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The Nakusp Ledge 1894-12-06

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x/Xc XX] x\ ] \j y
•7 / Ji
Vol. II. No. 10.
Price Ten Cents.
lack's   Hotel,
three forks, b. c,
Rates:   $1 50 to   $2.00 Per Day.
E very th tig* iir.-jt-clas*?
IS now ojKin for, the'accommodation of ..jruef-ts.
Rates, #1.50 to -$»2.50 per day. Baths
.25   cents eacli, or 5 for *1.   For further
particulars write to thc proprietors.
■A. ' •• ■. .'. '■ =«    ■  -   '7'
Nakusp,   15. C,
The Bar is stocked with  the finest brands of
W'ineA Liquors, and Cigars.
Corning & Rodd, Props.
The bar is stocked with the finest
brands of wines, liquors
and cigars.
Beautifully situated on tlie Lake shore at tlie entrance to the best and shortest road to the Slocan
mines and New Denver. The best fishing: and
hunting in the district, with grand beating and
sketching facilities for. tourists and artists. The
bar is supplied with the best brands of wines
iquors and cigars. The: accommodations of the
Hotel are the best.
A Chicago Lady  Tells Her Experience in the 7 Country.
The location of tliis Hotel
is excellent, and commands
a grand view of the beautiful scenery that surrounds
the tuwn.
The Bar has one of the
largest stocks of Wines,
Liquors and Cigars in the
The Dining Room is up to
date, and Travelers should
always give the Leland. a
Mrs. E. W. Ferguson, 7 wife of onc
of the proprietors of the Surprise, made
a trip into the Slocan last summer,
and was the hist woman;to cross the
Noble Five divide. She;showed remarkable nerve and pluck to do so,
but then Chicago ladies are equal to
any occasion, ■even.'if--'they do walk
on carpet when they are at home.
She tells her experience in the Chi-,
cago Inter Ocean as follows:—
Three years ago a ■'.few*hardy men
who had mined in California, Colorado and Montana started on an exploring tour through what, was known
as the Slocan. Indians twere their
guid es " and pack horses. T hey soon
discovered that the mountains ovpr
which they were traveling were
teeming with precious metals. - The
Indians, frightened away by the
blinding snowstorms, left the prospectors to care for themselves. The
rugged life to which they/had become
innured, made it possible for them to
endure many7,hardships, and claims
were staked wherever ^prospecting
warranted it. Today, the advance
that has been made in opening up the
country and' mines sho wsihe wonderful elasticity of hope.
Our party left the Great Northern
Railway at Bonner's Ferry, Idaho,
took a boat up Kootenay-river and
lake 7-throughll-UDeaiitifiilXmountain*,
scenery. A day's ride brought us to
Kaslo, B. C., a niining staifcicm recently
established. Kootenay lake is of unknown depth, 1,50J feet having been
sounded and bottom not reached. Its
waters are of emerald hue, surrounded by white capped mountains and
overhead is the cloudless blue of the
northern sky. At. this time of year
no ;more beautiful landscape could be
Early in the spring Kaslo had been
half burned  down.    A -lew   weeks
later came several   days   with the
mercury at 90 degrees.    The surface
snow in the mountains melted so rapidly that the mountain ^streams became    raging     torrents,    carrying
everything before them, pouring into
Kootenay lake, causing' a  rise of 36
feet, which submerged all landings
and twisted the   houses   from their,
frail foundations.    The day after our
party reached Kaslo forest fires started up and swept over large  tracts.
The flames were so fierce that  they
jumped hundreds of feet.    The trees
are covered with a  hanging maze
that in a fire is like tinder.    High up
the-mountains,-'where, the lire did nqp
reach, our travelers were afterwards
told that the  men thought it was a
volcanic eruption, the sight was one
so grand and awe-inspiring.    .Droves
of mules used as pack animals and
men who had escaped tlie  fire half
clad fled down the hills into Kaslo.
It. was several days before our tourist rlared to continue their journey.
The incoming people would tell, how
the trails were blocked by the fallen
trees, and tiiat.it would be foolhardy
to attempt to go over them, especially
with a lady  in  the party, as no fell, a',e had ever attempted to make th -
ascent to the mines, even when all
the trails were open. Finally a detour of the mountains round "the. fire
was determined on, which made the
trip more arduous than it would have
been had tlie trails been open.
Mrs. Ferguson felt that it would
be impossible to ride over these steep
hills in a lady's ordinary costume.
She attired herself in a bloomer outfit and'found it both comfortable and
serviceable. She said her unusual
costume did not elicit any would-be
humorous remarks from the miners.
On the contrary, they praised her
and told her she' was sensible to discard the cumbersonie skirt. She
continued the story of her travels as
Nine miles from Kaslo a mineral
spring was reached, whose limpid
waters are .so highly charged tliat
they sparkle like champagne. Even
novv its, wonderlul curative ' powers
are known throughout that region,
and unlike many mineral waters the
taste is delicious. \r. The people: to
whom it is known say it is a cure-all.
All along the route our party came
across prospectors intent upon finding
■something' richer than had yet been
discovered. -
At the. Noble Five' group of mines,
the owners of which were the hardy
men who were the first to prospect
the Country, thousands Of tons of ore,
assaying from 200 to 3,000 ounces of
silver .to the ton, have been uncovered. The owners do, hot seem at all
anxious, aad: they say they intend to
;l&e^fcopeuihg7tip"ftew Tedgeis and
JY$ins"uiitif 7eltprtal is>attracted "and
ready to invest; They have no fear
ofthe ultimate result, even with silver close to the 60 mark. •
Mi*s. Ferguson said they climbed
up and down ladders, through wet
tunnels, down into mother earth 312
feet, being shown veins and ledges
of galena and carbonate silver until
her bewildered eyes were dazed.
She said the party were frequently
stopped and questioned, for the opportunities for news from the outside
world were few and far between. She
Reaching the timber line it was
necessary to turn- the animals loose.
The  mountains   higher' up are too
steep and slippery for tame four-footed
animals.    The rest  of the journey
was made on foot.    The summit being reached  the party slid 400 feet
down on the snow;*-.  All around are
glaciers, whose  age  none   can. tell.
The  objective  point   reached,   tlie
highest mine in  the Selkirk mountains, the altitude prevented sleeping
to our novices. The beds of fir boughs
were  not  uncomfortable.    The -water-got for bathing froze into good
solid ice within a few feet of the beds.
We did not tarry long, and must confess that Chicago seemed a very comfortable place on our return,   even
with the thermometer in the 90s. The
management of the Great Northern
Railway must realize the possibilities
ofthe country, for even now a survey
is being made and a railroad may be
expected in the spring. At Pilot Bay,
in the heart of the  mining region, a
smelter is being built.
What   is   Being  Done Among   »
Treasure Vaults.
There is an increasing stir noticeable ih. the Boundary creek camp.
The last consignment of machinery
for the smelter- at. Pilot Bay passed-
down oil tlie Lytton Tuesday.
Two lneii'are working on the, Gallop claim on Howser Lake. One of
the leads on this claim is 15 feet in
Half a-dozen assays on ore from the
recent strike on the War Eagle, Trail
creek, ran from $24 to $161 in gold
per ton.
:   The War Eagle people are putting -
in a compressed air drill on that pro
perty.    It will  be in running shape
by the middle of the month. .-■,-
E, J. Matthews, Ore buyer lor the
Omaha smelter, estimates that 2,500
tons of ore will find its way out via
this town by the end of January.
; About two weeks ago 24 tons of ore
were shipped from ■ ■ t- le Antoine to
Great Falls. Seventy-five tons more
will be shipped in a short time from
the same property.
It is given out that J. A. Finch is
anxious to take up the bond on the
celebrated Reid & Robertson dropped by -him some time ago,, after an
''expenditure in*.wor.k of $10,000.
Ad S.7Fairwell is applying for a
certificate of improvements for the
Cariboo claim, located in the Best
basiii. It is owned by Belle Coy, A-
L. Davenport and L. D. Wolford.'.
The final consignment of material
for the concentrator, rear Three
Forks arrived Tuesday. It was, from
Chicago and consisted of water"pipes
and smoke stacks, 50 tons in all.
( C. D. McKenzie.. is working the
Isis, a gold property, between Whitewater and Goat creek. Wood used
at this claim has to be hauled a mile,
as the location is above the timber
The chances are favorable that the
dispute over the celebrated Nickel
Plate mine, Trail creek, will soon be
settled. Development work on the
property will then- be prosecuted vigorously.
S. T. Walker has made several
overtures for the purchase or working
ofthe Daisy, a a'eni of a gold property discovered during the year to tlie
south of Sil verton. The owners want
a big figure for it.
Nelson Dcmars has been in town
during tlie week, having come up for
supplies from Cariboo creek. Tic'says
the. frost has put a stop to placer mining, while quartz work has been laid
over till spring. He has been showing some pretty samples from the
Promestora, a mineral claim in which
lie is interested. Nels. will'-winter
on the creek.
The Leland House will give a ball
to its patrons during Christmas week.
Str. Arrow is temporarily tied up,
but will sail at any time on sufficient
business offering.    The  past season's
traffic has been satisfactory- Page -2.
Published every Thursday.
R.    T.    LOWERY,    EDITOR    AND
ONE YEAIt   .$2.00
Transient Advertising, 25 cents per line first insertion, 10 cents per line subsequent insertions,
nonpareil measurement.;,.
Correspondence from every part of the Kootenay
District and communications upon live topics
always acceptable. Write on both sides of the
naper if you wi?h. Always send something good.
no matter how crude. Get your copy in while it
is hot, and we will do the rest.
-      THURSDAY, DEC.' 6,   1894.
Sir Charles Hibbert Tupper, Min-
of Marine for Canada, is on his way
to the coast.
Acting upon the discussion which
lately transpired in the ^provincial
press upon the subject of a mining
bureau, Mr. -Kellie submitted this re-
solution to the: attention of the House:
Resolved, that in the opinion of this
House, it is advisable, in the interest
and;development of the mineral resources of this province,that a mining bureau and a school of mines be
established: —This . is;, a; step in the
right direction, as the people should
have the means afforded of becoming
educated in the principal industry of
their country.        -
Winter is here. We recognize it.
It has the same frosty manner as
the other- members of the family we
ha ve in et. The situation has changed'- with us somewhat since last we
met Mr. Whiter and his blood relation, Jack Frost. Then our woodpile
was big and fat and loomed up on
Broadway like a.miniature mountain.
Today it is so attenuated and full of
holes that every time the wind
whistles through it it sighs and
groans as if bothered with cholera
morbus. We still have plenty of air
and water, and as these two things
are great necessities, wo are-thankful. If the air or water plays out on
us in Nakusp, we are ruined.
Two Seventh Day Adventists are
preaching to the people "On. the Sound
that the world is coming -to an end
next year. They say tliat the
United States will be destroyed before Canada, and advise all people
who desire to gaze upon the wreck of
this beautiful mundane sphere up to
the last minute to get into Canada as
speedily as possible. While this is
hard ' on "God's country," it may
swell the Dominion's population, if
belief in the report becomes general
in Uncle Sam's domain. When the
floods occurred last spring we thought
that the last call was being made, and
daily expected Noah the Second and
his ark to arrive at Nakusp. Since
the waters subsided we have come to
the conclusion that the planet we are
tied to will last some time, at least
long enough to allow us to ride just
once on the Kaslo & Slocan Railway.
The Opposition representative Of
the south riding has before Parliament a resolution, which, if carried
into effect, will lessen a crying evil.
It reads thusly: That whereas, owing
to custom, the Indians in the State of
Washington, in the United States, do
annually come into British Columbia
and hunt along the Columbia river
and Arrow Lakes, and by so doing
exclude the Indians of Kootenay, in
British Columbia, from following the
chase in those portions of the Province
above mentioned: And whereas there
are known cases of maltreating of
settlers along said river and lakes:'
Be it tnerefore resolved that an hum-?
ble address be presented to his honor
the Lieutenant Governor, praying
him to move the Dominion Government to take such steps as may be
deemed advisable with the .United
States Government to exclude these.
Indians from crossing the ^International boundary.   ]'xd    -   a
New' Ptistoffice.
By Friday's mail,: F, W. Jordan &
Co. were advised to take charge of
the po^toffice. This lias been. done
and the , necessary iriiprovements effected. A drop box lias ••been put in
on the right;, of the entrance to the
store, and this is emptied every evening at .7. .Next week largest
consignment of stamiDs,; of all denominations, ever; brought into town are
expected. ■ General office , hours;are
!set from 8 a. m.; till 7 ■ p* ill. every day,
excepting Sunday! A XPPxp'*- P:>'d,A:
■   ——: ___—<i->: : ___ ..7
ISloahin a Tight Corner.
E. M. Sloan, a former rKasloite,
who has lately acquired considerable
notoriety in. Washington, where he
eloped with another man's wife after
'embezzling several thousand -dollars
belonging to a Seattle firm of wheat
buyers, has also- a charge of forgery
preferred against him by J. Q; Adams
& Co. Yet,still another warrant has
been sworn out\ against him by his
partner,, J. W. ■ Weiseman, for conceal ing and appropriating to his individual use |80Q/of partnership property. SloanWas a high flyer.;
—       <s»       ..
The Globe Cafe.
Tie 1 111 Ii 1,
'■'■■■7 ,-..;• Dealers in  :'Ad-
Pianos,  Organs,  Musicians'   Supplies, Sewing Machines, and    7
SUPPlieS.       ,,;.77.a7.
SPOKANE, ; ' ■"'...■.-■- '-^ '; -'■       ■      WASH.
•    ■ ■•■'■:   ■'■■   THE   STEAMER
G. L. ESTABROOKS,      -      MASTER,
Leave New Denver at 7 a.m. for Silverton.
Leave New Denver at 8:30 a.m. for Bonanza
'City.;.   ,  .   /   ,7 ..'';..■.
■   Leave Bonanza City at 12 noon for New Denver.
Slocan Trading & Navigation Co., (Ltd.)
7rA/      W. C. McKINNON. a
.'7..        .   A'a ". -Secretary:
.....,.:...7 .d   .  ROSSLAND, B. C.      " AAyAi
Best House 7
at tlie
Trail Mines.
STEWART     &    LYNCH,    Props
Revel stolen * Station,   S.   O
Nelson & Fort Sheppard
,; .'     .  ' ' "     ■*'.      .    -    ■    ' " h   ■ ■'■".=      "*' ' '   *
IN addition to the Restaurant the Proprietor has
". a number of Rooms to rent to Travelers. The
Rooms are tastily furnished arid the beds clean and
wellaired. ; '"■■'7.- ■■-'■''7 • ;'!--'' :"''-'';7
The name of the Globe Cafe in
Kaslo is a name synonymous with
good living*. It was in Existence5 before the fire, and although 'that 'Calamity was the indirect cause of the
establishment being closed for. a
few months, its proprietor has again
come to the front as a caterer to the
inner wants of man. This popular
cafe is now located on -the corner of
Fourth street and Avenue A,■ and its
door never closes. Theproprietor,
Geo. Paquin, has had several years'
experience in Helena and other
cities. He is '-thoroughly versed in
the secrets of making food agreeable
to all sir.ides' of appetites, and his affable and polite maimer make it a:
pleasure to do business with him.
Strangers when in Kaslo should not
forget the Globe Cafe. Within its
portals they will find viands and cuisine tliat few outsiders think exist in
th© Kod'tenay lake country, and they
will go a wav and say that there is
one man it least in the city of calamities who knows how to feed the
hungry without ruining their stom
achs and breaking their bank accounts.
The only 'through route from Nelson,,Kaslo,
Kootenay Lake and all Slocan
Through Trains Semi=Weekly.
Leave 7 a.m. NELSON.      , Arrive 5:40 p.m.
On Trepdays rrid -Fndp.y?, trails will run
throug-h toSpokane,arrivingsameday. Returning
i >asserigers will leave Spokane at 7 a.m.on .Wednesdays'and Saturdays, arriving at Nelson at 5:40 p.
ni., same day, making close connection with the
steamer Nelson for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
points.     7' ; . ,--.- '.■-..■
Passengers for   Kettle  River and  Boundai'y
Creek connect at Marcus with stage on Mondays
rand Tuesdays, Thursdays and  Fridays.;   .    ,.,'.-  .
TRAINS leavc^Nelson for Rohson and Point?!
JL north every- 3tYedne*dav and Saturday at 15
o'clock. For Pof its-south the train leaves every
Friday at 1(5:30 o.'cloek.,;
: General Supr.;      .   Trainmaster & Agent,
7 Vancouver. .■■.--..'  Nelson.
Steam Nav. Go., Ltd.
In Effect Wednesday, Aug. 29,1894.
...  STR.:.XYTTON.:' '
(Connecting Avith the Canadian Pacific Railway for all Eastern!and Coast Points.)
Leaves Robson on Wednesdays and Saturdays at
(j p.m.
Leaves Revelstoke on Tuesdays and  Fridays  at
4 a.m.
TUOTIGE is hereby given tliat application will
; be made to the Legislative. Assembly of the
Province of British Columbia, at its next session
for an Act to revive the "Columbia and Kootenay
Railway and Navigation Company Act, 1800.'
and the "Columbia and Kootenay Railway Extension Act, 1802," ahd to amend the said Acts by extending the time'for the'eohnnencement and completion of the undertakings authorized by the said
Acts and otherwise. '-'A  '■
Dated at Vancouver this 30th day of October,
189l7    7 :    •• a ■      .' -7- ■' *  '
6-7t. ,'■•'•"       Solicitors for Applicants
Leaves Nelson Mondays at.4 p.m.; Wednesdays,
at 5:40 p.m.; Thursdays.at 4 p.m.;Saturdays,at 5:40
p.m. 'Connecting on"Saturdays and Wednesdays
with Nelson & Fort Sheppard' Railway for Kaslo
and Lake points.
Leaves Kaslo for Nelson,  Sundays at 8.  a.m.;
kane and points south
(Connecting with the Great Northern Railway
for  all Eastern points, Spokane and
the Coast.)
•   Leaves Nelson on Tuesdays and Fridays at 7 a.
Leaves Kaslo on Tuesdays and Fridays at 3 a.m.
Leaves Bonner's Ferry for Nelson and Kaslo at
2 a.m. on Wednesdays anu Saturdays.
The company reseiwes the right to change this
schedule at any time without notice.
For full information as to tickets, rates, etci, apply at the Company's offices, Nelson, B.C.
T. ALLAN, Sec'y. J. W. TROUP,
Nelson  B.C. Mannyei
x Second Year,
Page 3.
Pilot Bay Echoes.
Coke delivered at the smelter will
cost |12.50 a ton for freight.
The concentrator at the smelter
will handle 200 tons of ore a day, and
its capacity can be increased to 500
Wm. Ward has a contract to burn
charcoal for tlie smelter. Two thousand bushels will be the product of
each kiln.
Tlie Pilot Bay smelter will use 60, -
000 feet of lumber in building their
scows. The lumber will be purchased
irom G. O. Buchanan.
The smel ter is up to date in regard
to tlie quality of its machinery and
appliances. No other smelter* m the
world surpasses it in this respect.
Ore from the Blue Bell can be
mined for 30 cents per ton, transported to the smelter for 15 cents, and
concentrated for 35 cents more. These
are bed rock prices; •....■:. ..-.;..
will go out of the country via Three
Forks and the.''N. & S."■ Railway, provided the arrangements are" satisfactory to the shippers.
_(" —-, i,r.  ■   ,. -».;»»-'. '—■ . £—■—     ,
Rates Increased.
The closing of navigation .between
Northport and Robson and tlie consequent change in routing via Nelson
and Eobson to Upper Arrow lake
points, has increased the rates on
passenger and freight business from
Spokane. The passenger rate to
Nakusp; lias been'increased from #10.;
50 to $14.50, and to the Wigwam from
$ttl.50to $16.
Kaslo Microscoped.
va    a 9u     *&a
KASLO,    ,    -   .   7-       •'-.--. 7'■  B.C.
Graduate of American College of Dental Surgery
Chicago. A
Office: Over Byers'HaTdvyare store.
Hides, Tallow, Pelts, Woo!, Etc., to
■   -' l ■'     / ■    '" '      '"-   ■    ' '       , *   X X ~ ., ' ('
J*A!s. HgMILLAN" &Co.,
. Goods bought right out; no conunission charged. Fair Selection; immediate returns. ....-• -'A. -■
7 Shipping tags furnished free upon request. There is no duty on Raw Furs or any other Goods w<
handle. ' -
tf2TWri(c for Circular giving Latest Market Prices.
Mickey Mack and Joe Skivington
have gone to Coolgardie, in far off
Australia/ '' ' d
.Rawlins'/& Hughes are the proprietors' of the Sideboard, a new saloon '6hj
Fourthistreet. 7
A telegraph office has been opened
at Bell's camp, or Belleville, as Uncle
Jim calls;'it. Efforts;are being made
to opeii a pdstoifice at the same place.
;--,.,C,,W. McAnn was, very successful
with his cases at the recent court. He
as one of the risiiig 'young lawyers of
the Province and merits his success.
Holland has made Moffer of |300
for a six months' license ofc the Comique. As this amount would not pay
the salary of a policeman, it  is not  ^T .
likelytlmfc  his offer ;will :■ be enter- SLOGAN AVE.
,;E. E. Coy, while working in one of
his claims, was severely injured by
a tunnel caving in on Mm. He was
brought to town a few days ag'o, and
surgical examination proved that he
had sustained injuries that will make
him lame for life.
The gold excitement is still warm
in Kaslo and several /of the inhabitants carry small bottles filled with
the yellow metal, and make a flash
■with, it upon everv possible occasion.
There is gold in the creek beyond a
doubt, but the quantity has yet to be
determined. This is "the best season
-. to test the diggings, as fhe low water
does not interfere so much with the
bed rock as it will in the spring and
summer.        ■.'',■!
At a recent social entertainment in
the:church, some of the good sisters
were strongly in fayor of having card
games—for fun, of course—as part of
the programme of amusements. Some
of the very good sisters strongly objected and the festive pasteboards
were not shuffled in Kaslo's Gospel
mill. Progressive people.are some of
the Kasloites, and no "doubt if they
would-• eventually establish a little
game with a rake-off at their social
church affairs they would draw the
crowd, and break every rival table
in the citv. ■
Books, Stationery, Office Supplies,:
and Wall Paper*.
Great Eastern Block.
■     7'.7 SPOKANE/ WASH.
Aiid: All. Mining* Supplies.
Full  Stock  on Hand.
KASLO, B. da
Graduate of Trinity University, Toronto.    Member of college Physicians and Surgeons, Ontario.
Michael Grady, No. 49577; L. H. Briggs, No. 51140,
and C. F. Laat'z, NO. 49(387, intend, sixty days
from theAdate,; hereof, to apply to ' the Gold
Commissioner for; a certificate of improvements,
for the purpose of obtaining, a Crowir grant of the
ahoA'e claim., . 7, 7
And. further take notice, that adverse claims
must lie sent to the Gold Commissioner and action
commenced;before the issuance of such certificate
of improvements. 7-    ,
Dated this 4th day of October, 1894.
Oct. 18,1894. ':.s''x-d'
Certificate of Improvements.
The four prise to Ship.
Of Swansea ana Wigan,
Analytical Chemist arid' Assayer
%   "
The oldest and most experienced
Assayer in the Province.
Certificatexof ImpreYemeiits.
- •    ; NOTICE. ,
ffARIBOO Mineral Claim.—Situated in the Slo-
\J can Mining Division of West Kootenay District. Where located: In the Best Basin and joins
the Antelope on the south west..
Tak-" Notice that I, A. S. Farwell,as agent for
Belle C )V, No. 58,8J3; A. L. Davenport, No. 53.956;
and Lalce D. Wolford, No. 53,60», Intend, sixty,
days from the date hereof, to apply to the Gold
Commissioner for a certilieate of improvements,
for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the
above, claim.
And further take notice that-adverse claim1-* must
be sent to the Gold Commissioner and action commenced before the issuance of such certilieate cf
Dated this sixteenth day of November. 189!.
December <V 1891. .
Certificate of Improvements.
NOTICE.     .
„„ Mineral Claim-—Situate in the Slocan
Mining Division'of West Kootenay District.
Where located: About two miles north east from
Silverton. '
Take notice that I, A", S. Farwell, as agent for
Michael Grady, No 49,577; L. A. Briggs, No.51140,
and.C, F. Laatz/No. 49387. intend, sixty days from
the date hereof; to apply to the Gold Commissioner
for a certilieate of improvements, for the purpose
Of obtaining a Crown grant ofthe above claim,    i
Arid further take ik.tice, that adverse claims
must be'sent to- he Gold Commissioner and action
commenced before the issuance of such certificate
of improvements'.    ,'.'.'  ■■■■■■
Dated tliis 8th day of October, 1894.
Oct. 18,1894.'    A
. ;      Noticetd the Public.
STAGES  Lea.ye Kaslo   and   Thre'e Fork
O   either place/every morning at 8 o'clock
s/ for
Satisfaction is   Guaranteed.
Certificate of Improvements.
Lane Gilliam has a contract to raw-)
hide )2C0 tons of ore from the Surprise j
and an equal "aniQUnt .from the .liar- |; Sl>can Mining Division of West Kootenay -Dfr
danelleS.     The Ore   is being brought \. Met. q Wherelocated: About two miles north ea,
tO the Wagon road   at   Bear laKe and ■-    Take notice that I, A. S. Farwell, as agent for
SURPRISE Minekal CLuViM.—Situate in the
O Slocan Mining Division of West Kootenay District. Where located: About two miles north east
from Silverton. ■       . ■    ■
Take notice (hat I, A.'S. Fanvell, as agent for
Michael Gradv- No. 49577; L. H Briggs, No. 51140,
andC. F. Laatz, No. 49087, intend; sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply to the Gold .Commissioner for a certificate oi improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of the above
claim. 7 ..-',' /,      .'/'.-'■
Ahd further take notice, that adverse claims
must be sent to the Gold Commissioner and action
commencedl ief ore the issuance of such certilieate
of improvements. .■'/■■
Dated this 9th day of October, 1894.
Oct. 18/1894.
Shunieaw Mineral   Claim,—Situate in the
A Division of West Kootenay-Di.<---
Certificate of Improvements.
OTANDARD Mineral Claim.—Situate in the
O Slocan Mining Division of West Kootenay District. W here located: About two miles north east
from Silverton.
Take notice that I. A. S. Farwell, as agent for
Michael Grady, No. 49577; L..H. Briggs, No.51140,
and C F. Laatz, No.49,(>87.intend, sixty days from
date hereof, to apply to the Gold Commissioner for
a cert licate of improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown grant of the above claim.
Arid .'further take notice, that adverse claims
must be sent to the Gold Commissioner and action
commenced before the issuance of such certilieate
of improvements.
Dated this 9th day of October, 1894.
\   Oct. 18, .1894.
Your Goods
.Dealer ^P:d
AND cigars;
Revelstoke, - -       B.C
Foot of Hendryx Street,   Nelson.
A full stock of Lumber,
rough and dressed, laths,
shingles, sash,doors,monld-
ings, etc. Clear and dry-
fir flooring and ceiling for
sale at lowest prices.
Proprietor Page 4.
second Year
Archie Currie went to Arizona on
Harry Bourne, of Revelstoke, is
spending a lew days in Nakusp.
Nelson banks have lowered the interest on savings deposits from 31 to
3 per cent.
House and furniture to sell, very;
cheap, at Nakusp, Apply to H. N.
Coursier, Revelstoke. t
Owing to the late arrival of Tuesday's boat, the train did not make its
regular trip that day.
According to the latest reports the
townsite dispute at Revelstoke has
not yet been settled.
Rev. A. J. Gaebel held divine
service last Sunday in the school-
house morning and evening;.
When in Kaslo stop at the Great
Northern Hotel. Rates reasonable.
Headquarters for cool and delicious
beer. t
The dignity of fire wardens for
Three Forks has been conferred upon
J. W. Lowes, H. H. Pitts and Ira W.
E. Vanderburg gashed his left
hand badly a few days ago, while
chopping wood, the axe accidentally
Miss Agnes' Horton left for Salt
Lake City Tuesday, via Nelson, at
which place she intended remaining
a few days.
A. Lynch is now alone in the business of' the Trail Mercantile Co., at
Rossland, his partner, J. M. Stewart,
having recently died. :
'The Lytton now leaves Robson for
the Wigwam on Wednesdays and
Saturdays, at 6 p. m. The train from
Nelson connects on same days.
H. C. Stimmel, of the S.F.& N.R.,
Nelson, passed through to the Slocan
on Friday. He had been visiting
Trail creek camp and Sanderson's
Hot Springs.
Capt. D. C. McMorris is now iti
command of the steamer Nelson, on
Kootenay lake, Capt. Hay ward having resigned his position in order to
look after his mining interests.
A reduction of 50 cents has been
made by the C & K.N.Co. in its pae-
senger rates from Nelson to Kootenay
lake points, with.the exception of
Pilot Bay, which remains the same.
The postal authorities have offered
the munificent salary of $5 per trip
for a monthly mall service between
Fire Valley and Nakusp. It will
take at least two days to make the
round trip.
A carload of Thompson river cattle
were unloaded from tlie Lytton on
Tuesday and si lipped to Three Forks,
Billv Perdue superintended tlie un-
jord'ng and little trouble was experienced in getting the band ashore.
Two or three days' cold weather
will freeze the Columbia and prevent
the Lytton running to the Wigwam.
When that occurs passengers and
freight will be transferred from tlie
'Wigwam to the head of tlie lake in
sleighs and no interruption will bf
sustained to tlie traffic.
The Education Department has had
distributed among the schoolchildren
here, as wel 1 as elsewhere, a .ncatly
compiled account of Lord and Lady
Aberdeen's recent visit to the schools
in Victoria. Particular stress is laid
upon the wholesome advice to the
young contained in Lady Aberdeen's
Concession to Trail Greek.
Both the Great Northern -and the
Northern Pacific railways have made
concession to the mine owners in the
Trail creek camp, in the way of
rates on pre, which will ensure the
shipping of larger quantities of the
lower grade article and increase the
profits all round. Ore shipped in carloads of 20,000 pounds from North port
to eirher the Everett or Great '.Falls
smelters will be hauled for $7 and $8
per ton. The former pjrice was $9.50
a ton. ■ .   !>■.'[     '' 0■'.
Tramway to the Mines.
Capt. N. D. Moore, of the concentrator has returned from a flying visit
to Duluth. He was accompanied back
by Mrs. Moore and the Misses McFar-
lane, who will all probably reside for
a time at the company's works. Capt.;
Moore states that he hopes to have
the concentrator in operation by the
15th, when he will be in a position to
treat all mineral tendered him. Next
year he expects to build a gravity
tramway ujp front the concentrator
over a mile long. From the upper
terminus branches will run out to the
various mines. By means of this
thousands of tons of; concentrates, now
practically useless, can be utilized,
vastly increasing: the profits of legitimate mining.
Heavy Ore Contract.
Advices from Trail creek announce
the awarding of a contract by the
War Eagle people to. James Clark, of
Spokane, for the hauling of 1,000
tons,of ore per month, from that;mine
to Northport. The contract wras
signed in Spokane and Clark is busily engaged in getting in supplies and
material. . He will keep a complete
bla^ksmithing outfit, and will employ 15 four-horse  teams.    The ore
will be shipped principally to Helena,
and will be kept up all winter. News
pf this.contract has made a big stir in
the Trail-creek camp, which will be
a busy hive this season. It is also
given out that the .Le Roi company
have contracted for a similar quantity
of ore to be handled from their mine,
Seeking to Interest Capital.
S. T. Walker, a man who has a
mind stored with useful information
concerning things mining, gleaned
from the early days or California and
Cariboo up to the present time, and
from Alaska to Mexico, has. gone to
spend Christmas with his -family in
Vancouver. Mr. Walker, who is an
expert in his calling, has a half interest in two claims on the Surprise
lead and lias been working on them
all summer.- He characterizes the
Surprise ledge as the best underground lead in the country. He is a
strong believer in the Slocan and believes it can be made a paying field
for small capitalists. To this end he
wiil seek to interest coast money in
one or two enterprises he is fathering.
While on the coast, Mr. Walker will
buttonhole Minister of Mines Baker in
regard to certain matters which he
deems of interest to the mining fraternity. On his return, Mr. Walker
contemplates opening a mining orfice
in New Denver. There he will also
erect a cottage and remove his family
up from Vancouver in the spring*
The only practical Watchmaker in
the Kootenay District. Orders "by-
mail receive' prompt attention:    :
....   iOKERS
, "IMPERIAL" Brand   of
Wholesale & Retail Dealers in
Write to us for Prices :
SPOKANE, ■'.-.'•
Placer claims.
ALL Placer Claims in this District,-legally held,
may be laid over from the loth October, 181)1,
to the 1st June, 1895. «
Gold Commissioner
Dated, Nelson. B.C., 4th October, 18!)!..
PHILO & Co.'s
Factory and Salesroom:
VANCOUVER.    -    -    B
a V>«
AVINGr placed some new
Machiner j in onr Mill,
we are prepared to furnish
all lands of Kough and Dressed Lumber and. Shingles at
greatly reduced Prices.
Rough Lumber, narrow,
" " wide/
Joist and Scantling, sized up to
J.8 feet long1,
l8'to'24 '
21 'to.30 '
Flooring, T&G,G"
" ■'      4 "
V joint Ceiling, 4 "
6 "Rustic, . :
Surfaced Dressed,
$10 bo
$11 00 to $12 00
$11 00
$12 00
$13 00
$20 00
'$22 00
$22 00
'-$19 00
$14   00
J$13 00
A liberal di count on large orders for Cash,
9    Pk$»   C_y<
o :
Underwear, Hosiery,
Mens' Furnishings,
Mens'Ready Made
Gloves, Ribbons, Silks,
Satins, Cashmeres,
Melton & Serge Cloths,
Carpets, Blinds, Cottons, Hats and Caps,
House & Table Linens,
Boots and Shoes.
Hungarian Flour,
Sugars, Bacon, Hams
Coffees, Teas, Spices,
Jams,   Pickles, Oatmeal, Biscuits,
Canned Vegetables,
Canned Fruits,
Dried    Fruits,   and
Fancy Toilet Soaps,
Cigars and Tobaccos,
Grindstones & Fixtures
Crosscut & Rip Saws, •
Axes and Handles,
Nails, Screws, Bolts,
Round, Flat, Square Iron
Oils,  Paints,   Glass,*
Horse Shoes and Nails, -
: o :
Miners can get a, complete outfit here.


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