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Lardeau Mining Review 1906-08-02

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Full Text

H__ __■
. .-..    .   -   •'    •'-' •
■ir fiimiiM
f Has ft larger oireu*
lation than any
Newspaper in N.
Kootenay, Boat ad-*
vertising   nit'ilium.
VOL. 2
"""**-- *--' *.j*IW_TS_..*.*i»«'
., Jh.? representative
:.- tlie civli Lurdoau
country, '^Scnt to
?.n> .iddrcss for t'2
p*.'i'._*_. ia^vance.
-" ""I1 ■-._,.. 9
JFROUT LAKE CITY, B.C., Aujj. 2, i
Of- i
A boot that you take no
chance with. ^ Wc
guarantee every pair.
t# Made of Frcncli Kip
stock throughout. *_ Always keeps soft and
pliable. •_ Made especially for us by Leckie
Miners - $7.00
Loggers  $7.50
'-" ■■'. ;"'■;'' u;:,n:::;:v;;i:ri;;;,„l
»£**"•«■ o'  Land. an,| tt*rfrt
!    "'"»*"    -   ...i.l.nnvUi,
""ber Irom  ths   0 owing ,|,- ,
'•-fl*  '*-.:!..I in «',.., K.,',|7.,,mv:
"0     1.     (.tlliilne,,,.,,,,..,,      .,        ,,|.,,,!,. 1
■ ■•■■■"" unio,..,,, ur
nillei rrom  Id mom, •■,„„*■•„.,
1 "l'l' -reHill... ■!  |   ,	
"■'"'   It,   t   .'     e   ;,,,..,   ,,(,.„„.„.,   ..,.
'■   ».eu Juno lllll, I.'
.:    I.   r  . J -«■
*"■'-'•     ('..lumen,*,,,*.*,, ,-,,,.,  ,,;
: »»« "1.1*1 ol lli.l..v ere.
*•■« n,,"M from Hi in .* Hi, marked i   i
cores nortii , .-• con ei •,.-:  ■
sell 80 chaini tl.e ,.
:''''1  ''-'-'■!.   -  BOclitlnitotho
point ni rummein ,.,,„   [_■
Located Juui in,,  ;
WP* -40*
0. I.
■*. r      i"lli(
north        chai
..mh h*
■ ■
, a letter
I think
i .* , i . i i ■ : .
you,  Hi
i ,. nl, -h it yoa
C. I.   COPP, li *,t,.r
No. 3.   ' ■    .    .,
'nn theeo.itaide t . lit . . iimrk.1
c i coppi    north nit   co i •*.■    ihi "
trainee  80   chaina   west,   I i
el-aini louth, thenco  no cl ii
thence h. i-hilni back to ll
Located Jn.ii j), :
o. l. copp
No. 4.   CommeneiiiK al n poat p]
"" the lie  !     lit,   ,,[   Halev | n
'•'-- '*•■ ill  ... null ti: ii.
copp inorll
A Communication
■1 ''■<■  *• lit .r Ol li: * .J,:;!,;, i.e.
l).-;.r  Sir,
I enclose an extract fro
received this week by me.
it   BllOUld  I":   Of   Jl'l.i r.ll
1  tbei loio BU.bniit  it to
M»nt if you desire t
may du  mj.
Yours faithfully
Frank E Qkoffman.
11 *. pactJ
" 1 mn «.,•. Bed that i   *   rea
why Mr -- wired  me not to mak*
■   ■    ■  'i." reason
that everything I 1 ive invi stigatcd
* :.-  been  grossly mitre] resented,
ci II h ivoturm   t verytbingdown
The ex • uses of my trip to  I! C
has cost Mi.     and li b associates
in i'ii three thousand dollars     I
* t*>   examine   specific   pro-
Lions    iipon      Iln-     lasiu   ol
.'.* [inrls submilli I.   \Ve expei led
id  Eometbine worthy of in-
A Trip to
The Summit.
In nine cases. ul of li n the a\t,i\
on the sinret will be complaining
nil the Iimi' about Uie' rjuiet ijin ■■
I'his .luer. not apply alone to 'i i tut
l.-ilcr. 'I ike Ni Ison, f - jn itai 11.
We aro too - lone to I. !:ev.r that
she is bulling all the time, bur
just wnik irfier .1 ibere for a whili.
!      n.  Ihere in  mi* j 	
th ng exciting on the fjurface. wi,(.n me nr." all .■-thcrcd to our
Ti,.* I.n.ii <•_-. cr..l ot tin* sti.-k IsLfathers, Trout I.ake will I.** I i
not governed I.y ibe number ol Wecea ..f totirists Touriits from
...rn'.-i-".  be fouedonthe streei   '■'''.<:n^  travelling  in  search   of
lonruli   pro n   tho south
mi -lly   .     up
. Ii.unh I
Located June
Ml tl.e ...tine Tr ut l ake.  Mining .
Ing  reit,   nnd   toiii'isis   from
it) done on th; bills, anil tl
i In. .mini.lain of tli
the times are among those who
• ths I bore i.-i " sometbin'
I in' " when four or live men,
doped with whiskey, raise small
Cain around our peaceful hui**.
Stanley Menhinnick and George
List have located a fine ir■■.» ^,ol I
,. tica   i-   ber.»by    given  that
within  two months from Ihe first
I iil.inntii.il  li* *■ ■ .f in  the r
.      nbia  (iaz.'tte,  I   Intend   to
apply io  the   hi ,.   Ch sl Commission! r   ul   Lands  ami   U'oiks for
special   licensee   to  cut and carry   ...
C. L. COPP, ll     ■-.   '
■'■   ' ■   . '.i   .■nen   tl.tt
I  i  ti the 11
•'nil! 1 I.SII.ls   HI] t Uliltt-    for
rin nni carry iw iy
•way   lim bur  from   the  following ittnbei
i, d lands situated   in  Weil n ■''*■»> '*"
**o. l    . .- tt a i...:.i i
ao .uii.i*,
....  1     Commencing  (U  a  po.-"  atom 2H inilee I
planted on Um      th bank ol 8 .uth n^ in tbe unl i river, tnn I
fork ..( Lardean cr.-.-k, ami about . ■
•I 1        «     L*  ...      11,1 ...       I '   > I   ■ SO      ii,    ir     I
,,:_ mile above Flva Kile mill. „„. .
u.-rkul i). \\. Abrabamaon s p i*.   to tl ..,:•,
■ i, thena
,   itfl I obaim 'I. mce north locator
••■   ....  i, tbenoe oait 60   haiai to    •*■'!*'■  c"&" '
. ._._.....__.i on ilia Mil
I.H.-1*       • fpoi.iini-ncci.,
: .    , .1 Jtinr Zottlj l.UWO. ith well    ..  n. r  nn-'.
tl. W. Abrahauisoii. locator.) thence 80 cliilm mat, thei  •
Wo   '.:   Comtmnciiig at   a  I'ost. ",°"1-'''; "  "      '
.   . .. ..    1—   i.     i  -i.n.ns lo tin* poinl   !
ijlanted   ...   tic   north  bauk   .       . .....
I .-;k of l<ardi>.iu  rrrek and c. l. corr, lodtor,
'about 100 yard* from 8 mil      idee
inrtririi O \V. Abrahamaon _ north on  lhe rail ii le ol  I
. .t-t corner post,  tbence  fotith   40
,i ,   ,/./■»    ,_•       .        com    nortii eaet   come
chains,   thence   west   lfiO <*.... .   (|m.iu(1 ,
thener*   nortii   10   chains,  Iheuce
!'ei  chains,   lo  llie point of  M chtii i to |
commencement. ' *J":i-"
l-   .ted June 26th, 190t
O. AW Abrabamaon, local ir
vestment, but wer
i      ■   us of  men   ilyU
Mr. — is a 1.6(1 iat. i n itb are  uot
•■■-'. Me■>..•■ snd *   ilati.rs, a d  con luct   mi
'■   so. king   i   nost*
. ami not ..
c i. copp, locator,    Miance  : .. ou a stock
N . r>,   Commencing al t pi • deal.
'.'■: ''-' ''■'''' "•deo1 ll:""' '"■ *■■ »l>oai      So  far   as   tl .*  nn i   rtv   vnu ■
JH inies from ti mouth.  * * , ■ ,       , .* '    , -
I west, l II *•' ' : '" ' • '
tb.    • imetit,tin  ■  It is all  a   question ol opinion. ■    •• ' ut ('i!" hardly
to ll.e  i
le d near Scott creek.
I ho roek is reported to bo Ihe
ii en iii Camborne, cm-
menling upon   which  the Mi.nei
says : " '1 bey appi ■ r ai .'  I
hail  been   dual   I  ot   the  f]uart?.
trough a pep| eraliak 'r.:i
'"■' *  riori.t prairies wiil arrive—all of
dullness of I whom will depart filled with gr»-
titu.lt- -- for tliev had been privi-
•*. u-.ze on heaven's reMox i
thu Lardeau. This willasasstiredly
come to pan as trie grave.    When
that ficantie octopus of commerce
the railway wilh newly-grown tentacles   h's   penetrated   the   very
heart   oi the Selkirks—-then will
that desideratum be accompliihed,
Ai   this epoch it must not I.
imagined   tl.it   th;    traveller   is
called mi in tiifftr  harilabip from
a  mediocre  transit ; on  tl.e con-
liv.rv. Trout Luke may he reached
• .jifnrl.ii.lv in r-ix   hours from tl.e
ii link of il.e C.l'.ll. at Revelstoke,
or from iIk* south by way ol Nel-
I iilnr route  will  o| en up
lo   the  traveller a panorama   of
n  mteous  li- uuty, a kaleidoscopic
.: .
• ■:.;■ irailed no  the con
s lo  devi lop    ••'■-.- that Be carries a j e| : ■
• full oi gold  lust   wl
ter stal
lit:*.                           i.i.,'"         ' >"■
you,   I will be In ro until  M ii day ,  ""	
iuld   .'  not get  ..i.i'         Pi m Nelson  eomes
will leave for Colorado j *.*j_j ] ,n,.rv-h
barred from the t anadian  m nl <
ih- m wi
Claim" has  been
ii repre|aiblo Lowery " i
a family man, and consequenili  did
Frank Barber nnd Jack Rady
have jiir-t COmpIl "-nt
onthe  ttusty .'. Dull \,.   ' ;-   '"'   comj-reherid  the i.i.-in;
,„,,,-  ii . |      .     | , injury lo tl.e morals  ii * tur ril ng
, ... un.   vi      ; a very i ' '■  lllP C*P**C* "f Perusing
I  bit thought!*-* smut might incur.
,  I ■ ■*  •■ as a j un.a'.i-i stands out
11 • i'.   They mincnt, but he shows bad taste
. ig lo a depraved  section
is iti ti    Wc would
- •  I iw. iv weilding his
j..*:i  lor  wages   and   working to
He v • ■     be the same
- ■
To US wh ' have become inured
r   i.t suiiful surrounding   ii
ri-.e- nol appeal bo strongly.   S nne
i        ,|.-   pine  f .r   lhe iii.'lul
1 ii   in, while otiieii- have a dd l er
regar I for ll.c hurry ai.d   bustle of
a greal  city, but »e veuturo to
■ •■  these   r. asoniogs   of our
— n- wi uld und. rgo a change j
buy    but   vir-it   the   larlhlyi
e a r..l least thi ir
Here wan something ti.e scribe wn
unpr pared lir. Here n,i,iil i|.„
I urple In'iii't. il... wide view, . n I |
tit..- pure sir > .,*:.,« time to think,
-trace to i.r *ay ■•. find one is choked
by Iho unreality •.. j fe iji". ur
crowded cities.
Here, also, are many slgtviwhich
denote (hat the hardy prospector
bas been busy in the vicinity, and
not without avaj], { . around u-
Iie many excellent pros >ects which ji
when txjoje fully developed, will
ere long ho big shipping mines.
We lam would have lingered ond
examined many promising pr.»p<-r-||
ties, but tne inner ma warns us
lo |.'...-soii to our d.-btitiation.
U'e   now  traverse a   veritable j
spoilsman's |iarodi**e.    A!l *ilongI
the  trail grouse  and   pytrmigan I
continuously  remind ui of .their
a bun nance,   but   prospectors    art
true sportsmen,   and' religiously
regard   the law which protects the
young birds.
Par away to tbe eaaQi^enii li»."
our destination.    High uptowardi
the cloudlew iky, 8,000  K-* ah v,
the  level  of  the ^ea  we ateadi'i
l'led, and   at  every  turn appeari
something    now   and   much  to
marvel at.   Won!.. Hint Boms mus<
.iccompanied   vt who could in lit
ting language describe the vision
at this point.    Away below tu lid
the   lake,   now    beheld    in    tin
refulgent   splondor  of   eunrhine
evergreen and snow :   «li>l_ to thi
west   a   I i .*.   ragged    saw tooth i
I  i     is raise their boat) J
  ir beneath the
Across.the summit]
tt  ' i ti • pat. lies ci snow, but:
Old Sol and King !'■ re.is areplay-
Tli,a Reel is waterproot and
■ the ureatcatyfear resistor you
ever i-aw. A word uf description.
HOOT ; round toe last with
heavy eincr''.* *o}e mid slip,
Ask your dealer to show it to
J. LeckieCp^
Lccil _itd Genei_i.     |
At  the end of threo hours tvc;
i Ibis mound ol %v\'A?V&^i'^i!^-£4inev$&^$
mineral is not our objective point!    .,-     D . ,   ,  .        .     '
we ...*n inn. ! our way along the n [*l erson ln''the mi,,or-
lides  ..I   rugg   I   clifis   until   the t;iue t j be hadly hurt at  Oerrurd
live   cabin  was   reac' .•(!. laat  IXies.liy.    llt   a.,-.d   seversl
a warm welcome aw-Mlcd us. others  were   o,uarrving   rotk  far
lhe triumph of Nature which mav,    "•» dhjco,;e%.nd dovelopmenj foundations required fox^j*tl,incry
'»':'•-■'••*•'> i" '"■ h""r'                   '   Of tho Noble   hive  has oeen told ,   „.,             ';;,   V*f"°;
It was the Ibtvicw man'f prlvi-■ bc'«re jl UrgA
lo  accompany a (Mick-train to
•  I'ive mii.e   last Friday.
ll.e course taken   wa- by way../
at   ine  r.ew .ini'1.  v.i,e-i   a
"-•■ir uuiuuiua ;   us  loea-
tion last lill  being oi a thrilling l)0lll*lei" fell «n.d picaed Lim io thj-
nature.  The ow ; r r, who ground.   When re-icasi'd  from hij
iw all on  the spot, gracfoysly periloua jiosiiion  all wondered at
the Lake S'n,..*, or what isToeam   ■"•'■■"■ H-^ l"«rly_ic nil tb-ir show- llis gurviv,ai.      A sprained ankle
ings.   At iniapoir.trUi^re isa bolt       ,' .      _      ,_   .
of good   mining   timl-r and   an ftn(1 wrl8Und n hwcuts and braises
abundant  supp j   i.f  water    F. 1- Wl" **eeP  •*'"* Ullller  the doctors;
lowing our   guide   wc marvelled t-up.ervii^on for  aiew weeks.    He
known an the "Summer Trai
1 :.--in^ the trest e bridge, *e left
Ihe town while most of its inhabitant! ep}oyed their beauty rhej.
■i ry—on   a   different wagon. I
and we im*nodiately plunged injto '"u" kL i:*° dexterity and nerve was i*te»io the Ferguson hospital
the   (hick   .t   the  buth.      llviei'-   ;'*'   P-roaj-ectprs   -vim   a   few -
.  ; •    ; tbe ffay
■***'   Im. rctr.
.Sn. 4  ( iimneneing st a i---
on llie  t*t»l  i id • ol Tendei I
r-   •
il •    inllAi from itt moathi mark. I
i Irtierebr given that sixty t   i. .      - • - ' j-
Jsvs alter tlitte   1   intend to appl,
• i Ihiel Commiaaioni r "f l
I Works for permission t.> pnr*
Ihi f II "....* .!• -    bed lauds
I ..i Gerrard, W. sl K oten-
I, ami commencing at a
marked  Leslie Hilt's south-
1       i ornor,    thenoe   north    i l
thonos   ''.ast   20   chains.
e south io  Lardo river aboul
Jf" eliaini    thence  along   Lardo
n»*r Ktiout   20  chiii..s to  point oi
tr.oiinencement    and    containing
tbo'it 40 ices more or K lit
Lsitd 10th Muy, VJM.
1.1.-1.i p. Hit.!..
then. • - ■   chili *
aortl .   tlience n etl  I I ■   iii -   I
HO elii.it,-  I." |* .nil oil
Located Jam 20tb, i •
('    I ..'ni.
No  '
jun the e.i-i tide "I   t'cnderfool  cr. ek.
*.',  I.   Copp'i   south*. -•   corner | osl
north, il.. n ■   -n chains west, I
. eiiccment.
t'   1.   (' ;.p. lictt'ir.
Kotl.ce i»  hereby   given tint sixty
iluvs     Irom   tin    Bnt     poe Ication
hereof in Ihe Urltlili C. Ion bit G . ieil<
I    intei I   i *   tpply   t"    lhe    lie
.'lil. II
tVorki Ior » inecitl lleent.
carry sum  tiuiocr from lh.
deicrtbed luml*. litaated In Wait 8
Commenelns sl s poll planted •
smith   tide   "f tlie  I nr.l..  river, :il mil
llllll a mile frnm lhe rnei inel I
Ire ii   "i.'.rsr.l    iiiirke.l   C
Notice is hereby givon thatwith*
in two month", from the t'ust publication hereof in the Untish Col*
nin'.is (iazeit*". I intend to apply
io tba hon. Chief Commissioner ol
Lands and Works for special
-   to  cut  and   carry   awav
Umber from the following deaort-1 p^nitif e&nmi .m»ni
bed :.in.Ik situated in   Went  Kool-     total  I
mav :
■No. I.   Commencing  at a po-il
plinted on lhe  north  side  of the   l('r,",'■'.,',,:'■';, ,,., ,n,, sin.h;- tl"
Lardeau rin-r, about one mile frnm
'••rard,   marked   C    Ia   Oopp'l   •
tniiiliea-t , thence J
«e.i. thenco 90 cnainii    "   dii    ■
chains in ■ •   -i' chaini t"'  the
I. C Copp, Kit r
Notice ti hereby given ths] ",*1,,'!:'!k
,rr ,
n   h0rled   ii .:..   ue were enabled
ng of interest,
\i. -i i,. *i.
llie > i
- mill
mchuiii. it nary a speck aid after a [ng of loriy minutes
•''... .     ' ' a...::
a Pause was
re in   in,,r.ii.., behind
- '   " I sat its i..ml.
■    •
In th • : .; ...: tunnel there  n a
nice - -•    I solid galena ore.
averaging   10 inches.    The   vein
matter in about  -1  fei-t wide, the
Foi- jfootwal  being schist and the bang*
:  trail on" sure*footc<l | ing wall a lime shale,   pwing to
Wednesday, whei. hois progress*
. t   iii
' Icigai   icced 0     i oplan, I1.'"
On Ihe road he  is opw   r ■ u'|U.(,     ] btortenderlAei
-i- and always will be, ■. ,,.   | ,.aJs in
li re   luscious   berries
 _»_  .  |,r ,nC|*,Pg ftIHi
*.        .. rtcd  to the morning   air   a
... ii matic fragrance
the oj-i?   has  hen one of llis peri jdi.ial   visits to
I   md   left  standing.   Tm  <-ecti.»i  on Sunday last    He
Mrs A. E Jowett took u crew ol
won to the You and I on the Lskti
slopa on Monday.
Rev. Father D. Jeannotte, madp
, '•   '.  r.|.
th,< N,, \V,, i llinui*
in ia. |Kiini ni e i.n i.
I..it I
thr Vil   li    I iIhiuI
mil. -   I *' '» kn *l- i..t    1 i
l itli.*|. lllll ".' e.t ll'll  '.*'•  ileal.
1 ii.* i - . : mns
Iiy make     In we had climbed
thcii - ..•   tbe  nrover-
and  traversing
i thither tii   laki n - bei eld at in
lervalt wilh t ver chait|
No need I travi Hi i
(ell him obout '.ui i ■   P iy
ion.   If *li.' d iy .- to be p
■iia_*_i    eve* iiml"'    k ii.iii 1 I    bootl
laellmlu, n.ieii.ii,. mocees,     ■ tnouiu    i   .   .
till (1II ■   r
i. . .
nee i, ; i- in v, •
| ,|    ,    !..   lie    u.*..l- I- c.,,,1.    (.11 .       ,ltl|1
■ ■
. ■
M.ll  r  u II li .*,.
I*.pniv Comaiti : ,   Is sud Wwrks
ti t w.irK- Dspsrtmtnl,
\ lotorls, li.r. July l.'tii iws.
nyouai   writing to a friend, tni'., 1 tha panj rpt, for at
.-viiy   f-rn   n j:inuring   Btnami
■   .'iiiiii the i Iprnal i lai
meandered to the lake below.
Sh \i tin* timber I ne ;: scene < i
i.i . v ell. d gi ■   'jented it
——  Wli ire els I   one  got
Scarcely aday passes hut wh i Mich   -t   view?     A   magnificent
siretcii of rolling      -  -   overtd
from this point .|,.,,ted Rrrvices in Ml-S. Lemq
last nil and a good working profit _      ,            ,   .,     ,
resulted     Higher tip tl i hill there on  Sun1da-'  a,ld   Monda-v
is  in  ei sellout dry         pi   ipcct, woro fa'r'V well attended.
--r- from which have  ncouraged	
die owuers to extract some ore at '."ilorious sunshine  prevailed oo
!  :- I                  foUow  the ledge. Tuesday last,  the occasion   being
r':i1'                           '   '"''•!•  bb8un the annua., picnic of the Methodist
nt  an.ittier showing,  nnd  a  nice ,      ,    _      ,           ,     ,      ,   ,
lead wilh 6 i                        ,e un. church Sundav  school.   A largo
ft.ven**,!     the ore is very liberally number of  littlo  ones and  their
permeated wi tli ricli grey capper, parwitc h-jtl a ir.ost enjoyable lime
A new lead waa discovered a few on  the green  t.vard near Edge's
') «_ ranch, and all   voted  the day .
.  on which ...                             ,.*-./  i
K en
sotiii"   l.ew   good   s'like   has   I
made, » hi* h goes ',.. prove lhal the
l.-.r'i* SU i.a-    * '   tlCgUU to Le pl   -
lou.'ci.ti'alinj   nre.   Bin.   v.. iiiiimi   .  .,
some work will 1, d u.e. ,]o..lyono.
There ia no s-h. i •-..• of doubt I
that lh.    ' Five   will
beyond that tho purple mountains,
and  vender  llie lake,  green and
-, ii.^   as    ' i:      -   • • .• r
Commlu •■ * i ol
irks l..r  p«i iniitli i  I
11 i
I an.Is     ind|
em rhiie thu
I Undl nil.is''' in -V
Looienay District - Commencing
sins, thenco south 40 Chains, |-_,|U* . *,, vl![nU,.i -i the foot of th.
jjortb west corner posl  Ihenee east   M***^
W Chains, thenco south 40 cluins,
'•'•nee    west   80   cbjtins,   thence
'"nh 40 chains to point of com
•nincement. *
Located July ICth, 1906.
C. I< Corr, Locator
Sixty d.iy» after date I Intend to
•fply to tbe hon. Chi-I Commit*
•"-nor of Lan.|s and Works for
J'erniiasion to purchase the follow-
>»R described lands situate in
"•■•lena Hay, Upjier Arrow Lake,
Kootenay district. CommODC-
Ing tt a post marked T. Walmn's
•*''rncr post, thenco north 20
thams, thihee wcit 40 chains,
tbence sntjlh twenty chains, thenee
fsst forty chains to point of com-
inencoinent and containlu-* oiguty
»cr« more or less
t. .    .«        '" FltAUK Li. I'/fDDON.
Ju'y 18tb,|^(||.   '" 1
monrtallion the north ideo)   '71;'*"-
,iM-r.*1..at one lllll  Dilleweilol the
bridge-acron uld river it 1'-■!•sr siv
marked   " phoda llodge'i north-weil
,,„„.r |,n,t," ihenee 100th m .•i.s.n«.
ibence ess. 100 chaini., thanes north |
»0clialns,nhencoweii h" i-h"'-'*'';.',
point oi e..iiinrcne.*a'.i'in. conuimng wai
nrrcs tnor.i or leil.
Iiatfl »th<fund. i"">
J>ry Firwood.
,2SL__•W_cord.    Wood Ih on Kerguson
,«tonr-Hd Ajiply Andy Daney.
^r-r-^» T-.S ♦ f *» *
E. A- Haggen. j
,   stock Bbtr-fo and Financial Broker
[        Heal Estate and Insuranf».
\      Mra, l.ile. a".|"I'-"I. V€J|"''
I Liability Iniurance.
\    8olercpreseni..i.tei." ■:l,"'l"rl"
Inni-M.™ PonipanisBln
f     Trout Lako, fenrtiiOl), Uoni-a
\ ami tlsmboriie.
j   rJrrcsronde..ee lW»l|^nd>j t0.
■■ ' '. .■ ■•• S~
Horse Racing
Log Rolling
prilling Contest
Caledonia Sports      Caledonia Sports
or further particulars *ee futurf annour^ewmeuts
1      in '! ■!	
...-~.   hi* — ■ •-  •
;,   ;.,       '.'.'. IJ. Dunphy,  an old -e£*4.cn$
.*  . i " n.,.! one day he a big ini.i.*. here, and who  wa" a l.eayy lo^et
The hill np ears |o Is  impregnated in the late disastrous fire at Arrow'-
with  heather, ;: n. si    bracken   with ndnerel at every 1 int   The heftd   WH, . husineBs triu
•  .1 era are  L.  K.  Vipond,   Berl -.     , , *
Kowler, Bid Kraham and Alex * lu-'s,b*v* Ho Sf-.va Arrowhead is
McLean, and all are to be con- a good town, and ho la backing up
cri.i.i ai.-.i on holding and working j Ins opici.n by hnildiiig ngniu.
niirh a 1 roperty. '
lleforo retirfnc for the night wa     A Jarge force of mill  men from
"* "  '''""',   ■" ! •"  ObjjClen [.edge,  Gerrard were  up during  tho week
in adorning ch.1... to the «obh diamantliog tbo old tpill h»M.
rive, upon  tyhiCh there 1- an 18
■un nf good  grade asbestos.
Phe r-i.u't \a the pure quill, and is
Masterp John and Wjlli.   Light-
.i.rtliy  the attention  oi exp rts   burn**-, ions  of  W. J. Lij-htburne^
fbe property is     . ihesnctie of ihe Union Hotel, Arrowhead, are
sj odn
Tl •• ch. ir of tl e Ang){can pbujrrh
pjll   h n.'y hold n Saere I Cohcerl in froui Cnnibornp on Tu'esduy.
in the church.   Tiie   music will
visiting .Mrs. J, I). Kenno-iy.
Frank Ah. y, sen. and jun., were
consist of antljonis, saorsd son-js
l!.-., the ;ii.ir wil Lsconducled I.y
Mrs Wilkie. Thp proceeds will
be dcvotecMollghtipg nml furnish*
■ l.uiMin*,*.
Jim OUq,  jl'anH.c.-ne ma up b?
see, old 'rietidy, Tuesday.
Thp Lads 5rotheiL have sccurei*.
ilm -.•inn-act for driving 1,000 feej,
on lhe Hig Tiiua..!
The Rev. I' I' fjoott wi'l protoh
in tii.. Methodist C.'.urcd, l'mut
Lake, An*:   5th, 11 a m. and 8,
p.in., and .11 V .,:■ it.ni 'i 0 m.
The llev. D. W. Sootl  willbfl at
1 iei rard tl.e same da V morning .1 nd '|v w".**'t'^ killed-ind seven other**
,Vl-im. injured,  bJJ|. Vf. P-  Pool, «f Nel:
l,i the flpent serious nulwa*-
aocident qn the .*Jpokarfe FallB and
Northern R^Jltyay, in wbioh four
The yield uf ..t.a lierrie.- ti.ir
i year in the district l;aij been
exceptionally heavy.   Owing  tr* a
uon, wan l^dly .-ui up.
The 'cnipany's bqarijiog  house
at (lyrrard is new  iu  mil  uwirg,
scarcity of  labor,   Jno.   Pullman' and  evcrrtiiine   in   good  shape.
! has a large quantity which. auiiot'i'n,l  Morrison  is   munsging th-j
' I'e pitk.d I *;9jn,n:isia.-iat department
JT. ■    .    '.     ^^tkmAmfmMmMmAm
"By  Joanna  Sin/fl*
Copyright. 11*11.  hi* _, >'. I'aroells
Silvia Maine itretcbetl out a gaunt
nnn and slammed down tbo window of
Lur little dressmaking shop,
"Looks like spring wanted to pit in
here, ton," sin* remarked precariously
through tl.e mouthful of pins which
alio  was  dui'i l.v   transferring  to   the
Isntn' .\elly Mean s, and ue.it It will 09
Annie Puiue's. If What I hear is so,
perbapi iril be your Alice's before
long." Tlii» old i.it.it squirmed and
asked what she meant He wanted no
son-in-law, though he could not object
to John.
-Why, you won't believe It, but that
tiulf blind, hobbling old .Unison is making up tO tbe Widow Klug, Ihey say.
si.e's baudaome aud young looklu' sud
well heeled, tbo beat cook In town nnd
I > omlcal t.m.   she's good tempered,
How  Annual   Slaughter of Animals  on
los Field Is Carried Out—Tho
Industry li Very Perilous,
Newfoundland's sealing fleet of
twenty-five steamers, carrying 0,000
men, Bulled a few dayi ago f.»r tho
ocean expanse off Labrador, where tho
wide lot tinea are found. P, T. Me-
Qrath writes to The Toronto News from
St. John's: "It Is on these Ice 11.i.n tli.it
the pinnipeds or hair tealt give binh
to their young, then Infant manunali
being   ll.e   chief   prey   nf   the   sellllliell,
an_ being slaughtered by tin* thousand
These hair seo.lt are distinct frnm tin.
fur seals of Alaska and Behrlng Bea,
and are mainly In demand fnr their
skin nnd fat, the termer being tanned
and converted Into leather, and the latter being rendered Into oil an.l uaed at
a substitute fnr medicinal cod oil, for
making loapi anil fur illuminating
lighthouses. The Newfoundland seal
hunt, ti-.ii, li prosecuted vary differently
from the Alaskan, The former seals
keep entirely to the lot or the open
ocean, nini It requires powerful steamers, able to force through the Hoes, lo
engage In the work successfully. The
men venture forth upon these mighty
crystal pmlrios and pursue th'ir victims for miles, trusting to their expert*
ii" ss und turefootadneii te oonduot tho
ohaae to an Issue and regain their ships
once more by nightfall,
Per.foui  Hunt.
The  Newfoundland  Industry Is he
except about John's murrylu' Alice,
an.l I kind of bate In see her throw herself away, But Judson's a sly old
coot. Anyhow, I hope she marries and
leaves John free, lie nn.l Alice have
waited long enough—It ain't right!
Well, I got to be join".   You tell Alice
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^        , 1 was here."    She walked off, leaving
folds of the gleaming white satin gown ■ ,|1P 0i(1 mn_ „-|tn „ n0,v fear-and wilh
draped on the lovely girl who .stood pa- ' a new Idea In Ills head.   That Judson!
tienlly ls.foro her.  She continued: , Ho and Judson had always conflicted.
"The laycock buds ll all buitln1 out, j He grunted and lit his pipe.
and the wind  smells good enough  to I    Spring  passed   into   early   summer,
eat, but I can't have It blowln' your j and In Juuo Nelly and Harry and An-
hair   Into  my  eyes  and  lettln'   these ! nle aud Illchard were narrled.   Alice,
folds skowin'.  VnuM bine a conniption ! sweet and grave and dark eyed, sang
lit   If your  weildln'  dross   didn't  set    at  the  weddings.     Her  rich   soprano
pood, and so would  I.   11  would dis- ; was Indispensable.   John watched her
grace  mo.   I've   niinle  every  weddin' ! In lovo aud despair and began to won-
tlrest ln this Village for fifteen yeara,    der If, after all, prudence aud caution
oil except Mainly Butler's, which was ' wore not sometimes vices as well as
city made, thongfa 1 tint Just say that I virtues.    Would  ho  never bo  free  to
li.i.l anything to do with her beln1 .11     tnko Alice to his owu home?   Would
vorced In u year's tin..*"  Nelly laugh- , sho never leave tier father to come to
edas ibe replied: blm?   He went to see her much of toner [ yon**  a»  Question  more  perilous  than
•Tu, Lot sure that I'd know It If It    tln.u had been his habit, and. strange | ^„ot^i._*____!!,  '.'.   _..-?__? .!i
didn't fit, Sylvy. Is It silly to be BO to say, of evenings her father dlsap-
bappyl Here Harry and I've been en peered, no oue asked where, tud left
gaged only a year, and our folks ull them to themselves. Jol.n and Alice
like It, and now his grandfather leaves were tgalu almost the boy aud girl
lilm all that money, and everything's i lovers of ten years ago. They took
perfect." She blushed with shy pleas- twilight walks and long drives uumo-
ure to the roots of her beautiful blond lested and unquestioned aud were very
hair. The withered little spinster dress     happy.
iiinker Slghld.    Her only  love bad lu       With surprise John began to realize
anger married another woman and hud   that bis mother no louger nagged blm
been unhappy till bit early death. about hit engagement nor had tits of
"It's silly not to be 11s happy as the    weeping,   during   which   she  declared
T.or.l will let you be, Nelly.   I don't let    that he was going to mnke her a stran-       w- __    .,	
myself git too old to forgtt that _0U gor and a dependent In her own house, j tempests which sometimes sweep then
and Harry tip ns happy us yon can nud Then one eveuing he took courage northern teas. The men. In their turn,
be good. There-ain't that sleeve and masterfully laid before Alice a most guard against drowning by sink-
sweet? I got to git this dr.**-s ,,f yours plan to brave everybody. Finally she Ing through -the seals' thinly crusted
done this wc.k to'l I can git at Annie yielded, though she dreaded tho ex-
Palne'a. Her weddln's In June too. It's planation that would have to follow.
tbe I...id's own mouth for we.l.lin's. One soft September evening John,
and there had ought to be another be- with a license ln his pocket, drove to
sides yours and Annie's in this rtl- ber door and told her father he was
lage." Nelly's resplendent Image in going to take ber for a drive to Lynn-
the glass made her ask absently: vllle, ten miles away, and that they
"What Other wedding do yon mean?"   would not be back till eveuing.    The
"John King's nnd Alice While's." 0]j ma_ was n.ed to their driving and
Nelly considered the lit of her little sa|d nothing. Iu fact, he seemed al-
glrdle befme she said carelessly: ' most anxious to have Alice go.
"Why, they've been engaged forever. | r,flte in the evening they returned
Everybody's used to it 1 guest they mnn and wife. John tied the horse
nr.* themselves, or they'd do something   and went in to have it out with Alice's
almut  it.     I   know   Hurry   would   not      __,
wait thnt way for me- he-he cares too   enough,  was not  to  be found
amid winter conditions, bllaaardl and
ttvtre frosts, whlcjt occasion tragedies
appalling ln their gruesome accompaniments. There Is SCSTOtly I lea-
son without Its awtwmt Ult of fatalities or Its hai rb read lh escapes, and
none but men of tht m st rugged constitutions could stand the perils and
hardships attendant upon this Industry. The ships have lo face lhe risks
of colliding with iMbargS while fogs
betel them, of being crushed between
contending Hoes while storms a.-s.iil, ef
being driven ashore by the pressure of
he Ice pack, or of being sunk by tba
blow-holes  in  the  lee, of being frozen
to death by the terrible blizzards which
occasionally  are  met   while  they    are
abroad on the floes, or of perishing from
starvation and exposure while enveloped In the fogs that often overspread ths
floes and make It  Impassible for these
men to read, their ships.
Carry  No  Food
For greater ease In their work they
go  lightly cl.id and carry  little or no
food, trusting to ih<lr active exertions
to    maintain    the    warmth    of    their
j surroundings. Often     the     horrors
which  are  enacted   on   th. so   north, rn
father.    But  the  old  man,  strangely ! flue" ,M_.*"** lho ,"1ost tr**-**° ln tn**
iSlT     j annals of authentic adventures.   Buoh,
_.._,. ._v.i , .,       . . ' f°r   Instance,   was    the    case   of   tht
waited awhile, and then John left ber Greenland,    In UM.   of   whose   m.n
.0 go tell his mother, forty-seven   were  frozen  to death and
knew tint nn ™m„„ „ ,         , .   ,          Wueu be liad %0De Allce sat, silent. * sixty-three badly frostbitten by being
In.  alw-1,   oil    T '° ** ! ta tlle bl« <**>* °" ***« Porch, happv In called by a blizzard  while  far from
__L   H_?i    _  ,i1 nTr  "Ur"    6I'i,e  uf  '**• Probable  trouble Juhn's *** shlP' ln" "°"" **-*"•-■ •*•-»■ •' •*
noil     Mie took the last pin  from her    moa,M wou|d mnk     , ,    „     f less fury for two days and nights, and
" ts l,',1, „eXI,""nCd:, , ' of her *****»" ^rt»H    uger    At anv    ^ Mn' "***-** »hdtw"
..and in  1,   w '''r •;    ''r f;",,17,,"?I   "•"• Mttto» on ««• «** "ake ^
dren's bapplnes.    IU,,, ' f '] -0*s ?," 3oh* "ld wom,ered wllpre ll(*r
ther bad anv one to Iwk after html   1 ■T'U_ ['TMy h6'   In ba,t an
doubt whelhVr Alice, i- ,   ,  1 ,""'    !___*___     tT      •,°""'9   ^   *"',;"r
est   thing  that  ever   IH,- „,   g, t     *****    "" SWU"g '" " U,e Rat9
Nelly nt twenty miw no romance In a
ten   years'   engagement   but   Sylvia
along witb John's mother. She's a
beady old piece if si,,*- la smart and
handsome, nn.l sin* :: < - her own way
too well to want a daughter-in-law to
bare tirst pinee in the I .uie John has
earned nnd built with his own hands.
Ills father wns no earthly account, und
folks do lay nil Mrs. Kiiiginnrri.il blm
for wns to spite Corn ; 1 aet, who
v..is dead in love with him and wns
never married on that account, they
say." Sylvia took the soft satin carefully ..If over the girl's pink shoulders.
Nelly's sympathy was arouted. Asshe
iir.-s-.si the made a laughing proposal.
"Well, something ought to be done,
and It's work fnr you. Sylvy. You're
always setting things itri '•-■lit for pen-
pi... Why don't tbe old folks g.*t them-
iclvet ont of the way? Why, they
might gel married they might marry
-.:.. r!   Vim niie.nl to It—you've
d  harder things-aiui I'll help you
As the plrl stepped ..ut Into the sun-
Ihtne si.win sank Into a chair.
"She beau time!" she n ittered. "But
It ain't 11 bad idea, it ain't 11 half bad
Idee, nini I wonder at myself for not
thliikin' of It"
Meantime Nelly sauntered toward the
King cottage, when J .hi - mother
wns nt wnrk among tbe Rower beda,
Tho widow whs a tall, slim old lady,
a- neat ns wax and still handsome In
a warlike sort of way, with very black,
■nippy eyes, while teeth und thick
gray balr, Nelly slopped and leaned
over iin* fi nee,
■.; 1 morning, Mrs. Kii g" The old
lady eimie along, with her trowel, to
stniie at the pretty girl. She wai extremely Imiii or nny girl wbo wns eu-
gagod or not likely to want her son
J..hn. Nelly chatted away
"Tie been for the tail fitting of my
wedding dresi Bylvy't a gcnluil She's
perfect!) lovely! When is John going
to be married, Mrs, King?" she iin*uir-
I...I Innocently, 'lhe old lady stiffened,
lbtii Neiiy continued: "I'm so happy
thlt I want everybody to be! Bylvy
says ilmt Cornel . Jones Is setting her
cap ni Alice's f ither, and I hope she
gels  I,llll.  sn   Alice '.III   11.llie here   Willi
you and John    She would take tbe
work   nlT   your   hinds,   nml   she's   so
sweet I Itut I'll bo rattier torry for Mr.
White, Cornelia is such a desperate
.ild maid and no cook or housekeeper
nt  all,  nnd he's  so good   looking and
well ..ff ii.ni in* deserves n better woman to take cure of things. Well, men
are queer, and she certainly must have
been awfjilly pretty once "
Mrs. King snorted
"She uns tieiei* a mite pretty, to my'
mind, she sei her cap ni John's father i
when we were *_i*|s. l.ui sho didn't get
blm. Oh, must vim go?"
Kelly said wodby snd wont her way,
seemingly unconscious of tht storm of
wrath she awakened lu the widow's
bosom. John's mother knew hu would
marry somo day In Spite of her, and
the dreaded Uie day.
Toward ovcuiug Sylvia went to seo
Alice White, though she kuow perfectly Will that the girl would be at choir
practice. She lingered a moment ou
the porch. When Alice's father snt
smoking, He was a straight, blue eyed
old man. Sylvia sat dowu ou Uie steps
to rest
"I been awful busy," she remarked.
"Folks will get married, tnd that
means wvdOJp' dressy*.   j'B just 00* -
Interesting Group In the St. Lawrence
Where Dwell the Acadian Remnant.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^       "Rarely does  the world  hear of Ihe
and almost ran to take her In his arms, j Magdalen Islands or of the people wh
Picturesque  London Type Pract.cslly s
Thing of tho Past—Bettor Socisl
Condition. Responsible.
Hns anyone teen 1 "itreel arab"
lately, ont of tht typi Immortallied by
Dloktnt In ".io." .....i described to will
by tht latt Lord Shafttaburyl "Hold
nml pen, and dirty ns London tpai
rowt, 1.in pale, ( eble, and tadly Interior to them In plumpnest . r outline."
wrote his lordship, In that ttlrrlng
"Quarterly Review" artlolt In whloh ht
nnn tn in*.mint of hit explorations in
the iii.iiei-uoriii o( London, They btg-
gedi thieved, itng In the streets, herded
nut In nomad crowd!, sm. were not
only 11 nutttnet but • soolal menace,
There nre still thousands of walfl
...iti strsys mui truant boyt In tho
London ttrettt, but the old type hat
i/tnlshi *i. and his dttappearanot mtrki
.uie of the greatest soolal ohangei thai
has some ov. r the life of England within rec nl yeai 1,
That wat the Interesting ititemtnl
iiiiiib- by Mr. J. W. C, Fegtn, "f tht
Boys' Horns nt Southwark, which bas
a branoh In T ronto 1 intarlo, to a
newspaper repretentatlva in n remlnls*
,-ent .*..iii rt Hon whloh covered thirty
■/ears' txperlenet In ihs reclamation of
li.ni. less hoys. Mr K, gun began hi"
work as s le.iiiit'i* In s "B -.n
Boh .1." n.1,1 in* .rn n oall tho tlm
when he t*,,u!,l go out itarohlng for
"street trabe" (Il was 1 >rd Shaflatbun
who gavt them tlmt title), and c ml
liSt*k tien evening with title n or
twenty, quite h common "b *
"Now," he says, "l could hardly g*t
one. There are still boyi U> h» I
in need of n home and n itarl In life,
but tho old olatt h - been Improved
■ut of txlstenoe, in th s.e early days
tho boys lived In gangs, ileeplng under
railway arohee, In vans, on barges, ..h.i
in impty houses. Tiny wer.- K' 11
driven lnio the streets by the cruelty
of j.ti.eiits, but to many tht lift had
1 itrangt buelnai a it wat full ot
n Iventure, irr gularlty, and bard
but they liked It, I often on. or ttt 0
i. 1 - wh * ii nl tak. n 1 . li would ini-ejt
s ,.v, i, boyt f
In Illustration of thii lasl point, Mr
V dun tells a <iu;:e romantic story of
r*. remarkablt character who one. ■
under hli notice, hii.1 WhOM tn. 1
still lives in thir purlieu. ..f Wettmln-
»:.*r. 11.. nus known ..1 "Stuttering
it b." Bob iu- well connected, being
the nephew of on-* ..f ...ir in*.*-: dii-
tinguishni iivins actort Developing s
roving resiles* disposition, hs be*
name the astooltt* of low oompanlons,
*nd, although bit dlttraoted father fr -
luently sought him out aiui brougbl
him home, bt tlwtyi returned to his
old haunis. II. obtained h * .mine from
an Infirmity of -*i > ■ it, ind one of his
great. •• 111 '. » of teal 1- was to drem
up as "Poor Jo" nh ii Mill Jennlt I. •*
was living h*-r remarkablt representation of tb it chai 1. i»r   In tattered sar
si .'ii'i. generally wnen in arms.
"Thirty  ynns  ago,"  ii» s'.ys*  ""*'",
could ment wiih eighty fines of cruelty j
tl ont thut e .mil uii.ler our notice
now. one of the worsl oatei I ever
knew ii ..s when n  father tied hi" It 11les
boy to Um biditead and thrtthed htm
with s stick. Winn hs dropped, or
itemed likely to iwoon, this unnatural
father revived him by applytns lighted
Mill. Il.»    In    llllll.      Tllell*    licit     ll    ll'll'l*
...-is of cruelly to children In thott
da) . nnd this oonducl wat r. iponttbli
for the msi hordes or 'itreel nmi.-' wi
had to .l.ui nin. nm Mr Waugh'i io*
olety has niado a marvtloui lmpiove-
Just  Escaped.
An Rngllsh newspaper has nn Item
sbout a lltiln Scotch boy who, while
playing on tin. dooki, ftll Into tht miter and was with great dllllcuity rescued
by a bystander.
"Vou outrlit to be very lind I wss
nsttr by." slid  hi*  rescuer.
"I nm,'-  replied   tht boy,   "And I'm
so glad ye got in, ut Whal n ll.'kln'
I wa.l got from my n.llhur If I'd 1, «u
THE success of
1     d
epends  u
;on the
fl^r fitead and pa8try
muit be more than W
ly Vnai; they ,»Ust
b« wholesome, digestible
nourishing, '
The   Lur  depend,
upon thc wheat ,,ld tu
way it is milled.
Royal Household Flour
The 1 Ir.i Hots,
The moat Important uses of fire were
tauifht by lire Itself. As the primitive
man stood neiir the ilnnics of the burn-
liiK lice and felt their plensiint glow bl
leiirned that lire inny add to bodily
comfort and when the liinnes swept
through a forest and overtook 11 .ber
.....1 baked It he learned that tire might
be used to imprint, the quality of bis
food.    The hint wns not lost,    lie took
u l.uri.ti.K torch to Ills cave or hut iiml
kindled lilm a life nn his floor of earth.
His dwelling (Died with smoke, but he |
could  endure the  discomfort  for flic |
sake of the fire's wnrinth ami for the 1
sake of the toolhsniiieiiess of the cook- I
ed meats.    After a  time u hole was |
made   In   the   roof   of   tho  hut,   and |
through this hole tiie imolM pawed out.
Here was tho lirst st.no. The primitive stove was the entire house, the
llntir was the fireplace and the hole In
the roof was the chimney. The word
"stove" orlglnnlly meant "a bested
room." So that If we should say that
at lirst people Ilfed lu their stoves we
would say that which Is literally true.
—St. Nicholas.
is   made   fro,,,   Bpr*
wheat only.   Jt iH milled
by the newest and best
machinery.  It is purified
by electricity,
Use It and you get
bread not only light, crisp
and appetising, but also
You will hem, )1Hir
bakina by buying Ogil-
vie's Royal Household
Flour from youi grocer,
Ogllvle Hour Mills Co., lid.
"'••line's    Honk    |bl    „   Oook."
■•„,,..„,,,   ISO  ,
recipes, ...in,, i,,,, , 1
""■    '"'■"   •' 'il i„u
nowtogBtltifUKK. ' u
I'rai'llenl   l.lniiii...<li.   s._„   nl   llrmh.
I>r. tilt of I.illelionne ilhroiich .lotir-
nal   des   sciences   nnilicales  de   I.lllei
Suggests   the  followlnir   prnctl.nl   nn.l
simple method of ascertaining whether
or not life Is present: The point selected Is the forearm, which Is quickly accessible. Is froo from brilr ami Is easily
ezpoeed, The arm is extended horizon.
tally from the body and tha forenrm
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ pronatitl. If the t.«t ts made In the
nienls. nnd  will, ,1 br om In his hand,    open nlr a clonk Is held so ns to shield
be would, itand   nutsido  th#   theaii.i   the part fr.un all motion of the atmosphere.   The flame of a candle Is now
.h.r .M.n I., ii.ii iicrlnt, and uli :».
bt 11 ltd p. ilnllvely r. i"*si * l'l-p -
pl. rise to rs re-m rn!..*r Poor J." Ho
iiii.lo btapt of 1: ■!!*>• In :hU nnv. l.ut
squander d    It    anions   his    11 lid    boy
tally lie   was   rai
and  .Mr. Fegan't  Isst  Istter from  him
directly applied to a spot on the fore
inn, which is closely wstobed by the
observer. At the end of n few seconds
a swelling rapidly furins ami burst**.
If it contains air or gas the tissues are
•unit fr.m lh,-  United Stales, and Inld    lifeless.   If It contnlns liquid or eiuda-
ihat   "Stuttering   Bob"   wss   ttcadlly    tlou lifo Is present
maklns his wsy In ths world.
lie kissed her, nnd he laughed- actually laughed—like a boy. Then lie explained:
"He's at my house—your father. It
seems they took advantage of our absence to marry each other, Alice.
How's that for sly? They braved me
to my fuce, but they wero so afraid
occupy Uiem, the descendant!, of Long.
f.'jo.vs Acadian.., Immortalised In
'Evangeline* many of whom s'tlled
here," writes P, T. MoQrath to The
Chicago Dally News from St. John's.
Nild. "This group of Islets Is In the
.lulf of ki. Lawrenee, ijo miles fr..m
ihe const of Newfoundland. Thii
spring  thpy hav- be n    brought    Into
should weep ou hit tboulder. Hut
Sylvia was a woman—she would buve
known the reason.
that we would be angry that thev were ! prominence because of the 30.000 seals
positively relieved   when  I  told  them    .'i!1' *?_» *■" k'1!ed on ,,"'lr $0n*i
—.,_   _.«• 1   ^ ..-. , 'he Mugdalrns are an segregation ol
what wed don.-,     ihey  are coming 1 :4 Is;and?  §om, ,0 1_na„ as t„ b, un.
over hero tomorrow, dearest, and then    inhabited, and others tuttalalng about
our home will be our own." j i,S00  soul.      The group  is   chlelly  re-
Then John, being n man, could not markable for Itt tblpwrecka, for it lies
Just see why Alice could declare that right In the track of shipping bound 10
Bhe   was   perfectly   happy   and   still    Bnd fr"m Montreal.      The tlulf of St.
Lawrence Is fill'.1 with be floes fr.m
December to May, and no ships but the
Newfoundland sealers can force thell
way Ihrough these masses, so that the
Magdalens  are cut   off  from  all   -
muttlcatlon will, lhe outer world save
No Intercourse is
possible even wilh the neighboring
casts. Every fall a half-year's stock
of provisions has to be laid In, as there
is no means of replenishing the stores
until spring comes.
Owned by Coffin Fsmily.
"The   tettltrt   are   Krench   of speech
and action, and their Industrial habits
aro  moulded   on   Preach   patterns  and
The World's Water Supply.
A German scientist predicts that the ' by the telegraph
tlmo will come when there will not be
water enough remaining on this globe
to support buninu life. We arc left to
suppose that our shrinking sphere will
form caverns in Its interior Into which
tlie oceans will sink. For a similar
reason, as some astronomers believe,
thero is no man ln tbe moon, the for
mer waters on Its surface, if there ever their d imestle lift It virtually that of
were uny, having retired Into Its cav- I the Breton peasant, The Acadians
enioiir. interior. We have no evidence i nrst lettled here in 1763, after France
at present of subterranean hollowi of hu(* b'"" d 1"-v*'d of Canada and
any extent, and the earth's crust is con- ! A<adla had  b'"n  rav',ged'   **   Lon'!
This in only ono of Ihe Instances of
ion of a street nr»h of tho
old type with which Mr r-11 I'tmem*
y led.    ''f the causej  which
have led to the disappearance of the
.-ia.«s, one of the motl Important hss.
of cons., been  education, an.! it  wat
•"Van  In  llie  gIleal**
Emerson was lint the first to nse this
phrase in his "Conduct of Mfe." which
was publish.it In I-mVi. lu the first series of the ".Ircvllli- Memoirs." under
date Mnnli S3, is.'!'1, occurs the follow-
in   this  direction   thst   ih«  "Ragged   Ing passage:
began ::.■• 1! .neer workwb   h      "Then will come the question of a
the board school later,  and   now   the   dissolution, which one side atllrms will
Ink." place directly, and the other that
ue oontlnued.
"i'ii -i   -o many boys." laid
Mr. l-'.gui. "who are qualified for permanent  mui  progresalvt  tmployment,
In lhe ii > * s in by oould not have
■ 1 any kin I of work. Th* >
td or writs   'iid «ere to uniraln-
r. If thi y wi re .1      I i .• an
.'.j. ■ i in tli    oentra or ihe table, say.
ild n • ■'. 1 It"
Wh 11 board  I iho >ll were establish-
el.     n* of the first  (etchers to be put
,:*.'. of a special sohool mi that
1    f- ItoW    and    aim..st    ganlus.
'       •  Hiiii.ii.iiiTi     lll« school  was  In
iii,» ttrtet, Dept ford   tnd Mr. K»ga
the king will not consent to It. knowing, ns 'tlie man lu the street' (as we
.nil him nt Newmarket) alwtiys does,
the greatest secrets of kings aud being
lli." confidant of their most hidden
It would appear from this that tho
expression was In common use among
racing men la 1830.—Notes itid Queries.
The  I.mnn.   nf  ih.   Imi.rt.
Ws never tire of the drama of sun-
.. h . n .rk.ii in th   taint aetghborh -od, | set. I go forth each afternoon and I.Kik
tinually adjusting Itself by earth.itiiiko
dislocations to ths pressures within and
Without    Besides, nature lias provided
this planet of ours with 11 rather large
fellow tells. In 1789 the British monarch bestowed the islands on Admiral
Coflln for services before Qunbec and
to hia descendant! tht group now belongs.   The settlers pay an annual ran
water supply.   Nearly three-fourths of j tal on the basis of 20 cents an acre of
the    earth's    surface?—or    144,712380
square miles—are Covered by the ocean,
Which is reckoned to be of an avenge
depth of at least two miles.   The globe
must  contract  enormously  and  leave
the lands they occupy, and recent legislation obliges the landlords to sell
when ever a tenant proffers a sum
equal to fifteen years' rental, but most
of the occupant! are too poor to purchase.    In a.l.lil ion lo fishing, agrlcul-
lomi hug,; cavities before our oceans I tare  In  li_  elementary forms  It foi
disappear.    At present Its crust by no I lowed
nienns resembles 11 rigid arch. It Is a
wnvy curve, the topi of its niountnlm
in than tivo miles high and the low
est of Its sea floors more thnn five
miles deep. We inny safely count on
several millions of yean before tbe
lust mau has uot a drop to drink.
The way to reach or to attain to anything Is to bend oni-Nclf toward It with
all one's might, and we approximate
It just In proportion to the Intensity
inul the persistency of our effort to
attain lt--Siiecess Magazine.
A Hard Cot.
Mrs. Newcsst-I am thinking of taking a short holiday nnd visiting some
of tho scenes associated with my ancestors. Mrs. De Hleii Klood-Cuttlng-Ob,
but slumming is so horribly out of date
Where  lo  Ilii-re  •  Boll.
Thomas Hailey Aldrlch, commenting
I oncp upon tl.e trials of Job, remarked
that the only proper place to have a
' boll wit between "John" and "O'Beil-
w*          •
Wo never can say why we love, but
only thnt we love. The heart Is xeady
enough ut feigning excuses for nil .that
It does or Imagines of wrong, but ask
it to give a reason for any of its beautiful and divine motives, and It can
only look upward and be dumb,—Lowell.
"All loo rarely are Ihe Magdalens
visited by tourists and health seekers.
They I .rm an admirable fuu.mer resort.
Tha settlera are simple, frugal and Industrious, with old-world habits, unfamiliar speech and dress and Iho manners which so charm the visitor to tho
lovely Norman iliil.-.s and pleasant lire-
ton valleys. The Islands ure not all
mere rocks, in many places sandstone
Cliffs rise ulieer from IJie s.a GOO feel,
and again they sen to overhang When
the sea has fretted away their -bajie At
some points the hills slope gradually
upward from the water to tha middle of
the Islands, rising COO feet high, a d
the Interior presents an Interesting variety of scenery. In the bays are to bo
f 1 .ml fine sea trout, which yield excellent fishing."
knew Inm well, iluiiclmsn used lo tell
h iw, when be n.i let h ng a class of
'•.units'   the alph.ilii 1. ht n*ke.| them ti
0 ipy ih» letter "1" on tht blackboard.
. o,.    boy iii.id.*   some  very fulr Imlin-
Iml  he  alto  added  a  number  of
• I   hieroglyphics   whloh   Itui.clinan
c .ihi not understand,
"Whal Hi- these, my boy?" ho asked.
T ise, sir." ii.,- the quaint answer.
"I Henight wt would not have It all
"t," and It would b    nice to hnvu cof-
f. e us »• 11." Tht itrangt writing was
his way ..f representing ooffoe.
Another greal  reason f..r tha fllsap-
pe irani e of lh.   ... 1 llmi   str •( "arab"
been  tht  sweeping away  of  the
slums  ami   r*t l.eiiis  — a  process  not
Ripll ted     A   1 mnl  1r1e.1t   r. n    .n   1*
t.. bt t 'nn,) In lb. b ie i enl w *i k ..f
th» Bodily for the Prevention of
Cruelty t*. Children it has created
something like a new oontolenot tmong
fat hen and mothers, «h.se oulburiu
of viol.-ii.* u-*.l r . .Iilve I...is ind siil*
lot > tht Mr.  Kigali tells - ■•..".
h*.;. Iltng ilorlei t lh. oruelly prac-
'i...*.i in unfa.. ng parent! ...i their off-
luto the west a quarter of an hour before sunset with fresh curiosity to see>
oli.it new picture will Im- painted there.
What new phenomenon exhibited, what
new dissolving views. Every day a
new picture Is painted nnd framed.
I.eld up for half an hour In such lights
ns tlie great artist chooses and then
withdrawn and the curtain falls. The
sun goes down, long the afterglow
gives light, llie damask curtains glow
along the western window, the lirst
star Is lit, and I go hou.e.—Eroiu Tho-
reau'i "Winter."
Tlie   IlUe   In   the   lUver.
It is intie short of astonishing to
tee how little water is required to Boat
the southern river steamers, a boat
loaded with perhaps s thousand bales
of Hilton slipping along contentedly
where .. boy could wads across the
stream,   Once, however, tbe Obatta-
boochee got too low fnr even h.r light
draft commerce, nn.l at Oonboat
sboali n steamer grounded. As tho
drinking water on !•< ..i r«i needed replenishing, s deck hand was senl aabore
Willi a COUple of WSter buckets.   Just
at this moment a northern traveler sp-
proachad the captain of the boat, and
ii-ko.i hnn hon  long he thought tbey
WOUld hnve to stuy there.
"..I., only until Hint man gets ba. k
wilh a bucket of WSter t.i pour Into
the river." the captain replied. Presently the deck hnn.I returned, and ih*
stnic    water    frnm    ihe    COOlet    was
emptied overboard.   Instantly, t<> tho
iuiiiizi* lit   of   the   traveler,   the   Ismt
Im'chii to move.
Well. If that doesn't lient thund.i"-
be gasped.
The fact was that tbe Imnt. touching
the bottom,  had acted ns .. dan., und
there was snon backed up behind I.or
enough water to lift her ovti tbe shoal
aud  send her on down  the stream.
Pcmrr  ol   \^ ..r.l..
Words have not their Import from the
natural power of particular Combination! nf characters or from tbe raal ef-
ii. in y nf certain sounds, l.ut from tho
(Onset)! nf thOSS Srho HSS them nnd arbitrarily iiiinei certain Ideas to then.,
Which might hnve signified with cq.inl
propriety by any other.-Oliver Cromwell
And  by   Increasing   Nerve   Force  Restores
Vitality to Every Organ of the Body
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
Experience Teaches.
The progressive farmer la the   one
who is willing to make failures   and
UMUvby gain experience.
A   loin "Ht   Provision  »l  IKatnre.
"The co.IHhIi," said tlie professor,
"lays considerably more than 1,000,-
000 eggs."
"It Is mighty lucky for tbe codfish
ilmt she doesn't have to cackle over
every egg," snld the student who came
from a farm.
not ..,,..1.
Lawyer—You any you left home on
the 20th. Witness Ves, Hlr. Lawyer
—And came back on the 2.'lli V Witness -Yes, sir. Lawyer (severely)—
What were you doing In tbs Interim?
Wltneee—Never win lu such a place.
Suicide, in unity, falling sickness,
i ■ ' ■ I ■ . These are some >.t the re
mink iii wi.rn.iiit nerves, No one
wiiiii.i nenei. ei ;, ,|js, ;,SI. M dreadful
in ll - result i ., nervous exhaustion
ii tho dnngei were only realised with
in.' Bn i symptoms
Tha lime to begin tho restoration
ol ihe ii- .v. hy ih.. use >.r in.
- ohm's Nerve Pood Ik when you I'm I
yourself unable lo sleep   at   nlghis.
iff. i Ing in.in h. adaches m* neural
;':'   Pain . indti i  nnn m* weak i rt
I .Ota or Hi h and weight, growing
weakness and debility, a tend, ncy to
ni   i'ii the din les of the duy. gloomy
for. i....i ■ im the future, are other
in.in.*.iinns ni  depleted  nerves,
You cannni nken Dr, Chase's
Nerve food to nny modlclne ever
11 •■ i ii Is ii nerve vltnllser and
tlsiue-buiidcr of . iceptlonal    power.
Naturally nmi gradually 11 rekindles
life in the nerve i "lis and Forma new
red corpuscles in ths blood* the only
wm iii thoroughly cum nervous disorders,
Sirs,   W,   H     Siiiherlnli.l.   Sl    An.l-
drews, Mnn. writes:
"iii February, mini, I was strlcksn
with paralysis, fell helplessly on tho
ii....I* mil had in I... carried to bed
iin* iiii.ini. pronounced It a bad cum.'
as I hn.i no power in mi tongue nmi
i.n leg, I remained in iimi condition for six months withnm obtaining benefit fron the doctor's pics
cnpiloni  or other medlolnei,
"My husband advised me in try
Dr. I'ln'os Nerve Food and by the
us., of mis treatment nil lytnptomi nf
ih.* disease had disappeared i oan
now talk plainly, my ing Is nil right
nu.i I oan dn my Iu.iih.' work. I am
grateful to be cured by ».i wonderful
o remedy."
Mrs. (Jeorge Fuller, Lakeland!
Mnn, writes:
"I am vmy glsd to be able in Hint.'
nmi I have ive..iv...i gmiit benefit
irom ti... use ..f Dr, Chase's Nerve
Food, ii hns cured me nf nervous
headache from which i used to be ■
greal infferer, and I mn no longer
troubled with twitching of the nerves
in Um in ms nnd logs that I used in
haVS ns iiiinn as I went In bed. I nm
grateful for uns cure and shall ni
wayi recommend Dr, Cbnie's Nerve
Food I., anyone lufferlng as 1 have."
Dr. Chaie'i Nerve Food; r,u cents,
at ai dealers, or Bdmsnson, Bates •*.
Co.,  Toronto.
A   l««-m»rli»lili.  Crttti
Oeneral Bam Houston was not only
t great Texan, bnt probably the most
striking uud commanding figure which
bus y.-t appeared In the public life of
(he  fnr southwest     horn iu  Virginia,
tnki'ii to Tennessee st an early age,
whence, while yel In Ins teens, be wont
to «..r wuh Andrew Jackson ngninst
the rreek Indians; d.-sp.*r.it.-ly wounded ln the iniitie nf the Horaechoo lieiid;
adjutant general of Tennessee unit a
representative In congress fr.uu that
state; governor of Tennessee In bis
youtb; married, separated from hli
wife i.i two montba, resigning Immediately ns governor, self allied tot
years among tbs Cherokee In.linns,
en.igniting to Texas in 1832; member
of the convention of 1836, Which de-
clsred Texas to !«• an Independent republic; general ami commander In
chief of the army which achieved in-
dependence st ."sun Jacinto; twice
lent of tb" republic, United states
senator and governor of the state.—
('. A. Culbenon In Kerlbner't.
J...in    line    .•rttt*.-r...ni;..
"John lino" proceedings were n!>ol-
Isbed by law In Ureal Britain in 1802.
I'i*.-iniiis tn Iiinl lime John DOS had
llu'iind lu tbe old fi.sliioiie.l ejectment
in iimi for u.e recovery of the possession of iiiii.i. together with damages
fnr ths wrongful withholding thereof.
I'nr various reasons of convenience
an.l history dating from the reign of
Edward in. A did nol proceed ngninst
It directly  In Sacfa S  .use.    Instead  A
<l. in.•te.l to Ii iiii entirely false statement frnm lhe llrtitimis "J.,Iiii lure"
ll.ni A had deviled tl.e lind In ".Inl..."
fnr a lerui of years, ami "John" I,a.I
is-, n misled fr.un it by the equally
Ibtlllmis   ' lll.hnr.l   line."    Then   Itlell-
nnl Informed li that l.e wns nut gniug
tn defend tba action himself, but n
must  do It.  and  sn ..n.    Occasionally,
by way of variety, "John Doe" gure
place lo one "OoodtitiO."
No   Mom  Ontario  B.irmaidi.       1
i in*  llmi   \i     Flam
' o      mil forbids Iho
barmaids In Can ids.
been Imported Into I
imiii mi   nn mi  i,. i i,M, M
III*.."  lhe   hllurllsli   tp ,
s. fined   to   Ihiu.    In
the)    ware   noi gno
.l.i.l.    .m.n   . ii   toi
I i looking  th.   .
ihem    For thei.
in.   i,..iin.ii.i tt   ...
Ottawa  Cltlsan,
\    ind bank swsllo • ■   •
. -. ■
one in .ii I.- it.   i. i  m
\\ ben bs «■ nl  Im.
it bad • i in
I eras cured ol  lir...,* *,
nin,..   i.i   MINARD'S   I
MRS. A   l.l\
uu  .'..   p i: i
i w.is cured ol i
Rheumatism   by    Ml*- *
Mils I
m .1 one Ba)        JOHN  M wmi:
I was ' nr.*.I of s   •
Ml Will..-:   I.IN1MI
J08HI   1   \   U *. **. \. HT
Bridge wi
i be young lultaa ot   ;* I
s.s   ni,. diaiii       Hi
yean ago aa icci
it lulled in n.-mil ..ii i
knocked  onl    Th. -•   hi
placi .1 b) teeth ol 10II : .
"i  which u  large dis nd
... i.
Motl      ■ Worm  i
the largeat  sab- of
I.n    |o< |i. i.iin.ii   sold   io   '
.ilviins   kius   s.i'.  ■
\u expeiinn nl    »..
lime igo by i woman, wl
nt..ii*  lived upon ii i.o il >
■■■   I'* ; ..
■■< ■
. ..inin.tin  lllvi-r   iiiri..  Named.
'I In-  Columbia   river  has  hail   threi
names.   It whs lirst called the Oregon.
Afterward it wns called the Bt Boqns,
bul when It wns discvcnil I.y It..berl
llrny In ITU'' It was given the naiiie of
his vessel, the Columbin, In plncc of
the two  lh.nling npp. Miliums,  Oregon
nmi st. Iloque,   According to Whitney,
th." original inline nf (he river wns tl.e
orcjnrt, "big enr" or "one that lias big
enrs." lhe .illusion being to the custom
of the Indians Who were found In Its
region of stretching their ours by boring lh.un und crowding them with ornaments.
Why I. Ill
Here is a quostlon In naval science
which Is to tlm average snllnr man a
riddle Unsolved. Take a vessel of, say.
2,ri00 Inns; place ot. It a cargo of a„ri(X)
Inns. This gives ynn .■, total of 0000
tOIIS. Hitch | little tUg tO this vessel, nnd she will yank tbs big craft
nl'.ng nt lhe rate er III or eight knots
1 r'   N"*v I'ui tl.e lug's machinery
In the  big vessel.    It Won't move her
half u knot in. b.^ir.   Why Is this?
When   Von  Take rt  n««h.
wv.i drying ..rr sfter a bath stand
in ths bathtub In water up |«, the ankles. When rubbed will, coarse towel!
until   the  body   Is  nil   aglow,  slop out
and wipe the f,.,.t. T|,is prevents tbat
tmoomfortable chilly feeling experienced if .me steps Immediately out of a
bathtub full of wate,. vu lu ^ ^
At   All   Ages   They   Need   t"    Re".
Red  Blood  1 nat   Or.  vv
P.nk   puts  Actually  Mate
\  woman  n is    med t
than n mini    ii, i in| m
complex, h.i   system   mon
Her health  is disturbed r.
..'■  cun ie  ..I  nature      n
happens ta Interfere **iih lh
al course ihe goes through
able lufferlng    in fad  the '
. wi i function nn I the In i
. . i    moment    In a woman
p.•ini upon the rlchneoa and
ni ..I i.t*. blood tupply      11
simple   si ifiitiiii*   reason
Wn. nnis   . .nk 1'iiis ore ii"
weight iu gold in milieu ..I
from .hiii girlhood up   th.
make the rli i. red  blood  all '
Mrs.     IMwIn      Ward.     Bl
Unl ,    siiis      'T'nr y< ms     I ■
in.in  in.ise  ailments thai   m
ni  *,.. in..in  nf my iej
nbie.   i would lake **'*.ik    |i '
i" cm ..I in i inns thai  I rtml i ""'
■"   uliinii      \l i    sittni.it li    ii , '     !
order, snd  I   frequently v..mm .1 ih*
food   I   took     Headaches   m.i
n.lies    afflicted    me   neorl)
nni'*    Then    I    i.s.k   11 st w ■■   '"'''
which lettled on my   lungs,
went  tn  an  hospital    tor    ires
I  had the beat of caw, but Hi
tors gave me little hope of re. over)
taj   i  uml  iimi.s became    *""'"
•noi m> system racked win. s
dry eminh. Ah Ihn duel.us lllll ""'
lnnk  hopefully   upon   im   ens."  I ilerlil'
ed in try Dr.  Williams' Pink   l*M'«-
Hi  Um Ilm.* I  had Ink.>n hall
l.nves  there   wiih   ;i   grmil   .linn
the beii.r.   i sun continued to iil'''
Ihf pills until I had used thirteen
bOXOS,   mul   I   mn   now   cnliiwn
reel health.   I hnve nn hesitation In
saying that   i   believe  Dr.  Wllllnm"
Pink rnir. saved my life."
Dr.   Williams'   rink    Pills   "i"'1
Mrs.   Wind   In*   iieliuilly   nuiUm:   ,|"'
new hinnii ber system n led.   Thai
li III Dr, Williams' I'lnk I'llls .1"*
but   I hoy .In  11   well     'I,my  don'l  acl
nn the bowels, Thsy don't bothei
wim mere symptoms, The. ■'
straight to the root of ths trouble
In the blood, Thnt is why limy cure
mi iiiiiiiii mui nerve troubles ilk1   "'
■"nnn. 1 < * n >;i I. ■ Irifgiihillllcs. I'1'1"'
''Nlinn.     rheumatism,    hen.Inches  llllll
backaches, sciatica, nervous prosirn
Nmi   nml HI.  Vitus  iliinc...  Bubslltu"
and iniiiiiiiiiiiN wnii'i cine, puii'i'1'*
in. dlclnoa unly     mnke     .mil     worse,
in.ifI.no  vim  musl  get tbe  ge	
I'llls win, the run name "Dr wil
Ilami' i "i si ii I'm.., mr I'nle People" llll
Hi.' wrapper around every  box, Bob!
by all t Heine dealers or by mall id
50 centi n box or ku boxes for I-*.'1
from the Dr, Williams1 Medicine •'"■
Urookvllle, Ont
W    IM     U    No.    bUO
.>'•> _■■_■
Uxpedltion   Has   Been   Organized   In
london to 6ecure   Becords of  Wild
Ufj  In   Unknown   Lands.
! llMI|nii    aii expedition  w*m leave
ii , ii,tmi shortly, under   the   leader
'.,', ,,,   Brian Bellasli   and   Lionel
I nolle     Wilh    'be    ObJbOl     <>l     iilillllllllll*
Ihioscoplc   reoordi    Illustrating    the
i,l nt,, nn.l the Industrial aotlvltlei
I"1 ,',,,,,,! i along  the entire  rout.
in,, propoted  Caps to Cairo rail
*'!(-iluugii ii nterpriss   Is   malnlj
..,,,,,1,11 rclal, nnd  hai ii ipporl ol
. "     0| lhl. mon important African
,'  «, ii   li hoped that  ii  inny
iioimiilsli something   of    iclontlfl.
11,,. leaden bava been naked
'   I,,,, •/,„,iniri.ni  Boolaty to try to
,,  i ns of iui.' animals,
* i,,,,, ,1 white   rhlnoci ros,    wblcb,
,,,. tssured, If captured > n
i,   ,,,.n  in. persuaded to march
' | ,1,,1,,1,,1'icni  Interests #111 	
i,,    obtaining    phonographli
m the   dialects   <>r   » u
. .   ,. i    nl   Nvn si,Inn,I   is   i,
,. ii  native i It)   where i wai
, h|, i  holds oourt      His "Hi   ik
 ...I* 'I   bl    «*.1' '.
., , ,i oi itone ki
,,, ,|„. white mmi ii is   torbl Idi n
,,„ European having ns >.*.
,.,,,..     but   \ii   Bel
, | m,  t'ooke I   by .im' nf mnnj
,,,    ,-,nti     pi•rtl.ir.   mil     In    ell
i,, ..i.i     which  ihoul.
,,.,,  inter. * I  to ths   oulsld.
'"rvJ„.n  iiroken  Mill, ths    tarmlgui
.,nh, in  taction of the rail
,, h, ,i. the real difficult* ol
,,  ..mn win begin.   I'm man>
low   firogre ■• can b.
I, the aid ..' nntlvi   b. arei
the   northern   ihores   ol
* *., Wynnes    ars   reached
,,,.   ,,i  im Uie  ii .in
.,.,. danger from  lever wil
jun >      sniiiewhnl      pn
nis the Bmperor Ifi n. I
.1. mui animated plctur.
trill be shown to him, li
whii h ii is hoped pei mis
,i,i,,i to i.nng home h
nil ,,f in,, in  ih.*    im. *
,i.    in    AM.i .i
U.ytslnls    the    expedition
,,, i, I,, in,* Nile, and pro
tod .-.ii '" Cairo
O-n.  Grant's Joke.
i      *,!   Milnor, n cul     n ...*
.   bon '••..   I' B
bis   father,   Chaplain
I, | .1 iin* . baplatn    d
nd distribute the mall l.
stair    Whenever    lh.
ti  i... ii ,.. great))   ■
n~  in the t in     "f ii i
nf tu.ii..tbi,* a...mi. ■ li
-mil. when ii"   :■■■
it., the chaplain, lei   l«ai
temper,    attached   Ihi
p. ,1.■ in the  dooi   ■■:  hli
r,   dOei   'ml   klli.W   Whet.
| in.."
i hapbUn't    'i
ip.  paused  befnn
■  , mom. m ...iti then walk, .1 slowl)
,,.i>  ,,i
■   . :      iln  Mil
*.i i. .t i
lot -    ii* ■    knot
mil itrrtv. and   he
•i Harpei -
I .i ,. I" • !
.'    P. It    mi    i.e..lllll
■ vpr.nsl.in   nf   a
upper lal i
..*.   it d. ad ..'   Mom
111     S| ||,       Xv
,  Montreal board  ol
i   retired I".
\|.... .kill,    provincial
■ .   bav.
.i    |ioo,0oo in  Jun
* the fiscal (real    'l
< . two
. n
Ti-r  C/ar and   Hit  Subjects.
■ .. r  Is  being  . Iniilatn.l
ii*      .i  |.. ..- inti i    ' In.
rum     The Csai t,< Am
man)  mlatokoi   Om
I  %in make leas mtttaki i
ii i e« subjects >
When   hs summoned
;. . •      i,n i   .Imil .
braying    i*..: .       1 h.
much    annoyed
II   '  inul Vl'*,   III" ll.
iiu,. .    doul * - '      Mo
v    wise ' subj.. * *
..nit donkeys can no*
l.t.n ■        I Ins   ~.   inni h
•   01    \ i   ihi'   1"
If      Thereby   he
 *h trouble      I
* . ■    has   bean toi nu A to
n   I,..I,.* a siinini. .   camp
<n i    arrangements    hav.
• ■!, ths C \ it   toi  imi
nh.■  win  pitch  III'it
<  lake,
■ ii .nii.'i    Tunnel    Compan)
■ ■. in tunnel undei the
'    I'.'.i    SSd   lines     ci.l.llf. I
mil .nni  nnn.*.'.  Is oollecl
hu ihf purpose ..f present
I 'n parliament
There are four verses. Verse
■• Ayer's Hair Vigor makes
•hehairgrow. Verse2. Ayer's
Hair Vigor stops falling hair.
v"se 3. Ayer's Hair Vigor
c"rcs dandruff. Verse 4.
-WsHiir Vigor slwsyi restores color to gray hair. The
chorus is sung by millions.
".ii!'",!"!"_:'_• *'•.•"" "*" Vl|«t I h»S *s*T
»Mt*i.V.U_ *"V !"•!' Unl TronllnlisS Ut
... "...",..: "n.,l1l ml "ll |''»>l* l.nVr.".*Nl
*...;?! v",'""•• -««s. M. Imtimiosn,
M-ul. h, J. o  >,.r on . t.nwnll.
41.0 Bftnurattlur
$5,000 "wasd wlU
v   l«r |.».ii to anv
£"•■;•■•   »bo   v\,„„   £*,
h equally good W|lh hard or ^ ^
results than ^hX^rfK t*£ ^ ? ^ Wl" *« ^
w„n boihng and hard rubbing in the old*fashioned way.
pure, theZSelh"5"°Tl?"^^^&nd »**«*»     ^ M™. ^^
Washed wilhn. „ ,1       I    L da'nty S'lks  and   laCe-*   rr_y   be        -» *• **¥ fro- whom you buy
wasneo without the slightest injury. Sunlight So.p if you find _y
cause for complaint
■-•v.r Orothere Llmlled, Terenle
The  Cracker   Box   Escape.
, w'  r  foun ,„ |„
ho .   ,,,h   ,,„        |   .
 in ..I mu     The
""    "       '
 tambli i
"tin.  * . irtqiiel     till
•l"" 'i i. nn*    manipulation    of    the
  i . ,     0|
•**   '''"i nm.ni. u nn ih.* i    ,
11,11  ho* in Montana, ilhln'l  withhold
"'" *     Kiin	
imi from inm   ni,. i,  h in  ■
'" ''   «P  Hii|re   Mount..    i'.. .,. ,„.,„
ii .1 ■
"""" H  PPlng |.la..  ..1, ||
■*■*">  trail    w |)   , ,„ ■
. nmpanlon ibli   ion  ol  follow      w ,
'" II. VI .1   III  I.m   ,n	
Ilevnd   in   n  loi  ol   othei
Crack, i Dm *,*.,    , ... nia|   .
.rn    li.  I,., i im . ot -iincd nmi
■ i   i     \\.
ii     '.I loiinm   thai    ;i    hand,
men inn. able lo lelti  ..
Imn.    Ill,     |l :     til    nn,     ,,)    |||      ,
llltil.     II..   ...  ■        .     .      ,
ii ie i.  c.ni|i. |   the   unlockin
i   ui... len, nmi then iho
cuff no*   r. i*i*    ■ i  law  tnd
ordi i  together and ride awt)  to the
 lei  with  ii i  in,
handcuffs .m.i the hi
lei    I.-
in.mi.ui  N.
I have i '.ni g I wt
lira. A. I * umber, Unl . and
>i.i-    "Bin.
labh ■
hour ol sn
ni   elghl   in, i, I
■ *
Hi.in      ti. in    llie    !
p..  i know tii.it
ii.ni   mil  ,   .   ■
ins    limn    wht. I ■ iff. .      I
would .fi i •
Hull    llirlt*   nn. rtnliK
«'•! i-   bul ni....   ind   ..i ..ni.    moth.
.ii Inror ..I
no-     Bold   In   .i
i  box
h ■ llama
Mi.... ine     " ,  Bro. Iivllle, Onl
I Net
i oi ni
lion  on  th*  mum ilttatlon   plan
ii  will ie* mit .j on by Ihe tloi khnl.l
Sm .ther
■ -•   »hi n   ii" 'I   in  the
Siiuinthi  i> Sunlight  Snap
.ilei   fo
Ow in.: lo Hn   •
llllll .'
pei ton
Minard's Liniment used by physicians
III    Iln
-   tli in
u „
\\ i . ■ i •    . -
II. I:
H"l.l   i
I in-  mu.ila.-.inni uu.  ol  the     M. i' I.
* i: i   slit
. ll, III.' Ill"
■    ■
ur.r. of
•      SAISAIARiaA.
CHP.KIV l'l i IliH.I
v  Boolhlm   "
OB   111"'  llnillilt   1   »  III
due i., .
m-s    To .mni.   i"    '
tin m ihe .i.mi.I- i i""'-   vvl" "  "  |
I   wilh  |....n   in
Hon  nf lh.   i
li  ....* i pail    '
III., in.* i irnt,  an I
in many allnicn »ucn
Ch.netf   m   Mesico.
ti,,* Chinese who i
countrj   .'■  Imn '   •'"'   "
, iarl,    l*    ■","1   ,"
 Pie. Rlvl ■•....bi;*    III     ii
Wllre nl  III. ""',
!o,   cities    v,,   ,i   i      no
thai the n..n. •■• •';;"
sre "i.n ol Iho b.n.i rlnsi ol  I 	
Ini  naoplo at  home   II ah
m      ..,„„..    eseepl  M.  ■
nn.l the   lodnttrltiiis   ihn.
customers md i n ' "•-■    "'   '
mcetlns     i    Mil     I "'hnved
the whole, n milel  end well-behsvod
i,,ii.    \i. Kican  ii. n.i i
ii is ..nn ..•" ,!* "  r1,','.';!
leslimonlali I    eonvlnct*.       *
,i,,..,,w'.ii • Corn C ■
i,„  lhe removal ol corns  wnrl
„  ih n  eomtileto exlln ill '>••'.
Local oi   has   I ;  ;""' »J£
„i    Bwan River   Th.            ''■   ,
 r Ilei     to tin   ■"■""'    ."
„,„,„,*   mi   will  '"   ' " ' ■'   ""'  '
„ ,i;,i ihn ted  i".  !'" "'
| Aik ior Minard's ami ujw "" 0,,,er-
I    Boms iM" impel   ran »ri    exiK-rt
' hoi sir sonners and a   ■" * _' ;',.
1 "heir de  "•«»,";;""';;,;
j Vesuvius bntterle .   sellliw    m
.....nnv  wim  '>"-"' i" ; .
,.,.,„.- here without  n i"'""" '•     "
band,  heading  s  I  '
! .pnni'i",! imrndc i nn
whittle in  •'•* '""  ",'
„  respeeUbls llvltn   Bxehwi
Police  and  Wheat.
'.iiiiiiiii wmi, ni tin* mounted
n tin capture of the B.C band
H   • all   attontlon to their unmatched
n    i'n inti.ii,; nt  Un*  frontlet
A  mere handful    in    number,   they
I. i :. i" inln11 as lai.
Ingdom im    n    generation
i ii. t i ii.   preserved order, admlnli
'•red  tho law,  niiviseti mnl    helped
nn i   have   mn.I.*   propert)
. cure in iho Willis   than   In
"i  it ail      Originally
inrm. i to exterminate the American
I'.oi men" wim had   Bed   ..v.*r .the
1 1»r  in ' icape  the United  Btatei
thej    quickly   di    ihem
■' theii Montana hiding plac. i
■ ■ '"mi them imn custody Anothei
iiiipniiimi pari of their work wns the
■ li I the Illicit liquor traffic mm,m; the Indiana, and smug ■
imi- along no* boundary line, How
thej have dl i aarg. I their
.liitioi ir- known nil over the world,
inr  everywhi re the   mount. .1   notice
nf    anada   held up :.n   a   model
im unorganised territories. one
wniiii.i. exaggeration thnt
Manitoba No i hard wheal and the
N'ltthiii .i Mounted Police hnv.- been
th< mosl rum.i.is products
>.i the Canadian West.*— Toronto
Mall Iliiiiiii...
Ktep Minard's Liniment in the House
At   the   International   Miners' enn-
■   I...I..I..II, ,i  British  delegate
Hi.* 11v1111; of n minimum  wage
in n.ni.in.i bad   lived   the    minert
 ii it year during depret Ion
<i[ \ noi. veterans only    about    EG
■ (changed their    land    gi ml
l..r $511 < .i-h
Ur .1 U Kellogg ■ Dysentery Cord
■ j."-. ii. cure im
dlai 11. * . . imi. in, lummer . om
pinin. tei lick neat and eomplatnti
incidental to children teething. It
reltel to those t-.it
i*i Ing from th. effecti ..f Indtacretion
in sating unripe   fruit,    cucun
ll   ictt with wonderful raptdltj
and in i' i  i.tii-  in oonqu. i  th.
Nn one n l feoi   chol
thej  have i bottle o( iin> medl. Ini
North   Pole   by   Airship-
i...iii|iui    Bit   iin.nn   Maxim,   the
well    known engine. ■
nin^  Walter  Welln
foi ihcoming
■ ii the north pole bj
tlrtblp     Blr    Hiram
Am   balloon,   whether  It   is cnllfl
n airship, is completely   useless  inr • v ploratlon,
Nn  motor propelled  ballon   baa  yet
Invented that Is manageabl
. tlm    The Invention
..iiji  dirigible airship  m.
. t omplishe I in lhe near t.u..n   u *
the motors, mtteriala and nee
mechanical  skill,  l.ui an Im
,,i money iry for
■ \p.•nn." IU     Thnl    is   the   .Irnw*
ua. i.    it  «III ie*    .inin*    nne   day,
nil ihen be able i" go to lh.
I'..i.  .-linl rt turn in safety,  bul VV 'I
■ I',    which.    In
1 ■ i bal    will  ....'
Minard't Liniment lumberman*! friend
A   Real  Old   Timer-
.....   Herald   it hardly kemi
.   thai  Un re h.is bei n a man
imn.;   wiitiin   i comparatively  f.«
■ '    ii brook wim    uuUl   one
week iiml .mi seen s mll-
«.ii   train since  lhe yeai   IS68, an.l
:..nn nn   the   Isthmus   ..i
p.in..ni..    \n I yet tin- li i inci and
i, mi-     is    Roger    Moore.   Mi
Moon   It   i  ..... her wim lives ;i  fee
•.imi Fori Steele, and is to daj
■ ,.t health In the yeai dI
iv,-, he i.t. the lithmut mnl emu. it
victoria i nu Rngllth frigate and
«, m to work with   the   party   lhal
llshina tho boundary lino
lieiwe. n    .   nadi   and   Uw    United
ll, drifted nii'iiii,I ll.c
<>,..inln   mil  Mi.Hi     1.nni. tl     In     Hn
i,,,,i ol Ho   ' ountrj  during the gold
, m itemenl tnd hns   remained    evei
Coming in here  before the
in,,.   ,,r the electrte   UkI.i   nr   I. li
phone, he h     a. vei  yel isen elthei
■ .i i lei n improvement!
w,    i i on Ihe platform when Ihe
„, . bound imss. nger train came In
.ni,i it,,, old g. ntlemnn looked at the
wiih  no little Interest     Later
In eomp mj with Al, Doyle, hs visit
,.,i    it,,    cranbrook    hotel.      When
. i,,      . n   in   i   conversation
met  the icicph  Mr   Moore laid!
\„ ,,i i am u little ui<c sh Is
,),,,„ i nm luperstltlous, •>n.l then
it m'tghi bring me bod luck " Wh.u
i to remain In town until the el
, iin,* nuiit- were turned on so thai
he mlghi hnv mi opportunity to see
iins  marvel  ..i   i wrn    Invention,
Mr. Moore poaltlvely declined, ssy
ing ihn' i"' 'i''1 nol care tn «<*.' the
ii,"iii    mi   Mimic is very near foui
  bin it.* is iinie and hearty, and
,,,,,.. in enjoy life to the full limit
Chance  to  Build a  Model City.
Canada haa one of those rare op
pin tunnies, Mils  the  New   York   Sun
sin* bai ;i ohance to build a model
....        Tin*    IV.-.let li    III nil ll it      nl     In-1
new* (iiiinii Trunk Pacific line innn
ocean to '.enu win be al i place
which it hn.*; been decide I to call
Prince Rupert Tbe new railway is
u national enterprlae, and ns iuch 'in*
I Inliiltiinii     nnv.-111111.'ill     has     |nin lit
ally fun cintrni nf the plana for the
new city ni ns weatern end. Us lo
cation is tome four hundred mil's
north nf the preienl city ol Vancouver, not far frnm the mouth nt the
Bkeena river, and only a thori dis
lance smith ..f the southern projection ni Alaaka. The region is now
practically .*. wilderneai, and Canada
hns   a   ch.mei*   to   Imil.I   n   city   ns   ll
thould be sin- can lay ...it broad
streets, plan sewer lyitemi, provide
for ample parka, reierve tuitabl.
pints tm public buildingt, and Impose
v.* iri.t'iiii - upon the class of struc
hips in he erected in particular .Hs-
A Pleaaonl Medicine. There are
snme pllli wulcb have no other pur-
pose evidently Hum to begel painful
internal disturbances in the patient,
miiiuie to his troubles and perplexi-
ins rather thnn dimlnlahlng them
One might as well iwallow some
enrrnsivf material. Parmelee'i
Vegetable Tills have nol ihis dies
greaable and Injurious property
'i nny are easy to take, are not un-
,m in the lasi... and their action
Is mild ami toothing. A i ri.-.i of them
wm prove tins. They offer peace to
the dyspeptic.
Canada a   Coming  World Mower.
Canada, ai the is. hns nil the
minks nt a coming world power, \i
ready Canada la the Imperial gran
mi i hei wheat, wh is the Uvea of
I. * i musl be the Old worid't living
Tbsnki to her position al the "apex
ni the continent,' to quote Hn Wilfrid l.aun. r, win.h   gives   b. r    the
. rout. - a.*  the Pai III.
and because in acre tn Weitern Can-
.i li produces much more ind mucb
better wheal than an acre in the
W.  ' the    must    control
tbe  North  Amei I. tn  trade In    food
stuff   with   th il      The East
mv.*s up ri'" for wheat; Edmonton
nuisi become n second Minneapolis,
Prince Rupert s second s.m Ptancls-
s!,,nii iiiii suretj iln gravity of
othei Ninth American Industries ol
prtman consequence — lumbering,
mining, the pro. ig of the "whit.
cnal"   nl   water   power—march   north
ward scroti the international boundary line.- The Outlook,  London,
Ureal  Things  frnm  Little   C
iii..«     li lakes v.ry little to derange
Itomsch.    The    cans.*     urn*.      bl
sin-iit. a coldTsomething esten or
iiruiik. anxiety, worrj*. or some other
simple cause li.n if precautions i»*
imi taken, Hns simple cause may have
must seiiniis consequences Many a
chronically debilitated constitution
to tlm owes i's desti uctlon to simple
i imi iieait wiih in time. Keep
the digestive apparatus In healthy
condition and all will be well    Par-
- Vegetable Tills are better
than ..:.; other fnr the purpose
How  Rain   is   Measured.
The rain "."inu-." used by the Canadian Meteoroogtcal Bervice, li the
in..si generally in uie in ill parts ..f
America, and is n vertical cylinder
open ai the top t.. receive the rain
and connected al its lower part with
.. funnel and pipe, to which the ruin
panes in i receiver underneath.
The sres nf lis mouth is 10 square
Inches, sn that the depth is simply
found by dividing the volume by 10;
ilmt is. by moving the decimal point
one place to the left i thus if the v..i-
iilii.-   nf  ran.   slmulil     he     lll.l     cubic
Inches, tbs dspth  would       in  inches
'in correctly measure the depth of
i.nn. the irur.ff slum],i be iii nn open
level apace, sufficiently removed
imiii iinc.s or buildings ths) mlghi
Interfere erlth the free entrance nl
rain, ami the top nf the ciui:,, should
be IS inches shove the ground, snd
nn more, as for sonic unexplained
cause n guage al a higher elevation rect iv. s much less rain than
uhen near the surface.
They were shriners, s whole train
load nf ib.in, and one nf them
Jumped ..ff the train when li pulled
up here, holding a handful of picture
pnsi cards, "is there another post
office ahum here when, we sre going
or bod I better p..si them her.'?" Im
saked ni a mnn >.n ihe platform, Jual
fancy, s wideawake American not
knowing better than ta think he wns
ni the limit nf civilisation, ami Irn%
. iiim.. .list tool Now then Moose
.inn.  ReglnOi    iiriin|..n,    Winnipeg,
what say yi" In Ihis? t'nnlil It be
possible In- thought Medicine lint
lhe "limit.*'—Medicine Hal  Times.
Togo,   Kuroki   and   Ito to Start Ooon
on  a   Tour.
Tnkii. Vice a.iinirni Togo, Qen.
K.ir.iki. ami Marquli Ito, with i suite
..I admirals nml general!, will start
shortly mi a tour <>f Inspection n.
Mm. inii in. Tins Important misstep
is supposed in bo the outcome of the
recent state council, at which,
though the .ictniis hnve iiiii become
known, li li understood weighty .h*
ctslons  were reached  respecting the
Mniichiiilnn   railways,   which   are   In*
tended to be permanently run by the
(iiiv.iiiiiu.'iii "Tin*- naturally will
necessitate tho floating »f another
bin innn. Opinions nm divided us
in the prospects ..f the raltwajra, l.ui
n  hopeful opinion preponderates,
The annlvenary ..f the battle of
tiin sen of Japan, the navy's red let
ler ilnv, wns c.'l.'l.inleil wilh brilliant
restlvlttes, which were trrncc.i by ths
presence <>f the crown Prfoce,
Sites of Ureat   Cities    and   Immense
I racts of Land That Were
Once   Civen   Away.
ii Is an astonishing fa. t, and one
which iiiii?iii conceivably acl a a
stimulus in the real-property mark
oi. iimi tome ..1   ths   rtcheii   oltli
win* mi y  Inch  nf la.nl   In.s n  enu
liderable value, stand upon siies
which were once told foi mere songk
ni were actually given away, The
i nil.mi sinies nt Amei lea ii parttc
niaiiy well stocked with iu. h eitl.
Sn alao li Canada,
incredible though ii leems, H was
..niv  hIhiiii  270  years ni-..  lhal  the
ne ni i.iit*ipool was sni.l for n beggarly E460 in n small syndicate of
i...iniiini rs, wim inni bought ii from
Charles I, for in even smaller sum
ns n speculation. Bat previous to
nmi linn* the site Im I changed bandi
ni    "in ii it.ei,   piIcei. ■    aa   drai
ni.. catalogues have It, al Icail half
n ili>z.ii tini's, and more than once
n inni I,.-, n given niv.iy. H
thai al one i Ime the property •
perquisite, of the governor or keeper
of i.nne.i ti r Ca ti. from whom li
bought in ' England's only
John,' m uo laid » bai wi practlcallj
Uo* foundation ol the pre inl mag
tiiti.t m city; it that It must have
bei t rm tonshingly fine bargain
wii.-n bought for !_ ico tome 180
later, Compared to li ihe
neighboring sin* ol Manchester, the
manorial   rights of which  wer,* s..j.i
ii.iii  ,i c. nt ni >    earlier    for    |3,	
must   have  b. t n dear Indeed.
Lett than thirty yesrs ni;.. ih.*
site of Johann. iburg and mosl of i's
gol i mines, which are e itlmated to
contain about E2.700,000,000 worth
.,i tin. precious yellow metal, then
.iiis.isp. citi ol exl I. nee In thai imrt
nf iln- woi ni, wa bought bj an ESng
lishiniii, named Pratt for the trifling
sum of $300! Nevertheless it proved
a ii.i.i mvi ■ nn.*nt for the purchaser
tine, by taking up armt tor his
country'a cauie and making liims.ii
vmy conspiclout by his valoroui
deeds In tne Brat Boer War be i;..'
Into He* bad hooks of the rulers, who
promptly  conflseat. ■!    bis    property,
it,,i subsequently  turned*rt"af   Ban
nave 1   restored I •
him.     ll.-   wsi   driven   out   ot th.-
i i.i.i.-inni and returned to  Bngland
pel,I  ill
i here ire no gold min. b in N iw
>... i, city, but H then* wi re the gold
would probably be allowed to II.
a. ii might nol pay to lose lhe rent
nt the land by opening ii to extract
lb. metal. A certain plol ..f land on
Manhattan Island, on which, ol
course, the city It situated, which
v •. on. e n farm granted to and wt ill
in longing in the church now far
Trinity Church, Broadway.
i ,ii...i,       It ;   -.inl. ii yearly Ine	
ol ii proximately   C2.000,    Tf.
me  26U y.ni.- agi   the whole *.i
Manhattan  Island  was  sold  fnr   L.v
ipproxil latelj 15,000 square l
of land, s trad larger than Denn.a*k.
iitimum. and smiz. riai.'i. combined.
Which i- now .-ail. .1 Pennaylvanla,
tnd i- the secon i mosl populous
ni     America,    and    contains
-  ..I  moil prosperous cities, in*
eluding Pittsburg, '«here the mil
in.nnn. b come from," were delivered
over to the foundi r ol the itate,
William Teiin. from whom it takei
its name, In tettlemenl of t
trifling debl which Charles ll had
on. ,i penn'i father, arid which bi
tound hiinseii unable or disinclined
ii. i*ni   in  *
ii wn the same reckless minarch
let ' 2.76   square miles of
land round aboul Hudson Bsj
pep,u coi n rem ol two beavi i
two elks per annum. As one might
t \pt ct, ihi> proved to tx one of the
nm st spi cuiaiions in land mi record
Bome two hun.lie.1 years after tin-
deal the company >.f owners sold
the in.iinr pari of the vast territory
to the Canadian Confederation foi
WO, mul In the meantime had
been reaping nn avi rage Income ol
n ino.om.   a   yesi
Cam ia   im-. nni I,    iii.ii•■    than
nny other country tn lie World, b. • n
the si*, a.* and substance ot somi
antic  bargains in  land.   With  char
He     * I n        I
mi absolute!; free nifi beyond
which cheapness does nol i xtend—
ni the whole ot Canada, togethei
wiih Newfoundland nnd Nova Scotia
to the  famous  Lord  Sterling.
Two inm.in 1 years later the greal
Colonel Taii.ni. then a member ..f
the milte of the governor of the colony wai granted 100,000 acres tree
by King William IV., who eubie
quently inereaied the granl by •'•"".
umi acrea. Blxty jrean later, again,
a Canadian land company was sup
piled  wiiii    sum..    ::. ,000    acrea;
•j.nn...(.nn miii at lis. .'.tl. an acre, and
the real  free, gratia, and tor nothing
num. in 1880, ii.e .'nn.i...nn Government actually made the Bcotch
Canadian   Company    s   present   ol
i:;,.ono.mn.  in  hard  cash  as a   Imniis.
wiih a free granl of 26,000, I seres
um  there we i    course   certain
conditions ns to development of the
lerritorj In the lerms of lhe granl
«imii .ihi nol leave the bargain
quite so mn ilded .*.s it appears al
nisi  smiii  in have been,
This Is the paramount feature of
Free from  dust, dirt, and all   foreign  substanoes.
Lead     Packets    Only,    40c,    50c,    and    60c    per    Ib,      At    all    grocers.
Highest Award   St.   Louis 1904,
Proud of Canadians.
London    Lord    Roberts,   speaking
at a meeting of the Hampshire Pal
iini.c Society said  he wns proud to
iinvf had   Canadians under him    iu
Smith   Allien      lie   wns   prmnl  of   the
splendid way nil the Canadian
troops iii.iinifii. The Royal Canadian  liniment  at   Pnardeberg    wns
sn cloae t"   H neniy s   trenches
that but for the white flag being
holited ii would have been the Hrsi
in attack  the enemj   In  his strong.
Something    New    and    It   Delighted.
Feelt Like a Boy.
Mr. M.N. I in fn.".
2ii Colborne St.,
Toronto, snyt;
"I have been a
sufferer frnm .lys*
pepsin fnr years, I
have ben treated
by doctors and hnve
taken   many   nio.li
clues      With      only
temporary     relief.
Sine using Dr.
l.f.inliurilt's Antt-
I'lll I can eat any*
thing the sumo ns
when a boy. I Bnd
they regulate bnih
Hlnnnicli   nn.l   bowels.       My   nlil   I line
vigor ims returned, s.> that my spirits
arc buoyant and temper normal, l givo
all trrt'illt to this wonderful rcir.udy—
ur. Leonhnrdt's Anil imii."
All dealers or Tbe WllsouKylu Co*.,
l.ln.licl, Niagara Fulls, Uut. Cul
Mr. M. N. Dafoe
Scottish Town F.rit to Adop'. Scheme
Under the New Lew.
Municipal uld Is now belnK furnished
to emigrants from I.'lt'i Bl .'lu.-l. anil
ih,* r.sult Is h-iric watched wirli Ki*.*ai
Interest The unemployed woikmsn
I isos authorises tba appointment
•( .iis;i-.-s i -iiiiiiiii.t - by t-h.* local
authorities ot cues und towns and pro*
i i.l-s that "the central b.-dy may. If
they think flt. In any case of an un-
smployed pert n referred lo them in
the distress committee, stslal ih.it pe*--
■on by aiding th.* emigration or rem n i
r.. mother area of thai person and any
..f hit dependents or n> providing or
• irrilnitiiic i ward t-hn provision ol
temporary work.* Any expenses Incurred which shall not be mei by voluntary
contribution] are to be paid out of tb.
ir taxes
Letlh i- the flr-t municipality in
Bcottend, if nol In in.* rnit.-.i Kingdom,
to ad pt an smlgrstlon scheme. Ther.
are ah. ui f .ur hundred unemplojrtd
workmen  in  the*  city, and  It  is  pro*
 i bj the distress temmittae toteod
to Canada in many n* are physical.! Bl
for farm work und are willing to e.nl
grate, a limited number *.*f married
men, with their wives and cmldrvn. trill
".    .ii  .uded in tht Ult
To Insure tbi phytlcal fitness f emigrants for resi'leiit" in the Dnminiuii
the applicants are medically examined
Thirty-one adults and six children »ii •
• I tin- required examinatl in embark. .1 .,t .;: tag ... recently, Eaiih adult
emigrant reoelytd tw i oew complete
outtli-   ' - * tlok. t .m,i
15 nr 16 pocket m my. it Is caJculat.-d
ih.it tha cott lo iii- Uuq tyera will
slightly exceed 140 tor neb adult per*
ludlng the *.ui-
lits of clothing, which. It is believed,
will be In-- ly provided by contributions of apparel and m ney. The flrsi
party of emigrants have been guaranteed work f*.r twtlve months on diary
farms in Ontario. Four are married
m. n. over 30 and under 40 years of ar
With one or two exceptions the slngii.
men ar- between the ages of it and 30
The development of the i.ciih emigration schema Is watched with much
lntere-t tnd nol *.illh..ul misgiving by
the people of Edinburgh and other communities In Scotland. Ths extern io
which II can bt oarried leema meaiur*
able only by tbe very elastic term "unemployed."
Brothert and Sisterm.
It ha. been proved nguln and again
that a boy without a sister Is much to
be plli.d. lhat a g.rl without a brother
U to be condoled wiih: and why - Be*
cause the mutual toei. ty Improves both.
The boy tejehes tha girl to be widt-r-
mtnil.nl. less petty and narrow, more
manly physically; but, ibOVS all. to understand something of the opposite sex.
Again, the boy is » hundredfold nlotr
for having a sister. II,* Oanfldet his
little sernp.s to her. and she. with ler
gantll lnle.ru goodness, helps him and
iiiii Ml him tO avoid tht pllf.ill atfliu-—
London Queen.
Reproduoes Music.
Consul I.l.-iifM -eii'i- from Prelburf
a description of I oe*s Initru*
ment.   it is sailed tht mlgnon, n
bles an upright   piano and  rqirodueee
music just like ihe player bos rendered
It.      T*>  prevent   itnllatlnns  tho eonitll
undtrttandt that  tht original  re.
Ing apparatus,  is not  patented,  bul Us
oousta uclion I* k'Ul a trade necluL
than   In n  tiul.hrll.
Tours ni;.> Bernard Bhn*w furnlihed t
biographical   sketch  Of himself  to  nil
Bngllah newipaper.   it is sai.l to hi
■till correct except ns to his Imihelor-
lioo.l, nn.l It runs llius: "I nm a bachelor, an Irishman, i vegetarian, an atheist, a teetotaler, i fanatic, a humorist
n fluent iinr. a social democrat, a le*
hirer and debater, a lover of music, a
llcrce opponent of tbe present slums of
women nnd an Inslster ou tbe scrioui
lu urt."
Aa  In   Her  Dream.
Says a recent news Item in nn Kag-
Hah newspaper:  "A Mrs. u.iwiiug of
Pcnge .It ind Hill she saw her little
girl washed up on Waitings bench nn.l
the body taken imiiy mi n tarpaulin.
Two .lays inter tbe child wai knocked
.innn by n pnnteelmleon and lis wheels
passed ovor her,   Bystanders brougbl
a tarpaulin, upon which the child was
taken lo tlie Bockenham cottage hospital."
jerry .i.i.....■.«..
in the early pari ..r the inst century
n Hnn of contractor! named Jerry lim*.
carried on business In Liverpool. England, mul onr 1 nn unplenssnt notoriety by pulling up rapidly built,
showy but in constructs/] houses, so
thai their name eventually became general for snch builders and such work
'n ull parts of tbo world.
Attached te any  Oarmont la a
Ouarantae   ol
and Good Wearing Qualities
When Buying OVERALLS,
••• Ihei •■oh artlole bear* ■
label Ilk* above
Insist en Getting
"King of the Road" Bran.
And Take no Other
When Remitting by Post, um
Dominion Express Money Orders
and Foreign Cheques
The Best and Cheapest
System   of   Sending    Money   to   any
Place in the World.
Absolutely Safe
Purchaser Is given a receipt and If
order or cheque Is LUST or IiE*_
TKUVEO, the amount wilt be promptly REFINIIED. No iwl tape. For
lull    Information   and    rates .all on
1 t ii al &BOU—.
tr r __n lUckfl
Bold by all Druggists and Oenarwl Stores
and by maIL
Wanted  at Once—U. ii.tl .   sad  energetic   im n  lu   all   purls    .f   M.itilti.ha.
mui \iiiiii Wcsi, tn sell reliable Nurs-
erj r.inck.
Km lUOtvs rights tn sell llunly Hybrid Apples, originated by i>r wm.
tiaunderi of Ontario Evpcrtnivntal
Para Ottawa, aad luooeeifnlly tried
nn.l fruited nt Brandon ..nil Indian
ii.mi Experimental Parma.
Complete eonvaoolnj ontlt and liberal terms to tht* right persons.
Apply St mice lo E. D. SMITH,
Helderlelfh Nurseries,    Winona, Ont.
llsral'lishe.l ..ver a quarter of a
Considerable comment, some <>i u
adverse, is heard In various quarters
respecting the rapid Increaae of
branch banks In Canada Our banking system is one envied the mniii
over, it is fundamentally sum. an.l
s.c.ir.*. wlthoul  being restrictive,   it
hns  nol   been   sll.ntn   11ml   the   luniks,
in reaching out tor more business.
...in* made any departure from the
general principle governing their op-
.rations, .'.nin,in is expanding; and
hi,  t.ici thai the banks ere preparing
lur inure I hull  lhe nenr future, WOUld
seem i.. i>e one ..I ihe most enoonrag
nn; sums of ihe times
An  Old  Joke.
An   Amen.nu  newspaper  reporter
in the cyclone belt, writing >.f s cy-
Clone, sni.l II turn, rj n well ln*i.limit, n cellar up siiic down, moved s
township lino, blow the Hakes ...ii of
,i wblikey barrel and left nothing
tmi a bunghole, changed Uie day ..f
the week, blew ■ mortgage ..n* a
mini, bleu* nil the crooks onl ... a
iin...   nml   Un...Kill   lhe   Wind  out  of
n politician,
Japan   is   tu   i.uii.i   i   rallwaj In
St.uiheru   Manchuria   at   ■ cost of
*.,. ..in...
W    N    U    No.     .'Hi I
sPrlnb :   *'. -curt Ukjfflfy, , *.     ftb':      .
.1 lirgUlu.. _l i Vi.til Uke t vi .v Tl* n.-,,;'.* ;.
■T_i___!   „ '"i? "' T"'1   "iii-s  I! '»,,„„.
i.1ti|«fi»rHiH   ipilllO'lSOt   COI-l ei I . l.e*,,,    ,.;.
,'r_M-_ lit Ui c,*lir-...,i«   , ' •     *' " '-.
Alllb?rflV*:iiij,. oharged at ;!•..> imV.-rr.-,.
aeuts p.*. I... . nm liiserunn........ 1C ci •■:      3
.lii.esclin(:i.,.   r-n: ii*..iO,.,!;. •'■■"!*>•
.'    Terms f.irr.M...-; n .*„„| c:\„ ., lv, rtl Ini
s*lPl*.*i,..i,;   Itiirtwion sppllrntIimi      .. "     j
___!"""'      ■'    _    ■  ■'"'■■■I*   * J
Thel.a_:*j  Aid Society  ...   •;•.* !
Ati|*!ican    HiuWli   * nni". _i. *•/   g Ki'
GrindiCoritlerf am:  &a'nefe, t*ihie„ -|
''will be hclrl   in  lhe   OddjolloHy$
Ball,* on  Siturday   even-in*.',   I'jjj*
llth inst.-'   All   the   best    loonJ
taleot tvill j-j-.-o their .ervices*1
nnd} ■"•' IP
.-.r.*w-r- r-
Arthur Golfing left en TuvstM
tor a two iiv.nth'i trip to lvn_ i:i!.
'Mrs. Cowing aril children wili
visit friohda in the ciitt rn hie absence.
>'...:.•-:*,'i* .i'.*.-i into  fnr j n.l.iii: ..*f Mining Sup).lit
■ li   *.',*■   ;   im Ill ti. * dis*. iei.
ty ,. .., ...* , ■ ri.. t .    ,.,. . a i I .inv iv..rk uu ler In ton guarantee
S. DANEY, Prop.    Ferguson.
W, Waller  was down frorr. . Vi-
ftuson, Wednesday, getting eirqry-
Legal Notices.
J.G., Ukllll, Lono fitlii" mineral cliiin.s
■■ituatolti ihe Trout I.ake Mining Divl-
sinned U'cil K"'.«:-."i.) .li.MrKl.
IVlu rn   Iik ult-il. Jiuid of J uke) (fit cl.
Tjke notice tlml'l', J* .V, Chism, free
miner's oortiSente No. 8.1,810', for my
■ult ami as agout for .s. Ai tiutlierlonJ,
f.m.r. No BKTOttt), linico'Vfliite, f/.i.t.
Xo 77078, A. D.i.lils, f.iii.c. NoH'J!*.!'. ...
i en J is) days afi.rr .1 .to berfeof, to apply
io .he MillingRocortlerlorCrfrtllli uteaof.
tuiprovumouts for the purptfsk ofolitsiii*'
mn crown granti of tbe above ci.iitfli,
Antl further tuku notici Ilmt letloi
under Section 3! must bu cuinuluiicui)
before the iiiuance of iuch cer I Ideate uf
liuproveinenti. Dated the 4H. day "l
May, A. 1)., 1008.
thing in ihajie prior to his leasofr'-j
enmpaign on the hills.
PIANOS.-The tatribui Go
ii   Iho one  to
bur-  It la .*.■ t a;
—j-   -* ••• •• •■ ■
'cheap piano nrben you  buy, but
you find you hr.ve practised  eeon-j .
omy  when  V'iu  have tec'.e i   tnd
tried it.   When  you  want n.i in
striiinent     foo    tho   loci   spent,
Murray,    He can tit yoti out with
snv  style and   at  any prion an
terms.   J. C. Munay. loi*al agei
Bar weli Suppli.d with Liquors & Cigars
* *rge CJoiiifuriabl. \\ « ti p.   Excellent Cu md Al nee.
fftouf lafe
Supply <3o,
Ha^dejp k Levesque
By us'ng Water supplied  by tl rj
Company you are assured ol absolute purity.   Government Anal;  .
to back up Btaterrtenfi, i :    : : :
Hugh McPherson - -  Supt.
ir* s*s /*i *** *>    I ra •*————*-	
Alice ntlnsrs) jlmrf. sitnats in   lhe
froat.,I.aV» mining   .-iivisiou cf   rW ■
..JCooieiiiiy <liiinr.v
,i   W'hear.) i^csiett'i On sjmnilt ot qil?ci-
CupmotrViisiii .1 bead "f Browo ererli  |
Take notice that I, Andrew Abraham !
son F.M.C. Uo. ilc1',;,'-.', s?ciit i. r .lelin,
O.   I'ipW,   r.MC.   Na.   B4S0J1,  sndj
' Cl.arler    .'.l:*..!irii:-  8,     I'.M.C      No I
, .B8Sd"2,  iifl-u.Kt,-sixty   di.-if from  lhe
date     lioreoC,     to     apply    lo     ihei
Wining Recorder for   a Cerliflcsta   of!
Improvements, for tha pnri-me of ob-j   a
tuning a  Croiu. Grant cf tba   l)>OVe|«-P
And  further tsie .notice thlt ocllon.l
under i«ctir,a tf.imstl tie rw:.ii...nre I'
before tl.o i_si;.*Li;ce oi C?rti.1c*le :■< Im |
prorementi   -
,   Dated tmi £lh Jar cf June, i o. W*. I
Excellent    Accommodation
j..       . .    .
Best Liouors
*       * i
And Very fim?-.t Cigars   r_
John Simpson,      Proprietc
Greater X*w '.'ork Miiicnl oliiiiii linin ;.
fed in tlisTront l.tl-.u Miniu: Diviiion old
' West Koctoniv Pi-trlcl. M'licrelocated r,
On I/O'.vcr l.srdecu river,  o.'.c h^lf iule-:
.liortl. of U'.ulerftrt creek.
Take Noiiro'thtt I, -F. C.  Elliotl,
Free   Miners' Clrtiftcaie. .Nr.P83l.l7.
acting   ai igent   for   Ludger   iiucre
Fre<*  Miners CerliflciW So. i^llXM, in
tend, sixty dsyi-trom the Jala hereof.
to apply tb ths Mining lit* r !.•: lir sj
, CctiCcate. of Im^rofremeats, for the!
onrjiose Of obuin.u« l Ci;.vu Ofant ci'
the abovs claim.
•i   And fuV;ln>r tske notice that iction.j
jnder lectioh 37, must be comu.eueed |
-beforo ths isstian:-; of audi Ceruscsl.
,tf luipr-vei-.a.-*.!;.,.
DatuJ..£:_i U:i dt;   of July ,   a.l
' :too.'     ... ..I  -.
rc.nzt. .
ta iho metier of th • Judgments Ac! nd !
'     Amending Acts, and
Jn tlie Counly Court of West Kootenay I
holden st Trout Lake, between]
' Ogilen O'em-in. »f Xanu.-p. U.O..J
plaintiff-tituignicut creditor), and]
trout Aucui-ins llakcr, oi Arron ,
head,. .'.' C.   dslendlnt (fuagoiuot
roVctfasltrj the enjer cf l.'ir. Ilonoi
Judg».Kir.q, ditcd M*h ..lay ofiJune,
Ifltm.'f'tvill ..far *?:.'■ h-loam! s.-ll by
'fnibiic'fuicti'jii st the Oiurt-ilotue at
ifronl" l.ale, ll.C, e:i 1 .i'l.y Hit Will
dsy of Au-riil, 1000. til lhe in nr of 11
x.'clock iu ihe (.ren-.*.in, jil the interests
'•of the aiuvs-iiariisl lodgment debtor,
£r. est A*:giislu9 Uf.hvr  in Int icju.b-ir
B^s. Hofei in Town.
jtelpters ler |Ui ni Coimercial Mn.
D. R. UeLfNlilAlil,   PROP
General Merchants
** •
Trout Lake -.
We     H9    JOneS,   W0CD    VAUAMCE    HARD-
V.'ARE CD   L" O
Trout |.r,k<! L   •
•Ui;' 'Mi'.,
^ ..._.__._..__*....,r..v.-.*.r;      '   _.'-!"*_!
nnd Staee tAhc*
.*s^__ ?-!.■ u »*J     . ,.
'^••mWiW'V.*.'*.. V; u
Ferguson    o
Trout Laktj
W   osa H
le*vo !•,:   .
Trent Uke«e|
K       I •   obosi Irs,
.■?<*■••*■•    * ."..'.*!^vj
A. M. Craig     Wm. Crawford
n     *A
Imperial Bank of Canada,
.    .UM'i    ON] '-,.|
j i.i*.ir*i ciin u; f3 02r.T4.ci
{ nr it'Hve lui.D ' a.tsr.fsi so
I  totil isist-i     3i.T7es.ao7
iv n"\.;, ICI   Preiideut ,"l.'f Ui FR.vY Vnwh*.
QRAt-CHtS   ■ •      ■    i ■   -i  .i ' .-.*.
A CSXKBAL BARKIS -it      -f •
SAVINr.'_ Cf PAriTMtNT. •" I   *
*"■"-"..f lu'.'   l.l
f*iois    .'...i    Binders,
P iniii s\
Fine   Job
NBLSON,  B. C. audRaneM
Hs'r Iwnre, Uiuers' *    \.   .,
Drat -      i ••• .i -
Up. .   . ,  .    . i    . .     .   J
>.':.>     *   1'*
Review jqb Dept.
|..r ifi   '. t    in 'I
if ' . : ....:■      i'ii. I
Sanqy ^auj^hion
rj IJ I*:'!   fisiling   ]•'. i.•••-..•, yi U  j;
'*       >]•:■,ul.l ..ui hi iii" I....iniii
0 K
.■•^luinC-V      ^.      V-*0c |   It psys to nse the TeHrphone.    A       ..-,        . a_>.
u'H,;r,',r,:,r,,1:i:,:,!-,,.;-,\. *U'.t'L..I.   .->!,..
■ ■'•    ■ •      *'■    Produce   and   Fruit ia-_ix and Arroul.oid .   ., .
II    - .• •  r      I «"   »'
' n W . I    .*i liine8t.Xel*On,B C
lii.i. I.     IJeic   lh"   lifjiter
will   b.*   mrroniide.l   «iiii
),. : .■■ com ft.rli,   i;-i
iiii-.ne,      trell    Vent.
nud    warm   rooms,    wl |]
slocked Lar.  ;i:.il   p<*efjriliing wbicli
ie:.!*  I ii wh rile  ninkiii** yi.hr »i»it a
i li i-.tut and ul moral.! • on**.
Rates frt>m ^1  day it j '*..n.is.
Wi  strive ;.'. j. 11-.*.-*• onr i... ■■ ns.
ClooJ _h_*. r or ll_ir L'u!
LensioxviSle !G. M. YUIlXl! yy,HI?Si0fehn6,/'
*<?>~ Hotel,
Hotel and
Ceneral Store   ^^^^^
o^ard ' r1    D c \MM Block. Trout Late,B.O
.V'atch-repairing,   etc.
H il on . Cord Baths
A., "i.i-.r   nt. ... '..
J   c   .MTKI, ' .
Barber Shop*
*    .. ••
ilei 'lis
' • i lag .
HcL c-t Ci: -ith.
*-MI""  "'   -  Zbc ftotclfficatou   ...      ' ' ~~ J
...jisnicuiara a*r>ply tn r. O'.! /,
Ellioti, .of Trout l..ko, B.C., soliuiiorl j:
inr Juui_n*tii i'ri*1|.ie •'t v
UltodAhli -*nd<i.t> of .' uauit, 190>i.    ] .1
.  . :..    880. M. Villi.I., .
ZiAtmly Sheriff of Nun it Weal   £
.r-       ......        Kouleiil/.    .   | fl
■ „ , ■  . I- .       ,- 4;
Notirfl h hereby girsn lhat ililf date   1
lilsr dsle 1 iiil.it I l   Apply lo i'iA lir....,  D
ChiefC ,.n,jn: -motier ■( I .tu '* in I.W uks   r
lur |h'. ini.-*iun I: porchii, thifollowlns
'lleicribv I llnrli-.ili.uli 1 n    WntKout
'Tniyi    ...
Coir.n*.sn*.incsi i pott I'ltited on the
north shiraof Lsnh riser stK.iit half
Hill.-   Hi, ft-i—  I*—I-
BEAfON. b.c.   	
>'. i    • *♦*,      ..
j.iu,,pfr3n.r^i;r;;:;': n™^u
a____Lfi__i»A.«*^ !*•«?& '
VISIT0R8 nr irfng ci RsstOn ■   reihoH nflliel   M ..*■
."Y1"-"   ■ ■ • ■■'■   i   - „   \L,
:" " lwr..      *}r,f"" ... ni.,,,:,  ; ireqnirsment,
'        *• *' '   loihsla. I  .i rtatlhii
^ g,r.nr. lani  m ih-.wi..t„f „„„
Dot«1 June 20, i-sy*.
Notire  is Iiercbv pivun tint fin
.W. .'Sl   -   .1   ••     •
.Af'f riTY
.!_.&   *i^-| I    £
'•**-* «K_ .
i n c -.. i .
I  - -■"•1*   i o,;mr  trctrk
_?.nr-JJ Bk,e"' ,-tl"*" r>vcr, mark |M,<I'»"". iben-jeeaitNdiaiiiii ■ -
.*<* A -owinu'sa.VV. corner tun ' ""'"' K" ' '"""*• "'''""' *,M Wfksiiis,
Ihenee etisi hd _,•;...  .i_.    '        ll? !>*"■'* *■' rwininsnremenl
'  JuneV7, 190G
Noticd is 'hereby jfiven tint 6n
A Go
■.uwinf-'i'iri.VV. corner put. ', ,„ 	
fiice unit 60 chiim sjong  mn   Relfon Uih June.lWfi. UBI.IR till.I
lisnk,   .li.iioc   n:.rlh   40    (i.t,.)*. I    Nollcs   Is   I b*    ti\et>   that -1    i  jj
ihet.ce   wist   80   ch-JfiV.   IbMoe """"j" »■','•' ,l"'; '   '"'","1   '"
m.iiIi  in „!.;.,«  i.  .   •  !   t 1,0    il's   Hon. Chief Cumni ,il
louth  4t> O tt-nn u j.oint _f .um    undi«-..l tt.-rk. lor n incclni
ceiBBnt.. i.H'i .• •■ i.   ' io cut ind carry awiv llinuer from Hi.
i',ll..•vi.i*' ducfibed  li   '-   illuatell ii
the Weil Ko.tiei.si' ilisti   t
 -..t.-jr  ki'-'i mil on!    CommsnHiif st spoil mirk, i Leilie _ . •--- **
days a/if r  dale  I intent] to insk*1 '-Ill's sooth- east enrnsr, sel hi  iMrtli-|l ■        '
,n|i|ilicatip;. t.i  *.:.(■ (;|,jri c0B1|1||4.|Mits«i»#riil-|x)t 771. thenre north 80 ■ ClUD ooda  Water
slniior   ,,"    I„,   1.   ^.1    il- " i        .     i flisiiu.. .rin ni m  " > ■ I   61. el i... «   III  ,.i*e.H   -  -   -  -       --"•*
f.„_.L/--Ln',l•*   !i/"1    WOi"k<    '"-Isitutl,*::.-.!,,....-. .I.e.iee   ,,.-.   ,i   ;l,n„„'r
ic nollli of comment .*..,.*.,i
Asison,tfth June, 1900,    LssLts lin.i.
Nl.liirt',*!     Iirn I.f    -.lisn   Hint   111*.
inni.ilis sftel dels I  Inl enr] to n- rly I.
the 1). .„ I't.iel CothnilMinm-r ol I nn.Ii.
. .i ii* . i.   .
Gil .-_ei Alt
vjiriger Beei
praam _oda
Champaar.e Cider
.pcni,i«:on ta p.r bnk lhe ;.,l|„,
jng  drserib«l   |0.-d_   cituatrj  u
Qnle,,n l„y.  (*/,,,, Kooirm-jfdis
iom   -    '
_»_?.-__   "•_,'.,*** a   l»2i   InAfMT I       i    • "Ll,"■*-"•"••■*'' ».r..l Lands
M tlitAW- fior oi i.-iai V1.        ' ."' (,lr,n ,wsv ,l":1*" '""" ",., i.,i-
lifnrl f ...;,l   Ini   -*"1"**-  ' '■ '•'■« ; ' ' * •'I' *i.*>*r.ih-.I Im.
JindLUmkr Co>u  t),,,),,.,. Ji!rj|)   «JrKootensydlitilot
i    .u°n^e^   i0    <-h*lnt,    tl;..„ce L.^;"" ""''"•«»•• |.nsl marked L,.,li,.
r*>U\!   2!)  fchsW    tliailf   esnl 7n,H,"$ ""'"'•«■«»*   MfH"   posl,   Mt   |t|
■ 'h__* l1-^                 _" cl"'•in■, {t> ".'r,lj *?eb4lii«, tfieuce s-eii Ifi..
__3__1_f__!lnFe0,,,-8ti  R,,d oo.,     »'"'.«-ull; t- cl,a..„, ibsnc. *_.!' 1 i
_i»i.»iai**.(Jf> actft.;. .   T. \Vat_,«    |cb"iisiopuli,tofeori inbettieat.
ffelsin, l.iij June.lWfl.
Llliis \UU.
w •*.  . < ■• i<
Llthla Mii'ieral Water
', .  .   ■
Thorpe (fi_ Co.
Nrianii, ?U. (C.
kHERK   bave   l"" n   f rtonis
I: In    jO'liclOUl    ir.'. *   ■'
iiierVt in IJi'.il i"-.tnf.', mul
nt* rt- I iilunen wiii be niado than
bi . r ii • :.* >.■. t v... . i i hn e j. sri,
'i . •• ....•■ tt'lm ' r* :.j.'*• I I.o Imr*.. t Is
tin* origilul liivostor, ftir !..■ hns
l Is mnnet tm .-. < eriainty.
let us point .tut In \ .rn I Iin t
I'n u' i" n • t.-n.f S|iOl <'ii Mil' ( ill'*
t n '.I lil i r.v R >al ).' i..'.. '.liiiu
Trout Lake is the pn Ulcsl t\ ni
i.i il.t; Kr..*i. nny--'; ns :. p cm in .•
n S'iri if Iuin nn • ijiimI, B<*atTi ;
i. i I 11 iilii [* n.i.y I • Indulged m
thu i. ar r. und | « hilo biti garofl
ill    n'.UlJ II ■l'l!     II    t'r   I llU     I    llllll  nil
I lie I.i1!* I'- 'vm ito Is lUpci b,
there l. i v.  tin ffh'B: oxl i enu -, ii
l>. Ing  ll.il.I   in  ',/nli'l-  ill ij   i .   .' i.i
ktimmtir. Ji crf'n bi .• ■ i . f ime of
llie li,i''-l li.l.l.. inul i' a ' .'•■ii <■.•■•. in
U'rltii ■• <'■■' ii ill .. Ii i''" . i" mo
well In .1 ..nt nml grndrd. Tlioib
nr.* two .*\i'ei.''.it genofnl slono,
ft lid ft'glnuco nt ihi* ndv.'i ti-.'i.i.i.i'i
in this jnu'riinl uill show tlmt nil
trades lire fuirly woll represented.
Writ'*  wltli confldoitCrl [6'Ag-siit's,
Lots can be !
obtained on '
i   ! TERMS. L
Make your
selection at
H. McPherson
Trout Lake, B.C,
* t
Then call on
or   write  to
rjw l.nd ■.     hooi
Riowtti has |,   .
H-e  l.i.d  .I, .       ,
';' 'J    < , ::
' ■■ '•)  li-ndtn i i,
'".   '- """m...: t •!■■•
,,'1•",   "  '"'I   di ,       ,.,   ,u
;■""""  ",,: I . :,,.! *
:      '   ;   ■'  bj ,,-,,   ■
! •     •*,  i
' •    I   II ..,1 .
.* .   . M.n, •'   •■
" 't'tlSgU litis. i,„|
,,   ,  M.  , ,-l.   <„,•„
V,   ,1',|■","•,,,■ - '--■	
"' "  bnndfRu ml i   „,,|, .
'■■'i -.: ■•.rr,„.n„f. ,,,.,,.
I',;-', f.h   1.1,     |  ,'.. ,   .
""""*"'K "•>>   j-t-jar   -mu.
V,""^ ■'•■ •--■"•    ''-.'
t,,!,"r:'  "ll1  '" '' Mf raOi'lWl
:,,,: IJ,,5 M I.,..**-
ii '   "'"'   in   iil.i .,,
""■*■"•'•..'. i.i»,h,i!.;
F* B, WeJis
General Agent
Revelstoke, B.C.
Pay the Printer.
.: *y°
■- •
lit. I        I I     . 	


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