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Lardeau Mining Review 1906-11-15

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Has a larger ssreu
Istion ♦han any
Newspaper in N
Kootenay. Best ad*
v ertiaibg  »-(
dii in
The representetive
of the rich I.aro an
•ounttf. fletii to
any address for $2
per an. in advan. e'
15th  1006
Without doubt   the great-
si variety in our City.
We fit  the   FOOT, the
EYE and thc POCKET.
(.' Particular attention given to
Mail Orders.
ft BO! iL SUSK
Neltletonj,   Slaters, Bell
Inst   Mm^
Minnie P, mineral -laim sitint.*
in the Troni Lake Minini.; division
ol West Kootenay dihirict
Where located;   On South Fork
ni Canyon Creek.
Take notice that I, Fred 0. Elliott, F. M.C, Nn. D88167 acting aa
agent for C'nra Grace* Westfall, administratrix of ihe osl a to  of Join.
VV.    Wen'full,      d."*..*i'-"il, Free
Miior'n Certificate, No. B88098,
intend, hixtv davH fi.nn dnte hoi
of. lo apply t i ihs Mining Bl C *r.i
sr for ii Certificate of Improve*
ments, for lbs purpose of obtaining
n Crown (.rant ol ths abovs claim
And fnrihcr take notice tbat ac
tion uuder section 37, mnsl be to
uini.-i.c-d before the Issuance ol
riich Certificate oi Improve nts
Dated this 18th day of Ootnbei
.\. D. 190G
FRED. C. Klliott.
Notice Ib hereby given that 30
daya from data hereof I intend t.
apply lo the Chiel C iraoi isioncr ol
Lands & Works for u special li
j cense lo cut snd oairy sway lim
her from tho following described
lands:* -
Commsooing st a post planted
shout o0 cliains -' i'i, of ,\|i* Kin-
non .-reck oo tl.e sresl bank of
Pish river. West Kootenay district
tl.ci.ee- w.-st HU ohaiiil thence north HO chains, ibenci east 80 ehains
Ihenee south 80ch*iin lo point ui
oommen cement,
G B. Norther.
Local.d October Gib  I
ff Pedro Mineral Claim, situate in
*'ie Trout Lake Mining division of
W.-Mt Kootenay Dintr <-•'.
Where l.icnle.l:  On   -South   Fork
of Canyon ('i.*ek.
Take n> tiee that I, Fred. 0. Klliott, F. ,M. C. No B881G7, acting
;ib agent for ('inm Grace Westfall,
liniatratriz   of thc estate of
'81 ver
ping up iin
Cup"  properl y in
regular shipment
of 100 tons per month,   The .level-
opuient work ii opening up tome
nice or * bodies
Ab ut   in  men   Br
•inid  veil.
at present
The driving on th.* "Big Tunnel
- Iieingshoved abend.     The hard
ot-k hell iv hich   nan  encountered
ibout a rn .nth ago, is —from indi*
lations—abmi parsed through,
Ni il O'Donnol look up supplies
I. the "Winslow", and will work
'hi* picperlv all  winler.
Charlie Green is Hacking his win*
1  i supplies up lo hit | ropei iy   on
"S.-v. n Mil.-".
John W. Westfall, deceased /•'. M
C No. B88093, J. M  Miller, F. M
C, No. B88l57,i«id M. F. Chestnut
P. M. C. No. B8S168, Intend sixty
days from dale hereof, lo apply 10
lhe Mining Reorder foruCertifl
cnte of Improvements, 'tor the purpose ot obtaining n Cr wn Grout
of the .l.ovc . !:ii:n.
And further take notice lhal ac-
lion. under s.clion 87,must bs colli*
n.i need b. fore the issuance of such
Certificate of Improvements
Dated thie l***th day October,  A.
D. 1906.
.       —t__	
Heard    k>-»for«*» the   F"ull
Court -Bitting   sit
In Frank Burr vs. the Arrowhead Lumber company, the appeal
of ihe plaintiff against the order
mads in Nelson by Morrison, J..
on May 23 and 25 laat, dismissing the action with cos's, was
heard in the Full court, las'iiiL' 8
days. Judgment wm* reserved.
8. 8. Taylor, K.C. for the appellant Burr, and E, P. Davis, K.C,
for the reap .ndent company.
Frank Hurr   nd a partner   nsnu-d
MvW.V. Knox, in   'Recreation".
(Conti.vukd )
The top of the mountain, once
We were on it. we found to he most
beautiful Worn smooth by ancient g-acial action, it wss now
covered with an indurated, coarse
soil, growing short stiff grass,
with a few* sttinird bushes in a
place or two.      We were 2/**00 feel
II. J.   Bush   made  an   agreement.above the timber line in that coun-
A. K. Fraction^ Bell   Hoy. Florence
Forbes  I rm linn,    Ul**'.-.*.i|,.  (,l.*<.*.i.;.
N.i 2 .' Uo. leap No, 3.. Home Run Lode
: Jumbo, Independent, Kootensy No. I.,
    j Kootenay No. ... Kootenay No. 3 .Frae.
tion, Lardo, Morning Sinr,  May.  >isy
I-'1 '"   Hii '    n   left  for  Cam-' No.I. Mny  No :'.. May No. :i, May No
borne on  Wednesday morning to *• May No.6, Pilot*Fraction,Pilot, J:e-
*.  work  on   tbe 'Beatrice",  *ard Fraction, Rather, Rattler Ko. 1
,,- i ,i   , i,   .,     , i l'nir>n Jack Miners! Claimi sit.m-c.l 1-*
w e understand that tbo  Portland i
:  "j ile ba ye now secured a control*
ing interest,   and will push .level-;    Where located:*—On Six snd Psvou
opuient tbis winter.   The property
i-i   in   fine   shape,   with   pood   ore r
Ihowii   - '   '    In  the uppei   and     Tske Notice that I
i .termediate drifts.     Frank Ful- l%t*i
witb the Arrowhead Lumber Co.
on Oct. 31. 1904, to do lodging
work on lhe company's limits on
Salmon river. Sui-s. <|iiently Buir
and Bush gave the company a
chafel mortgage to secure 11054
due for the men"» wages. Later
on the com]-any cii.imed default
of the morigage and took possession of the firm's belongings, and
• uncalled the contract. Burr ih>n
biought sn action for wrongful
seizure, and .lamagcs for breach of
couirict, claiming heavy damages.
■ At the trial io Nelson on May 23
land 25,   Mr. .Justice Morrison held
tl.e Trout-Lake Mining division oi Weill that Butr had fafled to make out
Kootensy district. I „ «„« un(j  dismissed  the   action
Mile  creeks   tril.istoriss of tlie t-oulli
Fork ol Lurlwau C'rdbk.
Elliotl 1
!.-■>        .
School Supplies,
Notice is   hereby   given that   do
Pr%s*"'f (f\£Pit+*\ iiyt ,ft*f lhe flrM i,ub!i*Ja*i°n
Ufii wUllF this notice in lie British Colom
bia Oatette, I intend to apply to
tl.e  Hon, Chiel Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a special Li-
.cenrc to cut and carry   away   lim-
 mm  her  lr..tn lhe   foUoffing  described
I.n.tit situated in West Kootenay.
•■f»   i       m.~ur   a\"   • QooMbeoUig ata poet plained'
ratentMeuicines .tn..rvL,,ngr.s s. e u>,..r
'post  sbout 4   miles   from   I-   it
Lake  on  the Ueaton   wagon  road
marked I.M   Ilillmaiis S. W. corner po*"!,  thence   Easl  S'l  chains
i ihcnce North  80   cbaius    thenc.*
| West 80  chains th.-n v   Booth  80
chaius to point of commencement:
Located .Sept 10, 1906
K.l Hillman,
Notice is hereby given that sixty
days nfter dat.* I  Intend to apply
to ths Chief I immissioner of Lands
snd Works lor permission to pur*
.chase thc following described Is   ;
situated ..t Trout Lake, Weat Koot
■ anay Diatriot, and commencing at n
|x,«t   marked    K.    I.     M.i-". r-.m-
N.W. comer,    thence   south   2i*i
ichain**,   thence• east    20   chains.
! more or less io ishor.* oi Trout Lake
thenee northerly along lake shore
In  south-east  corner  posl  of Lo'l
190, tbence west along line of Lot
, 100 to poal of commencement, i on-
taining 40 acres iiu.r.- or I. -s.
Dated Sii th Oo. I90fl
K. I, Mastmson.
Nutiie is hereby given that with
in one months from the first pub-
i lication hereol In the British I ol*
lumbla Qasstte, I intend to spi ly
i.i ths  H. I.   Cliiel Oommissionei
^^^^^^^        ol Lands and Works for   a  specisl
licence to cut and cany away tim-
GOODS d.-r Irom tha following described
lands situated in  Wesl Kootenai
COMING   Oommancngata post marked A R
Kvhiis'south i a*t cornrr post, on
the north sid* of Btsnber Lak.
on the Trout Lako wagon roa.l, a-
bout three chains wis' >f lhe north west corner of A lams' pre*riu| •
tio.i, Ihenco «c*t Along Ink.' siion
80 chnins. thence mill. fO chains
tbence cast fiO chains, thence s. u
tb RO chains,   to point »f coiiiuicn-
^^^^^^        C
Miner-'   t'erlili.'iite    N'J
SCting     ur-     Silent      lur      Tbe
mer has chare* oi  tbe p] • Gold   and   Sjlvci    Mining  Cowpsn*
  Limited,      Non-Personal       Lisbility,
The   Canadian   Pacific    Timber   It.*.- Miners -t't-niii.-a*. ■ So. 084204, ...
company', mill at Gerrard  cm* g- ^ fe^lt^e,
menced  cutti ;.   Ibe end *f   last I    ■    .*■- >.i liuprownienur, toi it..
week.   The capacity is M.OCOieel  ^"JT "' ,"^>»»* ^'r"»" OraafSol
til™   (llMli'l    t   .ailllf*.
per   dav    ol   10 bonrs.   Thei*":-     And farther take notice that anion.
atiuction work 1 ss l» * n m i>*r tl u
supervision of J. D. K* ni ..ly,
id tip- t'.-date in every
The company has a bright fu-|
ttne.   Tii* y o**'.ii and Lav- i ntr
t4 its fine a tto    ft trait, a* lh«*ro
i- in Ihe Province,   every stick of
| a fife, at
with e sts       Tne defend*n's were
j allow.-d to withdraw their counter-
claim with cost6 >o   the  plaintiff.
The plaintiff then appealed to the
full court,   and judgment has now
been roverscd.
Dn.ter lection S7. n.i--.  be commenced
before the issusnceol inch Certificate
:i: .!   ol In ;■ r> i enienll.
Dated ibii  lib
day  of Oct ,    in
which oan be logged cheaply.
The development of tbi "llroa i-
i iew ' .••inln.in - :• shi n u • «.*.i
111 W Imil     from   ll.'*    "N n lh
Fork' wagon road, it completed
..\ * r wbieh snpp'iej ai'c In ii g
packed io ti e properly. IS mi u
in* employed on development.
In thc case of W.   N.
the  Canadian   Lumber
Rolfe  vs
try, Iho immense growth of the
trees in the lower vallevs and on
thc hillsides b^ing plainly seen
from our coi&n of vantage. But
the most charming views were
those of the snowflakes and glaciers.
The nnowfa'1 in the Pelkirks is
something astounding. Ihey tell
of 20. 40 or even 60 feet of fall
in a single winter. One wholly
reliable prospector, holding down
a "grubstak--.'' i0l.| us of measuring the fall rich morning before
it settled, during two months.
February and March, and 1 is fig
urea were ernwdrd up to 18 feet.
Bu* these imm'-nse "dep'hs. fluffy
and feathery, soon settle and evap
o*ate, so thst it remsins ss six or
eight feet of solid snow. Over this
depth they po on snowsboes and
break sleigh roads over it, while
in the moun'sins it mskes snow-
fields and glacier". On everv side
that day. on summits vet higher
ours, and  nn   others  lower,   were
Jaui'-* A '.rfli'li returned .-n
Wednesday nigh', from a visit io
*3rani> iall
mib f?ityiieY,
Christmas Eve
ll.« full court  allowed  the appeal Rlacier, formed  ol the vast snow-
of the comp.nv with costs and di. fields piled up,   drifted over crests
missed the plaintiff's  action   with snd filled into the gorges      In the
p.s    I,  R Davis, K.C- ai-peared night,, while in th'e miners cabin
or the appellants, and 8.  B.  Tay- which is 9.000 feet shove Iho  sea'
lor  for   the   r-spondent,    Rolfe. we had  heard the thundcrn„* re"
R-lf-sued the company  for 1500 port where some glacier had caved
aaiarr under .,, 3(;re,ment for em- )oo,Pni!„ „,Ml m^g  o( ^     ^
jd.yment. Tin case Ws. heard would slide down to lower spaces.
by  Judgn   Form   st  Trout   Lake* '
last ruinm.r Judgment wa9 then ' Standing in onr trucks thst dsy,
given in favour of Rolfe for the a- we c°«nted no les* ihsn 38 glaciers
mount claiincd Ihis judgment wi'h the nsked eye. the Nrthest
has now h*eu reversed hy the full no1 raf,re than 10 or 12 miles a-
oonrt. ,wav, while ranges 20 and even 40
 -~ t-t-.-=| miles away, were   also  the  home
Iv B.    Chipman    a*id    Arthur<"f eIacier'.   »* knew,   but   thev
Ocodenough came up f.om Kii-
lotn Wediiemln.. nighl. They
report hiisineirs ''booming'* at Ka-i
lo, owinj lurge'y to the establish*
iii-aut of iho H„\v-iiiill pUul  ilu*rt*
•Xgritto far (Smrrlat)   Piaiuia.
Agenti   (or Steam   Laundry.
Don't forget:-
TEe Post
— Office
Trout  Lake,
B. C.
of       •
I i-t Tbur day night the "U.iif-
n.iv House" wai burnt to the
Ah ut 83 I, whi'c gelling supper
1*1 iiv     t.i* lamp   was upset, and
before anything - oold be -I , ihe
whole rn un was in i ami i        1
.. . estimated between $1600
and $2000 00.     Ko insurance.
Mrs. Anderson, th • ow.ier of
ih- property was in Camborne al
i(tc ii • o of the lire
B. C.
were hardly distinguishable even
with our field glasses. The glaciers form at (ha lower edge of the
great snow fields, either down
s.me gorge,   or along   the   whole
  '**,e of a mountain   side.     From
JfmBcott is recovering rapidly '""'cr U'ci- feet flows a s'ream.
under the rare of Dr. Robinson al ]"r^{ in the afternoons, milky
tbe Ferguson ho*pitaI. There  *hi,e 'rt)m the  grinding  of   Iho
• - Die danger bowaeer, ol his 'ce "v','r'he rocks. Huge blocks
ejesigbt, nml il„* doctor bas re* °' roc^ Rrc "':en r»rr;el on the
commended him to undergo treat- j'op of ,*ie ice* »Wchi ^'ng loose-
n.i-.'t by a specialist lu tii it line, \"f<* u ^ ",,n 'haws the obsiruct-
Hewlll leave forlheooaat the endl'*m*« ro1' down ,c,"r- making a
of tbe week f»r that purpose. \Ve!-Hd***of danger If oie {•* near the
sincerely irn«t   the visit   will   bei'"00" °' 'be gla.ier.     At such e
elt wan', and that wan t i
better boots for the same
money, The Logger, the
I'rospec'r-r, tlie Miner, and
the man who works out of
•loom, will find these All
LEATHER Boots the best
mat money can buy.
Every pair have the Trade
Mark stamped oo tne sole.
AU dealers.
J. Leckie Co
Losal ailGia-sral.
of Canada.
The TROUT LAKE branch will
be closed on December 22:d. next
and all business of the branch,
unless otherwise arranged for, will
be transferred to the ARROWHEAD branch.
Robert Madden of the '*L»ke
Vi.w Hotel" received word Mou-
diy night, of the death of his bro
ther, Hugh Madden uf Manhattan
The deceased gentleman waa
well known throuhout tbe Kootenay country, and his death will be
regret'ed by his mauy friend.*.
Uu « •- 4S years of age, and a
native of'old Quebec,' where bis
widow and family st iii reside.
productive of giiod.
TICKETS,       deluding
Supper,' $2-50
The price cf meia's keeps up to
high wster mark, Silver 7}, and
Lead4ID   7—flt.
Dated Nov  Bthj 1906
A. E. Evans.
£. A. Haggen.
Stock Shsri* snd FlBSDOlal flrokcr
Reil Kslste snd Inrnrsiire.
Fire, Uie, Ac.*iil**nt, lleslth,
Gcs'snteaanil Employers
Lisbility In-.urnnee.
Sole reeresontstlrs lor *>'on-
Combine Insarsncc rntmianirs in
Trout Lake. I Brgusoc, lleston
*• ' Cambornu.
Corrostou '.na-i promptly
sttendo d
. JifiVijlV' •
Gents Furnishings
time the hninbardment must be
closely watched.
Snowfiel.ls were also on every
side, some scarcely more than big
drifts, others s mile or two across
and many feet deep, lo tbe north nl us was an In mens.- en",
miles across, over which prospector* some'imes i>'.«c,-,] to the rich
fields of Silver'f reek,    15 miles a
* iv       K lold ..f.omin"
Over t'-st pith once, and acro«s
tho mount'iin top oo which wc
sto*d,   an.l being cancht in n driv-
na sno.vstorm, vastly more dan*
eerou* in s'ich a looaMty than on
the blimrd swept plain-, of Dako
We soon begged lliat iho dufflo*
baft.he opened. We cmld find ."
few dry twigs and tho«o with I
deal of cure and coaxing we sror
prevailed upon to burn to heal
wa'er for tes. Our luncheon lha'
day was not of iij*iit eatables only,
such as the thiucht of a picn c
siiKgesIs, since our purveyor wall
knew the demands tint ihe long
climb would make. and had
brought a most xuhs'a'itial dinner
ftiohidiiig beef tea, rcms- beef and
othor K"od things both app ttain-i
siid strengthening,
To   BB   CONTlNCtn IK 1»BXT 13SUK.
Frank Bi] ic and Henry Jacob-
sou were down from the ''Silver
Cup'' for a few days this week.
Henry left for Tonopah ou Wednesday morning
Mr. I'arotherH, son of G. W. Car-
others, who was killed at Lardo
l.-tet January, is in town settling
up his fatlu r'r- estate.
The Ladies Guild will hold a
"Basket Serial" on Saturday evening the 24th. inst. Y.'tiivi.lbe
sorry if you miss it. Put ibe date
do-rn. so you cannot forget it.
Ed Graham was brought down
f't.m thc "Hig Tunnel'' to the hospital at Ferguson, Tuesday night.
It is feared that l.e will have to
undsrgo an operation for appendicitis.
School Superintcndaiit Gilli«,
his been in during lhe week. In
conversation with the "Review",
ho expressed himself as highly
pleased with the showing made by
ihe scholars. Uo paid a high coin-
pliment to the retiring teacher,
Mr. S. Shanon, and regretted very
much that Uie province was Lining
10 able a man in the educational
Two important events aro billed
for the month of December. On
the 12th. the 'Oddfellows" will
hold their sunual Ball at Trort
Luke, and on the 124th. the Miners
Union will celebrate at Ferguson
Both of tlieso events are looked
forward to wiih a great amount of
pleasure. It is needless to sav
that in both inst un* s. the committees in cbargi will do everything po atble to make tbem asuo
By... *
Emile       :■•©
Gaboriau  ::§
B"""1it by tbe tlma Fanferlot ."enrh.
el Moiitinni'tre street, wbero
jT**""3 M. i.i*.*i"i lived, ills courage
l-M   bad vniii-iieii.   He pulled tils
h.it over I.i-. eves iiiiiI hun:: his he.iil.
I,*. If looking for relief among tlie |».v-
Ing stones, lie slowly ascended tbe
steps, pausing several times, st Isst
reaching Uis third Boor, snd ku.,.i1 before i. door decorated irltli tbs arms
of tin- fiiiiiniis detective n cock, tho
symbol of vigilance—snd tils heart fall*
eii iiiii. so tlmt he bad scarcely tbe
courage I" rin*: llie hell. JuiiouHU-. M.
l.i*.i j.- old servant opened tbe d..or.
"Ah." -iiu* said, "yon cun- In time
for once In jour life. Your patron
•jw nits .Vim."
Upon this announcement Fanferlot
wns seize.l with a violent ilesire to
beat a retreat. Hy what cbance could
l..*i*ui| want anything of blui? While
be thus hesitated Janoullls seized lilm
by the arm and pulled hliu In, saying:
"Do .vou want to take root there?
Come along, your patron Is waiting
for yon."
in the middle of a large room curiously furnished, half library nml half
greenroqm. was seated at a desk the
same person with *-'"i.l spectacles who
bad ^iid to Prosper ut the police of-
Dee, Courage." This was M. Leeoq
in bla o.'li.ini character.
I'lion I'anfeii.it's entrance ns he advanced respectfully, l".iviiig. M. Lecoq
laid down his pen and said, looking
sharply nt him:
"Ah. here you nre, my man. Well, lt
seems yon haven't nude much prog-
re- In tin* Bertouiy ense."
"Why," murmured fanferlot, "you
"I know that yon have mixed everything until you can't see your way out
SO that y.m are ready to give up."
"Rut tt was not I"—
M. Lecoq aroae anil walked up and
down tin- room. Suddenly he confronted Fanferlot
"What would you think. Master
Squirrel," he sai.l Ironically, "of a man
who abuses the confidence of those
who employ Iiim, who reveals Just
enough to lead the prosecution on the
wrong sent, who sacrM res to his own
foolish vanity the enuse of Justice nnd
tbe liberty >.f sn unfortunate man?"
Fanferlot recoiled a step.
"I should gay," he stammered—"I
should say"—
"You think, Mr. Squirrel, that this
man ought to be punished aud dls-
11. ss d from his employment nnd you
nre right The less a profession ig
honored,   the   more   honorable   should
those be who belong to lt Nevertheless you have been false to yours. Ab,
Mr. Squirrel, we nre ambitious, and
We try to make the police force serve
us. We let Justice go her way and
We go ours."
"Bul i swear"—
"Silence! Do you pretend to say
that you did your duty in what you
told the Judge of Instruction? While
(others were Informing against the
cn.-lirer you undertook to Inform
Sgalnst the banker. Y"ii spied upon
him. You became Intimate with hig
Was M. Lecoq really angry? Fanferlot, wh., knew him well, wns In
donbt He did not know what to think
of this devil of a man.   •
"If you were only skillful." he continued. "But, no; you wish to bs a
master, and you nre not fit to be a
"You nre right," snid Fanferlot I'He-
ously, seeing that It wns useless to deny anything, "But how get on with an
affair .Ike this, when* there wns not
even s trace or sign t<> start from?"
M. Lecoq Klinur*-''*.! his shoulders.
"P..'.r fellowl   Why. don't yon know
that mi the very .Inv yon were s.*iit for
•With tbe olssary to vei fj tbe r..i>.
l.ery you h.*l.l -| do not -■:.*. certainly,
but very probably held-tn your greet
stupid bands tne means of knnwtns
•wh'tber tbe key of the cashier or the
hunker hnd been used When the rul>-
bcry was committed?"
"Whnt do ynu mean?"
"You want t.> know? I will tell you.
Do ynu remember the scratch yon dis-
covered on tbs safe door? You were
so struck by it that ynu exclaimed ut
► sg it. Y.,u carsfnlly examined it
and were convinced that it was a
fresh scratch. You thought, and rightly, too. thut this scratch was made at
the time of the robbery.    Now, with
what wns it mode!   Evidently with a
key. Thnt being the case, you should
have del "l.-.l the keys both of thc
banker and tbe cashier. One of them
would have had soma particles of the
bard gram paint sticking to it."
l snfsrlot listened with open mouth
to this explanation. At the last words
he violently slspped bis forehead with
. his ha ml nnd cried uut:
"imbecile!" ,
"You have'spoken correctly." said M.
Lecoq. "Imbecile: This proof Is he-
fore your eyes, nnd you do uot see it!
This Scratch Is the only clew. If 1
*!f!iid the guilty party. It will be by
meani of this scratch, nnd I am determined that 1 will find lilm."
At n distance Fanferlot wag very
brave, bnt in li, Lecoq's presence he
yielded to tha Influence which this extraordinary man exercised upou all
who spproacbed blm. This exact Information, these minute details of all bis
se.iet movements and even thoughts,
upset lilm. How bad M. Lecoq obtained I hem'/
"Have yon been loug looking up this
Caw ':" be asked.
"Probably, But I am uot infallible
nn.l may haye o.enooaed some important evlil.fice. *Ti.ke a scat and tell me
all you know."
One could not deceive M. Lecoq, so
Fanferlot told tlu' exact truth, a rare
thing for lilm to do. However, us l.e
reached the end of his statement a feeling of mortified vanity prevented Ms
U-lll"g how bS had beeu fooled hy Olp-
gy nnn tlie sinnt man.
"lt seems to me, Master Squirrel, thai
you have forgotten something. How
far did yon follow the empty conch?"
Fanferlot despite bis assurance blush
Sd and hung bis head.
"Oh," be stammered, "you know
uliout Hint?   How did you"—
But a sudden idea entered bis brain.
He Stopped short, bounded ulf Ills chair
nn.l cried:
"Ob, 1 know! You were the large
mnn with red whiskers."
l'niifi-rlot's surprise gave so singular
au expression to bis face that _, Lecoq
could not restrain a smile.
'•Then It was you." continued the bewildered detective, "Ynu are the large
gentleman nt whom 1 stared so as to
impress his appearance upon my mind,
nnd I never recognized you I What an
actor you would make If you would g.<
on the ItSge! But I was disguised. 100
— very well disguised."
"Very poorly disguised. It Is onlv
Just to you that I sin.uld tell ynu si
Do you think that a heavy beard ainl a
blouse are nnrecognlsablel The eye
the eye! Tbe art Ilea In being able to
change the eye.   That Is the secret."
This explnlu.-d why the lynx eyed
Lecoq never appeared flt tl.e police ot
flee without bis gold spectacles.
"But." snld   Fanferlot.  following up
his Idea, "you have made the little girl
j confess, which Mine. Alexandre could
I lint do?    You know why she leaves the
{ Archangel, why she docs not wall for
\ M. du Claim-ran und why she bought
calico dresses?"
"She Is following my advice."
"In that case." said the detective dejectedly, "there Is nothing left for me
to do hut to acknowledge myself nil
"So. Squirrel." said M. Lecoq kindly,
"you are not nn asg. You merely did
wrong In undertaking a task beyond
your capacity. Have you progressed
one step glnce you started ln this af
fair? So. That shows thut, although
you are incomparable as a lieutenant,
you do not possess the qualities of a
general. 1 am going to present you
with an aphorism. Itemember It uud
let It be your guide In Hie future—*One
may thine In the secoud rank who
would be totally eclipsed In the first.'"
Never bnd Fanferlot seen his patron
so talkative and good natured. Find
Ing big deceit discovered, be had expected to be overwhelmed with a
storm, whereas be had escaped with a
little shower that had cooled his brain.
Lecoq's nnger disappeared like one
"f those heavy clouds which threaten
in the horizon for a moment aud then
nre suddenly swept away by a gust of
But the husband of Mme. Alexandre
felt uneasy. Be was afraid that some-
ihlng might be concealed beneath this
"Do you know wbo the thief Is?" he
"'1 know no more than you do. and
yon seem to bave made up your mind,
iv In reas I an. still undecided. You de-
Lire Hint tl.e cashier Is Innocent and
il..* bauker guilty. I don't know whether you ure right or wrong, t started
after you and bave only reached my
preliminaries. I am certain of but one
thing, aud that is that a scratch was on
the safe door. That scratch Is my
starting point"
Ag lie spoke M. Lecoq took from bis
desk and unrolled an iii.iiiei.se sheet of
dtiiwing paper. On this paper was
(.holographed tbe door of M. Fauvel's
safe. Every detail was given minutely.
One could see the five movable but-
ions with tbe engraved letters and the
narrow, projecting brass lock. The
scratch was Indicated with admirable
"Now." said it. Lecoq, "here Is our
ncrairb. It runs from top to bottom,
•oartlng from the bole lu the lock, diagonally und. you see. from left lo right—
that is to say, lt terminates on the side
next to the private staircase leading to
ihe banker's apartments. Very deep
it the lock. It ends oil lu a scarcely perceptible mark."
"I aw."
"Naturally you thought tbat this
Scratch wis lunde by the person who
took the money. Let OS *•<■<• if you
WOW light 1 hnv,. here a little Iron
box. painted green like M. Fauvel's
gafe. Take a key nnd try to scratch
Without seeing throMgh big chiefs
motive, the detective did as he was
b.d. scratching rigorously with the
"The deuce!" he said after several
attempts. "This paint is awfully hurd
to move."
"Very hard, my friend, and yet that
ou the safe Is still border, So. you see,
the scratch you discovered could not
buve been inn.le by the trembling hand
Of a thief letting thc key slip."
"I never should have thought of
that, it certainly required great force
to make so deep n scratch."
"Yes, but how was It done? I have
been rucking my brain for three days,
and only yesterday I enmc to a conclusion. Let us examine together nnd
see If our conjectures present enough
chances of probability to establish a
Blurting point."
M. Lecoq abandoned the photograph
hnd, walking to the door communicating with his bedroom, took tbo key
from the lock.
"Corns hero, Fanferlot, and stand by
my side. There, very well. Suppose
that I want to open this door und you
don't want me to open it When you
See me about to put the key In the
lock, whnt would he vour first Impulse?"
"To put my hands on your arm and
draw It toward me quickly, so ns to
prevent your introducing tho key."
"Precisely bo. Now let us try lt
Fanferlot obeyed, and the key held
by M. Lecoq, pulled ..side from the
lock, slipped along the door, making an
exuet reproduction of the scratch in
the pliotogrnpn.
"Oh, oh, oh!" exclaimed Fanferlot In
three different tones as ho stood Star*
) Ing nt the door.
"Do you begin to understand now?"
aaked M. Leqpq.
•Tnderstand! Why, a child could
understand It now. Ah, what a mnn
you art-! I aee the scene ns If I bad
been present Two persons wore nt the
safe One wished to tnko the money;
the other wished to preveut Its being
taken.  That is certain."
Accustomed to triumphs of this sort,
M. Lecoq wns much uuiused ut Fun-
ferlot's enthusiasm,
"There you go olf hit If cocked ngnln,"
he snld good humoredly. "You regard
as sure proof n circumstance which
may be accidental uud at tho most
only probable."
"No, a man like you could not l.e
mistaken.   There Is no doubt uliout lt."
"That being tlie ens.*, what deductions would you draw from our discovery'/"
"In the first place, lt proves the
cashier Innocent"
"How so?"
"Because, nt perfect liberty to open
the safe whenever lie wished to dn sn,
he nnuld not have brought u witness
when l.e Intended to commit tba theft"
"Well reus..ne.i. But on this supposition the banker would nlso be Innocent.   Think."
Fanferlot reflected, and nil of hig
animation vanished.
"it is so." he sni.l in a despairing
•U>i>.«   "What .'in be done now':"
l'1'o bu  conttiiued.1
Why nothing Could lie Dob* wiih
UluMwrl 'Mi..>,er 'l'lilt-\,'H.
Saving been notified Hint some one
was cutting timber ou n pice of land
I owned in Ml.wourl, I made Quits a
journey to Investigate the mutter. 1
found   (be   Infnniinimii   to   bu   correct
and I found u farmer near by who appeared willing to tell uie more.
"Yes, 1 reckon I kuow who stole
your timber," he Mplled to my question. "The first I knowed nbout It was
when I saw old .liin Skinner Chopping
iu your woods. 1 asked blui whnt be
wus a-dolng there nud he told me to
go to the devil."
I put down Jim Skinner's name and
my informant continued:
"Soou after tbat I saw Tom Skinuer
tiauliug out wood nud I asked blm
what he wus a-dolug ou another man's
land, and he told me to go to the devil
•Jot that down?''
"Tlien I saw Hnuk Skinner hauling
out timber to make a barn and I asked
him who gave blm |*crmlsslon to cut
nn.l he told me to go to the devil.
Hank Skinner it was."
"I've got It go."
"Then Fete Skinner conies aloug aud
cuts dowu ahout fifty trees aud makes
saw logs aud has 'em bashed up Into
boards for a house. He was getting
out the logs oue duy when I asked him
if be bad a permit nnd he told me to
go to the devil."
"I see."
"Tlie last Skinner 1 saw around was
Walt He went In aud cut down trees
to build a mewl shed. Ile was draw-
lug out when 1 asked him If he
wasn't nfenred of a lawsuit and he
ln!d me to go to tbe devil."
"There aeem to be lots of Skinners
around here," I observed.
"Heaps of 'em. stranger. The sheriff
Is a Skinner, the Justice of tlie pence Is
a Sl,inii>*r. the only lawyer urouud the
dlggln's is n Skinuer nnd you can't run
amiss of 'em."
"If that's the case It doesn't look as
if n suit for trespass uud damages
would bold."
"You never could make It stick In
this world, gab."
"But what um I to do?"
"I'll tell you. sub. 1 am old Mose
Skinuer, the father of 'em all, and I've
stolen mu' timber thuu uii the rest, aud
I'm telling you. sab. that you can go to
the devil and be durued to you!"—Chicago Nexva.
is better than other Soaps
but is best when used in
the Sunlight way. Follow
to bt wtihtd ... . tub of
lukrwarni tnmlnt, do* ll
,.ul un a wk.hl„*mra Ami rub
Ihe t *p lllhllv oval ll.
Hi paiti'ii'*, nol tn mill
lunpinu all o.ar. 1 HEN
lull il in a light „.ll. lay
in llie tub under tha walar,
an,l so un lhe samp way
until all the niece, have lha
M.a|, ruljt.ctl u.t, anJ atte
tulle.! up.
Then to away for
thirty minutes to one
hour and Iel lhe ' Sunlight" Scop do Ita woi It.
NkX r - Alle, a.*lnni
llil full lime ml, llilclnibia
lightly nut una w.i-li l-.ail,
and lha dirt will drop
out} turn tbi Kannin. In-
vde .tut i ' gl, at the team,,
bul don'l uae any more
ooapi dun'l acaltl o, b.,,1 a
• iigla plate, ami don't
waab through two audi. If
Ihe waler get! loo dirty,
in a I.ilia out and add
ire.li. It a -.treuk la hard
lo wash, rub aoma more
eoap on II. and throw
lha piece back Into thc
audefora few mlnulea.
RINSING, which u io bi
done in lultewatm wa.et,
uliiug ,pac|*tl care to get
all the di.tv audi aaay.
than wring uut and hang
up to dry.
r„r Woolen.) and rian-
AClt proceed a, I.n •*.: -
Shake the ankle* frae from
.lutt. Cut a tablet of
abating,, pour Into a gallon
-I boiling water and whiak
into a lather. W hen Ju.t
lukewarm, work attirli. In
Ihe lather wlthoul rubbing. Squt««« out dwty
waie, wlthoul Iwlatlng
and ,in«e Ihnroughly in Iwu
ralaya of lukewarm water.
Squaaia em water without
Iwlatlng and bang in tbe
open air.
{•"The ntoal dellult
rolora  may   be   eafely
CK AAA Rr* ARD will ba Mid
rpj,\r\j\j (u R1,j. j ei-.,,:, who
prurea that S'inilght Soap contains a.t>- l.tjurlu.ia olieoilcala
or any (ona of adulteration.
Vour Money Refunded by tha
dealer fium whom you buy
Sunlight .-".; if you dud «.,/
cauae for complaint.
A  KIN  <.l    BAP  l.l . K.
The    Parson—That's   so    exceedingly
thin   horse  t.f   v..urn.   coachman.
-...'.  cannot •• ed him enough.
C i'l'V -Ho, jrus, *ir,  I da    F. '»s 'ie
g  ■   l   *::..-.     Y< ■    -* . .   i,   loi
morning whether '«.*   »s a lew oats or 1
ill a pint, »n I '• >-i four
mornings.—Ally eloper.
Kofhlng li okg more ugly than  *
a jtersuii  whose hands are <
with   wan-.    Why   bave  these  ilistigun-
in.ni- (.11 your person when a sure i*
in,,t   *      i    ill    .(.ul*.   (,nli-,   ..*   .   uli   I,"
, iii Hollowsy g Corn .'m*.
era Roller*.
Tea  rollers,  who  witb their lingers
roll tlie leaves into pellets, earn from
7 to 10 cents a duy.
Ran  Relio of the  Old  Sea  Pathfinder
Treaiured In United States.
Capt. Cook's chest, the ona which
he carried with hlin on hig voyage ot
discovery over one hundred yeara ag.,
occupies a conspicuous place ln tha
hom» of Rev. R. Crosby of thtg village, aayg a North Branch, Mich., despatch to Th* Detroit Free Press.
It is presumed that this rare old
treasure lncloged the chart of the St.
Lawrenca River when. In 1759, Capt.
James Cooli, with the »hlp Mercury,
commanded a squadron which performed the hazardous service of taking
eoundlngg of Miat elver under the guns
of the French forts.
The cheat wag probably with the fa-
ni'iiii navigator when lie made his voyage of discovery In the Antarctic regions. Hig ohservatlons, which were
published ln London ln 1777, were
doubtlegg preserved ln this gam* old
After Capt. Cook dlgcovered the
Sandwich Islands and wag killed there
by natlvee ln 1779, the cht-gt, with other
property, waa returned to the family of
the great navigator. Some tlma pre-
vloug to 1800 'William Cheetam, a gentleman and oonnolss*ur of Southwell,
England, received lt frnm the Cook
family. At the death of Mr. Cheetam
In 1880 hig widow gave It to her glster,
Mr. Crosby's grandmother. She died
twenty-flva years ago, aged SS, leaving
It to her grandson.
When Mr. Crosby came to America
the family waa unwilling that th*
valued keepsake ghould leave England,
so lt was leift ln his mother's oar*. Her
death having since occurred, It hag
lust been ghlppod to America by a
glster of Rev. Mr. Crosby.
The chest Is made of Spanish mahogany, beautifully and copiously bound
In hammered brass, the work evldemly
of an expert. The mahogany Is one mnl
a half Inches thick, each aide bilnt* s
slng'.a pine*. Its top ts -12x28 In-tirs,
and the depth 28 lnch*a.
Wood Paper.
By one method of .nuking wood paper the wood is helil by a mechanical
device against a counte grindstone
driven at a high speed, tl.e material
being thus lilerully ground off into
palp of tbo required tlucuesa.
The Flagging Knerni.-*   Revived,
Constant application to business is -•.
tax upon the  energies^  snd  it  there
l»e not relaxation, iaMtods  snd  depression are sure to Intervene.   Theee
come Irom gtomschie troubles,      Tin*
want ui ezeroigfl brings-on nervous .r-
regulariUes, an.l the  gtomaoh  *
to assimilate i...*-! properly.     In this
condition   1'aiii.. I.*.* *.   Vegetable   Pills
will be found » recuperative   *.i   rare
I,.,.,,*r.     restoring     tha     organs      to
healthful   ir.*'*',n.   dispelling   depf4e
.-ion. and reviving tl.e  Bagging enw
Psrmsg   and   fruit   groweri   have   loop
guspeefeed that ths waai snd tear Item
iln*  -I',..-  in.l gravel  in their foil hav,
a Id. .1   to  ill  1. Mility.    but    they    have
!,,...< i   pogitlv,   , i i-i.*.*....      i he       i ■
of the volcano   Vesuvius   are   r.l..ark
ably   fertile  ami   are   productivi   "f  lb.
finest fmii. vtm111•* and vegetables. Nat
urally  thea.    iteep    mountain
would  be Impoverished  therefori   an-.. *•
the question,   wh. th.   fertil
Kyi     'I In* answer is that the fertility
cuines  from   Hi,   ggh.     an I  -1 u -.t   nl lh.
volcano which Ig made up   largely   ol
line fragments ol  rook    pulverised   I
tb.* ten [ble ' tploston In the vol.
i:     * Uy  il..*  r.H'i .|   States  Bur a i  *
.,1a.it   industry   has    Investigated    thi
sul'ji" t of ground  rock as s    fertilisei
and ba* conducted canliil experiments
Whloh   settled   thc   fact   that   pulverised
ruck is a fertilizer. Hook osn be ground
at an expense "f .-(..i.oo per ton.      II  I
olsimed   thai   the   fertiliser  «> ,*.ir.*.l   i.
a ion oi granite at a oosl "l ^5.1/1 oould
nni  l'   i'ui. lm-..1 ribrnnil nml Imported
Sl I   lliau   flOO.       Oiea!    1, -nils   gii
1 from this discovery.
Some  of  the  Queer  Bulls That  Have
Been   Rocorded.
Thai iinni mads . . ■•<,,k ;l"' ,K"'
better havs b en lefl un  1 1 w1'" wl"'"
the kinir found some fauli   **• lh  '
earl marshal f.-r huh.' del ■'■j'
oorohatton osremonyi repli. 1, "■' '
your majesty, I hops It will be better
next time." I...id Orford tells 'he following, which he eliariu-ieii" s a*' "'*
beai -hull' he ever heard: "I hall that
Woman," mild a gentleman, looking "l
out. «im inul i 11 ins must'   "I hate
that woman,  f.-r she changed me at
nurse." A gentleman was OMS complimenting Mm-- Denis on the manner
lu which she hud jusi enacted the ran
of /ai... "To aot iimi I"."" said he,
*•.. parson should be y ,imi>' snd hsnd*
some." "Ah. madam," replied ths
would-be obmpltmenter, "you are s
complsts proof to ths contrsry," which
was u run* pas wiih n vengeanaoa u
was at uii exeoutlon In Ireland lhal
the r>.|"r broke and ihe half-hanged
vlotlm fell t.. ths ground, when the
pai "ii who wis superintending ths
execution said, "You rascal, .* you i -
thai rimiin rn kill yau as sure us you
11 w.is an Irish mayor who 1- aad
a proclamation stating lhal 1
buatndea would be tranaaotod in that
city ■*.ixeepl Monday" (Ea ler Sunday
only axoapted), which Is oapped by the
preamble of an English bill which or-
dalne.l 1l1.1t .-iiii.in regulations ghould
take rill.*-' ".,11 ecu Monday" (Tuesday axoapted), while aa Ka0\ h maj *
ran  this  close  In u proclamation   and
an   advertisement   r.-'-it 1.,ir   to   aoms
forthcoming races, wherein lt was slated that "no gentleman win bs al
to rlJe on  the ooursa hut the '
that  are to  run."
Another "bull" of the    Legislature
which actually found  Ita way
the slalulo book was ih.it In which In
amending an old a n it w..s ordained
In the event of conviction that * f ths
line of 40 shillings, half was to go to
tha King nnd halt to tha Informer, In
the amending act thia wag :.ii.*r.*.i to
"40 strokes wilh the 1 ir. h.  half to I
tn the King an.l half to 1!" Informer,"
which  only  tends  I 1        iw    that    the
draughtsmen of the laws of the :
are no! always ns cr ful Bal
or should be.   . if course, pei h 11
poor th'iiiis are overworked or tired.
Bh .«'-;*. aea h .* be. n guilty of
than one literary "i.u'.i." ona "f his best
helm; in  Ihe  first   portion   cf "Hi
IV.."  wherein   tha oerrler    com]
that   "lhe   turkeys  In  his  paainlem are
quite starved,"   the  phraae    occurring
In   the   fifth   scent,  o! the  second  «'"t.
whereas  turkeys came from An
and  the new world was nol ev,
oovered for a oan Again. In
th" first geene f tha Hfru act 1 'ii
ry v.," wherein Oower Is made lo say
to Fluellen, "Mere ooaneg Plai il smiling like a turkeycock," all nf which
proves thc apposlteness of the remark
that even Homer sometimes n-nis. as
Shakespeare did In these and other Instances. Many others could be daduo-
ed. but thc above examples will suH1c».
Going a step higher, wv find tha
Lord Lieutenant of Ireland of a '
day dually nt fault In his language.
for In a proclamailm Issued from tha
Council chamber of Dublin we find It
set   forth   that  "whereas.   •
ny is necessary in the consumption "f all species of gi 1 n an I ■
dally In the c.nsumptl n of •
etc Mr (irey tells Of a lawyer Who
In an action for assault and battery Informed the judge that "the defendant
beat his client with a certain wooden
Instrument called an Iron pestle."—
London Standard.
Is used in the preparation of
The taa that outclasses all Japans.
Lead     Pickets     Onlv.
40c.    50c.   and     60c.     per     lh.   At   all    Qr
this  tag
on the do
li of every
It •.mi.,1 ml
un.l sen ■
U *.•,.>. , ,,! '
that is pure wool.
The Doctor
Always Asks'^z
\J         ISt lamalai
"Are your boweli regular- '
knows   that   dally   ictiun   of  tbe
bowels Is absolutely essential to
beglth. Then keep your liver active
your bowelg reuuUr - v igklsi
xatlve doses of Ai-*. 5 |-i||,
asatmal   *• aatliat, j 0 .      „ '
alai a. all aar «»jki...  I...' «...
Butter   aim!   Milk
Always at Home.
It was all l* gaily .in.I ratlrfaetnrtly
settled early In ths reign of yufti
■ a that ih,* British soyerstgn
rnnv quit nrilniii w. t>i.,Lit let or hln
drance. and constitutionally dlecharre
h.r or his duties nt   *-■ - |
shall b.- chosen. Where Ihe King Is
thane Is the court, and then,
the British dominions. Parliament
might be summoned to assemble, OK*
ental rulers have a more subtle method of legalizing their 1 .urneys. The
Emperor of Japan must worship the
dust of his ancestors every morning.
Uut lie need not necessarily go to
their tombs; eurlh from the tombs Is
strew tt before htm, and ne obeys the
strict letter of the law. The Shah of
Persia develops Ihe Idea still more
quaintly. Rightly he should never
take his feet ofT Persian soil. And
li" does not. N* 1 mailer how far he
may travel, ho keeps his feet em Persian soil: lt Is packed Into the false
sole of his boots. Hence, thnugh ho
eat his dinner at Buckingham Palace
or discuss thc weather with the Kalst-r
at Potsdam, the 9.11 of Persia la always beneath his royal feet.
Compulsory Archery.
Archery was once a compulaory ex-
erclse In every English parish afler
Sunday church. "It is a worthy gnine."
ed Bishop I.aHmer. 'u wholesome kind of exercise and much com-
m.-nded In physic." A fine of a halfpenny for abstaining from archery
practice on Sunday was enforced In
Kdtt'ord Ill's relgn. and Henry VIII's
crack regiment, the yeomen of Ihe
guard, waa composed entirely of bowman. Archery flourished s .me tlm, ;,f.
ter the Introduction of the hand gun.
though this had ben used In Airland
as eurly as I4TL This demlopsd. In
.T;,*r.'*s I.'s time, into the callver, go
called frnm thc English mtgeOMSptlOO
of nn order ta supply English soldiers
with guns of the same "caliber" as
the French pattern, and the longbow-
was finally abandoned In tho civil
Twin*   Born   In   '.llltrr.nl    Iran.
"1 have often bi-eu present ut the
birth of twins," wild an old nurse.
"Only once was I present, though.when
the twine were boru In different years.''
"Twine born In illrTcreiit years? Vou
sre crazy," said the young bride.
"Nr.t a hit of It," snld the old nurse.
"The thing happened In Pittsburg la
180t». lhe first twin was born at 11:30
o'clock ou the night of Dec. 81. 181)0,
aud the aecoud wus born at 1 o'clock
in the morutng of Jan. 1, 1900. There
arc, ma'am, a number of other cases
recorded  of twins  >>oru  la  different
Keeps your body
warm,   yet   lets
your skin breathe
it  fits,    I VGuaranteed
TdoeePEN- m     \Again»l   *
ANOLE/    .   \ Shrinkage
-fTrade-marked tared. In a",
fvarlety of atylea, fabrlce and
prlcea,  for woman, man and   .
,,.      and       ■rfusr.nt.ed.
Maizypop  In  England.
Mnleypop In London is lhe product of
the latest Amerleun Invasion.   It Iii as-'
sorted, eajrs what t.. Bat, thnt th,  ra«
cord for such Introductions has bean
broken .n this case, for It took Just one
week m form a company, to register
the trademark and to lease a bulidlng.
In the .second week the finished product was being turned out. Malaypop
Is simply popcarn as we are familiar
with II In pink an.l white cakes wrap-
pad in oiled paper,     Ths name is a
oonoeeelon t>, the language ,,f England,
where corn Is known as maize. The
two Americans who have slnrl'.l
maizypop upon Its career fimt b unlit
tho forelga rights for popcorn miichln
ery, th<*i arranged to control tffo export of shelled com from Uie tlniie-*
Builui for teu yeara.
Muslenl   'III,earlier.
Among new Inventions Is n type
writer for writing iiiiihicnl scores. It
wns 11 crying need mul bus Just been
patented. Tbe difficulty wns with thu
keyboard, Tbe notes witb tbelr most*
cal notation wars easily srrsnged, but
to shift the type nnd set In chords wiih
tin*   great  Obstacle  Hint  Iho  Inventor
claims to bave finally overcome. The
paper used is tbs ordinary music ruled
sheet. Tha notes of tbs treble clef
ure  lirst   written,   then   those   In   tllS
bass.    So fur Ihey hnve only I n able
to do this tnUCb, but they promise to
write music In both clefs simultaneously   In   a   short   time. • "" '     ' *•
No belter pai I.n*--.- tor p.-es.*r\*lng bllt-
ter, to retain Ita original choice flavor,
, r I-*' 11 det Ised iii-.ii tba old
stone >.r earthenware jnr.   When cot
ercd    Willi    twins   It   keeps   Iln-   butter
from ih.* air. if ihe butter .a.ii.l ba
prevented from shrinking nud rising
to tbs   top  Of  lh>*  I'linc   I'   would   ha
Mill i>ctter An excellent plan is to
..uiy s Hnn iiiiii »f inni.* met
tba butter and Bl ■. plate tnio tlie jar
upon tbe butter; then pour melted was
or paraffin upon tba plate, completely
.:   It   air   linht.      Si..red   butter
•bould i«* kept at as low snd even g
temperature ns possible   Para Jour
I ..nttt  In  thr  « burn.
Cream thai contains too much skim
in ilk and 1* too cold will foam Never
mid hot water to tba cream. It must
bs taken from tbe churn and baa tad
by i'i;.* big tin* can In n pan .*t bot wa
ter iiiiiI stirring until tlie d.-sii.-d l.-m*
psrsturs 1- inai lifil
A ll,,-.,,. -. "on Honor.*'
Milk milking nnd milk selling are
and should he largely transacted on
honor. The advantage is witb tba
dairyman. The enstomar who consumes tba milk moat lake it on faiih.
Such nn advantage Impoaea obligations
ii|kiii dm dairyman wblcb might not bo
so binding if ibe buyer's syss could i«
his market  euide,  remarks  an  ex-
Ilan.lr mui.  i-nlla.
We use cbenp till  buckets with flat
bottoms,   ihey nr.* eaa) I*. dean nnd
light lo curry. When Soap is u»-d In
wn-hing pails, ele. Ki-*..' , r.re 11111-1 Is*
taken to i.au- it ail rinsed out, says 1.
Jn..   (load  "I'lnln"   Milk.
Most of us ba... t,» ba content with
selling just ^.,,„1 "plain" milk, so what
».* 1 t need is not Instruction regard
ing idval cars ao mucb ns teaching eon
cernlng a few simple, Inexpensive era
r shall ten,1 to rinse tba
general grade of tba nr.*at bulk of
milk. Ibe removal ..r tbo manure from
lhe stable every day. cows bedded well
enough *-., that tbelr flanks nre not
coated witb manure and their tails
soaked with urine nud brushed enough
mj tli.,1 hairs and flecks of manura und
dandruff aealea are not falling in a
coi.sl'int shower Into II..- pall t'i**se
nn* soma Of the simple things thai go
lo mnke good milk. -Professor J.  Van
Wagoner, Jr.
In Brief.
• 'renin is cn-di.
Iiou't mix mm und cold milk.
1'..- gentle when milking, t*\,*u if the
Hies do bother,
Keep the milk cans open and In the
sun when not iu Use. They need the
i'i,-iiiii and milk should always Is.
kept where surrounding atmosphere Is
PUN nnd cool.
'Ihere nre no bacteria In (be milk
when It comes from tin* cow's udder.
They   get    III    mighty    quick,    tlio.i^lj,
An Ice house Is a good thing If you
ran nlTord It. But you nir.lv can afford old water to csil tl.e milk.
The milking maeblns seeing to be
doing good work. On one f-irm alxty
cows ure inllk.-d in 1111 hour wilh one
oulllt of six much.-.eg. - Kimball's
Dairy i'urmcr.
. u.iii..   hr-ilaahs-a.
An eyelash Is point. I     A I .'1 '«
blunt.    A   InmIi  ui •
I"*. ..men poinl.'.I     En
variable time and then l
repined by a fi* -li 01 ■■ i « CU|
lash go falls the m »
So uny miachief reauli
ilm laabaa will i"- n ■
Opinions differ us to a
ting promotaa grow tl
ti.o laahi t mmlgbt j la v.
Minard'g Liniment Kclicvi, Nei
T.gar Shnn-rs In Ber
■ >•• tha i      ti
lhe    v
'■   r     »•
- •
ly  accept   the  tig. r  *
it. wi'h supers!!-
Into a aa
i iiiusr an.l
can   be   s'i..w n   I ■   '
and saintly
*  .   lly to I
of  JtglS.   to   wh n.
og   lapdogg.        O
in  certain parts of   1
- to kia off the
man-eallng tigers of gom.
Infested neighborhood, oi l
with them. Is ths
I      '    '
eoli's "Life a.'  M
M'nnrd'u Liniment Cuirs  1. * iruff.
The   Tare   Mra.arr.
The praseai legal .    I l '-fl
ed lu Bngiaad la 1:."-
fie   Won   lir r.
Bbe  Lasl a gbl 1 •)■
11 woman,
lie  Rather ii coincidence
rd   of   yoii,   |,st.   In.t   r.  . ItatMCI
tbronlds Te' "irapu.
Pelled   Will,   lOpllheta.
Sir Wilfrid Laws  thu most famous temperance advocate ta Bngland,
wns the target of tha political wits.
I Hiring his Inst Campaign lor pnrllu-
linrnt Sir Wilfrid wns greeted ns a
"pcrcgiinnting pump bundle," "an old
.•racked teapot," "« confiscatory molly.
.•...Idle." "a washed out waler party,"
"a pop bottle puinj. orator," "the
nposiie of slops," --a maudlin mounts
bunk" and "n buffoon." The last
epithet was bo oft.-u burled at Sir
Wilfrid thut ho remarked li reminded
iiiiii of "S..-iah" iii tin, Psalms, nis
bulled of war and rum led to un epigram which hns frequently been ra
pentad. -Tli.- ...unity," ba said, "is
governed by two heathen deities—
Bacchus und Mnrs. or, In other words,
I.y tbs god of bottles uml the god of
Palatial and Drawing,
sir Frederick Lslgbton ones supplemented words of advice und encouragement to u struggling young artist
i.y banding blm an envelope containing
n check for |260,   wiiii  tin.  remark,
"Om. ilnj*.  my  friend,  I do not doubt
ti.it you win be ni.ic to draw oven
belter than this."   Tbis reminds ., r
"'" '" Iota told of ii,,. visit .,r old
Joseph OltlOtt, the pen mnn, tn Turner.
"I Imve conn* to swap some ofuiy pictures for yours," be  snld.    "*|fcnit do
you meant" exclaimod Turner. "You
don't paint!" "No, I don't, but I draw,"
snld .Illli,ii, unfolding ■ roll 0f Bank
»f England notes, "uud hern aro go.uu
of my pictures "
The   Human   stoma, I,.
Tlie human stomal h
four . oats: .1.  Tbi  es
toneul: o  tbs muaeular,
i.i!.*s Hi,* me.
orgaa when churning il
minim. «   oi  ■
membrane, which -■
and consider
It madr ol'•'•''»■
**ko.\rrW\. *
lifer aiaMirtM-Hv ■"
nWh-W-ii •*''*"'''
t(M • UWAIMN Cft^^oTIfiV.
to feet and fingers.    Tlicrs -
a silky softness lo
"Dominion Brand'Hose
that means foot comfort
well as wear nnd warmth.
•-T., imw.." Insist on -
■ dBRHT'I "Dominion Brinii
lose—and look M
" The  Tu* '''■' !
Tells"  OO   ever)
-,, hui a
A Un.on I. Ca
W    N    ll    N>
COS 'Many
c  Ei.pcr.onco   With   Ona  af  th.
AfHssn M.n E.tcr. by Ryall,
an English Engino.r.
,    uo/l    HI.):.    U    Wrll-I
.ai of ths railway and
,n   |n  aasl   Africa,  lhe  iii-
 tad b* Hon..  it wai
1 .,,„. dlatrtota to prooura
>'*': Appalling  stories  un*
| , of Ihe fe.uless feruclly nf
I '     ,*„,'   railway   WSJ   build
P"*. K       Seven "'■•""   h"-  '"' "
I \a lion, uml one nighl
I ,.i   . nglnaar who   had
b , ,  ,„ tndla. decided to
'""„    a n railway can-lags on U»«
,    *,'.,.     win. him
,i obiter,   Iln-   'ier-niin   oon<
Parent!.   Tba nighl
*,    |„,|    I,III,*    .noon,   ll.e!
'..' .     i      t nyatl imanted up m
■ .. Braflia, near Hi.
i marludtha had
* | . or ss ami reoro
| ,  , mil gUntad In
1  ■ -*d  Or. tiles  w.re  lie
' •'"• "•**   ,!;">-   *»**
■ we* ths stow move*
If  iry.ll  bad    •
: ...  v.   .1  havs bast
their vigil lowurd ib-
. ,     in wi at   io
; ,• uppar i.-rtii, tbi
Tha .-ur. luge wai
.,. Dg earriaga -SsratlUi
• Hirii n lavatory b.
\n h mr hn.I pass, i
.  ,  ]..  arben  th. lion
can-  ti-e   und   seize,*,
i moment Parentl had
...,* ,!( and * loaad th
v* of the ll.lll, or BlOW
.*•■•   thrown    D
.   \( hich   he  h i I
Thug l!u'-t.
BI iai   ler r,ble. Tli-
i.   Ihe   upp.
; , while lhe lion killed
i,   lli .*■•   f. al   Of   him
I i| mluutea thi
j. nil through tba a ad
v In Ita mouth."
(tog  Edward   VII.   H».   a   W.ll-N.gh
Ti    V    ennial   Ance«tr/.
i. ■  news  to in nuking In K.
i*i hs p r-nn Iht
*     *    ;
in.! both  Irish. I' •
nnd    ladlspot
ind sup ems re;.
high king* . i ..
••V .*f Ireland go****
Hoe,  ..r .'on III
■ b  ton "'Iinni rul
v. r  th'* ( ■•   *
!   at  Tarra.   Ktom  thi*.
tb* bistorts ur.
• , King 0 nnor M.e
| ni tbs  eontempomry  of
trg Tii.erlu. »nd Au-
*r   Mac  Nnn  t
Sgi ". who reigned
,     t,'*f T.-     Sl      I'I
f am   King   Nlal   I"
■' ,ri   *.t ..r.   Wbo  ....trie I
■ -l»*. r of tbS Silon
■ log*   from King Xlal-
Klng Ilruee of g
* . n'-.-.    through    the
ll mover and thiat
■ aid vn   tri.. Ba*
nd g *. ertlble a*
...  .,r in "1*.ti his
■   Marquise  -I"   I
• •re   iir.   oth* r
i-• it  Irish nohles. and
■iimm-Tf, besides hun-
BO en .how d< i. • Bl
-...-••    f Ireland
■ •;,• r-tyal caste, which
• lie    t  I    re'  1*11       K T
• . Ii.iv* f .IVr *
- Irish ancestry of King
• tl ' . . tba works of
I Hnrke. Ulster king
• eminent g'-neelogl.t*.
'        *.••!   ITSft,  to  thnt  rr
l'.irnell   nn.l   f too r   N I
• ■' l-irllament.  *
., recognlxed auth 'Uiy
HTJ   .*f K ng Bd
I]   i. nh  nn antiquity
f any M-gnlng bona.
Sd,   It   la   necessary   ...
Ig   f .uch oftaprtng of
M ik.nl ■ of Japan for a
.:   Hi.-     ,'.1 nigh    trl-
ry ..f    1.1.(. .1    VII.
*..  heir of Qoalph,  h.lr of
f Bnioe   and lie r of **•'  ll
v   wblcb   many     lrlih.nen
• « -,. M ■ *. |  rafOM to
,    sent  King of Ire-
>•• nun..
"id   gentleman   with  n
 r.r.i leafleta under hi.
* moment In tbe street f..r
of administering a atlng-
. tin* aewaboy ku.oi.iih.- ..
in* aald in tones of lar
iy, "throw that dgarstts
replied    the   newsboy
"Uuy    one   uv    -.r
*. I.r     '...--It.
to slater g.-saipi-l
■ I tlie awful Kcnnilal In
l*iil ..nl. »u condition that
sot i" breathe u word of
. lag,
i'  i promise faithfully,
il • ii related I
in ling the other nn
*  Wcii, wi.ut have people
ab,,in il,,. BSWS I told you?
.du Blatter,
A' any rate, you seem to be
* : . ii!,,f it on auction-sale
Principles; "golne, going,
C-o-n-el" Stop thc auction
*ith Ayer's Hair Vigor. It
c,lccKs fulling hair, and always
" i"ics color to gray hair. A
JPlendld dressing also. Sold
for over sixty years.
•    M|>i''"!r,,"'"n»""l«ob«ll-/ I nt-.rlj lull.I
lis, .1 ii        T."'. •*■ """ h »'""Jl *)•'"■ Half
.   „ "''II "uul'l glv. II a .ml.   | itlj
"-.".. n. ,' ,"p,"',l» •<"l'l">'l ll". ralllna.aud
■ ■-".Hint-Ill. Mat..
Had. S i. o. Arar bo, l4w.ll. Um...
alao aiamifaolurar. mi
— «JL.    SA«B/U»ABILU.
PrQ wu*
No On. Wbo I.  A,,,,,,,,,,   „,„ M(|
... Manual Labor,
Porto Rico hag li. ,„,,.,!,.',,,
W"t*«H   '""I   '■■■on .,   bill
Ihem will prow mors dlffleull
Hoi. limn ib,,: of labor.   Whm ,iMo
be   done   Is   l„   n.iik,.   |„i „„„„,,,.
where it bus he,, i,,.,,, ,n „*,,,.,„„„
M,,M lH '" overc ■ rn,,, „ ,„, ■„,
"fee, n task  for n  Uarcuies    m,
lowlc*'   rcccil   boob,   **|*„„„   |„   ,,,„,
I Itico," pictures n... condition of li	
nu li la in tbs laland today.
To earry s package on tin* il i \,
lli.ll.llllve either „f  ,„„•,.,,,. ,„. ,„.,.     .
* brooding.
A fninlly must |„. v,.r}. |)(J0r |f (h
ei'.nnot afford several servants,  To do
any kind of housework cannot b.
ildsred by tbs Isdy of tbe b	
Lli. lu tbs parlor dressed li
mtMitH umi spends much of tbs day m
idly rocking to snd fro Is a i
chair,    when she goes out aha
either aba is sccompan ed by n  *
who carries ber small pure]
hires u boy to carry ihem for tier    ir
she 1. go poor tbsl -he musl & ■
kind of wmi,   tl.,. | ,,, ltll|., ,,  ,
ly eoaoaalsd trom ber
Among ibe men ii.. ic is tbs ■ in	
tempt for mutual labor
cbsnta must of naceaalty ti. bus]
but   they  are  very   car.lul   not   1
annie tbeiiiseiics by dohig any i
common  luimr.    Tbey object  to
forming work tbsl can i.* •:
employe.*.   Business men do aol carry
biiudi.-g boms ni nighl    r  ,
lend a band wb<
occurs  or  wi ea   repaln    ra i
'ihey ure gentlemen, and mei
are f> r imon troi kmen.
Tba s.rn i
m.sii.iiiics    v, lieu a ptombar ,-
for l.e ususlly comes attend, i ,
lllllU.    Ilii. business i, lo ti il the
•That to do, while In* I       elf Sl
and Watches Inm.   The f.rn .
Ho  out   to  work   upon  his  funit.     II.*
nn..mis n i, las round I
bis laborers arbal atork mu I b. i
\-k a common laborer \;
IihiuI luggage to tin* boat or to tl ■
lion and very likely be will i
appointed  boor   with  ■  colored   boj
Whom  In* orders   to  lake  Up U.e  load
iiiiii carry it. while ba htm ■ '
tin* money und walk- !     *
Vl-l-l. «   and   Iba  Tl.rc.l.
lly ordering big
lly of certain fruit*   and   I
tbem to touch others ut sll, D   '
"ue of  l'ur.s'  most  famous  *
:- treating tba throat, of tin* -
r<.   There is no mi
nil in hi. i     tmeat     lu some *
he add. not!, ng  to  tl
and sec ores result- by forbidding ibeui
to .-at apples un.l peai -    a* cordlni to
It   Nodal an apple or pcur end. day
is enough to keep tl •■
out  of order all   the  time.     A   singer
of course notices the tlmt symptom of
throat disorder in the form I '
lion of tin- iw ul *       -      1
of iM'ing white and ihm, like ;. tendon,
I-    .rue red  Slid  Swollen   *•*•;'•
■ f blood.    The Ugh not)
d Hi. ult  and   tke   quality  of  tl.*'
U Impaired.
t.lbr.rl-ai. and  Liberia.
lhe  An.-i   sn   i     iry i      latlon
lately held s meeting st Karraganaett
ptar.  Among tu*   person, iu at
ance ou tba pw iixom
lady   of  ...lur.   «ho l"*'k a  |U ..*
1 to all tbat went 00
w.lb un u.r of >•» ident pride    A
U.d not appear to bs a regulai
gate  kIis   was  Onally   qUSStloned   i-**
gardlng i..-r Identity nud rerealed h.r-
wlf a. u fu.ii)  wall known lau
of   tl.e   place.     Further   q
brought out the fu,*i tbat ill
Ihe l.branui.s tot B mission from
l.ii.ciia.   The joke is  i part
upon lhe librarian, wl. ,-■ dl
i,ten iry parfermaocss bad not
least served to dispel h.-r Ului
Tbe   Porta  ..u.lliillne.
N„ convict, haie boon guillotined In
I'liris for teu years, und the H BteOCOS
of   thO'.e   coudenined   to   death    bate
been commuted to Imprisonment foe
life, 'lhe reuson for thi. Una In the
fact tbat the law provide, tbat ull
capital  ci.rutions shall  be  held   In
pUbllC, nnd since the gUlllOtlnS WSS re
moved Irom the PlaCI   da Is  BoquettS
ten years sgo no otber pUes bsi i a
round   for  it.  Tbs  !•- dents   In   tbe
bborbood of srerj pl  *
,si object I- "•* ere. I on as i  them.
TbS  null.".* UBS   were  Int*' ■
ouaudary when s condemned n
fused to sab toi ■ commutation
sentence and dedsred thai the.
put   ll.lll  to dl
The   Moal   In.lM.rl.nl   Vr.ra.
-Tba recent deetb et Csrl Bcburs
rails  tO  luin.l."   -     -   I '       ""   ";
st I...U.S. M... "u confersaUoo wim
Mr Bcburs some yen.- stoca wl
B, i,mis. when h- spoke of bis return
„ few years prertous to Qemai
„r ;, long and friendly Interrtew witb
. ,.rinc,- Bismarck. During U* toter*
W\Tthe prtoco «ked MrBcbOTUa
„.,. gad ."' being inswercd Um bi
WW „„,, oaarln. bla wrenUrth Wrto-
„:„- Ibe prim- QUI Wj' r-pbed.      *'"   '^
t,.ii rou, aeuoral Bcbura, that tbs Bnn
.evenly un* tin* most Importanl years
of one's life"
lllfle.  I"f  «'"*  ••''••'ei'""*"-
Colonel lTui.k II   1-1,1,','s,.....mi»"dr
,„« officer ..r tbe United Btatea armory
rtBprtngfleld. Mass., has,* Ired or*
Sim's ^^^r^rzii
Mtouv.nl.nl '-'*• nu''u :,,'!■
niies. coi >  bnown us Hi."
Bprtngfleld rifles, r-r tbs ua. ■ '
troops  now  stationed  In Uis  l'. i p
:        ,1.    These k'.ins «... all I ^'
; vim ihe new kulfe bayonet, and w«
-HSm Uie Krag-Jerg. M^"*"J
r,„i bayoneta, wblcb tbe troopa are t»
lug ut yri-s.-ut
<ll,e.ln«   11	
••lie*.*, y..,. Ur." wled Uie Irate od
i imtleman, "didn't I tell yon nevei to
i inter this boil ■■
„%,„ m{r» replied bin dn"
llstsnt suitor.   "You said not to crom
I  your  lllicsl I.'  ""   '    "'   '"   '"
window."   Boaton Transcript
for Family Colds
A relkUe rnuJ, ,„d toW cure J^M
be nl way, in llir l,c-UK fMd„ 1« uw the
nutmonl ike (au ••/mpiom, appBW.
Ilu .Iw.yi «•£,, clKupw ,„d brOa
lo dm*]** a cold ui Uic v«y L«ui„ing.
>l i- v,l'*i, too.
Saflflh'i (^nwmirtion Cure, the Lung
■>*«   k«n te.lr,l |„, thirty-th,M
I tunc
ynm, and Irni o| iooiadg ol hon»m
l-.iisd. tnd lim United Suae, to-day an
iirvtr wulioutil.
Jjii       ,h".m"k**   <>~.»-d. mr MUM.
"7"««*«* L. B_r, N*»»,.w.,Oa.."
Hi! „-,r .nyOiing Lul tho bc« would
;.." b« to > T7 it „, your own i.^lj
II .1 dor, not <ru,e, you gel Ucl .11 it coU
you. W, t,Lo all Iho chance.. Noi4het
vou no, your dr.lei can lo».    Im'i tlul
.«.'>    2.r.  i, Iho pnee.    All drain, in
mod., ine-*1|
Souir    lle,,.r    Sarins.     IttL.u    1 .„„,
Mou.ha  ul   I,.,I,,...
Mini.i        V ,.i I,me been vry nntiKhty
today, Tommy,
lommy   Bhucksl  I could imve boon
Ight] if I bsd "anted to
Ons 'i.v small Btmer waa given a
portion "I tripe for lunch prepared ac*
.-* to th" Spanish method,
hs • seta tned after tasting It.
"Aln'l ws »"t i»Bthln' to est but thig
old guur bath towel, nuimmaf
Little Bine  Mamma, how mucb do
I pl. pay u pound for Iml.iesV
Muinii.a   I'...lues are not .uld by the
pound, inv dear.
Little Stale—Then  why do they  al*
wei^h them us wiou tin tbey are
Teacher   Guuiur   grammar   clags) —
Jot'.nuy. what gender is "phonograph?"
John;. •     1 BU        ,e ten.Id'.
i * a. her- No, ii", n - neuter.
nnj   W ell, ll ought to be femi-
causa tt repeats everything it
heard.   I hi* uj;o .Se« -
Arab  , <>«,„„>>■.
Tin-re 1. no record of the costume.
"f  tl.e  Syrian   Arabs  having  . Iiungi-d
during tl,- period  '"i.*red  by  bumun
rj attber SS  regards uiuie or fe-
tiirile dress or adornment.   Saving only
for his flrenrii.s there 1. no r-uson to
rs that ti.** Bedouin of the degert
I adorn b . -• If <*x-
ii. lly   u.  he  did   lu   Uie  duy.  ot   tha
•rhs. ,
Norway's population, ln comparison
wiih ber area, is Ibe .inullest In liuruuo.
BLOOD  I H"i 1
red .. Rich, Red   1
Dr. WUllam'i Pink Pilli Actually
-   ffcr    from
. li, . third  (or  * -
,;l   then    tl
In   Willi im'g Pink I'ili- cur. all
.   ilnv
i, Onl
I'mk   Pllli
(good     1   .   about
I    *   ■
I «a« terribly ron down and tb.
I   thii
anting ... I
I *    .!    it   W»«     ..
•   i day . m-ighbo
.1   benefit  -  •   had .1*
Dt. Willi.m>' l'u..    1
gnd   bj  'I..* tlm-    I   ba.
. I    a  cl.siu-.
[ got f. ui  box. *
■ .     all | nj health
te* mi   i.   ■
n.i in It J had . "*.  b. •..    --.'
! -ay      1
1.   Dr. Williams
Pi       I'.ll*."
Di    Wllltama'   Pink    Plllg    ars    tbi
,   i , ..I ildeach. -
*   indtg-Mtlon,
•   '  •
ind ill health tint followi ani dii
I regularity iu lh. bl. od lup
1 lie   lh.   Wiiiiun -    Hi ■
.    ..
Kate «n,l  W.ria.
Anttsepi .     ii etboda   nre    bccomlns
,r   Witb   tbs   coin.try   biirlsT.   lu
n i    a man dropped Into a ril
,    tbe  otber  day   nn.l   wm
.,     Then  came  a  waab  hy  a
, •        .sior   suggested   Ha*
,,.    The victim's fsce wns burned
ra     whai on earth bats you got
on tbat sponge    bs demanded.   "Ah."
.„««er.*.l iln* villager proudly, waving
the Sponge Ui the nlr. "That', carbolic
iiml.    Ifa *o »ufa!"
I'riia*  In  «  I'lal.l.
A despersts flgbt took place between
two parties ..r ir-'gs. end. eompooed
leas iiian 10.000. In a huge ditch
,u   < > ■ in in .i.    Ilm una    pielecliiic.    oil
June ji  sl ni.oui i p. in.  Toward '•'
m ii..  • tbe operation i ma
rery hot, • corps of sbout i.'"*' stood-
: unly   In   lh'-  ditch   ngninst   tWO
oilier corps nf ..id   .'i.uoo cuch.  wliicli
apparently seemed to be the invading
,inll> Hie ii.ii-e und bustle were
nnne lliiin enu be described.    Ill spile
of tbs har.' snuggle, however, tba bat-
(I,.   ,|;,t   nol   end   nnlil   I"  o'clock   lh<-
,i,.\i morning to tbe groat annoyance
,,r ti..* peaceful bumsn noncombatanta
around lha batUafleld, when ..i.t Tim
warriors killed und 8,000 wounded
,(,!,. to be seen on tba spot—Japan
Al   llie  /»<'•
Say  I*""" »l lh;" ,ln'r' wM
"JBtSSi"?" lereanr*
mXe. r,„'ude,,M-v:^»"
coniprchcuHion. -Detroll Free i"»-
DODD'S ''/
fePlrtLS A
,BH   lv ^~v
Dairy  Expert.  Tell    of    a    Growing
Market For Them.
An Indication of the growing popularity of soft cheegeg Ig the large do*
maud for the varieties gold nnder varl*
oug hi.uidn as Keufchatel and cream
cheese. The baglg for most of thea.
is the common "cottage" or "Dutch"
cheese, and many of tbem are merely
aweet or gour curd put ln an attractive
and appetizing form. The manufacture
of Hide varieties I. comparatively simple, w.th practically no danger of loaa.
Tbey arc gold and eaten wh.-n fresh.
Further, they will yield a larger
amount of Halublo cheese from th.
sami! quantity of milk than other varieties, and they bring prices almost aa
high as ilm best imported cheese.
Very naturally these cheeseg form
the basis of a prolltaible Industry. Hut
here, too, we find that the common
Canadian product is different from the
obeess In Europe going under the same
name. The Neufchatcl cheese of Europe Is a ripened cheese, but the
cheess going by this name In Canada
l» usually un.ipened curd with an attractive wrapping. Some of these products, however, are highly flavored
and compete favorably with certain
rl|r*-n.*.l types that are Imported. All of
then, command a far higher price than
the ordinary hard cheese.
High Profit In Soft Cheese.
It Is certain, therefore, that there la
an established and rapidly growing
market for thr best types of Boft
cheese. The profit Iu the manufacture
of the hard types of cheese Is exceedingly small both to the factory aud to
the producer of milk, but the prices of
the highest class of soft cheese (40
< • : or more per pound) are so much
higher than the prices of the hard
I that the Introduction of their
manufacture should he a great benefit
to the dairymen.
The fact that goft cheese will not
keep very long gives an especial advantage to the domestic over tbe foreign producers if the products can b.
made of equal merit. For such perishable producis there is a great advantage in an intimate relation between
the maker and the consumer.
Factories near enough tn a large city
tn supply the demand wiih cheese al-
ways lipeneil to exactly the prime condition should easily be able to control
their home market If they can once
control their product. It seema possi-
bla that there will be an advantage
nearer the small cities, at least, ln
their production hy Individual dairy-
0 who could dispose of their own
product In a restricted market.
Care of Grafta.
Grafts which were set last spring
ghould receive ltuuiediute attention
There are likely to be suckers starting
from the old branches below the scions,
and these should be removed, or they
will rob tba new growth. Tbe scions
We «aw her goft body weighed down
With It.   .plendor   of   raiment,   and
"These   things   .hail   .he   wear  a.  a
The.e wear, for her purity's gakel"
In crimson we robed her and white;
Fine linen we bought her and gold;
We sheltered her heart from the night;
We muffled her breast from tho cold.
For a softness and beauty denied
The dust of our emptier days;
We crept to her then In our pride,
And a mockery met our gaee.
For  with  all   th.  white  raiment  ahe
With all the soft life she might live,
She cried through her roses once mora;
"Is this . . . this the most you can
"Since   I wait,   being   a   woman   one.
For the s.lace of anguish and fearg;
Demanding my birthright, to mourn,
And   my gift, of great   gorrow,   and
—Arthur Stringer.
C-ae.ar'a Calendar.
Caesar's reformation of the calendar
wag really made by Sosigeneg, li. 0. 46.
Sunlight Soap ia better than other
soaps, but Is best when used In the
Sunlight way. Uuy Buulight Soup
and follow directions.
Farmer Poddersbucks Whal >*.* aoln|
ter  nive  ,iiir  city  cousin   fer  u   weddin
Ma Kod.lersliucks-Well, 1 was think*
in' of a gold pie knife.
I*ai*in.-r Podderahuoka—Don't y. d.
It Why them city folk, never cat*'
pl. wilh a knife i.ow-adays.—Cleve-
Land lander.
Sleeplessness.- When tbe nerves are
iinstiuiig and the whole body given
up to wretchedness, when the mind
il Idled with gloom and dismal forebodings, the n*Mi]t of derangement ol
tho digestive organs, sleeplessness
oomei to add to tl.e distress. If only
hject could gleet,, there would
I..* oblivipn for a while snd temporary relief. Pannelee's Vegetable
I'ili.*. will not only induce Bleep, bul
will set to beneficially that the m.l.-
ject will uwake refreshed and re-
itored to happiness.
"You    say    ynu   get    250    marks     a
month I   I ean'l    believe   It;   tell   mi
"1   get   110  mark-  salary. ll.c,     I
don't pav inv rent, 40 marks, that'.-
lij mink'-*. low. il,,* milkman30marki
- ISO marks: my butcher in marki
220 niaiks; and every month 1 uis** JI.
ni.uk*- out of i.iy fuel.*is. make, an in
cine of 250 marks a month!"—I'liigen*
de Blaltei
arrt.a ORarr nesos ritcine.
alto are likely to make a branchy or
Irregular growth, and this can be pre-
I to a very large extent by suit- j
able pruning or pinrhlng, says Country ,
■ man, ln  which  the accompany- .
ing  Illustration  shows  a graft    after
!»,. years' growing    which    now    re-
q .in s (anstderable pruning to bring It
lu'.o proper audi; on.
To Prevent Cows Sucking Themaelvea.
Will you please tell me ln your
paper some way to stop a cow from
sucking herself, and oblige, asks P. H.
..f the American Agriculturist, which
There are many devices to prevent j
cow. from    sucking    themselves.    A
I halter Is one of tliem. The »plkea |
sh..uld  not  be over  2    Inches    lung j
are best made of wrought naila;
hut a good wire null with a flat head
will gofflee. lhe nulls may be placed
In an Iron vise aud the heads flat
: as much as possible. They are
lh. I. driven Into a piece of thick leather, and secured by sowing or riveting
It upon another p.ece of leather, as
shown In the cut.
An old halter can be used to good
advantage. First drive the spikes in
the noge piece as desired; then sew or
r.vet a piece of leather over the heads
of the nails. If It is not convenient
to sacrifice the halter, drive the nails
through un old piece of leather aud
faatcp It temporarily on the halter.
Mu.unl   sail.fnc.Ion.
••wiint's tins i bear about tba plumb*
cr nnd the paper hangar In the u.-xt
block'.-      Hum-     they     beeu     trading
•-.Net exactly. Tbey did a lot of
work for sacb otber and each hud to
take ths other's boosa for bis pay."
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, etc.
Travelers tales which often ad'l
charm to the conversation "f an agreeable person, frequently render ..
Dior. tire-.nne than ever, a fact that
was Etuusiiiglv illustrated by an OOOur-
inn ■•• ill a Baltimore club house not
long ago.
"There I stood, gentl. m.-u, the
tons-winded narrator was saying, alter
droning "i> foi an Lour willi into Ins trip to Switzerland—"tb. k- I
stood, with the abyss yawning in from
of  inc."
And Undermining Health by Useless Worry-
New Vitality Obtained by Using
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
Brain ami nerve force is squandered
in a way wliicli would l.e utterly con-
.1, lulled iii Ihe use of money. And of
what value it ntOO.y as compared witn
By useless fretting and worry, by
,,*. ,-i work, ami by in gU-ctii.g to take
proper nouriahment, rest an.l sleep,
Strength and  vitality  are frittered away
and no resarv. force Is left to withstand
the attack of disease.
Dr.   Chase'g   Nerve   Kou'1  is  valued   he-
nn-,,'   it   actually   increases  the  amount
of   nerve   (ore   in   ll.e   hotly,   <iv»i, olnes
the   symptoms   arising   fi*    exhausted
i,ei.es, and gives that strength and
oonfldence Ln mind and body whloh is
necessary in mooeM  in  life.
Nervous headache, brain fag, inability
io ciiii'iriitiate th. iiiiicl. loss of sleep,
irntalriliiy, i . i *. .iiisnesB and despond-
en.y are anuuig the Indications of ss-
hausted nerve hire.-. These are tlie
warnings whloh suggest the necessity
for sueli help as is best supplied by Dr.
' 'base's Nerve Komi.
Mrs. J. B. Tardiff, Mariapnlia, Man.,
writes.—"When I began the use of %•
Chase's Nerve Food my health was in
a terribly had condition. My doctor
told ine that I was going iiitocouau.np-
tion an.l for nearly three years, my
b.ywels were ao loose and watery that 1
wn. continually weak and run down.
In spite ol the many remedies used I
gradually grew worse and worse. 1
could Bcarcely get around the house
and suffered a greal deal fron. backache, gtomaoh and kidney trouble..
Dr. Chase's Nerve food proved to be
exactly what I n.e.le.i ami I.y keeping
Hiruiig' and well lhat I did my own
housework ami gom.timeg worked In
ba l,. Ids without. fcclu.K any the
worse for it. lt is a pleasure as well as
a .luiy for ni.-. io recommend Dr.
I'hase'n  Nerve  Pood.
If vou would be healthy, happy an.I
s.i.ve'ssf.il. test this great food cure, Ui
cents a bp* at all dealers, or Edmaii
sun, Bates & Co., Toronto.
How Ther Mar "'" ♦   Ibe  lloelur «,.d
Win  Ike  Knuillr.
Why antagonism exists so frequently
between the trained uurse uud tbe
members of the household where she
la lu attendance wus explained In a
Strlkiug lunuuer iu nu address delivered by Dr. John J. Toiler before tbe
graduating class of nurses of the Children's llomeopiitliic Hospital Training
"This question of tbe relationship of
the nurse In lhe home is oue of vast
Importance," l>r. Tullcr mi id.
"It has come to be a common complaint that the trslned nurse rules the
members of the family with uu iron
haud, ns if this bad beeu the lustruc-
Thar. .( only on. lunatic asylum la
the   ."'1.1   . "i,-t   Colony,   ami     there     III*
no   p.tor   bOUSSg   "i    i'i .nnat.'ii, s.   The
colony's   blue   I k,   just   issued,   slate,
thai  'poverty  in   the   -unl   - DM  .*!   .).*•
term    li   hardly    known.   London   Ba
Minard's Liniment for sale everywhere.
Emeralds—Hats y,.u heard what lbs
doctori  are  saving  about  motoring I  It
*.*. .11 what they call the automobile
mouth—spoil, th- month for kissing.
i;iadvs--Thal   isn't   true,  and   I   know
ll.i.olil   has  ben.   running  an  »'i'";
mobile i.t year.!
ectly o..
Hair. Catarrh Cure 1. nut a quack raad-
Icln*. It waa prescribed br ona of tba
best phyilclani In the country for rear,
and la a resular preaerlptlon. It 1* composed of the best tonloa known, oom-
btned with the beat blood purtflara. aet-
Ing directly on the mueoua .urfacea.
The perfect combination of tha two Ingredients I. what produces auch wonderful results In curing Catarrh. Ban. for
t-satlmnnlali frea. •»
F J. CHENEY * CO .  Prop..,   Toledo.  O.
Bold bv Dnigslata.  price  ,lc.
Take Hall's Family PIU. for couatlpailoa
If vour children moan and are rc-t
less during sleep, coupled, wbsnawaka,
with a loss of appetite, pale count, i.
ance, picking of the nose, .to., you
mnv depend upon it that the primal.*.
cause of the trouble is worms. V
Graves' Worm Exterminator effectually
removaa thss. ptsts, at once relieving
the Intle sufferers.
\\ II11 nu   lo  I <»„,promise.
A young woman called at « bouse
where a in.ii waa wanted,   she iisk.-.l
the mistiaaa Of  Ibe house If they hud
any children. t.» wblcb she replied that
tbey 1....I live. "Than I cant n.-rk r..r
you." said tba girl. "Oh, dn stuy."
-n i.i tiie woman.    "We will kill the
if n man hns his board fence painted
while it Immediately suggests t. the
boy a piece of chsreoal; If hlnck, a
niece of chalk.
"Humidity is often worse than hent."
••Yes," iiiis-iy.-i.h1 tin- Irritable person.
•'Mini, worse, it tempts so many Lores
to try to show off their knowlcdge."-
Waablngton (Mar.	
Th. Merry Microbe.
The London I.nneei hits been warning lis readeis against iiu. table implements nt ifstnurants, the door handle.
f public places und vehicles and.
above all, the OOtfl Of the realm. Tbe
merry microbe thrives on these iinnii*
Iritlniis subsumes. It seems, and takes
a malevolent delight In imparting all
mnni.er of diseases to the unwary
Kn*.wing fron. expe: lence that The
I.iinc'l   approves  »f few  things   to eat
nn.i drink, a   contemporary   suggest.
lh.. human rncn liv. In balloon, nn.l
subsist on bananas and sterilised milk.
The  London  Cabby.
The taximeter system hns been Intro-
due.*,I in i."iei .1   .mi ons ..f iin- paper.
Ihen-  usked  ii   cabby  how  he  liked  It.
"You see," s.iiii  ii..* I'Hbman frankly,
•'most nf us likes a bit tf .port. 1 tike
my k.l. mit In S ninrnl.r, and I don't
know whether I'm going' It. mllie my
ynrd ... n-y or 'nn* a <|uld over for |
mSS.lt Vou like my meanln-? Its
like buckln* 'osses " All the u»bb" I
wauta la a sporting cbauu-a."
The   lll.r  ot  m  Girl.
The Lite of a girl tuny Le as produe-
.ive of poisonous germs as Improperly
prepared foods, accordlug to tl.e statements of Professor W. D. Miller of
ihe University of Berlin. In a lecture
ihe professor said that a bite of a
pretty girl would often bring a quicker
sud more horrible death than the bite
of a serpent. Professor Miller, who has
made a specal study of the bacteria of
lhe mouth, said that only a short time
•go he experiment."1 on a beautiful girl
In Germany nnd found that an arrow
Jipp.sl In saliva from her mouth would
•and Its victim iu death throes more
I. rril'le thun one dipped lu the venom
»f  th» most  deadly  auake.
•*.-av.     growled   Mr.   Hubbubs.     Delia
we always want dinner promptly
,t  7 o'clock, doesn't   dl. ' '
* Yt -.     answered   Mis.   Hubbub..
* Will, then you .night io ask her
vby she doesn't ha.e It ready st lhat
niiir." ,
* I .lil and she said she dido t lia^tr
to."—Philadelphia   Press.
canot reach tha aeat of tha diaeaaa.
Catarrh li a blood or constitutional dla-
eaaa, and In order to cure It ron must
take Internal remedlea. Hall'a Catarrh
Cure la taken Internally, and acta dlr-
tlon Issued to her by her physician, ectly on the blood and mucous eurfaoaa.
This Is iu uow ise the case.
"Remember tbut you ure the scientific adjunct to tbe doctor, aud that
while you are bouud to carry out orders not to let them conflict unnecessarily with what tbe family is desirous of.
"You tuke for tlie moment the position of the wKe, the mother, the sister,
at the bedside of the patient. But.
whatever you do. remember that kindness goes much further than dominant
command, nnd if you fail to use good
judgtneut the only oue who really suf
fers is the patient.
"On the other baud," Dr. Tuller con
tlnued, "I feel called u|K)u to say lu
this connection that the obligations ot
the members of Ibe household are no
less than those of tbe nurse.
"You ure sent to the patient's side to
sdralnister In a scientific miinner
thiugs impossible for tbem to do. There
will be moments when neither wishes
nor direct demands on you should
make you gwerve from your duties
But even if such moments arrive re
member that from tbe point of view
of the family what tbey nsk is what
they thluk is for the good of their dear
"That Is tbe occasion when you can
show your character in the truest light
Few are the instances where through
persuasion aud the kiudest reinon
strauces you will uot be able to win
over the opposition to jour way of
"Let me say agalu that It reiunlus
with you to offer '.he olive brnuch In
tbe bome tried through illin-s. aud not
to beglu warfare the moment you enter
the home."—Philadelphia Telegraph.
Cheapest of All lledkanaa.—Considering tba curative qualities of Dr.
riiomas' Kclcctric Oil it is tba cheap
•*-t medicine now offered I . tba public. Tl.e dose required tu any ailment
is small and a bottle contains many
If it were valued at tliv
lienefit it confers it could not he purchased for many times the price asked
lor it. but increased consumption has
-implilied and cheapened its manufacture.
Miiiard's Lii.ime.it Co.,  Limited.
Iienls. -A ciistoincr ",' "iir s cured a
v.rv bad case of distemper In a valu
abl. horse by the use ol MINAKUa
Yours trulv
The sagacity of a .log lias brought to
Initio, a man now awaiting execution
for murder in Yale.u.a jail. The own, i
ol a dog was killed in a sudden quarrel
dog witnessed lbs erim. ami th* burial
th,- murderer and Ins oonfsdsrstsa, Th.
dog witn,*s)ie.l the ciiine and Ihe burial,
and succeeded in escaping from th>
Ihs animal returned t" his master'l
Inni." a. ,i I.y barking and running lo
the do". IndUOSd the dead mall's eld. st
suns to follow. TbS dog made lis way
straight to the grave, and began
scratching up tlie earth. The polio
were  celled  an.l  the  body   unearthed.
The dog was stiii unsatisfied, ami ltd
the way following a scent apparently
to a cafe iu tin* town, where il sprang
ai ihe throat of a man seated al a
tabic. The i.nin was arrested and confessed to the murder of llie dog's own
er.—London  Mail.
Something   New   snd    Is   Delighted.
Feels Like a Boy.
Mr. M. N. Dafoo.
29 Colhorne St.,
Toronto, .ay.:
"I have been a
sufferer from dys
pep.la for years. I
have been treated
by doctors und hav.*
taken many medl
^ clnea with only
yPV^V /P* temporary      relief.
V Irmmi^r   II     8lnce     uslng     l)r
U\mtfJrsr'      l-eonhardt'g     Antl
V \JK--iuJ       1'1" ' ''"" p|lt aay
thing tho m.i in*- as
when a boy.   I find
they regulate both
atomach and bowels. My old time
vigor has returned, so thut my spirits
are buoyant and temper normal. I Rive
all credit to this wonderful remedy—
Dr. Loonbardt's Antl-Ptll,"
All dealers or Tho Wilson Kyle Co.,
Llmltod. Niagara Falls. Out. 601
Mr. M. N. Dafoe
Effect of Writing on  th.   Eyesight
Certain hyper-.«ensi!lve parents have
uttered emphat'c protests because th»
education committee of the London
County Council has removed from Its
requisition list several series of up
right writing copybooks.
They declare that this action will
endanger the eyesight of the children,
and they base the sta'cn-nt on a report that 50 per cent, "f the ailments
afflicting French children nre caused
by the slnplng system uf writing.
But Prof. Mnlc lm Mi-Hardy, th*
famoug oculist, does not agree with thi*
opinion. Thc direction of tihe writing Is
of no Importance a. I ng as there Is
plenty of contrast. The writing of a
slate p»ncll on a slate l» vry danger-
ou«. Black Ink on white paper Is gond.
white Ink on black papar w.uld b. be.'
of all.
"It must not be fnrgntten that the
chairman of the education oommltt-M
I. Sir William Collins, who Is an
oculist, and he would inaction nothing
which would In anyway be harmful lo
lh" s'ght  of  the children.
"All teachers, .hould remember thnt
writing with tine pens is a source ot
danger. The thicker tho struke the
grenter the contraat.
"Short sight Is nnt as harmless a
cmplalnt a. it is popularly believed
to be. It Is caused by the streichlns
of the coats of young eyeballs so lhat
these tend to become more and more
lemon-shaped l-nslead of applo-shaped.
as In the normal eye, or orange-shaped
ns In the Img-slghted eye i»f the earll*r
man. Short sight Ig often the beginning of many of the most Irremediable
and blinding forms of ey. degenernti >n.
"Th. eau.. of much of the short
sight of present-dny children Is tint
they ara o *ndemncd tn thread bends,
learn fine .(Itching, fold paper, and
other kindergarten abominations.
"Tho unchanging rang, of vision and
ivnii' of contrast cause all the mischief."
■i    i   have  .un*   habit  that   you   want
to get rid "f." declared the social mea
"What   is   lhat I"   demanded    Senator
When  a  colleague calls do not  tell
nam   to  .how  Inm   up.      Direct
that   he    be    admitted."—Philadelphia
H lib tin.
. aoumbar. and melons are forbidden
fruit to many persons so constituted
.hat the least indulgence is followed
by attacks of cholera, dysentery, grip*
These persona are not aware
thai they can indulge to their hearts
. intent i! 'Iiev have "li band a tiotllc of
Dr.. J. D. Kfilogg's Dysentery Cordial,
a medicine that will giv, immediate t,
lief, an.l is a sure cure for all sunnier
The lll-ghrat un,».
On Salt river, Arizona. Ihere Is k.
curse of Construction What Is said
to be the highest dam In the world.
When It Is completed In llkW House-
veil, tba town ou the ,.lte, will bo 17*J
feet below the level of thc water. It
Is anticipated that the bond obtained
will be tba menus of securing ulnui
diint power. A temporary power plant,
a cem.nit mill. Ice plant, lighting plant
and sawmill have been COmplStSd. A
telephone Hue has been Installed to
the I.,*.i.i works of the power cuiiiil,
eighteen   miles above  Uoi.seveil,  nml
attended In the otber direction to the
slle of tl.e great .lam, which la thirty
miles from I'h, im.
Th.  Wedding  Cheque.
An absenlmlnded man waa complaining of hla IntliTOlty when a friend
"You are like the old father at the
wedding, eh? A young bridegroom, after the wedding was over and the
bride's old father had gone oft In th.
club, began to search anxiously among
the  wedding glfu>.
" tiYhat are you looking for. dear?
.aid the bride.
" "That $2,500 cheque of your father's.' he said anxiously. T d >n't aee tt
* 'Poor papa Is »> ahsentmlnded.'
mild the bride. 'He Ut hi. cigar with
IL"* ...
m\\i mending at
Diamond Rail
Promptly and wall and at reatoo-
able pnc«—wa attend to th. repair-
>ag of Waich-n and Jewelry of all
kinds A special mailing box in
which io forward your walch lo us
will be I«nl you free on request
W* hav*unequalled faciliini, too.
for .be designing and manufaciur.ns
ef special erticl.1 in Jewelry, Silver-
war*. Lodge Regalia, Insignia. Etc
W. buy old Gold Jewelry al h.gh-
•st prices
H't irmdmfm. .rqutit frrt ^rkmrft
tor imrgt tiiutt.mttd Ki,.'.,.,.
W    N    U    No.   906 Fergus ««
foil.u.".-elite .^^^^^^
in .i*i'* pidnl i.t lie dUtrii-t.
On"■'. |.',ini t .en lc.», nn I my work un Ur'.ake
It, Pi-l-'ted.at Trout bak.l 11), a>.o Puhllehe..
•i t argasi .. and 1'i-oui lake every Tuursday
Toe ft lllur dues aot i*e 1 li'iit-. li -espon-
■tlt'i* '*. in * .p i.toiM »f uorruap<,.«iie..u OX*
Ip.-tMaeulu tu culuiu.is
All locals will Or rhntitr* "nl ll.e ml.- of |(
remit* ee' ii*i., ...*■. InaerUOII, and h.,-. i . p«,
Slnecaob ■ulau.-gueui inseillon.
T-*r.|is for .l'eansleui and other alverllsnir
•all! re male known «*u :..-j*...-»*i..-1 si <>,*:,,
H.iitt,|.,*i|.|n'i. ti.no a veal*. 1.1 advance.
Notice Is hereby given   Unit 60
"lays after   the    publication    0
t'is  oot'ee    in     '!)• British  Toi
umbia Gazette, I inteml In mak.*
U'l'licatid . to   ll.e   Oiref IVnimie-
sim-er of Liuidf.  uml   Works   for a
special  license  lo cut  mul  currv
away timber from tlu* following d-a*
is.-i.inii   liiiiilii situated iu   VVjwi
Koott*li»y District.
tio. 1. Timber claim.
Commencing at a post planted
about 2 01-0 feel S.uthof the South
fork   of llie   Lnrdeati creek and j
about half way between seven ami.
•eight mi's and   marked J. \V. Liv-1
iugnton's N. E. corner | ost, ihcrce I
weft 160 chains thence  Sou'h 40
• chains   thence    east   160   chins;
thence north 43 chains to point of   BaP WOii Slippliid  With  LiqilOI'S & CiOSI'S
.comraeiiceniei t. , .     .
Located Oct. 1st 1903. U?ge Comfop,*b,e K"_" ' ■   Excellent ( uisin,. and Attendance
J. W. Livingston locator. '"''* "	
No. 2 Timber claim. iROET.    MADDEN -       -       - PrOp.
S. DANEY, Prop.
Legal Notices.   -
. uiiiiilinii    literal. Inn   nil "te In i'1
I nnn  Lake minii:;*    ■ > •■ ■        " ''"
Kootenay .lisinei
» . are l.-entetl:   Hn Sevan Uilu ■ ees
1     'i Km    .  i,nr,I.*.hi
I c  i.o    re   I   , it   I. .1  H   .N        W il    10
acting    in-   ii""ni  inr  Pivi'l   t'.wa
i*' si c. No   nssion,  nn i1*
llji'kiiinn I*     M     ('. o
Iissii.-J,    luluilil,   •   sii .1   ■• '   I    "'
illli..        Iieieof,        to ' ill
Minini.'   llcconli'i   in*    i  i orlill   iti
mproveinoula, for tlm imrpos    I oli
tainiug  ii  I'roiui liriinl nl  Ilu-   ill"...'
ulul 111.
And   further luki-  nolice iiml action,
under section .17, muit uo coiiin.eiii'ed
before ths issuance ol Certlfloatu uf Im-
Dated Hub 30Ui day of Aug,, A.D. 1900
Tic*: . ;
• I • hting
: '  ' '    ,
Stables tt Trout. Lab
HOThLl (Trout laftc
Commencing at a post planted I
• on ihe south bink of the south
fork of  Lardeau creek and   about i
• one quarter of a mile above fi v.
mile mill and marked J. W. Livingston's N. VV, corner post thenc
south 80 chains the ice east SO
chains thence north 80 chaini
thenco west SO chnins to point <•••
Located Oct. 1st 1906.
J. W  Livingston locator.
Notice is  hereby  given tint r
days after the first publication  <>:
this noiice in the  H 0, Gazette; 1
intend to ap>ly lothe Hon. Chit"
Commissioner of Lands nml Worki
fer Ja Ficcial Licence to cut  and
carry away timber fr.un the follow
ing described Lands   situated  ii
West Kootenay District
Timber claim NV.l.
Commencing at a post plan let
on the sor.tli bank of the rout I
fork of Lardean creel: about hall ..■
mile nest of ten ini'c honsi
marked K.J. Cumnii is' North-
east oorner post ih.-nco SO clinin
South thence 80 chains Weal
thence 80 chains North thena St
chains Last to point of commence*
Located Sept. *2;1tl! 1906.
B.J. Cummins locator.
Timber chitn No. *».
Commencing al a post planted
on the    south    bunk     of      tin
By us ng Water supplied by the
Company ynu are assured of sbso*
lute purity, Govern men t Analysis
I*, back un statements, : : :    : ; :
Hugh McPherson - - Supt.
and Stage Line.
|j Ferguson    §
W. H. Jones,
leal     Ilin.leu*,     l'l i.e    Job '.
Excellent    Accommodation
Best Liquors
And Very fmest Cigars   £
NELSON, ll. c.
Ifitr.l.viire, Miners' Bi   piles, Buive
id Ranges,
John Simpson,      Proprietor.
Best Hotei in Town.
Starfte? & Co.
I >i-.   Ghoo .-.    I'r.ilu.*.-   and   Fruit
II oast on I'.i., l > *•<*(.in in* 8t. Kelson, D.C.
It pay*, in n-e tlie Toleplione I
leo-flb*, trip csn olten tie caved < HHc -
nt  rerguson: Cummins' Bioro .
I..ik.*. Pi Bt nil,.*.*, .',-,, ill lieiili.ii, t'.mi-
iipiix iiiiiI Arrowhead.
Trout Lake
| Beaton
I Dally Stag, wiil j
w leave Ftrgwon
7 a.m.
Trout Lake at 8
ffi In , < nn*-, ii,,„
<s— Hotel,
Hotel and
General Store
Watch-repairing,   .-t.-.
ll i.i
A. M. Craig     Wm. Crawford
Imperial  Bank of Canada.
II -.J i.H..-e
Lake, B.O I
B   C
Heaflqaarters Ir Mn ai Ciwal ia.       ;fi\ ge W^JJS
-,'%\r      AF. &A.M.
A^?   \   3rd   Thursdar each
'   \/   x nioiitli.
* I .timing Itrethren .**.i liallr im
.  Ferddrod.8ee. P.C. Campbell.W.M
REST 4426.000
D R  VVILKIE, President Hon. KOHFRT JAITR \X *.v rtfm
BRANCHES   ';. Uis Proi     •-   '   tllierts,Saskalchswtn, UrnniiCoiitin,
Uett   ''  :   i    l '    I i,I.t A.el t^.n i'f.
SAVINGS department.— I'**i"-n« received .ini Interest slloasd St Umj
rata Irom iUie of opeoinj nf accoani,
UU>n  ■'.   i-, "I   iw.ird k,»llal>lt In   kuy
l*»r   ,.f hi woi  i
-    ,r itUnttoe |i.m lo gotltotMM And
Mn.i.itf I. nils.
ll;  it I.Aki. IIkav. a —
M. L. Kl.ID,
sot) th
fork     of
Lar I ;u
creek nliout half a mile West of
Ten mile house marked 15. J. -"uin
mins' S. B. corner posl on i <
chains north tlience 80 ca-ii f
west tlience 80 olmins sotitli lh nc»
SO chains east to point J of J com-
Located Sept, 29ih.
B. J. (:umiiiins Incalor.
Timber claim No. 1.
Comnii>npingat a post planted
.on thc North tide of Sotitn Fork ."'
Lardeau   creek   ahout   li   DJflet
cuot of 10 mile liouso niaiked B. J
Cummins'   N.    W.   coiner    pos:
thence 80 chains south  thence-S..
chainc cast thence 80 chains nnitl
thence 80 chains  1»e»t to point oi
Located Sep'. 29th 1906.
B. J. Cummins locator,
Timber claim No. 2
Commencing at a post plan (tni
.on the north ?ldo of south] Foik
of Lardean creek about 1}  nifli!-
east of   ten miie   Jioneo  mirk-d
B.J. Cummins' S. \V. corner posi
thence 80 cast thenco 80 chain-
north thence 80chainswe-t ib.-.iic
.80 chains nouth tn point of oum*
Loraled Pept. 29 h 1900
B. J. Cummins locator.
Timber claim No 3.
Commencing at a post planted
on nortii sldeof lontu fork '.I Lar*
dien creek about  1-J' miles ract of
10 mile house marked  B. J. Cum-
Sandy Laughton
IIKN" vi*-i'in*» Fergnson you
**h<.uld %io\ nt the L.tidf-an
Hotel.    Here  the   visitor
will   h-   surrounded   «iili
i:.*me < omforla.    Ex. ellent
cuinine,     well   ven I Hated
i.n 1    w nnn    ri oins,    ». il
storked b.r. and  ev.ryihing which
te. ds towards  mnkiiiK yonr \ int a
I'.i-,ml anil memorable one.
Bates fii'in ?1 day upwards.
We ."in-... I., please ..nr j atri-ns.
NO. 11
l.l.   li   V
. " v*;
■ * I. J A -Oljiull. .N    *J. ;
ll.*L*i,.*,r m-WllDfl I'-I.l In
Uv hkim   a|    .
>'i-lt..:.*   l.r.r...
tr»c >rUiAllf »*ir..mr
Review Job DepL.
For High-Claas Work,
■ -J* Vm+JtZMa&<U.r*40-r
OK       .
Barber Shop
r m. Sbspbtrd. -*.»--
- ron a
Oood Shave or Malr Cut
u i
ii.n.u .-*nave or Malr Cut
IWES r>A.n.|P,BiarnS&C0    Wj,,ia^hnell, j
= Bc>eaviin] =
Hold or Silver      II 61
. i'.M mnl Bllvor . .TT,     , .1-Hi'
silv.-r und Lead     -•■'."
.  .pnor    I 00
/ii..*     |1 50
S   SHANNON,  -\ss.iyer
Trout Lake, B. C.
Hot and Cold Baths
*    - r
Merchants   harvet mcsarter & piNshham
Ota  .->  Mr. mrlfr. J    a. Item**
A   M   .*.►..'!
Barber Shop. |
I < r Qood   11*.
H'A. l'I J
111. n% tt. i
G. A
T.-"l   I
j!  ...  Zhe 'Ibotcl Beaton  ...
--=======   BEATON.  B.C.
Dealeraln ail kinds of Fresh Ifeat
Sellellura i.iriini*rnii im,,,. .,fi*»,„,,i.
YI8TTOR8 srrivins s Besion .'the ihreshotd nf ,|„. i,... „
vis Arro»hei»d, will lind this lloltl lo be tulle moIpp '
appointed »nd spscioas dlnina ball.    Thei
snd ( iR.r.    Persons sopervTsI in .- ,ii,*„ toil.. requireinnn iof
pSirOn.    \ IsitOrS tU '.1,0 1 „„le:„* ,,,„ r,.K. ,,„ ,.,„„,,     ' ' ,"" »'
Hot and   (.old   ij.ihi.
V^S_K2_____R0H ■
mi — *-**--
W. BOYD -:-  -:- Prop
'**■■«   •»«»•--» ds iif^iHn^rtOt t ;-*..* it*.. -.    -'*.     --
J.   B
■ .
fotlce   in   lier.-hy   civen   thnt      ■ .
nth* afiovd.-ite I intend lo nr|, • "
hnn. Chief (■>nii)in:'i.«inn<-r ..f • '"
the h  „ _	
snd WorliB for i. t-reriiil licence    ..  rt.
snd enrrv s-s-nv limtier from   tie
i._i-- .1 a.   ■ ■
otic., is  hereby   cive.i iimi  sixty j
., .      from   tl.e    flmt      puo I. sl • n
h* i. >f In the Urltlsli Colun.bis iin/f.-.f.;
-•    apply   i"    Iho    II*.'. I
. I     im
Ihe  «'W
mins' 8. B.
corner post thenee  80
"■noith thonce 80 chains went
louirg described lends -jiiunted l|(
Weat Kootsnsy district:
Comnicncinc st n po*t ninrlcd       ,
Hill's iioiilh       • corner, set nt  '
went .mrnor of Lot 1U7,  ll.enie   "'
80 chains, ihi-nc .*ai*t mi chains, t
sonth 80 nhains, thenee west fio ch
!o |*nint of coniinfiin-inent.
>'el»nn 12lh.Innii, 1I.W. I.HSI.IK I'll L.        ,.  £"7T'i " !
Notice   is   herein-   Riven  thst   uv.        '     '
r.n.1..   -t. ■ -■-    *      *
* r   ot   Landa   snd
("i  s special I il and
i.iM.n   t„,b >r from  Ihe f'*.
indi litujlli        •>    *  ;."*   r -
Oonimencli *. ■' n n ml planted
n*<*i hank id t'i creek, i boul I %
fr. li riiiirknl C.L.Coppi
mnntlia after dale t   Intend   ni
in in I.-	
Ihei ■•*  * . cliann,,
to   tho   Hon. Ohlel Commissloi V\'   'as., thence EO chains b" \b. WhenceZ
Landa and Work a fnr a ai.,*.-ial "   '   '' "
cl.aina  u.-l
..    ..   r, ,,   ii "'rt*    _ ,"
to cut and rarrv incni* timber From the  !
ii.ii <•••   ,'"  el aina r-.*u 11.
.f couimoiicemciil.
the Weat Kootenay di-.tr..:, .    r0.2 . Con nicncii p nl a |.'M |.l»..ie.l
Comineneinsnt n|...r-t ...aiked i.cehe on ,)u, w,,„ M,|„ „, Canyon creek'
ilia south- east corner. *]~'$*m**r^^^^^^^^'
eaat corner of Lot 771. ( lii>nca   "«""■"'*'
nl. * t   ii mlks from Its rnedth, me*k'.'.'
eaat corner of Lot m. thsnes    w'W c   L  Cope's   southwest   comer post,
chaina. thenee wet SO chslna, Ihsrico ,,„.,,„,. Hl ,.,,.,;„, ,„,.,  ,,,„,„,, :,„ eb'ntn;
80ohsini, thenoe esst Rn chnn.a ,,„ ,,,  „,,.„,.,, s0 ,.|,MI1|S „,,M] ,*,„,.,.,. *.„
mpolutofoon.tDencemetit. , c|jaill(, ,011th ,„ „„ f..„	
Nelaon. IS.n -Iii.'«   .'..*.*
thence ^0 climi.t.    .     ., .---—.-..«.«,,, »»», um
•chains cast  o Z      '       "C" "1*2*^=*" .«S*.  "«J"
point ol commence
meTnt- Illill',
■Located Sept 29th 19W5
B J.Cummi   rtlocitor
Umber claim No. 4. ,v, -* ---■« .,™.n«„-.. ,   .  .  --c ;•-....—., ....-nrwca
Csinmencino ... . ».   .   . ftelaon,l2ih June, um.   Lssus Hitt.   c ■3**ln« ■»»» to point of commencement
oa BorO, .mT   .       . poti P'»nted     No<'<*'o   '*   hereby  given that two
o north  ideofsouih fork of L,f. M^rdato I InlSSSUe ,   IS     Ko. 8. Commencing .la po..P„„,ed
.niiw?^.C.'eK'0"'n"rH',""r",h""1- ""   ""•' *"< "Ma of'osnyoD c«ak
"d.fr&rco^r^.K :Vt"l,i", "ori!i »^«*-ssr'
Trll'T1! for"cr °» Ln[ ™* thenoe|ra0,,t'
north 40 i-hsina, Iheece wna* Ifll chaina '
thence aouih 40 chaina, Ihen U| li-ij      Lo-ated Oct, ISth, lOOfi.
cbaina to |i.i..i of co.n„.,*ne.r,„ *„t. C L. Oopp, locator.
..iw., ib June, 1800.
Lac lis 'I ii.i   I
i creek about 1*} miles east of
10 milo liouse maik-3'l B. J. Cummins, northeast corner por tl.encr
.80 iil-nitia south-thence 80 chnins
west theuce 30 chains north thence
SO clmii.fi east lo |toij{t of turn-
JU-c.iU-u Supt ill J906
JJ Cummins locator
HERE have bepn furlonea
in ..li* l.v judicious Invest*
in. i.i in Boat Estate, nnd
in. r<- fortunes will be made thnn
.-•.or the p. xt two oi three yeara.
Tho in * n .; ■ i' it|--> i Lo Imr. esl is
the original investor, for be haa
bis in .!.•■.*• on ,i ceitainty.
Nov '.I ii- p..inl Otlt to \ on thnt
there it no lintlnr spot ..n 'he Con*
t,ii:**iil I*. Inv R.-al ({state than
Trout Lake is tho pretties! spni
in   ihe  K'*.*i. nays; a.*- a pleasure
I * r. n 1    it   iii.*- in,  ..jiial.       li'iitin*;'
nnd li-.liir n i.my bo indulged in
tlm year innd; while big game
in ftSund in. e in t.. i bo round nn
tli.* hlljs, [is ("liniiiie i« Btipcrh,
there biing no (treat exlremea, ii
b. ii;! mild in winter nnd e. ol In
bUminer,      Ji can In ni-l uf rf'.ine .*f
ih** ,'ir,'*.-i Iii tels ainl resiflencos In
IJ. ii ish <'cl<itnii'ii. It.*< slr'-oiH ara
well In.l i,ut and graded. There
im1 two excellent genera] Mon s,
an,I a pUn ..*.* ni the advertisements
in this journal will nl.ow that all
trades nro fairly woi] represented,
Write wiih confidence tu Agents,
Lots can be
obtained on
j Make your
selection at
H. McPherson
Trout Lake, B.C.
Then call on
or  write to
T Imi i ever Lad n • !,,,,,„ *' |u
growth Im*. |„.rn steady, li ia
il a  I" a.|  , f Divlgntion,   and
";<• i.nm. ni <f id. Urdu hiimrl.
'•r '|«' C.P.R.    All marl, („, tl«
Uldwti)   |,.ll(| to Tn ,H   Li.k,,.     Jt
'« ihe commercial c.n-ic <S the
nchul mineral Jiitri.t on the
continent, a...l )lilH bnnklng fsrlli-
i|e« |..'v,.i..i bj ihe Imi ei isl
•"ink ol Canada ; firm eXaee a-houl
n'i'' in in. i'i.-,,, i  poder -j r, r.
""'• '-I *s Bhnnnon, Ji a ; „ po„,|
water systiinj govern nun I . ili.*.*s;
«'""i> Uurt sittings; M.-ihnliM
J*l''i-<o|...| aid Anglican churjl.ei
and cottage hotpiinl.
Thera are vn uahla rkneh landa
J" 'he onuklrta n« siting s.-iihra.
«« lumber resource-tare magnifi
'" l'iu"1 « band tow mill with a
«>pHcltyofC0.000fi.Mr day is si
«'■ ead «.f the lake. Tl «• infbea
•H'Ulary ure )r..ti„p ,,,, bigger
|ro,i„«*,.,H every year, will, n.w
Fo»peotsopening upmcIi indies nf
There will be a big rush this
mr,   „.,   ,f  iou   W01j](,   fcpow
more, wrne  m  once to .IU., ,,f
me ajtiniH st the addrcises below.
F* B. Wells
G<ner*U Agent
Revelstoke, B.O.


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