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Nakusp Ledge 1893-10-05

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 " ss^^^fi^^mi^^9^^^^imm»i
V v
Vol. 1. No. 1.
NAKUSP, B. C, OCTOBER 5, 1893.
Price Ten Cents.
General Agent for
Extension of the Famous
Mountain Chief Mine, known
as the Midnight Mineral
Claim. This claim is sure to
equal any in the Slocan
country. It- will be sold
cheap for cash. For price
list and prices,  and general
information apply to
408 the First Locomotive
in the Zenitli Gityr?
>■•* ,
Construction of Depot and
Round-house   to   be
Commenced this
Grading    Under   Way    to?-Three:
JFarfcarr-lOOO Men Employed^-"
Twenty-rseven   Cars"  St-eel
Rails at   Revelstoke      : v
for Nakusp.
In a few days two passenger cars,
twenty-four flat cars and thirty
freight cars will be brought from
Revelstoke and placed in tho yard
here. They will be run all winter
as far as Slocan Lake provided the
traffic will warrant it. £
The Nakusp & Slocan Railway
will be forty miles long extending
from Nakusp to Three Forks and will
cost when completed, one million
' *f
Grading will be finished to Slocan
Lake by Nov. 1st., and to Three.
Forks some time in December.,
0® Monday the steamer Kootenay
brought down the river, loaded.on
a scow Engine 408, which "Is the first
locomotive ,in Nakusp., It weighs 85
tons and was unloaded from the scow
in two hours, and in six hours was
hauling flat cars. These two feats
are unequalled in the annals of railroading, arid*• speaks' well of the
ability of the men employed, and the
excellent wharf WSSakusp.
The railroad wharf will be extended 200 feet further into the lake,
and when finished will accommodate
steamers at any depth of water. In
rough weather boats can be sheltered
behind the dock.
In ten days work will be commenced on the Nakusp depot. It
will be the best station on the line
and will cost $5,000- At the same
time work will be started oh the.
round house. It will contain four
stalls, and will be finished as soon as
Track layers will commence' laying track this week at the rate of
about one mile a day. About 200
men will be employed..: Work on
|he bridges will continue all winter,
Pay day will occur between the
10th and 15th of the month;, at least
three times as much money, will be
paid out as was circulated last month
and in consequence lively times are
expected for several days after the
event.        "'-'
Eight hundred men are working
on the road now, and that, number
may be increased to a thousand before long,     j
\ p '
Twenty-sev&n car loads of steel
rails are at \ Revelstoke awaiting
shipment to Nakusp. .They will be
brought down as speedily as possible.
By^next month 14 miles of the
Revelstoke and Arrow Lake Railway
will be completed and communication all winter assured. The boat
and railway state positively that
even if sleighs have to be used part
of the way they are bound to keep
ihe route open.
Nakusp will have in about ten
days telegraph communication with
the outside world. One by one the
advantages of civilization are being
showered upon us.
Several mines are piling up ore
awaiting the completion of the road
to Blocan lake. Over 10,000 tons
have been promised the road for
shipment this fall.
Narrow Escape.
The steamer Columbia had a narrow escape on Tuesday evening irom
being  burned.   One of the officers
accidentally knocked a lamp off the,
table in Mr. Jones'room and in an
instant  the  room  was  filled   with
flames    Mr. Jones  had   his clothes
set on fire and  immediately ran out
ofthe joom   and jumped   into   the
water.   He escaped with a few burn s.\
His room was blackened and disordered by the  occurrence.   The   boat
was tied up , at the time; which was
fortunate for the popular custom officer when he made the plunge into
thd swift running waters of the Columbia river.    As  far  as  we could
learn the  other  gentiemen  in the
room at the,time escaped with only a
sli6ht shock to their nerves.
"a -:(
Grading the Streets.
Grading and clearing Broadway
commences to-day, Dan Dunn has
charge of tlie work and $2000 will be
immediately expended. This amount
will make a radical inprovement in
the appearance of our principal
Shot Himself.
A you"g man named Hall living
at Hall's Landing, a short distance
from Nakusp shot himself one day
last week. An inquest was held by
Mr. Manuel of Donald, and a yer-,
diet returned according to the circumstances. . His remains were
taken to Vancouver where his relatives reside.
John Sindar is on the night shift at
the Fashion Chop House. John is
quite a rustler and always smiles
when you mention blue grouse.
X6X Will Reach B. 0. Next Year.
Canadian, Gazette:   .  :Mr: ■■: F.   C.
Selous,  the   champion, lion   hunter,
and tlie rival of Mr.  H. M. Stanley
in  African exploration, has, we regret to say, been obliged to postpone
the visit le intended to pay .to, British Columbia; this autumn  in company with Mr. Phil lips- Wolley.   The
crit'cd condition in Mashonland gave
that ■■'< oi.mt.iy prior claims upon him,
mid [he left England byihe Drum-C
mond (diAA;\e  \f\<t, Saturday for that
1*art of his favorite continent:    MIf,"-
he says, "Mashonland is in in danger
my duty is to be there-: to. lend tlie,;
hoy* a ■'hand.",' If possible 'Mr. Scions }
„ w ill .return to England  at the. end oi
this   year,   and;  is /Mr.   'Phillips':
Wolley's -hope.; that   they   may be
shooting ■together in the Pacific province (lu 7)\\'y i-hiV'eomhu? winter.'   Mr.
O    . •'/,■■'■■
,Siih'iis..i„;^!'«Gcd.'k> clit.At iAX -in;-'Col-
tains were thickly encrusted with
gold. Assayer Carmichael thinks
the' surroundings, hills offer a great
inducement, for they are mostly bare
ledges and seen in many directions.
The district is one day's journey
from Victoria by water or rail and
wagon road. . The China creek
ledges are twenty-eight miles from
tide water on Alberni canal. Prospectors are hurrying to the field.
0 Struck^A jBonapza^       '[■
■north toBritish
Before leaving for Africa
orado'and", then
he completed an excellent chapter on
lion hunting for 'one of; Mr: Phillips-
Woolley's new volumes in the Badminton series, both of which are now
completed and have, been illustrated
by Mr. Charles Whvmper and Mr.
Wllink. • .   V-^a'v
Our Banking: System.
At a Chicago bankers' banquet ex-
coinptrpller Lacey, of the U. S., was
a speaker and among other things
said: '-'Canada, with not half our
circulation and not half the reserve
we have, has suffered "very little
during the recent panic because of
their system of bank note "circulation.
It is not based upon bonds or upon
any other security except only that
it is granted to banks having large
capital and is maintained by a pro
rata tax upon the capital. My opinion is and my belief is that that will
eventually be the same in this country,
and until you, have some such svs-
tern as that these periods of depression and semi-panic are bound to
continue. When that time will come
I cannot say, but, I, hope that our
friend Eckels, if he indulges in anything of that kind, will knock out
something that will prevent t'hs currency being locked -tip as it has been''
An Indian named Gould brings
news to Halifax, N. S., of an extraordinary find of gold and silver on the
shore of a river in Colchester county.
The Indian states that while digging
close to the water's edge, his pick
struck a hard object four feet below
the surface. He soon discovered he
had struck a bonanza in the form of
gold and silver pieces. The gold
pieces are of different sizes and
shapes, some being about two inches
square" and over tan ihcli thick:
Among the lot? are fifty silver /pieces,
about the size of an American silver
dollar in circumference and about
half an inch thick. The gold and
silver pieces all bear inscriptions.   ' "■•
A fire company.
A*   ■■
Gold Quartz Mines.
Government-'Assayer Carmichal,
has made a report to the minister of
mines of a visit and investigation into tlie. gold quartz mines discovered
in Alberni. district, on' tl\\e. west
coast of Vancouver Island. His report; fully confirms tlie news received
of .rich; finds. Assays were made
which vary from S200 to $2,500 per
ton. The ledges are' well defined
lying between quartziie and granite
walls. Only one had been developed
to any extent, but surfabe samples
from ledges located twenty miles
distant in the same   group of moun-
A first-class lock-up. .'.   •
■■'.'■'.■■ A' - ■■   .     '• ' >
*■■ ,*■' ■ :■■■'.■        '        '
Fewer stumps and more sidewalks.
a *       *  y.[■..." :  x XA-".
A brick block, or two.        :•■'■■?'•"':•'''
.'■''-.'■'■        * * , •: ■■
i     ■        ■ '"■...
Three thousand people by spring.
•. "■'■ ' •:■"  ■■"•-. ;  ■ ■-.;■'■*.'   ,;     *''-,'■. j"   .   .
:-     :''   -  '-v. A        :      '     •■ ..■       X ■•■•.•■■•■       :    i
The electric light.
.'*..       *
A water works system.
:: •■■'■/ ■■ P'- "*■.:■•'■*'■ ■; -;?- ; ■ • : ■
'    •   -  '  ' • •    • ...        ■! i    %
A nica park in the suburbs,
*■      *
A public reading room.
.<&. Qp_nci jpei
GROCERIES and raOVISlO^V^'-^^^:^^...'
FRESH CANNED GOODS always in stock.
'■.■'■''..;•■•■"•   A.'-" ■'' A! ' •' ■• -.-   •  '•' ■>';■•..■.    "X ■■'";■' . :7y. .■■ .y/..:.y ■■■ ■■      v. "A.;.       '>
A Ml assortment of (^
■7 . .       ■      ' i ( ■ '•..''■■
V '«  ■       NAKUSP, B. C.
Gbrning & McDonald, Prop.
The Tartars take a man by the ear
to invite him to eat   or   drink
The sentence.' 'John 4uickly •extemporized'five tow'bags" contains
all the letters of the alphabet.       '
The bar is stocked with the finest
y.p~ brands' Of wines?' liquors    d-x-
and cigars.
The practice ot using eggs at Easter is of Hindoo origin, the egg being-
in Lidia an emblem of immortality.
The deepest gold mines in Australia are the Magdala, at Stawell,
2,400 feet, and Lansell's at Sandhurst
' k2,G40.
An English legal document bearing the date of the year 1699 was
recently found in a pAlmyra, Mich.,
paper mill.
'i'Beaiitifuliy situated oji the Lake ^lioi'c at the entrance to the best aiid 'shortest road to the Slocan
mines and New Denver. Tlie \ha~1 fishing; and
hunting in the district, with grand In ating and
sketching facilities for tourists and artists. The
bar is supplied with the best brands of wines,
liquors and cigars. Tlie accommodations of the
Hotel are the best.
• NELSON,   B.C.
Landscape Photographers
Keep a i large quantity of Architypes
and Steel Engravings in stock.
Pictures framed to order.
©     .     ©
Meals at all hours and
.in every .style of the art.
NAKUSP     .-■■■■■   -       B.C.
H ^^jgj*iiii»fi^igpi^
.uia'L.rtw* wm
-of all kinds at-
Dry Goods, Blankets,
Jxeetings, Carpet,
ants' Fiirnishin
If   >
As we
ar$ pr
b,' number of stores we
to sell them for CASH at prices
in large quantities
to the East.
n. ♦
H     t
HwiimrBiiiinMi bii n» fin ■ > _ni__n ■_—n i ni mn_i
etl_\xsp>, 33.0
}   t
in iiiiimiiiw iiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiniii ii imnmii iiiiiimiiimiiii mum ■■■m
■iXxXy': -"l-yXAX..-
;.mXytAXx.'~'. ■; ;
Published every Thursday.
R.    T.    LOWEBY,1DITOB    AND
ONE VEAR  ... .5*3.00
SIX MONTHS ..;....,.. '.'  1.50
Advertising ratv,* furnished on application.
Correspondence from every part of the ..Kootenay
District and eonnn'&nications upon live topics
ahv.jy.H iiccept^tbie. Write on both sides of the
paper if you wish. Always .send something- good,
no mutter how crude. Get your copy in "while i}
is hot, and we mil do Hie rest.
THURSDAY,    OCTOBER  5,   1893.
The Provincial Government deserve great credit for the manner in
which they are assisting the Kootenay
district by guamnteeing ^the; ibohdsj
of the Nakusp & Slocan Bailwayf
By this means a million dollars is being spent in the* country when it
is most needed. When brighter, financial days return, and silver is restored to its proper position we will
have a   railway all  ready to bring
the rich ores out of the Slocan country, and that  (lay is just to  hand.
Let   the  government  continue the
good work and do  all   they can   to
make  British   Columbia   the  most
prosperous and wealthy province in
•A *.'.,'.     " f
Canada..       , <
Sheriff Eqbinson of N&sbnspent a
few days with us last week. His
visit to our editorial palace being
merely of a sosial nature, we were
pleased to meet him and talk of the
days of the Winnipeg boom—Kaslo
of course was onlyoccasionally men-
Steam Nav. Go. Ltd.
TIME   CD-AJ&TD.     .
Taking effect September 1st, 1893.
$■, This is the first issue of isaxusjya
iirsi j aper, and it might be pleasing
to the public to know what- our intentions aix. M wliv we have
brought this new journal into this.
wicked world.
We have, ,done so because the,
people here are enterprising enough
to support si paper, and as this town
grows in importance every day,   we
•■■■'■■     .■■;.': A  '.- s  ■     ii " .■.'■;
[  consider it a paying inzestment.
, We are not particularly afraid of
'   any government, clique or party, and
will endeavor to use them all in a
fair manner. /' ,
'We wil] dp everything in our power
' to promote the.interests of this town,
this district, and Jthis glorious province of British Columbia.
t    We are not prejudiced against any
race or color and will give the un-
" tutored Siwash 52 copies a year for
f three silver dollars just as quick as
we would to one of the titled dandies
of Europe.
It is not necessary to say any more
about our intentions.   You can judge
for yourselves.   If you do not like
pur style, don't support us.    If you do
he sooner you show a silver lining
o your feelings, the sooner we wil!
ble to appreciate your efforts to build
p the press of thisy=gmz£ d&ohenity
Kettle Eiver.
We think Nakusp should have a
ibstantial police station erected.
re have a very efficient officer here
it when it is necessary to make an
Jrest the offender has to be kept in
mis or chained to a tree until his
pe can be disposed of. A building
this-kind would be a benefit to the
[rounding country, and no time
juld be lost in pushing one to common.
. Highly colored reports about a rich
strike of placer gold on Kettle River
have been agitating the Boundary
Creekcamp for some week's j^ast   It
appears that the neighborhood has
been worked by the, pa,tieht -Celestial
arid that he has struck pay dirt of e-
normous richness, the gravel runninG
as high as 25 cents to the shovel.
Rhere1 is a settlement at the. mouthy of
Rock Creek, the nearest point to the
reported strike.,   There was a placer
rush into this country about twenty
five; y earr ago, and since then more
or less gold continously.   A mining
recorder is stationed at the mouth of
Rock Creek.    Of recent years   the
whites have done considerable hy-
draulicing thete and quite recently
the Chinese have gone in to work the
placer ground long since abandoned
by the whites.    As near as can be
figured but, the new strike is from,
ten to fifteen miles from Rock Creek.
The opinion seems to be general a-
mong men familiar with the country
that come remarkably rich gravel
has been struck, but the fear is expressed that it is not extensive e-
nough to justify a big stampede.
Mr, McDonald who has returned to
Nelson from Marcus,; says the news
of the strike is authentic. The first
intimation of it was received in Marcus through the letter of a Chinamen
to a brother Chinamen, nrging him
to come to the diggings. This man
did not go as, if he had crossed the
line, he could not have gone back to
the States,,and he; was not anxious
to take sueh chances. On account of
this he did retain* the secret to himself. Mr. Marcus. Oppenheimer informed Mr. McDonald that the information was perfectly ^reliable.
Some doubt is expressed as to the
extent of the strike and it is feared
that a big rush of prospectors will result in loss and disappointment to
many. Tribune.
• This hotel is situated hear the
water front and has every accommodation for -the travelling public.
U7S. THOMAS, Prop.
,   .   .     GOING SOUTH.
•Leaves .Revelstoke, ■
Mondays and Thursday.-y5 a. m.
Arrives at Robson,
Mondays and, Thursdays, 6 p. m.
Leaves Robson,
Tuesdays and Fridays, 5 p. m.
A rrives at Northport,
Tuesdaj's and Fridays. 10 a. m.
Leaves Northport,
Tuesdays and Fridays, 1. p. m.
Arriving at Robson,
Tuesdays and Fridays 7 p. m.
Arriving at Revelstoke,
Wednesdays? and Saturdays, 4 p. m.
The steamer lands at Nakusp north bound on
Wednesdays and Saturdays at 7 a.m., and south
beund on Mondays and Thursdays at 10,a. m.
Connection is made with Canadian Pacific trains
for the east and west at Revelstoke, with Spo&me
Falls and Northern trains for Spokane and all
eastern and western points at Northport, and with
C & K. trains for Nelson and Kootenay lake
points, at Robson.
Every thing-
First ClaSS ,:
and Meals
.,; served at',
all hours.
50 acres of the town-site at Three
Forks will be cleared this month, and
other improvements made.
OUTWARD.     J :
Leaves Nelson Sundays 3 p. m.
A Arriving at Kaslo 7 p. m.
" "     Mondays3 p.m.
..  Amving at Kaslo 7 p. m
" "      Wednesdays 9 a. m.
Arriving at Kaslo 1 p. m.
X"      .<"      Thursdays 3 p.m!
Arriving at Kaslo 7 p. m.
" " ","   Saturdays 9 a. m.
Arriving at Kaslo 1 p. m.
Leaves Kaslo Mondays 9 a. m. :
. Arriving at Nelson 1 p. m.
.•./«•    •■:■•"■• Tuesdays 9 a. m.
Arriving at Nelson 1 p. m.
" ','      "    Thursdays9a, m.
Arriving at Nelson 1 p. m.
" "    Fridays 9 a. m.
;   Arriving at NeLson 1 p. m.
" "    Saturdays at 3 p. m.
Arriving at Nelson 7 p. m.
Curly Robinson
Con Doherty.
'PL*.B, H. 0ocl?i?c\r?e
Passengers from Kaslo for Spokane and all
points south, should take the ''Nelson," leaving
Kaslo at 9 a. m., on Mondays and Thursdays,
making close connections through.
This steamer lands at Balfour, Pilot Bay, and
Ainsworth. _ ■ •. ■ .';
For information as to Rates, etc., apply to pursers of steamers, or to
T, ALLAN, Sec.'y,    .     J.W.TROUP,
Nelson, B. C. Manager.
' !n
B. C«
t - ■ ffigaegj^a1^^
• Aji*
y, 'Y:
a .;•);■•
Cash Dealer in
Stoves,   Tinware,   Hardware.   [Clothing,
Groceries,   Provisions,
and Shoes,
all kinds of Ladie
, Dress Goods
ies' and
Flour and Feed, etcJChildrens Wear.
Public School Meeting.
A public meeting was held at
Lowery's store on Friday evening
last, to elect temporary school trustees, and to consider the advisability
of erecting a school house. Mr.F. W.
Jordan was called to the chair and A.
H, Wallbridge acting as secretary?'.
This will have to be done by the
private enterprise of the citizen., as
the government grant for school
house will not be available until
after the next session of the provincial parliament. The gentlemen elected to act as trustees are Messrs.
Jordan, McDougl&l and Muirhead£
They have the matter in hand ancf
will endeavor to procure a site, and
ascertain the probable cost of erecting a suitable building. They will
report progress at a public meeting,
which will be called before further
steps are taken. A communication
was read from S. D. Pope, superintendent of education, statingithat the
goverhment would pay a teachers
salary of sixty dollars per month and
also allow forty dollars per year for
incidental expenenses.
Robert Green, Geo. T. Kane are
the candidates for the first scat in the
Mayor's chair in Kaslo. Both men
are favorites and capable of filing the
position with honors. v
D. A. McDougall
Choice    location and   commands a beautiful view
of the surrounding
The Bar is supplied with the
best brands of all kinds of
wines, liquors and  cigars
The Dining Room is supplied
with all the delicacies of
the season.
Charges Moderate.
^  J   ■<   ^ t       3    1
Give the best value in the  Kootenay. country.    Gome
and see our' ■BARGAINS and big  stock of
*, lJ>*\j* ____■
■I 'I
f? ■■■•_'
eway to the Famous Slocan
?    _i^-ow
rmnaus of
■' r j
amous for its Fishing and Hunting.
niles of the Hot Spr^
e.-»uKnaa»r»»a3eBowou:>vi vumukiw
■■-With:.-the''■'"Compleiroii  of  thp M^inifin ^Girt^     ^ -_   ■ ;     •'
ore will be b»   r ;?a     ^ >   nakusp & Slocan Railroad,  Thousands of tons of
oe o^u^. t.« iv-utusp. from tlie rich mines of tho'<u<w.o-.        ^ ,     <«mm_8 ot
steamer for RcTelstofe "«"es oi me blocan, and loaded on the
Gold and Silver Ledges  have been  discovered within three mile, „f v ,
The town alreadv c<_>'t'rfru ««-_-tta^i. o w*"mu mree miles of Nakusp.
with a capacit   o?Ax^x Xr ' SeVeml DwellinS Houses, Stores, Sawmill
** s"*y<*v.ibj. oi 00,^0 A4-<L?tper diem, a- suh«t<_n+?_-i tow__ * ™    ■ _■ » oawnui,
Shop and many other buildings. substantial Wharf, Warehouses, Blacksmith S&aafeyrivTrpr^^
Coeur d'Aiene Notes.
A new agreement was signed last
■ evening by the mine owners and the
representatives of the Miners' union.
Both sides have made concessions.
The men agree to accept $3.00 per
day for carmen and shovelers. The
mine owners agree to stand by the
union and make no discrimination
against the old men.*.'-
The Bunker Hill and Sullivan
mine is ". working to-day under the
new scales. More men will be added
next week and by the middle of
October 250 to 250 men will- be employed in the mine and mill. The
Gem and Frisco will resume in a few
days. The general belief, is that all
the leading mines will be reopened
under the new scale within three
weeks. All danger of future conflict between the laboring men and
the mine owners is believed to be
ended, and if the present price of
lead is maintained it is believed the
mines can continue work; all through
the winter. This means a gain of
$100,000 every month for Coeur
, d'Aiene wqrlpngnien,, in-; addition t'6
the profits of the mine owners.."■     '
The news that the Coeur d'Aiene
miners-have accepted ane^ sc&le of
wages was received witn greKt Satisfaction 1_y tlie a mining men ,:and
merchants of, this/ city; The news
' was not unexpected. 'Negotiations
have been pending for a long time to
secure a compromise. Recently it
has been evident that a crisis was
approaching,, some of the mine owners having resolved, to ■ rersxime work
anyway if a compromise could not'be
reached-in a. ie^ days. ^ The introduction "oi* ■ non-union Ineh* iii ,the
Bunker Hill and Sullivan is believed
to havehastened, the decision.;   ||,_
It is understopd that ail iiegbtia-.
tions were conducted by the Knights
of Labor, some of the mine owners
being prejudiced against any proposition made in the name of the
Miners' union. But now that an
agreement has been made with the
principal mine owners, it is predicted
that the union will have no difficulty
in securing direct recognition everywhere. Those who are acquainted
\,'itli the conditions now" existihg believe there will be no more trouble
in the Coeur d'Alenes for a long time
iy come. They say miners and mine
'.owners are both wearyof quarrel ing
Miiu anxious to got to work as soon as
Terrible Death. ,
the current through his body. His
brother who was working beneath,
ran toward him just in time to receive the body as it fell lifeless to the
ground. The powerful current had
burned the unfortunate man's hands
to black and shapeless stumps, and
death must have been instantaneous
for he uttered neither a cry or groan3)
The wire by which the electrocution
took place „ has been dead all day
and the death-dealing current had
only been turned on a few minutes
when the fatality occurred. . d
E. R
Outdeemed Deeming.
The police of Amsterdam arrested
a man named Hendrick, Dajong on a
charge of wife murder. It appears
last June that he married Sarah
Jewitt, a young English girl, who
soon disappeared. This, coming
finally to the ears of the police, lead
to an investigation and the arrest of
Dajong. It was believed that lie
was guilty of a series of wife murders, similar to those pf Deeming* the
noted Australian murderer, and a
search for the remains began both in
Holland and England without result
until last Tuesday, when; the body of
Sarah;Jewitt was;foundm the wood.s
four miles fronihere, giving evidence
of having been murdered. The general search in both countries will be
renewed. It is believed there are
numerous victims.   ,
This store is located in the most convenient locality for obtaining supplies for the Great Slocan Mining District.
Prospectors and Miners can g6t anything they want, and
do not require to pack supplies from more distant points.
The  Kootenay
Fighting in Brazil.
A cable from Rio says:   The rebel
squadron resumed the bombardment
of the., capital of Brazil this morning/
The forts replied to .the fire.     The
ships ceased firing and retired out of
range.    The "damage done to Rio de
Janeiro is said - to be heavy.    The
warships are also reported to have
suffered from'the fire of the forts, and
[ on several of the rebel ships the shells
of the forts are said to have caused
much loss ot life among the crews.
In Rio the loss of life and destruction
of property is great,  but the figures
are unattainable.   Santos is also reported to have received another visit
from the rebel ships blockading that
port, but the report has not been confirmed.   -All the shipping has been
shut out of Santos, cutting off Peixot's
revenue.    Reports reach   here that
revolts against him have occurred in
several states of Brazil, and tliat the
situation in the- interior is worse than
on the coast.
T^ oil hand
In lengths of from 12 to 50 feet.   Any kind
"a cof bill stuff can be cut at short notice.
Shingles, Laths, Mouldings, Turned Posts and
Ballasters,    Brackets.   Etc.     Two   Carloads
Sash   and   Doors,   Two  Carloads   Dr\r Fir
Clear Flooring, 4in.;   One Carload Dry Fir
Clear Ceiling, 4 Carload   Car Clear Cedar,
for Finish.; One Carload Glass, Paints Oils,
etc., including Fancy Glass, WoodStains, etc.
'While ".at work overhead . on the
Clackamas river bridge',- Portland,
Ore., oil1 the East Side electric railway, Carl Perham a carpenter took
hold of a wire carrying 5,000 volts
from the falls at Oregon City to Portland and supplying all tlie arc lights
on the east side of the river in the
city, and received the full force of
GL §__J>
IB  THE :-
Since 18G7 there have been exported from Cape Colony 50,000,000
carats of diamonds, approaching a
total value of $350,000,000.
;. and-
P* a
$i* fa \i
At   the  time of the discovery of
America the   rank  of a  Peruvian
lady might  be  determined   by the
I size of the ring she wore in her nose.
I *'}■
* Mr. A( J. Ford= left this week for a
hunting trip at Fire Valley.
Quite a number of speculators left
for the Kettle River on Monday.
Vancouver is interested in this
town to. the-extent of over $30,030 in
Pay-, day will soon be here and the
roar of the.bpohi is already heard in
the land..
Nakusp now has a bath house.
One by one the pleasure or civiliga-
.-.lori sweep in upon us.
; The sawmill is cutting over a
million feet of lumber for the Nakusp
& Slocan Railway bridges.
J.   T. Nault is building   a   large
bunk-house for the accommodation 'of il
t 'ie men employed by^him.
One of the managers of the Silver
King wa.s..'a passenger on the down j
trip of tiie Coliimbia on Monday.
Martin Condon got too close to a
blast, one day last week and had a
small hole ploughed in his forehead.
Charley Diamond left the metropolis the other day. He was slightly
disfigured; but still' going when last
heard of '[
Several pugilistic encounters according to Nakusp rules were engaged in last week in various parts
of the towm   I,   '.;,..'    .:;■-: "x°
A.: A DeCow, the welL known representative of Hunter, the Toronto
tailor was in town this week and
took several orders.': &
Nakusp is a little short of church
bells at present but the melodious
dinner bells, especially Coming's are
heard every day of the week.
A. A. DeCows headquarters are
now at Nelson. He carries a fine
lino of samples, and represents
Hunter-.the great tailor of Toronto.
We are pleased to learn that our
old friend. Mr. A. H. Wallbridge has
been appointed Resident Agent of the
Nakusp Land and Improvement Co.
Mr. D. K. Book, formerly of Kaslo,
is the popular manager of T. A. Garland's. Dry Goods House in Nakusp.
He we might say is well pleased with
the town and his firms business here.
Frank Locasto our popular tonsor-
•ial artist returned after a short visit
to Spokane and the Palouse Country.
He reports business very quiet across
-the line and thinks there is no place
like Nakusp.
Curly   Robinson   known  far   and
wide as the hot bov from Montana,
has   formed   partnership   with   the
genial child ofthe Emerald Isle Con.
Doherty and   opened  the  Bon Ton
Restaurant.    Curley's laugh may be
heard from morning  to   night as he
• squints over the eye-glasses ;and r<s-
, gales his   customers with  stories vp/
^every description, size.and make.
H. N. Coursier, of Revelstoke was
in town last week.
;;; Mr. Russell and wife left for Vernon
Tuesday on the Kootenay. : }
Mr. Viiias, the restaurant man
goes to Idaho in a few days.
Messrs. Fraiik Teetzel and John
Houston are in town on their way to
New Denver.
Ed. Thomas, one of British Columbian best known men is in the draying
business in Nakusp.
Cranberries are plentiful not from
here and quite a number are securing a stock for their winter's jam.
Mr. Ryan returned , from Three
Forks this week and will leave the
Koetenay   country  for   the winter.
Mr. Shaw, telegraph oporator, is in
town awaiting the completion of the
0. P. R. telenraph line to this point.
Mr, Ed. Mohun, government engineer, came in on Tuesday and is
highly pleased with his trip over the
s iine..
Alex. -MeD6nAldj;.''ai_V'."pld-tim(er in
the mountains was In town the other
day, in the interett of the. Steeh estate. ';:.« "'[ = ,.''.':;" ""   ;.a'':
. D. ■ K. Book paid the first subscription in cold cash, to this paper and in
consequence will be always remembered.;- ;; 'pd\A.PX:X.[X 7;'7p'dy-,; .'s[y[[
Mr. Hugh Madden is building a
beautiful cottage on Grey street.
He expects his wife and child from
the east as soon asi^the^ residence is
ready. ' '['P.^":?:   ''xx.h^'pd--
A bank is required in Nakusp and
we wish some of the many thriving
financial institutions would open a
branch. Nothing bnt a solid concern
is required.
Mr. Thomas will erect a building
in a short time to be used as a Post
Office. He intends to put in 100
letter boxes, which will be a great
accommodation to the public.
Large numbers of time checks are
constantly being cashed in town,
although the owners have to hawk
them around considerable sometimes
before they can make a sale.
Perry's mining map of the Kootenay country is being soid by -Mr. T.
Abriel. It is a high class production,
and should have a large sale
among mining men.
Mr. Glen denning, contractor of
Vancouver made a trip to Denver
and other points last week''and is
highly pleased with that part of the
country. He is interested in some
real estate and will return in the
A very enjoyable dance was held
at the Columbia House last evening,
and was very largely attended.
Dancing is a favorite amusement in
Nakusp and is largely indulged in.
It is the intention of the young men
to form a club and have regular
weekly dances.
D. FL Brown, C. P. E.; agent in
China accompanied by his bride
went up the river on the Columbia
Wednesday .r        a ,T
sp.[.Jl McDougall is circulating a
petition with the Aview of raising
funds to build a school house. It is a
laudable purpose and should bo supported. ,-        7 X:7
Messrs, Maconhell. Magee. Walker
and Burton have jusl completed a fine
residence on Slocan Ave. In their
bachelor quarters the boys  always
find a(warn_ welcoihe.
'.'■'.'    -     .-.    ■ ',
' McDougal & Dunn finished their
contract the other, day, and judging
from the large smiles they both wear
they must have "cleaned up" enough
of collateral to start a small bank.
1 '-.[■ .   '.■'".'■' &■'■       XX     ■ ■'   "
Among the many recent investors
in Nakusp realty are Messrs. Alex.
Struthers and James O'Toole both
capitalists from Vancouver B, C. these
gentlemen intend; to winter in this
|The Gem City of the Lake.
Dad Allen came in from the Hot
Bprings.the other day where he is
taking care of Geo. Aldous who has
been very ill for some time. Aldous
we are pleased to learn is improving
under the magic influence of that
celebrated wateri
Hay, Feed
and etc.
To Ibe spent in grading Streets.
Buy now before the raise in
A chaice list of Company and Private-
Lots For Sale.
Price List From
Resident   Agent   Nakusp
Land     and     Improvement
Gall and get prices.
g Parlors.
Respectful and competent workmen,
F. LOCASTO, the Haircutter
Go to the Ledge Office


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