter Excursions
During Easter the Great Northern
Railway is soiling ozcuruiou tickets' to
Vancouver and Victoria. Tickets are
on ealo from April 19 to 22nd Inclnslvo,
good for returning' until April_25th.
The faro for the round trip ia i28,DO.
Soo Jae, Sloan for furthor particulars.
A Pretty Shoe
I have moved my tailor shop next
door to Sheppard & Elliotts ; right in
the centre of the city; nnd am prepared
to manufacture any number of up-to-
date suits. .
Geo, W.
. makes a fine appearance upon
anyone. It nltrncts attention,
and favorable comment. If
your shoe is a "cheap-looking"
one, such comments will not
nroy*. ysrY HnttCri.***.
We pride outselves upon the
excellence of our shoes.   They
are of the latest   styles and
fashions, of fine leather, and
have  a reputation   for  their
lasting qualities.    Let's shoe
you.    We have the night kind
' and our prices arc just right.
Our Store carries a fine supply of high-grade shoes nt all times.    Vou
don't have to go out of town to have your artistic ideas satisfied. We oan
do lhat for you.    Our shoes speak for (hcmselvcs.
Here are some of the shoe people working for us :—
Maker of the celebrated f'ltivictus."
Maker ofthe famous "Konqucror" shoe.
The "Empress" shoe for ladies.
Makers of the '•Nursery" shoes for little folks.
Trites-Wood Co., Ltd.
aeai'i. _ .-Mi 1,
s_il*>A*J".t_       _h "     'jj. t-J.i air       CXA4.tfirafTJi   sCrVS
        .^jay^l.^j'll'l1?!   .T-^jfaN
jtj li >t"jj\!\ It il ^ 1 '"Jaj'^/a '■' "'. a-TWf -nr,i hi jaj . 1 jd pun -f^^-laatf.imailiMalillli-| -yiy-Tini-al-1 lp I  |ll|l ll II   IJ ' ""fl II   I '    "" flL^
^".IsSahai.viitpaiis ,-».^_j^*|-w«^|.T-~ar'WJ--iTai__-s^^


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