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Lardeau Mining Review 1907-08-01

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 -^ uyr^^j £*^/**&'
irger oircu
than   on)'
,v.,,:i|'.'l'    "»
l\j4f**   y\rr~**
ammmnmooo .
Tii.*  rc;lrc 'ii. *
nl tin' rich L-irdeall
cowan      ■" '^t i - j
anv address tot ••?-'
p r iiii. in advance.
 — 1
TROUT LAKK CITY,   B.C. Aug. 1st.  I907.
No. 41
1    t
■   -•
r* \tflrbn\o. £*w .  .
Notice ia horehy given lhat after
ihe expiration ol thirty days frnm
ih.* Brsl publication lieroof 1 in-
teitd i" spply ;'- the Board nf Li-
fco.f - Com in I loni r for tlie I >is-
11 ii" for a ■ 1 .1, ;' ■-,■ of tbe lb
hi Id 1 I the  I.eii-
ii ixville Hotel, Gerrard. B C.   to
l.uin* Hillman and   Percy   Boyd
of till
DaU.1 ii.i-  26th day „f Ju
!■'. Mi
; .-r Fr. d 0. Rlliott, I.i- Attorney
"F.venl ig" ai nlon    Minora!
lal . .
I   '.    Mining 1)1    i.n '.i * In   Ko iti nay ilia-
i Iel.
Where located:      At the In a I
. i ii iley Ori'ok, j.ljnln n
William liiiin : ' claim.
TARE XOTi-        it I, IL  Ai.-.
i. it, Ki.-** Mc.' Np.
slicij  da, ■  fn m
tl.e date hereof, to   apply   lo
Mining Recorder for a Certificate
l>ii>trict oi Wi-t Kootenay
I       Notici that B. V.  Reamy,
i r-.i*k, R. <'-   I'l-.-i"-
|r, intends lo apply for a s|
; -.- OTOr   the   follow in-.'
I                  ■ ,- :i  potl   plant'-1
I feel north (ron tl"' di-
reen Poplar and Caacode
out  3  iniica loutherlj
■ lii-.r. lh,            rt   ""
,,   north mi eliaini;
I *   - wi       i' i, linn; tbem u-
In -.. point ofcomn
:   containing  840
;■ 1907.      H. F Roomy.
liittii • oi Weat Koott n
rake i>' tier lhat 1!   t. Raamy,
, reek,  B. 0., P    I
l ,1 plv lor ii special tim-
-   i i.i iln* iollowlng de-
iQg iit ii   |"'-t   plant''''
|,       in *i *, ..I ii.iiili In tn lhe di*
neon   Poplar ai* i ( <
.,' onl :\  mikf goutherly,
Irom the L-irdo Kiver, Ihenco ivrsl
ldOehaii     iii-> .'i-Miiitli lOchains
.;   thence
■north Kl i bains lo  punt  "I <'"•"'
..i.-nt  iin-l  containing  ■ ■*-"
»,•■-,». t.i re ot left,
tluns l Iiu 1907.      B 1''* Boomv.
HI \ li -niKi'. I ,\M> DtSTRIOT.
Dialriol of \V,*it Koote-aoy.
Distr ict ..i Wot K ■ itei ay. ,
Take notice that Otto William
Ahrahamaon "I Trout Lake, 11. C,
Carpenter, intends lo apply for a
special tiinli r li. ■ I.-.* un r the
following detribed lands;
Commencing at a  post planted
mi AhraliainH.il Cr<*.-k about   half
a mile fiom tlie lab.*, marked   "I'
W.   Abrahams in'l   Norlh    East
corner   i*.-i '     tli,*nce  fou':<
chains    thence   i as!   I I  al
lliotice soulli   40  chains;   ll
wi il tl ence n rth  120
chains; thence east   i" chaini  t.i
point .'i >•• ii- ucement and ■
taintug 640 sen • mors or
.lun-*- MU. 1907,     0 t ■ Vi.    im A
ii on
T..k. notl * thai B. F.  Ream*?
nl Poplai Ci   ;*   B I     Pi
Intends lo m i ly f"r a special lim
r tin- followii .   -!* -
I landst
I'..!,m..'I .ii g :.! -. inted
on t;. - roth ii.-' ri-iit  fork
..f Poplar »'ru*k,  about   5  i
above the firat south folk *f  Pop-
lar Crook, '! ■      eaat 1601
thi nee nortii  -If  chaini
wesl 160 chaina; thence south 4"
Chains lo point ol menl
and containing 641' icrei more or
B, K. Reamy
i i I rTOKl  ' 'M> DISTRICT.
Distrii'. • i W eel Koot, nay.
I      notice tbat I!   I*   ll- ami
nf Poplai i'i.. k,  B. C. P
inii i-l- to apply f* r a ipti  il lim-
l..-r license f illuw ing dt •
,.i i  poi
»n the south ii.ink ol Pup ar '
aboul Ij miles hIm.*. ■* Brsl
th lurk il I'i.; lar < 'reek, tl
wesl   10 chaina; thenoe
Ci-aillf.    then
thenci- north 1*
•iiiiiriiii meat and couta
res. more oi I
The iiiiii 1 step in lhe opening
of tbe Upper Duncan to the possibility   i  continued   and activ,
^_^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_il.'ycl(ii>iiu.*iit li;*.    iii'i'ii    taken   by
nf Improvometils, fur tin-  imrpoao ,,    ,, • , ,,
1 .- the Provincial Government in con
of olit.-.i! iiii, a  Crown   Grant  of «. .   ,       ,   .,
° . slriH'tinii n fir-'  class   trail   on  a
i:.   •■-• ive claims. ,       ,        ,. ,, ,.    ,
• ii roan grade ui> mil <
And farther take  notice tbat This work is now under way and
artion, under section 37, musl be bearing completion.     Meanwhile
anced bef isnee ol -several intetested parties are
iCortil     ■ <>f I n)pro\ menu,    ing and will commence  taking in
supplies uh M-„ii after the   (rail   is
r> :i*ly as possible.
One company in fact bas bad a
shipment   of  mining   machinery
Dut. I Ihi
A D. 1907.
Mil., day of July,
District ol Wosl  Kooti nay.
arrive and ii is now lying at Unly
Landing. This is the Wagner Co
an outside syndicate and owners
of the Wagner g.'oup consisting of
six claims, vi,-..  Duncan,   Lardo,
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Jl'iiiires-i    Marie.       l>u. .*i,   "Nl..ry,
,,..,.„ .,   ,   ,-   ,   • i Frances Jewell, Lucille and three
IAKK   notice   ilmt   Iiidunk , .,.,,,,          -  .    ,
„..,,.      ,      ,       , fractions, l.d. loitern .-ii-.kaiie;
\\ iilijiii I. arli ol Qerrard, Store- , '
, '             ,     . is on the irroiiin.1   -.uiii-riiiteiiuiiii!
- t*i applv  ."!■  per. , . ,
'i.i thin.TS
, lo purchase lhe following     ^^^
desciihed land:
Messrs    Botlorff and  Emmeni
nod thc eiil of i he week fi .un
the Silver   Pilar.    They   i
! ; ling made  at the
mine under tin- cupervition of L-
E. Beck.
Tin* com] r  and  machines
aro doing good a-or't. In the north ririft th'- face is .ill -n good ore,
which wben panned, gives a go id
streak nf colors
The bins at ihe mill are b iiir
Blled witb *■'■ ■ in read ik ss l r the
iiitinl run of tbe mill, which will
l '• -ii S iturday next.
E A. I lodge, . f H.tn Francisco,
an experienced mill man, will
bave charge of the mill.
Supplies aro being put in lo
run a crew of So men.
Mu,-kor. are hei eg advertised
for at $:) 25 per day.
Bv, ry claim on ihis
:r up  car-
•j     Silver Cup |   iple arc shov-
S.I ol   Lot   4728,
*    north  20  chaii
more or l.    lo Ti ml I
'    ;
■ iMieli
nt, iimi .*> utaii .u-rt-s,
Frederick William Leach,
ore or less ore on   the  Biir-1 ing work l>oth at the mine and al
face ai - can  bt   Nine   Mile.     Sinking   continues
by means of pack Irainlfn in tlu 7,"' Inoi ave! with
lent tesults.
An nl -I* Und ii'lvii *   *•■ i.f 2fi
per day   waa   aim, n     d   during
Duncan River.
A', itlitr group tint will shortly
n in the  Red   Bill t group, ow 1.. .I   by  J.   W.
I       r and 11. McK iy.   The claim
are   the   Red   Elephant,    White
Se in, BlncV H.-.wk and   Su
o l! N. Wilkie  Agi   I. ,, [a, copperand lead are lound
June 1 ith. 1907. on  ■*•  property.   The veis
'■ . ud .'ani
REVELSTOKELANI>DISTRCT Attn.timi   is   being   gradually
District ol Weal    Ki itei iy but surely drawn to tbis rich nn.
— developed mineral   territory and
TAKE noticetbal David Booth, >' "•■              trprise many I
0f Kelson    B V    Miner,   intends the next g              pede take pl act
toapply fora   rprcial   limber   li- Into tbat «clion.
cense over the iollowlng d           * .-   *    ■    —                    —-.=-.
,       ,,,      ing at a  |" st  i-'.ii,t,.l _. . _   >■
wesl baukol poplar Creek,
Bhoul 1-J miles Irom the  Lardeau
the week, to ink.* * Beet Aug. 1st.
Rivi i and a Ijoii ing Timlier I
Lot 6281, .i - • a.] ui, ; ■: T. I. 13*5
60on ihe south,  tbt nc    w. ->   80
chains; th ilns;
('Iuulea Lewi',    of Klwo-ul, I-.id
thence cant *S0 chain- Ider of the Sllvei   D     I
h M1 | .,, , unmencc  haa bei n spending a few  days  at
the propel;v.
July 12th
i ■       :
June Sth. I
B, F. I
Take notice Ihnt II.   V- R* »■'■>'
nf Poplar Creek, H 0 , Proipebtor
iuu nl- tu apply fur a speeial timber license over lhe lolloo "    ■'
■" ■■ bsd lii-i'U.
t' 'liniielieillg nt  ii  |. st   |'l 'I''1"
■ • Uu oast side ol the second sou*
rk "f I'oplar Creek, ahout  1
111 '■ ih n-i* the .fork, th    was
■'"''linns; thenee loiitb W0 nhaln-i
•l»*ti  i i-i ohainag then.*" n< r-
1 * hains lo poinl "f eommen-
' msi ■  anlcoutainlng 640 n
mors mi lots,
Jmu Huh I'.i-,7.       p, I-. Renin) ,
l.l vn 8TOK1 l.\M' i'!-li:n r.
Ifficl ol West K1   In
*   .*• notloe tbal B    F, Reamy,
. I Poplar Crock, It. C, Pi
lute di lo r| ply for a s| ecial tim-!
ber license over Ibe loll «li ■: dc-
-.il', il Iin Is:
Commencing al i posl  pis
...I tl..* Huiiili bank ol Poplar <
abottl It mill   above tht firsl nun-
lh fork ul   Po| lir  Creek,  th. i c
.-• i-t liin chaini;  thence i lUth   I
rhalns;  thenci   ». t   ICO chain !
ih. i ,*.• north i" 'bam i-i unl .-f
 iu.-lie. menl     ami    000tl I
011) son i. more or less.
Jitn-9 Sth," 1007. B. !'. Boamy,
M.n*. I'-'i''*'  1
rutin andfrel .-ver ihe
Bi end-making.
The .'ib-'   "■      ' 1:
mui" Floor.
\. ,iV Craig lias II fo'
A \
Chii t ■   .   - ' "
Iiu-   I ,i i     .v evorytbl
ly,   Ladles Coi
mul Coven Bilk Waists   Ho»i
Mi ns' Shirt?, Collars     I *   4c
.if which is guaranteed to giv,
the utmosl   il on both ai
:   |  • ■ ■ .il    i ipiahlllty
" .' r-
I-'.h.i v fin
U '.il'   at   Camborne  and   lhe
■   .1 iilb'.l with  bear
sui h   an   i stent   il.ai.
or  wakintr,   Mr, Bruin
In Id .*.   pr. mini nl   place   ii;   his
Coi ■ -• Irom lhe camp to
Camborne s fi n* da] t ago, a
i iin* nut him on the
trail. "What are you?" i ivs L< a
i*-. "I'iii ii li.i.r" i 'P irky,'
;—; you are" ays I. wi«,
"tb' n Tm 'niking' for the i ill tim-
l» -•," and with a ' '-
stride,    made f ir the n, are* I I
i"I in «-iii you"  ..iv   the ''porky"
,\ ho i, idently   ' i.j■•;• - -1   tbe
;i il ii.i.i.  i. r I: i'i* Ihink-
, in.-   11. doubt, that ii he could cor
ihe " lb " i.r" he might   be
able to  sluff  off I "w d  cat."
; I.i i\ is w;.s bon * .■ r in a burr)   i
i    ky" i imbed up i ne
' I.e«i.*. e.ime ih mh the other nnd
hit lhe imil for Ion n al n t wo-
minute ^nit. On Ids arrival there
he told bi*- sl iry lo Messrs, Emmens and Doltorff, who at once
Started "ff after the hear. On nr-
I'llilig  at   tho   iieene   ui   eiu'iilihti'i*
. tl iv I iiu I a caul  aiiyiii^    "8on y
il frightoned (he 'tenderfoot'   bul
he h'i'1 ■ **l could nol rc-
:! * torn] ..itiiin.   Daddy Por -
A. II. Orocey, o| lhe Eva mine
* np uii Monday's boat on hi*.
■ the mini at Camborne.
Mr. Qraccy  reports c
at iln* mine in excelli i.t shape.
- Greet    ime down from
• Elghl Mile lhe   lattei
end of I '..    He r. poi ts pro-
d      - Indication* ..f tht
neat a| proacb * ; the 1. dge   he    .-
Charles <'•>; p bil ti ••   trail f* r
the Copp r   Qu«'( i. en  Patnrdsj
morning, mi ut
Work u'i   th'    Bi  idvi^w  hat
not d UM   during tho I.isi two m ee IL. work
n :..-•  *■•
and -1 levelt,.
Th • time lor Canada t-> setlle
tbe Japanese and Chinese question is Now. and Ihete la -inly
ONE way in settle it, nud that
wny spells E-X-C-L-U-8-I-O-N,
Canada is a white mail's country. Ii lm*- beeu devi lopi .1 and
buill up by white men's ialRir and
Ilriiish Columbia in particular
i monument to the eneigy nml
indomitable perseverance of the
whit,* race and to insure then er.-
joying the fnrta of their labor,
the ''yellow scourge" must be
kept out. The two races will not
assimilate; they will remain separate and distinct and one will be
tin- rulinz power. At proseut it
is the whiles; how long will it he
at the present rate before the power will be invested in the yellow?
Pn sj.en ns conditions now exist throughout tiie Province, Lab-
i.r is getting iti foil value, ami
Capital ., goo I retrirn simply !>••-
- ni,are working harniouioos-
iv together loword a common goal
The influx • :' Jai-s is bound lo
jjlut tiie labor market and destroy
the i re ont existing coi ditions bt -
: .i. <■;. capital ind labor.*
Tbe result is inevitable; the
white musl LIVE; the u-llow is
satisfied if he exists.
K ft. McPht r-son", M. P. f-.r
Vancouver, is putting up a -
fight fur the exclusion oi the Japs.
lie certainly ia a man who puts
the g. od oi his province ahead of
the Party at Ottawa. He and At-
toruey Ceneral Bow?er rould run
wall double ah .g ibe Asiatic
Tbe "Review" extends congratulations to Hon, Mr. Bowser on
hi- eleva ion io the Cabinet.
We alio congratulate tho Premier and bis aasociat* s in m ' i-
ingtbe -iT'ii'is if Mr. Bowser.
lie i- strong, onerg, tic and brainy
inul .,- Attorney-General, will
umi.mi.'.-iiy prove a success.
As n fighter i,.r the exclusion i f
Japs and Chinks he- hits no c-
qnal .'iii'l wa may rest assure J that
in* will leave nothing uml.me Cat
.iili keep British Columbia free
Ir -in the ' -    wurge."
V'co   President   McNicol   S6ys
Vice President McNico! of the
C.P.R who has just corn),;
his trip of inspection tijough
the Kootenay country, mad.* :\
positive statement that the connecting link (Gerrard to Arrowhead) between the Crows Nest
and Uevelstoke would be completed at once.
This will be good news to the
Lardeau- It will also mean much
for the economic handling of
.    .        '   -   }r &&>f*.grfrfefSf
...   Local and General.
■   •
Mi=s Xelle M -U'e wn of Qu ibee
and Mi.-s Kfla Madden ,.r N.-lsun,
came in on Wednesday's boat.
They are spending their holiday
with Dnc'e Bob Hodden, of the
Lake view.
M-. ami Mi-. T.unlius on in d
lamily of Revelstoke, are spending their holidays in Trout L»l »•
au I are the nutsts of Mr.-. A. M.
A tiial ul Rising Sun Flour
Is all thai . bi •• -.iry. After
tbat you'll use no other.
Mrs. Arthur Sowing is  v;*iiiij
• - it11,   lira  Pool,   of   It- is.
Dan McLennan i- ttiending a
in, • tin*.- of the Tiout  i ake Watei
y Ci.in| niii*, beii.jr   held   ut
Hi \. Isti k-- tbil week.
We understand that a dividend
will Li dt dared at toe meetii p.
Sam Sutherland and t. C. Merry of Ferguson, left for the south
. a Wtdneiday's boat.
Jack Stauber and Cbarlie (-ireen
are at Rev, Utoketbia week invtst-
ii,*.' in i>a! estate,
Suiiihiy Bch( ol picnic week from
today—August 5th.
i,   *.*. i   luly -1 h,    I'r. ilnmes
r, .n ir,     ■■ tastei   ui  liv   0
bi.iiieli of Ihe royal mint, hns n
i ivotl  h< n     li   ts I   tht
lu'itil ■     • tiio
el,me of tin* yenr.
.1 ul Cltisin   baa   lha  contraci
thc tunnel  ou   the
ILel i .ii Kill id Cieek.
Juki Bel       ■      • '  do-
ingdevelopm nt wo k on th* Pi
A sub co ii mi tte - .■( the  Nela n
r.mr.l of 1 r.ui: . .   heou  appointed  ■• lak n *.'i ng tns line i f
: Ing reduced In I. Ill Mtt i  f' r
i... 'leli.ii   in fi iieiiil, and  N. ,    ..
iu particular.
8 s. r.i\ lor, K. *'., has bet n
retained by the oommittee to conduct the campaign,
The Kelson Board of Trade <l *
serves tha thanks ..f the Kootonny
country in tbt Ir  Bghl   lor  lower
: III rates.
\        iimtnnct  t»l  Iht  InCreum
| -IX   Illl.lltliS
the pnpot ,*n which i he "Kl t
0 per ivvl .   nn -.  -
erense   ol   I"   pnr , * i A bad ou-.li lire h:is been raging
•nine,"  ain't IW   lint  we  won't • this week on the Csmborne road,
kick 11 they   build   through  from I     l-'in* Warden   Mumiiieiy   ll   Ml
Uerracd to Arrowhen '• h   ip 4 looking luto the flintier,
Mr. J. Better, of Poplar Pi int,
Manitoba, a, . mpauied by l is
daughters—Miss B. Better, M .-<
O. Better, and Mra. F. Oollard, ia
visiting his daughter, Mr.-. Juliu
Jubnson. Ihia we< k.
Al*' r mu' i i tne most m nsa'ion
.il trul> ii., mu '..1 has i ver  w it-
. .1.   W   It. Haywood .. n
.n*'i!ii led ol the charge brought  a-
-i iiii.i ol aimdei ii g Uoi ornoi
.-U'.i.eiib.., :• "i Idaho.
It hi ■ ii i bi en  . niy Haywood
oi, lli.il fur I is 1 fe. but tie Wes:-
(I'll l-'iil. . I Mi -, li i r u Ufa nhul
that they have emerged Irom llie
conflict iiiiiui'fiit.
Tl e trial w..s a t.i'u ono  lu  every t* sprct,
Oi s feature of ibe cot tli. t woi
ibe evidence nl tho self confessed
murderer Orchard, To convict i>
yi How ilo*^ on the ovidenos of sm
a man, would have been a Irave •
lv ol J. -lie.-.
I hi '■   I'lll   •   .' ml   I'l'iie
lien lly tllsp -i *.- * f il.e sail.** i*b.-
■i ■ linsl other ulllcoi Kedei*
Mrs. D. R. MeLonnan return*
ed homo firsl ol tin- week, at r
spending a few .lays vi^itinK Mra.
.1. McKiunon of Fvrgoaon.
Miss Nii'le O'Brien  left Wul-
netday morning for Kelatn.    Wc
Nebuii gains.
[f you are tiot loo l>u«y a ter
the berries, dodging tha ''ke'•to^"
and Iriiii^' to keep cool, drop in
ii il se-., ti.e reductions In the pries of our goods, 15 cent (iii g-
iaml lu be cleared out nl 124 ct-.
Ladles' Shirt Waists 85 por ot.
ff.   Sizes 't« und 38.
Boys' summer suits at « leg
-discount. Hurry up, or you'll
;i i Ult.   F. Murray's Store.
ir.v. a. K. ITSFUKSOXi ••Asrr.li.
(Alteiii ueSunihiyi onl .)
Sunday  Bcbool 10.00 s m.
Regular Service " :;(l I '"•
Bervlci at Ft rgusofli   '■ p.m.
A cordial   iuvitition   ex'e id   I
=9 0=
The Two Vanrevels
Wt "Th* Cf-lt'f"*** from Indiana" anS "Maiulcur  inunlrt*
tmwrttgAm lSOa. br A A.  McOurt Cm.
fOnutinued  From   f.ast  Wenk.1
"MM Bag, (lie ftgl" wln'apered Cralley, following It with bla eyes. "It
(Iiim** you helped muke it, l-'nueliuu,
It's so beautiful. Ab, Tom, they've
■aid we abused It s.ntn-iIiu.-s It was
only that we lOVSd It ao well we didu't
like to aee any one make It look silly
or menu, llut, after all, no mau eun
do dial un. nor no group of men or
party! Ills voice grew louder an the
lait strain* of tbe music ctime more
faintly from tbe atreet. "They'll tuke
your banner across tbe Uio Grands.
Fancbon, but thut la uot all aome day
Its stars must spread over the world!
Don't you all see tbat tbey will J"
After a little while ho closed his eyes
with a sigh. The doctor bent over him
quickly, aud Miss Betty sturted forward unconsciously aud cried out.
But the bright even opened again aud
fixed themselves upon ber with all tbelr
old gay inscrutability.
"Not yet," aald Cralley. "Mies Carewe, may I tell you that I am sorry I
could not bave known you sooner? Perhaps you might bave liked me for Inn
ohon's sake. I know you care for ber."
"I do—I do!" sbe faltered. "I love
her, and—ah-1 do like you, Mr. Gray,
for I know you, though I never—met
yon until—laat night God bleas you—
God bleas you!"
Pin- wavered a moment. like a Illy Id
the wind, and put out a hand blindly.
"Not you!" she auid sharply as Tom
Vunrevel started toward ber. Mrs.
Tanberry came quickly and put an arm
about ber, aud together tbey went out
of th* room.
"You must be good to her, Tom,"
■aid Crailey then lu a very low voice.
"I?" anawered Tom gently. "Thero
waa never a chance of that, lad."
"Listen," whispered Crulley. "Loan
down—no—closer." Ho cast a quiet
glance at Function, kneeling at the olher aide of the bed, her golden bead on
tho white coverlet, her outstretched
hand clutching his, and h* spoke so
close to Tom's enr aud In so low a
tone that only Tom could hear.
"Sbo never cared for mc. She felt
that ahe ought to. but tbat was only
becanse I masqueraded in your his
tory. She wanted to tell me before I
went away tbat ther* was no chance
for me. 8b* waa telling me tbat when
he called from the window. It wss
st the dsnee, the night before, that sh*
knew. I think there has been some one
•Ise from the first—God send It's yout
Did you speak to ber tbat night or sbs
to you?"
"Ah. no," said Tom Vanrevel. "Ail
the others."
Mrs. Tanberry and B*tty snd Mr.
Bareaud waited In the library, tbe two
women huddled together ou a sofa,
wltb tbelr arms rouud each other, aud
all the house waa very still. By and
by they heard a prolonged, faraway
cheering aud the steamer'a whistle
•ud knew tbat the boat was off Half
an hour later Will Cummlugs came
back aloue. entered (he room on tiptoe
and silently sauk luto a cbalr near Mr.
Bareaud, wllh his face away from
Miss Bet(y. He was to remain lu Itou*
en anoiher week un.l Join bis regiment
with Tom. None of the three appeared
lo notice his coming mure than dimly,
cud he sat with his fact bowed In his
bunds and did uot mor*.
Thus perhups an hour passed, wltb
only a sound of footsteps on the gravel
of the driveway now uud then aud a
low murmur of voices la tbe rear of
the house, wbere people came to ask
sfter Cralley And when the door of
the room where he luy wus opened the
four watchers started as at a loud ex
plosion It wus Mrs. Bureaud aud the
old doctor, and they closed tbe door
agulu softly uud came In to the others.
They had left Crailey alone with Fanchon and Tom Vaurevel, the two who
loved him bast
The warm duy beyond tb* windows
became like Sunday. No voices sound
ed from without ln tbe noon lamb.
tbougb sometimes a little group of peo-
ple would gather u.-ross tbe street to
eye the house curiously and nod and
whisper. The strong, blue shadows of
the verandu pillars stole slowly across
the white Hour of tbe porch In s lessening slant and filially lay all lu a
Hue, as tin* tall clock lu a corner of tbs
library astbuiuticully coughed tbe hour
of noon. Iu this Jurrlng discordance
tbere wus something frightful to Mlas
Hetty. (She ruse uliruptly. and, imperl
ously waving buck Mrs. Tanberry, who
would have detuiued ber for there
wus lu her face uud mauuer tbe Incipient Mildness of coutrul overstrained to
the breaking poiut- sh* went hurriedly uut of Ihe ri.ni.i and out of the
house to tbe old bench In tbe garden.
Tbere sbe sank down, her face hidden
lu her urms; Ihere ou tbe 6/,iot wbere
she bud first seen Crailey Gray.
From there, too, hud risen tbe serenade of lhe mun she bad spurned and
Insulled, and there she had come to
WOflhlf the stars when Cralley bade
ber look to them, aud now the strange
young teacher was paying the bitter
price for bis fooleriea, and wbo could
doubt lha( the price was a bitter oue?
To hsve the spirit so suddenly, cruelly
riven from tbe sprightly body that was,
bnt ■ few b*urs sgo, lisle snd slert,
obedient to every petty wish, could
dance, mn and lesp; to be forced with
•ucb hideous precipitation to leave the
warm breatli »f June and undergo tbe
lonely change, merging wltb the ahad-
ow; to be flung from tbe exquisite and
commonplace duy of aunsbln* into the
appalling adventure that should not
have beeu bis for years, and hurled lut*
It by wbat hand ah, bitter, bitter price
for a hirlequlnade! And, alas, alas, for
th* brave harleijulu!
A gentle touch fell upon her shoulder,
and Miss Betty sprang tO her fi**t and
•creamed. It was Nelaon who stood
before her, bst lu baud, his besd deeply bowed.
"Is he with you?" she cried, clutching
at the bench for support.
"No'm." ajiswercj tbo ohj mau hum
bly.  ~"l reckon'we all uin' goiu' see dat
man no mu'."
"Where Is he?"
"On de way, honey; on ile way."
"The way—to Iloueu!" she gasped.
"No'm; he gulu' cross de big wuter."
Hu stretched out his blind aud poluted
solemnly to the enst. "Him nu' uie we
cotch dt- boat, an' yo' pa uiek 'em takeu
de bosses on bode. Den we glt off at
Leevllle, Ave mile' down de rlvuh, an'
yo' pn bol' de boat whiles I ride back
alone an' glt de news, an' what de tale
ls you all Is tole, f'uiu ole Mist' chcu
'•th, an' Mist' Chen'etb, he rid back
wld me an' see yo' pa at Leevllle, an'
dey tulk In de shed by de landiii', an'
• yo' pa tell Mist' Chen'etb wbat "range-
ments he gulu* make wld de property.
Den he glt ou do boat ag'ln au' dey
sto't ber agoln', an' be uin' wave no
goodby, ner any uo mo' wu'ds.
"Mist" Chen'etb rid back whens de
light come, but be res' de houses an'
come back slow, 'case I pondub on de
weri*, an' I mighty sorry fer yo' pa,
missy. He aln' comln' back no mo',
honey, an' Mis Tanberry an' me an'
Mamie we goln' take keer er yo'. Yo*
pa gone back dah to de F'onchmun,
whiih he 'ui a youug num. He mighty
sick, sn' he scslrt, lion, i : nu' be sin'
goln' glt ovab du*. »• 4T Tenb to
•ae. missy, like he du.*- (•«. -a-.vl7.huin er
be own soul when he com* an' look
down it dat young man layln' oa de
grass las' nlgbt."
Tli* old fellow bent his bsrk before
her in • solemn bow, ss a feudal retainer In allegiance to th* heir, but
more In deference to the sorrow written upon ber and respecting Its magnitude. With no words of comfort, for
he knew she wanted only to be alone,
he moved away, with Infirm steps and
shaking head, toward the rear of th*
Miss Betty threw herself upon tbs
bench again, face downward ln her
arms. And still lhe house lsy ln silence under the sunshine.
An hour hsd pssted, snd th* shadows slsnted strongly to the eaat, wben
tho stillness waa broken by • sound,
low snd small at firat. then rising fearfully, a loug. quaverlug wall of su-
preme anguish tbst clutched and shook
tbe listeners heart. No one could hav*
recogntxed the voice as Function's, yet
every one wbo heard It knew that It
wns hers and that the soul of Crailey
Gray bad gouc out upon the quest for
the Holy Grail.
Miss Betty's hands clinched convulsively rouud tbe arm of the bench, and
a fit of shuddering seized her as if
with tbe grip of a violent chill, tbougb
her eyes were dry. Tbeu she lay
A loug time afterward she became
nw.'ire of a step tbat paced (he garden
path hehlud her, nnd turned her face
upou ber arm so thut she saw. hut
made no other motion. It waa Tom
Viinrevel. walking slowly up and down,
bia bauds behind his buck and bis hut
pulled fur dowu over his eyes. He hud
not wen her.
She rose aud spoke his inline.
"lie turned aud came to her. "Almost at the very Inst." he said. "Crailey
Whispered to ine that be knew you
thought bim a grent scamp, but to tell
yni to he sure to reiuemlier thut it wus
all true ubout tbe stars."
T was between twilight and
caudlellght. tbe gentle half
hour whan tbe kiud old sandman steal* up tlie stairs uf
houses where children are, wheu rustic
lovers stroll witb slow aud quiet steps
duwu country laue* aud uld biichelors
are loneliest aud dream uf the things
(hut might have beeu. Through tbe
Silence of the clear dusk cuuie the
whistle uf the evening boat that waa
to betir Tom Vuurevel through the first
atuge of bla loug Journey to the frout
of war, and tbv suuud fell cheerlessly
upuu Miss Betty's ear aa she stuod
leuuiug ugainst the suudlul auioug tbe
llluc bushes. Her attitude was uot
ouo of reverie, yet she stood very still—
su still tbut in the wan shimmer of tbo
faded afterglow oue might have passed
cluse by ber aud not bave seeu her.
Tbe loug, ilm U folds of ber gowu showed fnintly ugalust tbe gray stone, uud
ber urms, bure from the elbow, lay
across tbe fuee of Ibe dial with uure-
laxed lingers climbing ib.' cornice; her
head drooping not languidly, but witb
tenslou, ber eyes hulf closed, sbowiug
the lushes agulust a pule cheek; and
thua uiuttonless, leuuiug ou tbe stone lu
the dusk, she might huv* beeu Sorrow's
Sbe did uot move; there was not even
a flicker of Ibe eyelashes, wben a step
sounded ou tbe gravel uf tbe driveway,
aud Vuurevel cuuie slowly from tbe
house. Ile stopped at a llttlo distance
from her, bat lu baud. He was very
thin, woru and old looking, and In the
failing light might bave beon takeu for
a tal), gentle ghost, yet bis shoulders
were squared aud be beld himself as
straight as he had the first time sho
bad ever seeu blm.
"Mrs. Tanberry told me I should find
you here," be said besltutingly. *1 in,,,.
euine to say goodby."
She did not luru toward blm nor did
more (ban her lips move ss sbe answered, "Goodby," and ber lono was
nellher kind uor cold, but held no
meaulug whatever, uot eveu Indifference.
There wai au Interval of silence.
Then, wllbout surprise, he walked sadly to ilie gute, paused, wheeled about
suddenly uud returned with s quick,
Ann alcp.
"I will not go until I know thnt | do
not lulsuiiderstsnd you," he said, "uot
even If there Is only the slightest
chance that I do. I wuut to aay something to you If you will let me, though
naturally I remember you onee usked
me never to speak to you agalu. It Is
only that I have thought you did thnt
under a misconception or else I ahould
still obey you. If you"—
"Wbut,.Is it tbut you wish to ssyT
Her tone was unchanged.
"Ouly that I think the hardest time
for you has paased, aud thut"—
"Do you?" aho Interrupted.
"Yes," he returned, "(he suddest of
your life. I think It ha8 goue forever.
Aud 1 thluk that whut will come to
you will be sll you wish for. There
will be a little time of waiting"—
"Waiting for what?"
He drew a step nearer, nnd hla vole*
became very geutle. "Cuiuniings nnd
I reach our regiment tomorrow night,
and there ln the ctimp la a group of
men on thc way to the war, nnd tbey
all go the more bravely becuuse each
oue of them bus you In his heart—not
oue but will be u better soldier be-
cnuse of you. I want you to believe
that If ull of them don't come back, yet
(lie oue whose safety yon think of and
fear for will return. Fori you see,
Cralley told mo whnt you snld to him
Wheu—When be met you here the last
time. I huve no wny lo know which of
them you nniuut; but be will come
buck to you! 1 am sure of It, because
I believe you are lo he happy. Ah,
you've hnd your allotment uf pain I
"After all, there ls so little to regret.
The town seems empty without Its
young men, yet you muy rejoice, re-
meinl.erlng how bravely they went and
bow guyly. They will sing half tbo
way to Vera Cruz.   You think It strung*
I should say there la so little to regret
wben I've Just Isid away my best
frleud. It was his own doctrine, and
the selfish personal grief and soreness
grow less when 1 think of the gallant
•ud be made, for It was be whu weut
away most bravely and Jauntily of all.
Crailey was uo failure unlesa I let
what he taught me go to uo effect.
And be sure he would have toid you
what I tell you now, tbat all ls well
witb all hi the world."
"Pleas*!" she cried, with • quick Intake of breath through closed teeth.
"I will do sn. ihlng ln the world to
please you," he answered sorrowfully.
"Do you mean that"—
She turned st last and faced blm, but
without lifting her eyes. "Why did
you come to ssy goodby to me?"
"I don't understand."
"I think you do." Her voice was cold
snd steady, but It was suddenly given
to him to perceive that sbe was trembling froai bead to heel.
An exclamation of remorse broko
from blm.
"Ah, you came bere to be alone!   I"—
"Stop." abe aald. "You said goodby
to me one* before. Did you come u
see—what you saw then?"
He fell back lu uttor amazement, bui
sbe advanced upon him swiftly. "rVbi.1
ls thai'.'" ahe crlej.
Tbe unfortunate young mau could
mi-. - i.o reply and remained unable to
defend himself from her Inexpllcsblo
• Mc.---.
"You have not forgotten." she went
on Impetuously. "It waa iu tbe crowd
Just before they gave you tbe flag.
You saw—I know you saw- uud it
killed me wllb tbe sbume of It! Now
yuu come to me to look at Uie same
thing again, aud lhe boat wultiug for
you! Is lt tn reveugc for tbut night at
the Bareaud.'V I'erbapa this sounds
wild to you-I cant help that but why
should you try to make it harder fur
From the porch came a strong voice,
"God kuows I haven't meent to,"
ssld Tom ln bit tor palu. "I dou't understand It's Cumnilngs calling for
me. I'll go at once. I'd hoped, stupidly
enough, tbat you would tell me whom
lt was you meaut wben you spoke to
Cralley. so that I could bels to make It
surer that he'd come back to you. llut
I've only aunoyed you. Aud you were
her*—awuy from tbe house— avoiding
me and fearing that I"—
"Vanrevel!" shouted William. (Mrs.
Tauberry bad iut told Lieutenant
Cnmmlngs where to find Miss Betty.)
"Fearing?   Yes?"
"Fearing tbat I might discover you."
He let hla eyes rest on her loveliness
one* more, aud as be suw tbat she still
trembled he extended his hand toward
her ln a gesture of Infinite gentleness.
Ilka a blessing, beaved one great sigh
and, with head erect aud body straight,
•et his fscc manfully toward the bouse.
He bad taken three strides wheu his
heart stopped beating at an lueffabl*
touch ou bis sleeve, for, with a shari
cry, sbe sprang to lilm, aud tben. ouco
more, among the lilac bushes where he
Suff*r«d    Two     Yiiui's - fioliewad    In
TJnee  Months
Mr. C   U. Flser, Mt   Sterling, Ky
I ll I'il.-s :
"I   hi-ve   «.iHeri,d   with   kidni--   em
: bladder trouble tor ten years  past.
"Last   March, I   commenced   u ini
: Peruna    nnd    continued    tor    Hue
months     I   have  nol   used   it   Binoe,
j imi* have I ieii a pain.
"I   believe  that   I   sm  well  and   I
| therefore  give  my   highest   comineii
ilatiun   io   the   curative  qualities  ul
Pe-ru-m   tor   Kidncv   Trouble
Mis.  Geo.   ll.  Siniser,  Grant, On
tn tin. Can., writes
"I  Iiml  not  heen  well   I...   aboul
four years. I had kidney trouble
and, in fact, felt badly nearly al
the tim*.
"This summer 1 got so very bad I
thought I Miuilil try Peruna, so I
wrote io yuu and began at once t,
tuke  Peruna  and   Manalin.
"I took only two bottles <.f Peruna
nml one ..f Manalin, and now I fed
better than I huv,* lor Bome time
"I   feel   thnt    IVriintt   nml   Minialin
cured me and mads a different  wo
man uf nu* altogether,    I   bless tbi
It   is   the   business   of   the   kidney?
day I picked up the tittle book and
read »f your Peruna
to remove from the blood all poison
ous materials. Thev mn.-t be u.iiv.
nil the time, else the system suffers
Theie ur.' time- when they need b
little assistance
Peruna Is exactly thia wrt ol a
remedy li has saved many peopli
from disaster by rendering the kid
neya service al s nine when they
ii.re imi able i" bear theii own Imr
Trick* of th* Trsdes R*cord*d by •
Diarist of 1783.
'The pure food question ls as old,"
said au antiquary, "a» Uio bills."
He took  down  a  volume  bouud  In
gray calf,
•Thla la the diary," he said, "of Heln
rich Cruger, boru In Amsterdam in
1721; died In New York lu 1870. Listen
to Uie pure food kick Uiat Henry put
up lu t7sa."
Tin- anUquary read:
"Monday, ISth Dctober-If I would
drink water I must quiiir the iiinwklsh
contents uf a cursed open aqueduct
exposed   to  llll   manner  of delilemeiit
ond Impregnated with all Uie tilth of
(111- toil'!!.
"As fur the IntoxIcaUug potion sold
us wine,  it ls n  vile,  iiiipnliital.lt> and
pernicious sophistication, balderdaabed
Wltb elder, corn spirit and tin* Jules? of
"The breiid Is a deleterious paste,
mixed up with chiilk, uluui und houe
ashes, Insipid to the taste and destructive to tin- constitution.
•The table beer, guiltless of hops or
mult, is rapid und nauseous.   The uii*
Inwy,    rancid   ninas   called   butter   Is
manufactured of candle grease ami
kitchen uiuir. 'ilu, fresh eggs were
fresh unci-.
"The greens ure boiled with brass
halfpence In order to Improve their
color, while the pickles, though very Inviting to the eye, lire often InSttppOTt
ubly rank to tho taste, tin- reason
being that In their case alao the housewife bas helled a shilling's worth or
two i.f halfpence or a pound brass
weight  In   'he vinegar."
Her gaxe followed bis. "Ah, It's h*-
and they—thst make me know yuu will
come back to me!" she said.
TH«   USD.
English   Talk   Less   But   More   to   the
Point, Says Dsvlin.
C. R. Devlin. M P, for Nieolet, and
late mcnilier f,*r Gulwiiy in the Imperial Parliament, was recently the
pui'st ul the Canadian Catholic
He entertained the company with
many Interesting remlniseenees ol ths
Imperial Parliament The oontrasts
ho made between London and Ottawa
ore of Intereet    II" said
"There are no questions ot patronage in lha Imperial Parliament ss
pedall] among the Irish members
Freedom Is vastly greater there than
in Ottawa. Although the English
members have not the railway, stationery nud franking privileges, yet
the Engli«li  House  i- Immeasurable
superior te thai at Ottawa    The Irish
member's allowance Is only about twu
a year, fur which he has to live in
London lur eight months .*f the year
In England and Scotland, ladies take
n much more prominent part in politics thnn in Canada. Thing- are eon-
ducted more pompously thnn bare.
"Tin- clerks Imve mors authority
nnd Parliamentary questions ure ]im,i<-
ed upon as being of great Importance
"The rule* are stricter In regard to
matters ol procedure.
"In debate they have (,, keep *.lrict-
ly to the subject nn.l ipeeches are
necessarily shorter.
"Absolute equality prevails In lbs
obtaining **f s i-ent for friends
"There nre not us many loyal sentiments uttered there in a yenr as at
Ottawa in a month, but the people
an* not less loyal.
"John Redmond is the finest debater
in Parliament, and when he ris.
speak always gets great attention,"
sai.l  Mr.  Devlin.
Mr. Devlin spoke very hiyhly .'f Mr
Bryoe, the laic Secretary for Ireliiiid.
and of Mr. Hirrell, his successor, but
said the system under which they
governed did not allow them to do for
Ireland all they  might wjsh to tlo.
As an After Effeot of Pnoumonla-..Noth,
Proved Effeotive Until we Used
Dr. Chases Syrup of Linseed and Turpi
Getting Up Exercisss That Will Put lh«
Brain In Order.
Tin- difficulty most people experience
In getting  up In  the morning run   lie
eaally overcome by a simple operation,
according to u medical authority.   Aft
cr  the   iil-hl's   long  resl   (he  hraln   Is
laden with somewhat Impure dio.ui. ami
ths lymph icssels which remove iviii.te
matter an- overfull and sluggish Till"
Is why we ull Hive another t.*n min
Qte« in Ik-.I nml why most people lire
10 morni.' n( hreakfast. Very sloul.i
the hraln gels rli! of the niatiers whieh
Interfere with Us vigorous action, hut
(he process enn Is- expedited.
If the linger tips are plmiil agaln-l
tl.e deck Just uu.ler the ear und moved
Swiftly down tO (he frunt of Ihe sho.il
der along Iln* course nl the Jiiguln'
vein, the usiil up hlood Is drawn sivui
snd riHim left for a fresh supply. Tli 1 -
should li* il.iin* twice at each side ol
the nek Then lhe hnn.Is should I-
placed ..n tin- back of the neck Jii-U
under the skull und moved downward
as far as poaalble. This clears oni
iln- lymph raeaals ami effectnallj pr.*
vents  swollen   glands,  from   Which   SI
many people suffer.
After two  brisk  rulis of tin- lymph
raaeels return to tba jugular vein, am,
then Inn li In Un* glands, hnlf n iloaeD
or eight (lines, um 11 the operation «T
I*' found far better than a cup of oof
fee. mui whenever ths bi iln is du!
through congestion tbi. massage win
he squally effective
Haste to Get Rich  tn England.
Royalty Itaall ts wid lo ba Involved
in (he re.vnt high linaiiee vein.Inl uncovered in London Boms lords who
are noble in reputation as well as in
title have also Isvn hard hit Evidently the Itntish ihould hnve re
metnberod tin* n.lag.* aboul throwing
atones when lecturing Americans on
the mad chase lor llie almighty doi-
Many British lnv< tmeiiN look ul
luring, but should I*.* regarded with
the utmost caution, not t.i sny suspicion. In the h. sdlong ru-li tn gel
rich on the other lids men of position nnd title sell their names to rascally promoter-, for un allotment of
shares, which they hasten to dhponc
of.   ami   even   when   noting  for  ttiein-
seive- nre ii,,t irifr>-.jin-ri11v blinded by
haste to pet rich, misled and iii
upon bysohamaasoolainly fraudulent
that they should have aroused the
suspicion o( the merest tyru in finance
Shares   in   a   Siberian   mine   which
never exisU»l started at ».'. and  were
boomed up to $7!i   Nut alone poor and
desperate   Investors   were  Ir-sers,   hut
bankers and u whole lot of men about
town, court swells an.l "society" people, lured hy distinguished names on
thc   list   of  sponsors,  dropjiod    good
, money into the scheme, which was a
| perfectly commonplace and often ex-
: posed swindle.
Miinv   a   niolli.*i    osn     -uv.
Mrs. Barker In tin following letter,
lhal  in. diss, - Byrup ol  Linseed uml
I'uipeiniiii' hns proven s Wend to h.*i
In iSn I oolda with ths Inile ones,
Mrs,       ..iilier       Hui ker,      Sydenham,
Fi oui.. nn,* county,  "in .  wrlti»:
•■In*.  Chase's   lyrup   ol   bins I snd
Turpentine hsi proven s in. ."I 'o ms
|n  timet ol ooldi with  my  lull fc
I tiave tried msny others, but havs
found n"i"' lusi ss good. My Iritis
i„,v, about i 1**1 olda hsd pneumonia.
,,,,,1 Wga i, ii with s nasty bronchial
nougli,  iuu   Or,  * nasi '* Byrup ol  Un
,„.,,(   mi,I   In 11.1 in i s    helping Inm
wonderfully, snd I sm sun* n will
oure lilm.
••Wc h.ne also ii"d Dr. Chsssi k.*i
rn . i.in r riiis with   ipl, ii'ii'i   ,• ultSi
in.l   lime   grsal    (.nth    in   all    nf    Hr.
I   llSSS'l    llle'llcllles."
li   inny  imt  hai.* qoeurred    lo   you
timi both  bronchitis   snd   asthma ars
I   ||   i |S|   of   lhe   neiles   el   llie   I'I  hisl
tubes nji'l lungs, snd thai Ihli Is why
■even iitiHi-ks o( coughing nn* brought
lues    oil    will llUVi I    these   Ihi,,.,   u    ,
in obanging temperam™ ii, '/""dl
iii■ aj dust, oi . in,.ni,.i,„i',..,, "■"nil
I    is  hv   Hs  re,,„„,;,,,;,.   J ''.''"■A I
siiiiihuig Mn* nerves m„i ,i,.,ii" -tl
delicate   msmbrs ,,   i,,,,, " ''<-3
I  live    iiiuiili);      ||„,|      |,"r     ,'}.&
Byrup of l.u.seed an.i in,,.,:,,,. '•'I
proven ».. thoroughly .|.,,.|1H "aj
ours   ioi   bronohilis  m ,i  „„| t " if
power   III    these   ill .,  , .l,',,i!,.'l
ttollet from   ighiug      , I
""' ««*el!  »•»■  •    i ,,.."a
.uie Ii grsdualh ami i-i-rlainly l,,»5|
uie,ut. * """(j
-iVhi'll    the    S.lNlein       Ii     ,,,„|,   J
down   il   is   min   .: *    1ft
,Ihast's Nerve  Pood   ni., i,
in restoring ng,*, ,," '*"l
Di    * .,*., i
1 uipi liiiin I,   'A  MUI i r
si***  (si . .nis,  sl  all  ,i , ' T
s    Hales   A   I'., .   'I ,,'"***
(rail   and  mguslui.   nl   1) i   0] n
On*   famous   rooalp,    * . "I
 very h,*v -:
Ti. lake nidy .,,..• or two from dosens
ol examples, Ihs number ot dally trains
ii.iiie.ii  London  sou  Birmingham <ih
miles) oi.*r ii..- 1.1,ii,i,,0  A   northwest
em making ore! Stty-sll miles in hour
i- lovonj l.u., ii 1.1.iidoii mnl Bxstel
oier lh,   .ileal   Western il!4  mllss),  lhe
number running «i a rata out nftv tin*
.nil,-   i-   lour,     i,in*   o(   iiuse   utter
(rains makes tin* 119 mile- hitwcn
London    and   Hrislol  in    li:"    minutes,
in es, I, dlii.tioti. e.ery day. .tni dott
(Jus wuh leiiurkal.li* iegiil.ui y and
I ii
I. now
Made   Well   and  Strong   by   Or.   Williams'   Pink   Pills  Alter   Doctors   Had   Failed
Mi        II        U \lliill    l-   one   of   lh.*
leading merchants ••! Romford, N
B I Is ■• yeai sgo hs was s greal
lufferei Irom thai moat excruciating
trouble,    sciatica      Re "Al
ilu* lime I wn,. afflicted I wu- living
ui    Bakei    Settlement     The    attack
ua-   -..  tevere  thai   I   had   I ,,  "ft
work I*,' -iiiiii* time The cords "I
my leg wars ull drawn up ami I
loiild only limp with the aid ol ■
-ink lie* pun I Buffered wu- 1.1
nlil- i wa- in misery Ih.iIi dat and
I i .i i    moment    caused    me
pain n- only   thoaa   win, bave
tortured    w nh    iciatiea    i an
I nu- treated by several doc-
i'ui they did nol help me s bil
In (mi I iiiiii.irt began to feci tlmt
tm condition wn- helph - when
in     Williams'    Pink     Pills    wera
I,   in my  attention     I   | *
hall *l"/.*ii boxs      I  I
tl nin.   quantity   before   I   (ound
an)   benefit     Hut   I   wn- ,m •
and gol  a  -•■•-..ml half '!"/• ti  i
nn.I    before    i, ■    ware   nil    gone
the trouble had die-
Uot niv thla, bul l .i *
Improved in health In every wa;
n will l»' readily understood tlmi
the long -leg.- ,,( pain I bad suffered had ht, in-* bad!) run down
I , an'I speak too bffhlj i f l>, Will
lams' I'mk Pills I inn i recommend them too strongly t*, othei -offer.*.-
Mr   Williams' Pink  Pills enn
Imply !••■, in- the) make th ■
rich    red   blood    thai and
trengtl I ••!,    aching
Thai  i- why thev eun
1       .- neuralgia, st   Vitus
dance   and   partial   paralysis     Thai
i - win  they cure all ailments doe ta
watery   Mood     ITial    i-    whi
they      make     weary,      despondent,
n down     men      und      women
ind -it,,nc     Hot only
il..* genuine pills can   do  thia, and
the  full  nun...   Di    Will-
Pink IMI- lot Pale People  on
the wim.p..i  around even   bos    Bold
by  medicine  dsalei -   ■ verywh, ■
in  mail al a   bos
(••i fi:,.. by addressing Ihs
In \\ illiiiin- Medicine Co . Brockville, mil
She rprang to him.
had caught tb* white kitten, his hand
wai seised sud held between two
small palms, aud thc eyes of Miss Betty Carewe looked Into the very soul of
"No!" sbe cried. "No! Fesrlng with
s sick h»nrt thst you inlfht not come!"
Her pals face, uilsly with sweetness,
wavered before him In th» dusk, snd
be lifted his aim klug hand to his fore
bead. Uer own wmi wiih it, and th*
touch or thst steadied him.
"You mesa." he whispered brokenly,
"you mean tbat you"—
"He*, alwsys," she answered, rushing through the words hslf In tears.
"There wss a little time when I loved
wbat your life had heen more than
you. Ah, It wss you that I saw In hlml
Vet it wss not whst you had done after all, but Just you! I kuew there
could not be sny on* else (hough I
thought It could never be you that
ulgbt, Just before they gav* th* flag."
"We've llttl* time, Vanrevel!" called
the voice from the porch
Tom's eyes Oiled slowly. U* raised
them sud looked st tb* newly com*
stsrs. "Crslley, Crslley!" be murmured.
Snow Bsnnsrs.
One of the most mattnltlcont natural
phenomena Is s California snow banner. When a northern storm sweeps
over tho California Alps, which run
from north to aouth, one can nee noinc-
Uuics a brilliant whlto cone shaped
banner streaming before the wind
from each mountain top. The banner,
are often several miles loug and sr*
formed of Uie floe snow from mountain
crevices, loosened by the storm and
swept up over tiie north side of tho
mountain top and blown toward the
louth. When tlie sun Illuminates this
mow dust. Its brilliancy Is extraordinary. This phenomenon Is rare. Its
cause Is to he sought In thc peculiarly
regular formation of the mountain top
and sides. Those Istter sre slightly
curved on tho northern side probably
by Ice action. This curvsrare hurls
the snow up ngninst the top of the
mountain, where It Is shaped In the
peculiar manner by tho action and
force of (hc wind.—Translated From
Sonlstjerner.  Copenhagen.
Fine Cut Fseti.
The Honorable Artillery Company,
as originally constituted, wa., "Tli«
Guild ol Artillery of l.img-bowi,
Cross bow*  uml  Hand-guna."
Taking the statistics for Uie entire
world lour and a half |iersons to the
tli.ni. iiml an* cither deaf. dumb, blind
or mentally deficient
New York lllnckwelis Island bridge,
that in cxpeeud to be opened early
uext year, will have twice the capacity  of  the   Hrook I vu   brntee
Wh*ra EUggsrs Rid*.
"If wishes were homes beggars
would ride," aays the old saw. Hot In
Persia lieggars actually do ride, al
though they patronize the humble don
key in ie oi of bis more aristocratic
brother. How they manage to obtain
these useful animals or even to exist
themselves passes Kuropean comprehension, but the fsct remains Uiat tbey
do both.-Wlde World Magailne.
Ths  Si linn.*   Tint  Fiilij
a  report  oomes Iron   Knun J
u   thrifty   hr.ioiii     lliaiiufactum k
uiinie   iiii   attempt   in   collect S
broom handles mei u *• them uul
The   won.en   to   whom   the lnil^J
brooms   were    ofl. '    I ',.,| hJ
'I hey  in i tad   on   hi ighi   im wl
dis      Thei*.- are made   :
ki'II   for iilmul   fr;  a  tl
wldi 1-Ui'Al. AI'I'I.Ka llu.va. u me
can.it tern, li tha ■.*«! ol it,, j.K„l
Calarrh Is a bli*»d or . '.ii-tttuHiauTiJ
r.i*.- and In ord«r to mui ti yw —o
lak.* Internal r«m->dl«s il. * *,T3
i'ui. Is taksn Intsrnsllr and i.*ij*I
eetly nn tha blood am] unicorn niiZI
Hall's Catarrh Curs la nm a im-, mA
lelno. It wae prwrll.et by w„ mt
bmal physicians In thi i * >.ntry tv .
• nd Is a rr»ular prs*cil| tl -i ;. in^
posed nf lh* boat (nni i kn..»r Zl
(•Inr.I with th» brat bloo-j i ur.-Wi ■■
Ins directly nn the mui*.ma n-t|3
The   tiertert   cnmlilnali  ii  of ,h. laiS
frrdlenta ta what BCo-SucM iur*i .mt
ul  mulls !n   curlns  ."atarrh   tbut
1,-atltii   llUl.   tret
FJ  CIIKNKY * i*n     Ir*.    Toi**]
Bold   hi    Inuaslala    prlir   'Ic
Ttk. Hall a  Family Pllli for
I If   the   I .'.HI   \.     . all do
entered   iit   tin*   porl
Uruguay, In HOB
given   «-   Allien hi,
wn- credited  with  i ni
Minard's Linimant  v..    b/ P».i
Tlo*      ci.i,i| r      I. .,■
great enter     H>* went    ik  laj
a  restaurant and ord*n i Jinisrl
tin.*.*     Af'.-r  awhile " ■   '"Uirr.
I lo*  .Ininer  i- on  '
lhe   poopl*   cnn    il
"Very   well."   -.nol   I.
it       I    am   lie*   poopli        11   I*tn4
Kx-Kinpr.-.  Eugenie i- to bs - I
1">   a   loan   of   sikm.fsNi   to   hei   Ini—
In     I     D.   Kellngg's    i.vniP ry    Cor
dm  is  a  spoady   our*   foi    i, ■ ty,
diarrhoea,   cholera,   aiiinmei   oomplalnt,
aea   sickness  and  complain.s  im nlrtital
to   ehihInn   loathing,     ll    gllea     iii no
diet*  r.lnf  lo  iln.-.*  ..iff, nni;  In.in  (he
■ ffei In ol   iii.l i — r.l i n  eating  unripe
fruit, cucumbers, ste. .1 aid wuh
wonderful rapidity and na*er fails to
oonqusi ihe dims*.   No on* ne*d (ear
cholera if liny have a l.olll.- of tlui
llie.ll. ine    convenient.
M..lli<*r   Orates'    Worm   I I
ia  pleaaaut  lu   tak. ,
iu destroying worms
II   wilh  Ih->(   iraulU
M...111 tu |ht oenl
received In Vonlce
the United stnt.*-   •        ,1 in* I
• Iin.  Rgypt ami   In
l'K\KI...I'MIM   01      Ml ttm\
A     few    years     »*.• '
spoke  i.f  Iln-   wi at   I •    to ani Uu
only   or   in, lading   i *
points  dn n ,n  Um   '• *
tOfteS   and   no   one   I     -    >
ot   (he   aiteal   •>(   tin
iii.ii,   lhal   waa  10  »
Today    (he   W. -■        earn  an
.lifTirrtii   thing   ani   tl
insniifa. (irera   ,■(   OnUl
it  all  the)   son di *
oops wiih new ooo *
ma   nomboi  • .<.
. ding unl d<
S'leoll.'ll       (o       \\i-.
who   fin'   r'slii*
tira   ol   ihe   (irld   ire,
Ing   vast    resulta
,.ii.       Mnn,      lhe      M.
Candy On   ,,f Stratford,   *      J • '
ping  goods  even  to   -
north   of   Kdm..iiiiii       I '"
body   in  ih*  Wmi •»'*   v
• nt.. bnt     .• v found a ' 'J
there   who   wanted   to   »* I
(lie  opportunity*.
kwolish   ss-avtw  t.wmri»Tt
all hanl   a..ft   .r nit  '
(rein   h-.r.r,    1,1.hi,I      at...
• ll r'.'.in.     tm.rney     illflr.     •!"«"
■ wnllrn   threat,   renfh,.    rl.      H.ir
.,(   MM   lM,ttlr    Warrant",
nirmiab   Curr   ,.rr   k*l„. n
Danger to  lhe   Dog
Itmk-    Ilo   you   think    Hint    MTSflS
bulldog in  youi  itreel  t- safe I
Jink.-   Nut  while  I   carry  thi    ra
loliei    Cleveland  Leadai
An   elderly   nud    '
lOOking     III llll       -AH-       I'
befors ■ magistrate
Telegraph,   charged
nu.- an.I hilarious *
Uh.ii  ha  wus ask.-l  -*'
IV       foi       llllll   ell      ll"      ■'"*'■
something about "doini   i   '"'
ani do
■ Vary good,"  returned IW
Irate    Continue to do *> •'
mis .In    Pay seven shillings SS
pence  "
*OET CS ?.\
W.    N.    U.    No.   637
Enforcing th* Lsw.
"What ure Uicy moving the church
"Well, stranger, I'm mayor of tbea*
dlggln's, an' I'm for law enfor-cement.
We've got an ordinance what says no
Saloon shall bo nearer than 800 feet to
a church. I gavo 'em three days to
move the church."
Electrons ore the divisions Into which
the atom, formerly regarded as (he In
divisible IhihIh of matter, lun now
been rnnde. Illcetrona compose atoms.
An electron Is said to bear Oie sume
proportion to mi ntom that the particles floating about the atmosphere In
tlie   Interior   of   a   church  do   to   ths
Th* Crofttr.
The word "crofter" Is derived from
"crultnleh," or whest eater. Crofters
are the small farmers of the north of
Scotland, the Orkneys and Shetlsnds.
1 Those wbo bare no land are called
"cottars."   ...
fPPenn Esther
ra inig-e:
lor use on farms and in rursl districts, is equipped with s
hot-water reservoir.    The advantage of tins in homes v, here
there is no running water end
where it is impossible to use s
hot-water boiler will be readily
The Penn Eslher has
also a commodious warming closet and lea shrives
end is throughout, a hes*.)'.
durable end handsome
range. The Penn Etlbtt
ia supplied, without additional cosl, wilh a *'°<
Air Attachment lo warm
en extra room.
Call on our locnl nfl-"'-*
or write ns direct fof
cntnli gue. n>
^ [magistrate inves-
lobabl)  no household remedy in
Ll|K,t,   hmi    won   such    glowing
l(., frum  people in high  ph	
I1H,,   y.iiin-liiik.   Mr.     Soger i*
Ju li..* ol the I'eiici; fm Hn
('oluinbia, recently tenU*il this
us  liiilin,   mid   Ibis   is   whnt   he
..f il
WH.U Man, ,        ,.n „., ^
Altl    7   .    Trib" R"a,i<»''-
Although Iho wliit^. ,
'•fM   the   hurst *   T" \* '«* I*
llutchuwana Ind,    »  .'"""'?  ?   tho
wooded   shnroH   o  'Lk "V    """l tha
Wie Canadian side Superior on
Wutlon hns not wiisi """"'' '" °»*
rol«tio„„  of      « "T', n''1 <''<' tribal
«"•*>' anniljy tTelee^ih^0 tf"
«   "Inch   („„e   thev   , ,,       "   r,lie(-
Sault St«.
-ays a
I    ii
The  Pavilion.
"(iolilliel.ls,    M.C.
/.aui link   Co.
rin.ui Alter u very fair
in. provad Zam-Buk aml-
nti factory,    In  my  oaae il
skin    I'lisli    i.f    live    .veins
llicll   no  doctor  Iiiiii   been
do iini   (.•ood  lor.
• itainly encourage nny
 |.    Ziiin-ll.ik    in    (hen
ll truly  does oven  mors  than
(I.mn  im   il.    Por niy  ..wn  pint
I.e.   Ullil.Hit      |l'
IZiiin link
Yours   veiy   11 uiy.
"Bogei   I'    I'etiy.
• ..I the Paooe fm ii r
differs    fn.in    ordinary
imii brooations, foi   whili
i ..iitinii animal oils and
purely   herbal     I
l ami heals cutSj (esterlng m.i,*.-,
. rnptioll.,      hulls,      Cctomu
Im* - tc,    In    iln*    house
it i. tin   handiest poaaible rem
I,,i iniriiB, scalda, children's in
It   in lantly   eltanses   nni
ii in which  k  is applied.  pn*
lestering,    Inflammation    ...
pui-inning,    It   eoras    piles,
si      mul    fistula      \l
kills an i storsa sell ui BO cent
Irom   (In*   Zam-Buk   Co
liin, loi   price,  i,  bout  lm   jo ;,ii
music fm
oma timet
which  is
-Ml the mem
tt'i io iho pa.
occasions, ilm
"""".I  ui all  then |.„
Famo-is   English   Dttectiva
i i iin Walsh, nl Scotland
«!...  retired   Iron   ihs   polo,*
month after thirty years
ons "f the moal fain-
..t    Bngland,    and
i in stamping out ths
nl . i minals thai mada Seven
ft ll I      I,ol,,in.lis       III       the        Til
llll-     spi cialll.e.l      in
Hind.-   nn. 1  In-  arrest o( the loi
known   as   "Francois"
moat   siciting   ei
-.Mien     Mr     BalfoUl     mini    for   Ireland   mnl   vn.
.'.I   Inspeetoi   Walsh
||ptal.< • ■•■    llllll    In*   ciime   1.
I    the     stirvellliuie.*    Was
0 skilfully    Ihut    the
llj    resllied   ba   »«
01 the   police
keep-    Baby'
in    tin*    home ba
ii.*.   thai  her child -
11* •   Tablets  cui
i-   colic.   Indigestion
li Hili.-n   mnl   simpli
lo.*nk    up   chi-   de
make    toothing    piin
tl •■ child healthy, nal
ti i the mother has Um
government   «.*
.ne nl...ii.,*
I. H alsi.n.    < '.mil., i iili .-
i   iiml   Baby'i   Owi
*   the   ineiliciiie   needct   t.
■ i.   healthy "   Bold    hi
li tlera, m  by mail m
v     11..Ill    The     l>l       Will
M.'li ine Co.,   Brockville,   Onl
Wort* snd Wort*
N'..». i.*ll  in.*  the
Jonas      Ymi    know
■ ii   il   y.ni   t.ll   a   lie
Yes'm       I'll   go   lo
:   it      Y
'   ll.Hll  '
ami that
•u II ul-.. I-
— Mnne special
It la ciiMiimnry at the i
when the election of a ohiel
lor the oandidatas for tin* Ii
the tribes to come north and
their people setting forth the
why they should be chosen.
Attend    In    Finery
Many itrangt daoot
Indulged in. ii
furnished hi   rude instrument
wlmt resembling dmmt
hers of the  village di
|K>OHC8 Blithe,   on   tuch
wornon   beni/;
Years ago. on ll.e lite ol what is
now Port Brady tin Michigan Boo
In-fore the red men had been (oread
to move fiiitlio motl, n,i,, |hl ('mm
Imn wood*, they worshipped annual*
iy at tho Km! of n hugs tlm trss
winch was tuppoiod til contain the
-|urit of a beautiful Indian maiden
\s the itorj  goaa, un  Indian brave
•van   smitU'ii    by    the   chnrmi   of   lhe
lusky lass, who - n   the daughter ol
* greut chief who ruled over (lie
■rilies norlh of the Hlrnits of Mm-k
-nae Hut they ijusrrrl|e.|, nnd in hlr
inger he struck her to entth The
'irent Spirit ciiitn- mid took her imn.i
•wd her lover lh-d int., the forest and
*as   seen   ll l  -nore
Cslling for Revenge,
It was at lhe li-il of the elm thai
he (ragedi occur red B«OM (nne nl
er the Inilimn- »tf* -laill.'it by the
(range sound- whieh came from the
ree   when  the  mini   bleu   ihriiigh  ll*
tranches, sod they imagined thai u
• as the spun oi the maiden calling
•ut tO them  In avenee  her death.
And so every -seek tlo-y gathered
.nd laid I ih.en of (he hunt at the
nol of the I'ee and piled ur.-i. boughl
here as lokens nf their sorrow The
re* WOttld 'hen sigh Us bletf-ing "I
he    peopll     and    for    s    moitiei.l      I
tranga ahite light would perved* thi
*ood ■    In Ihs darkneei (hai follow*,
he   red   men   would   wend   (hen   wn*
■nick lo the uiisge with beads bowed
n revere)  •
It   wn.-   undei   this   tree  thai   grll.TS
•ions ago Ihey gnlhced mei held theil
ll mis believed thai whei
he nght candidate appeared tl •■ iph
t ol tin* tree would mnke known lb
holes by uttering Ion moans     11 • »• i
he   rots   wold   he   takm     Bul   »tiei
■he arm] •*( Duels Sam invaded tin
rails] *'i the Bl Min * ami built t
-ood around ihe radios ths tree »si
•ut down I hen more settleti cam,
md graduall) lbs Indians irent aerosi
he l«.•.I-i into Cniis'ln where the)
iave been holding then annual dec
ions to tins day.
m\r.'',;(/ Th'" cold-water starch
K;S:',/KV\11 ironing-day over
-,*,:i-/q,n,*ke,, with leas wear on
f': r'J.the ln'ni*r'H muacleaand far
MJ3*et on the starched pieces.
V;ti/biveB   a    beautiful    gloss
stick    .l,-C,',"lel,yetcannot
SHU*:.   11 austarchyou'lllikc
T*y -*
They Are the Most Dangerous of
All Wild Animals.
be the large i
"i    Manitoba
Firsl    Bapti i
•July 3. :i nini -i
lll«     ll|"l
BM      I  .*
-e ihe Syateme Parnu
I'.lis   are   (he   irmili   0
tin*   email   ol
roots snd herbs
. MIS Ihei
I* mi   n.stiiion   ths
». torn   ol  Ihs   Imi
i  llllfy    ll.e    llllx-il    snd
sll    nioihni'    .• i -innn 1st litis
I luy    sre    easy    li
their   aiinni  is mil.I  and
mercy wn- found dead
lure,    mul   her   (riink
111    d] llllll,lie    ImuiiIis
M«n«», Prairls Scrstch** and
I torm of contagiout  Itch on hu
snliTistt rur.d In iO mlnuts*-
fou-Td-, Ssnitarv Lotion.
■•■* ti  \
old       man.
"■ii   for   tin   |g«
iin*l   matrimony
lng)   it's   nu   axpen-
1   I   I.n.i   only   known   whnt
i"0   in  mill is'  lulls
'i ou would imve remain
''"I      1      Would   hnve   iiiiii
llllllllei       I.llsllge    Itlnellel
\ere is
our Hair?
iour comb? Whyio? Is
'"e head i much better place
"? Hciter keep whal Is left
:re it belongsl Ayer's Hair
or. new improved formula,
C||V stops falling hair.
;re is not a particle of doubt
""'• We speak very posi-
'V "hout this, for we know.
.im^lbmtt Iht mitt tf Iht holt.
formula mto, wl kellle
■fcow It U jr»*r
A«k him  al-.iwl it,
th-tn do m he ••are
i wt one grest leading feslure of
' «'r\iRormsr welthe ssid to
'ne J,. '?' I"lln« **'*'■ Then It
lnt,iA,ur,h"- It «ids ntture In
ion ihtlr.",dic»lP«oihetlthy
uwn,Vk'or",he n.wklnd."'
"*'"".■ C Arm am    ,m-.„  m,	
0 Arm O*.. Lnrall.
Nurses'  and
lot hers' Treasure
M "-tulal
" tor baby.    prevenU
"'"'ll    Kjvet healthful rest
** withnut the harmful
'"'■'i" ines conulding opium
'I'""".*. dmKs.     ■--■■■■-l-
iCS "I .lr.if..torei
...     N""""«ll»us*Cll--ll.
rrnoea 'i*lc°. Mmiu.1,
vu   Msnta-sal
Powntlitt   Prarnotion.
lutein,    iBOliag   hlfc-   been   ItllTSd   ll|
n i" • B ■ • cue,,-, m Winnipef
hrouKh tin* sppmiitmeni of oaatarn
-'-   '"   '-* I * ■!.■•■   position!  Sl  lhe  '.I
lice,   runny    ..|   ..Inch,   il   is   nlU-gr-
'invi  bean uuid* sr ithoul eonsultatin
slid the coii-eiii ol lhe local po lo
u-r     l^.ciij  ttnployat claim thst si
(snl,lu,enu (,. dificrenl p taltioi
the sUiff ol ll,.* looal ollloi slum t
rest with the |K«,liiiit,u-i which, ol
BOOna, would *lo away mlh tbs poi
•nt.Illy of bunging m outsider! ,K,
naiu-rs   stand   now.   howevor,   it   U
,-lainii-<l thiil (ii'..rge Km.*. lUptfinUn
lent  nf   postofflOM   of  the    Ii.ii
has taken upon himsell b   maki
poinlaante in lha peetoAes, In-    it
-st ni-iion  i..iiig tiie bringing in ol
MhMMS I I. .'*i, vif Toronto, to Win
uper The latter came to vYiniii|ieg
ml sinninei Inking up n position ll
he  i.Mui*,   ml   has   peon   recently  s|.
toinUd  luperiotondonl     li   is' no*
tated he is DOW slaUvi lot the |...-i
"*ii of depulj 1'ostinai.ter made in
mil through (he death of the Isle
Villinin Kraden Ho much have the
ni|iloves res. ntc.1 the appointment ot
i|r    Bower   I"     ttie   su[..
hat already thers hnv,- i.   ■  tra re
idiiatioiis Willi Uie pn ; ■ ! that
inner may be made depul, poatmas
er. thui|.-s hnve reuche.1 a |inss uhen
i general walkout may be expected.
Deported  to  England.
Jennie ('aiillm-ll, an hnplish decen
•"rate,   who some  (nne  n^n   at Turin
o. us.s oniere.i i.i bs deported lo Kng
and.   will  ban* to •'•ii'i* her leiiU'iice
'f sii inoiith- in the Merest reforms*
ory before she can ts- lukeu mil of
'nnn.In     The voting Hiinnu, who has
i long string of soaelotions against
ler. I...lh in I'snnda and  Knglaud. in
iddiiiiiu to tlo* praaaol sentence, was
•ent lo the Men-.*' to, nn indelini.*
H*rn«l    by    the    |«il:cc    m.icistiule    *■!
Hamilton    It »-.- though) shs could
be   de|«irl.-.|   without    npleUltg   hei
•entenei-.  bul   Chiel  of   PollCS  lirns.*((
.nr nntiiie.1 i>> Mr Armstrong, pro
vincial  Inspector    of   asylums   and
prisons, lhat under the Inunigratiau
\ct tho girl einild not bs deported un
Ul   she   served   her   time      Inspectm
Duncan, ol the detective department
iUU'iI Uiat it is the intention of thr
fflty authorities to deport every iitnle
limbic i in in - • ii 11 that comes inlo To
ronlo Isane Isaacs, who has been
ordered tn lie deported hy the Immi
(ration Department at Ottawa, will
sail from Portland, Maine, in n Int
nt two.    An officer will  he sent  from
Montseal  to estiri   the  prisoner to
Oul For th* Duit
Kva   flnve you divided to sceept th*
young msn.  Katharine?    Katharine
Na   At present I look upon hlin menus s pack of cards     Rvs   A  psck of
cards?   Katharine   Yes.   If be hss the
long green I shnll mske a deal.   Ers
And tf be has not?   Katharine-Then I
thai) rut him.
Hit -Richt" Name.
l-'rom  queer iinines nnd descriptions
of   nm i:    there   follow   lis   ii   iiiiliirnl
ssQMOca queer names ami descriptions
of peepla, Among n nuinher of rn.y
tnatSDOOS Is one i|iiotiiI hy Mr. l'ox
Dnvles. tho well known authority Otl
ii.iiiienelntiire. from  BlaekWOOtfl Mag
ii7.lne, of April, IWi. 'In one of tbt
Ilm hiin (lshliiB vlllngcs n strnngi-r hnd
iH-i-iisloii lo call on n llsheriuiin of the
immi* of Alexander White.  Meeting i
girl,   he   nsked,    inn  ye   tell       Iui
Sunny l-'ile lives?' 'Hlk Sunny I'lle
i|iiolh she 'Mitckle Sunny I'tteV suld
he. I'llk tnUCklS Sunny I'lte?' 'MUCkle
lung Sunny l-'lte.' 'I-'Hk uuickle Iiiiik
Sunny I-'ite?' 'Mucklo laug gleyeil
Hiiliny I'ltel' shouted the SSSSpersted
mnn      '(Hi,    It's    (ioiip the Lift    yen
sseklngi' answered tho girl, 'nud fut
the dell for-Ihiiiii ye speer for tbe mon
by his rlcbl nauie at ance?' "
Sunday  School
Whni promises   t
convention  ever   held
will    meet    In    the
church, Winnipeg,
"* minii. •■  iii   the annual  convention!   ol   ihe   Manitoba   S indi •
- li"ol   ;i--o.*i;ii 1011   has   greaUy   in
n .1 "l during  tha  imst  four years,
l   in   yean   ago   ii   was 335,  three
■ :n    ago 486 und  lust yeai  760.    It
confidently expected thnt il will
[o up i" 1,900 delegates, out ids ol
No less than three outside sneak*
i- nn* to in* presenl Mrs. J. Wood-
bridge Newark, N .1 . Bev. W C
•I. mn. 'lm nma. Wash . l."ili of the
international stuff, und Marshall A,
Iini mi. Syracuse, N V., uuilmr of
lie I'.i.iara an I Philathea classes
lesides these, many ol the Sunday
cl I experts   ol   the province will
ake      |niil       Tin*    music   lllll    I"'   an
mportanl feature ol the programme
Single farei "ii nil the railway line
• ill  be given     Poi  lull intormaUon
ii it,-   \\     II     Irwin,   .'ill   Mclntyre
block   Winnipeg.
Ilnard'i  Liniment ' "..  Limited,
Varuiouth, N B.
ii.iitlern. n -In January last Franeil
Loelare, ont "f *h. taoa trnploged by
ne. working in th. lumber woods, had
i 're, (all eu him, era thing bim fenr
nlie     He  »s»,   uhen   found,   pllOSd   on
.    sled    Slid   lilkeil      bom*,      nh* *
'.•ni-   wett lained   f< r   bit   i»
oiery.  In*,  bipi    being    bady  bn I
■ ioi  in- body   turned   bla. t  (.  bia
,-ihs   to   In-   feet      W.-    iismI    MINARD'S
l.IMMKM   on  hmi   freely   to   deaden
i«   pain,   siel   wuh   ilo*   n-e   "t   three
..i-*h .  ii.   wai completely   cored   an.1
iblt *o return lo ins work.
l:  id,  L'ltltt <
lee t"
Andrews   church,   Prince   Bu-
lm- no*  a  bell,    \ Chinaman,
i im can.  mis the in-, deal!  worahipp
\    < artfully     Prepared    lMH-Mu.-h
i   i  ■   lion   wert  txn*ndi d   In
b,    txperimtnting    wuh    tht    mgr.
Ul (its  tint   tut*!   ii.io   tht   ,   ini; .
of   1'ntti.*... -   \. *.'■ 'aide   pills   befort
uer.*    brought     to     tht      slate     ill
sbich  ihey -«er*    flrst    offered   i"  Ihi
■ il'lii .     \i haieicr   oflier   t*tli-   maj   I •*.
I*..i in.l,. l'l     VtgMabl*     i'lll-    are    tht
of   iiiiii I.   expert    study,  and  all
ersuiis   aufliring     irom    dytpeptii   "i
Whii* Easy to Handle and Quick to
Learn, When Arousud They Ar*
Fiends Incarnate— Panthtri, Jaguars
and Leopards Art Trtachtrout.
"Of all wild animals," writes A. W.
Itolker In Appletou's MiiKiizlne, "in-
ciinlliii: the rhinoceros wllb his frightful charge and bis drendful horn, Including tho roguo elephant with till
Unbounded strength, his marvelous
cunning und his vlllulnoiis trunk, an.l
Including tbat gray, shaggy rogue, the
American rnizzly, with his rib crush
Ing bug, hl.s ponderous pnw and his
hot, reeking maw, no beast Is as dangerous to mau as any oue of the big
"I'or, besides the mouth provided
with teeth that can crunch through tbe
leg Isine of a mnn as If lt were &
pIpoHtcm, each foot ls provided with
live |Kinlard-llko claws, pointed like
Oeodles and from three to four nn.l a
hnlf lm lies long. As Uie I-cast strike
with these he draws the claws In
keeping bold of muscles and tendons
and llguiiients aud testing them out ot
the lies1! until they snap like rubber
bnnds, so tbut unless the victim sue
cum lis It will be months aud months
and sometimes years and years lie-
fore he can regain uae of au Injured
"Kut not only do these talons teui
vl.-lously. Curious to say, although
tbe claws are needle pointed and
the edges are dull as thc tip of a little
finger, a cut with one of these honks
Is like tho cut of a dagger. On one oc
: ciision ln linstock's trained wild ani
1 mul show a Ilengal tigress mude a
sweep ut a Kuropean black bear, cut
through the six Inch thick fur of the
bear and cut three parallel strips two
feet long ond six lDches deep and
clean us rar^ir slashes to the very
bn'kls'iie of the heast
"As s matter of fact, the dexterity
of one of these big cats' .laws In astounding. Here is a curious accident
which hupiK-nod to Bostock when he
Undertook personally to break ln a
'rogue' tiger that had 'gone had.' Provided with sole leather guurds worn
| next the skin und covering tbe fleshy
purt of tbe leg from the groin t.< the
knii\ he entered thc nreiiu with the
bad one nnd wus attacked nnd wounded. Ills trousers were slusluil In one
S|Kit just hig enough (o admit u singe
daw. mi timlergiirment showed two
similar snd the sole leather guard
three similar cuts, while the flesh wss
torn an Inch deep ta four places three
Inches long.
'SUM another Instance showing the
marvelous gulrkness of claw hsppencd
In the same show when the trainer In
Charge ef a leopard group was saved
ln the nick of time from a rogue » hich
disordered Iner sud kidneys nnv oon ,.,^^^^^^^^^^^^^—^^t^—^—m—^m^—
fldtntlj ioo*p< nem ss being »li»i bad trli-el to pull him down by cltinb-
ih. v sn* represented to l. tag up on blm.   The arm of this man
thowed between w rlst nnd elbow alone
A   complete   tie-up   ol   lun!.lint-   in    twenty-six   wounds    varying   from   a
Iraneouvei  is not   improbable  in thi    -quarter of an Inch deep and an Inch
near future    All the building trades   Umg ,0 one lnch d      al)(1 f(iur |nche,
threaten to strike in sympathy with   .
^^-•■-'■-'■^-'■-'■^B nil the  big .ats.  Including that
magnificent Jungle maned monarch of
might, tbe linn, and Including those
beautifully limited orange snd black
villains, the Jaguar and the leopnrd.
and their cousin, thst noiseless, light
M.nsrd's   Liniment,    Lumberman's
v   Bhepshed,    Leicestershire,   the
letllll   litis   jutl    tllkell    place   of   John
a  plain  stocking  machine,
.itiiieil  ai   the  -nine   poet
Kirby, 87 It II he began working ning swift traitor, the panther, trainers prefer to handle the tiger.
•'This Is contrary to thc popular belief w hich crodlta the tiger ns (he most
bloodthirsty of all wild beasts. The
tlL-.r Is. however, the quickest to learn
and the easiest to handle. Whereas
thc tiger always remains a nervous,
high xrung brute, after a tune a lion
be<*o-_es phlegmaUc and laxy and requires urging, which Is apt to cause
"Whereas the tiger Is a demon Incarnate and merciless once aroused, he Is
at least an honest lighter thst gives
ample warning when about to attack
ond only us a rare exception attacks a
man from behind, unlike the Jaguar,
the leopard and tire panther, which are
treacherous and almost Invariably attack w ben a buck Is turned.
"Again, of all (his dangerous family
the nature of the tiger comes nearest
tbat of any ordinary bouse cat. and, always comparatively, (he tigi-r it is that
ts most apprviiatlve once (he master
has succeeded In establishing tils truce. |
Then, like the domestic est, be likes to
brush up ugiiliiHt the person of ills
trainer, loves to have his back ruhlied
and groomed snd the top of his head
Scratched te soothe the everlasting ll.h
between the ears, while he emits purs
of satlsfn.lii.il. forgetting thnt tbe
least unforeseen accident may arouse
murderous Instincts that would In a
twinkling convert tbe friendly meeting
into a abiiublea."
Put don't -..it until an snlmsl Is
injured. OBT IT NOW—and you
bave lhe renie.Iv that Cl'KhS all
ItinenrM in horset.
If your dealer does not handle
It, send :•(-.. to
National Drag A Chemical Co., Lltnltsd,
.  -     . '. 1 3   ,
The perpetual charm
of freshness atul crispness
—of daintiness and dcli-
cioiisniss — is in every
box of
held captive by the
air-tight, moisture-proof
packages. 'Ihere is a
best in everything. In
Biscuits, it's Mooney's.
A Difficulty.
Mistress - Why don't yon boll tbo
»WA<*y Cook-Sure, I've no clock ln
Jie kitchen to go byl Mistress—Oh.
yes; you bave! Cook—Wbst good Is It?
It's ten minutes fast—Philadelphia Inquirer
High Gams and Foo't.
"Never cal giime high." snid an antl
quary. "People will tell you that high
game Is teudercr. Wbut rot! Of
course It is tenderer, but would you
want your steak or your chop spoiled
In order Unit It might be a little softer
to the teeth? No. uevor! Highness in
game la un anachronism, a relic of thc
pnst, a relic of tho days of stage
conches. In those days tt was impossible to deliver gsme to tbo cities fresh
-transit was tno slow. All game wus
high, und men ate It high becuusc .uli
cruise they couldn't eat It nt nil;
hence to eat gnine high nowadays,
when Ihers Is no necessity for It, Is to
lie ;i fool."
Hsndy Littls Conveniences That Oil
ths Domsstio Machinery.
One of the greatest conveniences of
the kitchen sink is a piece of pumice
stone. It muy be bought wherever
painters' supplies sre sold or usually
In a drug store, a Inrge piece costing
ouly u few cents. (Jet the Irregular
rough stone, not the polished down
toll variety.
Kvery cooking utensil may he clean
ed with it, and Its Irregular form
makes It reach the most Inaccessible
corners of every dish. In using It you
will imi tbst It soon shapes itself, If
I it is not already quite satisfactory, a»
the rubbing works It off to lit wherever
It is most needed. It does nut work
us Well   Wben  new   beeu use of Its  Ir
' regular surface, but (bis soon diaap
j penis.    Kettles Wblcb bave been burn
ed black, iis they win be sometimes
ore restored by pumice stone to their
pristine smoothness umi  polish.    No
chain .IMi.i.ith ever can approach It
and Oils who tries II will never be with
out   It   again.     A   piece   lusts   ll   long
When n ke((!e threatens to boll over
grease the rim lightly nil around with
■ nit of butter. The contents will
touch   (his   duii-ger   line,   but   will   nol
i.iiss it.  Btewpans in which vegetables
tire boiling may be treated In the snme
To clean dainty table covers or silk
rub magnesia on the soiled spots nud
imt away for a few days Put plenty
on both sides. When wantiil for use
■igiln brush well, aud the spots will
be gone.
To wash woolen blankets dissolve
SOSp enough to make a good raids In
boiling water and add a tnblespoonr.i!
of aipia ammonia When scalding hot
nro over your blankets. If conven
ent use a pounder or any w.ty to work
horoughly through the suds without
rubbing on a board. Rinse well In hot
water. There Is usually soap enough
from the first snds to mnke the sec
ond soft. If not add s little sonp nn.l
ammonia nnd nfter being put through
a wringer let two persons, standing op
poslte. pull them Into shape. Pry In
tlie sun. White flannels may he wasv
•sl in the same way without shrinking
Over Japan Teas is so pronounced that
tea critics have nothing but praise for
it on a teapot infusion.
Every   leaf   is   uncolored,   undoctored    and  of  virgin  purity.
Packets    Only,    40c,   50c,   and     60c     Per     Lb.     At     All     Qrocars.
Usually That   Kind
pl.".* makes b great I  ,
um    Bpeaking as lo*  thinks.
•I nili,,..
Ths "Pull" and ths Job.
P.usliicss men are constantly being
(lestered by young men who seek posl
tions through letters of recommendation, often in tbe form of personal re
quests fnim fellow business meu. One
may well qoaotioo Whether these letters huve any greut ••pulling' power
after all. Tbe Saturday Evening Post
tells of such an Instance. After being
very politely dismissed by several
managers with the stereotyped expression that there wns not a vacancy at
present, the young man tore up the letters and went back to the place last
"What can I do for you now?' tbe
mniiuger oskid in an annoyed tone
"Pardon me. ' said the young man.
"but I've Just torn up those letters
Could you give me a Job on my owu
Thc manager looked amused and
said: "We need a young fellow to chip
castings in (he machine shop at $6 a
week. If ynu like, you can have that
until something better turns up."
"Ves, sir." replied tbe Job hunter
"I'm ready now."
Ask  for   Minard's  anu  Take   no  Other
There  are  sixteen   telephone  calls  in
Xew York  eiiy each s.i*.aid  of tha day.
"Whnt ynu n 1," said the doctor,
' i .ii change ol scenery."
I knot* It," replied the managei
of the one-night Btand company;
"but, confound it,  I  didn't come to
talk  lm ii  uiih you.    I'd 1 ik.* to
inni  out  about  ilu.-  buzaing in my
Why go limping
vour   corns   when
Hollow-ay's    Corn
tin in .'     (live    it    a
not   regret   it.
and   whining about
i 2b oenl   i ottls  oi
.'un*    will    remove
trial   an.I   you   will
"Enrico,     do    you     know*   that   for
-om.. time you nave talked in you.
"Well, whal of tlmt- Won't ion let
iii" talk even in my steep?" La Cu-
To. Ki.oii* Is io Prevent—If 'he miners who work in eold wster most of
tba  i.i   would   rub  iluir  f. et and   legs
with br. Thomas' Eoleotrio OU ihey
would escajie muscular rheumatism
and render their nether limbs proof
against the ill effects of exposure to
tha oold. Those setting out for miniug regions would do well to provide
tbemselvei with a supply before siart*
country hai
uny  nation.
premiei denies that lu-
ii'iide an  alliance with
Kesp  Minard's  Liniment in tne  House
Little Johnnie on hii fir-,  trip to
tin*  sea shore,   watched the loam of
tin- waie-   and   asked his mothoi :
"Is that the soapsuds tli*- little fishesI
wash with-"   Chicago Tribune.
Valuable mmol
Recommended by a Well-knows
Toronto Doctor, Whoso Love
for Humanity Is Qrenter than
His Prejudice Against Proprietary Medicines.
Queen Sophia and Bismarck.
Queen Sophia of the Netherlands, tbe
first wif» of King William III. of Holland, wus too RTent a friend of Em-
;n*ror Na[ioleon III., tbe Empress Ku-
■;enic and of France geuerally to take
kindly to Bismarck, llefore the big
war of 1870 and probably some time
ifter the I.uxcmtiourg squabble there
in- mi nil.tiuKIi.mil exhibition in Am*
Icnliiin. which the ijueen visited. She
was conducted over the whole place hy
(he committee, and as they came to a
certain section one of thc members
<ald. "Now your majesty will see the
•.Tcatest enemy of Germany." "Ah.
Bismarck!" she cried, with some glee.
The members stood aghast and never
repeated this rash exclamation. The
'•greatest enemy" he had to exhibit
was not, of course, Bismarck at all,
but only n very mucb enlarged reproduction of either the phylloxera or tbe
Colorado beetle, which at that time did
n greut deal of harm to German agriculture—Westminster Gazette.
Director of Record Foundry Co,
Hon. C< W, Robinson, until recently
Speaker of the New Brunswick Legislature, and who, a few weeks ago, was
■worn in »s a member of Premier I'ugsley's
Cabinet, is, outside of his political interests, associated with some of the largest
manufacluting concerns hi his Province.
Among the principal interests witb
which Hon. Mr. Robinson is connected is
the Record Foundry and Machine Co., of
ltoncton, N.B., and Montreal, P.Q-,
manufacturers of the celebrated " Penn
Esther " ranges and " AJmiral " and
"Calorific" furnaces. In this company,
Hon. Mr. Robinson is a large stockholder
and a director.
Victoria Day
Fare  and  One-Third
For the   round trip  between   stations  on  ths
Ths following rsry ralnsbls proscription, by an eminent snd successful physician, will bs sppreciated by
many who sre suffering from ls grippe,
oold, cough, pneumonia, or sny throat,
long or stomach trouble, or run-down
system, ss it il s certain cure, snd
will save many a doctor's bill. It is
almost a certain preventive as well : —
"When you feel thst you are taking
eold or hsve chilly feeling or aching
in any part of the body or head, or
feel weak, tired, diszy, unfit for work,
Sain in the head or back of ths neck,
o not neglect these dangerous symptoms, but send immediately to your
druggist and get a bottle of Psychine
(pronouLcad Si-ktHn), and prepare as
"Psyohins,   2 teaspoonfnls
"Sherry, whisky or water, I ts-a-
spoon ftils.
"Clinics of ths latter can be mad*
according to the judgment and preference nf the patient.
"Mix thoroughly snd take regularly
bef ire   esch   musl   and   at   bedtime."
This prescription has been used in
thousands of cases and has been so
universally successful tbat a number
of leading physicians regularly prescribe Psychine in their prsctice for
any of the above troubles, or any rundown, wasting or constitutional difficulty. It is ths most reliable and
rslusble bome remedy. It tones up
ths entire system, giving a feeling of
yotKhfulness snd vigor, sdding msny
years to the life of those who use it.
" T«.r> .tn I wss almost a physical wnrk and
was mlTrrlus wllb lanf troublea. m«ndi and
B.irt.t«>rs thousbi I would usver get totter. I
tieran to despair myiell. U«ins lait.-i la my
phvaii-lan I •*>n».-u*~ed another .'Be who rv.-nm-
awn-l.-.! Ih" OSS ( 1*~Y.'HINE. ItwajturpriKlns
bci'uDd de-MTtpUon the effect It had. I a-mni-d to
tain wllh everv clom. Inilde of two »wka I waa
ab! < to attend to mr housework atain. Then
axe do lymi L i.-.*i "(ivnitimpdon about ms now."
81 John. SB.
•*! had been mfferlnf from La Grippe. 51,
lur.r* m re »nak a-d 1 hadacuitfh. but t-aycbixi*
surad ma."
Cbespalde, Ont.
P,Tchine can bs procured from sny
•iruggist at 60c. and (1.00. It is a very
Ti.kets  good  to  go   May   22nd   to
May   24th,   inclusive.
Return   until   Msy   27th,   1907.
Buddhs's Sn Esssntisls,
Iiml.11.n. who reformed tho ninth...
icin ii.n in..re than COO years btfon
Christ, MtablUwd for men six essentials of perfection — first, knowledge,
used to iliitliiL'tilsh the truo from the
fnim-; second, energy, which Is used to
tight iimilnit thu .ills of tbo fli-sh;
third, purity; fourth, patience; fifth,
charity (1. ••, loving kindness), sixth,
Placing   ths   Responsibility.
Kor six months or more the drug
gist's assistant had occupied his leisure
moments by writing verses for the village pnpi-r, ln tbe "poets' corner" of
wblcb publication they appeared uiioiiy-
inonsly every Thursday, says the
Youth's Ci.niiiiinion On openlug his
copy of the Weekly Bugle one moruiug.
iiii. 1. turning lirst. as was his regular
luitilt, to that particular corner, hc wus
surprised an.l gratified beyond measure to sec his name In full uppended to
tils latest poetical outbreak.
Ile hastened to call at the offlcc of
tho Bugle.
"Mr. Stlres," he said to the editor, "I
want to thank you for Blgnlug my
name to my poem iu this week's paper.
It en* intraps a fellow when be gets
proper credit for his work."
"Oh, that's all right, Jobsoo." responded the editor. "Wc thought It
was about time to place thc responsibility   for  that   poetry   wbcro   It   be
I.e..ru.I "
Pen-Angle Underwear if form-knit
so it can't help
fltling your figure,
-it's made of
long - fibred wool
so it won't shrink
- and it's guaranteed besides. The
whole idea is to
make it so good
you can't afford
not to buy by the
trademark (in
red). tot
Any Canadian Northern Ry.
Agent will be mor, than pleased to
furnish   tullsst   information.
la so lame, li ■ coinmua compmtiat.
Johnson's  .
Rubbed on Briskly
Im-aav-M Ail  I»rr-»n*»M _s<l lorfoNl pf tn
Cit, -sad quli-k.'jr tit*!* ntU, burn*. *-__._•,
blUa tnd bruu*«      Wt-avbi.-sfa-ml lll-i.
Kc, thr** Utirn* ■** m>i  h Mr.    Ail dr-alors.
' 1    S    J- '!■ V-. i\   A  CO.,  1 -»l* n.   U*m.
« hether it is a fresh Bruise, Cut or Strain—or an old Spavin, Splint,
Ringbone or Swelling—you can cure your horse with
Kendall's Spavin Cure
Thos. Castles, of Newark, N.J., bought a horse—lamed with a Jack
Spavin—fnr $1(10. He cured every sign of IMMMM with Kendall's
Spavin Cure—won live races with tiie horse—tlien sold the animal to bia
former owner for $1,000.00.
Wrlunuton, N,Z.,'Nov. ind, '05.
"I haee found your Spavin Cute a very 6ne remeily for
all toils of laueueaa ta horaea anil i am never without il"
s. j ram,
Get Kendall's Spavin Cure—the remedy used by two
nations for two generations.    $i. s bottle—fl for $5.    Our
book —"Treadse On Thr Horse"
—will save you many 11 dollar  If
carefully read »nd acted upon.
Write today for a free copy.
DR. B   J. KENDALL CO..     V
CNoaauas Sana,    •    Vksmont, U.S.A.
front Pfarel
In • vari-ty ol ityl-ft,
bbnes and pficet, (of
women, men • mi
children. Form-fined.
Dealeri are authoriird
lo replace instantly and
al our coH any Pen-
Angle garment faulty
in material or making.
VV.    N.    U.    No.    637
Its • t r i n ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ Bi    ___    ■_■
proper- JH^B^bI V   em)  I   ^^^P*
the     system ■■■ I flfl
sgsinst   the   dangers  (hat H         WM  B ■■    Ml
lurk     in     fickle     spring I >H
weather.      Keeps   the \ mW**   I H
bowels   healthy DB ^H   I I Em^Ua
Heady   to  Serve.    BISCUIT  lor   Brsskfatt;   TRISCUIT   for   Tosst.
All   Gro ers— 13c   s osrton, or 2 for 26c. .... -      ---.—.--.-    I    -. —•-
 .  ■
Tne Elltor d^e» not nol.l  bllQSnllrawon.-
Slble toe Uie ..p..lions of corrvai.iiiiaci.ls -x-
prossod In Us C0I1111111.S
All locals Willie elmr(ti*il nl the.«■»<•- "■"'•
aim* per Una, lirst insertion, and 10 cuius p.*.
"lueaaciiluii-^nuiiii insertion.
rma for Transient and iitli-r ftdvcrlMii-J
i,e mu le Un.-wn 11:1 appllcallon »1 OHIO
ortptlon |-.'.o.i» war. ... anywioe.
NELSON,   -3  C
Silver 7*'» eeale
(iol.l.l.cn.l. Copl-cr    tl 'in h
(i.,l,l-Silver *'   60.
SilverLea-I     *' BJ
Sine    »».00
Gold-Silver, wltli wad or
Copper f-oO
Charges lor other metais on appl
•Samples srrivinj 1-;*  express oi  mnl
receive prompt altentkm,   i'*1-'* Ore*''
Contracts   Entered into for Packing of Mlnin g Suoplies   Etc.
to any Point in the District.
te Any Work        $
Bi Undertaken $5
K Guaranteed   YS
jjj Satisfactory.  ${
U  good,      m   r.   n^N^Y   Proa
8}       PROMPT j$     «•   *■'■■•-l^**-*> »
I . I   *-■'
tLSTOKC.   B.  C.
i- ,j Wi,    . ; i jtiors nnd Cigars,
Rates 11 :i il*>v.
J. A. STONE   -   -  Prop.
Revelstoke, B* C
...  xibc twtel Beaton ...
VISITORS arriving Bt Dottlon (tiio tbreiliold of lli eardwa)
y\$ trrowlientl, «ill Hnd tins Hotel Ui be fully „| i
for hl»li cIiih i""1"*   K«celleiit wool Utioij.    ,-, w.?,
appointed endspaciousdining bed . Thebesl ol Wliio.,8,,1,^
sml Cigars. I'ersono 1 euperjleloii If given to the roqulr«i,iollllloj
pstroni   Visitors lo the L-jrdeeo aui relfOii comfort nt tint hotel
W. BOYD -:-  •:- Prop
I r«i daitaccon i latlon toi tra     I
Rates Sl andSl   50 per dey
(Late of Ferguson Mines,   1 id,
Assays of nl! orpa. Term! moderate.
Box   4o"i,    KA,«I.O,   B. C
nr.vi'.i.sroKi* UND nisiiuct .
District u{ West Ki...ii*iii.y.
Tuke notice- ihnt Ariliur Gow-
jug a..i] |lt iijiuiiin 1-". Reamy, of
Tnuit Lake ami Popl»r, I!. ('. re-
ppectively, Logger and Prospector
respectively, intend to a| ply fur .-.
special limber lioence over tbe following described landa;
Coiniiiciiciu*.' Rt n post planted
about} of a mill* from Gerrard,
ami nbout -J a mile from North*
Ensl aide of Trout Uke, marked
"A. Goaipg and 15. P. Reamy'a
(-South Knat corner post'' thenee
north 160 chains; thence wesl 40
chains; ilii-iicPFoir.il 160 chains;
thence east 40 cbaina to point ol
July lfib. 1907.
Arthur Gowing
11 iijiiniiii F. Kearny
lly bis Agent, A. Gowing.
D'cerict oi West (£ootenay.
Talto notioe lhat I!. F, Reamy. il
Poplar Greek.   B. C., Intends   t..
apply for a Rpecial limber  license
over tiio following described lauds
No. 1.    Catnip ncing at a post
planti-il <>n tho   i\c-t bank of Rua-
l.y Crceki about 8 miles southof
Lardo   Hirer,   Iheuce  west    160
chains; (hence norlh   In  ohaina;
thence east   lt'.i)   chains:    thence
south 40chains to  point  of com-
mencement  and  containing  640
Peres more or less.
June 19.h. 1907.       B. F. Reamy
So. ii.     *-*->llln)cnc;n(, at   „   post
P _ ni-d on the west bank ol Ru*
ty Ciiu';. in I ah nit '.'. mile*1 sOuth
..f tin* I.iir.l. I'ivi'i', theuce wesl
160 chaini; thonce south 43
c'.iain.-, Ibence *...--' 160 plains;
thence north 40 chains to point ol
commence nt    and   containing
15*1(1 acres more or less.
June 19th. 1907.      B. 9. Reamy
Ko. •'•. Commencing at a poel
p'nnted on ibe wesl Lank of L*i--
ty i'n ek, »l .-ii '■! miles .■< uth of
the l.u I.. River, tht nee past 160
ohains; thonce mirth 40 chains;
Whence wi sl IflOJi bains ibence louib
in chains to pi inl nf commencement, .ind containing 840 acres
more or less.
■June 19th. 1908.        B. F Beamy
No.  I.    Commenoing nl  a  posl
plant..J on (he wesl Lnnk nf Itus
iy Creek, nml about .'! mi'es eolith
of ih.- I.n r.l i River, ihem.* easi 80
chains;  (hence south 80 chains;
th'-i.ci- west kio chains; Ibence noi
lh 80 I'hama lo point of . nmiuetlC-
m.iit  nn.l   c<mtuiiiiii";   'il1'   ticres
im.iv or lets
June 1U:.'-.  190?.       B.   I*.   U'-ntnV
TROUT   I.AM'.    l.dlM.I,    I. ii.ii. F
Ml. -tl
/exem. .    it'i!.iiiii in.-i-,..i«« iii>iii iii
\i V«3-!?y     ,*.,.!i-ii.,ii*<   Hail  tret)
krn     rSmm     i"..*i.' "leiii ..t •>
tm^gnX-Jtlr       el • .ill,mil* WSlOll
Bar well Supplied with Liquors & Cigars
Large Comfortable Rooms.   Excellent Cuisine ar.d Attendance.
Central Hole
First Clees in every respect. All modern conveniences.
Large Bampie Rooms
Rates $1   50 psr Day Special Weekly Rates
Excellent    Accommodation
Best* Liquors
And Very finest Cigars   Ss
John Simpson,      Proprietor
Croat Xafce titdww^www
* By usinn Water supplied  by the
_(::1«Tr           O Company you are assured ot abso-
V-iU uv.*.            jsj; lute purity.   Government Analysis
C^inn{«     (Rrt    @ to back up sUtements.: :
-"f ^L    wv. Hash McPherSon - - Supt.
Trout   Lake   City  Transfer
and Stage Line.
I Ferguson
Trout Lake
Daily Staxe will
leave  Ferguson
7 a.m.
Trout Lake at 8
in connection.
Andrew M. Craig.
Best Hotel in Town,
fieaflipfe for Mui aud Ctiiereial li
District of \v »i Kootenay,
Diaimcn ov wm ki t kav.
Tal • • Uas  W, Living
-• ■    ■ ; i*' i   .--.*.. i ,-      etor, into   |i| > for ii  »| - c ii  i :■ -  |  .mr,    inie 'PP'y   I* '
■v.r the  toi low ing .1--
c i.n..* ring it ..  p .-i  11 'I*'- I
Take notice lhal Ch irh - Les  ■
of Trout Lake ,B.C, Pi •■
Imperial  Bank of Canada.
II. ail (Kill •
rOKONlO.   ON 1'A KK i.
d. r. McLennan, prop
BE. A.   HaggenJ
1) Btricl of U'fat  Kootenay.
I!. C.
I.oi'x i'.nts a nl tu raiti B R
Reul Entnto, I* » irsti
. li ..-nil Commiuioii Agent
T ! Ml: 1- l: AN D MJ N E
' •       ■ fur
N'.ll-i   * fit*     fn
■ iiinl.
■ ii.-.- ..ii Imuran .* mat
ten will Kiv.* ;.i .:ui
e\ •
■SBiSBaK SE J*>^ai_._3_SSB£BE jj
1,1 111
i). J !**-«.' -l.l,     N     li.
1-. :.l. n|iii|ili«nl, i'n*.
PHED C. uixiorr,
Ban later, N'liiry I'ublic l*:tc.,
OS. Rl i KlSTUKSi 11. C
jjotioe i- hereby given that 6
days after date I intend to spply
to tit- 11. .ii Chief Commissioner ol
Lands nn.l Works for a ■
cense to ent andcarrv awitj limber from tho following described
lauds situate in Wesl Kootenay.
•N- ». I. 0»ii Qencing m a post
plan tod aboul S ki les loqth of A,-
MoUormicks pro*cmulinn on Salmon <'r ik. iiiiirki*.! "No, 1, J. hn
t'r* Its Rotilh \y, -t corner," then«e
oaal IV) ohains; theuce north U
chains; thence treat -SO chains;
thenco sou li   80 chains lo | -in
■ li IM lidll.t lit.
Located Juno l".i lh,l**)07,
John Croft,  I. .caior,
No, 2, C immencing sl  a posl
planted abobt % milts south of A
McUornilcVs |.ii'-, nip lion on -
i.i-ii Creek, n • j".- I "No, '-'. J..lm
Oroft's So ith east c irner poit,"
iIhii.-.-   w. .i SO ,*:, iii,.-*     ihem ..
n.>rili 6Q ohains;   iheuce ea
ohains;  ihenea - mlh iO ohains tu
point "f commencement,
Located .linn. 29ih   1907
Joliii Croft, Locator,
No, •".. Commoi i Ing ;\t a port
planted .I. *nt : ii.ill* v., il if Nn, 2
niai-ko I A M. Cormick's N". 8,
Si.tiil,. i.-i i,,,,, i" di. nee i*.<--.i s0
chnins; tlience north *v0 chains)
thence easl sn chain*; Ihcnce iou«
th SO chains to point of oommrnoi
Located Junetflth   1907,
A. J^vCormit!; L".-iilr
Tni:*. notice tlml B   F.  Reamy,
of Popl ir Ore ik,   B. C„    Pn 11 *■■
tor, intends t.i upi.lv fnr a ci scial
' timli r li i ise over Hie following
desci ii-* .1 lands;
Coraine cins at a yon pl
I on tin.- n irth side .•! Poplar Crei k,
aboul -- 0 feel from thr creek a' d
uiulil 1 mile above lhe li.si sonth
fork of Popl ii <■ ■'•* k, the   wn *>•
SO cbaius; thence south
thenc  ■ asi B0 ohains; thence Mirth sn chains In point..( c .mn
nn :.t  and  containing  010 acne,
more or le
.   :    , ls. !'. Reamy.
Distri t '*f West Kootenay.
capital AUTMORizro   ic,oo«eoo
REST A 625 000
D. B. wiiKlK, Prsetdwl. Bobj. BOBKBTJAFFRAY.n
LHANCHES   "> the l'r..rii*rr« uf Aliivita. 8askatehewan   DriliibOd^
Mamti lm. ('.umio nini QuSliSD.
io described lands: savings depabtment.   DeposlUroeMltmi eaA lalei ■
, i i.nrt.i mt. Irom date pf oMtilni ol account.
. .it ;i   post   plant-il ,
,        ,,, ,,        i I.ll-«   '.I   i r. III. l«Mir,l «v»ll«l.l« 111   HOT , -.„„|.„-,|  Il,ai,.li	
on the south side of Can von Creek , , Arrow n.-.ui iiramti—
k. *. r.       '
on i orth hnn!; of  Lardeau  Creek
ubout a quarter of a mile east of abonl 7   miles   Irom   Its mouth,
Smile ii ill snd  marked ".I. \V. markedJC.  '•   Copp'a sowh-weet
Livingston's   Norlh Wett corner ,*, rner  poet"    thence   north   >o
I                                I tiicuci*   es        -   chains;
•    ■ 30 chain      I        nor thence  south   80 chains;   thence
l cl   ins,     thi; • •• v ,-t   - *   .      - ,.        - t*. |, i. t .,f i .im ii
i-hiiin- lo point ol commencement ,*.,,                intaioiug 640  acrea,
-1    containing 640 acres more or more or less.
July 8th. 1907.  J. W, l.ivii*.
. ; *.lc wnii.l
ait»iit...ii [im i* ssOseUeas »i a
Mi.ill.L*   C. ..,!•.
Review Job Dept.
For HithX'lass Work.
June 20 h 1907    Cbarlpe I.. Copp
JBaroer Shop
O. B. N. WiLKIE,
P. L. S.
f.'.ln.r.i! C!ji~i '.   .-.-.   r-1   and
CrewnCi-r.-^s Cbt  '.ici.
Ni .\r Hi.* *.i:-. r-i i i- i.
TSOUT   LAKE.    13
 It .11 A     -
(ioi.l Shaie or Hair Cut
,   iii  OB
William Schnell,
Hot i
Dealeraln all kinda of Fr«b Meat H4RVET  HeCARTCR *& PiNKHHAM
11 in.. -  •
and Cold Batha
.   .   .        .   .*•
l|OI mrttt. i    A. H»rT»)
A. Ill   l'l Nk II AM
Barber Shop|
Fui Oaod U*.
Ti i.i 1 ■ l**' "T
Het. ent  C«M BiiKi.
BOUcrroRB, «tc.
SgllalUin ior lm-p«rlsl Iiim nitintiii.
'l .' * n ilie ■  hm is.  K   l!<*. in'.
of I',.i    . I'    k, I). C, Prbspeclor]
apply for a upecia] lim-
in*r lie. nse "i. f th" follom [ng  tli -
I lands:
( niuii* neil ■: Ml a   p1 ft   | hint'd I
on the ik.ph ?i'h* of Poplar <
nl* ini 200 f,vi from ihe i reek ahd
iihou! l mile iii ave lhe fir«t roulh
folk of I'.<| ! .r Creek, (hence iresl
80 fh.iin-; Iheuce i ..rth 80 ch«lns;,
tliei .*.-. i.-t ->o chiiii rj thei c • ion-,
lh -.ii ci alus to poinl of comi lence*
: iiieiit and o -ninining   040 acres,
n ore oi 4( is
lllll.* Mil.   . li.
I.AND    NOI M .:.
I Mali i*-t of Wtsi Kootci . .■.
I'AK K ik lice   '.I..it   \ithii' (in-i -
(Ing oi I ro it Lako,   • copp ition—!
lendf  to apply for |>.*r- [
inir.*.i..ii t.. purchftie tho following j
.1 ncribed iiimi
Coinmc rin^   ni .i i" sl planted
il the N. W, cottiei   ol   Loi   J 'J
s\ ,•.-!   Ki* totiay   .li-tri.*t,   11 ■
linn.*, e: .-i 10 chaini no_ !
t i   10 clialha;     tht nc •   wesl   10
I'm in ■ loulh 40 i halos in,
point of .•nini.il ii' n,cul,   in nil   a-
lioUi   160 HIT' S,
Arthur Gowing
per A, *i   Fraser, A ly.
July 29i h. 19CT.
THERE haro been fortnnes
i le i.y jii'i* ,.'!■ i.,u*.^t-
ii.. i.i in Real 1. itate, and
moi'e f..mn .'« will i • made than
pvrr the n< :t Iwo ot tin. e yeara.
The one win. reaps tl.e Inm-nm is
tn<i original Invealnr, for 'n« Iiuh
hia money on a cettainiy.
N.inr Iel ni point ...it t" \ otl that
there i. n • l-etter spot nn the Cou«
tii:**iit I*- iv Real Kytate than
Trout L ;ke Is thr pretties! spM '
in  (hr   K . nn n ph a nu re
retort it ai no H|tisl. U .ating
an 1 Gihliig nniy lie  lndul*i>fid In
the j. ar r* un*! ; while hi*.' ({.nne
in ahm dance ia to the round nn
th * hills. Itr. oliuiate i' luporb,
there Wi ..t > ilretucs, It
■ mild in wiii'.t m I ol In
iti i I,-". i -• in I. .'.-i of t >ine '.f
iho I :. -1 I h and res Isnces In
British Col ii in bla, It ■ itri-eti ars
wei\ la'tl . nt nn.l graded, Tl ere
*re   Iwo   <*.Ti*fll.*rit   .•(•*,, tii] Stores,
and a glanc  *\ lha k-U- rtisi menu
in tills  journal   **ill   h'io*.t   tl at till
trades are fairly well r presented,
Write  with confldeuea tu Agents,
H. McPherson
Trout L«f*e, B.C.
wi it,' -  ;
*^5t 4*
Lots can be
obtained on
Make your
selection at
once.   ::  ::
Tben caR on
or   write  to
IT has i »r»r li.H a ' In em " it«
giowiii haa hiss steady. 1> >•
it* h->«il if larlgatloe, e»d
the t»rn.lr»l il \kt I.si-U braec-h
of He t\r R. All road (le i*"
I.si.'saii) fail t. Tr,,at Lake. ■•
la the cotaa-aan isl ei-mis tf ***
richest Diinstsl district •• '**
r-oiiiiiifiii, ami hss hsi.kioi helll*
lie* prorfdrd I.t the [Mpetlel
I'siit vl Cstitds i first clssa sel esl
•i ein.iii. dat hn umler (he i'if'«
lion if B. -Shannon, PA ; a g*od
wui, r aT.ii ni; gneernmrnt i fcTi*-" ;
<-uni) Curl ilttlngs; M«th-din
Episcopal si d AiiRllcsti chur.*!*"
ami cottage Hospital,
There »n- rninui w (-ii»h lands
on 'In* ntttiklrli iwaltius lelllsri
[te lumber resources ars mnci>in
'< it. and s Imnil m« n ill « :' *
capaciij of tin i hi fi, | cr (Imv l| *•
t * I md „l th» lal*. Tl s ii ii M
'.n'ulaiy sre proving out bl|g"
I rotliioi. etery yisr, with *•>*
[ifosprots opening upuch hoilis" *•
Thare -sill he a hijr ruah Ihli
var, so if yoa *<,n|(l V i < w
ii ore, writ* a| one* to iill*i <•'
let seooia at th. si'dri'srrs lulow.
F. B. Wells
Ceneral Agent
Revelstoke, B.C.


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