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The Nakusp Ledge 1894-10-18

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 rr'A   .-'„*"'.'. jl- J i        ;■>        .-
.x-XyXp-A'AX  *...t.= -*
A>^\>V   -■.,
*\p\t    :;:<-* !j
VOL;   II.   NO.   3.
NAKUSP, B7 C, OCTOBER 18, 1894.
Price; Ten Cents.
Rate?:  $1.50 to   $2.00 Per Day.
Ererythng iir.?t-:'l:.i^.'' '77'.7   '
TS now .oven for the a 'eomniortuti in of guests.
1 Rates, -_5i.50-.to $2.50 per day. Baths
25; cants- -each, -vor, 5 i'O-'.Si. -For furt-ei
par tic (.liars write to tho jn'j^riet^iy..'.'
7 .     :.llAWSONv ORADOOOK & Cu
The Mountain Chief Follows the Example of tie Alpha.
]NTakus_?,;,: B. 'C, "■■'.,,
7 J.:"T.i:NAULT,
'   , The Bar is stocked -with  the fincV't brands oi
Wine^l-iqndr^andCig'urs;       ;
7NAKUSP, B. G,   7
---'.-        " d~ a ■ -   - ■ ' .-■'■.'-. ■ •■--
'Corning & RoM, Props.
The bar is stocked with the finest
brands of win es, 1 iquors
and cigars.
Tin's week's   ore.-- shipments from
Nakusp mark the closing of the big
contract with the   Alpha,, and   the
commencement of a smaller one with
the  Mouu tain   Chief   As .'.'.'with' the
former,- the latter 'sends its ore to the
Gf-raiit^Gmaha works at Oina ha, > [e b.
The Lytton took up 37^-tons of the
Alpha article -on Monday, making
ciuse to 8 JO tons sejit out." Tuesday
evening 50 tons came' in froni the
Mountain Chief by train, to be folio wed by regular shipments. At the
end of the month the Slocan Star will
begin shipping, to be augmented by
numerous-a other properties. Other
shipments last '-\ve_-k: consisted of 20
tons from"-the Le Roi mine, on Trail
creek, to Everett, and 20 tons to East
Helena; and '30 tons froni the Josie
mi.ne to Tacoma. A new shipper has
appeared, in' the Stanley mine, on
Twelve Mile Creek, near Kaslo, which
forwarded 29 tons to Great Falls by
way of Kaslo and Nelson. The value
of these latter shipments' was il6,4C0.
Below is the list from this place:
DATE.'        MINE.        WEIGHT.        VALUE.
Sopt.,13 ,   .     Aljjii.i1
.Sept.r.17: -''■' : ;,;   7 7
■S'iii.-ij' .-. 7   '••■■■'■"■ s
SeX 21     ...    " .■.'■'.
Sept. a'I ' '' -   '.•■
'riepti 2L --     '"   ;
■Sept. ^J ■ ,    -...
Oct. 1 "
Oct. 9 "     .'.;
Oct. 15
The value is reckoned on.the basis of
the release manifest of 4100 per ton,
but this will'  be found-"to. be below
rather than above '.the actual worth
of the ore.
A. B. Jackson is tlie traveling
■with' 1 ead-
ajent for this district,
quarters at Spokane.
Hon. Mr. Vernon Eetires.
By extra of the British Columbia
G.vzette, issued on Friday last, it was
aniii-unee 1 that George Bohun Martin,
member of the Legislative Assembly
fji* the north riding of Yale, had beeii
appointed Chief 7 Commissioner of
Lands and Works. The seat thus
becomes Vacant, and the writ has.'
been issued for. a new election. The
nbniinatioii was announced to be held
a- the Court house, Kamloops, on
Wednesday, /October T7th, and the
election, should one be..'.necessary, on
Wednesday, -OAt. 24th. Hon.' Mr.
Vernon retires from public life, in biv
der to look afteiyhis manifold business
interests. lie will] robably reside in
In Hard Luck.
1SJ.AC0 ■-. '■•
■      .9,000
7.s,i3o ■■■
13 J, 300
,- 9,000
7,5 JO
Beautifully situated on; the Lake shore at the entrance to the best and shortest road to the Slocan
mines and New ■ Denver. , The best fishing* and
hunting in the district, with grand beating and
sketching facilities for tourists and artists. , The
bar is supplied with the best brands of wines
liquors and cigars. The accommodations of the
Hotel are the best.
The location of this Hotel
is excellent, and commands c
a grand view oi the beautiful scenery that surrounds
tiie town. •
The Bar  has  one of the
largest  stock-*  of    Wines-,
.Liquors and Cigars in the
A  Oountr/.
The Dining Room is up to
date, and Travelers should
ahvavs tfive the Leland a
Attempted Gaol Delivery.
An attempt at gaol delivery was
nipped in the bud last Thursday
night. A number of friends of Albert
Littlejohn, who is confined in the pen
awaiting his trial before a higher
Court on,a charge of robbery, had
plotted to. pry open the door and release the prisoner. Officer Fauquier,
getting wind of the affair, took his
blankets and lodged in the gaol for
the night, effectually warding off the
threatened clanger." Tlie parties interested were warned thatan attempt
such as that planned would hot- be
treated as a joke.
Th e pi a cer mine 7s on Ca -i boo crc e k
hive been playing in hard luck of
late. A month ago high water de7
stroyed almost all the improvements,
and ,now a second flood has totally
wrecked everything. ; Last week it
snowed heavily in the hills,.'- followed
by warni, weather, This caused the
biggest flood of tiie year, the water
raising asmuch as three feet in four
hpurs7 Tlie Bridge gang ha ve pi uck-
ily begun all oyer again, repairing
their shaft, dam and wheel; as has
also J. McDonald. N. Demars- has
hIs wing dam finished. The Goat
Canyon,Co. have, stopped '-operation's
for the season, their dam and boxes
having been carried away and their
shaft flooded: They had oottomed on
six"feet of pay dirt but we're-coin-'
1 elled to abandon the work. Many
other companies suffered loss through
the floods  ,
ATueccrd of Events, Daedts arid
deiits ia the Fronged CKv.
The postoffiCe at Watso 1 has been
clo3edr-and,the iJOstniasteiv Ed. Ath-
erton has opened a store at Sand on;'
and a petition is being circulated,to
have a postbSce established at that
point."'.- .-'-V \d.■.-.■-.. .■.■.:■■'■■ : '■'■ ■'.
A. C. Scott is now in New Denver,
doing a fair business in the tOn^orial
line.'. ' ;, '' '-. ' - a .■.'■:■;■ ■■■: '",.7';;:- ■
: Allan Stubbs,   of Aultsville,   Op, :
will have charge of Pitt? B'xsVsto-e,
during the senior proprietor's absence,
ori"a pii.rclia.sing:tour in the east
,  JMoney is none too plentiful in:-t!ie
Forks yet,   but it  will   comejustaj
sure as the snow that annually ev)vers'
the suivounding * iiiounfcains ' wi th i is
fleecy mantle. ■ 7 -       -
l> ..A ■ y       ■ >,    -j
G. H.   Williams, ,'foni.ier'ly of Znslo,
has. opened a SLck, of drags at 7J13
wlien he
Revelstoke Townsite Dispute.
Forks. Doc Aitkehs will
gage in the sa me business
can procure a building. ■.'',.-        7-:     7;
A great many:of the peoplein, -:the
pr: nged city were fbi;,iue'i*l y^ei&i^'n'l,
7f. Kaslo,7;andAleel7c;ertain
they 7-have :at7 fast* found a place in
which thev can make a fbi'tune-
.'.. Hall & Taynton have finished the;
mason work at tlie xmcenxpov. As
the railway has reached thc vicinity
ofthe concentrator lii;tle delay will
now,be experienced in completing
that valuable institution. ■"7-1
Wiil Compete for Slocan Ore.
Another competitor for traffic in the
Slocan'country will' shortly make its
bow to the mining community. This
is the Chicago, Burlington &' Quincy
Kail-way, making four transcontinental roads operating in this section, to
the benefit of the'miner, business
man and general public. Tlie new
competitor connects with the Northern Pacific at Billings, Mont., and
traffic arrangements "with the latter
enables it to coverall the territory
embraced in the system of the N.P.
Through traffic   commences o:i- t/o
. H. N. Coursier, of Revelstoke, was
in town yesterday, returning from a
business trip to Trail creek and the
Slocan. In course of a conversation
Mr. Com s'er remarked that Mr. Fnu-
well had informed him that the dispute regarding the townsite of Revelstoke would be terminated next
month, as the case .wa;'. now before
jhe Piivy Council. Mr. Farwell was
certain of his suit  terminating favor-j
ably, and should such be the case tiie iiutwithstandim*- the severe losThe
inhabitants of that burg will be able su^amed bv tire he sa)! had miiev
to rest contented after many years, enough to come i) the Forks and
No enmity existed between the cou-Ltart a, hotel that bids fair t> make
fc.sta.nts, and if Mr. Farwell. wim he  him ., barrel 6: nioacv.
believes   the   C.P.R. will   assist, in'     rn.
1 iio owners o';
John W. Seaman h is built a mansion for himself and frieid i. It is of
the.Slocan s:yJe of architecture, finished with young and vei'dant Inni-
bei; and within itsqiiadvaplc''-'walls*
peace and harmony is exrecfed'To"
always be prevalent. '''.'..
Befoi'e tlie fire tiie ■posto/fice at tin
was fitted up with luck and
call boxes. Since the fire the accommodation ha.s no.V been" so.good, bw,
Pitts Bros, an nounco their■ iiite'if-ion of
making it the model o-Tice ofthe Slocan, as soon as diy. lumber, ca n be
Black's Hotel 7's doing a rushing,
business.    Tho genial proprietor forme IV ran  a   hotel  at Watso:.i. aid
to Jots,' as the deeds issueil
Dominion Government -will
recoo-nized.    Mr. FarweU's claim
the town-;i;;.' w >uld
building up the:'lower town.    There j
will be so.no great fun over the .'titles |l'«l'ro^;. tl)C npi'carance or      _
j>v ,.j,c;  ,'i'id  enhance  the value of-tueir pro-
not 'be n!(>r|:y  if-they  would  ex; end   some
'money   in   rem-)ving st im:|-s,    and
tends over something like l,X0 acres] Z™^"}* f;1(' Htree>s.' At jirosen't t] e
reaching one mile -eitlu r wav fsoin I townsite looks - s.-ine^hmg I.iko a
the town and along the river. 'J. A. fnighUnnve a man sees af ;er lie has
Mara, M.P., and-others prcsumabl v .(supperl Iieavi-Iy on boihdio XxrxA:d
own considerable land .in the dis}ut- j huklewcd cheese.
edpoition, the titles to which  wdlj '"•' -  ^.___-'_r -.-
probably1 be nullified.    With tlie set-      Messrs'Murray, Darraugh, McKay,
tie ment of the d is;% 1 ■ tc
believes the town   will  take anew
lease of life and will  ultimately be
oarsxT Burton,   Walker   and  several
bronzed veterans of Cariboo
(arrived in  town   tin's
'---•--;     the
come one of the chief centres in the | enjoying the pleasures
-utcrior. met.v-» f>)ls.
week, an
of life 1:1 rhe ;_,, .rK^uK- W3*i11W.l i*
Page 2.
Second: Year
Published every Thursday.
R.     T.    LOWERY,    EDITOR    AND
FINANCIER.       -
ONK YEAR ■..................... 7......,,.. .$2.00
Transient Advertising?,,25 cents per line first insertion, 10 cents per'line subsequent insertions,
nonpareil measurement.
CoiTespondenee from every part pf the Kootenay
District and communications upon live topics
always acceptable. -Write'-oh- hoth sides of the
paper if you wish. Always send something good,
no matter how Crude. Get your copy in while it
xs hot, and we will do the rest.
THURSDAY,  O0TY 718,   1894.
The driver   bank   at    Revelstoke
should be repaired as soon as possible
„ or the,. editor of the local paper wilj
develop into a    monomaniac on the
September's expenditures by , the
American Government exceeded the
-receipts by * J7,701,790, . making a
total deficit for the quarter of 119,079,-
710. Thus Canada is not alone in
her misfortunes, notwithstanding the
coiitensions of the followers of Hon.:
Wilfred Laurier.
Max Lebaudy, the young Parisian
millionaire whose extra yagahces
brought him into, the courts, a few
months ago, when his mother tried
to have his reckless expenditures restrained by legal measures, has developed a new craze. He has organized an amateur bull-lighting ring,
according to a Paris letter in the Argonaut of October 15th, and has been
giving his friends some very lively
sport.    .   • -a   d    .'   ' ' ■' -;
Brad street's commercial report for
last week states that the accentuation
of favorable features is revealed in
telegraphic reports.. While advices
as to the most marked improvement
come from the west and south, there
are some encouraging features also
reported from the east, and the net
.result of the week's business has fuiv
ther progressed in the direction of
enlarged distribution. The bank
clearances in the same time increased
three per cent..
New Denver requires a wagon road
to Three Forks in order, to compete
for the trade of the Slocan.: We
would advise those interested not to
wait for the Government to build it,
but to do something themselves. If
some.of its citizens would work more
and howl less, they might have a
town that would be a credit to the
country. Take a pointer from the
example of the people in Kaslo. two
years ago, stop listening to the loud
pipings of socialistic wind-producers,
and you will find that New Denver
will always be a heavy mark on the
map of West Kootenay.
The Slocan is very much in need
of a bank, and if we were not otherwise eng'aged we would start one.
We have recently noticed that the
two worthy managers of Nelson's
banks have paid numerous visits to
the Slocan, and thev are evidently
watching the ground with anxious
eyes. We would suggest that one of
them quit Nelson, thus dividing the
business, and accommodating the pub
lie. Nelson has no more use for two
banks than we have for a cemetery.
One might pay there, and we feel
certain that the other one ;would
be a brilliant successpn: the,Slocan.
Don't hesitate, .respecfed"'==nya;rik folks,
but, for Mammon's sake !*■' Give us a
bank before all .the mineral is dug
out and the community .bankrupted
paying freight on money parcels.
Hon. Forbes Vernon, Commissioner
of I^aiidS; and Works, bas retired from
public life>Awith the given purpose, of
personally attending; to his increasing
business interests. An extra of the
Gazette, published on Friday, announced the' appointment of G.B.
Martin, M. P. F. for North Yale, to-the'
vacant position. To many it will be
a painful surprise to see Mr. Vernon
out of public affairs, as he Imc been a
faithful and conscientious servant of
the people, and no man knew the intricacies of an arduous posu^ion better
than he. Mr. Martin is a good man;
a more capable,, im fact, it Afould be
difficult to find as a successor to the
late Cpntniissioner. For 12 years lie
has occupied a seat in the House, and
he has ability and foresight to acid
to his experience. _WTe congratulate
Hon. Mr. Martin on his elevation.
Certificate of Improvements.
of im rovement5. " ■<
Dated this Oth dav of October, 1*5)4.
Cct718,1S<H..;' . ■ a       '■
Certificate of Improvements.
-       NOTICE..     ■•-...
OTANDARD Minkkai. Claim—3 ta <e in the
U   Sloesn JVI nTngDivi-iou ol Wet i\ oo !;•.:! jv D -
'.trict.   \\ here t.cxded: .About tw,*- nii:o; worth ,eX
fr.im Silverton.
Take notice that I, A. 8. -Fnnvell, as rgent foi
M:ct!riclGrady, Ni.. J9o77; L. H. Bi,ggy y.XA> \'A
and C. F.-Laatz, No.4i», 'tf<,nite;id, sixty daysmour
date heieuf. to'apj-ly to tltj.,G: Id (J mini, sioner loi
a cert Jicatc of hn.rovcuicats, f\,r the . Jrpuse'' oi
obtaining a.Ci\»wii grunt of tiie above claim.    ;   ,
Aiid further take' notice, that advesr e claim .
mu-t be sent to the Gold Commissibnor ■„:.d.a'eri.oi.-
commenced 'before the issuance of such ceiiinAak
of improvement;-'..        7  , .
Dated this 'ath day of Octoher, 1891.
Oct. 18,1894.     .   ... . .'■'■    : 7...
.        .;    - : - - - ' '."'■''■     ■''<-■'■.     ■ A c
Atlantic Express  arrives at 9:_5 Daily
Pacific " ;."'.''■     A    _G:23    .""
Shunieaw Minerat7 Claim.—Situate in the
Slocan Mining Division of West Kootenay District. Where located: About two miles'.north east
from Silverton:       7 ;.  ,
Take notice that I, A. S. Farwell, as agent for
Michael Grady, No': 49577: L. H. Briggs, No. 51110,
and C F. Laatz. -No.. 49887,-intend, ..sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply to the Gold
Commissioner for a certificate of improvements,
for the purpose of obtaining* a Crown grant ;of the
above claim. : 7       • a
And further take notice, that; ad verses, claims
must be sent to the Gold Commissioner and action
commenced before the issuance, of such certilieate
of improvements. -', ,
Dated this 4th day of October, l8fM.
Oct. 18,1894.
Certificate of Improvements.
]?CHO -Minekal Claim.—Situate in the Slocan
iu Mining* Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located: About two miles north east irom
Silverton. •
Take notice that I, A, S. Farwell, a? agent for
■Michael Grady, No 4.9,577; L. A. Briggs, Nc.^llio,
and O, F. Laatz, No. 49387, intend, sixty day sir m
the date hereof, to apply to the Gold Coinmissiori r
for a.certificate of improvements, for tlie purpose
of obtaining a Crown grant of tlie above claim.
And further take notice, that adverse claims
must be sent to he Gold Commissioner and action
commenced before the issuance of such certificate
of improvements.
Dated this 8th day of October, 1894.
Oct. 18,1891.
Certificate of Improvements.
Cheapest, most reliable and safe route to Montreal, Toronto, St.Pciul, Chicago,. New York.
rand Boston.   Rates $3 to $10 Ib^er than.any other
ouie. ■ ■ ■■        "7:..''"   77     7     ■-•'•■.■■
Specially.fitted ColonirtCai:,-?, in. charge of a-
porter, foi* the accommodation of passengers hold
ing second-class tickets. -.,--■ X
Passengers booked to and from all European,
points at 1. j west rates. 7      7''X-''
L >w freight rates. , Quick despatch. Merchants'
will save money by haviug their freiglit routed via
the C.P.R.
Full and reliable information gi%ren by applying
to'-"' ■'.,'' ■'■      ■■ '■;{a'".
, Asst Gen. Freight A gent,     Local Ag*c;it,
Vancouver. 7 Revelstokb
G. L. ESTAUROCKS,      -       MASTER,
L'j..vc New D.j':n%-r at 7 a.m. for S:Ivcrt >n7 •
Lave New Deaver at 8:!10 .a.m. for Bonanza
aty.  ..- .;.-.' ■. ...i .■ ,;'. ".- ,. a
Lea ve Bonanza City at 12 noon for New Denver.
Slocan Ti:ai?ix<; & Navigation Co., (Ltd.)
A 7-     'A .''■■■■ .-Sjoretary
'.TIME TAliLB.NO.3,:
7 Totakc ell\;ct on Saturday, Mayi;)^. 1894.   -
Trains We-it.7       •  St-ition:. '.■"'-'■''    .' Trains E-iSt.
l!J;bo,. .   Dei/iiil KEL&oN Arrive    . -0 4;j,
+I:i,-5J.-        ■■-  Kp-tciia.v Cj-.;^lag' 20 2f>:
+11, 3.r>
.Slocaii Ci'o'Ssing
in 40:
Vi 15       Airtve ROBSON. De]>art      10 00    '
Trains from Nelson will wait iu rival >.'>)> at
from Bonner's Furry and Lake Pants ou V; ed-
nesdays andSatCirdciysr';
% Flag Stations. _'.'■■.-
iJSTAbove Trains will run Tue days, AVt-dijes-
days, Fi-;days and Saturday--'..", -77 ''•■■■■. " -'. '
,:.- The Com.anj' re-erve the; right (o. change this
Time'T-:,ble witituut'Nutive7    ••■'-     : '
Pach.c Standard and 24 hour system ad >: ted.
H. ABBOTT,    ; J. HAMILTON,       •
General Su:/i., '■-.','. .Ti'aiihnasrcr& Agent,
,- *V-.;i e iiver. . Ki-isru.
Steam Nav. Co., Ltd.
In Effect Wednesday, Aug:. 29, S 894.
Nelson  & Fort Sheppard
'Alili    RAlIi   [ROUTE   -TO-   SFOKAN3E.
The only thi-ough route from Nelson, Kaslo,
Kootenay Like and all Slocan
Through Trains Semi=WeekIy.
Leave 7 a.m. NELSON. Arrive 5:10 p.m.
.-.   •...'       . ...   NOTICE:   '
QURPRISE M ixera'l Claim.—Situate in the
U Slccan Mining Division of West Kootena3r Dis-
triet. Where located: About 'twb'hiiles north east
from Silverton. ■;. .  .     ,
Take notice that I, A." S. Farwell. as agent for
""■ "    * ~    -    ^*    —   ~   — "■■■■'    ' x. ■■
sioner for a certilieate of improvements, for the
purj)0se of obtaining a Crown grant of the above
And further take notice, that adverse ^claims
must be sent to the Hold Commissioner and action
commenced before the is?uance of such certilieate
On Tuesdays ar.d Fndcvr,  tirins   vill. run
through to Sp.okane,arriving sameday. Returning
passengers will leave S] okaneat7 a.in.oh NVe'dn'es-
uays and Saturdays, arriving at Nelson at 5:10 pi
m.; same day, making close connection with, the
steamer Nelson for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Commencing Aug. 2b passengers for Trail
Creek, Nakusp, New .Denver, Revelstoke, and all
points on the Canadian Pacific 'Railway, will
leave Spokane    on Saturdays     .    at
7 a. m., connecting at Northport with steamer
(same day) at 1 p.m. .
Passengers by steamer from above points arrive
in Spokaiie same evening-.
Passengers for Kettle River and Boundary
Creek connect at JSIarcus with stage on Mondays
and Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.
,. - <■■  .:, -revelstoke route- -
-  ste.-i_yt.x6n.  "7
(Connecting with the Canadian Pacific Rail-
•        way fur all Eastern and Coart Points.)
Leaves Robson on Wednesdays and ' .^uadays -*.t
... G p.m. ■■'.-.;.    '■■"■.■:..'-'■  ■-'". A'"--"""' - •   •"- -'"-"  '.
■Leave-* Kevelstokc on Ti;e days and   Fu'davsAU.
■ ^a.iM.' ■"■■■■. ,-.'"■-7,.. ■
-..-■    NOR'l'HFGRT ROUTErr ■-.■. ,
-    ;. ■ -:pT[RpiX'yT(yN'P: •''" '.
(Connecting at Ncrthpcrrj'or:i:oiTit.7h.ort]) and
sOttii oh the Spokane JB'alls & Northern.
'Railway'.)' ■   ''.-■'   '■:
Leaves Robson on Saturdays ,at.4.a..m.'     •'
Leaves Noi'thpcrt on Saturdays .at.l:3Q,i-.m.,  .
• • '•■ KASLO ROUTS'— 3TR. •'ME.CSON.
LeaATes Nelson Mondays at 4p.m.; Wednes la -. s.
atr>:40p.m.;"Thur.sday.-v-a 4 iJ.m.;Saturdavs,a- 7:40
p.m. Connecting* on Satudays. and Wedne-di;vs
■with Nelson & Fort Sheiipi.rd Railway for Kaslo
and Lake points.
Leaves Kaslo for Nelson, Sundays at "8 a.m.;
Tuesdays at 3 ami.; Tlihr.-days {.t 8 a.m.; Fridays
at 3'-san. Connecting on Tue-days and in*jd;7vs
with Nehon & F,)rt S.iepp.ird Railway, for S]Io-
kane and points south.
-. STR. NELSON., y      ■..'■' "'-';'-"
;   (Connecting Mith'the Great Northern Railway-—
7 ; 7; for- all Easteni.'pqhits,- Spokaiie and -
!  \7   ■'.'      ..,,.-  .;. the Clba*t:)-; j ..-■;,'..; A'A-.. ':7A.
;  LeavesNelsoiv"on Tuexlays and-En"daysatvta,7
rhr - •■-'■■"*'•'■ ■ ■■' :'-■ '  ._ ;_; ■ .     ---.-.:■...;
! Leaves Ka°lo on Tue-days and Fridaysat3 ami.''
Leaves Bonner's Ferry for Nelson and Kasl^ at'
2 a.m. oi^Wednesdays.aiiU Saturday5v7:-: '.7. 7
The company reserves the right to change this
schedule at any time without notice.
For full information as to tickets, rates, etc., apply at the Com.;any's offices, Nelson,. B.C.
T. ALLAN, Sec'y. J. W. TROUPr
Nelson   B. C.
Manager. Second Year.
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House and furniture to sell, very
eheapiTat Nakusp^ lApply to H. "N,
Coursier, Revelstoke. " t:
; D.McGillivmy came in on Tuesday
and '•: went to the end of thetrack to
push thes road as fastis possible; to
■the Forks. ■■;.'-■",'' pd'■'['■■    ' 'P '
Hugh Madden and Patrick Shea
are doing the assessment work on tlie
Iron Crown, a quartz claim they are
interested in on Mineral creek.       ■
Hugh McKay has returned   from
Cariboo creek.    He brought a stpqk
of mirth with him,   which he is dife-
. tributiiig with his usual rapidity.
There is nothing to prevent any
business man in West Kootenay from
using neatly printedstationery/ This
office is in the .business, andean suit
any ordinary' taste Or demand.
7 Indians in the vicinity of Nakusp
are in the habit of killing deer, and
allowing the carcases';to lie where-
they fall. Tliis n-ay be a goedthinjg
for buzzards, and other birds which
feed ujon dead ariiirals, tut it. is decidedly injurious to the game.of the
country, and. should be stopped by
tlie iron hand of the law.
The Alpha mine at Silverton will
suspend operations in a short time.
The owners .Iiave already shipped
enough ore to pay for the property;
and do not.care to sell any more until silver..advances, as they do not
feel like sacrificing a good thing
when they have it. The timber in
the mine will also have to be replaced before much more ore can be
taken out in safety.
Next Tuesday a number of • tlie
officials otthe C.P.R will visit Na.
:l_usp and go over the railway to the
end of "the track. Nothing definite
can be learned as t& whether the line
to Three. Forks will be operated this
winter or-not, but as the C.P.R. are
making contracts to haul ore from
the Slocan all winter it is easy to suppose;,tliat they intend to keep the cars
moying,without:cessation, v    ,        a
Matters are quiet at Trail creek,
the Josie mine not having resumed
operations, The wagon, road from
Nort'mdrt will be completed this
week, and the ore in future will be
drawn to Northport and shipped over
tlie; ra,ilroad7fi*om that town: It may
not pay Corbih to do this thisl winter;
but he is trying to hold the trade and
he no doubt will be rewarded when
his railroad is extended.to Rossland7
IN addition to the Restaurant the Proprietor has
a number of Rooms to rent to Travelers. The
Rooms are tastily furnished and the beds clean and
well aired..
Kootenay's Telegraph Line.
It cost the C.P.R. $14,000 to build
their telegraph line from Revelstoke
to Nelson, yia7 the ^Slocan, and this]
year the fidods and forest ;fires caused
them alossof at leastp-OOO. With;
the-exception of.■ Nelson, jscarcely; an.
office'bas paid its: -expenses since the:
line7 ;was?; .put; upv At Watson tho
highest receipts in any: one month
were $12,: while Nqw Dbnver paid
fo%tiie: first time last month. Three
Forks, Kaslo and Nakusp are still on
the losing side* -although with the
better service shortly to be. inaugurated, by the polinglf the entire line,
a change from loss to profit should
take place. Telegraphing is on the
increase throughout the proynice, %
sure.indication of increasing business
activity, and it is. reasonable .to.supT
pose tliat the -Kootenay country Will
participate in the general.revival of
tradp, and place its telegraph service
in a. position to pay dividends.
..    LUMBER   YARD,
* ,
> A* . XXX\    ■ >   - •
Foot of Hendryx Street,   Nelson.
A full' stock of Lumber,
rough and- dressed, laths,
shingles, sash,doors,mould-
ings, etc. Clear and dry
fir flooring and ceiling for
sale at lowest prices.
i '
I'caaKTa nsiiaii-jinrniBTfa-.
VICTORIA, by the Grace of God, of the "United
7     Kingdom   of Great  Britain and Ireland;
(_UKEN7Defender of the Faith&c.,:&c.7&c7
To Our faithful the Members elected to serve im
the Legislative As*?enibly of Our Province)
of British Columbia at Our City of Victoria!
—-GllEETING. '■. ■''■'. . |
■x'd'p:-';Y-'  A PROCLAMATION. '   ' .      ■; ; j
Theodore Davie, \ WHEREAS We are desir-j
'.. Attorney-General.../../V-.V...^-ou*5:>aHd Resolved, as'
■soon as may be, to meet: Our ■ people:of Our Provi
ince of British C6iumbia,vand to have their advice;
in Our Legislature: A
; .NOW KNOW YE, that for divers causes and
considerations, and taking into consideration the
ease and convenience of Our loving subjects, We
have. thOught.liti-by--and.:-svith the advice of Our
-Executive CounV'il of • British Columbia, to hereby
convoke, and by these presents enjoin you, and
each of you, that on Monday, the Twehth day Of
November; one thousand eight7 hundred and nine
cy-ifjur, youmiifc Oihr bar said LigwLxture or
Parliament of Our said Province, at Our City .of
NESS; to treat, do,- ixct, and7conclude upon those
thiiig-f whiehin Our Legislature of \ the /Province
of British Columbiaj .by 7the Common Counci: of
Our said Province niay, by the favor of God, be
ordained.,       :  ■"  ••',,'   ..-'-'■  ,-'■'"■-.. a    ■"':
In TE-r-njioxy Whereof, We have 'caiKcd
there Our Letters to.be made patent and tlie
Great Seal of the said Province.;to be-heve-
uiitntfflxed; WiT.sEvS, the HmourableED-
oXR Dewdney, Lieutenant-Governor of Our
said Province of British Columbia, in Our
C.ty of Victori-, in Our said Province, this
Twenty-seventh day of September, in the
year of Our L ..rd one thousand eight hundred and ninety-four, and in the n.ty-iLjhth
, year of Our reign.      ■,.,■■■
GROCERIES and PKOVISIONS at very low prices
FRESH CANNED G0ODS always in stock.
A full assortment of Choice CIGARS and TOBACCO
I_ D. C. Joslyn
-,' Dealers in '"■'
j i .'.■■■
Pianos,  Organs,  Musicians'   Sup-
":   plies, Sewing Machines, and
Books, Stationery, Office Supplies,
and Wall Paper.
Great Eastern Block.
Barber and
a\[*x 7-r':v-'.MLSON, B.G, ; ; - '■ ■■ • :'■
Landscape Photographers
Keep a large quantity of Arcliitypes
and; /Steel Engraving^ in stock,
Picture framed to order.   ,
By Coir mind,
Provincial Secretary/
Sxtmivxx? idiazenza irsaniiar,
#:./*    *it.,>-»-* wi-
Showing* the Dates andrPlaces ot Courts
Of Assize, Nisi c rips, and yer and
Terminer, and General Gaol Delivery for the Year 1894,
Fall Assizes.
*Nelson,....'....... Monday........ 1 Oth September.
*Donald.7....... .MoMay.7..... -17th September.
Clinton...V..... :Thursdav..... .20th September..
Riclifiield.. -. -. ..'Monday........24th September.
Kamloops....'-:...Monday...... 7...• .1st October.
Vernon......... .Monday............ 8th October.
Lytton..........Friday. ;...:;■ 12th October.
New Westminster: .Tuesday......'.6th.November.
Vancouver...-..'.;-Monday..... .12th November.
Victoria!.........Tuesday.......20th November^
Nanaimo....... .Tuesday...... - -27th November-
*S^cial'Assizes adjoiimed* from the Spring by
'•Mr. Justice Walkem and now fixed for thesj
Graduate of Trinity University, Toronto.    Member of college Physicians and Surgeons, Ontario.
aTh. holdich,
Of Swansea ana v'figan,-
Analytical Chemist and Assayer
The oldesu and most experienced
Assayer in the Province.
Blue Ridge Hotel,
Accommodations for travellers. Good
stables. The bar is stocked with
choice liquors and cigars. Pack
train in connection with the house.
Goods taken to any part of the
Mcdonald beos., Props:v
Stages leave Kaslo daily at 8 a.m.
for New Denver. Returning will
leave New Denver foi* Kaslo at
same liour.   ' ;!
Satisfaction  is   Guaranteec!.
":■ 'v     -■ X'Y;Y     7-A.::'X-aGOT^-j:;.
.. 'Manaffen
Buy     ■-.;_. ■'". .'■-.-.'-'.
Your Goods      -
t" ••- FROM:
-.    IN:
Revelstoke, - -     . B.C ?*#r sleep je.*a«*ia or=af=£E*;
Pc^e 4,
Second Year
>"S r_> /~t. $"*< r_.: ^ s /'>.
A strike pf, in ic:i
across c.ic Ja.K<j.
Trains   started,
I.bnvur this wee.v.
is  reported from
-    • !! .
Several small parties of prospectors
went oat tliis week.
I oits r! e patient recovering.
0 .dors have -been issued for the rc-
, TTT rn .        XT . .,. stringing of, the telegraph wire a1 ong
J. W. I olson, Nelson, was m -townj theyXiieot the railway .from its pres-
Liieiciay. |ent position.    New  Denver will  be
iNiaps of British Columbia for sale at'.!--.cached  by a   loop   back from  the
i-iii'OiiiceV .' ;. •■..:-    7.-.-t-.'"' •^9i'^'?;'. ,.' "     ■'".,■■■
P. 8.. ilani.Iton has been appointed      On Friday's boat was a large quan-
wsiarun 7e7. tity of machinery for tha Le Roi iniiie
on Trail creek, from Sherbrooke,Que.
The machinery consisted for the most
pait.of a Rand air compressor and
several Burleigh drills.
,,.,Mr. Wilson has si ill three box cars
to-bit'Id for tlie:N.& S.R. In addition
to the stock and box cars there are
quite a i'iuniber of fiat '.cars that will
be rcjlanked and put in the best possible shape fpr the service -required' of
them.--'-      -7 7.7-" -' '" '■ 7   ■"' ■'; ;[.[ a"
Several parties of late have been
figuring n; on the dr ubtful proposition
of establisliiiig a newspaper at; Kaslo.
The Prospector m?in found little encouragement ■ there for the proposed
remova 1 of his gigantic'literarv .production:/-, 7. . '.;■ '-'■■.. .-..-.■■"    ;
A. S. Farwell, acting as agent for
Michael Grady, L.. H. Briggs and- G.
F: Laatz, is applying for a certificate
of improvements on the Shunieaw7
'Echo, -Surprise and Standard claims,
situated about two miles north east of
Silverton.:"- '■/ : 7
Sight;-tons of■ Silver
bru:u;:iit Li<7/Nel j/>n daily
ore  is
Wharfage is now being charged
upon all i;uvds hmded on the duck.
Tiie track-layers .have reached tlie
: '..'cjhceiibi:U.-oLV a little over amiie from
7. Three'Fo.m ■.-■■'■■•' '- •".
R.■. ■Ojlwol'l has been transferred
jro.li the Ti,iI'ee Forks telegraph office
■ to New Denver. :
Hallowe'en will be appropriately
celebrated-by the. Scotchmen in town
by a gl'iU-d supper..// "«[[.
Several sin ill ledges of a gold bearing tubieraf iimvo been uncovered on
Cariboo -creek during the week.
The Sheep creek pass- wagon road,
to tap" the "'"Trail creek mines, will
cost tne S..F.& N. R. at least .$5;0/0.   :
':■"&. When in Kaslo stop-at the Great
Nortiierir Hotel.    Rates reasonable;
Headquarters for cool and delicious
'■.-■ beer.' '. •■..■■ '•*.  .    ■ . ''' ,'t" ■"'
The- gap at  present  existing, between'J>ielso.n and the te.ruiinas;of the
■ N.tt Ft.S.R., "at Five-iViile point, is to
be built tins fill. "■:'•,      :
Supt. /Wilson, after a  round-up pi
■ the telegraph  system  in the Slocan,
. continued his tour of inspection to
Trail creek and Kaslo Friday.\
Judge Walkem was a passenger on
Tuesday's boat for  Nelson, where he
; is superintending the  revision of the
Dominion voter's list for this district.
Numerous signatures are being obtained   to- a   petition   to   Inspector
■ Fletcher-, praying for the appointment
of Mrs/M. E. Wiiyte as postmistress
7,7W. A. Hanks, of the NewDenver
Times, spent  a  day   or   so  in this
health-giving resort*, since last issue.
He.is contain] fating a tour through
Montana. t". '
Mrs. Johnston, a sister of Mrs. M.
F. Whyte, of the Hotel Nakusp, with
! er child,have arrived from Vancouver,   and  will become    permanent
. residents..,
Verification is given   by  the  Tribune to tlie rumor that-its.proprietors,
have   been   sued   for libel  by Gold'
.Commissioner Fitzstubbs to the tune
Thieves burglarized the postofh'ce
. at   Boundary   City   Tuesday night.
Tney  worked the. safe, combination
aid secured the contents, amounting
to about $200. : "
The7 inaugural smoker given by
Mrs. :"M. E. Whyte, on Friday eve.
to signalize her lease of tlie Hotel
■Nakusp;was fairly well attended and
passed off pleasantly.
7-ev. Mr. Gaebel was taken suddenly il] on Saturday, at New Denver, of inflammation. Dr. Brouse
was summoned from here, and he ro
Tlie only practical Watchmaker in
the Kootenay District Orders by
mail receive -prompt attention.
"IMPERIAL"  Brand   of
Wholesiile & Retail Dealers in
Write t() u.-3 for Price.-
Every th ing new about th e house except the. whisky and landlord.    ;
Everybody gets a hearty
,      welcome and plenty
7,7 7*' ,./'"; '7'.A.t6..:e_rfc.v'' ■,.'7:..'/-'
GoRiiAN" West, :   -     -    Proprietor.
PHIJL.0 Sl Go,
7 F. J. :Winyard has fitted up a^neat
and comfortable bath house in connection with his laundry;-: which will
be considered a boon to:those who desire ^participate in the health and
pleasure that comes from bathing in
comfortable: quarters.  ,
"/-The steamboat Hal ley has- been
shipped from Priest river to Bonner's
Ferry. This boat will ply between
the latter point7 and Kaslo. Captain
Miller, who has charge of the boat,,
is one of the oldest and best known
navigators on the coast
J. B. Wilson, a former business
man of Nakusp, arrived in from Kaslo
on Thursday,-' en roiite to - Three
Forks. He reported business improving in Kaslo, while his bralich store
at Three F(>rks is prospering. -, Mr.
Wilson's family is located at present,
in Spokane.
H. G. Stimm el, traveling/freight
and passenger agent of the S.F,-,& N.
■R/ancl N.& Ft.S.R., with headquarters at Nelson, came up oil the Lytton
'.Thursday.' From here. be went into
tl'. e Slocan coun try. His visit was
for the purpose of familiarizing him -
self with' th s territory in the interests
of his comnaiiy and its connections.
R, S. Wilson, merchant,tailor, Revelstoke Station,: will visit Na kusp,
New Denver, Three Forks, Silverton
and-o.t^er. points in the Slocan every
six. weeks.' He will carry on each
trip a lir.e of samples of all kinds of
suitings,and is prepared to guarantee,
satisfaction both in price and work-
manshiptto all who grunt him orders.
The leading -mines wi ll.be visited and
miners can give their orders for new
clothing without losing any time,   f
Factory and Salesroom:
VANGQUYERo    -  :: -
LJ AVING- placed some new
I I Maohinery in our Mill,
we are prepared to furnish
all kinds of Rough and Dressed Lumber and Shingles at
greatly reduced Prices.
Rontrh Lumhor, narrow,
HO- oO
"         u         wide,
' 811 00 to *12 00
Joi-^t and Scantlinp*, .-?ized up to
18 fct long,
Sll 0)
IS'to'ii '
S12 00
2i 'zo30 '
813" 00
Flooring, T&-G.0 "
$20 00
a    ="       .<      4 .»
822 00
V joint Ceiling',-1 "
822 00
i :1 Ruvtic,
819 0)
811 0)
SurfiiA'd Di\s"ed,
813 0 )
A liber-rd C.i count on large orders for Cash,
P.-'.- s. c,
k LL Placer Claims i-i-fhi^ Dbfrict, le^allv held,
i.V. m™y l)e laid over from the 15th October, lSUl,
to the 1st June, I89.i. '7"
Gold Commissioner
D-ie-.i, Xebon. B.C., -1th October, -U9L
. Underwear. Hosiery, , ■"
Mens' Furnishings,
Mens' Re^idy Made.
Gloves,. Ribbons. Silks,
Satins, Cashmeres,
Melton & Serge Cloths,
Carpets, Blinds, Cottons, Hats and Caps,
House & Table -Linens,
Boots and Shoes.
Hungarian Flour,
Sugars, Bacon, Hams
Coffees, Teas, Spices,
Jams,   Pickles, Oatmeal, Biscuits, -;':
Canned Vegetables,
Canned Fruits,
Dried    Fruits,   and
Syrups, /    ;
Fancy Toilet Soaps,
Cigars and Tobaccos,
Grindston es & Fixtures
Crosscut & Rip Saws,
Axes and Handles,
Nails, Screws, Bolts,'
Round, Fla,t, Square Iron
: Oils,  Paiints,   Glass, '.'*
Horse Shoes and Nails, . ',
Cutlery,  • /'■"
Crockery,   "      . ■"'
& can- get a ;compj


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