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The Ledge 1905-04-12

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A- *'     *'"' ' '*="
Editor and Financier
You will become like
Solomon if you read
The Ledge regularly.
VcLUME XII.,  Number 27
Prick, .$2 a Year, in Advance
_m.iii,y.i.y.i.i;ii.yi.y.i.i:ii.^.i.^ii<yi. ss&yAsit&izy.* op op op op op op op op op o*
ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* ft* <at> **v «-_v tt* tt* ti* tt* ti* tittf* ¥1* tiftlif.ZTft'.ZYtfViffi*
It vvub snowing in Pernio this morning,
The carpenters work eight hours tt
•day In Fernie.
II. Plante iuiH more Hand limn any
.-man In Fernie.
Mrs Morriaon is buiklinga ucw homo
mear the hospital.
Tin* Lkdok is alwayn on mile at tlio
.Fertile Diuk Store.
E D. Mackenzie Iuih opened :t ulioot-
'Ing gallery in Moyio.
Around tho.C. IJ, It yards tho tracks
.are being repaired iliiH week.
iiil('ro.<*ted. He bought 200, and 120 (if
thorn coBt $13 a dozen owin<f to bo thoroughbreds Tlio fanner* around 'i'n
bacco Plains ur« lin|)cfiil of a better
summer than the previous one,. Last
year thai lack of rain made, their bunk
accounts look liku warts on the moon.
Chinks in Africa
A dispatch from South Afrieu itidi
cates that the mino opera torn are lni vii.tr
plenty of trouble, with thoir Cnine-i'
coolies, Not long since a correspond-
out of llio Lonilon Chronicle produced
Ik-nres to show that tlm einpl'iynieiit of
Not ant la-lied that tbo explanation
given on behalf of the city coiicrriiing
tho necessity for a trial of tho I*. C. Tel-
a-phone Cu'h action L (J. Mel'InllipB K.
(J -was atkud to state liis version on
llie matter. Anions oilier mutters that
the learned counsel mentions is lliat on
Feb. Mtli lie wrote to Wilson, Se.nklor
and IJIooiufield offering to bottlo aa follows:
'•We would like you to agree upon an
eirly dato for the I rial. We think thorp
will bo no dilliciil'.y in agreeing upon a
caso stated, and we would Rir_r__t-st tint
wo meet ami prepare a stala'il case. Wo
|iii!-unie lliat your clients will object to
the L-ompiiiiy builil'im tlier." line; in ca»e
ihcy do not of cnurm: if. onr coats are
paial, we Mould befputu willing to dis-
a-fititinn-- thn a.-timi."
No replr was km ei ved to this  loiter
i y._y._Ot,y.i.Op,OpOpOp Op \'p  vV s,T> at> av Op Op Op iip \T,»  a,v Op Op Op Op OpO'
]  fl* tl» «'">"»_> t\ Wl> fl* 'i'i* 'ii*'tl* 'il*^il*f'.*'fl'i'i[*'tl7'tl*!il*Vi*' 'tlv'ft*fi*'.l*'t'l?'ii*'fl?
i >!<. y.*,
mini versa rlcs in ' 'li       a     ar      _^^  -.   -.  _--.   ^-~_ -,   ~, «-^«     ^_- --^     --■ -~   -   *l*
r a 1 hnhthp ronw *
Mr. Tracy, who is city  engineer in j It I- 11 years ii_,,,tnd.iv -ince ih.- li -■-.;  vg •*■  -iJL-*Wl   "l-VJ     fl   I S. 1—f   "sW _{\ \J>   yy    $»
Vancouver suys for consulting work j shot'.v-is fired at, Fi 1-, K' ti.r, -n.d i;< ^!lj
Council met Monday evening,        j   Tlii.- is a wr-da a-
A It-tier trom T. II. Tracy was(iled ;c;mi,. eiiuii  v.kli tii..- Anteii
11,at,  wii'-n st-.iie
ie 1 nli-ai' d
i (
I*.   1.1
I'M In
11"_ i
One of the heaviest snowstorm-) of tho Chiiicm: is riot /it nil  oco'io aical     Now jand anothoi oii'* was sent 011 March lat
.-year 0ccurre.1l at Frank lasi irigbt.
lit appears that the hope that die  coolie
At ilie|.ecroati..>i grounds them  will  ,w*ul'* l'"»VB ,l,,,r*- -•■■■•••■■■■-■- -■'-■» « "i''*'
ibor imiHt also lao <lisniis*Hi*<t.    l/ielcr
'be a game of baseball next Sunday.
Contractor Km r has commenced  the
erection of a line residence 011   VictaiiM
Last Saturday a fi-eight wiecklal Cn a
.ton delayed the.uaaiboiiiut express for
.six hours,
Bargains in old newspaperii at thin
-office. Muat be auld to make roum for
jfiew Btock.
• The back yards should receive a liberal touch of chloride of lime at this
-.time of the year.
A live wire or chloroform would make
ait easier for tfie canines to cm-capo from
this world of taxes.
Another car of me.ii Hrrlv*-*1' frnindil
.gary laht wuek for P. burns afe Co.
This linn eells a caiload a week in Fer
VV. J. Blundell   lias   bou<j_ht  a resi-
•deuce 011 Jaffray  street   from  Jame»
Broley, and   will   move   into   it   nuxt
Mr. Gould, assistant road master on
the C. P. K- caught the largest lisb' of
.the scAfon on Sunday. Jt weighed 14
We can got others to supply iho city
with light, water and   tele[iliL>tia.-s, but
■ao offers are being"; made to   run our
.•sewage system.
At Kossland peace liaa^ been   com
■pletely restored between the miners and
their employees.    Jim    Crouin   /jets
uaioat of the credit. " - - -    ->
If you want to bnv a newspaper,-
printing plant, gasolene engine, real
•estate or old newspapers, drd** ft-linoto
•the editor of this paper. }'
llie circiiiiiiatani'OM llio experiment of
tlio I'-ind iiiinni.s In going to China (or
help prciiulscH to I.o un iiiiprnliublcoiic.
Passenger.Untes Inercnseil
Owiu-f to the. poor conditinri of the.
trail between White Hnrsu and Dawion
tlie White Pass .nnl Yukon rnutis lias
announced nn iiicreasi: iu pa-sHeie-er
Iran-s-porliition rates effective. 011 April
I'Jtli Tickets sold thrntigb to Dawson
from Briti'h Columbia ports and l'ui;et
Sound on arid after thai date will lie at
tlie rate of 817/5 instead nf StoO. the
present scale Kffective April l.Vh die
fare from Skauway to Ijawson will be
SIt3 instead of $1-2 ),.and from While
Hiirw! to Dawson tiie ram witi jump on
lhat datp from 310' to 3i>5
The latest repoits from tlie North aie
tot!-.:. .•'.'•■■:. that the trail is rapidly go
ing to piece-'. The enow is disappearing quickly, and pul'iiiK is very heavy
on tbe road, especially where grades
are encountered.
The Great Northern Steamship Co.
in placing in service between Seattle,
Wash ,n.!id Yokuliama, N'e^asaki, Kobe,
Shanghai and Hon.. Kong, thu magnifi
cent American built' hte.-iirii.hlps, the
'•Minnesota" and the Dakota make a
now era iu transportiou facilities between tho Un.ted Statpsnnd theOrieut.
These magnificent steamships with
their superior facilities in handling im-
mouse freight cargoes aiid the luxurious
appointments for passenger travel bas
giveh ailimpotu* fo our oriental trado.
■ paper. ^.jAj^f AA ■ The North Jrti^fic Itout^
s"otoiig.^*;t&*-ia:«vc^rs^; H>s'_n^i^
.ii L-I 11 >r  Imiaralv-AinPihtRT atiiVI nnai- tlao*"t5in ' fiii/t'j..s.!il"if;al>: etnAm*.
.Vre constantly .tuakln-f ,In'ph>ve ipehts'r 'mi'dnow* that,the *'-
r., •...!-... .r_ ...   -._XV„W"l^'l^:i.;k^.l.     .l.l'-_''Ti*,l'.:'J.L'<
Bleasdell put up au awrtiiljJrjthls'Wc'ek.
•ond Tub Lkdqe put iu a tbo'iof.'coair ".'
Pete Van Dusen's dog was taken from
/the pound into the bush, and shot ftilj
of holes. The next day llie dog limped
.home full of holes but still iu the ring.
The City Council are not in favor of
fruit aiul ice cr am shops being kept
open on Sunday. In -the summer the
citizens can get their Sunday refrc-.li-
meats at Elko.
Tho C I'. R. has nn ey« f >r making
.money.   All the old records in the Fernio oflice aro being   packed   up  and
Rhipped east, where they   will  be sold
ilor. three cents a pound to paper mills  •
Graham's tame coyote was   turned
Joose last night and made a istill   bunt
for chickens    It will probably laud in
the pound for lack of a tag if it does not
"tako to the woods at an early minute.   '
T. F. aMiller arrived frum South  Da
<kota this week to took   after  hi» eon,
•who is in  tho  hospital   suffering from
the effects of lining knocked off a C. IV
R coach by a slack telcphono  wire  at
Morrissey lost week.
Owing to the stage at Cranbrook not
•being largo enough the cantata Agatha.
will not be produced in that town iniu-h
to the disappointment of many people
iin our sister burg. Agatha would
•stand a second production in Fernio.
E. Carelton, a former contractor on
thoG N. Ky. lias returned to Ferni-
from his home in Montana. Ilo say-*
atbat thero will be uo railroad boil.ling
from Fernie to Lethbridge this sum
mer. The G. N It. Intends to push
construction from the Boundary to the
Tho Ladies Aid of tho Presbyterian
..church will hold a collar sale in Stnrk'.s
hall, on Saturday, April 22nd. Collars
made by the ladies of the. church will he
,ior sale, also home mado candy and
cookery. Refreshments will bo served
In tho afternoon. Place the dato lu
your hat and do not forgot your pocket
aUnsanitary conditions was tlio cause
aof.tho recent outbreak of hcarlet fever
iin Fornlo.   If the city wishes to avoid
.slilps;;^SIlnueS''ta'e _ _.... ._
bran.'pilt "in^'commission,*' tlicre is-'nn
question but that a further greater increase in our trade wilh the Orient as
well as lucrcix-cd passenger '.ravel to
Asiatic points will be inaugurated.
The first sailing of the "Minnesota" in
-uidiiiiiii tn v-rti'ryiiig the. Iart-e.-st car_-o
to tlie Orient ever carried by any .-.hip
in the world, as well as an extensive
list, augurs well for tho futnre.
The '-.Minnesota" will fail on its next
voyage to t:.e. Orient on Saturday, April
.i'itli and it will not bi amis;, to cay here
that tlie excclli'iuc of her pacser.gei
accommodation will be heralded to the
travelling public of the United States
by all who enjoyed the pleasant voya_.11
across the Pacific ou her first trip, n<
furnishing.the acme of travel '"comfort
The fact that the-superior accomino
dations of the Great North rn Steamship Company in connection with the
comfortable journey afforded by the
Great Northern Railway to Seattle, the
-sailing-point of the" "Minnesota!" will
make this route tho popular one from
Occident to Orient.
statini* that 011 the f<jll.awiii_r alternoon
notice of dial waiiihl be given. No reply was received ai.d preparation-, faar
the trial wvre goii<! into On the Jl'ih
Mr. ljloniiilicld lurni-d up and said he
would settle on ihe terms of thc letter
of Feb. lltb. lie was auxiou. to .settle
as if the. case went into court it would
placelhis firm in au awkward position,
as In: produced a lotier dated Feb. 28ih
frum his principals in l-V-rnie in which
they Mated that a setileiient would be
made upon the teiills proposed by Mr.
MePhillips in his lette: of Feb. Mtli
Uy using coiiiideiable pressure the
directors of the Telephone company
agreed to this. "WiJion & Co. wrote a
letter to MePhillips agiecing to the
settlement and encN.-ing a copy" of a
telegram tu'ilteir priucipa's at Fernie,
ad'.'isi.'jg the!!! 'if tho a.^itli-iimnt. In a
few days Bloom field c.imo to MePhillips
and stated that his clients in Fernie
now said he hail no authority to make
the .-settlement, and that as a favor be
wanted to be let out of the settlement.
After considerable shtilTiing and sparring for delay ups-aii tlie part of Bloom-
field the matter dually came into Court
and if Fernie. ever bad any ehance to
win tho Miit it was lost by the evidence
of Mayor Stork.
Tbe proceedings of the trial w*re.
rather short. In tlie first place Mr.
Wils'iu m-iic application to adjourn the
trial for the pi.rpaj.-e of getting a witness from To.onto to prove the amend
ed defence, and nf course did not succeed Tho only evidence that'was put
in at the trial was the cro^s-examina-
tion of the Mayor upon the defendant's
statement-sot defence. -J erosB examined him *ho-day before the trial.
I'hiS crd^s^anamination,was a 'complete
on a water system he would cl,nr,e ;».),, lil6 ,,,.,,. *_.„,,_.> s;,,,. L. / ,Ul, .^^^^A^^yAy^yAy^y^y^ ^y^^^o^yipotop,
§25 a dav and expenses, and alter 10, r-f,'I,-,,.i|.   (-.,  _,'.._,_ ,v •_• v j _ _.  j,>t, .,.,..  _-..,.,,,,.-
days .f lb a day. [■ 1 lOvi-i..-:. ,::.cc  .Mi:    V i'i , -    p..,thi 	
A letter from P. Vlbrott',w.'»-*|lllf.|. ;,•,,, ai,.. j._„c,lhl iw i,-,,.,, . _,,.,..,,. ilt|    h ._ gM t]m weddin-s will
[t,stated that at present thR   Uiiun ; W,,-|, i.»-,„. |,-,cei,r niter payday,
bunk could not sell any land   in ihe J    Oh. 1 .N. Ji.ys, 1,1'J-'un ;,-, i- » c-n, '    ., ,,       ,    * ,.    .     , ,      , .
-,,,.," _    ,   .,,'i,,,,  r ,        .   :    lf- Cam-'bell, the loeal hu:ch"r and
Cedar Valley as a aeal  v/asiun ior I ml .11, in-...., a:lli,-ir.,i  „;.|, ,;.,. ,.,,„, r
the block. ' ln'.vi' -_ i.ii
A letter from the Provincial set-r. -   vciii-. -.1 a/e
tary was fil<id.    He 6tatc"d   tint on   AIi«-lii_-11   (J.iv.ilrv
Order in   Coancil fixed" tbe   Mhuy , nun!-, in ('iu'er's brig.d •.   !!;: e, I;.*,
paid to W.II. Wliiinstenis'pol'CHiuag-' ed on D -c |7. m'd, and w.is 1111,v..r-d
istrate' at $30D per annum. '' . out .Jumc Id, lSiln.
It wns deci'led toask WiII.AVI-.i'ii-' I'm- r\s niornhs he served a.s n
ster if he will accept the.offe* r'i i.'ia^ u'aiiista-r, and was th-n a|i|i'inte(l
a month to act as police -WW-  r«itc  l-'igler,   being  piMin-tel  lieloru the
j vear a-nded -(-i chief bugler.    Ho ro
to , ceived  two lle5ii wa.unds (luring liis
re- j term of b-ervic-, bit l;epr. on bugling.
vry I ll'-j priiicip-il fear w;i^ iir-: ol himself,
1 lni' ih.-.t hia l/pathci- in iin. s niij. pegi
Kaai'li 111.- t.l.juldr
0  Paulson left tnia   week   for  bis
otiio in Swollen,  where   I.e intends
universal favorite is seriously   think-; -a*0'11" •'»''> 1'ii-isic*.*.    P.nilsi-n nearly
in ' "t'liiiitriiiinny "°''1 liis eyesight in   an exjiloaion last
I fall.
!    Mrs. Und'! un- up from Fernie tlii.*!
week lo'iking niter her nnieli a-aiith
town.   She-   says   thiil   l:< r    son
for the citv. ;,-    tj
The oinmittoR was.histfjic'
again confer with the Coal Co.
-   : -ft
gard to exact conditions r* <?e«t
Mr and.Mrs. f-Juthri's weir: in Fer-
i!;>-i'-at, Friday shaking li.n<d~i with
iuii'i iicr.iiile friciiiis. Tii.-y caiiie to
Ci'i.l Creek before Fornie was any-
'lung but a biushlire l-'or yenii-
tlu". kept the bi'inMng h use in thi
eainp, and tluvugh their mnafgool
iie-M cndeiircd theinselM'S to all will,
uiioni thev cunii: iu cu:.t..ct.
i-:ast kooTi'cx.w :,n.;ixo
It was resolved to ask itli^ g
ment to repair the road to' %p: ■
tery as at the present time*^.
possible for the hearso to 'M "■
In   regard   to  throwing"
clause'in the iiiawrpjratioH^.*
garding septic tank *ys:efn
lioss says in a letter on the'^ti
"It occurs to mc th:rt'thet.'i
Fernie are disposed-to 'blame
thing -upon the government
shown in this particular iiiitta■
where is the govern ment] was
to meet the wishes of *thc~pe
Fernie i'i every  respect-: agd
Im ye been successful in'daif.s:
I'^.tt -
it not been fur the opposiSjin
in Ihe House bv the leadeftsf
- ;jj7s? -•
position. '   {fs
It was decided thaty'tlte ■
meet Mr.   McEvov  and.V''
•a   * *t*
dumping ground questimb.'
By-law No. 13, beinj^tt^bj
amend by-law No. 6 Wiisreii, . lit.
time.    " '-ij$J:Y
Adjourned antil AprlSHttj.
— ■ ■■ m.l7_.    ia^^
A convention of delo rajes-fruri .•)
1'ical unions in the Crow •; ..a_kit iniiii:
of Alberta .'hi be lurid al"-B'X'?iiu,->.
^pril 19:b Stir thn p'urr*?lii'ifiv*£'  !.
ingacaudtiUteJii iUi)V,tWd-i*^>
::;eiit would be killctl.   This fe.ir 1"
eame rrntli lnr  ho saw  his  brotlu . '
-•h 110 b'Ht'i in fr aiit oi hi" own n\e-,
and advi-.es all a* ■Idi.-rsii.'V-'.r to Ugh'
in the bain-' ii-giiuer.t as tlielr rela-!
■(.-      Since l.S.'il  Mr. R..ss has drawn a'
If.   pen-sion aiuounting to $l_ 11 month,
•ai'd nas l.clon.'fi.'al to the G. A. Ii tiiiice
•of   l")7l.    0..ly  .-,-,!dieiv  l.-noi-.l^y  di-
ery- \ en.-irged can join the <_'. A. li or w.-ar
5   is _ the btftoii     Mr  li ss Ims iittendt-i,
and ' pallid 5  in .St    l\.ul,   (,'iiieig'i   aid
::ou-i Milwa'i'i'ie.    In i'i •■:■   p.inl-i   tl: ■
p   ol'Canadian  iiienih-rs   are all-.wc-d   v>'
■>c.nJri 'carry the Union Jaa-k.    Mr. K*'i-a iii;-
hail  cerelv wiah-.-s to li\*i- tun yi-ui-; mo:'-,
tised   when the veli-ran-.  of tin:  I}. A. !i. _
j oj)-   will each receive ?UXjO    'I li. re we:i-1
411,00J Canadian on the Ui'iuii aide in
the war, aud iibjut oO.tfJ-) ' ih" witli
tl.e gray. ,
Koss Sj-.il! has thc spirit that made
w to  la I eh at a tender age .Ion the blue auf
'Frijiia   K„rl  J-o. 'a   I'm.'.. •< r
;« es'incted 'h-it tli'- wMir.ni
111. Wild Horse Creek, will b- Iin
tl.ii -j'-asori.
The outlook lnr placer  mining
".ii'lrew L, in the Med'n;in(! 11,-it hos-
oitil with a -own: attack ol uphold
John .McDnnalrt, thc boa 1 man,   has
liM-osi'i! of hi- b'l-iiifss- iici'a' .md will
loon leave lor  IV.,iiet.hi.   whr-ro   In*
. !un piticii.t.-.-ri -i piic* ol land.
I'lleil   the   I'H-gfSi;   1'iuiber   ticnl-t
v< r mail"   ir.   .*- itit'ie.-'^   K'-otetiav
r "'/li  * hi *  wei-k   by   II.
ii ••■•' itr.T    ot   the  M iy; •
'a.'iillllg    Co.,      \\ llC'll       1.1.
«>IS |,U'
L'tii'bi r ana
a,        /-.     1  - •  ,        ,     ■    1 sild tn J  C. '!rn ham of 'aVinr.'n""- 1 -
Perry Crook is very i'i i.rl.t and 1:1111-   .     ^ i.i.nu •. nun p n 1
1 .      i 'J f\'tJI ter-t ri1 Iniiili'M- Tiie   'iiinlai i-
in-;  men  are beginning   opc-rations-!    ....     ..      . """• '
The recr*iit strike-" made in   the S\
iJi-Tene mine, will caitae  a   rirnii r
of t-i od pn^ieets in th-it  vii-inity   to,
ii.- '.v.irked ditii'if the coming .-sa-no n.,
The North St n; the nid.-st jp-duc-' iin" (-,"11l''"-iai - Liiterly i-t .i.e sma'l
ing mine in Kiit KontcfiKV, ncc.r.l-! am('1Uir- ('f ore wh'.cli t!,ey are licei*.-
ing torepnri-", i" tn b; !■•".* •.!. Tiie i ".'■*' u',Jia tl-i: --'-Ivi-r-lewl mii.ts. Ti..:
iti'in of leasing j, i;,nV   b 'foivi •N*,'1°'-'*- ■"'■"'-Irei i- tlnva ei.ing to clo-e
j will be ai,ipi,|.i| o'ltof  the   yards
j Castas the Ca's e.iu   b»   !(,-ul.-d   an I
taken  r.wa\.   This  pr.icticMllv di-
t p ires nt the >t. ck of luiiibi'i on   hand
The •".-jji-.i.'i-a: NcIsoq and Tr.pl
lln- direetriry b'tir.l ol tho C'lnpar.v.
Mnvie, an;! the li.-r silvcr-lc;id
mi:ii'S tributary t'i that tn.vn. Cam
'iiiiics to attract Lri*i-at
1 down,    r-in.s-.j
'■ the two I.-k-I .
At Trail oi;!\
el ru.iry only oi.e of
.cks b.is been used.
■:•.(: of the  tin-.'.:  is   in
unci I
,.-.., -; „  .,,sri <xlS{:'    ' '"■' "'";iil'e l«"*i <'iri-en !roui tbe
issi'it.inii   anil   ^,.
, ,. ... I ^loc m iii
lev'-r.-.l now d^e-iven.'Sii nniti-rant'i-
have ad led to ihe great  ,,rubp--c:lvifi l"""'""-:'"l,,l'",t Yl'l,e" il "'i,S :,-rml
'! to let '
ovi'i'-ci(mating  their
il. Iv.igt-aiu s-liip abi-n.id.
iiil'je of tlie earn|'.
An average r,f 100 tons of '.re a dn\ !    T1,e Sr' ^''-f''1'" ''as   large foreign
p:urgei.it')tliegri::i:eatlieilthat:e...ia   s beinR  taken out  rf  tlu   S-illivaii1 C0I)'r,lc'*; *'J  !i!J*.   Thcsl!   _'•-"trsU't-*
; ti.e liuaii-jiiiid blaaL-tla: iio.ni; of ai.\   ,rr."-up of Mi'.i**.   Tin-, is the   I.ir_-r-t
r:--ioii.     iaiki-ig ab utt th-j virrinj '-lai'v outpur in  the   hi-torv   of  tbe
'aceues  when  a   nebulous pall   hung
'over the   I'liion,   I-is eyes will flaa
r^e'tire tinit has driven u.anv a man
.liaiat, a' hot battery iu de:ence o!
' - il.ig and country,  and his voic-
, >**.ill tri-u.blu and  !ii-•!-*it--.- .iim  i.i-
•   •• Mi'h,. ,  ' e  speak3 of the  many
property and is due tn the fact that
th- smelter at Maryaville, owned by
tiie Sullivan daiipany is about ready
to commence operations.
-      Ball at Hussiund
Al Davis visited Nelson on Thuts-
will exjaire on July 1 of ih'1-5 year,
and tit the same time the bounty on
exp9i*red ore shall Ca-a?,>. .Manager
Crnmn was asked yesret-'la y as to what
the policy of the company would be
after the bounty eeased on exported
lead.- lie iinim ited that in all probability they would gee ancther contract with the f-reign smel ers and
continue to ship thc   greater   portion
liy sui"pri:"P. He was evidenlly not prepared to put witness-!'!) in the box
and he tli.»ref-)ro ad-luccil no evidence,
and the c.i-.e went to the. Judze simply
on tin- mayer'a cross-examination."
The f'irei_"ing easily .proves that the
B C. Teleplii.iie -Co., or its lawyers are
in 110 «.-iy tn blame for piittiuir a gre.it
expens-a' up"ii lernio It also pro\ea
that a ni i.v.ir with more "Scotch'' in hfui
than uioaliMii i-s rather an expensive
oniann-'itati'aii for a young and strug-
..liny city  	
ar.d C. P. R. employees «'i">!.ire nil or-   .u-ip-Ui-1 :    Hanover,    II inU-iv.own.   th1
iMiiizi-d  havo promi-,ed :»•-:r support  Getty-b-irg,    Mmiterey,    Civetown,   «' te.
and will  hava reiiru'ent.itiaes  at   llie
i-onling eoiiveiiiion     Tl,.- . ior.-*  have
been promised support l.v 1 ar:re nuin 1
her of   farm.'rs    in   tl.e     .nlev   ami
t •
Pincher Creek sections of •    country.
Harney Mooiicy is on a visit to Frank.
A Carney  is iu the city upon ollicial
With much regret G. C.Jilodge left
Pernio last Monday
Messrs Pedlar, Volume and O'N'eil
spent Sunday at Klko.
Geairgo .McMillan, bite of Quail's store,
is now a machinist at Coal Creek.
Thomas Pogue goes to Lucille. Idaho,
this week.   He will return in May.
Mrs. E. A. Wells, of Meilicine Mat. is
vih.ting her inotiier, Mrs Wm. Itiiindell.
F. \\\ Peters, aecompanieai by many
more C. P. It. ollieials came in a private
car to Fernie last week,
Mr. and Mrs. Win Foi'b'r, of Vuncouver, nre in the city visiting their
alaughta-r, Mrs .*'. F  Wallace
On Friday evening Miss  Meltuiney
Leo Ca-ucan, who runs the Royal
Cafe is a noted caterer. Ho was horn
and rai-ed in a restaurant and has foi
lowed She hiib.ncss all his life ft jb his
intention tn. conduct the Royal short
order restaurant, and will .get daily
from Spokane all the 'delicacies, of the
season. Leo ha • managed restaurants
in many States, eppei-ially in
iluiaha Ib; also has charge of the
rooms all of which instead of beiii'a numbered are named.after, states and provinces. For instance at the Ra)yal a man
can play tl.e piano in'Ontario, sleep in
Texas, eat iu Maitieand wash his hands
in California.
There is a side do.>r entrance to the
restaurant, aud a specialty is made of
Sunday family dinners The linoleum
on the dining room floor came frum
Scotland, and ivaills are artistically decorated with the latest pictures of King
Ktlward and (.in-en Alexandra. This
restaurant will surely do a large Imsi
The company ha? not "-t decide']
whether the n-iv tipple ,it oal Creek
will be wo-ial or steel. i; - .1 question
of cost. Tnn tender.-- for a -teel ouearej B.-iJtiin-.1--
expected from Chicago ai.. Pittsburg
linns The tender from ' hicago ha11
a lre»tl v-iii 1 .
■At.C«:il Creek oper-itio:;- are being
pushed on the temporary t; pie to No.
2. It ivill be fini>lieal by S.-aturday, and
next weejc the. mines will 1 a- producing
about the ' sa-ns ainri:''-'f cial ns
previous to the fire, but «it.i !e.-s  ease.
Thi. eoiicTi'te foundation :' ■: tho haulage enijine is just a:.out c.m.ploted, and
in two weeks the engine nil bo" put in
place It wiii nut ■ l»« rise: until tbe
permant.tipple is complete I
Sniith-.'wn,   H H-iisbonmg'i,   lingers- 1 't f —i
town, Wi.itiiii-jhiit,   Falli'nr Waters  ['-IN •-
Snie'at;.-.!. ip  !\-. !!••> V-'i-'aird, Culpeji ; I " -
per   C »urt   Ihtis",   Ka'.'a-ion    Kurd. ;i''"'r"
White's   Ford,   J ick'-s Sl.op,   Jam-.'.- j hi — '"
City,    P.-u'dv   sS'-ri-i,    H-.c'-tl.-i'.-r-   l"-.-,'..
Mil's,   S-.-va- ,-l.urg.   .M'!"'":i's   Fur<l.
Kielnu. nd. Wiida-rne-*, li-aver Dam,
Yollow Tavern, .Meilo'v Uri-i.e, Mil
lord,   H.wl-'s   Step,    C.'ld    Hub r,
Cp ss   ii-iai'.s,   Trevi'lian
Station,   Winchester,   Front   K-iyal,
Leel .wi>, Sht'purils'.i.vn,  s.nniilivid,
Berrwilie, Summit, Upequan, I.ttray
Port iJejatiblic, 'Mt. Crawlcral, Wuod-
stcck.  Ceiit-r Cr. ck,   Mat!is-;ii Court
House,    Leuii-a   C-urt   II.-lis**.   Fivi
Forks, Sjrith S:tie, Daick  IVi;d .MiK-.
S.iikii's   Creek,   A|_'oniattJX   Court
ii:,'.- ol -it -nee nr.-.-u: z rg s i."h,' fle (ii(! not -,,"''!t   *:,°   ,c<-';** .W^™
1     If this i>d-ne it .Ma!   i,..ike(' s1"*1"'-1 -cviipl-tlii  ol tin-St.   Eugene
ro fonn a l....»o.. c..ii.uwd ' *!"W"S nbivad, as thry were giving
■n. Trail. N irti,;. -i
Among ;!i s- w: 1 ra
: ii in the w irk ot
.! .-'uli'ln".' ar>- a
t .111'.    !a '.-sS
.ue (iei'i !\
i. r.iiing a
mini ■ er c:
la-.-,'.-■ men, a'i'l Mr I'r-is is sat-
i-li -1 :...i- they wi I put up a j:->.ial
:■•:. •; .: 'h- li-ld. a- :'ier.' i." i"'n.-id
, r ■' .■• • i'i it::."—i" a' ai' i :m:>.'ii that is
in » :t\ iii.il.Ie thcie t.<r tl.e ptirj-T'se
I'i.i-oii'y towns tiial ha\e not beeii;
rein! l:""m in regard "in tin- league;
are Fernio'and ColviJIe. — la'iissl.md ;
Miner.  ;
UAA.'.ix. Ap
them as much era ,-s they airived 10
, give. The trouble at the Xelson and
Trail snia-lrers wis due to tiie mines
in t'.e 6!" c 111. ii"! b.-ing able to supply :!ia-ir sii-i.-<*. IJ <) Ihichanan
say" Hi-it the S\ Kugene will draw
aii'.iu three*' .-*i*rIi- *>r rh« laj.'a.l boiiu:y
M-the niaiiith ur.Mi.reli. Their si: -re
will aini.tiiit io nearly *L'."i.i )X\
IIAiinTl.My.*.'   HALL
The Standard Lumber Co. com
menced sawing on Monday having- repaired the break in the engine. The
mil! hns recently been moved to linker,
near some of the finest timber limits
alung   the   Crow.   The   mill  will cut
about tM,O00 feet a day.    Last veil* this   -■-•••--/-■*■■'■•■■- "0* wishiii.- ... reeognizi-
Dumping Ground Svcitred ,
After con-.ideral.lii garblii.jr the Citv
Cimucil h;is so.ury.1 a site for dumping the refuse -if the city YeatertLiy
tv.o acres wero purehaseal from the.
Ciows Nest Pass Electric Litdit and
Power Co. for fJOO, and th- company
was not anxious to sell at t!.,i: price but
probably did so to oh'igo tl-.-- city. The
site is about li'K) yards fu.ai the city.
near the abattoir of P. l'.ni*ii.- A Co. It
will co-c abia.it $1 a l.i.ul t. c.irt dis-
euraled and obnoxious material to our
May Shut   Down
Judging   from   ri'ports -a.voive.il   at
For nie all  tl.e  I! C. coast .oil  mines
will stmt (low,1 tm the. Ut .! me o\\ ju<-
A Terpsicl.oiyan ii-n v.iiinn ai il ni-i-tir
in l-Vriiie upon the ewiiin.- »: iieiiy.
April 27iii, iviia'ii u H.u-'i Tiiiia-s bal! in
aid of tlie ••oca! basei'.-ill chib wil! he
given. A bal' «f tnis 1.ii.al is ji-t tin*
reverse from a dicaiie'.i' aif.iir, iioai
their is no danger a.f bein,* dei-idlated
•if you appa-ar on the il-ii-r w.tiiout .-a
wbita" siiirt. AH ar.* expavied IaiMtia.-.ial
in the. pa.tirest and too-t ami 'lit ov
tutnt'i- tb.-at Can in' pr'.i-ure.l en la.-i-ip-.e.
At tuiiiiiUiit all masks wil !'e ra-nt .wl
,-iiid Moinus ra-i_rti >u\ ra'iae for a f.-«
minute*. V. itr.' oii:: 1 ::,i.- «-Iila.- ■ hi-
ucusaiii'ii uf the M-.is.aii. 'I i.
are $1, and frieiials ot tiie
tboiiid attei <I .'ii i..M-^a'.
i-l!:illi! ("'.-i
'l-is.i.-rii.. ivssilt
i-rai.g.'.i ')-.■ 1
',"-ii--e'r L->t!_r.s  I'
ri: I-J:-
>, ringl
a 1 el   th
:i iiy;w,-i'ii 'he
:r,.':i   f-t   *h"
Rlilav..,;.- "'Co'
ie   t.'aal I'eiVt.Ca:
■,.'■ I'lVt-s        a'!
W.   A.,   "and'
.Miii'.igef C'-'-aa'.-
S ."iri'i.aV. A g'.'i.er
i'-.-is ajre. .1 u;' 'ii   I■■■
I l'e.     \a Jilt.- Tj    aV;lS     !
1 1 iv rate on Pill.'.r '••
7"» 1- it!-- "i'.'.o ii. •':
;'i, i','iir.-: t;:■_• men. do
' «';i-.'i
>    ( '   ■     a
' )■•'•'■'"
(ii.-C'l-.'.       I !:>
k  i*   iix.'l a'
;- n.i-r.r itlViv.i
irab-d .:!.
lepidoinicB it will be necessary fur thej was called to Toronto owiiiK toiler father
authorities to make it dillicult for uu j having met Mill a ceiious injury.
■ desirable .microbes to get a foothold j Lucy, only laughter of S. (i. Andrews
.within the limits. In souk* form tilth of this city win. married last week iu
caiiBe.n nearly all the diseases that flesh strathcona, Alia., to linhert Ink.itei of
is heir to, including consumption. that town.
It has been ducldod iua UoHuhind court      T. (}. Proctor, of Nelson was   in  tbo
that playing solo for cigars Is not pninb
ling.   The judge in that city probably
■vlowssolo with tbo wild-cat stocks Unit
.onco made that city infamous.    The
writer known one man who walked 'lilt
of Rossland in ''»•'> from  playing sol",
and ho still bets thut it was gambling.'
even if 11 petty judaje thinks otheravise,   ,
T. N. Lawe was  in   Taibai-,'..  Poii-is.'
Montana,  last week   pitrih.i-iiu'   live
cily last week, and in company with I).
V. Mott paid a visit to the fruit lands of
the Kootenay Valley Co.
1).  R.  Alcorn, accompanied   by  his
bride and I.Is ninth.m-, arrived in Ferine
yesterday from  Wood-tuck, N   It,    Mr
Alcorn will reside In thu city.
|)r A II.nva', nf Kllll-sp.'ll expects to
a-|uinl most of the. • iimtiier 111 .'ind
aiaiiind 1'i'lliii'.    He Is an eye   spea-iali-t
company paid tho highest dividend of
any mill in East Kootenay which
speaks well for the iiHttiteuees of Up
A Million Dollar Deal
It has a'aiuie out in the Srtprome
Court that Stuart Henderson has soid to
a liritish syndicate for a million dnlluis
the Avoca, Avaaon, Amazon and other
claims near Clinton which formerly
were sold at a sheriff's sale for six hundred dollars. The previous owner was
the 1! C. Development Co.
(owl for 'ho local henuoty in which he is   " ho learned his pioia siion iu 1 bica^
Athletic Association
A iniu'liiigof the Fernio Athletic   As-
sin-iiilinii will In. held in the Caiiirt House
on Friday evening', April Iilli for the
aiiiinal I'lertiaan .if nllii-i-rt and other
l.'i.sine.is. All who are in(cri--tea| in
niltiloor ,-i-ort.i nliolihl bn in a;ta:ii-biiict-.
tho ei^rht hour law, Thi- m-H1 bta rt
serious b| iw at the coast tow:,sand it in
likely that a special session .-! the legislature will be called to tak.: action in
the matter.
Women, no mailer what their profession or occupation can li.u1 no safer
investment than buying a 1 aodel on-
dauviiK'iit pa'licy in the .Mutual Life oj
Canada. Th.-v ate profllabk- ais an in-
vcstniciit, in ,-uldition to the- I le insurance provided. See facts fra'.a the lady
agent ul the Hotel l-'crnic.
The M.i-mt F.M-r.i.- l.-d :••« f I
F., Nn -IT ii.i- one nf lb- (in
rooms along tin* I'rew. It is -,'; \ ,">■' ft.
in fi/.e am! is bi-.uit-f.iily 1 n-, -t'-'l I'i; -
N. CI. chair ami''at'-'pv :-o i- .it "ii-
end of tha> hall, ami th- \ . (. ch.i'r at
the other The:"" ar • i.vai wri"!-:.
desks and failir p.-'a--r.i!- Tiie l-Le
lias Sl.'H ' iuv.•-:•••; in r--,-r-i an I fur-
ni-hings Vi-i'ing I'l-ethern .-.ri' always welcome-     III all'ala-l"   tl)   .'ICCt'lll !ll'»-
dnte  Ihs-  liaioal Ta-tuplais   tin' meeting
i"l , .'a' ■
1 !•:■;;
'. i I.k'O
1).    It
oral ;
.All    Cptow 11    ('111 •;>
S. li, Yerkes.'ti. P. A.ot':!.e<l X.l.'.
c nu- in i i.-t night as,.! di^cus-e-i I< eal
'la' made
rat'.;.- to
A*   the
rs  iv ith .las. Sia-.-in.
■eti'.elit.- to _iv"t- sps'jia
I-V-riiie   bi'el'.i!!   •.••am.
d ■■! r1!'- on---'i   .-in
il  lie 1 p. f.ed  ill ti i"
'Ill aim-.'
Ing vaca'a i\ bv I*
',.-_' the   Nortia-rr'
Ills   I'l'l'll   aJ-paailUe
1 gent.    Since i's 0:
-..'tie a targe bu.-itia-.-
'. .1. Mt:e!;c!:
Horcl. Mr.
■1 heal xi-ii-
;rv tl.e tl. X.
■■• :;i IVniie.
Iliglit h.as lie.'li
dav to Friday.
A viuing lady living on th, west side
of iM.nib,ill,in vv.t-. recviitly i-i receipt of
the following coiiiiuui.u-;itii*:i, -ent from
the opposite house in tho re.u. and vvrir-
teii iu a baaii-.li hand:
"Pla'a-a- il.'li'l boilla'l' l<>
I'iMiit ol vault* window iinv
aie gaiiug .ivv.iv lor Ilia- suur
.Hid   iai'l)."«-I.il'a:.
•Hill Loves the-
Irisliinen  make vre it
•..    .a:,-u
(.li-.iniii. of 'he St.   K'tg
•laa   Jit,
■I   Wm
Kagle» seems to knovi thi
-, ll'-.l
iir'Miial htm ail tha-   lush
l-e   a-ati
lillll        !'•> lit   IJ'iS-hallil  lla'
llll-  Ilia
■   lii;e-t
b|!t;i'h   as;   ", !:»..-- '    V.   :■
alia: I-;
1 III--:-,    j.l i
ie.     Wo -, Ui'Hiiilin:; .V iv
I". •—Tiilll ! lllid   i1 ei-y   le.-l'l
; Jim i>. tl-. ..'-,•.
nt  a
(iold in its Toot It
r.'onr   |i'.\!e:ie.    Maln.-U'heil     L "•
vvai-a.l Katavn, a iViruia-r here,   tnita-lia"i'a!
■ a Iiaig, lie was "jreatiy snrpri-eil  to li-i-l
aine ot tho molars with a   bright yeiinw
'-pot on it the M/e ni a  navy  beau.    a\
i-l.apa-i* a'-i-.imina'ion   revealeil  the   f .ft
■ tli-it a n-.igget of it.'t'l vva-- lirinly iin-
bftl.leal in the t"'.:h. Tha- h"g had t»a•»•!»
In tlie niiiuiii,:.* ti-nlia-r, and tb"_nnly
•Tiiy Ivitini acctini.t ■ for tlu' nugget he
ing in tin'titoiilh of tbe aiiin-.iil is that
tin re are good placer ground:-, near the
S.ifetv t'11-t. prorit- n-.'\t.    Those  fac-
ror- for :_; ve.irs h.i'.a' ;■! uwi ll;e Muli;  I
i.i,',- s'l  t'. I::.'., i :    a-:l..   il Of [V'iisV    llv'kl-
t.--. t'.-ati)-o-v 01 -Aiii.h '.a.  in-iiie.    .('■;■:
i-.v. .-I.; ,:.■ I'.-   .alio: ; .fi   the   .njej.t   .1'
-.!, ii - •■: i-Vi-.I-
An oil exper' by the name of Win.
Fun-is; fr tn Petrolea has this to siy
al'i'tit the. oil regions near 1-Vrnie:
\\'!i.-n I was in the Fiatlu-ad valley
tivo' years, ago I met a party of
A-:H-!"i','a:n tinder *'ii-l" s--.--r Herman!,
wiio had ju-t rt-turiiril from the oil
lit'lds "I Hns-ia ■ Prafa-s;'!" H-nnatrr
said tl.en that C iiiatl.i wa-nor -i'.v,i'-'
ii.iw valuable a regi .n'siie pos*-es-"'-'l
and tint Peiu.s. Ivaui.i neverpreseat-
('•'"! .-is promising" iiidiiM'ii>ii:i of oil as
the Flathead vuliVv did.
Wln.'n  I  lirsc vv.'ir   iii:>   the   nil
C'liniry I found i: iliiiie lit to looaf"
the exact region dt-.-oraU'il  ba*   I'r.
Selwyn.    Alter searcbi::.: 'lie d:s'a";t-t
lor a few days I de*i i.:<ni tin- siue.'l • 1
t'leoil  and   fill .«[■:,:  t:>-  t!io   scent
came to the . i! springs   two   miLs
away fro in my stuiiii;  p»i: t.   '1 ix
oil which I lt-ttn-t w.i- nr, Sage Crei-ic
and F.ish e-nn civ"l: ami on .motin-r
uiiiiamed oread: ij-'t'oi.  tln-iii.   a: it
soon Phillip." cia'i'k. t.-n miles away.
alt thcjc stn-t:::.-! !>eing  b anche- .-I"
, the Flathead n.vr.
,     !   have lies:*.! iai  i.l".-c   touch   wi-h
ihe oil  ivg:'lis ever st-ce.   making
constant ti'ips 111:0 the oniiitrv, g-'iag
: in repeatedly t<^ hvite ol-r.nis aud i->
■ secure   t'linpl s      No   di'velaipuo'iit
' lias ever been dt.-r.a-. on  '.he prope'tv
' owing to the opj-i'Sttioii  of the   Canadian Pneilie- railway,   wheb  for   a
long time made must ,-:ri nti'.'.is elioii*
' to get jt.i.ssessi.an of'.Ids ta-rritory «s a.
1 laud grant.    Afer   a   1 ng s'.rtigglo
'-. till' gliVor.llllellt llei-ia'C'l   (0   rrfalgld/.a!
j the riglits of pr--spar;,-is an.I tiie way
j is now open t\if the ii-il devi-iopiuiT 1
J ot the r-.sources a f t!i'.' country and I
! nave n«d.itibt that the result vvill
ijitstily '.!'.e exp: ('"lti'itis i.f ih,i.-e who
j bave iu the p".st \i?i ed tin: district,
: and ii'ive in.nlo ..-xaiiiinatioiis. I'he
cii.inirv is e.isy lafaci'.-si. b.-ing on'.v
lefty ii-a'b-- ti'"in 'li'i''..':i, M-fiita.'ia.  011
: till' l.il-1-.-l!   N«'l t:  ''i'i,,     ."'l.'.l     tila.a     ..'llll'!
;ii.-',.ucv t[-.'::i Ft: r,.•«.:-. A.r C. V. II,
X " - -        !' <»'li
'••   m
•iri* I
■"-,-.—Ti-l^^-,---.'".-^—sBQ ■
l" _.._*"' J '"L....     '  .rkmXMltr*,!!..
 . __A&®--~-«--
w-»—tl J-r-a—lft.
II    J.J     S. _ 7\fc 	
-*- •Z.^L^t°>gg;s*'_la!i-y'sff'yii'.,»yi|Uiq_l^
s ' *' &M   '    !     V      T   ^M ' JlH       Ift 1.
^1  W        j f 1 s * '! i    * ,p '   a 11       -sr    ' ( s» i        \      l s   X
fm-t-a-'tnmi r.
^■VH.-s-.^^^""-awy-. WM../,. ^.m.-*.*?-! ,
T 6     ~
i_j\ t
" "jj__j-
<i    'i •<-;«*■ * '
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Hunt iur, Homing or Glacier Climbing, go to
Now Svo? J *top • fow di ye, jega or
months at the NewnhtrkeiHote^-g^^g
Btego. Homo cooking, aud tho -■»»«** ^"J*"
in the world, including water. Write or vrne
for rotes.
tttwrnwliet Rotel
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L.T.W. Block, Fernie, B. C.
Agents in Fernie for T, 6. Proctor, Nelson
The Ledge.
n. T.I.OWERV, Editor ana Financier.
TllK LBliOK iajpubllailieal overy Wodneailuy
in Fernio, B.C.   Tho prico in 98 fl year.    A rt ■•«>•-
in "s'ermo, i-.u.   mu in.uu .a*... _r	
Using rates given nixm application.
Oppoiitte tlio Depot, FEUN1K
A gentleman needs no
make liim do right, or pay
thnt the law does not reach.
law  to
a  debt
The home for railroadmen-
and lumbermen.
Finest   Liquors and  Cigars.
p£vT_Vv_VV; : ""
In Fernie, is a-pleasant
home for all who travel.
Booms reserved by wire.
Last year Canada's metal yield
wns worth $G0.000.000. It should
easily be double that ainonnt.
Much missionary work will have
to be done in Canada before superstition is dead, and all the fossils
TheC. P. R. has moved into its
new station at "Winnipeg, but Fernie
still jogs alonsj with the same old
depot, and looks happy.
There is no trouble in Spain or
Russia, over separate schools, and Eli
Perkins tells us that the people are
peaceful, prosperous and. highly educated. 	
We would advise all in search of
work to stay away from Russia.
Times are hard over there and
several ofthe inhabitants have not
spoken to tho Czar recently.
If* more attention was paid in Can
ada to rational' methods  in eating,
drinking and other highly essential
matters, and less to fighting over the
life to come we would all find heaven
nearer home.	
j that he was commanded by the Almighty never to speak or move if he
wished to escape eternal damnation.
He has rigidly adhered to the command and will not even open his
mouth. He is indeed a strange case
for the majority of those who get
commands from the Almighty hardly
ever cease talking, and are constantly moving or striving to move others.
Deep are tho mysteries ot this universe. _,	
T. Whelan, Manager
•):■ ' -a-
A kegro at Yazoo, Miss, had to
tiee from that city because he worked
lathe post-office, lie has-taken his
case to Roosevelt; 'hut the easiest
way is seek a job In some city where
the white folks are color-blind
Neuraska has a new way of fighting the binder twine trust. The state
will have its convicts make twine,
and sell it at cost to the farmers. In
this way the trust will havo its ball
of twine wound up while the poor
farmer will have more money to fool
away on fair and. circus days. We
are pleased to see somebody taking
up the cudgels for the down trodden
farmers of Nebraska. It will bo no
longer necessary for them to put the
big apples on top or rocks in the hay
in order to make a living.
A man in Poplar Creek writes us
to say that about a dozen excellent
women could find husbands in that
camp. He says that the shipment
could be made to the postmaster who
would guarantee a fair and equitable
distribution. We would not advise
any ladies to rush avt-'av. to Poplar until the stamp mills are running. Most
ofthe chaps around that camp are
the finest in the world but have little
on band except patience. Until they
sit op and develop their claims4 any
woman who would marry one of
them would have no use for millinery
tcrmined onlthe Canadian side, will
speedily bo followed across the line
Into Montana1. The largestoil springs
are on Sago Week, a tributary to the
North Fork ol the Flathead  Rivci
about seven miles north of the   inc.
and tho small amount of    drilling
done in tha't vicinity  have shown
good results! Those who aro interested on tliWside of tho line will w
glad to learn ol the  extensive. work
planned to be .lone so near their holdings.   Mr. Glcyn says, also, thnt the
C. P.'R.  has promised  to  build a
branch lino to the -veils already developed on'fe'ago creek, but that there
is no imme#to prospect of tho line
being extcJfcd south into Montana
British Lion
Central:- Motel
-First Class in Every Respect
MRS. S. JENNINGS, Puoi-kiethess.
la the home of all Slocan peoplo traveling to and from Poplar.
meals always ready.    McLACHLAN BROS., Props.
Carnegie and Rockefeller to givo
their money to colleges, churches
and libraries,'. In many cases their
gifts are refused and they should
change their tactics. Endow a few
homes for hoboes and see how it
would work. 	
ipfllf^fe.. '■■
i a.-'--?-'a3*5^s^>-as_'^_.-__ ■.-
I »
Is a pleasant home'
for the traveler.
Judging from the rotten paper used
in the postage stamps und stationer}',
Mulock is conducting the posrofiice
business in a cheap, but not efficient
manner. If this is not so thc contractors who supply the flimsy stuff
shonld be. interviewed. The people
want the matter investigated.
A man in the Slocan who has owed
us a small bill for many long" year_y
writes us a six page letter, explain-'
ing why he  has not sf.uled^The
gentleman also states ,that;?herth"aj-'|redj^
.V ■f.(5*;Wa*fg-"-*»'**tjoo8t "'•^*^^'^^aU^pi*i7^»^
arid is willing to writo us ar:iciee ;o.ii' "   •--,"
tnat subject in payment for our aged
bi[I.   This is much more than most
of the socialists  who owe  us* have
offered to do and we feel  thankful.
We have a notion to get some of those
articles and trade them for bread or
to the printers for wages.   We feel
certain that the prints will be  delighted to have them instead of cash.
We believe in socialism, but not in
the bra nd that takes your goods in a
less honora ble way than a pirate.
Our Oo_^putp«t Reviewed.
. A review ol the coal output of the
district tor the past year is rather dis
appointing and will not  even com
pare favorably with that ot two years
ago when we claimed to be but just
developing  oar mines.     Lille  has
beon little better than   stationery;
Frank has shown a decided falling
off; Byron Creek ar.d Blairmore like
Lubreck have cut practically no figure and bul.fer the opening of thc
new niine3*ai[_Bellevuc and Coleman,
tho"output 'of-the district would be in
significant. .--In tke face of our  decreased output the cry .of thc lack of a
market sounds   most   absurd,    for
surely thereIs more coal used now
than two yeafcs ago, and sounds more
like excusesjiiiade by operators who
having promised iheir stockholders a
larger output find themselves unable
to produce it. Tlie Coleman  mine
which has just reached tho  position
ol the largest shipper when it was involved in the late strike is again in a
position to siin reach its old position
whlie;;Bo)ielie will make a  hard
^^:^^|^';eon&iplacc.on tho list.
-^^La thiit-.thw;,ye_a"*7will
fines ..aerodee -_ their out-
t,_l^._. more new shippers will
be added-to the* list if this district
hopes to become prominent in the
coal mining world. — blairmore
Is of the utmost importance in
these days of modern life when a
minute may sometimes mean a million.
Always have a watch that keeps thc
correct time, and if it will not, talk to
C. O. Demaurez
^•fH -   - - ~ _+. A*.m./GLjn*
^nae i
Shooting Gallery
Having opened a shooting
gallery in ihe Beck bloik, next
lo ihe bowling alley, we solicit
Ihe trade of all who delight in
the pleasures of marksmanship. Call in and take a shot
or two.     '. _ r' •;.
,p4 Manufacturers of Lager Beer, Bottled Beer & Porter
■ ■    ——■■ — ■ ■—■    ■■■■■«—■■■■■■■. —mmm.rn.-_ _■*____;_■■,__■
Howland Avenue, Fernie
Wm. Mills, Prop.
•     LIMITED.
Wholesale Dealers and Direct Importers
of Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Dlotrict Agents forv
Pommery Cbampasrno
and Sclilltz Beer
Distributer!- of
Chamberlain and
Pharaoh Cigars
-p'laR.'IsriSJ    B. O.
The Smelter Trust
(Th« Amoric-an Sincltins nnal Refining (3o..
Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd.
Sftirt Ulaist $Mits at $4
Kaditt' and gbiWren's U»flW'
wear of ail '!(!««$"
Wants' tU«ar and 5p$kry
4t my store in the Todd Block
There i's no better
than that sold by
These must be trying days for
Laurier. One class of people pulling
his coat tails and another hanging on
to bis vest, while the balance of the
people are shaking their fists and
predicting dire calamities. Seems to
as that Laurier would be happier ii
he came out west and went fishing. -'
A m.\n only has %% and ranst have
$3 in order to pay his taxes. He
takes the $2 to a pawn shop and
raises $1.50 on it, and takes a pawn
ticket for the same amount. Then
he sells the pawn ticket for $1.50 and
has enough to pay hi3 taxes. The
man wlio performed this wonderfnl
financial feat wants to know who
quitlos- r. We give the solution to
this problem (wo to every, new paid-
up subscriber.	
Neakly every day settlers from
the States pass through Fernie on
their way to new homes in Alberta.
All of them h&yo money and the best
claRs of peoplo that can coma into
Canada for the purpose of settling np
oor great west, British Columbia
must eventually profit by thia im
mense immigration lor the overflow
ia bound to como to thiB province,
and develop tho millions of acres
awaiting the hand of man.
Forty years ago last Sunday Lee
handed his sword to Grant nnd the
Lost Cause became Insolvent. Since
that time the blocd has dried on tho
grass, and time has healed the red
wounds ot that groat conflict, while
the blue and gray aro now blended
in ono grand, harmonious tint. Civil
war may again sweep over the United
States, but the shadow on the blind
will not be an Ethiopian. It will bo
a conflict between labor and capital,
und Us ending will eec us close to the
Fob two years a roan has Iain on a
cot In a Philadelphia hospital refusing to speak  or move.   Ilo claim»
lit the trouble that has come to the
Landafe Works department at Victoria the Nelson Tribune says that
Bob Green may be  incompetent but
he is honest.   These are kind words
from an enemy a3 it Is usual" when a
politician has anything crooked in his
department  for his enemies to jump
on him and push hlin farther into the
mud.   There is little difference between incompetency and dishonesty
when it comes to important public positions, and Green ia no worse than
the majority of officials we bave had
near the sack in  Victoria.   We believe there are far more wicked pco-
in this province than Bob Green.   He
may have stolen a few votes over in
thc Slocan, but we  havo nevor seen
him steal anything, not even a bean
out of a jackpot    We  have heard
him cus3 the Gri.8,  but are positive
that ho never was in a prizefight,
robbed a graveyard or burned down
a church.   Bob is not strong,  and it
takes a husky chap to withstand tho
temptations of public life, and breathe
the corrupt atmosphere of  Victoria
without getting at least a smudge
upon his character.
Is capitalized for $150,000,000. Its
assets amount to only about §20,000,000
—yet il forces the miner to pay dividends on 8130,000,000 of water.
George's Weekly will show the miner
how to escape from this Octopus.
Send for a copy of the issue of March
4th, 11)05.   Address—
George's Weekly,
Donvcr, Colo., U. S. A. -
Cigar Store
50 dozen New Pipes just
Briars, Clays & Meerschaums
Cigar and Cigarette Holders
Gall and have a look at them
L. ATKINSON, Proprietor
Brewers of Extra Fine
Lager Beer and Aerated
Waters.  Bottled Goods
a Specialty.
& Winchester
For Brick and  Stone  Work.
First-class work guaranteed. Contracts taken for building coke ovens in
any part of the country, listiinates
P. 0. Box 383, Fernie, B.C.
J. A. MacLean
Builder and Contractor
Dealer in
Rough and Dressed Lumber
*r   -*mr w^» ~ — .
A good chance for a future home on reasonable terms.
BCootenay ValBeys Go., Ltd.
About 1600 acres, .Mixed FARMING and GRAZING
Lands on the KOOTENAY RIVER :it SAND
CREEK,  10 miles from ELKO.
Will be subdivided lo suit purchaser in blocks from
So acres upwards.
Price from S3.00 to $7.00 per acre.    Terms—i-sth
cash ; "balance in  yearly instalments at 6 per
£> cent, interest..
MoMonTco,      T. G. PrOCtor Manager Nelson
J. R, Cameron
In tho case of Joeiah Itoffors vs. the
Butto Oil Company, was nettled out
of court last month by tho company
conveying to Rogers all of its oil well
and sawmill machinery, and this
week Rogers sold the same to tbe
south east British Columbia Land &
Oil Co., of tbe Dalle.3, Oregon, John
Gloyn of Spokane represented the
company In tho purchase. He says
the company owns tv/clve sections of
od lands jast north of tho boundary
Hue and aro in good financial shape
to prosecute development work.
As soon as weather conditions aro
favorable, men will be In tho Held to
detea-mine tho location of tbo first
Mr. Gloyn says three or four other
companies will prosecuto work this
.season in tho samo locality, and he
predicts that the oil llnca   once de
ls the tailor to go to when
you want -a summer
Suit of Clothes
Uo has the nobbiest suitings
to Bclect from, and the fit and
workmanship Is the best
.S£§^i^sS2ES2SS3 S2K2 KXSXS3 K2jS
Order ymir Spring suits now.
Suitings now arriving.
F. F. Liebschcr,
SlWerton'i Uoti Tailor
Ib in a delightful location and from ita balconies
can bo seen all the beauty of the grand Hccnery
that Btirroundb, hemt* in, and adonm the buny
city of Nelson. It ifl tho homo of tourists and
business men from all parte of the world. The
cuiHino never drags in tho miro of mediocrity-
and every room is an enemy to insomnia. I
you need rooms whon on tho way in, touch tho
wire and tho deed is done.
B. Tomkins, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
w'.™''_Zl^t,i<r».r^.*ZZi^^A--._ "*a '■I,'*'™.'?'      , ,lJ_** "j"*      '"fit ".i'.iPL.JLfl^.i. . ./j-ir.,.."? .-■•■■..■''.' ' ■■   A **¥£■«, \_&i. * ,)*''. ".'
(By Eluert Huubard.)
Initiative is doing the right thing—the
neadfut thing—without, being told. A
man possessing initiative is a creator.
Jealousy is a social cancer, and grows
by what it feeds upon.
When a man talks much about, a virtue, be sure he is clutching for it.
Temperance fanatics are men with
strong taste for drink trying hard to
keep sober.
-■If men'do not comprehend the trend
of your life by your actions, they will
never know it belter by making u personal explanation. Your life may be
right, but your reasons, never. Life,
like love, is its own excuse for being.
Forbid a man lo think fur bimself or
to act for himself, and you may add the
joy of piracy and the zest of smuggling
to his life.
Strong men make room for other
•strong men.
The human face is the masterpiece
of God. A woman's smile may have in
it more sublimity than a sunset, more
.pathos than a battle-scarred landscape,
more warmth than the1 sun's bright
rays; more love than words can say. ,
lie patient wilh the boys-—you are
•dealing with soulstuff—destiuy awaits
just around the corner. Be patient
wilh the boys.
The man at liis work! There is
nothing finer. I have seen men homely, uncouth aud awkward when"dressed
up," who were superb when   at  their
The men who do things, .and not the
men who merely talk about things .are
those whn bless the world.
It is a threat privilege to live, to work
to feel, to endure, to know; to realize
that one is the instrument of Deity-
being used by the Maker to work out
-his inscrutable purposes; to see vast
-changes occur in the social fabric and
-to know that men stop, pause and con
sider; to comprehend that this world is
a different place because you have lived.
Yes, it is a great privilege to live.
Great sinners are apt lo be very religious.
A missionary is a preacher who has
failed to receive a loud "call" at home.
Self-reliance is very excellent, but as
for independence, there is no such
I do not believe in giving any man
something for nothing. You give a
man a dollar and the man will think
less of you because he thinks less of
himself; but ifyou give him a chance to
earn a dollar, he will ihink more of
himself and more of you. The only
way ..to help, people is to give them a
chance lo help themselves.
This love of the work done by the
marriage of hand and brain can never
quite go out of fashion—for we are
men and women, and our hopes and
aims and our final destiny are at last
one. Where one enjoys, all enjoy;
where one suffers; all suffer.
It is nol difficult  to   bear   another's
Most ofthe frightful cruellies inflicted
on men during the past have arisen
simply out of difference of opinion arising through a difference in temperament. The question is as live today as
it was 2000 years ago—what expression
is best? That is, what shall we do lo
be saved? And concrete absurdity consists iu saying we.must all do the same
Every prison is a university where
hate, falsehood, villainy and vice are
Every item of the decalog c-»n be
legally broken, and the business of lawyers is to tell you bow.
Astuteness is only valuable in protecting us from astute people. It adds
nothing of value to. the community.
horse.    He said to the   master   of the
Put up your whip. It will do" no
good. I am a veterinary. I'll cure
your horse of the balks for you. Watch
He took hold ofthe horse's front leg
at the fetlock, bent it at the knee joint,
and held it in this position for three
minutes. Then he put the leg down
again, and chirruped to the animal. It
started off as though it had never
balked in its life.
An odd remedy for the balks, but an
infallible one, said the doctor, it has
never failed me. Any balky horse, if
you hold one of its forelegs up for three
minutes, will be over its bitlkiness by
the' time the leg is lowered to the
•-round again,
Stick at the old, well known
Reliable Reliance Cigars
founders a Machinists,
——nelson, B.C.	
„   A   SHAVE,
Mill and Mining Machinery. Complete
Stock of Shafting, Killings, etc., always
on hand Estimatea furnished. Scrap
Iron bought by the carload. Repairing
and Jobbing.
B. C. TRAVIS, a.*H»acn
Now's your chance.
Cheapest and best in Fernie.
Best lit and best equipped studio in town
Cabinets $4 to $5 a dozen
y. Cabinet       3 to   4       ,,
Caric.de Visile 2 to   3        ,,
Stamp Photos 50c to $1    ,,
Flash  lights,   enlarging  and  copying
done.    Pont forget 1 be address, opposite the Methodist church.
J. P. Spalding
Mount Fernie Lodge No, 47
I. 0. SVTJt^ 0. R
Meets   ev.-ry   Friday evening at   8
p.m. in I.O.O.F. Hall.
T. Beck, P.G..R.S.
J. BsariBeir'^ l.d.s., d.d.s.,
L. T. W.   Block/   opposite  tho   Bank
Oftico lnjai-.i—8 a.m. to tl p.m.
The Mutual Life
of Canada
The Only Canadian
Lifo Company that
Is    Purely   Mutual
IS 34 years old ;
HAS Assets now exceeding $8,000,000;
HAS a surplus (011 Government Valuation Standard), of nearly $900,000;
HAS nearly 30,000 policyholders ;
HAS nearly $40,000,000 of Insurance
in force ;
HAS paid over $6,500,000 in cash to
policyholders or to their families and
HAS in Reserve, for their security, over
7,000,000, in solid assets.
The Reliance Cigar Factory, Ltd., Montreal, Que.
First maker of the " Flor de Bahama,".'" Rosebud," and
"General Arthur"' since 1876 ; over 27 yenrs in existena:e.
Walter Crone, Western Representative.
*_. ».
The mining business in East Kootenay promises to be in -a more prosperous condition this year than - any
-year in our history. Everywhere there
lis evident a wide interest in our match-
Jess resources and   the   C'tsiJc public
.. -.   . . . ' a>   v ■
is participating in  mining investments
in this district to a greater extent  than
•ever before.    There has been an awak-
■cning lo the fact lhat mining is a business, and a  most   profitable husiness
when business methods are employed.
Investors, of course must   remember
during the midst, of excitement conse-
■quenl on a boom of any kind, that  un-.
scrupulous men are to be found  everywhere to take full  advantage of  such
conditions, and at such limes  they are
the most active, and thc successful investor is he who arms himself against
all the pitfalls in this respect which besot his path.    Investors in many cases
-require   a  thorough  education   along
the line of making business,   and  particularly   mining,     investments,    and
they only secure this  by   reading   and
heeding the   teachings of the   paper
.published in  thc centre of operations.
If investors would   only do  this   there
-would be  fewer  "busted"  iudi.'iduails
and fewer "wild cats" on the market—
Golden Star.
No hope-of Koscuo
Bound hand and  foot   and gagged,
the maiden was put into thc gunnysacl-
and, unable to move or   scream,   felt
^herself being carried down  a  flight  of
stairs, put into a buggy and then driven
dawn   the   street.    Ineffectually    she
tried to release herself from   the gag.
Alas',  she   was   bound   too   securely
Finally the conveyance slapped.     She
was again carried into a building, fainting and grasping for breath;  the sack
was taken from her head.    The villain
look the gag from her mouth, released
her and hissed   throut-h   his   lightly
clinched teeth.   There my prcliy bird,
scream and yell as   loud as  you  like,
no human ear   will   ever   reach   you.
You are in my power.    Do you  hear?
Where am I, she gasped.    In  a store
ihat never advertises was the cruel  response.    Alas'! Alas! she moaned.    No
power on earth can save   me;   no   one
will look for me  here,   and   the   poor
girl fainted.—Battle Creek, N. V. Her-
Might hnvo boon Fernio
J. M. Carrere, an  architect of New
York, wns talking about malapropisms
the other day ut lancheon.
Once, he said laughing, 1 went into
the country to look at an opera house
that was to be enlarged and altered.
The ownor of thc place stood on the
stage, and 1 walked .about the auditorium. We talked in loud tones, but
■though I was only half way back, 1
could hardly hear the man.
The acoustics are   very   bad   here.
Let's fc-o outside, I shouted I'm.illy.
What, said the owner
The acoustics, I replied are had.
The acoustics?
Well what about them?
I suy the acoustics an- b.*d.
Indued?      1   don't   smell  anything,
caid the owner, snilling about.
CHICAGO.—At a meeting of the
executive committee of the national association of stale dairy and food departments held here today, -reports show
that 455,000 infants died in the United
States last year from the effects of food
poisons. Food commissioners from
different states, health officers and officers of the national association are attending ;the meeting.
The claim of the enormous  fatality
Married men should remember the
uncertainly of life and protect their
wives and children by a policy in the
Mutual Life.
Young men should not dally with
time in regard to life insurance. The
sooner you commence the sooner your
profits will come to you. It is an investment that always pays.
Young men who have relatives depending upon them should take a policy
in the Mutual Life. Il will help mother
if death should reach you its icy hand
before your youth has fled.
For full particulars call on our .agent
at the Hotel Fernie, in Fernie.
The door of the
Has not been locked for many years.
The landlords are always happy,
even when their bank-roll looks thinner than the lean edge of an attenuated wafer. Try one of their morning bracers. Mail orders receive
prompt attention.
Allen & Palmer
W. E. Ross J. a. T. Ar.KXANUKa
Ross & Alexander
FKfl.VIE, B. 0.
Oflli-e In Ii. T. W".'Block, Victorl» Avenuai.
Herchmer __ Herchmer
Office!* ovci I1. Hum* & Cii'.-i bloa-.li, Victoria ave
L V. EcKhiiia.s                               F. C.
Eckstein & Lawe
I~Umti!iTK''3 at-Law,    Solicitous,
Cuilil-rt Block, Fc.-iilc. D. C.
NOTICE K HEREBY GIVEN" that thc na-aci-
vatiun Hstuhlikh.a.l In 51111-311:1 nc of tin'
proa'i.ions of thai " CViIunilmi anal -aV*a*sat«rii
HitilwMyHuhriiily Aut, lKa.'.." nolitu-a of which
were j.aitilis.h^'.i in tlio ll.i'i^li I'liluniliiii O117-
«ita> iiiiil 'luteal-7th Maiy. HOG. uii't Sth June.
lfiW, rai-spec-.i.-fily, lira- ha-rehy aim.ccilud.
Crown lanals si'uiata..,l within thu artia fain-
hnir.i.'il hy tlie .suial rcaurvutiiiii will ha- piiam to
aiait*. set-U.mont, lousu hm) othor aiUporjirion.
un.U-r -.h.i provisions of the "Lain! Act." three
nia-.:,rli.s Hftair the aluto of the llrast. jiuhliiiHtiain
of tliisiiotii;a> in tliai'Ilriti.^ti (,'olumliiia Ga-etie
proviaj.-d, however, thnt in nil cases v.-h«rr
lari-lis ftra, bo sohi, prc.airripta.'.i, !iia*aiii or i.tl-.a-r-
wi-,. ulit-iiatcJ by the Oaivyrnmer.t -nil urn
sul,-s.'qu*;iitlv fouiiil. upon the surveyh of the
Columhi.i and Western Railwar Cnm.'iiny".
hla.i-k.s. to Ho wholly or in part within duch
b!aya>!;«, then the pp'r-ions .v- neajiiirini- such
Ian I.i shall acquire their title thereto from
tha- Kailway Company, who have n-rocl ta,
-J*-i*. 1 with ana:h purchasers', pre-emptora. In*-
sfae-.. etc..on the s.anie terms uii'l coii'lit-ion-, aa
tha- (iova-rnment would under the pnjvisionn
of tho "Land Act." except in raisf,a;ct to timLei
laivt-ion the Company's lalaaoks. whi.ih sliall
I.,; subja.ci to tliw re£.'u]ati.ins issued bv tli"
Company relative to the cuttir.u of timber on
tlie Columbia   anil  Western   Hallway Lunal
W. S   OORE.
Dc-imty Commiasionerof Lands Jt Works
Lar.als and Works Department,
Vis-toria, B C . Mral Feliruary, VX&,
J. Ii. LOVE,
Eelp  of All Kinds rurnlshed   en
Short   Notice
Ya!   Ya!
Next door to Calvary Cattle Co., Wood Street
Work of AH Kinds.    Rates Uoa.sonablo.
tt '■    .'■       S.,' tt
Office : Molt, Son & Co., L.T.W. Block
Fek.nie- British Columbia
among infants last year resulting from
impure food is made-by J. N. Hurty,
secretary of the Indiana state board of
Iipallh. "*_ Mr..Hurty produces R-j-urcs to
show that 6_; per- cent *f the total
d&nlhs of inf«.nts in America last j-ear
was due to poison!- administered in impure foods and the deadly concoctions-
placed on the market by fraudulent
food manufacturers.
Renewed efforts toward prohibiting
the sale of food products containing
poisonous adulterations are to be made.
How Many Strokes In a Shave
I should say it took about 500 strokes
of the razor to shave a man, a barber
said in answer to a man sprawled out
in -a red plush chair.
You are wrong, said the man. To
shave me going over my face twice,
won't take over 250 strokes.
How do you know, said the barber.
For years, said thc other, I have had
the habit of counting the strokes ofthe
razor while being shaved. It is a silly
habit, yet I can't get rid of it. You
and I will count ihe strokes to-gether
The shaving proceeded in silence.
Done, said thc barber at the end.    1
make it Jto.
That is right,, 210, the patron agreed.
It always runs thereabouts. Once 1
got a good shave in 105 strokes. Once
I got a bad one in 240. The average
is aboul  2to.
To Gure a Balky Horse
A crowd blocked the street, and the
horse doctor joined in to see what \vas
Ah, a balky horse, he murmured.'
Then he walked his way through the
crowd, saying in an authoritive voice,
Let 1110 pass, friends. I am a veterinary surgeon. Make way, please. I
am a veterinary surgeon.
Thus he  soon   reached   the    halky
JOHN PETERSON has bought
but the business of J. S. Beckett and
is prepared to supply all customers
wilh wood promptly.
Orders can be left at Fernie Cartage
Co.'s office, P. O. block.
Provincial Land Surveyor
Lands and Mineral Claims Surveyed
and Crown Grat-ted.
PO. Box 5«,        Oflice: Kootenay St., Nelson
Lowfest 'Ratajs-r-^-Best rTime
Toronto,   Montreal,  New York,
Maritime   Provinces,    New   England.
Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle,
California Points.
Unequalled Passenger Service
Standard and Tourist Sleepers,
Coaches and Dining Cars
Tourist   Sleeper   Service
West—leave Revelstoke Mon., Wed.,
Thur., Sat. to Seattle & Vancouver.
East leave   Dunmore  for   Toronto,
Wed. & Sun.;  for Montreal, Mon.
&Fri.; for Boston, Fri.
The First Class Hotel of Fernie
The Reaorrof Oammercial und Truvtling Men
The hotels elegantly furnished with
.handsom£rievv furniture throughout,
"is" Heatccl; 15y"^*feam and has retnrn
callibells in every room.
Rates: S'2.00 a  day and upwards
Atlantic Steamship Agency
Through bookings to and from Great
Britain and the Continent.
For rates, folders and tickets apply
to local agents, or to
R. Reading, agent, Fernie.
J. S. Carter, UP.A.,
Have one of their l.irgesfe stores in Feruie.
Lamh, VcairFresh and Smoked Fish.
Bulk Oysters.   Try a gallon
Furnitiire and
Bargains in
Wall Paper
Two complete se.ts of Bar Fixtures, one
British Plate Mirror 4ox9o inches, new,
Letter Presst:-., Billiard and Poo! Tables
Cash Kegisters and other specialities,
{.tail   Orders   Ita-celve   Prompt    Atti-ntion.
R. Elliott, Kaslo, B.O-
Victoria and Vancouver
Daily Trains leave Fernie at 9:45
a.m., reaching Vancouver and Victoria
the Nkxt Afternoo.v. Return train
reaches Fernie 9:15 p.m.
Day and Eoening
Bookkeeping,  Shorthand,   Writing, Arithmetic,   Spelling,
Correspondence, English Branches, Etc.
Correspondence Pupils Coached
Low prices and individual instruction make it the A     M.   GriltlSS
chance of a lifetime.
The Neoer Slip
Can be depended upon
every time to stay in
pl.ice. They are light,
rigid and the price is
Eyes tested by the aid of
the latest scientific
A. C. Liphardt
Jeweller        Optician
New  Crop  Now  in Mock
Home Qroavii Hn>i Iin|,iartt-il
Wholeaala. nri'l  Retail
Pr*ciftl  Prire-a to Fur-Tar'-a liutitr.'.es
ThouaHiuii of  Krrtit   anal  Oroament'-.l Treei-
ithodoalemlrona.      no-acst,      Gr-eaanhuUH.-
naaal   llnraly  I'laantsi
linaaa groaa-inj- iu my niir50rie5 for
-"lirir.it plKiitii.s
Kiutt-rn pric-f- or la;-Jj. Whit* [.ttlior
Vancouver, Il.C.
I 3010 ITaaaitnilitstrr Iioiad.
F. H.
P. O   BOX  185
Oold and Silver vl OL
Goid, ailvcr, cop|/cr 1.W
Samia!ea by  mail   riua-ive  prcaapt ittentlon;
Pi-icer Gold,  Retorts,  and  Ilii-li Ores Uouglit
Send for Free MiiiUnK Euvs. and i'tlire X-iat.
1725 Arupakoe St..   llenvtar. Colo.
"IVhpn vuu Riuoke a cijjar
Sfc thnt it is UNION mnde.
Mlu»* Pri*'..', Haiury \'ane, Columbus ai.d
Havana Whip Cigars are Union Goods
made bv.
WinniiKg, Man.
Rcprc<ie-ita*ai by GEOKSE HORTO>".
Hu bad 17 /ourH ariixTien.'s m alenUl worti. and
mufca a sjiecla'ty of Gold Bridga; Work. Viult
made to the Sliai-j.11 reKUiiirly.
AK. UETLAND, EiiKineor and J-rovlncial
.   LandSurveyoi.   KASLO
Always makes tiie perfect
biscuit, cake and bread.
Price Baking Powder Go.
chicaoo.u. e.A.
Winnipeg, St. I'uul, Chicago, Toronto
and nil Eastern points.
rpHE KASLO HOTKL. in Kaslo. is tha l«a<t.
■*-    lug hotel iu tin-alt v.
For rutes and information call on—
J ami's Sloan, A'_uiit
Its baths cure
all nervous and
diseases, its
water heal all
kidney, liver,
and stomach
ailments and
they eliminate
all metalic
poisons from
the system.
Of Samples of Water from Halcyon Hot Springs. Arrow-
Lake, B.C.,  *7'h  Eehruarv, 1S0S.
Laboratory of Citv Analyst, Kdinhiir-»h, Scotland,
' March  j, )^p
One pullon  of water contained the followini,' ingredients, the results are i-spies-seJ in p.n!--.
Chlorine      -"".M
Sulphuric Acid  .'"'.l-i.'
Silica     74'-1)
Lime      "M-S"
Alkalies as Soda ...     5.7'
,Mai*iiesiii    *,i*'*i'
Lithia     '   ..St)
Sulphuretted Hydro-
Ken      .U'.iv
Terms :
$15 to $28
per week,
according to
residence in
hotel or villas.
irj-HK KU.DEllT HOTKL 'in Sandou U tlio
JL litnaiiiunrters furiit! travellers to the City
of Sliver.        BWaNK'lT*- Ml IIPHV. Pri pj
r_Mli: VUTOI'.rA HOTEL luNeUon U a. luaVaaii
A lor 5.11 -atrial.|-a- Turiata ii*Hy from homo.
IW.-t liousi' fur .1 h .lar ri. llaaa vurlli.
W. K. M.-CA.N'I.Lt-"H. Praipric'-or.
I \(a-I.Kt)l>    lltlTKL.   llllll.     All   uii aloril
■ jl     lnU'f\)VrUt.!I!trt.    S.all'.i'ta-   I'll.all!-a 'n   Ct I
Ttiaionlv iir..t-cU«.-s hot'I li. Yu.ir.
KIN LAV .Ma.'LKa-Il, l-to;art. tor.
lUtKMO.NT 1IIH'-.K. NKLSON Kmi..wan
1 ft-..ii AinerUiaa i:Uii. MeaU.SA1011La.l1Una1.111
frot-i 2 c u|- t.) f 1. Hills' aaKto hulp i-m-il -jra ii.
,S'cvtliln» yi'lla-wialiniit Hi* pliat<! exuui t tliaa-nnd
llit!ie.af«. MAl.aiNL .. TIltllll.LLS.
BAHTtKTT Hl)l'-i-j:, f .taiorly tha; tlurk
U the Ik-mi -111 il-v In l«l 1:1 Nrtl'oii. i.ai-;y
aahito be-lii cui|iloywl. 0 \V. U.VUTLliTI',
•fHK I1UTKI. PKII(IV*ON U th.- hoiim aat
I s|,n-iiii ivt>|il>> wht'ii tlia-v iuu in i-'ernn-aiii.
Mi"l'ai.S.\Ki. S; I»L.\CK. l'raiMr-:<.t,*rsi.
'JMIK IIKITTAXNIA lll.Thl, lathi- u'.'l-
JL a-m hii.I tli.- laa-.al In ll ti l.ir.Ka U'-liI ta.-a'ls,'r*
.1.1wil_f.<wa.'llMinis.        n,VlN Ll'.dS,
■""AriiolOEJsU©   Morchant£i.
I *l-|tK Mi>NTlK)MKKY 0a>. l.t.l.,  lVi...!.an|il
I JL    Miiiiiif»ai-tiir.ir.a   uf oli.ta•> oaanl^-fioni-ry.
I NVls.ali, 111-.
>!>   urn In Diltls-r,  KiVKM, Cliaia-au.   I'raalaiaa; mill
I Krillt.Nl'laaall, It. C
ns,1...   .
I'lelall,   III".
I    A.    ..li-llliSAI.Ii,    \\ hailo^.-.l-   Ik'i'lur  In
ti ,    fruit,	
AS ■>_
*fGt!&S%$^®bi. ' __________^_^__ -™
ri iTii"*!- **»■■****•>> W-f-tiiUtiAm-nir^r*.pi*3iM~-
S3&mZ»~3%ltt*m*jt i|^r, t.,.j^r...^.l...1g.-.. .*a.*s^r7ritr->iii»*i Mmnmt
CMi.eSr3aHAriBiXI '_tIS{£
as«s|i7-«Uill   .x.-n
-aa ii if 1> *-i J«a«*W|s- ~-*--Ml1-H...i„.I"t'Ai,
.-~ i  , mum<w^sMtmnii ..n^w.*wwr*TW^^w "i"    '    ^." "   "  "      .     ' '..■'..
APRIL r2|. 1905.
The Canadian Ba
Paid-up Capital - - $8,700,000
Rest - - $3,500,000
Head Office
0, JS. WALKER, General Maiiueur
ALEX   LAIIID, Aust. Oen'l Miumsor
Isstto.1 At the followlnn riatosi
$S and under '   3 «*»-s
Over $5 and not exceeding $10. ,„... ' 6 cents
" $10       " " S30...'...   10 cents
" $30       " " $5°     15 cents
These orders arc Payable at Par at any office iii Canada of a Chartered Banl*,
(Yukon excepted) and at ihe principal banking points ill'the United States.
They form an excellent method of remitting small sums of money with safety
and at small cost.
.   FERNIE BRANCH : s E. H. BIRD, Manager
Fernie Livery and Dray Stables
Careful drivers-furnished when required.
Teaming,   draying   and" packing   promptly   attended   to.
Safes and piaVnos carefully handled.    Supplies sent by
-pack-train, to the Flathead or any part of the mountains.
Baggage transferred'to any part of thc city day or night.
My city bus meets all trains.
I hace th". sole agencu in Fernie for the sale of the
coal of the. Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co., and the price
per ton delioered is $4.   Clean coal and prompt atten-
This is the time of year when
disease germs begin lo renew their
Such places as drains, closets,  outhouses, cellars or. anywhere where dirt
has been allowed to accumulate, should
be thoroughly disinfected.
For this purpose we have :—
i Chloride of Lime,
Creolin, . '   .
Carbolic Acid (pure)
" '     Carbolic Acid (crude)
Etc., etc.
At best prices.
Moth Balls lo proteel your furs and
winter clothing.    Price 20c lb.    '-,
Dispensing Chemist, Fernie Drug Store
tion to orders.
Scott & Ross
Victoria Avenue ft
A  complete  stock of Coffins*  Caskets,.and
• Burial Goods, also Metallic Lined Shipping Cases
Parlors in the T. Beck Block
5-1 **&■■■ £7. , .
M   AHiAr£-?\-
Your Eyes
.•need thetl>est tieiitment you
:,,:caiv.procure'for .',tha*;r(\ .because
eyesighl_.is invaluable.
Let none but the best opticians fit your eyes with glasses.
The best is the cheapest.
Our optician has given the
best of satisfaction to others.
He can do the same to you."
A. G. Liphardt
Jetoeller       Optician .
For sale at all times excellent
sand for plastering.  Best
sand in the country.
Apply to—
ifi. Plante, .;."■
No. 55, 0_d Tcwn
Lute Gardener of Neli-on Club.
Leave .orJers—P. O. Draw-o.
Quick Kill
Bed Bug Poison
The best known preparation for the
destruction - of this troublesome pest.
One.or two applica-tions, If properly applied will exterminate bugs .and all
lands of vermin.' ' _,.■■_.-_/.,,-'.-,.-*•-
50c .Large Bottle
■ Sold only hy ' *     ':
Prescription   Drug Store
Ape-it for—LniiRhliii'.-' Faraiitain Pons
JitornoFountiiin Peru
Iiitermitiiiniil Stock i-'ooii
Liquid Venc-r.
of lu:-*.-l0U3 roast hed the iirpotUlng oilors
i.=c(i!,« nml tho ric-li brown cruvy I Ickks temi'Jt-
liacly to t ediali. Tnnt i.-i t!ic kind of o-ifta* our
l't-t proiluceai. Tctialer. juic-y.' nuiu Isbin)-. Il
vi-.ll n'utki->outir.alii> unit brawny
Of e- lira:! wo coil tbu ali'.ic«.st cuts of ycnl,
bmb, paark, ole , aiao. Rut Ju-t 1 a,aa- we are
t.alkini* beef.   Beefv-aic of our i.fferIiii-8.
Frank and Coleman will play baseball today,
A washer is to be put in at the Lille
coal mines.
Stop at the Queen's Hotel when in
Trout Lake Cily.
Do not forget the Athletic Association
on Friday evening.
VV. Eschwig has sold his interest in
ihe Fernie Brewery.
If you want that suit pressed see
Mitchell, S  R. Store.
Pressing and cleaning neatly done at
Mitchell's, S. R. store.
There are 50 telephones in operation
at Frank and Blairmore.
New line of wash collars just received
at Triles-Wood Co.,  Ltd.
The E!k Lumber Co. brought in a
bunch of horses last week.
T. H. Whelan was elected manager
of the Fernie Baseball Club.
The mine at Coleman is shipping
over 600 tons "of coal a day.
Ladies, inspect the washable kid
gloves sold by Trites-Wood Co.
These are the days when Russia
might get a litlle credit in Fernie,
Pressingund cleaning suits called for
and delivered.    See  F. J. Mitchell.
An oak and ebony showcase, silver
mounted for sale al the Fernie-Drug
At the King Edward Hotel a glass of
water is given free wilh every drink of
spirits. . ,   _._-,
Some of the backyards in Fernie. are
in a rotten condition and .need-funii-
gafing"*"'* " "-  '     --"•-'.-•-•  ---*--.
F. J. Dunn is making bracers at the
l'"ernie while Bob Moore holds a shift
at the King's..
1 Drop in and have a talk with Hutch,
when your mind dwells upon a light
suit for summer.
Lawn grass, onion sets and many
kinds of garden seeds can be bought at
the Fernie Drug Siore.
Masterson, Griffith & Co., Trout
Lake, have all the supplies needed by
lumber camps and mines.
This scison of the year floor covering
is the question. See Trites-Wood Co.'s
stock of carpets and linoleums.
W. O. Robins has a carload of high-
grade furniture to arrive next week.
Come early and make first choice.
Rev. Bartlett has taken up his residence in West fernie in the house formerly occuppied by L. R. Forbes.
Trail is one of the few cities in the
world that is out of debt and always
has a surplus at the end of the year.
Kenny & McLeod have received a
complete stock of Spring and Summer
.goods, and a/e making some ofthe
■nobbiest snits this far west.
George W. Carrnthers is now settled
in his new shop next lo Sheppard &
Elliott's and is prepared to turn out
dressy suits for all customers.
The Fit=Reform Wardrobe
I be officially opened by the manager of the company, Mr. t
"^*   Saiidem.-in, on Saturday, April 15.    You arc'cordially invited to call W
W 'and meet the gentleman and see the clothing. \i>
$"" ' ""■■ fi.
I The W.'C. Hamilton Co, $
_i_ ■ y._'
A, f
The Home of Fit-Reform Men's Outfitters
a^.!a^K''l?5IfflW4"P*i"-'i»,'i>*•>'***lV*•>••*4V*->****** *-v*■"*<i**i* ft*
V'.^i'"!-1^ Y^ fl^ I i> f *>' IW
St. Petersburg.—Another meeting-of the Russian congress of attorneys was held here today and a resolution was
passed favoring the removal of the autocrat regime and the
proclamation of a democratic constitution on-'the basis of
universi' suffrage and a secret ballot. The attorneys intend
to cplis  net a propaganda throughout Russia
..-'St Petersburg.—The Admiralty declared the list of
ships ri. orted to have passed the Straits of Malacca is not
corrects; one of the ships reported is now at Libau. The
battled expected to take place in the Straits of Formosa and
the twit-divisions ofthe Russian fleet are expected to rendez,
ofiRCaijfe Padarau on the east coast of Cochin China. Nothing
furthe'rs'iias been heard of Rojestvensky.
We have just received a nice consignment of pure maple
syrup from Quebec in quarts, half-gallons and gallons.
At Quebec Prices
with freight added
Cash Tells the Tale
Prompt Delivery
& &
§   TELEPHONE.   § •;
-S C a".
<4 O \_.
The People's Grocer,   P. O
Block,. Fernie
s__. *
The^PtJo. 2
i      HMmihum EnacuBsa'SiOtr
Size 2311J. x 35in.  x 38'in.  high.
•'    Nursery under the tray.
A Profitable Investment
payable 1st November, 1905, including an outdoor brooder (we haven't
space to illustrate this).    Ash for an interesting book on this industry.
We also sell \ipt_m aS,S080? but these «ife for tailors' use.
Opposite the Post Office. Right in. the centre of the cily.
Winn^-kg.—Tlifea expectations  in  political circles here is
thatvFrar.k Oliver will be returned by acclamation.
Caracas, Venezuela.—General Ybarra, Venezuelan Secretary of State said to-day that President Castro would not
a'rant the demands of the U. S. Government eveu if the
whole U. S. army and navy should be sent to Venezuela.
Lontdon.—Answering a demand for intormation regarding the:calling of a colonial conference the Duke of Marlborough-speaking in the House of Lords today for the government/stated that if the government remained in power or
was returned by a general election prior to 1906 a colonial
conference wonld be called. No decision of the conference
vyould beibinding until approved by the people ofthe United
Kingdcai'.. at a general election and by the parliaments of the
governments interested.-
Fresh Asparagus
Green Onions
Turnips, Parsnips, Beets,
Carrots, Etc.
Todd Block
t°  AJULl'sJUl'OJ-.'i.aA
Tlie'r_!it&waccident at Coleman from
thawiafa^froxti dynamite proves that
\he,l.i'w'ih rafiard-to*handling explosives siiou'ld Bllrlindly enforced.
a^_-J!-«llw_e»«.--J_t;/** .      .     .
1' Byt|lai**?-N^Tt''iJciirriccI last Saturday-
hy.'it_ypt^a^4iXo 7.    It enables the
city to'-boreS-*"*.immediately §5,000 or
a lesk'amoimi if the larger is not needed.
•'      '. ■? r • y.
The Kootenay .at  Sandon has  not
locked the doer'rfoi" nine years.    Right
handy for strangers when  they're out
late, and cannot .trade their thirst for
anvthmg. «---,>
At W. C. Hiwnijton & Co.'s on Saturday, A. A. San'deman, manager of the
Fit Reform Co., will officially open the
wardrobe in this city. He would like
to meet every man who takes an interest
in clothing.._
D. J. Robertson & Co., Nelson have
received several carloads of spring and
summer furniture recently lhat they are
selling at prices compatible with thc financial pulse of the country. Dr«p a
line and catch their prices.
The Fernie Cigar Store has recently
received a large consignment of pipes.
These are in briar, clay and the higher
grades. Pipe smokers should have a
look at them. A coupon is slijl given
at this popular store with every 25.cent
purchase. .
"ke J*ern'ie
\ Artistic
Millinery Establishment
Victoria Ayenue
(Opposite Tuttle's new hotel)
Our readers may be borod to'know
(but of cbur<e they are not obliged to
read it) that Harold Cue tfas (br rrraily
yaars a resident- in tbe same town as
the King and Queen of England, the
aristocracy of the British Isles and the
plutocracy of the empire. ^ This 'town
has been visited by many foreign potentates, including Kaiser Bill. H. Cue
has had ihe honor of visiting Buckingham Palace, Windsor, Sandringham,
and many ofthe ancestral castles of the
nobility and gentry (those open free to
the general public) and has also appeared at Court—as a witness. He knows
the Duke of Wellington and the Irish
House and has dined and drunk several
bottles of wine at the palatial town
residence of the Earl of Connemara—
below stairs. Printer Cue further told
the writer : "Don't think for a moment
that I lived there of my own choice. •. 1
was born there and was not consulted
in Ihu mattei. Indeed, 1 should nor
have chosen such neighbors, being particular as to my acquaintances, don't
you know. If 1 had had my own way
I should have picked some village in
eastern Canada, say Bolton, Ont., s."»
that when I came West I could have
looked down on the "foreigners."—
displaying her Spring
and Summer fashions in
all thr; latest styles of
railline y, French, English, N w York and Toronto. An ....early, call is
1 invited.
Dressy Suits
I have movei! my tailor shop next
door to Sheppard & Elliotts ; right in
the centre of the city; and am prepared
to manufacture any number of up-to-
date 6UitS.
Geo, W.
First Glass Tailoring
your spring suits
Our stock is com-
nnd 'none make
•suits than we do.
(Corner Howard and Main Streets)
Entirely remodelled and newly furnished thtoughout
Slcamhcaied and telephone in every room
Free bu-; meets all trains
Electric fire alarms in each room
Kooienay  daily  papers  kept  011  file   _, .
tlatos 1 75o  to S2.00 por day
€. 6, Phair, Proprietor
LaU of tbo sl'tiHlr Hotel, Xa1U.11, O C.
■o _TT6'Tnnso~tnr6~6~B	
The McDonald, Simpson Go.
Wholesale Commission Merchants
and Manufacturers' Agents
The Lumsden Roller Mills
The Wapella Roller Mills
Lever Brothers "Sunlight Soap"
Dalton Brothers "Dish-towel" Soap
The Vogel Packing Co.
The Manitoba Canning Co.
Thc W. & R.Jacob Co.. Ltd.
Dlicuit Manufacturer-
The Guelph Foundry Co., Ltd.
The "Armur"Co., Ltd.       '
*" The Mo-.'-* Mill & Lumber Co.
Fruit and Produce of- all hinds. Correspondence Solicited
P.O. Box 363, Calgary, Alta.
Trites-Wood Co., Ltd.
Regular Lunch and Dinner
Short Orders and Suncl.iy
family dinners a speciality.
Travellers arriving on late
trains will find a home here.
SOL©©!! I Open Day and Night)
A Pretty Shoe
makes a fine appearance upon
anyone. It attracts attention,
.and favorable comment. If
your shoe is a "clicap-Iooking"
one, such comments will not
prove very nattering.
Wc pride outselves-upon the
excellence of our shoes. They
are of the latest styles .and
fashions, of Jlue leather, and
have a reputation for their
l.i«ling qualities. Let's shoe
you. We have thc tight kind
and our prices are just right.
Our Store carries a fine supply of high-grade .-.hoes at all times.    Vou
don't have to go out of town to have your aitislic ideas satisfied. We can
do lhat for you.    Our shoes speak for themselves.
Here arc Koine of ihe shoe people working for us :—
Maker of the celebrated "Invictus."
Maker of the famous "Konqucror"- shoe.
The "Empress" shoe /or ladies.
Makers of the "Nursery" shoes for little folks.
Trites-Wood Co., Ltd.
1     f:
t I


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