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Nakusp Ledge 1894-05-31

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 ,-^Mli  Ufr/WA\
Vot. 1. No. 35;
NAKUSP, B. C, MAY 81, 189*
Front Street, West,     -    -.Kaslo, B.C.,
The Largest and Most Complete Stock in the Kootenay
Paging With Great Furyfhrough-
a out the Country.
Corning & Rodd, Props.
The bar is stocked with the finest
brands of wines, liquors
and cigars.
: Never before have the waters of
the lake and tributary streams been
known to rise so rapidly as during
the past week, the daily record being
about two feet.    This state of affairs
is due to the extraordinary hot weather, which,, having a decided effect
upon the snow in the mountains, has
resulted in  the  thousand   and one
streams overflowing their banks, carrying destruction everywhere.
The chief sufferers in r.town have
been P. Genelle & Co. and the I.C.&
D.Co.    The former company has had
to tear down  the sawmill and machinery and remove them' farther in
shore and elevate them several feet.
This has caused considerable loss to
the company,  which is pressed at
present getting out supplies for the
railway.    As for the latter'concern,
their expense bill will be largely increased, chiefly on account of the'new
wharf.    The  waters rose/so rapidly
that  the    crib work , could  not   be
ed at present by the railway people j
from the boats.    Rolling stock destined for the N.& S.R. cannot be loaded
because of the high water.    The first
train from the east in four days ar-
rived in Revelstoke on Saturday, the
track having been blocked by snow-1
slides; and at Sicamous, on the west,
the rails are submerged.
Slocan lake, as well as the Arrow
lakes, is full of drift wood, making
navigation dangerous. The new
Government bridge across Carpenter
canyon, close to New Denver, has
been swept away by the creek, the
three forks of which were never be-
fore seen so high.
Kootenay lake is keeping up with
the pace set by the others. Bonner's
Ferry is inundated, the only means
of travelling the' streets being   by
Price Tex Cents.
Police Court.
of travelling the streets  oemg   u.v   it   was  aiiegeu, wuu   —   „»~-
rowboats.    All along  the Kootenay  Complainant deposed   that  the
river the ranches have been flooded was ideutical with the one lie
and the crops destroyed, but so far no T110 oase .was dismissed.
On the evening of the 21th of May '
John Cadden, locomotive wiper, had
a §10 bill stolen from his clothes as he
lay asleep,  while Norman Thomas,
his bed-fellow,   lost   $7.50.     Curley
Robinson,  who   occupied   a  second,
bed in  the same room, was at once
, suspected of the crime, and .Saturday
night received a summons to appear
in court on Monday, before Justices
of  the  Peace   Jordan and   Mohun.
Numerous witnesses were examined
at the trial, which lasted the greater '
part of the day.    The accusation devolved principally upon the fact of
an Imperial bank noie, with a blue
pencil mark on it,   having   passed
through various hands, originating,
it   was  alleged, with  the   accused.
*    *   '   ^~  bill
This hotel is situated near the
water front and has every "accommodation for the travelling public.
U. S. THOMAS, Prop.
lives are reported lost. Hughes5
wharf at Kaslo has disappeared beneath the waters and it is thought
the city wharf will also be covered. .
On the down trip of the Lytton on I
Sunday, the officers reported passing
the frame of a house floating down on
Certain of Election.
Good accommodations for travellers.
The bar is supplied with a good
stock of Wines, Liquors
and Cigars.
RISDALE  &  McKAY,   Proprietors.
Beautifully situated on the Lalco shore at the entrance to the best and shortest road to the Slocan
mines and New Denver.   The best fishing and
hunting in the district, with grand boating and
sketching facilities for tourists and erttfe   The
'bar is'supplied wife the best brands of wmes
liquors and cigars.   The accommodations of fee
Hotel are the best.
that   tne    criuwuu. , ■__,.,.__.   „„_
weighted and a portion of.ilus afloat,   the current.
The planking has had-to be torn up     Tuesday's advices by the Columbia
and ropes attached to. the;*timbers to ~       "   ' "u~ n p "^
secure   them.    All  supplies  in  the
lower sheds have been xeihoved to
higher ground, and one of the buildings razed.     Men" were' •- umploy ed
night and day securing l the rails,
spikes, plates, and general sundries,
but they were not gotten out before
the water was uo to the beams ofthe
cars.   Sunday afternoon a fierce gale
sprang   up  further  weakening the
wharf,   and causing  numerous ties
along the shore to be set adrift by the
huge waves.
High water mark for last year has
been reached and that fully five
weeks earlier than usual, but still the
waters increase. From present indications the veritable "oldest inhabitant" never beheld such a flood as
this year promises.
i    At the narrows many ol the ranches
jare under water, making it necessary
for the tenants to seek safer quarters.
Cordwood piled along  the banks of
the river is  being swept away en
bloc.    Further down the stream the
whole country in submerged, entailing
untold damage to the ranchers and
seriously affecting the beds of the N.
& Ft.S. and the S.& N. railways.
From all accounts they are havine;
a sweet time uo at Revelstoke, the
wharves and adjoining tracko being
flooded.   The C. P.R.  bridge   across
the Columbia is in extreme danger
and may be washed away at any
moment.   No freight will be accept-
were to the effect that the C.P.R.
bridge over the Nicola river* at
Spence's Bridge had collapsed, with
the probability of others. The main
line of the C.P.R. is in bad shape and
business demoralized, ">
"New  Denver Mail.
The subjoined letter will explain
itself: —
Ottawa, 14th May, 1894.
My Dear Mr. Mara, —
I have much pleasure in informing
you that, in accordance with the recommendation contained in your letter of the 9th inst., I have instructed
Mr. Fletcher by telegraph to ask for
tenders for a semi- weekly service between Nakusp and New Denver.
Yours faithfully,
Adolphe P. Caron,
I J. A> Mara, Esq., M.P.,
Returning   from a trip  to   Trail
Creek and Robson, on Sunday's boat,
was J. M. Kellie, M.P.P.    Asked as'
to the result of his visit, Mr. Kellie",
said that he'' had no doubt but that -
he would be re-elected at the forthcoming   elections.    "Everywhere   he'* '
had been received with words of ,wel- - -'
come and * encouragement, both   for   ,
himself and the Government.   Miners'
and ranchers alike were, well satisfied witti'"the attention 'Government1 a'"
was bestowing upon them,' and''all"""'*
talk of opposition was of none effect.
At Trail creek Mr. Kellie stated that
considerable work was being done at
the various mines, and a personal inspection of the same had convinced *
him that it would be a famous camp.
The great drawback to the more general development of the country was
the lack of wagon roads, but he hoped to assist the miners by Government
aid.    At the Le Roi, O.K., and other
claims, development work was going
ahead, with the end in view of anak-
ing    regular    shipments   later   on.
American capital was being attracted
by the rich returns already made,
but few were disposed to sell.   Mr.
Kellie has gone into the   Lardeau
district, to look after a wagon road to
be built there,    lie expressed a per
il i
House of Commons,
Mr. Mara could farther his good
work by calling the Postmaster General's attention to the present manner
in which American mail, via Spokane, for this section is handled, complaints of which arc loud and frequent.    At the same time Mr. Mara's      i no m,(u *.,	
popularity would not be at all lessen- Canada  has been registered  under
ed were he to see to it that the set* the Companies'  Act.   The company
feet willingness to meet Mr. Brown
on the political .platform here at any
time. .
The Real Estate Loan Company of
tiers of Fire Valley and Trout creek
^granted offices, petitions for wtaeh
have been sent in.
will engage in business m Bntisli
SumbSu Head office at Toronto;
capital SI, 600,000. ALBERNI PAPER MILLS.
A New Industry Opened up in This
to add sash
soon as the
The paper
W. Hewartson, of Alberni, in ..'the.
Winnipeg:'Western World writes:
At Alberni are the mills of the British Columbia Paper Company, Ltd.
They are situated on the Somass, the
largest river on Vancouver Island, at
the head of navigation, in a lovely
valley.    The mills are very extensive, covering a large area of ground.
The principal buildings are about 300
feet long, with about 50 feet in width,
partly two stories high, and consist of
lumber and planing mills, pulp and
paper mills, .with paper bag machinery.    The motive power is obtained
from the Somass, a substantial dam
having been built across it above the
rapids, and a massive flume, erected
through a rock cutting 800 feet long
by 10 feet wide and five feet deep.
Three large,, turbine water   wheels
give the motive power now required.
The lumber   mill   consists of   log
frame, with 60-inch circular, cutting
up to 40 feet in, length, four saw gang
edger,   planing and moulding  machinery to take in  up to 18 by six
inches,  self-acting shingle machine
and jointing machine.    It is the in
tehtion of the  company
and door machinery as
requirements warrant it.
and pulp mill machinery is, of the
most improved description for working up the refuse of the sawmill, and
also any other paper-making material, consisting of rag and rope cutting
machine,   wood barking,   chipping,
crushing, and pulping, machines, two
large   globular  boilers,   two  roller
gangs with granite runners, five rag
beaters,   four Driver paper making
machines with five  cylinders,: large
reel   paper   cutting   machine,"   bag
making  and   printing   machinery,
capable of turning out 10,000 perfected bags an hour.
There is also an engineer and
blacksmith's shop, fitted with large
lathe, saw bench, etc, and a massive
steam boiler for boiling and drying.
The works will be lighted through
out b y electricity. Chemical works
for the production of chlorine and
caustic by electricity are also on the
programme, as well as works for the
production.of wood. naptha, benzine,
turpentine and resin. A grist and
flour mill will be added as the requirements of the district advance.
The company owns a, tugboat and, two
scows, and arc building two wharves
and a tram way.
They have laid out about 50 acres
of their property into a townsite, and
offer exceptional facilities for building thereon. Water and electric
light will also be supplied. The great
natural advantages of Alberni induced the company to build there rather than at Victoria.. Here they
have   pure   water,   splendid  water
power, the best port on the west coasr,
and the nearest to the Orient, where
vessels of any draught can ■come in
straight from the Pacific ocean, to
the centre of Vancouver Island and
within two miles in a straight line of
the mills. This port will naturally
be the terminus of any transcontinental railway that may come on the
Island, as the Austral iari, China and
Indian vessels can come up at any
stage of the tide, and passengers can
be sent on their way east 24 hours
earlier than at present by way of
Vancouver, and this not taking into
account the fogs that often delay
them in the Straits of Fuca and the
Gulf of Georgia^    .
Pyritic Smelting.
H. Lang, the- well-known mining
and metallurgical authority and general agent of the Selby Smelting Co.,
of San Francisco, was in Spokane a
few days ago.    His purpose is to extend his business in British Columbia
but   more   particularly   the  Slocan
country.    He is paying , especial attention to pyritic smelting at present,
and has patented several of his own
inventions in this kind of ore reduction.    Mr.' Lang says this system has
been greatly extended in the last two
or three years, and is  particularly
applicable to the treatment of base
and difficult ores of gold', silver and
copper.    It has met with great sue- ■
cess in Colorado,   under   the  form
known as the Austin .system, and in
Idaho under modifications introduced
by Mr. Lang.    He  is consulting engineer for half a dozen big companies
in  the   United   States and Mexico,
who have built or contemplate building pyritic smelters.    The owners Of
the Le Roi mine on Trail creek contemplate putting, in a smelter of this
Wm. Hunter:
W C. McKinnon.
. When in Kaslo cal 1 on Billy Kellem
and get a square meal for 25cts.   t .
The Prospector man is evidently
troubled with a bad liver, to judge
from his weekly carpings about the
N.& S.R., which he endeavors to believe will not be finished this summer. His case is an isolated one and
there need be no fear of contagion.
They expect a lively summer at
Silverton by reason of the extensive
work to be done at the neighboring
mines. Once the N.&S.R. is completed ore will be shipped from the
Wakefield, Silverton, Alpha and the
Reid & Robertson group. Trails are
being run up to the mines and other
necessary arrangements made. The
force of men employed will be increased.
r^evol£3to3s.o  Stevtion,   B. O.
Dealer in;-Household ■■ Furniture.'
__T Agent for Singer Sewing Machines.
New Denver and 5ilverton;
All kinds of Miners' supplies kept constantly in stock.
Dealers in
Pianos,  Organs,  Musicians'   Supplies, Sewing Machines, and
Parties having good Min=
ing   Claims to dis=
pose of should apply
■W 9
For Member of the Legislative Assembly for the South Riding of
the West Kootenay XMstrict:
i y $
Platform1 Adopted in Convention.
JTEREASthcmen who inbuilt thev Dominion
of Canada were not of one nativity, and if a
Third. Tlie interests loi the province were not
safeguarded in tho agreement between the Government and tlie Nakusp and Slocan Raihvay Company, and tlie policy of the Government in pledging the credit of the province, in order tliat speculative companies may profit thereby, is to be condemned. . -
Fourth. After making provision for the payment ef the running expenses of the Government,
expenditures should be confined solely to the building and betterment of wagon roa'ds and other
works that are for the free use and benefit of the
public at large, leaving to private enterprise the
construction and operation of railways and other
undertakings for tlie use of which the public are
required to pay.    .
Fifth. The speedy adjustment of the differences
between the province and the Dominion, to the eitfl
that the land in the railway belt along the Canadian Paciiic Railway be thrown open to settlement
under the land laws of the province; the amendment of the Land ■ Act so that it will be an amicable contract between the province and the settler,
eliminating all discretionary powers of the Chief
Commissioner of L-.mds and Works; also amending
it so as to permit the outright purchase ef small
tracts in all unsurveyed mountainous districts.
Sixth. The timber lands of the province should
be held in trust for the future use of its people, and
not handed over under long leases, to speculative
mill owners as a saleable asset.
Seventh. The development of the mining industry should not be hammered by legislation that
makes the procurement of titles 'to surface rights
impossible; that levies unequal taxation on working
miners; and that makes it difficult to compel delinquent co-owners to pay their share of the assessment work; therefore we favor the repeal of sections S arid 45a of tlie Mineral Act and a revision of
the, sectionsrelating to mining partneMrips.
Eighth. The passage of an act whereby water
rights, for any specific purpose may be obtained as
readily as such rights are now obtained for mining
purposes under the provision of the Mineral Act.
Ninth. The establishment of a land registry for
West Kootenay district. ,       : .
Tenth. The holding in Kootenay district ]pi
terms of tlie county court at short intervals; extending the power to issue capias, to registrars of
county courts in districts where there are no resident judges; and the passage of an act that -will allow -tlie collection of small debts in courts composed
of justices ofthe peace. •
Eleventh. The extortion to which laborers oil
, railway construction and other works are compeli-
'ed to submit, through the issuance of timecheeks,
is alike discreditable to the men who profit by such
practices and to'.the Government thai makes no effort to render such practices impossible. The issuance of noii-negotiable time checks should be made
a punishable offence, and the issuance of negotiable time checks should only be allowable under a
law that would safeguard., tlie rights ofthe party to
whom tiiAy are issued. •    '
Twelfth.   Contraetorsj and  sub-contractors. on .
railway .4 should have: a means .of getting speedy
redress from unjust classification anil unfair measurement oi work by the appointment of an official
arbitrator who >• hall-lie a practical engineer.
Thirteenth.   The-Govcrn'mont k to be condemn-
healthy patriotic-sentiment is to prevail, and only  -ed tor the passage of a, redistribution act that is not
bv the"growth of such a sentiment can Canada
take a place among the English-speakhig nations,
the responsibilities of government -must be entrusted to men of known capacity, and j;ot to men
who, by accident of birth, imagine themselves
rulers by Divine right.   Therefore be it resolved—
First.   That we hold as reprehensible the.practice of appointing non-residents tq.official positions
uniform in its provisions,' and by which representation   is   neither ' based' on   -population,
strength nor contributed revenue.
NeK>;:, April 17th, 1S94.
Second. Special and private legislation not only
consumes too great a part of the time that should
be devoted to the consideration of public measures,
but it leads to practices that tend to lessen cou.fi.
deuce in-the integrity of the Legislative Assenibi v,
and through it ah insidious poison is disseminated
that in time will find its way through the whole
system of the body politic: therefore,-we favor the
enactment of general laws that Avill reduce to a
minimum special legislation and do away with
private legislation altogether.
assembled in convention at Nelson on the 14th instant ; and if elected I Avill use my best endeavors
to carry out the principles of the platform adopted
by the convention, believing them to be in the interest of all. those that favor good government.
Thanking .you and the delegates for tlie honor conferred; I am respectfully yours,
R. F. Greek, Esq., Chairman. .
J. A. Turner,Secretary. 32-tf.
 ,_...i*tf»*J? ;„...._ THE DISTRICT LEDGE.
Outcroppings   of a  Sparkling   and
Varied  Nature.
New Denver is to have a shoemaker, N. Palorcia by name, from Don-
aid, a *
John Blythe was taken seriously ill
at Koseberry on Friday. Dr. Rogers,
of Kaslo, was telegraphed for.
Development work has been commenced on the Wakeiield by J. H.
"Wbrley, F. Culver and W. Smith.
Foster & Winter, of New Denver,
have dissolved partnership, the latter
conducting the Windsor restaurant
alone. .__-.-—_
Bears are very plentiful around
Slocan lake this year and numberless
encounters by prospectors are accounted.
Friday last a shipment of - ore was
made to the Omaha smelter, by way
of Bonner's Ferry, from the Lucky
Boy, Dardanelles and Boulder.
H. Steg'e, of New Denver,   in attempting to stop P. Angrignon's run
away   team  Friday,   was knocked
down, narrowly escaping serious injury.
The supporters of Mr. Hume have
organized a club in Kaslo and secured rooms on the ground floor of the
Henry House. Newspapers and campaign literature will' be kept in stock
for the enthusiasts.
The executive board of the Kaslo
hospital met on Thursday and decided to accept the plans of James
Easton for the proposed new institution for that city. The plans have
been forwarded to Premier Davie for
ratification in order to secure Government aid. u
Kaslo is replenishing the resources
of its exchequer by levying taxes on
the members of the demi-monde.
Almost the entire fraternity were before Police Magistrate Wright last
week and fined. They were granted
a few days' grace, however, wherein
to pay, as they pleaded poverty.
The insurance companies having
decided upon raising rates in all cities
where a chemical fire engine is not
employed, it has again been pressed
upon the Kaslo authorities the necessity of procuring proper apparatus.
The aldermanic board are considering the proposition of getting m a
chemical without dela}^
Following is a list of mining deals
reported by the Spokane Mining Review: The Ajax, Crown Point, and
Treasure Vault from E. C. Kilbourne
to F. H. Kilbourne. One half Saint
George, Shield, Moses, and Van Zant
from same to same. The consideration in each case is $10. A week
later E. C. Kilbourne transferred to
G. F. "Guild a mortgage for $5,003 on
the Dardanelles, Diamond Cross/Hid-*
den Treasure, Antelope, Okanagan, §
Buffalo and Cariboo. L
Watchmaker and Jeweller,
Repairing-  Neatly and Promi>tly Executed.
Graduate of Trinity University, Toronto.  . Member of collcge Physicians and Surgeons, Ontario.
A.  li. HOLDICF1,
Of Swansea ana wigan,
Analytical Chemist and Assayer.
Tiie oldes. and most experienced
Assayer in the Province.
This hotel is the best in town, and
has ample accommodation for travellers.    The bar is supplied with
wines, liquors and cigars.
Sue RIds:e Hotel
Accommodations for travellers. Good
stables. The bar is stocked with
choice liquors and cigars. Pack
train in connection with the house..
• Goods taken to any part of the
Mcdonald bros., Props .
BC_i_ %fr£pve %/■
Wholesale Dealers in Oranges. Lemons, Apples, Bananas,
and all kinds of Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, Butter, Eggs,'
Nuts, Candy, Cigars, Etc.    The largest, Shippers in the
518 and 520 First avenue, Spokane, Wash.
The   Kootenay   Lake    Saw
The proprietor has on hand
n    nin^   5WasNI   E_N
In lengths of from 12 to 50 feet.    Any kind
of bill stuff can be cut at short notice.
Shingles, Laths, Mouldings, Turned Posts and
Ballasters, Brackets. Etc. Two Carloads
Sash and Doors; Two Carloads Dry Fir
Clear Flooring, 4in.; One Carload Dry Fir
Clear Ceiling; 4 Carloads of Clear Cedar,
for Finish.; One Carload Grlass, Paints, Oils,
etc., including" Fancy Glass.Wood Stains, etc.
G.   O.
Is issued at Nakusp, B.C., eyery Thursday.
Wet weather, snow slides, hard times, or the
sheriff never hinders its publication. It
comes out just the same.
Does not dream of making a million out of it,
but he expects to get a luxurious living. In
order to do tliis it is necessary to have cashable material, and the world at large is cordially invited to. dig up enough money to pay
for an annual interest. To 'accommodate the.
public we do
At prices that do not discord with -.the de*
spondent price of silver. Published every Thursday.
R.    T.    LOWERY,    EDITOR    AND
ONE YEAR  ' §2.00
Transient Advertising, 25 cents per line iir.-U insertion, 30 cent* per line subsequent insertions,
nonpareil measurement.
Correspondence from every part oi" tlie Kootenay-
District and communication.s upon live tojjie?
always acceptable. Write on both sides of,the
paper if you wish. A Iways send something g-ood.
no matter how crude. Get your copy in while it
is hot, and we. will do the rest.
THURSDAY,  MAY 31, 1894.
Edmund Yates, tlie eminent author
and journalist, died of apoplexy in
London, Eng\, Saturday.
All the British Columbia members
interviewed Sir John Thompson and
Hon. Messrs. Daly and ^Haggart last
week, and strongly pressed the
claims of the Chilliwack and Nicola
Valley railways for a Federal subsidy.
ing to allay public feeling against
themselves with the bald assertion
that the proceedings before the learned judges were a farce. True, they
were indeed. Never before did tra-
ducers and calumniators present such
a sorry spectacle as did the party
whom Mr. Brown now identifies himself with on that memorable occasion.
When here last week Mr. Brown
expressed his determination to meet
Mr. Kellie on the public platform, but
was fearful of disappointment. He
need not have been, knowing full
well at the time tliat Mr. Kellie had
nothing to conceal and would be willing to meet him, And this the latter
has since corroborated, by making a
statement that he would be pleased
to accommodate the Opposition candidate before the electors of Nakusp, or
elsewhere, at any time convenient to
Mr: Brown. Could anything be
fairer ? 	
J. C. Brown, M.P.P. for New Westminster, must feel gratified at the
demonstration that was accorded him
by his constituents on Saturday night,
when they public^ expressed th.Xr
$1.   RATES PER DAY,   $1.
Rroprict ors
Plenty of accommodations for travellers. Good beds and good meals.
Bar stocked with wines, liquors and
cigars.       ,     '
John Madden, Prop.
' Sir John Thompson gave notice of
a motion in the House of Commons,
last Tuesday, to appoint a judge for j
the Kootenay district,  but  later on
withdrew it.    The iudge of Yale will,.     ,      , . ..        .,       ,    . ..     ,   .
Tr   _ .  rt^ u,\ burdened hi:n  witn eulogistic phir.i
cover Kootenay.     Another   case   oi I.   .        „,   .„ -,   ,,        ......
"As you were," with sittings of tho
County Court every eight month,.
«. \
retirement j
at his  enforced
from the field of politics.    An mum- j
inated address  was presented  him, j
(while a number of his fellow-Oppo-.l-
tionists, F.   0.   Cotton'in  pari;icul;<",
The bar is stocked with the finest
branis of wine*.   Honors and cigars.
VAC1S •-■ DIV..A
tudcK. Mr. Brown believes in the old
maxim that a bird in the hand !_'
worth two in the bush, ^ence his deciding upon retaining the permanent
position as postmaster of the Royal
The Government has now a full
ticket in practically every constituency in the province, with perfect
organizations  for    prosecuting    the
C0LU;_£lA & i:.)0TE:;AY BxANOH.
An order in Council has been passed by the Dominion Government providing for the issue of a commission
to Mr. Justice Drake to enquire into
the affairs of the New Westminster
penitentiary. He is instructed to
make a thorough investigation into
the causes of the existing dissensions j campaign.    In each instance the can-4
there. didate chosen is a strong one, secure
a     ■*>   4 -      7   ~a *. in  the good opinion of the electors
Specifications for five new steamers       ,       b  ,    . -,
n    .,    -m ..., n      ,■ -, .,     i        and strongly imbued with a sense or
for the British-Canadian and the Aus-    ,      .  , r   ,      -       -.      •
,    ,.     n      -.. .      , ; the righteousness of the cause no   is
tralian-Canadian service  have been!,  _   °.      .       ,,,,.-   ,r
defending   on   behalf  of lion.   Mr.
prepared by Mr. Hud dart and forwarded to English shipbuilders. The
probability is that three hi ore boats
will be put on the Pacific route, thus
making a fortnightly service. Each
vessel will have accommodations for
300 saloon passengers, 200 second cabin and 1,000 steerage,
Davie and his colleagues. The hum
of preparation soundeth in the camps
of the opposing forces with increasing
zest, but there can be but one result—
disastrous defeat for the so-called and
much-perturbed Opposition. Unhappy Brown.
Ontario, like our own fair province,
is in tlie 'throes.of'. a political contest,
which in excitement has had no
equal, and it waxes warmer each
day. Hon. W. R. Meredith, leader
ofthe Conservative party, was tendered a magnificent demonstration
bv the citizens of London, at the
opening of the campaign in that city
last week. Sir Oliver Mowar/s chances of a return to power are very
slim. Polling takes place on June
Failing in their efforts-to incriminate the Government, before the Eoyal
Commission, on the Nakusp & Slocan
Railway, the Oppositionists are seek-
Mattcrs politically have been quiet
in the riding during tho week, though
Messrs. Brown and Kellie have been
pushing their canvass throughout the
length and breadth of tne land with
great diligence. The latter has returned from the lower, end of the district, well satisfied with the outlook
and with unbounded confidence in
his ability to carry the constituency.
Everywhere his advances were cordially received by the electorate, who
expressed their approval .of his career
in Parliament and of the Government
for their progressive administration.
Mr. Brown's reception, on the other
hand, must be as disappointing to. him
as his adversary's was encouraging.
TI3SB TAailiE 'NO. 3.
To take effect on Saturday, May 10th. 18.0k
Trains West. Stition. Trains East.
16 7,0      Depart NELSON Arrive      20--lb
J1S 50 Kootenay Crossing 20 25J
"17 35 Slocan Crn^im? 10. ^0?
is 15       Arrive ROBSON Depart      19 00
Train 5 from Nebon will wait arrival of hoat
from Bonner's Ferry and Like Points on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
X Flag Stations.
tfSTAbove Trains will run Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturday*.
The Company reserve the right to change tin?
Time Table without Notice.
PariSc Standard r.nd _t hour system adopted.
General Supt.-, Trainmaster & Agent,
Vancouver. Nelson.
HAVING .re-ooened the Hot Springs Hotel, in
Banff, I will be pleased t-j w.« -.11 my old Cn<-
tomer--., and as many new ones as p >sMblc.   H.ilis-
faetion Guaranteed.   Our   Rate^  v;Ul  he found
NEW DENVER,       -       -       -       -       B.C.,
Is one of the best in the Slocan dis
trict.    Call in.
IIAVING- been appoint-
II ed agent for a large
wholesale tailoring establishment in Eastern Canada,! beg leave to state that
I.am prepared to take orders for ■clothing from all
persons so desiring. All
goods guaranteed to be of
the best quality. Prices
extremely" reasonable. A
perfect fit promised or no
pay. See my . Samples.
which have just arrived.
P    MTTF1
t. Mull
ill A VINCI placed some new
I"0! Machinery in our Mill,
we are prepared to furnish
all kinds of Rough and Dressed •Lumber apd Sh ingles at
greatly reduced Pricey.
JilST: ■'■'.-
. A. McDousrald
Choice    location and   commands a beautiful view
of the surrounding
country-      ! •
The Bar is supplied witn the
best brands of ail kinds of
wines, liquors and  cigars.
Uoi7gh: Lumber, narrow, 810 00
«• •■       "         wide.     . A     ; $u 00 to §12 00
Joist'and Scantling-, sized up to       '
18 feet long, '               :  ^ii oa
18'toSJ-' .v12 ')0
2A 'to 30'. S13 00
Floorino-, T & G, C, " ^0 00
>■'■■             ••      4 " $22 00
V joint Ceiling-, 4 " $22 60
a "7 Rustic, -      ast ,ou
SIii;;laj>, ■ '                 ^ 00
Surfaced Dressed, .bl8 00
A liberal discount on large orders for Cash,
The Dining Room' is supplied
with alf the delicacies of
the season.
Charges Moderate, ,.'"..'■
A Call Solicited.
•   Slocan Ave.
"sttT5*fW* w---.='r'
*r;i w*-. SJ i5Mi •tMkT a* •' A BIG SUCCESS.
Nakusp Honors the Queen's Birth"
day in Grand Style.
Perfect weather favored the celebration of Her Majesty's 75th birth
day here last Thursday, and the result was that unqualified success
crowned the efforts of the committees
in charge. A great many people
came into town from various quarters
serving* to re-infurce the local contingent of holiday seekers. -The Lytfon
arrived in from Revelstoke at noon,
but her passenger list was small, not
•being more than 50. However,
everyone enjoyed themselves to their
heart's consent, no mishap occurring
to mar the pleasure of the day in any
way whatsoever. The various business houses were gaily decorated
with evergreens and bunting, presenting an attractive, appearance,
while the amount of coin handled at
the hotels was eminently satisfactory
to the proprietors.
Promptly at 9:30 the baseball game
was called on, the teams being chosen
from among local to&sers. Seven innings only were played, but the
match proved the most; interesting of
the day's proceedings, the score from
start to finish being close and exciting. Following was the personnel of
the teams: No. 1—Millard, captain;
Cadden, Milne, "Gordon, Richardson,
Murray, Malinson, Williams and
Matheson. No. 2—Hoag, captain;
Nevins, Fan*, Smith, Corbin, Saunders, Laundreau, Hartle and Rhein-
hart. Umpire, W. Russell. Score,
17 to 16 in favor of No. 1.
Next in order, came the aquatic
spoits, resulting "thus: . One mile,
handicap, for skiffs, 1st, F. Bourne.
Half mile, heavy boats, 1st, J. Caque;
2nd, C. Orvil; 3rd, W. Long. Half
mile, rafts, 1st, R. Matheson.
. The horse races were hotly contested, several heats being necessary to
decide for first money. Five entries
were made, W. Saunders' "Paddy,''
W. J. Wilson's "Alberta,." W. Pyer's
"Iron Gray," W. C. Sampson's,''Gray
Dave" and "Bob." "Paddy" was
awarded first money, with "Gray
Dave" second. Two of the jockeys
were thrown from their horses, but
fortunately without harm.
But three entries were made in the
slow mule race, ending in a victory
for W. Saunders' ' 'Jack."
The results in the athletic sports
were disappointing in the extreme to
the home talent, Revelstoke visitors
carrying off a majority of the plums.
Half mile race, 1st, F. Fraser; 2nd, J.
Fortier.   220 yards, 1st, T. Copeland;
2nd, F. Fraser.    100 yards,   1st, F.
Moore; 2nd, T. Copeland.    Running
long jump, Ist/C. Sweeny; 2nd,   T.
Copeland.    Standing long jump, 1st,
C. Sweeny; 2nd, F. Moore.    Running:
high jump, 1st, C. Sweeny;  2nd, T. j
Copeland.    Running  hop,   step and ij
jump, 1st, C. §weeny; 2nd. W. Saun-!!   3^
ders. Vaulting with pole, 1st, C.
Sweeny; 2nd, F. Moore. Putting 28
pound shot, 1st, C. Sweeny; 2nd, A.
McDonald. Tossing caber, 1st, C.
Sweeny; 2nd, C.Hastings. Fat man's
race, 1st, J Lebby. Three legged
race, 1st, F. Moore and T. Copeland;
2nd, W. Craig and J. Devlin. Sack
race, 1st, J. Devlin; 2nd, J. Fortier.
Boy's race, handicapped, 1st, Norman
Thomas; 2nd, Roy Thomas. Girl's
race, handicapped, 1st, Maud Muirhead; 2nd, Dolly Boswell. Special
prize for company's employees, 100
yards race, 1st, W. Rogers; 2nd, C.
Laughlin; 3rd, G. Boswell.
The tug-of-war, between two local
teams, was very amusing, the win
ners generously treating their opponents to copious draughts of Allen's
prime lager beer, fresh from the
The festivities were brought to a
grand finale by a ball in the evening,
the attendance being very large. At
midnight J. K. Devlin and others
favored tne audience with a few vocal selections. The visitors were unanimous in their declarations of thankfulness for tlie manner in which they
had been treated by the citizens.
The winding up rrieeting of the
committees was held on Saturday
night, when tiie treasurer presented
a clean sheet, all liabilities having
been wiped < >n t Votes of thn nks were
passed to the President, and Secretary;
the judges, S. Hoag, Nakusp; W. M.
Brown, Revelstoke; and the starter,
R. Hewett—all for efficient services
during the celebration.
Having been requested by
a large number of the Electors of the Riding to stand
as a Candidate in the approaching Provincial Election, I have much pleasure
in announcing myself as a
Candidate, and will make a
personal canvass of the entire Riding; and I hope to receive your assistance and
votes. If elected, I will endeavor to do everything possible to assist the whole Riding- \ ^
Yours Respectfully,
Commission Merchants
& Wholesale Importers
Wines, Liquors, and Cigars.
iiim     ■■ —■■■■—■■■ .■ — 1    11     ■■■■ !■■ ■   !■_■■■ ■■     ■■ 1  ■„ —i_—__«—1—    _i 1 ■■——_—a—————^
   ■■ n 1 1 I
GROCERIES and PROVISIONS at very low prices.
FRESH CANNEDJ300DS always in stock.   .
A. full assortment of Choice CIGARS and TOBACCOS,
Underwear. Hosiery,
Mens' Furnishings,
Mens' Ready Made
Gloves, Ribbons. Silks,
Satins, Cashmeres,
Melton & Serge Cloths,
Carpets, Blinds, Cottons, Hats and Caps,
House & Table Linens,
Boots and Shoes.
Hungarian Flour,
Sugars, Bacon, Hams
Coffees, Teas, Spices,
Jams,   Pickles, Oatmeal, Biscuits,
Canned Vegetables,
Canned Fruits,
Dried    Fruits,   and
Fancy Toilet Soaps,
Cigars and Tobaccos,
Grindstones & Fixtures
Crosscut & Rip Saws,
Axes and Handles,
Nails, Screws, Bolts,
Round, Flat, Square Iron
Oils,   Paints,   Glass,
Horse Shoes and Nails,
Miners can get a complete outfit here.
9 -*i-—- -   .."■    -^^— ~~-'- T^y  i i i^iiji j i^_i—. ^   ^ t   , jJtai  l[f   Jm
g?1*1!*!'   WB».i   V   ^JJ    ijif   i„i        i^f<^»|_^w-_B^
^^t»—g^—We^-^pf]PHW|ii   i^  lp«
nsni - anfi—i   nsMn __■____■_
ines!   Arrow Lake Terminus of
Ithe Nakus
ort for New Denver,
Famous for its Fishing and Hunting. Within a
[few miles of the Hot Springs on Upper Arrow Lake
becoming noted for their Medicinal Qualities.
•  ••«*#
•  •  •  *
With the .-completion' of the Nakusp & Slocan Railroad,  Thousands of tons
ore will be brought to Nakusp from the rich mines of the Slocan, and loaded on th©
steamer for Revelstoke.
Gold and Silver Ledges have been discovered within three miles of Nakusp.
The town already contains Six Hotels, Several Dwelling Houses, Stores, Sawmill,
a capacity of 30,000 feet per diem, a substantial Wharf, Warehouses, Blacksmith
Shop and many other buildings.
/ ;::,<^yiTFr^p^,
Boundary Creek Properties Attracting Capital,
The Columbia Consolidated Placer
Mining Company, composed largely
of citizens of Spokane, and of which
General A. P. Curry is president, has
conferred to Parker & Leavenworth
of Seattle, the agents of an Eastern
syndicate,    its    $125,000    treasury
stock. In consideration of this Parker
& Leavenworth-have -contracted to
construct a canal, ; starting at the
forks of Cedar creek, 'three miles
southeast of Boundary, and to extend
far enough southwest of there to supply water sufficient to enable the Columbia Co. to thoroughly placer mine
their 800 acres of land, which hugs
the Pend d'Oreille and Columbia
rivers. It is estimated by the company's engineer that the canal will
cost $35,000 in excavating, piping,
machinery, etc. The canal will also
supply water for all purposes to Boundary.
- There is quite an area of gold-bearing ground in the vicinity of Boundary for those desirous of engaging in
placer mining, and there is no doubt
but that rich returns would be forthcoming.
The Civil Service Gold Mining
Company, organized and incorporated
under the laws of the State of Washington, with a capital stock of $100, -
000,. iancf vfhicTi' is;'composed of capitalists of Washington, Montana, South
Dakota, Kansas and Kentucky, has
opened its main office at Boundarv.
The company is possessed of some of
the very choicest gold quartz and
placer mining claims in the Boundary
district. Of tlief former the company
controls the Margaret, Sarah C, Gold-
eii Treasury,' Rosebud; Willie M and
Mikado, arid of the latter the Hattie,
Madre d'Oro and Gold Rock: The
former have been sufficiently tested
to satisfy the company that systematic
work will prove these mines of great
results; and of' the latter the' advent
of the water supply referred to makes
returns at once practicable.
' "It is regarded by all who have visited and investigated the gold, silver
and lead bearing lodes' of -the Cedar
creek district that without doubt it is
the coming ore producer of that particular section.
West's Hotel
Everything new about the house except the whisky and landlord.
Everybody gets a hearty
welcome and plenty
to eat.
Gorman West,
Plenty of accommodations for travellers.   Good beds and good, meals
Bar stocked with wines, liquors and
John Madden, Prop.
Landscape Photographers
Keep a large quantity of Architypes
and    Steel  Engravings    in    stock
Pictures framed to order.
KASLO CITY,       -       -      -     B.G
The only practical Watchmaker in
the Kootenay District. Orders by
mail receive prompt attention.
Arend & Kenward
Buchanan Bl'k.Kaslo.B.C.
Atlantic Express arrives at 10:00 Daily
Pacific " " 10:55     **
11   Howard   Street,
WILL leave Nakusp every Monday and Friday
) V    at 6:30 a.m., for Lardeau and Revelstoke.
Returning-, will leave Revelstoke for Lardeau
and Nakusp on Tuesdays and Saturdays, at 6:30
The Boat, will call at the Hot Springs, Thomson's Landing, Hall's Landing, and Green Slide,
coming and going.
Ample accommodation for passengers and
Stages leave Kaslo daily at 8 a. m.
for New Denver. Eetnrning will
leave New Denver for Kaslo at
same hour.
Satisfaction is  Guaranteed.
'.'■,.-.      ' .. Manager,
g: l. est a brooks,
A trail is being" opened up to the
California claim, near New Denver,
by J. Mareno.
Henceforth the business houses of
Kaslo will be closed on Sundays, this
satisfactory arrangement having been
arrived at by mutual agreement.
Eight tons of ore recently shipped
to the Tacoma smelter from the O.K.
mine, on Trail creek, Averaged $175
in gold per ton. Preparations are
being made for shinoing a second
consignment of 52 tons/iitiw on the
dump, to the same smelter.
I EAVES New Denver every day except Sunday
j for .'Silverton, at 7 a.m., and for Wilson
Creek and Bonanza Citv at 8:30 a.m. Returning,
the steamer leaves Bonanza City for Wilson
Creek. New Denver and Silverton at 5 p.m.
Slocan Thading & Navigation Co., (Ltd.)'
,      W. C. McKINNON.
Sjoiase Falls k liera
Nelson & Fort Sheppard
Cheapest, most reliable and safe route to Montreal, Toronto, St. Paul, Chicago, ;New York,
and Boston. Rates §3 to $10 lower than-any other
Specially fitted Colonist Cars, in charge of a
porter, for the accommodation of passengers hold-*
ing second-class tickets.
Passengers hooked to and from all European
points at lowest rates.
Low freight rates. Quick despatch. Merchants
will save money by haviug their freight routed via
the C.P.R.
Full and reliable information given by applying
Asst Gen. Freight Agent,     Local Agent,
Vancouver. Revelstoke,
Steam Nav. Co., Ltd.
TIlvfllEJ G.A.]R,:0 _STo. 3.
In Effect Tuesday, May 1st, 1894.
(Connecting with the Canadian Pacific Railway for all Eastern and Coast Points.)
Leave* Robson on Wednesdays and Saturdays at
8 p.m.
Leave.-. Revelstoke on Tuesdays and' Fridays  at
4 a.m.
The only through route from Nelson, Kaslo,-
Kootenay Lake and all Slocan
Through Trains Semi-Weekly.
(Connecting at Northport for points north and
south on tlie Spokane Falls & Northern
Leaves Robson Wednesdays and Saturdays at 5
Leave-* Northport. Wednesdays and Saturdays at,
1 ] .m.
Leave 7 a.m.
Arrive 5:40 p.m.
Special Attention to Mining
Interests.   .
Over Byer's Hardware Store.
On Tuesdays and Fridays, trains wiU run
through to Spokane,arriving same day. Returning
passengers will leave Spokane at 7 a.m.on Wednesdays and Saturdays, arriving at Nelson at f>:40 ;>.
m", same day, making close connection with'- the
steamer Nelson for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Commencing May 2nd passengers for Trail
Creek, Nakusp. New Denver, Revelstoke, and all
points on tlie Canadian Pacific. Railway,, will
leave Spokane on Wednesdays and Saturdays'at
7 a.m., connecting at, Northport with steamer
(same day) at 1 p.m.
Passengers by steamer from above points arrive
in Spokane same evening.
Passengers for Kettle River and -Boundary
Creok connect at Marcus with stage on Mondays
and Tuesdays.
(Connecting with the Nelson & Fort Sheppard
Railway  for all  Eastern   and Coast
Points and for Spokane.
Mondays, 9      a.m.       Tuesdays, 3 a.m.
Wednesdays, f>:40 p.m.       Thursdays, 8 a.m.
Thursdays, />    .-pan., A Fridays, 3 a.m.
Saturdays, />;I0   p.m.       Sundays, 8a.m.
(Connecting with the Great Northern Railway
for all'Eastern points, Spokane and
the Coast.)
Leaves Kaslo at 3 a.m. and Nelson at 7:lf» a.m. on
Tuesdays and Fridays.
Leaves Bonner's Ferry at 2 a.m. on  Wednesdays
and Saturdays.
The company reserves the right to change this
schedule at any time without notice.
For full information as to tickets, rates, etc.. ap
ply at the Company's offices, Nelson, B.C.
T. ALLAN, Sec'y. J. W. TROUP,
Nelsox, B.C. Manager. r-isr: *\xT
TS-.,«_«*• JWB 'MKS. I'
The Kootenay Bonanza mine is
flooded with water.
Tracklaying is progressing in a
satisfactory manner.
When in Kaslo call on Billy Kellem
and get a square meal for 25cts.   f
It is purposed to put a dining car
on the road for the con venience ofthe
Mr. and Mrs. McDougald and family visited the Hot Springs for several
days during the week.
R. B. Kerr, of New Denver, carried
off the honors at the recent chess
tournament at Nelson.
, A workman had one of his £toes
badly smashed Tuesday morning by
having a rail fall on it.
Dr. Brouse, of Victoria, who has
been appointed resident physician for
the company, arrived in Friday.
J. A. Smith, late of the reportbrial
staff of the Toronto Star, has been
engaged by the Revelstoke Mail.
Last week an employee fell off a
trestle a few miles from town, but
fortunately escaped serions irjury.
The snow has gone off the hills in
a rapid manner during the week,
and prospectors . are preparing to go
' out.
^ " The bridge gang  went out on the
- railway on Saturday, to put the var-
' ious trestles in shape for the tracklayers.
When in Kaslo stop at the Great
Northern  Hotel.    Rates reasonable.
Headquarters for Hudson Bay Co.'s
.goods. "' t
N. N. Cole, the Winnipeg tailor,
combined business with pleasure on
the 24th, as also did M. Mclnnes, of
One hundred and twenty-nine cases
came before Judge Spinks at the sitting of the County Court at Nelson
last week.
Revelstoke now boasts of a gun
club, with H. A. Brown  as captain,
Guy Barber vice,   and R. H. Glass
' secretary-treasurer.
Guy Barber, the leading jeweler
of Revelstoke, was among the contingent who attended the Queen's birthday celebration here.
Paymaster Wilgress, of the C.P.R.,
Vancouver, passed down on Friday's
boat to liquidate the monthly indebtedness on the C. & K.R.
R. Madden has admitted J. McNeill
to partnership-'with him in the Madden House. Both boys are popular
and they should do well.
Mrs. Thorburn has removed from
New Denver to Roseberry, where she
has assumed the management of the
dining room of J. T. Nault's hotel.
Arrangements will be made for a
joint political meeting to be held here
Hugh Madden left on the Columbia
Sunday for Ashcroft, with the likelihood of a permanency, as he has been
offered a good business opening
H. W. Bucke, a bright and shining
light of Kaslo's legal fraternity, made
the overland trip last week, with a
view of recuperating at the Hot
Messrs. McNaughton and Moran,
well known mining men of the Slocan, who had been rusticating at the
Hot Springs for a few weeks, took in
the sports on Thursday.
Trout Creek ranchers, of whom
there are about 20, want a postoffice
located at that settlement. S. Burton
is willing to attend to the business
if the petition be granted.
In the action regarding the'ownership of the Bon Ton mine, Dawson v.
Adams et al, tried before Judge
Spinks at Nelson, the cause was
struck out, with costs for defendants.
1 'Wings," sometimes known as J.
T. Wilkinson, flitted into town this
week for the purpose of prodding up
delinquent subscribers and rustling
new additions to the mailing lists of
the Vancouver World.
S. Hill, who shot and killed an Indian named Cultus Bill at Hall's
Landing, two weeks ago, has been |
arrested upon the strength of new evidence. The coroner's jury had acquitted Hill on the ground of "Justifiable Homicide."
From a peaceful stream the Koos-
ka-nax has, during the week, been
transformed into a raging torrent.
It is a pretty sight to visit the canyon and behold the turbulent waters
boiling and seething over the rocks,
and carrying quantities of debris into
the lake.
The North Star Mining Company
has made application for incorporation. The applicants are, John
Milne Browning, Edward Pease
Davis, and Chester Benjamin Mac-
neill, all of the city of Vancouver, and
the capital stock is fixed at $100,003,
in $100 shares.
The case of Aylwin v. Delaney, a
suit for damages, tried in the County
Court, resulted in a verdict for the
former for $70 and damages. The
case arose over an icehouse erected
at New Denver, by Aylwin, on a lot
claimed by Delanev. The latter
caused the building to be razed, hence
the suit.
Str. W. Hunter will run on the following schedule between Slocan lake
points until further notice: Will leave
New Denver every day, Sundays excepted, for Silverton at 7 a.m.; and
will leave New Denver for Wilson
creek and head of lake at 8:30 a.m.
Returning will leave head of lake
came up on Sunday's boat from Nel
son. He had been retained by the
Nelson & Fori; Sheppard Railway Co.
to contest, in the recent County Court
sittings, the mechanic's lien of $350,-
000 placed on that property by Pete
Larson. Mr. Hunter scored a brilliant victory for his clients.
Messrs. Brown and Haskins, of
Revelstoke, politicians of no mean
ability, were in town on the 24th.
The former rendered efficient service
during the day as judge of the sports
and also in foundling the juveniles, a
task of peculiar charms for candidates
for political honors. Mr. Haskins enjoyed himself to his heart's content in
gliding" over the placid waters of the
bay in nis shell.
Messrs McNaught, Milligan and
McKenzie, of Seattle, holders of the
bond of $75,0C0 on the Alpha group of
mines near Silverton, passed through'
town from Spokane on Thursday.
The party returned from an inspection of the mines on Tuesday and left
for Nelson, to pay over the second
instalment of the bond money, which
fell due last month. The payment
amounts to $20,000.
A ruling of great interest to mining
men was given by Judge Spinks at
Nelson last week, in the case of Geo.
Hughes vs. Bronson & Serson. This
was an action for damages brought
by the former because the latter had
cut timber off a mineral claim of
Hughes'for theN.&S.R. Judgment
was given for the defendants, the
Court holding that a free miner has
not the exclusive right to timber on
his mineral claim.
T. Ardell, Mayor of Silverton, was
a visitor in town this week on business. Though that town is somewhat
quiet at present, the resumption of
work on the neighboring mines will
put new life in it. Several parties of
men are running out trails to the
claims, preparatory to getting in and
out supplies and ore. Mine-owners
are awaiting the completion of the
N.&S.R. to Wilson creek, whence
the ore will be brought up from Sil
Books, Stationery, Office Supplies,
and Wall Paper.
Great Eastern Block.
Electors of tk Sol Ming
Gentlemen,—Having been requested at a large,
and influential meeting of the Electors of Nelson,
and also by a requisition signed by a large number
of the citizens of Kaslo, to stand as a candiaate in
the interest of the Government at the forthcoming
Provincial Election, I desire to signify my acceptance of the nomination and to thank those
who have proffered me the honor.   To them and
to the Electors generally I wish to say that, if
elected, I will give careful attention to all matters o
coming within the sphere of legislation, and to the
best of my ability protect and promote the interests of the District and Province.
I am, Gentlemen,
Very respectfully yours,
Resolutions Passed at Nelson arid Kaslo.
1. That the present Government has been vig
orou.g and progressive in  Provincial affairs, and
has done well for this  Riding generally in the
2. That for this reason and as representing a
powerful, united party, the Government should receive support in the coming general election.
3. That steps should be taken to secure an acceptable candidate for,this Ridmg, who shall support tlie Government.
4. That such candidate shall be a capable resident of the Riding, willing, if elected, to consult
his constituents generally on important matters;
and that his place of birth or place of local residence in the Riding is immaterial. ■     34-tf.
iiieciors oi i
for Wilsori creek,   New Denver and
shortly, at which Messrs. Kellie and J Silverton at 5 o'clock p.m.
Brown"will measure swords—or ton-      G. Hunter, a partner in  the law
gues. ■■; office of Hon. Theo. Davie, Victoria, 'VANCOUVER
Factory and Salesroom:
-/  -    B.C.
Gentlemen —
Having been requested by
a large number of the Electors of the Riding to stand
as a Candidate for re-election, I hereby announce myself a   Candidate for   your
suffrages,  and trust I may
receive your hearty co-operation, interest and votes in
my behalf.   If elected, to the
best of my ability I will always eiideavor to promote
the best interests of the District and the Province.
Yours Respectfully


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