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Lardeau Mining Review 1906-06-07

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Hns a larger cilcu
latiOQ     IU"'''    any
■"eivspapei   111   N.
K.i..ii.'ii'iy. li- nt *id-
veriiHng   medium,
VOL. 2
jun 12 m   "J
The   r, |
• ii mh i,i i
\ c
ni the rich Lardeau
any au
Iress for
per un.
in in him
fRt>l" K.SSIO.VAL.
0 B i. WILKIE, P.L.S..
I'nuiiii'iill Laud Sm v.", nr,
Mineral Claims Surveyed
i*i,l Croivn lir.inls (Hit iln.il
,,,  in.   .    \.-.i Hi * *.r.l nnici
,  i,i . t...k(* ir .
I,, ..   -t    Mc. tt.., . . II    Ilu.'   ' t
1   \l   l'l Mi II 1 'I
HOl.l(*tT(iR8, in .
R.    G
' """Hi "li'ireiilTmni Uks.nhntu
.' " '" ""'" '""t ItMka City,  I,,,,,k,„l
''     ,','       M'lrruj I     lllirlll-UHBl    cruel
! I»"B|,    llieneu aouih   no clialua, ilienrs
. «rsl bUi in,.,.,, n.cii,,. „,„,!, m, | ,
H.ei.re   dial    Ml   cllillna   n,   ,|„.  ,,,,.,,   ..,
N" -    • '..i..n.ci ni.(. in ,i |„„i plant.
"' »e  sou in   allure uf   Ir.nii   l.„kc
'"" Ul   '•   niilft   l.flii    | runt    |„|,
li srl • I      .1     r.   Mn
 ■'■. lost," thence
! in ai Hi.
I in
.... 'h  nurtI. en.i
*"..ih -i. i inm,,.
I* .in**, ib  north ,*ii
■   ,-n-l    h.l   ■ ll nn-    In     ll ,-
i I,c, in, |,|.
■I. .     MI'lllMV.
|iei I '    IV    Vlir:lllrilu-...l, uk inl
1'uleil \|,nl I7lh, I	
in -
Viiiic* Is hereby Riven Ihnl sixty
ilnvs nfter linin | jntcn.1 i,, apply
tn tli ■ Chief ('otitinisNiniier of I ni.ii-
nn.I  VV ..iks for   |icnnl--|iiii to  i in-.
chase tl.,* following (|c-cni,ci| IhiiiIs
situated i-i Gerrard, vi eat Knofii-
ni   I'iftl nl, ri.nl   c.'inn.'iicjnir   ,, | ,-|
|.i.-i   marked   Leslie   Hill's sn ith
wesl   corner,    ihenea    north    2il
chains,   the    east    20   cluiins,
thence south m  Lardo river shout
ZO   el.iiins,     tliencti    Hlling     I.aid'.
rlvei iiluiiii   i*ii chains in poinl ..(
etiiiiini ment   ai i"
TROUT LAKE CITY, ll.C, Jung 7, iqo6
— ____4 , ___
No. ;._.
,,i, ,,. ,. i,,t i ,i,i. - lal U..i,li ,
FIIKIi      C
I'U'I.'I-TI- H
i-i'i'.i ic, l.ri
Tronl l.nke. I: C.
V l.l. IOTT
M'l VrlV
ml Fe
= Hasaging =-
linn! nr "liver ..
(1, ild . .
f-'ilicr mnl  I.     i
.   i|    ". ..     .
SHANNON. Ksteytr
Trout l.nki•-
'.I11 lit I" -es ro nr lent
'"   h*"f".V   ••''''"'»   ltl«l   Bi1l.il Ila't-d   Illli,  Mat,    i tn III
'» II".     ti-    l,'-l     I      IlliCHll, "        '    "Jl"   ''">'  ,''     '' .
'" ri n ..• rlrillali i uliind.is HbShIIi   ' '•' " "   ""'
I,    Inl I   i"    apply    m    ilia     ||„
l"hli i    I'nni.niaBi.iuer    »f    I un It   .
" "' I -   i "   ..   ki .-ciiil licai ... in cut ami
'"|>  ".Hi   ..,, I,.-,   from  i   *• It.Hi
■1' -   nlil .1  ,iii.,la -ilui|,,.,|  in    u r.l   I
■ i
X"    I.    <'" 11.11'.*lu .lur Bl l. IviBI | I in.cl
nn ll,. .nnn, -|,,,n, ,,t I c in , uke
7 iu,I, a Irom i'r,,iit   i.nii,. t ,,, . ,„..,  . ,
".l li. Kraaer'a nurtli ,-a-f euina
il.ci .'.■ aunili .nil cliaina, Hi.    ,■
elit * -  .1 ei.ee ..mi li  **u i i., , .  •   .
•    -r  it,, I   ill,. |o ||„. !„,,,,I ,,, ... ,,,„	
*'  'Uj    N». 2    i',,ii,ii,fi    ,i .,..'   .
'   '"   "i. .i •■ aniitli almra nl   |>iuil I ■,...
' i "in   I "" .   I ake i  ti. -i
' \    .t.    I •,,-,'. -   nnril   ■ .,-'   ■
11 5fl    oat," lli.nc. ton in HO rl H.ei ,-,
"•'-.   ''I ■  ' -     II  l-l-t-   , ,,11       -■
 i  '  -u . I .i i - *',
'•  '     * n ••ii i. \  .,   I l: \ -l li.
  pei II   IV.   i brahaniwin,
Pa...I \|..il iril,, |..*»;.
ITSCAN    lulu.]'
N *  :■■<
w9       A P.  A A M.
Ird   '1 liin-*!*-.   .".rl
n 11..
j,i,.ruing Krclbrcn rordlnlll  ll
r,,r,i,ir...i. -,■,'   r .' Campbell..V M
>i I
I. \ K "      I'll..*I.
Ml.   II
I   O.O. F
'■■ ^^<.
/a    —    --Vr,
K.'t-i.'.ir nit'Cllnr- ll.lll ll
...,. -.   r*w"a    it , 11   m»-»
Im.-—l„i   ...-.mi   al    *
,,'.-,.« .       . ,   -1 iu-    "ir till
mr. .'nr l.niii -t >•
!• m -i. |i„ ..i. Mat*.
Ki • 1*0    -   I -icliv   _(i,*n   that   nillun
'""   lha from  lite Arat pnblieSlinii
hereol in the lirliial i i (iaxelra.
I   Intend  n. apply  '■•   tin*  Hoi.  C'riiel
i ',,ni m«., ,i,,.r ni I nu.la and Work*   I■•■
;.   -|,cc,„i   i   , ,-::..-    |n        1,1   tnd     .'ll
limlier   bom   lhe liiilnaiuii d*»eiilM*.l
lamta tlliwted in Wesl Kuul.. hi
So. I.    . '.,,,, ■I..-IUI m- at rl |"-r I 1 *   '■ -I
 'li   -I,,',   III '. ".nl I .,,.■    .,I.i.iil
* n ■ *- in.ui : •* ni ini,,, iui, nc,. kt-ti
" .\. Abialtaniaiin'a   nurll *   -i  .-crnar
1  ,   -. .        H  .      ,  -       -   'Mill     -I     ,  I  .,,     -.    ||
weal (Slrl.aina  tl.enee nnrth  Mlehiies,
l.l.cue.   earn  *hi rhair.a in the la.jutoj
Nt*  '.'.    i • iiiiiieiiciiir «' b i ,,-l p| ,' '..I
.ni Hit ...," li i|   ■, , i i ■    l lain nl
Ginger Alo
Ginger Baer
Cream Soda
Champagne Cider
Club Soda Water
Lithia Mineral Water
ibeic   imrili   -In   chains,   Ihi nre
'list   Kin  < huin-,   t.i   the  point of
I l,lllllll-l,.'l'lll,'l I
Located lay 28th, I'.u.i',.
11. U', ^ hrsliHUiann, locRtn1-,
So  H      1 'oinuiciicit'i;   nt   •!   |,i,w|
p'aiilnd iili.nr ho ebaii s »er-t from
ii poal ii i.l.-rl ii. \V. Abraham-
Boil's . "ril. cri-l c,rn. i |,i |, an,I
al.. it I iinfi'- from ll.u head of
Troul I. .I.* nn |he south snnre of:
Inlic in ,1 iimrlel I) W. tliinliiim-
ioi '- ii. rtb(i»i I'uiii.i | ."t, ti,,-.,.- '
ciinii.n.in*, fi..nl. .s.i , iirm, , iheiire neat 11
■ Imil - tl ei,.'.' north Mil .ii.iii .■.
thence i n*i .*itt . bn ins   lo ilu* point
"f  ••(llllll" I Cltlll'lll.
I   rated Mu- :_ih, l:. .
ii \V  /.liiiilcii.i-.tii. locator
N'o '.' i'nmi.I. ucing sl a i oat
. I nl, .ut one nml n b If miles
Irnin KcriUMon on west s da of N.
I'.nli "i l.'iidcmi oreek nml marked
(I W. Al.rslir.in-.iiiV t.orili cbhI
.•..tn- r |i".-i, thence soiuh HO cliaiiiH
ili.-n.'.' nest 80 (.'hn HIM, I hence m.rtli
H'l . linn,-, ibfpci* en-i Si I (jhllinS t"
il.c poinl "1 Uminenoenient.
I.ocaie.1 Miiy 29ih, 1906
. 'in '.* I nl.nut ...,e ini'.- north . f
Re 'pn vviigon ron I. and ahout :',
" ''■"• ' mi Trout l.iiic marked
11 v». A brahamsnn's south n esl
con er |>ost, llienc. north S lohaii s,
',"'"'  »t 80chains, thencesou h
8 Icln In**, (hen ■•■ west 8 ' chains I *
t olnt of commencement.
Located June $fh, 1000,
'■ '• • Abrahamson, laca'or.
i nrflmencing at :t i ost
]/^rWt!tmw^fiai^^ 0« ing in it large consignment i f
\$    Local and General.     |jlegal.notice*cnmlr.g in at ilie»s,t
.-cnic'i in tb,* Methodist Church 'renders indulgence
Sunday morning al ll, and even- Jl(hn Pullman r-por.H bit atraw*
ing st  8,  conducted  b>   I),  W, berrr crop coming along aood.  He
° J'ateg lie wiM be ul.lc to aup| ly all
Iho Nub'o Five nut/It left Thurs* requirements ulong thai  line iu it
day in resume work on iheir claim few iv.-.-k,.
f 1'rown creek, When rj, m.,., rJ,,., ^,,1 par
'""it one mile north of W0l'k wa? m"landed "ost fall ther«*|enhurg   ■
. K'.ing to npeii
v. i a splendid showing n| galena Mm „ ,,,,. , umbetupoHs at the
Bnd greyeopper In tin* drift. ,-,„,, ,,f tlie |ttk(>
Woik it going ali-n.I -.'eudilv on I    The cam- of Utrr vs Tlie Arrow-
the I.ucky Boy.    At *.or,,*i  „*,  the. head Lumber Ore, which was tried
surface seopage  haa stopped, ibe, st Nelson a week or two ag.mn.|
chains,   tlience{■'»»'■> wi I He sunk  mi..ther   160 ft.I judgment given'to the defendant*,
wagon road, and about
from '|r ,|. |,akc. marked
Abrahams! . -
soutn   ...-i
I ■ -'.   Ibence    north   K
thence    west   ■"<)   ebsl
south   in
Thorpe (Sh Co.
^rliiuu. S. (I.
1 •   W   Au:..'. linson, ' * *itnr
N'o. It)    Coniniencing  uta |„ti-i  chaiita,   thenci
(.Iniiicil .ii.i.iit (.in- and a half miles Ibence   souili   80
li 'in I ..r.j.ii.in nn tli. \\.--r   tide of easl 80 chains to the point of com
Nnrlh I "i': "l l.'inl.'aii   creek and : """•''ment.
imarki-d O  A', Abrahamson'*i ...nth      Located Juno .th, 1900
■i*-• ■ ..in. r poll, thence north 801 Q  W. Abrahamsoi
ha ins
Men Imi
:i rnllea
t>   W
* chains,
•".-t   80  chains   to the  point of 11" the meantime some high grade is to be appealed before the Sup*
commencement | is being taken from  the upper reme Court.
Located June Sib. 1906 workings, rt.     m... „ i.       .        .   -
.,,..,, , ••""   I'lminock    rcttiriie.l   from
sim, local* r.     The Broadview people are ship- Spokane yesterday,
at a  post ping two cii-h of nr*. one of which     Jock La ing came in from Sandon
iaatthawhnrf and  the other en! on fatnrdav to re-open the Oregon
route down the bill. group adj..inin. the Silver Cup.
Jack ('Iiion and Jack NVabitt Harry Jlogcri is buck in town.
are working tlo-ir properties on j Wilh his partner Smith he haa
i.r.|. id crc-k. The j_.i.| sho-i inps ' been workinz ail winter on their
on both nf these [iMperiic areI P, plar oreek gold properties. II*
reiinirkablv fine, and we look forjin'orms us that tbey are looking
substantial return-, from  Ihenf be* excellent.
The fin. residence  an 1  two lota
1**0   .'I       ( '..liioiclii ic;;
planted about one and
m li n north ..I Beaton wagon road
and about one and u quarter
tm!.'- from Trout Like marked
tl. W, Ahrahameoti's sou h-essl
comer poat, thence north ho
wat K0 cbaina,
wins, thence
•t com-
Ol  :',,r
W [101 1 3A1.1'.    AM1    BETAll
11 nl' r. in ,|ll k-n '" nf I'rc-li  Mir.'
F. B. Wells
KKVKI.STnKi:, i! r
'■ ■   • i« hereby given tbat " itb*
in Um m.ititb- fr,ii*i 'I r   ti'-- | uli
nee    ni sl   B0  chains
thence   south) HO  chains,
.,.,-• so , haitis to the | "ii t
rm ucemeiit.
I., , .t.,1 V .;. 29lh, I'.tir.'.
11  \*   j brahamsoi .
Vn   11       < et.nncn *inc  it ii |...<t
i-Ianted nlmut one and a half mi les
I'cie.iino   ..rt   the  iM*i<t   hunk
Iof    tb**    Nnrlh    Park   Of    l.ri.i   III
n ek   rm.I   market]  • ►.   \V.   Abraham-ton's  wiiith east coruei |*osi
, •• north 80 chains, thence . a-*.
fore Bnow lli*--
Work at the Silver P-ip is beingjal  Ferguson  helonyim; to If. If.
locator   pushed along dev< lopment  lines. ICarter arfe tor sale.  A snap. Apply
■   Nn   ,.re   i" being ahipiied Imt that  to I. J. Atherton.
""" ,w- lakem
oul in .inving
N   "I ICC IH 1.    lcl   y  ;>iv   II
" ' lhaafier .laie 1 Intend t,. make]
ip ■ * ■■'.•i-i I,, th ■ lion i.'lm i i'.nli !    Neil   O'Dnnnell  came  in   from
ii i-M..iiiT nf Lands and- Works foil Sandon on   Monday.     II.* i« net-
is get
t..  cut .in,I cam   ting bis outfit in   »liapc  in resume
om   lhe following
situi.tc 1 aboul j
1.  shore "fI looking for  men   t..  go up to the
■I    a'out 2  miles   Beatrice.   The property is looking
eonimencing at .., ,v,.|| ,1M,j work u jh  be'pushed   to
tins 'I" ■ '••• hcuiii 80 i
-l HO cliaiiiH in the
,.  |   , i,...|  lica'ion hereof in  the British Col-j of ronimencenie'it
M,r al mi -tii'-   an.itli-w.a1   c.,-ncr
p,,ai," iherti. tc.ril,   I'.ti ''..-i.e.
.'r.i  10 rhsllia, tlii-l c  anul h 1611 rl
ll.ruc.*   *i, llie |
ii,inn,en..n *• i.     A   Ulli IHA1 -
t»., •'   IV    Vleaham*.
' Paled \r ri i;ii
\,,i ,, ,. i ...r ailhin two
•      ii -' i nl..;... inn hereof in  fhe  Urlll.h I ■ ■ .--'ii*. I
■  • ll- •. . t iel ■
' n,i.**t,i,.*- .,i   | ,i.'« ri. I .Vorfca lot  a
ti   li.cii.c   ...   , ,,i   Hi,| ,ain in* it
n.rlur   in-,n   :.,,-    luilnwiug   detcnlmd
1 ,ai.f|a -r'u.tlfl in U ■ -' K',- n n .1
So. I,   l nmiuearl. .- Bl » I **' i '
• I ii i,.,i  nnrlh nl ihe I ilea | li, i
i nail. alMTJI  '''...   mil -   i- • -• ■ :
1 11 kc. mn. «ci   •..   t\    ., brahal
nnrtb-eaal  comer  i ail '    Iheuresoiith
■ tu   I hence real "*" chain*. Oienre
north MOrhaina. tii.-n.c real BOehaiaa
.- pob i "i eommen »a	
Nn '.'    I'.,nnn,'iii-initai i n-«t nlaiO 1
nl»,ut   too  (eel norl I (it lhe lan-kv H .i
trail. «ti.,ci  ",..  inllel .,( Trml! I
nirirkcl '   • ..   t\      M.rali.-iu-it i .   i
.1.-1      C.'lllC'
uin'n ii:.-.. it-.   I   intend ti> apply I l/iciled M*,v'.'tub, lfOC
•• > hon. Chief I'ommiMrionei   ■ II  VV. ll.i.iii mson, tocatoi
I..n.i*   and   W'nik.     f'.i     special N"   !.'     <'■ innicncin-.   at a poal
ilcensea lo cut  and   carry   r,«a\ plnutnl  ahnin   1 \ mile* from Kor*
limber from the  following  deseri* iiuaon  on   ibe  ne-n   Ion,k nf   ibe
bed landa situated in   W'.-t   Kool    N'orih F"rk of l.ar.t. an k, and
enay : rked O  VV. Ahrihim«onV nn'tb
N..  1     t'lii.ii.              il    i poal <\'"<t   ctriier   |j-t.   tlience   ..eiili
I    *     C    I  ll    l|   '-'I.,..
llll J    11 in Or l    f
•■•>. ' ,'••  ■   lamI-
• I  .1   ut   1 -  t   i,|H   ill,
IV     I. I:..   ..-.I
t, ii   ii    r rr
p -" iu rl - t .1   |). Kennedy's *-,.[•'.
"i  '■• ,,.-:   •   , in ,* *c.i Ho chains,
*  '• it ■ li -.1 cli a ti-. tl.oi.ee ca».
-ii .-I. .in-. " ,• ,,. hi rid go ohains
• p i      i. "...ni. m (iii,.,i.
iu. .i l lb   r May. 1008,
J-  l> Kkvnki.v
I'. -   A   liiggaf. Agent
wnrk mi Ins claims up 8-Mile trail.
K..v   Anderson   wn in Tu.*"*lav
I I \ \os    The famous Oourlay
i*>   Ibe  one   to   buy     It   ig  not a
The management of tbe Company operating ihe Mohecan have
dispoacri of a large block of Block
at Regina during tbe past week.
Tbii, will undoubtedly mean * resumption ..f wn.-k on this prom-
tsiiiu property,
Hugh   McPheraon   came  in   on
Thursday from   Arrow bead, wher.»
., h"s been superintending the installation "f i waterworks system.
Pan MeLrnnrin will leave ne*t
week for Victoiia, to attend thj
annual teaeinn .*i th** Uran.l Lodga
of Oddfellows,
Andrew Abraham*"*,, left VVel-
nesday ti]ornin;{ for the Alloa an*l
Morning Star. The Alice h b,*in^
crown granteik
S*> far the f'Iscer Company'd
flume ban ntnod tl.e l.i^'n water
without any damage being sustained. It i*i the intention of tho
company   to resu me  work   at   tint
led sliont one and a Ijidn.in 60 t   i * -   • i '   _J c
tmni  Ihe   I , ad   if  T'om   Lnke on j tbenc"   u -•   ,'cu  •..   :
the eolith able and ala>ut oneu   •   «•«:   R0 chains to  |ointnf com-
fmmehnre,  marked   ''   VV   Abra*|mencemenl
hamson's  nnrtn-ensl   .-   ncr  poat,      Located May«9th, 1906
e 80 chains aouih; ihei      * •• VV  Abrahamson, locator
-   ii* -'.    iheiici    -■ -      v.  i:    Commencing nt a |ic«i
north,  tb* ine  so chains easl   lo planted slmui -1  miles  from Per
L of commencement. i lhe weat .aide of t e north
Located May 28th, il' 8 i| l.ardeati  iw      i   rl a!., ut
poal planii .
William J. J. Smith,  M K, .,f earliest ppasible moment.
Cincinnati, Obio.aod general man-j    jbe Choral S.wietv inbrnJ i*iv
eiiean piano when  yon  bur, but ager of the  Litttle Sahnon »'..Id
you iiml you have pract sed econ-  Mining Co., of Greenhorn, 0r«,ex-
..iiiv  wlici   V".   hare tented  nnd!amined the Uioadview  grojp  l:.«t.
chaii.-.  id,, J,i     When   you   want   BO in-j week.    Mr. Smith   una  su-nt in 1
a'rumi-nt     see    the
Murray      He can lit
anv  style  and  at any prico and
icrn.ri.    J. i . Murray, local neent
ing ehnrlly a series of Ss.reJ Concerts.
•   Jack .Stauhw is ilninij an aaaei.*-
inciit on the Cruwu at 9-Mile <*reek.
VV. Abrahamson, lo  il
■ '   I     Until-   agl : t
N" '.'     . .     -    -   i ..-t
in .   miles   from
an  Tri.tit   I.ake   and   ab"*it   one bun-
,-.,.*  -,i rl.aina, 1'ieni.
lothe t«'ini "f I'.tiinnenrci'cut.
Nn 11. I'mntii. neing at a i***-' | ■
„l«,.ii 4.0 t*-,.. . nrlh ol lhe I orki I • \
ii nl. .I*...,* 11- mil* * weal **( I rent
lake marked "" W Ibrahamaoiia
aiin'l. c .-I .■■•" ■ r |, .«t." llienra weal
|_J  rhaiiiB,   thence   i..*r>li   I.i i
ihenea ■«-. 1 0rl.aina, thene mh 10
.bain-. I** tl.e i-cii.i ol ennieienremeni.
ii tv. ABM Ml t M-.iN.
l-uid A Til 17th. HKM
dred and ii"i \ ir.li  n h Ih of  I
li. ii ni road, mar ked  i'  VV   A
hamson's south-west  ••■ rncr
■ hence east 80 chains, tl,.-m c n..rth
120 chains, t. en. *• wi t 40 chains,
thence   south   !■' chains,   thei *■•■
wesl  'J" chain-',  thence south 8(1
tllee mineral claim   -iLintc in  the
rrtuit   lilt,,  mining   ilirition  of   Weal
h.Hiiccm  .ii-inct
■> in ■    •■ ■•> '   * In summit of "SWer
l i.j' I'.tiiii'ai.i al rici, 1 .-I Brown creek
I     la.c   ,,.■ .... |l,a| |# An I -n :'
' •■ui I- \' .     So. K*IS.IHM Btjenl for John
ll     I M"-r     I-  M c    S.i     B88071,   an I
■ -      tinjlia'c«/ii,      K >| I'.     Nn
. --*  -.'.   in ci.l. -m/v   .la.,  from tha
■ii.r.     heren .     lo    appfy    tn     ihe
I Milling  I; irrler  fhr   a Certificate  nl
Im rnvflmeuia,  i ,.  the pnri*oseof ob-
.. i nut ,i Crown ilrant n* the   above
C-..I1-      .
ll ,1   further  I ik ' in,tic- tlrat »rti,,n.
ler aerllot, ."7, nmai  lie rnmmunreil
n. ...tc ihe issiiai.rv •*: Cvrlifi *ate *,' In -
11  V\   Abrahamson, local
iy '
I.h'*1   agent.'Mr.  itishaw, v.bo is representing)
vou out with I Cincinnati .mi ita!. t.i look over the] A severe windstorm last Sunday
nroperty with a i iew to purchase, 'afternoon cam-ed a number of tr*-*i
While notexpreaaing himaelf fully, to fall txatmd the wagon road* in
Vlr   Smith  declared   liimac'f well  the district.    Thesi  were sreedily
40 chains  wesi
i,.-ar   the   •■ eel   h n i:   i i  the   -1 ,.l
■ ■reek ml rnarki d ' • VV  Abr ib im
aon's   ii  'i.t  | .st,   marked i>  VV
i   rah in,•"!,'-   south   west  c.rtier
ibence   i       .    -o   chains
.1,"-,,-   •..-!   s'l   chain*,   thenw
\ *     ,       ,i a,     III.    ■'"    v.   -•
-,,   ,       i -   t,i   tin- | . ill    ,,t
■     .enl
I orated Mi 30th.
■ • ■   i
'   lira  ia  In .. by ah en  III il  " tlhb
' ,' • It-  |.,ii  ibe in-, i.i.i.' c.,*i- i
*• hriiieh i lolunibli liasene
I    ii.iei i   in   apply   "•    lhe    Uhie
-   ner oil .., ■'. snd iv nrka f".
■I licence lo nil snd cirn swsi
-   nher  ""in   in.*   folloaiiia ileaeribe,!
-  • Hinted in \'t c-t Kouter ,i
' ■ . I.    i .... c ,'i','   ..■ ai -i i "-' cl ,   '•
ll ith thorn ,,| t r nil I :il.c ,,l. ,
: ti ■'•■ . i ".ii  Tron 1  i.i.i .■ r.ti   ..a I.. "
1 i'  limii 'a  n.'iili eii.t • urnei i
•  annt li M i'i i i «. il,  i '*■ >'   -'  W
,li ", Ihcnce   n.trtli   Ml cl a****, llienc,
• "*i  *•" rhalnt  ,*t  ,„niit "I I't'inic	
No. 3,     I     lit —.-,i.-.•._■ ll r. |l   -.  I iauli'tl
","1, -    ,,■ , i i  ", i i ,      nb .ut
■    n i ii   11..ii-   l ike im. marked
1    I '    llll li 'a I ..• Ill I 11.1   ,'iiinei   , ■ -'   '
I     •iitlltit 8,1   tl aou*,   llirl.ee ti, -I  Rl
'   ni'-, tlience   iii.ii li mi . I.ai. t, thence
' i 'I  *i i i I in >ua I" the | ml lit cl ct uu'cc nee
.1 I.. It \l'\,
per O, W. Abrabaniauii, aRcnt
I   1|*rll 17th, IfllHt
lllef   tin
.N'.it'c* a hereby c v* n lhal two
months afler dale I mien.I lu make
applicat "ii   In   tne    Hon,   (
i ,,1111111-1-1. n* r. f Lands and Works
for >i apeci
m r-\ away  ■im,*'*e fr un  ti <• '"
i,,« in.' de orihi (I I nil's ntnaif'1 im
I.n sou View ir .ii nnd ..' ."ii it ree
mil s fr- m Gerrerd. i*ommi nelng
■,.  i.  |...-i   marked  L'alln   H'H's
planted al.
iron, tie*'
I'l'tvclllt :r.-.
14.    Commencing  al a pn>t j    Dated  i t lib damf June, *.j>. 1906.
i  ,"i   the easl   side of rer*;'
guson road,  aboul   '.'j   mil.-a from
TrOUt  l.nke.   ...ark.-,I   t >   VV    Alira-
• ii, ton's   .   ";i   v. -•     "ner post,
chains i«. poinl . i commi nccm.
I. rated tlay 17. 1008
11 VV Abrahamson, I u-at"r
N i .'{    i'I'lniH   ei ■■  nl   n  poal
d al.'.iit ..ne an,I ., bail:
- ore >,f   I'i".it   l.nke on   lhe. ee east 80 cbaina, thence south I
tin*   North   side   .*f   Ahrnhamson  80 cbaina, thi nee  we^;   HOcliilns,
cre.-k   rmd  market! ft.   VV   ,\i.:.i   ihei.ee nor b 80 chains to point  if
cense ... nut and hamann's  north enst crncr  post, enmmencen     I
thence    south   80   chains, thence      Located May 17'.!.. 1'.'''.
in*.   *< i chains, t-henoe north 80 O. \V. Abrahamson, locator
chains,  t'.ence  east  Si cbaina lo      \,. Ifi    Commencing sl   a p c>t
lhe point of commencement. mtc I 30 yards east ..f  the rVr*
l.(B ed VI-iv .'t'i'. 1908 i;u«'*ii n ipon road alioul 200 yards
ii VV  Abr hnmaon, locitnr   north of 1 mile board. 1 mi c front
Nn   I    Commencing nl  a p -•   l-'ofgnaon,  n irked   "    VV    A1. n>
|.la,iie.l a' mi  80 chains from the hamson's north cail  comer p>st
north shore nf Trout   I...K"   snd thence   south   80   chains,  thonr
about 9 miles  from  iia liead nnd
marked t"1 VV   V br ham  m'i soiiih
weal corner poet,  tlie ce   norll   ' I
;, ni.
it n|
Raise the Flag;.
~t    c irner    iw t,   ihe ce
■ n-t   80
, bailie,   iln-eee smith   80
111 ,-,i! -.
tb mc    weal   80  ci.iiiiiB,
,, ii ii,   -i.  i>iiaiiH  i" iu •■
noini of
.•'illliil.'i.celll   . t
ha', i
llii. M v. Ifi r*.
I.i-o.ii  Hui
Pi r A. Bigger, Ai onl
11 ia proposed t.. raise (he Hag
, er he ie at tel " lliotiee on Pom-
inion Day 'I he children will be
asked t.> prepare appropriate music
nnd the trusteed to mate patriotic
• 'lies ' .'.un"* for tbe v ting-
■"er.-. wi I I*,* nr ranged for. A
meeting will be held on Monday
t»it* 111 at the s. 1 o. Ibo'.ise tn appoint
com iii'tec   ai .1   (terfect   arrange
cut out.
pleased ii ilb what be saw, and pre-
tlicted a great future for it if developed along practical and economic line*
Bert Nor they, ..t  lhe Camborne
Miner, Ita* n   kiik in bis hr?t  iiisue
about a Revelstoke  mnn knocking
Iho   1 nrdeau   in   an   endeavor   to
boost up the Big Bend    Thia "eon''dein.   last  Monday.    Tha l».u.y
nf a gun " that 'Brer  lien in after News is i*till doing bueineti*.
muit be n twin brother to tbe one,    ,. u        ... .___
., .      f.eoree tlenrv rir-ber was up be
lter  |wo   years auo, and   .
Hugh Ro«s   ir"   developing
Yuill property near the Cup.
A oouipre*i*'ir plant ami aerial
traitiwnv is tu bo installed at tlm
Silver Dollar.
The Nelaon  Canadian   made j£)
»•■ L">t. al er iw,.  years a_o, ami , , «_,
,   * ._......    _i f.»re  iho  beak  at Nelson recently
who  was c nu*  t..  put  'is out ot       ., iii it   . . i
,r ,       ii   ,        ,    on the name  old charge.    Hc tod
btl'llietf.   bv  wav   Of  ft   libel  suit i  . .... .   •,   ., ,     ,._
,,.   , •        - , „      , i he samo old lie and  it"t  it  n tbe
We have ft it..."I   opinion of Revel-1       ... ,.       ■
, ii..- .i neck the same obi wav.
stoke people,   but   "f curse there
are in everv community men who'    The Canadian Me tala Co., Frank,
have a- little Ir.iinr? as " Mmphy's'commenced smelting on Monday
dawg,"   which   waa   caught in  a'and   nro   producing   a   rlrat claae
heavy rain storm and jumped into spelter,     the    tir-t   produced   in
ibe water t*. keep from getting wet. Canada.
Walter Phelan, who is develop-!    For   tbe benefit of  tbe   K.tslo*
ing hia Tenderfoot properties, paid j Kootenaihn  we  would   any   that
on Tuesday I there will bo no provincial election
next fall ;    tbat  tho   government
does nut fear defeat bv a combinn-
n flying \ isit tn t"
in bis yacht, Shamrock IV.
IM.-k  McFarlane,    returned
town this week after an absence of
is months Ile has received the
appointment of station agent here
Kmies Is l.e'ei.v given lhal  «iil,u'
the ti.ct publication
•In in lun tlssell
in    il.
■ f
N"iic i- hereby given tbat Iwo
months nfter date I intend tr.make
application In the Hon. Chief
Commission! r of I and* and VVi.ik*
for n special license io cul nnd
enrrv ftWftV timber from lhe following described lands Mtuntc.l
al.mit fi miler- from lo'trnd nn tl 0
ibaiir", thei c . a-t B '
. * • ., . - - lib ,*iO c i iing,
hi -i    - i   cli lios    lu
west  **.. cha ns, tl
ib.iiua, thence east   *
- point of c i-irii-n ■ ni
I     ,i,i! VI ,; 18th, ID "
,,i'!i 8 I
a n-
O VV  Abrnbamsnn, 'orator.
I tion of Socialist*; or '' malcontent '*
I Conservatives next icsaion ; that
1 Hon.  R.   I-'.  Green  will  not lie a,
i candidate for election in the Slocan
mens     Every   I crson,   mote   es-   bveryonc  ia  pleased t.i see Dicky    ... ' .. ,    ,
....•,. .   ,   ,     , • ' riding;   that   the   editor   of   the
woi a 11 v  ine  ladies, si e requested hack ..    ,"', ,   , ,,    ,u;„l   „„_.
.    - i ,, : hootenaiun    slmiild     think   over
t.. mtfii.l .1... i; tin,*. M|MM    <„,,,,   Oummina    and .gain, and  if ho eaft?t do ao, get
*3»*tt__«_iB______3________l Marie Levesque left for a trip t.. somebody  ,*1hc   that   can, as has
Dad WQBamS Croues th« Bit*. **c,,*,n on Monday been   the   case for a.-vetal  y-nta
*•■ .1 (iral.am and Fred Mil's re-  --'.'h axeKri...l".s tbefe.-Saodon
' n      - irron the death turned Wednesday from a prospect-1 Mining Standard
' .f in the iintohr
1     inn nd     I.,   apply
'hiel   f.'omiiilaalnm<r of   l.siida  ami pn„y  tlji-irict, eommciiciiig  nl   n
u,"K","r''K I»l,"' "• »'.";;" !,.n'1 .„, ,'  marked   U-slie  Hill's south
'   i   sivsi   in,,i...r |r tl.e fnlnwlua lHI '   ,II,,IK'"   "      ,                 .   ..,
l"'trilh.il la-vla, aliualvd in West. K - nsl  cornor  pnsl, Ihcni
'   i> ' c ftins, Ihcnce north
smith side of Tr.'tii V^r, W Koot*
, ctlllV
100 chains,
Nu I,   Commencing at a post planted
"'i  the Bitiob  ali.nc  ol   T i   Uke,
"built .'I link's Ir.iin lr.nl l.nke iTti .
i..arked " ,\. Md can'* north easl eoriie'
I"1-!," il,.'uce r- iiiii no i'Iiiii.ik, thence
«eai sn ci aim, ibence north hu clislus,
llience eaal HU ehilini lo lhe p..inl ol
1  ninioiiconiant.
v.. - Ooimnenoing at n nnsi t-l .nt-
'•I mi ilm south shore >.( Tmui l.nke,
..limn i iiiiica from Troul hake iby,
i.i.irlo'ii " a, McLean's norih-onal eor*
"or |,(,-t," l hence ion lb xn cluiins.
'"•'"• i-t'r-t "HiNohalns, tlience ii.iiiii wij '■^^,,|
1 liniiiH, ilienci.t eaat .in r.hnliiB, to |*olnl
"' rniiouei ment, A. MeLRAN.
, peril. W. AbrabniiiM.il. agent.
''Bl"! At.rii 1711.  UtO,.
i Iheiice .a-l -IO clmins, Hi'l.c,•-oillb
' 100 cluiins iii p Inl of commence'
Imcnt     I'.it.-.i Mev Nib, 1906*
I.EBI IK lilt '
l,.,r A. Wggar, Agent)
Notice is Iui, by given that IWO
mOlVtht after (In!,* I mtond In make
application to the Ch'cf Commla*
■loner of Lands and Works (nr a
ul licenr--.* to oul and carry
a'wuv limber for   the   f,.l.'o« ir.K '!•';
scribed lands situated on Ab _ham
Nnllcfi  ia   hereby (liven   Uml   uilliiu
two ninnihs fcnin ine lira, publication
'"i.".I in tin* British (l.ilum'iia flasetle,
• Inland tn apply tn ilu. Hon. Chlel
< ornmlsalnner nf Unrli and vv„rkt furn
ffeeiiil Li.*,*na« in cut and earn nwai
''in 'er from j|,n Inllnwiug deacrlberl
I'ti.ila sitmitcil i„ \v,.Mt Kontenay:
No 1,   I'mniuenciii'* al a |.»hI'planted
I ocati I Mnv 25th, 1030
o VV  Abrnhnmson, locator
No .'i     i oininci ciui;  at   n   po I
plan'ed   <>n   tho   nor h   bIioto .*t
I rout   I skc,   nbonl   seven
from    its   III ad.    marl e-l    i >     \i
Al'r.r.'.iln--.io'h    .( llth-WI ."I    COI i ■
i,,.'. .ti, nee north 80chnin« ll
HC.-I     I"    'l .llll *,      ihCIICe    I (llll    10
rhalnt,   I   n >■    cast   80  cha   •
lhe ,-r  south   120 chains,   lb. i ce
ii esi -in chains to the poii i i f coi i
mil', a ment.
Located Mav 20th, lfltV..
li VV. Abrahamson   locnlei
No b t oniiueiHUiig ai ,. p"St
planted nn tin* muuIi ahorn of
I'ruUt I uke, about 19 miles (rem
itra head marked 0. VV. Abraham
ion'a south eaal cornet poal, Ihcnce
wesl 80 chaink, ibence north 80
chains,  thence   sasi   80 ch.-iiia.
thence mnlb 80 .l.ninrs to tin* punt
N". I'V   • nmmencing si a i"-s-
plaute I •" )  yards .*isi of iln* l-'.*r-
n iv.ig*iii mad, about '.tklyards
nonh nf 1 mile board, 1 mile from
,vi,  marked   t>    V\'    Abrn
hamson's south w.*si comer post,
thence   n irth  100      . ,,-, ihcnce
,-,-i id chains, ihen ■•• south   I i.1
ch ii ",  ibence  nc I   4(1 chains tu
nl of i- mm •','•• ii nt
I, .-ite I Mat 18th. ::'   ',
ti. VV. Abrnhnmson, Iocs lor
No 17    Commencing nl n i. -t and -i ill t time has own.
pie'.ted   ni.,..it  on.*  mill  i irth of worked  Ihem     llnring  Mr
Beaton wagon road, and about 14 Hams'
miles fp'tii  Trout  Like,  mnr.ked  ri  . i,
.*f Donald Allan Williams, a well* ing trip up Canyon  Creek,   'limy
known  fititi 'o   lu re,   w ho   passed
ma,- at Montreal on Mav J8th
Mr   Williams wis burn sl  Al.'X-
■II'..1- i.i. 'bit , sixty nne yeaya sgo,
md in early life lonk up mining as
is an occupation. Ilc left there
ib. in lit, i.iv years nj;i, ami for
yeara he pros eoted and worked in
, I iff re ■ n * leru si i >-t, parficu
lai lv rn Color "I" nnd New Mexico
. il years ngo be staked somelead
and silver claims above   Kergnson
i ".,,,._ ,*ireer ss it miner bis famil*
in  the '■ ist  nnd  saw but
assart they have been highly sue*
eesaful, but are  both reticent withjthie   week    bv   I
Bid llaakett met with a painful
accident at the 8i ver l.'up one day
n ^raid to any staking.
Tom Mill.r,  one of lhe old brigade, fluttered In thia week.
An.lv Civilian  rec'ntly shot a
line I.lack bear on Rapid creek.
Waller ami Thompson aro shipping a ..ir.".' nre tin* week from thc
ti    VV,   Ai't.ib inisnn'a  south   acsl
crner po«i, thence north80chains
litt'e .*( the huibntnl aid father,
For   ftboul   IWO   years   Mr. W'il-i
then nst 80 chains, tlience south |'inmi  had  been    suffering  from
80 chains, thonoo waal 80 chains to Rrigbt'a disease and rheumatism,|
point of cYimnietn'cnicti.
Located  lune 1st, 1906
"i-Mi.> and 9 Mile ilumps. a lease
.if which tlu-y baie fr.-ni the Ferguson Mines, Ltd. Nine men arc
sin ting .md sacking tbe nre.
Pr   Robinson Im< just  had  -nipped   to him a handsome htiitgv.
Al. ■■ (' iminina baa also Invested in
Mrs. Thomas returned Weduea-
but was not seriously indisposedIday night from Vnnoouver, where
until   of  late.      Feeling   himself] "he has  been  visiting during the
from of commencement,
son creek about   J   nt *■  mUe ..
t. v,ii,""i',,,h,r4::;-'    'K.;:;!';,:t!:„
fii'i-rard, eommen. ng  .   »     * , .    Commencing at • poatanplyto
m":  ,'!     c'« ,M .,*'pl,ntedonthe   weal,   sole of   Five-   sinner   nf
post   Ibence 81) cbn    B       t,   ,n j, of „ mile
south  80  Chain., ^^"j  ,,.nrn ,he ao.i.h shore of Trout Lake
marked O. W. AbriibnmsnnV north
ii VV  Ahrnhamson, Iocs' or, worse, bul still hopeful of recovery, wuiter.
1    "   he star led for home and reached j    Char Ho Copp and Ole
N tiee   is   hereby    given  that then*   on tho   2ntb  ult.    Iu his turned   t*.    ther    old
within  tw-'i months from the first weakened condition   tl.e journey  grounds this week.
Arvog re*
A.  Biggar's
nee 80 cliiiit
) chaiilH, ll
clmiiiB, thence north
point ol I'omtnenri iiirnt.
Dnled, Mav llth, 100(1
A, Pmias.
enst corner post,   thence  south
rhriins.   thence   weat   )60 chains,
publication  hereof in tha British waa too mueh for Mm.   Hngradu-I
Oolnmhis   Hatetto,   I   Intend   to ally lost strength and alter Hire.
the hon. Chlnf Cnmmls* j days could nd iongiBl'ilpenk, though
liinda  nnd   Wo ks for he  ro'nine.l  consciousness  to  the
special   licenses  to cut nnd carry end.
away timber Irom tho following] l)ecca«ed leaves a widow, four
described lands situated in Wont'sons and one daughter to mourn
Knot.-nny : his death.      The deceased was in-
, No 1 ' rnmn-enring  at  a  po<>t Wrrd al Alexandria, Ont,
Ma n.er Khrehart, ..{iho I.ucky
Boy, ! -ii*' Nels.m a visit tbis weak,
N'ciil il'l'.. iiicll leaves lo .lay
for tho Winslow iiol.l propehyon
the Lake slope, work un which wil'
be begun at unco,
Subsc~tbe for 1S« Review.
lavinj* Ins foot
crushed. He is now at the Ferguson  Hospital un.'er   treatment.
Several Hrondview Intereata
changed hands during the week at
n good profit for the vendors.
Sheriff Yuill left thiB tonrnincf
for a trip t>> i 'amborne,
Mrs Tomlinsuvi, of ReveUtoke, ia
visiting Mrs. A. M. Craig.
Ken! estate is beginning to mote.
Alex McLean is now the owner of
three lots On Victoria street.
A large amount of plunder presumably stolen from Arthur How-
init's logging camp, was found
"cit'li'd" Under a log nenr tho
in.un |. ol Canyon creek a few days
Dr. Rob'.,son iB paying a. threo
day visit •<> Gerrard at.l the surrounding catnpa thiB week
The U. C. ASSAY and CM fUCAL
SUHPLYd., Ltd.
Vascim-vi... B. 0
Heai!.iUBrtora Inr AsBSyera, Minini ami
Mill .Supplies. Sols aya'tits In 11 (' fnr
Morgan Crucilile Co , Itatl, rsea. K«s-
Isnd; K. W. IlrB.in _ Co.'a rBi.nlCBry.
rnmsres, B.iruerB. etc. i Wm. Alni-
«»rth A Co.'i Fine Rjlsnc-B. etc , etc, -■
1       I'll     tffl)  Ul    '  "•■-•   l***i   *    *   It'  I-   -Kllll   T'llHlRhe-ll
•   '     '■'     Until       I      'I'ul'   Utlti    MltT   I'lil.iHillt *
'Sl - N3 lit mi-   i.n .10..1   itiuiiM'H lekpnin
,   flM i  i » 'it't'i     if i''»i'ri'S|i..'Hi|ei.|M>n.
I vihm i in It*, nuiutnnn
AH loOHlM Will Ut   'li-nyf'l   nt    tin* nil.- ■*•( I i
,  omit*, pi" ilh.      it.'       I itlil 10 ii'iiu}«
Hui'ciu'h wOtMrt) It'll I   Itltt. l*ttfHl
T'TMIf* fOi    IftlilMII'IH   (till)   11(1 VI    II  |. tl'I-I   l*j
* ill i -   mmi I.    ,    'i,'T ■ »•    Bip>.,|     din., ii| mill'
HulKHTIhtllltl  f&Mll fl   I'Mll.  III  HilVHIM'l-.
. I'U.TIKlr tl'iu Of!   I'll-.   RKti-l
I'iitiV INil.VI   tilMI'ANV.
('.mipani. ■•* Act, IH97
r-    --a_ajjji.
Freig ruing
niWW****1' 'Wtft* * Mil ''^wa^, WWvMMlC Jff. ~*-r***£__*"ril
.#*•.  ' *■"-*&  »'■    if-fci-Hrai        'S
■ £ MF1 KRY OKRTIrY thai ""'I
f    Reward Gold  unl   Silver  Vfii
iu_ i ■ inpiiiiv, Li mi md " 'N. r
IVreniial   Liabilily "  linn 11 t- dn
I n registered a«  an  r.xira-1'r.it
i i.'inl t ompn   v iimiei ihe  " Com
panics Act, 1HU7 " in curry  oui .*i
effect   llll ..I    anv "1    ill
II.e ('..||i|.i*.iiv to u llicll
i iVI   all  bni iiy of III     I •'.
liritisli i (ilunibia . xl in
I lie   Ilea,.'   "  II   .    ij|       ||C   I'OIIIIHI'H
i- situate ul tn   I'ill ill >\ aim not.
i.. ih." ' mini v   "I   '  i_ i.n.  am
!    uie ol So .1      I'ak it I
I lie   .in,.ni    I   of    ciinilli1    of    ll„
I ompiinv   i-   ini". btiiulred i nm-
nml dull a r>-   <|i idded into iti   .  hui
ild ii tin,ii-a nd -liar* - uf i n , a,
The head office of  tl.e Compaiit
ill  1 Ills  Pmvil * e Ir-   -llllll ie   at     Kl'l
I'll, on,  and   John    Vl„rt„u,   u
ii'iili..»e.. u In.-i   inltlreHH   i*.    rt.'ii
('•■ ,ir . elite*ed int..  for i.nrkin. of Mining Hilntillea, e.
... a        .1 ii n. Iln* illairiet,
 I, i| t i.e.'1'iee. mnl am' work undertaken i-iitifi.i'*"*.l
* .i' • ai  i
j S. DANEY, Prop.    Ferguson
V    V
*Yiy**t      a.
,-S  I TROI r LVf I.   RC, VVIcltCr
Bur wall G .ppllsd with Ll^uora & Cigar: w <~^
Ur*lC """"-1"" '.    Kxcellcnt . limine .uidAltenda	
..a^rien & Levesqj
Legal Noticei..
'.'KlvriK-tcllKS  of   I.MI'not'H.UI *(T.
J.r\,   ''kllll!, 1  ■   -lur iciiiernl i-l.aini.
-'imil,- n I imil I uke Minimi fiiri-
-I*., nl ll ei" knnlei ,i 'li-n ml
«     Im ileil    llmi ■ I i "ie*       ',
I 'ke ,i it ice i I. J Vi . t I U.u, I .*
Hi er - en 'lib* le X,i, h- HI • for n v
| B. I i ,1 i- ,u;t- l n,r -, I Mill.I il ltd
(.III c -N.i i;tt7.n.il. I race H Idle, t ||.,,*,
No mm V. l'l* 1,1-. I ma*. Nn Mir-.', In.I
t cl till 'at h ill hi .Ini, I.e...".!. ., ii, i lv
ii  he M nin • licci.nl •   m i  ilea    » -i
I 'il i 'I ill .'1111*1.1 H I, ir i nc  |,iii-|„,-., ni ,   ii.
mi- t i ii i'Iii   l-   .I Iho   ,1 laim-
Villi 'ni'1.."   liv ice   Mini    „. 	
iiiiiIhi  Beet mi  ;)7   hh.i   i„.  ,  m    ,,-,1
I' 'In- .  -.. uu*    i,ch eel  ii    ".* ■ I
I   i     iln    ,,   I, I.m,',   lhe    III   ilm     I
"•lux-.  \    l> ,  Mit',
.1    V , ( 111 - M
II v  ii- in*   i\ a ler hii| p md   In   Ihn
i unipaii v i mi arc  usBiin .1 i.f al  u
Int.   pi . if       I invi i iiii i i'i f i i.ii lis
p. l> .ek up statements, .
Hug. McPherson - -  Supt.
E- R. VIP01
Trout Uke i^j
* "i-ft-ua
Stoble, at  Tret Ia
■Trout Lake  Cit^T^
and Stage Lim* """**
PfOD3. «?—
..   ...... I
IOi, is the   nil. y   l.-r   inci..,..    a-***, •?%  j***aV C-   » «-\       m        A   T !"*T.        f rAT^I
1 foe or, *.„ f „„; I KUU 1   LA&iL, buO 1 &L
u.'.   «        • »
I Excel]3._t    Acccir.mccuiicn
And Very fiHcsl Cigars
.  "Company ia tweuM rears (row ilu
(I h  I  i   I \   ril.'i90.".
Tbe company is apeciitllv imi-
tiil tinder mi t .ui oli of Ibe an id
tin-en under mv Imn I and --..
"f office .u viuioria, IVovince...
Rriii-ii Columbin, tins illsl iln", n
Aprii, "lie tin. mmiiii I  line  hundred I
ndsx. H   \\ WOOTTUN  ^^
Registrar ..f .loinI Mock
Tbe objects for tvhich  this Com   „ 0*\fl   O iiliaDZ-ZCi, i rCp-TICCr.
pn.iV    bun   been   established    and
registered aie :   -
Tl.e in iiur itiu. managing, rli-vel-
opi g tii.tkiiii; and selling Inii.ee.
mineral ciaima and mining pr»-
periies, and the n'luning, gei.nii*
treating, re iuing and marketing *.i
minerals llierefroin
I Ferguson
TrcutLake |
General Merchants.
I Beaton
n bi
" Dci,y Stage wH
leave  FcrgUIO,
7 am.
Trout Lcke,t5
in  ninr,, ■!.,„
Niiliee  i- In*'   lo  fvi'ii   t.-.t   t><
day - (i.e. di.t    I   in t    .1 tt mnl
I p ic-.llOti     "      1.        H   ...     ' t. el
l.'n... ..l-ni(.   e. nl L.tiol   unl W   ik
f ..-   it   H|. i I'll   h  i-   -t       ■   ei.    nn*
carry a***.y .im r fcui id- i»l
Iiim i ig .1. -ci i e i 1 nd *■• nnlei
aboul i id  it   .."Ic  li"... ll.,    .inii
i-lio." "f I .11' I.H,.c, «ii*l i b ill
'1 null- fi u. (nil ar I, a .1 • i.
uienc g at h p .I marked J l>
K* ..ne v'- N i. c r* ■. ...-i,
I Imi' d braid .. pohi in. rk >l .1.
I.   K.    nelly'. N V.   |'"-1. '•"    c- r*
<• i»   11- l-ll-l, ill. . I*     .nil III .*■() Ci ill   -   (
I lien." « ert Mlf i,,i '11-, ' lie   ce  II". 11
Ml   ciihui     ."   point    I' i-  ... . em e .
....ti..     lHl.il, Mm  11. 1906
,J    U   Kl'N.'.KiV
I'e     A,   li  ej..,,      u...n<
N"  ll'-       Ik       bi I    "V      o  v   I. I.H
wi i.i. iwi, iii i th frnm tn • I'n t
publication Iter...: i tne Hn sl
(' i.inn.'.,   Guam c,   I   .ni. ini   .
.,ppl>  In tin     Hon. ( b .1   ('  mini
M.,ii r of Lund-  ami   Wo Ic  l>*.
nptf-lnl    llC  llSe   ti.   L'UI    .....I   carr
i,u.u   till Iht  fir ni   ii..*  f il.i.i.tig
tle-cied   Ian.I-   - .nil...   in  VVeH
h'"'*t ' ay :
N„. 1. C .nini",icing ni a |me'
I I ",teti ..a ii e mm I li sli r id
T- un l.ak", nl mil l.'i m |,*. iron
. e I.end and h I .nu r . in* it , . frm.
tin- ithore marked . • VV. A rn- .n -
hu.i's i...riii-ni a< <■ r. er i«>s
iiienee -iiiiii. :to eh in., the *>•
eiet ,*-0 eb .in-, h in a n< rl 1*0
chaii.r, ib nee ive i 8o cbaina I.,
ih   poinl "f.i,m ne.ti   menl
Nu   2.    Condi -i* g   hi   :,   po.t
pllrrtlcd  .(llllb ol  T  Oil I   I.nk.   a   t   III
l'l milt •» ll'i.n . ne it. ,ill   and     ..   n
TROUT 1-fiKEL.   B  C. [•.»---
AJK. Craig     Wm. Crawford!
Imperial  Eank of Canada
Heaa ufflcr
TORONTO,   0\rvRin.
Bcs. Koici in Tov:_\
B_4_ttn k lim ami Cotamial b
r. p. ivclenn^n, prop
ntstnvr. runrj       3,w>co.oooeo
I    TOT»L ASHltfl       r-is.OOO OOO *0 ^^^
|. it  u li KM , iv.-, 1  BOBBKT lAFFRAY       hj
BRANCHES   la ""•  I'rorl  ,.'« cl  til..-,.*,. Raska'ebe*ran, Hnn#liC«l
Manitoba Onlarla ami i,1
A GENERAL RANKING nrsiM— ::: \ \'-\cted.
HSAVir  iS DEPAFIT.VIEr*'*- - l'-i-"*ii« -. •   I-■ '  ■    • ■  .    dlearftfl
■ ■ r mi. litt.n ita'.- "I *.(<•   ..,.-
aa«aa_ H        |>.»•>."..■ I -,-.|i»i,l. In all ,.•">■'' ai.a.la -, , ,
rl iORCS     W0-:D    VALLANCE    HARD-     mm*,, u.„a«
.      WARE CO   I'D
t-   an    leal     Binder*,    I'-••   ,l,,l
Pi        .- rfartlwnre,  M •' R    .;.,■-. -i.ive :
NELSON.  15. C. snd ii. ...
NEILSON.  B.C      .
e^? 1*111*1 ICP tV        (tO.        It   ih. ia.*   II,.   T.I—I '    „„
Review Job Dept.
! ..r ll.„   Class W'orl*
ti. u * ^.  ■■- r. , - _»aia-r, •    >
0 K
I iprrloo1! ': iw."'.v i> K"r""	
Ulvl UVjLL tl   -       ** I    '"' '"'•I i'«' ai -be [.,.,i .,.,
I    U.    «'     II..lei       ||,.,,.   ,|„.    ,,„.,,
  w^i __________■
^LiClllCV        CV       V^O.       ll   "..'•-  '■•  '.«•■  the   T.'*■..'•....*       \ ' .... . aw,
i * l.-i,.ll,i iiii.eni, ,,li." ■!.. nn-,I    tlfflei • I) *,;11,i*)|'*l*   *>HMl_l__
ivH„".-Mi.:   "i.       -     Bntte,   I",1'     •      ' -   JJ   ■••  l""" ■, -Wt,U tC*'   '^,-''*f   :
ljr.lt,*, 1'«   . "i cc   nl .. iii I.,-i,i.iii, i .nn- i -• ■■   i ' .    ,«.     ,
1   ****"■     '    •"   •*     '       '""    •"•",|     Bnill    a,„i. .,,,,, Air..ulica.i.  rt.ll A	
Sw'y Laug\:r-\
>,   '    i^r1       1*111-  ll-. He   i       Vllllila   "I
^^^^^ d     warm
a...,-'.. •' bar,   and   e.   ri   *     v   vrhioli
Ihi ('-   t<* * *r*i-   n...1   n     your »i.iI H
1*1. ., -,ii.i    tnd   in. ill", able  in •-,
I:..,-- i.  iii f i dm  iii>* '■ l«.
\\ .   -.I'll   (•■ I
uooj Shnve or flair Cut
<    VII    < .**. (l
I  ' ■    <•".!- if.     are      i   niila'el f**_*a-_f  *
and    «.,.: „.    ».|| -   ^*****" I HO l_ 1, JEW2LLER, 12
* '''"' ' "" E. VI083S. PRJP.
Watch rcpni,ing,   ele.     A
Guarantee I,
Barber Shop,!
Hot and Cold Paths
• -
I.otel and
Ceneral S'.orc
■ "*sa**«r*o-tJ
work     A
I nr f,t^^|  ll.Ttr,
r-havi >v ,
Ti "I r i i .i.t iiy
Hot and   Old  baihi.
11   C
OffljisBW, Iiii lain, B.C
..iiiil.ul. -      - A.utltnr.
J  f    MURRAY,
Tll.il'T ! IKK, II   C.
i'ni*"ic rompanva'  Inleresii carafoll,
I. olic I   H.'ler.
Atnit (,.r ..curia.-a Ci .      •
...   ITbc Dotel Beaton  ...
VAW I'ON.  n. c.
YISITOBR arrliIna at f  il  ■        * ,,'.1 ,.f i|,. I:,. i, nd
1 111     t.n.u I ,-n. I    *       I !,l-   H"  'I   IO   I*   Iniii   ».|U   | I e*l
for fii.'lt cl.i-a * a'l.     Bscellei - * .ell
«| r.. in'c.| hi ,1 . |,t,     ,1. ,•     iii -   I uli        I '     ' '   i' ..'• -   -I iilla
and ('i.r.'-     I',*i-i.i,.,  ...        .  ,.f
pinr.iii.   Vlaitora In 'b. I a'dei iu n r. rl nt tide hotel.
• *^a
'•'  .*'""" ""• '".id   nnd     *..,„. '-  i	
•*■:;.:-_-':r_-«sr VVi S5[)W '•'  ••■ -Prop
•Inn'.-   t.oriii    so  ..,.,... ~n. —.  J-
r.nilli*.     ti e 'i'e     " • *»l    *"fl   OlialuS
. Il> n  '■   1.1.rin     80   ' -n.ii.i..   I' en*.
■ ,t-t 8 • cbaina lu i;<•■ p dul «l < . u
inenct ...  n'.
N .. .'I.   t' immenci'iff st  n poei
pbulled   nu   .li"    r ..nil     eli.tie   ..I
TruiiI I.ikc   ;. *.u.t l.t-V mill*Trim
il-. In ail mark d (I   VV.  A1*!. ...m-
eoh's .'.iMtcii-t nu ... r |. h . I ienc
HeSi Hill cl.ii.n-,   ll.ence norlli tO
C   Sille,    llll'. .'I*      eH.I      |l!0    (ll.it....
Ill lice   K.ii li    -fn    cl*n III .In   Iln
P inl of c '.nine, c n,.'.. .
X ., 4      Co.nl. e'ti'ioej   tit   fl   po.f
pin.ilen ...i ine v,   »l   .id*' n( An ."-
."iiii    im I   ill I   one   iqile    (Villi,
Tu.'.l I. li".   .. irked   Q   l\    A'..',.-
Jihiii-oiih hi mil eiiai  ciirior poei
tin lie •   no t .     .Sll   eliuiii'-,    I li.'iic.
west 80 ei..ii'-. ibei.ee ,o'.|l. Mil
oi.al.is, Ibeiitio eiiMi no c|i„inH iii
Hie pu.'nl of cmuinn ...■ ...-ni
X . o C In ' e ui iff Hi il pn«l
J.ll.iilcl S boll I 2W 1>. r.l- or.al of
y\m-r (' >|l   (.'.nl.   in .1   lib nil  */ u,tie
f um lr..ut  I„*k", luarkud u  VV.
/Vt'lllllH.ilHo. ■'■ e.U'b W.mI corii.-r
|HI8l, llielK'e III,rlh Ml pl nin-,
III.-li.e    chhI    ,Vli,    clini',.,    t'l'.icej
H, (lllll    80   ('It'll-,    lie I    •*. ■.•*-(  Kil.
I'llSIIIS (ll tlie   p.>iul <d   colli...end
ll.e   t.
Dmed M >y 8l«l, Iflflfl
' 0   W   rVBHAnAMSCtf,
Wiicii looking for n place, to apend
vour holidays, bear In mind
tb.it Trout   Luke   i-   an
Ideal   summer  resort.      Tbe
ftrv i.erv and pllmate ureniaftnlrici ni
S*a •>-»»-•-■* _r-r_r.-TV-■ -  - •-»■•*>■
Maple Leaf
Tennis and Lacrosse Shoes
Repwenl   the   _r,no   „f  p^ection   in athletic
tohtwut.    'Ihev m   ma(V   ovrr  .,,   ttyIpg of
foolform   last,   and   come    in either   Tonni*.   or
Oxford  cut,.     F« rjurabilily,  grace   and  com-
f'flvc no equal,.    Ask for them at your dealer*.
.Iirit'i:   liava   been   fortunes
lit   de    ll\      I.lli" "II-t    ini eat .
men I   in    Ke.il   l'>lal",   and
i.i   r>*   f* >..:.,• -   r "I   be   made than
." in   i "■   in .at   l n • .,.  iloi e \. ,1..
Tbe •■!:•• in...  reaps Hie  linrieti ia
tin R>il.ll   in, "•■.i'i..   I...   li,    Im-
Ida in un i oi  ,i ■ c. ,i itr \.
Knot let it" point nu* I., inn H.nl
lb  .e i' in. i.eii. . apnl i,|| flie 1'	
I •• >il I'i I e.i' II ol Knt ite tin...
Trout Lake la lhe preltieat ajv.i
in    l|.e    K ■*• ti tiny- :   it-  it   |.l..l-uie
I-, a 'i - it has ii ■ ' <|ii..l Uttfliii.g
...i i ti- \<n n i.y ' e Indulged In
Ibe   *. * n*   t  in-i : while his C mm
iu   n ui ■ t| in, e   I-   t" 11 t*   round nu
il,.      i |        11 h  climate i- mi pei b,
I    el"     ll   i  'f    III" cr'-ill    'III" III* M,  11
Ii i  n nr  :   in tv..i. i- and .-..' In
• II no.," I    cm  ll* ll-l **l   H 111,0   "f
' i.e It. I I '• Is H...I I'H 'fences in
|f ii i-n I t.| .iii'.-h. ft-et.*,'!'. Hie
«,11 In d "i.i ...id ct.nl d. Tl'Ci-
i.r tiv . • ,**. |, ul i e" i .| -loi' h,
>1 .In i/'x.c' ..' tbe ndi" . li-.eutci.ia
in fn.- j." rii.,1 .■ ill n' on (linl nil
trades nre Mr'j well r- p'e-cnl d.
W. it.-     Willi   ('(.nll'lelll'O   It.   AfflllH,
IT Ilea ni ver bnd a    ' brom "—'is
**TCW 'li Im. been alt ede
.•■ ,,,,
CKtrtll. Im- been .iiedv       ll l»
^^^^^^ < f   I n vein.,
 ..     I   lie   I.n nb. b,r
f   He   I'J' R        All   r"iHa   fie  H e
„     ''"    J'**",**   '«   "IV,.,       ,„,
,'.:",:■.":." ""  Urrlchra'ci
Lots c£n be
obtained on
Moke your
selection at
Then call on
or   write  to
■ ■■*•*»_
H- McPherson
Trout, Lake, B.C.
 ■      ■" '.   ruici,  i
;'",•n",    "(.Tr.n.   I,.,,.      ,f
'"'"••'"...n   ...drr t!,e   ,lir.(-
I", „..'•• l •*'•'•■» rnrnf , flio •
""•re. wrh . B n"   Mo"l''   know
K      ""' ,,l,,*"fdr.a.,Hb,low
P- B. Wells
Ceneral Agent
Revelstoke, B.C.
IV*. v*
*******-as-a    _..


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