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Lardeau Mining Review 1907-02-28

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 jJ^TStelative a^
Has a birder nireu
la-tion than any
Newspaper rn N
Kpotemiy. B.mliid-
if-irtiisiiig   undiini
(y^or^^r^J A^V>^ -fat
,(    J   J -*. ,,*'
[ the r-fpresentaliye
nl the i' >'li Lardeau
country, Hunt i >
any address lot $2
I |..*i* iin. in advance, i
VOL. 8
TROUT LAKE CITY,   13. C. Feb. 28th.   1907.
•Static is bi-ri-l.y niv.'ii, in accordance with the Stalulc-, tIn.I
l'^Bciiil Revenue Tux, mil nil
a-lliScd luxes nml In.-..•in- Tiix,
Nolle.I :iHi| l.'ii' I iiii'li r 11.i*
Hein.nl Ad, 1908-4." uml
Haandni'nl- tlu-i.*t.., nre i, iv .lm*
and pnynl.'.i. I'. r th.-   year  1007  In
tnO iit the I inverillliellt 1 *lli.*.*.   lU'l -
|pte     This notice,    in terms i.f
Notice ie hereby given lhal within
two mouths fr.un I lie* first  publico-
Nut ic.* in hereby given  that CO
duVH  afler  thu    first    ptihlici.tion
n Jierei.f in ilie British Colum-lhoreof in   tho   British   Columbia
Gosclto, I intend in apply lo the
II..11. Chief Commissioner of Lands
.■iii.I Work", for .1 special license t..
cut and carry away  limber from
tin      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
l.ia (la/.'tic, J intetiil to apply to
tn.- ll'in. chief Commissioner ..f
l.nii.lr- ami Works for-u ipeeial Ll-
fence to cut. nml curry   away   lim-
On February 83rd  at the Meth-
11'lisi Pius-.* :i*.*.*, hy the K iv, 1»
!'.. Sett, Agi c* Mnl el, daughter
of the well known milling mnn—
A. P. 'inrn U, wm uniicd in
marriage lo Chqrlcs sh.nl.
After th.. "koot" hod I... n diily
(By n Correspondent.
ber from ihe following described Iho following described landa •Ilu*
landi lituated lu Weit Kootenay.   at-.il in Weal Kooteuay district.
and tr;ily ti* .1. the party adjourn
The disastrous and almost fufal
 •.   idu w hich occurred nt San-
*.n on Ihe 8ih, i 1 .*-1. hns cm.-: .1 a
displayed  by*jeoiifidnniblo amount ofdnmng*. in
I r I
t. ..nn
fnii* i-l.■r.il.'e oppusillon 1
  ltd lo Mrs.  (Moth.-r)  Ilurrell   who   ""'   lu(:l1  dci'cr»
served up n Is-Jy lunch. some of our "geut'er sex   anUoih-
Nel.     Commencing at a pott     N„. ,       Commencing at a post]    Both tho contracting parties ri- 'r-uL at'.deted thoy too were
planted aboul   I  miles   up  Fish [planted al  N   E. corner of 0. R. well and favorably known in Fer-|«'mled tofl P"rtion "f lha pr^tjwouniai*na«da, talwwwunabh
Creek, marked 'A. Gowing'i South. Northoy'i  limber  limit  about   •". guson, where they havo resided
West corner post" thence iio.uli 801 miles from Beaton on Fish River {long lime.
chains;   thenc   ensl   so  chains; | marked "A, Gowing'sN. W. corner! I  >    ••
P^^_ _        .thence  south   80 chains;   thence post" them est 80 chains; Ibence When   several    establishments]^
^mmWr etiin-.it uli I     0  n   persona |wthlS0   L.\ux\l)tl l0   iho   point   of I sooth «0 ohains:    thenee  west  801     Alan at the Methodist P-irnnnaen  in*  cr.l, iiii.-   for  tho wants   "f  f
noticed N
wn   l!.'
of Iho Grocery   busim ss of thi.-
; tow 11. explatus Uie pn-sont eitua-*
I tion.
y warning owing t.> th.
ij * od with which it rushed on  li
II- work ii' d  -irnc'.i'.n.
! Write us a Post C.ird saying you saw this advertisement, and we will mail
you FREE,   a 30 page
HBhil I.y  mu  upon  all   persons
liable f'.r taxes.
Bunted nt Uevelstoke, It c.
Bath day of Feliiunry, 1907.
Deputy Alienor.
■luick   to im:i.imh 1 vi
Mme II. M. Curler, or tn whomsoever
ha Bin" .ve transferred hi- interest
n HH'iiitiin ,re an I    lirO'-klyii ininern
Uaiffii- 1
Take notice  that  I,  the nnilerniisni-.l
O-OWi.'-r ivith   lull    in  the -llrilii re
aad liro'.kly.i mineral clai.nt
claim situate on North (mknl Lardean
river 1'( miles, Iron. Fergnsoa
lathe Trout Ijiku Minini; liivision nf
Wast Kootenay, Imve performed the
MiBessi.ry work nn.l ma.le the neensiar;
etpcti iitnte  on   the   nlnne   mentioned
claim    l..r lha jreai     li'O.i in
order to bold tl.e "am' nnder Mellon *_'l
of the Mineral Act, an.l the years lor.
which -ni.I work »■». |..-rfi.r..ie.| i..i,| ex-1
■on.l • >rr ma.le haring expired, 1 bore
hyg. - you iii'tn*.* ilmt il within 90 days
mf§  tin*   lit st   puhlii-.tlioit  hereof vn
r refose la contribute your proper-
te uliarr n(   s.leli  eX|M*.i.|iln'e nr. 1
Ita of Uli! adv.-tti-eiiienl ii.iii*
'est ii. ll.c Nni.I mineral elaltn nill
im- the property of the undersigned
Ir nn.l l.> virtue of sec  pn     *    Uie
Je'i.1 A.t Amendment A. i. IKW.
^ptH*.' nt Ttx.it   lake thin   i'h  .Inv of
Bin..Mi's..**> at.-i   vv. w u I.i.i:.
I U. Carter or to whomsoever lie
.iy hare Uanaferred l.i« Inttreti in
Parraboro Pad* nml Canadian Boy,
l.e notice ll.at we, the undersigned
iiner   llib yoa In the   Parrsooio
aaj    {be     Canadian    liny
Bli.'riil , I. in , sitnnl e  "li-"iili  . i>-'
i* * i I ii'ie.m creek, near Seven Mile.
In* I'i,,ni Lake mining divlskio of
Kootenay, hnv.* |H-rIt.r.tu-.l the nee
..yenntk tu..I ..mill' tin-1,,*,mi--.n *.. x-
.hint.' nn iii, *.i,-ii, ei .ii.. tieil claim
I..- years 1003 .v lOOA, in order lo hold
- line nii'le. wi Ii  u 'Jl ..I lhe Miner-
let, nni Ihe feat I". which s-..i,|
k na- performeiMiavIngexpired, we
l.v give yon notice that4t within 00
' from the ftrst publlcaiion hereol
fail <«r refuse teeoalrlbate jroar pro-
ti"i.ate share "I saeh espenditiire
ci In mi nc *ln< lil.
Located1 January 18th. 11)07.
A. Gow inp, Locator.
- No. 2. Commencing nt a posl
plautid about -l miles up Fiih
('reek, real feed "A. Gowing'a Soul n
Kant corner post," tbence   norlh
"vi chain-; thenc- west '.80 chains;
thonce BOUlli SH chains; thenc:
i:.-t 80 chai.is to ibe point of com-
Located January 18th. 1!W7.
A.   (towiuu', Locator.
Notice is hereby given that 00
dayi at ter lhe Aril publication of
this notice in the Britiah Columbia Gatelte, I Intend t.i apply t..
ih" Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a -|.ecial li-
cen*e to cut and carry iw.ty tim*
Iht from ti..* foil .wing described
land situated In Wett Kootenay
Nil. 1.    Comrae ..-ing at  a   |
planted about { ol a mile noitli.ii
from Scbnles Bouse,   Finli  Biver
West Kootenay, marked A. Gow*
inu's   South   Wi -t   corner  post •
e north   •>*11   . iiiiiiis:  thence
- a-t   **-1 chains;    tin n  *     - mtli  80 |
ilmiiis; tl.ence «•-: B0chaini lo
I.** |' in t of commencement.
Located January 16th.   1907.
A. Gowing,  Locator.
X.. 2. Commencing nt a post
planted ahout 1 >>( a mil.- northerly
ft..in s . i . « ll et ie l*'ish Biver
\\.-t Kootenay, mark.* I A, Gow
in*K* I Soltlh • i-t corner |xet; Ihenc*
m.rih so chains;   thence wesl  80
chain.-;    tlnnce   south    B0 chains
Ihonce west ^o     Also at Iho Methodist Parsonage nre catering f»r Iho wauls
ohaina; thence north 80 chaini lo (on February 1'.', by Ihe Bev, I).
iho point of commencement,
Located February llth, 1907.
Arthur (lowing,  Lonator
No, '1. Commoncing i* post
planted ahout 2n0 feet north of
Fish Iii ver and-about 4 milea from
Ita rnoulb, marked "A. Gowing's
N. E. corner post, thci.ee west 100
chains: thi n.-.* t-oii h lo chains
thenoe  easl   180'cbninsj   ibenoe
I :l,.   ■ nf ■ '111 I.ii.-.   t!:-:e
W. Boott, ivii .-• .'■• nni/. -d tho (ii such a little business for • i )
marriage of Isabel, daughter of one of them, that it wmrtd not war-
John Paul of Walk, rt.m, Ont. to rant Iheir carrjing a turner stock
Henry Scliulze. thnn necessary I   ropply th ir  in-
The bride was n-sisted  hy  M:-s diridoal custou   rs and friends.
Jennie Scott.     Both parlios are     Aiarrault—when emergency a>
Trout Lakers and well known. rises, such as iho pieici i btockmle
 1 of navigation, municailon
i ••*,*,,*, n tlie 'f. rritorii --,   K<
Hundreds  of  proipeclon   nre K pl„   nilll  ,nilll,di .u* ;
-■;*''•, - iui off—-the stnalloi *
ing I.. Sow Ih.sr-, N'.vn
'•   tome   valuable  disc
of tin bave rectntly lieen ma Ic.
It is pointed  out  that  n-  llie
north  4i) chains  lo the point »' | worM's. }-'re:it tin min-s are  nearly
exhausted, nnwon account of the
prevailing hifiO prices,    lhe .1 _
Located Feb.   12th, 19'»7
i|i.lti.i_V   I.
* ua.*.* d> j. ited; tin* In. T-
*  . La k" u;".n   '
lb. i quit
Is,   but he
ing bis i
Us'ota              ok af   r—
i.-   cons id
• r.* 1   unfair and  many
, | ,    ,,.
umi: t '.' ihing-*, «i..-ii l.«
lintel was turned i n
I,  lhe facade of the. restaur ml
butcher and l.il:. r shops owned by
,1.   \v ods stove in    ai .1 ioiI. us
matte lo several  houses on  Ibe
f the uir. el
Before it  reach, d  ihe town, ii [ij
swirbd across the railway tracks
sweeping uefiyacahhi, which f**r-
tunately,  was unoccupied nt llie
time;  It alao struck noma cottages
adjoining the 1      n  Jfo'el com-
I'i lely hnrying litem.    The Kootenay Hotel, a f.'.v paces fiom and
I rouning    parallel    with   Wood's
ism.*     is  , - j lieally untouched,
■ wltli '     •      ; :i ii uf being oover-
' ■ 'I w • ii spray,
A cottage adjoining  the  I'ui n
. Hot • occupied by a woman nam-
Arthur Gowing.  Locator,
a matter of *.:reat importance.
*vcry of tho new deposit, will  be „,,„,,,„ oive np supplies (held'™ M*cdon»U« w:'" ^ried   nnder
in ttiist as it weic, for Ihoe who
are depending on him) to i Hsfj
f. ii i* ii.dii iduul- tie r r . f
nliose money was unknown t.* hit
Showing linos of
of Interest to every
MAIM who wears
J.Leckie Co
Notice is hereby given  that 6"
days afler the first  publication  °f landi
this notloe in tlie lhiti-li   C<   im Lfjii a
bia (in/.* ti.* I Inland   lo
A great deal of e
tctnaiie work i \ th
oil fi. .'.Is   i«   I.i
ncarl*. - v*   v :
I'i f. el of-now.     The  eX'-i'.-.n  ' 11^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_
it i-  int. nse when it  was stated |
■   Miss Maodonald  was buriedI
th the debris,   a  hundred •^•-■■■K'Kasasas-^Kasrasiasas
earnest aud .^wboro money wai unanown . workeri Immediately rush- I      Local and General
ho search for new during th.* . asm.   of easy access I,      h , • I    J™ and General.
B carried on in to t-e ou.skjo. L r(.,om,   Ufy weot Bt lt fgr a!, ^saaaMasaBOTara
Now.  be  honest   with voureelf.l .
.vinco of 0,^^^^^^^^^^^^^^—
-:... ] iini success also nitii him. W.re p*
nany ventures in reversed, would you tak« ■
ih. v  had
the    Hon.   Chief   Comn
Qf 1  ..,!- :u .1   M ■ .sr    ■    .    ,.
Pv '".the mar rutin*.    It is t... sati- from jour family—largo or -u.ii.   „;,,.
i ii- a .-rt. .■-- "l  .
Iguii-.t- lo < \|.. '*; llint  the   !.<>] 	
'' all stm'i Li-  i..i:z.il.  but if only known ihditidual?
j to band  over to an  almost   inHr pet tion of the eatann»phe
licence to cut and carry away ii,,, .    ^ oft;.,.m ..,,,,,-j b,_. wecCMfu,      KoW| tbo mercl.anfs customers
paythecoM ol thisedvertisemoni
r Interest in lbs said oi ineral rliim
*como ihe propnrtv of the under- | thenco easl B0 chains tn th.- point
jh-'I nn.l.-r and l.v Mime "' section 4
ftl.u Mineral Art Amendment  Act
Ited this 4tb .!•■>> "I December, t.u.
I. .   KtitKfATitiea     i
I.. r.|„iiii*s*iN. -.'.-.linnets.
IvkIaih" and "Qlobe" mineral rl.iii. s
lasts n. Ti.'.it I ilk,* Mining Division,
|...:it.*l en P»|.lnr .'...'k.
rake Kotiee ll.at I. Broee White, a.i-
n« Sgwil lor ll.e Pp)glass Mining Co
..f commencenx nt.
Located January jfltb, iWi
A. Gosring, Locator.
N..tii*e is hereby given thai with
iu tw.. months  from  Ihn lirst jmh-
li.*ati..n hereof In Ihe  I'.riti.-i.  Columbia iia/'ttc. I intend t» apply
Minors'Cortifleati* No B'.ii-'i-. in-j to the Hon Chief Commissioner dl
ii 1.   ed ilaj ■ from Ihe Hate Iter aif, t... |,.u,d- and Works f*-r -|- cial lic.n-
i;i lo the Mining V nlerforeOer \mcn ,(((.u( ;(l|j |M|IV ,1W.1V   ,ilu|„.r
' ii...|.r"i.*i..-i.i-(..Mi-"."'n |froB,Utofolloirinfdc«otib«l lands
ol.laiiiingal'ri.wii Uruut ol UieaOovei ^^^i^
l..*r trom the following  described
lands iltuatedin Wesl-Kootonay.
Kn 1. Commencing at a post se.
about 20 chains writ from the N.
W. coiiur ..f Lot 6111; Ibence cast
60 chains, Un nee soulH 40 chains
ihenoo weal 160 fhains, ihenee
norih 40 chains to point of commencement.
No. 2. Coftimenciug al i post
planted on the •s!. W. corner of No.
1, thence eaal 100 chains, tli-i.ce
south 4(1 chains, thonOS iic.-l 160
chains, thenco north 40 chains to
thu point of comnieneeineut.
After an hour's seare'i
which - i:i. * hundreds of
- dow  wi re shovelled  aw
the benefit ti • c mntrv would  re- reureseut the family in his cass
rive from these new  (Inds wo-ild      I Im v are .>pei..i.mi •- for a ioh-i w,,Ml,,,v ;,.,. ,i na
mnke up for many failures, sidoration   ol coursi—on him loi ;,,„ (wm th.
supply their wan'.-, an '. it ;•>  oul]
  fair Ite should protect lheir  Inter-
- - as far as practicable.
Owing  to the prevalence of Ii      Another view-)   i i   just   while
grippe throughout tho Slocan rec- we arc at it,     I)*, you   wlio are
ti"U ef his diocese, Bishop Ocnicn-  | nportmg   j:...>d*-   for   dispose
wjll has ohtitiiit-.l a special dispen-   c.nsiiicr   youi selves  t>. le doing
sal ion of  t lie  ttstitil   Leittou  fasts  lie fair liiing?    Arc you not rath
from His Holiness Pius X. ei hindering progtese?   Would  i-
Ke.tli.r   .L'ir.iiotte   makes thia  not l-o better to allow on*  i    .
onnoiii.,* "ii - nt •.)  tint  his  many  to handle the combined  hi*
parishioners tendered throughout and enable he or she—ni th<- caee
I lie   S ocan  and   Kaslo  diilricti may be—to carry  sufficient stock
might l.e ihe sooner apprised to meet demands?
The same days of   ubsiiiienco      Tbe variety would nn doubt  be
We   announced—a   few   weeks
ll al    Lev.   Fr   Jcanaotte
waa making an apj^licajion to the
.p of iho   diocese  to send  in
er priest lo assist lim in his
arduous labors.
i.n.tni'-      Wears now   pleased   to   state
.   ..     that    hi-   application   iias   lu-en
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    be mis pin- • ■
j i        ,i,    .    ,.. . i..   »v —i.i i    srantcd   uid I.is numerous friends
nni I.-.:, iin some w«o<lworc which
-   iveredbj Bt. he(  if snow. nt the Lardeau wdl unite
y     foUxtt„. Mmd   «.th us in wW.ii ::il.■ r.-v. wiiile.
vigor for anoiher flve'miuules m bottor hea!lh*nd .v.ry sue-
then  Ibe wood   which   held  lir l' "
down ixing primed up, tbo pour .«►.
woman was dragged out,   alive—i
but unconscious.
A few minul - ,.|. :i  air
and lhe w man i  • i h i i - ouscions
She was a mass ol bruise*
fi* :n ht id to foot ai d Ii* r   nerve*
in a terribly shattered condition.
0. B. N. Wilkie is laking a  well
ai ited rest thi.- wet k.
Wallace Kerr, our popular stage
No. 3. Commencing at a   poati throughout tho yeai
planted on tbe •**-. W. corner of Net]  __!
2;   thence easi 1111) chains,    tinnce
Will    only   be   kej t  as   is   usual   enlarged; the  goods   always   In-: j;v ..
-   shi ■   -    ■   '-■ . u-|e di!-.- uj'lriver, lma**pH»ofntli( Coast for
i-D-sih:.. to th.* hospital, ciui*!.* of ii.fk*." vacation.
lion of
south 40 chains, thenco west 160
chains, tlience norlh -Pi chains to
|H.iui of commencement.
Located December 27ih, i'.i 6.
W. Ogilvio   Locator
after a loni; and trying: «a!k from
It ii.     tie  aft. rwards   left   for
-itillllcl ill Wc.-I Ki...lcll.lt.
in.l (nrih. r take notice tnatecuoa     gommcnclng at a post planted
i, r. .noi..!,. i.i.. .       rm-,,t.mm.a on tho east aide of  Salmon creek
...eltie t-.».|iiii.O ..(  lueb l ert.lli.lli-
and lastly, owing lo tbo  increased  t^nion   Hotel   and    its content*-*,
husinntr, buying in large quantf- »e„ Lnwion loses -l6,C0a The p-C. Merry, of the Silver Cup,
lid would ui'.h tihl.dlv have Iho i.otd was, loscd down f, r the test |C!!",C '" ""' l'nr!-v l",rt °* l,:° wc,"k
tendeitcy to lower price-. Kd the winter In January but.
Gould tbe busi esses "f Bevel- Ihc datnagn to J. Wood's proix
-I'k* Nelson—orin fact, any ..'h- ty is about 1'*ii. in.l *i!.«Hi wi
er place—bo curried on under  Ihei probably cover iho damage .h.r
existing   couditiont of our home  :.. .Mi-- Mafidonald's cottage an
. nir,   and  will   also   enable   our ..... i   • ,     .,   .,,. "     ,
■towiii - am] ottlbuildingi dt
sin -yi.I I.y the nvabtnebo,
"England expects every nini.
this day ttill do his duly."
You can do your iha-r« of duty
by purchasing a "Vlctery" charm
which is worth bavins ni a bouv-
SCbool to win it- shi-l.l,
,1 Mr
Il'stt.l Jintiary -.'»n.l.  1007,
limes whits
and about 1 of n mile from creek
nn.l about 1 mile fr--ni its bend
marked "A. Gowing'i South-east
corner post,"ihenoo-weri so chain:
Ihenc-  north   *->'U chaim«,    tlielicel
•asi 80 chains,     IhonOO south  80
Cbaius to tho point of coiiitneuci-
Any person haying in ihsif P°s' jmcnj
jenion LAIHlKUS or lit CKKTS      ^^^^^^^^^^
i-longlngtotbc FIBK  DEl'ART-l    Lniiicd Uoooaber24ib. l'Jt
fllNT. sro requested to return
A. M. Cumi
A. Gowing, Locator.
No. 2.     Commencing m a post
planted on ihv ''a'1 ride of Salmon
Sc'.iool Iutpc lot:—"Now WiB
ny scholar tell US who* WS gel
from the win.le'.'"
Tommy Knownll— "Whalebone
School Inspeolort —• Correol. A
I nother hoy please illforill  us   whit
I wo get from lbs seal."
Haminy Chucklebead    "Sealing*
wax. sir."
,''li''' cr.. k ami  nlmitl    i   u  mile from
creek and about   1   mile from iis
mouth, marked "A. Gowing'i
North-woil  comer  post,    Ibence
south Ml chain.-., thence ta-t SO
chnins, I hence norlh 80 chains
theno* west SO ehains lo the point
of eoiiinicii.-.-mciit.
l..,rnt.iI Docpfflbsr 2liii, 1906
A (low ii(r, Locator.
Gents Furnishings GentsFurnishings
In in onr Correspondent
I. rdo,   I.i.  Viib '-
•».,    kv.
^^^^^^^^^ root-.* nf Ferguson, wilh llicll two children, left
her ■ at 1" on Tu* sday ni^i t
They went to Beaton by bri|»ht
moonlight   in   Craig's toboggan,
idrivcn by the iii.'omftable Andy
himself.   Mrs. toolc aud children
| g.< I., their home  Itack   Ha-t,   and
| Mr. F.Kjtc t.»   A'rowhead,    from
^^^mmmmmmmmmmm— I whct'ce bo will return to Ferguson
L.    Il \     | nil'I     I'il-S, .1     llll" .. |    .. f    ,   ■
;i t... -   mpli ll n of I is hi,-- in  -
to ciiy ai d repi rts things good all.i    ,
I   ■    r Creek,    llut,  he -aid. i e
lug io 'i<*»:. ringi of. ".il nu  lh.* | .- —.
| 'ran.    Ihey   I null   t   | Hi!   otlt   hi.-
. supplycnough ears for bim     ..,.,„„. „., on  (roubW wa(m„
'"**' (dou't wast, coal oil though,   just
Siidca nre prctly large al Lardo. now'-)
I Therearoslx slides aithln a mile     Psrhsps tboC. P. B willshonly
I of it.wit nml mon arc working hard Jf°l°" " I'lus  coicerning the 'oiP
to get tho train into Lardo, to coal I l,,eyi*»"   l'""r  ":1   "'"  u»""ud
1,1B waters of nur lakes and make i ur
m .-'d "Noah's Ark" slip sbout oncu
un -rr*.
Mrs,    iinl.iy   passed   through
' here OH her wav to vi-it her moth
' er,   Mrs, lh 0,   Byron,   at !><>s-
CVorlh, ^" Tiout Lnkn  lhe  ice  can   be
    broken with a gvoline launch.
Supplies are co-ii. u Trout Lake
.nni I' rguson aboul four ceuts |ar
n.int-in «•*.«• irM.i> chi  felcrk d   |non,   ,-|;m   ,,l(,v   Ho(|*(|   y
,,t the Windi .r Hotel, loft for his ,h,0 p j,   wo,|-i!   ,/ hl f wUt
i In ll " KaM, Hrs we , t        ,. * .
tnej < u^, ,. tMM   mm
Am tttn tt "lb. Lriiiianiin From Indiana" and 'Mamltur Baaucalra"
Copyrlibi.  1B02, by *. i.  McClure Co.
T was loot ato, In ths days
irlian meu uighed «li.-u they
fell lu lov,-. wtit'ii people d«uc
nl b.v , i.inllii .md lamp, i.n.l
did ,1.1..,,'. too, ii." * i of solemnly
gliding about: tu Unit mellow nine no
long ago wheu tl.e young were rouian-
tle anil Bummer wns rosea ..ml wine,
old Carew* brought Ms lovely daughter
bome from the comeui to wreck the
heart! of tb* youth of lloueu.
Thut wns uot a far Journey: only an
afternoon's drive through the Mentis
snd by the river lu un April loug ago.
Ml!i Betty'i hnrp carefully strapped
behind  tho 'grc.it   liimlierlDg  Carriage,
ber guitar ou the frout sent hnlf buried
under s uiound uf bouquets uml odd l.v
aiiupod little bundles, farewell gifts uf
ber comrades and the good sisters. In
ber left hand ibo clutched n small line
handkerchief, with which ibe DOW ami
tlian touched ber eyes, brimmed with
ths parting from Ulster Qscllls, Sister
Mary Bazllade. the old sloue steps and
all tha girls, but for every time that
ab* lifted tba dainty kerchief to brush
away tbe edge of a tear she took i deep
■breath of tbe weiteru woodluutl air
aud milled at lenst twice, fur the yean
ot itrlct Inclosure within St. Mary's
,wali* aud still gardens were finished
•nd doue witb, ind al lust the many
colored world flashed uud duueed Iu a
wyitvry before list*. This mystery wa!
bill.nn.t to the eouveut girl becuuse lt
cuntulued men. sin- was eager to bo
bold it.
I'li.-T rumbled luto town after aunset
In the fair tw-lllgbt, the dogs barking
before tbem, und every oue would hut*
beeu surprised to know that Torn Van
revel, instead of Mr. Cralley Gray, was
the iirst to see ber. By the merest ac
cldent Ton. was strolling near tbe Ca-
ct-wn place at tbe time, and wben tbe
carriage iwung luto the gstes, witb
Tattle aud clink and clouds of duit at
tbe fluish. lt wus not too soon lout be*
btnd the shrubbery and tree! for Tom
to euteb lomethlng more thao a
glimpse of a gray skirt beblud a uiound
uf flow si- and of a charming face wllb
parted Upa aud durk eyes beneath the
a. little of an enormous bonuet. It Imp
pened -perhaps lt is more accurate to
say tbat Tom tb..tight it happened -
tbat ahe was just clcuriug away her
veil when l.e turned to look. Sbe blushed suddenly—so much was not to bt
uilstakeu and tbe eyes tbat met hli
were remarkable for other reasons than
tlie sheer loveliueia of tbem, lu tbat.
even lu th* one flash of tbem he
ought, they meant so many things ut
one time. But, above all, these eyes
ware fully conaclous of Tom Vuurevel
Without realizing what lie did Mr.
Vaurevel stopped short. Ho bad been
swinging a walking stick, which, de
scribing a brief arc, reiuaiued poised
halfway In ita descent. There was
only that one glam .* between tbem. aud
the carriage disappeared, leaving a
acent of spring flowers ln tbe air.
The young man was left standing on
the wooden pavement In the midst of
a great loueliuess, yet enveloped iu tl.P
afterglow, his soul roseate, bis being
quavering, bis expression, like bis cane,
Instantaneously arrested. Willi such
promptitude uud tlulsh wus he disposed
of that hnd Miss I'jreive beeu aware
of his uume and tbe Condition wrought
ln blm by the single stroke she ootid
hare sought ouly the terse lildiard of
Knglaud for a like executive ability:
"OfT with lit! head: So much for Vau
Sbe bnd lifted a Lender bund to the
fluttering veil, a baud lu a white glove
with a iiiii.ll lace gauntlet at the wrist
This gesture was ll.e liual dlviully of
the i.*nl.nm vision which remained with
the thi/.ed young uiau us he weut down
the street, uud It may have lieen three
quarters of au hour later when the
background of the picture became vivid to blm  u carefully dressed gentle*
man with heavy brows uud n baud
some high nose, who snl stiffly upright
beside the girl, bis very bright eyes
quit.* us eoumlous of lh.- stricken pe
de-lrlan as were hers; vastly different.
however. In this—tbal they glittered
nay, almost bristled -with hostility,
while every polished button of I.is blue
•-uut seemed to reflect then* malignancy ami iu iiiirt little echoing shafts of
venom ut Mr, Vaurevol,
Tom oral dismayed by the scuteness
of bis perception tbut a man who due-
nut speuk tu lull lias no right tu bave
■ daughter Ilka tl.e lady in the ear
rugs, uud, tha momenl or ibis realise
tiou occurring ns be sat ii...king u poor
pretense tO eat his SVenlOg inelll ut the
Uolieti II,,use. he dropped l.ls fork rut
tliug  upon bis plats ..nil  leaned  buck
soiling ai noti.iug. u proceeding of
which l.ls table mate Mr. William Com
wing*., llie editor ul ihe Rouen .Tour
imi. was lou busy over bis river bus-
to take note.
•Have yuu heuid whut'i uew tu
town';" asked Cummlng* presently,
looking up.
"No," laid Tom truthfully, for be bad
seen what wui uew, l.ut not beurd lt.
"Old C'arewe'i brought hli daughter
heme.     Fancbou   Bareaud   wui   with
her at St. Mary's until lust year, aud
Kanchon says she's  not only tt great I
beauty, but u greut d-»ar."
"Abi" rejoined the other with master- I
ly Indifference. "Dam say- dure tar."
"No wonder you're aot Interested,"
•aid Cummiugi cheerfully, returning |
to the discussion of bli bass. "The old
villain will tuke precioui good ears
you don't come near her."
Mr. Vunrevel ulreudy possessed a
profound conviction to tha same effect.
Itobert Mellbae I'lirewe wai known
not only us thi wealthiest citizen of
Rouen, but also as Its beurtleit and
molt iteadfust hater; und, although
there were only 6,000 or 0,000 Inhabitants, neither wai u small dlitlnetlon,
for Rouen wai ranked iu thoie eaiy
daya as a wealthy town, even as lt was I
called su old  town, proud of Its uge
.nni iis ticks! nini in.*.'i-i' in rts ponuci,
of course, The French hint ouiii u tort
there soou after Ls Belle's insi voyage
mul, a- i'in I ley tiruy snld, hud settled
llie pluce,  aud  l.ud   then   been settled
themselves by the pioneer milltta. After tbs ltevoiution, Carolinians and Virginians hud come by nay of Tonnes-
s«e and Kentucky, while tin- adventurous countrymen from Connecticut,
traveling thither to s* i. reiuaiued to
bill uud then Sell—when Ilu* country
• wus lu Iti teens In course ot time tiit*
Utile nu,ling post of the north v est territory had grown tu be the lea.I,tig center uf elegance uml culture in i is Ohio
valley   nl leusl Ihey said so lu Itutit-ii.
Robert Carewe wns Rouen's magnate,
commercially sad socially nnd, until
an iipslilrt young lawyer mimed Vuurevel struck luto his power wllh a
broadnx. politically. The wluirfs were
Carewe'sj the warehouses that ato...i by
the river and th.. line of puekets which
piled upon It were his. Hnlf tbo town
wits hii, nnd In It.men this incut that
he was possessed of tl.e ml,Idle Justice,
the high nn.l tho luw. His mother was
u Frenchwoman, nnd In those daya,
when to go abroad wns a ponderous
and venturesome inideriiiklug, the fact
that he hnd spent most of his youth lu
ibe French capital wrought a certain
gliiinoui' about lilm, for to the American Paris was Europe, nud It luy shlm-
iu. -ring nn the far horizon of every
iiiiugiuutii.u, n golden city,
Mi Carewe lived In nu old fnsliloned
Icuse ou the I.road, quiet, shitdy street
which bore his name, There w..s a
wide lawn I i froni. shadowy under
elm i.i.d locus trees ..ud bounded by
ibick shrubberies. I >••« garden, fair
with roses and hollyhocks, lay outside
lb.- library window a an old time gulden, with flue gravel pulhs uud green
arbors, drowsed over lu summer time
by the bees, while overhead the locust
rasped his rusty cadences the livelong
dny. und u faraway sounding love note
frum the high brunches brought to
mind the line, like uu old refrain
Tlie cole* if lb* turtle wus litar.l In the
Betweon the garden nnd tbe enrringe
gates there wus u fouutuin where a
bronze hoy with the dropsy (but not
minding Iti lived iu u perpetual l.uth
from n green goblet held over his head.
Near by a stouc sundial gleitnicd
against a clump of lilac bushes, und It
was upon this spot thut the white kit-
teu    in'ri "In,,-I   Thomas   Vuurevel   to
Miss Carewe,
I pun tbe morning after her arrival,
having finished her pluuoforte practice,
tun.'lied her harp twice and arpeggloed
the "Spanish Fandango" on ber guitar,
Miss Betty read im. paragraphs uf
"Gilbert" (fur sin- was profoundly determined to pursue her tasks with dii
Igeii'ei, but, the open windows disclosing a world ull sunshine uud green
leaves, she threw the book aside wiih
a g".*d couscieuce and danced uut to
the garden There, coming upon u
fuzzy white bull rolliug luto itself
spirally on a lazy pathway, she poiine-
Sd at It, whereupon the thing uncurled
with lightning swiftness uud fled,
more like a stteuk tln.u a kitten, down
the drive, through the open gates und
lulu the street, Miss Hetty In full cry.
Across the way there chanced to L)
-iroil.ng a young lady ln blue, in*
cumpuiiied by n g.-utlemuu whose lei
■nrely gult guve uu Indlcutlon uf tbe
maneuvering he hud duue tu busteu
their walk Intu Its present direction.
He was apparently thirty or thlrty-oue,
lull, very straight, dark, smooth shaved,
his eyes keeu, deep set aud thoughtful,
mid his high while hat, while satin
cravat and careful collur were evidence
uf au ,].iimi*.in.in of toilet Sinn, uliiit
unusual iu Itotn-u for the moruiug.
Also be was carrying u pulr of white
gloves In his bund and dungled a Blender ebony enne from his wrist. The
flying kllten headed toward tbe couple
when, with a c.-lerlly ouly to be ae-
COUnted for on the theory that bis eye
bud been tiled ou the Carewe gatewuy
fur some lime previous tu this sudden
apparition, the gentleman leaped In
fr .ut uf the fugitive.
The kitten attempted a dodge to pass;
the gentleman was there before it. The
kitten filmed: the geutlemau was altogether too much ou the spot. Immediately, ami Just us Miss .'arewe, flush-
«s| un.l glowing, ran Into the street, the
small uuiiiinI doubled, evaded Miss Hetty's frantic Clutch reentered tl.e gate,
way uud attempted ii disappearance
lulu tbe lilac bus!., - Instead of going
nround them, onl) In tlmt itself, for n
fuiul two isconde, in difficulties with
Uie .lose set thicket of stems.
Iii regard to the extraordinary agility
of winch ihe pursuing gentleman was
capable,   It II  euoilgh   lo suy   that  lis
tuiigbt the cul, TTe em.-> red from th*
lilacs holding It lu one bu V his giovM
ami white hat In the other. ..ml presented himself before Mlsi Hetty with a
breathleSsnSSS not entirely ulliibutabl*
tu his  ,*Xel hul.s.
For a uiiiin, ni. ns she cum.* running
toward hlin und bu met her flushing
luuk, bright with luugbter uud recognition uud haste, be stammered, a thrill
nothing less Uiau delirious sent th*
blood up behind his brown checks, for
l.e new that she, too, knew Unit this
will Ihe second time iheir eyes had
He COUld nut spenk at ouce, but
When be could, "Permit uie, madam,"
be suld solemnly, offering the captive,
"to restore your kllten."
A.l agitated kitten -should not be detained by clasping Its waist, uud already the conqueror was paying for
Ills victory. There ensued a iinni outrageous squirm of d.spulr. Two frantic claws, extended, drew one long red
mark across thc stranger's wrist und
another down the back of his bund to
the kuucklcs. They were good, hearty
scratches, and tbe blood followed the
artlit'i Hues rapidly, but of this the
young man took no note, for he knew
that be was ubout to heur Miss C'arewe'i voice lor the Ijrst lime,
"They say thu host wny to hold
ihem," he observed, "li by ilm scruff
of the neck.''
Beholding his wounds, suffered lu
her oause, she gave n pitying cry that
made his heart leap With the richness
uml -.ii.,-. iie-s of p. .'niching the
kltteu from him, she dropped it tu tbe
grouud In such wise us to prove nature's foresight most kind in cushioning the feet of cnts.
"Ah, 1 didn't want it thut much!"
"A cat lu tin- hand is worth two
nightingales In llie bush," he said bold
ly aud laughed, "1 would .shed morn
I.loud than tlintl"
Miss Hetty blushed like .1 southern
dawn uud started buck from lilm.
From the eouveut but yesterday-und
ahe had tukeu a man's hand lu l.olh of
It was to thin i: .,;,*aii thut th* lady
ln blue entered, following the huut
through tbe gate*.. Where she Hopped
with a discomposed countenance, At
ouce, however, she advanced nud, with
a cry of greeting, enveloped Miss Hetty In a brief embrace, to the relief of
the latter'* confusion. It was Function
Bareaud, now twn yenrs euiunclputed
from Ht, Mary's und far gone lu taffeta. With her lusterful light hair.
ni,s,aii blue eyes ..ml her gentle voice,
as small uud pretty us her tine uud
llgure, lt wus not (uo difficult to Justify
Cralley Dray's characterisation of ber
as one of those vvlmoiue Luggages who
had iiiiule nu nlr of feminine helplessness lhe fushlon of the duy,
•I'm SO glad g'nd!" BXClSlmSd Betty. "You were J'.'at coming to see m.*i
weren't you'.' My father H In the li
briny,   l.et me"
Miss Burenud drew bSCk. "No, no."
she Interrupt.-d luistlly und with evi
dent perturbntlon; **!- ive musl U" on
our way Immediately." She iluw n
glance ut the gentleman, which iet'hiiu
know thut she uow comprehended his
gloves nud why their stroll hud treud-
ed toward Carewe street. "Come at
once," sh.* coniinamicd hlu. quickly lu
an undertone.
"But now thut you're here," aald
Miss Hetty, wondering very much why
be was not presented to her, "wou't
you (vail and let me guther a nosegay
for you'/   Our pausles and violets"-■
"I could help," the geutlemau suggested, wltli tbo look of a lame dog at
Miss Hr r .-:i u,l "1 have been considered useful about .. garden."
"Fool!" Betty did not hear the word
that came from Miss Bnreuud'a clused
teeth, though abe was mightily surprised at the visible agitation of ber
schoolmate, for the letter's face wsi
pale and excited. And Miss Carewe'i
amazement was complete wheu lun
ebon,  i. itl.ii.it mure wurds. cavalierly
"J didn't leant a that much."'
seized Hie gentleman's urm nud moved
toward lhe street with him us rapidly
ai his perceptible reluctance to leave
permitted. But at the gate Miss Ba
reuud turned and called back over ber
shoulder, as If remembering the uecei-
sity of offering an excuse for io remarkable a proceedlug: "I shall com*
again very aoou. Just now we are
upon an errund of great Importance.
Good day!"
Miss Betty waved her bund, staring
after tliem, ber eyes large with wonder. She compressed her lips tightly
"Errand!" This wai tbe friend of
childhood's happy hour, und tbey had
not met la two yenrs!
"Errand!" Sbe ran to tiie hedge,
along the top of which a high white
bat was now seen perambulating, She
pressed dowu n loose branch und culled
ln h tender voice tu the stranger whom
Fnuchoti had eboscu should remall
"IS. sure to put loine salve on your
He m*d* a bow which juit mined
being too low, but did mill lt.
"lt II there already," he suld iod,
losing his courage after the bow, mad*
his speech with so palpabl* a gaip be
fore the latt wurd thul the dullest per
sou ln the world could have seeu thlt
be meant It.
Miss Betty disappeared.
Tba e was a i igi.lily of expression
iboul llie gentle inuuth uf Fancbou
Bui-en ud, which her coiupuulou did uut
enjoy, us they went uu their way, each
preserving an uuensy silence, uutll at
her own door she turned sharply upon
hlin "Tom Vaurevel, I thought you
were the steadiest und now you've
proved younelf the craziest—soul lu
Ituuen!" she burst uut. "Aud I couldn't
say worse!''
"Why didn't you present me to her?"
■iked Vaurevel.
"Ile, .nne I il... -gut a man of your
gallantry might prefer not to fac* a
ahotgun ln the presence of ladlei!"
"Pooh!" mimicked Misi Bareaud.
"You can 'pooh' as much ns you like,
but If ho had seen ui from tbe window"— Hhe covered h.-r face with Ler
bands for a moment, then dropped
them nnd smiled upon him. "I under-
itund perfectly tu whnt 1 owe the
pleasure of n stroll with you this mom-
lag, and your casual Insistence on the
siuidiii.'.ss of i arewe street!" lie laughed ner'vouily, bul her imlls vnulsln
iiiel she continued: "Keep away, Tom.
She is beautiful, aud at St. Mary's 1
always (bought si,.- hnd spirit and wl
too, i only hope Cralley wont see her
before the weddlugl Hut It isn't »nfc
for you. Uu along, now, nml nsk Crul-
ley please ta come at :i this afternoon,"
Thin message from Mr. Cray'i betrothed was uot nli the ill stnrre.1 Tom
conveyed to |li| friend    Mr. Ysprgvel
" Alter my greal wrestling match wi h
I Mellor, ol Slaleybrltlge al lh* Crystal
I'.il,*..*. fngland, lor the Iniematiocul
i .'Hinpnii slii -, I aa. i ova d wilh cuts
■nd bruises. I a pl • d ny l.wu-.lr tw Ol,
/.i, link, and in * marvell usly shoe
time lh* ulir .si.es r nd • ut» were healed
and I was lit and well again. At another
hrr.e I had a pace ol flesh atnu-st 'or..
. o ... I teiy olf nn arm above the rlbow.
I anticipated bring unable o do rnything
wilh l-e arm lo a lo*v tmi; io my
delight, however, Zam-Buk closed up
the wound in two di*ys. In h.ee.avs
ii was c... er, d with ne» ski', an a lew
days after t ete was no trace of lhe
injury. I reconmend Zam-Buk 'or cut*,
Is ui.tr. oi rkn. ni.uriev ol any kind.
Vour* truly,
for al' Skin Injuries & Diseases
Or Iro.u i he /.-on Buk C'u.. Toronto, for
priee. fl bo.o- fnr a" mi
u.is u.**"«",.* '.i ned i. person of
great reserve aud discretion; nevertheless there v. as ou.* uiau to Whom he
told everything, sad from whom b*
had tiu secrets. Be ipeut the noou hour
Iii feeble attempts to describe t" I rel
ley 'irny the outward appearance of
Miss Elisabeth Carewe—bow she ran
like ii young Diana, wbat one felt upon
hoaiing her vnlce, i    i he presented In
himself   llll   ev.'in ;   ,*   , \!ul.ning   solue
thing nf the >*.,s. ot looklug n. bet eves
His converaatlon *ns more or less iu
coherent, bat ihe effect uf it «us con.
(To Ite '' ntin •
Game Dinners  In the Work hours*.
The pauper! in the Mariden, lii.it
land, ".nkl,on-, have been dining tw
pheasants and ii.l.it. [,u isvera!
<l.;     by  lhe |     i    Ity   of   n   .">•«
sportsman, wl ol ths gum*   to Un
workho   e.
Laughing   Cai.
"DO   > "11   -e ■   j-^,    «.. 1(1   MS       1    IV ■•.    s
doctor il ould a     '"* sii * « i
"Certain!) nol Isn't puei.y t Jra.
tu   the   marl..:."
For Coughs
and Colds
There is a remedy over sixty
years old —Ayer's Cherry
Pectoral. Of course you have
heard of improbably have used
it. Once in the family, it stays;
ths one household remedy for
coughs and hard colds on the
chest. Askyourdoctoraboutit,
llu.'..iir ArsrOo . I^wall.
Al.O ai^nufaciurara of
. __._.  S'BSAPiUtHXA.
t\t -v I O i-.i:i* vinoe.
Ayor's Pllla Increase the activity o'
tiio liver, and  titus  aid  recovery.
,.„ %,.,» v-aar'a i».» i» Celebrated ■»
.he Italian Colon*.
l'he little boys ami glrli of Mulberrj
street, on  Sen   Ynrli's ijUSel  ensl  llde,
Itsep their pockets, pursei aud mvlugi
iiiuiics ready for New i'eor's, This is
tbelr great day. Whether or uot the
Aiiiei'lciin s.iiiin riniir. pin onythlns lu
tbelr stockings ou Clu'lstiuusi their own
iinclcs und iiiiuls cannol gel off Wlthoul
slrcllllll   de   enpo   .I'll '   (SOW    Veins
gift),   The sn.-ii.in is couflned to tho
children nod to wish,   ll Is i lv
iriinited i.y the relatives nuil friends of
ibe household on Now year's day, tvbeu
calls and cnngl'ittUlatlOUl nre I" ordor,
"Hiion capo il'iiuno!" i"A *. I bean of
I be year I" i „
•I.,, sn—.. ;i   vol  per cento aunl!
("The  same  to  you  rnr  n   hundred
When the greetlugi nre over lhe
guests "in Ihi treulcd tu vermicelli
isrvod wllh n special ion ol souce aud
-nilinl nud •■ii.ciiii/./.i" prepared with oil
nini icnion Juice Tho th night of Um
Sew Years ii.in.is inni..'- ii"* black
, iyed . hlldrcn luuick their red lips, sud
their time la taken up with dlsouealng
ii as vv,<n iis wiiii making forecasts as
i,, h.,» ii,'!'ii ot .. siieinia Uncle Bo
uud so ni.,I I oiHiii S.i and so Will I'll' lu
his or her little li md before I.•nun*;
The old folki In Italy, too, are think
ing gratefully ol the greal bind beyond
tin* aaai over the wiao sud vermicelli
which ihey havebiughl with American
iiioue.i ii sn,-nu,i is bare only glvon
in children an excel i li made for
the  old   people   l.l   home,   to   u lion,   n
\,*ii *i e.n ^ gift I- sent thi t four
ueel.s in mil.nne so as lo lea, ll lis de
Ihi.in.ai ru Utile loi   llie meal  religious
and civil holiday, Ths Mulberry str	
banken do a msii ng buslines In cap i
,r.nni" leuiiiinii.*.-•    n.*» ".'.ii. Herald
A   Pointnr  ler dndeei.
The lulvcirnic of   Prons Bowo-
kowski ii tbt »ubkel nl an Jnteroat-
l,,s slur) in the Zeltgel I. Rowoskl
„,,s tiriostsd in Will-in- "i*'1 pharged
with   hiivili*,*   .  'iini. Ited   ii   crime    ,,
which hs said h« irs ulltless. At
ib,.  henrine  witm Id   ihiu    ne
c.niniitted ths deed * ml he was
p "inpilv oonvieti * rwo weeks later
l,o win' bwuglu I" court again, oo-
loi'iliiig  to    I I"    "f  '"-' ll""1'
to heal' the "n      i       "    ""'    M'""
i,'in''."    It. i  B"inii    i irl    iw
a.'ieoil   to   . |i n ics   "Mil     "li-
othei   im om ■ '.'  ilomonstrate
to tin* iuiii-'i- acl " nh hon easy it
mis lo punn-h nn inln >"H' i'"1"' '•*'
elan Zluny. wW whom.lie •>■ "'-^•■• •
places,    bad  herfn u.   asod   pl  tliell,
,,,,i when r t ""<<>■■ ivai oallecl Bo-
wokowski eanifl lorwnrd A woman
looked ni the i" oat ■ undswors Unit
„. ni,   ii*,* ■■ tlbrit,   ilthough  be ap-
l„'„ie,l ",111,'v.li. •   ' ■ ilei Hen li      "
when .-Ic   aw   bin  I I       ••""''
iiiiii.-   ■■ ' *
when In   i *   ■'    id        '        li''1' '"'
-„iii,l  i.r     ii '■ 'uin    . ■■I'l.n I  the
ituiition    Th* In he prlaoners
..  nni told,  I.ui. ths  ..ni''.    recom-
,;,.i,,i    the K. .* * I.".. I i   ' aee to the
. ,,||.el,"   n   "I   jtl'll"' -   tvllO   llslell   to
,i iti	
| Mlnsrd'l Linimint lor tal* iv«rywliere
The  Ni'"   Vorli ***** " I
li ii   inklu|  ni iee  sud  Oantlli
.   r.e    •   "*
It*    in'l
Religion ■ ''' '""     '"
■ in
Do«fn«»a   ot    .1     Ve«ra     St«,nli,n     l'l"
tl ,. I, ,1    I ..lil.l.      p."'In. •-     .ieiifl.e.a      In
 .1     .'i.iu    II,*"    0  il    "I    I"
■ ■ io • t'n»...l*. »»* .l.nf for li rean Ir"..*
.'alarrli All Ira-nl nia-n.» falM I*, re
I,,.,,,     in     ienew*i   Catarrhal    Powder
• :,,.  hi*. ', i.i in in,, ity, mil l» • i.-r,v
ll.irl    will*..    111.    il. utile I    I, f.    lorn     >*..
• ml,       It   mil   ll"  us   no., I.   f"r   v„...    in
. a-111 -.     JJ.
It (• alio .i i,-.
Cou»h   Pill   liken   In  ro,*!„».,,„.  I
,'NflP.LL    **Th.  Qr.al   C.u»  ,1
m.,.l"    <• «oo».tl.a'->,.,,„,„       'J
cun for li G,,|,,„       1
80I.I lav *H D.„tl    „',
The   WILSON - mt   co.,  t,
—  — ■
Tho Liter-1 Chlni 1
- 1   lind often  1 • j|
|US    '     Ol  I'"   I 'll III
I   I" I .'lllll.   ill
"le*    nni'.*  '     ■ ai
lllivel     Mlll'll/lln :
leweli 1 '.•     io.:.    io i.n.   :l
1 n     I ie      1 .
UpOn    .*.     pie. e    "I     I
Hie  lm.   Wben   ..>.* Mikado  ■■-»• '"
l.et   I e   ail   ft   u't loek.
tjitiiint  iiml  ,111 ions  New   Vear cm-
1 s exist in Japan, wher* tits 1st of
January commence! with a religious
festival celebrated *t .". i.. the morn-
lug, ai lies inn,* in,* mikado, dressed
in Jai'iiiiose coatuma, proceeds from
ihe palace, followed by Ms deputies ar
ruled in um 1,-ni siii d tl..- forelgu
diplomats lu regalia dress    iu* enters
:i small  building  or temple, prostrates
himself to ii.*   '*..* 1. weet, nortii and
south,   nml   Sll   present   jicny    for   lhe
prosperity **i il *• nation
Later nt a ceremonial bree_fael ths
emperor nud empress receive then*
family and court for three hours, ibe
room- in-iiig thronged. At u..- expiration of tbat tlma the teal year Ugius.
and 11 formal luncheon is served irom
which each gnesl is expected to lake
a cup and saucer as .. souvsolr
Among   th,*   people  tbo  earth   and
i.e..!en an- pi".'Hinted n.v oflferlngs of
rice    and     le.elaliles.     n,i,|     strips     of
red paper are pastad on tbe .loom ns
:. sign of good lu, I, This color Is uned
exclusively    lave    in    CaaCS    "here   11
death   baa  occurred   within   a   y.-ur.
1 when bias papen is used Instead "f
red      The day   ends   with   people  still
siitfltingVneh other and attending u.e
plsys at tba tbeater*, where gorgeous
robes .md mouolnnou*! lolces sre the
ng   feature*     Sew    Voik
T-int-d   Monf".
Tli,. Lie t..iiinig ear bad ju-t whis-
.* 1 1,, with 11 inai like 11 gigantic
ocket, and Pal and Mike turned h
natch 11 (liiappeai In a cloud •>(
I linn ehui  wagons   muat  eoal  u
llllic BV  C.-li." sin,I   Mike        "The  llcll
ly  Inn inn'  11101..;.
" In'   l„r   Ilu*   -liiell   uv   It,"   sinff'-.l
• •     ii nn -t b* iiioi tainted money
,1,. ,1,, i„. hearing' w much ..hoot
Buoeeis Mapaxina
Silt   Rhaii.*.. Tetter,  ttt.tn.    Tl.e«c dl«
•1.     in/  ..1,111  ,li., a.,--  r. 11»-»a-.l  bj   .-lie  uf
pit.Ul.,-.,       I I     Aaruew  I  l.llltilir'il   I"   A   pel
•ni   pur*  fnr  all  rrui>ti>'>.«    "'   '">'  "i"!
Isine.   Iil.-t.ll.    Wllkr.l mra-.   M   s l'"i
ii.ii,   hui.  1  m,,- diaflgarM  with   i..'-.
"I*    11,,     1,1,11'.        I.r.    ASI.e* «     I'.iilmrn.
mi-.I   n        Jr.  i*e...«     31
lion, "Hong,  K m
lb       IS I.IT.l.v. "I
l started    lo loav.
cliini..nnn called
lor  11 deposit      I   I'nii*  him Tl
uml nnili.* 11 nots
mi  iiliiili   I   IiiiiI   ui."
in-, nplioii      When   I
• p 1 in.* next day il  un- ,,
ill   the   tiowl II
I'm.I   T.'i   cellls."
Minard'*  Liniment Cm.. OiphJ
Count   I'm.11 'in.note,   ol   justice,   llletnl | .,  .
olerty from Invading th.   i
sivl    ....tin..ity "    ll.
"lei     liyllts    ot       tl..
inii*. been weakly
The   lla.hu,h>   N. ,t.   1
lie Iplenl    l.irtn   nf   i.1 l,i,
If    MtUcMd,    -sill    ,1, ,,     ,
• li.l    'llslre-allii;    ill...,
1 tone   1,'dnnia     (re,,1    ,
I n.'f'ec. the "baeharha
IlialltlttlM       <<|     ills, H   • .
(idoei   .'ur,* itopi ' ii
' «...i ran*   K).
= ! Wor
lei.   leai'a  nn   .lie   ,.„„aL..
To know  n Ie thei one will oiitl.ie the
- :i]nio>i mn*.e.sniiy rsgarded as
.1 icry deelrsble piece of knowledge
nni 1.1 acquire it tbe men nml women
"f  '. iiereut nations resort to various
stratagems io . uinpel fnle lo stnn.l uud
deliver.    The   .livelier   ly   tl.e   Unuges
Ugius 11 tiny rusii candla and tiv>*» it
i ol board, which bs
ii nlels   of   Hie   sailed
-tieaiii. if it remains -.light until he
eau . *iiui T77. ii.,* perfect number, be
regards hi- prospects as good for the
.i.*..r 11 il goes out the omen I* unfa
rorsble. Be gin*- himself tbe benefit
of expedition, to -. im* Instead <>f ...nni
Ing in prosaic fashion—one, two, Hirer.
r,ur ii. Hie,,i,i si„iv style, be counts bj
leaps nnd bounds the. len, fifteen,
twenty,   twenty five,   thirty   nud   thus
takes advantage of tbe flickering caudle and fluctuating wave and lucremes
in- length ol dais by tbs gllbnees of
ms tongue   Pittsburg 1 'ress
II,*   Vou're letting youi  bal ruin.
Bhe Well, it- an old hai. and I
I., hate lo w* 1  11...  nee  umbrella
State of "1,1,.. t'lly of T»l*4o.
Lucas County.
K.ank J ' l>.*".*i maker nalli ilia, he
la arm,,, 1 < ,r nf ihe tlitn of F J
Cli,*.n 1   A   t 'Imi*  tjuslneaa .1,  .lie city
of Toledo ...unly a.el ■slate aft>«raai.(
are! it,a. sou tu in -aiii i«y lha iun of
ONE MUNORKO I *", I. VUM for »a. h ana
eieri .is, ,,f 1 'it 1 n rr ta thai * atilml be
ctii.-l hv (h„ uae ,,l lull a .'„.„,in . "ura
S»..rn 10 hWme me and aul'*" 1 IIm-,1 te
0 prroeoe* Una ttlli di> „1 Ih-<*einU«r.
A    I'    l-so A    IV    .il.KAS, IN.
<»-al  . Notary   P11I1II0
Halls rntanh f'ur» la Ink.,, Internallv
an-l sell li.,,'1. ,„i tiie tti.MHi an.l mueoua so, (,,•.* ,.r 11,., a,ai.in Ucnd foa
leatlliroorale  f.e-
f J  CHRNKT   A  <*D,  Toledo.  O
H..I.I   In*   "11   l-i'mglata.   T   1
Take Halls Knmilv Pllla for cnatlpatlon
Vrehbishon •    nn m   ol si   Louie,
. ii- -,*'i lo the
lal    . ml    family   In ltd,     lepie-iitiii*.'
I,,- ino-i  " tendency "I th.
li  1   'iiiieril     "I     the
fl, I
il    1
It    •
1111 I- A Punishment    Pain i- i
as)  "1  nature again*)  uegteil  o
bodily  l.eiili*,   agalnsl    ear.
rekardins 'I"' phyaical condition
1, ..1-  iu at  ii.,* in-i  opportunit)
I.- .ii a ii.iii. ..ml
■ Ml...*-   dllll.-lilt    to   ejtd    It
Thorns     1    ■.•in* Oil m ill .Inv
in in lai     Pain cann. t
when i( i- o-e,i, bul imi ■ li
Hies    nun'.
Sneli*  tin  friend  in    i—ii
Well,   mi,I   Imw'.   I.i
Friend   Splendid
•III  I    eV.'ll   get    IIIV    ll  ■ ||   tl,
time     Ji.i.1  see wim'   I
It'- my hieaklH-t nl veal
Theie   can    b •   a
1,1.1     1...     I..Or I
u.li on., opinion
"i M. ih. '..ii.-   .*.
..     |.  .       t.    -,11.
Hi ih ip Poll..
tn in   Crapaey, lli
clergyman ol an)
-It    • i'i    Oi    I r.i lu   '
il  i I'et-olllll     bun
In* witli.liiiw   Irom   •
1      ..  cured  * i  i
MIN Mil' - I I.MMl
Chatham, Onl
I   »ns    cure I
mi:>    \\    H    '"liv
Walsh, nm
I   a,-   . ind    nt  1 N
MIS W.l> -   I i*.
I'mk,hile. (Inl I 1
\  wrili 1   in  tl a  Hibbert    Journal
■ - ths 1 1 ol n substitute ("r
hi.    ..iniii. Hi.nk.ng    tht.l   iln*   time
in- come lor s iion-Chti I Ian tl
I ni. I.       He   In.,Is   fault   with   t 'tins-
ninny because iu doetrinea, ha sajra,
ie ethicall) obsolete
dinard'i   Liniment   Curat   Garget   in
Waiehlaa  Uie 01.1  tear om.
Watching the old year oat hns been
n .'.iiim.m custom in many lands,  in
mosl countries it sssumss with tbs ss
liOUS llllll.led lhe phase uf devotion     III
many countries where Hum.in Catholicism Is the prevalent form of fnllh the
year is begin, with midnight masses.
Among the Oreek Catholics tbe sulic*
usage ine* .,:- it declined la tbs
Church of England, but was revived
ny several .-i tbe dissenting bodies, the
watch night of tba Melho.llsls being
merely s modification of the mice gen
••mi practloe, Among tba convtvlsily
acllaed, however, watch eight i» tak*
'•II anything bUl seriously. „i,,| the new
year is welcomed with inch signs ..r
rejoicing as to nne win, ,11.1 aol under
-Inuil ll.c* CUStoma would seem lo Indl-
I ale Hint all  11,111  wete lierlllilj   tired of
existence nnd glad to s.*.. tbelr years g..
by lis speedily  ns possible
Tlt«*  Ti.r.|n*,..-
'll.e iiir.|uo'se ,1.
I   -iviml   inclining    I
Called iH-CUUsa-  tie*  in
fi.un.l   I.i   Tuck, v      II
• Sillies     IU     Ih-eeliil-*: '     fill   ""
turipiols,-. y.u. need .*
falling  off   a   high   pin. •     "'"' ■
poaren of ti..- soar.
preserve Its «•*'■•.  <      ■ . ■
I ul    I Innrra
Itnlph Connor,the Manitobaprea-ah*     ...
1. has [osl Issued   snothei  voli '    Pkrmett miU keep fr.
tiled  "Tli..  Doctor."        million   tf the eada aea dipped
inl   1.   half  of   In-   I ll-   have     I,.*, 11    .'.nidi.,  ends   rn; 1    I-    *
Cray's Syrup
Red Spruce Gum
For Coughs and Colds.
W     N     U.    No     i.n,
the   I lia.   ,.,,.,..,,,    \,w   Yritr'a   DflV'
. Hi',nr sole, ted the feast of .Iiiniis
lbs tWO fined god of nni. us the Jem's
r.Tcul mil..- .■•lone, because thS statue of
ihis god  s,,i 1  t„ look  ha.'I;  Intu the
pasl   iiiiii   forward   Into  tbs   future;
lieuie 011 New Vein's day We ..le still
paying trlbiiie to a heathen gad. Prior
to tin* reform of lhe ealoudar the It..
iiiiiii- observed ihe i-ist dny of Decern
' tbe winter solstice, us the begin
ning of tbo year, This date and tbe
summer s.,isii,,., the 21si of Jane, si
well ns the vernal and autumnal eqnl
noetlol changes In March sud Bopteni*
'.el*, hnve .oliii' Iii for Bnl pin,,. In 11,,.
'.ir nl i.'iri.iiis times in lhe history of
ll.e World,
1      — •* ••*- ■
< lil'Ul.iMta   lu   I.uiiui.
Christmas was celebrated in Quam
hint yeur lu tl! lime American style iis
tin* possibilities ..I' Uu* situation would
permit Qrfiei lutaresl wns taken by
the Americans in celebrations for the
native children,   A number of enter
tSlOmentS were provided. A f.'iitm.r
wus n Hunting Christmas tree, ning
nlflecntly .lecornle.l. which was piirnil
ed tbrongb the streets ..f Agans drawn
by six plumed mules with costumed
mil riders und preceded by n uatlve
band nud from which santa t/hnw dis
trll.iiteii nbtindiuice of good eheer.
A Helping Hand
To Women
There li help for every womin who lufferi from headache, Uii*
nesi, depression, backache and other ailments during tho" ""■"
when Nature makes a heavy demand on her ttrength ami vitality.
Every woman should take
to help her through these trying periods and to keep ilw ■*'• *"'"' '
a normal and healthy condition.    The girl just entering  " ,'"■'.
hood, and those ol maturer years, find equal brin-fit from Beecnaffl"
Pills.    Taken at the first sign ol deraiiKement, they K<vc   " "H'
assistance.   Resd the ipecial direction* lor women wilh evsrj o■'*■
Sola avarywhera In Canada and 11. S. Anarlca.   In boaca as ctnli
Cause of
Headaches _gj;__j-:g
You muii look well afler the cor.
of your liver snd bowsls. Unless t!>«"
is daily sciion of the boweli, P0,s0h"!x
products sr* sbsorbed, ciusmf mm
scbes, biliousness, oiuiei, iy.ptf"
nuine liver pi»»-
Li ■    ■■"
A  Ret.iinisrar.ee   of tha    Many    Pleasures    ot    a    Short
Vacation   Spent Amid   the Gloria*, ol  the  Canadian Alps.
(Contributed   by   ll.  VV,   Doorman.)
«0car Mother
The mantle oi night lind scarcely
enveloped the busy ue-iein met...-
ipolll  One'evening     early   in    \ugu-l.
when  the   writ.-i   .-...seun I    himsell
miugly In n ('.  I'   It   lift •■lass co-acl.
StO be Wllirh-'l nei.*.- Iln- vu.-l pinnies
nl the Canitiluiu \\.-l lo enjoy a
brief respite   I."...   ll.e  .linly   <.<in.il   in
; a first visit t.- ilmt piovinee , t mountain splend.n uml iiiuiilii,iis M'ciiic
beauty—Brit 1.11 ('nliinibiu      With Unit
portion ol tin' . iiinii; iiuveisud bo-
it ween Winnipeg und llie Moiinliiiiii,,
moat of tho,,,* ulio 'inni,, io .'iin tins
, In iel narrative, will, m, . I. ,n I .t. I,, already iamili.ii, and Iheieloie il is
* necessary t I"' bm piis-inc mention. At thnt inn.' oi y,ni. however,
and in a yen which lm nliunilnnt
bnrvest bids fan to •-.* 111..,- nny thing
on record, the sight ..1 so ninny immense at rel. li.-. ,,| 11 j,, -111. i jl- grain
waa one eiilculiile.l I" unphiiil a
spirit ol pride nini -all -tint |.,|| in Hie
breasts of nil wim enn dnnl, in (lie
Vie*  and  level   lli  l .-ll.-.-l ■,>■,   upon   the
illimilabln pos-.il,ilm,-. ,,i .,*.-1 n <<11>..-
al development   in  n  count iy  ol   '.inii
huge area* ol soil  ol  unitiiiless far*
tilitV. Indeed, theie is small 1*0001
to doubt thai   Uie  eight   hundred  odd
IllileS   Of   pi nil H-    coveted    III    llie    llll,
te the toot  ol  ll.e  Ho, lie  iill  	
day ap'-eai us it wen* nn uiiluol.cn
field ol waving gram a gloitoiis tn
bute   tO   tllllt    wealth   ol    hei Huge      I.
which we i.i-* I'loinl t<> lay iIiiiiii today.
But whii Iwellmg l.u a moment
upon the conai.leratioir ..I the almost
unbounded -stretches ol gnun H.-I.ls
there I* another factor, unit Unit i.
potent one, in th.- .level.ipment m
Weatern Camilla,   which  must   not   be
lOSt   eight   <>(.   I.ll'i    Ullil    I-    the    c.ltll.
industry. <.|»* needs bul a pimsing
glimpse Of tin* vn.-l hei.Is of cattl.
and flocks >.l .-.h.-e|. lhat dot the Innd-
seape, to obtain a pretty a,'.'urate
conception of ilu- important pan
played by tin- branch ,.| lius',,anili\
in our count iv s upbuilding i.n.* mav
Bee aa many   a    ten  thousaud  in one
fl<)Ck   Of   Sll'*'  P.     While    bllluls    of    .llt'ie.
many  hunli> <!--   stioiig,     are   lm   iiii
common sight, und nunc linoU-conditioned si "lie could hardly wish
te cast ey>* upon, l.ui tins ih m. cause
for   won.lei    when     th,*   i.oumlleca
stretches "I that most iiutntiotis of
pasturage Western Itunch Ursa!
are taken mt" •■•..i-1.1,■ i nr i..t, k.»iu
Moose Jaw i.. r.ilgmv ■ •■••in-, one vu-t
cattle range, lm! with tlie advent oi
irrigation lu.'iliti.*- it i.- -..ii* :■ pi'
diet that tli** gin/nig mens will in ii k.
way for the plough, .ultivato. uml
By   the   nine   I'algniy     is   reached.
and even I..*!".-* thai, .. iiell-deflned
VieW  Of  til'*   lt0Ck.CS   Is   llllll. and   iwifl
ly rolling on one wake- almost as n
were from .. u*verie, so rapid, il not
almost   in-i n t.i nn .- euis   tin
tranaitioii Irom prairie to mountain
environni* .- i* iind ! li m 'livery pre-'iu f th  aiie-iiispiiiug
llionarel.s   Il.llt   people   a-   il   wen*   the
Pacific in.., no*.-     T     vilui   Ins*
spent an-i of hn hie mi tin* plains
the sensnli.ii in tn-t gar.ing upon
lliose anouiiliiii. giants is certainly a
peculiar -ie Tin- t'.iiii-r experi-Hiees
alternate! ., -.ii~.* ,,f houndlees admiration     .111      !'    feeilllg    "I      l-l'stnlll
pleasure il.ni -ecin to paralyse ..11
power* "I speech mnl leave him
tranafltel with astonishment Adjectives have >i"t yel been manatee-
tured  thai   will   begin   to   envey   at
adequate   idea     ol   tli ncnilicei.ee
and aoaj.-i.e erai.deui ..( th..-.-   lofty
*110W-Ca|'|'*"l       peaks    111        toweling
height* * ii every hand seem to penetrate  the   very   ,1 1-  and   < 1.■ Iv   Ini
man Ulinmie ol iias ami slutud*
One of tie most striking feature* In
connection with this sea ol wottdsi
is the t* inriikiil.le putiiy and trans.
perancy "I »i.1«-i uluUi'U-r seen, while
there se<*in- a very legmn •>( springs
bubbling lorth lip, I ll the devices
along tl -•' portions nl the 1.:,-•■- ol
the mouiilnnis that ate visible to the
naked >•* ■ •■ First yon will see a little ■Ham trickling tin.nigh .. small
cleft ia iiu* lock t" wind it- almost
trackless conne through a myriad of
email pn. mil ferns ami empty itself in r nn' ii 11 p 111 i.i Hood , ot. again.
you jftlcb night, lar up the rocky
steep, t.i some rushing torrent, !>••! bj
lly   inexhauslilile   snows     nn.l
glactds, leaping tuilnileiitly Irotu
crag to    tag in its Impetuous haste
to DM Its level 111 olio of the Illllliy
lake* *" , "tistiintly ill new. (•( the
glories in,I wonders <>( the many
planes'" "I interest along the tout.'.
seeh * liuiift. l.iigu-i.n. Kiel.I. Ole-
der, et*    loo much osoinot la.   said.
ilt the i-ieiitest tribute to the weallh
Ot k-eeuiy and scem-iy i- found in llie
eter^pcienung number* ot tourist!
fromavciy .iiiiii ter of the globe that
ale OtBtywbete sen and tax to their
limit ft capacity the resource! ot oc-
ui .on ,.i th,. inni v superbl]
e.l hot.*!, uf the 0. P. K nud
epletion all the privately own-
la along tlie runic throughout
ire s.-aHon While the lakes
^^^^ loads, Ibe hot springs, and
the mAm glacier fields nlwnys cum-
mend a protracted visit, there are
olher i interesting  sights  that
ahould   ii"i   I."   un *,l      nili   lor  in-
i  Ins "The (ireal  Divide,"  wheie
a smell stream is seen   gently .les-
Canding    tin-   llloniltulll    side,      nnd   ele
it roaches the railroad track dividing
into 4rnti small rivulets, the one to
f^^PlilK n iinclity rivet thai will di
i pouring ita waters into the I'n-
ean. the other to How eastward
rthward with ever-Increasing
I. till it Iiml. Hs millet in linn's liny. Or take, again, some
great engineering feats in the
ctn.i. of tliiit necessarily mosl
of lines Ilmt runs from
run i« se...   It is not sufficient
lie     path   nl     the   iron     steed
Ik*   hewn     out   of   tho     solid
bul   it  hns at  limes    to    he
...-loss  sonic  hu rent     rushing
■.Is ..( feet below,   iin.* <.t the
interesting ..ml withal    nerve-
g i oh ui construction li that
wesl   ol Glacier   where   Oie
ol  tho  line  III crossing  n deep
^^^^   takes  lhe  shape ..I  lhe   letter
i-'gi' .i.i,rn  several   times,   al   mi
ing altitude,   the same   rapid
..   and   ultimately    leaving  the
at  iiii elevation mnny  f.-et hc-
nl al  which il entered,    Again.
IW nt such pirn-els lis the Kicli-
"ise ('nny..n, wilh  lis four tun-
be aeen nl one und lhe same
and Roger's Pass, with itn Irein-
h praties, and glimpses ol many
shing twists and liirnannd enr-
ung lhe route, will all serve to
green   In    the  memory  of    the
r n trip thnt ahnundi in    Iln
paralleled scenery und thrilling (eats
oi engineering,
Ai Bioumous Junction n dlvergenee
mis made to visit the far-famed Okanogan   Valley,   uml    little  could    nne
realise what a glui-toui surprise wns in
store. This is without n doubt nne
of   the   loveliest  spoil   ill   nil   Britiah
Columbia, while it is not ton muah i,>
sny then* i, no fruit raising area onl
lhe continent thut will oomparo with
ii  i.n  fertility ..I soil, abundance ol i
yield nml quality ol product,   M	
over, tlien  is u peculiar charactei ol |
climate here not Ui b.*  foui d ej -•
whera frui >ast to const.   Even extremely hoi us it  tinnly wn, while
the writei mis there, Ihere was yet
that dryness and buoyancy In the nn
lliataeemed lo neutralise the intenill)
of   III.'   heal   nml   lellllel    It   even   ior l.e
able; nmi this ,'liiiiutic Iciitinc  is  iin
more noticeable te a peraon    aocu
t.lined lo the enervating sffeot ■.! heal
in  a  naturally  humid    atmosphere,
llniing iicvoi spent n winter in Ilu-
eli.'lianlllig     valley,     we   accept     the
statement that ..  Ireeslns    tempera*
inie ii seldom experienced, and then
it is only   iii veiy short   durst	
vei> little snow falls, while the Ink.-,
hi ih.* placid surface oi which (or
dayi at a lima hardly a ripple muy
!,.* seen, never freeses. Whut wonder, Ihen, Unit so many newcoineis
are establishing homes in tins district wii'-.e climate perhaps more
thnn anything else conduces io greatly in perennial pleasure and comfort :-
Bhortly nftei   leaving tlu* main line
U.e mountains seem to   recede from
view, like mists before the rising sun,
uml gradually diminish in slxe till
ilt the hen.I of tin- lake, they assume
iiHue the contour uml ..ppi-uiano- nl
hills ,,I average rise. Around Vernon
and north t.. Armstrong, lying to the
north "I tin* hike, then* is a magnificent sttetch of tolling country where
immense crops ol grain nn.l fruit are
annually harvested, and where ini-
gallon is available it li no uncommon thing to cut foul clop, of hav
01   dovei   in   the   same  ye...       \  visit
to  the  extensile   llllll   lllll,*,I   'they  call
them  ranches, nol orchard*)   estab-
I.sh...i mill Wi iiiiii by Lord tberdeen,
affoiils ons "I the moal pleasing tpec
tlicle,    to    Ik'    fOUnd    llll.VV.ll      Ill    the
country Here .nny I,* seen to whal
.i,'gi,*,* oi perfection (rail culture can
I"-     developed     With     till*        Illli     1,1     skill
and ,eiei.ee mid modern lacllities nml
ihe co-operation "I Dame Nature m
hei   ni'-l   gen,-loos     , I.   and    on.*
cm.   leinliiy   iind.-i-Inlul  Inm   it   is the
product! ol thia ranch have attained
su.-l. a -.votId-wide reputation.
At Okanagan Landing the writ-
■*i embarked on the C I' li
-I, aim-. "Aberdeen" lm Peachland,
ihe point ol destination, and tha
memory otthe pleasure! **i thii most
■inoj nt.!.. portion ••( the trip will svei
remain l.nke Okanagan i- .. lovely.
transparent iheel ol watei   some in
mile, long nnd nv.-r■i.ing two to
three m width, and i- literally learn,
ing wirh ||,h nl the genu, tmut In-
||«*.*.|.   flailing    111   the   lake   OS   well   il -
in the creek* that skin it, shore af-
(,u,|, constant occupation to mnny
who Illlike it H SOUrOS Ol livelihood,
while the iiiiinteiir devot I Hue nnd
rod will imi his Blyainm withineon-
itanl i.ach in almuat any portion "I
Un* vallev Aftei leaving the Landing the in-' porl    i .'.iii wa- Kelow.
.....   Whl'll   elll"!-   ll   most   |,n*tui-,.|ue
locution   ou  a   large   ~tirt.li   ul   Is acl.
land on U astern shore- oi   tho
Ink,*      Ihi-  lhiiving  town   is   situated
in u.e heart <>t a famous frail
lion snd is acquiring ever-increaaing
notorial)  i,.i   tin* quality and quan-
nn ol the product* snnually export*
From Rslowns Is a short run ol
some fifteen miles to Peschlaud, the
limit     o|   oui   lake    trip      lhe    fit-t
glimp f Peachland nestling on the
weatern shore ..f tbe lake i- sagged-
ine oi thai peace snd contentment
that even  appeal   so stronglj   ta th*
jaded   eily   slave,   while   Ilu*   physics)
surroundings ol the district sis-m lo
have i.een designedly constituted by
N ut in ■• I,, nfioid mm ol the most
cliuitning landscape! ths >-yi. could
wish i" rest upon    Itut then* Is n
material   chaini   to  this  district   that
is dmlv forming a still greater nt
traction.     Peacnland, n<   its name
-iigte-t-, is essentially a peach-rale*
ing district, and in ilu* production ol
this peerless "f (nuts it stands unrivalled III (■anada today. This sec-
lion, though of coii.parativ.-ly recent
settlement, already Is.nsts of many
hearing ranches, and the writei picked (ruit Iroin frees in theii fourth
yea. that would nveiagei.t len-t tl.iee
cases ,,| |ieaches to the lice, l.nd snvv
as   much   as    one   thousand     dollars'
srorth of nmt gathered Irom hss
than two hundred flve-year-old trees
And   such   peaches!     WS   had   .level
lasted imn with such a peculiar!)
luscious, mellow flavor—eo different
to the Insipid, green-picked apologies
foi  peaches one frequently limis sx<
posed (or sale  in ccuties li.l   removed
fiv.ii. ih nc- oi production.   And
it Is uot alone in the Musing of
peaches   thai     I'eacliliiinl   lull   SXCCl,
(oi   Ihere are inlay   In lhal  dlitriot
thousands of  trees "I  all othei   kinds
..I Unit yielding equally large crops,
while roots and vegetable! seem lo
Uml in tins Intensely rich noil all
that makes lot perfection ol growth
ami development. This mei. ..I trull
land is i.y n,, menus confined to
Peachland;    already vast   tracts in
Hiitiiineihiii.l.     I'eiiticlon     mul     els.-
wh.*..  the Ink.-, when- Irrigation
lacllities are possible, are being rap-
Idly cleared ami planted, uml Ilia
tunc i. not far distant, when lhe
Okanagan Valley nill form a mater.
iai   lm lm    in   Un*   supplying    ol   the
markets ..( the Cenadlan West with
Your little one. ire • conaanl can is
Kail and Wmi-, wuihtr. Th*y will
catch cold. Do you know aboul SniloK'i
Consumption Cute, thu Lung Tonic, and
whal it lia. done lu. ■•> muy } It is -aid
to be tbe onlv itliabla .Miedy for all
dimies of the air passages in children.
his absolutely luimlcii and pleasant to
take. It is guaranteed to rule o. youi money
is returned. The purr it 25c. per boltle,
aad all dealers ia medicine tell 514
This .ensedy ihould be ia c«iy liousehold.
nil varieties of fruit.
Afler a brief sojourn In I'enehlaiid,
w ■ rejoined the main line at Bica-
in..us Junction   to continue   on   to
lhe const, nn.l soon weie iignin ttav.-i-
■ -111 tu  a   wealth  of lake nud mountain
* pi.-i.dor, shortly to emerge Into 1. magnificent  stretch ol  ranching country
leaching   out   for   many   miles   iu   all
directions, with a distributing eentr.
iu tin flourishing nnd pioturesqui
town "i Ksniloops. Innn Salmon
Ann clear to Ashcroft, on sithei aide
ol the lim*, in,* h...*u many attruc
live hoin.'s. I,, the establishment oi
wliii'li mixed farming, under most
Isvorabl nditlona,   has   evidently
ulayed  no mean part.    Ileic. too.  11,
iind    that    irrigation    li    l>< mini
n strong factor In itircessful agricul*
lure, and huge clops have lieen gin
li.i.'l wherever an unlimited watei
supply   was  available to develop thril
latent wealth <•( soil so ooramon in
these mountain regions.    Prom Ash
emit   on   toward   th nst   we   again
passed through niiine.on, rugged
mountain defiles, whore railroad uml
rlvei seem aonatently vying foi th.
lighi-oi-vvuy. though ooiiilderable ax*
pauses 1,1 comparatively open coun
try   me   seen   west    ol     AgBStlz,     at
which point theie is a veiy interest
lug  and extensive experimental  (arm
operated by the Dominion Government.      Perhaps the most attraetivi
sight   between   here  nnd  Uip  OOSat   is
tin* magnlflcenl view had oi Mount
Baker, in Washington, rearing hs
twelve thousand odd feet ol rock ami
glacier  Inr  into the clouds.
(in leaching Vuncouvei, tlie let.*
lures ol paramount Interest, alter a
protracted   residence    so  many  mil,*.-
Inland, were natbrally, the ocean and
Its commerce, Tlie sight ol 'he nes
at all times mouses n plessureablc,
evlni.iiiiinig sensation, and one nevei
seem* to nre m the eontemplation ol
the    Woleleis    ol    the    deep    llll.l      11.6
study ol iin* Important part the ocean
play* in the commerce oi the world,
so freely Inatanoed on even hand in
ile-  countless  varieties ol  merchant
ctuII      Alter   indulging   in   a   dip   in
Uu- briny and enjoyina the sights ol
Vancouver foi u cuuplo ol de) •
which, .*( curse, included a visit t,
Ue*  liii-liiin.-l   Stanley  Park  and    m.
inspection ol ita mammoth tnee, wt
ship|s-.l on the Princes, Victoria loi
Victoria That is, without a doubt
one of the Unset ilouting palaces svei
engaged In the paisengei traffic ol
the ocean, It i~ fltted with even
unHleiii convenience, lias exquisite
cuisine, mid is elaborately furnished
in perfect tame nnd style, and afford.
ai.oti.ei fnatanoe ol the magnlflcenl
-cab- upon winch anything undei
taken i*y the c. i* it 1. .-aiii-.t oul
The l»eautio-  ni the tup to Victoria
on a day of perfect culm ami cloud
less linuanieiit. mth a clear |h*is|„,
live  "I   th,*  gorgeous  island  seener]
that  linen the route. Cannot  easily  l»
described, and wordi can only con
vej but a fnini conception -d ih>
pleasure experienced Th<- "Princess'
trsveraea  lhe (.nil    ol  Oeorgia,  and
entering the Qeorgis stunts winds itP
'•ours,- through myriad, ,.( lovelj islands nml sandy ban down Into thi
Straits "t Juan de Fuea, ami. rounding the soiitlurnino-i point Ol Van-
COUVM   Island,  OOTOM lo anchor  in n
l.nibui of natural beauty at the verj
Ihreahold ol one rl the lane-t cities
01   the   Pacific.     And  lien-   it   1-   that
Nature seemi to have been most lav-
ish of hei gifts, foi theie nbound 11.
and around Victoria many ipota ol
great scenic beauty the charma ol
which beggar description The phy-
ileal formaiion ol the dialricl 1- decidedly hilly but fnun th.- tunny am-
inenoes may be obtained noma .•.
ths most delightful view- ot laland
and sea, p.omontoty and bay, mui
lull and dale Indeed, s., fascinated
was tin- writei with Uie extreme natural beauty on every hand thai he
was very loath to terminate nu all
to,, hhoit   n  stay mid commence    the
journey homeward, to iigum entei ths
arena ol tlmt hustling   activity  i.n
which our prairie capital is noted,
Tlie morning ol August tli" lix-
tenth found our party trudging, grip
in   hand,   down   to   the  tihoif   where
iish-ai anchor the Princess Vlctoris,
liesh from her Seattle trip, to mingle
wltli tin- throng of tourists home-
ward-bound The sun's scintillating
lays, coupled with the .lu/.-ling n-
flection upon the water of the uliiie-
painted hulk of our etaft, nlmost en
v, lop.-d   us  in   a   tl.ssl     ol   brilliance
t'mt seemed to mock nt Ihe general
reluctance to leave so dimming nn.l
congenial n resort ns Victoria. Hut
11 "had to be," and clearing port Sl
an fully hour, WS seemed to triivcrsc
all too SOOU the bSSUtieS "I the le-
Inrn voyage to Vaiicuvei, and nitel
ei 'oyiiig a lew short hours mound
Un city, once n. ne were established
in one ol the comfortable toil 11-1
inches ol the c. P, K., resolved to
enjoy nil the sights ..ue might have
mined on the outward journey Ami.
Indeed, there «ns much to intereal
us tiiiit hui before paaaed unnoticed
lm it I, iiu* imposing, solemn gran-
den. ami magnificence ol the mountain landaoape, when seen   ior the
til-I  lime Unit  seems to coiniiu.iul nil
one', admiration ami attention nud
t,, crowd out all icgard foi that exquisite harmony "( detail s., eeaanlial
lo the chain, and sublimity ol Ibe
Whale.    Ami here let .1 he added Unit
one might traverse the Rockio* sn
hundred times, and nevei cease to
lind fresh objects <>i Intereal and attraction in such nn oft-recurring dl-
v.isity of icenery. Ona .>i the mnn)
beauties Unit had a particular las-
I 11.11.t.1 >... uml which could lie seen on
every hand thro.ighn.it the mountain
ride, nn- Umi remarkable denaltj
and profusion of fern growth. Femi
nn evei beautiful, and certainly lose
naught of lli.it .'harm ol natural
gnun' in the midst ol snch loveliness
..I scenic environment.
And the jouiney hack ovet lhe
prairies was by no means uiiinteicsl-
nig, lot at frequent Intervals throughout il..* entire distance the familiar
hum  ni  tl«*  binder   was distinctly
audible,   while   full    mnny   a   mighty
field >>( gold.-n grain had already
bowe.i ns head before lhe reaper, ami
now, ss tm ssthe >->'.- could see, thick.
lv clnstcicd   slooks  dotted   the   hnrir-
in swatting Uu- Inn of the separator
Iii conclusion, the wnl.-i l.a,
endeavored, though Imperfectly,
io briefly describe the pica-
lures      of       the     trip      and      to
Before vou get
Sarments   all
tr 1 h 1111 k
is   t • k e ni
,   Pull-
f keeps ynu com-
fiy aa  well  ai
_r warm,ttecuu»<- the 1,
rghorl  fibres thnt  ,
1 make aome under-
\wear itch are taken
out of   l'en-
Angle wool.
traJf ejune ^	
la a variety uf fabrics, styles and prices,
'n all sizes (or women, men ana
cl.ild.en,   and gus.snleed by   yeur own  dealer.
nn    11   tilling    tribute  to  the    gl' ni*
oi Mature*! ereatlonsi there 1- a deed
of the Canadian Pacific thai cannol
l,< I,.., highly extolled I •• . ol u-
no ilotil.i. realise whut ji enloiaal, al
most    .-.ipeihunuiu.    undertaking    il
on -  have 1 n  io penetrate  -uch n
labyrinth ol mountain und vnllei and
eoinplete tha steel engirdlemenl "t
iin- vast continent    And sural)   In
I I. do ws one nnd sll owe 1 lasting  debt "i gratitude,  to lhal  com
puny foi  making  possible it njoy-
menl   "I    such    majoity    "i    . eni.
hen.lly,   nhib•   compelling   lUdl   pl'*a
in.* wuh every comfort and conveni-
•ni'c known io il xeeutive and ..»•-
•iirini.ril -kill of modern railway gen-
They An* Nol  Violent in Action
Bonis  persona,    when they   wiah    to
I'leril.se   the   slollilich.   KMOlt   to   KpnOII.
ind othei purgative suit-. These are
speedy in then iictnui, Imi nerve no
permanent good.   Theii  use produeet
incipient   chills,   nini   if   persisted   in
they Injure the stomaEh. Noi do Uny
act upon iln- intestine! in a benefl-
•ml way. Parmelee'i Vegetable I'tll-
anawer all purposes in tin- reaped
and   have  no -uperior.
The health authorities "i certain
I"1 -l i■ -11 cine- an* placarding nostei
ihowing the danger uf regarding ..1-
-diolic drinks aa barmlesi Similai
.iiiiinng- hav,. been bill-boarded in
I'i.ni,*,*. Qermany and Spain
/11,   Slant   Pineapple  Tablets.-Me
11   -    science  '.,   acciSeot  diacover-Ml  lhe
!s-'.ii 1 ..1 iin* Dtneappl* u- „ paaaee*
ur a,,,,„{,, h tr,ill',tea 1 tie lliilueli-^* per-
■ell'aife of lt|(, -.Utile |H|i-il| e„i,l a I li,.,| hi
till*     lllll.     .Il.lke,     ,(     ill,     ullil.el     >ll.lls|>!-!,,
able 1 11.it' in , a..,.- ,,f tlv*>.|.f|,-,n mil
in.tiif.- ti,., Oft* iti>.let aftei .:>..i ui.,,.
will   pure   iu.,st   ,-tir..iii'    oaafl*     M   in   ..
but      .ii   iebts     lz
Tw.. mutual friend* iat neai s very
conceit, d innn sl lunch ons day
"\\ hai ,'roi' ••- linn look - " glum
Uu- morning  " laid tha lu-:
"Why," -md ih.* other, "he viaited
"ii  Kgvpuiin  Palmist  laat  nighl
•In*   tellon   told   hnn  his   wile   would
marry twice, and the second husband
would I.,* a remarkably fine chap "
"Aim '     He   think-   that'-   ir.tlr.-i    .*,
, flection on himaelf, eh '■"
"Not at all.     H.- tlniiks In- wife
,in-  married  before im.1    nevei   lold
him "   Boston  Posl
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches and
every torm oi conta>ious Itch on human or "nintsU cured in 30 minutes
by  Wolford's Sanitary  Lotion.
lh...- me mors than foui thousand
lifferent •■■lm. na "i the Bible in the
|iiit;,h   11 ii-euiii
,. 'Mill RXPBRIBNI '■ 0 OIBI B n*. a
farm and I'MlM llrl.l- married or
single Kr.iu liesi rs,.,., h Am uulu.ral
OUtricta.   N„.ie   lapplled   witboui  satU
fa, lory .efereure.. Sail now. NoiamWr
l.rin. .1 Serinit standard unit" i\
|h*. .• d Mail ».ui(- and «aers *'lfiTed
,iir„t to J.,-1.. p. Dallantine. 1'uin.r:,
len Agent. Curemsk. lyrahire. Beotlaad
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-nti-lie,1 fi.rn,i*r- now ,*nqi.trine f"r ad
In.••nni   help.
Fntlier Vaugl in. the London Je-
-nit. who hn, been denouncing the
-ins oi society, says, "if Dives, who
in.-  buried  in hell, were te revisit
ihe earth, he would 010*1 -iirely hnve
•lie entree t" London's  unarteat  set
today    lie would I.,   literally 1
with invitations
$ 1 2 Brooches
At 112.00 Diamond Hall i> ihow-
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Broochtt An odd price perhaps,
but you -a.II scarcely object to their
not bsiOg marked 115 CO
Thc on* illuuraied 1 Catalogue No.
)l«|-S).iof solid 14k Gold wi wuh
46 Pcarlt I. has a Persian, anacli-
men. for weaiing en necklet
A Sunburn Brixxh 1N0 )|67*)|
made rip of 6*> luttiout Pearls is another a. die same pin.
Il'e leni.tm*. a*yM/.' f>.* ef. ti.ego
e.. U.gt.'.',.o.ittJ'tmrntrntm.
You caiinui possibly have
a belter Cm.ua ihau
\ delicious drink and a sustaining
loud. I i.ijinuii, nutritious and
cconumicul. This excellent Cocoa
maintains the system in robust
health, and enables It to resist
winier's extreme culd.
Sold by (irocers and Storekeepers
i:i .-Hi and *Wlh Tins.
Plata**!-*** S**n** **' '''r Had*l*ln*i
Mis,.,, le   I'l-rnc.l   < Iil.reli.
Tbey drove to (he Usdeleloe tbrongh
birecra already full of lif<* and innvp
■ nent of hutryluy crowds, darting (it
urea now plnngsd lu ihs blsck shmi
otVK and mnv slipping ..ut Inn. .he full
nin ii* i,r ihe clustered lights,   The i.iu
per*| life   of   Uie   I'lii.*e   de   la   1'on
cords, thickly town with laiuiu, wa-i
t,i.oi tbrongh "ith glistening rettectioui
from 111* lops of carriages, lhe arcade
Of Uie line .In  Klfoli   was lirllliaiit  na
a .sins-" setting, tbe hotels in the broad
Hue Itoynle ic.-re nhlaze Willi light,and
far .'.I lhe end of the street, 11 here lite
lofty porti.o of Hi.* Madeleine ihowed
clear ugulnst llie slurry iky. n hundred
-.park* twinkled from tin* esbi Hilling
niotiK Uie boulevsrd.
The steady roll of wbesli merged
with the varying aotes of iiorni in
motors and thS s,,im.l of mil, mid
linshter from the sidewalks, and all
1    ..led iii 11 Kreat humming symphony,
struck through will, the rutllliig, syn
collated .lack < lu. k of hoofs upon Uie
aapbalt Hko die stsccstJ of ibsrp
The crowd al the Madeleine «n« nl
molt Itiipii-e.ahie. hm somehow Ibey
gained tin* stepc the vestlbttle, and
nere swept In tl..* solid pack of men
nn.l women through the door at tbe
right. The great floor wai tilled with
a throng ns varied as I'arli Itself.
1'ieiy and the idlest cariosity, youth
and age, came together. Ai the procession cime In night Ita aong wus
joined I.y Ibe orgau lu the sanctuary,
and tbe lutiilo rose louder and fuller
lu a single godlike voice rangine dntcn
froui the dszr.llng altar.
Suddenly, like artillery, tbe great or
gau overhead crash-Al out ln a volume
nl lound thnt flooded lb* whole vait
interior like a wave, iweeplng over
the heada of ibe kneeling crowd and
tuoiinUng to the sbr.dowy arches of
tlie roof. The very concussion took
the listeners' breath away, and In Ibe
recoil men aud vvouicu burst luto
tears, aud billows of emotional excitement rolled hack and forth tb rough the
church. - WintiMil Scott Moody In
Miss Back'hny -' What I like about
Henry .Tames is tbe clarity of his ityle,
bis reserve fore- and his absolute mastery iu the Held of epigram and antithesis Mr. Cabokla—Y-yes, but when
It cornea te the fast ball, you know, I
think Walsh has got blm iklnned t»
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine
The records ol attendance al the
T01011M, public Schools show that
ten thousand children were absent
on nccoiiiit ol colds during n single
"Tin- worst eiicini "I all to ths
child. -0 lar 11- keeping him (ion.
school 1- concerned, apparently 1* the
common, everyday eold." said l>■
1 ioo'li'hild in Id- report lo the un*
'iho School   laiociation.
"Nol only doe- ihe eold prove sn
enemy in this way,"   ho continued,
but it. i- well km.1111 llllll mam Oi
ibe more aerioui disease! i"ll"ii from
Ull*    llmphl   C.ld.      As    il    lesilll    ol      the
pntienl becoming weakened down In
hii resistance against disease, lhe
germi ol vnriou- infectious diseases
tin* mme ciisih Hud l place m 11111I-
llplj  somewhere in lhe organism."
Parents who make 1 practice ol
keeping Dr. • 'hi.se'- Byrup ol Una i
nnd Turpentine in the house have
at bund the moal certain means of
curing    coughs,    colda,    croup,    and
K-a-Pl*   the   -Haaaarr.
"Wheu you get y,,ur groceries today."
Hid ibe butcher tn his wife, "door go
to that  Utile grocer  next  door tn tny
Why not7" she demanded.
"Because be sent In yesterday and
borrowed in old pair of icalaa."
in End to Bilious Headache ltd
iouanesa, which is caused by ogees
-iv.* bile ni the stomach, has a msrk-
l effect upon the nerves, and often
manifest! ii-,*lf by seven- headache
Thii is the most diatraaaini baadachi
one enn have There are headache
h.uii .old. from fever, nn.l Irom olhei
in-..-   bul the most excruciating o'
nil   1-   the   bilioui   hen.Inch**      I'ninie-
1,-,-'-  Vegetable  I'll!- vul!  cure it   -
■un* 11 sl t instant!)    i' will di-
ippeai ;.• .-•"'!] u- the i'ili- operate
lh. ie i- nothing -urei in the trMt
ni.-ni ot i'ili,in- headache.
1 ■ tl  lm-  is-.-n  found al    Uulpnie,
oiuhen-r Devon   '"it the seam Is onl]
bronchitis, and positively preventing
more serious disease. 11 is sometime! lorgotten that few ailments possess more possibilities ol danger than
a cold
Mm.  It   lh Turner,  Broadview,  V
\V.  T.,    miles     "We    have    seven
children and hnv.* used Hi,   Ch! *■
Syrup "i Linseed nnd Tun>entins loi
,-Veil    One   "I    UnUll   iind    Ultll   l*oo.|    le-
snit-. We gel [oui bottles nl n time
nnd ii".i 11 n good remedj to break
up cold- ou the lun'
Not only li Hi I'liu-e- Byrup ol
Linseed and Turpentine n positive
.•u.e f.u croup, bronchitis, whooping
."inch, asthma, and severe lineal
colda, but n is iil-o u preventative ol
nil diseases ol the lungi
Pr. Chaae'i Byrup "I Linseed ami
Turpentine, 'in •■.•111- 1 bottle, at all
dealers, 01 Edmanaon, Bates \ Co..
Toronto Th.* portrait and signature
,,i in \ w 1 iiii-.-. the iiimoii- I.**
eeipt book author, are on sverj bottle
- 1 len transition from -. n*.i lo 1
'■•■id temperature, cxpo-uie to rain,
itiinj. in a draught, unseasonable
substitution ol light (01 heavy clothing, are fruitful cauaea ol cold- and
the resultant cough so i>erilo<is to
oei-on- ol weak lungs Among tbi
mui) medicinal foi bronchial disor-
ler- -0 arising, then* 1- none battel
than Bickle'i Anti-Consumotlon Syrup Try ii ami become convinced
I'ii..   3s c-tii,
Imiiruvlna    lhe    ll.rS
!f .. ii.su w III take pains lu selecting,
lb', standard will ne gradually rilstg
each year. Wetsl o.K the poor ou»s
snd bned only from the Iwit. Do not
■"iideu.ii a lirlfer with her flrit calf
If sbe li a promising Individual. But
If she .,mi.,ues to do is.'i r on wcond
lactation ahe ibould be kept nn longer.
We must let our atandnnl blgh for a
good cow. By keeping a milk record
jf thr Individual enw for .. s-ii«,,n and
I.y use of Ibe tester to determine thr
percentage of butter fat. It li quite
eaiy to flu.l out Ibe rows tbat will
iviiii up to the st..nd.i..l K B. Allen,
Himpdeu county. Man.
'   .rl",!   .  ailuiii.   III   tile   UlNllll   VI  lae, .
tbe  I'unlr.   (owe   I'r.im.
The festival ,,f Villi-. n« ia well
known, dates bsck n> prehistoric
times, when men iiorsbipe.1 nntiire
railier ihau nature's God,
Tbe inhabitants of Hie Shetland
isles are descended from Norsemen,
who were sealots In religious is-iief,
and "Yule'' to then, iiieaui a season of
great Importam e The • "hiiiunel Norsk
IIJul" algnlfles, literally, "whenl." aud
the festival an .ailed was held in honor
of tbe sun nt lhe winter nlstlva wheeling round toward ibe equator. The re
tutu of iiu* sm. formed an important
period of tbe year as being the la-gin
ulug of renewed  life iu nature,  which
nuly could lie revived hy tbe light and
warmth of lhe ascending orb.
Tbe course of tbe 100 was observed
m all things as fm* as possible Everything was turned from left lo right—
Uie Leal was so turned on rhe water,
tbe .ern stacks so built ia courses, the
miil in turned in griud.ug and the
wh»<a| lu iplnulng-in fact, everything
went with tbe sun. even the rouad of
tbe drinking horn.
Many super«iiii..us Included In nature worship bad full scope at lhe
' IIJul" time   01   mors  modem  ■ Vule"
ivh*>ii a him multitude of "trows,"
or fnlry folk, wbo Sl ihai MSSon were
nol »uly active, bal maliciously d -
prised, bad lo Is- propitiated
To give the fairy folk no opportunity
of playing trick*. .l.a- Billing creel and
lines arete temoved rroui the wail, tbe
spinning wheel ink*., oal of gear ami
its Integral psrts in r.i lalde. nnd everything suspended from celling or walls
lifted down, ns if left in tbeir usual
place* tbe Ublqultoui elve- were sup
l>o*«d to let all lining against the sous
motion, wblcb of ionise would mem
serious trouble. The lime of Vule wa».
and stUI ll, rigidly observed Ss "lielly"
—I. e.. 1 time of real from III manner
of Inhor    M.i'i,..i ■
Welch th* vv.i.r s.»r>.
Farmer! ibould he very careful cob*
earning tbe water lupply of their dlflry
cows, .'ontaiulnited water Is likely to
gsln scctss to tbe milk 1* • result of
tb* cleansing of the dairy titaoilla or
whan used for .-oollng ihe milk. Ty
phold fever and other i-outigloui dii
rasa* ar* oft*u traced to an Impure
water mpply. Only pur* fresh wst*r
ibould b* mid In » -n ••tb.*. witb tb*
1 u«.«,,.i Has iiii'.i t ...
T'.gg cups ure bigger In New York
ll... 11 uny where else ln the world except
Kuglnnd," aald a globe trotler. "1
r 11 u'l aay tbe same for tbe eggs, si
though tbe hens lu this country per
form tbelr duty of helping to feed th*
human race pretty creditably. Still,
tbey cannot come up to tbe Kuglisb
hem. Tbeir contribution to the food
product* are extraordinary In size;
hence tbe corresponding capaciousness
of the egg i-nps The further south
you go on the continent the smaller
the egg cups grow, lu Egypt ihey
dwindle awuy lo the siM of the average thimble. Their diminutive pro
portions ire commensurate with lbs
nlr.e ot the egg«, however, which nre
Ihe smallest lul.t by self rospe. ling
hens any place on earth. Place uu ordinary llgypiiau egg iu the British cup
an.l It Is absolutely lost." -New Vnrk
■aal-aai   fowls.
Baulam fowls were tirst unpolled
from Bantam, In .lain, yet tbey are almost undoubtedly of Japanese origin.
A   Likely   Herru'.t.
A United States army  railing nf-
ii.vi   in   n   tittle Missouri   towi	
ceived tin* following lettei beei
uur boss* 1 reed in the canaas **iii
inner tin wm want me. I can reed,
rite and use the inglich lengwedge
all rite I weigh aboul it;."> powndi
and I am nearl) lo 5 nrdi long, nu.
kinakiei 1- nil rite i" I wn- n.-\•-.
in gale, except once m the enllaboos,
bal  1  never  itole  nothin.    I   reckon
i ccn kill ir.- Indiana in 0 lay, ".
spanyardi loo ii 1 hafto, it j 11 -end
ue* om tnony - 1 I can come 1 jine
-me. im strong a- a bull and lei.-
nolliin de mater with me onlv 1 blak
1. lun 1 can -'••• all rite yurs fo.
bii-ii  "    Ncu   York  Ti 1 I.i 111.-
Minard's  Liniment Cures Burns, etc.
lb mmiaaion ol  parliament lu.-
decided to restore lo tne Dnited Free
church KiO.OOO.OOO worth ol property
which hnd been turned ovei to the
remnants "i the Free Church, which
tley Here totally unable i" manage
\|e     • ..Ml     :|     -Ufj.'Iel       \Ulll     COlll-   !      ll
you   ui''.   ;.*!   n   bottle   of   Hollows]  -
. lur*    It im- nevei I n kn
to tmi
Mi-   Stubb   Yea, J..'in.  il the
man's  suffrage party evei  get!
powei    we   .."<>          vomen
'"   -It  will  Is-  a  bad
uhen   ''■;.!     com,■
Mi    Btitbh
loi   the   navy        ^^^^^^^^^^^
Mr-  Stubb   In whal .* .'•
Mi. Stubb—Why, ho» In the wt
could the ships sail undei   lectet
del 1  uitb .*.  woman on  board ■
-     to
Much Talked of Man.
Tha Righ*. Ben. Augustine «•••*. •
on* of ih* tnns; talk*d of men In England at th* preienl moment. H* it
was wh,1. is presiiiunt "f th* Bnard of
F.a.ieailnn. Inirodu-ed ihe niw f*moui
Education B no th* Hc *.s* of .'o-n-
tnona In April las'. As might ba '1-
pected from th* teaor of rh* bill Mr,
Blrretl u no; a H'.sh Churohman. Hla
fsth«r wa* a Non tonf ■; tnlsi mtnlatar a>
LIvtrpooL hla mother th* Csughur nt
• 11 t-'.l n'"iu , llvine. Th* ana. whs ta
n "v **.'> years uf sn*. a - '■ ,s -1 at .'aru-
bridga In II7J, and ihree yeara later
waa called to the Ra 1: -lie Inner Tempi*. In lit! h* waa mad* a Bmeher.
and for MVSTS v««r. -sis Qualn pn>-
fesaor of law a: University CeBege,
London II* has h«»n In politic* sin -e
lssr, and hai by no means h**n alway*
SUOOeaitul, In fact In thre* nut "f hi*
flv* c.niesia h* has *»en lha olltar in**i
win Mr. nirrel: t* an enthualistlo
solfer. perlestrlan and book hunter, and
wltha! * book wrl(*< of no mean rank
Ilia edition of Bnswetl'a Johnson and
hla liv** of H*s!t' and of Charlott*
Bront*    »r*    aiwin    hla    b*at known
Sh* Mis**d Him.
A poor womar who kep: a amall *h»ti
In t n>rih*r» village and who ...
troubled with s husband who oould
■ .. * , h* considered > credit tn th*
family »n* .lay found hcriaif a widow
through th* Hidden dam!** of '.• *
•pnua* A lady who ■ - • . mads
imall pun hasaa a' ths ahop **lt*d to
s«* h*r and to »fT*r h*r ayinpathv.
'hough mtll knowing that ih* man's
death muat ln a certain ••   1. oome as
* relist is lh* wife had oft an lulTete"
frum hli vtolcnc* ab* wa* not, however. i""s |irep*r*d for th* atoloaJ way
In   which   th*  wlfa  took   h*r  t**r*»v«-
aald ih* lady:
"I am sine. Mr*. O. you tttttt mitt
your husband"
"Wall. mui... It ,!<> ***m *ue«r to go
Intu th* al.op and And asmtthlng la th*
UIV—I.ond ■■ Ttl-BIta
But the Great Consumptive Preventative brought Health and Happiness to his Home
" Our doctor said there was no cur* foi
mv woe as both ber lunga wer* -affected,
aaya Mr. L. H. Walter, of P*arl Street.
Brockville, Ont. "It we* * sad iliwap
point.i.e.it to us both, just starting out in
lite only married a short time. But before
she I . J finishes tb* first bottle of Paycuin*
the pair, in har lungs quickly went away,
and after taking sia bottles Mrs. Walter
waa a new crntur* and perfectly well
That ia just one of th* many lam.l.es
into which Psychin* haa brought hop*,
health and happinaas. lli** living prool
lhal Psychin* cures Consumption. But
riou t wait for Consumption. Cur* your
I aGrtpp*, your Cough, your Bronchitis,
your Catarrh, or your Pneumonia with lh*
remedy that never fail!—
{TtmtltmWmmi  s   •»••"
50c. Per Bottle
i-l*-  •!«••  tl And •!    all dru||.au
OR. T. A. SLOCUM, Limitsd. Tsreats.
Eastern Canada
las   iinfi,, .   11,1,1   it   r.aerra
I hare never knnwu 1u.n1 or womaa
Wbo bns not iiuprovetl in character by
iiec.uu uk ilevoie.l t» lb* affairs ef
towers, nu.i 1 venture to iay tbat th*
worltl ut large I* nailer tb* deepen
obligation tn iniii-;*".. vloleti, roies and
llbes. lu iiiiii.k but a few of tbe blos-
mins tbat silently help th* gno<l angel
of nmnklii.l.
Tn ket.-  on  *nle ,|hiI>   Koveinbei   '-'-ll!
until December Slst, IMM
I Return limit tinve months.
Iniie.-i   information
ii'-'io anj
Caiiailian   Kortheru
Rallwa] a| ml
Mal.la   of   ll***r.
klaldi of honor uuy retain tbelr
posts In tbe roysl household of Kuglaml
M long ai they remain uumirrled.
XJmt* le no 0_*d ig* at which they sr*
Only an App*tli*r.
Manv years •■ dried aolaa ■**•*.
fr..m ih* ' 'rl.iieya ua*d to bs tnport*d
inm S' 11 1. lay* Ihs author of "My
Htrang* Pits." imt aervad ih*r* a* an
appetiser, a nmra*l being **t*n ai th*
!'»alnnl!ia of * StOOl,
A   worthy  farmer  gav* a Slnn*r   to
ami.* af bli nilghbors and In th* touti*
<vf It aiktd on* If h* would hae* "an
nrher porllnn" of lh* rseal
"I think I will." r*pll*d th* **h*r "t
at* a bit 0' aolau sooa* afor* I toft
htoi*. and It haa mad* ni* ttry hun-
"1 dlnna bfllar* la th* •nin
s**i*.'' brok* In another sutai "I «t
a whol* on* afor* I cam *w^ aoe 1
AU** tsaJ t Ul 11* biutsri-v Ise B.*
Oh! What a Gold
Tm lis «skU| |tt n* sl II Vi Iskil
Johnsons A
lit a. mu. 1, far laUioel u SiUraa) ata.
aiKl ler SS raeia Am bm. aurlra* talas.
• *.ifii.  iireue. artaaaa aad rollc   T,, II.
sa .*„! M nau.   11 all la-aWn.    a
1  I. J.UlSMlS .1 ...   t*M, Iw
W.    N.     II      No.    6IG THE LAHDEAU MINING
la Print-art ut Trout I.Rlrectly, nnn l*ubllull(*0
hi 1'irruiih.u, ai.tt Trout l.nUo every Tlinrrttl,*.*
''ne R,!!t*..r d >**s snt nn.t h I mnt.11 r e.*Aoa-
n''in 1,1   ui*.'.puiloi.s *f nurruapiniiU'iii-loa.
pilMSUU til  llH   Uullllt.llS
All 1-no.iln will lu- dhRrgld tit llir nili, ufl6
ouuts iici'llnti. lb-si uiKi-iiion. unit lu t-euui pe.
line eaoli Hi.iK.i'.oo: i inioi'tlOii.
TirruiH fo.* TrKUHiriii unit nttrrr nlvirrtlRlnij
will be muili' kii'uvii un u|iplli*nttun nl .illicit
aubaorlptluii IS.Q0., tu.ii*. In uilvunci.
I AND soTicr:.
Noti.v is hereby given tlmt 60
days nfter date, I intend, to mul,.
application to (In* (licit Coin mis-
si on ci*..l LaudsA Works f.'i' ] i:. is
sion I.. purohns • ih.' f illowii
Scribed liiii.ls, siltial. .1 in Wc?!
Kootenay district, outhe cast side
of l-'isli Rivei ■
r.ittiiticii.'ir.'.' nt ii poal planted
at tli'SWc rner of A. l).Ma<*knj*H
Pre-Ptnptlnn; thenee cast 20 cliainf
tbence ►oii'h 40 cbnins; I bonne wis!
40chains; lio-meo south 20 chains;
tbence w.f-t 'j'lolmhin; thenee south
20 chains; wcei SO chnins, llicnci
poutli 'I'i chi.in*; ibence west to
Janic*. Utirbridgf's ensl line; tlicnci
nortii lo Kisli River; Ihenee follnu •
ing river bank lo poinl of comraenc
Daled, February latb. 1907.
Alex.  I> M ic';.iy,    Lo
Contracts   Entered  into for Packing of Mlnin g Supplies   Etc.
to any Point in tho  District.
W    GOOD, U
$       PROMPT $]
iA.i ctrouir p iai
S. DA.w,
Any Work
Guaranteed   y*.
Satisfactory.   ^
Legal Notices.
. 'lii'ii.i an mineral olaim  iltnais iii 111!
Trout   In Iiu   milling    iliiiHiun   of   Wci-t
Kootenay tllstriet,
U tiers located ' In Bsven Mile creel:
South Fork ol I.nrJoau.
Tnkc notlco lhal I, O.B N Wilkls
acting    na    ngrni  for   I>avi-1    Cowan
l*'.M C, No. U88103, niiit.loiiii 11.
njukiiiiln I*'.   M .   ('. No
liKsiii*.'. Intend, sixty tlayi (mm tliu
■ In iu     I..-..•..!'.     to    apply    i"    ''"'
lice. *.lcr   (or .«  ('itrlifli nte   ol
•l    for  tin.  |.lir)i.ill
.   i run li  (ii'iiul  u(   111!   ttboVS
Mi u iii).
Illliu   V
Anil  further take notice thai notion,
.iinlo. n-i-iinii .'7, mini  I.-1*.'nun-i .i.i
uf Certilli ate ol Iiu-
■i ■
;.-.*...■•   •*>•. m   TNailt,
E. R. VIPon
Trout Lake I
A     I,,
Stables at Trout Lake!
beforn tlm itnuinnce
Dated ibis 30th ilay
i n 1006
- o. -. .. a .   ia.j
Bar well Supplied with Liquors & Cigars
Large Comfortable Rooms.   Excellent Cuisine and Aiicndance.
Urout Xahe wtmcmmmww
T'V 1 vt<•/-%»-. ''v Ubi,i.-' Water supplied  by the
V^dct IC I © Company you are assured of abso-
^^ , mm,        'r\ lute purily.   Government Ai
J^UPPIV     00.   ® totadtuptutoaienti : :
Post   ®ffto
P atentMedicines
School Supplies
Dry   Goods,
Excellent    Accommodation
Best, Liquors
And Very finest Cigars   £k
John Simpson,      Proprietor-
Best Hotel in Town,
Beaflpricrs for Mini and Cmercial Ben
Hugh McPherson - - Supt.
wo:d   vallance   hard-
• ware co* i'd*
lint Iwnii*.   Miners'   I-i    plies,  Stove
ami I'm.*;,**-.
NELSON, B.C,| NEL.soiM.ec
e    u _•
I.ooss   leal    Binders,    Kine   J"l
li  pays to nse llie  T«
st* _     '''"; '
1*^1. » .-%        ,1*. It-njilliv triji ran olt,t*n Ih* havitl.  liutrva
/WtCll!>VV      (A     \mV.  uv
Trout Lake  City Tra_a<3
and Stage Line.
fj Ferguson
| Trout Lake
I Beaton
" Doily Stage
leave Fer.^mo,!
7 a.m.
Trout Lake »te|
wood yardI
a        In connection.
WllOl ESAI.K IU*u i:i:- ia I
Rftge,   i  . •• '•     Produce    •
Hi.list..11 Ilk., I.ir-cpllilic St. Si
Watch rt | i Ic -*
BM, 3
A. M. Craig     Wm. Orawfor
Imperal  Bank of Canada
TOkOMti.    r
Arjrntn fur 6imrl;ui Vicmfl.
Sandy Laughton
.. f j II EN viMtin^*  ' d you
\. j     (-liniili! slnv lit iln* l.iinli.i :
mm'    lli.it!.     II, it-  lhe   I
tylt/JI    w""   '"'   b*>rrousid*t*<]   with
to (jj j     ''"mt* I'ullit'i'l'ts.     1<;>;.*< llciil
'    ciiicini*,     well   vi i,
un I    iviinn    roattiH,
Hti.cl;..i bur, mnl  pviryiliing which
tei iir- towards mukiiif; yotir \i^it a
pk-asant ami memorable one.
I!u!(*!> fi'i-iii $1 ilnv upwards.
We hiivt* in please ..nr i-ntruiis.
Hotel and
Ceneral Store
13   C
F. B. Wells
'II 81  VN    I'MM,|'.
"*       v '    ,v A M
.'li*,!    'i:ni-iiry   (*:ir*}i
. •   ■
.. 1.
ii-.mr i.m.i   11.1".t   i. f .• i
NO. -it
m 7- -■•,
RCaT 4 428.000
n  I:   'il.' Dee   ROB1 (IT IAI
BRANCHES    in tin ,
Arrow I
UUen -        ••  . * .-.        .
Sites w> coiiKi nm »i.u
Review Job Dept.
• Ilisli-ClaM Work.
©K       .
JBarber Sbop
'in ..I Slia>c or Hair Cut
H   PRICES  PAin/P.BlirnS&CO^ William Schnell,*
 *—  I I | .: .1 -.   \
•       *.:....-
Cbc ftotel ffieaton
Publi*l)inf; Office of llie
Lardeau    Mining
YISITORP iirrivii.-.- nl Rcatnn (tint llirrcliolll ol tl.e l.nr*l***r
via Aimitlicii'l. mil find iliir- IJ.ilcl lu be fully et]iii|.|nil
i    !.i-..|i il:.-.- hade.    Ivsiri'lliiiil 1tcc1.1111110.lnti.111.    A wil
n|i|..,iiiic.l and upacioiis diiiiutl hall,    'f lie Itwl of IVincg, Ppliits
and i'i*.*:!.*-    r. .*••.ti:.i supervision ii iiiven lo tlie r«M|iilrciiii>i
patrons, Visitors lo tha J ardunn ciui .. -it on comfort nt Ihii I
«S   HdSnV>lll-Ci    S=   [WHOLESALE   AM»   RETAIL
...i.!.>r Silver       |1 60
...l.l mi,i Silver
*.. -iiml Lead 2 M
opnei        ... .....
.-.ni'  f 1 60
5   SHANNON.  Ktuyet
Trout Uke, B, C.
Hot and Cold Baths
Barbei' Sho)
I    r i.
\te, urtrr. J   A   "
l    U   11 M.I!  'M
HoL and  Coin Bitkl
i   ti rinnuAaS
Merchants   harvey mcca™ j tinkhham
Deulvrs in .iii kindd of l*'r<.-.|. Mi i.t
•.  Iti.
Sollell.ari * , •    a   I .',,*' »■ •'..
E. A. Haggen.
Stock Bhareantl KinnDciiil Broker
Real 1 •':.'. and Ini i,".iiicr>.
TIM BEH   A \ I)   MJ N ES
I n*r, li;'.*. Ai '-.iiim. Health,
iniirrii.il* • and Km plovers
I.liiiiiiuv Iintiinhica
Bole ri'i<r.-.ciiii.tnc fer "rim--
('..ii.lijni' 11.-:rrnm*,* ( > i: i iiiiicn in
Troul li'' ■   i .■!,''! '•>., Ueaton
Iiinl ('.'.li l,i : he.
Corronron.lci.rc j.riiiiiHlv
nun ili.l
W. BOYD -:-  -:- Prop I
'■ -i-  'i.rsa Oro^ Q tM3 -2i * :  0*0*0) aXCX *•*** -QHE| (BM3       Q .
A small child in the Old Cotui-     Notioi is hereby given  tha
uv n.i- sunt In uome coal ul (l''vs al'l,•, dttie,   I intend t > fpoly
•In- local c. a' shall. '" ''•'' " '"■ ''I''1'' *: miiniss ..ner of
Arrived ul the ciu|«rium of the  I*wh »nd Works  torn spcei
,,urvr>orof'l.lnckdi«t. Is" xl.o *-'«'•««>••> cut nn.l r*,irr.v  »»ny  ti.„-
HHVtt him tlm order end  Icrcd i,l'r '•","  l1"' '«'l»*'"8 '•«
lhe then  ercntly ndmnccil  |iri.'i    :"{"U N'luaU '"   U lhl   K""1,,|ia»
iii   |.,*iyn.cul  V eic.1.     'Oh,   nn.l
iho dealer, "this wont do,   Iirnnlj    Nn.l.     Commencing nt a posl
plnntcil on (lie south-oast.'.irner (>f
V. Bcnlmi's pre eruption, ii
\.r. Evan b Sotith'tvcst conn r pn i
ilicncr* north ICO eiuvinc; ti-oi •
cn«t -I'i cliaiii": tlii'iic* Bouth ICO
.imi.'--: llicnco west 40 chains to
I .mil nf co iiiiietict tiiei,!.
Dated, [looeniber l.'.li. 1000
A. H, Fi aii.-.
I luppcuce in..re. coals is coals n-n -
mu know." "1> i InV.'" qecrii d
u.e child ami then ns nbr hopped
off  lo  iinpnrl  ill**   plntl    tiding,
I     'I.      "M'lli,*   I    Hi'II   I    lll'l   I.C |j!'lll
lo v.ii il, for sin   cl Iln  lusi wn.■
nil chili    "
0   R   hi   lA/ll I/IC   Die N"  2      <'°miyoncin.stLt posl
U. O. m   WILMt, r.L.b., plnnlod on the east lino of   Loom-
l'l-oviiM-ini i.inni Siii*\e\nr. '"n Nn. I. and marked  A.  K   Ev '
Mineral Claims Snrveyk li-e.«t e triior pn
and Cn.M ,.(Irant f film Unci j ,,;,  ,,',,,„Si     ,   .
■ w    Seal Un
rreatUlia.il l | »•■""■.   "" '   '
IJ    ; *  .   |J • (goo
A.  IS.   K', ,|   H.
tHERE   hnve   l n   fortunes
iii.i.ii' l.v jiiilicious  ir
nu r,i   iii   RphI  i.-'ii!**. and
iii'tc  fnriQiies "ill be mnde th in
■i* it   tWO or  ll i-i* v.'.ne.
The one ivlc r. nps Ihe  hnn
:i rl  inventor, for bi   hae
ii.iii.v c. :t ceii&Jnlj.
N..w Iel ns poinl ..-ii i"i.ni lhat
there i" ic iicti.-r sppl ■ ii tin
.    i"   .in    Real   l'*Ut.*  than
Trout Lake is tho prt-ti'.*(,( spoi
in ihi -i p .'.i-iiio
It t »rl    it    I iir- li .  > i|Uiil.       Iiolltlllg
nn I   Culling   i.my  he   llilllllui.fl  In
»■..••. I.;-.' gnme
in  ahtiiidume in I nnd i o
the  hills,     Iin cliiniii.' i- si
thore   I.- irii.-  nn urent eslrunies  il
mild   in winter nml <"..! In
suuimor.    li eni. In a-t .if somo   I
i in* KnoKl Imieli nml f *-
Hi ri i-h i I'i'iiiiVn.    li * sln-eis nre
i i il iui nin! :-in'i. <l    Thoie
iif tw*. ex.-, :|i nt  com
nn.l a glance nl Ihe nilvei tii inouls
in t It in jiiiiiiiii! will •i,ii-\ thnl nil
Iiiii!.*s in i*  l.iirly Wei]  r* p*e--i-iil.* .1.
Wi ilc   M'lli ci .1. ii Ii nee i*. Agents,
H. McPherson
Trout Lake, B.C.
i < 11
Lots can be
obtained on
Make your
selection at
Then call on
or   write  to
II   has i.rvrr I.ail a   ' t.i om "    iis
1,'K.nill lists been stead/.   It **
' * o i- inl . f navigation,  a. il
■  "ii Inai of  'It   Laid" hraeeh
•;' iho i p.p..    ah ruarii (In the
Uideau)  lead In Trout Laki     li
I* llie c in men inl r. ntrs
»l   mineral   distrh in.      «
nent, a..; |,hi, ; ni.i.ii .
'I'-     | IKVlii, il     |,y       ||,,<      Ill j „     .1
"•nl •"' Cnni da ; Bret t las* irlme
■'•ci ii.in* ilmit n   I,, dor il,»
• i H Shannon, l; a ; n
Walt i mi -'. in ; j.,, vi r inii' mi'
1,1 . •    M.il. dial
1 i   '"i *.l  in 'I Anglican cl	
ai il i-niiiige i,,,.| imi.
J here are valnnl |e ranch I
"" 'I ntakiils awaiting rsotili
'i*1 cr  n-ri'iiici s hi.*  inn|
•■' '. ni 'i n   I and rati mill  a ith t
enpi. it i,i 00.000 fi. | ui .lm li :.'
''"  l ond . f .|„* lake.   Tl on  m
filhtiiaiy mc pn vihg out I
'''|u  'i. i.\   yi.'ir,   ti iili   nea
l"'"l" ts opei Ing up uch I,.
ol 0.
'I I cm   will   Ic  H  I.i-.'  tush llils
Vrnr,   so   if   um   would   li.*"
•"  IC.     Willi-     III      1,1,. <      t.i     I  III   I I    .  I
Um Rgenla nt the aildirai.es In on
- ■' -' '   ' " A |
F. D. Wells
General Agent
Revelstoke, B.C.


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