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Lardeau Mining Review 1905-01-06

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. m
lias a larger circulation than any
Nowspapor In N.
Kootonay, Besl advertising  medium.
WP f $m fill 2fc
The representative
of the rlrli Lardeau
country, Cunt to
any address for $2
per an. in advance.
VOL. i
TROU1  LAKIi CITY,  B.   C,   JAN. 6th  1905.
No. 9.
Another  Deal; Ferguson Items^
on Deck.
W •'./ UN •'./ At rf/
The Beatrice
Fred Allen has made all kinds
 .,   „,„ of good resolutions for the year.  Jfi    .,     , . , ,
TIIE"I.X.L.,"AWKLL-KN0WN  . , ,  '     ... Ore shipping from  the Beatr ci
'"' ' he soes two weeks out the scoffing |   .     , . ,.       ,
GOLD   PROPERTY   TO   BE rabble intend presenting hltn with
WORKED, a olorical collar.
$60 Per Ton Gold Values
cure for "thai tired feeling."
Mother Goose" ia an exci edini
1 mart piece of wo] k from t!i" 1
of Mi- M. D. Castle, and Inst 1
thing by the rendition of iu little
exponent . Mother Goose an
amiable old soul with an inconveniently large family has set the
heart* of "The Man in the Moon"
and'"Santa Claus" thumping vigorously and  the   former  lovesick
The Holiday Season ;Has  Splendid
in Ferguson.
mini' began   in  earnest   this week,
sayi the Camborne  Miner.    The
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    ore  is  brought   to    fambornd   I
There  is a rumor around tluit  rawhides, each hide holding about 1      .   •   . , 1 - >--- — 1
dbelle U trying the oold water a ton    The ore is being stored in |'walP.   impersonated   by Mast, r -imt ,,llWI1 f, r tbreo day< ftna a A Great Quantity Of  Ore
I the old  Beatrice cabin at the back  ltoWr1   K,rkPatnfk' w:is t1'" "'"'  large body   of men   wend-d their]
I... .1    ...:,i    ..«...._.   ..; 1..   ■>< ... . ..,.     _<l
The festive senson in town was ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
joyously held. Merry good humor THE "SURPRISE" IS LOOK-
prevailed  throughout, and wo he-:    QQQD  wm[   ,,,.-,,,,;NT  DE.
"v"  r!U; ,/',;    ftuC°nmP!^     VELOPMENT.
-Manger   to   tlie   1 a\ roll   ( entrc..
Tin- silver mill Rt  Silyertown was]
^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^_^_    ,, ., ,       ... 1       ... .. of Granville ave.     Phe trail from
w . •   il„.  Rmoltof   Return*  fi-oin        Master   K0I1 rt   Kirkpatruk left  ..     „    . .     .   .       ,       .   ,    ,
Was the Nncitii   Returns tioin , • the Beatrice is in the pink of con-
,, . «i    1    f        .1 tivnon W edncsdav for New W est
shipments Made hum the
1 dition and ore is  transported with  '
in the scene with  offer* of hi
and hand and a palatial residen©   ihe gorgeons banquet* prepopdi
1  •   1       •        e.    _ 1    ; . ...
ways to Ferguson  to |artake of
Property Last Year.
the  moon,  which  is afterwards | t)ie various hotels.   The Christmas
■covered to be  mortgaged to the
Colonel Drayton and Dr. Milloy
came up from the s iuth on Wed
Iniister,   where   he   will   enter the I" TV liliannvertvl   to  ha   mort"ii'ed to the I      •  • 1
,. .     ..   ,, ,,      ,, ,,      ..    comparative   easei     being   a  uiscovereu 10 di   raorigageu to me gutnt   was   predominant  every
Columbia College there,    It 1st km   .      ..,. , , ,. . i,;].     Mntlu-r Rnone nortraved bv     1 11 , >     »~«-i
... ...    what different from the conditions '"''   -""Ul" UTOTC» PorwByea DV where, and we have not to record
I intention of h'S   parents   to   obtain I     ,.   . .,    ,    . Ml^s  l"Hi,.  Uilho   -ioiiIs thi- anion! •       • 1       1    .1 1       .  .1 „
■      ., , '     , . which   prevailed   four   years   ago    " uaino, senas mi   ara in  0M1. ...,,.,„„  ,.., ,YI\   througliont the
for htm a three year S   superior fd-      . ' , .'       ,   . wmvr   awnv   with    the   1 rov rhial' 1    hi l- .1 • „,.:.,«..
1 —'  —      •     i-! 1  f    ... "'"        ,iw.t\    win io»   1"»«'1 imhdavH       Kvi-rvl hine   wii" uiven
Has  already been Blocked out on
this  Excellent  North
Fork Property,
A representative of this journal
„,, .    . „ ,.   ..    . 1 when ore   was   hist
iicntnm.    llns is vouiil'noh s lirst    .    .        .
 till'. Beatrice
ipi d  from
wooer away with   the proverbial I iiolidajs.    Eyerything wits givan I took advantage of the holidays to
l en in
came up irom iuu r 'in•• >"■ v ™-1   .   . ...-i mi-. «.-.n.n-.-.   i '"   ,ir- l    tn  evident di  j ,t•> to pleasure i/f a nrHd nature
■   1.        iii- i 11   p into the world, and   he   CameB      ,    .      , ...,.,,, li.rla iif hiT   111, 1,,-,lite  lirond    who ,     ., ,    ,    ,
ncslaynight.    A  deal is pending     .' , .,       , tt is altogether likely the hauling  ll8nt,oinei   up 10-aaw  Drooa, wno ftll<j   tilL.   whok'-hearteJ    miners
Willi li'in the  hc-t wishes of every-1 nl—   :..o......„...i I....1-   tinmnrl ^ifBife^^^^^H^K.j. ,.e
between    the-*o    two   geellemeu
by ihe colon il  will j^e1 1 on-
IhmIv in town
tr..l of the I. X. I- j'l-operiy. 1'niilj    |{.   II.   Lathy,  president of the the mine is  progressing Batisfa
.., , . i,    . are   influenced   bv   Jack   Horner
uf the ore to ih'i-p   u.U'l" at le-.itoii
• ii   ,    ,, „.   ,    , (Willie Atherton)  whose  repartee
will shortly commence.    Work at ^^m ^^™
were content   with   their  mode of
pi n li"^r the j»yous time, as wur
the 1 rausler was
mpletoil in it'n r Nfetropolitan Gold and Silver Mi
j.cirl iiiui wi'J I   say anything as ling Co., left on   Friday for Minne-
lo     ilia   pirticulars    more   thanlapolis and   other eastern  points.
ind antics   supplied the comedy 13w rieVeiLV mhe«ln*oM snow
Parr of the play. ,.,il(J plty      Want(   |qUtlot and
The' first  shipment of „re froml    8antfl Claua friia,"l'""» NeBDitt)I misery has noi been   knowu in our
Goat mountain   passed   through  »*"  "' '"' "xl""),"!- ','"! "l1)','   wuntrv, but of the great, actual,
sirug'ilina  worll  without we are
...       i|.(.      0-,r-icii ia: s      oioii:     n>,>.< iipons   alio    iiuii'i    iininu      hhii^.hiii.u    iiimonuoi      ijuawr.1      iiown^n                                                                  .    .         .
1     ,                          ,,. .,.,              ,        ..        , ,,                                     •      1 .   ,1    -i-    1 more encouragement   and in  ih<
tlmi     tli"   i-ale     was  iiiaetieiiliy lhe general  meeting of the com- town to-day consigned to  he l rail
'     .    , I             ■,,,,,              1       1        1,       -im         • third act the Archbishop of Can-
effected   and   tAiat   a I   particulars panv   will   h- held next week, and smelter.     I he on- in oii< -non cane-                                        .
l 1      j .             1  .1      .1 r       .1     m          .1                   1 • terburvwas called   m  t>i perform
would be furthcoming  in a week we are pleased to  record that the from the   Mammoth  group, r.nd isl          ■                                 ,       .
IS     W'-ll
pr sident has ;l very gratifying re-
iw >.     rue 1 ^^^^^^^^^
known, lying on the south slo| f port to make.    Ho returns in about
lli,    Silver   t'lip    M iuntain,     A  five weeks,
large   am it   of  work   has  been
Olip v lb ad   left   for Vancouver
the   tir-t   consignment  »>f   the  t"
the wedding ceremony  to the evi
well cognizant; and then! comes to
as in our peaceful hamlet reports
from   acrors   the   cruel   seal  of
tons of very high-grade galena and '
lent delight of   the whole bevy. h,oriies being driven down fr» deatl
tons 01 very nign-grade galena ana -  i»i,'»^».i..0	
jrcy copper ore that  lies at the The final sen- was made up of a oy di«ase and crime In the squal-
mouth of Kubv Silver en
done and ihe c aims cow,, grante I,     Wednesday morning, where I B!iDg.transportotion to th
• wait
i. »
A     lii| im 11  inn
value- of $80 lO per t m  n _■ 1
Has Remarkable Esuape.
.a~t   pi 11  l;.i\ e I    .,, , ,     ,,
I will roost for the winter.
Mranford it Co.   have tl
very merry party, who i„ the great I i:1 (kns (lf ,.r,M ,.;ti(.B    It Hlf ex.
discomfiture   of   the   outrivalledj
Man in tie
"Home Swi
II. N.  Courtier, Revelstoke, was
a visitor on Friday.
■ cites in  us   at   this merry  time
^   swe, tly warble j fKe]jngs of piiy and te.ideraess, and
for hauling the ore todeep water    uomesweei a i many a le<s fortunate brother has
I at  Beaton and   their teams will     T1"' P""0^1   characters were
veil    selected,   and    as   Mothei
^^^^^^^^^^^^^B I make" daily trip- until the contiact
W. Cowan, manager of lhe Big I is completed.    One large piece of
pay a visit to the "Surprise"
(,'roup on Surprise creek, tributary
to the north fork of Lardeau river.
After a journey on snowshoes occupying three hours the cabin was
reached and a most hospitable welcome was extended by Dave Morgan and the crew of men there.
The visit was the outcome of a long
deferred promise, and whilst there
occasion was taken to inspect the
recent development work. For the
past three months) the crew have
been enpaged in uncovering the
lead, which has now been done for
some 2,500 feet. Four shafts have
been sunk in that distance i>50 feet
I apart.   Three of the shafts are now
■11   rem'-mbi'ivd,   and   we   hope   .        0.   . ,   v    „ . ,  ort
,,   ,, „     .     I down 2->  ft., and   No. 8 IS sunk ..0
ffie Batho filled the|fr u, \vXt of Bffl„,.nce<   p«
•   I, by b kindly recollection j{)i|,t     u  if in,ended to continue
I', nd  Telephone  Co., paid a hu-i-
A  man employed   by the  Big uess visit on Tuesday.
1'. ud I. mh' r 1 ompnny had a very      . . ,     , , .    ,
A merry party of danci rs look a
rtion.     E
rn ..   brush  wi b  deu'h yester-
sleigh drivi to the Lake on Monday
^^_ night to pai icipate in the hop at
k"" 'he I the Oddfellow's HaiL   All voted it
i\)   mon ing.
to] M 1 , 1 ile of heavy timber, t lil;, slur,.c.
when withou<   warning the wh le
...    , .-   1     I    The  more peaceful  oitisens are
!„ Ran to sink- down a 15 deg. I _.._  _ t   ]t  ™tU ,,in nUi _., ni
, .,. .  , , '.r" I this shaft for  at least 100 ft., and
i:lp- the cll.ldivil of t'r..i town Will    v-        ,    ., ,     . .,       ,      .,     , ...
1 Nos. 1. 2 and 4  to the depth of 50
ore   weighing about   250   | ids   ' '   " J ' f V" ,       ,"',.' n«P» <ne children of this town willl N    j 2    d 4       ,H. d   tho{50
was  brought   down   today,  which      ""I'   ""if"" -f «'- '^, have the l,v,-l.er re ,   ,t„, ofthe|{t_    ^ ^ q{  work   »
will I, used for exhibit   n purpot d '  much for Je Christmas of  1,H. for no pains the object of making a
ran to suae down a 40 ueg.      .. ■      ...     ...   ,   1 ""*    1
,)ir ,,.,_,    „,,„ ,,iara.".irr,IM"-    :1   f')'"1    W,t '   ,lu' "l'-1'''' "': hidden    Wealth   th.ih    Columns    of
will he useu lor exniDition purpos-1" "'"- _, 1v"" •«•««•-» -•  -•<-'•• -  Pa
cs to demonstrate   to   OUtaidi rs the  """   " "f the  1"'"'!,,";;"»-    ^ tne have bee, spared to brighten their
rieli galena deposit -   th.
found in   this  e imp.     Tne  -o
men is an  excellent  one, and v.
doubtless   do   more    tow irds 1
[uainting the outsid   public of 0111
in the  Moon   Rob   Ki
. ick was is soli mn a tvo er as it i
.•   to cone, ive, he n nderin
^^^^^^^l this epncli. On
liiribtmas eyo they on their patt
lade cal :l .• hearts  ()| their jar
in   a   mi
tanner  which  suited  the char-
r admir ■' Iv.   '  tampion N si it I
a   I  i'l
ino ". ."'ii ■ i'ui'i.I '.";.- '•■!"'«'-"-'«t«"i.'  _thc    coaip.ser     of
Ovs-Sters and I'la-a-a-ains."
logs wnile they traveled  as far as 1
I (X) feel   but to  the horror of the     Business in town during the hoi
,;,.,.rx,,.   |,    disappeared    from | idays was reported g 1,
vicn     I i
.. contii ued tocareerl
newspaper artu
erty owners of U tat
awaititig with  inti n
returns from the .V
would.    Prop-
mountein ar
th • -in.-Iter
ind friends  by  their doughty
br -  n is d ly the
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    liitlv! oik's were :> rra'l 'd for a trip
'•; • ' ' ■'•- *rRB      •'•'-■ f their very own, a sleigh-ride to
his rollicking  joviality throuj    .ut   ■   ,.   ^ne where  they  were meet
was very infectious and was great-1 ild8pitably treated by Cook Forlin
r, ,,, ,,„, 1 J the values   obtained   will
11 pening of the new year finds I
intluenci- on   the  flit,
o    e   f  .1 'II
ly appreciated. Willie Ainenoni
as Jai k Horner ent >red into the
spirit of the comic element with
"leat  nusto,   the   audience being
d Mr. and Mrs. K C. Benson.
On Christmas uigld the Chora]
eiv    renden d   an    excellent
done with the object nf making a
good -how f,>r the market, as R. P.
Fraser, Pictou, N 8., will be on the
ground with a party of capitalists
in the early spring.
All the .-hafts have been sunk
ide the lead, and a vast
amount of ore has been encountered. From No. 4 some very rich
samples were shown us. it being
the method to obtain samples for
assay at every 10 ft. We were in-
formed that there was now estimated to be 11,500,000.00 worth of
i» long for another 50 ft", and it was 1       ,    ..,,   .. ....
, ,.       ,    .  ns chock tul  of hoiH'.    Mining op- ,, . ov-it   trusto    the   audience  hcinei - ,.       ^	
thought that lhe  poor fellow  had                               ' ,             h properties in that section.                 -" "  -"   ;          .                  ,  g programme of seasonable mu 10 in 0re blocked ou
1    ,,      HI   ...    erations for 1905 will be on an ex- kept n a ripple of laughter when   ,     ,   .,       ,        ,,    , ,,   v-;. J
"a'b.      BhortlV                          ,,■-,           .1    ..1 .—..                                       '                     '                                              lhecnai>el   and   on    the fallo.vil'g]      \i-      \[,,r,.m   infnrtne^   ns   ilsn
I ,"   tensive scale.    We learn that the   l„  he d the boards.    The m nor    , ,     *,      ,- , , r   ,  ,   j...    *H    m'   Mor«*n ii>i"rl""' «?« *«o
if • r ili-   ogs hail s-tlkd a cry I                               .               ,   . ., ,        .                       1 night    tho    MgHt-footed   dancers .1 nt ;r .1 „ ^ 1 „-..,,.  „,,. ..ff,.,.,,.,! ;„
new company who are undertaking £"«»■•#..■-.««   r»u:!»i=*^,-.    characters of the  n!ece   were   re-     ?, , . , .   ,                              i  '   'a      tn    dlc   '     " l trua"1 '"
F*B>nti«nn   RhilrJ^n „,.bl high imks at the masquerade|lhe gpring it was tll(. inUntion of
help was heard, ar.d the man was
found in a boh- w i b comparatit    ;■
slight injur! s. Tl ccurr ncewas
witness d by th" occupants of h'<
Bi a ou-Camlwri e stag •.
ew company who are undertaking   Fgrgysori   Children   ''!i:"':"',,r'i "!  l!:''   •    were   rc" held high jinks at the masquerade
he" long tunnel" will in all pro- J markably well susl ii   land every J^j,
Entertain. one of  the«wctors    and   actresses
"Success 1" writ  large,  must bi
the verdict of the three act play.
ability be capitalized f'»r threi
million dollars, and also that the
company will operate under the
title of the  " Reward   Mining and
—  — .Smelting Co.," tho first word being. .     ,-_
_ .. ,. ,    »,,..   1   f. 1 'The court in 1:  ot   Mother   uoose,
a ^c,nnH Teacher to be Peti- a complimentary one to Mrs. J. u    . ■
A >econa  itacnti   iwcrvw . given hv the children of Ferguson
Kiikpatrick. nee R. K. Ward. | h •
1 on ( hrlstmas   Eve      W e donbt it
11,„ rations at the Raven will 1m', .mv „f the audiene,    were pivpai
commenced with the disappearance foi;t)l(. ,n..l( ,,, |„.(i:,hed up, as t
of ihe snow. 	
the  present   company   to at once
ect a concentrator to treat the
tioned For.
are    ^	
for wi,!;- has  labored assidiously 	
with tie-  training  of  tie children      Tnmt   Lake   Lodgo  No.41,1.0.
and on whom a large shan of the 0 Fi Ht tluir v^lUit ,lieptjng oa
8   thsSrdinst. Instilled the follow-
!  im officers:
A la 1 gel}   at 1 ndi d meeting was
b  Id at   lhe   K'ho'ilb   US"   on Tut—      	
day evrn-ng for the purpose of We hear that skating will be bo-
securing a s cm d ttaelier for gun at the rink to-morrow, Batur-
Tioai Lake.   Tue secretary of the!day.
acting by the   little   ones   bore tl
hall marks of careful trainii
costumes were 111 every -• ns< of tl
ill tin
' , ,\ iir.'tit
0 Mrs. C. H. Nesbltt who also a-sist-     I* R. M Lenwan, Treasurer.
wordmagiiilic.nl.   and  the scenic| „,,;„„„ amnn U..1V in thin r«mectl    0. Jao.b*»n. Warden.
0. I!. N. W.iki -. C luotor.
J. R. Unner,0 <L
 ■       \   M. 0 lig
nt    was    not;    ii. W'. t'aiI■!■■ I  K  I I   <!•
':V'at«c.oh:„.--ua-.l|';'i'':^: n'f"h'iu,  but"a'partv of' flllly  P^ced  by   th    I dies,  and  what might be called  a  financial      N  ti   Erirkson, L 8. H.«.
•   Urge nougl.our,Wal wight* gave the old year ^ the d™"*  Merry Christ- BUCces8, as the object   clearing M  Lum"». R & V. U.
It a as pointed «/utLreljriDJ...Au,dU„g Syne." nnu'was gracefully hung in colors «ehool   house  deb,    was   hardlvl    >!-'•':-'	
^^^ nd   overgri en        '
I in no small H v  in i!.i- I -pei 11
BcWd^aVd anuouncd t'hsl ihe|    The old year vamoosed and  lhe|arran8emo"to were m™ic I'1""    and to Mrs. W.E. (Dr.) Ncwconibc
 „tof Education had re !new one arrived without the accom-A'1*^ :mi1 presceninm with tab-  Mrs. H. Carter and Mrs Patton
, .... . .,    'lean errtaiiis had   lieen most taste-1     ., i  .       ......:  .
f,„    I   to   do   a   \tiiini!
nni  imii  .inni'i ntiii-"" '"•  >  ,      .    .   —      —
 I,.., I                                     f           .   „ ,1...   can e''rlaiiis hail   !>•■' 11 most   aste- a i,„     ,,,,t,,r- moio,.
nK uwl hianying screams if sirens or the • lhe    entcrtammi
1      •     ■                                                    -i 1,,ii..   >.i> 1   i...    11.     hiilies     ind 1           -i
im    laun. .   .1.10 u|1;l, ,||lL,|
1 ihe roll! Iun"   evergreens.     Phe   hall   bore 1 hieved.   There  i-  some talk of     T
Tmnih... m.J    On Sunday evening Rev. 8 arp evl(ience of greal  painstaking as repea'ingthe entertain ment at an D 0
'•"  •' •'•  'x ;,'  ',.;'!".'-ill. luct  service in tho chapel. fe8t0ons of laurels and garlands of CRtly datu be,
wa v   '"-,, ' ,V  'rTiiltthe I^tSunday a large congregation LvergreenB and holly covered th —
was e\| -a 1 e    b ,   Ui" ImCi ten I ll" ........  ■.. ....:..  .1...  u;_ I
The tLn^saoTgthearcommunity|Sem,-Annual '"illation llow grade ores.     About a ton a
to Mrs.  R.   II.   Batty who| of the I. O. O. F. ,ia.v   « being taken   from   No.  4
ihaft, and here are also two string-
ers of clean ore, 14 inches and l'»
inches respectively. The remainder of the lead is right in concentrates, with an average of 16 per
cent, clean ore.
Speaking  on  the possibilities of
the  Government   constructing  a
wagon road up the North Fork Mr.
Morgan -aid that the present mode
of  transport  was   very expensive,
and he gave   it as his opinion that
?10.(K^i) worth  more of provisions
had been packed up this road than
any  other in   the   Lardeau.    His
company would liberally contribute
Lidge   ".is   orgtnited  inltowarda the construction   of the
,r. 18B8, ihe charter mem-|road if the Government would only
iigTom Taylor,  Dan Mc- j build it. ^^^   __
op dit   must   be   l« stowed;  to M
J. C. Kiikpatrick  who has workei
early and   late   f>>r the   ultimate
BUi ■ s- in the making  of costume:
d adornment  of  lhe   room;
.1. II. S-o:t. n. »;.
s M Dhinirk, V. (i
immei v. Secretary
I. iiuan, Noah  Abrahauiron, J. R-
The New Officers of the
A. F. & A. M.
wusosp'atie' bj    I,-i.e. ii.t MBemMid to participate in the bi-LaU     hile ttlg0 caribou and      t,g
'TV  T^     Isdw S weokly "8rV,C° "f 8°ng'"     For heads added to the artistic appear- — ,™ -   -  	
,:" *' ,,,"u',!C"r .'n....1Kili    \nnU the remainder of theseasoii a "»»ve-| iUUl|l „f „„. ,..lJ1|l(.iilUfl ,.      Tht,     Tll,   „i:isMu rade   hall   at ihe membership   has   grown steadily     Tllgcail I ouge   No   39   VF&
„   ai heme   ' «  i;4 :,uf"°'. to  v17 tn°P™- gigantic Christmas    tree   at    the :.p.a  House.  F.rgnson  pnved a and at preseol there are 54 mem- A  M fc M ||§ ^^ coramqn|*oa.
ouUhat M gramme In as interesting a n.an- Hght hand  side of tho .-.age was success, financially and o herwise. b-rs in good binding.   The oner  |Jon on gf   John>- Digh| -n th(j
wasonened nor i,s 'T'    '' "'!   "'   ?*f\„ burdened with a varied assortment Tl. re assembled fn „ mil s around g-tic   way   In  wh»ch   ns  afnrs od(Ife,w< haJl    Bro j. M. lliir.
o.rove.     It H°n8 Wl11 °e gratefully rocetvea oy llf pre8onta iin,i  it   is doubtful if a ga'axy of beauty in picturesqu- h-v hien handled U a credit to          ^   D   Q   M    (f Kam,0 ^
m  the gov- the conimiibc                               anybody  was   left  out  when  the garb, a> d a merry tim? was spjut.hi e membership and  has been of ^j^j b 'A *jj. Grimmett, D. D.
The Masq".erad2 Ball.      »»••••'. »»d A- M   (lrtt,«' al' "'
B   whom  m«•   siill    members.    The
,1 >.ii,,ln> nt tlii.ui.nunn n. mOVe-l i    ,1 • .... Tl 1..      K.,11     .,»    1V.0I
t i handle, a Dumber of ihe i arenti
had kept ihtn childr n
It   Mas   also    poiuti
g ,on as lhe new BChool was
wnidMlded rV'lit^.'   'he gov- UMJ ™mm™°- lanybody  was   left  out when  the garb, a- d a merry lime was spjnt.I H o .nemuersu.p  ana  ,..,s  um> ..., ^hlvd Uy A  M. (ilimui,tt, „. j,.
;'„,,„,, |,,w „i oil ei toucher I    l3ob Burns returned from Cran distribution took place. Twas indeed a hive of b amy and |ftreht benefit to .he townol l'^"j(. yi   Bandon, tustnlled tbifol-
,,„  tho   hnde»tii.iHiiB   tlmt   the|brook on Monday. I    At  tho  prescribsd  1.
town woull   ►! "'
tir a fair-  ry hm,  and b foro the unninskinp   I.
ail.dlh'ex-1    Mr|   patt0n lefl  town on Tues- »l«ud tt"dionco hlld     "embled and " Who's Who ?» was the predomi-     Tha hall Ullt two years ago b,
.HIS.     l .mon    ni.     _..,,!  Ul,. 1. a   i.i'i>,  il   In lln> t  lU'U.
iwiug  as  Officers   for 1905.     H.
p use. This p. ' it Oil is being (ir-
Ciliated and we tins' all w Ii t-igu
A very pleasant Bocial function
in the i iturc of an " Al Home,"
i I . ivi n by Mrs it, II. Bat toy al
her residence on Tuesday evening
ii t.   Tho time was very pleasant-i ^^^^^^^^^
with games,' songs and i<iuit ,ls jn^1  !|i< 'he skating andltheoutl
'■ —"-- 'ei...
day   morning   for   New   Denver,
whore she «ill lake a short holiday.
Squire Thompson, Beaton, spent
I ho holidays in Ferguson,
Tommy   Thompson has joined
lhe forces -il Ihe NetlicL.    It's tot
•• Who's Who •    was .he predomi-      1'he hall unit   two u-.i.s ago <m , M(.rill |.sol,  WM.. F, tVCauipbcll
,,, •, gquery. It would bo n severe the society i< a credit tn the I -wn. y M   ^.^ j        Qm^
taakfi    ■ ...er.. man to pass imlg-0n the first floor is the aadttorlnm...    He,reUrv.    0.   B. *.
the programme commeu ■( .1 with n
Chrlsmas glee by the c ildron from task fi    i mere man to passjmlg-iun me nrst noor is l,"»BU,,,,-w,',,,",|pim|jr8ji   worettry;    O.   B. A
behind the curtains, accompanied meiit on the sweet oreations of the and offices, ou the second floor theLy.^^   Treaaorer* J. 0. Murray,
by  the  jingling  of  sleigh bells, fair da»ctrs and  wo must be par-  lodge room, handsomely ftarnUh-L ^   j A Griffith, J. D.; N. Tay-
This number "Santa  is Coming" doned for admitting it la not with- ed, snd ante-rooms, ana on the L ^ g   ^_ j   j,'j(z„umUM1|i   j st.
was exceedingly well rendered and in our mascuinc ability to select third floor a cosily fitted up lunch L (', ui,^palrj0k Tyler.
was vociferously   applauded,  tli ihe "hell  of tin ball." |r"oiu.   The lodge is deserving of I ' A'f  k^.i'—.. „iiu„.„.
bad that the fair-haired boy should I curtain rising simultaneously with     Geo   ii\     Fisher, as   "Q
pplati ■ of the   May,"  secured  lhe be
'he SUC
ige   is  deserving
ii   lias attained am
\fier the business oftheeyen-
i   : was over an  adjournment was
It im  -i-l
• ns.
ii     .
dancing are proceeding merrily. The story of tho "Courting of prii
Ravi w   wi« i    a oontinuance made t i the lunch  room where an
pr isperity for 1005.
«i joyable hoiir was spent.
; gj2±z	
U I'riiO"!
ni Kerne.
.; Troul l.uUei liy. una i ul lUhi
mi ".ml 'loini bats even 1 i-uhe
Tne Editor doea not nold iiimx.-u responii
I h- en- Iti • .>:ni.I.-.i- of ooi'resnnnrtoiitsextras i i in ii eoolirmpsol ibeTucic.
All loonln will be e|ei!".-,-,l ul iho rotu of 15
.'nits nt i I;iv-t■. ilrvi Inwrtlnn, artil in i cms po,
(hieoacii tflitjso , u. ni insertion,
Ti-rnis ii i I'ranslent nncl otl.oraavertlf.lna
-v hi lie made known on up) Itciitlcm u, ottlee
„ i'iscripliiin fi'.Oiia your, In inlvniiti'.
flURRAY fft ATHSRTON Publishers
Jn the Daily News of December
22nd  \Y.  1!    I'ool has ijuite an interview v'i'l. regard to the defec?
tivonesfl of the mining laws     \VdI .
are aware of the fact that the mitv |.
:np laws of I! C are not perfi i (.
neither are the lav •■ of apy coun
try relating to apy particular subject perfi ci.    The only examnle i f
pi rfei tness    ever   known in   this
world was a Man, and the people
of Hisday crtu ified Him,
Experience ten lies, and as  we
gain it we amend our laws to o imply with conditions.     Wo a si rt,
without rear of contradiction, thai
there has been less litigation over
mining properties am
jooators in British Ci
any other
the globe
Is absolutely •'out of sight." The* The spo-ts of boll. Trout Lake
advertisers, too, of Craiibrook are and Ferguson are wearing dismal
as ganjo as {hey make them, and dials, by reason of the extreme
uro evidently believers In, the vir- mildness of the weather. Every-
lues of priming ink. The whole thing is ip readineps fori hp skaters,
86 pages of 7-oolumn folio :\rp eiv j with the exception, pi the needful
closed in a handsome cover, ntpj j icp. Perdpjps if BQmfro| the hoys
the interier i- profuse with reading ' who pride tjjem&ejyes pi) a jjenigt]
mutter interspersed with ads which influence with the " gentleman ':
fpr artistic display easily heals [at the liro-ojlico would pwitchl
anything of its kind in Western around in. their prayers u good:
Canada, The "Old Man'' has hard, frost might prevail, llow-
Bome artists around him, ovideutly   eyef, a* we go to press there are in
•rr-rz-rr- i^—H dicationg of a Cold simp.
We had an opportunity lately if,    - - ■■   — -         	
ierusing the  report  on the"Big   -_ m   % _^
Smith & 6o.
45 Bleury Street, MONTREAL.
'ILL l>e represented in Ihe bar
dean    :.l    regular    intervals
throughout tlip year.   Orders
i for clothing will seoeive close attention
(i.ir repsetentatlre, s. A, Scptt, Is n
ei.u■lienl  taili>r,  nmi wi|t make clothes
fit.    Hajd your ufderj (or hi',;i.
the rights of I
ilumbia tli.in
country on,   (ihe fai i  of
Wp aiso say thai th
prospector and owner is protected  ,        mi
,,  ..                  ■     ,   ,         . '■' "''■ ' bonapiKinei
,is well, it not betti r, by the laws oi <     , * „
B.C. than any other country.    But I
while acknowledging tho laws are
not  (lawless, we also   know  that
when properly laid before the gi
ernin.g body any amendments, are!
cheerfully made   which   will  im
We.  do  not   think   it   policy or
even go.ul  horsi     i nse   wl i n  we
I'll*' property is situate n few miles
up the North Forlj rpad, ami the
repo 'I tin rpon l- a remarkable tribute, to the '■ alth of oui hills
o lo hand was prop ::c !
aft. . .■'. extended \ 'sit by I!
Robert . in • ;"- late of th    Hoyqj
i] "i s! !>•• - ! ndi ii and con
Bulting ei in er of the Empire
Mini h Co., Ltd It is extremely
in strut tjvo, lealing as it does uitli
the b ' li ,.y of this pari ioulai >.,-,■-
tion, and also from thi fact *.A' its
i minute dealing with ir ni ra] m n
ii i: '"- and I tc     ts accruinf
I he eto     iii"  repi it  is exti emelt
ratifying  to tho i v»..  ■-. Mesf r.-
]>ut to great expense in obtaining
the   services   of   the  above  w< I!
km •■ ii expert.    Nothing remains
no   but f r the  npitalisl to Jump
■   nnl nap  the harvi st.    The report   : .i    thai tl  re an  tv o reii
rnnning   through   the    property, ,„„   _     ,  _  ~T~tv , ,,
' •      IN t!ieCj|iinlr Gui.rt of K.Nileiinv. Ii.ililen
known   as  the  Si ith and  North «t Trunt Lake, between Robert Madden l
veins, thi former  showing a width wtd Unis Uvesque, ddng business as
U :.|,li'ii  a   Ix'vesipie,  ni   licit Lake, I
tor a   B.C.,    hetelkoepers,    plaintiffs,    mull
arvfcei qn  Snmlav evening at   7."0
o'clock,    Visitors   are   eordinllj  iveh
d. REV. H. \. SOLLY",
i i 'tm'.iinhi'iil.
ffanlwnre. Miners' Bupplies, Stoves
and h'..iu:i's.
Pnd a defective point to get on the )iis(iUKi   'f  2(Xl0 feet   T)l,.
ho is tops and proclaim thai n i
i • : ctian is afforded to capital
Wishing to invest, more especially
tvhi i such st iti ments are not facts.
for .i
■l-iii      Bti high grade
gnlen cai n ing ' h vnlni s in
grey copj ■: Tl i ayi from ''■-
.mi rago and  -■ - a nj . s ai
■   " •  lI,      Wi   learn  that
tin   owners   in   pre] ared  to consider ativ reason ble  proposition.,'
r undivided ul tention mitrt
be given to the   ' Long Tunnel' i
Ii Btry be trvmg to givt tm pr<  -  ■ • , ...
,     •  ,    '        for som rahle time.    W <• i
en I government, and at the san
time our province, a black <
Wo are willing to get in and do
our best to remedy existing •
ii. f. ■ I wi have agitating for
■ii'" months i. i .i change of the
; I icer act, but we are not willing
to jump out and damn a win 1" in-
- IW—."■'
We take this opportunity of
tending to our .Many Patrons and
Friends our best wiflhes for a
Happy   and
New   Year.
W'c appreciate favors of the nasi
and can assure you that our efforts
in the future «ili  warrant a con■
tinuance o| your patronage.
i \;C;
Masterson, Griffith
& Co.
rrr     i
i L
laborer, defendant.
■    v ;il, .,
TAKE NOT^CK, that tin foes within
o'jfhl days after the personal service
i..' thin inmnAon* on yon, you return to
the Registrar of this Court al Trout
hnk" the dispute note bejoiv, dated
and signed by yourseM (oryoursoli-
i , andstatingbrieflyyourgroundr
of defence to the action, you will not
afterwards !<<• allowed to make any
defen e to tho claim which die. plaintiff makes on yon. ns per margin, the
particulars of which arc hereunto annexed : bni the plaintiff may, without niviiij; any proof in support of
mull claim, herein proceed to final
|uihtment and e^eenrion. If yon return stteh dispute ii"t<* to the. Registrar within tIn-time.') iviiiud, ih i Regit ::::r ivil -end y»U, l«y post, le'li,-,- .,: I
lhe day upon which (heactiqn will lie
tried. '
Claim,  |S3.7j;    »"ud   for  plaint nial
.. iii     sill' .  Costs,  solicitors, etc.,
110.01  j Total ninouut of djebt aad costs,
solutions have been ^J6,' «'os?p of s»rnlshee, |3.10; Total j Tfl^ LAST HOPE.
■* P in the right and broken in , 'Z^M^n^r, i»u      *' U »■ Mefrim»»'        '■ »•
an absolute necessity that we have,,dnJ'' an« >* w*i11 happen      ii  ncs P.C.CAMPBELL,
two teachers al   this  point    rf,.'>'";,r Registraroi the Court
ho] e that    ;       : ky owni rs will:
reap ;-;    reward  that the report'
The me. ting of the 'itiz»-ii- of
Trout Lake on thi school question,
a; reported on our froi I paj
i ■
'. •. lies
!  ente
ai (1  ilair pi rs,,, r-
prising spirit   war-
By Gilbert Parker, cloth. $1,50
proposition made t, the < lui iti« n- 1
al department to stand pari or thi
post  should convince them of our
earnestness in the matter.   We b
in i ntrenehm ut <>f exp mdi-'
tures as much at \  Jsible, but il
suicidal polh y to intrench I i the
disadvantage  of  the  educatioi
our young.
The future of  the Piovin.
facl of the Domini' n   n -:j on tin
ability and knowledge of th   \ ■
(-•nt young gi neratioi . and •■
them   in   that  direction is akin to
criminal    We trust the superintend! nt of education will see ihi-
m.itter in its proper   light   alio
, co ding to our wishes
s Y(\ pan
■■:•■   i
UKX visiting Ferguson you
s'u mId gtav at the Loiileau
Sandy Laughton
Praprfet i
| 1    II   tel.     Here   the   visitor
V'l.   b;   btinouiiili-d   with
lion,   comforts.   Excellent
euisino,     well    veiitilaled
and   warm   rooms,   well
Blocked bar, and everything which
teids towards making your vjsit a
pleasant and memorable one.
Rato   fn m f i day upwards.
We stri.i; io       ..-u oiif patrons.
By I). W. Eiiggins. Victoria, I JO
Cloth, 1.50
, Build:ng Trad s  Pocket Book
iBnupess Man's Pocket Book
Mechinic's Pocket Mem. randum
Three vols.   1.50
| Put by the International-Correspond-
once School at |t each our price $1.60
ia  the   time     i   yi      .
to Buj I. it«.    Nev. r «
tL^ Prospi 11.- • f 1, gutnn
«•• bright.
I he   Town   ■ f   1 i:Ki I  -. 'N
will he o te of   tho   Ore I
i •■" Prodncing < amps in the
World.    I h •   Ihl'I     ' ji i
success achieved by thi
numerous U K Vi. I II V and
l'l».\ir.\Mi:.- now otieral i
there is a liibote to the
ti. an ndi   • .»     th ot the bills
rslECUSOIM.  B   C
J. Y. Griffin & Co.
I     boli ....   ..    ".• i and v,,n';
must  be si ttled down to.    '
' i   .   .     district wo  ha
herita e and I ■ maki  the b  I
it and g< t .,n then ■ in ii we mui I
work together.     D   al]  vou i m
fn   ■ .,■:-■ If, and at  tlie same time
di ni knock anybody else.    There
is lots of room for us nil, and the
interests of the individual will be!
advanced by the corO] erati n of all
concerned.   Our industry i- nn o
ni re solid ha-i- than i •,
mid if unity oi purpose is n aim
tained, the results for 190S Bhould
be benoficial to all
\ i: rain
The progressive town    f Cron
brook musl feel ] id ■•'
paper, and   'Old M in ' SWmpf
w< venture U   i U filled with
justifiable pi id.  when hi gazes on |
his Chi is'.inn    prudm tion.     The]
holiday nund.irof the CranbrookI
Herald fell into our box this week,
„nd we must -.. that the production redound* to (!.•  i red I of it?
cotnpil' r.-   and  ,..-  a »pi • Imi;. of
the arl  of letterpress prim ng it
W-3 Vt-ish a!3 our Friends
and Cuetomera a Happy
and    Prosperous    New
.    . ••   -   ■■ -*  *•■ •*»' */   '»   ,0 t* ■ ^w»bbWMbMbJbbbMbbbMbI
FERGUSON - - B. 0.
I   Celebrated I'.rnu.lH of
j and I'/.'-.
II.in     I"   'i ■
B   C.
1         ii need » •■■iiiiImiIi.i.I.'  Ii"in' *   ll^ilry
[ih« Mndden li    Well fornl«hed rooma
, liclil.-.l   I,.   . 1. .-ni.-Ii.. iii-l-.-n.'.-.  ii":n I.    In.
fih.'im ".n will Mini ijllththMl dqtnmisnnd
, iiiifirl.-.l lli|ii»»r-, i.ii'l cis'io-.
Thomas Madden   Prop
E.Ferguson & Co.
Public Bch. id. Hospital, »nd
other Institutions. Kxcellent
Waterworks systom,   Hi roe t a,
SlQTI i    and    Kotjidi IICOS   lllii-
mined by Electricity,    Dally
in iii  m evict.      I he   I WQsito
in admirably Iii.I ,,'it    t; |   ,
Nt>W  on  ii, ■  ground   f >ur.
Lots can  now  ue  purohased
•    IK0.T
f   Wholesale dealer* In Wines, Llquon
nnil Cigsri.   Agouti for Pabst Beef.
\l 8. WMr***
l.'i^ninr and Special Audits.   I.'ef..--
lenco:   Canadian Itimk of Conuu«rco,
$75 •" :       J
| REVEI.STOKE, ». C. §
1  s
^5^> '•i-'i:>>J'-' ; •      ■ ■•■': ~.
Lion Brewing Co.
Brewers of Beer & Porter.
®'kOSSLAND,   -   ,   H. C?,
- - ; • • •■ ' ;
Prospectors' Exchange'
(iRAION. B. c
YrsiTORS arriving st.lteatpn «h« lliresl.olil of theUnlean)
'iiA.rmvhen,, »,ll: tlifsj Mold l„ ,,., f„|,v ,,,,,,,,,,,,1
for liluh-claes trade.   Icxcollent nceommodatloii.    A well
'-Pl71le.la.il  spmmns,In,  ,,  hall,     The Ml oi U hi-h, Spi.ile
ii.mM Ixars    Porspnalsui ■,•.., Is given to Ih* reqiilromen , of
...... ...,,„-,, hi Hire inentu 1
1,:|1"""  Slilt01  totheLai „aucj»n wl* on oomlorfat this hotel.
W. BOYD 7- -;- Prop
•- •. .
<■■■»'% 't\
■■eMMHSHMMI Job Printing of every description will be faithfully executed at the Review Job Dept
,r- — : :
Gen'l Mining News.
Slocan ore shipments for the
year will exceed 13,000 tons,
Taut month the Tr,ail smeltor
lurried out 947,168 lbs. of load,
The new multer nt Marysvtlbj
in to I*., in operation next month,
Two copper furnaces arc now i«
operation al the Trail smelter
The Gibson, on the south fork of
KmsIo creek, is to join the shipping
In tji*. Crow's Nesl ureas, the
coal seams vary from I to 00 feet
in thickness,
Rossland's oro shipment lust
week were 5,868 tons, or 338,841
tons for the year,
Jo /. Gordon Goldberg and to L, Goldberg or to any  peraon or periOBB to
whom they   may  have  transferred
their Interests
Tal* Noiice,   I   tho undersigned co-
0wtii>r with you in tli' Little Robert niu)
I.itile Itobert Nn -' mineral claims situated at the extreme hand of the north
fork ol Lardeau creek in the Trout Lako
mining division ol  West   Knotenav dil-
triit «nd province ot British Columbia
have dnim the required  work on the
aiMive~ii»*nti.jiwl 11.in»"r^t claims for the
year !W0:t in nnUtr In  hold the name under section u I <d t)i,e niinetal set, met ii
nitliin MOdiivs »( this notice   you fail or
c.-fiiso  to contribute >•*»nr   portion of
such expenditure tor work dune, toyatli-
er with the cost of this advertisement,
youi interest in ihe said mineral claims j
still bw.-oiue  the  property ol  ihaaub-j
n r'hcd under section  4 of the Mineral |
Act Amendment Act nl   nou   Dated at
Trout Lake this 7th .lav of October, 04,
tic 7'04 <    owner.
I ,011 Hill mineral claim lituale in
Trim: Ijikc Mining Division il We«i
Kootena ■  lisli   t,
\', '■ , , .,., ,11, I -1 In I.'.., . 1 aek h I-
oipiii^: lb- Ooronatio 1
Notice ihui I. O. B. N. Wilkie,
pctin^ a» agenl for Cutler T, Porter,
,, rtifli ate N i>".;i:tl, in-
tend, ■ \!\ days from lhe date hereof,
In upi ly to ih» Mining Recorder for a
I'dI'tieuie of   Improvements,  fur tin
pnr| ■ id •   inining a Crown Grant ol
lhe ghove claim.
\iel further ink.- notice thai action,
up Icr section 37, must be commeuc«.|
bel ire I he Isauani e ol . u h I lerl if)i ati
pi 111 prorements,
1 il lliiaStthdsj al November, 1.11,
lliil. (1  11. N. WILKIE.
Mill. 1 ii i eroby given that SO dava
altoi date I 11 '■■ ' ,1 to apply lo the Chli,
roiMiniatioper ol Lands *ud VVoika for
Liquors and Eigar
Large Comfortable Rooms
First Olaa* Board.
Rfiadden & Levesque
Livery and Dray Stables
Saddle, Pack and Cartaxe Horses A.]ways
Freighting, Packing and
Teaming a Specialty
1 : - • - - : ♦
Daily stafce leavoa   Beaton at 12 o'clock for Trout Lak«  Fi  guaon and Camborne
Leaves Ferguson, via Trout Laki for Beal   1 at 7 a.m.
Branch Stables at Trout Lake  Beaton, Ferguson and Camborne,
11    ' Luke, B. C.     and Forguson.
(j<;o. H, Mi Carter, .1   A. llnrviy
A. M.  Plnkhatn,
.   ,r,       ■■•      it : ... r. •   . • nnKoii
Stoale, '••.
: inpoi lal Bank ofCaiuida,
SB.  A.,  L..U a.
City   Drug    Store
A full line  of Choice Stationery
Just Received.
A I   $ksf\    School supplies, proprietaryMeojcine^,
ilavdv)  Toilet Articles, Etc.  prescription WORK
Best Hotel in Town,
Eeaflprters for Mini and Commercial Men.
d. n. Mclennan, proprietor
Revelaloke station.
15. C.
B. J.
Capital Authorised, $4,000,000
( epital [paid upl - 3.ofji.nofl
lieat   .      -      -    8,000,000
11 .-ad Office:
Hi ;i
mil   .   Manil   b
is ia tlie Northwest Territorii    Pra ■   •      ;.
Ontario md Qu
T.R.MERRITT, President. D. R. WILl   ::  V      Pr<     •   I Oen. Man.
E HAY, Assistant Gen. Manager.      W. MO  If AT, CI
Trout    l.«ke.    II.    O, Branch-A    Qsfl
-    ings Department—Depu
D iblo In all porta QfOaim
• Ein'po.
-,.,..1 i.ii.iiion (Ivan to nulloott ip» *
Mining Bonds,
Accountant,     ....      Aintii.,.
.i.e. MURRAY,
nnur i.\kp..b. c.
Oataide company*1 Interests i-arefn'V
looked :ifi«-r
\ ■■ .• I ,i ii. inlaman'a I'lano*
t'utlaeat    lrjn aactad.
int. - stall wod.
fl'-nrrul Htnre,   Kali Line
ill , ,,ni,, ,i Goods.     I'ruits
in m.'iimiii.  Big nmortment
■ -ii. ike     Sttpi   I ".
I     Offlenoflhe HI*BendTelephom Oo
W.  Abrahamson!Lennoxvi,,e
And Bunder.
Owner of the Abraham-
son Addition to the
Job Printing at Thi _
Mining Review jRCM
Get a Home
For   vourself.
Don't Pay
Hotel and
Genera! Store
GERRARD       .       -       B. C
CI     "R      "RofVp    AGEKT FOR GIAKT r
OT,    D*    DCltliU   FUSE AND CAPS.
1 ..:si;n of the ALH> \M)VI\ HALL
V. M. Westfall & Co.
llniiiik- II,"I., ,-.
Mining l'i..|-tii.-« It. i-Ti, ,1 Op.
M    i    .,,,! |'i.i-i •, I- ll'.neiil .111,1 Sold,
I'ost Office Block,
Main Street.
n special I      •       ml and carry away  .;
limber Ii ...  I J. a following   dearril   I '''"'' l   »looked Altar m,ilon.Heal.
lands ii< West Kpolenaj  commencing  1 1—
■   aide ol  Lanlo Kim     '    deanm..onp,      'I'i-<hit Lnko   M C
 .1 !4 mile below front Lake,, n trl ""■ K ' '      ."
I-   I   Kinnian, > s., coruer poat; t|iei  ,• j— ,
rOrhains west; thence80 cnaitiaiouili        ^     lH iCi^l^t 11A     «*
i|,.i,.,> 80 chains ea»t; theiice80 cliaina      *"    >WiO*?4l V il IV)     R
p. uii '.• • • i • .1 ronnncnci mi nt.
I'aii'.l iIi.f Kill .lav ol i'e>-. n Ii
1004. 'i:, L. KIMIAN.
Packing and
Ferguson   packing v
Transfer  Outfit.   !
(Jtn  i r   in  |>| I i.S'.m i st i •   o\\ SEKH
To I'liii it Kim. and J. \V Bmitb or to
whomaoever they they may navel
transferred tlm.r [ntercal in the
•' .t aplo Leal"' i..i ieial claim,aittiatril ,
mi the il UtII ea-l -ni" of i'opiar • k
and about Inn and a hall miles from
the mouth of the .-ifck. in tin Trout
LiLc Mining  Diviaion .n Weal K<«ii-
You are hereby notified that I, \it|mt
U. Johnston ro-owpei «itli you in the
" M'i|'it Leaf mineral .lam. above
described !mr performed labor and
made expenditure antheaaid claim to
the oxlant .,( f 100.00, lumler the profit h at Kit ion "i "I I lie Mineral Acl,
in order t" hold mid claim, anil tin.
\'-;ir (oi which mill l-.ili". » aa perfoi n .-'I i
and expenditure made hating expired, I
I .lo hereby give yon notice lo r"m ribute
\uiir   |,iiii,i,i ti,■!>   ul  inch   exi'i'iiiliue.
yml you iue further noliAed thai
I be expiration ol 00 days of publication
hereol you f«il or refuse to contribute
your proportion ol lhe expenditure so
|uade, together miiIi all coata of adver-
liaing, your interests in thnsaid claim
ri nil become veiled in me under and
py vii tue ol'proviaions of Beet inn { ol
the Mineral Act, amended Acl 1000,
pitted al r..|'!i«r( ink  in . Dee :',l.'ni.
AKTflUH U, JOHNSTON, Co-i wnei
Ntitiri'. TO i'imiHMJ;,
To John A. M.UH .1    !.  Foley, Geo, T.
Newmgn and win, S,  Kewmnn or to
any person or neraona to whom they
in .V have Irnnaferred their iutereata:
Tftse Notice   I t|.«   nndoraignetl co-
pwner »iiii yun In llio Hold Ung ininc-
ial claim sitvtnleo on tlie aouthforkoli
Lirdo creels nea,r Seven   Mile   in lhe
lieiii   tiik.'  inining division ..(  W'catf
Konlennj district a,ui| Province of Brit
,-ii I'oluniliia have done U.e reqttirod
win k on the above-mentioned mineral
slnitns lor the year '04 in ordei In liokl
the same undei lection 24 of the mine-
ml act avd il wiiU'.ii 00 days ol tlila
notice yon fuU er refuse to contribute
your|i.i.;ii,ii of hii.'h aspeDdituretogether with the PQSl  oi  thin  iiilverliHi'inetit
your iutereat in the isJtl tuiiu-i.ti claims
will lieeooje the  property  of the miller-
^iK'.ect in,.i.i section 4 of the mineral
«>-t lui.e.iiim. ni sot ol 'no. Dated ni
Trout Lake this 30ih day of November,
»!H)I. ,lAi. \V. I.ivim.hon
ye«j.2.'04 (oiuvinrt.
(iold orSilver |1 50
Hold and Silver   ...,..,.,.  ..|2 IX
- :.,i iin.l Lend  ? 50
    1 t"l
<",..nr:\, la enteted into for peeking "f Miniup Rupplies, etc.
poinl in the list)   I
' prompt service, and any work und rl  kengusi
•atii  id iry.
 II fco
SHANNON,  'ssayer,
S. I>aney, Prop.
 .-•■••.•     ;.   «';
;       © K
»  FOB  A- —
Good Shave or Hair Cut
 CAM. "N	
William Schnell, 8
KERGDSON undTHOI I 1 .\K1..    ™
v C
HotnndCu'J Baths-
3. B N WILKIE, P.L.S..
Provincial Laud Surveyor,
.Mineral Claim* Sorveyed
and Crown (irants Obtained
Kexl Reoord Offlci.
trout Ij.Up. B C.
Mineral ('Inims Surveyed
W. H. Jones,
!   one.    leaf    r.inilc-a.    Fine   Job
Watch-repairing,   etc.     All work
i, Trent Lake, B.C.
F.ib Ihvksthbnt ami Protectioh,
THO.-. TAYLOR, Agent.
RlVBUTOJCB       AND       TROfT I.AKg.
Vclw should be your guide when buying
Newest Goods.  :-: Best Values*
Entire Satisfaction.
Can Always be Hound at
TROli     LAKH
F. B. Wells,
F. A. Newtcn
Rossland,    ■ -     B. c
Member Russland Stock Exchange
tl you have LardeiaStncka WrlU me
E *,- -.-,    < •.t<a»v«*wk*
• ft*aaa    ..n«rteni'< *•■    •
.■ •.:• ..• ■:. ■:.- rf» ^v rf- ■■:- tO>. \j.- •: ■.   .
John .lohnsoii was home from
Five Mile for a few days Ibis week
on tlie sick list.
Dan McLennan writes from the
cent belt   that   he   is enjoying JO
Ik low y,i'M,
Horace Ahistcrsnn, son of the
Poplar merchant  prince and old
An Array of Bloorrt.
A   re;'.;!:it.   arrival   at the  City
Hotel in   tin' person of Miss Cook
has beautified that hostelry to a
wonderful extent,     Miss Cook has
the ability of converting  particles
of wax with her dexterous  fingers
. i i
into choice orchids,•lillies.-elnnatis,
and a  dozen and  one species of
delioate exotics.« The foliage, ton.
surrounding the " growing " plant?
Trout Lakeian, Ed. Masterson, washg as riear riaimro as it is possible
n   vi;-iior  for  his Christmas holi-j U) conceive.    The dining room o:
ihis hotel  was a vertub'e sea ol
d:i vs.
Maildeii .v. Levesi|iie have had
their billiard table thoroughly
ovcinanled and  put in lino shape.
The ball given on Monday night
by the   Uink   Committee  was well
attended.    A   large  number  werci   .
, ,,, ,' ,     ,        ,, ihe handiwork of her  protege
down to   I rout   Lake trom I'ergu-!    ., . ,
The Social   held   at the rc-idence
of \V. K. Hoi lent beck last week in
aid of the M. E. church was largely   attended    and   an
evening s; int.
Jack Chisni, duck Nesbitt, Monty
Morgan, Phil <>'( onnor and Frank
Jloltcii all of whom are on the way
towards travelling as millionaires
- through the b:g gold Melds al Poplar were visitors ih's week.
The mafona attended divine
service at the Anglican church on
Sunday last. There was a good
itttendance of the brothers. Bro
the Rev. II. A. Bo'ly preached an
eloquent sermon touching on the
origin of Masonry and ihe beneficial results to the world at large
of its teachings.
A series of r solutions adopted
by lhe Poplar branch of the Provincial As via'ion were sent to
Tiout Lake this week fortheen-
dor-cment of this branch of tin
hss tiitioli, A meeting will be
eall-d for Ihe first of the week to
Co- eider tlieni.
McLeihin, Mills and McLean
are n king out some ore from tho
Horse ISlibe which they have under base.
Ed. Vijond is rawhidirig or.
Bteadily from the Lucky Boy.
The Consolidated mining and
hi cling cotiipany write that they
intend doing a largo amount ol
d< v-lopiiient work on their different properties next .'p'ing.
II. C. Parke,' left town wry
ruddeuly Friday leaving a number of sorrowing friends behind
Not wishing bun to leave tie
country without an opportunity ol
expressing th ni-elves in a substantial manner, an effort whs
ma. let- hold him up at Beaton
wh'c'i wai however ineffectual.
.Mrs. J. A. Griffith spent a few
Of the Xinas holidays with her
brother, Ed.  Ma't'i-oa at Poplar.
Colonel K'ng, tlio g'-nial host o'
the Hotel Allan, t>f Rowland, w.i-
in town on mining busine-sduring
thi week.
A'ec  Crawford   the  livery mai
of ihe Lnrdeati   was a visitor froml
Beaton daring the week.
E. L. Kinmnn has Installed an
llectHo lighting plant athirrtsi-j
deuce ou Vanconver Btreol
bloom on New Yens' Day, and i'
was difficult for the diners to believe that the flowers were not the
real article. Miss Cook has been
the recipient of much praise, and
Mrs. Jowett is proud of exhibiting
rathe;' uniqup sight was the arrival
of a | air oi robins who perkily
hoppi 1 around tho kitchen door of
this hostelry one day this week.
Thi robins had arrivoa some three
enjoyable m»nthB before the usual time, and
it wiis remarked that lliey had
been ileccivcd by the abundance of
bloom ilt the hotel.
All kinds of New Records,
Sole Agent for the Lardeau:
J. C. Murray
Trout Li'c  c B.
A. F. 6 A. H.
3rd    Thursday    each
Visitors Walcorue
(ieo Forddred, Her, (i. N. Taylor, Tf ,M
U.   D
All ths Latest
Magasim% on
at "The
&&■ WMM
'   3
Fob Sai.k: Lots 85 and .'It!
lock 47, Trout   Lake.     Apply b
is. J. II. German, 605 Unfvi rsity
\ Seattle. Wash.
Ml. -II
I. O.O.F.
I: .• i    i -up, ;||.jr« lid.! n,
.   ,u's    Hi,!!    |'\>I ,-
.     i...v  I Iflll   (it   »
n'clni-k     Visiting   iir.ith-
1.1. I'uril ll.ll.   IV*'i»'  '1IK'.
It pays to me the Telephone. A
lengthy trip rani often ba lavsd. Offices
nt  Ferguson: Cummina'  Kloro ; Trout
l.uke, Post Office i alio ut Beaton, Ooro*
aplix and Arrowhead.
Take Notice Hint I shall hold a Court
of Revision and Appeal, under ilia As-
■essmsnt Act, I80:f, for tho Revslstoke
Assessment District, on Monday lhe
twenty eighth day of November, 1V>H4,
at thu hour of silvan o'clock in tha
forenoon, at the court house, RovSlitoke,
limed at Revelitoke, this 1st day ol
November, 1!K)4.
Judge of the Court of Revllion
and Appeal. Hevclstolie Assess
inent District of West Kooteiuty.
ODB SHEI VEfi are .hock a-block with
Tool comforts for winter.
Shos Slippers
Overshoes Rubbers
We can tit out nuy ami every member
of ihe family, and at prices which will
please vou.
Nelson, It. C.
R.    ANDREW   &    CO.
Hail orders carefully and   prompdv
attended to.   Agent for Slater and Set-
tleton Shoes.
Grand Hotel
Abrahamson. Bros., Proprietors
KVICltYl'IIINU   NHW   AND    rilMT-UI.AHM   IN   \l,L  RUM.       -rH
Fire Proof Safe
rii,'ii«f^M '■'."! uiii, urn n---»t WIiim u'U (lr*ra «   Hi. market.
Trout   Lake,
The CENTRAL HOTEL Revelsioke
Is t.'uder ths sama almiaieiatul.
! ire fob a
Royal Hotel
j! Fancy Bar,
Musical Entertainment
Bulletin   Beard, World's
Mining News.
T5> Union (gigar Factory
Manufacturci only Union foods, end beaidoi
ih.'v are ihe beat on the market,    riiey ar,.
mauS of Ihn   Uaat   ' i   ■- »■ «  tobacco, and their
excellanca i« undisputed.    Insist on getting
H. R. BrOWil,   Proprietor.
Union! laarfactory, KKVEISTDKB, Ft.''
Running- between Arrowhead, Hen-
ton and Coinnplu. oommenciog o^to-
'■er 1-Jth. I'M, will anil as lolloirs.
woatber porminlng.
Leaving Arnnvhead for Doat in ftic!
Com^plix, twice daily—JOk a».i .'k.
Leaving Beaton and Comapits f«u
Anon head, twice daily— .tl.'ik an-:
I2;46k. f..'akin(f clone connections
.villi nil C. P. It. Sn amora and trains.
Tto owuera reserve the right to
.-'i.i'i;.- tliuea of Kii.infc-s without
The Umpire Lumber Co., Limited.
Dominion Hotel
Firat-Claaa in every respect.
The Travelling public carefully
taken earo of.
!y & Nate • Props.
irst-class Accommodation
Best finest Liquors
And Very finest Cigars   £S
bow Fraction nml Handy No 2 mineral
claims situate in tha Trout bakr- Mining Divisioi of Weet Kootanay district
Whore located:—Near tho mouth of
Lynch creek on the K. A A. Kr
lake notice that  I,  Alfred   I.  Cnrle,
acting as Bgant for  W. N. Hiayton, free
miner'i certificate No.  Ii "7,310. intend
sixty days aflor dale hereof, to apply to
the Mining Recorder tor Certificates of
Improvements for tho pur|>oso of obtaining cro-.i n grants of the abora claims.
And further take notice that action
under s»cti',n 37 must be commenced
Ij'fure tho issuance of such certificate ol
improvements. Dated this '.'Mh dav of
October, A. I)., l'.'Ol
oc.:;8'04 AI.FKKD J. CURLE.
John Simpson.      Proprietor.
P,BumS&C0 The Nelson
Brewing Co.
Dealers In all kinLa of Prrth Mi at
Brewtii of
Lager  Beer
end Porter
R. R.eisterer (8h Co.    -   Props.
Tho B C. ASSAY anJ ( H   HICAL .
SUPPLY C.., Lid. ■
vTTa,B.cM StarheB Si Co.
Headipiartera (or Ai-sayers, Mining and c-
Mill Supplies.    Sole agants in R. 0. for
Morgan Orucible C<>, Battersta. K g-     WHOLESA! I   Dl \l ER8 ln.Bnlter,
laud; I-. \T. liia.in A Co a Patent C.irv , .. , , ,,    , , ,    .,,,,.
Fumacee, Burners, etc. :   Wm. Ains- KgK"'   n'""r'   pndtte*   »"'   u,h
worth A Co.'s Fine balances, etc., etc. Hooaton Bk., Josephine Bt. Sell m, B.<
is is a Snap.  .. Buy Lots i
usiest town in Kooten
Peed .fiirnnicry, f.d.
J. Hcliinlll.Mrc.
Tim curling club rlecled the
following officers »t their annual
meeting: Alex, Crawford, preai-
ileni; o. Ii. X. yVilkio, \ Ice preal-
dei'; A. \V. Edge, Hcc.-trdos.
A'ec Crawford wits | reviou;ly nj>-
|n luted on iliu executive of lhe
K ol'Tiiv Curlers Asfocialii n.
I hereby give notice that at the
meeting nf tha Board of License!
issioners of the Ainsworth
Li< ■ ni i istrict, to bo held al 'he
Mining Recorder's Office at Trout
Luke on Decembi r 15th, 1904, I
shallupply fur permission totrans-i
i       lici n."e f.»r i'.i Common Ial
I!- I •!'. Poplar, to Charles Hanson.|
Dated November 16th, 1904.
W. HAHsoie.
■ ii
At the   turkey   Mm it on .\,«
Years day Charlie  Duluiuae won
Daily Mail service, Banking Facilities, Head of Navigation, Good Hotels and stores, Express and Money Order
Office, government offices, Fine schools and churches.
Water*works system now Being Installed.
\V    nr" mill h |i iiole fii'sl of All,
\\ ilt il li.l'ches our gi'l'St Bpet'l-
j lllly .       We   Ufa   ill    fuel    hum rr-.i1
1 j Will eh provider".    Wn boiisi nfllial
lhehiy.,0  pouhd  turkey with th. J M1„,t   ,,,„,,.,,., Miri#   n{uck   ,ua1>
highest scoro and Fred Mummery j promptest h-c. ice.    Our patron-'
the small   one   wnli  the renoud M&''  )"'V'H ',iir  pre-tttiiucncu !n
cent Timber, mai^y Valuable R.anches, The Richest Gold mi Silver Zone in The Province.
score Tim big bird wim tafrur-
waid-* raffled dfl and the Hkvikw
office will be eating turkey for the
mxt two weeks,
W. (i.'.'.-iii. nf Revelstoko, who
ic licsvily interested in the lutn-
b-r businoss at this point was in
town during'he first of lhe week.
IV e Cameron ulitl down  from
the Tiii n Tuesday.    II
no' e i lie worse for In i
MlKl l|
lhe retail  wnich   ir^'le.    fJnoe o
piiti'on, always n patron.
I! i,i inn witlrhes fn ihe quantity
iluii we do, wc uro enabled to »e-
curo discounts Impossiblo to the
smaller dealer, and we turn them
over t"■.) you at a eorri apouding
reduction in price. Write u« («r
Ewert Bros.
Nelson, Rossland, Trail.
Jewelers .in.l i-ngravera
Saw-mill, capacity, 60,000 feet per day,   shingle and lath milk.   A3!
lhe Mines pay us Tribute.
F. B. Wells,
Gen'l Age., Revelstoke,
H. McPherson,
Agt., Trout Lake
1     --■—"■■ 1-i-rif f w i ikUmtm nit mwsm
- —      I


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