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Lardeau Mining Review 1907-03-28

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^/w^-'  _V>
HasalatgeT eucu
lotion than nnv
Newspaper in N
Kootenay. Bent »d-
v ertieing   ividitii
The re-ire.entr-'i. »•
of the rch Lardeau
country. Sent l >
any address for $2
per an. in advance.
TROUT LAKE CITY,   B.C. March 28th.   1907.
V .        igtt'reby   given,  in ai-
.-irdiince with Hu*  s-tatuic-..    Hum
rovinclill Revenue Tux.   iin-l   nil
'  guessed  taxes   nml   lm'»'*«•  Tux.
SOeSSOll    OHd     levied      Uli.ler    tlie
Aseessmenl Ad, I'.ioiM." and
liiendliients thereto, are n.uv due
nd payable for the   yen   1 *.*«'T i..
10 at th-i. Government lilliee. Itw
istoke.   This notice    in terms of
iHcqttivaluni   i<-  »  pcr.-m.-il
all  person*
nd by m«  upon
for taxcn
Dated nt   lu vcUt.'ke.   I: •'
lie 12th day of Kwhrtutr*,. lVt'T.
.'i " FKKD.   FHASEU,
Deputy Aosoosor.
Notice ite hereliy givOO that within
two mouths (iniii ihoilrst publication hereof in the Britiah Columbia li.uctle, I intend iu apply to
tue linn. Chief Commissioner of
Land*- uud Works for n Speeial Li-
penes to cut and carry awuy limber from Iho following described
lands situated in West Koulonny.
No. 1. Cnminenolng cl a post
planted about I miles *. 1;• Fish
(reck, marked "A. Mowing's South
West comer j...-t" tbence noith SO
•chains; tlietiei (nut 80 chaius;
tln-lici*   S'lltli    80   Chains;     Ihenee
west 80 ohaina to tlm point i.i
Located Jnnuaiy 18tfa. 1907.
A. Gowing, Locator.
TIM 111-; It  NOTICES.
Notice io lord..v given tl.ut
Itbili two -months from tl." fir**'
olilicationlor."! in the liiin-h
olomblaGa/'t'-   1 -'"md *-•' »)'-
y til UlO Hot.  Chief (:..liimi>e;o:i
•of Undo A Wo.li- f-r .-p-nda
■enseo to c-ut and canv swiv
niber from t ■ "• folio* ins descrih
Mandaaituau* in Weal K.mynov:
No. 1. CominenciiiK nt a po.-t
ianted ei the :.nn*r-*.cctiuii "f
,e Woaterli houii.l.iry <-f I*'-1
IM With the Southerly  tnmii'lai'V
LotW98, marked "A    tooMeK
ortb Kaat ">ri.tr p-t." i-1"'''''
«thl60chsii'». ti."."' w'-1 »"
isitl«, theorv uurtli 100 chains
J 40 chai>is to the  pofnt
Commencing at a posl
planted  aleml   4   milea   up   Fish
I reck, imilked "A. (iowiug's Soil'h
Eaat corner post," tuence north
Mil chain"; tl.etu-* west 'SO limine;
tbence souih 8tl chains; Miotic*-)
east 80 ohains to the point ..f c im-
Located January 18th.  II) >7.
A.   (inwiuc. Locstor.
Locateil the '-Sth dav of   I'cli-
iary, W-
j-fc   liowing,  Locator.
.iomnuiieing  at a  post
ited 4 »1"' Norlh W*rt corner
Lot 6693. marked "A. Oowlng'o
orlhEaat corner pus'," tbence
uth 80 ci., w  ■'   v
iains,   tlie.."    i   "i.    *
enoeoaot M) chaina to the point
Locate! :' - '-•*'      ■-'■    '  : '
[   A.  Gowing,   Locator.
■yglSSs" ami "tih'be" mineral cl.iin «
uu Hi.cut lake Mining 1 »*\in..n-
Loeated *
t ......iiie inni 1, Brace White, act
|U SSjifit tor llie BpyglOSS Mining Co
-ee Miners Certilicate Ko. B'.mo. In*
t,j, Khiys Iron, the ilate heriof, I"
■ply tHu Mining Uecur.ler f.,r a Cer
Icatl 1 i provemenis lor Ihei ufpose
r'.'i.Hii; a CrOWfl tirant I I thr above
Ail Hlh.rr lake notice that OCUon
,irr .-Hi*m:'.7.   must   be  c.niitiei -1
•[...«■ i-muiice of  HM-li * ertiticate
■a,'iiar.  Mod.  WOT.
Uses  whits
■l.MllElt   NOTICE.
Notice if, hereby given lhat CO
.lays after the firs: puhlu'.itio n of
this notice in ihn Ilrilish t'.duni-
hia Gas-Hie, I intend to spply to
iln- Il'in. Chief Oommis-doner of
Lands and Works for n special license to cul ami carry away tiip
Iter fiom the following deOOTibod
land situated in Wi.-t Kootenay
N'... 1. Commencing at a post
planted about \ of n mile nortiierl
from Seholis House, Piwfa River
West Kootenay. marked A. Gowing's South Weet ooraar poat,
Ihenei; north Su chnins; thenoe
east SO chaina; thence south 80
chains; thenoe warn 80 chaina to
he pi-in t ol commencement.
1.    ited January IGth    1907
A. Gowing,   Locator.
No 2. Commenciag nt a post
planted about i of a inih* northerly
from Sihules II.iu ae Fish River
West K.-ot.*nay. marked A, Gow
iug'H Southeast corner post; thence
north 80 chains; thence weat 80
chains; thence south 80 chains
theaCO east 80 ehains to the point
of commencement.
Located January Idth, 1907
A. Gowing, Locator.
Notice is hereby given that 00
days after the firsl publico tion
hereof in the British Columbia
duette, I Intend lo apply lo tin-
lion. Chief Commissioner of Lauds
iiii,I Works for a special license to
en! ami carry atvay limber frum
ilu* rollowiwrdescrlbed lands situated in West Kootenay district!
No. l.     Commencing al a post
planted at  N   )*.'. comer ofll. It.
: Ndrthey's linil.er  limit  about   8
ini lea from Beaton on Fish River
marked "A.Gowing's N. W. corner
j post" ihenee east 80 chains; thenee
I south 80 chains;   tlience wesl  80
chains; theuce north HO chains to
th.- point of commencement,
I.oi-ajeil February llth. 1907.
Arthur Gowing,  Loaalor.
No. 2. Commencing C posl
planted about 200 feel north of
Fish River and about 4 miles from
its mouth, marked "A. Gowing's'
N. E. corner post, tlience west 1*30
chains; thenoe south 40 chain J
thence cast 1G0 chains; thence
north 4') chains to the point of
Located Feh.    12th. 10 IT.
Arthur Gowing.   Loeator.
I iir.lo, Meroh 25ili.-Geo. Stead left
for Denver, Co!., whnre he intends
lo procure machinery to operate
tin; Placer ground ut Goldhill, this
From Denver hc will pn to bia
home in Philadelphia, l'a., for a
short visit.
John Ulvili, of Goldhill, has
nearly completed the Miners' Hotel addition at (loldliill.
James   Murphy, un old Lardo
pioneer, returned to Lardo  to  see
his old friends.
Frank Brewer of Nelson is spying out the land mound Goldhill
with a view to purchase.
lien Lawson, of Nelson, started
to work at Coldhill, getting out
telegraph pole".
V. S. Mc. Donald, thc C. P. R.
station agent at Lardo, lift to
take a position at Sandon.
Mr. McKinney is his successor.
K is  hereby  gi*-eii lh it 30
.ilr-Mlcr   dale   heiv f,   1   illlci
. nati- npplicai.il.n to uta
ion Biuf Commissioner of Lands
t Ba for n special liccilfO lo
'-■< .iBcarry away Umber from
i'i f-Kuvinu ilesciilri .1 lainI    '*il"
ed Iti,.' Lardeau dii Irict;
Icncing al n   pest   planted
nc mile  ahoye   Camborne
•cut side of Fish Creek, a-
o qtinrter-milti    from    its
marked    "J.    C.     lOtlth-
rner"    ihcnce    north   80
H   ihcnce   west   80   chains;
1 '■'-    I Fotith   80 chnitiH;    ihcnce
B chains lo the point of cotn-
located March 10th. 1907.
m Croft.
Notice is licrehy given lli.it will,
in two im nths from tin* fust publication hereol hi iho  llrilisn   Obi*
uinhiii Gaiette, I intend t.. apply;
10 the llmi  Chief Coinmir--i.ini r ol
I..in.!- and Works for r\ l.il luvii*
sua to out and carry aaray timber
from ihe following described landi
situated ill Weal Kootenai .
No 1. Commencing at a posl
planted on Ixmngton frock, about
•i miles frum Fish f reek, iiiuiked
M. Bon I on'I South Woot corntrl
post; thedce east so chains; thence
north ii chains; thenco west K0
chains; thenee south 80 chains to
thc poiut ul commencement.
Locnted llth. day of March. 1907
M. Beaton, Loeator.
Nu. 2. Commencing at a posl
planted on Lexington Creek,aboul
2 niitesfroui Fish Cimk, niiukt-il
M. Ilea tons North West coi tier
post; thence oast 80 chains; thenoe
south HO chains; thenco west 80
ehains;  thenoe north 80 chains lo
the poinl id commencement.
Located Illli. day of March, 1907
M.  Ueaton,   Locator
Notice is hereby given Ihnt 60
• lavs after the first publication of
this notice in tbe Rritisli Colum*
bia Gazette I intend to apply io
the II..n, Chief Commissioner
of Lands and Works fur a special
licence to cm and carry away iim-
licr trom tho following described
in,.Is  iHuatedtn West Kootonay.
No l. Commencing at a post sci
about 20 chaina nest irom the N.
U   corner of Lot 0118;   tlience eaat
100 chains, tlience south 40 chains
tin net* weat 1*80 chains, thence
north 40 chains to point of commencement.
No. 2. Commencing at a post
planted on the 8. W. corner of No.
1. thence eaat i00 chains, tliri.ee
sonth 40 chains, thence we_-t 160
chaina, thenco north 40 chains to
the point of commencement.
No S. Commencing at a post
planted on the S. W. comer of No.
2; tlience eaat 160 ohaina, thence
south lo ehains, thence weat   160
chains, thenee norlh 40 chains  to
|Miiut of commencement.
Located  December 27ili. 1906.
W. Ogllvie   Locator
Poplar, March 2o'.h.—A merry ,
party assembled at the residence
of Mr. E. R. Vipond at Poplar, a
few nights ago. to do honor to
Mis» Lena Vipond, who was celebrating her 16th. hirlhdey.
About 25 went down from Gei-
rard Tlie 'Review" extends best
wishes for many happy returns of
tiie day.
E. R. Vipond is wot sing 25 men
on his logging contract at Poplar.
"U spd I" minertl claim, t-i'iia-
hi In the rroat Lake Mining Division
ol West Kootonar District.
Where located: Sear hea.i of Pil-
vin Cap Creek
TAKF N'OTIfE that I, A. E.
Jowett, Free Minor's Certificate No.
IIS51-0, intend, sixty dais from
date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for tlm purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of th - above
And further take notice that action, nnder seotion|87, must be
commenced before Ihe Issuance oi
such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 8th. day of March.
A.D. 1907.
A.   F.    JoWlTT.
Today*) se ision was the m-'St interesting since ihe legislature open.
ed. The chief incident wis t he
unanimous ad iption of the iet*. ml
reading of Hawthomthwaile's bill
to restrict the hours of lab ir of
smelter workmen to eight* The
s.nie bill had been defeated at
two previous sessions, ami upon
its re introduction this session,
llawthorntliwaic expressed tin*
opinion that it would be killed the
third time However, after Haw-
thornthwaitc had moved '.he g.*-
cmd reading today and Haywnrd
(Cowichan) had expressed his intention of voting for it, Premier
McBride rose and announced that
he was prepared to support the
bill this year.
He stated thnt his tuir of the
Ko ter.ay during the recent campaign had opened I.is eyes and lie
now realised the necessity of the
The principal clauses .f the bill
are aa follows:
"No person t. nil be employed in or about any smellsr
suiting, handling, removing
or snieltinj: ores or matte in
any stage of preparation, for
a long-r period than eight
hours in any twenty four
"Any owner, ajjent. or manager, or anyone acting nn
their boimi', employing nny
workman or person in
contravention ..f tins Act,
shall be liable to a penalty
not exceeding one hundr.d
dol'ars nor less than twenty
dollars for each workmen or
person so employed, and any
workman or person so working for a longer period than
specified in section two of this
Act, Bhall be liable to ji penally not exceeding one hundred dollars m-r less ibnn
twenty dollars.
"Twenty-f ur hours for the
purposes of this Ac', shall
mean from midnight to
"This Act shall c in- into
force on the first* day of March,
1908 "
One of the mo-it promising portions of tlu Lardeau district is
Canyon Creek.
Wh.-n the matter of console-ring '
tho roads and trails  appropriation [
for   the   coining   vear,    the   fact
should not be lost sight of that   a
t.'ail   from   Cuirard   up thc  river I
bottom to the for.ls,    is absolutely j
necessary for the ccouoniie  development of   the   numerous high*
grade properties locate! along this
creek and iis fords.
Thc present trail runs alone the
mountain side and nt some points
reachea. an elevation of 3000 feet
above lhe Lake, where a trcil n-
■ong thc button) would reach the
ford-: by a gradual climb of 800
fer' at the most.
We intend in thc next few issues
to 'write-up' tiome of the properties
giving an idea of  the  work done.,
and the ore showings.
Al the head of the south fork
are situated the Grand i-'olo and
Copper Peak mineral claims, at
an elevation of from 6000 lo 80*00 i
Thc work consists of numerous l
open cuts, slipping, and two tunnels—one in aboul 55 feet, the oth j
Ihnt would liatrn the true ring to
it, the author WOOld, of nOOOOSitl ,
require to live there lor a time at
least, ile wunll Imve to ntu.ly tht
cliSMCteriOtics of the we-Hern per.
pie—have to become one of Ihem,
living their -JhIIv life and ahmrinir
their joys and sorrows, lie woiil.l
have to mis with Ihem socially
ami in n btisincM wtv, in short,
bs a "Westerner" its » q*jtstioii
ol knowing local conditions.
The same reasoning applies
to lhe ''Leckie Bout" for the
Western Miner, the Prospector and (Iin Lumberman.
The makers of the  "Lei-kie
Hoot''  are   Wes'erners  with
Western experience.     Th-y
know whnt to make  and how
•u i ake   t.  Ub not so much a
question of price as ofq ualiv.
Their sole aim  is  to meko
"a better boot   for   the  snmo
money"—and   the  LECKIE
BOOT" is it.
J.  HIE  CO.  LTD.
Timber''cruisers'' of tiie Can-
ad'an Pacific Timber Company,
are covering the limits oi the imiii-
t.nny. situated around Trout Lake
It is said that a lugging crew will
ue put on at an early dale, on
Tiout Creek.
Gents Furnishings GentsFnrnishings
.     I,  ■ , i.-l—pnn n
■*««»•«■«■« —«""•
Tne work on th** Calumet and
II chi, nt Rapid Creek, is being
shoved ahead. On the l"lh, the
tunnel was in 180 feel and the
ground looks very fitvnrubte.
Assuming iho lead continues
down at the same angle, about 20
more feet would tap it.
This property has a splendi'l
go'd showing on tlie surface. A
shaft was Itink a distance oi aboul
7."> ft. nnd carried gold values all
Ihe way
n    Local and General.
All those interested in roads
and trails in the Trout Lake Miring Divition, are requested t. attend a meeting to l-c held on Saturday night, April 6th. at the
Oddfe lows' Usll, to consider the
expenditure of the annual appro] -
nation for such puipos s.
cr ioo feet,   in the Oral the ledge | JP^asasaaaEasasasarasas
ii t lo 5 feet wide, with about 22
inches of mixed grey copper and
silica and a fi ur-inch vein of high-
grade sh pping ore.
In tunnel number two, the face
Staa a vertical depth of about 100
feet, and has a vein of pay oie 24
inches wide, similar to that in the
number one. There bus teen no
average test mode, bnt picked
samples gave assay values 553 <>ts
in silver, ami 17 per cent coppeV*
In the fare . f tli,. tunnel I hero is
now about 4 inch's of ihis ore,
Tiie trend of the vein runs easterly through the Copper Peak and
lhe walls nre of slate with a soft
gangeon the hanging wills.
The Cupper Peak claim has
some excellent surface showing*,
but very little d > vei. pint nt has
been dune. An open eut hss, how-
ever, demonstrated the similarity
of the ore to that of thc Grand
The owners ar.* Neln R.'dinennd
P. A   Lindgren.
The Ruby Silver group, consisting of fire <• aims, lias the same
formation as iht Grand Solo
On t! e (i. "1 Shot ciaim a tunnel has 1 n started and is now in
about 10 feet. The pay streak is
12 inches wide and of the same
grade as toui -1 on the Gran 1 Bolo
On the Ruby Silver cl i.n, number
one tunnel ia in over 25 f-et and
■hows it pay stn-ik giving values
..( 128 • ii, silver, 8Q per cent lead
an.l 4 per cent cupper. The loot
wall Is grauito, and the hanging
wall slate, with n inches nf .- ft
gunge mailer. A good cabin b*u
b. en built fir lh"   accoiimuiiaiH,,**.
,v. ■•' fa.
The ,. in'''-, Gua Bergh, T. n.i
Lindgren. Nell Ih dine and Martin Nelson intend resuming work
on the property as soon as llie
'rail is up. n.
Next week, the lVdr > and Minnie K. will leceive attention.
Kev Scott Scnr. and Mrs. Scott,
left on Wcdncsday.'Jiiiorning for
Bait Lake City, Utah.
On Monday evening a number
of friends gathered at the Parsonage and gave a "God speed'1 t.. tho
rvvrrend gentleman and hie wife.
Commodore J. nscn of thc ('. P.
II. steamboat service, cau.e in
from Arrowhead a f. w days ago.
to sze up the situ ition ro breaking the ice.
The commodore says lhe ice can
be (.'one through in thren or four
days, and Instructed Captain Core
to L-et down to business at onee.
Hurrah! fnr the commodore.
Bert Fowler came tip the   f^ike
frum Ponl.ir on Tuesday.
Chni lie Copp hss gone lo Victoria to interview the government
on behalf of the Sliver Cup Bachelor! Club, who have entered o
protest agsinyt the proposal nf the
Trout Lake "Bt chelor Maids" WC*
icty to lax lhe "cligiblrs."
We expected to have a "write
up"' on the dance given by the h<>
tei men ef Camborne last week.
Our correspondent has failed
us,  but look out fm* it next week.
Should the owners he fortnna'e*
enough to strike at the proent
workings, we enn look for sotnc
excitement arnnnd Rapid and!
Poplnr this smytuer. Jack 'Jl-vus
- In oharge of the work. j-^M
The Two Vanrevels
r Tk> loooMissSS hn IaOlaaa*- ml -M-anala-ar
fOnntinued  From  Last Week.I
Siuee the world began lille anil Industrious philosophers have speculated
much upon the thought* of men iilu.ut
to die, .ni it caunot be too Ingenuous
to believe that such thoughts vury ss
the men. their characters ami conditions of life vary. Nevertheless, pur-
iiinnt with the traditions of minstrelsy
sod   reinsure.   It   li   coai.'slTsblt   that
young uuuiurried men called upon to
luce desperste situations might, st the
crucial uiutuetit. rush to a eotnuion ei
perieuee of summoning the vision, each
of his hes it's desire, aud to meet, each
his doom, with her name upon hi' lips.
Au extraordinary thing occurred In
tbe present Instance, for, by means of
some fragmentary retnurki let fall at
the time und afterward recalled, such
as Tappinghum Marsh's giispiug. "At
least It will be on her father's roof!"
snd from other things later overheard,
an inevitable deduction has been
reached thnt four of the five gentlemen
In the perilous case herein described
were occupied Witt) the vision of the
same person, to wit. Miss Elisabeth
Carewe, "the last, the prettiest, to eome
to town!"
Cralley Gray, alone, spoke not at all.
but why did he strain and strain his
eyes toward that empty pedestal with
ths grotesque carvings'/ Did he seek
Fanchon there, or was Miss Carewe
the last sweet apparition in the fancies
of all five of the unhappy young meu?
The coincidence of the actual appearance of the lady among them therefore
■seemed tbe more miraculous when,
wan and hopeless, staggering desperately backward to the gable ridge, they
heard a clear contralto voice behind
"Hadn't you better all come down
now?" it said. "The stairway will ba
on fire before long."
Only oue thing oould have been mora
shockingly unexpected to the five than
tbat there should lie a sixth person on
tbe roof, and this was that the sixth
person should be Miss Betty Carewe.
They turned, aghast, agape, chop-
fallen with astonishment, stunned and
She stood just behind tbe gable
ridge, smiling amiably, a most iueun-
"iindn't ynu better all colne dotcn nourf "
f-ruoiiH little pink fun In her hand, tha
am..ki* wreaths purtly obscuring her
and curling between the live aud her
white dress, like mists Coating ueross
the new uni.iii
Was lt but a kindly phantasm of the
bruin? Wus It the lueurnutiou of the
last vlsiiii, of the lost volunteers ! Was
It u Valkyrie usKuiniiig thut lovely likeness tu perch upou this eyrie, waitlug
to bear tbelr heroic souls to Valhalla,
or wus ,t xiiss Betty Carewe}
To the chief she spuke— all of them
agreed tn Hint uflorwurd- but It was
Cralley viliu unswered. while Tom
could ouly stare uud stand wuggiug
his lu-ml ul  Ibe In ell* phuutom like a
mandarin mi ,. sbelf.
' .M.v nn.ll..* i heaven!" gasped
1      Hey.    "II" inn cume up here'-"
'There's  I in   the roof on  the
other side of Ike ridge," she said, and
sl..- began to fan herself with the p.i.k
fuu. "A stairway runs nil the way
d»wn ..i.t Kelson showed u.e through
these buildings yesterday and that
aide i-hi un nr.* ici in. so sorry 1
dldu'l think of II until a m,uncut ago,
beea use you could hnve br.'ifcUl Jhe
wuter up llmi wny. Rut .l..n't you
thluk you'tl better cum down tow?"
I'll ATI hi:  VII
HOT suvnge Hun doi * ,i,i
urns Vandyke' doi demon
Apache could b h:, to dwell
upon tin if niliid of the
chief nf tbe lt"!i*i, volunteer Are department therefore Iel the curtain of
nier.y doat and, Wlthoul a word he
turned mul dragged  the OOSSlS to the
eiisteru eaves, whence, sfter n warning
gesture to those heluiv. be dropped It
to the ground, nnd. out of compassion.
It should he lil tie mora than hinted that
the gesture of warulug wus very slight.
When the rescued band reached tha
foot of the lasl flight of stairs tbey beheld the opcu doorway ns a frame for
o greut press of Intent and contorted
faces, every eye still strained to watch
the roof, none of the burrowed spectators comprehending the appearance of
the girl's figure there, nor able to sea
whither she had led the five young men,
until Tapplnghiiin Mnrsb rnlsed a sbout
as he lenjM-tl out of tlie door and daueed
upon tbe solid earth uguin.
Then. Indeed, there wus a mighty uproar Cheer nfter cheer ascended to the
red vnult of heaven. ^Vuuieu wept,
men whooped aud the people rushed
for the heroes with wide open, welcoming arms, Jefferson Unround aud
Frunk chenowetb and (.encrul Trumble dashed ut Tom Vuurevel with Inco
herent cries of thanksgiving, shaking
his hands and bttetlpg.blfli.bysterlcilly
upon me unci:,   lie greeted tbem with
hi Iter ht lighter.
"Help get the water Into the next
warehouse. This oue Is beyoud cou-
trol, but ive can save the other two.
Take the lines In- through tbe door!"
He brushed the rejoicing friends off
abruptly, aud went on In n queer, hollow voice: "There are stairs—unit I'm
ao sorry I didu't thluk of It until u moment ago. because you could have
brought the water uu that wnv!"
▲ remarkable case of desertion had
occurred the previous Instant under his
eyes.    As the party emerged from the
| warehouse luto the street Tom heard
I'ruiley suy hurriedly to Miss Carewe:
"l.et me get you awuy   come quickly!"
I saw him suddenly seize her baud uud.
j eluding the onriishing crowd, run with
! her rouud the coiner of the building.
j And somehow, through what inspiration or through what kuowledge of his
I the prophetic soul of the chief was unhappily assured that Cralley would offer himself as escort to her home aud
fiud acceptance. But why not": Was It
Cralley who had publicly called bis fellow mau fool, idiot, imbecile, at the
top of his lungs only to lin.l himself
ihe proven numskull of the universe!
Tom Btood for a moment staring after
tlie vanishing pair, while over his face
stole tlie struugest expression that ever
mau suw ihere; then, with meekly
bowed shoulders, he turned agulu to
his work.
At the corner of the warehouse Miss
Carewe detached her hand from Crttl-
ley's, yet still followed him us he made
a i|Uli k detour rouud the next budding
A minute or two Inter tbey fouud
themselves, undetected, upou Main
street iu the rear of the crowd. There
Cralley paused.
"Forgive me." he said breathlessly,
"for takiug your bund. 1 thought you
would like to get away."
She regarded him gravely, so that he
found lt dlillcult to read her look, ex-
cept thnt It was seriously questioning,
but whether the Interrogation was addressed to him or to herself he could
uot determine. After a alienee she
"1 dou't know why I followed you.
I believe It must have beeu because
you didu't give me time to think."
'ihis. of course, made hltu eveu quicker with her thau before. "It's all
over," he said briskly. "The lirst wurehouse Is gone, the second will go. but
they'll save the others easily euoiigh
uow thut you huve (toluted out that
the Hues may be utilized otherwise
than as adjuncts of performances ou
the high ttopeOO." They were standing by a picket fence, aud he leuued
against lt. overcome by mirth lu which
ahe did uot Jolu. Her gravity reacted
upon him ut ouce. aud his laughter was
Mopped short. "Will you uut accept
me us an escort tu your home?" he said
"1 do uot know," she returned simply, the sort of honest trouble lu ber
glunee that ls seeu ouly lu very young
"What reason In the world?" he returned, with a crafty sharpness uf as
Sbe continued to gaze upou bim
thoughtfully, while he tried to look luto
her eyes, but was baffled because the
radlaut beams from the lady's urbs. as
tbe elder Cbeuuwetb might have said,
rested somewhere daugerously ueur hla
chin, wbleb worried him. for, though
bis chlu made uo retreat aud wus far
from 111 looking It was nevertheless
that feature which he most distrusted.
"Wou'l you tell me why not'/" he repeated uueaslty.
Because." she answered at last,
apeaklug hesitatingly—"lieeause It lsu't
so easy u u.utter for uie us you seeio to
think. Yuli have uot been lutrodueed
to me, aud 1 kuow you never will be,
aud that what you told me was true."
"Which part of wbat I told you?"
The question escaped from him lu-
"That tho others might come wheu
tbey liked, but that you could not"
"Oh, yes, yes" His expression altered to a sincere dejection his aboul
ders drooped and Ids voice Indicated
supreme iiiiiioyiiuce. "1 might huve
kni.MU some on.* would tell you. Wbo
wus il V   Did thei sny why I"—
"On account of your quarrel witb tny
"My quarrel wiih jour fnther!" he ex
chiiOied, und his i  lit w-lth au elal
isl jhsspris.- His shoulders atralgbteu
ed Tie look a Step nearer her uud nuked-eagerly. "Win. i.i I yon that?"
"My father himself lie spoke uf a
Mr. Vaurevel whom he disliked and
whom I must not Beet, and. remember
nig whnt yon lin.l said, of course 1
knew that you were he."
"nh!"   Crslley's lips in*g,,u to form
a smile of such appealing und in.mini
ble sweetness that Voltaire would have
(rooted bim. a smile altogether rose
leaves. "Then I lose you." be snid,
"for uiy only chance to know you wus
lu keeping It hidden from you. And
now you understand."
"No," she anew-red gravely, "I don't
tiiiilerstiind    Tbal Is what troubles me.
II 1 did and bettered you hud the light
of the difference I could believe It uo
sin tbut you should speuk to tne, ahould
lake me home uow. 1 think It is wrung
uut tu act lruui your OWO understanding of things."
The young man net his expression us
oue iudumllably llxcl upon the course
of honor, cost what 11 might, uud lu the
vury action his lurking pleasure In do
lug It i.oppcl out lu tbe nicker of ii
lu inkle lu bis eyes und us Instantly
sought cover ugalu—the flea lu the ruse
"Tbeu you must ask some other," be
suld firmly "A disinterested persou
ahould tell you. The dlffereuce wus
political lu the beginning, but becume
personal afterward, aud it is uow a
quarrel which eun ut-ver be patched up.
tbuugh, for my purt, 1 wish tbut It
could be.   1 can say no more, because
a party to it snoiun not speak.1' '
Rhe met his level look squarely nt
lust, nnd uo man ever lind a mot's truthful pair of eyas thun Cralley Gray, for
it was his great accomplishment that
be COUld adjust his emotjou. his reason
and something tbut might be culled his
faith to fit uuy situation iu uuy character.
•You muy take uie home," sue nn-
swered. "1 may be wrong and even
disloyal, but 1 do nut feel It so uow.
Teu did a very brave thing tonight to
save him from loss, and I think that
wbat you have said was Just whut you
should have said."
So they weut dowu the street, the
hubbub aud ciiufusiou of the Ure growing mure uud more Indistinct behind
them. They wulked slowly, aud for a
time uelther spuke, yet tbe silence was
of a kind wblcb the adept rejoiced to
have produced thus soou--their second
meeting. He waited until they passed
Into the shadows of the deserted Carewe street before lie spoke. There he
stopped abruptly, at which she turned,
"Now that you have saved my life."
he said In a low. tremulous tone, "whut
are you going to do with It?"
Her eyes opened almost as widely ns
they had at her lirst sight of him la
her gurdeu. There was a long pause
liefore she replied, and when she did It
was to his considerable surprise.
"I have never seeu a play except the
funny little ones we acted at the convent." she said -'But Isn't that the
way they spenk on the stage?"
Cralley realized that his Judgment ot
the sileuce had been mistaken, aud yet
It was with a thrill of delight that he
recognised her clear reading of him.
He had been too florid again.
"Let us go." His voice wus soft with
restrained forgiveness. "You mocked
me once bpfore."
Uo He Continued I
Th*    Attraetlon-a    It     .Now     Offers    ta
lirlul.t  liiiinii Men.
Tbe new law opening to the sailors
tbe avenues of promotlou to the commissioned rauks will have a tendency
to attract the better class of our youth
who are ambitious snd whose circumstances have barred them from opportunities for advnut-emeut In otber directions. In l'.Kll congress authorized
the secretary of the navy to commission each year twelve sailors ns war
rant officers. To receive this promotion
a sailor must I* less than thirty years
old. must have beeu In the service
seven years, served oue year as a first
class petty officer und pass an examination upon tbe theoretical part of his
calling. This latter requirement renders it necessary for him to devote bis
spare time to study. If he succeeds In
this test he Is given a teutatlve ap-
1 .inttnetit as gunner, boatswain, carl-enter or warrant inacblnlst. uud this
duty being satisfactorily performed for
one year he becomes a warrant officer
at flMOQ per year sea pay, with au lu
crease of $100 each year for three
yeara. Tbe fourth year his salary Is
$1,000 and nfter twelve years' service
reaches $1,800. At sixty-two years of
age he ls retired on three-fourths pay
for life.
Those whose ambition reuehes beyoud the wurrant officer can have It
satisfied through faithful aud lutein
gent attention to duty, as. after four
yeara' service in that capacity, the us
plruut is eligible to u commission if
recommended by his commanding offl
cer and upon passing another exumiua
tlun. A bright uud studious young
man euterlug the uavy as i^sullor at
seveuteeu muy lu twelve or fifteen
years ttecume u commissioned officer
aud retire at sixty-two with the rank
of captain.—Joseph Jeuklus iu Leslie's
One Centenarian  In   107,000.
The labors uf Mir George Murray
Humphry proved that there ls ahout
one centenarian to every 127,000 people uud that of seventy autheuticnt.-d
cases oo one reached 110 years, three
only are said tu have been 108 and
one I'M. Tbe full exercises of tbe vu
rluus poner». mental aud budlly. Is
conducive to greut uge, so that there
ueed lie no feur of entering heartily,
actively nud with full Interest and
euergy Into the assigned work of life,
physical or mental The Inhabitants of
any countryside. „h in Iielabole lu
North Cornwall, point with pride to
Ibe number of huh- nnd hearty octo-
genuriuns. tionageiuirinus and ceute
tiurians living among them as nn evidence of their healthy evlronment nnd
hygienic lives. So In Paris, with Its
10,600 octogenarians aud (120 nonage
iiiirlnns. 811 of whom lire iipprouchlug
their hundredth .uir Six Inhabitants
of I'arls arc more than 102 yeara of
uge.- London Hospital.
I am no friend to the people who receive the bounties of Providence without visible gratitude Wheu the six
peine fulls luto your hut you tuny
laugh. When Ihe messeuger uf an unexpected blessing takes you by tbe
hand nnd lifts you up and bids you walk
you may leap and run aud sing for
Joy. even us the hi me man whom 8t.
Peter healed skipped piously and rejoiced aloud ns he pussed through the
beautiful gate of tbe temple. There la
no virtue ln solemn Indifference. Joy
Is ss mucb a duty as beneficence Is.
Thankfulness ls the otber side of mercy.—Henry Van Dyke.
Another unfair thing lu life — the
bride, with a wealth of linlr, Wears n
veil, but tbe groom, who bus S On Iti
spot aud really needs n veil to cover It,
ts   denied    tbe   privilege.
Your Doctor
Can cure your Cough or Cold,
no question about that, but—
why go to all the trouble and
inconvenience of looking him up,
and then of having hiaprescription
filled, when'you can step into any
drug store in Canada and obtain
a bSttle of SHILOH'S CURE
for a quarter.
Why pay two to five dollars
when a twenty-five cent
bottle of SHILOH will cure you
as quickly ?
Why not do us hundreds of
thousands of Canadians have
done lor the past thirty-four
years: let SHILOH be your doctor whenever a Cough or Cold
SHILOH will cure you, and all
druggists back up this statement
with a positive guarantee.
The next time you have 0
Cuugh or Cold cure it with
Story of ilir oriKin «r "In the Sweat
By nnd  B>."
a song of national circulation, "lu
the Sweet lly und lly," Written by .-*■
Fillmore Bennett or Llkboru, Wis., hud
Its birth In u country store. Mr. Ben
nett told the story, which Is given lu
"Wisconsin In Three Centuries," as follows:
It was about time for closing business lu the evening when J. P. Web
ster, whose melodies have made Wisconsin famous, came Into the store,
feeling somewhat depressed.
I said to Webster, "Wlmt Is tbe mutter now?"
He replied, "lt Is no matter; tt will
be all right by and by."
Tbe Idea of the hymn came to me
like a flash of sunshine, and 1 replied.
"The sweet by and by. Why would
not that make a good hymn?"
"Maybe It would." he said Indiffer
I then turned to my desk and penned
the hymn as fust us I could write. I
bunded it to Mr. Webster. As be read
lt his eyes kindled and his whole de
meauor changed. Stepping to the desk,
be began writing tbe notes instantly.
ln a few moments he requested Mr.
Bright to bund him his violin, aud he
played with little hesitation the beau
tlful melody from tbe notes. A few
momenta later be bad Jotted dowu tbe
notes for the different parts aud the
I do not tbiuk it wns more than thirty minutes from the time I took my
pencil to write the words before the
hi mu and the notes bad nil been completed and four of us were singing It
exactly as It appeared lu tbe Slguet
King a few days later aud as 1: has
been sung tbe world over ever since.
Two Admirals, a I ni.ii.iu anO n Pool
In Manlln liny.
When Dewey's fleet was at Manila
tlie late Admiral Chichester was then
a captain. Uu oue occasion Admiral
liledriehs, the liermnu, aeut out the
Irene ou an unreieiiled errand uud
without the customary notification to
tbe commander of the blockading fleet.
Admiral Ilewey had suffered, be
thought, sufficiently frum that sort of
thing, and so the ndmlrul sent a vessel
across the Irene's boWS and notified
ber captain that she would not be per
mltted to depart w'th ,„t a statement
us to her destination It wns not Ad
mlrjl Dledrlcba' mission to quarrel
with both ti,.- American and the Bng
Hali fleets uii this critical occasion, so
be sought to timi out Captain i'hlcl.es
ter's purpose in case of u colllsluu. Uu
lug on board .'III.Lester's ship, he au
grlly exclaimed, "Did you see whut
Dewey did iu my ship'.'"
"Ves." replied I'lilcliester.
"Whut would you have done If It bad
been nn Knglish ship?"
"Well," said Cblcbeoter, couveu.eut
l.v assuming timt the Irene's captain
had sailed without orders from Ilie
drichs, "I'd have put my captain In nr
rest, and then I'd have gone .,u hoard
Ihe Ulympiii and apologized to Admiral
Ilewey for having such a fool lu com
maud of oue of my ships."
A  Poet's  Homely Pace.
The |H>et lingers was afflicted with a
uotably unpleasant, cadaverous coiiu
leiuiuee. which, witb all his mtelle,-mil
puiver, wus u uiurtltlcutiou tu bun. To
bide his annoyance, he Joked uliout bis
ugliness incessantly and deceived his
friends into supposing him indifferent
to It. He once turned to Sydney
•"•.until, who. witb lly run uud Moore,
wus dining with Iiim. and said:
"Cbat.tre. wauls to perpetuate this
in' .*. ■ ■• fuee nf mine Whut pose
r   old vou suggest that I shutild takcV"
"If you really wish to spare the world
ns much as possible," sfild the wit, "I
would. If I were you. he taken at m.v
prayers, my face bnriod in ny bands."
lingers laughed will, the olher per
tons present, but he shut a malignant
glance ,,t lhe Jester and, II Is snld, never fully forgave him for the bnuujoL
Tbe Canadian  Boom.
Cousui Oeneral .1. Q. roster of <>i-
tnwn reports that the number of Immigrants entering Canada during tlie
fiscal year 1IXK'. wns 18U.IKM, nn Increase of 42,7!IK over liMC. The emigrants from the Culled Mutes number
ed r.T.UHl. or 14,2117 more thun lu 1006.
It Is suld that each British Immigrant
costs gonads fl!!. At that rate t'unudu
got 1700,000 worth of emigrants from
tbe United unites for much less cool lu
advertising, free fares, etc. runners
and servants from the euutluent uf Europe cost the government $5 each.
Zam-Buk Healad Them Inside Two
Have vou some eruption, oi Bore,
ot ulcer,' oi wound, on any pari •*'
your holly it hich bus hit ult • tela*-
i-,1 iii clu're, ii" matter bow treated
11 s... that is , oo e loi Zam-tnis
the great   herbal   balm     The  hob.'.l
naps in.J .•■ * a ,o  ilu*- balm are
so powerful that they call Leal I ie
in isi   cases ol  cl ic - orei, ulcers
bin il p isuii and skin .lis as ■ llcie
.no   proofs  ol  this:
Mrs \\ ll Taylor, of North Bay*
Onl . Bays "I bad a seal} spol as
In,, n. a len cent piece oil iu) luce.
I iiml ii i,i bun years, uud liardlj
i nighl during that time weni hi
l.ui whal I applied .-"i'i crenin, oi
oni'' ointment ur other, hot it
.mniii aliiriy- be th.*..* I recently
ipplieil /iiin-lliik, mnl ill nh.. .I n
.leek's   lime   lhe   sp  I   li:i I   'I s:i|.|>i'.*ll-
*.l cuinpl t.-ly.    I  cannot I hank you
.■in.ugh  toi  youi   I. .ly. and  I  tell
everyone i" be sm,. nnd keep Znui-
duk  in  th."i  ho ise."
Mrs. s .1 Hold ii ol MS We I
Hannah   St.,  Hamilton,   says:    "My
utile girl li id „ running -  an liei
ice winch il ii il ;>ll treatment, I op-
,'] ."I /-in-lluk, inul in iib"iil a week's
111ti<* the wound wos closed. I hue
io'iiul Zam-Buk just :i- good foi other
■ km trouble! an I injuilei
Mi J II Hamilton, et Thornbury,
.*.. i " rhe ii m Zam-Buk I obtain
•.I was foi s friend who had rm ob-
itinate ■ ir  hei  t anple     It h.*..l
been treat .1 ot t t w ice bj a doctor,  mi.I  would  heel  up loi  a short
line,     but     WOUld    Im-llk      ."it    llL'rilll
Zam-Buk healed it permanently, and
it ('im.- no -it,, whatever uf return,
Similar grateful te limonj is t*
hand from met. and women i' nil
pint-       of      Canada       Zam-Bult
is a snc c.i'c fm all -kin diseases
snl injuries, such as cuts, burns,
bruises, ectema p ■•. i isis, ulcers
scalp -oics. cold sores, chapped
hands, itch, rashes, tetter, face sines.
!••' It is slso on unequalled em bro*
nation, and rubbed srell on to pari
affect 'I cures rheumatism, sciatica
neuralgia, c Id* oi ehe t. etc. Mi
druggists .-ell at 50c s box. "i may
br*  "I.tnu,■,I   posl   f.ce   Iron,  Z-un-tttik
Co . Toronto, upon  receipt "f pi .• •
-ii  boxes  Ioi yi .'si
The ex-mayoi of Edmonton advo*
■•it.-    i   lorgei   -alary   f.n   the loayoi
Ie ■ • ii- .I ii -  the pies,.ni  annuo] al-
It nrune of U:20o inadequ
■I'liiituial service the presiding officei
iv.-  the citv
Simi.pT Seeds.
Tl,,. seed vessels of wild peas snd
,,0.„,s when dry open and curl up wllb
„ sudden snap which expels the seeds
sometimes to a distance or twelve to
' twentj feet. I n,leu tions of Ibis Uut.lt
„,*,. seen 111 the cultivated vurl-tles, tbe
► red pods of which ul'tec curl with a
snap when opened.
Quite   Obvious.
M*,"lsti*ule Why did you steal this
gentleman's wuti-bT
l-lcLpocket I was lute for me grand
upcrv engiigeiiient. nnd I wuuted tu
gain lime    Baltimore American.
I'n. ml   Horticulture.
"A new uillkiiiuii le« our milk to-
dnv." announced Dorothy.
"Did he bare whiskers'/" asked ber
mother, thlukiug perhapa it was tbe
"So." said the ruiir year-old; "he
didn't have whiskers, but he had the
"At  ths Advltrs ot  Irl.ndi \.
na and  th* RmuIi. h1w, J1**
Batlitactorv.-'-Oo   w,IUl M°""
Why   She i uiiltlu-l.
"No, 1 didn't have a very good time,"
ahe said. "I wanted tO talk, aud there
wasn't a uian there."
"But there were plenty of other
-uh. of course, but that was no sat
Israeli   fur they all wauled to talk
t.... ••
Tune tries all things, mul as
Dickie'-  Atiti-Cuii.-iimpt'V" Syiop has
,r i ihe leal "i yeai- " no* ranks
„- a leading specific in ths treatment
,,,   ,,]|  ailments  ..I  the   throat   and
lungl      It   «lH B  I ill and subdue the
most stubborn e mgh hy iclievuig the
irritation, and reotore the alleetod oi
nuia t" healthy conditions    l'u* will
sbutt   Us   value     Try   it   nml   be  c.n-
vinoeil "i  its efficacy
The Story ol t> Woman Made Well by
Dr.  Wd.iii.rn'  Pink  Pills.
Bod blood means icul he ilth  Thai
is i.liy  I).    Wi I „n,s'l'i:ik   I'i Is menu
mod  health       l bej   actuallj    inni,
new.   rich  blood   which    strengthen)
■veiy nerve and   evt iy   organ in tin*
body Thai |s win |M„.ple \ih" OSS
lir William-' I'mk Pills tec] bright.
active     and     strong lira      A.tlmt
lanningan,    Marahville,    tint .
uth-*-     to   the   truth   ul   tin-,,  -tiite-
iieiits    Mi    Hanningan Boys    "Km
leilliy        tlltee    lr.il        I       oil,  I    .1       llotu
wa.•nun   .1,1".,.II,■--,,'».i    nud    during
nut  i.i  insulted  and  took  tnedl
   ti 'iu    several doctors,    wlthoul
ei il    ., - I'      Mi    complexion
*. as ", ippe trance, mj   lips
'in lied    Id He--        |    „uf.
••iel  in,m headdiM   dltsiness   and
lalpitation of tbe  hear)     My  appi
tits uu.- -,. pool thai  I did nol cars
ei   I  nt.* "i  nut  riiul 1 (.•i.-.i  s,,
ic.k. Bnd Hn- -" much  reduced  I
'!•  h thai my friend    thought  I waa
di ui.ipti'.i \- i in, i .■ aid I
loctotod without benefit, until tli.
a-t doctoi uh,.in | consulted sdvis
*<l nu- t.itty Di Willi mis' pink Pilla
I followed lu- advice, and les- than
' i ■ ••■ti boxes h.ne made me the
■veil w.uiiiin I am t"ilm All tie
Mu|,tm11-   of   nu   troubles   have   vim-
-''••■I    and    I eiinu     the    be I
lealth     I   lenov   thei •■  bur .1
>f women wl." n e drifting into the
"in ■ eoiiili'ioii i wn-  and io all -neb
I    llolll.l    sin    V   V    llif *    t   ie    lllllll llllll.
 f Di   Williams' i'mk IMI-"
Di Williams' I'mk 1'ills do nol sel
upon tl..* bowels; tlun ,1,. nol tinkei
with mere symptoms: they i'o right
to   the    loot      i,|   t|„.    tn,llhie      III   tbi
blood 'I'liai is why they cun. eon
mon ailments like rheumatism, neur-
ih'iii. kidney trouble, headaches and
backache-      Sl    Vim    untie, ami  thi
peer.I ailments thru affile) bo man;
ii um.n and growing girls. Sold bj
.ill  medicine deolen  oi   In   mail al
toe   It   boX   ..I   MX   lior.es   f,,|   %o.rrl [,,„„
The Dr Williams' Medii Ine tn.
Brockville, nm
Ii.i.ir,   It  llnmo.
Daughter—Have you found out yet
what It waa that papa cut out of th»
Mother—Tea. 1 bought another copj
I've read It all through, but to save in..
life I can't see anything wrong In It
It's an article on the vulgarity and sll
llness of buying furs thut nre Leyornl
one's man na.-New York I'reea.
Hon He Spent Ills Fees.
James lt. Howe, formerly register of
deeds lu Brooklyn, received fees
amounting tu mure thun |00,txiu during
his term of olllce, nud he bus given
them buck to the borough lu the furm
of a i'1'o.'.e ,*'|ii,'Hii'inn statue repie
seutlug Washington at Valley Inrge.
Tlie statue, with Its pedestal, Is thirty
Ave feet In height uud wus conceived
and executed by Henry Merwlti Khru
dy. lt hui,nis in tbe plaza nt the
Brooklyn end of the Williamsburg
bridge and was unveiled recently with
appropriate ceremonies.
I   Don't   I'nre.
I   llotft   llll,'   T"t    till'   doll    I   l,r„|t»
fOmai-ln-,1  le ■    iir.ilnsl  the Willi)!
Kin* is all in ji hundred mis.
I don'l ntlli.l 11 al all'
I don'l   'lire if  mi   Icc-on's hju.l;
l dun i u'ImIi ii was through!
I don'l cars for lha dull l broke:
•   tnn't  rurr   r tt   I rlo!
The .Iln  .lilm   Bubble.
IHd nny body ever sec anything like
the disappearance of Jlu Jllau'i-   A year
or  two  ngo  everybody  was   listening
open eyed to marvelous stories of skill
with which aleuder little men overcame
giants by n simple twist of the wrist
Teachers Of the mystic- art  were appointed for West Point und Annapolis
Then the American athletes very obstinately  refused   to  be  unjolnted   by
any of the little tricks, but flung lhe
Jlu Jltsu expert! on the floor, uml Jlu
Jltsu waa forgotten.—Bonne Terrs lies
Maet took i ..ii,,,;
"The World und Ills Wife" saya tbat
thu "beauty doctor" bas begun tu discover a demand for ber services of a
new kind. Female employees, such us
Shopgirls, milliners, dressmakers aud
those in other situations, try to retain
ns much as possible a bright luok of
youth, frnm no coquettish desire to pre
serve their good looks, but simply uu-
der the grim pressure ur otherwise lu
evltable loss of iimiiluvmuuL
The sealing sehoonera Umbrina and
v..,., i, ive li it Voneouvei fw s nine
uioiiili- cruise as Iai as Ooppei laland and  Helmut  - is    Ons a)   tbe
,i -n win, came to -ee the hunters
ell   from    ths    o-hori   into  tho
ratci   •"'*'••■■     s*"'  e-es qaieklj   rem
Litti. but Ssaratitns.-Dt v"" s"'" "
,'ui.i.in.I.* Tablet. «t. „"' ■•'.' i.»""».'""
I,-.-   .imi   contain    lalurl inns   or
tin    ih,*i     sre    ill,*    part      iik-elnil.-
,,  ,. in    Hi.-   iiieilieiiisl   el I, act   t'*-m     """
ait i.i.-   fnui'   and   th.-   tul.leis ar<*    pre
larvd   in  »»  palatable f""i.  »«  lbs   Iru.i
„ll      Ihei   '.ire   intlie.*«'i"ii     w   in    »
oanu   '.
sf« uhia/i tfCSp.
Mr.  Itaoul  Won.  in
LaoOlue, l'u . Can
I  »rlie you a f,*«   .
.....  mi   itllstsi    i„.,,„
was •mict.d with c*-,u,,h ,i lkl"]
«"d     nam    and    hint . ,    ,„utB
.■i.«tl> dlaaoaragaS    i i
uml  had inul,- in ms   u '
1   took   trialin, n,   (,„    ,
"Ul     "I'lKIIIU,,.-     IH,.'
frlaoda   i   tu,,i   ,..,
n.i.,* nini lu.-hi.    „
ol   lour  mo,,1 lit   |   me.
Nettle, led istatrh   tm   ,, y..
ms   derelopad  uu,,   n,.
lAHgaf and ii,..r.   pat  i   ,
'<••   icjiuri-il   t..   ,mn
,-iis,. were traataS ai    i „
ibmiiir. Parana mil arua
ther  llie  laian	
..ui mu- turn loii  i.
iiaiul  ami  tan.   »   f, „
aspaaranaa ,.f a ,,,i,i   ■     ,,c,
•«U*   lOUIscM   ..o.i,  n t
I'lilli'lil.   hair   tli.-   j
I lo   lir    lUrliuali   toi   i
oi,    I'lir.iin,   Catarrh
A»k   Your   Druggist   to.   pr„
Almanac   tc.   ,90?
M   thai    .1, -in   rue h .11 "I J o" "p-
.    ,, I. ■    .iIhU
, pleasure  aba od i- d inWed
yea   mother,    Imt on   ipple
ihared t- halved    Hot  Le
Mina-d's Liniment Cures  Diphtheria
H l'T    l.l". I.r   Ural,   the   H«-J«.
A thinkiug boi usked tbe editor oue
day why running or any other violent
exercise mukeu one hotter. I'erhups ul!
the htm M1„i Kir|, rrwakt like tu huve
tin* unset Ion onsaieio-fl for them. Tb«
reason is that It iiim Ueri« the eltn-iila
tion of tbe blood, makes olio breath,
faster sud thus brings mure air land
ovigeiii into the lungs. Aulmul heat I.
produced by alow combustion, uud
combustion !• nothing more than a
liuioli of the on gen of tbe air with
the combustible body »r with some ot
Its elements When we take air lull
the lungs by breathing, the uxygeu ol
the air |»*tielrales tlie delicate i ••-«.■!•
and enters the Wood, vnii.t, in riles It
to the heart and theln-e to the difTeieni
organs. Here It makes u ■ hemic.I uu
ii.ti  With p.irli.les of curls,,i frum  llie
tlaauea. ami that  onion makes heal
The faster yon breathe then 1 ,re tht
mure on feu ion tuke lu uml the iiion
beat is gciM-rul-d    I'hlcugn Se»«
June*'   Hat   vr  Jonea'a   Hat.
It Is iiiii strange that hogs and girt.
are somettmea botbwed uv.-r the right
way to Use lhe sign of the possessni
afler a imiiii ending In s. Qood iisagr
U ShoUl e,|tially divided In the mutt."
so thai either Jones' bol or Jimoa'a bo*
it.ay la- Considered correct. Literally
speaking, however, loess's l.rt is iu b.
preferred, for the poaseaatee form l»
nothing but u collirii'lion of "his,    th<
original form boring ben "Joaeo hb
but." and most grammarians say lhal
we should gii,, recognition In the sound
io tin. contracted pronoun. Qeold
llrowns grammar says. -I'd STOid s
enncnrreiiee of hissing sounds tbe s l>
sometimes omitted, and it..* spostropb-i
alone retained to murk tbe poaaeaslv-i
singular, as   \i,.ses  minister.1 but tix
i iisioti should be sparingly Indulged. II
Is In general less agreeable Hum Hit
regular   form.''   and   It   Illustrates   th«
point b.v quoting "Hicksv n. prefer*
ble to • iii.-iiM."   Bxchsnga
1 Ivershrewd I iwj  i
then   a.h.t-iii
"linl   loi    ...
been   menu I.   ...
HII    ll.lv.H'Hte    llll,...
Vi     sir; 1 s(1M n .,
"li   was OOM|iiouour   :.,.
The wit ioas -• • nu
new   word      11.•   i. |.
"Whin   is   the   dill
'..   lawyer, "botwt *
-|l|CtC   !
Hut  he w.-is  he i
jM*lur,f      11„.   „ •„
"i oan Bae ion i
tie othei  tawyen
'!   .i   l.il   eon-!,,.
Mil,.-nds   |. liiitiie.lt   .
Bil», I    have    ii iMMJ
IIMMIA'I   b„  t,*,.   ,
■•*. I.,1st     I     I,  Ho    ,„•,    '.   ,.
illlllienls      |     oOfl
navel need enj
11  rubbed  l*-i«.. i
■luelllll.   .1
'*   cobl   .1,   th.
,'.i,   be
it is sh.   tin- r.
I'uili lb J    i
Da   ion
Well," replied the m,
hi     ., stent
,'.ek  M«  I p
know     il,
• ii   .'-iiiuiili,
tlie    ■
Ills    " |
\    lllllllliel    ul   sail"'       I
•.■iitic.l.sting ii,  the
Ida   n iluew  a I I. up '
-um company's   Ulanli
i,o*.'.,ii     Morch      Tin
slightly damaged
I'",   th ■   tu   t   '  r    IW.'i
fatalities nsnsod b     kaimit
cured on ihe lo*
I     ('bullion,   me,
Thomas aero dro*a w d
Most Painful   Ailments Follow—Prevent!*
and Cure Obtained by use of
W.    N.    U.    No. 621
Tin* -unl.len lowering ,.f the temper.
.in..* causes th.* pores at the skin t>.
lose, anil thus throws uu lo the
idliej     lunch   wnrk   winch   is   t.tiltti-
u'll.*-    pei Ior .1   I.y   the   skin      This.
io doubt, aee...nits  for the gr.iil   pie-
i.leii. •■ ..I kidne) dissos i dating the
„il „,ul winter,
Ther.* is u„ treatment winch so
iinckly uffor.ls relief to overworked
.n.i deranged kidneys ns Dr, Chaos's
Kidney-Liver Pilla, beosuss thev net
'11 the hver, ns well SI they k duds.
ind when in healthful action the
* Sl dues much of the work of hi
'••ring the blood, which is otherwise
lefl for the kidneys.
Bright's I)is'*.*is■*. dropsy, uric nclil
poisoning, stone in th.* bis Idsr, and
heimintihin nre among (hi- most pain-
ul   forms   of   kidney     disease,     aiifl
these ailments eon always be pro-
ranted by the timely iih<* of Dr
I'liases Kidiicy-l.ivei |'i||H. They
•un iilsn iiHiinllv be cured by this
treatment, Imi if you srs so iortun-
ite  as  to  he yel   free  of these flierid
ml ailments, k.*, p so by using   Dr
t'base's   Kidney-I.ivo,     l'*jI1h   to   keep
'he liver, kldneyi and boweli in
hciilthliil   working  condition,
Mr    ,1,lines   ,1    .feiiKon,   ()h|H,   Alt,, ,
writes:     "|   ||„ve   In*, n   troubled  cun
i • I • • t.-11.1 v    mu,   |,MI,P   |)||(,|(     orn\nn    |
itippose culm' from derangements ol
the   kidneys,   nnd   I   huve   never   heel.
able to find u troatmont tlmt wus so,
prompl un.l effective iu curing this
iiiliiienl us Dr Chase's Kidney-Liver
Pilla.    At twu different  tunes in my,
lib*   tin -   preparation   li L
eiiio-l   ii (   this   treuii l
hit'* le,,,- I imve 11 Ml 11.1 it llllll*
Mr) lo Use imy tlll-tlll llie *'ll«Ml
I    feel    ll    mj    duly    lu   ,1(1,1   thin
ment   iii  tin-  many  otlie ■  »li"i
■•   '"   ".'.•uiuit'iiiiiitioii   ■ I
ellom in ■:, ing."
Mi W. Ferguson black muh,ll
. i tint., says "In mi mirk I]
l-eiiding  ovei   a  greal  deal, ami I
toe, ther »Ith the cons tan I
ill  pails  of  il,,.   body,  ami  Union chungc of temperature i-lienj
nr   to   inul   from   the   fori.'    l'i"S
on ki.liicv disease nnd backaehij
limes I  would suffci  so lli     I
lave   tO  .|iiil   work   to  cis*
iiiii lelt sn   miserable nm i  "']
lime   I  .lul  not enjoy  life  v.      IW
"As lusi   I decided  liini  i v■■'
have   to gel   relief  in  sun f  »
having heard of Dr. Ohs •    KiJa
I nel     I'llls   US   ||    SUOCS  sllll   COIjl
baokaalis and aldtiey dintase. I
Clin  Using llieui      T"  mi
lileiiiuire they help, d llie l.l    i""'*
i   few   boxsi   eni teh*   removed
trouble,'.    Thanks to Dl  Cl a ■■
p.-ifecily cured nud hope III '
nny lake my nlvice ainl n
Chase's   Ki.lli.'l -Lnei    I'lll
111 t'har"''H Ki.llic.V-l.ive. I'i|*j
their direct llllll coinhili.'.l "'"','lj
kidney,   liver   nnd   boweln.   I"
.•me   blllousnsss, oonstipati."1   .
disenses  uf  llie  ki.lni'.VH     ,'n,'l"J
dOSO,   tlfit*   a   box,   ul   all    I"™
K'lliiHIisoli.   BstSI  a   Oo.,   1   I 'I'10 LARDEAUMIXlN(;Kr.VIl.\V,THOrTI,AKKCITV.B.C
A SerlOO Of Articles Descrlb
|ng their Lives, their Alms
and their Influence.
59 S
lice  Albert  Times.
The  weat   i*    ..Hermit   clu.|iietit     in-'
ducements t<. 11.*     ,.i     ■*
of the east. ••!•■*mt-m because the lu-
duceiiielils   i    in.-   union
creased ftnui.ciul lewunl. a chance lo
enter the politn-ul  arena,  and  climb
to ths tuji^.ii  a cumin   where   ihe
nominations  lire  imt   cul  uud  due.I
where  ever
pleoe acctu n. hi- ability, and his]
Uurj.ig tin* |uis| few years the iiiim-
ber of tiies.   .  *.<  ti wim lun.* hit
the confines   •: tb.   ,*,       i* ■■
make a pin*.   i..i   tlu-tn.-ehe-  In  Uie
west has  l»*< n  .-vet   increasing,  and
the effect i   ts ing i.*li proportionate-
One of ' i      nt*     .i"iiii    W
Young,  wl"    in     company   Willi     Uo*
well known  young  newspopei   man,
B.   P,  Lain ill   charge   of   (be   des
tinies of th* I'm,. •' Albert lime Ml
Young is n t'hatlinm ho>. was born
and Drought up tie*,.*, eduoatod In
the same town un.l Imr tilled ull the
reportoria! positions on tit.* Chatham
Planet, up '" the desk ol city editor
The pai•*..i- "i Mi ^oung wen
among tie .nili residents ol Chatham, his lather was u carriage builder, a mat, win, took an active inter-
eat in all public uffuiis, and was uiue
mayor of rhe city nl Chatham     Both
of  Mr.   "i    uu
dead lor     ■■"■ >e«t-
Equipp*  i   with   a   very   fair   educu
tion and ■ good measure of self-n-
lianee, Bi    Young accepted hii tirst
newipapi ' position at tiie age ol
twenty, ind one needs no furthei Indication ' his perxeveranoa than thai
he Stfj&iiicil with the -111,11* pa|s*,
throaVii."..' tIiiiii eight yens, woik
ing his wiiv up. llll tht- tune of bil
^^Bvi.t    when the
oi city e
SilH taking  over   the   1'riiice     Al
bert.Bn" irom     lhe    estate     "I     III,
laWjWl'    Maveety,    la-t   year,     the
new^M. have more than trebled ti»
plant, a I have lifted tie' Timet i<
a hjBlevi' 111 western journalism
taU^Btrn* Conservative stand, and
n_fl| ihen    inflnanee Wl    in  no
MtaS\ '*iiu- wa- married in i'ha
thantii ', sn to Mi- Qousl to   dough*
lerflttlr   M   Houston   poi  mogii
trateflen ! membei .•( tin* law line
«I Bup*'u-i A  Stone
Wa*§i edict s bright fut'.re f..t Mt
Yourf I, both journalistic uml poli
Ural c
n^aii.'i'oiiiitions f",  pel  between
tins ar man ,.,„l il„* revolted ns-
tieodfipi tie* southern pari ol Qerman
soulbe iiptly brok
en oil. ng   ii  I"-"
louirai 1 in iln* vicinity nl Keetman-
rMi     has  Im-cii appin,ile I  SI i lont
ut dee -••.■..■tin-.    01    state    toi   Ihe
il he
Easily Explained.
ai is un up *n lettei I
I . 1. l.-tt 11 " reptii d Smithes,
iieiallv   one   ibul   the   in.m     to
1   I-   -•■tn   would   nevei  reed
Inin't     s,-,,   ].   m     lhe     news
Cleveland Preos
Sou   have  11   baby   01   iming  chll
|n the huine always keeps bas
1.!". -   1 iw 11    Tablets  <»i    hand
wmi   until   tin* UtUe   one ,-
sometimes an hour'i dole]
o\e   total.      Tins   medicim
mt. much troublea, constipation,
|u*a.   -iniplc     levels   and   Illllke-
hg painless. II ohildron an*
foby'i i>w n Toblsti nuike litem
fond   battel   still   an   ucciisiui.nl
nil kep them well    The Tab-
good lot children ol nil agei
jure guaranteed   to eontaln   no
m\ "i  biitiiifiil drui:     Mis   Joseph
Hawthorne,   Ont.,  soys     "1
I ,is. .I  Baby's Own Tablets   and
pem just  the thine to keep clul
boll " These Tablets an n.l.l
medicine dealers 01 you eon
linn hv mini ul -J:'.,* „ box by
ir ri,.* Di Williams' Medicine
Brockville, Ont.
Percy Oirouard has been torn
lli appointed inch oommisiioner
h.tli. in   Nigeria
rd's Liniment Cure-. Colds, Etc.
tin* exception   of one,   the
tin,   B.C.,   public   schools    have
(closed   un   account   of   the   old
now* abating. Pipes were (rosen
.kin  ul   two-thirds of the icsi-
Why Bileani  Prove So  Beneficial
A   medical     specialist  slides    tbut
eight out ..I ton cuses nf headache,
diasiness, sallow oomptoxion, und various ailmfetits peculiar iu women lor
winch in* is aanoultod have iheii on-
gin ni aoustipation. Although this
,,,.in.*,,1 ,s ve.i common timoiigsi
buhl sexes, women appeal  to be im*
I "•II-"*.        ..Ile.e.s llne.Uls    CUIe    con
st Iplll lllll in  Kiimulatiug the liver umi
"•-..iai ,,*.•   mie 11 iw.    Bile is Uie
..in inn purgutlve oi the I. .1,. 111-
te in-  ie*.*,.1,1, | ,tM secretion
Mrs. S K I 11 divin, of ,'18 Ht. Paul
•s    I'lo.U".      y        "1   lun.* la,.10
bile n* 111 '* n ' 11 ni-i..i 1 aud il./.,- ,
l.o.l    1.11   il    ill   s      -.Ul   I 11*, oil     I   sills
lu.ein- do noi cause aui griping,und
leu .mil c.ui- constipation bul also
Improve  tlie  general   health
Mi. A Monogbon, ,.( Berlin, ie-
e.'ili proved I us yaaetabie 1.1...*..,,
111   ,1   -linlliu    way,     He   says       "Inn
uiiiin years I suffered from b ith son
-tipui ml pile .    Nothing I  have
.".<•. tried 1- I* bi compared Ioi
li iieinial result t" Bileana. Thej
Imve made me a different  ma,,, and
if any  - .lien 1   would  like l    ash  	
im '|ii, -ii, 11 on tbeu operation umi
theii value I will bs glad lo give
all  iln* Information   1  can,"
s.icii i- iii,* 1,'stiii ..i exhaustive
toots "i Bilean* Thii great vegetable
reined) 1- invaluable nlso io, sallow
complexions nine to bile in the
blood), pimples, ores y. tallow skin,
un.l blood impuntes generally. Hi-
lean- also cure 1 tul 1 ct-Kt 1 i.n. debility,
rheumatism, anemia, female ailment
aiui irregularities, --run-down i.*>*l-
nurs " livei end kidney complaint.
ii odaehe, sl ■• pis ine s. w nd ips m
pnipi iiioii. ste. \'l druggis'a tell
ni BOc a box, 01 obtainable po t free
ii'.m the Bil -mi Co., Toronto, upon
roe ipt oi |. ic-    BU b ixei for $n.W)
The Skunk   Industry.
Tl..* skunk harvest 1- ou m Mains
■in-i it ia expected thai 11 will amount
I..  1  hi a| rl .-   .1  1 iferoui lit) e uui-
\i 1 a * p-sodueei mo e than -■'•-
*ssi i* 1 ;    kniik oil Bvory yew
11,,     ; oi,, i sluable  ootn-
uu, Iili M  I * • • I;.     who     tlillil,.-      sin*
neai ilskln  cloak   would  prob-
nl'i* be chagrined to kim* Utat :t
i- mniii* ohiefl; of skunk ikins. Those
1k.l1 - which ■• •■ tie* fonndstion el
manj Iin- "i diBerenl names, sell
Ioi Irom £• cents ta V- tn sverag
skunk will -. nl I n i|uritt "i ml
Kashvilte American
It Reaches the Sp it. There nr. f.n
remedies  bef. re the public today  oi
- , ioun in 'etiiiii ji.L.- pain „„.! In
allaying and preventing pulmonary
li.n' ti .   in    Thomas'   Eclectrlc
rti1 it I,* - demonstrated Its powers
in thonattndi -I Inotanoei and a large
nam bei of lestim, nial as t ■• 1" great
'. slue   Sl   11   me licine   oould     bl
Were   the? nsl"ll   foi    it        It    IS   [01
sale everywhere
The  nol'  in.ut.    organised  by  tli ■
median Pacific railway foi Quels*,*.
has lieen called off. owing, II i- said,
tO   the   -''in ill v    Ol    WOlVel        Much   III-
lere t has b ten show n In the outcome
luy hum
Tin- reeeutij arrived Englishmen,
nli., linl been Improperlj convicted
il Rmith'i Iill- "I disorderl) poo-
lm i . u *, train and sentenced !••
om mi uth were honorabl; pardon-
id  l.\   Hon    \   B    \vlew ..th
How the Parson Tipped the Winner.
The Kev. Herbert M. Neild. who is
in oharge of the Eastbrook Hull W.*n-
Isyan Mission ,it Bradford,tells of nn
amusing   incident   which   gained   him
the e.-n  „f worklngmen   st  He sor-
"I was announced to spe*,k on
horse racing from the title "What'll
Win '•" In the ve try I found n p. hI-
ciird   which   rend:    'He  vour   address
"What'll  Win-"  Hsakler's  Prids is
noml business for the Cambridgeshire.' Anxious tn see whin proportion of betting men I bad m the
uu..*.- than 2.ikki men assembled, I
lend the card in the crowd. The am*
we ring nnn  at  the burse's name told
  „ll l wished io know, and fm 40
umi i *s I had strained attention us
I showed thai worklngmen wers be
ing rogued and rooked wholesale by
ui organised conspiracy an the pari
of bookmakers,   touts, tipsters   snd
'ii   i* I,  The s.*.|i,..|  was ast.mi hing.
lliii-i.el's Pride won the r, m following Wednesday. As by magic It
went through City, „,„l particularly
workshbps, thai  the parson nf  Ensl-
li.'.o',  Irul lipped  lhe  Willi,.-,     (oi   tin-
i 'aiiilii ul'.'i si, t,. "   i'i m   the    Yo ng
Before you get
nenti all
is taken,
•Siriiird'i   Liniment   Cures   Garget   in
The boundary dispute between Bo-
nit ainl I'linii'in bai been submitted
to the president oi  trgentins for nr-
I., 11 nl mn
Help youi children i" grow strong
nml robust by counteracting anything
that  causes    ill-health     Ono    great
cniis ■ oi di e s* in cli,I.lien Uwormi
Hem v • ih in wuh Mother drives'
Worm  Exterminator    li  nevei  fails
Lord Hun.b.nulil lormerly ooin-
inanding the militia in Canada, has
been  promoted   t"    be ■   lieutenant*
*.'• in-ial
Bully   Humor, lit     Alliens   (luiltni'til
-,,„,tii.--. quiets and effects uui,*k mui ,i
1,-etii,* «tires in ull skin eruptions oom
moti to I.i*I.i tlurinir taathlns utti< It
it  banaleas t,> tin- huir m rn*,.* .,t Bcald
Ib-l.ll,   illlrt   OUI—   KexelllS.   Hull    I'll.nni .i loi
i.n   Kkin  Dlsaasai   "t   older   people       U
iiu-     5S
The  Ouggenheimi    .*f    Hew   Yorts
have bonded  three coppei   cluiins at
Booke  B.C    i".    0100,000    and
claimi oi. Leach i ivet  I ii  1150,000
Twenty-tin, | the smsi cooliea who
left Calcutta on the steomei Indui
foi Trinidad, (• W.I . died during the
VC)Oge uml wen- buiied at sea. ae-
eording to i report brought t<. New
Tork   by   the   Indus        Measles   and
|.|.. un :i   .•litis,.,1  i,l)  the deaths.
ttote tlorf
la a variety ul iabrict, styles and price-L
in all lllai lor womrn, men and
cluldien,  and gutitnteed by  you, own dealer.
His   Ktorv    Una    I'liMned    Into    History
With   the   Mil,-niiins.
Many hundred years ago there lived
it  Alliens n dog v hose Faithfulness has
.•nn-.*d iiiiii ti. la* mentioned iu his
i'u.v. i.mi in the Grecian city his story
k often repeated,   The d -i.- guarded
ine of the i then templei at Athens.
Dne ulgbt i thief stold Into Ihli bulldog nn.t carried off some of the most
valuable treasures, The dog vainly
barked its loudest to frighten the thief
ind to rouse the keepers, so tbe man
Weill    otT   With    !!:••   .jewels.      BUI    Ul.-
faiihrui dog .iiii not mean te lose si^iit
.r the rascal, and nil through tbe nlgbt
ie followed him. By daybreak i in* poor
in nini hail become rery weary, but
.til In* kept the robber In si^-lit. The
latter tried to feed lilm, bin the dog
refused all food from blm, and. as bs
nade frlendi wltli pnasershy, bs took
tl   Irom   them   Inatead,     Whenever the
thief stopped to reul tie* dog remained
near him. and soon g report went
tlii.uij.-li the country ..r tbe animal's
itrange behavior. The keepers of the
temple,   bearing   the   story,   wont   iu
o*iii*,*ii ,,r the dog, mui they found bun
still   nl   tin*   I I     of   tb,.   thief   at   a
town called Cronyon.    The robber was
irrested, taken back '« Athene nnd
there punished. The Judges were so
well  pleased  wuh  the .1 tg*s sagacity
nn.l faiihfuiiiess that they ordered liun
lo Is- fed every day  fm  the rest of his
life at pul,ii, expense.
Tlu-y Cleanse the System Thoroughly      I'li.iiiel.*. s   Vevetuhle   Tills   ideal
the st itiich   and bowels  of bilious*
matter, oause the excretory vessels to,
throw off nn).unties from the blood ;
mr • In* bowels un'1 expel Die delel-'
.tii.u- muss from the body, They do
ilu- without pain or inconveii.eiice
t,. th- patient, who speedily renlitcs
theii P'""l offices ns soon as they Iv-
gin t" take effect    They hove strong
te.-"tii'i"•!:.! ill.ui-   from   lift   kinds    of
I pie,
Large an t - 'I r ii have been
withdrawn from the Bank ol Bngland
bu shipment t>> South Hfdea
Thi   Stomecl.'w     Weal   or   Wort" The
,,,,11,11, li   tl   lli,    n-lilre   tioiu   win, li     fi.,111
'In    stsliill.ollil   uf   health.   Hows     meal   or
„,m        \   health-.   sloiaaiOi   Beans    i-1
Ir.-i   ,b-.-tion        i>, rbiM   digesi.o.i   ...'">"•
It,,in-  mul  sliiulv   n* ri,   ,*entie-       strumr
nerve  rantra *i."s    s.-.,.l    ,*ir, ulstiun
.,. I,   blood  mnl   gw>d   lu-ulili     South  Am
Nervine     insken    ami   k.su-    th.
.....t,s, ll   • i'.-Iu     U.
I     .1    Mas lit I the  National
a   bai iitt*t,*ke.| Mi   Bolfoui foi
lu- inactivity on tho tin iff nuestion
Oewere   ot    Ointment!   lor   Oetsrrh    Ihet
Contain Mercurv,
ae mercury will eurely destroy the ten.it-
of sin,11 and completely deraofe the
whole nysiem when run-nut. it throueb
the in o* ous surfaeee. Such artirles should
never be used except on presoriptions
from reputable phyeu-iaui, ae the dam
ace they will d is ten fold to the S"",!
you can possibly derive fiu. them
Hull . Catarrh Cure, manufactured by 1
J. Cheney A C*.. Tdedo. Ohio., cunteiot
nu mercury, an I li taken internally
ai'tuir '.''''il. upon the blood i.uc mn.
ous surfaces of tbe system, ln buyiutf
Hall's Catarrh Cure be sure you eel iht
Keumne. Il is tak tr internally aim
made in Tohdu, Olio, li K J. ih.-n •
A   Co.    'I isuuio: lam   free.
tiold   by   Urussisls.    Price.  75c   per   bot
Take   Halls   Family   Pills  tur constlft
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratthis and
every torm ot contagious Itch on human or animals cured in 30 minutes b;
Woltord's Sanitury Lotion.
...   rj   ghat  i  i   agt I -■"-. h pe llai.
uu ■ in* t." tt  Kinpst m, . inl . snd
b   thi i   Joseph Bhatelia, the for-
inei   |..'i to.   ••!   a   I'i i      itreel
,,, nfectionen   st nc    i    verj   anxious
to li un .a in   whereob iuti
There   Are Few   I uall.l.   Inul	
Over Tho (eaturlea old.
Some years ago there was u com
spoudence lu the popotS, the malu ar
guineut being Uiat there were very few
tombstones lu the open thut ls. out
side of a church-which could show ..
record of over 200 years. 1.oul.ties-
there are mauy tombstones of a fa.
greater age, but most uf these are now
undecipherable from the |s*rlshlug ma
.••■rial used or have sunk deep into lie
earth, lu which case there cuu he small
doubt as to the Inscriptions having be
come obliterated.
The oldest record 1 have come Scron
wus at Uodshlll churchyard, near Vent
uor. where the visitor can see leglbl]
Inscribed, "Annie llarde. 1002," but
probably some of your readers muy
know of tombstones bearing an earlier
date The most surprising uuiiiImm ,i'
old tombstones clustered together impossibly those grouped at Boiichurch.
Isle of Wight, these ranging from I'll'
to 17tC In all there are seven, having
these   dates:    Itilll.    1818,    1638,    l'i'.'T
i.-,4>;. 1887, lTfc.
8o far that Is. during a three years
search I have found tombstones of thi
seventeenth century at i;odj.hili. it..,.
church. Kr.uling nnd St. Lowrenci
iVentnori. In the Isle of Wlgln at Wa
teritigbury. In Kent, where there i.r.
several In excellent order; at Tonl.ri.lgi
Bristol, Ipswich. Harwich, Bouthwold
Colwyn l>„> .'.hi parish churchyardi
ami nt Miiii.ro..k. near Southampton
I might nol'' lhal lu llll 1 hui.* sii hu
found only  thirty live tombstones ,,..
-.'imi years of age   London Btaudard
Pas ei by        Win.'  rm* you  »■ I u.
for,   in;,   child '■      You hav.*    been
standing   on   thii   itreel eornei     foi
inch a long time.
The   Km   Mo'li'i   told   t	
cross until th * e n ria|
and  not  one  ha    passe i 11   Mondo
I'lll,',!   tic
Or.cht't  Dlseair  —   tntldiout I   deceptive:
relentless!   has   loUed   SunUrads   ul   irlali
li>    tin-ill,nl   -.un,,     i.    -t, in    rlu     lull*   of
IU    Hi,aires    mi I    DOI    until    s,nth    Allien
run   Ki.liit*.   . i.n   pr i.  beyond  I
it-   powei   i"    nni.   iini,   tn,,    tul
iti.**   :,   alaajB   of   anything   Imt   despaii
i.i   ni,* i n tun oi  ri,,   .ir-   a form ul kid
a, .   ui ■< a .      I
lomething    New    and    la    Delighted. |
Peela Like a Boy.
Mr. M. N. Dafoe, |
29    Colborne     St.,
Toronto,  saya:
"I   have   been   a i
sufferer   from   dys- ;
pepsla  for years.   I !
have   been   treated
by doctors and have '
taken   many   medl-!
.[s^--mt , -^cines     with     only1
ynry Ir*temporary       relief.
I !)mi^7    I     81nce     UBln8     Dt.
V / \\vJtt^      l^eonhsrdt's      Antl*
W   iJC/TJ.*'!        Hill  I can  eat anything   the   sain.*   as
when  a boy.   1  Iiml
they   regulate   both
stomach  und   bowels.      My   old   time
i Igor lias returned, so that my spirits
are buoyant and temper normal   I give
all credit  to this  wonderful remedy—
Dr. Leonhordt's Ami nil"
All dealers or  The  W'llsui, Kvle  Co
Limited, Niagara Kails. Out. eot .
StreuatU   of   loull.k   War   lluraea   l-a
llie  111,,  of   Henry   VIII.
The size ol the Kngllsli war horse
reached its ntaxlmura iu the reign of
Henry \II1., wheii tbi relations of
body armor to "bond guns" were analogous to those of the early ship armor
mui cannon.  There wai goo.) reason te
believe, suvs the London Spectator,
that by a.I.bug a little to the thickness
Of   tlie   COOt   of   steel   the   soft,   low   \ e
loclty bullet of the day could bs
kept Ottt So it was for a time But
the additional weight required a still
larger horse to carry it.   The charger
hnd tn be armored us well ns his rider,
and tbe collection lu the Tower of I.on
don sltows the OCtOOl weight which ll
carried The panoply of i'buries Bran
don. I ink.* of Suffolk, tba brother-in-
law of Henry VI11., still exists. Tbut
of the horse ...vers the whole of tbe
bin'', quarters, the back of tbe neck.
forehead, mUSSle, enra, shoulders antl
Chest, lt Is exactly like a piece of
boiler plating and fastened by rivets.
The rider snt In n saddle, tbe front
of which was a steel shield ten Indie*;
high, covering tin- stomach and thighs
es the "breastwork" on an Ironclad's
deck covers tba base of tlie turret. The
total weight is eighty pounds fifteen
ounces. To this add the weight of the
rider's armor, ninety-nine pounds nine
ounces, nn.l of the rider himself, say
v it.en stone CM ponndsi. and the to
tal is twenty eight stone twelve pounds
eight ounces, or 4o4 pounds S ounces.
'lliis hears out Hullliishcnd's statement
thai in the days of Henry VIII., "who
erected a noble studdcrle for breeding
horses, sspedolly tbe greatest sort,"
such ns were kept for burden, those animals  would  bear  four hundredweight
Lonaoni   ur.minsi   i_tsr».
There are 17,210 police ln London.
Thii, iayi tbe report of tha commli-
sioner for 1906, issued reoently, ls sn
Increase of 364 since the previous year.
The number of persons apprehended
during the year for all oflenoei was
187.317, an increaae of 787. Of thane
8.178 were convicted at Sessions, 103,-
862 by magistrates. 681 acquitted, and
20,008 discharged by magistrates.
Juvenile oflenoei increased trom
8,811 in 1804 to 8,679 last year. Burglaries alao increased from 474 to 612,
while housebreaking! dioreaxed from
1,671 to 1,622.
No fewer than 6,186 finger-print
identification! were effected by Boot-
land Yard aa againit 6,166 ln 1804.
A Royal Collection.
According to the Figaro. King Haakon and Queen Maud of Norway are
making a novel collection, consisting
of newspaper cuttings, divided Into
two albums true and false In tin
latter category are all tha comments
and stories which have sprung from
the lmugiiiatiim of journalists. These
are inscribed. "Things we have neither
laid uor done " It would be interesting
!• learn in which album they have
pasted up the newspaper cutting .e-
lerring to this collection.—London
.J ii -1 tli" riling That- Want "I A
pill that ii.'b upon the Stomach und
yet   is   -u   compounded     thnt  certain
ngredienta of it preserve then powei
**i act upon tin* intestinal oonals, so
,s   m   oleai   them   "I  excreta,   the   re-
.uiinm oi which cannot hut be hurt-
lal, wus Imig looked toi hy the medi-
•itl profession. It wai found in
Parmelee'i Pilla, which an ths remit ul much export study, and ure
Bcientiflcall) prepared us I laxative
snd  an alterative in ons
sm • e.i    n,   H   ( Ipliet*.
The  sttiry   is   told   of  how   a   ,tea,I.i
constructed cipher saved Blr John Trs
viiiiinn's life. This cavalier wus takei
prisoner and locked np in Colcheatei
• nstle to SWOll bis execution. On tit.
second day of liis eonlliieineiil Ibe Juliet
brought him u letter, which, as far a-
the warder of tlie .nstle could discover
was merely a note of condolence fron
I friend. But tl.e letter bad ts-en eon
coded op a cipher to which Sir John
hnd n clew. Kvery third letter after s
punctuation mark of any kind was tr
tell What he mode out was this
"Panel at cast end of .'Impel slides.'
On the following evening tin* prisone,
begged permission to pass a quiet hom
In prayer In the chape! The request
was grtinted. and before the hour hail
pussed the panel hail dune Its work
and the bird had down.
.1 ii in.. \\ sdswortfa was convicted in
st Catharines on a eeoond charge of
having -"i.i li'iu". without ■ lieen •■
nni ■ th • liquoi 1' ie net pi -.vi. loin, option ol a iu..' he un.- sentenced
lo bun months m the Central prison
Trajan's I el a tun.
Professor Itui.1. thiMluliuii archaeologist, has Jusi completed his greatest
undertaking, the restoration i.f Trajan's column, this (ask hnvlug consisted In replacing no fewer than tlfteen
pieces of marble which had fallen out
of their vilaccs In the column, thus
iiieiiaclng a possible collapse of the en
tire structure. The grotto lieueath the
monument has nlso now lieen filled lu.
giving tils whole u firmer hold on Its
foundations, ao that no untoward collapse may ever be feared lu the future.
The loosening of thc restored portions
had beeu occusloucd hy the fall of the
hrouse statue of the Emperor Trajan
which surmounted the column.
/Indispensable in Winter.X
There's a need in every home foe ^
IRAYS Syrup of Red Spruce Gum
A faw duel, at the Brat sign of a cold, will illay all throat
Irritation— tale away hoarseness—check the Inflammation—
etrengthen the lungs   ward off the cough.
All the healing, eodthlng, curative properties of Canadian btiruce
iblued with aroinatica.    I'leuaaut to take,    as eta. bottle.
Mr   111,-hnr.l   llnrloii'i.   'I'mnelntl..n   i.t
tlir Talaa.
"The  Arabian   Nights'    was lirsl   in
produced to Burops by s Frenchman
named Gatland, snd ths first Unglltti
versions were simply  tranalatloni ol
his.   Then n !>r. Sell gave a very su
peri >r edition,   "I asioiiiilly  corrected
trom the Arabic'' lu tsiin. however,
appeared sn English trausluiloit entire
iy from the Arabic, with copious notei
and Illustrations It i\us Bdward Wil
limn Lane's, s gentleman whose long
residence In Bgypt bed fully quullBed
(tim for his work. This tiiinslntloti
may be said to bine held tlie Held nn
til tbe Appearance of ono by sir Kiel.
urd Burton. Sir llichurd whs it during
und successful traveler, wlu hud a re
inarkuble facility In SOqulrlng euslcrn
languages. Ile performed a pilgrim
age to Mecca disguised us n pilgrim, a
rent us dlillcult as It was during. In
IrlTi he wus appointed to the post of
British consul ul Trlest. Here hi*
applied Ills knowledge of Arabic tu
making a faithful trausliitluu of "Thi
Arabian Nights Eutertuluuients," sup
plemeutlng his work with copious notes
und terminal essays which have been
culled a mine of curious nud diverting
Information. Its publication caused ii
gre'.t sensation. Uetnlls were freely
given that had previously been sup
pressed llut the uccurucy of the trans
Inilon us u whole was cundldly ue
kuuwledged, nud Burton muy be cted
Ited with bin lug mude luto the r.m*
llsb language the finest translation ul
these wonderful Arablau tales.-Lou
dun Answers
Young  Wi hm   .:.t  ih.* animal  -cl-i
I   want   a   dl)J
\iim.ai s ilei    V, ■   in idain . whit *.
lu milled -
1 ,  ' i   Vi No,  black        all i
I    in in dot p mourning    Nos
I o - i
Mirard's   Liniment   Cures   Distemper.
A   Kltehea   Plneneli Ion.
A tea strainer formed the foundation
for It just one of tin* plain, ordinary
ones of finely woven wires, but polished und shining as though made of some
much finer metal It was lined witb
the softest of s.lk and stuffed with a
tiny hag of bran, which, in Its turn,
was neatly tucked nway under a cover
let of silk A bit of ribbon made a
■mail bow on the handle, and at tbe
aanie time furnished a loop to hang It
up by. Then the wire part was thickly
seeded wiih pins and the novel cuahioa
pot Ln plac*.
Bnmlna   lleteors.
It Is supposed liun Betooes begin to
burn when the) on wtthlo about 128
miles of llie earth ami that combustion
Is coinplet.nl uud tl.ey disappear at
from thirty live to lifty miles above lhe
earth     When   W0   SM   a   fulling   slur,
therefore, we may consider tbut we
bun* watched it through a Sight of
aboui a hundred mllei before it finally
burns out and tUaoDoears from view.
Made   It   Even.
C'ltran. when nostei of tho mils
u Ireland, wai going tmi da] t.. a
levee ni ths eaatie  Tlien was I great
i",-- oi  .in i in*.',-   wben nil  rit once
lie v.as startled bj the poll of the carriage uin'*' i    him    crashing
through  lbs  baok  rd hit    Hs  liaatil)
pul his lu ad oul nl the s indov
mc to ' The
polt   ,.( the tun i '»*.'■■ behind .- driven
ititn u- " " \tinli   ihau, it'i   all
,,    ,                    mt      said   Pel
i '.            Inn          po.     nt * iln* im
* Hi;.*  I,
One   at   Ike   Malta   of   the   Cablnet-
makere'   TraSe.
You will have to go a long way be
fore you find a body of meu more clever thun those cabinetmakers who produce goods to sutlsfy the desire of the
public fur furniture mude of old and
fancy woods. Tbey eau transform
whltewood luto all kinds of exotic
woods by menus of chemicals, and u
chemist would be surprised if he were
to huve the run of one of those facto
rles for a duy.
Tlu manufacture of "old" oak Is one
of the easiest of their processes. Tbe
boards, moldings, panels or whatever
pieces are required are made of oak
which has Just had time to dry sufficiently to prevent excessive warping.
They are then placed lu a dark room,
nn the floor of which and quite close to
the furniture to lie "aged." are placed
sclera) l*owls. plates and so forth, of
II,|.ild amtuuula. The room Is tbeu her
uieticully closed up. und the wood la
left for a mouth or so. according to the
age which Is reqnwed. The coloration
will extend t.. u depth of nearly a
quarter of au Iuch If the room ls kept
i i.-ed for a few mouths
That ls why there Is so much old oak
furniture about. Of curse, a little relic, tion would show that It could not
be genuiui-the forests of the middle
ages would uot have furnished one half
of It—but people do uot iilways reflect.
- London (iraphk*.
Shoe Bneklea.
When Evunder Berry Wall, king of
the dudes for twelve years and really
the most inconspicuous mnn nbout
town, because he was homely of face
and a very bad dresser, besides being
Kthor short and blotchy, undertook to
relntriHiuce shoe buckles he mtde his
first big failure as the sartorial dictator of onr "Jeunesse dorec." I thluk
It was poor Al Claggett who said:
"Why. Berry, you mnke a fool of yourself. Shoe buckles go with long stockings nud knee pants. You can't wear
'em with socks and trousers. ITiey In
terfere with the set of the trousers
around the feet. Then, of course,
you've got to have a low quartered
ahoe. Out It out, Berry, cut lt out."
Wall   Immediately   quit. i
When the
Heir Falls
Stop it! And why not? Falling hair is a disease, a regular
disease; and Ayer's Hair Vigor,
as made from our new improved formula, quickly and
completely destroys that disease. The hair stops falling
out, grows more rapidly, and
all dandruff disappears.
Z)oej not chnnyt t*ir cnlof a/ tlie hair.
ForeuiU with ••eh bom*
Show It to jour
A   ..'...
A.l  Ion,  »b„ill It,
than do m ha *.yt
Wearloa Glasses.
Wearing glasses need not he perma
nent If tbe first hint of dersngement
lu the eyes ls heeded a abort time
spent under the direction of an ocultat
will safely tide over the difficulty, lt
is most restful to close the eyes frequently Tor u few mluutes. This rest
does them great good. Particularly
ibould this be done In trains und atreet
cars. Many a. headache and smarting
pain may thus be saved. Traveling ln
public conveyances ls exceedingly
hard ou tbe eyes, even for those that
are strong nud perfect. The gaze
should be confined to the interior of tbe
cur. Looking out of tbe windows to
tlie rapidly changing scenery Is a
grent striilu
No Rearels,
"Hello, old man. Haven't seen anything of you since you got married.
How goes It?"
"Thanks, fairly well. But marriage
Is u costly Job'. If you ouly knew what
the dressmakers charge!"
"So 1 suppose you regret It?"
"Uh, uo.   1 married a dressmaker."
A  Bird   Performer.
'uuarics uud other tame birds art
sometimes taught to perform tricks
but It always has beeu regurded almost
uu impossibility tu train a wild bird
Audrew Hume, the fumous Scotch bird
lover, trained one uf the wildest ot
Scotch birds to perform all aorta of
reuiiirkubie tricks—to Jump uud keel
time witb the sklppiug rope, to per
torm ou the sluck uud tight rope, cllinl
un upright rope, stuud ou top of a run
utng currluge. druw cards out of a
box, mount a ladder aud rlug a bell,
go rouud a wheeling stulr step h.i
step aud fly to its owuer's head wheu
culled upon
I ••••••   and  luriuii.
"That young physician ls working
"Yes," answered the veterun pcoctl
tlouer. "He is ou the truck of a ills
covery that will mean fame and for
tune. He ls trying to Invent a m«
name that will make some uld ullmenl
Ill.il,»».•*-•*,>»   Horn
The horn of the rhinoceros does uot
grow from tbe bone, but Is u mere ex-
ereacence of the skin, like lhe huir and
nails It can be sepsrotod from the
skin b> tlie use of a sharp knife.
The Hank al Patoattea.
The blessing ol Pa lectins is I small
falcon, or bowk, which destroys 'h-
Held mice. \\,*ie the hanks exterminated the human population would be
obliged to abandon the eouptry.
LlfltlTt D
The little book in each package (Ives
the formula of our new Hair Vigor, tells
why eacb ingredient it used, and explains many other interesting things.
After raiding you will know why this new
hair preparation duet iti work io well.
t>I Ui*J. 0. Aj-jrUe., intu,
The>'d Ba Grstelul.
••I lime nevei taken the trouble to
truce my uli..* n> "
• Well ii youi ancestors could speak
ibev would piubably iluu.li you tor
Winter make« no change in
Mooney'i Pcrtecciuo Cream
Moonry private curl bring
these dainty bitcuiti tu sll points
throughout the Northweit—in
oider to nuke lure thst you
get them tre-di sud chip from
the ovem. sa
Tbi ttly firm it Ctntdt
tpirtu*l Prtvitt Frgiibt Csrt.
When a Horse Gets Hurt
Fellows' Leeming's
Put don't wait until un animal Is
injured. GET IT NOW—und you
have the remedy that CURB8 all
lameness in horses.
If your dealer doea not handle
it, send 60c. to
National Drug A Chemical Co., Limited,
montrial 13   j
Careful   John' Bull.
Kiu.--m.nis   s|M,|K  ,,f   money  are  frequently expended hy various Qovern-
t' IHy   ern..-.   often   nppar-
enth     ivi.il. in Oovernment printing.
Bi 'aui seldom baa to rut up with
such losses, hut  uii the continent and
in Amoura corelesmssi or wantonness in misprinting money otders.
telegraph f rma,    nd bank 'notes had
led  to serioris  loss
The Koiser'i interference in all matters of art   lm- Fatherland
heavy liis^i.s I),,,, ,,( bj, p.rtl act- ■ |
sovereign woi to lho*s Itii subordinate- bow the Imperial srmi should he
printed After many thousand forms
and document had been impressed
with these ormi s lush authority
proved • His Mi'.',',-iv t!,nt the new
'lesiL'ii waa not only wrong but also
humiliating to himsell Fifteen hun-
dte.l   pounds'  worth   of  -open  were
prom| -i    redi     to ■   •
In hi."tlie. caae the 'aiser sub-
edited the German money order form
in    uch  a  way  thai  the  public could
not moke hood .•. toil of it Finally
the neu form had to ts- culled in,
nnd nlntij; with tliousondl of unissued eopiea,   leetroyed.
The United States rome veers ago
daatn ■ ed 1.000 000 telegram] forms
owing to tbi misspelling ..f a single
nrltlal H ,."„,|K
The bridal wreath is usually formed
lu Germany of uyrtle branches; In
France uud l'.nglainl. of orange blossoms; lu Hay and Ireinh SwIWerlaud,
of white roses; -u Bpaln, uf red roses
• nd pinks, m the islands of Greece, of
vine leaves; lu Bohemia, of rosemary;
lu Qerman BwUiorlaud, of a crown of
•trf.?.;:;.: Sow*.-*.
You   oonnol   bs   bopp)     while  you
hav,-   coins      Ther,   do   nol   delay   In
getting ■  I le ol Holloway'i   Com
Cure    It   ■ kinds ol eorno
without pain     Finliire with it i- unknown
Before prating   lemons   It  Is  well  to
wash   them   In   „   i.usin   uf   lukewarm
wuter, fur oa exam nation it win i*
found that the outalde ,,f a lemou Is
anything but .lea,, and if put under a
microscope It will be dlseoTOrad to
huve tiny bluck sp... Ks on it. which ara
Uie minute ergs of an Insect.
I,r„ui   I all-
About the year 17.is the t«euts und
culls id the drum used in the SOnlCS
were put Into a pet mai.eiit shape The
tatt.s.. or iH'at of the drum calliuig sol
diers to iheir quarters Sl night, was
once culled "tap loo." from tbe Dutch
word   signifying    ' No   more   drink   to
i.e tapped or sold "
The noblest uiutite is the public good.
i      PRAISE
A Marvellous aad Triumphant KecerO
af Victory Over Disease.
Mo mediciae haa ever effected as large
i aumber ol wonderful and aimoet marvellous rurea aa Psychine It has had one
jontuiuoui record ol vicleriaa over disaaa-
ss ol the throat, chest, langsand stomach
Whera doctors hava pronounced rears
incurable Irom consumption aud ether
wasting diaeaaaa I'svcbine steps in and
i-eecuee nuui bei leas people even from the
very verge of the grave Coughs, Colds,
Catarrh. Bronchitis. Chills, Night Sweats,
Im Grippe, Pneumonia, and otber llie
troublM. all al which are lorernnnen'ol
i 'i.nsun.ption, yield quiakly u. thi curs-
live powers ol Plychlne
Mrs. Campbell, out ol the many cored,
makae the following italemeal:
1 esnnot refrain Iron Mlllu .U who sugar
et bit remtrkebl* r. *,.,.-., wfll Pf.oklue In
Sprtl IW] lesu-ftite betrj c"id wlm-h Mtti-nl
on m> luiitiend fr»l.i4l:> l«l le oeutumBttoii
I ",.i'' aet sleep   mu wbJtot le nlflt ■*«•!•
ITI?    r nm mere -sMU-lMa   fa/  llf'lut   OSiUi'l.r-,1
... ■ -•* f a«. Mr llinaft. Pott I , ,
rre.liyxeTl.tt t hurch. rT-cnni*n?B*l«d Sr lloeiin ■
N" hla? te m. when 1 wu U?ln| la Oaltrlu
Aftet lultii l'iy, hliia lot • then tint 1 ele ud
•lapt well  iii- Mi'** ivmu .•     I'-.ei nw<
Monti'.. ait„ I tn,pi«d -aklni rttrhiua. u I wu
iieria.-tijr rwaorert io health ml Usdsj I aatei
fall Wttar la my Hit P.., I,in- hu bean > iod
Mad ui me. Mu  xsmiw i astiiii
CoitoBweod, n.W T.
PSYCHINE never diast-nointa.
P8YCH1NE has no aubstiiiite
There is no other medicine "Jolt as
food "
At   aU  l«ls.   lie. aai 11.01  p.r  Wttl.
ll aet writs te
Dr. Root! Kidney Pills are a aura
and permanent cure fer Kheumatism
■right's Disease, Pain la the Back and
all forms of Kidney I rouble. {St par
itox, at all dealers. 	
can I ever do my work
wlxiii ui* unit' les rora til
iUlWui-aJ   Willi   hlMUUMktlOUl .'
Rubbed on Briskly
will mnou t l.u iiifUtUQM.ti-mi, Utub«r up U»
lUtioXllM, ftliil   n.-as"   v.ni  govtl M i"''-*
|tV     tb-TM tin,t40  -aa iimi, t, 6(V      All Jr»l«ti
I   »   JOHNtmN 3.  UO , bu-tluu. M»o*
W      N.     U      No. 621 I
.- i'ru.tad. i i • out UK.'!!/  sua 1'i.Luat.d
.i r.i;:i»,i. »u -. Troai i •*.*.• «.«.i Tiiutnusr
ri ■ K.lllor J'.oi -.ol nu J   tttmi.lt respou-
kiwid tor to« op-u.ions of 0ijrreBpon4euU es*
i   .,--'',I lu its columns
All IochI*. Bill he ctisri/ird ut Iheisteoflo
kuIi pei* line. iimi InMrtlnn, soil 10 etuu pe,
',. ur shcU stiUseilueiil Inseitio...
o-iiiiui I uiiiin,! snd oiler ».'>«. i.i.iiie
hui t-e nu..!.* w no.-ii ou spitllcsllon at oaks
eo ua.. ii'iioii •!•» » sear, lu »,'• s-.uo.
"HA- .Mi.
foBt   ©fifto
P atent Medicines
School Supplies
Dry   Goods,
Contracts   Entered into for Packing of Mlnin g Supplies   Etc.
to any Point in ths District.
|    prompt $   S. DANEY, Prop.
servicer FERGUSON.
Any Work
rfcvcustokk:  es
besl Wine',
I.it|Hi)i'8 anil
a |>]
a dav.
■       —
Istoke, B C
I'irst-claaa nccoi
ition for
Rates $1 and$
i  50 pe
r day'
Poplar Livery.
Freighting,    -     -     -   PackinJ
A Speciality.
5tables at Poplrr.
Bar well Supplied with Liquors & Cigars
Large Comfortable Roouil,   Excellent Ciiisiue and Attendance.
Tobaccos. Pipes
Aijrtita fnr Oimirlap Vtam;.
Publiihing Office of the
Lardeau    Mining
Excellent   Accommodation
Best Liquors
And Very finest Cigars   £_
John Simpson,      Proprietor,
Best Hotel in Town,
Headquarters for Mini aid Commercial Mea.
Central Hotel
First I'liirn in every respeat. All modem convenience!.
Large Sample Rooms
Rates $1  50 p;r Day Special Weekly Rates
Grout Xafee wwmwww
•j '/cm     t My using Waler supplied  by  tho
Vl-UlrniCt* © Companv you nre assured of abso-
•^ lute purity.   Government Analysis
Sii-ddIy) (Bo to l,;uk up *,:ue:"cnts':
*£ }r ' Hugh McPherson - - Supt.
Trout  Lake   City Transfi
and Str-ge Line.
| Ferguson
! Trout Lake
Daily Stage will
leave Ferguson
7 a.m.
Trout Lake at S
Andrew M. Craig.
It pays to use ll.c Telephone,    A   f*       fUl       ^^F TfI
lengthv trip can often to tared. Offlcei  \pt    1 1# [   y' f | f | <*
at  Ferguson: Cummins' Store : Trout
l.ak.*. I'nst Office : al-o Rt Beaton, Com
aplix and a it. ■•* ii.-.i.i.
Starke? <X Co.
Sen*,   Chee.c,    Produce    and    l'niii
lloust'in Bk.,Josepliine St. Kelson, i'.i'.
Waiiii-n, ifring,   etc    All work
i •   d.
1 Trout Lake, B.O
TU8CAN   I.oim.i
N'o. 39.
Hotel and
Ceneral Store
Job Printing
E. A. Haggcn,
toel Share und Km inci.il Uroji
Kesl Pltsic iiid Inuisice.
Fir*, We, Aecitlenl. Ileslih,
<i.i»r»r.tc(.«n.l Kmplorers '
I.iltnlitT Iimurmri.'
Pol* r*r>rc*«iiiitiT« lor .V _
f>mlone Jluursncc Con.p.      u
Troul l.lkc, tertian.r. litt'
• n.i Camborne.
Sandy Laughton
WIIKN"  visiting   Ferguson you
should slay at thu Lanli-au
Hotel.     Htp   the   visitor
will   hn   surrounded   with
In.nn* roinfnrla.    Excellent
cuisine,     trull    ventilated
and    warm    rooms,    well
slocked har,  and  everything which
lends  I..minis   making your visit a
pleasant and  inrniorahle one.
Rules from $1  day upwards.
We strive tu plcsse ntir patrons.
...  TLhc Ibotel Beaton  ...  |
- BEATON,  B.c. *      J
F. B. Wells
ifiX\f  *•*•■ **•«■
j\     / *   •?lt'   Thursday each
'  \/  N month.
Sojourning llrethren eoniiallv Invited.
i. I'or.l.lr.'l.Si*,*. F.C. Campbell.W.M
ritOUT   LAKE   LODGE   1. O.O.F,
Nti. II
.     /Bgftsk   .       !'■■■-"   '. ...•• In i*. I.'l.l I.i
\^9m9Sy*mW        <l.l*lf. HOW'k     II.lli    i,.-n
*mL ^-^Tjftlb*      i'.■-'im nighl ni   -
TL^_»-_c.f?  i.r .*.ii.
\3Cr71'r   ro,<-i.rvin*iiv wi-..-..i,...
0. JaeObSM, .".  0. i        r. II. Shf |'hf rd. Sfr.
P.B urns &Co
Dealers in all kin.Is of Freeh Meat
Imperial  Bank of Canada.
CAPITAL AUTHORIZED   B OOo 000 II. aj Illli. r
REST *%42e.0M
l> R. WILKIE, President. Hon. ROBERT J AFPBAY.-iVits-Pt*
branches   i» the Provinces ol aiihtu. Sa»k»tcliew»ii, BritishCsluril
Msnitoba, lliitari.. »n.l l^uci^r.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT.—I«.-|i»it-> rt-.-.-i v.v| RDd iiit«rri"<t allowed al *t>.| t
current rati- from date oi opening ol sccoont.
I.u^r. ..f rrnllt. issasd a.allaiil. la   uur
l*nr   r.f lli-r- world
tl mwm on ilm to MllwlMas aad
Mlnlos !•• n't*.
Arrowhead Ilraiich—
Review Job Dept.
For High-Class Work.
-' lltl-UUl
■ 3Barber SI)op j
— nm a —
Oood Shave or Hair Cut
- i .il i. on —
fl William Schnell,
Hot and Cold Baths
-   .  -CAmm*mttA»tL4'XAtAi^"
lim. rj Mdvui, J   A   n»r»s*r
A.M. r m. ii am
BOLI0IT0B8, Ktc.
Mollsllun lor liu|>.riai litnk ofiiotli.
Barber Shop.
For iioo.1 ll..    I'i.rrr
Bl>sving  u to
Tlllift i.lll' ITT
VISITORS firri-ring st Bealon (the llirefholil of the l.»r'lf»..
via Arr.'« dcii'l, will lin.l this ll"l. I to he folly equippeil
for liiirh-rlai>s tta.le.   Kxci-llt-nt scrommodatinii,     A well
spi.oiiite.i .-in.l i-i'.-irn'ii*. ilirrinj   hall.     The lien nl  ll'ini*.". Spirits
an.l Ci(iars.   I'ersniial sniiervision in given to the rc-qui-pments of
patrona. Vinitora to the lardeau rati relvon comfort at thii hotel.
\ W. BOYD -:- -:- Prop
Any person having in eir pos-
s'ssi.m LADDERtf or B ''KE'I>
jbelonging to the FIRE .DEPARTMENT, are requested u, return
A. M   CtAjUa.
Provincial hand Burveyor,
Mineral Claims :5nrvr> e«i
god Crown Urants Obtained
JoCrtr.-.   y,t: ye-ore <>!*■+,
KM B r*
Notice ia hereby given that 80
darn after dale, I intend to make
application to the Cheil Uoamis-
siniiei i.f Lands A* Works for permis
sion to purOhsau the following .1.-
icrlbed land?, situaird In \\'i st
K*(jt.*iiiiv <i t-trict. on the cast side
offish Hi ver:
Commencing at a f><i5t planted
nt thc.'vW. corner of A. D, Mackays
Pre-emptlim; thenceeael 20 oli-iins
tbence smith 40chaini; ibence weal
4<lchains; Ih'-ii'-e smiili 20 chain*;
thence wist 20cl.aiii«; Ilit-nc* south
20 during; west 90 ehufng, thenee
'otith 20 chains; Ihenee «*cst lo
•/nnicf Burbridgo'sesst lint; ti.. net
- orUl to Filll Kiver: tl.t'ti..* f 'ililfl*.;
ing riv»r bank to point of • ■ •
J)»)'-fi. F«braary 18th. 1*07
A'i-    D M-.'Uv. 7 cr.ur
Notice ia hereby given that sixty
days after del-?, I intend i<> make
applicalion to the Clii*f Cotnmii
Isiotiin ,,f l.ainjri.t Wnrk? f..r per-
minion lo purchaae the following
|degcribod land .--iitinte at < ipe
Horn, I'li'.r Arrow L:ik<. West I
Kootenay lJia>r;.-r.
O min* in .ii,* .it a poii planted
at tin; Norlh East corner id Lot
: 79.52, marked "A R. WhitebrendV
■"■v K. Corner" thonce north -10
ohaina; thence wvtl 80 chai-vii
Ihenee ,-<.uth 40 chs inr; ti,.
* i 30chaini t->; .nut ofcomineii
i • i.'i't. nnd ioi t.iininjr ."520 .
I   Paled lliil lijtli. day of March
A. If   Whits
THERE Imve lieen fortunes
made hy Judiclooi Investment in ife.il Eatate, and
m-rre forlunea will b>- made th.in
e\er the next two or (lire* years.
The one who reaps U.e harvest is
the original investor, fur ii- lias
his in..ney on a certainty.
Now lei tts point mitio \ou il.ai
there i- do belter spot nn fhe C	
tii:.-iit   t*i   lu v   lieal   Ki<t ite  than
Trout Lake i« the prettieel ip#ii
i-i th.* Knot,*ii;iy : uh a pleasure
i< - iri it hai< no iqual, It*.aiing
and flailing mny lie luduljted in
tin* year round | while big g.iuifr
in -abundant e ii tn th-' ron ml on
iln* hills, lt» cllnialp li snpoib,
11" ti- In inn no cieat extremes, it
bring mild in winter nml nol iii
Mii.ii.er. It cnn I., gal of a .nin nf
ih. fi:i<--1 hriti'li and r'sidencol in
Britiah Columbia. Itaatreeti me
well laid oul nud graded. There
ar.* Iwo excellent general Morie.
•imi a gin nee at the n.lv.i • i-eini'iits
in iiii,-. journal will ihow thai all
trad.•.imt- f.ii'ly wot] represented.
Write will, confidence i . Agenti,
H. McPherson
Trout Lake, B.C.
in <
Lots can be
obtained on
Make your
selection at
..   ..
Then call on
or   write to
JT has neT»r had a   ' b«>on» "—its
grown  hss been steady.    It is
the   head  of  r.svigslios,   and
• he terminal of  lh*   Lardo biased
nf lha C.P.R.    All roads (in ths
Lat.lean) had in Trout Uke. Il
is llie conimenial centre of ihs
richest mineral district an ths
continent, gnd hss l.m.king f.oili-
liei provided by ilm tmperlal
Lank of Cnnndo ; first class srhoel
a. .oinin. .lai ion under i.'.e dirre-
lion if B. Shannon, B.A.; a good
wat. r f-> ■*-!< in : giviriiiiiriit ofleea ,*
Ci'tinlj Curt ntniig*.; Mrih, diet
Episcopal ni d Anglican ehurjhei
and cottage llOSpilal,
There ire vglnable ranch lands
nn tlie ontnkiiis iwaitilif seiiUrs.
[ta lumber resource! are magnifi
*ei.i, and I band t-nw mill wilh a
capacity of 60.000 ft per <l«y , at
t"e I em! of the lake. The mines
tiiluilsty ars proving nut bigger
producers every year, with i>. w
pro*pecta "ptning up nob kt.diss nf
'Here will hn a l.ig rush this
yrar, go if you would l.,.„
more, write at oure to ril bei r.f
Uie agenln st fhe ndditSM-t Inlaw.
' t. i Am tmmnmm.
F. B. Wells
General Agent
Revelstoke, B.C.
**"' • *..»


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