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Lardeau Mining Review 1906-11-29

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Jlr.sa 1 m!£*r_
Ifttion    lhan
in    N
Beet ml
tllliiil!   '"
dit in
VOL. 6
south For It
Without doubt   the |irt*nt-
iriety In onr City.
We St thc  FOOT, thc
IEYE -..id th-POCKET.
jf i'.ulicutar atlcution given to
Mail Orders.
nl« F* mineral -jlalm liiu.t-*
'"^ Trout Uke Mining division
ul Weet Kootenay district.
Where locnied:   Oi
1 Cany, n Orpok
Tnko notice thai  r, Fred R Ell
lott,lf.M C No. B88167 acti,
'' nti ' '       * Graci Weatfall ad-
j '"Inietralrix of the estate *( John
J-  Wra-fall,    de. seed       i
vitn 11    i i*ii,i'„.ite, No. I.Js8C93
'"'.'nd, slxtv da-Vi (torn dan I
of. W apply t. ih. Mining Bi
et fur n CertlBcals ol Improve
ni.-i,t(, f^ ihi purp m olobtainlni
« Crown Qraut ot u„. a,,,*,, ,    ,:
Ami fnrthsi take notice thai iti
tl n .i idei  sec Ion 87, m \i\ ■
mmenced   b fori  the iuu
such Certificate ol  Improvomtn t
Dated this 18th dav ol 0.1 ibei
A. D 1906
rltEl"; C  Rl
in hie M-vTrefto.sEOTioN
1 ■'"-■ Min»r, Dec-nsed, Iutestate.
Nl lice
I lib
WlMbWS At CoPni*
, ' - FOR,
letons,   Slaters   IW1
fnun   c.   ell kit
ITU !.'   BTC
Lake, B. C.
!.-    .
-nd Ferguson
0 N 10 N
nst    (Dffirr
STORE,    j
(tail. Sail
and §>tti
ereby given   ihr.t I
rive taken |ioss. ssion ol  the   Ee--
lete ol the laid Deceased.
Beery per on indebted to the
s« I Deceased Is icquired to make
P '-.'■ • lorthwith lo F C Camp,
bill, Mining Ueeiilur, Trout Luke
H  ('
I ry p is ,n bating in the r
pojacssi... effects belonging to the
l>i:c-.:nrt\ nre required to forthwith
notify P. i t smpbell, Mining Re-
eoi ler, Trout Lake, li. C.
Every creditor or oilier per-
•on having i.n olaim apn,, or
interest ir, the dtst.ibulion cf lhe
Estate of the s.iiu Deceased, is ie*
quired wi<hio sixty days o this
date, to send by register. I letter,
.-id.ir.niedta P. t; Campba I, Mining Recorder, Trait Like, B. C
his ii -in* in i a Idrehs, und the full
particulars of his claim and inter-
-bt snd a statement of Lis account,
Si .1 rhe nature of ilia -.e.-urity (if
auy) | eid iiy him.
To drive at a further
depth of 100 feet.
Alex. McLean, f'lmrlie Du'niage
Harry R"gers,    Martin Lundgren,
Ole Iieiglitnd nn.l Axel Lun-lgren,
l«*ft on Wo'neH.lay morn u*; lo
lake ii|i n -ub-eontr ct from Hugh
Brown, who has t, ireo mil■■* "I
roc't work on one of tho Gould
hystcm of t always in California,
It goes without B.ying that they
will u!l be btc» In the Lardean In
the sprit)*;.
tttrtt* De'etl  in   Troul   Lako.   B.C.
.-.•.p* i , iwmly i inth day of Novem
ber, 1906
Christmas Eve r.
ttold r.].n mission, i
The Ohi.-i Mines Development
Co Ltd., evidently have all kinda
of faith Jn the Br..n.i view, ibis
week Manager  Emmens received
inolrucionp to follow cit his recommendation that another tunnel
should be driven at Ihe 400 fo..I
level. To this en I n d.».b e shift
will be added t.. the fore;
.hiving commenced at once The
ilevelupmeni on thu 800 foot level
ii sh* wing up rati.        A body of
The advent of tin- -mow ban
made things 1<>.>* lively rmnd the
''Silver Cup." A dyDanoyha.a
'four1 aai ri'iix'on hauling s'- nd
il v. The mine ia In first class
shape, (food o-e owning up in every purl. I i the no ghbour n»3 I of
fifty men arc employed.
The 'Big Tunnel bov-," are
making the rock move at 'Six mile'
Some likely looking rock was cu<
tl.rough a fpw days an •, and tbe
exj.ecta'i. ns ure Lat win in ibe
,i i next 50 feet or *-o, he big surface
sh >>*, ing will b * 'dppt-d al .lep h.
ByW.V. Knox, in   'Recreation".
Jimmy   Grant    eamc   up    from
Nelaon the end uf laut week,   and
Ore. 16 feet in widih, carrying » 1
nes of $12 0U  per ton. ba. been !luw 80u* °P to lhe  "Wll'=lo«'   '"
o| ene.l up Croa**fcutting tl„* vein
and pushing the niain drift to g*.*i
nntl.-r the t-haft, oons itutcs lhe
work on this level. An order h is
been p ac .1 with the "Lumber
King of lhe Lardeau'' for euffioi-
ent iuniner to build two additional
hunk hi'Uscs f nd stables.
• u. in   the
O Du ; ell.
winter   assisting   Neil
' h .-lie Greer.
ng his wii.i. i s
ti*i- finished prick
sjpp.ies    io  lis
i !•: uer,y on &.*•.«,i
Patent Medicines
School Supplies,
Dry   Goods,
B. c.
TICKETS,      Including
Supper,   $2.50
Notice m hereby given tin: sixty
days aftei data I  intend tu apply
| to th* Chiel Commissioner ol Land-
land Works for  permission I
■chew the following I I t"ds
situated at Troul Lake,1
.    ,.  1 .*iticl,ai:.l * lielng at:*.
•   marked   K.   L.   Maslei
N W   norner,    ibenco    eouth   2"
ohaina,   thence   eaet   20   chains,
'more or less loal   re ol Trout Luke
; ihenee ni rth< i :•
lo  south-cast  corner   post  ol I   I
100, thence we.l elong line ol 1...:
v I IPO lo ii"-t ol nomroeno' ment,con-
•SErjruIii for (Kntirlau   yiatuiB. Lining 40 acres more or lese.
 " naied2fitb.Oci..l9un.
K   L   Masii.i'.s.-n
B. C.
6 Number One
Will t»il iho h«rd,   or fr-puralely
NuticH is hereby gifno thai with
in one months from the firsl pub
iiiration hrrr. f In the I'm!-;.  Col
lurnbia Gar. tie, I Intend  t" apply
io ih-* Hon. Chiel Commlttion.i
nl Undssud Workafot * apecl.l
Hosnoe to eat and carry away Um*
Idcr Irom the loHowl   • dewrlbed
lands .Ituated In  Wei  Koolenay
C'.uiii'i'ii'-"' a pnai mark-id A )'"•
1    M s' h. uii. >a-t cornet p ►«»,  "'
the north aide pf BUulwr    LaU<
;„., *i, Trout Lake **«»ion "*:"'. »■
li,,,,). ihraaclialu.iveit < i the .   i
| lh west corner ol Adams' I "'   »M ■
't,...i  (hence ea»l along ■■■•<'• H"""
80 cbaina, thenee north BO cha'ni
|thoi-o*ea«l BOoheln*. thence wn-
ihHOi*l*ainr,   lu point of eommen
Dated N»v   6ih, 190ft
lhe   ' i'a-k-*t Socii.i"  «in.-.    hv
he Luiii.s'  t.u.id,  in  aid  .*f the
fund* id the Angi ear. Church, wus
t sue* ■  * .; attended bj visit-
.*••*. i -ii.   Iicaio-i,   lier
rard and other places. 'i he baa-
keii», which ga*>eevldeiioo of ingen
. y nnd ia»te in ther preparation
. u '- - me brisk i.nlai* g, mhJ
tu. tionoei " Mr .1 C. Murray
. .periei ced ii i difficulty In dii<pos
ii-.ci.f a leugthj csUlogue ofc
confections,    ih« prices   ret
ng from   I'i ocuta   to   10 00
Af'vr the rontcnts • f the
iiu-k,".- Inul been negot ated,    tho
.   my   ti ok adian'agi   i f thc
, [t   s offered,   at.d lo lhe
etiains ol ex1 ilnrating music, they
"tripped  I" till  a  late—-ot rather
.aril-  h nr       i* e visit  i." left f -r
va'i m d.-r- iiiaiinim on S'.in
day,  cxpn using t e opinion  llu.t
Troui Lai.e is. a i-aiii:-*- for ei.jo •
men' seekers
The ladies of the Guild. a»d all
,-..iK-Lru;.*d in the arrangement oi
. ; „,, [or Hie evening'* enjoy
me„t, ,*. r al ly deserve the u moal
,,r,,, • (ir threxoe Ienl m inner in
which iNov 1 lokod to the cmfort
■,    mentol all present.
One of the ui'.-,t delightful  Irop-
liie« "f our dav on Knox mountain
was the co'leet-on ..f arc'ic botany.
Th- botanist "f the ps-ty   secured
no 1'ts than for'y dis'lnet specins.
Five .f these werf   hestlier,    iheir
blnn-n rj"ain(» fio-ii   l-'glitest  pink
io deep,  b'ood-like crims-'n.    The
blo-B'iming   is much  different  t*.
that of Scot!a->'1;   here,   i-rl sd ol
being so minute as to anpear feath
erv.   it it composed of graceful lit*
tle'up*.   something  like that   ef
the bhieberty.     Our bunks in the
miners'ca'-ins were made soft snd
fragrant wiih the heather.
Another   flower   of snrpsssin.
beau'y wa« a srecies of the  phlox,
not tall nnd graceful  like  that of
'he lowlands,   but  bloom'nj? In a!
ma»B spread out on th" surface  of j
the around like an inverted saucer j
miking » solid nu» of bright. d»ep j
pinkb'ootn.    Brilliant dwarf but-
terrapo adhered tn the unm'stak-
sble rellow of that  family,   nhile
a g;aiit anemon".   lhe  blo-isoni as!
la'pe nsa kil-er do'lir,    or a stalk
a foot bitfh     was to be found even I
at that heigh1,  though in  greater j
profusion lower down.     The mas-
fer*. of blossoms and lhe bright colors were a continuous chsrm  in
all our tramping   It was aa incident yieMing especial pleasure, that
the I otanist that day picked some
of the flowers with  on.  hand  on
LECKIE BOOTS fill a lorg
felt waul, and that want la
better boot, for the aama
money, The Logger, tbe
Prospect cr, tbe Minor, and
i bs man who work, eat of
doom, wil] find Iheee All
LEATHER Boots the best
mat money can buy.
Every psir have the Trade
Mark stamped on tneaole.
All dealers.
J* Leckie Co
A SUCCESSFUL rba   new 10 d.ill  oomprewor
ENTERTAINMENT. |ll,rt 'or M,e EVA ni,H' hl",  iriv"
cd al C-iml.ornc and is l.eii-p taken i
o\t to ihe property^    The capacity
of lh  mill will be enlarged at an
earls d.te.
Reported bt.lti   tins etel .
II. L Re il, who has had charge
!„lt < bank her., I ft Thur-d^y
\ uiornaig   for   Aihf.b>rca   Lauding
wiieie he   will   ujeii   u   brauch  of
II  L. hat been with n» for aboul j (he inow.
nine inontl.s,    and has n.adehim-
►eii p.ipu'sr in every  respect,   ea*
pecially with the ladies      The old
ii'ijtge 'A friend iti need, IB a friend
i* dee.l,"  wa- strongly exemplified
in ibe ptTBon ul tho  ian> iiianaxsr,
l nn-l abenevet \ou lad a 'kiln in
fly,    bo  promp iy     'lurned    you
uiown."   AiUiou-jh young In  vca.s d^p"in flowerg of £, richel, pr
I h« wna—as a Una-, c er—away  up
To be among Arctic Burronnd-
ings, flower?, bird*, animals, insects, and io snjoy them on a
warm August dsv.were well worth
the c'imh we had made Tha day
among t'e Fummita, besides this
one, over trarklees crestt, aero*.
Ihe glaciers,  and again of'en knee
; ibe ladder, and ii is no doubt ow-
in,; to   : is   keen   i.ir.*^ ghl   m   the
j ii anagemeut - f the branch here,
tbat has mode il possible fur ihe
institution h>. repre»euti to take
i ite place among the I"remoBt.finan-
; i iai InstitUll m. ■ f tl.e Co  ti -ent.
Athabat-oa Landing:     dun) fur
g.-t the add res«,  ai d when >ou ar-
. agai st a "h irJ thing" <lra<v a
breath un hun.
foaion, breathing the inspiring air
seeing visions of Alpine grandnur,
all seeine 1 to put  new  blood  and
Manager  Dmmens  re'yrned  om
ruesday from a Irip to Ihe '"S-lv- r
.r "      He  repo'te  the pro; erty lu kii g bett ; I ■ in ever      The
it   i ng d'iven' to
..]-, No 2 v -In is i'i Pl fee', and
ha? ni ' • her '-'."> feel to ■jo before th. ■*!•! ■■'■i!•*■•• p Int Is r ached
1 ho No I or i outh drift, is it. o i r
100 feel and all in ore. The face of
t' e .hi t ilu i i arge quantity of
'I l-.e <     |      or i ant is r im
(mo ■   ■    '*' 1  Ih'at
Iho tram will bi in opcati. a  inside of i fe« days      Tho roach n*
,        .,, , ,       i   ,.-s led, ai d will   le  loiwarued   i.n
ery :»" lb ■ mill  * u ba 11  ot dereil
and Mi   G   incus  cxi ects t ■ nav
endurance iot*.
a couple of tired
A telegram was reoalved today
I from the Lands and Work. Dept
' ihnt the limber   liccnt 'a iiad be-n
il in op rali.ui   bv   i. u   ni ddie   .: .
February.    A telephone line i.*. bi .
media e y
Tb's  means
ihe   tiection
mill, and the cutting of  200
ii.. ri  C.itnb r.i •  to  il.e
• f  a
imi feet of   tmbe.'  inTr.ut   l.ake
A   E   K-nn*'
Apply lo:
E. A. Haggen.
ritock Bhare and Plnanelal Broker
jUslBitatesod fasorsneo.
Fire, uite, Accident, Health,
Ukolllty lesursncs
Roln vc-nrbaentntlv.*- for TJon-
Combine 1- "»c»CrKon
Trout L.i -  Kswison, Beaton
ai.d tlnniborne.
■ i i • i i - '
But '*cn  am^ne the grandeur
of  the  mighty 8>lkirkfl time will
1 not wait for man. 'A'e must l»*sve
tho spot of such enchantment.
The descent was oi different nature
ifr.*m the sscent       A  short snow
tiel I s.i s'eep thst we could not
'climbing going up,   offered  us a
I. h»n<*e to go down.    H and
little Rob-rt,  well used to glissad-
.ins; snow-ti.-lls steadied them-
Bel*ea with iheir long canes and
shot like arrows down tbe two or
three hund'ed leet. Wou'd tbi>
two women try that same wsyT
The guile's wife, first to tent wars
and mules, eiseyed the standing
glissade, mu«ei her footing a»d
slid bodily to the bottom, lo b-
csnght bv her husbsnd. Mrs.——
did not a'tempt the Handing glissade, but at once resorted to tbe
procumbent one, arriving,  aa did
Mrs   H ,  it lhe bottom of
tlm -lid'. a mingled mass of cioth
i e, ta .rn Mi.l joyful shouts. As
the mr. sank behind the. western
B'jmmltfl nnd snowy peake, wo
were glad to crawl into ihe cabins,
to be nfre-hed will* hot beef-tea,
lhat indispeii'ablo adjunct of
mountain climbing.
Gents Furnishings
We teemed the ho*-our I eatowed
upon  te bv cur   friend -*-,
wn t >y of peculiar rmnji iiion, so
on gating back to tho States we
sent iwo flags, that of Uuiied
-.tal. b and of Can id i,   to be  put
Local and Genera!.
of   Canada,
WM closed Nov. 2flk l»Ot.
For any inforuiaiio* rata-Vv*
to the business of the shove
branch, apply to ilm
Manager of the
We have great pleasure in an-
uouncing lhat a Masquerade Car*
nival will take place on Saturday,
December 1st. at t p.m., at Vargit*
J. Wsgner, ot the Placer Co.
was called to bis home in Moor-
bead, Minn, owiug tn thc rtrions
illneBB of hia daughter. The work
on thc Placer ground ia going c-
head ateadily.
Miss Alice Peters, sister of Mra
W. Adams, of "Cedar Vallsy Ranch." arrived Irom England laet
Fred Mummery left mi Tuesday
morning for the "Silver Cup."
Fred C. Elliott hae been at Revelstoke during the »»»k, on a
businese trip.
We regret tn ear that Jim Scott'
f>fAM are not in so go d a condition
as at first reported. The apecialiit
at Spokane, where he is undergoing treatment, has decided that to
save one eye, lhe other must be rs
The Wn. Arch-deaeon Deer conducted two s.*rvi.es la the Anglican Church co Fuudavlast. At
ll.e morning service aa interesting
ceremony lock ptuce, bsin. tha
baptism ct ihi infant eon te,
Mr. and Mrs. P-trl of this city
Qoodluok, Arthur Henry. Ji«r,
upon a smut flags-sff on <he raoun . . .   .
'. m, j i   I'buck up    aad tie a man, and al
tun top.     Tne next scaBO" a dolo*, / ,
,    '      .    ,      .    i » i    i        credit toy onr parsn's and country
gstlou on thn fourth uf July lr'imjv
ihe c uii  of tbe    miner,   climbed
ihe summit*, and put up the f'sgs
Tney cull  be a-rn  from  nany
pomts, and ihsir real  significance
wis that ot a cl-ao i-ond of friend
■hip lutw. on the visitors from the
la"d of Uuilo Bum, and tho good
iu'.ks and trOfl who make tbe tulgb-
y Selkirk)! tbtir j-crpctu.1 louse.
Tsb t>»
A. E, Phippe, of the Inperi*
ok, X/e i.i.., aid T. B. Baker, Airo«headm»nag*r, vert In
oo business tOOiecWl with tbo
b-ane_>rt,   tbgwsek.
O &. B-nar, Asat QtigA. et Osr-
adUu Vatb *I) .irk» <•*'!.Ofc C>
ry ol »Vjv»,s m)t-.  tnr* in "Jn
~1 •••••••*••!•
*rZ****Vs5.=***-fc-^ •
By... jj
Cmile       :$
Gaboriau ::|
"Tlie dickens!' Adieu to my planl
Here lie Is! Where can I.b'lde so as
to bear nn.l see?"
•Tli.re In  my.-Bedroom.    Leave the
door open nn.l-the curtain down:"
\ Becond ring was beard.
••I must *.'.." suld Prosper.
"Now, i, ne nilier,'I'rosper,*" Bald M.
Verduret in n warnftiK tone, "not one
word to thin iinni nlimitiyour plans or
about me. Pretend to.bf discouraged,
helpless, hesitating."
Ami lie ,i;-::i|ip<'iii*>.f I'ctiind the curtain us Prosper run to opj-n the door.
Prospers portrnit of St. ile Lagors
had not been eiagcaBfted. So handsome a face am! manly a figure could
belong onlv to a notile character. Al-
th..uuli Ii:i..iirsal.l tbat-ba wus twenty-
four he apT'fiirotl to "be not -more thun
twenty. Be had a superb figure, well
knit and suppl**,- .a beautiful white
brow, shaded by soft chestnut curly
balr. nnd soft blue cyeS which beamed
with frankness . :• * *
Ills first Impulse was to throw him-
Belf into Prosper's arms. "My poor,
dear frlen.l!" ho Bald, taking Prosper's
hands.    "My poor Prosper!".
Hut beneath the-e affectionate demonstrations there was a certain constraint, which. If It escaped tl.e cashier, was noticed by M..Verduret.
"Your letter..my fleer Prosper." said
Itaoul nft**r befog seated, "made me
ill. l was so frightened by IL I asked
in. self If you could have lost your
mind. Then l left everything to come
to you."
Prosper did not seem to hear him.
He wa. pr>*o,*eup!e,d about the letter
be had not written. What were Its
contents? Who was this ruan whose
assistance he had accepted?
"Vnii must not feel discouraged,"
continued M. ds Lagors. "At your age
ynu in i.y eminence life anexv. Your
friends are Btlll left to you. Iltely upon
me. I am ri.*!. Half of my fortune Is
at your dis|>osnl."
This generous "(Tor, made at a moment like this wirh sii.ii frank simplicity, deeply touched Prosper.
"Thanks. Itamil." he said, wltli eaifr-
tion; tlian.-. you! Hut unfortunately all
the money In the World would be of
no use now."
"Why so? What nie you going to
d<.'- po you propose to remain In
"I know not. R.i.nil. I hnve made no
plans j'et   M> mini la confused."
"I trill tell j uu what to do." replied
Itaoul .|Oi.kly. "You must start afresh.
I'uiii this myaterioos robbery is ex-
i H-d it will never .1.. for you to remain in Parla."
"And If It Is never explained?"
■"<>-rly the more reason for your remaining In oblivion l hnve been talk-
ltig-nl,ont yon to numeral.. You nre
unjust to lilm. for lie Is your friend.
'If I w.re In Prosper's place.' he aald.
'1 would turn everything Into money
hhU embark for America. There l
would tuuke a fortune .....I return to
crush with my millions those who
Imve suspected me.'"
This advtea offended Prosper's pride,
but he snl,I BOttl ■: 11* wus thinking
of wlmt the stranger had wild to him.
"WHI:" aald Itaoul.
"I will thluk It over.   I will see.   I
would like lo kii"iv   what  M    I'auvel
•*Mv I,....,.-. | suppose you Luuu*
lhat I bave declined the offer be nude
in.- to enter his banking house and wo
bave almost quarreled. I bave not
set font in bis,boose f,*r over u mouth,
bnt I hear of him occasionally."'
Through Wbomf"
"Through your friend, young Cavall-
Ion. My ancle, tbey IS.V, Is more dls-
ll-saaed Iiy this t.IT;.ir limn you, are.
He Is scarcely enr nt tin* bank and
wanders sbout as if in a terrible
"And Mme. Fiiuvc] and"—Prosper
hesltatcd-'ai.d Mil.*. Madeleine?"
"<Hi." snld Itii.nil lightly, "my sunt
ts as dt'ioiit-iis eier. >lie has a mass
snld for the beneilt >.f the sinner. As
to my pretty, l.-y o.lisin. she cannot
bring herself down to cofbmon matters, Iteenuse She If entirely nl.sorbed
, In prcprfrftig for ll.e fancy hail to be
given day nfier tomorrow by MM. Jan-
ili.li.r.    She Ins discovered, so one of
b.*r Meads i..id me, .*. wonderful dress-
n.nker. ii stranger who hns suddenly
appeared fr..m ae .one knows where.
Wl." Is milking n costume of Catherine
de' Meill. I's liuii.l of honor, and It Is to
be n marvel."        a
Li,,—ii,. suffering brings witb It a
sort of Ipsenslbnity. Prosper had
reached thai stale of impassibility
from whlrh h,. never SS peeled to be
aroused i. lieu this lust blow made him
cry out wilh palm
"Madeleine!   Oh, Madeleine!"
M. de Lagors. pretending not to bave
beard blm, arose,
"I must Isavs you now, my denr
Prosper," be said. "Saturday I win
«*.' th.se In.Ilea .at the ball and will
bring you news of. tlmm. Keep up
your courage andVemdmber thnt. wbat-
.wr happen., you can eoiint oo me."
itaoul Shook Pr..sp.*r's hi.nil nnd left
tl..* house. Prosper remslned imin-yv-
al.le. overcome by disappointment
lie  wus  aroused   from   bis  gloomy
reverie by u,,. re.l whiskered mau, wbo
eaine from his concealment ■•
"Ho H),*si* are your friends."
"Yea," sni.l Prosper, With bitterness.
"Ton heard blm offer me* half of 1ils
■"*"■■■* •tfoiitmp?" *. i,
M   Vfcdujet shrugged Lis'shoulders
with nn nlr At compassion.    • •   -*
»     vruat.ws/ ve./.siin*,y.eji h'.s^rt."
g  heaaaUL|   '•W'.h.v. <)'i,| li t ',.'rr<T ihe
,     ii).'.;.*;' tMlffs mA.1 nothing.    But  I
Iin'.- le 'Toii-MMfri't this pretty i*r%-
would olieei fully give 1...HO0 frnncs lo
j.nt Um* ocean between you snd him."
"H<*. monsieur? Why boT"
"HI... knows) Perhaps for lhe smne
rensou thnt he bad nol s.i  foot for a
month iii bis node's house."
"llut tlmt Is tl.e fin III. monsieur. I
am sure of It."
■.Naturally." said M. Verduret. with
n provoking smile. "But" he con tin*
ued seriously, "we have devoted
enough time to this fair youth. Now
be good enough to change your dress.
an.l we will go nnd call on M. I'auvel."
This proposal seemed revolting to
"Never!" he exclaimed, with excitement. "No. never will I voluntarily
set eyes on that wretch!"
This resistance iiiii not surprise M.
"I can understand your feelings to-
Ward lilm." snld he. "but nt the same
time 1 hope you will change your mind.
Cor the sume reason that 1 wished lo
see M de Lagors do I wish to see M
I'auvel. It Is necessary, you understand. Are you so very weak that y.ni
cannot restrain yourself for five minutes? I shall Introduce myself us one
of your relntlves, and you need uot
speuk n word."
"If it Is absolutely necessary." Bald
Prosper, "If you wish"—
"It Is necessary. Come on. Hurrj
and fix yourself up a Utile. It Is getting late, and I am hungry. We will
breakfnst on our way there."
I'rosper had hardly passed Into tils
bedroom when the bell rang again. M.
Verduret opened the door. It wns the
porter, who banded him n thick letter
"This letter." said he. "was left this
morning for M. Bertouiy. I was so
flustered when be came that I forgot
lo hand It to blm. It Is a very odd
looking letter. Is It not, monsieur?"
It was Indeed n singular epistle.
The address wns not written, but
formed of printed letters, carefully cut
from u book nnd pusted on the envelope.
"Oh. ho!" cried If. Verduret "What
Ib this?" Then, turning toward the
porter, be said. "Walt till I return."
Ile went Into tl.e next room and clos-
,ed ihe door. There he found Prosper,
who had heurd the bell ring nnd wus
anxious to know what was going on.
"Here ia a letter for you," said M.
I'rosper at once tore open the envoi .pe.
Ijonie bnnk notes dropped out. He
counted them.   There were ten.
Prosper's face turned purple.
"What does this mean?" he asked.
"We will read the letter and find
out." replied M. V«rdureL
The letter, like tbe address, was composed of prim,.,l words cut out and
pasted on the paper.
It was Bhort. but explicit:
Ur Drar l*r,..i*.r-A friend who knowi tht horror of jrutir »llujt...n wntlt 11,ia wreor. Thrre If
trie h-Mft, lie Baaurad, Hint llurra jrunr lufferiD-ft.
04 Ma? l.-.,t litnct. Vou ire J",ung. The fu
lure ii before yet. Oo, mil nay tt.ii money help
As M. Verduret rend tl.e note Pros
p.-r's rage Increased. He was angry
and perplexed, for hc could not explain the rspldly succeeding events
which  were so enlculuted  to mystify
•ns already confused brain.
"Everybody wishes me to go ewayt"
he cried. "Then there must be a eon
splraey ngninst me."
M. Verduret smiled with ssHSfeetlnn
"At last you begin to open your eyes.
You begin to understand. Y'es, thero
are people who bute you because of
the evil they have done you. There ara
people to whom yoiir preseuce In PurlB
Is a perpetuul menace and wbo will
not feel safe till they ore rid of you."
"But who lire these people, monsieur? Tell me who presumes to Bend
this money?"
"If I knew, my dear Prosper," said
Verduret sadly, "my task would be at
an end. for then I would know who
Committed this robbery of which you
are accused. But l have finally procured evidence wblcb will sootier or
later become convincing proof. 1 have
heretofore only made deductions.mors
or less probable. I now possess knowledge which proves lhat I was mistaken I walked In darkness; now I hnv*
a light to guide me. Now we must
tuke advantage of this evidence, gullied by the imprudence of our enemies.
We will begin will, the porter."
Ile opened the door and cnlled out:
"1 suy, my good man, plenuo come
Tl.e porter entered, looking very
much Burpris.-d nt the authority exer-
daed over hla lodger by thia stranger.
"Who gave you thia letter?" aald M.
"A messenger, Who aald be waa paid
for bringing It."
"In, you know blm''"
"I know bin. well "
"<!o and bring lilm here."
After tho |x>rter bud gone M. Verduret drew from his pocket hla diary and
compared a pago of It wllb tbe note,
which ho had spread over the table.
"TheBO notes were not Bent by tbe
thief," bo snl,I.
"Do you think so, monsieur?"
"I am sure of it—thnt Is, unless tbe
thief is endowed with extraordinary
penetration and forethought One
thing la certnln-tbeso notes nre not
part vf the 3.VI.000 francs which was
Stolen from the safe."
"Yet" Bald Prosper, who could not
explain this certainty on tbe part of
his protector-"yet"-
"Tbero la no yet about It I have tbe
Bombers of all the stolen notes."
"What! When even I did not bave
"llut tbe bank had. fortunately. When
we undertake an affair, we must anticipate everything and forget nothing.
It Is no excuse for a mnn to aay, 'I
did not think of It' when ho commits
some oversight I thought of the
If In tbe beginning I'rosper had felt
some rcpugiiniieo about confiding In
bla father's friend, tbe feeling bad now
He understood that alone,' scarcely
master of himself, governe* only by
Hip inspirations of his Inexperience,
never would ho have tho patient penetration of this singular nan.
Verduret continued talking to blm-
SClf. ss If ha had forgotten Proaner'-
"Then, as this package did not come
from the thief. It Is plain tlmt It car
only come from the other person who
was near the safe nt the Hire of the
robbery, but could not prevent it, nnd
Dow feels re..,oi*se. The probability of
two persons assisting nt the robbery, e
probability suggested by the scratch,
la now changed Into undeniable cer-
tn'nty.   Therefore I was right."
Prosper, listening attentively, tried
hard to comprehend this monologue,
which he dared not Interrupt
"Let us seek," went on the blp u.;n,
"this second person whose conscience
pricks him nnd yet who dares uot reveal anything."
lie read the letter over several times,
scanning the seutenees nud welglil-g
the words.
"Evidently this letter was composed
by ii wcmati. Never would one man
doing another man u serii..- .nd send*
ing hlin money use the word 'succor.'
A man would have said loan, mouey
or some other equivalent b'.t succo"-—
iicv-T. No one bul a woman Ignorant
of masculine susceptibilities would
have naturally made use of this word
to express the Idea It represents. As
to the sentence There is one heart.'
end bo on, It could only have been
written by a Woman, Now let us see
If we can discover whence the printed
words were taken to compose these
lie approached the window and be-
gnu to study the pasted words with nil
the scrupulous attention which an an
tloiiarlan would devote to un old, half
eftneed manuscript
"Small type." he said, "very slender
and clear, well printed. The paper Is
thin and glossy These words have
not heen cut from a uews|i.iper or a
periodical. I have seen type like this
I recognize It at once. Dldot often
uses It    8o does Mine, de Tours"
He stopped with his mouth open and
eyes Bx.*d. making a strong appeal to
his memory.
Suddenly he struck his forehead.
"Now I have It!" he cried. "Now I
have It! Whv did I not see It nt once?
These words have all l.een cut from n
prayer book. We will look nt least,
nnd then we shall be certain."
ile moistened one of Ihe words past
ed on the paper with his tongue, and
when It was sufficiently softened he
detached It with a pin. On the other
side was printed a Ijitin word—Dena.
"Ah. ha!" he aald. with a little laugh
of satisfaction. "I knew It. father
Taberet. If he were here, would I*
pleased to see this Hut What hns be
come of the mutilated prayer book?
fan It have been burned? Nn. because
a heavy hound bock Is aot easily burn
ed.   It Is thrown In some corner "
M. Verduret was Interrupted by the
porter, who returned with lhe niessen
ger from Plgalle street.
"Ab. here you nre." said the big man
encouragingly. Then ho showed the
envelope of the letter.
"Do you remember bringing thia letter here this morning?"
"Perfectly, monsieur. I took parlle-
nlar notice of the address We don't
/.'ran oe,. nnvthlog like II."
"Wbo told you to bring lt, a man or
a woman?"
"Neither, monsieur; It was a porter."
Tbis reply made the porter laugh
very much, but M. Verduret did uot
even smile.
"A porter? Well, do you know this
colleague of yours?''
"I never even saw him before."
"How does he look?"
"Neither tall nor short He wore a
green vest nn.l hud on hla medal."
"Your description Is bo vague that It
wonld suit every |torter lu the city.
Hut did your colleague tell you who
sent the letter?"
"No. monsieur.    Putting 10 sous In
| my lm ml. he snid: 'Here, carry tills to
!',:• Ohaptal street.  A coachman on the
boulevard handed It Io tne.' Ten sous!
I am Hure be made more than I."
This answer seemed to disconcert M.
Verduret So many precautions taken
lu seudli.g the letter dieturbed him nnn
disarrange.! Ins plans.
"Do you think you would recognize
tbe porter again?"
"Yes, monsieur, If I saw him."
"How much do you gain a day ns a
"I don't exactly know, but I bave a
good stand. I Biippoae I mnke from 8
to In francs a day."
"Very well. I will give you 10 francs
a d.iy If you will go about and look Tor
the   porter   who   brought   this   letter.
Every  evening nt  8 o'clock  come to
the Archangel, on the Qual St. Michel,
give  me n report of your search and
receive  your   puy.     Ask   for   M.   Verduret.   If you lind our man. I will give
you M francs.   Will you do lt?"
"I think I will, monsieur."
"Then don't lose a minute.   Oo on."
Although Ignorant of IL Verdnret's
plana Prosper begun to comprehend
the sense of his  Investigations.     Ilia
fnie depended uisin tbelr success, nn.l
yet he almost forgot this In hia ud-
miration of this singular man.
"Monsieur." said I'rosper when the
porter had left the room, "do you still
think you s<*<> In this affair ti.e hand
of a woman?"
"More ilmn ever, nn.l a pious woman,
loo. nmi u woman wbo bus two pray.
er books, since ahe eonld mutilate one
lo write to you."
"And you hope to find (lie cut book?"
"A great (leal or nope. mantis to the
opportunity I have of Making an Immediate search, which I will set about
nt once."
Saying this, he snl down and rapidly scratched off a few lines on n slip
Of paper, which he folded up nnd put
In his vest pocket.
"Are you ready to go io M. Fauvel's?   Yes'   Come on. then.   We have
Certainly earned .mr breakfast today."
• -
(To be Continued.)
Wlii*ii   sick,   Men   liel   Hsdlolni   and
v\ i.in. it cei Prayera,
'There Is one peculiar distinction be
tween Arab men and women In Algeria," writes a traveler, "and II may
bs considered as soma proof of the de-
graded position of ih.* layer.   When nn
Arab  is  ill  lie g"*s  to his doctor,  aril
Arab doctors, whether deservedly or
not, haven iiiiii reputation, llut when
;:n Arab woman is ill she may nol > insult a medico. SI .* musl go to the
marabout, who l< half saint and half
magician, lie does not retail modi-
clues, bul lie ll Iter's a nil in I.el* of prayers,
iiiiii then he writes on.* ..r more ..f thorn
on n bit of paper, giving n to tlie pattern wilh Injun, lions lo chew it nml
swallow It He nl*-.. supplies a little
holy waler out of a bottle nnd the
Woman goes away fully believing that
she will recover.
"It has been said tlmt the Arabs do
not respect their dead because they hue
no inclosed cemeteries nnd been use
ihey select for the grilles of Iheir nearest and dearest solitary spots removed
from their places of encampment, lint
this practice muy be explained by olher
causes than absence of respect or affection for their dead. The task of
preparing the body for the grave is always perform.sl  by  ths members of
the family themselves sod, In SCCOrd-
nine With the Koran. It Is most carefully washed in pure inner before
being consigned to the ground. Then
the pottery of the household Is broken
over the spot. In the desert or on the
steppe the leaving of the body in an
isolated place seems to typify nuluially
its presence before the Infinite and lhe
"In Joy as In grief ll.e Aral, gen
erally conceals bis feelings behind a
proud reserve, but on lhe occasions •'!
the periodical fantasias be thnms aside
tbe mask and reveals the true man.
The dancing, gesticulating nn.l about*
Ing go on for hours until the delirium
ends with tl.e exhaustion of ih.* part Id
pants. A fantasia In the desert les
u curious impression of semluoreality
on the mind, but it is iin* one oecusl in
on which the stern, sad looking Aral.,
easting aside his hauteur, comes forth
us the true sou of nature."
7>j»/# .font
b a v«ri-ly ol -tylm.
lil.ii., and pricM, loi
!lvonien, men «nd
child.cn. Ko.m-liWe.1.
Dealnt are authorized
to replace initantly and
al our coil any Pas-
Angle garment (null)
in innterial nr making.
Pan-Angle Under-
W. nr i.- form-knit
ao it can't help
fitting youi ligure,
- It's in a.lo o *
long -fibred wool
bo it won't shrink
-audit's guuian-
teeil besides. The
whola Idea is lo
make it N i-"""'
you can't afford
not to buy by tl a
trademark (in
red). tm
Your Doctor
Can cure your Cough or CoM,
no queition about that, but—
why go to all the trouble and
inconvenience of looking him up,
and then of having hispraacrlptlon
filled, when you can atap into any
drug store In Canada and obtain
a bottle of filllLOH'S CURE
for a quarter.
Why pay two to five dollars
when a twenty-five eent
bottle of SHILOII will curoytu
as quickly 7
Why not rf> as hundreds of
thousands of Canadiana hava
done for the past thirty-four
yeara: let SHILOH be your doctor whenpver a Cough or Cold
SHILOH will cure you, and all
druggists back up thia statement
with a positive guarantee.
The next tlma you have a
Cough or Cold cure it with
A Doctor Saya It win -y-aaatnata %»<■
AirNlnNl   . ..ii*iiiii |,i ii.-i
"Tbe Idea of vaccination against e ,u
sumption is not a new Ides," said a
physician. "And. furthermore, you
and I have unconsciously many times
perhaps vaccinated ourselves against
this disease."
"I hnve vaccinated myself against
Consumption? I must have done it iu
my sleep. Ihen."
"Not St all.    Let me explain.
".'Inline:.ll. Hiiiimgarlcn, OrlsCS, Bell
ring. Calmette, Onerln and otber eminent Investigators nave taught ua that
the germs oi consumption—the bacilli,
the little living creatures tbat eat up
the lungs do nut enter our lung,
thrni!;.!i lhe respiratory tract, but
through lhe Intestines—that is to say,
wa   don't   breathe   In   consumption
germs; we eat Ihem.
"In the r.gi..ii i,r the Intestines, there,
fore, these men for some years conducted their vaccinations for consumption. They look calves, ami they vaccinated th. ..lies with miik containing dead bacilli. Afterward Ihey
gave the calves milk containing live
bacilli, and. whereas this hitler milk
caused deadly consumption In ordinary
calves, among those that had been
vaccinated no evil effect whatever ensued.
"Among animals and perhaps among
men milk containing dead consumption germs makes u virus which, up-
plied to the Intestines, la u sure euro
for consumption.
"Therefore, when you and I drink
our milk boiled (us we should always
do despite the oystery tastei, we are,
If thc milk happens to contain bacilli,
actually Introducing into our intestines
tl." virus that, among animals St least,
Is consumption's sure preventive.
"Morul.-Iirink boiled milk only."—
St. Louis Globe-Democrat,
Kind Hesrted Old 0
What .li.l j I.   in* i       Irietid, be
  you  were b
Hog( u    Wl at did 1   lo     W  II   sn
before   being   blind   I   was deal   and
dumb    I'.*:** Meli
t triend ol mine mei an uiiexi ■
i, imii  aftei    sharing    his    umbrella
along  I'i. a.lilli   with a itranga lad)
"And when maj  I  have tha pleas
ur,* ol seeinj you • ■*-'•■
•*i in the nexl rain) daj. »ir." the
replied    Taller,
When   all   ..Hi.
[ail,  in   Holloway'a  Corn Cun     v
pain  v lint,*v    . and  ii" in.*'.ii*" '
ill ii-iiir-*  ll
" \n.i in lusion " »aid the girl's
mother, "hs i- s mere fortune hunting -■ amp
'Why.   ma!"   exeli .1   tl"'   girl
I'm surprised lhal you h mid make
iuch an n eaull upon him when he'i
noi present to deli nd himsell
Kingston Man Tells How  He Suftered
and How He Was  Released.
"For years a  mar
tyr,"   Is   bow   .'has.
li.     Powell,     i.f      101
Kuglun Str.et. Mug
atou,       begins      hia
story.      "A   martyr
to     chronic
patlon, but now 1 am
free   from   It  and   all
through   tbs   use of
Dr.    liOoubardl's V.,'1
"I   was   Induced   to   try  Ami I'lll  by
reading tin* testimony    of    some   oue
who had been cur,-.I of I  .0     pstton by
It.   1 hail auiTereil for eighteen yeara
aa.t ha.] taken tons   ..f   stuff   rectn
men led  as cures  hut  which mn.le me
worse   rather   than   better        Doctors
told mo there waa no cure for me. Dr.
Uwnt-irdi's Antl-PIII  curod ue* "
All daslera or The WllJ-nn-Fyla Co.,
I.lmiied. Niagara  Kalla. Ont -SoJ
IIS   o,,..    I ar.
First Small l!..y 1 wish I had lhat 8
ci-uts back 1 spent f*.r candy, Sccmi)
Small Hoy—What would yon do with
It?   First Small Boj    Dny mure candy.
■ow   llie   nrua   i,   i Ura„, ,
m. w.„.u „f ■„,";;';;' **]
The camphor laurel, fr
greater pari of the
"'"   'Vlll,.||
'.1.1.Ill>.- Ill
iner.*..  Is   produced        ,
China, Japan,  Formosa ',„,.
l'l"'"'*    'I  I"  ■ 'dy,   |.„„     '*'"»•
nmi sometimes grov
:. gres
Chai. H. Powell
"My Endorsement o.  Pe-ru-n» It
DaseJ On   Itt  Meritt."
Ed. Crnmbo.
It   bas   svergreeu   i,„,,.
whi.,- Dowers n, ,..,,,. ...^ J^J-l
very ornamental tree, ibe iruul «*
ning  up  to «  hei,,,,  ,.,   ™U|
""-•'y   r*"<   bei    n i,,,,,,""*"
fruit la very mini, ilk„ „ "' '•»
runt. '"•■'« cm, *
In tbe extraction „r ,„„„,,
wood Is tirst cut lm „-< (l|ll    ""
tbe chips ure put ln%, water In s«S
and steamed. Tha i,.*.„i „f ,.„. ,''
lllled wllb atraiv. „*„| ,ls ,hJ ™H
carries off tbe campimi i„ „,.*""'
Is deposited lu little ,. i,,,. ,lr, ' "
,    The .-rude camphor is u*M ,
In a vessel, from ....      , ,. ,
allowed    lo    eseap,.    through   ll   ,,,,»
' aperture,  The campi „ "'
seiiillraiiBpareiil cake l Hi*- „„,.
ufaoture of eempboi the u,.„,, JJ
essanly  desti,,*,.•*!
of  the lands la which ll.e tr.*,. pZ
another Is plai I In i        iceofwm
mie that Is cut doi, n The i-.,..| |
highly valued for carp,   lei - i,.,.k
ruinphor     was    .. :l   tlJ  ^
ili-e.-ks and Bomaua and m |a
brought to Kurope i.v the Aral*
ED   CKUMHO,   I \ Ma.i'.i   ol   New
Albany, Ind . writes from fttl  I..
"My    endorsement    ol    Peruna    it
baled  on   itt  merits.
"II a man is sick he looks anxiously (or something lhat will cure him,
and  Peruna  will do the work.
"I know that it will cure catarrh el
the bead or stomach, indigettion,
headache and any weary or lick feeling.
It it bound to help anyone, if used
according to directions.
I  .. o know  dosena ..( men who
.ii tin- highest i.-iui- ,.f Peruna
...nl have yel to heal ol anyone being
disappointed in it "
Mi Crambo, in a late, letter, .Ihi.hI
I ..   *:■   MM   l
\|. health Is good, al present, bul
it  I  ibould  havs to ink.* an)   n.*..'*
medicine I  will full back 00 I'.-, unl
1  .Ml  It IthiliX,,,.
As you slide along past youth Into
middle uge get ii good grip ou y.t.ir
enthusiasms.     Life   looks   black   ufter
Ihey ars gone, it is a good thing, too,
to renew your own life in uu Intimate
Interest In tlie life of some young
friend, lew things are more helpful
or more beautiful than friendship Ite-
Iween the young and lhe old. 'Ihey
hai.- everything to give to each other.
What Is most  pitiful  In  both   y.tilth's
uncertainly ami need of encouraging
sympathy, age's nnfnlflllmenta un.l
need of softening tenderness is southed und neutralised by u sharing of interests un.l iilT.-.iloiis.
Dot—Father,   why do  men  get  bald
soouer than women?   Father   BSCSOSS
tbey dou't wear their l.-i - s.i |,,n-
Tbe tnlrorn.
Tlie unlcoru was one of the fabled
monsters of antiquity. It was, according to a summary of the opinions of
several of the old time writers, a beast
alKi.it the tlte ot a common horse, but
with very abort legs.   The people of tbe
middle ages believed in the existence
of three kinds of um.urns—tlie mngnlfl-
••ent white unicorn, whi. i. bad a purple
face and blue eyes und a slugle horn a
yard In length: the cglisserlon, which
resembled a gigantic .b-.-r aud bad a
very sharp bom growing from tbe middle of the forehead, aud the monoccroa,
or common unicorn. Tbe white unicorn's horn was of three different colors—white at tbe lower part, black as
ebony In tbe middle and red at tba
point. Common niii.-orns were Bald to
have bad horns about eighteen Inclo-a
In length, but so str ing that they could
easily kill uu clephuut.
Bs there a Will Wisdom Points tho
Way The sick mui, pme- for relief,
l.ut li*   di  li   .     -ending lor the doctoi
w lu.it means bottles oi drugs nevei
consumed    4. bas nol the resolution
i" I" el Iii -i..nm. I, iiiiii compounds
which smell   villainously   un.l   i i ..
worse     llut   il   lie   nave   Ibe   mil   to
deal himsell with bis ailment, wl ■
.Inm mil In id In- attention to Pai
melee     Vegi labia Pills, which,
-pee.'ie (,,i  indigei lion snd *h lei
ol :h     digs in gaii.-.   havs   oo
Little Mi..* I'll i.i yon k,-- ms if
you won't tell an] if.!.
Little Wills I protnl •• nol to t.*ll
It   bul I ii.'iii promise nol i" rap.si
It,   li.. ton I ■-... . npi
Minard't   Liniment   Curet   Dandruff
Hubby Ii becomes very trying, my
dear; you're aiwaya saying check,
check, check' I ieel a il [its wars
a long game ol chi  -
Wine Well, Edward, if vou don'l
give in** something, I -hull have la
pawn, pawn, pawn, snd it would still
-.••■in like n game ..t chs . wouldn't
Itl    Ulj Blopei
B'alae   Duel rise.
School Kssminer   \. hat n the mean
ng   of   falsa   doctrinal   s,*iiooibuy-
leesa, sir, It's when lhe doctor glvea
ll.e wroug -luff lo Ibe |«-ople wbo aro
kick   Chi .-imn Register,
a  crii.'l story  runs on  wheels,  and
every haud oil-* tlie wheal* aa t>ey run
li   Hacked with cuolera m luminal
camp ...it *'l .ini  k.».I tend ..'
i D. J D  Kelloa
r. i .-.inl use n according t*.
direct ona       ll   ... i-   with   wonderful
rapidity  lo subduing   lhal   dr.
tba    nli
man and ih .1 d.  Iroyi the young snd
who have used this
cholera medicine lay il asts promptly
.ml nevi.  hub. !■• ".-ff.-* t a lh.
It...    ... I.M.I..
Every one has n.ii.,-,1 how. when a
large branch «r s tree n cal off, small
branches   will   shoot   out   around   the
! stump. These breaches are from tha
reserve t.u.Is. of which nil tnvs bave a
great number st every portion of their
. surface, in.ier ordinary drcumetaueac
those never come to maturity, but when
| the tree Is wounded or cut off or 1,,-,-s
S"inr of Its branchBS the reserve bu.ls
nt once come into pluy aud reuew the
.,„,*,.l   Mnrnlllr.
One  never  bears  Of  a   duke  going
wrong.    Bvsry one bearing any olher
title   In   the   | rage   may   be  perhaps
subjected lo III., leuiptiillolis of "ll.e
World, (he llesh and the .hrvll," but a
duke never! Indeed, the old Kools-
man's verdict   that   dukes ure "verra,
vena   res| table   people"   seems  ono
ahout which there can be uo doubt.—
London Taller.
"Johnny," queried tha t.-neiier of (be
Juvenile class, "what is tin- difference
bei lieen electricity und   lightning?"
"Vou ilnn |   have lo pay   nothln'   for
llgbtnln'." answered Johnny.-,\Ilhvnu>
l.ee -sentinel.
. tinfllt'tliic.
A.ior~I can't play all three of the
pans you have assigned to ms In thia
melodrama. Manager—Why not*? Ae-
tor-Reeause In tbe flrat act two of
(Iv-tn engage In a fight, and ths third
rushes In and aeparates them.
Fine feelings without vigor or reason
ire In tbe situation of tbe extreme
Vatbcr of a peacock's tall, §m\tmttm '"
ho uiud.- IToetar.
The Song
of the Hair
There arc four verses. Verse
1. Ayer'a Hair Vigor makes
the hair grow. Verse 2. Ayer'g
Hair Vigor stops falling hair.
Verse 3. Ayer'a Hair Vigor
cures dandruff. Verio 4.
Ayer'i Hair Vigor always restores color to gray hair. The
chorus Is sung by millions.
- Betore mini Ar„r-« 11.1, vi.or t hM nr.
thin »n.l lerf poor l,«lr. Ilu. I eonl.nuM li
„.• lhe Vljor oinil my Ittlr «,-..]. „,,,,,.,,
In •••rr w»r I li... ti...i 7, ,,-x ;Bd '„„ fo,
tli. pMllyn r««ri.'--MM. rn   limmauiD,
• bw J. o  lm Oe . I.ewaii,
AIM Baa i. 11 feet   -
r.r. vf
caotav ncmuL
■'■•''    I' .   !•*. \t   the   till    -Ml,
i fid.T. Parmelee'a
vegeb l.l.. !vi shonld be rs orted i*.
■nni,..li ,..*h     Two ..i  iln -i  ■
-,iini,* iv peil. i-. uken before going lo
bed   loi low. i l.v dosas ..( ons ■
; *' two '.i tl  nights in nn
»iil   ■ ne ss a preventive ol
ol d   pepais and all the dl*
romlorf   ubi b follow m ths train "I
ii.'   means  ara
limpl   when the way i- known
The Paris Colllollne.
No eouvlcU bave been guillotined In
Paris for tan yeara, und the BOBteneca
of tbo.-ie condemned to death have
been commuted to lmprlaoume.il for
lire. Tbe reason for thia lies In the
fad that tbe law provides tbat ..II
capital eiecutlous shall be held In
public, aud since Ihe guillotine wus ra
uenei| trom tbe I'l.ice de lu BoquettS
len yenrs ago no oilier place has beeu
1 'I   for   It.   The   residents   lo   tl.e
neighborhood of every plane suggest
e.1 object to Its erection near them.
The aillborltles were luiely put In a
ijiuilidary wl  a eonde.ouisl man re
fused lo ask for u commutation of his
sentence and de.lured tbut they must
put blm to deuth.
Hilllllgbl   h,...|.   il
soaps,   bttl   Is   lur,!    .,'
.-lllllllglll     Wil) II
.1.1,1     f.llh.Vl      i|||.  C'llll-
Hiae. l.'or il,.- Pkl||p,|ltt|
colonel I'rank ll   I*:.        ,ommau*
lug otii.er of ths i irnumm
at  Sprlnglleld.  Mi--, baa i,      .
dors from Wushj, ,,. „      '
na convenient 28.000 of tl i
rllles.   coiiiiiioiili*   kimiiri  ru ttie ort
Hprlngtleld   rilles    t*,„
troops   now   slat r    .
pines.    These guns i,
with  Iln- new  ki. r.*  I
replace the Krag-Jorg.        rwa vtt
rod bayonets, win. I. tbs U   ;sai»i»
Ing at present
HU   Poalllnn   In   ....   Mit.l.r.    %
"llradons!". SXClal    •
coining lu her husband ;in*J CwJ-
Ing blm smoking hla | |
"Tbis  loom Is  U.   .. !
don't aee bow you can *       I !*j i.t U
here "
"Vou  eau't?"   r.
husband      "Well.   I  d. D     ll Mnl lo IS
In  here; I alt to sll  la '
think you bad '
lt Is said ll.at Ibis waa I
In iheir married   fa lhal ■-
* door on leaving
HOW'S this r
We  offer IJ,,,.  II i. .  n.lL-t
f.'i   n.i)   . ns,.   nt   i   . ,
,uie.l   l>>    l| ,|| ■   ,*,•,
I    J   .  Ill   '.      .
Wa,  th* un.l. ifi*.
I'lieney  Ior   llie  In.l   |t yrari
htm   part*, ri.    I .i
trait.*< II,,n.   .-in.l  ;n,„
ou. any ,.t lltrail...,. ms.l.
-IVnltlina.  Kin,inn   *
Wl. , .
Hall • filial,li .in.   in *
a. ting  Sin   ll)    .. in  lha  •
"Ut   »u,li,..*a   ..f   Tt..-    .,-■
Inl.  ..-,it  ir, •■       r*. ,.
H-.l-l   I.r   nil   Ih.ikkI.:.
i.t.   Hall • Kami!)*  I'lll.  '
Kind Lady   Uer.
Certainly yoa can d
N,,   mum.    l'u- . '
Hon. and tl.e u .
"If I cnl. I. your .! i
my chi.kens I'll sbool
■■! I | ',Helium WllO kl
li.giil.i   lo bis nei.hi..:
"I doll'l car,*." s.i il ll
he "..Is nne of ynir ' '.
M oa. en its ter ton to
1 lo e  ti,., .I*  iral I.
lit  lit tia
im...  , iieci.in'   era  lo  ba  I
M ii. .    .'Won
Olill   '<*..   like   ll
Wit, Ilka every other power, baa lb
iKiiiinlarlea.   Its Snecaas 'I*■:■   H onlt*
aptitude  of others  to  B
slo.is. and that us aoma I
soluble by heat,  can set lb« teteett
ami   cruclbla   at   dellan. i*.   '•'••r" a
minds  upon  which  the rayi "' ,,ue1
may   le   pointed   wlthaiit
which no lire of seullineiit ess •glt»u
or exalt     Julius..n
Too   Well   Itro.in.nriul'-.l-
KiirnlliFre Healer    11.
worth the extra $20.   A In;
from   nox-r It  xvlll  In- sa go   I SS It H
today. Customer (chooalm i • ''",,|>
er>-In that case ill lesvs II tor ni/
great grandchildren
No man Is ao tall that lm need otttt
stretch and none ao amall thai he ne«
■ever stoop.—From tba L>ault_
Many Dwellers on  the Lonely Prairie Have
Learned to  Depend Almost
Entirely on
Dr.   Chase's   Medicines.
W   N    U    No.   607
t.i-nn- twenty-two miles Irani S
'■"' lore the writer of the letter
quoted below tells ..( the benefits ob*
l.m..sl*fi..m   tha   ll.e   Ol   in    Chs ■■
Uerlitlnea  ...  t f ,.,,-k,,,.^ ,„„|
Sllll".   lie
,. '"   '""" " !     ol   lonely   homes
Uiroufgl I tl„*    northwest,   llie    lain.
\\y  ' "i" nd    almosl  entirely un  n,
I lm-.*    Medicines   and   tlie   roe a
contained In Ur. Chass'a Receipt Hook
'   " •"""»- ol maintaining health snd
; euii'l i.lllll *   ...   BS
Mrs 'l'!,,., bhiala, Btonghton, Husk
wrltaat   Ws have used nearly all 0
| Dr. rhaast. Medicines In um family
with splendid results and send direct
to v..*. ior    en, beoause ws live twen-
■ly-iwo mil..   |roni „ (|,ll(, M	
iu Dr Chase's Kidney-Liver I'ili*,
"" ,",'IM' " ">"■ lm constipation, lul-
lousnssi nni kiiinex disease
I Lsed is"sral boxes of JJr.Oiaae's
i   i'v',' , ',"",'. '"r   nenrouanass   from
whirl. I bad Leon n great sufferer and
il   I, ,..'   mc  up nn.l    Irani'
won.i. .fully.
'Some iei    ago I had ■■
my ai kle and ll gli  I  '
llellll .cllts   oi    I     kind    nil
oould itet nothing to heal ii ,
used  Hi   Chase's Oil lm
havs also found -.* • lb "i
itohing pile. We would
km.ii how io gel along >*'
Chase's lie licines,
lh    eonii.i. ii,.,*  which  I"
In  In*   Chas* m McI..re
*.  ...iinlcil   for   by   ""'   f"1 \   I   ,,
neve   disappoint.   For nonrlx nn»
ceiiiniv they I..IVC I. ell b
public .unl havs a record n
paralleled In the hi lorj nl
Hum.   lllllllll   iiie.lleiiie*  in*
.null  piislpan! on  n cell.I  ol  I"
Chsse'i Kidney-Liver IMI   -■•
box.  111*.  Chase's Nerve  I  I     '
i, box,   Dr, I base's (liniment''"
n  hot.   A1 ill. dealers or Edmi '
Sunlight Soap is better than other soap*
but is bea when used in the Sunlight way.
To appreciate the simplicity and ease of
washing with Sunlight Soap in the Sunlight
way you should follow directions.
After rubbing on the soap, roll up each
"Piece, immerse in the water, and go away.
Sunlight Soap
will do its work in thirty to sixty minutes.
Your clothes will be cleaner and whiter than if washed
in the od-fash.oned way with boiler and harj rubbing.
tqually good with hard or soft water.
Lav...   Broth.,.   Llmi™,!,   Toronta
,r ,i„. i art la ->>>>l Boors snouia ntn.
■ii,. scientists   hav,,  discussed   the
in  would be the result If
I ii,,- moon should come Id
11,e  general  opinion  seems
r  il   would result In tlie tern-
,,f   tin*   earth   rising   several
f   degrees   and   Ua   -hole
.: , nincrt.il Into a boiling
I  ih.. waters l»-:ng thrown out
tt ■• ..„	
 na I'awar . tt ■ is*.
, est     inr   line   la  that
. d ->oshlhoma, t«o
it , ii   iln  proi in.*e   o(   Izie,
■t ma is seven nilfea long,
' , io. k coo»l»;s ,,i h slngls
„ '.,' | th,    i,olive power is  furnish-
', ,.  at nibhculur  coolies,
wU, .ax tiong   wtaarevar
p,srr   in.  .** sarv.
A! ,e on the  farm  and  in lh.
tt  loot  P.y'i* »..,l1*, com.
'-ring   niiinilxi Oiati
METERS   Onr full and
a line r*tigei in prior, from
12 50.
ASSES -Our high power
» Special.'' with I 2 Lrntei
'ii.itom Mounting! will ba
la   r-rd io  you  for   $12 50.
. , i-<»r**d
ItHS    Tbewm.yb.had
19 00 to »50 00     Our
mmm Bool. .1 yourl for the
•    •
COMPASSES      J.mtrl
«    II 00 to}) 50
n-.tml ttttl mmtt mm m.7
t.^t tmr U.g. ,..m#-
Your Feet
(ont Get Cold
when you wear
■  ten  mile walk —
iy mile driVa- with
'w thermometer 40 below
""■"   and   your   feet   will
1 and comfortable il
)uu weal   Ki.mika   I'-I.TS.
" -r   t*„.1» m.rk  .. »l„.wn
-  ap Mra v* *».h  molt.
dee •*, iu iliuw you
I'ut Your Feet In
"Dominion Brand"
,  '"'V1*   Rood,   right   off.    Soft,
7""1!'- -ilky.    Fit. j„ft  fUit,
"'71'"    Nice and warm, el)
And ex.ry pair Ujiift the tame.
1 ''""* 11 ,.lw«y, warmth-and cotn-
!:"   '""IWLAK   in
dominion   Brend"
"""•■  'I his tag gusr.
Wees all three.
1>"1* lor it wlieuh
•v-3 *,,,„
"u' Ll tlial
ABuiini I Co
Tha   l.reul   l.nUe   . Lira.
Chicago, Cleveland   lluffal 1,  Detroit
l""1  'Ulwa  with l.iilmii in,.1 s .
perlor tbi .wn in m ibe bead of ths
ureal.-t lake and nun,.1 thriving ports
on l.ai.e 1.11,- added, srs o unique   1
Don  of  ihe urban  lift of  a,..
Tbelr raie 0r growth Is tbs blgbest
maintained  In  nnv   group  ..r  .
1 i.e.r death rats la phenomenally loa
ri.eit* proportion ol   boo woera Is
eztraordlnsry, Then* totals and gains
in sai inns bun!, deposits srs slmosl
unparalleled. Tbey srs handsome
u a group, lull nr enterprise sad 1
ny. inirl.i* eloquent witb ths aplrll of
prosperity   un.l   progre 1,    Clevelsnd
"Yea, he's a cigar manufacturer tnd
..et In* never smokes."
1 •.  i,*-. I,,, doe ''
' V> lij, lie inlil nn* Home time ago that
sr imoked in ins nre."
: ii.i was before bs began to ad-
rertlse   ii.* found i.i*. own advertisements so alluring tbat bs just started
lu childhood be 11. "I.-1. lu youth
temperate, In manli km! just and iu old
aire prudent    So -rates.
Order   ...   I're(-e«le»«-«r.
An order of pn 'en,,. N il„* order
lu which Individuals sre entitled t0 pre.
eeds or foi!.,,,* each other In stats cere-
monlals or public   Ions wbsn processions of the nobility sr* foe-atad,
\ M< i.. in.* i,,i iii,   Mill. 1'■  I'
tin* mining region    al
* all. r~) 1. .111 ■ i
proi nle then i.ly *.l
Li    1' 1        ■      Oil     It
Ml   tl ■
will pi. vei '
.Lt.,'    ind   •
the  1
The   Bright   aide.
Words Of el ••   words  of help:
words ..f gloom ..re words of bsrtn
There Is n bi - snd a .lark lids
to every  pbs t Ufa snd to every
hour of  time    If   ws ■'.   the
bright ride, we bring tbs brightness
int.. prominence; If ws speak *.f the
dark side, mr deepen Its shadows It
la iu ..ur power to help *.r it, hinder by
a word any ainl every person with
whom we come In coots, t.
Mtnard'i Liniment lor sale fvrrywhfre
V.i.l   x.l.rlr..
Tlie a.Itn'ral ..r lha * *    SS nn
annual salary of • .mary
wan an gets $10 .1 month.
Bit.,    VI lit.   -.tlltttr.
An English sd rti thai
ba can detect tb.
boys by tbelr handwriting   1
I of tbe boyi - loose
. * ibb]     11 i, ia 0
, lne_atocranb ••< il •• 1 aarl
S.raa.   -  l,-.uli.,it  tan.  Una*.
II „ growers    ■ ,-w  wl»i
a   , and
.1  .1.
1. .. ■  it uiy
- :. - and 11 ■ .1   a f
et .1 .•.'  1 .  dinga u...l feed ..;
.,,,, - whan thej go upon the neat or
Mites may I*   Introduced Into   •
ti,, k .. fowl   or othei    1  .>«
1     (IMIII   illf.-Ctetl   |>..'l
Ultcs    .....*   1 ■   ■ :   by
thoroughly    t| ra; li 1;    lhe    building
«-..! its contents with kerusccne esuul-
Kernaena emulsion  kills    not  only
i. ■   also tholi  eggs, v-hon
.1  .... .. Into ronlact wil. vU'iii
Island    '•
Mir.;.* i    Liniment Co., Limited
l>.      Bi 1      ■>    "i"**l'"1   "   '"'"'
!   ,','v',"
,,,,,,,,'if.   ol MlSAHD'H   MM
\l I S I      « I it the beat 1
in  lb    1*
We    1.8V.
and I ave handled       I
H ,..**! •
itaell   n      * ■   '    '
: »l
That is How Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
Cure the Common Ailments of life
Mnl ini* new   blood.     That  1- jusi
what In. Williams' Pink Pills are ninny- doing       actually making nea
1 loo I       I in-  tieu   blood strengthens
. .*   in the body, and  strike
trsighl al tlie  t ol -umemia, ..i"l
11    lllllli. lit-    of    life    llhl, li
theii origin in i">"r. weak, wat-
Mr-    \    II    Seeley. t,( Stir-
I * •    tells  what   Dr   William.-'
Pink  IMI- did for her fourteen yeai
■1    I '■.    \i       Vnnie   Bagei    aftei
treatment bad d.ileii   She -a>-
"I 1.1  some years  tnnie had ""i been
well     Sn.* would t ike ip 11- ..1 dizzi-
and In lhal   would  laal
and I.ei whole bod)
I *  com *  lrj   1.1.1 l. ■! a- though
burning up with level    Hei
•vould -w.ll until neai the b
ing poinl   an 1  then  ah.-i, th.
lltei   -km  •
* uld    1  • 1   **f(    She   *l.* •
ent doctors,   but  the)
-',  I     ! 1     III     .    |l |ng     be. .     llllll
lhe troul I to b.
began 1
\\ illiam ' Pink Pilli and nn-
del -      treatment   he ha   recovered
Ini health.   The and dizsi-
have   gone;   hei   coloi    la   im
1   tin
II bicli ball    1 W.
. ll llll     Xlllllt      Hi
Williams'  Pink   I'd.- bave  done  loi
1 ei. and recommend them   t"   othei
-ufft: •
It ua- tl Di   Wil
Pink I1 ■ rally make whici
-     1 1      That  1- wh)   '
ill common ailments like
:.*..  tion.   rheumatism,
\   r .     lance    1111,1    III,
•1  1 .,
ol    .    .      and
■ .11111.
Di   v Pink   I'ili.*   tor   Pale
the lull nam
ti  bos    B .Id bi
or by  mail  al
U    w illiam ' Medicine Co .
The   Heal   l,,,|»trl»nl  Year..
'The   recent   death   of   Carl   Scburz
.  to mind."  says  Knos  Clarke  of
m. Louis, Mo., 'u conversation with
Mr   Bcburs some years fine- while 111
St   Louis, when he spoke of his return
,1 few years previous to Qermany and
„f a long and friendly Intervlexv wllb
Blamarck.    Purlin;  this  Inter
v . U tin- prin.e aaked Mr. Bcburs bis
i.e.   and  on   beiliK answered   that  he
\, ns then soaring his seventieth birth
ilnv the prince quickly replied. "Let me
tell you, (leneri.l S.hiirz, that the tirst
ty arc the most lmportaut yeara
of one'a life."
M    i   HAOl KM IN
llni.UI.   «l„,.l'""..r-
aii the way I    "  I   '* '
Chatty    He told ua boa be 1 id chosen
his wife    lie said   "There •**
,„lk ot her In the I H*1-"     M*v "'"" J
nephew  spoks '.- ms ot ber, but 1
new saw ber till the iey '■
wars engagod   WTien I beard of her. 1
went to the pnhumj   man of sp u -
wbo always 11
gave him i marks for ber.   She liked
„„a. aba heard ot me, ■■*,*•«■"
1,1,1, t,s she wm bound, *. »
Then I thought I ivmild see her. so we
arraiik-ed lo meet nl church atUaal*
I lend, iintl  WS  «   """'   :  ."   "   '
ull right   We rt on together. -
gnettes of i.r
, onr.ltiK  Worry.
"My wife was rather worried when
1 |efi ber this morning."
••What  was the tniilter*"
"Well, sin- had been worrying about
g ,.r other yesterday evening,
nn.l this momlng she couldn't remember wbat H •»•■"
Mmaril's  Liniment Cures  Burnt, etc.
IU.tiled   Stiiilrrel.
|r0|   1*. led   squirrel   yon   must   Ik
aun*   ths   squirrels  are young.    Wipe
u, ,i in,I out wllb a wet cloth,
i,„, ,1 ,„ a v,,;, tbem, as this draws
,, ., ||,e blood and makes Ihe meal dry.
. halves down (be back and broil
„  , lour nre     When done  lay on
1  ip-read with butter, isaaoi
, ,*  .nni  salt  and  serve  with
I 1 ninliers of bacon and lint Jelly
riennlnR  Whits Wool  shanU.
midpr sii ml- of wl  """' y™
„,' j ,|„, various other articles now sr
,.        ,   1 :   , iieiel ami kiiilt.*.! work
.,    a-,  well  afler   water  hai
inard'sLi lent Relieves N al|ls
i.,,-,1  -a KirlW
The,*,,, iv.i ',i^,';;::;„^
n-t • »;-; ,r,„ bj
by   re,*.*..'   n.l.l. 11 <•"-     " ,    b}
lhe ber  ■'■■   ■h,i,".b,    eo I >"
  R.ei.1   fox    '   " u    n   ,„
 '•' ,d    flghtlnfi
.Ter**'    I"   »'  »',  '^ .  Hal..,'
r blllty.      I*'1 " '    '  \ Their tot
She s   „f   thr   Ul ",■„,.,
.1  nr.1   cost.    1    '    ,,    ,iallt th.
n -ing)  hava repr.-s. |   u^   ^^
folliiwniK  al   ""'   " ;'   . 1800    1
ism. 10 mil ' somewhat
t0 ,m million      * ,   ,     ,
'"'h"   n«i^'.;   ';,;■     ,„il »      '('"-
II.,..*.;      ISS'*      ''     ,, ,.,, ,„„! ai„u'»
about 190 """""„      1       lb.- v..'"'
n„„„,  a,*.- not  Indu* •*
oi ^"-^■'■u':'"nv,'   ■
was    pu    "'   '   I  .       |h,,.i-
and In 1B0B at  ''' Xwcr    rat.      '
""'rP,TW'',      ,h.to/the l-"'""","v
, ,.„.,„ „s before,   A dry wash
:  ,*  auetl   white  "'....I   Ihrnp.
1    ,       1    .   ei 1 white Bonr an.l ml
.,. |U ,1 exactly us If yon weri
11 mil  Two or three rub
ij bo ,. ■> cssarv.
Strang. 8'jp.ratition of C n.d.in Wll-
d.rna.a—"Bl.m. Good Howlor"
B.yii'a natural youiif voice broke lh.
•trmlned alienee. "Thai tSltOW la m
Itiaiit. .1 good howler," he observed, anil
tha frightened guides drew a long
breath, and V.zlnu ihowed his SOOSSI
of oourane by gattdng up to throat »
handful of hlrirhbark on  the fire.   Hob
elm. ui. a a bit, unoonaotoua of ihs hui
moment he had aveil.d. "V.zina, did
you think that howling was a loup-
garou?" ho «-u. .1
And with that something happein*.!
which, filling ss It did to tha strained
tension of  the mini -lit.-nb  man,   _
eiii'ii.ii-,1 inny and unoomfortatile
The l.l.i/.o of the .,.:* I.l.uk Juat
thrown on went oul quickly, and a log
fell away at tha moment, icalt-jrliifi
the othera, leaving uh suddenly In pa.
Hal darknuss. Coming atier the Int. n •■
llSl.t. ll seemed mora l.rof.and, and It
waa as If tiie firelight had been turned
off and moonlight turned on at it
touch, for Ire whole breeze SWepI
f .reat stirred wilh mjailual Wh.ta
llngera. An opening of an old
windfall ran from ua to the river, und there same from thia gludi* n
loud, aharp oruta of a broken limb.
Every ey. turned lo the spot In lh.*
path of the moon, black against the
•whlte-Hghred river, li gli on p. dental of
at..nn ■ relied trig trunks, stood a big
wolf. Ktlll ts death Un, wild UiIiik regarded ua, and still us death »,- stared
back, and then wlUi a spring I was In
my tent, and With another I was back
ride ln hand.
I cannot remember loading or cocking, but I remember su.-lng the dark
mui at the end of lhe "barrel and I
remember the allot dying In the bills.
If I had hit, If we had dragged a desd
animal Into Damp, all would have been
alia;..- But I mlaaed. With *ut sound,
or so the ...tn aald. lhe creulure melted
Into the silver forest, and left ms a
•et of frightened children to handle
Joaef, Indeed, was reeaonsfele, but lhe
othera were  In a pitiable slate.
"It was -it was," V.-zlna stammered
through clicking teeth, "it was the —
loup-g.ir.in" And he Kii*.e,l ai me wilh
big childish eyas a. if begging mc ia
An Kraal lit... Harad iii»> to Take ■
Trip fu I  I'll.* was nne of those men who believe
lhat If the] Iel up for a moment llie
whole world will go I" smash Kspe
dally waa Ihis se aboul bla own bu>i
lie-*.       When   Ills   Wife   wauled   I.iu,   lo
g.> to Europe for a real be s,4d:
"Impossible to get  sway  from  the
olh.e      Why,  If  I   xv   to slay  sway
sit   weeks   there's   uo   telling   what
WOUld happen. No, I must be there all
UlS Hun'."
so ihey didn't go to Burone. lu
stead lu* got sick, good uud sick. too.
the km.I of sick lh.l kept blm 0.1 bis
back for nearly a mouth and dldu t let
him get back to h.s desk for still anoiher week.
Tba day came for his returu to bar
tiess, and be plunged for lhe ofll.-e.
All the way downtown his mind danced xi nh dn* ilsions of ihe wreck of
business that WOUld greet him. lie
expected to lind Ibe staff demoralized,
tl.e btudnoss gone to pieces, the cob-
Webs thick on lhe order books mid an
air uf gloom banging over all wbi.h
could be dispelled only by bis triumphal entrance lie fancied hiiii-clf
picking the business out of tbo mire
an.l putllug it on its feet again.
tint did he;    Not quite.
il,- entered tbo office,   The boy was
there and I >okol up at bim as though
wondering if Ibe boas were not a utile bit late   'I lie eat rubbed agalnat
him as she always did. His desk WSJ
opened as usual, ani "ii it was no pile
"t mail, (t.e accumulation of all these
Weeks, The clerks xxeie at th.-ir places
as usual, lu fact, nothing waa apparent of tin- awful disaster that lie bad
expected;  hardly  any one seemed to
kttOW lhal he h ol I a aivay.
lie stopped for s m 'inent. breathless,
aud then manage I I * call one of his
men to him and ask about something.
lhe man began lo tell him what bud
been going SO. They bad been trans-
acting   business   Just   as    though    be
had been there—answering mail, Oil-
in_- orders, taking reports from traveling in.ui and sending ihem out again—
in short, the little in.iiicular world of
bis business li.ul gone on Just aa
though he had been Ihere all the time.
lie heaved a slgb-a slgb of humility. In tifteen iiiiimles he bad telephoned his xvlfe to make plans for a
European trip, aud that be xvould ne-
company ber. Thus do mutters make
ns see hOW small xve are.—New York
Tha One Who   I. ...nerallr   I.I.IIUrd
by   Oilier  Me,,.
' Tbe cynical old maid would probably
tell us that all men should be a voided.
The happily  married young  woman
will suy Unit is nonsense all men are
good, as undoubtedly ll..-y are to a certain extent Barely does ons come
ueross any man wbo is thoroughly
Yet the old maid Is not entirely
•wrong, either. There are some men
whom It Is well to avoid, and tbe young
girl who Is just entering social life
Should take lhe advice of those xvlio
bave had more experience than herself
—thnt Is to say, In the greater Issues,
It savors of youth and almost foolishness to  refuse  to knoxv   a   man  even
slightly because of soms fault*..
In tbe matter or real friendship, however, and marriage, e girl is unwise if
she accept as triSBll or loxcr a man
whom other niea dislike. Such a man
Is uot often worthy of a good woman's
eonsiderailou uml certainly Ihe Inez-
perisneed girl  is better to keep at
arm's length a man of this sort.
Either be Is mean or selllsb, a Litis
terer or must plead guilty lo other
faults.  As an acquslntancs perhaps hu
might be possible, but as a friend most
One wants a man -who Is compare*
tlvely strong all over If he Is to be admitted to the Innermost sanctuary. The
man who Is Impossible in one or more
respectB must certainly i.e relegated
to tlie mere outward fringe- New York
Tbey     Some.line.    Trove    a    Serious
X..  ,i lite    |U     II •-.-, t I I, .
Old scrapbouka are a menace to
health. For several reasons Uiey harbor more dust than any other old books.
Usually the pages ure pasted mi both
sides, making them thick and uneven.
They are broad, ami their ornate bindings arc seldom behind glass doors, hot
easily SCCCSSiblt on tables and shelves.
After turning over the pages, sneezing,
bead colds aud hay fever have often
resulted without tlie cause being suspected. In our library xvas a scrap-
book of colored fashion plates from
is:,:; to is-..'.-. Another xvas ailed with
newspaper clipping! of the xvar be*
tweeu   the   state-.    They   were   i'ili"!
and frequently read, but .-olds slmost
nn ai..,' !y followi-d We sent th.IIl t t
a bindery to be fumigated and rebound.
To prevent lu great measure tln-
dltlou, use a carbollsed paste, ps ta
only on one si*!.- of the page, k.-.-p tbem
behind glass an.l provide then, with
oil paiH-r covers. Iu uot let this adverse side prevent any one froni making scrapbooks ise preventives as
xvltb all old books whose pages have
been ttirued until th.y are Sufficiently
uneven to harbor dust—Good Housekeeping.
Her   Love.
"Ro vou call your husband Honey?"
'•No   I call blui Pickle."
"Good gracious, doesn't tbat make
blm mad?"
"No. He knows I detest honey, und
every woman loves pickles."—Houston
Same flavor as Japan, only perfectly froe from adulterations of any kind. It is to the Japan tea drinker
what "SALADA" Black is to the blaok tea drinker.
Lead  Packets Only.    4 0, 60 and  80c  par  Ib.
Hair Growl
Batiali»d with your ahort, atubby,
■craggly hairf Or would you like it
longor, richer, thicker t Then food it
with fiall'a Vegetable Sicilian Hair
Eanawar.   Th ore's aolid comfort in
handsome hur.   Gat it I   Be happy 1
. ta.   wtiUk.rn   »i,d   tit'.ii.i*ri:.   w«   auk.
I*. H-Oill, U 1 DTK.   II colon . n-l. ki.wi
t»,i..llil.fk.   K   l*IUI.I.|.''i.»ulm.l..ll
Gray's Syrup
Red Spruce Gum
For Coughs and Colds.
Iii.lloe.lve 1*1...,' ol the Irl.l, Gael.
As I.r. Douglas lli.le pointed out,
"the Irish Gael la pious by nature.
There la nol sn irishman in a hundred
In whom Is the making or an unbeliever. Ood is for bim sssnred, tine,
intelligible' When be meets a neighbor,
Instead of saying 'Bon jour' or •(..'ood
morning1 lo* ssys n-'d salute you.'"
Indeed, all tbe ordinary Invocations
and salutations of lhe Irish language
an- governed by iio*. religions feeling.
•When be lakes Mini! from you be
will say, The blemlng of Hod be with
the m.iiIs  of youi   dead.'   If a  sudden
wonderment sul-prlsei him he will cry,
A thousand landstions to Uod,' aud if
be be shown n young child or anything
else for the flr-st time in- will say.
■Prosperity from iiod .*" ..'"• * —
"Tour son won a prize for oratory
while he was In collece, I believe.
Wbat la be doing now?" "He cot a
Job ln the union depot announclnp tha
departure of Ihe taalns."—Chicago
Record Herald.
I.lbmrlMBi. and Liberia.
The American Library association
lately held a meeting at Narragausett
1'icr. Among the persons in attend
■nice ou tbe proceedings was a buxom
lady of color, who took a prominent
seat and listened to all tbat weut on
wilh uu air of evident pride. As she
did uot appear to be a regular delegate she was finally questioned regarding her Identity aud revealed herself as a fairly well known laundress
of the place. Further questioning
brought out tbe fact lhat she bad ml*
taken the librarians for a uiUsiou from
Liberia. The jol.e is perhaps iu part
upou tbe librarians, whose debates and
Horary performances had uot iu the
seat  served  io dispel  ber  illusion.—
'tookll   111.
Called Them Love Apples.
It Is not generally known, says The
Colborne Bzpraaa, but nevertheless a
fact, that there are people still living
who can remember lha lime when tomatoes were raised '- .* » ■f.r their
beauty, as we now raise r*.
Ita * .auiy was admired lt was s '
ered like tba poisonous oak, dangerous
to even  handle except by  "dark coni-
. plected" person*. Years of acquaintanceship, however, wore off lu auper-
itl'.i *n   and    a   taw   "foci-hardy"    ao-
' tuaiiy owned up'to having tasted the
fruit. From thii sniaJ] "beginning has
gradually grown a use lhat makes today an lnduilry wirh a combtn**-J
capital of over thlny millions of d .1-
lare, whloh disburse! ml'.llone of dollars to us . rear and ag-
gregater aa output ot two hundred and
tarty mUllea eau*.
^.ORNAMENTAL       —
Br.HOJtNIffO    STOW    I-OSS.
CtjKta with h-i-nt •*.-** dtwi "#r-'2.*
• -.-■1 ft magULct intmmrt) ta persons
fc* d "...-nr c.:u». Ivt.orn t:i*ta
-Qui-klT nnd w]t b sii*r\t; am w.-ji »
/        rtalatantMi   >otah*».-*h
Ijem.* s ».cie»r. clean r;L,
V<A**t gtv-a mors trliki steers t at*
MtSrhMl b-ecl turtreylff . -u
ft. I.BikM-M. fids*. Qatar-*, tu.
An   Odd    I in-   of   War.
Screw propellers, like most other Inventions, bad great difficulty iu getting
recognition   from   authority.     I'or   In
stance, Sir William BymondS, surveyor
and principal  deslguer to the  Urltisn j
admiralty, could not l-e brought to believe In tbem.    lie declured thai steamships  of  any   sort  were  "monstrous" ,
and   that  tbe   screw   was   Impossible.
The  day  came  when  choice   betweer '■
paddle   vheela   anil   screw   propellers 1
bad to be made.   Tbe naval autborltlea
tied two ships stern to stern, and when
the   screw   propelled   vessel   bad   triumphed over tbe  paddle  steamer  lo
tbis ludl.-roua tug of war the lords of
tba admiralty  felt justified ln model
big the British nary anew.
The Small Bey's Version.
In the alia.lt- of the old apple tree.
Someone ahook down nmi green fruit
to me,
I put down nine or ten and I realised
I had lost ail my  longing for tea.
Boon t>e dootor waa looking at me.
Then I thought of the trie of his te*
And  If when  I ahould dla they  would
take me to Ue
la Um shade ot the old apple tr**.
A,,.*i,*„, ulaas.
In tbe Sluile collection nt the Itrillsh
must.um lu London the most ancient
specimen of pure glass tbe dale of
whirh .nn he approximately llxeil Is a
■mall lion's lieu.I. bearing the name of
uii BgyptiSO king of tbe eleventh dynasty. Thai is to aay, at a period which
may l.e moderately placed at more
than 2,000 years It. C glass was ina.lo
will, a skill which shows that the art
was far from new- Loudon Telegraph
Her Seheme.
Mrs. De Style—lie uever gave her
any part of his wages, but spent It all
in a nearby saloon. Sirs, (luui.usta—
How mean! Mrs. He Style—Hut be
gives her every cent now. Sirs. Gun
busta-Sbe's reformed bim, eh? Sirs
De Style—No. but she runs tbe saloon
—New York Times.
Mix NiglillKRala'i SfMni*.
Though Miss l'lo.enre NighlInen'i
is n.iiv un ..l.l holy ol eighty-three,
nn.I is iponding the evening ol her
litis in retirement, ber personal m-
u-i.'.-t  iii    nurses and nursing is    ni
keen an ever. H was nenilv half a
coulury sliifu she dsvoted the na-
licuil Crimea testimonial ..I £50.-
0>K.  to  the   I..*... In',.on  of  Ihs  Night*
in*...ii.* Horns for training nurses. The
other day ths siayor of Darby   gavu
a (iiiileu parly at I.ea llnrst (M.*.s
Nightingale's former homo) to the
ni* .v ..i Derby and district, n.i I
Misn Ni|;litlngale sent tbem a chctrv
message.    "Wo  hear,"   she  wrote,  'a
good .iel nowadays about nursing a*
a   profession,   but the ousstlon   for
each inns,, is. Am 1 li.ing up lo my ]
profession? The nurse's Ufa is ni.oie
.nil a moral and practical IMS—a Ufa i
not ol show, l.ui ol practical action. ]
l wish the niirsrs llnilspeed in their I
work, mnl i.i.iv i-i.'h one strive with i
the besl   ll.ai   is 'n h.-r to u.t up   to
her profession, and to rise continual*
ly to a higher level of thought anil
imi ti..* character aad dutllulnsss '
-.Chriitlnn UatsM
Table   Manner..
I'arents, even lu a bumble cottage
home, should pay attention to the conduct and manners of their children
at mealtimes. They cannot tell what
position they will llll In after life, an.l
a man or wogiaii who is Ignorant of the
most simple laws of table etiquette is
terribly handicapped. Were the parents
to reprove the child who conveys its
food to its mouth with a kuifc, wbo
drinks Its tea from the sinner or who
Btlcks ita elbows out at right angles.
the lesson so taught would never be
forgotten. There is a certain amount
of freedom at ll.c family table, where
one scarcely expects to Bnd the cere-
uioiiioiis deportment of n set dinner
party. Hut evmi lu the home there arc
uiluor rules and observances which
should always be followed. Tl.e boy
or girl ou whose mind they arc Impressed at an early age will never lose
them, and then, after years of struggles, It may l.e, the "manners thai
make the iiian" will be their chief pass
port Into tbe circle of their new nc
To His
Pleased Customers
The wise grocer studies
his customers—knows their
likes and dislikes—knows
that his best trade want
Mooney's Perfection
Cream Sodas
He lets them know that
hc has their favorite biscuits
—and sees that they are not
asked to buy something "just
as good," which is NOT
Grocers who wtnl to please .heir
patron*, always have Mooney's Pcr-
fcawn Cream Sodas.    In their
hygienic p_kajes—air-.ighl
and mouture-proof.
Practically all makers of good
clothes iu Canada use llcwson
TwecdS. Look for the tag
that guarantees PURE WOOL.
P        Cold-proof
Stanfield's Underwear is
made of long, silky, Nova
Scotia wool—the finest in the
wot KI for Uuderivear.
The superior quality of
wool—together with tlie peculiar kuit of the garments
—give the greatest possible
warmth with the least weight.
comes in sizes to perfectly fit all
figures. Kvt-ry gartueut guarau-
te.d ..:.>..lutriy nushriukiitle.
The ll.*,,,,H.nl In llresa.
As to Just what constitutes lhe beau
iiinl. peoples and Individuals must al- |
ways differ. There are, however, .er-
laln necessary elements o.' tba beautiful
lu iiress upon which all Frenchwomen,
les dames .i.m hallos (markel women)
and duchesses, are agreed, Theae srs
principally three ll shnll be suitable,
simple and pleasing These three
points, which largely determine the srl
of dressing, jix one half the problem of
economy;   the   other  half   i*<  In   know
lug exactly how much one may spend
on dress. livery 1'rciirliwniiinii Hint
I know bus a Used sum upon which lo
dress, nnd every member Of the family
Is considered, including herself. I'*'i'
par's liiuur.
no matter how
, bad the weather
You cannot
afford to be
without a
When you buy
look Thr tho
After Labor, Recreation
Travel   is  the  Acme  ol
When you travel secure tho
best in equipmcnl, comfort,
aud safety, and OSS the
Kxoursion   rates   thia   winter
in   every   direction. Kaflt,
South  ami  West.   Malm your
wauts  known   to  ffny   Ciiuail-
lllll   NollllOlll   liKi-.lt,   Who   will
bo gl.nl  to (uinij>li thu fullest
Information, or writ*
Treflflc   Manager,      Winnipeg.
W    1-f   U    No.    607
J MTutiar-,
In m-hi-*^ m 'I '"t« I **"" toy* nh<** Publish****
1  i ....  rafli-i dWd'ffx^i Mn.'pvvrvTii-jrwiii;'
ia    ci:i ii  i it'll   I'M Mai  hiitvxi-u r»«|ion«
-.*     |l    U*   ttnuiiltll
A   I l»rt"«!-» «UI b*  tlh-ltiyl   '»*   Tin* i-uti* itf 16
*.«.    i      i_is»e JI  *\*   rtV       *    *  ■ '  ■">.  *ilUl  lU CVlllfc Uf»
■ \ mi   -tiit. .1 AlltMCqtttu'l "iiH^'i'tiim
|.rMi-r*»*  i >.iiif.• •.■ iiiiii ml er nlvrrMntni;
r ■: .  *    ..,.*«] ii*»   (* pt|<tl 'uu nt rtfttet
( H  .i-i<«*M 11-in f'.' IU' »  tbitr. In iillVUMfa*.
I'cili•' Mineral Ciui in    si*  ivl» 111
li * ,' . 11  I.ake Minin-j div'it.ion ul
\\. s   K-.,iiiiia,v Djatnp1,
W'licti* l..i*.il'-i!:   Oil   8 llll.   Foil-'
.i! t' 111 .  1 .  ' '.eel;,
,l   Tuke n the Unit I, Fred  0, 1511-
iott,. K. Al   0.   -N...   I-S811.7,  nt-titip
a.- ngelil for lil.*.-a i,r..cc   \\ ■ Itfall,
Bdmiiiivlratrlx   of the ei-ti.te nl
Jul.n  W. Wen fall, deceased K. M
('. N*.  f.SSO.V, J. M   Mill,*,. F. M
, C. Ko lt.88i.57*, -ni H. P. Cbctoiu
F M. C. ao. l 88158, Intend   if*t
ir.;-i'ii ii data hereof,   Ui ancle I
tlie Mining   Reorder for a I'e.t fi*
can- i.f Improve nt nts, "for t  e pui
). ss   ot detaining a i.'r rrn Gia t
, uf the 'Ij ive claim-
And further take notice   iiii! ,'i
tlou, tin le- section 87,ruuil be o*.-.
men red bei re i lie issuance ol sut I.
, Certifier*) o of Improvements.
I'rel Ihis 18th day O-toiv*,   .A.
I). 1906.
■Fra! ghtinci
Pa thing
JDutflt, '
*' *'t
E. R. VlPONjj
Trout Uke i.i. r
Fi'-i^htir i,
f.... ji,.apis ente'e '. inlo f t packing of Mining Supplies, eco.
I.' HII" I'lri'll IU  lite .l.rlrilt.
...... |i uipi s.ii p*., mul any work undertaken guarantei
.**ui.;- .*!., Loi i
S. DANEY, Prop.    Fergnscm.
Stable* tt Trout, U
Bar w©H Supplied wiih Liquors & Cigars
l..i-; i I'-.niC.i'i.ii ic Ki-.*!...,   Excellent C'ulsiae and Attends   ■•■
Gtout Xaftc tdxrowwmwj
?iVT -> 4* *. • ''-' l" nR Water supplied by tiie
Vv'tltCl © Cunipany you arc assured ol sbso* I
w ¥ w lute purity,   Government Analysis I
SUPPIP      (30* tobackuprtiiteiiietiti*. ;
Trout  Lake   City Tranafi
  - T   II       I I SB   ■ —-*■—»»■»— If    | '
rb. s   Fracii->ir.     G___*n    I *,.„„.. ...I
Kong's.   wo:d   v;.lla\ce   hand-
I.   sJUHwJ.,, WAREC0.LrD.
I Ferguson
I Trout Lake
igdjStage Line.
Foi boa KrHCii-'n,    Olooncap.  filor aia-,.1
Ko li .Clooscap No 3.. Home Rin Unie
( Jjiiibi litlepsndent, Kootenay Nn. i. !
Kantensy No 2 , Itoaienay No. S ,Fi •
'    :  ' ' '>.*..*• :i ir,   Mav,
No.l  M iy :*.* J , \Uy So.a, i;.* N
<• Maj  No. 6, i i ot n-jrcilon, l*:ii•:, , r
. wsnl Fractid , Uatllar, Rutlei So   1 ,
UnlonJaek itinera! Clalnia sltustodiol
tire li*.*.: Uke MiniiiK division of West I
Kootenay illstnet.
rrtt-xw»iv,r. -•
Excellent    Acccmmod
Bestf Liquors
Ai^d Very finest Cigai.;   :■
ivoo-.eua.v tits [net.
Wliere locked .-Oa Six snd Seven    fftKn   ^SmftCn^ FV^^*»".l^*^**
Mile creeks  Iribntoriu oi ths joutl '«?~"L*az   «9UIiP<5Vll« li  I O'Ui iii'ZUF.
l*'ti,i,,ll..„.,.„n...,. • * *
I or it ot Larcenu C>'o«leJ	
Take Notice siiat I, K. C. Elliotl
Free Miners' Certificate n. <>.:, .-
aetini! as .-pent for -The Kswan
Hold r*ii.i Silver Mitring Compam
Limited, Knn.Peraonsl Iini •
1'i-e*. MinersCertlflcat.i No USS
. tend,  sixty ,|s;,y frnni  (he (lrr*c lie.	
toapply  i-i llie Mi,,i.,g Rcmrdt* ■   i i
i 'itilieales ..f Improvements i . tl
purpose ot obtaining Croivu u,-
tbc above ciaim*.
And further take notice that sclion
nnder section 37, mutt be comi * .*
before t.io isstmecaof such Cert ideal.
ol ltnprovainenK.
Daicd  this lib*   dav of 0,-t      a o
II (Hi.
Notice is hereby given Cat 3C
days from datn hereof I intend t>.
apply to tiie Ciiiei Cotnin isioucr ol
Lands i Works for a spteiai li
censa > ■ i ijc rya.vav iin.
ber from ihe following desoribed
linds: —
Timber claim No. 1,    Commeu-
cin^'at ii post j.linio.I o i tbo north
si.loof I'.'plar creclt, 30 fvet from
tlie crccn bank,about Smi'er frnni
Pt.plar ma.ko 1 Henty Magi,u on'
P. E. g iriitr po;i; liience w.b' 80
cliaiuf, tlii'iicij i.orih 80 chni.-,
thenoo e let SO olialoq, iheuoe eo.ii I.
80 ciuiui b.ic.v 11 point ol c .minoii*
L'*citi*d Nov i8:b, j9ije.
Henry ilagnnsou, Licat jr. | ?
Eric Strand, Aueni.
Best Hotei in Town,
Hea-ioarters fe iii aid CommsrciaJ Mei
l.ooee   leal   Binders,   Fir.e  J..'.
Pi luting.
Starfte^ & Co.
0 ii.    "      ;.:.-.: RHS In Butter,
I ■ •*.   Ci..v*..e,    Produce   and   l*'ryit
II . , i... loiephiiio St Nel k n, B C,
Hotel and
General Store
Hardware,  Miners' hi   plies, Suva
iii,l Ranges.
It  pais tn use  ll •■   T. !,*; '   •■"       A
' lengthy trip ran often ba *av. I    I
.*•   l araill        i - i u .,.
i.nl.t*, Puat 0 .*   *  atoii Cm*
kplis and An
Doily Stax, K i.
le»vt  Fcrgu,
7 ara.
Trotit Uk»»
ia eraAevtioii       j
A. M. Craig     Wm. Crawford
Watch-repsiring,   et-c.    All work
jMdfsIIaws BlotiL. t-iLate,B.(;
Imperial  Bank of Canada
B   C
F. B. Wells
reVeiutoke, b. c.
N*-. B9.
•^yifpfv.^     A V. Si A.M.
; y^Sr/\   3rd   Tliurfday each
'   X/ ti.n.ti..*
S'.j.'iii      . llrethren oordiallv intlted.
:, Porddred.8ee. P.O.Campbsll.W.M
II, ad Olllce
capital paio up,,        4,irs.cre.
ntat 4i.-n.cii
D i: VVUKIE, President Hon.*TtOftpHT JAPPBAV.!<
BRANCHES   in t ..■  I'r,,. i*t*. nf Albarta. Saakatcbsaan, *    .
M.i Itoba OntarioawfQIi-tiiec.
GAVINGS DCPAFtTMENT. -I'**i »re.*, nel snl intureot i   u*- . >l ,*,:;
torrent r»te fr-*> n data *,/ ..(*ei.in^ ..I accou-j;.
'IkoLT I.AKS UkASni —
II. I.. R!*.'D.
Lardeau ||
Sandy Laughton
W' j !]! V   lisiling   Fergnann ynn
'■ild sini '.t Mi- 1.1.dean
■■     lintel,      Hen-   i|„-    *i|i|ui
will  h-  inrronndn.l  «i.ii
In,mn ....iifuris    lij
ciiieiiit-,      well    venli]
and   warm   rooms,   «• I!
sl indeed bar, and  t'vi*rythiog vthich
I,*..!.. i.,«.i.i|*.  ninking y.ur \tail u
pl>*.,•:.. I smI   .* tin .i.il.l.* oue.
i; 1*' ■* fr* m tl day ii| ti ards.
We mi*' .- i>. j*'.- >e nor i atr t f.
IKUll    LAKK   I.Or.iiF.    1. O.O.K.
KO. tl
l.f-.i'ut mrirtlnai, lielrt lit
Oddfellow's   linl I   nvm
foaadaf »i-.-i.i si  •
.. .*  .   ,      . i-.r ag  ur..rit-
■ra aurdiall y turnn,
Utteis ut , tn- i. twurd aTaHaa*-a ...  saj
l-A'    nf'lltf ,t
Sfealal •Itfulon i ..    tn eollMiiont »m
Miniur Beads,
Review Job Dept.
tor High-Class Work.
r W. ntwpbtrd, H»e
D \J \i 17. li I     . ij      uooa suave or llair Cut      y
cash pivcF.s PAn>.:P,BHrns&Co^wi,,iam Schnei1. j
-   HS6a\?ilU]    S   [WttOLESALE   AND   BRTAIL
. >-e-t*--*^*<f>€«^rr»^*«-*»o*frj
1- - -  '
1 —«
W — roti a —
-      Qood Shave or Hair Cut     -it
5 :iGavbcr Sbop |
No, 2.    C.immer.eing ut n jr.*' '
*-».-•«.mm---U-&>SJ -i->iS-4*«* 13-eZt-T- I      .    .
...   abe Ibotcl Beaton  ...   j
rrrr=__r_r_    BRA ION.   IV C     —
    |l 50
Hold and Silver V 00
Silver and Lead  .. 2 50
■     1 ')0
7iuc.      1160
5   SHANNON,  AttmTytt
Trout Lako, B. C.
Dfalersin all kmii* ui' I're-1. Mn.t
Hot and Cold Baths
iMKHMH t!.'.  ir-J/x-ttrflll.'
n*o.a.MeOartar, j  a. it«rr»,
aoiieii.tr> lorlmpartal lu...k efCSuuS*.
Barber Sh
For iiooj Ilk.    iltitif .
el •*   *►   j le
i. .-■ , bAKKrl v
Hot em*) CoM mtibi
.4V «
•re-.,, .,ii, ... rrom the creek builc.   i V    »«» Arrowhead, wilt fin.l tl,l- Hotel lo be fnlli Miilpned
■and adj;iolng No. 1 rmai    ,i..,,«'' lor liteli-elaas tiade.   Excellent acmmmo.            'a well
,,,;i,u r       n    ,        r     '   " "  H ' " "Pro nied and tpscimis dinlnn ball     Tbe beat f.f w, ■ i Bnliita
miles from Poplar, JmarkedHmn ' ' aadOlasm    Pen-onalaupervialen'--' .-.. L...'"/" i""*.
Magnuson's    N e'                      i u pauons. Visitors to tba I anle •.
ll,..,...., _^....,-r.A     .     . ** lit,	
I'erer-n >! anpen laiei  la slven to ihs raqnirement* of
tori t>. 'Ire i ur.i''".i pan iciv'tu c.iuiuri a! thii hotel,
W. BOYD -:- -:- Prop
henoa*»nth80 chains, thenoe sou-
"80o!nii„a, thenee weal 80 chaini
tt"-.--  north   80 ohains,  thonce, w
-"* tO -Iwiin,, back lo ,.oi„t of   5
commenoement, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Located Nov. 18ih 1900 ' tt^«^-^«*-w^«^*v»-»«^*«r:i.^ _t-n<r*ia x^tnJi
flonty M.ig.iuaou    L. cator.
Eric Sl rand   Agent
K.i. 3.     Cnnitn'-no'n-? ft a f est
planted oo the {north aide of r.'i--
JflrC.eeh, 800feet from Jibe creek
lunk. uud nb tot 8 miles from Pop*
lar, m-tiked Henry M-ignu-oi'9 N.
W. comer posl; thence cast olialns
ihcnce Jsnttili SO  cliaiis,   [hence
woi-t 80 chains,   tlcnco   norib s-0
clinins. back to point of com men-
LocatO'l  Nov, 18t'i 1006i
No. i Comtnenoing nt n
post ; lante-l nn ih north hid« nf
Rap 'l Cccck i.io;. feel (r'.n. oreok
2 milea from L.ird i River nuiik**.!
Chas. Han-nn'o N E corner |ios'|
thence weaf 801'lihiiiu,  I heiii-o eon
t'i feO'lmna thenco oatt 80chains lensyi
llvnco norih 80 rliai. s   b.iok   t.
plnoii of commencement.
Ko 2 Commencing ni a po-t
p'a..t.d >.n tlie .o-th r'oic. if l,';i;.
Id] creek 1000 fe-t from oreek 3
mil-« from Lard' River marked
Cha* Hanson* N K c* rner popt:
hrnco \ro<t 80 ciminta   thenoo -o'l
S'otice   i»   l*."i*l,v   rIv. n that   eixty
days       rn.i.   ilie    fl.hi     |
.... i;* *j«|i Columbia '. *
••.i.i   11   ai ply   t-v    il'..    Hon
. Ccinmifil'inar   nf   Lauds and
U'..■!... in  n ineeisl license to ent and
,....,* ;,...,.   |i,,,|>er  i-f*in  tiie f. 11
■'.i '.**ii).*.i landi situated In Wen K..**t-
UMTS Ma^niurrn, Lootior.     "' 80 c,,ui"9 th""<;" •»'"< 80 ohains
-grlo Strand. Agm-o ibence north SOJchnl.ia   back u,
No.icei, hereby 6iv,.n Ula!
point ofontauienccmonl
Cunin-enetni - -        -•   lai led an the
; i ink nl i'.i- •... ei'■'•*   aim.it  3!(
from ill nou:h Uinrked C.f.Ooppi
roithnreit rnriisrputl "i timber Iin.it
ti  ...    tone inonce 80 chants
inai, thenco !i'i el li ti.e ..■ 80
iliainn  ivc«t   Ihenee   KO   chain*, i iilli
i"  il..* ; all i  ll *<>;..inc.,cement.
;*i2. Commencing at a iwsl |i!anledj
nn thu west slds >*f t'lir.y.in ereek'
nl..,i.t   o mllis from Its month, m*>*lh.'..
C   I. ('npp's  snuthuc*.!   corner poet,
ll.e-.-..- 80 chains east, ihenee80 t
nr.-ih. thenc. 80chains mssl.lh nee80
chains inuil. to point oi oommenceinent
T." UK 'nive l.e.n f.itiinra
u nl..- I.y jiiili.-iouH Invealr
I. • i r Real Kalnte, and
in-rn fxitu'.'-s will b>* inai. than
pier the i. ,\t two Ol three yc.i.e.
Tho one wh'< reap* tha harvest is
t...* original Invealor, for lis baa
his iii.in.v nu n 'cMsinty.
Now Iel ui pofut nut to von thai
t'-. re i. n-i It.llrr SpOl "ll ll.e Con*
! •• ' i" I of R**,il i-.'stit,' than
Trout Lake i* the prettiest ap..i
in   ihe  K'H.leBiiyaj .is u pleasure
n ■> r*  it  has i. . rqiml.     li'iutinf;
nn I  lislin *<  ii.iij  i .*   Indulged in
the  y ur  i  up.I j while In.* game
it.  abundance ik  to iho  ioui.il ...i    *
llie   liills      lis  cllnmte ia mprrl.,     41 i f.
there  bring  no ftrmit* pstri*nu*s, li     *■*-.■■—.
1>* lug mild   in wini. i' nnd <■ o' In
kommcr,    I' •*.!" b asi nf it ono i f
ih. lin-'t lirdela  nnd rraidencM In
I, n isl, f(,iiiniii:M.   Its greets are
well  lad "iii and graded,   The"
nr • two ■ t<-■■ I' ni  genera) Blon s,
a...l a glance ni lhe advertiaemei li
{.. (hla journal nill *-'..-  thai nil
trades are fairly well r'pic«eiit.*d.
Write wilh confidence tn Agents.
, * . - - - .'.« il.llt.ly-
,.n« -Wb.il L„nt,s   fr^
^cstiioolenay Diitrict.
JfO^ttntted in ncxtcolumi.j
j th SO cliaiiiH thenee ciist 80 chain*
(licnrc north 80 .- i>i « buck to
point of conimonccmetit.
Located Oci. 28th 1906.
('has Hanson hcatgi
I..    ■
Located Oct, 18th, iocs.
C L. Copp, locator.
H. McPherson
Trout Lake, B.C.
Lots can be
obtained on
Make your j
selection at
••      as
••      ae
Then call on
or write to
IT has never had a ' boom "—its
prowin baa been al.ady. Ii ..
lhe l„*«d .( ntvlgatlon, m.d
th* terminal o| tbe Lardo brai..*h
of Iht C.P.R. All mad, (in tl*.
Laideau) lead to Tn-ul Uke. It
" Hie cimui.rrisl centre (J the
"chiit mineral diatrirt .,*- the
'"'tir.eiit, sidhasUikingfurili-
ilea prntrtdid by ihe In.*,rial
lark of Canada ; fit.i class school
•"-""■•"'a.ir.i imdir. tl.s iljfefr
"'«'" H K Shannon. Ji.A.. , KOoJ
water system ; gnvi mini nt ..flier.*;
'."«t.i> (V..ri aitiiiiMi M.th-diei
■Bplatepal aid Ai.glicanchurjl.es
and.cottage I„-.,ij,hi.
There tre valuable rtpoh lands
on iheonuklrls swsltlng sel Hers,
lHli.ii.lier resourtetllt magnifi
"'.""da bi-ndrnw i. i'i -a ith a
capacity of 80.000 ft. ptr day is nt
l'", '•««« "f the lake. Tlm mines
^-•uiniy nn, p,,,!,',^ nut bigger
Iro.lii.ua every yrTir, with 7,7«•
pioMut*. i pei-ingu,, „,.,,, 0,jiM „f
rb-trt will  bt s  dig ,„a|, thta
ru,r-   h'\ ""   Jon    would   know
more, write a, onr„ to ,„,„, o(
""■'g'-'i'aat the addrssics below.
t. B. Welis
C*ner«l Agtnt
Revelstoke, B.O.
m****** wimmmAfmmmm^mA^Amme»f \


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