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Nakusp Ledge 1894-07-12

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 -       *'        .-Y_   ■
''*    i'-'      ./-ijh'/i'-'sSh-^.>>-. '    'V'"'
■■• •^^#^^€M^!;,'C
Vol. i. No. 41.
NAKUSP, B. C, JUL* 12, 1801,
Price Ten Cents.
Front Street, West,
Kaslo, B.C.,
Our entire attention is devoted to the
above lines. We carry the- Largest
and most Complete Stock in the Country.
As Told bv Nelson Demers, a Pioneer
PHYSICIAN ' ■"    •    "
House    .
Nakusp,   B. C»,
The Bar is stocked with  the finest brands of
Wines, Liquors, and Cigars. ■ l
Corning & Rodd, Props.
Many stories have been told about
the discovery of the Silver King* mine
on Toad Mountain, the great Kootenay property that was the means of
bringing' this district into prominence,
but the one told by Nelson Demers is
worth repeating*.
Demers, in company with Melt
Oakes and Frank Emmet of Co'ville,,
left the Salmon river in the summer
of 1886 on a prolonged prospecting'
trip. They were equipped with, cay
uses and everything necessary for 'a
long siege of mountain life. After
being ' six weeks together Demers
picked up some float, peacock in color
and apparently very rich. That
night Emmet, who had been sulky
for sonic time, quarrelled with Oakes
and left the camp, taking the horses
with him." Demers and young Oakes
were then compelled to go to their
cache on the Salmon in order to get
more provisions, and did not prospect
Government Sustained by a
Good Majority.
From   the
Quesnelle   and
Xot a:i Opijositionist Returned From tin
Island—Hon.Mr. Beaven Loses His
Deposit—"Vancouver Goes
any more on what is known ..now as
Toad Mountain. They reached Col-
ville in a few days and fqun&.the
town very much excited. .' Emmet
had come in .the day before and reported that-his party had left "him,
and that "while making his way to
Oolville he-had- panned ouf pf a^cre'esfcr
in British Columbia' "iii a short"trnie"
$40 worth ofaiuggyfcs of
The bar is stocked with the finest
brands of wines, liquors
and cigars.
Good accommodations for travellers.
The bar is supplied with a good
.stock of Wines, Liquors
and Cigars.
RISDALE  & JVlcKAY,   Proprietors.
NAKUSP, B. £.,
R03T. MADDEN, Prop.
Beautifully situated on the Lako shore at the entrance to the hast and shortest road to the Slocan
mines ;uid Ne\v Denver. The best-.fishing-.and
hunting in the. ..district, with grand boating and
sketching facilities for tourists and artists. The
bar is supplied with the best brands of wines
liquors.and cigars. The accommodations of the
Hotel are the best.
though he did not show any gold, he
succeeded in borrowing some money
on his story and left town, and has
never since been heard of.
In the meantime  Bill Hall and  a
party of 11 men, amongst whom was
Melt   Oakes,   blinking    that - there
might   be   some   truth   in  Emmet's'
story, started for the Kootenay country with plenty of provisions and 14
horses. , One mor 11ing 10 of them took
packs*oh their backs and left camp,
leaving   Tommy   -Hall    and, Billy
White to look after the cache and
horses.     The animals straying too
far away, Hall and White'went to
look for them,  and while doing so
stumbled on the ledge of .'the now famous Silver King mine,   only  200
yards from the spot where Demers
had picked up tiie rich peacock float
lessirhan a month before.    The party
at the time did ;tot know the 'value of
it, and -when tiey returned to .Col-'
vil'le they gave an unscrupulous assayer a piece of it to assay.    He,
thinking   to   obtain   control  of the
claim, gave returns of 20 ounces instead of 485, as it really was.
By accident Jake Gobaugh got a
piece of the ore, assayed it and found
that it ran 4(>5 ounces in silver. At
first Hall and his party would not believe it, but by sending to prominent
assay offices they found that Jake
was correct, and gave him a 13th interest in the find, in return for his
valuable information. Since then the
histoiy, of this great mine is wqII
known, and Demers has,qnly. the satisfaction of knowing that he was once
But meagre reports have reached
town as to the result of the provincial
elections on Saturday, yet sufficient
was gleaned indicating the return of
the Government to power. Seventeen
constituencies .elected supporters of
the Administration.and eight Oppositionists.
Davie and-Mutter, in Cowichan;
and Higgins and Pooley, in Esqui-
malt, were returned by acclamation.
Vancouver Island went solid for the
Government, not a single-Oppositionist being'  elected.    Vancouver City
elects a straight Opposition ticket in
Cotton, McPherson, and Williams. In
New'   Westminster   City,   Kennedy,
(Opp.) gets 597;  Curtis (Gov.),   574.
In Chilliwhack riding Kitchen (Opp.)
is elected by a small majority over
\;Br,y.de*n""7Gov.) carries .North i\Ta
D. McGillivray, who has recently
returned from the Horsefly country,
in the Cariboo district, furnishes an
interesting budget of news about that
rich portion of this fair province.   He
states tliat prospectors are crowding
into the  northern gold fields as fast
as possible.    He has 300 men at work
digging ditches and putting in piping
for the Quesnelle and Horsefly claims.
Water is brought 17 milos to   the
Quesnelle  property   and   12   to the
Horsefly.    These elite-les are 12 feet
wide at the top and six at the bottom.
They are three ieet deep and have a
Ml of 10 feet to the mile, and are
capable of discharging 3,000 miner's
inches of water.    The Horsefly  and
Quesnelle claims   are  distant  from
Ashcroft 1G0 and 195 miles respectively, and'can be  worked eight months
in the year.    A Montreal company is
operating* the Quesnelle property and
at present they  arc  washing 30,000
yards-of gravel per day. with enormous returns upon the capital invested.
A company has been formed in
Europe. with"a capital of £250,000, to
wash t'le once "famous. Williams
creek, in Cariboo. They will operate on. an .immense scale and intend
naimo,   McGregor-(Gov.)   Nanaimo to work-the'entire creek.    The tail-
City,   Eberts (Gov.) South Victoria,
Hunter (Gov.)Comox, Walkem (Gov.)
South Nanaimo, Booth  (Gov.) .North
Victoria, and Braden, Rithet, Turner
and H<4mcken  (Gov.)  Victoria City.
In Richmond riding Kidd (Opp.)
defeats Douglas by a very close vote.
In Dewdney riding Lefebvre (Gov.)
is defeated by Sword by a small majority.    Delta riding   g'ives  Eorster
(Opp.) a small majority over Punch
in the ..polling places so far heard
"from. ' ..:
The, feature of the election is the
disastrous defeat of Hon. Mr. Beaven,
leader of the Opposition, in Victoria,
who did not obtain './sufficient votes to
save his deposit; the same was the
case with Greer and Odium in Vancouver.
In a word Vancouver Island is for
the Government and the Mainland so
far against it.    -
ings will be thrown back by hydraulic pressure. Operations will commence as speedily as possible.
On Mr McG-illivray's return trip
from the Horseliy, the stage was
held up, about three a.m., a short
distance from the 150 Mile House, by
a small masked man. The road
agent did not molest the passengers,
but made the driver throw off the
safe. Mr. .McGillivray had about $10
in his jeans, and he considers that it
was a stroke of luck not 46. lose it.
Vote for Kellie ; he ''-merits it,
Hon. Mr.-Davie Coming.
According to the Mail, Hon. Theo.
Davie and Hop.!' J.  H. Turner will
address a  public meeting in  Peterson's hall, Revelstoke, on  Thursday
_ -. Tr ,    ,. rlr [evening.    Other speakers will be X
East Kootenay  election was -held Im. Kellie  and  W. M. Brown, the ri-
Tuesday and it was expected that
Hon. Coh Baker would be returned
by a big majority over Schou (Opp..)'
.The remaining constituencies on
the Mainland, wherein elections have
yet to'be held, are expected to return
Government supporters.
near fabulous riches during his long
and adyenturous career.
Settlers, support tlie Government; they
support you.
Wprki.:fimen.  vota for your one true
Friend: the Government.
The Madden House resounded
with mirth and general hilarity till
alter daylight Tuesday night, the occasion being one of those enjoyable
balls for which that hostelry is noted.
The Goat Canyon Placer Co. is the
name under which a number of local
parties will prosecute work at; the
Cariboo creek gold fields. They
have acquired 1,200 feet of ground
and will rush things.
val candidates Mr. Davie will
to Nakusp next day and address a
meeting there 'the same evening. He
will hold a meeting in New Denver
on the 14th, ;md will proceed to
Kaslo, where he will be joined by
Mr. Turner, and both gentlemen will
address a meeting in that city on the
16th.. Mr. Turn or goes di rect to Nelson from Revelstoke. and will address the citizens of that place on
Saturday night
J. O'Leary lost a   valuable
quartz necktie pin at the dance on
Tuesday nig* t.    He is offering a reward for its recovery.
A. T. Crook, Kaslo's leading newsdealer, was a passenger out on Thursday's boat for Nanaimo, where he
will open out in business again, the
former place having petered out. -   ^kM>;i:%?&$Ws'^
Immense Deposits Di
Athabaska Ooun
The Dominion Government has under consideration an appropriation ol
§7,000 to be , applied to drilling, the
enormous area of tar lands discovered
by R. G. McConnei, B.A., in .'.his geological survey of the Athabaska.
country, N. W. T. The tar lands have
been estimated by Mr. McConnel, to
have a minimum distribution of 1,000
square miles. .They vary in thickness where the sections are complete
from 140 to 225 feet. '
1 'The , commercial   value   of   the
sands themselves as exposed at the
surface," says Mr.  McConnel;   ''is'.'at
present uncertain."   But the   abundance of the'material and the hig'h
percentage Of bitumin which it cpn-
- tains, makes it probable that it may/
in the future, be profitably utilized
for various purposes, when this re^
g'ion is reached l|y railways.   Aiiiong
-the uses to which it is adapted may
be mentioned roofing',   paving, ihsu-
1 at' ng electric wires,   arid, it might
also be mixed withYthe lig'nite which I
occurs   in   the   neighbor hood,,  and I
pressed into briquettes fbr fuel. ; .
An experienced::well driller has re:
ceived .the contract, the work to be
proceeded with'" so soon as Parliament
has ratified the appropriation. The
tar sands evidence an upwelling Of
petroleum to, the surface- unequal led
elsewhere in the world, -but the more
volatile and valuable; constituents of,
the oil have long since disappeared;:{
and the rocks; from which:/it issued
are probably exhausted as the flow
lias ceased ^ In, the exterisibn of;; the
■the,'outcrop of the tar sands, and the
variability  of  the   thickness of the
cretaceous formations make it impos
sible to give more than a rough estimate., ; a ■ .   '   "
A New Man.
J. Keith Reid, C.E., Montreal, who
has spent the past two years in the
Kootenay country,   has returned to
Montreal.   He has completed a very
handsome  wail  map  showing  the
mines  and   mining  camps,   roads,
trails, railway and water routes, and
other fea tiir.es of much importance to
mining men interestedm the country.
The original of Mr. Reid's map will,
in all like'?hood be purchased by the,
British Goiimbia'Governmeni;, or the
1 Canadian Pacific Railway.
Wm. Hunter.
W: £ MoKmNON.
^%7 %7:
Thompson Elver Placer Fields.
tar sands under cover the conditions
arc different, and it";;is ;hereYi\Ir. ^McConnel I points- out that oils,of econp-
mic value should be sought.; "       ■:"
In ascending/ .the. Athabaska,  the
4"ar sands are. overlaid at Boiler lipids by a cover of shales sufficient to
prevent the oil from rising to the surface, and iii ascending tlie; river this
cover gradually thickens..   The./geo-
•logicfc 1 attitude pf the shales is not
the most  favorable, - as- the beds dip
The latest mining proposition in the
interior is one to work an hydraulic
cla4m at Thompson's* siding, known
as. tlie Pembroke:    It; was one of the
first   g;old   diggings  found   oh   the;
Thompson  river,   when / f2,000 was
taken out in - four .months by an Indian; and his klootphman. working^
with the most/ primitive appliances.
The total yield, as   shown   by   the
Hudson Bay Company's returns, .is
said to. be  in. the vicin.itv;of 400.02.
This claim has been','; abandoned for
years,; but lately , hasl been   taken
agfain by H. ,B. Munroe, of Lytton,.^
who.prospected it to-some extent. xX;
Ics saleXo ,CqL Underwood^ thevrO~;
pres'entative of X^hica^o capita
was: enacted on/Wednesday last. The/
colonel ■;; prospect ed   it   himself  .and
found/it sufficiently/ rich■■ tq:warran^
the expenditure of a/ fair sum in putting .in aii; hydrauH arid he
Ml kinds; of Miners^
/confidently expects good returns- - A
new duplex;/pump,.'designed/for;;h;vY
d raulicing rahd irrigation,v- will be put
in at first,/chiefly-to make practical;
•demonstration of w hat this new contrivance will do. While work Is be^
ing carried on. by that means, a^pipe
will be laid from' the falls on Nicomen
creek, one and one-half miles distant,
■thence" across and beneath the Thompson: river to the claim. The estimated cost of constructing; this plant is
..   BEAK LAKE, ;;B.; 'G.7 X:a-:
Everything new abpiit the house :' ex-
/ -  cept the;;whisky and/landlord/ ■-
xv xaEvOrylbodyg-etsa;hearty : ;;: ;
aM^ ■
\di. A 'A7sA IX dA 7,t07%a^._.,'ydA:y'Ay:AAd
;jGoRJiUN;'WEST,■; -,■'-'■:' ''>r/s/:.y,-: ■;".. -Propriiejbrl;.
If iimm
a _ ,h,b a a la a _ ^_>a .%_^Si2sii aaa S a ■■•-#
^•.aL^;;- olti s&jJ:^^'
tes paymgf-gqoa mim
awav from the outcrop at4he rate of #10,000;    So far  tne gold taken out
five or ten feet in the mile; audit is Jhas >>e?n; coarse, ^consequently .tne
possible  that   a   part, or   even   the j
- whole of the oil may have_ flowed
northwards and  eastwards .through
the sands, and escaped where these
come to the surface.    It is unlikely,
■ however, tliat all the oil has escaped
in this way,',-as small .''anticiinals in
the covering beds are almost certain
to exist, and a differential hardening
of the beds themselves may serve to
inclose reservoirs' or  inverted basins
of la rge ca])acity.    It is also possible
tliat the sands at  their outcrop, .in ay-
by tlie disposition of tarry'substances
be plugged tightly enough to prevent
further egress.      Favorable,  indications of the presence of oil in the vicinity of the  .Athabaska are also afforded by the existence ©f natural gas
The (juestion  of the continuity of
tlie tar sands and  their j»etro.Iiferous'
character undercover, can, however,
only be settled in a decided manner
by boring.    At the mouth of Pelican
river, where the drilljng will be clone,
the tar sands are probably covered
by about 700 feet of strata, and this
amount increases as the river is ascended.    At the Athabaska Landing,
if the. formation extends to that point,
it probably lies at a dei;;th of from
1,200 to 1,'500 feet below the surfitce,
but the distance of the Landing from
proportion of loss will be smaller than
in some claims.'     ■ ; V
' J. Taylor has charge of seven men
reGently placed at work on. the Bluebird.- ■■ ",
Application; j
(uor- License
pose or si
-    *t* Ai   C,
. *ri A        : ■ :■#>% tr2-=35 ;.  .-
TvrOTIOE'jSliercbT fi-iren fliatAO dnxs after date
■li Tintoirdapi)i.yin.i;" to the-G-^lcl Comihissionev
I'ov a.r/ifcn;il I'cwase to' sell beer,- wine, spirit-*, and
oilier intYxtearing"' iHiuors.and bevora^es at the
mouth of Trciut C're<?.k. West Kootenay District.- ■
Nakus-i, July 2nd, 1894. .-..-.
For ;Mem]b;er of'the-'; Legislative' As»j
semhly for the South Riding* oi
the West Kootenay District:
Application for Lifiuor License
■•XJOTrCB i,Y;(>!'oby uslvan "that 30 dnys after date'
l\ linti*;i;It,i apiily to (lie Gold Cninvni*i-:>ner
f.ji" a . ■i-i.;?ail. lit'i-'ii,^',* :;'-i. ■.•■••■.•]] ■'A'iiie.'Pt'irit0, beer, and
r.thfv h\i•):■:.)<-:Ahiia :t:;d fi-nrnMited lifiuors. near llie
jiDM-d.'ii 'if 0!r'.)ii*o and Carib.oo Creek.-?,We.;:-t Koot
laiav .Ul^trit't.
Xi'iknsp, June JAtti, ~}*AI.
3 '&%■■■ t? ^ m g r?7? sr-c. &=• ^       . ?* a ?
■  OT   f.>LM
Platform Adopted in-'Convention.
': NELSON, B.C.,
Landscape Photographers
Keep a large quantity of Arehitypes
and    Steel   Engravings   "in    stock
Pictures framed to.order.
Y\7HEREAS-the men ^iio uybuiit tlio'Donihdon"
)) oi Canada Avera not of oi>o narivit.y, aiul if ;t
iiealtliy patriotic sentiment -:is to ;iK;vai!, 'arid-only;
liy tlie.yi"D\',rt!i of .^ueliAa .'icn'tinient- ean Canada.
fake ii nlaee amo:i/.'; the Eiiii"lis<ji-si)eakiii»v]ia.tions,
tlie .nYpon?ibilitie.\". of governnieiit nnist be en-.
trusted.to men of known capacity, aud'not t-> men
\\l'.o, l).y accident of birth, iniii^ine tSiemseives
rulera l>y Divine rig-lit.   Therefore b'e it rosolved—
First. That vre h',!d as reprclien^ible the jirac-
lice of appointing- non-residents A. official -positions
in interior districts,ai;d Ave tnnintaiit that alloflice-,
vrhere practical)ie, should biviiiiiVi bv resident.-rof
of tho district wherein the official performs dutv.    j
•..■■■•.-. •■ ■   -. .   ■-■-".--.-   ■•••.'■.•..-..'■■■.   '".-.: .'■•: '.;"■ .'■'■'■ -' -o   -.'■     : -'    •
•Tliird. The Interests of the i>roAdnce were not
sa.f'eg"uarde;I in the as'reenicnt lietw^eh'tlie.Oovcni.-,
raen't and,the Nalciiso ahd: Slocan Railway fjQoiiv'-
pasiy, and th'c policy cf the. GoArernm'cut iii pledg--.;
ing; the credit of the; province,.-in order that"-specn-:;-
lative companies inay protit;:t!ieret)y, is to,be condemned.' -,-:'.': -;'a'/-'-Ya.-'A''    ■■'■'.-' ■'■'■• X;'A AAA ;:_
: -Fonrtli. .After ma-king' provision for the payment- ef the riuniihg- expeasesof the '.GrOSrenim_iit,
expenditures should be conrliied eoiely to the building- and bettei'meat of wagon  ryads" and other,.
Avorks that are for tlie "free uWandboneiitof the
puhl 1c nt large, leaving" to"' private enterhrise the-
construction and operation of railways and''.other
undertakings for the use of -winch -■'■'tlie public are
reyuired.to-jiay. ■■■;-:''' '-A..-.  .■■■":-.:      ;.; ':A:^7Xa'.7:''
Fifth.   The speedy adia3tment of the diffei-eiiees
'het'weeii tlie province and: the Dominion, to the end.";.
tliat tlie land in tho railway; belt'along the Canadian 'Py.ci.ti tv Railway-bo -.thrown" open to settlement,.
iindsr the.land' lawa of-tiie province; the ameiid-
irient...oiVtlie' Dand. Act so;that it wi 11 be an arnica- ■:-■
lite contract betwee/i the'•'■province' and the settler, -
elirnlna^ttng- all diseretionary noweivj of the Chief;
Cphimissionerof; Lands and Works; -alsoaTnendiiig
it so as to pefmi:: , .tlie";? outriglit .purchase ef-; small
tractshi-allunsui-veYCd''.mouiitainou's districts.; ■;
:; Sixth.   Tiie;timlM;'laikliof the nrovince should^
be held :i\i -trust:'for the future- use of its ]i2opie, and ;
iv(.)t;haiided:dver u^dei';'long- leasee, to- speculative
mill-owners a3;a saleable asset. ^      ,:..".;■'.•.;■
:Seveiith. TliC; development";bf the mimng',industry slvbuldnotbc hani|>eredl)y; legislation' tliat
makes the jirocurernentof titles .to-"surface, rights
impossible; that levies unequal taxation, on worldng
miners; .'and that makes" it difficult to comp-ei do-.
Imqueht co-owner* to pay their share of tiie assess-
'nient work; therefore., we. favor the: repeal of. sec- -
tions S and -15a of tlie Mineral Act and a revision of
the sections relating to mining partnershi|fS.;
';■■ Eighth.;.. The passage of an" act. whereby water.'-
■ri.glit-'. for any specific, jmrijose 'may i:>o obtained as...
riiadily as such rti;Yte are"riow. obtained for'mining
purposes under theYrorisionof the Mineral Act., '
Wiiith.   The establislunent of a land registi-y fol-
West Kootenay district.: ■'.;.    ,;   .   . l    .' ' .   A 'd
.Tenth. The holding" in Kooteuny district of
terni s of tl le. coin i ty..- court at. sh ort". ] litervals;.ex-'
tending the power .to issue capias to i-'eg-istrars.of
county courts 'in district : where ■ there; are no resident judges; and the passage of an act that will allow tlie colieYtioii .of small'debts in courts comoosed .
of justices of tlie peace. ,;
■,.   Eleventh.   'J.-|j.8.e;xt.ort;.oh. to which laborers oii
"raihva.y -coiistritctioii and otiier'ivorks ore compell-- -
ed to submit, tiirongh :the- issnaPce <*>!' ti.meehecks, -
is alike discj-editable to the, 'me;o wlio proii t by such/  :
.practices-;tud to tlie 'Government that makes -no'ef-
iort to render snch practices impossible..   The issu- .:
an.ee of non-negotiable time checks •'should, be made
a j;uuisl.uibie offence, and the issuance of lieg'otia
. bio tune checks sli^uld, only be allowYble uinfer a
law that; would safeguard tf:e right-j of tlie narty to   ■
wiioin they are issued.       •.'•':".■'
Twelfth. Contractors and sub-contractors, on
rjiihrays siiould have a ■ uieaus oi' g'.eltiug- speedy
nidress'from.no just eia:-shic;uion oud iinfairmea-
s;i;-ement oi' work by the ap^poiutiuonl oi'.an official.
dl be YpraotiAd
The GoA'crnm:-
ed Ot the jjas-Mge of a refh-dribut;:
naiforiiriii iiSpro\ri--i;;h-.-., ;;iid by.
t,^inn'.i;.v- neither b;Yeii:'on yoi
s I re 11 g th n or coi i t r,' b 11 te d re \'"e \ i ii e."
;,''.'. icer..
■• to i-'.condeinn-
H -'A iliat is not"
iuiatioii,   voting-
Second. Special and private legislation not only
consumes too great a part of the; time that-should
be devoted to the "consideration of public measures.
but it leads', to practices that tend-to lessen confi'
deuce in the integrity .'of the.Log-telatiye Assembly.
and through it an insidious, poison is disseminated
that in time will■ find its way through . the whole
system .of the body politic: therefore' we favor the
enactment of general laws that will reduce tor.
minimum special legislation and do awav with
private legislation altogether. '
-.-'Keison, April 17th, am.
-TO   Till-:   CJIAJiYlAA   A.VJ-I   f ,iiCJJKTAl{V  OF   AHA*
SoiY'H .ivoo-j'KXAV -Oo^-v.K:\"-i"iOK—Gentlemen: I
hereby .-iceep't tlie nomitiaUon .for member <jf'the
:lji!irida.ti\-e Assembly tendered me by the delegates
assembled in convention- ^ ^(.'ison on the 11th -instant : and if (^l(.'cted I will- use mv be;-t endeaArors
to carry out-the priuciiiles of the platform adopted
hy the convention, believing them to be in the interest of all. those that favor good government.
Thanking you and the delegate for the honor con-
feiTed; i am respectfully yours, A
R. F.Gkekn, Esq., Chairman.
J. A. Tuiiner, Secretary. 32-tf.
r» /
Picked ui3 in Different Parts of "West
Revelstoke Station,
B. C.
Work is to lie recommenced on the \
Freddie Lee.
J. Cronin is opening-an assay office
at TIiroe Forks.
^IWore men wilJ be engaged on the
Noble Five group of mines.
The Hall Alines Co. 'arc erecting-
two more large buildings at tlie Silver'King.
YV. MeCulIccli lias sold out his interest in the claim known as the
Idaho Xo. 2.
Machinery for a sawmill in connection with the Alamo mine is en route
from Toronto.
Commodious quarters have been
erected at tlie Snowshoc by the Consolidated Mining- Qo. d       "       ■
Fourteen men are at present employed on the Alamo, but tlieir number is to be don-bled.
J. A. Finch has purchased of W.
A ITendryx, a. tenth interest in the
Mammoth claim for $400.
Locations of paying ore are being-
made in increasing'numbers on the
north fork of tiie Carpenter.
■ Twenty-four, silver locations-were
recorded in Denver last week, principally from tlie Four-mile belt.
The owners of the Wellington are
jubilant oyer tlie.strike of a large
body of high grade ore on that property.
' No. 4 tunnel, on the, Slocan Star, is
in close to 200 feet - The main qre
body, it is thought, will be struck
early next month.
J. A. Finch has bonded the Wonderful, situated close to the Slocan
Star. Dr. W. Springer has been engaged as manager.
Three shifts of men are working on
the Le l^oi mine, Trail creek.    One
I" i RTIKTIO Work executed on shortest po&siblc
j _'L   notice
I Assaying and
Mining Engineering.
Assay «fc Milling' Offices:
717-710 Ponder Street, Vancouver, B.C.
A LL   kinds of Analytical, Away  and Mining'
il.   Work undertaken.
Siii.erinieudent of the Cassel Gold Extracting
Co., Ltd.. of Glasgow, whoseExperimental Works
are at Vancouver, B.C.
All kinds of Ores ]iurcha.ced on a Cash Payment
basis.    -
I ? s f § g r n ■ rt
lit     &
AVholesale Dealers in Oranges. Lemons, Apples, Bananas,
and all kinds of Fresh Fruits. Vegetables. Butter, Egg\3,
Nuts, Candy, Cigars, Etc.   Tlie largest Shipper** in the
518 and 520 First ayenne, Spokane, Wasn.
Kootenay. ±*
Merchants, .
Revelstoke   Station,  B". C,
Have their Branch Stores at
Thomson's  I_<a nciing
& Trcut I_;a^.o Oity
Well supplied with Prospectors'" and Miners' Out-
. fits.   ' '-
Electoral District of Kootenay,, West;
North Riding
To Wit:
1)GTULTC Notice is hereby given to tlie Electors
i    of the Electoral District of Kootenay, West,
North Biding, that, in accordance with  Jler Ma-
Illindred tODS   Of'Ore   is 011 tiie dump! josry's Writ io me directed, and hearing' date 1 he
awaiting'shipment. j seeond'da,y of June, iif (lie vear of Our Lord one
thousand eight hundred and ninoty-four, I require
tlie i)re;enee of the .-aid Electors at tiie Goverir
nie.nl Office, KeveRoke, on the second day of July,
at 12 o'clock, noon for the purpose of electing one
person to represent them in tlie Legi-laturcof this
The proprietor has on hand
In lengths of from J 2 to 50 feet.   Any kind
of bill stuff can be cut at short notice.
1,000,000 FT. ROUGH LUMBER; 500,000 FT. DRESSED LUMBER ,
Shingles, Laths, Mouldings, Turned Posts and
Ballasters, Brackets. Etc. Two Carloads
Sash and Doors; Two Carloads Dry Fir
Clear Flooring, 4in.; One Carload Dry Fir
Clear Ceiling; 4 Carloads, of Clear Cedar,"
for Finish.; One Carload Glass", Paints, Oils, .'
etc., including^Fancy Glass,Wood*Stains, etc.
Wash., parties have
located a half-mile placer claim on
French creek, in Big Bend. It will
he worked at once.
• Recorder Sproatt, New Denver, is-'
sued 75 miners' licenses in  two days
last week.   This rush was due principally to the g'old excitement on Car
ibbo creek..
Eastern Canadian capitalists,   represented   by   L. Shaw and ; D. W.
McVicor, of■ Walton,  N.S., have ae
quired some 'promising* gold properties
near Ainsworth. X     ;.:':a .  -■
Trespassers, during the -win ter, ran
a 75-foot tunnel on'■'. the Bon Ton for
the purpose of shipping ore. An unexpected visit of the owners revealed
the surprising fact.
Tenders were solicited by the Hall
Mines Co! last week for the transportation of 50 tons of machinery to the
Silver King, from Nelson; and a return haul of 400 tons of ore. ,
Capt. Moore, of the Alamo mine,
has obtained permission from the Dominion authorities to import the machinery for his concentrator, free of
duty. It is coming from 'Chalmers &
Fraser, Chicago. "      .
A. Thompson, E. Thompson, I.
Thompson, M. Maurer and B. Finnell
we re the discoverers of the recent big
strike of galena on Four mile creek.
The locations are two miles south of
the Fisher Maiden, Assays show the
ore to. run about 150 oz. per ton in
silver. .
The mode of Nomination of Candidates shall be
a,s follows:—
The Candidates shall be Nominated in writing-;
the writing shall be ."ub'cribcd by two regis! crcrt
voters in the District a* proposer and seconder, and
by three other registered voters of the said District as-assenting to the Nomination, and shall be
-delivered to the Returning Officer at any time between tlie datcof,' the Proclamation and one p.m.
of the day ofthe domination, and in thecvent Of a
poll being necessary such poll will be open on the
seventeenth day of July, at      .
Government Office,Revelstoke.    '
Government; Office, Nakusp
Record Oiiice, Ilieciliewact ■
LameyVi store. Thomson's Landing-
Glacier House
Record Office, Trail Creek
Robson Hotel,- Robson ..-
■Jno. Bang's House, Fire Valley
"S. Walker's House, Trout Creek
.Sanderson's Hotel, Hot Springs
dimming^'Hotel, Hall.*3 Landing-
Record Office, Trout Lake
lilg Bend—
Cnrne's creek Miniiig Co.'s building;
Government Store, Downie creek
Consolation ]\iine, French creek
of which every person is hereby required to take
notice and govern himself accordingly.
Given under my hand at Revelstoke, the twenty-
second day of June, one thousand eight hundred
and ninety-four.
- Returning Officer.
Revelstoke  Station,   33. O.
Dealer  in  Household   Furniture.
_3T Agent for Singer Sewing Machines.
Of Swansea ana v'figan,
Analytical Chemist and Assayer.
The oldeso and most experienced
Assayer in the Province. ...
Plenty of accommodations for travellers. Good beds and good meals.
Bar stocked with wines, liquors and
John Madden, Prop.
Blue Ridge Hotel,
Accommodations for travellers. Good
stables. The bar is stocked with
choice liquors and cigars. Pack
train hi connection with the house.
.Goods, taken '..to.-any. part of the
Mcdonald bros., Props..
I       I
V*       '
J Published every Thursday.
R.    T.    LOWERY,    EDITOR    AND
OKE YEAR $2.00
Transient Advertising, 25 cents per line first insertion, 10 cents per line subsequent insertions,
nonpareil measurement.
Correspondence from every part of the Kootenay
District and communications upon live topics
always acceptable. WTrite on both sides'of the
paper if you wish. Always''"send something good.
no matter Iioav crude. Get your copy in while it
is hot, and we will do the rest.
THURSDAY,  JULY'12, 1894
BROWN, Wm. M.,
KELLIE, Jas. M.,
For weeks past our news columns
have contained accounts ofthe discovery of placer grounds  on   Cariboo
.creek, about 25 miles from Nakusp.
Many people  doubt the existence  of
such grounds, thinking it impossible
for anything, to be found near their
doors.    If the .reports had come from
some far-off place, the moon for instance, they would be inclined to believe that gold is found on Cariboo
creek.    This is a positive fact'and
cannot be denied.    How rich it is can
only be found out  by actual work,-
which will be  prosecuted as soon as
the water will permit.   "Already a
large   amount of  ground   has been
staked, although some of it is not recorded yet.    In order to avoid trouble
every man should record his claim at
the New Denver office in the time
required by law.    If that   is  done
there   is   not  much chance of anv
trouble on the creek, as the claim
jumper is not looked upon with much
favor in this province. If it is impossible to work a claim, owing to sickness or high water, the Government
will grant a lay over, provided the
case is proper! y represen ted to th e
Gold Commissioner. A man is not
compelled to sit on his claim and
*spar with the mosquitoes until the
water goes down. Let everything be
done in a business-like manner, and
if the creek turns out to be as rich as
Croesus, peace will reign throughout
the entire diggings, and the community will be happier and richer.
Send a man to Victoria that commands
respect, i.e., J. M. Kellie.
The returns of the provincial elections held on Saturday have reached
us in a very imperfect state, but there
is evidence sufficient to demonstrate
that the Government has been sustained. Though but a portion of the
electorate were called upon to decide
as to whom their representatives
should be for the ensuing legislative
term, their verdict was so very emphatic that little doubt remains but
what the remaining constituencies
will coincide with the example set
them and return Government men.
Out of a total of 25 seats thus far contested, 17 have endorsed the policy ot
the party that has striven zealously
to advance the best interests of the
country. Every exponent of Opposition dogma on the Island was .defeated. Hon. Mr. Beaven, tho leader of
the secessionists, did "not secure sufficient votes to save his deposit—an
event that is fitly captioned by the
Scriptural quotation, "The way of
the transgressor is hard." The success achieved should greatly encourage the Government forces in this
It will have its due effect upon the
electorate, as we predicted a week
ago; inasmuch as the miners as a
whole know on which side their
bread is buttered. When the returns
are all in it will be found that Hon.
Mr. Davie will have a majority of at
least 10 in the new House—quite
enough to keep the factious Opnosi-
tion under control, and, at the same
guarantee legislation with tlie degree
of ability that has been characteristic
ofthe Ministerialists in the..past. All
that is lacking to make"' the victory-
complete is the election of a brace of
wide awake men from West Kootenay,
and the district will do it, too.
What's tlie mattei* with  Kellie?   He's
all right; then vote for hiiri.
Before another issue of The Ledge
appears the political campaign in
this province will be about over, all
the outlying constituencies, with possibly one exception, voicing their
sentiments by next Wednesday. The
contest in West Kootenay will be decided on Tuesday, and it is in respect
to this that we wish to address a last
word or two to the friends of honest
government, in the north and south
ridings alike. So .far as this section
of the district is concerned Mr. Kellie;"
the Government nominee, is.waging
a winning contest, so powerful are
the influences • co-operating in his
favor. Mr. Brown has not the confidence of his party, and his course of
action in the past few weeks have
turned many from him. He has no
system of organization and is trusting
entirely to pot luck. His opponents
are fullv aware of this and have
joined themselves together in support
of Mr.Kellie;.: .^Committees have been
formed and these,' -working in unison
with the central" body at Revelstoke,
are doing good work in looking after
voters and perfecting arrangements
to get out the fullvote.    It is incum
bent, therefore, upon the committee
in this town to be equally alert, and
to labor zealously and unitedly, permitting no detail to be passed over,
then success will assuredly crown
their efforts. It is from here that the.
decisive vote must emanate, and well
do the Opposition realize this. We
would urge the members of the committee to perfect their organization
for next Tuesday. Get the voters
ouHn good time, look after the absentees, and above ail select a capable man to act as scrutineer who will
allow no dead men' to vote nor yet
any irregularity to be practised-
Mr. Buchanan's admirers m the
south riding will do well to heed the
same advice. In north and south the
Government party has strong candidates; both are men of prominence
and repute, and they advocate a
cause that has already been endorsed
bv a majority of the electorate. Men,
of West Kootenay, stand by a policy
of progress, honesty, and generai
ability, and mark • your ballots for J.
M. Kellie and G. 0. Buchanan. Give
the advocates of secession and petty
slander, as represented by Messrs.
Brown and Hume, tlie cold shoulder
and you will "never have occasion to
i;egret your action.
Leave Brown at liome.
• .One of Mr.Brown's principal planks
in the present; campaign has been
that he is good tp;thc poor man, and
has kept many of them when they
were broke. This, no doubt, is true,
but there is nothing exceptionally
grand about it. Dozens of hotel men
do and have done the" same thing
ever since they opened their doors,
but we do not hear anything of it
from them. It is a common thing
with hotel men and-should not be introduced as a lever in an election.
Mr.,Brown, the. Opposition candidate, is a good fellow and has many
fine qualities, but as a politician lie is
out of his latitude.' We tell him candidly as a friend, and when the election is over and he has become accus.
tomed to his defeat he will see that
we are right, that.he should not have
entered the political arena. He is
too good-natured to oppose anything
strongly, except the muzzling of the
press. Nature never, intended hiiii
to be a member, of the Local Legislature. He should have known this
before, and not allowed' himself to be
put to the .worry and expense of a
political contest for nothing, except
the empty flattery of a few hair-
brained people who are always
ready to oppose any Government,
without sense,   reason, or argument.
arber and
' D. A* McDougald
. Proprietor.
Choice    location and, commands a beautiful view
of the surrounding
The Bah is supplied witn tha.
best brands of all kinds of
wines, liquors and cigars.
The Dining Room is supplied
with all the delicacies of
the season.
Charges Moderate.
A Call Solicited.
Slocan Ave.
-Having been requested by
a large number of the Elec-
tors of the Riding to stand
as a Canclidate in the approaching Provincial Election, 1. have much pleasure
ih  announcing1 mvseii as a
Candidate, and will make a
Of Swansea ana vvigan,
Analytical Chemist and Assayer.
The oldest and most experienced
Assayer in the Province.
revelstoke;     b.g.
personal canvass of clie entire Riding; and I hope to re-
ceive   your  assistance   and
votes,    if 'elected, I will en-
" ..   '   ^ ■ ...'■.
deavor to do everything possible to a assist the whole Riding.'''''
;■■'■    Yours Respectfully,
Authentic Information as to the Discovery of Cariboo Creek.
The excitement created by the discovery of gold on Cariboo creek and
tributaries is still unabated.    Nearly
eight miles of ground has been stak
ed,  although a great many claims
have not as vet been recorded. Some
claims have boulders on them as big
as a hous . Along the creek quite a
number of men are encamped, awaiting developments and the fall of the
water. Tne water is stationary or
slightly higher than "it was. Two
companies are doing a little work,but
no lumber, has been whip-sawed yet,
and it will be some time ere any
sluicing can be done. Quite a num
ber of people are at Burton City, but
the mosquitoes there are almost, big
enough to be used for pack animals.
-„ To Nelson" Demers belongs the
"credit of having first explored Trout
-and Cariboo creeks in search of gold,
Demers, who is 67 years of age and
a' Nova Scotian by birth, came to
British Columbia in 1857. He is a
millwright by trade and has never
made any money by mining. He
was in the Big Bend and Lardeau in
1865. He is one, of, if not the oldest
prospectors in the country. Ten years
ago an Indian called Edward told
him there was gold on Trout creek.
He went up the creek as far as Goat
canyon, where he obtained a piece of
gold worth 25 cents. Being late in
the year he went to winter in Colville
and did not return again for five
years, when he came back again with
Joe Campbell, and thev blazed a
trail 15 miles long from the mouth of
Trout creek to Grouse canyon. At
this point they took out $24 in gold,
and sent it by Capt. Sanderson to
Revelstoke to pav for provisions. The
water became too high then and. they
departed for other fields.
The next year Demers, accompan-
iecHDfy'Dick" Matheson, went in and
looked at the ground, but did not do
anything. . Late last fall. Demers
went in alorit and obtained on Grouse
and Cariboo $4.65 worth ol gold out
of 50 pans of dirt. He wintered on
the Salmon river and this spring returned with Frank Levine, John and
Sam Bate, and Pete/McDonald, intending to work the creek on the
quiet. But the news leaked out and
has resulted in an excitement that is
growing in intensity every day. In
a few weeks' time the water will be
low enough to permit of bedrock being reached and then the merits of
the creek will speedily.be determined.
'• By Thursday's boat quite a number
of men returned to town for supplies.
They brought glowing accounts and
some fine specimens. J. Ehrmanntraut' exhibited several pieces Of
quartz float which he had picked up
in Goat canyon, and which was
thickly studded with native gold,
showing that rich ledges exist in the
neighborhood. During the week
many; men have passed through this
town destined for the gold fields, news
of which is circulating rapidly.
Through J. M. Kellie's exertions,
the Government has appropriated $500
to build a trail in from Burton City.
Work was commenced on it this
week. ''./:■'
Trout Lake City is agitating for a
post office.
A score of men are making wages
washing gravel on Lardeau creek.
Today is the Glorious Twelfth, and
great will be the celebrations throughout the province.
Many prospectors are going into the
Lardeau country from Kootenay lake
by way of the Lardo river.
Minors, support your candidate—J. M.
Trains are running through.to the
coast over the C.P.R. on time now, the
wash-outs caused by the recent great
floods having been repaired.
The ledge on the Black Prince is
5 feet wide, with an abundance of ore
in sight. A. J. Murphy and wife
went up to the mine from here on
Str. Kootenay towed the Lytton
and Illecillewaet across the bay on
Tuesday out of reach of the fire that
raged so furiously in the bush surrounding their old anchorage.
Dr. Brouse and Messrs. Sampson
and McGillivray ticketed through to
the coast by the Columbia Thursday
to record their votes for Government
nominees ih Saturday's elections.
Chop House.
The very . best equipped
Restaurant to' be found
in Towir.
Meals choice and dainty.
Served at any hour, day
or night.
AVING placed some new
Machinery in our Mill,
we are prepared to furnish
all kinds of Rough and Dressed Lumber and Shingles at
greatly reduced Prices.
Ronc;h Lumber, narrow,
$10 oo
•««■■       "        wide.
'811 00 to §12 00
Joist and Scantling, sized up to
18 feet long,
$11 00
18 ' to 24 '
*12 0)
21 'to30'
$13 00
Flooring, T & G, 6 "
$20 o:v
44                             •<          4   »
$22 00
V joint Ceiling, 4 »■
$22 00
6 "Rustic,
$19 00
$14 00 '
Surfaced Dressed,       i
$13 00
ER  BROS. & CO.,
- « B.C.
Commission Merchants
& Wholesale Importers
Wines, Liquors* and Cigars.
GROCERIES and PROVISIONS at very low prices
FRESH CANNED GOODS' always in stock.
A full assortment of Choice CIGARS and TOBACCOS,
: O :
Underwear. Hosiery,
Mens' Furnishings,
Mens' Ready Made
Gloves, Ribbons. Silks,
Satins, Cashmeres,
Melton & Serge Cloths,
Carpets, Blinds, Cottons, Hats and Caps,
House & Table Linens,
Boots and Shoes.
Hungarian Flour,
a Sugars,;Bacon, Hams
Coffees, Teas, Spices,
Jams,  Pickles, Oatmeal, Biscuits,
Canned Vegetables,
Canned Fruits,
Dried    Fruits,   &n(l
".. Fancy Toilet Soaps,
Cigars and Tobaccos,
Grindstones & Fixtures
Crosscut & Rip Sa\Y£,
Axes and Handles,
Nails, Screws, Bolts,
Round, Flat, Square Iron
Oils,   Paints,   Glass,
Horse Shoes and Nails,
: o :
Miners can get a, complete outfit here.
A liberal di-:count on large orders for Cash,
Hill        >   i»n
? ? ?
• © ©
amous Slooan
the Nakusp &
(and the Mines. ^
Famous for its Fishing and Hunting. Within a
[few miles of the Hot Springs on Upper Arrow Lake
becoming noted for their Medicinal
«* •
ore ^"roZt'to nL °f  "X*"™" & #«>* Ba^oad,  Thousands of tons jf
stealer for Ssto,*:.      mSP fr°m ^ ** m'neS °f tte *<?»* ** •«-*- on the
Gold and Silver Ledges  have been discovered within three miles of Nam,™
with X     T ^^ fe<>ntainS Sis Hote,s> SeTCra» "^Mf* Hons"   Stores s^Zm
vnthacapac^of 30,000 feet per diem, a substantial Wharlwareh^ Blac^h
Shop and many other buildings. enouses, uiacfcsmith
—*-,v: ['.'^}-T"*^3^'.H'* ^~ THE DISTRICT LEDGE.
Helena, Mont,' at the venerable age
of 83 years, the widow of Robert
Matheson, si\, and mother of Robert
Matheson, Chicago, editor of Mida's
Criterion; Thos. G. Matheson, county
Outcroppings   of  a   Sparkling   and
"Varied   Nature.
attorney  of   Hal ton,   Ont ;   Walter
The Balfour Trading Co.- will prob- Matheson,   of Helena,  Mont.; J. D.
ably open out at Silverton. Uf«f-.h-*nn  nriif™ m Tim*.- T*n,na--
Upwards of 140 men are engaged
on tlie repairs on the C.& K.R.
John Keen, C.E., of Kaslo, is rebuilding his office destroyed by the
The dykes along the Kootenay
river were not injured by the recent
Another restaurant is being opened
, at Three Forks, by  Mrs. Schroeder,
of Kaslo.
The Kaslo stage line has resumed
its New Denver route, making triweekly trips.
Through trains will commence running again between Nelson arid Spokane about tlie 15th.
Finishing touches are being put on
Green Bros', new. store, corner A avenue and Third street, Kaslo.
C.& K. steamers are again running
to Bonner's Ferry, the Great Northern
Railway having resumed operations.
J. H. O'Leary has been acquitted
of the charge of feloniously assaulting
W. .Glenn,* tlie upper Columbia
Sam Hill, accused of shooting Cul-
tus Jim, a Colville Siwash, near
Hall's Landing, two months ago, has
been released from custody on $2,500
Town lots at Three Forks are now
offered 'for sale, at prices ranging
from $100 to SI, 000, with 50-per cent,
rebate to builders. . E.. C. Carpenter
is the resident agent.
The. remains of the- prospectors
Brown'and- Dolan, found two weeks
ago near Bear creek, were buried at
same place by A. J. Marks and Coroner Arthur, of Nelson.
C. E. Sea ley, of Nelson, lias been
appointed agent for G. O. Buchanan,
the Government candidate in the
south riding'at the provincial election.
W. F. Teetzel is acting in tlie same
capacity for J. Fred Hume, the Opposition standard bearer.  ,
- Mortimer & Co., Ottawa, at the instance ot Frank Fletcher, land commissioner of the Columbia & Kootenay
"Railway Co., have issued a map
showing the country between Pin-
cher creek and Calgary on the east,
the international boundary c.n the
south, Okanagan and Shuswap lakes
on the west, and the fifty-second parallel on the north.
Following arc the deputy returning
officers in the south'-riding:--A; R.
Sherwood, Frcdericton; W. M. Newton, Waneta;'.'TV J. Lendrum, Ainsworth, J. C Rykert, jr., Rykert's;'S;
Keeling, Duncan City; O. G. Dennis,
,Kaslo;'" F. W. • Valleah, Sproule's;; T.
Norquay, Watson; J. C. Boyd, Three
Forks; A. Sproatt, New Denver; L.
N. Armitt, ■•■Silverton.. G. PL'Rash-■
dall is election >igcnt at Nelson.
'News is wanted ot 'William Lewis,
who left Lockwitlv near Cardiff,some
eight or nine years ago; tho last letter
from him to his sis^.r Annie was sent
from Nelson, B..C , dated December
21, 18Jl. He was then about'leaving
for a mining, district, 100 miles distant. Yf ill'any kind friend knowing'
his wiiereabOLits kindly communicate
with his - father, William Lewis, care
of the editor of the Mail, Toronto,
Ont. ■.>-■
... On May 22, there pas'ed away  at
Matheson, editor of Times, Billings,
Mont.; David Matheson, New Denver,
B.C., and Miss Jennie Matheson, of
Watchmaker and Jeweller.
Repairing   Neatly and. Promptly  Executed.
ft E. C. Jaslfn I
Dealers  in
Pianos,  Organs,  Musicians'   Supplies, Sewing Machines, and
KASLO, B. 0.
Graduate of Trinity University, Toronto.   Member of college Physicians and Surgeons, Ontario.
Ar end & Ken ward
II   Howard   Street,
LEAVES New Denver every day except Sunday
for Silverton, at 7 a.m., and for Wilson
Creek and Bonanza Citv at 8:80 a.m. Returning,
the steamer leaves Bonanza City for Wilson
Creek, New Denver and Silverton at f> p.m.
Slocan Trading & Navigation Co., (Ltd.)
«    W. C. McKINNON.
!R, E3 S T.A. XT R, AJX T
NEW DENVER,       -       -       -      -      B. C,
Is one of the best in the Slocan district.    Call in.
Atlantic Express arrives at 10:lO Daily
Pacific " " 17:10     «•
KASLO CITY,       -       -..    -
Tlie only practical Watchmaker in
the Kootenay District. Orders by
mail receive prompt attention.
Stages leave Kaslo daily at 8 a.m.
" for New Den vcr.    Return ing will
leave New Denver for Kaslo at
same hour.
Satisfaction  is   Guaranteed.
-   To take effect on Saturday, May 10th, 1801.
Trains West. Station. Trains East!
10 30      Depart NELSON Arrive      20 45
• U(> <r>0 Kootenay Crossing- 20 251
117 35 Slocan.Crossing 19 40£
18 15        Arrive ROBSON Depart      19 00
Trains from Nelson will wait arrival of boat
from Bonner's Ferry and Lake Points on Wednesdays and Saturdays.   -
X Flag Stations.
jfclTAbove Trains will run Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.
The Company reserve the right to change this
Time Table without Notice.
Pacific Standard and 21 hour system adopted.
Cheapest, most reliable and safe route to Montreal, Toronto, St. Paul, Chicago, New York,
and Boston. Kates $3 to $10 lower than any other
Specially fitted Colonist Cars, in charge of a
porter, for the accommodation of passengers hold*
ing second-class tickets.
Passengers booked to and from all European
points at lowest rates.
Low freight rates. Quick despatch. Merchants
will save money by haviug their freight routed via
the C.P.R.
Full and reliable information given by applying
Asst Gen. Freight Agent,     Local Agent,
Vancouver. Revelstoke.
General Supt.,
Trainmaster & Agent, •
Mbno Falls 1 Mtai
Nelson  & Fort Sheppard
Steam Nav. Co,
In Effect Tuesday, May 1st, 1894.
(Connecting with the Canadian Pacific Railway for all Eastern and C6ast Points.)
Leaves Robson on Wednesdays and Saturdays at
8 p.m.
Leaves Revelstoke on Tuesdays and Fridays  at
•1 a.m.
(Connecting at Northport for points north and
south on the Spokane Falls & Northern
Leaves Robson Wednesdays and Saturdays at 5
Leaves Northport Wednesdays and Saturdays at
1 p.m.
The only through route from Nelson, Kaslo,
Kootenay Lake and all Slocan
■;. A..  ,- " Points.- .        '■■-■'''.
Through Trains Semi-Weekly.
Leave 7 a.m.
NELSON. A rrive 5:40 p.m.
s will   run
Special Attention to Mining
V Interests,
OFFICE:—        -
Oyer Byer's Hardware Store.
On 'Tuesdays and  Fridays,   train.'
through to Spokanc^rriving same day. ..
passengers will leave Spokane at 7 a.m.on Wednesdays and Saturdays arriving at Nelson at 5:10 p.
m., same day, making close connection With the
steamer Nelson for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Commencing May 2nd passengers for Trail
Creek, Nakusp, New Denver, Revelstoke, and all
points' on the Canadian Pacific Railway, will
leave Spokane on Wednesdays and Saturdays at
7 a.m:, connecting at Northport with, steamer,
(same day) at 1 p.m.
Passengers by steamer from above points arrive
in Spokane same evening.
Passengers for Kettle River and Boundary
Creek connect at Marcus with stage on Mondays
and Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.
with the Nelson & Fort She
Railway  for all  Eastern  and Cos
(Connecting.with the Nelson & Fort Sheppard'
ly  for all  Eastern  and Coast
Points and for Spokane.
Mondays,. 9      a,.m.
'Wednesdays, 5:10 p.m.
Thursdays, .5      p.m.
Saturdays, 5:10   p.m.
Tuesdays, 3 a.m.
Thursdays, 8 a.m.
Fridays, S a.m.
Sundays, 8 a.m,
(Connecting with the Great Northern Railway
for  air Eastern points, Spokane and
the Coast.)
Leaves Kaslo'.at 3 a.m. and Nelson at 7:15 a.m. on
Tuesdays and Fridays. ,
Leaves Bonner's Ferry at 2 a.m. on Wednesdays
and Saturdays.
*" The company reserves the right to change.this
schedule at any tinie without notice.    . .
For full information as to tickets, rates, etc., apply at the Company's offices, Nelson, B.C.
"T. ALLAN, Sec'y. J. W. TROUP,
..'-Nelson, B.C. Manager. : -a
Maps of British. Columbia for sale at
this office. t
W. B. Shaw has been appointed C.
P.E. ticket agent at this point.
When in Kaslo call on Billy Kellem
and get a square meal for 25cts.    t
The R.& A.L.R. is to be completed
to the head of the lake tliis year.
Get your lunch put upon arrival at
the new El Dorado.    WJ Parker, t
The strike on the railway collapsed
this week, the men returning to their
Str. Lytton is expected to go out on
Friday, after being' tied up for a
The water in the bay has been rising- again this week, by reason ofthe
hot weather.
A small portion of the wharf was
repaired Thursday to accommodate
the steamers.'
Saturday was the hottest day of the
season, the thermometer registering
98 in the shade.
All vote  for the party that favors developing' your mines.
Work on the Trout lake wagon
read was suspended last week, because of lack of funds.
Several carloads of bridge supplies
and other railway sundries are billed
to arrive shortly from up river.
When in Kaslo stop at the Great
' Northern  Hotel.    Pates reasonable.
Headquarters for cool, and delicious
beer. t
Nakusp was lively enough for anyone while   the^ railway-.employees
"were distributing their month's sal
It has required . several thousand
dollars to repair tlie many damaged
bridges in the northern part of the
district this year.
Another locomotive and additional
rolling stock for the railway are to be
brought down from Revelstoke in the
course of a few days.
In a short time the C. P. R. telegraph
line to Denver will be moved from
the wagon road to the railway route,
making it a much easier task to effect repairs.
Uncle Sam's one big day, July 4th,
was celebrated by an impromptu
dance at the Lclaiid ,House. I<- was
a pleasant affair and there was a
good attendance.
Sunday's up boat had aboard 45
tons oi picked ore from the noted Le
Roi mine, on Trail creek, consigned
to Swansea, Wales. Numerous specimens were retained here.
Parker's restaurant is now open to
all ye hungry prospectors located at
Burton City, the gateway to the richest placer mines in British Columbia.
Bread, m^ats and other provisions for
sale,    W. Parker. t
A bush fire has been threatening
the north and east sections of the
town all week,requiring a great deal
of attention both night and day. Several cabins have been destroyed and
a number of others scorched. '
J. Martin, formerly of this place,
but lately employed as engineer on
the steamer Queen, running out of
Kamloops, was badly scalded and cut
by the boiler exploding last week.
The. firemen and cook were killed,
several men injured, and the vessel
Vote   for  the party  of   honesty and
Pev. Mr. Gable, late of the New
Westminster district, who has been
appointed to the charge of the Slocan
country by the Methodist Conference,
arrived in Friday. He preached his
introductory sermons here on Sunday
in the schoolhouse and acquitted himself creditably.
G. 0. Buchanan, the Government
nominee in the south riding, and ex-
Mayor Grant, of Victoria, addressed
a big meeting in Denver Wednesday
night hr the former's interest, their
opponents being Messrs. Bogle and
Kerr. From all accounts Mr. Buchanan was treated shabbily.
West Kootenay District.
A LL Placer Claims in this District legally held
11. may he laid over from the loth day of October
1803, until the 15th day of July, 1891.
...       „  , -, , Gold Commissioner!
Nelson, 2nd July, 1891. ■
•'Electorates  and Elections  Act."
's. Rashdall and Leask,. of
New Denver, passed through here on
Friday on their way to the new gold
fields.' They had endeavored to
reach the creek over'the mountains,
but after three days' exertions, to penetrate through snow 20 feet deep on
the summit they' had to-return and
come by the railway.1
ATOTICE b herebv given tint, according to Sec*
1\    tion 21 of the "Elcctorali-.. and Elect iomAct,'
no spirituous or fermented liquors tr strong
drinks shall be sold, given or provided at any hotel, tavern, shop, or other place within the limits of
any Electoral District duriag the whole of the
polling day at any Election, for a Member or Members to serve in the Legislative Assembly of this
Province; and everyone who violates the provisions of this Section shall be liable, for every such
offence, to a penalty not exceeding $100 and costs
and to imprisonment for a term not exceeding six
months, in default of payment of such, penalty.
Deputy Provincial Secretary.
^ Provincial Secretary's Office, Victoria, July 5,
1894. - ,  .
Books, Stationery, Office Supplies,
and Wall Paper.
Groat Eastern Block.
Electors of tie Soffl Eiiii
Gentlemen,—Having been requested at a large
and influential meeting of the Electors of Nelson,
and also by a requisition signed by a large number
of the citizens of Kaslo, to stand as a candiuate in
the interest of the Government at the forthcoming
Provincial Election* I desire to signify my acceptance of the nomination and to thank those
who have proffered ■ me the honor. To them and
to the Electors generally I wish to say that, if,
elected, I will give careful attention to all matters
coming within the sphere of legislation, and to the
best of my ability protect and promote the interests of the District and Province,
lam, Gentlemen,
Very respectfully .yours,
Notice of Poll being grant=
es- a>
ed,    and    Candidates
J. D. Graham, returning' officer in
this riding, was a passenger clown on
Friday to Trail  creek.    He was engaged imparting final instructions to
' the deputies along the river.
Tiie (Jofc-muioiit is vrumiiiiv all along
the line ; keep the ball rolling-.
A number of cars that were being-
loaded with supplies from the corn-
pan v;s tents, Friday, broke a .way and
rushed down, the grade, scattering
flour and grease in liberal quantities.
The I. C. & D. Co. 's stores have been
returned to their'old. quarters,, which
were flooded by the recent high water. The C. PR. -telegraph and Do-
min ion, express offices are also moving
bacje. j
Factory and Salesroom:
O i
Electoral District of North Riding: of
West Kootenay.   ,
pUBLTC Notice is hereby gh'en to the Electors
L    of the Electoral District aforesaid, that a Poll
has become necessary at the'Elect ion now ponding
for the same, and that I have granted such Poll;
and further, that the persons  duly nominated as
candidates at the said Election, and for whom only
votes will be received, arc.—
Resolutions Passed at Nelson and Kaslo.
1. That the present Government has been vigorous and progressive in - Provincial affairs, and
has done well for this Riding generally hi the
past. r ■
2. That for this reason and as representing a
powerful, united party, the Government should receive support in the coming general election.
3. That steps should ho taken to secure ah acceptable candidate for thi-j Riding-, who shall support the Government.
<1. That such candidate shall be a capable resident of the Riding, wiilin.g, if-elee-tiid," to consult
his constituents generally on important matters;
and that his place of birth or place of local residence in the Riding is immaterial. 34-tf.
is men Kimii
-:.-■'.    -      B.c.
' :: -Asa  ■■'■
. o
<-i' ■
■ "o': • ■
■ • \—* .
.   S'
'■■A''-     3.
■  «. :
■ ' ■   ■ A3 .....
■ . ..fa    ■■■':.
.-■ o.
■H ".■
■■■•■,, g'-
w •■
• O   ■  •
t^L,  ■
P   ■'■ -
' »■■■
'.-   &
.■•.■:    ■£.■■•■
■ ''v
>       .
■„-B i
'-   ,'     "
.; ■»•
7 ■•■.:.&
• -
,'    :■      ■:
: ■ o '    .
:   o
'""< '■ ■
.       <
£_      -' '
•  Ol   ■   . '
. ■ /•>
' o
o  . '.
■ o ■
■   p?
-    &*■■'
' f-r1-
i—i ■
" o>
E3'       ■_ .
rW   _,
"'      ^       '
■   ci
o -
~i is
H i-J-
•   C
Of which all persons are hereby required to take
notice, and to govern themselves accordingly.
.Given' under my hand at Revelstoke this sec-
second dajr of -July, in the year of 1894.
Returning Officer.
Having been requested by
a large number of the Electors of the Ridinsr to stand
as a Candidate for re-election, I hereby announce myself a Candidate for your
suffrages, and trust I may
receive your hearty co-operation, interest and votes in
my behalf. If elected, to the
best of my ability I will always endeavor to promote
the best interests of the District and the Province.
Yours Respectfully
-._ t.T-JKiii.r.i';'V"i


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