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Lardeau Mining Review 1906-11-08

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 *"""' %
Has a larger wren
lation than any
Newspaper in N
Kniitcnay. BeBt advertising   n.ulitm
vol. a
M l»t«6
Ahe representative 1
of the ia-hLard.au I
•ountry.      Sent  t..  J
any address for f 2
per an. in advance.
TROUT LAKE CITY, B.C..   Nov. 8th    iqo6
On South Pork
Minnie P. a|ner,, ,,,,„, |U
1"1:"T;V"' ''"i«-M„,„,,,lm,„M
oi west Kootenay district
Where located:
nl Canyon Creek,
Take notice thai I, pr0(] c: Ell-
ag'nt for Clara Grace Westfall, ad*
ministralrix of the estate ..I John
W. W'ih fall, dooesied, tree
Mlntr»i Certificate, No. B88093,
intend, sixlv days from di *
"'■ I apply t. ihe Mining
'•' wr a Certificate of In
taenia, for the
Good  body of milling ore
opened   up.
Without doul.l   lhe gtci.t-
.1 variet v i'i our City .
We fn Ae FOOT, the
YE and the POCKET.
t" I'uiiiular attention given to
Mail Orders.
iti 1!
R ANDREWS & Co Prop.
Vttlctons,   Slaters
■ i
Ri .* r:
purpose ofobtalulns
1 Urown i.r.-mt ol the above olaim
And farther take notloe that action under section 87, must bei .
tnmenced   l, f.„,   ,-,„. |nuaneooj
Certificate ol Improvements
Datad tins lHth day of Oc*
A. Ii  1906
FRED. C. Elliott.
l-i'f.i iv.   development to
•II    wintc.
be  car.icd  on
Nolle, i*- hereby given
'!. .* roo nt development work
on the "Silver I)..liar" property,
owned I.y "Thu Ellwnod Tln*work*
-•r» G..1I Mining CompalSy ..( Indiana, has ) radically mad*) it a
| mine of Lis po»aibilitiaa.
The present wnrk   is confined to
driflli k "ii   Ihe  south  lead,   and
cross cutting to isp No 2 vein.   In
wnrk two  inschine drills are
t*tat   80   '"' '-'. "r.rkv.l In .Ire couth,  or
days from date hereof I intend In No I vein, ihe ore has been cut
apply lo t!i* Chief Comm isioner oi '',l" for a distance of 18 feet, and
Lands dt Works f..r a special li* 'he full width of the tunnel. Th«
lo ■ .t and eairy sway tin. aterage value of the ore is $10. 5*i
ber from ibe following describediP*r t«»n. It is (ne milling, and
lands:   - j the outside cost of minini; and mil
Commencing at   a poat planted Jn8 wl'* not e«ecd W.00 per ton.!
about 80 chain ith oi Mc  Km- '""' N"* - v,i".   l" "P wl,it'1' UlB;
..on cmk    on th.   west  bank of cr6" cot U beln* itinn*'  ]0t*e{'
Fish river, Weal   Kootenay district wide °" l1"' rnrh'v *'d «»» g°°d
thenoe weet 80 chaii ■   thi nee n. r V:l*ues.
lh 80 chaina, ihenee east 80 chaini      Duriugthe   early  i*art   cf   the
i point i.| winter two machines will  he kept
commencei I.
Pedro Minenil CUim situate in
lhe Trout Luke Mining divieiun of
West Kootenay Dwtnct.
Where located: On South Fork
of Canyon ('ieek  <
Take notice thatj I, Fred. C. E!l
lott, F.M.C. No., E881G7, acting
aB agent for Oui a-Grace  Westfall,
administratrix   of the estate of
John  W. Wee-fall,:deceased P. M.
U. No. B8S0.II, J.;M. Miller, V. M
C. No. H88167, and M. F. Chestnut
F. M. C. No. 1J8S1*^3, intend   sixty
days from date hereof,  to apply to
tbe Mining  Reorder for a Certificate ol Improvements, 'for ll.e pur-
l>ose   ot obtaining u Cr wn Urai.t
..I the above claim'.
And fnrth.-r take notice lhat action, under section 37.musl be com-
menced hef'.re tlie issuance of such
Certificate of Improvements
Dated this 18th pay October,  A.
I). 1906.
FRED     0.    .ELLIOTT,
Trout Lake, B. C.     and Ferguson
11   11   Norihey
Local id Oct      r Gth. UOfl.
School Supplies,
Dry   Goods,
Noli. ■ ii  ii> rehy giv. n lhat  60
rx*t a H\\*C~ dayt after the first publication of
i.'iUlI WlltrP -hit notice in the Bntiah Colnm-
*■ . lasette,  I inti a 1 ;.. epi ly  to
Ron. Chief Connniaeionei  11
lands an I \V..rks for u special Li*
ul and carry away lim*
ibcr from the  lolloving described
Ilands siwat-ed in West K-e.tenay.
t     imendig ata post planted
latent Medicines at Harry UMreit n. e ..n.r
it sbont I ii.iii-*- fnu.i Troul
Lake ..u the Ueaton wagon road
marked Ed Hillmaua 8. W. corner poet, tlr-nre Eaal 8i chains
thence Ni rlh 80 chains thence
W.-tSO chains thenee 8 uth 80
,-ii. ia to point of commencemenl.
Located Bept 10, 1906.
Ed Hillman,
Notice is herel.v given that sixty
daya after dale 1 intend to apply
t-. tii Chit f Commisaionar of Landi
nnd Works for permission to pur»
.. the following described landi
situated al Tr< ul Lak V I K ■'
enay I liati.* I, and commencing ata
post marked K. L. Maaii i
S w oorni r, thence south 2"
chain", thonce east 20 ohains,
more or lees to shore ol front l.nk-
ihenee northerly along lake show
'to south*, iat corner poat ol I, l
190, th* nee west along line ol L>t
190 to p.i-t of commend RU nt. containing 40 B.*r.R more nr leas.
Dated 26 th. Oc*..19ufl
IC    I,   V .*!....*   ■•
Notice if hereby giv.nth.it with-
,„ ,„,, i on thi Irom tbe Aral pub
! liraiion hereof in the Britiah  Col-
Labis -* ii ' •   I Intend to apply
1(, ii,,. 11.mi   Cl iel Commiaaionei
ol Land, and Works tw a ipecUl
lieen..- 1*. 0 ll tO I ••■*■">' AW'VV "'"'
dor linn, ti.-' following described
Isodi lituated In Wtai Kootenay
Cimtnoncug at a imsl marked A K
•|.;v,,,y »ouih ia*i corner poat, ..'•
the north aide of Steobir    Laki
n„ the Trout Lake wagon mad, a-
'boul ibre'* chains wis' '*f 'he  n"r-
Itl, weatd'tnerof Adama' i"""i*
t ul.mi! I»k« Hii..r- I
il, ?0 chain*
nt •,*, 'rk, running double shift,   As
lite  «..rk  progresses,    additional
men and  machines will be put to | ward Fracti
The o ii press r i\liich wss rc-
oanty installed, i* workiug smoothly, and the lram*way will be core-
|  ■  ■ 1   du; iii^     th*     ik x'   w." k
In conversation will.   Engineer
Kii.inone,  be expreraed himn I *
highly  pl.-asd   with   the   present
A. K.  Fractioa, Bell   Boy. Florenre
Forbes Frscllon,   (jflooeeap   (11   -
No l.jOlo. seep So. 3.. Hon e R in Ui le
Jni.l... Ii.'l'.'i'*i.K-nt, Kootenay -'*' i. I.
KiKjlenay No. 2., Kootenay Ko. 'A  1 I ■
lion, Lardo, Morning Smr, May.   * »y
No I. May   No. 2.. May No. IS. May ho
I. Mnv No. 5
The Broadview people take up
the option and make
first payment.
Development work showing up good body of ore
oa   300 fool level.
The 'Ohio Mines Development
Company' of Cincinnati, Ohio,
made llie lirst payment on lhe
"Broadview" uroui1 '.bis week. We
un.I-i-ian.i thai the balance of the
purchase money, wlncii iB not due
until next February, is provided
Development on tb« .property is
showing up well. Tho ledge on
thc 300 foot level has been cut into
for 12 feet, and the values ob'ain-
id ar« very batisfnctory. Tlie
ledge is being rrosBCut In the hang
ing wall, and the drift being continued   to  g-t   u-der   the   shaft.
Four more men wiil be put on
which will make the total force 13.
. 1G -ubio foo' car 5 00 feet of
•i ..' .• truck trail, and a quantity
of S inch air pipe has arrived for
u e ii. llie mine
Calif are out for the winter's
supply "I provisional steel, coal&c
ia th rail um,
Pilot Fraction, Pilot, Ke-
Katiler. Rattler No   1 .|
DnionJaek Mineral (Wim iltnsted In
tbeIvout'Lake Mining division ol Vie,:
Kootenay district.
Where  located:—On  bis and Seven
Mile creeks tribotoHse of ll.t souih
Fork ot l.aroeau Creek.
Take Noliee  lhal I,   F- *-■ Klliott
Ire,- Miner*' C.rrrli.ule So. BS8.«i'
ictins ..- sgent for Tbe Kew.rd
Hold and S|lver Mining l.on.pany
United,      Nt.n-lVrrien-al      liability,
state i*f the property.
To eliminate any  POfSibility ol •
a nrirr-nr*.-.t'tli" ne.-i't-t at thef tosj.pty  TO the  Mi.-V._- Uecntdri   : *i
....      ,  ■     ,.       , ■ ,  •     , ,      ,'.... i.i**,r.. ,,i  liunrovetnenta. lor tlie
'Broadview .   »hich i*also under ^™07obuini^ Crown uranUal
he hat decided to use1,; r :ii„.,,. rigiim.
the hip Ox cur* and "Diver brand'
[uae   at   taih   properties       It is
.   , mod I.y good mining authority
lhat »ith these caps, it ia next to
an inpossibility l*.ra  hole charge
not to . xplnle. A car load "f
explosives is now on the road for
tha nae of the "silver Do', ar"
Q :;;.  most  beoonm ■
before the i--.uirt.voi iuchCcrtineali
oi Improvements.
Dated u..» un
is ei j_im
Can   Production be   Increased Enough to Check
the Advance In Price?
dav  of Oft .    id.
•XiifiilB for (Butirlu.ii  Piaiuia.
Ju.l-ie Forin, on a recent trip
here, made tho Statement that in
the very n**-ir f-itnre.  our  ereat.*-t   ; Vw, ^.i . ribed landi lituateilin
Notice i* !.!•■>>■ t;iven that
days nf'.er the tir>'. publication >*f
this notice in t; •■ B C. (i-.zat*'. 1
intend io spply lo lhe Hon Chiel
Commissioner of Land!" and Works
for a special lie ice lo out and
carry away   limb, r   from the  foi-
Weat Koo'en.iv District;
Agents  for  Steam   Laundry.
—*>   GOODS
Don't forgct:-
TEe Post
— Office
Trout  Lake,
B. C
at Harry Ungreht South*RMt corner i ..*•*. marked Malcolm Deatona
ssset would be the "tourist".
Dp to lhe present liine, timber
nnd minerals were linked upon as
.ur only roaouroea.       Now, how.
ever, we are bi*|*iiining to realise
that we have, ae lhe Hon. Judge
■aya "a laud beyond compara" ,. r
the enterprising tourist .We also
l„ive i\ s'ret.h of country that can-
,,,, I. excelled for millet Parden-!N.(irtl|30(h|
inp and i-mall fruit-J rhe value
of this ground has ben demonstrated all the «ay Ir.m Beaton
t,, Troul   Lake,  with tho reauU
Without the present domes'ic
demand for silver for mint pur*
p> ses. there is much in the Stalls
ti...'; ].-iii.tii of that impor!snt
metal to account fur the recent nd-
vai.ee in price*. Not since 1S93
hns this metal cost over 12 pence
tier ounce in London or 70 cents
at New York. Probably the fip-
ures w.re expanded somewhat by
government pnrohaaea at the rate
if ah .\it 2,000,000 ounc-d recently
deliverable ut the Philadelphia.
Denver and oilier mints: I ut the
■;reat pressure this year hns come
from India whi.-'i lias taken about
♦Gl.a-XI.OOO worth from tho London market, that is more than the
total shipment* t*. all Far Eastern
c untnes in any preceding full
year, with the exception of 1>77
and 1R57. The latter year covered the great Indian mutiny   and
generally  disturbing   conditions
Cinni'ii. in-jat a poal platiici aml lhe great famine ill India occurred in 1S77. The .|ii**<iioii of
the momenl, rays Dun's Review, if
North-East comer post about   four  wiu,,i,er production can be inert
Ihst I.'
la  d !•" advanced   greatly in
miles   Innn T*.-nt    Lak i   the
Beaton  wagon  rood,  Ihcnce  w.s-t
80 chains, Ihenee South SO chains
thence    East   80   ohains.  thenc-
Located Sept. Is'   IW.
Malcom Beaton.
ed sufficiently to cheek the a.l
vatic in price as consumption
irives no evidence of curtailme.r .
PossiMy the demand f-.r uae i-,
con'"! the iirts nny fall ofl, although
there is no present pr s; eel of a
reduction in tlie estimate of 00,-
nOO.mXl loiinces annually, particularly with loading na'ions so
ti,..!. Ihenee we»i
BO chaina, iheow »'
Ibence east 80 cbaina, thenee aou-
iuko dams,  lo point of ooroinen*'
■ >" jfsgi,
E. A. Haggen.
iloeh ^harea.^Hn•••fi»lB,0,",
Real F.slsie and toiOraBCe,
Fire Llie, AecJdent, HeaUJ"<
Usolllty Insurance
I  '. ,.anit.nrne.
Gents Furnishings
[B/   W. V. B. KNOX, io "Rwraaiion".]
R'Y W- V.   Kn .X   w!u visit.-d
t n dn'.rioi a'n.u fur  ynr-i  a^i
in concoction   wim tlieaffiirn of
'hs  ".Nfuiitain   Li >n"   Oomumy
bat written  a Iwj-oalumn article
on the bcauiiori of the Lardeau, i i
"Recrestlon",     Oui   space  i-. toi
limited  tj ptib'ish it in one issue.
Iboart'ci.i,   we believe,   will   bi
of intereal lo our readers,    a id m.
(.hall therefore spread it over sever
ul la-sues.
(Tin hjro of tho "wri'e up" i<
very modest, and has requesteJ ua
to withold bia name. Can you
guesH ii ?.)
''The leader of the party, f .r a
doren years a tireless prosp^ct-.r
among the higher Selki'ks, declar-
* d the ascent to bo very difficult
and at one j-oint dan?eroU3, *jnles*i
one kept a s'.ea ly hea I ail careful footing. The Csld r! ,j< showed a passage where for 63 feet
around a shoulder to the cr^-.t, one
niiiat ed>?e along on a ledge not
...ore than a font wide wi'h * aheer
fall of 8, 600 feet into the gorge
blow. Wou'd the two women
dare that climb? They eturdil-.
declared th**y would go.
"In due time, our strong
broad-shouldered prospector,   had
a dufflebag I f food pack id, end we
took up our long path  canes,  aud
,he party of five -tired.    As often
happen* in mountain cimbioiz, we
w.re compelled to g-i  w'de  of the
direct route to reach qui* objective,
An aacent of s..nie hundreds of feet
'uacnuisc  awsy  from   ll.e   peak
•enabled us to attain t t-harp ridgj
along whic!t  w-scrimMeJ tD our
coah    Here on thc open r-ckB wn«
offered a  uu.st  interesting even:.
Sudd-nly assu-ned an attitude of intense attention,   and in
a atage  whisper explained,   "Sia
those p'armigans!" Sure enough,
a couple ot these arctic birds   were
wil bin a few feet of us.      The amateur taxiderm-st  of the party cried  < ut:   "Oh,  I want one of those
to mount iis skin!"   With his alpenstock the  prospector attempted
to reach one, but the bird was just
a little loo' shy  for  such   nu  end
and a carefully thrown st >ne fr..m
tho hand   knocked   it over, while
its mate flew away  thrre  or f ar
hundr.d yards to safety.
"In due lime, over summits and
across snowlields, we came lo that
particular sp >t where acute danger was possible. with
his lov,   first   m d •  the passage
then he returned to help  his  wife
around the kdec.     Kr.m the near
side Dr. and   I   watched.
With her face turned  toward  thc
rock, Mrs. ed^ed al ng,
foot by foot, clinging with her fingers to rough places in the cliff,
never once turning her eyes backward to lhe abyss. II*r husband
kept besi le her to steady her if
necessary, hut not once did she
falter or grow dixit', or yield to a
{.rain of fear. In two or three
ininiHes she was dancing success
on the far Hide. Now it was the-
turn of my wife. sidled along in front of her, and I
close  on   the  ntlur side,   but aa
steadily an.l coolly as Mrs.   	
she made- the pas-asc
To lie r.n.tiiiue.l in • -n rest 'sme.
This boot is waterproof and
the grea'.est wear resifter you
ever saw. A word of de.
BOOT;   round   toe  last  with
heavy bingle sole and slip
^sk yoar dialer to show it to
J. Leckie Co
B. C
Local and Ceneral.
Notice   to    Subscribers.
Following our usual custom, we
sre .this week, making drafts on
our patrons lor SUBSCRIPTIONS
DUE. This saves TIME, PAPER AND STAMPS to you. We
ask your kind altenti p'.o fame
draft when presented.
Fred C. Elliott ani Dan McLen
nan went to Nelson • n a business
trip, the beginning of the week.
George Fo'dred came down from
•'Five Mi'e" to see hiso':d friends,
the early part oi the week.
J, D. Kennedy, Alex Sutherland, Jake Eamhart and Mrs,
Clemens, were up from Gerrard
f,.r a few days.
The high wind of Tuesday broke
the log boom at the f ot of ihe
lake. Captain Fitzimmois we.it
down with the "Protor" to gather
the "floaims'' up.
Jack Rady was up from Poplar
the end of last week. He reports
tl.e logging bus'ness good at lhat
Some n>ght ther,* ii going to be
a Gre in town, and a WttOUl hss
to someone, will bo the result
The expense of putting in hydrants, and the purchasing of COO
feet of hoso has been gone into,
and the matter has slopped short
Knowing what to do and how to
<loi». where to put your hand on
the necessary spplisnces so as to
get quick action, would hc hall
thc battle should a lire occur.
Ed. Hillman it gaining su.ih a
reputation in thc 'timber" line,
thai he will soon hc called tbe
•TlmberKing ol the Lardeau."
Mrs. Jow;ett, the popular hosteea
ol the "Trout l.ake City Hotel",
celebrated her birthday on Monday, the fifth. Tho "Review"
wishea the estimable lady "Many
happy returns i f the d.*y ,
Cory Miiiliirnick is Ading Dep
u*.y Mining Recorder at Caiubon^
Thc 1 adic-' Guild of the Anglican Church he'd a meeting during
the week, and decided to give a
"R-.sk.-l Social"  in a short  timo
Those who attended the latt en*
tertaintiKiit ol ihe Guild, enjoyed
•lie affair so much that they anticipate wilh plo.surc tho date of the
coming one.
Auditor SmiH', of the C. P. ft.
was up on his usual tiipof inspection this week.
George I.ex, of the Model ranch*
Ueaton, was a visitor hero a lew
ii !■."■ ago lie informs us that
land in his neighborhood is ruing In value very rapldlv. He re*
cently ind a eaah offer for his
placo which would have piid him
hindsomely wbleb le.».'u«cj.
& » $ «do &'tl&« 6 o«ob « ooT*£¥¥$ $&•©«*
i *-p« ] n H A rcuangel hotel, Mme. Glp-
I -r'- a.-.i Iiiiii, was the most elegant building on tbe yual
Si. Michel. A person who
paid ner fortnight's board lu advance
was treated wltli consideration at this
ii.'k'l. .Mm.'. Alexandre, vrbo l.a.l been
:. pretty woman, was bow stout, tight-
Ij laced, always overdressed an.l f..ud
uf weuriug a number of flashy gold
, hums, falling in fWSCSdfS ..ur her fat
bosom. She bad bright eyes and white
teeth, but, alas, a red nne. Of all her
weaknesses--and heaven knows she
had indulged ill every variety-only ■
one remained; she loved a good dinner.
With plenty of wine. She loved her
husband, and about tbe time M. Patrl- ,
geut was leaving the hospital she be- I
gaii to be worried that her "little man"
bad not returned to dinner. She was
about to sit down without him wheu
the hotel boy cried out:
"Here Is monsieur!"
"Why, how late you are, my little
man!" she cried as she dropped her
knife and fork and rushed forward to
embrace him.
Uut he received her caresses with an
air of abstraction.
"I'm tired." he said. "I have been
the whole day playing billiards with
Evarlste, M. Fauvel's valet, and allowed him to win as often as he wished. I became acquainted with him
yesterday, and now I am his best
friend. If I wish to enter M. Fauvel's
service as a messenger, 1 can rely upon
JI. Evariste'a good word."
"What, you be an office messenger?
"Of course I would.   How else ara I
to get luto M. Fauvel's house for the
purpose of studying my characters?"
"Then the valet -gave you no news?"
"Nothing that I could make use of,
and yet 1 turned him Inside out like a
glove.    This banker ts a remarkable
man.   Evarlste says he has not a single vice,  not even a little defect  by
which  his  valet could  gain   10 sous.
He neither smokes, drinks nor plays—
In fact, he Is a saint   He Is worth millions  aud   lives   as   respectably  and
quietly as a grocer.   He Is devoted to
his wife, adores his children, is very
hospitable, but seldom goes Into society."
"Then his wife Is young?"
"She must be about tifty."
Mme. Alexandre reflected a fiioment
"Did  you   Inquire  about the  other
members of the family':''
"Certainly. The younger son Is an
officer In the army. The elder son,
I.u.leii. lives with his parents and Is
as icper as a.young lady."
"And tbis niece of whom you have
"Evarlste could tell me nothing
alKtut her."
Mme. Alexandre shrugged ber shoulders.
"If you have discovered nothing. It
Is because there Is nothing to he discovered.    Still  do you  know  what I
would do If I were lu your place?"
"I would consult M. Lecoq."
At the mention of this name Fanferlot jumped up as If be had been shot
"That's pretty advice! Do you want
me to lose my place? M. Leeoq does
not snspect that I have anything to do
wiih the case except to obey his orders."
"Who told you to let him know you
were Investigating It on your own ao*
count? You can consult him with an
air of Indifference, as If you were not
at all Interested, and after you have
got his opinion you can take advantage
of It"
Tho detective weighed his wife's
"Perbsps you sre right," he said.
"Y. t M LeCOq Is so devilishly shrewd
that be might see through It all."
"Shrewdt" echoed Mme. Alexandre.
"ShrewdI All of y..u at tl.e police office say that so often that you have
mads his reputation."
"\V. II. 1 will think the matter over.
Rut In the meantime what does the little one say?"
Tbs "little one" was Mme. Nina (Ilpsy.
lu taking up her abode al the Arch-
angel the poor girl thought she was
following good sdvtee, snd. as Pen fer-
lot   bSd   DOI   shown   himself,   she   wns
mil under tbe Impression that she had
obeyed s friend of Prosper. When
t-ii.r received ber summons from 11,
I'nlrlg.iii, she admired tbe wonderful
.un t.r tbo police in discovering her
hi.lim.' piece, In she bad established
herself ni tbe botel under a false or,
raih.r, h.*r irue name, Palmyra Cbocn>
rein.*. Artfully questioned by ber in-
qntsltivs landlady, she ^n.i without
any mistrust confided air history to
h.r. Tims I'linf. riot was able to pose
before tbe ■Judge ns a skillful detective
wh.'ii lie pretended to have discovered
sll this Information from a variety of
"The llitle one Is still up stairs." answered Mine. Al.-x nnd re. "She suspects nothing. Itut io keep her In her
present Ignorance becomes dally more
difficult I don't know what the Judge
told her, but she came homo very nn
gry. sin* wanted to go and make n
fuss st M. Fimv.Ts. Then she wrote
n letter, which she told Jciin to post
for her.    But I kept It to show you."
"Wbatr Interrupted Fanferlot "Y'ou
have a  letter aud did nut tell me l-a-
fniv? Perbaps it contains ths clew to
tbe mystery,  Quick I  Qlve It to mei"
m  Alexandre opened a utile cupboard .unl took out u letter, which she
I.nu.le.i in her husband.
"Hero, take II," Bhe said, "and be
Considering that she used to be a
chambermaid, Pnlmyre Cbocnrellle,
since become Mme. uipsy, wrote a
good letter, lt was addressed In a
free, flowing hand: "M. M. L. dc Cla-
in. inn, forge-Master, Hotel du Louvre
Uo I.,* banded lu .M. Hupul de La guru.
(Wry Important.)''
"Oh. ho!" said Fanferlot. accompa-
oying his explanation with a little
whistle, as was his habit when lie
thought be hnd made a grand discovery.    "Oh. ho!"
"Do vou Intend to open It?" questioned Mm.-. Alexandre.
"Y'es," said Fanferlot as he dexterously opened the envelope.
Mm,*. Alexandre leaned over the
shoulder of her "little man." and they
both read:
M. Kirul—Prosper l» in prison icaised ol •
-.hull I In. w h>* a-mt coramiltrj. Thr<?s
tit,* ttco 1 WtWA U' jr. u i.n this subject.
"What!" Interrupted Fanferlot "This
silly girl wrote and  I never saw the
I. Iter'**"
"Bnt, little man, she must have peat
ed it herself the day she went to 'lie
Palais de Justice."
"Very likely." said Fanferlot, satisfied.   He continued rending:
I wrcl? to yo* :'■ it. itt. .go »ml have no reply. Wlio *ttl h.:p Prapcf if I..* Um trimis
(Inert him? If you don'l sn-w,*r ti il i*t r, I
»h*ll   CMlidff   ni>- il   * :■ ia   a   ci-ruIn
promise ind without scruple will tell  Pr       -
.he   ,"li,tr>al:  ti   I   i.tit.jrd   between   you   and
II. de t lj.iu-riri. But I -j:, MOB! • rt .to. .1.1 1
not? I shall eipeil .vou It the Arotutnge! hotel
•Ity tiler tomorrow Uu«n IS and I.
.Nin, Cim.
The letter read. Fanferlot without s
word pr reded i i copy It.
"Well." said Mme. Alexandre, "what
do you say?"
Fanferlot was delicately roseallng the
copied letter when the door of the hotel
office was suddenly opened, aud the
boy whispered:
"Hist!   Hist!"
Fanferlot disappeared with marvelous celerity Inlo a dark closet He had
barely time to close the door before
Mme. Qlpsy entered.
Alas, the poor girl was sadly chang
ed. She was pale, h.r cheeks wen
hollow and her eyes were red with
Uu seeing her Mme. Alexandre could
not repress a cry ,.f sin prise.
"Why, my child, you are not going
out? "m.
"I nin obliged to do so. madame. and
I came to ask you to tell any one that
may call during my absence to wait
until 1 return."
"But where are you going at this
hour, sick as you are?"
Mme. Gipsy hesitated a moment
"Oh." she said, "you are so good to
me that 1 am tempted to confide In
you. Read this note, which a meeaen-
ger Just now brought to me."
"What!" cried Mme. Alexandre, perfectly aghast "A messenger come
here aDd go up to your room?"
"Is there anything surprising In
"Oh. no."
And lu a tone loud etougb to i*
heard In the closet she read the note:
A Iriend of Pro*p*r. who nn mitbrr receive
you rut present him* if al four bouse, needs t.
•IK-ak lo tou. De in the stage ofllc« opposite tr>*
bt. Jacques tower tonight at 9 precisely, and .he
wntir »ii iprpnat-h  .       I -:.at l.e l.as to
say to you. I have appointed this public placs
lor the rendexvoua so a, la r.lieve >ou ol ail tear.
"And you are going to this rendezvous?" cried Mme. Alexandre.
"But it Is Imprudent foolish. It Is
a snare to trap y,.u."
"It makes no difference," Interrupted
Gipsy "1 nm so unfortunate already
that 1 have nothing more to dread.
Any change would be a relief."
And. without waiting to hear any
more, she set out She was not lu the
street lo fore Fanferlot bounced out of
the closet
"A thousaud thunders!" be cried.
"Are people to walk over the Archangel as If it were a public street? Was
ever such Impudence beard of?" he
continued. "A messenger comes Into
my house and goes up stairs without
being seen I.y anybody! And the Idea
of you. a sensible woman, being Idiotic
enough to dissuade thlt little riper
from keeping the appointment!"
"But. my dear"—
"Did you not suppose that I would
follow ber and discover what she Is attempt ing lo conceal? Come, mnke
baste and help ine, so that she won't
recognise me."
In a few minutes Fanferlot wns completely disguised i.y a thick bean], a
wig and one of those* long linen bloOSeS
won. by men who go bImuiI seeking
work und at the same time hoping
they may not find It
"Have you your handcuffs?" asked
the solicitous Mine. Alexandre when he
wns ready.
"Yes, yes. Make haste and post that
letter to Sl. de Clameran and keep
good watch."
And without listening to bis wife,
who cried out "Good luck!" Fanferlot
darted away.
Mme. Gipsy had ten minutes' start
of blm, but be ran up tho street ba
knew she must bave taken and overtook ber near the Change bridge. On
Cbatelet place she strolled up and
down several times, read the theater
bills and finally took a seat on a bench
and at a quarter of 0 entered tiio omnibus office and sat down. A moment
nfter Fanferlot entered; but, as be
feared that Mme. Gipsy might recognize bim ln spite of his heavy beard,
he took a seat at the opposite end of
tho room, whoro lt was dark.
As tbe Iltiiol de Villi- clock struck 9
a mau entered, walked directly up to
Gipsy, bowed and took a seat beside
her. He waa a medium sized man,
rather stout, with a crimson face and
fiery red whiskers. His dress was thnt
of a well to do merchant There was
nothing ln  bis appearance to excite
attention. Fanferlot watched blm eagerly.
"My friend," be said to hlum-lf, "ln
future I shall recognize you no matter
where we meet, and this very evening
I will follow you und find out who
you are."
Despite bis Intent listening he could
not bear a word spoken by tbe stranger or Gipsy. All he could do was to
Judge by their actions and countenances What wa,s,the> subject of tbelr
conversation. v\ lien mo s-totit man
bowed and spoke to her, the girl looked su surprised Unit it was evident She
had never seen hlin before. When he
snt down I.y her and spoke to her, She
Jumped up with a frightened look, as
If seeking to escape. A single look
caused her to resume her sent. Then
SS the stout man went on talking Gipsy displayed great apprehension. She
positively  refused  to do something;
then suddenly she seemed to consent.
At oue moment she appeared ready to
weep and the next her i.r.-tty face was
illumined by a bright smile. Finally
she shook hands with him, us If she
was confirming a promise.
"What can nil that moan?" said Fanferlot to himself as he sat in his dark
corner, biting his nails. "What an
idiot I um to have placed myself so
far off!"
He was thinking how he could manage lo approach nearer without arousing their suspicions when iln- fat mail
got Op, offered h.s arm t.. Mine. Uipsy.
who accepted it without hesitation,
nud together they walked toward the
.ler. They were s.i preoccupied With
om* another that Fanferlot thought ha
could follow them without risk. Beaching the door, he saw the stout man
and Qlpay cross the pavement approach s hackney coach, sent for from
the omnlbua office, and enter It.
"Very   good,"   muttered   Fanferlot
"I've got them now. There Is no use
of hurrying any more."
When the coacb started. h* followed
at a brisk trot. The cab went up the
Boulevard BebaetopoL It went pretty
fast. But It was not for nothing that
Fanferlot had won the name of Squirrel. Wi'h his elbows glued to hla
sides, he ran on. By the time he had
reached the Boulevard St. Penis be bo-
gsn to get breathless and stiff from a
pain ln his side, then the cab abruptly
turned into the Faulmurg St Martin.
But Fanferlot who at eight years of
age bad been familiar with every
street ln Paris, was not to be baffled.
He was a man of resources. He seised
the springs of the coach, raised himself up by the strength of his wrists
and bung on behind, with his legs resting ou the axletree of the rear wheels.
He was certainly uot comfortable, but
then, be no longer run the risk of being
"Now." be aald behind bis false
beard, "drive on."
The man whipped up his horses and
drove rapidly along the hilly street of
the Faubourg St. Martin. Finally at
tbe old "barrier" the cab stopped ln
front of a wlnestore, an.l the driver
Jumped down from his s.# and went
In. The detective also left bis uncomfortable post and. crouching ln a
doorway, waited for Gipsy nnd the
stout man to get out ready to follow
them. Five minutes passed and they
bad not alighted.
"What can they be doing all this
time?" grcmbled the detective.
Stealthily  approaching the cab,   he
peeped In.
Oh. cruel deception—lt was empty!
"Tricked!"  be said.    "Fooled!    Ah,
but I'll make them pay for this!"
In a moment his quick mind had
run over the gamut of possibilities,
probable and Improbable.
"Evidently." hc muttered, "this mju
and Gipsy entered one door nnd got
out of the other. If so. It was because
they feared 1-eing followed. If they
feared being followed, tbey bave uneasy consciences; therefore"—
He suddenly Intel*.pted his soliloquy as tho idea struck bim that be had
Letter attempt to find out something
from the driver. Unfortunately the
driver was in a very surly uiuod and
not only refused to answer, but shook
his whip In so threatening a manner
that Fanferlot deemed it prsdent to
beat a retreat
"Perhaps." he muttered, "he snd the
driver nre ens- and the same!"
But what could he do now nt this
late hour? He conld cot Imagine. IK*
walked dej.-cte.lly back to the Qual
St. Micbel. and it was half past 11
when be reached his own door.
"Has the little one returned?" he
Inquired of Mine. Alexandre the Instant she opeued the dour for lilm.
"No. but here are two large bundles
which bave come for ter."
Fanferlot hastily opened the bundles. They contained three calico
dresses, some coarse shoes and some
linen caps.
Tbe detective could not repress a
cry. "Well." said he. "now she la going to disguise herself. Upon my
word, I nm getting puzzled!"
When Fanferlot wns sulkily walking
down the Faubourg St. Martin, he had
fully made up his mind Hint be would
Dot tell his wife of his discomfiture,
but once ut home, confronted with a
new fact of a nature to negative all
his conjectures, his vanity disappeared.  11 mfeeeed everything—his hopes
ao nearly realised, his strnnge mischance and his suspicions. Tbey talked tl.e mutter over nnd finally decided
that they would not go to bed tM-fore
the return of Mm.-. Gipsy, from whom
Mine. Alexandre was determined to
obtain an explanation of what had
happened. But would she return? At
1 o'clock the worthy couple were about
giving up uii hope .,f inr reappearance
when ihey heard tin* bell ring. At the
sound of the bell Fanferlot slipped Into
the closet inul Mine. Alexandre* remained In the office to receive Gipsy.
"Here you are. my dear child!" she
cried. "Ah, I have been bo uneasy
Shout you!'1
"Thanks lor your kind Interest, madame.   Hss unvthlnir COWS for ine?"
Poor Qlpay'a appearance hud strikingly changed.   She wns very snd. but
not. as before, dejected. To ber melancholy of the Inst  few dnys hnd  sin
ceded u llrm and generous resolution,
which wus betrayed in h.-r sparkling
"Yes, two bundles came for yon.
Here tbey lire.    I suppose you Saw M.
Bertomy's friend?"
"Yes, madame, -nd his advice has
so Chanced my plans that, 1 regret to
say, 1 iniiHl leave you tomorrow."
"Tomorrow! Then something must
have happened."
"Oh, nothing thut would Interest you,
After lighting her candle nt the gns
burner Mine. Ulpsy snid **.;,„,.] night"
In a very knowing way.
"What do you think of thnt, Mine.
Alexandre?" usked Fsnferlot, emerging from hia closet.
•Tt is incredible! This girl writes to
M. de Chimeriin to met her here und
then does not wait for him."
"Evidently she mlstriiHls us. Bhe
knows who 1 un.."
"Tills ri'Il-na OI uie cosua*r muni
hnve 'old her."
"Wh,* knows? I shall end b.v bcllev-
ing thnt I am among a gang of thieves.
They think I nm on their track and are
trying to escape me. I should not be
at nil surprised if this girl has the
money herself and lutends to run off
with It tomorrow."
"That Is not my opinion. But listen
to me. You had better take my udvlce
and consult M. l.ecoq."
Fanferlot paused to think.
•Verv well. I will see him. Just for
your satisfaction: because 1 know
thnt If 1 have discovered nothing neither has he. But if he undertakes t"
be domineering l win make blm know
his place."
Nevertheless the detective passed an
uneasy night, and at ti o'clock the next
morning ho was up—it was necessary
lo rise very early If he Wished to catch i
M.   Ixvoq   nt   home—and,   having   n*
freshed himself by a cup of coffee, be
directed bis steps toward the dwelling
of the celebrated detective.
I I.i   be  Cum Hilled.)
Quaint,  tang, Genuine  Old  tog  Hout*
In  Which  the  Science  of  tiving
Seemi to Be Perfect.
Ona    kn OWS    sad    li* ar*.    and    reads
somewhat   of   life   ln   an   English   or
Pc 'teh   country   house,   but   a  similar
holiday   spent  in  a   Canadian  country    st.irt on   his   distinguished   car-er.
Medical  Advance, of the  Past-Prof.
Ray tankeater's Summary of Po*'*
tion of  Profession To*Day.
in his presidential addn      :•   . ■' *'
to tlu* Britiah  Association   *  '* «  «j •
ago. Prof.  Ray  Lankest.    bi      -i '"■
Important section  to lh«    *■■-■   ■' """
vancei nf ths past fen >•< irs, anil •»"■■
mai-lsed In Illuminating words tht poi
Hon of ihe profession to daj    * i'*'* '"
tie Interest attaches to Pr '   '
ter's address, In view ot the movemen
to retire lilm as d rector   I the Natural
History Muieum on ■ pension ol   can
a year.  In a long letter to The Times,
Prof. Lankeeterpr sta, sl "i1" atly ■''"■
with dignity, egelnil the a -tion whir- i
would deprive him of a salary < * i•-""■
and throw him al the age of 10 upon
a world with which he Is unacqu I ll
having spent his life In rea. iroh and
selentlfle experiment tt Is i
tlu.t some bettei recognition of Pro!
I.ankester's work 1-' "" '"' :
made than that proposed by tha .1 ■■•*'
Famous German  Doktort.
lt'iiizing thai the i«.. great, at ... dl
cal discovert. - of the '*• ntury were
mads by British ,i -ctora, it Is only
proper I * ..lu.ir thai Qei n-.'.. I'' M ''
and Aus::..... medical men arc to be
credit.,! with Illustrious - ■ '•"- I" ""'
study and in aim. nl I d eease Prof
Lankester*i remai k* m med
»i:h a deserved tni.uie to Koch and
.vim. It was thi i il er, a prof, laor In
botany at Breelau.  who gave K *• !l   '
°f the Popularity ot
No Adu.teratllonco|or|nB ^J.  .mpuHtie,
can     P.ck.te     Only.     40o,     50c.    and     60c.     per     tb.    At   ,||   „  '«'
hous« la little known or experienced.
though the summer months fly in a
in 's: haii y faahlon with those who are
f *. :*,::..i:e enough to p nsim auch a
home, says S Writer In The Toronto
On a sl ping lawn of grass.
. and unkempt in part, though also In part rtch an,I luxurious, stands
a quaint. 1 ny. p-inline old log house,
lo which the addition of a second aior-
Aiid  wi.ie  verandaha  lound   thr.ro
which bacteriology owes so much. Tim*
did a boianinr becom ■ .. greeJ benefas
•tor i» ih.> medloal profesaton: ami to s
soolegtst. Ifetschntkolf, the *«:   mail
of Immunity la due,   Plfteen yeai
Calmette, a brilliant 1*'.* neh Investigator,  startle,!   the  world   nih  the mi*
n,nine.*rn.'lit  ..f hl> experiments  on   ,
bona inio w boa.   vi . .1 been in-
Jeeted n bra venom    I howed
lhat if Die poison leas administered In
Bating Carelessly
freoucrtlv CSUISI itomach troubled, but careful  utinf*  « || PPV
Ult Ihem.    When y.mr itomaftiia out of con.tu,",,.   , ,     *, h ,'
that nn food ran limply.    It must be  thoroughly clean,, |, sl.„|fJ
and itrengthened.   tuud never doci tlm.
ere the greatest itomach medicine human skill ever c m\   unite*]
Don't  attemi.t  to  cure  your   itomach  by   dietinK     Vou  »i]| |u|j
starve and u«t little benefit     Give Ileechiun s I .III s cl
will afc-am know the pleasures Ol a sound digestion
return and the stomach asain work without any.luc-t.il'  .. (
will clear, the lace plump OUt while people will renuik    ii ,„ ^-j
you're looking."   These arc iacla, nut ialitics.   rWV( .:       isc||.
Prepared only by Thomas lie*.haa,, SI   Helens, Lan-.ashl,t. I n.'lsnil.
Sol.I by til l.rujglsla la Canada and U, S. America.     In kesea ;".>.«nts.
sij, s -five a charming ajr of pictures- j small and altenuale.l doaea »'. Brat, an I
queness. The lawn .1-- -lines to a sandy
narrow beach whereon laps th" Ba'.' r
of old Lake s •:. to the rl^ht Is a
'. magnificent willjws. beautiful
ln iheir grey-grten foliage, and beneath
their boughs runs a wide creek frlnsed
with the rich red roots of the trees
Up behind thp time-worn house on the
bank of the lake whirls a tal red windmill sending a supply of water to the
b c ariK on top of the in .dem stables,
and directly U-nealh the bank Is a
bubbling spring. Ita crystal-clear waier
strongly Impregnated with sulphur, be-
by th,- rj)K- ..I,.".ii to have vast
| qualities. There, too. came m**n
and maidens In canoe and boat to have
,      .*
Inside the house, past the huge f: n:
door with the tong panes of glass on
each side, so universal In the early days
if pioneer  Cans        ,   tiny  hail  opens
gradually Increased, enough migh: nlil*
mately  b.*   irtveii   to  km   thirty   :.
without In the leaal illsturti ng tha an -
mat.    The  tmrse  had  baooms  Immune,
and an examination Of SlWd would
sh'W that a powerful antidote bad
been created. The Behring lymph, a
practical specific for diphtheria, WSJ a
result of this dttoovery.
The Warrior** of the Blood.
The-.e  is   no discovery  In   medicine
thai makes mors fascinating and en-
eouraglng reading than thai .if .*>!■■
nlkoff In reference to the work "f t!"*
white corpuscles, named by bin phagn
■ .*■ * - "       It    Is   thi*
■■■ that N now generallj   i
as the explanation of tnimunlly noted
1 , r.ietle.     T: *r leu-
■ lea, ar- the natural eneml.
hostile germs. They .r. tba sra
of the body, and  so long ns th,*y  er.
on either eld- to two large rooms, quite , numeroua and „ ..,„,,  n , ,u .
. *.g ln else, and  wiih great win- I ,u, fmn,  can  UlJupe th,..r ,,„,,;,„..,
t In. over broad  stlls;   In | By mwn, of ,h)> „,*„,,„.,,,,, Metaehnl-
each room an enormoua fireplaces with
tall, narrow mantels, and big d g Irons,
on   wh:. -i logs   ready   for
lighting should Dhe evenings turn chilly.
*   chairs, bright cushions, flower■
•iie garden and ferns fiom the
woods, wilh one r two comfortable
rugs on  th* bare floor,  with  fljwered
. curtains on the quaint windows
k IT was ;.!>> to give a graphic ib *
Hon of the action "f the warrior cell-
as  soon as  the   d *
their action ln  the bl.-od.     Inflammation Is the firs! Indication Of the battle
—a blow struck by th., In\n.1lng Rl    -
organisms.   Th, y have d,     , . ,1   i
of alege.     The b'ond   current   In   the
capillary b     id  IIISSSlS I* Stopped.   The
up a dellghifu! sitting room, the | rei, UqqA „,,. ,.IuM )0 ,„
dining room being restricted to tab:*
and necessary chairs, and one hug*
rner. The bedroims ar*
stairs, except the quaint bachelor*a
apar.men: opening out of the sitting-
room, fl *■   casem.-nt Uli ha*ppy
occupant escapes to hs dip In the lak*
a fe*  yards away.
.ninju. (none too early) over, th*
handsome chestnut horse "A. D. C"
comes up to tha v   andah In company
"Ellen."   the  cm*,   each   mouetng
until the dally lumps of sug.r are
■riven   A.   D,  <*.  later on.  making an
•ion of his own on to the veran-
1.1. and thence Into the big pantry.
Bh»re he evidently looked on the sink
In the light of a manger: On the verandah Is a large hamin ek. wherein each
-l-mbT r,f the family, down to th*
baby of three years, snootes a*ay th*
hot hour*, whii* th* locust alngs th*
strain of "heat. heat, heat."   A charm
rifled wayfarwa, huddilng together The
Infected territory Is put. a i to speak.
Under martial law. nrnl the soldiers are
called out. These dash out through the
arteries, press through the tissue af-
fllcted and give I
The battle rage* and uaually ends '•:.
the I. ■ izlng and literally d,
from tea*#::n«i to manor.
Wm.   Deba* Goes   HrMI  to  Prove   H.s
Hei-*hip U Enjtleh  Hom*.
From   .Irving    X   leaia.   even   Ihoug'i
Ibe one of lleadrl,* S. .'es (Limited)
yJ~*'.. and a ie*ld. rev on Adelaide West,
le!w*«.n Sim.  ...ul  Duncan atreeta, ..
tho lordship oi .i  i. .    n-.'i.re man r
and th* OWnsrsnlp ol Hire, »iat*ly ling-
llah couniry houses thai ">o wit hour
rival  Hi* world  over, Is a change In a
man's   .        •        • that, eomtng su i-
>     mlghi    »■:.   d,«nirb   his   equ.U.
br.uu.   Buch * stroks of go ,] fortune
has b.rfj.ien   Will am   Debar,  »a>s Th*
Toronto Mali and  Bmplr. a
time employed a* t teamster by th*
H.iidr,- ij. but «llh typical Lincolnshire coolness. Debar has tahaa the
matter In a j anner.a
wtf* and I ■ <iu,   ,r
At.   I-
aba* * .    i g tha I
main • ■ • .
ot hu claim wItb thi I
iiikei   !„wn  „f  Calstor,  ill :
'   'h* setate tc nrhloh he has sue- I
ll   !
Debar •■'•ne to Cai la many years
*g, and ;•:* hla relatival In th* dark
as to his »h*r*at)o ita
trace of him wa> : a: After U.e dea::.
"f hs father the family solicitor *.l-
»«r'.s. i tor blm very ,i'*n»ive-,. sad
by ao.
advet   -
by Mr. D. I
k:. w n lawyer of Bowmanvl
•how, ,,l anj ,»j,
ed Sim to 11|
• 5a. aatlaftel af his b I. took up
the   case   SI ponded    »llh   the
home '.awyer. bm tbs . •: w 'h proper ea
nemarxaoie  B •■•'dintsi.
Tttllel'*,   Cl
II.ne ago  lo  d.
In.  ,.ne  f,,r  t'..
attending lhe i
cr.llngl)  sillied u th
ance -ami bad   I
du.! .i..,i profli *
ThS sch'iii..  In
r-turns )n-r  ;  .
one boj
School  during  :
two glr -
years.    .
• L,..ut  -Bit to
vourlng their pn*y.    The battt*  II ■*  I u ,n*       T
circulation   la   reaumed    Inflamr
disappears, and health  I*  reatored     ll
Is   t" the actl >n  of   the   gallant    little
"phag'.cyl.s*   that   »••   OW*   our
once a deadly germ tin it
the body.
Stimulating the Leucocyte!.
In his address I>r   Lankeeter praised
MptschnlkofTs   theory   that   the
cyt'-s should be stimulated In tie
tivity. so that they might be always
ki training f r tha battles they may b*
called on  to fight  an] Ha
lag motor launch Is near by. ready toi found that alcohol opium, and *v*n
take th se who wish It to the pretty! Uuuifne had a tendency to hinder the ;
town opposite, where tobacco, r»i ra. I ■t>ha*"c>'tl<* action, an 1 should, there- I
stamps   and   groceries   are   procurable, i for,>- be "■■'d with extreme care, if n .'
eschewed entirely    T -y w„, |
probably tn Sir Vict, r H .  rnlri.l
The sailboat has Its devotees, and, l-ke
a white bird, darts over the water at
all tlmei. while those w*ho prefer rowing nnd *.h-lr way up the *I.jrer'«
f.'r,.- n" under the Bhade.
A large gard.-n furnl«he« red ra»p-
berrlea In abundanu*. With a hug* bed
of pink and while itocks. grown wild,
and forests of poppes and sunflower*
for the house. Vegetables g*lor» alas
are picked, and nearby a chicken run
give delicious eggs. Itcntcs ar* organized to number!*** pretty points, drlv**
on the excellent country r< ids. and
bridge claims It* devotees In the evening. The moonlight Is wonderful In th*
long evenings, and from th* verandah
hammock one of the party tepea.s srtth
declamatory f res long sranzas af
poetry, grav* and gay. and there Is perhaps th* lilt of a s.iig. with stories of
camp and travel. These, with the ehlt*.
glittering radian... on the Uke, and
long ahadow* cast from lh* gab.ed
houa*. mak* a lovely iricturo for th*
merry gr .up to remember for many a
day. Th* dally awluia tn tha loft lak*
walera, the walks In lhe glorious wood*
surrounding the place, and, ahov* all.
th* sleeping, day and nighl, ln Ihe pur*
air. form Uie grandest tonic for young
und old. I'h .'"Ki.ii'hlng la much Indulged la, and many a pretty or ludlc-
iiius group reminds one of the delightful days spent in the old-tlm* Canadian home.	
I.Inn*   nn.t   llleyelea.
r.hodesia lions ure afraid of bicycle*
A prospector from Australia waa cycling In that country recently when li*
suddenly met u full grown lion.
"Whether be thought my bicycle was
an Infernal machine." ho nays, "or
whether he recognized n.e as an Australian aud oomelliliiK to l.e nvold*
cl I don't know, but after I hnd nomer
SSQlted over hlin I was greatly relieved to aee him put hlu tall between his lega and streak for the boil*
way  pf  r.i -s  f* .
'hem.   SAd
In  company  arlth  Mr. Bimpaoa, he I.f:
I a fnnnlgh: aso. and la n"
nanl eirher ralah la^
In  his  hom* .ding tl,*  I
sary  ana:..: .     ,  L-  put  In  pos
Mr. Debar -vai the eidest of a family of four, th-e« sons .,:.,! one d.uigh-
ttr ..ne of .'.I* brothers ll dead. Sol
has lefi a family, and th* sister and
ether briher are also marr
Mr. I.ehar hlms, If mar: led In Can-
ada ni Ins.. ,.,uy, wn,. w nen Interviewed by ,, re;n s. ri'allve last nigh.,
appeared llttl* disturbed by the proa*
• change In her circumstance*,
and was aa unassuming as If far*   ba I
Improved .
having •
st.i'll.U  fall   1 ll '
FARMER',   I '■•.:, CO.,
58 Tribune   BUij.        t.       **%, Mia
Thia brand
piece of tweed guanntea
PCR8   WooL. m
the not over-aflluent life of a tsamster's
wlf.* Th* care of her family and her
neat little hom* s, eine.l to occupy her
aa much as If her horls n had nol wld
ened. Hhe Is hoping to hear frum her
huaband shoe',:*.'
Perfeetlnn Tbat TerrlSes.
lllln..1*. claims to have a ichootgtr
who for twelve years haa never mlsaod
a day ut School, never failed In her lea
sons, never talked back to the teachei
and never fell abort of high ninrks on
oxiiitiliuitI'.n-s If nhe maintains that
perfection till she readies womanhood
Ler husband ll to bs pitied.    I'ittal.uri
*>at i.i,,i.r Paafcaae,
Neatnesa of package has much to do
with the Increased consumption of butter. Duller, If put up In pi inl*, ahould
be Wrapped In parchment paper to preserve lt. Trlnts should be rectangular
nnd have a neat, trim appearan-s*.
Whatever may I.o the condition, tho
man thut puts bis butter up In the
handsomest packages will sell the most
butter u* other conditions sr* equaL
A  builder llvi.iir sl  lha llttls vlllagi
of Bugle (Cornwall) hai in his p i
sl 'li ii duck  Which Is ovsr Liili ty j
of  tt.-;*  ,
Barley ri| ■ i„ perfection on tbs
sides of tin* Himnlayi untalni up
io 12,000 feci ni...*.,. .,., levoi, .•*!„.,.„
is no other pin.*.* in lbs world where it
iiiniiires at ii creator height than 8,00(1
To   Until   Hi,,
"To haul over lli" .
lh*  . ,m l„.
, ,     , ■"ole" recalls the
former legal ens , „f trial by are
"'" licensed  walking barefoot ovor a
bed ..r glowing coals,  , ,„„„.
"•"'" '"' K*"" « educed from tbe
number or days elapsed,
A  Poor  rlirr  For lh-  Cooler
It  Is  not  uuc,inmini  to find  s   milk
cooler hung in or near the eow stable,
where ll.e air Is laden with dust. dirt.
foul odors and poseibty dlseass germ*
which readily pass into lbs milk, Tin
best dairy practice requires that lb.*
milk shall be removed fr..... the stable
a» quickly us i ibis sfter it Isdrswn,
preferably to a building «r a room In
dependent of the burn, where ii en iw
aerated   wllb   purs   inr   mid   cooled   at
ance iu cleao surrounding*
.......   ,  B0y,jng   t,etier   In   iior*   fer   her   than
when he sin.k.. so earnestly of the dan- | ., .      „ ...     .      ^   ••—
gtrs "f alcohol as a drug. . .f I..*., years
experimenters have been endeavoring
to complete Metschnlknff's w rl< bv .11*.-
cviring   some   means   by   which   ll.o
whir,* corpuaol. • mlghi   be   nol   only
strengthened, but Increaaad. Wlien Ihis
Is dons the danger f:'.:n genus wil!
surely be a thing "f ths peat, an I mankind will have solved part of the problem of long Hie.
Work Wilh the Microscope.
Ths study ...' dissssa Is nowadays
carried on chiefly b) maana .-f the mi-
ip« II. f ..- Ihll wonderful Instrument was brought to something
like its pr> s. nt s'a.e of perfection by
I.ellz, a knowledge of the >•
theory and micro organism* even if
possible, w ...i,i havs i"'**i useleas   B)
lis   use   W*   li.'-**   had   II.-   bacilli     of
leprosy, cbolar*  ths plagu* syphllia,
lob*rculoiti,    lypii'ii    fsver,    y.
fi-ver, in.,!.ii I..   Hi*  sleeping   sl, ■
nni othei   dtaoaaas   Id irUflad   In   tbi
paat fe \. irs * r months   In mosl ol
these disc* I   ,     ;■■',.. .gill S,
chiefly (briorins ha,,* lad th* way, ..i
though a Japanaae ld*nt!A*d th,- plagu*
genu   and   Col    lli'i.c   and   Major   Jt"Ss
mad* ii.- fl ...,,. i, atlng lo u.e
genns whoa* favorite hauni  i- Bouth
Afii.a, and whoa* favorite  lingers
ara mosquH s and the taataa iiy.
In ci.. inn iii« review .f medical a.l
van..*,! In tha pail few years, Prut
I.ankesier warned hla hearers thai if
Kngliiml desired to keep 'he place In
ih*. world of mleno* thai had been won
for her by Newton, Harvey, Darwin,
Bpeneer, Huxley, Tyndall, nmi other
great genius'*, sh.* m.isi he prepared
to follow crinany'.-, eoample, and em
ploy oapable Invuilgator*    ii in ne*
ct'ssary   to   spend   a   thousand   I ni ■
where on** pound Is liOW spent. As a
result of wise expend I tur* of ih,* kind,
hs did n it hesitate to poinl hi* country-
men p. n day when an end would be
mads of dlsi . *   snd  the millennium
ushered In.
T\Tmr»Urtoee&-'-'        *«**1
than k-s-no dry and comferlat.i
" n etX in the Indent .ton.
jf you wiaJ
^^^^      m ttUr%ttma---e
TOWBR CANADIAN (.0 , l>m'-»
A l.lnroln llrntlolncenre.
When iii th» snmn er -.f i^'ii tin* Mn-
coliis went I*. UVS In Ilu* COttSSJS near
ll.e Soldiers' bome onl-iile Wi.shliigloii
the president wns daily flcconipaiile.1
on bis drives lo ...id from Ihe While
House  by   his   special   mounted   escort
of tall Obloan*   There  was serious
ii I for such iiii es.oii. for I'.nrly was
not far away from lhe clly, but Ibe
dally Journey sometimes bud Hs playful side. "The Maga/.lne of Anu-ii. nn
lllslory" quotes IhW reminiscence by
I.leiitennnt Ashinun of the escort: "It
was In the early iiiilniiin of that year
when one morning on our ride In lo llie
White lions.*, "la.r Lincoln, who
alone was riding wilh his father, demanded that the carriage be stopped
and thnt one of the escort should climb
a wayside tree and gel him some persimmons. Mr. I.lnc.In acquiesced, on.l
while the boy's wish was being gratl-
II. .1 the president turned to those nearest him nn.i remarked upon some plowing doing near by nud ended by saying: 'I hope to Roe tho day when our
western prairies will bo plowed by
Steam, nn.l I believe It will bo done. I
have always felt a great Int.Test In
lhat lulileef"
Papas Making Maohlaaa,
Many or ih,. paper making machines
of iin* present dsy srs over hhj feat
long nmi require a building to themselves,
Coneernlna  Tsiatee.
"iiicr-ri   no
Now,   Iron
angler ^^^
know it win
: "">"-,'   for  tnslea.
good   for   Nome   folks'
J£'!*'V ■"''"■• ««"
',,"":,' u "'  -"ni, "but I
,„. ' "'" '"' "1 alh of me-
And yel (he Dili i|,„i  ,. , ,      ,
hm,.  i„... *•"' >ht   ron .,
I wl    in L*U Ml"|,l*v ''^etl away
I wm 't-B«l»amlBu Magasia*
will fin.l jura ll.-*'  • l-wrirvo«
want    rigid u.".    "«**
1.1 I"
  thr nu»
every  man—••« -- ,.
W^ghU   (of   CVeiV   CrmmU
climate from  H.W»* W *
Cusranlcc.l uml*'*'*ul' '
Aikyour ieelet lot TOM EDISON AN OLD BOY
. i.rte.nr Writ*. lnt.r..tlnB
B.mlnlsc.nc. *f th. Wis** aa a
Grand Trunk T*l*gr*ph*r—H*w H*
-rilttsd Awiy te HI. Fath*r'. Hom.
|„ Michigm and N.v.«- R.turn.d
<r||| His Rso.nt Cobalt Vi-ait.
Milor B   Larmour, asilstaut  luper-
BlstanulOl «' t™"lu ,ur "'" wt'"tern
Bllllue "riling of "Old Time.! on Ih.
Kr',' ji-' In Uie Slratford Old Uoya
•uaraM glv" • """-h4'"1 aocounl of
Thomas A. Edlson'i experience* lo the
A   .j.   a.   metropolis   as   a    telegraph
Pit was '""'' i0 ,"'a"' KK"- Hnrt '*""""
(1m young enough to be a ii.laav,
*d |lh0 nil oui.*.* operators win, uu...
.',', j, , . l It haul lo keep awake and
.ni-nptly auiwir his half-hour roll cull.
l)lli lavinllvi kh.Iui found In thia sir-
£l ,,,,. - ■ h.1.1 for oi'eiull m. H*
... work* of an old clock and
j, i i'i,  running g'ar so thai
! . recording  tlm.  In   SSOOOds,
blnuWl and hours, It only did busli.***
ier)' aalf hour, and thai business was
,. .  ,    i Stratford oitlc* signui, "i I
Signal Too Prompt.
r  regularity with wht.-h
,. . in al tha bead ortlc* at To*
r | to., icroa. a ci.iilruet with
. , ni,   un.l   lima   ur..us..J
,,,,.,1 ihere waa aama game be*
|n< | , I, and an Inspection follow.
^  , „-l lhe facia. The clock
, |l In   th.,*.,- days   ll.er*
vtre nn sutomaMC at.*|> slsnals lo hold
,,     , • rs,  a.nh  aa are  now   In
l(, night  operator, when  he waa
I, ,* :  hold OUS train  to be met
t. r, simply Ht a red lamp and
It,,'. |( ... iioualy In his hand On*
nljla i.|t - IMI-.ni was r. nulled lo
lni,l an sasi-bound freight that had
,,, ' a *. until a wcat-bound train
Answered, Then Slept.
Hi 'li. the dispatcher, ac-
•»•.. |   Ihi   receipt   of  the  order.
ar! -. ■'■ thai It would b* rarrlsd
I-    , 1   llson  aai down  wltli  hla
r, srall rm the approach of th*
s... I    train,    but    unfortunate.-/
i - asleep.   The train arilved,
s * .*,  no signal exhibited
.   . ml     i.   Hi  way    lt   waa,
, I   *.:.*:.I   dream   that   aw ok*
I '*■•   Th* train had passed
1 tall   light   waa   mil   vlsib'e
Nn all)   • winging  ht*    red
lm;   Itarted  on a  k.eu  run a/ter It.
ISd '..      I  I*  noatee  th* open cattl*
fuardof ::.  >•• da>a at a »tre«l croaalna-,
ill        id  Into II        Ills   lamp   was
s  ' - was halpless lo avert the
Mfkaps tt'.- r**ult. of hi* carelesa-
t .
Back to Michigan.
' K rifsfi.n pwltentlary pr*-
m- ...  as   thi  natural   so
la *st-rvatlon In a ...ononl
Immi t mlnaal  thousht;  quick
■Sinn ■ '. prompt actl.m followed
I    , .   l.ia belongings In  the
■' * I on a passing train bound
• IS his faih»r livid
I ' until  hla recent  vlilt  to
' • region h* never let fool In
anada M - Fortunately for hli
h-M-** of •• - 1 aa well aa I r th* com-
1 freight trains *aw each
' , slop without damag*.
Got Tom'* Wages.
T**itr *   s vears after Kdlaon's ad-
* ;«r   had   ttecom*   we:!
• ■ lh his father, residing at
" H Oa* day while discussing
fmm '■' ration   of   Tom's   which
P" i • .ng ih* world, th* I
I     ' lenly said lo rae. "Do you
*»   • '   the  '!   T.  R   haa  been
- sum of money for a long
- s      a *•'
I li'tt'i '.. n to explain the ctrcum-
*"* "Ith   a   half-hum *r . s
I    "When Thomas resign
:   * .win .de ii  t   n  at
'"* ' * i«  a  minor   There was
*      ' •        '.'I* s   wages  due  hlin,   lo
■■ I «.., justly entitled.'
n  Sent  Cbequ*.
"•ii:!-- .... then gen»ral
nt*d the circuiiisiai. ..
tba return tt the mono,
irica ined wages      Mr
■ tly seat a ebeejae f..t
I  Instructed m* lo per-
er the cheque and to make
* logy f,,r Um company'!
- I  ai   the  .avast .ii   sug-
'■-   Is  n*adlees   la  add   that   I
I*   Instruction*   lo   th*
' , log with m. some dot* n
-    of    r»rt    11.iron    aa
l -' Ih* ceremony night not
' that  dlgt.lly  and   Imp..*-
< ll.c cl.cnmsta.icei war
***-. Ueea for me tn add lhat
' *''.   In   lokllow le.lglng   lhe   rr-
i .m.i apology "i. b.
' I It >'o . did full Jusllcs
n iift.Twerds enterta n-
' *  In  a style well  baflt*
'    " ' of a son ..ii i hud. by
( •      ' persavaraaee and appll*
, of himself on.. „f ihe hiihM
' ■'l-.li.K In th* wo. 1,1. on*
Ij   will  always -he   proud
'     .--I.alf   i 1  "1,1   11 ., "
ii"   of   th*     world!
Abaurmir   ol   ,„„.,   Thmi
"r"'"   '" r   <u  H.„,.
When you Odd it man ii mosl Mc6.
lent runner, poet, surgeon or mariner
you gtyt blm due res, or Ms eMU
If he |g very eminent, bis , upation
esteemed and you chance to bo,	
ruling power, he ,„.,y recelvo „ uu,.
tonI do not confer thia title because
of  his  grandmother,  ,„„■  yoll ||()
make the old lady „ ,i,„.|„.HH 0I. •„,, ,
pay her any particular attention This
omission does not reflect discredit on
llie grandmother, it is obvioui to lur
mind that to make ber a ■ ,,
CSUSS uot Bhe,  but SOms one else   has
doui) something "good" would be as
absurd as giving ber twelve months'
bard lubor if be had dons sometblna
Htm less rational would It be to make
the man's son a peer,   Tb ,i -a(*w
haa given  tbe  world  tbis grandson
Perhapa ah.. Is in a measure il„.
of his greatness, |uii ns ibe might bs
to a certain sxteni responsible were
be a criminal. |',„i the M0 0f il„. ,„;,,,
did not make his tsther. It.- Is not to
i.e more greatly praised for what ins
(Sthar has done than for what William
ti.e Conqueror did.
The   world  Held.rn,  ,,,*  ,„.,.,.,.  R|u.,  ,
man a title because his father earned
one,  but It does an squally silly  Ihlng
wli-n it allows i ion to inherit inch sn
"honor," saya Home KotSS,
t'ntii a man csn transmit msrll u is
absurd to allow iiiiu i., transmit i tes
iiinoiiiiii ns to merit And. if there be
no preieiise 0f claim to szcepl
woHh,   what solid  reason  ,;,i,   |„.  ;il|
vanced for a mini receiving n designs
Hon that .0.11.1. is deference]
IU Advantages Sr. Forth By Professor
len Eyck of Kansas—Easy to
L.ght and Ventilate.
Tl.efonniif ,|„. I,.,,, wl|| bedMld,d
'?°?kIod; «w "' Purpose or
,;,'. ', ''   h" ■- ol Hie builder   or
\\7ln.     ""v" '""'mv  1S are-built
!« " greatesl expense m proportion
■I,,* an.,,,,,,! of as.de space provld-
1 The square Incloaure gives the
'",' i'*"o In proportion to .iiitsldo
V"■"" "f enj f„i, aided flgure, but
""n"'i";"''-i*. more space for the
amount or surface exposed than any
' her fori.,,   hence   from   the   stand'
"'"'l "' ""< 1 of lumber and build*
ing material the round barn is one of
"  ,M";I PracUcal to build m many ,n-
Maiices.  It |H ,.;,slly  .,,„,  0,.ori()m|,.ally
]•'" r not requiring the large Umbers
and frame work m tho large rseUngu-
*" barn When well limit a round
l,,!M o- very substantial and durabls
•very pari acting as a hand to bind
'in* •tractors together Such a ham
niay be built SO l.l to he very con von-
ienl and comfortable for the handling
and feeding of itock. n may be well
lighted an.l eaa ly ventilated,   it <i...*s
nol require as many doors and windows ,*, the rectangular shaped barn,
and there li |,.8k waste of ipacs In It
f"' ' •' ways, Buch a h.-.m looks nest
and [.."..'iita a pleasing appearance,
»ti.i I.- round surfaes prevents it from
■ ths fill force of iho wind, as
fiat sided barn.
i i ■* foregoing Idea of barn hn.lilln-?
i" glvsn by i ich sz. i Uenl authority as
Dear Mother
Your littU ones «r« • coniUnt car* it
Fall ami Win-tat wwlher. The» wtO
calcH i "1-1. Do you know about Shtloh't
Con tuini ition Cure, tho Lung Tonic, and
what it Us tiono lor io many > It ia laid
to \k the only reliabU remedy (or til
tWairi ol the hir pauagei in children.
It u nl.-v.liit. !y lurmleM and pleaunt to
Uke. lt u guaranteed to cure or your money
li returned, llie price ii 2^c. per bolila,
and all dealers in medicine tali ,,,,
This remedy.1* ;'.Wt h* in  .try hous«h»ld,
Trr  V>»s   il,,-  Ware ol  lure and  irs
......    I.iu   I ILi-   Ihem.
'i.»"l "hi ii t, H]i Ihe Ban \
Light, are a delusion and ■ snari
lb.* man «rho ilgba for tin i
 ■'■|tl...u of whal they were,    lielurn
to them, would youi ihen rise ou ■
.■..id morning snd wash sl th.* pump,
pull on a p.nr of ra w bide bo ' ■ thai
rival i. Iln eau In itiffneaa, pull on a
wo.,1, ii  ahlrt o.,*i   youi   back  snd  lit
down   lo   a   bale   licil   Willi   |T0U1   Ilu.*.-
legged itool dan. a* sroun I on
III .1    |. uie    rind    I :i
for a steadj 'i ■ I snd Isboi i turleeo
hour', ..in of twent) four   Uo nrlthoul
a .l.i.ly |.a|.cr. n I'i   ». i.. i,
lur.    a    -prlii,;    mattress,   a    ket ne
lamp    ip'tni.v   you I   o\.*u   to   i
aud  "it  on  Ilu* Boor of ...:  o*.  * lit  a*
you  won,!  your  w.iv  t., church ,.r s
frolic,   |»ari I. ."iii and i-cn- foi
Snd foi  tea and ■"*.* h..w  you
The "l.l days are looked backward to
.ii.ii.iy.    ...... *,    the    Galveston
New-, becaoas ihey were ih,* days of
,.ur juiiih. of bounding blood snd sop
pie   Jo i ts,   tbS   dii-   "f   lio|M'   nini   Iln*
•i.i.. - <.r lot'• aud Isugbter end
ii..* daya of the preeent will be the
I. ,.i ,,|.| da] - of ii..* coming generation
and •aiii Ih- regarded i-y onr
.n rather crude In . untomi and harsh
lu many w lys, yet S thai I
►plied     The progressives of our acn
STS the i . . lbs. U- of liter SHU     Fifty
ben -• srs a tl be «■ * ountad a*,
t-l.tiv and Immaliiie ns »,* nou* n
1L*j»i* of half • tm *•
A   Malt   lo   loailuo   and   a   Little   Lao*
soa   I.i   I'.,.quelle.
"I run ori-r for a hhoii .;-.t !*> Lou-
don." laid a Rlol"? trotter. "On tb**
boat ns a pretty widow from Attona
who disgusted and  amusml all bands
.me .L.v i.y mylng
"'I am aurpriM-d that a fast and I v
|M>n«lvi> IK..*.! like tbi-. ibould tail to
supply na with toothpick*.'
••si..- (bought toothpicks Indispensable, like napkins or forU. Pet thinking »o we set hpr down aa a backer.
Hut trait
*'I dined durlnc my visit lu London
at I'rliice'M. lu Piccadilly, and at tie-
Savoy, lu the room that overlooks  the
embankment and the river, and at the
laiiton. where I paid a dollar for a
plate of aoup, and at all these r.-laii
rants, winch an- admittedly Um Bnaal
ami ilu* smartest an.l ths most fssblon-
able In the world.   At all of Ihem there
wen- toothpicks ou the tabic, each
toothpick done up lu a •tcrllU.-d <*u-
•Hii*. taught me a ISSSOn, It tamil.t
DM lhat It le narrow and pro. Iiii al t*.
deaplae people for th.ir disregard of
certain small rules of etiquette. Hm
things we dssples tbem for. win. Ii i ...
be giartflg error* In Seattle or .*-•''-
York, may be stain, ss bk.* a* aot, the
Correct thiug In l'urla aud Iaindoo."
S_    ''■•'mi'.^mAm
fc-—-zzz.            iBa._niagl
Llkei Cellar Better Thin Pit.
IlarvoHlInu potaloea cornea at a very
busy neasi.ii for the dlvorslfled farmer.
Kor this reason I have put my potatoes
Into the cellar until the rush Ih a little
over. I like iho cellar belter than tlm
pit, for the reason that I have access I
at all limes and .run lake advantage of !
any rise In the market. I can haul the I
potatoes direct without any trouble of
uncovering pits.    Then, too. after tha
ground Is frozen it la a big J-Jb to open
Un* pit. I have marketed my potatoes
SSVeral  years with   the   thermometer I
20 to 2",  degrees  below the    freezing I
point without any losi.   This would be
impossible if polatues had to be taken |
out of the pit. says a correapoudent of
Orange Jud.l Parmer.
S*. .r|ihhi,Ih.
An African elephant Is of value only
for Ms Ivory, of which a full grown
animal yields from $'J.",U to |300 worth.
.In  the oilier liaii'l. a  working  I ml inn
elephant cannot be bought for less than
tl "..si I.. .t:*...'sKi. This is because of the
greater Intelligence of die Asiatic uni-
uial, which makes him vnluublu us a
Mother Oraveo' Worm Rxterm'nat*
ii has no equal for destroying worms
... children and adults, Bee thst you
get  the genuine when purchasing.
The'Viral   Playbill.
The   first   playbill   was   issued   from
i Drury Ijiuo theater, Loudon, ou April
■'".- Mar-Blag i.lsrr.
.lory  is singularly «en
l' '"" '"      ''    H opens aboul daylii;' t
f"  "■ » warm day will eJoM In three .
L •"""•»,  bul  should the ,luy   It.*
:  i it win sometimes re
Hit lata lu th.. evening.
For Lung
AVcr's Cherry Pectoral cer-
'•■nly cures coughs, colds,
hronchltls.consumptlon. And
" certainly strengthens weak
'hi-oats and weak lungs.
There ten be no mistake about
•his. You know It Is true. And
your own doctor will gay to.
IMtrlliliSlVH to-4§ <***t»I» wif- I um*
I »'*« A.Ie"",1.'! mm* tt ho. In ,«.n .„UI
"Hn h« »m .,.,, h,"i ''->"'"al Th. Sr«l
-".'ll  lis •..'.* '"' •*• HaatlUr lu,|i*m»t>d
»«• br i. Oi™ o.., u—TTSS
alaa aaaaiHianra •!
A mmK.   tktSkrkWUXA.
PrQ Ml*i*-
v*-1 o ti a ii viooa.
llos»  i„u„J   -»■»>••  Move.
Tlie apeed wllb  which sound  wa.es
ar.* transmitted through the atmosphere
depend* ou several conditions When
th,* temperature i* «i BJ degress i'.
sound* move with u sped of LOW f«s*t
jmt second, the velocity Increasing with
ihe temperature at the rule of about
one foot of speed per second for each
degree above III.- fleering l'"!"'    I'1"'"*
again. In -lamp «ir -»und moves with
a greater velocity than it does In dry
sir no odds If the dry air be warm and
th.* damp ."i'i I" filet sound moves
men than four time* aa fust "* it does
lu air. or, ssy, at about the rate of 4..I"!
feet  P>-r second.
Wooden Ipeoaa,
Aruriou* Industry In Russia snd ons
which navertbeleea Buds employment
for thousand* of men is lhal of mak*
tOg wooden spoon*,   lu UM dhlttlCl Of
Bemenovak, whan thsy chlsfly eonis
from, no fewer Ihan WOO men mnko
, living at tbe trade.  The spoons are
generally mads from blrchwt  ""•'
„ skilled workman can turn out sev-
,.,,,1 hundred  ..  day.    -No  '•£'*"
rjooo.two spoon* are msnufactureu
during Ihe course of the year, «l.l.i
are sold at 0 to 8 I,H  Pftt^SS
They  lind u ready uiarkel and I >'■"
Sa-f-raslVrsts. Khiva, llokhar.
nud Kimi.ii i"I
l„,,,...lrnl   l>"«*
a dog ha...ne.." ">."•,:;,,:':
.i.-puiy  commissioner of     "     •
Bengal, when he cam. h>   '       '"
tho maHter of the dog ou a     •'      '
owner, of th. dog were   '« '„,
trial  under section  B8B, ami °J
tbem. Karuaba. WM Uued .0 rup**"
UOioro Trlbuua.
wonsRs nousD bar**.
Professor Ten Kick of Kansas In
Farmer's Advocata in connection with
a description of s round barn .shown
in tin* cut) recently built on his owa
i        a.,- propert)  oeai  the    Kansas
Agrlcultur i It     is    a
email bam. being only twenty eight
feet in diameter The height from the
Bills lo the eaw-s is .* gbteea feet The
i A..ik of the barn oonslsti ..f •:
by I and I b*. ti, I by I being used as
studding and :' b] li as Hour Joists and
raflers Tbe studding were placed
two feet apart and tiie rafters four
f**.*i ap.ut at tiie perimeter and six
In. lies apart at   the   centre,   a   heavy
• ng being used ss a centre
rs * f"f the upper ends Of the raft.-rl.
Over ih i the ventllstoi *.* - st, which
: Is for the barn.
Three fourth Inrh drop siding wai
osi-d tl but :' was found
necessary to remove the Inner lip   of
• rroove In older to fit    the
In.aids r.uhiy together Bblplap would
■ *   an drop siding The
ply a tilling
ol lion., uravel and claj.
This ham ha* gld square fe. ' '
floor space, rontans one double
Ogle   stall   and   one  box  stall,  a
n*. .n.i a barn floor in front of the
mangers oppo its •!.,• Isrge door shown
In Ihe cm. which is of sufficient area
t„ cive shedding room for a cur. ..g,*
The se. ir U nine fe. • shove th*>
sills, and the whole upper part Is ns* 1
tw, g.iing storage room for
from ten to eleven ions of baj
The total est of building this ham
was I'lT'l. divided ns follows:  l.um-
bar, J • ' irdware and vent rator,
$15 06;     windows.    $5.50;       carpenter
labor, 1*1 16; stone, sand, dirt and
labor of tilling and grading, IIB.76;
*.'- work, $9: paint ng. |tl 70;
$347.54 thoul 100 '■■ ■ ' of old
- were uaed In con struct Ing tho
rool snd for stall divisions, and Uie
Wlndowi used w*.*re old sa-Ji and
\ . : at only 5(1 rents per sash If
all new material h»d been used It
would have tailed tho total colt to
about $360.        	
Al   Biitiih   Subjacta   They   Hava   th*
Right ot Entry.
I'.a .*>•.* of complaints from Britiah
Columbia agulnat lha Invasion df thi
hordes of Hindus who hava made that
I i ivlnee thalr Mecca within the laat
f*W months. Mr W, D. Scott, of Ot-
* in. Inipictor uf li.iii.i|iaiion for tha
1 *.: trtmant ef lhe Interior, hu son*
to Vanoouvar to lavaatlgat* the iltua-
What Mr Bcott will do whan k* tela
thir* ia a qucillon of Intarost to a grout
many ^*opl*. i',*i*i iiniv he will hav* no
difficulty  in saosr lal ning that    thei*
■lu.k •kiniiad nallvii of India thrcalau
to tu.n the labor markat upside down,
at Iran auch la lhe opinion of labor
nou, and In all probability lh* Trad**
and l.ab.,r I'.'Uiuii will ba able to sup
l i Mr Bootl win. ample Information
on thai p int.
Hundreds of Htndua hav* already
landed In Britiah Columbia, and thousands mora are preparing to com*.
M :, than iho Japanea* or Cl.1ii.so
lh,) enler Into competition with th*
w hirer In thu labor market, and they
are e.|ii..">* noi.aaslmllullve. Bine* tha
Hindus hav* arrived In Hrlilsl. Columbia In faliiy large numbers they hav.*.
according   lo polios   rioords,   cauiad
mora trouble for th* police than any
oilier race r.preaenled her*. Judging
hy thS number Ol them who have appeared before the local pollc* mafli-
irate. Hi,, stipendiary maglilrat* and
other courts, Uuy ar* by nature quarrelsome und litigious.
At Ull present llmo the I'arllament-
ary eommlttes of the Trades and Labor Council I* engaged In Investigating
tho Hindu question, which Is fast becoming of grave Import. Desplt* th*
r.i, l iiml members of thia race are da-
barred from New Zealand, Australia
and Natal, local polillclam and lawyers nre al a loss to know Juit how
thay could be kept out of Canoda, be-
cauil Ihsy ar* all Urltlih mbjects.
Thi snaotmanl of provincial leglala-
II,,„  |„  shut   Ihem  out   mlsht   be Uls-
aiiowed by th. Hominion Qovernmenl
ai   was   tlm   case   With   th*  Natal  A«t
dlrsotsd agnimt tin Japanese.
mm rnuse Pot AnalelV.
oM,    ,, the rigbt temperature when
""■: e water la too hot. if he turna
f,1;;:,.',1;; too cold, and th.ro youai*"-
ruiisd-vlphla Ledger.
8, 10C3.
llir   S.Minlflsh.
The weapon of the sword fish probably served as Ihe model for one of the
I earliest  forms  of tbs sword,    Maui*
* early swords, particularly among the
. marine  DBtloUa,   w,*re edi,',*d  with  the
".ill, of Jinn-*.
Minard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.
P. ..    s|,,||„B.
Tin-ciiler slit In tl..- pen I* ent by n
niucbiiie which seems almost too thick
It consists of two chisels which barely
pass each other when the slit U made,
uud tin* exa.i »:i\ iii which the pen Is
poised so ua lo place the chisels lu tbe
proper poaltl in for cutting la oue of the
marvel* of penmaklng.
I'lac,   nl   Hall   Musl.
Th.* *.: tnm of placing ll-igs Bl half
uia-i ai in expression of sorrow* I*
•sinj to be ** "In as the use of tbe
iii„- themselves.
\V>*  have  no    lie-ilation    in    saying
Di ,i 11 k. II,.' * - Dysentery
Cordial is wiih...n doubt tl.,- beat
in.* In in.* i v. i introduced for dysen*
i.-n. diarrhoea, cholera and all sum.
mar oomplainta, lei lieknaai, etc.    It
proniptlv   "ive-   rebel   and   never  tV's
t,* effe. •    ■    p.-niv,.   cure.    Motnn
sho'iUl never be without a bottle wlien
theii  children ar,* teething.
Sesr  York.
New York, whose charter dates back
to the year 1884, waa the first Incorporated city   within the limits of tbd
l'mted States.
I .iias.i."u Machine*.
Thr:i**!:!::*4 pvH'ii.i". go back to 1750.
A Qerman artisan, Hohltield, designed
one in that year. In 178U Andrew
Meikle, a Scotch mechanic, produced
one so perfect that despite Dearly a
century of Improvements it is today in
all ess.-jni.il- thfi suuic iiii tli'*,oi1glvu.l
To Those of   Sedentary   Occupation.
. —.Men wl... follow  ledeutery   oooupa*
tions,  i.lii.ii deprive them of fresh air
' an 1 oxeroise, sre more prone  to <lis-
onlcis ol the liver anil    kidneys    than
thoie  who lead  active,  outdoor    lives.
The former will Bnd in Parmelee's
Vegetable 1'ilN a restorative without
question bhe moat effioaoions on the
market. Tiny are .a-ilv proonrable.
j.'.silv taken, act expeditioualy, aud
tbey are mrpriaingly oheap oonsider*
ing then oxosllenoe.
Su ,,....„ ii   -    .'.,,-,,.,,,,eno*.
On the face of the Quiver miff at
Sundown, Isle of Wight, the a.-i.i. of
the wines has formed the realistic outline of u bull. The llgure covers the
whole depth of the cliff from summit
to shore, but tin- lull Is abbreviated by
mi Impertinent pathway, suudowu i*
proud uf Ilu* phenomenon and Kays that
It should be officially preserved..
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia.
The   Mound   lllril.
Tlu- mound bird, found In Australia,
builds the biggest nssl lu the world,   lt
makes mounds - midlines as great as
150 feet in circumference, li. which lt
buries lis euis live feet ilei-p.
The   Hull.   **i i:.*.
The   London   Lancet   condemns   the
bath spouge,   n says it collects and
holds impurities like a  lil ler, and the
use  of  soap   to  clean   It  ouly   makes
matters worse, as it "Increases ths
slim.!  owing   lo   ll.e   foriuiitiou   of  Insoluble curds ..f lime sonp."
V>*i laaproTemenl la Mraa lontll-
llona In ll.-. em Yeara.
Th* United Htntes government aeema
to have solved the culinary problem
mucb more Hutlsfactorlly than mauy
private individuals, both a* to cleanliness and celerity. In the navy, on
board tbe battleship Missouri, for Instance, the .rooked part of an ordinary
meal for 700 men can be served lu
four minutes, as Is demonstrated every
The first requisite Ir. the preparation
uf food on board a mun-of-wur Is cleanliness, nud probably none of the managers of the higher class hotels oi restaurants Is more rigid In this regard
than ure those in Charge of the gen.-riil
mess on a battleship such as the Missouri. Under the old system, says Paymaster George P. l.y.-r, 0. 8. N., In tbe
"Proceedings of the United stnt. *■•
Naval Institute," the gear wus uot r.*ai-
ly clean. A man of the lower ratings,
too often selected on account of bin
Inability to do anything else, looked
afler those duties. Hla meager allowance of waler served out from the galley was hardly more than lukewarm
utter carrying It to his mesa and nut-
ling a few dishes through It. He had
then to dry his gear witb a towel
Which, being used for all aeft* of odd
Jobs, cleaning tables and wSat not, tbe
most strenuous efforts of the master at
arms could not make hlin keep clean.
In February. 1904, a dishwashing sua-
chine was Installed ou the Missouri ami
I.iiinaii bunds do not uow coin* In eon
tact with tbe dishes during the process
of washing. The soiled ware ln wide
meshed wire baskets Is passed through
two waters. Tbe first, which la kept
in violent agitation, 1* made so strong
with lye soup or other compound tbat
the grease Is cut from the ware aa lt Is
Immersctl. Tlie second water la kept
at boiling heat, and In rinsing dissolves
any remaining dirt, besides heating the
ware so that when taken from the
water lt quickly dries Itself through
evaporation. By this means the gear
Is rendered antiseptically clean and tbe
use of dish towels Is avoided. The
knives and forks, wblcb will not dry
thoroughly by themselves, when trk.-n
from tbe machiue ure wiped with clean,
boiled towels.
Among the Imperative galley orders
Ko stale food; tlm* all food to bl
r-ndy at time tor serving out.
No cold food: serve out all warm Slshes
hot. Take every precaution to keep Iced
di.-Ii.-s aa cold as possible after coming
from Ueoox.
Inspect coffeepots and meaa pans and
refuse to serve into any but scrupulously
dean ones.
While lt Is not claimed that anything
like perfection has been reached, there
has certainly been a striking Improvement lu mess conditions during recent
yaars.—New York Tribune.
Blooding Riles
En-tiroly Cured
When  Doctor's Treatment   and   Surgeon's
Knife Failed Cure Was Effeoted by
Dr.   Chase's   Ointment.
It is now universally oonoeded tlmt
Uf.  Chase's Ointment   is  the  most  ef*
Festive tr.ratmi.nt  obtainable lor    every form ol piles.
For tiie benefit ol personi who   aro
aCCUltOmed to look upon bleeding piles
us Incurable except by surgical oper*
an,a «.■ quota the letter ol a young
•.ch ,.,l teacher, who, after Frightful
experience undergoing an operation
whloh failed, was cured positively by
Dr. Chase's Ointment.
This   statement   Wai   given     by     Ml*.
I.epine with the idea ..I helping others
who have not yet been so Fortunate
a< to heal ..I lb*, chases Ointment,
Mr.   Arthur   l,.*|.iiie.  school   teacher,
Qranite Hill, ttuakoka. Ont.,   writes:
—"I am taking the liberty i.i informing yon that for two years I suffered
From I,lee,ling piles, an,I  lost coch day
about hull a cup of blood. Last summer I went to the Ottawa (Jenoiiil
Hospital tu bo operated on, and wua
under Ihu influence, of chloroform for
one hour. For about two months I
was hotter, but my old trouble re-
t.nni.I, and  uguiu i  lost much   bloxl.
On,* ol I.'.' dootori told     I    would
have ii> undergo "" operation, but I
would "oi oonsent,
"Mj father, proprietor "i ths Etleh-
In i Hotel. Ottawa, advised ..,.* to us«
Dr. Chase's Ointment, snd two beset
ourad no* I did not loaa any blood
utt,-I beginning this treatment, an.l I
have every reason to believe thst the
cun, is a permanent one I grateful.
iv raootnmend Dr, Chase'i Ointment
ai the beat treatment iu iho ...,ii,l foi
bleeding piles."
Dr.  Chase -    Ointment,    60 cents a
box,  at   iill   ileal srs,   or   Edmanaon,
Hates ,V Co.. Toronto.
Inaanlmrr Carafea.
Undoubtedly lt was tbe purpose of
tlie lnveutor of the carafe to provide
a vessel admlttiug of ready coverlug.
But bow few persons lu control of
ei'liei private or public diulug places
..Tail of this easy opportunity of excluding dust from the water decanter.
II Is comparatively rare, even at the
i>cttcr appointed Manhattan hostelries,
fo find the aqua bottle stoppered, al-
tlnugh the neck be adapted to accom-
nodate an ordinary size of cork. Id
iVdiiouable restaurants use of water
pitchers on tables has long been considered vulgar, principally from the
.lewaolnt of style, but partly because
of the Idea that tbey serve as dust
arcumulators, yet thc carafe goes un-
lidded without attention.—New York
Panion For Publicity.
No wonder notice haa been drawn at
length to th* character of the society
column! of our Journal!. Th* fulsome-
ness of th* llattery offered to women
on their personal attracUeni and the
elegance of their dress Is surely being
carried beyond all bound*. It can hardly fall to turn the heada of young ladles,
and by filling them with extravagant
Ideaa af their own attractions lay up
for them disappointments In the fiKur*.
It I* not on the writer* that th* responsibility chiefly rials They ao
meeting the demand ot th* da.v, and
they can hardly help furnishing the
adulation for which their fair readers
erave, more than the milliner can help
furnishing the dress which is ln fashion, however absurd It may be. Th*
malady la by no means peculiar to
Canada. Everywhere ther* rages Ui*
same passion for publicity and salt
display, ln former days avoldanc* of
display and love of privacy were a not*
of social grade.—Uoldwin Smith ln
Weekly Sun.
Need Lead Pencil Wood.
An Inquiry hai been received by th*
King's 1'rlnttM* of Urltlih Columbia regarding th* supply of cedar In that province being lullable for the covering uf
lead pencils. It came originally from
on* of tho lurgeit manufacturer* In the
United   Slates   thr *ugh   the   Dominion
• latlonery   olllce  Bt   Ottawa.     If   ther*
• hould be any market ef Him kind dla-
oovsred   the   limber   would  hav*   to   be
manufactured Into lumbar bafore Ua-
tog th* proviso*.
French  Advice  lo tbe  , «»r.
Tou (the cxar) do not read your
French history sufficiently. At th*
present moment you are behind Louis
XVI. Thc douina Is clamoring for
a Mlrabeaii-Haruave-Lameth-Chapellei
cabinet. It la really time to send for
Nwker, nnd you nro still at Calonne.
Cntfh up with husband of Marie Antoinette as soon as possible. Do more.
(5o beyond blm. It will be the best
and unrest way not to make history
repent Itself.—Paris ltudlcul.
ii,.n,i«rl.i..e  -and Health.
Slintlng handwriting bas Just been
prov-vl to be responsible for the ailments of more than BO per cent of our
young people. As both the steel pen
and the sluntlng writing originally
cam* from Knglaud, wc exclaim wilh
all our hearts, "Let us keep the peu by
all means, but send back the bad
habit* lt brought ln Its train to tho
place whence they camel"—l'srls relit
Cheapeal of Fooda.
Silage Is the cheapest of foods. Experiment stations have demonstrated
this by actual tests. These proved
that on silage ration milk costs 08-%
cents per 100 pounds, while on gralu
ratlou lt costs $1.03 per 100 pounds;
average net protlt per cow per mouth
on silage, $B.80H, and with gralu only
SlUU_-Texas Farm and Mauch.
Horse Facts.
There Is such a thlug as feeding too
While the  horse does  the    hardest |
work lie should have Uie best rare.
Inni! think that you ran raise the
best horses  by  feeding ou  coru as  a ■
grain ratlou.    They need   grain   that
will produce bone and muscle.
Horses which are fed Improperly are '
subject    to    colic.    Overloading    the I
stomarh  on   eoarse feed  and  work  Is
Just what causes it.    Remember that
the horse  has a small stomach    and
feed aerordlngly.
On idle days lessen the amount of
grain.    The system  cannot utilize as
much  food   when   Idle.—E.  J.  Waler* :
stripe ln National Stockman.
'I*racu,-k Feathers.
DnlttCklneaS seems to be couflned to
the bringing of the tail feathers of .In   *
no'S bird into u house.    1 am uut aware
tbat this idea Is held outside this c.uu   ]
ti v. aud  if It Is confined  to  Knglaud
mauy various causes may bave led to ;
lhe belief, which possibly arose 'u com- j
psrstively  uioderu times—no earlier
Ihsn the crusades. Nothing is more
probable than that several crusaders
brought home the gorgeous feathers as
curiosities, a Strange sight and so like- '
ly to make a deep impression. Nothing
is easier to conceive tliuu that Bome
misfortune—death from disease, loss of
wealth or other "bad lu. k"—tuny have
huppeued to more than one possessor
of tbe beautiful feathers and that they
would on that SCCOUnt soon be credited
with being the cause. A belief of this
kind once started is of rapid growth
and very long lived. — London Notes
aud Queries.
Flbrr ot Silkworm  I,HIS  Tarda.
Authorities uud popular works differ
greatly In their estimates ol the length
of the liber lo the cocoou of tbe do-
nestle silkworm, Bombyx u.orl. I'ub-
:*sh.-.l statemeuts of tbe length of tbis
fiber coutd be cited which range all
the wuy from 1.1U0 feet to eleven
■alios. Even so good un authority as
the Kncyciopsediu Ilritunnlca places It
at 800 yards. lio,eut measurements
made In the division of entomology
i»1iow that with certain Milanese yel-
Ijw cocoons raised In the Uniu-d States
from eggs purchased from I'rauce tb*
fiber varies in length from 888 to 1.1D3
I i>cal i.e   1*11   In   India.
The cocaine bubit Is assuming alarm-
lag proportions ut Delhi. The evil bai
spread to rich aud poor, to Hindoo!
aud Mohammedans uud eveu to women
aud Children. Betweeu 8U0 and 1.000
vtals of poison are sold daily In th*
city. Not a few youug men uud even
lids belong.tig to well to do families
coasume from four to six vials a day
each. Coolies und persons engaged lo
menial professions also have not
escaped contagion. Eveu beggars Beem
to prefer cocaine to food.-
t arterhall. Nfld.
liinard'i Liniment Co.. Limited.
Dear Sirs:—While in    the    country
last snmii,. r 1 was   badly   bitten   bj
nio-,piitiie«. so badly that 1 thought I
would be disfigured ior a coupla ol
week-    1 wa- advised to try your Hn*
linen'   to allay  the  irritation,  and <l|.l
so. The effect was more than 1 ex-
peoted, a lew application! eompletelj
curing the irritation, and preventing
the bites from been.mug sou*. MINARD'S LINIMENT is ul-o a good article to keep off the mosquitoM
Yours truly,
SU u reach the seat ul the disease.
Catarrh la a blood or conatltutlonal dl*-
-sase, and In order to cure lt you muat
tak* Internal retnedlea Hall* Catarrh
Cur* la taken Internally, and act* directly on the blood »nd mucous aurfacca.
Hal! a Catarrh Cure la not a quack medicine. It was prescribed by on* of th*
best phy»lctana ln the country for year*
and 1* a regular prescription. It 1* composed of the beat tonics known, combined with the beat blood purifier*, act-
In-r. directly on the mueoua surface*.
Th.- perfect combination of the two In-
rredlen.a Is what produces such wonderful rrsulta In curing Catarrh. Bend for
teatlmonlaU free.
K J. CHKNEY A CO.   Props..   Toledo.  O.
Pol,I by  Prugatsts. price trie.
Take Hall's Family Pllla for constipation
Canada Las the lurgi-t one nneltoi
ni the world at  Prank, H C.
A Sure Cure lor Headache    Bilioui
headache, to which woman   arc   more
subject than men, becomes lo acuta
ill some subjects that  tiny are utterly
prostrated. The itomach refuses food,
and there i- a constant  nn.l di-ti.--i   g
eifort to free the stomach from thi
bile wliicli has become unduly lecreted
there.      Parmelee'i    Vegetable    fills
uie a speedy alterative ami in neutralizing the elicits nt the intruding
bile relieves the pie-sin,. on the
nerves that  cause the  headache.    Try
Cnuadii  has  inoiv than one-hall
Fresh n.ii'i  ..ii the gl.
lira, John Cu.l.lv, Kill..!.*.* Station,
Out., Myai My baby was so nearly
.trad that 1 had to pla.c mv ear close
..I.- breast to know that he »a*
breathing. He was in this conditio..
uhen 1 hist gave Iiim Baby's Own
Tablets and I hardly tlaicd hope that
Imn .line.-i at once, ap'l MOO ma.b.
i't\   would save him.  Hut  they helped
inm ■ sell .h.1.1. tl.* i- .i"» two yean
old ai.l K-eighl loit>-!i\e   punids   and
n.i- nevei known s nek dsj since I
in-i save hnn tha Tablets Baby'i
11.... r,..i,.,u cure constipation, indig-
eat ion,   .l.a.ii.oeu,   teathing   troubles,
lueak   up  colds,   SZpel   lli'l.lll-   llll.l   give
little ones natural healthy sleep
•And tin mother has a guarantee tlist
this in.shi nu* contains no opiate or
•pon rlia.ls   -.Kith.llg  -tllll.      Sold   In   all
medicine dealers ur sent   by   ma.I  st
i'n- a bos i.y writing the Dr. Williams
M.i.unit' Co.. Brocsville. Ont.
Canada lias the thickest known coal
earn. 17 feet, at Btellarton, N.8.
Minard's Liniment for sale everywhere.
Canada has .In* Urges! gold field in
iln* world, in il..* Yukon.
It Keeps the Muscles  Pliant.-  Ilea
given to muscular -purls ami BSOrcise!
and those who sutler muscular pains
from bicycle riding will find Dr. Thomas' Kcle.liic Oil something worth trying,     as a   lubricant    .t    will   keep
the   muscles    pliable     anil     lice     llolil
piuus which often follow constant uss
.1  them,   without  solteu.ng    th     or
impairing their itrength. ror broiaea,
sprains and contusions it   is ititho.it  a
Canada has the g.ea',-*  iintei   pou-
, i- ,,i any country in ii s world.
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, etc.
(ana'a was lhe hist  , ,,i,,n\  to form
a confederation.
The cow that gives a pailful and a
half twice a day wheu she lirst freshens may uot b« the most protltable
COW Iii the herd. Another that gives
only three-fourths of u pailful It. possibly niuklug more money, The protlt-
sbleness of the milker depends upon
three things—the quality of the milk,
the persistence of Ita How und the
amount The second point is frequently overlooked. Every cow should have
some time each year for a rest between the milking periods. Tl.e cow
thst Is never dried up Will not last
us long as the one wliicli takes u rest
of from four to six weeks. We admire the persistent milker, but she
must be bandied carefully by a capable dairyman,   otherwise sin* will be
milked np to the last day, thus sapping her vitality and abusing her ubil-
ity.-Klnibaii's Dairy Fanner.
... „,i,,t Calve*.
In the first place too much emphasis
cannot ba laid on the practice of a
dairy farmer always, ns far ns pos-
libit, breeding and rearing bis own
heifers, paying the greatest attention
p. selecting calves from the best butter
producing cows. Tho productiveness
of ii herd can be greatly Improved In n
few years by this practice ami there is
less risk »f le'.rodii. inr .'.iseiise, suys an
American Cultivator *^r'.t«t.  To mi up
the places of old cov and those which
prove unlucky or unprofitable young
heifers t» ti.e number of one third or
one-fourth of the total herd should ba
av.n.l.l"  n*tfli   vtttr
Thus. Saiiin of Bglinton nya;     "I
hai,* relnovod tell col lis ll, nil Inv leet
with 11,ill,may's Corn Care." Ilea.I.r.
go thou and <h> likewise,
Canada haa the lar-nal consecutive
wheal   li,-UI   in  the  world.
Quality in Spoons,
gjjjg and forks
LJIGHEST quality and lowta
pric* arc combined in Plated
Silverware from Diamond Hall'iown
Special attention it called to the
following prices for heavy quality
in a richly plain pattern lhat reminds
one of old lime family aerling war*.
Tea Spooni     . $3.00 doz.
Dcsiert Forks or
Spooni    •   > 5 00 doz.
Dcixrl Knivci • 1.50 doz.
Wt imJufmnrrfurit fnrrt/cKmrft
tmr tmigt tUuttr.trU trUl^mr.
W   N   ll   No.   ..HI *
,1. IM* tMlai Tr>.-i! ' "Ir" ll/, *ne JpMtshed
,*. ir..»..."„«•... titut UW nveri rhuwOay
Tie K lilor .1 >„«   soI i,i,i*1  l,l'.l«.'ll   es."*..-
»ib"»fi". i* >p iM'U 'I s-Mfam lealsvs*
|1MW III lis COIM.U.I*
A'l lueata ani ."- rn iri-r-1 sl   il" *■".* "' I '
teal! net Ilu*. Srai lasr* and Wiwiua p*. .
;.,n. seen •....•.'.i.iei'. ii-vrii.ni.
-Term*On inintmn and o.rer iSverUelui j
■•.i.i*. iiiaiH :> '""•'.•■ •'*.   ic p '.al."' '.I "'l.e-? I
8."ncr'Ul."i. ri.'Ha ».*...   i"  ol.snce.
r f \ \
i'n itraels >■!*.
in'.,   for ;..i *,. . .*   ■! Mining -'ii'■:.'*.-'
i" su' |s.i it in iIt dlslricl
*.'■   :-en     , and any work undertaken gnsranl
Sal  - ...
S. DANEY, Prop.     Ferguson.
Excellent    Accommodation
Best Liquors
And Very finest Cigars   8
John Simpson,      Proprietor.
Best Hotel in Town,
Be_lptm for IiBiB! asi Cira] Mn.
Notici* is hereby given   Unit 60
.dnys afler   Urn    publication    u   !
mis nol   c   in    "   British Col j
umbiii (Jasette, I Intend lo make
iu.plicu'.*.*> * \n  tin* O1. .f I'omnnH- j
sin»er • t Lend* and  Worka'fora
specie!   lici so  tu cut  nml  carry
»»«y timber from the toKowlfifl de- |
•j.-no-ii   lands  situated   in   Weetl
Kooteli iv District.
No. 1   Timber claim.
Commencing nt a post planted |
,about 2 0'C fed S. ml. .f the South
fork   of the   Lardeau -.rick and
about ball v..y between seres snd
.eight tni'e and marked J W Lir*
ingnt ,. 's N V. .• irner i .-•*.. 'hence
*«tt ICO ohains Ibence Sou h 10
crTaiiu  tbi nee       st   100   ch<ins
tl ence north 43 chains to poi t .f   B-31
,,'oniii,'*' ccn 8  1
Locau-ii 0.;. : :V?Vi
J W. Livingston locator.
Ko. 2 Timber claim IR0BT.   MADDEN
Commencing at a post planted
.on  Ibe south   bmk  of the  c*-.i'.li —
fork "I  I.iril-.r.i creek and   about
one quarter of ..  mile above fi v.
mile mill ai d  marked J. W. Liv
ingston's N. \V. corner poal t
south So chai east 8
ii >rth 80 ch iiu-
tbence we*t 80 cbaim to point >•*
I I Oct   Isl :'"-0*3
J.  \\ .   ! .*:
Notice is '        •■   _• -.*   . •
.days   I .icitiui   ol
tiii- notice m the  B. C. G
intend to sp.*. Ij ti
'. - .   ' '
for J lo <;it  ai -;
carry away limber fi
ing described Lands   -     ited  ii
\Ye*t Ko itenay  I'
Timi   - NV.l
Commencing a*, a post ;'
on ti.e sonth bank of th*  -
fork of Lardean ci • half a
mile   crest   ol  t. a    mi e   ,.
marked   I). .! .     \'  -.,
east o irner poet t    nee 80 chiin
-   ith   thence    n)   chains    West
thence BOchaii i North "thei
chains R | commence
Located 8   I  -      1906.
Ii. J. Cummins locator.
Timber cibim No. 1
on thc    south    bank     of      tin-
sou th fork        :"        Lai
creek alnui half a   mii<*  W ■
Ten mile bouse marked B.J.Cum
mins' ? E   eo       ■   it
chains n.-irth   thence   SO   cl
weet thence SO c!,aii.s south lh. :■• i
80 chains cast to  point  of com-i
Located B ■ • *29ih.
B- J. Cun.:: int ',..r*u*,r.
Timber claim Xo. 1.
Co,,'! '       -' H i i   -' planted
.on the North -  *     fg    •    por|,,,.*
Lardeau   creek   about   It   i
east of 10 mile bouse marked I). J
Cummins'   N.   VV.   corner
thence 8u ehains south then
chains east thence 80 chain? nortl
thence 80 chains  west 10 p int   of
Local-.1 Bept. 29th I
B. J. Cumi .ins 1, calor.
limber claim No 2
Commencing i.* , ,..* p)aDted
on the north -tide of south fork
of Lardeau creek ahoui 1) mflM
car*, of ton mile house markrd
B. J. Cummins' S. W. comer pes
Ihenoe 80 eaet thence 80 chai,,.
north thence 80 chains weft ihcnce
80ohaini south It point of onm.
J-Tr-iterl gap|   Of, ).  ]p.-,g
B. J. Cummins locator.
Timber claim No 3.
Commencing nt a post planted
ftn north aldsofaoutn fork of fir-
deen creek about li miles ea*t nl
10 Of He house marked   B. J. Com-
miUi'S. E,  corner po«t thence  8'
chain* noith thence 80 ehains wast
thence P0 chaina sonth thence 8f
chains nasi to point of commence
Located Sept 29U, iQo-3
B J. Omni ii  .-
Timber claim No. 4.
Camuoneing at a poat planted
,<» north ride of aouth fork of Lar*
dean creek nbo«| Hmllet eastot
Legal Notices
, snaiiiaa n Ineral i In *    '■' ai  '
rr..,il   I uke   iiiuiiiih     '
K....U-I..IV district.
i   ,*,     ., .m.i *   Hi. Seven .1 is
l*',.rk ..I l.iirle.m
no) ce fiat I. O.H   N
acting     nt.    Kgem   '<"   ■'■•vi;
KM t'.   N.'    lttWlO.1.   ana '
Hj.-kiimii I'    M     0.
i'ssiii:'.  Intend, - sl
date     hereof,     '
Mini-ir Iteoonla
Improvi-nionti, tm  ■
m nm,- :» Orown '"•' •
t'lsim. .        ,   ,,
And further take noticetlini .->""■
under section .17, musl be eoniuienrea
before the umisiu-e ol Certlfleats oi iin*
„, l.v     I.
;,    t V.I   It
u     ll
iitablej ^t Ttoi:t Lakt.
Dated U.m ^O'1' J|41' el A"-*'** a.n.
we!! v>jp?!ied with Liquors & Cigars
i iVn.'.irui ;. Itocii's.   Kxccllent Cuisine and Alt.
HOTEL1 TTrontXahc
Suppiv Co.
By us *,:: Water supplh 1  ■'}  !:"
g\   Company y< u are aasured ai
• •   lute purity.   Government Am      *
®   to back up statements. ;:::::
Hugh McPhsrsort - -  Supt.
W. He Jones,
i. >ot>e
Pi intlng.
I eji   Binders,   Fine   J*.'
llardwar. . Miners' -Si   plies, Su*.e
nn1 Rentes.
Starhcv & Co.
i-Sv's.    Clieejo,    Produce    ami    Fruit
ll. nston Bk.,1 isephloe Bt, Nelson, B.C.
lt pais lo use llie Telephone.    A
lenglhv trip * sn i fti ii Im ne\
ut  t'erguson: Cuinn    -    -•'.<* : Troul
take, r. il UtHce I sl< a sl Beaton, Cum-
■       and \rr.i»
Trout^Lake   City  Transfer
and Stage Line.
Trout Lake
I Beaton
ffiM'tttotryiosAit.'' I   tt*M
\ Daily Stajr,e will I
| leave  Ferguson \
7 a.m.        I
Trout Loke 118 2
. *i
in trnntctio-r       ,.
A. M. Craig     Wm. Crawford
Hotel and
Ceneral Store
Watch-repairing,   etc.    AH work
liuaruiiti. .i.
OlfSii Bleck. TrodI Late. B.C
Imperial   Bank of Canada.
li :,anir..t
rest 4 ue.cte
n.i: ui; kik r.... I.* • Hon. ROBERT J AFTBATjVies-Pm
BRANCHES   In the  I'rorinees al tlberta, s.i-km,'.,*».,,                 Kint*.
Msilil        .    ' *:,, ni.,1 IJ   .
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT.   .    >     • -     ,' i'
B   C
F. B. Wells
No. 30
A I'   .v A M
,1|.l    Tl.11r--.iii3-  fUlil
'   \/   x month,
.■.riling Itretliren cordially Invited.
IO  I-. rddra    Sec. P.C.Campbell.tt II
l.elt»r« .,f  . ■ -   .        . ■   .
I par   pfthtw.
-    . ,1*.     *     .:     i   ,» 1   |a SS    -VtlmH   ADS
Mn.i.n.* II, .'*!..
Review Job Dept.
i* or 11 igh*l • ISS Wort .
'Ji-.iT laiCI Ili.Avrii—
II   1    Ul II),
' ritoL'T   I.AKK    I.t"I'<IK
Ml. 41
1. 0.0. r
.'. . -
Sandy Laughton
11 KN"   tii-iiinp   Fcrgii-nii you
r-li'.iil.i ciiiv at ibe LanJcati
H-.tirl.    Here   the   riaitor
will   b-.   snrriniiido'l   «itl.
him,, comforts.    Escelleut
cuisine,     well   v> nlilaied
ni.-i    wurni   rooms,    **. 11
Blnckeii bar.   an<l   everything which
tei il,. townr-lr.   making  vt.iir visit ,.
j.!* i-ai.t and 11.eiiimalii.- one.
Rates from ll  .lay  u|.wnr.ls.
\v. ririi.- t,, please ..nr [.if ns.
Regular (ncttlon h#M in j •*
0 K
•^^^ 2s Bavbec SI?op:
.. Jssobw*i   •»  * 1
I*  M   -l..|.|i*rrl. fee
-    ::  K
iid.ij Sbave or Hair Cut
. \1 I 01
RBiamS&CO    William Schne.l,
= lissaviinj ««
• -rstr^rst^.- .- - - =i*®*»=r ••■
tbe llDotcl JBeatoii
    BEATON, b.c    	
tlol.lorSilvar »1 B0
Hold ui.I silver      $2 OC
Bilverand I..-a.l  *.' ho
Copper    1 no
7inc     |1 5-.1
S   SHANNON,  -\ssayer
Trout Lako. B C.
Dealers in ail kiii.ls of Frejsh M.. t
Hot and Cold Baths
Dr..  IH  M*-. ,rl*-r. J    A   lUn-r)
A. M   1*1 NMI IM
KOLtCITORfl   1   *
-.'.t,*i,..r. t.ti 11   i"*.l I »' . "i ' ■»..« '.
Barber Shop.
For I.n--I I! t
Hn," K
1 1 i*l*l   Uhl
Hot. and   CcH  t»ihi.
YISITOBfl arriving at Beaton  th-* threshold of the Lanleai
\i.t trrowh-tt.1, trill fii I thia ll"'«i * equipped
In- 11 r Is latlon.    A arelj
• * ■ • I l.e i" -1 '•!' Wn e.. v, n ,,«
sad CHtsrs    lv rvii . ren In the requirements ol
patron*  V ...     1 relr on comfort at this hotel.
W. BOYD -:-  -:- Prop
EMS 1: ■::.
XJV* O •*.   .-      •   -     ,     —  O-     .   • :
oa i" !■•"'■■.* »lren ilm'
11101 Ihs Afi-rilnte I Intel I 10 ..: p
• lie hon. Oliief Ck er of I
snd Works tor .< -*.en»l licence
-.ml i.tnyawoi limber  1mm   tlie
Inwinjf .Ici'crirK'.'i Isi.dl  n.iiatrd
U.«l   K'oolenni .ii-'r ,••
j at A \m<t ruarkeH .
Hill's 'i.iih       • corner, -»;t at ,"1-
Kotiee it hereby given that sixty
,ia-.s finii. lha fiir-t puoliration
hci.of in ilin Hrlilih Colombia Ossette,
1 Intend le apply t'*> lhe ll"..
I'hlel Cotnniissioner of Lands anH
iv,.rl.*- for a special license lo ent and
csrry aw.iv timber frrm ihs following
ilrccilbcd ijn'i-i oitualed in Hi-H Koot-
•• *•     rner of  I/.t  IU7,  thonce ' "'''
*0 ehains, ibence «ssi 80 chaiiis, t' Coi m.   cintk-st s ixxt planted on ths
south 80 ch-ilns. tlience west 80 e\\aiu* weslhank of Canr-m crcilc. about 3>£
v i'"'".^!. r,""""u':wT;'Li ,r ,,1,, "■'■'"•> 'r""> it* month i.n.rke.1 r.l..rorrs
Nelson Itlb June,IffOfl I I..-1.IF. 1U1.L. ..                             ,   .   ,     ,.   '.'   1
-   is   here!**   given  that  two *^»h^ enrowposl of timbar limit
months afnr data 1   intend  to spply rmh:,r"n"t,   .  .   '"•'S?"?'b*nJ!
10   the   Hm,   Chief Commissioner of ' ,*'■' xh"' cc W ehains north, thenee 80
Lands anil Work» tor a apeeinl |
cl.sina  weft   thfic-i   M   rl aina s'jiith
toc.it an.l earry a„«v limber Irom I! e    °   ,l,e l*0"'1 of ■*•«•»•«"»«•*•
fi-illnwini*   Hc*<rrih».l  l»n!«,   aitnslsd In
•h* Wast Kootenay district: Vo.f. Cwtawndrgatapeat planled
rr„„l1lPne11)(r.lt tptmx marked Ualto on the we„ ,i(,,, ,., ,;iIIV0D creek.
ll.'le.o..th ea.tc.rner  ,,-,   ,| , ihoB|    ,.   nijUM;„ni ,., m0Jlh   w,.y..:
eaat corner of Lot  ,,11 lie,,.*. .- ,_    ,    (.n    .„    f0„,hKe,t   corner ^
ehslns. thanos west to .1.. w,th**nes ih«nsa 80 cbaina esit, tbenee 80 ehains
fOrhama. tl.rnce caat 8«) chaina no.th, ibence80ebsini west, thenee80
KmV'Jt   .«,ri','"m'ZTMi .. cliaiD'' •ou,,'to P°int *t con.menceroent
.Nelaon, li'il. June. liiOfl.    Leslie Hill.;
Kotlce   ia    rerr-hv   Riven  Hint l»o
months alter rt.iie I iniend tn a»*rlv ir.       Ko. ?,. Cotnmei rn g s' a pioatplar.led
lhe Hon   rhkl Commlsaion«r of lands r,M   ibejretl ai-ie of   Canton creek,
„ a'.il Worka for a apcial lleenss to out abwn   "   miles from lis snout h, marked
10 i.,;i. bouse   marked li   i i ,,      Sl"' carr> awavtlmher  Iron,  tl.s foi- c   l   oafra    northwest   con.cr  p.>t,
„.;„. ,   -., '       "■-j-< ■...!,- lowing described lands -dueled in tke   ibence eastHOchains, thenoe sooth M
wins, norm cast oornnr post thence Wsst Kootenay dlstrtet i chains, tbence wmi   * - tbsnos
50 ol ains uouili tlience 8fi  ri Conn encing at a poat s.-t'ked l^-»lic M .liauia north lopotnto/oomi
*   Hill's nuth-«-aat  corner ik.*i.  ac   at  ment.
* SSI corner ot Lot 7888, Ihcnce
K) > haina, thence teat 180 chaina,
thanes aouth 40 chaina, theme raai 160
chains lo point of commencement.
i nn, ib June, 1900.
Leslis Hill
l'r'.*<t of I un,.
nee 80  ci.an ■
west thanos80 ohaina north .hence
80 chnins east to
LiLiitod Sept. io JOOfl
Iii Curauiu3 1 ic» tor.
tocsted Oct. 18th, 1906.
C L. .. ,,,j.,
kHERE   hafa    ben    f.rtunes
made by judicious Inveat*
n.i i,t in Ke»l RstAle, nn.l
ii.' r.- f'.r-u.,.- will bo iiimle than
ever the n tl two Ol three yearn.
The.nnn whii reaps tbo barrest Is
the original investor, for he has
hia iii.ni.-y on n cetiainiy.
New Iel  um p..inl mitt., inn that
there i' ti'. belter ppni up ;he 0nn->
' i* ni I'. I -ti v H'.il Ki-tite thun
TROI T I.vKl*:.
Trout Lake in th-- prottlesl «p..»
in the KiHitenaysj a.-* a pleasure
i' sort it lm" nn equal. Busting
mi I li-l.ii it inny i .* Indulged in
the yi ar i.tin.l ; while hi" game
in a'-.ii.'Lu.re is tu ii... fon...I nn
the hi'l-. lis ol i ii.ii I e i* stlpcrh,
tlion- b> i tr no great extremes, it
being mil.I in winter nnd r»ol in
stflnmer. Ii can beast ..f *"n.c ..f
• ho lin.-'t hotels iii.il residences In
British Columbia, It-* «tr<eiH mo
well laid out nml urn.ltd. Thoie
nr<* two excellent genera] stores,
an! a glance ni tbe advertisements
in thi*. journal v.ill show that nil
Initio* nro fairly well roprcapnted.
Writs with confide nee tu Agents,
H. McPherson
Trout Lake, B.C.
Lots can be
obtained on
Make your
selection at
once.   ;
Then call on
or  write to
I haa never I ad a ' L< om " - it*
glow in lm-. lm ii steady. I l»
il..- hi ...l , f i lvlgatiun,   and
U.e lermli al < I lhe  Lardo hianrh
nf H.* C.P.R. All i...I, (,., tr
I.a..;.*a*i) I,h.I t„ Tn in Lako. It
I* il.i* ."t. t...i. lal c< nne ./ ihe
iiii.<at   mineral   Jinii.t on   ths
ei.i.l iin nl,  n. .! has Iii.-1.ii » do iii
-   i ri \ ,i. .1   bj    il."   In j i-i isl
Bank of Canada ; Oral t-lsss school
at - ■ <' i-i. ti  in dei ii,.-  . ii .*
ii."   ' I 8, -Shannon, B.A.* a p» "'
Wi.i.r BJ-all iii : gi i, mui oli Hi. , - ,
1       I) ('. i ri  • umi n; M. il, dial
Epinopal I. .1 Anglican il.ir.i »s
and . i tiage I <.-| llal,
There am rsiuolda ranch lai lis
on ih- outskirts iiw.ii!ii,c K-nht*.
Ita li.ii.li-r 11'-,..i ic. s an-  magnifi
H ''. and a   1 sn I n.<* mill  » Ith n
cp: CilJ ofOO.OCO f'. 11 r  . l.v   s  al
I  '•   I unl ui lh.*  Inlc.    T1 c iiiii oa
nil uin. v an- i roving .-m Ki^-r.-i r
I ni.liii.iH mn yenr, will. . . w
prosptcti. |. i ii,,, ,,,, ,„-|, t tidies • *f
II ore will he n big ml. il.'s
Vrar, so if jCu WOhM ki.ow
nuni'. wiile at unci, to (ill u I f
Un ngiiiiant Ihe sddresi-rs bdow.
F. B. Wells
Ceneral Agent
Revelstoke, B.C.


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