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Lardeau Mining Review 1907-09-05

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"*__»«. a- 0-
| I
[larger circ"
than any
bspor in N
■Lv. Best adding   nidivm
Lardeau Mining Review
The  representor •*« i
■ f llie rich L.attkiti
co an iry.     Sent t->
any addrese for $2 '■
yer an. in advance
TROUT LAKE CITY,   B. C.    Sept. 5th.  1907.
tow UE
Sept  24th & 25th 1907
lit, Flowers and
500   00 IN PRIZES
1 ~ —  -    1 "■  '
)|,en to the World for
tO.00  Cash Prize .
Contests for LOGGERS
1 <jui' minute for two days
Lists   and   Entry  Forms
b« had Irom the Secretary.
J CURLE,   President.
lotie*-,    Cretonnes,    Linens
Icuina Lawn. Sate»ns, Muslin?, Laces  dt everything
krerybody,   Ladiee Corsets
I -rs, Silk Waists, Hos
lens' Shirts,  Collars,   Tics Ac
ii.i.i. is guaranteed to give
M utmost '-Uislaction both as
timi* price and adsptabilitv
0   WEAR.
i lines   in  Stationery,
Tobaccos, Pipe*. Cigars  &
Fancy Hoods of all kinds
Notice is hereby given thst after
the expiration el thirty days from
lhe first publication hereof I in-
tend toapply to tl.e Hoard of Li-
cense Commissioner, for the District, for a transfer ol tbe licence
held by me in respect of tbe Len-
noxville Hotel, Gerrard. B.C.
Lance Hillman and Percy Hoyd
of Ibe i-airie place,
Dated this   25ih   day   of   July
Libor Day Celebration at Fer
U-iii.ii nae one nf tbe best ever
held in the district every event
being keenly and cjoselv contested
Crowds encroaching on the field
made it it* 11 nigh impossible to
carry oft thc events without a deal
ol trouble and loss ol time, liow-
REVELST'KE LAND DISTRICT *"r B0'"e exCfcllett showings were
E.  Mobbs.
p«r F. C.   Elllett, bis Attorney.
The f. Rowing are the winners of
Tane notice  tbat   Erie  Strand,  the different e/enta:
District of West Kootenay.
of Poplar, B. C.    Miner,    intends
to apply fur a  special   timber   li-
cence over tbe following described
Commencing at a  post   plant'd
Boys' Race (Under 12)
Clarence   Gairett—J. Griffiths.
Girls' Race (Under 12)
on the west side of Poplar   Creek, Josephine Uarrett—Mild. Houston
about bOO feet from  bank  of  the'
Boys' Race (Under 15)
Harvey Hawkins.
creek, and about 7 miles from its
mouth, thenoe south 80 chains;
tbence west 80 chains; thence -Forth 80 chains; thence east MJ chain Harold Ru.eel-Kal
to poiut of cummenctmeut and
containing 640 acres, more or less.
Eric Strand,
Henry Magnuson, Agent Tug-of-war (Broadvw. v Sr. Cup)
Infants' Race.
Ladies   Race.
Mrs.  RubscI -Mrs.  McKinnon.
July 25,1907.
District ol Weet Kootenay.
•Its notice that Leslie Hill, of
*"" B.C Mining Engineer,
•di lu apply for a epecial lim-
■"-••'nes over the following ds-
M lands:
'' I. Commencing at a post
|ntsd about •} mile cast from
,SW corner of 1.7941, thence
Jili so chains; thence west 80
►in»; thence north 80 chsins,
fn«ssit 83 chains to point of
"•"encement and containing
' Mree, more or less.
Leslie   Hill,
O. B. N. Wilkie,
l^gust 1st.    1907.
^°* *■ Commencing at a post
'^fdat the S.E. corner of 1.74
Trout Lake, thence west 80
,in«; thence south 80 chains;
eJJ* fi"t 80 chains; thenc* nor-
c,-«iiis to point of commence
•"» and containing 640 acres,
or* or less.
Leslie Hill.
0. B. N. Wilkie.
''7 3ist. 1907.
"Pvenioi" and "Reunion" Mineral
elm., s
Situate in ths trout I-ake Mining Diviiioti ol the Koolenar dia-
Where located        At tint head
ol Haley Creek, adj..nuns the King
William mineral claim.
TUT NOTICE that I, H.   Abbott, Free Min    s Certificate No.
bl^ooo. inieud, a.ny dayi from
the date hereof, to   apply   to   the
Mining Recorder for a Certificate
of Improvements, for tbe  purpose
of obtaining  s   Crown   Grant   of
tbe above claims.
And further Uke notice tbat
action, under section 37, must be
commenced before the issuance of
such Certificate ol Improvements.
Dated this 14th. day of July.
AD, 1D07.
District ol West  Kootenay.
TAKE notice that Fiederick
William L»acb of Gerrard, Storekeeper, intends to apply J'*r per.
mission to purchase ihe following
desciibed land'.
Commencing st a post planted
-ttheS.K. corner of Ix)t 4728.
a north 20 chains; thence
eaat tO cnai«N tbence south M
chains more or less to Trout Lake,
thencc westerly along north shore
of Trout Lake to point nf emmen
crment, and containing 80 seres,
more or less.
Frederick William Uach.
O B. N. Wilkie. Agent.
June 1 Itb. 1907.
No. 3. Commencinir at a no*
planted at tl.e B.E. comer of L.74
'.UTroutLke thence north 80 chain*
theiise east 80 chains; thence south 80 chains; ihonce west 80 chain
to point ol oom-xencement and
containing 640 acres, more or less.
Leslie nill.
O. B. N. Wilk:e.
August lit. 1907.
Broadview   won.
Drilling Contest.
K. Anderson—D.   Morgan.
100 yards dash.
H. Jones—G. NWlis.
Standing high jump.
B,   liaakeU-O.   Nell.a.
Running high jump.
Standing broad jump.
Runnimr broad jump.
Pie-eating Contest
J.  Grllhita —Oeo.   Houston.
Tossing the Caber.
W.   While—li.   Ware.
Putting the Shot.
*,*•.   White—J. Hawkins.
Three-legged Race.
Cuinmii.aaUtlBarl.fr   lal.
bUnger nud l'aul 2nd.
Football  (Ferguson v Camborne.)
Ferguson   won.
Score 8-1,
The dance in the evening was a
huge success, being the larg- tt
ever held in Ferguson.
Btoeflen1 music wss supplied
by Mr. and Mrs. Parisian, an.l W
A. Skinner made a 'hit' as "tloor
manager." A s*umptious snpper
was served by the "Balmmal."
A large amount of money chaug
I. X.  L.
II. M- Hanson, cashier of the
l-'irsi National Lank, of Mauley
Falls, Minn, and Dr. Fritscbe,
of New Ulm, Minn, directors of
the I. X. L. Mining Corapy. visited the property this week.
Their report to the shareholders
meeting to lie held dur.ng the
month will decide the plans of
future development. They expressed themselves aa being pleased with the work done, so far.
On their way they visited the
Si I rer Cup properly and were astounded at the amount of development done and the rich ore showings.
Dr. Fritsche, who has travelled
extensively, made the state- snt
to the "Review'' that for scenic
beauty and grandeur, the Lardean
eclipsed anything he ever witnessed. Switzerland, he said, was
grand, bnt fell far behit d what
be hsd seen on hie trip
through the Kootenar.
R. G. Sargent, of Seattle, casue
in, a few days ago, to do s.-mede-
telopmeri'. work on the property.
It ie the intention of the company to do Bome extensive develop
ment work next year, the nature
"1 which will be largely determined by the work done tin- season.
The work on the Old Gold is
going ahead steadily with a crew
of .'1 men.
The lower tunnel is beiag extended about 50 feet. Some fine
ore is being taken out and sacked
for shipment from the upper werk-
ing which will easily run over the
♦ 100 00.
Adjoining properties to the Old
Gold are also being worked with
good results. The showing on
the«e claims are exc-d'en? the
values in gold snd copper averaging over tlOO.00.
Thc work is under Ihe direction
of Jadge Miller, who is largely
interested in their success.
Edward Mobls returned last
week from Boston, where he has
interested sevi ral   parties  iu   the
ed hands on the many closely <»"-! ,U.velo})mfnl of llie .hove proper
Many people lues »">l
fume  and fret over  the
The others use    "R-««R
Bun" Flour.
Andy Craig hss it for
tested events
The foot-vsll name was the *>est
played in the district for some
yenrs. several of the players on
both sides making a creditable
Noliceis hereby given tbat I,
the unders gncd, inteud lo apply
10 the Hoai4 ol License Commissioners o! tbe Ainsworlb License
District at the meeting ol the said
Board to be held at Kaslo, B. C.
next alter tlie expiration of thirty
days from the first publication ol
this notice for permission lo transfer to John Stsuber of Ferguson,
R C. the liquor license now beld
by me in resprct of tbe premises
at Ferguson. B.O. known as the
Balmoral Hotel.
Haled this 2Cth. day of August, 1907.
8. Ii. Slinger,
Hy his Solicitor,
MeCarter A Pinkhaiu.
Mr. Mobbs has secured several
good free-gold claims, among
Ihem tbe "Morning" on which
several gootl leads of free milling
ore have been opened up. It is
bis intention te pul in a 5-stamo*
mill al Rapid Creek, which will
be put in so as to allow additional
stamps to be installed as occasion
'1 In- will be an undoubted boon
to lhat end of the district, and
will be a large factor in its opening up.
Mr, Mobbs is to be congratulated on his success, and the "Review" predicts success to bis venture.
Trout Lake celebrated Labor
Hay in royal style. A large crowd
came in from Gerrard, Poplar.
Beaton and Camborne, and all enjoyed themselves thoroughly.
The spor's were started off at
9.30 a.m. and from that time until dark, the committee were busy
pulling off the different events.
The ball at night was a huge
success, 95 sitting down to supper
at the I.akeview Hotel.
The music by Geo. Boyd, of -\r-
rowhead, Charlie Han* nn. of Poplar and Mrs. Christie of Trout
Lake, was all that could be desir-
Fred Fraser, of Revelstoke, has
been forceJ to resign the ollice o'
Gold Commissioner at the int-tance
of the meuher of the riding,
Thomas Tsvlor.
Its noue of our 'funeral,' but we
are Borry to see Mr. Eraser go.
He was.1 ;. ■ 11 pre-eminently fit-
tad for thc office. His record of
15 years in the Civil Service, seven ol which were put in as Commissioner, demonstrates bis ability as an executive ofiicer.
Fred was a "grit" (we all know
that's bad, but not incurable,)
but we believe that Conservatives
ought to lie broad-minded enough
to forgot a man's political faiih
when they have in him ao energetic and competent official.
However, lhe axe baB fallen,
and the only thing we  can   do  ia
We would call attention to tbe
fact that nothing has been done
relative to building a   new   bridge
At 7.30 p.m. the boxing contet-t | to offer Fred a home in the Lar-
between A, C. Wood*?, ex-cham-; deau, where he will be welcomed
pion Light-weight of tbe British j by nil.
Navy, snd Jem Richsrdson, of
Cranbrook, B. C, was fast and
furious. It lasted six rounds,
Woods getting the decision.
Wm. Botdo' Beaton, actod as
rcfeiee, and everybody was pleased witb his work.
The following is a list of the
eventB and the pi ire winners.
Boys' Race (UnJer 12)
Tom  Johnson —Don   McPherson.
Boys'  Race   (Over 12)
''Scolty''   McPherEon —L.  Bedell.
Girls' Race (Under 12)
Pearl  McPheraon—Zella Johnson
Girla' Race  (Over 12)
Nannie Broikshire.
Sack Race.
Di Abey —Geo. Abey.
Nelaon, -B. «"*- ,
Wednesday, Thursday an1*
Friday, September 18th.
19th.  20th.,   1907
Free Shows   Twice  Daily.
Cheap Excursion   Rates    on
ail Transportation Lines.
For   Inloeiiiation   or   Price Lial
a - McMORRlS.
P.O.Box 1*6,
N E L 8 O K, • B.     .
C.  W. BUS«,   Prea.
rutting   ibe  Shot.
W.    Boyd-J    Mulhollaid.
Packing 50 lb. Flour.
J.  Mulholland- -A. M. Craig.
100 yds. Race.
J   Mulbolland-Jack Beaten.
Throwing heavy wnight.
Running Broad Jump.
J. Mulholland—A.  Underwood.
Hop Step and Jump.
J.Muholland—L.   Bedell.
Pols Yaultiug.
A.     B,     Noble.
Threc-leggeO Race.
McFarland   4   A. E. Noble, 1st
Underwood   dk   Ptdell  2nd.
3&$ »## IMH-H! $ M
$ Local and Central.  .£
a ^
over the Lardeau at Trout Lake,     ^j :$H$*rI{Hft £-#-&-&-$ 64-S
The old bridge is not safe for a
pack-horse to go over and as many
of the citizens have their winter's
wood out which has to be hauled
orer, they are beginning to get
anxious about it. The cosl of lt
was put in tbe estimates and
there is no reason why a start
should eot be made at once.
High Jump.
ISovd—1'ercv   Edwards.
L E- Reck has been appointed
to saceecd N. W. Emmens as superintendent of the Silyer Dollar,
st Camborne.
Mr. Eiumens resigned bis position owing to hli increasing work
on the Great Northern Hill prop,
erties of tho Ohio Mines Development Co,
Double Pcull Race.
Abrahani-jon &•  Frit* 1st.
I.auden   & G. Boyd, 2nd.
Ladies' Boat Race.
Mrs. Guntertnan
Single Scull Race.
Geo. Boyd—Jack Beaton.
A     E.    Noble.
Horse Race.   (Free to nil.)
McCormackV   "Irish Billy" let.
Hillman's "Pete''  2nd.
Pony   Race.
Hi llman's    "Little Billie"    1st.
Craig's   "Bl.BFom" 2nd.
Slow Race.
Lode's    'Bill Miner."
Putting pack on horse.
Brantford   4 Portor.
Tossing the Caber.
Wm. Royd.
Phat man's Race.
D.   R.    McLennan.
Drilling Contest (Double.)
McDonald & Lundin.
A telegram from R^reistoke  oc
Wednesday conveved the sad news
of the suicide of William Baty.
For some time past hie mind
bas been waudering, owing to
some financial troubles he met in
Cslgary, where he owned some
valuable real es'ate.
As a natter of fact, it has not
yet transpired whether the ttou-
bles were real i.r imaginary, ae
when in here a we-k ago bis mind
was in such a condition that he
could not give a coherent account
of it.
When he left here, he went to
Revelstoke, where he went under
an examination a tl wbb admitted
to the asylum on the 3rd. inst. On
the morning of the fourth, he escaped from the oustody of the officer in charge and committed suicide by drowning. Uis body has
b eu recovered and his frionds notified of the lamentable occurrence
Mr. Baty wss well and favorably kno>vn in tbe Trout Lake
district, where he has been living
since 1897. He was a wboI>--soul-
cd nortii of England man, and
was liked hy all wbo knew him,
His sad end has cast a shadow over the eniire community.
The Labor Day Celebratiou
Committee wish to thank, throngl,
the columns of the "Review" the
following outside firms for their
generoos donations to the prise
fund: Maesrs. The Calgary Brewing Co. The Hudson Bay Co.,
The Koolenay Cigar Co. Tbe Inland Cigar Co. Kamloope, Thorpe
& Co. Nelsoo, Thomas H. lm
and the T. Eaton Co. Winnipeg,
The B. C. Cigar Co. New West
minster, the Imperial Bank, Arrowhead and the Revelstoke Wine
& Spirit Co.
William Dorie is taking a contract to get out lags for tbe new
mill cempany who intend operating at Trout Lake.
Mrs. O'Brien ie leaving for Nni*
son on Friday, to visit her daagfa
ters, Mrs. Mcintosh and Miss
Nellie O'Brien.
Wm. J. Heffernon ani 'atuily
are leaving shortly for their old
home in London, England.
Mr. Heffernon has heen -the
mechanical end of the "iimrimm"
for about a year past, but has te
resign his position owirg lo hie
health not being able to stand tbs
high altitude.
We are Borry to see bim fo;   he
was a good workmen and a   got c
I citizen, and we   trust  the change
1 back to his old   -tamping grounds
will bring not only  h.ajth,   but
The new roid up tho south fork
through lhe town of Ferguson is
well under way, and if conditions
keep favorable, will be completed
this (all.
Tbe secretary of the Sp.kane
Falls Placer Co. who own valuable water righis on Lerdeaaf-reek
has written that Trout Lake will
have an electric light plant established in a very short time. The
company —he stated —have about
completed their plans to put in a
plant not only to supply Iho town
with light, but to supply {owcr
to thu mines.
A. W.  Mishaw.    of Citiein-*i,
is here,   looking after  Rruad-iio-a
A drilling match took place at
Ferguson on Thursday between
Jack McT.«guart and Dave Morgan. Morgan won out by lj ins,
drilling   12    niches   againsi   10-J,
'time—10  mlnutet.      About  $500
oh angcil bands,
We lenrned thia week o' the
marriage at Edmonton, of Miea
Susie Cummings, who, unlil recently, was oue of Troul Lake's
favorite young ladies.
We do nol know who the lucky
man is, hut we congratulate him
heartily and wish aucress to both
bim and his charming young
Jack Chism was up, exporting
the Great Britain group last week,
and wo are informed that on bia
irrtval at Lardo, he found a wire
watting him which infor ned him
that he had been appointed C. p.
R. track inspector, between that
point and Rapid Creek. Hc was
ordered to begin duties at once,
which he did, and from what tie
says the track was found tn be in
first-class condition all lie «v»,y
through. "1
ted ner tiniinoiui cross, sroopeu ana
lifted the huge oat ntnt stroked It gently with her chin.
"And what can 1 do for you?" she
demanded, coming closer.
"Aly faith, but 1 do not know," he answered. The faint j.erfutne of her person  was  puzzling  him  sorely.  Hut  In
,.,_.,,.,, v ",""»""* .' ~ ; truth he was familiar with the   per-
lie Bulled by every charlatan, quack or   fmm> of s0 manv  W0Illl,n that  „ WHi
sorceressleaver enough to exploit tho   hole38 t0       ect m !lnswer ,0 „,e
depths of human credulity.  You shall   a„pst-on
read In the fascinating memoirs of that      „Nm j0 ,.. ,h(1 woman    nnsWl,r(M,
IZ ,,JLMlib, "'   .° f'V1 fema'6 8d'Ntlll laughing, and her laugh was Ilk
ventureraltiifked to their Immense pro-. ,h«  J.... •-- - 	
It was a strangely superstitious age
this ago of l.ouis XV., strangely superstitious und strangely onllghtenel.
On the one side the Illuminated philosophers' of the r.slng school of Voltaire, on lhe other a society ready to
 i protlt that polished, gallant, cynical, and
llght-hoo/ted noblesse which made the
glory of the Court. And Andre was a
true child of his age Yvonne's mystifying remarks had stirred all the superstition and awe lurking behind his hollow homage to the established religion,
and human curiosity whetted this |
stimulus of superstition. He scented
the purr of her cat. "In any case. Mon
sleur le Vlcomte must wait. A lady is
already here to see me. No. it is not
necessary to retire. In spite of what I
have said, you doubt my powers;
therefore you shall listen while she and
1 talk."
She pointed  to a  large screen and
Andre, now burning    with    curiosity.
'""'. V:   gladly seated  himself behind  It.  The
fac   an agreeable adventure In a visit , wom^n w|[h the cat stlll ,„ her arms
n,^ «?^'lerl0US ZlXC, m   ,,4„        Promptly flung herself ou to a long sofa
But first he consulted hie.Wend Ben-   £nd r'      hor han(,boIl
ri, Comte de St   Bono It. like himself,     -jui^toaUUi.l^e.': she said ta the
Simtit,? IST „   t \'"a, al»V £*   «•". ■■Mieame-e tflle dt? clfflmOre man
himself notorious for his skill with the   *a)l wjti,out"
sword and for his countless gallantries.,     Thc    yisHor    Andre   declded    wag
young. Her trim figure, the coquettish
Was it not St. Benolt who had taken
his place In rousing the Jealousy of the
Comte des Forges and who had also
-been obliged to give the hot-headed
husband the quietus of a flesh wound?
Henri of course knew all about the
wise woman. Was she not the talk of
the bei monde?
"She won't see you," he said. "She
only prophesies to women, and very
few of them. I tried to bring her to
book, but her girl, a detlllsh saucy grl-
sette with a roving eye and a skittish
pout, shut the door In m.v face, by Ma-
dame's orders, If you please."
"And you went away?"
"No, Indeed, I put my knee against
pose of her head, the graceful dignity
of her carriage filled him with the liveliest regret that ie could not see her
face, which was thickly veiled. She
came to an abrupt halt in the centre of
the room—for the woman on the sofa
never stirred. Clearly she. too, had expected something very different.
"Your name, Madame?" asked the
sorceress abruptly.
"Mademoiselle, if it please you." tha
visitor corrected, "Mademoiselle Lucie
Marie Vlllefranche."
Andre was listening now with all his
ears. Where before had he heard that
•ihe door and said that as I couldn't   cr!,8p' allurlnK voice?
pay Madame I must pay her. Not the
first time the hussy haa been kissed,
and It won't be the last. You, too, will
discover the jade hasn't the dislike
to men that her mistress has."
"What will you wager she will not
see me—the mistress?"
"A kiss from my Diane of the ballet.
I'll bet, too, Madame ls not at home at
all. (or sbe come.i ;nd goes like a will-
Blen, Madame.        ^^^^^^^^^
"Mademoiselle—* persisted the visitor, nettled.
"Then why does Mademoiselle wear
a wedding-ring?"
The visitor made an Impatient movement, bit her lip, and petulantly drew
off her glove. On the hand she triumphantly held out there was no sign of
a wedding-ring.
"ItJ« in„JVladame's Docket." the sor-
The sorcei ess opened n*T eyes, 'Vlt,
yes," she snld slowly, "lt Is the face .-f
Madame d'Bltlolles, born Jeanne Ante nette Polsson—your face, Madame,"
she added us she Hung her visitor's j
veil swiftly back. The cat leaped from
her arms. Madame Vlllefranche sprang
to her feet: the two women were con
fronting e-ich other, each drawn to hn
full height.
Andre too had risen. Hal At last he
underatood. The visitor was no other
than the fair huntress of the woods
who had diVeti to see the K.ng, In an
azure phaeton, herself clad in rose
colored satin.
"Ah!" exclaimed Madame d'Etiolles,
Stretching her arms. "Ah'"  Then slit-
turned on the eoroeress furiously. "My
woman bas betrayed me," abe cried,
"Oh, no, Madame" she curtsied as
to a queen—"not your woman bin the
crystut and yourself."
Tbe other threw up her head In
credulously. "If you reveal," she said
hatslily, "that 1 have vis te.l ym: "
"I never reveal who in.-* visitors sre,"
was the Quiet answer, "(hey always reveal themselves" She sat down Indolently, but (here was almost insolent
provocation in tke simple graoe ot the
Madame d'H ioiles turned awaj
"Aud your paj '" she demanded sharply.
"As Madame pleases," came the In
different answer from the sofa
The v.sitor placed the plaees DH the
table, re-plaeed her veil, .tnd walked
towards the door. ••Adieu'" she said
over her shoulder, but Atulre could see
she stepped as one iutexie.iud by a
sublime vision.
"And will Madame remember the
wise woman." the sorceress pleaded In
her soft voice, " f the crystal be found
to speak the truth?"
"Yes."; she had wheeled sharply, a
merciless freezing vengeance glisten
ed In her eyes and steeled her voice "1
will have you burned for an Insolent
witch. I promise not to forget."
"My thanks. Madame." She rang the
band-bell, and Madame was unceremoniously ushered out. The sorceress
sat reflecting aud then placed the crystal n her bosom and took uway the
"It Is the turn of Monsieur le Vlcomte," she remarked pleasantly. "It is
a pity I did not ask the lady to stay
and hear."
"No. 1 thank you," Andre answered.
"I am satisfied, and so was she."
"Monsieur is not as .Madame," the
sorceress said, fixing a penetrating
gaze on him. "he fears his fate."
"Oh, no," was the quick reply. "M.v
fate lies ln my sword and my head. I
am ready to face It without fear or reproach when and as it comes. But I
will not know beforehand, not even for
a crown reversed." '
For a brief second her eyes rested
on him with approval, and Indeed he
looked very handsome and noble at
that moment.
"But Monsieur will permit me." she
said gently, and before he could refuso
Fine muslins, dainty lingerie, iron easier, look
better, last longer If the
laundress uses the onlv
cold-water (no boiling*)
starch that really
naves work and really
won't stick. Try It Get
Mod.-rn    Oriental    Ruler*    Who   Ara
Fond ol Polo and Horse Racing.
A  small  percentage ot  native priii-
leea, like Sir lVital.-Singli nnd tlie Ma-
luu.v.ih al ktlfli lleliar. Imve lietielitcd
i t'-vni thetr inu-Hvurse  with  English*
; men   Thev  revenue tbe folly of buy-
] ing   hers*-*   and   carnages   tor   which
' they Imf tie use. antl ihey draff the
hue   al   empieving   undesirable     per-
*>n> as manajrers of their stables, ras-
ea_ who starve the inlffdi In their
efeane by welling the "gram" to the
villain trom -ahem it haa been bought.
Tlu- il"»n*tt'.l.*it, rajah, says Bailey's
M.*i'*'i. ine. aces lb.it  his harness-room |
is dean and that everything is in proper   ntaee   family   heirlooms   In-ing
kept  free  (rem  .1  st ami  moths   The
borate are stabled    under
Bonditiona, and. if tin
in It
Ue* Kor (Scrap* ot Soap.
A good way of. using sersps of aonp
is to inlil ihem to the household cleansing mixture. This Is useful In every
household for cleansing paint removing grease from clothes ami all other
occasions when il gni.il flea using prcpu-
nitltui is needed. Keep a wide
DOUtbed bottle, und Into It throw iill
otitis iiiiii ends of soup. When you
huve n small collection of these, add ><
teaspoouful of powdered saltpeter,
illli.' rack iiiiiui.>iila and iiimii ii i tun rt
of vvaim, soft water, ssys the rosy
Comer, Leave (ho mix.lire till It Is
COOled. A llllle of this mny Ik- dissolved In water or ou u flannel nml
will Ik- Iii.ii.iI un Invalid.■!•■ . len user.
From Two Ladle* Who Have Been Cured of r   ^1
Torturing Oases of P||es by      **•«
Dr. Chase's Ointment
nuin   tor    " I rantlormallone."
Small fortunes are being  reap.*.!  Iiy
I iiini.iii lour dressers, owing to fash,
iniiitl.le women's demand (or "trans*
formations," whloh apparently In sun
pie English are liatr pans. Men would
lie surprised, said a Iiimii Street enif*
I.nr, if 'hey knew what a large Dumber of  in .men   are   now   relying   upon
falsi* hair tc give them ilu* appearance the present (SfhloO ileiiiit'lds.
wlileh is a very high coiffure. A girl
ttilli   Iter   own   hair  dressed   nicely   is
rarely seen in fashionable elrolea now
...lays Kven woman .unl girla »uii
beautiful hair pay willing from .'• tt
f.i) guineas lor theee iranafonnationi
(in Is    in    their     teens    an*   ijtllta    .
anxious fo" them *» their mothers
potentate goes
racing or breeding, a mollified
vet.-riiiiirv lurgeon  is attached tii the
viable -tarf
(in tin* t.d.er lintiil. the antiquated
ruler of dusky millions has no sym-
p-itliv   wilh auch new (unified  notions
n.« clean alalia ami properly arranged
looee boxei He does nol ask (or iweeV*
amelling itablee, and the sipht of a
well-groomed horea affords bim nn
nl-nsure Provided Um eeay-going Ar-
• '.n enn take the air in an old-lashion-
•••I inul cumbersome berouehe, drawn
hy a team of mangy, long-tailed
horses. i\hii.-e shul.l.y harness is resplendent in armorial devices, he ia
perfectl) happy.
In  recent years the gportin*? rajah
Dr.   Williams'   Pink   Pille    the    One
Medicine Beit Suited for the Whole
Dr. Williams' Pink 1'ills nn- the
greateet blood-builder known t"
medical iclenoe.   They never fail n>
make  rich,   led   blood    lets ut  it    tin*
kind ilmt brings health and strength
to the sufferer,   They me a family
medi.'in.*   ■.•nmi  (or tin* gtandmotbei
in grandfather, tin* inothei oi lathei
anil tm the growing children,   linn
.-aiel.-  have  (ound    new    health   mei,
strength  through  the  use   ..(   theee
pllla.   At prool of th.-ir being a lum
iiy in.-.lu-iii.' Mi-  cha.-. Caatonguay,
Mlchipicoten     ltiver,     out.,   aaya
"My hii.-haiiil was ill (or live moutha
mid was unable to do any work, 11*
made aeveral tripe le the Boo to
oonaull doetors and .-pent much
money on medicine but nothing helped Inm   in fact he gree  worse.    He
OOUid  nol eat  much ami  Ul • little  In*
.Ud eat iiuniii nol   remain   on   lu«
sti.maeh. Hi- ..t,.inach wn.- examined by \ Rays and (nun.I fo Ih* In s
terribly    Inflamed    condition.    Aftei
Mrs. Geo, II Siinser. (limit. Kiishi*II
county. Onl writes: "Eleven yean
iiffn f began in suffer from piles, antl
Ht (bey enu- id Keen distress, llllll bn-
cuine  worse.   I  dool I  '"i   I In-Ill.  but
tiitlt little or no avail, Thoy were
bl.*.*.lim-, Itching un.l protruding, uml
nh' ilu* torture I suffered al tunes oan
nevei   be desei ibed.     It   was  llllll  Hiif-
feriug timi il"' bowels moved, un.l, us
nothing brougbl relief, I  ild only
endure dn' misery with an aching
Inn11 un.l wlthoul hone of oure,
"Finally a lady friend told me about
lit*. Chase's ointment ouring piles, ami
tn my aurpriee I lelt relief al ..nee on
tiling this ointment) the little tumors
si urn disappeared,   tin*   uloars healed,
ami the I...nels liei'iiim* regular. Tills
tins live years ego, uml  I  have never
I ii troubled witb tins terrible mI-
iiifi.i -.in.*.-, n thousand thanks to Dl
i 'hase'a (llntuient."
Mi tlap) ('liiiiiii-nnili. Salvation
Army. Raaex, tint , Writea: "II i.. with
pleasure that I write to you in praise
ul In   ('base's Ointment    Twn yeara
ago  I  was taken  wilh u si-Vert* attack
'"  protruding
bud that I had ,„ ,
could li.< in m, "
stomach,   Duel
l"'l|,• ","1 ""' viiriou, Amm
"",'"Ih ""'"I proved ol, **l
()»"  Hiittnibii   ,,,..,'!" »V«HT
I''1""*  mnl I,
V luy |
""""''"' n,>pii
enng ...it..*.
Weill   Iii  t|„
"i   Chase'
heard  ol i
ai' mv,
-     ''"ll*   I. ,
Oiiitinont   ' -'
 - »liio|| I
though l had ni',,"", '"' I'M
'" the w.unl | ,1,  l',w" «*>■
*«H able I., i.   ,.  ;'"'Z'
by Al hu.   ,„,"• !'"\ttit,
uity from ',„,,       i"lli"l«il
pent  I...  „ii klll(,
burns,  in   ,
nl..* inm*,,
To peraona   »i,„   h
rholda, tins m,.,      •"'  -
hope    Ti„*„. i        H«a
effeetlV, - '   "'.l'"l'-v
'"'allium (,„
(Viaae'e Oiiitm,.,,','   '■'." '"'"W
"      Mil
cm., to_tho.fr lh" *"'■ '"r
"Fair   areherese,"   he   aald,   "aurely tha ahafta you looie are mortal."
ceress sniti efflmiy.   nut o
oi ai. nt*
l.u ■
o -tne-wtsp. niii ft you uo see ner sno-n ^^^^^^^^^_
tell you something cursedly disagree- tie Importance as ls  Maiiatue'e
able. She frightened tbe poor Des For- band to her."
ge8, your Comtesse und mine, Into hy- The visitor checked an Indignant re-
sterlca, and," his voice dropped, "she ply and simply glared through ber veil,
warned the Duchesse de Chateauroux ■—"— "
she had only three weeks to live—and
it was all the poor thing bad. Don't go
to her, my dear Andre; she'll See you
in her crystal globe, face upwards In a
heap of dead with an English sword In
your guts."
Needless to say, perhaps, that afternoon saw Andre at the tavern called
"The Cock with the Spurs of Cold,"
which, save for a brand-new aign-board,
had all the appearance of a farmhouse
hastily turned into an Inn. Buried In
the woods between Paris and Versailles it was exactly suited for a rendez
vous to which all might repair without   That ts stn
Excellent fun, thought Andre, when
you set one woman ngainst another—
and such women!
"dive me your hand," thi! sorceress
proceeded, and she inspected It with
the greatest care, the owner watching |
her with Ill-concealed anxiety, "f see a
crown In the palm which I cannot understand," she Haiti slowly, a "crown
reversed. A beautiful hand," she murmured, "beautiful and strong. The hand
of a morcoau de rol."
Madame Vlllefranche tittered a sharp
cry, almost of triumph. "Morceau de
rol," she  repeated.  "Morceau  de  rol.
 m-.      ...     ..m.o     il"   .U'l      |l'*
the world being any the wiser. Andro   haps that long ago another sootbsayc
had carefully disguised himself, and as   also said the same."
nge. You have heard per
^^^^^^^^ er
...j umauioeu i.i in.-, ii. ana as ■"■" ■°"' •**- •"** "
he rapped on the door his appearance
suggested rather the comfortable bourgeois tbat the noble Capltalne-I.leuten-
ant dea Cbevau-legers de la Garde. To
his surprise he won his wager with
greater eaae than ha had dreamed.
The saucy grlsette, whose demure demeanor could not conceal the shlfiy
falseness of her roving eyes, took to
her mistress the name he gave, the
"Sleur de Coutances," and then, to hla       . —- -
Joy, speedily ushered him with no lit-   dressed—1 see a
tic ogling Into an empty, low-beamed
pnrlor, which was simply the aittart-
iii. nt of a woman who could Indulge
her love of luxury. Of tbe sorceress
trade there were no traces unless you
counted for such nn enormous black
cat with the most ferocious whiskers,
who arched his back on Andre's entrance and glared at him with diabolical yellow eyes—a cat to make the
flesh creep and bristle as did his whiskers.
"I must consult the orb," the other
replied as If she did not hear, and ehe
gazed long antl silently at the crystal
circle which she produced frc-n na
resting-place beside the diamond cross.
"Yes, it is quite clear now."
"What do you see?" was the eager
"A great gallery—It Is I think tho
Salon d'llercule at Versailles 'hero
are mnny men ami women in It, Pnely
**" ""    * lady In a rosc-ct Inred
she had taken bis hand, "I will    not j
speak unless he wishes " '
While she studied It he studied her.
What a subtle pathos seemed to ile in
those blue eyes, those smll.ng lips,
that dainty head almost touching him,
a pathos like her perfume ascending
Into the brain. And how enchanting
was that diamond cross rising and falling on that dazzling breist.
"What is It?" he asked, for she had
dropped his hand with a faint sigh,
and sat staring mysteriously at something far away.
"I am forbidden  to speak." she in*
swered,  averting  her  eyes,  and    she
picked up her cat, and walked uway.
"You shall tell me," Andre sa,d Impetuously.
But she only laughed over the cat's
body, stroking It softly with her chin
till Its purr echoed through the room.
"Confess, confess," be said, "I  will
"The hand of Monsieur le VleonitV
she answered, smiling mischievously,
"is full of interesting revelations-
dreams which come and go—but there
Is one dream that Is always there—the
dream of love. Women," she added,
"women, women everywhere ln Monsieur's life; as in the years that were
pas;, so in the years to come. Let the
Vicomte de Nerac be on his guard
against all women—and   against   one
woman In particular "
Andre failed to suppress an exclamation. Had this beautiful witch divined that secret too?
"Her name," she paused to bury her
face In the cat's fur, "Is—Yvonne-
Yvonne," she repeated, "of the Spotless Ankles."
"Yvonne!" he laughed heartily.
"Yes, Yvonne. Sometimes there la
more In a peasant girl to tempt and
ruin than In a Comtesse des Forges, or
a marquise—" It was her turn to laugh.
"Ah! thc Vlcomte Is a gallant and
reckless lover. He thinks ns the noblesse think, that women are necessary to him. But It Is not so. It is he
who Is necessary to them."
"Antl your fee for the advice, mistress?"
She flung the Ave gold pieces of Ma
dame d'Etiolles into a drawer. "Madame has paid for both," she said, "llut
If the Vicomte de Ntrac will offer
aomethlng of his own, I will accept—a
kiss," and she looked him daringly in
the face.
The hall of the Chateau de Beau Se-
greater part of his
He ran his horses
■ab of Patiala was a tirstrate
horseman, snd his keenness (or polo
gained bim admittance to circles
which dn not. as a rule, receive every
native with open arms. His |m.1o pan-
were the envy n( the white players with whom he came into
and In- devoted Um
tune tn tlie cam ^^^^^^^^
at every Important meeting in tlie
Country, carrying <.ff his share of cups
Tbe Maharajah ti( Kuch-lleliur, too,
shines nt n |xilo player anil several
nf the younger generation can give a
good SOOOUnl "f themselves across
country nini niter pig. Many natives
by the way. invest in horses, which
nre im|>f>tte.| from Knglaud. which
.In not always take kindly to the climate IIihiil-'i they thrive during the
cold weather, in the hot weather thej
Man become pn-.r in condition unless
tbey are seal tn n hill station
A lew year- ago the "old-time" ra
}nh wbu bad t'. en frevn one part of hi.
property tn another would call for hi.-
ffnilv-enn-nisntieil elephant, and, surrounded bv a horde of native flunkn-
make a triumphal Journey to the hut
o(  the   tenant   whom   h
raokrent.    Nowadays
propoeed t.
his    raeoeeeoi
mounts   n  horse  nnd  galloping   there
n'nl beak between "chnta hazri" an.'
■■,,,... ••
.    ...    S'llllC    tllTle
under the doctor's cine without finding teliel In* returned home discouraged .'.ml afraid he wu- going to -If*
ll   was then  Dl    William-'  I'mk   I'lll-
were  t mmended, and by tbe tine
he bad taken nine bozea no wa- pei
(ectly  well and able t-> u" '" wort
again."   Mrs. Caatonguay continual
"I have alio need the Pilla tor to-
I male trouble! and I..uml them n pen
hit imiiifiiie. My little one al ***
ow.*- (.-ond health and a rosy color to
lh     William-'   Pink   1'ills   cure   .ill
the   troubles   due     tn     | I   blood   tr
slutttei.il    ne. ves.    -uch   a-   iiiiiieinia.
rheumatism,    dyapepeia,    neuralgia,
St Vitus dunce, partial paralysis.
etc., simply because tbey make rich,
red, health-giving blood Bold hi ill
dealers or by mail iit 50c ii
boxes (or fi .Ml (nun The
Dr. Williams Medicine
villa, imt.
ni*|Ui..t ny    litiloie.it.
Tbey t.d.l tbe youngater to sunk hi
feel lu il tub of suit vi liter If he vvunteil
to    toughen    them.      He    Noaketl    lil
Iui u.Is.   too,   with   gotial    results.     ..in
morning his father -■*...i ha woaM whip
him  on   returning  at   noon      At   IIOOU
the  father  returned  ami   found   tin*
youngster sitting In a lull of water.
"What niv Jtui  lining that   fm V"   In-
"Uecauee,"   replied   the   yooagater,
"ynu milil yi-u welt- going to gin* uie ii
llellng'    Judge's  I.llirary.
The Btehop'a Story.
Bishop Sanfonl OtOMtsd of Colonul.   .
at .i dinner lu Denver, sai.l npru|ios ii
Sal,luiPi   hreakiiig. '
"I  wns talking In un eastern cltig
inaii tint other duy iil.un his church -.,
lends w e
"*l   •.np|».«,. •   I   aald.  'that   lu  youi
district rulll affts Is the llllelnl nn c coll
Bltleral.ly '
"lie sinlltsl faintly 'Intle-i-il. ii*»,' In-
aald. 'I Iiiuiili hate n vioaiil m-nl
when It hi t,.i wet for golf or iiiod.r
tlllpr,    1,
"■' 'V mt of my
•N".    I  think  ii
your lata staying
Wo* • F»ult
11 lathei objufl
_,..    -       -   ■ li'Hilil  »„
Without    a    bottl,     ■'
l"|.'|.*'s    |)yH
'"I u_
^^^__      JVkifl
N """    « Id   H  fmm
' "I I
"'"•    »       *  ■    t.lgn   „|        "I
""''•   '■'""•"-    el       ti...',"
nothing like -     ,  „.„,-.'*
'•«""*>   al hai *    „(,„],*
"v.*s mat .uii,*,,1,.. ,.„■
valuable     lives      ,h\/"i
jtained  i.„  „
wm ull lumme-    ?.-.*■■
bos  or six
Co . Brock*
How Ha  Helped.
Ilerlhn llriin.lt   Hu. li n h-rrlil dn-tii.
I hud lusi iilnlit.    I imagined un attgt]
row cbaaed uie. und Just un llie li.ni.l
thing was Mi-mi to overtake me the
Hilly   Blond    I tie her...  BMaatOg  mr
nistnsl to the ii*.* ue?
Berths  Brunett   So, ihr fence
ware trying lo wale  limke down
anil I Woke up    Houston lost.
Woodrow   Wii-
Prinoeton, »n
ii     i'!*-.i,
leplnriin tin |
*...,'.    giving ury
(im   iiniv.*.   ties  lim
late," he said
ny degrees ju *       ;>■   tit
He   Mill,."I
"Well.    Ill    lie
••lllll     |K*I-..|
uie it
i wager Nell will   not give ber-
n. If awav  this  lummer  tin* wav    she
did  In-t."
"How  was  thai'-"
"She and Dick bad their htSSdl together -" much that Nel! got (recklea
mi ..niy one side ot b tr fact
Unit  Free   Press.
She still sits nl brtdfa nt midnight
As tl.** clocks are strlklnir llio hour:
Nor tbouehla nf h.r i...m.- <>r tier (.niilly
To mnvc tier huve the power.
Row often, nh.  how often.
8iiiiiiin-r unit Winter through.
Hns alio aat ti.us .it l.riili:.* nt ml.Ii.Ight—
A>e, B.i.ti..|liii.-e (ill one nml two;
Ati-I bow nften. nli.  h..w t.rten
Throuuh tin* eoldafl h.iure of day
Mus nh,- ntrlvt'it with otli.-re llku tier
For |.i;r-   or prize ut playi
Antl forever nn.l forever
it i.i:.   this i "i our f.tlr land swi-epe
he bride* tha interval dally
Twlxt the Hint.. Mtt.* wakes and sleepe
tlo. she sits still nt hrldgo at midnight,
And prldf tn tier bosom siln,.
For she hn!.In ihe best ecore of n -wrtee
And (I... t.  .i n.nm ni trophy la here!
Cnrolinu M. - iln  Itulwrta In New  York
ill    hard,    mill
having   l„
satin ln their centre—It is her favorite
color—they pay court to her "
"Ah!"    Madame    Vlllefranche    had
stood up. Her hand 'vent Involuntarily
to her heart.
"One enters with hla hat on"—Ihe
sorceress Jerked out slowly—"he keen*
it on—hc advances ns they bow -he
tnkes his hat off—It Is the King  -'•>.
kisses thc hand of the woman In rose-
colored satin—she salutes "
"Mon Dleu!" Madamo   Vlllefranche
suddenly kneeled beside her. Andre, as I      woniou
excited as she was, crawled forward   for?" And
so as not to lose a word.
_L!_?^.H*?:^ ™™n pro-
"Welcome, Vicomte, welcome!"
Andre found himself staring ln the
dim light with Intense surprise, not at
a w v.t in*.| hug, hut ut a young woman
scarcely   more   th'in   flve-ni
dressed In flowing coal-black
which ma.le her wealth of ._..   .......   „, .„ .  _- r:'   ""'". -■'■'"*"' """"7
blue eyes, and darling skin all the ?,'"« fJ"^0-^1 th? CrySt?' ls
more surtl.ng. Her dreas was wide Hffl2____E1__1!_3 T°b ""'
op.-n at thc throat and on her breast .h"Cp T .? ' d '" *n?or~there ara
flashe.I an exquisite diamond cross. lpia|ou»le». ■'' 'es, quarrels, wars-star-
And what 11 figure! Those flowing dra- ^'ng "!on and. 'SJ^SiSZ out ,aB»ln,8t
paries, that step forward revealed a Lh„e„l<ln1K a?d hl" '"Istress-but the
Woman perfectly shaped In every limb. *°°anJn. !!!0 fosecolured satin still
it  ,. ... ti. 1— -  -----
Jour swept in a vision before him. Dleu
Le Vcngeur seemed to be written tn a
scroll of fire round the cat's ruff.
"1 understand," she added with a
contemptuous shrug of her shoulders,
"though I am nol a murqiilsc or a corn-
"You ahall hnve It," he blurted out
with husky petulance.
Bhe put her hand to her dlumond
cross—they looked nt ench other—tho
woman melted Into a defiant reverence.
"The horse of Monsieur le Vlcomte."
she commanded quickly to the girl who
had appeared as If by magic, "(iood-
day, sir. You can pay tho fee to—
And here he was alone   with    thc
shifty-eyed Bile de chambre, who plainly gave him an Invitation to mistake
her for Yvonne.
"Confound you, whnt tlo you    wait
-*" *-'re said Irritably. "Fetch the
SPAVIN    LINIMENT  nn>*.*..
    nt   rm'l.m.wl   Iuiu|m   and   l»l«-tii
i.tit*.. from hnrte-t, l.l.i.wl .iwviti, rurl...
■pita-,*-*, riaSboaa, wwtttty,   .title,, mralaa   *-»'--
inul .wulkii ttir.i.t. coagha, rtr. .-»».• |.*,tl liv
IM <•( .!"•■ Imiii-*. W»rn»iil..d (hr mo.l iroti
il.*r(iil   lll<-tiii.li   Oan   tier   kiun.11.
Tin- animal   trainer
taken suddenly ill. bis
for duty ill bis steel
"Have ymi ever bad any experience
in tin- line-" naked the ownei .*(
the circus and menagerie, with aome
"Not just exactly in this line." -he
sai.i, "but my buaband manages the
beasts nil right, doesn't bet"
"H rtalnly does."
"Well, you ought  to see how
I   cnn   imuiai-e   hi
R.ckihawi and Oandnt.
in the mountain dietrlcta of indit
ihe  principal   veblelea   ..f  pnaeemei
■tune; am e nre  Hie  rickshaw   ami   He
l.i.'.ly. with wI1I1I1 ltu.lvni.I K pl.iiii
bus BMde i>" familiar,    'll.e rtcMbav
4    |*if.In*:    ..ml    pulled    lliroiigh    lh.
tracts nu.i ...i (he r intU leading ou-
ililo  the ct.ilnlir   Iiy   (uur coolie*,  nm
*ho tim..iy  I-  tarried  on Ibe  shi nl
eri nf four nn.l •".n.ellniM alx eoul.e.
-ladille p ain't are at*o 11-e I to Koine ex
.ent, imt in .1 nf the Inhabitants ami
• iiiiic nil elation ua». tbe ri. k«haw and
lanBy The taller is ceoattveted "••
•he plan uf n iM-gh iiox, but longer A
■Kile i» attached tote nml nrt. which i»
long enough lo give a Springy  nmdon
i   lln-t L
told   hv   1111    .' ,
Ihnt* degree-. i
" 'Well.' laid mj   Iru nl   tii]
was  given   lum   !■• * Uliw t»
the   •'"'i"l   bei •   l.«l.
tin*  flt-t   becau
I'lovnlelic-   J..,
Minard'i   Lm.rr.nl.   Luffll
111    n    Pu
"Tbis  alrnw,'
really  better 11
It's   I • * 1 r 11, 111 ,,  .
man "
"What's    the
Saw doff H	
"Twelea doll
Not   mud      ri at hat
Iriend,  foi       man w
am.* —Philadelpli
"I want to talk t v
tbat young in n
father     "When     I  1    Im «i
night' to ymi la
"At   Kl  ti'.-l. ,„]  dal
li'ast .*m\
ob.   thnt   11 .,   a,
ajing     it.-   i*
Why, u  a
when ih,. eoollea
"re walking and (rol
Ihicago Tri-
Minard'a Linimsnt Uitd ty Phyl
nop 1.1 iiiiii bought a cheap bnt "war-
ranted" clock,   ai tbe end of s week I
he rt-turpcd to the shop from which he
had procured his timepiece, with 1111
expression on his fuee, hut Willi evident bewilderment of mimi.
"She go click, cluck, click, cluck! all
light, tree tiny." he announced to the
young woiniiii ivlio nulled mi lilm. "I
Wind all light, sii nice you say. Nei'
lun day she go click, click clack click!
click!   cluck!
"I -a.ike her up--ao!-down ho!
Ion nd so! no good. She stop click
stop clack only go when i slake.
"I aay give tne one less slake, more
click, cluck!"— Voiith's Ckimiwnlnn
That'i What Makes Him Mad.
"Why   nn-   you   always   quaiit-llng
with your 11 Ifc?"
"She Is Slways arguing with me."
"llut ymi  need  not get angry;  Juat
explain  In her In a calm, gentle tone
of vol.e wherein she Is wrong."
ilng     A crt(ssple«*e rests on the alioul
tiers nf the 1 oolte. uud la shifted
ami then from one shouhler tu lh
er for  n-sl     Hv   the
-  ..
e olh-
     command nf the
• only iu charge thla abift ls made al*
rv»|i ti   r QN Mit'i *
"Hut she U never
Nothing will take (he vsrloua so. la'
distempers  which  I In- city und *...«•
elal life breed out of n mnn like '-no
Ing. like direct iiiiiI loving cm
the   soil.      It   lira «s   c
John  HiirriHiglia.
iilncl wllh
nut   (he   priMn. -
horse et once If you gont
1 ir you Sont want te
oting woman ' TZtlLV. Bgu,n "i.'l0 Woman F0' I ta«te a rogue's faro with your mistress
e-and-twenty.   feo'led arter a pause-"she gives orders   ^     teonIf
ck draperies    ° mlnlBtera-ahe makes generals-she      An„ ag he rodo thr0UKh the WOO(!s
„,,,,','t.    tramples on all  who oppose her— the I ,, .„„„ „..,-
°.   .....     '       Klnm   tn    b. -1	
It was therefore a shame that above
her upper I'j-i-tboro was the suggestion
of a duck moustache, though lt added
In llie most extraordinary way to the
weird effect of her nppearance.
"Welcome, Vlcomte, welcome!" sho
repeated, but shs ofTcred hlu no salute save a wave of her flnoly shaped
band towards a chair.
"1 um not a vlcomte," Andre answered doggedly.
"Tben wben did the Vlcomte de Nerac lose his rank?" Bhe asked quickly,
and laughed at bis obvious embarrassment. "Ah, Vlcomte, If I were not able
to divine who my visitors were I should
not liave«a Jrlaket llUn this—" ab« ;iut-
—.... ...... 01111
wears her Jewels—she does not hear
them. What Is this?—yes, lt Is—a
hearse leaving Versailles for Paris—
the King looks out of tho window
above on to tho Place d'Armes—he
shrugs hia shoulders—1 do not see tho
wofcian ln tho rose-colored satin any
more—I think aurely she ia dead aad
no one cares—ah! the crystal tins become dim." She put it down und closed
her eyes.
Dead silence, bul Andre could hear
the deep-drawn breaths it Mudame
Vlllefranche. H',' hands wte twiatoil
In supreme emotion.
"And the face—(ho face of the woman, did yen Uee that?" she usked will*
lt was little comfort to remember that
he had won his wager with Henri, ('mute de St. Ii.ii.. 1
(To Be Continued)
Some strikingly curious population
stetislie- nre now being published 11.
Itxii'u. Some years ago the Italian po
nulation was one of the most prolific
in Europe, and in one period ol
•wenty vtmrs increased frnm 2S.nW).
hOO to 3.1.00n,fW0 Now the tendency is
strongly in the opposite direction,
while, st the snine time, emigration,
wl *i. now roaches n million souls a
yenr. is lenvine whole rural district*
depopulated. The nnturnl Incrense
h*.' declined *nm 7.88 per thousand
In l".U to ''.I in 1006. In the flniirish-
ing industrial districts tliere is soma
nroiressive increase, but in the rurnl
provinces, like I.nbtmn, Auplia, Sicily.
ar*'1 the C.impngna, it 1* vindles down
foot im. and Purllana.
Tlie pilgrims, or. as (hey  nre nften
railed,   the   "pilgrim   fathers,"   were
the seventy four men antl the twenty-
eight women, members of the John
lt'ililii<uin'H church,  who snlleil  In  the
Mn.I tinner    frnm     LsydSO    to    North
Amerleii nnd landed flt Plymouth Bock,
where they founded a colony llec, '2T>.
1(120. The Puritans were the Kngllsh
niilicnnftirtnlsts who enme over Inter,
the name l.eliig given lo them on 11.■• I
count of their aupiKiacd grent puillj j
of di-c'Mue   Ufe  uml   dl*« li.llmi.
Our warm air heat producer for churches snd large I
public building,, po99e„es a jm feiW|
n the fact that i, he, ,wo air course.-.he air travel,,
jrough both the inner and outer coaling,.    All product, |
ol combustion tr\        „  • j.
j |, M c«"ne in direct contact wia
y -Au-W surround the hoi air column*
thus making the largest .uncurl
01 heating surface to evefy
square foot of grate surface
ever achieved in a warm u
heater. The flue construe
tion admits of heat being
forced direct to the mo*
distant and mosl exposed
port of the building lo *-
warmed. ,07
|gggg«H0NCT0fO-^ t, MONTREAL.PO
8?NT8r08ft, VHiKF Wi*    MONTREAL,
VANCOUVER.   B.K. Q|   M   N'i     CALOARY,
Accldenta to your hone,
may happen at any moment
GUT RRADY for emergeuciea.
Buy a bottle of
For Lameness In Horses
Only 50c. a bottle —and aavee
dolluri worth of time by curing
lameneaa of every deacrlption.
At dealera, or from IS
National Drug * Ctwmlcal Co., LlmiUd, j
At  the   Viirinoiitli   Y.M.C.A
Camp, held ut Tusket Pall
111 Aug
iiHt, I found MINASD'i TlNIMKNT
ii" 1 beneficial lor sunburn, au Immediate relief for colic mul t..o|li-
(ienemi Secretary,
« aa l.l nor thoua.jid
Village OOIlStsble (to villager wlin
lind been knocked down Iiy panning
motor cyelint)—Ynu didn't SSS ths
number,  Imt OOUid you Hwenr to the
— Am.
whit JrentT'or'Trt ^f^ Whcnt Wafer.    Dlapl.ee. ordWJ
•orvea, eocoa or ohocoloto,
»°up  aa  a  oroiiton.  with  obeess, P**|
or toileted, with butter.
W.   N.   U.   No.
's   'eurtl   me.
'H.I; but
I don't tliink
Try BISCUIT lor Br.akl..,; TRI8CU|T for LuncNon
A" Qrocara.    18c . Oarton; 2 for 2fc. No
Intant  to   Kill
,   ,,.,.nini*   niuii
""' ,..!, into diffloulty wltli *
;;j|ll„ tough   l«   a   lone Urns
11     n|   ths plaos   and   pro-
'""' „j0 I,,,,,   u|i"   III  11   manner
,  i,,n   tn   tin*  ,* milium
||   I in im*  ii."     i"
vindicate ths maleaty * 1
ff, tidal    wa *    brought
,n the oharge ..i assault
kjl.     When   tin*   juiy
h :,! t two minutes they
i«, dt*
[intent I
Car. Uaad In Handling Fin, Etchjng|
■ nd  Engravinga
. ;;i(;"",,r ■»• *m una* *• b.v, t.,
I""":;HH  "' -wweomen h. thla boat
MM,   retm-rkod a dealei In flue prlnte.
I      ' taken,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,.      *
pl'llltH   fm*   (he  ml,,,I.
'   ■!,.■
"    '    "II     llllll
,."*"•" '» I""111"*: engrevlngi sud
etehfnga  pnietleully
all the in.*,i whuae
P-Wy mf trkmrnm^1
in valuo
Gothic     Pilii    On     Parliament
"Frozsn and Austere."
Win,ni Campbell, In hii
iifiiicii   i-i   the   Jury.
..  in a  familiar,   .fl-
' niuii   have  you  to miy-"
,1 int," tsspondsu
tic the jury, find thai
,,,,|   guilty   of   nil llllll'
•   kill,   bul   simply  to
Jun.- it "   New "i
any i
I ' I
n on*1
J,*„*. snd hs
,      .uif.
,     overworked   Whal     are
i. |...11• I■ • 111• >• and mei-
''I'1'   \ jj ordered  livei   I    one
'V, i i!. one    A dlsordsred
i    i, ordered   I miach
red   stomach   meana
I  ,.    . 1     tha     llflV".        S.Vntelll
I i,ol,  body Into sub-
victim leela sii i. i.n
Vegetable Pllla are
• puaiatilra
I" I.H-
Ul „l     l"'',''1"1'  '''"-Intiiliu!,,!^.
»•■"lli*-.* Itlllil, ;.„,),. K,ld Wll(,      J. ,
"" U,fl   >""   'fJi-M   -nv  p„„,L I
'In.ltni.iM 11, ihi,
"> tmi „       ure VJ< 0|
WW Made* in mtay
lltficl   .nd   llyl,,,   „
»«noui ptieea, in l„rm.
nting me, U„ wamtg,
mm .,„| c h i 1,1, P n
. I    mine
|„.l„*l K"1   '"•'""
Women   Vou   hove
,wn,    ynu    iniii*.lu
ui I  thoaa  i", "I.
never drlea     nf
"'"■>" In ihia ii,,..
«"   ......ll.* 11 .„,, he aafelj    ,W ,,,,,
 "' hum*, of only  two ul  Ihem
" "'"I"11  i   Durer baa -i., ink
f""> 'lrl'"-    And ymi ki i Is «
'""» ' «*s tbey were aiiva    n
li»« been uur riequenl exp ■
,1*1V>' Prlnte fully 200 y..,ir,i old ihow
ilgna timi ti,,. mk m,in i „,„,,
tere in It, M »,. i„m. |eBrne(|
com in aeelng ihem rubbed
"A I"11   whether be be a profea-
'"'"' •'' •" timsteur collector, ran tell at
■ * r "wl « i".'.t has bad another
one pulled ... n.*- ,,   ror to bl
'"'""'l eyea the telltale marki ol lhe
ink baring heen drawn across ■ blank
I™ s tbe paper are aa clear e* a ?,' ' '" '" " '"■-"'"'■" a boj   and
ll«bl   Thai la why we keep , r ,„„ '..''." , >"'■>"!-'.   who   came
'   Print* I" toies thai Joai ut tbem bled   „', "T,.i"       "" "'li'"
, "■ < inlaid eS        • • , ;. ;::':
, I '"""", ' ne below    it IMaM  ippl,      ,„,|   llh ■ ho„  , .„.hi. ■■
Bol it is |,,st aueb trlflea tint     »°u don'l ache; you oidy thinl
r mai ti,.* hale ..( „ , j gu(   " -  bo)   looked    up      a;ing     'Bul
Ho Had  It
■ lHh'" '-ii   ol   i, convei mn.,,
'•"aneed to lieai  between a boj
1    t hri i,.in    Bel mtial
iiu band   V
I     .|l,n      lam .
uapeot    I
,11    (latt
|  i,ia'.,.
j iirlnt
i-irti, thooaands of dollars.'
irk  I'i.
I     ■        Iff '*   Smith   is   via
Northern    Ballwaj
trains   between Kd
JJ   Winnipeg   and   Ht.    Paul
roping   ('nr   aenrioea
Compart nt   Libit i. in      cura     between
IM     .     I    St.     I'liul.        Male     \,i,l
* Saskatchewan Valley
I tun  laiuls?    ll  not,
a   trip   out   there   thi-
igeat will Im* pl... ..I
milh   u,l"i mati'.n.   <>r   write   C
,. wi   Ar -   General  Pa
If   ll   It   Not
ried tl..*
beha-ee I'll
■ uhl,"
uhen   ita
. -mull
my'.- lathai
IV 11 11      V • iu
replied thi
nil ovei in *
'■   I'hiln.l.l
$100 RP.WARD $100
„.,..   ' ■:. . i-i»r .ill to timmi lo toi
... inmAmt dlwi-t... thai riwrt
ue la all iu mmm. mi o..t:.
• • .i.i,b Cor. oi tb. ml, pa-eM«a
,. " .■    D..-I  ■ .1    frMr.B.l,       I'fct*!,*.
i immo,  r**a<t*. a .«»*•..la
H. ! • I ■thrill t.,.  It tmlnn Ift.
.  .   t.a   lit* bb.4  aa*    ..IBM
■ '     . . .l.ii.   IWrv^r iamUiil.. U» !■ „l
ma  ...rl  «*.i»* tl>» i«ll*«t m,..at*
. ■ >t!t«tlnQ   uImIAIi, n.l.ta
,    it..   f?.T^1^.*» b... mi mv.
.    ...- O..I O .,   nlt„ ,*M 11..
 mm, Ibe, tl ImiU to Mr*   hand
inomom   ■ .!.
i j fitiaeieco.. Toi««e, a
I m tt.it ** We
■ Ul. (ulli mie Ito en
Y-Jurt,  Do  Your  Beit
Acquire   11.
cuiti' ,iti.,„ of cordiality snd pop-
BlSHtj    e..ll>    hi   life   lllll   |,.*,t,.  „   k.reat
deal to tin -tiiii one's advancement,
comfort un.l bapplneaa
it I*, n mortifying thing t., bars a
Kl,niii feeling in tin* deptha ..r one'i
heart ami jet ,„,t be able tu eipreaa it
t*. re|».| iieopla .then one baa ju-i the
oppoalta feeling toward tbem To ba
in. aaed In an i> | exterior «,.h a mall]
warn,    l,,'.,,t    s   ■   u„„t   ggfortunsU
s-n:.,* people here a repellingexpree
alnn in their fScee ami manoer wblcl
u • . snstanl enfaarraaamenl lo r ti.-nt
tmi tbey do not aeem able to *■
It.   Thla l» largely doe to a '
curly training oi tu the fm t thai tome-
ttmea tbeee people bare i»*<*n reared
In the Country, nway  fr..m  th.* great
(eaten 11 ■ .  tbej do
a the :i■ i■ antaga of aoi I'd ln-
tarcoone, and lo rooaequenre
eoM ...nl appeei nnaympetbetle uhen
'• r.'ti.v it ppu-ilte
It  l*<  a   ten    llfBcull  tbllg  '
rtuiie tbeae bao( ■  pa t",t tht
(Inn ..f 1TI.-I  tl 111. ..( a  del; |
khiiiiv feeling tmi ani every bod. will
(p. f..r t... pen np tbe hurl exterior ho
that ibe aool ran c\pr'?'« itaelf   Boe*
'* '• Hit*
re got inside Information,
Help youi children to *.-r.i« atrong
■ '    by    f.ani.ia■ ting  any-
i <--    ,11    health     Ona
'■■ • i ■   ,:, children , *
••■"'in-    Kemtivo   them   with  Mothm
Worm     Exterminatoi       it
,,. vei  i
Harry, .. brighl youngater,
told lo In mothei that he i
Kivi I,,,,, tu,* oenti loi a doaen
cued fi mn the Boora, thu
iting In ,  yeai old babe,
, l».    \h.      prolt
daughtei  getting "i.
Do you il.u.k  aha
great    ingi i
Mai ,„,.   it   i-   v. i
a|i|~-   Itut    aurely    ahe
.     ..(    tl.e    t| II
teh '    Y. s, madam, ahe
I'hiladelphia  Inquirei
mothei    wil*-   lm
lahlets       III,.I    hhe    Will
no otber n
\-,i*   pledfe vmi tu ir ».ud
*.   I    *.* -
■cn.irant.-e  .■!
•    ilmt    Baby'i Own
. no opiaV
-tul!       Th
*..*    ami    cure    all  tba
•    ..( babies nn.t  v.**ni *
I      I.    1     Ken    '
Haliv'- (iwn Tal.
i»*-t all rmiiel medicine
mid children  I kn
,.   nmi,end   lheiu   lo
mv   nun  experience
*   ,i .   d<
. bos i.  i
ine   I    .  Hi--, kviii.
nr i.i crawl, limn finding
"W I,.*.! will \",i .1" witl, the i ley
when  •...,) earn  it.  Harrj • ' he
"With th* firal    r,v m-." .-.*,,.I
H     .. promptly, "I'll buy a papei
i-  and    eatter  them  all   over
tlie Imn . "   Harpei - Weekly
A»k  for  Minerd'e  end  Take  no  Other
\   bluejacket   three -I t- in th**
vviml wai creating a big dieturbanoe
ia only aftei  tin*
i ■■ .11. * -man had arrived on tie*
•   that he waa overpowered and
the -ix afterward eaeort-
ing him on board hia ship    Saluting
the i'ii,.**,  ol the  watch aa  I** il  lie
could, he n i
bl    hix    |ihli. •■nun    'board,
ahii "
Vmi mean  they  brought  you  i n
"Beg tn differ,    ahir     I    In..uch;
Ihem, -h,,    I -inrounded them, ahii."
Illustrated  Bit*.
i take v..ui cigarette
ii mouth     l* then* hui	
it th.- end ..l H*
deal.  inv-eii
•   in*   happy while you
Then   do   not del i
• d Holloa
all kinda "i * orn
I allure   with   it   i-   un
«. I told ymi   h   lea
* mployod   that    ha
my wages ,,, exnontli
ind  didn't   lie'
ll l'l,I-l II. hi
ami     nn-.'
In   '
by    thai
i     billing
j,*. "
t M,-,rd*, Liniment in tha Houie
ptllii, *
Ittl I
members   ..( tbs relch
hiniiclie.i n movement to
i orraina CPrtnoe'a   leal
a   grand   auohy, uud to
i - -fi I hnn. Prince
li ch, un die throne ss lhe
grand duke.
\Hair Vigor
\u\H[S H,,r Vl«0r W»» «00d'
'ne *\m that was made. Bui
*y<rs Hilr Vigor, new im-
fr°v<-d formult, It better. Il
!J'"«one great specific for fillet*. r" A new prep«r«iU>n In
«»  y way. New £ot{le   New
\Z  t,s' Ask your druggist to
Lgj   '"nee Iht color of iht hair.
'•m«U with auk belli*
a    aaow u ,• #«ur
A.k kiei ak«t II,
.... Aomb.my.
The Horee'e Anceatora.
Ii.t.r- i.t  ii. ■ .   dellgbtn]
rt ttl, tin* dtatlngulabrd gpoealog] »iii. li
gaologlata bar* completed fnr tbat
v I  aiilinal      At   leaet  tbe  name- of
tbe I atora i-hik \.*rv di-tin-
gnlabed Her* Is tbe IM, wltb tbe gao
i..h*i' .ii area Is « hi b em h lived
rninretl by Profceaol v, s Rice Mn*
line ot decent beglna with Qyre.
rlum end Bohlppoa .*f the lower am ene
1 )..*,i folio-* Protorohlppua aed
Orahlppns 'f the middle aorene; Ki-i-
hl|-|'..h i.f tl |i|"*r  ne.  M.*i..lil|>-
poa „r ti„. i,up-, tm; us bltberiuni of
the lower iiii-eiie. rarahlppua, Proto-
hlppas  sad   I      I   ; PUS  Of  the   middle
an.l upper ,,,i.«.■■,.*. and Bnally Bquoa
,,r u and the quaternary,
(torn vviii. h tin* modern bone dliertly
■ ndi     lli| (a,'..'ii  anil  lli|.|.Mluni
represented ■*.,,* Ienl dde brancbee that
ih.hi h nin iii deoraedaata,
More Leughter, Let! Su.cdei.
i,iiih,.,i,,L..      - of i, igbter
ninni.t ih* o ted    It ahekea up
th.* .1 apbragm. seta tb* pulae* b
tn    a    lively    llica-llie     -(ilnlll.ltes    th*
i.i -,i , erpora m* eoUveoa lb* brain
and aometim*** produces dlalocatlon ..f
die }aw vitie,, Indulged In I
hy a man  «ith a  large uhmiiI.     l'-.tl
tilth dlerretlofl lengbter is sa Inep r
Ing nt n ».ti breeoe, «< i-efreablot ss
in Aiiitii-t abowec    it*, moral effect Is
|lO.V..I..I     f.l,i|i',t.,tlell.       It     lUU     killed
mora  rhUcutou* aqwrettthms  bj    la
ting roara of oobdlef than any
otber iiifuiv    W bal eas be  re de
rtajve than a la-wbl n..* mas wbo
laughi m rer k.u- blmaett   Bxchangi
Living Up «o Hie Nam*.
A tent her ,1, a   . •--!'•» II h"-'l l» I1'"-
tmi had among bei pupils s colored
boy   no 1   llalph   Wslde   Bmeraoo
Longfelloa U in* was sbeeol en*
Bondsy, ah* aaked lb* ckias if any one
km*" iiic reason for hi- sheen. •*.
**i ret km. 1 do," 1.1 id one small, -*•*"*-
nmi looking boj
■whii in lbs reaeou, Jobi -
-1 gueaa in*'-< 1 »' errttlng poetry."
responded Ib* boy, with ■ dellfbted
tbnckle   Voutb'a Comimnlon
Famoui    Emblem    That    Ado.ne    the
Meenchu.ette Stelelwu.e.
A codflah can-I  la  wood  I '
wall ul lb« M 1    1
tra Not Violent in Acl
,,-.    when    they   vu-1,   lo
... th.-  itomach,  resort  t**   Ep-
-.•in an.l other purgali 11	
1 It  ,11 then action, but aerve
uuan.nt i*iK..|     Theii  ii-* pro-
lm*.-  incipient cbilla, ami   if    por-
,,i  1,,,'v   injur,*  tha  itomach
1 * they acl upon th* inteatinea
benel    J    waj       Parm
.l.l.- Pilla anawer  all   purpoaea
in till ,..*! Lav*.* no auperior
th.* while tnabojpiuj
, ,r repreeeotative*
in Uu*
1 uf
lesk   uf
°* make our new Hair Vigor It
J'uvethe alighitat effect upon
na J ,lle h,lr*   you m»y eee It
■*« (tiiV"' '"/ length of time wilh-
ItUlai h.|! ch*n*'n« the color.    Stopa
■— .."r- Curea dandruff.
'*"»•«. 0. Agtt Ofc. 1*.^ M^—
itatebouae In Boeton Between
daealr plllsrs II occuple* 1 P
honor, directly oppoelte tba
Z pi-eeldlng offlcer, Tbl. wood« A»J
,1 original sacred eodneii
ami H ba* sealatei
,r n„. lawmaker*
more tban it cen
In the reiiewneil
or tin* Old Colony,
nt the dellberatlona
,,r m . amehuaett* for
, i-*-"--*th^a',TXiM
ht     t,,n '  '
in   which , W "'" 1 ""' .'
    tree* ^ lbs ''"-'";>","
The   follOWlUg "i"1   "f   lH  """
la mt en in 11 Itoaton psperi
'■•a::;:.i «"^"-;
•eatnr I carver ol lb* c
w*,..mI cnrvi   01
it it .* mi
_ imtaro.  I
llthi-.l 1,1
raine ii-
etl iWh    H< »"s "
I,, wss rall-ml ""
to «ntrlb.ite to the deeo«tton of th.
article of export Cnptaln Welcn
, .,. iden of Immortnllslng
I ,1|T :„„i colored so aa W
IDd was hiiuK
lliulle   Of   life
wall Of tbe assembly Imn.
a fin1
,„,   th-*
;   old  h- .," said the priaonei
1 want you t" paj partition while  I'm a-makiiiL*
• menl
"Hunt address the eoorl a- 'Bill.'
tatice, "01 I'll lim- you
■■ iu|it
"That'a all right, William." replie 1
a* wu/ growed up to*
L'.thei an' I reckon you leel a- dignified a- n alligator on a log in a
millpond up thai. bul el you decide
agii  heaven help
when  I  ketch you In tha middle •■'
the road    ii 1 with V".n proceed
\tlaiiia Constitution.
11.   World    I-    Full nl Pain   The
a,,1   peine   that   afflict    hu-
nanity are many nnd eonatant. aria-
(rom  a  multitude   ol    Indiitin-
.•iii-hahlf   inn-,"-,   but in the inniii
•wing t an'a negligen«   in taking
health     lh   Phomaa' Ee-
.ta- the outcome "( 11 until cry I**,  aome   specific   which
would  ipeedilj   relieve pain, and  II
ha- filled it-  miaaion to a remark-
' ;,.*.*.
Doubtleaa Prinee Pushii f Jap ui
made tin* acquaintance .■( Highland
■lipers  In the eourae "l hia vi-it  t-.
ind     l.   .-  recalled   thai   Lord
John    Ruasell,    when on a viail  to
Queen Victoria   at   Balmoral, a-ke 1
11 ,   m.,.,. n'-    own    pipet  (•■  hav*.*
tie plsy In hia preaanoa
Whal kind ol piper -I" you want-"
, ked the man.
iu 1 auch anothei   as   youraelt,
.ui.1 the  Bngllah  -tat.-man
Drawing himaell up, th,* musi,nni
I   grandly     "There'*   plenty   -■
like  vuiii-fl'.   bul    very    lee
i,i,,   ,,„■ "   Cleveland I sadei
Itch,   Mange,  Prairie Scret. het  snd
ivary mr... ut contagious Itch on hu-
n«n  or  animal*  cured  in  30 mtnulei
uy   Wolturd'e   Sanitary   Lotion,
\   prominent    Unerican   politician
,,.|„tf- tl„* following atory   "Once,
i„. -at-. -I  told  three neg a lhal
I ,i give a big turkey   to   the
who'd give  the  beal
tain* „ Republican
"The Ural one  mid
.,,, kaaa da 'Publleana boI wa col
l"lk" f"''      ,   „ .   ■       ii
Very jood, Pete,   said I
Hill, let me heai Irom you '
" 'Well, I'ae a Publican kaa* -I
gib ur- a pertective tariff.'
" •• I',,,,." I excli I     Now,
a-hat hav* you to aaj '
• ■!•„,... • aald  Bam,   I  -* n
i i.,. | wants dat turkey
reason f."   Ins
['aa n Tulili-
■y' .f
•I'i ihi.
Mi    vviiiiiti   i;aiii|ii..||. now
proHe   wmk,    eloquently    deaeribed
j many Canadian aoenea, In rich wm.l
; pleturea. The Mmiiimu Provinota lm
i ipeaka ol a- a "region ol much Bee-
line   ui  bold,   rugged  ahorea,   iml.lt.
I I"""'-*'-uih.   ami   vnst   hen  uiiirsheh    It
i is ii region teeming with hlatory nn.l
\ legend " Tha peraonallty and achieve.
i ment* ..I Howe and Haliburton eoms
in   Inr   unstinted   lamlatiiin.    The   nt-
tran*(»na ol I'rench Canada receive a
jiiHt meed of prnise. "There is a charm,
a aunintnesa, nn nrtistic quality, a
real love of life nnd itfl Imppineaa
among her peorile which Reenii itndly
i wantlpa elaitwher* upon this continent." In the ehn^tr iiptui Mont-
r.*,i' imtvever. the nutlinr xetfrctn tha
i "I'llit.n   nnd   the   character   ol   the
I donation of the Prench-Canadiana
Ottawa, th.' canital, hnn prompted
Mr   Campbell  lo some of his    beat
n Intlve    writing    and    most   an*
thuaiaatic aentenees,
Worthy ot  Preservation.
II.* bei level tha atonea ..I Ottawa are
no les worthy ,.! pmervation In lit
aratura than were ti,,. htim.-s ol Van
lee winch Ruakln hsa praoerved lor
i"* b rity The maenlfleenl Oothic pile
-ui Parliament Hill is described a..
Been 'nun mnny points
"The main building, snproaehed
from tha Ironl on a brighl winter
ini-ht, haa been much admired It
aeema t" atand oul on Ita creel >.f bill
like ii dream m itone, Irocen and aua
tore an the Canadian winter nighl It
sell And vet Ihih building i- ii- much
B pari **f the   .'.I world ns any edifice
In mediaeval buill  Rurope.
"Perhapi ihe loveliest view to be g«t
o* thia building la by approaching it
Iroi i tb* Irant, In ona ol those still
w,*,ti*r evenlnea, when the sun hns
...i •.. tt„. ,,,..! Df ii„. Qstlneeu Halla
"- ' 'in* .■'"■<.ii and orange afterglow
-'ill li. r- alnna the ridge **( th* wei
tem aky   Here In the ateely evenln*
H ••     -*it..|v      building,     its     windows
nl'"1''   ''.•.*•*    i   it- pinnaelea and
lower* hi" tladdin'a palace or a cry*
atalllaed laim dream.
Djlicte   Tracerv.
Behind the ihedowy outlines nt the
w>.-*..in   end   the   treea,   denuded   "f
their verdure, -tnnd n delicately pen-
el" ' tnicerv ni-niiist the exti,i, -,1,
h' and cold of the winter evening,
and fn-* above and over the edge "I
the horixon burn out ste,t,l(.*i.st and
h*:••' • the wintry item."
"Tl" r ii*... Season*- and Woods"
I*     ;•   ..ir...!   uonne  eTcellent   writinr
'.' here •■! e In the whole vtorl.l
ire the •.   * * ,   .ns of the wheel-
Ip* -rear more hesntiful nml diatinc
tive than In Canada."
"When   the  hei"ht   of  the  mid-.'".
o.er    jh    oa I    ll.....    Ih.eins     to      inv
I    the   mot   .1 -livhtf'il   season   of
II ' '. ..-ir the rich, rine iVv*
\, l.l. .1... r ,.! .( .en h'.**..m.*.l hei*.*"'.
.'   .*       ■ Una   • I....Is     K   I-   pn-*    M     *
o»-- ..- .    ne nn| of door* hv fi-'l
'    .'   u I-, r    It,   Ihem  I'l.-.s    th*
whol*   ol   o'.r   -^-"a-toin   world   t"ll
on a veil  ■■' deliehtfnl elnmnur.
A  Si'enre  and   Pear*.
"Over tl,,* countryside there reata a
ailenee .'ii"! a peace that ia ut ..not*
glad and mournful. All nature aeema
in n tni*'"l "( quiet contemplation   ll
,s the tune ol th* vear when men
ihould forsake desk nnd counter ami
tl -.inlii.1 cue nl the h.i.-y street
m.d pet out ol doors away, alone,  in
Bome deep,   I  wood, ..r  by  some
wide   water;   wh.-n   they  ahould   gel
nway. (or a time, where the chains nf
care cannol flank, where tln-y may
...'•itsur.*   the   P Ity     strife     nml     the
ihrivelled  ambition  In  tbe  l.cht ol
the vn-t apace* and the eternal si-
lenee Thi* i- th* truest medicine. Die
h.. t -ih.,■,(',,• (or the nverape life-jaded,
toil-ridden mnn."
Walkine   to   Canada.
Two little girla. who were found ie*
eently   by   Monmouth.-hue   full..*,   mi
the roa.l near Tredegar in a diatreaeed
condition, t. >1>I a remarkable atorv to
the poliee Their names are Kluu
beth nn.l Elsie Taylor, aijed 11 and '.<
ni*- respectively, and tbey eeid thej
bad tramped Irom Bromyard in Hera
furshir.*. a distance of about 70 miles,
tccarding t<* theii atatement, then
mothei biting dead, and their lathei
having deaorted them, they set out
eight daya »*-'" with their brothel
aged if., wuh the Inteatlon ol going
to Rhymney, where they believed
they had an aunt living, nml with
the lurthei Ides ol being forwarded
tn anothei aunt in Canada. They hud
Inet iln* oompany ol their brother nt
Rhymney Bridge, and then, it aeemed
got  off then   rse on  H  road   which
would   have   taken  tliein   to   Newport
Th.ir brothei appeared t.> have foraged for them mi the way. nm! tbelr
pilgrimage had nol occasioned Inquiry till cold hiincry, and travel
-taine.l they were lountl crying by
the road.-ide
The Kaffir* Mix In a Lot of Fun W.th
Their Genaroeity.
The gentle  Kefflr when  he does I*
Come I'hiisllaiii/c.l   has his own  Idea*
of  lhe  Ik-kI   method  of  mishit,'  fun.l-
for tbe aupport of tbe "cause."  Prom
tbe auhjolned deecriptlon ..f a native
meeting sent bome by u mlaslonary u
w.iiiiii BPimar that native generoally
altbougb of a rougb and tumble char
in*,,'-, ,s dlslliictlv productive Of ways
umi means;
"Recently i attended n native ten
meeting, at which more than EU was
raised by tbi* very i»'.>r congregation.
-il  way ,.f doing it wns cbaracterla
ti, ami amualng, They paid 2 abUtbiga
to  sit   down   t»   tea.    Then   some   one
would pay .i abllllnga r..r sucb snd
aueb a mnn tt> be required to cot up
ggaln and leave tbe table. The man
thus assailed would pay .'In. 0d. for
Icate to sit down again.   There won a
a|ieclal table nt which hIx could sit.
paying SU extra shilling ench fnr the
privilege. They hnd Just got seated
when a man paid 7 hIiIIUhl-s to clear
tbem out. and they paid niinllier H shll
Hug* to sit on. mul so It went on.   They
arrange nil this themeelvee, and this is
tbelr way of giving b> tbe cause. One
mnn hnd n tin ..f sirup.  He said he
would |.ay - Shillings to P'.nr It over
am.ther men's head who hnd got blm
Self lip well In 11 large Collar, etc.; this
man paid .'I shilllnss to lie let off, the
tirst man 1 shillings iiguin to do it, the
Other B shillings tO escape, the lirst (1
abllllnga to do It ami did It. nml, oh,
tbs laughter and tbs mess?"
Hii Opportunity.
Ardent Swain (to object of his nffeo
lion! For several weeka post I have
been trying to s|>enk to you, Misi
Roes, but you never guvo me tin
.-hiuice of putting in a wurd. I there-
lore gliully nvnil myself of your lc*u-
porary hoars.*n.^s to muke you 11
afler ol marriage.
Had  Many Exciting Adventures During Hii War Against Crimlnali.
Alter twenty-six  yeara' exciting Berime at Bootland  Vuni Deteotlvi
gfiint 'Hennas Oregory, known .in *Li.*n-
Ueman 'iom," baa ju.-t ratiri I on a
lull pension, In hia time Oregory m-
,*   1 ■•!   n,any   notorioua  ciimiiiui.-.   Ue
captured a gang known iin Um
"( a bine t ol Clime," and undi i arhoae
guidance ull hit robberiea wt re c u
in.l out, Oregory wm, giiud will, u
laeility f... diagulalng and he appeal
ed in many atranga oharaotera, In oritur to enter un.l ruid a club in Boho
In* waa given the tusk of gaining iui-
mittanee to tha premiaes, At un ap
polnlod time, dreeai d aa s p.sir old
man.  bl   waa  lu chiiig up nguiimt tiio
.l.sir, laden with a basket oi ground-
ael The doorkeeper, n pugilist, knocked bin. OVSI Into the rond. Tint this
gave the wa.ting ofticers an opporl .*
ity ol getting Inaide and eftecting their
miaaion In order to ke«p observstion
on oartain housea Oregory nlten
ml..pled the role ol a pavementartiat
One lummer, for weeka be might hava
been aeen daily  outside the Oeneral
l'u 1..II.,..*     us     a    hoot-cleuuer,     un.l
eventually ha brought off tha arrc-t
..f ii gang   I btaining the position of
Valet  to  a  wealthy  coiner,  who  k.-|it
a mansion in Westminster, Oregory,
with other offiocra, oontrived s big
oou\b (oui ooniaderatea being aant to
peulu aervitude V.*t Qretory himaell
• lul not eacape arrest. Ono* atbib
lounging ah mt Portland plaoa di* * d
in rag* he waa arrested and taken to
Mitrylebone Polio* Station u.- a vagrant. A Bond Btraet oapture ia quite
a dramatic little story Ona morning
(.rego,*, iiotiiv.i in iionil atreet e landau top outside a Jeweler'a ahop. A
wmi,an dreaaed In the heigbt ..f fashion alighted and h.oke.i mto the window She -.mellow attracted the detective'.*, attention, and wu.s aoeq t"
drop ber parasol through the grating
undei the window The shop aa ,*■(-
ants notioed her trouble and came oul
•o help h.-r recover the article. No
.oi  *r   1,'c!   the     left   the   shop  thnn
two "an lie" onterad  and  proe led
lo fill  their pockets with   fewelery.
The  detective  got   assistance  and  nr-
rest«l all three, who turned out to be
old  convicts.
British   Briefs.
There are 30,000 people in Kugland
who have lost one or both lege.
At the la.-t i n.-u.- there were "lily
two widowa under ut veil teen ill England.
London's aniiunl meat ration ia over
tnn.iHio (..ns, and th- li.-h eourae
weigha ovei 100.000 t,.,,-
Th-rc i- talk in Kugland ..f celebrating the bid nteiiaiy ,,f the birth of
Charlea Weeley, which occurred Dec
The Dreednoughl haa lour Bcrewa
and two rudders Owing to th* sim
pliciiv uf her turbine enginea -ho enr-
liea   fewer men  than  other  lingo  battleship*.
Scotland during the last tan yeara
ha- grown wealthy in ic-n,. -   more
lain.lly   than   baa   Knglnnd,   the   rates
■ if increase heme B0 i»'r cent in Boot-
lend and only II |ht cent tn Kugland
Sundtr   Night  Lunches.
lhe Suiiiiay night iuu.*h ibould he i
•tuple meal wbleb nt|Ulres tint little
time or imrl, Oue family always
ser.es   it   durum   tbe   warm   suuiiuei
iiunili- o.i a plea-tent, acraeuad i*onb.
Circular nickel trnys. with a fringed
i;,,ii..,i..,,. are passed, wbleb saves aet
tlUg a table Sandwiches, olites. flesh
rootle* or take, w ith lee creuiu. leiuou
:itle or other fruit Juice, conslltutes the
customary meat wltb occusiouully tha
addition of a salad.
There is always aueb n variety of
imiilwit lies to choose from that tbej
need never bacome monotonous.
Chopped celery atl.l.sl tu a salad
dressing   makes a  most il|i|K*Ilr.illg fill
Ing: ni-** lettuce, peanut batter, chop
IxM nuts with salad dressing mnl or
tuge   marmalade,     t'uid   meat   rua
tbrongh •*, meat chopper and seasoned
is ii go,,,I tilling.
Koiueiiiiie* olive* or sweet cuciimner
[il'klet nre chopped tine mid lidded to
tiie uuiii (chicken, ham. tongue ot
lamiii. with cough salad dressing to
spread easily
I'rult anted »*liti crisp wafers makes
.i pleasing lunch    Pineapple* aud apri
enls. tipples haiiatias uml celery, or
anges <>r grines with celery nnd nnta
ire nil nl.v for s-iind*.
Where the Relief Would  Be.
I>r. Story, tbe latt  principal of ..'las
gow university, taking* holiday in the
co.iutrv ..lift*, was met by the minister
nf the district, win. remarked: Reiki
principal!  Ymi berel   Why, you u usi
come ami relieve me for n day." lh.*
principal replied, "I don't promise to
relieve you, bnt I might relieve your
Coming and  Going.
"What kick have you ngninst car
rleil llfel"
• \\VII. If I don't keep my wife dress
ed In the height Of fashion 1 have troll
hie with her. ami If I do keep her
ilrcsscl In Ilu* height Of fashion 1 have
trouble wltb h.*r dressmaker."
Her Loei.
•tfinnva-'Rdlth Is so sorry she took
TTeil.ert's ring hack to price It Pen*
lope Why soV Chidys 'Why. the Jew
t-ler said seclne ll.-rl.ert hadn't Ix-cn
In to settle for It. ns be promised, he
guessed he'il keen It.
99.90* Pure
—That'* what makes
SL George's
Baking Powder
io satisfactory. It t* the purwt
Cream of Tartar Baking Towder
that Science cun make.
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National Drue * Chemlcel C*.
II    of CattetU, l.uiiltcd,  MoulreaL
Over Japan Teas is so pronounced that
tea oritios have nothing but praise for
It on a teapot Infusion.
Every loaf la unoo'ored, undootor-ad and of virgin purity.
LB»D PACKETS ONLY. 40a, 50o aud 60o Par Lb.        AT ALL OROOBHa.
-Scenes   ot   Buslle   and   Excitement   At
Montreal   Wharv*».
■>' .• the big hunt comes near, tlu,
bulk,   to  th cluing  ol   Uu*  mun   on
the wharf, beeum-aa tnonatroua.
1 he p * - .nc crowded on tbe
decka.  liach elaaa baa i'j. own quar-
even   a   con.innn  Sipei ii Ul a,
h common pt ril, doe* not break down
the rigidity 11 ,*., te, which in Britain
i • deemed to i„* the foundation ol o
eu.l order,
It is a cheer* sight, on a bright afternoon    On   the   upiwr  and   eecond
angera  are  looking  to
drs's not expect emotion in a Brat
elaaa paaaenger, bnt tin* aeoond cabin
may 1.- allowed to flutter its hand
kerchief a little in greeting to Mend*
•■ii ihore
Por   while   the   steerage   passengers.
■ilu* in.* landed al Quebec, and come
">> bv trnin. have no friend-, to greet
thnm. . i „i,   js  ranerall;  the  case
ir.lonH_t|,erp  qeems   tn   be  a  law   bv
which proeperlty extorts the read;
"To him that hath shall Is* civ.*ti."
- fri   id- on the diatant shore.
Pa-isen*?er5 Troop Ashore.
The iMnewavs nre 011t, and the pa -
eneer^ troop down them
What confusion1 What c isfis ol
•••>n-»<*hm-»-nt Por the -h.'I- arc in a
terrltil,. litter \t the moment of this
pnr'io* lar evnerience the strike t- on,
nnd the rnoil- are piled in all direc-
ti""     ' ••■*. .1*.-piKgiedy.
Across the hues and boxes and
pnekio"  ensec  band*   are  cl;i.-p..l
In the more intimate relatlorwhip*
there is the kiss ot welcome, which
Boecial teenl Ibbotaon and tbe Customs officers delicately refuse to be
nvmre  of
One hc-tro the fine accent nf the cu1
livated   Knclishtnnn—a    littl"    I
'Waa Imow." and witb the anggeatinn
<tt an Indulaenc" which will tolerate
e**".!*-    •'    *'■    .,..!..notion.
r   P   R   Boecial  -Vgent "Harry" Ib
botaon, ipiek and span, civ.*-   ■
timi-  in   regard  tn  trains  and  tickets
ami  baggage, nol  beaitating,  at  the
same  time,   to    lay    glowing    tilings
about tie* Northweat, lo which moal
nf the  Britiah Brsl  and second
paaaengert ara doing   The ladiaa ai-*
a little exeitPd, nnd n-k six *| MotM
in  one   breath    This  doe-   not  'li
pos,. Mr Ibbotaon In the leant He
calm- the fear. He aoothea the ner-
vou- c ndition brought ..n tin..ugh
newneea '*f environment.
In a twinkling he makes the crooked thine strnirht He arrange* f*ir the
hotel, f.-r the exprees. Ior the baggage, fnr the cal. it liicli will win-1
the ladiea out >•! tbe dirt and dii-t
an-' oonfusion ol the wharf.
Customs Not Too Curious.
The enst.un- offloere, t.sv. nre not
too curious in regard to baggage
Then* ia ne.*' any need to aeareh
the bnggnce nl tbe steerage paaaen*
ger-.  t r things,  but  there might   I**-
dutiable goodi In the trunks ol the
delicate peonle in the upper rank.    \t
the   •*••.,■ time, there la cantloua ind
.       idernte  handling,  nnd    the    pi-
seng-rs are nol  irritated  by  um
sary queetioning,
Theie i- e curibua intoxicatinc ct*
feet in being i. lea.-e,I from uae and
wont,  and  feeling  tbat  you can do
whit you |.|ea-,* with your life un
hinder   1 l.v rule, or the order of tiny
fellow -creature.
This i- aeen In the vivacity of tin .
young gentlemen  who come nut  unattached   They are in n men*.   I
Tbey tip ti man In tne moot
(eneroua way  Thej order a cab with
a •'■ ..ir nf nol earing what II .*o-t.-
They a-k fnr the beal hotel, and v.v,
cabby u dollar without thinking ol
•-I... i.*-,'
And whi!,. thev wait In the city
they      the  s!'*ht<   and  drive  about
ii     drop in at the hieh-cla - ban
N .t n tew of them hive Irienda win
■ *    i "-.' them to the St     Iai
cy b  where they enjov the privileges
o( tenin"•*.rv   ' b  r-tiip.
Then th'v disappear, and the great I
Wa t -wall '.*- Ihem up
You have heard of biscuits—ind
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nu MOONEY'S. Yours will get
ihem if you ask.   In I & j lb. pkgs.
#*<' nesNt-r BiicuiTiuNDi c;
4 sTaarroie   cimidi
Kendall's Spavin Care •■"■
Mr re it j :«t one case
out of thousands-*-
Uamiota, Max.,
March tv 'a6.
"ThU it to testify to
tie vnlueof Kendall •
Spavin Cure aa a
Spavin Remedy and
' uiment fur grnei^l
i2ae. I u«ed it (or
Spgviiji on a colt two
yeart mgu, and found it a complete core.**
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■>. I   J. iMSitl Cs.. imxtm-t fsto, Hmm\. U 1JL
—and all stomach
and bo*, el di* orders.
Mak*-, puny babies
plump ai. 1 rosy. Proved
by iO yean' successlul
use. A-k your diuggm
tot il—
Nurses' an* Mothers' Treasure
-25c-6 bock, $1 Bt
Nunul l>ma >!> CScmntlC . I mmd
Trei Fountain.
An extra -nliuiirj- curitmlty la to ba
■leetl In the Swiss vilhn-e of tiiuiteti. oo
l.ake I liun It lakes (he form of a uat-
ural tree fotintalii, the water Bearing
ooiitiiiuoiislv from a apout high up in
the tree About twenty years ngn the
water from a spring was conducted
tbrongb  a  sliaft. anil  the supply  pipe
was directed tbrongb tbe cut trunk of
a young |.*'|.|:ir Ins' tvlilch was rammed
in the gr 1.md After n short time the
trunk rented, branches Followed, nud
now tbetl is a splt'tullil ton gr.nviU.
Wtrrmnltd io Ctrt SAtloft
Caustic Balsam
His Imitators But No Compititors.
A Btto, Speedy asd 1*ojIUt« Cut* for
Ct-rti. tflint Bweray Capra4 BmIl
Blratnea Tendons, fenaaar, Wiaa
PuUs, and all Umrneaa f^m Bparla,
R.ng'.sir.t and othti* bear tumon.
Cin * all akin diaeaass or raraatUe.
Ttn.-h, Diphtheria. KatnoTH all
Bunchaa Iron Hart, i or CatUa.
Aa a Roman  lUmedT tor  llhtun-atlaat,
Ssraina,   fcjn.  Throat.  .H-.. It la tuvaJuAbla.
V, 1-1
T   |...iile  ,.f Canatla  Balaam   aold   la
nUyt ie Ate. aatUIacUi.ii-   1-flca |1 10
ttla.   S-.l.l I r dru.ret.ta. c, a^nl hy ei-
t *-*-. chaiv#« i^lj. »llh rtill direction. r..r
It,  .,.    trnrtiA  t.r  daaei.rura  envblara.
Clr.ttm'.nlala, tte.    All
The La-* r ence-Wllliama Co
Toronto, Out.
A Fool's  Identity.
Pntr.e of the beat known people pass
Bnrecognlnefl by tiu.se t.. wben thev
ahould   be  i. I.      Harold   I'r.slcri.k
ant  one  nlidii  al  dinner  nevt  a   man
tviiose   very   alienee   and   taciturnity
caused hlin the more cliwel.v covert'v
to survey  blm.    Not  a  word   "its ex
changed between tbe two. "Wbo waa
that ii ipeleea Idiot tbal I sat next to nt
dinner':"' aaked Frederick at tbe cloe*
of the meal     "Tbat hopeless idiot vva-
Cecll Rbodee," ba was anawered    it
was the fact. The Colossus Inul heen
lu one of ll.e momls In which ha WO'jM
nni inik. ami Frederick, tbougb be hat
aeeu Irs portrait B hun.lie.I tunes, hail
nut   lectignizetl   blm.   Bb   .lames'   Iiu
S.-gaoty of tha Ancients.
Many    ijuotatloua   cane   from   tin
iv..rks of Tbnlee, tbe Oreek pblloeopbei
and one of tbeeeveu v.i-c men. it wu
he Hii.. aald. "K i.'w  ih.vseir." "Few
wot'ds nre a -i;n Ol prudent Judgment.'
'Scinch a Ner wladom and cl ae wbu.
i. moal worthy," "Tbere la notl.inv
more benutlful tban tbe world, rim.
Is the wisest tblng, for ll intents an.l
discovers all 111i11 •_:-*.'' lie also sai.l
that It was the h.nilcst thing In tin
world io know oneself nod thu easlesi
to   admonish   another.    In   his   youth
Tbnlea was urged t" many, bul in*
aald, "it la to., soon," and later In iif.*
upon being urged again he said, "It Is
i.m lata."
■ very paefcat
will lilll
mors fllaa than
300 ahaata
of atlcky paper
  SOLD  BV 	
10c* par packet, or 3 packata for 2flc.
w-llt laat a whole aaaaon.
Thmj are oft*«n so bUrM tbat one Is
alm.iit aahaiii-M -fa) 0U il se[>t»m,and
r«t tho rsiat-km ia ri-**e   iM-flstl-am
a strata  is m«ro dMgltoaSi liwuiie
m'dlf.trd.   The rr lure  spplf at uuiv,
beranse sorlmis result* hsve rum* from
a strain stiff Wtas, w-ateir nti lbs
kiic*. wliite »wcuing.srrn sniv<i(stlon.
t'eiially s (p*«- di-srs i>f Unitiirnt rtir-M.
35 -ants, tbr»s timet as u nrh W rstits.
1. ts. JdUNH'iN .t (.(>. IV«ston, Mass.
King ivtiT ol B01 \ Li nm. tin*'\Mi
iimii hii hom whili rldlni fcnd ■•
v-t'i.'ly shak^Q ap.
W.    N.    U.    No.   643 THE LARDEAU MINING
1. rrtataeatTrantLakat-hr, *aiilI>ub|latieii
'■at rarruaa'u an.l Troul 1 At* .var, Tburatlay
Ta. Kdllar iat, ttal l.uM hnnaalf la.p.in-
iibla for Ilia opinion's of aorraapttndeiiua^'
praaaad lu lla ooliiinua
All looala will lir <htir*eisd al "le rain "fit*
aanl. par Una. Ural liiaeiilim, mul 10 conn ve,'
' tlnraaali aal.aetjlfalK liiaurlltili.
rma for Traniaianl and otl.er advertising
ba mad* known on uppllcullun *a't uflu*
a I ilitiini I'.'.llll a nir. !.. ml va lift*.
Sll var 7f> cents
Oold,Lead, Copper tl each
Gold-Silver'..,'..  ..' fl  5<l.
Silver-Lead.. $1 RO
Sine *2. W
Gold-Silver, witb Ltf/i OX
Copper $2 50
Charges for other metals on anplJCftlon .
Samples  arrmnK  bv express  oi   mail I
raoeive prompt attention.   I'.O. Ilrane
-Contracts   Entered into for Packing of Mlnin g Suoplies   Etc.
to any Point in the District.
S. DANEY, Prop.
j$j Any Work j$
03 Undertaken $)
hS Guaranteed j&j
^ Satisfactory.   jj$j
Host Wines Liquors and Cigars.
Raloi $1 11 day.
J. A. STONE   -   -  Prop.
Revelstoke, B C
First*clasi accommodation for travellers
XLhc fjotcl Beaton
    BEAl'ON,  b.c
I8ITORB arrivinf at Itaaton (tba threshold  ol
■ aawavB  »...■..•»   -  , mr i iiri--t|i.i|, |    .,    ..
via Arrowhead, will lind this il„te| lu -,    .'   u"ari|Ma.
lor hljtli-elats Hade. Kicellont ieeommodalln! "'«u,PPed
sppoinleil mnl M-eemne dining ball. The beal ol vvj *»tll
ami I'iraii.    Personal supervision la given to the ..■. . j ••• Bpiilia
palrons. Visitors' to tba la'tlaiu can ri-lv on coinlor'i'.i"""'''"'
W. BOYD -:■
Rates $1 and $i* 50 per dey*
(Lata,of Ferguson Mines, Ltd.)
Assays of all ores. Terms moderate.
Add rose:
11..x   4'o'i,   Iv       ! I (      ]    .
  —■_ S_i
Bar wall Supplied with Liquors &, Cigars
Large Comfortable Roomh.   Excellaiit Cuisine and Attendance.
Central Hotel
District    of   West Kooten
Take notice that Henry Magnu
Bon, of Poplar.   11. C.   Miner,   intends to apply f"r a special Ijeerce
over llie following described lands
Commencing at n post planted on
tlie west aide o/ Poplar Creek,    a-
hout 20 feel from the bank of the
creek, and about 6 miles from the
month of the creek, thence east 80
chaina; thenct  south   80   chains;
.thenee   west   80   chaina;    thence
north 80 chains to point of commencement   and   conluining   640
acres, morn or long
Henry Magnuson.
July 25th. 1907.
Take notice that Hillman and Dor
of Beaton, Loggers, intend to
apply for a spneial limher licence
over the f dlowing described lands
Commencing at a pogt planted a-
bout 1-J milea from Camborne, on
the weat hank of Fish River,
marked "Jlillman and Dorie South East corner p .*n'' Ihenee 40
chains north following boundary
of river; thence H>0 chains weal;
thence -If) chaina south; thence
J6(i chains enst to point of commencement.
First Class in every respect.
Large Sample
Rates $1   50 por Day-
All modern conveniences.
Special Weekly Rates
Excellent    Accommodation
Best Liquors
And Very finest Cigars   ft
John Simpson,      Proprietor,
Best Hotel in Town,
Headquarters for Mining and Commercial Men.
Grout Xaftc
Supply Oo.
By using Water supplied bj '.lie
Companv you are assured of absolute purity. Government Analysis
tn back up statements. :;:::::
Hugh McPherson - - Supt.
Trout   Lake   City  Transfc, I !li
and Stage Line.
I Ferguson
| Trout Lake
Andrew M.  Craig.
Take notice that Jas. W, Living
sin*.. * f Ferguson, Prospector, in-
ten.is to apply foi* u special timber Itcence over tho following described lauds:
Commencing at a p.>st planted
on nortii bank of Lardeau Creek,
about a quarter of a mile east of
5 mile mill ami marked "J. VV.
Livingston's [North West comer
posl" thencc south 80 chnins;
thence east 80 ohains; ihonce nortii 80 cliuins, thence west 80
ehains lo point of com in en cement
<tud containing CIO acres more or
July Sth. 1907. J. VV, Livingston.
A. Ilillmnn and W
July 24lli. 15K>7.
Dis riot of West Kootensy.
Tike noti'-o thai Hmjamin F.
Itenmr, of Poplar, U. 0. I'rnspect-
t.r. snd James. E. I.indslcy, of
/Camborne, Li. C. Hotolkeeper, intend to apply for a special timber
licence oyer the following described land-:
Commenoing at a post planted
on the south side of Pool Creek,
about 400 feet from creek and
al.ont I ( milet) up the creek, mark
ed '11. F. Kearny snd J. E. Lind-
sley's Norlh West c»rner po*»t"
hence esst 4*i chsins; tiienre
on:h 1C0 chains; th'nre west 40
bnine; th'nee north 160 c.uins
«- pi inl of c mniencement.
July 131 h.  1907.
Hcnjamio F- Ream/
James K. I.i; ti-lev.
lly B. F.  Reamy. Agent.
No. 2. Commencing at a |k>»1
jilimt.il about GOO feet on tit
south fide of I'ool Cree't, near the
east boundary of 'be Ciimbornr
Towi.si'.e, marked "II. F. Kearny
snd J. 10, I.indsiey's North West
toner post'' (hence esst 40 chains
Ihcnce (..,nib ItiO chains; theuce
ivc.i 40 chains; thence north 160
.chains to pojnt of commencement.
July 13th.  1907.
Henjamiii F, Beamy
James E. Lindsley.
Iiy U. F. Keatny, Agent. I
jJE. A.   Haggen.j
 I    R. o.   ^^^
Stock Share nn.l [fianranoe I'n.kt
Heal Kstate, Ii s irnnce nn.l
(ienersl t.'omniiieioii U-'-i.t
Sole Representative lor
!Non-Tariff Iosnranoe Business Ini
Trout ijike Pergneon Peaton
and Camborne*
District of West   Kootenav.
No. 3U.
AF.   & A.M.
\    .lid   Thursday each
 ^*M mouth
Sojoaruing llrethren (-or.Iiallv inrite.l.
... Forddred.Sec   F.C.Campbell.W.M.
F. B. Wells
Imperial  Bank of Canada.
Head OffUe
CAPITAL  AUTmORIZCO      10.00*000
CAPITAL PAIO UP. 4 0.13   1.1
D   It   IVII.KH*:, l-ffhiJenl. lion.  KOIIKRT JAKFKA *i . ' h Fin
BRANCHES    i"   tli*   I'ronnret ol  A!b*rta, Saikalchowau.   Ilriuik C't.itM |
Uiniluba, Oaurio anil Quonoc
l'l 0»|«'i w
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT     InUTM itkewttem iS|MMa  >>m ti«t
e ..in. I   <i*iarl«.i>
Iril".   nt   ......  iM, ,,] a.iLiliia In   •«.
-     Ol ll:f w..-  I
*-l"*i   >ttri,i sn (lata *t miIhuwi e>I
Minisc Beads,
Arrowhead llrat--i —
R.  \    lETHCsl
District of  West   Kootenay.
TAKE notice that David Booth,
of Nelson, B. C. Miner, inten(ln
toapply for a .-i»*cial timber license over the following descriheil
Commencing nt ;i post planted
on the «-»st bank of I'.-plar Creek,
about H miles from Ihe Lardeau
Take notice that B. F
of I'oplar Creek,   B. C,
tor,  intends to apply for ,*i special
timber license over  Ihe  following
j described lands:
Cniiiieiiriin: lit a post planted
Ion tho north side of I'oplar Creek,
| about 200 feet from the creek and
about 1 mile above the fust south
fork of I'oplar Creek, thenco west
80 chains; tin* ice smith KO chains
thence east *S0 chains; thenco nor.
th SO chains to point of commence
ment and containing 640 acres,
more or lens.
June 8th. 1907. H. P. Reamy.
rkviilhtokp: land district.
District »f West Kootenay.
Take notice that B. F Beamy,
of I'oplar Creek, B. C. Prospector
intends to apply for u speolal timber license over the follo-a ing described landi:
Comni-'nciiip nt a post planted
on tho norlh tide oi I'oplar Creik,
about 200 feet from Ibe creek and
about 1 mile above the first south
foik of I'oplar (rcuk. thenee  went
P. L. S.
Mineral Claims  Surveyed   and
Crown Gouts Obtained.
Residence   Naxi Ricori
TROUT    LAKE,    i
Ol I It-.
Dealers in all kinds of Freeh Mei.t
Review Job DepL.
For Hij:h-Cla«i Work.
OOO «* » o-CMa-ta «n^
OK       }
Barber Shop
— rou a - -
(load Shave or Hair Cut
— CAM. on
William Schnell,
Hot and Coid Batha.
Larber Shop.
v.lii| tnd
, I*
A. «.*•.,
... a. »i ■ «•-.»• mu
A.M. nriAUAti
hoi ici roRs. Mm,
"•>  c i„ t tor limtriii R«ak orcaawl-t.
ForUo*! IU
Hot.  tm*   Om   -si"*
and adjoining Timber Lease j ^ c.|i;lin8. t|iei)C0 north SO chnins;
Lot 0281, also adjoining'!'. L  IW ' *
lOoiith- .ii;!!),   thencc   west   80
hain.-; thi-nco soulli   80   cha in 8:
thencc cat-t liO chains; theuce nor-
'h 80 chains to poinl of commence
July 12th. 1007 Dayid Booth.
TKOL'T  LAKI   U)|i,,k
N<>. 41
??W.,,."r m-'oHiff ■ held In
mtl*mwJtA-i       Iiii*<'(«' nlcl.1 al    f
W^-^rC'   t.v...rlt      .'l«l]ln«   l.r.il.i
*' ™jmT •*       ." tAtrAfAily -««1coiii#. •
O. Jncob*****!. ^  (J.;       p. M. H-)e|i|ii*rd. ntc
Hummer. Notary I'nl.lic Ktc ,
F««ori(..v. Kivimtuks, li. C-
! NOTICE is hereliy *<ivcn ti.a^
the himd and registered office in
British Columbia of "The Re-
ard Gold a^d Silver Mining
Company, Limited," has beet)
changed from Ferguson to Trout
Like, and that Frederick Charles Elliott, Barrister of Trout
Lake, B. C.   has been appointed
thenoe east 80 obaiiis; thenoe south 80 oeains to point of commence
ment  and   containing   6*10 ficros,
more or less.
June Sth. 19 '7. B. F, i:-*imy.
District of West Kootenay.
I'AlvE notice I hat Arthur (lowing of Trout Luke, occupation—
Logger- intends to apply for per-
mission lo purchase the following
desoribed lends!
Coiiunci.ring   nt :i  post planted
at the N. VV, corner   of    Lot    299 j
Weil Ko. lenay   district,   iheuce
theuce cust 40 chains; tbence north   10  chains;     thencc   «eHt   -401
Indulged i-i
.,  ■ ~|'|/ui i itfl
the new attorney of  said Com-,,^^^^^^^^^^—
pany in the place of  John  Mor-  cliain«; Uienoe south -to chains to
ton whose appointment has been | n°,Dt oi Oomulencenisnt, In all  a
cancelle<i. bout 100 acres
RtGIITBAR OI' J01.MT87oSc-Oe.jul
alli'ilK iisro been fortnneB
made by judicious Investment in Benl tSatate, hi..I
more fortunes will ho iiiiide than
ever the next tw. or three years.
The one who reaps the harvest is
the original Investor, for ho has
his raouey ou a certainty.
N IW let ll I point '."I tO l on that
there i« no heller «| *t nn .'he C
Unent to I uf   Real  ICstats
Trout Lake in the prettiest spot
in  ihe  Kooietiitv-.; s.i a pleasure
resort   it   'lan no djoel.      ll*
ami   liiihing   mnv l.e _
the yrar round ; w;hile hi^' game
in abundance is to the found on
tho hills. Its cliuiuln in superb,
there b.inc no Rreat silremea.lt
being mild
m inner. 	
ilm Onset hotels ami residences iu
British Columbia. Its streets nro
well laid out and graded. There
are two ex''r.'lent L'C'o'nil Stores,
and a glnnce at the advertisements
in this journal i>ill choir thut nil
traded arc fairly well represented,
W.ite   with confidence to Agents.
H. McPherson
Trout Lake, B.C.
in winter a-j,! „)0- jn
"can bnasfof a..me of
»•. i
Lots can be
obtained on
j Make your
selection at
a •
Th«i call on
o»"   write  to
Arthur ("lowing.
per A. (j. Kraser, A Ity.
1907. I
'T haa lever ha-i a ' boeai "—lie
f'owii, hai beoo sloady. Il la
tke   hoed   ,.J  Mvlgailoi,   Md
0( Ike C.f.R. in ro,.,, /,, ,mt
Ut.l^u)   ItaAuTruax Uke.    Il
C . "■■•re'*l ••etre ef iso
'^'"•st aiiDorel di.triet .. ,s.
^"'"Oisnt,  aail has baakie, le.il.-
J'»nk aft anada , Irst class selieol
•«c.n,n,. ,l,iion   uader «»,,   dir„
,.*" T ,1""» •itnnrsj M.th.diel
»"'! -'. ttsge hosnitjl
0      ^ontsklM, „„•„„, „,l|frii
US Inmbsr  resources are   nisjiufi
-'"••"da   band ,.w aiill   with a
*nluts,7  ,r,  ,„,,,*
;;."'-• •*•»  yesf,  witk \eZ
rr't^l^  U ' "* rusk ik||
******* tmrntrntmimrmimkejlim,
F- B. Wells
Cenw-fcl Agent
Revelstoke, B.C.


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