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Nakusp Ledge 1893-11-30

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■ tx
. -.--■ $&■■'
Vol. 1. No. 9.
NAKUSP; B. C, NOVEMBER 30, 1893.;
Brick TEisr Cents.
Winter. Communication.
General Agent for
.. _ •>.■
:'■■ CommunicationlwithRevelstoke"wil.!
be established in a day so now. Two
gangs ef men are working at each
end of the snow road, and they are
expected to meet by Sunday next
From the green slide the construction
train on the' R. & A. L. railway wil
convey passengers and freight to
There are hundreds of tons of freight
stored at that place for Kootenay
points, much of it having been there
for several-weeks. TheC. P. R. will
keep the route open all winter, receiving express, mail, passengers and
freight. This will prove a boon to
the merchants in this town especially.
Smuggling Chinamen.
N. & F. S.  Bailway.
Trains will run over the Nelson &
Fort Sheppard railway next week
from Nelson to Spokane. The company will be prepared to accept
freight and passengers on and after
December 10. The steamer Nelson
will connect with the road at Five
Mile Point to all lake points. The
navigation company have agreed to
keep up communication between
Kaslo and the point all winter, conveying passengers and froight to and
fro. An immense quantity of ore
wjllfte shipped out that way, a new
irate^having recently been made by
fcb#Sflit Northern railway to the
Tacoma and Everett smelters of $8
and $7.50 per ton. respectively.
Two Chinamen arrived in North-
port in a mysterious last week and ad
they could   hot  show the necessary
papers were taken in   charge of  bjr
U S. Dep. Collector McCool; and held
here until Tuesday when word was
received   from    Chinese    Inspector
Gwyder to bring theni on to Spokane
If they fail to prove their right in the
United States on their arrival in Spokane they will, be   given free transportation to the land of the Celestial.
The port of entry  here   is   strongly
guarded by  Deputy Collector Hugh
McCool; and^his  assistant Mir. Lyons,;
who leave no stone unturned < to pre^
vent stn uggling of an y kind into the
United Staies from British Coh.iiubia.
It is next to impo>slulefor Chinamen to be brought in■\o this 'Country
CJ 97
by any one who de -ire . to run the
risk as they have to show up somewhere between the boundary 'line
andNoithport to board theS. F. &
N.: train for Spokane. There are
hundreds of Chinamen in British Columbia who would give almost anything to be safely lauded •' in some
large city on this 'side, where, they
could go in laundries among their
countrymen and thereby be safe froni
detection.—News. x '    ;'
Public School Entertainment.
Everyone that possibly can ^attend
should be in attendance at the concert to-night in the school housed
The programme to be given is an excellent one and includes among its
numbers some first class selections;-
Many of the performers are really
Al . artisttes , and those who Intend
to be present may rest assured that a
treat is in store, for ; them. The object of the entertainment—to help.de-
fray the expenses incurred in building the school—is a laudable one and
should be encouraged by all. After
the concert it is proposed to wind up
the affeir with a dance, which in
itself ought to be sufficient inducement to attract a crowded houte.
Come ouc, boys, and throw yn. your
shekels for the public weal.
Mr. A. Struthers leaves for Vancouver on Dec. 10th where he will
spend the winter with, his family.
Mrs. F. G. Fauquier who has been
so seriously ill was some better to-day
arid it is to be hoped -that the improvement will conti nee.
Mr, ■■. .John McKinnon, one of the
s'.irv^y party arrived in _o\vn and
intends to spend the winter here.
J. D. McLean is building a stable
On Bay street where he will have
■lo's of room for horses and feed. He
intends to do considerable freighting
between here and New Denver.
Engineer Campp, found some time
ago, about two miles from town a few
inches of quartz.    He had  an assay I
made and returns given   last  week j __mongst   the  assorted   cargo were
gave 286 ounces  in   one   specimen, {pate, flour,  potatoes,  pork, etc., etc
Canadian residents hi San Frai.-
cisco have formed an association to
seeOanada properly re[>resiVnted at
the Midwinter Fair.
Kaslo had two robberies last week,
one being that of the hold pip of a
prospect >r on Kane's hill snd the
theft of a valuable Astrakan coat, be"
longing to Mrs. Giegerich, froni the
cabin of the steamer ;Nelson. The
first party, suffered;, but little los?,
while 3he latter is Out of pocket
about $125. In each case the robbers
made good .heir escape.
A rumor, was prevalent here this
weelcthat Her''Majesty Queen Victoria had died very suddenly at
Windsor Castle of apoplexy. A great
sigh of relief was given vent to by
One and all when the welcome new*
arrived that our beloved Sovereign
was still hale and hearty and in the
land ofthe living. , The rumor, like
a multifciide of others of a like nature,
originated in the brain of some half-
cracked newsmonger in New York,
The post office departmenfr»has issued a notice to postmasters calling
attention to tbe fact that requests on .
the covers of newspapers ajid book
packets for direct return, if not delivered, cannot be complied with, but
that only Jetters caii b® thus, treated.
Postmasters have, b$en directed to
-exercise tsat^ to e^cjude from the
j_mu;$ aH|. correspondence posted by
collecting agencies;on which the dunning character of their business is
prominently indicated.
J. B. Wilson; the pioneer grocer of
Kaslo, came in on Wednesday's boat
having been eight days en route,
thanks to the excellent facilities for
communication at present existing,.,
It is his purpose to close out h is stock
at once, jobbing off some and removing the balance to Kaslo. If an op*
portuhity offers he will locate a
branch store at NewDenver. Mr.
Wilson report? business in Kaslo improving considera bly now tha t the
sleigh road to the mines has been
opened up*.
The Lytton had a , irg cargo and
a fair number of passengers on her
up  trip    yesterday   from    Robson
ounces   in
Alberta ranchers have shipped out
of the country over 20,030 head of
cattle. For these good prices have
been obtained, and' times are prosperous accordingly. British Columbia
took about 1600 head to supply her
and the  piece   went  86
silver and $7 in gold.
C. Greenfield and A. Harnfield,
who bonded the Black Prince mine
near Trout Lake City, a few months
ago, are well pleased with the showing on the property. They intend to
fully develop the mine, and will put
several men at work in the spring.
The bond expires in September but J
they will not allow it to lapse.
for whicfi many a prayer.of- thanks
were uttered by the consignees.
Great dlsappointmhnt was expressed
that the much needed supply of
whisky from Nelson did not arrive.
The steamer left on her return trip
at 2 o'clock, not to be hack here til)
uext Monday. While at Robson tin;
bottom of the boat will be sheated .
with iron, to  enable   her   to  break
(through the ice on the river during
the winter. A TRIP TO ATEICA.
Latter From   J F Wardner on the
Eve of Departure for Cape
London, Special correspodence of
Post-Intelligencer. —Left Voncouver
Oct. 8th and arrived, in Montreal via.
the Canadian Pacific on the 14th at
4:15 p.m., and sailed at once on the
steamer Vancouver, of the Dominion
line. I left Quebec on tfce 16th and
arrived in Liverpool on the 24th, in
the morning, reaching London, via
Midland railway, at 4:30 piii. On
the 23th, I will sail on the steamer
Scot, of the Union line, for Cape
Town, and expect to reach there on
Nov. 12 or 13th, and Johannesburg
Nov. 15fch. The travel is immense
There are two steamship companies
in the South African trade, employing 2G steamboats, rates about the
same, - On   the  Scot which  sails on
,. t ■   ■■'X.   .i    A   A'.    ,'• '■ . A ■ '-■ ■ ■: A
' the 28th, hundreds have been refused
passage. Everything on her was
booked a week a&o. Every first-
class berth on the steumer was taken:
In a response to many inquiries I
have compiled the fellowing table of
•rates. The figures are correct up to
date. Rates of passage on both
Castle and Union lines, Londori to
Cape Town, were raised in  October:
v■ ■ •■■■' ■'■' x."  ■'«',.'"'     ".- ■  -, '   ■■' ■   ■ ' ■ •
New York to London.... v. ., .a.,$ 65
London to Cape Town ■,;..',.,'..P. 200
Cape Town to Johannesberg.:..Py -58
JLOtai. „.... .-.. i.. ...■»,../.. %o2o
New York to London-...,,... ,.$35'
London to Cape Town.. ■:... .'!<..'. l&O
Cape Town to Johannesberg....    40
Here in London South African
stocks stand well and South African
mines overshadow allnthe vrest. I
will write another letter fromaCape
Town and weekly letters from
Johannesberg, or where I may travel
iii Africa.
J. F. 'Wardner;- —"'
S. T. & N. CO.
, .      After October 20th the -
Capt. Estabrooks,      -       -    '-        -        Master
Will make two trips daily Suiklay excluded, between New Denver and the head of the Lake.
Leaves New Denver at 7 a. m. and 1p.m.
Leaves Headjof Lake^at 9 a.m. and 4 p. m.^
Leaves New Denver daily at 10 a. m. for Silverton.
W. C. McKinnon, Sec'y.
: 1 ?\V
i .'v   .. <..v..t.
-.,   .  'd,dy   :h::.
Half-Way House.
jLotai............ .......... §p!_0o
THIRD CLASS. '       "      "
New York to London....... ."AX% 20'
London to Cape Town."..... -..'.. p' 82
Cape Town to Johannesberg. p.    2_
J. Ou&l  ............     ....    .... Sj/JL^O
I will be pleased to answer all correspondence. Please direct letters to
Johannesberg. Lwould suggest that
a '.-remittance, be made in United
States stamps or per post office order
to coyer any demands. There are
many pamplets : published, correct
maps and weekly newspapers giving
all the latest on this wonderful country. Johannesberg is a city of 40,-
UOO with 50 dividend-pay ing mines
within a radius of ten miles, the product of which was 136,000 ounces in
pure gold for. the month of September.
Johannesberg is the metropolis, and
will probably have 100,000 popula-
tioa before the close <>f 1864. At Nyl-
stroom, in the WJaterberg district,
there is great excitement over the
recent gold, discoveraes. Localjsrpin
dicates are being formed and a great
number of prospectors are at work on
this new reef which has been struck
outside the Myn pocket or belt.
Good accommodations for travellers,
The bar is supplied with a good
stock of Wines', Liquors
. and Cigars.
RIDSDALE  & -McKAY Proprietors:
NELSON,   B.C.    J
Landscape Photp^Taphers
Keep a large quantity of' Arehitypes
an,d Steel • Engravings '■ in * stock.
Picturesfranied'toorder.-   '-. x-   ,< ...
i      •■       ..  *      'i r       -.     >
t i '  ~t.i
(     i-
' j' i
.> *.
V   Vi    .i
' *1.
'   ' \
GROCERIES and PROVISIONS at very low prices;
I FRESH CANNED GOODS always in stock.,.pXX
A full assortment of 'Choice CIGARSand TOBACCOS,
' r      >'       I
>}   X
n't f-.t ^ i.   'in cocim: -in i
3  .
CONTRACTOR, ETC.    ^*v «....*.
'•'l J '
x^sXAh X.dAuAxd^A),
;-.'.« :'f
teB&mmgi &«Rodd^ ifeop^
■rr'-'i.    >'■■■ x \y.i
..-, ;-r
^Jie Jbar is stocked, with the finest
■■ „.    X:  .-      -■.',.■.'■'. ..'''...-"'■ •'■■'■:,■ -•'''
hy .^brands-ofc-wines; liquors--.^ ?'i:i
'■    .i. a ' *   '., • ■;    ' ■ .   7-',..    i       -.•■-..•••....'. *.*..
and cigars^
i ftp,..*■.
•J :-r:'
;.•;■•:}'.ru-:i..-\ a..
i('r._v_ii" ■• sXXXdAsi?:^:?' ■
h -XXAxXX..
W>   '■'
• a .*£■*    M'f.'-'y A'»>i.-.-* .1.
^lie-baf is stocltfe^ittf W::Med^P,
brands of ''i^p&iQno^
iXici tii'Si ,.'.!:.:'j>i'ft.'-
rv. j   .jj>
'   }>.   7iiA. l%Ap:'. *' X Aiyli.AAA; ;:.,-/'•{• I'AriAj. ;■
! :. *
::-.    .. a .'■' --• -v.'.-.   l---.y ■
4S.:,v   .-.. Sx ty^rjAyy"Liy:>-Ay -s-.iJi sAs:h:
y'X     \y>',7XS  .r'A ■■■A" '..$i>'.HH ii'
<8>      9
Ar j__Ta
J i ■'(-'.      i
: Beautilully• sitaated qn. the Lake .shore-.at the entrance to the best arid shortest road to tlie Sloc'aii
ntes' ai^y*few Mnfj-r?.' Tlie 'besi [$$$s[ an j
ImijtiD^ irt-the ^i«trtetf with ;graftd,j4i3atifig;;5ind.'
sketching facilities for tdurisfeftin'ri. artisfe. 'TMjK
bar fe supplied .with the beat brands of wine^.
liquors and cigars.   The .aQCcrnimodatlon^ of>the
Hotel are the best.
' 3oiM*mstiM®:%m:;7BrMX ■ /
Meals at all hours and wXhsaX m kinsr
m every. sfcyK ofthe »rt..
a.u:^ .Av:.jxAiruhiis;/
' ...< UiZ'.QtCj  :■ t *Mitr7£t£w;y.~l'
l.:-. .
.......-...-.■„,	 ^
£lu> Gale way ttf^hfe Capital   of l€ngla«<I 'si
.-.'.- ,'i^?^  <>lfet'c£^i^p' '=*'■■ •■   ^
standing Denica in* BWoo^sxoncTons, <;„«
soldiers cotild   ' '   "" "
_   ,- djiwii ypieys ofgioit,
|fewhile none; could ever reachithem.
■!&e$ort?b£ Valeria in Paris was th«ronly
- - -  ._. ..,^'J___^f^,w^^^
from a person who had stood on both forts.
. i -' ■   -
to it 	
,'w'de  celc-biuy—riVt'.vfouridland   dogs  and
t».v.  Narrow,A;f St.  ^
ft .tinware --.oo  weir..fc$ow,n/tgj/ ™ quire 'attf lr*^^f£ofc :<_t. 'j^hn's^tfcrtnfoen the first
■ns.,•>•-,,.„ ,.,...,-k -n.. —pygr an(j H whole
be seen.    It is re
f'n-shincr to see the water once more in moron. nyvAM-diit k-n.trfck.from its icy fetters-
«j«^..«i• ..?# innrxhg*~ jvhi t e.-»f oam--thi^h*, in ^h^
nir.   Oter| Mid tl%ie onfthe hVmon*whitfc
i i-:S';'}*i- arr* .tffce_l i 5iis'' Wfill di'Vin   fVii* r«^oTo«^k_'•■'.■
-     -      -x-rv-r^v'^^ "^ '"M^"^  ^'U  j*tr<S?}K*ni^e <>^ St/J^>hnV.
■tir "onptton.   biitepor^gu*^ #afeii»i be 41^rfo^-VSVV^cIk usually go
irutooimg t«. spend aAiittle time ih noting j fie,.r  of icebergs are to b
ft lev. poi;itt.itf the  latter.     No  one  who
Ins i-vt-r seen "ThrNat rows" can ever for
goi tnenj. and hs iX John's is a port of call
(or thf* oct-an'-". steamers' between  England
/-.5..V Aineri.'a, i iiey have been seen'by many.
h\ no other pi-.xt of the world  is there a
v.'urV :'if-iifi.tnry like this.
\'\"iii-H we«;;'il to mind the vast number
ot shipwrecks t'rmt occur off the New-
ii u:o'i/ind l-o.'.Ht unci on the "Banks."  we j
7nX::.YJi.  how ':" important ' >St   is* that    there.-;-v:•>,.,-,.,   A-eXm   «.Ui,v'v aji   _f__«,^_ «..«  DY~T
»• iA w •   *■ \ 4», -•' •   /ii •   ';• • a ■ ■■"'  --.I • I.-.* :■ <.','**■»!•.-_iii4.nl,. wuaea 411 steamers are sig-
'this hotel adjoins the Post Office;&nd;
has  eyeryfliihg f.to  accommodate
the public.
..:__ ..mark: arehart,^-.-
:>s; ur"f efi^iirus' well as;on th;ev oceannb«:;
!^:Jr;«^.v;^^n^|;^^ ,. , df- xMA-^P
h\ AA'.u.xm'trh[ thercate' no soldieih.i'btatiphed
thcr-riow. there- -wi^re once; and the stone
l:b:a'r;;'<-/i;8 and-'hospital, still  stand on  the
j Hi 1 ijV'ir: 1% but the(-(«-i>jbr8f figure is the Block
hy:;^h)^fe|^-S"^ "" 1^- '^T^"^-]■^*(•:>&* ai(i?{ai^fiSl ;\vith delight the ri^-
»/«VSW.^f -3«$_?f ■ vlfe»A.#W{ i^»^iybfrteM'«to the long looked-
ih s^twiun:st.v_t>_«-*- ■harbor,! pne-of ihe j t,,r ^,lers will^soon be received. From
w,i.,«i ;in   the- -world: a .Vyhen  the wildest.. Jjfe t(i()> ,tbe RpQnday gun is^fired.,.. ,
ia^i when
1 long aga    This Is a favorite
mer for those   whor' enjoy
... . v ;.. ...^^ mr i v>ck and watching the numer-
]y "ions- hulling veNKels ns far out on the horizon
,'- 7
~  f     >'      m-
Steam Nav. Co; Ltd'.
. Plenty of accommodations for trav-
ellers, ;•■; iGood beds and good meals.
3ar ."stocked .with wines, liquors and
John Madden, Prop.
■ih..) fKEMOS
>f'.;h ^.,:i-t • ■'..-yv,.
: '.Vie
.il   !»
Taking effect Septeinher 1st; 1893.
:'f. ;.'■•.'•*?'
:;..e piacul waVviB.of tneV harbor, for it7M !,     • ,   .7"'■i",-'
bl Kii>»xftic reek v hills rising  perpendioul-  ! \■•   ', .   "Jf,biinin
any'from-the w'aier.    Kature li;;« left only ;tt;'":'V^Unen'c
t§ ■ __--_____'
;■-.■> ■'.
w»^h the
onllHl.up oh the deck of the boat to see ;,-!'. flptl'dryitagfiah. Tbey look as con-
ncKs, us we Deiieja   it in  the  driving  iam    . .,   , ., .   ...    , :; --.->■—---
.:•-•-.—- -.-:-^-;~ ...;V; ■.-.. J-,..:,.     ■, ^, . .      ; r >«»d-.■devastation -has come- to this old
behold it in every variety of the sunshine • ca>.    hut tho«igh the ne*t geHeration may
''   '''''" """ '""""" '^beautiful
they will
giant rocki
?..v.- :  " —--.-.f.:.»xi-^.-■■ a■■■'•■-•x.-<x, :y\x^i   ^".ircr tne'?citv at  its   gateway and
trim chits towering up -like  giants,   as- if   %)| ^ tll.; .f.im0I;8>; ■ Narrows. fev;i. _   ,1
■the gnardiavik of tiie"-land. ' a : >•• .'!" "v":'; ■'•'■/■' ""XsXc^X'-f^ . ■' -7".-.: A j/, ■ t -a— |, ^.:|\
;. '.The more important■ cliff iR'-.on';tl&mj^ 14*§£*
^ftr.^UR iiine to tlie frivolity of hairdressing.
'|;.--.'';-:-  ' ".J?;Y: .-^j, g||ino.sp'otjha/' ;-»' 'j^;  ■'■
^J_eaves Revolstoke,
f Mondays nnd Thursdays, 5 a. m.
'Arrivesat Bobsoiij
;.  , , , ,., •; .„-J •   .Mondays and Tliuri3d.ay.s,-.6 p. m.
Xieaves liolisony     ''.-■ .'!'-- •   .  --..  -':.v
r .Tuesdaysand Fridays, 5p. m.
jArrives at'Northix)rt?
. 'Tuesdays and 'Fridays, 10 a.m.
■■■'        ■'..'''■.    '--'.■'■ " ,..;., .A.- • ] •
Jhig hotel is five miles ft-om.Watson
and has, g:ood acconiinodations for
1  man and beasl- The -bar goods are
'  excellent and the,table first class.
WILLIE■'.;.&'• SPROULE,   Proprietors,
■0.0 IN g-".'NOHTH.,...
. s^-(m|^n*?tnp! e n duraiice. ^Chie is repaid for the
netussity of, stopjiihg toxp^Uf^ho. view
with which one is rewarded by" looking
-buck;, uud iLitlb-ft.ti.hel.tiiiieof  sunset, as
j"heir> lyre^eh ai*0 arranged   once a month,
und they sleep with their heads in box«i.
•■"•"""'•"" ";TAX"NOfE& "'■■
.l's&%sh:fsi.*,*.. .....
iArrlvingf at Robson;'
Reaves Northport,
'Tue<day^ai'id" Fridays 7 p. ni. ((
;!Arriving at Rf'V.lstoke,   v  \-. 1
Mue Ridg^ Hotel
^10 MILES imt KASLO.
JAccommodations for travellers.* Good
■ !• stables.' The bar is stocked with
■■.}: choiee Jiqiiors and. cfigai^s.   Pack
■ ■.[ train in connection with -the house.
',;(jQpds./taken to any .part of the
[, muontains, a  ax  '■-■.:;<•  ''.■»
j.';    Mcdonald bros. Props:
! srlt& steamer ? nils;:at'''NatewiiV.;npkl[iTx)«nd oh;
Wednesdays and i'Sttirdays''. hst"7*_/WiV'and :^)&tlh
pound on Mondays and Thursdays at 10 a'. m?_; T
7. Connection is made with Canadian Pacific trains
for the east and 'vvest'at Revelstoke, with Spokane
j^all^nd^'^m^hvrn trains for Spokane''and all
eastern Aiid:yi'i-tern point-^i^Northixnt, and with.
" ''"  *"   '    '      *      ""        and  Kootenay^ lake
Ui».>, umi y_u »».»j,.kue ume 01  suuset, as        T^e   ?nss?ah   government will shortly 1 _00ii.   ■■■s*x.  . -.-■_••
W^;^'fiftt7sa^it:r^rie^!isrparticnlarly     Impose a special duty upon foreign g^o£ ^S/"' •?,^T<''f;rn ^lnt^
foil-»iiMA«-tf^ir^^A^Mi>\Wi^.^bviw.^i^/3»r>..fk„     conveved from one Kn8si»iiTmrt..frtHTin*K_«T-    *r:.lv--traln* for A„i.-son
againstifhe^tsky fn all possible sli-ayies. jag-'.',«"v."wv# yisuivjirom pne. sale^of revenue
gfd and broken,  lppking^ if some fierce    Istsimp* that■'.n'iust'!be-p^t1i|ror-'!^l package!
battle had been f^n^'ht ni wlii'ch   they had : of piiteut inedicin-es.' .
been wovsted^befor^^heytcwk their present .' 7 A Wwhafc beebvj^se^v ifi^CtJie   British
f°^_ ^eon 1H ^ • ^^^.v they^eemtq. colony of*yict(;riavihip6sin^ a live percent
tB)mw4vc|^4rf f<M '-no* \'*T(rtft'^'but...-*Ktiinte(l
shrubs protect their flues from the btormy
blastijj which sw^p^hi^.-v.v(i',j
•From  tliere-onr^KJae'"' falls on  the far-
If 'you   hav^^^fdiiev1 and
'f fAt;; «'_■, :, . ••;. xx-asx*     J.    ■    .«•
M want to   meet   Moiiied
:. r A Men stop at the :
imMn & kaslo route.
j,;,;.NEw; Denver, ^q.
k<^ ,-<mty on the income oerived -from-property
'." «> the <<»!uiiy \>y■ Vpefspris not resident in
j the cuiony.
\.    It is  promised 'in ^ance to impose a
tax ot ti-ifreiiiiines for 1,000 'i'rancs  upon I
 :•— •-  il—-rBolirise.«n/rhi8'tax is
000.000 francs, which i
1' t(' e,?*'P? ;£he -deficit  resulting'
from .th«> r< tdrni of:the li«_nbr tax.
stkamfj: nelson.-
j a
- ■■-*'
.*ig:jt one nee»»-not-'wish   to see  than   the
iiiuimrb.'i'.pf-^rJohu'-H^ with its undulating: ;
pluiuH.; containinff  lakes ^and ponds, trees :
and .^^LijisTlljidT ^t4i{ctnitivated  farms,  , . .. - 	
dotted over, with."pr'ett'v summer cottages '     It is well to enlar-e the flock, but don't
r»f  tu« town   people,   being   conveniently,    do it bv keepiucr old ewes.
-... ...,.._ ■-      ...... .. ^-...-''JW^tii.^
hantlsoine public buildings slrowtng to ad-
vantage. ...Amxmg fhvpp* rjire twp, m^nifi-
eeix^.rfifitjSedrafs'.'oue oktlie.iii being consid-u
ered-the'finest   specimen of  Gothic archi-  .
tectnre in America.;; J A" 'f t: l^':' *": -1 "'.'V.-.''J-.'1 aaa-7
In    studyingt.the.   history   of   British
America !<we-: 'hflive . wdn'dered,    perhaps.  •
vr.y      Xowioundland      neve^ j ^changed ,,
hands,   but  remained undistarbed , .'EtigV ;
'land's.'Okies; Colony." particularly as th© •
\ .. PonU^nsH racks |hatf«lk^dhstan^W{
seeds' to sift down  into rtlie  Woolly baeiu
iir necks feeding at them.
! 1   Nothing pays better than good fences ia*
.Bnet-p-keepiujr; \inlcss:itbe a dog proof fold
'for night pr<itc-ction.-
Timothy 'hay, thoughhighest in market,
is poorest for sheep. Give them clover if
you would see thFrcrprosper and make yon
do the same.—Farm Journal.
ea Nelson Sundays 3 p^m*'
yPPy.^y-        ■..     Arriving at Kado 7 p. m.
"'       ""■'     Monday? s pi m..    •'"v
' ;>;:;^      -A ■ fAiy^ng atlKaslo 7 p. m
•«       ; " '■*''  Wednciday^ ai^nV'    ^ ■<■..,<
1X.X+    ,  ;     Ap-iying at Kaslo 1 p. ni.
•t,bhr«!ay^3'i).m.'   ■    ' **•'
A     A     Ag       a   Ani^"ffan^!slo7pflri.
Xx     "   ^taturdayH 9 a.^n.     ,    .
$&I.UXa\        ■'    A,rrivif
1 ! .-
,., Xaslo l p. m.
s.P'. '■ -4
tfeavea Kaslo Mondays 9 a. n..
$&$&%&. ArrWhigflf^eHSoii
sage sayings.
to\x*^vmw$^ !  j Nobodv can become rich by never giving
leivnt nations,    lo one standing on Signal t away anything''i      ''..■•..."-■''...■".'••
Hill .this  question  is answered—No   io$'r;>\X*    ,*     ■       , ' , ,    .        I
coI^^:ttwhT^ough•vto^#t^pt>^;4Irv^ ^^'^P^^ are those who havel
, . y.vyf   r-,u.     o   •;_••*"-«   v.***** ^« Iji 'leariied best how to rest
trance £tere..; T.hey cpuld  expect  nothing
hut certain destruction.
Looking down the dizzy heights, tho vessels below seem but toy boats and the men
are hardly perceptible. We ; can, see tha
places in the rocks where  chains can be
The mart who neter praises his Wife d«-
serves'to have a poor one/
Not many tears are shed when the man
dies who ha> lived only for himself.
I. takes contort with others to make tis
placed and stretehed across the "Narrowa," : .Jt • ♦  ,c<M?,fot Wlt,h ot
ihn» «ffectuallv barring ont aU latenderk   i »0flDamted Wlth ^rselves.
1 p. IHi.
T»<e?day8 9'a/m.
','7. Arriving ;it Nci?on l p.'.ra,
Thursdays 9 a.m. -''
A*' • ■ Arrfvirig at Nelson 1 p. m-
■ ■ Fridays 9 a. ,m. ...| . ,"',
Arriving at Nelson. 1 p. n),
Saturdays at 3 p.m.
Arriving at Nelson 7 p. m*.
■ • '-      jfS^ ^t^ii.. *.- " -      j
"     ■ i .        ■        • if-s' -   «2 J* .
;Passengers from   Kaslo..fori Spokane  and vail 1
points sopth, should take'the. ''Nelson." leaving
Kailo at 9 a. m., on Mondays and Thursdays,
making close coimections through.
. This'.steamer lands at BiUfour, Pilot Baj*, and
For hifvniuitioj.1 as to'Rates, etc., apply to pur-
ser's of steain.trs, or to
IVKf^ox. B.C. iLuiager.
r •■ -
TOO Guests.
1 >
..A A
finest.Bar iii;the  Interior of
thej ^Kootenay. country■!■ ■.
r r   ^-.f f  '-    -.. ■/ .■* '
/-. - ^ -i .■•>V r„
-_-i; 1
Jicadquartersvfor 6apitalists,
Speculators and  Miners.
Proprietors. 1
Published every Thursday.;
U.    T.    jLOWERY.    I3DITOI1    AND
ONK YEAH ....A. d...d......$3M
SrX MONTHS   1.30
THJtEE MONTHS .......................,........ 1.00
Advertising rates furnished on application.
Correspondence from every part of the Kootenay
District and communications upon live topics
always acceptable. Write on .-both sides of the
paper if you wish. Always send something good,
no matter howcrude. Get your copy in while it
S h-/t. and we will do the rest.     •-.■-.
A"  ' ~ .      -—  »
The mail service as at.preseht ex
isting in this part of the province is
by no means efficient, nor is it calcu
lated to improve the tempers of;;the
publie, who have been .; suffering, in
this respect all summer. .American.:
and local mail~fche;; first, .for ages-
came in on the; Lytton on Wednesday
but it is extremely doubtfuiwhen tfee
next batch "will put iii an appearance.
No' Canadian mail has .been received
for two .weeks and from present appearances another.. fortnight .must
elapse ere .communication ,is again
established with the. mother, sections of
th« Dominion., .'■,.;•'•. ,        , s a ■
A great deal has been said in the
district papers ..against the inspector
for not looking after the population'of
West Kootenay in a more satisfactory
manner. This,, to a certain exfceiit, ia
perhaps, justifiable, but there i^ re'sl-
son to believe, to judge from the manner in which the mail is received'here
that the authorities at Nelson, who are
entrusted with the distribution to all
local points, are by no means exempt
from blame. Often it is that letters
addressed to Nakusp are put'in the
New Denver mail and vice versa.
This causes mnch needless delay and
travel, and is attributable to gross
carelessness solely. This is not las it
should be and a remedy must needs
be provided.
Nakusp is not alone in her complaint
in this matter, for Kaslo and way
ports have time and again uttered indignant protests against the treat,
ment accorded them by the Nelson
officials. Surely something could be
done to remove the bitter animus that
is now existing against the authorities in regard to the mail service, for
in these modern times thore are few
things more annoying than inefficient
means of communication.
weather having kept back the crops
at least six weeks beyond the usual
time of harvesting. During the latter part of October fair weather was
experienced, the crops ripening
quickly, permitting harvesting to
cemmeace. Last week; however,"ik
heavy snow storm passed over the
country, effectually putting an end to
the harvesting and threshing operations. Hundreds of acres of standing
grain have been rendered practically,
useless, and the reaping and threshing machinei have been* left in the
fields where the storm overtook them.
With heavy mortgages on their properties, little or no crops, and only 30
to 31 cents per bushel obtainable for
such wh£at as was carried over from
last year, the condition of the Palouse'
farmer^ to say the least, is not an
enviable one.
The farmers in the celebrated Palouse country to the south of us are in
a deplorable condition. The past
season has been an exceptionally severe one, the heavy rains and cold
, Silver still hovers around the 70.
figure^ now advancing and again re-.
treating a point or two. Lead, however, according to latest advices has
gone up 20 cents per ton, being now
quoted at '$3.40. Eastern financial
magnates predict a rapid rise in the
price of the white metal about the
first of the year.
Canada last vear reduced her an-
nual deficit in the post office department oyer at200, 000, .making an
aggregated loss of about $300,000.
On the other hand the United States
instead of having a surplus, showed
an expenditure of over $f,,000,000
above receipts.
Sir John Thompson has intimated
that the Dominion .Government will
be summoned for-the despatch of
business about t!:« middle of January.
The Local Legi. laturc will assemble
on or about January 15.
Accommodations   for
Finest Bar in the Interior of
the Kootenay  country.
Headquarters for Capitalists,
Speculators and Miners.
This office has com-1
, plete stock of printing' stationery and
is prepared at any
time to execute orders for
Posters,. '
Bill Heads,
Letter Heads,
Business Cards
any other kind of
priritfcag' that is required by the
business people of Koot-
'■:■..."■-.'.:■■ 'enay. ";■.,:;-''
Mail orders receive prompt
M o tel
■{-?.    ■'%%-.
This hotel is situated near the
water front and has every accommo*
dation for the travelling public.
U. S. THOMAS, Prop.
J\. B, H. 0ocf?i*ea?e
General  Agent.
fir. Williamson.
NAKUSP,- B. C.      '
Buchanan BIk, Kaslo, B C
Is' open night and day and supplier
its patrons; with everything in the
market.   Gall in. •-.'
This hotel is tha best in town, and
has ample accommodation for travellers. The bar is supplied with
wines, liquors and cigars.
Mclennan & black*
First class accommodalions in both
Room and Meals;.
The Bar is well furnished with choice
wines, liquors and cigars.
Edorado Ave.       -      New Denver.
.. -vA-^Mi-*"*c;'~ ; -i.H..«--f»-
Cash Dealer in
Stoves,   Tinware    Hardware.   iClothing,
Groceries,   Provisions.!
Hotel and Camping Supplies.
ens ±nraismngs,: a
oots and Shoes,
ILatest Fall Millinery, Dress Goods
and all kinds of a Ladies' an
Flour and Feed, etcJChildrens Wear.
Promptly ei/fcteaidieci
The Green-Eyed Monster.
Halifax, Nov. 7. —Richard Savage,
aged 53, shot his, wife Maggie, aged
26, and his child, Richard, aged &,.
this morning. Lie was a horse car
conductor in New York. He did not
liye happily with his family. He
was jealous of his .wife and .often
threatened to.'kill her. About three
months ago she left him and came to
Halifax, with her-boy whom she supported by sewing. Yesterday Savage arrived rand last night visited
her urging her to return.; She. re-
fusedv and he left; herv- This morning
he went to her rooms and asked her
to accompany him- back to; New;
York;; She said she tiad made her
home here aiid£wpuM* not. leave. it-
Savage drew a 32 calibre revolver
and shot her and the child and then
himself. [ When, the police arrived a
sickening sight:wa^presented in the;
blood covered room. The boy lay
dead withhis brains; oozingv out and
a.big hole in his head. Savage was
dying and his wife w&s unconscious.
She was taken^o:vt|he.Hh©spitial, w&ereu
she will die. .*?-,He 'was a an:. English^
man and his^ife was & Halifax woman;/ ^They w^re married five years
&go and had only one child. He waB
sober, bst very vjegJou^ipfx his > wife,
his friends say with cause, but his
wife bore a good reputation here.
Landscape Photographers
Keep a large quantity of Architypes
and Steel Engravings^ in stock.
Pictures framed to order.
If   yon   have   Money   and
; want to   meet   Monied
Men stop at the
•cifocrs. %
issps&^tRmx^-x~ i
if. = B. = SOGERS
■■■'^'.■■^-■y.itASLO, B. a "."'■'
Graduate of Trinity University, Toronto.    Member of college Physicians and Surgeons.
■'.;'■■ We have just received fine assortment of Fashionable
ready-made Dresses Iboth for morning and evening- wear,
sbniQ stylish cloaks in all sizes. Our winter stock of FURS
to h&ridiswell assorted in the following:
A    When calling   ask   to see tho   Dress patterns and
trimmings to match.    This" is one of onr special lines. f
d- d   ' '■ :J?1'.:
t At dXi\-
-.•■-.   •
■» T :.-
<■<    I
..V      ,'- v!. .>.-   I.;
*- r-
i i»t.      ; .-(.j i; i,j
rvn r <:•'    .. i I  .i'   1
-   I. >>i-' ..'Ol
-.'.-. u
a >.•...!..
J v
A- J:
.1 , .£.'
-  |. 6>-«l'.... §-_*'
wakes   cil^Eio %xiSisJssse£l
rSt *
\..'v  ci.>>j.»yi i,< i..
,i).i;rtiij:.,v.t .ni uv
rf n *Tft j r'-'fJ'i
V-. ■*
r> 'ji", \,'
• x
i- '■>.
rl ■ i    i.   \
'.' A..-     A ■):-.4| ^..Trpf/»'^.; .
i As A\ ■■
J-IItJW /IMlit-Ofe>   Vl   x%Ah<
& ^Sl ■:its §Isliffl#'«Bi -Hail
•A^A-Mi^-".  iA.';-^-:!-' A0(.,!  ":-A.'-.:.-:<j'r A:H'A.
a 7x7y- ih7:timn^-Xy7A7dnr iii-Xx :-sx Xc x
; ':-.'i..'": •:0.|'a:;-; ^^ 77 ■"■■ ddhdsAyyy:';.,- a.aw,
l.-::rA'.£!'.'--.i;;i   .iU-,V- l'.<;iVA OO1/; -><;•.),:.■• -Iff •*<? •-  r#r A'.U1-■
"4 •   ,. dii<y*X.yx$iXXd(x':A\
U :y.X Vs7S:dyxyydx 'yx^yds-X:
•f'?3 . ,>A AA7::?^-': "I '; A 7a'7.. ."■; A-';':i
.• ■.■.•'.    '■'•'•.'-        ' • ■    ■ -:     _"'•'''    '''   ' • '•■ ■'■■ *■••■
..*,v.. .« .7
IF! ill
|1#S> :ft;pd'tvi ■i^dd.)yA<Xiii.
■•:■'■ AJA.y
' >-V.L.!:i;!; i i!
j'-r*     *■ /
><7 '\r-Ti  '>>f;\T^t
-t'-X{ -i.lc'.-..";.'; wVAy
Vt1.    ; •.....; .1  C: ,i :.;..':t\
g.^1...^. ^^Mt.l.lMM.hilll_l_^_—W— I— Hill
- »f*i.>^i I iin 'J.. 1 L.r_cmv«am^. ..-^jnT >T», »re——»—jranj—c y
■'"(•:"• ■!•*••'   ■:-'''-   !' ;■-.       >".'"   '   ■ '        .'''•■■   ■    ■■ *   .\    • -■ . • ■*• ■■'. ">'.■ """/"
';.- ':'■■    '•'.,-   ---       .'--,'■.■-'•'■   ' '■■■■   ■'•■   '   .-■■■     .'•.■■•■'■    ■■*'■':  .. '
■•'/   :' '■ ASA   ■'■'?£.  -n    .-Asr*. <   ys;<7 /'t'X '.■ '■<Xr')
XyhsxA-s 5c>tj ..••.•-.viv:■ .'.v*ij- i\y> 'h<i^Xr.:.f.iijia
|- Ao..d.7.'.v ylisx'sX uxo vyJXyf. Xaxxx-, a..//.j
'   •:.; aa x: 7 :yxs 'A .'• V'"!' ■■ . Hi'--.A.^],1 jyA,  '-:,;
; ■'.'?   •< v>,■/,..-.•  • ;:-'> &!;)A'i.v^ ^iua;'.;av:>;■■•_?rr T(|- .
!'..o.'..-.(i'-'.-      '"ii"1- A-'.^A'-ifAV .'.-.'■.->•.'•' &'!i(i\|     ■■/••:';•:/ .',
Witli the com
A, •*■- vA:t
I .if's-ysv '■/,'■:;  iJYX.\ yyX-Xl 7tA>xd ,-f; r^rf.v, A
■_.       "• ' - '     •  —   .".    '" *&■ 1 .:'■■...   -&■
y)77tAAs-A,.7i7   .A'iA°)-' .*:-•„■.-*l:'■"■■■">*'' vft'?
■>'; V;':; ;.A. j; v'A   ■"'.Ia'.'?:.>".-A«'" A.
»u,. x^01S3»^p| ^tosifi'Of^
'^         '    S  A-- '*' »:'..Al jif. .-h'a-'-O.'   .■'':'''                -■-.,.'-   -...,,.,•        ;- -v              ■■                         '   ' ^ " ■"• ''■   '  ' W""   ■"''        "-,-"r- ;•'".":'"/..■. .""tV .{■ -7 r'.*«."'
*                                                    ....-"'                                      r> ■■    ■      '       1 i«..i«.--. 1. • oi ;.*..;•/ .< •.>*•.   ' ?.-,«Vi.'.' '      ■   •     .   ' .....■■..':■-.    ,. •..    .... -   .. .   . ,
steamer for Revelstoke. A      7-xa7^1iL^^.1, '   ^
: Gold add Si%&r;'.E6(fees have been discove^d «ithm tteee
Tiie'town already contains Six Hotels,. S
mMh^ capacitv; ©rS0iCQ0.;feet?pe^l4|ew»^B
Sliop aaiu niBiiy
v.i..'J ■-.:•;...■ ;f;-
;-.-:,:-;-., a-;('i
.'/■/.*'i ■'.
■- a.-A :r ■-':■
y.u: v-f.
t :
Si.), j-;.   t> •■•j<,ir;r.( •■■;•■ ■•.;;•-" • t:.-.-   ]■
,^:,.':. AaA-[- v,
■iiii;j;.   .. '-..0
r-\ ■f-   X
On the surface of every leaf are myriads of little months which botanists call
"stomates." They are most abradant on
the tipper surface of leaves; each is an
oval opening, guarded by a pair of lips
which open and close according to requirements. They vary from less than
1,000 to more than 20,000 to the square
inch of leaf surf ace.
The will bf the late duke of Marlborough contains the following: characteristic clause: "I particularly dislike the ex-
clusiveness of family pride and desire
not to be buried in the family vault at
Blenheim, but in such convenient place
as others of my generation and surroundings may equally use."
Delirium tremens kills four people per
day in England.
,  This London zoological garden now contains 3,100 animals.
Liverpool has the largest local debt of
tny town in England.
The cost of an English cabinet minister's
full dress uniform is $600.
The British Me« comprise no fewer than
1,000 separate islands and islets.
Two hundred and fifty million letters
pass through the postal offices of London
every year.
For 200 years the. paper from which
Bank of England notes are made has been
manufactured at Laverstoke in Hampshire.
Seven hundred tons of butter arrived in
London in one shipment from Australia
some weeks ago Its total value was about
£68.000. __^^
i ii i ■   ...   — — . - - 11 -   -■    ir mi i ii
The city of Seattle, Wash., will furnish
the necessary tools to idle men who wish
work and wUi pay them fairly for all work
done for the cityA 'f%:.     d.'sxs'-x,dy
More than a fourth^ or the gold and more
thana third of the silver produced throughout the world in the year 1891 was mined
In the United. States.
Carroll D. Wright, chief of the United
States bureau of statistics, reports that
wages in Massachusetts ayerage $1.70 to $i.
paid in England,, while the cost of the sama>
mode of living is $1.17 here to $1 in England.'  ...,-";. 7
The Belgian officials i n the Congo country are arranging to import Chinese coolies
to do the work of common laborers. The
English, who have tried the experiment of
mixing Chinamen and negroes, wish the
Belgians success, but they predict that the
effort will be a faihfre.
Enormous Passenger Traffic.
Within a six mile radius of Charing
Cross, London, there are 270 miles of
railway and 255 stations, and within a
twelve mile radius over 400 miles of line
and 301 stations. The average number
of passengers carried on a week day by
the public conveyances of London, including omnibuses, is 2,500,000. The total for last year is 777,000,000.
A Valuable Consignment.
A consignment lately passed through
Berlin on. fts. way from Paris to Russia.
It consisted of valuables amounting to
280,000,000 of francs' worth, packed in
wooden cases, and distributed among
three passenger carriages in the charge
of thirty attendants.
A Doable Action Wall.
A flowing well at Isabella, Mch., produces wrigglers in great numbers.
These little animals are constantly
bursting in the water in the barrel, and,
coming to the top, unfold wings and fly
away. The atmosphere, however, is so
cold that they do not get far before they
fall into the snow.
Almost Hainan.
Dew is a great respecter of colors. To
prove this take pieces of glass or boards
and paint them red, yellow, green oi
black. Expose them at night and you
will find that the yellow will be covered
with moisture; that the green will be
damp, but that the red and the
will be left perfectly dry.
W. C. McKinnon.
New Denver and Silverton.
All kinds   of Stiners supplies kept constantly in stock
Clubbed A Woman.
Brandon may have a sensational
trial at the present assizes, as two
brother named Robins have been
committed for trial on [a very- serious
charge, the story of which is related
by the Hartney Star as follows:
Some days ago Robins borrowed a
yoke of oxen from a woman named
Thiry to go to Deleau. Instead the
oxen were driven to Hartney and
badly used. On this reaching Madame Thiry's ears she at once went
to Robin's house arid, after some high
words, took the oxen home. On the
following Saturday the two prisoners
w^ent to Thiry's bouse and, finding
the woman alone, pointed a loaded
gun at her and told her she had but
a few minutes to livei One of the
men was on horseback and endeavored to ride the  woman  down,   but
on the head kth a, hea^y bludgeon, j Til©      E_00t©liay        Lclke        S&W       Mill
fracturing the skull and exposing the
brain substance. They then returned to their home and it was not until
Tuesday that they were captured by
the authorities. Unfortunately, the
man who struck the blow eseaped
that night after the trial had been
conducted. He asked permission
rrom the constable to go outside for
some purpose or other and failed to
ratqm 7 Madame. Thiry is undes*
medical treatment,, and her condition
is most precarious. 7 It Is very doubtful whether she can recover. The
Robins bear a very shady reputation
the one who dealt the foul blow being
a deserter from the Belgian army
arid under sentence of death.
Tlie proprietor has on hand
In length ^ny kind
of bill stuff can be cut at short notice.
Selkirk Transportation Go
Runs stages daily between;
Stages leave each point-at .7 a. m.
a- BEAR LAKE B. 0.
I>veryfchme* new a,bout the house except the whisky and landlord
Evei-ybody gets a hearty
welcome and plenty
to eat     dd-<     v
Gorman West,     -     -    Proprietor.
Shingles, Laths, Mouldings, Turned Posts and
Ballasters, Brackets. Etc. Two Carloads
Sash and Doors, Two Carloads Dry Fir
Clear Flooring, 4ki.; One Carload Dry Fir
Clear Ceiling, 4 Carload Cstr Clear Cedar,
for Finish.; One Carload Glass, Paints Oils,
etc., including Fancy Glass, ..Wood-Stains, etc.
•: IS THE :■
VfOTICE is hereby given that -0 day's after rlnte'
1\    I intend applying to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and 'Work--' for a siecinl
licence to. .cut .'and  ea?ry away-timber from the
foitowiti.tr tj-ac'' of land." O-mrheneing' at a stake
;;Isuiv\'i < 11 tin- south sh<rc of the Narrows lx'tuec:i
'Amr-v-Lake's, Wo.«t Kootenay thence in>rth 80
•.'•Iia.ivis. wivt lio chain-,  south'about 110 chain".
and thence foil winsr shcre line to point oi com
ouvncv-.ment c-.ji joining about one thousand :cre>
■Ikire or Jess..
Xaiviisi', Oct. i8th 1W.
el) _U__ MmltMM biim
. *
Tobogganing is all the rage.
Only four weeks now to Christmas
La grippe is prevalent in the town
and district. ,...-,
Geo. Hughes has several of his
teams sleding ore from Three Forks
to Kaslo.
George Joy, waiter at the Fashion
Chop Hoii3e left' town ..for'Nelson.on.
Monday morning.
Water has been struck in the Leland House well at a depth of 80 feet.
Mr. Campbell has had charge  of  it.
A. P. Cummings who has been
. running the dining room of the Columbia House has, turned it • over to
Corning & Rodd. ' .     ,
On December 15th a party'of Na-
ka3pites will halve a sleigh ride to
the Half Way House and indulge in
the pleasures of a dance.
McKay & Cummings are going to
open up a restaurant and lodging
house at the terminus of the Revelstoke sleigh road.
Fred. Williamson, brakesman on
theC. & K. Railway has been spending a few days at Kamloops and
visited friends in Nakusp on his 'return..." 7 -'7'  :[Ay . i
Taking a trip te Revelstoke is not
quite as pleasant as Jit might be, so
Ed. Corning says. He has decided
not to try it again until navigation
opens up or a railroad runs from Nakusp to Revelstoke. 7   ;;
The famous Biff Boulder of ^galena
in the Slocan country ias been
broken up for shipment to the smelter.   It contained 100 tons of ore. d/t.
D.   K. Book  recently -of Nakusp
left Kaslo the other day  for  Brant-
ford, Ont., where he intends to reside in the future. ... ■;:
The steamer state of Idaho, re
cently wrecked near Ainsworth.' has
been hauled out on the ways at'Kaslo
and is being repaired by a large
gang of men, under the charge' of her
late master Capt. Shaw.
It is believed that a session* of the-
Supreme Court will be held at Nelson in January, when Premier Davie
will undoubtedly be in attendance.
A large number of cases are cited
for hearing from Kaslo.
Rev. Mr. Turner; Methodist missionary in this district was a passenger up on the Lytton from Nelson on
Wednesday. He was unable to arrange for services here this time, being billed for New Denver.
The Leland House has under the
able guidance of Mr. James Proper
and J. C. Campbell just finished a
well 80 feet in depth and the water
inside rises to the top. It was quite
a task last winter to ..get-.water in this
town, as there was not a horse and it
altyhad to be packed from the lake.
Thus things improve in our growing
Mr. McMartin, of New Denver was
in town this Aveek, and reports the
sleighing good between-his town and
Building operations at Three Forks
and New Denver are brisk at .present
especially at the latter place.
Thirty-four head of cattle arrived
in for the B. C. Cattle Company on
the Lytton Wednesday There are
still 40 head to'come" up from Robson
Freight rates will be cheap between here and the head of Slocan
lake the coming wirijer. At present
there is quite a number of ''freighters''
and there will be more in a few days.
J. J. Barclay, erstwhile accountant
in J. M. Burke's famous bank m
Kaslo, has been filling* up the wise
men on the Portland, Ore., Oregon ian
asto the mineral wealth of the Slocan country. J. J. was always noted
for being a taker from away back,
arid certain it is the district will not
suffer at his hands.
J. A. Finch, of Wallace, Idaho;
C. G-. Griffith, of Helena, Mont.; and
Prof. Parks, of Pilot Bay, have 'each
purchased a share in the Mammoth,
one of the many promising prospects
in the Slocan dtstrict. They intend
to develop it at once and bring it to
the front rank of ore producers.
Mr. J. T. • Nault built ■. a scow a|
Revelstoke for the purpose of carrying his winter goods to Nakusp and
left Revelstoke last Wednesday
morning, when down about «iioniles
he ran en a bar and the goods transferred to shoro and will- be brought
to the head af the lake as sodn as tlie
sleigh road is completed.
Steamer Arrow made its initial
trip to Robson on Monday, returning
Tuesday evening. Eor machinery
worked like a charm and her owners
consider the boat a sucees?. This
morning she took a number of passengers, who were billed for Revelstoke, per steamer Lytton, to the
head ofthe lake.
Over 500 tons of ore "are stored at
the Washington ready for shipment
out by Kaslo, and fully as much
more ^scattered at various points
along the road. Kaslo is having its
innings this winter, but in the spring
and ensuing summer Nakusp will be
made the headquarters for all the
ore traffic per the Nakusp & Sloean
The Illecillewaet left Revelstoke
on Wednesday morning with about
twenty tons of merchandise and a few
passengers.     All   went well   until
about 12 miles below Revelstoke, at
this point she   struck  a  snag  that
punched a hole in the bottom causing her to fill very .quickly in the
meantime Capt. Linquist turned the
boat towards a sand bar and she
grounded with the water touching
her deck, It is well that the acci.
dent occurred where it did, had it
occurred in the lake there might
have been litsle chance to save the
lives of all on board.
An excursion party to*New Denver
is talked of when Sieig&tiTgr gels
good.;,:' ''""'7  '
A business cyclone struck Kaslo
latt week, no less than three firms
going to the wall
The sleigh road to the head of, the
Slocan lake from this place is in ca pi-
tal condition and the snow fall oi* today will still further improve it.
To-day is Thanfegiving Day in
the great American republic. Many
ofthe boys here are deeply impressed
with this fact, and are no doubt offer-
ingaup their little sacrifice of thanksgiving to that kind providence which
has kept them so far this yeur out' of
the government poorhouse.
It is believed the season is ended
for steamers plying between Kaslo
and Bonner's Ferry. It was impossible to reach the "latter place on Mon-=
day night, on account of-the slush and
ice, though the boat came within half
a mile of the town, Unless warmer
weather conies the managers of the
boat intend to tie up.
The telegraph wire between h er
and Revelstoke is done, but ^making
it exceedingly vexatious to business
men, The repairing gang is out and
hope tojjhave communication established again in a day or so. In
another week, it is Vbelie ved: connection will be had witb Kaslo, the
workmen now being the other side of
Bear Lake.
'■'['       NAKIJSP, B. C.
D. A., McDoiig'&ll :
X-X _        ;        _
.'■ ■ '   - ,- ■      "■'■'■   '■    ■ '.'■'.' - 7
Choice    location and   com
marids a beautiful view
of the surrounding
The Bar is supplied with the
best brands of all kinds of
wines, liquors and cigars.
The Dining Room is supplied
with all the delicacies of
the season.
Charges Moderate.
A Call Solicited.
Slocan Ave.
A six-room cottage and lot
for particulars apply to
: Keeps  everything   in    his  line.
Orders by mail solicited.
Call-and get prices.


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