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Lardeau Mining Review 1906-09-06

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 mail lai*.;. i oircU;
lotion    than   *nv
.„.*,* «|*i   In   V
,;    l(»nfty, r."'i i"l-
[lg   medium.
I l(.i r . Jinmw
TLe representative
of the rich Lardeau
country. Stnt to
uuy a.i lien for •t-
per an. in a trance.
TIIOUT LAKI; CITY,  B.C.,   ,Sept. 6 IQoO
No. 4
■•s raasy-P-w*1rffirer .""''- toi5_a
.• rs
and i
1J m-dei
, '      that y *u take no
,i, * .   '..iili.      Q We
tee    every    pair,
i     '  '■■   ' French Kio
lughout. tJAl*
| -       ■"'.       I
V   Ar. :
: .|y I   .-1    Leckie
& Co
Miners- $7.00
__ •■'.:
lm -;r'i
.   •
i  n
Sonic Things About
British Columbia
Area 895,1
.   i:
il   | revi
■   ■
!    fiacal 3       10
Itcvi i
uu fjr
r 1248,000,000 mid may be raid|    "        _^
.c* oi.iy in thc curlv stapes of | L*f)C./*\ I
dnvnlopitii*. t; ihe  fisheries prdiu-e
mi average tiunti.il v-.!iu* of I5,50;i,
0l'*0,;i:n|. upiii'l from asi iviti lisfiing
their importing? is only beginnli g
tn be realised;  ilier* uio  Iritiuense
deposits ol nriguatltd und hetna-
tit- iron ol ll.c liuvsl .j.iiili.y v, hifli
still reliiui'i undeveloped j lhe :i„:.-
cuhurul un I I'uit  Ian :r- prodmed
f0,482,800 in IVU-j, und  leas  limn
, ii. teu lh u| the available  l.mU    .
io excess "f sxpeu*, , *    .   .
.   , Ireillcil ui...ii,iiiucli nts cultivated
venuo   h iirovpl. I '
.       tt'ta-,   the province In..-  n..1,      ■> „i  uv ;•***
plui. i f'. 6 *. '.
!•' i.i  lhe  prt*i i. us
.11.*   Ql
I   '   :
loll   ll
IJ 047 970;  expenditure, *
of pulp wool tit yet uiiexploited;
Blanley Menhinnick intends sr*
acting winter quarters on the prop*
perty oil which he recently made
iho rich goU And. George Richie
iiml himself in.' unking shake! lor
■ ., .*
. - ..I ti ..ito
h ■ provl ico
r. ■ e toe' ■
an i   Islam
1     "I • '1,111,1   niiifnv,.   ..•-     ....._...0
P :,.,. um de|    its   o.;i   recently  the roof of the building, 'tnd these
discovered, are amd-jf   the  mostl wi), ,Jt. |,.l,.k,.t| „,, in , •<.„ ,\tyil
external vi in the ivorkb and  much who„ lhe erecfl0„ f)( t'.o building
of the "ti it iry ii  I'.neipi'.re.l and wj|] iie commenced,
i i p.itenti.il value  kjtoa it.     With
es    IJritish Columbia ia  the all thia undevelopedareallb within
•   "I   *f the   North   Pacific its borders can i I be  wondered at
Map (I
i  ■
■ • ■
e.   A II lh   great . ivcts fl..*. i  g
:       :       li ',   w ilii   tl •    CXCep* I.
ml tlm Colorado   have their '|'r.*.li*Ml  nature with  all thc .-
idaries    Tl.e'fiilials   for ihe  foundation cm
The Broadview  started work on
I the morning of the first according
Int Briliub Co'nmbiims nre san-1, .,
,   ,      , to agreement.    Mr.   Lninietia who
•.•nine of the   future?   Ilcstowed   byl,        , , ., mi
3 i hns char*.*.* uf llie   property will he
In the  mean'ime Ah
.....   i|860) o*aiiiienanceotaneppire, blessed
v,(, , wiih a healthfol, tempo rata climate
in shortly.    ^^^^^^^^^
Houston in in charge of the work.
_S J                     [iff igales    1,6eO.'.n.'iiiei..Mi.*..I ..r.en.puc,   1...*... ,
 "7", r  r.,.n„ ,',,„.„ t" *                                         wilh a healthful, tempentU climate
■iV Al  Riflj* k"l I''   : i             ;      "          nbia Is divided by U commanding   position on  the     A
" ■ '   '        '"1UlUj   ! tnlo • .-!•   shores of ths Pa»&, and e„c  pro,
jLiilbc furever                                                  '             Westminster  passed with   in«.lrm,j   gr andcu  Imj
7*1     • M\M    Rf    ■ ltn3 Vancouver,  tc-land beauty,,Urittlii Columbia is
'   l± nUI0UB» ]W'   I ,I. t.i *,-■*,,   ; ',    *   •    we-;    Va„- 'dvatin.d   to   occww   a   position     T
. .;'____s_::___ns3__rr^ ....,,, .■ , ,,„ ,   .-,,,„»,,,i to Ifone in ttie wotld scom-wc
hereby   *flv-n I -                        :■■■'.<( nf;   Kootenay  merce and industry,                     jnel.
•■ -tv   OfUci   ('  sl   '.I a   'i. I.'.*■*.'0<*; Yale,   _  i    f
i r. ton nnn.   i , .  .,    inimnono- i ,
A. <'. Gordon is making good
progress in tbe development of the
Imperial Limited on Gold Gulch.
The nir pipe ani  steei   raim sr
1*1.010,000; Co mox.lt—-J 16 none !„«• worlds com-lrivc 1 thia week for the   Big Ten-
months from ll
I !     1*
v to  llie  I
■   Lands  nn I   W" ;
*   tO  CUl
.    '"
Dated »l Lm.d Hegistry   Ofllc   (   'I   '••J «   t). lf',«X0,C00; ^sV.
,,.,        .    . .00, nt.   10,000,1
Tic!.,'- li'ili.tin.
, .. ; at a post  :
I M Nn»**e i
on, J  V  Hume
M   0<   1
bulletin,  |
\.f  ti.    !•
r-n vs;    .' ith
incrce aud mduatrv.
'I be di velopment of tho I. X. i.
properly is going nl.^n.l   in  gram
-I r.
The Minnesota | eo|-le « I
..; th*.*| roperty arc nntivip..
lifting in supplies and   | t.*
has wrk sll nini. r
ivcred  in nuaulity) j
• j
,- of Can-
H i
- for  i
; earn ■.«*.
.   1
!'•■*. .( Ul I
»fr.un Ji
■    • ' i.i« ii-*
.   ,  •
.    v.*
Mi. G. ">V. O'Pell. I Spofeane in
*.  any with V. T.   I'ort.*r vi.*ite.i
I lis Wagner gr. up Ihii week.
Kotlci if hereby given   thai 00
.   ,-,    ,'•• r    Vi''     Pl'-I'-' -;* "*     "'
...*,*.. i.i no   I '    '    Col
Garotte, ' iitlend   o moki
to the CI.■•'TVo'.-''. is-
,,f Unds ui I   Works mr i
lioenec "ll,i  cnrr>'
Z  . v     limber f..r the Mlowina de-
ad i la    -     ' •   - - a- •     ■
is h re ii
II iinbin'a   c
* . ,-ii • * ,.-       fficient 11 ■ ip|
■ ri'ir i i ir c "i. ii .•*-. i'. p im
,   ,  ,« IW F"   ' ''•"•art area o' I
merchantable    timoer   In   North
A .. ric    the ininei hive prod iced
A'.u .
*   ii
*.,. ■        '
'    '
r\\\V\\    ^^^^^^
I   Koot.    ■'■   ■■''rWl.
.     ■ '    '     ■'
M    IL a.i." r\ V.     corr
. tedab'iil one mile Nortb-K
1 l.nk.
r.,n   lifTroni    Uke
FAIR nw •     ir,"k ,l  '.".;
1   r**.ll\     |       .,,.„.,    .ainswest
 j    Timber used in supporting un-
derground \\..rkinua aliotild always
bo   well   seasoned,    Unseasoned
| wood contains n. |»en*eiiiak;" "f sup.
:li hastens decay,    in  cuttins
iinih**r  de  month wi,en  there ia
' the etna Ileal percentage of eap in
ihe tree ir- itm pr.rier   time   to  do
i.ie lelling.    Ii ir.*.."» are cut while
<np is running, it i* a.ivia.ible io
lea-.e   tojis untouched,    trimming
branches only aa high as the  log
is desired f ir   tinil>er use.    The
leaves net n.» a suction pump, pulling the sap upward into  the top.
and iluNvood thus dries, often very
quickly,    depending,    of    course.
whether the region be dry or  wet.
Round   t itnber   is   stronger  tiisn
sawed or hew n. for  BUOh deformation cut* tlif* grain nnd weakens it.
Square 'iiml.er< '..■•ing more easily
shaped and manipulated, nre  preferred for underground work.
;   in    W
— I
Trout Lake City on l.ahnr   Day
lone herself proud.     The visitors
s'arted to come  in Saturday  and
kept coming until  the  last  boat
came in at fi.30   Monday evening. I
The fports committee started  the i
games at 9 30 sharp and from that j
time until 7.00 o'clock in the evening   there   was  no  let up.     The
weather   was      everything   thati
could he desired.
The results of the different con.
testa were as follows, Cist snd
second ss named ."J
Boys Kac.
L. Bedell.     _   MoPherson.
Girls Race
Pearl MePherso'i,   B. Maddet
Ladies Rape.
Miss Woodland,   Mrs. Bedell,
('hopping Contest, 17 in. log.
Prank        Landrian,       Jack
Double Scull Boat Race.
Bernhardt and Hiner.
Fowler and I'atton.
Ladies float Race.
Mrs. Parisian, Mrs. Fowler.
Single Scull B«at Race.
liarnhnr.lt,    I'adden.
Running High Jump.
H. B. Jonee,  Frank Darber.
Runniug Broad Jump.
VV. Crawford''    II. IL Jones.
Three Ugged Rare
Y°*-"•■•• "ol* u*fe anoihor
w 'f I to lay regardin
ti.e tims rim boot* last if
the next pilr )ou bny ais
Lcckio   Boots
Tl.ii. fco'.*ae.»r ii ending
the argument fer en-stern-
male Loots every day. They
are Strietlf witern; mad
by men wbo know western
conditions from years of experience and manufsctura
hoots totmeet laeaa Condi ion
Your site is waiting for
you at your dealeri.
J. Leckie Co.
Celebration Skits
The Band did n-jbly and  are to
i be congratulated on  tbe  progress
I Ihey have made    Their work  was
appreciated iiy al! citizens.
The action of the committee in
I giving the   second  prise far   the
1 drilling content was heartily en*
doised by the -rowd.
■rev ..*-*-.-.--  -• ,    Sheriff Vuill as tims keeper and
Noble and   McFarlsnd,   81in- j Measurer General was an undoubt.
ed success.
Road   l.-
Sot ice is hereby pn". '
•    1      ■     i ;.. apply
•.  ,.,,•-. ol Landa
i lo put* jj
-      .- ■ * '■!■.,■■•
.  •   Dial   ■'...■!    ■
.'.   i:    I..   Uas .r
., .... i.      thei ce     SOI th    2 '       y      ,
. .   *   thenee  east   80   chains,
       St.      lll.l
SEPT.   14th   1906
,„.,,!, 80 chnins.   therm    '
a, thenee  *        80
... o . nm •   "'■"' i-
Dated v..'-5  Ii i;' ";
M Bkit. N
Mr.   and   Mm. J
f'u'naiv are vi> ti-1'.
Hui*.: bins of
James Ilunt.
.   .     *     IlieilCS    e.i.t     .'ii     . I.ii.l.-. .,,.,, ,   ,
re        ' f Ir *iit l.nk. I .       ;'„,„*
rtherly along lako shore
* ■• "■■ 'r iff "! !•"' - .;;'
r'. l   .  •    „      ...   1,,..,,.    i i tl .i. .... '     lire I
" it rot alonu line i f i-"1
,.; , itmm • ' oi' oi.."ii- *    •
in      . ■■ »ii ••  Ice». I*.*.*
I'n * ; .'nd *.i:.. ID ''•
V.   I.  >'.*.«11 W ">
(.:;<>•. si ,mi
a spa
'.LKMi ON   AU BOAT! AND    ,« ,v
,iv-u i
•id-cation   *
Briiii    I   :
11 mak
;; ii s || in ,, hv givi n tl. il .•'•',i* .
months from the  Brat puR   - ■ ,., lhfllPl.
hereof in  thc British Col* ,. .vment
, •
.. i
Theo. F. Adama-
-  , i.w'iii a |M*l |
I  tit I.i  creek,   ..
Ill      I*  i-l,.   .   C I
|OSt,     ll'.*!..'.
* ..| .*,- Ml cl.Sl II     •* III
-, I
J. W. Cockle.
. Cruett**.  I  intend In apply
I 11     i, ■   Chief Comn I '   '
I.iiril*    nn.l    Wnrke      for     ipBCial '
: .,, c:n and   barry  awaj     '       ,V,'**.i
iiinl..*. i om ilc  following d* ,    .    '.   mmiael
I... i i,......;,...,.,.! ,.,   Wi-t   Koot* (v„,i    ■,,   penai
Entries Close Sept. 1 1 j   *»
_ ■
,1  y*    * fmr    the
ti: -  n iicii   in    t
umb'ta 'Jin itt», 1 in'en
apj.rcithm iniii- 11 >i> Cbii-f t.'om
at.uier >.f Irt.uil.* a.i.i Works lm
i il liuoiiM1 lo ctil and <*ai i \
i   ii'.i'tcr  f.o'i.   i ia' following
■ lied   Ian la  a.l i.ile I in Wt st
i • ,.*, 1 *.:■''    ■ mm. ncii.g al a
in ir'ic I    i.i   ilii   *.'.'-   B \V
■   nf i ■«.  pi nli i ■■" I : tei *- lull
.4 Malcului  Ue.itnii's H L   c .rncr
post;    iii.i...'   in ni.   so   , hninir,
u om*" ••s*' v'n eba!n« I >t*i <•■ ■" nth
SO chaina. ll e ce  «>**:   80 chaina
in iKit.il ■■! i* mim< iicemetti,
il IZxd ..I   Aug    1906,
Ed,  IIlLt-MA**l.
Ainsworth Licence Dis'.-ict
Notice is  hereby  given   that 301
days after the first  publicitlon of
•i.i. notice, 1 intend to appij fur a
transfer ot n.v hceni c for the King
hotel  at    Aiusworth   to Elcanoi
John   Munro.
A meeting ol ihe Board of Li
cence Commisioners nil! he held
at the-Mining Recorder's ofllceat
Prout I.as *, uu Tuesday "2nd Ot-
..'ior 10iKi. a! eleven o'clock in the
i irnnoon, lo consider the above sp.
W.H. Bullock-Webster.
j Chief Licence Inrpeclor.
j Nelaon 30th Augu*t. 1906.
ger and Barber.
100yds. Rare.
W.Crawford,    F. Daniels.*
Running Hop. Step and Jump.
W. Crawford,     II.  R. J**.e!
Greaav I'ig Race.
\x allare Kerr.
Log Rolling.
A. K  Noble.
Tossing the Caber.
Captain P.'izimruons.
ruttini lhe Shot
Oswald Woods,    A. E. Noble
Phat'Matv'e Race.
Joe Hawkins, Bill Baty.
Ladies Horse Race,
Mrs. Gunterman. Mrs.   Craig
Free for all Horse Race.
Brantford.   Rady.
Drilling Coutest.
McDonald snd Lundin.
Landri.iu and Scbmilt.
Cap. Fitx. ia t'e atroig mto o
ths district    He   wss the only
man wno coule turn the caber.
Trout Lake as a celebration center is all O.K. Next U is tba
Winter Carnival.   Dmt forget it.
Tug of Wur.
Trout Lake vb All Comers
Trout I.ake won.
h. | |an '.*' iiiu.it.■•! in   West
No i.   Commencing ot n posl  ■*■
|.',i:. i ..', in*., north >id>' "' 'be
l.»r I'i'i ni it. nlii.nl one mile from
'        rd,
'i '   I"■"',"'. ,,„,. ,i|,mle in »•
iioleim (
il v ityla>
loths H '   '
liiii'l."   ai.'lj
.",. ..    . iniiiii.il. in*,     I . •, , .* i■ ■   •
I i     | on ti,,. norlh side nl the
i-srdeau river, about ono mile from ;,,,.,,^i, ,i . * ■ '   ,.    .
rd,  marked   C    I •   0»Pf'« hi .is. m   •   ' '! \\. .
north west oorner post, Ihcr.ce easl n.nrke.1      ',. _,.,
Ibence ionth 10 el «.;-;,;.:. \'\: *„.     -
ih.n.v   west    SO   chains,   U" m'-' *,■,,,.*,-„;„.. n .•'*••• "V  '.„„",„.•.
linr h 40 chains la point ol com ,.,,
A. G.
l.'.-.ited Julv lOt'i. 1906.
C. L i.n*, Locator
>'i'-i .lav*, after dale I intend to
snply to the Imn. Chi'd Commis* e-
»ioner ol Lands nml  Works for \
Per mission to purchase the follow- ,
ing   descrlbod   Inn.I.i    situale   In |
<>ilena Hav, Upper   Arrow   Luke, j
W   Kooleiiav diatiiel.    Coinmenr- t.
Ins nt u post marked T. Watson's
NIC corner post, thenco north 20
chains,   thcoc*    w at   40   chaini.
then.*., s.iuiii twenty ehains, I honno
cast fuiiy chains lo" point of commencement snd contaiuiiiK cinlily
i.''i»s more or less.
Fiiank L. Paphon.
July 18th, 100(1.
po       ,,..
J lily-WW
mtllDA HOI ••'
Mr. F. C. Merry, manager ol the
Ferguson Mines left ou Monday
morning for a trip through the
P. C. Joe Kirk, ii i*. was not for
the docs, would have had sn easy
line. I Iry all, that is the dogs,
dis3apcared when he threatened
to pull his gun and *hoot.
The one hundred yard race was
the means of transferring quite a
bunch of money from tbe Pay
Rn!l center to the l.ake City.
Toe drilling m'.iil w»i *.'n or*
ent of the day. The Camborne
team, McDonald and Lundin, did
pretty work. Jake aud Frank had
hard luck but they did good work
and will bs heard from again.
Bill Batr as anchor for thc Tun
of War gut even with Joe Hawki I
for beating hm. in tl.e Plat marts
Mr. Barnhart, Mining Engineer,
came up from Nelson on Monday
night. It is his purpose to examine the Triune, Noble Five snd
some properties at the bead of
Canyon creek.
Let us figure
On Your
E. A. Haggen.
G l'h!t>IUt!y»n.ufiw«.
Me r.*..re-n«."-!;,I;,,,,,,., in
11  c<wreston<!eu*jepwmptiXnd|d,0
Gents Furnishings Gents Furnishings
J.W. Thomson recently divided
a portion of his ranch into ten and
twenty acre blocks and within the
past week has disposed of 200
acres in this manner. The purchasers intend clearing their lots
and raising fruit and garden trick
thereon. Among those who aerur-
ed plots of land are: R. Ounu,
D. Mcintosh, A. G. Fraser. A. B
Witter, Fred Perrelt. W. Boyd, E.
Hillman, Malcolm Beaton, Mias
M. Benton. A. Craig, D. Deny, W.
Johnson, Sandy McCormick and
R. E. Goanell.
J.   J,   Aiher'on.    formerly   of
j Trout Lake City, got his first inane
of the Slocan Mining Review  out
this week.
Ths Ball waa atusTCM. Thomas
Christie aid l'sriinan as a committee can'l be beat.
No kicks, no diapules and every*  '
body satisfied is a good record.
Sam Fulhcrland waa left in
charge .t ths town of Fergusou.
The reat all came down.
Lead woo'., made in Germany,
is uard principally for caulking
pi pee, the joint JliciiiR filled cold
ngninst a backing of hemp or
tarred yarn. It ia considered a
qood substitute for melted lead in
making joints for hub and Bpigot
cast iron gas mains. This '' blci-
wollc" Is lend which has been
shredded to about tbe buo of
heavy thread, collected into ',bundles o! convenient length and of a
die in proportion to tho'joint to
be filled, twisted somewhat.
E. Hadow came back this week
from a trip to the Old Couniry. LAHDEAUMINING REYlKW.THOrT LAKE CITY. B.C
..i..Liii.i.ii.i,-.yi, ......i.....*...,..i....ii.,..,n-.ia
Yellow Sweet
By   Virgin.,,  Leila   Weoti
pyrlght, 10U6. by U. A. ".Vliltelie.il
"1 tlilnk If you'd take a run bome,
flaar, for a few weeks it would lie ail
rliil.t with the governor, unit you'd get
your roses back."   Jim gava his little
wife a gentle pinch on bet pals cheeks.
rive years ago. when bs hud married
her,  sliu lind  possessed  suuietliliig of
the evanescent charm of a four petaled
dog rose, ex.iulalte, ethereal, hut the
kind to fall In a moment, .lim belonged to "the profession," und Madge always accompanied him upon tours, undergoing cheerfully the hardships tlmt
a player of "one night stands" must
endure ln the Interest of art. Mutters
did not go well financially, ao presently she liecame a "walking Ind.v," Anally a soubrette. Thia was ouly to last
however, until Jim made what the
dramatic critics describe us u "favors*
hie Impression."
And now, although five jeers hud
gone I.y. they were etlll waiting fat
thnt distinct SUriTBSS. 'i'tiat It hud not
come—they were merely liumiin tl.ey
ascribed of course to a lack of opportunity. Meanwhile Madge's health waa
beginning to fall. She was fretting for
the country. 80 when Jim Insisted
(because ahe was yearning for her fn-
ther'a forglvcnesa, because she did
want her "roses" back! for the first
time since she had left lt she set out
for her childhood's home.
After she had got out at the little
country station unheralded she wound
her way np the old farm road. Nothing seemed to have changed. She
heard the cowa lowing fur off; she Inhaled the loamy Incense of her ancestral land. It waa so sweet that lt
pained her. The dear, familiar farmhouse came in sight, and her eyes grew
misty. She opened the gate which led
to the yard path, bordered by lilacs
and hollyhocks. There, pulling up
some weeds from underneath the lllaea,
she came face to face with her father.
At first he could find no words to say.
He only glared at ber through his spectacles.   Then:
"Where la he—that scoundrel, that
vagubond, that"—
"My husband," corrected Madge,
drawing back with a touch of dainty
"Then," thundered the old farmer,
flinging down his trowel In a rage,
"go buck to him—go back to your husband."' The veins in his neck were
swollen like cords. Thnt he did not
fall with a atroke of apoplexy waa a
miracle Indeed.
80 Madge pasaed out of the gate of
her futlier'a home once more. When
she renched New y.,rk. Jim had Just
been taken to the hospital. At first
she waa conscious only of one thing.
Jim was 111. terribly 111. and calling for
her. Later the doctor's sentences returned to her. There hnd been an nc-
cldent-lnjury to the Spine never walk
again—a cripple for life. Why, ah,
why. hud she ever 'eft ber beloved?
When, at the beginning of the next
season. It waa time to go "on the road"'
again Madge had to stnrt with s variety company alone. Uut while ahe waa
doing an eccentric dance In a crimson
ballet skirt her whole heart and soul
were wiih a man suffering ln a stuffy,
top room ln Eighth street.
Something like six weeks after Ita
departure from New York tlie variety
company "collspeed" In Ohio. Madge
•was obliged to return east und seek another engagement. Each evening when
she had come buck from her weary
tour of the theatrical ngeni-ies the quee-
tlou would come anxiously uluiost before she bad closed the door.
"Anything today, Madge darllngr
And always tlie answer would come
with a brave amlle tm she shook her
tiend In the pegatil
"You aee. thia Is tlie had part of the
season And the profession is really
Meanwhile medicine waa requiring
cash nad the landlady waa lnalatlng on
having her weekly lucreaalng lodging
bill paid.
As Madge entered the room one evening, bracing her heart to meet the
customary question, she heard new,
cheery words Inatend:
"Ooms over here, little woman. I've
something to ahow you."
Jim, who lay propped up by plllowa.
had a bright flush on each cheek, and
Ids eyes were like atnra. He held toward her a bundle of manuscript It
was a piny he'd been writing unknown
to lils wife or doctor. It waa constructed from Incldenta of his own life.
Madge and he were the lending eharac-
tera In the laat act they both made
tremendous "hits" and were "discovered" Wealth poured In upon the long
disappointed artists, and they were
able tn leave poverty behind them.
"When wo sell tlie play, what shall
We d't with all our money, dear?" she
.asked, smiling through her teura as
st Inst she finished rending the prlied
manuscript,   lie turned wearily.
••Ah, we'll move Into the country,
fresh and green. We'll buy a little
bom.* with trailing vines so we can
henr the birds sing."
Hho made tiie rounds with the play,
na many plays hnve made the ri.im.ls
before—and no ono wanted It But
just as ahe had kept Jim's hopes alive
regarding her own possible theatrical
engagement, ao now she treat.d tbe
disposition of bla manuscript
One munager-a round, French abbe
of n man, with sleek, soft, fat liniida.
.who bad promised to give ber beloved
;plny n rendlng-lnld one of these santa
linn.ls upon Madge's arm one day.
"Tlmt manuscript you brougbl the
other day foil off my desk Into tlie
iwastsDaaket, ana the boy burned It
■with tbe waste paper. I'm ton-^ t,ut
tbe truth Is, dear girl, it never would
have done In tbe world-neverl it was
amateurish. It hsd uo action, it was
defective sll through. Tell blm to »ry
again." He wished the woman would
not ataro at him In that bewildered,
helpless way.   He wasn't a ghost
"Come. now. Don't look so white.
I'll take you out to lunch, and tlien
•we'll call It square, won't we?"   But
•       ••*•«.
Old Farmer Gray aud his elder slater were huvlug some sort of discussion over the rightful age of a mi...
whose deiuli was published 111111111*.' lhe
couutry newspaper notices. The paper
stated It Incorrectly, they were sure of
that. But they couldn't quite agree ou
what was his proper uge.
"He's pretty nigh Brother Hi's iir-'e."
aunl Farmer iiruy finally,  "Leastwise
he was born the sume year ■■met.be not
to   the   month.     1   recollect   n   story
mother used to toll about -but I'll Just
go uu'look up Ill's age lu the Bible."
The air of the "best parlor." which
lie entered, wns a bit close.    The sun
never   wus  allowed   to   shine   In   this
room more thun once 11 twelvemonth—
lt might fade the carpet.    Ou a marble topped table, resting on u worsted
mat, wus the family Bible.    The Inst
time Farmer llruy hud looked Into tills
book he'd registered the baptism of his
baby daughter, Madge.   For his dally
readings he used a little New Testament
Aa he undid tlie heavy clasps of the
big Bible the pages opened themselves
at   a   place   where   there  waa   some
pressed yellow sweet clover.  The mere
sight   of  It  somehow   recalled   faroff
inetnorie8.    It recalled a certalu summer day so long ugo.    It was 011 his
honeymoon, and  his  young wife  hud
Just  plucked  these  sprays of  yellow
clover.    "Think  you  can  love  me us
long as  tills keeps  sweetV"  ahe had
asked   archly.     How   pretty   alio  had
looked, laughing up Into tils fucel How
precious she had been to hlml   After
ten years of happy married life their
lung wished for child had come.   When
the young mother died he had clung to
the baby daughter with double teu.ler-
ne8S.    He simply worshiped her growing girlhood.   But ahe had run a way
from him and with an actor, and he
had  forbidden ber ever to cross  his
doorslll again.
The old fanner scarcely knew what
he   waa   sbout.   hia   head   swam   so.
Doubtless It was that atrong. sweet
odor of tbe clover.   Somehow lt seemed to btm to be suddenly flooding the
whole room, filling his stubborn heart
with something very like pardon and
•       ••••••
Madge dragged wearily down Broadway ln a dazed sort of faahlou after
she had left the unctuoua little manager. Almost directly In front of a
theater she found herself walking Into
a smsll group of boys. TTiey were j.-er-
lng a man who stood close to the theater's entrance, timid and self distrustful. But Madge moved mechanically
toward the atreet curb In order to paaa
on.   She did not observe him.
"Wants to know  where you go to
find out where the play actora live—did
you ever?" sarcastically Jeered one of I
the urchins.  "1 Bay, Iteuben, hadn't you
better "tend to the hay crop?"
"Wot be wanta f do la ter go on de
stage hlaaelf an' find out," auggested
another urchin. A "cop" came up the
atreet at this moment, and tbe old man
who had been affording the boya
amusement took a few steps towurd
him. In doing ao bla eyea fell upon tlie
slight, girlish figure wbo had Just succeeded In passing the group of urchlna
"Madge!   Madge!" be gasjied.
"Father."' Hegardleae ef everything,
like a very little child she threw her*
self Into hla outstretched arms.
" 'Twaa the yellow sweet clover done
lt darlin'," said he. a bit myaterlonsly.
While he patted her checks aa of old.
iniitt.r Iv.iuii'i Letter* to 1.1. Own
"Adored   Poodle."
To Miss Louise l»evey, the former
trlend uud the executrix of Lady Lyt-
j ton, hud been oonflded a packet of 2.8
; letters, representing the correspondence of Bulwer I.yttou with Miss
Wheeler lu the days of their early
courtship. Miss Devey published these
with a prefuce, stating that she took
this uctlou lu order lo Vindicate the
memory of her dead friend. Iu whnt
manner the letters could be regarded
as a vindication it i» difficult to see,
though they Bene us 11 remarkable contribution to the literature of epistolary
loveinaklng. The extravugnnt absurdity of some of them Is almost beyond
belief, and two passages inny l.e quoted us Illustrative of many others. Iu
the letters Bulwer Lytton addresses
Miss Wheeler as "Poodle" and signs
himself "l'uppy" or • Tuppo."
"My Adored Poodle: Many, mnny
thanks for 00 darling letter. Me Is so
happy, me is wugglng my tall nud put*
tlug my ears down. Me la to meet 00
tomorrow. 0 day of duya! I cannot
tell you how very, very happy you
have made mei No, my own love, don't
come before 19; but reully I shall meet
youi Ob, darling of durlings *•*■•*• o
xoo love of loves, me Is ready to leap
out of my skin for Joy! Adieu. Twenty million kisses.
"And so tbey dressed my poodle ln
white and black? 0 zoo darling! How
like a poodle! And bad 00 oo's bootlful
ears curled nicely, and did 00 not look
too pretty, and did not all the puppy
dogs run nfter 00 and tell 00 what a
darling 00 was? Ah! Me scuds 00
n.000,000 kisses to be distributed as
follows: 000,000 for 00 bootlful mouth,
250,000 to 00 right eye, *2r.0,000 to 00
left eye, 1,000,000 to 00 deur neck and
the rest to be equally divided between
00 arms and bands.
"Ten million more kisses, my own
darling, for your letter which la Just
arrived. It la read, and now before lt
la answered take the following (murks
of kisses). Pray, darling, shall we
not klsa rrettlly tomorrow, durllug
(d) (a) (r) (!) (I) (n)(gl?
"Adieu, my own Uose, my life of life,
very poodle of very poodles, adieu!
"Adieu, 00 own Idolatrous puppy.
"Ever my dearest, dearest dearest,
fondest, kindest, bootifulest, darllng-
est, angelest poodle. Oo own puppy."—
Lyndon Orr ln Bookman.
Ther Are Not   ll......   Aiuu.lnsr »ad
..tt- Not 1ml.*il.-»n .
Tbe form of amusement of a dramatic nature that most luterests the
traveler lu Japuu ts the gelsbu dunce,
also tho kiigiiia. or commou religious
dance, uud the adauma-mai, a religious
dance performed iu the ancient Sblnio
(.Initio Shinto temple ueur Kyoto.
These dunces aro uot particularly
amusing to witness, though all sights
of the kind ure more or less amusing
wheu witnessed for the tlrsi time. The
best gelsbu dancing takes place In
Kioto, the uext best Iu Tokyo, but so
culled geishu dunces muy be aeeu In
several of the lui'go towns.
Almost more Interesting to see, how
ever, ure tbe religious d.iuces. lu the
ktigimi, for Instill..*.', the dancer usual
ly Weill's 11 loose white chemise gur
ment, u pair of dapping trousers, geu
erully of a bright red color, uud u long
transparent   covering   formed   like   11
cloak und ornamented with designs re
seuil.llug crests. Her lintr bungs down
her back In 11 single tress, flowers adorn
her forehead, un.l her face is besmeared
with a white compound, snld lo consist
Chiefly of white lead, in her blind she
holds .1 bunch of small bells that Is uot
unlike 1. child's toy. This she shakes ut
Intervals during the dunce. Sometimes
several girls dunce at one time, but In
every ease their movements arc uccoiii
panted by a mournful, sacred chain
and by a tune played upon a drum aud
flute by priests. It Is wroug to sup
pose, however, as muuy Europeans
who have visited Jupiin do suppose,
that the mlkiik.K.ilorl dunce Is Indecent
About the genuine geishu dunce there
Is nothing even Indelicate or sugges
tive.—St. Jnmes' Hazelte.
ith. th*
So Is
Experience Is a great teacher,
a real eatate boom.
The more a man knows the less be
admlta to knowing.
All of us can't be In the same boat.
If we were, we'd sink It
Let the other fellow have bis way
as long as he only wants to talk.
Elections and marriages are Just
alike. There la nothing tiie candidate
will not promise beforehand.
If you are going to give both barrels, do It like a man—give them to the
victim's face and not bebiud bla back.
Nothing makes a man quite bo III
natured as to be expected to be grateful for something that does not plesae
There la a great deal aald about love
at first eight; not much said about tlie
hatred at first offense, which is more
Tame tiromr Strettlas.
Toward the end of September my
ruffed grouse tn*gnu strutting, a performance similar to that of the turkey
gobbler. The tall la spread, tlie black
ruff thrown out around the head, aud
the wings are dragged on the ground,
the object being to show all their new
feathers. Aa with tuik.-ys. the young
bene strut aa well as the cocks. In
strutting the birds Indulge tn a deal of
bowing, tupping the ground or log with
the bill, and while shaking the head
from aide to aide give vent to biasing
aound8, slow at first and lucreaalng In
rapidity and culuiluatlng ln a prolonged bias — "cl.uu — cliim — chun—chuu—
ehuu — chuu — chuu — chuu-chuu-cbuu-
chuiiuuuiiuuu" (hiss tlie syllables without vocalizing.. The souoda are made
In tlie eanie tempo as tl.e drumming
and remind one aomewbat of au automobile starting up. A cock may be
thua enguged for hours together, parading bis cbarina before s demure little hen. while she persists ln looking
up at the sky or In nipping at a bud,
wi;n not so mucb aa a caaual glance
out of the corner of her eye—tha moat
remarkable example of true maacullne
patience and peraevernnce and of feminine heartlessneaa as well.—Country
Life In America.
Chlckea. la the Rata.
On a rainy morning a good deal of
wisdom may be learned from the
chickeus. If It la to be a soggy, rainy,
drizzly day all duy, tlie cbiekena will
get out and stand about In the rain
with an utterly Indifferent manner.
They look Just aa human being.*, feel,
and they keep It up all day. But If
tlie ruin la to continue but a few houra
the chickens will stay under shelter.
They cannot be kept out. They hurry
under cover when disturbed and stay
there till the fulr weather cornea, which
It does preseutly. And then they go
out and enjoy the sunshine. Tbe chickens know.
Montenearro Prince i.o! His
-iiiij.-.i. to Work.
Prince Nicholas of Montenegro was
obliged to follow Peter the Otvat's ex
ample In order to make his subjects
work at all. The haughty Mouteue
grins have from time Immemorial been
accustomed to look down upon the uie
chuuic arts of Industry as vllo and de
grading. Prince Nicholas besought
th.'in with all his eloqueuce to learn
the necessary urts of life, but all lu
vain. He used every method. Including the "argumeutuui baculluum." or
"paternal" method, with a stick, to
Which the great Peter was so <><l<l:<a-pl
Eveu this argument fell flat. Tbeu tne
prince tucked up hia sleeves, betook
himself to a auilthy and hammered
Iron for a day. Thia method proved
effectual. The Montenegrins came to
tbe conclualou that the work of the
smithy wus not Incompatible with their
dignity. Shoemukltig. however, they
could not be induced to look ujkiu us
other thun degrading. Persuasion full
Ing, tlie monarch turned cobbler. Tbis
wus too much for tho Montenegrins
When they saw him put his bund to
the waxed tbreud nud tbe shoe leather
his fulthful lieges gathered rouud upon
their knees and besought blm not to
sully his royal lingers by touching the
accursed thing. "Heat us ull," the]
cried, "only do uot do yourself such
dishonor." The prluce puld uo uttcu
tion nud worked till nightfall Next
duy the cobblers' shops were full of
Montenegrins eager to euroll them
selves as apprentices to the trude
which Nicholas bud ennobled by his
own example-London Mull.
Father of Plaintiff Used to 811 Up Until
tm.ni. While. Cleriesl Suitor
Weuod Hit Dautjhte
The Rev Joseph Jennings Smy
Incumbent of St. Donard'a, Belfast, <*<>-
cupied ihs uni'sviuibio poaltlon of defendant la a broach of promise uctlun,
whloh was partly heard br ttOti Chial
Baron Pullet, st Belfast recently.
The »lalntlff was Mie. May Il-Jblnaon.
who has not y»i reaobed u.e "-so "■
twenty-one, ami who lives with her
parents ut Dunmurry, a plotureaQus
sut.urb of Belfast, on ths Lagan   She
esumatee that It will take t IM" ">
console her for th. lose of the liu'uni-
It la not often thai the public haa en
opportunity of orltlclalng the methods
of i»vq.making employed by tha bene*
Out-d clergy, but Serjeant "-.odd, K. C
who tore aslJe tba veil on behalf ot
Miss Rob.neon, ..mite il plsln lhm their
methods do not differ widely from ll.uee
ot other men
The romance-_S pretty a Ilu e love-
story aa I have ever ooma across, either ln  aotual  faot  or In  a Story book"
was Serjeant lead's deaorlpttoa pi it
—had its Ineaptlon when ths Rev. Joseph was a mere curate In the pai.eh
of Derrlushy, four miles from Mies
Rcblnson'e home.
He posod as her suitor, the eerjeent
aald, and practically became the son ot
the family
Proud of H.s  Feet.
He wa* pajsl.innlely fund of her.
though at the ilm<- the passion was
more on his side than here. She was
a little bit shy, and he more than a
little ardent He caressed her, and Insisted on hli right to klee her. to put
his arm round her. to pull h.r on his
knees, as he eventually came to do la
her mother's presence
He  used  to  take  off  his boits when
he   came   te   the   I. rise,   and   use  1.11
now 'ihi- Cheerful Uttie laaaibai
Data «.«i Devalues.
A wonderful iplrll of tidiness seems
to pervade the tadpole world. They
alivnvs sat Whatever bus become use-
„...„ 'n,,.,,* own sgga, their superiluous
companions   Bvou tboss wbo ure ouly
„,.„•, I v ure tie.  OUl Of tlU way uud
,iu. vietltue take 11 all as s matter of
,,,,„„.     1   lunr   disturbed   a   strong
men.I'd' or ll"' ■' "" -1' J1"1' U8 lle
lu,j begun to ulna ..IT the tall of I
weakei brother, but tin* sufferer has
not troubled to escape be simply watted till the fratricide returned to coin-
nlets bis ih*...n.i c."lk
1 or soma tl   there  is  no grave
change In ths tadpoles. Tbey simply
,.,,,» „h,i I.,*,.inn* sii fur transparent
tlmt their Internal mechanism, wblcb
consists of ..ne roll »r Intestines, Is
visible.    When,   however,
Saya Results are  »Trulw J" "II
"'""     'lilt     .....     "tl
"I havs sun,
'■"•■ ' pation  i..*"1*
00 in,
Hunter head	
i>ii, I
are sbout three months old a careful
observer can distinguish a tiny foot
,,:i ,. .j,,., side of tbs baas »f tbe tall
ii,,..,,. grow slowly, but ssem onabls
to   move   Iii.I.'I lentty   Until   ahortly
he/ore the border lull.I Is passed winch
leads in perfect frogbood   Tbs bind
lega have reached tbelr full slue before
.ii,. front  s appear, and. while tba
feet grow slowly, the bandi are ready
•umi 1 can lie used st once.   Tor a
,1   1 ■    'nu Ihey can l«* seen under the
before they  venture forth, and
their po "-"' ts very reetless uud ex-
cited ll>* rushes minlii about, Just
ling hi-, comrades, snd no doubt being
roted 11 bore; then s more vigorous i*f-
1 ,•! breaks tin* skin and the liny bund
uml iirm sppsar
There seems some rule ..Unit tl.e
order of precedence here, ns there la
when Uie whiskers go, for lasl ysar my
pains is un ba0___l
und 11 tlrud,  weary *,.,.,'lKa'**li!4
the time.   »**lfl
"I tried almost eve. 1  ,,,  .1
tittle or no benefli '"•■"•'••nr
"I ,rl"<l    I"    I nliurdti   »,.„,.
und  the  rMUlts hav.   1,,,,", *I,1P»*.
•Jarful.    I   n,„   , iii?'13
. minii  wonderful
All dealers, ..1 thi
Limited, Niagara  r-'nlii
His  Preeenre
"' M,nd
Lord Curson, a
long before he ►
«■„• traveling In ■ .
d.'U   .'I.r ,;.      ,! I
net to admit thai n. »», Z.\"£§
for   l'l evi IUS   to   lli.l   R<„      .'" '"''*l|
i.i'.n.ls  email  1..,
president  rd ths  1 ,„'    -sl
I.U ..So ...,H at,   . ••■Ml
I..,.r  .„,,**   rep..,,,
tool very youn« f 1 "... ..""H
'■••n trait.
y u
•rr  ' *«t Hu.
•u.,t   foi 1     .. "
wae Ihe reply, -thnt I hav, beMh.     ,
His f*r a  Booth  n, ■*.   ,, ,*.7't'|
of  hi.   M..),.,„. '.*   *'<••:.
in,* preald-ani .aid
tadpoles,   sluiosl   without   exception,
Perhaps ho wss pmud of   bsd their right bsnds some hours be-
his feet," susseste.l Serjeant l>..dd. and    r.,r,. tl„. left,
Qualm  < a.loo.. In   Abr.......
Quaint custom* prevail In porta of
Abyaalula. When a father la getting
on lu years the son bids blm climb Into
a tree and Jump down from the
brunches If the old man staggers on
landing the son speara blm on the spot
—bla usefulness Is over. One tribe had
a custom of sewing chance visitors up
In green bides and leaving then, to be
killed by the contraction of the aklna.
With another tbe ouly orthodox way of
dealing with straugera waa to tie them
In a bundle and roll them over a precipice.—Loudon Mall.
Shakespeare'. Indlffrrrnpe to Fame.
Shakespeare never took uuy trouble
to I.und himself dowu to fume aud posterity.     Superbly   Indifferent   to   re
nown, writing ouly us tl.e sun shines
nnd na tbe winds blow—because It wus
tbe work be was created for- he dashed
off those marvelous productions, und
when they bad accomplished their ob
jeet of paying his current exi.ei.ses
and pleasing the public of bis tine bs
retired to Strutford-ou-Avon. utterly
careless, us it seems, whether bis splendid plays lived In tbe memories of men
or died out of recollection. It was part
of his royal uud lofty nature, this large
indifference, so grandly contrasted
with the modern yearning to be advertised, the hitler duy i.che to be lauded
aud remembered.—London .'hroniue.
lhe oourt mm Itself up to uncontroll
able  laushter
Mies Robinson's heart went out
more and more 10 the curate, until
at last he had her affections ln their
Mr. Smyth went te '""rk In 1!>01 and
wrote a series of letters, whloh were
unparalleled. shI.I counsel, for they
were absolutely free from demonstrations of affection and those effusions
which eometlmeo amused the gallery.
And thia. ln splia of the fact that Miss
Robinson had wrlllen: "if my nloe Mr
Bmyth were here, I would not hsve fell
the cold." and always signed ber let-
tare  with "love."
Pope's  Philosophy.
The clerical lover became eool at
time. On one of these ocoeslone. Mtse
Robinson became 111 Mrs. Robinson
en annoyed, tut Mr li.fb.nson took
the matter phllosop!.it-ally, and said:
'If   they   tall   out.   tiny   can   fall    ta
After he <•'•• ■.-■ a living Mr.
Smyth went to tl.e house and explained that although he I >ved Mies
Rohln.on he could not marry her, ea
the clergy told turn her posltloa waa
not good .       ,
Then he put her arms round his Book
and took her on his knee T theugbt
my daughter was alttlnf on the knee
of an honorable gentleman," waa Mrs.
Robinson's lndlsnaut remark.
Bounce   Like   Buifua.
Many of the Utile rlfte within the
lute appeared when Mist Robinson was
sitting on the parson's knee.
Once she was In that position and
toy.iif with his rlns She took lt off.
with tha gentle words. "I ertll keep 11
now, Joe, till you set me my engagement ring" He had lo so awny without his ring, and f did not r.««r tt
until be had written a vary cruas Utter.
lt was followed by one dated Jan I.
ISOt. In which were the ominous words:
'"There never was any t:.f.g'u.eni between  us "
Why. asked Serjeent JJiodd. waa he
there at all. kisslnc the girl, accepting
the father'a hospliallty. and keeping
him up until two In the morning If
there waa no engasement?
He had said that in hla professional
position he wae on friendly terina with
the femlly Wae It part of his professional duty to klaa the youngeei
girl and take her on his knee* Was
that the way be Interpreted hla mu-
slon on the earth to preach the go-opeII
After evidence had be-en heard the
oase wae adjourned.
Mith-     1     llllVi
bunded crew
a bit.    011   pie. lulls   liei-U-
had    tin    entirely    left
.'lun.lints' Journal.
■  ii.e i.7Z
a ,,..,,r relative of th, I
land-    -He"   ,., tr„iLrS
urn   not-    l.ui   ",...       ..  ,*'l
disgust that passed ,h,4_J
■'ir "I**,
■ mu-
an. e, Mr. Curson ad I
boniver, aa y.t an
I ..1.1I....ot.  I nili r   Vi 1,1.1.   skip.'  Sail.
•"'"    »',..
Some carious fa. ts nave been noted
witb regard to tba sound conducting
qualities Of Alps' sails \Vl.eu rendered concave bj .. gcuth* braese, tb**
widespread sa.in of 1. ship .i.*>* s..id to
is* excellent conductors of sound.
A ship wm once sailing along tbe
t'ou-l   of   Hrur.ll.   lar   oul   of   sight   of
land, Bnddenly several of tbs crew,
while walking along the deck, noticed
tbat   when   paaritiji   and   rcpneeilig   s
particular spot tbe] slwsjrs beard ■ It
great distinctness tbs sound of in-iie
chiming swt'i music, ns though i.'iug
rung but 11 short .I.,1.11,1 >• sway,
I.llinlolllliletl     by     this     |.||t*liiiUlc..oU,
tl.ey quickly communicated tbs *:
cry 10 tbelr shipmates, but boos »f
tbem wns able to solve the e.nguiu us
to tin* ongiii of these seemingly mya
lerloiis   sounds   which   came   to   th.in
across tba water.
Months afterward, upon returning to
Hru7.ii. the cew determined to satisfy
tbelr curiosity    -lecordlngl) tbey man
i.t'iif'i   tbe   drcumats    n.   tbelr
friends and were Informed tlmt nt tho
time  when the sounds were heard the
Im'Uh in the cathedral of Baa Salvador
nil  the  coast,   had   l.-en  rillg.li^'  lo  e,-l
el,rate u feast held in honor of one of
tin* saints.
Their sound, wonderful to relate, fe-
vi I by a gentle, steady breaas*, 1.
traveled a distance of upward of * >
miles over lhe Smooth  water nnd hud
been brought to s focus bj tbs *.ui« at
ti..* particular locality la which ti.e
aw.-et sounds were lirst beard,
Tills Is but one of several Instance
of a similar kind, trustworthy nuthorl
ties  claiming thnt ||,,n kiiiii u„|,.  •,
often beard under sume whal the sume
circumstances and aspects Hy iu » muls
Hire l.iileu atmosphere I.01..I0U Tit
I.e.,  later,.
IUJ.I-l»oes  she  take
Qreens  Not a. nm. 1
Itishl   How .an .
Oreens si,e married
' '*•**• s
■ *
."•.' intmel I
■'a.-'   Win,
Oaaalii . eaaseaeea,
"Ho you prefer, •"»-.* I
dandelion pollt. l>
' u'ii, 1 um doe 'nmrt»
plied tbe tblst).      i'. .   Alumna
At tbe firsl
•r,.   I, ti   Breath.
I .■*.,:
the    ti..ui.1,
Bab) s ..»1   I
II le      III    the    »..' .
*.. ». 11 children    11
er win n.-t w.,1. •
1 ii.    win    keep    i   ■
ll.lough   11M  if * I
medicine     .Mr-    I
■.   Onl .   sn. I        M
bin    lliil,v»    Own    1
cured   lie.        And  lie
guarantee of .1  gov.
ilmt these 'l abb is
or harmful  drag    .*•■•
< Ine dealers m  bj  ni
Imii  fr.un   Hie   In    \\
. •*.  Broekville   I ■
;•'- in th.  1.
M ■.    i
... u* .  ...
I    ■    '.it,,  be I...,.-
>n-.i s
'II,. '■
log   on  imw.   subject
"ne opinion
Graves   w ■
Tba* aad   lion. ,,1.   Were  ill. Weapon, ot un. ....   aud  i>. ..„..
WH   snd   ridicule    wtre    I.nniiln'a
weapons of ofTcn*.* and defense, and
he probubly  Iniigl.cd more Jury cuses    bow It happened to be here.   The fact
out of court than suy other muii wbo    Is. when you get down to the troth, no-
Ji.l   <'"..   «t'ir.ln|.
Nobody knows what produces earthquakes, although it la often claimed
that they do. ll.e earth quakes somewhere every day. Nobody knows when
the earth came or when lt will go,
where It came from, how It came or
Sot Their Kanll.
•fjciierul Bcfaofleld was once describing In Washington n certain retreat of
cavalry. "I call It a retreat," he sold,
"but I should really call It a rout." lie
smiled. "Iu this retreat," bu went on.
"the commanding geueral, ua hia
.burger tore like tbs wind nl.ing. turned
to uu uld wbo gulloped beside him und
eald, 'Who ure our rear guardT ll.e
nld. without censing for an lustnut to
belabor bis pnutiug stii-d, replied.
Those who huve tbe worst horses,
sir.' "•
pructl.vd nt the bar,
"I once beard Mr Lincoln defend s
mau In Bloomiiigtmi ngninst a charge
of   passing   counterfeit   money,'    \ .. ,■
President Stevenson t..id the writer.
"Ihere waa a pretty clear cuse Sgalnst
the accused, but when the chief wit-
neaa for U.e people tisik tl.e stand l.e
stated that bis mime wus J. I'nrlrer
Green, and Llinolu reverted to this
tl.e moment he rose to cross examine.
•Why j Parker Qreeal What did the
I. etuud for? John? Well, why didn't
the wltneaa cull himself John P. Qreeul
That wua bla uiime, wusu't It? Well,
what wua the reaaon l.e did uot wish
to bo known by his right mime? Ind J.
I'arker Qreeo bine anything to conceal, aud, If not, why did .1. Parka!
Ureeu part bla name lu thut way7*
And ao on. Of course the whole pmiiii-
Inution wns farcical," Mr BtSVSBSBfl
said, "but then wua aometbli.g Irre-
slatibly funny In the Varying tones and
Inflections of Mr Lincoln's voice aa l.e
raug tl.e changes upon the man's
name, and at the recess the very boys
body knnva anything about anything—
past, present or to come—aud nbout tbo
ouly way to get along ln ibis know-
nothing world bi nut to try to kuow
very much.
IIall  Times.
"Just set lt for B o'clock," said the
young lawyer, who waa purchasing an
alarm clock, "I'll never want to change
"Do yon elwaya get up at tbat hour
la the morning?" asked the clerk.
"Oh, no. That's tl.e hour lu the afternoon when I always close my office
snd go home."
Wife—Too were talking In your sleep
again last nlgbt, deur. Why do you
persist In doing It? Husband—Oood
gracloua, Marls, a man ought to bn
.11 lowed to talk semetlmee, oughtn't
Oa tbe l.uiiknu..
Tnwne- Whenever you hear a poll-
tlcluu declare that "every man has hla
price" you muy rest assured that he's
'me Of them Browne—Not necessarily,
lie may simply be culling attention to
the fact thut l.e hasn't gut hla yet.
Sailed   Him.
nia Wife Y"s. tin* girl Is going to
leave Hhe is h.z.v und good for nothing anyhow, lhe I'rofessor-Why. I
thought she was a model servant. Hhe
never attempted to urruugo my pu-
Hav aad  try.
'To raise tbe hue and cry" Is an expression borrowed by the English from
the old Normuii trench law. which
couininnded thnt when a felony bud 1
been done thc hue aud cry could  bo !
Time  lias Tested    ll     I'lll.•■
all things, thai which is wortl ■■
thai   which   Is  Inimical   to  man-   w.*l
(are perishes Time has proved In
Thomas' Bclectrlc Oil i'i,,n, ■ am
thousand bottles In the carlj ....
its manufacture the demand has risen
so thai mm tbs production .s running
Into hundred ol thousands or bottles
i\ bal is so eagerly sought foi
be good.
Wlewer.  la   Setedea.
A apeciai characteristic of the ««•«
raised  by  any  one having knowledge     dlah women of nil clsaaes Is their I r
of tho crime, nnd every person hearing    <"*  flowers.    J„  proportion  to It.  «!,!
this cry wus obliged to leave whiitevcr : and   the   nun -   „f   „H   ...,.„.,,,"',
occupation he was engaged at und in- ! Htm-klwim bus more fl-
stiintly Join lu pursuit of the SVlldOSr,
If dyspeptic, would ol r
In regard 10 taking reel
It would material:.   .• *'  * '
pewess    It i«.. good plai
peptic to take a daily ■ 1
f.ssl fur HS^-ficri>•»   tl..-.
1. the dully nop sseeliei '   hui eartf
hours shonld I** obasrved
bs auftit icnt sleep to icsi.u. snd ui'ie
orate thc ay.!, ,1,
The expression is cleverly lutrodu.eU
luto John Oilpin.
I Mr|i«>(a.
Carpets wen. 11, use In Nlnevuh and
Babylon, ns kIiow u iu painting!   lu 11
C IT'S..
lower shop, dun,
any olher tow,, m Bsropo.
■finnani*** "ntioaoi
Jullua Caesar', Calendar prevailed In
Jtoops ..,,.11 ihb. wh.,, it was *
planted by thm „f Oreaory xmi   ,„
'"  ■'-•   Which  omits  three l,.a» _,.u
every dOO years. v T
f.eeea  Tea.
Don't  drink   gr.*,-..   tea     Csi » **
al'*nd to restore ru«t.i  li.i* l '
original freshness    The result win ta
admirable for both Ine ani
Piotur. Poetoard'e B"-Hv
A slat loner   In   a   Kren *
a»wa wa. .truck I.y a great
» rastmeM  rtsited Ma  I
II"    pl tllueed    a    picture   1 *   ■ *'
fi   .11 this email brglniiin.
Sri-m  In.lii.iry |n  Kngland
Not until 1S1« »-,,. |,|,,„r,
printed  in  England,  ami   -
at least «*,o.oon.o(i« pp.t ri.i .    is wm
prodaeed la .;r..t Brttela, 1
1 i«i,o.i...i...o |."»t,„M. wore 1
same year, an.tut 1 .ur ot
were pictorial
Had Break.
Joe—Jack's new wife won't speak to
me.  Tom—Why notl Joe-1 got coo
fused nt tin* welding nnd tendered lilm
my sympsth) instead of congratulations.
o.in. 1,  Featbera.
An ostrich feather If held upright will
lu the afreet took It up na a alogan aud    ** seen to Iw perfectly equul on both
shouted i. Parker Qnssf all over the   •"d0*1' tb* stem dividing it exactly In
town.   Moreover, there wua something   the center.   In other feathers tlie sterna ■ .
in Lincoln, way of Intoning ,,. que*   £fs_* to be more or Um £'Z   !   SLff ft_Sff_SM_S
I'rlcnds should not be chosen to flutter The quality wa prize Is tbat rectitude which will shrink from no truth.
Intimacies which Increase vanities destroy frlei'dshin—Cl... lining.
Postage on Britiah Magarlnee.
It Is understood that Hon. Hodolphs
Lemleux, PoatmastarXleneral, has b-e-
gun negotiations with the British postal authorities looking to a reduction ol
postal rates
tions which mude tne suspicious of ths
wltuess, and to this day I have never laaeeie' Wings.
been able to rid my mlud of the absurd 1    Nearly every flying insect Is provld-
mpresslon thut there  was  something ' ed with a scries of hooks ou tbe frout
would have tha effect of causing th. clr
culatlon of lirltlsh literature In Canada. In greater degree than at present
and lend sun further to develop British sentiment in ihe Dominion. Th«
opinion is entertained thnt Hon. Bydnej
Iiuxton.   r.istinHster-Ocneral   In    t<on-
ifm. w..^7d%,p7cun't; Mmmtt I iZ^eTt^Z^ii tmt\ SSsSS^SS   SMSSS X'VStZ
blank fallurei         uu, !!^T1 fl*"' ~* r**»r1'-'** Tr*»"-»   two wings and have seen him display   there la a prospect of suocessrful out.
HW la Ceatary. ' lent apea aUgbUag.       . . Wme of the negouatleaa.
sot nuite right about J. I'arker Green, edge of IU hind wlnga, which It can
she did not bear him. Hhe had already , Wn" a" t"',",t'ni*, of couroe; but the fasten together at will. This ezplulua
eturted for bome.   Home?   Before her I ;Ury tuuirt '"ve Ueu afret,,ed as 1 waa, 1 why you have occasionally uotl.ed one
Buy   a   High   Grade   Machine  and
Save   Expenae   for    Repairs
world's greatest
popular machliic In   lhe  British  Isles
The Argyll car Is built by the Argyll   Motors,   Ltd., tllnsgow   Scotland   th.,
;;,"'lm-'"i,; '""",';• <""< '* <"■■»•<•« K..,i tu i.u the....«
It is equipped with ths Astor sngln
The   I'aiilmrd  Is  manufactured  It. Purls   1,'rniice   mnl   win.
no introduction. "anon, and  with H« worldwide  reputation   needs
The Swift Ih mud.* by Swift Motors,  Ltd.,  Coventrv   R__and     ti,    ,1
world over as manufacturers of the be* 1,1,■ ,*i,.   ., ,';,„    , ,"'"Lln" *..'" "r" K""K" ""
the same enterprise and stability Into tbelr ......, . 1.11 .  w 1  •• ' ""'y    '"'u
uml miichlhciv can make then. ui.tomobllen which are as hear    perfect    aa
..11 ,h';;:i,:"::;,:::;;":l;;r:x,M'rt'Mr-a K "-• °f o«^». mmm. m be -*«« to -»pt^
Nnn"J'i"l!,".t0 tllk"  ln",ru"»« l-orehuscrs  for   , moiiHtrullou   anln
On view lu new garage up to nluo -/(Hook ,.Very evening
175 MtlHr.i.oi Ave. Hast
Winnipeg,   Man.
Toronto Type Foundry Co., Limited
Automobile Dept.,    M.J. Hardle, Mgr.
Sole  Canadian   Agents for
Swift, Panhard, Minerva, De  Dion Bouton
Free Gifts of Toilet Soaps
Use   SUNLIGHT   SOAP  and   am.   *~  *
Use   SUNLIGHT   SOAP and  r_-r   f*-_,_   -_ *
-rat-  and  GET   THE   PREMIUMS
ihe (.oupons arc the same ns ensl. becn.Ke .1,..,
.    ■       IUM l,,ey can b<= exchanged for Toilet Soaps
for which you have to pay out iu,,n,;V ,.V(.ry we(;k uuw oual's
Users of SUNLIGHT und CHEERFUl   ftruna ,   .
for notl,inB. SM1 ' "" ■* ** TOILET SOAPS
Read circular in every package, ... writ,* us f.„ Premium 11st
A mit is of |i«la_value if i. consist, of something you bave no use for.
In exchange lur SiiniiRht Soap Coupona v..u can ,„.. .     ..:
rv,,,y (lil),  ! ■ZX-mZ you can 8«l something you need and use
 l","r ■"»"-»*» «*<*»IM, Toronto. Canada
Ha   livrs   more   lives   then   one   who
, > ■>    'f  hum.in   »•" .
f     ,. willing shoulder bravely bun
,, of fie im and fo.
II, rn il*a lives than one who eeeke
a nihil i    » i .ftj goal:
v every   etTorl   bill   hi-isptrakl
,\ grand, reap insl*, >• mui.
II,     .. *i   is Uvea thnn one whose love
i, in .use, warm and rare;
v .t.    in.  Hn   stair*  el.tivo,
.   homage  seat  fair.
>., mors Uvea than ons ...iti d .-»
,    md    dl a'lri    • ll.t   gives
y ■  St a.  rin   ekh's
i thing lhai lives.
mn  W. Sheldon
Gen.   K.coki   a   Reinoarnetion   of   Lste
Sir  Heotor Macdonnld.
A us tale le g'.lt.s the roomie "I
In Indls   ir n bellev. i b|
.■ -h.il .!• n   Kuroki. the nisi
m      ansae eommaader, is no n'h-
..«.• ■ i M.t j oi iid    Many
I have   never   hullevetl   lh»t
i r.gu.h general l. de»d.   and
,    ig    thei.  s ini eared  ta  Tba
.*. tn nirm of n reward   I
1 .-.   gas who had seen hie d.ad
It It also s ftct that fair Hector wi.
111 ed to go to Japan to .ruin the
.    ■••  tr.ny.  and   ha  acluully   in* r.
Lord  Roberts    No hon *r
a. i.   pub .* ly   eieei'tued     on
I i>|!|ie„ri  r     l.inr  i iiiish.tl
la I y and niyturluusly as he ap
' ■ Jti'S.iete, trtth til their te
iiifoeeed  to a  sorreapoadenl
* .  1        i.    lied much tirolsn blood in
•ne   Amer.ctn   Joiiinallit   de
tu. i   I .itrntiinaii
.' * Klpltag Orel   l.fleil   the
' .     ..    llllle    if    the    myeteii .1,1
• '  rh. IniUen   btsnare
sf r.   a   tik'na   piece   et   great   Sit.
u    i le ta olllai ta all Angtelndlss
■.n.  of tha Sepoys  »•
• . li. Ha    almost    a<
1        •'                rred.   and   It  list   been
■ i*»ri    u|    to   '. '  'lei
.    .'li    «.■   to     raplj.v
'    sad dea'h of a.r II»
1 '  were tmi nf romaaoa tn.t
•        Hit met age le nm known
"• • '*   -e   of   his   dean,    an *
' e     What  li known li
'    wat   t   Hootch   ri-of'-r
* - leted io li:i. tnd that hi
• Mm ranks ten yeara   Hit rlee
'          n  sen. rai  and   K    C    U    Ml
I  ot pure eolStarlng
la  tht   Atfnai,     e-n, a.rn    et   KaK:
Hill end  at   . ...idurnie.:   i.«
»*>a Os-btS  and  fame      After  the  Boel
•nni'.     r.e   «ai  given a hl»h    cm
tod a, and th-n   la 1)03. cams
•'mi   he   had   suddenly   ..fi
I. .-i *v,0 private builntti"
this  bualnass   he  renohed  Far.e
I -  read in a newtpiptr tha*  in
•tang a oourlmrrtlal "n "greva
i-.      Tnen  ctme   the  report   that
- reading thlt paragraph
'• **• ■ • ■ .in and shot hlmtelf
U l" sr  l|  est decided that the gtn*
' > tie burled   In  Parle,  bul  t
• e erpeared In the person   "I
Hi »idow    ,f .hose etlerenre the W.i
"fl •   114  not  kn  w       Hy  the eipiaei
...Oy Stt.dr.ne d  the *b».1y—or
 live  ao«,   the  ooffln — was
ndoa end   unoersnonieusli
• y to A* otltn I In a baggagl
• >* dr  or the coffin, wat qultt-
•• se. ratty  basted in a p-dblti
1  «t ha,.* paal S In the m..rn.ua
Hnn*,   He   TOBOhr,
There   lire   *,,„,„.   *,.   „|wnvR   ,,,„,,.
Ing out for ailgbu 'ih.*. cannot pay
11 rlslt, ther eiiiihoi receive a friend,
tbey cannot oarrj on tbe Intercouras
"f the ' ».''. wltl i suapectlug i ie
offense la designed     11;,-, „,,. terrtblj.
tout by    ir thej i* r nn acqualutam a
In ths street who lia|ipena to bo pra
occupied with business, thi«j  attribute
io. abstraction  I   |,,. ,„.,-
sonal to tliomsclrna and i ike utnlirngn
accordlngl*     ■ii„-,  i ,  ,*„.,.„ ,*„.
fiii.lt ..f their Irritability, A tn of in.
digestion makes thun)   Impertinences In everj bodj tbey coma In con
tact with,   im,".,  • |.      .,.. „|„, ,„.v.
er .ircai I of gl Ing offnnao are as-
tonlabed to find aome unfortunate word
or somo i isntary taciturnity  i
taken for Insult Of course, aucb a
mental condition i« due to too much
thinking aboul self snd to nn exaggerated self esteem, even though unconscious The i.e--' ren • Ai li to i» ■
.•ml. put thoughts of self ..ut of mind.
Kind something more sbsorblng and
inure slevatlng t.. think sbout if y..u
.in* one uf tbo lim* I . ono . nml you'll
Boon lose tho lmt.lt
A   Bt.irtn   Al.u.e   «...    . Inart..
Professor lobu  Wise,  tbs  eminent
aeronaut who loel bis I fe in making
a biillo"!! SI *   Sept   28,  !kT:..
gavs tbe following description of a
thunderstorm wblcb bs ones viewed
from tlm "top slth* " "Tba vn-w of a
stonncloud from above i- ..in* of the
most Interesting sights ever beheld by
mortsi man    a  storm  viewed  from
above tl.e cloodi bss tbs spi *
' * . lit!".. Tbs upper surface of the
■ h bulged upward snd outward
and bus tbs resemblance of s vs
of i' '.iini,*. upheaving snow. Immediately above tin* I the nlr is
not so cold as lt I* In ll learer nt-
moepbars st ivs or in tbs cloud Itself.
Th.* fuiiiug or tin* ruin can bs distinctly heard, making ii h 'i-i like u waterfall over a precipice The thunder
benrd above n Storm. ■ Is not .inni.
snd the Ta- r liko
stretiks of Intensely white light on tho
surface of tt.< red mpor."
A   l.llr   ..I   I r, .-.torn.
People so •'■
ful It would lie to i«* *,■■ '" fros Hut
s fish, ns i. than a
man, nnd   SS I it  Is "s  lilm :.
Ii.i'nniiitlon of fr lom "    A life Of SO
.•..lied piss sure un.l self Indulg •   Is
not  a   life  of  r> , -s  or  true
frsedom. l'nr fruir. It If wo ones bs
giu to give way to onrselves sre full
under a most intolerable tyranny Otb*
ss tetnptstions sre li
like that of drluk. At Brst, perhaps, it
evciiiB di-lightfui. but there Is bitter*
ness at the bottom of tin. cup Men
Orink to snt.sfi the deslra created by
previous Indulgence    Bo II is la other
things     Repetition   soon   i in«*s a
craving, not n pleasure Resistance
grows more iiml mon p InfUl rield
lag, which at Ont  perhaps, afforded
soma slight rr I *•■■ ■ Ml •
tion. soon cense, to t*..* pleasure snd,
,'icn if for i. Urns it proenraa relief.
ere lung becomes odious Itself,
wet   not   opened   from
Bti  'he Parte hotel.
iae   Mealke,   I'rnphet.
rs .Lin  ton lag on  Willi  your
'•        ■ *' of waathor prediction'.'"
' answered tbe prophet obesrl
Slways   net   lhe   kind   of
rlgbt   but  I  linvcn't .jinn.
' i. bitting ii..- dates .in.ctij ••
A ..„„..,„ .l.lrlrb.
fc I     B Who earned Iiim living by awal
as ...ni other articles bad to
°"l on nt ih,. London liospllal
'•r ilny, nn.l lhe niirKcms found
I went J In.' plcai-a of cork, twen-
as of tinfoil, n lendeti bullet, a
il string eighteen Inches long 11
•wis rn email change, n pic*.. ..r leather
!'•'"■ In. In* long with n bunk nt SSCb
: pieces «r day pipe stem
lions ..f.. newspaper.
•Hermanr*e llrlnk Mill.
Tl.e  money   spent   Iii   liermnny  on
rrik is Ihreo times the Net of III.* ar-
.vy togatber and more than
*"'"h tiu.es the eoet of their prl ry
•doi rn,on   in, amount it ..imost equal
''        ' Of the (iciinnn nntlonnl (lcltt.
Mis Osrmsn people, by leaving
"Tib.nk for 11 yeur .nni a monttl, could
I""* .'IT the Whole debt.
Si^K.IONEf.S', ,t
utiqaetto anooa e*oreei .»*!.»....
While In the forest  reserve In which
we hunted 1 met several of tbs forest
rangers, nil of them intelligent men,
."int wm, college education, mini who
seemed peculiarly adapted to their
calling, who knew the mountains thoroughly, handy with un ax mid gun und
lull ..f resources, a degree of ethics
obtained among tbe sportsman, guides,
trappers und forest rangers that wub
Interesting, When uuy one noes to a
desert.sl cabin, in must of which would
be loiiud food, bedding, a stove, etc., it
Ih proper form fur him to atuy all
night, cut all he can put away under
his belt, If In dire need divide nny aup-
ply of tobacco and matches bs may
Dnd, but In* must tuku uwuy nothing
else, lines to carry ..IT nn article of little   value,   lUCh   us   hummer,   bntcbet,
pinchers, snow glasses, screw driver.
tlsh book, pipe nr other similar article
might Inconvenience the owner greatly
when he happened along and wanted
tbem und whs forty miles or more from
a source of supply. If a belated wun-
deier falls to wash the dishes uud leave
u supply of dry wood sufficient to build
a hi.* und cuuk a men! be Is at once
tabooed uud his companionship la uut
sought   after	
The  Site of Ihe  Saa.
Tbe suii provided we measure only
tin* disk been with tbe smoked glaas, Is
BOO.000 miles lu diameter—1. e.. l(*
earths could bs comfortably ranged
Hide by side across the disk. To cover
the surfscs would require muuy tbou-
hnnds   To 1111 the interior ws should
need 1,300.00*1). On u siunller sculu we
might represent tbe nun by a bull two
feet lli dlumeter und the earth by a
piud sl7.ed grult. uf shot Let the auu
be hollowed out, then place the eurth
nt Its .■.•liter aud let the moon revolve
about It at Ita reul distance of 'J-Ki.OOU
miles There wuuld yet remain nearly
'JOU.OUO milea of space between tlie
1110011 s orbit and tbe Inclosing shell of
the sun. Indeed to journey from one
side of the sun to the other, through
the center, would tuke oue of our swift
express trnlna nenrly two und a half
j ears So vast a glol-e must be heavy.
Blnee Its density Is only one-quarter
that uf tlie earth it unly weighs us
much as sii^iks. earths, or two octii
liuus of tons. Tbe attraction of gravity
011 Ita aurface wuuld cause a niuu
whose weight was 100 pounds to weigh
two tuna
hv   1"< .1   appll .t'i<>.ie.    tt    tii,*y    cannot
it,,    dlsiaiad portion of the  ear.
1-  .-riii     &M   WS)   t**   i*ure d.*ufti,-es
lhal   1.   I*,   i-ttiiatttutlonal   n-nu-dlee.
DeafOBBB i. aaueed  bf mi  inflami-ii  con-
-r th.   mueoua lining of the Euel-
TUb.      Uheli    this   tUtM*   le   lllt'.iillietl
tiiiluniiiiuii"!'  'ui.   ht   taken  out  tint  thlt
Ins.  aittl when   It le entirely cloeed.
Deafness   It   Ihi    remit,   and   unloee   the
iiiiliiluiiin.i.'i   'n.i   1"*  taken oul nnd  thle
reetored  lo    lis    .crnm!    condition.
henrlnc   will   be   deetnyed   forever,   nine
"iii  nf ten tr«* caused  l,y Catarrh,
*    1,  tiiitlilti*   but   an   Inflamed   con-
• tin   mueoua  mirfneet.
u.   will nh.   On.   Hundred Dollars for
hui   '*...'  of 1'e.tf.iese. iiiuted hy Catarrh)
■   1..   '-utett   by   Hull's Catarrh
Cur.     Send  r<"   clreulari free.
I     I   'lll-VKV   A   00 .  Toledo.  O.
S.,1,1   It    teiiKKl.le,   7Bc.
■i.k.   HafPs iiuiilli   Pills for eonttlpatlon
tiled   -.lenrtlna.
The Incident  of  BatlaboO   a  French
niiicer. thongh mortally wounded rules
ba. k te Nni".len. reports tbe capture
of ti.» .ny and then rails from ins sad
die  dead    Is   pal * 'I   bj   S   story   of
Gettysburg     An officer of Uis Blxtb
Wisconsin rag! at walked up toi oto*
nei Dawea, wae was m enmntand -
Colonel Bragg was In -fFsshlngton on
cruici.es    Ti..* officer was von ''r'"'t
■ nd icrv pule DSWOS and DoOhledsy
boil, tliontibt be t -' erltb n re-
iK.rt or 10 receive orders Bul bs su
not lie bad a fsvot m ''"I*-. "''"'"
„„!•■ i„. smd to Dawes, "wUI you teU
the folks at home 1 died ns n man and
b soldier should'.'" Tb«i beunbnttoned
bis coat His whols aide was shot
away   It was bis last effort   Be died
standing, ,
A Knee Tal.
A "noee tni" was In the ninth century exacted hy he Deem from tba
householders m Irelsnd, it «J »"
called not because II *»« 1**vl'"' ""
nosss but from ths fsd thai s failure
to  put  wns  punished   by   allltliis  tli.
nose from tip to eyebrow   it was ,•,.„■
tinned during thirl I .'""*'• wl"M1 "','
honseholdera. objecting tO thia trcal
,uenl of tbelr nasal ornament* rose   n
rebellion, massacred all lbs C*nss m
Ireland and put an end to the uuae
Qalte  a  DIBerenee.
•employ-.-  loung "  1 hear thst
T„u bet on boras races   *«»"*£
churned.     Youth    Hu-    '">'";"„,,
law isg bookie I bate netted lOWoo
bla tips this week.   Bmployer  *ih«n
er   clo-elbed '. fmmM     *°**™*
your Hiiln-y is ,ion 1   OHIBldsriJJJ
ielf my cui.lldenllul udvisc    Uudoa
Tit lilts.	
■lie  S>el.*..>.
»i stins predict good weather,  sbw
the suliurbiiti nunc
"Wh\ '/" ,,,  ,„ „
••Weil, if it is c i) get credit fer it,
„„• if it ain't g i '"" fpUM •» **»0,r
tbut   1   done   my   beat"
III..In. lilm Will, .he Tv«f».
Mr Boastful  lm ler how It wouia
s ., if i iw i »«»• """;;;;„,
have given to charity pllod on n P»«
could still dlstlngtilsli the plate.
wneat As Sheep Food.
Some of the experiment stations fin*
tt; .*  R pound of wheat ll. feeillnn bus
i nutriment than s pound of any
i-. ..tii   In corn there Is K per cent.
of digestible protein, barley a 09  per
cent . oats S.M per cent, ry,* !• IX, while
■ has 10 23 per cent The Indiana
«  i, .ill.'.*.I " cents a bushel foi
i      ! fed to sheen
■nl   ,,i all   Tunes     In   winter 01
ii,     ■.iiniiiii*.     I'arinelec s     Vegetable
....  \i ith and overcome an)
ularltles ol  the digestive a
„ i, .i   change ol diet, change oi real
,i..ii   variation   ..t    temi iture
.ti,,,ui    They should be al
„,,, i   kepi   al   hamI  and once theli
h ie in .ai  action  beoomos known, ik.
,,„,    will   b.   iniii.ml   them     Then    ll
. itlng iii Lhell  structure,
|l heal.*   can   use   them
A   Bellle   In   Ihe  Sea.
DM you ever sc Mueflsb ebarge a
K\ | of menhaden at seal  Thut is
something worth seeing,  The blueflsb
throw Heir hues forward Until tbey ill-
most surround the menhaden, and thoy
attack them Bank and rear. Th.* men*
linden fairly mnke the wnter boll in
their efforts to esenpe. while nil around
ll lemy Is nt them tearing relentlessly Into all tbis commotion comes
I great Shsrk. It's a picnic fur the
ihnrk, a school of menhaden all herded
up for Its benefit H swims leisurely
inlo tbe midst of tbem. opens Its mouth
and takes In ball1 a doses menhaden at
a gulp. It swims around and bites out
half a doi.cu mors from the scfiuol. lt
gorges  Itself  without  effort.   Hut  tho
menhaden nre not nearly aa mucb disturbed by tiit- presence Of the monster
swimming sbout among them as tbey
ure by tin* ChSTglng blue'lsh. The shark
tnl.es half a doieu fish or more at s
bite, Whlls tba blncllsh only bites a
piece out of a tingle tlsh, but there Is
only one slu.rk, while there may be
thousands of blueflsb plunging and
tearing incessantly ami killing and
maiming "t every atroke. The ahark'a
n brute, but under such circumstances
the menhaden have less of fear than
they Imve »f contempt fur lilm.
Keeping the Bull.
in foreign oountrles they keep their
„i,cs mucb longer than wc do here, ro*
marks an sschange, and Ihis Is pr.ib*
,ni, on.* •soretet their success, a bull
;,,„„.., into his most useful period ufter
.... .hlrd vear. He Is mOTS completely
a,-, cloned aud »hU a bmt.r „w...i—
United SUtet  Finds  In Cantdt Largt
Dtmandt  For  Her  Produoti.
The United Btatei sold Cauuda In
1804 exports to tho value of IHG.OOO,-
000. Thlt amount constituted more than
02 per cent, of Uie whole Canadian In.-
purls, but wat only 11 imr ount. of th*
foreign exports of the United States,
says Charlos M. Pepper, tpeclal ugeni
of the United States Department of
Commerce and Labor, In a report on
hie study of Dominion 'mile condltlono.
Uelldet selling goods to Canada, Mr.
)'* i-l" i says that 25,000 tetllert went
from the United Btates to Its northern
n.tlghbur from January to October,
Hnn, and that the value uf their affuutij
wat 110,000,000, Thia number of emigrants from the United tilatei Is lent
than for ths two preceding years.
The new wheat ileldt of the Dominion's great Northwest aro the attraction to those seeking new homes In Cun-
s.la, and lt Is to that section the Unit
ed Stalet thould look for the development of existing and tho creation of
new marketi of trado. Tht food, clothing, and farm linplementt to which
Unite noitlora htve been accustomed In
the United Btates constitute U.e pro-
ducti which may be lold them Uie
eatlott  ln   Canada.
The wheat yield In Canada last iea-
son wat upwards of 90,000,000 bushels,
or approximately equal to that of the
State of Kunma. A production of 160,-
000,000 buahola by 11.10 It foreshadowed, provided crop conditions oontlnue
r.' v in hi.- and harvest hauda can tie obtained.
llallrotd construction ln the Northwest Is given at nnoihi-r source of new
population and oonssquently of widened markets. Aftor desorfblng the new
transcontinental project known as the
•irand Trunk I'liclll.*, nnd thc plans f ir
rullways to the Hudson Bay, -the statement Is mnde that probably before an
outlot It afforded for wheat by either
of then routes truffle will be dlvorled
south and east over rallruade In the
United States, one agency being the
United Stalet tettlers.
Mr. Pepper nx.*s tho total consumption of Iron and steel and their product!
for the current yeur ut 1,000,000 tons
He sayt that for the Its* three years
the Importations have been 1-12,000,000
annually and that the United Stain
hat lupplled 11 per cent, of these. It
Is staled that the steel rail mills at
Sydney. Nova Scotia, and at Sault Bla.
Mario, Ontario, are now turning out
several hundred tons d_ly. Though
there are teveral tucceisful mtlli for
making rodt and wire nulls, there still
sl much dependence In wire products on
the United Slates.
In textiles the report says that the
Dominion lt making advances, yet tin
time Is distant when the lmporiatlon of
foreign goodt wUI cease Though many
factonet have be. n ettabllshed ln Canada for manufacturing boon and shoes
and though the machinery Is from the
United States, the report states that
this Is still one of the best markets for
American manufacturers to cultivate.
Not a factory of any kind Is built
In lhe Dominion but that the installation of the plant la made largely from
lhe United Slates.
Lanauace  In  Prion*..
There uie several districts In Franco
where the very uuciunt touguos still
survive IiiiH.|ue is spoken by iil.ii.it
1U0.D00 persons, who are untu rally
proud of u language tbut Is their exclusive possession, fur It Is uullke every Other spukeu iiinr'iie und the ns
sertluu Is commonly mud..* that to understand it ons must liuvu learned it in
the   cradle.    Tills    peculiur    property
gives in tho mind of the Basque people
support to their belief tbut It wus the
language of Adam and Kve. Tbo auiue
Claim Is advanced, though, for Ilreton.
The ltumuna wheu they conquered
(Inul compared Ilreton tu croaking of
ravens. About a inllllun peuple speuk
Ilreton. Then there nre I'lemlsll, still
sptilii.n by a comparatively small mini
ber In northeastern I'runce, Catalan In
the I'yi'eii.res-Oi'i.rnlules and I.i.ngue
due nnd I'rove.icul.  whose grnduul ex-
lliictlo.i  bus   I n   delayed  mainly   by
the efforts of .. few literary eutbnsl-
Still Alert.
It waa tn the ]ungle restaurant
The leopard had been drluking and
the Millie-  was trying to lake advantage of that circumstance.
None of that. .Mr. Walter!" yelled
the monk, vigorously. "The leopard
may nol be able tu change bla epoia,
but lat me tell you thut bs la fully competent to apot hla change."
A Bluenoie on New Ontario.
.\t.t"i..'.v 1.1,due, Jr.. who wns with
the Teiniskamliig survey party laal
year, on returning bom. to Uonoton,
N' 11.. said of the district west Of Luke
Al.ltlil.i "The country 1» extensively
timbered, except here an.l there In
burnt ettretohes mul muskeg, but It la
mora of thi putpwood cluti thnn "ther
liiiiiln r. The pulpwo 'il forests are practically Inexhaustible, and pulpwood,
you know, means money.    Tha forest
which waa despised f>0 years ago by
lumbermen, is now a rt li more than
the forest Of BO years ago. It It practically a country I .\*.'i«lve wuter-
fuiis. ami these waterfalls will beoonte
in..ilu..h'.e In th.* development of the
n.ikiiiB Induetrles On thu Blank
River within a strntoh of fourteen
are nt lesa 'hnn tea (alls
of Industrial value and utility. The
lilack lllver Is not a very wide river,
bin tl Is a very deep river, with a con-
t'derabU- tl iw of wa
Saving  Sense of Humor.
In his   recent   lecture  In Toronto on
Vi. r..i   Hugo, Prof   I*:   Howard .inggs
sai.l    11 its"   mus  singularly  without    a
sense of humor, the deeper, graver hu
iintr of character whloh Shakespeare
posseoeed it Is Impossible, sal I Mr
Qrtgg, t*. live a moral life without a
sense of hiim.tr One eannoi appreciate
moral Incongruity without it, n.*r oon-
—.111. ni iy eongrulty. Bverything is
taken on tin* same plan.*. The personal
whim Is mlatak. n fur a matier of const*.. le*e
"Hle.-sed IB the mnn wh ' can laugh
al himself Cursed lt the man who
laughi ai himself sll the tima lie who
ii.es nol ink.* hi.n*« if seriously at an.
aiui in* who lakea btinself afcjoctly «eri-
1 iui i. are In the sume diss." Such
people, oontlnued Mi iihhks. wast,? all
their ammunition, and n-flbody pays any
Bile.itltti. to  Un Ir blank sliota.
Ancient   nnset.
rilnders I'etrle, thu archaeologist,
while excavating among some ancient
Egyptian tombs, found a wreath of
roses which hud been bound Into a
garland nnd burled Willi the deud thou
sunds of yoara ago. M. Croplu, the botanist   and   inlcroseiiplst,  .nude a  cure
ful examination of this queer Hud uud
prepared a paper on it which ha rend
before ths Royal society »f Belgium.
From this paper it appears tlmt in
places where the (lowers were matted
together tbey still retained their color
im well us a very faint odor. The
species tn which they belong la now extinct, but a rose resembling theni Id
several particulars Is still grown ln
Mgypt nnd Abyssinia.
An* you a sufferer with oorns?   n
nn   sre, gel a bottle   of   Holloway'a
r.iin ('un*.   it has novel been known
in lull.
True to Life.
I.illl.'.lllel     1-    elel     nent     111    teal-.    Bl
'In- advertisement     in    tin*    Bixelsio.
Hpi'ingl   i Mo,   lull   -Inm- \,,n   iiill
inul ne  ni ii,,. ainuaemenl  parloi  wim
.. line line ot funeral dosigua furnlahed
on   -hurt   liolne
This is the paramount feature off
Free from  dust, dirt, and all   foreign  substanoes.
Lead     Packets    Only,    40c,    50c,    a nd    SOc    par    Ib.      At    all    grocers.
Highest  Award    St.   Louia  1904.
"No* Imil. Inn iir," exclaimed the
gamekeepei imfporatively, "didn't you
"-.  the notice bI iln* end oi this •       .
I'i   .• •• i uin-   no.   allou.sl  -
*l <lul nii-.-i i,  ;, not u t  stating i hai
peile-tiuiii*.   Here   not   alloweo   ner.
replied the mild-mannered gentleman,
readily,  "bui  you  tee,   I iff .t  . ongre-
/..I* ,111.ills.
Oh,   indeed      retui ned  the  game
keeper, alight!) puasled; "then I nop\
pose   H-   nli   right,   mi       _ >.>•   enu   walk
oi. I.on Ion  Tin-Ill...
Biliousness Burdens Ufa —The bilious man in never a companionable
.nan because Ins ailment renders blm
in se .nni gloom)      The complaint
is nol so dangerous as .t is disagree
able v.*. no one need suffei from it
who oan   procure  Parmelee'a  \
puis      Bj  regulating Uu   liver
and   obviating   ths effects m I
ihe   stomach   they   restore men to
cheerfulness and mil vigor ui act,on
A   Restaurant Acquaintance.
■■When >.,.. p. te Nee    Zealand,    I
iu-Ii iimi you would inquire altei  ny
grandfather,   Jeremiah     lln.i.i,
"( ertainl] said the   travelei
end arherevei   be went  be   u>k.s|    'oi
|,ei  -   Ol    Hi'*       in v..  il .      Itlll       B ltlni.lt
...in   sooordiug to la.    Dnndee     \*i
rertiser.   Due da)   he was introduced
.. inn- ..l.l \ ao., oi advanosd .*.-■
In.l v .vei   n.<:  »nl. an  Knglisli*
man named Jeremiah Thompeoi
A    smile   passed    over    tli.
Mm ui -  .."' Ueel   Imii -     be  ro*
* \\h\    I uie him I
Dr. J. 1). Kellogg'a Dysentery Oord
mi Is prepared from drugs known t.
in.   profession as thorough!)   rellabh
lor  the  cure  Of    cholera.    d> >.*ni,*rj
diarrhoea, griping pains aad aummei
complaints    li has i a need su*
fully b) medical practitioners tor s
initiii.ei ,.i years with gratifying rs
suns, li suffering trom anj snnunei
complaint ii is jusi tba medicine tbat
will CUTS ymi. Try a bottle. It sells
tor -.'. cents
New. Parts wanted.
\l.   brothel   . .nnilit  .,   motoi   ben
lasl week     su.il an augr) man to tbi
wletiuau   .* ho   stepped   . i     to
hun    aiui  he  san!  ii  anything  broki
Mill     inniltl        BUpply        I.UU        llllll I" ll
. er .mull.       -.iiiii    tin     aalesman.
\\ hui   do.'-  he  ii an. -
*   He    unlit-    tWO    llelltiltl    ttlllscle .1
e tuple    lit     ktiettlip*-      ohe    I Ittmi .        ,iln
abou! ma. a yard ol • nt>.l. aaid
tin* mini an.I be Hants them nt
mu t Iii Hit**-.
Bunlighl   Snap   is belter than   other
soaps, bul is best when used In tbs
Bunlighl   way. lluy  Bunllgbt   Snap
a.1.1 inii.iM directions,
Baribbles   I   » lei  why .. tske-  pa)
,"ii,r to I'ttiit* an I
Itiiei li ..nh -etii". lung «lien you're
■hoil, and tin -Iini,*! ."" .t" lh. It'.i*^
,1   i<   nwi.it,    li th   11.'iill.
Cleanse and
Purifythe Blood
And Invigorate the Action of Liver,  Kidney
and Bowels, You  Must Use
in oalllng your attention to Dr.
Chase's Kidney-Liver I'iiu It is on!)
necessary to point tc their success In
tbe pasi. tor they are known In near
iv every borne.
Hi   means ..I  their  direct  iiinl spec
Inc action on the liver causing a
healthful 11*>w »f bile—they regulate
umi enliven ths action ..i the bowels
ami Insure K"."i dlgestlen In the Intestines At the witno time they
stimulate the kidneys In their work
of Sltering  poisons from lhe bluOd
This cleansing process set in action
hy     |>r.     Chase's    Kidney-Llvci*   I'llls
means a thorough ours of biliousness,
Intestinal Indigestion, torpid liver,
kidney derangements   nmi   oonstlpa-
11 m.'i.ns :i restoration <if health,
strength and comfort where there
hav.. bee. pain, weakness and surfer
ini:.   li means a removal <>f the con
dltlons     winch     lend     lo     biichu. he,
rheumatism,   lumbago,   Bright, .i.s
.•as.*, appendicitis and diabetes
Mi. K   ll.   .Mover.    Local    I'leachcr.
Trout     l.ake.     111'.     Writes      "I   CBS
speak   In   ths   blgheal termi ol i"
Chases Medicines   and   Di   Chase's
ilei dpi  Bonk which 1 havi   in
tort)   yens.     Remedies taken  from
Ihis   lain..us   book   have   cure.I    When
nil others lulled
"For soma time I was very bad wilh
kidney disease and  nothing   seemed
to do me any c.m.i until i ns.*.i Di
chases    Kidney liver   I'Hit.     TMs
treatment overcame tin* symptoms ol
kidney   .linens.*   snd   buill   up   mj
health.     Though past  middle i
feel   young   and   heart) again since
taking Dr. Chase's Kldnej Liver Pllla
1 pul great oonfldenos In t.ii of i"
chases medicines."
Dr. Chase's Kidney I,Uer I'llls. ons
pill 11 dose. U c.'iits 11 box. ai all deal
ara or Bdmanson, iinics a* c..,. Toi
'TIs ther.   hi pattca buds sleep
Dental .. ■ and eratias deep,
Awaltlii*; spring'a brlfbl sun and shower
To woo them worth lo deck the bowirr.
K'.'.i now winds whisper tn my ear
Thai fair wild Bowers will soon appear,
Hepatl  1 -    if turqu 'lsa blue,
with leaves of bury, pinkish hue,
ilenllv   tlifsc   11 wer«   will   pierce    the
And Boon tie ir nny  heads trill toss
* 'ie-.- and mosses at  tle-lr fe.*t,
Awaiting Illy  buds to greet
What J..;*' to roam those • *Ods -n June
Ami listen to tha linnet's tune,
•inl see tlu  i" ■ "11 ng r me i nk vine
That sweetly doth embrace tbe pine.
''ft In those U I "1* haie I pursued
My  1 ight sweet  solitude,
AnJ whtted w* a) the fleeting hours
by watching aprtnglng, fr.iKi.e tl .wers.
—Minnie  L   Thomas.
wnen Remitting by Poat, use
Dominion Express Money Orders
and Foreign Cheques
The Beat and Cheapest
Byatam   of    Sending    Money   to   any
Place in the World.
Absolutely Safe
I'urcbasvr Is given a receipt, and lt
order or cheque la LOST or DE8-
TKOVliD, the amount will be promptly REFUNDED. No red tape. For
lull Information and ratoa call on
Local niiouu.
Stid to Be Growing  In Toronto—What
Druggutt Sly.
The uae of leeches it said to be cr *w-
ina in Toronto.     Leaches ara  m
b nighl by peopl.  « n .have had a b'.aw
or Call, eansing s blue sp,,! to appear
«ii.*r,* ti*,.- bl 1 haa congested.    They
ruke out the tiliod from
Ti.e b.s' leeohes ur,* known at the
Mediterranean i>->vh and some from
Ban Qulguela, Bpaln. Tbey are ah"ut
three inches long, »lth u soft smooth
body tapering lo sacb extremity, and
ar. marked wirh from ninety to one
hundred tin,- annotations; their backs
art. .in*., green with six ru«iy red
longitudinal stripes Tin- enda are
terminated by tuckers
A peculiar medical haw provides that
a druKitlst mutt nol appl) a leech. He
•"I. iel! them to person but only a
doctor is allowed to apply it One well-
known druntst says thai he mice ap-
p.l. il a leech 1 . an abrualon on a man's
.... 1. ■ Bute a i|is-i..r e.iuul .."t
i" gut bs the hour araa late "After
the leech ht.l gorged Itself and r.,ii>vl
off the mark left by lhe leech bled so
thai II look me over four
hours to stop It. and then tha ...ana
I'"'   ».'<   ten   timet   worse   wuh     the
1 bad 1   a-,*"
state that  the appll-
•*   Is   n..l   10   be   :.       •!
men li il;   Hi.- eun   I 1  aa bad at
lha dlecaa. The leech baa three small.
.ii.up, seml-otrcular teeth that radiate
from a centre. Tl.ey oul deep, and sl*
waya i of tb. .um. shape aa
themselves .... the oommon leech the
mourn «iier. tha tuning teeth are
found 1» at the anterior sucking dlic
Ju«t buck of this, and n the Upper
Bide,   are   ten   siniill   black   Spott   lhat
serve ..« eyes   The u.u.ii quantity of
bittitd drawn by nn ai,*r;.Ke lee, h aver-
aifs from one tlnoiun t i half an
ounce lt |i dl-jcsted vary slowly, and
afi.T being gorged In this manner, the
leech IPs f.r ... '   tors It re-
K.iiiu iu normal site and sigiestanoa
Sold by all Druuelsts and General Stores
and tiy mall.
My Hair is
Extra Long
Feed your hair; nourish it;
give It something to live on.
Then lt will stop falling, and
will grow long and heavy.
Ayer's Hair Vigor is the only
hair-food you can buy. For
80 years it has been doing
just what we clsim It will do.
It will not disappoint you.
- Mr hair at«4 u, Se .err .hon.   Sat after
■-ri.il .... , H-o, VI.", . .Iht- tlm. I. N*»n
U< .imw tot now ., U four.*.,, nwrb-M lung
TMI ■■■■» t .1.1.,..Ifi .Mull t. tit. .ll.t h».,t*
•im".. .1.I101.. in, ten "   Hit J H. r.rta.
. o.ol%du Sprtnt"   I '"f
(.Hem sktisul.
Lard   Mount-Sttphen'i   Ctrttr.
Seventy   -even yenn aao. on June I.
there was b rn lo a bumbla Banffshire
viiingi-r 11 son who eras di'->tin»d to do
are.it thuiKi Tl." vUlaget'a name wat
Stephen,  mid  hi. boy  mi christened
'••■litre, an.l when ll-cors* Htephen wai
old utmuKh ht* lm run.* a held boy. III!
urea! iTiony In tho.e dayt wat hit coui'n
D 11 id Smith, and for a good many
I at yean are counted by youth
tiny wert inseparable. The herd boy In
finite of inm went to Aberdttn. where
le* beoams a draper'i apprentice, tnd a
ft•»• yenrs later tried hit fortune In
London, whei*, he found an opening at
Pawaon * Leafa In St Pauit churchyard, lilt amblti .ii .-.till untiitittled. I.r
W. 11' 111 to ''.in iila tn IK.*..., and entered
.1 sroo lea buatness In Montreal, ln whloh
ba presently beoame n partner, a uttii
>n lie met the friend ot hla boy-
Ii'"kI dais. 1..inni.1 Smith, an.l they.
along with others, built the Canadian
i'n. ni.   Railway.  Qeorga Stephen, who
 i'.uttii  hi.  birthday  lately. It now
kn "11 ss Lawd Mount-Stephen, and hit
friend, Donald Smith, as Lord Strath-
■ rn a     Both   are   millionaires,   and   be-
tweeo them have n'lfn away over o
million pound ■'" behalf of various
philanthropic objects, not ths Ih '
whloh la kii.k Bdward's Hospital Fund,
whloh benefits t" lha tune of £11.000 a
y.ur by Lord ltouut*Stepheu's gtner-
Ye..st--And you ara the only breadwinner in >onr family!
("rliiiaiiiih.'nk—Sure       thins"        Id
rather wear nty Dngarg c aitopeiiier
than have my wife become a hioad-
■•» Bare i.t.tiLii, "
"Itare" mentis "mere" as well as
"naked." and I cannot doubt that by
"bare bodkin" Shakespeare meant
"mere bodkin," the point of the passage
Ndng with how contemptibly amall an
Instrument we could. If we cbose, put
an end to life and ull Its bother. "Bare"
probably waa used Instead of "mere"
for tbo sake of effective alliteration.
(Cf. with Hamlet's "bare bodkin;"
lib-hard ll.'s "little pin." Ill, 2, 109.)
Ver "bare" In the sense of "marc" I
uaed cite only "ban IniiiKliiatlon of a
feast."—London Notes und Queries.
1 nor  Dayt In  the Tear.
There are but four daya ln the year
when tho aun and clock exactly cor-
reapoud. In other words, there are but
four daya of tl.e 305 lu which tbe aun
Is directly south at noon.
Th* ICth of April and tht 17th of Junt remember,
August 11 and t-ltti of December.
On these four dayt (and non* tlae tn tht
The tun and clock both the sami tlmt
The   -.Urn, Ir.
Woodland—Wliut Is the difference between a wonder nnd a nilrucle? Lorain Well. If you'd touch me for $S
and I'd lend It to you It would be a
wonder. Woodland—That's so. Lorsln
-And If you returned It tbat would be
a miracle.
Had  Her Oaeaalag.
Margie-1 woudor If Mr. Smartly
meant to give ine a left handed compliment? Rita-Why? Margie-Be said
thest artificial flowers I sm wtaring
just match ijiy hatr.
W    N    U      No.    594
•i mW
* - *   .. *«.
B-.rn.-l.    .*l I'-uiit I.'.' ■ t-'i'l Vrll'il.t.i"l
ul ir., .   iu umi in t- ill.  rsUa)
Tn« * I" rr   l ...   aul   ' in --*'   '■ :■"*- l
-etblr • i*   •' u1 mi -       ■■* '■'  «■
gtmsis-J In iu ooiuii   •
All     sii win ."' ahs i   a al nt, "
ntilU i.e. Ilrt'' I   ■     ' "t>* 1't't
,,- . . ili.".|in ..*
I.. ■ i I'ran it * 1
■win i tppiii
■Id iin,, , ■ Ivatiei
Noti.** is   l.ci.liv   | :.v!i   tlml   1
tliall. i.n Wednesday, "flrr fnraala
ll.v I'ili.   J Auiiitil.. nl lli«*   I'OWII   .if
-Comatdix: I."i numbered sevun (7j
.in   Hi cs   numbered    iw.*lv.i  (
ti'yrthrr   wiih    building   therst.p
(f.irn'.er'v     Government    Rec
Office), said property being situato
in sai.l   ii.ivn  uf  Comaplia     ,sn.-'
j* ci to a reserved bid >.l $82500
l»at*d at Revelstoke, B (..., this
24th day ol August, 19»«.
Fred Preset*,
(tovalntnant Agent
Legal Notices,   fl
TH '    >: l.'. KB   I'.C.
Bar wall 8 jpylicu with Liquor* & Cigars
1.»'.•/» '.. ' '.'"    al   •   :.      .. •.    ElCtlitltt     l! n.i I *i.*; A-'.li.:.«:.. I.
N IT10B.
Ca'iadian mice it1 i  i   i*   i '   •'•        I i
1 inm,   I.lie   mining    dlvilioii   ol   Wt.l
Kootenay district
IN Lire located i   <V> Ssft.i Mll*crislr
South k'.'i* af . s  let..
rahetiot.ee t n l, "  B .N. WUI	
a* una    aa   i£ini lor  Deti-I    ■•'■*• '
„/.:;;,So ft* ^^"n.;- robt. madden
lMwlUj,  iniar.it, S'stf   days frnm the
.!•■•     l.tifof,     tu ' apply    to     iii I
tin,ing  Recorder lor  e Cerlifirsts  *l   "  ' " 	
int. ri.ret.ien'i,  lor  Hit   purpose	
la mm s Crown ttra.it ol tin  tl. >i
tnd  (miliar   .1, notira that eeliori,
Ulidti lli'tioii   .'.7,   ...ml   I e i unii,in, l I
bsfore tl.s Istuai cs of Certiflcale oi lm
Dated this :0 h Jar of A.g , » n.lBOfl
Cvout Xafee
Supply 00.
cuiTiricixn vl umiinuif**1*
.IC, I'Mall, I .ms l-l.ii mineral. • ■
litusti 'is rrout l-sk" Mining Pivl*
il,„, of Warn Ko tn av dist id
V.'l ere    lo I'."1     Meld *•'*   • «•"  '   e**"'
Tsk* iv lire H al I. J    '..'■':■'    ■ "'
miner's c* tllii*ai.« S", " '   •      ■ '  '
il as a.*.*:.i   f.n **■ a    anil   ■
i'.iii i*. So UK" Hid,   llrintf   While,  I
■-,........ ,'.  Duil.ls, i m '■  N
..,,    ; ,,, ..-.■:  ,|     ,■  , .    ,"*    I*   '
.,   U, 11: I   •..•(;-" ' !■.   ' : ''.' '■ '*■»    •"
,     oViill »nls for I  «    '•: '■•*> ■ '   ' *-    '
iii. i*nt*« n granl! cl lim ahm* cUi ' *
\   I |,n ii,-.   in. •  no  * '■ ,! •■  ••>""
.... | , ,l>cti , ,  .*■     n ii   :,-  .   mn   ' ■■>■• ■
llie [nuance •■! iw li eel  il   ' ' "'
j Improreiiioiita,      Dated.I e 4lli dsi ul
M'*V'A   "',Wl,     .,   ft-  CHISM
|*v  ni i •;   \\ sll :   • " ■ )   I' *
t . , i.. i ymi sn mured ..i • •■•• ■
lull purity. Uovirnu ent ii slysii
tn .»,*. up ilaisn mis .
II-jKli M.ltursoa - -  Suf*.
'•..•ftwi^r.'; -
''■V' - *V''"i    "'
L V , £,/. '  .    :-'.,
A*Jm.   ' ',.«MI V.
•' * S'tJmtJti "
Trout* Lake Uvtry
A   ml  tl   U|  Jf
Slai.'ei it Troi.c UVe.
•  •  -    Pr°P \V. H. Jones,*
In;    Uls-lSrs.    » •>   Job
O.D     VALUANCr.     H*RD*
WAftf CO   lTf-'
iit,i«t*».   m.i . •   I   r;*»*  *'•■"•
IM tl_flOIM.
Greater S'ew York Mineral Claim ai.ua
tei in i'i* I.  nl l ake Mlnins Divisioii.il
V.    *. K   .'    *   District, "i.'taers lo rtla.
iiver I.a.ilea.. r.»er.  one hall a.i i
north cl te. lei tool creek.
Tske  S  ■"■■   that 1.   K.  C.   V. Hot!
I .,,   M.r* rs' Cor I     ••t   No, im,-.
aclinj   ii   »»'ni   f* r   Lttdger   tiua.s,|
Free Miners Certiflcat-) No. 1188004, u
tfr.J, iiii) .lay. fr.mi  llie date ! fifn
to a,.: . •   '. > lbs  Mn.i.■» I.i for
Ce.lihcate ol  Iinprovenients,  lor  He
purpose ot obtainiutt a ( n •    I   > it
the above claim.
And fur'.lior itke notice thst a
under section 27. must bt ■•:■*
before i is iisiuuceot sucliCerl     *•■
ul hnprorstnents.
r.i'ei  thu __r.l ,tiv  of J..:t     . p
Excellent    Accommodation
Best Liquors
And Very finest Cigars   0
John Simpson,      Proprietor*
Starftep <S Co.
R'II0iJ(S4f.e ur.ir.v.* ie lti>ner.
I'iss,   Cl.ee.*,    ,"...l.it   »••   ftoo
Houston HI.' isephlneVt >•!••.,. M c
Hotel and
Ceneral Store
li [■»■» i ' t.i. tl .   lelej l.ooi      '
>. a'l.t'*':■ •'»*    •'■'' '••s'**1   ' "" "
ai  Keiyns-.!    . umroios' m..»* .   I •»"',
lake. I" »» "fl.ot. ai»" ai Kit'"...' .ai   ;
eji.i and ' *i '•i *t*l
Walrli r*i.-a'.r.ti|.    St*.      Ill   walk
Trout Lake  City Transfer
and Stage Lino.
tltlVt.<;<.«^\V-A|    tfhM    k-kVM*-v(A'*vU.«.i..t.i'g
erguion    . ; ^«BySUf«wuiI
I Troutl.akti
Hi        -
I Beaton
issvs   Fsr-uct ;;
Troat L.U4 »t fl
WOC-D   Win
A. M. Craig     Wm. Crawford
ImperUl   Bank of Canada.
.... J lU'WI.L .-U""   *"
t Is 1 ar-rl t gtvei   '.   .   ii'- ■'»'.
. I I intniid to iii''1,
i *   mmiesiouer    . \ .. *.,    iVorli
lm permission lo pui '•»!* •. a •
...    : fit iar'li situated  •       ri
suae: u
•nrimsl s post plsi   ' t'i.
i ihore '.( lar lo river i . • >
mite it   i       P. ; 'tr . .i.r . , *   . i-_.,'
i    1 ... i.*.l'* S.K. COI   •    ;   It   "*.   - :
.     f     • 10   f    i     • •:    •    f •'   **.
. l.i   it, tl;*r,*s son iina.ll.enii
i     .  nrar  lank -
in J. 1*1   7* tUMUNb.    i
• I .I**; r SO  IDOfl.
ice is hsreb; given '.': a  ■■ ■
iter .la*.** I intend   to a|*)>'»
lie hon. i.iiief ( imm ssi mer "l'
• I - .   rt      . •    •      pel ::..U t.i
h»M tbe '.   .t.i.. scril.rd
-.inMid   ia W sl ti *.»
f-T.-mg   a*,   a
• '   a   uii>• a!* ive t*.
rth Sidenf Inr.'.    nr'-. ti. a  t
s.i ' A. Sowing's S.W, corner \ ..s
thence sast 80 chains sloug  river
hank,   thence  nortii   4      . bains,
•. si   a   west   M  chsii i.   theno*!
i 40 chains to point of com j
.'    ■■ .:. L&Oe.        A. C-lotv.-i
a is hersbjr  .•'• rn lhat fit'
ler dat-B   I intend to n.ake
<•   n to ths Chief i   minis-
•      .  ..{ Lands r.   .  '•'■    in   f .r
psrm «iion to jiurrhaia the I Watt.
ing   described   lands   situated  HI
Galena  Hav.  Wast Kootsnas dii
a- )   dest rjbc i  at   folfjiaa •
nei   int ai a, post marked !' I
v*. stsoh's N L' ' "i nei post, [ lai Is'!
alt  s8 W err .       r i:   Arros*-
1 ••   Lumbar Co i  tin net     . i .
ths    c   west   -tn    chains,   •.*•.*»
t   , '   2fi  chai   i.   ,t*i  t\'i  4'j
■■  a na, iliei.es north 20 c! ai i I
,        ..I c n mencemsi I   and     . •
filing B   arrea.        T. WaTSna.
|l'ai..l Jfli t JUnd, 19 n
Best Hotel in Town,
BeadQaarlen k Wm rd Coiiercial &i
F. B. Wells
TL'BCAh   un>'.y
s    i,
if        A )     \   ... U
t      llmraday earl
: * • ...    i llralhran " nlia'ts int.ieI
ri.,'t:.a.  »•»   re rm,l?.,o *4  m
C»#IT*l.  OBiB   OW     *.»!., "..I'"V.
esasavs tome        n.i i. »* TOKONTO,   ONTARIO.
ratai aeesie      mi'U ■ i'
P  K  an (ir. I'im.'*i« ROllffHT JirrtATJVIre-Pm
^HANCMtl    •'    I   •   '•  »il   *»l   •*'   *    »''*   8aSS«*.    ••••     ''     I .mil
Ml"H   'I   ' •>   i -i.   •>  '   ^   t  ti
l   .rsfRti. I^si.i*. ,  i i i|*,»--s TliASSAfrKM
MVHSf.a  ri»««l Ml Nl        '"l    I    .'.•..It,!        It*     ■       •t.l<r,|l||l
•••». t is • In       '»•    '   ) •. •   |       .
*'•»•*« +r.-.t it.'t*.. b an sane «l   .. •..
t'i IW4 *.-....   S ...   ■
!«'. Il|   I.. . .*.
s it I all Has*. s~-
H. I . Cl'W,
m*-.* i
: si t   i ntu,»   i. ii.ii t
*... ii
Review Job Dept.
I'**r tXifth-4 lass H ..I
• *» f>«_o-n tn oooo *y<
,       OK      ]	
Stniy LatJghton
\\Tjill-N   » siii. g   Ferg »
li.' V  j     •', .uld s^aj at I I.f  l.a.'lrt .
_^  .    1     il■.!. I.     Il-.a   Ihe    lisiti.i
Ml/J'     *'"   ''*   S'.ni'tii.d* I   ■Bill.
raNjj    hi'in* cnuif.irta     1 i sl,»t.t
.     '    < i.f.-.i.t.     ».'i    lentils ad
en I * •■in r-niiiii. -».H
Blncksd ti»r. airl evirvlhl'ng »ii*!.
let ds lo-aardi  luakinu  vnur  nm e
J i'4*.l!.l   lll.l    lll-BIIi... • :
Rates ,'m.i. tl ■'
W*  s'rl.f  t
lm)   -..; nsriB.
plcssa   *iir ; air..i,s.
RAW FURS       *ggfr*Eg«
BOUGHT   ""' ",-1 i^-. n,,.,,, c i — --- ---<-,• ■
CA5M   PRICKS   PAID, I .BflTIlS (x00 \ WiMiam Schnall, J      G A  c'H;;slMAN
: Barber Sliop.
♦ !
U»i*l tr*«;iitr I   '•
OeMaa-l «il»et . |j oe\
I All tei tud •'.Be.'. ] SOI
Teppt r •    *
| riat      I   .*
5   SHANNON, kasever
Tmnt Lake 1' I
;-. r. i _ 11
D»e>ri In e'.   k«n Is *•  Praah km
Het *ntt C*N :,i'' a •
L>-Sf>u')nn.~ »-v • . -** *-•
I ..    *    . .  *m*m I     **•*.*
i   m  » it a i u
iiiiii iiiiitu i rtifmia
noi n Ton t i.
KKVI l_» t    ii<S£    •   O
• •   , k-,, lnni.1."..  H.M ..    •
Met.  *  *  a okt   S. t.        P
Provincial Land Survei i
oa-oopooc o-o-o c* r>a«*»o onoo sxj -jo
...  Cbe fsotcl Beaton  ...
-   ■ BEATON, b.c —
Y'.SITOUS arriving at f'»a - (thi Ihrsshnld ..f U.a I ar-liB.ii
lit irrnwI.sBrl. -till tile) litis Hotel in '*. lull-; sqini I"!
Jt.r l.lah-rlaai tialt. 11.•»:••-.• sernrnmoilatloa. .a veil
tpp'i.i it.: bii'1 ii'Bfi"i'.i Jii.iri-i l.all The l-ast of •A'inM,S|.iiita
t.i r» . Personal inservlsion . ■*,.«' . in Ihe reqiilrsmtnli of
I slr'H.B   Visitors to tl.S fl'ilrtri can rel? 'i. comfort st ll.illi.itfl
j W. BOYD -:-  -:- Prop
«vo-r»***t «r»#M»-rv r»-t»ct4> .^« er t
Mineral Claims Anrvryed
and Crown Urants I'litalned
ftii!*!tn»t--.*<iJi Rwoi i "ffirt.
It .nt l.twi. P i
K ii ED    V.    ELLIOTT,
Trout Laks, B. C.     and rrrguson.
i iffciil.rit.     ....      Anilllel.
TROUT I.AKf;,n. c.
Oulr"ie comitanyi' intereati ra rs fully
Iot.lis'l after.
As.nt f'tr (luurl.v'i I'ltnni
PIANOS.—Ths famous Qonrla;
i. ilio ons to buy, It is r.nt i
cheap piatni when you buy, but
you (inii yon liuvc practised economy wlici VMi have iritrd end
tiisil it. When vou want rn In*
Btiumeiit «*•<* ths loci I egeut,
lliirrny. Jlf-cnn fit von oul will,
anv atyls mid st any price and
i.'hub   .J. C. Murray, local aien i
'     .   'B     11      ill*'.     |  HI I        tw
moi tl • situ- "bib I Intend to apnl; te '" '  '  'r '
ll   *.. filiiaf (lo.-niii eti'intr <f  1 inii      ho 8. Commen n-fsli      •*     .    *
•ltd >i'..iki for s sperial livenre  lo i*nt  n"   ,:" "'•*  •'de ■■■   '• "■ ■'■■■. i ■• t • r.*rk,
ii.' -im t«ti timber frmn   Ihs   r.!-'»•'■ ii "V ' lias from its mmith  niarketj
lnwiu| .!»irr,'-fl lends i,instil Is the!'   ;   wrr'i    norih eaal   .'..fiier  iM.it.
Witt   lL*v.te»Bi rtntrrrt : -...,,.,•    I chaina,   ll.encs smtlli 80
Commenein-f at a post wsrked I.eelie ||!'>*'n''  ' ''■" ''*1*1 v" nhalns. ihenee
Hill's eo.iil.-wtit mrnar, set st Sorlh-J"0  ctiaini lo pojntof cntinnencetneiit.
writ r'tt.er ol   l/.t  IUI,  ll.snre Imitt. '    ; " '■'' ' [ ■  •'■'■]- H"J*i.
80 clislns, ihenra sasi 80 rhalf.I, ihense .   i\ -*.■, I irstor.
inutti 80 chains, thence aest (Oel.siM '    Sn .  Cnmmenulnu st a tw.at i.isi.tall
;n i.oi!.t of rniunisriranient. Ion Ihs eaal  .i.!*- 'I   rci.ilerfn.it . r.*.k  I
Srlios 13;h Jui.e.l*vi. l.mi.iE HII I ,'sbont hX . ill t* (rotn III mmiili, n »•<: !
Nutlre   is   liersl.?   sutn  ihei   iwii,..  I.  Cupp's   lonthwsat   corner post,
.11 'iiil'i after dele 1   intend   tf. spptjn theitcs 80 chains eslt, thence 80 l.-l.sim]
lo   die   Hon   ciiiaf Cotnmieelntier nfjnorth, theure an chslni w,-st, Hisnrr
I-en-Hs and tt'i.tki lur a it'srisi llcer.sc 180 clislns to |H.lnt of cniiimeneenient.
lo ent snd carry s»a» limber fnt'i 11 • j    Loesled June 20.188ft.
follo*aiii| deeeribe.1 lende, lilustsd in C  I. Uopp, locstor.
the Weat Koolanaydleirieli sotlcs  ii  herebt   {iren iui  sistv
Co.nnieiininat anoet -narked l.eil.s;,].,, from the flrit iitibllrsiloh
Hiilsiouili eaetsorser, nt at north- hereof ln il.a lliiiiili Coltimble Usselte,
ssit rnrner of l,ot 771. il.snrr north «.i; i Intend I" sni'ly to th» ll.ni
.•l.sini. tlienre writ 10 rAline, thencs Chief Cotninisslnnsr ol l.amla ami
•..nili SO chains, ilieiici east 10 chains j Works tor . ipeclsl licenisto cut snd
ii. iM.inl olcnnimsnrament. r*.rrvaasr   timber  Ir.mi  the Mlnftinf
Mlion, Uth June, 1*906.    hsius Hltx, described lan.li sitnaled In \\tn Koot-
Kotlce   ii   hereby   |lt«n ihat Iwojensyj
mnntliB aftir .lata I 'intend tn art'lt to      Commencing at. s po|l plaiilcd on lha
the Hon. Chisf Coinroieelonsr of hands I tooth mi, ,,( n,e i ai'!>. river, about |
and Works for a apsciil licenie t.. rut
ami run awst Umber fr..-n ths f.,1-
i.jwing (leerr.bad landi aituati.l In llie
Weet Koiia-iey dutrirt*.
r.'innen.iiig an post larked I .*t: •
mI . a mile from the river an.l 1,'j milrs i
irom Garrard, marked C. I.. Copp'sl
tiorlhea't r*»rner poal. thsuoe Id chains '
weil, thence 8<) chaini south, theme K01
chaina  eaal,  the...*.*  R0 chains  to   ilm'
Hill's inulti-eail   corner  post,   ill   at ' point of cnimiieiiceniei.t
Pay the Printer.
, norlh-eael mrner ot L..i ;jS2. thir.ee
i orth-ttchaise, tl.ei.ri w»n lAJchaini,
li lies rn nth -10 .hiim. then.rt eait 1C0
chaini to point ol commencement.
Kelson, Hi!. Jane, 1900.
LucateJ JuneSlSt, I'JUfi.
L C. Copp, locator.
■ I'S l.e-n f rlriues
in de lit judicious Intent-
.•I* ni in lie.: I.aiai*, anil
uk.re f*. .* •■• »III ',.* i.ittle ii nt,
aver the n*il i»i..t threa years,
Til*   rr r  ' '.»;.'    ' .    hsr«f|i   rs
ii.e ..I',* i      in,».:,.(.  r„,  he  hai
hie money in  j , n ...ir,*.,
N'.iw ir; <;i -t -i, I   nir lo vmi tl at
tUte i» no i..'i"er .|„'l . I, r)»e Con*
Bill.I     '   *     '  'IT     il   4'     I"-* ,t-     II,,m
TROI T I.M-;!'
Troul i.ake is tlie prttticet n * •
i i the I*.■».t, n ,vi; n« u pleasure
lea.ni ii in n.i equal, 11.>aling
end flehii j; may Le ind i
the yr*r ri*n.l : wl.il- I.;*.- (foil
in iimi.i] nice i* *n lhe found "ii
the I.Hli In climate In eujwrb,
there le i (j iiu gn*at estrci.iea.it
Inlng mild in vriiiiei* end woi in
summer.     1> can l» ail if imiie nf
lhe lin'e.f I. ids si :| r»ii.!eiio.. In
Jiriiiah I'.'l.in.l,*.,. lu streets are
•nr!i is:.l i.ni and (tradrd. 'Ji" re
ir» tw. - |i*e.|.*ni fe-,rial at.u.a,
and s gist iv at Ihe advettifU'itieitla
in thin journal nill shon thai nil
trades art* fairly noil represented.
Write,  with conlih'iui' t*. Agents,
H. McPherson
Trout Lake, B.C.
Lots can be
obtained on
Make your
'.election at
• s
or  writ*  to
•• '»• ad * • ii„i,
i • li i.n been iies.lf
"•*   ," ••'   ' f   I svr»,*s . Hill
U.e letmiisI >f tin  laid.. I  snoh
••f He Cl l;     a,' ,..,■(, (i„ tl*
•»    '» "    •••! '" I.   '.i   I ike     li
* ■ r* n t       |      '   ,
• '       Hi t.t oi>  the
" '   neul   i". he.   i  i , v (,,|
'"   I " * •'"!   bj     i •   I , ,„ .!
1 •' • ■   ' •     •    • i     .1. ,   .
'•' ' ' ' l*t I. I i . e* i'i , , ,
'•'•• '' " -■'■»'. i n A; 0 i..*.!
. **• li *, . , fi ...;
J ' "«) ' ' »n rttlinge; Mnl I *r
1 i;- ■ ■'■ • <\ A niri.es i tin r i .*•
1 *te i "•( i's'
llieie are isiuahi* r*, ri. |„ ,j,
on ihf * r.takiui issitii t. eelllefs
IteJuml-er  .*..   .•,*, a.( „„-, ;fi
"-'•'   and .    l.«,     „w „,,.;    1(1|!] ,
"•|wi7of€0.tt(.fi ,f, ,'..T , ,*,
t'c les.) ,f ihe i,k#, T,, ,„,,„
'•••uleiy si, |rss*in« n-i dljcir
Itodt.teis .v.,, JT|ri wi,,, ,,„.
I',"«l"i'.! *.■.,,- i,|.(1,.|, ipdfeerf
or a
Tier*  mn  I,. , |,jr ,,„,, lU,t
TWif,   eo    if   -.on    M-rtti]d    inw
lnl!<,,,'. »Hi«  it  .„„, ,„ ,i,|(1 „(
,|,r •«""« "' Hi- addresses I.low.
t. B. Wells
C»5«r»l A^wt
Revelstoke, B.O.
 . L
' —	
-" '.|'


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