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Lardeau Mining Review 1907-04-25

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lotion     thin'    »"?
■jwapap'T   in    N
Kootenay   Best a.i-
ertiiiiig   uuliio
.    i   i
Lardeau Mmin
ff      MAY 2-1902
v/r-Tnol Ai.   **
The  representative
•f tly: r ci] LurdegU
oou'i try.    Sent t"
any siirinss for VI
pur aa. ie niH.rn.
TROUT LAKE CITY,   B.C.  April 23th.  I907.I
1 hereby  given  that  Ou
1 after H c first   pulili'.a'ion   nt
notiafiii <'ie  British Colum-
^m, I intend lo apply   to
H^hief  Commissioner oi
Bforks for ipeclal licens-
to 3111 and   Citirv   awav   liiuhei
tl^Hloifing de-ieribed land*-
iituate io vn*-i K-joIci.;.t
Na 1. 'C.'iniiiencing It A p'.st
dinted on ii.- - i-t hui*.. <<i t*.
s fit fork of '■'*. Duncan Rivi-r, u-
■OUl iSmili'i   up,  marked   M.    <'.
..o\i' t ^Butlt east corner poat;
hence weet 80'chaini; thence uor-
80chain- thence east KO oha.ii ■
hence sooth 80 chuii * te point uf
Local.*. M ir ii ::\i '   iv:
M.C-  1 *;1" -"i-      1-Ul'UIUl
Engineer 11»11 i~. of the ('. P. ll.
steamship service, returned [rotn
ReyeUloko, Tueiday.
Ak Komi ah the roads ore good
hi- Intaiidi bripging in hit family.
$40, OOO OO.
Eaatern Parties Secure the
Howard   Groi*p   on
take Creek
A. N   Viirs. im  1
;is a Notary Public,
*u gaietted
raH eh
a,   2.   Ci.UHlii 1 • i*K    ill    'A    posl
Ian ted 011
It fork 0! '.ne Duncan River,  a-
OUt J3 mi * - up and   marked   A.
Dngeoi 1   North  weat comer
est: then-' •.-■**•:
MUb 80 > ■ .in-,   tin-,.*'   wri-t  -mi
ns; the'   •• north 80  chains   lo
ittif ooiiiinetirinent.
ated March 29th. 1907.
BA   I-'. Dugeon, Loeator.
8.   Coiniiicncitig at a p.,*.;
ited 011   lhe east side of  tht
iOf the Duncau Kiver, a-
laitit-.  cant  of  river and
t^^^^ndes from lhe inrks,
ii iicaton'i J* K. corner
In ei* north 60 chains:
lest )M chaina; thenoe
chaini, ihenee cast no
Ihenee south 40 chains,
it 40 chaini to *v»lnt*W
ited March 21st. 1907.
Beaton, Locator,
mmencing it s poet planted
•ids ul ibe •»»■! fork ol lire
»*r. a I.out 6 i-hsin* from llir
t ll miles u; iini Merited
ileiton's Nortii West eornei
ee - ••   H0 dm in; linnet' ion
nt. . tlii-iii*e wett -10 rhaisi;
th 80 clisini, thrnce int    10
aee north -to chains to ihe
IllOICIlllllf lit.
ated March 21st. 1807.
lilrolin Beiton, Locator
mmencing at s -. ">i planted
title ol tho «itt lurk of thr
ier, almul 5 rhsini (rum llir
1 llnuleiup, marked "Jl.
Norlh Kail corner poll ;"
t 80 cliumr ; thence louth B0
im* lest W chains; theuce
am* Ui I'l'int oi cuuiniince
ated March lint. I9J"
M. I'Bal".., L-K'etor.
-■miiieiicinn a: a \'fl plsuli d
, lork of the   Duncan   Kiver,
[iniii*-' up <>n the loath   irast
marked "Kd.    Ilillmat.'i   N
m poet," tbeoee cut so ehains
ptii 80 ohalni. theuci wael M
•nee north Wl chsins to j-oiui
fated Marrli r.;rd.   1007.
Kd. Ilillinsn, I. .rai***,
fommancing st s poet plsutrd
i mil* of lh* weat hu k ol th.*
fstir. iboat !l'| luilri up Irom
> (hams »«'t i.f liver,   mai-
Lawtor'i North t.u.i oorner
uer went  ho attains) Ihenea
Es.ni, thence e/-t Ml chaii-i.
h 80 chaini to paint «*f coin-
WLtnUt March 7*11, 1IK)7.
M. C. I.i«l.ir. locator
No. t. Comuienciag at ii post planted
• ^B Side of the weit fuik  ol the
^■Ter, about "   luilel  I |i  from
■ marked "]*;.|.   Hillniin'i   P.
i' m poll," Ihenee north 80 chain
r-f^fct JO chains; Ihenee smith  SO
MfM] th- nee writ 80 t-hl'.ni to point
Bated Mnrrh Wrd  1007.
Ed, Hill mnn. Locator.
i".9,C   'innn mc at a ik.M   plautr.l
Msi lurk of the   I i.i n.*a n   lii-icr.
1    '   jflfeilliiiaii'.*   r*.   W.  cortirr pur*I
■' JpH''** up from forkei snd   nmrk-
■Piiliii.ii.'a K     IC.  enr nor  poll,"
hsfcaenonh 8ochaina; thenoi *rti M
Hence sonth 8.. ehaiitit; thence
Ubanii.  tn  poinl of commence-
Hriird March 2Jrd.   1907.
Ed.   flillDian, locator.
mffioitrl in rril'imnr 8*71
The Lardeau "lumber king'' in
running his saw-mill •.! Ferguion
on ful! time and a full crew.
Joe Albert wi. late ol ihe "Review itHff, i-. a happy daddy
again. We don't know whether
iis a boy or girl,
timi':.:!: notices.
Notice is hereby given that within
two'month! from tbe fire! publication (hereof in the British Colum-*
bin Qatette, I Intend to apply to
lue Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a Fii'-eial Licence to cut and carry away limber from the folloainp described
lands lituated in West Kootenay.
No. 1. Commencing at a poBt
planted lj miles above Ten Mi't.
on the south fork ol Lardean
Crook, adjoining I.*>t 7047 on the
north, maiked ''A. Gowiug'l S. E.
comer poit" tl.ti ci north 80
chau.tj, tin ncc weal so cbaias;
thence south bt) ohaina; tbence
cost 80 chains, to point ol commencement.
No. 'J. Commencing at a posl
planted l\ miles above Jen Mi'e,
on the south f'.ik of lardeau
('reck, adjoining 1.017047. on the
N. K. marked 'A.Oowing'i S. \V
corner posl," tiicnce north
Sn chains ; hence cast V) chains;
thence south SO ohaina; thenc-
wi-t SO chains to the juiim i.f com-
No. '!. Oommencing at  .1 posl
planted 1*1 milea obeve Ten Mile,
on the south folk <*i Lardeau
Creek, narked ''A. Gowing'i N.W.
corner p st,'' thence south Sn
chains; thenoe ea«i 8'.> ciiains;
thence noith SU chains; theme
west 80 chains; lo point oi com
me Moment
Located   March 27th.    1907.
A- Qowlng, Loc ito r.
The Quiiicy, California, paper,
hai 10 interesting account of a
heroic deed performed by an old
Trout Luke 'hoy'— Martin Lundin.;
Martin ii boiling a job for tlugb
Brown, who haa a contract li.r a
I-i^ piece of rock work in llie  Ser- W. A. Skinner, when out a week
pontine Canyon. or   bo aj;o,   bonded  Iho Howard
It leemi that a  couple of   neu group it claims situate on   Lake
had just completed drilling  when Creek, to Eastern u-ining men, for
a rock came down from above and -J40. 000. 00.
look the men over thc bluff, which The  group   consists   of   seven
at that particular poinl was about claims nnd lhe development work
60 feet above the stream.     One of demonstrates  lhat   there is a big
tlie men landed on  a imall   pro- body of low grade  silver-lead ore
jeotion, but tbe other went Btraight running clear across the property.
int 1   th**  water.      Martin- -sizing The bond calls   for  work   to   be
up  the situation,   and.  realising started by July 1st. next      There
thut the man  who   went   into   the are several  other   very  promising
wat. 1 would drown—took a flying properties in tiio vicinity that are
jump and landed into tin- creek 75  being negotiated by the saint* par-
feul  below.     Although  soniewjiat ties.
stunned, he manaced to secure hie       The   owners    of   tbe   Howard
man and took him safely to abore   group are W. A. Skinner,    Andy
The unforitituit'- fellow was pretty  Daney and C. 11. Foote.
badly injured by striking tho  <*'iff —=
in his fall and wiil probably die.
The 'Tlumas National" pays
Martin a high compliment an.l
s.iv- lt wa3 one of the moat heroic
deeds that ever came under their ;
nol ice and advocatei the presen'a-
tion of a modal which will eornei. morale the deed.
We are advised that Martin will
return to his old stamping ground
the Lardeau 111 about a incn'h.
Notice   is   hereby    given   that
within two months from  the  firsl
: publication hereof in  the   British
Columbia Gazette, I intend to nji-
ply to the Hon. Chief Commission ] Slocan City,   Nakusp and Arrow
: er of Lands dc  Worka for special ' head.
icenses  to cut   and  carry   awav j    The building of the road as men
timber from tbe follow ins describ-j tjonct]  wouid  ^,ive , route  f
Capt, I'itziinmons arrived in
from Arrowhead the end rd las!
Week, with the intention of resuming navigation. On examination
of the ice he found lhat it would
be impossible to do any business.
The whole sum and substance of
tbe matter is that tbe large i-i so
rotten, that a good strong bump
against the ice and it would be
"reqniescat in pace'' with it.
We realize thc proposition tht
('. P. R, ia up against in handling
llie lake traffic and Ihe only wav
out of it iri to have the road completed from Gerrard to Arrowhead,
It looks a business proposition lo
Tlie pr.*«ent route from Kooten
av Landing to Nelson by boat. 52
miles; tlience to Slnean Junction
12 miles; tbence lo Slocan City, 82
mil-s; thenee to Roseberry bv
boat, 25 mi lei; Roseberry to Nakusp, 23 miles: Nakusp to Arrowhead by boat, 3G miles, in all— 18G
miles, with   transfers   ut   Nelson.
ed lands situate in West Kootenay
Located March 2Sth
M. C. l.ai.!.ir,
I oil
N.i. in C'.mtuiniinj al S po»t planted
about 7 milaa ap tbe wast tork <.f dun-,    _ _ ————^m
cm River, about 10 chains west of rieer *°- l: Commencing at a post
and marked 'II. C. l.mlor'i N. W, planted on the south fork of Five
corner poet," thence casi M) chaina; Mile Creek, abuttt 5 miles from
tbence south 80 chains; thenee weet SO  Trout Lake, marked "Ole.  A. Ler
ehains; tlience north 80 chaini to poinl ■     <     .1 ,.■ ,-1
mot  t*outh W»st   corner   post,
of c.tnii.ii.i iineiii. '
. tlience north So   cbaius;   thence
I eaet SO chains;     there;  south  sO
'chains; thence west  80 chaini,  to
.No. 11.  Commencine.*it l noil plant.   ,,oiril ,,f r. mnKneemei.t.
ed un lhe v.ast fork of the I1.1t.ran Blear, abool i.niilsi up frm.1 the forks, on
tha louth  hank   and  marked   "A.   T.
Ihiffon 1   Rortb  Weft corner  poat,'*,
• • MOtbnchains; thence eJf! so planted on Hit* sonth fork <-f Fife
cluini; iinni! nortii80chaini; ll.t nee Mile Creek, ahout 5 miles from
wesl vi chains 10 i«jint of eo-mmenei Trout Lake, marked ''Ole. A. I^er-
'"•"t- imo's   North   East   corner  post,"
thence south 80 chainn;     thenco
No. 2.   Commenrinp at a  post
located April Ilt l"u7,
A. K. Dogaon, I.*K*at..r.
No 12. Commencing at a i"ii plant-
f Ibe nest fork of lhe Dunea-i   Kif
er, a!-< '.I'. 4 nni.— up on tlie m.rr li hank,
marked "A. t,   Dngeon'i south West
rorner post,
thence not lli 80 chains ; thea.e rait 80
west 80 chains; thence nortii 80
chains; thence east 80 chains to
point of commencement.
No   4    Commencing   nt  a pm
planted if miles   abive  Ton M lie
on   the   south   fork    of   Laideau
Creek,   and marked  'A.   Gowing'i
S. W. corner post,'   Ihcnce  north,,    _   ,, _ ,
-_   .    .        ,. No. 14. Commencing al a puM planted
80 chains, thenc.- east  bt) chains;  thfMt.   ,nlk, lip ,,„,„,,„ lr„.k Irnln
tbonootonth 80chain-, thence west;  Duncan River, n.arka.l M. Beaton s a
80 chains;   to the point   of corn-
No. 3. Commencing at a p"st
chain*; theasesouth 80 chains; ibence planted on the south f. rk of Five
w.ii 80chains 10 point of commence- Mil,. Creek, about 7 miles from
rm"1' Tr»ut Uke. marked *'Ole. A. L-r**
mo's South wesl corner post,"
thence eaBt 80 chains; Ibence north  80  chains;     ibence   west   80 	
cr. about 5 rlmiiia norlh ol Taylor Creek chains; I hence sou'h SO chains  to j Arrowhead.
md marked   A.   t.  Dogroas   North  point of commencement.
Kail corner poet, ihenc. west 80 chain.      ,^^ ^ 20U)   ^ q( Umb
Ole. A. Lertne.   Locator.
Located March 281 h. 1H07
A K Dngson,   Ln- ator
No  IS. ("nmiiieucfng .it a pout    hinted ou the nest bank ul tlie Duncan liiv-
Kootenay Landing to Arrowhead
wilh a total dir-tnnce of 144 miles,
with transfer at Lardo. Thus 42
miles would be saved, and cut off
three transfers. In addition to
the saving of distance and lbs
trouble and cot-t of transfers the
ice problem on nil lhe lake routes
would be solved.
Tho Trout I-ike service oou'd
be abandoned altogether; at the
v* ry leMt, two thirds of the Arrow
and S'oc.iu lakes service could also be abandoned.
The immense bentftts which
would accrue to the w hole coui.try
between Arrowhead and Nelson,
by way of direct communicate ri
wuh tin* coast and open communication the >ear th.'ough hy thc
building ot tbis 40 miles of oad
would—iu n short time—repay t..
thc 0. P. R tho total cost of
We would venture to cav that
the cost to the Railway Company
of handling the ice on the route
above-mentioned this winter.
would pay '.he interest un total
coit of building and equipping the
the   road  between   Gemrd   and
The V;ii)(*()i*vi*r Province says
that Prciideot Sherman, when in-;
terviewed, stated thai within a
week, not a -ingle coal mine in
Alberta ei Eastern British Columbia would be working. This means
a Vliut donn' f..r the sun Iters of
Southern lliitish Columbia ami
tlie oouaequeut shutting down .,;
every large producing mine.
It also means the paralysing or
all lines of transportation.   It" thii
wae a matter that concerned only
th   mine owners and workers trd
affected tbem only,  we   could let]
them "no to it" and   fight   it   out, j
hut when   it   iiieau.*;   tiie   business:
life of two provirnn s,   the Dominion Government should   step   in
und plainly slate that if the mines
.were not  worked  by  the   present;
owners it   would   take  them   over
and operate tbem for the benefit of
the people.   Call it coufiscati. n if
you please, or   anything *.* se  you
please, but.16 think Unit a few mi n  |
be they union or  employers,   can.
by nol being aide  tn agree,   shut
down the  principal   i'ldu-'i es of
half a continent, is monstrous.
If 10 get coal We have to hnve
government-owned collieries, then
for heu van's sake let us have then.
No Istiti Fsf
OT 11 I N (i     hut good
hones'.      leather    can
find a   j.lace    in    a   Leckie
What's the use oi anything elsa for a Western
Miner, Logger, or l'ros-
; or? When ^far away
from the busy haunts of
he needs foot-w-rar
Will    not   go badk 011
I ,
'., '*    Boot!     are
_-_______________-* H
such Boots. They arc a
wes'e'n product for western people.
Tor sale hy all dealers,
Write for a Catalogue.
J. LECKIG CO. ltd.
fi     Local and General.     §
tbenos sooth 80 ehains; thencs .ast 80
clan.Si theuce north HO chaini to i-oint
ol c.'iiiii.incri.ei.t
Located  April f.ih. 1-/17.
A. I . liugeon, I ocutor.
No. 4.   Commencing at   a   post
planted on the south fork  of Five
nn in'l lm nl.
No. 5. Commencing at a post
planted 2* miles above Ten Mile,
on iho south fork s»l Lnitleau
("reek, marked "A. Gowing's N
W coiner post," tbtnee south r0
chains; thepoa eaal -*ii chaina;
ibence north 80 chains; thence
wet 80 chains; lo point of com
No. fi. Commencing at a post
planted 3} miles abovoTen Mile.
on th« south fork of Lardeau
Creek, marked "A. Gowing'i S,
W. CCner post,', thence north 80
chains; tbence east 8H chains;
thenoe south 80 chains; Ihonce
west 80 chains; to point 0.'
N.i. 7. Commencing at a pfl«l
planted 3J mil.*-' above Ten Mile,
nn the south fork of Lurd.au
Cre»k, marked "A Gow log's N
\f. corner posl thence Mit IN chains;' Milo Creek, about 7 miles from
them.* north 40 cl.ans, ihema «tst UO Trout Ijike, marked 'Nels l'oiiii;'s
ihiini;  luiiil.   -tU iiimii    to  1 mill  of
comment ment.
Limited April 10th   11105,
M. Urai.hi. boeator,
Nn. 15. Coinmenriiig it 11 |m| plant-
• *l ih mt I inilas up Iti.iitler Cr,*ek from
DaneanRiver,marked H.Beatoaa 8,
W corner post; thence essl ■■'■■■ 11 :nr s.
Ibence north 40 chaini, tlience we.-t 1110
.hi  thence south 40 chains to poiul
ol i*'iiinicin*i.ieiit.
LoCSUd  April IO1I1   i'ui,*.
M, Beaton, Locator.
North west corner post,'- thenee
cast 80 chains; Ibence south 811
chains; thence v..rt 80 chains
thence north 80 cluiins to point:
of commencement.
No 5. Commencing at a po-:
planted on the sotilli fork of Kiii
Mile Creek, about 5 miles from
Trout Lake, marked "Nels Dodln'
South Last Corner post." ihenee
north 80 chnins; ihenee west HO
chains;   thence  south  80  chains
No IB Cnmirenciiig al a post planted
about 3 unlet north ef lllll  1 .'id.   011,1,  . oA.i...   .  : ,
,, ,, ..    H    .   ...   , thence east 80 chaini  lo  poinl  of
D.iiHtn River, nn tlieonrth w e.t oor-| r
ner ill 'i'iiiilK*r limit Ni.   7:Ms,     imrked
Ivl. Mill man  n North F.n«l n.rner p*st,
ile.-nce west (Ml ehains, llnnce louth  HO
chains, thence  east  SO rhaim,  ibence
nnrlh 80chains t" point n( oommeoo-
No. 6. Commencing at a p >st
plaiiiad on the south fork of l'jvo
Mile Creek, nb -ut S mil.'S from
Trout Luke, marked "Nds Rodin's    North   west  corner   post,
  tbence south 80 chains thence ensl
So 17 Commencing at a poal planted J80 chains; ihenc nnr'th 80 chains;
comer port;" Ihenc south 801•>.,K,ut >°jBhsliissoutbolHsl^Creek on (.],,*,„ we,, ,s*i ,-h.uns to point of
Located  April 10th  1W7
L.l   llilluniii.  I'f.i'r
Duncan River, and went ol K A B line,'
marked A F Dogeon a lontk Baal cor-
chains;    Ihcnce  easl   80   ehains;
thenco  north   80   chains;   thence. ^r"^M.'\l,en«Ve'irM7.in.7'ti.e7M
west 80 chains   to poinl  of   com*
.1. n 'ement.
Located March 30th  1007.
A. Gnwing.  Locator.
nnrlh Wl chains, thence sail to the   K A
18 tint thenee fallowing Jegsol K a h
Hm  " point ol sotMBencment,
ioflsted April llth  nn7
\ A f Ihigtoiij uritor
Located the 20th day ol   March
Nels. Bodin Locator
The McKridegovernment doomed! A new star ha? appeared 111
the political' firnianenl,'
Charles LinUniark of Uevelstoke
is coin-: to put the present government out of business.
Too bud! but if chut lie meant
it, we suppose there ii no use of
His lumber business musl be
protected, and it is outrugcoui
that an advance of 'two bits' a
tho USUI d should he   made    111  ll.'
The 1 oor 'do il.-' of f.'.w mil!
-iien are beinjrgrilled by the ' ll
quisllion" at Ottawa over then
sl'egcd unlawful combine, and
now Victom put on the last straw
by Increasing iho royalty a fraction. Every moi lh we read the
rsporta of the Lumberman's Atso-
'■iati *ii meeting and invariably
iho most prominent feature is a-
nm her ad value III Ihe price of 111 in
her of a dollar or two per thu US.
und to (ake effect AT ONCE.
Of course, the/ are private r *i ■
ccrns, and the interests of theii
ihari holders mu-t be looked nf ar
snd big dividends earned. It ii a
case howovir, ol "tha pubic b<
- d when there is any at--
empt io mako rcemi** out <>f lhe
riebeat assel Ihe Province own s.
Wo we sorry lhe govern mi ri
did not "stand pnt" nn.l put  lbs
amendment through thii session.
The Handy Qampanv,  owning I
some L'ood claims   at  the  foot of]
the lake, has undergone a prot       B
oi re-organitatlon, cleaned o„t :•-» '_as_aasasB_asasaaaB_-3- as
dead timber and is now  ei.d-.av r.
ing to gat down to busin. --.
Thia companv— iike many oth-l NOTICE.
ers-was   formed during  "hom,,"j    Ti-lip|.  NoUflfc  n()i K
umea, with a large oapitali-wlon, 0., tliis pae« w,n b^ found in
.large percentage of which  went  special    suiplcmeut   issued  wi.k
to   the promoters.   As is alwayi  Mt cjition
the case, "treasury '* stock could
uot    cotupeta   with   "promoter"] " ■"""
Block, with the Inevitable rsii.'
that funds wen not available to     We have a letter anent tbe n,-
carry on the work, cLelor tax from the secretary  ..f
'lhe company  have  some good   lhe «Cup*n*wociatioo, hut tin
mineral  claims  with  the best  of  lack  of space  we are oblig...   tu
shipping facilities nnd there is  no  hold it over.
reason why—aith economic tl and |
capable management—auoccaa should not be attained.
A small lire occurred on Sun-!»«*
" -''tei 1100,1 l,,st, at the re5idenct   ot
J. C. Murray.
•ti    ti      1  ■        1 .  •   '     '       '   ' ' the efficienev of ihe
Tiie Broadnew development is  fl.„ ,   .     , ,.      ,    }
,   • j    , . , i tire bri-'ade,  n<i   hi"  dams"p   m*.
being pig .d along  witb encour- (, timmmm wn*,
aging n-ults.   About 20 men "are 	
employed steadily,      The No. 4 '■ ' "*
tunnel is   well  under  wav     Tno
* ars of ore ij being rawhided down      G*0, Fo',]r,,d* nf '''•',  Mils, ro.
which willbesirntioHenver fora   !"'""! l!0,""fro"1 a holi(,»v  '   \*
te-t ns lo the best process of tr. at-
It is the intention of thc man-
a.-' ment lo erect w ben oondit
wm ran'—a reduction woiks for
the treat ntnl of the large bod-e*
of luw-grade ore knowu to exist on
their properties.    Before pr    * d
11.g however, they i  tendloh.iv*  a
thorough test made   i>v  p.-a.
men .-o as to en-up*     i I
J. II. Lodwig, i.r-s slant n.a ia-
ger of ilia Bilver Dollar mine,
came over to Trout Like the lir-t
ol the week.
Iiu reports good progro s 1    ng
made in   lhe   getting <f   lhe  mi ',
maehiui ry up to the property antl
expectato have it running somi i
nm • in May,
Wm k on ll.e Silver Cup will be re
sinned shortly, as soon as uli din
gerirom inowdidcs bai passed
The  freight   sheds   ,.r**   full   o
high grmi.* nre awaiting 1 i open
•i' navigation.
hral of the week.
We regret te learn t.f the ileal I
of the .-gel in *ther of Mrs. I;   • r-
Madden, at I. dian Lorclte,   Q
b .*. nnd extend lo the sorrowi £
fm,iiy our sincere -yiupitthi»».
1 ib M.-..H- n.   -if the Lako tie*
Hotel, h«| been  on tbe  -Jl -
i       Indiana who   sold   I
; md to the .. ',   l-   f r £7 '
.ic, now u    11
.iin off' and want tl
l'ot.r Lo!
t'ur .1.1 fii. 11 I.   H .* Robinson*,
o- .1 g   i"l 1100 o * .1. W. I 'o   If!
the Kas'o 11. t* I. !• centlf.
Mr. Cackle,   w 1" is 1 renou
hunter'' nskid I' wl il hi   hnd
11 Iiii new   butterflv    l-loe   ••
1    thst   lie   had    ■" 1
-trong 1 iiiiiigh t*. Warn,   I.e.l l*u li 1
ha' Could f V   I'M! i   . '    1*    :.;
■\ 1111. irh-i li id t.e ■ li.  1
ike x i
• ii i'e
.f .in 1 •
\l 1. _• 11 >
but «e look I., them lo'utakl good ,''■'■■'r "'"^ "">' ''"h a liter* cob*.
n >   *«.»■'. 1.
Mis.  Hurray   and   Hftfi  Ih,\i*|
lefl a1 1  ...      -•••• t n
1 bol Ida j tijp 1 ■ th • c aai ___Hr
wrrei, rippled a ileuach'Tlnlllng mil- I
ody that wooed tbe ilumberer to a de- '
llcloc*! half wakifulueae ua dreamily, |
aa tenderly aa tlie croon of rain ou the i
r -Ta** rmn-Mi- Hm wan" u' ~M
br A J. NcOm tm.
(Continued From Last Week.)
HKTTY never forget her Snt
■Ight ef the old friend of her
family. Riturnlug witb a lad
heart, Bhe wui walklag thi
colt slowly through tbi earrlige gates
wheu an eitravagantly stout lady In
green muilln. liiuatrnied with huge rid
ton-eta. cam* out upou the porch and
wive* a (at arm to thi girl. Tbs tIi-
Hir wan a dark green turban and a
oaahuare afeawl, while the expanse of
har iklrti wn nothing short af mig-
■lflcaat Some cithedral dome seemed
ts hire keen mliplaced and tbe lady
dropped lata lt. Har eutatratohad hand
terrified Betty. Uew waa aha ta approach near eneugh to take it?
kin. Tinberry wai about sixty, looked forty, aud at first you might have
gueised sbe weighed ueirly 800, but
tbi Ughtneei of her smile md tbe
actual baoyanoy which she lemehow
Imparted te her whole dominion Iwien-
ad that by at leait i hundredweight.
She ballooned out to the horae block
with a billowy ruah loaiwbere be
tweaa bounding and soaring, aad Mlis
Bitty iliil dawn from the colt, who
akled violently, to find bereelf anrel-
•pad, la apite of tha dome, ln a vait
auif ef green and red muilln.
"My charming girl!" exclaimed the
lady vehemently ln a voice of auch
bulky rlchneii, of iuch merriment and
unction of delight, that lt fell upon
1_ii Betty* ear wltb more of tbi
Quality of ihetr gayety tban any ihi
had ever beard "Beautiful child!
Wbat a beautiful child you are!"
She kliMd the girl reioundlngly ea
both cheeks, stepped bick from ber and
laughed and clapped her fat bandi,
which ware covered with flashing rlnga.
"Oh. but you are a true blue beauty!
You're a prlnceill 1 am _n. Tub berry Jane Tanberry, young Jaale Tan-
berry. 1 haveu't seen you Blue* you
were a baby uud your pretty mother
was a girl like us!"
"You are ao klud to come," said Betty hesitatingly. "I shall try to ba vary
"Obedient!" hire. Tanberry uttered
the word with a shriek "You'll be
nothing of the kind. I am tbe light
mludedest woman tu tbe universe, and
any one wbo obeyed me would be embroiled ln everlastiug trouble every aee-
oud ln tba day. You'll find that I am
tbe oue thlt needi looking after, my
Sh* tapped Mlis Betty'i cheek with
-iter Jeweled fingers ai tbe two mount
ed the veranda etepi. "It will be worry enough for you to obey yourself. A
body lees tbat at tbe flrat bluab. You
bare conaclc-nce ln your forehead snd
rebellion lu your chin. Ha. ha, ha!"
Here Mra. Tanberry sat upon and obliterated a large chair, Miaa Carawe
taking a atool at her kuce.
"People of our nge oughtn't to be
bothered with obeying. There'll be
tuna enough for tbat when we get old
and can't enjoy anything    Ha'.' ba.'"
Mn. Tanberry punctuated ber obier
vatioui with short volleys of huiky
laughter, ao abrupt lu both discharge
"My tlnirnilnn ulrl.'"
aad CflltllMI that, until Mill Betty
been ini, iccnitODSd to the hublt. ibe
Was ujil tu start slightly ut eiieb aalvu.
"I bud u husband-once," tbe ludy resumed, "but only once, uiy frleud! He
bad Ideas like your father's-your father la sucb au imbecile—uud be
thought tbut when, sisters, daughten
and aueb like ought to be obedleut—
that la, tbe rest uf the wurld was wrong
unless It waa right, aud right waa Juit
bla own Utile teeny squecny prejudices
and emotions dressed up fur u crazy
inasqueriide as facts 1'uur mau! He
lasted only nhuiit n yeur'" Aud Mrs
Tanberry laughed heartily.
"They've beeu ut imr tttue aud again
to take mother." sin* lowered her
voice aud leaned towurd Betty confidentially. "Nut 1! I'd be willing te
engage myself to Cralley Uruy (though
Cralley faaan't gut ruuud to me yeti. for
I dou't uilud Just bulug engaged, my
•dear, but they'll bave to Invent suuie
Sblng better tbaa a man before I marry
MT one of ■••in ugalu: But I love e«j,
i do, the charming Billies! And you'll
ae* how they follow mul" Hhe putted
the girl's ahoulder, ber nail! eyes
-beaming gulsslvaliy. "We'll have tha
giyeit house lu lluueu, ladybird: Tha
yeuug men all go tu the Bareaudu', but
they'll come here now, aud we'll have
the Bureauda aloug wltb 'em. ]'«•
been away a long time; Just llniibed
unpacking yesterduy nighl wheu yeur
father came in after the tire. Wheo!
What a state be wai lu, wltb thut tew
-par of hli! Didn't 1 map blm up when
he asked me to come un.l stay with
/ou? Ha, ha! I'd lime cuine evei If
you hadu't beeu beuutiful, but 1 was
wild to be yeur playmate, for I d beard
Bathing but 'Min Betty Carewe, Mils
Bittr Carewe.' (rem evarri-oiii J *cw
since the liiiiiulc" uiy atage 'came la.
You set 'em ull und at your ball, and
I kuew we'd nuike a glorious homefiri,
you und I! Some of the vugubondi will
turn up this very eveuing, you'll lee
if tbey dou't. Hu, bu! Tbi way they
follow me!"
Mrs. Tanberry wai Irresistible. She
lilli"! the whole place otbenvlsi than
b.v the mere uiutcrlul vuluuilaouiuiMi
of her, bubbling ever with froth of
liiiiiseiike which lleiv (brough the house,
driven by her energy, like aea foam ou
a sprlug pile, uud the day, to discord
until begun for Miss Betty, grew musical with bar owu luughter, answer-
Int the husky ItaeeatO of the 11 vm*.ous
newcomer. Nelson wilted upou them
at table, radiant, tils smile like tho
i keyboard uf uu ebony piun... aud bis
il.»iii'|.eui*iiii' es iin., tbe kitchen were
iiceoniplisheil hy means of u surreptitious double ihufile lud followed by
tbe cachinnating erhoei uf the vaiu
, Mamie's reeeptiuu of the vlsilur's si!
lies, which Neliou huatlly retailed in
-Nor was Mn Tauberry'i prediction
allowed tu ko unfulfilled regardlug the
advent of those personi wbum she had
desiguated il vngsbouda. lt may have
beeu out of deference to Mr. Carewe'i
sense of decorum or from u cautious
regard of what be was llubie to do
wheu he considered tbat »euie outraged
tbut tbe gtiiiuuts uf lioiien bad placed
themselves under the severe restraint
of ulluwlug three days tu elapse after
tbelr Introduction to Mlsa Curewe before they "paid tbelr respects at the
house;" but, be tbut aa tt may. the dictator was now safely uuder wuy dowu
tbe Roueu river, aud Mn. Tanberry
relgued lu bli stead. Thus, at about »
o'clock tbut evening, tbe two ludies sut
lu tbe library euguged lu eouversation,
though, fur the auke of accuracy, lt
sbuuld be said tbut Mrs. Tauberry was
engaged la conversation, Miss Betty iu
giving ear, wheu their attention was
arrested by sounds of a somewhat musical uuture from the luwu, wbleb
aouuds were Immediately identified aa
euii.nai.il*,' from a flute aud vlollu.
Mrs. Tuuberry bouuded across tbe
room like a public buildiug caught by
a Cyclone, and. dusUiug at tbe cuudles.
"Blow 'em out. blow 'em out!" she ex-
claimed. Milling tbe uctiou to tbi word
lu u Busier of excitement.
"Why?" aaked Miss Carewe. iturtled,
as she rose to be.- feet. Tbe cuudles
Wer* out before the question
"Why."' repeated tbe merry, husky
voice In tbe darkness. "My guoduess,
child precious, tbuse vagubuuda ure
here! To think of your never having
beeu serenaded before!"
Rhe drew the g'.r) to tbe window uud
pointed to a group of dim t'gures ueur
tbe lilac bti.ihea. "Tbe deur, delightful
viiguhouds!" ahe chuckled. "1 knew
they'd come! It's the beautiful Tup*
|.Ingham Marsh with bis fiddle aud
youug jeff Bareaud with his Out.- un.l
'Owe Mudrllloii uud little 1'ruuk Cbeu-
owetb aud thin Will Cuuimiiigs to aiug.
II ii rk tn tbe macula!"
It Is perfectly truthful to aay that
tbe vlollu and time executed tbe prelude, ainl tbeu the trio sounded full on
tbe evening nir. tlie more effective
chords obligingly drawn out as long ui
the breath In the singers could hold
them lu order to allow the two fair
nini.!'■." complete lien. (:t of tbe bar
inouy. They sai.g "The Harp That
(nice Through 'Jura's Hulls" and followed lt wltb •'Long. Long Ago."
"That." Mn. Tanberry whispered be
tween stifled ftustl of tltuoat uucou
trollable laughter, "ia meaut for Just
"Tell me the tales that to me were
ao dear," entreated tbe trio.
"I told 'em plenty." gurgled the enlivening widow, "and I aspect between
Us we cun get up nume more."
"Now you are come niy grief Is removed," they aung
'"Tbey mean feet futber la on bla
way to St. Louis," remarked Mra. Tanberry.
"L«l  ma   forget  that  so   Imn   you   have
Let nn* Mieve thnt you love as you lovtd
lajng. lotif tigo. long tgo."
"Applaud, applaud!" whispered Mn.
Tanberry cumin lining tlie uilustreli
by a hearty cluppiug of bauda.
Then the caudles were relit uud tbe
aertiiiiders IniiN-d wlthlu. Nelson came
bearing cuke uud wlue, und tbe house
wui mude merry i'reaently the romp,
\ Irginiii liureuud, making ber appear*
an* i ul. tbe inm uf General Trumble,
Mrs Tanberry led Ihem ull lu a hearty
game or blind loan's Lull followed hy
aa hearty a dancing of I uin Tucker.
After tbut. a yuudrllle being proposed.
Mra Tanberry luggested thut Jeller
suu ibould run home and bring I uu
thou for the fourth lady However,
Virginia explained thut she bud en-
deulured  tu persuade both her  slater
uud Mr Qtay lo accompany tbegener-
al aud herself, but thut Mr   Cray had
complained of iudispusitiuu, having mf- {
fered   greiitly   from   beuduehe  ou  no* *
count of lubiiliug ao much  smoke at
tin* warehouse lire, uud, of sounw, Kun-
Cbon Would uot leaie lilm.    iMIsi Carewe   permitted   bin self   tbe   aligbtest i
•hrug of tbe shoulder:, i
So  tbey   duiued   the  quadrille   with  I
Jefferson at the pluim Hint Mr   Marsh |
performing lu tha ebametsr of a lady,
a proceeding most uuucceptable to tbe
Rceerul, whom Mrs. Tuuberry forced tu
be hi. purtuer.   And tbua the eveulug
passed     guyly    away,     Tapplngbam
.Marsb  spuke tbe truth,  Indeed,  when
be exclaimed lu purtlug, "Ob, rare Mrs
But the bouse had nol done wltb acre*
uudes tbut night. The guests had lung
alnce departed, the wludowi were aim
and dark uuder thi wiu old moon,
Which bud risen lamely, looking unfit
miliar uud not half itself; the uir bare
in odor' or lateness, and nothing moved, when a delicale harmony stole out
of tbe shadows beyond the misty gar-
deu Low but ri'souuut chords sounded uu tbe lieu tier strings of a guitar,
While   iibove   ihem.   uji.ni   tbi* .lighter
.*>.• Kn i, if,ii,c*.*rf (lie quadrille.
root soothes a child to sleep. Under tbe
artist's cunning touch tbe instrument
was both the accompauimant aud the
aong, uud Miss Belly, at flrat taking
tbe music to be a wauderlug thread tn
the fabric of her owu bright dreams,
drifted gradually to consciousness to
find herself imillug. Her eyes opeued
wide, but half closed iigmu wllb tbe
Ineffable iw outness of the sound
1'ben a voice wai beard, eerily low,
yet gallant and clear, a vibrant baritone, sluglug to the guitar;
"lly lady's hair.
That dark delight,
Ia both as fair
And dusk as night.
I know aoan* lovelorn haul is that belt
In time to moonbeam twinklings fleet.
That dance and glanci like lew«;• there,
B-mblaaonlng th* rav*n hair.
"Ah. raven hair.
Bo dark and bright!
What love lies there
Enmeshed tonight?
I know aoma sighing lads that say
Their hearts w*r* snared and torn away,
And new as pearls one tat* ihey ahar*
Kniangled ln lh* raven hair.
"Ab. raven hair.
From auch a plight
Could you not spar*
On* acolyte?
I know a broken haart that went
To serve you but a* ornament.
Ala*, a ruby now you waor.
Enaangulntng lh* raven hair!"
Tbe aong bad grown fainter and
fainter, the aluger moving away as Le
sang, aud the last Hues ware almost lu
audible lu tbe distance Tbe guitar
could be beard for u moment or two
aiorn, tbeu silence came agalu. It waa
broken by a rustling In tbe room uext
to Mlis Betty'B. uud Mra. Tuuberry
called softly through tbe open door:
■Trim ess, are you awakeV Did you
hear tbat serenade'-"
After a pause the answer came hesitatingly lu a small, faltering voice:
"Yea—If It wai one. I thought perbapi
be was only singing aa be passed aloug
the itreet."
"Aha!" ejaculated Mrs. Tanberry
abruptly, as tbougb abe bad made an
unexpected dlaeovery. "You knew better, snd this waa a serenade tbat you
did not laugh at. Beautiful, I wouldn't
lat It go any further, evan while your
father Is gone. Something might occur
tbat would bring him bome without
warning. Such thlnga have happened.
Tom Vaurevel ought to be kept far
nway from tbis bouse."
"Oh. It wai uot be." returned Min
Betty quickly, "It wai Mr. Oray. Did
not you"—
"My dear." Interrupted the other,
"Crulie.r Cray's specialty la talking.
Most t.f the vast-bond* ran sing and
play a bit. and so eau Cralley. particularly when bei bnd it few bowli of
punch, hut when Turn Vnnrevel touches
the ciiltnr and lifts up his voice tn sing
there Isn't an ungel In beaten that
wouldn't quit the place and .ome to
hear him! Cralley wrote those words
to Virginia Unreatid. (Her hnir Is even
darker thun yours, you know . Thut
wus when he wns being engage I to ber.
and Tom must hove set the music to
'em lately and uow cornea bore to sing
'em to you. ntnl well enoiiirh tbey fit
um Hut you must keep blm away,
princess "
Ke-rertbeleti Betty knew the voice
wus not that which Inul bid her look to
the stars, and she remained etinvline'd
that It lit'lonc-d to Mr Cralley iiniv.
who had been too III a few hours eorller
to lonve the llareau.l bome, nnd now,
Wltb rumh.m's kisxes nu his lips, cuuie
stealing Into her garden and sang to
her u song be bad mude for another
If there wns one person In the world
Whom Miss Betty held In bitter eon
tempi und s.orti It wns the owner of
tbsl void- and that guitar.
(To Be Continued.)
Big   Royal   Appointment.
M.*re thnn I.2IKI tradesmen uppear-
. eH in the New Tear's Qaaetta   not in
tho lilicoilifortiible part ..I :l but In
a section which nils than that they
are entitled to nie the royal arms
over their shop fronts
Their warrants, however, an royal
tradiaman do not carry the nght to
' fly tl.e Royal Stands*.
They  are of all  eorts  and  descrip-
' tions- butchers, bakeri   and    candle-
itick-inakeri,   and,   moreover.,    chlm-
. ney sweepers, heraldic painten, sword
cutlen, interior decorators, gold loo*
| men,  geographers,    bagpipe    maken,
| bridecake makers,  purveyor! of   turtle,  nnd   Iniplte  of  the  horrible ex-
I Biiii.le of Henry I.—there U A maker
nl lamprey  pies.
There are hat makers and confectioners at Mariunbad and Hotnburg,
bootmakers, chemists, and steel pen
makers, rose growers, tobacconists,
and fruiterers all over the country, |
snd in India and Multa; purveyon of
lavender water at Plymouth and
Wellington, and even a "contraotoi ot
Iat" and of "billet wood."
There is a maker of yachting ahoea
and if iiiHiiufactiiht of twa-td, tartan,
and Highland clunks
in   Sbs-
Wonderful   Zsm-Buk     Cur*
A  most interesting cure hns juat
been  effected  al   lnveiinity,  Su.-k.. by
Ibe great  houiehold balm, Zam-Buk,
Mrs. J. Al. McCoiniick suys: "Seven
years  ugu  my   (aee    broke    oul   in
rough,   red  blotches,   whloh  burned
and   Itched  and    smarted  In    turn l
tilinuM   beyond  anduranoe,     I  cum-1
ineiieeii to tn  every known remedy |
I  oould gel for laoe and --km troubles, but gel    in.    relief.     Doctors
ii.hl  ine there    was    absolutely no
cure  lot  nie.      Finally niy  husband
sen!   iui   ii   supply   of   Z:iin-Huk    Wa
applied ■ small uunpli to i Bmall
patch ol the disease. To oui delight
the portion treated with Zam-Buk
very i|inekly healed. We then obtained a propel supply and began
tin- Zam-Buk treatment I amnoa
delighted  to r.t;iie  that a(.*i   having
ll-eil    a     lew     boXea,     I     lllll    II'.*    'I	
the old trouble and completely cured i ob, the toil we lost and the apoil wa
1 fool then waa. and he bought
(Even as vou and I!)
He wai told it wai itrong ai etarnal
(We called him a lamb of the neweal
But the fool he bought an enormous
(Even as you and I!)
Ob, the risks we take and the deali
wr* make,
And tie spoil ol our head and hand
Belong to the Magnate who knew too
(And now we know thnt he knew toe
But  we  didn't   understand
A find there was and his stuck he eold
(Kven au you and I I)
And then,  with u bound,  it    upward
At the word o! the Magnate who eon-
But tbe fuol was scared and hii lcet
got cold.
(Kveu as you and I !)
I will Level Is- uiiiiiiiit Zam-Buk in
the house ai long ae I live, and to
all who are troubled w-iii -lm disease in any torm, I would say,
Hi.si.  time In obtaining a supply oi Zam-Buk
Zatn-Buk cine*, aeaema, nd.. scalp
sores,   ringworms,    blotches  on  thi
face   and   body,   chapped   places, cold
sores,  pilea and enlarged  vetni    As
hm ,iiiliii.i-.il  ii .-.ner- rheumatism
and   ■'  alien,   and     nil.lied   OVt r   the
che i relievei iln- tightness dui to
s, \ ere co d
All stores and druggists sell al M
cents a box, oi poal tree Irom the
Zam-Buk Co . Toronto    n bora for
t2 ...i
"Yes Tommy," related I'n.i.- Bob,
who ha'l just returned trom a mountain tour, "the Matterhorn is indeed a wonderful sifiii
"H"W  big i- it. I'licle P...I'-" lak
• • 1     I "Iiim.      in    llolidel
"uh.   it   Is   highei   thnn  the  talie-l
hlllliliii*-7  you  . ver   -a\i "
"OracioUl I How do they ever blow
u   horn   as     that-   "—Chicago
The  railway     commission     have
greed io the appointment uf ■ com-
rus'ion to diun*   up a  standaiil  code
i  operating rules loi  all roadl
Bal-ie-r «!,,., are given uu ooeaaion-
.; iini" oi Baby'.*- Own tablet,- al
wny-  deep  i,.uiicly   at   nipht.  and  it
ii not the dragged sleep produced
by Bleeping drop di "i tothing"
tyrupi .iil.ei the sleep la natural,
healthy  and  restful,  and   babj   nukes
up iii the morning bright and chenr-
tul    The Tablett are the beet ine.li-
.'ilie  in  the   Wi.lll   [ol   the  CUrS  "I   hII
the minor ailments of little una
\li- I. ilagne, Edmundaton N It .
■ays "M.i jbabj wee cross ami
fretful and I bardlj eve. *.'.'t a good
re t until I Ik'c.iii giving
Baby'i Own Tablets    These Tableti
removed  il suae  "f  the    trouble
and inm  babj  ileep  well ai night
Tin* Tablets nr.- sold by druggists ..i
hi mini a! IS oatAl I box Innn 'I lie
lh Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, onl.
And the excellent pants we planned
Belong tt. tlu* Magnate who knew too
(And now  we know that he kuew too
But   we  didn't  utideratutid.
A fool there was and his stock he Iwld
(Kven as yon nnd I 'I
And the price weni down  like a tre*.
that's felted
(Yet somehow   the   Magnate's eurplul
But   Iliiin   for   Ihnt   same    fool     waa
(Kven aa you and I !)
And it isn't the drum and it isn't the
That stings like a  red lint  brand
It's  coming   t"  know   that   vue    don't
know   lunch
(Seeing  at  last we  can   never    know
And never eau understand
Carolyn Weill
Tho Kidneys and Bowels also Deranged]
Gure Only Obtained by use of
Miti'ti I-  1 Inimenl Co., l-iinned.
Some tune aco I had a bad attack
of Qunii-y which laid me up (ortw.
iii'k-  und  coal  ii   l..i   "t   money.
1 ,'i.nc ih« lump avail) forming
in inv throat, I bs*i,..l freely with
MIWRD'S I.1MMIN1 and lelur-
H'.tit* a cloth with ibe liniment Ief I
ii .in all i
N'e-ci   in        .    ■ * ••    swelling
ind   I   '." ''••   naid.iip
it  11  m    tt * rk  "i  Quinn   to
fi.*.*  uae    i   MIN Mil.'.-  1.1N1MI m
ii    I    WOBOEN
St    John
\ band "i terroriate reeentl)
■ui I   killed   Victoi   Oruen,   the chief
"I   ths   «eerel   i* liee    i   M • eon    ■
I,.- i*... .In ing in s cab
has be
!«.-. II
ci ii..    iit   Bethlehem
i'ii the scene "I ■ conflict Is--
Franciscan     tnnenian   and
Pathetic   C-aseei1   of   Joha   Slow,
lhe I i.kI.-i* Ii.ii.ji «.»*•
John Stow, the eelel.rated English
autit|tiury, was a remnrkuhle man. lie
was boru of poor purcuts aliotit UBO
and hrmiKbt up to tbe tailor's trade
For forty yeara bis life was passed
among needles aud thread, but lu tbe
few leisure boura which bla trude ul
IowihI h.m be bad always been a fond
reader of legenda, chronicles, historic!
aud all tbat told of tbe times that
were paat By aueb reading be grew
to be ao attached to old memoirs that
wh«.n about forty yeara of age h«
threw down bis needle, devoted blm
■elf to collecting them and followed
bis new profession wltb tbe faith aud
enthusiasm of an apostle. Short of
means, be made loug Jourueya arool
to hunt over and ranaack colleges aud
monasteries, and, no mutter bow worn
aud torn might be tbe rags of old pa
Iters wblcb be found, be kept all. re
viewing, counectlng, copying, compar
lug. annotating, witb truly wonderful
ability and good sense. Arrived al
fourscore years aud uo longer capuhle
of earning a livelihood, be npplled to
tlie king, aud James I., coiiaeutlug tu
bla petition, granted to tbe mau wbc
bad smed treasures of memoirs foi
English history tlie ravur of wearing a
beggar'a garb and asking alma al
church doors. In tins ubject slut.*
forgotten and deaplaud, be died twe
yean later.
« i'ui' n.i Bbeumatiam The m-
iruaiou .I uio acid mi.' the blmxl
■•••^r-t-i- ia a ii iiillul cause "I iiieu-
.nail'    paiua.     'I'i'i.-   iiregulurily      l
owing i" ,i deranged and unhealthy
condition id the liver. Anyone tub**
j.c: in iln- |i,i.iiiiii all. t'lii,ii mil Inul
a remedy in Harmelee'i Vegetable
iili.- lii.'ii action up-ui the kid-
ii pronounced and moal i*n<-
heal. an.I bj restoring health) action, they correct lmpuritiee in
hi I.
Comrade   .1 old, come back  to me.
The  careless youi       >u  u -e.l  to  be;
Coma back and .. mi h tor iwhile
Voui Irmnir uii.i i,*i 'Jhami item lip
We'll juiiiit the .n i.r- of toemon
('nine baok.
tinl, with tl
Tbey cull you from nor lung
Ciiiiuii l« of old
thi   meadow  winds blow
'■ brook that  thr. adi the
Criminal! Like Canada.
A number of oflenderi, have recently endeavored to escape conviction ln
London, Eng., by promising to mni-
gruto to Canada, which neetns to hav*
i fascination foi tho ordinary criminal. Two corporals of ths Irish
Juiir.ls who stole regimontal moneye
had ficketi for Cauuda when arrest-
id, and a burglar when brought before the court said he had committed
bis crime with the best ot Intentions,
■muting the wherewithal to go to Oaa-
ida for a new start.
I rooi Ibe Uuuutlful Eaal.
A email pruportluu uf tbe flora la lu
dlgeuoua. Tbe mujorlty came from
the eaat like ull tbe great Ideas ou
which our culture la founded, aud were
developed uud Improved ou thia clinic
lull. Italy received Ihe lemon aud
tbe oruuge rrom tbe Semites, wbo lu
tbeir turn hud obtained tbem from
India. 'I ie* olive, tbe Bg, tbe vine aud
the palm were grown by tbe Semites
long before tbelr cultivation peuetrat
ed to the west. 'The laurel uud inyr
tie. indeed, are ludleeuoun lu Italy, bul
tbelr use for ceieinunlul purposes came
across the Mediterranean from the
e.isi 'Mn* hume of Ihe cypress Is uul
lu Italy, but lu tbe Greek ircblpelago,
northern I'erslu. Clllela and I.ebuuuu -
from Strusburiter'e "Itlvlera."
Shelley'i Notebook! Sold.
following the manuscript of Mil
'nil's "I'uiuilis.. Lost," three iilnui■••
■ 1" bOokl ol Shelley, which were th.
'Iltlnguisbing leature of tin- recenlli
..Id library formed by the lata III
Richard Oamett, win. wus lor mam
louts chief librarian ot the  Itritisi.
Muse.nn,   have  entered   Into   the   DOS
leMsnni .if K   H   Ralaey, cwner of thi
beat Shelley collection in tin l'iiite.1
These note books Mere fivii bv
Shelley's widow tn her son, Sir Percj
Slielley, who iiiishciI tht-iii nil to lir
'iin nelt.
All his other note books are iu the
Bodleian   Library,   at   (Inf..id,   un.l   it
is iiiii.*ii regretted In Bngland thut the
ihree hooks m .piestion were nut saved
lor this country. They an* cspecinllv
valuable, us sn much of the matter
contained ir. tbem is unnublislied
ftere hy the pond the m!!.".    !■.•.•
Iie.-k-  with  iu :hms alluringly;
('i.m.* baok   a  truce  t urt  and
Ih.ff for a week the frock and tile
And com.*, the boj  wt long to   ■ ■
Comrade "f old
Btacj   E   Baker
Iwo   Vle»>   of   ■    l\ 	
"That's   ll   Nimiiius   won,an    walkliiK
along  then*."   remarked  om- or the
"Oh, I ihiu't know," oh.le.ted the oth
er "She looks III,.* a pretty decent
«..rt of woman to u.e" New York
What   Mr   l..4.iI
■apMgb—1    u«    would iit-vah   msn
ry fob money, doncber know, hecuuii-
i   mi   don't iteiiii.t aeed it.
Miss Caiiatliiue If you ever marry. I
sii|p"se It will he for brains.-Detroit
Hurried eating and lack ol propel
niiiMieiitiuii   "1   Un*   lOOd    me   union*'
iiu* most common causes of Lndlgss-
ii.Hi, nml overaatini la undoubtedly
the beginning ul trouble mill tlie
liver ami kidneys.
Kuliici disease and rheumatiam
in,, not uiuallj the Aral indloation
ni  a  deranged    system,   but    these
troubles follow  mil ded headaches,
,*,,ii iipatioii ami bllioui attaeki
Because  ol  thai  direot   and  com.
i,nn',I act! ii the liver,    kidneya
and bowels, Dr, ('linr.e'i- Kidney-
Lu,*, i'ili uie efleotive In «hai-
evei  stage   ol such     dreangementa
Ihey   inn.   In-   Uied,  Uioept   uhen  tin*
iiiuiiu'    iii i!,.* kldneyi   Iuu- been
wasted away by Uni'iit's disease
Whal in- would smphaaias, bow-
evei h ih,* advantage "i beginning
ii,, treatment at tha Ural inwoation
ni trouble with th>* livei It ii
iln* livei whioh tiisi leeli the result
..I nvereating b icause "I it- difficult)
iu nli."mi* iii. blood Keep the
livei right bj thi timely uae "I
Di i lis ie'i Kidnej IJvei 1'ills and
j "i in .I only prevent beada. •
liilu'ii in* i .iii.i oonatipation, but en-
iiii-lv e capa derangam. nti ol ihe
i i in**i i, ii imii are iii "in*'1 ■*" dread
Iniii   painful   mnl  lalul
Mi. Him i
Alia . iinti*
Kidney -I.im*
,.  !   '"' Di
''-1   '-I dn
nllllsllfil   Ilm'
 Ilelllt*    li.l    Ul ,„'„,," '"
Mrs. I: Hi, lam,,, Moc
Si fJatharltiBa, ti ;ii
seriously  affiii •■■ I   uni,
llllll       .-llllll.uh
yeai     Kluallj   i l,, „„„
I   oould  searuelj
"ui suffering u
iinlly   I     gic.i
i'iiiai*ililt"l.     an I
Uin,■ doetoi
Celled    ll"    I" ...
Altel     il     liin.
right ilde,  whi.
was livei   iinni. *     i ,„.,
In-i   uuiii   I   bei
('buses Kidnej I
helped ma al un
a doaen h"X'*   I
I   owe   im
treatment, and
n iih (In* hope
mill    liellelll    h>
Iii     Chan       i
oni pill I   I • •
nil   dealers   ol      I
I " ,    1 iu "lil..
A   New   Drink.
Mi.-s Agnes Slack, lecretar] ol tbe
International W. C. T. I told on
the Mei n ■ the a *.- abont te suil
foi  Liverpool, i temperano* story
■ a little boy, one ivening Ht din*
. ned ui in • lathei    leet s long
while   ni.1 then said
■■ 'Papa   e bal makei j oui  ni ■
-ilea iini red
" rhe ea-i  w ind   of eoune,'   u.e
(aili.'i   an-*, ered     with   grufl    haste
I':..-- that jug ol beer and don'l talk
-    much
"Then, from the other end i.i the
table, the bov's mother said iweet-
"V.-   1   iniiiv.   |in--    youi   lather
tlie seat mud. and i~* careful nol t"
■pill   *un   On  the table  cloth Hui
Onre   Only
VV .     I .1.1   Hn   *
how ,'       lei.un i'i
Nellhel    dO    Wl
iiimii    mlh    the
...   ar.ii
delphlu   Public   I
Minard'i   Linim»ni   Cum cj
I iid.gttliti"     that     rrianftc*     to   Human
Hitipiiiait. pmlru in ii. Maaalta   ana u..
....      i   ..  wit n-   i.e- it,,-.  ti- .   u.tt. r
.1       ill      S..lllll      All„*Ii'Kll      *»••!. .U. 1'LlB
Ureal   s|..a.a. li   ai,d   utrw   returiii   sl.ii.u
.i.r.-   lilt-roll 'U.    I'lUe*.   tile   IM-r..*..   Kill),   ill
I'lilalitili.   Jn..--   out    iiatninin ••      *1,*|h*i.
• las. .Hti..n. anil  i.toif.  nai-k   rltr aim.  ol
in in   i      lisalth        lures      babilredi    ot
■ In ..lu. .     llmi   lia.i-   I'Slll.-il   iililfii  .su.
In :t London government board r—
pint il i- calculated Unit the men
whose applications were entertained
represented I ii pei .-.-nt at tlie
working population
Bomi   of  the
lii-tnct. about ■
of Swiii Biver,  v
■tailed   then   own   r.
U-Hi*   bail
I-    •'
Unly   thuse   wl
can   tell
cause        Pain   witb
pain  with  then
'  ill    |e||^!    , .    *.
.. p.'lied   thai    the    Hll-1 I III-
p iiii  "w nmi' ihe   \v hit*   I' i      and
Kuinii   railwaj    bl    -"hi  mu P.  the
Ouggenheiuu  "I  Ne*   V".l.
I in* I., norar)
King Bdward -
CS0.178  li"in    tl •
late  Allie.1   Beit
queathed   bj   Ihi
lun.I     plus
Minard'i Liniment Cure!  Diphtheria
Mutlc Served Hot.
A   phonograph   which   can   l»*  he.-ird
a mile nway is the m*w I reneh m*. te
tint., tl glephoiie    The smiiul I- pro
dueed hy the use of what are called
si>eakiiig flames, and the principle!
governing the method  «••••   Bret <
plained   in   lt*03 by   (i    0    Porter   tie
fo'e   the   I/ondon   Physiral   Beetetj
Mr     Porter   found   that   if   a   tuning
fork  be itnick  and then  held   in the
flume of a Buna-en burned the sn'itnl
is   |*crceptib!v   increuse■'.     The   mnxi
mum of sound intensity is-curs when
the   lurk   ts   held   where   lhe   flam.-   I-
hottest    Tho French inventor (i   I.an-
det uses a record which has the smind
vibratiotia marked  not   in  depth,  but
in length, and the stylus travels hori-
I'Uilally, like a pendulum     Tbe stylus
securities   the   gas   chamber   into  two
parte, and the rns then passes on to
the   burners      The   vibration   •>'   the
disk open and close the gas opening!,
causing the flow  to vary     The MOM '
ls so intense that  it  pan   ts> heard a j
mile away     It can bl l'*--ened by regulating the burner,  hut the |...wer of i
sound is found  t>.  !»> always  proportional tn the energy giv«n nut during
combustion     Mm iru! Age
Mines' * Matben' Tr«
—Ml   letehle   PMdsin* I"
LUd omot VI r««!.   I.«
by Ui. P. L. Pic-ak u. iM.
Makes Baby Stron
Retaor-a lhe tek •*-.*•* '- .*
or.kh.    tea  iou»d .s-1
tr.«l Inopttwr of otlss ts j'.
i       AtAmn*o.2'x (..--'
DtnoiNiws   rrora_
. stt* with kf-^w ... to.*.'""'
.lid . "n,Mi.t n*IA>« IB   !!•••'"'•
Ait olmit ..,tu |wa«ri. il'"-'
!*lf.,. Mtd wltaslteSI vol. nn- »
aiveroNi DbHo«Ni»
i'i  • »■•  II. I.II.UIN        >"• "•»*•'
kttthtsl l«a«M • .*!••', ei... ro
I ■ .. fl.. rm* Hllk rtm.i. ni...
Aett.r tm.1 ImI tmttrmumnf.1
I llilas   Omm. miwrn. Co.
Union In thi Eaat.
Church Work, a Church of Knglaud
louraal, published in tha Maritime
Provinces urges tho creation of a new
Bynod or ecclesiastical Province, con-
listing of tlie Maritime Produced and
Newfoundland The proposal Is inter
•sting as allowing the trend ol leehng
tn the Province., down by the sea toward a union rather than a diviiion
of their forces It ii tn line with the
proposal to have hut one Maritime
civil Province, which la now being
agitated by thc younger men of   that
fiart of Canada, and there i. also no
ittle significance in the fact that a
closer union Is groivinp between the
shiirchei In Canada aud Newfoundland
Yoo caanot posilbl*. hi"
a better Cocoa ihu
A delicious drink and a -•<•-"
food. Fngrant, nutritn>i»|
ec-inimical. This cXlcI'- ■■ ■
maintain* the system ia "
bealtb, and enables It to'
w liner's extreme coi. j
Sold b) Grocers a*iid Storeki
la 1-lh. and i-lb Tiny
Your Grandsons Will-B
Old Men Before Thi
"Oshawa" Roof Wears Ouj
Send for
FREE book—
Right," —
worth your
W.      N
No.      824.
Get the faota
you roof
a thing.
Of Oahawm
Roof your building! with "Oihawa " Galvanliod Steel hhmfj
thia year, and Uiat will be a GOOD roof in 2007. \* <■ »'ll,'l
you a written guarantee, hacked hy f2B0,00O, that am I. »"]
firoperly put on, will need no repair! and no painting for ai •*"
weniy fi ve yean
shawA EirEird Shingle
makorts.fi water-tight, wind-proof, woathor-proof, rust-P-j
flro-proof for a r.aniury, our plain guarantee keeps it »1
26 yoara witliout a   cent of c si  to tlie man win- W
Made ln ONE QUALITY ONLY,-of 28-gua^e,
semi-hardened   STEEL   double-galvanized
They lock on all FOUR sidea-the ONLY METAL
ahingle that need NO CLEATS. Easy to put on-a hammer and aanipa (tinners' shears) are tools enough. Oust
LESS and last longer than any other roof. Tell us the
surface area ol any roof on vour place and we will
tell   you  exactly what it will cost  to roof it nr'1-'
lll-l tinif aa w.
ll OllMM Mi
W l.uuuu It.    Ill Linn
Dear Mother
Your little on« arc a constant cue in
Fall and Wintes weather. They will
aauh cold. Oo you know about Shiloh'i
Consumption Cure, the Lung Tonic, and
•arfuit it has done Iui io many > It is wid
be lhe onlv nliable lemedy lor all
rasas ol lha iir passages in children,
in absolutely luumlcu and plnsant to
(ktks. It u guaranteed to cure or youi money
returned. Tho pcice it 25c. per bottle,
all dealers ia medicine sell j,.
it. ranedy should be in every household
Ideas of   Humor.
lend thai  an  Englishman
ul ri grent joke In* played
il       He    WU.     coming   along
it ith Ktiine companions uml
hi*, friend i houie mi
It i
uu a i
the jit.
he dii* 'i.*M"l
tire, villi bis friend in tin- third
story wiiuliiw hlii.nl in*.- fm help
"Jllll'l !■ lump!      Ue 11
'old li   i '   i ■•        ii "W linl   iwi.s
tbe    j* i '       ■ i       ii  ked
"Why i   ■     ' ii in     rgplied,
"we '11 I  nu blanket  al  nil
John •• Baxe tbe poet, and Olivet
Wendell ll'.lini' iu*ii' talking about
bruin fever, when Mi Baxi remark-
ed: "I •* niii..-I.  <il
brain f.*wi   inyselt "      "Ho«   oould
you lm<■.-  l.iiiin   level   "   ii. ked    l»l
Holm Ir  i   only strong
brain        ' have brain level " "lli.u
did    .-> "il     Iiml     thill     OUl t"     ii  I ".
In 11.ml.ui n in.uuiii   ind iuu* day
^Hfl> I'** Mr.
|tler     ili*it    ganiua    i      lie red 1
"I eiiii'i t.*ll vim. madam,"
tier     replied        Heaven     hai
■ i in.* in* offspring
f the great-set ble. i ing.* i.
Hits |a Mother Oravaa' Worm
(•uiiiiuiui     li  effectually  expels
li  effectually
uml   rives   health   in
in*.I.nel   tt.   the   little
of tl'
• atnriii oomplalni   that evil.
•*il  pereoni ara ipreadlni    re-
that     large     uffeis   ol     I'd* I
me pouring in iii.in ull parti
ird'i   Linimtnt  Cum   Dtitimp*--
ctistructioti    of   the   proposed
id   -hip  canal  by    the  ('un:. iini.
tiniii.'iit   is  likely  to  -tart    much
B>'     tlim,  expeeted      Tin*-,   work   is
• I   t«   N t   HO.UUU.IKXl
bti.   American
|p.atlsn. - lt   i
T quick   sit***.
Rheumatic Our* Cures
i   safe      i..it u.le.i     and
sluiust instant r.lt.-I
r.ir.*   in   frum   une    la
days- works  t.   ti.i. r ■ .i.   tt. ••-:  acute
i  uf   . in i.ri.sii-.ii.     One   maun   i«-*tt
I   speut   '.  -ai-ii.   it.   im*.i   i.. i  i.
It-aClBt   its   use    4   iH.lllt-a   i uleil   lue *
1 lun
He    Htu.uili.rrd    lhe    Ulflrrrnl
r.-otie  In Ike  IIvbh.
butcher's boy was aueb a brlgtit
chap tbat tlie fourth flour Woman
lg«d    blm    In    conversation    while
Jug out ber order.
u bare all tbe trade uf tbli bouse,
m't you?" ibe aaked.
knd do you call for ull the orders
I aame aa here?"
I'm "
lud I suppose you go to otber build
I'ti'ui, lots of Vm"
woman   looked   at   blm   admlr
t'ear me" »be aald. "what n splen
bead  you  must hnve tu rvuii-mbcr
unny tblugi'   I ain't you gi-i |n*ople
ed sometimes V
INo.  tna'ain."  he aald.   "I  uaed  to."
| added,  w srintug Into cpe-vcli uuder
' genial smile, "but 1 don't nnv more
ybow. I'd never gel mixed about the
ulln-s In thia liniise    I know '.*m too
11.   Wheu tbe boas tells ine to come
" here aud get the ur-lers lie doorHl'l
*u have to cull thc fumllies hi name
I've got thia building down flue, all
fellows tu tbe simp bus. lic.il use
ll alwaye ao much  uiiialc going
Tbe tint lltsir folks bait- a planu,
when tbe boas sends me to ttiem
ayi.  ***3o and  ne  wlmt  the piano
uta thta morning '   '1 lie hi ud floor
the comet, tlie ilnnl the fiddle, aud
> llflli la tbe ban]0 Kven tlie fulka ln
basemen! go lu for music. Tbe boy
t ii there baa a mouth urgun "
rhe fourth floor woman smiled still
■re broadly.
ll    lime   noticed   the   confusion   of
|uda,"  ahe aald.    "Hut   whnt  uliout
fourth floor?   We bate uu mnilfll
itiumt-iit at all.    What dues tbe boas
wheu be aeuda you to usT
(lb, we fli tbat all right." waa the
reply.     "He saya.   Just   drop  In.
|!lte. and aee what that woniiiu wltb
I fo»boru voice wanta today.' "
that   ended  tbe couierautiou —
York 1'reaa
» < i..iii, . Looks! out.
•Hie newest hotel In \eW York'i Ten
•lerloln boasts om* fenttire which till
lophlatlcated guests regard with suh-
plcloii. lu every room there ll u suuili
closet with two donis. Oni upeun Into
the room ami the other on u,e hull. Tu
this outside door tlie inlet pussesaes
the key. The Inside floor Is lucked In
the guest uftur he has put Ills clothe
Intu the little closet In order to huve
them pressed nml cleaned liefure the
next morning. "I know the In.use Is
responsible fur the clothes if they nr**
lost," Hiild one wicst who had refused
to  avail   himself of   the   new   con veil
lance, "but it makes u man ven* uu
comfortable t.. feel tbal be bai locked
his clothes nut un.l tbat  ther I.lis ii
key to them. Then the fellow wltli
only one stilt would hnve to unit a
long time before tbe proprietor sent
out to i.uy him another."- New i*ork
lluuitl,   on   4 ltd a]   Asls.
When  Aluliil  Aziz, sullllli of Turkey
wus deposed Quean Victoria telegraph
ed to Ills captori in Krem-h, "Solgnei
le Men.-' or "Tuke good cure i.r him.'
The wires suiil. "Salgnei ll lil.-u.'
which menus lotuethlug very different
-namely, "Bleed him well." an erroi
Of tlie wires which leruls grewsntiiel.i
In   the   light   ur   llie   rule   wblcb   b.-fel1
timi uiiiuippy monarch.
Canada   Again    Being     Ravished
An   Epidemic   ol   Thii   Disease
VYintci     aftei     wiiitei     ( iiiiiiiln
iwept    nun   ooean ("   ooeaa by
epidemic i.i in grippe, or   Influenza
It is "iu- ..I tl..* deadliest trouble!
known   U     climate      It   ..inn.
-alib   ii   sue,/,. and   cutis   mlli   a
complication It lays the strung
uuiii mi In- buck, it t.mures hun
with  lever and chills,  headaches und
baekachei    li leaves thi suffeier an
n.->  prey to pneumonia, bronchitis,
consumption and othei deadly dis-
V"ii cun uvoid la grippe by
fortifying .mui system with Eh Wif.
..run I'mk I'llls. You can cure
ll* disastrous ufter effects with thii
-iiiiic medicine. Then pills pro-
teet   you.   they   cure   you;   they   up-
l.uild iini, thej   baniah all evil af.
tei effeeti   lir   Wllliama' rink I'illr
ward off iiii   vuiiiei   ailment!   Thei
■ ii  hi ■" i inni  nerie diiordei
III.*!      ilie     the     (-l.-Htc.-t     bluod-buildel
and nei ve umi lend bai yel di*--
oovered        I neighbors,   no
iimitei when you live Hi.d you will
learn  ol  lonieoni    a ho    bai    b. * a
•iii.'i t.i in Williams' Pink Pilli
ili.-i   ..i.'i.-i   medicinal   I.hm*  linled    It
ii .I, the nnhinad evidenoe "i youi
neighbor! that we n-k you to give
theie  pilli  "  tell   trial    il  yoa  me
lick   or   ailing      Mr-    Kminu   DoUOOt,
si    Eulalii,    Que .   .ny.-        ' \\.i.l-
'i, i, ni Ji> expreai my gratitude i"i
what   Di   William     I'ms  Pilli have
lone  i-*r  nu*     I   bad  in  attack ..I
in   grippi   w Imii   left    im*   .•   Miffetci
from   iieii.i'iiiie-    and  pain    In the
• ii      I  u.-cl .-.eve.nl  medicinei
l.ut (ound nothing t" help me until
I took l" \\'iinni.-' Pink 1'ills
When I began Ihen 1 wai weak and
verj    much   run   down The     pill-.
hive  ii"'    .-uiy   Inlil    '••*•• -  '">
health, but I gained In Mesh while
taking them     I recommend tbem lo
all   -.offerers."
Bileani   End  Theie Symptoms.
llmi • Becauae wnea food return*
mill timi niuii taete, when you bave
"lu-iii i hm ii," wind alter fuod, or any
.1 theea unpleasant "feelings ol fnil-
ii«hh," it is beoause your digestive
i-.ysl.eiii hns given way for the time,
fhe "food tax" upon its energies
uu*,   lieen   too   heavy.       lliltriiiis   just
inter thi itomaoh, and, dissolving
there, tln*y liberate certuin herbal
menoai whioh at once carrot the
"iisiric glands,    Those •■ -wenoei ulso
piu     into  the   blond  und  lire  carried
in un- liver. Then ihey oparat-s on
the bile-secreting cells, nml are carried to ibe ileiii'iii'* vessela ol tba
inteatinea. All along, tliese herbal
■ in*'**- mi beneficially, su that di-
geativa diaordera are corrected, the
boweli me gently opened nol vio-
lentlj purged ilm oold and lerment-
mc iubi linn'.'s ure removed from the
on.Iy. the blood is oleared ol p."-
...ii> nn.l a feeling "f lightneai and
tailored vii'nr. with a return «rf
healthy appetite and Irecdom from
;ill digestive troubles is the result,
Bileani nlsu cure constipation, debility, lemale itilments. piles. Iierul-
iielic.   anil   llll     liver,     kidney      nml
itomach disorder! (il all atom and
druggists in fiii cents a box, or poal
free from thi Kileai. Oo., Toronto,
lor pn.*.*    ii li'.xes unl lor I'i.oO.
Ludwig Tesinow, tin* ohild murderer, wii" has been on trial ut
Oriofswald, bus been sentenced to
death, having been convicted on two
separate  cunt.-     The  verdict    enn-
demm   him   In   be   beheaded   twice
Help the Overworked Heart. — ls lhe
t/i.nt engine which pumps life through
vour system bard pressed, overtaxed,
cruainuir under its load because disuas..
has - l"CL*,*il it • Dr. Aanew'a Cure for
the II, art li. nature's lubricator and
cleanser, and d .liv demonstrates tt, heart
-iii'in r- that it ls the safest, surest, and
most speedy remedy lhat medical acleme
Applicant—What does a marriage
license  cost I
Clerk—Well, really, it's hard to
tell till you've tried one for fifteen
oi twenty years.—Philadelphia In-
'lh.*   Bu   'in   evacuation   ol   Man-
ti.iii i .-ri   commenced with the de-
paituie  ul  do*   Mo.rcon   ie('imciiT
Tin* new  Masonic temple to l»- erected in . itlawi U i" ." i  lo	
tion ui**'.*   M8.000
•fi„.  iii.  ■     iin..    irom  Yin-mini
.I. lu.iviiii l lulu. -:ij    thai
Count Tolatoi  is iteadily  Improving
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratchu and
every iorm ol contagious Itch on hum
an or animals cured in 30 minutes by
Wollord's Sanitary Lotion.
Tie* horticultural moiety "I 1
decided t" offei  pnaei t". tl..*
iwn iiml hu  flowers rata-
,.il  from    -***'l  lupplled    bj   tin
w* -UO*; UM iiufcdiwJ l*«Jl-.r. hwwurJ (ur mui
m-m ut *. ii.ui. x.Le* labi.ui t* cur*d by Hftli'a Om
ftrrtt Cur*.   I. J. CIUMKY A CO . Tol-ado. u
H«.   tL*   BtiiUraiHuwl     bav«   kbOWO   t     J.    CJh*U«t
fui il» im   l;   >»(.ta  mud bviiat* L.u. pmrtm.m.1  bua
-""•    »-  ftll   biulttr-Ma  trMUMotioiu »tid flttkool-atlr
able U. j«n; wut IL- uhllgaliuai maJi   by   Lil Dru.
W*iM*M     XlMMAM   A   Haiti*.
Vi Luleaa.F   i^ni«glaU,   1 vimim   U
B&JI'a  i ■ i*irk    Car*   ■•   ufc«b   .f-t«ru»iij,   »utlii|
tiit**, il. npub  Ui*  blood _uJ   aiuraua lurfaoM of t-o*
■immi     lMtlaMMi«u    mtul   tnm     Frtoo    "tm..   pmt
tetU*    Hold  b; a-    bmui*u
lm*.*   U-kiJ ■  tmu.it'   Mile (or MttatlMttoB
Famous In Litirature—Ons Has Been
rticensid   For   660   Yiars—Thi
Tavirm of Dickins.
"There is nothing whioh bus been
contrived by man," said Lli. Johnson,
"bv winch ao much happiueea is provided as by a good tavern or inn."
Pencil uud notebook m hunt! 'liarles
(i. Harper haa rumbled lor years
among tlie inns of Uld Knglaud, seeking Jimlilicittit.ii fur the Johnsonian
dictum, uud, like Oapt, Cuttle, muk-
iug a note (or a sketch) of it when
Oldest of  Inns.
The oldest English Inn ia mini to
be the Fighting Cocks, Bt. AlbaiiB,
but the honor more probably rests
with the Seven Stara, Withy Grave,
Manchester, which waa built aotne-
«li.-i•■ about 1000. There was a Seven '
StarH on the Bite even prior to that
day, so the landlord is privileged to
claim thut the premises have been licensed for over 600 years.
The Dick Wbittington, in Cloth
Fuir, St IJartholomew'B, ulao goes
buck tu tbe fifteenth century. At
iluttle und Comptun there are original
pilgrims' inns hundreds of yeurs old
-houses for the lodging uf travelers
lient tin pilgrimages tu famous Hhrines. '
The (ieuigian Hull at Dartford, with !
its red  brick front, its nine winduws j
in a row, its galleried cnurtyurd, and j
its monumental hull in efHgy among |
the  chimney  put.-, stands un the site I
nl a pilgrims' hustelry.    A magnificent
mediaeval   huuse,   with    a   courtyard ,
eloquent nf cinching days and a rare I
shnw  uf Jacubeau carved  oak. is the |
New   Inn ut Gloucester,    in  Lundon,
the   "uiy   remaining   galleried  inn   in
the   George,   in   the    Borough,   High
street,  u still  thriving  huuse,  rich in
"l'l linn* flavor.
On a desolate hilltop in Yorkshire.
near bruugh, is tiie Tan Hill Inn, the
highest iu England '1 Lie huuse is
1,727 feet abuve sea level.
Hick Turpin was the Bon of the
landlord of the Crown ut HampBtead,
Essex, a etill exiBtent hostelry. Mr
Harper gives his real history, and confounds Harrison Ainsworth with thiB
disconcerting epitaph: "The sorrieBt,
the must sordid and absolutely commonplace scoundrel that was ever
raised to bo undeserved a pedestal "
The  Green  Man,  which  standi  un
the crest of Putney    Hill,
many desperate and despicable chai
acters,  and   tlie   huuse   still   keeps   a
atuut,  bolt-studded dooi  aa a relic oi
its "good uld timea "
Hiitoric  Hostelry.
Among the houses with historic as
Does fit
has the  goft
warm     fee
the skin enjeys.
Doesn't    itch.
Made   for   men,  women   and   little    folks,
a    variety   of   styles,
brica      and      prices.
Weauthorae every dealer in Pea-Aagh
Underwear lo replace, at rui toil, aa)
gaim-int faulty iu material or asking
loaae of tbe Queer Superatlllona Thai
Live In IteUr,
The love churuiB uf Sicily are muuy
aud curiuus. One, very popular uud
considered lery powerful, Is to put
luto au eggshell n few drops of the
bluud of the longing liner. The shell
Is exposed tu the sun fur three duys
and to the dew for tbrc-e nights. It Is
then placed ou hut ashes until culclued,
when tbv whule ls reduced tu a Que
powder uud administered secretly tn
a cup of coffee or a 1,-lasa of wlue to
tbe object of uffectluu.
Auother charm Is for tbe witch to
undress ut midnight uud tie ber clothes
Up in a buudle wblcb sbe places ou
her head. Tbeu. i.m elm,, lu the center uf ber ruoiu. she pruuuuuces au lu-
cuutntiuu. ut tlie end uf which sue
•liiil.es li -r head If llie buudle fulls
... front uf her, 11 la a goud slgu; should
ll full beblud ber, tbe charm will uot
Vet another Is worked lu the following umuu.'i* Pieces of green, red aud
white ribbon are purchased lu three
d.floreut shops, tbe nuaie of tbe persons   tu   be  charmed   being   repeated
nieutatly  each time.    Tbe shopkeeper
heltered | fust be puld  wltb tbe left bund, tbe
ribbon   being   received   lu   tbe   right
When  ull  the pieces are  bought  they
are takeu to a witch, who sets out tu
find  the  person  tu  be  charmed.    On
finding bim or her the witch mutters
to herself. "Wltb these rlbboui 1 bind
suciatioiiB are the Crow n  and Treaty ! Jou <° "ucb a one"   Then she returns
at  Uibndge.  where  the Commiasiuii-    the rlbbona to tbe purchaaer, wbo ties
'Do you know, I have often wondered  why   M"rni"iu-  do nol   practise! when   the   Merry   Monarch
i ers   uf   King   and   Parliament   vainh
1 s'.ugh*, lur peace in 1646, the Saracen's
; Head   Southwell,   where   Byron   huh-
nubbed at the bar. and w here Charles
I 1   dined with the Scutch Commissioners and gave himself into their hands;
the   Hed   I.iou     al   High   Wycombe,
where  Disraeli  made  his  first political Bpeeeh; the Greyhound, at Thame
where John Hampden came mortally
wounded,    prone    upon    hia   horse's
neck;    the    Red    Lion.    Hillmgdun.
lay   the
them beneath bla or ber left kuee
aud wean tbem at church.—Maciull-
"Why  should  they '•"
"Whi   shouldn't  they :
they  wiv- to  burn '-"
Haiti i>*
The*.     \ie   ri    Powerful     Nervine--
Uyaitepsia   eaueei    derangement    "1
lhe   i ■ rem.  and   neivuii; de
bility "nee engendered is difficult to
deal witli There are many leati-
moniala ai to the sfflciacy ••! I'ui-
inei.. - Vegetable 1'ills in treating
tin.- disorder, ihowing that thev
nevei tail to produoe good results
Hy giving propei toni t" the di-
geative organs, they mtore equilibrium t.. the nerve oentrea.
I . *.-iiuilly    "i    Internallj,    it    is
When  applied   externally   bj
rubbing,  l'r Thomaa'  Eclectric
i i  ai.'i penetratai
tin- ti-.-ue ii- lew linimenta do
touching the .-eat i.f the trouble
end immediately affording relW
A'linini '• red Internally, it will itlU
tlie irritation In thi throat which
Induce* coughing and will cure at-
f...'iiiiii,. "I the bronchial tabu and
reap ratory orgsni Try it and I*
Haven't lean Brown lor yean
ng well :-"
"Immersed    m buaineaa,    be t.*ll-
l.iiernlly up to Iii-  neck in it."
\\ imi -   h.- ilniiit; ■''
Mi     a  teachei    In ■  iwimming
bath "   Beaton '1 ranicript.
A Cr» lor Help-A palti in the hack
i is a in uf Ilu* kltlnrye f..r help fxiulh
,\ni..ri.*aii Kidney i'ure i- thr only cum
that hssli I a failtiri* writtM a.aiust it
t , ;i-e. et llrtjhl s i!i-.'iis ill..'■••t.*-. In*
tii.nitiiii'i"ii uf the hlutlder. gravel and
...her s'lluey altmaBta liuu'i neglect the
apparently   iii-u:iiilii*aiit       sisns This
pewerftit     luiliid     specitlc     prei.'lils     and
•   ,       -r.i
While   .1   bil'   auction   --iile   was     in
progress    in    Begina     the   auctioneer
uddenl]  oeeaed ^«-!1111-f. und turned
tin* tnir riioui  Into a  church and the
-ale   lo'iiii   into  I  prriyei   meeting.
ll" at   I'.-iii.   every  night and  ban-
the   call"
Physician Suggests a Simple Remedy
For This Prevalent Disease.
The treatment tor which 1 suggest
a fan trial and which I invariably
adopt ia abundantly simple and la as
follows Let the ludueiua patient
take   twelve  drupa   of  cinnamon   oil.
and lepeat the doae in an hour   Two
A   Changed   Man. ^^  ^^   ^^  ^^  ^  ,rt  ^
man   who.   alter   being   addicted   ,,Hllenl lB|,e l(.„ dropi 0f tiie oil. and
drink,  had  taken  the  pledge,  waa   tllcI| )e, illul g0 OI, taking ten dropa
uaded      to     attend      ambulance   every two hours without luteruiiesiou
se-    The  Bishop ul  Loudon,  who   tai] t|le temperature (alls to normal or
the atory  at a meeting recently,   posaibly a little under; let the patient
i  afterwuids   culled on   the  man's   lH|i,,  le'„ drops of ths oil three times
and aaked her how her ' . .band   a day for a aay or two.
"He's a changed man, sir." I In every diaeaae probably the aoon-
the wile "Instead of apendiiig er the patient is placed onder treat-
evenmgs in the public-house, lis ; ment the better, and till! ll preeminently the case in inSueuia. And
if a *»ii..*iii suffering fruip thii dis-
ease ls systematically treated with
cinnamon uii lu the maimer above
deeeribed Within tliree or four hours
from the onset of the disease I think
it will probably be found that the
temperature will have returned lo
normal within twelve hours But if
the I'lttieiit is nut put under treatment for a couple of dayi it will probably be at leait twenty-four or thirty
hours before the temperature becoinei
Alter the temperature has fallen to
normal the patient should leiiiiiin in
his room for at least twent) four
hours und if pos-ible should icinuin
in.lours lur a (urlher period of two or
three ihtis   Hut  mnny cases thut had
I n luomitted early to treatment
chhub of robust persons undei Wlty
win of uge nnd whose engagements
were pressing I have |ieiiiilttcd to
return to then occupations alter only
twenty lout boms' rest and so far
without   mil    untoward   result    Hill   1
always advise that patlenti should r«-
iii,un  in,I -  fm   t«u ol  three dnys if
UetS   Wi.^^"     *impSTell¥eho\dm «l..-y be u.ged to
^             *oM"              Ho  st.   ill   tliose   fuses   where   the   .lien,,,,   hits   I li   allowed   to   nm   '"I   «
duy or tWO before heme submitted I"
treatment. Each dose ol oinnamoti oil
should he taken ill hall a wineglass
„r  n   h glass of  water.  The  "I   enu
be   obtained   Iron   any   reapeotabli
druggist iii any town.—Dr. J. C. Kuaa
in Los lie's VYt-uWv.
Minard's  Liniment  Cures Colds,  Etc
Ceorir't  Ueuie.
Auastaala I'uu't you plav card! it
luuocvutli -No. but Oeorge aaya be'i
going tu teach me after we're married.
Auaataala I suppose bell teach you
casino or euchre first
Innoceutla- No. He aayi there s a
perfectly faiclnatlug game called "aol-
Itairv "   Catholic Standard and Tliuel.
first night of his distracted wander-
ngs through England—nnd many more
which Mr Hur]>er specifies
Dickeni' Inns.
The very Odyssey of inns, sny- Mr
Harper, is "Pickwick " In thnt work
alone Dickens mention- Bfty-flvi
houses uf refreshment All Dickens
lovers know the 1'ickwickiati shrine
u( Cobhani.  where   Mr    Pickwick dis-
eovered hii diiconaolate fri*od
London's I'ui wick hostelrie- hnve
been remodelled out of all knowledge,
the Golden Cross nt Che "fig I i — -
for example, where the geniul old lm\
Is'gmi hui travel-, and the Hell Sa-
vega "ii Ludgata Hill, whence the
eneteni couiitu> coaches set forth, of
the Bull nt Rochester thii dellcioua
.-lory || told:
"So  tin-  il   where   Mr    Pickwick   l-
luppoeed u* have .-lept'-" remarked n
viaitOT, when viewing bedroom No. 17
by favor ol a former landlord. That
stranger meant uo uffen-e. but the
landlord wns greatly ruffled "Supposed to have sl.pl - He did sleep here,
An engrossing chapter deals with
Dlokenaian mn- Jack Straw's Cn.-tlc
llitiii-leii'l Heuth, where the novelist
invited his friend- t" "a red-hot chop
(or dniiicr nn.l ll gln-s of gum! wine",
the Kind's Head, Cl.igwell. the Maypole ul "Hnrtiaby Kudge",   the Coach
and   Horses.    Isleworih.   aaaodated
Deputy  Miniiter ot  Education Colqu-
houn On Canadian   Papers
A high tribute wns paid to the newspaper press of Canada by Mr. A. H
J, Colquhoun, Deputy Minister of
Education, in his address before the
I in-.i-:.t.-rs of the Empire at the Canadian Institute in Toronto recently.
Mr Colquhoun's subject was 'The
Press of the Briti«h Empire." and he
' ■•aid that he considered the Canadian
press, for sincerity, earnestness, and
unselfishness, to be easily in the first
rank in the Empire. The Canadian
press was frank in ita expression of
•pinion, but intelligent in its opinions, and the sneaker knew no country  where  public opinion  waa  so ao-
'■ curately reflected in it! periodicals.
Canadian pu[iers were, perhaps, leal
brilliantly written than those of England, but they were nearer to the Ufa
of the people
The cost of production was one of
the greateet difficulties of a Canadian
newspu|>er High import duties had
to be paid on inks   presses, and type-
, letting machines, though there was no
mstitication of such n duty, as such
machinery was not manufactured in
Canada Moreover, the Canadian presi
had to compete with hundreds of
t'-nied States periodicals.
The great characteristic of the colon-
iai.  and  especially  of the    Canadian
■ press, was its free discussion of Imperial matters Such freedom should
bo encouraged, and it would be found
that the newspapers of Canada would
i be the most valuable and efficient
a-rents for the cause of Imperial Fed-
' eration.
In  Australia   the    population    wai
I ehicflv in the cities, thus producing
wealthy   and    powerful    newspapers.
laaportainee   of   levlna   Hitroseta   Im
tbe  loll.
One tblug we feel Inclined to talk
about every year Is tbe tnlstuke of letting cornfields or otber cultivated
ground remulu bare through the fall
and winter. A couslderuble loss of
nltrogeu results from this practice.
After the summer crop Is taken off tbe
processes of nitrltleiii I ill go OU lu th*
loll, especially If otuhle niauure hai
beeu used. Mtrlticutlon means tbi
process by which nltrogeu Ib made
soluble ur available. Wheu made uver
lutu this form It Is quite easily washed out of the noil and lost. When soil
Is left bare after harvest considerable
Ion will occur in this way, but when
some HvliiR crop Is growing on tba
ground this uew crop will obtiilu moat
of the nitrogen and snve lt for Ul.
This nitrogen problem ll the most Important thing on our farms. We muit
buy It In one form or nuutber, aud It li
.* mstiiii'ly struggllug to get away from
ub. lt Is the part of good farming to
capture nnd ante nil we can. If uotb-
lun else can I.t. dune, sow rye ou all
bare lands. If yuu cannot plow, har
row and seed. There are some exceptions tu tins fine Is where the sod ls
filled with white grubs, lu that caie
It ls better not to seed, but to plow
uud keep the surface well stirred
through fall und early lu spring. The
constuut cultivation Ib tbe best method
of flchtlug these Insects.—Kural New
a  Filtering Device and   Nlnrafir   Sje-
l.-ui    t 4>u,blii..U.
In this day and age, when sanitary
coudlttous are of the first importance
wheu everybody wants the sweetest,
[ilciistiiiiest and as nearly pure water
as lt Is possible to obtalu for domestic
use, tt does seem to me -u unite thut so
many 111 devised filters are In uae.
writes a contributor to Karm and Fire
side.   1  know thut  moat methods em
"Whut do you consider moBt important tu a person who wants to
be quick at repartee ?" usked the intellectually ambltioui girl.
"Friends who are slow tu anger."
■urweiiii Mi-,. ('avenue- Washington
II you lire u .sufferer from soldi
gel a bottli "i Biokle'a Anti-Consumptive Byrup und test its qualities, it will be found that nopraiu
bestowed on it i tun high, It does
nil t imi is claimed of it, and dueH
it thoroughly. Do not take any
substitute tui Bickle'H Syrup, be-
iniise it is the best, having stood
the t«st of years. All the best dealer- eel! it.
The  Point   ot   View.
Patient [who hai met withh an ac-
culenii   li  it  a   inul    fracture,  doctor I
Doctor   (ll   surgical     enthusiast)   —
Bad wiiy, it'- beautiful, sir beau-
mul : The    bone   Ll   broken    iu  no
(ewei tliiui  thirteen  placet.  —   Tn-
Getting   Square.
Little  Pel  (before  retiring)—Mamma,  ma)   I  pray  for ran. F
Mamma   V-e-s,    it you    wanl   to;
Imt  why I
Little   I'e!    Su-a    Stuekupp    didn't
invite in.* to I..*,  picnic to-morrow.*—
lllll-'.lllleil    Hits,
The Liverpool schooner Pengwern
laden with saltpetre trom Taltal,
Chili, went a bori near the mouth
ol the Elbe The tug Vulk.an went
1,, hei assistance and paRsed close
by her.    The crew were drowned.
One He* Added te the Long Lut ef
Cures Effected ky Piycklna.
Thii young lady, who live!ia Broi
ville, near V, uodstock, Ont., tells her own
' itory ln a few effective wordi of bow ihi
obtained deliverance  from ths terrible
grip of weakn>r_ and dii
1 havs lo thank Urchins for my prssaot bealtk.
noyeariacul mtttxtat Into aawliaa   I oould
lu. .1. j ..*«), n-ysetf una _■ toot.   I seaid at*
with Hill Sykes and Oliver Twist, the  | Tho tone °' Uie great Australian dail
<oughs of
Eipeclally night coughs. Na
ire needs a little help to quiet
tie Irritation, control the In
lamination, check the progress
►f the disease. Our advice is
;|ive tbe children Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral.  Ask your
locior If this Is his advice also,
knows best. Do as he says.
Wa fubllah .ur ..•■him
tt. bulla! aloohol
r,oa> wraHi.iBH
Wtul Heallr   luiii
"But don't tbe repairs on your automobile cult you a greit deal?" we
"No." be replied as bs perused hli
expeuie book. "The fact ls. the coat
of the repairs ls nothing compared
with tbe colt of hauling tbe machine
to tbe repair ahop."—Detroit Trlbuua-
[you tbink constipation II of trifling
piequence, lust isk your doctor. Hi
Rl diubuie you of thlt notion In short
 ter-   "Correct it, it once I " he will
my    Then iik him shout Ayer'i Pilla.
-^nild liver pill, ill vigitibli.
" "" I Ijr We I. O. Arm Oa., beanll.
■-rolled l-a the M-aklra*.
"Nature designed me aa a poat," remarked the vlaltor, banding over a
"Ab! Msy I aak wbat seemed to Interfere wltb nature'! pluu?" replied tbe
editor, returning the puper. ltldgwsy'i
(reorge at Amesbury, where the land*
hud   shows   you   old   Martin   Chllttle*
wit's  liedroutni and dozens ol Dthetl
Thi Visits ol Mr.  Pickwick.
Very terrible arc ll.e memories that
linger   about   the   "Ostrich"   ut   Coln-
hruuk —the village  which  wot. once a
coaching town lull of inns, and marked tlie end uf the firot stage between
Lm.'hu.'I  aud Bath      C'ulnhruuk   was
1 ruined   bv   the  railways.       But    the
."Ostrich" remains to claim the reversion uf the humble story attaching to
a   predecessor--tlie   story   uf   Jariuan.
the innkeeper, and his wife, who connived   an   ingenious   murder-trap   iu
I the principal bedroom    And the "Os-
Itrloh" delights in tlie old tale—winch
* has done iuch guod service in tictiuu
—of the wicked Innkeeper, and shows
visitors the Blue Ruum  as the scene
' uf the awful crimes.
Every innkeeper knows Uie value of
"associstiuns," and such is the nature
uf the iuu that tiune of mature years
can be without some fragrant memury
or some humble suggestion Think
of the Inns that Dickena has made
famoui. "Pickwick ii the very Odyi-
■ey of inns."
Thi Oliver Baby.
Nodd- Yuu  ssy  your   baby  duesu't
walk  \et    Mine dues     Same age too
Your babv cut his teeth yetf
I    Todd-No
Nodd- Mine has—all of them Your
baby  talk?
Todd   Not yet   Can youraf
Nodd-Great Scott,  yes 1
Todd (desperstely)- Does he shave
htmi-'f or gu to a  harbor's I
Humor of ■ Parli  Sunday.
The compulsory closiug act li developing the humorous sense of Parisians. The other Sunday a well
known   haberdasher'!   shop   had    its
j windows beautifully dressed with cravats of every cnnceivahle oolor and
description. "Exceptional opportunity ! All these ties unly 16 cunts each
For to-day only." But the door of the
i shop was closed and bolted. The next
I morning would be customers flocked
to it  to  buy  some  of  the  wonderful
i ties, only to learn that the notioe no
longer held good. This reminds one of
the barber who advertised, "Custom-
•ri will be shaved free of ohargi tomorrow."- Paris Intrauaiaeant.
les was very similar to that of the
English ones; the problems were
English problems transplanted-not
new ones, as in Canada. They were
rather heavy papers; not io readable
as those of Canada
Of the South African papers little
was known ln America, nor did thev
exert much influence outside tho colony, though they were often well written and ably conducted.
The press of Great Britain ths
»!>e*ker considered to be the ablest in
the world, as It was the oldest. Of recent yean i certain amount of American diireeard of accuracy hai been
introduced, and some American violence of tone, but, on the whule, thi
English press was likely to remain
dignified, able, and respectable It waa
one of the greatest influences which
England was exerting upon the world.
A Woman ol thi Day.
Lady Edgar. President of the National Council of Women of Canada.
is the widow of the Hon Sir James
David Edgar, K CM G . P.O., UU
Speaker of thc House of Commoni of
Canada She hns h. Id the offices of
President and Vice-President of thi
Women'i Canadian Historical Society,
has been Vice - President of the United
Empire Loyalist Society, and wai for
ten years Secretary of the Infants'
Home and Infirmary of Toronto. Lady
Edgar has contributed from time to
time articlei on historical iiibjecta to
.-iiugazlnei and journals. Her first
book, "Ten Years of Upper Canada ln
Peace and War," won the praise of
the late Mr. Gladstone as the belt
book he had over resd on Canada Her
next production. "The Life of General Brock," appeared ln the "Makers
of Canada Series," ln 1906, and haa
been favorably reviewed ln the English and Canadian press. Lady Edgar
li now engaged in writing the life ol
James Edgar, Secretary to the Chevalier de Bt. Oeorge, which ls being compiled by pertniision of King Edward
from letters and manuacripU ln thi
Royal  libraries
For Shut In Hens.
In region! where the hens go into
winter quarters about November and
Mltlom get out till the snow melts ln
April green out bone li edviaabll to
take the place of insects, grubs, eto.,
that ths hens find when foraging du_
tng the iiyumei niputha.
oistkun riLTia
ployed are failure! lu that tbey permit
too mucb foreign mutter tu be carried
lutu tbe cistern tu decay and  become
So frum knowledge gained from actual experience 1 decided that tbe
proper thing would be to keep tbe
dirt out of tbe cistern, where lt can
be removed; to bave a filter tbat can
be* renewed eaally and without dls-
tttrMng the water lu the cistern. Bo
1 mude au experiment wblcb bai
proved a success, lu digging a cistern dig deep lu tbe ground ond urch
well underground, closiug In arch to
retire ii two foot sewer tile to form
Beck, which eau eaally be closed
Igaluat Insects aud toads By tbe ilde
of tl.e big cistern dig a little filtering
cistern, oue tbat will bold from twelve
to flfteeu barrels. Wall, arch and cement same as large cistern, except tn
the center of the bottom, wblcb should
be slightly basin shaped; dig and cement a hole lurge euuugh and deep
euougb to receive a bucket that will
bold five or six gallons or more. Have
tbe bottom of tbe bucket perforated
wltb email holea. Have a strung ball
to the bucket by which to lift lt out.
Have a stroug flange around tbe out
ilde close to tbe top ai can be to rest
tlgbt on tbe Itottoni of filtering cistern
around the top of the hole. Can make
water tlgbt by resting flange on packing. If bucket ls not good and strong
It will be well to place rest uuder the
bottom, as there will be a very heivy
pressure on It wben the filtering cistern Is full. From the bottom of tbe
hole uuder the bucket connect filter
with cistern by mesns of a three Inch
sewer tile tboroughly cemented In.
Fill tbe bucket with pounded brick,
charcoal or slate packed ln clean wash-
ed sand, It can be made to run through
very slowly, tborougbly straining tlie :
water. After packing bucket snd tie-
fore setting lt In bole run water
through to wash all eedtnieut out.
If I wcdi lor a
drive 1 had te lie
town sbio I
.me o.. l ll I
wtnl lor a ndle
un two     '   c. j
• i.-«.  I waa wo
• ii u> un it
sag, sail last
■■■ ,. I otm. la
from having a
• Hn 1 dropped
tittarlT taalplia
I rum faliiua   Uy
mc ao peace ualll
1 procured fi.
rnlaa. koewlBf 11
was axcelltnt Tar
dachas or waal-
iita 1 aimi mr
:. remits are
irondertul, and
pooDla remarket!
ill. iBI'Tj.'Bli  1
etaaaked   IliUtaa
Instead at a llttla, pal. koltow
melancholy girl. 1 aai to-day
luU ol Uta rea.lT let a eialfL.rtdi. a Uauag
match or an e'anlug party wllh anyone and l
lew mooihi ago I eonld not struggle to chunk,
it- made trom ay home I hate neves Bad thi
tllfhun oause ts tear any rem™ ef las dlseasa
my BrowunrUle. Oai
Ttiouaandi of women are tiling P8Y-
CHINE, becaun thiy know from experience tbat ln it they havs a etl* friend
ind deliverer. Plychlne ii a wonderful
tonic, purifying the blood, driving out
dimie germi, give! i ravenooi appetite,
lida digeetion ind aalmllatlon of food,
ind la a potltiva and absolute core foe
iieeai of throat, chut, lungs itomach
ind other organa It quickly boildi up
thi entire system, making lick people
weak pei
well and -
: people strong.
(pronounced si-kiln)
for nie at all druggist! at 60c ind 91.01
per bottle, or at Dr T. A. Slocum. Limited,
Laboratory, 178 King St. Weit, Toronto.
Dr. Root'i _idnev Pilli ire a rare and
permanent cure fur Kheumatiim, Bright*•
Disease, Pain in the Back and all form!
of Kidney Trouble.   tSc per boa, at all
deal eri.
I ■    ' f*L u bmo yon h*»-» putt
lut***9 m*** lu tu« lAtmmi   tsmxA. !««•
tail    muactM   ■•-Mr-
•i.v   etr-eugth*.. fun*  i
•or-aM-aa -Md fuJliMM In _u4. eilir) •■>•• |
and -» limraJ f-Mliiuf of jumLu4»- tb*t •   '
Al   tht  "Grip-."     TW
aura   remed/  u
Farm  rlninlii
The  cleaning   up   of  hedgerowi  of
wortbleea   bushes aud  den.I  ur dying :
treei. or trees thut ure worthless ex- I
ceptlng as fuel, pays lu Impruvlug the ,
look! of tbe furm If not iu Immediate
cesh return!, aud wben this has beeu
done  there  will   be  many  other  Jobs
about the gatei. fences aud walls tbat
can ba found by any uue whu li look
Ing for them.    Cutting down or digging  of  weed!  arouud  tbe   buildings
aud tbe edgea of cultivated fielda helps
much   to   remove   the   neglected   aud
"abandoned   farm"   uppeurauce   of   a
place and gives lt an up to date look
that makes It more pleasant to occupy
aa well ai more valuable If It la put j
on the market.—American Cultivator,   i
For Interval and   Bltcnial uae.
TakeQ  ot,  . Utile   fugar  tt  curee grip.
euuglu. - " I.,   -.n.i*. colli-    ApplieU to J
iiu. Uiiui. tmmei. it gi.ee quits relict
SataUisned 1910    .* ,1 1..     At drucif UU
I S MHMI a U   Ioiih leu
!uuuhee Far Winter I.e.
When gathered from the field
equaebei ibould be placed In a cool,
dry room and kept tbere uutll freezln.*
weather approaches Tbeu remui e
them to wbst might be termed a warm
aud dry room, lt li difficult tu keep
tbem during tbe eutlre winter without
more or leil troubli from rot, yet inch
virletla* ai tbe Hubbard and Turbun
may be preserved for quite a long
period after barveatlng^-Ountry itx-u
Alum ti soluble lu water and Is mod
In laundry work to render curtains,
children's dresses, pinafores and nius
Ilu hangings nonliilliiiiiuiiible and ll
usually added tu the rinsing water—
proportions, oue plut of water to two
ounces of Ilium.
Before Taktms.
•Dut I thought." complained the sitter, "that you gave your cuatomere
thirty dayi' time."
"We merely permit thim to behave
that 10 they will look pleaiunt." re
•tiled the ohotutxraobar.—Houaton Poet
Do You Suffer O
will quickly remove the cauM ol
tint* distressing complaints ind
restore hulthy action, to every
organ.   You will ful like i oiw
erson alter taking i lew du«s of
rectum's Pills. They rid ths
system ol impurities. Improve the
digestion, banish headache lad
Givf Positive Relief
in ill cun ol Billousnesa, Coosli
pa Hon, Indigestion iod Disordered
The eicellent results obtained
by thi ull ol Beecham's Pllli have
proved them worthy of the confidence they enjoy. They have
helped thousand! and recommend
Bold Beeijr-ahefo.    la boiee U Mall.
No.      024. THE tARDEAV WEMC
it Prliita-lil Trout Ulu'dr. aai KubllsUal
al I* srgaiei and iruul Ijika everv ruuraaay
* i • i: iner'Un. ao: noil  llMMlj respoo-
jn.lt. nir tie .iii.ii   .ub of aorrospontUtiU •»•
4.1 eaeatfd lu IU   SOllLiaUS
. 11."•ul" ivi'i be rliar-jed at tiberau>ofl5
,o.. i« per Una. nisi Inserlinn, suit lOoeuia pt*.
i 1 nr eucli sulwaguanl itiiwrlluu
1'irtiisfar Traiisiaiti and .XI rr advertlsliui
will I'e uwtde Siiowh uu ai*4.iicaiii'ti al O01M
a•.'.,•>'.ii.ii... tif.isia rear. •" »u»aaa».
Atftyir, Ki'ltofl'i U C—Silver, "Siccit'
(.'old, 1 in! t 1 Tier.   11 •.•*(!'. Gold-SUV
jer*.) 60,   Hi 1*1 1 '".1. tl '■•'.   '"'
( old-Silver, iiiiii i.einl  ii t'"i ,•'., i'i '. 1
( lunges ii.r othei m mis oli ipplicatioi
.-iiiil'i." arriving by expresa   m inni
it .ene piuinj't attention,    J'.n   Draivel
Contracts   Entet*ed into for Packing of Mlnin g Supplies  Etc.
to any Point in tho District.
service: wj
S. DANEY, Prop.
Any Work
m mem *——	
[Jest WiniM, Llqaori and Cigars.
Rates *?l 11 dav,
J. A. STONE   -   -  Prop.
sl ■ ran
Revelstoke, BC*
first-class icoommoditlon fur trivollin
Poplar Livery.
Freighting,    -     -     -   Packi
A Speciality.
Stables at Poplrr.
Rates $1 and $i  50 per day
(I.iili) of PergUlOU Mines,   Ltd.;
Ai. ayi of ill iorei. Terms moderate,
Bar well Supplied with Liquors & Cigars
Large Comfortable Uot.ui*.   Excellent Cuiiini md Attendance.
Ai'iin ii:
J*, x  ■)::•.'.
KASLO,   If- C
Central Hotel
First Claia in every respect. All modern convenience*.
Largo Sum pic Rooms
Rates $1  50 pjr Day Special Weekly Rates
•       FRED C.  tjLLIOTr,
Uarrifier. Nutnrv public Ktc.,
ElWOlOB, REViitiToKi, B, C,
0. B. N WILKIE, P.L.S.,
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mineral Claims Snrveyed
iod Crown Orants Obtained
tteiMriu-t-- N.it Record 'i_r..
Troul I.ttkr. 11 0
Patent Medicines
School Supplies
Dry   Goods,
Excellent   Accommodation
Best Liquors
And Very finest Cigars   ft
John Simpson,      Proprietor.
Best HoteHn Town,
BeadQoarters for Mini and Cuienial lea.
Grout Xafte
Mater     ®
Supply (So. ®
I?y using Water supplied by tho
Company mi are assured oi «i—
luto purity. Government Analysis
to back up statements. :::::;:
Hugh McPherson - - Supt.
Trout  Lake   City  Transfer!
and Stage Line.
| Ferguson
I Trout Lake
M    ^<!^m,W^oVt'^anit*^
$ Daily Stage will j
j leave  Ferguson
7 a.m.
Trout Lake nt 8
In conaectlon.
Andrew M. Craig.
It pays to uie tlie Telephone. A
lengthy trip can often l.e mv>-.!. Offices
at rerewon: Curamlni' sinro ; Troul
l.ake, IVm Office; alio at Beaton, Comaplix antl Arrowhead.
Starfteg & Co.
I'-txn,   Chece.    Pro.luce    ami   Fruit
Houston Mr.,Josephine St. Nelson, ll.C.
<*— Hotel,
Watch-repairing,   etc.
All  work
Imperal  Bank of Canada.
II oil Office
ows Block, Tut Lake, 8.0
aCC 35.
Publiihing Office of the
Lci_e_u    Mining
Job Printing
Sandy Laughton
HEN  visiting Fergnson you
(.li.ml.I stay nt the La id eau
Hi.loi.    Here  the   visitor
will   bn   xiirrniii.il.*.l   with
Ik.me comforta.    {Excellent
cu ihi no,     well    ventilate i
and    warm   rooini,    well
itockdl bar,  anil   evrryihiiig which
leids towards  making yoor vuii a
pleasant and memorable nne.
Rates from $1 dav tipwardi.
Wi .strive to please oor pat-, r.s
Hotel and
Ceneral Store
Zbc IDotcl Kenton
    BEA ION,  B.C.    	
IF. B. Wells
No. 30.
*/K\f     A >'   & A.M.
A^T' \   Snl   Thursday each
'   Xy7 month.
>Journing llrctiircn er.r.liailv Invited.
Forddrod.Sec. P.C. Campbell.W.51
l>. l:. Wil kii , I--, || |ent. Uor   I   ll 1 :.T IAFFH i. •'■   •
BRANCHES    in . . .
loba, ''ni.i*    -.      ) i i'.i*.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT.    D -: allowed ti r.
current . ito li n| .*i account.
I.cll.r.   ..f  credit. ItsnM »»»"»*'. In   ...f
.'      . I I*
NO. 11
1. O.O. V.
'I   J »••'. I -..: . S   U.
Il**l;ttlitr nlocllnjl't lit-l.l In
i.'|.irt*ii"«'.   Hall  ever/
; .'   .,   nlehl al   B
br .*.li-
• rucorilially wrlctiuio.
P. M.Shfrh.rtl. *"*t
al ..'.fit ut. ( ,m it m t*\.m*. omt
ng Ik l.il..
Review Job Dept.
I ot Uigh-Claw Work.
Arrowhead Branch—
T.I!. I A! 1 1'.
!..-'UU   JiMJI-iHl ■,■. •
© K !
JSavbec Shop:
P.Biarns&Co w,..
Dtalen io all kindi of Freah Uvat
— ron a- -
(iood Shave or Hair Cut      «
.   M.I   "N
iam Schnell, .
I I.....'   -    s
Hot and Cold Daths
• '- -t^»-iua-_;&****■**%*Si t-'
U** b Utorur, j   a. n.r...
rtelMlturi lor Ini-trial Hank vrcau.a.
ui 8
Barber Shop.
for Qood  I la.     Itttl | >   I
H*a>    |
TKOL1  I.UI'. I 111
Hoc tm*   Cold  Dathi.
VISITORS arrivinp at Reaton fthe tlire«h..lil of the Lardean)
via Arrowhead, will Iiml this Hotel lo hc fully equipped
for lii-li-fla-Ti trade.    I* in-lli-nt aceotnmodatloil.     A well
ippointe.l ami epacinug tliriin^ hall.     Tbe bell i.f Wlneg,Spliitl
aa.l (*i(?ar«.   1'erionil supervision is given lo the requirement! of
patroni. Viiitors to tha I anlrau ran rciv on comfort at lliit hotel.
W. BOYD -:- -:- Props
mm i= -O-O-O OtKOOOOOO «3-O-0-0 IHiiK! Ci AA ij-rij
Wt have some'nice lines
«'f eilke, in LADIES'
BHIRT WAIST lengths,
Wo ftlno  bave  a   lew
ready-mado WAISTS.
"I.! aii'l I" mineral rlaim, situa
te in (ho I'rout I.«ki- Mining Diviiion
r.f H-'nt Kootenay Diitrlet.
Where located :   Kear head of Sii-|
ver Cup Creek.
TAKE NOTICE that 1, A. E.j
Jr-wcll. Free M'norVCei'lifiratr. Nn,
118811'fi, intend, i-ixtv ('n.ic from
dale hereof, to imply lo lhe Mining
Rocorili-r f-r n Cortiftan'o -jf Im
prnvi-nieiilH, for the plirp* 10 nf ob
tainingn Crnivn Grant of tlieahovn'
And further take notice thai BC-
li-'ii,    under -sect ion 37,   must be j th 80 cholftj thonce welt 80 chain
I in OIJ Cod bi*for.« ihe iwuance of  to tlm point of cominoncnietit.
tu-li Cerliflcate of Improvemenie.
I/vat(dihiH21sl. day of Apiil
Notice ia IioitIi.t fcivnn lhat within
2. mini I ha from the Aril publication J
hereof   in    the-    BriUih    C'oliim-j
bia Qatette I intend   to apply loi
iho    Hon.    Chief    Commissioner
| of Landa and Works for a  -special
licence to cut and carry away limber  Irom the following   described I
lands Htu.-iUrdiii Wept Kootenay
Commencing at a pout p'ante.li
at the B. E. corner ot Lot Will J
Trout Lniic, West Kooionav, mm I
ked "Leslie Hill's South Wen cor- f
ner po*','' tbence north 80chains;
ihniico cast 80 chain*-;  thenco sou-
Dated lliii 1 th
A.D. 1937.
day ol March
A,E Joti-f.-iT
;.n O, H
N. WiJiia.
THERE ban been f..rtonei
made by judicious invoat-
mont in Real Estate, and
more forluuei will b>* made than
ever the next two or three yeiiri,
Tbe one who reaps the harvest, is
the original Investor, for he has
his money on a certainty.
Now let us point out to yon that
there in nn i-eiter spot rm ihe Continent   i.i  i iv   I{,.u|   Estate  than
TROUT I.  i:e.
TPOUt L&kf is the prettiest spot
in  the  K-. it-nuys ; tt a pleasure
resort  it    as no equal.     Roiitii.*»
nnd  flihiitg  niiiy he   indulged in
the  year  round] while big fjanie
in abundance is tu iho round nu
the hills,    its ollmnte la mporb.
thorn being no ({rent extmines, it
being mild  in winter nini cool in
(rummer.     Ii oan In an of some of
the Iin.'.-1 lintels nnd realdencos in
Urllish Columbia.   It-sti-'-ets nra
well  In id out and graded,,   There
nre two excellent general sinrcs,
and a rIiiiicc hi the advertiaemonl-i
iu this journal will show that all
Iradesaro fairly well represented,
Writo wilh confldelicfl tu Ageuta,
H. McPherson
Trout Lake, B.C.
Lots can be
obtained on
Make your
selection at
Then call on
or   write to
T has i.tr.r had a ' bona "—ill
. - haa bltn iium It il
the I.-ad if navigation, aad
Iiii tirniinal (f ilia Lardo braack
of the C.P.R. All roa:l« (ia tee
I.aiileati) lead lo Tn nt Imke. It
ia tin cnMnenial e.mri of tba
rirl.'.st mineral Jislrict ea tbe
continent, and haa l*ar i.tif faiill-
lies providt d bv tbe Iii|in»l
I i.i .1 ofCaiii'da ; fi ral • -«• ■ •«
at couiiiii'dfti inn under tin ilir'i-
tioii   nf  S   Shniilimi. P.A.j  l food
wnt*T mi*11 in ; guvrrnmenl oficrij
Cniinl) Curl slttiuga; Mrth <lnt
Episcopal md Anglican churchii
iini foitagu horplial,
There nro valunblo ranch landi
on 'he niit-l.iris iiwiiiimjr lelilcrs,
lis lumber reiourcei are DiagniH
.'ent, and a band iaw n.ili with a
capacity of 00,000ft. per day la at
V't lend of the lake. Tie mfuaa
tiiliiiny ara pHiving oul bi%tt*r
iroihireis every year, with i-vw
prosptcls opvulng up rich lodiis nf
Tiara will be „ big ruth ih->
tear in jf \t,(i would Kfnw
more, wrile nl oi re ti. ,ill r, „f
Ibe sgr nis nt the aildreises I-t low.
'' ■'
F. B. Weils
C«i»er«! Afctnt
_.   • I


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