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Nakusp Ledge 1894-05-10

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Aj   "*
PK^m UWa^a
[(**■-. M*V 12" 18-94 -. .«V:y;
nikt 7*
Vol. 1. No. 32
NAKUSP,: B. C, MAY 10, 1894.
Price Ten Gents.
Front Street, West,     -
The Largest and
plete    Stock  in   the
Kaslo, B.C.,
Most  Com-
(Jetting Things into Shape for
Queen's Birthday.
Almost A Wreck.
Corning & Rodd, Prpps.
The bar is stocked with the finest
brands of wines, liquors
and cigars.
This hotel is situated near the
water front and has every accommodation for the travelling public.
U. S. THOMAS, Prope
<_rOOd accommodations for traveller's.
Me bar is supplied with a good
stock of Wines, Liquors
and Cigars.
EISDALE &  McKAY,   Proprietors.
Saturday evening a meeting of the
various committees, and other citizens
interested in the ^celebration of the
Queen's Birthday, was .held in T.
Abriel's office. F. G. Fauquier re
ported that the subscription committee
had collected the sum of $368,'-{with
more yet to come in. Of this amount
D. McGillivray very generously donated $50 and Captain Troup, for the
C. & K. S. N. Co., $25. The report of
the committee was adopted and a vote
of thanks passed.
Then ensued a long discussion upon
the nature of the sports for the .day
and the amount to be appropriated to
each. It was decided to .apportion
the sum of $25 for printing; -horse
racing, about $50; aquatic .sports, $50;
for the I. C. & D.Co.'s employees, $25;
tug-of-war, $10; athletic sports, $125;
and the remainder for a-pavilion.
This will be erected close;;: to the
schoolhouse and daintily fixed, up for
speechifying and dancing. The sports
will be held on Broadway^ at the in
The str. Lytton and scow, which
left here Saturday morning for Rev-
elstoke after unloading a cargo of
steel rails,' struck a snag in ascending
the river, almost wrecking the barge,
All speed was made for land. An examination revealed a very large
hole in the bottom of the scow, punched through by the snag. Temporary
repaiis were made and the boat returned to town late Sunday night.
The scow was hauled out on shore
and the ship carpenters, working
night and day, put in new planks and
re-caulked the seams, enabling the
Lytton to make a fresh start Tuesday
Such is the Belief ofthe Owner ofthe
Slocan Star.
Improved Mail Service.
siring to compete will be asked to put
up 10 per cent, of the prize offered as
an entrance fee.
Committees were struck as follows:
Reception, Messrs. Bourne, McDougald
Jordan, and Nault; horse-racing,
Messrs. Murray, R. Madden and P.
Genelle; aquatic sports, Messrs.
Rodd, Osier, and Spencer; athletic
sports, Messrs. Perks, Richardson, H.
Madden and J. Genelle; pavilion,
Messrs. Ehrmanntraut, Richardson,
and Abriel; printing, Messrs. Fauquier,
Muirhead and Smitheringale. Judges
Messrs. Hewett and Daly. A starter
will be chosen by the joint committees
of athletics and horse racing.
Arrangements have been made
with the C.& K. S.N.Co., whereby
passengers from Fire Valley may
come up on the Columbia the day of
the sports and return on Friday. For
the Revelstoke people,, and those from
intermediate points,  the Lytton has
Thanks to Inspector Fletcher's visit
and the ceaseless kicking of the settlers, West Kootenay is to be given a
much: improved mail service tliis
summer. The south riding will get
four mails per week, two via the
Northern Pacific and Nelson & Fort
Sheppard Railways, and two by way
of the C.P.R,  and Revelstoke.    In
tersection of Slocan. avtf'^Se de-fa*1© north riding, there will .-be .live
mails a week via Revehitoke. This
has been made possible by the running of the Lytton to this point from
the first-named place. The mails
will come down on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays,        ".-'y :;.
Hotel ImproT«ments.
An index to the inproved state of
trade in town may be seen at the
Nakusp and Columbia Houses. At
the former hostelry the bar has been
vastly improved, while the interior
of the upper story is being finished off
in good style, adding more rooms
and enhancing the comfort of the
guests. Otherimprovements are
contemplated thereat of a satisfactory
nature. B. C. Rodd is rapidly transforming the Columbia House by many
improvements.     A   carpenter    has
Beautifully situated on the Lako shore at the enT
trance to the best and shortest road to the Slocan
mines and New Denver. The best fishing and
hunting in the district, with grand boating and
sketching facilities for tourists and artists. The
bar is supplied with the best brands of wines
liquors and cigars. The accommodations of the
Hotel are the best.
been employed on the interior foi
T*>een placed at their disposal. She | some time, but it is on the outside
will leave Revelstoke at 6.30 a, m. 6T_
May 24, returning at 5 o'clock next
morning, and for such as prefer remaining they may go up on the Columbia on Sunday. Single fares only
will be charged for the round trip.
The various committees will meet
and report progress on May 19.
where the greatest change has taken
place. A substantial and imposing
verandah has been erected fronting on
Broadway, on the port icy of which a
fine view of the sports on May .24
may be had. The local business men
are nothing if not enterprising.
Mr. Graham, chief factor of the
Hudson Bay Go's post at Kamloops,
is in Nelson inspecting the Company's
business at that point.
Tuesday morning a number of men
were placed at work grading the
land, west of the Company's offices,
for the shunting grounds and round
Byron N. White, the much-envied
owner of the Slocan Star mine, in the
Slocan country, was a passenger up
on Sunday's boat. He remained here
but an hour or two and left on horseback for Three Forks. Mr. White
had just returned from a short stay
in Uncle Sam's domains, where he
stated, business was in a deplorable
condition. Everything was practically at a standstill, and this he attributed to the low price of silver, resultant upon the filibustering tactics
of eastern goldbugs.
, However, the horizon of the silver
question way becoming brighter, and
Mr. White was convinced tliat it
would not be long before the double
currency would prevail. Silver fluctuated, a few points in price from day
to day, but the tone of the market
was more firm than a few weeks ago.
Mr. White predicted a steady rise in
the price of the white metal. He did
not think Congress would do much to
further the cause of bimetallism, but
indications all pointed to the.iact.that
the leading nations of the Avorld will
soon be forced to take joint action on
the matter. Tliis would result in silver being acknowledged a true factor
in currency, and a standard guaged.
All monetary troubles along that line
would then terminate.
At the Slocan Star general develop
ment was proceeding in a satisfactory
manner.    Three tunnels had already
been driven in, and the fourth, started some time ago, was  going ahead
rapidly.    In these the ore vein had
been struck with unvarying richness
and  increasing  width.     The  lead
averaged close to 12 feet,' with heavy
companion ledges of concentrates.   A
fifth tunnel is to  be started 500 feet
lower  down   the   mountain,   which
would strike the lead more to its base.
When this development work is all
completed the property will be in a
forward condition,   and   capable   of
shipping several carloads of ore per
day.    Hugh Mai in had j List completed
the-contract of hauling 1000 tons from
the mine to the storehouse at Three
Forks, whence it wiil be shipped over
the'N.t& S.R.    Though this quantity
of ore had been removed,   the resources of the mine had been but
prospected.    The Slocan Star is undoubtedly  the banner mine of the
country.       _____
The notorious Theatre Comique of
Kaslo is no more. After a year of
constant operation it -has been forced
to give up the ghost. "9"
Very Eicli Returns.
The Tacoma Smelting & Refining
Co. last week received 53 carloads of
ore from the Le Roi mine on Trail
creek. The ore carries four, ounces
of goldx six of copper, eight to ten of
silver and 35 per cent, iron, with no
galena. It is excellent for smelting.
Manager I. M. Pay ton says that the
company will probably ship nearly
$1,000,000 worth of ore to Tacoma
this season.
Fraser   River   Mining.
The satisfactory result of the 36
hour clean-up by the American company operating below Tale of some
17 ounces of gold, serves to prove Dr.
Dawson's assertions, that the richest
deposits of gold would likely be found
in that vicinity owing to the, widening of the river after passing through
the canyons above. That Yale will
again become an active mining town
there now remains no doubt, and both
American and local capitalists have
secured every foot of available mining ground, both in hydraulic and
deep workings.
• Much interest is being taken in the
developments of the Prince Albert
Flat Hydraulic Co., situated a few
miles below Yale. This company,
although not one year old, are decidedly in the lead, their object being to hydraulic out the old river bed
which appears to have changed its
course at that point. They are at
present engaged in running an open
cut some 60 feet in depth and 400 feet
long to run off their tailings, and will
in a short' time be into their pay
ground. This company enjoys all
the natural advantages for hydraul-
icing, having abundance of water
and a comparatively light ground.
It is expected that with the addition
of another monitor, which they purpose putting in, trhey will make a
showing that will be an opening to
the eyes of. the. mining world, and
again make Yale the busy mining
town of 1868 70.
lie; every smelter and every miner
being privileged to buy or sell ore
respectively. In such a country as
this you, may well imagine such a
plan would be of great advantage to
all parties, as ore would be brought
in to the sampler, centrally located,
sampled; weighed, etc., in the presence of tiie owner, and the ore would
be sold to the smelter submitting the
most satisfactory offer tor it. Payment for ore would be made to ship -
per on spot. New York quotations on
date of sampling at our sampler
would rule, thus the mine owner
would be able to know and choose
his market for his silver and lead.
Our connections extend to all the
leading smelting establishments in
the States, including the Omaha &
Grant Smelting Co., Omaha and
Denver; Globe Smelting & Refining
Co., Denver; Philadelphia Smelting
& Refining Co., Pueblo, Col.; Tacoma
Smelting & Refining Co., Tacoma,
Wash., etc.
, I write rather lengthily ori this
matter to correct the impression in
your valuable paper. We are representatives in this country now for the
Omaha & Grant smelter, and that
company will continue to have representation after we have constrncted
our public sampling works. B;is, ot
course, personally wre would be independent of any one smelter. Yours
very truly,        BRADEN BROS.,
Bv Wm. Br\dex.
Agents for the Omaha & Grant Smelting Co., Omaha and Denver.
New Denver, May I, 1894
Wm. Hunter.
W C. McKinnon.
"\TOTICE is hereby ariven tliat on the 6th day of
-lY April, 1894, the Map?, or Plans, of the Lands
required and intended to be parsed over bv the
Nakusi) & Slocan Railway Company,and the Bo^k
of Reference for the said Railway, were filed in the
office of the Registrar General of Titles, Victoria,
■B.C. .'■' . ■■•'.. .'.
Dated this day of ,1894.
E. E. WOOTTON,      >
(of the firm of McPhillips, Wootton & Barnard,)
Solicitor f or the Nakusp &
29-4t. Slocan Railway Company.
An Explanation.
Editor of Ledge:
Sir,—Referring to your issue ofthe
26th ult., I would call your attention
to an article regarding the erection
of sampling works in the country by
the Omaha & Grant Smelting   Co,
Although the above company is always progressive, it is in this case
not the policy of that com pan y to
erect a sampler.    You have, no doubt,
heard in a-, round-about- manner or
the fact that the firm of Braden Bros,
ofthe U. S. Public Sampling Works
Helena, Montana, figure on the con
struction of sampling works in the
Slocan country,   if sufficient encouragement is shown by the mine owners to warrant such a plan.
The idea would be absolutely pub-
Denver and 5i!verton
All kinds of Miners' supplies kept constantly in stock.
'AVING- been appointed agent for a large
wholesale tailoring establishment in Eastern Canada,! beg leave to state that
I am prepared to take orders for clothing from all
persons so desiring. All
goods guaranteed to be of
the best quality. Prices
extremely reasonable. A
perfect fit promised or no
pay.     See   my    Samples,
JEZ, HI S T.A. TJ ]R, A.3X T
'•'■: ■,
' m'.'   ■        at                m
Is one ofthe best in the Slocan dis.
Call in.
■a. c. ji
■'.'.    NELSON, B.C.,   ■'-■■■/■■".■■■.
■Landscape Photographers
Keep a large quantity of Architypes
and    Steel  Engravings    in   stock
Pictures framed to order.
which have just arrived.
Y   9      XJ9
Dealers  ia
Pianos,  Organs,  Musicians1   Supplies, Sewing Machines, and
SPOKANE.       •   ':- - WASH.
Of Swansea an 'ci...vvigan,
Analytical Chemist and Assayer.
The Okies., and most experienced
\ Assayer in the Province.
lue Ridge Hotel,
Accommodations for travellers. Good
stables. The bar is stocked with
choice Liquors and cigars. Pack
/train in connection with the house.
Goods taken to any par. of the
■■*■ ■V-:
Picked up in Different Parts of West
';,■   With its development work complete, the Slocan  Star could ship a
;-' train load of ore per day.
It is almost ■ impossible to get supplies out to the Silver King mine from
Nelson, because of bad roads.
Hugh Mann has completed his contract of haulin g 1,000 tons of ore from
the Slocan Star to Three Forks.
Geo. Hughes will place a gang of
men at work on the Best mine getting out ore for shipment over the N.
Work is to be resumed on tho Read
& Robertson group, on Four-Mile
creek. J. A Finch is the owner of
the property.
A successful experimental run was
made last week with the concentrator
erected during the winter at the No.
I mine, Ainsworth.
The. Consolidated Kansas City
Smelting & Refining Co.,of Salt Lake
City, has a representative in the
country buying ore.
Capt. Moore, owner of the Alamo,
will make regular shipments of ore
from that property so soon as the N.
& S.R. is completed.
An assay of a sample from the Copper King, situated at the head of St.
Mary's river, showed £3 in gold, 4|
silver and 2VI per cent, in copper.
Jack Hennessy has secured the
contract to drive 50 feet on No. 2. tunnel on the Bonanza King, one of the
Noble Five: group. The price to be
paid is $11.50 per foot.
Fifty-six tons of ore from the Wash-
ington mine, valued at $6,720, was
shipped last week.    The total shipments for the month amounted to 1,
199 tons, valued, at $69,680.
Gold-bearing rock is reported plentiful in the country round Springer
and Eight-Mile creeks. Among some
of the claims located are the Dayton,
■'Golden; and Little Daisy. An assay
from the latter ran from $194 to £390
in the yellow.
One thousand tons of ore ''.have- already been taken out of No .3 tunnel
of the Slocan Star, and it is estimated
that.there are 75,000 tons now in
sight.    The galena streak averages
II feet in width,   with heavy side
veins of concentrates.
The Kaslo Smelting & Reduction
Co /Limited Liability, is the appendage attached to ank organization of
the citizens of that place, whose object it is to erect smelting and reduction works there. D. C. McGregor,
W. 0. Clymo, J L. Retallack, Byron
White and G. 0. Buchanan) are to be
the incorporators of the concern.
The Kaslo I lainr»,<r mill narrowly
escaped serious, injury last week by
reason of a swollen stream, the course
o l which had to be altered.
;:'.- ;-./■■   ROBSON, B. C.    xpdpp
This hotel is the best in town, and
has ample accommodation for trav-
^ ellers.    The bar  is supplied with
wines, liquors and cigars.
Plenty of accommodations for trav-
ellers.    Good beds and good meals
Bar stocked with wines, liquors and
John Madden, Prop.
If   you   have   Money   and
want to   meet   Monied
Men stop  at the
Wholesale Dealers in Oranges, Lemons, Apples, Bananas,
and all kinds of Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, Butter, Eggs,
Nuts, Candy, Cigars, Etc.    The largest Shippers in  the
V:';';;''.Av:' .'■".■ xx.. d ■'■"'Northwest:'.   '<■■-'■'■■■■:■■■
'■'.'' ' -        ■'...■■.■ i- .. ' ■...'(■'.■;■■ "
518 and S20 First avenue, Spokane, Wash.
Lake   Saw   Mill,
_i_ _______ _J^ ^^.^ _J3™™_| ^naoo' - JLWaVw/i
BEAR LAKE,  B. C.   '
Everything new about the house except the whisky and landlord.
Every body gets a hearty
welcome and plenty
to eat.
Gorman West,
The proprietor  has  on hand
In lengths of from 12 to 50 feet.    Any kind'
of bill stuff can he cut at short notice.
Shingles, Laths, Mouldings, Turned Posts and
Ballasters, Brackets. Etc. Two Carloads
Sash and . Doors; Two Carloads Dry Fir
Clear Flooring, 4in.; One Carload Dry Fir
Clear Ceiling; 4 Carloads of Clear Cedar,
for Finish.; One Carload Glass, Paints, Oils,
:■*   etc., including Fancy Grlass-,Wood Stains, etc.
Gr.     O.
p~$c*t •
"  d
Is issued0 at Nakusp, B.C., every Thursday.
Wet weather, snow slides, hard times, or the
sheriff never hinders its publication. It
conies out just the same.
Does not dream, of making a million out of it,
but he expects to get a luxurious living. In
order to do this it is necessary to have cashable material, and the world at large is cordially invited to dig up enough money to pay
for an annual interest. To accommodate the
public we do
At prices that do not  discord with the despondent price of silver. ©toe   It a%xx&p $&&$£>
Published every Thursday.
R.    T.    LOWERI,    EDITOR    AND
SIX MONTHS...' .'.' ...................... 1.50
THREE MONTHS .............'.: .............1.00
Advertising rates furnished on application.
to contributors;
Correspondence from every part of the Kootenay
District and communications upon; live topics
always acceptable. Write on both sides of the
paper if you '.wish. Always send something good.
no matter how crude. Get your copy in while it
is hot, and we will do the rest.
THURSDAY,  MAY 10, 1894.
A substantial testimony of the superior attractions and benefits to be
derived from a home in the now far-
famed Alberta district over the much-
lauded PaloUse countrv, in the State
of Washington, was afforded here this
week. On board the steamer Columbia on Sunday, was a large party of
intending settlers, with their wives
and families, en route for Edmonton,
via Revelstoke. These people had
all been induced to leave the Palouse
country because of the encouraging
reports forwarded to them by former
neighbors and friends, who are now
hapi>i]y settled on promising farms in
Alberta. The members of the party
were all well-to-do and of a class any
country would be proud to possess.
Besides a liberal supply of cash, they
had several carloads of effects and
farm stock. It was their intention to
proceed at once with the tillage of
the soil immediately upon arriving
at their destination and taking up
pre emptions. In conversation with
some of them it was learned that several hundred families from their vicinity were now preparing to leave
the land of the Starry Flag to find a
new home under the Union Jack.
When a large and ever-increasing
number of intelligent settlers so voluntarily give up their bid homes, in
an admittedly favored land as the
Palouse country, the c 'Garden of the
West," there is proof, sufficient of the
advantages possessed by Alberta
over the various American States.
And what is true of Alberta is in like
manner true also of the other Territories in the Canadian North-West.
Those pessimistic politicians, notably
Sir Richard Cartwright—he of Blue
Ruin notoriety—and others of that
ilk, who are so given to. belittle their
country's greatness, may find in this
incident, which is but one of manv con-
stantly occurring along the whole
length of the International boundary,
an object lesson in patriotism and national pride—education in which they
are sadly deficient.
tory for the employees, who obtained
almost all they held out for.
Mr. Tapping, after one week of bedimed glory, has retired from the
political arena in the north riding in
favor of J. M. Kellie, M.P.P. For
his great self-sacrifice, Mr. Tapping
will doubtless receive the commendation reserved only for the blessed.
The Dominion Government has
still further reduced the duty on petroleum from 7 1-15 cents per gallon
to six cents, and crude oil from 3§ to
three cents. The change was heartily applauded by the members when
announced in the House of Commons
last week.
India cannot get along without silver, and the London Times is authority for the statement that the Indian
mint will resume operations in June.
This is an emphatic remonstrance
against the evils wrought in that dependency by the Mother Land's selfish monetary standard.
J. M. Kellie, M.P.P., will address
the electors of Revelstoke on Saturday, giving an account of his stewardship in" the House during the past
few years. Mr. Haskins could desire
no better opportunity than this to
contrast his faltering policy with that
of "Let 'er Flicker." Messrs. Brown
and Howson might also seize the op^
portunity to score a point against the
sitting member.
The leader in last week's Province,
entitled ' 'Derogatory Headlines,''
which referred to an exceedingly indelicate and insulting "scare head"
used by a Victoria contemporary as a
caption to Edmund Yates' summary
of the movements of Her Majesty, was
well timed, and it will receive the
commendation of every true-hearted
Canadian. A journal of the prominence
as that complained of, to permit such
objectionable epithets to appear in its
columns against our high-minded and
noble Sovereign, displays a lamentable lack of good taste and foresight,to
say the least..
The strike on the Great Northern
Railway resulted in a practical vic-
The Revelstoke Mail is good enough
to remark that several more names
have been added to the voter's list for
the north riding from Nakusp, and
that, as our vote will total up to over
100, we may elect whomsoever we
list. It then wishes to learn whom
Nakuspites favor in the political race.
It is satisfactory to observe that the
Mail's opinion of our strength is not
that expressed by its late lamented
predecessor, the Star. We were in
clined to believe the Revelstoke politicians would at length have to humble themselves in the dust before us.
Whom do the electorate of Nakusp
favor ? .'■ That remains to be seen, but
assuredly it will be no man who has
not the courage of his convictions and
come out squarely and define his position on the political questions of the
HAVING re-opened the Hot Springs Hotel, in
Banff, I will he pleased to see all my old Cus1
tomers, and as many new ones as possible.   Satisfaction Guaranteed.   Our   Rates will be found
reasonable.   . -x... .7
30-5tA ':.■•■: FRANK BEATTY.
royal commission;
In the Matter of tlie Nakusp & Slocan Railway.
■\t6tICE is hereby given that under and by vir-
-^ * tueof a Royal Commission to them issued,
and dated the 20th of April, instant, the undersigned will hold a session at the Court House, in the
City of Victoria, on Wednesday, the 9th day of
May, proximo, at the hour of 11 o'clock in the
forenoon, for the purpose of opening the said Commission and of entering upon and conducting the
inquiries relating to the several matters mentioned
in the Resolution of the Honorable the- House of
Assembly, praying that such Commission might
issue, which Resolution was approved by an Order
in Council dated the 16th of April, instant. And
all parties interested in such inquiries or in the
matters in such Resolution referred to, and who
may wish to bring forward charges or exeulpations
or evidence relating thereto, shall be heard.
Dated at Victoria. B.C., 25th April, 1894.
32-3t. Commissioners.
mm \ surgho;
J". T- nSLA.TTXjT,
r, ' i
The bar is stocked with the finest
brands of wines   liquors and cigars.
AVING- placed some new
Machinery in our Mill,
we are prepared to furnish
all kinds of Rough and Dressed Lumber*and. Shingles at
greatly reduced Prices.
Rough Lumber, narrow,
■  "         ."■       wide2
$11.00 to §12 00
Joist and Scantling, 3ized up to
.-■    18 feet long, A.
$11 00
18'to 24 '■■■.
$12 00
at 'to 30 '
$13 00
Flooring, T& G, 6 "
A$20 00
"               •' " .4 "
$22 00
V joint Ceiling'i 4 "
.       822 00
6 " Rustic,
$19 00
$14 00
Surf aced Dressed,
$13 00
Choice    location and   commands a beautiful view
of the surrounding
,     country.
The Bar is supplied witn the
best brands of all kinds of
wines, liquors and  cigars.
A liberal discount on large orders for Cash,
The '.Dicing Room is supplied
with all the delicacies of
the season. ■•'•••:
Charges Moderate. a
A Gall Solicited.
:-■■'"■■;'  Slocan Ave.        ;
GROCERIES  and PROVISIONS at very low priees^
FRESH CANNED GOODS always in stock.
A fall assortment of Choice CIGARS and TOBACCOS,
rv Summit City Nuggets.
Main street needs repairing where
it crosses Eight-mile creek.
Navigation on Summit Lake is exr
pected to open about the- 15th, which
will give a great' impetus to trade
The mayor, A H. Ridsdale, is spending a few days at the Hot Springs on
Arrow Lake. He is missed very
much by the citizens.
The mayor sent the chief of police
around last week to notify the citizens to clean up their back yards,
which was a step in the right way.
A Promising Prospect.
T, Duffy returned to town on Thursday last, after a month's absence in
the Slocan. He, with his three part-
, ners, had been.engaged doing assessment work on the Noonday, a claim
owned bv them near Silverton and
about a mile and a half from the lake.
They have not yet struck the true
lead of galena, but have taken out
about two tons on the dump of nuggets
weighing from one to 500 pounds.
A. tunnel has been driven in some
distance and crosscut, but just before
they left they discovered that they
had been driving too high for the
vein. There is a ledge of concentrates
16 feet wide on the property, but it is
the pure galena the owners aim for.
Next winter the proprietors intend
working several months proving and
putting the property - into shape. T.
Duffy, C. McNicoll, C. J. Radcliffe,
A. Clark are the owners—two ot them
of dusky hue and the others pure
A Novel Strike.
On Thursday last the Lytton took
up a scow to Revelstoke to load railroad iron for this point. Arriving
there Captain Troup received a surprise in an intimation from the deck
hands that they would refuse to load
the rails unless paid 35 cents per hour
for such work, as they did not consider that a part of their duties. It
appears that last year the railway
people" loaded and unloaded the iron
and the deckhands thought they
should do so again this, hence the
strike. The men were promptly discharged, and an effort was made to
fill their places. But this failed, because of sympathy for the men, until
next morning when the Captain was
flooded with applications. The work
was proceeded with and everything
is now serene. The strikers were
fully aware of tbe fact that the hauling of rail way supplies named was to
be tlie task of the'. Lytton this year, so
that the motive for the strike is Surprising.    ;;
A big party of citizens Weiit fajp to
Hot Springs" on Bunday and Monday, fl
for two weeks' stay.
Mrs. M. Kelly, after a» pleasant
holiday spent in Revelstoke, return -
ed to town. Tuesday.
Martin Condon left at the end of
last week to do his assessment work
on the Snowcap, a promising: silver
claim on Glacier Creek, in the Lardo
A broad   smile   illuminated - the
features of F. W. Jordan, XP., on
Saturday evening, the whyforeness
of which thusness caused some, perplexity to his friends. It was soon
explained. He had received a long
despatch from Mara, a town on the
Shuswap & Okanagan Railway, to
the effect that a son and heir had that
dav been presented to the illustrious
house of Jordan. Mr Jordon, fairly
deluged with congratulations, departed next morning to get a peep at his
offspring, whose home-coming will be
a big,event in town. Mrs. Jordan
and child are both doing well.
~ LOST. :
ON the dock, at Nakusp,'a Fine Gold 'Cuff Button1
with the monogram J. C. G. engraved upon
it.   The finder will be suitably rewarded by leaving the Fame on the steamer Colombia.
32-tf. CAPT. J..C. GORE.'
Dry Goods
ana so on
Commission Merchants
& Wholesale Importers
Wines, Liquors, and Cigars.
Tinware and Hardware by the Carload.
Groceries, Provisions, Flour & Feed
Stocked Regularly from the East.
Dry Goods, Clothing, Rigby Waterproofs, Gents' Furnishings, Gentlemen's, Ladies' and Children's.
Boots, Shoes, and Rubber
l^Eillixiery     arid    3^TeirLtles,
, In   all   the   Latest  Fashions.
•  '   \J9
: o :
Underwear, Hosiery
Mens' Furnishings,
Mens' Ready Made
.   Clothing1,
Gloves, Ribbons. Silks,
Satins, Cashmeres,
Melton & Serge Cloths,
Carpets, Blinds, Cottons, Hats and Caps,
House & Table Linens,
Boots and Shoes.
Hungarian Flour,     '•
Sugars, Bacon, Hams
Coffees, Teas, Spices,
Jams, Pickles, Oatmeal, Biscuits,
Canned Vegetables,
Canned, Fruits,
Dried, Fruits, and
Fancy Toilet Soaps,
Cigars and Tobaccos,
Grindstones & Fixtures
Crosscut & Rip Saws,
Axes and Handles,
Nails, Screws, Bolts,
Round, Flat, Square Iron
Oils,  Paints,   Glass,
Horse Shoes and, Nails,
: o :
Miners can. get. a completeoutfit here. uraMHMMUMMMCimaM
I >i «   "i'ii    i     mill il l«i
9       9       0
XftiS     *J^__
IT^-f   C!f
no. bDruurs ©
___1  N
6    ®
eeommg noted xor their meaicinal Quaiiti
_3—KMiwrwi-fim i.j'iwh I'f. » Inuiuuaf—_Tirim»rjiirjiLiiii.i»i^n»—
■reran mc-T-mr
■ ™j.k'iiii:n|.an
> lotion  of  the:"Nakusp',& Slocan Railroad,. Thousands of
ore will'he ..'brought- to Nakusp ■■■from. the rich, mines of-the- Slocan,- -and loaded
Gold, and Silver Ledges have
The 'town already' coiitMns Six
with a' capacity of" 3-0,000 ■ feet' per d
p and many other buildings
s9 Several
s «jrf
within three- miles of 3fekusp«
*» inr
>s.   Hi
ing JoLouses, mores? qwki
Outcroppings   of '&+ Sparkling   and
Varied  Mature.
W.Hunter has been appointed postmaster at Silverton.
A hotel is being erected on Sandon
creek by C Bundberg.
Nelson has the' b£st: -fiecreati&i
grounds in the district.
Dame Rumor has it that another
paper is to be established in Kaslo.
Sympathizers of the Government in
Kaslo are organizing for the coming
C. A. Bishop has. been appointed
agent of the Dominion Express Co.,at
A brick yard is to be established
at Kaslo by Messrs. Millington, Tayn-
ton and Burnett.
New Denver merchants are obliged
to pay $6 freight per hundred pounds
on their goods from Kasto.
Dave Kane's handsome dwelling
house on Nob hill, Kaslo, came within an ace of being destroyed by fire
last week.
Kaslo will not have so many liquor
licenses in force this year as last by
reason'-of the action of the Licensing
Board last week.
A The Nelson Tribune enters a protest'-against' -tlie spending of public
moneys for the building of wagon
roads in the Big.^Bend and Trout
Lake countries.^ ■: '•-:       ' ;r
A. C. McLean has the contract for
building the connecting link of railway between --Nelson 'and Five-Mile
Point. He made an inspection ofthe
route last week.
Close to $400 has been subscribed
by the citizens of Kaslo for sports on
the 24rth.: - The" /programme -lhapp'ed
out is similar to that successfully carried through last year, 'u
''Engineer Gillette with" a gang of
10 men commenced work last week
on a bridge across, the" Carpenter
creek canyon at New Denver. The
Government will pay for the much-
needed structure.
E. L. Wilson narrowly escaped
drowning on Lake Slocan, just off
New Denver, on Thursday last. He
was picked up by the str. W. Hunter
in the midst of a storm just as his
boat was sinking.
The owners of the Silverton town-
site are doing a great deal of work
there this * year. They i have just
completed., several. hundred feet of
grading on the street* and are now
engaged driving piles for a new
wharf.   ...,. :
A high wiiid last Thursday caused
a sniall fire on the McGillivray portion of the New Denver townsite to;
spreads & rapid rateA  Biit for the -
KASLO, B. (j**
Graduate of Trinity University, To-
. ronto.   Member of college Physicians' and Surgeons, Ontario.
•-M -. • -v./.    . i.; i>• *,r% jr.,.
Stages leave Kaslo daily at 8 a.m.
for New Denver. Returning will
leave New 'Denver for Kaslo at
same hour.
Buchanan Bl'k.Kaslo.B.C.
R. S
\   Je-v^eler,
KASLO CITY,       -      -      -     B.C.
The only practical Watchmaker in
the Kootenay District. Orders by
mail receive prompt attention.
. ■• -i» \r:\i       vA
\\JMLL leave Nakusp every Monday and Friday
\ ]    at 0:30 a.m., for Lardeau and Revelstoke.
Returning-, Anil leave Revelstoke for Lardeau
and Nakusp on Tuesdays and Saturdays, at G:bo
The Boat will call at the Hot Springs, Thomson's Landing, Hall's Landing, and Green Slide,
coming and going. , ,
Ample,, accommodation for .passengers and
freight. ' •,■>,
Satisfaction is   Guaranteed,
..jr* *r*'
'.i ,i*9
';:       "' KASIX), B. C,
Is open night and day and supplies
its patrons with everything in the
market.   Call in.
" FISH &
Atlantic Express arrives at 10:0O Dally
Pacific " " 16:55     "
11, Howard   Street,
'SPOKANE,   .    , -       v
i' i.
'- -s
Cheapest, most reliable and safe route to Montreal, Toronto, St. Paul, Chicago, - New York,
and Boston. Rates $3 to $10 lower than any other
Specially fitted Colonist Cars, in charge of a
porter, for the accommodation of passengers holding second-class tickets.
Passengers booked to and from all European
points at lowest rates.
; Low freight rates. Quick despatch. -. Merchants
will save money by haviug tlieir freight routed via
the C.P.R.
Full and reliable information given by applying
Asst Gen. Freight Agent,     Local Agent,
Vancouver. Revelstoke.
Special Attention to Mining
i - Interests. ■.
Oyer Brer's Hardware Store.
G. L. EST A BROOKS,*     -\     MASTER/
i - '   * ■  . .
LEAVES New Denver every day except Sunday
for Silverton, at 7 a.m., and for Bonanza
Citv at 8 a.m. Returning, the steamer leaves
Bonanza City for New;Denver at .3 p.m. the same j
day. - '•        '     ■■    "'      ' \-
Slogan Trading & Navigation Co., (Ltd.) ~
'* ,      . W.'O. McKINNON.;.     ,
COLUMBIA k lOOlffiir
Steam Nav. Co., Ltd.
ti;m:e cxa.:r,id no. s.
In Effect Tuesday, April Itth, 1894.
Is the Proprietor of the
Great Northern Hotel
Nelson  & Fort Sheppard
"""""  railway!
(Connecting with the Canadian Pacific Railway for all Eastern and Coast Points.)
Leaves Robson on Wednesdays and Saturdays at
5 p.m. '
Leaves Revelstoke on Tuesdays and Fridays at
4 a.m.
Passengers from Nelson should take the C.& K.
trains leaving at  3 p.m., on Tuesdays and
The only, through route from Nelson, Kaslo,
Kootenay Lake and all Slocan
Through Trains Semi-Weekly.
Leave 7 a.m.
Arrive 5:40 p.m.
And serves Meals in any
e you can desijre.
Call in ancl gaze at his
determined resistance made by the J' ,r , „;„;+■
citizens the town would have been Menu    when    y0U   V1Slt
wiped out
(Connecting with the Nelson & Fort Sheppard
Railway for all  Eastern  and Coast
Points and for Spokane.
Mondays, 9      a.m.
Wednesdays, 5:40 p.m.
Thursdays, 5 p.m.
Saturdays,        5:40   p.m.
Tuesdays, 3 a.m.
Thursdays, 8 a.m.
Fridays, S a.m.
Sundays, 8 a.m.
Commencing January 8th, 1894. on Tuesdays
and Fridays, trains will run through to Spokane,
arriving at 5:30 p.m., same day. Returning, passengers will leave Spokane at 7 a.m. on Wednes-
Passengers from Kaslo for Spokane and all intermediate points on the N. &/• Ft. S. and S. F. &N.
Ry's should take the steamer Nelson, leaving
Kaslo on Tuesdays and Fridays at 3 a.m.
(Connecting with the Great Northern Railway
;       for all Eastern.'points, Spokane and
the Coast.)
Leaves Kaslo at 3 a.m. and-Nelson at 7:15 a.m. on
Tuesdays and Fridays. x
Leaves Bonner's Ferry at 2 a.m/on, Wednesdays
.   and Saturdays,
The company reserves the right to change this
schedule at any time without notice.
For full information as to tickets, rates, etc., ap
ply at the Company's offices, Nelson, B.C.
T. ALLAN, Seo'y. J. W. TROUP,
Nelson, B.C. Manager. a    BIRTH.-. ;.: ■
Jorpan.—In Mara, on Saturday last, the wife of
F. W. Jordan, J.P., of this town, of a son.
H, McKay, surveyor, came in from
Kamloops Friday.
D. McGillivray left for the Coast on
the Arrow Friday.
R. Tapping* of Revelstoke is selling1
plants, grown in his own garden.
When in Kaslo call on Billy Kellem
and get a square meal for 25cts.   f
Capt. Smith, who acted as mate on
the Lytton, left last week for his home
in St. John, N. B.
J. M. Kellie, M.P.P. is ofthe opinion that the Kaslo & Slocan Railway
will be built this summer.
J. Serson who has been engaged
on bridge work all winter came in
from Three Forks on Thursday.
All freight for Nakusp and interior
points will be brought down on the
Lytton,'saving the time ofthe Col
umbia. '
When in Kaslo stop at the Great
Northern Hotel. Rates reasonable.
Headquarters for Hudson Bay Co.'s
goods. t
Upwards ol $50,000 was paid during the week by the Inland Construction Co Business as a result is
quite lively.
Good headway is being made by
the men employed putting the track
in shape for the running of the construction brain.
Str. Columbia will leave here in
future on Sundays and Thursdays
for Revelstoke, returning on Fridays
and Tuesdays.
Nakusp is rapidly becoming cosmopolitan in population. Sunday's
boat brought in a contingent of natives
from the land of the Rising Sun.
Supt. Daly, of the N.& S.R., left on
the Columbia Tuesday for Robson, to
make, arrangements for bringing up
the locomotive housed at that point.
Chief Engineer Osier, of the N. &
S.R., who has been visiting his home
at Kingston, Ont., during the past
three months, arrived in on  Friday.
W. J. Goepel,. Gold Commissioner
pro tern of the district, went north on
Thursday on business th at Captain
Fitzstubbs was prevented from transacting through illness.
F. J. Carroll, the well-known representative of the Selby Smelting
Co. of Frisco, died very suddenly in
Spokane last Tuesday. Heart disease is the supposed cause of his death.
J. R. Miller, of Vancouver, Inspector of Inland Revenue, was a passenger down on Tuesday's boat. He was
on a tour of inspection to Kaslo and
J, M. Kellie, M. P. P,, writes that
he hopes to be in Nakusp in two
weeks' time to render to the electorate
an account of his stewardship in the
Legislature during the past four
On Friday, and, in fact every day
since, large numbers of men are returning to town to work on the railway. Tlie town is quite lively again
and money is becoming more freely
By far the great bulk of the steamboat traffic on the lakes so far this
season centres at Nakusp. Every
day a fresh batch of Strangers arrives
lending an increasing air of importance to the place.
Hugh Mann has offered to build a
boarding stable, capable of accommoj
dating CO animals, at Three Forks,
if the owners of the townsite will give
him a partial free land grant, he to
purchase one half.
It is semi-officially announced that
Captain Fitzstubbs, Gold Commissioner, will resign his position for this
district because of the increasing infirmities of old age. W. J. Goepel
will probably succeed him.
C. J. Loewen returned from an inspection of Three Forks on Friday.
As general agent of the townsite he
is making strenuous efforts to have the
sampling works of Braden Bros, erected there. He left for Vancouver on
Sunday's boat.
F. Ribbach is in charge of a gang
of men fixing up the wharf for permanent business. The rails are is
being lilted and placed, in the centre
of the structure, giving, more room
for the landing of steamboat traffic.
The surface is being levelled and re-
Word was received from Nelson
last week that one of the patients
sent from ^ere, about a1 month ago, to
the hospital in that place had died.
While no name was given it is presumed the deceased's name was Ca-
hill, who was in a very exhausted
condition when he left here.
The Columbia, on her down trip
Friday had an engine, boilery crusher
and other machinery for the Hall
Mines Co., which had been bought
in Chicago. When loading at Revelstoke, the crusher broke ajvay from
the deck hands and struck the boat
with great force, smashing the wood
work badly around the stairway.
Str. Columbia made her first trip
up for the season on Thursday last
from Northport.. During the winter
she had been over-hauled and repaired, while an electric search light,
and an incandescent system of lamps
had been introduced. The improve-,
ment is marked, and the boat
is now an ideal one for passenger
There were quite a number of farmers from the Palouse country, Washington, together with their families,
on the Columbia on Thursday. They
were bound for the Alberta territory.
They" had several head of fine stock
with them. Though early for such
a rush, the men reported that the in-:
flux during the next few months
from the other side would be a heavy
Revelstoke Statioii,  B. O.
Dealer in Household  Furniture.
3^: Agent for Singer Sewing' Machines.
PHILO & Co.'s
"O.K.s," and
Factory and Salesroom:
VANCOUVER.    -    -    B.C.
To the Electors of the North Riding1 of
West Kootenay:
Gentlemen and Electors,— v
I hereby announce myself as a Candidate for the
coming Election and give my Platform below for
your consideration.'
My first duty will be to consider the Free Miners
and their general welfare, and so amend the Mineral Act=; as to enable them to secure Crown grants
more easily than in the past.
That I will at all times remember that I am their
servant and hot their dictator.
That I shall at all times consult the People before
leaving for the House, so as to ascertain their
wants in all parts of the Riding and act in accord^
ance with their wishes, so far as lies in my power."
-That I shall do all in my power to induce the
Government to give all lands free to settlers as men.
wh hing to make homes for themselves.
That I shall at all times give my sanction to,all
enterprises, either railway or steamship lines, for
the benefit of our Province or Dominion,
That I shall at all times oppose any and all legislation that will have a tendency to cripple the
working classes.; r ;
That I shall give my attention to the lumbering
industry and use my best abilities in the interests
of all. .-,'■'■..•;■•■;     '. 7.;': ' '. ■
To have a free and gopd Government; that all
.subjects, 21 years of age, both male and female,;
should be enfranchised.
That the Government's attention shall be called
to the coinage of our own silver, and that a mint
be established in British Columbia for that purpose.
That freight rates be reduced, so as to permit our
merchants to retail their goods at lower rates; and
thus the public will be benefited by same.
I have the honor to be, Gentlemen,
Yours Obediently, .
Revelstoke, B.C., April 25th, 1894. 32-tf.
For Member of the Legislative Assembly for the South Riding of
the West Kootenay District:
tice of appointing non-residents to official positions
in interior districts,and we maintain that all office ,
where practicable, should be filled by residents of
ofthe district whereinthe official performs duty.
Second. Speeial and private legislation not only
consumes too great a part of the time that should
be devoted to the consideration of public measures,
but it leads to practices that tend to lessen confi
denceiri the integrity of the Legislative Assembly,
and through it an insidious poison is disseminated
that in time will find its way through the whole
system ofthe body politic: therefore, we favor the
enactment of general laws that will reduce to a
minimum special legislation and do away with
private legislation altogether.
Third. The interests of the province were not
safeguarded in the agreement between the Government and the Nakusp and Slocan Railway Company, and the policy of the Government in pledging the credit of the province, in order that speculative companies may profit thereby, is to be condemned.
Fourth. After making provision for the payment ef the running expenses of the Government,
expenditures should be confined solely to the building and betterment of wagon roads and other
works that are for tlie free use and benefit of the
public at large, leaving to private enterprise the
construction and operation of railways and other
undertakings for the use of which the public are
required fopay.
Fifth. The speedy adjustment of the differences
between the provinceand the Dominion, to the end
that the land in the railway belt along the Canadian Pacific Railway be thrown open to settlement
under the land laws of the province; the amendment of the Land Act so that it will be an amicable contract between the province and the settler,
eliminating all discretionary powers of the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works; also amending
it so as to permit the outright purchase ef small
tracts in all unsurveyed mountainous districts.
Sixth! The timber lands of the province should
be held in trust for the future use of its people, and
not handed over under long leases, to speculative
mill owners as a saleable asset.
Seventh. The development of the mining industry should not be hampered by legislation that
makes the procurement of titles to surface rights
impossible; that levies unequal taxation on working
miners; and that makes it difficult to compel delinquent co-owners to pay their share of the assessment work; therefore we favor the repeal of sections 8 and 45a of the Mineral Act and a revision of
the sections relating to mining partnerships.
Eighth. The passage of an act whereby water
rights for any specific purpose may be obtained as
readily as such rights are now obtained for mining
purposes under the provision of the Mineral Act.
Ninth. The establishment of a land registry for
West Kootenay district.
Tenth. The holding in Kootenay district of
terms of the county court at short intervals; extending the power to issue capias to registrars of
county courts in districts where there are no resident judges; and the passage of an act that will allow the collection of smail|clebtsin courts composed
of justices of the peace.
Eleventh. The extortion to which laborers on ~
railway construction and other works are compelled to submit, through the issuanee of timechecksr
is alike discreditable to the men who profit by. such
practices and to the. Government that makes no effort to render such practices impossible. The issuance of non:iiegotiable time checks should be made
a punishable offence, and the issuance of negotiable time checks should only be allowable under a
law that would safeguard the rights of the party to
whom they are issued, a
Twelfth.■'. Contractors, and sub-contractors on
railways should have a means of getting speedy
redress from unjust classification and unfair mea,-
surenlent of workby the appointment of an official
arbitrator who shall be a practical engineer.
Thirteenth. The Government is to be condemned'for the passage of a redistribution act that is not
uniform in its provisions, and by which representation is neither based on population A voting
strength nor contributed revenue.
•A    0 . : Nelson, April 17th, 1894.
TO the Chairman and Secretary of the
South Kootenay CoNVENTioN—Gentlemen: I
hereby accept the nomination for member of the
Legislative Assembly tendered me by the delegates
assembled in convention, at Nelson on/the 14th instant ; and if elected I.will use my best endeavors-
to carry out the principles of the platform adopted
by the convention, believing them to be in the interest of all those that favor good government.
Thanking you and the delegates for the honor conferred; I am respectfully youi's,     '
AR. F.Green, Esq.j Chairman.
J. A. Turner, Secretary. 32-tf.
Platform Adopted in Convention.
who upbuilt the Dominion
were not of one_nativity, and if a
1T7HEREAS the men
T i of Canada were not ol one_nativitv,
healthy patriotic sentiment is to prevail, and only
by the growth of such a sentiment can Canada
take a place among the English-speaking nations,
the responsibilities of government must be entrusted to men of known capacity, and not to men
who, by accident of birth, imagine themselves
rulers by Divine right. Therefore be it resolved-
First.   That we hold as [ reprehensible the prac-
$1.   RATES PER DAY,   $1.
Watchmaker and Jeweller.
Repairing  Neatly and Promptly  Exe-
,   cuted.
.  " '-. XX"'-, XZ&SSXZ.ZTd"


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