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Lardeau Mining Review 1907-02-14

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 I -.
Has a li,.'}jor oiroU
Ition t Imn any
Newipaper in N
Sootenay. Boat advertising   ttiditin
HIMIHMHWM ■_BI_t*»_t_nB*B^B«
Lardeau Mining
fas?      ' ~"":—
I FEC22I907 -r-
R1A, B
The representative
of tin. rich Laribau
eour.trv.     Sent t<> I
any adilieRs for $2
p-.*.' an. in advance
TROUT LAKE CITY, B.C.  Feb. I4;h.   1907.
No. 17
NOTH'st   10   DKl.lMiDKNT COOWNK"
! t»'M., M I'iirlt-r, r,r   In wli itus ie
,.   I.... 1   hnv.-   tmi,*-fcr.etl   his
t Bin the ISiiltimoru sod  Brookl y"
ninerel .-lilm.
I^Bui.tii'i*  that  I,  iho undersigned
^^■eruitli  vou   in  the   Ualtimora
ami ■.Brooklyn       minora! olsiml
(laim, sluiHie 011 N'nrth loik of Lardeau
Stiver  l.S,   mil' ■■• ir un I'l-ri-..!' **n
■ .-H'rmit   Uke   Mining  Division nf
BT<L,;lL-!iay,   l.uve   pe.furine.l  thu
*   JMai 1 work and made the nec«uary
^Btuie nn   the above   mention.!.!
W t..r   the year      19 0 8 in
< ^^Bc I."Id thu i-nuu- under section '.' I
Hklir.cral  Ail,  and  the  vein, lor,
- .iBsi.nl hoik t-f.. pei i'-iiiii'*! nn.l eiJ
^^ftr. raa.lu having .'ipl.<-.l, I here-
I g'Vi yon uotlce thst if within 00 dnys
-001  tlm   Brit  I'lihli.ntiou hereof you
fail ot refuse to contribute your propur-
i:   Hlshi.ri. nf such expenditure and
Smb c«its of this advertisement vour
^Bt in thc and mineral cl-.iin nill
^Hthe property ol the undersign in I
^Ka»d by vutoo .,( ecciion 4 of the
^p.1 Acl Aiiiendinent Act. WOO,
|.i ut li "in   I.ake this  -ith  dav of
il«-r. lH(m.
lOMl'to.N  aud   VV. WAI.I.CR.
^^^^^^^ Co-Owners
Tp I Cartel or to whomsoever he
may Iimb linuslt-rred   his in Went in
the P... lal*. iii.*1   Cul... tiun lluv,
Tske i.i,*iii) thai we, the uudersi|;..c,l
coo»n»r    ail), you  iu the    Parishoio
mt       si. J     U.e       Cii.i.i.tin     Hoy
Minersl claim, s'tuat e in tonih erf
tilde of Lardeau creak, ueat Seven Mile.
n tho   I rout   take   mining  division * i
W. botenay, have perloru.ed the nee
esearv work and umde the umisery ei*
pendlt-rr" pn   ihivp-iiientiotied claim
^^^jears 100b AWO-i, in order to hol.l
|mc nnder seciiou "-i of ll.e Mlner-
..——-—-. and  the vear  lor  which said
work wai perlormel having ex pin I, w
hanky give you notice that if will.in 9
Bnrom the first publication here
*. Hlail or refine tocontrihut. your pr
DOrtloi.i'c  share ot  sucl.  expei.dit.i
and j»v tic roii of thisadvertiseme .
oar intereet in (lie said  mineral clu
will become th-> proper!v of  theundi-ri'
signed under and bv virtue o' section*!1
Hpe  Mineral Act Amendment Act
Dated ihit, 4th day  ol December, a.i*.
|^BJ    '     KlIIKIiTk.'K       I
\L. leomnon.
- Co-Owners.
Bfot.ee is hereby giv*n that 60
after the flret publication of
notice in the  British  Colum-
(iateti*., I inteud to apply to
Hon. l.'hi. I  ( iiiiniiie-.il.ner  of
id* aul Works Ior a spesial LV*
re t<> cut ai..! carry awav tim-
frcm the tallowing described
ll situated in West  Koolci.ay.
1. Commencing at a j-oat
ted ..n the north bido of i'op-
mm^r. fi I i-i,. t thr>e milet from
ic riv.-i marked <i E. Revell's
, corner poet; thence west  ll'.O
ins;    tho- ce  south  40 chains;
nice east 160 chains; thence nor-
10 chaina b.ick lo place o( com
Notice is hereby given thnt
daya alter thu first publication of
this iioticu in the British Colum
bia Osteite I intend lo apply to
the Hon, Chiol Commissioner
of l.unds and Works for a ipeciul
licence to cut and carry nwny limber trom thu fid liming described
lands situated in   West Kootonay
Commencing   nt   n poll planted
between Glen Creek uud Boulder
Creek, * mile Irom the Trout Lake
wagon road, marked "Malcolm
Beaton's 8>.nth eaat eornei post'-
tlience north 80 chains, tlience
wer-t 80 cb.ins, Ibence south 80
chiiii's. thence ensl 80 cli .inn ti.
point uf commencement.
Located December 20th. 1906
Malcolm Beaton, Locator.
Notice is hereby given thai 60
dnys after the firs publication of
ihia notice in tbe British Columbia Qatette, I intend> to apply t"
the Hon. Chief Oornmis-ioner of
Landa and Works for a speolal li-
cen-o to cut and carry away tim
ber from the following described
land situated in Weet Kootenay
C'.nimr'ncing at a post pUnted
between (lien Ooek and Builder
Creek, about ■} of a miie north of
Troul Lake wagon road, marked
' K I, llil'm ui's Souih-ive-t corner
post, Hence north 80 chains,
tbence east 80chaina, Ibence s .u'l.
bn chains, tbence "est 80 chain?.)
to point of coiuuici.cemoit.
Loca-el Decem'rer 2'Mh. 1906.
fcMlli.lraan, Locator.
Although dfreel communication
with tbo Bouthern end ol the dis'
Irict .:b cut . ff, I.y rti'fci'ii of the
Lnko being frozen up, butdntps
along the lino from Gerrard to
Lardo is moving along tu good
shape. The logging ' y the Oan
ad in n Pacific l'iiiil.ei* (I. nnd
Messrs. (.'..ok of Kaslo n employing a good bunch of men and
cresting un unusual nmoniii <f
THE   -   -
several   proper'
In tbe Lardeau
ties in Korfneon mil Camborne
cauips, respectively, were worked
niili notid rjftr-ulis. Development
work nt l*hs lower Sunshine tonne!
of the Silver Cup mine has -.|..-nt-d
np boveral nou-i showing! of ..re
aul di!ling pfcrt of the year, about
100 tons <.i .«.*. extracted in  the
Notici! in hereby given )'■ at 30
days from date hereof 1   intend   to
apply to the Chief Curamitioner ..f
Lands & Works  for   a   special   license   lo cut and carry away   tim- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^lmmmmm
ber  from   lhe   following described jcoui.-e -ir .iev»l..piue..t,   »e» ibip-
landiT— P*d monthly-Jo ihe smelter,    Tbe
H", i. Commencing al a post n-*--* will n«t$e operated until aft-
planted about 4 miles up «„, •<• there ahalVbe plenty oi ore a-
Creek, marked "A-flowing-aSooth|v*u*^« to ke?' U ""i.'.'.'1"'! f,,r n
We.it comer po-C tbence noJtli 80
ohaina; thenre east 80 cbaius;
thence s-uth 80 ilium-; thence
weal 80 chaini to the ;olut of
i'ou are eUrai -   ii iirl humour   if
vou use "Rising Sun" Flour
A. M.CKAH,, Ageul
Nol ice is hereby piven tbat with
in tw.. in .utl.s from thc first i lib-
licaiion hereof in ll.e Britir>!i Col-
umi.iu Qatette, I intend to apply
lo ibe Hon. Chief Commieeioncr ..t
Lands and Works for special licenses to cul indiMiiy away timber
from the following described lands
situated in West Kootenay.
No   1.     Commencing at a | oel
i      ,,«      ....   .n.n. plant* d on the west side of Camp
-ocsted Nnv.28lh  1906. \ .    .
Creek,   abcit hn'f mile from it«
Nouaan McLellan, Agent. r1„„,,1 mwrkwj ..Ar,|,„r r,.,win,v
I.    Cominencinj* At a  post North  Esst corner  poal"   thence
oiled on the nortn s de of Top- weet 80 chaina;' th-*nce aouth 80
Dt & inih'S {run I-ar- chains; thence east 80 chain.-',
river marked O.I-:. BevelTa N R tbence north|80 chains,    to tlie
tner post- 'hence west 1B0 chains  point of commencement.
i-iioo  eou'h 40 cheim*;   ihenee'
M ICO chains;  theno*  n>nh 40
[tins baik to place .*( commcicc
No.  2.     Commencing at a post
plant, d  ahoui   4   miles   Uj>   I
Cre.k, muiked ''A. Goiviug'sS.u'i. intention wai to driv
Li;    oorner   po-t,'1 tueuce   north    ft. <>i a t-iObs-cut and
conside.-abie tim .     The  Reward
Col i and Silver Mining Company
hu- been engaged in .1. iv.   n a deep
Iwvel CrorS CUI  tunnel   for  e.V| !or
aii.in |>uT|i"Bes.   The chief purpose
of iiiia work is to get u .der -re> eial
mineralised leedl out r *p,*i u "i
the hides of  th»*  n.ount in,     1 ii
about 4.0 0
ni.., at  t ..i
8il chain-; tl.en..'« w.'Si   "80 chai us;  .lUiance in, a ver! i* ul
tb.-i.ce   south   80   chailiKj     thenc**   buUt   2,600   ft. i Ti.e
eaet r>0 ci.ai.
Located January 18th. 10 -7.
A.  (io-.vii.ii, Lucat ir.
»iti tli cf a-
to tbe point of com* alio in Ferguson .'aiui'. wa
to Cincinnatii and   Ohio capital-
ist-",   who  organ ited h company
and   hav.*  title.,   been   d vtloj   t..
the mine. i
Notice i« hereby given thnt 60
•lay-, uf:,. tl •■ publication ol
lids notice   in      ibe    ) C-
unibi»  Qatette, I intend to make
applicatio   to  the  Ch ef' '.'iinni*
Tlie Ev i at CaNib rne lias ben
at work the gr-aler pail ol tin
.car, »i.d itr iaije .-In. Is oi g*-ld
.i 11r*z ci, have be* n further opened up. Tl • ,i\' rat '■ month v
put !n i:   iln  l'.'-=i..iii|i  ni :   « hen
sinner of Lands  and   U'orki  forajru ui gnaii.f a  vu ue of about
Ipecial   iicciise  to cut and earryJ$j<tit*o.   Anau    ■ ■■• -t- for ine   ae.
ing t e  nni.i.i ,-  ni item ■- h ivn
Located D.c nibnr 13th.   1906
Arthur Cowing,   Locator
Located Nov. 28th. 1900.
Norman SfoLellan, Agent
No   2      Commencirn  at a po?
planted on the wont atdtfof  Camp
Crc.-k.    about  half  niilo  fr*m i'«
I mouth, marked "Artbor Oowlng'a
■South Ea-t corner jiosi"    thenoe
went 80 chnir.*<:    thenc* north 80
away timber from tin* foil, wli
ci iH. ci   .iii-   si  i t,t • I   i.i    Weal
Kooterniy I liitrict.
No 1 < nnn ncing al a po«t
plant.-'I en the nc.-! side ui li,* imr
lb imn i.f L.rilc.ii Click, about 1}
miles t 'in I'.r.'ii *.i:. mark .1 "O.
W. Abraham-ion's sou li * asi
ner p ^.'' t • nee north So chain*1;
thence west s,i chains; ihenc
ih 80 chain*] tbence easl 80 ch tins
to the point of commencement.
Located December 7th. 1906.
O W. Abraham! !..,., "i
No. 2 C mmeuclng at n pus!
planted on t e w, st >i,i.- .,f the nor
hi fork of Lardeau Creek, abnut IA
milea from Ferguson, marked "O.
W, Abrahamann'i louth weal oor
ii, r p"-i," th. ■ c<* i:'ir b S ' chad b'.
ihenee easl 80 chaina; thence ■ utli
80 chaina] thence w H 80cbatns to
ih- po nt nf eon nt.
Located D camber 7th  1306.
O. W. Ab.'ahamsoi.. Locatoi
beeu in h tn i and op -ra ions on a
ariiei scale wi i I..* i> aagu.ated sa
is pr.ictic 'i'ii*. i apilal f'.u
.■'-ni uti ' *: .i .' * i me i in the
.   ii ice .- s n *■ i !■ be in *-.   . \  -
.tl.le. 1 in* < i)i pin* nt ol I . .-ii\- t
i i.i lai with ii ach . ■ j lint bei n
-rt.i.ii.i ..  ...  uii   c in.
i- . ioi . .'•. ng heen in.-, ailed, an
.. ri.-1 tr iniva. con 11 iided, a nl
the m»tk of getting the heavy
parts .1 t'n ll in,' ii ill up Ibe
mountain u deita~< Th M ...-
ni'ili i, - . - , irorke I nr'iii • i nul
i  i  tei K'.i. with go. d r.-fcul s.
The C. I' lv nre en.le.v.'in ini:
I., break through the ico mi ibe
Ann t * Com .plix.
| Notice    is    hereby    Riven   lhat chains    ihenee ein-    80 , bains; |
iiiiii IWO n oi.ihe from  the fir-t tbence fouth  80   rhains;     to th<
if On hereol in the  British point if commencement.
The Bowman Lumber Compan,
i a I a i.'am of horses _-.i tnro gh
ll e ice on the Ann this   *i >•  ..
I i Iln. " * iil*o Mciit in. The
whole bu cl. w re i ulled oui without uny I* ss being  Mistaii.ed.
Berl Kt.iv'cr nnd Geo. fan] left
.-ii Mo day morning f<> Gerrard,
on he ice. 0w ik o tl • M u
•« ire'eea11 b' in^ out of oommission
we bave not yet beard ul tin ir
roaohing their deatinalion.
In our la"t lisue wo published
im estimate by Provincial Mineralogist Robertson of the mineral
|,ioilu..*'i.)'*Jof Lriiisl. Colombia to
be, for 1908 approximately $26,
39 .."DO.
The Victoria Coloni-I eitimstei
the value of the products of other
Induiries to have  been:   Lu-i.br-r,
9,500,000; rurri-tiltiir.', f8.OOU.O0ti
fisheries, 18 000,0*-0; and unnu-
facluree, $ 11 ,i 00,U0U Coniparin*.
mining with lumbering, agriculture and Silling, it is noteworthy
t at the estimated '.alue of ihe
mineral production in 1906 i-
gr. ater than that of the oombiued
iut..l i.f t e priducta of tbe o'.bei
tbfeeitaple i <lus riee mentioned
the le-pective t. tal eft.mated  \al-
uei beili;-     lulli' la! p H r.iu< ts, 126-
,yt."Ui); lumber, igricullnre, nnu
ti9iiener*i    (t,»-r.i. i).   {Ji,500,00o
This is a sie wi $ ail intertited
in llie mining in J ..« r v may well
take par icuiar prul- in.
Tne dir.-. loi or the United Sra es
mints U re, rud to bave fuid in
the course t.i a receut inten iew ai
Uei '-. , 0, lo...Uu: "£lher is 2.*ing
I*, reach a price ui 70 ceots or be -
ter within two >•• arc, and wil
.  that 11 io-.     1 believe tl,a<
. . .ji'! s iiei mines tu rough-
out i e West n inch imve beeu shut
down im more than 10 years be-
cause *. tiiL inn iu | lim mil bt
Ug up again within a yeai.
i.mpij Lvcauae the price of .bi-
uiotal in un. s it >ioi .li wt.i.e. Further, let mc uate, mil is no opt,
ula ite ur h om market. The
i 71 ce • s lodaj v»ili be l*i-
ter next month m.d it will steadily
■ .ni naturally   dva <c> a j oi ■ t at u
iii, li u   high   mark,   I" sa b.v
80 ceun wiil he touched.''
these a • lacti  «orih noting—
tin carefully and officiall) eitima-
'l.d    value    ol     i),e  nineial   pio-
.ii    t   Ln i-h Colum ia   in
; lyij-i ex. .it.;- iiu increase ol ijuiie
50 (erceiit. our ih-t ui 1903, and
250 cent o»ei ibat of 1M6.
The freighters between Ferguson, Trout Lake, Benton nnd Cuni-
borne, koip over 20 milea of rouxi.
lin.ui.t.iin road ojen, the v> ar
through without any subsidy, yet
tho C. I'. B. wiih s!l their facilities and money, find it impossiblil
to ke-p 16 u.ilci ol lake .pen dur-
lug ihe Winter months. "K<>t"!
Two extensions have been granted the C. P. K. on their A & K
charter. '1 lis charter carries witb
It a cash lubiidy. Twice iho people have protested against the
granting of tbe extension. The
third time, "•■jmetliing will drop."
Write ua a Post Card saying you saw this advertisement, and we wili maU
you FREE,   a 30 page
ng  line.: of
of Interest to every
MAN who wears
J.Leckie C o
Ten years is  the  limit  if 'Lfe!
for nn ordinary barge such as  the
C. 1'  K. has on Tiout Luke
Tiie one in use hero has "lived j
it* life," and is Utterly unable U>|
"bucK Op" ugaiur-t ice. Yel, when I
the people ask them lo put in a
oarge that would keep the hue]
open with >ut trouble, their arce«-|
sitics nreignor.d.
When it roiaes to a*'-.'iug favor*,
hotrevUr, such as tba extension of|
tlieir  charier,   Vice   Pres,   Whyle
t \--.    "We   iruBt   Iho   peop'e  of
Trull Lake tc il I not oppose.'*
T'.ere is a I.n it
While we do not want to scu the
Miit-ii.l  Ait disturb-d,    we /eeli
bat it our'.t to be -l finitely tinted [
ti.at :i miiier.il ciiiim 1ms no stand-   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
,ng until i ia recorded.
Ti.e aw— us it fluid* inlerpret-l    T,,,,   . . ,.   ,    ,
, ,      ,      ., _ ,   ,,  i     " ,lle fr-taent b ocki.Q** cotiUuu-
elhv th*   Supreme C nrt—holds i >u     «-,._..„«_    mi
, .        , , et,   our pa'rons nili 1..-minuri tne
that suites  pl»nt*/d by   a fecond   .,,„,*,„••/,..„   ,        ,       ,
...... 7^ i   Kevitw   fora caip u i-f wei-k*.
p.irtv within thu 10 dav?  allowed      n._., -.   ,    ,   . ,       .   .
i. r r*.* o'dwz.  ere nc' valid. ■•        ,     ,,      ,       ,•   .
., ,   , joeuiid.    Uierebv   chmina u • av
I t.i»   allows   a   1< op-lto'e    for'        ,.,'    -.,„.      ,    ,.   .
,   r . ,   i |.\-5ihle chance  ..f >*b'aiu:ng su|-
crookedness, and   make*  the  title  ,.- „   _..„..  ..„ ,,    , - ,
p.i.s, we are  unable  t>> replenish
o .1 ims   not   tr..wn-Branied- our ,.ock of ^.^ taJ
very   .certain if any unscrupulous m ^^ ^.^^
ji.-ii.'i wishei t', take ad'antagc. ^^^
We  believe   thai  if  A slakes i
f pound on tbe tars* dav  of
trfe KT!KarJ393WK "•K'-a Z'SStSl
Local and General.
Snow, .now und then--u.oic
- ow. Snow galore; snow i-v ry-
. i.,*ii*; supplira   au t   nocessaiic
u.rwln'ie. lie    , ,i   y   IllOW-full
..iiii the A ret in weather we haw
I .t* Iv enjiy. il? with tin- inercun
,, v, i i. ;« , in 20 an i li) 1.*. i
z,*ii., hai 11 en n ' quiet iise'
, t ii.* ol llie beat >.f ua, a .1 >
alao r ipouiible loi a 1* ng'by iirt of
no*   nvenieiioes.
mbia O.uette, I intend to ap*
lv to Ibe Hon Chief Ccmmis-h-n
of Lands and Works for a sprcv
ll license t-> cil   and  carry  awav|
|mb->r fiom thu following deionb-
lundi sitnatfd In Writ Kooten
Located D. cember 13ih   1906
Arthur Gowing,   Locitor.
No  1.    Commencing st a post
  plnntsd on the norlh bank of Tool
 ■ Creek,   about   3   mile-, fr m  its
No. 1.    Commencing at a p'lt mouth, marked "Arthur Gowing s
il anted about i o» a nvle norlbcr! South out  corner poit,"   th.r.c*
rrmS.h-lie Tense,   F.ih  Riirr north 80 chaina;   thence west 80 j
.Vest Kooienay. mark, d A. Oow chaini;   theuce eouth 80 cb^iii-;|
tin's   Sonth   West   oorn-jr    poll thence east 80 chains, to the |"inl
henM north   8u   chains;  iheuce of commencement
^a«t 80 chains;   t'lenro   south 80,
i hains;   thence west 80 chaini to
|he point of o.immenccmont.
Located December 13th, 1906.
Arthur Gowing.   T/-cator.
No   2. Commencing at a post} ,-
pl,.ntc,l about* of. mil- northerly! No 2 Commencing at a poa
from Soho'ea ll'-m ae Fish Riv r i'lanio.1 on .he north bank - f loo
[Weit Kootenay, marked A, Gow Creek, ahont 8 milrt from hi
ig-. South n.-t corner pn*t; Ihcnce month, marked "Arthur Rowing I
I north 80 chains; th. r.ce wci' 80 Smith west comer post,
'thence i. uth 80 i    i   i nr-rth 80 cbal.is
chuini;   tbence i<	
I thence lait 80 i-halni to the poin*
^of commencement.
Located Jnnuary Ifl'h. 1007
A  O-iw-ng, Locs'ur.
thmc ea ! 80
rhain«;    thone south 80 c1   ll
ihen"'1 we-*l SO '• In point ol
• .-d Decimher I3ib, 1906.
Arthur Gowing.   Lcc.it
pie ^^^^^^^^^^^
the month and doe" not put it on
record wrti.in the time spe.tficd I.y
tho Act, ai d B pnta in hii slakes
'...'ciing tie Kan e g.oun.i on tl.e
3 d and records thc same, he ( B)
should n,.ve a clear and lodilput-
ubl.r title. The mere fact Hakes
were put up by A, should .-ot con-
ititblfl uuy title or interest, until a
recor.i was made ul tbo piopir of-
Mails —:he past few wtels—me
like many of ihe fein«les--''preity,
bnt u certain4 (apol**gipe.)
McBr de will have a lession of
the House half ov. r before we
k..ow tie full pariicuiars of Ibe
recent vote. Laat .Neton jsper
2nd ; lost C. ast pn] er. 3rd. Init
Com ft.iies operating at Cobalt
are c'pi'.il Z-.-J approximately at
two htiiidtcd million, some of
wli-si* anarea arc lelling at from
11*0 to 600 per cent  | renium.
Ba ne old itory.
Ti ere baa been tome imp rtant
■ enit maile iu real ciiaio around
Beaton doling the putt two weekr
Mrs. Doctor Robinson ard »*n
Rib. are visi'ing Camborne ior a
few d.i\>. Tl.ey n*e tiie the guests
of Mr. :.nd Mr-?.   F. Abey.
lhe two And.is sre "wha!--.''
When it comes to 'read-breaking'
"big Andy" takes the run fiom
rrout Lak" to Nine ili'e and "Little Andy'' from Trout Lako to
Newton W. Kmmen s ai-1 J, R
B.ttoiff are in-pet ing tne Stiiitr
Dollar  property    at    C'au.bornc
this Week.
Oscar Jao-.liion came down from
the t!.ilver Cop on Mo. duy Ci % iett
his family for .1 fe** days.
Premier McBiide and local mem
ber-Neil McKay are up agaln«t
.1 much harder p op,-i ;.n t an
they had ou lhe 2nd. i> sl.
Tin. bnc..elor iadies of Trout
Lake have formed au or-.'aii:satiou
Gents Furnishings
1'' ii*!;mm!ner3frvnmmt
Bea on is «n  'dial  frutt-grc**it» and lave taken nn o'.ligation to
-pa;—and iv 11 in the  near  future
be » h avy produior.
The B *«man Luub r 06a pany
aro trying ponder on the i e be.
twien l'e.itou r.mLArrr wl c. d.
The shortage 0! supi lies is be
.omi.i: ,1 serious matter at B ai. n
Comapllt,   ond   U.e sur.oiiudiug
umber campa ___^___
Mr. l'uller ai d O. W. Abraham-
sou are I'li-y 'orulalng'  the   limit-)
ed by t'io !oe.il syndicate, and
1     ihe loiv.i'.- be ni fit
W    ', H*n   ib t   Jaik   '. I i-in   ie
ettii u  ko 1 0  tine his :   ^fad'     rr*
n 'b  tunnel of il a He. la.     It is
it ion ti ie s -primer. -
r.i native eilv r and fieogold bar*
-;eil taken out
either "have lhe blood" of the two
geu'lcn.e:. named, or have lhe
foll-'wing petition gmcted:
'•We, the ut.marr.cd women of
Tiout Lake, pniti ,n your In nur-
able bo.liea lor a I.« levy in,' a I: x
ou bach< lore said tax to be ^ladu-
attd us foi Ions:
•' k roui 20 to 25 years, t0; \ , m
23 tc 80, $10; from .",0 to So ye: re,
$16; Irom 35 to 40 years, 120; over
40 years, chloroform iu largs fi. ses
•'Aud your petitioners further
re, rasent lhal bsc iai< r*. nr* a br-
nuclo growth on tho ship of society
im; edit-g its progress and of no
aartlily ute, except as pall.bearers.
We are not advocating tbis law
be-nau-ie wo are einnle—that concerns uc thc least. If you do uot
b-licveit, ask us sud see."
»»■-«. "w
By... i|
Emile      ::«
Gaboriau ::|
^3*SV-«**=**S»J S
tleeeeeeeeeeeeee»e»ee»eee»e*»*»»e»e»eeee»»e»»ee»»» ♦ •*■*
(Continued )
There was nothing to l.e said In reply to this. M. de Clameran lougbt a
melius of escape.
"I am a friend of M. Fauvel," lie
snld, "and this title gives me tbe right
to he us jealous of his reputation ns If
lt were my own. If this Is mil u sulll
cleiit reason for my Interference, I
must Inform you that his funnily will
shortly be miue."
"Next week, nionsleue, my taarrlage
will. Mile. Madeleine will Ic publicly
This news was so unexpected, «o
startling, that for a moment the clown
was discomfited. But lt was only for a
second, and, bowing with deference,
he snld, with covert Irony:
"Permit mo to offer uiy congratulations, monsieur. Besides helng <)iieen
of the hull tonight, Mllo. Mndi-lelne
will have a dowry of hulf u million, I
Itaoul de Lagors had listened anxiously, watching the people near theni.
to see If they overheard thle conversation.
"We have had cnongh of this gns
sip." be snld ln a dludnlnf.il tune. "I
will only say one tli'ng more. Mnster
Clown, and thnt ts thnt yuur tongue ls
too long."
"Perhaps, my pretty hoy, per lings,
but my arm Is still lontter."
De Clameran hastened to end the
"It Is ltnpoBHll.il- for one lo seek an
explanation from a innn who conceals
his identity under the guise of n fool."
"You are at llherty, my lord doge, to
asi; the muster of tho bouss who 1 nm
—If you dare."
"You are," cried Clameran—"you
A warning look from Rnoul chocked
the forgemnster from using an <*pl
thet which would hnve led to nn nffrny
or at lenst a scandalous scene.
The clown stood with a sardonic
einlle and after n moment's silence
Maiv.l M. de Clnmoraii steadily In tin*
face and said coolly:
"I was the best friend, monsieur, of
your brother Oast.ni I was his nd
visor and the cviilidant iff his Inst
Those few words foil like a clap of
thunder upon De Clameran, Uo turn
p.! deadly pale and recoiled with bis
blinds stretched Out before hlin. ns il
shi Inking from a specter. Be tried t">
answer, to protest, but the words Ir../.'*
on tils lips.
"Come, lot us go." mid Lngore, who
retained his o<iunulmlly.
And l.e dragged Claim-ran away. s.i|.
porting Inm. for he Blaggered like a
drunken mnn and clung to the walls to
preveot falling.
"Oh. Uo!" exclaimed the clown.
Ho himself was almost as murl. as
toulsbed as the forgemnster nn.t stood
stock etl !, watching the hitter SI be
slowly If. the rooi... It was with uo
decided ' iJ"Ct In view that he had
ventured 0 use the last mvstorlously
threatening words, bin ho li.ul l#wi in
spired to do so by tils wonderful In
stiiict, which with him wus like the
nmi of a bloodhound
"What can this mean?" he muttered
"Why was he eo frightened'/ What
terrible memory hnve 1 nsvi.ReiicdV I
Deed not boast of my penetration or
the subtlety of my pinna. There Is a
great master, who wittiuut any eflort
lu un Instant destroys all my chimeras
lie Is cnlled chance."
Ills mind had wandered far frnm the
present scene when some ono touched
iiim on the sin.ui.lei. recalling him.  It
was the man In the Veiietiun cloak.
"Are you satisfied. M. Verduret'/" be
"Yes and no. monsieur the count-
no. because I hnve not completely
achieved  the object  I  had  in   view
when I asked you to be admitted here
tonight: yee. became these two rascals
bebared In a mum.or wblcb dispels all
•'And yet you complain"—
"I do not complain, mi.nsle.ir the
count On (he contrary. I bless etmnoe
or. rather. Providence, which has just
revealed to u.e tbe existence of u se
not tbat I did uot before even sue
Klve or six guests approached the
count. Interrupting ihe speakers Ile
went ofT with (hom after giving the
clown a friendly nod The Inliei lu
m.inlly throw aside his banner nnd
e..irt,>d throu-h lhe crowd In uursult
of Mme. Kauvel. She had left the gallery. He found her silting on a sofa
In tbo large sulon, engaged In tin nni
mated 60S Venation with  Mndelolne.
"Of course," muttered the clown,
"thoy are talking over the Bcene. But
whnt has become of Lagers and De
He soou saw them wandering among
the groups scattered about the room
and eagerly osklng questions.
"These honorable gentlemen nre trying to Und out who I am. Keep It up.
iny friends.   Ask evor.vli.Mly."
JThey soon gave It up. but wore bo
preoccupied and anxious to l.e alone In
orde,- to reflect nnd deliberate that,
without waiting for sapper, thoy took
leave of Mine. I'nilvel nnd her tile.*.*.
Bii.-flug Ihey were going. The clown
saw tbem go up to the dressing ruom.
Dear Mother
Your bti. ones arc • constant care la
I ill snd Winter wrell.tr.     Thev will
old. cold.   Do you know .boot Shiloh'i
Conaumnton Cum, ihs Lung Tonic, tnd
whal il Ui done loc to tatty >   ll is IM ,
to be ihe only  tellable itmedy lor sll
. diaetra ef tha air pattajas ia fhildrm. .
II u absolutely harmless and pleasant lo
•ska. ll» guaranteed lo cute o. you, money
it .(-turned. The price it 25c. per bottle,
and all dealer, in MJil sell j-.
Thii remedy should he ia SB household.
lake their clonks, descend tlie grand
Btiili'ease and depart
"1 huve uollilng nioip to do here," ho
611 Id.
And, completely covering bis dross
with a domino, lie sturted for homo.
He lit n Cigar und, walking up Bt Lu-
sere street, crossed the Notre Dame de
I.invito ami made tor tl.e Faubourg
Montiiinrtre. Suddenly as he entered
Olltvler street n limn emerged from a
place of concealment and rushed upon
' lilm with raised nnn. F.ii-luiiiilely the
clown had a catlike inslinet, which enabled blm to protect himself against
Immediate .lunger and keep a sharp
watcb about hlin. Ho had seen, or,
rather, divined, the man crouching In
the dark shadow of a house and had
put himself ou guard, spreading out
his arms. This movement certainly
saved his life. Anger more than pain
made him cry out:
"Ah, you villain!"
Seeing his blow miss, tho assassin
did not return to the attack, hut Hindi*
rapidly ofT nnd disappeared In the
Faubourg .Montiiinrtre.
"That wns certainly Lagors," said the
clown, "and Clainernn must ho somewhere near."
lie begun to suffer from his wound.
He stood under u gas lamp tn examine
It. It did not appear to l.e dangerous,
hut the aiui was cut through to the
hone. He took his hnn.lkoivhiof from
his pocket and tore It Into lour bunds
und tin! his urm up with the dexterity
uf a surgeon.
"I must bo on tbe track of some
great crime, since these villains nro resolved upon murder. When such men
nre only in danger of the police court
thoy do not gratuitously risk the
chance of belug tried for murder."
Uo could not stay where he wns.
By enduring a great deal of puln he
might still use his arm, so he sturted
after his enemy, taking core to keep
in tbe middle of the road and avoid all
durk corners. All hough ho saw uo
one, ho was convinced thnt he was being followed. When ho reuched the
Boulevard Montiiinrtre, he crossed It
nnd ns he did so distinguished two
shadows which ho recognized. They
crossed the same street wheu he crossed, a little higher up.
"I hnve to deal with desperate men,"
be muttered. "Thoy do not even take
the pains to conceal their pursuit of
Ue contluucd Jils way up the boulevard und. without turning his bend,
was sure that his enemies were thirty
feet behind him.
"I must got rid of them somehow."
he snld to himself. "I can neither return home nor to the Archangel wltli
these devils lit my heels. They are
following me to lind out where I live
und wbo I am. If Ihey discover thnt
the clown Is M. Verduret nnd that M.
Verduret Is M. Loco.), there is uu end
to my plans. Tbey will escape abroad
Willi the money, unu 1 shall be left I*.
console myself Witb n wounded arm."
The Idea of Itaoul and Clameran es
caplug bo exasperated blm tbat for an
instant be thought of having them arrested nt oneo. This wus easy, for he
only hud to rush upon tin in, cry for
help, and thoy would ull three be arrested und taken to tbo stutlon. Tho
police often resort to this lngeulous
and simple means of arresting u male-
factor for whom thoy nro on the lookout and whom thoy cannot seize without a warrant The next duy there la
n general explanation, and the pnr
ties, if Innocent ure dismissed. The
clown had BUllleleiit proof to sustain
hlin lu tho arrest of Lngors. Ile could
show the letter and the mutilated prayer book, be could reveal tbe existence
of the pawnbrokers' tickets In the
house at Veslnet, hccould display his
wounded nrui. Huoul would be compelled to confess how and why be bad
assumed the unuie of Lagors and to
what end he wub passing himself off
for a relative of M. Faucet
On the other hand, lu acting thus
hastily be was Insuring the safety of
the principal villain. De Clnmcrnn.
What proofs had he against blm? Not
one. He bnd strong suspicions, but no
facts. On reflection he decided thnt
be iiM.iMjiet alone, as he had thus far
done, and would discover tbo truth
of his suspicious Having reached this
de.-lKlon. the tirst step to be taken wus
to got rid of his sii.*..lowers. Ile wulk-
ed rapidly up Hebastopol, stepping out
boldly, and. reaching the Bi|iinre, ho
abruptly Mopped, Mectiug two Bergenias of police, ho asked some Inslg-
nltlcant questi'.ns. Thc maneuver had
tbe result be expected.    Babul and
Clameran stood perfectly still about
twenty Btops off. not daring to advance. Twenty stepsl That was us
much start as the clown wanted.
While talking with the sergeants he
had pulled the hell of the door Itefore
which they were standing, and Its
Bound npprlscd lilm lhat the door wns
open Uo siepped Into tho houso. A
minute later the sergeants had passed
on. and Lngors and Clameran in tbelr
turn rang the boll. When the porter
appeared, they ssk-ad who it wns that
had Just gone In disguised us a clown.
'I hev were told Hint no masked |*erson
bad entered and that none of tl.e lodg-
crs bad gone out disguised thut night.
"ii..n ever." addod tbe concierge, "{
um nut very sure, for this house bus a
buck door Wblcb ..pens op Ht. Denis
"We ore fooled," Interrupted Lagors, "and will never know who the
clown Is."
"Unless we leurn ll too soon for our
own g.n.d." sai.l Clameran musingly,
While Lngors and the foigomiistor
were rull of anxiety tbe clown hurried
up   the   back   street   uud   reached   lhe
Archangel hotel us the <*io.*k struck 8.
Prosper, wbo was watching from his
win.low. buw bim In Ibe distance and
nin ilmvii to open Ibe door for Iiim and
led him up stairs Impatiently.
"What hnve you lourned'/" lie said.
'Wii.il did ii,ii Und outV   Ij'.'l you gee
Madeleine'.'' Were Itaoul nnd I liiineriin
nt tho hull?"
But M. Verduret was not In the habit of discussing private affairs where
he might be overheard.
"First of ull let us go Into your room
nnd get some water to wash this cut,
Which burns like Ore."
"Henvensl   Are you wounded?"
"Yes; lt ls a little souvenir of your
friend Rnoul. Ah, I will soon teach
him better manners I"
Prosper was surprised at the look of
uiercllcRs rage on his friend's face as
he calmly washed and dressed his arm.
"Now, Prosper, wo will talk. Uur
enemies nro warned, und we must
crush them with the rapidity of lightning."
M. Verduret expressed himself in a
quick, Imperious tone. Which Prosper
did fiot understand.
"I havo made n mistake, I have heen
on the wrong track. It Is an accident
liable to happen to any mini, no matter how intelligent he mny lie. 1 huve
tuken the effect for tbe cause, Tho
duy I was convinced that culpable re-
lutlous existed between Itaoul nnd
Mine. Fauvel I thought I held the end
of tho thread that must lead us 0. Untruth, i shuiiiii have been more doubt- j
ful.   It was too Simple, too mi turn I."
"Do you suppose Mine. I'auvel to be
"Ccrtulnly not, but her guilt Is not
such us I supposed.    I Imagined that.
infatuated with a seductive adventurer, Mine. Fnuvel had lirst beetowed
upon him the name of one of her rein
tlves and then Introduced him as her
nephew. This was an ndn.it stratagem tu gain him iidinlssion to her husband's house. She begun b.v giving
lilm all the money she could dispose of,
later her Jewels, which he pawned
Finally, having nothing more to give,
she allowed him to steiil the money
from her hushnud's safe. That Is :
what I thought."
"And ln this wny everything was ex- I
"No, this did not explain everything,
as I well knew nt the time.    How Is '
Olnmernn's position  to be accounted
for under my Orst theory?''
"Cluniernn ls Lagora' accomplice."
"Ah, there Ib the inistnke!    I  for a
long time believed   Lagors to  l.e the ,
principal person  when.   In  fuct,  he Is
nothing. Yesterday lo a dispute between them the forgemnster said to
his friend, 'And. above all thiugs, my i
friend, I would advise yon not to resist
me. for If you do I will crush yon.'
That explains nil. The elegant Lagors ls not the lover of Mine. I'auvel.
but tho tool of Clameran. Besides, did
our Orst suppositious account for the
resigned obedience of Madeleine? It
Is Clameran, and not Lagors. whom
Madeleine obeys."
v  Prosper began to remonstrate.
M. Verduret shrugged his shoulders
To convince Prosper he hnd only to
utter one word. He bud simply t.. lay
thut three hours ago Clameran had announced his coming marriage with
Madeleine.   But ho did not.
"Clameran," be continued—"Clameran nlotio has Mine. Fauvel in tils now-
er. Now the quentlnn ls what terrible
secret la the basis of his mysterious
power? I hnve positive proof that
tbey have not met since their early
youth until fifteen months ago, nml
Mine. Fauvel's reputation has always
been above the reach of slander. ,
Therefore we shall not know nil till !
we know Clamoran's past Ah. to- I
night when I mentioned his brother
QsstOO'S name be turned ns white ns
If he bad seen a ghost And then I re
nieiubered that Qsston died suddenly
while his brother Louis wus making
him a visit"
"Do you think he was murdered?"
"1 think the men who tried to assassinate me would do anything. The
robbery, my friend, has now become a
secondary detail. It is easily explained, and If thnt were all to be accounted for 1 would say to you: 'My taak is
flnisbed. Let us go usk the Judge of
instruction for a warrant of arrest'"
I'rosper started up with swelling
breast and sparkling eyes.
"Oh, you know—Is It possible?"
"Ves, I know who gave the key, and
I know who told the secret word."
"The key might have been M. Fauvel's.   But the word"—
"The word you gnve. Vou hnve for- ,
gotten, I suppose. But Gipsy remembered. Vou know that two days before the robbery you took Lagors and
two otber friends to sup with Mine.
Gipsy. Nina wns sud and reproached
you for not being more devoted to
"Yes. I remember that"
"But do you remember what you replied to her?"
Prosper thought a moment
"Well, you aald to NInn, 'Ton nre
unjust In reproaching mo witb not
thinking constantly of you. for nt this
very moment your dear name guards
my Cillers safe.' "
The truth suddenly hurst upon Pros*
"Yes, oh, yes, I remember now!" bo
"Then you can easily understand the
rest On., if ll.c scoundrels went to
.Mine. Pniivol and compelled Inr to
give up her busl.nnil's key.    At a ven
tun- be placed tbe movable buttons on j
(he name of Gipsy nnd slide tin* 800,*
000 frillies. And Mine. Fnuvel must
hnve yielded to the most terrible
II reals. The dny nfter the robbery
the poor woman wus near dying, nnd
It was she who, nt the risk of being
Involved, sent yon the 10,000 frnnes."
"But  wbleb wns (he thief.  Uli.iill ..|
Clameran!    What enables tbem  to
thus  tyrannise over  Mme.   Pan vei?
And  how does Madeleine come to ho i
mixed up In the affair?"
"These >|uestlone, my dear I'rosper, |
1 cnniint yet answer, therefore 1 uui
hot yet ready to report on the euso. I
only asi; j*ou to wait ten iia.is, uud If !
1 cannol in tbal time discover tbe solu
Hon of ti..* mystery i will return and
g-> with yon to tell 14.  Patiigenl  all
Hint we know."
"Are you going nway?"
"In uu hour I .hull he on Iho road I
Beuiieaiie      It   was   from   Hint   nolgb
horbood ilmt Clameran cams ns well
us  Mine.   I'auvel,  \i I... wus a  Ml 1ft At
iu Verberle."
"Ves: I knew Iheir families."
"1 must go there I., study lli.-ui. Mel
ther Itaoul nor Clameran eau escape
police siirvoiiiiti .luring mi absence
Bui. you.  Prosper,  must   he prudent
. ...iiiise ine to remain ii prisoner here
during i*..:''..';."
aii thut M. Verdure! saWed i-"..,.*.-
A powerful ex.tuple if tha haallng
Tirtue of ZaiuBuk ts provided by tha
o-itt of Mrs. Little Ollmour, Prluoaas
Streets Kingston (Out,).   Shosaysi-
" Klve years ago I hrulted mr letj,
" A.i.l ohiimhI an ulcer which developed
" Into n erious wound. 1 was In the
•' hospital ulna mouths, whore the dootor
"wanted to amputate ihe limb Alter
"leaving tho hospital I heard of £aw-
"link. 1 irleil 11, Uie uloers be*ja» lo
" heul. and now pink flash began to grow
" where before was a raw and lnflaineil
•' aura. 1 can now walk aboul, and can.
" not feel Uio grateful for whal Zani-Buk
" has done for me."
All druKglsts seU It at Mo. a box,
or pont free from the Zani-Huk Co.,
Toronto, upon roeelpt of priee lo boxes
fur $'.-".
Willtngij promised
And lie had il..- c I sense to folio'
the recommendations of  his  menl i
During m.  Verduret's absence he n
miiineti shut up lu ihe Archangel, no
oven iippeni'lng nt the windows,
On   the   uiulil  day   of   h.s   inliiiiliii*.*
leclualon  Prosper begun to feel real
less iiml at 10 o'clock al nighl set furili
lo take a walk, lie hnd n headache
and   thought   Iho   uir   would   do   Iti lis
Mine. Alexandre, who seemed t"
hnve some knowledge of M. Verduret's
affaire, begged i'rosper to remain at
"What can I risk by taking a walk
at (his time lu u .pilot part of the
city?" ho asked. "I can certainly stroll
ns far ns the botanical gardens With
out meeting any one."
Unfortunately be did nol strictly foi
low this programme, for, having reached the Orleans railwny station, be
went Into n cafe near by and called
for n glass of beer.
Ho picked up a daily paper. Tho
Sun. uud umler Ilu* head r! "Fashion
lll.l.' tiossip." siiilied .lai*i|lles I.lin.llll.
read the following:
"K Is announced tbat the niece <.r
one of our mosi proinlueul hankers, M
Andre I'mivel. will be shortly mar
ried to u, ie Uerqota Louis ds Clamere n."
This news, coining upon bim so un
ezpectedly, proved to Proaper tbe Just
ness   of   m.   Verdun is   calculations
Alas! Why did not this certainty 111
spire bim -with absolute faith? Why
did It not give bim courage to wait '"
d.. nothing?   Prensled by distress ,,r
mind, he already saw Madeleine hulls
solubly milted to ibis villain and,
thinking that M. Verduret would per
haps arrive too bite to pre.ent it. determined nt all risks to throw in. ol.
stiicle In the wny of Ihe marriage, Ile
railed for pen and-|.rip.*r. .nni. forget
ting that  in, Situation enn  eveirse tlie
in.'an cowardice <>r an anonymous let-
tor, disguising bis band, be wrote t>.
M. Fauvel:
Pesr Sir—V..,i r, n,itntit  |     r . ,.    . r I-, pdion.
V.-ii tinl w,ii, tines you ar,
dtihoaeatj ■,. i (sll     Bal tm 11 he mul,
ZUl.ii-tl . : w ttiat
ha slso I 1. slid pas-nrd
llllll    Sl     liir    Sl.',l|   'If   I* . !: .     ,.!.r,      .,.,*    lll.W    ai,*t
ii .irrii-.i sa you art. ll i *
be .tie .iii.j. i r i would watrl
n-i    * r,   ji i -    ,,,,;., m,
i      ',   .    '   I     I . (Off     ,l£l,.|lg     |l,q
marriage ran.rst-t ol Mile.   Mad I Int, I
I Of I lal   liliatl. s
II .r.|i,ia ilc , Uliii ran.
A . ai, sn
Prosper hastened >.fr to i*>"-t his let
ter. Fearing thai il would n.it reach
M. Fauvel in lime, be walked up lo
Cardinal   I.ein.,iiie   street   nnd   put   It
in the main poatofflea so as to ho certain of its speedy delivery,
t.'ntll then he bad not doubted thc
propriety of bis .iilioii But now bo
bad dropped the letter, when be beard
It full Into the bOS a lhoiisun.1 scruples
came to blm.. Was it not wrong to net
thus hurriedly? Would not this letter
interfere with M. Verduret's plans?
Upon reaching tbe bote! his doubts
were changed inl , bitter regrets. Jo-
soph Dubois was Waiting for hlin. Ile
had received n dlapatdh from his patron saying (but Ids business wns llie
Isl.ed nud that ho would return lh- ii. st
evening at n o'i !'Vk by tho Lyons
route.    Prosper  wns  In despair.    He
would have given tbe world to r n.r
the anonymous letter. And be hud
cause for regret
At tbat very hour 11, Verduret wan
taking the train at Tiirasc.u. meditating upon the most ndiiiiilngeous plan
to be u.iopted it. pursuance of his *i -
coveiiea, r,.r be bad discovered every
HiiiiL*. tiddlng to whal be already knew
tbo story >.t sn old nurse <>r Mile, do iu
Verberle, lbs sOdst It of an ..Id sen ant
who Inul Slways lived In the .'Iiim,*i ai,
family and the depositions of lhe VesI
not husband and wir.*. who attended M
Lngors at bis'country bouee depoal
ii.ms sen) bim i.y Dubois (FanferMi—
with u good deal of Information oi.
talned from tbe prefecture of police.
ho  hud   worked   np  u   complete  ease
As be hud predicted, i.o had been com
polled to secret] Iota tbe distant past
f..r the pauses ..f tbe crime >.f wblcb
Prosper bud boon lhe victim.
('lu  bu' . "iniiiin ii i
Government Bulletin Tells How to Tell
Good Reliable Horse.
Here   nre    siuuu   good    suggestions
from n recent Ontario bulletin, givms
the points Ot a gOOd reliable horse:
"U ii horse is short-ribbed he is ugni
in his nii.iiiio and in nearly always a
pour feeder, .     ,
"A     llglil-cenU'io.l      horse      seldom
weighs well, air.i weight In I   -l-"'1
horse, It ll COttei from hone, llnew
and muscle, goes a long way lo de
termlne his commercial value,
"A stallion Whoso ted are OOntraOV
,.,l and brittle and whoss hooks are
puffy and fleshy-looking should he
avoided, as such hooks are generaii*.
assoelated -villi « ooarssness througn*
.un his whole conformation ana a
general hick of quality.
"When  a   horse  is   well  OOUpled  to-
aether on lop ami has ii ihorl obok,
i„. must have the length below from
the poinl ..r the ihoulder to the baok
of tha thlgb,   Wh-n so buill be win
i siiiiui the strain uf drawing lm;***.''
loadl much belle:* man If I"' 1*1 a
long, loose back, ,.
"The trout feel and hncks arc the
pints of either a d-*afl or a driving
horse that come directly  In eontaol
I with lhe hard work, an.l unleai   they
in*,* sound and goo«l a horse's usefu
ness will ho very uuj.h Impaired and
his oommercial »aW verj  mueb lea*
"Before nsjog i italllon   get   the
groom t.. l.-ad him away from   you
Stand square behind lilm and see that
lie picks up Ids i'i*.*t and places thorn
on ih.- ground properly, traveling in
both   trot   and   walk   clear  and  clean.
not itrlking thi ground lirst with tba
to.* and then bringing down th,* heel
"The feet ihould be lurgo and waxy
in appearance Thi .-..ie of thi boot
should ba concave, tho frog spongy.
plump and clastic, because il acts us
a buffer to taki thi .•..n.'iisslon from
acting too leverelj on the foot pastern, and fetlock. See that both lira
and dam huso sound.foot, free from
flatness, brlttleness and nre not contracted There should he no "gum*
mlness" about the hocks of tbs draft
horBo, as It Indicates coarseness.
They should ho large, lint and firm,
and should bo Wide, espcclall; from a
aide slew."
PUpib- -   ~1 ——
It an Absolute Neoesslly for the Preserve
of Our Well-Being.
|3 Positively "All Pure Tea" Without Any Adulterate
Lead    Pack.U   Only.     Me,    50c,   snd   60c    per   lb.     At
I'ult for crossness? Certainly.   They remove ihe -wi
tbe croainess vsnlshes.   A sluggish liver po„.J
ki>en     -ual.    11	
^^^rOSS ,h, blood*,poil*th* ,emP"'* k**p y°ur |iv-*r"iJ5!I
and your bowels regular.   Have s clear brain, ■ |>ri„
P<<        s heail, a hopeful outlook. One of Ayer's Pills it bedtlm,
2 11 *s   I All veeetable.   Sugar-cosied.   Sold for 60 yean
HIS  1   *!.*...mmmml   *•!«*«•» ',    '
Representatives ol lha reform Bted*
mil organisations have organised al
Nei-, \,.ik to ii.'ld dslsterlous m.-.l-
Iclnea and fake practitioners,
Th,.  v 'in n.i   deep   ii ..tei "ay
i i lakes to (iulf i.f Mc  «»• l'v-
en Impetus al o St, boms convention
0, timw'i Our. tor lh. H.«rl ».*t»
,l,r..*lly uml ii.d.kl). »li..iul»i,*» 'he
i, an i lien,ni. »i"i". >.""<t acute pain, .b-
i,.|s  nil  nguH   i.f    •reaknaaa,    fluttarlns.
nkiiu, satotherlnt. -"  palpitation   ih.-
A„u.i, .foi care .s ti ..r.ly -.l.u. »l.n*h
cm,*, ih.- ii.-i,it»i,k pattern Into Um
haven   •.!   radiant   aad   pbrteel   h.*..i.i.
One* n-ll.f In .nor., m "If lorm. of
li.-ilil    ill.ease   III    ii   uir."ii.*-     11
Scratching Shed and Poultry Houee.
This design shows a practical  wsy
of saving space and exponas  in  mak-
ooMarasn scatr. bino *-yi:u iiu rout-Tin
ing a curtain front poultry house
Scratching shed and looslliig quarters.
It Is used wllh great sui-cuaa by Chm-
les Ulbbs of Kali fax county, Va.
Work of Oxen.
We have known a man to buy a yoke
of three sear-old steers ln the spring,
work them bard six dnys In the week,
giving them good hay uml about four
i ijiiiris of meal « day until October,
when Ihe wnrk lessened and the grain
«..s ini-rinseii in November he sold
them ns beef for about $ i'i more than
he paid for them If horses hud doue
the sume work they would huve want
e.l more grain and probably would
have I..*.*., valued nuieh less la the fall
than ihey cost lu the spiing
It is said tbut oxen might not
work as well on the reaper or mowing
machine, but they might nlso. We
have had throe or four year rattle that
would walk for miles as fast as any
pair of horses an.l force many horses
to trot a part of the way to keep up
wVth them and a pnlr of old cattle that
walked faster thun the ordinary farm
h.,rso. .\ pnrt of th.it was due to their
having been trained to walk quickly.
and   u   pari   fas   due   to    the    brood.
1 Smsll cattle like the Devous, Jerseys
..r Ayrshire! ire naturally active and
easily learn to walk fast, while the
larger Durhams and Hop fords like to
move more leisurely, and this Is true
of grades ns well as of thoroughbreds.
\ met lean Cultivator.
Mi.linel IfeDonagl  the son ..I h
wealthy Bellas! Iiuen manufacturer,
, ..ii mul in the criminal court, Chicago, foi bigam) Hs claims thai bs
>uis forced into t»" unwilling mar-
i lagei
Diarrhoea In Fowls.
Diarrhoea Is caused by either the
quantity of the food, the quality of
the food or of the drinking water or
the atmospheric conditions to which
iin* bird has been exposed. In tho
treatment of this class of diseases It
la especially Important that the cause
should I.o sought and removed. See
that thc birds are comfcrtable and not
exposed to drnfls, cold or dampness.
Give pure drinking water and regulate
the food. Allow small quantities of
mash or cooked food, with some chopped beef. Put a handful of oatmeal
In the drinking water or give boiled
milk for drink, f'.lve a tnblospoonful
of olive oil as a laxative to carry off
any Irritating mailer lhat mnv be In
the lntesuii?s, then follow with one-
half to one grain of blear bon.i.e of
sod*, and two grains of subnltmtS »f
bismuth In a little water three times
a day.
That the in*.vi election ..( scholars
in Alberts and Saskatchewan uiel.-i
iln* Rhodes bequest will ink.- place Iq
liiiiiiiny. im*;. !■ the information giv-
■ii .mt by the department ol education
al Begins
The people "i Chicago have sxpree-
•ed wldespi I belief in the Canadian
rei lorocity ideas advanced by James
.1   Hill
The Mortgage Lifter.
The hog has beet, -cry properly called "tin- mortgage Itttei ' 1 bave bt	
raising  and  feeding hogs  for  market
from my boyhood with some degree ai
success. To begin with, It Is Important
to hnve large, hardy, proline sows. I
find the Duroc Jersey to All the bill
exactly, but lot every one have the
breed that will raise the most pigs of
the heaviest weight in the shortest
time. Breed for early spring pigs and
nil within len days or two weeks If
possible to t\ thrifty, well developed
boar fl.iit noser more than two ■ day
to one honr), so as fo have the pigs
Strong, hourly and near the Hame age
—8. V. Thornton Before Missouri
Bwlne  llreeders'  Association. I
Oate For Hogs.
Oats may be S portion of a ration for
hogs, but they are mucb more sous,
factory if they are ground. Mixed with
corn, mils and shnrts, thoy arid niul.-rl
! ally to ihe value of any hog food They
I should not constitute more ihun one
fourth of the grain ration. A mixture
Of ..i.'s ami peas ground and fed as s
SWlll Is exceedingly valuable.--Ann ri-
bill  Aki'Icillliirlnt.
Mra. Gayboy'a Faith.
..ayi,.is—.«.*> Mrs   Neighbor!   called
I you a fool, did she?
Mrs. (Inyhoy—Not In so many
words, but It amounted to the same
thing. She accused mo of .'sell»v'i-g
everything you say.
'"•>•>< I <i m,!, ,  i*., r„, ,.,„„, ».
"Hurry, hurry! I.el's got out of the
way.   Hero comes .Ingle.-,*."
"Why nre you afraid of hun?"
"Why, he's Just buck from Europe,
uud he'll wnut to tell us all he saw."
'No, he wou'l Ile didu't see anything but mikes from the time be
started until he got back."-Philadelphia Press
A bough is ..Hon il..* foieiunnoi i.f
-.■nous pulmonary affliction^ y.*t
there la ■ lirftple cure within the reach
nl all in Bickle'a Anti-Conaumptivi
syrup, nn ..hi tune and wide!) I..-
ognised remedy, which, .1 resorted to
il in,' Inception "f •< eold, will invariably give relief, and i**, overcoming
Uis trouble, guard Uie ij item from
any serious oonsequencee Priee --
cents, at ull dealeri
a currency reform plan has   i d
adopted al the oonferenee ol the bank*
era in Waahington designed lo Insure
elasticity und protect interests oi
bunks, governmental and public
Minard's   Liniment   Curat   Ditttmpar.
«.,,r..,< '•    .,. >.*>.,nl.atn.
Ilespcctlng Qoetbe'l Ideas of women
much has hern suld, and mostly lu
t'iii.i-isuie stratus. When . suggest thut
aome light mnV perhaps be thrown
on It by hi* orientalism, let It not be
sai.l with n sneer, "I'reolsely, hecouae
inuiiiiii is hold In low esteem lo the
east." I answer, "Ity no ineana; woman Is not held In losv esteem either lu
tl.e east or iu Coetbe's acheoic of life."
In Moslem hagiology there aie four
perfect women, but no perfect man.
lu Coethe'H "I'nust" the stormy deslluy
of humanity revolves round the plv,,i
of Margaret. Helen, Woman. Would
you deetlltie the creator of Dorothea
Ihe simple. Porothou tbe charming,
I»oroth'.*i the self possessed, Dorothea
lhe .i*|s.-ll|sb, the nnslest, tl.e true
In a word. Dorothea the womanly—as
having a low Idea of wotuau? The fact
Is, Ooetbe Was, like a true artist, ever
seeking uu equilibrium in his ideals of
love ami woman und never attained
It. There Is something satisfying
lu l.i-i le.ili/nl.le picture of tbe
simple though noble and virtuous
Dorothea, but there l« a more ethereal,
a more elusive figure one more .1I.111
In |.»w.*r and g':i-p  lo tbe god.les.,•»
of heaven attempted iii ihe Marchings
and queettoolnga (failures though they
be. after female perfection 111 the fuiry
Bigbtl of "Faust "    Yus.if All In Ton
temporary Review.
Your Stomach'
ii   tht   way   pteple   in   I I u ,„
"Good Morning''    lhe ereetiara
'I ' H
almeit   every   nation   n  m ■
after health.   Thc Chineit I.,,, ..I
root ol the matter     k.   ■■    .* - -1
arh i> the loundation     ! -   * ,
thu  organ  and  the  genrtil hti-lj
carei lor itielf.    Man it i
tuted it cannot be othcrssne. h||
the million ol
te keep the itomach well, rht ,-?■
active and the bowels r«| ,r TV
dupe! si-tUnei! anJ <*-.. •
Dyspepsia, Indlgeatlen, itiii ..
-seas nr Conttlpatlo.i
when •eecham's Pllla an .-.,
cording to duett.en,
jo-ars they have cured duorin
ir.-nui hi. and are no« a » *. .
nieut remedy. lh.-> merit ;.;
i.ir.f dence.
LMA -Everywhere in Ceftl la »nj Q.I
AinailllB      In boa. > 'Jj irnlt.
and cons:der
A  r.„,....•  S.alee.
Tlie statue ..f Jopltei  0
I'hldias. was of gold .... 1
fifty eight fivt hlgb.    It waa OsliMI
the year -all 11 ■'
I...M   Kita-raaxsa.
There are dogs standing WW tbi
feet blgb  at ihe shoulder,
nearly seven feet from Ibe MM III
Up of Ihe tall and weighing - * im. :■«
LfJO poilU.ia. llitl lit  lhe oi!
acale tbe little Menleuu llpJog l« •*
der aeven Inches In length from tm
to tail tip and weighs ouly t
aii ,1,.* Bu-aa in ilia.
A  servant uol   dlatlngUlabad   for  his
Intelligence weni t*. tin* p"«t.,fti.,. .-,n.i
was giuii u loiter for his mistirss
fill nn nin- ut the doer lie saw thai
he hnd lost it, so run back and ex
nliiluol   what   had    bii|,|H<ue,l   to   the
clerk,   "lint whal <v i dor suld tbe
l.ik. "Why." «iri I Ibe servant.
hue «,, many theft ynu might
u.e anoiher."—Moll,, |ier I! ,lire.
A Doctors
Ayer'a Cherry Pectoral is not
a simple cough syrup. It is a
strong medicine, a doctor's
medicine. It curea hard cases,
aevere and desperate cases,
chronic caaea of asthma, pleurisy, bronchitis, consumption.
Aik your doctor about thia.
-"IbseSJMSl • sre»l Seel ef Ayert flkerry
rmtorml for nmofb. .nt har,. r«l4a an tla«
•MM    ll Iw.!..,, Ami.m. ,,.., timA     |,
<i-*V*S!f • ■••., 1 seeing e*m§a m«ai
Om.      Hi, mi*L J. Vi-raeauLU. HeaUere,
Quebec Man tells how Ihe Great Consumptive Preventative was
an all-round Benefit
You   will   heeler,   re. overy  by  nh*
m-i en. of Ayer'a Pills at he-itim*.
r,.. Il.a'iy   til   ,„,,,„  of   geot
eio.iira in caaada u» hmwson
I TWBKI.S.   Look  for the la,  <a*|
gvereuleee ruag wool,       f$
" My wife took U Grippe wnrn .hi .0
b. Oil»w«,"a«yt R. N. Peloe ol SonttlitJ
Farm, ijut.. in «n interview. -•Mm.*"
ho.lle of Ptyehine end after mi'.g U (*f
few deya ehe wea quite well. I ><"->*- * "*.
and am ui.ng it and en. getting salSJ*
I think Peychine ia one of lhe te** •**•
•n Ihe market today."
There yeu have the whole m»H-<r >"•
nutihell. Xja Gnnpe and coldi »>e .*>»*
Ike lo.eiiinaoa of contun.plion.
ThU man bed one, hia wife bed lh. olb»*
Piyrhine hoi only cured both W " bJ"
Ihem up »6 Ihei iheir bod.**" e.e alro"!
enough la re.int dlsaiSS, All mm *
comiaumptien ere killed by
(Vfnmi.tMei  Si-hta-a)
50c. Per Bottle
Lerajer eleee ei ane t* •■' druis-**
03. T. A.  8L00UM. Limited, Toronto
lVlP-l    Tbal I
"*~ ,11..11.,-'. lime. W
taoiua wh... U'l-
n-vllcliia nablnal mnUlna > belli' "'
Ike. leieeui mj t. n.    ,
For in ' VMS Al. and EXTERNAL u.«
Hr.  A.  Jiili.iaon  kn...  hun.anil." '"""
el.an la 1110 be perferlarf ll,la •i,..'!'""1 I
ra„,»>lr lor h.nf ami tlir.Hit Ironl.lw. »■
•all H (or oul. burnt, lin.la«a. am' M>« '
lt„,a Biiiai-lta    IS tnd Ma,   At HruM.ala
, I. a  J..HNBON A CO., Ikial„u, Waa,
VV    N    U    No.   012
■  Mil    n    J    AltLESS
Mr.    H.   J.     An.-..     -Ill     .111     Hull     Ave.. I
Montreal, g... i.,-.*.   - i,u ,,i,i L-, ,,ii,-,,,,,,, ,,r
wide  |MuU.iiiiii* i*.   i .•   mi.,"i   Hun.
elfht year*, m >i>« .,, moral Pott-ofBot ol
Montreal, a i.*."..l uin. h -i".,,,, for n
aelf. Oonceni'iii; In u*.* ,,| I', num. Mr.
Arlett ieyx
"I have lure., .ilfliiiril will, iiniiii
catarrh ta mi. I. .. .iry.re tliat it atfec-
tad my hsarinp,.
"Tfala wru ' "in i in lil   ""„,-  , v., ii, v yt-iirw
as«  by   beinir   ,*, -,l   i„  ,1,1,111-1,1.  tad
audit'.. oaa.ii.'''-  ..I   1, iin.,-in.„,,'
"I have brer, mul.*. the trratmentol
8 specialists .....I I...vr used many drugs
.•commend'il us spt-tilus lor mtarrh
i,l tha head and 11, ru nt    .ill tu no pur
Travel Talk.
During   tiio   iiionui   of   December
there is probably inure   tn.vol    limn
•A astern Canada to   tne   hum, Ureal
I..HUIII IIIIU KurOpS, uur BOuul iiiiiI
Lu.l,01 ..KI, tnun ui Illli Oluvi pu.'iuil
oi  u..; JfDgr,    It is tlie nine vt'tieu me
un in.*i use reaped in.s oat-vest and
eun ouiiwmptaie-spending Uuiatmas
umi ii™ fceara, and in moat coses,
1.me months ssim Iiim family and
ineii.i... ueoogniuni the vaiue ni
Mn*.1 travel, a has been the custom
... me railroads to enoourage olid tos-
i' ; lun movement, ».. tnat long Jour-
ueys eun bs. mads ssitii first class
accommodation ut tbs minimum ol ex-
I-. nae, Within tin. lust two years tno
1 nun.nun northern nn - grown rapidly
umi in accordance «un tins growth
nun Improved Its service io much tlmt
iiiiwl 01 iiiik travel now pua>te» ovei
llien line. They lire tills year n.lvtn-
U.-inu 11 ij'lli nne lium all points in
iliiiiiiioiin,    Dauphttl    and    Hnutli    tu
pu.ni.*, in Eastern Canada, Montreal
nmi west, sutii correspondingly low*
rates from ..ll other points   und   to
Inni,I- east uf Montreal, liient lintiiin
un.I Km..p.*. From ull stations in
Saskatchewan and Alberta mere uie
verj reduced rates to points in ths
central states, un.l ipeolal rates i*.
Cslitornia points with .. through tourist em every tw.. wcsks Irom Winnipeg in Los Angeles,
t'hsj ontioipate a very large bust*
in— uu- vein, which anticipation will
ii*' 'I".1I.1 In* rtalised >.„ theh sen	
1- liuil uf the veil* highest In lie (ound
nmongst railroads anywhere on this
 1 nt.   A veiy n.liable feature Is
ilmt tbey throw open the route to
I.. I'm Canada via St. Paul ..ml
Chicago, 1. feature appreciated keenly
bj  iln* excursionists.
\n artist whoss   work in   earlier
day.- eni..ye.l considerable repute haa
I*..- ."I 1..nn the acsne, in tha petson
1,1  William  l.iiiiii'll
A boat  linn ■   v. nr-   i,*;..   I   wn-   imlmed
by A ooafni.    m,■>■ .,. trv  )'. ruaa,
"Altsr tome hesitation, us I had
deubtt sa to results niter to many
failures, I gave Peruna a trial, and
un-.. happy to state that alter tiling
• Ight or ten bottles ol Peruna I a...
much Improved in hearing, and in
breathing thiough  the  nostrils."
"Vorbldti'i'       1-     .1     l.... uin. r    word
abroad,   luliih ii   -   i .•ini.,." in i.er-
tauoy  "verb'iiei. "   "i    nun,*   politely,
"•jntersagi    .....i In France "defendu."
Minard's Liniment Ct.ret Diphtheria
Tl.e   niKK«--*t  'I'eleeeope.
The blggeal teleacope In tba world la
tin* Common telesco|io, Bve full feet In
.,, 1 1,*ier. twenty Inches wider than the
y<<rkoa. li was constructed ten years
ago by Dr, a. a. Common, s welt
Ini,.uu astronomer of Bngland, who
Wanted ii for reacarcll wnrk. Ito died
soon afterward, and bis One teleacope
became   Idle,     Two  veins   ago  It   was
imn baaed by tbe Harvard college ob-
»er*. u'ut'y.  wblcb  |.i«'.'.'.led nt one,- to
mount it on ib.- ..bsorvntury grounds ul
Cambrldgv. The work bus been neeee-
•j,- i'..v slow, f-.r mounting n great tele.
Scope i*, nut like building .1 bouse.
A Cl." I.   Itnn   t,j   Stnn   I'iuit,
He WSs 11 fine old man wim bad I n
"tO   Soatb    A lii,-l*i,- ,     I'Ul   svbu   was   ile-
VOtUlg his uld age te acting aa tbs
^T»f   tbo   flock   ill   tin*   * 'll/.Zil
CspflL It "nn ir ..in, r-ing ib.-.- many
many ben-, sre board und puaaled over
itferiy rspid, hlgb pitched Im'Hs sl
-bfl. Seven lulls uf deeper lone al
8:0-8, and -<> ....
Adelaide  Iiinl   *._.*,!  Arel..>!i:.->'l".   Ilu*
old man'- ■-m. t■> «*ri>!i.in tbeee saemlng
b-reg-ateiii.'s umi bad learned tbsl ti.*-
betti Ver.* mily Intended lo spproxl
mate Jp bour; Unit bis futber wss Old
and aSaaloiinlly forgot end mug tm
little m too ti.ueii: ulso tbat in* wai
bot a Ban and tb.it banger -oini'lliiie.
Tpinsvliig ut l.ls vir.ili ut. .sii.,
llA »liereit|, .11 lie rung f..r 1. o'doi I
and wan i.-rod boaa to hla spaghetti
His ■brtite ni-.. accounted for ecca
_TBelays In i!.,* boll f,,r 1 ..',*!,. V
Bupp-tM Arehiii g"i"-. molher wus Istl
bl ttMErookiug of the ml,I,lur menl
eonld bl- father return to tbo plants
wither his lumhenn? And what does
a quarter of nn bntir mutter nfioi ull1
In Capri It ls truly dolee f..r nlei.te-
Rcrlbner •
It ijfei.lv —.-,t\ I,, read the test-
iiuonial *        ll
•way'ajbin eun i- nnsqnslled Inr ths
removfl .<( ,<in-.  iiurts, etc.    It ia a
■im^m\t ■
Aa* d
hints aaay  -ihal'a iho trick
hardest uf all tu ls-arn;
rid    keeps   steppln'   along   ao
igin' at every turn
^b* we eleaa our ,*.,.» to the laa/
Thu   Bummer la ■login' the wholi
^B|n  longi
•  tu-t I*- thlnklo' it-,   wholly
I " !„• takln' things easy.
things easy, with duty .1 nr,
tvsr u lh,tight of f,*.ir
kin* shadows slOSS nl  the set of
|l.e m'.un Ud -tan. draw   near
real   reward  that  u  man  kin
ths isaroh fur wisdom an' «■ ilth
a*    t.une,
shanoa,   soma   tlma, wMhoul
ftk ot hlan.o,
Tu l.e taking things onay.
Duty    It  1*. lh.* iiurticuliir rii,,,-
*.ln-  kulnov-i  t"  Hlr,-,   ,,ui   P'.iM'ii-
'iii."i,-li   them   jut"  the  blood
lo* kidney- ure siataeed .hey can-
lllelr  whole .llt.V.   :,,..l  mI.iu.1'1  lll.l,*
1   n.i.l   -.reug.li   lh...   H1n.1l.    \...
ki.luev .'ure will nffnr.l il. any
I I.Tiii- nl kidney disorder. I. re
In  6  liuiir*..   II
1.,,lt  "ml   th,-  I.Iver.
lis tin- greatest of sll games   it
Inly recreation thnt le at ..no and
line   lime   health   giving,   und   a
preoccupation without being
phytloally exhauitlve. itut 1
br.iiindi.v oonvlnced tbat it is fur
[fur n man's liver tlmt lie should
I poor game ti.nn a g.....i one. 1
irnin peraonal experience tbat it
J butter fur the llv.-r to piny a
Ibii.l game. N .tiling itlll np lb'*
|ko Iho Irritation, tba excitements
pinnx.vKins of .1 really bad
London Graphic,
Health   Restored   by   the   Rich   Blood
Or   William*' Pink Pills
Actually  Make.
Tli.uisii'  !. and 1 i.i'ii'iiinl- ul young
.'nl ilir.i.igl.u.>t Canada are literally
passing Into hopeless decline l»r the
waul ,.( n.w rich led bluisl so abundantly suppliea by Dr Williams' Pink
Pilli They are dietresalngly weak,
pule 01 r-alluw. appetite fickle, nib-
[ect t" headaches, dltxinaas, are
breathleas mul tbe heart palpitates
1..1,'nils* sl the lear-t sxsruon. The
loetors call ti,i?- anaemia—which 1.-
'In* modi,nl Hume fnr bloodleeaneas
in   Williams'    Pink   fills   actually
make   new   blood    tbey   euro  i.nneinitt
ni-t ii- -ur.-ly 1. food enres hunger.
Bare ia s bit ol ths itrongesl kiml ..f
ividenee: "Dr. Wllliama' Pink I'ills
unl nothing else saved my two
laughters when doctors fnile.l to help
.lien. " This statement ia made by
Mr- Joseph Mart.-l. St Oliver atreet,
Quebec       She  n.l.l-     "Mv  .laughters
ire aio'l respectively twenty-two nn.l
tv.itily-tliiee year- Km two years
r'lov  suffered  frum  the weakness  and
1,-ti,*-- "( anaemia, nn.l hnfl I
learned "f Dr William-' Pink I'ills
earlier, it would not only bete aaved
rn,- money, but much worry and anxiety a- well    II..1I1 girls were as pale
i- ri -1 t Tbey antlered Iran headaches, p'i"i appetite, and grew so
feeble that they could hardly g..
about Ibev were nndei s doctor'i
care, bul did not Improve s bit, I
despaired of evel seeing tbem in good
health again, when a friend called my
•1, iiliiui to Dr. William-' I'mk  Tills
Boon aftei they began the pills then*
na* uu Improvement In ib.*ir condition mul ill less tl.nt. a COUpll ol
months they wen* again enjoying
1 1 health,   active   robust   girls    I
am -11 grateful Inr wh.it Dr. William-'
I'mk   Pills bine il'.lie fnr ins  children
iimi   I  strongly rei imend then to
even  mother who has a weak, pale-
faced buy ur vitl "
In   Williams' Pink Pills   >l"   only
mie tiling, but they do it fell tbey
uotuulh   11.uke new. rieb blued.    They
don'l tinkei with symptoms, They
acl en the in.woi- Thej slmpl]
change bad blood into good I>1".hI nn.l
ilm- .-ink** straight at the rool >.l
11. ii ,*,i!iiiii"ii ailments as headaohea,
■ 1.1, ueiie- and backachea, Indignation,
anaemia, nervous sxnsuslion, neuralgia, 81 Vitus .lain-,', partial paralyaia,
ami tha -po.inl, painful, seerel ,.il-
111. > 111 > ol growins girls snd women
gold In all medicine dealers   or   by
Ininl   ill   Ml   Cents   II   bi.X   nl   SIX   l.nxe-
foi yi mi from the Dr. WllliamsT kted*
nun* i'n . Brookvllle, Ont.
.axiie   *a»u,ia-a,e.
.'ustle   Williams,   nn   I'u-ornors   ll-
I.unl, III New York buy. was named for
. .inn,-I Jonathan Wllliama, lirst super-
Inieiiilont of West Point known us
"father of the engineer corps'' and de-
signer »f moel  of the  fertlfleationi
.,1-o.iinl New York biiibur, lueluding tha
tno whloh hours hls.uuuie.
An  Etlr,,nr.ll..»ry  Foreat.
The most extraordinary foresi In the
w<»*i.i sviia discovered by i»r. Wei-
wltscb .md occnplei a tableland some
six miles In Width ui'iir the west count
,,r Africa, The peculiarity of tbe trees
Is   that   though   tbelr  trunks  nre ns
much us four feet lo diameter, tb*y nt-
lulu the height of only 11 foot.   No tree
hours more than tWO leaves, and these
attain a length of alx and u breadth of
two feel.
Gray's Syrup
ed Spruce Gum
[For Coughs and Colds.
Puppyhood la the    Time   te    School
the Future Worker.
ile revels in ;i puppyli freedom llll
he Is uhout nltm months old, and Ihen
conies the time when "solum]" begins.
Sum. men begin when 11 puppy la only
four or live nioullis old In teach him
to "ult down" at the wmil of comiuiiinl.
but unless Ibis training Is dune sis
teiiiiitloiill.v and not overdone so as to
Hi,* ami  disgust the baby  pupil  It Is
better left alone tin he reaches a rlpei
uge.    The firsl  thing to do ut the uge
uf eigln or nine months Is i» aeeustoro
this rsstlesi, romping bit or aughood
to the discipline of u kennel nn.l ehuin
This lie will furiously resent, liuri'liig
st his collar till you hourly expect iiim
to choke und making night and dny
hideous with his plaintive protests until hoarseness compel! lilm In SUltsr In
lilenoe. He win s....u learn, Ubweysr
that no one wlslklS lo hurt him; I li.l
the chain Is only a necessary evil
which must he worn for u certain pari
of eiieli day nnd for every hour oixilu
night, and tbsl tha giu.i moment] .if
release wben be is lei off for a good
run, ench morning and evening, fully
make up for the Imprisonment of the
rest of th,. dny. It Is ut ibis time sh*
solutolv •ecessitry to keep your sh.'.*|i
pup on the chain. This Is n  most lm
portent tlma of his life, it is the time
when, If nt largo un.l neglected, he is
liable to loiiru to eiinso birds and rabbits with iho Irreiponilble mongrel!
always In ho fniin.l nn n farm or ru'.. I
or sheep r.l ti: also II Is the time when,
if left alone nmi not watched, he may
develop for himself nn.l ungutded thai
alrong love of working sheep thut Is
In his nature, nnd that may load tohlai
mulling eacurslons on bis own sccounl
or prevailing on the mongrala to ic
company him after his master's iheep
or those of neighboring farmers. T.
lug hlin up protects him from himself
Il also protects hlin from  his frlendl
No sheep dog is over worth anything
which has boon petted ainl fondl. I
and made much of ns a pupiiy w>.
men are thp worst offenders In this
way, women nnd children.—W. II.
Ogilvle in Live Stock Reporter.
Shoeing the Farm  Horse.
The   wear  and   tear  nn    bur-
makes quite an Horn on tho fnrm. and
anything that win reduce this friction
for tbe farmer should bo welcomed. It
las been proved beyond dispute tnsl
the average horse Is shod with too
h.nvy allocs, and If lighter ones were
substituted tbe animals could do mon
work wiih loss wenrlness Heavj
shoos have no particular advantage es
copt for large truck horses on ston.'
roads, where shoes wear out qulckls
Uven In sue', oases It la doubtful If too
heavy shoes prove of any value. Cer
talnly for farm horses light shoes are
much more satisfactory. The effect"
of auch a change are qcite noticeable
shortly after the) are put on. and in a
year's lime the extra amount of work
thnt Is obtained from a horse will in,,..'
than pay for the shorter time tbat light
shoes iiiu* wear.—American Cultivator.
"ingeton Man Telia How He Suffered
and How He Waa Released,
"For years a mar
tyr," ia how Chas.
Hi Powell, of inr,
itiigliin Street, King
ston, in ,*,ins hm
Story, "A martyr
to obronto conatl-
pattOD, but now I um
free from It and all
through the use of
Dr. I..*iiiih..rdt's Ainl*
"I wus Induced to try Ann I'lll by
reading the testimony of Bome one
who had been .cured of constipation by
It, I had Buffered for eighteen yean
an 1 had taken tons of stuff recommended iih ourss but svliicli mnde me
worse rather tbiin better. Doctors
tnld ine there wns no cure fnr me. Dr.
I.ennliiir.It's  Anti-I'ill  cured  me."
All dealers or thi Wllion-Fyla Co.,
Limited,  Niuguru  Kails, Out. 602
Ciaa. H. Powell
<; 11. Rrugere, ex-commander-in-
cliiei ..f the French army, will be the
guest ol President Roosevelt when bo
arrives in ths United Btatei during
in- trip round the world
Muiliei   Graves'  Worm   Rxtarmina.
• toi lm ■ ih.- largest sals ol any aintilai
preparation sold in Canada.     It always gives  -nii-fiii'iiiiii  in   restoring
b'ulili  to  the  lit!.-  lolks. '
A   lltirar   nn.l   o   , ,,,t.
When lu my leeii... u.'ik'ug seven
COWS ninnilug inul evening IIud tolling
..11 iho farm nil day, I u.ude favorltni
,.f 11 liny mule mul u Inirlinii. COW-
M-illy    nud.  Hess.      Trill;   rilii.nt   your
physical sympathy! Why. it svns pa*
luetic, Molly was my -ii.l.lle burse, 11
single fuller uf run- excellence, I
...nlil  rids her ivllh nne Ihiuer nu the
j reins imn the nm-i forbidding placet.
I Old Hess nil. she used In kiek a tOOtb
1 OUt once In awhile uml put her foot In
I lhe |,:ill of ...Ilk. but the deur girl
would follow me about With the utTec-
' tiuu of a child:   Well. 1 wns sbeenl
1 from  the old  home live years nn.l re
turning rmin.l  lhat of all the animal*
only Mniiy and it.-ss remained, in.
ngiiie my distress wben Molly refused
to uutlee me at all!    While wondering
ui ibis inss of fr ii-hip 1 reit a warm,
ruspllke thing going ovor my hand,
Wblcb WSS liehlnd my back. Turning,
1 saw dear old k,*s-.   without notloe
she hnd eoine lo li.l; Die, If ever unl-
inul spoke with eyes uml manner she
did. Her bapplneaa st seeing me ugni.i
nfter so long .. period wns nppureut to
all observers, und during my brief stuy
at home It was u|| | could do to keep
tier trom following tno into the house.
Eozema Spread Over the Body and Suffering Was Almost Indescribable
--Cured by
Dr. Chase's Ointment.
1 .i.-i.i thousand two hundred and
lift} gallons ..1 wi.i-i inn,1 ti,,. Rjvei
Jordan bus been shipped tu Hew
Vii.i, where il will be used Ior baptismal purj	
The Weaving Horse.
"Weaving" consists in a motion of
the head, neck and body from aide to
side, like the shuttle of a weaver pass
lug thpugh the wel), and hum*
name given to this peculiar and Incessant motion. It Indlcntcs an Impatient,
Irritable temper and a dlsiiko 10 confinement In lhe stable. A horse thus
offeeted will seldom be In good fte.-h 01
be safe to ride or drive. It ta nol con
aldcred to be a disease, but merely an
In.livldunl vice, and there is no cure
for it lhat l am aware of.—Veterinary
Iii Atlanta Constitution.
Horse Blinders Injurious.
All expert horsemen long :.ku nban
doped the use of bllndeis. They Hre
not permitted In any cavalry service,
and hoisis that pull fire fighting app.i
rams and have need for all lhe eyea
thev hue never wear the obnoxious
squares of leather and bra*s.-*-Km in
and Kaiich_	
ll,.* Tarquolrae  l .".'.
Sinai was known OS thc   "tnr.iiiolse
laud"  iu very ai.eient  limes,  and  Hr.
flinders ivtrie believes Ibat it wai
tin- first mining center It. tbe world.
Iu his book ou the lubjeel Ur. fettle
tells of the various expeditious sent 11
Siuni by the Kgyptian government At
tl.e bead Of the purls   was lhe "coin*
mender," ur "bearer «.f the seal nf tin-
god,"  the pbaraoh,     The  official  slalf
consisted of "masters of tim bouse ..f
ineials," or ssaayera, serii.es and sec
rolaries, to make luventortes ol Hie
output of tl.e iiiinos   Even more mod-
0111 wore lhe "devisers ul inetnls." or
prospectors.    The   working   slnfl   con*
sisti-d of miner* and iheir ssslstauta
'Hie commissariat bad oooka, bread
bnker-. water carriers snd oven a dec-
tor nttmlied. The mines could unly be
Worked   fur   a   certain   period,   from
January to May. wbleb is exactly tbs
heel period fur srcbi logical work In
Blnal today, The miners lived iu camps,
m.d   lhe   s«   called   forts   mul   camps
were really miners' vtltsges,
In Inm*.1,   »,,,.  lha* lain.
Vulgarity   is   certainly   commoner
among men than among women, uud.
Indeed, when 1. Woman Is vulgar she
la apt I., display Iho quality in blk'b
perfection,   The reason  why   it  is i ue
nr...ng w..uion is tii.it tin* emotional
nature Is stronger mining women than
nnn.ng men. uud thus where men uru
nmbltious, fond of displnylng power,
hum.>us to carry out designs, desirous
of recognition, women are sympathetic,
tender, iifTectioiinto. subtle; Ihey value
relations with Others mure than performances, tbey encourage and console,
because ihey nre Interested in the person who desires sympathy more ll.im
in tbe iiinis wbi.ii bo nourishes,   If
one'a  main  Interest   In   life  is   in   lhe
personalities that surround on,-, one is
BOt likely tn ;-.e templed by vulgarity,
became tbe essence, again, of vulgarity Is thut It tends 10 nttlx nn altogether fictitious villus to unit.-rial
tbUjgs. A mnn who pursues wealth,
comfort, power, position, is always in
danger Of vulgarity.-A. 0, Itonsnn iu
Grateful   Wives   and   Mothers  Testily
to Their  Value.
Bileana have been called "a worn-
nn'- medicine" because nf u.eii ex-
eeptional Btnesi (or thtadarioui milium- peculiar to the lex, aa well n-
fni   liven  disorder! and stomach ail-
ineiit-   generally.    I'nlike   most   liver
snd itomach medicines, Bileani .*.>n-
iiiin im bismuth, mercury,    nr    any
fn ine ral  whatever.   Prom coating  te
kemal they are purely vegetable
Mi- .1 Whitfield, ol Bwan Lake,
(Man .. -uv- "Bileani have done me
1 wonderful amount <.f good,   I   can
I hardly describe how bad 1 felt l»*f"i"
1 took them.   I could not eat but that
, it eiuise.I  pain.     There waa 1  constant sensation ..f tightness, in   my
aide, and my liver was entirely out
1 order.   I could not sleep ut nights.
-uftoie.l al-o In,in kidney trouble, and
waa altogether In a rundown and very
erious condition I bad been ailing
111 tin. way fur years, aud it is gratifying p. Hud tbut Bileana sre equal
i" my >*n-e
Mi- Wm. Hull, i.f Dean I.ake,
-iy- - "I have proved Bileani very
•.•"■••I f,,i constipation, from which 1
suffered 1 great deal TJies cured me "
Mrs. J. 11. Thompson, erf Cleveland Park, -iiy.-- "Fur irregularities
mid painful period! I can highly re-
.'nun, i,t Bileana, They proved a
greal hleaiing to me nn.l ie.-t..red mn
t • health when I hn.i !„•.  veiy  ill
and eery despondent."
Bileani nre abaoluUly unequalled
f..r female ailments and irregularities.
oonstipaticn, pilea, u»a>-miu. debility.
j rheumatism.     Mood    impurities,   etc
They  tone  Up the system  and enable
1 i*    to    throw     uff    colds    ruul    chilli,
itrengthen girls just < rging    int..
is.uu.11.1. 1.  ami speedily  re-tnre en-
ergy and strength t" tlms.- who srs
rundown.   01 all druggists al Mc   n
box, or post free from the fitlenn Co.,
Toronto, on receipt "f price.   6 boxai
loi  t'i !*).
a mother*! work nn.l worry in caring fur her little ..lies 1- greatly lighl-
01111I if -h.r has un hand 1 sals remedy
(or the ours ol indigestion, colic, sour
itomach,     constipation,     diarrhoea,
simple feveia and the other little ailments thut ure apt to cuine to children suddenly Km these troubles
Ilnl,y's  Own  Tablets  ure  Ijettei   thnn
uny othei medicine. They ure mildly
laxative, prompt in their action, und
a  few   doses  usually  leuves  the  child
in perfect l.eulth. Tbey ih, not eon-
tain un ni.ui. uf opiate rn poisonous
-"..tiling stuff.   They slways do good
tl.ey  iiiniii.t   possibly dn I111II11.  iiml
may bo given with e.piul safety to tin*
new burn infant or well grown child.
Un,    Reginald    James.     Kenngl.vale.
nm . lay 1: "I have uaed Huby'- Own
Tablets nnd lind Ihem unexcelled at
a medicine I6l children Thev pin-
mote sleep nml geneinl g.««l health "
You can got the tablet- frnni y.un
druggist or by mail at ii cents a box
I.y writing the Dr Wllliama' Medicine 1'" . Brockville, <>nt
This letter will be appreciated by
personi who have suffered from itching skin disease because it gives sume
Idea ol the misery accompanying ouch
ailments.   It tells   oi a   remaAabll
Mi. Wm. Caatle, Eagle Hill, Alta.,
Writes "About Nnv. 1st., 1U03, 1
I.i uke uut  with  small  red  blotchei nn
my nnn.- umi they afterward! ipread
ull ovei my body,   lt was   .*,"   Itchy
thut I could not sleep ut nights fur
icratchlng.    I   suffered   untold  misery
anil was almost driven to desperation
I tried everything ut hand and my
in.-n.i- recommended various remedies
all to no avail
"When    1   began   lha   u-.* ..f Dr
• 'In. .*'- Ointment I had little bo| 1
relief bul the reaull hai I n wonderful.     I-i  tl^ lu-t tiii- preparation
L'.ive relief Irom the dreadful Itching
mi.I 11 lm- now brought about 1 cure."
Tl..* duy is piiM when people will
be sstlsfled wuh an int.'nml treatment fm  itching skin diaease    It 1-
more latisfactory ta apply an ointment nnd witness the beneficial results, instead nf taking medicine nnd
limping that in time the dssirsd ef-
i.ii- will be obtained.
This ohange oi opinion bus largely
come abnut through u.e extraordinary
■un*- being broughl about by Dr.
.'ii 1 a'l .iiiiiiiioii! Ecsema, lalt rheum
psoriasis,tettar, icald head,and ull tl.u
dteadful itohing skin .liseuse-, which
torture children und   gmsvi.   people
alike,    nre   not   held    in   inch   terror
linos the merits of tin- gieut niiii-
iiieni  have baeoms known
Hy it- healing, toothing, antiseptic
Influence Dr, Cnaae'i Ointment clean-
.-.*- th rea, allaya the iiiflaiiiiiiatn.il
itops the itching, ana heaii the raw.
(laming (leafa In the moat ilmpls as
well .*.- ii"* ni"-i aggravated -kin Irritation "i eruption, thii ointment
1- certain i" give highly latiafaoton
results; (in cent! a oox, at nil deal-
ii-, rn Edmanaon, Bates A Co., Toronto
Three hundred yean age wm born
Richard Buaby, bead master "f Weat*
i'iii-t.-i school, tvhoae name haa be-
•.ine nini,i-t proverbial ai ■ typo of
tin* "kmI ,,f iron" ichoolmnster.
Peril  ,,r  lir, i„b   s,,l,|.,.,,
"Striinge ns It mny seem." snid 11 former colonel uf « Manhattan regiment,
•members of state military oignni/.u-
11,111s win continue to violate duty calls
ivhllo knowing full Well Unit by so do,,
lug in certain Instances they render
themselves marked men U, life. Tho
fnct is probably not generally known
among citizens tbat a dishonorably
discharged militiaman is forever bur
red from holding public Office, wlieiliei
this applies to the municipality, the
commonwealth or tbe federal govern
ment   1 know* of some cases where
men svilh dlshniiornble discbarges hnve
fallen to speedy ruin upon full realise
Hon of the serious ConSeqtlCUCSI ut
ladling to conduct unbecoming a sol
Olei'."   New York l'raas.
Colonies "f beavers an* t.i In* found
on the Tm ih* ami Ochre user.- eaat
■I Dawson     One colon] has started
iinrk  hull,ling n dam ,.11    the    Oehre
nver al tbe railway bridge m-i' the
Nip Diaeaae in the Bud.—II i- dlffl-
- nit to ere lieate s diissss aftei it bus
h come seated, then-fore it i- wise to
take nnv ailment in its initial stages
and by such remedies us nre sufficient.
itop n 111 n- courts Cold is ths commonest complaint ..I man. mui when
neglected leads t" serious results. Dr.
!'h"iiiii-' Bclectrlc Oil will cure the
severest cold or mosl violent cough.
Tin* lub-contracl (01 carrying ilu-
mail between Battletord and Edmonton hti-M.oeii renewed wuh Mr. Bal-
!' iiiliiu*
Ncry. uintu, Dytpcpiia. Indla-xtlon. nrni
'uiilred ail.oen.s. tnkp wing- before iln*
liealias aoalltlea "f s,,,nh An.cr.cnn
ten         IU,.mu-   II,-kins,   "f   Durham
..... n-.,k in- preaetaer'a advice, foliKiwee
lirectiooa, and waa eared perniaoenUy »-f
ho nor-, form "f N.'rveu. 1'r.wlrailei-
• ml   l.v-i ,|,-.i,    Ho   In,-   rei-emriended   ii
„ other* with eratlfylng rendu,  it's »
real  aerve builder.- 12
Tl.e Canadian Pacific Ry, are run-
iing 11 series nf Winter Excursions to
.'iiii.'iiiivei  and Victoria, It  C, from
11 itatiom in Manitoba, alberta nnd
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches and
every lorm ol conta«iou» Itch on human or animals cured in 30 minutes by
Wolford'n Sanitary Lotion.
Sulphur   I n,lrr qiilrk-anud.
Mn-t of the sub-,un consumed in tin
United  Slates come!  from   Louisiana,
vheie are vu>i de|Kwlta at a depth of
from  .km to 800 feel.    As  there   la a
layer ol qulckaand n hundred feet
hick above th.- lu.phur, it was Impoe*
ilbte until lately to get out paying
lUnntilios. Now, hnwever. It Is se-
••lro.l by driving down tsvo pipes. One
■ip.* carries n Jet of steam, which, coin-
n^* 111 contact with the solid bed of
■nilphur, molls It Into 11 liquid. This la
ihen forced to tbo surface by air prei-
.ure through tbe otber pipe.
iivake el nr-***-***.
iabrici ind pfie-w. I«
w. 1-1. ■)•» aad
-liilolnn. l«iP.-S«ed.
DmI-hi tie •lulnui'd
to japlacs utaumly and
tl «ur c«a any Pcs-
AngU t«im««l faulty
in in,.anal >r n»kin|.
Pen-Angle Under-
wesr ir form-knit
so it can't help
fitting your figure,
—it's mada of
long - fibred wool
so it won't shrink
-and it'a guaranteed besidei. The
whole idea ia to
make it ao good
you can't afford
not to buy by tl e
trademark (in
red). tot
Moat   Klrrntrd   River.
llie uio-t elevate.! tiler In the world
Is tl.e lie-jgiiimlr.ro. iu Bolivia. The
average elevation a', ave ibe level of
lhe sea Is abuut l.t.DOO fi*et.
$100 REWARD $100.
Tha Malm of ttaia papvr w. 11 .*> piraaal to irara
tbat thtra la at laaat ,.-»a draadaa diaaaaa that aoiaaoa,
!'»• t«ea al.lc to ear. ta all iu au«aa. aad that la
CaUrih. Uall'a Catarrh Can la th. oal; poaltira
■ir. ii -. k',...-n ... i*. n.ri..i IraUraltj. CaUrrb
'-?■"*. ' 'Ooatitieli.ual . ... , rauu.raa a rouatito
I'onal t.f.ua.nl. Hall « latarrh™*u,. fS|C
la,nail,, a.,.,,, 4 -,.|,, .„ u., bl,^ „j tmotm
H'lTUr ?i ,h." """•*•" ".•'•*" da.im.iae tha I'.uad
SVT-iTi —'-* ■*"1 « ' »«tl'«ra,lan,«r.n«th
hi l'«'-d'a« „, ,• ■ ,on.,.Inl on  an- wai., n.lnr.
,...h .'      ""'■    Th'   ttnprnnn, ha.a ao tauoh
!_?__?__!■'**  t"m.r. lha. Ir.a.> oS.r One Bub.
dr.    Dollar, for an. raw , hai   it  fa.I. lorn,..   >wd
'oi*  1   .. Of ,.'.-..;„.  ,,   .]. '*"*
iddr^., F. j  (-RKNEY 1 Co.  Tolado. O.
Soil l,y drusgiata TT^.
Ta.a Halla larnilr Pilla for oonatipatioa.
Man*,   n.lin.lni   Inflii.iira.
"This African explorer whose eipe
rieines lire being published in sume of
the papers says parrots are deli. io.is
o:itine. I alwavs thought tbey were
very tough." ,
"Hut he refers to wild parrots. It'!
their association svilh men tbat makes
must    pi.rnils    tuudi."
s.r.   Aizari.iatloa.
ili.id—As if il w:i-u i bud enough to
have no im-n ,- - al the hea.U, tbo
tuuunger made tiling! lllll mure nggra-
Mabel—In what wayl
Maud-lie hired :. female orchestra
lo furnish mindc for Uie hotel.—Cleveland li.i li I.eiilor
The Canadian I'aeiiic Ry. nre again
running then aiiiu.nl excursions to
Hasten. Canada from Manitoba, *?ask-
atchewan and Alln>rta, the ticket! U*-
ln|  "ii -nb* November 24fli tn  11. ni-
bei   .'list   and   gnn.1   to   letiiin   within
tine,, months.
'II,.    1,,.K   ii,"l   llir   SI.eta.
Trofi-ssor  Wilhelin   Wuu.lt,   the  famous  Oeimafl  psychologist,  tells of
teaching a do^ to jump over u slick.
One .lay the pn.fossur commanded hi*
d"- to jump, but held out no stick.
At lirst ll.e don seeine.l siiiprisetl, and
on repeated ordering to Jump be barked. At lust be spram; Into tbe uir aud
narked very vigorously, ns If to complain of the absurd and ridiculous coni-
muud to jump wheu uo stick was held
Dairy Utemili.
In busing dairy utensils It Is a goo-1
plan  to get those  with as few seamt
snd rough surfaces as possible. Tbe)
are much easier to keen clean.
\ Su,*,— ful M.-.11- in.* Everyone
wishes 1,, be luccessfui in uny undertaking iu which In- muy engage    I.
i-  ihciet  extremely gratifying  to
lhe proprietors "f Parmelee'i Vegetable Tills t.i know that then effort!
tn compound s meo.cine which would
prove n bletsing to mankind have
been lueeessful beyond tlie.r expectations    The indorsation uf these pill-
by   the   public   is   a   guarantee  that   a
pill haa I n produced which will fulfil everything claimed inr it.
The Ruaaian mlniatei 61 war has
closed a -rh'ii'l owing t" revoititionsry
spirit "1 -tiiil.nl-
Sii Robert Ball, the eminent astronomer, declare! thai 800,000,000 yean
have elapsed -im*'' the earth became
 1 enough tc rapport lile
Thote   Worrying   Pllei!    On,*   ft.,plualien
if   I.r    Ag.irw -  Ointment   will    irive    you
'i.ili'it     applied   .i»rv    nttfht   for   three
'. .ii nitflils and a euro is etferted in the
,..ii. in eae-M "f Wind. Bleeding or
'inn.-     lil,i.       I'i      .*Strn«"A -    i»ln.men.
un     Rcaema uud til  ii.hiin.- and burn*
nc  -km    di-iii-.*-.   Ir    let!    bkr    ning..
.; ceuta.   16
The tariff ii.iir'ii "i European countries ii regarded at Waahington ai •■
menace to United Btatei trade
"•alinrird's   Liniment   Cures   Garget   in
iiu - verj plentiful in northern
* ii .... and tie* country i-   lull   ul
\nierii;in -pii|i.-men.
The New York Central   haa   again
 ii   (ound  guilty  ni   rebating  t"  ..
Mitiii  refining company.
A Cure fur »'..atlvencss -Cnstiveu.--
comea ir,,m the refusal uf the excretory organs to iK-rfnrm their duties regularly from cuntributing causes, usu-
nlly disordered digeation, Parmelee'i
Vegetal.I,* Pilla, prepared on scientific principled! are so compounded
thai certain ingredients in them past
tin "Ugh the stomach ami act upon
the bowels 10 aa tn remove their torpor and aiuii.-e them to proper action. Many thousands are prepared
t,. bear testimony t.> ihen power in
this respect.
om.i  Ahraalo-a.
A gold coin pusses from oue band te
UtOtber £.000.000.000 times before the
stamp or Impression upon it heconx-s
obliterated by fiiotlon. while a silver
coin changes bands B.200.000,000 ti.nea
before lt becomes ontiroly defaied.
•*li      Sure!   II.'iuo."
Probably   nn  one   would   hnve  beea
more surprised than Sir Henry  Bishop
hlmaelf could l.e huve foreseen tbat a
■Ingle melody in .me of his numerous
operas .vould achieve such celebrity
tbat at th,- present Bay it is still sung
i.y loading prims donnai ut taehl inabls
concerts, Jangled ou street organs aud
loved by ii vast public thut kmisvs noth-
ng of music, properly eo called, us the
purest representation of tbe English
-Iiiiii -"Home. Swot Bome." ".iiiri.
ihe Maid of Milan." the open. In which
.his favorite sou;* occurred, bus loug
imen consigned i" iho Umbo of furgut-
len musical works but "Home. Sweet
iluii'.-.'' survi.es with undiminished
popularity ami is likely to survive
wben ninny more pretentious composl
(Ions   hnve   followed   "The   Mukl   of
Milan"   inio   oblivion
Th,nu.i- Mn":.. the iiutlu'i nf "Irish
Melodies," is having a monument er-
•-' ted to his memorj "ii English .- ,1
Hi.- grave i- in Bromnam churchyard,
u few miles from Deviaes, ."ill over it
a mil Celtic '■  "t Connaughl limestone lu.- been ere I
Toilet Ware
T-OILET WARE in vtiitic
* tbund&ncc is pictured in thc
p*gci of our CAt&loguc. Whether
your utte turns to Silver, Ebony or
Ivory, it will find amp-* variety from
which to choose.
From our own factory comes the
richly chased Pompadour Pattern in
heavy Sterling Silver. A six piece
set -consisting of Cloth. Velvet and
H*ir Brushes, with Mirror and Comb
—is unprecedented value at $30.
Pieces are told singly if desired,
so thtt a let may be added to, year
by year.
Drop au j fetim't   turd mnd wt wtU
mmd trou frri .'. *.j'*-i* ow large iUmm
tret*J rmtaUfue oj'Jerwmlry, Sihtt.mmrtt,
Utthtr GtmmU, tic.
-aiiiti   ion pdil: *j
.'-.ll   Kheiarinit.
Kali shearing i« benefldal in i-r-imr-
Ing lambs for earlj winter market
lhe wnrk ibould be done enly iii the
.en-mi.   The romoval nf tl.e Beece hn*
en- the fattening i.roceaa, and «aiui
re tiiii.ie »t a ehaaner rain.
Minard's  Liniment  Cures  Colds.  Ste.
Sn Andrew I.uak   the   Grand   Old
Man of London   was 98 on Bept 18
He uur* hum nt Hurr, in Ayrshire,
close up.-ii live year- before Waterloo,
i.iul exai-tly nine tluy.t prim to tin*
"Iron Duke's" other victory at Busa-
SCO, Sept. 2".  1810,
Minard's Liniment m.. Limited.
Gentlemen— 1 have moil MINARD'S
LINIMENT on my vu.-i-el and in my
family lot years, and for ths everyday ills imil accidents »f life I ron-
-nlei ii has nu equal,
I would not start on n voyage without it. il it post a dollar » bottle.
Sehr. "8torke." St. Andre. Knm.un-
nt«.-l. t,r„,l..
Blackheads are nothing mure or Iras
tlii..i pores lhat me unelean.   The skin
has been neglected Bt one time or other ]
ami   ll.e   pores   huve   h.-iome   clo-tued j
wllh   the  poisonous   waste   materials
thut the sweat uluiids m* constantly :
threw Inn off.
Sir Wilfrid Ijiurier has been invited by Admiral Chester to attend the
banquet »f the Amerienn Geographical
sooiety early in December, but as the
Dominion hotlSS will then be in ses-
siun. he will hardly ba able to accept
Ibe invitation.
Defies fhe Cold
Stinfield'i Underwear is the
most pertect protection igainst
Canadian winten.
It it. j "jl the right weight for
watmth yet not too heavy for
easy comfort.
is made of Nova Scotia wool—
the fine-it ir. the world—snd is
guaranteed absolutely unshnnk-
S« thai you. duller grvea jro-j w'lit jr-rm
waai-STANFIELD'S Und«w..r.
W    N    II    No.   612 **r---yg-
I. PriiiiaS nt Trim. LaSlt'llJ-, sun Puliitst.e-1
nt I rrgriioi. anil 'I'imiii l.a liv *--,*i > Tie.ran.*
Tftc ffi.lM '- 1 »**. su* uiiid tllmaelt roapntl.
Ill,In .'Or t'i*' *iill I, l*nia „I mm*oap. .inl,1,11, el-
)<.'.Willi ll.   Ill   ''"11:1111*.
All lorala will lie cl.urue I  .u   the uue cf li
e.       per lieu, nr.-: inserunn, andlOovu'la pi.
Ilu, ''.l'*l I «"'-'  I'.i*. *.   iHMt'UOn,
tttm* tot Tranalru'
•fill 1*0  Hi-  1,   i,.."l  •
ui ut l er  u Iverllalni
i , plication i.i ullk't
Bdbsorlsllou M.uii it ?«i\ LiTadviittM,
'.'-" Is hereby given thai 68
t..i.t, ni er tho fiefct j ill .,* i.
here f i'i thu Dcitisli Coliiii.b ;i
G;i» '.ie, I int.-ti ' lo lip, ly lo tho
lluu. Chief Com.i iasion'wrot' I an"tl*i
ana Works, tbin hi eo ul licenw i
cut anil carry away limber from
tli* iV: ow ini- ilu cit' ('I lantlti sit-ii-
atu'i iu Wesl Kn a nay tiiatiict.
C. muienoing ut a  posl   plumci
on lit-en?', side ef   Salmon (-reck
anil ebout  i ot  u uiilo (rotn creek
and aoont   1   r.ii!?  fi  in   h-   ! oa.l
lnnihird   ''A   (jolting i  S>>u h-osi
corner post," -h.-.-i'v ... • i SO rhn
then ■•>•   north  80  ii' i ns,    thonce
. ,i    8 i chains,    tiiunoe south  .*-*
chilli.s tu thu point il outuinei.ee
Ko.  2.       I'iinitn* ncilig nl ii ;.  .
plaiittd on i In*. asi ■* i.* . f S:iin..ii
..   -. i;. and Shout   -1    n   III ilii  in n
crrok   and ab .ut   1   mile   ffr< m '
UOUth,     11 arkul      'A.     ti.niii,
Notth-WCSl   corner   post,      tin in
uoutli 80 chains,   tbence   i n-t f
chaina.  ibence   nprth  RO 11 ru,
theuce >* ".-I 80 cl aii!-   lo the j
of comnii'ii.*-".ifi,*.
1.  'n'r*.l De ** i iber 2*lih, 191
A Go       . ! •■ i lor.
Bpj B It  <■'  111 1   < 'It* n. Iieifll clahi r
situate lu Trout 1 uke Mining l'u*; i
Located on
Take Notice Iiml 1. Ill    e tt bit.
1 ig tits agin! ior lhe ■**■;■« glsri Milling t
Free lliiv.*-   Or ilioat.   N'o B01 ■
tend,    !'■■:■ the tlotc
apply to the Mining I'eeorder i ir ■ I
; cab • •;.. nti   ii litei
.if obtaining a Cro-n n G   ml
Ami f netlj, r take notica  that actio
under Bee Ion .*-". aiuai  be
before tin- 1.1 i   * ■       suell C'erl
of Improver
Dated January 22nd   1907
Dacca  v- u ik
BN AT NE1>'!)N.
I-i ihf t slti" ■ I the "Plans
Cancellati.-.n Act.   .'■
aii I
In the matiei of tl.e applioa-
fionoUAMK? « I IS. i.\  T1K MI'*
BOX to c.< n el nf:|i,i!,.i    .  Plan
760 tiled  it. il.e   I ai .1   Ri,.
Office ut tl.* . Itj ol v-
Notice h bur. by given,  ll at ;-i
er the ezpirati >f 8 weeks fr-n
the first • u ilicnti m here. 1 i.  lli
"Lardeau ,p ii. n*.' Ret lew''   an ..j
plication will bi i tido to Ki- ||. n
or. Judge F< rin,   for an  > *-.ler f"
the cancellft'ion . i all tlmt   p *r
tinn of Plan ■■'•''■ CIi .1 in  tie*   I. ii
Registry Office at the Uitv * f N.
eon, covering 1 locks 8, -• uth lm i
of Ii!ock5,   15, 14. 13. 12. II. 10 9
17. 18,19, 21. 22,   29   26 and  K
mod the strei Is and 41 leys c utigu-
ous therein.
Dated. January lOtli , 19 17,
FkKD ('. 1,1.1 IOTT.
Bolii it.'. for applicant
■   "  T.   .'•'.  !'"illli  v..
Registrar oi the . "ui.ty Court.
Contracts   Entered Into fop Packing of Mlnln g Supplies  Etc.
to any Point fn the District.
S. DANEY, Prop.
Any Work
Undertaken $&
Legal Notices.
Oanadlae niinprnl claim   litiiutfl in lli."
Trout i uke mining   division of Weit
K.aitenty district.
Where located i  On ."inn Mile creek
ti mh Fork ..( Lardean. ,
I'liki. notics tlmt I, O.H    N     Wilkin
acting    as   agenl (or  Pavel    Cowan
1" M 0.   Nn.   1)88103,    nil.1.1."ii
11j.-kmnn I".    ,M .    0
iis*.in.',  intend, mxt.y
<l:i t e      lie.*.*..I,      In     apply
_._ So
iln in Irom   Iho
 ^^^^^^^      In      III.'
Mining llecoriljr for  a' "Cerllflciitu  ol
trnplOVI 11 BUtO,   l'"r   the   |'iir| ul * el 0U-
.i ning it Crown iii'.ini ol Hn. ahovs
And further lake notica H.si m-tlon,
iinijei* wti-tlt. ■'*'. 'nn' i i'' commenced
i, ... ■ nni re "i Oertlfl,. ate ot lim
n 'i in nti
[),.:.,I lli.i Mil..liv nl Aug., a.l. II CO
'a«iaa. -««-^^^|
E. R. VlPoj
Trout Loke |jJJJ
St«t!e» nt Trout L4
Bar well Supplied with Liquors & Cigars
Luree Cotnfortabre Eooins.   E»ellenl ('uiisiiiti nmi Attendance
Grout Xahc
Supply (5o.
By ii:*'ii'! Water supplied by lhe
1 '"ii pany 31 u i".;" s iu cd o\ abi >-
lute purity,   i>. voi nmi ui Aualj   -
to ba. k uji ci:it'*:i:riit.<. :::::::
Hu^h McPherson - - Supt.
W. H. Jones.
ExceileAt    Accommodation
Best, Liquors   . I	
And Very finest Cigars   ft
John Simpson,      Proprietor
leal    Binders,    Fine   .'"'..
wo:d   valla\ce   hardware CO- I' D*
Hards ire, Minari' Dt   | lies, Bl *-1
mil 1
On '*- .*.    ''*   I lee    ai 1    Fruit
Houston Rk., lose] I ii    -
li psyt. lo use the  Telephone
Icngtl . nili,,'.
ni   1. * .  1 :'ii..,i-' Blurs .  i i"Ui
H till       tt No at B.
Trbut Lake  pity Tr_ nsfj
and Stage Line.
I Doily Steje n
leave Fergus
7 a.m.
Trout Lake »tj
in connfciic-t,
A. M. Craig     Wm. Crawfon
TROUT  L-AKE.  0   C
Best Hotel in Town,
Hsa^ii,;;!^ k Uu and Coffliicial li.
— Hotel,
Watch n | sii ing,   etc.
lil     I !   , •
All   work
Imperial  Bank of CanadJ
II. nJ or;
TOWN 10.   i.\|\R|„.
n Block. Trout Lake. B.0
BEOT 4 428,CCO   )mmtm^mMm^^^^^^m^^—
D   R   Wil KI*'   Preai'.    I 'I m.  ROBERT JAI
URANCHES   in thi 1'roriness ol Allx-rU. 84-.kttc! *
Hotel and
Cenerai Store
Manitoba, Ontai    >     *. >*.-•<*
rpt.t rate fr
B   C
Sandy Laughton
j1*! A J I !!1'\   fi-iii.it;   Fergnfffli you
j  W   ,'       should i-l-'IV  III   llll-  l.'.li.le..i|
Il'icl.     li.-ii-   iln-   visitor
wil   1. •   Kiirciiiil'*'.!   with
hi :' ii-.    Hv ■
fiir-iiie.      ui-ll    v. . lilaie I
iiii I    tvnim    rooms,    w<  1
stt..*ke«l bar,  and  evrything «lii'*.!i
tn .Ih tuwnnls  tn..'<;ul: \.• ■ ir visit a
pi  i-.int and memorable oue,
Rates fi*m fl day upwards.
We Krive to please ..nr patrons.
F. B. Wells
n m w   LODGE,
No. 80
. r     \r .'-. A m
8rd   'I li
. • ii li,
'■     -
...:*   .     ■    P.C iv
H  Ot I rr.ln. ,,.„„) .1.,,■.,.,!, ,„    .,,,
■ t He? »orld
(Iron U> ro'.l-rc.'iioi u.a
Mlnins I'-
Review Job Dept.
Tor Jliyii-t i.ii-i \\"i.t U
i UO I  I
LAKI     1 i.i.'.K
M.   41
I. 0.0  1
n. \   i..
i   -
■ • .rl,. ■
r ,*l >-• ■ i i -. -  net
ffiarber Shop
 POIt A	
Good Shave or Hair Cut
-   ' AM. "IN
" P.BimS&CO    William"Sehnell,
= Hssavine) m
| Hold or Silver        |i '>"
11.1  -liver	
I.i-iui     V     -   ■"
   i no
5   SHANNON,  -'.ssnyer
Truut I.i ;..   D C.
:.-*-.   *..*• --wj*?^. 0>r34**
Any pew '. having in Iheir pos-
*   -   ii   ..ii'!)!*.lis or BUCKET-3
elongii gto lhe riKK   .Kl'.M;!-
.MI.N I'. nre  i 'ti  retuin
A    M.
...   clbc IDotcl Beaton   ...
BEATON, u.e.   	
Yl^riORP arriving al 1'.* aton (ths threshold ol tl" lardean]
vin ^ ri<.i, i i Mil, will find l ■ in i" fully t • I
for hieh-clan fade,   I..      A well
nvr "M led Ii inn i slj.    'I In* besl * * -.pi.ili
aa>l Cl .i."..    ' in il i*it< i' to the
patrons. Visiters lo th" » SJ-deao ran rely on comfort at this hot. I,
11. ..!• rs in ..il km Ir- ,*f I''i. -I. M, .1
rui.ri I.AKE.B.L
KKltlll HON.
Hot and Cold Baths     ^
,r ,   -,  Mri urtrl. J    A   «.:•..,
A   M. I'lNKII \M
ii tTona, in.
trlSl ll.nt* ol f Hrmdm.
Barho:     <
W. BOYD -:-  -:- Prop
*«*- noaaoooomacM ....
-———-.-..-.   a  , j 'J_ _^\
Kottoe Is hereby given thai  80
Nn 1. fommonclng at a |*ost h. ''l,Vi "n"r ,,u
Thi* matter •-!. > BOg
led .1, oa hi ci-r oi fire,   there is
nol siifllc       ,   Iden nt tli •  IJt'i
tO remie. =■ ,1i"|e;ii ,tr,  c,.f
Tlie   ordinary   Mirioel getitta
in ..•'in',' nf the PrtmrustfHold Min.
int- C Miipaity,   I.r i, l. ,,,,,  ,,v.;i .,
held »t th   ",!i serf the ("ompan.
Tr ti; f.aks  f: c, ,„, F:',i.1V] ].-,'.u
roary 1st.  Ifi07    nl 3.80 p. m, f„
tho pturoso uf I'locting direc on
tot the ensuing year,  and  *
other Jjupjn.-B i hii,a., he proper] v
brought before the meeting,
•'   M. MIL1.KK, t-;.r*-T,*,tt. J
•Da'-J at Treut Lake, B. C   i
almut 20 rhaini «<-st 'r.n,  ibe  V. '" lh" " '" 0bie,C ">""<*•<>>»■' °fj
i   !!,.;0ll*: then  ■•    l  ^sind u'"r:*'  ''" ■
COch   * uth 40chains ,0   :t:l"' •'■■">  ftW»y !i'"-
ili.nrc w.m  160   -liiiiiis,   I hep e berfrom :' ,; -"l,"i
north 40 chains to point of  corn- j,*n* K|":"" '"  ^ "•'•   Kwlcn»'
inencement. di" "' :'
No. 1.      C "intnenrine  at a |
planted on ti"' si uth-eisl corner .*f
M. Beaton's pre-i mption,   m irl od
So.'2.   Commenoiitg  at n  posl  A.E.Evan s 8outh-iveRt c-<rncr jmsl
planted on the 8. W. corner of No. theiwe n.        II 0 .* nin.*;   ti*e'iice
1.  thonce-east j60 chains,  lh-»Dee j eatt *W cha?n»j  thenoe  N>uth 160
south40chains, th'.nc*  «e^t 160jchftins! ihenee wesl 40 chains to
chains, thenee uo/th 40 chains to point ol commenoement.
tho point of commencement. Dale*), December 12 h. 1000.
A. E. ItrgQi,
N'o. 2       ('ommenolng al a post
I ion No 1. and markfd  A   B,  Kv<
■ inth-e ih' p >rnfr i in -I.* thccne
orih 100 '•linins.    thenco east 40
h ii ns,  ih I,.-* south   160 ub iiii-*.
[heneewes  40 chains io point ..f
Located Decr!inbpr27ili, 10'G. 'comniei.' .iM/.f..
D"ted Deoember 12 h. loon
A E  Erani.
No. .,.  < ' *niii*>r'**iiK  nt a    port, mmmttttmttmumm—mmmmt—Mmt^m—
i,i       at.   a  Mi ,   u      t'litnl.n ..ii Hip i*n■;' linn ..f
■ an ed on tbo 8. \V. cornet ol No, '
2, thence cast 1-30 chains,   thenco
south 4<) chain-1,  thence west   160
oil ..ins, tli.'i.tx* iiiuib 10 <•' ,'iinK to
pbint of cod menceioent.
•tl Dcc'iiTibpr!
W. Ogihie, Lo stor
kHERE     .it-   I.,  n   r-.rtnnrs
nn de  I ij   |u lie mi    lm
11.I'M      lli      II" ll      I   *
in. i * -  *.. i.i  i.    n.nil. ih in
, i     t ',■• n. t\ two oi -; ■ ■ ■ i j ■ '. -.
Tlie ...      nape tht
tne  ..I  .-ii ,!   tii< .     ■ t.   I,,.   I,-    *..i
iii- i*, I, i ..I ii . iv taint).
Now Iel ns poinl ,,.ii in t nu tl m
t'.i it- i* ii" belli r • I".' ■ •'
i-i bti    R       ■•.il il    	
Trout Lake  ■ lh  pn iti. •' -i *•'
• K< * '■ i. . i * * * pl* .-nn*
rcs-.n it .,.- ii ■ . i|i..>i li iti, n
nti i (lulling mi. t* i .* Indulged in
the j. a. i und ; a' '• I .' g .iin*
in a ... 'I.i .* i t • i he found nn
the hlUs. Ii- cliinalti i- supoib,
there b ii l no ytt .t i«j i..*in. -. ii
bi'iug ii fid  in W-. •. r and et..' i-.
rni-'.'*r       II C«n •    a»l "t  t 'll.e <.f
ill   I • . I
i ' , df-rl. Tin
nr-' tw-. <•.*>.*i Henl : a ral inns,
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i unl' h in t* l.iii'y m. 'I r prevent .1.
Wi it'*   wilh r.mil i'i ... t , Ag«i la,
• CM
H. McPherson
Trout Lake, B.C.
Lots can be
obtained on
Make your
selection at
Then call on
oV  write to
•» •
irl A\
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ii-!",M   Mineral   district an   I
*"'' inni i. at .1 bai banking I
Has   |.n vi.I..I   by   ih-   I.. ,.i il
J-nnli of Canada : Ci»i .'
UM I'll   111,  ,!;,, .,   ,,      „,   ,;,,|     |j,a      ,
Hon of -g ghannon, U.A. \ t
Wall I t-y.l< in ;   i:,,vt'.ini.i i,l , fiii*.
<'; niiii ("..I.ri sittings- Mnl. .: *
Epifropal nt d Anplicaii chu
snd .. tlage 11.|.jial.
linn* nre raloable in:..-,   lai -'•
ni   'h    , iil.kirt- ■vraltlOS •* llhr*.
[ta Iiiii.i,r resources are magnifl
.'<'••', ui.1 i.  band >a* i. Ill  t
CapscltJ or60.000 It, |.*r t'ay l| ill
t'o load .f ih.* latt*. ti„. „. ,,.
tubular/ tn j ruting uut bigjrei
1 ro.ii.c. ih nnv yiar, wiih i.vw
prospect! opening up uch hodiei- ol
Tleie -aill bo m \,[g ril*.|, u,iB
vi-ar, in jf j0„ nonld kaOW
" ' "',   Wrill   nl   oimi* to   lill-ei of
ths seenu „t thoaddressei below.
F. B. Wells
General Agent
Revelstoke, B.O.
M „_	


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