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Nakusp Ledge 1893-12-28

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Vol. 1. No. 13.
NAKUSP, B. 0.,.'■DECEMBER'.28,. 1893.
Price Ten' Cents.
Its Present and Future Coir
;   cisely Ponrtrayed.; •' ;
Something of Interest to the Outside
- /World'Concerning TMs Place.
Beautixul Situa.tic:ia.
-'■■'y :.,-.'   " • Climate, Etc.
But lew, towns within 'tlie province
can lay claim to such a hue and imposing townsite as, does the future
metropolitan city.of Nakiisp. Situated for the most part on an -.extensi'v e
and exceedingly level bench of land,
about 80 feet above the surface-oi'-the
.upper Arrow Lake which it-overlooks,
tiie location",of the town is at once
healthful and commanding. To the
south is a magnificent view of as line
a stretch of placid-, water" of ever-
changing beauty as; one could wish,
to behola, while on tlie other reorders.
ofthe town are thousands of acres of
undulating land, only awaiting the
axe of the industrious0settler to clear
it of it3 forest g;owth, and raise ni
place of tne rir arid hemlock bountiful
crops of cereals and a'oots flvom;' the
rich soil. Tiie larger portion of the:
town.ite has been denuded of trees
and the ground; platted ; into residential and business blocks, through
which run wide parallel streets and
lanes, '■■
Bo far as health is concerned, the
citizens of the town are peculiarly
hiessed.    The elevation of the land
gives an easy  and perfect drainage
into tne- lake,   and it is a noted tact
that no matter how heavy tlie rainfall mav be, the soil readily absorbs
the moisture, leaving' nothing more
to be desired.    The  strip of beach
land  between the lake and bench,
several hundred feet in width, has a
gradual slope, that easily carries off
any overflow.    Just north-west of the
town are a  number of springs, .from
whence is  derived its water supply,
by, carriers, aim which, if .properly
developed, could furnish a large city
with eouq X& protection against lire,
as well as being amply su.nioi.ent lor
domestic requirements.    More to the
west is  the  rapid running mountain
stream, bearing the name of Koos-ka-
nace, a second water resource for the
town.    Sum'ciem. water hows between
the creek's  high  banks to run any
number of mills  and. electric dynamos,   and  this  when the opportune
moment arrives, will be made use of
to furnish  electricity to  the town for
lighting   and  motive   purposes.     A
mile or so away are a number of lit-
jtie lakes of pure spring water; so tm
it will he seen that; Nakusp is particularly well off in that respect.
Tlie elm ate; of Nakusp - is very
moderate and even. The summers are
warm and dry, tempered always
with del ightful breezes from mountain
and lake; the wet. season in the fall
and spring n.hort and by no means as
disagreeable as on the coast; and with
winters to a marked, degree devoid, of
intense cold, but jiiclined rather to
tlie open and mild.., Owing to its
elevation and its distance, from the
mountains the town.is a pleasant one
to live hi at all seasons; of the vear,
*.\\A-it is peculiarly free from the; dis-
advantages of the average mountainj
town.' '..".-. ;"■;'■■  '    .. „ ' *
Thou&h  founded but a year or so
"-CT '
ago, Nakusp has made rapid strides, j
and novy boasts of a populationKmany
times greater, than was here- even
last   sprint.    Its citizens';are  wide
been made the base of operations by  is open for settlement and certain to
the construction  company, or which  yield birr returns.    While all tins is
X). McGillivray;.'is bead, and the vast
sums of money paid out have, material! y helped tlie progress of the town
directly   tributary   to   Nakusp  and
)ound to ■substantiate  her growth in
coining years,   there is the .famous
In  less than a year thousands of tons | hive Valley; to the south, the ranchers
of ore will be handled weekly ovei
this road, thus affording'.-employment
to   numbers of  hands at' the   local
of r.-iiicli 'must come to this place for
their supplies and to dispose of tlieir
to mining,  the mourn
steamboat 'wharves.' Bythis road the j tains, situated a few miles off, are
bulk of general business will travel',. I known to be full of mineral, both gold
as affordingthe cheapest and speed 1- hmd silver. Not later than a few
est avenue,of ingress and egress. The- weeks ago, a wide ledge of galena
large wharves'owned bythe company was located not above four miles from
here are covered by the general of- j town, an assay of which went close
flees and warehouses,  in the. latter to 200 ounces in silver and 80 per cent
being stored' many thousand dollars
worth of supplies; The-.company:-have
also located here a hospital, presided
over by   Dr.'   Williamson.   For  the j
lead per ton. 'This-will be developed
M tlie soring and the ore hand 1 ed
here.; Numerous other strikes have
been reported close to  town, but the
a locomotive and several flat cars,
now housed till spring, when their
number will be increased. Secondly
Nakusp has connection with the out-
■*'''■        'J.   ■ A
.._._.. . .-x-.-.. ^ side world <by the   Nelson & : Fort
awake, and  enterprising,   and" they, Sheppard railway to the south at.Nel-
never lose an opportunity to advance son via Robson  and the C. &K. R,;
the interests of the place.    Thebuild- also connection on the north" with the
ings are chieiiy frame, built in a sub- main, line of the C. P. P. at Revel-
stautialmanner, generally painted, stoke.    In another year this -'-.place.
and kept \ri gopd repairs   There.are; may be reached by rail from the lat-
railwav there  have already arrived -mountains have   been  but partia 11\
; of log  structures .scattered
iiere and there throughout the town,
but they will soon be replaced with
frame,   I ndioa&iohs point to -a great
building boom in the spring. Xa-< X .'.'./<
Within the confines ofthe town :a.re
a number of first -cl/iss business houses,0
Chief among which are Jordan & Co.,
Ihl and Const ruction, Co., Cumm ings
& Co., Bourne Bros., Nakusp News
Co.. J. Erhmanntraut, etc. ■■".-'Of hotels'
there are five, each having, accom-
modrtion for many guests; the bars
are well stocked and , the dining
rooms well managed. These hestei-
ries are named: Nakusp House, U.-S.,
Thomas, proprietor; Madden House,
prospected as yet.c In the river bottoms gold has; been discovered in
paying" quantities, / by washing, as
also at the foot of the hills to the south.
Thus it will be seen that Nakusp does
not depend solely upon 'the rich Slocan district for support, for she has
enough-mineral 'wealth lving'donna nt
around her  to build up a large city.
'.      PROSPECTS.
.y..«v ^u.w.xYv.... ~j _. .,.-___       Information gleaned  from  various
^r place over the R. & A. L. R:, now sourceselicits thehict thatconsiderablc
under construction. Then there is
the wagon road to the head Of Slocan
lake from,whence; New Denver and
all. otheiv^^mteripr■■. points ymay , be
Reached easily add quickly.    The C
capital will be forthcoming ere
to de'velope the latent mineral wea Ifch
in the mountains hard by and } t wi 11
not be in mere development work
alone that this money ".wilhsliow itself
P. P, have lately put in a branch of but in a manner calculated to be of
the telegraph line, ana messages may still greater benefit; to the town,
be sent out either north and south; Arrangements afe about complete for
Six steamers ply here in the summer | the establishment of large sampling
with but two in winter.
Nakusp is bound to,be the distributing and supply centre for the entire
Slocan region from the west.    Here,
works here by.'an English party of
means and experience during the
coming' season. This in- itself is impor-
l tan't. but when this is followed by
other works for'tlie .treatment ol ores
[oila much larger scale, the benefits
accruing cannot be estimated.    It is
not only  will the Government make
its headquarters for mail and judicial s ■ .,   ..   ,
t     . !'    .- .i  ■'■ ■        4.     -i-i     i    known,  too, that.several maxstnal
business,   but  the   great   wholesale ,; ',      '       , .  .,■-.-
T. Nault. ■ There is also a large and
well equipped sawmill, which has an
extensive tra.de. • Last, but not least,
N-akus'o has a good live newspaper,
as the j;resen.t issue demonstrates, and
the citizens are proud, of it.
Under this head comes first the Nakusp & Slocan railway, now being
built, into the heart of the rich and
famous Slocan mining district less
.than'two score miles away. Many-
hundreds of men have been employed
on this road during the past season, I
and more will be in the spring when
the melting snows will permit of the
work being resumed.    Nakusp has
vince anyone that this must of n'eceB-'jch^11.v"i"an^wnocan iore"cu c,,tJ h,AU
shy be tlie case. Here, too, the rail- \and aflluenceof the city of a few years
road and navigation companies will] hence that will have taken the place
have their main offices, and the heads I!?{ ^ Mix}}fe ^nof today? In
,.-»'.,.'•        T ■   a"\" d^ ...   Nakusp w i! be erected the i'epair and
of families employed  by them will j ,uai.hi/ic shops of not one railway, but
locate their families in this place
| of several, lor the success of one, must
[result in the drafting of others, and
x, . j-there will' Imj traflic eiiouirh for all.
in both these contingencies in akusp [ with its imlimited wahu- power only
is pre-eminently blessed above her! waiting to be harnessed,-this place
neighbors. Surrounding the town [oilers special 'inducements to manu-
are many thousands of acres of good lecturers, and ihey will not be slow
,.      .     •     •        -. -. .       ,-•, '    i to grasp them. -No other place m tins
farmmgland, well watered and but* co{nitr^{ivcs hcttcl. proof of stabilitv
sparsely covered with forest growth, [and progress than does this town, and
Around the shore of the lake are.an those who have invested here are
abundance of rich alluvial deposits, confident that their money has been
.. ui a.- • u ' • -^ -.-i , • Swell placed: and no other place pre--
suitable for mixed farming and mar-».„■„.,1c.11rt1l  ■lvn.wn^ rr, ^.fL.^iJ. ^
^ sents sucn excellent opportunities to
ket gardening purposes, all of which [capital for profitable enterprises. .y,. j"«m."a'»-uij.jnpuf*•**
'3 i -
■;■•■-. t
■ l ■-,.
0       9
if-,-   '
ni-'      ■'■ ■'
;'!?      '
.- '     u ,.<.'
I./              '.
■ I ■-.:■■
it ■• .
- ' - /- 'c y.|
, . , *
t I
it      i
s i
•'■-<",■?"■. '_' _.ujiil I 'li I" n'^lP—'-^-*^*—««w ■- .-„■
« ,   . '•;  .- vv
'   -I   'A
."■'      *
-    '   ••'•li. -<
>a dAd
H 7-d: ;
•• '
C fir
i    *   \
'< ( i
W^.A I
\ Witlrthe, coii
» ■ ■■-...-, -.
ore /will tee brxmgiit vto;; Jfe&iis
tlie SIocaB9v miA loaded .'on tfc •-,'
Gold'-iaiid. Silver--\L©dg^s\ haver been  discovered
towix, g-lreadyi. -jcoiit-iiiis., Six Hotels, Several \
Dwelling HsMsesv- Stores,. .Sawmill' •
■ Shop
■p  *:
? many
*_.*       !'
,  j    - j
«>a.»  Vr■>-. •,'
■'  37 *
(■'a:',iS  -
v-'i • >> .:*
■'? t*.1g-
"ttvs:'. jgra:?': rTr-r? _=sr
is Nigh
* Apropos to the   Chicago World's
Fair the Boston Journal of Commerce
In looking at the Canadian exhibits
in every department, it is quite evident that the people of Canada have
0 put their best foot forward to show to
sfre world "^ she has
made, and is making, in all that per-
tains^to national prosperity and national greatness. In the agricultural
department, in the live stock department, in arts and manufactures, she
has certainly made her mark among
the nations of the world.
From the tone of the Canadian representatives, we could not help but
infer that Canada is anxious to do
away with   the   impression  which
seems to be abroad,  that she is a
snowbound, barren waste, inhabited
by Indians, and half breeds, depend-
.) ifii for al!'the^advance,tlhat.she has
madelipoir the m6ther5<K>untr^ra^ ;.v     .^
her older neighbors.   There  is no  '   *   *
h doubt;bu^ tjaat $• much,, more exalted p i% A"| /* A
minds of all who have learned the"   fc'"r
lessons^ whjeb. the,,foir bad tq:teach.      q x       i
that Canada was a frozen wifderness
A5V.hetftiiit,»cereals, and vegetable dis-
;" play must *ba#e disafe'ed them of
^hat notion; and if any thought her v.
people were rude unlettered and be-
hi nd the age, her displays in machin-
, ery^ manufactures and arts must have
" '""*l -'hkd:fa-iiSSiilar efiesct, ^"a. . ■     .W •»   , .*
This hotel adjoins the Post Office and
has  everything, to  accommodate
the public.
*..!' '<.,:.■.»
axid you -wi31{ dofibtiejss
want to send some tokeii
of the festive season to
yonr friends in other parts
■/■..-:   '''''■' ' ■ .'    a' '
of the world. 'If so you
can't do better $han to call
and inspect
Plenty of accommodations for travellers.;, Good Iqeds and good meals.
Bar stocked with wines, liquors and
John Madden, Prop.
Steam l^v-f^o- Ltd-j,]
Taking effect September 1st, 1893. This hotel is five'miles from Watson
and has good accommodations for
man and beast.  The bar goods are
excellent and the table first class.
WILLIE & SPEOULE,   Proprietors.
 —        —■—     A     f*tT    f\
Mo^a™^-- Ac^mod^^forteeners. Good
ArtlTMat ^^taysand Thursdays, 6 p. X -■ —   -- '■ ^-V^Wlth
j^vMBobson,    „TiK?toy8anaMaaya,6p.in.
Anriv* .t NorthPOrt,ae^y8 ^ ^^ „ a _ ,
» it " -1
**">»     T-w*i*.
ccomiiiuucttxviio *^ *—— .
stables. The bar is stocked-with
choice liquors and cigars. Pack
train in connection with the house.
Goods taken to any part of to*
hkda siinilar effect, ,/y.
NEik)N,' vM;g:
-•( -. •
v<V-Y;-^**s'/^'--•-'■;■- <"'--
■    -».,^ -<,pQIjrG NORTH.
Leaves Northport,
<' ^.. ,,.t .Tuesdays and Fridays, 1. p. m.
ArriVlng at Robson,    (       '"".'. ','
"         TW^ys and Fridays 7 p. m. ^QT^yE ls h^^iven that 30 day's after dati
Arrl-ving at Revelstoke,                   aK ri   I-intend apjfily ing to the Honorable the. Chij
."   -        Wftrtnpvlav<j and Saturdavs 4 n m Commissioner of Lands and Works for a spec!
;   '"■".- *. .^Sftneattajra ana toaturaays,« p. m. licence tdf cnt^nd' carry away- timber from t]
v       '      ' •'   v "   ■•.'•'                  .,rr' following'.t^ict of land.   Commencing atastaj
*" y"~--—                            '' planted on the south shore of the Narrows betwej
The steamer^ lands at Nakusp north bound on   A«9t''L^?iA^L?^52;ya^f^^^J
"- vu    «- j,     j j c i.   j 4.^   ^_.     -a - *k   chains, west 120 chains, south about 110 chai
.   . f; ;     Wednesdays^nd Saturdays at 7 a.*n., and south   an_ t^enc-e following shore line to point of cd
"it     yfc^djpaiMotidays:and Thursdayat'at 10 a. m. mencenient containing about one thousand ^h
7 y:     'Cbritreetion is \w&$^^hCalia^aJ Pacific trains   m^e;9r ess- PETER GENELLE.
for the east and west at Revelsto^ with Spokane,- X Nakusp, Oct. 18th 1898.
• / / Falls 4md Northei^,.trains for S
t',I>-'i.eastei^:«nd5T^|^^tf*s at Northport, and with:'
.C. & K. traius for "N&on andJtEootenay ;rptQ0
'{points, at Robson. ?;* *-7^'X
-" '■ ■ -■ .-' ;■; a:  :      -: .*■*'';■
■ •V. *;,-).-■ v-
, . .   . :'%X^'
Lanascap- at THE LEDOE OFFICE.
Keep a large quantity of ArohitypesI l-
and   Steel EngraTings   in   stock.
Pictures flramed to order.
if \M & IA8L0 ROUTE.
. -j     | OUTWARD.
Tbestock embraces a wiae ^ve8HeisonQundays;3P.m.
ransce of PerftinierieSi CarcT
Arriving aV Kaslo 7 p. m.
Mondays8 p.m. ,  ,„_
Arriving at Kaslo 7 p. m
■■•'.:•:-...        '-.      H" A   •'
iuarket.   Call in-
Handkerchief Holders, etc.
Tiie prices wfll-te found
just right,
M'- "• •";.;.^?>ri,j:-a ;•;••'     Arriving a* Kaslo 1p.m.
■   ^rriv-JuqA'*.*' .
i«     ,-.«•.'' Thursdays 3 p. m.       _
Arriving at Easlo 7 p. m.
«        «     Saturdays S a. nu        . ''■ „    ...
Arrivir    ^jSaslolfum.
■ *,'■
... **...
r\?7r' ...
i. b i
A'i Ai* VtA* _U.-jsi
■ :r
First class acooramodalions In both
Room and Meals..
The Bar is well furnished with choice
wines, liquors and cigars,
dorado Ave.       -      New Denver.
; i .,
i<   •pueadaye 9 a. fla.
i^ .*« .'   «    __imr8dayfi9 a. m. ,
* '^^S«^J$«S«S*pt*i
•^•■r*',^>t«-f?F/.?SW>.^ ;      ulT7- f.-^'...^j    ?  -   J
^*St\'   ■      J. W. TROOP. €^':
Published every Thursday.
B.    T.    LOWEEY,   EDITOR    AND
: .PiyANCiBB.'"
■ I _ ■ ' •" '   - ■ -'"-If- '     ■   ■        -'
ONK YEAK ....... .'■. .................. .$3.00
SIX MOXTHS'  .-.";  1.50
-rnKKK MONTHS ........  .-.. -...... 1.00'
Advertising- rates furnished on application.
Correspon den co from ovrery part of tl >e Kootenay
District and ■'communications ui-on h've topics
always accept-:.ble. Write on both; sides of the
paper if you wi?h. AJw.iys. send muic-thin # good,
no matter liow crude, wi your copy,in while it
shot, and we will do the rest.
How  it Was   Celebrated—FeasMng
'. at" the Hotels.
The Liberals carried the Prince
Edward Island elections with an overwhelming majority. dxd'v
The Legislature ha3 been summoned
to meet at Victoria for the despatch
of-business on January 18. y
A Victoria despatch of the 19th
stated tliat Sir M. B. Begbie, the honored and venerable Chief Justice of
the province was dying*, but later ad- (hospitality at the Prospect House, and
Christmas passed off very .quietly
in town, no unseemly rows occurring;
and scarcely any drunkenness being*
visible. In the afternoon half the
town enjoyed themselves coasting oh
the hill on Slocan street, while another large party were given a sleigh
ride round town through the kindness
of J. T. Nault. Dinners and parses
occupied the public attention in the
evening. ,
At the Fashion restaurant the patrons Yfere treated to a first class dinner of poultry, oysters, and other
delicacies/gotten up in the tasty
manner for which that place is noted.
a The Columbia had a number of
guests toii.ts'.Dig. spread, "and one and
all came away satisfied with their
entertainment. / Great pains had been
taken in decorating the dining room,
which presented, a pleasing appear-
ahcejas did also the front of ^
tablishment. u
XT. Nault dispensed open-handed
evergreens and brilliantly lighted,
was crowded with a galaxy of youth
and beauty, every family in town
being represented. The rush and.
twirl of the . light fantastic was kept
up till long after the proverbial ' 'wee
sma' hours'-had flown. The music
provided by Messrs. Duffy and Spencer was all that could be desired,
while Floor Manager F. Conway was
in his glory. At midnight the guests
sat down to one of tlie best served
cold suppers ever given in the country, and it is only necessary; to state
that the chef d'euisine was none other
th&n genial Joe Lebby for it to be
understood how high was the standard of the numerous and assorted
delicacies provided. / The affair was
unanimously, declared the most sociable and successful yfet held in town,
hot a hitch; occurring anywhere to
^iriar the proceedings. r
vices, we are pleased to state, emphatically contradict the rumor.
Old En gland proposes spending
about £20, C 30, CI J, spread over a number of years, for the"■■'purpose of
strengthening her already powerful
and magnificent navy; This slim of
money will build a fleet of war vessels
that even oui: crafty cousins to the
south might feel proud oL /
There is a healthy crop of candidates
ripeniug in this district for the next
pro\n'ricL I elections. Each town and
seOi-jon seems to have its own aspirant
for politic? 1 honors, and even now
assertions are beingvmade as to the
course they purpose pursuing when
elected. What a pity they cannot all
have their wishes gratified!'
It must be gratifying to all law-
abiding citizens in British Colu nibia
to know that Justice has been so righteously meted out to the several murderers whose trials have been going
on recently at the coast, the last and.,
most interesting of all — that of the
'young-mail Strobe! for-the murder of
a rancher named Marshal! at Hiint-
Aigton— resulting in the prisoner-, being sentenced to death on -January .10.
Will the Post Office.Inspector kindly
explain why it is that mail matter is
permitted to lie out in tlie open air
for days at a /time, without any due
regard to protection or despatch,   as
was the case with two bags for this
place last week, which, were uncere-
monioufc'ly dumped  off at the end of
the P. & A. L. P. and left there for
^almost a  week?   No other civilized
people under the sun are so shabbily
treated in regard to mail as are those
of West Kootenay. : Verily,- we are a
long-suffering people.
general ly conducted himself towards
his guests and patrons in a manner
calculated to -increase the good repu
tation of his hostelry.      '
Mr. and Mrs. McDougall entertained ih that truly liberal manner so
characteristic of "Jock Tamson's
bairns" the world over at the Leland
House, giving a' hearty welcome to
all. Their dining room was made
bright and attractive, with gay decorations and evergreens, and the feast
they spread before their many guests
was choieeA rich and varied. After
the Ubles were1 cleared a pleasant
evening/was spent, in games, etc.
It was close to 10 o'clock when the
last table was cleared of its load of
dainty viands at the Nakusp House,
so many were the guests entertained
by Mr. and Mrs. Thomas.-Almost,,
the entire'local staffs of the railway
and construction companies were in
attendance, beside others, and the
manner in which they punished the
good things provided left no doubt as
to the superior skill exemplified by
the charge d'affairs in the culinary
department. The company were
subsequently treated to an impromptu
concert by the members of the Glee
Club, the affair winding up with the
inevitable hop. No pains were spared
by the host-and hostess to make all
happy and they succeeded admirably.
To the Madden House is probably
due the palm for celebrating the festive season. Christmas day was duly
honored with the standard dinner and
general rejoicing by the patrons, but
it was on Tuesday evening when the
crowning event transpired, the occasion being the second annual ball
and supper given by Mr. arid Mrs.
H. Madden. The ball room, handsomely . decorated with bunting and
S 3.110
SLOGAN AVE.    -    NAKUSP, B.v;
Call and get prices,
Accommodations for 100 guests.' The
Finest Bar in the Kootenay country. Headquarters for capitalists," speculators and miners.   /
When   you coiiie to "New
Denver stop at    : a:a aa
Choice"   Meation and/ com
maiids a be^tiful view
; of the surrounding
./■:;;-a'.:" ? /'; country/:'y y'v'---
The Bail is supplied with :ti\ <■>
best brands of all kinds < f
wines, liquors and cigars.
Meals at ail hours.    Dinner
4:tp^8.p.m.    Rooms warm,
clean    and    comfortable.
• Corner of Slocan and, Eldorado avenues.
A. L¥AI_.'
The Dining Eoom is supplier I
with all the delicacies ot
Charges Moderate;
-  As Call Solicited.
Slocan Ave.
Wholesale Dealers in Oranges, Lemons Apples, Banana <
and all kinds of Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, Butter, Egg ■;.
Nuts, Candy, Cigars, Etc.    The largest Shippers in tl."
518 and 520 First avenue, Spokane, Was!.
ip.io^siWAC^sir.s ^AigBiY
.5i~ %£&*■*$&!>, CKS3
KASLO FLOAT; It costs |10 license per day to run a
A       ,   ' "-"'•' show in this city now.    This will les-
- Joseph Fletcher has been very ill sen the profits of the Comique" eon sid-
of late. ',..'.:. ' ' erably.  ' .    /'/v
About 40 sleighs1 are used to haul George Hughes will make a shipment of ore to Swansea, Wales, when
the Nakusp & Slocan Railway is open
to Three Forks.
"" Charles  W. McAnn has bought the.
stage line from Mrs. Cleary. \T. W.
Gray is manager and the line is doing a good business.
The Council has passed a long set
of by-laws to govern the burg. The
tariff to do business in town is too
high and it will have a tendency to
injure the place as a commercial
centre. /
The Kaslo & Slocan Railway Co.
have applied for the privilege of
making their road a narrow guage.
It ia stated the chief engineer of this
esign, but who his successor will be is not known.
ore to this point.
W. Cleary has gone to Three Forks
to'engage in business.
Business is improving steadily, due
to the holiday season.
A big strike has heen made on the
Little Phil mine at Ainsworth.
Considerable lumber is being shipped from here to Three Forks.
Kaslo is to have a new schoolhouse
and it will be a credit to the city.
Frank Harper and Bert Smith will
open the Summit hotel at Bear Lake.
Captain Buchanan's tug was lost
the other da v. it will take $1,000 to
fix her up.
. Snowslides   are   plentiful   in   the ~ ^ \yjjir
mountains.    A ride on one of them is
exhilarating exercise.
It is likely that Robert Green and
George Kane will be after the mayor's chair for next year.
Mr. McGabe has returned from a
trip to East Kootenay. He reports
business very good at Fort Steele.
A gang of men are actively engaged repairing the wrecked steamer
aj-a-qawaHBMafliM^ K r-z - :i
The centre building of the row of
houses on the north side of Slocan
street, just beyond Broadway,, had a
narrow escape from destruction by
fire on Tuesday. A defective flue
was the case of the trouble. Prompt
assistance swamped the   flames be
fore they had done any more damage
Idaho, and she will be afloat in a few j than destroying a few shingles on the
days. ' I roof.      '   '-.-•'
We have just received fine assortment of Fashionable
ready-made Dresses both for morning and evening wear,
some stylish cloaks in all sizes. Our winter stock of FURS
to hand" is well assorted in the following:
When calling ask to see tho Dress patterns and
trimmings to match.     This is one of our special lines.
' 0 \j* ft
■■.* r;
Business is good here. "j
Mr. Cole has returned from a trip
to the Eastern States. »
Coal oil is 70 cents a gallon here
and lumber $28 per thousand.
Sloan & Rawlings of Kaslo will
open a cigar store in a few days.
This is a town of log buildings, not
a frame structure in the whole burg.
W. Purdue has started a butcher
shop, making the second one in the
' town...-':.-,'. ■',•'■'. •','.''
E. C. Carpenter has sold a half interest in his saloon to Bert Crane and
Jack Law.
H.:: Pit^s will spend Q.hristmas in the
East.    It is reported that he .will re
turn with a life partner.
. Parties having mining claims to
sell will find it to their advantage to
send particulars to this office.
Williams-& Co.-.^re. putting, /up a.
building 20 x,40, in which they will
run a boarding and lodging house.
The jiartrtefship^r&retpfpre existing
between Speftcer &^WlieeTer of Na:
kusp and New Denver has been dissolved by mutual consent.
■  '"     ■'"■-■*    ~i_\r ' -   ■■■■'-■■■
Nakusp, B. C., Dec. 4 1893.
This liotei is tire best in town, and
has ample accommodation'for travellers.    The bar is supplied with
"  wines, liquors and Cigars;
,-■'..' n. "•
Alas, jpoor Say ward! After, life's
fitful fever• thou sleepest wellv and,'
"like a bright constellation in the
evening," bast disappeared --and no
man shall see .thee more a "Thou IIvy
est only in* name,/and wilt so continue
till the wintry ■ ..storms, shall; have
worked into nothing... that broad-lettered canvas: which baptized thee
"Sayward." Alas,Joshua, surnamed
Davies ! The filthy lucre thou didst'
gain from -victims of- misplaced confiU
dence who shower on thee "curses
not loud, but deep," and which shall.
follow thee "where the worm dieth
not and the fire is not quenched!"
Oh. Say ward, Sayward!—Northport
Y. ■
Jim Hill After Slocan Ore.
Captain H. S. DePuy, of the steamer
Idaho was in Spokane Tuesday on
his way home from Kaslo.    He says
the snow road from Bonner's Ferry
to,the-head of Kootenay lake is almost completed and travel has commenced,  although the weather is not
cold enough to  make the marshes
very firm.    In the spring a regular
boat service will again be established
between the  Ferry and  lake towns,
In reply to a question as to the probability ofthe Great Northern Railway
building a branch up the river to the
lake to compete   with   the railroad
from Nelson to Spokane, the Captain-
said:  "That trade is too valuable to
be neglected.    Tlie Great Northern,
is bound to have its  share of Slocan
ore, and if the Spokane & Northern
will not divide the trade  satisfactorily, President Hill's road  will take
other measures to secure its share of
the shipments."
Selkirk Transportation Co
Runs stages daily between
Stages leave each point at 7 a. m.
Fare $3.50.        '
a,V. ;;-:r;/,E;-;J., MATTHEjWS,
■. y;y-.. 7\.x aay'X • AAd > .^Manager;
•■ s?.l
.;,,,'      ing   Claims to dis»
pose of should apply
at      -
GROCERIES and PROVISIONS at very low prices-
FRESH 'CANNED"GOODS^always' in| stock/'""''"""~
A fall assortment of Choice CIGARS and TOBACCOS.
exactly.  It is tMe; torlglitest a.
spiciest JoiiyiiaI;4BJ - t^^aci
coast.   Sendfbr ^ sai)^16 copy;,
Will leave Nakusp at
7 a.in. every alter-
day   for
ing- on
■      DOCTOR
Graduate of Trinity University, To-1
\   ronto.   Member of college Physicians aind Surgeons.
Buchanan Blk, Kaslo, B C
Corning & Rodd, Prop.
The bar is stocked with the finest
brands of wines, liquors and cigars.
• • ' •'
The bar is stocked with the finest
brands of wines, liquors
and cigars.
JOHN COLLET TO, & CO., Prop's.
Meals at alb hours and
'"" "* '.-.'. Y in every style of the art.
JD. (_*•
„ Si
■ Pi
da y,r__g
More so Tfran it Has Ever Been in
Previous Years.
According to a Spokane paper the
Slocan towns appear to be, having
their innings at present. The old dull
days of last winter and summer are
forgotten, and the people are too busy
mining, hauling and shipping ore,
clearing trails and: gradiug roadbeds
, lor new rail ways- to evieii ta,ke time
for grumbling .a
W. P. Russell, one of the owners of
the Noble Five group, has just returned to Spokane from a trip to British Columbia'und says Slocan never
was so. prosperous. JB\illy 500 tons ef
ore are lying at the wharf at Kaslo
ready to ship out to the smelters over
the Nelson & Fort Sheppard railway^
From 20 to 25 tons per day of high
grade ore is coining in over the show
road, after a trip down the mountains
in rawhides. Better stilly the output
promises to be continuous.
"The Surprise mine is shipping 100
tons;"said Mr. Russell. "The Noble
Five is working double shift to take
out 1,000 tons now under contract.
The Bonanza King miners arc working night and day on two/new openings. The Slocan Star has more than
f 1,000,000 worth of ore in sight today.
The Idaho, the Rico, the Slocan Star,
and the Dardanelles are shipping and
will have a steady output through the
winter months.
"The people of the Slocan country
feel more certain of their future today
than ever be&re. The merchants
are confident and are laying in big
stocks, while the passenger boats on
the lakes are crowded with passengers. At Kaslo fire ore buyers have
their headquarters for the Omaha,
Tacoma, Everett, Great Falls and
San Francisco smelting companies.
"Ainsworth, too, is wide awake
this winter. One of the lateststrikes
was made by Thomas McGovern on
the Little Phil. He has opened up
six and one half feet of; high grade
galena. At "Nelson ore comes in
.steadily from the Silver King.
"The/, railroaders are working on
the right of way from Kaslo to San-
don creek, while the Canadian Paci
fic's grade from Nakusp to  Three
Forks is almost completed."
alf-Way House.
T/M.  hdUXTEE.
W.  0.  McKlNNON.
Beautifully situated on the Lake shore at the en
trance to tho best and shortest road to the Slocan
mines and New Denver.   The best fishing-"and
hunting- in the district, with grand boating- and
sketching facilities for tourists and arti3ts.    The
.... ,■;..'   ;-,li  ,.-■•-.
bar is supplied 'with the best brands of -wines*
liquors and cigars. The accommodations of the
Hotel are the best.
•->«' . "■:.•■? a, A:,: s
and 5ilverton.
a. :
.,•  -. * • ',',)<.:
A.\    A"   .>••:, t     .•
Good accommodations for travellers,
The-bar is supplied with a good
stock of Wines, Liquors   '/
and Cigars.
RIDSDALE  &   McKAY Proprietors
This hotel is situated near the
water front and has every accommodation for the travelling public.
IT. S. THOMAS, Prop.
All kinds   of Miners supplied kept constantly in stock
.■'■■. "   . ■ ,. ,o  ■
ooteiiay   Lake   Saw   Mill
3\. B, H. QocAqrreaqo.
•" :.i
s. t;& n. co.
'   After October 20th the        .
Capt. Estabrooks,      -••-    -• - ■•• •'•■   .       Master
Will make one trio daily Sunday excluded, between New Denver and the head of the Lake.
Lwives Head of Lake at 3p.m.
Leaves New Denver daily at 10 a.-in. for Silverton.
W. C.aMcKinnon, Sec'y.-
West's Hotel
Everything new about the house except the whisky and landlord
Everybody gets a hearty
welcome and plenty
to eat.
Gorman West,     -     -    Proprietor.
■   The proprietor has on hand
In lengths., of from 12 to 50 feet.    Any kind
of bill stuff cam be cut at short notice.
1,000,000 FT. ROUGH LURliER. 500,000 FT. DRESSED LUMBER
Shingles, Laths, Mouldings, Turned Posts and
Ballaisters, Brackets. Etc. Two Carloads
Sash and Doors, Two Carloads Dry Fir
Clear Flooring, 4in.; One Carload Dry Fir
Clear Ceiling, 4 Carload Car Clear Cedar,
for Finish;; One Carload Grlass, Paints Oils,
etc., including Fancy Glass, WoodStains, etc.
Brightest and Newsiest
A Happy and Prosperous
New Year is the wish of THE
LEDGE to its friends. May the
3lst of December, 1894, close
another volume in tlieir lives'
history which shall have been
replete with happiness and
crowned with signal success.
Thursday last was the shortest day
'■;*..i the year.
There.' are but two convalescent
c&ees in the hospital just uow.
West Kootenay has seldom experienced a more open w:nter than the
: < pi'Cl'eut.
J. T. ' Nault will celebrate New
Year's day with a big ball and supper
at the Prospect House.
A local party has the refusal of the
management of the hotel how being
erected at the hot springs.
J.  Cummings has   been suffering
■.:.»•' ooi an acute attack of inflammatory
rheraiatism during the week.
A b'g dance 'ook place at Three
Forks on Monday night, and a concert; at New Denver on Tuesday.
i J". Perks, who is ranching this
winter down the lake, is spending the
holidavs here as a guest at the Madden House.
1 The Un^on Sabbath School opened
on Sunday J as t with a total attendance of 17. There is sure to be a big
"ocrY • ?e next meeting.
M cs^rs. Sykes and Frank- Jordan
de; , ifced on the Lytton yesterday for
Fire VaJley, the former to hunt and
the latter to work on his ranch. <
Some light-fingered specimen of the
humaii family unceremoniously lifted
and walked off w>th three chickens
exposed for sale in front of the Nakusp News Depot on Thursday evening.   ■   '■■
J. McMartin has submitted a proposition to the principal mine owners
:n the-district,- guaranteeing to haul
all their ore and stack it at Nakusp,
for shipment to the smelters by the C.
P. R., at a much cheaper rate than it
is now being laid down at Kaslo.
Last Friday the public school closed
for the usual Christmas holidays of
two weeks. Miss Caldwell, the
teacher, has given perfect satisfaction
ia her duties to the trustees and parents of the pup:Is, all feeling gratified
at the advancement shown ia the
various studies.
Messrs. McGillivray, Sampson, Osier
and Daly went over to New Denver
en Thursday night for the purpose of
paying the raj'road employees and
managed to get rid of a big pile of
cash. Sunday • orning the first two
gentlemen depa.^ed for the coast on
urgent business, Jo be gone two
weeks.;' ■- c"--
The Lytton came down on Tuesday
evening with a fair cargo, principally
flour for Nelson parties, and several
weeks' mail matter, which proved
very acceptable to the expectant recipients of Christmas presents. Great
difficulty is experienced in transporting goods from the end of the R. & A.
L<R, hence the vexatious delays in
the trips of the steamer.
W Hunter, the merchant prince o^
New Denver, spent several days here
since last issue, having come down
'from Revelstoke Friday, where he
bad been looking after a carload of
goods which had been lying there
two months. Mr. Hunter is working
up a scheme for a big party of young
people to go to New Denver in a week
or two. They are to be entertained
there by the citizens with a concert,«
supper and ball.
Nelson G-oes Wild.
When Conductor Sinclair's train
reached Spokane last Thursday evening the first round trip between that
place and Nelson was complete. The
arrival of the tram at Nelson, with its
70 passengers, was tho signal for the
wildest, kind of a demonstration. The
entire population turned out. Five
gallons of free whiskey was opened
up even before the passengers had
fairly alighted from the train. Free
busses decorated with streamers carried them all over town, while a big
crowd followed the procession through
the streets, making a tremendous din.
It was the biggest day Nelson ever
Stabbing Affray.
E.  C. Ca rpenter departed for the
coa&o on Friday's boat to spend the
.. "titer..  He has disposed of the con
. trollnig interest  in the   townsite of
Three Forks to a powerful syndicate;
the members of which are well known
ai railway and financial civcles, for a
sum approximating several thousand
dollars. I
Early    Friday    morning   Robert
Cumings and Joseph Dunn, cook and
night watchman respectively for the
Inland Construction Co., got into an
altercation while in a drunken condition, and in the combat that ensued
Cumings received a nasty cut on the
breast, as well as a severe pummelling, his assailant returning a second
time to the attack.   Provincial Officer
Fauquier was summoned and arrested
Dunn.    Cumings was found lying on
a cot, perfectly helpless and covered
with blood, but after having had his
hurts dressed it was found that he
was not seriouslv injured.   The trial
took place the same afternoon before
F. W. Jordan, J.P., but subsequently
adjourned till next day, when Dunn
was fined §10 and costs.   The two
witnesses summoned could hot prove
that the prisoner had stabbed the defendant, hence the light fine.    This
was the initial case in the judicial
career bf Magistrate Jordan, who has
but recently been appointed, and he
passed through the ordeal in a highly
satisfactory and promising manner.
If   you   have   Money  and
want to   meet   Monied
Men stop at the
New market,
o    ■ ■■'
First class accommodations in both
Room and Meals..
The Bar is well furnished with choice
wines, liquors and cigars.
Eldorado Ave.       -      New Denver.
General Agent
>ry Goods


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