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Lardeau Mining Review 1907-06-13

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%^f T0RIA, B
Hai ii larger oircti
|iili..11 iii. i, nny
owspaper in N
iKiiiilfiiny. Rest mill' erln-ii.g   ii. dii ii
rOL 3
ining Review
'! he i";i.'i."r!itAi; ie
-if the ri-■!i l,'ir,l..i':
country. Sunt t .
uny aii dress for fl
per an. in advance.
TROUT LAKE CITY,   B.C. Jutic   I3t!,. I907.
Not i.e is hen by given that w i 1.
In two months from the first put.— |
Notice in hereby given tlmt 80
ila\.- ;ifter date hereof, I intend
to uuika application to the
I Ion. Chief Coniiiiissioiier of Lands
it Works for a special license to
cut uml oarry awuy timher from
iht* following described lands situated iu West Kootenay district:
Commencing at a post planted
al the Not id Weet corner of Ander
son's pre-emption nml '20 chains
i.iihI of the south west corner oi
Lot 7491 and marked "Leslie Sills
N. K comer poat*' thence wet-t 100
chaina; thence south 60 chains;
ihcnce cant ItiO chains; thence
north GO chains to point of com*
men cement.
Haled 20th April. 1!H>7.
Leslie Hill.
(-it... ll. Campbell) Agent
Notice it hereby given lhat within
two month) fr mi lticfir<t publioa-
lion 'hereof in the British Columbia Oatctte, I Intend to apply to
tu.* Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works lor a speeial Licence to cut and carry sway tim-
her froni lite following deecrilied
andi lituated in West Kootenay.
No. 1. Commencing at a poal
planted 1-} milea above Ten Mile,
on the louth fork of Latil.-.ui
Creek, adjoining Lot 7047 ou the
north, maiked "A, (Sowing's S. K.
corner noil" lhei.ee nortii 80
chain*; thence est H'1 cliuin*-;
thonce south 80 cin.ini*; tlience
east 80 chains, Io point oi commencement.
No. 2. Commencing nt a post
planted U miles above Ten Mile,
on the    south   fork   of   l.ardeau
Notice in hereby givuu ihnt after
two mon ihs from firm, publication  BROADVIEW
hereof  in   the   Britiah   Columbia i
Gazette, I intend to apply to the
lion. Chief CoiiimisHioner of Lands    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
iiml Works, for a special license to j
cut ami  carry nwav  limber from!     r   ,   ..     * *  r» *.- u
,,   ,.,        ',       ,1,11. E. A. Haggen, one of British
Ihi* lnllowillt! de-cm-ed IiiiiiIh Hltu-   r, i   _li   i    j! ii
,,   ,.,     ,r ,.    . Columbia s foremost mining en-
atci   in \\ cht Kootenay i i.-trit't. •     _ , •     .    ..      .,      .
gmeers,  examined   the  Broad-
No. i.    Commencing .at a        view and other   Northern Hill
planted on Henley Creek,  about' properties belonging to the Ohio
2 miles from   the head,   marked Mines Development Co.,    a few
"J. T. Leather*! south west corner days ago.
post"   thence  north  so chain*; |    While   Mr.  Haggen's   report
Lthenoe east 80 chains; thenoe south is not yet given to the public, we
' SO chains; Ihenee west SO chains, feel assured-judging from stray
to tho point of commencement,     [remarks that dropped by him—
No. 2.     Commencing at a  post!that jt wil1 not be unfavorable.
planted on Healey Creek, about 3
miles trotn the head, marked ''J.
T. I.auther's north east corner
thence south   80   chains;   tlience
Ferguson and Trout Lake people who know every foot of the
ground covered by these properties have every confidence in the
w.st 8d chains; thenco north 801ultimate result and are looking
chains; thence cast 80 chains to ! ^ the development of them to
tho point of commencement. jmake £°°d steady work for hun"
I.ocated the 23rd day of April. !dreds of men- as well as paying
1907. ^^^^^^^^^^—
J. T. Lauthers, Locator,
the investor good profits.
For many years these properties have lain idle: the owners
looking   for   foreign capital  to
Nell F. McKay, M. P. P.: K
E. Cliipmali, Gold Commissioner
and J. I), Moore, * road superintendent, came up from Katlo on
Friday night.
The object of their visit was lo
make themselves familiar wilh
the requirements of the north end
of the riding, along the liuo of
roads and trails. The road as
far as 10 Mile, was gone over and
found to he iu fairly good shape as
far as 5 mile, but from there to
thc terminus—pret'.y rocky, Il
was decided to put the whole road
in good shape, also to attend to
the wants—as far as possible—
regarding trails Two new bridges
will be LuiIt: one across Trout
Creek, and the other across the
Lardeau at Victoria St.
The matter of extending the 10
mile road   through    the  town  ol
"llazaiua"  Mineral Claim,
Pituatc in the Trout l.ake Mining
Division of Weil Kootenay district
Where   located:       On divide tic
t-l-esa  8  Mile Creek (Trout l.ake)
and Brown   Greek   (South Fork   of
l.ii.'l.'.tu lliver)
I open them up,  but owing to dif-j Ferguson, a short distance up the
| ferent causes, high price, inabil-1 North Fork;   bridging;   running
| ity to agree etc., they failed.
Finally, a few men in Trout
the road along the side  hill  and
connecting at a point  at the top
Lake made up their minds that 'of the hill on the Bouth Fork, wa?
a move had to be made and a
syndicate   was formed; a deal
., made with the English owner of
,. „..,..       . ,    ,'.,   the Broadview and work started.
Y \\ llkie, acting ai agent for Ld-   ... .,    ,   ,
, „ ....       ,, „    „ ,,...,.  i After running in the hole a coir
wanl Baillie,      KM.   C. B88885,     ,     .., , .,
,        ... , ,,„,''pie of thousand the ore was op-
Jan.es Hi-lop,    „    „    „    B98778*    . ,   rrn ± ,.     *\
J.D. McDonald    B88968, eMdup' and ™ ^ shipPed
Uord..., Logan      519G   i the tail end of the winter of 1906
....     .        ..   ..     „,..,. . U reck, adiottiiiiii Lot ..'4..   on the
icalii.li heieof in the  British ( ol i ..   ,. ,   ,       „ ,   a   ...
* N. K.   marked 'A. Gowing - .*». \\ .
timbia Garelte. I intend  to  apply
o Ihe   Hon.   Chief (' .mmi-tionep
j»f Lands \ Works  for a speeial
(icenea tO eitt and carry away lim-
ier from the following described
tndi sltnato in West Kootenay.
No. 1. Commencing at a poat
Wanted on the west side of Top-
far Crick. .'In feet from thc Creek,
lud about oj miles from its mouth
|marked 'Henry Ifagnuinn'i N.W.
-.rner post,'' Ihcnce eaat B0 chailio
Ihenee south 80 chains; thenc
rest 80chaina; thence noith 80
mains to point of commencement
Located this 25tb dar of April,
Henry Magnusoii,   I.i cator.
Eric Strand, Agent,
No   2.    Commencing  at  a post
.Ianted on Ibe eteet side of Poplar
'reek, 500 feet from the oreek, a-
ut .ij   mills   from   iis   mouth,
narked ''Eric Bt rand's N. K   eerier poat," thenoe south 80chains;
nee west Ml chains; thence nor-
!h HO ehains; Ibence easl to* chains
0 point of coiuniencinent,
Located tbis 2.1th. day of   April
Ki ic Strand .Locator.
Ilieiiry Magnnson, Agent.
corner    post,"        thenc*      north
SO chains; e *•* east SO chains;
tlience south 60 chains; thence
treat s0 chains U> tbe [mint of coin-
Nn.  3. Commencing at  a post
planted IJ milea above  Ten Mile,
on the south fork of Lardean
Creeki marked *'A. Qowing's N.W.
comer thence   south   Hn
chains; thence cast SO chains;;
thence noith 80 chains; tbence
w.-st 80 chains; to point of commencement.
Located   March 27th.    1907,
A. Gowing, l.n.-ator.
intend, sixty days from dale here
• f. to apply lo the Mining Recorder for a   Certificate  of   Improve
which soon recuperated them
for their losses and ™it them on
velvet.   Finding however,   that
incuts, for the purpose of obtain.;1} was impossible for them to
ing a Crow,, Grant ..f the above i develope as it should be done,
0ia|m j they sold to the present owners
And further tike   notice  t|inl ata good profit
action, nnder section 87,   must be!    Since   the   purchase   of the
commenced before the issumce of .Broadview,  adjacent properties
Mob Certificate of ImprovemenU. jhave becn secured and today we
1 feel within *.he mark when we
Dated thin 22:.d. dsv of May
I). 1907.
say that the Ohio Mines Devel-
opment Companv have as valu-
O B. N. Nn.K.a.        ab,ea ^^ of mineral  daims
Trout Lake,   b. G|as there is in the province.
No. S. Commencing St a post planted
i the ea«» side of the nest fork of the
I'niir.iii River, about 7 miles rp If01"
forks, and marked "Kd. Ililliiian's S.
VV, cornel post," ihonoa north *0 ehaln
thenci* east 80 ilniins ; thi'ine  south   8U
t-imii.h ; ihenee a'eil 80 chaini lo |*oiin
A commencement,
Lo ited March 83rd. l'.<07.
dl. Hillman, Ixioator,
No D, Commencing at a ndil planted
ui the west fmk of Hie   Human   Rlvei
Ii"   I I, lllllmaa'i *• VV, corner poit"
iilmiil 7 miles up (rmu fork! and  marked "Kd, IIiIIiiihi.'h s. ;;. corner poll,
i'..*i i,mil so ohains; ihonce weil M
chains; thenoe lonth so chains| thenee
unl ,*-u obsini i'i poinl ol coi.nn. nco-
Located March 28rd,   1*307.
Kd.  Hillman, Locator.
.Coniimicil in culiiinn 3\
Su 4 Commencing at a post
planted 2-V miles above Ten Mile
on tho south fork of Lardeau
Creek, and marked **A. Gowing'i
8, W. corner post,'' thenoe norlh,
B0 chains, thence east 80 chains;
ilu'iioesouih So chains, thence west;
80 chains; to the point of commencement.
M s o;
taken up.
Owitg to tlie heavy cost, it
was found impossible to do this
out of tbe ordinary appropriation,
and il is probable that a special
giant will be asked for.
This proposed alteration would
do away with two heavy grades
and be of immense advantage to
all those who have freighting t
Jo up the South Fork. We hope
to see it go throngli at as early a
date as possible.
Ti.e building ol a trail up Can.
yon Creek, through the canyon,
was also taken up. It was pro
posed that thc government put up
one-third of the cost and the people interested, put up the b..lance.
Those interested in that region,
I felt that it was a fair proposition,
aud steps will be taken at once to
see if the matter cannot be 6hovcd
through, during the summer,
Frank Abey camo over from
Camborne Mondnv lo meet Mrs.
A luy, who has been enjoying a
visit lo southern parts thei! Inst
few wocks.
The new Rsnd drill comprorsor
at the Eva is giving the best satisfaction and speaks volumes, for
Canadian manufacture.
The mine is working about 20
men, and is in splendid snupe,
three machines being kept steadily
Mr, Vogler, mill supt. lelt, a
few days ago for a trip to Chieago.
before leaving, his many friends
tendered him a banquet at which
at which an enjoyable time wtt
The Gold Finch is working 10
to 12 men. A splendid body of
ore is bein<» opened up, running
from $17.00 to $170.00 yet ton.
It is a free milling proposition
and will—iu a very short time—be
a good producer.
are manufactured for men
who require boots for rer-
vico and riiugb-and-tumblv
b iya, whose parents find
it almost impossible to
keep their feet covered
They are all No. 1 leather
honestly made, and will
give infinite satisfaction.
Thousands who have worn
them b iy that 'they are
almost lronclbd.
Ask your dealer io show
them to you. If he should
not have them, send hig
name to
TIMBER NOTICES. |    Nels.   and Mrs.   Nelson, left
^^^^^^^^^ left   on   Tuesday  morning for
Notice is hereby given that .30 Revelstoke, to consult a specialties after the first publication of ist in regard to Mrs. Nelson, who
No. ,r>. Commencing at a post
planted 2J milea above Ten Mile,
on the south fork of Latdeau
Creek, marked "A. Gowing's N.
W  corner post,"   thence south   SO
chains;    them .iM   sd   chains;
thenoe  noftll   80    chains;    thence
we.<t so chains; lo point of commencement.
No. (I. Commencing at a post
planted 3*1 miles uhove Ten Mile,
nn thu south fork of Lardeau
Creek,    marked    "A. Gowlllg's   8,
W. co.iicr poet,', thenco north so
(li.'iins; thenc.■ oasl 80 chains;
thonce south  80  obnlnsj   Ili3iice
Weet     80   ehains;       lo     point    of
N i. 7 Commencing al a yw)
planted ,'M miloi above Ten Mile.
..it the smith f.-il; ol Lardeau
Creek, marked   "A. Gowing'i N.
W.  corner po-l:"  tlience south   SO
ohains'    thenci   eaal   80  ohains;
Ihenee north 80 chains: tlience
vest 80 elmiiis to point of com-
III Ill-fill. III.
Located Maroh 80th 1907.
A, Gowing, Locator,
this notice in thc British Columbia Gazette, I intend to apply to
the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Land.*, i Works for special licenses to cut and carry awav timber
mm the following deacrihnd lands
situate in West Kootenay.
No. I. Commcnci ng at n post
planted 2J miles tip Thompson
Creek on the south hank of the
creek, marked "A Gowing's B.W.
corner post" thence norlh SO
ehains; thence cn?t SO chains:
thence south 80 chains; thence
west SO chains to point of commencement.
No. 2. Commencing it a post
planted 2\ miles up Thompson
Creek on the south hank of the
creek, marked "A. Gowing's N.W
corner post." tbence south SO
cluiins; Ihenee cast 80 chains;
thence north 80 chains; thence
west SO chains lo point of commencement.
No. 3. Commencing al. a post
planted 2| miles up Thnmpson
Creek, on the south hank of the
creek, marked "A Cowlng'g S.W
corner post," Ihcnce nortii 80
chains; tlience cast 80 chains;
ihcnce soulh 80 coains; thenee
wesl 80 chains to point of commencement.
No. •! Commencing at a post
planted 3, miles up Thompson
Creek, on tho sotilh l.nnk of the
creek, markqd "A. Gowing's N.W
comer post," thence south 80
chains; ihenee east 80 chains;
thenoo north 80 chains; thence
west ,80 chains to point of com-
Lncnled June flth. 1807,
A. Goivin,'. Local or.
has been ailihg some time.
Ths    Executive Cotninittoo   of
the Libera! Conservative  Associa
tion of  Kaslo  Electoral   District.
will meet nt Trout  Lake  City on
the 24th. inst.     Quite  a  number
of tho hoys from the lower end  of
the riding, have signified their  iu-
tenlion of being present
Archie McDonald was brought      It* up to lhe Trout Lako boys
down from the Cup this week, to do the honors in good shape.
• suffering from a  severe   attack
of rheumatism.
IJ_1D   UU.   LTD.
Manltacti-reks   or
Catalogue Free.
Thc Silver  Dollar  is  employing  about  25  men    between   the |
mine and the mill.
Under the supervision  of  Mr.
Lodwig, matters at the mill arc   	
a*-suaiing definite shape.     In the|    A fire occurred at the  mtdence
mine, the development is proving "' Mr. L. O'Brien c,n Monday laat;
■>.- *.• *." *■■/* *-V* *"\     *V* *."*    »"    . •    »- * .
.-;.  Local and General.   ~"
-■; _._._»-.*_- £
•T a ar? «-r* -r.c i* *••-»■-»■» *2±
| ladies!
\Y/*' h*ve Jn«t rece l\ea.    t
'•    im*,; aalfnia ent
Dry Qoodf, wlileli will en-
al.lc you to save your i-x>
ptntllttm ou (Mlghi ami ex-
|,r.'..s obtrgai, nn.l n( tho
nmi, linn enable you to
BER    WHAT   YOU   lllit
111! YI Sll. 111!
We notice  that  the  Canadian
Pacific Timber Co., are applying
to the Hon, Chief Commissioiiei
of Lands and Works for permission to clear out Trout Creek nnd
its tributaries, build dams etc..
for the purpose of driving logs.
They also ask permission to collect toll thereon. We have no objection, nor do we think any oth
or person has, the proposei
work, nor do h ink there cai
be nny objection iu putting tin
matter iu such shape, that if ani
other company wish to take ad.
vantage of the money spent b\
them that they should stand soim
proportion of the expense.
more and more satisfactory as the
work piiigresses. The ore bodies
are proving better with every foot
of work done and it is onlv a mat
ttr of time until the "Dollar" will
prove one of the big mines of Weit
The Mammoth has been working steadily with a small force
under the direction of Joe Verschoyle. Some good shutes of
hich grade ore have been opened
up during the winter.
The force will be increased very
The increase of business during
the past winter has warranted
Geo. Lux in putting on a four-
horse team, freighting between
Ueaton and Camborne.
about noon. The fire wss noticed
in its incipience, and tbe local
brigade—assisted by the citizens —
soon made short work of it.
Though coiitiderahle damage
was done by waler, the prompt
action of Ihe brigade and dttaeni
averted what n.ijjht have proved
a very serious conflagration.
Mr. O'Brien wishes to convuy
through Ihe" Review.'' iiis thanks
to all wbo assisted.
Jack Stauber returned to ramp
on Monday after doing his lis. s-
merit work on the Silver Crown.
Jack has a good showing on
this olaim, but he keeps pretty
-mum' about it.
The logging business is booming
ill through the Fish Creek district.
R. F. l'crry, llilinian and Doris, Mi Kinnon and Northey nil
have 10 to 15 men employed at
their respective camps.
The Bowman Co. have a donkey
-ngine and 30 men at their camp;
McLennan and Mcintosh nnd
Prank Burr alsu have good big
These camps are all   practically
within easy reach of town and add j million,
greatly to its htiiiness prosperity,
Miss Nellie MeKenzie and Miss
Flossie Woode returned home or
Monday after spending a few -Jaj!
at the foot of thc Lake.
Now that the etr.ingers I**.-;,
commenced to conic in, "all boost
and dou't knock."
Miss Hoc left on Tuesday
ning for New  Westminster.
m ■•!**-
J. K, Murray, Tost Office Inspector, came in on Monday, to
look after the interests of thetlov-
eminent at Ferguson and Trout
Lake, Need leu to suy, the shortage al both places wis lets I ban  a.
Our old friend Jim Snell  is op.
It is b matter however,     that  crating toiisoriul parlors and sur-
fijA  choice   line   of, LADll<>i:
IjlWHITE WAISTS at  prices^
that will surelv
Jtrout lake. b. c
should rcceii• the stiict attention
of Ihe people of Trout Lake and
tho permission to collect tolls -
given :o thc applying company—
should bceo given as to safeguard
the interests of all others.
Rev. I). W. Scolt leaves this
wc>k, for Creston, Kootenay Lun.
The rev. gentleman, who hat
been pastor of the Methodist
Church here for  upward**: of three
yoars has made many friends, both
members of his congregation an.l
others and nil unite in Wishing
him success nml God speed.
;icnl institute.
Jim advertises that he always
ins ii full and complete stock of
Kinesthetics on hand, with Frank
\bey to administer, with which
'o allay any physical suffering
hat may be entailed by his opef-
Of course-as Jim says -you
can take vour choice: ''either take
chloroform, or be stunned." Voti
psys your 'iwo bitt>' and takes
your choice.
T. 1!.  Baker,    of the  Imperial
Hank, troujht th* new n-ami*^ r
of tho Arrowhead branch— Mr. li
A Bethnne— in, on Tuesday, ta
introduce him to his patroim in
Trout Lake.
Mr. Baker leaves shortly for
Victoria, where he will he Went •
fie.l wiih Iho sani" institution.
A. M. Craig leaves on Friday
for Kaslo to attend a mot-ting of
the License Commissioners.
"Another boat up" at F. Murray's store. Glass-ware; China-
ware; Toys &c. Conic and B09
them before they all go.
Miss Gowing, sister of Arthur
Gowiiii: arrived here fro*.r, the
Old Country,   the  end   of lael
V  *''.. \-**v -__-
The Two Vanrevels
Author wt "Ilw CcniUman from Indiana" out "Manslsiu* »«aucalr«-
CVmti-iued Prom Last Week.)
noon routin lo'.r•»'.'.'.' Alt on tbe Na-
tlonul road, creiiklun along over tbe
yellow dust lu u light wagon.
lie stopped at every farmhouse and
cubln, and wbere tbe jouug men work
"\Vlt\i, what's the matter, Tomt"
ed Id tbe fields balled tbem from tbe
road or hitebed bis horse to tbe fence
and crossed tbe soft furrows to talk
wltb tbem. At sii.-h times be stood
erect again nml spoke stirringly, finding eager listeners. Tbere was one
questlou t.'i.-y asked hlin over and over:
"lint are you sure tbe call will
"As sure as that we stawJ here.
And It will come before the week Is
otit   We must lie ready!"
Often when be left tbem tbey would
turn from the work ln hand, leaving It
as it was to lie unfinished ln the fields,
and make tbeir way slowly and
thoughtfully to their homes, while Tom
climbed Into bis creaking little wagon
once more, only to rill into the nmi
dull, hunched over attitude. He bad
many dungs to think out before he
faced Kouen and Cralley Gray again,
aud more to fight through to tbe end
with himself. Three days be took for
It, three days driving through tbe soft
May weather hebiud the kind uld Jog
trotting horse.
But ou Uie evening of tbe third day
be drove luto town, witb tbe stoop out
of bis shoulders and the luster back
In bis eyes. He was haggard, gray,
dusty, but lie bad solved bis puule, and
oue thing wus clear In his mind as tbe
thing tbat be would do. Ile patted tbe
old horse a hearty farewell as be left
blm witb tbe liveryman from whom be
bad hired hlin and strode up Malu
atreet wltb tbe air of a man wbo Is
golug somewhere. It was late, but
tbere were more lights tban usual in
tbe wludows and more people ou the
streets. An old man. a cobbler, wbo
bad left a leg at Tippecanoe and replaced It wltb • wooden oue, chastely
decorated with designs ot his own
carvings, came Btumplng excitedly
down tbe middle of tbe street, where be
walked for feur of tbe cracks lu tbe
wooden puvement, wblcb were dangerous to bis art leg wben he came from
tlie Itoueii House bar. as on the present
occasion,   lie hailed Tom by name.
"You're Ibe lad. Tom Vanrevel!" he
shoutiil. "You're Ibe mau to lead tbe
boys out for tbe glory of tbe state!
Yuu glt tbe whole blame fire department out uud enlist 'eu. before morning. Take 'em down to tbe Klo Crsnde,
you bear me? And you needn't be
afraid of tbelr puttlu' lt out. If lt
ketches afire, neither!"
Tom w:n e.l his band and passed on.
but at the open doors of tbe Catholic
church he stopped and looked up and
down the street, anil then, unnoticed,
entered to the dim luterlor, where the
few candles showed only a bent old
woman tu black kneeling at the altar.
Tom knew wbere Kllza oeth Carewe
knelt einli morning. He stepped softly
tin,'•mli the sbudowy silence to ber
place, km-lt und rested bis bead upon
(be mil of the ben. h before blm.
'i'be street wusipilet when he emerged
-from tbut loru vigil. The cortier groups
bud dlaaollred. Shouting youths no
lunger patrolled the sidewalks. (July
one quarter showed signs of life—tbe
little clubhouse, where tbe windows
nill sboue brightly and wbeuce came
the KNUd of many voice* settling tbe
dchtlnlis of tbe lulled States of America, 'il.iilier Tun. Imit bis stepi
thuiigh'/uily uud witb a quiet mind.
Then- -araa u small veranda at tbe side
of the I. ni-... Here be stood unobserved lo |,i..k lu upou bis uolsy uud
ogitiited friends.
They were all there, from tbe old
geuei.il uud Mr. Iturcuud to the latter'!
sou. Jefferson, uud young Frank Cheu-
•o"' (Il Trumble wus proposing a
health to the president lu a voice of
"In spite of all the Cralley Grays and
traitors this side o** hades!" he Uulsbed
politely. I
Cralley emerged Instantaneously from '
the general throng and mounted a
chair, tossing his light balr back from
bis forehead, his eyes sparkling and
happy. "Vou find your owu friends already occupying tbe place you mentioned, do you, geueral t" he asksd.
General Trumble slumped and shook
Lis list. "You're a spawn of Aaron
Uurr!" he vociferated. "There's not a
iuuu here to stand by yuur Infernal
doctrines. You sneer at your own
■late, you sneer ut your owu country,
you defile tbe sacred grouud! Wbut
are you, hy the Almighty, who attack
your uative land iu tbis ber hour of
'Torll t« my native land!" laughed
Crulley.   "From SanU AuuuV
"Tbe geuerul's right, sir," exclaimed
the elder Cbeuowcili liullguuully, aud
most of tbe listeners uppeuied to agree I
w|ili blMi.   "UTejUUSS* Ut'Mo abuse
the presidilit Wh£7'uC,.i cuilei/foi vol
uuteers uud our country is lu duuger,
"Wbo ls lu duugerV" auswered Cralley, luting bis bund to still the cluuior
of approbation that arose, "ls l'olk lu
duuger, or congress? llut Uiut wuuld
bo too much to hope! Ho you expect
to see the greasers iu Washington; N'o,
you Idiots, you dou't! Yet there'll be
pleuty of meu to suffer aud die, aud
the first should he those who thrust
this wur ou us and poor little Mexico,
llut lt won't be tbey. Tbe men who'll
do the fighting aud dying will be the
country boys aud the like of us from
the towns, while Mr. l'olk sits planning
li...v be can get elected agalu. Aud
i you ask me to drink the health of the
publicum who sits ut home uud seuds
bis fellow meu to die to fix bis rotteu
Jobs for blm!" Cralley bad persuaded
himself tutu such earnestness tbut the
depth of bis own feeling almost choked
bim, but be finished roundly lu bis
beautiful, strong voice: "I'll drink for
the good punch's sake. But tbat IumiIi h
—I'll see General Trumble lu heaven
before I'll drink Iti"
Tbere rose at once a roar of anger
and disapproval, and Crailey became a
mere storm center amid the upraised
bauds gesticulating madly at blm as he
stood, smiling agulu. upon Ida cbalr.
"Thi* comes of living wltb Tom Van-
revel!" shouted tbe general furiously.
"This Is his cursed abolition teaching!
You're only his echo. You spend half
your life playing at being Vaurevel!"
"Where la Vanrevel?" said Tapplngbam Marsh.
"Aye, where Is he?" raged Trumble,
hammering the table till tbe glasses
rang. "Let him come and answer for
bis own teaching. It's wasted time to
talk to tbis one. He's only tbe pupil.
Wbere is th* traitor?"
"Here," answered a voice from tbe
doorway; aud, though the word was
spoken quietly, tt was nevertheless at
that Juncture silencing. Every one
turned toward tbe door as Vaurevel
entered. But tbe apoplectic general,
whom Cralley'* speech bad stirred to
a niry beyond control, almost leaped
at Tom's throat.
"Here's tbe tea sipping old granny!"
be bellowed hoarsely. (He was ordinarily very foud of Tom.) "Here's the
muster! Here's tbe mau whose example teaches Cralley Gray to throw mud
at Ibe Sag. He'll stay here at bume
wltb Cralley, of course, and throw
more, while the other boys uiurcb out
to die uuder It!"
"Ou the contrary, general," auswered Tom, raising hla voice, "I think
you'll find Crulley (,'ruy tbe first to enlist, and, as fur myself, I've raised sixty
I "^W
imi ___ s
v"*\\~_ WAmma \
(•-ri>\ Vp5^k
^%lv  \ • - *j_____ 11 lv\
a,     1     IDA i /^*>v
kYT\ iWvmmttm      1   *W^^*—•—
*m ",..**i.
W \'y\
1 "~\VvIHn i
ij ^^^
men In tbe country, and I want forty
more from I(...ueii lu onlcr to offer Uie
governor a full company. So It'* come
to 'the klug. not tbe man.' l'olk I* a
pitiful trickster, but tlie country needs
ber sons: that's enough for us to kuow.
And, while I won't drink to James
Polk"—he plunged a cup In tbe bowl
and drew It out brimming—"I'll empty
tbis to tbe president I"
It wa* then tbst from fifty tbroats
tbe loug. wild shout weut up that
stirred itouen and woke the people
from tbelr midnight bed* for half a
mile around.
       ClIAPTKtt XIV.
|p lOIt th* first lime It wa* Cralley
J;    I   wbo *at waiting for Tom to
I  come bom.-    ln a cbalr drawn
BIB   to bl* partner's desk  lu tbe
dusty office be half reclined, arm* ou
the dusk, hi* ebin on his clinched lists.
Tom look bl* onu time lu coming.
He had stayed it the club to go over
bis lists-so be bad told Cralley—wltb
the general and old Bareaud. His company was almost complete, and Cralley
bad beeu the fleet to voluuteer. to tba
dumfouudiug of Trumble, who bad proceeded to drink bis health again and
agulu. But tbe lists could uot detain
Tom two hour*, Cralley kuew, aud It
wa* two hour* i.'uce the uew volunteer* bad sung "The Star Hpangled
Banner" over lhe last of tbe puueb and
bad left the club to Tom and tbe two
old men. Only once or twice In that
time bad Cralley shifted bis position or
altered the direction of bis set gaze at
nothing But at last be rose, weut to
tbe window and, leaulug far out, looked down the street toward tbe little
clubbou.-.*. Its light* were extinguish
•-.I. and all wa* dark up and down the
street. Abruptly Cralley weut back to
the desk aud blew out tbe candle, after
which be *at down again In tbe **ui*
position. Twenty minute* later he
beard Tom'* step ou the stair, coming
up very -softly. Cralley walled ln alienee until bl* partner reached the
lending, tben relit tbe candle,
"Tom." be called, "come In, please,
Tie beeu waiting for you."
Ther* wa* ■ pau*e before Tom an*
•wered frum th* ball:
-till very tired, Wiilley. I think I'll
go up to bad."
"No," said Cralley; "come ln."
Tbe door was already opeu, but Tom
turned toward lt reluctantly. He stuped at tbe threshold, aud the two luoked
at each other.
"I thought you wouldn't come as long
aa you believed I was up," uuld Cralley, "so I blow out the light. I'm sorry
I kept you outside so long."
"Cralley, I'm going awuy tomorrow,"
the other begun. "I am to go over and
see the governor aud offer blm this
company, and tonight 1 ueed sleep, so
"No," Interrupted Cralley quietly; "1
want to kuow wbat you're golug to
"To do about what?"
"About me."
"Ob!" Tom's eyes fell nt once from
bis friend's face und rested upon tlie
floor. Slowly be walked tu the desk
und stood iu embarrassed contemplation of tbe littered books uud papers,
while the other waited.
"I thluk It's best for you to tell me,"
snld Crulley.
"You thluk no?" Tom's embarrassment Increased visibly, uud there wus
mingled with it an odd appearance uf
appreliciislnii. proliulily to relieve which
he very deliberately took two long
eberoots from his pocket, laid one ou
tho desk for Crulley und Ilt the other
himself with extreme ciii-cfiilness ut
the candle. After this ceremonial lie
dragged a chair to the window, tilted
back lu It with his feet on the luw sill,
bis back to tin- thlu light und Ills friend,
uud snld in u slow, gentle tone:
t'i*    ne Continued.)
Their Bite Is Sometimes Fatal and Always Dangerous.
In a recent Issue of the Scientific
American nu urtlele appeared written
by IJ. Allen Willey describing the Gllu
monster. The statement wus made In
the article that scieutlsts had questioned whether Its bitu was I;.tally
poisonous, as bas been 'Supposed. W.
C. Barnes of Las Vegas. N. M., claims
to know of two cases, lu oue of which
death resulted. Mr. Barnes writes us
"The first man was in Tombstone,
Ariz. Tbe Gllu was tied by the leg
lu ii snloon us n curio, and u drunken
gambler named Brown wus teasing it.
He carelessly stuck his first two lingers into Its in,niili. which Immediate
ly ,*l,,-,*il dowu on Ihem uud could not
be released until tbe reptile'* head
was cut off and Ihe Jaws cut apart.
Brown suffered horrible agony for almost two daya, uud iu spite of ull efforts be died.
"Tbe second ease was iu the fnll of
1889. Wulter Vull started from tbe
Umpire ranch, near Benson, Ariz., to
ride into town on horsebuck. some lit
teen miles. A short distiiuce from tbo
ranch a monster was sluggishly drug
giug its wny across the roud. Think
Ing to Uke Itju fur a friend, he gut
down und killed it, or nt least he
thought he killed It. To carry It easily
be tied it ou bis saddle behind lilm,
using his saddle string for the purpose.
Aa be loped along he thought to assure,
himself It hadn't dropped off I.y reaching an.mnl behind blm wiUi his right
bund und feeling for tbe monster.
"It was tbere nud not neurly ns
dead as he thought. Ills first tluger
went luto Ihe reptile's iii.niih clear to
Uie knuckle, aud Instantly those Jans
with the long, sharp, daggerlike teeth
closed on fail's finger. With hia left
bund he managed to get his kuife out
and cut the saddle strings und tben
bud to dissect tbe head nnd jaws to
get bla linger from their grip.
"Vail then spurred his horse Into
Benson and found an engine in the
yards. A busty exchange of telegrams
with the division superintendent uud
Tucson took place, and In a few iiio-
roeuta be was on the engine nnd racing over tbe road for Tucson, where an
eminent surgeon resided at that time.
Vail lay at death's door for two
months, and tbat finger today Is ime-
l.-<- and shriveled up from the effect
of tbe bite "
A Denatured Alcohol Test.
A careful teat of denature! alcohol
was lately made by the driver of an
automobile, wbo drove his machine
from Now York to Philadelphia with
alcohol fuel. He found advuutuges nnd
disadvantages In tbe use of it. Tin*
auto consumed three times as mucb alcohol as it would bave consumed nf
gasoline, but a part of the excess was
due to carelessness. The s|»eed wns
less than gasoline would have gli.n.
and tl.e power developed was less. But
It is tu be born In mind tbat the engine
was not constructed to use alcohol.
Tbe new fuel Is absolutely safe, and
has n less disagreeable odor, (in tbe
whoie, be got everything l.e expected
out of alcohol, nud, although he docs
not expeet a general adoption of It for
pleasure vehicles, he foresees a large
use of It by Iho farmers of the weat.-
Youtb's Companion.
Th* Chines* Farmer.
Harry L. Paddock, United States con-
■ul at Ainoj. China, wrltea: "The (hi
nese farmer la up before daybreuk uud
at work In bis sterile fields fields
whose productivity haa beeu cxhaiisti.il
except under high fertilization He re
turns to bia little abanly after night
fall. To ilu- view of the foreigner hc
never ri-fcts, aud for thia never ending
labor be raises a crop of rice or corn
that doea not support l.ls family for the
year. His clothing consists of a loin
cloth In summer aud a coarse oottofl
suit In the winter. Farmers, like all laborers and artisans of China, work
bard to live. Laborers earn 1(1 cents u
day, masons 15 ceuts, artisans lo to 90
cents and clerks t'i to otl cents "
Th* Eldest Child,
tn most countries It Is bettered Unit
tl.e eldest ehlkl Is superior In stature,
strength, beamy, wisdom, virtue ami
even lu good fortune. Certainly among
men of genius we find an undue pro-
(Mirlloii of eldest sons. But against (hut
fu**t wo must place the other (hat un
undue proportion of criminal- nre eldest aona.
"At the Advice ol Friends 1 Triad
Pe-ru-na and the Results Have
Been     Highly     Satialactory. -Bo
Writes Mr. Pilon.
MR. RAOUL P1L0N, 110 Ru*
Notre Dame, Lachine, PQ-. <'un.,
writes: "I write you a lew words to
express to you my satisfaction at being cured. I was afflicted with catarrh of ths throat and nose and Buttered much. I mis greatly discour-
ug.*.l. l hud a l.u.l breath and bad
taste in  my  mouth  in  Hie  morning.
*'l took treatment lor some time
without obtaining reliei. At the advice of friends 1 tried I'cuina un.l
the results have been highly siu.s-
'actory. At the end ot lour months I
was   completely  cured."
Neglected catarrh becomes chronic.
Having developed into the chronic
stage, a longer and more persistent
treatment will be required to cure t
thun il the diseaso were treated at
the onset.
However, Peruna vri.. bring reliei,
whether the catarrh is acute or chro-
nie. II you are wise you mil keep
Peruna on hand and take a few
doses at the first appearame ol (
eold or cough, and thus save your
self  both suffering  and  expense.
Patients have the privilege ol writing to Dr. Hartman lor free advice
A book on "Chronic Catarrh" will he
-nt, upon  request.
A  Glimmering  of   Reason
It is the business uf tins count
keep  on  friin.II.i   terms  wllh ull
n.uioi.H. Bngland Included, *o n.
•i.is is possible, lim it li not
part of s.ulesiiuiiiship to inT.-r
ih, Britiah spokesman (Ambaai
Bryce) must necessarily *e% every
with Auieriian eyes or prefer tl"'
ami Stripes to thi D ii Jink      I
delphla Hull.-tin.
r   ai
I hli.
Do Not Dosf with Purgatives and
Weakening Medicines—Whal People Need at This Season  Is a Tonic
Nut   eva,lly   sick    but    not   (•■••Inn.
guile well.    That's the spring feeling
-i.m are eaally Und, appetite mu*
able, sometime* beadaehei and a
feeling ol depraaaion Oi perhapi
pimple* nml eruption! upi-ear on in.
lace. 01   you have twingSS ol rh.-iiinii
ii.-m ur neuralgia,    \n> ..i thea* In
ilieiite tli.it tha l.l I i- out ol ordei
lhal  the  indoor llie of Willie.  Inl.s lelt
ita mark upon you und mny aaail)
develop into more serious trouble
Don'l dose youraell with purgativi
medicine* in the hope thai you can
put   your   l.l I   right.    Purgati-ra
gallop iln,'ugh the system, and
weaken inatead of gving itrength
What you need i- i tonic medicine
lhal   Will  nuike  mu.   inii.   red   blood
h.'i.d up the weakened nerve* and
thu- give you new health' un.l
-tongiii. An*I the one medicine n*
do tin.- ipeedily   and   larelj   ii   In
Wllliama'   I'mk   Pills.     Kvery  d I
ihis medicine makes new, ndi blood
which makes weak, eaiily tnd uml
ioi.i.e men ami women teel bright,
active ami -to,ne. If you need ■
medicine  thii  spring  try  Dr.   Will
lain-'   Pink   Pilli  and   you   will  never
regret  It.    Tin- i llcine bai cured
thousand* in every part ol Uh world
and whut it hai done fur othei- it
can  i:i.-ily  do lor you.
Tin* headquarter!   f-.r   the genuine
111     William!'    I'mk    Pills    lor   Pah
People iii Canada is Brockville, out
Si.-cullcil pink pills offered by com
panics located at other places in ('..n
min are fraudulent imilati.un in
tended to deceive.     If   your   dealei
doe- imi keep the genuine Dr Will
iuiiiM' Pink Pills lot Pule People send
to Brockville. Ont., and the Dr
Williams Medicine Co. will mull ll.e
pillH to you nt 5<l cents u box 01 -i.\
boxes for $2.50.
The clerk was must obliging, l.ut tbi
young woman customer wai hard I*
plesse. Roll sfter roll of blankets dul
le- patiently take down slid slow o
her:   nothing  suited.
For some fifteen minutes this mock
sslc wenl on, then the young ttvoiKwii
sai.l condescendingly. "Will, 1 dotal
Intend I., buy. 1 w»s just looking loi
a friend."
"Wait s moment, madam," ern-d Ull
clerk. "Th>re Is one more blanket hli
ou Ihe shell. Msyhe you will find youi
friend   in   It."- Ladies'   Home   Journal
Minard'i Liniment Cures Colds, *tc
An Embarrassed Queen
Princess de Montgh on. of 1'jirls.
Who lm- euine to America t.i exh.hi
net beautiful and famous collies ul
several kennel shows, said ut u dlnn.-i
In N.w York apropos of .in embarrassment:—"That  remind*  mc    of    ■
Itory    thev    have    been      telling      llllell
aboul Queen Alexandra   <>r   Bngland
The iliinrds' band was plu.vlng on tie
terrace    n(     Windsor    fusil.■    during
luncheon, and tha quean was «<. pleas-
e.l wltb n lively march thai si..* unl
a maid of honor lo inquire a hai ii
The  iiiiild ol   honor blushed  deeply  as
sn answered on her return 'Com.
u here ihe Boose is Cheaper,' your Ma*
|eit) ."    Kansas city War.
Hot Air
Sandy Pikes    ljuly, if ycr rni|-( glv.
me nothln' to eat.    please Klve mi dl
pirt of nr nooipaper dal hai da newi
from congress,
Kpni Lady   Bui my poor man, win
should you wish to nnd Ibe news from
Bandy    Pikes   Because,    Minn,    i
contain!   so   much   hOl   elr I   Ion   keep
warm In de billiard.-  Chicago Nlwi
Some of Most Shocking Railway Disasters  Occurred  in   Snowstorms.
Snow, loft, leiitlu-ry, and evanescent
though it is, has bam responsible loi
some of il loat shocking railway
accident.', on record. .
The recent terrible dliaiter In Boot-
land   was,  of OOUrM,  directly  due  W
it; and in January, 1903, » •• ewhai
similar oataitrophe, caused I.y u reliei train colliding with a mow-plougn,
killed and Injured iome titty peraon-i
in Washington, I*   B. A.
Near A.shliil.iilu. again, mi Deo. -•'•
lsvii, the driver ol thi maguiBconi
"Flying 1'aciiic Uxpren" Irom new
York to San Franciieo. deceived by I
raging snowstorm, ran hii heavy nam
at full ipeed on to a fllmiy treitu
bridge over HII feet high.    II gave wny,
of course, an.l more limn one hundred
people   perished
Anoiher historic railway wick due
to iln* same cauu wai thai al Ab
hot's Ripton, on the Oreal Northern
Line, on Jun. -Jl  ol the same year
This   lias   ll   lenilil Iliilon        lh-
s,\ teh express ran Into i coal train.
an ' then the I di ixpren from Lon*
ilou dashed lull speed Into the > >•
bined wreokage, killing H people oul
rigid an,I ihockinglj mangling many
Near l.ea.iville. Colorado, -non aftei
the narrow-gauge railway ihere was
liist opened, u train was snowed In
ui in ism feet above wa lived    II wet
i rly a week before it oould bi du|
out, and than every one ol IU oceu
pants was found dead and (ro/eli sllfl
io many human Icicle
In whal mis known «• the Tehai
chape Pus* dliaater, In California, th*
train waa cauehl by ■ billiard al tli
■ummit ot a high mountain range r
a momenl when the engine ln"l ,*.'-"'
detached, and driven backward* down
one  of the   -lecoi'-l   nnd   lllo-l   lo'l.ioil-
gra !    the Pacific iloni    I' lump
ed Hn* track when li had attained in
■stlmitad  ed "f 80 mllei in houi
nmi |.inii".*,l over ,*i precipice Into .
snow-drift lun l*'"t deep Not ii """
aboard ms iped death   0
Thi Ointmary  of  0»s.
It |j hai I i" b il  in theie day»
,,f general  i nlightenmenl  by  llltimi
nan ■ thai there wai a timi In thi
last century wh. n gai wai unknown
vet inch i* i'i- 'act,    It wi   In thi
'a     dny- ol January,  l^". thai  ca-
i.*i- li.-'t adonted for lighting pul |
ri | nnd m, England    \ German nam
•,l  Wiii-oi   |e)  no u  i.-i roe
',nnn- in  Pall  Mall      Thai  was the
beginning "f Ihe uie ol an llluminani
thai now (airly light* the woild   Win
.,,r.   In,never    ua-   not   the   11.v.■ 1.1 • ■ r
i,*,i ..niv put •! I, practlc ii c-i- in
'ther man'i dl r ivery I hi Scottish
•ngineei llurdock had nlre-.lv used
••••il c.i at an il nminanl in Cornwall
w itt and Boul ton had experiment! .1
vith it in Birmingham: and I • bon
'in,I done th** -air,   iii  Prai      ll  i
nevertheleaa, lo Winsoi thai belongs
-I i i of ii fir.-t nnd really praeti
nl demonstration ..I street lightning
hv pu- Needless to add that erent
men ol scienee and .-ven men ..f un*
.eni.iii ii ridiculed i • Winior*! al
Sir   Humphrey   Davy  declared
n   ISIKI    tlmt   i<  to lay,  laro vein-  nf
-.*. the display ol r\- lamp* in Pall
'•!■.'!   lhal you might |usl aa iv*-ll talk
lb IUI     I*   Hl"ll".'    *' Hill    II    sll t    the
ii n to light i "i.i.'ii ii to illuminate
. uii'i gas Sir Walter Scott, who
na- a  I.,,.*!  md therefore a "
blind  lo tha extent oi riming
Wiii-oi ii- i madman.
Ceorn.   Ad?   and   the   Turkev.
Oeorge   Ida on his   laal   European
'-. Ip peni . good deal ol hla time in
th.* tmerika'i imoking-room, hut. a.«
in    wont, wi   quiet
I In* i'"iii'oi .     i the imoking room
clustered  eboul   \li     Vie  nighl  after
night    They told him nil their Istesl
lid theii Is* i ... -lm,..
'  ■      •        * ing man
One . *.e..ii"* i* ward tbe end ..f Ihe
,,,, Rge   till * i    Ml       \.|e   to   tell
i   • ■■• i   n his turn
"We have 'lone ,,ur beat to amuse
vo-i." * * ,1 ■ We b in millionair*   T. •
v n ' "•- io* nv ■ mm iimi will
eon i useful wl m - mi get lo work
■ii ion. next li* .k Now it's your
'.-•.I     Eire a-ast
Mi   * i   pon len ,| ■ momenl   Then
I      n't tell ■ ou n story, gentlemen.
bul 131 ask yon n conundrum.  What
- the difference between me and n
I   .nl,   iv gave the conundrum ap
"Tin* difference hetwoen mi and n
turkey." snid Mr   Vie llowly, "1- that
the iniiei  1- nol stuffed with .le*. t
'111!.-   iin'il   afler   ll   1-  dead "
—,. . j.    •
Fastest In th* World.
Great   I'.nWun   ha*  built  a  torpedo
boat destroy*! which is Uie (astest ia
tl.e   world     This  destroyer, The Coo-
nek   »n* launched st liirkenhead on
Feb    16 ll   will   make  .'t'i  knot* an
, .ur the highest spued hitherto ai-
Unmistakable Evidence That Kidney Dhta„
Is Cured by
Captain Win, B h, 1  veteran ol
the Crimean war, living "t Bevel-
stoke, B.C., writei: "I oan teitllj to
ilu* benefit derived from Dr, Ohaae'i
Kidney-Liver Pllli Vot veins I mis
a auflarer from' kidney diieaae, and
could cei no reliei Ior n Thi dec-
ioi   examined  ma and  aoalyied  my
nunc  and  Inlil 111*  I   hnd  chronic dll
,.;, ,, oi ine kidneys,   As hii medlcini
ilnl    in,'    IIU   t I.    *    boUglll    11    l""i    ol
In    riia.e'-   Kidney I.i vol     I'llls    ami
„,i, 1,,.11,hi,*,1   iu much iiiiii   I   kepi
on   tin.iu<-  lllll Hi   I   .''in   sav  thill
I    11:11    1)1 I lo,il>     Cl I I       told       the
doetol    I    llll     e.lled.   h It   111   WOUld   lloi
believe me until    ha   examined mj
in .ne ngain    .\it 11 doing 10 In* stated
dial  i  had  11. uu.*.* ol  kidnej  dl
,.,1.-0 left     I  hav*-  recommended I'i
1 'h.i-e'-   Ii.iii.*.- to man)   1 pie
1 he urea, uric add and othei poi*
-nlniu- waste .iili-tniico- which -nre
|i it in tin- blood .if'.i the prooeei "i
dlaaitlon Iuih taken |,i.„.,. ,
iiiiled Iroin lhe aysteiu 1,, 11'   '
oi  iin* kldneyi,  ' '  ""a'1*
failure   of   the   kidnej    |„ ,  ,
this   Important    work   1,1  *<|j'r
meam a poll uning oi th,. VS
lem iiiiiI ooniequeutl) th,
ful ol dlaeaaei, iuch ,1,  Drighc/J
'•iis.*.  I bago,  backache nmi "e*
llllll Islll
The caueei   ol    uch ill m
promptly removed hj ti„ „...,,
( has.* s     Koine*  I i...1    pin,    f
greal    family    nie,ii,*,,,,   n,
iiineii action on   1 ie
and bowels which  is nm ,
any similar preparation   jh,
it-stem   is   quic.1)
cleansed  and  the  \ il
rated bj thii treatm ui    in,,.,
• lose,  'J.i  e.nt •  ,1   bui     ' ||| ,■;.'"
11   lalmai.son    Bab 1',,   T„'llt
Phi portrait and , '„( |,
W.   Chase,   the   tin	
author, me on evei
Sends rich, warm, red
blood courtin* through
tha whole *yit*m.
Maksi * man ready lor
sny amount ol work snd
abi*   to   perform   it.
Try  a  Brsaklatt  ol  th*  Biscuit and ■ Luncheon oi Tritcult.
All   Grocers—13c   a  carton,  or 2 lor 25c.
"Ves;   I MIPPOM I'iii "lie of the n.o-i
prominent men lu roDege."    remarked
'h,   .  <l,»,\   sophomore.
•Indeed'      Whnt    capacityT"    ii-l.. -I
the Ire ill or Ihe family.
Blghti • 11 i.e. rs • l.v an • "* Mails
and sin whiskey straight*," replied ih*
.•nuns man proudl)    Pui k.
Mlstrens—\\ I.)   don't   *    1
Cook    R.ir>*.  I've    no    • l*>
kitchen le s** by,
Ml in*-.    1 .h   v* ■
■  .. ik      *>*> l.al    Kuod    la    II '
inliiut.» r.1-1    l-hii.o
Theie   is  uothing  equal
inn.* ' Worm 1 •'
droving   wormi     \
.nni haa given nu 1
k It
M .1*  peopb   (Ind fio.li
nrlcl.bors  In order    1    I
To whom it mav concern     This ii
' iHfv    thnt    I   hav.-   11-, •I    MIN
-.Klis  1 IMMIAT myself .,-  well n-   "»
iIh-,i it 111 my practice whera ■]-
Iiiiiui,ni    mm-    required    and    hn.
nevei failed lo |el the desired effect
('    \    KIN'.    M.i)
Tin* ar   of living consists in 1,
lug .1 dead one.
W.rrorUod lm 0/» . Mot lot.
Caustic Balsam
lit Imitators But Ro Compitlten
A emir, rtfooAy and I- *,ti.• Cure for
Curb. If list IwrnrOt-ml H«k,
So.in.l Tnailoai, temmiar, Wiil
t.3i. .ot til limnHi Item l*»»»l«,
l.iifb«n« oni ttkar Am. hiUflrt.
Cr.i all tkin llimai *t rar«M(««,
Tknwk, Dlpltkaris. Xtntvu sll
Buachtg fion Umnm .r Cauls.
.-".* *"""«««.a«->Jr  '"'   akranslirat.
Bpralaa,   kor*  Ttirott, ».*** . It I. I,,.a,a«t.l^
\.et      ho.ll.   "I ClMll.  laUap,   X.M   ll
p., i,..iii.   soft br inmgum, wmi ,',:,■
tren. •-!,«.£.. ,»|J   .|tn fail air„,„„, ,. r
!!•  u^    l-r.mil  Inr  SaaorlMl.a   .inula,.
' I*.uu.. ..i.i.. ate   Ad4nM *~^".
Tk« lorn itntt- VMIHamiC«.. Torioilo,Ont.
|vl   ■"'•■ITI    IOW-bJ^I  V
ll».|lnr   .it   .1.1,...,   Tra.
Kmiif luten-slliii: Btatlsl • < liars 1
ndleet'sl lo   Vice OOOSUI Arnold it'
chin   ■ ,,n, online  tl"*  cre.it
china's (en  trade     fret*   l*tlt  '!*%
ten  wus final I11lr.sl11.1sl ln-
Di.til   IM7  1 hiua   I..I.I  • ll
ea Ir.i.le nf die world     11•*
Can lo enter the tea marlol     IWfl
ti.-c   trade  r.*a. h.sl  high (He In I*
with   a   tut.it   eaporl   ef
IMiumls.   In IH.-i| 1 bl.ia furnl-h-l •'•'
Ti par cent of th.. worlds total I"5
and leyloli  IS per cent llll.l   li!'*".
r..riuosa   io |M*r cant    Bel       "I
wImu tin- total <->ii-.ni.|.t."
r we aad  t» O+Uaauxw pounds m
rnitrll.nl.s| out.  HI |H*r ii-.it. lli.Hs u
'v.' l.ui it. pee < ..ni uud Japan .mJ i*
iin.-i  In |M*r ■. n(     'I'be .l.v!
ci   is   a.. 1* l.el   t,   1  llflcs   lliclll.l.
1 ultlvallon .in 1 |,      • i*   .. of H.- "
Iiul       « ..IJ.
I'ete   l*"r«liiiiiiiiu - Vras,
Ab   am   fated   to   u<   1,   l,:e h,    -
IiiI»n|   a   g*l  nnif.   hill   sbe  tl "  '
• stub   011   mat.   uii      Henri    II.
U.ll   dll'* leli.ih iJ.ti uelllir 11   '
*u 1. ...i,* r..' n*if.. throw but I
r»'  a,ot      tint's  whut   mine doc- •*•*'
1....••   I   stay   onl   after   10.
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Zine and Lead.
A   i*ublc   foot   of   cast  zinc   irelgha
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W.    N.    IJ.    No.   630
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Dear Mother
_°nr '',J1<,„on', ,r" • cona»nl cut h
(fall snd Winter wratlitr. They will
fetch cold. Do you know aboul ShiMi'i
Gmitimntion Cu:o, ilw Lung Tonic, and
krhat it hai dons ior ao nuoy > It is said
u be lhe oal* relial.lo remedy lor ill
""? 1* i   *'r temtfm ia children.
abiolutely li-iiinlci. and plaau„t i0
mke. Ituguarsntoadtorure.il y 1.1, muiiry
•Jl returned^ Tho price ii 25c. per bottle,
snd sll dealert in medicine sail ,,.
remedy ihould be in eveiy hnmehold.
th*     Humorist    Used    to    Win
I  Laughs   In   His  Lectures.
Hti'Vi'i*  much  Ibe iiiiilleiie.-   in'u:lil
mtM, even tu a tumult of merrln.eiit
^Hg a uiiiin I.- ur two nr perbapi
Hr, ArteiniiH  Wnrd stood  wllh the
grave*-!    -.,  nml   unnil-kcil  liiee.     Uu
could ii"! help IiiukIiIuk while writing
or planum;* ii ;: I thu.is*, 'mt no ueero-
^Her was ever mure self |n>lsed
when in* ■■ in.'.i i.ei'nre his audience.
^mm greatae! fun of tin- whole was
tbe  llllllill'lllil! I    llie   |,nn.,I ., 11,:,   it
Mit.     liin,.:,   im.lll.l   nu   wrong  every
HOW nml Hi, ii. nini ilm iiliillenie would
^/ff hi ic iiii ullh laughler, supposing
n iiilsliike. while its a uiniler of
lArleinus was always at  thu Isit-
ot It nil.
Instance, the prairie lire would
k.uii ut the WtOng time ami then
nut :ik:iin w hen the scene It was
iiu-iiiiie iiiiii wholly paaaod, or the
liKikiiiK   iiiuiiu   wuuld   refuse   lo
I down lu the tuldst, while the lec-
ir wus apparently almoat overcome
vexation and despair.   Tbeu the
^fen*.- music would be played, mid the
*^pn*   wuuld   break  nut  Into roars nl
abler, as wben be touched u|kui oni
lly   pathetic   recital  und   the   piano
nud mit "Poor .Mary Ann."
tin- midst of a really  Instructive
..li the .Mormon quntlon 0( tl truly
(frcsslve description of (be iii'iiinliiln
|n-rj* nrouiid  Bolt  lake  be  would
ns If a sudden feeling -if distress
i coma over bin which must u> ex-
■ed, mul. |K.iiitiiiK t<> nu absurd
tiuui in the foregrouod ..f ■ picture,
.nlil tell the million, t* bow he h.nl
trays tried tn keep faith wllh them
inlsliiLes must •...inelliues ,„eur.
I inii,' .il wi... - ipoken of this uuimui
in i,iii.ii,, mui have alwayi luppoeed
wus ii buffalo, hut tills iin.riiliiK uiy
|ist cams tn me and snid. Mr   Wind.
run conceal it tteta yoa no longer;
nt is ii boner     Tin effect wai iini
hides, nl, nlil,*.
ihen quiet   .nm- again, be would
PIlllllK'I.V    Ui i.me   uli,,111    l,,sl   tn   ev
1 llnll,'   II mil lil I    llllll   lis   he   lies, rilssl
line abMrblag mul t lirll I Ilii; In* I, Ienl.
|riiltiK II hid. rldli uh* (be invi minute
tin- Innocent uml ipparentiy merely
Bi Ideiiliil  remiirk. "I did m*t H    ll.is
^L-w-lf. hut  I  bud It frum a mun Just
Ht reliable us i am."- Roach Knight la
jBll'.lllllll V
■ Physiologists un.  Ilmllng  In   i.u.ner-
Bll <    e\|ierlll,ellts    llllll.       Willie      illinleil
ii ,eii,iin r i value, .:  - is mors
llHIl   1 el I 111-  I I, -ll... i, ed   1,       ItS   .'fl. ■  1   lis   H
•i  Tl'       .'  ■■•   ill lies    nil     HllS     Sl.Il
ei k*. mure umi mon   i" show    lhal
,*.,' is ii,<i nn organ In lh*   human
.,1*. timi aaeapes iihs subtle
a film Uon that i- ii"! Impair. *i b
,   USe *l'||e   ...   l.tlfellirlilll    1\ ll"    ll
iii.it in* has ii.nl ins ....ik i...i.ii h.i-
|. ,. tied h's fulness ol da) - ""i be-
i bits,   ilu   in   -I'll**   "i
|l  •    I,        Neil       tOfh     'I'll   Mine
I alwayi tell   m>   nelghbori who
Inn.* children how good I have found
Baby'i  (i»n  Tablet!,    layi   Mi     I
evflle, Qnwaa, Onl     M.s     Beville
ill t h. I s:i>- "I WOUld ll"l !>'• ulth
■ III    the    Tilhlel-    III     til'*     ll"ll-e.    fl.r    I
tnow nf no medidne thai can equal
them in .'uiii.v* tl..* ill- Irom which
children so often raffei " " bi Uu
Inthuaiaitic   praise  ..l  mothen  who
[have    used    the    Tllhl.'t-    ih.ll     lll.lke-
11,.-1ii   ih.*   mosl   popular   childhood
■medicine   in   Canada     tnj
In-iiiK  Baby'i i iu n   I abi.
(•.•niiiiiiii.*.* i.f .1 governmenl
Itiiiit tins medidne don nol
Ion*   |,niii'le   i.f   opiate   oi
Idrug,     Bold   !•>   I llcine   dealers   or
liv mail ni - ni- ii boa I."in   ••<-
lir   Wllllami   Medniiie r.i.   Brock-
mile, imt.
ir ynu musl  |„. |*,,U||.   |){, fni|l|( w|(h
livery defeat derelopi „ u,t „f new
Must men nre optlmlltlc ns lung as
thing! nie eiiiiilii|. tUelr wuy.
Ploailug people is iiub laughing,   it
liui iii he done without nn effort to be
"Heel he.
'lhe must sincere person In the world
lues nut mean n  wheu in* shvm, "i
lot)*) eillc."
smiic people got credit fur belug pa-
Ienl ivl.en lhe fuel lu thev nre merely
ili'iilil In Ullil buck.
Sulne people  who never recognbw ll
ehuii nnn,.,. ii„. slightest him ihut can
 uslrueil uh nif Invltiition.
Down ni iin* bottom uf tbelr heart,.
  i*i"|.ie believe a little lu fortune
•elllug nud iplrltuallam nml   tba iiijs-
ei iuu.*. geuoi-ully.
Kven nn iiptlmlst Is llnl.le to back-
[slide when he bus u hell mi Ihe buck
luf bis lii'ik.
Minard's  Liniment  Curss   Di»t*mp«r
Thev  were mil   in   lh'*  ' *."' r.     ll   ■*>'••'
■titter cold. ...
Bhe—Oh,   mv   tli.|(cr>   NT*   -"   **".,i I
He    Will,   why     .Inln I      vm.    hm.(t   ■
| in ii( f
She      [    ,||.|
Ami    be    has    been    Wondering    WW
ISlDO* as In where she had  It,  md  why
Mm iinin't |,..i  .1  iii i."    i*m i" " ■
Ask your doctor about these
throat coughs. He will cell
you how deceptive they are.
A tickling in the throat often
means gerious trouble ahead.
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Wa puMleh our formula!
,     Wa hanlah ala ,hol
*     fron our madlolnaa
Wa urta yen te
eanaull jour
Mine Preserved Bodies.
a em lulls itory  lliuitretlv* nf tbe
I'le.enilllle   |||*.,| ,ell ies III   Cllllsuiic uclll
gai, or "cboka damp," comes rioin
ihii.ii. in tin* province ur Nganbwel
a party ..r miners opened uu ancient
shaft wbere, according to tin* mil, rial
records, i terrlbli cataitropbi hud oc-
■ iiiicii nm yean ago. When the mln-
en entered ihey came upon the bodin
if I7il miners who lind perished In the
mine, lying where tbey bad been o\ei
taken hy the deadly gai four centuries
buck.    Thi corpses to (he eye were ns
ihuii^ii i.f yesterday, quite fmb look
n : and nol decayed ill any wny. The
race* ivere like (bose of men who bud
usi ilie,i   (in an attempt being made
lo move (hem  outside  for burial  tbey
•iii* mul iiii crumbled away, Invlna
nothing but a pile of dust and the rem
mints  uf   Iho   Hlionjjer  parts  of  their
< lothlng.
The Berveat'a siaht.
Tlierc ls a  tradition, lu  ninny pnrtl
of Kuropo tlmt when n serpent'! sight
(.'rows dim win, ng,. |,c ents fennel and
thus regain* hi* rlslna.
•Saves A Lot
*  of Bother
The starch that needn't
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Trapper Finds  Wild   Beast    Fighting
With Trapped Animal   It Slays.
One   nl   the   largnt   wildcats    ever
taken in Hiitiumi county was brought
in here a few day.- nco I.y I.mils Sargent, ..( Ohittendon. Bargant spends
his spare time cutcliiiiK mink, a good
skin ..( which brings $•", ami caught
the cul while attending to his traps
8..me of than had been set along the
.•'ll'e ul ii brook, mul when Kargeiit
approached one duy lute in the nfter-
numi to rehiiil it he heard sipieiils and
low muttering! of two animals.
TIm. trapper bud never seen a wildcat or a lynx in the vicinity and he
wus unprepared for the sight that met
Imh eyes wben he peered through the
bushes to ascertain the cause ol the
unusual disturbance. He first observed the cat lying on its stomach over
the trap tearing at some object under
bim. This object was putting up a
strong fight, and when Sargent got a
little closer be was aware that the
feline was battling with a big mink.
The mink had been caught hy mi**
foot, but even thus huiulicappeil he
was giving the cat all the trouble it
wanted The trapper wim so Interested in (he battle that he forgot all
about shouting until the cat had killed the mink and set about eating it.
He then encked his rifle an.l put a
ball through the marauder's bend.
Sargent lost a fine mink skin hv
not shooting sooner, but the sale ot
tin* cat's |k*H puid him in part for
hia loss.
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Th*   F*r   West    Province   Attracting
The Iruit-growing possibilities ol
llntihli Columbia have attracted a
good deal of attention in Kugland, as
the samples which have reached the
Mother Country from the Pacific province have been regarded as the best
ever, grown  in  the  Dominion.
Messrs. James Henderson and Arthur Hobhh have come out from London to see for themselves what may
be done in the way of encouraging
the young industry from the point ol
view of the export trade.
To Set  For Themselves.
These gentlemen stated that so
much had been said in Knglaud by
agents of the British Columbia Government In favor ol the province as
the best fruit-growing country in tho
world, as well as by speculative agents,
that they had come out to look over
the Held, make inquiries at first hand,
and spend u few months in the country generally, until tbe spring. They
wen- going immediately to British
Columbia, where they would communicate with the Government. They
were interested in the fruit business,
and could get any amount of capital
tn put into fruit-growing in the Pacific province if the prospects could bo
shown   to   lie   bright.
While out in the West, the gentlemen infu-nd to look into the question
of the opening up of Vancouver Island  lo settlement.
Great Opportunities
"It ii> now beginning to be understood In Kugland," said Mr Henderson, "lhat there are great o|ifhirliini-
ties In llus country lor mun with
means—not large means, neoeaiarily,
but a little means, with which lo go
into mining, or farming, or fni:t
growing, or ranching. Canada will, in
the future attract more largely thnn
ever before, this clat-s. And this is a
Inrge class in tl.e Old C. unlry. Perhaps it is a Utile timid, for when
the means are limited there is the
fear of loss, but through tlie work of
your immigration agenta, through the
utterances of Lord Btrathcona. and
especially through the work of the
llrilish journnlidte sent nut some time
acn, our people are beginning 'o understand just the kind ol people who
can do well out here."
rouRDsa ot tub bbcood kh-nubt.
Reproduced hIhivc, is a portrait of the late
M* C. B. Record, the founder and original
h.-.id of tl.e Record Kuund.y tt Machine
in. ot Mouiion, N.U., and Montreal,
Wlllon lo Mr. Record going into the
nuuulaciure of stoves, thoae used in
CauaiU were almost wholly ol American
fnaniii.uin..-. The character cf Ihe work
turned oul by thr Record Foundry •_
Machine Co., at one* gnve lheir stoves a
standing, and »s a result a very larg*
business soon grew up, largely owing to
Mr. Record s untiring imlusiry and per-
tevrrsni r against many obstacle*.
Alihough Mr. Record reined Irom active
lllllllim *• f*r back as 1179, Ihe solid
l.isis on which he had established Ihe industry, has resulted in its growth from a
sturdy pioneer into one of thc largest stove
manufacturing plants on the northern half
of Ihe American continent. With Iwo
large plants, one in Moniton snd one in
Montreal, the Record Foundry It Machine
Co. are known from Halifax lo Vancouver,
and Iheir "Calorific" an.l "Admiral"
furnaces and " I'enn Fslhrr " ranges
rrcouniied M th* standard of Canadian
i in *.    -i  ii say ihe deft adani turned
and whistled io the dog, What !«.l
lowed '
Intelligent   WUnees I be  ■■• --•
\   Wuh*   Sphere   .-I   Declaim
i  .  coniumption .-( Di   Thomn' Bo-
lectrlc "'I   lm-   grown to greal  proportion!      Notwithstanding   tha   iaei
thai it im*. noa I ii on tb.* market
lm   m  thun  thirty-one  yean,   IU
praaperit) ti n gnal .*.* iver, and
th.- demand f"i it In thai period haven   ireatlt   ineroaaed     li   ii  bi ni
tieial   in  nil    nines,   and   wherevel
introduced Imh    tupplin    an oon-
staiillv   liked   fm
▼ho makes the besl liver pilli? Thi
J. C. Ayir Company, of LoweM, Mass.
They have been mskinc Ayer's Pills for
over ilxty yeirs. If you have the slight-
•st doubt sbout usinn theie pills, ssk
your doctor. Do ss he sayi, always.
mt* bj tke J. 0. ajar Oo., Lowell. Maae.—
IB I .al..
Will (row In Hi.
HUM   ut   oul  ol
• sua. flTarliilti.,
''I'I'I. 'tja.ll.,In.,
ii.rua.   Filrli.ln.
tails, Tiiharnoas,
M*f,,iila, Jon,|„i|tt
•■H.xlll..  I   III,,.*
'.iir. liawav i il.,
lloili'la. I III., el
ll.a Vall-r   »I1|«,..|,.I,I.B,
VJTln .ASSl'n-lllln.n alllilliMr ||„IU wa will moi.i
»asa 11,|, «,||»„i|OI, „/ c„.,r „*!,-,„■,»«i kliKla,
■emerael Muraary, Soma,.Ilia. Mas*.
■*Y.ich  Miser Starvei.
A mi-el'- inn-:.* death In tha rarret
■ ■I a well-furnianed house wu dSieov
ensi in ih,  Nottingham polin lately
i in* h,,.i ,* wn. in nu Indeacribably
lilthy run,liin,ii,  nini then was muny
\eai-' accumulation ol dqel
'lhe bod) di oovered ..nt that <-l a
mnn named Alfred Martin, who had
not been an bj thi neighbor! dnn
the death ol  Ins  inolhcr   on  January
7. and who had .-vi.lei.ily died Innn
starvation The nelghbori wen- an-
awnie iiiiii he continued lo Un In the
I.,,11 ,*    Hi    bod)   was iu au emaciated
The polin found sums ot money in
lllllllllielal'le packet., hid,len ill crevices iif ii -"In. mi ihllvn and in diiiw-
The total amount wa- aboul im*!.
The man's hair and board were
matted, and Ins nails protruded an
inch and a qiinrter over the linger
ends The only fond ill the house was
a  loaf months  old.
Dog Cooks.
There wns n time when dogs did
the routing lit leant they kept the
meal turning, so it would not burn.
"Spit dogs" they were culled, and
their ilesceiidiinl.s lire called "spitr."
tn Ihis day. Spit dogs were trained
tn turn the Ipltl on which roasted
chickens. Is*.-!, ducks ami turkeys.
The llttl.* fellows did Ihen work well.
They  weie never known to let I fowl
burn or t.. match « mouthful or two
Irom   it.     As   lit*   iw   1HIU spit   dogs
Well'   eUlpl'iyeil
Man's Enduranc*.
Man   has   I'lenlei   powers   of  ondur-
,n  than any other animal,   He is
the nnly niniiiiil Hint can eiulur.kjill
classes nl cliinat.'. nnd live ill *Xkr
lhe  holiest or  the coldest      The oniy
animal lhal oan compel.- with man
in powen of eiidurnnee is the nnmel.
which enn live for len nr even llfb-en
days without water, and cnn perform
iis tedious journeys across lhe arid de-
sertH   of   the   east   Ior   days   without
Although Beaten For the Tim* They
Ar* Yet Dauntless.
What can lie done with these dauntless females- The "clink" ban ao terrors for them Some ol them have
been laid by the heels in a dungeon
cell, where their sufferings on brand
and water moved tender hearts out-
side and forced the officials to mitigate the treatment. Observe that they
mon witli tin* deadly resolution and
impact of footballers bucking the centre They pusli, punch, thrust, tarkle,
trip up. butt and yell immitigably. We
are reminded, if we may ci.mpare
grent things with small, nf a pack of
under-griiduates storming a hotel din-
ilig-r.Hiin Itut the iinder-gradtintes la
 ntiiilly humorous, while the suffragette ll inexorable. I.a.ly Mnclletb
or   AtrojM.s   was   not  more  earne-l   ,*r
dangarous  than  then   women.    For
death has its dignity, but whnt help
i-  Uur.*  for  n  man   mnde  ridiculous?
Ami what if it should happen thai nol
woman suffrage, but the Government,
is being made ridiculous by then
riots "f mpecteble Maenadi with a
purpose1 The mounted police man
doean'l like to s,.t bil breast and bis
heart against the tide of petticonte
There is nothing but jeers to be gained
hy resisting the irre.-i-tible. and il
these devote. 1 and irucuiul virgins and
matron! keep al it long enough. Imw
cnn  they  fail   to  win?
Just iinw tin* Bight Honorable Herbert John Gladstone's j.,b is a bed of
Girl   Po»*s As  Boy.
A remarkable st.uy of ■ girl who
Wn in.liii-e.l by her mother tn masquerade as an errand boy in ordei to
rob bat employer wss told at tin* I.iv-
er|Msil  Police Court recently.
Kitnlv Harnes. an intelligent girl of
15. said that after conversation with
her mother she dressed np U a bey
some months ago and obtained wmk
running errands.
A lew weeks ago she obtained employment under the tiaii.e of "Harold
Barnes" in the shop ol Mr. Jacobs.
Noticing where the money was
kept, she hid one night in the cellar.
In the early hours of the follow mc
morning she broke open the till with
an axe and stole $«1. s'ihse.|ue[itly
giving the money to her mother.
Suspicion, however, fell upon the
■append hoy. and she was charged at
the police court without her real sex
being ill-covered.
It was only when remanded to the
workhouse that she confessed to being a girl
The mother was sentenced to three
months' imprisonment for receiving
the money an.l the girl was remanded  lur seven days.
,. - n—T.—■*
A-atl-rankll-aa  Ism
There ls probably no place tn Ih*
world where the laws against gambling nre so severe ns they were lu
Mauchiirln during Russian occupation.
All persons playing cards, whether ostensibly for money or ftoL were Iln.
ble tO arrest and If convicted to receive 100 lushes and to wear arouud
tbe neck for a month the heavy metal
collar which 1* riveted ou recalcitrant
In Africa both sexes of elephants
bave Ivory tusks, while in Asia tbes*
aro usually testrlcteil to the males.
Wantwd a Translation
Downright   Woman-  When did >,iu
com.' from*!
Classic irnnip -Madam, I   castigated
my Itliururi from tin* classic Alliens
of Am. ri a
i .. ked ..■ ..ler,* did you come
i beat my way rrom Boston."' Hal-
■in .re American.
A Sun* Cure fm  Headache      llilimi**
headache, to which women an mon
subject than  men. becomes su acuh
in   .-mile  subjects  thai   they   are  com*
pletely praetrated, 1 In* itomach refuses  f I.  nml  theie i-   n   constant
t and depressing effort to In-.- the itomach Irom I.ih* winch- lm- become
unduly secreted there Parmelee'i
Vegetable Pilli an .1 speedy altera!
live, mnl in nutraliiina th.* effecti ol
the intruding bile relieves tha pru
sura mi '■"• nervn which caun tin
Ilea.Iii.-he.    Tiv   them,
lodge V*i lay ths defendanl turned
snl whistle 1 to lli,* dog. What ful
lowed '
" Ves."
tntelligi m  \*i itm --   Tin* dug.
by local applications, aa taey cannol
raai-h nu- uiaeaaeii porliun ol in,, ear
Inert* la ouly one way to cure deatneas.
and that la by tunatitmtonal remedies,
neatness ls caused by an ititlmm-.l i-onili
in n of th« mumus lining ot in,- hustath
Ian Tube. When mis tune ta inflamed
you have a runitiling sound or imperii-, t
hearing,   and    when   It   la   entirely   closed
Deal ness la Ibe result, aud unless int
inii.iiiiiiian. ii can lie taken out ami the
tube restored lo its normal condition
hearing will be destroyed foreveri nine
cases out cf ten are caused by I atarrh
»ln.h Is nothing but an untamed con'
■niton ..I the mucous rarfa***
We will give nne Hundred Hollars tor
• ny caw il nearness ran-.-,I hy catarrh,
lhat cannot he cured hy Hall s Catarrh
Cure.    Mend   f,r   circulars,   tree
K. J. UHMKK1   .» in.   loiedo. u
Hold   hjr   Pr.igg.sls.   Vic
Take Hall a luiiiily cilia tor conalica
"Pad,"   in lined   Freddy,   "what   is  a
'flgure of «i b' I"
"Where's     \,,nr     mother t"     »-ke,i
"Dad," cautiously,
"She's    downstairs,"    snsWend    (hr
"Well,   Ihen,"   began   "nad,"   "s   fl|
ure "( ipeech,  my sun. is ii •woman
II ii i • r .   Weekly.
Minnrd'a Liniment Cures  Diphtheria
Big  Elk  Horn
Jumbo,   lhe   big   bull   elk   "f   fnrmer
.'miKie     nnn    Alexander      llilliueier's
game preserve al Wuhlngton, Montour
co int.. sh, ,i h's bona mi Wedn. ada:
Thej an* tin* largnt thai hav.    *vet
.,   :, -,, up ,l ni th.* Blllmeyer   r -■ n •.
side measuring   fifty-nine   Inrhn
and the uliier flfty-elgbl In. hes.    Mens-
uring th.* entire  length,  Including all
,f tin* j.r.ngs, there Is twenty-nlni
f, et it ml nine Inches of born. The)
, i t,1, nii --*, v, ii pounds. Mr
Blllmeyer now hns in his pn
seventy-live deer ind eighteen elk. be-
ild. - large quanl iltei fame
This is an nted  ths  largest    gams
preserve   in   the   state.-  Philadelphia
Ri    i ■
Holloway'i Corn Cun li thi madi-
elm 1" leinove all kinds ol corni and
warta, and only costs thi .-mall sum
of twent] tivi nis.
Clothes and Their Wearer.
It Is curious bow clothes become
«tiini|H>d With the wearer's personality
Just ns shoes aud gloves adjust them
■selves |o the wearer, hats take ou a
nnMthlng that instinctively reminds
one of the wearer. It ls curious, but It
la so. •
VV.    N.    U.    No.   630
Pin ■•   and    linlnlnf.
For tbe girl who Is to remain at
home and wishes to earn her own pin
money there Is no better way than to
take tbo entering ofT her mother's
hands, i in* young girl of seventeen
did this Inst hi.iiini.i- wltb most satisfactory results. Her mul ber gave her
at the beginning of each week a cer
lulu sum of money, the amount she
knew frum experience to tw sulUclent
to cover the regular expenses of the
table for tho luiiiily. Whatever the
young daughter cuiild save from this
niiiount was to be her commission. By
careful selection and payments of cash
for meats, vegetables and fruits she
saved weekly from 11.00 to fiM. tiy
tbis method she learned the value of
money; she also laid the foundation for
a well coiuluctt-.l future h -nie of her
own, when she will not be ClllUfl wltb
the "lucoiiipctent younji houaekecuera"
Lsdy Godiva Imitated,
l.a Milo, the famous living statue,
whose appearance at the London Pavilion caused a sensation, went to Coventry with her company, and it occurred to her, or ber press agent,  to
repeat Lady Godiva's ride.   She wu
photographed on starting out, and after her return her picture wan sent
to n London illustrated paper with this
"As the bell of the clock high up
In the tall spire of St. Michael's
sounded out sharply upon the frosty
air two hours past midnight a beautiful woman might have been observed emerging from a building in the
'City r.f the Three Spires,' seated upon
n spirited and well-proportioned white
palfrey, which quivered as the cold
northeast wind cut it like a whip.
Hi: who was this fair lady who had
ventured upon the streets like a second Ladv Godiva, under such conditions? Trging her horse lorward. tho
equestrienne rode rapidly along tha
-tnets of the ancient city. Old build-
iiic-=. some of wliicli had probably been
erected not many years alter Godiva's
rnie. frowned upon her fair form, but
the moon looked down benigiiantly
and the stars twinkled encouragement
to the handsome horsewoman. Avoiding the stone sets of the tramways,
the mysterious one kept her graceful
charger upon the macadam portion
■ d the narrow and winding roads.
Kxccpt the occasional barking of a
dog and the noise of the horse's hoofs,
not a sound was heard, and the twentieth century Godiva passed through
the llumbering and peaceful city unmolested and unseen."
Free From Dust, Dirt and all Foreign Substances.
Lead    Packets    Only,    40c,  50c,  and    60c    Per    Lb.    At    All    Grocsra.
Never Judge yourself by   the faults
if ) "in neighbors,
\   Grand   Medicine"  i- tl nco-
niiim often paaaed on Biekla'i Antl-
'•rn-iiinpiive Byrup, and when the
result* Irom its uie an considered,
ii borne oul by many personi who
ban employed ii in stopping coughs
in.l cradle.ilm ,|  . il  ii mme than
irand    Kept in the houn it is al*
-I     .it hand and ii has no iqual nn
a   ready   remedy,      If    ynu    have   nol
tried it, du io ut mire.
"Riches havs mIhk*"   Don'l believe
It;   if they had they'd (ly uur wu>   .iiii- tonsil], jf onlj  bi accident
Minard's   Liniment   Cures  Garget   Ir
"Mi-s   Smith   has   wn!-en   a   problem
.... el.   h.i.ii i   -le I
"Whal  is iln* problem I"
"How  to nuke it sell."—Life.
Cemetery of 4,000 Dogs.
A beautiful dog cemetery was
founded on the lie des Rawageurs,
near Paris, in 1**99. There are already
4.000 "graves" in the cemetery. Some
of them, leaded for a long Verm, have
cost as much a-i 2.000 Irancs. The lowest price paid lor any concession is
5 francs, ami the expenses ol the most
discreet burial are 25 franca. Visitors
to the cemetery pay 50 centimes as an
entrance fee. On one of the tomb-
itonn they may read, "Homage to a
faithful heart," and on another, "Here
lies lllack. killed by a civilized savage." The above victim, explains the
keeper, died at the hands of an indignant concierge. Another marble
slab mounted on cement rock contains the following: "Neither name
nor date; what matters it'" And
again. "Ilenenth these stones reside
the material remains of that which
during its life waa my joy and my
New Yorh'a l*'..oii.liiilt>na.
New York city In Us foundation material represents the two ends of the
great geological scries - the aicbueim
and quaternary — that Is, crystalline
metaniorplilc rocks, flunked and lu part
covered wltb the drift deposit and otber evidence of the glacial epoch.
Horse Jumps dinner Table.
Prince Charles ol llohetir.nllern. who
has lieen visiting the King at Windsor, is in cominand ol Unit crack Prussian regiment the Kimt Dragoom . I
the  Guard,  of  which  King  Edward
is honorary colonel His Serejie Highness belongs to the non-reigning
branch ol the grent Hohenrolleni elan,
nn.l he fully shares the military tastes
of his distant kinsman, the Qerman
Emperor. The First Life Gunrds were
required at short notice In give a
musical rule for his special benefit
After the ride he was entertained (and
let us Imp.* impressp.il by some remarkable fents of horsemanship. A
trooper of the regiment, in full review order, jumped him horse right
over a table Inid for dinner and decorated with flowers and lighted candles, then got rtl nn.l made his horse.
ridorieu, jump the tabic which had
been Hindi* broader by the addition
of a number ol benches.
The Last of Hia Legion.
Apostolus Miiwrogenis, the laat ot
the Greek champions of liberty of
UUi h« died nt the age ol 114. Maw-
rogenil mi born at Piraeus in 17!»2,
mul on account of Ihi cruelty of tin*
Turkish Government had to flee with
bis parent! lo Italy, where ho later
studied medicine. When tho war ol
independence started he formed a legion of the Greeks studying ill Italy
and with it served under the command uf the great Kolokotrom. He
continued in the army for forty-flvo
yenrs nnd retired a* Burgeon general.
It Is estimated that 3,000 marriages
are daily performed throughout Uie
J  Keeps your body
warm,   yet   leU
your skin breathe
' —knit, not
woven,—   A
- it  fits,    m \Guaranteed
Fdoes PEN-X      \Again«t
ANGLE/ \Shr.Dk»*je
Mrs.  Wylde—Mr.   Wlnkley  ls
an unusual mun. Isn't he?
Mr   Wylde—O, I don't know.
Mrs.   Wylde—O,  but  he  Is.    Why, I
saw  him leaving Mrs. wlnkley    hi a
street corner  tbs  other    day.  and  he
took "ii his hat and wus Just us pullte
to In-i* ui  if tiny  Innln'i  been  married.
—Somervllli Journal
Sleeplessness. When the nerves
are unstrung and the whole body
given up to wretchedness, when the
mill.I is filled with gloom inul dismul
forebodings, tbi result of derange-
'i   t ligntivi   organs,   sleep-
leunni oomn to add to iln* diatnn.
II unly  lh.*  subject  oould sleep, there
wniiiii  be oblivion lor a while and
temporary    relief.     Parmelee'i    Vegu-
.I'.e l-ilU will not only Induce sleep,
Imt  will  act so beneficially that the
subject   will   wake   refreshed   and   rest..led  to   huppine-:*..
"My   took   never   lets  nie   set   foot   in
ths rltobsn.   Dues yonn "
"ll. yes; 1 always do the cooking
Whi n she wants to go uut, hut she j tut
puta nil what I need and lucks up the
re-1.     Hn iiii o '• American.
Minister Speahs
to Mothers
Tells Hit Wife's Experience  for the
Sake ef Other Sufferers.
The following letter has been lent
to Dr. T. A. Slocum, Ltd., for publication.
Dr. T A. Slocum Limited -IVar Sin: Within
tha laat two yeon my wl(e iwlio ta u( a dallcsla
fTrade-markedin red. Ina\
^variety of styles, fabrics and '
'prices,   foi women, men and
bhildren, and      guaranteed.
OODjtltuUonl haa had two lever? atucka uf 1*
frlppa both of which tiara b*«n ipMdllr ourrecled
Dr inn use of Pijrchliie.   We lure auch faith In the
PILLS   Morning
The haphazard use of a remedy
will never discover its efficacy. Try
Beecham's Pills morning and night,
and note the improvement in your
Last Thing
aul.i Everywhere.     In boxes '25 cents.
Slops 3
—and all itomich
bowel dtsordm.
<-• puny babiet
plump and rosy. Proved
by 50 yeati' tuccestful
uie. Ask your druggist
lor it—
Norses' ud Mothers' Treasure
Drug At Cbeo-jcal Co.. I mikti
You cannot possibly havfr
a better Cocoa than
A deliclou-s drink and a sustaining
(ood. Fragrant, nutritions and
economical. This excellent Cocoa
maintains the system in robuit
health, and enables it to resist
winter's extreme cold.
Sold by Grocers and Storekeeper!
Ini-lb. and Hb Tins.   «
erti, irii,*v of jrour ifmedlea thai aa A family we
uae no other, for Ublnf up a debiiluied ayitem.
howeeer run down, reatonn* to healthy action
lhe heart and lunft. and aa A »',»-*i n, (or all wait-
Inr dlaeaaea. your Paychlne and Oiomuleinn art
tlmiily peerle-a. Your! aincerely, Rot. J. J. ale*,
II Walker Avenue. Toronto.
. PSYCH INE, Pronounced Si-keen,
is a scientific preparation, having
wonderful tonic properties acting
directly upon the Stomach, Blood
and weak organ* of the body,
quickly restoring them to itrong
and healthy action. It ia especially
adapted for people who are run
down from any cause, especially
Coughs, Colds, Catarrh, LaCrippe,
Pneumonia, Consumption and all
stomach or organic troubles. It
has no substitute.
ta for sale at all dealers, al 80c and
11.00 per bottle, or write direct to
Dr. T. A. Slocum, Limited, 179
King St W., Toronto.
There Is no other remedy "Just
as Good" as PSYCHINE.
Dr. Root'* Kidney Pills are a eure and
permanent cure forftheamatlam, Bright'*
Dieeaee, Pain in the Rack and all forma
ol Kidney Trouble. 25c per box, at all
Tiitt   <lr«*d
Oiotb-sra lm
terror* wbau tli-e
lupiln-.n*   ratunrt   con-tains   a   bottla   of
i .-*■■   laii.i_.ua ui*l rt-uud/,
1 * r INTERNAL and EXTERNAL uae.
Dr. A. Jiitiiitmi knew btimaniti-M naeds
1 » h-i. id 1*10 lit* prrfpt t*I this wuiid«rful
j r--i.---.lv for lung and thr<«t tr.nil.lM, tu |
woll as for rttU, hums, Iirul-SM, aur* and
lain* tinifwUa „'Wmi Na, At .IniKiili.
I. &  JOHNSON  £ CO.,  Boatou,   Ma
Company l^u
Good Reasons
Corrugated  Iron
li Preferred
by Those Who Know
We use only best Apollo or
Englith sh**ts.
The corrugations are pressed
on**ta time- not rolled-fitting
perfectly, both *t ends and side*
without waste.
No ical*, pin holes or other
d*f*ct* are ever found in our
The galvan'n'd sheets are
coated on both sides wilh all th*
galvaniiing material that can adhere to tbem.
Tha painted sheo s ara coated
on both *id*« with best quality
We furnlah any size or gauge
required — either curved or
If you desire durable quality
and certain economical satisfaction, tend us your specifications
or write for further information.
al -Ktrgu-iiiii und J'ruitt I.bkvuvvrv 1ti ir*-4»y
t itf Ktlitur tfoai lal n<>U hltiudf i-f-imii-
hi bla fur tat* opinion* uf -torrMpond-f-UU tv
]>reaa«tl Iu Ita cultim-u*
AU local* trill lie, 8barpd ut tlie mit* tit Ik
(lnaa*aoh auot-^ii. 1,1 luMrtlou,
r uia for 1 laii-Jtrnl und olt cr rtlvettMiU
b# inaje kuMivu Oil iipplu-Miiuii is t >i>/Tl*
cripnuii l2.tR'u rt»t. in utlvai-icu.
Contracts   Entered into for Packing of Mlnin g Supplies   Etc.
to any Point in the District.
Silver     . 7J eentl
Gold,Lead, Copper.,      fleach
G.ild-Silrer tl  50.
.Silver-Lead  flW
Pine    t'i. 00
dod-Silver. will. Lead or
(.'..|.p*r   fiOO
Charges br oilier meiaii on appiieat
Samples arriving by express oi 11
oreive pniu; t attention,   I'.11, Dm
B    GOOD,
|^        PROMPT
S. DANEY, Prop.
Any Work
Besl Wmo-. rjqjnori and Cigars.
Ratal $1 a .Inv.
I J. A. STONE   -   -  Prop.
Revelstoke, B C
e. R. vlpoif
Poplar Livery.
Freighting,    -     .     .  p
A Speciality.
m ~"~"
Stables at Pop|er.
Flnt-claM iceommodation lor traveller!
Rates $| and Si  50 per day*
(Latent ft-r.-.:f.'ii Mima,   i.'-'
Aaeayr of ill ore*. Term moderatr.
Add *   -
B i   4.3.-.    KASLO,   B c
tiout uke- He-
Bar wtll Supplied with Liquors &. Cigars
Large Comfortable Roorni.* Excellent Cuisine and Attendance.
ROBT. MADDEN    -   -   -    Prop.
BROS*     DOnno,c--r-
—      Trout  Lake   dity Trar
•   »a—I   s    a   tl   i^J   A   V^l\l_,,
lim Class i„ every re.,p,c*t. All modern conveniences.
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1  50 per Day Special Weekly R.tea-
and Stage Lino
IKEU  £    liLLIOII,
ls.ir.-iai.fr. Rotary Public Etc.,
I i.i'.ts'.v. RavauToaa, B.C-
n.. ..°  «--• ,. . .
P. L. S.
Mineral Claims Surveyed  and
Crown Grants Obtained.
Reiidence— Xkxt KacoRD OFFICE,
TROUT    LAKE.     SI    C.
Excellent    Accommodation
Best Liquors
And Very finest Cigars   ft
John Simpson,      Proprietor,
Crout Xahe mmm^mmmmmmmmm-m-amm
7i71rt*f/» » ''v 11S'"" Wttet supplied by the
VIVlet iCV @ Coiiijiany yon an- assured of ab»<-
-^i lute purity.   Government Analyeii
5lll1-Dl\)     (__l_ to back up statements.
It pays to life tl.e Telephone. A
lengthy trip can often !«.- laved, Offlcei
.it Kenrneoh: Commini' Store; Tronl
l.ak.*. Puet Office; al'uat lleati.n, L'uin-
apHx and Arrowhead.
Notice is hereby given that wi tl.
in tm. in.'iiiii.-  from   tin* tii st i-iil.
li.'iilii.n hereof in lhe  British   Col-
utiil.ni (i.*iz.*lti*, I intend   to apply
in the Uon. Chief Commissioner of
Landi ami Works for special lieen-
on   i.i cul and carry nway  titnbei
from ihe following described lands
itnaied in Wett Kootenay.
Commencing at a post planted
on tin. north side of aide of .Troul
Luke, about S miles from
head nnd about 14 miles from  the
I.ake,   marked "0.   W,   Abraham-
ion's South   West   corner   post,'
thenco north   MO   chaina;   thence
eait 8Q chains;  thence south  80
chains; thenci treat 80 cluiins lo
point of commencement.
Located .May 8rd. JlXC.
<>. rt'. Alir.iliamsoii, Locator.
Best Hotel in Town,
Headquarters for Mining aid Gouercial Mei,
IE. A.   HaggenJ"
iSterfteg $ Co.
| Kb>!», Oheeje. Produce and Fruit
■ Houston Bk.,Josephine St.Nellon, B.C.
Hugh McPherson - • Supt.
pairing,  etc.
Oddfellows BM, Tront Lake, B.C
Andrew M. Craig.
Watol. repairing,   etc.    All work
Hotel and
Ceneral Store
Imperial  Bank of Cans
H.ad Office
Notice i." hereby given thai 60
days qfter date, I intend to make
application to the Cheif Commis-
kii.iiT ..U.a ndi A Works for permit
lion to iiiirch-ise the foltowina de-
■erihed landi, situated in Wet
Kootenay di.-trict,
Commencing nt a pott planted
nt thu nnrth treat corner of Anil i eiv reteooiii pre-emption in
the Trout Luke Mining Division,
and in irked August Olaon s south
Kelt Corner jiuat. thenco east 40
chiiiim, ihenti iiorili 20 chain?.
tlit-iiCK iicst •!(» chain*-, thenee son-
lh 2'i chnins lo the poinl of cem-
iiicii.'cincnt, ri'ii.jii i.-iiiy 80 a. i..-
wonted Mny Oth, 1007
Angnit Olron, Locator.
R. C.
I i:o*k Sinn .1 id lis n tu Broke
Real Kftate, Iiiuranre and
(ieoeral Coiniuiitioti Agent
Solr I>| i.b.'hIhi .v.* for
|Xoii-TiriA Iiiiiiranrt-  Biliim>i>l  in
Trout Lake Kerituaon B<*aton
aad ' nin'.
Correrpoii.lenre on Iniuranre mat
ten will have prompt attention
No. 39.
A.K  ft A.M.
3rd   Thurnlay each
_B       nioiilh.
.-(.jouri.iiii; r.r.*tlireii Cordially invitid.
-.. -forddrod.Sec.  P.O.Campbell.W.II
I'lint T   I.AKE   I.OlHiK   I. ().(».K.
NO. 11
It. nn'iir in, . Hi,.-, in i.| In
n.iiiri.||.ni*«   iiiiii  every
I liis.l.iV   nielli   ul    j
o-rli«-li     .'Iklting iir.itli-
eni cordially vrelouin-;.
CAPITAL PAID UP.. 4,428,000.
REIT u.lOii  ^^^^^
Ii. II. WII.KIK, Pre»i.lenl. Hon. BOltKli? JA! I .. IV.J'. J
BRANCHES    in  tli«  ProvlneM Ol  Altiorta, Haikalclienan. l.iiUl
Manitoba, Ontario and Que'*)
SAVINGS DEPARTMCNT.-I»«'P<-«itl re«-eiv.-.| ami intl    -   I   •>.
lurrei.I rait- Irom date ol i.jn-nii.u of act mt.
„:;":;n„;i,r"•——-•"-* Am,.b«d 1^.-]
H.  A. Bl^|
Xiwcl.il nltlulluu  (Irta  bt MilMllMI AAA
Mlnin* llniid..
"V ami I"   mineral claim, iltna
te in tlie I'rout l.«k- .Mining  Diviiion
ol West Kootetuv Diltriet.
Wl.ere locale.1:    Near bead of Silver Cup Cret-k.
TAKK  NOTIOE that I,  A.   L.
Jowctt, Free Miner'i Certilicate No.
C88l^6, intend,  sixty days from
I date hereof, to apply In tbe Mining
1 j Ueeoriler for a Certificate  of   Im
Ej * provementa, for the purpose of ob.
tE 1 taininga Crown Grant of lhe above
gj   claim.
8       And further take notice that nc-
m   tion,    under section 37,    must  be
commenced before the iasuance of
such Cerlificate of Improvements.
Dated this 6 th.  day  of  March
A.I). 190".
F. B. Wells
Review Job Dept.
Kor Hixh-Clasa Work.
O. Jttc.ibkon. .\  0. j        1*. II. Kli<.|i!i»ril, Ste
; Barber Sbop
j      (food Shave or Hair Cut     3
i William Schnell, .
rsMtwoN, 0;
Hot and Cold Baths*
KHt«l«MiM>tti*0--' '
litu. H. MeCarUr. J   A. Han.j
.**...I Icfi.n» lor Imii tmi Hank olCaiikda.
Barber Sb^
For Go.i-1 I la,    nti
Het e^  Cold Bit
Notice ii hereby gfvon Ihut «ilhin
2 mnn Ihs from iln firil piiblioatlon
hereof in the Qritilli Colum
bin (iuzeite I intend lo apply to
the Hon, Chief Commissioner
of Lands and Works for a ipeoial
licence to cut and carry aivay tiin-
Imt iroin the following described
liiiiil-  Hiliiiitcdiii H'esi Kootenay
Cninincncuig nt a  pn-t planted
nt the S.  E. corner ol  Loi 711)1,
Trout Lake, West Kooienny, mar
ked "Loilie Jlill'i.South West corner po»l,''  tin nee imrtli 80 chains
ihenc (.-.isl .so rhnin-n;  tlii-tvc sou.
th SOchnini; ibence west SO chain
tn tbe point of cuiiinencnieiit
Lncali'd ihi- -I;■!. ilay  of  April,
days after date I intend to apply | CBBTIFICATKBOF^IPBOVBME.NT
to thu If..n. Chief Commissioner ofi ,,   ,     ,, ,,„ ', '!,.„ ,, ..-
Landa nnd Works for a Bpeeinl license to cut nndcarrv away timber from the following described
lands iituate in Weil Kootenay.
Ifo. 1.   Oimmenoiug ata post
plan-fed about 2 milea south of A.
UoUorraiclti pre-emption on Salmon Creek, narked "Ko, 1. John
Crofts South west corner," ihenee
cast ■*." chains; thence north SU
chains; tlience west SO chain.-;
thence eou'Ii 80 chains lo poin
Located Mny 22nd, 1H07.
.Inhn Croft,   L'H*nt*r.
"Index," "Red Cliff," "Royal
R" and '-Hidden Treasure" Mineral claims, silnale in the 'I rout
I.ake Mining Division of Went Koot
cnay District.
Where lorated l   On (iold Ciui—
cli,   (iliner Creek .
taki: NOTICE thai I,  Rrneet A
Cleveland, acting as av-nt  for;
Jninnf    Dixon,       I-', el. C. No.  IC'llKS
C. Maude Wiekemlen      Ili'.so.
and to. O. Wiekemlen „ „ BSS79,
lntend,00 day*' from the date hereof, t.
apply to Ilm .Mining Hei-ord.-r f..r Cer
llflcatn of Improvements for tbo pur-
pOM nf obtaining Crown (iranti of tin*
above claimi
And  fiirlb.-r take notice l'e'-*ctlon
under Section.')",  must be t tarn ni'e.l
^^^^^^^^zr^rz^z^^^^ l--!ici,.„., .in.nk or eu-,.. |
;">i*»i,«.,u ..NOi 2 .,; I     Hn A. |.*|.„	
.1-*.* tt tTtmir ss;'! /'"r", ""■^^^'
*.i« ii.i-'««„,tZ.,""mtl°,h"."" '■■ ' <*'».n,,,i.,i!i;
 ,li     C'lIBb    OU
cliaina;   thence south 80 chains to
point of commencement.
Located May 22nd.   1007.
John Croft,  Locator
of i.nii.l*j it   Works   for   a   special
license lo cut nnd c.-iriyuwiiy limber from thu ful lowing   describe)
lands lituateln West Kootenay
Commending nt a post planted
..... * -. i    - -
..No. «. Commonciitgnt a   post   ^"'"y^* ata post pi„*ltl„i
Plfttltcd about I mJ|a WMt rtffc  j alJBUt li miles 8oUth of  Ferguson
mnrked     A   McComiick's  Ko '8   Kftrk<'11 »• J* Cuinn.iniN. K. ,,,r
'Sitllh oast corner" il.„  * . * I "* •' P«»St,    thence mull,  on „i ...*
L'Hlie Nill.
'*"' "   W   N. Wilkie.
 niin  a    ISO,   rl.
South cast corner" ihcnce nest 80
chains;  tlience  north   80   clmins;
Ihenee east 80 cbiiins;  tbence sou
lb SO chains to point  of coiiiinenc-
Located May 22nd. I907.
A. M'Cormic.'i L"':il*J
In r post, Ihcnce south 20 clmini;
thenco west 120 chaini; thence
north 10O ebitins; ihcnce ensl 40
chains; thenee south 80 elinins;
I heni*e east 80 chaini In point of
l.ocaled May Ml hi 007.
U. J. C*ii-i:n;us,  Locator
THERE have been fortunes
made by judicious investment in ilea. Batate, nud
more A.i I lines will be made thnn
ever tho m-xt two nr three years.
The one who reaps tbo harvest II
the original   investor,  for he   has
his money on a certainty.
Now Iel ns point out to you that
there \* n-> If Uer spot nti .'lie Continent to hnv Ileal Kstate than
Trout Lake is the prettiest spot
in  the  Knotunayij as a pleasure
resort  it  ^as no eipml.     Boating
and   fishing  may be   fytdnlgod in
tho year  round; while Ml? game
in abundance is to iho fouud on
tho   hills.     Its  climate ll superb,
titore bi ins no great) extremes, it
being mild   in winter and cool in
summer,     Il CAii bo-jit of s.mie of
the finest lintels  mid residence-, in
British Columbia,    Its streets nre
well  laid out nnd graded.   There
are  two excellent general stores,
and a glance nt tho advertisements
in this journal will show that all
trades aro fairly well represented.
Write  with confidence to Agents.
R McPherson
Trout Lake, B.C.
**. *\
Lots can be
obtained on
Make your
selection at
••       ee
••       ee
Then c«U on
or  write to
IT hai never had a   ' boom "    its
giowlii hai been iliady.    It ii
the  h**ad <f navigation,   and
Ihe terminal of the   I.ardo biaarh
of the C.P.It.     All null (ia the
I-niilfau)   lead te Trout Uke.    Il
is  tho omMinial  crntre cf lh*
richest   mineral  district en   the
continent, and hai banking faeili-
liei   proflded   by    the   Iui|iiial
Hank of t'anada ; first elms ici e.l
accniiiini ilniion   under tin   ilir>e*
lion  of h. Shannon, II.A.; s good
wnli r system ; govertiinint offices ;
County Court sittings; Alrthidiit
Episcopal  ar.d Anglican churches
and (-(.tinge hospital.
There nre valuable ranch lands
on lhe oiitskii'ls awaitlliff settlers.
Its lumber rwoureei an- magnlfl
3(-nt, nud n hand snw mill with n
cnpiiciiy of 00.000 ft. per dny 's nl
t'e I end of the lake. The miuei
Dibtiiniy are proving nut bigger
producers every year, with Heir
prospects opining Up noli bodies «f
There will ho o big rush Ihis
yeur, in if you would know
more, wrllc nt once to lill-ri of
the ngeiils nt tbe nildiesscs bi low.
ft B. Wells
Ceneral Agent
Revelstoke, B. 0.


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