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Lardeau Mining Review 1907-02-07

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Full Text

Hm a larger oirei
latin    than   any
ftfepet  io   N
Lardeau Mining Re\
I      r^ is 190/
_ •'■'
The representative
of tbe rich Lard ■■a u
country.     8*at t
any address for %'i
per an. in advanoe.
VOL. 8
TROUT LAKE CITY, B.C.   Feb.   7 th.    1907.
WOl'lUB   IO   l.n.lKVI'I NT t-OOVKE*
^Hl., M.Carter, nr tn whomsit
P  mav  have tranalerrerl   hia
Nt*e< In tlie I'.alum'jri- and  Ureek'.y
mlnir.r    lu .11
■^nutnrn iliat I, the nn-'lentunn-l
CO-nwm - witli vou in tha Haiti inm
and        U",'llllll inini'r.ll Cl.llr.li
ilaloi, slti't..- nn North (mk nl Lardeau
rivet  Ur,   n,i!ua frnni F.-riruon
■Trout   i.ake  Mining  Phlalonof
t-WCootenay,   have  i*r(ormeil the
ntltiltrv wntl; ami made the iier--.aur>
.      pditiira on   tlie above  mentioned
<:ls5m     Inr    11-   >cat        1 -Hy -i In
Wm hold U.e rami under section 1:1
oitM Mineral Art, and tl.e veara (or.
Which laid wnrk win |.*-rfornied and ex-t
•K-ndliu*. made haii..|{ *'X|.iiI'd, I hereliy give i"H imllce that il uiiluii 90 day-.
tro':. tin* .ir«t i>iil.li**»tion hartol yon
•aii or r< ( - ft. contribute your proper*
lionet* .' >r- i.f tiK'li expendunre and
pay thi. e iti ol th.-. ad-/erti«eiii*-nl your
liUirest in ll.e aa,d tninoral claim niii;
liaeotnS the priperty i.f the 'in Irrugn I
nnder end i.v nrtnaul teciion 4 <jt t:i<-
*>'inet*a| Act Amendment Act, 1900.
Dated *>t Trout I.ake this 4th dav of
Oeee»U*r )90rt.
L. THOJir-Jti.^ and   W. WAl.LF.R.
NO. 15
reH. M Carter or to whomaoeaer he
may haii* tie-inferred hia inl»rMl in
the Ptrriti"i, l'».iy and Canadian boy.
T|ke liotit*»- that wr. the u.idertisned
CoAafUri »i'ii von in tho l'arraooio
Pad> »"d     the       C«n3,lian     Boy
B.iaetal claim, iituate  ..ntniil. era''
Side Of l.ar.lean creek, near Seven Mile.
^^KTriiit   J.alu-   mining diviaion .if
W. KooU-nay, huve -performed the nee
entry work and made the accessary ei
pendltn..-  .'*i    iil.-.v,—iin-iitmp-i-<l   <•'...ir.
Ortbe.V'i'.i« 1901 AiyCii, in onli-r to hi I i
the MRw nt.der arctii.n '24 of lhe Min-r
ti'i   the  vear   lor  which nail
performed h-ivineexpir»*.I. «e
ive ton notici- that if irltbln '.<q\
ii   'lie  tirnt I'l-blicftli-r. here   I
r refine tocunlribute lour fir
,* iii-i-i' ol ".uii expenditu
lifi.t-* ol this sdrertiasme
r-*»t in Ihe caid   mineral elal
ne the pri-ijiertv ol  the untie'*''
!i-r and  bj vrrlue o' •.'-(•'ti.ti'l'
ui* ul   Act  Antcnd.ne.il  Ac'-
Notice is hereby civen tint
days after tho first pu'iliuatioa of
Ihiii notice in tho British Colum
I.m (i.';■.' tli* I inland to a; j iy it,
tlie IL n. Chief Commissioner
ol I.nndt! und Works for a spools]
licence to out nn.l cavry awuy timber Irom the fol'owing describe.!
.'.iriti*. ait .ii.,1 in   West Kootnnay
Commencing at a poat plan'ed
between Glen Creek und Hou'de.
Creel;, •} m'le from the Troul Laki
wngon road, marked "Malco'm
lteat-.il'., S "Uth eas' eornei post'
tlience north 80 chain*., llienc
wo-t iO chnins, ihenee south 8(*
chains, thence east "80 t'li.<ins t<
point of coratneneenient.
Located December 20th  1906
Malcolm Benton, Locator.
The Exi'.'utivi of the Liberal*
Conservative Association, met lii-i
night in the offloe of Fr.*d O. Elliott.
It wns dei'idud to hold n "iil.lii*
melting in the n.-.r future, to 'lis-
"iias mn'lers pp'taining to r nds
tnd trails All ivho arc inn-rested
in this ni.'iii'*. ilium.il now put on
iheir "thinking caps'' ni'd atte'd
ih' meeting, pre(*a e.l to ''<>mnn-
atrste iheir-views "i sny.nec. a r
work which require n I. n ihn,
:;.*...i.im 'i .* are en le-vnur-
ing—niii will probably succeed—
to l.ave the newly elected member
.'•e-cn'. at the meeting.
YiE A R .
I9O6     BEA?$    PREVIOUS
HOVERN    K'"M>     MfN'ERALO-
OF Till: 1KTU.RNS.
il Act.
work *
day* I'
you faii
and pa
•onr i>.
will be
of the
Dst*d i' .-  4th
IBM. J  C Kins
BaL, XaooiPi
day ol December, a.o.
SPATUIl'K       I
> Co-Oawars.
Notice is hereby given that CO
d-tys sfter the Gr9< publication ol
1 his notice in the licit ith Colum -
hia Oatette, I intend to apply t>
he II on. Chief Oommis-ionsr o1
Lands *.*d Works for a special li-
'•en-<- to cut and Carry away tim
her frnm the foil iwhi;; <1 escribed
land situated in Wett ikooien.iy
district* ,S\-.st80   c-h.ins io
Oonmmelng  at a po-l pl mted Jornmen'-einent.
between Glen Oreek  a.d   B..iilder|      No.   2.     Comment-in** at
Notice is hereby given tl at 30
lays from dste hereof I intend to
apply lo the Chiel Commiaioner of
Lends-fc Works for a special li-
cenae to<Mt4ndofl ry away timber from the following deecribed
N". 1. Cnmnienc;ng et a post
planted ah-ut 4 miles uo Fis'.
''r ek, marked "A (i "iiig's Bo itli
Wt- gtv.-   In* phi•••   nf   h 11 >r   in
the .'Orr t^ne   to   n   r.co-.l   r I
the'net ilmt ihe min. « ef Urltish
■ 1 i.i ..'nni 1 rod eitl dnini; ih>-
pa-t year, the eoormoiie sntn >.f
$26 390,000. These figures are,
of curse, sl this date merely approximate, full returns from all
s.iirc.'S not lieing yet to hsnd;
b t they art c-.n.pild by the Provincial Mineral'-ffist, Mr. William
Fleet Hobert--on; h gei.tleman who
lis piobwbly tie* iaet .nan in the
I'royince to > uke thi* mistnk- of
exnggetati'.g v.lues for the t-ake
of producing a fav-.r-iblu showing.
Tl ese g.atifyi'g returns were
r.i  :.•    n    tii.- 5 h   inst.    by tl.e
West cormr po
clmi 1 -
thenee libJlli 80
thence   .aai   80   chai  -;
B' 11th   80 ch..in-;   thonce
•:. in "f Mi es ' v tbe II 1.
A       i-fi-iieial   in
I'i.viii e of Bii'i.-h
Ceik,   about \ of u mi e north • -f 1 plant, d   about   4  miles   up
Troul I.ake  woven ro:;d,   narked
'Ed. Hi! in .it's Souih-wi-it  c'rner ■ Fits',   corner   pot,'1 tnci.ee   no
post, 1 lifiico north 80 cbatns,
theuce east BOcHaini, 'hence e u h
80 chains, thence weat 80 clmina,
to point of commencement.
Loca'ed L)eccm'.er 20t'i. 190C.
E IHillmin, Locator.
Notice ia  hereby  given thst   60
dayi alter 1 lie first  publication  of
th s n ''ice in the   Bntiah  Colum- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
bia G.U''.ie,   I ir.trud to apply   to \        ' 1 ■
Us  H>r   Chief  Commisaioner  ol j-J  »'<"> tre il»mi in eoo-l humour 11
Lands and Worka lor a apesial Ll-k"00 u««   'R'«*<\0 Sun" Flour*
, lie A, M. CRAIG, Age.it
■ mite to cut and carry away tlm-   * -..
■from the following de,-...,.
torn -Tva-sied in Weat Kocte*o«*y  j   T*Totioe is hereby given that with
No. 1    Commencing at a (-oat
planlol en the ii'.rth aide of  i'op-
in two months from the first publication hereof in the Britiah Columbia Gaz*-tle. I intend tn apply
lo llie Hon. Chief Commissi ner of
Lands and Works for special licenses to cut and carry nway timber
from llie following described lands
situated in Weat K.-oienay.
No. 1. Commrncii'R at n | oBt
plant- d on the west side of Camp
Cicek, Bl... M hull mile from its
m.viih, marked ''Arthur G nvinj;'-
North  K.'6l  corner  poat'1   ihenc
BEted on tne nottu ace oi  Pop- ■ won  80 clia-ne; [ tli-nce south 80
larC-■ tr 6 mil. a frnm   Lar- chains;     thence   eiist 80 ohains;
doriiermarked G.E. Revcll'a N. E theme  north] 80 chaina,    to the
Mc   po-1-   theme west 160 eluitis  |roin'. of lommtitceme. t.
Artec  Boiuli  40 eb«be;   ihonce |       Located D. c-mber 13th. 1906
east 160 ehaiiik;  theno  mrth 40
cbnii,   baek to place ;,f lommeoco-1
Ur Creek about thr.e miles from
Lardo r^rr murked G E. Revell's
N.E, corner poet; tbence west 1K0
chain--, thfce south 40 chains;
thenc- e 1st 160 chains; thence north 40 .'"Min bsck to place nf com*
Located Nov. 28th. 1906.
Norman McLd'rin, Agent.
Jfo 2     Commencing ut a  post
■ 1.. 1
Creek, n...ik.-1 *'A. (lowiiig'Bf*' u h
theno* j
f c   III-
b'J chain*1; thence west '80
liiencc south 80 ohaina;
cast SO ci airs to the point
Located January 18th. 1907
A.  (lowit.e, Locator.
Notice ia hereby givpn that 60
■lay- after the publication oi
t'-ie uotiee in ih< 1 1 C-
cnlm Oaret'.e, I intend to moke
ai'plicatio 1 to thv Ch'ef Comini-
ai.ii-cr c.f Le nds and Works for a
Ipecial license to cut and cam*
away tinitx-r from the following de
cribed Ian ll -nt'iitrl m West
Kootenay Uistrict.
Londo    f r
loin I   of  C..iu   l.a;   an 1 un di.tipt the pub-
Icatiu   ofih.ge e< ormouB   figurea
snd the as'ou   'inn  i* creaa.*   the.*,
show, 11 nrly f ur millions • f   dollars,    ver Ce  values  -f   the ona
produced  in   l,-*0.r> —hn I    11.uch   ..,
do with Calling the  1 m .rkable
arlice in   't.e   l.on*Ji)ii   Kinincial
New-.   Buc   tignria ..- theie , evi-
d ncin«   (be    unb'invi d   wcbHIi
and j.*r..wing 1 r< speriy of cur Province, nr-well caio.il.<u-d   10  'ra-
pres-. even th^ ric.   financiers .-I
tb   iv .r. i's f-tr at.'S'.    n.i.vnaiktt
Compared   wit', the  offi.ial   figure*   f.n    1905,    Mr.   Roieitsoi.'a
No. 1. Cominen-t'ing al a j^iat
planted on thc west side of the nor
lh fork of L.rdeaii Creek, about 1-J
miles from Fereason, murkd "D
VV, Abraham-oil's souMi eaat corner p si" thence north 80 chain-;
thence west -bO chains; ibence s-.u- j prnc'ica
ih 80 chain-; thonce <*nsi 80 chainal
esliiuaie i-i
Oi 'i  ? 6070 OX)
Silver        '-'.20 *.0<>0
Coper    ...     8.6»'.OO0
f.ii.l         2690000
1J01I          4,590.0.^
'.;•         l,05O,t*O0
Misc.-IU ous I.lOO.OiXI
:'.C.39'-(X0   122,461^88
..l.l-. "tie  h at r- crd 'or
n'ue   having  iocrcas <i
50 per <*c .t.
Of the nietuls, lead   com* s   r.ex'
190R, ne
Arihur Go'-ving,   Locator
[Located Nov.  28th. 1903.
Norman McLellan, As-1.1
No 2 Cnmrneri^irg at a po«
planted 01 the wrrt side 'of C'nin
Cre-k. about half mile fr mi's
mouth, marked "Arthur Oowjnp's
Bouth Ea*-t Oorner pos*" 'here
west 80 rhains; tl*onct north 80
chain-.; ihenee ens* 80 .hains:
tlience south 80 chnins; to tl) •
point * f commencement.
Loested D cember lS'h   1906
Arthur Gowing,   Locator.
■ui re   'i   bireby   givm iha'
■villi 11 two mcril**. from the ftr-t
pat> .-'t en h- ol in th« Britil
HmbiaOazete. I  n end to  ap
ply 0 il e Hon- t'biaf Comms-ion
•ret Li  i's h -i Worka for a spec
^■l-.'C-ae to "it   .-"d   carry   awav
^m\>*' f-rm thr following d-MOrib- j;0  .     Commencing st a post
Hsica titnaud in Wett Kocrten" t,ifln,(d on the north bank nf Pooll
**f. Creek,   about   3   mile* fr-m  lis;
Ht ■. 1.    Comm-flulng at a p-st mouth, marked "Arthur GowinRS
^■rted about i o« a ro'!* norther' tj,,uth esst   c»>n r  pn*t,"   thence
mm Pih'lislfov.w.    Fish  Bi*rr north 80 chat, a;   thence west 80
-^B't Kootenay. marked^. G^w 'chaini;   thenc-  --outh 80 chain«;
■H't   Snpth    West   corne-    post thence east 80 chnins, to th- point
H-i-M*. north   80   chains; the'ce 0f commencement.
*m\i 80 chains;   fiance   south 80
Snina;   Hence west 80 ohaina  to
vlk point of commencement.
■ N«   2. Commencing it a poft
Hinled about -J ol a mil- northerly
In Si> 1'i'eri House    Fish Iliv r
H* i*t Kontmnv, marked A, Gow
|* tSou'.h east corner po*-t; ihenee
tb 80 cbiins;   th-r.ee we** 80
ins;   thence south 80   h'ir.i
to the pbim of commencement.
Lo-ated D ceiiiberVlii. l'.IOG.
O  W. Abrahams II. Linn ui
No. 2 C ''iiinieii-iii|! at a 1 -1
p'anted on t -e w.-si tide of the nor
tl. fork of Liir'hai ''reck, aboul \\
miles from Fer^usun, nnrktil "'O.
W. Abrahomsnn's south wes1 cor
mr post," thence nnr'h 8Uchains;
ibenoecasl RU chains; thence smiili
80 chains; thenoe w* st 80chains to
th** point of commencement
Located D cember 7th   1906
O. W. Abrabamaon, Locator
witli   1 ■  1*1  c nt;   nlver
1 •;  ...I   .•
_tt Cmnnt Mm-
ij Bit m,
Kaslo Riding Returns
Neil F. McKay.
Satuiday broke dear aid frosty,
an .deal one for e ectitin.
At 8 ..'clock, Geo. Yuill, Deputy
Iteturuitig Officer, aasiated bv Poll
Clerk—Dickie Macfarland, opei -
ed the billot-box, in receive the
verdict of lhe people at Trout
Frank Barber nt Ferguson, and
Charlie Copp at ibe !*«iher Cup
us., need a*, .leputies.
A'l day the v.o ker? kept at It
unl 11 was not until u.e cioc-
: oiiued out 1 lmt 7 p.m. had arm
ed, that their effort! were  relnxed
In Tronl l.rk .—wnere, in I9U8
I ib ;.il c ndi-Jaiu i.-iti a ma-
j iv 1.f ini»—Mr. M ri. y (M*l.*d
a ma,ui ity of .'J
in Ferguson—where, in tl.
nn niv fight ihe Conservative cun-
iiiilut p '.eo his * inning majority— ibe Ublel weie turned and
Job) Keen received a majority ol
'lhe Si'ver Cup a'so guie Keen
.< ma j 1 ity ol l
The vote w...- as fo!K MI
Ferg*. sou    25
mI.i. Cup 11
Trout Lake 14
leaving a maj rity  fur  McKay of
12, in ihe north e. d of the Killing.
We were unable, al 'he tiu.e r*f
C<.iug 10 pr.-se. to secure tbe detail*-
.*f the south end vote, owing to
the win* beina down. We can
say, however, that tha majority
will be from 42 to-45.
The province—ai a whole—;*iva
the Con*ervat;ve» 26 seals out of
42. 'I bis enables them to have a
clean majority over all.
tn I  •_>->ld     wiih 1
3   p'*r   .- nt.    Coal   shows    nn    in
■1 a-.* "f   10 fer  cut      and  mi*'
Ce I r.i < ■ is    |i..'. urti   37   1-2  per
cent.    Tin  .. h   mineral   pr.Kiu*t
hi whic ' there wns   1   fa I ir,^ 1 ff
and t lis   was ext 'e nely alight, wa*
cote.       Ilii   was  11 nnd   by   lhB
•inke   at     Fenie,     now     settled'
wh'ch ti* d up 'he   KiMitenay mines
for a couple of montlit      Had th'g
• r"uhle not iiccurie.l     the  min-rn)
out put  cf lhe r.i.vincc would hav
ii-ah'd t "•• $3'».00 1,000 mark,
nt'tiiind  In  nett   coiu-n..]
Commenting on those fumes in
convcisation with a representative
of *.bc li C. Mining Exchange, ihe
Provincial Mineral -cist laid con-
■idantble Itrcss on the fact that
the preM increase in the va'uts of
the ore returns for 19*16 over those
of 1905 was by no menus wb'.lly
due to he great advance in price
which lom« of tl.e metals, notably
c ppcr, hnve shown. On the contrary, .-aid Mr. Robertson, tho
ton'.age output of the various ores
shows, with little exception, .1 notable increase; thc exact figures for
which will appear in ibe Report
of the Minister of Min--s for the
veaa 1906 which wiil shortly make
its appear 1 1 • e.
Located D. cember 13th, 1906.
Arthur Gowing,   L cator.
No 2. Commencing at « I ost
t la'i'ed on the north bank < f' Poo'
Cr.-k, shout 8 niVa f om its
n-onth. marked -'A'thur f.'o ling's
Fouth west corner  p"St,"   Henre
,.,.,    _..,-.,„  nrrth 80 chains;   th.ncca-t 80
ncu east 80 chaini to tha point chains)   thenee aouth 80 chMhs
commencement. ,     thenee weat 80 olia'na. to point of
Located January lAib. 1907 commencement.
Gents Furnishings
A. Gowing, Loca'or,
Located December 13th, 19j6.
Arthur Cowing.   Locator.
•——   avl
The McBride government has
been bt-f.ire i-.c ' jury,'1 nrtU I half
acts during th*. past ; ■ r• ■: years
have been vindicated,
It musi be particularly pleaaing
to the n.eirib-r-i of 'be lute govern-
ment, that the coa.--t cities where
the eUcti)i9 pr.il.ably h-ivc a much
better chance to become acquainted with facts, have returned a
eohd Co.iservative tutmberahip.
Ii has been a short, sharp and
decisive battle, and n- w that tbe
'smoke' of battle ia cleared off, let
us aii'get down' to busiuesa and
keen evcr-mo->t in onr minds the
fact that the Province—to have
continued prosperity—muet have
all—Liberal and Conservative a-
like—pu'ling together, having for
their motto-- ''British Columbia
fire t. last and alwafl.''
N  F. McKay is thc member fori
Kaslo  Riding    We are    satisfied.
that 'he   ir.ti'icsts cf sll  will  be
looked after, in nu honest ir timer.
To make bia wnrk in thu House
effective, he must have uti undivided support from his consti'.uente.
He f.tbe rt presents live of the
people and while he ia- as far as
party ie concerned—Conservative,
we know thnt all wil receive the
same kind of treatment.
When his term is up, elect another man, if you pleas?; but
while he ia there, we ask tor him
a loyal Buppori.
£arrr& tn tip mraorg
W. W. B. MclNNIS,
Who died, '.politically)
February  2nd.   1907.
cbibv noi'Bsaa—-■ a   ma*dosild.
R. Mael.ride, Cndertaker-
Person-illy, we are plad to a-se
J. A. Macdonald, of Roaaland,
still in . i* M *.is . and he will, no
doubt, still lead the Liberal forces.
Macdiuald is a good man. but hc
got on the wrong 'tack."
He clirme thst li I amendments
effered by him during lhe past
three ee»aion> of the Houee, were
indicative of his policy.
We believe in a good opposition,
it ia necessary (0 k- ep the government Straight, and we trust- -dnr-
iiir the next four years—the a-
mendments. suggesiions or criticisms of the Opposition, will have
leas of perFonsI attacks snd negative resolutions and more along
a'ong the line of construction and
The Mssquerade Hall on Hie
31st. given by the ladies of Trout
l.ake, was an unqualfied eueceee,
A large number of vloitore came
n from Camborne, Beaton, Pergu-
o» and C.-mapIix.
The costumes were original aid
displaced ingenuity and invention
by lhe maskers, 4 prises wen
donated—two to the Isdies, wh ch
were wen by the Misses lioatoi
and Wilaen <>t Beaton and Mr . A.
Cummins of Ferguson snd Ll.
Edge of Beeton. A light supper
was served St midnight in Ike grill
Themuiic rendered by Messrs,
Parisian and Griffith, left no'hing
to be deai ltd iu ihe any of har
Write its a Post Car-d $ay-
ing you saw this advertisement, and we will mail
you F&EE,   a 30 page
Showing   line of
ofIntoroat te avary    \
MAN who wears
J.Leckie Co
jg     Local and General.
Last Friday, Feb. 1st. between
2 sod -J p.m., a brown paper pai-
cel wee left for Miss Hoe on the
door-baudle oi her house. It waa
removed by some mipebeivioue
person shortl/ a/terw»rda.
Will tbe eaid percoa or persons
kindly return It to tbe piac* from
wbeoee tbey to.*k it?
Wm. Baty li a Ceneervative le
be proud of. All the way from
Calgary, tbrottf h storms and bl's-
sards, came tbe redoubtab'e North
nmbrian to cast his vote for Mae
Frank Holten, George Ro«« sn.l
Jack Atkin-oti of H"veJs'.ckc, .isre
viliton oo Election dsv.
Jhn O'Donn-ll, Malcolm Math-
ieaoo, Robert Bcott, Frack Abe)-
Frank Lanndri.iu and Put Cant
well of Camborne, overcame all
obstacles between Camborne and
here ou Election day to get in
and cast iheir votes.
The Beaton vuitors were Eill
Dsvis, Am and Lance Hilium...
Of courae, they voted for Keen,
• ell, aoanebody did that came in
on tbe Liberal stage.   Wbo was il?
We learn from the "Slocan Mining Review" tbat a practice ni.i.h
wae recently played at Sandon
by the Hockey Club, with a view
to eeiecting a team to play a series
of inaiehe*- jwi'h other teams, a-
inoogst others mentioned, Trout
Attention I "locals'' the "alarm"
lis* bean sounded, so "get a move
"ii quick."
Rev. Fr. Jeennotte has petiii. n
sd the bishop of the dioce-e to
a*nl In aro her priest lo nt'enii
to tie many atationn throughout
tl a Sloean aud Kaslo divisions^
In tha afternoon a hockey match
wns played between leumn from
Co-uaplia, Beaton, FbrgliMn ii»->d
Trout Ijake, resulting in a win by
. goals to 1 for I be homo team.
oni mh wuiiiu-iiui ce repulsed. Rush
Ing up tu Itaoul. alia threw her arms
around blui an.l Bald to her husband:
nature upon some checks. 'He India*
IliltltlV   illMlllr-.-i*il   llllll.
"Juun-s Spencer had heen living In
London about four years, managing to
Kill me. and uie alone, for 1 am tlie | ,„.,„„,., |,lmself by gambling nn.l swiii
guilty one
At these words M. Fnuvel glared at
tbe guilty pair and, deliberately taking
aim, tired. Neither Itaoul nor Mme.
i'auvel moved. The banker flred a sec-
uiiil time, then a third; lie cocked tl.e
pistol fur a fourth shut when a tnnii
rushed Into the room, snatched Ilu- pis
toi from the banker's hand ..ml ran to
Mme. Fauvel.   it was U. Verduret
"Thank Ood," lie cried, "she is un
hurt! I'.i you know who that man ia
that you attempted to kin?"
"Her lover!"
"No; ber sou!"
Tbe banker looked wildly from Itaoul
to M. Verduret, then, fastening hla
haggard eyes on his wife, exclaimed:
"It la false! Vou are all conspiring
to deceive uie!   1'roofs!"
"You shall have proofs," replied M.
Verduret   "But first listen."
And rapidly, with his wonderful talent for exposition, lie related the principal points of tbe plot be bad dlscor-
ered. The true stntc or the case wns
terribly distressing to M. Pnuvel, hut
nothing compared with what he bad
suspected. Uis throbbing, yenriilug
heart told him that be still loved his
wife. Why should be punish a fault
committed so many years ago and
atoned for hy twenty years of devotion
and suffering? For some moments after M Verduret bad tlulslied bis explanation M. Fauvel remained silent
Bo many strange events bad happened
In the last few iiir.vs. culminating In the
scene which had Jusi taken place,tbat
il. Fauvel wua Incapable of thinking. If
Ills heart counseled pardon and forget-
fulness, wounded pride and self respect
ilfiiiaiiilcil vengeance. If lliioul. Ihe
baleful witness, the living proof of n
furoff sin, were not in existence, M.
I'auvel would not have hesitated—lias*
ton de Clameran was dead—he would
bave held out hli arms tn his iviI'e and
"Come to my heart! Tour sacrifice*
for my honor shall l.e your absolution,
l.et the sad past In* forgotten."
Hut the sight uf liii.iiii prevented.
"So this Is your sou," he sni.l 10 his
wife' — "this mnn ivho has plundered
.vou nn.l robbed in.'.'"
Mine. I'auvel was unable to utter a
word in reply. Happily M. Verdure)
vus there.
"Oh," be sni.l, "madame will tell yon
that this young uian is the son of lias
ton de Clameran. She hns never
doubted it.   Hut lhe truth Is"—
"In order to rob her t.e has perpetr.it
ed a graas imposture."
Purln( the last few minutes Hnou'
bad muiu.gcd In approach the door
hoping to escape while uo ..ue unthinking of lilm. Hut M. Verduret
watching bim nut of tl.e corner uf one
eye, stopped bim just as be was nhoui
lo leave.
"Not so fast, my pretty youth." In
snld, dragging him into the middle of
ll.e mom.   "Let us have a little Oliver
hiitieii before parting. A little explana
tion will Iw edifying."
The Jeering words and mocking man
ner of M. Verduret made ltuuiil nun
deadly pale, lie started hack as ll
confronted hy u phantom.
••The clown.'" he gasped.
"The same, friend," sni.l thc fat innn
"Ah, nou that ...j.. recognise me, 1 tun
frss thut the eloivu and myself are ou.
and the same. Ves, I am tbe Jolly
clown uf the Jandldier ball. Here Is
tbe proof."
Aud. turning np I1I9 sleeve, l.e show
id u deep cut ul. his mm. "If ynu me
not sure, examine this sear," l.e eun
tinned. "1 imagine you know the ill
lain that gave me this little decnratluu
that night I was walking along Id ur
dalolie street. Thut helug the case.
you know I have .. slight claim upon
you and shrill expect you to relate to
us your Utile story."
But Itaoul was too terrified to utter
a word.
M. I'auvel listened without under
"Into whnt dark depths of ahanie
have we fallen!" he gronued.
"Iteassurp yourself, monsieur," re
piled M. Verduret. "Afler whnt I have
been constrained (0 tell you Utile re
mains.   I will flnlMi the story." .
lie ii.... ii.i.i b»w Loirs Clameran
had concocted hla plot to palm off
Ilm.ul us Mine. I'uuvel's sun with a
\ lew to extort lii.uie.v from her.
"(in:  this be possible?" cried  Mine
"Impossible!" cried the hanker. "An
Infamous plot like this could l.ut he ex
eculed in our midst."
"All this Is falser snld llau.il boldly.
"11 Is a Ilei"
SI. Verduret turned to Ituoul nud
bowing with Ironical respect, said:
"Monsieur desires proofs, doea be?
Monsieur shall certainly have olivine
Ing ones. I have Just left n friend of
mine, M. I'ul.il, tvl.u brought me v.ilu
able iiilnn.mi um I ruin I.niuliiii. Nun-,
my young geutlviusn, I mil i.*n yon sit
inii,* story b.- told ma
••in 1.S4" Lord Uarray, a wealth)
sn.l generous ii.iiii.-muu, lmd a JookeJ
linme.l Bpeneer. of whom he wns verj
fund. At the BpeOfB laces this jockey
Wns thrown from his horse ami killed
i.nr.1 Mm in., grieved over u.e loss uf
l.ls fllVOtlte a ml. having nn children ot
Ms own. declared hla lut.;iitluii ol
adopting speii. ,*i « sou, who wus then
but four i * in.- ..l.l.
"Thus Janus Spencer wns brought
lip In aill.i.'i.*.' us heir lo tbe Immense
Wealth of llie noble lord. Ile wns a
handsome. Intelligent I tny un.l gaie ..i.t
Isfactlou to bis protector until be was
sixteen j.■.•us of t.ge. Then be became
Intimate with n worthless act of people
and turned out badly,
"Lord Murray, who wae very Indulgent, pardoned many grave faults,bu*
you  have ren-
a lunmciit and
diing, when he met Clameran, who offered liliii 20,000 franca to play a part
lu a little role which he ha.l arrnuged."
"You are a detective!" lUleiTUpied
The fut man smiled grimly.
"At present" he replied, "I am merely u friend of Prosper Reriomy.   Ii depends   entirely    ii|*ou   your   behavior
which character I appear In while set
tllllg up this little niT.-i'i   '
"Wildt do you expect me to do?"
"Where nre ilie 350,000 frillies which
yon have stolen?"
The young rascal hesitated a mo
"The money Is In this room," he snld
"Very good. This frankness is cred*
itnhie ami will benefit you. i know
that ihe money la In ihis room nnd nlso
exactly where it is to be found,   i.nok
lu the hack of that cupboard."
Raoul tMW  that  his game  wns Inst.
He tremblingly went to the clipboard
nn.l pulled out several bundles nf hank
notes and an enormous package of
pawnbrokers' tickets.
"Very well done." said M. Verduret
as he carefully examined the inonoy
and papers "lu this ynu have ncted
Itaoul had counted on this moment
when everybody's sttentlon would i.e
absorbed I.y lhe money, lo make Ills
escape. Softly he stale toward lhe
.Inm. ..pencil II. slipped out uud locked
It ou Hie oiilside. The key was still In
the lock.
"Ile hns escaped!*1 cried M. Fauvel.
"Naturally." replied M. Verduret
without turning ''„  head.   "I thought
ue WOUld have sense enough to do
"W'nuld you hnve this affair become
public? Do you wish a case tu l.e
brought lulu the police curt iu which
your wife Is the victim?"
"Ob. monsieur!"
'•Then let the rascal go free. Her*
sre the 880,000 francs. Here arc receipts for nil tl.e articles which be lias
pawned. We should consider ourselves
fortunate.   He has kept 00,000 francs.
So much the better for you. This sum
will enable bin. tu go abroad, and We
shall never see Iiim again."
Like every one else. M. Fnuvel submitted to ii..* ascendency of M. Verduret. Gradually be had awakened in iiii.
true stale of affairs. Prospective happiness wus pussilile, uud he felt that he
was Indebted to M. Verduret for more
thun life. He was not slow lu express
lug his gratitude. He seized M. Verdi-
rets hiinil. us If to curry It tu his 111 *.,
and snld, with emotion:
"How cun I ever lind words to express my appreciation? How can I repay lhe gr.-at service
llcred tne?"
M. Verduret reflected
th. ii said:
"Since you feel under ohllgath.ua to
me I have a fiivur lu ask of you."
"A favor of me? Speak, monsieur.
Vou hnve but tu name II. My fortune
and life nre at your ili«|.*-al "
"Well. then, monsieur, I confess I am
Prosper's friend and deeply Interested
in i.is future, i'iin yuu nni exonerate
him, restore him lo I.is p,,-u,,,ii.' Vou
cm. du mure that. this, monsieur, lie
lovea Mile. Madeleine."
'Mi.I.iiiiii* -haii t,e his wife, nmn-
ste.,." Interrupted the banker.  "I give
ynu my word......I I will so publicly exonerate hlin Ihnt i... ..ne sluill reproach
blm win. what nns been my mistake."
The I'm u.ai. quietly took up his hat
and can.*, which sIimnI In a corner, us
ir he hud been paying an ordinary
morning ■■ull. uud turned to leave the
"Monsieur."   he   snld   before   going, j
"excise my Intruding any advice, hut
Mnn*. Fauvel"—
"Andre!" cried the iHM.r woman. "An- ,
The hanker hesitated a moment,
then, following Hie Impulse of bia
heart, ran la his wife aud, i lii- plug her
In l.ls mins. sni.l:
"No; I will nut l.e sn fnullsh ns to
struggle ngninst my beurl. 1 du uot
pardon, Valeutlao; I forget—1 forget
at. Verduret hud nothing more to do
at Veslnet. Therefore, without taking
leave of the bunker he .piletly left the
room and, taking his .nh, ordered the
driver lo return in rails and drive to
the lintel du Louvre a* rapidly as pos-
■Ihie. Ills mind wn« tilled with anxiety. He knew that Itaoul would give
Iiim no more trouble. The young rogue
was pn,imi,iy inking I.is pnssnge for
some foreign land nt Hint very moment, llut Clameran -~i i.i nut escape lhe punishment he deserved, llut
how wua It possible to Inflict thia punishment wiiboui compromising Mme.
Fnuvel? M. Verduret lliougln over the
VgllOUS cases simllnr tn this,  but not
om* among his repertory or ,*\|w<iiei.ta
could be applied to the present drain.-
stiin.es. After long thoughl he decided thut an accusation Of poisoning
must come from ploi-on. "1 win go
there un.l work npm. public opinion, sn
Ihnt lo satisfy the townspeople the authorities would order an ln.pi.-at In
Gaston's case, Uut this rgqulred time,
and   I'laiiiciiin,   helug   warned,   would
It was alMOII ihn I. when ihe carriage
stopped in front of the Hotel du Louvre. M. Verduret noticed a crowd of
people collected together In groups and
beard the itolleo crying "Move on!"
The crowd would merely separate In
one spot t>. Join a more elutuorcus
group a few yards off.
"Wbni baa happened?" demanded Bi.
Verduret of a lounger near by,
"A strange thing." replied the man.
'He lirst np|icni'ed at thut seventh sto- I
jumped out upon lhe roof, shrieking
-Mulder! Mui'.ler!' The recklessness
of his conduct led me lo suppose"—
The gossip stopped abort In his narrative, very much astonished, His
questioner bad vanished.
"Could It he Clameran?" thought M.
lie pushed through the crowded
courtyard of tbe hotel.
At lhe fool of lhe slalrcnse _. Fan-
r.-rlnt nn.l three peculiar looking Individuals were standing together.
"Well," cried M. Verduret, "what's
the matter?"
"The matter Is this," snid Fanferlot
dejectedly. "I tin ve no luck, Vou see
how it is. This is ihe only chance l
ever inul of working out a beautiful
case, and, presto, my criminal breaks
"Then It Is rintiiernn Who"—
"Of course  ll   is.    When  Hie  rascal
siiiv me this mnrnlug, he sen ni pored ntT
like ii Iiii iv. On reaching u.e Boulevard
of Schools a sudden Idea seemed to seise
him. and he struck mit  fur Ihis bold,
probably  io  get   his pile of  money.
When lie arrives, what does he see?
These three friends of mine. The sight
»r iinni hud the effect of u sunstroke
upon lilm.    lie went ruling mini."
"Where Is he now?"
"At the prefecture, 1 suppose. Some
policemen handcuffed him and drove
off with hlin lu a cub."
"Corns With me."
M. Verduret and Fanferlot found
Clameran iu one of the private ceils
reserved for dangerous prisoners.
He bud on a sirnltjiickci nud was
struggling violently against three tlien
who were striving to hold him while a
physlcan tried to force lilm to swallow
..    pill,nil
"Help!" be shrieked. "Ho you uot see
him — my brother — coining ufter me?
U» wants to poison me!"
M. Verduret took Hie pbyslelsu unite
and ipl.-sll..ue.l Inm ahout ll.e maniac.
"Ile is in a  hopeless slate."  replied
the doctor. "This sp.*. les of Insanity Is
Incurable. He thinks some mi.- is trying
to poison him. ami nuthiiig will persuade him i» eai ur drink anything,
ami lis  ll   is  Impossible In  forte an.
tblllg down   bis  lliliiill   lie   will die of
sl.iiiiilii.il afler haling suffered all the
tortures ..f poison."
M. Verduret wiih n shudder, turned
to leave ll.e prelect ure, saying to Fun-
"Mine.   Fnuvel   is   saved.     Ood   has
punished Clameran."
"That doesn't bdp me," grumbled
Fanferlot. "All my trouble has been
for nothing.   What luck!"
"Thai is true." replied M. Verduret
"Case 118 will never leave the record
orti.*.-. But console yourself, I will send
you as Ix-nrer of dispatches lo .. friend
of mine, un.l what you hnve lost In
fnnie will be gained In gold."
Later tins celebrated at the rhurdi
of Noire liaine de Lnrclte the marriage
of M. Prosper Bertomy and Mile, Madeleine Fauvel.
The hanking house ls still lu Prof.
Inc.- slreet, but ns M. Fnuvel bus decided to retire from business uml live in
Ihe country the name of the llrm has
been Changed and Is now I'rosper llertomy & Co.
. „,,«,-  -t ml   . n.*. i
Bhakeepesre saw life in large aud
wrote as be saw. He never "blamed It
ou to Qod." Ills pages are full of the
Inexorable sei|iieiut- of cause und effect, and the swift march Of deeds
points the iiinial of iiitlii iiliial responsibility. If thing- were "rotten iu I>eii
murk," it wns Iwcause Ibe fill hers hud
eaten sour grapes and Ihe children's
teelh were set ou edge; if M.n belli
trembled nt tbe knocking al the gate, it
Was because conscience doth u.ukc
cowards uf us ull. Tl.e ghosts thut
haunted Ilosworlh Ii.i.i were uf Itlcb*
aril's own creating, and llegau aud
(ionerll. desperately dead, reap hut
Iheir Inevitable due. In short, Shake
speare's message is lhe message uf a
rob.i-t manhood and wumunbood:
Brace up. pay for wbat yon huve, do
g*K„i it y,.u wish In gel good. I.'ood ai
bu.l, shoulder lb,- burden nf your moral
responsibility und never forget thut
Cowardice Is the must falnl und most
futile crime In tl.e calendar of crimes.
. ■'.*■-..ir.l.    .bu    .ua.iv*    times    I...* -i.,    their
Tit. latiani ie . -1 lasts of death but one.
—Martha Baker ininn in Atlantic.
■* —* ■.---- .»-..-,—  . ry window.   He was only half dressed, j
one tine morning he discovered that bla] Home persona tried to seize blm; l.ut,
adopted sou had beeu intituling bla Big-     with the agility of a  sleeuwulker.  he
II  Hrwuakl   Ml, (Mta-*.  Io la, b ul III
Mine Andrei-r was (he wife of a
broker ou the St. I'etersburg bourse.
She was klUed b.v her husband In a
St. I'elersburg summer garden. The
Novoe Vrsmys tells Ibis slory of a
pearl beeklece ti.e woman wus w-.-ur
lug when she met I.e.* d.-aHi: it Is un
old piece of work by nne of tbe best
I'urlslun Jewelers. It bad beet, sold
first b, the liein! uf u well known
Freiu I. ...nil family, lu Ibe excite-
n.enl of lhe great 1'reuch revolutiuii
Dearly ull ll.e members of this family
were gulllullned. uud ouly '.. few uf
litem iiiiiiii,*.*,,1 io escape tu Brussels
Sud su save Iheir Mies. Hut the flight
cost n loi of money, and they were
obliged to part will, ninny line Jewell,
smong Ihem tbe i.eckln.e )u .pi.slliui.
From the time that tbey got rid of
lids article tl.ey enjoyed good fortune.
'This cherished Jewel, after changing hands nhiiit ten limes, was bought
b.v the St. i'etersburg Jeweler Blitz for
•10.000 rubles ($*Jf'.iKlO) for I'rluce V—,
who WIS at that time a leading man
at court. Tbe prince, wbo waa a grent
lover of the belief, gave the necklace
to the well known ballerina Tznkkl.
For h:i\lng done this he was exiled
from St. I'etersburg. Tznkkl left the
Imperial ballet, and. finding her health
falling, she went to her unlive country
side and nhnndoiie.l the stage forever.
But before doing so she sold th* nek-
"A siibse*pieni owner, tbe siithpis-
rlan I.tnlvllch, di. i suddenly at Munte
Carlo, and a whole series of people
afterward who came Inlo possession of
the fated necklace hnd most sinister
experience* One of these, a gnml.ler
at Monte Carlo, lost all bis money, aud
only tbe sale of Ibe necklace aaved
blm from beggary.
"Finally It fell Inlo the hands of M.
Andreef. He pnld the low price of
20,(100 rubles (110.300) for It, and his
wife wss wsertng It when In s flt of
soger be killed ber, to whom he bsd
but a short time ago presented the unlucky token. The necklace haa new
mysteriously disappeared."
Mr» Henrietta a. B. Harsh. 700 w. 10th
St.,  Lea Angeles. Oat,  Preatdeal   Women ■
llencvolenl   Ass'n.  writes:
"I suHered with la gripoe lor seven
weekt, and nothin; I could do or
take helped me until I tried Peruna.
i felt ut onea Ihn. 1 h»<l a. Isst secured the right rai-di.ine ami 1 kept
sleadilv Improving. Within three wreks
I was fullv restore.!, and I am glad that
1 gave that truly great reiuedv a irlul.
1   will   never  be  wiih.mi   II   atrain.
In a letter doted August Jl. l*W4. HrS.
War-!, sav*. "I have never yet heard Iln*
eSlesev of Peruna mieslloned. We -till
cm. it' I .ravelled ihn.ugh Ken....ky and
i'e.ll.essee Ihree years ago. where I found
Peruna doi..? iis good work. Mini, of il
it be.ng used here also." Henrleliu A. 8.
-   .-.'tor    t   ■::    (tn    11    >r    I,     .!  tttitt
The custom <>r adoption is universal
in Japan, where if is practiced lo keep
a family name from beeomlug extinct
Indeed, there Is scarcely .. family lu
which it lias imt at some lime or olher
Ik>cii observed,   A person who has do
male Issue adopts a son and. if he
hns a daughter, often gives ber to him
In marriage,   a youth >.r even a child,
who may be ll.e bend of n family, occasionally adopts, on the point of dying, a son older Uian himself to succeed til...
Many inherit weak lung- and as
li-in-t uauall) nosails the weakest
piuni. these persons are continually
exposed to attacks oi eold and pul-
iiiiuiaii disturbances. The speeds u a
of Bickle'a Ann Consumptive Byrup
mil be ltuuiil a preventative and a
protection, strengthening the organs
-it tiuii they ara nol ao liable lo
derangement Irom exposure "i abrupt
atmospheric changes Bickle'a Byrup
is dieap and good
The late dj namite explosion
Peter's  was ronaidered as anarchy's
p.' lesl nt'iiiu-t religion      Tha Pope
pre >*iveil  hi- composure    aud   said
"li mi- -Him* madman's aci    I mil
piny for tin. »retch "
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches and
every lorm of contagious Itch on hum-
an or animals cured ,n 30 minutes by
Wollord's Sanitary Lotion.
'...'   H.ir.u*  i.r i.i  |«  I-loiter*.
I have never known man or woman
1/hO has nol I.r.proved in Character ll)
becoming devoted  to  the affairs  ..i
flowers, and I venture to say ll.at tl.e
World  ut   Inrge   Is   under  tl.e  deepest
obligation to pennies, rlnlnls.Toons nod
lilies, I, mime  but ll  few uf the bins
sums tbat silently help ihe good angel
■if mankind
Fate of a Japanese Traitor.
Traitors among the Japaaeae uin.eia
are nut treated pleasantly when their
i.ii-eoiiduct i*> discovered, 11 nn. I
Burleigh iu his new book on Japuu
tells »f un instance Two Japanese
transports lath n with in* in, stores and
hcu .j siege urlllery hud beeu sudd.-n
ly alia. ..etl by lhe liii.-sluu Yluuivos
im ii sipiuiliiin   One wus suuk, und the
mil* i escaped with dinnuiiy. Who bad
given III.' Infoi ma.lull uf the sailing
uf  these  ships '   "The  Japanese   in.nli
search ... iiml o.u who had blabbed
Aud ultimately traoed it io a high utn
elal iu Tokio. ..ii<* Holding sea tunk
and engaged in iln- admiralty. A Itus
slau ii.iii, fo. .. .urge sum *..- traced
lm.i his .Hindi. l|o was . ..ufiomed
wiih It and I.is i<*<, Ipl signal.in* il era*
int Th< n he was led Into u secluded
room, srbere S n iltnb-tl nf bis ffllnw
oflicois i.u.i gathered, Tbey stripped
him naked, Spal upon him uud kicked
In ai u> d.uili "
$3.^ Silver
Exclusive wiih Diamond
Hall are these three remarkable offerings in highest
quality plated ware.
'.ue, grey finish, wiih applied rococo ornaments,
removable porcelain lining.
FERN POT-Soft grey
finish, rose decoration,
porcelain lined.
ing handle over top. applied border, embossed
rose centre.
'IV umi mrom regret* frrr ./ tkmrgt
... lm.gr nlHit.mtri. rtmUg .r.
S„,„r iiiuel)   llll.II lu Ui.l.le ll.e ITU-
tie...   I''«.'.ner.
October. Sow caver crop*, rye nud
buckwheat, mi gronud lhal would oih
erwlse in* biii-o during  tiiiitor,    i.a'e
lu th, uth hiii'vesl ronis ami sloiu
lu pits or rool cellar. I'lulab hurvesi
lug iiii.I storing apples, pears and
grapes. Leave unly hardy vegetables,
such as pamulps, Jerusalem artichokes ami horseradish lu lhe Hold,
These mny he dug as needed iluoiigli
the winter or In enrly spring. Kill eold
frames wllh lettuce, radish uud union
seis for whiter use. How spinach for
spring culling. Transplant all flowers
for house use before frosi I'in uud
start iu a .In place ilahllus, enunus,
gladioli anil similar bulbs uud mois.
When thu leuiperatnra g."'s below M
degrees ul uighl atari n lire In lhe
greenhouse Phinl lusi aettlugs of
strawberries In pots early In tho
month, Color}' musl hav* u buul
earthing a. Asparagus and rhubarb
for forcing iini-i be iiu.. umi allowed to
freeze bi'i'.ue removal tu the collar,
November, t-'lunl harvesting of cabbage, celery, roote, etc., aud dual
plaining  of spinach.    Make cuttings
and senilis of grapes, i iinuuls. goflSS
bellies and Ires fruits, lie in bundles
un.l bury hutt cud upward, Sliulilv
seeds of pe.ui.es, plums ami oilier
stone fruits and store where they Will
not freeze. Spread mulches ou bulb
beds, a muniI shrubs, upon hei ba. en.is
borders and, when lhe ground Is fl-osen
hard,   upon   strawbcrr.i   beds      Prune
grapevines and other trees.   Plow or
dig heavy soil and leave In lm.se nu.
diiion   (o  freeze,    .'over  cold   frames
with straw uiais or shutters on cold
nights. Tidy up the pine for winter.
lievlew the season's practice and Improve plan*, fur next year.
Ita Value ns u I N.el, Oeop Kor  I.".,.
mo.   .ireeti   .Vlniitire.
At   u.e  Kansas experiment  station
last vear u very gtioii crop ol rape was
grown ill wh.-al stubble by simply
seeding Mill, a disk drill directly lie
Iinni the binder as lhe wheat was U-
mg harvested,
Itape may be grown in lhe cornfields,  being s bti ul  Ilu* lime nr Ihe
last i iiitivutinu ur afterward, but it
has lint beet, sn sin .,--.fill when gl*OWU
ihis way, us (be coco take* the mole*
line i deil In the rape
Professor  lliiru.it  of   Nebraska   ret
ommends sowing rape In the spring
with some grain crop. BUctl as wheat rn*
oats, allowing the rape to lake posses
-lull nf tbe Held when  lhe glaili t nip  n
cut. lie states that "in Minnesota and
ibe Dakotas with a good stand uf rape
ui ih.* stubble sheep can be turned In
aboul  Unci*  weeks after rutting  the
grain, .-sin b a tield will support leu ur
ill It-en  sheep | er .ere ami keep  ll.ein
gMWlng six  Week- "
Professor Hitchcock says that "each
year lln.ls  the area   in  which  rape is
i-ruwii extended itutll II now Includes
I.inch of the spring a heal legion of lhe
northweat where it Is grown chiefly as
a catch crop."
The above experiments imi.tat,* ihat
rape eau be made a profitable catch
i rup lu Kansas, sspedsllj fur the
farmer who is raising sheep uud bogs
As a green iiiuiiu ing crop rui»\ Owing to Its containing a large umotiut of
water, doea uot produce a icry large
amount of vegetable matter, lull what
there is d«,a.i- readily wheu (dewed
under, uud wben the crop is paatured
there is generally a considerable
amount   trampled  down,   win, I,   when
turned miller odds materially to the
product!ranees ol the soil
Uraturia*;  I'ralrlr  Suit.
All who have taken up prairie farms
will recognize lli- truth uf the following statement uf I'rufcssur Ten Ky. k
■it Kansas la regard t-> ihem:
When the wild prairie u Out broken
the soil is mellow, moist uud rich, pro
duelag ubiiiuhiiil Crops After a few
years of continuous grain cropping ami
cultivation the physical cuiidltluu of
Ibe soil chuuges the soil grains be
come liu.-r. ll.e soil becomes more com-
pact und heavier to ban.lie. !t dries uut
quicker thnn it used tu and often I urns
OVer Ii. hard clods ami lumps when
plowed. The perfect tilth and fnvdniu
from duds, so chaiai leil-tlc uf virgin
soils, Is always more or less completely restored whenever land bus been
laid down to grass fur u sullh leut
length of time.
A-a u..iit» Wasraa -laek.
The wagon Jack her.■wllh nhovvu la
repr.Min.wi from I'nrii. Progress It I*
simple in construction sod effective in
use.   A is ..f oak- S by i i.y :n Inches,
II Is L' I.y 4 by 11 in, lies. . * is Vi I lubes
long, und lever I> i*. .. feel long, th*
abort end being on. fun! The drawing
explains Itself.
Because Poisonous Impurities are Left in tha
Whloh Can be Removed by the Use of
Disease results In mosl cases fron
iln* presence "i poll • ivaBte mat-
ie, in ihe body, nn.l muy, ii fore,
he sni.l to arise fi gnoram	
Bilious spell., sick headache, nt-
lucks ol iudigeation, kidney palna
ami backache- such ore the Indications >.f failure on the pan "i the
liver to remove the poisonous waste
iiint'ici a- rapidly »s it accumulates,
i,v ih,- use ni in. Ubaae'a Kidney-
i,iv,*i Tills the aituation is promptly
relieved,  because liver,  kidney   and
. la i i in vigorous action and
the interim and excretory system
tiioioughl) cleansed and strengthened
[•foglocl in afford assistance at such
a inni* i- io Invite the nttaok ol such
ailments as Uright's disease, dropsy,
rheumatism oi appendicitis
Mi Wm Cook, M.I...-HIIIII, N W.T.,
writes: "I hnve heen takiiu: l*r
Chase's Kidney-Liver Pilla and musl
mu tbey lun.' done me a loi ol gn.-.l
l hav.* i ii a i-i.*..' sufferer Irom dia>
betes and  I can aay to nil wbo are
afflicted  «rith    Hns disease    lhal   Dl
Chase's  Ki.liiey-I.ivei    1'ills will   do
them >• I    I cannot  my that I am
entirelj cured bul I have I n great
ly benefit
Mi.  John
1,;\.l11"'   lie
Montreal, yut,
February  1  wua i.n...,,
to hava the   dp.
my ailment wtu ,
A    lew     weeks    „| 1"
'V'!'"!'""1 ', be<	
.-I kidney diaeua.i.   '"
reddish appenrnn
"mn ii
ll,e„ i ,
to  get   worse   unl i|
ilii.il depoaits, nu.i
Un*  Kidney*, wen
and    Hint     1   \i,
Bright's dlssase
"I obtained
Kiilney-I.ivei   PI I
this liealiiieni   .
Ml    Wlllel    lll'lllli,
la   still   SO,     'lie
und lasting "
By using Di   i h
Till", ons pill n il,,
often ns  I-  iu t*.
bowels   in   ren.l.u   lieallblnj
imi   insure  >oiii .
diaaaae and the
Irom  Hnghi's di
I.'kv oi  othe ii
menls.      Dr.   Cl...        Kuk
in   I
So .'I'lii-
lb, i.
»l   Kill
A Modern Deedemona.
The  Inninii p.-;''* - ai .■ pi lal lag U.e
iloi ■ of aii English gli I, Clara Casey,
.in married a  Moorlah acrobat,   Mo
-••..•iini."I in . H ilkhas nn. ami wh..
bow In fm ..rr Tani i • • hs for i..*i
Mb nn home as follows
'i wish l » *.•■ ui Kn i iii.i again I
• ■I  .,. in*  ii ;- .able and  In   I.   i" ..*.
ui'i ii makes   ie.1 li mora ivh.-n I
-. ■• i mv Mr tbdnllah ...*..:- bis « it-
iin' tht* wa-  Mol ummed ireaia me
■* rii.*** i- i 11. ai itiiT,*.. a.*.* li. is
..iw*.,*- bl'llng me. ami he laughs al
tm* im'* in- has sol uie hen and tells
*iic |  will nevei  aee vnu again, 'l.ul I
itiii    live   ..Hi   die   l.eic.
i >' ar moth. . I hone and Irnai  lo
n.i i will sum. in- abta 'n return 'o
"nclan I   in*.un    \\ '  ii   a   tool    I     h tie
.  Lilt* ii -if In iln-*  'nan'
• . ' n  ihr loierv. ailoo of the lt.it !
lati . ■ •  i nn I to nothing  foi
■ .i-i-i   it.nl i 'ri nm -ii   'a i  in.   a
. .  'i  m I-*..in   en t - be        • i • • i'
ihe i.i ita  .' nrnval nt I" i  1.1 en ■
luuld   TaLe   ni,   , h„|r>
At n re.-eiit Inquest        p,   . .
town oi r the lurom, arter t|J
swearing   In,   ai	
dignity  protested u«
legins   that   lie   Wa-   t   ,.  nm.
agar of nu Imp Mini,,
wasting valuable t m,
Inr a' al un Inquest     i
lug I.. his clerk, -1 :    \ir y
kindly band nu* Mei        m* lft
00 Juries. "    ihen
book,   ll.e  cnrnllel   "     ITV-Sl |)H
w . I li uar Juror:
i| reference i rvis,'||
thai rn. p.*.*-*   i an ■ ■ iniii fn,
be   as   Jurors   CXcepI
ami lima ties,   V"»  *   i,r u>
ing do > ..ii claim ei
'l"*t"l'iil   TArri.   Killer.
A iheinlcnl weed Liltr bus beeg .1-^
velupetl ur lested I.y the Wis -m ,x
periuie.it station in attempts Id i.n
wild mustard, eocklebur, yellow .i„u,
etc. Tlu peculiar Ibtngclaimed fur ibis
poison is ii.si wh.n sprayed "i... gran
laggipln crop Infested i.i wenls n Hhii
tlie weeds wlthoul Injury to u ulti
rated crop, ibe solution u-i'il eooslais
Of Iis. pounds of Iron sulphate dissolved   lu   Ilfly lulir   gallons'   of   Waler
which ii.ii'u.ut win spray uu acre.
iiiii"'.. In I'rnnrr.
In s.,n,e parts of Prance walnuts
form a regular arll.ie of diet. The
peasants eat ll.etit with bread thst has
if I.Mil lines   hen   nibbed   With   garlic
i'hn  hygienic  effects are considered
good, replacing .mil to n large client
Those mils an* also used to make oil.
ll is mucb cheaper nn.l similar in taste
I . Unit pt.-s-.ed from olives nud Is en.
I loved to adulterate the Intlor. The
prisoners in certain prisons ure eu-
Kuge.1 iii cradtlng wilnuti nmi picking
mil the kernels, iiiiii Ii ure pressed Into
ii.f......,.ii„„ i„r ii,r ieaag
"I's. what ,i„ ii,,.,* call l,i.l>l.-s where
there's Ihree of Ihem at a time I menn
the snuie ns IwhisV"
"Oh, yes. I couldn't think what It
was. And whnt is if when (here's feur
of them'-"
"A cnlamlly.  .Now. pul tbut pup out
nf  Ibe house nml  keep  blui  out or I'll
send for the dog t ulcher!"
. inii. . o. itlrui-tirri.
The peddlers wilh    nt- who anpplj
tb *. Upatrls nf  lil.is  ill   tl mlrui.s
• f Talis wilh iherri.s ami older entail
fruits frequently carry fm ante s fee
small  turtles    Thoy are |,-in based  ht
ll.c liilianiliiiits of the villas |o be pise*
oil lu tbelr gai-dena, when they srs be
■eiitl   (o   -ene   as   it-r,   ,.|T.'*ltve   aids
in iiu* gardener liv praventlns the rav
-ir.*!-. of  the Ineerla  and  ollw small
"f< which are Bis-iiutonied lu ile
unul. damage lo the Bower beds and
I na- cured nl terrible lumbago l.v
BKV   WM    lilt. i\\N
I  wa-  cute.I ol  ti  bail  e.i-e ol  lieal-
..in* by MIKARD'8 I.IMMKNT
Ml.'-s   B    KM'I.T.M'K
I  eras cured ol aeoaitive lungs l.v
MRS   8   MASTERfl
Vou DO NOT h«v. luknuwi
Soodi arc mode of when |0,
The Now and   SJrv--.-   r\ J
.nproved Home Djfra
c.lu* »„k k«rma .,. iu„,    ,
tt.4 iwumm. —rr-     t    Mr*
Sad etmmr rm,u..    tmhor,. »l.u
«,hllIIM>lllSI«l,ini>..i' I
aavsvoMB oaNo-.su
*ll ...t lilnlsMU,    s.t.i.. .>
*Ht*Mi  U.Nt.lMt.rlU,
1 * •• gl.. r.„. tat.k. .,..  .       ,
Mini W#f   M«4 tmrtrm.1..  , .
t a iiIhh rm-M. ani . ...
es  i*.
TUmj »r# nfUQ eyagiat.1.
***,••*•*:*>    Hul • •   » mke*
Mm flrffl •%.•**■ 1 -r a i a
• IiiU •«*al,inf m***m et *♦
(»fabltheblUJe«lt'* '    "   ■
ClOHNs linimekt
i. Moia». *irf j* t. i-. -      -
Ing. Ml.,N m;.»... •' '*-
IM*. .,..|» tl.» mmt. -   '
yum, nnntmt. |».,»i** .' * *'• '
t-, ,-M.U ,h,n. l,m_ M i.w*. Mist*
I   B   Joll.MU.V  ,V   ' '       I    • ' —
in    Uoodchild,  pn-tot    ui Central
Bapti I  church,    New   y,,rk.    has aj
lu'ly I,, whistle three tunes between
'I.-*  l ii*  ..n.i the  sermon       She
■in-   a plain,   accompaniment,   and
-l.i-th lections fi.tiu tbe i~*si mas-1
M. tlbei    filuie-'   Wom    l.vt-riniiis-
nn   .-   plesiaiit  tO lake,  -u.e  ami  el-
(actual in destroying worms      Many
nine tiled it  iniii 1,,-t  ,e-..lt-
airrrl  I ar   l.ttlr.  ot  nin.
There are lirst un.l s.h ,i„| , lass
«lr,s-t ,ars. Writes Albert llnl<< lu Um
Reader, nn.l I   w.lh  a  tin k..g,- In my
arms, had taken a  ilr-t elaas I I. ua
i strii-t ear Is i-slhsl In Rio de Janeiro.
Bcarcely had I -I st when the ,,,n
doctor requated me t • i ansfer 11 a
se.u.1,1   class   iiir   wlieneier   II   might
tome along, been nae m, nne i- allowed
it tiin.i anything greater than n inp
satchel tirst elaaa   s.. i humbly de*
se.iil.'.l ii ti. I had either p. mil with
mat gel women nml awe-aty lal. iters or
In lake i. tilbury. A tilbury, named
after   the    laiiii-h   maker    who   years
ng. Introduced u. u s euriooa two
wheeled, light springed oab, like nn
..id  f.tsbi uiiti  gig.   „n,i  rsaembles n
haiisnii,    wltboui    th,.   iiltaiiimetit   f„r
the i|i:..*r ii.. una inalds the iiii.nry,
a person without u narktls is no mora
nlluvv.il lli.t , |,-, ,,„ ||„. street cars
Ilu... nras I wllb my par.el They nre
decidedly particular In ltn./il mid In
i..-rii many fnetldlons wnys tfatt Ihs
llli.u of  ll.e   empire,   vvben   dress  nud
manners wars the mark separating the
nrlstocrney from ll.e working cla«ies,
A Horse with a
Strained Shoulder
Is sound tn t dollar in *4 hours
after you rub the sore spot with
J'eilowa' i.'Miiii,,;*, Itaeeuoe.
Jt give, imuant relief i>, a||
cases nf Btrains, Bruises sud
Swellings — tlr ti, the pain
right out — atrrnirthrna the
weak hack, shoulder or knee.
Whether you have one horse
DOT twenty, accident* are liable
lo happen any time. Keep a
bottle ol
ltaii.lv ao you can have It when
5'«   • bottle.   At dealers.
national nnuo a chsmical co..
to feet ami fingers.    Tbere''|
a silky softness to
"Dominion Brand'Hose
that means foot comfort -*•
well as wear and warmth
Insist on seeing
"Dominion Brand"
■•»«—and look lor
"The Tng Tlmt
Tells" ou evtry
"lit Snl In.,
>«>ar M.U-,
W    N    II    NO    mr.
- ■*____a______an_i mmm
1 N
Are you listless,
las ed and
Have youhondncho back ..tins
or pains in ' In*.■!..' i. ' Have you
tU. t ''all gi.inr" f.-eliii. 7 Do you
hare Its of acute pa,.i  ...  wind
after ood?
If So roinerabor that li-a'.th da-
RndS on    lime   man  or, una
rer,  stomach  anil   uu. stu.ea.
andBUe.u.H ruitul.ite all thiee
Bileans are puiol lierhal ..nd
Nature n reiiisd.es are a.ways
beat. Don'l dally '■ Write for
samp's box to' 11 leans T ronto."
(sending lc Ht.iinii fnr return
postage . >.i buy .1 bn Irom y. ur
M.S.   II    -i1   be. ". I.itkni-'il, . ...t.
says i«-i-*"r«>'' l.fHtlai-I.e, ilelality, iu*
digestion, and liihi.tittiiei-t 1 triad
many l.u*'l'* -i"*», ."it I i,.*iri met
With     ai.V'bl.l^     to     r.'lllll     KlliituS.
Tbey oui. <l .in*
Of all druggists at -Vc   per box
The old cold goes; a new one
rfttickly comes. It's the story
efgwesk throat, weak lungs,
g tendency io consumption.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
breiks up the taking-cold
habit. It strengthens, soothes,
Ask your doctonbout it.
.|hl a ar.1,1* ...II  m, ,. .thins relierad
DOM  Ar-u-i  IS",.   rKStnl ud II
If   bro*.  up   my   .-..14,   iloDpe.1* »»
avyn •■'•tl of my ood*.   II
4 •••• I
•rftl work tin
u. i t lvsa.
Wot. by t. 0. Ay.. Oo . Wwsll.
AIM ■<u>„lfcet»rers af
9    SAmsAStUA.
-9PQ wus.
-Vf O bab vtooa.
There Waa Nol Very Wnel, of a "*■/.-
lerr"   Aboul   li.
i'lenient   k.   Shorter,   nu   English
writer of more nr less distinction; anv
prised everybody recently by printii
In ii London newspaper nn'artlole lu
Which he asserted there was a mystery surrounding lhe death nf Oeneral
George Washington aboul which Amer.
leans hesitated to fnik.   ir ihere i.« »
mystery we should like to know what
It Is.
lb-urge Washington caught cold when
riding over his plantation nt Mount
Vernon ou the afternoon of Dec. is,
ITU!).   Forty-eight hours later In* died.
11.*  wus  ntleiiiled   by   Ihree  of   ihe
best physicians or ilmt part or the
country,    He  was  bled  no less than
Ihree  times  to  relieve  a   sore  throat,
nml he was dosed with calomel enough
to deprive a  henllhy  mini of his  life,
Hut whnt im the mystery?
Enlightened physicians frequently
assert that  General Washington.waa
killed-that he was bled to deuth nnd
poisoned wllh .iiluinel. Tobias l.ear.
Ida secretary, says thai ufter fhe doc
for inni bled him tu the extent ..r hair
ii  pint  Washington  Interrupted  with
the remark: "The gush Is nut big
»nnugh.     Mnke   It   wider."     And   the
highly trained profess I idiot proceeded to do sn "Lues yuill' lliruat
feci any belter'.*" asked the learned
leech. "It's very sure," iiiiiriuuietl
Washington. When lhe second physl
dun arrived  Mrs   Washington trie.i to
stuy his murderous baud by protesting
thut -ihe general  was too old a  man
to statu] luiiih bleeding."   "Yes, yes,"
said the mighty doctor N'o '.' "lil be
cautious In blood letting."
Aud then he proceeded Straight to
rob his country's father of u full pint
of life's most precious tiui.l. Wheu Ihe
third physician Inul , „uie be lulled bis
eves solemnly and suld, "1 Will bleed
him." "We boll, tried Unit," said lhe
olher doctors. "Yes. I know," an
Iiollliccd the Consulting Bug.', 'but
If blood letting does not relieve hlu. I
must lucrcase the dose of ciilomel."
Afler the third bleeding in which we
ore uot surprised to learn that Washington's arm yielded its life fluid mors
slowly than it had before-the sore
throat continued In spile of the last
Consulting doctor, und when bis
wearied body failed to respond to a
heroic overdose of calomel the two cm
suiting physicians retired uml left
Washington to die     Is Ihere any mis-
i.-ry lu his death'.-  lib a Observer.
• bowels regular with Avar'*
na   pill   each   night
The Fsrtheit North.
^B Farthest  Mirth,  Peary, 'he;.
^^^Bl< III."I, feel
leclared ihen and lh. ■
•the chill northern aii
^^■tiiilii'*!     lha.i     I'.i.-I.t.i'-     Hack
UnOST  lh. Nerve Laih      11„- r.inure und
torment of thr virion of aervoaa proa
trstion '. in-nuu. debility ao oae aea
rlghtgy cit.mntr who haa art been aadei
the rai ui.-- i.ih ni these releatlees hu
-nnr *ft      M   -Allium.-  ,.i l„r,l»., h. On-
wae lea* fnur vears n nervous wreck. Hu
linlilas ii Seats American l-tervlu* !>■■>•
m a in.i'.i.*.   .....I  in-*  iimi...   ...uDrurd
losi who had fual registered m
Inrley hotel, aays Ttte Denve
wa> approa.bed by •*. boy with
aniin.    Ii had $i charges   en
lir,* "     -m.i lha    gpest,    before
&g  .i     " \ .Inlli.i   chargea       I
paj   it     tnybod]   who cannol
|in    his   lm- SgO     when   uiltnil
rrtalnh .. cheap one    Wait
a mlii.ir.      I'll jusi  let  you  report
^^B11" 'lli-, i.,l uml  .1 nilei
^thilt  he  tore  the euielu| |teii
m9f read » smile aettled on    hbj
in Hnn.I. pulling a doi lai  Irom hi,
|t. in* inni.b.l ii ii. the bay
nil  light."  I:e said.
^ti he iiuen tin* measage on lh.
"Read II be -unl to C I
the clerk      The   mei  ig.
inn ' little girl semi- hun   llftv
^kU   ul   love   and   wfpl.es   he   un
H i<> ki-   In*, eood-niehl   Nellie '
■ --' ..liin. Lily of Toledo.
l.tiiun County.
J    Chenej   inak.'S oath thai ha
IMW    pui in  i    of    the   film of   F. J.
A Co.. ilulng huslnasi In tl.e city
lledo.   l.',tu»l>*   ami  Sialo   aforcsalJ,
list   sal,I   linn  will   oar  tha sum of
[ill Mill l.l. I>< H.I.AHH for each and
mo    ot    .'u.a..I.  H.nl   * -..-ii-'  I***
by ihs use of Hall's Calm... Cur*
^r»  lo before tne and subs, i li'.-,l lit
 Kaeenee ihis ail. day ..r i>i-,*<-.ni*e..
A.   I km; A.  *.*•'   .11.BASON.
ji.) Nmarv I'ubllc.
f\'a Catarrh Cure Is lukeii Internally
els directly on Ihe blond nn.l inue-
hirfaoaa of   the aysttm.      Send tor
■ i"t litis ftee.
I*'. J  CIIKNBY   A CO.,  Toledo.  l>
_ I.y all   Dmsslats. "■'■
Hall's I'limlly I'llls for eunstlputlon
George Smith   says thai   the
Ji'i.'iii problem loi ilm twentieth
Hiiry tn solve loi  Christendom li
B'ii"< lm       There   sre 800,-
li""  Moslem* in Asia ami Africa
l*r.  nl I.  -    1,1     \,< |...!.*....
Napoleon's father Was a loper, a man
utterly lacking In moral sensibility,
ami ins slaters wen* immodest and by*
teiieiri. According lo I'r Cabanas,
I'aullue was particularly s,, Napoleon
liimseii wa- esceedlugly aeuelllve in
iitinospiirri. changes, was beadacbey
and had auditory Illusions. Its had
iwitihings nr iiu* arms, ihe shoulders
nml lhe lips. Me was at ti.ues tbe
■mist irritable of men. often l»iug tin
approachable Hi- mania tor deatruc
imii was such lhal he whittled plecea
or fun re, brake nrtlcle* presented
to blm. pinched babies while pretend
Ing to caies. them ui.1 took keen delight    in    abOOtlng    Josephine's    rarest
blui- ih.* -lighie-t opposition threw
him into a paroxysm ot rage Hm ia
.. campaign all woakneeaea ranlahed
His puis.* ranged ordinarily  between
ibirtv ami Unity Bre beata a minute
unit never weni above illiy five The
usual pulse rate Is ab.uit seventy-two
.. minute.
The  K>ee of  lhe  I tttn*
That lha eagle hns a most wonderful
power of vision is sbowu flo.n the fact
thai it Hies lu almost a sii.ngnt line for
any object which II desires u> *<*. ure.
llal.y eng.-s also DOSSeM this farsight
edneea.   i.oug before hmuun eyes i an
discern them ti  gar..- Is ti»ci on .lis
tance, ami tbelr cries <>f srelcome to
their part-ills are shrill find - oettUOOUS
'lim structure of their eyes nma.-s tbem
peculiarly strong The brigbteal glare
of sunlight does mu effect them. Battel do .mt lly as high Iu the air ns
some  other   birds,   l.ut   their   flight   la
very lung snd steady,   a peculiarity
about eagles is lhal they ure constant
t , their males. Imt t hanging even SSS
SOU, a- musl birds dn Smiiclilncs lhe
same pair uf eagles will iel.nil b. lhe
Mini.* iieel year after year, ihey seem
tn become acquainted with Ihe locality,
and If Ihey an- nut dMUTbed me regn
lur tenants,
Casta In the Churchea.
There was often m . greal « letmra-
iini between Ihe rleh ami ti.e poor in
our ohurehea, aald the iter Principal
Henderson, "f Bristol, at ths Bapi
Union's Conference »i llmbl-i-n.; I
\\ i    ll Jusilil.ible   be asked, 10 reserve
ail u.e iiim* .nni energ] ol Ihe m i I u
Inn lm*   aei v uii     nt  "'bi i-l   I"   ■ ■
<• inri. K.n 'ii-' Wi- ii iiiiIi-* certain
thai wealth should command whal were
pT< - i'.u*.l -" b.* Ibe ilmlffsl in in
Material resume,***, alao. sh'tiibl be applied where ihere wua moel need fm
them. Wllb reference in lhe multiplication nf rigidly aeparaled »eci«. he
said nmi if any apostolic letter w* re
In these days m !'• SddreaaeJ to ibe
"(ho.   li  of  tinl  In   lliiihlerslbitl."    he
feared ii v-. -•-.■!.a i inrned ss 'iiisuf-
flclenlly iidtl.*.■•<■ tl"
ai in n. iiiliim nn'' i ng Di   Cllf.
(Ord, after n f.  ring lo ihe n markab •
t- h o( lhe liisii..|t of mr sham al
lh,. .' li ti i   b .'"UKit--   ha said. "Ln  all
il. atroy I istie aplrll In Lha churches
Tin* temper ol mu nine is essentia Ij ..
i, ,ni', ,* ,.r n. .i in   resistant **f every
thing In Hie -'. .i ' t) .a.""' '•*'' •*'
Intaltecl "i  ''"■ ; f<   ot ■ "
Hoy.Hy   »la,le   f uiaermee.
King lluakon  wheu  he lirst Joined
Uie lhiulsb navy was treated eiucily
like any other buy.   The .bier purser
Issued ills mess gear, consisting »r un
Iron kuiro uml roik. a ilu spoon, two
Iln plutes and a alnc mug.  On his way
liaek   to   quarters   the   lud   Stumbled
while going up a ladder, nnd all Ihess
things went flying over the deck, wil,
lug lhe chief gunuor rroin u mip thA
I bringing down on himself u inlhy ot
i abuse.  Ilc then acted ns mess boy fur
J the oilier apprentices und had lo lel.li
1  IhClr soup, wnsh lhe plates and Clesn
j up gansrslly, PWIadelphli i rd
Dr. Paul Whitehead hae b i reelected secretary ol the Virginia Me-
thodist .•.'iifeieiiit* flfty-oue times,
and is perhttpa the oldesl pcelesiaa-
iicnl scribe in the world
Rest That Drivei .*. Mnn to Work.
"Slowboy says he ui.ui.i rather run
a lawn-mower than lie iu ii hammock."
"How absurd!"
"N.i; he -ay.- Inn wife can't put the
baby In his lap when he is running
Uu* laiui mower      Philadelphia En-
Peculiar-Accident    to  an    Engineer.
Edward Spencer, chief engineei "i
ilu* s s. "iiiiii,.," oi Montreal, a*aa
winking around his engine when a
imi boll Hew mil unit burned Ids arm
terribly    li was us it a red-hot apil
bad   been   till list   Into  It'   A   supply   ot
Zam-Buk balm war speedily obtained
ami .'imt aid lei.ih-it'ii. Tlie famous
In*.Imi halui alleviated the pain, ami
tn lie- -uipM.t' ill Bpencei and all hii.
llllllll-. Ill the end ul II week llllll..till.I was completely healed, Iln- ia
only uiif ui several •<>*■.,■* reported te-
ti-i.lly  in   iihii'h   Xain-lltik  ba-    been
proved a wondeiful healer ol burns,
'ul.-. bruises, and abrasions. It is
equally effective foi ulcers.sores,poisoning, no luati.-i huw lung these have
pemiated. Mrs W H. Taylor, ol
North   Hay, Ont.,  says      "I    hud    n
caly spol aboul us big as B ten-cent
piece on my ln.-e. I had H for four
years, and hardly a night during thai
time went by bul what I applied eold
eream ur .-nine ointment or ..ther, l.ut
u wmilil always be there, and the
wan.ie. the weathei tlie worse it got.
I   intly applied Zam-Buk, and in
iln.ui a week's time the -p.tt had ii-.-
-i|.|.. .inii completely."
One nl the world's greatest analy-
-t- saya the healing powei ol Zam-
Buk  i- due lo the rare herbal *•-
tn. .•- ni which it i- entirely composed.   Km  rheumatism and sciatica it
i- also a s| |y cure.    It- healing
influent n the akin ia unequalled,
ami  ii  i-    ■   pure thnt  th.* delicate
-kin ul bal..*- Unelil. hum it- application It cue- rashes and eruptions
i well a- more serious ailroenta, •'
Indeed, aa s household balm it ia
working wonderful curea all ovei tlie
Dominion Druggists and stores aell
ii at iifty cents .. b. i \ lample will
Im. ienl by the Zam-Buk Co., Toronto, to all ..ur readers who mail iln-
ailuie  With  B one cent stump I" p:<
return postage    Writs lhe nam
date ol this papei serosa tli
bei  mailing.
Symalhy   or   Gratitude?
Pethick Lawrence, huaband ol oni
ol the "suffragettes" imprisoned   in
l.tiii'ii'ii. ha- promised    le aubscribt
Ilu   :t   day   lii   the   w an-   -utfiaii
fund foi every day his srtfe remaim
i» juil Whether Mi. Lawrence i- actuated bj sympathy or gratitude, deponent -...th nol New Y.uk Tribune.
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
The Episcopal .li...'esaii convention
uf   NSW   York  shelved  a   resolution lo
lake up aggressive missionary work
among the Jews.
A   Pleasant   Medicine    ii ■   are
'line pilla whi.*h hav.* no other pur*
t.tse evidently than to beget painful
internal disturbances in tho patient,
adding   t.i   lo   his  troubles   and    per-
ilsxiues rather than diminishing
them, One might n« well swallow
some corrosive material Pnrmelee's
Vegetable Pills hnv.* not this disagreeable   and    injurious   property,
hey are easy tn take, are not un-
• lcu-ant to the -la.-le, ami iheir action is mild ami soothing \ trial ol
them will prove thi- They offei
pence to  the dyspeptic.
Rev.   Henry A.   Bud I.  u   Metho
'1,-1   minister  who haa  I n  elected
governoi ol Colorado, suy.- he accepted  tbe  nomination with the under
landing Umi  he wuiilil continue to
-five aa presidsnl s! the University
t.f  Denver
Her Heart Like a Pollult-il Snrlni —
Mr- .laines Sriglev. Pel. c laland, ...it..
says:    "'   was rm* live yen.- ittflirletl  wilh
dyapepsla, constipation, heart dlaeaa. n»d
narrous  prostration.    I  rured  ilu*    l.e:.ri
tt'.n'.li*    u ith    1)1*     Ag.lew's   .'llll'    Inr   111.*
llen.i. .tmi the other iiil.tietn- vanished
like i.ii-i. Hud relief in half nu ll.u.r
nf..*.*   .1,,*   first   dose."   27.
Iii 1610, ..niv twelve yeara aftei ith
-ellleiiieni. ami mif year before the
I'll'.'i im- Ian.I.*.l nl Plymouth, the
legislative body oi Virginia enacted
a Sabbath observance law.
Why p.. limping nml whining ahout
...in    corns   wben   a   Jfi   eelll    Itullli*   nl
Hollowny's  Corn fin.'  will    remove
'.hen. -    ' t iv<-   it   a   trial   uml   you   "ill
lint   iet,Tft   it
'I'.,   < llfrr   III,,,.
Tli* wife of I.is bosom was going lo
leave  him   lor  n   fortulght,   ami   I'i IJ
Tonikins was trying ins very beat I '
lonl, sad.
"My deer," he said, choking hack a
cbnckle with his handkerchief and wiping his eyes. "I hardly like to ll.luk
bow   I   shall   miss yuil.    The  evenings
win be s.i lung nint lonely without you.
I -imii bave in. to talk to."
"George," aald Mrs. litz. surveying
blm with ti marble eye. "I have provided for your inmfort lu this as In
every otber Way, When you return
home vii.i will Iiml ileal- mother there.
Rhe will remain till I come back and
keep y.ui company In the evenings,
Ami as Ihe train slowly glided out of
ll.e station iln* guard wondered why
lit/.-Tomkins nearly l.il him when he
Insinuated a tip.   London Telegraph.
"I'd   like   tbal   tooth,   pleas.*,"  said |
Ihs -mall hoy, aftei the dentist had,
extracted the amall torment.
"Certainly, my little man; but why
do ycni waul n •" queried the den
list, hnn.ling il ovei
"Well, air," responded the gratified
hoy, "I'm going to lake it  home, audi
I'm   going   to  stuff   il   full   of   sugar
Then   I'm going In put  it  nu a  plate i
and   (with  a   liiuiiiplii.nl   grim   wiil.ii1
ii ache."   I'icli-M.-rp
Helplen at a Baby.-.Suulh Amrritiin
llhfiiitiiit ir Cure striki-n lhe root uf the
ailment and Ntril.es it uult-k. It. W.
Wrignt. io Daniel s.reei. Brockville, Out.,
for twelve yearn u great sufferer from
rheurantinai. oouldn'l wnsh Imn-ili r.-e.l
liimsi-ir. or dress himself. After u-iins
sii bottles -ii- iil'b ... go ... work, and
Bays: i think tmin ha» lefl me for
.•i.t."   26.
Direct From the Gardens
The Purest and Cleanest Green Tea on
Earth. Delicious and Economical in use
Lead     Packeta    Only    40c,    SOc,     a nd   60c   par   Ib.      Al    all    greeere.
Governor Cobb ..f Maine, ha- been
i-k.rrl tn remedy conditions In the
Unly (iiin.-i colony ui Shiloh, which
the count} attorne; -ny- ia n menace i" the  -lute
li- a Marvelous thing.   When lhe
• ine- effected by Dr, Tnomaa' Relet
im* i nl are considered, the -i. ly and .
p.•iniiin.uii relief ii lm- brought tothe
Buffering wherever i' lias been used.
it inii-i I"' regarded aa a marveUoui.
thing thai m. potent a medicine should
result from ths ais simple ingredients
which t'lit'i into it- oomposition. A
trial "ill convince the .."■-. akeptlcal
..I ii- healing virtue*
/Indispensable in Winter.X
Tbtre'a a noed ia every home for \
Grays Syrup of Red Spruge Gum
£   Ot
A few t)otet, al tbe firtt eiga ef t cold, will allay ill throat
Irritation —take awar hoaraaaeaa—check tbe Inflammation—
■trenj;-.hen tl.e 1 ting,    ward off the cough.
All the healing, aoothing, enratire propertiea of Canadian Sprnce
35 cU. bottle
Gum—combined with aromat.ca.    Pleaaant to take.
Biereleltia  li-.aa.
Never tal ■■ i mr dog out for a run '
directly pft<>r lie has had a meal   if
tbe exercise i- ai all bard the r,M«i will
remain nudlgeeted r..r hours,   li is best
nol in allow a llOK in pl.iv even .llrectl.v
after he has awallowed his dinner,   lu
a  little line lie .an do <u. but do Hot
encourage bim lo romp about.
Cm  III,,,   MlxeS.
Mis.. Backbay - Whal I lite abont
Henry James is Die clarity of his style,
bis reserve force and his absolute mas.
tery in the Held or epigram and antithesis.   Mr. Cahokia- Y-yea, but when
It '.•nines ti) the fasl ball, you know, I
think Walsh has *.',,t bim skinned to
Kne,T  ihe   Meaaare.
"When you net your groceries today,"
aaid the butcher m his wire. **tfu8*l n-.
to that little grocer next door to my
shop "
* "Why not?" -in* demanded.
"Because he sent In yesterday and
borrowed an old pair of scalaa."
Minard's   Liniment   Cores  Colds,  etc.
tir-at   Thinir-   l'i"iu   Utile     ...u-i-
 I,    li ink.- eery little t.i derange
tin* atomach. The cause may Is*
-slight, a cold, something eaten 01
...itik anxiety, woity, oi s.,m,- othei
iinplt* i*an-e Hut ii precaution is
not taken, tin- simple cause mav have
moal serious consequences Many s
chronically debilitated constitution tola) owes us deatructlon to simple
causes not dealt with in time. Keep
ihe digestive appai.iuis in a health)
condition and nil will be well. Panne-
Vegetable liiis are bettei than
my othei for the purpoee
The Blahop ApolosleeS.
Dr. Temple waa wont lo rule tbe diocese of Exeter witb an iron baud, aud
n tale Is tuld of a deauery meetiin; at
which he presided, wheu the subject
for discussion waa "The Hindrances
to the Spiritual Life of the Diocese."
After the discussion had proceeded for
tome time a vicar electrified hia audience by declaring that the greatest hindrance to lhe full spiritual life waa
none other thon the bishop hltnaelf. "I
repeat It." aald tbe apeaker calmly,
"our rinlit reverend father in Ood l«
very far from belug a father to auy
of OS. Your manner toward us." he
continued, turning to the blahop, ",n
harsh lu the extreme, while your method of rule Is this: Yon treat us all. old
and young, as If we were a set of
schoollK>ys." Tbfc bold statement drew
rrt.iu the bishop au apology, and he
explained that beneath bis brusque.
ness ,,r manner was u very genuine
sympathy wilh the work of all the
clergy. This Impeachment created the
mot* sensation In the m.-etinu because
it came riniii a sou or Dr. Temple's
predecessor, the famous Henry id Kx*
tter.—Westminster Qssette.
o,:'"iuto Hiai»»y 1*0
Look  Oul   l'',,r   IIIOT.
A lama llvlug ut Lassa has lssne.1 ..
scries of predictions for 11*07. "iiu*
king of tho year," he aays, "Is Siiiurn.
under whoae inallgu Influence merlto
rlous people will suffer uud thieves
will prosper. (Ireat dlaorder will pre
veil. The rich will satisfy their hunger at the expense of tbe poor, aad the
win auake thrtaa."
Oal  ol  OMre  «.,,.   I>.
A well known radical memlier coined
Ihis happy phn.se: "It l« » pity that
the government has tint as much emir-
au-e iii olllce as It hnd conscience In
opposition."- London Truth.
A V.t.ran'i Star*/ -iteortte ■••""**. ,"'
si..„,.,i,in   l'u.    wrlleai      I   am    <■.«!»,
Ce"       . "'.«'      1   hai.*  been  lr....l.le.l  -villi
„,i,rin  tor lll.i   **..""• '""I '" u.v time
have uaed » sreal  »u...>' eatarrh enrea.
never had any  reHel antll  I  uaed
&?.' ff-UJ *..'„.a..i...! Kwder.  ..... bei
, ure.i uii* eouiplaiely.    » ""l"* »•
iin* liam'- Horn seys thai "thsre
i. nu eheap wav   at saving souls,
md "it i- si.... work fattening -mils
London's New Mayor.
Sir William l'ur.ie Treloar. the new
Ix.r.1 Mav..i* of London, is ., man of
many pans and la tnoai popular with
the membera .<r lhe PI v .'.'riniraUon
On elecllon daj when hli minn- wai
proposed .- waa received with tremen-
d-us ap| .use Tu ii' olher names th»
crowd sb'tiiit..l ' n..\i.' meaning that
they were i" be ael .'-.le until next
ye.,r. The Lord Maym la .i Cornlah-
mnn. «^ y...trs ..f ,i*.*e Ilu haa heen a
member of lhe C rn'lon of the y'i'y
of London sin.*" IS* md an aldenuaa
aince ISSt    Prom  : - * * *    1 100 lie  n.i'
one or the eher iry and has
.K-en  .,  J.r-i ie  Iv i ••  In  Kent
Bin-try .in.l London ll .- deeply In-
;.,. -*.-.|   in   E«< i n,  itt-ing a
Slreetnr an I irustee   i T r*ook * s*.ns.
Limited   end  l«   '* - •.—   an author ol
*  ■
Oue   l.ti' It. it   Iw  a   Block.
A co operai:w.- kit. Imn iu llie middle
of every block to serve all the residents
of lhat block is the latest solution offered for lhe eternal pioblem tlm'
faces every housekeeper. The pl
seems feasible iu view* of the fad ll
the uew Art Club studios have a kitchen iu Common tor llie use of .. -null
army of ntiulents who occupy bachelor
apartments, n has been suggested by
economists that n lurge kitchen l*e established iu every block ttud that the
place be under llie direct ion of a Chef,
with several assistants    The bouse
wire could tuke her tood Ihere to be
cooked, thus Kiiim: the price of fuel
uud keeping the house free from the
odor of COOkery and besides In ninny
cases dispensing wilh the cost of ilys
|m>I>       tablets uml pepsin.- New  York
for.,   tsburgDispatch.
Minard's   Liniment   Cures   Garget   in
State Should Maka Peonle Sick.
Qreece is threatened with an odd
-tuke At a public meeting the pin-
-n-i.iii.- aiui druggists "i   Vtli-'ii-   de-
liaieii   that   then     professions   H'uilltl
-nun is' reduced to starvation   Man)
physicians nl Ibe oily are actually in
straits because ol the ever-increasing
■inm*- where patients receive free
treatment The diaoiples ..i Baeula-
i.ius Intend, therefore, in strike unit*.-- tin* government prevents the
iiiiibii establishment ol clinics snd
penults tbem iii increaae their lees
(ram nm drachmas te three ilrach-
ma- in drachma ia aboul in cents
utii.'iiiii tin* motion to tin- effect
wa.- ci.tnl.aite.l hi aeveral physiciana
a- unworthy of the medical profea-
alon, ii was finally carried by a greal
majority, and  the strike  will  prob>
ably   ni,, effeel  noon.    New   Y.uk
No Sl-aeearea l„ . hl„a.
Everybody in China works bard, even
those who have reached Ihe hinhest
poaltlona. it i-* related of a member of
lhe Chinese cabinet lhat he lefl home
every morning al - o'clock, as he was
ou duly nt the pal.' •* li'ti.i ■'. lo .'.. As a
member <>r tbe privy council he was
engaged from 0 in n Prom 0 until 11
lu* was at tin* war department, of
wblcb he wa- president. A*. Ibe member of ihe board nr pnuudinient he was
in attendance trom 12 till 2. an.l as a
minister of Ihe foreign office in* spent
every day from 2 till .'t nr U there.   In
addition  he  frequently  served on   ape-
. 'ul i...:.r.is ur commissions.
The    I „al..l.    cit    . nalainl.
The London Dally Chronicle gives
these eccentric pr inundations of n rew
..r il..- curious place names that dot thc
map of Bngland: Itbudbaxtou is l-.ii.
-mi. Woodmaucote la Uddenmnckat,
Savrbrldgewortb la Bapaer, Church-
down is Chosen, Sandlacre is Senjlker,
Little Liswuk is Mloalk, Aspatria la
spethry. st. ositii is Tooey, Cbadden-
wyebe is Cbarnage, Happlsburgb is
Baseboro, salt pieetby is Sollaby, Aim-
oudesbury is Amesbury, Conugresbury
,s ( '..'in-hnri-
Your Doctor
Can cure your Cough or Cold,
no question about that, but--
why go to all the trouble and
inconvenience of looking him up.
and then of having hia prescript inn
filled, when you can step into any
drug store in Canada and obtain
a bottle of SHILOH'S CURE
for a quarter.
Why pay two to five dollars
when a twenty-five cent
bottle of SHILOH will cure you
aa quickly T
Why not do as hundreda of
thousands of Canadians have
done for the paat thirty-four
yeara: let SHILOH be your doctor whenever a Cough or Cold
SHILOH will cure you, snd sll
druggist* back up thia statement
with a positive guarantee.
The next time you have a
Cough ur Cold cure it wilh
Rev   J. L. Oordon  Raids Fiva Prophecies In Signs of tho T.maa.
In Maasey Mall. Toronto, nn a rt-eent
Sunday itev j  i. Oordon or Winnipeg,
taking* aa his auSject "The Ha"e of
rn.- Age.*' delivered an eloquent addrasa
on the progress **r the temprrane*
movement and the outlook for a glorious
futiira. Thai 'be ir!uni|iii '*r iruih and
right „as assuieit. a scan over lhe (tail
two thousand years would convince ""*
*n ,-t akeptlcal, ll waa 1 100 y^ars -in ■■■
Rome had fa-len. Human slavery hai
dlaappi-areil. a« ,1'- t lhe ilearatlall in
of womanhood. In \l»»iv r these racta,
ihe apeaker entertained a profound conviction that, unit**' ibe culdance of lha
Hy Bible, the l,a*i!a for truth and
•iglr. would en tin to a glorious vlet 'ty.
ll« would predict Ave sr»st aehleve-
rneni« tn- the tutu r H* c.uld raa.1
•he signs of the ttmea lhat treat and
marveloua 'rilntts would  baptian.
i'h-re would be a universal lanruase
—that or Bhakeapeare and the Holy
ll bla
The removal of tariff walls and unl-
ver-a. pca'-e w* ii!,| cement tha federa-
'iiiti of tit- world.
He believed rhe Hme waa anon com-
ng wben would exist the great political
-.pia Ity of men and women.
There would b^ a*i equal dtstrtbutton
if tbe wealth of ibe world aCOOrdlUS
'.o ability and skli:
Tiie cHrdliia! predict! n wou'.d ba the
restriction of the Uquor traffic, ao as
■i guarantee unlverau S"br:-ty.
i'ri^    «i.»aker   tuitf*ie,l   on   tha craat
■...«« brci■■» ..r the Dominion "f y'an-
ula for ilie development of a maenlfl-
*-*n:  m.uii'. -d.     The world ■■• i i'i ye:
"** the tt—ar^s*  men ln mental  m *.r.J
■ ml   mora    :,*'«-.t   t-.n-'nx   from   this
ind,    which   would   l>»   ;ri»   stamping
i-i . ln the In-
■   if intmanlty.
if we   ■se «.,i- rhe NO ellles of :hl»
• ,*.i*i r. •'   '',.  ■ ..*-iii'i ,1.   "ne  '-an   save
n» country      l    * - ,  ...ns tn tl.e C    el
■r titis land, placed si.te by aide, would
-»..*.   rr-in   New    fork   '•   r'ie   <.i,.;d»n
late, nmt -ley saloon Is the banquer-
ng haU of death, the   Ighted eon .1  ra
leading down  lo  cnln.
"I come from a clly that la gr.'wliu
i.*a--r the day when rhe rum traffl-
-1! nc rule. Titer- |. a bright ami
• it hope nut ...ii.lrr. and the
temperance people ar- doing a n*.!'>
iv rn Thia la a eerloua conflict, and
we are bK'tllng f.,r ih- life o'
bome. On our able we have .ind. :he
•hiir.-b. conscience and the Bible, and
her- l« DO 0 be    aide    l\> are making
ni    * l-  Into I  ' l.,e enemy
"i'..f saloonkeeper 'rt. m.re reape I
f'r ni- temperance nun now than he
ever had before But ne muai nol
atop at this, although ne .e» tbe evidence tbal lhe fight ti g ■ ;.,; ...i way.
There Is more adv.r: sing dune by the
'.'lunr !r.-er"«rs selling lh I. .varea lu
the last five years than ever ber...".
which Is a sure evidence thai the work
>f tbe temperance league hu.i ihe \v. c
T. I*, and other temperanea ..rganljia-
Mmia is te'llng again-t tba forces of
'he wicked'1
%    I'irilF    li.  I..  .    . r
The people of the Kar .<• Islands cling
In iheir old cnatoma and aee Utile an,.'!
in change, aaya Ihe author uf "The
Faroes ami tcelsud." Imi now snd the.,
one nf them becomea a couserrstlve rs
former. S.u-h was sn «H inai. nt
stro.no wim. in ins youth, bad learned
cablnetmaklng in Ciqienbagen, then
had beeu a blacksmith iu Sen South
Wiiies and later a marine In tbe I'au
Isl. navy during the Bleewlek Hidsteln
war. [laving thus traveled far beyond
ibe wiitie-t dreams ..f his countrymen,
be returned while it 111 a comparatively
young man lo Btrouto ami Invested his
saviujs     iii    :i     home.       , nnservative
tiuiiiiiij in- appeared lo n.uian.ler-. In
the lalandcra he »«• a reckless in
novaior.    lie  roofed  Ins bouae  with
..late  iii-toad   *.f   with   the   Haditioual
nirr. imt l.l Bad aona i" follow his
example ihey sb,s,i, tbelr heads ju
donbt lie argued vainly with them
against ibe babli or throwing n-n
.ieaiiiuiis into tin* brook and getting
drinki'ii; waler Inner down,    ihe onl,
advice .hey   Would  iirt*.-|it   iron,  hnn
and thai  after long  be-iiaiim.    was lo
is.il tii>-ir ti-b oil tiii.tiitiirs inatead or la
the  1-ti.i;  rnniu.     I'.ul   when   ihi-  ler
rlbl» innovator heard from a rWtoi
lhal women rode Mcyctea la Bngland
he was -.. aatoalahed that he eaaerted
confldently lhal lhe world could not
last inn*i. louge.
V\ houi   t.i   4 ttaaalt.
Re sure you an* right Then eonault
your wif.v Then go ahead. Bt Louie
Quebec Man tells how the Great Con
sumptive Preventative was
an all-round Benefit
Minard'a  Liniment  Cures Dietemper.
Tl,,. choli  "i u l«fge metropolitan
■llinch   bail   -inm   .'   Te   Ileum   ol   n
nn ornate description, the end ol
which was imt only complicated, bul
required  the exertions   ..I  the   lull
Inn*.* powei "I th'- cliorisleis While
lb, hues nl the hist  antes wen* .till
faintly Bounding, the minister aross
mul in a clear hut scini-icproiiehful
lone begun t<> rend thc twentieth
chapter ol the Acta of the Apostles.
of which the tirst words nr.-* "And
nlie.   Ihe   uproar   waa   cnnse.l "   The
creaks ur
cine for
Cough Pill  taken  In conjunction with
ANTI eiLL-"Tha Oreal  gystan, Treat.
menl" -Is a posltlva preventative ol and
cure for La Otippa.
Sold by All Oruggi.ii ar
The   WILgON-mt  00.,   limited
1-HAQARA a ALLS   ONI. -,.,
Objects to  Pessimism,
.'ver In  Hngl.unl lhe sliarehoblere In
'iini-i if: enie prises believe that these
are lhe grnivlng limes, anil when Sir
Charles  Rivera   Wlleon,  the president
f trie draml Trunk, at tha annual
ci"ei!ng or ihe shareholder*, apoke ra-
ber dolefully upon s.mie uolnta, lnnk
aa be often dues a very pesstnlatlo view
,.f 'he situation, he '1 spleasad *i'.s hear-
ert. ."»n* Of Iht-se. Mr. t'harles E. Morrison writes 11 The London Financial
News rhal "we might almost have been
attending ihe obeeoulea ot a railway
oompany; Inatead ot a paean of triumph, lt was a pnsUlve dirge Of despair. He cullies hack Imbued with
«hai" With th* )ia'.ri*!r>* uf labor! Could
pessimism further go? Of course, Ibe
eounlry wants l%bir; this Is reaultanl
on lis prosperity, And what about the
thousands that are nteraiy pouring Into the country'.' Tha president speaks
of tha moral ohllgalb.na of the Tana
i'.i Qovernmeni. 1 ..;..■ the directors
will n it fniget the moral obllcattoni
they ar* under lo their Shareholders.
He tells us of the generally-Improved
position of afTalrii bu: lt in Canada
ne hava to thank for this, ''anada i»
nn I l.e flood-lid* of prosperity, ani we
are simply going with th* ild*. Tbe
president talks lugubriously of posstbl *
lean years;   but nol even <lrai.il Trunk
directors can put hack tha dook in
Canada. Had he not. at the Hnlsh of
his Speech, talked Ol an Increased dividend I" Ihe Ihtrd preference holder*..
some ia* I thing" would undoubtedly
have been aald. If we do not get our full
I per cent, this present year. 1 trust
that we shall baud "iirselvea together
and put an end lo this burning grievance."
A Surprise In Biscuits
Kvcrv lx.1 ol'Mooney'i Pcrlirction
I'rciin SihIjj you open—you will
find a new delight in thoc dainty
When vou want to jurpriic yoursell,
give your appeiite a tresi wuh
Perfection Cream Sodas
The Sal Uf actors Part,
ill mil' httVlng come  illli.  ll.c  possession  of considerable   wealth  through
tin, .lealh of relatives  was thus ad*
i dressed i.y one nt his neighbors:
"Aye. .Iiim'.... II was a gtlhl thing for
ynu  lhal   your rich  fraOUS  w.uir l.nrn
afore ye."
"Wccl."   snld   ,1.iiuic.   "I'm   nae   sue
j sure riitoi.i lhat. but il was a guld thing
that  tbey deed afore me." —Dundee
! Adverilser.
AilalKl.iB   Vlots  to   I mis
He   I   think  a  women's  club,  to  he
successful, should aim at something fur
rem..veil from female suffrage. Sbe-I
dou't agree wllh you. Thai should he
Ita sole aim. lie Ves, hut if It nlu.a at
aoinetblng else it ia more likely to hit
" Mv uie *.-c^ La Grippe when she was
inO.iawa. aaya K. N. Duos ol NorthheiJ
larrn. "-Joe.. ... an interview. "She go. a
boltle ol Hsyciune and aller using it tor a
lew day* ahe was ipute well. I took a cold
and am using it and atu getting all right,
I itunk Pay-alma ir. one of the be^t tonics
on tne n.arkel »i*-d.i\.
There yen rair .he whole mailer in a
nutshell. l.a Grippe and voids are aainn-*g
itie forerunner* c lonsumpticn.
This man u-.l one. In- w ite bad ihe other,
l*«yt*h;r-e not n"'y .•■i-.d both hut il bu:,t
Ihem up ao that their bodies a.* sii.u.g
enough to resist disease. Ail seeds ol
•Oi.iMiinplion are killed bv
(I*ron...m.eJ S,-kre»l
50c. Per Bottle
laurg-ar .',.. at ana aa   all druggist..
IR.  T.  A.  SLOCUM, Limited. Toronto.
W     N     U     NO     £16 I
ll Printed at Troul lake.'tty, aao I'libilabcd
it i'ir.j.i'1* a n-i t'reill < «*» svarr Tburaday
Tea Rllt". .l"a   'ti i."t  blai>nllr*apoB-
sl-.'le !'). •.'!* Aplnlo.ia uf jnri**sp.,ii,*s,,ise»
p Msad la IU .i.'iui.i.n
.   ■  •'" v    charged a.   the >*>.* «f la
••.•nil .erii'i.-. nr*! Insariion. niuiiu •ai.nrpr,
ineoaebaubaoquanl iaaarti io.
i roister I'ranstei.l a.iil etl er'alvyrii-l,,,
1111.1 f uu le kiiiiwu on ai'pii:'i|llo'< ai olMo
rtoaat iiptiou IJ.UOa i«ai. lu ailvauoc.
Notice ii hereby given t^n'. GC
days afver the lirst pub icoU* '•
hereof i-i tho British Colli u.Vti
Gat-Jlie, I intend to apply to tie
Hon. Chief C'liiii.i.is.-iniiciof I nnd.
and W'.-iks, (bl a hj_c.iI liccnsi* l<
cut and cany awav iin.ber frnni
the foilowing diiciiii'd IhiI'Ih sllu-
ated in V cat Ko t<>i.'ay ilisiiict
Commencing at o post ptautei
on the east side of t*ulmun irei-l
.and Ab utjj t ai a mile Iron, oreek
and about 1 mils. ir< in its I.e.*
iniirkod ''A. Gowing s Sou li-e-s
corner poat," them;,-1 wertSO chaii
t e:ice noi'ili 4)0 chains, thoim
list 80 chains, thence south 6i
mains to tho point of commence-
No. 2,     CommTcing tii a p-■>•
planted on 'ho cost *id*. of Sa:txoi.
crook, a-id a'.ou*  $   a  wile fron.
oreek and aS-.it   1   mih- frnm it-
mouth,    marked    "A.    Gowing'
Noith-weat   corner   post,     the] p,
south 80 chnins,   thenee  ir.xt El
chnir.s,   thence   north $0 elmint
thenoe v*»sl 80 chains  ti_ the p. in
of eommencement,
Lcented Decembtw 24tn, I9C(
A. Gow ng, Locator.
Legal Notices.
I'a.iadian mineral claim iltuate m the
Trout '■ »k.. iuini.)| division ul Wesl
Kootenai' diatrlct.
Wliere located r   (hi Vst.ii Mile creek
Smith Kurt of hardeae
Take notici. that I. •• It   N     Wilkie
lint,-    rn   agent lor  i-svi i    Cowan
!•' m C.  No    IMSKW,   and J    ■   "
Ilje'kinsii K.    M      t!.
It.-niuJ,   iiileiul,   silly    ilat'a   ...
dale     hereof,     In     api lv    In     lhe
Mlulii||   liecnriler   fur   a  I .-.Iili.*!.*   nl
linpruvt-n la, for tin. purpose ol nb-
tsiniuu a Crown (Irani uf  ilu-   sbuvs
And  fuiiliei  tale imlice ilial uclinn,
under seel ion  .'7,  must   ! i need
before the issuance .,f Carliflcata of Iin-
Dated ibis SQlh dar ul Aug,, a u. IV'OG
fll.ll    111.!
e. R. vipoy
Troat Uke. uVlty
A   rIYl  I.*.,-,.
Stciioa at Trcut Let,,
3ar well Supplied with Liquors & Cigars
I .urge Ooiuf.iriable Rooms.   Excellent Cuisine and Attendance
Grout Xahc iffdw^^
ryi./re     . Hy us nn Water supplied  by the
vliicllCU ®   Company you ere inured of ibitt-
5?   lute purity.   Government Analysis
m)U*-_)_)I\)     (SO tn back up itatetiienta.:         : i :
*   ~ Hugh McPherson - - Supt.
%t0. i1^WWW^Wi<^
W    H     Smspxs   wood  vallance  hard-
Louis    le.t   Binders,    FieeJob     HenUrare, Minora' Bi   pllei, Swve
l'l it.in.f.
au.l Ranges.
Spvg   1 •*' ar.i "Gl to"inilieralcl      1
situs!   in 'hn   : i' '■ Minii g 1 ivi
Locale l on i * :'i..r clci k,
Take Sotil 0 ti.ut 1. J.i ■> -C V bite, tl  *
1 , - * iii for he Spjtjli.ii Min 1 .
1* ec Mincri Cer -r.i nits No B ■;'!-•., 1
tend, tW daya tiom *.'.:? tirtc herx-f, '1
apply to tho Mining Peoordor for a Cc
tilicnteof Improvements for ihe parpo 1
of obtaining a Crown Gr.u.t of theatre*.
And  further t.iko notice that neto
nn.lei *> r '.. 113".  coat bn commenoe.
.re ibe iasoance ot web CerliQcal
Dated January 22ml   1007.
Xtacca  weitb.
! Excellent    Accommodation
j Best Liquors
j Awil Very finest Csgars   £8
John Simpson,      Proorietor-
lt pai.*, to nae the Telephone
njsthv trip ''in- often I"* -a , .1    . Iffi ,* •
i^"'4-.-* •»?«-.    .n       t'i      /1*        ! njttfiv'trlp cai often ho saved   Offices
ILMl'     I.    Y>       /\       ('  l^    »l   feraiis  Cunii i I  .
Trout  Lako   City TrangfeJ
and Stage Line.
"   B Daily Stltt ^
leavt Fergmoa
7 am.
In eeefniiio-s.
WHO  E8AI.E l'l- \' lie- in Butter,|
Kjtss, ■   ••.    I'r. I ice    and   Fruit
Houston Hi;.. I isephi ie 81 Nelson, ll C j
Spl i .i   i  Irrnuli
A. M. Craig     Wm. Crawford
Imperial  Bank cf Canada,
Head Off..e
Best Hotel in Town,
Rea^Barters k HMi 'd Cnsrcial Men.
Ceneral Store
GERRARD                            ■   C
capital AUtHomzro sopcooo.
CAPI1AL PAI'.. l 1', •'.      ? tOe,
^^^^^^      nrsr 4.4:.6.eoo
Wnidi r.|..iirrn'.',   etc.     All wnrk D. U. WfLKIB, Preeident Hon. ItOtlJRT JAfPRAI
tilliii 'int.*. *i! 'bRANCHES    '!'   tiiu   I'f.ii'i. cr;s uf    -."     I.i     ..  .*, r, y
M«i:ii, h.i. ■   larioand  I
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT. ■ l'e|**i'i   -MSivedand       -'-■   ,   ■■sii,
i unci.t rutu I  lei ds'e *f opening nf sceouet.
01 lows: Et Trout Lak6, B.G
I-i ths matter oi the "Plans
Cancelli.'ii.ii Ac!.  IPJJ."
In the nutter of the applies-
flnu of.' AMKM WII.SO.N 1 MOMr-
SUN" to cancel .. f.poriiuu of I Inn
?M tried ir. the land Begisirjr
Office ai (bs iiii ol Kelson.
Nctice i3 hereby pive«, thnt eft
er the t-ij,ir.itir.n of 3 weeks  ir >n
tbe first publication h rn. f j. th.
"Lardeau Mining Review*1  nn n|
|ili ..uo'.i will be made to lii> (Ion
or Judge Ft-rin,   ior an order fn
th.* canctlift.io.i ol  nil  that   }v<r
tion of IVt.n 756 lilr-J in  the L-m.
■Registry Office at the L'iiv of Ne!
sor., coveriug Block* 8, south I.n
of Block,'.  16, 11, 1". I-', 11,10,!'
17  1S,*19. 21.22,   23,  26 mvl  2'
and ihe streets ar.d alleys cuntigu
ous tlieref».
D.-ite,!, January 10th., 1907.
Fkkd ('. Kl.LIl.TT.
Solicitor for applicant
" f M. Powmsn,
Kevittrar o( the County Court.
Any poison havinc in their po**
belonging to the FIRE   DEPARTMENT, are  requested   lo  return
A. M. Cbai.
This matter should not be nee*
lectcd, os in oafe of fire, there in
nut suffleipnt larldei-i nt tbe Hail
to render c flscient service.
_ = _
Sandy Laajjhton
!'I1EN  »i*<iiii.i;  Fergnsqn you
fh'ii'.l sm-.' .-'t ilu- Luiileau
ll, I. i.    lie.-.*   lhe   -visitor
•N-JMj    will   bn   suit.nn.1.*.I   wiih
'•^•-i'l    !" »!''",,|f"rls    Exrelli'M
I        .'    ciii-'ii.*,     well    v.-uiilaie'l
mid    ivi.rni    I....II.*-.    w. II
ei.»k."l Gar,  wnil  pv.ryihing which
lei il» Ibwnrde  making ynur li-it ..
j.l.*n*.;.i't ami  ini-iiininl,l,< i.n.-.
Rates fn in $1 ilny upwards,
Wc hiiiv.. tu please nnr latcns.
F. B. Wells
No. 39.
A 1'.  & A M
.   .      .   .>rd   Thursday each
, v nioiilh.
Bojuorning Urethren cordially Invited.
11. Porddred.See. P.C.Campbell.W.d
f.t'.t-rs or crediL issasd aeailaNela sar
pnr   ifilic worlil
--,.r'«i siifnt on fttsD to »oll-xtlO»s ttt
.M.i.u.k litiids.
Arro-Alifi.1 BrancS—
T.B. LAKfl I
rilOL'T   laki:   LODGE   l. O.O.F
Nt). 41
jW\Amytmm. ItOKulit r tn«-»llnf« liclll lh
>.JWCSflL/ rttry
te*« >-*vjfik«,      I.-       nlfhi »i  l
V-^v^l^ tr,'   .,,■..,:      ,'lstUes   Itrc.h-
*vJ3^Jrr>**^    srsc„rU.i*!i> sri-lconie
l  ^^ L_
•j. Jurubs,,.,. .".  ..  i        r. Jl sbfpUt.il. M«. , n
Review Job Dept.
For Hij-th-Class Work.
- a tvu-a**42.ctct-mXS-oer
OK      |
: Sarbec Sbop f
- ron a —
(food Shave or Hair Cut
— . A l.l. O.N 	
CASH    |
.rk^ .-A„.,RBuniS &C0!j; »"«•« Sehnell. ||
9   jdloStlVilttl    a     WHOLESALE   AND   RETAIL
.■..i.i or Silver  11 ""
(toldsnd silver  $'„' ...
bilvei an.l Lead  2 MJ
r.ippc*     I r.o
/;...• f  I) r,o
!   SHANNON,   '.-sayer
Tronl I nl;-. V. C.
Hot and Cold Baths .
1. - I  - '.  i i    i i      .   | r rt -l!
it'tt a Mcisrur. i  a Uerrt-g
A. M    riSKil  y'l
Merchants    mm mcgarter & p{n_hha>
Dealers ill ail kln<ls nf Prosit M.   t
80UCITOR8, tu*. '
REVEUSTOKt    11    C
-iotlc.t,,rs lo, Imtr.isi Baafc ol' s..sJs.
Barber Shop]
lor (io,»l lit.    hi • i
t.i   t   . le
ti.ii'i i.n'. ri
Mot. mme  CoM Uut.
Zbc Dotel ffieatoii  ...  |
    BEATON,  u.e.    	
YISITOr:* nrri\iii;; at Beaton fthe threshold "f the l.nr.lra>*i
via Irrowhoad, aill lind this lintel iu be fully eqnippeil
fn   hi.-li-ci.ir-8 tlBilo.    i.xt*'*i .i.i -icfi.ii.iiii.il,*;,..i.      A well
■ piiointcl.il !-..'• . dinina i»'! The l*e»i ..( It'lnes.Spliila
sn I Cigars I'en *. il supervision is ^inn to lhe requlremenii ..f
pairoiu. Visitors iu the I srdoan .mi rely on comlortat tbis hotel
J W. BOYD -:-  •:- Prop
'■>x» p^eooa-uoi^ &!«>€»•■« aaancra «h>«« tK>ik
Notice is  hereby tfivnn  thai   BU
No 1. Commencing at a  post so. |,Uv» nrtpr d*J*;   l i,,"•",, l' »PP'» l
about 20 chnins a est fr. m the N. ;t0 tho " '"• Chief Oommlsi oner of
W. corner of Lot 6116; thenc* east U nd* *n ^ Works fore i ooi-il IL
00 chains, thence south 40 chains *""" ,0 cut ll"'1 ,"rr>   nw:,-v   '»»•
th.ncc west  1C0   chains,   ibenco i["T fr"m   ,l"' '"'1"»i''R  'Iwcrrbed
north 40 chains to  |.oint  of   commencement.
The ordinary r.nnual gcner.il
mecling of the I'rlmrosetiold Mining Company, Ltd. Mab., will be
held ut the ollicc nf the flora pany
Troul l.nke, B. C, on Friday, Feb
ruary 1st. 1907. at 3.30 p. tn , for
the purpose of electing director
for the ensuing year, end suohj
other husiii6fs is mey be properly
brought before the meeting.
Da'fcd st Trout Uke, B. 0. 3«1
landi ^i' uu tc in  West   Eoolenat
diittic :
N».  1.      C*-inm»-n(*in(»   ai a p..st
' |i'.i.rii*.| o-t (he wiuth-e .m corner of
.'M. Deslot.'s proemption,   m.irked
No. i.   C.imiiienfi.'g   at a  poll    \.E F.v.in s 8.inlli-.v>i-t '• rnnr |*osl
p'anted ontheS. W. enrnorof No  !<'"*nr-...nh   1C0  r. nin. ;    I  .   ,v
1,   thencneist 160 chains,   ibence  •»«» <° choinii   Ib'-tm-   -outb  1C0
Hi.nih 40 chains, tlmnc •   wejt  160 '"!'■■' *I  'hence west 40 eliaini to
l.ains, thence north 40 chnins  loll"'"* «f eomnlenflementi
(be point of eonnM-nceineiit.
No. 3- •f'ommencinf: at a popt
|.'*n'ed on the S- W. coiner of No,
2; thence east 160 chains, thence
eo-ith 40 chain", tin nee west 160
chins, thence north 40 cisins tn
Dated, December 12' h. 190C.
A. E. Fvnns,
NTo. 2 Commencing a- ft post
I planted »n the enn' line ill Loca'-
IIon No. 1. nnd rnnrked A K. Kv-
lire Siinth-oiis c .mn- no 1: h-cne
ortli 10J chaini, t ,cnce east -to
bains, th ncu south 160 ob ins, i
honce wrai 4n chsjni   lo  point of J
point of commencement
t m«iiwh nent   •»'. t.
Located December 27'h, lOOfl.LommeMeoient
W. Ogllvie, Lector.    |       b , ^ D|0lmbir ia,u<  im
A. E  Evani.
kHERE hiif., hr.-n fi.rtnnei
im.de hy jiiilicioQS Invest-,
menl  in   Real  Retain, H..d
ii..Te  fortunes will b>* m.. i.-ilni.
over I'.-   n* it twn oi ihrre years.
The one v> I. .  reaps Ibe  hnricsi i»
th.. ..r-gi.i..l  Inveelor, for lm  has
his in*.in-v .... a certainty,
No* let in poinl out lo ion thnt
t'l.ie i- n<> heller i|Wii nn ihe Con-
tin* '.» I" lliv R.-al Estate than
Trout Lake in the prettiest Hp»i
Iii i he K't.t'i uny* ; hn ii plna.-iire
r. B'.i'i it has no . i|iml. lii.Hti.tg
..ni Dsliing i.my i>e in.liil.ji>.! in
th.- year n>und ; athile Iii vr g.in.r
III    .1    '.' *t| .:■'.■    IS   In iho    f'ou ml Oil
Ihn I.i'Im. Ik. clitimt.i i* mporb,
there being im great ratramea, it
Indiig init.I in ifi.iir nnd cio' In
niuniii-r.     T nan hi a*-t «.f s-'ine ..f
-h" liii'-t hi f.'s mill f.a .lences In
l!i i. it-1-('..luinl'u. It (.ti-e1** mn
...*ll In id nut nnilgrnilid, Them
nr- tw - e.tct 'l-tii genrral stor.s,
.ii*.I a gl.ii.Oe ui ih.- iiilv .li*.. ui...is
in tu- Jin .nil n III «■ ow thin nli
I Hides lire r.iiry«"] rpe-eut'd.
Wi i|.     wii li   COnliib "in  tli A|!     If.
H. McPherson
Trout Lake, B.C.
Lots can be
obtained on
Moke your
selection at
once.   :
Then call on
or  writ* to
IT his . P-rer bsd a   ' h« om "—iis
grown- I,,* btta »t»-ejy      It is
u.e l.»*sd , f Litigation, ti .1
Hie ttm.iial <f ibe Urdu b,a»- »
nf the C.P.R ah *.„!, (.,, , .
Lardeau) )iaii ,n *]*r, „, Ulkt    u
i» the cun men lal ernire if ihs
rlchi.si mineral district eu th.
eoDtinenl, sr.i hn l.a.li.t f...),.
Mee providul by iLo Iu.|stisl
Bank 0f Cstisds , Bnt rises scbeel
ai-ci.nimidaiii.n ueder the dir»e-
lion , | M Shannon. II A. ; e good
watrr syatem; government ..«cesj
founly Court Pitting--; Stelh-dilt
Kplriopal and Anglican <bur.l.n
and i-iHsge ho-si.11al.
There ...* sa'uahle raaeK 1m<2*
on 'he ontskirls availing seitlere.
Iiel.iinler reeotircra are eaagnili
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more, write ei nnr* to .i.i n i.f
the sg.*i,t» ei tj,f addrrs'-cs In-low.
F. B. Wells
C-MMral Agent
Revelstoke, B.O.


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