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Lardeau Mining Review 1906-08-23

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 J Iiim il larger circulation than '"')'
Newipapar 'n N.
Kootenay Bwtaa*
nn,,in*   medium.
Lardeau Mi
 r— _
VOL. 2
S'li.- Wipi'SsentivliVe
oi the i i.'l. L irdbau
-iiiuiry. M tit to
any add i as fnr $2
per an. in advance,
FROUT LAKE CJ7Y. B,C. .*>««._% joo6
No. •_;(.
given ilmt
Notice ih hereby    r
.I.n*   Imii. (lie   Ini   itiilili.rnll.iii   h,,_-
of   i   tlie Urltlih Columbia Gustte, I
inii'ii'l to-apiily to the llmi. I'luni C	
miiiloner pl Lands ind IVorkl for »
special li.rens.i to ,. \it nn.l (jarrv away
tu..Imr Irom  iln.   (allowing daserlbed
mi iln-
ndi HHtii*.!.-.! Ui Wfri Kootenay:
Nt. i.   Commencing si ■ iiosl i
A boot that you take no
chance with. <& We
guarantee every pair.
4] Made of French Kip
stuck throughout. ^Always keeps soft and
pliable. *•_ Made et.-
|..t i.illy fot us by Lsckie
■N Co,
—■ ■ ■- — ■■■■.  .. ■
I'ltK tn
Miners - $7.00
Loggers   $7.50
., i iiiiiiiii*.i
esst side ol II •.ley creek eta plying lot', tit* I.unit, iiu*., uli'tiil lun
null's In.in ii* im,mil. marked C. I..
Copp'i Mint I i.'ii-I i "iii.*. 11 N l,   tin 'in " s"
cbalni i.f-1, ihenea north M ebaini,
ihonce ml 811 chains, thence lontli sn
chaini, to tin nolnl of conimeni .*.n.*..i
Located .I.m. I Ith, 100*1,
,   i. ...i*. loeator,
N... 2. Commencing at a poal planted
on the east side oi Halcj Brook about
i'j null*, from III iii.iniii. marked,. i„
, ,.i*i".' norl h coi t coi hoi pool '    ihsnee
lli'-t| SO i lir.in-   Ii.ii..    r ul,I li aU.llililln
ihenee  '
<>n TiiKiioss and yrn.j.
Al   LAST.
A strike was mnde on tba Yuill
mineral olaim  last   week, which
;:'X.v:;:,,:.1:,t::;,,",'u,''''i,":'lo'\mor,'t'' p™ -■»• *•<*••« °*
the rrout l.ak" divisiou than pro-
•bu.blv nny other made for yean.
i seated Jam inii, 1006."
.    i    i"i'i', lo. |t(_
Nn ii.  <''.. netiigitnpoitphmted
on il.t-1 i iti  1* ol II, .!•■_, 'ii*' I . marked
■ ner .,
imn li oavt   corn..  ,.-..,
chlini     weH,    t).el    i   80
.■I.iiiii" I'l.ill.,  Hn 'in*,'   B0   tl. i-  .•a-t,
tinl , ■*   -"   . I .- I'll' I.   I ' It"    .    tn'   i'i
I'Ol.ill.i in r.in'lll.
Local, tl J.
Iff li - Nelson, B.C.
Soli, i is hereby given that
Mi'iiiti two iiionths from the first
publication hereol lo tin* British
Columbia Gasette, I intend tn
ipplj to tin' hon. thief t'omiiiiv
: ..f Landa and Wu.ktt Ior
■ ii-.h  u. cut and enrrv
______    '■' ■■H"'
■    i   COST, 1 * Star
No. I.   Coinmenrlneal ;i|*--t planted
on the in  • tide, ol  11 ,\
i'.', imi. •■  d .in  iii  ii,, ,'i   .:,. rked c i.
core's north-ei • poii,'   ih. ween  tvenl y
ill. I., i .-t'. i dm -
-fiitl.,  tl i eail   10 chain,    lh.
H chaini *..... i" the point "i ... nnn u
i »..t.,i .i.m. •.., tsys,
c i.  ■ rr loeator,
No. ft,   Cuiutn'-nrinual a |>>*t planted
....tl a.i i*i.l<-of llul.*v creak, about
7*| inil.*n from It'  month,   uuirki'd
Icore'i north-east oornei rost,  tl
INehains lest, il. aSOchiim -mil..
thenee HHil.ai..«nut, ibaMi 80chiloi
i.t i     point ol commencement,
uwated JnneB, 1908,
e. t.. ere, loentor.
Notice i» hereby given  that    itytj
da)'!      fro.ji       ll.i'     Km!     pul.ln Hti-.i.
hereof in tl.e Jinti-i  Columbia . ti./1-ttf
I  Intend fc, apply m tha Itoii Chiel  the immcu.**
t'tii.i ...w,',...r "I I 1.11I-.  a.nl Works  fur
a special Harass to nit and carry awa*
nml. r from il ■ following 'aiciihed
land* liiuali-d ... W MM Koolena]
N.i. I    Commencingst spost planted
on tl.e east ii-1.' ol  Tenderfoot creel
Tiie Yuill claim ii ouo of u
•.•iniii.of h*ir owned by JIn^li Eton
n;i.J George Vuill, and has been
staked since •IMI. The ofoeri
imve glvaya been firm in their
belief Unit the Silver Cup ledge
went ilin.tijli their property but
owing to the heavy wash running
ami    thirty  feet
Pu-rchasiaag Sihei
For lhe first -time in thirteen
yeiiip, the U.ntted-kUa.tiw; Government aniioiiiine.*] it* purpose to purchase silver for coinage  purpose!,
Tenders nre inv-ited at the offloi
of [the Director of tl.e Mini for
delivery nt tho Philadelphia, Nn*
■Orleans or Denver mil)th. settlement to be on the New York basis
of bullion   gaurnffloed, HIM  ftne.
Labor Day sports committee
held a meeting lint l4ghl to .arrange u program oi sport.-, -but
oiving to a visit of the Hon. Chief
Commissioner ol Leads and Works
The treasury roiertei tbe right to it could not be completed,
reject nil tenders .•) n^'.ml.t such! The limine** oomroiloo rebortod
part of any tender as mav suit its that clo..; lo $400-00 liad been
convenienee. |coileeted   and that lhe prize list
nice   he arranged on that basin.
ii in uiidnt.-i..i.d that anti.-i-
piiting ilmt its reappearance as a
purchaser might temporarily disturb the tnrirknt unduly, the treasury   ban   nlitaiiifil   considerable
The committee in charge oi the
sports agreed to have the-full list
in the hands of the printer by Friday    morning   no    that   dodgers
amounts for future delivery, sol could be sent out to the different
thut it is in a position to drop out; j,-,i,,u. Tbey intimated that one
of the market lor levoral months if Uf tha principal features, in fact
dcsirahle, Tbe average reqalr- iw,„ woul<i be a drilling contest
menu of tbe  treasury  throng 111for the miners, und log rolling and
Uwu.Wm undertaking to locate | JEX'^"^1" "?  T! Ch°PP,ing _"_S^*'   '"^   B
„,...n.i._„ ... .....jlOO.OOO ounces per w.el;,  ami  it I was also decided to close lhe day
wHi be the policy ofthe department,I with a Grand iiuJ)
while keeping a. rcasonai.l.; amount
in iiand,  goto  distribute its pur-j '	
chases  throughout   the   year thai
i'K-ati-<l June 2n, 1H0U.
c. l. imr, locator.
limbm luuu  On following
! lands   lituaU'd   in   Vt'.-l
No 1     Commencing  at  a  post 1 about SW mtlee Irom its moaib, nmpti
plsnled on the north bank of t-Touth fefj" **• '■«r'1'' r',"r' "-y,^-y ' ton -
, , l i . ■"•oiitl.-m-i.t   rorti-r i«,«l,      llmiu-e  na,.
■ lean creek, and about s,, ,.Ui„p „„.,„.„ •fcl, i|ia(,i(i uotUi
■j 11 mile above Five Mile Ullil. . lliet.ee MO diaint nr-tl. ll...uv vi chain.
Bsrksd O. W. Abrahamson's ti.E. to tmm poiet ml opmevmeemmet
■ - post, there south 80 chains I
wc.* *i r-t sQ nhaint. thence north I
thc ;■   '      .' rr.iiitnen-.nni'M.t alioat*'.' mfttt frMiHrf innutli. umrkml
i      •   . .line 21'ith, lyflh. ■ C  i   eovr's   io*alb-w_.l    .    nel  post
0   W   Al.rsha.iiMiii. I.*»tnr. , H.**mv WW-haini. aa-u   I U .l.am*-
..... .   inrlli, tli.-.i.r " • ■ f   ili,-i,i.-so
N      I   C..niin"ii.*iiig.il   ii   post  ,.hl|illi,  t„ the point ol con meal
; "ii   the    north   Lank    ..f.    i,»»*mi .Inm 3u, Una
K«rk of LaraUau mek and <■' con, loeator.
iboat 100 yarda faun 8 mile bridge     Ko I  Commencing at a imit planted
0 W Abrahamaon'inorth "I1 "'•;/■'"."••'" "' '''"'i'';'"*" • '••*
■     ,.   aUt.ii .I*. Mil.-ir..... >tf ui.Mitl.. mjrkm
erpoat,  thence  soiiih   ''i r   ,   „,,.,.,    ,„„., , ,..       ■ ...
thence   Weat    160  'Lain-.   Ihencu west HOchiim   then •  looll. 80
th   40   chains,  Ibence eliaini   thenee ..*.-' 80 du .tl .*•
^^^m      .i. _ on    i    •   • .   i    Not.   CnmmenruiL'at a I.1.I pUniiil
-  ilifUieaultfiO chaina to^ (h, wt k)1,.. „f f.^Vmli
it. Having confidence in theii
jndgmeut they itnck at it year iii
and year out and this weeks work
demonstrated thai their stick-to it
policy won out
The «trike tqade ir about 2,000
fe.-t below the Sllv. r Cup and its
Importance lies in the facl tbat it
timuonstrttus the continuity cf tbe
lead nml kLin tbe Lot tbat thu ore
goes down. It also Jeinouitnl«s
value it the ore ole*
posits iu the Bilver Cup at depth.
Where uncovered the ledge in two
fe. t wide and '-arries comiderable
-hipping ore.
Tlu! wall,  format ion and  ore  is
exactly similar to the Cup si) thut
there can !.•'■ no douVt as to It bc-
iug llie same I* dge
Hugh Huss who ha* had charge
of the work will continue and
during tlw- *n(«'tr wath- r uncover
as much as possible nf the !(dge-
it-dmu-iinl   wiil be uuiform  and
not an  element.^  vmcertaiiiiy  i..
the inm..' i
From the rcmimption <A ppee-ie
payments i_ [1879 down to IW)
the constant increase in tlie stock
of subsidiary coin was supplied by !
the re-coinage of old and unciti-
rent stil.si.lnary coins which accumulated in thc treasury un ler
the  resumption  aet.    In   I90u. ni
Houorabl.r R. F. Green, Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Work*
Atrlv&i nt Trout Lake Wednesday
night. The Hmorable gentlercao
has been to Nelson where arrang-
i tnenta have been made for the
erection of a court house which
nill iill all requirements and be
a credit to the Province.   On his
^^m__________    __b    way up he stnpn.il off at Kaslo   to
this stock wasrunning low.aiitli..r-j     * "
10  the  point ol  '"  rh^ top^tofcommeneement.
^^H i.-crM. ,| .Iniii' •Jii, Hall.
i   i  ,  ii   locatoi
So t. Commencing ..i j pool planted
mi ilm  Mi-.t  Mil-* i.i  TewJwrfootcreek,
ill-nut i1, null'.-, i'i nn ii* moiiili, marked
Notice 1| In rel.v given th.ttsixtv  thenee80 chaini east,tlieoce80chains
i iiains
nt.      ^^^^^^^^^
i J _ ui., 1*806
0 VV. Abrahamson, locator.
SEPT.   14th   1906
ity was  grunted   in lhe   Monetary
Act of March 14 to the Secra'ary ..(
the  Treasury  to   divert  bullion,
purchased under the net of Jr.ly IJ.
1830, for thc coinage of silver <lol-
j«krs to the coinage of snbr-idi.try
pieces.      Under   thia   authority,
about *r.;L0(W.000 has been coined
since 1800.     The B'ock of bullion
in the   treasury   was exhausted
more than  n year ago, and  sin/."
then no bullion has been available
for subsidiary use. i
The stock in  the treasury  bad
become so low lhat it  was apparent, according to tlu* department,] more every (jay *$rjtj|_,i, Columbia
was becoming the lodo star which
w.is attracting thc attention ol
foreign capital.
Iter date  I   Intend tu apply   """I., thenee weal su chains, thence
IO_lChiafr_mml_dn_w_fI___s  *-"° '•'"»'"■ <" I**""1"' commencement.
mu. t nieii ommisatonerw i*i.(is(   ,^CJII„1 Jnne W)|,. [tu
.md Horki for  lieriniscioti lo pur-' C. I.. Copp. locator,
//iiie the following dcscrilnd lands I    Uo. 5. Commenrinj; at a lnn-t planie-i
•iitui.il .it Trout Lak<-. West K....t   oo the east lids ol Tenderfoot creek^
rnsi Dislricl and amnmenfilnw uta abootW mills from lu mouth, ms-ke-
aj i i.i i, .aiiucjiminniciiig nt.i (   ,   o.pp's   soiii!nc**t   eorner p.»t.
l-^it inarke.l   h.   I..   Masler-oii a thanesUeksiM eait, thence 80 jebiini
N U   rorner,    thence    south   20 north, thaoaa so rhaini aeet, tbeaee
/himi,   thence   east    20    chaini   SOrliaina lo jmint nl commencement.
more or le„ l0 shore of Trout Lake !    l-**»"-* ■»«" »i '^..pp. locator.
hence northerly along lake shore     -^ ., hwb    ^u.„ tllM ,,„,
>" toutn-east corner   post  ol uot ,iaj_,     (r,„„   ti,P ' tlr*\     noolicatlon
■'           s weal  along line of 1-ot  hereof in the British Columbia Oaastte,
.   tofoommen nentoon- '   "'•,',", "•   ni'i'lv  **.  ,""', """,
,,'.,,.  ,  i,, i I'liici    ("on ill. imi ol .nr    >.f    l.amla   aim
•■£!■« ;"' ',,;r"s "• "r loM* 'I:,!, for n ipeelal licenieto cot md
I'aie.i''n,l Aug, I'.lUlV learrvimav  timber  Irom the following
B, I.. MAltKnoMi iiea.'tiiHii landiiltuaied In Weet Koot-
Notice ii hereby given that with-     (hmmenrim* at l notl fUanled op the
tt.r&.^Aftm*® r\     q   r n
tn herc.i in tha lintishioi- Ir„m ,„.rrar,i ,„,rk.-i r. i  ("'"" Lntnes Llose _>ept. I
umi.u Uaiette,  I  inixndtoapy.lv  northeMt corner posl. ihsnc* 80 <"hsins|  r	
'"'I'" hon, Chlof Commissioner .if »eet.thenoeW 'i""':,i""i"l'1,l"„"l',.n''
in,,I.    .... 1     u-     i t 11   iHuns  essl.   thenCS   **" ili.nn*>  I"   "i"
*mli   and   Works    for    sp^ial „;,„,„,„„;„„,„,„„,,,
ucensei  to out uml   carry   awny |,„.ai..,i .In,., ■■; i. i.hii
imber from the following deaori* i- <   '' < <     *'l"r
'- I linds situated in  W'c»t  Koot-
«i-iv Vol,,*,, li hereby given that listvilsyi
VI     Ct'tnuiencng   at   g po.t ^^^.^'unt ".mi
"•nteUonthe   north   Hide  nt the  w„rk„ ,„r ,„.,„„*,.,«,,, to nurrhisethe
Urdlau river, ahout one mile from  Mlnwing d. icribetl landi iltuat. i" »
lOerrard,   marked   O.    I,.   Conn's! Kootenay District   t'om nrlngatan
Thco. F. Adams-
Prei. J.W.Coi-kle.
renew old fricndshi^i and do a
little departmental business At
Trout Lake he went into several
matters requiring attention. II-
gave assurance that the projected
truil up the 'Jrcat Northern hill
I.y way of Ferguaou would be
.iiithorized, and in fact gave in-
instructions to Trail Sup't. Mc*
I'herson io go ahead wi.h the work
^imaking generally Mr. Green ex-
preesed himself as being highly.
pleased wilh the condition of af-
iairs throughout tlu; Province
both from financial as well as
industrial ilandpeints.    More and
Martin Nohon  and P. A. I.in«l- j
nun hnve ^ivupktoi the assessment'
on the Bonanza with good results.I
Th* ore showing is 15 inches suii.l
ore iu the  main  tunnel.     .-»--.■» vi-
have not been made   to kuow   yet.
w Imi this  ure  runs hut it  is lhe;
,-aiue grade as   the-Bilver Cup and
is lhe same formation.    Tlie main
I tunnel ia in  16ti feet and his a;
i depth   at   the    face    of   140 feet.
'AIkuiI.i  carload of o-pe has he*n '
taken    out,     Tbe   greai *_-_  of \
I this property w t  trail to Gerrard
which would allow the handling ol
jit*   product  much cheaper  than
I by   the  trail    over    the   summit.
|This we  believe will   be  built,   if
not this season, early  next spring,1
Percy Mi George, M. E. who has
been making a tlwrough  eiawiu-(
ation al the  Lucky   lioy property
ou   behalf  of   tbe .eastern   owners
during the   pa-t   two  weeks,   wn-
interview**]    by    a    " H 'vie« "
representutitve    to-day.       Mr M«-
Georgn   Htot-od   thnt  he (MM  Ril
well pleased with the propertyand
had reccomended a plan of dcvel-
o|K«ent.    Before  proeecding however with nny   extensive work   thej
ground will .reouirt* soma   further]
Speakirg   <f
L«ckie Booos
in- i,..i.i.*iil'.ii lured for men
wIk. r*ei|.iicv hoots f'jr service
and SWUgli i.mi-tumble hoys
whose | irctrl ; lii.tl it alrooal
i inp>'.- --,; I'* 1" keep thej-i feet
(•ovnit-tr. TL. y ire all No. 1
leather, l.on.-^lr made, wij
will give iiiiin • •■ nartiifaotaaH.
ThousuuJ** Hrhe hure won
thnn «*)' that I'..'")' am icliif.-t
Ask your dealer to show
tiicni to you. If he should
not have, them lend his name
J. Leckie Co,
•*Leckie Boots"
Local and General.
Mi.-- lnobel lieii.i. i-i.li of (Irant
t Forks, wii(» recently had charge of
1 th. school at Ferguson, is visiting
' Mrs S ShaBBoti.
i vear   White,   manager   .if  the
^^ :l.c district as a j WooftB star m-,i.<- at Snixlon. was
whole, he wai sorry   lo see .-o little a visitor during the weet.
dtvilopiuirat   work done  iu a eoun-
JuJg« Mil'.or came up from Nel*
s*on last   Frlilaf to look a.'t *r his
'try    which   had   such    oinguificent
: shojviugs.    De. ex|*reB«*d    l.in.ielf
liere.     .' 4dge
si; beingsatii-tletl itut with syatem*
stlc work   the c.untry  would inl, ..   . _______________________________________________________
ilia-  ciHireiv    re-covertd  lr/m\  the
a short  time  hc able to enlist the uttacj. (4 t(rphoid   whieh ka  hini
capital it must  have to become a ,loir ,Mt  ,,,ring and  is n„w busily
i r.,iln,'in* iliclr.tr. I '       •
engaged in   pushing  tl.e  interests
of Trout   l.nke distwt oi.* the outside.
that tlm demands of constantly en
Urging trade could not be met
without additional coinage,    The
Secreh ry of  the  Treasury   was in
doubt  whether    existing    statutes
authorized him lo buy bullion  tor
this purpose, and  in.ieovcr war- ui
the opinion that it would be a bet-
.„.  „ it.. .« ~__i . .„   ........     .   : fruit  grower, residing near   Trout
ter  policy to meet t.io  future  de-| " r
mands for subsidiary ooin  by  the
ir.idii.'it.g dutr.ct.
The      great      need      hoaever I
wai       thu       opening      up      of]
some ..'the  large deposits of low   ,^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_
grade ore wbian would necessitate      .it        . iT'. ■     .    ,
,   ,      . ... J-*-   Langstaff  foriuerlv ul   the
ami  le  the   means   if  bringing  x     . ,   ,   z. .     .
■ i luut La»e Topic is now in ufearg*
. hea per   transportation and   treat*.   . ,,     .  ,      ... ,       „.      . ,
'. ' .  of the Ashcroft Journal,     Wa wish
inent in   tl,-   v.a*,*   tramways audi.   ■    ,, .    ..
Jack a.l success in his new venture
reduction works.
We take pleasure iu annuoricing
the mnr.-iage of Miss Clark, a well
known lady of Ci-.mnorne, and Mr.
John    Pullman,    the     successful
rccoinnge of silver dollars in the
treasury, and so recconiend***d to
Congtoss, Congress. however
having failed to act upon his re-
Commendation, Secretary Shaw re.
quested an opinion from lhe
Attorney-General ns to his authority to purchase bullion for this
purpose under existing law, and
recieved a inv,.ml.In reply, b.ir-cl
■ ni r-ecti.iu 'dbld ui lhe rovisedl
Lake. The happy event is to
lake place ut the residence of Miss
t'lark in about two weeks. Their
friends, who are legion, wish them
all the good luck and happiness
it is possible lo atiain.
We understand thc organization
of the company which has bonded
lhe Broadview has been complet.
ed and all arangtnents made f.n
the opening up work hy the first
..f Sep terober.
A nice strike of ore whi. ms.le
during the week on the Alpine
fraction which ia owned by tbe
I. X. I. Mining Company.
Matters are beginning to work
smoolhiy at the Hig tunnel nnd the
contractor!arc shoving the work ou
in cood shape.
School opens neat Monday morning. It is hoped that a full attend*
ance will he in evidence at the
Mrs. Ilaner and Charlie*dame up
from Lumb-eropolis on Monday
night to visit old friends.
Jack Stauber returned  Monday
night   from  a    prospecting   trip
along the  Lardeau    rivtr   below j
Gerard.      Ile    linked    a    claim
about it  mile from   the foot of the
Lake with some good ore  showing
The Record office grounds are
being improved by having a fence
put up. We would lUggeat the same
procecdtire with the school house
BO chaina, theno      	
'nance   weal   so   chains,  theno*
florin 40 chaina to point o! oom*|mai
""_'* • ment.
located July int!,, j90tt.
C. I. t'oi*i', Locator
fool fl iho
w.*.i corner posl thence ,,t ^jWaiu*-
e south 40 chnins,  mrr .,,,.„,, ,„„. i,..ll mile west nl Ir
s'*'\ dnys alter dati. 1 Inland to
"'I'lv I., ihe  hon.  Ohiaf Commis-,
"n,"'r of  Lands  and   Works  for
permission t0 pnrc|,aHP .no follnn- '
>nR deiorlbed   lands   situate   In
»»l«a Hay, l!,)|a(.r  Arrow   j.nk,.,
*>• Konicnny district,   fiomfneno-
g«ata post marked T. Wation'i
«.«. comer post, thenco north 20,
JMitu,   thcnci   writ   40   chains,'
wjnea louth twentyobalns, thonce
««i torty chains to point of com*'
"•"oeinenl ,nij containing eighty
*•««* more qc 1PM,
Int.   io i FlUNK   L, 1'Al.DON.
Ju'.v 18th, 1000.
bridge acrnM said rivei K Popln »n«j
led •■ li'li.t'l.i n-i" norlh*weii
coiner post," theno south 20 eliaini,
Ihonce out  100 chains, Ihonce north
Wehaini.tl owssl ItWchaini^to Oie
point ol com  .•..""•■ contslningwu
UCH'. Illurn ill  loi i
Dated 88th June, IBM
Julv r.-iii.
|;|l'l||\  UOOOI
■-et. us figure
On Your
£. A. Haggen.
stock Sliati- ind 1 min, ml Broker
HchI 1'il.ite stnl liinif.iii.n.
lire, Life, Accident, llenltl.,
Quaraatss nn.l Kmployen
Lliblllty iii-'imiin*
Sole raaresentatlve lor Non.
Conihiue ln>.ur..ii.'e t'l.iiii.iii.l.s in
Trout Luke, Icriusmi. (teuton
> ind (,'iiiiili.irns.
|   Correisoiideucfl pruinptly
t nltmiilid Id-
Labor Day
Log Rolling
Caledonia Sport*
Horse Racing
Drilling Contest
For further particulars sea future announcements.
i    lhe   Ferguson   road   baa   been
  I vastly improved   this   seaeon   by
The Silver Cup people hnve been  read sup't.  McPherson.   In  many
picking up nil the available miner-  place! the grades have been  lower-
around Trout Lake ibis week. ,«d elm now bridges  put in. It is
no* a | learura lo tnk.* a drive to
—————                           .thepav ro 11 cent. r.
The rich find of quartz on Scntti 	
creek, whloh waa made by Stanley]    *.   Q, Fraaer had Mime spies
Uemhlnnlck two weeks ago la tarn* Kn« In from Ileal, n which f. raze
ing ont even better than wnn an- «n,| flaforbeata anything we hav
ticipated.    He hai  stripped tn-* laated alnae we left our neighiorl
lead for aboul 100 fcrt nnd free orchards in old Ontario
gold il  vlslple  fnr  that distance.' 	
A Inrge  ipecltnen    if   the .piarli      Excavalinn i« in progress at tha
weighing gbnul  125 Iba has been  Eva mill for the foundation ol the
brought to town, nnd gold lien in compressor that ia to be installed,
streaks all over  Its surface,    The ' and iiinl<eri :.rc  being  tsken  out
specimen  u undoubtedly thc be-it  for tin -.ini'.    The oooipmsof  is
yel secured   in  thii csinp and is ol   the     dircjt*connectcd     type,
attracting  considerable  attention., driven     by    a     13-foot      water
it has been placed on exhibition in  wheel  which   will    he capable of
the Hotel Criterion.   Tho find Las'working op to   350   horse  power
stimulated    prospecting     in    the with tho head ol  water  available.
, Scott creek   region, isveral of the The   compressor when    completo
old timers of   the   camp   having will be of lo .hill cap city, but on-
Igone there in  search  of the pre- ly ouo aide of the  machine will Iw
chin- m. till.    It is likely that fnr-. instiille.l St this time, the hulnnco
! ther rich discoveries will he mads will bu added as soon as thc  mine
'lithor in thc Sett  crick district j is in ihnpc to keep the  full  on-
pleiiitiit of drills   at work.    The
I'omprviaOr Is  to  be shipped   ihis
I or in the Isaac creek section which
;is on the other side ol lhe divide.
Mrs J.>w. it  Ims ii   crew   i.f men
doing sume   development on  the
(1 mul I, and   Atnlil mi .ight mile
summit.   Will give a lull rep..it of
work qii their return to tywn.
month and will Ik* rushed throusii
so that it may be iel up before thu
snow fall*.
Mr Really ol Vancouver it*' ItX k«
Ing over properties in wdioh he ia
Interested iu up Uaioer Vftsk. LARDEAU MINING REVIEW, TROUT LAKE CITY, B.C.
Ridsr Higfltrd'i Prediction of When
tha Fintl Cltsh Betwten tho Zulus
and tho Natal Coloniala Will Com*.
—Tha Danjar of tho Raoo Struggls
—Tha Bltckt Ana Consolidating—
Indirool Influonoo of tho White Man.
In tha interest of paaci it In to be
hoped thnt tha reported death ot Bam-
buata, tho Zulu outlaw ohlef, is true,
■ays a writer In Tho Mall and Empire.
Tho revolt In Natal la likely to be bu|'-
1'i'tit-iii'.I unltss lOmi ferocloui Ellshn
la found to don tha r»d mantll of re*
bolll m. Ever ilnoa It waa ronllineil that
■erlOUl flglitlni war. to be done, tin)
tucostsot of the ltiliit.li troopi have
been unbrokun. Time after Uino ilia
•_ 111u9 have been defeated nn.l driven
out. It now a|*pirar*( lhal lu thi last
baitie the chief received wounds that
hav* proved fatal.
Rider   Haggard's   Pradiotion.
Dut thoaa who know tba H ulh Af-
rloan puoplos berl aru mosl peeilmlltle
oonoernlns the blank peril, Tiny are
firm In the belief thai sooner nr later
th. re will ba a great war In South Af-
rl. a.    In   li' id ■   • .nni .linl   II. I
While Kllthbore," ltidcr Ha-jnanl
ii rati theae Wi.rda:
"Il la obvlou*. lhat. so.ner or Inter,
theaa two ract a (I.e., the Na'.al coloniala nnd the Zulus) must come Into
contact, the question bonis how Ions
tho prmt.lt cnltn will laat. To thia
quei.tl.in I venture to suggest an an
■wer—4 believe a rl|ht one. ll will
i.i-i until the native i«u »o oramptd
tur room that be haa no plaol left to
aottle on excopt the white man's
The Danger of a Raoo Struggle.
This opinion waa liven 20 yoara aa;,),
and. In an Interview llnot the pmaent
NVOlt broke out, he aayn: "To-day thi
itate of am-.lta which I foresaw seems
to be at hand, and tin.* solution of the
problem la one that muat CSUII anxiety
not only to Natal an.l South Afrlcu,
but to the Imperial power, whose force may be called upon to determine
what mlaht become a very dreadful
war. If once their blood la up. the
Zulua, whether of Natal or of Zulu-
land, aro not a foe whom It la possible
t , dasplae. Moreover, once beiuii,
luoh a atrugs'e would very poaalbly
bf .u.e a raoe itruiile, and blaze
Scroti Htulli Africa like a iraea Are
over Ite veldt and hllla."
The Blecka Conaolldating.
Another authority who b.llevea a
ireat eirussle to te lmprnJIng d<-
clarea that hitherto the greatest eafe-
suard of the whites bss b.«n the Innate and Inipln - - :«> and hatred of thc various tribes, which have
made a serious sonblnatl n lmposa*>l.le.
Of late, however, the blacks have come
to understand each other better by
ivorklu*,- aide I.y aide un the railway!
and mluoa. The eplrlt o! tonolllatlon
and conaolidatl ,n haa bum isaloualy
proached by the ntlaslonarlts, tpptr-
ently blind te the danger of their doo-
trlnes when held by :he narrow minds
of thotr disciples Some missionaries
havti done Inefttb.e mleohlcf In pro-
n. ttlng the d lolrtnt ..f "Africa f'ir Africans " Taking advantage of their religious calling which remlere them
praoiloally Inununn from Interforvnoo
by the authorities, they hive Introduo-
ed a political aspect Inl i tbelr movement, and have frequently fired the
ambitious yearn nr* of the Untutored
aavage by telling lilm that beyond the
great wat. is. When they came fr rn,
la a country when all men, whlta ur
blaok, poaaeee etiual privileges.
Qermeny's Black War.
Tha wrltar who take- thia view continues
"Unrest has been  Ir. rstood   by   tli-
pathetloally   futile  . rr  i ,     r   the  Qer-
maii ilnernmcnt to pul  Vrun tbe 11.
rero rebellion  In    .lir.nan    Bout
Afrloa   There f"r two mnl a half fears
a email and iaslgi.in.iiit tribe of Hot
tenlota ami Hiinii, poorly armed, ind
looked upon win. by the Ban
tu tribea have su SMifully defled the
Kaiser's mailed 1st and fought an aa-
t nl.ii.ugly tuoriisfu! campaign. In
whl, h reverSM to 'He Itnntn troops
havi ^ ^«i.ed m.h a m in r iBOttl r-*gu-
larlty. Afier the expenditure of $150.-
100.000. tl.e eaorin e of 7,000 lives, and
the cons'.ant arrival of r.-inforceiiients
to augment   '.!,« _    army   In
the n.:i. the end Is yel as far fl ira
eight .is It wat two yours ago. The
Her*. ■>. nghtlng with v lotaly
unaxpeoted, Is far from h»lns discouraged, and quite r. atly their chief.
Marengo, sent t :.   >■   t ".he mlgl.ty
g* i   .al of the great I in  re
ply  m a deinan - . ler.  saying
that the war had Just begun, tnd lhat
he had better laki the German troope
home If It did not with them hurt."
Bi«utes and Zu ue.
If   the   despised    II    ttntol    Ji inl.
can iiim defy th» moil highly-trained
'.  t«  'lie
elteol of a combination of forcct be-
, ion l  I. itutot    tni
the  Zulu   II, ne?    It   la  nor *
' I  WhltSS  1 me   Lettet.
tli.   BatUtO   ciiUf.   tni   DlnlSttlU,   head
,  friendly c tnmunl...
SOlonlalg now  freely  blame
•   trnmeni ii having 1.1
Wil a fi .in
Ht    Hit. HI,   a .. n a  !..   I.a l  b««n  bjn-
•     I'lilUn-
■1      rr..
IS   the  lilni  to his
a and, though he haa taken ...
trouble, it it felt
that he meant n- good    K>* „ imi it is
I'lnliulu    lm   n
"'    ii igwd 1. imb lata with a vim  ol
testing   the  Strength   of   (ha     Ki,K,i,|,.
Seven   Ctmptigne   In   a   Generation.
I.   ler   HaggnM   IS   nf   ol'llllon   lhal   a'
I ■ !> like ami i. tpeel II,«
Kngiiah, bul linl. and fear in. B II
Who   deals   wiih   ii...in   amagily   uficr
tinir savage nature    Notwuhetandlog
lh.* IUp| Md liking. || mull bo rem, m-
1   '   i   thai   In   Ittl   ii.iii   )0   y»nrs   the
i i inua fought ii m in,
campaigns pgain.t thi blacks not in-
cludlim ih« Bembaata an ] many small-
**r ' l«l * The Situation la "ne of
gravity, Irraopectl-re of the fate of
> it-ia't. To th« whiles, at lo tht
lion tamer, the.a la i.ui danger.
I rn-rpMir),
'l'l..*- suburban hngbsnd i.n.l shut the
fOI   t.rr,,*,   Intldl    Iln    gate   mil,  ,,,,,.
"••I iferted down lhe itreel with i last
wm" ot Mi brand «■•* psnaras r..r lit
Ms ».lev standing to n„. doorway,
when be frui happened to think
D)  Um 'i i.i. ii. si     bs rallsd, "if
l.v any mlsfortUM I CSD'I fH  home to
dinner I'll send out a nots by tin* bss
• ■ ner mnl"
"It's    quits   imripi i-sanrv.   dearest,"
wtfey snswersd sweetly   *Vte already
found that nots la | mir mm po. kct ••
Philadelphia Udgfr.
rt la all Ideal Place nml Worlli Mlrlv.
lull   For.
There are more strong limbed, clear
beaded, brave hearted people living ou
Easy street tiiiin anywhere else in this
in'oiiii land, nn.. iiicir prims condition
is the natural consequence of living
there, for. although you may not have
thought of it. there la n cloie relation*
,-iiii> existing between good health nnd
the coniclouineii of getting on well in
life. Vuu can see Ihis for yourself If
you will note liow n strong man droops,
liko u frost nipped flower, who by some
mistake loses Ills position, Ills possessions or the esteem of his fellows, one
or nil. Shylock made n bard bargain
with n tiorrower, unit In Ills effort to
foreclose the bond lost Ills cash nml
won the contempt and scorn of nil men.
Mental dliturbince followed, Including
physical in being, and, staggering away
from the Judge's bench and clutching
nt the air, lie cried, "I nm not well!"
itut you need not ko buck so fnr to get
nn  lllnstriith.il.
And on the other hand you can see
hy observing for yourself how ths gain,
or even the anticipated gain, nf a homo
on Easy street will make n sl.k mnn
well, quicken dying hopes Into life nnd
chnnge the water of sorrow Into the
wine of Joy. Recent literature has reminded ns how u happy turn lu the
tide of the nffnlrs of .loslali WedgWOOd,
afterward to become tha world's great
pioneer pottery artist nnd Inventor,
raised him from nn Invalid's couch and
started him upon the road to utHiienee
mid distinction among England's industrial princes. Similarly Mary Woll-
itonecraft, nftorwnrd the mother of the
poet Shelley's wife, III from neglect nnd
diicouraged by bardahlpa, was, by the
success of her modest ventures In literature, heartened to undertake her
great life work, which soon yielded her
n handsome royalty.
Itend the story of Angelina, who
lives on Kast street and lias no desire
to move and lose her clear bondedness
and her health. She was engaged to
he married to Allan. He was a clerk
receiving f 12 per week, nnd she earned
$S5 a month teaching school. After a
few yenrs Angelina explained her continued splnsterhood by saying that she
had given Allan time to develop Into
n larger money getter, nnd he had not
done It, so slio decided against the nd-
vlsnhllity of exchanging an JS.'i a
month position for n $,"n a month husband. It Is unite true that when poverty conies In at the door love tiles out
of the window, but It Is not because
(lie Angelinas nre without sentiment
It Is because love cannot feed on Incompetency nnd thrives best on Easy
So the Importance of everything that
will aid any one to get on In the world
Is established on a sure foundation—
the testimony of facts. We do not exalt mere money getting above those
qualities of head and heart which
make llfo worth living, but rattier em-
phaslro the honorable geiting of It as
a eonserver of them. And hence tbe
wisdom of living on Easy street
  i;.«(i-i,   and   Cottonseed   .lleale,   With
SllRgre.   I'i>5   nud   Stuver.
lords discuss armament vi-J   Frotu «perta9nt ^d investigation
arbitration. |nt0 dairy cow rations the Virginia ox*
1 pertinent station advances tha follow-
Opiniona   of   Three   British   Premiort,   lug conclusions:
Lord   Beacon.fi.ld,   Lord   l....uu.yl    The basis of the roughness In ..  r,.-
tlou for dairy cows when grass Is not
• nd    Sir    Henry   C.mpboll-Banner-    av|,llal),e sllouM ll0 |Uage.    lUVestlgil-
man — Huge Sume Involved — Tht   tlous show  cleiirly that better results
Ni:i:iis COOLING
Proportion     Between     Naviea     Unchanged—Growth   of  Arbitration,
In  the  Dililih  House  nf   Lords   lhe
will follow, however. If some dry
roughness Is fed along with the silage.
This roughness may consist of one of
threo classes of foodstuffs—those rich
The   nr. hi.I    I  nii.tl..
There seems to be a general misconception ns to Just what an orchid Is.
Many call any plant which grows on s
tree or bus some peculiar feature an
orchid. This mistake is frequently
made with tl.e pitcher plants und the
"tall flowers." The unit ing in one organ, called the column, of the stamens
and pistils serves to distinguish the
orchid family from all related ones.
The orchid family embraces 0,0(10 or
I-*-, i.f whit h comparatively
few nre found in the warm temperate
aud almost none in the cold temperate
rones, 'ihey inn mostly distributed In
the tropical regions, In hot, humid
places. Orchitis, however, do not Invariably prefer humid conditions. Nearly
all tropical orchids grow ou trees, but
ln temperate regions they grow ia
earth.—Youth's Companion.
I u.i  il.,,   I.IU, I,,,., imhrrlla.
The tourist sto*: i it the little cabin
where ao old colored mammy wsl
lien.ling over a big tub,
"Good morning, mammy," greeted tho
"Miiwnln', sail." responded mammy.
"U here's your son SninV"
"«l"iie, mi ti; I (J.n.no wheh."
"Well, he always was a bad boy,
'"Heed he was, sab. He wns dess
Ink ilet ole blue IfflbreUs Ah Ins' In
rtc thunders!..Inn. lie was hnhd to
Kiss, powahful bshd tO r.ilsn, an' afteb
Ah did raise blm be J.'s' Jumped away
fum me, nu' Ah ain't semi him since."
"Ves," snld tin* old mathematician,
with * gieiim iii i - eyas, lie always
looked nt it that way. Marriage is,audi',"ti. -Ainu ilm iitti" .,',, i coma It'a
multiplication, when d looms
Up to ClOUd  the  l.iil./'.ll  of their llllppl-
ii"-s it's division snd when the iinal
parting comet It's subtraction."
"And how nlxiut dlVOTCef asked the
"Oh, I guess that would come under
the denomination Of fractious."
A  Rare   Article   I nil red.
A little girl not long ago displayed a
hit of feather bla. k. ns It happened—
to a caller nt the bOUM, This man
looked Impressed nnd Inquired gravely,
"What is that Nelly, iiii angaTa wlngf"
Tbe child slowly sln.nk Inr head,    "(lh,
no," sin* answered st once, "Angels'
feathers are white, and I think they
are yery tn.r.e"
Johnny-Win.|s sllanco, I'r-JIdyT
I'm.lily- It's whnt you don't bear when
you listen- Kansas City Independent
Jed ot dlni.rniiimeiif. Su far as practical pontine la ooncerned the question
le one of reducing or limiting expenditure on ui'inli-a and navies, nml hat
trudllloi.al oharnia for a Liberal QoV-
n iiniiiir The launching of the Dreadnought  und   the   order  of   the     United
other day there wus u moat Important in protein, such as t[ie vurlous legumln-
and Interesting discussion on  the sub-   oug tinya provide; those high In price
liko timothy hay. and thoia low In
price  but  of  fair  feeding  value,  UUo
corn stover, straw from cereals, etc.
•lh,,,,ili,   liny  Not  Raarnllal.
Large amounts of timothy bay nro
ordinarily fed to dairy cows under the
Stales iiovi iiiiiif.it for the oonttruotlon mistaken notion that It Is u rich, iiour-
of a still larger vestal are recent events. Jablng roughness which cannot be ro*
that seem ut variance with the ploul placed by corn stover, silage or other
aspirations ln iho II,.use of Lords, ,.h i-yproduets grown on the farm.
Ntverthole,., they may well have ,ug* | -^ (,xl„,,.|im,ll(s indicate that corn
g.tt.d  them,  Mr  they   tend   to   hI...w | can be used to replace ti.„,.tl,y
the absolute waste of much or the huso   """-'*-"" ' •
tum. that are annually expended on ^ With excellent results and with
ehlps ind a..nn.nent. A veesel that It '-'.msldeniblo saving In tin. food cost or
the wonder .if ihe world to-day may be the ration. Timothy liny If grown In
surpassed to morrow, un.l "f not nun*!, a rotation could l.e sold and n.l.l on-
more value than a last year's straw hat, sldornhly to tho revenue "f the farm
Intrinsically ll may be us good aa evi r, without permanently decreasing tbo
but in .•'iniiiiiUon with lis newer rivals (WH\ supply of the soil. The reillia-
ll makes a sony showing j „„„ of qj, flll.t „_,.„„„ ,m,,h to dairy
Thrw Premiers' Opinions. | interests,   for In   mnny  sections  dairy
Lord  Avebury.   In   raising  Ihe  que*- j Industries   nro   now    languishing   be-
Hon,  quoied   the   opinions  of  iho   late   ,.„,,„„ lt (H believed that hay ami grass
Win ii.. It ...ui restore the e rculsttaji
assist iiiiiiiin te repair strnlncd, rupture.! ligaments mores... —' ."3 '"•';
Firing.  N.i blister, nn l.alr |one,ana
yea cm uio Uu* I, i -   I   '"I"' "r"110.
Ii.iii' red,   li,. k J-i I i **■
aiisomiiinii, jn., fi i ii mklnd, II i«
belli... Ourei si..* .1 foro Llfi unenia
i*"«e   V.ins,   Vnrlrocele,  linl I".'  ';'
.1 MlaiHlauud I leers.   Allm*. ptin .l.llirklv
.Young,  P.D.F.,  137   Monmouth St.
Springfield, Mass.
A,- i-.: LyminSoui 8 I "*. Bontrssl
Marquti of Seiisiiury, nnd Lord  Bet
consfleld.  The former. In one of hly last
tpoeclies, said  the one hepe we had ot
preventing  the   competition   In     trnia- :
• effort trates,   provides  a   satisfactory   i
an. essential to tbs development of tbe
dairy business.   Bllage, however, with
shreildud  stover nn.l  suitable coiiccu*
ments "frotn ending In n tirrlbl
of muiual desuuctlon, which would bn
fttal to Christian civilisation, Is thnt
the powers may gradually be brought
to act togr-iiier in a friendly spirit mi
all questions ot difference which may
arise, till at last they shall ba wedded
In seine International constitution
whloh shall give to the world, as a result of their great tirength, o long spell
of unfettered und prosperous Ira,!-- in 1
continued   peace."      Lord   ■   ■       :.afield.
economical ration for dairy cows.
Rich Meal.
As cottonseed meal when pure contains n larger percentage of digestible
protein than gluten meal nn.l Is much
richer ln fertilizing constituents nud
can be fed with equal satisfaction for
the production of milk and butter. It
should bo utilized in the place of the
latter ln view of the results obtained
according to Sir Spenc.r Walpole. "saw from this experiment,
more  clearly   than   almost   any     other The results,  together with other ln-
leudlng statesman that the strength if vestlgatlon made by us, lead us to Lethe country lay not ln increased anna* ||pve ,_mt n fn|r |„1S'|S 0f comparing tho
__tH.b*^f?.l^___,?-L,_**,"_c_,!__1  merits of two concentrates would i.o
tho relative amounts of digestible protein contained.    This  experiment cer- |
that If theso resources *A«ie s-juan,it*r-
td In Hun) Of peace they would not be
available ln war."
Sir Henry Campbell-Bannermaa said   talnly Indlcntes that when gluten meal
In a epetch delivered last December,
"that, aa the policy of huge armaments
feeda the belief that force is the best,
and cottonseed meal are fed on this
basis, the results nro virtually tho
same.   Cottonseed  men]  when pure is
If not the only, solution of International| the richest concentrate tbe farmer enn
purchase and as it can generally I.o
bought nt the same or lower cost than
gluten meal, It Is relatively tho
Wheat   limn.
Wheat  bran,  which   Is  so generally
utilized ns the basis of n dairy ration,
Is an  excellent  foodstuff,  containing
only 12 per cent of protein or less than
differences, lt becomes out of the high
est   tasks   of   the   alalesman   to   adjust
armaments to  the  new    and    happier
Huge Surma Involved.
Ia the course of hit address Lord
Avebury gave some elaiisties of tht
amounti spent ■ n armament by the
great powers. He taid lhat In the lasl
ttn   years   Hiliuln   had   Increased   n.i
tlonal and local expendlturt by about one-third the Smount contained In
■eiJCt.OOO.OOO. population has Increased cottonseed menl. As wheat bran costs
10 per otnt., Indebt.-dnesi 21 per c. nt., I about the same ns cottonseed meal |."r
end national expenditure !0 per cent, ton, three times ns mil. h Is paid In one
Evidently, therefore, the position wat Instance for a pound of protein as In
mott serious and the mniter urgent i yje other.
Ten  ytart tgo navai and  military tx- '
penditurt wat C 35.600,Ouo, last yetr It
wat CS6.270.OOO. It waa nften said that
this en Tinnus Increase had been forced on ut by the Increases in the armaments of foreign powers. Tht fact
wat   that  In   tlie   last   ten   years   Iraly
Care of the  (ham.
8ome dairymen put cold water Into
tho   churn   after   cleanaing,   letting   it
remain there.   This is u bad practice,
as ii very unpleasant odor will be de-
had   Increased   her   naval   and   military velnped In a day or two. especially If
expenditure by   £1.500.009,   France   by the weather Is warm,    After SClldtng
£6.000,000, and Oer.nany by £8.700,000, the churn preparatory to using It. rinse
at compared with our Increase of £30,- well  with cold   water.     If  tbis  Is not
000.000.   The time eeeuied very iultable done   the   butter   will   probably   stick
for a>me tuch action at wat Indicated to tho churn and a woody flavor will
In  th.  Prims  Minlater'a  speech.    Rus. he Imparted to the butter.
tia  required  rest   lo  recover  from  the
ruinous lotset of tht last war.   France
Dairy Talk of Today
was friendly;   Italy, cenalnly.  wat nol
f ir  war;    Austria,   to   hor h nor,   had
long   boen   an    lnfluanct   mtklng   f„r
peace,   and   til   the   great    commercial
cltlee   of  Germany   knew,   at   we   did,'     One of the dairy experts hns stated
lhat peace wa» mott Important for each   his Mlef that If half the cows In New
of   us       The anxiety   and   uncertainty   york stntl. w„r„ *,,„,„„, out „r CIl9t.
eine and the fo.nl  now given to tl.e
created  necesttrily tended  to paralyzt
mduttry and  drive manufactures   Into .
more   peaceful   regions        Th.   foiled ,""" ml,"'"'r f'"' '" "'" remaining half
Siat.s  had a population  of   90,000.000 the milk yield w.uild not be diminished,
and Europe a population of about ISO,* lollinu Crop flotation.
000.000, ton.a four timet an great, and In   a   soiling   crop   mlutlou  reconi-
the area was about the same.  Dut the mended by the l.'nlverslty of Wlscon-
upendlture   of   Eur pe   on   arm.une.nts B|n for thut state, OOCUrS t'llo following:
was over £ •(•50.000.0..0 ami thut of the n,,,,,., Rown M„v o,*
foiled Stales £ 10.U..0,000. while the
number of men under aunt was about
t.000,000 In Europe, nguln-t 100,000 tn
the l.'nltel Stales. It wat obvious
that Euro],.an manufacturers were
heavily handicapped at agalntt thorn
of  th.  fulled  States"
Tht   Proportion   Unchanged,
Tht   Ittl  point   was   well   ttken.   but
L rd   Avtbury   might   well    have    remarked  that (iemiany,  «Uh  a  t,
disability of conception,   which    tuk.a
the   life   of   .vary
Kllnt cum, sown Muy 30.
Sorghum, sown June 1.
Evergreen sweet corn, .May 31.
Rape, July 2n.
The time of cutting each crop comes
on In succession following the rotation.
Thr ImllTlilaal.
A close study of Individuals will I*
the means of Increasing tho prollts lu
every herd.
I am.mi. Fnr Vltalltr-
The  nolsteln I-'rleslan   tows  are fu
ll, rat   yeare   from
able-t-odled man   la vei f.„_
..ui... .na-m manjr important lines it mous for their vitality, and they put
the grtatett manufacturing country   In vitality Into oil their products, whether
lhe  world.    He  went  on  io emphasise It he milk or cream or cheese or meat
point In the .   niliiiial s#:ug- or calves, adlrins the Register of tbat
r ■   tur greater aim.es and  inm,   |
trful     vessels,     The     proportionate
strength of navln. remained about the
tame,  whether Britain's naval    power
aere ettlniated at MOo.uOO IOUS,
France's at 780 ooo tont. nnd Germany's
at 760,000 tont. or whether all tbs i■>•-
pbers wer. siruck out.   a  p rtentous,
even a wicked, waste was his charm -
Th. Whlfewaah  Sprar.
The stable should Inr whitewashed
shout this time ..f the year, and It pnys
to rig up a spray pump to do the work
..ritnlns   I'll   With   th.    Ilti.lt.....
It is absolutely necessary for s man
Urliatlon of thlt oontest. Misery unl with limited capital to l.r.-wl up s pedigreed dairy herd slowly and also much
safer for the mini with monnt and little knowledge of the tlllSlnSM Iu both
ensee then Is opportunity to become
fnmlllnr with tbs breed and thc Indl-
Thr- man who Is Irving to keep his
head above water realizes tlmt a float*
Ing debt It a poor life preaarvar.
A Kentnh Garden City.
The   British   Hui.In   Cllles,   Limited,
have selected lh" Wlgmore •• late, near
Chatham, to lay out u ■ garden city.
" '"'   I".'1"'    build ngl   RJ ..uprise'
* " h" :  a i loin, and a village halt
Baoh tense iilil   hav..   „   |,,_-„,.   K.,,,l,ii,
and the city  win hav,. Ita public park.,
Orsftlng Wax.
A grafting  win   used  nt  tho  Maine
experiment station Is composed of one-
half pound isw linseed oil. one pound
beeswax, four  pounds   resin.   Welt  to- i
lather aud pull Uke candy
revolutions he predicted  unless   tome
thing   were   done   to   limit    Uio    turns
spent ln annaon nl.
Tht Growth of Arbitration.
Tht Bishop of Itlpon feared  lhat  f r
iht  present disarmament   wus  out   ef  vldtiul characteristics.   It Is better to
the   question,   but   l.e   dwell   uj.'-.i   Ihs   grow up In anv Hue of nnlinsl breeding
development ol'arbitration,   rrom 1110 than to Jump into It   It. s. Shaw.
to  1130  only  three  disputes  were  thus _.
settled,   but  from  nso   to  1||0    there      .,„,," '    "r Urow" ,wl"*
«ere tl.   nu hope was lhat  the gnat        "le Jen*J*    tha  Hrown Swiss are
nation! might Inaugurate some league •ortlniaa  called   becauae they very
of i" a.*e, bul Lord Banderson, who foi- "iinh resemble the Jersey breed; only
lowed,  ahowed  that   The  Hague   .'..n- they are larger, rounder ln build und
fsrenes of una had failed to discover very much heavier,  flood results have
any formula fair to all natl mi    More- been   Claimed   from    crossing   Brown
over, there was no tribunal thai  sou  I Swiss  on   delicate   strains  of   milking
enforce  Itt   decisions   against    natlu.lt i......     i-,„    ,,            _    ,                  .
war would b.  naoMsat-y   to  , *       .
war, an absurd conclusion. The *■ old
rauat be aalltfled wiih alow ad van,tea
Feaee wae a slant that grew by de>
At the Hague.
Lord Fittmaurlee, ep, nklng for the
Government, aald It would be proper
for llrllaln to protest In a friendly
eplrlt agalntt tnother power Inireat-
Ing Itt armament In the belief that
Hnltln meditated some act of agression. That the representatives of the
Urltlih Oovsrnminl would bring the
wh'le matter UPJtOr discussion al the
next Peace Con'»r»nc. wat a half-
promlte thtt mav pn,, rly bt ounald-
ered of much Importanoa,
There Is small virtue In being I'o.sl,
because you ..rent permitted lo be nnv-
Iblug else.
fut, rollicking, gissl nittured iinlmal
Hint It Is well rnieiiiate.) to offset nny
tendency to delicacy, and Its milking
qunlltles hero surprised those Who
were; unfamiliar with the breed.
Swine On Rape.
Usually the plan Is best thnt turns
sheep nn tn rape wlmn It is well grown,
nays Protestor Thomas Shaw. The
rapo provltb-s more food when grazed
down under these conditions thnn
when grUSd SSrller and then again
aft'.i It Imt grown up more or less. It
le probable, however, that swine will
dn better on rape when turned In somewhat earlier. They prefer rapo loavei
green and succulent. Sheep fatten bettor ou rape that has produced much ol
stem. But rape should not -he gruzod by
any kind of stock when young or the
plants may be destroyed.
Dr. Armltage Robinson, Dean of Westminster Abbey,  Recently  Honored
by Hit Mnjotty the King.
King Edward h i- Jn ' conferred upon
Dr. Armltage Roblni n, de in of v, itt
minster Abbey, thi office of Lord H'-ft*'
Almoner. Thlt dignity, u mally hei I I I
a bishop or archbishop, mull not be
confounded with that of Grand Almoner
to the Crown, whloh, dating bai k : i
thu reign of Kliur Edward I . ll I '■ >'
•>moe. hereditary In Che nobl h in it .1
in*nn-hump. Latimer, and Csoll, being
now vested In tin- Martjult ot Bxstir,
tayt the Marquise di  Fontenoy.
■rii.i hereditary gi in i aim iner oiti-
clat. ■ "..ly ni , ! ■      »hun he is
su|,|,'., ,i to .1 trfbuti ' ■ rtaln lUfflt ol
money from uu immense silver dish at
tin, doors of the Abb. v ol Wesuntnst, i
Tt ■.lining   the   I LV' I*   dish   eft. marl   II
tho fee of hi!  office    The  King's  Lord
llinh Almon. i. "ii the othei  hand, In
variable ll un eooletlattlc, niiiks us unv
of thi gri'..' il the roj .1 house-
h : i and the chli f spiritual -t Ivl it ol
the Sovereign; dlstt Ibut. Ih. i itt. '■■
aims and bounty in Maundy Thursday, and possesses th. tjueer preroga
live, no longer exercised, lt is iru*, nl
being allowed to lelse the Brsl dlah
that appears on the royal table, und
to band it out. dish and uii. to any i - ■
people whom he may happen to And at
iln* palace gates.
This particular 111,-e cmne Into ex-
tetenoa In the r"lgn "f King John, that
_ to say, mors than r*1-) years ago  I'
teems that John,  who  whs not only a
gournn t bm likewise  i gourmand, »u
wont li eioni f r bis pel I .ruul breaches of it." rules pre-* nb  i by the ohuroh
for the observance of fast days by f-1 I
ing a cei'.aiu number ad poor p
Thus, when  be ute twl e on  l"it.lay. a
j hundred poor pen ns were fed ut his
expense with breed m ,\ snd i U
he   profaned   thi     liv   by   any     oiln-r
: breach of ecclesiastical discipline, another hundred w,*r. n,l led lo Uie number, and if h.   offended the church by
| teduoing any of hi- nobles to eat meat
on  Friday,  a  further number    f poor
; had   to   b„   f,* 1. r  Pi-nig   ln
proportion to the dlamty    f the nubn .
, It  w.is  the  Lord   Hli r  who
' wat Intrusted with the .iu:y of k
I track und providing f r the execution
of these qu.i' i I   :. ,:i -■- of that un*av-
, ory monarch,  to   *■   nn   Bngland
the mag'.u char'.i    The Lord Hl|h Al-
monor ulao  assisted   'l.e   S
j th« cer.in ny of washing the feet of
twelve poor people on the eve of (lood
Friday, u c, ramony In-i performed by
King James  ll. Oh  time  Uie
fe"t washing has been abolished, th"
twelve poor p» *;.;.* reoelvlng, in lieu
of Uie cleansing ministration and the
m march't kl ■ on  th. Ir toot,  j
■ it   thi m by the
I/"r.! High Aim iner In the chapel royal
Dean     I  ". ter    id   lh •
pre tni in .menl .. i» the di-
Vllirj  '.lll'j    ■ .        ■   ,-:_ca  In
'. I of th    King, who
lirst had bit a'-. in liawn to htin
on  thu i    • n•,nation.     I'.
leemt thai win n • for ti -,
ning of King Edward, It »uj f ur.i
tha* the on ■     - 1. . 1 m.istere.l
the Intricato r.tual and anolent tradi*
t coronal! *u   .-'-rvi'-'S   tra
dlllont • K'- ii th utand ft u
■—was tho Rev. Dr. Armltage it*-'
at tha,t time u < anon of Westminster
Abbey   and   rector   of     Ht    Mar,
Church.   Westminster.      It   muy  be remembered that King   Edward,   to   a
great assent, him d what may
be desalted as  the d'.ag. rnuiin.
of th. coronation, and thia brought him
Into constant contact with Dr. Iloblii-
eon, who never  was at a loaa for In
f'Tmatlon.  and   who  had  every  pr»*c* -
dent at his ting' -
whon fi'r>r old lfcHn Bradley wu oom-
polled   by  eg-   and   Indnnlty   to   retlr.
from the deanery of W.-stailntter At.
bt y   a  few   monllH   Int. r,   no  one  waa
much astonished when it was oonferr. j
by th. King upon Dr. it._liir»in. a.-
thoL'gh hu waa but 41! years of ago al
tho time.
Held tn turn by s.muei WHborfome,
Buckland. and Stanley, iho dignity of
Dean of W. .• min tei AtUbey, that is, of
the batlllca of Bt I'eler, carries with
it a hiindsome r* s.di.in-e, a salary ,<f
lio.ijoo a y«r, exceedingly valuable
fees and perquisites, urul iho chum ■ 1
lorshlp of the Order of th» Bath, the
Insignia of which the dean wears round
his nook   More hM*.***** is u
royal "pe.ullar" or royal chupt-1. Hi
dun and "li.ipr., uie exempt fr in a..
•pteoopal Jurisdiction: Independent of
Sll   ' uutliorlty .x.refit thai
of tho .Sovereign as supreme head of
the church, and, save mi the occasion
of a ooronatlon, not even the Ai h-
blshop of Cant, itniiy. the I'rlinate of all
Slnghuid, "an officiate or prenxih than
Without   Ihe poriiit-ieion  at  thu d-tan.
Ur. It-oblnsoii Is unmarried    He grid
uatt d   wilh   high   h ...ors   fron   I
CoUege. Cambridge,  la 11(1;  b.. -
■ftiur years   lator  the dean  of bit
lego ami Norrtslan professor of dwiniiy
aet|ulr....l tlurlng the RftsOO y urs nhn li
he spent aa such tl < 'umt.rldgn a DuPO-
perni fun" f.-r hi. knowledge   t tally
Chrlttlan  lllc*ra*ure,  and thereby  eon
mended himself to th" notloe of tn.
chancellor .if the university, the late
Lord Salisbury, who, when Premier,
secured for him the Sail   r a oanon "f
Westminster Abbey Tlie sppSWMloa "f
Dr. itciblnson Is chSIMterlSSd by great
dignity, recalling lhe prlneoa of the
church  of the stxleenlh century.    And
yet  he is u goo.i  raconteur, n greal
t.qulsltlt.n to tt dinner lahle, nnd poi
I of a wil Which s"iii"lliin a Is
■but always good-natured, lie
It dlspos.d to !„• high church, y*.! has
Hyiiipaildes iillh all MOleslsatloa] parties, uml  holds aloof fr ,m  politics.     If
King Edward lives long enough, lir.
Robinson probably will bo tint n. xt
Archbishop of Canterbury,
Meeting of Extremes,
The Irishman evllenlly had been
drinking tt Utile. Hi climbed into one
of the two bootblack OhSlrs In front
of the coin'r building, and, after a.d-
tllng himself oomfortalbly, gianosd al
ins next iii.m neighbor, Th. n hs laughed, nu iieighi. ir. Mho was a f.ii. pompons negro, about liny yenrs old, dl
in elerioal gait., fron ned,
"Well. Bmoky," sai.l thi Irishman. Ignoring tin* negro*! i ."ii of dlsappnlval,
"thia surely is u queer countree, Here
I em, and thtTii you aro. It's not so
long alnce I waa a hog trotter, and 1
•HPPOBS you win ;, .Live And Ini,. «,,
h_vn two dago descendants of Julio*
Csute-r thlnl.'ig our brogsuu."
H.-r older Countries View «*• HUe
oi the lulleU !«»«•••
Tho American peril?
Is the greut Aiini'lcnn iintlou ouo Of
,„ iho world now and luvu. dwurUng
all other organizations of toclety I
mis ouestlou Is of inimuuie Import
to Europe.    Witbln thu last few years
■o enormous lltorttura hut grown up
around tho subject. Among modern
toclologUH none speaks  with grimier
authority   tban   dugiieiiuo   ^ai-rar*
Loug uud tcleiitlllcally ho bus studied
our country; his opinion of tbo prosn.it,
U|»  forecast  of  the   future,   i.•present
tba best European thought upon tho
destinies   Of   tho   Dnlted   BtatSB.     To
many n will seam nn sxaggsratlon of
our graatnassi to othara It win show sn
undue distrust of democracy! but, la
nnv case. It Is the word of n sclentlllo
historian ol n nan who is looking for
the truth. Neither wealth nor science
can Changs the laws that govern the
growth of nations Tot BlgUOr Kern-in tho United States atundi today In
tbe position of tbs Roman Emplrs in
tbs tii...s of Augustus,   lie pictures uu
A in.l I. a   wblcb   I"  bound  to  go the
,   way,   Increasing   In   power.
draining InCSlcUllbll weulth from Hint
orient   which   enriched   Roma,   forc.-d
In spite of hereditary democratic ideals
to make Itself strung by land un.l sen
In older to hold Us own and guiiHl Itt
world wide Mdlng dng, overshadowing the huge modem world ns Home
did the little civilization of the Mcdl-
terrenes n.
After calm reflection nmi to a cold.
scientific way, the tblnksrs and stiitet-
men of Old Borops predict for tins new
world thlt Visionary future, end brooding OVST It they scum to bS In the very
SbadOW Of tbe peril The practical
American, nt ba drops from the tull
end of u street car and govt about lilt
business, muy not renllie tbsl BUKPS
sees In blm the terrible fellow who Is
to go SWSggSriag down the w ty of the
world, taking the wall of every oue. In
the good old Human fashion; but to It
Is     lie Is   even  nhen  h«  wberlt the
baby ibroad an eighty millionth part
of the great American peril. In which
fnct he muy flml a certain measure Of
satisfaction.-VanceThompson lu Muu-
A   Ferallar   Animal   With   a   Sort   •(
Hi,,,,*.„    .in...,.,".
There used to lie traditions among
tlie sailors of mil inaid. at sen. half
women and half fish, and there aro
llsh.-s which may have given rise te
thu Is-llef. from their reten.blnu.v to
human beings One of these It called
the ii.an fish.
This uulm.il Inhabits the mouths of
tl...  Auisioii, Orinoco snd other South
American iiier.   its Lame (manatee)
hat reference to the peculiar form ot
111 su linn.Ing pawl. Then, are composed ot toft parts snd ■ mombrtne
whirl. Infolds tha bones of the hands
mill lingers Hut lu th* uui.ntce four
Sat nulla sre teeu atttched to tbe edge
of the paw.
Tl.e tall also Is peculiar, being tbont
One fourth the length of the body tmi
oval Shaped, not unlike that of the utter Tl." head ll round, attached to the
body without a neck. Tbe niuxtli*. ln
uli. li the nostrils are placed. It large
and fleshy, the Upper lip cleft and bristled nt the tide, tl.e lower lip mucb
shorter snd the mouth small.
When seen st a distance, with the anterior part of the body out of tho water, they are sometlines taken for some
creature approaching to humau ihapr.
Tliu effect hai been deepened by tl...
thickset bulls of the muscle, giving
somewhat the ippearnnco of human
r n beard Thut the Hpnulih aud
the Portuguese gin- the manatee a
im in** Which tlgnltlet woman Usb. and
tli" I illicit call It the dudotig haardmtn-
ifl/.tr or little bearded man.
bbwter than other^
Ntabw when iWj
th» Sunlight way   |u||ovy
I ..nail,. l-«. ,i „. Hnra.a.
A regular slave mart still vilstt In
imn,) ...unlit ilistrioti of I'lnland.
i line a yenr inch paupers. Iimntlcs ami
ngisl people of each parish at cnnu.it
support themselves are put up at public auction and consigned lo those
farmers or families who will board
tbem st the lowest price offer.*] by tbe
parish authorities. The helpless creatures ore mndo to work as mud. at
possible by their owners, who have the
right to chastise them nml ure generally most Inhuman In their treatment.
Lunatics have boeu used eveu ts curt
Wsrailst   . p
A fond mother, hearing in unusual
noise In tbe nursery overhead, hurried
upstairs to il.nl out what was tlie matter.
She found Johnny sitting In tlie middle of the fl.K,r quietly smiling.
"•Hi." suld he, * I've locked grandpa
ami I'm>le Henry In the cupboard, snd
Whan they get t Utile tngrler I sm go-
lug to play I nini. l lu tho liou't don."
•M...IK, u«   tb.   lll.l.
I'ursou lliigstcr (solciiiLlyl-Doei yo'.
•"laud Ktiisubby. take die yuh ltdy,
Miss illiidys Toots, to ho yo' lawful
wedded wife, for liettuh and fee wjss?
Thu Omoffl (uneasily nnd hnillyi lh
OOU'ae 1 does If I has to, sah. but alu't
dur some way of ttkln' her kin,lul. on
•n nit-ng" ■-
'  "■- llhlr
"My husband,11 snld a young wife,
"Is a very iiiireiisoiiabl.' man!"
"In whnt Way?" atked a friend.
"He aspects me to Ure on nothing
sud save half."
tare-sal Ic.
HnrlK>r fpouslng In the mtitllntlonl-.
Will you have a dote thave, tlr? Victim (with a gnsp)-If I get out of thii
chair alive, I ahull certain consider It
......i.   «i,«|,,.i   ipia.ra.
The most peculiar spiders In the
world, as well as ih,. largeal ones, Inhibit ti.e laland of Sumatra, 'iiiey are
"' all ..liable forma and colon, and
some of  th.ui spin threads slmost st
Isrge nn.l strong ns tbi grocer*! twins.
Some quoerly llilped spiders have
square bodies polled on long red legs
..mi others bars crooked green and yellow legs wblcb si „*i beat, sbsped
bodies. One of the v,.,-v oddest of the
hit has a body that  looks like thnt of
a yonngturtls, tba _helH'having round
knobs and peer shaped projection! ■"
over It
riRST    Dip I
\n   I.r   » .   ..  l   . ,    ,
lstlto-vk.it rn walt-r
mu nil IVI
ll.c  ■» in   litthlly    ,
l'r   |i.hi      I t.    i, -i    i
mplni til o*ti     im  ,
l.tl    ll    111   M   H.'l.l   I    II,     Uf
In the tul' ii    '
..I | . on lh«
until all tli* litu || |,-,r II-
■■■1 i   ,      KO   I     A.I
I. -Ilr I Uffc
Iln n io nvv.iv tm
thirty minute* to on«
hour .imi Ivl thv " s..ii
In;hi" '-".itt Hd -I -
■-    K ;
ll,. lull l.mr ,   ,
lifhtly ".it -ii * *
nnd  thr  <li>l    m.t\\   ,lr ,(,
oul t ,"1" lh* ■
I IO I    '    '
hut don'l MM o»v mori
KCHipi tl* .. I |  I
• "III*    P"   m,    ■•    I    tli.n I
Um wiim pu i
i    ur  ■ IlllUj   mil   an-1 1
(•..It. II m wirmk \m I *!• I
In v%-a%li, ruli |MN nnki
*\.i.i|i on tt, -. I Hir.iM
IhC in." h«<k nil., lli.
Uld« lor tt lew  niinijii x
RINSINli.  **
il."»i«   iu   luka--     <   ■
I iklltf  »|"   i*l
■ II   111!   ably   »«' !*   A
tl ' -i wt    .
l,.r H.n.I.n*. tnti n.in-
p, If ,     . M I  ...   i
%bmkM  I! * '
ittrn    ( ..I   ■   •     t
MiMM.nr   WAP
f-    .   ,*   ■
olbollintwrilrr -    l«
Mill)   •   Ul      "
UU-airi., ntlc ai
tt,#    iail». '    -Wlthoul   nili*
lung       '-
_t.it-   without    i- -  '   ■■_
_rwl nn»t ''
r«   > i . ( i Ih -
• . i.i ». ■ ■ v-ilhi.ut
|wi»Unt  *■■■>■■<■
r^Th* moll drln^r
-cohirt mmv br Mf*t«
Wlthrd kl OW "Sun-
light " mrmf.
trotM t.i-.t S
%l„-  M|   li-
ur .ny I^. in of .A .
Vour  Mti»>   Rrfwvl.-l
. ■ ■  -   .     ■
CftUMI   fur   ,,.:i.,
UVfS UKOlMfk*)   l.Mltrt),  lilKDMI)
The   II..
In nil
|!        /.     .| Ht |||., ]|,.,-*
Fit tO tt ll
tween ..ue new mo.
.,.. <   ...Ir.
When «i-
SOd   .-••ii.'   Inln   ii-.*
inn*   fttrln.lili n   In   *
»:i"iiiii1  Hint,  bring i ■
.n.l.l'.. tlM*j* WOUld ittiti-
\  fori    * *   i * •• -
. .i it.i   ii .   in .mi  . im.-
Kill    I,.'   I,mini    I,'    ,
.. upon ii.** ■ •
ii. uli ' ise Ibe poison « hi
min Hi.   blond
ih.   imi* ii in. - h In. h i*n '
to Ihe hi !• in 'hi
ni  rood  snd ii  ■*■
t. 1.1    are avoided
i.i" ■
and built i win* produi•
......nil.   in
I .........  in  Bntrr.
"Oil,  denr."   .1 lid   Sft.
ml.-.   "I'm tu mortlfled  thai  I
ki.'tw   ii bal  to 'in     I  cii' •
n in.t canted mj roll t to
did       It   ..ever  lil|t|i.*li..||   I"
BOS!   Mr.   Wmi.II.ini.tii'-. .
of mei   ilm* ran i ever ■
"DOn'l    Infill.ni    It."    In:
vised    ' i in> ii'if nil "-tt ;
« bile ) "'i  ssng  tbsl   prt,'' i
noticed ii."  .'hi' ni.-.. Record 11. i
'I   Sit
....   Iliiar,    1 Han't   Mnn.
lltSS  ". .ni.*.    Mr   Ilu--I   '■ '
tt. <   ill ol. .lie (hi. ei ll. bUt '
inn were lo bs bore
Mr   Sl'.iin.ii    Ah'.   IVrli.i|.
hui*.* found more pleasure
If las renter   Well, I don i *
Ms u-ii iiiiiii.i in.'un so n
lire, but I'm nne II   would I
nana,  Philadelphia Pn
Naullenl   Klntnee.
Mrs  Vn.hi (super* llloosl) *   '
imn.I in.-, i beautiful yacht,   I 'i'"'
•uppoee ytuir husband can sfl !l
« luxury yet?
Mrs, Nn. lit   No: tin* best be       ■'"
h to hoi.i ti..- mortgai	
your busbaod bss   Bobemlsn.
Chnaeo >"or ...,*.
Qotrox (dolefullj.   l bear .*        '''
llllf lo nuiiii   Mi   Goodwin     I
"ny truth in ihe report)
Ulss I>.*S.1 .-.-f    | ll.ould -iv I
unless hs sl id suddenly fell h.
forrnno and than imk  ma,    i
aiststatti llln«.
.imi,   v..M.  i  im,i „  terrible listth
with ICatharlne's hosrl before she 11 nsl*
ly in. .'iiteii rne.
•'".*  Vou don't oayl Row ta abe no*1
Ji'.k   <ih. ihe Is Still  In  the ring-
New Orlsani Times-Demom t
Tower ot Mu.l,
11i-> fsraons DOSqUS of Bt Sophln  '*■
Constantinople, Is always frsgrsnl ii,,h
the .nini nf ninsk nml Iiiih been I '
since it was built in tin* ninth century,
the curlout iiiiii being thai nolhlna ll
done to keep it perfumed. The win-
tion of u.e ssemlng mystery lies in im
rtct thai whan it waa built, ovei
yoara ago, tba stones mul bricks wer*
(lied wim niortiir lulled wilh mOlk
W    N    U   No.    595 ^mmmmgm
■■*   .  .' ■
Too Big for the Job.
• nslgbhoi   "i .in uld irisi.w..iiiiii
otieu surprised to  11
,- !
Danger of  Depletlon-
crico Extend Over an
Immense Area.
 renorts hnv.- lately boon In
v■■"""'■   „   V.  Canadian aahormen.
'»'"» r.ng of an al"e\.d soarolty ,,i  »"
* IIIIUU""** ,,.   .,,,„,,.    |||.<     l.'lioil    llll.I
I. '■'" ■;:;  ,;"" viimvuH In former
-  "..._"•        all abundance ol
a     "„„, perch In thoaa rlvara,
sbiio '■      ,. ,',!,, to be now nimbi.*
'""T   „;  ,1cm I.   Tl Bountrt
„i , io!   the   .i.'i.i"'i;.u
, ,,,„ Qreal Labs* ib ub...
' r£"£ 'S.uffldent.and It I. con-
al the rut.) Lull"
lug up iwu ntgbti ni stairs in*   llttl
JliUrt'   ol  cinil   lh,ii  .nini'   to I ■
every one..' In n while  knowing
llllll   sh
Jusi wbi n s
dl Hi,nu Is   Inul
In mr
, mli'll 'I1*1'
depleted, In
.uli w*ill be tm sci.rc.
' i1,,",,::, i-i-.. " *•«**»
llmi tin. int.iin ul tne
, |llrtlrv m Uu* Kn./.T rlv.'i
[eopnrdlsed bj mosaalvi
... a whll „...u»
iimi ii big ini ithy   mi living
with   bar.   One   ot   thei ■ ■ m
happened to oall mi ber
hull' iiiii i.f lhe lilm I
hnei. delivered. Her mm wus ..sconced
un ..hi horse hn'li i nvured sofa, a
cigarette iu Ills mouth and e
sporting papei iu hli banda. The ..hi
In.l.v Iiml bei bods ready in make ilu
numerous trip usee isoi v to bring li
up in in,* iinni floor    "Why doesn't
your Hi.ll In in ■  up Iln* inii. Mi      II.,i,l
Will'.' ' In* ;i  k. 'I       I   |Ull  .r ■   Inm  i lm I
in. sell ii rn. daj   and hi    aid ha would
ilu n inn iu* was too im* in be aftei
Winnipeg  carrying such small nodt as these be.
- ui lh«
,i hi s	
ll V Is I.... I.Ik  lor litis
kind ni n Job," and i in
ii.niii tm ber coal,
.Id lad) ■ nm, ,|
■"' ,    ,  „not, however, Ignore the fac
,,„ i.iiinu  and provlntna
,.'i iHiib        |mw.   rullj   recognised   Britain
ol artificially Incroaalng  n ic
 n   depleted   b>
l,i. h
,,"!,r ib" can •••.   "»
1     , ,    they malnta n well
'   ,,,,*   up-to-date   hi.i.ii-ii. ■•
,.ml„*n ni managi ment
Prof.  Prince's Paper.
Prince,   P.B.B.C.    Don n
 , „f Bsberles, contrlbutod
„,.* and i.tsi.-iy arUcl.
The 8ertdon  Spint.
An nn i. dote   I     told   ni    Richard
Sl'llll'lll.   111.     I...'     I'l'llH*   1    Hi    ".,  w    /. .*,|
land lit* m.i im ictlv. In endlug
irqopa tn the n i i ince ol Qreal
■ ii the ."inii \ii nun Vt'ai
ni i , mn i ■ « i taunted by an
Opposition iii.'iuli.'i *.'. * * "im'
to incrlllcn the lives ol the colon)
iu.niiii""i      'i "I   "i •  ' nough '"
,i ni oil lo h
ii     bUl Ol   :i   In.11.1
in    nppoiionl I'reinl. i
broke In     "Hli   ihi   in..-', '    I
u coninri»Hli.n fm  m      ,n.     i,      h
, in
in. !• ■ ' ' ■ '    "'
. i ni the
■    ''i'ii,.* nu.sl
Canada   to ■ n
Westminster, in*
taci  iimi  Canada
fai |ed h* in ''"•>* l!l
,,,, i„,s long been r?coguls«d
,,, u„. Dominion, both In
l,nv..l    mmm   - I  foi   the
then    fishery    resourcei
ni,,,.   i* >S       Artel   es
troiin.  character "i U»i
,.'.,,.    ,„    general,   'h.
 " '-■" ,*1"'" !;"
there were I ,. oui in ib» ■
11 mui .it tin* pros, rn tlm.
, ,n, i imii ..I them .ui 'I"   continued M
professor  s.iim  the  an   „,ii, i,:,., ■
ii  biilibiii   bunks ..ii   the
l',,,,1, eoaal «'•■'"''•■> ,-•><
1 .   ... treas ol lhe kind In
i   „„ less  than  JO.IKW tout
will  I"   -l.tii  .it    ...it. mul I
Inm  I ii'   bucl   wlthoul
New *.'.. i  'I i II	
have tlm.
n iiniiiiii
iu I**:
' Ul"
1   i.,-i   i. in       Vi   1..   Ib
 ircea ..f Canada tin
i,    Made  Sound  and  Strong   Through  Dr
W.Miamt'  Pink  Pillt.
■ Tu.. inctnt- told n t   thai   I
oiirthlc,  bul   i hank,   to  lb    i. illisn ■
Pink Illli I nn   ' ai
Ilu      trong    '
Mi - Kd, ll*. t of HI < ,■ ■ ■ ii , In i
it |*ni'i i it l,n hearing ul i ■ i renin I
ibta  inn*  called to    .*.   lu i few
.i   Ilm ilton
I;    ■       !
Iroubli      'II,   do.
Itil im- into it  itate of I
a bill   ' he   um    e *     to mak.
••I      I     i nli   nil, ,1     .i      --ft l,,ll-l
a In, i,,1,1 in,* thai  lh. ■   had .1.
>'|R      _^^^^^^^^^^^
*   H ■   >•""   ,"""
,,,,;„,. future win nini in mu Atlantic i.t.ti
which  can hardly i»
:  which tin* Canadian
i     . stiin.il. 'I  al   "•■
miles.     The   I
urea "f ovi i
d i ih>* Hudson s bay b
11.   \i. dlterranean In
Huenta drain an i noi m
■ i ma ted al not leaa thnn
-   mil. s.      I'm.in these
ii   iish. lake   in.ui.   pike,
bs -    sturgeon,   brook
i.ih,.,iiii   towi Bah. -
.irni     The »i. •    •
Syitl iu.    winch     ill
the   Si     i.nwi.111.
, , '"»i   mjiiuh*   miles,   ii,.
wim.  l.ni't' linl. -
1 inn miles long.  the
1,100 Illllc-   lh>   Ki:is>*i
| . .lib   ...tl.   the   ^ ul	
-. .*. n.i. Qreal  v\ I
•  iiu'-nnis Othei s iiWnin I
'■   s.iluii.ii.  the alrl|»'.l
,- shad, gaapereau
Iln l>    Is  fr ,n . It nil.   un
i    'rin* win.i mention
..uiiuii   Induatrtea  thai
i     Upon   tish'ii*
itin.iikni.if feal
mn ini-i.i.
il inlil. imt the spelloi
forming tha  majoi
thai it would i
.ill, I  tin*  l*'i.i-*r  rlv
. tlil.lt*   iiiuliiiii.l. i   ol
"uniiii ,-iuin i says   thai
-   *.'....        un.l .ui the
..ml. above nil   in  th.
Manitoba,   the
nl  British .'.iinini.in. th<
. ■ .1 u (real
ng  iln*  last  iiw   "i   -iv
.     il i 111 :    Iui in
ih,   in-i wealth pro
■ ll'S.   nini   rl.l -   .'.,11
• m ,i. ra .mil i Irgln B
within    Inr    own
and . in* w im* i,,,,	
■ itk worthy .■! the heal
l'efforts "i in
",t..i-     I',mini.-ii ml
'"i.i in Parts »r ii titled
rrimaga Tan years ago,
■•in - th* Oman i ild .'
■••      that    h.* and his
married on Uie  daj   ol
 Id make s lour ,.r 	
"ii the earnings of th.*
'.    There waa no si i|>
i..... The pair have
i Paris on   their   return,
full) accomplishing theli
"ui winning the i>*!
: tversed Burope, Amor
md \n-iini,i.. living <m
lh.   in. ner,. profits i.i th.
reloped into Brigl -i Un.t
I un- im iirabli I ! ii.I dwindled
linn* -i ado* i ltd ■lien tl wn'
in  H . dig     lly ii,
■ .   II in*.*        Intomnii
,,,l,i it. n \ ti
nights,  iiml  fell   lhal   I   had  nol
in  live     I n   i his  «'. -pin ii
mi  hu ■ .1 m>* iniii   lli    \\ i
1 111b, mi" ! nn I
began lo lake Ihem.    Ann iiwiiip
ei i.i boxes  I   • •  *   •   * ere hi
ml  I  continued  taking tbem  un
fil   I    bsd        • •      * lien, i
when 1 wai *.   I,, t,,
.tmi  ever)     symptom    ol  thi
I'i    \\ illi.ui •
link  IMI- ....uinli  brought  me luck
'     *     . i        llll.I     I
have th.    eat oi bei
i   in   tlntji nl   blood   in   rIn   bod-i   is
hit. red  bj   tl h * -       II  the biood
IV      lll'.lk      ...       ll .lift 1       ' '   - llllll
Ih   (ol    I I t it    '.,.,, I    i,i..i   I< .,i.
11,,<  i.i,..1 .,n,l   nm!.   Then
ib, kidneys   got clogged   with painlul
|MH-tint"i -  in j.in ilu v   n hu li   bl in
• Itstllv Hui' di ■ s •
sm. 1* 11 ,* , i '• hop. hi to strike without de
Ui si tin root ol il..* trouble in th.
t.i,..I witb Ur Willi.un- link I'iH-
I ■ ■ make new bood Thej Dusl • 11
kiilnei - i h in I" -tl . l-» ii infl itumi
nini -fire tb. ll   i**. lb. u ...uli
1 ...iii'iin   kid... ,    , t"'it li   tl"*
•->.ii|. inn-    In    William     Hnk    Wil
cure    il in        I • ,*   .    ii In  ih, i
, ut, ..lltl    Ht     III"'    -.llll*    lllll.
ni,|,i,.t,   11 ,    health    in   ■ tf.i    nil'..
sii     Iln.   i.,ii  ii,n-t ntnni
pills n ill, ib,* lull imn,*    In   Wi
Pink  IM!-  ■      r        l'."|U     di
ii i tppei   ii nd  ea. h   hot       Sow  by
.ill ii.-li. me •'■• al. i   "i dh• ■ t Irom ii .
In       \\ il ,..!        M.
title   Onl     ,'    *    • *•
- ■ .i'
"Chai ■
i.ii.it • . I,. 11 i,.niii
"Thai     ii h ii  i aald
i...i'nm talk i   d. m.
j-.....* grammar    Vou meant
badly.   -Washington Btar.
I tow
li-   i'i.rn i   Qrows   wnh   ABf
man]    mi dl. lm - loudly blaaoned a
ii.in.it ■ ,t      im    nil    human ills h.u
come and gow     ni •   1 b   Thomas' B.
I.illli    Oil   W.lrt
murker.'   Yd
tirst    put   upon
,r  ,. in..nr-   il.t-ni: mon
■' '"I   III
' ■    '  '  lieai
Rngliah    . ho. I
-i lu,,,I- In*   nn'
tit    imn    u ,illi,   un*.imil
I..- n....u
*      il.iu.*   lor
.   Inv
while, and
poke  up.
i.,, nu*.,* goedneei  onl)
I In*   buttons  me "
You must have had glxty af
■"m! What? Only forty?
' I**"!, it must be your gray
•hair- Ayer's Hair Vigor stops
"hsc frequent birthdays. Il
R'ves all the early, deep, rich
color to gray hair, and check*
falling hair. And it keeps thc
••"Ip clean and healthy.      t
p.Jl,I!"i*"'',"*",""J'1"1 "'Hi •Isn'IrulttiWilJJ
...,, ",' .5 ",""" 'll«»R'wi»bl« lit Iiiiii ol lh*»
Sii .J.; ,"'' *»"'• "»" Vltor snd Ilii. il»n-
ism,,.    ,'"""I'lr'.'sd   M. li.l, si.-isMpt_
Oil..,, '■'•     ,""    '  ""w  '   ''SITS S  ■Itlrntttil  IiP.«l
I.»viin. Kltl.li. I'lsltiO.lil.CaDD.
\ll.O. Aj.r Oo, l^wsll.
t.to msiiuflMtttrsrs or
ntn.,i in hiiiiii.i.i.v'ihiiu man) n i*
ninmi more highl) vaunted snd extend
mn iis i irtuea ii Id-si and widei nn I in
u  I.n gei  i Ircle evei j  n si     li is .In*
medicine ot th.   •
\ii   Heanl)     It's aometMng dread
ful.   M> a ■ - aaklng i
money.     It's money, mon
nil the hi."
M..   Japson   Wh.   whatever   does
she do with all ihi- m.
Mr   m. tni.    i:i.   ..h  I don'l know
I lun. ii i  nu. ii i Pick Mi*
v\ inln - i .,ii ,   feverl hm        moan
Ing   and .luiuic
Moth, i   Qravi      Worm  Bstei mlnaloi
is pleasant,   sure snd elfectusl      li
your di uggtsi has mnn* In   I ■■
imn t.i procure II rm* you
Inul been on the
tin   in.mi  hours,
losi  iiis temper,
an  angry answer.
rn [oi gel lhal ynn are
.'■i i. -I couneel,
home    The wil
  Ilm   In*  vv ns nut
unwilling in ju.-iiii  i s.-ir
"Where one is called on to i
ill   ul   iiiiii ,   nlie   be
know, he stain*
jusi once  sftei hi
stand  eontln •■
iin* greal   ' '"' '
nnd n torted with
■ im .ifiniii
n gentleman,"
The rebuke struck
ins- wine, 'i rlalbl)
sn   inii.. -     I
comes confused,
ineie.l      l.il.'
all i (inipectlng
I'm,,lim*.  I   .1"" '
Tbe  Rev.   Ml. 0.
himself  in   min..i >
really believe I nughl lo weni ihis wig
l|   lm, .     Ill ,* li. n .   .i   hu.
Mis   ii....ilm,hi    Bless   youi
\i. 11. don'l Iel Hun trouble ri
Will     111*11*1     iiml     lllliltii'lv
u ienl    I iin*c"
111, Tlut
for one
And How Promptly They   are Overoome by
tho Use of
Dr. Chase's Ointment.
"■ «*ni family doctor will explain to
you, it you usii him, ihe mission >.r
""' Pores ..I the skin, uml will tail
you ..I Um dangen nf using pore-clog*
sing powden tor ilu. chuiliiKH snd
rnutlous to which babies are mib-
j.*. i
Any  mnl hei     wbo    bus    used     Dr
1 h.i:i ii.iiiui,-ni for tin" purpose will
t< H you ui how beautifully sofl and
smooth ii has kept the Hkin
bow qulckl)  ii
l; iieclally during the teething per
""l children sre likely to Hiiff.*. from
" *"■ i"'   nnd    unless   ii   1h   properl)
1 danger ..t ll spread
'"' iu oibi i parts ..r the body and be
1 ■'mui." . i,i,u,ie
' Hi.  in- 1,1
nml   i/l
cured the chafing and
IU.   rival in in Chaae'a
is ii cun. in, baby ecion.u
'   u -u..n.i called, nmi ll can hi
■■inii positive it * ui nm,' iimi ii
■ " boi ii,jun- the uu,si delicate skin
b il  nn Uie contrary, k
eep il  Hull   mnl
The Wlft aa a Partner.
Row u.si.y ftr.iieis treat tl.e good  wife
as a partnert   I have often thought  .1
this a,   1  ({o through    iln*  t ount ij  and
see tin- "inrii tnd master" ol ihe boms
spending hn tune in louting around
towi ami Iii- money m smoking aim
drinking, Hi trequently puti up at thi
in-. two-dollar-a-dt) i".iti» while bis
wile i- drudging swaj tl bome looklnj
nini   im- liimily.
Bhi   i- denied many ul the ueotiiaiitri
i.i   hi... in ny  ii..11.1.ik ni  tht  iu> uin -
,*-ln*    li,--, ,i    ,ill.-Ini-    lei In"
I ui i.uiin i-   iii-ttiiut, -. foi iin  reatun, i *
ln*l    liu-l.unl   I'm -   it,   lhal    -In     '  nn."'
i" '  sway.     'uiiii." - -in   would  b
l.il"..     Ii'.ll     I"    .!■   I     ll    -In      ,*."|.      tO    !'"    1"    I
in i ■ i., . hotel.     No  wond.
i,,-.< i I, ri ii,, opportunity.
N'Ai iiu- i   .iii wrong.   I in* mh  thai
doea hei pari ;>' boon  bat |ual as nuioli
rlgbl in ipend some ul tba mnuey tllai
i- . ,u n. *i as hi i bu iband.   'I he In
1 .iln.  ii ill  i,,i,111.11ii11\   leave  In-  wtft  I.
-i.t '   tl h , Un'   arm, wlill.
tnjoylns I tell    awt)    aud    attending
atone  the  money  that   she  has  b. 11 *,-■,
Mr.    Chas. K. Mnas,    lie.iln,    Onl
stules:  "My ehlbl, six luiililbs old, wus
ii terrible sufferer from Itching sores
nn bar body. The doctors called it
sun rheum, bul could nol cure ii We
uis.i in.*,i remedies recommended by
iiu* people, l.ui ihey iimi m. beneficial
effect iiiiviiiK read ..f Dr. Chase's
Ointment, I decided to try li snd am
glad i.< say thai 11 completely cured
iu i before ball tba box wns used."
Mr   I*'. HriM.ki*.  Ilu-li  llimr. Alb.-Hii, _
writes:—"For two years I wus troub-1 to nam is a buaband *'.ii> in name, i
imi witb eruptions on the face    and -i"..i- plainly, b. ■    Sonutlm.s
in ci, ..mi tried vmiiiiis ointments and the wil. li glveu il.ii uttae U gh th.
i.l.K.i mixtures with no benefit    Boon " abtleaauesi        bei    butbaud    I
sfter beginning tbe us.* ot Dr. Chas.  """"■
<" «    <"">•"""   "  '   « &   .
appear and mj tans is now complete   lmuh|, , ,. ,
ly  better.   I have recommended this IU<*                                       i uke. 1
iiiiiim.*m to a friend wbo suffers from not, you ara making ,. ndttake.     ii.ii similar complaint." rife   b
in   iibase's Ointment bi a aece
Hi   every   bome   where   Iih   in.'iits are   *"t"n   .in al* >.I ..liter cooking than   hei
known, and li Indespensable In  the
n ii "i     i.n i enl    i bos, sl sll d
or Bdmanaon, Dates *v ft.. Toronto
.*, im t. oi I,, t ii'.n ,i,.i *
v.i'    -I,,*  will  no|  only  enjoy  li
-I,,   *.. ill  in*  ii- ni' h|i er, am
abb* in take up tin  carta of lib
Big  Shipment of Gold.
'•   ■ '  'I.   li.ttr.-t   -!,i|,menl- ol  (.'.i',l
rer -*. n  Ir  \ ictorii  arrived  on  thi
*■ ll -    \"..i.i.*t  imin   tuatrslia    the
da)  iu t inii-ii  in Sm, 1 iinni-....
in.   Vai         In  the  .niii,.*	
...iisiiksi   representing  in   Ann-
i .in  i i.iiii.;,'  lu-.i.i   11 ,.500,1)011,    This
' i|'l"l 111     It,II,ills    ui I       llllli.i-t
• i iai   use nin. li ..un.- It -i   in"i;ih  in
 thei    Aii-ii.ti.iiii    iteamer,    bound
'".    llll*    li.ll    t   il V. I.       llll-      t\
, I tlien that ibe derangement ol
iln   California  itearaei   service nauted
iy the recent earthquake and lu.   wti
i.-ihle  im   ii-  ooming  tin-   nm,
hut  .In* explanation    mm    offered    is
that Ihe strikes in *Sin, Kranciaco i>*n-
lt*i  ii  iiutit    .-iiu,. loi the nol.I to he
handled by Lhe Canadian line.
The gold .,.. the  Aorsngi  it msni
*■ i a. being   consigned    to    Welti
i       . ,\ ( pnipany, Vancouver, aad at
hipped In* il,,* t'-nmpton UK   Nation
■1  i nmi.mn    ni   Sydney,   N S \\     No
■ nr n.iiri ihiin the ant ni i.i the t' I'.It.
i .un),.mi   knee   ol   it- arrival  on  the
. i t i,n-,s|ii,*.,. Iv      in,     nnv i,*l 1
.i.tv    l.il     l.ltl     I'-     -.lllll ll     li.l-    .ill
in quartet - fittnd -i»■■ iall) foi ita
.it i*,.mn,,.in.i,,u adjoining Ihe captain
room, and while a guard waa .-.mini*
i,,i-li nu vv iii, 11 there wat nothing to
iittu-,* i, -.u-iiiiitin tlmt there wai i.m-
thing ot nmi. ilm, ordinary value in
tin*  irei-jlit  ni  tha ship.    Ai   \ incou
. . i    i*    mil   be   ' liili-l.'lli'l      Innn      tl,,
-tt'iiuni   in Mi,   train ami    then
waitled -o'llli.
It may It,* nl -.iin. intereet t,,
jii-t uii.il a .iiiilioi, ami a bull in
i- iu  hulk.      Reference again  I
miilill,--!   nt   the   -lil|t   -Inm-     llmi      liin. .,   ii,*in,*m  i- I." cubic leel
Hold i. the ....,-t   profitable     ■
.' .    i .,n ".un     ti  i- -neI that
ih,* charge! .,1 tbe trantportation ol .t
\ .rn...i.i.-i  u ill  rn*. the   t ...i.i'.niv
u|.uai.l- nl la.i tin,..-and dollars      r>>.
 |..tl amount ol ordinary ia.y.. tl.*
i Inni',-    would profaabl)    nol  be om
hundredth   pari   ol   tin-  -um     I.   will
tin,.,.,   i.,-   thai ii  i- in II worth
, -i. ,,n.-li.|t eompany'i while t.. ncur.
j     nm ii \   -lil|,iuelit-   a-   [HivtiliU*  i,l   lhe
..11 ...  ..,, tal
||„   lores i la)  ..' tl e .".'• I wharl
.ill   nighl     -ailum   I"'    ValtcoiUel    «'
... lock in vi morning
How They Take  It.
Nn Indian Territory editor ssys: —
"It is nu..*,* tun i"   ■ ■      ii'.n read s
pnif .... himself ui ;. newspapei  than
in see ii fn. man slip on a banana p.
The narrow-minded man reads ll over '"
seven  or elgbl times, snd then k».*k
around and i*.*ks all the copies be can
The i.in i hearted man ir..'*- bom.
read   n   to Ms wife   and tb. n
around ... Hit* office and pays «i,
."*.        'ni,. luccessful man
»h<i advertises  regularl)  and makes had
mono)  by it, Immedtat. Ij ii  sbi|
to find lie editor, and thi n the two
n.iii. silently down tha street, ss
business inm. takes sugar In    bls'n,
uml they liittli iai ii clove or two
life Ih sweeter, snd peace settles down
.rn Huir in. - im i. momenl    Such is
tin- experience of .*. mustard lead thai;
fulls on different ground."
hellf    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
aud imi  b*rth  mil bu    bat,
"the  Lord and 'Rattut.
A   Dreadful   Apparition.
'liin International Woman's Oon-
kitting in Paris, recently wit*
: i. 1.nil. inns scene The ladles
were .n solemn conclave when sudden
iv iii.-it appeared a pair ..r tro
un ilu scone. Tor n nuinieiii the
ladl. i were too perturbed to i lentlfy
the spectre, bul sfter s momenl <>t it*
Ai a r. cent dinner, u nt,
I I'nlVel lit)   ol   \ "i
.* ul Bitl "i   H '
ll.nil'     *
nth.     .unl     Hit-     . a'st*     mlh
uin  it,
Hi   ul 1 ht had heart! ol ..
in  -•    !' . ,   - i hun h  al  Burlii .
*  tn eii tbi.
-lal,    ul   mu '1   *
lulu tn adn
i  lo pray  that  his sj.ni.ual c-un
'liti'iii might  itn| *
A" be   niaiii   a   in*   t|t|t|i
'■all  sai'l   I"  hnn *.—
iv tit, Brutus   hive yon i
*    i
"Ya*.   unit i t|y.   nh:   1   'i'tiie   pl
i     I dune tola d<   Lawd 1 mnn- i
I* :■      le Lawd lit
 i    ii. .    I:  ■■ .-     I   be. i,   iiyui
.'i    Jim-  tlal    ilm tli   Im   luti.r*.     yeais
I'm-i.iirg   I*
one   should   suffer s momenl
I  ______
longei «Ith Piles
mr Iii. Leonhardl -
numbing silence the president rallied,   Hem-Rold will cure nny ens.
if attacked wuh cholera or rammer
complaint of any kuni send al ones
i..i u bottle ut Ur .1 u Kellog- n*.-
.*..., ii Cordial and nse it seoordlng
in direction H sots witb wonderful
rapidity la subduing that dreadful
ni . iis.-s iimi weakens the strongest
mui. iiinl iiim destroys Ihs young and
delicate, Those who have used tln-
cbolera medicine s.i> it nets promptly
an i in !■ i  t.n!- to t Bed > thorough
Automatic   Sweeper.
\i. ••■       \\in have you not
Hns in...inni''
Servant      K..r   hygienic   reasons
Madame raises the   .lusi   sufficiently
train ..i har sk.n.   \v>* must
microbes a little rest.- Parii
ivui: the
en,* ihe
■ Iln v.... think that absence r.iilly
makes ihe hear! grow fonder." in
quired the young man who wus nol :.
particularly welcome caller
i   have   nevei    given the mattei
mucb consideration," was the young
It -I'tlll--'       ' Sll|i|li.st*     lull     slill
.m.n   for live or six   years an.l   we'll
se.      Pittsburg l'nst.
German Humor.
\n nsii uuy from Qermany contains
Hns   warning:   "Defilement   ..f   the
iihiiii in n-h ul cigars is forbidden to
tbe Mi' hm      Anyone who, notwlth*
-i,ui inic. makes guilty >.t such s ons
mi! iii punished Irrevocably by in.us.*
111 ■ -i
living I"*" the
i.m hlinsi ii i>*
,in, ni.'ii un"
A   certain   rarraer
imi n ui in-i iii hm Ing g
liki'ii mi account ni In    qmin
habits, Hm other farm
night In COol him >li.un n  im
ai midnight the Iiu r   wai
im lu*.i by a   m.i.
horse is stolon I"
'rim Irate farm'
clothes, ami. hastening
asked, "Which  way  hnn  — „
-"- I .un* ul  Hn
hun led
Mint-fin   H"« c.iil.l yo" be so rtnp
id     -i-.n.l   thing!   .... » freshly*
niHiiii-.l tablef
S.iiitui     I'h*..-.*. ma ...... muster just
put something there
'   M..tress (in greatesl  wraihi    It  the
,„,.,,, i, „ loci then ..i KjmI he has
ll irhl   to be,  '""   v»u  haven I.  vou
-illy girl    Wiener Balonwitehlatt.
i, has i ii Bgured thai s horss can
,„.,« 0n ,, bsd aarth road aboul tour
,,„„s ns mUCb as he can cany 00 his
, ..,i,   im ii good macadamised rosd
,,;. can pull ten iinn*« hb much, on s
„,„i n.i.'i one, iweniyiive times as
:;,„,,.,i: n si.-i  rails, Bfty-alghl
times us much*	
■n„. „ii ' ii  Oordon Highlander
received nu Invitation to vlall llllll nl
'      ,,.,,,,,,-ks  iii  BooUand, and took
„,ih h.-r their six y.*m..hi daughter.
u*i,,„ tbey arrived the husband was
on gentry duty, so could not  be ..
i   ,,.„.l„„|.   rim child eyed her daddy
with  i rather sorrowful but   amased
exnreaslon as be miss and down
,,. gquare ihoulderlng his rifle and
wearing a I'"'*   sl"' 1""1 M™ '"''""'
gee„   ,,,;,„   ilnis   iirrayed.       I'reHenll.i
w],li a  solemn   hnik  ....   her  fac.', tb"'
child loudly exclaimed:
"Mommy, when daddy limls the man
ink bla breaks will he give me
ou    his
Iln*   il	
Howard n
Another offered the loan ..i n horss
he bestrode, which offer
fanner accepted
iiIkI.i lm found
Hn*     l-l'i
Ufter   rldh
himself   al    !*     !''
SStVor^nFridlng his own horss
W llll
mat   Httla
frock 1
you Inlil mi" he wuh li k.kmI ladles'
liorae," angrily Raid the mnn who Inul
made the iiiirchuHf.
He was," replied the deacon. , , My
u,i,' owned him, and she's one Of tha
uesi iioitieii I ever knew."—Chicago
It, onl Herald.
and ia   hi Icy tone id. ntifled ll
"man.     Then the apparition relieved
the i. nsimi iti explaining ll ».,
pr. - in*, nt M. I., gendr. id
Bens, aa ardent femlntnost "I stood'
he said, ''a.- 'emlnlnest can inl.. *
the in-i elections, and I have to-day
taken eleven trains to appear among
ynii    i nm happy to enjoy this oppoi
tunny    ol     supporting    >,,;n     cans,*
Ai.,- for enthuiiaam when it is of ih.*
male persuasion snd n lates to m
feminine. The president rose, and. |
in t ".'linn to the I.un,inn Qlobe, sfter
exiti.niiiiii in \i Legendre, In torn -
ut cold, calm severity, thai th.* taking
oi tit i. n trail . itretch .li.l not
confei ih,   right ..f entry lo thai ss
*-. mblage, had blm expelled.
No matter   what   kim!   you   havi
Blind, in ling.    Internal,    Bxt
Itching   or   Buppurating,   In.   l_on
lb in lb,ni  »in cure vim.
This statement   is supported by s
ind    '• -nm. minis   from    those
who hnv.- been permanent!) cured.
If you are n..i cored ut*i your none)
back, ti "•' \n dealers, or The
Wtlson-Fyle Co., Limited, Niagara
Palls, ont. 2"
?ri   ,n
«iU|    i
is ihen* anything   more
Hum having  r corn stepped upon
I- there anything mora delightful
thnn getting n.i ni it ' Hollowa) -
Corn .'ui. wm do it Try ii and be
I'.itn. ki.viich Henryoffski   (Ru
patriot)—Oiva im* liberty ur gin  m.
ileal I.
.Vm     I   11,11  do   limr.'        V.ni   -hull
imi. them bnih Colonel Bhuffleoff
call tii your Cossacks Give this-
brother the t«.. things he aaki be
ginning »nh   the    latter I
The Man Behind.
aln ,.-•   . . . -1    1,,-n ipaper   \ in.   I n k
iii an  pretty rare .<■ find  ,
gush ab*.i.i iln- man behind Ibe couotii
,*,'i iii,  ii,.11. behind thi  gun, li *
behind - >■..  and rn,    in,,,,   i ■
I.in,I    .in*    ran,  tbe    man   l» hind  Ih.
ind H." 'i,in l" hn.'I in- it ni.-. il,,
behind Ih.   i towthar.
annoying|behind  lit.   fence, .be  man  behind  tli
an.l the n.nu l>* Itui'l Hit- bare,
tin mnn behind In- whiskers and iln
man behind bit •-•- ind everything i-
.mei. t l*. ir the) ,,  skipi * .1
, . ■ni   fellow,   ol   whom   nothing   bas
om a  - Uow  mm it evi       r
little ii ii   it" .1. mi* I iy - i *.   «
ir. i-.wl"-" lull- aie alwayt tigned. lb -
a bla...etl *.gb. more important tl I
a l .n-i.    ah   ii,.* ,.iii.-.-
ind it.,* whole . • ■ n mi I
' in  in   tnd. hit*,l ini  ,-vi-i, ■
iin-   i, ,in it   fellow  mui.      II,   k. i -  *■
all iu business, a.,.1 bil town It   nevei
11 bals tn lh.
wI,., i- ahead,   lodge.
M    husband nml  I  bad ail
qnai li I yeaterda)
"HOW  s.ul     What   n.i-  ll   alitiui '"
"I found a letter In his |h..i,,*i will
'•■ti by B woman "
■ Merc)'    I don'l wonder you were
I   shonld  say  sii.      li   vviin  nnn   I'd
given him t.. mail   a   week   agi
Cleveland Leader.
"Tl., u.   M.i.)..?.....   tomorrow  I will
come with mv  mi,* to tee you I--111
Delighted . bul  look ■ II youi
wife nol t.. weai her new diamond ....
ring*, oi i.iy wife will at once want .*
pair I
"Oh. the iner] ni'      And  my a it.
u.i- nnli coming for the    purpoa.
showing them oil       Diavolo itnea.
Bnnllghi Boap is better thnn other
soapa, but is best when used In the
Bunllghi    way        Buy
snd follow directions
V't hud n great time al thei.
Kri.li.y eve...mi on the lawn nl
Anna Lockwood'a home. There
i hie crowd, ..ml everybody lu...
* time,   llmi  marked the differ
Mill .i - .i
a I'm.'
■ ■mi* u lien a oompanj  nl  refined  .
ini.  culiur.*tl young  i.dks  meeI   loi
good purpose. ..nil a oompany of
pie ii I.n th.uk thev   cannot    hav.    ..
good time uiiluiii!  nome boose,  which
makes    them    sometime!    sel      like
l„,-i-     We  never oxpeol   to heal   ol
any light*, cutting scrapet ... mtirder,
,    work   for   the   police  OOlirt,   when
the    V't    meet       The      I'lall .Klin
I' II.
.lusi the Thine That's Wanted.—A
pill that acts upon ibe stomach and
i.i i- io compounded thai certain ingredients of li preserve their powei
Bunllghi Boap tu net upon the Intestinal canals, bo
ii- to cleat them ..f excreta, the re
tcntion nf which cannot bul be hun
ful. was hum looked tor bj On- medical profession, li was found In
I'linii.*b t* s Vegetable Tills, which are
the result ol much expert study, ami
are scientifically prepared us a laxa
rive and an alterative In one
An   Inapt   Text.
S.inn  yeai - age  > '   Anroi .1    pr.
Inaugurated ihi   pre. Iii g th.
children quote Scrip oral  text!   ,-
,l.,,|.|',"i Ul. 11 1" inn - 11. Ih* * '•■■■iril.ii
inm box. i'n .In Ural Sunday iiinl, 1
iln   nfii  1 i.n, ,t iiiile ihavei can *
Hid      " lli"   I.nni    l"l' rli   :.   fliei lllll   Cl.
er," ami n   dropped hii 1 ■ nny,   ' 1
. uiultitudi of -in-,   and
I in .|i"i |.t 1 tba next,   "ll .- mure bli -
pityl    The apartment   -•• 1 lu giv.  than lo receive,'   quoti
.... the north ii«9.   tlilrd, and so on,   .lu.i then up uaikni
' a   little   fellow   Willi     lit"     nnn
remnants   nf tnulaaeei   Dandy    ou    bti
i-huhlti race, and, a- be dropped In*
.iu.. he  haiiittl  nut;  "A   fool   and  hii
in 1  art -""ii  parted.     K..n-.i-   ' It)
She    Whal  11
papa has Inn.l.l 11
He    When  you   are   there   11 itb   in,
darling,  it  will be the tunny tide,
Wi r  Wittl.lutt
W. Caryl By, "t Buffalo, the pret
i.lent ol the American Street H.ulnm
A laudation, mi- talking at the convention in Philadelphia aboul motor-
men'- nml conductors1 adventures.
"A co...lu.'.oi' en.ne to me 11 ith ii
si.iili.in lace the other day," be -..i.i
"He wanted to tell me «Imt happened
1111 an incoming <ar.
"It -,',-ms that a middle aged women .....I Imr little -nu. a Imi ol six or
-even years, not on the em*, ami as
son..   11-   they   lle.e   -ealisl   llie   Woman
look  11  half-dollar oul  of her  pocket
ami li.imh'tl il  In the youngster In pay
the fare with.
"The boy Inlil lhe coin in hi- Until.
fat   lm ml   11...I examined it   closely  ami
•The conductor appeared    f.»*   the
lares, nn.l llie yoUlimter (.'live him the
half-dollar mlh owlish solemnity.
"The money waa pocketed nn.l M
cents in cliiuii'i* na* put in th. small
extended I.nml.
"As -non SI he .'..I Ihis ohsngS the
hoy laughed, wriggled in his seat, .nni
■hooted gleeful!) 1
" HI. in... In* Ink... the l.a.l hall-
dollar.' "
nhiit    an*   y loing
Haven't    you    mn
Friend    Why,
iu  the  kitchen I1    ^^^^^^^^^^^
Houses itt* 1 1 11 ..i.i'-i. bul -In* i- iu
Ini   11111111  |,l.,i ing ih.* piano,    I
The third sperm whale ever caught
in British Columbia waters was taken
recently on the west coast n wus a
monster and forty barrels ..1 oil were
taken from the head alone, netting
ih.* whaling company ll.lofl The
total value ni the whale being 10,000
Mr   P. Latitude
whal Ihey teem.
Mr.  I'   l.iiintii.i
Things are selilon.
for example,
1 Cinnamon hear steak is not ut ull
like spiosd roast beef.—American
Unequalled   Purity—Strength—Flavor
LEAD PACKETS ONLY. 40c, 50e, and 60c per 1b-
Fond of
flood.  80
are ws. Tbat ia, ii it's
grandfather or grandmother. But
gray hair and only 401 Here ie a
fact: Hall'a Vegetable Sicilian Hair
Renewer always reatorea color to
gray hair.   6u.pi falling hair, alao.
Sor .lis wh.sksrs snd mo,,.,.rl.. wa make
KirrillNQHAM'H UK n r..l..,■ a n... brown
MiittllMifl    HI* IIAl.I.eil. . N-mhaa. N. H.
Flag    of    the    Campbells    Ones    Mora
Flutter! In the Breeze on the Tower
of   Inverary   Castle.
Greatly to the satisfaction of all uo t
Scotchmen, the I1a_ of the house ol
Campbell, known up In the north as
"The Galley of Lome." once m *re flutters ln ihe breese on thc tower of In-
vernry Caetle. ahowlng that the
strangers have departed from the ancestral abode of tbe Dukes of Argyll,
and that the Campbells have come to
tbi :r wn again, wrltei the Marquise
i 1 ■*. iy. True. It la not the Uuki
of Ari-yil h.mitlf wbo Is in r. sldencs
there but his youngb'-r brother. Lord
Q«om Campbell, who has t,k*.n ov.*i
the lease of the place from Mr. Green*
will, its recent t«nant. fjr the remainder of the fuur years that lt has 10
run. Mr. Cresswel] was only too anxious to get rid of the place. 1'or there
ll an old superslttl .n ln Scttl.ind. and
especially In the County of Argyll, to
the effect that the occupancy of Infer*
ary Castle brings misfortune to any
one who Is not a Campbell. Certainty
the experience! of the tenant! of the
place, sine iru* present duke Ot
to let It after the d_th of his faih-r
would se-im to lead 0 inr to the story.
For during the six years that have
elapsed since then, several less.-*.*s have
succeeded one another, two of them
dying suddenly, while a th'.rd was overtaken by financial disaster. No wondt-r,
therefore, that Mr. Cresswell has -been
glad to give up rhe place.
Inverary Castle as It now stands ll
one of the works of the famous architect Adam, who began lt In the yeat
1744 for the th'.rd Duke of Argyll. Ths
banks of the River Aray have, however, been the home of the chiefs of thi
great clan of Campbell for more than
500 years, and the ruins of the old bar
onlal hall, built by the first E .rl ol
Argyll, are still to be seen close to thi
present castle. The latter Is constructed of a sort of slate Colored stone In
the castellated style, with round 1™
ers at the angles, and surmounted by a
great square t wer In the centre. The
Sreat hall of the castle, which la be
neath this central tower, Is filled with
ancient armor and weapons, comprising 100 muskets which were used in
1T45 by the Campbells, when "Prince
Charlie." as pretender, had a'.l Be it-
land up In arms Cine side of the castle slopes down towarda I-nch lr*yii»
one of the m 'St famous and beautiful
of the lochi of th» western Highlands
The history of the Campbell! Is the
history of Scotland. N 1 family has
■borne a larger share ln the trials and
triumphs of that n r.hern kingdom
than the c'.in of which MacCallum
Mure Is the chlt-f. It Is owing to this
that the name of Invtrary figures s
frequently both In Scottish hi-inry and
Seilti-h !i-t r.vur'. and lt will be fain
lliar to every reader of the n v* Is .1
Waltar Scott Hums, too, has been
eloqut nt about ths castle In his p.ien.s,
though In nn unfriendly strain. Poi
failing to reenlve proper hospitality on
the part of the duke of his il.ys. wh, n
h.* visited the casile. he revenged him
self by th" following well-known lines
Wh.icYr he be that sojourns here.
I pity much his case,
T'n' m h.   ** "ii" to wait upin
The lord, their god. his grace.
There's  nac-thlng  here but  Highland
And Highland cauld and hunger;
If l'rovldence has sent me hire,
'Twas lurcly In his anger.
Inasmuch as the union of the pres
ent   Duke  of   Argyll   and   of   I'rlncesi
Louisa luu remained childless, the next
heir to the dukedom and to the many
other dignities and estate! Is his bro
ther,  Lord   Archibald Campbell,    who,
being a rich man and an enthusiastic
Highlander, devoted to the maintenance
of all the old customs and tradition! of
the  land of  the  north,  may  be  relied
upon  not only  to establish his  head
quarters at   Inverary.   when   he   luc
ceeds to the dukedom, but likewise ta
revive  all  of   Hi   former  glorias  »nJ
Lord Archibald, tn whom the Scotch
regiments of the British army are In
debti '1 for the retention of their di!ilnc-
tlve kilts and tartan! which tha War
Department was bent upon abollihlng
tn 1SS1. ll to-day ths senior partner
and most active manager of Coults'
bank, where both the King and Queen
keep private accounts, and which he
ent.red on tho n mlnatton of Lady
Bunlett-Coutts five and thirty yean
ago. Prevloui to that he had held a
clerkship In a firm of wine merchants
nt Bordeaux, and hiul afterwards spent
four years in a sanillar capacity with
a firm of tea brokers ln Mincing lane,
I, rd Aroblbald'S cult for everything
Scottish has led him to organise the
so-called "Highland Association."
which does for old Highland music
much of the same work as the Elstedd-
f'tl d .es for the Welsh folk songs, and
the movement has accomplished a greal
deal towards reviving the old Highland
spirit by emoi.raging the children to
sing the purely national alra to th*
music of the clarsach, as lhe ancient
Highland harp Is called. Lord and I-ady
Archibald are talented people, and the
open air performances of Shakespearean plays at Coombs hill, their place
at Kingston-on-Thames, were, at one
time.  (gmoUS.
Lord Archibald Is a wonderfullj
clever artist with his brush, and was
an Intlinnte friend and close associate
of Whistler. His only daughter, Mlsi
Blspeth Campbell, an extremely hand*
I .nu' girl,   possesses tbo queer ai m
pltlhment f .r a woman of being afclt
to piny the bagpipes, Her only brother, Ninll Campbell, who has shown
elrong leanings towards Iton.an Catholicism, has SO far shown no ilgn ol
wlahlng to marr.v       	
placer mining In iiniiHii Columbia
1. being ivvivi'.l. Old t'urib.iu up
pears to be .... lbs eve of a big ruah
uml tbs days of '49 may be repeated.
ton t»ai
■  l''r,00N£r blSCUITACHNOY   CO
To His
Pleased Customers'
The wise grocer studies
his customers—knows their
likes and dislikes—knows
that his best trade want
Mooney's Perfection
Cream Sodas
He lets them know that
he has their favorite biscuits
—and sees that they are nor
asked to buy something "just
as good," which is NOT
as good.
Grocers who want to please their
patrons tlwsys have Mooney's Per.
fecrion   Cream Sodas.     In their
hygienic packages—ait-nghs
and moisture-proof.
Three hundred lines better 'than sticky paper.
Sold by all DrupgUts and General Stone
and by muil
A   Brave   New  Yorker
A  ur. i1   ' rosed,  ezi ited  eq i»llj   hj
■urpriie   nini   admiral.un,    surrounded
11 young iii'iiiiin at  >i\in i.if.iti,- a.._
'I'wellll   tlllltl    -tle,t     _!»*!» Iil.tl       attel-
int.'ii. ..11. tlu* \,*ii l"iK \\..iM Une
hoard iuch oouuaeirta from rl, shop-
pen 11-
Sb,.  |. 11   liiltnlii*
"Iiiiii  brave ihe ia."
si,.- dam to appear thus
Th, ■*. 1- iiuiithei  ui.11..ti   tike Ini
dull nn,* peraou, irboae .il'"u*- wen
... sharp Bl Iht chin. M,!ihi1,*l a .ns-
i.ti'liiin 11.tie She cried, acidulous-
ly :—
** Her aniii. me misshapen, perhaps.
1       hi- 1,  mi  il..*  Fringe ol  tha
crowd, asked eat_ othei
Who 1- -her* What bai -lie .lone?
Win   ,l,i thej aeeliiini her-"
I'.,   imi   lint   see."   eviltnitlli   *-!iullt-
«1 ..  num.  iili.. thr.isi   himiell  out  ..I
ll.e   elntiii      "She    is   iln*   ..nil    null,an
in Ntn   York with nerre   enough    to
near   Loug   -leevt's.*'
by local applications, as they cannot
reat 1. the iltst-am-il pi.lllini ot tbe ear.
There Is only one nny tu curt* drafnean,
nnd tl.at la by Boasututtana] remedies.
OiofncPt*. Is caused by an tntlarne.1 eon-
liri'in of the mucous lining ot the Euet-
t til in Tube. When this tube Is Inhumed
inflammation can be taken out and Ihis
neai Inn. und when it is ent Inly closed.
ll. afn.-Hi. Is the result, atnl unless Ihe
rr'.iinnintiitii can be taken out and this
ul., reatured to It. normal condition,
n.tiiim   will   be   destrove.I   forever;   nine
ts.s out of len nre eeused tn* t'atarth,
which l» nothing hut an Inflamed con-
ltlion or th,* mucus- sur-fures.
We will Slve On,. Hundred Dollars for
inv case 01 Deafnessfcaused by f'atarrhl
hai cannot i" cured bj Haifa Catarrh
?ure.    Send  Tor  circulars free.
I"  .1   1 'I I F.N KY   A  CO.,  Toledo.  O
Sold   bv   DruSKlsts,   75c.
i ik,   Hall's Knmllv Pills for constipation
Irving'i  Carefulness.
Blr Henry Irving was accustomed to
visit al the home of Miss FrlswslL
author of "In the Slxtlea and Seventies." in which volume appears the following anecdote: "My mother often
used to point out little details that had
been ..verlooked. 1 remember ons In
The Bells.' which my mother told Mr.
Irving on ths tirst night, when hs returned to our house to supper. People
who have seen the play may remember
that the first scene is a imsJl inn. and
that there Is supposed to havs been a
deep fail ot snow. Ths lnnltevper, Matthias (Irving), wnlked In on that first
night In ordinary black boots, with no
■now upon tlieiii. My mother spoke ot
It, and afterwards Matthias wore high
black boots, and stood on tho mat while
the snow was brushed nit them. Its-
marks were made as to Mr. Irvlng's at-
lenti .ii 10 lhe minutest details, and this
was died aa an Instance."
A Lonij Lived Wheat 6tsck.    •*"**■
There Is a wheat stack In Aleby, a
village ln South Lincolnshire, that la
making history, lt has been standing
in the farmyard of Mr. PhlUp Sulby
for tiifiiiy-seven yeara. The grain Is
said to bs In excellent condition, and
there are many stories ss to why the
owner has kept II Intsct for so many
years one Is that he determined
never to sell the corn for less Uian a
cerium sum. which was never uffere*.
W    N    U   No.    59S
■ _■
r   .1
.    -..:     f ...
I- Printed hi I'i 'i   i.:,;.;.* by, mi- Pu
: t I . 'i.ii. n...   ."•'!      ll LSI ••■ .'• ;•
T.i* Kit"   I     -    ' *'   '"   I   li.i. -t it *■ sp-ni.1
mi.le   ,   .      . ii     • is ,i , ...ui," ;:,*■;,u,..[-
. pie... I ru ' •   ,ii.. -•'   •    -
All I." lis . ■  '   *•!    *   •   . .1      "!.    *-
Haul-.   |H    . ..   I '    Ivl.U. |ie.      ^
. ■Illieenvh -'ll. .iv;.t,tt.l   ;,t..ill".l . '        ' "t
Terms ■      ...     ii and otl.er adi ■ ■* '-fn
„  ll      I  '     Ir,.       ,*   I      ,-■■ .- *   * .     *   .-,        M
B ...se. '  i ... .,i "ii a.
.*—    .    -s-
Nuvii ;
Jn ll.e mall   r of tl    .'        .. '..! am
Amei. Iiim   I
"n I ..* i o .ill, I Wer    '.'
I lil'l ,,•:,       I *       '  :■■'     .       I"*l .11-1.
'..'■''• | I  .      lit'.
plain   :' ■ . anil
iii *, -i   \ -   .. '
!...:.   B,t ' ••■   . ■
Pn. - r of Ull 1
I ..i*  ■ f .1 in.'.
I.,"    ... .    . il  Im
I .    .      ,i... lion  nl i   ■    ■  i i "I..-   s;
'   .
'i   . ......
('n n." :*i i ci i ■•!' 1 mi', tor packing of Mining supplies, ecu
. * . i' *•   i' '.i  : -■ t-i-i.
• I.*.:     ,,,  .   111.  1   .111    WOrk   llll  I.  I'..:.,*,:   ..ll.ll'l.llle.-
l'.lll     i.l'*.*ll   I* ' s     *.     ■   .
S, !>AfoEYt Prop.    Fergusons
•"tiT:h-A-V:*;.r<'u*'l'::'J'- *•  '
.,!,(.'...n.i.,,,,.. uu - .,-,.,.,K*.,..,i,.i..'...s
 in , e'ii.'ii: ilk.. 'i",;';V|. M'
j ; U   ',l I.. , ;    .1 * il     ■   .'•
U'l,vie   I ■  ..   I.  I'.        Il   '*.*    ' '"'■
r.i,     II nl| . .1 M    I
] mil..' '.■     * .,     ..■'    N. •       ' *   *  * ■'' '">'
j r*,*:in>, l'u   : :■;'. a  • ,: i-rli-ml
i N., r;'.'. . \  i ..Iili. fi*,  .' ■ ■
j lenit m> days* i. i ■:<■   I ■      '  ' '}
i tn l,i* Mini;!.' li. n.i ;,.*.  -,; i ,* ■
] In,iu |    "i !•■;.-
j   111.*   I'l-i.HM   '.•r.rii's      |  (I*   *;,,,."''       *     • _„
An.l lurili'nr  tu.i l'll*tl   fjcliol
niuler section  "r inrrsl  be i
i  :„i,*  he luusnce of such conltleuiool
Improvements.      Datedthe ■Hlidavul
\ i.v. A. !>..  llll''
JrQutLoke UVery
Freighting       1
A M|,U|1V°
Stable* it Tro::t Uko,
LAKEVIEW HOTEL! trrout lafte   mnwcmmm
;...   .:::! *"-      •  •    '■"•' '    *   "-       ' *y*.«r     l Hy U3*ni; Water supplied    y
till a ter
■ff-Rorr i ug_ n.
'he lm*. ii m A i rn
tun t*i |t..n!.ii i ■
—«wi-   £_____.
' '""TV*.      '."
'   Dal. .      *  ■
Bar weii Supplier! with Lienors & Cigars
1....    I     *• ri.iirii \<o nn-.   Kjivilf.u! ( ui-jii. * and Att^i.lni'.s-*.*.
a\   Companv you aro *\s*urc 1 4
•_•   lute | f.ri'y     i i. \* inn ent  .1 ■ •
Alios mfner * .•  in   :
' Kootenai* >;
SllOttlP    OO. tobwk.uprtatwiw.ti..
""*'   ^Y  L Hugh McPherson - - Supt.
%tb. mto^MMto'Wto
When •■limit of "liver
Cup mountain el head ■> Brown creek, ,
fas   notice thai I, Ai I »w Abraham*
"-.ii I* M.C. No. : 1   it for John 1
0    l'ti-r.    F.M l'.   S 1.    1 ss,,;),   an I .
Cl si * -    .'.;*     rn. -*.'     r.ii r.    No.
£88 ~2,   luten I. ual ■     .m Ue.*
iate      hereof,      to  ' |J>] ft     to      t!;e
Minin;  Kec -lor foi   i'  '.  1:..; -ate  .*'
-   Of   Ol-
ta'ir -   [        *   '  r. ■ a'..",*.
■-'. 3: r.
Ar: I   .'*        r  * tl •■ •     • .,,*tion
nn.r.* ■   ' •
■■  in.
Dat.    '      "■ ' day of June, i.b, I OP
W. H. Jones, W00D
loose    leaf    Hinders,    Kins   Job
Hardware,  Ulnars'  Br   plies, >to»e
and Kangei
*" • I ICE.
■ U icral Claim siluA-'
ted Hi . M "In Di*, li ..'.
jVi     '     • i
On Lo *..!; mflel
•unrrli ci leu lei:    *
Take :■ .   ..   >'. ('. EHiott.j
Pre     V :•.*•:     .   .. .     *      >     B88187,
:iciiii_*   £r 1    .r I        -   (nuere, •
M 11 r  1 •■ tiftcat   N .. !' 8094, in-j
■•**•-. r 1   *.    •
Ug-fi       1     r* ;,.r al
.-•   .   :  r  the
:  I'.ailt 01
A1. • * .* ..t :n\ *  ;-. *       that  action.i
.1    ., m .mmrnreilj
befor. :.    . Certtfl  it.
D      :  this   -Jr I day ol Ju!y.,  i.n '
*.* :i :' .'*       -i* lavs]
Einror.li Ho'.i.-l
1        Comi ■■!   ian.i
■   ■
lei ii*.. t i*     •   ■   Ko. 1-1
Con ■     • -. pott.. '•■   ■
■ '  -  n.a'K .1'
.1 '        ---•-•   rn* -'
*    ' '
ainnp river "^an'«   lo ■  nm
-■:•■■   ■■ -I. .:ii-IMMOX>.
Dal id June SO, 1906.
K Lice  . .1) tlirit 6'M
dnys after elite I intend to nj.j'Iyi
'to the hon. I 11 immissioner of |
Land.- and Works tofpertnissi in
tu purchase the Ibiloftnng describ. d
land siturted id West Kootenay
Commencing at a po.-t planted
bali a' ml Poplar
bn'r.ortii sideol Eardoriver, mark
e.1 ' A. 'J .-.liri.'*-; -.i\' oofner i'n.s: 'j
'thence eastSP chains along  iii*tr*:
Lank,   thence  nortii   40    cl
thence   meet   SO
south -iu eh .ir •  to point oi 1
', June 27; 1906,       A. Qoyiso.
Notice is ben •    *
days in ■ r date  J in:, nd to ...
■■I', lieation to th   |     f'Ci -..r.iis-  .,
■   if Land.  1 nd Works  for
permii ion to pu'ri h foil i'w-
ing   .1 * iribed   11 led  at
Galena  Hay. U'.-t Koo
trict, r.inl descril . .a.
Coram, ijcina af .*.  . . d T.
Wati 'ti'*- S.E. corn. ; • p] ...t.*,l
at theS W. cof. of f.'.::_' Arrow-
bead Lumli.r Ci'- timber limit),
thence  Welt  40   ch inf.   lij
h 2 I chaini    tl
chaii north   .
l"..nt .*. coram, nreu.i m. and ., 1
»ii *     "      rei        T, *.Vatso.v.
Dal   ' ! 1   22nd, 19 iff.
Excejk.it    Accommodation
Best Liquot s
And Very finest Cigars   Ht
John Simpson,      Proprietor.
■w, f .-»       .*.        lengthy trip can often
i^fritM^fM')      Ar?      11 i>    at I .Ti'iiii'ii: Cummins' Btu
/VlCllltV>J       -WV       SWV.   |.Hk,..l'.'.tin:iiv: aluoatltea
it r^y*' ,0 one tl.e Telephone     A
lengthy trip .-an often be p.ivetl.   Offlcei
' Store ; Trout
alon, C.in-
nplix ati.l Arrowhead
\rfIOLE8AJJ*: DEAl.ERa in IUittcr. i —
I ie*.   t'lioe^e,    Produce    ami   Fruit
Houston Hk., I isephins St. N'clson, ll.C.
Trogj  Lake   City Transfer
and Stage Line.
J Ferguson
n Trout Lake u
I Beaton
ij Dclly Stage will j
W leave  F.rRi;son
7 ii it.
Trout _,<*■_e at 8
g      in eomtsctk s.
tttyfiflWi WA tf ^ tft-vS
Best Hqfeijn Town,
Kpiei. Ir Miiiius ni Coaflrtl Mei
LennOXVlIle       Waol,rc;airing,   ek*.    All  (fork
.. . uuannteed
<5— Hotel, ofliffe Elocl Tram Lain, p.C!
E. MOBBS. PROP- — r ■ : ■
Hotel and
Ceneral Store
A. M. Craig     Wm. Crawford
Imperial  Bank of Canada.
II  ml      fr. .
T9RPNTP,   OMAk'^n.
CAPITAL  PAID   UP.    S3 827,T4t.lt
TOTAL  ASSETjS 3V ,T Tr) 8 I 2 S ' '
D.8 wn Kii:. iTe.ii. ni ROBRKTJAJ 'BAY.     * "im.
BRANCHES    in  Ihs   l*r»vii   ••< "I   *\ I'.-rt.., Sa.kil.   I • ,
M.1.11! ba, I inl ni   an I Queu
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT.     DspositS r-..... I  , it allowed sl '.<■•.
i i.rrei.l ru'*- (■ .        .
TUSCAN    I.OlHil^      i.r»i*. old »vuii»iie in a   parti   *  »t-.i«.
No. 311.
A I    & A.M
B   C
I'i Ile4 Mnl. ■ k*. I  I i ini
Sjeetil ilirt'l'   u   | ».*..  u< ^    .-•  ■■   i • ml
Mlnins ii*
^^vK nri1 Thimi''i'e6cb
'    \S nio-.tli.
fojourniiig llrutliren eortlialir ilitfUeO
(.  ForJ ire !.*=,,*   . .1'. Cam; ' ell.W.M
rK'iCT   I.AKK   LODGE    1. ti.n.K    I
•.*,.   .1
Tn. i t l..tk.> Baas h -
ii. i.. ki :n.
;.... tl
Satidy Laughtor,
HEN *»isiting Fergnson yoa
fI.oiiWI stay nt the l^tnlpati
Hotel.    lien*   tl..*   visitor
will   be   suiroiiudL"!   with
Iiojijc com fur I a.   Escelleul
cuisine,     well   ventilaie.i
and    warrn    rooms,    well
■toekei] bar, and evejrythlng which
lords towards  iiinkiii£ yi.'ir vi-it a
jil.'.i.-.ii.t and iuctnoial.il.' one.
I:*,*.*.*, from J! .lay upwards.
We atrivo tu pleaso onr patrons.
<Jbe Dotd J5gaton
___   BKAION. O.C.   - ■
F. B. Wells
cash pmcus paid. RBmhs&Co
Review Job Dept,
I'ur High Class Work.
(?) K
.     AflLCK.    .       K.'1'i.'nr -t.trilen litis In j ft ^-^     **
■■fC^v '        -'   Barber Shop
O.JasobSDa. n o.*
P. M  «li-»p!=«ra. K-k*  . '
«s assaying
(ioMnrSj|T*;r $1 Ml
Gold and RITrsr fi 00
Silver and Lea4         ..   IM
Cn|ipiir    I no
?i;_ f] 50
5   SHANNON,   .ssayer
Trent I.ako. 11. C.
ron a —
(iond Shasc or Hair Cu|
. iii".
William Schnell,
Ho: and Coid Eaths
f,i»   !.  H.-'iii'ir. J   A. Ilarrrx
Wlior.i:.SAI.F.   ANI>    RETAIL
Dealers la all kir.ds ..f Frusl. M. it: BOLICnOB8, Kr<
THOI  F I.A KE. B.(, |»oiir'...r. ior Imi erial n»..k .i..'»iih*i».
Barber Shop.
y t. ■ -i llati
Hi...    . ►•   ■
Ti.iji r i ii.r ■ ; **i
Hot. and   Ccld  Citht.
YISTTOI!.*: »r,-ivinp t'. n**nt,.n (tlie tliretiu.l 1 r,f the Lardean)
vii Arrowhead, will find tills lloiel t.. !«* fully ci).iippe.i
ft.r hifth-clan I'.ult. I*.Jtreliant •».■.•■•nun.nliiti.in. A w. II
sppolnteil snd spsciops dining hall. The best i.f \Vine?.8|ii.iig
■tmi i JL'nr*. Pertpnal kuporvliloh in given to the roquifsinenti ol
patronp  \ i-.ii .rs [o tl.e lardaau .sn rely op uonifurt at ll.is hotel.
p.B.N WILKIE, p.l.S.,
ri-pvincial Lai..] purveyor,
A'.incrul Claims Snrveytd
Slid Cro* n (irants Ubtalniid
HeililcBcc-Xcxt Ri      i'
M ■     • 'i "..ii Lake, n <•
'  PRl_n~'.     ELLIOTT,
Jrout 1/ikr*. it. 0.     .-.mi ferpipgon,
W. BOYD .;. -:- Prop
o> th5KS& - i* tm/tajf **e.-**3i-iri v .i*-»_**« ppBQ *.-* a
N *e   in   hereby   siren   that   two
in*.i '.••• nfter .lute I Intend io apply to
'. ii Chief Gninmltiionarof ljni.li
an i fiords far;. «i»*rini licence to nut
8ii.l earry miav I.inln.r from tho fol-
lotiing tlesi nl"'il I.ui'Ib tiliiiie.l in the
\V«*i|  K ioteoay <)it>triot .'
Coroinjsncing »t a cost marked l »*iie
Ilill'i loulh-west comer, iel sl norlh-
•rest I'.rner of j/.l 1H7, thenco north
ho chains', ibence tarn wi chaini', thefics
-nillli "11 liniinl, ihenee weit hOrlniiiii.
.o |K.iiit nf enniineriretnent.
X-l.-on Uih June, 1WX1. U.SI.IK HILL.
Notice il herel.v uiveii that two
months after date 1 Intend to apply
to tl.e Hon. Chief Commissioner o'f
Lands aiui H'orkH (or a rperial license
to cut ami earrv hwiv timber fron. the
following ilcirril.etl l:i:nl«, situated ill
the West Koote.iav district.
Cnmrhenrlng sf a post msrke.l l^tjlie
, .'„;,„" " A"V",!* "ill's »»'"tl' east .•omer. sol at ....r'.l.-
J. O. M(. HllA , ee*t corner of Lot 771. thence nortii 80
■ 'i-li'iiii'i.   ih, u.e wesl   .Hi  i laiiis, thenire
;.:ui| l..*iUl*:,Il. C. south (in ciiainn. ijieu.-ir fast 80 chains
to polllt nf eojiiiuenceinent.
Nelson, 13th June, lW)fi.     L-toi.is Un.l..
Notico   ii    hpre.by   given  lhat  two
Oiilnuc company*' interesta carefully
1 looke.l after.
i*gonlfoiiiuur;;(>'t Pianos
nionths afleriliiic 1  inlciul to apply lo
PIANOS.--Tin* famous Gourlay  ''"?!.'"", '?'"''r ""^:n'^ "' '•'""'«
ll,;    ,..     t~   V... .      *,*.    • .'    S'"' "'"kv fora   ipecisl   Ill-en-..'  lo .lit
U   tbe oiro  to buy.   it ia not a, and barrj ,!»,»• tlipber from  the fol-
leap piano when' ynn  Miy, bill  lowing doscMiwd lands situatird in thu
Vou fiiul you liavo practised ei   :•  fl '*' Kooteiisydl'trjft:
oioy when you Lav,. !,-(..!  and mr ^SulSA'* *^.^^ W?
.,,   i •!*     ...,                                   . Ilill s s'lilh-enut   corner p»i»t,   set   at
tin..I it.    WJierj  y..i;  wimt an in- north-essl corner bl Lot 76M, fjhsnee
ItrtrniBtit     bee   tiio   lim.]   K_efjt, ntortiHOchsins. thencr west 1Q0chains,
Wurruy.     |f.' ban ill von not with ""'■'"*' K""ih lo chains, thnneoeait 1Q0
_;l_ty_ ;nAtri'1 "vt :iii;i|l',^i-;li-''hiu,-:e:^r,'ni<!nt-
terms.   J. ^'. Moirny, local m;eut.'
i-Ielll Illl.L.
Ii, tlnitk
Ciingec Ai©
Ginqer Beer
I ron brew
Cream Soda
Champaqne Cider
Club Soda Water
Lithia Mineral Water
Thorpe (8_ Co.
Nrlontt. V. (£.
Pay the Printer.
kHBRE luiyp l.p.*n r.rlunes
in !•■ i.y ju.licibps inreat*
n.ent in Ileiil Estate, nn.l
m<.I.* rorljinrs will Ijp ninde tlmn
Beet !.■• n»-xt two pi three years.
Tl..* ..i.e wl. ■ reaps ll.e linricdt is
tlie original Investor, fqr he has
his i;i"iie_v on ii cpriainty.
N,.iv let us point out t<> \ou tlmt
t'.. r. |s i,<i but tur sptii on ibe Ooii*
Un nt io bay Roul KsUte than
Trout Lake li the prettiestepot
in thu kiNiteuays; hh u pleasure
r'f.it it has n.. i'i|.it.l. Hi.nlii.g
Mild Qshing may lie Inttliigwl in
the v«ar roppU | tfhile big gumu
in   :i!'iiiiil.iin*i:   is   to iho   I'i;.inil on
ilm hilju. fis rliii.ute is superb,
thore b> ing nogtvat extremes, tt
b.i..({ mild in winter and cool in
summer,    li c«ii bogit ..f tome ol
the finM hntel| und ngifleiiccs in
1'riiish Colombia. Its htr.'ctM nrp
well la;d out and i*ra<)><]. There
nr11 two ixoellrnt gBoeral itoreg,
and a glauco ut thr. ailvertisetneiiiB
in this, journal nill show that all
trades nre fairly Well r''l»ruHi*iit.*d.
U'lit.*  with confidencp t» Agents.
■   ■       , il      'I      bu    I
H. McPherson
Trout Lake, B.C.
■ -   :
■ HP
Lots can be
obtained on
Make your
selection at
Then call on
or  write to
I' bee never had n ' boom " its
growth Inm been steady. It is
ti..' head . f navigation, m .1
the terminal if tin* Lanh. biauFli
of lhe tin. All I*..'i U ii,. c o
Urdc**.u) l.-ml jo Trout Pake. It
is iiii* eommen lal <■< nire i f lha
ii>!..st miners I district .... the
.■'.iiiiiniit. and l.ns !.... kinc f.n ii,.
Ild prntldtd I.y lhe l.i-.iinl
Bank of Canada . flrel class school
mr. ion., da iii ii in dei i!.i <:ir* .*•
tion <f 8. Bhannon, I: A ; * ri„J(i
wnier djsti n,; gnyeriimciil nffioes ;
('. iinij Courl sittings; .M,t|„ dial
Episcopal ni,| AukIk'hd chuwLes
and cottage liorniial,
There ure rglpabla ranch landa
"" '1 taklrts nwaitiiiL' Bntkrn.
Its lumber resouirca are mngnifl
01 it. nn.l n   l.i.ml raw i„j||   -,,,,1, n
ospscity of 60.000 fr. per day Ip hi
He   lend of the lake.    Tie milifffl
tributary ara proving nut blggrr
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F. B. Wells
General Agent
Revelstoke, B.O.


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