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Nakusp Ledge 1894-01-25

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Vol. 1. No. 17.
NAKUSP, B. C., JANUARY 25, 1894
Price Ten Cents.
B   ■    a^\i
'■f r*^,
Front Street, West,
Kaslo, .B.C.,:
The Largest and Most Complete Stock in the Kootenay
The Downs and Ups of a Traveling
Editor's Life.
O   C£
Cornirtg & Eodd, P
The bar is • stocked' with the finest
brands of wines, liquors
.and cigars.
In order to visit the coast and trade
off some of our Kootenay experience
for collateral, we left Nakusp on a
Saturday morning and took passage
on that staunch little craft, the Arrow, for Hall's Landing. There were
2G passengers on board, mostly descendants of Irish lords. One of them
deliveied us a lecture on the anionut
of nerve it took, to start a paper in
Nakusp and keep it going without
starving to death. We d:d not tell
him that we were a millionaire and
merely worked for tho benefit of humanity.
Arriving at the Landing about
noon, we went to Andy Cummings'
tent and had dinner. We sucee^o.ed
| m geltiug a rancher to give us a ride
to the Big Bluff, which he kino1 y did
for a monetary consideration. It was
dark- when we reached the Bluff and
we  had   to   walk    three   miles   to
miles more before we struck the C.P.
R, We did it in four hours and our
bag'gage weighed two tons when we
slid it off our back at the Revelstoke.
depot. •■;'•" ■:,'....
Gentle and cultured reader, do you
wonder that newspaper men die so
young ?. We passed a few hours in
Revelstoke and found it lively. When
the western express pulled alongside
the station we got aboard and selected a soft' seat, and had; a luxurious
time all th® wav to Vancouver.
In a future letter we will give our
experience in tlie Terminal City. At
present we are > too busy eating cylindrical-shaped devilled crabs and Other
dainties to write any more. We are
in clover up to our neck, and everything is coming so smoothly that we
have almost forgotten the hard times
Tuesday's Dance.
Quite a large number of the plea-
sure-ioving citizens assembled at the
Nakusp House on Tuesday evening,.
'■ This hotel is situated near the
water front and has every accommo-
datioh for the travelling public.
it the iustance of Mr. and Mrs.
G'Le^ry's camp before we could find i Thomas, -o participate in a dance,
a place to slumber.   The road.was | The floor was good..the music; excel
uneven and we fell down about 20
tnnes, with our g-.vp on tcpo'-'u'S.
When we got to the camp we fcjnd
our baggage weighed but few pounds
sbort of a ton. ,;.
At O'Leary's we found 40 men doing 'notivug. ; After' supper we discussed min iig and other scientific
subjects until a late hour, andtaen
we iiuned hi wiih 39 othevs to sleep
in a large tent fitted up for that purpose.
I cit.
Good accommodations for travellers.
The bar is supplied with a good
' ■" stock of Wines, Liquors
and Cigars.
RISDALE   &  McKAY,   Proprietors.
Thee were two lunatics in the
One sang "John B own's Body
Lies Mouldering in ihe; Mud," while.
1 dhe other fellow kept harping on the
habits and an aioniy of the grevback
family until nature asserted itself and j
they fell a?ieep.
lent and the programme satisfactory.
In' the light of these facts, it was no
wonder that all enjoyed themselves,
especially when, backed up by the
untiring attentions of the host and
hostess. Refreshments were served
at midnight after which dancing was
continued till 3 o'cke!, at whicnhour
the guests. departed for their several
places of abode.
Money Has Been Flush.
Since the return, of Paymaster
Sampson a big sum of money has been
paid out to the railway employes,
totaling thousands of dollars. The effect of th is upon th e gen era 1 ti ati e of
Morpheus came to us and 'we-slept ('.'the town has1 been very marked, the
Beautifully situated on the Lake shore at the entrance to the best and shortest road to the Slocan
mines and New Denver. Tlie best fishing- and
hunting in the district, with grand beating and
sketching facilities for tourists and artists.' The
bar is supplied with the best brands of wines
iquors and cigars. The accommodations of the
Hotel are the best.
like a man -always dees who has a
c'iear conscience. We dreamed that
we had just returned to Kaslo after
| an absence of 200 years and found the
K. &S.R. getting ready to put anoLhev
man on the job, and rush it thvoagh
with all■ possible despatch, so that
Gabriel could bring h's horn into the
town without having to walk.
After this we woke up and made
our toilet without a looking glass, and
then we tackled our breakfast. The
bill of fare was easy to read, there
being no French on it. After breakfast we shouldered our valise and
smarted for the Green Slide. We got
there and spent New Year's eve in a
quiet manner.    In the moaning, tiie
several business houses finding their
dally receipts considerably more than
doubled. But it has been the hotels
which have enjoyed the financial
deluge most keenly, their coffers
having been filled to overflowing
with currency. So great has been
the influx of guests at the various
hostelries that beds have had to be
made up in the halls, sitting rooms,
or in fact anywhere there was space
sufficient to spread a blanket. While
many of these men have since departed, yet there are more to come in and
the same order of tilings Will ensue.
What Nakusp would have been with
out the railway work and the resultant heavy pay rolls this winter no
initial day Of '94, we found that the j one likes to contemplate, all being
trains had stopped running to Revel- more content to dwrell upon the pres-
stoke and we would have to walk 10 j"ent satisfoct >ry state of affairs.
A Slight Indication of What is Being:
Done in the Slocan.
Huirh Mann came in from the Slocan on Saturday night., He is now
engaged hanling out ore, having finished his contract on the railway.
Mr. Mann, has 40 horses engaged in
the hauUiig, part on a 1000-ton contract from the Slocan Star, and the
remainder teaming from the Queen
Bess, a promising' prospect in the
Idaho basin. This ore is all being
stored at Three Forks, awaiting the
completion of the Nakusp & Slocan
Railway.    .
Upwards of 50 tons of ore are being
sent into Kaslo, whence it is shipped to
the smelters over the Nelson & Fort
Sheppard Railway per steamer Nelson. So many men and teams being
employed on the road have made
times brisk in Kaslo.      '^Xx^x^*
Almost every property in the Slocan
is constantly engaging new nien to
get out ore, while new prospects are
being opened up. . At present there
are about 19 mines shipping, 15 more
getting tlieir dumps piled up, and
oyer a dozen others in an advanced
state of development.
Fresh capital is continually coming
into the country, and as a result
numerous sales' have taken place.
Word has been received from several
American sources that" an influx of
greenbacks and gold eagles may be
expected in the spring'.
At the present: time the Slocan is
really the only district shipping ore
on the continent, and as silver shows
an upward tendency, the owners of
the mines feel greatly encouraged.
Confidence and success go hand in
hand in this section of the province,
affording a noticeable contrast to the
many idle camps across the international border.
It :;s estimated tnat $2, C30, C 30 worth
of ore will be taken out during- the
English Capital for Nakusp.
Before leaving for Vancouver Mr.
McGillivray intimated that he did not
think the towns'te company would
increase their grant for local improvements for tlie approaching season beyond that of last year. This is due to
the fact that a party of monied Englishmen had become interested here,
and their superfluous capital woukl be
utilized for that purpose. This corn-
pan y purposes erecting Large sampling works, as well as other extensive
works for the handling of immense
quantities of the Slocan ore. One by
one the indications multiply for a
busy summer. :5Y.>'
Will Locate Minerals at  a Distance
of Two Miles.
Vancouver is excited over a stranger with a strange machine. He
says it will locate minerals two'miles
off., It resembles a box with a tin fog
horn sticking out of one side. A test
ofthe machine was made a few days
ago. Several curious citizens wrap
ped $30 in silver in a handkerchief
and, leaving the manipulator of the
machine in town, went to Stanley
Park and hid the wealth.
Early in the afternoon, say those
who were present, the tin-horn indicator was pointed north .-.'toward the
park, and at 4, as it was getting dark,
the man and his machine were 600
yards from the spot where the money
was buried. Fearing that they would
not be able to see if they waited much
J. E ,B/;ROQ^RSv
Graduate of Trinity University, Toronto.    Member of college Physicians and Surgeons, Ontario.
v - -
The only practical Watchmaker in
the Kootenay District. Orders by
mail receive prompt attention.
longer, the committee took the man
to within 200 yards of the spot.    The J Is ppen night and day and supplies
pointer of the machine was slowly re
volving in a circle when the operator
suddenly stopped, while a faint rattling sound was heard inside the ma-
chine. ;-As its inventor remarked,
"Whenyou hear that sound it is a
sign that you are in a direct line with
tlie treasure."    y
He then insulated himself in a rub-
©ber suit and advanced cautiously, the
machine continuing to .-rattle until a
certain a spot had been reached, when
it ceased, for, as its inventor explained, ui have my back to the treasure.''
He waiIced backward carefully nntil
the demonstration, inside the box recommenced when the pointer was
poked to the -ground'and the treasure
dug up.
Several men of. accredited shrewdness believe in the'machine, while
Captain Von Bremner is interesting
himself in having it perfected ". so as
to make the 100th attempt to locate
the pirates' booty of the treasure island
of the Pacific. Capital is being
raised to promote the trip to Cocos
its  patrons, with everything in   the
market.    Call in.
„■.    Proprietor.
Stages leave Kaslo daily at 8 a.m,
for New Denver. Returning will
leave New Denver for Kaslo at
same hour.     ;
Satisfaction  is -'.-Guaranteed.
T. W. GRAY,      .. G. W.-'MoANN,- .'■:
Manager. Proprietor.
i! &f n
M Wh (i s 3
As hi
Mining on the Columbia.
The Columbia river, placer fields
will have a boom this yea r.    A new
company,   composed mainly of men j A. (."
from Dulufch and  West Superior, has
just completed the pui chase of 700] ^JTQ'PM>V
acres of placer gravel located on the j
Wholesale Dealers in Orangey Lemons, Apples, Bananas,
and all kinds of Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, Butter, Eggs,
Nuts, Candy, Cigars, Etc.    The largest Shippers in  the
518 and 520 First avenue, Spokane, to
The San Francisco .Gall; dally
wliicli will b© promptly sent to,
ft F
Buchanan." BI'kt.Kaslo;-B.C.
•Jr     Q    faun &sx
This hotel adjoins the Post Office and
has everything to accommodate
the public. '
east bani. of the river,'-beginning- 151   . SOU.C1 LOR
miles below Kettle Falls.    The pur-1
chase price is reported to be $50,000,. j
o io-ten th   cash.    The- company has
already -ordered a Bucyrus amalgamating outfit, and will begin the con- j	
const-raction of bar ^eowiojiout delay,
and be in a position to begin dredg- Special Attention to Mining
i:ig early in the spring. 'The gravel
at this point is about; 10J feet deep,
and the managers of the company are! office;
so confident
to purchase other claims,
jo confident that  it can   be handled] T^nvrrn Q^T itagtA 'P'n
jrolitably that  they  are now trying  riWiN L ^1.,    . J^Afcl_U, Jj.U
I        Over By er's Hardware Store.
Everything new abont the house except the whisky and landlord.
: Everybody gets a hearty
welcome and plenty
to eat.
Gorman West,     -     -    Proprietor.
This hotel is the best in town, and
has ample accommodation for travellers. The bar is supplied with
wines, liquors and cigars.   .
r—I ■
•r-i   .
■4-3   .
',■■■.'■'■'." -NELSON, B.C.,'
Landscape Photographers
Keep a large quantity of Architypes
and    Steel  Engravings    in    stock
Pictures framed to order.
•TOL .
.Go. Ltd.
-'JCIME  CARD.;   '
Taking: effect September 1st, 1893.
Rapid   Development   of  the   Many
Rich Properties.
V A ' ■       f ■
The new year dawned auspiciously
for the Boundary Creek country. In
.that, section there is great mineral
wealth buried in the mountains and
river bars awaiting the hammer and
drill and the monitor and sluice box
to develop and bring it to the surface
and disseminate it in all directions.
As it is the various camps are growing', work is progressing, and as a
consequence a feeling of confidence
and success pervades the ei\tire mining district. ..''■/•'
The Ledge group of mines is being
worked with great vigor and with
most favorable indications .of" early
tapping the main ore body. The
Fihnigan mines are also being energetically worked. An incline tunnel
has been driven over 60 feet, and the
Ore body augments foot by foot.     The | Mondays and Thursdays,_3 p. m.
latest assays show 70 per cent; lead  Leaves Robson,
and from 40   tO   140 OZ.   Of Silver per ".:    Tuesdays and Friday.?, 5 p. m,
ton Arrives at Northport,
The Davy group, the Wilson mine
and the Hayes Twin mine are all
holding tlieir own as development
proceeds.."''.   ',■''.''>::
The placer mines are, asa consequence of the low water in the Pend
Wm. Hunter.'
W. C. McKixxon.
Leave? Rerelstoire, ';
Mondays and Thursdays, 5 a. m.
Arrives a!; Robson,
1  Tuesdays and Fridays, 10 a. m.
Leaves Northport;:
Tuesdays and Fridays, 1. p.m.
Arriving at 'Robson,. „ y,
Tuesdays and Fridays 7 p. m.
enver and Sllvertof?.
. . /    :    DEALER? » GENERAL .MERCHANDISE.-    ;■    .:
All kinds of Miners' supplies kept constantly in stock
.^       £Jh ■.£««**  '       X      J h"'<X       ■■
The proprietor  has  on  hand
d'Oreille river, not being worked at | Arriving: at Revelstoke, -      • ■
"X '   -i    YAi: "■•■• ■■■■■;' Wednesdays and Saturdays, 4 v. m.
present,  bat the  companies are not!
'idle as tlie v. are taking advantage of , ~~~
the lull tO   do   much   needed repairs,       ^e steamer lands at Nakusp north bound on
place new machinery and set up additional sluice boxes, and. otherwise
place things in order to commence
work in the early spring.
Wednesdays and Saturdays at 7 a., in., and' south
bound on Mondays and Thursdays at 10 a. m.
Connection is made ■■with Canadian Pacific'trains
for the. east and west at Revelstoke, with Spokane
Falls and Northern trains for Snokane and all
eastei: a and western points at Northport, a«d with
F. J. Carroll, representative Of (the   C. & K.  trains for Nelson  and Kootenay lake
San Francisco Selby Smelting Go.,
has recently been in the country sizing up the situation■; and making arrangements for the shipment of ore to
his works.
■   —:—       <» _-
Caprivi on Bimetallism.
points, at Robson.
In reply to resolutions by the Gei-
man Conservative Association ui favor
of bimetallism, Chancellor Caprivi of
that country has acknowledged that'
recent events'.' in India and tne United
States have increased the. importance
of the question, but added: 'lam
still of the opinion that the methods
^hitherto proposed for the restoration of
silver have been proven impracticable, and I have good grounds for believing that renewed attempts set on
foot for common deliberations between
foreign government's' on this subject
would at present be unsuccessful. I
am inclined, therefore, in addition to
the official inquiry already proceed
ing to hear joroposals of experts and
theorists in various professions and
trades for raising the sunken value of
silveiyand necessary steps have already been taken to bring about this
Bloody Socialist riots have occurred
in Eome.
Leaves Nelson Sundays;3 p. m.
Arriving at Kaslo 7 p. m.
'." "    : Mondays 3 p.m.
,    i Arriving at Kaslo 7 p. m
" ."      Wednesdays 9 a. m.
Arriving at Kaslo 1 p. m.
"' "      Thursdays 3 p. m. •
Arriving at Kaslo 7 p. m.
"    .     "      Saturdays 9a. ni.
Arrivi-       .,/Casio lp.m.
Leaves Kaslo Mondays 9 a. ra.
Arnvingat Nelson! p. in.
li    Tuesdays 9 a. m.
Arriving at Nelson 1 p. in.
'♦,.       ■"    Thursdays9a.nl.
< Arriving at Nelson 1 p. m.
" "    Fridays 9 a.m..
Arriving at Nelson i p. m.
"      "    Saturdays at 3 p. m.
Arriving at Nelson 7 t>. m.
In lengths of from 12 to 50 feet.    Any kind
; of bill stuff can be cut at short notice.    .
Shingles, Laths, Mouldings, Turn eel Posts and
Ballasters, Brackets., Etc. Two Carloads
Sash and Doors; Two Carloads Dry Fir
Clear Flooring,4in.; One Carload Dry Fir
Clear Ceiling; 4 Carloads of Clear Cedar,
for'■'.■■■'Finish.; One Carload Glass, Paints, Oils,
etc.,'.including Fancy Glass,Vv^ood Stains, etc.
■■'■'■" .G.   O.   BUCHANAN.
wmSom    m£am i_jeaa&_Ki
est ■ani
Passengers from Kaslo for Spokane and all
points south, should take the '"Nelson," leaving
Kaslo at 9 a. m., on Mondays and Thursdays,
making close connections through.
This steamer lands at Balfour, Pilot Bay, and
For information as to Rates, etc., apply to mir-
rirs of steamers, or t> ■
T, ALLAN, Se*'y. J. W. TROUP,
Nelson, B.C. Manager.
£ Vi
i Li
Published every Thursday.
R.    T.    LOWER Y,    EDITOR    AND
ONK YEAR ......
8IX SfONTHS ...,
. 1.00
Advertising rates furnished on application.
Correspondence from every part of the Kootsnay
District and communications upon live topics
always acceptable. Write on both side3 of the
paper if you wish. Always send something good,
no matter how crude. Get your copy in while it
s hot, and we will do the rest.
-■"■i i-"-      »■ - —
wires been uti' ized to ascertain the
Apart from th;"s, the circulation of
the report cannot fail to be a source
of pain and annoyance to Mr. Kelly,
and the least the writer of the offensive article can. do is to retract his
statements and apologise for his ulter
lack of judgment and good taste.
The relations between England and
France are very strained.
Accommodations for 100 guests. The
Finest Bar in the Kootenay country. Headquarters for capitalists, speculators and miners.   ,.
England will increase her navy by
four large men- of-war, costing over
£1,000,000 each, and several gunboats
of the most modern type.
A complete history of the Kootenay
country, from the earliest days to the
present time, is being compiled by R. T.
Lowery. Experienced men with valuable Information would confer a favor
by sanding- their address to this office.
The Manitoba Pari iament opened
on the 12th, with promised legislation
in favor of the farm ers. There will
be some heated i-alk over the excessive expenditure for the world's fair
"V       .    ■;■   "
Plenty of accommodations for travellers. Good beds and good meals.
Bar stocked with wines, liquors and
cigars. " *
.   John Madden, Prop.
If   you   have   Money  and
want to   meet   Monied
Men stop at the
\ A despatch was received here this
week stating tbat France and Russia
had declared war against the Triple
Alliance, it w^s evidently a bourse
canard, as we have been unable to
get it confirmed.
A certain paper, published within
the precincts of the town of Nelson, in
a recent issue, treated its readers to
a hair-raising account of a thrilling
and novel sUicidej said to have been
enacted on the railway wha^f atJ-Na-
kusp, the victim being no less a personage than our esteemed fellow-citizen, M. Kelly, foreman of construction
on theN.&S.R.
This alarming piece of intelligence
was set forth in the most approved
modern sensational style, embellished
writh a formidable array of impressive
adjectives: and we can easily imagine the glow of exultation that doubtless lighted up the erst while handsome
but gloomy countenance of the writer
as he flourished his versatile quill in
jotting down the details, fondly believing thas he had secured a rich
1 'scoop" on his hated local rival.
Unfortunately for the Nelson scribe's
peace of mind, it must be admitted
that there is not the slightest tissue of
truth about the story. We can account
for its origin only in one* way and that
is: the writer must have dined too
heartily on pickled pigs feet and old
Kentucky Bourbon. How a news
paper of, such prominence—save the
mark—should belittle itself by publishing such utter drivel passes comprehension; but then, they are such
funny people down there.
Nakusp may be guilty of having
an occasional pugilistic encounter or
a still rarer stabbing affray, but our
people are not so degenerate as to
end their existence in the cowardly
manner depicted in tlie article referred to. The:town will receive an unenviable reputation on the outside by
reason of the falsehood, which Avould
not have been   had the  telegraph SLOCAN AVE.
Manitoba experienced very, heavy
snowballs last week, culminating in a
furious blizzard. Business generally
was seriously impeded. Several
buildings were demolished at Leth-
bridge in the Territories. ;
If appearances count ior aught, we
should-say that Sir Oliver Mbwat is
doomed to defeat a-fr'-ii'Iie- approaching
general elections in Ontario, because
of the Protestant Protective Association, the Patrons of Industry and the
Prohibitionists. These powerful influences, backed up by the opposition
of the Conservative forces, present .an
array which'the Liberals will find it
difficult to successful! y combat. The
P.P. A. has recently elected its candidates to the mayoralty iff Toronto and
Hamilton with overwhelming majorities, while the plebiscite vote gave
30,CW plurality for prohibition.
!R, ES S TA XT IB. J±2X T,
NEWDENVER,   ...-      -   .'-    '-   '   B.C.,
Is one of the best in the Slocan district.    Call in.
D. A, McDong-all
Choice    location  and   commands a beautiful view
of the surrounding
'GeRtrai Motel
new denver, b. o,
Mclennan & black,
First class accommodations in both
Room and Meals.
The Bar is well furnished with choice
wines, liquors and cigars.
Eldorado Ave.       -      New Denver
The Bar is supplied with the
best brands of all kinds of
wines, liquors and cigars.
The Dining Room is supplied
with all the delicacies of
the season.
Charges Moderate.
A Call Solicited.
Slocan Ave.
When   you come to New
Denver stop at a
Meals, 50 cents.
.   Beds, 50 cents.
Meals at all hours. Dinner
4 to 8 p.m. Rooms warm,
clean and comfortable.
Corner of Slocan a-nd El=
dorado avenues.       '
d-d-■__. XXAIiL.'-
GROCERIES and PROVISIONS at very low prices.
FRESH CANNED GOODS always In stock.
A fall assortment of Choice CIGARS and TOBACCOS.
atoms C^sh Dealer in
Stoves,   Tinware,   Hardware,
•   •
g supplies,
Flour and Feed, etc.
ens' Furnishings,
■','■-'■■"■. ■      ,. »
Boots and Shoes
illineryj Dress Goods
and all kinds of Ladies' and
Childrens' Wear.
3VHgtil   Ox»cLer»s   Careftxlly   a,n.d
IP^oxxijDtly stttenciecL to.
■ X
Eighty men are employed bri the
A movement is on foot to: form a
minstrel troupe in town.
Mr. McGillivray is expected back
from the coast on Tuesday.
Messrs. Sproatt, Hart, and Black, all
prominent New Denverites, were in
town yesterday.
It costs close on to |30 peri ton to
take the ore from the Freddie, Lee
mine into Kaslo.
This evening the canny sons" of
Scotland will assemble at the Leland
House to do honor to the immortal
memory of the late R. Bums, Esq.
$600,000 was taken in at the C. P. R.
depot in Revelstoke last year. That
was^he largest business done on the
road between Vancouver and Winnipeg-     ';'/
It has been semi-officially announced that the Inland Construction Co.
has been awarded the contract to
build the projected. Nicola. Valley
The big mid-winter ball that was
to have taken place in Three Forks
last Friday night was postponed till
to-morrow evening, because of inclement weather.
A. Lyall, the well known restaurateur of New Denver, was in town on
Tuesday. Mr. Lyall was commissioned by the citizens of his town to
extend an invitation to Nakuspians to
visit them, assuring them of a hearty
Mrs. H. Madden left oh Monday,
via Kaslo and Spokane, on a protracted visit to her parents in the old capital city of Quebec. Mr. Madden
accompanied her to Spokane, expecting to be back in eight or 10 days.
In the meantime R. Madden is managing the hotel.
Application for Liquor License
"YTOTICE is hereby given that Thirty Days from
IN date I intend to apply to the Gold Commissioner for a License to sell Liquor at Sandon, B.C.
New Denver, Dee. 29tlv,.i89H.
J". T. 2iT4XUTJT,
The bar is stocked with the finest
brands of wines  liquors and cigars.
:'o :
Underwear. Hosiery,
.   Mens' Furnishings,
Mens'Ready Made
Gloves, Ribbons. Silks,
Satins, Cashmeres,
Melton ■&' Serge Clothe,
Carpets, Blinds, Cottons, Hats and Caps,
House & Table Linens,
Boots and Shoes.
Hungarian Flour,
Sugars, Bacon, Hams
Coffees, Teas, Spices,
, Jams,   Pickles, Oatmeal, Biscuits,
Canned Vegetables,
Canned Fruits,
Dried    Fruits,   and
Fancy Toilet Soaps,
Cigars and Tobaccos,
Grindstones & Fixtures
Crosscut & Rip Saws,
Axes and Handles,
Nails, Screws, Bolts,
Round, Flat, Square Iron
Oils,   Paints,   Glass,
Horse Shoes and Nails, ■
: o :
Miners can get a complete outfit here.
j' S*Sfi»aEg_S_;
iT^rj^i=?=3i...^...r,sm.J.'. LL-'BgJH.
•■fc    3 '
4- :7
J. -f
■ ■■■■ .'.
w uenver,
Fishing and
ot Springs on
itliin a
•. ■. •
e a   •
•     •     •     •
With the .completion  of
ore will fee ■■ brought -to'Nakusp
& Slocan Railroad,  Thousands of tons'* of
rich mines of the Slocan, and loaded on the
Gold and Silver Ledges  have been discovered within three .-miles of Nakusp.
Tlie town already contains Six Hotels, Several Dwelling* Houses, Stores, Sawmill,
with a .capacity of 30,000 feet per diem, a substantial Wharf, Warehouses, Blacksmith
-w«i*S-r^'wrr"*wr. '•*j,<
lis;' Pfese&^lM'Fufcre Con*
; '■■ cisely Ponrtrayed.'; ■
warm and dry,   tempered   always .large wharves-owned by the company (prospected as yet.    In the river bot-
with delightful breezes from mountain here are covered  by the general of-f toms gold has been   discovered   in
and lake; the wet season in the fall
and spring- r.hort and by no means, as
disagreeable as on the coast; and with
Something of interest to the Outside
"World Concerning This Place.
Beautiful Situation.
A _ , ,     ■ ''"Cliiaate, -.Etc.
flees and warehouses, in tlie latter paying . quantities, by washing, as
being stored many .thousand dollars' also at the 'foot of the hills to the south,
worth of su}Jplies. The'ebrh^arry have''l^us it" will heseentbatNakusp does
winters to a'marked degree devoid, of also located here a hospital, presided  not depend" solely upon  the rich Slo
intense cold, but inclined rather to
the open and mild. Owing- to its
elevation and its distance from the
mountains the town is a pleasant one
to live in at all seasons of the year,
over by ■',$>& Williamson. For the can district -Tor', support, for she has
railway^ there ""have1 already Arrived'.: enough mineral wealth lying dormant
a locomotive and several flat", ca.rs,- around her to. buildup a large city.
now  housed till spring, when their prospects.    '
number will be increased.    Secondly j    Inform at ion cleaned from various
and it is peculiarly free from the dis-  Nakusp lias connection with tlie out- |sourceselicii;sthefactthatconsiderable
advantages of the average mountain side'■'world by the   Nelson &  Fort \ capital will be forthcoming efe; long
towo.'.:'.:      '..,.,/ ■•■
'    ,r
Though founded-but a vear or so
ago, Nakusp has made rapid strides,
and now boasts of a population many
But few towns within the province,
can lay claim to such a fine and imposing townsite as does the future
metropolitan city of Nakusp. Situatedfor the most■« part on an extensive . ,•■■-■
ana exceedmg-Y level bench of land, fnes »^*?V ^ was here even
aboutSOfeetabovetnesurfeceoftUei1384 SF™8\ ^dtrzens axe. widq
upper Arrow Lake which it overlooks, iawake and enterprising:, apd they
the location of the town is it once never lose an opportonity to adyanee
healthful and command™ A To the tlle mterests of the place. " lha.build-
south is a magnificent view of as fine 1!«s f.re chiefly, frame, built m a sub-
a stretch of placid  water   of ever-. P™1 —er  generally pamted,
;,   and ivept in good repair.    There are
■ changing beauty as one could wis,., ... • - .    ..       .   .    .•._■...,     , . ,
to behold while on the other borders Ia nnmber of loS structures scattered | the telegraph line, anu messages may j-.on a nmc
Sheppard railway to tlie south at Ncl- [ to 'd.ev.elcpe the latent mineral wealth
son via Robson and the"C.-r-& K. XI; in tiie mountains jiard by and it will
also connection on the north "with'.the .not' be in mere development" work
main line of the 0. P. hi....at Revel- alone that this li.mney, will show itself
stoke. In another year this place biit in a manner calculated to.be of
may be reached byrailironi the la{,- still greater benefit to the town.'
ter place over the R.;■& A..L. Iu, now | Arrangements are about complete for
under construction. Then there is (the.-'csfcrJiiislimcpS of large sampling
the wagon road to the head of Slocan I works here hv an English, party of
lake from whence New Denyer and j means and, experience during the
all .other interior points,' may be ] coining season^ This in itself is impor-
reached easily and quickly. The C.|tahk'biit when this is-followed by ■
P. R. have lately put in a branch of iother works for the treatment of ores
larger scale,  the, benefits
of the town are'thousands of acres of MVere Allc!-tliere throughout the town,   be sent out either north  and south,   ace ruing'cannot be estimated., .It is
crops of cereals and roots  from the
rich soil. . The larger portion of the
townvite'.has been denuded of '-trees'
■and the ground platted into residen-
Within the confines of the town are
a number of first diss business houses,
chief among which are Jordan & Co.,
Inland .Construction Co., '■'Cummings
tial and business blocks,; through ■■&;' Go., Bourne .Bros:, NakiispNews
which run^wide parallel streets and (j0;. ■ jv Ehrmanntraut, etc.f; Of hotels
lanes. a •   : :,.j there are  iivej each  having accom-
yy      healthful surroundings;.    • \    modation,; for many guests; the bars
So fai>as health is concerned, the/ arc  well   stocked   and  the  dining
citizens of the town are peculiarly rooms Well managed.    These hostel-
uting and supply centre for the entire j c,hicily—and who can foretell the size
Slocan region from tile west. Here, and affiuenccof the city;ofaiewyear3
not only will the Governnient make hence tliat will; have taken the,pi ace
its headquarters for mail ahd judicial of the 'infantile town of today ? In
business,- but- .the great wholesale' -Nakiiso will be erected the repair and
merchants of the land will erect their] machine shops of not one railway, but
warehouses and wharves. Aglance of several,'for the success of one must
at the map of the district will con-  result in the/ drafting: of others, and
vince anyone that this must of neces-
si^ be the case.    Here, too, the rail-
there will he -traffic enough for all.
With its unlimited water power: only
vo'rid and  navigation companies will  waiting to be  harhessed, this place
blessed.   , The elevation, of the; land j vies a^
to be desired.    The strip of beach
land between the lake and bench,. extensive trade.    Last, but not least,
several hundred feet in width, has a
well' equipped sawmill, .which has ah
neighbors..   Surrounding   the   town
are many thousands of acres bf good
gradual slope, that easily carries off | as the present issue demonstrates, and L13arseiy covered with forest rrowth
any overflow.    Just north-west of the J the citizens are proud of it. ^^^^
confident tliat tlieir money has been
well placed; and no other place presents such excellent opportunities to
capital for profitable enterprises.:
town are a number of springs, from
whence is. derived its water supply,
by carriers, and which, if properly
developed, could furnish a large city
with complete protection against fire,
lis" well"as being amply sufficient for
• domestic requirements. More, to the
west is the rapid running mountain
stream, bearing the name of Koos-ka-
nacc, a second water resource for the
town. " Sufficient water flows between
Under this head comes first the Na
kusp & Slocan railway, now being
abundance of rich alluvial deposits,
suitable for mixed farming arid market gardening purposes, ail of which.
, __
moment arriv<3S, will be made use of
to furnish electricity to the town for
lighting and motive purposes. A
mile or.sb away are a number of little lakes of pure spring water; so that
. it will be seen .that' Nakusp is particularly' well Off in that respect.
|   '. "■ ...       CLIMATE.
The climate of Nakusp is   very
moderate and even. The summers are
built into the heart of the rich'and is open for settlement and certain to
famous Slocan mining district  less j yield big returns.    While all this is
than two score miles away.    Many
hundreds of men have been employed
on this road during the past season
and"more will be in the spring when
the melting' snows will permit of the
work being", resumed.    Nakusp has
ay is neaa, ana tne vast
sums of money paid out have matori-
directly  tributary   to   Naknsp  ar.d| r,,is fcote, jg (|ve mi] g fi.mu Watgon
bound to substantiate her growth in \
coming years, there is the faniou
Fire Valley, to the south, the rancher
of which must come to tin's place., for
their supplies and to dispose of-their
produce. As to mining, the mountains, situated a few miles off, arc
known to be full of mineral, .both gold
and silver. Not later than a- lev/
ally helped the progress of the town, j weeks ago, a wide ledge of galena
In less than a vear thousands of tons was located not above four miles from
'and has good accommodations for
man and beast., The bar goods are
excellent and the.table first class.
WILLIS & SPEOLLE,   .Proprietors/
•J )T"> v      'J
Hie.  IxHd^f*
of ore will be/ handled weekly over
this road, thus affording employment
to numbers of. hands at the local
steamboat wharves. By this road the
bulk of general business will travel,
as affording, the cheapest and speed!
town, an. assay of .which went close
to 200 ounces in silver and SO per cent
lead per ton. This will be'developed
in the spring and the ore handled
here. Numerous other strikes have
been reported close to town, but the
bl;.-.l >> AY.
est avenue of ingress and egress, The I mountains have been  but, partially
Accommodations for travellers. Good
Tlie bar is stocked with
iquors and cigars.    Pack
train ■ in connection wit! i the house.
Goods   taken to any part of the
Mcdonald pros,, Props. - -.,..   .„..—»,,■■. ■■,-....t-J,.^,J..^.f«.^.-• p^^a^i^jjiiaqa^Lji^i.
.A ■■■
Dr. Williamson contemplates leaving Nakusp.
J. G. McLean journeyed out to the
coast on Sunday.
For anything in drugs write to tlie.
Slocan Drug Co., -'Kaslo. t
New Denver people are talking up
a party to visit this town.
G. T. Kane has been elected mayor
of Kaslo, vice R. Green.
W. Hunter, of New Denver, came
oyer Tuesday On business.
Today is the anniversary of Scotland's poet laureate, Robbie Burns.
The time for receiving private bills
in the Local House expires oh Febru-
candidate for political honors in West
Kootenay at ihe next general pro-
lyincial elections.
A. Struthers, who has been in town
for the past four months purchasing
time cheeks, returned to his home in
Vancouver on Sunday, well satisfied
with his net profits.
W. C. Sampson has secured a number of voters' blanks, and anyone
wishing to have their name placed on
the list, should call on him ^ the con-
strn^tion compaity's offices.
The Lytton went up on Friday, re.
turning Saturday with the cattle so
eagerly expected during the past
.month. She also brought a ton or two
of freight for local parties.
Messrs. McGillivray and Daly drove
over-to Three Forks on Friday to inspect the railway,   returning' Satur-
ary 1.
The first political meeting will pro- j day   night.    Sunday   morning a Mi
bably be held iu the schoolhouse next McGillivray departed for the coast
week- ];   Ahorse attached to a light sleigh
Contrary to the general rumor the ran away on Friday  morning and
the=constrnction company's offices will dashed into the verandah at the Mad
Opposite      --       Pro«i>ect House.
«  Sii»sDOL*
every alter
■'■■;'?day >for ■
not be closed,
The Glee Club will resume its
practices at once, new music having
been obtained from Vancover.
When in Kaslo stop at the Great
Northern Ho'el. Rates reasonable.
Headquarters for Hudson Bay Co.'s
goods. ' t
The concert given in New Denver
last Thursday night was a great success, as was also the ball wiiic'i. followed.       ::7;Ad,    a-
C. Hoi den departs immediately for
the Lardeau country to develope several promising mineral claims he has
A. Risdale, of the Half Way House,
came into town this week.    Business
is quiet out in that direction for a brief
J. L. Retallaek has been oppointed j tracted for, to be built this year, prin-
deii House,   creating some stir and
amusement.    No damage was done.
Saturday night a select party assembled at the residence of Mr. and
Mrs. Ehrmanntraut to celebrate the
sixth anniversary of that worthy couple's Wedding. ; A pleasant evening
was oassed.     . :    '. ..■:■'.
No less than 10 sacks of mail came
in Tuesday, for which the gods be
praised. Hereafter all Nakusp mail
will come via Kaslo, instead of being
permitted to lie at Revelstoke till it
got mouldy with age. a  ,     ''
Recent arrivals state,that Vancouver has not been so lively for years
as:at the 'present time. Real estate
is constantly changing hands at increased figures, while enquiries for
vacant buildings are constant. Many
handsome and costly blocks are con-
0x If
ing on
cipally on Hastings and  Granville
Wrapped in Mystery.
by the Government a member of the
licensing board of Kaslo, in place
of Geo. Kane, resigned.
Miss   Aura  Corning   leaves  next
week for New York City for the winter.    She will be greatIv missed f:om -n     .    ■'.■",  ^^       ™        .             _
y,     i      • / ■■■ Provincial Officer Fauquier went
' the ranks of local society. '       ,      '         ,-,      .          ad  x    ■
.        . up the lake on  the Arrow Saturday
The Lytton had a cargo of -26 tons, to search for the body of the man said
principally flour and feed, on Tues ■■: to have been discovered on Albert
day. She will make one more trip Point, particulars of which appeared
and then tie up here for the white?-.   Jast week.    The shore was diligently
The Ledge feels indebted to the. scanned for over four miles, particu-
Queen's printer at Victoria for a copy  iarlv at the point, but not a trace of
of the district voters' list.    Nakusp is
credited with but half a dozen names.
The Lytton took out over 50 passengers on Friday morning, and almost
as many more on Sunday. The Arrow, too, has had several heavy lists? usuaj{v
the body was observed. Considerable
fresh snow had fa 11 en, however, which
would have effectually obliterated all
signs; while a second theory may be
advanced for the fruitless search in"
j the foot that wolves have been un-
of late.
Kaslo experienced two fires last
week, one of which ■ prove i fatal,
whereby a half-witted Chinaman answering to the appellation of Jim lost
his life.
J. Fred Hume, of Nelson, has published his card, announcing himself a
numerous in that region of
late, and it.is quite possible that the
brutes devoured the body. Mr. Fauquier stated that Captain Sanderson
would send up a party of men from
the hot springs in a rowboat to continue the search. Who the man was
or whence he came remains as great
a mystery as ever.


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