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Lardeau Mining Review 1907-01-03

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 ■K__3-_l !
am    mm
m..s< -    v-v
Ui-    ' "w
Has a larger oirco
latioa than any
Newepaper in N
Kootenay. Bestad-
V ertuir.f   if t dii rn
Ths rsprsseatsHv*
of the rich Lardeau
country. Seat t.
any address for f 2
per an. in adrano*.
i*.:in   10  l>t
Til II., M.Carter, or to whotnl-nvei
thry mnv have trnnifer.eJ their in
tcitei In tl.e liitlilm irj an 1  Uroakll-n .
ru l!..!t»|,-Uiai.. j     Noll« •<• >•<*<%   given   that   60
Take i.otiM that i, the undersigned I days aftsr ths first pahMuMlon of
eo-r.wiier •»itti   vou   in  tlm   l.ulilineir | tki.
and     Urot.Ulyi.      mineral       claims
rlslm, sliuile nn Sorth Ink ..f I .u.lr n.
river  IK   tnileH fr-fin Ferguson
Inths Trout I.n tie Mining Divitinnot
\v«8i Kootenay, imve pvrfortned the
neceesary work nnd mane '.be :.-•■ -airy
«-«peii.lltiife on the above mentioned
claim for tin: your 1 »10 .1
order to holil the fame antler w
notice in tlie British Colnr.i
biuGiiS"tte I intend to apply lo
the H*.n, Chief Commissioner
of Lands und Works for a special
liooiUM to cut and carry sway tim
mi ber trom tho following described
lara'tor'i l'"^3 aituutcd in   Went Kootonay
which mid work waa performed ouJ ex-i
■*»■ i.di'iitr made having aspired, I here
Commencing at a port planted
by give yon notice that it withinOOilsys   l, ,_, n,     >,      . .   J,     ,,
■from lha  fir.t publication h. rent ynu] ht:IW('fc"   Glrn Creek  und   Boulder
Creek, j nvlir trom the Trout L-.li..
A .1, al hns rccenjly hcin closed
as a result of which oim if the
ri.-htst mines in tin- Poplar Crnrk
dialrict will he developed iird opera led af oucn. In fact, the ro-
opening of Hie working*, hai al-
n-ii.ly begou,
The properly ia lie Calumet
and Reels on Rapid Creek, owned
by   J..<k   Chi-holtri Capt  FiUuim*
lorti.-i  posl"j    The (l.ilu nut     md  Hide  lain
chain",    thenc*i the fan. -ua Pup ar Creek cold -son*■
im til teat ion t.. rent ynu
fall or refute to contribute your propur-
tionste thsrs ol such uipendifiire and ,«
j-ay the costioltl.il sdiertlMincnt lour jw"Kon   ro"1>     marked      Maloo tn , mone, Ui'ly Mollin   and J Simpson
(nureit in the said  mineral claim nill   Benton's  South cast
*h«couie tha nrouMrty ot lhe iin.lt-Tiiunaill   . ,
on.Icr and hy virtue of aei*.ion 4 dt the   "'"•"ce   '>"■"'"   80
"BSttrtri^i^-hrf10 c,rinB' ihvz rth »i'»•»***• fcwi™-^ v,.„,
L   ihompbo* «...j   VV. WALLKX.s ohaina.   thence east 60 uii uns   to through which rnna a shout of free
Ce Owner   point 0f commencement. milling gold more than a f,.-,t wide
L... «ied December 20tl,   I90fl   :,ncl v<"'-v 'in!l*    The vein travera-
jej thc elaiins from end l-uend.
Malcolm Bca'tm, Loc.if-r. The work dona nu the properties
I con-ifetB of open cu's stripping  the
NOTICE j vein on the surface  uud a bh if* a-
... ,      . , ! bout 50 feet   deep,   in   high-gride
Notice is  hereby given that 60|nr(> R„ ^ ^
days after the fi-e'   publication  of i
ibis notice in the  British .Coluni
Tc tl M- Catlrr or to whomsoever he
may have tianilerre-i his u*.t«re.t in
thr Vsrrihoro I'a-ly and Canadian Hoy,
Take notice lhat ws, the undertiirriril
no owner* S i'h you in tbo Parriboro,
Pa.ly •'• 1     the       Canolian     Hoy
mineral claim, nii-al r en teeth tn'
i.,to uf lardeau creek, near Seven Mi',.:
n the Trout Lake mining .liviuion of
W. Kootenay, have pertornicl the nee
istsry wink and made the nccesssryes
t.ei ilitnre .on above-mentioned claim
or the yeart I'.Hi. & 1-iOU, in order tu hold
th-s tsti.e under section 24 of the Mineral Act, and the vea- for ablet) aai.)
work waa performed having expired, srs
hereby give you notne that if within 90
Ha,» fr. in the Brat publication i , !•*,,
vail fail or refine to contribute yonr \rn
Dnrlionate >hare of auch ei|n.'ti.liluri
an.l pay the .oat of Ihis adrartlMine
vour in t< "■.'■ in lhe .an! mineral cl*in'
will become the property ot the nnde**0
ItiKned tinier and by virtue ol motion-I
..I tl.s Mineral Act Amendment Act'
Dated thi* 4th day  of  De.-einber, to
19JG   .'. it Kiircr-.•..--. ra     1
L Iwimr-os. '        V Ct.-Owi.ert.
Notice is hereby given that 60
days after llie'firal publioalinn of
tn a notice in the British Columbia (iatetle, I inleud to apply to
Ho- Hon. Chief Commissioner of
1 andf and Works for a sprcinl Licence to cul and carry wwiv limber from the folloainR described
lands ^iiualed in Weat Kootenay
bin Gazette, I intend to apply to
the Hon. Chief Commis-ioner of
Lsndr. and Works for a special li-
een'o lo cut and carry away tim
ber from the folbwing d.-acibed
land situated in Weat Kootenay
Comninne'ntr al a post pl-mted.
tielwenn Glen Creek a'.d Boulder
('trek about { of a mi*e north .1
Trout Lake wai!on road, niark-.l
"Ed Hal (aai in'g South-west corner
poat, thence north 80 chain*--.
tliti.ee end HO chains, Ihenee s-.u'h
SO cbaina, thence west SO chsins,
to point of commencement
Ura-ed Decem'.er 20th. 1906.
V. IHiiluiin, Locator.
Sin- c th , nl if la-it Ju'y, when
the rid. discovery wan r.porte I,
negociations for the transfer of the
property hive been it* progress
with party after party. Tbe owners were no! In a financial position
•o operate themselves, bill were
not willing to part with control
without what they considered a
fair.va'ue for it.
K. Caldwell, of the Pimtiao
mine,    near Kaslo,
The dtvc-l-'pincrit of the* Bi. advjfw
is proving up ejnineptly fatisluc'-
The drift on thc 300 f ot level is
i.ow in about 350 feet, and las a
nice showing oi ga'cnu ma on lhe
tool wall carrying values of over
|.'-2 00 per ton.
l'.T better v.ntil .lion, nn up-
lai.ie to the mif.ice is being made
about 800 fcot from the portal ol
the dr.ft. A good body of quartz
carrying 1400 I Values In copper
lias been encountered in iliis part
of ihe works.
A siorc-lntiiee lus been hui't 0 •
1 I.o north i rk,  1. -o a stable nt the
M-inageTEmmins, of ih-*   Bilver
Dollar, has b-en ad. i^td that   '!.•
iast car ol ina.iiii.erv  fur Ibe   mi!)
has   '..-i'ii    r-liipjcl   from   L* ndo*.,
Tin- development is going ahead
Au   upra-i-io  is iiein*
mm wbo i.aa fbialty^sucooeded   io ! ".'"J '!° '"J surface in sonth dril
151 i i-h   Colnfnbla's   industrial
ure doing well.
I'roviiiciul Mineralogist Ro' ert-
nan eslimati-s tiio inincial out-put
f.-r tbe year lik)d, at $24, OO.OoO-
00, an im.-reaKe of $2, 000, 000, 00
oier tho prev ous year
The value m" the "flsherks"ia
esiinniled at ti), 750,000.01, topping Nova Si*«l>n— hitherto tbe
largert  producer —by   nearly   oue
Query; If tl,*, Si.'iuliit members
of the Pravinc'al I'ariiam-j.it hid
voted with the Opposition w-uld
the "Xei-on News*'call thetn "ret-
.•latioiusla? ''a^Ii."
is the luoky '■ steadily,
interesting eastern capital lo sn
extent sufficient to warrant the be-
gimiiqg of work on tbe Rente required. Mr. Cbisholm i-. now at
ll.e property iu charte of the work.
About 25 feet more har*. to he
driven i. ll." crosa-cui lunn •! to
l.p thu  No   2 vein.
Yol are elwe)S io food humour   il
vou uae   "Riainq 8un" Flour
\. M. PRAIU, Agent
Notice in hereby piven that with
tin* first pub
licttion hereof in the Britiah   Col
um'-ia Oaz •tie. [intend to apply-
No   1     Commencing  at a post Jin two in'-ntl'f  from
I Ut.led nu the north c'.de   of   I'n
l-.r Creek ahout three  mile*-  from
Lardo rner  marked U  E. Revell's! 10 lhe n..n. Chief Ct.minissi.*r.cr of
N  B, corner post; tbence wesl  1«0 j |,imd.i and Works for apodal lieen-
chaina;   tht ce south -10 obeina;|aaa to cut and carry away limber
ih.*nce east 1*00 cbaius; thence nor-. from the following describ .1 lauds
»■'. -10 ct.uius   bock to place of com isitnalcd in Weet K< olei.ay.
inc. cement M     ,       _
No   1.      Comnicnci'-g  al n post
Located Nov. 28tb   llih**3 |plant*d on the west eide of Canu
j Creek,    about  hull  mile  irom its
mouth, marked "Arthur Sowing's
Norman Mcl.eMan, Agent
No 2. Com/nei.cine at a poat
pi .nled on lhe tn-rtii s-dc of fop-
la r Creek sbout 5 mil, 1 from Lardo rl tor marked O.K. Rt-vclla N. F.
corner post- ibence west 160 chains
thence souMi 40 cl.nint; tbence
east 160 chsins; thenc? north 40
chains back lo place of commencement.
Located Nov   28th. 1906
. Norman McI.elUn, Argent
No. h. 1'ortinienc.nR at a post
planted on the north side ol I'oplar Creek aboul 200 feet frnm the
ereek and about seven miles Irom
Lardo river, marked G. K. Revell's
N E e >rne,* pos'; thence Waal HO
chains; Ihenee south 80 chaina;
thenco esst 80 chains; tbence north 80 chnins back to place of commencement
Ueatsd.Nov JSth 1906.
Norman McLaUan,    Agent.
Notice ie hereby piven   that  00
days    after   tl.e     publication   of
this  notice   in    'I. • Drilish  Q  •
unibia   Gazette,  I io'.end   t*.  make
applicatio*. to  Ibe  Ch*efCommis
•tinier of Landa   and   Work-.   f(,r a
»|H*cial   license  t.- cut   a-.d  carry
away timber from the following de
cubed   lands   situated   tn   Wesl
Kootenay L»ialiu*l.
No. 1. Cnminr!!c;rg at a poat
planted on the west side nl the nor
lb fork of L'irdeati Cie.-'c, about 1J : ,„g |-„r the -nn '"•-
Very e:ici*'.iin*zi,n^ reports drifl
d nm about tin* Silver Cup This
property, which has been a steady
- ipper for yxars, is-irom all re-
p it.—in better rbape than Ctr
from the 703 foot to Uie 808
foot lev.-', theru-is ore in every
part of llie workings A barg-R-
load Wt.Uta dock   Mo d iy  m* m-
Ponlnr   is   wnliening np,    and I
pro--pects arc brighter  than  tbey
bav   I.. 1 n for many  "njonne,"
For a lime, these interested w^r<:
"Iniinpon their oars"   waiting for
ihe Gk i.t Northern   Company  to
open-up the Swede and Lucky Jack
properties     Ab time   passed,  and
nothing was <l..ne,   the patience of
tbe  'waiters'    became   exbaus'ed,
nnd they arc now preparing to Ret
down' to bngii.r.i"
The Poplar creek region is undoubtedly rich, enonpli work has
been done on numerous properties! and a half uiilliou.
in demons'tate tl.rir lvoith, and it
only remains for the owners to pet
sufficient capitnl to open 1 hem up,
and make dividend payers.
Poplar is also fortnnato in haying immense tim'cr resources.
w:lh the Lardo river as a means of
Iranspor*s(ion   Pome of the limits
nre ih.w beintz l-ip^ed by lhe Can-
ndiin P.ieific Ttmlier Company,
wlile another outfit hag contracted
lo clean out the river, so as todriv
logt.through to   KoolecaT Lake.
tin Rapid creek, the. H;cla is be*
Ins wnik.d. nto'er lh" direction of
-.* indn.i ita! le Jack Chi-holm.
At Gold Hill Geo W Slead has
eastern parti-aa going in for placer
i'i* it/0*1 n l.irce scalo, and we
ni lerstand lhe I'.uffi'o group has
changed Lands, nod will Is work-
ti extensi  ••!,.
l>: e . f our b sl posted and Con.
srr'altv" nie-i i.-ade the statement
•o ''ne "H'*view'' nor long ago. tbat
in --.'«' of 5 years them would be
10, OH.i employed in mineral and
timber between Ferguson and Lardo.
The  ordinary   annual    general
n<rcting of thi   Old   Gold   Quartz
an.l Placer Mining Company, Ltd.
Liab., will be In Id at tho office of
the Company,   Trout  Lako, B. C
on Friday, let day of February,
1907. at 3 o'clock, p.m. Ior tho pur
pos'. ol  electing directors lor the
• r suing year and such other busi-
o'bb as may properly come before
tbetneiling,   Uooks will bs closed
for transfers from Jan. 2lst.  1907.
Until alter lhe meeting.
Etted at Trout Lako, D.C.,  8rd
Jaousry, 1907-
North Fast corner post'' tlience
west f*0 chains; thence south 80
chains; thance . east BOjchains;
Ihenee north 80 chai,is, to thr
point of commencement.
located December 18th.  1906
Anhur Gowing.   Locator
No 2 Commencing nt a pos
planted on the west side 'of Camp
Creek, sboat half mile fr«*m it"
mouth, marked "Arthur Cowing's
South Ka«t corner post" thence
west 80 chains; tl enet north 80
chaina; thence east 80 ehains;
thence south 80 chains; lo th*
point <-f commencement.
Located D'ccmbei 18 h   1906
Arthur Gowing,   Locstor.
No 1. Cnrnmenc.inj sl n post
pUn'od on the north bank ol Pool
Creek, about 3 miles fr*.m iis
mouth, marked "Arlluir Gowlng«
South east corner post," thence
north 80 chains; (hence west 80
chains; tbence t-onth 80 chains;
Ihenee easl 80 chains, to'the poinl
nl commeucment.
Located December 13tb, 1906.
Arthur Gowing,   Locator.
No. 2. Commencing at a post
i.lantedon lhe north bsnk of Poo'
Creek, about 8 miles f-om iis
mouth, marked "Arthur Gowing's
South west eorner post," thence
north 80 chains; thenoe es--t 80
chain*; thence south'80 chains;
ihen^westSOcha'ns. to point ol
Located December 18th, 1906
Arthur Gowing.  Locstor.
milea from Ferguson, marked "0
W. Abraham-on's south >.ir-t corner post" thence norlh 80 chain-;
tlience west SO chains; ihcnce south 80 chain*.; tbence east 80 oiiains
to the point ol commencement.
U.eal.d December 7th. 1906.
O W. AbratianiBi.il, Locator
No. 2. Commencing at a post
planted on ti.e west side of tho nor
ih fork of I.ar.l.-au Creek, about li
miles from Ferguson, marked "O.
W. Abrahamann'a south wes' coiner post," thei ce nonh 80chains;
ihere* <*a*t 80chains; tbence south
HO ohains; tbence iv*st 80 chains 10
the po nt ol oommenoement
Located December 7th 1006.
O. W. Abrshainsnn, Locator.
Mu igi-r Merry Is very rrticen'.
wh n talk'ngfor publication, bin
we can cointraiuate him on the
work done In 1*0. 01 th's-the
Lnrdeau'a famous mine.
Tommy Ev.rtr and Sc.iity
White are getting matter' i..lo
shape at the Kig Tunnel to itari
their 50) foot c...tract.
Neil O'Donnell and Jim Grant
Dame down from the Win-low, f >r
a holiday. Tbey have been driving to tap the lead at depth, and
still have about t5 to 2-> feet to k°
Eo reach the desired po nt.
*I*l,e Winslow in « "good un '
Noliee is hereby given that 60
days after the first pub'icoti'.n
bore f in the British Columbia
Qaaette, I In ten 1 to api lv to the
Hon ..Chief Qomii.is*>ionerof Lands
snd Works, for a special license to
cut and carry away timber from
be following described lands *>itu-
11 ted in West Ko .t*'Uay district.
C.iiiiiuenc'ng at a post planted
on lhe ea<u side of Salmon cre.rk
and about i of a mile from creek,
and about 1 mile fr tu it st head
mark'd "A Gowing't S".tib-e.c
corner post," 1 hence v. eft 80 chain
ilicn.e norlh bO churns, theuce
tn*-! 8J chains. thenco south 80
ciiaii.s in the pom 1 ol commence-
me icemcnt
No 2 Commencing at n post
[.lai.ted on ihe test side of Salmon
creek, a. d alout J a mile froui
creek and about 1 mile from its
luo.ilii, marked ''A. Gowing's
Ninth-west coiner post, thence
souti. 80 chaina, Iheuoe .a^t 80
chaina, ihenee north SO cbaius,
theno* west 81) chains lo ti.e p. iui
of commencement.
Located December 24tb, 1903.
A Gjwin •   iiouator
Simp'y because a Minister re-
B'gns I.i- "port-fotio," the "Nelson
N\*A»" imajjiues the wl uie pirty
is gone to tbe 'Venn.ition bow
Tl.e list ihrcc  vcars  of  Hritisli
Columbia gorjrnmsnt—as far *»
'panies' are    concerned—oan   b.*
Kliimred Up in two word-*: —
C ii.i-rvative—C laatruetian.
The   C -nscrvative   Convention,
to nominate a candidate for the
Provincial H .use, will assemb'e ai
Knsl > on ihe 7th inst.
Write ua a Poat Card aay-
ing you saw this advert-
istment, an*we wGl mall
you FRJEE,   a 30 page
Showing  linej of
of Interest to every
MAN who wears
J. Leckie Co
B. C
Local and Ceneral.    '£
Born: at Ferguson Jaiiuary 1st
to Ihe wife of Charles Olson, a son
Also at Fertueon, on January
2nd, to the wife i i Joseph Haw Iiim-,   a !,„*i
-We congratulate both Cbarlie
r.nd Joe on the arrival of Ihe hoys.
Any net-son baring in tbeir ;ms-
belonging to the FIRE   DEPART-
SIENr,  are   reque.iied   lu  return i and  trust  their  journey  through
this 'vale of tetira? will be a I mg,
honorable and protit.tbio one.
A. M. Ctjja
Thi*« matter shoold not b;> nce-
lect'd, as in cv-c of fire, there is
not sufficient Sadden nt the Hall
to render efficient rervice
Fred   Mummery    cinv.
,.m •!.„ ••(•.;•" a.. >;-:*d.ty.
Politics Freddie?   Sure lliing.
R .bert Scott reoe>ves encouraging reports from Spokane, relative
to Jim's ei.iii.'i.i n
Sweet anil wholesome bread is su.ir.vi
teed bj usinf Rising Sun Flour
.Mrs. 0. W. Abrahamson, ana
Mrs Noah Abrabamaon have been
severely ill f*>r so-n • d tys past.
We .ire pleas, d t*> say, however
thai they are both ot. ibe road lo
N W Emmet:-. Mrs Emmens
and Fay. spent l'l. net mas week
in  Ne •> n
Fe.- A M. CRAIQ about a seek el
Rising Sun" Fiour.
Mr. and M-e. A. Ji
ame up from Poplar, the
last week.
end   .f
Thc Grand Hotel nt Toplar is
now under the direction of Mr A.
"Mother" Bnrril had quite a
family gathering el Christma?.
She was the happi-nt— and no
doubt the most worried -woman,
in Trout Lake. Ju.U imagine!
•on*, daughters, sons-in-law,
daughters-in-law, and gr.mJ-ch;l-
dren gathered together and mother
.laying hersell out' to give them all
a good tine.
Many of her adopted children
who call her 'mother," were aba
present, aud added lo the pleasures of thc gathering.
Tho * Brovlvie w boys'' were 'e-
jaled on New Yearn' day with a
big 'turkey dinner.'
Manager Emmens sant the 'bvys
up a bot ol go.nl cige.'H, lo help
their digestion (there's whete Murray got even.)
Tbo management a'-=o gaw Iho
\to\n a holiday on Christmas'ilev.
Gents Furnishings
Recent sdvicst (rem  tha Eaet .witb full  pay.
dicatca the (resumption of work J men are scarce.
It   pays!    good
in   the
I.ticki   Boy  <aily in  lhe
Thc Curlinc; Club bad lt« initial
i-s -op hei in." on -Monday night.
ml---<- T|1C tc,tllfl w,re '.kipped"   by
The   ordinary   annuil general Fred Campbell and-Stave Wopda.
me ing nf the I'rimrose Gold Min, l'b- result was  12-5 in   favour of
log Coni|iauy,   L'l   I.,ilr,   will oe'Campbell's rmk.
held al ilie ollicc . f ti.e Comjiony ■ ** i     r
l'r ui I ake, B. C, on Friday, Feb-j
uarylat   HK)7.   at 8.80 pm, for]   There   will   be   a   Fancy Dress
ihe purpose of ib-eling direc or*.Carnival at the Rink, Tr-nt Like,
for   Ihe  enaning  year,   nnd  such on Saturdav, January 12th.
othor biu-ii.fars i a may lie proper Ij ''—
brought beioielhe meetini! ^   r0„    Ge„rgr,
J. M. MlLl.hlt.Mic.-lre.M -nborne during
Da'I'd  at Trout Lk
day <;( J.u.ii ny, 19t'7.
B C. 8:d
Frank  Abey  snd  r
were over Iron;  ('smb.
tho week.
Frank roports business go*-"!, Wtt
_-_______--_____>  :feclg  like  a "n--h out of water" at
"Rle.nj Sun" F.our make, homo hot being able to take a "wh>.- iu
happy. A. M CRAKa, Agsut   Ti out Lake pdiUca, --
|ttAtttttt<B»tt*99f««9f ttttOA*9*f»-9*9®i__l49   I „r me hunker's wlre\i,,. Whim, he
^ee^^eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*^ , il^Zo^ ... affe^CUKsS'
*ii$    leaned hack in lu-r armchair pci-Tw>ti»
\rv3J    en lm ami occasionally smiled.
SX-AA4+++4A + 4A#444+4##++4 4 444444 44444444444444444 v^V
(C'outiuueil )
r. i.AZAiii: street was crowd
e.i by carriages, whose occu
gallery became almost deserted,   Only
n few forlorn looking people remained.
The clown thought It a favorable op-
j iH.rtiniii.v for carrying out his project
pants were Impatiently await- ! Ho abruptly left his position, BourlsU-
       Ing tti.ir turn to drive up to ' log bis switch and heating bis banner,
the door. Nearly all the costumes were   end, crossing the gallery, seated blm-
ri.'ii.   Bome were original    Anion*,'the
latter wua n clown.   His costume was
in perfect keeping. Indeed, bis whole
makeup, bis Insolent eye, coarse lips,
Iiil;it cheek bones and a beard bo red
tlmt it seemed to emit flumes In tbe
reflection of tne dassllng limits were
in iieeord. lie carried In bis left band
a canvas banner, upon wbleb were
painted six or eight pictures, coarsely
designed like th..se round in strolling
fairs, in bis right in- waved ii little
■switch, with wblcb in* would every
uow nn.l then strike his banner, like h
qunek retailing his inrdi.'in.'s. a crowd
surrounded this clown, ln>i«i 1 ivr to bear
some witty speeches end puns, but be
kept near the door nnd remained sl
lent About half post 10 lie quitted bis
post    M. and  Mine.  Fauvel,  followed
by their niece Madeleine, had Juat en
tercd. A compact group Immediately
formed   near  the  door.     During  the
last ten days the iiITnlr of Provei	
street bad been the universal topic of
conversation, and friends end enemies
were alike clad to seize this opportunity of approaching tbe hunker, some io
assure him of their sympathy, and others to offer equivocal condolence, wbtcb
of all things is the must exasperating.
Belonging to tbe body of elderly men,
M. Fauvel bad not assumed a fnney
costume, but merely threw over bis
shoulders n short silk domino. On bis
arm leaned Mine. I'auvel, nee Valentine de la Verberte, who graciously
greeted ber friends. Her beauty bad
once been remarkable, and tonight the
effect of the snft wax lights and ber
very becoming dress half restored the
freshness of youth. No one would have
supposed  her to be forty-eight years
But Madeleine was the object of universal admiration, beautiful and queen
ly iu her costume of mold of honor,
which seemed to bave been especially
Invented to set forth ber superb tljjure.
Forgotten by the crowd, the clown
bnd taken refuge In tbe embraaore of
a win.low. where he kept his eyes upon
a couple imi r.ir off, it was Madeleine,
dancing witb a splendidly dressed doge
—tlie Marquis de Clameran. Be sp*
peered to be radiant, rejuvenated snd
to all appearances tiiamphant At the
end of a quadrille be leaned over his
partner un.l whispered compliments
with the most mil...iiiii 1.*.l admiration
sin* seemed to listen, If nol with plena
un*. nt leant without repugnance, now
smiling und now shrugging her sbout
"Evidently." muttered ibe clown.
"this noble scoundrel Is paying court to
the hunker's ni.*.*.*     BO I  "us right ves*
terday. Itm how can Mile. Madeleine
listen so graciously to his Battery!
Fortunately Proeper Is not here."
He wus Interrupted by u distinguish
ed looking elderly man In a Venetian
mnntlc. « bo suitl tu lilm:
"You know, M Verduret"—half sort
ously, hulf bunterlngly—"wbal yon
promised me?"
The clown bowed respectfully, but
with not the slightest shade of liuuiil
"I remember," be replied.
"But do not be Imprudent, I beg of
"Monsieur the count need not be un
ensy; be bus my promise."
"Very good. I know wbat that
The count walked off. l.ut during bis
short colloquy tbe quadrille had ended, and the clown lost sight of M. de
Clameran snd Madeleine.
"1 shall lind tbem near Mine. Fauvel," thought he.
And he nt one started to search
among the throng for the booker's
Incommoded by the stifling heat.
Mme. I'mivel bad sought u little fresh
nir in tbe grand picture gallery, wblcb,
Ihuiiks to the talis'iiun .ailed gold, had
transformed Into a fairylike gar
piled with orange trees. Japontcaa
and  many  rare planta    Tbe
saw her sealed near u grove not
far from tbe enrdroom, I'p.n ber
right   was   Madeleine.     On   her   left
stood Raoul da Lagors, dressed In a
Costume ..r Henry ill.
"I must confess," muttered the clown
from his post .if observation, "tbat tbe
young scamp Is very handsome."
Madeleine wns very sad    sin* bad
plucked a camellia from n plant near
bv und was u.o.l.aniciillv pulling It to
pieces ns sh.* -:.t wiiii ber eyes down
east.     Ilaoiil   ami   Mine.   I'uuvel   were
Kilting together in conversation, Their
faces were composed, but tbe gestures
>.f on id the trembling <>r tbe otber
betrayed preoccupation and a serious
dlSCUSSlOn.     In   the  eitr.lro.'in   sat   the
doge, \i, tie clameran, so placed ns to
hsve   full   view   of   Mine,   l'uilv. I   nn.l
Mud.'I.'in.*, although himself concealed.
"It is ih.* continuation »f yesterday's
scene," thought tbe clown,   "if i could
only  get   behind   tboee  camellias,  I
might hern* what thoy an* saying."
lie pushed Ins way through liner., w.i, imt us he reached Uis desired
Spot Madeleine anise nnd took tin* nnn
of a bejeweled  Persian.    At the same
momenl Raoul went into tbs cardrooui
nnd whispered u few Words to lie CIS
"Theie    they    nre."     muttered    the
clown. "Tb<- two rascals certainty
bold tin i* poor women In their tolls.
What eun  be the s. .iel of tbelr potl
His mt. utiou was attracted by n
commotion In the picture gallery, Then*
was to in* a wonderful minuet danced
In  tbs  ballroom     Tbs Countess  de
• '..illinium nml  the PrillCCSS Nornsnff,
wiih her superb emeralds, which were
reported io I..* Ibe linevi iii the world,
hud  I...:li   luriied.     In   uu   IlllUlUt  the
self iii a chair between Mnn*. Fauvel
I nnd the door.    As sunn us the people
■ inul collected In u circle around bim
j be struck n coiui.-nl attitude, standing
up with Ills body twisted sldelvuys
and  bis  but on one ear,    Willi  much
buffoonery und volubility be made the
I following remarks:
"I.n.li.-s  and  gentlemen,  this  very
morning 1 obtained u license from the
authorities 0( this town.    And wlmt
I for?   Why. gentlemen, for tin- purpose
I of exhibiting to you a spectacle wblcb
bus already won tbe admiration of the
four quart.-rs of tl.e globe. Inside of
this booth, Indies, is uliout to commence Un* representation of n most remarkable drama, acted for tbe first
time in Peking nnd translated I.y our
most celii.rnted nuthois. (ientleincii.
you can tuke your seats. The lamps
nre lighted, nnd tbe actors arc ehnng-
ing their dress."
Here he stopped speaking and Imitated to perfection the feats which
inounlel.niiks play upon horns and kettledrums.
"Now. Indies nnd gentlemen," he resumed, "yon wish to know whal 1 nm
doing outside If the piece is to he performed under the lent. The fact is,
gentlemen, tbat I wish to give you a
foretaste of the entertainment which
you mny ei Joy by paving the sninll
Slim of 10 cents. You see this superb
picture? Very well. It represents
eight  of  the  most  thrilling scenes  in
the drama. Ah, I see you begin to
shudder. And yet this splendid picture gives you no more Idea of the
actlng thnn n drop of water gives nn
Ides of tl.e sea or it my of light of the
Cun 1 be on the wrong track?" muttered the down uneasily.
M, de I'lnineinn joined the circle.
"The third picture," tbe clown continued, "depicts the old mandarine nfter sbe hns dismissed Hint most annoying of guests-remorse—from ber bosom, she promises herself tlmt Interest shall supply the place of love In
holding the seductive youth. It ls
wllb Ihis object Hint she Invests hlin
with fulse honors nnd dignity and in-
troducea him to the chief mandarins
of the capital of the Celestial empire.
Then, since so hniulsoni.* n youth must
cut  ll   line  figure in  society,  tlie lady
musl needs in sacrifice iill of her possessions for his sake—necklaces, rings,
bracelets, diamonds nnd pearls—every
jewel she possesses.   The monster enr-
lies nil these to the pawnbrokers on
Ttentsl street nnd then hns the cruelly to refuse her the tickets, so tlmt she
SnrprLInr* U,„>v,l,.,lK<*. THI^S^iEEP   INDUSTRY.
A certain English hnn.net who bnd
n   dense   nnd    absolute    Ignorance    of Kvery  l'hnae  „l  1.   In  a  Proenoroal
hooks   nml  past   events   took   n   notion Conditio,,.
to be presented to*his king, George III. n needs no extensive analysis of
The baronet lived hour n spot where market reports or the preseututlou of
one of tin* most celebrated bullies bad extended tables to establish the fact
been fought during the wars of tbe tbut tbe sheep market for some years
roses, but of that fnol he had never ,,.lst UIU ■.„,(,„ paying good prices, says
Chanced   to  bear.     Ills  mind   wus  set u   „.,.*,,,,.   hl   ,*„,    nm.,|ei*'s   .;.,.,•;.,•,
upon more tangible thiugs.   He had uo i,,ui,i,s, wethers, ewes und wool sell
use for Information which wns not up well| B0 „ml ovt,,.v p,jaM „f Uu, |udug.
to date,   Wh.-n be wus presented to   ,,.y frillll „10 pr0(inoer§. stum it is
his sovereign, the king, who had looked lu „ lll,ls|„,,ous couditlon,    It is lha
blm  up nu.i  wns prepared  with tho man Wbo ts now every day ln the bnsl-
right thing to sny, remarked graciously, "Von conic fr.un the scene of a
very celebrated battle, 1 understand,
sir William?"
"Well, your majesty," wns tlie answer, "i did hava u round or two with
the  blacksmith,  but  I'm   very  mucb
surprised   tbat   your    majesty    should
have beard of It."
tt rl   ShUM.
To dry pateut leather or otuer shorn.
Ueat a pun of bran In the oven nu111
may hnve a chance of redeeming her !«[Uiie warm,  pour thin Into tho shoes,
treasures." I filling to the top, wipe  tbe outside
The clown  thought  that at Inst  he    with a dry cloth und rub Inlo the K-ulh
Inr.I    fulfilled   the   conditions.     Mine,    er vaseline or sweet oil and let stand
Fauvel begun to betray signs of un-   until dry
easiness.    Once she mads un attempt
to rise from the chnlr, but It seemed ns
if   her   Strength   fulled   her,   and   she
sunk back, forced to listen.
"Finally, Indies und gentlemen," con-
tinned tbe clown, "the richly stored
jewel cases were emptied. Tbe dny
.■nine when the mnii.lurine hud nothing
more to give. It was then thnt the
young scoundrel conceived the project
Of currying off lhe Jasper button belonging to the Mandarine I.i Fo, a
splendid jewel of Incalculable value, a
budge of dignity. It was kept In a
granite chest and guarded by three
Ab, the mnn
ness that liiuls every turn of It siitl*
factory to him. und nolj only tin- In ill 11
feeder or wool buyer, us it bus heen
very often In tin- past. Moreover, there
is n steadiness throughoul the yeur lu
the sheep markets wbi.h has not beeu
lu such evidence before, for, with the
exception of Uis unusual advadce for
early or Easter lamb, tbe market rum
unusually level at all seasons.
As iiii ccononiie.il in;.Mil In using
furm products In the making of incut
Hi.1 sheep bus slum:; claims SS n lend'
cr.    In llie use of grass  the sheep Is
generally considered mora economical
thun  the steer, nnd  In lhe  returns In
in.mi from tin- staple innn crops, corn,
wheat or pens, li bus tmih iln* steer and
tin- bog beaten, uud wben li comes to
doing the sunn- wilh corn nnd alfalfa
t!n> lamb again has iho figures of rolls
iti.- ;.*sts in its favor,   in these things
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    the Inuil. l.lenses Ibe producer.
Tbo sheep,  too,  is one Of those tubs
Uaptaio Uook and Ausiraliuo Nativet.    that stand ..u  their own   bottoms,   ll
The natives of Australia knew tho   doee not have to follow a ateer to moke
iiie.lieiiiKl   virtues ol  roots  nn.l  herbs    the most protlt. nor docs it need tO bfl
so well tlmt when first discovered I.y an appendix to tbe dairy industry to
Captain Cook, the grent English imvi- make It nn economical produoer uf
gator, they were practically free fiom
Rational   I litn..
Japan's cbrysui'.l! cumin ting Is probably the oldest nutlouo! banner lu existence.   That of Denmark is the old-
eat among Europeou nu lions.
tisease. Blleana toi IhIu.ii.-ih.ss (the
preat Australian herbal remedy) are
compounded Irom iln* finest medicinal
soldiers night nnd dny     ,v,.,ne ,„,.■.- , ^^  mM  Brfl  ^       , rf
dorlne resisted n long tun,..   She knew  | (he Im„li,ines  •„ uJa K.[o|,, ,,u<1|. ,„.
lhe Innocent soldiers would be accused    traduction
"Do you know this down?" aaked nn
enormous Turk of n melancholy Punch.
"Xo. but he can Imitate a trumpet
'lib, very well Indeed! But what ls
he driving nt?"
The clown wns endeavoring to attract the attention <>f Mine Fauvel,
who since Raoul nnd Madeleine bad
left her hud abandoned herself to ■
mournful reverie, lie succeeded. The
showman's   shrill   voice   brought   the
banker's wife back to a sense of reality. She started and looked quickly
uliout her, ns If suddenly awakened
from a troubled dream. Then she noticed the clown
"NOW, Indies, we nre In China. The
first picture on my canvas, here to tbe
left"—be pointed to tbe top daub—"represents tbe celebrated Mandarin l.l Fo
in the bosom of bis family This pretty woman leaning over blm Is his wife,
and these children plnyttlg on the car
pel nre the fruits of 0 happy nirirrii'*_•.*.
Do you not  liiliiile tlie udor of liuppi
nnd crucified, us is the custom In Peking, und this thought restrained her.
But her lover besought her so tenderly
thnt she finally yielded to his en-
lienlies. nnd the Jasper button wus
Btolen, The fourth picture represents
ibe guilty couple stealthily creeping
down the private stairway. See their
flightened look—see"—
He abruptly stopped. Three or four
of his auditors rushed to the assistance
Of Mine. Fauvel, who seemed about to
faint The clown felt his nnn roughly
seized by some one behind him. Ho
turned und faced De Clameran and
Lagors, both of whom were pule wuh
"Whnt do you want, gentlemen?" he
usked, wiih his most gracious air.
"To speak to you," they both iinswcr-
"I nm nt your service."
He followed tli.-.n to the end of the
picture gallery, onr a window opening on n balcony. Here they were unobserved except by the mail In the Venetian cloak, whom the clown bad addressed us "monsieur the count." The
minuet having ended, the orchcstraB
were taking a brief rest, und. the company pouring Into the gallery, lt became very crowded. The sudden fnlnt-
n.*ss of Mme, Fauvel hnd paased off
imii..lice.I save I.y a few, who nttrib-
ulc.l It to the best of the room. M.
Fauvel hnd been sent for, but when lie
came hurrying in be found his wife
composedly talking to Madeleine. Not
baling ns much control over his temper us itaoul, M. de Clameran angrily
"Iii tl.e first place, monsieur, I would
like to know who you are."
The clown determined to answer as
It is u well-known fact lhat most
liver nn.l stomach medicines contain
mercury, bismuth hu.1 other mineral
poisons. If tnken for long these substances cause such serious effects ss
Iiii .selling tlie teeth, causing the hair
to fall, etc. Now liileiins are a house-
bold medicine   absolutely    devoid   ol
all such harmful Ingredients. They are
purely vegetable mil are
i i irtain cure
for all liver
.md stomach
troubles, In-
ligestlon, bend
iche, constips
(ion, piles, fe-
nale ailments,
.-•tc. Tbey cure
uii.-tip a t i on
nrithout causing griping.
If you ure feeing 'run-down'
tl* out of sorts
Ihey will stiin-
iilule you wonderfully, HU-
tans,    wlthoul
the      slightest   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
d l s coin l it r t *" av*tilaxx*m xativbi
prompt tbe liver and digestive organs
to oct iu nature's normal way, leaving those organs strengthen-d nn.l
stimulated to continue ".be perform-
mei- in iluir Pities without further
issUtanee. Tbey produce a gentle
tetion on the bowels, curing or pie-
renting constipation,   cloaiming   the
profit, i merely mention these Ibtngi
that conditions mny bs the better an
.lei-stood mill not to disparage other
lines of honest effort
Again sheep may be economically
bandied in small or hug.- numbers,
wi.i.h is a matter yet to be demonstrated lu the case i.f some others that
nre money makers mi s small scale,
but not so proportionately when lbs
business is expanded.
Ilm inn   nt   fnlra.
Au English correspondent of tbe
London Live Block Journal who is tbs
secretary of a fair association asks
others to co-operate with blm in lbs
formation of an organisation  to en-
courage the breeding nn.l Improving
of trotting horses. His object is nol lo
benefit himself as a breeder or owner
of trotters, for be has none, but to Improve the sttendsnee al  tbe agrlcol
lurnl shows, lie sayi that tlie 'gate"
is -really iiillueie . I bj   tinning face*
This has been the experience of fair
managers In ihis country, Not many
agricultural fairs would be financially
successful  without  tin* attra. .on  of
I    11*. r.'ii-     „_
ti.on mrr.-naiit end .matiu-fi I.i-.Uer.
IW , Hl.-hmt.uil iiin*'. t," in Imi. On...
v r 'r* "I aiilTan-il with <*lir<*'i>.
.'■attrrh. Aftar apr.nli.ig money for
matin inaa and Scoter ...II,. Ivrnnti
a \r rrcorunianitfd After ualntf it 1
found r.'ll.-f I wuh lu conviin*** i.th-
.tt  "t   thr  merits of  jour  remedy."
lottlt-.i   iruriiprnn   . .*t|i.li,i.
Si. Petersburg Is il .Ideal capital
lo Europe, tbe tem|ierctttre In winter
- it etl men reaching •" beloW
R in.Imi «>r Life.
According i i tbe English ti   le of ex
harness  racing, but it  is rather sur port onl ol 1.000.000 chll
prising  to  Und  sm h  n   condition  lu drcn boi * the ' •
Qreal Britain.   Itactng at ..nr lending ulxtj a *. i'1 Iw *' i    '■ - and 1ST..
fairs ta entirely free from the objection itt femali m ten years later
uf gain!.ling, ami in s..:nc respects tbe ll   •*- would be l'l 870 in: ll - I nd l-'l
s|...r(   is   at   its   beat   there.
-National   OO" females, nr at    .1 ..f
Starting  n   I'lnek   nt  Slieep.
To gin* my actual experience, 1 be
gnu one fall with twelve yearling owes
anil  lure I a CotSWoid  rnui   fur ST..   lu
due tin..* n y ewes 111 brought twiu
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   Iambs except one and raised them nil.
itomach, and ridding the system ol   About the end of September I butcher
Minard's   Liniment  Curt*   Distemper.
..rali.tta In Sand formed by Ihe t,a.
due. Ion   «»r  lovnds.
Pid you ever four linn y.ni cun make
drawings by sound, or, rather, ilmt the
sound vibrations win cause designs tu
he mads wiih the proper Implements
lit bun.IV   Here Is the way lo do It;
Ai ii hardware store get a piece o*
sheet brass one ei.luli of iiii Inch thick
ami six Inches square, The sboet
should bs perfectly fiat, or if it is not
it should in* hammered so umi the
edges i* hui.le.i off.  Iii the center of u.e
sheet  cut  n  li de lliree .iWccliths of Ul,
inch iii diameter, if the sheet hun
beeu baniuioved n musl u iw bs beatw
II a reilli.it stove und cooled slowly.
NOW   eul   u   sit   Inch   piece   from   i
.room bundle uud iix one end of it
firmly In .. block Of Wood. The other
end you ll u t  rOUUd Off and screw tho
piste of i.'uss on it.
If  you   draw   a   violin   bOW  over  ll.e
edge ol' lhe Urals pints a lone will l.e
sounded. Practice this until the tone
.s quits clear aud strong. Now sprinkle sotns sand oo the plate, nnd the
grains w ill dance IIUOUl while the note
is stimuli"*. IhOWtag thai lhe | I.ile Is
In viin .it hi
Now  i ul  yoill   I'n  er OD  tbe edge of
the plate iii tbe middle ..f one side. At
the corner of u." side sl so angle of
forty live degrees .Unw tbs bow, uml
the Bund will form li. two lines at right
angles, starting f-**>u. your finger. TWa
is because tbi   plate now vibrates in
parts, one p.nl moving up. while the
other moves iluw.i. and ths llnea between these parts biavs no motion.
hercfore tbe sand settles In them.
ity drawing Ibe bow at regular <li»-
'.ances from IPs Sugar or by touching
the plule in in*.re thnn uue place at ..
time While s tine one SlSS draws the
bow a variety of sand Ilgures will be
If you will mix n little lye..podium
powder  wilh tbe 'nn.l  when the plute
vibrates it "ill form curious little
heaps snd whirlpools, whlCb add to the
moving affect of ti..* desl ens,
Instea i of a i.r.i ■ plats you mny use
oue o; gl iss six or eight Inches square,
und its Sharp edges you inny smooth
dowu wiih n lilt* iiu.islene.l wi'h turpentine.
To prove to yourself tbut tbo plate i»
still or almost so at the sand 'lues
make n **•.. db isrd cons about ten Inch*
ss long, two ..*.*; s balf luehee in diameter ul :i- larger end and small enough
nt the other e-..d It 111 Into u rubber
tube,   which sll u id be about two feet
long. Let ..ue person causa the plute
in vibrate, wb le another holds the
large end of ibe cons over ths pl
sppi> ii; iiu- rubber tube to tbs car.
When tbs middle of lbs cone Is Ctt< '•
ly over a Kami line BCari * iv nny lone at
nil will in- he:.r.l. and th" nearer the
cone is (;. tbe hiu.,i Una tin- weaker tha
sound will he, while it win be deer
uml strong ul tl.e fertbset points from
the sumi lines, proving tbat the suud
fulls !>' . llnea, ■ id as tbs parts of the
plate mors In opposite flir.*.*ti*.i.< ,.:.
each si.le Of ll.e sand imet their elT,*,*t
is equalised ur d. *..i censing no
■ound in ilu* mr in tbs COOS b.ilauce
when i. er tboss llnea.
I papers   ara   .-till
Nt w.'itiiiiilliii'nl lie-In*
• ll
ness emanating from this speaking if be thought the queation were s jest.
picture, gentlemen 1 Mine. I.I Fo Is tbe "You want my license, do you. my
must virtuous ..r women, adoring her lord doge7 I left it in the hands of the
husband nnd idolizing her children, city authorities it contains my name,
Being virtuous, Bhe Is happy, for the uge. profession, domicile und every de-
wise Confucius says. "Virtue Is better tail"—
than i ice.' "
Mme. I'niivel became Interested. She
left ber seat and approached nearer to
the clown.
"Do you see anything on the banner
With na angry gesture M. de Claiue-
rnn Interrupted hlin.
"You huve committed a gross Insult!"
"1, my lord dog.'.'"
"Yes, youi    What do yon menn by
.11 mi.unties    	
Bil. uie for biliousness are a.' ,c a
certain cure for skin eruptions, biliousness, sick headache, ba.l taste in
the mouth, foul breath, dizziness,
fainting, feelings of uncomfortable
iniii- -> even after n light meal, wind
pains, anaemia, debilit), etc. They
improve tbe general circulation, and
are .. boon to pale-faced girls too
weak   women.      Obtainable  from  all
ed thc beat one a;nl sold twenty two
B few days later to a Qelgbbor fur $100.
I then got u full bio • I < ixford ram. and
the next Hock af lambs was fully BS
good, if not belter.  To start tt llock my
way would be i > gi i ihe desired number ..f lambs in Uu* full, preferably full
i,;*t ids. but good grades will.!", snd to
i reed from tbem, then keep them sll,
un.l lu the spring tbey si..mid ihear
like what he Is describing:" asked iho    t,.|ij„(. this abominable story?'
melancholy Punch of his neighbor. "Abomlnablel You mny cull it nhom-
"No.   Do you':" : |Dable\ but I, who composed lt"-
The fact Is that the daubs of paint       "Enough,    monsieur.      You   will   ot
ou the canvas represented one thing as |eMt |KIV1, ,*„, courage to scknowledge
well ns another, nnd the clown could tba, V(,ur performance wus a vile In*
call tin-in whatever be pleased. slnustion ngninst Mme. Fauvelr
"Picture No.21" he cried after n roll-       ••;■„,   ,.*„„.„    8*00(]    wi|1,    |,|s   bca-
Ing of drama.    "This old  Indy seated , (brown buck uud mouth wide open, ns
before n mirror tearing out her hair,
especially tbs gray ones—do you recognize her? No. yon do not. She ls
the fulr innndtirinc of the lirst picture.
I see tenia in your eyes, Indies and
gentlemen. Ah. yon huve cimse to
w.ep.  for Bhe Is no longer  virtuous,
If astounded lit  what  he beard.    I'.ut
nny one  who  knew  him   would  haw
seen   his   bright   black   eyes  sparkling
with malicious satisfaction.
"Upon my word," be sai.l ns ir speaking to himself, "this Is tl.e strangest
thing I ever heard of!    How cun  my
ami her happiness bus departed with | drama'of the Mandarine Ll Ko have
her virtue. Alas. It Is a sad storyl
line fatal day she met on the Streets of
Peking n young ruffian, fiendlab, but
beautiful ns nn angel,  und she  loved
h i it i 1 lie* unfortunate woman loved
During this   tirade   In-   bnd   turned
sbout ml he fsccd the banker's wife,
whose countenance i losely watched
while be wus speaking
"You nre surprised, gentlemen," he
continued. "I am Dot The heart never grows old. nnd the must vigorous
Wallflowers flourish on Old ruins.   This
unhappy woman is nearly fifty yenrs
old   nml iii hue wiih ii youtb!   Hence
this heartrending scene, wblcb should
sen.* us ii warning to us all."
"Really." grumbled .. cook dressed
In   while   satin,   who   had   passed   the
evening in carrying an.uml menus
which iiii one read, I thi 'ighi he was
going to amuse us."
"liui." continued tbe clown, "yon
must go inside ..! tbe booth tO wiln.*--
iiu* effects of th.* mandarine's folly.
Ai limes n my of reason penetrates
her diseased brain, nml then lb.- sight
of hci* anguish would soften tbe mosl
uiii.ii*,ing. Enter, and for tbe su. n
ram ..f in eeiiis y.ni shnii bear sobs
such ns the Odeon never echoed In Its
halcyon days. Tbe unhappy woman
realises tbe absurdity nnd Inanity of
ber Mind passion,   Bhe confesses to
herself Uml she is madly pursuing n
pliant.mi. She knows Imi too Well ll.at
he  lu  the  Vigor and   beanli   of yu :lh
cannot love a faded old woman like her
self, wbo vatuly makes pitiable effoiis
in retain tbe lasl remains of her one.
 banting beauty
any allusion to Mine luuwl. whom I
tl.. 11 know from Adam or Bvel"
"Uo you pretend." aald M de flame
ran. "to be Ignorant of M. Fauvel a
"A misfortune?"
"1 refer, monsieur, to the robbery of
which M. Fauvel wns the victim and
which has been in every one's iiio.ilh."
"Ah. yes, yes, 1  know.    His cashier
decamped with 860,000 francs,  it is a
tblDg thnt almost dally happens.    Itut
us to discovering nny  COI tlOO  between tins robbery nnd my piny, that
is another matter."
ML <ic Clameran made n«. reply,   a
nudge from Logon hnd calmed lilm as
If hy enchantment Be seemed to regret having uttered the Significant
winds drawn from him by excitement
"Very well," he finally snld in his
usual haughty lone. "I must hnve
bi sn inisinLeti. i accept your explanation."
Hut thc clown, so humble a moment
before, snld:
"I have not mnde nor do I Intend
milking any explanation."
"Monsieur"- began De Clnnieriin.
"Allow*   nu*  tu iltilsh.  If you  please.
if unintentionally i have offended tbs
wife of n mini whom I  highly eslcein.
he is her protector! not you   Perhaps
you will tell uie hc Is too old lo de
liiiind sulisfactlon. If ho. let blm semi
one cf i:l* SOUb. One of them Is here.
You asked me who I nm. In return I
nsk you who nre you—you who const!
tun* yourself Mnict I'liuvcl's champion?
j Are you  her relative,  friend or ally?
druggista at 50 cents a box, or irem from twelve in flfteen pounds of wool
ths lliltan Co., Colborne street, Tor- lu the fall 1 would gel s well bred n\-
onto. Cut out this article, write ac- ford rnm for breeding. C Bchlnnerer
ross it tbe name and   date   of   this   in American Agriculturist
paper, and  post it to tbe above ad- ,	
dress  with  your own  name  und ad- | Care ,.r ,.,.- rnar*a Tenia,
dress, and a lc stamp to pay return
It y-.ur children ... I with
..-..-   them   klothei Graves'
Rxterminal rare .uu
tal.   'I iy It, and mark tl ■
i.i *ul  hi yuiir child,
"Cotton in iu.   • i it pbysi
clan, "-should Is- ii-,* I l,\ nil those wbo
itt im .1.1 I""*.... i tbelr deptb foe
kn m bow ofieii i i - * uetners ol
iiiii type drown, don't you? Ti..*ir
drowning  Is Imputsd  lo  cramp,  but
you Will never IiiiiI tint* uf the drown
rd   wilh  bis ears  itttffed   With  COttOn   *
Why?   rn tell you why.   Because it
i    Until.   \„,r   , urluall,
A bnni. iiuie th .t i n-i*! through 'li-
-       . • iin* i-  r tbe cm   - pi
served in th.- Bank of Bngland
paper    w.i- bUI    the   Il-I I
held together, and Ibe printing is qu te
legible,   and    It    i-   kepi   under   glass
Thc bunk pel 1 ll.-*
r,.,ty    Kldnura    ll«\a   yoa   baekarhd
r ■       i    ■   , *   ,,., yeur limbi  f. 11
11   ,.     |   ,,    I , jiu tii    lu n.i.
.i falling >i-i"»-   iin>,  v..u .in,.
'   .       t   il      tl. i.t. - . I»    U      >-..ur
i    rr, -    Unit-  \..u a   lin-1 It fln-nr*-    An.
-.   item  prove  i.i.in. .  *ii-i:. ■
•   I. •- proven .I.... s.-mii Ami n. an
postage, and a tree sample box  will
I..* mailed you.
n.i.....n    t.i, .v-.i rr.
i'n.nt will   .'1. iu tinware if the sur
re Is scratched with n pl ' n.ngl
.umice stone or bui 'paper and
i thin cn.it of -i..*r."   rarulsh applied
before the oalnt is uu' uu.
Wl **n mothen become enthusls itic
over n i inni.* i.n  little ones, it is
me to say  that  it bus high merit,
livery mother who haa  used  B I
.inn Tablets speaks stronglj In praise
ul them, and belli every other ti
boa  in.ieii good ihey have doi
children,   Mrs,   \lf.."l   Uarcouse, Bt,
Charles, Que. as]     "I   itronglj  ad
 very mother to keep Baby's Own
iii ■ i - in tin* bouse always. I have
i i**i them Ior i lathing troublea, colic
nu! ..ii ei ill- ..I childhood and [ound
them the mosl aatl (actor) medicine
i.i triad." These Tablets are
guaranteed t*> contain no poisonoui
ipiale snd no harmful drug. Thay ars
squally *.- 1  lur the  new   burn  babj
u   the well  grown child, nn.l an
 un* for all their miter ailment)
Suitl by medicine dealers ... by mail
cents n box by writing the Dr
Williams' Medicine Co.,    Brockville,
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     The   London   I,. ; ,t.il   Is   Inclined   to
Isn't crump that causes these drown hold that lobster u imt so Indigestible
Inge,    li '.. a perforation of the ear j aa popular f.,:.,j thinks ft.   It la, bow-
The care of ths teats should always   -J*"""-,   followed   bj   pneonsdonsnese, ever, laae nuMtioua than the average
llker and whei    -n''  '" r  ""   water, flsb.
Cramp isn't, after all, tin- deedly thing i  ——
it it made oni to be, if yon get n
cramp in your i«*g while swimming it
Is   eusv   enough   m           over   on   ;our ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
berk und ii.ii.   Ti.e cramp won't kill   mountalna ure bare.   Tl neatlon of
yon. Hut n perforation Of Ih" ear
drum   ia   different     It   takes   nway
Jour sense, nn.l ibiwu lull go like H
log. So Slways, If .imi are going to
tlo nrn li sw.iiin.iiig. Huff cotton lo
four ears."
bo observed by the in
Ihey get bard nnd rough should l.e
anointed with vaseline, ns cracked teals
are nn nnn...vane,* t,. tbs milker, hurtful to tin* cow uud huve n tendency to
lessen the flow of milk. Long linger
nails nre also n discomfiture to Hu-
cow, nml the milker should keep them
well ptreil to avoid trouble.
Some cows will DOt  give ilmvn their
milk foi some milkers as readily us to
others,  uml  lt   is  often   u *--.iy  to
change  inllknrs  und   try   to   Iiml  one
whom ths cow takes s liking to and
for Whom she will give it duivn.    Tho
holding up of the milk bus a tendency
to lessen the secret iui. and .'unse.pieiit*
ly the How.
Trrra   In   -alrllr.
The nn.l.■nl |hn*Is ii^,.,I I,, -rig of th.
dense  forests  ef  Bldly     Today  tbe
rcfuresting is a .lllll. olt one,    Attempts
■rt starting new growth srs frustrated
b> th.* peasants, win. tear down fences
!  drive  In  their pints     . Inly  nnder
.ty protection could new  forest
trees be grown.
25 *f
.     ,,,,,,,        What right have you to Insult  her bj
,   , Miciccis ii.ai   ie*    Iiri.)(.n(11,lg t0 discover an allusion lo
sweet   WOrdS he u'lif  whispered  III  her   " "
Charmed  car  were  false.    Sin*  knows
lhat  the day Is mar when she will be
i.*rt alone, with nothing save his man*
ii..- in ber baud."
As lhe clowjl iid.lress.il Ibis voluble
description lo tbe crowd before him
in* narrowly ivatcbed the r-ou-Mjnonce
her   In   a
puiy   Invented   for   amuse
(To be continued.)
Dredging work bus been started ..n
tin* Canadian side f.n ths new M.C.Il.
tunnel between Windsor. Ont., nnd
Detroit, Mich
Wi.t.i. i.   m.  Trnvelrrs.
As n matter of genuine fact women.
In   iiliic  cases  out  of  ten,   lire  bet ler
travelers than mon are. To begin
with, if noi so itodglly accurate, al-
though lhal Ly ui in.inner of melius
follows, they ore more fluent In modern langutu es Thuy chatter In them,
sny the mule things. Ergo, they are
the inure colloquial, Ihe readier to cir-
cniriie il the wiles and extortions of
kellner or of gai.un.   London Gentle*
('h/i-iix.^ A
Grew   l*er,l   on   ,l,r   fnrm.
The M..—mini Stts state Crop report
contain,-, nn article i.y Profcseor r. s.
Cooley on "Sum.* Csnses ait,*, ing the ;
Profits uf Dairying." On the subject
of   feeding  dairy   CatttS   the   profesaOT
Urges   thut   f Is   I."   pl ■mill, etl   00   tllS
fnrm ns fur ns possible Usually lhe
best practice Is to purchaae only f n
rich   In   protein   nud   ml-.*   lie*  curse ,
fodders on the fairr,.  CoWi ted 00 sr.ir-
vatlon rations yield DO profit, snd tl	
overfed with expensive feeds sre also
kept  at   n   loss.   The  point   of  highest
profit in f.e.i must be determined by
experiment snd calculation aud varlei
wiih the locality nml clrcumstaucos of
the feeder.
Or ay's Syrup of Red Spruce Gum
That Cough
which ordinary remedies have uot reached,
will ijuickly yield to
siiunr HII la.
The machinery of tbe modern sngai
mill is so complete the) from the time
the cans enters tin- .iii-hing mils until the same is emptied from ths .;..■
imiii pans no human labor ■- reipiired
to manipulate it.
25 i
I YOU CAN  SAVE $13.15
■lull, rfllrs.
Butterflies bm considered nutritions
umi delicious food i.y the aborigines of
Tin* novelty ..I Hn ienl hu     I
attracted Immense traffic lo the psa
Cleveland line, winch Is practically
overwhelmed by the crush ..I ps   sn
gi i
»ti-» Rise.
Choliy   N'oivllt       D'ye   know,   Miss
Riunrt, though I've only Just met you,
ih-'.*e se .ms to l.e n sort of Intellectual
sympathy between ns. Y..u know jus,
how bi appeal to my tastee, you see
Are jou n  literary  woman 1    Doll;
Rinnrt    No; I'm n kindergarten tmetAttn
W    N    il    No.    611
W. will pcufPt ormry
Rata-lar ml thia p-tpar who
p.araa At mrAmr lar our oal*-
ttt.tmA tn a Bun with tha
two moal aarrtcaahla Prara
la.oa aror otroroS lo tha
patllr at CuoSo.
Our Great Free Premium Oilers
Ono Pair of *AM Trouaora (mode
lo moaauro) and a raolly elegant pa-
lent Suit Caao given entirely FREH
with every  order.
rtU-    ALU   UNllltH   NO   01I1.IOATIOM   TO
BUY, and wa will KCrUND row m.atj  ll
|,,ii rind .III"-*- Ih* Siwrl.l Bulla or th* rmih
GIFTS ara  NOT  ICXA.1I.T   aa adrarttaod  ia
Aganta  Wanted, thta popor.
Wo will aneil ,mt. rntta »r ".NT rn»it..ir otiaterir. a handaoma maia ol
patterw-*. In Hi-bug oer woodrrlol f.ltia   SOtii*   ant.   hla. h
elth oor Ulral New Tor* Paehlon I'Uia,
^_^_^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_ roqul	
I niaawurrmanu (whirl, anroaa ran take) to onabl* ui lo give a 1'BUylttrr riT*-
 ^^Be    ami   Chariot
twt-»,ia   Ina-Mher with oor Ulral Saw  Tort Faahlon I'U.oa    T.IKN Jlllma FOR
y..| HPii.l.F    Oor home meaaurennmt aralam la ro HI II l'l,K llial  wa require oulf
lin.l  tnller-B-ula ■anneal
All eooda ara ahlppod I ila/i front receipt ol orier.
Hoot tall ta -aeottae oa_* ef una aeeapepaa.
Cen. f^H^H
WM      I  ■■
pas  Paralyzed  for Six Months and Could
Obtain  No Relief—Cure Came
With the Use of
Paralysis is  uhvnys    looked    upon
tu dread but psuple wno ure gut-
|n-     irom   tne  oiuiiiiiry   syinptoiiiH
I lit I V't.no   CXllllilStlt.il   SliCh   US   -.ItrCjI-
-i,,.,.-, iicitiiiicuc,   indigestion   uud
I 01 eiteij,)   null ambition oitull  li.l-
....II    i.trBilll'i    UIOUO    lo   Ul.Ot.gil    lo
..   Ot,   bO   ,i.,i 11.■,..!*..
,.,1.0 i..1.1 i.'.*».ic cu.*>i.' oi paralysis
, i.*..,.,i tij uie ...„' oi tii. i iiii.-e s
nc i oo,l H IB until} a wisei un,I
HI    I.i   iniVlrlll   BUOn   .llllltiri ouB   (liS-
,.., ii., i, atoning iiiinui symptoms
i uf pint' the nervous system in
i.i   t'liiiililioii  ul nil  limes.
inm. w.
.lie disease disappeared,   I can now
inln  plainly,  my  log is all right nml
i aa • .1.. my housework.   How grate-
lul   I   um   to  be  cured   by SO  woinlii-
*ui .   remedy."
Noiwitnstuuding the mystery   that
ik a • ..nni. .I imn tiie nerves an.l dis-
•..••* ". ins uerves tnere in nothing
nySiatious about the way in widen
...u v,,,i.ii.   iii i,ie uerves is restorea
I j    IjI .  I mine's   IV61 VL-  I'i 10(1.   '
i.i .nil,lie me found certain ele-
.ii.'in.- whloh go directly to innn new,
i ou blood umi creau new nerve force,
...■enu e   Dr.   Chase's   .Nerve   Food   it
K.  Sutherland,  .St.  And-1 composed "' those very elements oi
writes:-- i 'tiituie, it builds up the nervous sys-
|ii*trpliriiti..n     wus     ever
I'ln February, 1603, I was stricken tem as    no
i pin alt .-is. i.*ii helplessly on the -tuown to do
un.l lin.l to be carried to bed. By eAriehlng   und   purifying   the
,. doctor pranouneed it s bad ease blood il torms new, ttrm flesh and Us-
I bu.l no power in my tongue ..f us, rounds out the form, restorea a
lag.   I remained in Unit condition nenliliiul glow to Un* complexion, and
-i\   months   withoul   obtaining gradually but naturally and certain!)
■HI   [nun   tin-     doctor's     piescnp- .. |.i.h .*     ueiikne,-,-   nml  disease     Willi
,  i    iii   othei   medicines. hcultu.   strength   and   vitality.
J.Vy husband advised me   to   try Dr, Chase's Nerve Pood, r>(i ceiiis h
Chase's  Nerve   I*' I  un.l  l.v  iln, box, li boxes lor |9.50, nt nil dealers,
1.1 this treatment nil symptoms oi oi  Bdmanson, Bates A Oo., Toronto
French foreign ..flic* bave an*
. meed   Hint   Mohammed-Fl-T... i.   .
npieseiilnlive  of  the    Sultan     ol
en nt  Tangier, bus apologised
liin* action of some natives in ston-
the crew
t.i the French cruiser
harbor of Tangier.
Hudson Bay.
Referring   to   plac.   names   remind*,
one thut the care of the Hudson Uiy
Co.  In  st-ini?  tn.it   Us  title in spell .*d
...iniiitiit.  Dealers  Spare No Uxiieuee
lo  slit,,.   '. In*.I*  -Tjlema.
I u.iin.mil cutting Is piobnbly the ouly
manufacturing Industry In New York
Ihnt cun aflmd n locution lu the heart
of Ihe im.un in] district.
The workshop hero is suld to be superior to tbut of tbo Ainsterdiini uud
Antwerp factories lu ih.* mathematical
accuracy with which the facets of large
stones an* cut. New York, consequently, sends cut stones to Ktiropc, besides
supplying tbe United Stutes.
The bulk of the New York diamond
11 ml.-. Including u considerable uinouut
of tlie cutting, is done lu Muldeu tunc,
between Itroudwuy nud Nassuu street,
u single block. Most of tbe dealers occupy offices In modern skyserupers.
To show tbelr gems tbey need u clear,
•toady light, which in tbe cuse of natu-
\ nil light Is afforded only by a northern
j exposure; hence, olllees on the lower
side of Muldeu luue cost 20 to 26 per
cent mule than olllees ou tbe upper
The difference in rent would be still
greater but for the fuct thut courts admitting northern light are provided lu
tl.e buildings tbut fucc tbe south.
Artificial light mny nis,, be used.
One bouse shows gems lu a room
.Imped with black velvet und lighted
by electricity, its natural light wus
ruined by tbe erection of n yellow brick
building on the opposite side of the
street, the reflection from wblcb gives
nu Inferior color to the purest stones.
Maiden lane rents are blgbe*- even
tint ii Itroudwuy rents, reuchiug $4.75
n square foot per annum for olllees
Just above the ground floor.—Washington I'ost.
of n siiiull  bout  belong-   as  above  hns   lad   countless  people  to
-.lute ol set*.'.* bus beell proclaimed
Mn* llnltie pl..vinces iiii uce.i.iiit of
continuation ..f ths revolutionary
Cut Glass
ONLY as manufacturers
is it possible for us to
offer our special eight-inch
Cut Class Bowl at $5.00,
packed at our risk and carriage paid to your door.
It is of clearest crystal glass,
deeply and brilliantly cut in
" hob-nail" star design.
Our illustrated catalogue
will tell you of other remarkable price-savings in highest
quality cut glass.
H> umi rpt rttunl ftmt a/ ckmryrt
tmrltrgt tUmlrmltst ralaitfW.
refer*  lo Camilla's  Inland  sea as  Hud-
i sons   Hay.     It   ls   no   more   Hudson's
I Hay thnn certain Ot-her natural fcatur's
ure    Hudson's    River,   or   Mackenzie's
Itlver.      The  proper nam..  Is  Hudson
Hay.   It Is s . on  thc author load maps
and  In  bhe s.tnnd..rd  geographies, and
| It ts specifically so designate,!  by the
; authority for settllnir such matters In
Canada, ths Geographical Board, Gentle render!   don't  bt  people delude you
with   tin*   Id.*.i   thai   lo   "apeak   proper" you must say Hudson's Bay.
Bickle'i Anti-Consumptive Syrup i
i ..vie,-able i" the taste, and is .. cert-
I am relief for irritation ..f the throat
! that .iiii-.*-- backing coughs,   If used
lirections it will break
•In* mosl pei -it.*iit cold, and restore
Ihs *i .    passage*   to   then    normal
healthy condition.   There ia no need
*.. i. • hum. ml m   b,   those   familial
With    It,   It'll   t"   tb    Willi   M-ck   II   -llie
ly and are in doubl whal to uae
lha advice  i-   try  Itiekle's Syrup.
Your Doctor
Can cure your Cough or Cold,
I.o question about that, but—
why go to all the trouble and
inconvenience of looking him up,
and then ol hi. v inv his prescript i> n
filled, when you can step into any
drug store in Canada and obtain
a bottle of SHILOH'S CUKE
for a quarter.
Why pay two to five dollars
when a twenty-five cent
bot'ii of SHILOH will cure you
a* quickly ?
Why not do aa hundreds of
thousands of Canadians have
done for the past thirty-four
years: let SHILOH be your doctor whenever a Cough or Cold
SHILOH will cure you, and all
druggists hack up this statement
with a positive guaraniee.
The next time you have a
Cough or Cold cure it with
•aue nortt 'it-onoie.
Tlie otber iifleruoon a niuii rushed Into tbe iteudiug terminal, galloped up
Iho stairs and dashed for tin* train
shed Just us the gates were closed
ugalnst him.
lie looked us If he wanted to swear
moat vociferously, but ho was out of
wind, and all thut he could do was to
lean against the .'cnc2 and soulfully
sigh, lt was then (hut the grlnful Idiot,
who Is olwuys on bund, paced over und
hulled In.
"Did you miss your train, old boy?"
be queried, wiih a smiling glance ut tbe
panting one.
"No," was the grouchy rejoinder. "I
chuse myself up hero (but way every
Are minutes to aee them abut tbe
"What made you ao later queried
the otber, not at all abaahed. "Is your
watch out of order?"
"No, my watch Is all to tbe good," replied tbe niuii wbo missed the tralu,
"but I think Umi my feet are about
(wo minutes slow "
The Purest GREEN Tea Grown.
Lead    Packets   Only.     40c,    50c,    and    60c    per    tb.     At    all    grsr.tre.
Bruce Walker who has succeeded
Preston as immigration ooramissionei
has arrived in London.
Itchi-tj.    Ournlnl. ' Craanlna.    Crawling.
-.-.ni   !,i..i-. .  relieved  In s  f»*„   minutes
,H ., - Ointment.   Pr   -t-rnrw'i ......
ri,,. ni .'. *.-- Instantly, sad cores Tetter,
I   lleail    Krji mil    I . • •
Mi.tihr-   nini nil eruptions of lhe skin
It  i- soothing snd nnfetlns n'"' ■"■* 'l,;l'
magtr   in  sll   Hal.v   llmn-.r*.   lrrtU-.ll   "     '
- n![i or Bashes during teethins tun
. uta n boa    7
A  Chatham  Iimi  will erect  n  large
-inv.* null ni  Rainy river
Che Only
\ di obtain an Imitation
..(   MINARD'S   LINIMENT   Irom   s
al  u \ei>   1'iw pries,
labelled In- own product.
Tin.- greesj imitation is Uie | reel
,,,„•   a sn   "I   ths    many
tlmt eveiy Tom, Dick and Hairy hss
Ask  nu   MIN.U-.ll* and    you    will
get n
A strong microscope shows tbe sin
gle hairs of the le-ad to be like course,
rouud rasps, but with teetb extremely
Irregular and tagged
III*,,*  —,tl llir  Urea.
Tbe effect of aUlEtrlal light oa tin
pigment vf tha iii- ll • . mnke it paler
ulso prolonged .*).* work will do thi
Byes never become quite blenched, Ilk.
the liulr,  but  tbey  do fade, und  vei*.
Ill fitting boots nnd   shoes   cause
corns.   Houoway'a Com Curs is th.
illicle   to   Use      Get   .1   bottle   ll!   i.nee
.unl  cue  *our corns.
The   Riga   correspondent   of   the
Bourse Qasette has sent in harrowing
details ..I the execution  by  -I ting
.•I three  l.nys  who  ware condemned
I.i  a rourtinurtinl f<u  roblieiv.
rliritish yarn
'carefully knitted
—with rc-inforced
toes, heels ami knees—
—the  Stocking   that   makes
'.ainiti^-.luy easy.
r.tstjsriie the coming of the
holes—ask   your
lealer for  Dom-
(ni.ii Brand. In-
ist un seeing this
ag —ou   every
. F,,ri  Francos pea' fu>*! srorks
closed toi the winter
A Burnt! & Co
MrfsKe-a   Ont
Wts/ Gutranifatf
XSho Food
That  Builds
Maybe   you    think    of
[Mooney's Sodat only as a
toothsome   tidbit.     Don't
overlook their food valiw
Cream   Sodas
ire made of finest Canadian wheat flour, pure blither and rich cream. There's
| nothing else of equal size
tnd cosl that contains so
much wholesome nourishment.
An ideal food.
All    grocari   have   th-nitr—fr-ah
•nd enip in    an iirIs     packages
KI ^jhecNCYiiicumansica j
■T™l»*' MtMrOtt    TAtlAtA.
Mlnird't   Liniment   Curtt   Garget   in
The !te|,«p»<,.r In "tllaaoorl.
The hand clean, sepsrator Is S very
potent factor In Missouri dairying. It
run..- slowly at Brat but of late very
rapidly. II bus come to stay and ban
brought additional prosperity witb It.
Any innn with ten ordinary cows
tv|„, Is wh. re he run patronise a
creamery, cither centraltaed or local.
cannol afford to be without one. Tbo
renin saved In one >.-ar over
or crock system will
Illy pay for the inn.hiiie, and
lhe msdllne If treated decently will
Inat for tc. or lirieet. years 'Ihere are
huir ii dosen rnakee of separatiOT on
ii,,. market   Competition baa f.-r l
ih,* ii i.) become good and stay good.
TbS f..nn -eparat r 1- now to Ibe dairy
farmer wlmt tbe twine binder H t*> Ibe
grain fanner.   It  is poealble to cot
■irain will, n  cradle, but  It  would in.l
nay to do it m thai way. The milk
-producer can make some money lu
it,,, old wm of raising creem, bnt it
loss  noi  pay.  B,  U.  tVaabbom -In
Kiu-bairs n.iiry Per r.
lhe   deep
Experiences    of    Housekeepers
Keep   It   Handy.
In every home cuts, bruises, scalds
and similar injuries are sure to occur,
■specially where there are children.
In most homes too chapped hands,
chilblains, eczema, ringworm, ulcers
and other skin  diseases occur.
For these you need a balm which
Is pure, herbal, free from mineral fat,
tntiseptic, able to stop bleeding and
vhich should heal.
Zam-Buk meets all the«e require*
nents. Why not prove its merits
"lend thlt:—
Mr,-   tngaa, "f Pension Falls, saya
"In f.,nv years ..f housekeeping I
ave never met with snch an •
■ni talve -a Zam-Buk."
Mi-   Everett  Brown, of Markhnm
Onl '.  -*.*• -    "Zam-Buk cured
.mi bruises .-n mj knee.   I also ftm
.■ent f,.i enapped bandi
Mi-   [issis iiilinniir. ot Kingston
I had an ulcerated leg, whid
eoama so bu.l that I oould nol wen
boot       The   foot   nnd   nnkle   Wei
uelien to nearly double their ..-.In*
rj sise, nnd the pain was lerribl.
"In- ulcer.- -plead iii a rin-f ull r,..in.l
.* iiml.    Doctor's treatment brough
,. relief, and al one   ti    it   w.i
hough) only amputation could
: ;    Eam-Bnk ws
irousbt t'.. mv notice, ainl 1 bought a
■ v. boxaa    Badi boa save ma more
u-e   mnl   l.riile.i   the   ulc-.s     T'.-.lu-
riin quits c.ire.l. the limb i.- sound,
nl whereas before I oould n 't atand
,,u i .-.in go up nml down steps wiU
I ,.*.ie it nil to Zam-Buk."
Zam-Buk also euros sesame sold
ires, niii-ii..nn. r-tiff punt-, bad leg
ore nipple-, bolls, sbseeases, blood
oiaon, poisoned wounds, ete I'm*.1
- mi embrocation u cue- rbeuuiav*
rn and s.ialicn nnd rubbed well ll.t-
he cl.e-t cores Iuiib troubles, colds,
Ic.   l*'..r all  puip *  '•    '"    which    ii
ahold balm .- pul Zam-Buk will
[ound unequalled.     All druggist!
,11 ai ,'sr.*  a boa, ..I direct Irom the
..in link Co . upon receipt of puce
boxes tor f8.B0,
Hot  Soda   llnlna.
Hot soda baths ars recommended by
aome persons for rheumatism, uud the
wuy tbey nre taken Is thin: I'ili the
tub bnlf full of wuter i.n hot ns enn be
borne, add half a pound of Common
baking fiodu uud Immerse the Unly for
at icuRt twenty mlnntee, keeping np
the temperature by the addition >.f bot
Water from time to time.    Vusellne or
cold cream should I* rubbed into the
sl.in lifter the latter bus been dried In
order to replace the natural oil.
How to t'leunse the System.—Par-
males'! Vegetable Pills uie tbe result ol hcientitic study ot tbe effects
rn extiacta of certain mot.-, und berba
upon tb.- digestive organs. Then
use bu.- demonstrated In many m-
-i.uice- ilmt tbey regulate the action
■l the liver and the kidney-, purify
he   blood,  and   cniiy  ..II  ull   mm bid
..'•iiiiiuliitioiis frnm tbe system. Thay
are easy to take and their action is
mil.I i.lul beneficial.
Look for this tag
on the c.oth of every
fruit and Overcoat
you buy. 75
It guarantees wear
and service because
it goes only on cloth
that is pure wool.
fiiithprne Hurdy, in-t euil ..f Cranbrook (wbo was twice secretary of war
und lord pie.-idei.t ..f the council) died
ln.-i   u,,k   al     Heuir-terid     I'utk.    ThS
docossod wsj the Bra) earl, the title
having been createq in U8I
'-Tlpiieeanoe'*  Harrlaon.
Oeneral Harrlaon cultivated the
friendliest spirit with all of IiIh frontier
soldlera, wore a buckskin Jucker, wua
the keenest of woodsmen and In momenta of leisure mnilc real companions
of bis men. He could swing an IX,
hunt the ,l.*er or coon, nnd be shot with
the Is'st. His homely, hardy ways won
their love ns his daring stimulated their
courage, l*'or half a century he was
the archetype of pioneers, as Lincoln
•nine to lie to the generation that came
after.    Kven yet the magic word of
Williams' Pink Pills Cure Obstin
ttte  Indieestion After Other
Medicines  Fail.
■ -SClou I was flrai troubled witb inln.*.--non 1 did not bother with it, 1
thought il would pass away naturally.
,nn ii.-lead "i doing so it developed
The byssus, or siii.y beard, by which
tbe mussel DIOOTS it elf In tl.e stone, is
a familiar object of our sen rocks, it
la In Its natore like the s;;k of the silkworm uud exudes in n glutinous thread
from un organ st tbs baas ..f ths f..oL
Tl..- following l< uu Instance In which
the mooring of the mussel was useful
to effect n purpose wbl I. human r-klll
could not accomplish: A Inrge bridge,
wllh twenty srebes, In the town of
Itlddeford, !u Devonshire, crosses the
-'-.rridge river near tbe spot of its
junction wilh the Taw. I'hc tide flowa
ao very rapidly here tbat it was found
impoaoible to keep tbe bridge In repair
by means of mortar.. The corporation
therefore keeps boats employed in
bringing uiii'i-els to it. and tbe inter-
atlces of tbe bridges are filled by hand
with these mussels. It Is supported
from being driven nway by tbe tide
entirety  by the atr-ang threads which
a nd
by an act or grant it is a crime liable
Mile. Marthe Bay, a young (jcncvri
girl, hn.- been la the hul.it of making   fleiiuent   excursions     nin'.-**       in*
iiiniiiei mi.. Prance m s high-powered
motor car. Suspicion being aroused,
the police cut open tl.e ear's cush-
imi-,   und  it  waa  .li-r..v.i,*.l  lhat   160
lb- of tobu.i*.. were packed ia them
The fuii   smuggler  wa-  SITested
"Tippecanoe"  will  stir  the  remlnls-   palpitation, drowsiness and  loas
the     i'i"'■ '''   **"'   """"'• °* "...re ser-
.u.*. I rouble t" follow*.
' i  used to use in the morning,"
>ti>I   'uir-.   McKai,  •'feeling  Oc  In'tlei
foi n mght'a rest.   I rapidly l"-t fleah
.ml fven aftei the ..... t frugal meal
nt., .*, painful chrome affection, which tlleM 1I,IISS„U „, Ir, ,,„, .*.„
■  «f all I del gii .1 .....-e and
.!..i-.* until I Inni abandoned M hopes ,
   gettini relief."   These wc^ to trawportatlon for any pemen to re-
i Mrs. Charlea McKay, of Norwood, »0Te llie musaela onieaa la the pres-
.\..< . should aerve as s warning to all "*" ■' eat by b..- oooaent of the cor-
nffei distress nfter meals, with. poratB-re tnweea.
eences of many octogenarians In
middle  west—Lynn Tew  Sprague
Outine Magazine.
l)i     Leonhaidi-    Hem-Boid
cure .my ease ..f Pilea.
Tin- statement   is   made   without
nny .| unl ih eat ion?.
ii  fa in ths form "f a tablet
It i- ths onlj pile remedy uaed internally.
It la impossible to cjire an *
liahed case ..f Pilea with ointn
luppositories, injections, <>r   outward
A $1.1-011 guarantee with even pack-
age   ..',   Dr    l.eiiiiliur.lt'-   Item-Hold.
|] do  nli dealer*,   .>r   The Wilson
I'll.- Co
ui.1.,*. Beloita .» t'oleroa*
In ih.- early days of l-oadvllle Ibers
au  a  singular riieracter  living  by
the name of Maj-*- Martin McUtoula
il sjor was the Importaul man ol
the camp, and when nny dl»tliupil»bed
' parlies  ciiine   tO   the  cll.v   they   were
rocciicd by Major Martin McOlnnlaand
- proseutod   wllh   tbe   freedi f  tbe
,ai. n n gold plate.   The  French
government sent  three inining .-ngi
 rs  otcr to  i-Mimli.-' und   Ic  repaid
ti!  the mineral deposits of tht* i»
entity,   Tbey were received by Major
Martin ' cOlnnla, who pnl tlierolnear-
1 rlng.-s .u.l took tin irOUnd tbe camp.
As    Ihey    koio   going   «P   CallfOfDW
[ gulch the f'reiiihiuei. suddenly Jumped
out of the carriage ami commenced
i.t hammer nrd t-blsel upon s Isw
black  bowlder  lin.1  l.i.v  ulou.-slde the
mn.i.   The major watched them m-s
tlcnlutliig to one number, and he hnnl*
lv aald to Ihe  irpreten ''What do
th,,,*  snl   Whal "■■' ,l,('v l-llk""*'
aboutV"    The  I ipiclcr suld.  "Tb"'}'
rock don't belong here.    The
■-I i,e deuce II don't!   V."
(orelguurs that I won't
coming over here nnd
I al-*.a.*..- suffered aevere pains in my
•taimacn, I cut my menl- down u, a
lew i. mitbfuls, but .ven then everj
morsel of (.....! cauaed agony, my dig-
i-iii.n wa- so weiik. Some days I
wns   •   weak I could   scarcely   drag
■ .* about the house, and   1
nevei  n>-e from sl.nip piercing pains
III   ti„    back   nnd  chest.    1     fi'-r"     I '
tod   hat  I hnd tn limit    111>    di ' '
milk and
caused aevere suffering.     In \
r relief—all   medicin. -   I   t....i:
•■ii   I useless.     Hut in the
Limited, Klsgsrs Full*-. <>n'   hom ..f my raftering help ca  Wi iis
  reading a newspaper I    -ansa
•i eme thai was quite similar t" mj
.wn t-.i^-i-. wrought I*, ths dss of l'r
Wiiiiiiiu-.' Pink I'ili- . I though! It
■ue.iliei  |.vrs..!i had i • i   Li
pills ..I .-in*!i suffering as I was
• ii.-ing. surely there sras b"|s*
tor in.. and 1 at et
truggiat for n supply ol Iheee pills.
n.e 11r-t indication   thut   tha   pills
nice of   tha   feeling   of   oppr. -
riien I began to take solid food with
>ut lit!,- feeling   of   distress    I still
•.•iititiiu-il taking the pills wit'i   an
mprovemenl every day. until 1 could
• all kind- of food without the
- u.-i trouble or distress I nm in
plendid health to-day an.) nil the
•redit is due to Dr. William' I'mk
Iir. Williams' Pink Pills go right to
be   root   ot   indigestion   and
'roubles   by  making  rich,   red   blood
which tones nnd   strengthens   every
>rgan nf the bodv     That is wbv tbev
cur,' nnnemia. With all its headaches
mi baakaches and aideachea, rhenm-
iti-ui  and n.'tirnlcia ami the -•
ailments of growing rirls and women
,f all ages   Bold   by   nil   medicine
lealera or by mail sl M cents s bos
-   boxes  for fi W by wrilinc tin*
Dr  Williams' Medicine Oo .   Brock-
ville. I bit
Where Weakness i-.   Disease   Wil!
H one rafters from any org-
■iiiie weakness, inherited or eontract-
..I,   lb. ie   di-.-n-..   nili   settle   v. Ii.ii    it
- the body.   Therefore drive oul
•In* paina that beast y**u. do nol  let
n eld nl  c'.ugh bain •- - *.u. and
-piiut.iiy organs in good healthy  condition,    i
.   Hi   Than       - Pre-
vention i- the »
There is no satiafeiction keerver
than being dry and comfortetble
when out in the hardest storm.
AV/O,     » T[OV W1JVB.
m ohmu B-xsrwittSt
Tire  Dunk  ol  Montreal   Ims  purch-
i rite ;... i. handsome building
al Portage Is Prairie.
Tbe papyrus iis,*d by the ancient
Egyptians wus made from tbe stems
of a peculiar water reed growing In all
parts of Egypt. The outside layer of
the plant was removed, aud beneath
thia there were found a number of lay-
era of s delicate, pithy membrane.
These, being separated, were placed In
layers. A second layer *.vaa laid at
right angles to and above the first and
sometimes a third over tbe second.
Heavy pressure was then applied, snd
the layers were firmly cemented Into a
fair article of pa|«*r. No gum other
than what was contained In tbe plant
Itself waa uaed ln thc process. The
papyrus wns very much stronger than
the average pai-er made by tbe modern machines. The sheets were com
i.i..it!v made from six to twelve Inches
A   Plaaaant   Duty— "Whin   I   kntm   anything   w-rthy   -f   n- ■ rimielitl-iti ni.   I   '-mill   niv  duty  lo i.!l  n.    .-ay-   Be.
'   • i •• k.     if     llaiuliurc.     l'a.   br
*ig!iev.'t-  Catarrhal   Powder  ha.-  <*ur,-d   mi*
.1   .'ii.arrh   of  fl>. nuntr    li   i-
rminly niatfical in its eflcer 'I ;i«- hr-t
1.1*1 in mi.in Li.iriti.d ate in Sre minutes.
■«.  CM."   9
or Sore Muscles due te Colds,
Strains or Rheumatism
will haw '. t.t- lutlammftLiiin tlmt rmiwi the
latnttfaj quirkt* r«uo»-wl by flnl Uathmg
Witb   hot   w-aier. tWu   rutiumj   ot)   brinkJy
Johnson's .
Ita wond^rlul powrr ta ri»atro»  pa... baa
audr it laiBttua amtra 1810
21c.. thr** timaa ai nui.ti .'.."     All daalara.
I. S. JOHNSON a CO.. Boatou. Haaa.
ocnownMo  stops  loss.
Mii.-krut- have m\ . am "I
* it>. lows
barrow into th.  earth, coming ap in
Thej  honej nb lhe lawns
nn.l dig around r   . build
:    ;   are being killed
•I their    i .
I ..tUa vita horna ara danramtir*
ara a mraiut mvnar* tn parx.tu
a id f-tbar raltla. Jt-r..-rn ti.-m
^ .Ienlr wid witballrln ;«ii. win.a
/ .1 pvar tn I mtaataa. Sntaharah
r-rthod. Laa.aa a rlaar. trlaan etc
■ wi pi., otcr. milk, ataara niafca
Utter tMcf. aaa-d forfraa book srt.
t. I.Bctaaaa. netaa. Datana, Cat,
in In Fr
Minard's   Liniment  Cures  Colds,  etc.
rio^-H's ea-.-* to trln a woman a
love. Jusi %i\z - - nb tiie money she
iv ants.
Illoi—You doi.'' cul that easy, Oo
thr   11. -nl.
.   ,, -   * le
$100 REWARD $100.
Tlia r-sadan. f thii rapar will ba plaaaaa* to laai«
tbat Ibrre la at Iraal oaa draadad dlaaaaa tbat »-,»».<
baa lm.. al.lt. to rata la all Ua ataaaa. aad tbat la
Car,*,. Hall • CaUrrb Con la tba o«Ir iw-.tlra
ran. bow kn.,wa ,o lha ret*. . al tralamitr. CaUrrt
.» na a r-tn.u,a,iitai.l <l.*tm.. miu.na a ron.,.,a
I .nal ,r.*airianl. IUII*. .'alarrb lura la Ulan in.
l-mall,. art.M dl-actli oa tba blood and a..™,
•"itlai-aa ol tba «>«aa,. lliatab, da.tr" Ina tba foun.l
anon „r lha d ara-a, an.l a*,,nc tha |ta. .ant ..r-tiatn
I., ba.ld ng U|> Ilia i-onHl.ol an an-. aaal-Jt'na na.ora
In it.i.n. .ta work. Tl.a pr'pr-.or. ba.a K, n.u.B
la lb In *t. .-uralna ,....m Uial 11 .T ntrr t»na m
dtwd IS.Har. (.., an. nm .ba. .1 la.la to para, boat
tor l.atol taatlaten .1-
II It,.. r. J. . lit NEV * Oo.. Tolado. O.
Sold ... draff.*.. *■>
Taka Hall'. Iaa.il,  P.Ila lor oo-aatlpallofc
At  the  l.nn.iiiet  give,,  in  his honor
a!   Van."..ver.   Bit   MeK-ii7i**   lb.well
.m I the bo:.* Ui .i Newfoundland
would   i*-iii   tin-   eoiife.leintii.il   nt   no
distant .Int.-
Select aa far aa ;. ■- ' le females
which conform to the standard of excellence of l!»- breed. If this Is netom-
pUshed It will In-iiire n ltniforinity In
type that Is highly .|,-lrnble. If In ad-
liti ui to thi' it is possible 10 select
cowt nnd heifers that nre similarly
'.red tbey trill be mors bkely to pro-
•|.."" otal'irm'tr in the . otTsprinB.
wiD find juil the Underwear you
want—tight size and right weight
\ deputation ir..m the Auatrlan Hut-
he,,' a nil Km have u.-ked the imr-
t,., ol sgricultute t*. permit Ihs Imitation ..l meat from ths l nitad
-tat.*- and other countries In   order
, in,*, t ths shortage due t.. ths ch—
in.* ol ib** Berrien frontier,
Ea.   what   vou   like    Hive   "le   die«tln*
SawMi   "•   do. ti..'«-   "".*■■
,.n-   in.  I   t*M" .-■'   M   "'"' ••   M   »">'   I.»rl
i ii.. human anatomy, bat it '•>.>. '<
tallrate give them ia«- »i>l ,h"' llr %""
iiii- Pineapple Ts'.lela slferd ami .'....
in fin aiivthins ilini'a wholeeome ami
alalal.li*   6J  In  a   1><>».  M rcnla.   8
VV )■' Hunton, a larmei living near
Moiiomii   Mich.,    bus    found    tbe
keleton ol S mnn in a hollow    tree
.ai hia horns   Ths bones of ..ne nnn
,,l i ii ..haltered mui appearancei
indicated thai the eaeleton was thai
d some hunter who bad crawled Into
he tree for protection from tha cold
,'•• wild beasts after being Injured.
say thnt i.
major said:
say lo those
stand for them
Tell III.*m
miming d..«n ..ur country,
thnt they .in Hnd iinylliing anywhere
in Colorado."
The Frenchmen were right, however,
for tlilM black rock wiih n melt-or aud
bad falleu from  the aLlea.
//   tiy.t tfitnt
tn  a   nrirty  ol fabric*,  atylee  and
|„  .11   llsai   'or   women.   ""«»
duldicn, tnd guaianloed by your owe -*al*.
• nd
vt a.nli.n lUIrr Thine*.
The milk palls, strainer, milk and
cream cans and cream separatoreboold
Im> kept seropalouslj dean, 'ib.-y
should be rinsed In >*»id wuter Imme*
diately after oatng, than washed In
warm wuter containing a Uttlesalaods
or dairy Washing powder (UUa war-hiug
powder ahould nol contain BOap) and
then   SCalded   III   bn.ling  hot   wut.-i   or
steamed and then drained and, if i*****1
alble, net lu the ■*.». lo dry. Dee S
brush In trashing lhe ttt.-nslla rather
than a cloth.   1'-- met wc- with a cloth.
A Carafnlly   Prepared   Pill.   Much
nine and uiteiitnui were expended in
tb.* experimenting with ingredients
ilmt enter Into the composition oi
Pannelee'a   Vegetable    Pills   before
Ihey   were   brought   te  tl.e    state    ill
which they were Di I oflerad to tbe
public. Whatever other pills may j
be, Parmelee's Vegetable Pills nre
-In* result >.f much expert study, nmi
• II parsons suffering (nun dyspepsia
or disordered Meei .."'I kidneys may
confidently   s pl   them   ns   being
«bai tbey me represented (o he.
/.*, ..!«..  Ultra.
Zorouster enjoined purity of liotly ss
well na of soul, and the Avcatn pre-
acrlbea very elaborate ablutions and
lllstrntions  to remove uuy tlcllleincnl.
Tiio greeteet pollution is that which
urlses from culacl with iinylliing
dead, ns .tenth Is the ereiitlnn of Ahrl-
ninn ami his greetesl triumph over the
power of Ormssd. The code of the
Vendldsd assigns tl.e "nine nights' ablution" for the purlllcnlioii of persona
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratchet and
every form ol contagious Itch on human or animals cured in 30 minutes by
Wollord's Sanitary Lotion.
Mr-   Harriet Lotrry,   of   Franklin,
l'u . Conaidera it worth 110,000 to b •
treated to a coal .•( stove poliah, mo>
la--.*- and feathers     Bhe tras I
iu this mannei I.y t.»ir other women,
i thorl tune uge. uml imw  eulei
(i.i damages
Minard's Linimant Cures Diphtheria.
Tfel   • I. ..   " r....n.
The civil crown was u lloinun honor
given to the soldier wbo saved the life
Of s citizen I.y slaying nu enemy.
ao polluted. It consists In
sprinklings wllh In.ly writer and olher
Ihliild. accompanied by n wearisome
amoral of ceremonial detail, to exorcise
the spirit of dellleineiit. Tiio Oreek
Writer I.iielnu In one of his humorous
dialogues seems lo ridicule this purificatory rile when he says Hint lhe Magi
In nine nights cleansed l'ylliagoroa of
all his sins In life. A. V. Williams
Jackson lu t'eutury.
Vnlaorlir   So   Irlah   TV-all.
There are certain natloua that hSTS
tbe ouallty of vulgarity strongly In tbe
blood, aud Indeed It seems to teatlfy
to a strong nud full blooded vitality, a
desire for self assertion, and thus we
may expect to find vulgarity dogging
like a shadow the footsteps of strong,
capable and pushing nationalities. But
there are certain nations that bave
been accused of many faults that yet
bave never beeu accused of being vulgar. The Irlah are .. case In point
Tbey hsve been accused of le-rlty, of
undue conviviality, of frivolity, of s
tendency to romance, of untruatworthl-
nesa of Irrespouslbll ty. but they bare
never beeu accused Of vulgarity. There
lies deep In tbe Celtic temperament s
rich vein of emotion, a strong relish for
tbe melancholy aide of life. It Is on this
that their Incomparable sense of humor
Is based, snd It aiuy be aald that no
n"'acrles of i one who feels st borne wllh melancholy,
who luxuriates In the slrnnge contraat
between tbe poealblbtlea and tbe performances of bumnniiy. la In sny danger of vulgarity, for one of the esscn-
tlal componenu of vnlgnrily ta a complacent self ssllsfaellon, snd If s man
Is spt to dwell regretfully on whst
might hnve been rather than cheerfully
upon whst Is there Is but little room for
romplacency.—A. C. Ueuson In Atlantic. |
Made in azes lo pedetlly fit
every man—and in the right
weights for every Canadian
climate horn  Haldax  to the
Guaranteed unshrinkable, too.
Ask your dealer (or
After Labor, Recreation
Travel   Is  the  Acme ol
When vou travel secura tbe
l-ent iri equipment, 0. inwrt.
an.l sulciy. and use tlie
Excursion rntea this winter
in  every  direction. liaat.
South and W.-at. Make your
wants known to any Canadian Northern agent, who will
be glad to lurniah the tulleei
Information, or write
H. 8HAW,
Traffic  Manager,
U    No.   611 ^m\
-,.  ,*
Ia Printed ot Troul I.sksiliy, anu PulillsU-xl
al I'Uiguaun aril] Tl'.'Ul Ijtaasvi'i V I'liuraUa;
Tne F..III >r I >'•■ not aol4 htmialt r.apon-
tlblo tot ttll .i|Mii|.,,ia of O'lrri'SjiHlldaiilli at-
pru,. i* J l.l Hi coit.mt.s
All licnl. will lie* ctmrxart at tl.e ml*, of 16
• i*..i. tier Una, Oral I..seni.m, niiO ll) tenia ...*.
|l!..'i«.liauli>riiiieiit Itiaerl'.eli. '
Tmna tor Transient and ottar ajvunr- i.f
will ic inaje Knnwtt on .'.ttpllciilltin ul uitt-M
Buoaari; lion ti.uu a vour. In u.'ivaie*..*.
Pedro Mineral Claim. sitnat* in
he Trj.i". L ake Mining diviaiun nl
West Kootenay Distr c*.
Whore located: On South' Fori*
ol Canyon Creek.
t Take notice that I, Fred. C, Elliott, P. M. C No. D881G7, acting
Sis ngenl for (.'Iui n (iruce Weelfiill,
adminibtratiix ol the tBtalc ..f
John W. Wes'fali, deuoasod )•'. M
0. No. B8S0IU, J. M. Miller, K M
C. No. B88157, iti.l M. V. Oheslnui
V. M. C. No, li88153. intend Btxiy
dnys from diln hereof, l-vnppiy lo
iho Mining Reorder lorn Cert fi
catc ol Improvements, 'for tbo pur
pose ot obtaining ii Ci'-tvii Gra t
nf the above claim.
And further tako notice  lhal a.
lion, under section -57,must be twin.
Uicnced before Uio Issuance of spoil
Certifiea'o of Improvements.
Dated this IStli dav October, A,
O. 190o.
A. K. Fraction, Bel!   Hoy. Floreiijoe|
J-'orbea Fraction,    Glooacap. <ilooa"»|
No 2.,Gloo8cup No. 3.. Home Ran l.od.
Jiimbv Indnpsiident., Kootenay No. 1
Kootenay No. i., K.iolensy Nu. 3 ,-Frac
lion, Lardo, .Morning Star,  May,   i *.i
No.I. May No. 2 , May No. 3, May No.
4. May No. 6 , Pilot Fraclion, Pilot, Re-I
wtrd Fraction, Ha'alor,  Rtttler No. 1.,'
Union Jack Mineral Ci.ii.-ii3 situated in
the 1 rout'I.uk.. Mining division ot Wesl
Kootenay district.
Where located:—On Six and Sever.
Mile creeka tributoriaa ol the Smith
Fork of Larni-au Creek,
-Take Notice tbat I, I*. C. Elliott
Free Minora' Uertlftcnte. No. Brlsi«7
acting nc agent lor The tlevrapl
Uold and Silver Mining Compnii.-
Limited. Non-I'orsonal l.iabillli
• Free Ulnars CerliflcaU No. B8830i, iii
tend, eixty dnye from tho dtitti here.-i
toapply to tho Mining Recorder toi ■
Ce.tittcatet of Improvements, (or Un j
purpose cI obtaining Crown Uruntt'.
the abovo claims.
And farther take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commence.
belore tbo ietuauce ol auch Oertift-ral.
ol Improvements-,
Dated thia itb dav at Oct . in.
Co.ii.actB ent."
to an*- point m '
tiiio.1, prompt tt
"Legal Notices.
Canadian mineral .lain., ailtiate In Ihe
rrout l.ake mining division ol Wet-t
KootStlSV district,
Where b.eaie.l:  On Peren Mile creek
-Villi! Fork ..( l.ar.l.-ii.i.
rake notice trial 1  O.B ,N    Will io
aii.vj    ii«   sgeni  for  l>avi.l    Cuwn
"*K.M 0.   No    1)88101,    and.I..im.  I*.
Iljcklilriri F,    M       0. 0
Ua in -',   . ite di sixty   dat-s Iro u   in
i.i* I.,*    rj .       lu     h|•} iy     lo      lb.-
■ ■   Iteoonlui   foi   a Certificate  ol
lni|irovuii.oiiti, f..i* the i urpose
i..; u Omwn Grant nf lhe  above
- id further Uke notice thai action,
under-cell.i. '.', muni be eniuini-iii'ttd
betorn ibe laattailce ..I CertilU-a-.e ol Improvements.
Dated ibis 'JOHi day ..I An;., a.i>. li-OG
*vip«hp« ne« rturn.
E. R. vipor
Trout Lake Uv
': ■ *. '
A .-I:
Stables tt Troul
LAKE-VIEW HOTEL|tivo«txahc
j SUPPlV   (50;
Bar well Supplied with Liquors &, Cigars
Large Coinr.irinblc Rooms,   Excellent Cuisine and Attendance.
By ua nR Water supplied  by tic
(f}\    Company you are  asMmd i-f "'•  ■
•__•   lute purity,   Government Analysis.
©    tn bad; up statomentft. *.::::::
Hugh McPherson - - Supt.
PropjwTH. Jones,
I, .ii    Binders,    Fine   Job
llnr.livxre,  Ulnars'  Br   plies, Stove
nn.l Iiiiuuea.
Excellent    Accommodation
Best Liquors
And Very finest Cigars   R
Notice is hereby given ti at ^C
days from date lmreoi I intend lu
apply to lhe Chief Commisioner oi
Lands A \Vor!u for a special ii-
cer.tsc . *t *i il .*. yatvay tim
ber from the following described
lands: —
Titnbrr olaim N... 1. Commencing at a po't plants.! oi the nocl-
sido of Poplar crosk, 30 feet fron.
tho cr«ex bank, about § mile* f.-. m
Poplar markeJ Henry Magi,ti-on'-
a>. E. c .rner pott;-thence w.s'. 8'J
chain**,   thenoe   norlii   80   olivine.
' I
tin nee eaet 80 chaina, thence EO-.-.tl
80 otutini bacU to point of eommen*
I. catedNov lS'-lt. 1906.
Ueory Magnusou, Locator.
Eric Strand, Agent.
No. 2. -Commencing at n j-os-
planted on the north t-iilc of Poplar
Creek, TO f*-ct fron. the crrek b mh
and ad] iuing No. 1 post, ubnul 8
miles from Poplar, [marked Henri
Miigini**' 'it* N. li. oil.cr i u>t;
thence soiiih80 cliainn, thenoe ►» u-
th 80oliai.'i, tlionce west 80 chain.
t'lcinia   north   80 cli.iina,   tb.'i.c. j CJ
John Simpson,      Proprietor,
Best Hotei^ Ui Town,
M\h\Wm for Minii and CMial M.
Stavhcv> & Co.
WHOLESAr.E DEAt.EttS In I'.utter,
I .*-**.    C.cr.c,    Produce   anJ   I'ruit
Houston Bk.,Toiephine 8t.Kelson, B.C
Hotel and
Ceneral Store
It pays t.i use tha Telephone.    A
I leogthv trip can often I"- taved. Offices
nt   I'ercuRon: Cnmmini' Store; Trout
Lake, Pust Office; alto at Ueaton, Cora-
ami Ar rowhead.
j Watch-repairing,   etc.     Ail work
OMUois fiMtnTroBtLais>fi.G
Q   C
F. B. Wells
fi\" No. 8ft.
V \    3rd   Thursday each
' Ny  x mm.ti..
irning llrethren ror.iiailv Invite I.
1. I-.i.lirci.s,.,*. P.O.Campbetl.W.41
Sandy Laughton
IlIiN  'i-iiini; Fergoenn vou
should stay at Iho Lntdt-ati
lintel,     Here   tho   visitor
wil   hi   surrounded   will.
!.* u.<- .*i.ii.f..i*.<.   Excollciil
cuiaioe,     well   ventilate i
and    warm    rooms,    *a-.*1I
atot'ke.1 bar.  nnd  cv. ryihing which
'.-iii*-  io-*....|-   nia&ing yt.iir visit a
|.l.-aeii..t and memorable ..ne.
lti.te-1 from $1 day,upwards.
We hi rive t.i jiln.it*... onr pntrniis.
LAKB   l.OIuiK
I. 0.0. F
ij, ii.-.t,-,,. \ .;
ItiC.il.ir ID-Mtlns* l.clilllt
,. . ifallt.w'i   ll„ii   ••'• rj
■ I Inv  rilirli.    .'    I
,,•,-.„ k       ,'i-ltl.'.:   l'l '-.Ic
, ne .1 l.nlly arelouuie
Trout Lake  Pity Tram
and St ago Lino.
mm Jtmx. i»hfi  miatiisa tw tm i-*wwntt«u»y.'ii»av^»
{ Ferguson    I
I Trout Lake I
I        WW ft
I Beaton
I Daily Stag* i '
I Ictvc F-frgui
T a.m.
1*1 Trout Lake air
In eennectic n.
A. M. Craig"    Wm. Crawfcv
Imperial Bank 6i Oanad
Hrnit Office
TOHON10.   ON: !
CAPITAL I'M" I*?,. /.*2B,C0C.
REST 4.426,OCO
D. 1:  wil KIK, President. lion. ROBERT IAFFR \ Y
BRANCHES    in  the   I'ruvii.cea of  Alberta. Sns.kavbeii.in,   Bl *
Manitoba, < lutarlo and ' J-n cr.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT. - Deposll   r.* eived ind Interpol ■
1 nrreiit ralu I. • 1 Opening ul tit count.
l.cttarr, of rreeit. iMnedavallaMeia     ,
i*«r   of 1 ho world
*,i i al at'fi.loa cii«n to eollaclloni a.
Mn..1 tr Hi.I., *..
Arro vh, id Br.Micb—
■l.l:. I A'
Review Job Dept.
For High-Class WorW.
r. M. S'li'ilnrJ. M.-e.'j^
: Bavbcc Sbop!
(iood Shave or Hair Cut
lul.l or Silver       »' •'.'■
.;„ldan.l Silver tl! 00
Silvei nn.l l.cn.l  2 50
.(•opittr     1 00
/ine II 50
S   SHANNON,  Issayer
Tn.ut LakcvD. C.
RBiams &Co w»»«Z£«hn«».
Dealers in all kinds of Fresh M.i.t
Hot and Cold Batha*
Oeo.a. stsOMtar. J  A.Uarvej
soi.icrror.s, i.ic.
rto'ii-rii.ir. lor Imperial Haul, of Canada.
Barber Bl
,,,     *.
Koi Gi. •' i  *
H*a\    u'
Tl l'l i w. i
Hot ati-Jl  C«W  l.
e>*? S*-***-* CMJ Sit<irSr& C^O«S »t
Zbe Uotel Beaton
BEATON, b.c.	
.   •■
YISITOns srrivinp nt Beaton (the tbrppbol-J nl the Lardean]
via Arrntvhe.iil, itlll fuel lliii Hotel It* be lolly equipped
for hiiib-cliit-a tJiulc-. (excellent occnminodallon. A srell
»pli0:nte.l and fpacioin, iliiiin:.' hall. The besl of M'tnes,6pliits
an,I CifiHrg. l'en-oiml snpervisi >n is given to lha requirements of
patrons. Yitilorb to Ihe I iiriiemi ..In rolv on coinlorl at thin hotel.
cast  80 chsin.",  back to  point  ol   |
W. BOYD -:-  -:- Prop i
-a.  Q
x<* -CL-as^owja 5a-4**3k.*» *rmti**x%vn awsMss-ri oukvq tyirro, ashSI
Lomti'il Nov. 18ih 1906.
Iln)' r Mngntisno    L-cllor.
Eric Strand   Agenl
No. 3. Cnmtncnoing et a post
planted on the Jnorth side of Top-
IsrCicck, 500 feet from [thu creek
bank, and nb .ut 8 miles from Poplar, mmike.l Henry Magnu*ons N.
W. comer post; thence eaBt c'.nins
thence s-uith 60 chains, thence
wet-t 80 chains, theno north -0
ehains. back to point ol commencement.
Located Nov. 18U. 190&i
Doer/ Maanneon,  Looalor.
Eric BirMid, Agont.	
Notion i-i hereby given thai  •'!''
.lavs aft..;- date. I Intend t'> epply
to tho H 'ii. f^hicf C'.m'iiis-t'nner of
I/indp and Works for a spuci il li-
cense to cut anil ..-nny nway tini-
Nn.   1, Commencing   at a
* pout plsntod nn ilie north   side  of
I Rap'.'l Creek 1,(03 feel from creek
2 miles from l.nrd'. River mark-.!
Chun. Hunan's N E corner posl;
the.ncc wes'SO ohaina, ihenee «o-i-   her from  tho following  ilosorrbecl
th 80 chains Ihcnce oaat 80 clmins I'a'nrtt llltiatc in  Wett   Kootenai
thence norlh SO chains   buck  tojdist'ic :•
Pisco of comtmiiccmrnt. N„j       C ..nmeneinp „t n pmt
No 2     Commencing at n po tlp'anteil on the unutli-onsl cornor nf j
plaoted on toe , oi th  fide ot Kaj :| M. Bestoti's pre ereption,   marked
No'ioeis hereby given thai 6(1
dsys after tlie first publication of
this noitoo m tha B. C. Guietle; I
ntend to apyly io tho Hon. Chltf
toromisslonor of Lands and Woil s
for  a spaoiul Licence  to rut  *i d
idj creek 1000 fe-t from creek 3
m lm from Lard > River markod
Chae Hansons N E corner post;
'hnnce we*.t 80 ohains tlience roi-
in 80 chains thenco oast 80 c'miiiH
tbence north 80 [chains back It,
point of commencement.
No 3 ComniriicinR nl a poi-t
planted on the north side of Rapid
cede lOOOf.et f.oai  creek   eb'-uV
a.E Evanf Bouth-weat corner post
Ulcere north 160 c.'.nine; t'enco
cn«t 40 clia'ns; tliPtic..' rotith lfiO
clni'ip: thence west 40 chnins to
point of commencement.
Dalc.l, December 12 h. 190B.   I
A. E. Fvnni.
No. 2       I'ommeooin? n' n nost
planted on lhe ms' line of   T/icn1-.
4 miles from Lardo River marked j ion No. 1. and marked  A.   E.  Ev-j
Chas Hansons   N  E corner post Jan's Soiitli-e-*s' r"rm«- wl: 'hecne
THERE '. .ve been f.irliineit
iii.i'ic by judicious Invest-
ment in Real EslOtn, and
intra f•..:m.■« will be made than
p.er t'.e n xt two in litres years,
Tbe oue wim ivapti ii,.- harvest is
i- r.ginal  In veal nr, for hi   I.iih
his in- ii'i on a ieilainty.
Now Iel   IIS Ifill!  OUl I" ton llrllt
there i» n-. helter spnl .... the Con*
ti: *i.l t.i i nv It *.il ICntnt.i than
Trout Lake is the prettieil spot
ii  ihe  Kooiciiiiys; as a pleasure
I.R   I I    it    has II.I   < I|lllll.        Boiltil.fr
..nl Qeliii.fl may he Indulged In
Ihn y.ui' round j while bit; game
in abiiiidnii.o is to tho found on
llie yil«. lis clin.nto Is superb,
theni b* \oo no i-r-'iit extrenii'S, it
In i. r: mild in WH ler nnd (*"ol In
(summer, 1; en I. n-t of s-mc "f
iii- liii'-r-t lii.ti'lg and residences i..
British Columbia. Lt- ptr- et*-> are
will In d .*nt nnrl graded. Tle.o
nre Iwo i*xt'c!I*t t eonera] i.ii*r<s,
and a glauite at Ihe advertisements
in tn*-  jlilll'lllll   will  show  that llll
iPfldt'SaWO f.irly -.v.-'l represented.
Write wiih confi li'iu'o to Ag-nis.
thence went 80chains   lliecco sou-
carry away limber from thc follow] lh 80 ohains thence past 80 chains
ing described Lands   situated  in'ihcnce "noil h 80 ohains   hack   to
Vest Kootcnny Dictrict. i point of commencement.
_ .. ,-, Located Oc«. 28th 1006.
rc.nf.nucd >n next column]     , Han^n ,omU ,
north 100 cliniiis. tlience ensl 40
chains, thi-ncu south 160 cli ins,
bonce weet 40 chains lo point of
D*ted, Deoember 12th.  1000 '
A. E. Evans.       '
H. McPherson
Trout Lake, B.C.
Lots can be
obtained on
Make your
selection at
once.   ::  ::
Then cill on
or   write  to
_T j_ji
IT h»« tisv.r hsud » '' • om " -lie
i;ion:ii ban bfcen sl. sd^. It is
tiie head < f i -avigation, a' .1
il* tritiiii a! < f ilm 1 aid.. l.ia*"h
of He C.P.R All roads (ti U.e
Lar.'in'.) lead to Tr* in i.-tkc It
in ihe commercial .*< i.m«*. f lhe
li.lr.t ii.ii..*!!il .ii.tii.t on the
Continent, Si d hns I k.1 ivy, '. I
in -    | i. vi.l. d    by    'he   I... j SI:»I
Bank of Cansda ; Brsl i leas id'oel
in .*. nin* .la' b n under tbi . ir* c
lion .f S. SI.ami.in, U.A.; n : .* .1
water system | pp.veromenl i tot* t ;
Cunt) Hour I sKltngai M-ih <'■>'
Episcopal aid Anglican chuNhei
tnd I'oitago hosnlial,
llicre an- iiilitiil.le ranch landi
on ihe outskiril RWaItln*2 seitUr..
Its lumber resonrccs are magiiifl
y it, i.ii.l a bend saw mill <• it1* -■
Capacity ofCO.O-tfO I'. |c,r dr.y is «*■
f c lead of the lake. 'I'i i* inii**s
tiii iiimy aro proving oul I Igj < i
producers .uiy  j.iir. with   utw
p'(!*-|.tt   i.)i iiing up uch bi.i.iu   if
Tl ere w ill In a hig . tu Ii lh n
-Hui, ... if ipu Would liht'tv
more, write »l on<« to .iil.i of
the ngcniK nt the addresses i.f low,
F. B. Wells
General Agcct
Revdstoke, E.G.


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