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Lardeau Mining Review 1906-06-28

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line .-i larger oUcu
lutiun iIihii any
New-spa jier in N.
K.ioifi.ii.v. J*t**Ht advertising   inediiliu.
VOL.   2
The representative
of the rich Lcrdeau
country. Sent to
any address for $2
per an. in advance.
TROUT LAKE CITY. ILC. June 26. ioo6
No. r.f.
provincial Land 8iti*\ pj nr.
Aiiiii-i.,i Claim.*, -survey.* J
mil crown .in...Is Obtained
Hi .l.li*iifi*    Nell U.irultl ...Hi i*.
li. .It l.ik.-. I'  f
i.in   s.   Hit itrlcl. J    A. Hum i
A   M. I'INICII \*,l
iMiuciToni*, i-t,.
niri/ei-STOKE  ta  c
e..it*.t-.r. (ttr liii|t|*rliil I Hill, iu ' tui .in..
FRED     ('      n.IK'TT,
I'l'III.IC, Kit*.,
Trout Lake, B. C.      and Ferguson.
Arrowlicad, Trout I .ake & Nalcusp1
Rural School District.
RKVKUri'OKK ahs  i-mini   i rSTHll
Tak"* Notice lhal I
Coilrl    nl    It,rim,n
under th.*   •* I'ubllo
18 15,"   fur   the   Arm
i nin
shall I...Id i
..ml Appca
•School   AotJ
"head. Trout
and  Ni.kusp  Rural  School
I Istrlcta, on Wednesday, the isthl
'I "V of .lulv,   19 11    nl   lhe hour i.f!
in.. o'clock in .he afternoon, at the
School II.. it. Arrow bead
Dated nt   Kevelatnke   this I'.i
-l.v of *'i  1906.   ('  M   HKi li
J idgfl oi tin* ( ni, i ,,f R_vi«i ,,,
snd , i'pen!, |;. I, letoke At* ess*
menl Disli id of VV. Koolenav,
Notice is hereby eiven thai sixiv
daya after datfl I intend t.. apply
in il. * thief Commissioner ..f I antfs
and Works lor permission to purchase tin* fullmtinn described hinds
situated i.t li.-rrnr.l, Weal l\r>..ten-
ay liistrict, ami commencing at a
poal nmrkud Leslie Hill's ixuth-
I weai corner, ibence north 2<i
ehains, thenco cunt 20 chaina,
[Ibence aouih lo Lardo river about
20 ohaina, Ihenee Blong l.nrd..
rivei aboni 20 chains t.. point of
commencement aid containing
mUt -III ni".**- more or luaa,
J'n ed iiim May, 111 'fl
l.l-ii ie If 11.1.
i.'nee   nnrlh   40   ehains,   thenCe'planted   about  one   mile   mirth of
east   160  chains,   to  the   poinl of  Benton Wagon   mn1.   and   about 8
commencement. I miles   from    Trout   l.nke  marked
Loeaied .Mn> 1'Sih, lO'Ki. ,u    \v. Ahrah
O  W. Abruhinison, loeator.
* Hanging =
(...liini Silver    »1 50
t.,,|,|,ml Silver.    fjOt'
Silver mnl l.<ad  ISO
Copper    I oo
.in,-    II 5'i
<   SHANNON,  'ssayer
Tronl l.nke I: c
TUSCAN    I.i>! x. I
No. :"'
A r   -X A M
8rd   '11 it■ *•.!••.*.   , in I
'   \/   ' nmi. 11>.
i lamming Urethral rortllalli Invited.
,     |     ild ,• I. *-..*     I   I    t'.fnl"1." II.W   **!
Dissolution t.f Partnership,
notice i-  hereby given ilm tl.e
Partnership    heretofore   .xisii _
between Robert Madden and Louis
I eveeque under the  style <>( Mud
.1. ii ,V- levesque, has this day Lh i n
diaaolved    All a unts due thei
•:rin of Madden ami l«evcw}Ue are'
payable lo Robert Madden
Mali.in A  l._VE8Qt*_
.'•.ted   ai  Troul   l.i.ke Ibis Ullil
.1 iv of June, 1906.
No 8 ('..iiim. ueing nl a post
planted abou' 80 cbaina wesl from
.. post marked 0. VV, Ahraham-
Still'a nnrlh CH-tt corner po-t, and
itl.onl 4 mile*, from tin* head of
Trout Lake on   the   south si.oic nf
i".    ,\.  nnranamson's   south-west
(•■.tiier poet, tlience north 80 dial ns,
I thence .-.Fi 80 chains, thence sou'li
Hi) chain*, ibence weal 80 cbaina to
, point of commencement,
Located June filh. 1906.
< • W. Abrabamaon
No.  9.    (.'ommencing nt
TK01  1    I.AKK    I.MIi.ii:    I. <»l». I
Nu. II
*.* «_. lu K'.'t,' in^ii'tr* l>, i*' o.
\n£lS      .ri.fl-*.'-.   Hall   ever.
r'   "*__,./C^    .     -..  *       .   -il IM   ... .Ill*
'ijKj**""", ^        II. ■'.  .1   ll.llll   *•*-!. ..,U«
«•- *•-**>
• *•.*■«',*    **>    I. 1'   V    PI   -ll.Til. H|V
t». UOLE8ALE    .'.M'    !-! lA-U |j
I> iiii i*. in all k't. U oi I .,*-1* Ufti
F. B. Wells
Ison for.
a  post
north of
lake and i.inrke.I I) W. Al.iiihnm- planted about one mil
-.on'*, northeast corner post, thence Beaton wagon mad. nnd about
SOtttb SO chains, thence west 80 l.l miles from Trout Lake, marked
chains, thence north R0 chain", Q, \\\ Abrahams,'a p„u||, east
the point | corner poal, thence north H<)
iiiins,    thence     went   SO   obains
8) rhaiiiK io j,oin' of commence oent.
I.ocai..1 .lun* 20. i im;
0. I.   Copp, 1 .ealor.
Xolice in hereby i ven that sixty
i I.t vi. from Uie liu.1 im III lent lull
hereof in ilm r.ii'ish Columbia liaaeiie,
I intent) in apply i>< the II....
Chief tVunmissiniier "I Landa ami
Minks for ii H'.m-iiiI In .-use lu .-.il .onl
parry an a v timber  from  the fnllnwina
.l-lFtTlllfil   |Hlldl  ItlUU  81  in   We.it   Kuul-
e.njr ;
Commencing al n poat ptaniwl op the
hi.nth   (jilu   nl   tha   I nil,i   iinrr.iit..iii!
half a mile frnm th*. im
irotn lierratil
The fine residence and two Int-*
al Ferguson belonging to H. M.
Carter are tor aale, A snap. Apply
to .1. J Atherton,
A small blaze occurred at the
reaidenoe of Editor Murray Monday morning. The local brigade
mnde record time, and with the
assistance of the new line of hose
soon had it under control. The
damage   dune   was    verv  slight.
'"', "!"',,■'"! '^.'"''ri Thanks,    hoy, I      Hope ' I    won't
.rkeil   0.    I..   Copp I I . /
thence   south   80   chnins,   tlience
east   SO   chains   to  the   (-oint  of
thence easl 8U chaina t
uf Col.imeiicetricht.
l.ueiited Mav 28th, 190fi
O. W. Abrahamson. locator
No. 9.   Commencing nt  n poal commencement.
p'nnted about one and a half miles I     l.ocaled June 5th, 1906 .
fr..in KerL'tiaon on west   s d,* of  N. o  \\-  Abrahamson, locator.
ork of Lardeau creek and marked     No 3.   Commencing nt a post
W.   Abrabanison's   north east  planted  about one  and  a qua Her
corner post, thence south 80 chains , miles north oi Beaton wagon  road
and   about   one   and   a    quarter
nger t-seer
Cream Soda
Champagne Cider
Club Soda Water
Lithia Mineral Water
•   t   *
Thorpe ®> Co.
rCrlnuii. _. (I.
tl.enc- west 80 cliaiiiH, Ihcnce north
So chains, thence east 80 chains to
the (mint of commencement.
l.ocaled May 29th, 19'KJ
O  VV. Abrahamson, locator
No. 10 f'oti.mt'iicing a: a post
planted about one and a half miles
fioni l-erguitoii on the west side of
Nnrlh Fork of Lardeau creek and
narked o Vv^Abrabaroaon's lotith
wesl curner pre-t, tlience north 80
chains, tht-nce wcr-t SO chains
I Ibence south SO . cfiainn. thence
east 80 chaii.tt in the point >.t cotn-
L.*.*.*.r»*d May 29th, 1906.
• i. \v . Al.rabamson, locator
No 11 I'-nmii.eiiriiig at a p..st |'"w "'
i lai.te.) aboill one and a half mile.*. s',M'il
from Ferguson   on   the  west  hunk
nf   tl..*   North   Fork of   Lardeau
i "'until        ill  . *  .   ■   ■ .       v.        Ij.      V,''l'l'  P  .   i
nonhean cornar pnai. thence «0 chains hnVfl   »•*  rutarn  the  compliment.
Wast, Ihenee W  irlisins smith, thenee 80 j (J. 0. M.)
chaiiih east, thence so chains to   the      ,, , , .       ,
pointofcnmmenremeut. p0,lr ,'Br!'  nf ore  «ere shipped
Locate.! June-.'Isi. lthxi. lout to day.    Two Innn Ihe l.road-
 L *'* Copp, loeator.    | view, one from the Bi'ver Cup ami
jone from the les*«.*es at 9-Mile.
Notice is hereby given tint 60;     . ,        .       ■',    _
days afier date  I intend to kel   .A "T ^ °'.'nC? ,r^'ll,e Can'
application to the Chief 0ommla*?dian*.P"c,'c  lft»hftt.Op.fmiM up
sioner  of   Lands  anil   Work"   for |
permission to purnbAae the following   described   lads   situated   at
milcH from Trout Like marked
O.   W.   Ahraharaeon's  aoulb-eaat
corner post, tlience north SO
chains, thence wi-at 80 chaina,
thence south 80 chiina, thence
east 80 chains to the point of corn-
men, em."lit.
Located June 4th. 1906.
0. VV. Abrahamson. loc.tor.
Miners and Loggers
A boot that you lake no
chance with. **j We
i uaranlce even- \ _ir.
tj Made of f- ie;icli Kip
. < <\ llirouj-liout. <_ Al-
vays I.eej'S sofl ar.u
l*!i <!iir. C_ Marx '-
i. tally f :'-- 1 v I
.'< Co.
Galena Bay, We-t Kootenay district, and described as follows •
Commencing at a post marked T.
Watson's N.K. oprn**r post, pla 'ted
at the S W. nr. of J.f.142 (Arrow-
head Lumher O.'u timber limit).
from the foot of the lake the end
|of Inst week, and have been engaged in loading the hig mill
h trge with the property of the
company. They got away '1 burs-
Tony Lindgren wss down from
tbe (irnnd Soio on Saturday. Ho
and hie partners are now developing  the  Linson   View and taking
Notice is   hereliy given that  two
months nfter date I intend tcmake
(application   to    the   ITon.   Chief
Commissioner of I.a ndi and Works I
I fur  a   special   license   lo  cut   Hlid|
c.i.rv  awav  timber from  the foi-J
ihscrilt tl    lands   situated
miles f'tcn (ierrnrd on tin
south siih* uf Troul I.ake, VV. Kootenay  . i tri.-t, commencing  ut  a
po-l   marked   I.-lie   IlilTs  south
thence   west   40    chains,   thence
south  20 chains,  thenee east  40:out some fine ore
chains, thence   north   20 chaina to j    Qeorpp   „„,„     of  thepand,n
poi.i. of commeiiccii,.*.,.   and con- gUndard< j,  ndvonating a avaiem
I, ."i     "^   i   . . _ "*'*■     'of »«*«*'-g ***»•• WO are sur-** would
Dated Jun«a2nd, 19J6. prova productiVi  in  the Lardeau.
Notice is hereby given that 60 j lie goes on to say in an interview
days after date I intend to apply with the Nelson News tint hereto-
lo the hon. Chief'Commissioner of j fore anyd.e who could rustle a
Lands  and Works  Inr permission j grub  stake took  up a  ieaso anJ
IK'. ' !
Miners - s*7.00
Loggers  $7.50
It. ANDREWS Mo. I'o,-..
Ba 75.
N >(|i.    ih   Imr, In    i.i ••"   l'"'    '"'
■ ■    -i ,1 iie I hile.nl ."  i, 1*1*1..   i
Ine lion, i lldel t ,uiii,i,n.-i tn i nl   I ""!-
I IViirk* I"   .i -t***.*i«i In.n.i    I"  "*.i
.ini in. si n.i hi'i   . ..in   ' i"'   f" -
•I, -. I -Inii   I ....ll"    Sl   'i.tl.ti   I."    I ll<
i • -i I.*  it .in diaii 1.1
1      in.*ii. nn* i.i .1 |...-i in .iki i I * .1"
I     '- ■ rn*', vxhii * *■    la
nor ,.l   I * .   in*    I In nee  i ■ll''
liei.ee uut  ' II • ■ ill.'. I  •
i, tl .*. ' *  ii' -. i    > l,aiu»,
i • utilnl uf eon in	
"■..-...I Ulb JulI-, lti».
i i --I ir nil i
*-.ulii*it    I*    l,..»l...     cli,*.*   IhAI    l*»,I
I.   Huh-  tiler  .Lilt*   I     I .'. i   I     1,1
' '    lhe    l|,*n    < hit i  ' un  si" el  ■• :
I.m.tls llllll  Wnrk.   hit    H   Sl'flllll   li.e.i*-"*!
lu .'nt and carry sum llii.tH.r fmn.tltcl
I*     iv.iiu   ile.fnli'1   liil*.   KUMlod ..'I
I nt' 1\ t sl Ktiu'ei.*., tllM * it '
.'   niien. i.il'«, a i**-i  not k"*,l lesln*
In is-mull enM corner sal  sl   iiorih-
. .*' I'niii.., nf l.ul   ",7l. 11.en.-."  'mill h'1
* .an-.   ilieniM 111-1  s.i el ah"*,, llienc.*
i'*i s.i 1 ii.iiu*, iheii't* e.i«   r.. uhalnl
I  * . ".Ill of i-.uii u,l III-, ninnl.
Nelson, I'.'ih June, lUOfl,
l.K*! If   Hill.
N ilic   ia I ii,*i.. c \■ 1. thai t»"
inoutlis *.l . 1 dali 1 iitleiidiu make
,,,(.! . ,,1 ,«   lo   1 ,'•    il.t".   * I. 'i
t'.i.ui.iis-i.i.* r.il. iwhi awl W .uks
'••r h Mie. 1.1  iv.-.iM" iu i' a .*. ..1
,  i 1. .*, .n   'im ••.   fr n.   I .,* lo -
'o\\ l.g I- C I'" <1 I IM'lfl '■< Mled l'l
I. . ... \ 11 a ti...I .Hid 11' oil II r.'f
mil a li 1.1 I," if -1*1 ii*..*ut 11 'ing
1.   a  pud  marked  1. alia   II IPs
,1*1,   i" .--.l      r   U-iT     !'..-t,     llll •..'■
.1 i  M- . ii-,...*--. ii i* »>ntli  RO
■i an,a,   il <■   w,**-i  b0 . Imine,
h.....    ,. ..th   Mi   n tan.-   lu ti.e
p un   ,.| .*. •.. ni' in "in i i
1 .., . :. .. M •*,   18-36.
I i hui   Iln I
J'irA   Biggal   A-ci'l
A  Significant
Trade Mark.
Nnti.-ti i. hereby giveu u.it t-t*«>
K.nitlhs »h. r 'hue I Intend t.. a .Jill i«
i he I inn. Chiel I ..nimlssi'inel •.! I amis
ii ..I Works furs s .e.-t.il jlnensii U< cm
i.   .1   .um sua. Iiuih.r   luuu   ||,e  f. I-
I'.ilug ilerermetl lands situated  in lit*-
"il .»l  K.i .lenity 'li-l llel
in... i eiieinti ai ii  i .ui. i   marked  I.e.hi
I'llls sutiih-cast   writer pom,  sel   i.
I..irth-i u-l   en net   ill   l.'.t   7ftHU,  I lion,*.-
north io uhains, theuue west liiiieledus.
•Iieiuii s'linh 40 ehains, Ihei ri*, 100
chains it. piiinl ,,| cniinuaiiueiiieiil,
Nelatiu, l-'l.i June, l.itni.
I.V.HI.1K Mll.l..
PIANOS.—The fiimoiis tloiirhiyj
is Ibu one lo buy It la nol al
•h.-itp pinno wlii.u jou l.uy, bill
you find you hnve pritct'sed ucoil*
"mv when you havu tested and|
Irledlt, When you Willil un ill*
'"nni.mt s.u the loO'l BgMll,
Murray, Hfl fun (it \"ii oul Willi
•mv style nud at nny pi K-tt inul
'•'ms.   J. 0. Murray,'local agent
5ul>tt-yw ror __» Jlcvkw.
In li libit branded nn lbs w In
„ nil •' l.l. k k 1 ■««**"-*' I'
Mauds f*.r " Iwltei   f »'lweai
f,,t* tin* «ri money "—bonaat
wealorn luotwear made by ww
lorn people f<" weit.ni trade
Ti i*,* me all leallicriind built
i,,r itri'i.e. without sacrili.'ing
nppiunn-.- Ask y*ur dealer
fir " Ltro mc Hooth," ami h"'k
fnr tin- al.'ve Iradfl m»r* on
the sole. '■'<
MAMir.MH'l»   " "Y
J. Leckie Co.
KotJCC i*< hereby given Ihntwitli-
in ii\u months from lhe lirst publication hereof in the I'.ritish Col-
tllnl.i. liaZ'tt*-. 1 inl,ml to apply
to the hol). Chief I oinmisFiniier of
Lam Is nnd Winks fur serial
ilocnaea to t-nt nnd carry away
tiinher from tl.e   f.'llowii.g  .l'*n.-ri
U (1 landa situated in  Wtat Koot-
t\"-'. ■
a " No. , i hmmenclng at a po«i
plant, tl itlntit one and s bill miles
lioli.   the   I iii.1   ..f   'I r.mt   Lake on
the south side and about . ne n.ili-
fruin rl.ui,*.   luaiked   1.1.   \V   Abra*
ii.iu—i V north-east corner post,
th. ..ct 80 chains aouib; Ihenee BO
chains weal, Iheuce 60 chains
north   thence MJ chalnl ust  to
puiiil uf (i,miner., .in* n i.
Located May 28lh, PJL6.
0. W. Abrabamaon. locator
i < i .!. t   Rad-j agent
No 2,   c in.inn.g ut « po-l
planted   si...ut    Iwo  i..ihs   from
Trollt   l.nke   nnd   about   one Inln
,, ..; ..:., fifty , ir,ls norih <*f tin-
Ueaton road, n ...k..l 0 tt'. Abra*
|      I.   -    I    -     .-..It.,   Utr-I     (urilt'l      I Ml,
ihciuv t ,i*i tu cl nint*. Ihenee north
120 .i.aiiis, Ihenee w>**t 40 fcbaini
. south 4 i chains, llienc
went -ti chaina, thence sou'h 811
cbaini to point i f commencement.
1  , iled Maj 17, 1906
11  W. Ahr.ih.iii sur*, 1 ..*..t..r
No ;;    i. ,.u.e...-I c nt n pnsi
I lautcd aboul one nnd a half miles
from tin thore of I rout l-aac on
lira North side ol Al
. reck and marked O, tt', Abra
li imann's north i net c mier p-.-t.
tin i.i i. south 80 i .'...ins, tlience
ttdi b' chains, thence north r*.l
chains t •> nc« east 8'J chaina lu
thi | ■• .nt «1 com nn nc iikiiI.
I waled Maj 28Ui. 190U
. i \\. Abr .hainaun, locitor
No 4 Comm< in mi; nt .i l net
planted aboul 80 chaina Irom ii*e
north .Lor.* of 'Imm Lake an I
nl.mil i, miles from  iis hi ad and
II UK.*.! O. W. A brali miaou'a souih
w. si min. i poat, tm -.'.■ north M
cliaius, inI.nc eaal BJ chaina,
l,,..|i.*e "".nili 80 chii'ii*, Hi .."
insl ,S,l th.no* 1*. 11,0 pii.nt nf
cumliii*...-. n .nt
1......I..I Mar 'J'.th. 1903
o W. Abrabamaon, locator
No  .*>     t...ii.iii.'. fin !   al   >i   1'.' I
ph.u etl ou the north shore »■!
'I inul   Luke,   about   stften   miles
full.,    iis    lend,     liii.llcd    (•      tt
A hra i .im.-ui's w tiil.-wi*si cornor
post, ilnii.e north BOclinln* (heutw
weal I'1 'nin*. il. ui*.- . uilh id
chain,   i <*n i    .n-i   8(J 11 alu
tl.e.te SOIIlll 120 li'l.il.r-, IhII.liin ll 111 clr.in: 10 lhe poht i ! > >'!'•-
lilt Iui lot III.
Located Mat 20th, 1006.
ii w. Abrnbnii soil   local r
Nu ti i omiiiencing i.t I post
planted on the eouih ahore nl
l ...ut 1 nkc about IS milea from
i ■ bond marked 0 W, Abraham
son's sulilli east cornet p •**!, 11..-..'*'
nest  r0 chili'.s, theiice  north 80
chains, llicnce P«»l eM) ih.iin .
thence lOUtb 80 ollttini to tin" p-'inl
,d com.nc.ceil.cnt.
Located Mat 20th, 1906,
i». \v. AbiiiliniiiMi.., locator
N... 7    CQmmeuciiig at a twit Hppiv to
planted On the west side of Five-
Mile trail nnd about j ol * mile
from lhe south shore of Trout Lake
marked 0. W, Abrabainaon'a north
ciist corner post, tlienco south 40
cbsitiB)  thcucc  wott  1C0 cbaius,
■reek   nod   marked   O.    W.    Abra
hamson's s.nifi. cast corner post "" corner \"«i, th»nce west •).'
Ibence north »Chnins, thence east c *•'"•*. 'hence north 160 cbaina,
80 chains ihenee south 80 chains,! •I"'1""'' easl 40 chains, the ice south
thenee **est h() chains lo the  point
of coiriint iicelucut
Lie iied May 28th, P-06
t). \\ . Aliriiiuiinson, locator
No 12 I i.innieiicinj! at a jiost
planted alx.iit lrj mil. s from I er-
•_ii-,<in tn. tl.e west bank of tbe
North F.,rk ..f (jtrtleau creek, and
marked 1 >. Wi Ahrnh:im«ou's north
«e*t c.ruer poat, ihrnice S".uth
BO chain-, ibence eaal 80 chains,
ihciiL-i* i.oitli 8'1 cbni <n. thence
«eii M) ohatni to j oil.i of commencement
Located May 29tb, 1900.
(i \\   Abraliamaon, locator.
No LJ I 'oiu'iicncing at a post
planted al. nil Hi miles from 1'er
guaon on tbe west M*le of f <• north
fork of I.atdeau creeK, and about
4U chnins wes' of n post planted
ne.ir  thc west  bank of the  s.ii.l
lt'.o chnins to p int of commence"
iii.-ni     Dated Muy Nth, 1900.
1.1" in. Him.
(per A   IfijJitar. Agent)
creek and marked O.W. Abi
1*. .'*  Initial  ]">tt. marked
Abrahamaon's south   west
p..st.    ibence   north   NO
tlence   eaet   80   ohaina,
a ham
II tt.
i luuu-.
1 hence
sniiih RO chaina, thence -i.ci-1
BO   cbaina to   iln. j oil.'.  »if
ll.i l.-ellieut.
located Mi.\ 29th, 1906
.. W Abrabamaon, locator.
N i. 14 Commencing ul a nosi
p'.intcd on the eaal sideol Ici-
guaon road, aboul '..'* mill ■ f uu,
Troul I.ake, matked t). W Abra*
ham-son's north w.-st eornei po.-t.
thei.i. eaal 60chai,ia, Iheuc, south
.imiii.-.rn 80cbaina, thine** weal 80 chains
thence nor 1. 80 cluiiis to point ol
Located Mat I7t.., 1906
o U   Abrabamaon, 1«-i*:it,-i
No. is Commenciug at a post
planted80yardaeast of lira i>i-
■iiuen vaii.ti mail about '.'iki yards
north >.f 1 inii.■ board. 1 mil* irom
I . rguao'i, marked <> W, Abrn-
liamson'a n.irii. east cornor (Rial,
U,. ||C«    smith    SO    chains,   lllOliCe
w.si sii cbaina, thence north 80
cbaina, ile-nce e.ist 80 limine to
the point <>( ii.uiuieiu**'iii.-.it.
Located Mav 18th, 1906
(i. W Abrabamaon, locntor.
No. 18. Commencing at a post
planted 80 yardaeaatnl il.el.-r-
guion Wagon road, about l-'OO yards
north <>( 1 mile board. 1 mile from
Ferguson, luarkwl tl VV. Abra*
liamson'a aouth west cornor |Kiet,
theme i.iirth 100 chains. Ihcnce
cast i*i chaina, iheu-M south 100
olini is, iboiioo west 40 cbaina iu
1'1,-ni nf eiiinmciitv nent.
|.,*it.**l Mav 18th, I'.iOi'..
II VV  Abraliaiuaou, locator.
No. 17    Coiuinuncinu ut a i ost
pin itu.l   about  one  iiiiii  north <>(
llcato i wagon road, and about U
miles (...... Trout  Lake,  marked
'i W. Abrahamaou'e *..uiu west
oornor post, thaitoe north 80 chaina
ilniu-t* . .i»l HO cluiins, ibence south
Notice is  hereby   glean  that   riity
daya ir in the Hrsl iiiiblicatiua hereol in ile British Colombia Gaaelte. I
Intend to apple to the Umi. Chiel Cum
n.iuioner ol   l.an.ls ami IVorkl  fur  a
r.|K'l*lul    h.lelir-l    iC   lilt   Ul.fl  ca'rv SV. "V
.....lH*r frnii. Ihe following dci-cnbed
lands siiii.iteil in Wesl Koutenay:
Nu    1      t'ui.nn('.i.iii|»ul a |n«,i (.lnntutl
• in the easl side ol Haley creek empty-
ii.K u.ln tl.e l.rn.l.. river, uho.it two
unlet In.in ns mouth, marked C. I..
Copp'asoathesst i*..rn.-. p .>!.' thence Sn
eliains veat,  thance uorth  80 cluiins,
thence ■•ii.-.t 80 chains, llienc- r-o.lil. KU
chains, in lhe point oi i()iii.neii.*eiiieiil
i... .iu-1 June Uth. 190 t.
i   i. cow  Iix-atnr
N". ". PntnrnSnchigai a est plants '.
nn tin* i*»-i ti-V ul H.ili'i ereek, abool
4}, miles (mm its l.e-nlli, marked C 1
col'Iti' nun h-eiii-l in. ner ;.i**u," Ihenee
m-i-l BO cbaius, Ihenee south so chains.
ihcnce ea*< B0 I'lutins, tiuchaina to tht
|K.iiit oi i*..no reiltont.
Li*t«..*vi June IM., ll'**"-
c. i. core, locator.
?,   Coin.iioiicuic at a pOKtplanled
....'iln i-it-i side ui Haley creek, marked
i" c  1. toi'es    hurth eaet   . >■, • ■.- ikjsI,'
,1.1. ne   tn.    chilli.s     iii*-l,     Hienue    I
• l.i.iiih e nil Ii, IhellCC Ml elr nnn easl,
iheuce  Ml chains LuCk   1' li.l  puint v.
• 01.1 iiii-tn ,-ii.tn!
l ._.,!■ in.iv '.', 1900.
t* i. o.rr. locator
Nu. 4    Cnnin.ei.cinii ai .. |» si planted
in the «.*<: i-.'if oi il.iU-.i creek, about
■IK; I...;,--   Iii.ii,   n.-   li,, nlil   li i.tl.dl (   1
uoi'i - i urtli-i n-i i- n u"i i tf.," Iheuce
tha .t i* ■.; u i- * >--i. i ..-.i-i 8 ' chains
solllli,   lhoi.ee east  to chains, ihe.ict
s    Chlll.lt l si il l*■ lilt* j*.,..i'.  oi   collillleli
i ...i.i*. ,'i. i* », 10G6.
i i. i nvr. locator,
Nn. 5,   Commmicuii*,«l u |aml platiteil
'li Iui , .,hl 11 le ,.i li.iiff i it*, k, aboUI
.' i miles from Us luuulli, murk..I n.
i ,,i*i i, uorlli • .^i t tn in i i .-• , iu. i t'-
ii i ,.,i- aesl, it..'..ce HUcl.uins so.itli,
iiiii.e Ml eh.iin- cnsi. ih.ni-e HO ehains
.. 11 ,-   |sii.ll ul it.l..l..eln.( u.tiil.
i. if.ilvd J uu-. '.', 19-jO.
•.. i  core, locator.
N.r,,,*  li hcrub)  given   t  at    eist>
,.i,h f.ulll lhe tr.-t pilhliei.il..11
hen*..I ii. lhe I'l.i.lm   1 uliin.I.ia tia'.e.U*.
I  Intend  lo sphl)  tu  Ihe  Hob. Chiel
t'uiinii-n.iiii r **i liiinls ami Wurka for
.1 t.|..*i*..il license i» cm and entry away
iiinlter    t     lllll   follualllg  tle-i'iibcil
lauds ei.ii..',*"l 111 West Kuul'*i.iit :
Nt. l Ct.ii.nieiicbiaat a post plaoteJ
on tin* east mlc oi Teliderfoui creak■
iiboi.i 2\ miles I','.., ita inuuih. empty-
: i n, 'in the I in ilu rue., nu.rke.lc I. eui-p's
' smiili wi'si curlier i*'."i," Ibence easl
80 chains, Ihenea ni clislus north
: Ihe.t.-e 80 chains west, Ihenee »0 Chains
, lu  lite point ol i itr.inieiiee.ueiit.
uwaledJuuo JO, IflOfl.
,* i. con*, I.K-iitor
No ?.    I'uiiitiii'iii, mui ii I u<t |, lau te.l
nil   lhe e.sl   si.ii*  **.  T  i  '■ rfnol   ireek,
hIi tut ,i,'w. miles innn its moiitlli mm ked
C   I.    (mp.'s    suiillini i-l     i,t....*r   |ins.,
lliei.ee HOuhaiui eaal, Ibence 80 cluiins
Hi *i, ..'-r 80 cli .:■-.. hence su
cltaihi   In llie 1','tiii *.f .un in -it.ent.
I.oc.iliu .Inni HI, 111 '"
c l . ore, loeaior,
Nu g, r,.mm,-,.i ,n-j ,n i. i*"-i planted
.,.. the eaal tida ul Teodurfuotereek,
about -u . unit's In,in ni iiiuiilh. murkeil
.   uu'CH    north easl   uumei   i«.-.i.
^n '
In puichase the following described
land situated iu Weal Kootenay:
Commencing nt a post planted
half a mile of Poplar creek and
marked ■'. Kilzsimniun's N.W. cor.
IH-st, thence cast 40 chains, thence
went to work on the me without
doing devclopiue.it. Ihis practiso
is now going out of fashion, as l*i
get ore in any quantity deyelop-
ment work must be done. His
plan is for the  sm-ill  investors to
north  80 chains,  tlience  west 40 form a pool nnd put  up say 11000
chains, thence south   80 chains  to'or more aud hack up the men who
point of commencement
June 27. 19'6.
arc doing the work. Hy thia
means good development ran I.o
done and 'lie ore shipments made
more continuously  and more pru-
tttl^-ltjfti-tyt^i^^ tilably.
§j      Local and  General. Jack   tttauber  brought ui> soma
^-^^^^ pa^iriirw.ek'.[:,:';:
Char ie Ihilmage returned this *,,. lmg iol8 of lt lu bi((htt bu, WoIltt
treek.from the Boundary oountry.   .hvuige its location nntil be gets
Jim Paton   reports having d .ne bis records in shape.
a good assessment on his property .    L-ef.  McLellan,  Fred Mills nnd
near thu Tuwscr. f.lot-   Vurscboyle   kit   during   the
The parcnta and friends of the week for the Mnmiiioth. Barney
Methodist Babbath tchnol in Trout Lodenburg also went tu look after
I.ake ai.- respectful y invited to 'be mcea buuse.
attend the quarterly review ser-l Malcolm Mathieson haa accept-
vice of the lessons UUght in the ^ B poaition ns limber man ai the
dabh'tb school  during Hie second  I'eatnce.
quarter, ou Snndar next at 11a.m. ,       ....
A  correspondent  in  the   ' am-
The  I.estcr   Displav  Co. gavo a  iK)rill.   Mi,K,r   boUnjs   a   note   of
very   c.ctlilahle   exhibition   to   a „larm   at   the  cl arii.g up of  tho
good-sized audience in theOddfel* umber  around  Fish  Creek.     He
low's hall List Monday night. , claims lhal the Inr*-.' bodies of low-
Service in the Methodist Church gn*d« ore thai are known to exist
Suhday evening at 8, conducted nn<1 which will be worked in tbo
bv Rev  D. B.Scott, aubjccl: u The llilr  future will  require a large
|M IMI llllll
Martyr    Church
S \V. Picraon, New  Denver.
iii sizing up ihe country,
l_,v amount of timber ami luggeata
that a certain ainount be reserved
'for mining purpoaea. Then is no
" doubt thai a senicity tf timber and
I the necessity ui huwtig to purchase
Seymour Hood and V. W. Drew- nnd haul it any distance is a big
art, of Spokane, paid a visit to charge on any mining |>ro|>eriy,
luwn this week foi the purpose of and while at the present limo
looking Into our timber resources. Ibcre ia ample for all requirementa
The   foruier   will   remain   in  ihe'cic sboiil.l in-taken of the fuitire.
I iuiber is being cut off very rapidly, and in the course uf time tl.e
supply will become exhaiist**d,
whereat our future proaoerity reata
vicinitv to thorougblv go inlo
everything neceaanry for lhe election, equipment and ojwrating .i
sawmill al this point. We are
most  ran-nine of the icsult.
A, M.TI.te. Revelatoke'a genial
postmaster, nnd nn old-timer nl
tbe Lardeau, wns In Una week in
connection wuh a big limber deal
iiniv ponding,
JuJ^e Miller came in on Wed-
ncadav's boat trom Sonttin, where
be baa put iu lhe winter, Judge
sat s he wrill be in off and on ilm*
in-* the summer   looking  after bis
ou the produciioii of mineral, l-'nr
tin.-, lensoii every can iboud he
laken, look) ••* tuwa.ds cheapneaa
in the development of our mineral
The I.O.O.F. election of olliccra
for the onauing lanu t.".k place on
1 ueaday, uml are as folluits i I* N.
ll  ,    I1.-C.ll*    Jacob-oil j     N ti,  K    1.
Masterson j V.U., A E Fowler;
TreaB.,   1).  1;.   iloLennan; 8«
iffeictit mining interests. Al- j Krtd Muinmny
lliuugb not no actively engaged bo I si. Shannon, Ii A., was there-
still txpii-sscs his confidence iulcipient of a Icalimonlal in ihe
tl*.- Lardeau ami   has  a   cmple of shape o{ a purse  of   gold from bit
dais oil nt present which wi I  put
h.iii actively iu harness again.
A report comes Up thc line from
Dull creek ol the discovery of high-
grade copper and gold ore. lhe.
lead is triiocablo for a distance ol ■»"«» entirely out ol Ibalr candy
over '_,0il> led, and the lowest »»>d fruit liiolliy, and not by theil
aaeay  runa 7jjoro.nl copper and I l"»n»«« ««• cuiacna at large.     Mr
soiioiai's cu Friday. The iiillo
ones appreriale the labori of tin ir
teaclu r and took this means of
showing it A ;.leasing feature of
the   preaent  was  that it ini- sub-
Mi • -lt.it I. -, thence wesl (id t haillb lo   Ihenee «e*i tWcllslllS,   linn. .* »* UMI 80
, it ufu n.eiiceiiicnt * l.uu.s.   Iheuce east 80 cbaina. ihencei
1    , .ii.        i   .    in,*.' , SU   ehaini. I*, nnlul nf .*.....i.n i.< ernciU.
Local- d-1 uii.* Is, 1906. i.,..itJj,„.!:ii, IH06.
i), W. Abrabamaon, loca'or. , , copp,Incatnr,
" \     No. 4. t'utiiini'iiciiiK ai n i"i-i  plsuu-d
...he   *e*l   snh. ill  'leuili ifiitl i tf-ik. I
114 in gold      The iniicis are prill-
clpiiliy K.i.-'o men.
All over the country -.- r,*.t t oc*
iiv.iv la tlisplnyetl iu the lumbering industry, 'limber limhathat
,i fi» years ago would l» itasaed
imi as wortblcie nre mot bringing
.i u,,ud price.
J A. (iiiflilh left I Ueaday lun ruing   for   .i  trip to ilu* Const on
hlisim ,-s.
Shannon I. ia during the sl, til
period of ins teaching here b.might
tbo school iu a high state of pro*
N  ucc   is   hereby     given   mm ,||iii|(( ,, |M Iwm He uiunih,markatl
within   two  in.uitbsfro.n ll.c lust ,*   |,  iinpp> muth'wval corner  i*'"-i.
pi.l.lii.itioii   hereof  iu   the British thence hi. ohaina eaet,*l| *s 80 chains
Columbia   UaaalU,   1    Inland   Ul "?•"••*'  thence west 80 chains, thence
Mil  i Imiii*.  |n I't.itil uf i*..|i...icucc...c..t.
Lucaiud June Until, inai.
U. I-. Uopp, locator,
en, ft, Onotnienclng at n pust pla..i.".l
Ilu*   lion.  Chief Commit,-
r   uf   Lands  and   Works for
Hjiciul   licensee   to  cut and carry
away limber from the following
described lands siluatud   iu  Wesl
on ihe east lids nl l^anderfool .nek
about *>\. ...ihi (mm in mouth, marked
fi   1.   l'..p|i's    sinilhnest    corner  l'"Sl.
I hen -r HI) ,-h.iiii, east, I hem-.* MU |cbal»l
No. 1.   Comujcncin; ot a poit|uo:iii, ijisuvv £0 cbaius \v«i, tlniuvc
Kev. Scott   recently onnduotod
«el\ l.'e    Ill     I he   SCUtilltl    lull.-e   at
Gerrard,      I'i.e   la rue   room   n.is
packed   wilt   iiiiiili.iiii.tn
lusty voices iu Ihe lamous " glory I
song "  ma.It*  ll.c I.un..ing i.iiiic.
Mis. J Craig provided iiniaic uu a
John Simpson left Friday 111..111-
Ing fur a trip lo the Calumet aud
] Hecla.       I'm*   pinpt-rly   ii*   h. ing
worked under ii.-- ui.colion ol Jack
i Iii.-ni. iiml soiiii, good ore .urn*
nig rich go .1 vaiUi* i.i being taken
Kdward Mol.l.s, ol Qerrard, has
a deal on loi aumc Canyon creek
propafthM allien bu says Mil ..iii.ii
txtet.sivi'      ill Velupl.lCl.t    III      thai
*';"■*'■  | nit of tlie diBtrlct.
J. M. Brown bft Friday morn*
in_ for the Hid (".iti cm.*.
piano kindly  tent   by Mrs. Ilaner. j     Kred C. LHii.it is at Vi.loru ii.«
Hit  en. again, parson. (tmUwhlJ thc department, f La... *
School breaks up lu-day for tbe and Works on a bunch of appl.ta-
tmuni,".; vuvutiwn. .liwus ior limber Uctins^s.
mm  Ma* I
Quality Versus
By Coastaace D'Arcy Mackay
CiipurltM, Itoe.bu Mcniin*, i"'t.'i'l.|'*-.*l <"•
Throughout the block It wns known
that Mrs, McGlnuls was ns unsociable
as she was thrifty, whii.- the other women leaned from the windows of the
tenement and gossiped or bung clothes
across tlie court and quarreled over the
length of line, Mrs. M.•(.•inula went
quietly ahout ber oivu business without a word to any ot them, Indeed,
somo of her neighbors looked nt her
with awe, for ln a teneineut where
everything Is known tiio news sunn
spread that Mrs. McQtnnll went out
by tbe day to wash for people who
moved Ui high circles of society.
Life went very cheerfully fur Mrs.
McGlnnls. She bad many things to be
thankful for. Her two room! ueie ns
neat as energy and soup could uiako
tbem, ber busl.and was sober and Industrious, and they were putting nway
a tidy bit ln the hunk each uiotilli Sim
was thankful, too, that there were no
little Mcliinnises to l.e -pothering"
about und mussing up the kitehen. She
was not fond of children. When any of
the little red headed O'Shiiunessys, who
lived across the Imil. were particularly
clamorous Mrs. M.i I inula was wout to
remark tbat she was glad she had none
of "tbe lolkes of tbem" to stay at borne
and take care of.
As It was, she set off blithely each
morning with her scrubbing dress doue
up in a bundle and curried under ber
arm. Sometimes, through the generosity of her employers, slit would return
with a much larger bundle. Such occasions were gala nlgbts, aud Mrs. Mc-
Glnnls could hardly wait to get borne
and open tbe wrappiugs on the kitchen
table. There would be cuffs and socks
and trousers as good as new for Mr.
MeGlunls, and 6ucb waists and skirts
for herself that she was able to set tbe
atyles for tbe whole neighborhood.
Her only near rival In this was Mrs.
O'Shauncssy, who appeared one Sunday in a red plush bat nodding with
green plumes. The following week
Mrs. McGlnnls wcut to church In u
pink satin waist that had once been
tbe bodice of a reception guwu. It was
elaborately trimmed with chiffon and
artificial rosebuds und bad elbow
sleeves which displayed Mrs. McGlnnls' muscular anus, ruddy from mucb
contact witb strong su.ls. Yet If there
was anything ludicrous in tbe picture
she presented she was entirely unconscious of it, and tho gorgeousness of
ber apparel settled ber supremacy as a
leader of fashion.
Hut the feud between herself and
Mrs. O'Shauncssy still continued. Mrs.
O'Shauncssy used to strut up tbe aisle
"for all the wurruld like an owld hen"
with ber numerous progeny trailing
behind her, and she would shunt a
gliineo over her shoulder at Mrs. McGlnnls. VV.*r.. not large families just
as stylish ns pink satin waists?
One evening Mrs. Mi-tiluuis came
home with a larger bundle than usual.
"Shore, It's a whole new wardrobe
we'll be baring," she said breathlessly.
"I'm thnt excited I can hardly cut the
strings! Here's waistcoats for ye, I'l.t,
nml some neckties aud a folnc silk bat.
Fitlx, you'll look lolk.* ths mayor himself In It! And here's u dress for me.
Silk lined it is too! Oh, it's myself
that will make a fine rustle when I
pass that O'Shauncssy woman! And
utuybc there's a wulst to go witb It!"
"Is it tbis ye mean?" snld I'at. and
held up something Uiat neither of them
hud noticed—a small black velvet suit
with luce culls and a wide lace collar.
There were little black silk stockings,
too, und patent leuUicr slippers witli
gilt buckles.
Mrs. McGlnuls looked at the outfit
"Ye might sell it." said ber husband.
"Induid, and I'll uot," suld Mrs. McGlnuls.
"Ye can give It to Mrs. O'Shnunessy,
then," hazarded Pat " 'Twill Ot one of
ber youngsters."
"Is It out of your mind you are?"
cried Mrs. McGiimis. -To think I'd be
giving this suit to the lolkes of Ihem!
What would her red beaded spalpeens
be doing with n lace collar and cuffs,
I'd lolke to know';" And Mrs. tlcOln*
nis snorted Indignantly. To ber mind
these clothes were meant fnr a princeling, and none but a princeling should
wear them.
That night, as she lay sleepless, she
wus haunted by visions of a little figure In a blurk velvet suit. Now be sat
by the kitchen table, his fair hair alibiing under the lamplight; now bo was
walking hy ber side to church, ao aristocratic   that   none   of   the    (ril (
li'shnunessy could bold a candle tc
him. Suddenly angueeead longings and
tendernesses began to stir. She won
dared how It would seem to have Borne
one to cuddle In the twilight, to feel a
drowsy head against her breast. H
would in* sweet ibe thought, to wake
blm In the morning and see his face
all warm and flushed wltli slumber, hit
curls In a tangle ahout his neck. Lntcr.
when he was older, he would go tc
school and stand first in his class, while
the little O'Shannessys would bo nl
ways, always at the foot. Aud. soothed
by this pleasant reflection, Mrs. Mc
Glnnls fell asleep. Yet even her dreams
were broken by lhe patter >.f tiny feel
iu patent leather slippers will, gilt hue-
With morning came a resolve which
Jhe did not see lit tu Impart to I'at,
ami by noon she sot resnlutely off on
her (-nest,  Carrying ll   letter frnm  the
priest in one band and dress suit case
in ti ther. Th.* sister nt Bt Margaret's Orphan asylum was accustom-
ed t.< ...nny startling require nl'.. but
surely .nine were ever mon astonishing tbuu Mrs Mcainnis' demand for a
boy to flt a black velvet suit! As to his
age or parentage Mrs. McGIuiiIb did
not seem to can*. So long as the suit
lilted that was ull she naked.
Then followed a strenuous half hour
for somo of the little orphans. There
were many boys of assorted sizes.
There were thin boys aud fat boys,
dark boys uud fair boya, hut a good fit
seemed hopeless. Mrs. McGlnnls
watched the proceedings with a troubled eye. "Look at him," she would
wall. "He's that chunky he'll bo
bursting tbo seams If ho mores un
Inch!" or again, "Hogging your purdou,
'tis no heuu pole I'ui after wuntlmri"
Mie iriod two more asylums, with no
better results.   Despair  settled down
j upon her.    Was the surprise she had
planned for Mrs. O'Sbaunessy never to
' bo?   Must she go home bullied and defeated und give up all hope of the sensation she had planned to create?   And
a deeper feeling thnn all theso tugged
at   her heart.    Tho world  seemed so
full  of children,  and  there wns not
even ono for her!    A sob rose lu her
throat  na  sho  began  to fold up  the
j velvet suit.
"I'll be laving you with many
thanks," she suld huskily to the sister
In charge, "for there's not wan of them
that tits the suit at all, at all!" And
even as she spoke there appeared before her the vision of ber last night's
dream—blue eyed and with crisp curls
of gold—only this child was dressed In
' a checked gingham pinafore Instead of
Tbe child smiled engagingly at Mrs.
McGlnnls, who felt a great wave of
love and longing sweeping over her.
Such a broth of a boy! Hera at last
was one who would flt not only the
velvet suit, but a niche that bad long
been vacant ln her heart
"What ia your name, dear?" said Mrs.
McGlnnls tenderly.
"Nuntil," said the child.
It wus not at sll tbe answer Mrs.
McGlnnls had expected, and the good
woman gasped. Itut there was a wistful sweetness about tho child which
was aot to be resisted. Tho love light
of awakening motherhood shone la
Mrs. McGlnnls' ryes.
"Will you be my little gurril, da.
lint V" she whispered.
Tbe night thut Norsh finally arrived
Pat was as delighted as his wife. Ha
thought be had never seen a "prettier
little colleen." The next morning was |
Sunday and the McGlnnlses entered
church somewhat late. Tat ln the lead,
wearing a tall silk hat and stepping
very jauntily, Mrs. McGlnnls next,
moving with a notable rustle, and by
ber side a beautiful little girl whose
black velvet cost, heavily trimmed
with lace, was tbe admiration of all beholders. It was a day of triumph for
Mrs. McGlnnls. She beamed on the
whole world. She even beamed on Mrs.
O'Shauncssy when they met face to
face on tbe church steps.
"Tho top of tbe morning to you, Mrs.
O'Shauncssy," quoth Mrs. McGlnnls.
"If s well you're looking this fine day,
and all your family. Shure, It's a large
one, there's no denying It! But (with a
glance of pride at Norab) It's myself
that has always preferred quality ta
(li., Blm Ills Tlm«.
A Kentucky congressman tells an Interesting tale of tbe execution of a
noted desperado ln that stats soma
years ago. Just before the sheriff adjusted tbe noose he asked the usual
question whether ths man had anything to say.
"No, I think not," began tha convicted one, when bo was Interrupted
by a cheerful voice shouting:
"Say, Dill, tf you ain't got anything
special to say would you mind giving
mc fifteen minutes of your time Just
to let these good people know that I
am a candidate for their suffrages,
"Hold on, there!" shouted tbe sheriff.
"Who's that?"
"Jul... Iihink," volunteered some one,
naming a rising young politician, who
bas since represented bis state for a
number of years In U.e house of representatives at Washington.
"Who did be suy It was?" whispered
tbe condemned msn to the sheriff.
"Tbey suy If s John Blank."
"I thought I ret ognlzed John's voice"
tbe desperado calmly remarked. "Well,
be can have my time, all of It, but go
ahead and hang me first and let him
tulk afterward."—Lipplacott's.
Clyeerta M «• Coa.ld.rel Ctal-rss.
No commercial commodity can show
a greater Increase ln value, pecuniary
or utilitarian, than glycerin. Originally a waste product eliminated In tba
manufacture of soap, candles snd medicinal plasters, a nuisance to tbs
manufacturer and a source of obstruction and pollution to river and sewer,
It is now largely ln request ln almost
every branch of Industry. So great Is
tbe demand tbat tbe csndls and other
works can no longer yield tbe required
supply of tbis commodity, and we now
not only manufacture It on a large
scale, but Import It. It la used In medicine, in the arts, ln perfumery, ln tbs
manufacture of beer, ln calico print
Ing, ln tbe preparation of leather snt,
as an antiseptic. Largs quantities ar«
annually absorbed In the production ol
nitroglycerin, dynamite and other ex
li'.itnii'i. o, I'hrucl.
Next to Sbukespeare we draw most
profusely from tl.e Bible for terse expressions, Proverbs nnd Eccleslnstcs
furnishing the larger proportion from
the Old Testainent and St. Paul's epistles from the New. Milton, though far
behind these two great sources of English speech, gives us more familiar expressions than nny other writer after
them. Krora him we have learned to
speak of "a dim religious light," of
"grim death," "a heaven on earth" nnd
"sanctity cf reason," of "adding fuel
to the flames," of "tempering Justice
with mercy," of the "busy hum of
men," "tho light fantastic toe" (that
boon to provincial reporters) snd tbe
"neat banded Phyllla." Chaucer, though
rich In material for quotation, has given us no pithy phrases, hut from Spenser, who sang of him as the "well of
Bogltah un.lefyl.'il," wc get "nor rhyme
nor reason," "by book or crook,"
"sweet attractive grace" nnd "through
thick and thin."—Cha inhere' Journal.
Color   S.I..-,.,,.   In   II,,11,llt.i.
Strange how II tt Io we Americans da
with color. Wc have a red brick houne
or u yellow brick house with a red tile
roof or u green roof, and that's about
the gamut wn run. Most beautiful effects can be gained by the use of enamel.*.l colon even on lint surfaces; dainty
patterns can be worked out and brilliant yet harmonious effects gained.
Onr coloring schemes are tame. Wa
certainly have much to lenrn In thnt respect from the Persians of old. They
were musters lu enamel, and their
work was gorgeous, beautiful. With
us It Is lack of taste; It certainly Is not
lock of material. There are American
makers of tile that produce material
equal to that of antiquity, ths richest
colors and ths most easily adapted
ahsues.—Clay Worker.
Ont Quoen Anne Timepiece to Bo Sssn
In Toronto Is 300 Years Old snd
Is Without Hands.
Tin re art sini.e rare old olooks In Toronto,    n  may Interest  tha publlo to
know that one man In the en.ploy of a
t.lg  Jewelry   linn   in   Iiiiii   eily   spends
thrss days of every week In visiting
private resldenoee, business houses, ana
factories, iu wind up the big old clocks
that are kept ns heirlooms or
ourlositles In these plaoss, Half ..f his
time every week is spent in making
the rniiinl of these places, and winding
and regulating Heir ultl linn pieces    He
tayi thut the majority ot the olooks
keep remarkably good time, too, when
i.in. takes Into consideration tl.e fact
that tiu-y have recorded the night ol
ages for so long.
Quite a Fad.
Cu'l It whim nr fml oi fancy, or what
you like, hut Iho fact remains that
many ut the besl and biggest families
in Toronto have s panohanl for rure
nlil olooks, Ths older the ojoek the better,   if it linn "dwelt in marble hulls"
In son..* sue of tho dim uml distant past,
t li ry   valuo   It   a .   much   the   more.    A
family   Iwlrlt i   of   this   variety   is
treasured mosl oarefully,
S.i   great   has   this   fancy   grim n   on
some ..f Toronto's families that it is
commonly reported tint they go traveling en um Continent, nml buy some
oh! cluck tlnil strikes their fancy. Il Is
ihen brought home nnd Installed In the
family residence. The European dealers
In curiosities have burned nf this, and
ihey play on thc Ignorance of the buyers.
Old Csie, New Works.
The story goes that a Toronto msn
went traveling t > Europe, and In ■
Erench shop he thnught he had discovered a very ancient nnd rare specimen
of a timepiece. Be bought It for a good
big figure, and when he got buck In
TVironio was humiliated when an expert on clocks Informed lilm that he had
been dupid. The olock he had bought.
was a new one throughout—new case, I
new works, m iv everything—but It was
done lu the old style, and after sn old
design. Well, perhaps It doesn't matter much, end the uninitiated may never know lhe difference between the old
and tlie new, but il must make that man
uncomfortable when ho look at the face
of that French cl *.*k.
In one shop In Toronto at th» present
time there Is en old clock mads ln the
time nf the good Queen Anne of Ens-
land. Three hundred years old, and certainly a curiosity. It Is made of brass,
and the weights and pendulum are entirely exposed to view. The clock Is
not meant to be cased. It hangs on the
wall, snd the face und works are enclosed partially tn a little box-like
structure. Th- re Is no minute hand
traveling around lis face. Still, It has
two hands, one to Indicate rhe hrurs.
and the other to indicate where to set
the alarm. The dial Is divided Into
quarter-hour spaces. It came to th'
shop for general repairs, and had to be I
fitted with new weights, and new pen-1
dulum, and other parte.
Has Three or Four.
An old gentleman living on nioucet
ter street has three or four old lime
pieces In his house, and he knows the
history of them all. They have bet n
limit d down from generation to generation, and are genuine It- Irlooma.
Mr. E. F. B. Johnston, the well-
known lawyer,  when  he  was  in Eu-'
rope some years ago. secured a very
old clock nf German make, nnd rather
curious design. It has two bells on thi
t,.p, and It Is so arranged that i till*.ur Is struck on on* bell, while Um
half-hour Is sounded on the other.
Many of the quaintest old specimens
of the cl •ekm.tker's art come from
France, tine seen recently was probably a century ol<|. end was In the rather original gl >l.ular form. Inside there
was a pluce for a small light, probably
of the power of a candle, snd on the
outside of the globe the hnurs were
mark«d. The Indicator Is fixed so that,
as the globe slowly and regularly revolves, It shows tbe hour of the day
on the transparent globe. A clock of
this sort Is meant more particularly for
the sick room, and for thc nurse, who
has to give food or medicine to rhe patient at stated Intervals, which are
measured by hours.
Made  of Wood.
Then, there are many old and quaint
tlmc-pteces Inlaid with brass, and ornamented with tortoise shell. There
are clonks made entirely of wood—these
are German, und are made In the Black
Purest—and It may be Interesting to
note that oil Is never used on these
wooden clocks. Black lead Is the substitute, and It serves the purpose much
better than oil would.
The old grandfathers' docks that are
so universally popular frequently come i
ln for repairs. There are mure of them
than of almost any other type.
I «••».  a  Minister   Cam*  (•   Bur   It  Sll
Whr   hv Sold It.
The Rev. Francis Winter was a native of llostou sud a gi.nlmale ef Harvard college. He weut to Hath early lu
IT6T aud, uftor preaching on probation
for tbe •rthodox church, wns Invited
to settle, which luvlt.itlou he accepted.
Ue was ordained In the autumn of the
same yeur. He went to Until ou horee-
bsck In company with I enni.-l Ctnii
dlsb. Mr. Wlntur en me from Boston,
where he bsd sssoclutcd with such eminent men ae Adsius, Otis and Warren,
blmself becoming uu urdeut pr.rlot,
taking tbe lead ln the lteroliitluuury
measures adopted In llnlh during thut
memorable period.
Mr. Winter married Miss Ablgull Al
leu ln lT.iS. and It Is through her thut
the Winters of today truce their ancestry buck to tbe "l'urltuu Multleu of
Three years after the marriage of the
Ber. Francis Winter und Ablgull Alden
tbey started to visit n titter of Mrs.
Winter living In Connecticut and in
tended to ride all the way ou horseback, but Mrs. Winter l.uiirue so ft
tlgued tbat Mr. Winter told one of the
horses for a carrlsge tnd harness. It
wus the first aarrluge that ever came
Into Mnlne and wus called s chaise.
Truvellng wss so difficult that two ue-
groes were employed to accompany
them witb shovels und aiee to cleat
the mini Several fines the .halts had
to be taken spsrt aud lifted over fslleu
trees. Tbe minister's purlsbloners
thought tbat It wat puttiug en too
much style for their paster to ride ln a
cnrrlnge, and lu consequence Mr. Winter sold It. This wus lu 1771. It was a
two wheeled cl 'se. the body resting
on leather braces, which were attached
to wooden springs.
014 Tlate lllii ml nmlvn Wilh Laatevas
and  i sndlee.
In these days of electric lights, with
all their capabilities fur brilliant Illumination, It ts amusing to reud what
the subjects of George II. considered
a dazzling effect A Frenchman visiting ln Loudon at the time of tbe coro
nation of thut monarch In 1727 wrltee
enthusiastically lu praise of the lighting of the city as well as of a banquet display.
"Most of the stroets." writes M.
Baussure, "are wonderfully well lighted. Ia front of eucb bouse hangs
a lantern, or large globe of glass, Inside of wblcb Is placed a lump which
biuue all night. Large houses have
two of these suspended outside the
doors by lrou supports. Some even
buve four."
How one arc light would have daisied the good people of tbst day!
"When the coronation procession en
tered Westminster hall." tbe wrltei
contluues, "tbe light of day was begla
ning to fade. Forty chsudellere. In
shape like a crown, hung from thc cell
lug, each havlug thirty-all wax caudles.
"On the king's appearance all suddenly lighted, snd every one lu the
room was filled with astonishment at
tbe wonderful and unexpected Illumination. I.tttle curds of cotton wool,
ln.|*erceptlhle to the eye, saturated
with sulphur of saltpeter, spirits of
wine and other Ingredients. I.ad been
prepared and arranged so ss to carry
the Hume rapidly from one candle to
another. Tl.e arrangement had been
so skillfully prepared that scarcely a
candle fulled to take fire."
F..r Dssln-f Oaeself.
A physician rvcouimemls rochelle
salts for amateur doctoring He says
that It Is an excellent thing, seversl
times a day, to take as mucb of tbe salts
as muy be put ou a cent In a little water. That will sweeten tho stomach
and act as u very desirable spring
medicine. He also speaks highly of
soda, having no patience witb those
timid peoplo who Inn .* an Idea thut It
Is a dungerous dose, doing tome vague
harm to the coating of the Intestines.
"Why, everything wo cat, nlu. j.*, bas
soda lu It." be cried Iu disdain. "It is
an admirable thing to tako half rochelle salts and half bicarbonate of
sola, es directed, several times a day.
I know of few gentler and still more
beneficent general medicines."
A itrd.r.i  View «r ii..   t bargea »»s
Work al  i-i. - ... ...,,.
The law of supply sud demand regulates medical compensation to a very
great extent. It Is a natural phenomenon, over which neither ths professor
nor the laity have much control. Where
there are many physicians of equal
ability competition grinds down the
fees. If tbe Income drops below living
axpenses the least successful leave tbe
community or take en other means of
getting bread and bu ter. The fittest
survive, and In every locality the composition of the profession Is ln a stste
of constsnt flux—never tbe same front
year to year and constantly regulating
Itself to the work to be done. When a
man develops exceptional skill his services are demanded more and more.
Tbey are bid up by competitors on the
other side. He Is, Indeed, compelled to
raise his fees to prevent overwork,
strange as thut may seem. Ho would
not be doing bis duty by bis patients If
he tried to treat a hundred a duy, and
that many would crowd his offices If
his fees wers 25 cents. It Is also a fact
that a surgeon can do more now than
ever before—a few can do wonders as
compared with tlie surgeons of a century ago—and they receive more In proportion by the op-cratlon of natural
law. How they gained this ability Is
Immaterial to the question. Indeed,
not all bare ability to profit by foi-iul
tons opportunities to learn surgery.*
The Bene,,.I.
Tba Bengali has tho best brains of
all tbe peoples In India snd the readiest tongue. His memory Is prodigious
and his fertility In talk Inexhaustible. ;
He la something of an Irishman, something of an Italian, something ef a '
Jew—If one oan conceive an Irishmen
wh* would run away from a (Ight Instead of running Into It, an Italian
without a sens* of beauty and a Jew
who would uot risk £5 on the chance
of making £600. He Is very clever, but
ble cleverness dous not lead him far on
the road to achievement, for when It
comes to doing, rather than talking,
be Is easily passed hy people of far
Inferior ability,—London Standard.
A l-ulii'i'iiii. Frttg.
People In general louk upon all species uf thu frug as being perfectly
harmless. Should you he traveling in
New lirnnadu (United State* of Colom-
bliu, however, you would do-jvell to
let a certain little tree croaker severely alone. Ho secretes n poison equally
as deadly as that uf the rattlesnake.
It exudes from hia skin In the shupe of
a milky liquid nud Is used by tli* natives us a poison for their arrows.
Write ae   Van Peel.
If you would write to any purpose,
you niUBt bo perfectly free from within, (live yourself tl.e natural rein;
think on no pattern, no patron, oo pa-
per, no press, no public; think on nothing, hut follow your Impulses, (liv*
yourself as you are—what you sr* and
how you see It. Every man sees with
his own eyue or doe* not see at all.—
Wonldn'l  Trn.i   lilm.
"Of course," snld the sarcastic man,
"you always do your wife's bidding."
"(iraclous! No!" replied Mr. Hen-
peck. "Sh* wouldn't let me. When sh*
goes to an auction sale Bh* never take*
m* with her."
"H** your son arrived it yenr* of
"Oh, yes.    He's about to be married."
"How   you   contradict   yourself!"
Tha  Week.
As n division of time the week has
been used In the east from Immemorial
Sges.    It ilm-. not see... tu he a natural
division of time, tin.ugh several perloda
of allium I eeunouiy. such as the Incubu-
tlnii uf eggs, cnrr.'snnni! with weeks.
(Ine   u.,.,., in l >,,(  Feature.
"Whal an |i||„t Stevens Is, Isn't he?"
"Yea, hut he bus one redeeming quality  h.'s always telling you bow well
you look."
Records  Locate  l-ruBI  and  Loss  aud
... lu   Hi.   I'Yeder.
The condition of the farming Industry as seen mi the average farm points
| to the need of better business methods
and mure definite knowledge of the
sources of profit and loss. In uo department connected with the farm Is
there mure need for absolute data than
In the dairy.
The records of progressive and   lin-
pregreaalve dairymen Indicate that
there is uo business which shows a
greater range of profit than that of
dairy farming, Investigations of creiuu
ery patrons Illustrate this most strikingly and show that one dairyman fre-
quently makes doubi* the profits of i.ts
liood Judges believe thut one fourth
of the cows of the entire cuuulry kept
fur milk do not pay lhe cost of keeping
and nearly one fourth inure full to
yield iiii annual profit.
it.•cords of the performances of dairy
cows form the only accurate snd safe
basis for Judging their value.   It Is ll a
constant ui.u of progreaalve dairymen
to Improve their herds, and such In)
prove.uent must depend largely upon
culling the lien I und gt'lt.i.g rid of the
unprofitable animals. In.in the breed
era' standpoint records ure especially
valuable lu assisting In fin.ling CU*
tomers for their stock. Many buyer!
Insist ou si*cing records of duiry per
forinuuce before purchasing.
A record is SlSO of great help to the
feeder.    If  be  knows  exactly   what   u
cow is doing he can prepare tha ration
accordingly and often feed more SCO
musically. Again, a dully milk record
enables u dairyman to detect the up-
pruuch uf sickness ln a cuw uud thus
to tuke steps to ward It off.
Minimum    *.ii n tl-.nl
The New York stnte dairymen's convention passed n resolution fun.ring a
minimum stuudard uot ouly for milk,
but for cream, butter and cheese, and a
provision for the higher standards under registration with tbe department
of agriculture, higher Standards to lie
lalx'lcd and signs to be displayed ou
wagons, In places of huslucas, etc . ami
a sufficient penally fur false registration, if some encouragement of this
sort could be offered. It would s.-em
that more milk test.ug aliove _ per
cent might be sold. Then, tou. their
would be suuie chance fur a farmer to
sell ou a test busls and uot be corn*
pelled to sell 5 per cent or U per i ent
milk at the same price thut Is psld fur
3 per ceut milk, says a writer lu National Stuck.nun.
There cannot be different degrccj
of purity any more than there can
be different degrees <>! honesty.
If a man be honest, that is all he
can be.    There is no superlative.
One Hour cannot be purer than
another. It can only be more
nearly pure.
In these times when all flour man.
ufacturcrs are claiming purity you
should remember these two things:
Actual purity in flour can only be
secured by the use of electricity.
Royal Household Flour
is the only flour, made and Bold in
Canada, that is purified by olectrit ity.
You   can   pet   Ogilvic's   Royal
Household Plour from your grocer.
Ogilvle Flour Mills Co., n_r*.
••Ogilitr't Ituuk l.-r n I'ttuk.** oontalni 130
pnget ot mii-llent rei • •*.•■., vine never* Iwleie
put.l.ihe.l.     Vuur (_ 1 ..l . 1  en lt-11  ) uii hon lo
Clover ■Md   Mate.
When the common  red clover, after
taki!!*- root In the spring. Is found later   ln   the   season   to   be   mukiug   no
growth and finally dlaappean la pa tehee
t.r altogether, then  the need of Inii"- la
Indicated.     The   appearance   of   the
plant known as sorrel, or horse surrcl.
Is a further Indication of the need of
lime.—Ohio Experiment Station/
No matter how stiuars the dealer
n.ay he, he is but human, and the
buyer willflnd It dollars lu his pocket
to be a good Judge of cows. Veteran
dealers are past masters in ths srt of
making tlie cow put her best fout tor
wai.1. so to speak.
Icn.r. tl» tlttall*  Ball.
Thin Is a pour time of year for funerals. Better uot leave ths cure of
the bull tv "grandpa und the kids."
By the ( "imninn  Srn*r  R.Dtl".
If tl.e average farmer Is to become a
guod duiryninn he must lenrn the business by degrees. I-et him tske the
common cows he has on his farm, aud
by careful breeding nnd selecting let
him build his herd snd his knowledge
ol tne business up to a point where be
can muLv a success of rest dairyiug,
says Kimball's Dairy farmer.
N.u.ilon  Beats Caw  Kt-.|i..i
I*..- the yuuug aud energetic man
who wuuls to sturt out right, make
DOney, keep up the fertility of his
furm aud wlu u reputatiuu us a successful furuier there is nothing thut
bents cow keeping.
Rot  •>   Um.y  J ok.
Now, gloss It uver at slick writers
und po-.-iiii-.ive talkers msy, the fact
remains Unit dairyiug is uot a business
of moderate deuiands. To succeed at
It, .-i.-n with thu very best of special
tuols and the most refined brand of
dairy knowledge, requires tbat a man
shall put u vast amount of bis life, his
energy und his indlrlduulity Into It.—
W. 1*'. McHpurran.
Two  Innud.  sl  l.onr.l   llnl.fr
Let me suy us euiphstlcally ts possible, uuy cow that in her prime will
make two pounds of honest butter a
day fur thirty days ts n good cow, and
a Jersey thut will not make ten pounds
a week or give over ten quarts of milk
a day with her second calf at three
years uld Is uot north keeping, says a
writer in American Agriculturist And
do not forget thut fawn colors or solid
colors, with black tongue aud switch,
do not mnke a Jersey pure bred, nor
does s cow with white—and lots of It,
too—sometimes make a cow a grade.
A Vital .(.tr.il.,«.
With the advent of creameries, skim
.nun: : tni".ns and hand separators tl.e
question of 8UCccHaf.1l nnd economical
raising of cnlves on skim milk Is one
of growing Imporuiuco and vital concern to every creamery patron am!
private dairyman. As land increases
In value we can 110 longer nfford to
keep a cow the entire year for raising
oue calf to be used as u feeding steer.
—D.   II    I Ills,   KlII.KUB.
!(......     I   .r.l    !■    Jrrirlr,
Franc* bead! (be IM as the country
which uses up ..int ft*i'i Iii the making
of   Jcwclr.i       Her    |,*w 1 lers   work   lip
;;.;.«<i ponnda weight >.f g..id eiery
year thut Is, alHiu' nne Hurl ••-1 li nf the
whole limn.ml p.<i.|.."-,"il    i.r. at Britain
«i...un 1 -t fur an aiii..-*.! e.|uai quantity,
ami  the   United states  lakes  SZ000
|to.iniU weight fur similar objects.
While Herman craftsmen fur that .min
try Worked up BOjOOO pOttnda of virgin
gold 1.1 the last year Small as Bwll
Bartend is. she abeortoed nearly 20.000
IKiiiiuls weight of tin," gold,  while Italy
and Boaaia betwaon then, took s similar amount   Wa eaa procure do aoeo
rate sliitlsli.-s fruit) Turkey or India or
China, but as each  nf tln-se countries
user, a large quantity >.f gold for pur
I'-ts of ornament we shall not I*,"
i.'tv (ur wrong If we say tti.it the
world's jewelers ii-.* more thuu half uf
all the gold produced
Million   llu.hrl. ul  Wheal   Wa.leO.
"During    UNO,"    wines    (J.H.rce   It.
Metcalfe,   M    K.   la   tbe   Technical
World Magaalba. "the railroad! uf the
lulled Stales unleri'tl new lucuiiiuti ves
to tin* number ..( &800, together with
B.300 paaaongor cars and atu.uiu
freight cars. Thaw last Bgurao give t
good id.*., of ti.e reiaiive importance of
passenger ami Freight truiht* lu a lurge
ra.liu.il The rail mills started the
new yeur wilh orders for -.OUU.UUU Ions
on ll.e.r l.'Kiks.
"In spile of these great orders and In
aplte of the li-est .'(Torts of the r.illroud
manager! pile after pile of IhoUHauds
ot bushels of corn has b0O8 heaped up
on the gruund In Iowa. Kansas and
Nebraska for want of storage room or
tranaportatlon    facilities,    white    iu
North l"..l.,,1.1 nl,,ne our a in,II,uu
bushels uf wheat hure rutted on the
gruund for want of freight curs to
move It."
Altrntloa  Move, tb*  W.rlt.
"Knowledge," it is suid. -begins in
wonder."  But wonder is the result of
nlleiiln.il, ami I.y attention thu world
Is un.vc.i beneficently or .....illy, ns In
(he blind ...id bloody turn.mis uf the
KllKslan people, attentive nt last tu
their wrongs and the possibilities of
liberty. Without the attention of Individual and collective minds nothing
goes forward on nn earth so full of ob
J.'els and Ideas that selection musl lie
forced fro... tl.e outside or deliberately
exercised from the Inside before nny
thing good or had can be done. It Is
tbe business of the good mnn to study
means of attracting attention to good
causes, to necessary betterments and
to ull that Is fair and lovely and whole
some In litis detracting, distracted aud
multitudinous universe.—Century.
A   Belated   Apology.
Mrs.   Tiilkworda— Henry,   you   were
talking In your sleep last night.    Henry -ranton ma for Interrupting you.-
Hiunrt Set
Tli* t'nsntUlled   Bituhelor.
"I have not married ho I may hare a
quiet life," said the bachelor. "Hud I
man-led a good wife I would have been
afraid to lose her; a hud one, I would
hav* been unhappy, Hn.l I taken a
poor girl we would hnvo lived wretchedly; a rich one, und she would hay*
Inni cause to taunt me with her money.
Had she been ugly I could not hav*
loved her; beautiful, nnd I would have
been clernally Jealous. Therefore I
have not murrled, and yet Ufa la a
A    UrionrUnlilr   Child,
Dr. and Mrs. Julian 1'. Thoinns ol
New York are the parents of .1 remark
able child, aged seven years. 80.110 ol
tl.e pl.1.1 ililn,"". provided al his own re
quest, are a skeleton, his fuvorlte
whose every Ikiiic he knows by name
a physiological chart, which hns en
ahled lilm to study the muscular tls
sue. the nervous and circulatory sys
terns; a fully equipped ai.toinolillo.
boy's sir.,', which he opernles and re
pairs; a great globe, which has eaiisci
him to spurn all geographies. He Is n
talented musician nnd makes an cxce-i
lion of his music nud drawing tench
era In tl.e sweeping refusal to d.-u
with InatrnoJon,	
A lattataotory ConaiHaa.
"My Invention wilt Increaae your in
come  by  million"-","  said  tho  median
leal genius.
"1 don't wnnt my Income Inerenaed,"
aniwered Mr. Dtuttn Bta_ "it is exactly right an It Is, hig enough to buy
everything 1 want and small euough to
keep grand Juries from helug Inquisitive, "-Washington Blur.
Nothing w ill stand   you m !>
Meli'l,   In   ll .    ■ ..
WOTld, I    sound    t'i'
education      l".i »iii Had ths
-•11. 11   ii.uii
n mill depend
your gen. ral 1 .."* Ied|
affairs .
At   tin-   1 ......-i*'.     1 A   Be
Camp, hi Id it 1
I  found   UlNAItll a  I I.N  .tt.NT *
beneUciui i„i   -
1. in . i.,i ,..... .
1 ae in »  Italian 1 *
I .1.  with 1.1
tiiii*i   au I  mini Itel  ul  tl
I lu* .vm *. . alnii*
■ ing tu it*, tail tl
un* government - pi 1
1 be win ai crop ol
tin-. ..t .11  baa it". b i.
 .uu.l lulls   III  . \* •
nuns heal crop
Moat ..f ti.,* troubl.     that •■!
a.-ii ..I bun eis and It th. •   *.'''
light lhe child will g.
Well      ll.ilii  |   Own    1
I'll       lull.Ill ll    1.11,1    I,,,!<
all  ullil.r   mill...'  Hunt ll
and   Child! I     And   the  mother 1
1 iie guarantee ..f :. gov.
list   nun  uua modiolus
1 11 us opiate ol 1, ■
i\ linen   MoKenele,  1 *
says     "My lllll,* (;nl u " 1
iiiisiin.il.* constipation ■      ic_ "5
tent t  we .nd aol think «l>p »**j
in      sin*    .-.ie i    alii '
.... I   wiih   waatlBf   aw.11      I  t"i '
n(   llal.yn   Own  Tablets, and in *•*'
dayi found  ..  great   Improvem**
continued giving bei  tht   table*'
i" -.ni  a   1 .in   and •     I ""?!
tin* trouble bus dlaapi '■ "" ^
has Klncu been |  bright. !*• •'il1"' "JI
ami iniM grown nlcoli      1 *
ti.** Tablet! from anji mi tl *!'" *
n.  by mail at uti cent! n
ing ihe   lu*   Wllllami   M.
Uroekvllle,  lint.
Material   reduction   in I
rales is to g.. lulu effect in N''*    ■
city in. July   I.
Minard's Liniment used by phyi"."*j
Port   Arthur's   population li '■''' ■
^^m" i-niiiiii"
as   10,816   by   her assessin*
•doner.    This  la an   Ini
1.v.*.*  last   year an.l    V. I   "•'''
years ago,
DODD'S '/,
W    N    U    No.
588 ■'■■'.'■■' ■■■'.■■'■ . ■ - I -
|i.,r..  Dollars a Ysar It the Maximum
For Old  Age.
L.       /.inland looks af.trr Its old folks.
rv person of 6D  years and  upward
li>_ Inn IWe.l for twenly-nve yean In
eoloiiy.   has   enjoy-d   a   tolerably
tnd iiH.rs.'1-T (luring that period, und
sober    respectable    life    for    ut
__s__va rears PM*' ••* *nllll'"*i to ""
1,1 Ut pension Of the stuUi funds.    It
nrevtded.  however,  that no pension
[„    be   awarded    where    the   Income
olher    lOUroaa   exceeds   *|2ii0   a
ir   or where the applicant  has mora
.„' |1 360 worth of properly.    Aalatloi
„•  olli'-r aliens are  Ineligible.    Wlv.r*.
,w a pension a.s  well  us  their hut-
amis provided the total Ineema ot u.o
yeiioltl ilo.-s not rarer d 1390 a yeur.
full Slab- pension Is 190 a yeur, but
!«'|i, -JsdUOts* trom every J5 of Income
,,-r 1170 derived from oilier source,,
•luir, u p»mloner with I200 a year In
ami WOUld driiw 1*0 ** o\n old age
,',intloi 1 'I'i'* system has bien In '.p-.s-
lon isven yetirs, nnd ths number of
lr„,l„ns  III   ("ice   Is  clortn  Oil   12,000,   In-
nliing   »n   annual    payment   of   over
!• ominoo Last V ar lhe pensioners In-
: r ,ur cci.teiuiriii.it, two ,f ahum
vm.. 103 ye.in old. The pension Is paid
In Hi.* tirst day Ol "!' 'y month, through
|ii. puKini deparlmaat,	
Peer It a  Farmer.
That   a scientist   who  Is also  a p<*t*r
ir,   st tt.** aama tin.» t>« a s"«d busi-
., m... I* provil In the ciu..- of l.nrd
j*.n sigh.   Lord Raylelgh is one ef thr
greatest  toUnUltl of lhe duy.   Ilo -wa*.
,„ni,ir   wrangler  and   profesiinr  of   ri
peiimsnlal physic at Cambridge;  Is a
,    feasor   >t natural philosophy anil haa
i.ri.ble   decorations   and   lObOtar*
In addition he Is a food bu-jlneir,
I   ,'.,    Hi OWM a  large esinte, Terllng
1   ,       near William.   Essex.    Bngtand,
,   t this l.e hat converted Into a tinge
'jun. (run  whli-h  he supplies the
..  .*,ires  he run.  In  London under
under  Iho  name of    "Lord    Raylelgh'!
| Uslrlta"
III, prortts from this soeirs ar* very
llarg*.   I-urd Itnylelgh    Is a br.thsr-ln-
,,  of the "ui   A. J. Ilalfour, and I*
IHaying »Hh lilm at Carlton Oardens In
Hi. housi   which   Ainbjssador   Chosi*
I 0n ■• occupied.    Lord Kaylelgh married
i . <• m Ball ,ur, a   sitter   of   lhe
t rmer Premli r.
Childhood's Dreamt Ara Qood,
The ourbliig or stipprotilon of Ihe
fanciful Imiminntl na of OhlldhOOd wat
strongly eondemneii by |>r. j, *•/.
Blaughttr, In B ItOtUri glvsn miller the
amplest of the Childhood Bocluty at
the l'arket Museum, Margaret Itrott,
London, England.
"A clilld'i, view of Ihlngt may he
more rsul than ouri." he said. "Their
environment at IntirpriUd hy th*...
li real In Jutt the lami tense as onrt
ai Inlerpr.tid by us. Thsra It no pln-i.e
of life where llilint. nre aa Ihey are.
They ara what they are to ui bti.raute
we think they aru
"A child dealt with ohtld facta When
It  It tlx It will doll  wilh six-year-old
[ funis, and wlim H growl to elxli-en or
I elahleen  It will deal   with Sixteen    or
' elahtorn-yenr-r.ld  fault.      Let  ut treat
ihn ohlld'i world nf Imagination at rrai
• fur that child, ami Utilise It at Important in lu tinman nature and education."
In   a   dllouMlon   which   followed   a
; teaohar remarket] thai sin had ic*h..i«n
ten year, old I , whom It wa. Impoillbl!
to teach hlalnry or llleruture. owtni to
their lmaglnstlvo fatuity having been
early luppralHd
"My tli yaaf*old ds.iithttr hns betn
told ti..* story ff iiu Harden of Eden."
remurkid another lady. "She la now
trying lo tolvt ths I-r iblam whith.r
II 1. n fairy till nr not I Imve l'ft
her 10 her own thought!, anil lhe ll
rather Inc.llnid lo II.Ink It ll a fulry
tale becaute, she lays, tnuk.i don't
i nilowaj ■ Corn Cure i* -. ■ *
ii nn- removal ol oorni and "inrta
i • have never beard <.f Ita 'ail! i; t.
,   even the worst kin I.
in,   Ki.....i.ke Water supply ......
ii.  been Incorporated   wuh ■
•t |A, ,000 iu eatabllah
. n>   wali*i   trom     th.-     Kl'.n
.. ,   inai   he  hluIll-Ill   lu  tb.
, reeka   i,,r   hydraulic   .
We Ought  to   Live   140  Years.
"I se* lhal I.r   ' 14 been com-
' munlciititig hi. Ideas .*f longsvlty to
the Academy of Modiolus," says the
1'arls  cornipondent of Truth.
"They are thoie of Flourens. whi
set Uiem forth tn his lectures at the
Borbonnc; but Flourcm had not th*
■ame opportunities [or bating hit leo-
t'nea on a broad foundation of atatls-
tlos. Iteas -ning from analogy, he concluded that human beings ought to live
flv* or six time* longer than It took
them to attain the full adult state—that
Is to say fium twi my io twenty-flu
"It taket a est elgh'dn mon'ht to
grow up and the creature. If left to dl*
a natural dea'.li, do** io at the •(•
varying (rm ten to twelve yean. Thi
dog lak.-i two years, and Uvea from
twelve to fourteen; the hor.e Ave, and
go*i on to twenty-flv* or thirty. A
wsll-consrltuted human being ought to
liv* from  110 to 140 yean.
"In adltlon ta the canei of Inngsvlty
cited by riouren*. Pr. l.mtlle gtvei a
long Hit. For Instance: Peter Csortan,
wlio died recently at Ternisvar, In Hungary, at the age of 1«J years, and an old
man who hot Jutt turned hli 200th year
ln an asylum ai 1'ulsk. He burled his
wife ln his 133n! year '■'• lid It not bl
well to mnd a aclentlflo commissi *n to
Pulak to lnvistlg.ie Inl * Ibis Methuselah's claim to extraordinary longevity***
\    Magic   I'lll      I lisp,-p-i.i    is   II   fO.
hi. ii iin'ti are oonatanilj i
it  cannot   exterminate      suit
i iu all    appearances    ran
i-ui-li*      ..i   un*'.  It   lnuki-s   lis   app. nr
mui- i, another dlret lion    i..
it..* ■'■..   -lie apparatua is un dellcat.
as ia«   mecbanlam   .>( a   watch   oi
Inatrument la which even t
..f air will make a variation
-ui h peraona dlaordt' ■ ..t  tbi
.':   . ti-ii.■   trom   mu"    trl\ lal
md . 1...S.* much r-..u> r ng    To
i'ui in, I.-.- > Vegetable Pill! are
•■• ommended as mud and aan
An t.i.i woman, whn f.n
begged alius at  th.. doors uf 1*
• hurcbea   died, aad lhe i«.iit •
bidden in ber bed ting ta a mis.
in ihe Ru.  Balnl Ban u I
gold     ullil     sill'
inn tins been board <>f.
It ae. in*. . -;„. tall)  Incredible thai
ng, iturdy, aaltmade man.   wh.
i to light his wa) up fi"iu pot
and *h.i f.'-is tin* backache In
dollar in* in.s earned, should lei
.--   sll|"   ...ll.Ufli   ll.      ' *
•   foolish     Iiim -nm n* -     with
Ij      any      mi .*i-i mat ii.ii.
*..:  ...s inul..*..   ui.i.i-i.i.'Is of ...ih ■
lo people he Iu.h never -* en and
.iti.un   he   knows   pi.,, in nil,
axcepi through an a.ii*
a ul< Ii   has   alll .u <>   1
■ n   int..ugh  Hi.*   wile!    ol    stun
i,   .ini-1 in. ipi.-d promot. i    Sm
1/ III"-.
Aik  tor   MinarB a and take  no other
Parliaments Invitation t.> Kin
«ir,i iiiiii (jueen Alexandra   haa   not
ae Forward from Canada    it is
 lerstood    that the MOdlng "( thia
invitation will be   one   ol   tn.
ihlngt to eiigiig." tin* attention ol thi
i ,,i. rnoi general  when he n turns t"
Lue * apital,
$100 REWARD $100.
1 l,r   Tr. I.r. „f (hi.   |i.|mT W.ll !«'   fttt0UA *S   l,*en,
.... 1 i.i. tr ll ki Im... nne ilreivti-l dltMMllWl ■ - >' **
... I*..n el.lr tn mnt In ell tl. "Ui**"*. en'l Ul*1 '.
C-Urrlt.     ..lull*.   i„l_th ('tint  i* ll'*' t'"1'   >"*"''  "*
* ,,.   -n In u,i   n,el    -I   Iui'
'-    I'M   »    .,.,lltnl.t.l   ll.«.l,-«..    Ut|      o**   *
'        I  tree. tu.    Hull*. I tale.r.i I lira  '- >
» • nt a !*■ Ul  , « u■*■ .     -' "I I
• •'»...i. tu nm. il.ei..., rli-lntuneil *
-,'..,   end gli i>« ft,- i .* - * ' -." "»*"'
* i.n n|, ll i, .Inn.1.1 ut  ...i   ...In J   mtlii'**
■ lie ...ik.   Tl ..   i i   i • • *    - .* * ■   — "„"' ■
'- "* tn ,...„, |.mrr. (lit., <.t«{ "'"• ' "'"■ "' ",
 .....,„«„, ,„.,.l.„i   ,1 t.il.t...    f      t- I
("f i -I , I |.-|,  nl.
Irlrlfi r. .1. t'lir.NKVatV,.. T..I.-L"   lit
<.ntmi,.l. a.
I*ke 11.11. I.m I,   1*11. for |ewM|Sllae
L'onai deration ot tha erection ol i
Dnmimon   government    buildli
l.'lllbrl.lge   will    In*   IlilHli'lleil    In     th.
i reatton <.f the new Judicial dlatrlct,
SI   the   wtlnh*   nf   Hie   cull   hulls.'   Will
pr.iiiai.iv ihen i.e required for legal
purpose's. The Dominion building
would include poatofflce, cuitoma .>f
nc-, landa offloa and parhapa Imml
grallnn  oltlce
Tm Growing
Old Fast
And you know why, too. It's
those gray hairs! Don't you
know that Ayer's Hair Vigor
restores color to gray hair?
Well, It does. And it never
falls, either. It stops falling
hair also, and keeps the scalp
clean and healthy. Do not
grow old too fasti
**l beve u.rtt Ayer'i i.e., Vlgnr for m.e*
veer, .mi I ,ht«..d Indeed b. •'"fry S *t " „
tii-d to dn - iii, l.    It k.e». mj heir ''"■'•
Inrnlin ir.,. .i,,l .Ian ke.[. m*[ >(t»l|i (-I"*-"
ki* .1.0. Ay.r Co.. Leweli.
Ale* sueaaMtunrl of
vers Bjjngg^
" 1 r.rkrl,.
In slunist even   country  In  Europe
ther.. is i current belief tiist the pre*
once ..r crickets in « bouse la i fortunate omen ami that the singing of the
crickets at night Is'toLem good luck
for the nerr
Gain     New     Healtii     and     Strength
Itirough Dr. viViiiiame- Pink Pills.
tu   William
..' *i   blood    .   : euro  in*  inuic
I':.    Williams
I'mi.  I-       * • food
a young Km-ur-h Hum ui a
country   from
• - I   ..in   an
.a the val
in . w ilttama Pink I'. ire foi
o i the
'•ul.  bill i.
lew jours ago i. developed
■*,- ui ibe troufa       *, ■■ skin waa
,i,,i waxy; i - blood
down.   I    sun. red   rrom   h. a i
and   m.i
ll ll a.l •    I* an 'I    llt.lt    I    w.l
line  l un* i ■
M llll    li.l   I        11    ■   .i I "I I'illl,
I'llIS    llll     111 'I    till*
to try  them,   in i the)
iu h.-ip un" and in a couple ..I
month    i  ii   - .| ilte  wi it.    the   I oloi
m.i in : return, t to mj  fae.    mj appe
ine improved and 1   had
weight      i i in  itrongl]   recommend
Or Williams' I'mk Pllli to all ana
nd women."
'i'h.* pale anaemic i*
, in   i. in      n* *   bloo I, Dt    Will
i ink   cuts do  only  one  thing   thej
I,      Thej   w.uii  cun
am    dleeaae    thai    lan'i
i  i.y  had bloo l    But wl en  In
w i i ami  I'ini. i
ai the rooi and cauae ol   ,ii common
i, in adacln
ii ii. i,  i in umatlsni.   iiniir:
neuralgia,    81   \
trouble nn I tbe lecn    ti i  thai
••i.'ii woman knows bul n
|,i,,, iu inii. aba i their doc
iui,.   Dr   Wllllami   Ptnfc   PM
snld in   all  nt< dlcli * ■   bj
nn.ii ai  60 i • nl    a '
for I- 50 from the Di   Wlltlama' M. i
hui, ■ fu . Brocki iii* . 11
The I'rl.ii* ol 1 Jfe.
Tlie larger part >.r the g.teat fortunes
of this Country bine been tuvnuilllutcd
after their amaaaera have passed forty.
In fuel, the lirst forty years of u man's
llfu ure the preparatory years, the
years of trnlnlui: ami discipline, A
larce part of Ihis lime he Is lnylni; tho
foundation—Just getting ready to n-nr
llie Niipcrstructiiro.    Many nf us stumble an.uml uiiiiiy years before we get
I Into tin, rluht place, aud thou for nihil*
i ti.iual yean we make many mistake?.
1 Most incii do not (.'et wise until they
i have,   passed   forty.    They   may   i;et
; knowledge before this, but not much
j wisdom.   Wlsih.ui la a ripening proe-
i ess.  it takes time,   Every man makes
his own dcii.l Hue.    Some reach It at
thirty-flve, aome at forty, some at nn.v;
some do not reiuh It nt eighty; somo
never reach It became they never cense
to grow,
l.ti-,..  ne  Workers.
Itlrds run nnd do work  fur harder
I than human being!,    A pair of house
, martins when nesting  will feed their
, young on an average once in twenty
! sec.ii.Is   that  Is, each  bird,   llllll." and
i female, makes ninety Journcyi to and
' fro In n hour, or, perhaps.  1,000 B day.
j It must be remembered that on each
Journey the bird has the added work
i of catching an insect. Bveu so tiny a
hint iis ihn wren lias been counted to
I make no irips t.. and from its n.-st
within 480 minutes, and the prey it
carried homo consisted ..f Inaecta much
larger, heavier nud harder to Bnd than
were caught by the iwallowe.*—London
is better than other soaps,
but is best when used in
the Sunlight way.
Sunlight Soap contains
no injurious chemicals.
Sun'ight Soap is pure
soap, scientifically made.
Every step in its manufacture is watched by an
expert chemist.
Sunlight Soap saves
labor, and the wear of
rubbing which common
soaps require in washing
Your money refunded by
ti.e dealer from whom you buy
Sonl.gta Soep if you find any csuse
for compl&inl
Lever tr, iimi Limited. Toromlo
He Saw Sir Walter SooK.
Riohard i>. Thompson of Edinburgh]
tha other day  told  un   audl.rncu   that |
when a schoolboy he frequently tnw Hlr
Walter Stroll    Ones win n   ,n a ii.Mik
ertpHilllton   Hlr   Wilbur's  eurrlag* cam"]
nlotiK   and   ItSpptdi   and   Mr.   Sett   of
Unci.urn    told    Hlr    Walter    who    Mr.
Thomson was. sir Walter spoke to him,
palled him on the shoulder an.l hoped
Unit he would be a « .oil boy and a credit   to   his  anc-tiuon..     II..   w-sfl  known
, to  the Hcutts,  as  his Krandfuther sold
j th* !!r»t bit of Abbotsford to Kir Walter.
Mr. Thomson   .'■'-. quite  elated  st  tho
j aarrlagi ituppltiK on hit eceount.   tin
S ling home he mention d the Incident,
I tnd he remembered his aunt   laying*
1 "Remember that,   it will bu something
to lull wIih.i vou sn sn old man."
The Grafter.
"To Kraft or not n> draft,
Tinii is iiu, proposition.
Whsthsr u is batter
To slay on u smull sulary    .
All your life
And bi tlf ' nt
.'I bi give the flt.iil.loo
'in ih. work problem
And rci.eli out iirnis Inlo s tea of graft.
Like nny olher octopus.
And   live   witb   the   hitch   rotleri   lieii.c-
(fii ward.
Tn steal- to snift, lo be exposed—
Are.   t1:. ii  n Iln: run!
I'i.r In u.e free for all clinch with the
ti< i.zted
Thr,t cxpomire mny come
I.i,- r*1 on. Is able lo skip to Europe.
There's the* trouble.
Tbtri'l   the   double   orosa   that   mukel
Of this graft In ff IniHlnetl
And gtVea ns pause."
tN. B.-lIo graded.)
Something lo Worry About,
"That woman looks contented."
"Yes, she has got two .Ircssmnkor!
and a new servant girl Iu her house
this niori'lm*.".	
Msrooned All the Winter.
When the Bradshaw made the rounds
of Isle Itui at • after tha winter hud passed there iver.* found tw i men at Chip-
It. wn Harbor, who had be* n urilnt.-ti-
liopilly left on the Island all winter.
They were 0V( rlo iked when the last trip
to the Is inul was made last fall. The
mm are IC. D. Ratley and C. 1*1. llallen-
.-r cf Anento. N v., student!, who
in, an, only In spend their holidays on
rhe Island, Their disappearance was
mysterious and ilnir friends have been
pi • editing enquiries all wlnier alone
Lake Superior, bul without avail. Tho
young men put In a good Winter, hunting ami trapping, snd c.u-*ie out with
hair hanging on thi Ir shoulders and
bauds falling to their breaiu.
The  I'iMiii   I'm.
The   I'lsim   era.  Commonly   used   In
France during tbe twelfth century,
was originated by a monk of I'lau. It
antedated tho Christian era by uuj
i.n Bl numbers ..( vaal fortunea In
.   .inn ry liin,. been nnd are being
built up un the veiy Ignorance ..( the
- in regard to business methoda.
'li.e schemers bank ...i u  that it  is
tio swindle people  who do nol
u.i  nun  iu piot..ei their property.
They thrive on th'* Ignorance ..( their
tellows,     Tbey  know that a ahrewd
:   s, in, i,t. n  cunnlngl)     worded
circular, a hypnotic appeal will bring
the hard earnings of theie anauapect-
Ing  penpi.*  mu  of  l.bling  places  int..
Lneli  own coffers.
The Demon, Dyapepila.—In    olden
units ii  waa lhe popular belief that
ip inuiis moved  ini lalbty through lhe
ambient air, seeking   to   enter   Into
ntn and trouble thetn.   At   the   pro-
*-* in daj  the demon, dyspepsia, la al
In the suue way. seeking uabl
ti n n those iiim by careless or unliving invite him.   An I once hi
■    ■   • || dlfflcull ru dlslo * •
him.   ll** lhal tin-is himself su p.
t. : should know that a valiant friend
tu tin battle for htm wiih tbe unseen
la   Parmelee'a   Vegetable   I'ills,
n i.n ii are ever ready tor the trial.
B'tK All Health nuiet.
A nriilsh minister, the Rev, William
Davie* of Hereford, has confound. _ all
tin* valetudinarians.      For thirty-five
yean he took no more exercise tha*
•«iis Inv lived In wulklng from one room
to another. He was a hearty eater, with
a taste for indigestible things. Yet h»
never had a day's Illness and always
1 iii- picture of health, and he liv-
■ I lo enjoy a henry meal on his on*
hundred and nf'h hlrihday.
oin.-lnlly   i unarmed.
The Washington curresptinilent hastily called up tlie cabinet otlk-er by telephone.
"Pardon me for disturbing you, Mr.
Itlnnk." ho snld, "but will you please
tell mc whether or not the rumor that
Is ln circulation us to your retirement
Is true?"
"Yes, sir," answered the cabinet officer. "It is. 1 was Just about to retire when you culled me.   Good night."
Another Incipient revolt has been
started in Korea, this time al Hongju,
w in ire - * vera! hundred rebela an
boieing ih.* town.   Hongju is prote.
ted by strung walls ami il will be Im
poaalble to lake it  wlthoul artillery
I'aie, sickly children should ua.
Mother Uravea1 Worm Exterminator
Wttiin*. arc one >.f tho principal mux i
of suffering in children and abould   *■
expelled  from  the sysleiii.
***.  In...I In.i      lii.ttrr..
Here nre snine -howlers'' of British
echoollwys; '-chaiicer." we are told,
"wroto a middle class English;" "Every German goes to school at sn early
age, however old he Is;" "Au ails Is an
Imaginary line on which th* earth is
supposed to take Its daily routine;"
"The rhnrlsces were people who liked
to show off their goodness by praying
In synonynies;" "A sower went forth
to son-, and as ho sowed ho fell by the
wayside, and thieves sprang up and
choked him;" "lhe Inryux Is the voice
box and shuts when we swallow It."
An Raalr'a mil nt Far*.
The voracity of the eagle and similar
birds of prey Is well known, but Uie
Content! of u nest which was recently
discovered In the Alps by a Swiss
hunter show the following remarksl.le
variety In the dully menu: A hare,
twenty-seven chamois" feet, four pl-
g i*-' feet, thirty pheasants' feet, eleven bonds of fowls, eighteen heads of
grouse nnd the remains ot a number
ot rabbits, marmots aud squirrels.—
Loudon Chronicle.
l.lil*   Mlelilaen.
Lake Michigan was so named by the
Indians. The word means a "dsh trap."
Keep From tbe Grata.
During a thunderstorm, it Is pointed
out, the Inhabitants of houses should
not remain ln tho kitchen or other
room where a lire li burning ln a
grate, as the heated gnses from the
chimney top provide a line of Icaat resistance, and this Is so whether the
house be provided with lightning roda
or uot      	
Ills Retirement.
Friend—I haven't seen you for some
time. 1'oet- No. l'act Is 1 have become
s good deal of a recluse lately. Kriend
--1 feared so.   How much do you owel
And Invigorate The Action of Liver, Kidneys
and Bowels You Must Use
in culling your attention   in   Dr,
Chase's   Kl.lneylilver   l'illa  it   is null
im ceaaary to point to their success in
Un* pasl. I'm* they are known l.l nearly
every home.
By iiuinis i.f their direct and spec
iiu* action on the ttvor causing a
healthful How of bile—thoy regulate
anil enliven th action of the bowela
uml Insure good digestion in the tntea-
tlnea. ai the aama time ihey sttmu*
inie un* ki.iiieys in their work of ni-
lering polaona from the blood,
'i his cleanalng process set in action
by    in*. Ubaae'a   Kidney-Liver   Pllli
in.'iiiis a thorough .lire ..r hllluiisiicss.
iiiiesiiiini  indlgeatlon,   torpid    liver.
iii.inei derangement! and oobatlpatlon,
n  menus ii  restoration of health,
strength   and   comfort  wheio     there
lime been  pain,  weakness and  suffer
Ing, it means a removal of the emi
dltiona which lead to backache,
rheumatism, lumbago, Brlght'a discus.*,  appendicitis nnd  diabetes.
Mr. I".11. Iteltner, Stolnluicli, Man.
writes "I used tO be Hillijecl to headaches 'Imt the use of Dr, Chase's Kid
ney-l.lver I'llls has entirely cured me
aa they hav.- never returned sinee I
used  ihis treatment   i  alwaya keep
these pills In lhe house In ens.* of
Btckneai bul do not have to use Ihen.
oftener than about one.* a year. I
am recommending Dr. Chaae'a Kidney I,li.*i   Tills to my friends."
,\li*   Henry   lliirgnar.lt.  Horse  Hills.
Alta., writes:—''! used Dr, chase's
M.ln.'i l.ivcr I'llls for dyspepsia and
am stilish.'I that there Is no heller
m.'.Heine  for  Ihla   ailment   ami   liver
lb*. Chase's Kidney-!.iver I'llls, one
pill a .lur-*-. SB cents n box. at all deal
era or ICdiunnson, Kates & Co., Tor-
The Oldest Pioneer Pssses Away.
Cornelius Pruden, born at Fort Carlton, I'llm-.i Itupert's I.nnd, 95 years ago
dl'd at his home In the parish of Bt
James, near Winnipeg, recently. Ilia
parent! were English, his father havln
been chief factor of the Hudson Bay
Co. at Fort f'arlioii. Fort Kilmorrton,
and Jasper House. Ho himself scrv>d
over fifty years with the great company. He was a inlg-hty hunter, and
had seen the broad plains stocked with
buffalo. Ho hud seen tin destruction
of the bis,in, had taken run In the
deadly rivalry of Ihe big fur companies
of his time, had been a participant In
Btlrrlng events leading up to both the
lied Klv.*r expeditions, h.ul grieved at
the rebellion of '8.1, and had teen Winnipeg quite I:.!■• ln bl* life grow from
an obscure trading post to a prospemuj
oily. During his long career he wit
missed lhe erection of three great Provinces In the West. Although born In
rhe far nnrlh. he was educated In England, and was the oldest white In-
hubltant of Bad Ttlver Valley. He was,
perhaps, the old'at native-born Canadian. He had r mined the Daki.lnr.
and Minnesota long before their cltlei
came Into existence. He leavet a largi
family ot thr.e generation!, whit* and
Hit Lurid S'yle.
Th*    I.nt*y     Interviewer—And     you
brought lhat love'y parrot from th* 111
futed ship?    Whit a b>autyl    Do*s 11
talk at all?
Th* Hallor Van (embarrasied)—
ll'ml E-r, yes. Quite a bit, mum. but
not fsr publercatlonl      	
In lirl. iiiiIm    ul    I luuiK.it.
"Pictures and poetry," sail Iho artistic young woman, "do much tu smooth
tlie pathway of life."
"Yea" answered Mr. Ciitnr.it, "there
aro a lot of advertisement! that
wouldn't   be   rend   If   It   Weren't   for
them."—Washington star.
....-I   For   ShuiT.
"She behaves In such a silly way over
her Dance, the count. She always calls
hlui 'dear' In public."
"Oh, It's Just u bluff. As a matter of
fact, he waa comparatively cheap-
only cost her father a nnltrv m.liu- "
Hi'.n-tl    l.rti.rl.
"So Miss Chatters called to see you
the other day. I don't suppose you got
a chance to open your mouth"—
"Oh, yen, almost continuously."
•"You did?"
"Yes, yawning; but she never took
the blnf-Phlliuleliilila Presi.
Cured • Superstition.
"Do you believe lu dreama?"
"No, but I used to."
"What cured you?"
"I   was   engaged   to   one   for   ill
The reault of the election! to the
Brussels Chamber of Deputies reduced
un- government majority trom twenty
io in. Ive.
Tis Well to Know a Qood Thing,
aald Mi- sm in.■'• iu Mr. Knowwell,
wiit-ii they met iu th** street. "Why,
where have you been fur a week
back. "Oh, Jnal down to the itore
iu, ii bottle "t i>r. Thomas' Bclectrlc
oil." anil lira Siiii'a.*,.. win. batet
puns, walked on Bul she remem
bored, and when sin- contracted a
weak back there waa anothei cuatom
. i for Bclectrlc Oil.
Fit.* spectators were Killed and
twenty-live Injured by lightning at a
i.as.-..i.n game near Mobile, Ala.
Although Rev. J.c. Raeey has held
iln* pastorship of the United Brothers
church in Winchester, Virginia, foi
more than ten yeara, be has only jus.
solemnised his tirsi marriage.
Sunlight Soap is better than othei
soaps. bUI is besl when used in the
Siiniighi way. Uuy Sunlight Soap
and follow directions.
Dame Ellen Millar died recently al
Qreenlaland house, near Belfaat, In
her one hundred and second jn ar sin
was the w.uoe of John Millar, a coun*
iy Antrim magistrate, nmi grand
daughter ol John Leper, wl .Introduced cotton spinning into the north
nt Ireland.
Keep Minard's Liniment in the Houte
Mlachlevona boys placed a thirty-
eight caliber cartridge on a itreetcai
track in Montreal. A oar ran ..ut It,
dacharging It, and the bullet struck
c. W. Hayward iu the neck ju-t ai
in* wn*, stepping from bla house, it
mlaaed bla Jugular rein, and Unwound .though painful, is nm serious
An important thing to remember when buying
Green Tea. You are always sure of getting ABSOLUTELY   PURE   ten   in   the   packages   labelled
Lead     Packets    Only,     40c,    Mc,    a nd    60c    per    Tb.      At    all    Grocers.
Highest Award   St. Louis 1904.
Here Is Something that will be Welcome News to Many a Discouraged One.
"Kor several years
1 have been troubled with naa around
my hoart. shortness
of breath, my food
did not digest properly. It turned
sour in my stomach
causing me great
distress; often, too.
 ._    _       I hui disagreeable
MtarKs of belching gas and heartburn, and severe pains serosa the
small of my back.
"I tried Ur. I^onhardt's Anti-Pill
and from the very first found relief.
Antl-l'Ul has Indeed cured me."
This Is Ihe voluntary statement of
Wm. H. Itoed, of 1C6 Queen St..Kingston. Ont.
All dealers or ...*i Wilson-Kyle Co..
United, Niagara Falls, Ont. SOB
WHliamTl. Heed.
i iioicra an I all summer oomplatnta
are ao quick in their action that the
cold liiuiii ol death is upon the victims
before thej are aware thai danger i*
near, it attacked do nol delay In
nctiuiK ii..* proper medicine. Try a
tins,• of i'i. .i. i>. Kellog'i Dyaenterj
Cordial, mui y.ui will gel Imm.
reliet.    ll   aels   wuh   w uiul. i tul   rapid
n.i and ■" it i tail*, iii ttiect a cure.
Bmperor Prancli Joeeph la suffering
from   Inteatlnal   oatarrb and has to
at.aiui.ui ins Inapectlon of tho gani
sun nl    llrueek    which    he    has    Dot
mlaaed (or tinny eight  years.
Minard's Liniment lumberman's friend
Thought He Lost His Hssd.
A Rcntlc.nsn while taking a rids with
his ur.oom had ths misfortune to have
himself and companion thrown violently to the gruund by his horse taking
fright and running away. The gentl-.-
man was not seriously Injured, his
principal loss b. in* that of his wig,
which had been shaken off, but he
found Pat In a much worse condition,
with ths bkiod trlckllna from his head
and 'holding his master's wig, which
ho was surveying with the utmost
alarm and hnrrnr. "Wall, I'at," said his
master, "are you much hurt?"
"Hurt Is It? Oh, master, do you see
the top of my head In my "hand?"
Pat In his terror nnd confusion had
mistaken his mailer-i wl* tor his own
natural scalp end evidently thouaht
that his last hour bad arrived.—Lesion Telegraph.
A  Shorten**.,!  . .....,....,.
"Sir, i understand there is a sort of
a courtship on between you nnd my
"Yes, sir; 1"-
"Well, 1 don't spprove of It; cut It
And that night tho young man eloped
with   the   object  of  his   affections.
New C. P. R. "Empress" at Quebec
.   The big   new    Canadian   Pacific
Hallway     OCean    liimr   Knipiess       of
Britain arrived In Quebec at 9.58 p.m.
mi Baturday, Hay 12th. The ship
ai lived ai Father Point al IMS noon
nnd rai VOT in S dais. II hum- and
11 minutes, which include! tin* diner
'■lieu in lime Dram Movtlle. Tins
breaks the speed record for that
The now steamer was a most im-
preaalve .-inm as sin* aacended for
the first time the St. Lav*renceRiver
to Wuoee service she bad been su ti.*
voted. Although drawing over -7
!•■• i of water, she loomed up high in
the air.
The ship made tin* run up frnm'
L'lall i.   II   mil"**-,   in   less  than     two
an.i thjree duarten In thick.
lark weather, lip the river .luring
the day, tha veaael steamed 19 knots
an  hour.   Bhe   lefi   Liverpool al
a iu. on Sun.lay. and Miivill.-oii Monday and as Sir Thomas Shaughnesay
expresed   it. the]   war.*   little    more
If hi   Of '. ni '■
on board everyone was entbusiaa
tu- in  praise ui the  now veaael.
"H is the beat I have <-ier sailed
In." saiii Captain Btewart, (and as
cnpt. Bt. wart baa been a shipmaster
for s»m>* iiiiii, odd yeara, ii is clear
iimi ihis means much. "She is
only a n.w ship.' be continued,
"and yel she is as reliable as any old
"On Wednesday we had some ver)
s. vere   weather, high   s**as and t.*i
nin-  head    winds, but   she    came
through it wuh in--
Aa -"in* evtdenoe ..f the severity
ui the weather a powerful Ironatan-
(lilon   In  the   bow   Ol   the   ship     was
pointed    ...ii      it    was    completely
t.t-iir iiinl almoal broken by the weight
of  the  s* as   «hell     aWepl   un r     In.
The   linlaln  was  bull,  at  the  Kair*
field shipbuilding vrorka on the Clyde
ib*r principal dimensions aro: i..-ngth
over all 570 l.tl. lie.IIII '.'. feel li
inches,     depth     amidships    ta    feel.
tonnage   14,600,   horse   power   is. ,
Her paaaenger capacity:   PTrat cabin
::.'•":  s* id cabin  HO; third    cabin
i . . i. ii. i*"i Total capacity, jio...
iiic Bnpreea of Britain has the pas
•enger decks. The Kirsi cabin dining
salium is .'.-• feel    long,   la    the    full
• Idth Of the ship and will seat 100
persons. The Kmpress of Ireland,
iln*   sisiir  ship,  will   arrive   at   the
* ml ol  Hns  in,mill.
Attached to any Garment Is a
Qua.-antes   ol
and Good Wearing Qualities
Wren Buying OVERALLS,
See thai  eaoh artlols bears a
label like above
Inslat on Gelling
"King of the Road" Brand
And Take no Other
When Remitting by Post, uso
Dominion Express Money Orders
and Foreign Cheques
The Best and Cheapest
System   of   Sending   Money   to   any
Place in the World.
Absolutely Safe
Purchaser Is given a receipt and If
order or cheque ts LOST or DE3-
lllin Kl». the amount will be prumpt-
ly REFUNDED. No red tape. For
tun information and rates call on
Local ascuta.
Sold by all Druggists and General Stores
and by mall.
now  tho  foolness  n*r«an.
Little tiiri- Hero's another closet
Hain't wc got lots of 'cni lu our bOUHl
Neighbor's Little Girl Yes. My mamma says there's a skel.dou tu ous of
'em. Let me see It, will you '
Maria Mltdirll and Ih* Brer Maa.
Maria Mlttln-ll. the famous astronomer, was oiu-o dinvted by her physician to use Inner ben as a tonic. On
the way lo Visit h.*r sister. Mrs. Joshua
l-.t 'inh.il of CiiiiiIiii. Ic*". Mii«s . she stopped at a saloon and purchased a bottlo
of boor and afterward asked her brother In law to open It for her. The Mitchell family, according to the Boston nevoid, spoke niiituiR themselves after the
Quaker custom. "Where did thee get
It, Maria?" questioned her sister. "At
the saloon on the corner." replied Miss
Mitchell serenely. "Why, Maria!
Doesn't thou know respectable women
don't go Into such places?" "Oh," said
Miss Mitchell, In the manner of one
who hns done nil that could be required. "I told the mnn he ought to be
Uiorutighly   ashamed  of bis  trattlc."
Th*  Walter.
Plner Is It customary to tip the
Walter In this restaurant V Walter-
V l.v uli yes. sir. Diner Then hand
.in* a tip. I'm waited three quarters
of nn hour for that steak I ordered.
The «>(.  **T<» Mas Failed.
Even the innn "ho has failed Is en-
tilled to consideration. He serves a
noble purpose ns an object lesson.*—
Chicago Record-Herald.
When you bto*
you want
&nd long
THase ej-idnuuTV
other food points
are combined In
'ttti   MANO
You C—nrt eiford
to Dttyaiy other
Wanted at Once—Reliable and energetic men In  nil  parts of Manitoba,
and North West, tu sell reliable Nursery stock.
Exclusive rights to sell Hardy Hybrid Apples, originated by Dr. Win.
Saunders of Ontario Experimental
Farm, Ottawa, and successfully tried
and fruited at llrnn.lon and Indian
Head Experimental Fnrms.
Complete canvassing out lit nnd liberal terms to the right persona.
Apply at oneo to E. I). SMITH,
Helderlelgh Nurseries,    Winona, Ont.
Established over a quarter of a
Ho not drive your cnipl..v."s nli.-.i I
of you, but keep ahead Of ihem nnd
Invite them to coin.* .." Bo-Scees
wiHii.iin never opens her doors to
those win. art* nol wllllnn to pay tlm
prleo of iiiliiilssh.il. Then i.r.* no har*
KUlus at In-.' coiiiil.*rs, no short cuts to
her goal.    "I'uy the prl. r Pave tho
Roods,' Is he- motto.
W    N    U    No.
1-  " IUiUkI III   I HUH   !...    f     11*.    I I'll.tllsli. .!
hi       _;.|. .11 1,1 i,.mi i.n .t t-i'-it 1'bun.ilu.i
T .     Iiiii    i . t.   i ii   i i  I   III...sell   i--	
S|li .     .   * [ ■  . t hi i ..  tt  <- t, ri'.iitiiiiit-itli. i-i-
1 ll   III   It*.   .*.llll,III.
i tfi.l- Mlh  :i      nil   -si*.'     il    Hi.     il'.       ' 11
i-t        |ier tlm    loll     ,i*i*l     i, inul 1" I'i'iii- i"*.
.--.I it)    .'Ih.-  ,j   l|<   :|     III1.I  , llllll
I   i 'ii. fn-    rsns .      nut nil I-*  ii lif ' .*■' .i
i' .-,, i   -           I,- ■  * ni i 'I'i-,
H ■   *'*'■:    i ' *  -  i.    ■  .;    Iii   nl*  i   I**
.\  large nn i I" .    f T nill   1 ,ih.rf
nn*   i.ii.*u*'i..u   c* I. luiitiui'   tin* 1  i
July ni I' inlo 1-.n-      l!n*   i* in i- i
Ir*.    lu   ohllt'ge   01    t'i.*   -pin I •    nl.* I
making    . x'ch'v     | rcpar.iti.iiiB,I
uioI ii (iu'l.1 1..ial t in--    ir   |_11   mn
it'.. to visitors.
A S| okvne lir. I" t snys : ■' Tht* i
rci« I've gup ly nl lead 'n 11n
I uiicii truattn ..- practice Iv >x
Im.i^t.il. mi.i tin Aii.erica.i Biiie! -
in*.* * ui i.. iriinj; i n i.« im• _ uret
awl i" seen..* lead i.a.-r enough i.r
treat its dr) ores " lie Unieves
that llrii.nl. t .i.uiiiliiu will he
1 .nkcd t.i ib   n short  time f *r the
.% >
Cn i'i:,..'-- ■••'"•.'ed nun   fur packing ot .Mining Supplies, cii
1 . ni* tm   . ci . l.e district;
.        . pro ii, ; .* *. vie* , ant sm* wort under'akan guaranteed
Sail trfaulol)
j 3. DANEY, P,~op.     rerj^son,
I  isi     ■■ i.    !■ i —i   -    iiss i MWWMMBHMpMBMMMWMMMi———^
Legal Notice?.
... I'klali, I one M.n mineral pls'mi
- inni' in i!.e l imil I ski* Miiiii.t I'n .-
-. I M rr*  K.s.l » ilislricl .
ll I i ic     In. sir,!      III |il   if  ' ii'... .   . el
ike ..    ice Unit I, J   '*'■ . i Id-till, free
|    | ii   iici s   i •■   i|||   hi..   *.,,,   ,•*.- >|*.    I, r   i* i
-.   i ii  .1 il- ..'/cut   for S,   A    Mil In*, i   n I    '
f.lll I     V. tltrftltlll,    |.|ll.-r    IV I.lie,    I In .i .    "
■v.. ,'.   ,'s   A    Ooilils, I ii. c   N..S.I     . i
t< i, I ...i  :t.- ,iiii*i ,1 ii,. i,,.-,.,,i, I,, i,    I,
.*    i       Ii    I., . i.Mi .   nr I '.*. I iil.'BH t '
nt eti.e.its im un* pin ; n-i Iilain**
in: ern .    grants ul ihe shove claims
Ainl l,i..her   tske   not Id    lhal   s i
*i    .*••  seel   m   If  .llllll   I*.*  coll i"<"'
h* u •• ilia -»iii.t-f 'ii iiicli ,H*rilfli*aK "I
I n   tn*" cuts       I'sii-.l ilii. 4 I. dat fl
May, \   li.. ii*o..
.1   w . (lllsM
Trout Loke Livery
•*■ "II. IAI.TY.
StobUi at  Trout Lcke
LAKE VIEW HOTEL Grout Xafee   wwww-^
TttlM 1   1. VKK   HC.
greater pan oi the bujj iv ior it,,- Bar well Supplied with Liquors & Cinars eg a^
United  Slates,  a d   that thia i iti* I .... -*^IV«
*v */p»      . It*,   ns ii*.*  W bici supplied   by llie
v1%ltilC.l             ® Corupani you ar* assured of altwi*
•_• lute punt*,'.    (1. i. nm • M Ai s yell
'...     /_*_.     w u> bark up atatatucnta ;
v..ne wil yet um ken iiiii..e .oi it-
He I in l.iui mining
Large Cmili.riauii l.<    I xcrlleiit I uisin.rand Alteudauue.
H'4gh McPhanon - -  Supi.
'" alter    1 .In.i  -I-    I
ii. *a-ol   the   (laiigcious   iiihir-- ni
lur fattier, in l.ug nod.
lhe ne« trave linjj libitry boa
arrived, ...ul ir located in t ie H it
Clitice store.
Nn woi d.*r Cha I lie !lau >oi I
I .iii* i- i.e. ti .* m ile 1 ■
Commercial Hotel, I'oplar, puts on
I   St   i. I   v   i*r •-'.;,-*-  lunch        W i   ,
..tl '  Iln  n t'linti'lii I rout ..I.il i*  in
(111    Kill 1
„TOrf„, Madden & Levesqus •   •  Props."-
Excdieat    Acccmmod&ticn
Best Liquors
And Very finest Cigars   _*_
Amlv Craie ehal cngea  an-
in   tin    Latdeati   in  iun bin. 1< 0
j,..cli* <>ii   I i ii ini. n   i'in for •*! in
h nd..     i "i ditimii. <iivc in ti.k(
yards f(>r \(ara.
- *^. -     .
Alice mineral rtsim ,.,:.s'e in *; r
Tn ut Lake milling division of Ui*-i
Kooleiinv .Hi.
tVhele located    M   • *.. m    nt
Cop '*i >iir:-.i a s   ' ■ s I   • Bru ". n ■ ■    -
1 .ik"- no* i "is* I        ■!'• *•    hrahs.ii"
to. f.M .'.   S'o  BSR.IM*   r_	
.'     I'lj.er.     F    I I       So      I'.r- ..7!.    sm
i liarles    Al .-.lu   • a,    I  Ml*.    S'o.
litsbi.7'.'.   Iu'ei.rl,   ,->-r    .Is   -   Iron    ths
title     hereof,     i      ,,r   fj     ...     '1 r
Mining   Heci.i-ilei   I■■■    s   l.Vrtiflcst.
1 n.. roven •* its,  for I      poi    • •■ ■
u i Ing  a  Crown ..rs.il >.' I   -    -
And   Inrther tsk>* notice that action
uriler ... ti
let. re •'.•• iasus  n      r  rt :
I io* sments
Dated this •"•■!. ine, ai
John Simpson,      Proprietor.
Trout  Lake  Pity Traill
and Stage Line.
Genera! Merchants.
Trout Lak
:p - - B. C.
mM *>l^, ■ . 1 r-r—
I Ferguson    I
TrcutLako ■
| Beaton
| Daily Stege will |
leave   P-trgRMmj
«  a.m.
Trout Lckf at C 2
g       In coanaclli ■
t,U*Wr- **WWtMt^j
A. M. Craig     Wm. Crawford
Imperial   Bank of Canada.
ll sj Office
TROUT   UAKI_,   B   C.
Best Hotel in Town,
libjilpaitula   .iii    UUBlllJl   Ullil   uUluiluihuli   .'k-J.
i     CAPITAL   rait)   UP     $aw?7.T4,   9"
'.     I'tfclHVt    I UNO *",83T.T4t SO
I    TOTAL   mt.1l 3P.TTSe.26T
D I:  vv i, KI' . Pie* ROBERT ' V I RAY,
BRANCHES   '"  '"*  I'rovineaa ..I   I' 1 •♦•.tp  -,..i       .. \
Ms.tiloba, i 'iiitiri.. snd n s.-e.
SAVINGS CtPABTMENT.-l'e***'-." te --..v.-1 si  I       ■-.    .       -    -       f
* .nii-i.* ia > I in*, ol opening ol arrtaiol.
O'afl. ""l'l •*•' |M, In kII inn,   il i aim*!* T . ,   ,,
imuiINU*..,!,! I.,,,.*,. '      "   '  **•'   BMASrn-
i   r"i»--ia. sUsal aa |ivaa u> aollaetlaa* .rn
MiiiI.k |V ml..
VV. H. Jones, W0CD vali*a^e hard
ware co id       Review Job Dept,.
! Dl !I i. !.-<'!.-. r.. U.'t.
* «_ -ai-*^ _* t, ,_*c^. r_s.>«>«i-«p
0 K
I ■ ■ *-•   let    1.....1....    lie.   lob
I uiiiii.g.
ITsHwarn,   Minars1  (o    i \.r», Fioie
NELSON, B. C. si l Rangw.
 i NELSON.  B.C.
N....I .• I-   h   I      '      IV   '     ' llHl   I wo I
InOllttlr*   if ■ .   tl.. >* 1    li  en 1 t i ui*.    •
tp  ic.tK.u '•■*.ili in ( Ir* ' ('.. a
mi -i*'.i* r   I I .i. ' ■    U ... k- i  i
i.f e.'lal ii-*-..*••   to en  !•■.'   ■
ten .,   11m.n .   from   . i ••  loll   i
,le ci ih< ■■   Ini.   ---..-.      i
of h inii-   ft fin    I ••   •- >lil ii   *-■•■*: .*
'J :■ *ii.    I, ik*"   S' 'I      a >,, ..   2    o   I   -
tin i.   <>   *r -r I    *    n E   a     i
j. 0< .... rke   J  I' K> in,' lv * N l
,*o. .1   ,   -       M -1* ■ i- -   -
t'..■..(••• M'Utll SO -*•'*.
-ll *-i. ill
1.. |. jii ■ i . ■ in.in in • int ut,
Ji.it..I It'll .i M,i
.1  11 Ki smi v
I'd a  it . *. .r Ann
Si;.idy Langhton
i_*_ri'      '   'i*'1'"^   ''' "V"'" "" *""
I  %-V   j      nh      '•'■ see a'   ll*e  I,n   lies II
'^—...^       II      1)1 ll»l«-     ll."*     VIS
' K--1N1'    w'li   !.-   am ■       *»iii.
'      ., .,,. '•■*■.     |.j. r i.*i-.i
v-    -'. .
, i, , ,mmm'      cin-.lie,       v.i   I     v.*. -lis  >• I
HI. 1       Ms. II)       >>'.  Ill* «• II
• inii.,.I  i.nr.   nri'l   cx-rv Inny  «I i -I.
.*. .ih in >*. .n 11 -   ninkiui;  1,'tir ,i«iI .
-'      1     il'l    III, I,,  .1 utile   nlie.
';.•• - Ti ii. 11 •!»    i*, ■     '«
\\ i   si. nc |i. |.!( *,*-<• ...ir i at*   ni
rdCILIi-V       *wV      V-0.      It paj •• ii.      A
,  **     _ rnglnv I'ip can otten be saved    .. *   ■• -
■■:■■ ' ";" ' '.F,R«.nn«.,e, r,;:\:    ' ,. :.v
I.-,. *   ami   rroii   ..   , .     \ ,..*.i..-_<i
i •* bll.,1 .f,.|.l...,e M    N"*l •*.... li T      ,__„^_r-- - —5	
Lennoxville   G. M. YUILL: wiinamschneii,
JSacbcf Sbop
  Knli   A
< ii uJ M.ave or Hair Cut
-<*■- Hotel,
Hatcl and
Ceneral Store
Hot ant* Cold F'aths
•   <
Barber Bhop.i
i,. ■
* *
g. a. CHrr.;£i-tA.N
i. *
i-repairing,   etc.    AH  wort    """" "'.'■. •.,..,..., .    4
J. i,.   Ml   1.1. i .
'    * '     '' . ■ v,.:   ;.  ,
c OSKbisBM, Wla_3,B.C|
N'(.'i.*e !( (.. r. l*i  *. !\ "ii that la
months sf;«*i .iat* I ii tei d to mail
applicat  t   lo  I. •■  •    ef I 'ou -
aio tt*: . 1 Laud« aud   Works  f u u
apecia I   li • .i^i   it i i.t   H...I  cai r\
away timber for tl.e following de*
aci ii" .1  .ui  ■ i on Al. attain
■on ort-'-k abool j ol a mile from' *
Tr*.*.! l.-tke mi < ,.|i  u 4 miles from
i..111.11' ,1 '111)"     sl    Ji     |    •-
«     *... --
n.irke.i   A   Biggar'i N. •' cornpi
post, tli.-'ic  BO *
K. nl. BO ' I..mi*,  the .••<-   Wt -
eh linf, tiieii" .* inn 'I,  BO oka
j i int nt '• ''mi. ni. incut.
r»..t..l  M.ivliii,, i:.iifi.
.   .    i*.:.-n«>00v/ii.,"*.**        *   ii-   frt»_ICN7Ct>C«
____________________.'i|..iren*e.il. of C
i..i .t.iir-   Vi-.'.■■!• ... 'In. I S'lieuu <hu i.'.i  i.n.forl hi ll isllotai
...   Z\x footel Beaton  ...
BEATON, ti.e     i
Y!-I'T'    fan     *s sl Realm  (the ttiresl.nld of the larles"'
un   trrnwhentt    rill    nd I        Hotel lo    a full,  aq.ii|,|ie.l
''■•     l.'ll elan •   i '.       I* *,.*■ lie   i  i-i-     ..I    ,.',,*    ,,        j, ,,,.1,
' -■ : a"! .;.,r -  liiiius   i nil     The he*, nf Wines.Ppltils
S     '  '••.•■■•■       '' ,..**..,      . '-  1 'li •".    II.. -..,i.   ,,,.,.,,I. „f
W. BOYD-:-  -:-rrop
Vi.tici* i« ..ei |t< git,. u  thai 60
il.'V- Hi-, t 'Inl ■ I    int. ■ ■!   t..  i.i.tkt
fi p i *.iii..n  tn   .), •    J| M.    Chiel
r.*.u,i.it-i-|t.i •*. ... l.runl.- 1, ..I w   ik-
I .r   ti   *p*( i.i   '.. i  ,.,*   ii,   i i,i   mnl
. ...v  H-vtM   'im *t*r frtun th   li  -
J ini,I*  ii. -ni ,. i    i ,,i|   min ,|,.,;
1;  ui'l *   l" ...  '.." ..ir-i. hi .1 (•• m-
1* ine*   (*   *,t   h    |, ".I    nn, • k > .1 J    I)
)   ci <■ \'-    n w,    e»t ..-I   |H,ai
) I .|l-i i|    .* *  i|e    H     |i   St     111 .1 k   'I   J,
J    K h '- N K i".-i, . 1,1 .'.*  Bu
.      H   II*"  I   I-I, ' '"  ' c     -"',' II
i   i*i      .!■ -■   i.   i'n          north
.'■'l   CIIHII.S    In    11(|.|||     I   i    li.ll en   c
I...iii.   Hand, Mm 11. 19(H)
.1   I.  I*. i *.
I **•  \   i. _,'...  -,(* ....
c-€3"   t ,-.-1.. -, .
-•*-». "-*.**»»^-w r»-«>.rt<i .*^«.t<5
ir-      In'l   l.v    g'V   li     ll.it    -•*..'■* u*iiil|ii*H*-t ('(.in. r I" H'. t'"'..c
ui mi. tu i   no ihs w.Bi IGO ehains,  Iheuce nonl   10
nl i ,i i. ii   i fie,,;  i    r.|'.i|i sh c'-aiiu", t1*.*.,:-.-   eaal   jCO nhujus,
(.'  hlUll.-H    GftZ.-lle,    I    in    in'    tu th  li'-*-   i*ou h     l'l    fl it lid   to   lhe
a->i ly  o t •    il**... C'l.iel <  ■*. *  i I   inl "I u *.i.i.i i«e ineui.
cn-r.: J-.i.l- h.hI  H'o :     i i *      .'*    i    Ro -•  "'  ;|   '"■•'
'Cd.il     IK SH    lO    Pill    in 'I    cm*.     ,! "i '    W    »l    el'l*-  "t   A " <•* -
No. 1     C ..it.. ...-:*' nl   ."   [ihenw  no-t t    "0 <•'■*,i>.-,  I'
J 1   .ite'l     in.     Ill     K. Dl III     *.)|. r      l'l    **'    I*   ' "   ''"■'  '    ■    'ht.pt'    KO'.tl. 8n
.r ui l,.ik**,  about   IH .*"|.    I....... fi....i.H.   ii '-.•  >..-'   mi  <-l.*i     rn
■ >■ head and ah in i        .    ti -    .    -   i     ' ' "     ''' oo-nl.
Ihp shuro market 0 \V  A1*.    -      N    ''    r"'" ■ '" '' '«'  »'  "   I'0"
sun's     i...nii-«  gi     ,- i,,,i-    ;,.. i. plaiiit'.l   ii  mil   '.<i» vttrd" .* • I  **t
tliei.f,"   south   :n   .Inii.-.   t*n*i"" *\in'-r'-ii'  trail,   and   sb'Mit j lull"
....   SO  . I, «i,.~.    I, i.,*,i   ....-'ii Mi from Tronl   (. k",  innrkHd  u   K\
.'lialns, th'-ncc   w.  I fin  pi.ulua   lufA'wBliHiiiiinn's sou h   wnsl  o--rnp|
He- point »l .-.,ii, ... .- ' I"*'.    Ibrar*   ."-r i.    80   rhniiiP.,
',., 2     '       '.I I-  rn   a  i'.-i H"'"1'"   "''■,    ''"    chaiits,   i,.**.,i*
I planted south ol I .... I***-- .. - -ui - ",u  h0 c1"*'"".   '" «-tsi
^^^^^^^^ | ,.||,,iil ll'llHIIIS tO till!    point Oi    Coll. uu -lit*. -
i-iiuiB "ie"t.
I..ned May 2Inl. 11)00.
0,  W.   A Illl.llIAMBi.N   '
v,., „,.  .,.,, planted south ul T oul I.-,**
.nera\:i z;y;:z;-:\^;,!:;: >8 «•«■ "...i„,.,i ;„„i
• ..it*, rna.missionar nf Units an.l Worki """  ""''  "' ",'1    ''""   l'"'
■' int ideal... io |.nr. hs t lluwins   lk"' 0  W.Abra-mms".'h n"r'l
...'.ci.t,,*,, ls,,.r,,,i,..ll.,|,,,   *A>„ »...,    M  i .- i,i,*n..,n,   t i.„0<   "O.tt, hi
Ooinmenrinast a nnst planted nn lhe I '       ,!",','    BW"   h"  *'ll:'""''
i   rth r horeol TatiIo rivet  shutiiais    '' "'"''   ,,'"ni    h''  .Inline,   ii.-n.-i
I lit u|. Irom poP|_r rraek imi .,u>k,t]  ''•* ( h'1 oomoe lu Ihe li.iui ul uuiii*
.'   '-.is-n'ii,,,;,,'  (IK   .....et ,, ,*-i.„i.,-;i.i. •..".•inei,,
limit   i .,. .. su 11.nin.    ii,,,,.  hlK, m,
. 'ia...., -I.e.li. wmlli   Ml  .-liaur. II „
i "t'i; rivet  lis: k   im Hi i t',| mm
Pi'"- , . ■' VI mktiOSt
'  ;»|i*',l JuoeSO, 1WW.
r ••
N">. 8. C'.mnienci.i.* ai a |.< t
pl.iiite.l 0*1 ih« S'iilIi kIio.c el
Tmui Lake  I'mitt I3J mllM trom
iti bead i. n*k tl i». W. A'.rr'I.Hin*
Dry Fir wood,
W. M.-!NTVIII;: l,.,7lM.or,l, „f ,h, b„t!
s!__«,__f,fl,(!,,*'l|W hich]
PHee 18.60 cord, Wood is nn Peranson
MSKi-nrna.l. Apply Andy Dflliey       i
THERE     br.Va      beet)     f.rllinfS
it. .de  i.i  ji.'li   <,u«  iuveal*
In*.1.1    in    1,'enl   I state,   K»*l
...'ire   I-"fiu-'wa -»iil be ii.H.lr th»n
pter   t'"'   l.-It   IWO 1,1   I li.ee •», a.s.
llie un,* art.'i reaps li.p I. ■••>■■ is
tl.,. or'ifiii-il ..'veni'ii. Iii. ||. i *.«
bis to ...<*.■ ...< n .f.r aini*.
No*» lei ii". (...in. m... i<i ion t'nt
t'ie i    nt I.til. r »|>iil "ti ,'lie I'	
t tr   ol    Iii   I.Qt    ll   ...    I.'l.t ■   t mu
Trout L»!<s '- t!i • j r.f ..I s|-.t
j* ilie K *■ *' • ■ i. **,■*>; rn- u i'i.i.-ii.i*
r>§>rl it has t* * hj »i \. *.it..'g
s 11 i   f i ■*. i' i * k.   i. i" v   I'i    I ml ll    '"I  In
lie     , . s*     I'lln I ;   Wi.'l.'   I-i,"   gii.l.f.
in s 'i,, i| i <i i- I*. .Im in ..nl i.m
| lie it |. 1 > i |iu...Ie i- mi|ii . I ,
t pi i I. i l' no i:r'*..l . > t* ."I.ipS, ll
li I '.(* inli.l in v nl,. .n.i . ■ .. ...
SU    ..riei ]    c.I*,  I.   SO il   n 'II.e "f
ll. f'nii'«1 I <>i> Is nini r> s ile.ices ...
|i ii i.i I 'n|'tnib's. It- sl f ills n.t'
w, il   in il ■ ... and ifrath <l     'J'.*,*..*
lir      ts i   H'*" l| *..l    |'l* "-rn|  sin., h,
s id s (jlnuc s' the advcrtiscuteiiis
i li.is j'uir.inl *•» iII pi i.s I'.hi hI.
.•...lips..* fafrl) well r present d.
Wi it'"   wiili I'oiifl.lnui '• l« A(/••.,I«.
H. McPherson
Trout Lake, B.C.
Lots can be
obtained on
Make yci_r
selection &t
once.   ;
T    llH.
ss llPt/PI  1,11,1 M    • bd>oui " -Us
||IOWI||  I.Hh h«l II rlendv        it  It
fi.,- I'ch.i . f i av'iraritii>,  m. .1
Uie ipio.lial -I ti,*  j.a,,,,, |„rt,,,|,
V1   IN  « *l'l;      All roarli (in Us
• •••"'•au)   I.h.I tu Ti  in  ! ski      h
"■  lhe .......n.i, |,,i  ,,,.,,     |  n,,
r»i*h«al   .......ral   dtatiirl  ...    i),e
" """•. t. and has Iw. kii g fatili,
V/'l"' ''"'    I'.v     I'-    -.- i-fiial
J'si.l* nl ( annda ; Un      ■„, M*t>oul
'<*,.* II  ll'..!,,'!,,,,     „,  ,,, ,    ,.,,     ,   j,    ,
"'"     ' '   ^   Bhai.   1; A   ;   r r	
*"'' '   ^V1' Hi   i    H"   V" II   I,  .1   .   ,   (I;,-. ►   ;
' '-nt.lv ( i.uri  nittiug, ; jn. i|, dial
1 l'l 'H|   «"l   An| I...... ,|,i,r.*l,es
mn .'.niMgH in,--,.mil.
11 "" •"••' 'I'iu.ii.l- ranch lands
"" '*■    ""W IMS   HWMItlli*-  m nl. r-.
J   " '' "■■'•- '-.  l.l*.*    II Hgl ifl
" '•'*:'"'-"  I 'll-' ,1,11 llllll  1, II „
* "I'"' I > ol IH»««HI !•   |n  .lay is hi
1 .''  '«**d -I il,.* lake.   Tin nili.es
Then call on
or   writo  to
''' '''.  !    "     •  'I.-'   H.M    ...III     1H|I
..I fill (iiiii
!■■( ii,.*
'"'', .'  '""  iruniig .i.t I,il..,i*
,""1""" ""••   \...t. wiih  ..«
P "'I'.i* <*| •. inn i.|* ml. li*. les ui
l.   e
•*■"'"    «l)l    |„.    „   \,\u   ,,lh|,   ,,,,,
'"".      "•      ll      >till      W,.„|,|      |.,,,,w
imir-H, writs  hi  ours to , iii.,, ,,|
Ih* llgeuU.it    I) '.InertHli. lull
F* B. Wells
Ceneral Agent
Revelstoke, B.C.
>: ?■.


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