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Lardeau Mining Review 1907-01-10

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mm xm
*. fr wj iiMylkMry*   ^^^EU
I      V
Has a liugei circa
Jation than any
Newspaper in J-T
Kootenay Best ad-
v eititii (j   in ilii n.
■ .tr. i    a.,iM^^wwf
eau Minin
JAN 19 1907
Tiie ripitsentatfvp
oi the rich Lardeau
ccrintry. 3sat t->
any auuitae for '41
per au. in advancw-
VOL. 8
101 t'i  10   111 IMJl'li^X 1tn.■V.'Kfll
')'■! If , M tlartsr, "f  to wV. niitv.r
ki.      inv* hue irsitfetttd   hit   hi
Tcrc-t In the Balttm rjaiii Urook'yt-
Tako nottr-s iimi I, u» uinlfralgneJ
io-'irfiii'i uitb vou t*. t'i.1 UsIUuiere
siM llro-'UIji mineral claims
ilaltn, Mtusivon h'orth foiiol t.sr.lsau
rlvsr IK n.ilss Irom Fory'isotj
ln the Troul Ink*.' Mining Ditlslonof
WcM Kcj'.il.iy, have ■-. -|. rmt'l tht.
necessary .virk tin 1 tu-sde the iir*.*»t»try
eanenditurs on tl.r r.'.. ■*.*• mentioned
.laim    f..i   the yam      1 u:! t\ In
,rdn i". Iml.l the lams un U*r t.* -ion 'U
of Ihi ilii.ntu. Art, soil lha tears (or
-which raid woik vis ;»•'.'. «... r.l and es-l
prndltuiT u n It- having SSpired, | herr-
...v give you Belles thst 11 wltlnr.90 days
trom the Ant publication l..*i#o! ynu
Iill cr relur* to contribute your ptOOOf*
• .*• io- »'... . nl such txitii.'I.inn s.i-1
i-jy ths coils uf this S'ivcrliMi..t!i.l )..'■)t
Lit (rest in ths Sal'l uiinsrsl rlsi'i. will
1'Kotne lbs i>r..|*erty nl thv unloriigns.)
tm let tn 1 by virtna of sec-dun 4 ol ths
Mint-al Ad An*ii'l '.»nt Act, l'*'i<J.
D»'»-i at Trout I nkt thia 4th day nl
Dcccir,ber. ll/ijA.
L, TB0UPSO3 ani   W   WALLER.
Co Or.ua n
' t H    >I. Cuter ot to thitasoetei ha
may bare tiaualerrod his Interest In
the pArrt'.v m I'c.ly sod Cunndts.. Hoy.
Take notieS that we   lha urnlertliri.-..I
■i»o owner* Sill, yoa in ths   Pansboi^
1 r. '.y        and    the      Canadian    Bey
mineral tlalir,, aitusle Mitctnh era*
ildeol I.ardoail creek, ne.*i ge-.cu Ml'.a
n the  Jr . -.  Lake mining .ii\>ion cl
'.V. Ki■- ivi ;v, have ;**rfot:n«l tha necessary work sni u.nde the i.rcrimryt-x
yer.ditnte on   ab'jvr-inentioned  cLlai
or the yt-urt 1905 &l9fl4, In order tn hold
tha t j ine under kcUcii 24 ol lhe Mio-xi*-
ul Act, acd tha war for tihirh raid
work wat performedhavingexpired, w,
hei .-by f,\\e tout;
TROUT LAKE CITY, B.C. Jan   lOib, 1907.
No. 11.
Xetice is hsrrhy givoa tha qO
days after the first pu'iii.*\lion of
thia notes in t'ie British Cilura
biiUm-tte I in'c.id io aiply to
the Hui. Chivl Commissioner
of r.s.-nis ni,d Works for 4 upcciul
lkcnca to cal and carry away timber trom thc following dtMrlbjd
land*? situaul in   West Kootonav
McKAY should be
Commencing at a j>o»t planieJ
be.twuen GJcn Cretk and llomder
Creek, } rn.le from tba Tr -ut Lak,
wagon roid, marked "Malco'm
Uraten'.. 8'.Mil east t-ori.'i past"
thenre norlh SO   chum",    ihecc
Four yours ago, Ciipiial was
itfiaid ef British Columbia, by
reason of its unceltled lolitkal
slniatim. Ths Province was
practloally hankru t; our indus
die* ivcrc lying undevelo|e*J bv
r-aeon of su-.*!. conditio't.
After   thi en years   if Conse-va
live rule, wc fin*1:
Financial   afl'aiit    <n  a  1 uci
basis; ci|.iia!  looking  for invest-
mint,    rur    t'mW and   niineri.l
j rcoiirccs bsiii-j deyel oped.
NEIL   •
Unanimous   Choice of Delegate;
at thc Kaslo Convention.
(C .ntinucd from Oolamo 4 )
A:    tbi)     LiV-r I'-Crij'.-rv.Uiic
wot 80 chnins.   ihenee  south 80*
chains,    thence e.ist SOchiir.s   lu
p unl r.f roir.incr.cemeii'
Loos led Decvmbcr 2Cth 19C6
Mulcolm Beaton, Lt>raf>r.
Notice is hereby given tha'. §0
days afier tiie ara  publioui-m  cf
Uo is a min who—m h> piivate
lif *, is as straight a» a die, and can
bia Oaictte, I intend tn apply  to|,t da^wlsd 00   to   be   eotully
Convention at K.n-lo o-. the 7ti.
luaf, Neil MacK-v. at present
Dcp'Hy Minister r.f the-Lands a.'d
Works Deiinrnnsi't, «-as ths unan.
mous choice a-. cai',d:date for the
Fred C   EHiolt, of Trout Like,
tv.is a gooJ ecco-d,  a.d when  lhe
President    annoti red  Iho result,
Mr. EllioH    immediatsiy   moved
to mak-* the vote un aiim mi.
The H .n. It I", Greon   was t'ie
tko-oisuh .knowledge,    not only of |fire, rh„ice o{ ,h„ ....mention,  and
Hid tip,    but   of  the   wnole'
ANCIS,     or  do    V"i:    wet*
Ui has had practical experience
sssub head of the big, spending
dcjiiirtuieTit at Victoiia, and   has a
W- Tint no UllgS but !*inrt'.l loll—
Uo srowne bot crri«*n» < I ittli
Ko*. ro**al birth, but «',-rling worth,
Must tr.'trk IU* inau trho Imcie
vines lit large and  our   riding in
purlieu'sr   by   our   member,   the
Hon. R F. (ire-fn,   and  to a»sure
him  of  our continued confidence
aid tnpinrt.
"Beiolved, t'*nt *e bc'ieve thst
1 he hist interests ..f  the province
will bo cot.gervrd by  tho  coniinii- j Ell» ^'heeler Wllcot
anc • In power of the M'Bride gov-1 	
einment, ns during the pas'. Ih'eel
years 'heir j.olicy has ben of a
constructive and progr raive nature, wl.iio 'lv nppusitl'.n have
been devoid of a«y avowed policy
xc-pt   that of obstru. ti >u.'*
ibis notice in ths  Brii'th  Colum
.hu  lion. Chief Coramis-ioner oi
Lsnds ami Woiks  for a eprcial li-
,-V.lTri!^'\'inJ0 ccn- to cat snd cany s
data (-ota  tr.u flr-st publication bere0
tali fail or relate to contribute yo'ir pifi
i0 li'.nste thnra c,(  torb aspendltu ,
._J .L. .    -,     .1.1.  ..!._' _ll
aincl ytv 'I'e ior* til thia sdvertlt-tn'o   |
vour Intefeet tit the -il.i uunaral clti"'! Jistiict
straight in hi- public life.
A lea.l'ng  Liberal  of tho coast
said:—," 1 h.* D.partmcr.t of Linda
her from tbe falliwin^ d-ac ibe.i and W..*rka are never s> ably
'a*..d situateJ   In   W'eEl   Koolenav
•«ill bjctni-.e the iirr.|wrtv ot theundervi
Cr*,^*nT(.-n^ at a post punted{<«'n We oimtnistratio.t,
»-.t-ni'j nnder md b virtue rt ttciiot.* I     Oonaifl
M the -Miami Aci Amvnd_.ni  Act | , ^^ Q
it was only nfter repealed refu-als
that the convention ' roceedc-d to
fur:her nomina-ion-
Th* Conve-.tion tvis lnr-:«h* a'-
tended, every part of the Ridinc
b-inj teprc-entcd.
The ofii' crs olecled s ere ap f
Hon.   Pies:--Hon.   R.   Me'v;,1
r Hon. Vice Prea.—Hr,n. R F. Cr., M.*I n* ? ir l*->\e,l   upon   ns  the
L.:?_Tl^L!!_f? W" ^'iPiesidct-F.   0    Elliot.;     VW«Moii.s"-he will lead  the  Li'*er
jPros-Ang-as Camph.*!!,   S-.-.    C.'ele from ibn cold  »r,d  fh-dy  up-
bandlev, aa by McK <v,
Maclone'l, Leader >.f iha Pro-
vin-'ial Libera is. hr.s c'ain.erl that
tbo present Qotrirnmant f* a co-
slitio'i of Co'-p- rvativea and S'.cial
iat5, bas bewailed 'h'* fact, and bus
s'aied thnt s'mu'd he l>c elevated
to the premiership, he would gire
the government a ''cood Liberal
a i:ni dUratiin."
Well, It* w-s n-miioeted the
otber dav at Rm> laid, dnd h,'
plainly r-t«te"d he was ru*.. ing a-
a Labor-!, bare I can J date
"Co'V.; enr.'-/,   tb«u urt a j?^cl "
Tated tbla   It'* Amy  nt
IV.ii 1. (. Xiasraia <m
L. Tn-.-airaos. '
len Cicek  and  Bntilder      All receive lhe satas treatracat.
De.ainte', *.o j Oreek,   about i of a mi e notili * f
•   -,wuert. j rroul'*lkkr  ws-jan rond,   marke.l
) |"Kd. U.liniii.s 8outh-wc«t corner
' poft,      thence   north   8*5   ch*i:*i
thence east 80c*.iins, ibence B'-U'li
SO chains,    thenee west EO chains,
t« point of co-nuicncemei.t-
l-o-ated Deccm'.er 20tb. 19:c.
Ldllillnun, LosatO**.
•■'u sresluaia in et.-A i.unnnr  il
• -■•j use    riialna Sun" Flour
A   M. CkAUi, Apent
Notice ll hereby ^-iveti that 601
days after tbe ftret pnblieatian of I
1 b's notice In the Bntiih Colum--
bia Oatelie, I •nteud to apply to'
tie Hon. diet Commttsionei of'
Lsn.lt au*i Woiks fur a sp cial I-i-,
itiuii to rut and csrry awuv lim*I
ber from the follosriiiR drscrilied ."
landi eitualed in West Koolao.y   |    No,,ro .m hfrnt)T ^^ y,^ will.
No. 1 Commencing si a poaljin two month* from the first pun-
li.ntrd on the north aids of Pop- li'a'.ion hereof in the Britith Col
i^r Creek ubout thr-e miiei frnm omnia Gsi tie, I Intend to apply
L.-.r.i*. r*irr msrired Q E. Rt\eil'» 'n the Hn-i Chief C<immi«**i..ner of
N E, 'crner post; fhencs scat WO Lands and Works for special lieen-
ci-im; ths.ee sjulh 40 chains; tee to cu* a- d carry away timber
thonce cast 100chain*; '.bvnee nor- from the Ldlcwing datrribed landb
th 40 chnins hack to place of com shoaled in Weil K'.otenay.
loc-.cemenl No   ,       Commpnci„R k, , ro„.
LocaledJCav.89tb. 1006 ipl.n.t.d on Um weat side of Camp
Norman McLelleo. Agaot |0»e_,   »boJt half mile from iir
No 2.   Oomcncneing at .1 post
jd.nted OH Ihe n  rtn s'de cf   Pop-
John Keen wus tho man 1 h se 1
'y tiio Lbcra] Convention at Lardo, i<> bj tttor 's'andar.l bearer
It. tbo cooiinp, e'netion.
Ku<n   is   a   capable   man  ].0"t o{ Tr„'
I n, B"nnee, Treisurcr—J.   -An Vr-
IsOn,   Chairman <f Executive   .1.
C. Murray.
Tho 1.Ight following the onnven'-
l.->n a largely attended pu'dic nice*
ing was held,  al. which   F.  C  Hint L;«k-».   was the prii-
anergatlc  and   w*'!  p sted.    and>„
,,  _ v   . ,    c.psi epe-jlicr.       Bia address wss
being tn old Conservatne,   »U«. logksa,  m%i  tordb^    ar„, :l,,,,C(1
i speaker*
Hurra v
; •■ iri ■!.. to 'hu wnrm an 1 comfort
hfe *-• ms in t 0 Treasury benches.
\\ .1.   h.- n.iu*'',    btt  ''history
■ i" n itself,"   rind it t >ok  Mo«ee
4*. vear- to do the job—awuy  beck
in   B.h'ical   limes   "ni   wo   fee!
.'■ rfiicn' that thc mid.rn   ktoeee
will not be  any   in pro^ement on
tr.c anci nt one.
[Utire later no }
>ottue if litre by given
,*,;,!  (jo M".«sra. <V'*k'e,
tityn afiu tiit publication ofjmery, Yuill and Craig also deliv-
mis noli-'O in ib" Britieh Coj. Jered eborl addre-Fes, all predict-
umbia Gazette, I intend to na ^ |Dg n victory an Feb. 2nd, for ihe
spplicaUon to the Co-rf l\,m..n e ; Libar.l.(-,.nsert*a'ive candidate
sin rt ol Laid»  un.l   Works  for a;
special  liccnac  to  cut  and  carry)    Tront Lake wai named for tbe
away timber from Ibe fol.'iwicg dr.nnxt c nrenUon.
cribtd   land?   situated   in   West
lur Creek eV-ou*. A mill s from Lsr-1
do riior marked G.l*. Revell's N. F.
comer pott- ibence west 160 chains:
thence sruih 40 chsii.., ihenee.
«*acl 163 chains; ihcnct a nh 40:
cltins ha*k to place I lommeooe-)
Imoutb. marked 'Arthur Qnwing*e
I North  East comer  post"   thence
wert 80 chains;   thence south 80
ehains;     thance   east 80{chair.*-;
;lhon**e nn.th  83 ihsina,    to tin
point ofcominsr,ceme.t.
Lo»a«rd December Hth   1906
Antur Gowing,   Locator
Kooteunj District.
No. 1. Commencing at a post
planied on the west aide of the nor
th fork uf I,.rdeau Creek, nbout 1-J
ra.lcs Loin Fergnetin, marked "O.
VV, Abrahamnon's aouih  east  cor
ner p sl"  thenco north 80 chain-*;   c'sl affairs
Tl.e following   reso'ulio-.a  were
un.mimoii-y a 'op'ed:
''Resolved, <hal   the c invention
hereby cridnrscs 1 h- policy of th-
MoBri'le C"ve-nment *-i,ee ihey
had n«sum"d dil-icifon  <f prc-iu-
tlience west 80 cliaine; thence sou-
'h 80 chain-; thence east SO chains
to lie point of commencement.
L-xatiJ Nov.  28t'i. 1W-5 No  t     Crmmencing at s pos
Norman M-LelUn, Airei.i .planted on the west side- 'nf C-imr
No 3.   Commencing si  a  post'Cre-k.    shoal half  niii fr m Its
planted on tbe north side of Pop. month, marked "Arthur Oowing'i
In Crock rboul 200 feel from  tho j-South  Ea-t corner post"    thenoe
cfck and nbout seven miles from j west R0 chains;    t'enct. north 80
I.    Inrirer, msrked G. E. Hcveil's chsins;    'hence ess"    80 ehslns:
■:  e -nil* pos ;  thence weal "*0 tlnncc   south  80   chain?;     to th-
cbsioij ihriKe  south fO ebalns) pnlntof ootnmeneement.
tbsnee eaat 80 chains;  thence nor-j      located D*-oembir 18'b   1906
tb 81 chains b,vk U> p'aceof   finmr ,      _     . . ......
* -.1. L-^ator.
Loeated N
Arthur Gowing,
~*U    1WC . r. ' a    ,„al
., .  ,, No  1     CotoaMtlng at  a post
Norinsn MeLvMan,    Aff-ut.      ,        ,       ,. ii,.„i,,i Tnnl
■ pint! ed on *rtt noein bans <'t 1 001
Cre-^k.   ahout   8    mile* fr^m  i's
 ^ mouth, rosrkctl "Arthur GnTlng *
Jjouth cast orncr pofl," thenc*
•north 80 chai-e; "thence west 80
chains; tlienc» touih 80 chsliu;
Ihcnce east 60 chains, to tho poinl
of eommei'cment.
Located D cember 13th, 1906.
Artbui Gowing,  I/xator.
No 2. Commencing at« post
planlod on lha north hank of Pool
n-ss as may properly oome before,Crtek, sbout 8 mllrs from its
<!:e mcsil-.g. Books will be closed J month, marked "Arthur Go* ing's
for transfers from Jan. 2lst. 1907. South west eornei' p^*," «1"1C"
until afler the mect!nn. |north 80 chains;   thenc- eaU 80
chain1"   thence sonth 80 chiln';
M. F. CHESTNUT,    j „ienro'we,t 80 ohains. to point of
D*t*>d it Trout Lake, B.O,   3rd ! commencement.
January, iWt. j^^ ^ttahet 13th, 1906
Thv ordinary inpoa] general
Imestlng of ihi Old G»ld Quirts
and Plsctr Mining Compsny, Ltd
I iab , will be b' Id at tbn effier. of
I the Company, Trout Lnke, B.C
I on Fiid-iy, 1st day of Fcbrusry,
1307. at 8 o'clock, p m. for tho pur
posa of electing director" lor tho
1 nsti't.g yesr snd such other husi
"Resolved, th.it the s*ability of
the government and their pr».*npt
itude in  putti:>i;  (he   Hnancei  of
the province on .1 sound hnv-.  1   -
O W. Abiahamsm, Lo-ator been a prime factor in the  --
,'peri'y of thst nr.w prevails Ihrough
cut tl.e province.
Lo*ated Deo sn her 7th. 1906.
No. 2. Commencing nt a poat
pier, ted on He west side of the nor
ib (orkof Lardeau Creek, about IJ
miles from Ferguson, marked "O.
W. Ah:,* .smson's so.ith nest cor
ner po-u," thence n»nb 8" chains;
thenC'* cam 8Uchains; thence south
80 chains; thencn w* at SO chains lo
lhe po nt cf commencement
Located D. cc:nl*er 7th. 1906
O,  W  Abra. ;imson, Lo:aior
"Reso'vd, that ive put purs iv.s
on record ns heartily endorsing
the stand taken by Premier McBride in Ins attitude at thc Ottawa oonferanoe ■ f premiers for the
just 1 vht-. of tho preivince.
"Re-olved, that -v.* aK> drsir* to
ixpress our entro apprcialloo 0 f
the servij"s rlndere-d to the pro-
(Oratlniel It nasi o> 1 mn.)
Notice is hereby given ti a'. 60
dayi af'er the lirst pub'"icoti"i>
in re f ii the British Columbia
Gasttle, I ntend io ap.ly to the
Hon. Ihicf Co'.in.iia-ionerof I ands
and VV rk-., for a a; ec .1! license to
cut and cany awav limber Ir .rn
lhe lo.lowinu de-cribed lan-la titu-
ated in Ni'csl Ko'l-nay distritt.
Commencing at a  post planted
on the easi aide of   Saimon crock
aid about i of   a mi e from mirk,
and nbo ,t   1   mile fr m  its  bead
naarked   ''A. Goaing'i S* iiih-cnB-
loni.T post," ibence wee*. SO cha:n
Ibence  norih  SO c:ia ns,    thence
east 8*1 c ains.    tbence souUi SO
il, a. ■ ■ . tin* 1 ji.-,: ol commence—
me icemont.
No '!    Commenoing at a pes'
plaited on ihe >a«t rid. of Salmon
creek, a. d a' out  {  n   mile   from
creek a..d about   1   mile   f.- im   iti
mo-it'.,    marked    'A.     Gowing's
North-west   comer   post,     thenct
south  80 chains,   thence   ear-t SO
ci.nins.   ihenee   nor'h  tO diains,
1 hence weat 8) cbaina lo the p .int
ol commencement.
Located December 24th, 1900.
A Gowinr, Locator.
Libra's all ever  ih* provinc*
arc brenl.ing awav f-orn   their  al-
lc«iana*i 10 t!i* Party,    bv   r*.«a'0'i
ef tbe  importation .f "Billy'' Mei
Innes, by tbe  DominkMi   athoii-
lite.   Tory see in Ihis tl a selicmei
to make British Colu-mbia snhuciv.j
ieot tu tha 'di.j'ih' nt Ottaivj.
Tl e   lawmakers   m   the "ccntj
belt" a*-    Itf'er-err... I (1U{ (bs "bet-J
tei tciro" business will tie squashed [
a nd the only tny H can lie tet:!.;d, j
is to drive M<*Bi*lf out.
M.inv Libernis have,     Oiercfoic
r-aciiiic-l ih.*:r pditical <lBliation,j
• 11 an endeavo'tr ti r meerve ti.e f
interests • f the Pto-i- ce.
Th*! "Nils ni NeWa" and the
II ■ . J. A MeDonpll are riniil-.r
—in many respects. The ' Seera"
it j. good oewsp.| .•-, and '•: ird t ■
b<-\ uid 'Mac' i- .1 yuod lawver'
and s decern fa-Qow, but when
ihey £ct'.r.'o p, iittcs,   "their fetl
do -'t tiuCk."
When  thc matter of appropriating 88, 0-Hi.O-j f >r the  protection
of thc riv-r bank at Tr-ut Lake
was before the House, the II*. 11
leader of tbe Opposition strongly
opposed it, becan»e, h» stid. 'it wa?
for the pro'.rclion of piivate property.
teG d«! V'hat is tb? tnsc'-iin-
• ry of ihe government f >:? Whr
ii j ws piv our imc* for? What i^
tic Isrge expenditure on provincial I'o'.u'e fort What jr,* '.ur court*
for? If it was no' f.-r the lai.s
from pruotte py-perty, whore
would ihe honorthic gentleman
get bis s-ilary?
Of a 1 tho   'fool 1 r.'xk-,"  a  msn
over made—this t«k.a ilie bisotiit.
Are you gb\om to rapport bim?
I___M_H M *M__a_2I«_Q -^
Write «s a Post Card raying yeu sew this advert*
ite.T.ent, a"d we w!d mull
you FPv£E,   a  30 p*g0
i_m_i__TSD -
Showing Iusm of
of interest to every
MAN who wear*
J.Leckie Co
Local and General.
ir, •a2K3sas-e,£r::2S ,izx_c:asa_K
The !' cai Lodge ol ''Oddfeltows'
held their nemi-nnnual instal'ation
services on Tuaeday night last.
Tbe installing Officcrs were:
Deputy G.M Peter Cnlkeen
„       G.T ....O.B.N. Wilkie
„       f'.W...„ O. Jaeobson.
„      'OI.G. V. A>rahams>n.
O.M. A. W. EdSe.
The followin^brath.-en iverc installed*
....A. £. Fowlsr.
. Gus Erickioa.
„0. B. N. Wilkie.
 D. McQiarrie,
 S. Oieon.
..N. Abrahauison
 O. Jaeobson.
M.icdnnell   inys   lh"   McBr'a.'i
government la retpom-ibte for the
Hindoo invasion.
Ti.e over-abundance of w>rk,
th- 5"'reity of libor, and thc ?Ke..-
.r.»'. prospt-rity ..r I'* c Proviuft.*-, '»
reccgiiitod by all At the reason of
the itifhu of Hi- Bin 1 Oi. Sj if
McB.-ide is guilty <*f tho Hi.id >>>
iuvas'.in. it nee ■•su.'v foil ws
lh it he is als> fui'ty nf cau-i*i^
exc'ptioually pro3;.#;ous coudit-
NG ,
L'i A. Sut'*i*r'.a*»i
Trsas D.It. McLennaa
Warden P.Culknn
Chap.-A.W. Edg-.
After the ccremonv tlie brethren
adjourned to lhe "Windsor Hotel1
where   a   lunch   was enreed bv
I Brother McLet.na:-, aud a plcjsir.t
hour a; e.1.
>frs.   R..u;n«*vn.   wif.- of  Doctor.
_ , . ..,   ., .*  ! sre doing well
Rih.nsJi, n*s U.**n  very  ill   tins
week, at Ferguson.
Born: at Iu lian I.oratte, Quebeo
on January o'.h lo tho wife of
Robort Maddan, twins—botii boys.
Li. h IS [•.-• ;i receiving tiio "glad
hand" fron all bis friends during
the week.
Bulb Mr«.  Madden   and   bibiea
Aa   Ge
Litis  Fay Enrnin   his    also
been v-vy ill during the week
A iy person having in their pos-
s* s-io'n LADPTRS  or BOCKITd
The sohoal  rc-*>p-?n«l  on  M>n.
jday last, after thc Cliris'.mae h-.it-
day6, and   t e   i.ew   teacher,    Mr.
Kinif,   IrMil a   pod  stt-ndjuco  of
soholsrs under hit '.ui'i.io
QQiitbt Furiusbhg;
As iuno-ttncod  in <mr cilumns
belonging to the 1 PAR'-  |Mt week, a   Fancy  Dress Csrni-
v.il will be Hie oliief attraction  xt
the Rink, Trout  Lake, on Satur.
■»■— ——— tmft
MENT, nr-i  requested  to return
A   M   Cuaii
day evc.iins **%.
Wo «H1 n-t inour lhe displeat-
! ure of our la ly readers hy offering
iany loggestlooi as to thc mo?t be-
cumiag 'ami  spi-ropriato ostittne
to wear c-t •.,    as their  escellsot
•u'Lrufii!  ni*'l  god t.siu in ihis
'-Jirocii.n ,   u:.    former   occuslons
hOrj^^, 'proves—beyond     a     doubt—tbat
Tho   ordinary   -n.-:-! KP(,fMi i "hatevc.-'cU-acter' they mar as-
m i'i S"lt!icPijmro.-.i*!.-i„MM„1.|"1;",,l!lJ,y^ kuoW ^w  l0  ,a«'
lagOampany,   LtLLab, wllh;-'"in it>
Thii* matter fhoiild not bi ns;
leotedi el In Oase of dre, t'irre is
notanflBcontladder-i it thi IIill
0 render t. fl} jcn< 'er--'-cc.
• "d .t the o'ILc ( :' " . npanj.
r.-.u' Lat.o, B. C.oi Frldsv, |:.h
rnirylst. PO", al 3 Jl : rn, f„-
the pnrpoja cl riveting dlretfori
for tho mtuln c ■• :. and rach
other h.ifinci's i»mo b-jtroporly
hrotigiit hefora ibe me. •.   1
,LM. MIL).Kit. *w -Treai.
Ba'cd  at Tn.tti Lt',:*.. EC  Jrl
day of J.nr.ii*y, 1317.
W.j may be pirJo toi if sr.- rt
■lind oar fair anqmradiri that
—ior the Ujae be ng—"Mu us tin*
Tho pr..-« oi admit SB is 4 'u'l
ii j I  ivo .ine uo bou: M 1 • p.'a
d j-i-i.:  *.nt   1    mul   oi, 1/1>'i
litaing *iU bit ij-cnt
•m 4. M. 0B4M_Mtti  tuck's/
& WlA^mimLltiAAiAeA<*eet, *•*♦*•>♦♦♦«♦«♦•» ♦*-> ♦♦**»<♦*♦ m
_saeoooaeeoooeeeaes»»seeetetttt+++++*iLt+A*A**AA J®
There was nothing to be sai.l lu reply to tbis. M. de Clameran sought a
inciins of escape.
"1 am a frlcml of M. Fauvel," lie
said, "and this title gives me llie right
to he as jealous of his reputation as if
It were my own. If this is not a stlffl
dent reason for my Interference, I
must Inform you that bis family will
Bluntly he mine."
"Next week, monsieur, my le.nrriiigc
will. Mile. .Iiml.■Inn.* Will to DUblicly
This news was so moxpeeti-il. no
startling, that for a moment the dowu
was discomfited. But lt wart only for a
second, and. bowing with deference,
hc said, with covert Irony.
"Permit me to offer my congratulations, monsieur. Besides being queen
of the hall tonight. Mile. Madeleine
will hnve a dowry of half a million, I
Raoul de Lagors had listened anxiously, watching the people near them,
to see If they overheard this conversation.
"We have had enough of this goa
sip," he said in a disdainful tone. "1
will only say one thing more, Mnster
Clown, and that ls that your tongue is
too long."
"Perhaps, my pretty hoy, perhaps,
but my arm Is still lonaer."
De Clameran hastened to end the
"It Is Impossible for one lo seek an
explanation from a man who conceals
his identity under the guise of n fool."
"Yon nre nt liberty, my lord doge, to
SSI tho mnster of the house who I nm
—If you dare."
"Vou are," cried Clameran—"you
A warning look from Rauul cheeked
the forgemaBter from using uu epithet which would have led to an affray
or at lenst n scandalous scene.
The clown stood with n sardonic
smile nnd after a moment's silence
stared M. de Clumeruu steadily In llu-
face nnd snid coolly:
"I wns tbe best friend, monsieur, ol
your brother Gnston. I was bis nil
vlser nnd the conlidnnt of his lasl
These few words fell like n clap of
thunder upoo De Clameran. lie turn
ed deadly pale nnd recoiled with Ills
hands stretched -out before him. as II
sin Inking from a specter, lie tried In
answer, to protest, but tbe words trot*
on his lips.
••Come, let us go." said I-agors, who
retained me equanimity.    *
And he dragged Clameran sway.sup
porting him. for he staggered Uke a
drunken mnn nnd clung to tbe walls to
prevent falling.
"Oh. hoi" exclaimed the clown.
He himself was almost ns much ns
tonisbed as the forgemaster mnl stood
stock still. watching the latter ns l.e
slowly left tbe room It was wllb no
decided object lu view tlmt be bad
ven lured to use the Inst mysteriously
threatening words, but he bail been In
Nplred to do bo by bis iviuiileitul iu
stlnet, which with blm wus like th*
bent of a bloodhound.
"What enn this meant" he muttered
"Why ivns be so frightened? Whnt
terrible memory hnve 1 awakened 1 I
need nol bonst of my penetration or
thc subtlety of my plans. Ihere Is a
great mnster. who without any eflorl
In iin li.Btnnt destroys nil my chimeras
He Is culled cliuii.*.-.''
Ills mind had wandered fnr from the
present scene when some one lunched
him on the sin.n!.I.*r. recnlllng blm. It
was the mnn In Ibe Venetian cloak.
"Are you antlslied. M. Verduret'/" he
"Yes and no, monsieur the count-
no. because I hnve Dot completely
achieved Ibe object I hnd In view
when I asked y«» to be admitted here
tonight; yes. because these two rascals
helm ted iu a manner wblcb dispels all
"And yet yon complain"—
"1 do not complain, monsieur the
count  On tbe contrary, i bleeecbance
or. rather. Providence, wblcb hits Jusi
revealed to me tbe asIslenct ..r .. *■>■
net  thnt  I  did  not  before eien sua
i'.e or six eii.--.iM spprosrbed the
count. Interrupting ll.e speakers II.
went off with then. ..rter cl. ing the
CWWn n friendly nod The Inner In
t-t.tt.ti.tr threw ..side bis banner nud
a'arted through the crowd In i.nr-uii
of Mme. Pnuvel. Sbe had left (l.e gal
l.ry. He found her sitting on u sofa
In the large snl.in, engaged In nu mil
mated conversation win. Madeleine,
"Of course," muttered the elOVB
"they nre talking over ll.e scene. Hut
what hns become of I.agors nud De
Clauieinii V"
He soou saw tbem wandering nmong
the groups scattered about the 1*000)
Slid eagerly asking questions.
•'These honorable gentlemen are try
ing to lind out wbo I inn. Keep It up.
my friends.  Ask everybody."
They Boon gave It up. but were so
preoccupied nnd nnximis to be nini..- In-
order to 'reflect and deliberate that.
without wailing for supper, tl.ey took
leave of'Mme. Iiiiiv.-I nnd her niece.
Buying they were going. The clown
miv tbem go up to lhe drowsing room.
Dear Mother
Vour bti. enaa ire * consul tan la
Fall and Wink* wi-athar. TW will
c-ach cold. Do you know about Shdoh'i
„ Cetuumption Cura, tin Um Tonic, tad
what a hat .loos ior ao many > It u Hid
la.be tha only reliable remedy lor .11
diaaana ot lh. air pauagaa in children.
ll u abaolutely haratleaa tnd platanl to
lake. I. iijuaranta-edtocuraotyo,.. raoaey
it returned. Th. price it 25c. per book,
and til dealer, ia MSSMSS -wil 1,4
Thia teowdy ihould ba ia tttmy houeehold,
Hike Ilieir clonks, descend tiio grand
staircase and depart
"I have nothing more to do here," he
And, completely covering Ills dress
with 11 domlbo, ho started for home.
He lit n cigar nn.l. walking up St. I,a-
znre street, oroseed the Noire Dame da
Loretto nnd made for tho Faubourg
Moniniartre. Suddenly as ho entered
lllllvler street 11 man emerged from .1
place of concealment and rushed upon
bim with raised arm, I-'ortunalely the
il.iwii lin.l 11 catlike inslinet, which enabled him to protect himself against
Immediate danger and keep a sharp
watch about him. Ho had seeu, or,
rather, divined, the man crouching in
the dark shadow of a bouse nnd had
put himself on guard, spreading out
bis nnus. This movement ccrtaluly
mved his life. Auger moro than pain
made lilm cry out:
"All, you villain I"
Seeing his blow miss, the assassin
did not return to the attack, but made
rapidly off and disappeared in tbe
Faubourg Montmartre.
"That wus certainly I.ngors," snld the
clown, "and Clameran must be Bonie-
where near."
lie began to suffer from his wound.
He stood under a gas lamp to examine
It. It did not appear to be dangerous,
but tbe arm was cut through to the
bone He took bis handkerchief from
his pocket and tore It Into four bands
and tin', his arm up with the dexterity
of a surgeon.
"I must be on the track of some
great crime, since these villains aro resolved upon murder. When such men
are only iu danger of (lie police court
they do not gratuitously risk the
chni.ee of being tried for murder."
Uo could not stay where he wns.
By enduring n grent deal of pain he
might still use Ills nnn. so he started
nfter his enemy, taking care to keep
in the middle of tbe road und avoid ull
dark corners. Although he saw no
oue, be wus convinced thnt ho was being followed. When he reached the
Boulevard Montinarlre. he crossed it
and ns be did so distinguished two
shadows which he recognized. Tbey
crossed tbe same street when he crossed, a little higher up.
"I have to deal with desperate men,"
be muttered. "They do not even tuke
thc pains to conceal their pursuit of
Ile continued his way up the boulevard and. without turning his bead,
was sure thnt his enemies were thirty
feet behind Imn.
"I must get rid of them somehow,"
he said to himself. "I can neither return home uor to lhe Archangel with
these devils at uiy heels. They are
following me to find out where I live
and who I am. If they discover that
tbo clown Is M. Verduret and tbat M
Verduret ls M. I.ooo<|, there is un end
to my pluns. They will escape abroad
with the money, nud i shall Ik* left to
console myself with a wo.111d.Ml arm."
The idea of Itaoul ami Clameran ea
cnping bo exasperated bim tbat for an
Instant he thought of having them nr
rested nt once This wus easy, for he
only had to rush upon them, cry for
help, nud they would ull three be ar
rested nnd taken to tho stution. Tbe
police often resort to this Ingenious
and simple means of arresting a malefactor for whom they are on the lookout nnd whom they cn.iiu.t seize Without u warrant The next dny there Is
a general exploitation, nnd the par
ties, if Innocent are dismissed. The
clown had BUtllcietit proof to sustnin
blm In the arrest of Lagors. He could
show the letter and the mutilated pray.
or book, he could reveal tbe existence
of the pawnbrokers' tickets In the
bouse at Veslnet. he could display his
wounded arm. Itnoul would Iw compelled to confess how and why be hnd
assumed the mime of Lugora and to
what end he wus pnsslng himself off
for a relative of M. I'auvel.
On the other ha ml, In acting thus
hastily he was Insuring the safety of
the principal villain, De Clameran.
What proofs had he ngninst him? Not
one. He bnd strong suspicions, but no
fncta On reflection be decided thtt
he would net nli.nc, as he bad thus far
(loi..*, and would discover tho truth
ef Ids suspicions Hat lug reached this
decision, the tirst step to be taken was
to get rid of Ills sh:..lowers, lie wnlk-
e.l rapidly up S.*',..isi..|...l. stepping out
boldly, ..tul retelling the square, ho
abruptly Kt..p|*ed. Meeting two Ber-
g.-i.nls >.f police, he asked some Insignificant questions The maneuver hnd
iin- result in* sspeeted itn..ui m.d
ciiimeraii sin...i perfectly still nl...ut
twenty steps olT. not dnrlng to nd*
vnnce. Twenty steps! Tbut wns ns
much start ns the clown wanted.
While talking with tbe sergennts he
hnd pulled tl.e bell of the door before
Which tbey were standing, nnd Its
sound npprlsed bim that the door wag
Opafl lie stepped Into tbe house. A
minute Inter llie Bergen Ota bnd passed
on. nnd I.ngors nnd Clameran In their
turn rung the hell. When tl.e porter
appeared, tbey aaked who it wns that
had Just gone In disguised ns 11 clown.
They were t.,1,1 that no masked person
had ei.lere.l .ind Ihut nunc nf the lodgers bad gone ..ut disguised thai night
"However," added the concierge, "I
nm Dot very lure, for this Iii.use hns a
back door wblcb opens on Bt Denle
"We nn* fooled," Interrupted Lagors, "aud will never know who tho
clown is."
' I'ul'cVs w°e lfi.ri.lt too M....11 f.,r our
.twn L.....I." snid riiiiiieri.n'musingly.
While   Lag.ns and   lhe   ful'g.-master
mete run <|f anxiety llie clown hurried
up   Ihe   I.n.i,   street   and   reached   tl.e
Archangel hotel aa tin* clock struck :i.
Prosper, wbo was watching from h's
WlndbW, saw him iu Iln* distance und
inn down to open the door for blm nn.l
led I.iin up stalls Impatiently.
"What hui.* yon learnedf' lis suld.
'Vt'itul did vou Uud out?   Ijld you jee
Madeleine'*' Were Itaoul and chimera 11
at the ball?"
But M. Verduret wns not In the habit of discussing private affairs where
he might be overheard.
"First of all let us go luto your room
aud get some water to wash this cut,
-Which burns like fire."
"Heavens!   Are you wounded?"
"Yes; lt Is a little souvenir of your
friend Raoul. Ah, 1 will soon teach
hlin better manners!"
I'rosper was surprised nt the look of
merciless rnge on bis friend's face ns
be calmly washed and dressed his arm.
"Now, Prosper, we will talk. Our
enemies nro warned, uud we must
crush them with the rapidity Of lightning."
M. Verduret expressed himself In a
quick, imperious tone, which Prosper
did not understand.
"I have made 11 mistake, I have been
On the wrong track. It Is an accident
liable to happen to any man, 110 matter bow Intelligent he may be. I have
taken the effect for the cause. The
dny 1 was convinced thai culpable relations existed between Raoul and
Mine. I'auvel I thought 1 held the end
of tho thread that must lead us lo the
truth. 1 should have been inure doubtful,   it was too simple, too natural."
"Do you suppose Mme. I'auvel to be
"Certainly not, but her guilt Is not
such ns I supposed. I Imagined that
Infatuated with 11 seductive adventurer. Mine. Fauvel had lirst best..wed
upon lilm tho name of one of her rein
tives and then Introduced him ns her
nephew. This wns nn adroit strata
gem to gnln bim admission to ber bus
build's house. She begun by giving
him nil the money she could dispose of.
Inter her Jewels, which he pawned
Finally, having nothing more to give,
she allowed him to steal the money
from her husband's safe. That Is
what I thought"
"And In this way everything wns explained?"
"So. this did not explain everything,
ns I well knew at the time. How is
Clameran'a position to be accounted
for under my tirst theoryV
"Clameran ls Lagors' accomplice."
"Ah, there ls the mistake! I for a
long time believed Lagors to be the
principal person when. In fact be Is
nothing, yesterday in a dispute between them the forgemuster said to
his friend, "And, above all things, my
friend, I would advise you not to resist
me, for If you do 1 will crush you.'
That explains nil. The elegant Lu
gors ls not the lover of Mine.  I'auvel.
but the tool of Clameran. Bealdee, did
our tirst suppositions account for the
resigned obedience of Madeleine? It
ls Clameran, nnd not Lagors, whom
Madeleine obeys."
Prosper began to remonstrate.
M. Verduret shrugged his shoulders
To convince Prosper he hnd only to
utter one word, lie bad simply to sny
thnt three hours ngo Clameran had an
nounced his coming marriage with
Mndelclne.   Hut be did not
"Clameran," be continued—"Clameran alone has Mine. I'auvel In his power. Now the question Is what terrible
secret la the bnsis of his mysterious
power) I hnve positive proof thst
they have not met since their early
youth until fifteen months ago, and
Mme. Hani-el's reputation has always
been above ihe reach of slander.
Therefore we shall not know nil till
WS know Clameran's past Ah, tonight when I mentioned his brother
liaston's name be turned us white ns
If hc hnd seen a gboat And then 1 re
niembered that Gaston died Suddenly
while his brother Louis wus making
him u visit"
"Do you think he was murdered?"
"I think the men who tried to ns-1-
elnate me would do anything The
robbery, my friend, has now become a
secondary detail. It Is easily explained, and If that were all to be accounted for I would say to you: 'My task is
tinishc.1. Let us go ask the Judge of
Instruction for u warrant of arrest"'
I'rosper slurted up with swelling
breast und sparkling eyes.
"Oh. you know—ls It possible?"
"\'es, 1 know who gave the key, and
I know who told the secret word."
"The key might have been M. Fauvel'a.    But the word"—
"The word you gate, You have forgotten, I suppose. But Qlpsy remembered, You know that two dsys before the robbery you took Lagors nn.l
two other friends to sup with Mme.
Gipsy. Nina was sad and reproached
you for not being more devoted to
"Yes. 1 remember that"
"But do you remember what you replied to her?"
Prosper thought a moment
"Well, you sai.l to Nina, 'You nre
nnjust Id reproaching 1110 Willi not
thinking constantly of you, for at this
very moment your dear name guards
my chiefs safe.' "
The truth suddenly burst upon Pros
"Yes. ob, yes, I remember now!" he
"Then you enn easily understand tin*
.rest One ->f the .coiindrel. Went to
Mme. Fauvel and compelled h.r to
give up imr husband's key. Al a venture be pieced Hi.- movable buttons on
ih.. nams ot Qlpsy and stole the WO,-
OOp francs.   And Mme Fauvel must
have yielded to lhe most terrible
threats. The day after lhe robbery
tin* (mor WOtHan was Dear dying, and
it wiih she who, at lhe risk of being
Involved, sent j.ill Iln* ln.iKKi francs."
"But which was the lhi.*r, Hnoiil nt
Clameranl Whal enables them to
thus tyrannise tucr Mme, Fauvel!
And how does Madeleine come to be
mixed up in the affair?"
"These qn.-stions. my dear Prosper,
I cannot yet answer, therefore I am
not yet ready t.. report on the case. 1
only nek you to wail tin .I,... s. and If
I cannot in tlmt time dlacover the solo
lion of tbs mystery I will return and
gi with you 1.. tell M. Patrlgent all
Unit we know."
"Arc ynu going mini ?"
"Ill nn liinir I shall be on Hie i-oikI t *
Besucatre. n wns from ii.i.i neigh
borbood ii.ni Clamersn came ns well
us Mme, Fauvel, who wns a Mile, dc
III  Verier,,'."
"Ves; I knew their families."
"I musl go there t*. study them. Nel
ther lim,ni nor Clameran can escaps
police sirrv.-lllniicc dining mv nbsencO
Hui yiiu. Prosper, must i.e prudent
. tomlse mc lo remain a prisoner here
.luring iv  '.'.. "
All that M.  Verduret salnwi  PwieitPt
A powerful exunple .( th. healing
virtue of Zaiii-liuk le provided By th.
.■n-i. ot Mt.. Little lill.u.iur, Prtuoett
Street, KlnKiton (Ont.1.   Sheet)-.:—
"Five  yeara ago I brulaed mr leg.
'• uml cnusmi tn ulcer wliioh developed
"Into t   orloue wound.   1 wta lu the
" 1 11 ■ ini.ii iiim, inotithe, when' the doctor
"wasted Io nuipiiutle ihelttnb.   Alter
" loavlnir tin. hospilal 1 l.etrd of Ziuu-
"Dtik.   1 irlel ll, the uloora best 1 10
" henl, nnd now.plnk fleal. begun lo grow
" where beforo waa t raw and lna.iuii*il
•' stiro.   1 win now walk about, a.t.t can-
" not fool loo graU'f ul (or what Zain Uuk
" lias douo tor uie."
All druggist* sell it tt Mo. t box,
or po-tl   fivo from  the Zam-Buk Co.,
Toronto; upou reoilpl of prioo (II bom
for ItSO).
"RUB IT IN."   A
willingly pr...-      I
And ho hnd the good sense to fuller
the recommendations of his mi-i 1 1
During XL Verdurvfa absence lie 1*.
ma I nod shut up in the Archangel, no
even appearing at the windows,
nn llie ninth day of his i.iliiulnr.
seclusion Prosper began to feci rest
less and at in o'clock nt nighl set forth
to take 11 walk. Hi* had a headache
and thought the air would do him
Mme. Alexandre, who seemed to
have some knowledge of XI. Vcrdiiret's
affairs, begged Prosper to remain nt
"What can 1 risk by taking a walk
at this time In a quiet pari of the
city?" be aaked.   "1 can certainly sin.II
ns far ns the botanical gardens without meeting any one."
Unfortunately be .li.l nol strictly follow this programme, for, having reached  the  Orleans  railway  station,  he
went Into a cafe near by and called
for 11 glass of beer.
He picked up n dally paper. The
Sun, and under lhe bend ..f "PasblOO
able Gossip." signed Jacques Durund.
rend the following:
"lt Is nnn..inr,".I lh*.1 the niece of
one of our most prominent hankers, XI
Andre Pnuvel. will be Shortly mar
ried to XL le Xlarquis Louis de Clameran."
This news, coming upon lilm so un
axpectedly, proved to Prosper tbe just*
Dees of XI. Verduret's calculations.
Alas! Why did not this certainty iii
spire him wiih absolute faith!   Why
did it not give blm  nnge tn wait, to
do nothing? Prensled by distress of
mind, be already saw Madeleine in.lis
SOlnbly united to this villain and.
thinking that xi. Verdure! Would |..*r
hup- arrive too late to prevent it. determined at all riri.s to throw sn ob
sinclc in the way of the marriage, lie
called for pen and paper, and. forget
ting that no s.iunti -an excuse the
mean cowardice of an anonymous letter, disguising in- band, he wrote to
M. Paul,I:
Pear Sir—Vou ron.lirnf.l .our ca.'iirr to prlwi,.
I !  «i*ll.  «ii,.*r ,11 % ; ol i.i,
ray and ftlthle-aneat   Bul vm .1 b* raoli
tni  - Irom «..ur ,..*
tlitin  al   tltr   -' Uu ,   r> .ur  itv*
•.   I  would not
bt tl,i' - :        ' * wjr. ii
p >       ;>■ -i-l  arould  be dl 1
M   r     '■- 1.    r ■   .,.   ,,.,-tiiiijj   ||,q
1 commit ul lllif. Mj.i.i !■... 1.   , -1 i ,1
1 urt ol ifiiin. to glr. me I tot tnfonntttoo
coni-erfntig llie noble Mjr-|til» Ue l.l,iii> :an.
A la its e.
Prosper hastened off to |«tst his letter. Pealing that it would not reach
XL Fauvel in time, be walked up 10
Cardinal l..*ni..iii.* street and put it
III the main postofflce, so as to be certain ,,f iw speedy delivery,
liiti!  then   be  had   not doubted the
1 oty ..f bis action Bnt now he
bad dro] pod il:** letter, when be heard
it fall into the box a tbouaand scruples
came to him. Was It not wrong to ad
thus hurriedly! Would not this letter
interfere with XI. Verduret's plans!
Upon reaching (he bote] his doubts
were changed Into bitter regrets. . Jo-
seph iniiittis was waiting for blm.   Bs
had received 11 dispatch frnm his patron saying that l.is business was Un*
Ishod and that lie WOUld return the next
evening nt 0 o'clock by the Lyons
route. Prosoer was In despair. He
would have fiv.-n the world to recover
the anonymous letter.    And he bnd
for regret
At that  very  bniir XI.   \   iduret  was
taking ih.- train al Tarnacon, meditating upon il..* moal adrantagaous plan
t.i in* adopted in purauanee ..f his .1 1
coveries. for he h.1.1 discovered every
thing,   Adding I.t w hm lie already I.new
the storj "i an old iiin-e of title da Is
Verberla, Ibe affldat it of an old servant
who bad always lived iu tbe Clameran
family ami ll.e depositions of ll.e Vesi
net buaband and w if.*. » bo attended tl
Lagors sl his country boose—deposl
lions sent him by I.ul...is 1 In ti r.Tlot 1 —
with u good deal of Information ol.
tallied from the prefecture ..f police.
be bad worked up a complete case
As be had predicted, lie Inni l.ei-n im.i
polled to seercfa Into the distant past
f..r the causes of ths nims of which
Prosper had been (lie victim.
tl.,   in." Continued.!
liini the next election ..1 scholars
hi  Alberts  and  Saskatchewan  undei
Uio Hli til**- bequi   -     ill take pli  In
January, ii*"?. 1 tha Information g.v-
■11 mil i.y the department of education
a: Begins.
Government Bulletin Tells How to Tell
Qood Reliable Horse.
Here   are   some   good   suggestions
from a recent Ontario bulletin, giving
tiie points of a good reliable horse:
"If 11 horse Is short 1 llibcl lie Is light
In his middle ami Is nearly always a
poor feeder.
"A    llghlconteioil      horss     scl.l.ml
weighs well, and weight i" s   draft
horse, If it conies from bun.', Sinew
uud muscle, goes a long way to Ue*
l.iiiiiiH* Ills coinmi'ielal value.
"A stallion whose teat are contract*
ed and brittle and whoso hooks are
puffy-and fleshy-looking should be
avoided, as sud. books arc generally
assoclatsd with a coarseness through*
out his whole conformation and a
general luck of quality.
"When 11 horss Is well cuipled together on   top  and  has n  sboil   buck.
he must have the length below from
the point of tba shoulder to the baok
of tha thigh. When so built ha will
stand the strain of drawing heavy
loads much better than ir be !-as a
long, loose bark.
"Tb.- front feet and hocks are the
parts of cither a d-aft or a driving
horse that corns directly In contact
wiih the bard work, and unless   they
( arc  soiiiiii  and  good   a   horse's  useful
1 ness will be very much impaired and
hla commercial value very much lea
1 rued.
"Before using s Biallion    get   the
groom   10   lead   him   away   from     you.
stand squill.- behind hlin and see that
he picks up ills feel and places them
..a iin* ground properly, traveling In
both trot and walk clear ami clean,
not striking the ground first wllh the
toe and  then bringing down the heel
"The feet should be Inrge nnd wuxy
In appearance. The sole of the hoof
should bs concave, the frog spongy,
plump and elastic, because It acts us
a buffer to take the concussion from
noting too severely on the foot, pastern, and fetlock. See that both Sire
and dam have sound feet, free fiom
flatness, brlttieness and are not contracted. There should be no "gum
mlness" about the hocks of the draft
horse, as It Indicates coarseness,
They should be large, flat and firm,
and should be wide, especlall.; from a
side view."
Is an Absolute Necessity for the Preservation |
-of Our Well-Being.
•o-fc-v- _.t-»i>i OWttfc-ns TB.A
.3 Positively "All Pure Tea" Without Any Adulteration
Lead    Pack.tt   Only.     «0c,   50c,   and    60c   par   ft.     At   all    imr.r,,
PiTltlo^iroiineSB ?  Certainly.   They remove ihe came]
--the crossness vanishes.   A sluggish liver poisnnt
Keep your liver active
snd your bowels regular.   Hive s clesr brain, a brave I
heart, a hopeful outlook. One of Ayer's Pilli it bedtime,
coited.   Sold for 60 yeirs.
i.O. AvarOa
 Law a 11. 1
^^^rOSS   ,h* blood> •P0*1" ■*• tempsr.
ind your bowels regulw
P« rj        1 heart, 1 hopeful outlook
»*///-.   f  All vegetable.   Sugir-c.
/ / I (s.    I   Wakaaa-Mtacraul   WaaaMbl
Beprssentatlves of the reform medical orgonisatlona have organised st
N,*w York to li'l.i delel us medicines and lake practitioners.
Tin* movement lor   deep   watprwaj
 n lake- iii tiuli ul Mexico wa   giv
 inpetus al u st   Louis convention,
Or     Asnow'a    Curt    for    Ihe   Heart   oris
I,I,-, 111       iiinl      iiillt'klt.      tillllilllllle.,      Hn*
unit 1 niii'.ii. -. i" ...,...! .i.ui.* pain, su
ptu   iill   sinus    of    ».*.iK b.    Iliiitcrinif,
.■iikint:. -uaothsrlot, or palpitation. This
1. ell. I. lllll run* I- Ull* •lU.lly alllp «h..*t.
. .nni*,. Hit* lli'lirl Hirk initio, ill... llie
ha van "t ruitimit mnl perfaot ticnlil.
■  in*-,   relief     ill     iiitisl     seltte    forma    of
iK'iirl   ili-e.i-e   ...   W   minutes.   11
Michael McDonagtiue, the sun of n
wealthy Belfast linen manufacturer,
is iii. trial in the criminal court, Chl>
.* it... foi bigamy, He claims thai he
v. a.-, forced Into two unwilling nun-
. iage
Scratching Shed and Poultry Home.
This design  shows a  practical  way
of saving space and  expense In  mak-
Ing a ern lain    front    poultry    house
scratching shed and ro*>8ting quarters.
lt is ur-eii With gr. at success by Chai*-
. les Qtbbs of Fairfax county, Va.
Work of Oxen.
Wo have known a man to buy a yoke
of three-year-old steers In the spring,
work them hard six days in the week,
giving them good hay and about four
i quarts of meal a duy  until    October,
. when the work lessened and the grain
was  increased.     In  .November lie sold
them as beef for ubout $.;<> more than
he paid  for them. If horses hud done
the same work they would have wanted   mure  gu.in   and   probably    would
have been valued much less In the fall
than they cost In the spring
It ib said that oxen might not
work as well on the reaper or mowing
machine, but they might also. Wo
have had three or four year cattle that
would walk for miles as fast as any
pair of horses and force many horses
to in.t a part of the way to keep up
with them anil a pair of old cattle that
walked faster than the ordinary farm
horse. A part of that was due to their
having been trained to walk quickly,
nn.l a part fas due to the breed.
Small rattle like the Devon.-*., Jerseys
or Ayishlres are naturally active and
easily learn to walk fast, while the
larger Durhunis and Ilerefords like to
move more lei ly, and this 13 truo
of grades as well as of thoroughbreds.
—American cuitiiator.
A cough i- "ft'*n the f...«• inini.*. ei
serious pulmonary offliotions, yet
there i- a simple curs within ths resell
..; nil in Bickle'a Anti-Consumptive
Byrup, an old tuna and widely rae>
ognised remedy, which, if resorted lo
sl tin- inception of « cold, will invariably give relief, ami bj overcoming
the trouble, guard un* tyatem from
.my ssrioos oonsei)uences Pries IB
.■eni.-, at all daalsrs
A currency reform plan has been
adopted al uie oonferenea of ths i.ank-
srs in Washington deaigned t*. inaura
elasticity and protect interests ol
bunks, governmental aad public
Minard't   Liniment   Curea   Dittemptr.
Your Stomach
it   the   way   people   in   Chrna   u;
"Good Morning."   Tht grcn ng ef I
|lBIOIt   every   nition   it   an
after hralih.   Ihe Chines* have tha
root of the matter    A Itrong   I  -■
sch it the inundation.    Look iftn
thit  organ and  the  general  health I
caret for itself.    M»n it to       ■ . j
tuted it cannot be otherwite.   lt ia
the mitiion ol
to keep the itomach writ, iht ! v«
a.tivr an.l the bowels regular    rhtj
dnpfl   ikkBeSS   and   create
1    -pepiii,    Indigestion.   Billoua- ■
aass or Constipation eonn. I i
when Beecham's Pills are utrd i
cording to dircctiant    lor i   -   M
years  ihty have cured dii
Stemschs, and ire now aw.
n-.eut   rtmtdy.     They   merit   v
Loli ttai) ulaStl in Canada and V. $■
Aaa-rica.    I" tw».-i 'H i«-,itv
Diarrhoea In Fowla.
Diarrhoea ls caused hy el-.her tho
quantity of the food, the quality of
the food or of the drinking water or
the atmospheric conditions to which
t'.ie bird has been exposed. In tho
trealiiient of this class of diseases It
• dally Important that the cause
should bs sought and r.-tnoved. Bee
that tho birds are i ..-..frrtable and not
exposed to drafts cold or dampness.
Olve pure drinking water and regulate
rin* food Al'.w small quantities of
mash or* .*.".K.-d fund, with somo ehop-
; • i beet. Pnt a handful of   oatmeal
In lhe drinking water or give boiled
milk for drink, (live a tablesi-oonful
of olive oil as a laxative to carry off
any Inltatlng matter that may he In
the IntesUnse, then follow with one-
half lo ,.ne grain of bicarbonate of
■ode and two grains of subnltrate ..f
btamnth In a little water thin* times
a day.
t;,,rtl,.-*a   "rl, t.lxll.ni.
Respecting (Ioctl.es i.Ii-.ih of women
much baa been snld. un.l mostly In
I'll.ii San* strains. When . suggest that
some light may perhaps be thrown
on It by his orientalism, let tt not be
said wilh a sneer, "Precisely, becauae
woman Is held  In  low esteem  In the
seat" I answer, "Hy no mcana; woman Is uot held In low esteem either In
the east or In Qoetbe'S scheme of life "
In Moslem baglolngy there ate four
perfect women, but no perfect man.
In llocthe's "Faust" Ibe stormy destiny
of humanity revolves round the pivot
of Margaret, Helen, Woman. Would
you de-wrilH) the creator of Dorothea
the simple. Dorothea thc charming.
Dorothea the self possessed, Dorothea
tin* uu■..■Itlsli. the inislest. the true-
In a wind. Dorothea the womanly—aa
having a low Idea of woman? Tbe fact
1-. Ooetha was. like a true artist, ever
seeking an equilibrium iu his ideals of
love  ami   woman   and   never  attained
ii     There   i*>   something   satisfying
in hia realizable picture of tha
simple (bough noble and virtuous
Dorothea, bnt there is a more atheraaL
n more elusive llgnre—one more iil.ni
in power nml  grasp lo the goddcsics
of bcaveu attempted In the searching!
nnd questioning! irallures (hough Ihey
bei nfier female perfection in the fairy
flight. «.r "Faust." Viisuf All lu ('..ii
temporary Bevlew,
and consider
ll>t  All
trttrultemtcl:    a
itt U
A   raaioaa  »!•!■*.
Tbe statue of .1 iM'-'i'T Olymp
.'•bldlns. was ..f i-'ll  ind Ivory ar
nriy eight f>"' I. -b    II waa Onli
the year -ilt 11 fi
All   Ihe   Hanir   lu   .Mm.
A  servant nol   distinguished  for hla
Intelligence weni to tho postnflice and
wns given ii letter for his mistrsaa.
on arriving al the doer be saw nmt
he had loot It, .o ran buck nnd explained what hn.l happened to tin*
clerk, "it.it wh.u ,:••• i ,!,,?" said tbs
clerk. "Why." s.ri.i tin* servant, "fee
havs so many then yoa might give
me anoiher."-Mnin. |s*r lli.lere.
.' >u   i  in. i,...
There arc dogs standing over thrtiH
feet   high   at   tin'   aln,.i.,|.-r.   BM 'H
uearly seven feet from the nose * '-*>■
tip of the tail and weighing so mu b u
^•00 pounds, an.l at the other .*
scale the Utile Jl.-tlcuii lap.!.*.- la under Seven Indict la Icuglb frou. i SI
to tall tip aud weight only a '"
11 .* i pis ol Chicago havs sxpr.
id widespread belief in the Canadian
reciprocity Ideas advanced by James
l   Hill.
The .Vortgage Lifter.
The hoc has beet, "cry properly called "Un mortgage lifter." I have been
raisins, and fee.ling hogs for market
from my boyhood with sum degree of
success. To begin with, It Is Important
to hnn* large, hardy, proline sows, i
find the Duroc Jersey to llll the hill
exactly, hut let every one have the
breed that Will rnlse the most pigs of
iiu- beavtaot weight In the shortest
time Hreed for early spring pigs and
all within ten days or Iwo weeks If
possible to n thrifty, well developed
boar Unit never more than tWO a day
to one boar), so ns to have the pigs
| strong, hearty and near Ihe same uge
—S. V. Thornton Before .Missouri
Swine Breeders' Association i
Oata For Hogs.
flats may be a portion of a ration for
hogs, but tbey are much more sai is-
factory If they nre ground. Mixed wllh
corn, oals nnd shorts, they add RUIsrl
nlly lo Hie value of nny hog feed. They
slioulil not constitute more tlist.i one
fourth of the grain ration. A iBixtiire
nf nnts and peas ground and fed SS n
swill is exceedingly valuable--a ri-
can A iv l< uu ii lat
A Doctors
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral is not
a simple cough syrup. It is ■
strong medicine, a doctor's
medicine. It cures hard cases,
severe and desperate cases,
chronic cases of asthma, pleurisy, bronchitis, consumption.
Ask your doctor about this.
*• I hava aaaS a rraat 4aa1 af A-far'a Oiarry
rartoral for tvtagha ana tiara* rolAt an tha
ataaat I. Iiaa alwaya do,.* tna rraat good. II
la tmmtnlj a mnal paiidrrfal r„«wt, m*Kll
fh.a **     Mie>in J. n iruaaal.i., JlaJlorii.
Aim ■aaofaalurara ar
s*i8 vtaoa.
Quebec Man tells how the Great Consumptive Preventative was
•n all-round Benefit
r  DODDS '
Mra.  Gayboy'a Faith,
iioyboy—8o Mis   Neighbors    called
you a fool, .11,1 she'.'
Mrs.    Dayboy—Not    In    so    mnny
words, but It amounted  to tlm same
thing.  Hhe  accused   me  of    lieli»v*rj
sverylhlng you auy.
You  will   hasten  recovery by taking an* of Ayar'e fill, at bedtime.
Con. In in..,. I'rrlu, nianra.
"Hurry, hurry:   l.et i, y.vl out of tbe
wny.   Here comes Jagloy."
"Why are you afraid of htm?"
"Why,  he'a Jusi  back  from Europe,
aud he'll waut lo (sll t.s all he asw."
"No, he won't. He didn't aee anything but snakes from the tlmo be
atarled until he got baik."-l*hlladel
•..hla I'rt-aa.
rm.ii.a iv all makers of gnol
cioihra I.. Canada <taa HKWSOIt
TWKKI'B. I.wik for tha U( 'hat
(uaiaulcaa rcail Woul, 1*
" My wife look La Grippe when aha •»>
tn Ottawa,"saya K. N. Paloe of NorthtirJ
Farm, yue., in an interview. "Shan r<
bottle ol PsyaMaS and alter uai»K it fort
few dayi ahe waa quite wrll. I took a cor
and am uaina; it anil ani yetting ■!'' >
I ihn.k Piyt'lnne ia one of the beat turn.I
on the mark*! to-day."
I hrre yeu have the whole matter in «
nutahell. I ji Grippe and colda are ai»'"(
the i.'iai iinut-i i of conaumption.
Thu man had one, hn wife had Ihe Otba*
Parrbine not only cured boll, but il ' •■'
Ihem up ao that their bodlea are atroal
eni*.i»li to reaiel ditraae. AU aeeda .*:
roiiiMiinplien ara killed by
tP,«in„ .t,. •_   V kee-a)
50c. Per Bottle
tr-»ar  aim SI ant at-all an.lt1""
0.1.   T.   A.   81.08UM. Limited. Toronto.
sJJsV-h   TU.t   ilraa.1
moUiara loiaa Im
larrora wlipii tn**
taadlclna   oablnat  rnntalna  a   bottla   .>'
tltai laiuoiia ni.) ramad),
Mr.   A.   .Inline.,ii   knew   htlltianll Iftl  n*»<1*
• i-fii In liin U i-*m fn i.-i tlua tv und * r ful ,
n-.iiiP.i-y fur htnf and tlir««t troul.lfi, •*>" j
wil as fn, rut-», burns. >>ni]M-», ior* »i"'
iiim umtittM. Manfi.w  At dranUt*
8.  JOHNSON  A CO.,  Boat.*,   Ma-
Vasal catarrh
affects hearing
MR    11    J    ARLESS
■finds relicf in peruna.
Ill li .1 a.i.* *'..: . ny Hull An*..
Haii. r ml. ,.j,,,i,.*.. i. nu ,.1.1 gentleman of
wli).    m tiiiiiiiiiiiii*.   l.a. ii.-   served   Unit
els).'    ..'in*',   in   tin*   .I.-ti.-nil   I'.in. i.Hi I
mMtn it .ti    a ,i,l   uln.li   Npi-ukH   ft,i    ir
self    i uii.-4-rni..g   hit,   use   uf   l-t-riiiiu,   Mr
Bl    have   been   alllii ted   with   nasal
cat.."'. I" sm I. .. .leg.ee that it aHec-
^H>ny hearing.
^Hln-* wua (itrilriirt.'d sump twenty yeara
ago i.^inic  etpoeed   to drmiitiiis  and
and. ...» in*.      t   ■  in i. ■.:. i i.
9pl have been under the treatment ol
l^Bt ialiits and have used many drugs
rteoiniti.-.itl.il .i spetilns tor catarrh
^Htl.r bead and throat-all to nu pur-
^■aii.tnt   thru    *. ...i-   ajo   I   »a.    inln.id
ty i  confrere  l.l  itttlt'e   I.t  Iry   Pcrillm
^WAIter   some   hesitation,   as   I    had
^Hibts as to results alter so many
fslb.r'*. I gave Peruna a trial, and
am happy to state tbat after using
elgl ' or ten bottles ol Peruna I am
mil. I.   improved    in    hearing,   and    in
^Bathing through the nostrils."
Travel Talk.
During    the   inoiiui   of   December
Iini..  i    probably mors   travel    from
Western Canada t..   tne   Cast, Great
.,,i,ii.i. ami  burope, ine boutu    uud
. ,......Inin. Innn in an,   ounji  period
...   ...* year,   li \6 tne nine wheu uie
tunnel iias leaped his harvest unci
can contemplate spending Curisttnas
inm ttaw fears, aud in uioai oat**,
ln.ee months with Ins family and
ti lends,   uecognlsiui  Uu*    voiue   ol
miciI navel, n haa been the custom
... I.n* nun.in.In tn uncoiling.! ainl limit : mi., movement, ■*... tiuu long journeys can b.r ma.I.r witn first class
,n. .inni,!.iniioii ni in,* minimum ot ex-
peu .. Wit nin the last two yeara tne
i an.i.imn Northern has grown rapidly
,.ml in accordance with huh growth
iias improved its ssrvios so much 1 l.ut
mosl ..i tins travel now passes ovei
theii nne. They are tins year advertising ll ;IH rale Irom .ill points ill
.naiiili.iin.    III.uphill    iiii.I    South    to
poinls in Kin-tiiii ('aiin.ia, Montreal
ami  west,  wim correspondingly  low
     Irom .ill ..ther points   and   to
p.,mi*, east ..i Montreal, lireat Britain
ami   I'.uiiipi*.    Kit.in     nil   stations     iu
Saskatchewan ..ml Alberto tnere are
very reduced rates to points In ths
i. nii.ii tates, and apodal rates to
California points with u through tour-
i.i .in every lm. weeks Innn Winnipeg t.i Los Angeles.
ihey imii.'ipiiu* a very large busing - iln- year, wln.li anticipation will
no .1..nl.r be realised aa their service
i, now ..f iin* very highest i.. I..* (ound
amongst railroads anywhere mi this
continent.   A very notable feature U
thnt they 111 TOW open the i.ml.* In
I ii-l.-in   < 'una. la   via    St      Paul     an.l
Chicago, a feature appreciated keenly
by il..* excursionists.
An   nili-l   whose    wnrk     ill    earlier I
daya enjoyed considerable repute has
i .* I ti...u il..- -.■. ne, iu ib'- person
... William Liimell,
Mina.d's Liniment Cures Diphtheria
••I'..rbl,l J»b."
^■1'orbidden" .- a familiar word
|Bm:i.I. Ill Italy 11 la "vletiitn." In <>r-
^Hnv   "verlinleii."   or.   in.ire   politely.
^^iicrsugt." uud in France "defendu."
The niKBrsi Teteaeopa.
Tl..* biggest teleacope in the world It
tin* .•..i.iu.nn teleaoo|>e, live full f.*et Id
. ter. twenty inches wider Uian the
Yorkers, ll was constructed ten years
sco it> lu*. a. a. Common, a well
knowu astronomer ..f Rnglend, who
wanted it rm- research wort il* died
sn... afterward, and bis One teleacope
hi ni* Idle. 'I w.i veins ago It waa
purchased by the Harvard college observatory, which pv.cc.l.'.l at once to
ninmil It on il..' observatory grounds at
Cambrldgv.   The work has heee necoo-
Biri.y slow, for mounting a great tele-
Kope is iiiii liin* building n house.
Puppyhood  Is the    Time    te    School
the Future Worker.
lie revels In a puppyli freedom llll
he li about nine months old, and then
coiin-s the lime when "school" begins
Horn... men begin when a puppy Is only
four or live  nionrlis old  lo teach  bim
to "sit down" ut the word of command,
hut unless this training Is done s>s
tcinallcally and not overdone so as to
the and disgust the baby pupil ir Is
bei Inr left alone till lie leaches a rlpei
age. The Hist thing to do at the age
ot eight or nine months Is tn acciisioiu
thin restless, romping bit of doghood
to the discipline nf a kennel and chain,
This he will furiously resent, tugging
SI. his collar till you hourly sxpect Iiim
to Choke  and   making  ulglil  ami   day
hhi. ...is with his plaintive protests until hoarseness compels him in surr.*r in
silence. Ile win soou learn, however
that no one wishes to hurt him; thai
il..* chain is only a necessary evil
which must be worn for a certain pari
of each day and for every linn* oi irn*
night, and thnt lhe glud moments ol
release when he is let oh* f.n u good
run, each  morning ami  evening, fnll>
make up for the Imprisonment of the
rest of the day. It Is nt Ibis time ..1.
solutely accessary to keep your sheep
pup on Ihe chain. This Is a most i.n
portanl tin"* of his life, 11 Is the time
when, If nt large and neglected, In* It
liable in learn lo chase birds an.l rabbits with  the Irresponsible mongrel*
always to be found on a farm or ranch
or sheep run; also It Is llie time when.
If left alone and not watched he may
develop for himself and ungulded that
Fining h.ve of Working sheep thai is
In his nature, an.l that may lead to him
making excursions on his own account
! or  prevailing on  the  mongrels to  Be-
I oompany him after tils master's sh.-*;:
i or those of neighboring fanners Tv
! Ing him up protects him from himself
j It also protects him from  bis friends
No sheep dog Is ever worth anytlilin:
which lias been petted and fondled
! and made much of as  a  pappy   W.i
men are the worst offenders in this
' way,   women   an.l   children —V.    II.
Ogllrle In live Stock Reporter.
Chas. H. Powell
Kimjston Man Telia How He Suffered
and How He Waa Releaaed.
"Kor years a mor
tyr," ls how Chas
H. Powell, of 105
Kuglun Street, King
ston, begins his
story. "A martyr
to iliniiii.* constipation, hut now I um
free from It and all
through    the   use  of
Dr.    I iibardt'B Ant I*
"I was Induced to try Antl-PIll by
reading tho testimony of some one
tho had been cured of constipation by
li. I had suffered for eighteen years
SnJ had taken tons of stuff recommended as cures but which made me
worse rather thnn better. Doctors
told me there wns no cure for me. Dr.
Leonhardt's  Anti-Pill  cured  me."
'All  dealers or the Wilson-Kyle Co.,
I.iiiui.nl,  Niagara Falls, Out.        602
Gen. Brugere, ex-commander-in-
cliiel ..I Hu* French army, will be tha
guest ni President Roosevelt when in*
arrives in ilm United States during
I.i    trip ii.un.l the world.
Mother  Graves'   Worm   Extermina-
h.i   has tin* larg.'-I  -nl.* ..I any r-iinilai
preparation sold in Canada, it always uv.*- satisfaction I.y restoring
health  to iln- l.il.* tolks,
I    A i l... I  titan lir  Mini  PotVOP.
^■Ie was a line old nnili win. Inul Ik-i-h
tjB so.nh America, l.ut wh.. wns de
^Bllng bis old uge to in ting ns th..
s^prks of the clock 111 (he piazza ii,
^Kj.n. It was l.e who rang ilu.se n any.
^Kny bells we heard and puzzled .iv r
Hue forty rapid, high pit. lusi bella at
t-t2. aeven balls of deeper time nt
NI. aud so on.
t.i.-hiide had aaked Arcbangelo,  the
man's son, lo explain these seeming
eguhirities uml h.-it) learned that Un
its were only Intended to spproxl
te tlie" hour; lhat hla father was oij
I occasionally forgot and rung t.s.
le or too much: nlso that ha was
a man and that hunger sometime-,
ne  gnawing   at   hla   ritsls   Bl    MJ
(45. wliereupt.il he rung for 13 oV'..n I
I  wandered   home to hla spaghetti
appetlle ulsti accounted  for oocti
Jnnl delays In the bell for 1 o'cl >• k
ijipose Ar.bnngi'lo's mother wag late
the  cooking  of  the  midday   meal
Uld hla  father return lo the piazza
1ho.it his luncheon?   And what d*»*«
rpiarler of an In.or Batter nfter nil?
'npri It ta truly dnlce far uletite —
|; i   only neeeaaat-j lo read tl    I   I
loniala to b-* convinced iimi ll Uo
p's oorn cun .- unequalled foi the
nova! fl cms, warts, etc   It ia a
Inpleie extinguisher.
kin' things easy    that's lhe trick
n.at s hardest **f n'l  hi lenrn;
}is   wm i.i   keeps   steppln'   along  ao
' do Igtn   nt every turn
Tliat  we ci.>■,.. i.nr eara lo the lazy
Thai  Summer ir. slngln' the whole
daj   !.*nn.
An'  we a«*i  i.i thlnklii'  Its   wholly
.*■ rang
To be lakln' things easy.
|l,lu" things ea«y. with duty tl .ne,
yo   never .. tboughi .*r tear
|it*u  the shadows close al tho s*'t ot
\n' tha innon and stars tlraw nenr   •
The real reward that a man  Mn
la lha s. iinh fur Wisdom an' wenlth
...' I
|a the , .in.,   thu... without
ii-k ..f Mama,
To he i.ikir;, things easy.
|idnay   Duty.    It   la  111,   l'lirllriiliir   fun.'
i nl the kldneyi ,,. Bit*,  onl  poi	
. ll   n:i--  lliriiiii-rh  .liein  int..  .In-  blood
■u the kldneya ara tiiataatil thai een
■ In  their  whole dlltv, Hint  - I... ,11 I  lime
... In   nini   tdrentitli   tlmt   smith   Am-
<•...   kiiim-y  .'ure  will  afford  in  ......*
.ill  forms i.f kidney dl-turrlti.      Il   re
t'»   In  t  hours,   lt
,...1.   iiinl   llir  I,Iver.
ulf Is the grenl.-st of nil giiim-.     It
(in- only recreation that is at one and
same   tl    health   giving   nnd   a
fiplets preoccupation without being
Inly  physically  exhaustive.    Hut   1
profoundly convinced thai it is far
I.r for a mini'* liver Hint he should
I  a poor game than n good one     '
iw from personal experience that It
11   i*  bettor  f..r  lhe  liver to play  s
lly had (-.line.    Nothing sllrs up .he
. r like Hn- irriii.il.m, ths excitements
J i u.e paroxysms ..f u really had
me   i...n.imi Qrophlc,
Health   Restored   by   the   Rich   Blood
Dr. Williams1 Pink Pills
Actually Make.
Thousands and thousands .*( young
girla throughout Canada are literally
passing min In.pel.-s.- decline for the
want nf new rich red blood sn abundantly supplied by Dr. Williams' i'mk
IMI-     They are diatreeaingly weak,
pale t.i sallow, appetite fickle, sub-
.t*i*i 1" headaches, dissiness, ars
breathless and the heart palpitates
violently al t!..- laaat exertion Th.-
loctors   call   this anaemia   which is
In* medical name t..r bl Ileaaneaa
Di Williams' Pink Pills actually
inike in w  blood   they cure anaemia
■ii-* a- surely as I I curea hunger.
Hare ia a bil of the strongest kind ..f
evidence: "Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
unl   nothing   else   save.I   my   two
laughters whan doctors failed to help
This statement is made by
Mi-  Joeeph Mortal, Bl  Oliver street.
....i* bee.     Sin* n.l.l-   "My daughters
• ! .   !■■  lively twenty-two and
twenty-three years      For two yeara
the)  suffered trom the weakness and
11-: i.—   ..f   anaemia,   and   hnd   I
* I ..( Dr. Williams' Pink  PlUa
.  i!   would  not only have - r.i  1
'n Hey. hm iniieii worry and anx-
let)   as  well,    llntli girls  weie us pals
n- a sh,-, t Thev Buttered from headaches, poor appetite, and grew* so
■ tl * old hardly go
about. They ware under s doctors
but .li.l not Improve a bit. I
lespaired ol ever teeing tbem in good
health again, when a friend called mj
nit. ntion to Dr Williams' Pink Pilla
Sunn  after  they  began the  pills  then*
w n ■ nn improvement In   their   oon-
ilitioii   ami   in   less  thai,  a  couple  of
months Ihey   were   again   enjoying
health,    ii.'live    robust    girl-     I
iiiii -.. grateful f..r what in Williams'
I'mk Pills have done for my children
il.at I strongly recommend them to
  iu,,il..*i wh.. has ii weak, pale-
faced boy or uirl."
in \\iiiinius' Pink IMN ti,, only
one thing, bul they do it well thej
actually make new. rich blood. Tl.ey
don'l tinker with symptoms They
i* • on tl..* bowels, They simpl]
change bad blood Into g I blond ami
tl tllke   stllllglit   at      tilt*       t      nl
such common ailments as headaches,
si,i, in lm.- mnl backaches, indigestion,
nnn.'nnn. nervous exnaustion, neuralgia, 81  Vitus dance, partial paralysis,
ami ths special, painful, secret ailment- of arowing girls and women
Bold by all medicine dealers or by
mail ..I BO cents a bos ... six boxes
[oi |3 SO i   lhe In   Williams' Med
i,■in.* i ... Brockville, < Inl
.nalir    « Minima.
."asllp Williams. »u QovernON Island. In New York briy. was iiumeil for
Colonel Jonathan Williams, first superintendent of West Point, known aa
"father of the engineer cups" snd designer of most of ll.e fortifications
around New York harbor, Including the
am* which bears bis name.
All    I', I r,,,., ,11,, ,r .    I ,,,,*■..
The most extraordinary forest In the
w...Id wns discovered by I.r. Woi-
wilsili mnl occupies a tableland some
six miles In width near the west const
of Africa,  The peculiarity ..f tba trees
■ is   that,   though   their   trunks   nre   ns
much as four feet In dlainelcr, they attain the belghl nf only u foot.    No tree
' bears in..re than Iwo leaves, nnd these
( nlliiln n length of six and a breadth of
Iwo feet.
Cray's Syrup
Red Spruce Gum
For Coughs and Cold*.
Shoeing the Farm Horse.
The wear and tear on hois,
makes quite an Item oil Hip farm, and
anything that will reduce this friction
for the farmer should be welcomed Ii
las been pioved beyond dispute thai
the average horse ls shod wiih too
heavy shoes, and If lighter ones were
substituted the animals could do nu...
work wiih less weariness. Heavj
shoeij have no particular advantage ex
cept for large truck horses on stood
roads, where shoes wear out quickly
Even In sue', cases It ts doubtful If too
heavy shoes prove of any value. Cer
talnly for farm horses light shoes arc
much more satisfactory. The effect!
of such a change are quite noticeable
shortly after the) are put on. and In a
year's lime the extra amount of work
that is obtained from a horse will more
than pay for the shorter time that light
shoes ma* wear.—American Cultlva*
Tbe Weavlnfj Horse.
"Weaving" consists in n motion of
the head, neck and body from side to
side, liko tbe shuttle of a weavei
lug thr'ugh the web, and hence the
name given to this peculiar and incessant motion. It Indicates an Impatient,
Irritable temper and a dislike lo confinement In the stable. A horse Uri"
affected will seldom be In good flesh or
he safe to ride or drive. It Is not con
sldered to be a disease, but merely an
Individual vice, and there is no cine
for It that I am aware of.—Veterinary
In Atlanta Constitution.
Horse Blinders Injurious.
All expert horsemen long ago ahan
don. d the use of blinders. They are
not permitted In any cavalry service,
and hursts that poll Are fighting appa
ratus and have need for all the ayes
thev   have   never   wear  the  obnoxious
squares of leather aud brass.—Farm
aud Ranch.	
The  Turquolar   I mul.
Slual was known as the "tiir.iuolse
land" In very am unl lints, mul In*
ITluders I'elrie believes that it was
tl.e (Irst mining center In the world,
lu his book on ihe subject Dr. Petrie
tells of the various expeditions sent 1 t
Sinai by the Kgypiiau government At
tho head of the party was the "com-
mender," er "beerer ..f the seal of the
god," the pbaraoh. The Official stint
conaurted of "maatera of the bouse „i
metals," or aaaayers, scribes and boc*
retariee, to make Inventories of the
output of the mines Bven more modern were the "devisers oi   nictals,'- or
prospectors The working stait consisted of miners mul Iheir assistants
The commlaaariat  had  cooks,  bread
Imkcrs, waler carriers and even a doctor attached. The mines enuhl only be
Worked    for   a   certain   period,    from
January to May. which is exactly the
best period for archaeological work In
Sinai tmi iy. The miners lived In camps,
and the sn called foils and camps
were really miners' Villages.
\ iilum It,   end   ,l«*»  trtr,.
Vulgarity   it   certainly   commoner
among men than among women, mui.
Indeed,  when a  woman is  vulgar Bhe
is apt to display the quality in high
perfection. The reason why n is rare
scrag women is thai the emotional
Datura Is stronger among women than
mining men. and thus where men nro
iinil.itioii*4, fond of displaying power,
anxious tO carry out designs, desirous
of recognition, women are sympathetic,
ten.ler, affectionate, snl.lie; Ihey value
relations With Others more than performances, they encourage and console,
because they nre Interested in the person who desires sympathy more than
in the alms which he nourishes, If
one's main Interest in life is In (he
personalities that surround one. one Is
not likely to be tempted by vulgarity,
because the essence, again, of vulgarity is thnt it tends to affix nu altogether fictitious value to material
things, a nuin wh.. pursues wealth,
comfort, power, position. Is uhvnys In
danger of vulgarity.—A, •'. Bonsou in
Peril nf tlrrl.iK Snl.llrra.
"Strange as it uui.i seciu." sai.l a former colonel of n Manhattan regiment,
"members of state military'organisations will continue lo violate duly culls
while knowing full well Hint I.y so do
lug iu certain Instances they render
themselves marked men r. .• life. The
fact is probably nol generally known
among cltlsens that a dishonorably
discharged militiaman is forever bar
red from holding public office, Whothoi
this applies to the municipality, the
commonwealth or the federal govern
ment, I know of some cases where
men with dishonorable discharges have
fallen lo speedy ruin iipnu full reallzn
tion »f tbe serious consequences al
inching tn conduct unbecoming a sol
dler."   New York l'reaa.
Bight thousand ttfo   hundred   and
I fifty gallons of wniei* from the Rlvei
Jordan   I.n-   been   shipped   i"   New
Yiuk  where it will  I." used foi   baptismal pn.i *
Grateful   Wives   and   Mothers  Testify
to Their Value.
liileiuis have been called "a woman'- medicine" because "I their exceptional fitnesa foi  tlie various ail-
in. nt- p.-. ulnii to the sex. as well ns
j for liver disorders and stomscb ailment- generally I'nlike mosl liver
and stomach medicines, Bfleans contain in. bismuth, mercury, or any
mineral whatever. From coating to
kernel they are purely vegetable.
Mn I Whitfield, of Swan Lake,
Man ., Bays:—"liileiuis have done n..-
a wonderful amount of good. 1 can
hardly describe now bad I fell liefore
I took them. 1 could not eat but that
it caused pain. There was a constant lenaation of tightness in n.y
aide, nnd  my livel   wa- entirely out
■ .i.i     I hi nol sleep sl nights.
suffered alao from kidney tn.nl.le. and
v.a- oltogethei in s rundown and very
is condition, I lta.1 been ailing
in thia way for years, and ll is gratifying to find that Bileana are equal
> . mv case."
Mi- Wm Hall, of Dean Lake,
-ays —"I hnve proved liileiuis very
••.....I f.n constipation, from which I
Buffered S greal .Ienl   They cured ine "
Mrs J H. Thompson, of Cleveland Park, -ays:—"For irregularities
and painful periods I can highly re-
.  .minimi   Hilenns.       They   proved   a
great blessing t<> me nnd restored me
• . health when I hail become very ill
snd very despondent."
Bileana  are  absolutely  unequalled
<..r female ailments ami irregularities.
constipation, piles, u.iaeinia, debility,
11 u ii.iii .sm.    blood    impuritiee,  etc.
They tone up the syatem and enable
, it    to    throw    off    colds    and    chills.
' strengtl en girla juat emerging   into
iM.iiianh I, and speedily restore en-
igy and strength to those who are
rundown, of nil druggists nt 50c. n
box, ... post free from the Hilenn Co..
Toronto, on receipt "f puce ii boxes
loi iio"
Colonies "i beavers an to 1»- found
•*i  the Turtle and Ochre rivers esat
, Dawson. One colony has atarted
w.uk building a dam on the Ochre
i tlie railwi > bridge near the
Nip Disease In the Bud.—-It is difli-
■ult I., eradicate s diseaae aftei it hns
h* collie  seal..I.  thelet,.re   It   1-   wise   U)
ink.* any  ailment  in  its initial stages
and by such remedies us me sufficient,
itop ii in its course Oold is the com-
nonesl complain! of man, and when
eglected leads to aerious results. Dr.
'in.mas' Eclectric oil  will  cun-  the
-even st cold or most violent cough.
The Bub-contraci i.*r carrying tin*
until between Battletord and Edmonton has been leiieweil Willi Mr Belli inline.
Nrrv- tune,,, Dytpentia, Indlgeatlon. nnd
- intlr».<l ailn-cntH. take wines before the
iteallns enrolltlea of South American
'.tititie Thi.nu,. Iloskins. r.f l.tirhntt..
Ont.. look In- preacher's advice, fellnwcd
.iireeiinn-. nini wi,- oared permanently of
■he    ivnr-l    fnrm    of    Nervous    Pros' rptiot*
ml   Dfapepsla    lh   l.ns  recommended   i'
to others with erntirvinit results. It's c
treat   nerve   builder    ll
Tin* Canadian Pacific Ry. nre running n series ol Wi.it.*. Excursions to
Vancouver and Victoria, It C, from
■ 11 stations iu Manitoba. Alberta and
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratchea and
every form of contaaious Itch on human or animals cored in 30 minutes bv
Wollord's Sanitary Lotion.
s,,li nu,   I tiiler   »! " I- I...1111I.
Most of the siihuiir consumed In the
"nitcl Slates comes from Louisiana,
where are vast deposits at n depth of
H*Om   800  to  Sun  feel.    As  there   Is  n
aver   of   quicksand   a    hundred   feet
iii.i; above the suiphur, it was Impoe-
llWe until lately to get out paying
lUantltles. Now, however, It Is seined I.y driving down two pipes. Oue
pipe carries a Jot of steam, which, com.
ng In oontnet with the solid bed of
sulphur, melts It Into n liquid. This ts
ihen forced to the surface by air pressure through the other pipe.
^^ fa-X
n a van ty ol styles,
'abrici and pticaa. ler
aremea, ■•» sad
thOdnt. Feita-kued.
UaaU, are autkeiif< A
lo laplaaa imlantly and
at ear cait any I'm
Asgl* fsirnsal faulty
in material er maVinj.
Pen-Angle Underwear iu form-knit
so it can't help
fitting your figure,
—it's made of
long - fibred wool
so it won't shrink
-and it's guaranteed besides. The
whole idea is to
make it so good
you can't afford
not to buy by tl a
trademark (in
red). tot
A   lliira*  nnrt   n   raw,
When   In   my   I t,   u.'lkug   seven
cows morning and evening ami tolling
nu iiu- farm sll day. i made fnvorlte-t
of a iiiy mme umi a Durham cow
Molly iinii Boas, Talk abont your
physical sympathy! Why. li wus pa-
1'ieif. Mi,iiy was my saddle horse, a
single fooler of r.ne UXretleUOe. I
l-onld .1.1.* her wllh one finger on the
rcti.s lulu the iii.ni forbidding places
Old BeSS—Ob, she used In kick a tool Ii
out once In awhile und put her foot In
the |iiill of milk, but the dear girl
would follow me about with the affection of a chll.II Well. I wus absent
from the ..Id home live years and re
turning found thai nf nil the animal'
only Molly nn.l  Bess remained,    In.
Iigine my distress when Molly refused
In notice me nt all! While wondering
nt this loss of friendship I felt n warm,
ri'splike tiling going over my hand,
which was behind my back. Turning,
I saw dear nil Hess. Without notice
she had come to lick ine. If ever unl-
inai spoke wilh eyes ami manner she
did. il.-r bapplneaa at seeing me again
nfter so lung n period wat apparent to
all observers, und during my brief stuy
nt boms It was all I could do to keep
her from foil..wing me Inlo t'ie house
A mother's work ami worry In caring Im I.er little ones is greatly lighten.*.I it sin* bss on hand .. safe remedy
lm tin* i*.in* of indigestion, colic, sour
stomach, constipation, diarrhoea,
simple levels un.l the other little ailment.*, tlmt nre upt to ciiue to children suddenly. I'm these trnul.le-
Beby'a own Tablets an* better than
any other medicine. Ihey un* mildly
laxative, prompt in their action, and
a  few   .l"-e.   usually  leaves  the child
ni perfect health. Tbey do not contain an atom ol opiate or poisononi
soothing stuff. They always do good
-they cannot possibly do liunn, and
muy be given with equal safety to the
new horn Infant or well grown child
Mi.-   Reginald   Tames,    Penaghvale,
Oni . -ays: "I have ii-cl  Baby a Own
Tablet- nnd find them unexcelled n-
a  medicine for children.   Thev   pro-
niotp sleep and general good health "
Vou .an get the tablets from yntir
.linguist oi by mail at 2,'i cents a boa
hy writing the 111. Williams' Medicine I'... Brockville, Out.
Eczema Spread Over the Body and Suffering Was Almost Indescribable
--Cured by
Dr. Chase's Ointment.
This letter will be nppreciated by
persons who have siiffeied from itching tikin disease because il gives sonic
idea ..f the misery accompanying audi
ailments. It tells of a remarkable
Mi. Wm. Castle, Eagle Hill. Alta..
writes: "About Nov. I-t., 1903, 1
broke out with small red blotchea on
my aims ..ml the] afterwards spread
all over my body. It was BO il.liy
that   I   could   m.i   sl-ep  at   nights   foi
tcratching,   I suffered untold misery
ami was aliuo-1 driven in desperation.
I tried everything at hand ami mj
frienda recommended various remedies
all in im avail
"When I began tha use of Dr.
. 'lia-e's . lintment I ha.I Intl.. hope ,,i
relief i.m tin* it* ult La.- been wonderful. From il..* lirst tin- preparation
irav relief Irom tin* dreadful Itching
nml it ba- now brought about a cure.
The  day   i-  past   when   | pie  will
be tatiafled with an internal treatment   fur  itching  skin  disease     ll   i-
more sntiufactory to apply an ointment nnd witness the beneficial results, instead of taking medicine and
Imping Hint in time the desired effects will be obtained.
This change of opinion hns largely
ennur about through Hn* exti aoiilinary
mires   being   brought   about   by     Dr.
Chase'a Ointment, Bczema, salt rheum
|i. oi lll-ls,ttrttcl . -nil,I hen.I,an.I llll the
tlieiitlful itohing -km diseases, which
torture children ainl grown people
alike, arc not held in auoh terror
ni.*.* tin* merits ..( ilu- greal oint-
menl have become known.
Hy jis healing, toothing, antiseptic
influence Dr. Cnaae'a Ointment dean-
sea the -..les. alia.- the inflammation
itopa iin* itohing, and heal.- the raw,
flaming flesh. In iin* mosl simple oh
well a- ih.* in..-i aggravated -kin ir-
Miiiiu.il .a eruption, thia ointment
i- certain to give highly satisfactory
results; 60 .eni- a ..<.*;. nt all dealers, 'i Ivlinansoii, Hal.-- ,v <'..., Toronto.
Three hundred ■ w.i- hom
Richard Busby, head master >.f W.-st-
I'in-ter school, whoae name ba- t»**-
iome aim..-i proverbial aa a ty] f
•I,-    "rod   ol   noil"   .-.*! lin.l   '■
Moil   rietn.eU   Itlvrr.
llie uiost elevate.! river In ll.e world
la the Desagnandero, In Bolivia.   The
average eletatlon alove  the level of
the sea I* about  1.1.000 feet.
$100 REWARD $100.
Tb* "■- 'r •' '. rl- . re, »r will r,- plMMd to lean,
tl.at th-; - i. st i.-«.t „!.„ dt..».i-4 «11mm* that •clODO*
bu t*M*Q .lil. to t*«rt .n all it. ,t.,M, and thttla
v.«-!ti. lUII't L'aurrb Cur* It tiit only potitiv*
*,irt ii.>« kii''»n ti ni* r,1 .1 Ittr-rn ij. Catarrh
. r, a :.,t ■■'•i. i,« ■.-»-..- roouirta a --"ti.r.tu
tional ItHtil-ai. H*i! » ' .cor,h , nr* It taktn in-
•■■nail,, a. < .iff dl-*.t.> tn t;.- l.l ■■ 1 an.l mm-wia
HrtM-M nt . i .- ... .tan,, tbtrahr tl*atm> t.i th* fount,
aunn of t'i a *. ,aa,a. . * 1 t * nr li - |>a, Ian, atranatti
t>, tj.ultima up u a .ns-itiit n. and aaalatins natur*
n an aa i.a wnrk. Tba t-roprtalora ba*t to Irtish
fa.th in It. .-iiratlva powar. tbat ,ha- offar Ona Hun-
■to-1 hellar. f..r an, t-a-s> tliat it failatocnrw. Band
fir I atnf i.-.i a   -n al*
iddratar V. .1. CHENEV 1 Co . Toltdo. O.
Sold br druffffiatt TV.
Tak* Hall*. 1 ami, Pllli lor cou.t patios.
Nan'i   :». bn.lnff  InAoanr*.
"This Afrit in  explorer  whose experiences are Itelng published in some of j
the papers  says parrots  are delicious '
eating.    I   always thought  they were
very tough."
"itut he refers to wild parrots,   it's |
rh.-ir sssoetstton with iu.>u that makes
uiuat    parrots    tough."
V«ry   ..*       '.-iiIiiii.
Miiu,l A- if it .. .-a t bad enough to
have no iii-n esrorts at the beach, thu
mnnnger made tliluga alii) more aggravating
M.i I.el    In  what w ay?
Maud-He ln.e.1 a female orchestra
to furnish music for lhe hotel.—Cleveland I'la'.t) lies i.t
Tin* Iiu iiiii miniatei .*i war haa
closed a school owing to revolutionary
spit ii of students.
Sn Robert Hull, iln* eminent astronomer, declares  thai  800,000,000 ydara
have elapsed since the earth became
!,, support lift*.
Thoie Worrying Pile,! One application
if I.r. Ag.lew's Onitint-iii will give you
e intlnrt. Applietl every night for three
I'i-Oitt. and a etirt* i- etfected in the
in ii.iii, rn in-.- el hlin l. Bleedlas or
l;> hm.: l*il<- Dr Asnew - Ointment
rurei Hra-ama anil nil Itching and hurn-
ns ik.n .h-t nt- lt in-i- like mntfu*.
j, ceuta.   16
The in iff action o; European coun-
tiiea i- re arded at Washington a- a
menace lo  United  "state-  trade
\rtinrird's   Liniment   Cures   Garget   in
The Canadian I'.uinc Hy   me again
running then* minimi excursions   to
Knstern Canada from Manitoba. Saskatchewan nini All-erlu, the tickets be-
nn. ..ii sal.* November *j4th to Decern-
bei Slat ami good to return within
three months.
II..*   lion   mill   thr   Stick.
Professor Wilb.lni Wtitult. the famous Qerman paychtdoglat, telle of
teaching >. dog t.. Jump over u stick.
One day lhe professor commanded his
tot to jump, but held out uo stick.
At lirst th'.. dog seemed surprised, and
ou repeated ordering to jump he bark
ed. At last he sprang into the air nud
barked very vigorously, ns If to com
plain of the absurd nud ridiculous command to Jump wheu no stick wua held
Dairy Utentila.
In buying dairy utensils It Is a good
plan  to get  those with as few seami
Slid rough surfaces as possible. The;
are mucb easier to keen clean.
\ s.i. —iui Medicine Everyone
aishea '•• be sue. in! in any undertaking in which In- mat engaa. I-
i-  therefore   i Ktremely  gratifying  to
•In   Drop! n't..i- of  I'm in.■!,-.-'-   v
bit-   I'lll.-   to   know   that    then    efforts
I., compound a meoicine wind, would
prove a blessing to menkind hsve
been aucceeeful beyond theii expeeta-
•n n- Tin* endorsation of these pilla
I.y tin- public i- a guarantee thai a
pill ha- been produced which will fulfil everything claimed f"i  it.
A Cure for Costlvenasa - Coetiveneat
comes from the refusal of the excretory organs io perform iben duties to-
giilmh from contributing cause-, usually disordered digestion l'...m,<i,<e -
Vegetable   Pilla,  prepared  on  sd. n<
tide   principles,   are   si liip.mnded
lhal certain ingredients in them pass
through  iln*  stomach  au.I  act  upon
Ihe bowels so a- In lenitive thei. torpor aud an.use them to proper action.   Mnny  thoussnds  uie  prepared
lo liein le-lmioiiy to then powei in
tin-   le-pecl.
-Ilonir.  Sweel   Homo."*
Probably no one would have beea
more surprised than S.r Henry Blah *p
himself could i*e imve foreseen that a
tingle melody In one of ins numerous
operas      oul,I   achieve   such   celebrity
thai at tin* present day it is still sung
i.y leading prima donnas at Eaahlonabls
concerto, Jaugled on street organs aud
loved by a vast public that knows tootling of inn-.i. pro| ei I) so called, ns the
purest representation *.r tb.* Bngllah
spirit—"Home, Rtvesl Home."   "Clari,
ibe Maid of Milan." Uu- opera in which
.his favorite song occurred, has loug
been consigned t.. the limbo of forgof*
len mus.tal work-, but   "Home. Sweet
Bome," survives w.tii undiminished
popularity   an.l   is   likely   to  survive
when many more pretentious compose
lions have followed The Maid of
iilnii"    into   oblivion
II.un.*  i-   very   plentiful   in   iiii.Iln*in
* lutario, an.l iln- coulitry i-    lull   ..f
..ii sportsmen
Tin- New York Central lm- again
been found guilty •>! rebating n. a
sugar refining company
Thomas Moore, tin* author ol "Iriab.
'! liee," is having a monument er-
• * i.i- memory on Engliah soil.
His grave i- in Bromham churchyard,
a lew milea in.in Devises, and ..vei it
a tall Celtic cross of Connaughl lime-
itone l.a-  been ere<
Toilet Ware
-TOILET WARE in tniaie
' abundance il pictured in the
pages of our Catalogue. Whether
your taste turns to Silver. Ebony or
Ivory, it will find ample wiety front
which to choose.
From our own factory comes the
richly chased Pompadour Pattern in
heavy Sterling Silver. A six piece
set -c-xisisung of Cloth, Velvet and
Hair Brushes, wiih Mirror and Comb
—is unprecedented value at {30.
Pieces are told singly if desired,
so that a set may be added to, year
by year.
Dtmt MS a pmltri c.rtl mmj mm ttOm
,mj, . 'ttt e/ ckargt run i.rgr ilium,
t'.iu.i .mtm'.nfut c/Jtmr.ry. Silt,
Lratktr Crvmdt. tic.
not,I Ahmalna.
A gold coin passes from oue hand te
another 2,000,000,000 times i„>f,ire tbe
Stamp or Impressi m upon It hecomc-a
obliterated by friction, while a silver I
coin changes bsnds 8,250.000,000 liniea
before lt becomea entirely defaced,
wniTE   Min  phi:   I   ',
.'nil   Mieitrtni-.
Kali shearing is beneflrial in prepar
i.m lambs for early winter market
lhe wor'ii ahould he done .-.rly in the
-eason.   The removal of the ll S has
ens uie tatteuing proceaa, ainl guiai
tee u.mie ..i a ebeaner mie.
Minard's   Liniment   Curat  Colds,  ate.
Su Andrea Luak   tin*   Grand   m.i
Man  of   London    was ..Hi  on  Sept    |.
lit* was in.in at liiur. iii Ayrshire
dose upon live veai- iteioie Waterloo
iiiiiI exactly nine dsys prior to tin*
"Ii.iii Duke's" other victory m Kus.
aco, Sept   '.T, IHin.
Minard's l.iin.iiciit , ■■ . Limited.
tlelllleinell     I  have ilsetl  MINARD'S I
LINIMENT on  inv   vessel  and in tny [
family for years, snd lor tl..* everyday ills ami accidents of life 1 consider it has no equal,
I would 'lot start on a voyage without  ll, if it  cost a .I..Uin   n bottle
Bohr, "Slmke." SI   Andre, Kanioui-
Blsckbeads are nothing inure or let*
than pules that are un. lean. The skin
bus been neglected at one time or oilier
aud the pores have become clogged
with (he poisonous waste materials
tbat the sweat glands are constantly
throwing off.
Sn Wilfrid I.aurier hns been Invited by Admiral Chester t.> attend the
banquet of the American Geographical
society early in He. ibor, hill as the
Dominion house will then bs in session, he will hardly he able to n.-cepl
the Invitation,
VV    N    11    No.    612


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