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Lardeau Mining Review 1907-04-04

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0 -  i-s
-    i.
as a large* v-t ■*.'*••
itioo    than   uuy
swapper   m    N
C-Jotway. Bust ad-
vertifiD|   u-iditn.
The   ri oetilelli.
of tlie rich Lirileau
\ country.     Bsnt t->
any address for 92
per au. in advance.
vol. a
TROUT LAKE CITY,   B.C. April -4th.  1907.
^^^^Brh hereby given tlmt with
ro innn thu   from   the Iiinl pul.
lii-ation hewol in th.-  Hnti-n  Co!-
llltlbU Oaxette.   I iulend   I.,   apply
O li)g Hon. Chief l'iiiiimi-.-i.)li. r nf
f.Ulda and Work- f'.r special I inn
<es  tO-CUt •nd cniry nway   tiinl..*i
Vom the following described   laii'N
Ked in Wett Kootcnav.
.  1,    Ciniiui.ticiiig sl   .1   post
j plantedOBLexingt.il Creek, 111.oul
;  ! mite! from I''ish deck.     marked
il.   Beaton's South   West  f. 11 nt 1
100't; theOOe east Ml cliaim-; llii m 1*
lOrth    0 Chains;    thence  wesl fill
*  hains;  tbence ninth 80 chains to
be poiut of i">iiiii.i'i>ccm.*iit.
Ittated llth. day .,f March. l'.it)7
tm. Beaton, Locator.
No. 2.   Commencing  at  ,\ j.om
ilanUQ on Lexington Creek.nl...ut
miles from   Fish Creek, mnikel
f.   Beaton■*   Nonh   '.Vest   corner
■Olt; thence east SO chains; ll.cncc
OUtb 80  chains:   thenee   west   SO
1 hains; theme north sn cliaim-1 to
"he poiut <•) <<.mm.n.t'u.. nt.
Located Ilm dny of March, 1007
^*§. Beaiun,  Locator.
*!» NoliOO is hereby given tha'
fitbin two moiithh frnm -4h<* fust
ublicatioii hereof in   th<   Biiti-h
lolUnbia CtS/efe.   I  illlcml  tn Bp-
ly to the Uon. Chief C.m mission-
r Of Landi- A   Works  f.,r  specia
.-enees to  cut   and   carry   awav
- imber from the following describ
ldUutdaai"i:ile in West Kootenay;
^^H   Commencing  at   a   posl
jlMM     -It     lilt'       li'er-.ucllult     <d
ie West.iiy boundary of Loi
694 with the Southerly boundary
f LoMOli, marked "A Gowing'*
north Ea-t corner prist,'' thence
jjuth,16<    i.. .**■•   ■••■ ■' i
[tisioa, thunce north ICO chnins
lendBkrjt 40 cbaius lo lhe point
jmmeni  nient.
Local..I the 28th day of Feb-
iary, 1'joT.
A  Gowing, Locator.
No.?.    Cotniueticing   at   A   \ n-l
Unted nt ths North West  comer
f LotM'.**'.. marked     A    .,    , ,       -
TlfoHhl-iKt corner posl,"   thence
W chains,   thence  west  SO
tbence  north   80 chains,
isl 80 chains to the point
I commencement.
JLocc.'l the 23th. day of Feb-
urr 1*»07.
A. Gowing,   Locator.
snd "Globe" mineral claims
in Trout 1 nk.* Mining Division.
"I on I'oplar neck.
Sot ice that I, Hrme White, art-
gent for thc Siiv)!!»«» Mminn Co
hers' Certificate So 11 MM, in-
l ilsyn from tbe dale her jof, In
(the Milling Hernnler for a l>r
I Iiii]'r.'ve.iii*iiiH lor th* inirpnfe
inii a Crown (irant ol tho above
uihrr taka notice thst action
ctioii37,  niimt  Im« oninieiircd
le in.mn." of fiich Certltcata
n v ru mill n
[Jsmisry lind,  1907.
Ultra        WRITS
e is hereby given tint .10
flcr date hereof, I intend
ke application io the
liicf Commissioner of Lands
a for a ipccial license to
carry sway timber from
owing described lands situ-
tbe Lardeau district:
(mencing at a p>-sl planted
one mil"  above  Camborne
 west side of Fish Creek,  a-
Hb'ie  quarter-mile    from    its
1    K   marked   "J.   0,    south-
1 'fcorner"    ihenee   north   80
■;   thence  west  80  chnins;
ft south 80 ohaina]   thenco
■    B> cliaine lo tbe point of cuii-
i • Haunt.
■Located March 16th. 1007.
Bn Croft.
Notice it. hereliy ^ivon that within
two months from llioflrst publication heret.f iu Uu-British Colum -
biaOntetl.fi, I intoud to apply to
tni* Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Landi and Works for n special Licence to cut and carry away limber from the following described
bind- lituated ill West Koulei.ny.
N i, 1. pomni'-uoing nt a post
planted i > miles above Ten Mi'e,
nil    the    south    fork   of   Laidcau
Creek, adjoining Lot 7047 ou the
north, maiked "A. Qowlug'i S, I-.
corner   post"    ihei ce north  s<)
chnins; tbence wet) 80 chain-;
thenoe south 80 ohaim; thence
.-asi 8) chains, to point of commencement,
Ko. 2.   Commencing at a po-it
planted li mlleaabov* Ten Mile,
on th.*    suuth   folk    of    J aril.-an
Creek, adjoining Lot T< • 17. o i the
V K. marked'A. Gowing's (■**. W
corner     post,"       thence     north
80 chain-^, tb ii east SO chaini;
thence font li SO chains; thence
west SO chains t'i the point of commencement.
No 3. Commencing at a |>ost
planted 1-} milea above Ten Mile,
on tho south f.uk of Lardeau
Creek, marked *'A. Gowing'i N.W.
corner p'st,'' thenco south 80
chains; thence east 80 chains;
tlieme noJth SO chains; thence
wist SO chain.-; Io point of Com
Located  March 37th.   1007.
A. Gowing, Locator,
No 4 ^Commencing »t „ n *\
planted i!J miles above Ten Mile
on the M.uth fork of Lardeau
Creek,   and markCtl  'A.  (Sowing's
S. W. corner post,'' thence north,
80 chnins, thenoe out   SO  chain*.
tbcncesuiilh 80ci.    ti*. thence wc.-l
80 chains; to the y lut of com-
No. .V Commencing at a post
planted 2*} miles above Ten Mile.
on the M.uth fork of I.aideau
Creek, marked "A. Gowing'i N.
\V comer post," thence south j*0
chain-; thence east SO chains;
theii.-e north 80 chains; thenco
west SO chains; lo point of cum
No •'.. Commencing at a   poat
planted 3-J miks above Ten Mile.
on the eolith fork of Lardeau
Creek, marked "A. Gowing's 8.
VV. corner post,', thence nnrlh 8n
chaina; thence east 80 chain-;
thence south SO chain-,; Ihenee
west 80 chain-; to point of
No. 7. Commencing at a post
planted 3-} miles above Ten Mile,
on the south fork of Lardeau
Cre*k, markod "A. Gowing'i N
W. cornor post;" thenc-south 80
chains; thence east 80 chains;
thence north 80 chain*-; Ibence
west 80 chains to point of oom*
in. ncemtnt
Local..I Miirch .Tub  1907.
A. (J..wing,  Loeator.
.  iv ,-ni ■__    rr.,. »i-. I SOME EXTRACTS FROM TIIK
on    tie   30lh,
M«'Aiin    aired  HOTEL MEN   LIGHTLY TRIP
Died; at Kaslo
March, Cl.ark-t \V
•12v-ai'H, H	
While nol unexpected, the news
nf Mr. MoAnn'i death i.ame ai it
shock lo his mnny  friendi  In   the      The hotel keepers   of   the  Lar-
|/ll(|,,au iluati are known far and  wide   for
Tbo deceased, during his 16 'll,ir hospitality, good-fellowship
v.ais residence in Kuln, had «ndoriginality, and as yean roll
inadu hiniSL-lf popular-nut only >'.v ,""1 obangei take place, their
In bis own town, tytt wherover he genial personages remain the
waa known hii nan iai personality Kan"'' "naBeoted b.v atmospheric
made for him friends who are over changes; undisturbed though thc
u helmed wilh sorrow ill I.is being i-'real«Rt "booze artists" on this
taken off in I ho midst of a busy terceatrial iphere should hover
nn.l honorable life. around them, nnd always on deck
He waa—at tbe time of his .lea- t0 lake lheir portion of this
lb serving big fifth term ai May- world's off. rin»s, tbo' kingdoms
or of Kaslo. n?*y r'se a,H'' ^a"r   ^'alr'(; Nations
In politics be was a staunch bold away, or the price of silver
Conservative, and had bis health fall to 30 below zero. Many a
been good, would have- been the Hie have tbey saved bv admiuis-
unanimous choice of tho party at u'rin& Pl,'**ons of tbo "gladsome
the late provincial election*. fluid" in t,ic' c,)1'1 V»t d;lw"  of
While a strong party advocate, 'llie morning after," and even
he neverlbeliss held tin- esteem during the recent cold snap—
and friendship ot those opposed t*> which closed navigation on the
bim, and regret at i.is untimely Lake, with the supply of the in-
nid is universal. vigorating fluid  running  so  low
Kor many years he was nssociat- that the'habitaei' wns forced to
ed with Neil F. MacKay, the pres- go on half rations—not one went
ent member of lha legislature, in without his "morning's morning"
the law business, and handled so carefully do tbe hotel-men of
many of tlie important cases com- the Lardeau look afler llie c unfort
ing beforn tbo courts of the Koot- of their guests.
enay couutl y. The climax of tbeir eflbrtr*-, how
A widow and three children are ever, was reached ou Friday last
left to mourn bis death, to whom when the hotel-keepers of Cam-
is extended tbe heartfelt sympathy borne gave a grand uall ta which
of all the resid cuts oi lhe Kootcu- ihey invited everyone in the dis-
ays. trici.   It was, wilbout-doubt, one
of the   BWellest  affairs   that ever
took place.
The music was the finest;    the
Notice ll hereby given that GO. banquet was h-urtily enjoyed bv
daya after the !ir.-t ; an icon-n tho numerous gu-asti frc-cnt. and
here f ia tlie liruisli Columbia the hosts did not overlook one
Qasette, 1 intend to apply lo the thing that would tend to the en-
lion. Chief Commissioner of Lands joyment of their guests.
nml Works, for p special license to It was a tr. at to see the maimer
cut and carry atvav limber from in which the "landed proprietor.-."
lhe followim: described lands situ- danced the cotillon etc, uml they
ated in Weet Kootenay district.       were just as much at home as if
Commencing at a poat planted thoy were dishing up the "red eye"
en the cast fork of Deep Creek, to a bunch of lumber-jacks just off
on the Arrow Lake,   marked   "A.    the drive.
K. ds A. W's S. E. corner poat: The first streaks of dawn were
thence north 40 chains. Ihcnce appearing in tbe eastern sky when
inst li.il cbaius; tbence south 10 the orchestra played the National
ibaina; ihcnce east 100 chains to Anthem, bringing to a olose a
p.-iin of comiii.-iuem. nt. social event which  nill   long   re
located March 20th.   1007.      ,uai" Srwn '" 'l*'*' memories of all
A. Evans & A. Ward. Locators    wl'° *e»-c present.
Diirin-,' the banquet mnny asked
Mr.   LEM1EUX.
lill.l. Now DKPOnETHIC DOMINION parliament.
.Vj.   Any employer declaring or
can-in*.' a lockout contrary lo lhe
provisions of ihis act shall be liable to a flno of not leu than one
hundred dollars, uor more than
one thousand d..liars for each dav
or part of a d iy lhat sue!! a lockout exists.
00. Any employee who goes on
■strike contrary to the provWonsof
this net shall be liable to a fine nol
less than ten dollars nor more ihsn
fifty dollars for each day or part
of ii day tnatsuch employee is on
61. Any person who incites,
encourages or aids in nny manner
any employer to declare or continue n lockout, or any employee to
g.i or continue ou strike contrary
to the provisions of this act, shall
be guilty of an offence- ned liable
to a fine of not less than fifty dollars nor more than one thousand
G2. If any employer disnus*
from bis employment any employ,
ee by reason merely of the fact
that Ibe employee is or is about b*
become a member of a trade union
such employer shall be liable to a
penalty not exceeding fifty dollars
[ for each employee so dismissed.
In every such case it shall Iiion the employer to sntiefy thc
court that such employee was dismissed by reaaon >.f some facts otb
cr than those mentioned in this
63. If any employee g.-es on
-Hike by reason merely of the fact
that his employer baa employ, u or
is about to employ some person
not a member ef it trade union, he
shall he liable to a penalty not cx-
ceeding fifty dollars.
In every such case it shall li-mi
the employee to satisfy tho court
thnt be went on -strike by leason
of some facts other than those men
tinned in tbis section.
No. 2. Commencing at a post
planted about 800 feet north ..f
Flab Itiver and about I miles from
its m..uth. marked "A. Qowing's
N. K. corner post, thence west l'l"
chains; thenco south -i1' chains
tlience east 100 chnins; thence
north 40 chains to tbe point of
Located Feb.    pith. 19n"..
Arthur Gowing.   Locator.
—"Where is the coffee?" Well,
it was tbis way. The hotel men
went in a body to bring the coffee
from the i'lace where it was being
mule, nnd dut ing the interval thnt
occurred before the full Strength
of the bcuiliiirl been disseminated
into tbe bailing potion, the 'bunch
kept the register  behind   the bnr
(Continued iu ucxt column.)
in os'.ate of frenzy, with tbo result
that when they stalled forth will.
the steaming narcotic, ono of tbem
slipped on a banaua peel —at least
be 6aid it was—and lhe whole con-
tents of the coffee pot was lost t n
the cold, cold ground. Not in the
least dismayed, they sent o.io of
the party to entertain the quests,
and forthwith proceeded to com-
pouud another brew of coffee, arriving at tlie b mi-net about the
time the sandwiches were begin
ning to feel just like chunks of
sawdust to Ihoso who were devour-
ing them.    'Unit's how it   happen-
Tho Sibbitb Hay Ob ior vr nou
Act U creating quite a discussion
as to whether it should be rigorously enforced by the Provincial
authot itles or not.
We are ..i thi opinion that such
legislation can only be enforced
where tin*; rcponderanco of public
•pinion is in favor of it.
Tbe parliament of this province
or any other province or state is
in. better than ibe poople. A
stream cannot ri.-e higher than its
source, and it is Utterly useless for
any governing body to make laws
— along mural lines—nnd try to
enforce them, unless those governed are in sympathy with them,
If the PEOPLEof llritish Columbia want n strict adherence to
tbe Act in quest] n, let their representatives speak out. nn.l speak
boldly, and if it meets w.tb favor
enforce i', to lhe limit, but on the
other band, if—in tiieir opinion—j
the majority of their constituents
don't want it, let it lay dead.
The "Belter Terms' question
is to be carried to the foot of ll.e
Throne. Finding it impossible to
•.-••i justice at Ottawa, Preiniei
McBride has made up Lis mind lo
take the mat ler to headquarters. [
There ig no difference "f opinion
between the two political parties
iu British Columbia as to our
rich's in thu lusher, nnd it i.- to
br* Ii iped that when the Premiei
>.f the Dominion seiks permission
from the Crown to make certain
chanees in the British North A-
merica Act relative to increased
subsidies to lhe other provinces,
ihnt be will be forced t» do justice
to this province, or cut tbe whole
business out.
This would not apply to British
i'i lumbia Legislators:-—
A Siieiemento, California, despatch says: "Wc regret, O Lord,
that so many members have cnn'
here solely to draw pay. to dr.in
corks and dr.uv pokt r." ln thes
words Schiverra, the Evangelist
concluded nn unexpected roast ol
an.asscmbly a few days ago, delivered uuderthe?guisoof a prnyi i
t*> tiie Almighty. The assembly
gasped, Its collective face, d* ■
ce-itly composed to bearltbe pioui
invocation that precedes each sir
sioi,, was twisted into au expulsion of amazement and embarrnsi
ment.    It wis   lihe being caugh
itb Iho goods, j But no point o!
that would hare thc true ring lo
ll, the author would,..( ii.-cencitr,
roqnire to live there f..r n time at
least, ile W'.iill have ti) study the
charsderisfies ol tin* western peo
pie—have to become one ol them,
living lheir daily life and sharing
their Joys an.l »..irons, lie weald
have to mix with tbem t-o-in' ly
iiiiiI iii a business wm*, in short,
be a 'Westerner"    Its n i|Uestion
ul knowioi local conditions.
The same reasoning applies
to the "'Leckie Hoot" for the
Western Miner, ihe Prospector and the Lumberman,
The makers of the "Leckie
Boot'' are Westerners with
Western experience. Tbey
know what to make and bow
io make it. Its not so much a
question of price ns of quality.
Their sole aim is to make
"a belter beot for the same
m-'ney"—and the LECKIE
BOOT" is it.
J. LECKIE CO. ltd.
cd, but they 'nude good' just  U'« order can be sprung on u,c  c|,a]
"I"  sn.l   I"    miners! claim,  siiim
I* in the l'l*..a I It Ite kilning Division
*-.( \\>si Kootenai* Distrlel
Where located:   .tear bead el 911*
ver Cup Creek
TAKE NOTICE that I, A. lv
J..weit, Flee Miner's Certificate No.
B881S6, intend, sixty i'.sjs from
dale hereof, to apply to lhe Mining
Recorder for it Certificate if Improvements, forth.- pir.pr.se of obtaining a Crown 0 ran I of tboabo' i
And furl In r take notice that a. -
tion, muleiscciinti 37, must be
commenced before the iaauanot of
such Certificate of Improvement--,
Dated this 8th.  day  ol   March
A.D   1007.
A, F   Jowi*it
•igasft """
Cents Furnishings
lain, so   ihey  had  to  take  then
Coasting in silence,
Rev, P, 11. Willis is to., con
sidcrate of the Throne of Grace t.
bombard it with nny unpleasant
allusions to the ungodly short
c lutings nt the asstmbly-meii, b it
6chi verrh, to whom IVillla y'cdlei
bis [dm * tn ! iv, had no scruple;
II.* si.ir.i .1 out I-, give heavi n tin
"straight .1 ipe" on the lowi
l e; i* and lhe recording nng> 1 ha
proli.tl.ly heen Imsy ever si I	
Scbivoira   exprossed   regret t
the  Almighty, thai  lis ereaturw
bad scon fit to   defeat   the   pria. •
light, the raciug nnd the 8 .I.bail
observance hills,   lint he intimated to powers above thai theassen ■
lily men represented   popular fee
iiip in  these matters.   And  Ihei
lhe d. li* atn ronsl tvouud  up alii'
, ra lively  wilh  the   n fer nee  t
[drawing corks and poker,
Iln- nis iii'i.lynii'ii nro ivuitin|
lo ■-<•.* tvhethor Willis loindrrot
will apologise to tin* Almighty fo
his clerical  brother b   outspoki n
n    ii   o
Dou*l fail to attend the mtet
ing on Saturday night, announced
ni another column.
2     Local and General.     {.
8 n
All those interested in road
and trails in tbe Trout Lake Mh-
ng Diviiion, are requested*i>> at-
.'iid a meeting to be held on Saturday nighr, April 6tb. nl ti.e
Oddfellows' Hail, to consider liie
,.xp* n iituro .*f the annual approp-
iatiun for such purposes
A. M. Crai|» lost one of  hvs  ben
stage horses duriiig tlie week.
There is now*   over 500 tons  o
high-srade ore stacked up at   lite
height shed.-. 1mm the Filver-Cup,
twaiting the opening of tho lake.
Hugh McKlnnon of Vancoo*as
Is visiting his  brother John,   a
Mr. .1. M   Lodwig, of F.I wood
Ind., arrived at Hintrn ibistseck
'c wiil take a positional Ibe S It-
r Dollar mine,    as assistant  to
dr. Bmmcns.
Jos.   A.   Griffith  Irs gone  itlo
he K.al Estate business in Vk*-
It is safe batting thai tbs G. T
'. will not do much on I belt Pec-
ii I'Const Townsite until Iho r«#
cisionaryjntercsts of ti.e Proves in tbo Indian Uesewes ars
A coast paper sl.it.•» that all
fork has practically i-.cn suep* r.i
id at Prince Rup irl
0 \v'. Abrahamson u*<i latnlly
returned-from Revelstoke^ lb< ciC
of last wrck. LARDMtJkiNift(_fc_ VIEW, TitOUT LAKE ClTV. B.C
The Two Vanrevels
mAmm tt *Tkt fimtl—tn From Indiana" >nS "Maiuscur Btwuttkn*
tesvrtsat. lsoa.
(Continued  Krnin
Week. I
"Moefted youT' she repeated as tbey
wcut on.
"Mucked lue," be sAld flrtuly. "Mocked uie ror seeming tbeiitrlcul, uud yet
you bave learned tbut Wbat 1 Buld wus
true, ua you will again."
She   mused   upou  Ibis,   thun,   us   lu
WblDlSll'Ul    ludlllgcln I*   tU   Ull   llllpOI'tll
nute child:
"Well, tell me wbut you uieun when
you uuy 1 uu i ed your life."
"Vou cume uiiiin* " be begun hastily.
"to stand upon tbut tunning roul'
"Whence nil but blui bud riedl" Her
in nub lei* ran*,- out, Interrupting bim.
"My room was ou tbe fourtb floor ut
St. Marl's, uud I didn't iiiiiui climbing
three flights tbis evenlug."
Crulley'u good uuturo was always perfect. "You inock uie, aud you mock
u.t-:" be cried, uud made ber luugbter
but part of u gay duet. "1 kuow I
bave gone too fast, lime said tilings I
■bould have wulted to uuy, but, ub.
remember tbe small ebnnce I hnve
■galuat tbe others who eau see ynu
when tbey like. Dou't flout me be
cause I try to mnke tbe moat of a rare,
stolen moment with you."
"Do!" she exclnlmed, graft upon tbe
Instant. "Do make the most of It: I
bave nothing but Inexperience. Make
tb* most by treating me ecrlously,
won't you? I kn**w you can. and I—
I"— she faltered to n full stop, she was
earnest and quiet, and there bud beeu
something in ber tone, too, as-very often there was. tbat showed bow young
■be was. "Ob," she began again, turning to blm Impulsively. "I bave tbeugbt
about you since tbat evening ln tbe gulden, and I have wished I could know
you. I can't be quite clear bow it happened, but even those few minutes left
■ number of strong Impressions about
you. And the strongest was tbat you
were one witb whom I could talk of a
great many things, If you would only
be real witb me. 1 belle-re, tbougb I'm
not aure wby I do. tbat it la very difficult for you to be real. I'erbapa because you are so different at different
times tbat you aren't sure yourself
wblcb tbe real you Is. But tbe person
tbat you are beginning to be for my
benefit must be tbe most trifling of all
your selves, lighter and easier to put on
than tbe little musk you carried tbe
other night. If tbere were nothing better underneath tbe mask, I might play
"Did you learn this at tbe convent?"
gasped Cralley.
"Tbere was a world tbere In miniature," sbe answered, speaklug very
quickly. "I think all people ure made
of tbe same niateriuls,' only in such different proportions. I think ii little
world might bold us much us tbe largest, If you thought It all out burd
enough, and your experience might be
Just us broud aud deep lu a small curlier of tbe earth us auywbere else, but
I don't know! I want to understand—
I want to underst.iud everything! I
read books, aud there ure people, but
uo one who tells me wbat 1 want- I"—
"Stop!" He lifted bis bund. A sltigu-
lin* exultatlou rose lu blui, together
wllb the reckless Impulse to speuk
Slum the mood her vehement coufldeuee
bud Inspired.    He gave wuy to It.
"I know, 1 know," he suld huskily.
"1 understand ull you menu, ull you
feel, ull you wish. It Is ull e. lining
here uud here aud here!" lie touched
bla breast, bis eyes mid bis forehead
wllb tbe lingers of bis loug uud slender
bund. "We slgb und strain OUT eyes
uud stretch out our iirms in the dark,
groping liltvuys fur the strange blessing tbut Is Just I.e.uml uur grasp, seeking for tbe precious unknown tbut lies
Just over the horizon' It's wbut tbey
meant by tbe put of gold where the
rulubow ends—ouly, it iiniy be there,
after all!"
'ihey Stopped unconsciously und remained Ktnndlug at the lower end of
tbe Carewe badge. The western glow
bud fude.1. ami she wus gazing ut lilm
tbrongh the darkness, leaning forward,
never dreaming that her tight grasp
hud broken the sticks of the little pink
"Ves," she whispered eagerly. "Vou
\re right: you understand:"
lie went on, the words coining faster
Hii faster: "We ure huiiiile.l. y..u uml
hy the wish to know nil things, nml
by ihe question that lies under every
thought we have, Ibe agonizing Width
er? Isn't It like Unity ll is really
deuth thnt makes us think."
She shivered Slightly, but her stend
fast eyes did not shift from him He
threw buck Ills bead, ainl liis face, Dp*
lifted lo the Jeweled sky uf llie ni'n.n
less night, i.*a< l.eiitlfle In Its peaceful
ness as he i■uiMlniied III nn altered tune,
gentle nnd low:
"J think all questions sre answered
tbere. Iln- slurs tell It all. When y.iti
look at tbem you know. Do you see
tbe Constellations swinging above us,
sucb uiilmagiinilik- vnstuesses. not ruling or crushing through the llllmituble
at haphazard, but moving lu more ex
csllent measure mid to u tiner rbytbm
tban tbe most delicate clockwork iuuu
•ter made? Ab, wben you wouder look
above you -look above you In the night,
I say," be cried, bis baud upraised like
dis transfigured face. "Look above
you and you. will never feur that a
sparrow's full eould go unmarked."
lt was not to the sturs tbat sbe look
cd, but to tbe ...*.*• iin. as long aa be
beld tbat pose, wbleb lasted until a
bard ridden horse came galloping dowu
tbe street.   As lt dasbed by, though tbe
rider looked neither to right uor left,
Miss Hetty unconsciously mnde u fever*
Ub clutch at her cuuipuulou's sleeve,
drawing liini closer to the hedge.
"It ls my futber," sbe said hurriedly
In ■ low voice. "He must nut see you.
You must never come here. Perhaps"—
Bhe paused, then quickly whispered:
"Vou bave been very klud to me. Uood
He did not speak again, but, tuklug a
step backward, smiled fulutly, bent bis
bead la biuuble gcaulescuuca and luude
.* slight gesture of Ills bund for hei" to
leave him. she waved bim uu uncertain farewell uud run into the garden,
both pain.s ugulusl her burulug cheeks,
CHAl'Tfclt Vlll.
" It, CAREWE wus already at
the breakfast table, but the
light of bis countenance, hidden tiebiud the ltuueii .lour*
n..i. iias uut vouchsafed to bis daughter wheu she took her pluce opposite
blm, nor did be see Ut to ret lira her
Uinruing greeting, '.-.out which sbe geu-
eiously concluded lhat tbe burning of
Ibe two Warehouses bud meant u se
vert- loss tu biiu.
"I um so suiry, futber," sbe said
gently. (She bad uot cnied bim "papa"
hiuce tbe UorulUg after ber buli.i "1
bupe 11 isu'l to be u greut trouble lo
you." 'there wus uo response, uud utter   waiting   fur  .sume lime  sbe  ..puke
again rasher tremulously, yet uot timidly, "I'mbcr':"
lie ruse, uud Lpou his brow were
marked ine blackest linos Of anger she
bad ever seen, su i.iut sbe leaueJ back
Hum liun. startled, nut be uiren dowu
the open paper before her ou tbe tuble
uud struck il witb his chuched list.
"Head tbut.'" be suid, uud be stuud
over her while she read.
There were some gruudiloqueul bead-
Hues: "Miss Elisabeth Carewe uu au-
gel of Mercy! I'burmiug Belle Maies
the Lives of Five 1'ioiuineul Citizens!
Her Presence of Mnid Prevents conflagration Ti oni Wiping Out tne City!'
It may be noted lhat Will CumnUngS,
editor uud  proprietor Of the Journal,
hud written tbeae tributes us well ns
the whole account of ll.e evening's
transactions, mul Miss Betty loomed as
large iu Will's narrative OS lu his goad
uud lovelorn heart Tin-re was very
little concerning the fire in the Journal
ll was nearly nil about,Hetty. Thut is
one of the misfortunes which pursue a
l.ul.i who allows au editor lo fall In
loie iiilb her.
However, mere was a scuul mention
of the arrival of llie volunteers "upon
tbe scene," though none ut all ut the
cause of their delay, uud uu eloquent
paragraph was Ueioied to Iheir baud-
some appearance, Mr. Cuinmiugs having beeu oue of those wbo insisted that
the   new   uiiil'iirms   should   be   worm
"Soon," said tbe Journal, "through tbe
durlug of the chief of the department
uud the captain of Ihe hook un.l ladder
company, one of whom placed uud
mounted tbe grappling ladder, over
which he was Immediately followed by
tbe other carrying tbe bose, u stream
was sent to play upon tbe devouring el
enu'iit. a feat uf dcrring do personally
witnessed by .. majority of our readers,
Mr.   Vaurevel  nud   Mr.  Gray   were
jolm-d I.y Eugene Sla.lrilloii, Tapping
bam Marsb and the editor of this pa
per, ufter wbleb occurred the unfortunate accident to the loug ladder, leaving (he Hie named gentlemen iu iheir
terrible predlcuini-nl, face to fine with
death In Its must BWful form. At ibis
frightful moment"— Aud ull the tv<l
was about Miss Carewe.
Aa Will himself admitted, be bad
"lul.l himself out ou thut description.''
One paragraph was composed of short
sentences, each beginning with the
word "alone." "Alone she entered the
shattered door!   Aloue she set foot up
ou tbe first tllgbl of stulrs!   Aluue she
ascended the second! Alone she mount
ed the third!   Aluue she lifted ber U iml
to the trap! Alone ahe opened It!" Bhe
was declared to have made her appear
nice to Ibe unfortunate prisoner* on
the roof, even n*   the palm laden dove
to ll.e .le-pairing Noah," and Will also
ds-nned repeatedly tbat she was io*
"heroine uf the bum*."
one had spoken to net* iingrny or even
As she retreated from htm be leaned
forward, thrusting the hideous mask
closer to her white und horror stricken
"You can't see ouythlug to reseut In
thnt!" he gibbered. "It's so futiu.v, ls
lt? Fnnny! Funny! Funny! I'll show
you whether It's funny or not! I'll
show you!" His voice rose almost to
a shriek. "You hung around fires, do
you, on the public streets at nlgbt?
You're u nice one for me to leave In
charge of my house while I'm awuy.
you trollop! Whnt did you mean by
golug up ou that roof? You knew tbat
rascal Yunrevel was there! You did,
I say, you kuew It!"
Sbe run towurd tbe door with a
i frightened cry. But be got between It
I and her, menacing ber with his upraised opeu bauds, shaking theiu over
i ber,
"You're   a   lovely daughter,  aren't
you?" he shouted hoarsely, "You knew
. perfectly well  who was ou thnt roof,
uud you  went.     Didn't  you  go?    Au-
swer me tiiut!   If I'd had urius about
me when I got there I'd have shut tbut
; iuuu dead!    He  was uu  my property
' giving urders. the black humid!    Aud
* wheu I ordered Inm out be tuld lue If 1
1 Interfered wltb his work lit-fure lt was
IliiMuil he'd huve me throwu out — me
that owned the whole place ami there
wi.su't u iuuu il..it would lend uie u pistol! 'Rescue." You'd better rescue
blm from mc. you palm laden dove, fur
lil about him. 1 will! I'll kill thut
dug. uud he knows it. He can bluster
iu a crowd, but he'll bide now! He's
a cowunt nud"—
"He came home with uie. He brought
me home Inst nigh;!" Her voice rang
out In the room Use that of some oilier
prison, uud sbe hardly knew thut it
wus herself who spuke
"You Ile!" be screamed, uml fell buck
from her, bis face working ns tbougb
under Ibe dominance of some physical
disorder, tbe flesh of It plastic beyond
conception, so that sbe cried out uml
covered her face with her iirui. "You
He! 1 saw you at the hedge witb Cralley Cray, though you thought I didn't
WhHt do you want to lie like that foi .*
Vuurevel didn't even speak to you. I
usked Mndrlllon.    Y.nt lie!"
He choked upon tbe words,   a ruck
Ing cough shook bim frum bead to I' i it.
He staggered back nnd dropped upou
I ber overturned cbiilr. his urni- n-t-
; Ing the table lu front of blm, bis be. 1
jerking spasmodically  backward and
* forward us be gasped for breath.
"Ring the bell!" he punted  thickly.
with  an  Incoherent gesture.    "Nelson
knows!   Itlug!"
Nelson evidently knew.    He brought
'■ brandy aud water from the sideboard
: wltb uo stinting hniul. nud within teu
minutes Mr. Carewe wus in bis accus-
. tomed   seat,   competent  to   finish   his !
For Miss Betty had fled to ber own
room nud had bolted the door.    She lay
upon the  bed.  shuddering iiml shiver
I lug wltb uaiism mul cold, though the
| duy was Warm.    After u time she began to grow quieter, turned, and lay
Excellent   Remedy
for Constipation.
There nre many ailments directly dependent upon constipation, such us biliousness, discolored und pimpled skin, in-
BOtiva liver, dyspepsia, overworked   kidneys  und   headache.
MAN-A-LIN can be relied upon to produce u gentle action
of the bowels, making pills and
drastic cathartics entirely unnecessary.
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Almanac   lor    1907.
An   Ancient   Power.
"I   tee they sre using   I
motive powei   i ".i
"Huh.   that's   n .thin ■
i-n.iH ii the iii re pi -i i* -l ol
lo dim   i  ii i i  ten  blocks
delphia  Led
'     One   8hort   Pul   Cieir.   the   Held     DoM
i four  h.'S.I ache '-*    liau* y.ni paiim    oral
I ynur    tyett    1 -   the    I realh    o-Ji n in* ■
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rents.   57
<'' rfulne     i-  -  vim  ..-    m ity
It i llie p r ion who hs no 1 nigh*
ter, n i tun in his n dura III • pe son
i- ho h ■<• in- s m r s ■ -ind in -lnnoholy
who i*- In dinger o! losing his bal
ance     'Sueee -   Magizin ■ "
ts  n  remedy  foi    all  11..
"Ion re ii lot-tig. dntiyhler, uren'l |/ouf"
with wet eyes staring iinseelngly at
the wall, her uudeiilp quivering with
the deep Intake of each broken sigh.
"Missy!" There CUM u soft khoek
upun the dour and tbe clink of sliver
Upou china.   "Mis-*, f
"What Is It';"
So  quick   was   Mi-n   Betty  that,  al-
ihuugh she answered slmoai ut once,
the tears were Washed away and she
was   passing  a   • ,,.,|.   Wet
her eves al the niuiiieiit she
"■la--   me      I   I.rung   jo'
honey "
Old Xenon's voice was nlwuys low
childhood ari Ing Irom del ingements
linn Tablets have no en,a! V.*.. di
not have to eoas oi threaten ."ii-
little ones to take ihem childrei
like hem Th.* ease with which thej
can I !• given a. compared with liq-
. i i me lim. w ill appeal .,,
mother    None i     pn e I oi  *.* i v*l
yoii   knun    |ii !   how    Iui*   -i   .1".-   Ill
reached   the   little    stotuseh        \ml
above ad in il "i- have sn  nli ulute
guarantee   thai   ilu*   i.ibleti   ■
nn    opiate    "i    poisonous      o I
slllff. Thi 'I"    !'' •• I,    the.'.
cannol  p..-   blj  .I., harm     Mi     l.l
waul   Donovnn,    Bl      Vgatha,  Que .
-nia      " I   .nu  delights I   .nh   H
. in ii Tablets    I knots • i no u i* In -m
thut  enn  equal   ihem   m  eurini
ills of young children " Yon enn gel
Ilu 'Iril. els from iin> iiiiii'"!-! oi hi
mul al 86 ienl. n oojc bj uiiiiiif
The In Williams Medicine c,
Iini I ulle.  Onl
Miss Betty blushed to see h.-r name
so liin/..I.....I forth lu |ii,nl. but sbe
lacked one kind of vanity and fulled to
Hnd guild reason for more ill.iii n sum*
what troubled luugbter, tbe writer's
purpose was so manifestly kind la
Spite of tbe bizarre result.
"Oh, I wish Mr. Ciiminliigs hudn't!"
•be exclaimed. "It would huve been
heller not lo s-M-uk of me nt all, of
course.    Hut I cnu't See thnt Ihere Is
anything to resent,   it is so funnyf"
"runny!" Mr. Carewe repeuted the
word in n Clicked falsetto, witb the
evident Intention of mocking her, and
at the same time hideously contorted
his face into u grotesque Idiocy of expression, pursing bis lips so extremely
nml   Setting bis   brows  so awry   thut
bis other features wen* carried out of
all familiar likeness, effecting un ulter-
atlon us shocking to behold In n mini of
bis severe east of countenance us wus
Ills fulsetto mimicry to bear. Hhe rose
lu it kind of terror, perceiving that this
Contortion wus produced In burlesque
of ber own expression, nnd ua be pressed nearer h.-r stepped back, overturning ber chair. Kbe bud little re.ullec
tluu of her father dining her childhood,
sud i,.iljug us sjie could reijieijj|»er no
and   gentle,   wltb   n   quaver and  heal-
fancy in the utterance. .Now it was
lender und comforting with tbe com-
prehension of ol i suffering. Ibe ex
inordinary tad ivbleb the old of bis
race nearly nil come to possess.   --i.ri
chii ken   »ing   ob   piece   bfOWB   toast,
bulie.l  "
Winn   she opcne.1  Ibe door he cuiiie
in. bending attentively over bis tray.
and w iibu.it u glance toward bis young
mistress mads -.nne show of fuss nud
busile us be place I it upon ii table ueur
tin* Window iiml drew up u choir for
her so thai slur could sit With ber buck
to tlie light.
'iniii. now!" be exclaimed softly, removing the white napkin and displaying ..thei* dainties beeldes the chicken
wing, "llass de way! Dat ole Mu-
mle iu de kit.-hen. she got her fnlliii's
mi" her grlevln' sins, but de wuy she
d.i hau'ie cbickeo un'  biscuit autney
inl: I nunc on 'em.    She pleu.l fo' me lo
u.\ j uu how you like den biscuit."
He kept Ills bead bent low over the
table, selling a fork closer to Hetty's
baud; nrraiiging tbe plates, th<*n rearranging them, but never turning li I
eyes iu her direction.
"Has father gone out. Nelson?" asked
Betty in a low voice.
"Yes'm; be uptown." The old muii's
lone sunk St oli.e lo the level of her
own;    became    confidential,    as    oue
speaks lo another In s room where
somebody Is hi. "He un-kkiu' perpetrs-
tion to gi down de rlvub dis uft'uoou.
He sny be done broke de news to you
dut be goln' 'nay liey golu' bull' dem
wu'hoiise righ up, an' yo' pn be uecls
tale go wuy 'couut de coutruck. He
be gone two week, honey," Nelson
finished without tun much tbe air of
linpiii i.ng cheery lldlugs, but wltb Just
(To He Continued )
A   Rire   Animal.
tmong ih* many curious snd unusual 111111111'- which have b ten found
by Bii   Hun  .1 Iiii--ii.ii. the   tiii an
explorer, in the Uganda Protectorate
i- the whale-headed stork.   The bird
resemble*. Uie comm in itoi i. In 1
thing Imi the he id,  which    1    an)
towel over   thing |,,lt beautiful    The beak 1- en-
poke, iiiiiiuii- ami fiie-  Ihe -••ik
1 reiikus',   ||ar, whalelike appearance    It i    ra-
Ihei r. puttie i" sciential
Ihe reason foi this enoi ma *    iii| m
'I ii-e    The ii hole's mouth i- buill to
1  lib   1 multitude ol muhII ti-'i, and
po -ilii*,  t ■<• -link'- I eik in ii    have
l.-iii evolved by tbe same agency
Minard's   Liniment   Cures  Garget
Visited on Next Generation.
An old bachelor bought  n  i
nml found r.l-.died io mn' a
pap 11 with the •■ words "I sm *
young lady of jn and would like to
correal ond with s l.a -heloi with e
i.lev t • in 'triii,inr " The name and
nihil"- were given. The badi .loi
w rote, nn I in ri few ii*'i> col this
replj "M niiin. un m'i*r ed twenty
year- ago, Bv dently the mei 1
of whom you bought thos
noi nd.i'ili •■ "i he would have old
them long ago Mv mothei handed
me ."in letter, and said posslbl)    I
miirht  mi:il     | am eighteen "
Every Hume inn Hava 11 Wltb Ullte
I...uio.  nml Expense,
A good tllter is mi expensive iblng.
a pool* oue Is of little or UO aerulllit.
nud uliiiost any filter, unless It Is kepi
clean, ls more destructive of life und
health than the water it Biters.   The
care of (lie  llltcr can  never  be given
Over to the care of Irresponsible sen
ants.     It   soon   begins   to  smell   foul,
and It Is iiltlnuiteil.v given up With
disgust,    as    .listing    more    than    It
cullies  to.
it is within the power of ever) bouse-
keeper to provide tbs family with
pure and sparkling water at tbs si
pease uf  hut  11  few cents a  .leal* und
the smallest amount of attention every
in Prance tbo purlfylug >.f wster la
this wuy is carried ou to n eousldei*i|
ble extent and with elaborate and et
pensive iiii»*liinei*y.    Itut with no machinery ut nil the housewife can pro
iiuce practically the same result.
Take any veaael you may chance to
baic handy.    I have f d a slum* pot.
which you can buy uny plan- for I"
cents, nne that slopes duivn the side-
to u siiuill base at the bottom, Bboul
the best of anytblug.   n>- sure Hint
your vessel Is clean.    I'ili ll nearly full
with waier from tha faucel
Tbe rule for mixing the precipitating
purifier which yeu are Bboul to uae is
1 t.. 8,000, 11 is more tban likely thai
viin will have m. wny to Bacertaln
these exact proportions, but do nol Iel
Hint discourage you, A little expert
ence is worth a good deal In thia world
whetber tbe work ba done la .■"iiipli
rated ur simple, a few dais of trial In
using tbe separator will serve i ■> guide
you nil right.
For a starter, say that to 11 pitcher
holding a  quart  Of  waler you   take  D
small amount of pulverised alum,
about what would n" "ii Ihe rounded
polnl of tbe blade of a i*" ketkulfe,
to-* it Intu the wiiler 1111.1 mix  il lieu
on-lily. This you inn du wiih a spoon,
1111 egg beater or a whip cream churn
Tbe unly thing Is to see lhal tbe alum
is thoroughly mixed with tbe watei
nnd it 1,ii.es , oaslderable stirring to it"
If imi nuii'c little mo.- Islands In
the water, wblcb same little Islands de
nol seem t.> wanl to go to tbe bottom
wltb their companions, you will know
thst you lime ii"! properly mixed minium with tin- Winer   a-i water coats
nothing and  the  aluin  but  tin-  merest
trifle, ynu can throw tbe water awaj
and "set" some inure.    Itut  you   need
nm do this, au du have to do is to
stir It iill up good again
When tho work Is proper!) done the
xvater is crystal clear and has a ITve
tuste. One thing that makes distilled
water su unpalatable Is tin- absolutely
.lend tii-ie It has.
Another greet advantage of water
thus prepared is thut it Is not subject
to auto iufei timi or self contamination,
which is sucb a great enemy to moat
filtered water- This wuter will r.iu.ilu
pure even though exposed to the nir In
o|-eu vessels for ihirtysix hutirs.
Although so -mail an amount of alum
would nut bint you if you were to
drink    every   particle   of   it,   In-   int
alarmed. Vou do not get uny of the
alum when you drink, for the water
upon analysis is found to be cbemi. all)
free frum alum.   'Ihe alum has lettled
to tbe bottom  in uu  Insolubl ra
pound with the tilth uie* upntiii. II
has carried with ft.
In half llll hour or less you will see
n deposit on the sides snd bottom of
your pan or |iot lu which you bare
"set" your water.    If you Will shake
the reasel a bit you win se.* Ibis da
pOOlt go to the bottom. If you .an
spare the time the water should stand
for about sii hours before it i- •!.*
canted. Tbeu plan* iu .lean buttles
011 the Ice.
lu this wuy you drink u pure, cold,
sparkling wuter without tin- contamination tbut Is humid to 1 nine linn
putting lee hi lhe drinking water uu
less  the Ice Ims been  manufactured
from filtered wuter. -Ruth Everett iii
New Vork World.
The milk lu tha wut.-r cocoonul Is a
food ns well ns 11 beverage. The cart
driven through tha streets „r Jamaica
by Ibe quaint old darky urging along
his  rebellious steed  lu  tlie form  of 11
native donkey is au Interesting slgbl
Due Is amazed lit tbe deXtTOUS lu in
DOT III which the ven,ler t ikes the 1111
ripe COCOOOUt 111 his hand ami deftly
CDtS 11 hole In the top, from Wbleb iuu
drink the milk. 'Ihen vou return tbs
nut to tbe mau, nml with his ma. bete
he cracks It Into three pieces nmi , ,,is
a spoon shaped sliver from <  side,
frum which you eat the white, Jelly.
hke substance scraped finm ihe Inside.
Thess ere tbo unripe coeoanuta, Wben
niH* ti,.. j,.||y hardens Into tha bud
white substance to which ws srs a.
Laali Veraas ■.•bur.
Luck is ever waiting fur something
to turn up: labor, with keen eyes ami
Strong will, win iiiiii up something
1.ink lies iii bed snd wlshea tbe posl
tiiiui would bring bim ihe news "f a
legac) : labor turns out al 1; o'clock and
witb busy pen rn* ringing hammer lays
the foundation <>r a competence, Luck
whines; labor wblatleo, i.m k relies uu
ebsnee; Isbor, on character,  Cobden.
\  physician  lued o  patient  lolal)
reeovei  $4fi'i for a surgical oper.
Ition.    The COUrl  reduced  thi
An Baeeptloa.
"M.v oldest boy, if I do sny It myself," declared Skinner proudly, -ia a
thoroughly Inmost anil trulbfu'l young
"Well, well!" exclnlmed Knot. "And
yet some people insist tlmt heredity
figures largely in the development of a
But Serious Results Can Be Avoided hJ
Timely Use of
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Unseed and Tur J
\\ iiii th,* return ni wintry weatliei
there comas  again  mother's anxiety
hi  ii„. health nl hci little one'   wt
[eel  and   chilled    bodies   and then
roup "i   severe  cold       \ml   what   is
*,,  |„. dune i" prevent    erious  trou-
It,.,'.in t> it is pleai uii to lbs iii.ie
rimpu    1  ul      unple    Ingredients ..!
irnvt'ii   1 nh I*.    anil    positivel)   free
mm   Aii) llmi:*   ■ I     un   iiijiiiioiis   mini,..   in    Chii 1*'    Byrup   nl   I inseetl
ui.1 'I iirpeiilim- 1   '■ neeiall)    ultable
1 11.-.-(1 intu 1 im children, and il
larit)   i*  due    i"  il    * lerful
11,, ,• -  in   ilu*  prevention  and  1 ure
,1    phi'sl ."Id- nnd bronchitis
In ih,. in. 11 oi iuu' i"* ne)   ) "ii ■ ...
lop.'iul un In   Chasi     9 rup ol '■'"-
, , ,|     .Ml I    Tl|lpl**'l'U'*       i"    i 11     'III'
oiigh,  shi   •■vpiotoiatioti.    allay  In-
ntii.ii   nn I   brill relfc '   1,, ,1.  ,,,..
11 1 eun
This in ll-ki.oii n preparation la nol Its
!•"■*' lm
I   mere   COUgll   111111,
.in,   having  tin
Ing action on the «i1M|,
hence   its   1,•in,,,;, ,
Mi   Wlllium VI
mi"   Toi'inl"   li,,: ,    '
11 liicli.   in   n
•iel  more pri-nipti, ■
fi ;'    '""   1
li cun .I in)   -
in ..in*  iii.'i.i    iv.
..I,.*,, I,.* i 1    1
11   n       It gi,
mil   core
Don't   take    1
Jusi  n    1 1
and   lung  medi,
In    1 im i*
1,111'.'iii'M.       1
buying    md
chase     Ilu  '
In    \    \\    1 1 .
A Long Tlina Dying.
Lord Randolph Ohurehlll will he pv
ttietuully memorable, too, fur tbe .Inrk
.loud whiei, gradually enveloped him
nnd ill which bu passed nwnv   lie wns
• in* ohlef mourner ol Ids own pr*i-
tracted funeral, « public pageant ul
i-i'ioitiy years. Will h,. nol |,. remain*
bi nd as much for the mifnish n-  for
the Heeling triumphs ..I his llfef li i-
11 blink moment when the heralds
proclaim ths pn sing ol the .lend, ami
tl..* great officers 1 k theii staves
Hm it is a sadder -till when it |a h ,.
victim's own voice thai annoui - hi
decadence, when it Is the victim's mn
bonds iimi break (he .-turf in public I
woiiiii'i if oeneral ons to come mil nn
derstond tl" • Itj oi It, «,li eompre
bend the full t.ni'.-.fv of Randolph'i
marred life.   Prom Lord   li.* ,,b*-/.
( hurshil!
Sir  Wsll-sr  Seott'a  llrnl   llrlrf.
s r vValtei Bi otl bad his share ..f Um
usual curious experiences shortly nfter
being called lo ibe bar   111-* Brsl sp-
[learanee us 1 ouusel In n eri al 1 *    I
n aa ui Jedbnrgh assizes lu 17*.»:t. when
i„. siieeeaafull) defended s rete/an
p .ai ber '^ uu re n lucky scoundrel,"
Hioti i*. bl ipered to bis cllenl when lbs
' was given. "I'm Ju-i o your
■nini.    returned  tbe latter,  "and  I'll
"■id you a minikin (I, •• .1 hare) the
mm n, man " Loi khart, -*• bo narrates
Ibe lueldeut, omits i" add whether lbs
maukln   duly   reached   S...11,   bul   do
doll 111  ll did.   I»ll illli.I he.   1-1.ill Scull
was leaa succeaaful In his defense of s
breaker, bul tl iilprit, grateful
for bis ' ouusi'l's everlions. gale ll.lll. ill
il tbe 01 ih'i'iiv fee, wim h b.- was
* to pa)   th - pl  ol adi * -•  i"
bl   I  o.le Of  which be "he li■illset.reak
eri 1 ur.i.I  prof'*-   "ii iii   attest    in il
lo bare a-lai m* watchdog oul ef
doors, but to keep a little yelping ter
*, i11>in. mui. second!). i" pot uo
irmt   in  nl.-.-. clover,  glim ra.k  lot k-
bUl  to p D his I.i ill til n huge old li.'.ny
1   w 1I1  n   nisii   k.'\     S. ull   lung  re
tiieiiil.ered   tin-    Incident,   and    thirty
yeara later, al ■ lodgee' dinner ..i Jed
burgh, lu* recalled it in this Impromptu
1 hi in.*
*  * 1 •     • key,
w ■  ladder! te*.
vVeatmlnster tiuietie.
Waafobaafc-al Tiaoaoiaa
"I have in my .'ii.|'i"i   ' ..nl u dealer
In uni'-graph*..    a  ihiiiiIh'i* of celebrl
ties    housemaids     'lliniiks   to   iiu-s..
young women, I secure at n uiiluiil coat
many au OUtngra|iblC gem     All  I usk
of iii" i*. ilds ia thai thej ship me weak
Ij Iln* i-oiitenis of lheir iiin-i.-r-   «.,»!.•
baakela, Thej bale th<* stuff up lo
burlap, nmi ever) Monday ..r rueoda)
It 1011..S. 10 me b) fieiciii 1 p) ovei
it carefully, moklng many finds Hots
win be u begging letter from ■ i inwos
Stttbor lu bard link Mora In a hnei
imi.*   ii   great   actor   will   boast   uf  lu.
11-1 • :     Hers wui i,e a dinner
iiiut.iiioii i: ,11, ., ,eietmted nuiiion
■ re Bome relela tli - of course, save
thetr 1 nliint.le lettera, and some sell
tbem, imi iii» majority llu-ow intu tba
sraotoboskei moal ..r ibe mall the) r*
and I, searching the baskets'
ronteuta .-wry Monday morning lind
my reword lo mony a letter on rib $m
in..   11. .1   mul   i|,r  I ami..Intra.
Judge Harlan and Jul.,, s II   McCrOO
ry o.i •     11    .- ' .I  Iveiiiii. 1.1   together
us tli,. Hepublleeu ond Demo, colli 1 au
ea  for governor    The)   trovebnl
•''""ii the -1.1 11 a j..,ni debating trip
' miiiiy amall mouutaln place*
lmd iu sleep m un* same i-*.i Tbey
were  warm pei u .,t„i  M
did 001 obje. 1 tu ihis intimacy Ono
1 Ighl Mr ll.nini got int., bed m-1
Benoi .1 m.i lean iv,,. i„,t i,,. i„.|,ii„|
nml ju-i oa be entered tba bed Judge
Harlan robed bis boll j rorm and sold
In   in.   stent 11 ui   Mme.   "McCresry,
lliere Is on,, thing ,,.,t. i, .u
t ivernor "f Kenlnrk) 1- lu 'ins i„si -
A* he -I".!," ii„. i„.,i iiau broke, sad
Judge Harlan rolled to the door. Bens
1 " McCroorj eougbl snd boh] blmaelf
In ii-ii. ond, as Judge Harlan reached
the ii*.". -md '.1..in, v.,,, are rlgbl
The ii**\i governor ol Kentucky Is siiii
in itiis bed
C11.11..1 ilu,
111   llll  ni  fm
pll. hei    lb ■
nines. Thai mean III
1 lines for every i «. I
"Some go oul or gel lo 1
firal  li.ill pitched    l)
poood  ol   until  ihi"
sn  ini* i* ' *.. called aud •;
foui fouls have 1 1 tuads
".'•   "i  11	
Struggling Artist   s
compote   with   ib.
a imii are imr, * • ,
Ihe million   The |
are 11 il edur ile.1   1
leil Uie dlffenuu.
I'm*,   inl,   i       :
same that's ti  1    1
They     vi.
el) Hi.- v
..iii.ii'    '
earns i" p il ■   I
U ey mode
reputation bos |rown, 1
rank anion
:    *    *
kidneys,   rheumatism   !•
tin*   in
The   I.onl       '.
propo • • 1 -' .
. ,.|	
romples   emblem
Ulfcs   Vaarlne   tbe  Mr..  '
'■un  llir toil .
on.    mv   ar.Kt   -iiffi*- 1.  . fr n Sr
et*r       I    1
rtstit  111...na  and
.   ■
■ il    il»*«*lI
thr    11.*.- r*    lis.   •*    ■
II,.        lie U    IM
I  lllell     Wil'      I.   "       .
"1  III.-  I'
I.     o.i I  McK.      •    \l .'
Tlir   km   llor.r.
This   lib   i-   found   in   Hu-   Atlntillc
 •"'  around  H„*  ,,,,,.,  ,,,   s,,.,,,,    ,,„,
south ..f Prance, In tbo Mediterranean
:""1 in ihe Indian oeeao Bos bwses
""■ >-" small ami bars been found
often . .ni.'ii up in oyster shells Tbs
b-i.d I- mucb like Hun ..r a bone, sad
tin* ring, around Ine body sad tall ro*
seiiii.ie those of some caterpillars i in*
hnblta nf tbeae Hobos ore singular sod
interesting. Tbey swim wltb a waving
motion, and freipieuilj* „ln,l lheir lulls
around   tha   W Is  ami   rushes.    They
bovo iius to sustain tbem in ths water
"nd even 11, n„. „,, •nil,v •*,.,, m
worms, fishes, eggs and auhslaucea
foiinil In lhe bottom of the sen.
Take Cold
One way Is to psy no atteniml
10 it; at lesst not until Hi*m
vclops into pneumonia, ('■
bronchitis, or plcuruy. n*m
other wsy is to ssi /ourd*-B
tor about Ayer's Cherry Pe.-B
coral. If he ssys, " The bts«
thine 'or colds," then (lie:'|
Do ss he ssys, snywsy.
• li
te g.tn.l ... f.i»»*   ^
-K 0
ti.m ••• m*.i'*W
Wl «•*•»■>• "B
.... ' -
Co.      |(
yers ^gg
Vhtn lhe howrls sre consnF"1*"- >J
.onout substances arc ihrnrStd mttli
tiloodinslead of beingdi.l*. teemmm
ihe body aa nature intrndrd    KniirJ
•his dsnfter, doctors slwsi 1 inquire ttmm
he condition of the boweli  Arer ir:*i
—amiiiiu i' itm 0»h \m*tmt,mtmt*m\
Ws wsnl ths •» *."•- '', m,r, I
and w'ni'ri ti wnrk tor "• "I
t tr hornet, knitii-'g nx*1*. •'' L
VV. Iirnitb yjrn Ir.t Mirt""<l
it saty to aetrats. S7 00 to |I0«|
• srnsd  par weak.    Writ* st ""« |
Tha   Imperial Furnithin* Co..
Toronto, Onlj
Oiiu Propoaol or Movrlogo.
That celebrated  painter or Bower
snd flgure subjecte, William Hoot, waa
on 1.no occasion commissi! .1 by s
gentleman to paint his portrait in the
attitude Of kneeling nnd holding lu bis
hiiiiil 1111 open scroll whereon were writ
ten .1 1leel11ratb.il of love und nn offer of
marriage. The lady to whom this tin
uhuiii proposal of mart-lags wus sent
replied  With 11 .hulk drawing of ber
s"If wl"''»"I t of paper In her bumi
•ui  which   ivns  inscribed  a  laconic
iiniiiiisii Qeopa,
iii 11 thousand mllss uf (Durops t buw
e«l one rubbish beep sons old metal
'".s ui Carlsrube,   Rverywhere else
was 11 complpte ObSSOCS Of nil  wustn
or csrelessuoss mui. above nil, of do
racemenl snd roadside Dnclesnllnoss
\i'" roul tn.-.hii lots und dirty dumps
thai 11 hound in umi about American'
towns ure nol to be found anywhere '
1 ichai ga,
tt. Mw wimiiieii tmg.t,. .t.
..I moy dftliiiri.m ,|jnn.
T1.1 oM   t<n»i »»-» "I*"
•ibsn Di. A. Jnlim r.in.... ■-' O III'
Int Inttmal tfld  I'.in.ni •••
llif»rrol»(,lil,1,|»tlirrtniiiirl.''l'1 -■'"I'1'
tor rniMi. duucl,!. rrmip. sniv i.oimlnw'
'UU,  h,,rn,.  •.,,"„'..  .nj  *irr ••• l«s*
nuioiM.   u ud H ni    si *.'"«■ •'•
11 mstos a co. imim. am
—tnd all Atrmteh     A
wui bowsl duoideii   Jf
Mikn pun> babies
iJiimi. in.l 1...1    Pro»oa
Ly 50 >••■•' laaesooW
lor a
Norses' us MoOiers' Treasure
»'     6UHI.-I
N.i. .. 1 Drat A . h. il C« .
I) vttit' in" '•'
Alt JTOUI dn-O-
w.   N.   u.   No. an. LARDEAU MINING RKVlEW, TROUT I.AKE CITY, £. C.
UUUOU.U>fo ».» » f ft ft .f ,
■ .-  •
A Series of Articles Describing their Livea. their Aims
and their Influence.
Managing  Editor    ol   tl.e    "Gladstone
There is an lUtnii-ln-n ahuut news-
paper life tha' 'Innn. main men.
ffho, though tin >   hi."  Ill-Vel   ll"**ll in*
.ually eonnect.'i wnn nny publieu
lion, have had the im-lmntiuu .-iu<**
iheir early  yent-  i*    wnld  n   pin   In
I   positi.lll   whei"   tin*   llleltlllll!    llnilld
•*e tin* light ul 'lay. giving lh" wniei
U) opportlllliti !•• nilvncute Iln* pun-
jiplcs ol plug 1*      iini  I'uligli'.'iiiii'Ut
B'liich he ieeli-   wi'lnn   Inm.    li  g	
without saying 'I.o any mini win.
has an hone*-; liicliiintuui fm tin-
newspaper life :    ii in 1 gnu'l |" in
;iple»i an hon* • ... n> l*iu- im pub
licity, and is w -.nei    i   '
lhat which ia g* **l   ibmei  «•• -a>
t man who lm- a i-t.-uuling desire h
inter the iiew.-inii*-*i m. i... n. mu dm
10 with tlie idea "t luweiiiig the
newspa|>er ideal*-. Imi with tin* idea
al adding '.. *• . Iiviluuliiy tn the ef-
forts ol hii luelhieii nf the Imiii tl,
estate, to the end tlmt Mimetliing nnn
be done lor the general g".»l ol man-
Many men Imve  lived  their allotted
span with tin* •!•• it" iilwiiy- 1..•.-k• ■ 11-
ing them, and y**t luck tin* ..pportun-
ity to grotifi tl.cn iiiiibitii.il. while
othera identity tlnm-ehi*- with the
profession Olt.-i th-u yem- would indicate oppr. ' lung middle age. and
-•■ and ei.» rgy, make it
..rn the -tint Oi thii-
10 -ul'.' cl "I OUI sketch
Mn laker, editor and
lhe Q ni tone Age, who
.. ord in the bualneos ol
i\     feel    -llpl lv    Util
ulng the " tge" office in
m* ii ago, In* lm- almoal
buainoaa, and hns also
e   piipei   111   tuch  u  nun.
in.- made a  incurs place
the regal d ol it - subacrib-
iuture    ucce i  there  is
.1 ol d
tor, wu- bol ii in i 'iliniiig
|.... tub. I    36     I-..'J He
it ■   public
nf that tinning manufacturing town,
and  eoini    •• i   '
in  the    ('• U.giate   ln--n.ii.*    ut   the
-same pin..      \t  tin*  ng.* ••! eighteen
he started in Ihe mercantile business
"come wesl   n. lil.i.l-t   in  I-t'- and
woa in tin eiriploj ol llie well known
llrm ol   iinlli.iM'i   Hi-      i' i   aboul
seven yea*  .   Inn mp  tin-  t *. up\
the editoi ■'     lb* I
ed with I. n in tin- venture \h
Yuill. in*     principal   ui  Iho  public
school* a' Neepowo, a mon whom *e
bono to set   drawn  inlo active new
patter w<> •nu- time.
Ilrlmiim'. .*i    wil     mm tied   m   l"l
' tn Miss Ami     I   *. :.*l. "I  llellei ill.*.
and tbo i ui  lm   I n
ed with l Mien, the oldest now
O young     "ly  nl   twenty   \. ii -
He is * i.•liny of tin- Ilnind i.i
Trade at Gladstone, nnd till- tl •• po
sition li> i'n- -:iii-i,."ti"ti "t hii bus-
ineos as.-* ■ .it.*-   i- n I ie■imi-'ii md
a Metlio • an.I wilhnl is a mau ol
auch m* i'   ty   thai   n   has   I n  dif*
- flcult I   **i iiim to divulge -iiihc t
intormat i . •! ne  this   sketch,
; whieh «■   "idy  lent  doe t .1" bun
' full iOSt   '
M-^Wni ikei'- efforts f • the pub
« lie weal  "" iippie.-uit.-i! by I..- mat!)
aubacril     . ana we hops he ms) sn-
:* joy |Bth mid h'lig lib- lo pin-lie Ine
chosen      iipiitiun
1 I si-Iras   SOlOtOa.
"ltAdei.' Mild the iinir of a stalls
tlcal tot i wonder bow mucb pow
der HiieKirnied daily .ii useless aa
- lutear
"ThSr<- must lie a lot." snld tlie frlv*
oloua gi but i suppoeo women win
to eWkis-lng one another Just tbe
'.    •   MiiHI    "ienl..
There is a singular floral freak culled
the "neciisionnl"  flowor for the rouson
that it bus iii. particular time to bloom,
it is suld tbal when eloaed ihe occasional flower la In color and r..rui some,
thing like n np,. poppy head, but wltb
ti»- stem attached.   Submerged In a
bowl of watbr for u few minutes mul
Ihen tiikeu out nml placed by lt„ item
in nn empty bottle, the outer petals
begin iu several minutes to open out
'iiiis process is slow, but distinctly no-
tteeable. The petals continue to rise
nnd tu expand until thoy gradually recede. When this action is completed
it resembles In oppesrsneo tba sun
il iwer, Tbe occasional flowor remains
thus open ror n few bojirs, during
which time, tbe state of humidity less
enlng by degrees, tbe fiber begins to
shrink m. I the petals close up gradually in the same wny that tbey opened until ih.* flowor resumes IU former
position li la suld Hnn, properly nour
Must, with regard to ieinparature and
nir.  unl  inrei'uiiv  handled,  il oca.
alonal flower never decays or degenerates In lis raiii.nne and snt.'nihil*'
Ki     I"      'I houa unl-       1'llHlielee'-
Vegetnble   Pill    regulate    iln* action
of  tin*    e"."ii"ii-    purify   the   hi I
Ullil     lie. p     lhe      -li'llCllll     mill     liullel
ll'ee    from    delet.'l ini'i.   Ill.lllel        Till*.'II
mi' riling ii. direction Ihej will overcome    dyspepain,    eradicate    hilious-
    and  lenve  lhe digestive organs
health) and stronj lo perform ihen
(unction       Tin'ii   ineiiir    nre    well
known  i"  il   iii.l-  who know    by
experience how beneucial 'hey ore In
git Ing ton i to the   - lem
lien  v. i.  Koacielski, ol  llie  Pru *
-i in di 'i. ainl Ilm i  i on i 'hi.   mow
n dopul;   In lhe reieh it as    nm ■
pul   nn   inii   im   holding   'i    seerel
politie.nl ii ii*.*
BeH-rliHe-i 16 Yea**l if l.liyli'il. wnllt-
, unite" "un. .ic,-,' ti"in nte p. i-uiinlly
:i- i" niv rtiiniti'ifiil .lire frnm rlieiitnit-
'l.u,   Iiy   SOUtb   Ailiiu ii-uu   lilu'iiini.ti-    I'illr
I mi! be th*- fladdeat woman In tin
world in i/m* it *"v- ^*' - John lli*ni.
tr.".... -a ih in l inni Li -; aired "I re
'■'■uii up tn ih'* .nm* nf iiiliiii,- this
wonderful remedy    it enred aonplateiv
Noi '• t' il inding   Hn.i   ilm   I ii
*  I.   I ' Hi unl   in ■ -.-' i   "1   italj
ne     Hig   ICtnme,  l.ondon cor-
in1.* ii  nt  I *i  Ti I i    has   -"id
•  '   ■•-.-■ .11■ tn11  story  iiy telephone t>.
1       l '
Minard't  Liniment Cures  Diphtheria.
. i.i.",.r. of run,...
"Don't ynu think there la pnthoa In
tbe death of summer, the failing of the
leaf, the flight of tbe birds, tho"
'Tallin-.': Sure tiling. Why, I Just
looked ..ver my Inst winter's underclothes, mnl there isn't n single garment fit to wear."—Philadelphia l.edger.
hy their aptr
a  success   !
number it. tl
Mr. Geo.   I'
manager ol
haa mude a
which he i*
fled.   Since '
hand just a
doubled tlu
conducted i
ner Uiat it
lor itself in
era.    Oi  r
not o shod
Mr. Mini'
Ontario, on
woa ediic-■   i
Og-Miiini oi Molhei Orovea' Worm
Kxtorni     am   will   coiivnice  ymi  thai
it has i    equal ..» a worm medicine
ltuy A  bottle   at   mice   and   tee   ll   it
doee n-*'  p:* .        *n
m   ..in i.   It.  llir   Wtrnlns.
CflCOiilvei-ful    And  so ynu   want  to
taki our daughter frum us  you want
to take Inr from us suddenly, without
a w«d ..f warning! Young Qoelow
Not st nil     i    ir there is anything
nbo-gSlici you waul to warn me against
I'm Willing to listen
A  Surf-Mlrd  i ,..!.
"Remember.'' said ths melodramatic
mnn.    there nre tilings In this life that
money cannot buy."
"Ves." answered tbe Impecunious
pcraon wearily, "bnt 1 had enough of
thi'iu Im.g ago. Wbat I want now Is a
change."   *.-• :i«blnirton 8ta»
Wh.u   Doctor*   do   A«rr. I l'hv-i. inni-
ie,  loOgVI   ■    n-i hi   It   ei.t.-iili:   t"     yua.k
err"   iu   rt** .•innieiiiliiis   in   pnutlea
merll - ii  .•■iii.'h   f"i   Indigestion, Dys-
I,.* |.» in   anil   N.-ri-"-n.--    .i-   soiiili     Aim
me iii   n.i nm      i h, i   realise   lllSt   ll   is
I    ..a in advonos lu  li «     .i'ii t* .'nn
inni   i'.i m ii ti. ut   enre  I"i   diseases
ul  tlie  itomach    It   mil  i nre  vu   oi
Lsaves At Fertlllrert.
I .--ii.-- an   *   -   ■     fertilizer  Bome
; ui*  in speaking "I lha    Importance
n.d   usefulness   ol   leaves   said   that
the)   »•*..•  the  Ini i*- nf the trees and
(limits   it  i-  certain that vegetation
. I    nourished   and   sustained   by
■■•I in llie aiii"-
idie.e ■,.. .ii 'I a- I*   thoaa in ihe toil
liter-Inn*   Iln     I'
j,Iiiiii  , Lhe  element    obtained
Iroin   the un   nn.l   earth   partil
,.(,(ii,'.|   I     Uie   - n-l.iiiiii■■•   Slid   iiuui
0.1 .1 t- own I- e..lun Iila
Mui.ii.fi   Liniment   Cures   Distemper
Vat ......   Hunters.
"Well.  It's )ual  ttils  way." said  the
portauian   "i be man who ron go out
lunlli.g  day   lifter  day   nud  not  cure
vi.ether be gets anything or not bus
•he rlgbl «tn(T iii him."
"Yen," remarked Blnnlckeoo, "espo*
■laity when he'a bunting for work, ehr
I'biindeii.i.hi Prose.
Itrh, Mange, Prairie Scratches and
every torm ol contagious Itch on human or animal* cured n JO minutet
by  Wollord'i Sanitary  Lotion.
Mile t Hit.
"Kvoi been on lhe ategeP" asked Ins
corner g*.. ,-t *, ,-.g
-,;„■;   atttwered  the cnbt.age.     '1
»n-  .a -oal   tm  the    villain    and
iiiude a groat tut "
lgiinim.ee ii a ciii-e    ■ Know thy-
. ii    i.  ii  g I   nIuu.iiiii"ii.  whethei
referring to one's physical condition
■ idt        Tlie man who
quainlod wuh himsell will know
imn to net when anj dlaarrangeraenl
in   In-    condition    monileata   Itaell
In    Hi oo' Blectrlc Oil  Is *> cheap
ami simple lem.'.l\ (oi the eradication .a pain Irom the syatem and
foi tie . iii" ni all bronchial troubles
in si error mm.
"1 guppooo you bave found," said tbs
plain CltlSen, "that every uian has lii-t
"Ves." replied tin* lobbyist, "except
the innn win. Is worth buying."-I'hlla-
delpbln Press
The set ret i.r progress lies in knowing bow* In imi I..- inn nut nf what we
have iIn.mh,  l.ui  0f  wlmt   Is  forced
It.. Ilni.tr nf Life.
No innn lives without Jostling and
being Jostled. In Sll ways he has to
ellsiw himself through the World, giving und taking offense Ills llfo la a
buttle lu so Tnr aa It la nn entity at all
Gray's Syrup
ed Spruce Gum
For Coughs and Colds^l
It ii ft'io a ip-sclfto for
Cousli  Pill   lakan   In  conjunction with
ANTI-SILL-"Tho Qrtot   l.,.i.„,  Trott.
mont"—it o DOtltlve prtvontotlvo of snd
cuto for La Qrlppo.
Bold by All Oru(f;!lti or
The   WILSON -fYU   CO.,   Limited
Colors   of   (tie   llllleliitii.
Of the male bluebird  Tli iremi sold,
"He carries tin* -Uv on  his  back."   To
this John Burroughs added, "and Ihe
earth on his breast," The bird's back,
Mums and tall, chiu uml throat are a
vivid blue, while his breast and Hanks
are a cbestnul brown and ins abdomen
11 dirty white. The female is very much
duller in coloring, often boring a red*
disii lune thnt extends from the middle
or th.- back over tbe shoulder. The
Bemlnole Indians say that tbo male
bluebird one.* Row si hijjh tbal his
back rubbed sgalnst tbe sky. wbleb
Imparted to blm its nun azure tint.
Returning tu earth, his wife sn admired
bis new  coat iimi ahe determined lo
have a like 1 for herself uml tbe next
morning flew away to gel It, bot ,lbe
day proving somowbal cloudy the col
or given to ber dreas was nol so brll
limit as was Iiinl 1 Ivod by her mate
A   Severe   Case   Cured   by    Dr.   Will-
isms'  Pink  Pills.
I'lelee dull  II*.'   piin        pun     like   I     i
Ii 1! noi die b< 1 ig di ivon through Uie
it. .'1 in i'e thi| h pel haps dow u
lhe legs to the ankles that's -": it
None but the victim eon rcalin I
•" rn"' lim the suflcei in' d not
'.*i"*.i di couroged for the e is s run
n sure i* ii" in Di Williams' Pink
"ill-    These pilli make  new  bloo I
•In- mu bl 1 feeds and strengthens
lhe nerves and frees them from pain
11 .* pain i- banish -d to stay banished the ".ii" 1- complete Mi
.'lm- B Ma"!' an, n pro pero is farm*
si 1 eai Brockville, iini . has l« • •
cured ol a » l • i ■ 1 ' ea and
wishes other sufferers to hen "I hi
.•uie thai 'hey may benefit by his
expeii in*" lie wye: "Foi upwards "f live years 1 waa a period cal
suffcrei frmn sciatica In the morning while petting up I would lie
i with agonising pains In my
hips. Sometimes the e pa i extended  down  '   log,  somel mei down
the other; otten down both. The
pain was terrible Imagine the agony
.,1 j>) a red hoi spike bein?
!■ neu through the Beah Tint v at
tmj I * lings when th ■ -e iti. i wa
■n   n-  W"'s*     nfteii   wliih* carrying
water  to the  hntr-e-   .tie   pain   I line
.. acute 1 hnd to drop the pail in
the middle ..f the yawl. I (..Unwed
loetor'a * ■■ lUuenl bul «ith iii lit
n Imi     I  tl e>i tne I rheumatic pla
and lmime.it- l.r.i these did nol
help me at all Tl en I decide I '•
. ire Di Williams' Pink Pills a trial
\t hist ibev did i *•• - ■ in t" help me
but as thev had b-n so highly recommended I pel *-r.*.| in the •
ment and ttnli ill} in til •! a I
in   my  condition.    The. pain   I*
I fell itrortgei and my
ippetite improved I think I used
the pills r.l.niit foui "i live months
before I wa- completely cured, bul
though iimi waa two years ago I
h ive nol dnce had lhe slight** i re-
turn ". . i.i'ini I 1 *iilik l'l Wil-
ii.im-' Pink Pills are a marvellous
ind so do a my wife who
them  a-  s  blood builder.    She
Ihej   hove  i pial  and .. -vei
weai ie-    .1   pi lising   ihem    to    hei
.■   i       * l   * i1 •
Di   Wi li m ■' I'mk I'llls the
..f   in" i   11 1        That   i-   whi   they
cure sciatica, rheumatism, Bl Vitus
■ inii"' heart palpitation, indigestion
ami iin* ailments common to women
and nimnu.* gtiii- s Id bj medicine
bj mail ul SO ."iii- 11 ■".
oi six boxs foi -r- 50 Irom Ihe I'.
Williams Medicine Co., Brockville,
. ..it
Ths "Shoppt.'t Faoe."
The "shopper's fans'*   Is  one nf Hli
lhat     the     strenuous
lit slinut  iipnn the foi
brought  slmut  upon the long suffer!nf
modern woman    ti Is deoorfbed «s "a
flneil. ten»e. anxlnus. puzzled look, that
brings wrinkles het *re thalr time."—
Urn '■ -., I'tnny Msfaslno.
Qtwtro   ot    Ointment!   for   Cotorrh    thst
Contain   Morcury.
ss Boreory mil saroly aeetroy the teme
.it unell i'ili . on. pl.T.lv ilf'tunne the
obole  -i<r,iii   whoa eotortas  u  thmusb
tin*  ii. -intit'i-   sm h min li— ihiuild
lli'.ir      lie    n-i il    Client       "11    prt'-l rillll"|lC
fron i.i'i'.'* •■ phy-ii isim. ii- the done
ni*.- Hui will iln I. I.'l. I.ild In the S"".l
ymi • hii p.'-nililv rirt lit* from them
ll.i 1 - I'n'eiih I'illr. niiiutifs. liui'il hy r*.
.1 I I., lie, .1 I" l.'leil". Ohio., n.nts.ill
no n.t'.ii.rv. nn.l It tnki-n internally.
s« tins 'lun tl> i.i'"ii tho hlimd nini muo-
oua lUrfaeea of the Breton, ln buying
IUU • I n.iirrh liiri' he lore you »et tho
K> ..'.111.*      It      .1     liiKi'ii      inlil niillv      slid
nni'lr in '1'i.lrd... Oliin. hy K. J. Cheney
A   i'*n   Tsalloiontoli fft*e.
Snld hv I...IK.I-.S Price, 75c p«r I".I
Taki Hull . 1 ,'imii I'llli for cuontlpa
IIIS     \""..
Aii unpopular mau wbo wns refused
membership in n certain nristocrntic
club hud the audacity to write to the
club secretary demanding the name of
ilu* innn who blackballed bim. The sec-
rotary could Dot resist tbe chance of
sending the following reply: "Sir. I
have   received   ynlir   letter   ilnlllillldlng
tin- iiuiiie of ti.e m.i 11 wim blackballed
you.  His name is l.egiuii "
tine of tbe most productive scctlona
of the  world  Is tin*  lliissiiin provluco
of Bsssarabta, taken from Turkey in
iH7s iu iii.e.ianis often yield .km gallons of wine per nera. The uierani.
yield of w Ileal Is thirty live bushels
aud of lual/.e silly bushels.
Why   ths  Amateur  Who   Would   Q«t-
Rich-Quick   Would   Better   Reconsider   His   Detsrmination.
Qreenhoru purohasers of mining
stocks often lind out thut the game
is not so simple SS il looks, and lhal
it is not iill  u mere matter ol  Imj
ing   anything   ths   promoter   recommends, und  lutei selling it out ut u
'iho term  "greenhoru" in  this cuse
is used advisedly, us it is the umu-
teur speculator who tet.-  luuded  by
the   wild-cut  promote!  in  nine  m  ei
.  uut oi leu.   The old bund doesn't buy
i  wild-cuts. hu>s The Toronto Star.   He
I eun   spot   them   a   mile   uwuy,  so   to
speak, mul pretty generally places his
money in ii producing mine fur the
Stock in wliicli there ia a more oi
i less assured  market.
Bome of the device- which tbe promoters of the.-..* wild-cuts uae to entrap lhe unwary are old, but ntill
apparently effective.
One of the moat effective devices
is Umi the promoter who puts a certain iiiimbei of shares on the market
ul a low price, in-unll-. i. cents a
share,  with  the announcement tlmt
the  supply   to   Ur  sold   ot   this   li(-ure
i- limited II.* advertisea torgel] snd
the iiiniiii'iii speculator, generally a
ixsrsoii ol most modeel circumstances,
makes haste to buy, and the promoter ruke.- 111 considerable oaah, when
the -ilver stream shows signs "f dry-
; ing up, tin- promoter has recourse to
In-   advertising  campaign,   nnd    an-
mini ■ in large type, the target the
better, tlmt on and alter   a   certain
, date,  usually not  far  away,  llie  price
' ni  shares  in the particular mine he
is   I inn.'*.'   will   in*  advanced,   say,
| to inly cut- a share This hurries
up a Iiii oi reluctant nibblers, who
haste to c.*i in before the pru*" t-et.-
up. The daj comes, and Uie advertisements are changed accordingly    At-
tetiliun    is    drawn    tu    tbe    promise,
which is now fulfilled, and the - k,
ii i- now announced, luu-i advanced
to  .vi  cento  n  share.
This, however, does UOt mean that
the promoter will now pay 60 cents
a .-hare for any Block In.- clients who
bough) al -.'. cents might wish to sell
back to him, and -n double their
money. Oh, no. That would be too
easy. It only mean*, that purchasers
frnni  the promoter must pay Ml is'iiti-
a share, unless they can c«-t s private
discount, while all the 35-oent crowd
can dn l- ii.nsi.lc themselves b.v believing thut their stock ia worth double what they paid f..r it. even ii they
can'l sell it This game goes on for
a while, and finally the advertising
campaign languishes. Clients write
uml want to know when or where
they can tuke their profits
Probably their letters aren't answered. If they come in |>erson. tbey
may be told a dn7en things. The mine
may have suddenly petered nut. The
demand for the -tuck has fallen off,
but will likely revive again shortly,
or any othei reason may Ik- odvonoed
which   will   sound   plausible
The real explanation is that the
promoter has sold all ol that particular kind ol paper lhat he can, thut he
doesn't propose to buy any back, that
he doesn't propose to keep on a.lvertis-
dooan't propoae to keep on advertising so us to create a murket for other
people's stuck, and that he probably
ha- a new mine to tiout. und the result is thut thousand.- >*f people hold
on, with the hope • l--f--rr•-.i that tnok-
eth the heart sick, to the worthless
paper which they Imve bought, but
which they hove n-v.-r Is-en und never, iu all human probability, will be
nble  to sell.
\ii"iii"r luccesatu! de-rice la lor the
promoter, niter he has suld ull the
stock he can. to unuounce thut the
bulttiiee of the stuck and control ol
the property l.u.- been bought by un
American syndicate, who will develop
tli" property
Time peases, and the syndicate
show- no signs of life. Perhaps It
t.ever existed tsk the promoter utsjut
it. nnd he'll tell ymi that he hu- no
Control ever the -indicate, thut per-
bops 'hey nre -hurt of money, or huve
decided, after all. thut it would cost
too much to develop In uny event,
the promoter'! -kilt- are clear, and
the dupe- well, thej- are just dupes,
thut'.- ull.
There  ar.* dotena of  other devices.
There i- the device of publishing tic-
titiuii. I'lil- fur a stock, where UODOdj
ever eun locate the bidder.    It  i- an
uld .lev i  promoters  lo quote a
high price a.- being bid im then stock
While   they    are   on   the   quiet,     and
through other broken,  dumping ull
the -tuck they can ft rid of ut lower
i rices
That the Jiiiiie is profitable for the
promoter! nobody double, ami that
it ultimately works injury to the
shares "f reputable properties nobodj
doubt- either, while the misery and
the heartache thai i- caused In thousands "I homes where Uie lew dollars
that the wild-col promoter has gobbled oould be  ill spared  cannot lie
i -Illli.lied
\\ I, .1   i     the   Wl Ij '     What   shall
ihe "greenhorn" doi
l.et inn n"t speculate Lei him
ii..t herb « 'l"' g<' rich quick" u.i-
etrobe,   whieh   will   only   unpoveriah
fraat *{orf
la a vui-ty of ityl'i,
ftbrict snd pncei, lor
women, men md
cliildrt-n. Koiin-fitted.
Deslett sre ai.tiioiM.il
lo replace instantly and
al our coit any Pen-
Angle gaiment faulty
in mntena! or making.
Pen-Angle Underwear is form-knit
ao it can't help
fitting your figure,
it's made of
long - fibred wool
ao it won't shrink
-and it'B guaranteed besides. The
whole idea ia to
make it ao good
you can't afford
not to buy by the
trademark (in
red). uit
<•*>!.,ii   Sharks.
Sharks Infest the waters of Ceylon,
and the pearl divers of Hint region ure
In deadly fear Of these wolves of the
deep. The divers sre mostly Tamils uml
Moot-met, snd dlaplay marvelous en-
durum*, and pluck. To protect themselves against the ever present danger
to which 'I..* presence ..; ihe sharks er
nones tti. in the divers cany charms
civ .'it tbem by recognised "shark I.in.l*
era" wbo receive o small government
fe*  and  a  dosen  oysters a  day   from
: each   boat.     Owing   to   the   constant
tne-e   and  splaablng.   the  sharks  nre
generally kept at a distance, uud aeel
leuts lire rare.
Bather than mnke an effort to reach
1 the top some men prefer to remain at
the bottom for tbe purpose of helping
.mil others dowu.-lIeiicuu lieruld.
Minard's  Liniment Cures Colds,  Etc.
One   VlOW  ol  II.
"But If she makes ull ber own dresses
1 should think she'd be u good wife
for you. lt shows she's iudustrioui
ami sensible."
"Not for me, thank you. It Blniply
shows how pour her falber must be."
Il'iid  and  soil    ns  cannot  with-
tiiiid   Hollowey'a  <'"iii   t'nii*:   it    ia
mil  every  time.     m*t   a   bottle
il  once snd  be happy.
Tha  Tnrlti  and   lha  Creacent.
Wben I'h.l'p of Macedoo approached
. by ulgbt wltb bis troops to acala tbs
.rails of B.rznntlum tho moon, then
new or In crescent, sbooo out and dis
covered bla design to tba baa.egad.
*!■'. repulsed blm. Tbe craocenl wu
after that adoptad aa tha frirortta
bad** of tha city. Whoa the Turka
took Byaantlum they found the eras
eeut In every public place aad, ballav-
tng It to poaaesa aoma magleal power,
i adoptad It tfaeuieelrse
Life  as  a  Coal   Patter. ,
The call to go up the ladders was
iin* iweetest sound I heard throughout the trip First, the men to relieve us would iinne clattering (low n,
nnd soon alter wa wen* free to go'
back ii*.'.*nii ,tu daylight and fresh
a.i'.   Then* was generally a shout of
gladness on such  asions, the lii«■-
men being quite as nappy as the Inexperienced trimmers. My title Italian Iru ml used to sing "iSiiuia Lucia"
nn nearly every climb bathwardg and
bunkwards.     A  wash-down awaited
all   oi  US  at   the  lop,  nml  sunn  after
a sumptuous meal, iu quantity and
wholesomeness certainly  as  (.* 1  as
anything (riven the Baloon passengers.
The head-fireman insisted on our eating   all   that   we   oould.     He   wanted
abie-ii died,  well-nourished trimmers
nn   In-   .-tnlf,   and   I,   at   le 1st,   often
hnd to ".ii more than I wanted, or
really neided,
One day,   I  decided  to try  I	
cape a  watch    The uight before    f
hardly   slept   al   nil,   my  eyes   were
I painfull]   sore   Irom   cinders  getting
into them, ond I was generallj pretty
«"ll u ed up.   Othei men had been
' relieved  oi  duly  *n  different   time
and  il   - • nml  p. ni.- thai my turn
■•I i- due     I  weni in th • doctoi
"Well."   In*   - -1 i.i   in   Kngl-sh       I
j il.ieit  mainly ou m>   - ire eyes, tell-
j ing him how the heal inflamed lh rm
l.et  in       i. tl i**ii '   and he threw
the lids iu turn,  washing  out
each " i had I n n marble-
top  table,
"How nboul Ihem now .-" In* qi ea-
united. *ili"i throwing away the black-
 *'t el Ih     It   would  i ave paid  to
tell   Inni   thai   the.*,    were   bettei   n
' * keep him from go ng al them
"iih. bul my lame back'" 1 replied, tl "I to shift Uie doctor's attention  in lhal  direction.    The *
ild d "'*.   back  was t" pul
■' pl >-'.u  "ii it,  I  reasoned, and this
would nin
"in* iiii-ch -it least
"Don'l stoop -' much," wa all he
wo ild "■' ominend       w hat ■*
"Well, doctor," I puis"ed. "I'm
sick, sn-k all ovei 1 need at least
one  v. ateli  t i real  up in."
The *- I man became facetiona.
"Whj .'.'"■ ill s'ek." he laughed.
■"Mie captain, the Brsl ollicet. the
cook '..nl what nm We're terribly
short-handed. If you don't k''*p
youi w . lie- the ship -imply wont
go,  and  Heavens knows when well
■    Bremerhnv n "
I  smiled •'. veiy -i.-kly Btnile,  snd
i     It  the  old  "Elbe"   was  so
hard  up tor propulsion  power that
my weik services wm.* unequivocally
ii.*.*.•-- i \. then '•; count ■ I must do
Dear Mother
Year Utile oaet are a comtanl can. la
Fall and Winlat weather. Thay will
catch cold. Do yog know about Sniloh'i
Connimptioa Cure, tha Lung Tonic, sad
what it hat dona Ior to many >   It it aid
10 ba the onlv nliabla retaady for all
duaam of lhe air pauaget in children.
11 it abmluli-ly liirnilrn and plealant to
lake. Ititguannteedtoctjieoryoutnanay
it returned lha piica it 2Jc. per battle,
and all dealer! in medicine icll 314
Thia remedy ihould be in evary houaeiiold,
my utmost to save lhe lives, perhaps,   of  the  precious   freight   in   the
cabins but, on: how i wished I hnd
remained in Hoboken, and done anything   bul   bee nne    n  conl  passu!—
.Ii.-niii rivnt. 111 "81 •• - MagaatnOt"
The publisher of the besl Parmer's
papei in ilu* Maritime Provinces iu
writing to us states
"I would -ny thai I dn nol know
of a medicine thai hoi stood tbe test
nf inni* like MINARD'S LINIMENT
I' hi- I n an unfailing remedy in
uur household ever since I can remember, mnl lm- ouUived dotena 61
would-be competitor! and Imitators."
I'ini"--'.i de Martens haa been  t
from Bl I'etei -hun.* to viait the 1 tp -
id- "t other European nations and
tn see United State* Inibnnundor
Tower in relation in a date for a
peace conference al The Hague.
There i- no medicine on the market that can compare with Biokle's
Anti-ConaumpUve .*->iiip in expelling
from ilm system the irritating germs
that ""l'l- engender in the un pass-
It is suicide to neglect your
cold.    T.y   lh"   cheap   expel iniem   ••(
mid ng yourself *.i itby oaing Bickle'a
Byrup which is a eimple remedy.
easily taken, and once uaed it will
always be prised ae a soverign medi-
The French government bas decided to 1 - Eiffel tower. !HKt feet
llllll.    111    the   army's    wireless    tele-
graph -.-t.tii  if the Pai sian -tation.
The Brazilian government "fficials
hive decide l to -end ■ detachment
"i  ISO federal U top* to capture Bil-
vnio. the chief oi ih.* bandits.
Are You
Up to the Hark?
If not feeling as well as you
should, do not make the mistake of letting yo\ir health take
care of itself.   Resort to
Sold Everywhere.     In buses 23 cento. '
You caaaot possibly havs
a Setter locus than
A delleless drink and a sustaining
food. Frsgrsst, nutritions and
eceasmlcsl. This sxcslleut Coces
lUi-italas tbs system la rebast
lealth, and enables It to resist
winter's extreme eold.
Sold by tirncsrs snd Storekeepers
in :-lb. snd i-lhTlns.
,   THE
Greatest of Tonic?
■k,    (Prtmwced Si-Keen.)
y tOCtUBLES    *
|OHRY can boy advortiaing rpoca, but -It can't boy a
qaartar centorr 1 suneaasfoi nootd ot wonderful aad
almost mimcolooa cores of the moat difficult abd
intricate easaa of throat, long and stomach trooblea. Bach ia
Pi-fchiiM'a record Thooaanoa of eaaea given up by loading
doctor! aa bopelea and incurable have be«o a_ek!*i ood f«r-
manesUj eared by I'nrhms It ia an infallihle remedy tor
eoogha, colda, bronchitis, pneumonia, eooaumpdoo, indigaotioo,
loas of appetite and all vaabof diaeaaaa.
■MrroakaSaMRMa tmehtmA mri »or» t.tmt -   is 1 ama
vu wssied 10 s u.uicm     boobsn uOm. Mimsanm. HI
_►! b. eouiJ not B..    He mm! try- - Uy lupin oa* nud sssksB
•Sins nmmlaus.  -Ss J   tut* »ft»r mtnt ftysiamo."—H. So»su»
er. BrackTllle. Bndf rtuia. Oat.
" _ter takuu ta.es onrOi el try -Pnchlae-ated ■» etA.--A.Wti-
eOiae Bg luaft ve well sad Ufe Is Sea. • OomweiJ SL. fansaOO
Psychine Never Falls      Psychine has do _ ubsUtuU
OB T A SLOCUM. United. 17* kInr 5t W. Ta
Canadians In Ihe United States.
The Chicaao British Anerioan   bas
tin- lo 1 .v ni Bet   Walter Been Nu-
ni.i   assistant lo Bishop Samuel l*'al-
I, srs, --I Bl   Paul's Reformed Kpisco-
l nl Cliurch, Chicago, who has ai pt*
i"l . call Irom the Pilth Avenue Con-
1,1 Lulu mul Church, Minneapolis, snd
i ill leave immediately   "Dr. Nugent
w.i    i".in  in Omen    panada,   In
I-T-, lie «a- graduated at Albert Col-
lege, Belleville, Ont, and attended
Victoria University, Toronto He li
nis.   a graduate ■.( the Chicago I'ol-
!• *.*i* u( law and the Cbieago Theological Seminary, end in 19M he re-
celved tlie degree ni Doctor ol l'bilos-
ophj Irom Midland Dniversity, Bar.
tit     Nugent   lia-   mail.-   many   Irietuls
ii< British Amsriosn circles In f'lii*
1,m... wim view In- departure with re-
grel and extend besl  wtshss lor his
luturi* wsllara and succoaa."
AT li.50 a square (10 ft bv 10 ft),
and wilh a guarantee of twenty-
, five yean service back of the
■ ale, "Oshawa" Galvanized
Steel Shingles make the cheapest good
roof for any permanent building on
your farm. They last a hundred years.
Even cedar or cypress shindes will
oost you aa much, and be rotted to dust
long before an
"Oahawa", Shingle
shows a sian of wear.
Slate will cost you
far more to bu v and
twice as much to
put on, — and it
'Oahawa" Steel Shingles make buildings lightning-proof, anu mte guaranteed
II"    .   .1.  •••••!., .
Tbs I'li.uiuber iiuiie from tbe Kaal
W.   N    U.   No. m.
I nl'l    Iru   ilil. .   I p.
A ball i ui was -.*. i up from Berlin
In is-,1.-. ,..|ui|i|>i.ii iiiiii m*ii regtalertng
ihi-iiiiiiiiu-ii'n nini i urometers, it eaue
iiuuii in Bosnia, mill ilu- luetrumeuta
lu good i'i.nliii ui The liarunicli'i' rug
Istered nu elet it Ion ol i-i:.*.r'J reel ami
till*   lllel l.i.iilli'll'l*  il   leill|n-l■■Utile  of  Ci*.'
deareea Ih'Iuh* tvi-o t*'
A      lll.l    MM   .1
The child -Mother, whloh bnd i bet
ter do. R> to school In the rain ami i.*'
soaking  net  nu I  prolial.lv  en tli  ml
and die or Just simply   net  nn  nlmeu
mult uKgtual mr .*»u.* '* b.. t.•**.
water-proof, wind-
proof, flre-proof. a n
waather-proof for a
quarter - century, -
without painting.
Made of semi-hardened-heavy   sheet   steel  (28-guage
warranted) with heavy galvanizing.
Anybody who can drive nails straight can
roof any building with " Oshawa " Steel
Shingles, - a hammer and a pair of tinner's snips are tools a-plenty.
Tell us the surface measure of any
roof, and we will tell you exactly what
it will cost to cover it with the cheapest
roof you can really afford to use. Send
for a FREE copy of
our booklet "Roofing
Right," and read of
the profitable, common-
sense way to roof any
building on any farm.
The booklet is worth >'•"
reading. It tells why an
" Oshawa "-shingled roof is cheapest for
you. It tells, too, why '' Oshawa'' -shingled  roof is safe
" Oshawa M Galvanized Steel Shingles
are guaranteed in every way for
25 Years.   Ought to Last a Century
book—whore ehall
from lightning, and
gives some surprising facts about the
destruction lightning
cauaed in Canada laat
year. Better read tha
(we  send yon copyT
X TK-a Paaiar People X
Of   Oshawa
miCia%at W.
11 i*lkeraa{n.
Tl l_-ab_d at
■_>r_4» bi.
i. Prir.iaJ »i Troiri I-aHti'tir. sn« Publlshe*
kt K.rja.on and '1: v.; l.u svsrv li. *.. i-.n.y
Tn. Editor ds>ei ml t::r a I: miirii renpoii-
.litils for- las opinion* of cgrrespuLdsnU rt-
1.•«.**■_ in Us coluinoii
Ai. iocj.ii wi:; i*. ei*isra«d ul Uie rati, of 15
j. ni- p*r line, nni  .auction, und iucsdib p«.
,. lu*- CSCtl SuUsngllCIll   .lllll I,.:.
i-erm.toi lr.ui1.nl »nd other alvertiiiiij
• 111 bs muds k»..pu or. -.-. \.   ...... . ul otlvyt
jtublcTlpliou IJ.tlOa uii. In u.lvsi^o.
. • o.        .
foul   ©ffta
Patent Medicines
School Supplies
Dry   Goods,
■ s» ■ s-m—wp—riMtm—wnriwirorwa—ai 1 r—n
Contracts   Entered into for Packing of Mlnin g Supplies   Etc.
to apy Point in the District.
I lesl Wiih". Lii-Bors and I'
llali*.-  fl   :i .lay.
prompt I   S. DANEY, Prop.
I      serviceS FERGUSON.
^   Any Work
Guaranteed   «
Satisfactory.   pq
Revelstoke, B C
First-class accommodation lur traveller!
Rates $1 and $i  50 per day-
Poplar Livery.
Freighting,    -     -     -   PackjJ
A Speciality.
Stnblcs at Popl.fr.
Bar well Supplied with Liquors & Cigars
Large Comfortable Itooiue.   Excellent Cuisine and Attendance.
Central Hotel
Firat Claui in every  respect. All modern conveniences.
Large Sample Rooinn
Rates $1   50 p?r Day
Special Weekly Rates
Excellent    Accommodation
Best Liquors
And Very finest Cigars   8
Grout Xahe
Supply Qo.
By using Water supplied Iiy tlie
Company y.ni are assured of absolute purity. Government Analysis
to back op statements. :::::::
Hugh McPherson - - Supt.
Trout   Lake   City  TranRfo*,
I Ferguson    §
| Trout Lake
I «
Ayr ul o for _ mu lap PtaDfi.
Publishing Office of tha
Lardeau    Mining
John Simpson,      Proprietor, j ~
Best Hotel in Town,
HeadQQariers for Miiioi and Commercial M
It   pays  to  up.-  tlie   Telephone.     A
iv trip can often be roved,  OtRees
ul  fergugoji: Cummins' Store ; Troul
Laki*. Putt Office; also at Ilea ton, Corn-
iplis and Arro»head.
Starfte? <S Co.
WHOLESALE DF.AI -SBS ia r.uit.-r.
l-'xet,   Chce.-r.    Produce   nnd   Frail
Houston Bk.,Josephine St Kelson, B.C.
Witch-repeiring,   etc    A!! work
OMellows Mock!" Trait Lata, B.C
Andrew M. Craig.
-. -rr r;-rarc_M
Imperil  Bank of Canada.
11 ...I Office
Job Printing
Sandy Laughton
I1KN visiting Ferguson you
should slay at tl.e Lartteatl
Hotel. Here Hm visitor
will   ha   surroiiii.il*']   with
liome comforts.   Excellent
cuieiae,     well    ventilate!
aii-J    warm    rooms,    well
stocked bar,   anil   everything which
tends towards making yonr visit a
{.li-HHAtit and  iiiciiiorahle one.
Kates from $1 day upwards.
We strive to please our patrons.
XLhc Ifeotel Beaton  ...  \
Hotel and
Ceneral Store
GERRARD        - B   C
F. B. Wells
,,, AF   &A.M.
•'\""v\  3rtl   Thursday each
' \/   x month.
njouniinp Hrethren cordially ii.vitcd.
Forddred, 8ec. F.C. Campbell.W.M
REST 4 4Z6.0M
|. i: w li KM . p.. - Iln   i;ii;;i:r:T JAKFltA-r :.  .„
BRANCHES   In the Provinces •>!  \      -. - i-katch.wan, I i ...      ,:
Uanitoba, Ontario snl ilm imr.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT.-I'-r'-i" r.-.vii-l ..ml inler^t |   ..
■ Uf Irotta dal-i "( u|-eiiing "I acc-ounl.
l-»lf-"»  til   I'-mlll. luurd •'•ilabll ui   »»»
r nn- world
. <■ ■   jii»nl on |it«. lo wilwtiOM a»«
Arrowhead Branch—
T.I!   liAKER
Review Job Dept.
•TROUT   I.am:   1
(i.n f
0. Jarotinon, .S  o.
•r. cordial..
r. M. Manlierd. Hte.
- ■•K»Ui»*l*-tH»-
0 K
JSarbec Sbo-p;
[WHOLESALE   ANL'   retail
Dealers in all kinds of Fresh Mi it
— ron a —
•Good Sliaic or Hair Cut
— CAM  >.N	
William Schnell,
LHot and Cold Baths
- - -. IMM ***** ***** Ct
Barber Shop.]
For (.ood Ha. . i
THOC1   l.AK'
Hsc mt  CoM  U*_l
i    A. flart.-,
ttto  n  Ut ttur. ^^^^
A.M. '   -k i. . y
BOLICITl ir. ru
SolMlU.rt lorln ... i   n   Ir tTStlll
ttV m.
We have seme Dirt Imcs
of Bilks, in LA DIPS'
SHIBT WAIST leogthi,
and IN8EBTK)NH and
We also  bore  a   torn
ready-made W'AISl'M.
YISITOIIS arriring at Beaton (the threshold of llie I.ardra.i
Tia Arrowhead, will lind this llnlH lo lie fully equipped
for higli-claM traHr.   Kirirllctit •eeomtnodation.    A wi-II
appointed and iparintig diniiitf  hall.     The heal ..( Wines,Spirits
sad Cigars.   Personal supervision is given to lhe requirements of
patrons. Visitors to tha lardeau ran ri-lv on ootntort at tbialiotsl,
?1^B0YD-:- -:-Prop
■0000000000 ■
• *
Provincial J,;md Surveyor.
M|nera| Claim* Aurvnyot
404 Cri>wo Oraots OW-',ncJ
•t!a-»ae»-..Toj{t Kwoid o»oe,
' ' from uktr. b 0
Noiit*e it liTthy given that fin : Notioe iahcrcbr given that »ixt*;
•lays after date, I intend to make idays aft»-r d.ilc. 1 ii.tciid lo innki
ajrplicati'i.i to the Chcif t'oinmis- a|>pllcatioii to the Chiel Commie
liooerof LtndaA* Wr.il.sfor ficrmis |siontr of 1 audi-A* Works for p.
sio.-i to |.urch«.v the following dr- tnisr-nin to (tir.liasi- tit* fnil..«iii*.-
seribf-d lands, situated in West deacribed land situate at Capi
Kootenay district, ou the east side! Horn, li-i-.r Arrow l-ik*. \\< -t
I f Fish Itiver: J luiotcnay Dial rid.
Commf-ncinp at  a post planted j    Commeiicinj al  a posl   planted
at IheS.W.C'.rncr o^A. IJ. Mat-kayt-inl the N..H1. T .M   corner   .f   I...I
Pre-emption; thence eaat iOobains j ?*9M. n.arked   A  K WMlebreadS
Ihenrcsoii'h 4t>chsinf; t hence nfet -<- E.   Oorner"    thence  north  40
4'ichains; thence st.tiih 20 chain*;;chains;   tlieti.-.*   wei)   Kf)   cbaina;
I thonce «esl20cliains; thence souili Ibence aotitli   40  chains;    thenc
j 2'*chsins; we-l 20 clmins.    thence eaat 80chains tt) point of commeo>
(south 20 obsins; thence meet lo oeaicnt,andoonUiniog 820 ai
•Intons Jliirhrid*e»''s eaet line; thr-ncpi
'■ north to Fish Rir-ar; thence follow. I
ing river bank to point of com men o*     ]""'lt'"1 *?■ u'Ah- ,h-v "f Ml" »
■ment I*1""*
-kHERE have heen f-irtunee
made hy judicious invest-
unlit   in   Heal  Estate, and
m-re  fortonei will be made than
ner tho neit two or three virus.
Thc one wh"  naps Ihe  harvest is
the original  inventor, for ho  has
his in 'ii. y on a certainty.
Now let us poinl utit tn you that
tlieie I. do belter spol no ;ho ('	
tinenl   lo   buy   K-iil   Kstate   than
Trout Lake ii tii- prettied ipni
in  tl.e   l\'" '. ii i\ • . hs ii pit 'i-iiie
it   hn- ii i i i|*,.,il       li nitiiig
and Oahiiig  it iy i .*  Indulged in
the  year   round ;  while lil.; giimc
in   a'mii'i.iii'i   is   to the   ii.iiinl iiii
thu hills.     Its climate I- superb,
there bt ion  no great ealreinea, ii
being mild   in winter nn.l cool in
Miiiiuicr.     Ii chii l" aai i! - imt nt
ih" fitiei-t hotels nml residences In
Bi ii i-l. ' 'oluntbla,    ll- r-ln els lire
well  hnd (iiii and gradt d    There
ar** two exci !|. nt  general •-1..r. s
.i-i.l a glance :ii lhe advt-rtiaetni ntn
in thin journal will show thai all
ii,..I.f me fairly well represented.
Write wiih confidence tu Agenta,
Lots can be
obtained on
Make yoiir
selection at
Abr   D Macksy,  I.r.ffilor.
H. McPherson
Trout Lake, B.C.
Then call on
or   write  to
A   R   Whit«bread
hss never had a   ' br>om "—ita
g'owtn hat been steady.    It is
"••  l.-ad  if navigatioa,   and
l..atern,i,il(f  ,,„   Ur,|„ b,„eh
"f ' ■• C.P.R, All ro.d, (.nth.
i.a..e*.i) lead to Trout Uke. h
" "l.e ronim->r< iai centre ol ihs
'"'I".*-! mineral dinrirl ea ihs
eniitfoeal, ,„,i bu banking faelli*
"ee   proyided   by   ih.   [m per lal
wn* oftanada , Cut < lass icl.e.l
■"'"""""■a-'"ii under the dirr.
""" <d B Bhanoow, B.A.; a good
wal.r siM. n,; if.vernmei.l uWicen ;
.."""'> ''""" Mttlwga; M-th .list
1 -l-'MLpal a.d Aiighpun churcl.ee
ami railage hospital,
-There tn raluekle ran.!, Undi
nn 'baouuklrti awaiting seiil,r».
i'xl'imltr frsuureesare magmfi
" '""la hand .aw mill *lt|- »
wpnaiy ..flKi.fioof, ,„r (|«r i. ,4
»'• end ul the |,k. The minea
'"'•"'■•y sr. pn.vuig r,„| bigger
o,|,,c«.,s ,vr,y year, with new
prospect* opening uprtct WediM of
Tier,  will  be .  lig rush Ilii.
.,,V. 'f   J0U    *n"»d    **>"*
more, wHls „i  0.ire to eilhti or
lllf,«"""»l '»'<•• a.ld.esresl,,low.
F. B. We!I$
General Agent
Revelstoke, B.C.


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