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The Nakusp Ledge 1894-11-01

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*-_i.V      '   •*
// ^l^iX d/^i^pz^^L^^
-»r    V
Ess >_>•* I'Xi       y~szz~'
Ai'*-"i      -.-feTiy-     -.■'■rrr'*
x0A   .xl&iayt A.''Aps\''
X  p^       JW  X-A    7-fjjj •'
7 XfjQkdhh.   fydd 5,
NAKtiSIV B. a, NOVEMBER l; i-8'9*&;
Price Ten* Cents.
.:■:■ ;<-TIliiEIi..E.ORKSre_kQ*c*f ->
,-w^ *
$\M 'to" $fM _% Day.
• IIIA W. .5-LACK-, Prep.
 -—r  . *  '.   -  •. : : *l-—-T-r       T~r^
i   j
u [
a-"'C"jnuncdation of guefts'.
t 'St_fr5©y,ov day. Batlis
-> . ea^ts.jeac^j,:.^.!';' 5.:fqi'
; >*• '-'•-■
iKa-tieular-jAvrlte tXilie ]iro\.yiei<jtii'.
. '■.:.-.'■■ - ;•; V;.; .rA^vwSojJ,: GRAD.D.OCK; &;Co
XndicaAiors at Trail Favorable to a
7 Great- Camu. ■.'.
^^:>77Va-.7./<»    a
_ST.,,...f.-,'..vi„.    '    '.'.'I"A        . •"*,
Jt'J'^a-%^;r,:rB. ^p .d'
" 7177
The Bar a* stoekedcWith the finest brands
AVinea Liquors, and Cigar.-?.,.,   .  •..-   •-       - •
Goriiiixg ■;■■$ BoMi^^P^
ThO: bar" ; is-stocked ■ wifch^ the;iiiiest
brands of wines, liquors    '   ,
•  and cigars:
NAKUSP, B: Gv;.;' -""•:
; Beautifully situated oiv the Lake shore tit the en-
traueeto the hest. and shortest'road 'to the Slocan
mines.;and New Denver-., Tlie, best fishing* and
hunting in the district,-with' gi'aiid-beating*, and
sketching facilities for tourists and artists.... The.
bar is supplied -with the best brands of wiues
•liquors and cigars:,. ;Tlie....accomraojdh.tfoji)vs. of the
Hotel ave the best.;.,^  - -..,7;,.v .r^vA*' X77 .
The loi-'ationof tlifs Hotel .
i.5 exf'eHottt, and ednimands';-
a grand view cfithe bc'auti-
fal.^;*eaery..that Surrounds.
.7 %Tlie Bp-r-lias. one  of tlie
'A 1" largest"'stocks  of   Wines,
= ■'   . A   ,.7. "liifiuorS'lnid^Cigars in the
'•'■   ■■".-'' *7   Cbuhtr/. ■      .-.-
The Dinmg Room is up to
date, and, .Travelers should..        -A   -
always"irive the Leland a  .
call.   '"'" ■"    .       ' 'A
;,:, ..&$ld /,'is.; a bout the ofiiy arthilfr in
fAnien'ca:?at' ther present time;that has
a stable value. The rclaims. atTJ'i'a 1
con&equeiitry are all littivicting con-
stderable   attention.    Tliis- camp  is
several years old, but;. owing;;td t\)e\
Slociiil exciteihent it  lias lieeh overlooked.    The'ore'is principally gold,
copper and iion, with SGme zinc in it.
Two miles due.south of the gold belt
'silver Is found.    rFhe Lillie May runs
hig-h in antinionial silver, assMys havrr
ing shown 20J ouiices ;of the white,
metal <and  v30 in-gold  tq^ the ton.
Quite a number of new locaTions Have
il3een made oh. the silver belt.
j    The   LehOi, owned by   Spokane
peopl6,<rhas 715 men working above':
and below ground.; The .shaft is down
325 feet and a IU drill air compresser'
has: jus7 beeii. put^ in ij^ice.:' The  Le
Roi; is shipping,'sin'eii '^us a-'efay. ':■■■■.
•   The^u'li^gie. boiled. by^ClarkA
Cam 1 >be'.1,7Pinc,i 1 '& Kingsbury, lindei4
the-name of the Iron  Mask Mining
Co., arc 7\vOrkfr]<r Ii7ineii7 ancb' can.'
ship:: ore;  ih:: 3D; da;ys.. ;Tlie ■inihe
promises to be a great-property. The
ore chute is i^iOM, ^'^f, Jong:,8^'- from
two to nine feet "wid.a^^T'hei :shafc is
.-down 65 feet, ::all in pre. a The output
c£ih dhe: easily-sfflelted.- yx-7;7ypp" 'Pa
The;Cliff; owned by Whtiton^Bros.
and J. R. Cbak, jias ponv r hi eii work^-'
ing.    The ore is low'grade, but there
isan immense bqdy^of.."it*..andi-;i.t nn-;
proves as the'shaft gets.cfcepeiv ;
"Six men "are 'cloiiig 'ctevelopment
w6rk on the I.X^Li; The ore • fi'diri
this claim- will be; run tlirouglv the
stanipniii^at tbef"G.K.;'i; fd;ddX'z \ ?oi
'=Ed. Welch & Co. are MrkmgAO'i);-
the Gold ( Hill. They,, have ■'already'
shipped a.; carload -aikJ have 5J tes.
on tlie dump. ' a
Two men are workiag on the-
Monte! 7Cristo, doing - >de^•elopmeht
work.  ,:/ *
The Mckel Plate is shut down,
owing to-litigation." *rTne ore on the
claim-is the richest in tiie camp, but
the vein is not large.
Eight men are working on the 0.
K:\ and a stamp; mill is in operation.
' The Josie, which had been working
10-meri,.is shut down, pending the
arrival of machinery.,.-Tlie Josie is
owjned bv Wisconsin' peopled "A tun
nel has beehr'driven71SQ feet, and a
shaft Is sunk. 55 fedx There is a
drift at the ''bottom of the sli.art 50 feet
long. The claim- shipped about 250
tons this fall.
Centre Star, Golden 'Queen,'Henrietta, Idaho, Pilgrim, Iron Mask,
Virginia, Enterprise, IroipHorse, Irun
Ool-t, Kootenay, Evening Star, Mascot^ Georgie, Columbia, St. Lawrence,
Gopher, Lega 1 'Tender, Hac 1. Bear,
Coxey, Cabfornia, San "l^ranciscr,.
Deer Park; Great Western, Montezuma,
Standard, No. J, Hon.esr.ake, ■and
Loi'tie are a few7 of the names of the
many claims staked out: in tins sec
The towmsite near the mines is
called Rossland. Not long, a .go it was
called Thompson, and .when the post-
ollice is established it Avill -likely be
changed again. Two wagon' roads
radiate froiu the 111 ines. One is seven
miles long and runs to ".-Trail Landing,
oh the Columbia' river. •'■ The .Other is
16 miles7in length and-ends'a"t; the
river opposite.No!'ti)port.7.:.Tiie latter
road cost ^i,OX) to buikl^thenioiijt'y''
having 'been j nt u}.>;' by Stevdus
county, Wash.,, Northport,,; Spokalie:
A smelter, cither at*--Northport, 0?
the4ii|nejs, is taikexl ofjrtipd/;;it^-ill.no
doubt be built.soniew
. VY'.'I&TQ. IHaBS.I'OBKS. 7
The   Nakusp   & Slocan  Bail way', is
7:    7    Practically Finished.
.Sunday  evening'life track layeis
reached  Three'-' Forks, the   interior
teriniuus  of   tlie ' Nakusp '^cSlbcan
'Northern Railway and others Inters, |ta-:ilv\'a;y, and to  all intents and.pur'-,
ei^ec*'       -.:'*■-.:-\dx ■■' y'-x"ly Ppd^'A-:. poses  the ..roacl'-'is,. hoW practically
■■'CQiu])Icte'd."-'.:--T-h'e'lirst>: tlirougli
^..oi;(M^:^H^no .fi-biutheEoilcsaiTivedinatinidnig-iit
ewliere ji^t ^a;r.^mm ^.^ -^^ .aily del-)n.
■^er±'-:Vpw-'::d[d'7   stiYiti6ii,t6 marJvcthe^ event, bearing
"A.■   'Will^vestr^est Year
. jJ.: ^Da^rau^h /uiaI, W. Briggs re.turri.-"
ecl ft'piiitjie'Cariboo -creek canip on
Moiiclay, Hv hit her''" tliey" liaxl" gonovta'
inspect some. QA:tho-dMcbyei;ies7 .;Al-
mpsfe^y^-y.location; was visited; and
specimehs.,secured, T^dvich Briggs - is
send ing out ibr assay.^ • He in tehtts:
being a? /heavyv:investor 'hex:fc year.
Tlie'v^repork'cPa i7uinber'bf the placer
claims^till->yoiiciii^:ahd':;^ll probably continue all winter. " Development work is - pi^ceedhig '■on^a,;nu'iii-
ber':{;pf the-:mineral claims; • Hiigh
Maddeiris said.Jo^.have made a good-
strike QPyniiueral farther up ijii,c;:
cre^lv;"-: ' '"'p-dpp';'•;.'•:.. '■■" y. a-X- . P"p_
YPx. ValTiahle; MieaTDiscpveries., 77.;
; 'Qn the. .^a,nksv;-of, iar 'smalls stroaiai,7
'sit^side''of -thelake'-frbih/tb^
val6abIe'v';^liScoveries rdf: inica "?have'
been-made;--Tlie ' veins  are -ft-bonf
niiieTfeet^widei   and-;.iji:e -found 7i;nn-
-irihg plainly over .;t;hc: sui-utce.7;';The
;;i-tiica is pure white in. color and strips'.
'{% any   thickness.    S lid 7MoGks, a
as, iJassengers, &n\ong others, Jno. A.
Mara, pliuf phohvd G';;/.' Loewen .and;
U 7Mcllifr^a?.-■■ 'E-liiisltiiig tbuches
are ;n6;w;be'ihg;priit- oiV>;lrl!g:TOad7{tf*the
EorksA particu 11\rlyx.sidings;    There
are yet' t wo v .weeks' ay or k; "to be- doi i e
on.the'bridges and ihba Hasting/the
ro^d:bed.o7;Still frei:rlit and  passengers nvay^berhandied-froni'end to eiid
;withput TdiiHCulty.    An   idea^Xh the
immense amount of work acconit lisrh-
Cd by tlie'./g'ang ,of. lip inen,may be
taken from tlie fact tha t close to Hiree
miles of track'w.eT'e"' laidf one mile of,
bridges constructed,   and   l,_i5(KC0.'
ieetof* timber- handled  in 10 djtvs.
This mc0.rd,;willi.;e   liard.,to beat by
the-feanieTiiuniber of. men  and under,
simi 1 ar circumstanceb   any.yv11 ere,  if
indeed; it-.^be ;elp;iajlcd,":Contractor
Cleiiientsis npwuat-di^ Eorlvs, erect-.
ing the; 'tenniuai- v^uildings, and 'by':
;tlio-tiihe:tliese;7are iinished tlie road7
will betaken" oyer by the C;|?.R7;;7 a
"•   The amouiit Of ti^fjic .in sight is;
•considerable.' -   TAVeire   carloads of
freight  were; in..'the1 yards Sunday-
waiting to be ta ken to tlie Porks, and -
there are  many, many  more, on tlie '
wav in.  . Hundrcus 'of tons of fire are
lbot;aiid a half square, Cab .be taken | waiting to come out, there b(!ing;Kp..
'"   "7Thedocat6i-s,areJ local nieri aiid tons from tlie Slocan Sta rat. the'iorks':'
.thpy^^nt^noiyto fully.idcv'elope tlie pro- uoav; while as  much more can be ta7'7
ppi-tles. v jiccess;to'the claiins;iseasy  ken out of. tjiat mine in 3 Jdays.   But
ailed tjie^^ih'lbe reached at.any time now, after, bailing  with' difficulties
■1 rom-towri.7" These discoycries, with   innumerable,   delay's, from    various
those on -Cariboo ;cree^.give;citizens oauses npt less; frequent, and despite
the impression thafcNakitsp is in. the the jibes and jeers of zealous oppoi 1-
ceiitre of a'rich 'ahd varied mineral puts, the Nakusp & Slocan -Railway is,
locality, of which it isa.loothe feedeiv  an accoinpiished. facr^ redoundm
The location^ are as'folloWs:   :'.'■■     -     credit to tlie Government  which fos-
; Silver Star-—four and.: a ha If m iles ftered the schenie and to the plucl*^r
from Na'kusp,   on the west side of the men who - undertook the   hazard^'
Upper Arrow lake., on7 arstream*"no\y I task.7
known as Mica, creek; located by-W.
C. 7, MuiiIiea4:,^'.R-   (jlendeniiing,   J.
McDonald; L. McQuarrie, and  h\ G:
Fauquier on  Get. 21...and recorded
Oct. 25. Yd        y   [y'  ,."- . ';7 '
Glencoe—north east of tire Silver
Star; located by. W-" 0. Mriirhead, R7
Glendenning*,.' J. McDonald, L. McQuarrie, D.,A.;;McDougald, F..Cai'son
and F. G. Fauquier on Oct, 21, and
recorded on Oct. 25.
Brittania—south of Silver Star and
Glencoe; Ideated and recorded on the
same date l)y the last-named men.
Hopewell—west of Silver Star; lo-
;Cateei.and.recorded on the same date"
b r same parties. ■   . j
Money, has been  plentiful   in town
this week, Owing to pay day on the'
To< Be Operated- Bv th^O.P.H.
:';  J>iessrs.AbDOtt, iMarpoIe, and other 7
C.P, R.officials returned to l^evelstoke
Thursday, -after. 'ius):eetii.g the  Na-
kusDcv. Slocan Railway.    The result
of .their visit lias been..given out, to .-
the ell ect that the C.P. R. will take...
tlie -road over  hi  two  weeks, or so
soon as the  upper end has been put
iii"proper shape. 7 The taking over of
the' road is, to a certain extent,   ele-
i:endeiit uj;on the verdict, of. the Government cn_;ineers.    This .stop'will.,
■insure tlie operation -of the road during the  winter ..months,  as also the'
river route • to the   Wigwam,   :o the
great ad vantage of the whole eo m-
tr'y.    Contracts have been made'with
the various-mine-owners for their ore
many   thousand    on-,
traffic sufficient for
aggrega ing
• A. S{ roatt, record 1 r at New Den- ] Tliis will afford
■yer, was married'at Revelstoke last j the.season. Little difficulty is anti-
VVeelne>:(lay to Mrs. M. Djnaliue, ahoieipated from, the snow, the worst
o--' ;Denvei7; Tiie haipy coiqle re-|pl.ac_. Icing probably 'Summit City,
turned home bv Saturday's.-train..        « but this-will be attended to. Pagre 2.
Second Year
Published every Thursday.-
R.    T.    LOWERY,    EDITOR    AND
ONK YEAR '. -...' S2.00
Transient Advertising, 25 cents per line iirst insertion, 10 cents !>er hue subsequent insertions,
nonpareil measurement.
Correspondence from, every part of the Kootenay
District and communications upon live topics
always acceptable... Write on both sides of the
paper if you wish.. Always, send something good.,
no matter how crude. Get your copy in .while it
is hot, and we will dolthe rest.
THURSDAY, -NOV.- -1, -1S94.- -
successful,-and there is no apparent
reason why they should not, -the influx of Norwegians from Minnesota
will swell the figures to upwards of
5,000.* There' is' room'* for'all and
British Coluinbia extends7 to them a
warm welcome: "'        ■*    '
Saturday week a party of 80 stalwart .Norwegians, in charge of Rev.*
Mr.-. Saagstadt, arrived at' Victoria,
hound for Bella Coola, where.-they
purpose settling. They came'-from:
Crookston,: 31mnesotar and. are the
ad^jice guard ofy 303 families, who
will^follow. in the.;spring. Early in
the'year' Mr". Saagstadt -;visited Oregon .and, Washington• and finally this
province, to .find suitable,- healthy
locations -for his countrymen, w'ho
were tired ;of life on. the desolate
wastes of-3B__aesota.- .Various localities, were.*^a^|bted, with the result
that Bella >iB&ola was chosen. ' An
agreemeigWas entered into with the
Provincial Government as .follows:
4'Not less than 30 families shall form
a settlement, eacJj ■ family to possess
at leasfr $30Q in cash pn arrival. The
Government will grant a lease of 160
acres of land to each family, rent
free, Jfrrviive years. :,At the end of
five -years, if improvements 'are made
at the rate of $5" per acre on the property, the Government will give the
colonists a free , crown grant. The
Government also engage to construct
in each settlement of Wt less than 30
families a .wagon Toad,,through the
colony.",- y - x L ,y ,■ . saMa ' ;; •.,,.,: X ■ ' d
T^r-settlers are all- possessed of
|neall|^o]ber, industrial and innur-
od to tfjeMardshipsAO^ life
in t^ go in for
mixed fanning,: logging and the developing of; the .fisheries on the north
coast,;;Mr, Saagstadt speaks highly
of his treatment from-the trarispdrta-
tion companies and the Government
officials.; Lord .and Lady Aberdeen
called on the party at SicamouS, while
Hon; Col. Bakers received, them at
Victoria. 7 The Government's' enterprise, in securing this desirable addition to our population is commendable
in the. extreme. However important
the Crofter scheme appeared in the
eyes of its promoters,, we think the
present one is, more so. It relieves
the province -. from; impending debt,
introduces capital, insures the occupation of waste lands by first quality
settlers, and practically accomplishes
the objects of the Crofter scheme, bj*
developing t-ie deep sea fisheries.
Should the first season's labors prove
September's bank statement for
Canada was the-most favorable for
many months. Tt,e Dominion is'rap.
idly recovering from the effects' or
the late financial depression ' -
t .,     .	
Special cablegrams to Nakusp's
leading paper announce the defeat
bf the Chinese by the Japs at Yalu
river, that the Czar of Russia-still-
lives, also the Ameer of Afghanistan,
arid that Caprivi has resigned.
Lord and Lady Aberdeen, the popular representatives' of Her Majesty
in Canada, are" at .present on & visit
to British Columbia and >*aTe meeting1
everywhere with an enthusiastic" re-'u
ception. ^This province claims His
Excellency as a citizen, inasmuch as
he is an 'extensive landed proprietor
\n the Okanagan country."  x x<: -:
The Dominion Government will
establish a- detachment of 50 Mdunted'
Police onithe British ColrimbiaiT side'
of the Alaskan boundary,* to suppress
disordered smuggling.' This*:step
has been rendered necessary by the
great rush of gold-seekersMntb the
district. TrispectorCoiistaikirie "ife his
recent trip' north, collected several
thousand dollars in customs dues.    u i
Certificate of Improvements;
of im jrivement-'.
Dated tins 9th day of October, 1894.
Oct. 18,1S94.
Certificate of Improvements,
QTANDARD Minkral Claim.—S'tuite in the
Ui Slocau Mux in-? Division of West Kootenay District. Where located: About two miles .north east
from Silverton.
- Take notice that I. A. S. Farwell, as agent for
Michael Grady, No. 49577; L-.H. Briggs, No.51140,.
and C. F. Laatz, No.4!y>87,intend, sixty days from
date hereof, to ap:>lyto the. Gold Commissioner for
a certilieate of improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a,Crown grant of the above cfaimi ,•
' And lufther take notice,,that adverse claim*
must be sent to the Gold Commissioner and action
commenced before thc issuance of sueh certificate
of improvements. . ? ..   --* -    "*   '
, Dated this 9th day of October, 1831.
' * . •-    A. S, FARWELL.
Oct. 18,189^. ,   A ? ,    ...
CANADIAN -- :'--~
'Shunieaw Mineral Claim.—Situate in the
Slocan Mining Division qi West Kootenay Patrick Wherejocated: About two miles'' north east
from Silverton.      , , ,.        ...
Take notice that IV7A. S. Farwell, a3" agent for
Michael Grady, No. 49577; L. H. Briggs, No. 51110,
and C. F, Laatz. xNo. 49(387, intend, sixty (days
from the date hereof, to apply 'to the Gold
Commissioner for a certificate of-'improvements,
for the purpose of obtaining a Crown gran,t of the
above claim'. ' ' ' -'..*''-., '
And. further take notice, that adverse claims
must be sent to the Gold Commissioner and action,
commenced befoi-e the issuance, of such certilieate
of improvements;   ' l777--' 7'7   "f '7 - A7 ',-,'• 7' v77 7
Dated this 4th day of October, 1831.
■••■■•'■.'-7     ' A. S. FARWELL.
•',  Oct. 18, 1894. '    "   L 7 "  .' •7,"-'>'1»:--c.'"*''.v.> X,~ ;,-
Certificate of Improvemenfe
7  "NOTIGF;  -.';.  7 7_   "
jCHO Minkral Claim.—Situate in 'the Slpcan
.j' y Mining Division of West Kootenay Distinct.
■■Where located: About two miles north.eastiron?;
SiIVerton.7■•■• . ■'■'■-'. 'A ;:''■-;\_": A.'.';. :''y...../7, 'Add:7.
Take'notice that I, A, S. Farwell, as agent ifor
Michael Grady, No 49,577; L. A.^riggs, No.5il40i
and 0, F. Laatz, No. 49 >87; intend, <ixty days.lr »rn
the date hereof, to apply to the Gold Commissioner'
for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose
of obtaining'a'Crown- grant df the above claim,#;   ',.
And further take notice, that ■ adverse eld'ims-'
must be sent to he Gold Commissioner..and action,
commenced befpre.the issuance of. .such'certificate'
of improvements. 7 '       :   7     .7    7'
Dated this 8th day of October, 1891.
7 Oct. 18, 1891. A ■-.-■■      -.■■■■■
Certificate of Improvements.
SURPRISE Minkral Claim.—Situate in the
O . Slocan Mining Division of West Kootenay District. Where located: About two miles north east
from Silverton. . '..''■ '       '
Take notice that I, A. S. Farwell. as agent for
Michael Grady, No. .49577; L. H JBrigg-?, No. 51110,
andC'-F." Laatz, No. 49387, intend,'sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply to the Gold. Commissi *«er for a certificate of improvements, for the.
purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of the" above
And further take notice, that adverse claims
must be sent to the Gold Commissioner and action
commenced before the is-uaneeof such certificate
Xp>,        [ ' "   . '  • ."'   -     :/»    ''^  ■
Atlantic Express arrives at 9* 15 Daily
Pacific " " 16:25     "
,-Cheapest, most reliable and safe route to Montreal,,-Toronto, St.- Paul, Chicago, "New-York'.
ratid Boston.- Rates §8 to $10 lower than any other
oute.''   - "'""-'.
' Specially fitted Colonist Cars, in charge of a
porter, for the accommodation of passengers folding second-class tickets.   ■-' *- -* \'.:-.,><
Passengers booked to and from all European
points at lowest rates. "-   ■ ,   i .<-.-..-. .
* . /
-;       • - - i  '
Low freight rates.   Quick despatch.   Merchants
will save money by •haviug' their freight rotated'vid'
'the-CTP.R.1  : '.  r   ,■-■"   -    l   , ^--X   -•   >~< *
. ; Full and reliable information given by applying
to "'      '' '.''■-
'   Asst Gen. Freight Agent,    Local Agent,
',        '- Vancouver.   '      "^Reve'stokt-
a    w   •->■
(       **-_     * 	
N-elspn &^ Fort, .Sh^jRaijd
' "f XAA'X'-. * A '■; ?'-  •    a7"''?7'A  .'.' A* 'X:Z' ■ As
'■'-fc'V-    s.*\ ■
:AJJLl.a B__il_   JBOUTE     TO*   SPOKANE.
-.: '  J.  .-2J.H-
<■'...  i- -.' t-    ,-.   . ■ •• "'-
.:(-..... .(       ■..:■   -J-*-..
■ •%'-
The only through route from Nelson, Kaslo,
":        Kootenay Jjnke and all Slocan ?;   7 V
[ ; .':■■'.    '■7:77.: -...Points.   : ' ■ .•':"',-""-
.   > ..:'_,...  -i'- -Air- i    ^   '
Through Train§ Semi-Weeicly.
j ''''.■ .. ' .Vi- C'.'S-:■■■'.'.. ^
Leave 7 a.m.        NELSON.        Arrive 5:40 p.m.
On Tnefdays rnd Fudays, firms will run
through to Spokahejarrivirig5 same day! Returning
passengers, will leave Spokane at 7..a.-mion;-'-Weanes^'
days aiid SatiirdaySj arriyiugat Nelson* at- 5:40 n.
m., same day, making close connection with the
steamer. Nelson. So^Ka-sloaud all Kootenay^lake
points.' .7.7 -.     ..'., .■■;   A.;', _■.,.:.:    :x,;:  r A X y--~-:Xy    ■■
Commencing Aug. 25 passengers for Trail
Creek, Nakusp. New Denver; Revelstoke, and all
noints on the Canadian Pacific Railway, will
leave Spokane von . -. Saturdays^: ,a tc.at- y,
7 a. jri., connecting at NorthiJort '.'with steamer
(same.day) at 1p.m.     -"•.;.   y<     -a-.'-7x-.''X -x7-v
: Passengers by steamer from above points arrive
in Spokane same evening. ....;.
Passengers for Kettle River and Boundary
Creek connect'at Marcus with stage on Mondays
and Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.
' G. L. ESTABROOKS,      -      MASTER,
Leave New Denver at Ta.m. for Silverton.
Leave New Denver at 8:30 a.m. for Bonanza
City. • -   ••
Leave Bonanza City at 12 noon for New Denver.
Slogan Trading & Navigation Co., (Ltd.)
TIME TABLE NO. 3.      '
\    To take effect on Saturday, May I9th71894.
\ .   ,.        *■
Trains West. Station.- Trains East.
1 16 30"     Depart NELSON Arrive      20 45
• JIG 50 Kootenav Crossing -       20 25:
J   J17 35 Slocan'Crossing ""        19 40;
(    18 15 _     Arrive ROBgCIN Depart      19 00
'. Trains from :Nelsoh will" wait amval*of beat
from Bonner's Ferry and Lake Points on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  •
} t Flag Stations.' ""    *    •
__TAbove Trains will run Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays."
' The Company*lfeserre'the right to change this,
time Table'without Notice.     ,:''X ''       '     '
,' Pacific Standard and 24 hour system adopted.
i ; General Supt., •'       Trainmasterfc Agent,
Varc >uvei-.       "  '' "■ "--*«' "     Nelscn.
lii     "
Steam Nav. Co., Ltd.
!        TJMEl _OuA.K,D 3STO. 5
Ih, Effect Wednesday, Aug. 29,1894.
:(Connecting with the Canadian Pacific Railway for all Eastern and Coast Points.)
Leaves Robson on. Wednesdays and Sundays at
16 p.m. .- ••--    " .    -    ,     -
Leaves Revelstoke on Tuesdays and * Fridays  at
( Ua.m.
,;.■■.? ;..-    -;'-   dpETR:. .LYTTON.7... [[a
■' '(Connecting at Northport foivpoints horthl'and
:.j i   south OirthSrSpokaiie FiiJls'& Northern
": \ ■'.'     ..-;.' A;.77; ;.-' '.-Railway.)..; yAXA-A'A' XX"
jLeaves Robson on Saturdays at 4 a.m.
Leases Nbrthporf^bit'Siaturdays at 1:30 pirn.
■ -, -i '     .  .. ■ '■..-' ■ 7    " ■■
Leaves Nelson Mondays at 4 p.m.; Wednesdays,
p.m. Connecting on Saturdays and YN^edne days
with Nelson & Fort Shepparii Railway for Kaslo
and Lake .points'. ,....,...-       ,......-..	
peaves Kaslolor Nelson, Suhdays at 8 a.m.;
Tuesdays at 3 a.m.;fThursdays at 8 a.m.; Fridays
at-3xi.m. Connecting oh Tuesdays and Fridavs
with Nelson ffi Fort Sheppard Railway, for Spu-
kalie and points south.
* K   ■ ■  :-.* -;-.'-.'...-..
■\ . „■;.   .■■ - STR. NELSON.:- :   ' ■
((Connecting with the Great Northern Railway
.'..-J -..for'all-Eastern points, Spokane and
>-; A .•'-..':'■    -;'    7 tlie Coast:);*    ■'' '   "
JLeaves Nelson on Tuesdays and Fridays at 7 a.
m." ■   ' '■■-•■■■''   ::- ;.;;'- -7'A ' 7 7*;''.T; ..''.. ,.-.■■
'Leaves Kaslo on Tuesdays arid Fridays at 3 a.m.
.." Leaves Bonner's Ferry for/Nelson and Kaslo at
2. aim. 011 Wednesdays ana Saturdays.
1 : The company reserves the right to change this
sclfeduie-atany^ttmeyrithout'h.bticei ■'••"*       -
>  For full information as to tickets, rates, etc., apply at the Company's offices, Nelsonr B.C.
T. ALLAN, Sec'y. J. W. TROUPr
Nelson   B7C- Manager. Second Year.
He Tlimks'tlie Country is in a Prosperous-Condition,- „
Butte." We da not doubt any oi
these people, and all their townswill
be bates if they will get to work and
do something besides .sinking the old
t   „   ,V   *   \PP    ■      5 *   r     -f^''''™8'^ will be a second
J. A. Mara, M.P., and Capt. Troup,'   Butte.;'   : ,
maiiagero^the'C.&ICS".N.Go., niade '    * """"   —   "
a trjp into.the Slocan..Thursday, re:     'Some of the hotels iii'this'countrv
Page 3
 *.~«*y, A_7       x* v>~ »«*«« i" uns country
turning Sunday night,- JBesidos sizing a^otin. keeping- with the advanced
up the busness prospects of the chnip,'4 "stat'G of their prices.' . We stopped at
they visited a number ofthe leading one-the other day at which the table
mines, including. the_, Alamo, Idaho,; cloth had jnisseft -its annual bath; and
n i Slocan S5ai\ "Afr.'Mara was a-^ might easily beVristaken for the coat
onishedat.thqbig disj lays of ore at of & chlm^QV swee Ther
lie   various properties.    He   thinks «•■./,•  x "      •      „   ^
• A.- l.'     *.   -ir\ f^r\'\  tiles in thp hiT-foi*1  «   *■"«*■  —  -*-
hat at a ronsorvjif-.Tvo ncfimof^ m mi   "i-^o in ■,.*■-■
Books, Stationery, Office Supplies,
and Wall Paper.
Great Eastern Blocki
that at a conservative estimate 10,000
•'onsof ore will -ho shipped from the
* locan this winter. ' The mining
connuiinit.y are .hopeful,' > and the.
whole country appears to" be in*a:
1 rosperons condition. Mr. Mara opines
there wiirbe no difficulty in keeping,
open tiie Kev.elsfcoke-r.pute during the
wintJr. ' The H if bids fairto.be an
flies in the blister," a fact we do not
object to if their death had been of
recent occurrence; but -we do object
to flies in the .butter, which have Teen
dead so long tha. their friends'" have
ceased to mourn for them.; Bacon %
all right when iff is good and juicy,
o]cn onc;\.with'>I_ii^ is old and gray "and-
1   '      "    Should dtW t0ni- ithG P^cipal attraction at a
, ;     .KASLO, B. G
Graduate of Trinity University Toronto.   iMember of college Physi-
ciansand Surgeons, Ontario.
(Jl8lc7«raliic co„
» Dealers In
Pianos,  Organs,   Musicians'   Supplies, Sewing Machines, and
C'jver   the   sand   bars."
—   •y i
Bestatirant   .   .
.   '   7 NEW,.DENVER, B." C.
<".       „'   ■. •   —■ —
Showing: tUc Dates and Places ot Courts
of Assize. Nisi Prius, and Oyer and
Terminer, and General Gaol Delivery for tlie Year 1894.
;vja Nakusp:   When the C.P.R takes ancl unless some of the hotels improve
•or or the N.& S.E.   the interior mail' matters, we will endeavor to have an;
will go on-the cars.   In the event of Act of Parliament passed Dmhihih',J
a blockade, the mail will reach here i,n**i_'r,_-    TTi     -   ,a Vl0hl™™g
,TN addition fo ttaBeatourant the Proprietor has'
1   a number of Room* to rent to Traveler*    Tho
i      >~r^*.'    -Y »    *\ JOHN W..WINTER
— -» »■-   "in i^auii licit:
weekly, by, way of-Nelson and Kasld.
Referring t, political matters, Mr.
J\Iara, said -that- Hon:, -Mr. Laurier's
; lato.canif aign-.tcmr-in British Columbia had proved  a failure, while  the
Conservative   rarty   were- steadily
'gaming ground   in, the east.    The
," .Dominion -Parliamerit had still two
,bcssjons;to -live,-and ,should an elec
-' .t'on'be called it Vill 'not be till Me. in
:thftfallof 18J5.   -Eegar^dmg there-,
vision of the  voter's list for this constituency, he declared  that it would
le -complete,* and. up  to  date, Mr.
Jufitice  Walkem- having spared no
.pains in. his, task.    Mr. Maivi estimated that fully 1,000 names  had been
a Idccl to the list from West Kootenay
alone. ■> If the members bf the House
of Commons are not'speedily enlightened, as to- the mineral  resources of
-t, le district it will not be the fault of
i:s representative. v '
hotels using table cloths that are not
washed at least once a month,* and
making it compulsory to have noth
ing but youthful, recently deceased ,
flies served :n the i uddinj*.
ROSSLA^D, B., C      -.  ■
Best Hoitee "
at: tlie
Trail Miner.
Stages leave Kaslo daily at 8 a.'m-.
for New Denver. Returning will
leave New Denver for' liaslo at
same -hour.
Satisfaction  is   Guaranteed
7"«-   -,«»    4'
M . D. .Mahoney and •"•family -have
removed from New Denver' to Spo-
ka'ie " :
A. R Dipl^ek. Vancouver, is rounding up the Rcoicpav ir.ejchants for
1 (1 d'e y o'dtis of stationery "and gen
cral l.btions.. " "
STEWART    &    LYNCH,    Props
arber and
SLOCAN > AVE.     -
,A. J. SCQTT,   -
FAr.n A&sixes.
*Nelson Monday 3 Oth September.
* Donald Monday 17th September.
j  Clinton. .■> Thursday. 20th September.
Klchfiield Monday 24th September.
Kamloops Monday 1st October.
Vernon Monday  8th October-
Lytton ..Friday 12th October
Xe\v Westminster.. Tuesday ,.. .6th November^'
Vancouver Monday 12th November.
Victoria  Tuesday 20th November
Nanaimo  Tuc'day 27th November-
*Special Assizes adjourned from the Spring* by
Mr. Justice Walkem and now fixed for these
Buy'-    -
Ypnr Goods"
-:,   v -Kelson, b.c,
Landscape Photographers
Keep a large quantity of Architypes
and ^ Steel   Engravings    in    stock
Pictures framed to order.
Ih Kaslo, during;t;hc7.boom days, a
real estate man would take a stranger
a:' mud th^; town, ^'dilate1 liipon its ad-
vaiVaees and then wind up*bv sav-
ing, 'Tliis will heji secdnd TBptte."
At Nakusp we have heard the same
thing, and last wiG:Qkv.'while-yiewing;
the scenery at RossJai'.d, an old-timer:
approached .iis;and7AyW^jD.feKexi>?-iri qui';
eir, "This will 'fera^SGCcnd Butte.
When v,e arrived:at.•;Nprtliport,  a.'
^Ul1.M -
Of tjwansea ana; :vv igan,
,.,• .-..'■ w'.\   ;■ .
Analytical Chemist _:nd Assai er
.The oldesc and most experienced
-     •Assayer in^thePi-ovince;
REVELSTOKE, B.C   :^oot:of*^ Nelson.
Blue Midge Hotel,
town sodead:ihat:5soii?efftfieftW     [-'^^
have turned  bla.ck.7andithe'iniiabi- j ^P^^odaitions for travellers. Good
fo«^.w„,.«  -.I-.,* ■ i—*.,.,-   ..,.,.„.■.,   •   I    stables.     The bar is stocked with
tan Vs have that hunted -.aiid- forlorn
look a 1 wa vs found on t?ie.]Yfa&:S- of
■those'whose diet is'-principalIv hope
and potatoes, the first words:,that
^ated t - us'fr< m the- vbcal'orgaiSoF
a citizen were, "This wil Pie a second
choice liquors and cigars. Pack
train in connection with the house.
Goods taken, .to . any part, of .the
mountains.     -/
..    Mcdonald Bros., Props
A full  stock  of   Lnmter,.
.rough  arid dressed, laths, I
shingles, sasb,doors,mould-
ijQgs, etc.    Clear  and dry
fir Eobring and ceilirig foi (
^ale at lowest prices. .
■   [L.S.J * E. DEWDNEY.
VICTORIA, by the Grace of Gr.d, of the United
Kingdom of Great Biitain and Ireland,
Queen, Defender of tlie Faith &c, &e., &e.
To Our faithful the Members elected to serve in
the Legislative Assembly of Our Province
cf British Columbia at Our City of Victoria
TiiEODOitE 'Davie.1 WHEREAS We nrcdosir-
Attorney-General.J \) ous and Resolved, as
toon as may be, to meet Our people of Our Pro v.
ince of British Columbia, and to have their ad vice
in'Our Legislature:
NOW KNOW YE, that for divers causes and
consideration", and taking into consideration thc
ease and convenience of Our loving subjects, We
have thought fit,'by, and:-with the advice of Our
Executive CouriiVil of British Columbia, to hereby
cbnvoice, and by these presents enjoi/i you, and
each of you,that on Monday,- the^Twelfth day of
.November, one thousand eight hundred and nine"
ty four, yoii m^et'U-jiii Our said'Lsgislature or
Parliament of Our said Province, at; Our City of
Vjcteria;' FOR   THE^DISPATCH   OF   BDSI -
NESS, to treat, do, act, and concltide upon thofe
tilings which in Our Legislature of the Province
of 'British Columbia, -by the Connnon Council of
Our said Province may, by the .favor, of God, be
ordained. ■■',.;
In   Ti:>ti.monv 'Whkheo'e,   We have caused
these Oiir Letters to be made patent and the
.Great'Seal of the said Province to be here-
',■   iinto aiJixed: .Witness; the Honourable En-
GAk'Dewdney, Lieutenant-Governor of Our
said Province of British Columbia, in Our
C ty.of Vietorr, in Our said Province, this
.Twenty-.seventh day of Septembsr, in the
year of Our L ;i*d one thousand eight hun-
Gredandnijietv'-four, and in the fifty-eighh
year of Our reign.   A ."•
By Command,   • \
Provincial Secretary. !.■
Second Year
Maps of Britislv Columbia'for sale at
this office. '"..''■ 7 ■■'
?~* O j Mad den   and   J.   Ivlegarry,   of   this
'-'X. j town,a, half inte: est in the Iron Crown
claim, on (Jariboo creek.   The consid-
eraii; n wn:•$ go ds siipp lied by   bjth
pinie.-. to Slija.    J.   Megany is j.u-7
.     ... w>     1     v ,   -   1   4-u»-      thorized to dispose of half or the ie-
Vail jy, wigIiU. J. Vail in charge.      j novt.Ar .   :
John Ward intends starting: an ho
KASLO ^ CITY,       - ,
p. p
tel in Spokane and  will cater to tlie
mining trade.   ""'■.
It is statu! that a first-class-hotel is
to be erected at the Forks by the
tjwnsite company.
All tlie laborers as thev leave the
railway are find ing employment in
the Slocan mines.
House  and furniture  to sell, ver y
cheap, at Nakusp,    Apply  to H.   N.
■Coursier, Revelstoke.  ' "'-".-pA.
P. If. Tingling & Co. arc figuring
upon building a new boat, larger and
iastcr than the Arrow.
Slight improvements arc being
m i d e 011 tho st re ets a t T h r e 0 For le s
by the townsite company.
Balmy days t*"*at would rival these
oi'June have been the role here this
week.    Alas, the poor coasters!    7
D. A. .McDougald, of  the   Leland'
House, has 'gone   to   Honolulu' from
Ivamlcops for the Lcne/it of his health.
When in Kaslo stop at tlie Great
Northern Hotel. Rates reasonable.
Headquarters for cool and delicious
beer/ ' t  7
Str. Arrow, wlr.ch has been'scrap--
ed, re-painted and otherwise fixed*
up, resumes her regular runs in a
lew days.
The electric light sys'-cm' on the:
Lytton gives satisfaction, pa riicularly
the search lamp, which throws a
poweriul ray.
J. 0. Johnson, representing Pierson
■& Co., wholesale- clothiers, Victoria,*
disposed of four carloads of .goods on
his trip into the Slocan. .        -..«,- .';■.,■'
■* ■■■-The ■Lytton was delayed almost a
day on her last up trip,due; to a valve
breaking, on the7lower river. Repairs A-r ere effected at Robson.
• ... C. • J. Loe wen: asserts that a bank—
probably a private institution—will?
be established at 'theForks.  A build-
inglot has "been reserved for it.      7
Oh the Northport wagon road to the
.-.Trail mines,': laborers were paid $1:50
per day: on the American. side of the
line and £2.50 on  the Canadian side.
On their way down to Nakusp hut
week, Messis. Abbott, Marpole and
other officials 'cho,e a site at Revelstoke for the 'proposed; C.P.R. ho'el.
The site, chosen' cojiprLes 10 lots, situated alAiig the line of ..the 'R'.& A.L.
R., to the. south of the water tank.
The phins call for. a; wooden structure,
to be heated by i.ot air. 'The"papers,
•have been forwarded to Sir W^C.
Vaii Home for apprbyal., Should,it
be-built a Vancouver man will.'.getl
the contract. The compjany anticipate a big trade ibr next season. : .
R. S7 Wilson, mercliant tailor, Revelstoke Station, wil lihake his next
trip to.; the Slocan about the. 15th of
November. ". ;ITe will take in Nakusp,
NewDenver, S'lverton, rPhree,Forks
and Sahdon,; carrying a full line of
saihples, and he wilL gaurantee satisfaction both in cpaality' and.. pric,e__of
goods.. The dirl'erent'- mines of; the
Slocan, will be visited and- miners
will lia ve"lli. opportunity of procuring
clothing that will fit ihem..■• without
losing any time at their work. Don't
fail   to  see   simples   before giving
Tiie only practical Watchmaker in
thc Kootenay District Orders by
mail receive prom n't attention. 7 : ■'':[■■"•
ill J7 WORK '■GtlAMTEEfii
1 *-~s ..
' W A#i^^^ S* i
7 - ■■ PAOHCERS..
' ^IMPERIAL"   Brand   of
Wholesale & Retail Dealers in
Write to iv-3 for Pric-e
PT   _ pt»."b. . .fST -a tW
\ LL Placer C'-airir. i i thtV District, legilly held.
i\-.._ m iy 'be laul over froni tlielith October, -135)1.
"to tM 1st Jane, 1*9.V   '■'■'■    . .-.'..    d-d'.x
"'■ -     N. FITZSTUBBS,■; .
•   7 .    •■;.'.'-■■.-.■   • 7 -. Gold ComiiiBsioiier
D^te^Ne^rV. B%C':,v4tJi October, .iftn.   7 . - „
your orders elsewhere.
Shields Gtet3 Damages.
The sealed verdict; in the case: of
James Shields against S.:J. Holland,
of Spokane, awarded y;f8,00D for the
injury sustained through an acrobat
falling upon him in tKe Comique theatre in that, city Shields was bhcea
well ;buil.t.man, biii is now deformed.
Pie is one bf tlie most widely known
Prospectors in the iiorth west. . He
and Charley •Druin were the dijcov^
erers and original locators ofthe fa-"
mous Lucky Jim mine in the Slocan
country. Shields was grub staked
by James Williams, of Spokane, and
Druin by Green Bros., of Kaslo, each
of whom acquired an interest in the
Lacky Jim property,'.-, and realized
handsome returns from its'sale.
:^.Tvs," aad Y Y
[AYING- placed some new
Machinery, in onr Mi]1,
we are prepared to furnlili
all kiridvS of Rough and Dressed Lumber and; Shingles at
greatly reduced Prices.
'     PRICE
Factory and Salesroom : 7
VANGOUVER.  7-    -
Rouarh■Lumber, narrow,-'
"   .'■'    u' .  . -wide,.;
■Jotet and Sciantliug*,.:5ized up to
IS feat lon<--,-'•.-...'    .,
i8'to.2lQ'   -  ::;. 77   ,.AA-
'21 'to 30 '   7'-"'.7.'-    ; '.'-,.;■■.'■■■.:■.
Flooring, T & G, <l " ,
V jbihtCeilii)g;;i" :      '
^"Rustle, '; a-'•■■:.'-7/7;
Shi'dap, .    ■*. ■
Surfaced Dreg red, 7
"$11 00 to $12, CO
."■.•'-!''' Mi"'&)
•-'-.-.       /%12, 0)
■'•      S13 0)
X:20 OO
-A-   &__- 0)
S22" 0 i
*19 0»
,■',-.   ."',       *4i.i O i ■
7 ■ 2m 07
A liberal di count on large orders for Cash,    -
pbtbr Genelle & Co.
Another fbrtniirlH will conefude the
labors of a majoritv of the members
of the Construction Co., and many of
them are setting their .houses in order.    The town will miss -them. ..
A. D. Emorv,' .-of Cole & Emory,
inercliant tailors, 'Winnipeg, passed
UpTMonday,' after two weeks' canvassing in tlie district. Tlie net results
of his trip were eminently satisfactory
to him.
' Ore Shipments.
Thursday last the Kootenai 'took-
out a.little oyer 6P tons of ore, whi'cli
had been lyii.jg on the local wharf for
some time. It Avas from the Mountain
Chiefinine, near New Denver,.and
owned by GeVge Hughes, and was
consigned;to:the Grant-Oiuaha Smelting Co., at Gmaha. When'complete
tlie shipineht from this mine will
amount to 500 tons. O^her shipments
during -tlie week included ,t;0 tons
from the Le Roi, on Ti%a i 1 creek, to
Enst Helena; lo tons from Kaslo to
Omahaj and 27) from Ainsworth 'to
Y'nkusp's    shipping    list
>s&y aiu»:
acrc_u istrna nMcrci.
\az=*     Lkb^   ,X\
___t_rx*_cri. i±rt£__i ***tsca " "
stands: —
Xxt ::5
J"?e.3.t. 17
S.-V-t". 1!»'
Se't. 2)
Oct.'! '
O'er. 0
A lull a
The ■combinatio.ii conch was ditched
H3ar th.e Suminit Thursday. No one
was hurt.nor was there.-any particu-
■l:;ir damage'-"done1. Safet>". iias been
i sured in futnre by the changing of
tlie trucks, which' were too'sharp for j sYt.
'the curves.
; Cunim ings .& hi iclia rdson, who have
been 'in business here f u* upw«*irds of
a year, are opening up their wholesale   liquor   store   in   New Denve1'.;
Bull are voung  men of promise and. *.^n„n\nnx ;-»,-,;+•— w• csinn
made   nmnv Ivionds   lure.      They    ^ ifleuse mamfe^ o,  ^100 per ton,
-.   ..-I .*.      •■■,■,■■    .,   • , •    i.»iif. tins-'will   03 found  to be be'ow
« io.u.1 «.» v.ollm blle.r ucw.lwme.        Klthei. tha„. above the  aotllae, ^
Patrick Shea has transferred to II.'of the ore.
* iCi.
12;>.000 lbs.
178,375      .
XKrm . -,.
AO/ino ■
75,000   7.
§ 0,003
Underwear. Hosiery, .-■
Mens' Furnishings,
Mens' Ready .Made ' "' .
■     .  Clothing,
Gloves, "Ribbons.; Silks,
Satins, Cashmeres,
Melton & Serge Cloths,
Carpets,LIinds, Cottons, Hats and Caps,
House & Table Lin ens,
Boots and Shoes.  '
eecEey dep
Hungarian Flour,
Sugars, Bacon, Hams
.Coffees,' Teas, Spices,
a Jams,   Pickles, Gat-
meal, Biscuits,
Canned Vegetables,
Canned Fruits,"
Dried    Fruits,   and
Fancy Toilet Soaps,
Cigars aiid Tobaccos,
Grindstones.■& Fixtures '
Crosscut & Rip Saws,
Axes and Handles,
Nails, Screws, Bolts,
Round, Flat,Square Iron
Oils,; Paints,   Grlass,
Horse Shoes and Nails, -
Cutlery, - -
Glassware,     '
Crockery,   7. .    '•'
Stationery Y ■■■;■.:
s..it**. x>   Maintain Chief
The ■ value is reckoned on the basis of I
iiiers- can get acomp
<_/JL *C/«


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