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Nakusp Ledge 1893-12-21

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^4 -M~-~4f
Vol. 1. No. 12.
NAKUSP,, B. C., DECEMBER " -, 18M•
Price Tex Gextp.
Y;w-YK:;::.v,2ra,M   «•>
ft! I If CI
'^tejtr &
1.4 H
U' <U £.%.
45       A .Ik ^V
»=<iV <v»:an #".■■' *fs1Vi
jdjt? .u, .U.
The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword
■■'■ ■ .in New' Benyer. -d: ;-.>'.? ■< ■'
Last Wednesday night the citizens
of New Denver, to the number)o| 150
for the prompt action of the citizens ON TO SPOKANE.
"in   forniin'^ a  bucket   brigade ■■the ——-
place would soon iia.vc been destroyed. Opening of the Nelson ■ & Port £!iep
A violent gale of wind' was blowing ...pard Eailwa^.
at the time..   The loss  by 'the'.blaze
was trifling1:.
■   Oh the piiTblic:.'bulie«,;n- board here
is a notice .that a pary in town is
congregated together lor the pii]?po3
of discussing the many live questions j checks presenter!:   ■ ThVis goci news
at,present agitating the publicniindjft)r the boys. ""."■,-
iii that place.    D. Bogie was appoint-- j    \¥. R. \¥iil, who has just retavhed
ed chairman and he at once^callcd | fro]}1 a ■ t,;ip yq  t^lc Woiid. Fair and
the meeting to order. The first -.cities---
tioii mooted was that of theprec^nt
inadequate mail service. Aftei^much
heated talk thereon and the suggestion of . several petitions to tho Postmaster General, Post Office In specter
and J. A. Mara, M.P., it. wassfinally
resolved that a strongly wordied document slieuld be drawn up a|id for
warded to the three geiitlemeMiamed
pis home in Ontario,  states that in
The first through train from Nelson
to ''Spokane over, the Nelson & h\: ,
Sheppard railway, arrived at the 3at-
ter place at 8 ,-oldockV .last''Thursday
evening. It was aspeciaJand earned
Austin Gorbin, G. A. iveefer, Captain
Fiteytubbs,: Chief Engineer Koberts
and Jr. J'. Carroll. The run wiis niade
to, enable Mr. Keefeiyto 'inspect tlie
Winnipeg a areat deal of interest is
new.line as far as the boundary in
the interests ofthe Canadian (Jovcru
taken in the KoOoenay country.  ; ment
:S. M. Wharton left on the 10th for) "We left Nelson in themoniing a:
a trip to Spokane. He will return in 9.30,"said a rnember Of the party,
three weeks.    :;;,:. -   :| "and the entire run was made with-
, D. W. Pratt, proprietor of the Pros-■■! out special incident. T,he road is in
pector, left on the 17th for a tap to i..excellent' condition for a new line and
)re2'on oO visit Ills.family,- and also to  we  bowled aloug at a, good  bj-ced
praying for::: tri-weekiy -hiliP Yja;; lp°k aftei' his journalistic interests in
'"   ''" "  '"      He will hot be; back for a
month or, two.    Mr. Tobin will have
Kaslo and a stmd weekly service by fc"at st,afce-
yeaiv.,.Y;;-. :/•/;;;;-^^
(X EL Perry is surveying the McGil
livray tracts . :
A telephone line is assured between
Silverton» and New Denver. The
system will.-be a first class one in the
way of equipment.". The woi:k of construct loh will begin in tlie early
', '■ Sunday School Organisation.
Rev. James Turner, of Nelson, ar-
wav of Nakusp. ■•;:'■ This matter- having
beensatis^ctorily dispose|||i
determined to petition Premiier J)ayie at>se]:)^-
■to endeavor to brlhg^ouj^^ Creek townsite is-the topic
iiy as "possible,■■"a- :setWemen||of:the of conversation here now.; It; is to be
townsite dispute. Providing||is could, put on the market for sale'early next
■thaV-a Government valuator be appointed to dispose of lots to intending,
purchasers^ the money to be held in
eserew until such time as0 the ownership of the property in dispute should
be settled. The third.question b rough t
forward was" tlie, establishment of a
hospital and the need of a resident
'physician. It- was . determined \Jo
leave the hospital matter in obeyance
because of the scarcity of tunds, but;
steps are to be taken at one3 to induce
i skili'al medico to locate in'-.the place
■his-salary to t).e paid by monthly contributions from the miners and by
Government aid. A committee was
next appointed to secure the signatures of all eligible, voters for the voters' list, so that the voice ofthe community cquld be made known at the
next provincial election. At this
juncture Mr.; Bogle vacated the chair
and the; gathering resolved itself into
an indignation, meeting upon the
alleged, shortcomings of the Nakusp
■&- Slocan railway, chiefly in regard
to the question of time checks, and
because Nakusp was made the base
of operations instead of New Denver.
In the discussion that ensued none
took a move prominent part than did
the whilom chairman. The conclave
broke up at a late hour,' to meet again
on Tuesday evening, at a place to be
designated bv the committee, for the
Stops; were made to enable Mr. Keener
to inspect a number of bridge::., i: -
'tween Nelson and the Calumbhi ihere
isa good deal of snow: At the sum-,
mit there is about" four feet on the
level, but the company 'is.'.faking care
of that with a rotary and no diiheulty
is appi'ehended." : ;/'
Jt .was   expected   that   che   road
would opexi for ti'afheoil Tuesday,and
in about ten days iieavyshipmenfcs of
ore will begin. By that time lcj mi-
nal. facilities .will be conqtieted at
Nelson, and the mines will ship the
ore that has been accuniula ting for
some time awaiting the opening ofthe
railway. The lloniier's.-, Feiry i'oui;e
is closed by ice in the Kootenay, and
the Columbia nor:dn to Kevelstoke is
closed to ore shipments. This leaves
the Nelson & Fort Sheppard the only
practical   outlet   to   the
States   for
rived over from New Denver yesterday and held divine service in the freight &11(Pore-
evening, about thirty people being in Special efforts will be made to keep
attendance The service was a hearty the outlet open between Nelson and
Kootenay lake, and it is believed this
will be done, tlnis giving the entii'e
Kootenay country an all-winter connection with the outside world for the
first time in its history.
An Ugly Wound.
one and the discourse delivered stirring and emphatic. At the conclusion
of the-exercises the work of organ iz-
ing a Sabbath School was taken up
the result being that C. E. Smitheringale was appointed superintendent
and secretanvH. R. Hammond, the
leader of the adult, Bible class and F.
W. Jordan and Miss Caldwell teachers
ofthe two juvenile classes it is purposed to form. The first meeting willI accident.. He was playing with a
be held in the schoolhouse next Sab- j hatchet,' splitting wood, with the
bath, afternoon at 2.30, and or cry one, little son of TV. Heskett, at the hitter's
is cordially invited to attend. The j place. Roy came too close while his
lesson for the day is on the nativity J companion was wielding the weapon,
of our Saviour. A supply of literature I winch glanced from the wood and
and hymn books has been  ordered. {; struck the former on the right leg,
Monday evening Roy ThomaSj the
young son of U. S. Thomas, postmaster, met  with', a   auniewiiat   painful
and are expected daily.    Mr. Turner j just above the knee, inflicting an ugly
will hold divine service here on Sun-  cut over t'iree inches Ion jr. from which
purpose of discussing the political sit- day week, and it is expected that he  the blood flowed freely.    Prompt as-
uation in the province.:
A fire started in the Archer building last  Friday afternoon, and only
and Rev. Mr. Perks will arrange for
services here once or twice a month
during tlie winter.
sistance was rendered and the wound
staunched and bound up. The patient
is now doing nicely. K
t - f-:f-
•      •      •
erminiis o:
Famous for its Fishing and Hunting.
few miles
gs on
er Arrow Lake
•  •   •  *
o   •    • ■ •    * ■ •
With the completion of tlie Nakusp & Slocan
ore will be brought to Nakusp from the rich mines
steamer for Revelstoke.
Gold and Silver Ledges  have been discovered
The town already contains Six Hotels, Several
with a capacity of 30,000 feet per diem, a substantial
Shop and many
ad.  Thousands of tons of
''■ \
Slocan, and loaded on the
within threemiles of Nakusp.
Wharf, Warehouses, Blacksmith goq±> w<mm for TO&xrap,
An Outside Opinion of the future of
.This Place.    .
J. IT. Graff, a Seattle engineer who
has been in charge of the location and
construction of the railroad from New
i Henver to Na-kusMsaT$ tliat the line
;■• is the'property of the Q B hi., abou|;
40 in lies in length and will cost as
near as can be estimated, at the present time, $1,500,000.        ''-;.-/
Anxious to see its mining property
developed, and knowing full well
that the building of the new road will
produce such a result the British Columbia Gaveniinont has agreed, it is
understood, to giyo it a subsidy which
willanibunt to about £25,000 a :miie.
"We began work last summer,"said
.Mr. Graff to a Seattle reporter, ' 'and,
notwithstanding that a large portion
ot the road is built through the roughest country imaginable, we expect to
have it completed in short ordqr. We
have labored like beavers and at
times have had as high as 1,500 men
"The rOad, which is a single track
runs through the mountains. Nakusp,
where the road starts, is becoming
quite a city, and we already haye
. a good - population there. lam convinced that -Nakusp will, in a few
years, be, one of the greatest mining
cities we.have. It is surrounded by
mountains, which contain the finest
'quality of silver ore. The people
who think the mines are all owned by
the Canadian' Pacific and other Britishers are,, mistaken. The McNaughts
of Seattle', I)r./Kilbourne, and other
mining men of the State of Washington, have extensive interests there.
' T believe a good many fortunes
will be made from these mines in the
next few vears,. The mines are being--developed very rapidly^ and
shipments will be made over the new
road as sooij as ft is roadyfor operation.I would not have visited Seattle
at this time but for the death of my
daughter, which occurred afewdays
ago. I had rather a hard time getting out of the mountains. Mother
Earth was covered with several feet j
of snow. Navigation on the Columbia
river has stopped and in order to get
provisions into the country the C. P.
R. is building a sleigh road down
from Revelstoke several miles in
W. Towler is the Labor candidate
for the mayoralty of Vancouver.
■'-■fjf , -._■•"•"
■■-' s **<t ^
' -  V'
. <Y-
\' . V
.      Y^AsiiO, b. a ''■'.'■■ ;■"::'■
Is open night and day and supplies
its patrons with everything in the;
market.   Call in.
and   voir   will   doubtless
want to send some token
of the   festive   season to
your Mends in otherp*irts
can't do better than to c^ll
and inspect
This hoiat adjoins' the Post Office and
has everything .to accommodate
the public.
wm J i
Nav. Co. Ltd.
Taking: effect September 1st, 1893.
Leaves Revelstoke,
Mondays and Thursdays, 5a. m.
Amves at Robson,
Mondays and Thursdays, 6 p. in.
Leaves Robson,
Tuesdays and Fridays, 5 p. m.
Arrives at Northport,
Tuesdays and Fridays. 10 a. m.
Leaves Northport,
Tuesdays and Fridays, 1, p. m.
Amving- at Robson,
Tuesdays and Fridays 7 p. m.
Arriving: at Revelstoke,
Wednesdays and Saturdays, 4 p. m.
The stock embraces a wide
range of Perfiimeries, Card
Cases, ^Ladifs' Satchels,
Handkerchief Holders, etc.
The prices will be found
just right.    Remember the
$£•■' ",.    .■   ;\ 7 Add;,.   '..'l-Ld,
The steamer lands at Nakusp north bound on
Wednesdays and Saturdays at 7 a. m., and south
bound on Mondays and Thursdays at 10 a: m.
Connection is made with Canadian Pacific trains
for the. east and west at Revelstoke, with Spokane
Falls and Northern trains for- Spokane and all
eastern and western points at Northport, typfl. with
O. & K- trains for Nelson and Kootenay lak«
points, at Robson.
Leaves Nelson Sundays.3 ptm.
YY-^niving at Kaslo 7 p. m.
" "      MondaysSp. m.
, Arrivingr at Kaslo.7 p. m
14       .,*«■-.'   Wedne^ays^arm.   .       •
Arriving at Kaslo 1 p.m.
•«■       "■'    Thursdays 3 p. m.
Arriving at Kaslo 7 p. m.
"■'.."•'    Saturdays 9 a. m.
Arrivi'       , /Casio I p. m.
INWAIiw.' ' ■-..; *<v'';"1 '•'■    '■':'
Leaves Kaslo Mondays 9 a.. rr,.
Arriving at Nelson 1 p. m.
'■•'■■'    "    Taeedays 9 a. m.
Arriving at Nelson 1 p. m.
" .."    Thursdays 9 a. m.
Arriving at Nelson 1 pi m.
«'        "    F|4days 9 a, m,
: Arriving at Nelson 1 p. m;
'.".       '**   Saturdays, at 3 p. m,
1        ;   Arriving at Nelson 7 p. m.
Passengers from Kaslo for Spokane and all
points south, should take.the ^Nelspn,''leaving
Kaslo at 9 a. m., on Mondays and Thursdays,
making close connections through,.v
This steamer lands at fialfour,' Pilot Bay, arid
Ainsw-orth,, :'■   •■;-• ,;-r-:; " ■ ^ ■'."'"-'-'• '.■•■■■"*
For information as to Bates', etc., aipply to pursers of steamers, or to
T, ALLAN, See'y. J. W. TROUP,
Nklson, B.C. Manager.
-.'■'"'■": ■       :   , d-   <--    ■?" i.7     A &-.:-.   ■.   •■-
Plenty or accommodations for travellers.   Good beds and good meals.
Bar stocked with wines, liquors and
John Madden, Prop.
Y .    ''l'      '. d:.    ' .; :       Y,-.
^if t^n; ■■^^iVIile'
This hotel is five miles from Watson
and has goo4 accommodations for
man and beast* The l()ar goods are
excellent and tfeta,ble first class.
WnJjhE:ft SmgpiM Proprietors.
ge Hotel.
Accommodations for travellers. Good
stables.  . The bar is stocked with
choice ^liquors and. cigars.   Pack
train in connection with the house.
Goods  taken to **any part of the
;   muontaihs,
"VTOTICE is hereby given tliat .-to day's after,date,
1> I intend applying to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner, or Lands and Woi'lcs for a special
licence tol" cut and cany away timber from the
following tract of land. Commencing at a stake
])lanted on the south shore of: the Narrows between
Arrow Lake's, West Kootenay thence north 80
cliains, west 120 chains, south aboat 110 chains,
and thence following shore line to point of com
mencement containing about one thousand acre's
more or less.
Nakusp, Oct. 18th 1893
Published every Thursday.
B.    T.    LOWEBT,    EDITOR    AND
01S'E YEAR  .$3.00
8IX MONTHS .;.,........... ............  1.50
THREE MONTHS '.'. '.....'.. ....   1,00
Advertising rates furnished on application.
" Correspondence from every pai*t of the Kootenay
District and communications upon live topics
always acceptable. Write,on "both sides of the
paper if you wish. Always send something good,
no matter how crude. Get your copy in while it
s hot,, and we will do the rest.
THE LEDGE wishes
its many readers and
patrons a truly Merry
Christmas, free from
care and worry.
the    completion   of this   imlwrtant|ROBSON    HOTEL
feeder, and while we may feel some-
The Opening of the Nelson & Fort
Sheppard railway this week is an
event fraught with- much importance
to the whole Kootenay district, but
more particularly to the town of Nelson. ' A special carrying the leading
officials of the road, together .with
Government representatives, made
the first run of 204 miles from Nelson
to Spokane last Thursday, thus evC
dencing not only that the road was
in good shape for a new enterprise,
but, at the same time, inaugurating
a service that, we believe, will result
in inestimable benefit to our district.
To Mr. Corbin, who fathered; the
scheme and carried the work so successfully to completion, is due the
thanks of our people for. this valuable
artery of commerce. Built during a
time of unparalleled financial panic
and depression and through a region
abounding in natural difficulties, the
enterprise stands out. boldly as one of
the greatest achievements of the day
in western .railroading;, and it must
prove a source of gratification to the
promoters ofthe scheme to realize how
signal has been their triumph.
.To the business man of Spokane the
opening of the road into the Kootenay
country means everything, but how
much more it interests our mining
men. Hundreds of ■tons- of ore are
awaiting sh ipment at Kaslo, w hiie
as many thousands are piled up at
the various treasure vaults in the Slocan and this will all find an outlet to
the American smelters over the new
road. For this winter the rail wav
will be a boon to business and mining
men in getting in supplies, and this
in itself'will be sufficient to give a de_
cicled impetus to the one industry of
our country.
The citizens of Nakusp rejoice with
those of the other Kootenav towns at
what envious at the present condition
of affairs in Kaslo and Nelson, by
reason of the great quantities of ore
being handled within their precincts,
yet we console ourselves with the assurance that our innings will commence next year with the early completion of the Nakusp & Slocan railway..-,'' ■■' ■■:--■   ' '        ■•,.-■■.-.-.
The mayor of Winnipeg says there
is more distress in that city now than
during any time in the last ten years.
Sir Leonard Tilley will probably
be re-appointed Lieutenant-Governor
of New Brunswick, as nuccessor to
Hon. John Boyd, whose lamentable
death occurred early this month.
Diad in Hospital.
Peter Grant, a native of Aberdeen,
Scotland, died at the hospital early
Sunday morning of pneumonia and
was buried the same afternoon. Deceased caine into the country in the
spring, first working on the railway
grade for Tierney & Acorn, and afterwards for p. McBeTjh. Then he went
on the right of way on the Kaslo-
Slocan railway, but returning here
three weeks ago he started work on
J. McLean's contract; at the head of
Slocan lake, where he was taken
ill. •■; He was brought in to. the hospital early last week and received
every attention at tho hands of Dr.
BaH at the Half Way House.
This hotel is the best in town, and
has ample accommodation for travellers. The bar is supplied with,
wines, liquors and cigars.
Accommodations for 100 guests. The
Finest Bar in the Kootenay country. Headquarters for capitalists, speculators and miners.
yon   have    Money   and
want to, meet   Monied
stop  at the
When; yon come to.:;New.
Denver stop at
It was a jolly party that left here
Friday, afternoon last for the Half
Way House, at, the invitaMon of the
proprietors of that famous'' hostelry,
Messrs. Risdale & McKav. .About 20
people' in all, in two rigs, comprised
the pa-i'ty,' and after a somewhat uncomfortable but lively journey reached their destination at 6.30, receiving
a hearty welcome from the hostd.
A thorough warming and a sumptuous supper followed and then the floor
was cleared for dancing, which was
kept up with-, slight intermission all
night; Messrs. D>iffy and \Speneer,
with Mrs; Spencer, supplied the music, while F. Conway... officiated as
floor manager. At midnight an intermission occurred during, which an
impromptu concert, consisting of vocal
and instrumental music and recitations, was given by members, ofthe
party, the' programme being backed
llp by a light lunch. Daybreak found
the company preparing for. home, bu*-,
not before a good: square breakfast
had been.stowed away beneath tlieir
jackets. In a kusp was reached at 11
o'clock Saturday morning by the tired
and snow-covered party, who one and
all expressed themselves as. deeply
thankful for the kind attention and
unstinted hospitality of Messrs.-Risdale & McKay. Seven couple were
expected from New Denver," but the
heavy snowstorm prevailing prevented them coming.
Barbers and
Call and-get'prices.:
NAKUSP, ;a-:G.; -':
A. M^
Choice    location arid ;com
raands a beautiful: view
of the surrounding
The Bae, is supplied with the
best brands of all kinds of
wines, liquors and cigars.
The Dining' Rocfe is supplied
with all the delicacies of
the season.
Meals at all hours. Dinner
4 to 8 p.m. Rooms warm,
clean    and    comfortable, j ■
Corner: of Slocan  and El-!Charges Moaei^t^; .; ;^
dorado avenues. :    A7vd:<dd-.,.:.■,:.7. 7-.d ;       ;,
: A Gall ^
1:' • ■ Slocan Ave.   ' '.
«5 u\,-~-**iK     lri,0««ftt     Ji-V^JWKaS
Wholesale Dealers' in Oranges, Lemons Apples, Bananas,
and all kinds of Fresh Fruits, Ve^etables, Butter, Eggs,
Nuts, Candy, Cigars, ,Etc.    The largest Shippers-; in the
518 and 520 First: avenue, Spokane, Wast 1 A
i *
; "■' t'     's--i.
Cash Dealer in
itbveSf   Tinware :■' Hardware.
•   •
■•■   .'■■:■■■'     :
Elour and Feed, etc.
ens Furnishings,
oots and  Shoes,
jr. Dress Goods
aU kinds of Ladies' and
s Wear.
©  :Y-A
Kootenay River Navigation;
An effort is being" made to keep the
Kootenay River open. On Wednesday last the steam tug: Kaslo started
from Kaslo to see what cpuld be done
towards breaking through to Bonnei's'
Ferry,, while Wm. Van Gasken went
round by Spokane to the Ferry to see
how much of a task it would be to
open-the riyerfrom the south.end.
.;.,, —————♦-———- • v
E. C. Carpenter, ofThree Forks, is
in Nakusp on important business.
Quite a large sum of money was
paid out by the railway people on
Wednesday. ;
, The mail from American and Kootenay Lake points now • reaches h ere
via the Kaslo and New Denver route
on Tuesday evenings, the first con.
signment arriving this week.
The little steamer Arrow is doing
quite a business carry ing passengers
and freight to and from the head of
the lake. Tuesday she brought down
a consignment oi: much-needed whiskey for J. T. Nault.
The G-lee Club is putting in faithful
work for the approaching concert,
practices having been held at U. Sy
Thomas' on Friday and Monday
evenings. Those who attend the
concert may count upon hearing
some good singing irom th 3 club.
The partnership heretofore existing
between Spencer & Wheeler of Nakusp and New Denver has been dissolved bv mutual consent.
Nakusp, B. C., Dec. 4, 1898.        •
Good accommodations for travellers,
The bar is supplied with a good
stock of Wines, Liquors
and Cigars.
RIDSDALE  &  McKAY Proprietors
Mclennan & black.
First class accommodalions in both
Room and Meals..
The Bar is well furnished with choice
wines, liquors and cigars.
Edorado Ave.
New Denver.
We have just received fine assortment of Fashionable
ready-made Dresses both for morning and evening wear,
some stylish cloaks in all sizes, Our winter stock of FURS
to hand is well assorted in the following:
When calling   ask   to see  tho   Dress patterns and
trimmings to match.    This is one of our special lines.
F. W. JO
p9 i5*L« m-
i ■
Progress of tte Canadian Pacific Railway in That Region.
HughD. Lumsv"-!. of Toronto, who
has had charge of ; le of the 0. P. R.
I srt"e~ fxvveymg for the Crow's Nest
Pass route, has returned to Montreal,
his work for th?"s season being completed.^   Mr.  Lum^leri   is  a   distio-
._, J" oca railway engineer in the service of the C. P. R. in the North West
esp. 2Z87dy w>h the Regma:& Prince
Albert Railway and the Calgary &
Edmonton road.    These two impoi
tant lines were bailt by the big (our,
Ross, Mackenzie, Holt and Mann, under compan'os organized by them-
, .Ives; and the roads when finished
were turnedc over to the^C. P. R. on
a lo.:g leas:..
Mr. Lurqxden was the chief engineer
of constiiieuion on these Toads, rejjre.
&ent ng both the C. P. R. and^Ross &
Co., and managed to give satisfaction
to both parties. During the present
year he has also been engineer over
construction on the Soo Pacific) from
Moose Jaw, N. W. T., to the United
S.ates'. undary line.
The obj ect of the Crow's Nest Pass
survey, he said, is to find a suitable,
line from the Pass westward' through
the Kootenay silver mining country
d the .joaain line of the C. P. R. at
soxe point west of the Rockies.       -
The OP. R, now controls what
was popularly known as a the \ Gfalt
railway, miming. fronf;x)uiin^pre-o
the C. P. R, to the coal mining town
of Lethbridge;. it also . owns /-.tile line
extehding from Calgary to Macleod;
which runs about as far to the southward as the Gait line. -In British-
Columbia it has a water and'.rail
route .'from. Revelstoke to Nelson; and
other mineral roads running south
from the main line are projected. The
C. P. R. proposed new line through
the mountains. fiy rphe■■ .Crow's,:Nest:
Pass will le we the mainline at Dun-
more; follow the Gait.road to Leth-
bridge; cross the country from Lethbridge to Macleod, a link of about.2.Q
miles to be here built;- enter the
mountains to the Crow's Nest Pass and
^reach Nelson .and other British Col-
. unxbia points by "the most available
routeY.:   dd:r:  .       ."' ; :v  s      d •       '-^-
The development oF'ihe*silVer min-
ing districts of the province under the
proposed new tariff: of the United
States, which admits Canadian' lead:
ores and-galena-free; of duty, will, no
doubt, be verv {rreat:. and as the
....^mte^'iStd'tbs-rl^nes- into th&counti.$.j
are already bidding for this mineral
traffic, the C. P. R, may be expected
to "get a hustle on" and proceed, with
its Crow's Nest Pass" road as e'Arly as
possible in the spring. Some 30 or 40
■'..nvjcs.of the line between J.lac!c-od
:and the Pa$s are already graded.
The - 'snows in • early - November
brought the work of the surveying
parties in the Kootenay country to a
standstill, and Mr. Lmnsden states
they were then withdrawn for the
With the securing of the Crow's
Nest Pass the C. P. R. has practica]ly
got control of all the passes through
the Rocky Mountains in Canadian
territory; as the northern terminus of-
the Calgary & Edmonton railway,
which they are operating, is opposite,
to and controls the Yellowhead Pass,
the only available pass that is not already occupied.
Another Slocan Railway.
T dwell & Irving, of Victoria, lor
the petitioners, give notice in the B.
C. Gazette, that application will be
made at the next meeting of the Legislature for a private bill to incorporate a company for the purpose of
constructing, operating and maintaining a railway commencing at
Kaslo;^thence^ ruhning^up the imain
fork of Kaslo creek to Bear Lake, {land
thence to the forks of Carpenter creek;
with power :to: build hranch-lines 'to
any mine or mines adjacent to the
line of ratlwa^and -alsp^ith ppw^r^
to build wharves :and docks and-to
erect and maintain telephone and telegraph wires,||ihd all other necessary
works in connection therewith. This
road: will be m:fdistinct opposition: to
the present Kaslo-Slbcan Railway
outfit* ":    :-^ a.y;---^'-y-.-;' — -
;' '"'';'";  mo
•t .'«»'/(...
GROCERIES and PROVISIONS at very low prices-
FRESH CANNED GOODS always in stock.
A full assortment bf Olioice CIGARS and TOBACCOS
'The C.: P. R. willput a new passen-
route.: She^winYbe:'a.;: side-wheeler
and good for 18 knots per hour.)
-. The>,adyo;caties: of temperance . believe the prohibition ; plebiscite to be
•taken in Ontario next., month will be
carried;.byan ove^l^elmirig^najo'rifey.'
Selkirk T^sportation. .Ga
; ■-■-■•'* -Riins stages daily between       /
kMo ;ifi) three forks;
Stages leave each point at 7 a. m.
"; -A'-"- ."■:■'-. E. J. MATTHEWS,
«*•••. v
'^?';SL«J:^af Si-J ?L'f :**i   ¥■$ (•■ '* I ri    LJ'
Sao. :Er^nciBco, .Call;"-dsLilv
aiid : weefelyr:: will v ,fill tlie: .bill
e^^ctly.: vlt is the l^ig'litest imd
SBiciestioiiir^l oil, tlieT    ""
^::a,BfpR]pie copy
.til h \t i) a
ra^'Tnr im a
5.U.ii   ■•
*    v 1:; %
KASLO, B. C. .....;..■":
Graduate of Trinity University,^To-
routo. .",■■ Member of college Physi- -.
•■.•'■'   -cians and Surgeons.
?r8T-'& '^Ad^V%°T^Y%
A ■•?■
Parties h&ylng'gobd- Mm-
7      mg ■ Claims to, dispose of should apply
• '■   -at"-'- ■   d :
.    ACE.JW, .BUGKE'
;,.,  ..-,.      .\     OFFICE,
BiTcharian,BIkf..Kaslo, B G
'■   NAKUSP. IIC. • ;''
:Coniiiig <fc Rodd, Prop.
-it ■     -f v
4   >^-...Ji.-.«?
K..i.ai  >^
'•'ii-*'-t.<   ^..:-
V-The' :l»iif:;is.- stocked' •wi'r.h;r-li<> finest
' braok 1st:of.;-win.es,,-.--1 j^uoi•-? and cig; 1 rr«.
""•aw ' ;
4g^a    ««■.. ■'ftJ^rt-'V-r
•3 y M v ■    ■     •-* •••■. ;-< '-' J •«     'A i
■u* jdL/   <J>  -  ©  .-.:^A ^-/ '• Al ktX
.... .„■-<*.
_; J0H::r00LLST^^,:.^.Gp;v.B,-j.i,3.
Meals at all houi*s. and'
'v': .-;.-.    in every style of the art..
The bar is stocked witir the finest
brands, of. wiijes, liquors
and cigars.
.*i ) \,.;
.   .       .    .    \ 0. P. R. Winter Port.
The G. P. R. have arranged to ship
16,000 bushels of Ontario wheat und
about 1,003 tons of Quebec hay to the
English market from St. John, N.B.,
as an experiment. The unde1 taking
is important, aa marking the first effort by the road to use that place as(a
winter port for the upper province^
The railway people say they havW
built their large eleyator at St. Jomj
for use and not for ornament.
".-".'; Mr. Wills has retimied from a protracted visit in the east.
Curly Robinson is here and still
wears the same old Montana smile.
A syndicate is being formed to work
the Reno, Lake view and other claims
en Wilson creek.
Mr. Carroll is in town for the pu -
pose of purchasing ore for the San
Francisco Smelting Co.
A-fourth interest in the Mocking
Bird claim, on Carpenter creek, has
been sold at a good'figure,
A. McPhee and A; McKay have
leased the Wharton sawmill and have
placed J. Clement in charge.
The stage for Kaslo leaves the
Hotel Slocan every morning at eight.
The fare is ^ and the actual running
time is about six hours.    '
Captain Estabrook was off duty a
day this week, the genial Wm. Hunter being commodore of the fleet on
Slocan lake in his absence.
Thomas Kirkland,   a   prospector,
hailing from Ontario,  died  at the
Bolander House, on Thursday last, of
brain fever.   He was unmarried aid
about 48 years of age/
Ore is being shipped from the Dardanelles, Alamo, Washington, Idaho,
Mountain Chief, Blue Bird, Bonanza
King, Wellington, Rico, and Freddie
Lee. The Slocan Star is storing 500
tons at Three Forks.
Tomlinson & Hughes, who own
claims along the right of way of the
N. & S. R. object to having their timber cut down by the contractors.
They threaten to arrest anyone found
trespassing on their property. A test
case will probably be made ofthe
A concert for the benefit of J. Devlin was given in Foster & Winters'
restaurant last Monday night. Messrs.
Devlin, Hopper, Roberts, Wilson, Mc-
Leod, Wallace and Bolander sang,
danced, recited, and otherwise amused
the audience. About $60 was realized
and the affair was voted a grand success. A ball was given after the performance which closed a very enjoyable night's entertainment. Messrs.
Moran, Henderson, and Brandon were
managers and filled their position
with credit to themselves. \
HU .tH MADDEN, Prop.
Xd ■■:.   TTCTNTER.
Bsautifully situated on the Lake shore-nit the en
trance to the best and shortest road to the Slocan
mines and New Denver. The best fishing and
hunting, in the di-triet, with grand beating and
•ketching facilities for tourists and artists. The
bar is -supplied with the best brands of wines>
liquors and cigar.-. The accommodations-of the
Hotel are the best.
New Denver and Silvertotr.
This hotel is situated near the
water front and has every accommodation for the travelling public.
IJ. S. THOMAS, Prop.
J\. B, H^ ©ocI?rtai?e
All kinds   of Minei's supplies kept constantly in stock
The  Kootenay   Lake   Saw   Mill
General  Agent.
Br. Williamson.
k s
S. T. & N. GOa
......        ^
After October 20th the
Capt. Estabrooks,      -   '■-•-'-■'     -       Mni<;f
Will make one trip daily Sunday excluded, between New Denver and the head of the Lake.
Leaves New Denver at 8 a. m.
Leaves Head of Lake at 8 p. m.
Leaves New Denver daily at 10 a. m. for Silverton.
. W. C. McKinnon, Sec'y.
Everything new about the house except the whisky and landlord
Everybody gets a hearty
welcome and plenty
to eat
Gorman West,     -    -    Proprietor.
The proprietor has on hand
In lengths of from 12 to 50 feet.   Any: kind
of bill stuff can be cut at short notice.
Shingles, Laths, Mouldings, Turned Posts and
Ballasters, Brackets. Etc. Two Carloads
Sash and Doors, Two Carloads Dry Fir
Clear Flooring, 4in.; One Carload Dry Fir
Clear Ceiling, 4 Carload Car Clear Cedar,
for Finish.; One Carload Glass, Paints Oils,
etc., including Fancy Glass, WoodStains, etc.
-: IS THE :■
rightest and Newsiest
«s» ^ra*juu..-. V.JIUWUES
i; ?
?!   J
II f
I a
Hugh Mann breaks camp about the
28th.    :; "   '■■'      ■■'■■■ "    -,l____j:':
K. E. Lemon, of Nelson, came up on
Ore is going into, Kaslo at the rate
of 25 tons per day.
The Lytton returns to the head of
the lake in the'morning.'
Fourteen men are building a trail
to the Surprise mine.
It is rumored that George Hughes
has bought the Idaho mine.
The to]egraph wires 0 are again
down on of the west Nakusp.
There are 2,600 sacks of ore awaiting shipment at the Freddie Lee
It is stated that a party of C. P. R.
surveyors are running lines up San-
don oreek.
Capt. Short of the Lytton left for
Kaslo this morning in company with
R. E. Lemon. °
S. P. Tuck has been appointed city
■clerk of Kaslo, in the place of the late
H. Anderson.
D.' McBetb purpc^es going out by
the next boa!) to winter in the coast
cities, chiefly Seattle.
D. McGillivray was a passenger on
the Arrow from Kevelstoke. on Tuesday, as was also J. T. Nault.
, Ten jeams are engaged hauling
.' IJhtr.o'ai'.the end of the R. & A. L.
R. to the .head of the lake.  ,
The outgoing mails oh Tuesday
were quite bulky, due to the many
Christmas presents enclosed.  :v \
J. Parker, news agent at New
Denver, and formerly of this place,,
spent a few days in town last week.
T. Roadley, Kaslo's hustling real
eLoat-e agent, was a passenger On the
Lvtton on Tuesday, bound for Saattle
to soend the holidays.
R. E. Lemon has refused an offer of
a half interest in the Rico mine for
an equal share in a small townsite he
owrs on Sanclon creek.
R., A. Fraser, recentlv connected
with The Ledge, departed overland,
fox' Kaslo on Monday in the fatherly
care of J. "Walsh, stage driver.
The Leland House, D. McDougald
proprietor, will give an elegant turkey dinner on Christmas- to its patrons and a few invited friends.
A movement is on foot in town to
present a solid gold watch to, W.
Sampson* the representative here of
tic Nakusp & S'.ocan Kail way Co.
Miss A^nes Horton, the popular
waitress at the Madden House dining
room, has been quite ill during the
p-'sfc week, much to the regret of her
numerous friends.
E. .Thomas,'with his team,returned
cn Tuesday fi'om the Kootenay raj. -
' Is, where he had been for several
weeks paofc transferring freight for
tbeC. &K. N. Co.
F. Locasto, tonsorial artist, expects
to leave for Revelstoke next week,
where he will open up a first-class
barber shop and bath house. His
outfit is already there.
U. S. Thomas and his estimable
wife and family contemplate giving
a choice dinner to the boarders at
their hostelry oh Christmas night, at
which there will be a number of invited guests, y'd
T. Mowbray departed for Ashcrofy
on Sunday for all winter. He has secured a contract to haul a large
quantity of sluice piping into the Caribou country for a leading placer
mining company, and this will take
him several months.
Hugh Mann is over from New Denver. He reports business humming
throughout the mountains, all the
mines working full shifts getting out
ore for shipment. He,expects to get
the contract to haul 1,CCD tons from
the Jackson group this winter.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Madden will give
a dance to their many friends at the
Madden House next Tuesday evening
which promises to be an enjoyable
affair. Their patrons may expect an
extra fine collation on Christmas day,
all the delicacies of the season being
on t"e menu.
The Lyt-on came -n from the south
on Tuesday after a week's absence.
While at Robson the bottom of her
hull was sheathed with sheet iron to
enable her to break through the ice at
the liairows during tlie winter. She
brought but little,freight, few passengers and no maiL 'd
Several of the citizens, were made
the victims of a practical joke on
Sunday night.    They were informed
that a party wished to see them at
the Prospect House and upon arrival
there were presented to a snow man.
One of the victims revenged himself
by  emptying his revolver into the
figure.   '
A party in honor of Mrs.   W. C.
Muirhead's natal day was held at the
Columbia House on Tuesday night,
upwards of 30 persons being in attendance. Dancing was kept up to a
late hour, refreshments being served
at midnight. The affair was deemed
the most sociable and enjoyable yet
held in Nakusp.       " .■•■•"■
The Surprise, in the Best basin and
one of the finest properties in the
country, has been sold to Chicago
parties for $60,C30. Half of this
amount .was paid down and the remainder will be paid in 30 days. The
lucky owners of this mine were Russell & Jenkins. Alexander Smith of
Kaslo engineered the deal.
The Nakusp News Depot received
a large shipment Ox choice fruits and
oysters on Tuesday's boat, which will
be welcome lor the Christmas feasting. Mr. Hammond states that he is
getting in a limited supply o^ poultry,
so that those desirous of obtaining a
turkey for dinner on that day of days
had better leave their order at once.
Landscape Photographers
Keep a large quantity of Architypes
and Steel Engravings in stock.
Pictures framed to order.
Will leave Nakusp at
7 a.m. every alter-
•oCiay' a
iiig' on
Returning1 the n<ext
This office has complete stock of print-
is  prepared at any
time to execute ord
in iieaas,'
letter Heads,
other kind of
is re-
quired by the
business peo-
. pie of Kppt-
Mail orders receive prompt
and etc.


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