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The Nakusp Ledge 1894-10-04

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A    C\^\-LK
i f
°       /frf'"-*       A
1*7-  -'.'
?!A, g, <$i<^
Vol. II. No. 1.
NAKUSP, B. C, OCTOBER 4, .1894.
Price Ten Cents.
Permanency of  Cariboo   Creek Discoveries Proven.
Corning & Rodd, Props.
The bar is stocked with- the finest
brands of wines, liquors
and cigars.
Mcneill & megarry,. props.
Naltusp,   IJ. C,
j    -jr    iu a Ml T ^ie ^°^en Eagle   was th«   fire*
PROPRIETOR   mh7al CliUin ™GOvded, froiil Carib°°
i  nvrniuiun.  creek, and in it, perhaps more  than
The Bar is stocked with   the finest brands of   any Other Cla illl, rests the hope of the
Wine', L'tiuoiA and Cig rs. "       , -. '    .        •■ - -    ,   -
camp becoming known and demonstrated. Though staked by George
Hardie, it is now being* worked by
D. A. McDougald and P. M. Tingling
of t is town. The ledge is pronounced by all who have seen it as a pure
fissure vein. It runs from east to
west and dips "at an angle of 45 degrees. < The vein proper is nine feet
wide on .the surface, three feet being
in white quartz, the remaining six in
a torniafcion similar to that in the Silver King and Le Roi mines, at Toad
Mountain and Trail creek. - The first
assays showed gold more abundantly
in the white quartz,- while the other,
peacock' in Character, carries gold,
silver and copper. A few shots were
put in the face this week and a shaft
sunk about 10 feet. This has proven
tlie continuity and certainty of the
fissure Yt-iu and it also demonstrates,
as at Trail creek, that the ore gets
richer as they descend. At the 10-
fuo&lofcvel the- quartz is" disappearing
_ ,   ,    ■'"""'     I into a solid ledge of the peacock pro-
Beautifully situated on the Lake snore at thc en- po,ition_ T1]C shaft -wag sunk for the
trance to the best and shortest road to the Slocan j purpose of getting OUt half a ton of
mines and New Denver.   The best fishing and | oreW Shipment   OUt   to   the   smelter
their dam and shaft, and will be in a
position to follow up bedrock next
week. Thev have also constructed
new sluice boxes. General repairs
have been effected on the other claims
and progressive operations will be
resumed at once. The Bridge outfit
on the Tottenham, have fixed^up
tlieir current wheel and it is wording
in good shape. They,- with others,
notably J. McDonald, are in readiness
to begin sluicing at once.
Practical Enthusiasm.
jfor a mill test, which will demonstrate
hunting in the district, with grand baling- and J ^ fcrue merifcs of  the property.     All
.sketching facilities for tourists and artists.    The
bar is supplied with the best brands of wines
.i liiors and cigars. The accommodations of the
Hotel are the best.
Choice    location and   coin-
;  ixiands a beautiful view
of the surrounding
The Bar is supplied witn the
best brands of all kinds of
wines, liquors and  cigars.
The Dining Room is supplied
with all the delicacies of
the season,
fviarges Moderate.
the ass? yj so far made have proven
very satisfactory, and should the mill
sample turn out all right the claim
will be thoroughly worked tliis winter. The ore came np on the Arrow
Friday, and. the specimens shown
have caused favorable comment. On
Monday the shipment 'was taken, to
Eevelstoke by Mr. McDougald^ with
tlie ultimate destination of either Tacoma or Omaha. Fifteen hundred
| dollars was offered and refused for an
| interest in the Golden Eagle, as the
owners know when they have a, good
thing. -.-'Extensions on the main lead
are held by M, Conway, J. K. De.v-
•■liri, J. O'Leary £,^ Plson Demars,
and'in each'case the same promising
indications exist.
Monthly School Report.
Sixteen scholars were enrolled upon
the register of the  Nakusp Public
School for last month, and of these 10
attended full time or within a day of
it.    The average attendance for the
month was 13.67.    The pupils occupy
the following, positions In their classes
for the present month;. Seniors—Kate
McDougald,' Lyland . McDougald, N.
Thomas, Frankie Martyn, J7 Kellie.
Juniors—Marie Horton,   Olive Van-1
derbur_r, Hoy  Ridsdale, Henry lies- j
keth, Ellis Hesketh, Maud Muirhead, -
Dolly Boswell.
Repairing Damages.
G, 0. Pitts, representing a syndicate of Portland capitalists, who went
into, the Cariboo creek placer fields a
few days ago and became enthused
over tlie indications, has determined
to bring his enthusiasm to a practical
test. Pie has secured the Vader
claim and engaged men to sink a.
shaft to bedrock. Supplies have been
ordered and good wages will be given
the men. Pitts, who is a mining
man of experience, believes that the
creek is destined to prove one of the
richest placer and mineral camps yet
discovered. He has telegraphed to
H. A. Anderson, of Spokane, another
expert, to come in at once and help
develope the property.
"Another G-ood Strike.     .    .
During the past two weeks D. A.
McDougald has had a couple of men
prospecting on the hills to the foot of
the lake and to the head of Mineral
creek. Towards'the end of the week
they4 returned bringing with them
sonic fine samples of white quartz,
taken from a ledge located by them
on this side of the big hogback and
in sight of the town. The lead is 10
feet wide and well defined. Mineral
is prominent throughout the samples
shown, but the assayer's returns have
not yet * been received, though it is
believed to carry gold in paying
quantities. If so" it will prove abo ;
nanza, as there is an abundance of
ledge matter. The claim has been
called the Nakusp.
This Week's Export Shows  a Fall-
in_r Off in Quantity.
This week's shipment of ore to the
outside smelters, via this town, show
a decided decrease against thc re •
cords of that "previous. This is due
to the Kootenai having* been temporarily laid off awaiting a greater inrush of ore from Silverton. The str.
W. Hunter, on Slocan lake, has been
engaged towing lumber, hence the
scarcity. Something like 175 tons
have come in, but only -15 tons of this
has gone out, the Lytton taking up a
load ■ on Monday. Next week tiie
Kootenai is expected to again be running. During the ".veek thc Ee Roi,
on Trail creek, shipped 37 tons to
Everett, and tlie Josie 30 tons to Tacoma. The Silver King, on Toad
mountain, sent 1-14 tons to Denver,
while the Surprise, in the Slocan,
shipped out 22 Ions to Great Falls by
wav of Kaslo and J Conner's Ferry.
Value in all, £ It), &">'.). The ore still
continues to come from the Alpha, as
Sept. 13 ,
$ G,6oo
Sept. 17
•■- 1'+).() JO
0,0 ),i
Se,.(. 13
. .
Sei'fc. 20
7.VJ.J )
'    3,000
Sept. vi
Sept. 21
Sept. 2C
J i,00i)
Get. 1
4 •
At Hymen's Altar.
^ Roseberry was en fete Monday, in
honor of the marriage Of J. T. Nault,
of that burg and Nakusp, to Miss E.
McKeown, of Bonanza City, sister of
Mrs. J. Madden. The ceremony was
performed by Rev. Father Pevtavin,
O. M. I., of Nelson; Ulric Naul j;, brother
of the groom, and -Mrs. J. Madden
supporting the worthy couple. The
principals are well known in the district and deservedly popular. Both
hail from the province of Que bee,- the
former from Ste, Anne de la Parade
and the latter from Stonehani.    Mr.
The value is reckoned on the basis of
the release manifest of $100 per ton,
but this will   be found  to  be below
rather than above  the  actual worth
of the ore.
In .-the Toils,
Nault'..were  the recipients
A Gall Solicited.
Slocan Ave.
The Goat Canyon'-Placer- Mining
Co., whose  work's on  Cariboo creek i
were almost destroyed by the- heavy]
rains of a week ago, have  repaired
of many handsome presents, and they
received quite an" ovation all along
the line as they were coming in on
the train Monday eve. They took
passage on the Lytton for Nelson on
Tuesday, where they will spend some
time. Returning they will fake up
their residence at Roseberry, at which
place Mr.NauP has extensive business interests. The Ledge .joins
with its readers in wishing the gallant couple a prosperous and happy
married life.
Provincial Officer Fauquier arrived
down from Revelstoke on. Tuesday
with Albert Littlejohn in ..charge, who
had been arrested ajt; that poin7 on receipt of 'a telegram* from  D. Dunn.
Last week Littlejohn paid, a visit to
Dan^s place on Broadway, in the hitter's'absence, and appropriated to iiis
o vn. use the contents of a .jewel cas-
ket valued at about #00 ).    'When the
robbery became known, suspicion a t
once .'fell on Littlejolin, and when  he
skipped out on Monday's boat the telegram -for his appi'ehe'nsiotr fol lowed.
When "arrested   tiie ... jewelery was
found on  him.    His  trial took place
yesterday before E. Mohun and F.W.
Jordan,  J.P.'s,   who committed the
prisoner to a higher court to be held
at Nelson.
A branch of the Bank of 3\Iontreii 1
is likely to lie opened at NewDenver.
Snow is falling rapidly in the hills
in the Cariboo creek district, interfering greatly with prospecting. There
will be a rush into the country next
spring, if one may jiidge .from the
talk of men during the week.
The Tottenham Company, on Cariboo creek, has a shaft down 19 feet
and are expecting to see bedrock this
week. Joseph Dereham, the manager, was in town last week, and says
he called this claim after his native
town in Ontario.
/ Pasre 2.
.' '■.*.'
Published every Thursday.
R.    T .    LOWE R Y ,    El)IT O R    AX D
OXK YKAK $2.00
Transient Advertising, 2~> <*. n!s per line iirff insertion, 10 cents per line suhseijuont insertions,
nonpareil mcasurenienl.
Correspondence from every part of the Kootenay
District and comjnujiiealion.s nj)on live topics
always acceptable. Write on horn sidi>s of the
paper if you wish. Always Fend something good.
jio ma(ter how crude. Get your copy in while it
is hot, and we will do tlie rest.
THURSDAY,  OCT.   4,   1894
This is the opening number of our
second year.    Most of papers, as they
grow older, increase in  size and advertisements.    This journal reverses
the order of things and today it is
only half of its former size, but the
quality of the paper is much better
than formerly and the information
given   as  abundant   as  ever.    We
• have passed through a year of stirring incidents.    Snow, flood, wind and
fire have caused us  to witness many
brilliant and  thrilling tableaux, too
large for stage indoors.    We have
had  a prosperous year,   scarcely a
month passing by that some  honest
member of thc human family did not
call ia and pay us a   subscription.
We have kept out of jail and no one
has sued us for injuring his feelings.
Peacefulness  has -reigned supreme,
and our private cemetery still sighs
for a tenant.    We have   found the
people square—that is, most of tii^m
—and we, have the proud distinction;
of saying that no other town in Canada better supported a paper, considering its size—the town, we mean—
than  have  the  citizens^bf^^Takusp.
During our stay in  the town no serious calamity has occurred, to mar its
quiet progress.    It   has   not  moved
with the celerity that some towns do,
but no one has died of starvation, and
the musical jingle ofthe silver dollar
is still  heard  in its business places.
We anticipate a great future for Nakusp, and for that reason we ring up
the curtain on the second act and announce to our small  but select audience that we will stay witli tlie proposition   and   Nakusp   until   Hades
freezes over and we can walk on the
ice.   '■" ■';■'••..•■ -      '•■■'.    v ;
The paystreak on The Ledge has
petered out and we expect to do a
great amount of dead work before
wo strike it again. Wo will keep at
it .while the bacon and beans last, and
when they are all gone Nakusp will
be ancient history, and we will be
busted, by gosh ! Refined and generous reader, if you? desire to. have
the development work ., prosecuted
with vigor upon.-tlie only Ledge in
Nakusp, dig up two dollars and we
will givv you the news for one year
and guarantee you a liberal obituary
• ■ *"_        .■*■■}-.      I • ...
? * e       .   , 7'       , .     " ...        A
>wh'en nature grows tired of .you and
your relatives are bowed down with
grief.77      'a-     \  ■.■-'- ';'7' ': :'■  :■
Canada's big canal at Sault Ste.
Marie lias been finished and now we
are independent of Uncle Sam's begrudged favors.
The deposits in  the post office savings bank for the month of August
exceeded the withdrawals by $80,
000.    Hopeful sign.
Coal has been discovered in tbe
south western suburbs of the city of
Vancouver and considerable excitement has resulted. The Government-
is deluged,with applications for prospecting- in consequence '
To those of our readers who have
not perused the latest papero, we may'
etate that the war between China and
Japan still wageth.the latter literally
mopping the floor with'the pigtails.
We do not ask anything extra for this
information; it is published in the in
terests of h uniani t v.
Wonder if Hon. Wilfred Laurier
will continue to use his little wooden
musket to get him into power at Ottawa ? He must needs use stronger
and purer .ammunition to make a
lasting impression on the electorate
than that employed on his recent gunning expedition for popularity in this
province if he does. Why, enthusiasm can be raised up over anything
—a Brown speech, for instance—and
it is so cheap.
The darling idol of the Victoria
people is" the British Pacific, or Canada Western, Railway scheme, and
they as devoutly worship it as any
South Sea islander his block of wood.
Periodically the promoters give a
spasmodic kick, merely to keep up
n. .'semblance of existence. The most
recent effort appeared last week, in
the shape,of a four-page' supplement
to; the Colonist, setting forth the aims;
objects and ad vantages of the undertaking. New blood is said to haye-
become interested hi the charter-
Baron Hirseh: and ;the Rothschilds,
This scheme will become one of the
burning questions of .the day ere
nniny moons have past.
As we mentioned • two weeks ago,
the Government has decided upon
calling an autumn session of the Legislature, and a proclamation to this
effect appeared.in last week's Gazette.
The date set for the opening is Mon
day, Nov. 11th, and the reason: "the
dispatch of business." This may be
taken to. mean,.in brief, an empty'
treasury. Matters of vital interest
will come before- our legislators,
chief]y in regard to public works. In
all probability the ^session will last
until Christmas, affording ample time
for the new members to prepare and
deliver impressiveand elegant maiden speeches. Perhaps none will
shine more than the esteemed member for tlie south riding, J. Fred
Hume.    If not, then the svstemaDic
poaching anil wiiiness of John7-Hou&^
ston and DavidB. Bogle, the eminent
New   Denver  justice,   O/Uhteth for
estaurant   .   .
•7a. '^T-HB''-StBAMEft7
«-'.."J:;   ■"■■■■■'■ •«■"■
A 07L. ESTABROOKS,       -      MASTER,
Leave New Denver at 7 a.in. for Silverton.
Leave New Denver at Sr.'JO a.m. for Bonanza
Leaw Hunanza City at 12 noon fur New Denver.
Slogan Thading & Navigation Co., (Ltd.)
IN addition to the Restaurant the Proprietor has
a number of Rooms to rent to Travelers. The
Rooms are tastily furnished and the beds clean and
well aired. , -. -. J
:..,., .JOHN, ,W, WINTER.
• ■!"     To tike effect on Saturday, May 10th. 1801. .
Trains Weot. Station. Trains East,
i     1(5 30      Depart NELSON Arrive      _(i 45
REVELSTOKE TIMETABLE.    |'l      ^ffiH*     SS!
lo Id
Atlantic Express  arrives at 9:15 Daily
Pacific " " 16:25     "
Cheapest? most reliable and safe route to Mon
treal,  Toronto,   St.   Paul, Chicago,   New York.
and Boston.   Rates $3 to 810 lower than any other
oute. ■ '
Arrive ROBSON Depart.   10 CO
Trains from Nelson will .wait arrival of boat
Irom Bonner's Ferry and Lake Points on Wednesdays and Saturdays. -
{: Flag Stations.
SZTAhove Trains will run Tue?(hi3rs. Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.
The Company reserve the right to change tin's
Time Table without Notice.        .        __a_..--t=^
Pacific Standard and 24 hour system adopted.
Specially fitted Colonist Cars,.in charge  of  a
General Sunt.,
Vav:c >uver.
Trainmaster & Agent,
■ Xel-on.
s .-.
porter, for thc accommodation of passengers hold  j J"|AT Ff'PjFjF
ine* second-class tickets. s »t i I A I lu\ T
ing second-class tickets.
Passengers booked to and from all European
points'at lowest rates.
Low freight rates. Quick despatch. Merchants
will save money by haviug their freight routed via
the C.P.R.
Full and reliable information given by applying
to';- 7       -a y:[.  X":--[-y.A '    [ d   . -..-•   '.:
Asst Gen. Freight Agent,     Local Agent,
Vancouver.,   ' Revelstoke
Steam Nav. Co., Ltd.
TIME 0-A.K/D KTo. 5
In Effect Wednesday, Aug;. 29,1894.
Snolaiie Falls
Nelson & Fort Sheppard
'    STR. LYTTON.   7 - -   -
(Connecting with the Canadian/Pacific Rail-7
•way for all Eastern and Coast Points.)
Leaves Robson on Wednesdays and Sundays at
0 p.m. ••■.-■'-,
Leaves Revelstoke on Tuesdays and Fridays at
4 a.m. .-.■•'-:•. '.
The only through route from Nelson, Kaslo,—
Ivootenay Lake and all Slocan
Through Trains Semi-Weekly.
Leave 7 a.m.
NELSON. Arrive ii: 10 p.m.
STR., LYTTON.-   .'.
(Connecting at Northport for points north and
south on the Spokane Falls & Northern
Railway.) , A    ■",   "•" ■■,
Leaves Robson on Saturdays at 4 a.m.
'Leaves Northport on Saturdays at 1:80 p.m.
Leaves Nelson Mondays at 4 p.m.; Wednesdays,
and Lake points
Leaves Kaslo for Nelson, Sundays at 73 a.m.:
Tuesdays at 3 a.m.j Thursdays at 8 a.m.; Fridays
at 3 a.m. ; Comieetingon7 Tuesdays and Fridays
with Nelson & Fort Sheppard Railway, for Spokane and points south.
On Tv.erdcys t-nd Frcays,  tiains   -will   run
through to Spbkanc,arriving same day. Returning
passengers will leave Spokane at 7.a.m.on Wednesdays and Saturdays, arriving at Nelson at 5:10 n.
m., same day, making close connection -with the
steamer Nelson for'Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
points. I   •■ leaves Kaslo on Tuesdays and Fridays at 3 'a.m'.
Commencing Aug.   25   passengers for  Trail.     Leaves Bonner's Fen*v for Nelson and Kaslo at
Creek, Nakusp. hew Denver, Revelstoke, and; a     2 a.m. on Wednesdays aim Saturdays,
points on   the  Canadian   Pacific  Railway, will.J-
leave Spokane    on Saturdays at
(Connecting with the Great Northern Railway
for all Eastern points, Spokane and
the Coast.),
Leaves Nelson on Tuesdays and Fridays at 7 a.
7 a. m.v connecting at  Northport with   steamer
(same day) at 1 p.m. ;      '
Passengers by steamer from above points arrive
in Spokane same -evening;.     .7/ ,
Passengers for Kettle River and Boundary
Creek connect at Marcus with stage on Monday's
and Tuesdays, Thursdays and  Fridays.
The company reserves the right to change this'
schedule at any time -without notice.-. . .7 7
: - For full information as to tickets, rates, etc., apply at the "Company's offices, Nelson, B.C.
T. ALLAN, Sec'y. J. W. TROUP,
Nelson, B. C. ' Manager.
4 ::..: -rli : A:*■■.'
Second Year.
Pa__re 3.
Well Pleased With It.
Monday hiorning* Hug-h Madden
ex!i ibifeed to J. AY Finch and h is
party some specimens, of ore. from, the
-recent discoveries on Cariboo, creek.
Surprise "was expressed at the apparent richness ofthe ore, Mr. Finph 'expressing' liimseJ/ as greatly pleased
thereat. He made minute inquiries
as to the 'location of the discoveries,
their size and extent, me^ns'ofcom-
inuiiication, -a nd other important matters. The party were strongly impressed witli the information given,
which will result in a visit being paid
that.section of country and subsequent
Social Season Opened.
Thursday nrg-lit Messrs. McNeill &
Megarry, proprietors of the Madden
Bouse, gave a ball at their hostelry,
iii honor of the latters admission into
partnership. Dancing- took ]_ace in
the double sitting room, which had
been tastefully decorated for the occasion. Twenty couples whiJed away
a few hours pleasantly tripping over
tlie floor to the capital/music furnished by tl. e orchestra. At midnight
supper was/served in the dining
room, ....the-'collktibn:b'cinff''' choice and
varied. Messrs:,. McNeill & Megarry
are to be congratulated on the success
of the affair, which,- with that at the
Leland House 7the week previous,
marks the opening of the social season in town.   *
In a Predicament;
-7 The Spokalieir'Tri
day last contained the following:
Yesterday tlie .police department l^-
ceiveii a sweet-scented dispatch/vvMch
bore the signature of N.■■ Fitzstubbs,
stipendiary magistrate, located 7 at
New d Den yer, B. -C. The telegram
read:, "John jt^earns,! Arnericah, this
morn ing sent to Spokane via Nelson
& Fort Sheppardi Railway, Physical
wreck-';- -loss of memory-;, requires care."
Shortly after 8 o'clock last night .the
man mentioned in. tbe telegram .was
brought to the police headquarters.
He was a tall, bony fellow, about 55
years old. He has a wild stare in his
eye arid told an ircoherent, story. He
is a physical wreck, and while not,
craz}'his mind is1 a perfect blank.
He is not sick enough to. go to the
hospital, not crazy ^enough to go-?to
Medical Jake, the poor fai;m yrill not
adopt him, he has a brother and^is-
ter some where in *the Sound country,-
and he is a pauper.; Conflict of ,'#u-
.thority also exists as to the right of
the British magistrate to send baclj: to
America a helpless, man, who must
live at public expense-—Kearns is the
man who was picked up, in a famjsh--
ed condition, by the Lytton, on-the
lower Columbia, some time since.
«J.  Jr"*.  D.v
Graduate of Trinity University, Toronto.   Member-of college Physi-
^cians and Surgeons, Ontario.*
v Attracting Outside At ten tion.
Outside attention is beinir attracted
to the mineral strikes on Cariboo and
Mineral creeks. Dr. Hendryx, of
Pilot Bay fame, and A. Murphy, part
ownerhi the Black l?rince mine in tlie
Lardeau, have both, been inquiring
after the Ora Grande claim, in which
A. Taisior,1 C. Vader, N. Demars and
B. C. Rodd ai'e .interested. The
claim is located on vs'Imt is believed
to be a coiitinuatipn of:the- Golden
Eagle lead, showing; three feet of
mineral between walls. There are
20 inches of peacock ore, the balance
on either side being white quartz.
An assay on this showed $70 in gold,
besides 'silver and copper, and the
ore improves with, depth. A test
sample of 30 pounds was sent to Dr.
Hendryx at Nelson on Eriday.
Petty Thieves.
PHYSICIAN        '-.'.'.'*
JOHN W. GBAHAM &;   Co.,
Books, Stationery, Office Supplies,
'   and Wall Paper.
* .      *
Great Eastera Block.
Go jj
*     -
nelson; b.c.
Numerous complaints -. have been
made during the past week of petty
thefts of various articles in different
parts of the town by some liglit-fin-
gered gentry. The thieves have
confined themselves 'principally-''-'to
household appendages and lumber,
. but in one instance^ thej^ have waxed
bolder and went so' far as to remove
a double window fioni a residence.
The building in question is that built
by A. H. B. Cochrane, to the rear of
the Prospect House. The thieves
took a pane of .glass out of owe window by removing the putty, elevated the sash, and getting inside opened the back door. ;. Then-.going into'
a side room they pried off tlie frame
and took out the entire double sash
and packed it off. In addition to this
another window was broken and the
premises otherwise ruthlessly be-
spoiled. This is a shame and such
petty thievery should be promptly
checked, ft is practically unsafe to
leave anything lying round loose.
Trespassers on the"' Cochrane property
will be vigorously prosecuted in the
Landscape' Photographers
Keep a. large quantity of;: Architypes
and    Steel   Engravings    in    stock
Pictures .framed.to order.
~~~T~~r"[.       "TABLE-,   v.~~~~~'
Showing* the Dates and Places ol Courts
of Assize, Nisi - rius, and 'yer and
Toriiiiaer, and General Gaol Dellv-
ovy for the Year 1894,
< Nelson	
'■I'.) >:ial*fl...".-.
Clinton.; .7
Fall Assizbs.
 Monday.......710th  September.
 Monday....... .17th September.
... Monday...
. .Friday......
jSTew Westminster..Tuesday.
Vancouver........ Monday..
Victoria..'. Tuesday..
.20th. September.
.;24th September.
-.,.. :.8tli-October.-
....12lh October
s.Gth November"
.12th November.
,27th- November •
Nanaimo— .... Tuesday....
*Speeial Assizes adjourned from  the Spring by
Mr. Justice Walkem and  now  fixed for these
Blue Ridge Hotel,
Accommodations for travellers. Good
stables.     The bar is stocked with
., choice liquors and cigars.   Pack
7 train in connection, with the house.
Goods taken to any part of the
mountains. .   ■  *
Stages Upave Kaslo daily at- 8 a.m.
i   h for New Denver.    Returning will
leave New Denver * for Kaslo at
same hour! -
-  '■-'■" *._ A-XxA,     *      ■•' ■       ■    '  '     •
Satisfaction is   Guaranteed.
Dealers In
Pianos, Organs,  Musicians*   Supplies, Sewing Machines, and
SPOKANE, - -.''■.'.'■'■'''■'■■■WASH.-
A.  H, HOLDfCHf,
Of Swansea ana...vvigan,
Analytical Chemist and Assayer
The oldesj and most experienced
Assayer in the Province.
Buy      -      -
Your Goods
% FROM :
i    i     '     • > <■  *
GROCERIES and PROVISIONS' at-"verylow,prices
FRESH ^CANNED .OOODS- always in stock.
'■'*■' ..' ,.'■'■'. _/
v.   ■■■in irr'wiM iiiBi'n-jHi..iiwibHJtii iibi i   'arw-rrr*-—Tn-?7*-7.rr>-^r^
A full assortment of Choice GIG-ARS and TOBACCOS,
ootenay   Lake   fe
The proprietor  has on  Iio.nd
hO_ •   m p ^
In lengths of fi*om 12 to 50 feet.    Any kind
of bill stuff can be cut at -'short notice.
1,000,000 FT. Mm LUMBER; 600.090..FT. ORESSEO LUMBER
Shingles, Laths, Mouldings, Turned Posts and
Ballasters, Brackets. Etc. Two Carloads
Sash and Doors; Two Carloads Dry Fir
Clear Flooring, 4in.; One Carload Diy Fir
Clear Ceiling; 4 Carloads of Clear Cedar/
jtor Finish^; One Carload Glass, Paints, Oils,
etc., including Fancy Class,Wood Stains, etc. *
G.   O. Page 4.
Second Year
MiLLS--"W£TS0S.^At Revelstoke. qii Sept. 22, by
Rev. C. A. Procunier, Fh.B:, Thomas Alfred
Mills, of Nelson, sou of James Battersley Mills,
of Manchester, England, t > Miss Beatrice J ahe
Watson, daughter of the late George Edwin
' " Isham, Northamptonshire,  "
Watson, of
Nauli—McKeow.n.—At Roseberry. B. C., on
Mondav, Oct. 1st, l«ft, by Rev. Father Pey-
tavih, O.M.I.-, of NeLson, J. T. Nault, of th*
town,-formerly of Ste. Anne de la Parade,
Que., to Miss Ellen Mc'Keowiv, sister of Mrs. J.
Madden, Bonanza City. formerly of Stoneham,
Nakusp needs a good assayer,   „.
Maps of British Columbia for sale at
this office, t
Joe Lebby is now chef at the Leland House.
J. Fred Hume, of Nelson, has retired from business.
The tracklayers will reach Capt.
Moore's concentrator this week.
E. Mohun, C.E., was a passenger in
from -Victoria by Tuesday's boat.
'\W>£k5wan, of Revelstoke, honored
tl_§ tiGftvii'With a visit on.Tuesday.
" "'Str."'"Kootenai was  laid off Friday
because of the scarcity of ore offering.
Capt., Tatlow, of Vancouver, spent a
short time in town Friday on his way
to Nelson.
The last consignment of steel for
the railway arrived down from Revelstoke Thursday.
Rev. Mr. Gaebel will hold divine
services in the schoolhouse next Sunday morning and evening.
John Ward and Tom Carrey will
build an hotel at Three Forks as soon
as dried lumber can be obtained.
Business is picking up at the sawmill, and more men have been .put
to work in the woods getting out timber. ■ ■ ':-7
When in Kaslo
Northern  Hotel.
stop at the Great
Rates  reasonable
proud to claim New Denver for its
home. "■•■'
',.. David iftiight, the well loiowii tori-
soHal artist of Kaslo, is In -Montreal
undergoing an operation for the benefit Of 'one of his legs. It will be several months before he is able to come
west7     . ."V-a.,
a A public meeting of the electors
will be held in the sclipolhpiise on
Saturday even ing, to ratify the selection ol two lots made by the School
Beard for the new Government builds-
Conductor Trodden was taken fill
Sunday of mountain fever, preventing
for a time the return of his wife-and
family to their home in New Westminster, whither thev.intended going
next day.
A greater part of the ore hauling
in the Slocan this winter will be done
by P. Genelle & Co., of this,town.
This enterprising-firm Will commence
bringing in supplies, for their various
camps next month... *
J. L. Cross, the wet grocery traveler from Vancouver, has been in
town during the week, and has purchased the surplus stock" of empty
bottles from the local hostelries. He
had enough, to ±111 two cars.
P. Genelle & Co. have received an
order for 80,000 feet of lumber from
the Kootenay Hydraulic Co.; of Nelson. This firm also has an order for
150,000 feet from Captain Moore, for
his concentrator at Silver creek.
The rumor is again revived that a
substantial and first-class" hotel will
be erected oh the corner" opposite F.
W. Jords n & Co. 's and facing the depot. Two parties in town have expressed their willingness to build if
they can get hold of the land at a
reasonable figure.
Andy Murphy came in from New
Denver on Monday, on his way to
visit the Black Prince mine hi the
Lardeau country. He was greatly
stru e k with the  appearance of some
KASLO CITY,       .-■      -       -     B.Q.
The only practical Watchmaker in
the Kootenay District. Orders by
mail receive prompt attention.
Everything new about the house except the 'whisky £,nd landlord.
Everybody gets a hearty
welcome and plenty     \   .
""to eat'. -•-    • '
Gorman West,     -,   -    Proprietor.
"IMPERIAL."  Brand   of
•   Wholesale. & Retail Dealers in
Write to us for Prices:
PHILO & Co.'s
"O.K.s, "'and
Factory and Salesroom:
VANCOUVER.    -    -    B.C.
AVINGr placed some new
. Machinery in our Mill,
we are prepared to furnish
all kinds of Rough and Dressed Lumber and Shingles at
greatly reduced Prices.
Rough Lumber, narrow,
" •'        wide.
Joist and Scantling, sized up to
18-feet long-,
18 ' to 24 '
21 'to 30-'
Flooring, T & G, 6 "
il .<       4 M
V joint Ceiling, 4 " ...
(j " Rustic,
Surfaced Dres-ed,
$10 <)()
$11 00 to 812 00
$11 0<>
$12 00
$13 00
$20 00
$22 00
$22 00
$19 00
• $14" 00
$13 00
A liberal di -count on large orders for Cash,
Headquarters for cool and delicious Cariboo creek ore exhibited here. He
beer. t      will visit that camp ere long, with-a
view to investing.   .
A factory for manufacturing giant
powder is to be established on SloCan
lake, close to New Denver. The
projectors will erect seven buildings,
and they expect to drive out all competitors in their business. The result
of their labors will make; a great
noise in the mountains.    *.""   .
E. C. Carpenter, of Three Forks,
expects to leave for England ill November. He has recently bonded the
Franklin mine for $7,50(3.7
J. A. Finch returned Monday from
Spokane with a party of Montana
mining men. They left oh the morning triain for New Denver.
Several more locations of mineral
were made in the neighborhood of
Cariboo creek this week! A full list
will appear in next issue. 7 .
TheTIlecillewaet went south Tuesday in charge of Capt. Nesbitt. She
will ply between Trail and Waneta,
in the interests of that mining camp.
Assayer Holdich, of Revelstoke, has
his hands full at present attending to
tlie samples of ore sent to him from
the Cariboo and Mineral creek discoveries.
Thirty-three buildings have bee/i
erected in New Denver during tbe
past year. About as many have been
ejected at Three Forks during the
past month.
Mrs. F. G. Fauquier departed-on
Thursday on an extended visit'to
friends in the North West Territories.
Mr. Fauquier accompanied her as far
ixcvelstoke. 7   •■'
The Slocan Prospector has moved
to hree Fork'?; Where Pratt and.-his
boy will endeavor to make a stake;
ou5 of the little sheet that once was
Hugh Madden has preempted 320
acres of land,.of what is known as
Nugget .Flat, -on'. Cariboo; creek, nine"
miles... .froin .Burtoii1'.- jCitv.p , Mineral
creefe runs through the .property,
which is within sight of the richest
mineral discoveries thereon. A town-
site is in the prospective.,
. When' the steamer Arrow entered
the lower end of the lake, on her return, trip from Burton City on Friday•,
a deer \vas sighted .swimming across
to the opposite .shore. Chase was at
once given and after great sport the
animal lyilled. .. When dressed it
weighed, over 120 pounds.
. R. S. Wilson,: jnerchant tailor, Revelstoke Station,, will visit,, Nakusp,
New Denver,,Three Forks, Silverton
and other points in the Slocan every
six weeks. lie. will carry on each
trip a line Of: sainpfbsvof ail kinds of
suitings, and is .prepared to guarantee
satisfaction;:bofch in-;jprice and workman shiyiiQiair wlio ^ant him orders.
The leading mm£s #flt #e Visited and
millers can give their orders for new
clothing without iosing*anyvtime.   f
NAKUSP/ 7b. C.
Underwear. Hosiery,
Mens' Furnishings,
Mens' Ready Made
'";.'• Clothing,
Gloves, Ribbons. Silks,
Satins, Cashmeres,
Melton & Serge Cloths,
Carpets, Blinds, Cottons, Hats and'Caps,
House & Table Linens,
Boots and Shoes.
Hungarian Flour,
Sugars, Bacon, Hams
Coffees, Teas, Spices,
Jams, Pickles, Oatmeal, Biscuits,
Canned Vegetables,
Canned Fruits,
Dried Fruits, and
Fancy Toilet Soaps,
Cigars and Tobaccos,
Grindstones & Fixtures
Crosscut; & Rip Saws,
Axes and Handles,
Nails, Screws, Bolts,
Round, Flat, Square Iron
Oils,   Paints,   Glass,
Horse Shoes and Nails,
Miners can get a complete outfit


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