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Lardeau Mining Review 1906-12-13

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 *"* «'l"l ' Ammmm>wmm*emmm
ol<Ayv~*\   A^vvtUvi    ^*^"7
li»H :i larger olrcu
■ iiU^n thfin any
.S,*Yvgpaper-in N
Kootenay. Best ad*
, Mini g   n.idit ra
VOL. 8
D" IT rtfcTwi
- I any add
7-ORIA, *P€,"J
TROUT LAKH CITY, B.C. Dec. I3th.    tort.
.i i ii
.i ler, nr to whomsoever
,,,.,*,* ii.... transferred tbelr in
,i in .ii* il.iliinnrj il 11  tii'j.ltly.i
, Iho niidorsigti.-.l
In tbil I'ultiinu.u
ii        claii
|.i.*ti   ^^^^^^
i-l claimi
iiiiea iliet I
,   rr ultli   v„u
I     hi „,'ilm      mUioi
V*,., .I m •••*.. Sorth l.nk of Urdaau
ll   It** frnni Feru'ir.i'i
i   i ui,.   Mining division uf
I , ut«n»),   hava inirfni r..*.l tl..*
.ril uml .ti.i.l,' ihs '. * WSSSI \
On South Pork
,t— iry »
■ »•"•* - .-•    *
     II*1'   ' b'*v.i   II
n..   ,.    r        I BO I
linld ths fainfl rn ler feu ion ';|
• ul Act, hii.1 ib.- jean lm*
,i n .k ««* paaformeo sml ei*t
,„"      , uiR.la having esplred, I I ere-
[,,. f,sl •, ii i.rtiice ilmt if uii I.in SO days
, (Ittl  publication hereof ynn
I . ,.,- io contribate year proper-
,.'e tl  0ii.il.  expenditure and
Its e! tbis sdvelllseU.Sill IOIIS !
•be s..M  miosral .Ini.n nil!'
•   ' ■ rty Ol tlie'ilielirsi^ni-il
in IBS '.f ISCllOll  lit   ll i*
■ i nendmsnl Act, iwfiO
■ .*  -' i *nt   lnkn lint   lib  ilu. ef
!    fil-i    I-d.V  Hi.l    W. WAt.LI K.,
, 11
, . i     . • ...
' '
. trier o* l>. •*!•■ UK t:\et I e
„ 'ransterreil   Lie inter,,. In
I'fit- and C.i.i-i.l:i.. Hoy.
ilmt wt, tlm undersign. .1
in ti. •   Parrsboio
Oanadian    gov
c..n»i «»h roo
I  H   ,^^^^^^^^_
, .ii . Mfntt e   ..   ItUlh   ■ ■ •
.* . reeli, near -- kill.
il  Laks mining 'im..
\l   K      ■*>>    I.nt-e jt.-rlon.il- I Ibe nee
in.l mads 'I " •■■   SSsaryes
ir.!). ilH-Ofi, Inordei t
'   ..
i.t i ...* .-._.
i l.-r n-i li. n    I .liner
, ml   Ihs  far   f ..   which  •
'. .i |..rini't| bavinf < i,   •■
•, ion notice tlmt II with
* ll rtl pabtication l.<*re"
. lute lo contribute Jfl ai pi'
-'.me .,1  null  expemlit""
Minnie F. mineral ?!aim litnat*
in tha 'I'mut Lake Mining di vi -ion
ol Welt Kon'emiy -J
Where located;
..I Citn vn Creek
Tuke notice llmi   I, Irri i    KI!
iott, V. M C. N'o. B58107 noting ss
u^* nt for (Vara Grace Wei tfall, id*
ininitirutrix of iln* ea* a tt-  of John
W.  W. siii.    di ceased,      Free
Min r'l     i . i'ili. .!.*, Nn. 18809!!,
nt. nd, sixty dnva fn n. .I..''* here
uf. 1'' spply i ■ ' in; Mining Ri ■
•*i   f.n    .   r.'i liflcate  of  III .pl. •
Bents, f..r the pnr| see of ob'ain i
ii i Irown i.i mi ol i he shot e clsim
An.I fin 11,- r Ink..* nollcs ihlll   I
ti - * n under  leciion 37, musl I*
ir.iiH-need   before  Ibe Issnan
sucii Certificate ..f  Improvements
:>.f-J this 18th day ol Oclnbei.
A 11 1906
KRKD C. Elliotl
Notice is hereby given that 00
'h>y* after ti,, publication of
t-'iii notice in ihe British Columbia Oaiette, I intend to make
application io the Ch ef Commit
»i wertf bands snd Works for a
special license to cut und -carry
away timber from the following de
otibed  i.i'ii- sitiutoJ  m   Wett
Kooteuny Dlslriot.
1    Commencing nt a pos
.'id on the woh! Hide of tba nor
1   i rk ..I L'nloau Creok, uliout Ijj
in.Ii-s f i.m b'ergu-ton, marked "O
W   Al r&hom**-on'l p.iu.l.  east  cor
ner p st"  U.ence nutth 80 chain*'
li.enct* writ 80 chains; ihenee soti-
h 80 chain-; thonco eaat 80obsin* °*»  wi" b
to lhe point ol commencement.        .Trout Lako
I    The occarioi
Located December 7th, 1906.
O  W   Abraham* .u, Lo.ator
1 Visitors from many towns assemble
* i
to take part in  thc
Oddfellows Ball,
m^ *
Tin* night of r>.cem*>«*r 12th, 19
Img  lemeiibered in
wk* tho
FHED    C      ELL H i
Trout Lake. B. C.
D N l ij N
No. 2    C .ii nirrn.il, g nt a  putt
,. snl   , ... i ■•* w. -i side of the nor
tli fork of Lardeau Creek, aboul IJ
■ miles from Ferguson, m irked "O.
W   .'. .it's  so ith weat cor
nd Ferguson  ner po-»t,''  thence n«.r-bSiJcbaiiie;
,,   , •*.*.•   '-n-i BU cha insj ibence ninth
HO cl.ains; thence w ct 80 cha ins io
lh" po 111 • 1 c ,:.,iii.:i Ci-niinl
Located D.ccmhei 7th. 1906
tl. W  Abrabainsoi.j Locator.
•-i.n.u ...  ■-,..,, ,,,„„...... ..
.1 of thiasdvartl ■    .      /tr' -v *•;*     < <
i the said mineral rl tii    Inmitll 4IS?tl
!i  prti    (   il        \ZJl Ullil -L^CUl
anil §uitiirr,
11 IN 1
11.11 | ■	
of Oddfellows."
That this soci..'iy hat made a
reputation in the province wan av*
idepcod"Jby the large number of
viai'ors from outride p.dnts.
Tim first cont'ngei.t lo arrive,
u i* from Beaton c.r'y in tbi af-
tt.no*..*, followed b.v a ' buocl."
from Camborne/* another {dotarb*
mont from Beaton^ and ihen —
"Hurrah), vie are from Ferguson,"
tv.i*. h>.,rd aa a hig four '■ or ed
a'e'gh da-li d up to the Ha I.
By th'g time il lookrtl a? if ihe
'HaII  irae K! ing u> he taxed t" iir*
tnd by virtue ol
Mineral  Act  An.* I    tell
tth -lav of Dec.     er, s.i
'   ...  111. K        1
S,.'.:   ■   .-    ber. ;'\     isivi-ll lli.lt fit)
•    :ir«t   publication ul
l ,* i; in ii .
1 . ,           1 Intend t" apply to
i* f i iii'ii.!--* m i i*f
IVorks fur a fp* <•-. il I.i*
Christmas Eve
• -i.i.i . nrrv   utv.it   I
ilie f.-lloa-inj: derj
fig    ht    .1    !     "
-.oeyii r.h'fit'e '..f   I'nj -
■ .i  tbr»e  ii,iiv>  fi
in iM* ! i. r ::- •
s k i i«rj
ce   ^.iiir'i  40 eli
160 - ....ii.*; i!" •
'I . *.   .
B. c.
Utmost capacity,   and   ihe   to nl
"Odd*'' were brg'.ming tu rustle
The   climax   was    reached   w1 en
Capt, 1'its arrivedavith ilie "I'i...*-
tor'1   f.oni the f*outh      Tbe   in 1
wns left at Genard.    ni d il fit *. ■
nh. ul nil; tbe poult ion tti»s he*e
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      rop'.nr,   and   t'.e   loggi-.g c ii.p.»
an'l I around thero went tbe  limit,   an.l
IN Till' MATTER OF  THE E?-   ' vt"  OM Iliil «a- repre-unted hy
! \'!'*•:  OF GEOROE   W     CAR-  a i-hinming deh-^Aou.
OTQBR8 OF IHOl T LAKE.BC. '    The Hall was profu-ely decrat-
I r<   -Minor, D.-c seed,   tu Us talc. »*l wilh "»8«i banovra, avergreena,
land   (irieiHitl   art.     Thu music hy
-0 '
An aoO'dont occurred at the "Sii
ver Dt'llar" mine, Cnmborne, on
Snndav last, in which Jack Coventry had his leg broken, *nrid his
faec cut a»d filled tvitli small par-
tic!c*i..f rock, nnd Dan MeDontld
was l.ruited and cut and burnt 8-
h nit i he f.cc.
Tbe 'hoys' were working s machine drill in (he cross-cut tunnel,
and after the noon hour, had started a new hole which htd jol in a-
h.ul three in.het, when—' bliff" —
and Dan. who wan |nst aboul to
turn off the air, t»as knocked btck
annual jwsrds abont 10 «r 18 feet. He re-
corrred binis'-'f, went hack and
turned . ff the air, thou made for
Janica Bhvin'i*, who wat work-
in;* in tl.e tou'li drift, heard the
explosion, and on going in
Coventry w'tli » broken leg. He
and hlackcniitli Tot.in'pot the in-
jured man ou*. and the wounds
were tempotnrPy dressed by F..re
man fTenrv, n Fled made, and a
etnrl made for Camborne.
In t1 e in"*intime, Dr. Robinson
ba.l l.t-.i '|,h'..u-d for, and was al
C ". borne when Ihe injured man
Mr   E...»'e>'t,  minacer f*>r the
The matter of government ron-
trol of tbe coal production, will be
brought up in the Houee al Ottawa
by one of thc North-west members
If ihe proposition goes through
it will moan the opining up of
mines by the gnvcrntntn', as well
as a control cf lhe companies al
read; In the bu«inea«. Tiie recent
strike at the mines in Fernie snd
Lethbridgc hove, no doubt, hesten
ed ihe ma'ter
We aro noi socialistic, but we
belic-v.; thin .LoulJ receive every
c *tisi.itration. The lives of the
people of the Territories' duriug
found {'he co'd season, are depend, nl on
lhe fuel supp'y The mining industry of British Columbia ceases
when tbe supply from the coal
mine., are sbut off, and it is absurd to allow a few men—either
opetat'Jrs or union,—simply because of a disagreement, to jeopardize the lives ol the people of tbre--
provinces and tbe business life of
Notice is hereby  given
have take.. po*a< raion uf t*
Miss  Be l.il and   M.-sirn   Griflith
ilitt I   nii'l l'..r sun, Has  all   lhat  cou'd
-.   Es- be derired.
tat.- of ih.^aid Deceasud .    Dancing s'ariol about 9 o.l.ck
Ei-.-. • .  i I *!i*.c ii   io lhe  and continued til 4 next morning.
•4 'Jiiru.i Is required to makalwith an interval atli p.m«4or-anp
p.nin*» lorthwilh to F. C. Csmp (per, ah'ch was serv.d at tbe
:  II, Minii'g Kccrder, Trout L«ke J'-Windsor'   b_-' hoji   Dm McLen*
I.   .' | nau.     It was put up in Ins.*wn in-1 m,.. E nmoss gate orders  for   tl
imiUb'e alv'e,   and   nould   haeej^oo f, be leftae it was until  tl
Irnmpany, w .« i' Camborne nt the
. i.me * f i e .reiile t. and immedi
ately went up lo the mine to inves-
i:**i'.. (be catip ,
In thin .*r''F?-ru' ktiere it on'y
one .new «--irki.i*i. and they state
thev bnd thoroughly p'eked down
the loose rock, and 'mucked nut."
ilfalwhen ihey tlarted the ho'e
they pieked around sn as to get a
gondsiart. and lhat there was no
Mgn o' a.i old ' o'tom, or anv other indication >.f there being a mia-
••••I li'dn.
He also found that the amount
of rock displaced was about enough
to fill « hat, end ou'aids-of a tew
blue specks on the men, there is
no evidence of burnt powder. It
•h nippo'ed that the filling nf thc
beavv drill broke  Coventry's   leg.
Writ* as a Pott Card toying you saw this advert-
iiement. and we will mail
yon FREE,   a 30 pagfe
8bowing lines of
of Interest to every
MAN who wears
J.Leckie Co
.*. M-I.'l! in, .'.
Iiitttirt. and commencing al i
N iv. 2*»;li. 13 'ii •. ..feiiv given lhatsixlv
dav I   int.    i I . apply
  t i in ■ l i* . 11' )Miir,i.«.>-i»iierof I iinu-
-■''■-     nd \\        loi   pern issinn to pur-
'■i.e ii> r.i, •« d.  . f  I',.)
: ,„„    |,,r ■►.' ..,led .it Troul Lithe, Went K ■'.
*-..d''.'     Il *   'I-..S   I   ' ^^^^_
post  mar.i-tl    I      1.
iheneowrtt 180 chains N w
"'li   40 r|.n:i,>;   .lu ...   chains,   thence   aaat
thenc..  n.,r'!,  40 n.on
then..- northerly along b.ko -
to south-east corner post oi I   '
•  r seal -i ona    *•   M
X...    28th. 1900 ''■" loi ! ''°"
[taining 40 sen less,
man M.rLcllan, Atr< nl      Dated '-"■ ll   0    19 ■'
* nm. noing ai   i  p -ol ■"'■   It-eU
.■ north rd.- if |*o]
mill 200 f,-,t  |r„.n  tie
* I' Seven  ini.ei   [,- ml
Everv person having in  the:r ",. , "",  , "        -----iij
.   •  ' . Kii-eu I Vim .nne s c.ef home point i \f;,,,. l„ = 1H-.t,.r r,,me« in
i on effects belonging  to tm.* .,    ,       ,   . ' sunt-Jnsjieii.ir comes in
■   ,     ,     , ,    <*r-,   i, i.i he b in 1 -I'tii. ate enough'
• quired to f miwith       .
* F. C Oamplwll, Miuing Re-   ° '" '"0Sl'n '
to  make
\    .•
o    I     .
lliell".    ^^^^
place *i. ominence-
| marked tl l". I
,'-'•, ihenee ireal 80
i te  tnuth mi chain*-;
''■I.an-.;    ih.-ncil nor-
hack in j. .,,-. ,,f  ron.
■' '   v>.v 28th mon
in M.T.v'i.in,   Aaenl
! .• givmi i!
i.i .-I <• months irom the firsl i .
I in tbe in     ■   Col
umi.: i .,  •        i   nli 'i I  to spplj
• to the  Hon   Chiel Conunisi
nf Lands and Works fm  * specisl
llcenoe t.. i it and carry iwsy iim-
I i   Irom tin I '■ ■ • ' ' -!• *" rih d
I.i  1-   ittiatvd in   H 	
i A  1
,.,.,.,„,, |     The cosuim s «or , bv tlic'adic-
C -riter, J rout I.ake, B. (.. ■      '      ,    ,
11 r gent   ai re ezqnia te;    lack  of
Eve v creditor or other per* B,*ce dooa noi  permit n  detailed
■"   '     ui""'   l"  deeoription    and   there   were   8o
t m the distribuUon cf the ,nain ,,reMnt 1>ntilled ,0 be c;lll,.ti
Estate of lhe sal I Deneaaed.  is ie- ,,„ ..,,..„, .   ,hal we aie M, ROin
: wiihin titty dayt ol  ths u,',eek trouble* by taying» «ord
date, to send  by  renisterod K-tter.I„,„„_   .•£.„{ pt,j
uedtoF. 0 Campbell, Min-     Tho committee arc to bo -Joo-
leoarJer,   Ito-t LiKe.    11.  C.  K«r.n|au.(1 ,.„  „ c   occeM ,.r ,h(l
mo and address, and the full entortainment,  and the t-wn on
particulars of irs claim and   inter- htv,ng gUch RI| Bnerg (ic ^.^
est snd a statement of his nct-ouni,)	
and iho nature of Ibe security
.  .   ; *   i by him.
P. . i  al   f. mi?   I.:.ko.   P. C. i
ihis  lu.i li ninth day id  Novem*
The C^mbirnc 'boys.' on   k*. inp
in iho "Review'-  tint a aub*orip*
lion was  taksu up  lo aaa tt  Jun
Scott in getting .in operation   per-
f .line I on lii» eyes. y<i.,t in—hy G.
i'KED  PHASER, Y..i;i,.i..lyd.:,,ation.  with   s,n-
, csre wishes for Jims recovery <I
■  (lold'-nommistione.r hisri^ht
an exaiiiiiintion.
The Camborne Miners Union
oce making great preparations
forjtheir bull on ChristUia* night.
Everything t'.at can jbe procuecd
which wi'l add t> ihe ei.jovmeut
of those present, is being secured
I.y the (omroitu-e in cliarge-
Special arrangements can be
made with Andy Craig or Brant-
f rd fur your trip,
Robert Sco.t had word from Spokane, where Jim is undergoing
treatment for his eyes.
Tlm Specialist says he is getting
on fine, an.) wi:i have ilu- unlit of
one eye left.
Sam Sutherland and Bob Laugh
lun, wen- in from Kevel-Jtoke lasl
»e,*k visiting i-lj friends
If Ihe "Vancoaver World'' is
any authority, there will be no election until next summer. We
a**e not losing any sleep over tbe
matter. Ii may come next week
or next year; it matters not to u*.
We believe in government along
party lines, but to make such a
tovernment—whether il be Liberal or Conservative—effective, and
of lasting benefit to the governed
they must both be imbued wilh
thc spirit ot "country first, party
6imply because the Liberal govern menl at Ot:»w« enacts varum
legi'lntion it does not necessarily
follow that it is bad and must be
oppoaed by the Conservatives. The
same st Victoria only tbe other
way sround. The idea however,
prevails among tho Liberal-) of
this prov inc.* lhal tbe whole object
>>f tb. ir existence is to drive the
present government out. The
leader, J. A. Macdonald, iu an ad
dr,s» to bin constititcn'-a, sfter accepting tha leader-ship, stated that
his whole endeavours would be to
'd-wn' the McBride government.
His policy sh well aa that of the
leailing journals supporting him,
has been destructive and not constructive. Abuse and invectives
have been their only weapons, and
we can say without fear of contradiction, that a man was never convened by coercive methoU. Good
sound-thinking men are ^lo>.king
for men to vote for, snd a party to
eupport, who have shownthat they
- some, at least—, of Ihe qualities
necessary to the bottenng of conditions, and when tho opportunity
comes, they won't hsve a difficult
task io making a choice.
J03   PRINTING:,",:.,'
for   getting   ibe
'i» nill to  ih<*  "S Ivi .
""li, hits been -j.*} i*on t" V,
lf"r,i*     He hss 7 men and
<Vork.rt|j  on the job, an.!
. .od headway.
*     1   ''I    I
' *    Hie  I,
J Hi,
I Inr.
i  .ran • i       st a
Fv .i.n' r. llll. .8*1  r |."*«'
Ilm north side uf -t ub *.*    I
on il e Tmui I. iko wago . road, s
chains ntn' * f iln-   II  r   j
\ la 111*' | ." • ni| -.
t ...i, ibe " >te*i alnns* 'ake sl  i
iIns, ilir...- .   ■     SO i hs'ns
t' ei i* ■ ei.M 80 chi'in«, ibeio
lli SO.'I am-*,   l" p..i.>t • I .' *.. .... i
. i men if I
D-.1..I N* ■•   o I   'H'*"*
\    )      I'.'"""
Fred C.
1 '
''■ei. hi
Elliott  U   pulling In a
"mc at RnvtUioke, ntv*
I'i'tner,  Mr. G.ll.ui, be
8 ii  li.island,    winding up n
' "'! '    ,( '■ ■-'..pini*.i.     T'nio  new j
U:"  '■   evidently,"»mi,kliijj good'j
"   '".'iiii  api.ci.rs  on cv.tv '•
!cn"Hiedookol attheHi'lcitoi-a!
,lllll« I'liintifla  or defonilant-
Es A. Haggen.
Stock b'hste and Plnsaeisl Broker
Real Titt r* rsnea.
TIM 111 i:   IND  Mil
I'ire, Lite, Aceidstlt, llsshli,
lillS'Sllle    .1" I 1 'i i.'*."-''
« irinCC
If Editor Desne of the NeWon
News will 'm.ike food' ibe asser*
| tion msdc iu the issue < f tbe llth
that tiie Hon. R. F. Green kept
secret lhe Ksien Island deal »o
that a number ..f his particular
friends could get in and make a
clean up. and will publish tl.e
names of any or one of ,such par-
tier., we will suppmi the Liberal
candidate in tho next election.
N"W, *'News," you have msde
a statement; if Ibere Is sny "gu>d'
in you, "make good" o» eat dirt,
pay the Prijiter.
|6l'e rsnrtssntsiiys fm
0oipWneln|ur«n,*i ">
Trout l.:''' tertottlo, UesU i
f,..\ ran boms
OertiMOOiliiOit proropUy
lift n di
Gents Furnishings
ef Canada,
Wat closed_Nov. 27,th.
For any infonaat.on relet ive
to the bm-iness et tbe above,
breach, apply to the.
Manager of the
Arrowhead   Branch.
"The Gunner from Gal way and
Bruce White had a "mix up" on
Baker Street, Neiso'*, a fow day*
Rumor has it that the "Guatwr"
had ths best oi the argument.
The police msgistrate is'tettlfng
The fcIiooI concert under the supervision ot Mr. Si.snnon, promises to be a huge success. The
youngsters are sll bard at work
getting up their different parts.
Those who mins tbis treat will
be sorry a.terwards.
On Saturday night, at 8 o'clock
sharp, at the "Oddfellows" Hall.
Tickets for tho "big folk'1 four 'bits
children freo.
Charlie W-nodrow killed an old
bear at Gold'..i.i, and alao tea
cubs which w«ro in a hollow
stump While iie was looking al
the cubs, one of them got hold et
his leg, and rippe I the side out sjf
John Ulvin is st present iu Lardo taking d*>wn tbe well-known
Hotel-Ralph, which will be removed to Goidhi 11 at once, to rebuild
to the Min'-r's Hotel.
. Mr* Ueoi-gn W, Stead returned
from Portland, Oregen, Wednesday Ith, and will—ss soon as he
possibly can
start work at Oald-
Mr. C. Robert Bnschner went on,
from P.rtland to Philadelphia^
where ba »iU reside Ull c.xs
The Silver Cup was the seeofd
largest shipper of lead ores l> 'he
Hall Ml net Smelter during Novem
ber. The ore shipped aggregated
U167G7 I''*, containing 6i. 335 lbs.
of lesd. Tho Whi cwatrr m'oe
sureedc I the Cup —shipping li*7,
&4'2 lbs. conttiuing 81 432 Ib). of
lead, Tbis is, of curse, iudepend.
eut of tbe eilvcr and gold valuta.
Tbe Mam-ootb it credited with
14,785 lbs. of ore, lt\ which tbe
ead ran 4031 lbs.
Tbo (Juggeubeims dropped a
million and a baif in Cobalt tbe
other day. Tbey had au option
on a large block of Ni pissing stock
on wtiich they had paid the aforesaid amount and afterwards for
felted. Dealt like thi;. would soon
bankrupt same oi cur Lird-aao,
It's "dollars to do-agh«oa>te" tbat
Jobo ICeeq will be tbo man tbat
will carry the Liberal banner (-J.
the nest provincial elections LARDEAU MINING REVIEW, TROUT LAKE CITY, B.C.
■♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ee ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦■♦♦eeeeeeeeeeeeeee-e-e jj-*,
By... j|
Emile      ;:•
^^V--^^^, J
iiij    menl.   half
cn.\PTEa ix.
NtOT fnr from tlie I'alais Royal
I Is tlie Kltrn of Tin- Qood
Faith, a email establish
.■nf*- nml imif
shop, frequented by tin* people of tbe
neighborhood,   it was in one of tbe
renins nf this in.iilest enfe that   Pros
per tl..* .inv after bla release awaited
M Verduret who bad promised to
meet iiim r;t 4 o'clock. The clock struck
4. M. Verduret, wbo was punctuality
ltsolf, appeared, lie waa inure red
faced nnd self satisfied, if possible.
tlniii tin- day before.. As soon as tbe
servant bad left the room t.» obey in*
orders in- said to Prosper:
"Well, an* .mr commissions executed?''
"lea, monsieur."
"Hsve i.'.i seen tin' costumerl"
"I pnvp Iiiiii ,vi.ur letter, an.l everything yon ordered will he sent to the
Ar channel tomorrow."
"Very p.od. Tou have not lost tltiie.
Neither haro I. I have good news for
The flood Kalth Is almost deserted at
4 o'clock. M. Verduret nnd Prosper
could talk nt their ense withn.it fear
of being overheard by gossiping neighbors. M. Verduret drew forth his
memorandum book, the precious .linrv
which, like the enchanted hook in fairy
tales, bad an answer for every question.
"While awaiting our emissaries whom
I appointed to meet here let us devote
a little time te M. de Lagers. I'o you
know wlmt part ..f France this devoted friend of yours comes from?"
"Prom St. Ilemy, which is also Mine.
Fauvel's native town."
"Are you sure?"
"Oh,, perfectly so, monsieur. He has
not only often told uie so, hut l hit it-
heard liiin tell M. Pnuvel, and he
would tell Mnn*. Pauvel ahout his
mother, who was her cousin and dear
ly beloved by her."
"Then you think there Is uo possible
mistake ahout this?"
"So. monsieur."
"Well, things are heglnulug to look
Aud he began to whistle between bis
teeth, which with If. Verduret was a
sign of intense satisfaction.
"What do you mean, monsieur?" inquired Prosper.
"What has Just  happened,  tvbnt  l
hnve been tracing.    Here Is a lovely
town called St.  Ilemy, 0,000 Inhabitants, charming boulevards on thc site
of  the old   fortlllcatious.   line  state-
bouse, uumerous fountain**) large charcoal market, silk factories, famous hospital, and so forth."
Prosper was on burning coals.
"Please be so good, monsieur"—
"It also contains." continued M. Verduret, "a Roman triumphal arch which
is of unparalleled beauty and a Greek
mausoleum, but DO I.ngors.   St. Item.-,
is the native town of  Nostradamus,
but not that of your friend."
"Nevertheless I hnve proofs."
"Naturally    Itut proofs can be fnl.ri
eated;   relatives   inn   he   improvised
Vour  evidence  Is  open  to  suspicion;
mine nre authenticated.    While you
were pining Iu prison I was preparing
my batteries nn.l collecting munition
to open Ure.   I wrote to St. Iteuiy and
received an answer."
"What was it?"
"Have patience," said M. Verduret ns
he turned over the leaves of his memoranda.    "Ah. here Is No. 1.   Bow respectfully to It; 'tis oIHcial."
II.* then read:
"Ijffon. Very old family, ortirinally frorr
IbilliiK, ttlllt-il it St. Ilrmj about a CMiturjr
"You see?" cried Prosper.
"Pray, allow me to finish." said M
Verduret. who proceeded:
"Tli* lint ol IW Laa-ora (Julol Rrnr-ll. m.i
bMritij wlll.ml aairanl llif tlllf ol count, nae
rlnl in l*-2y Mile. It'ttalir Claliaa tr'onuii.i <!
Tin.. .   ||4| : tIli;c, |„,,
l'"l   I.'l   I*"   dauRhlcra.     Tlie   reicifteri
1       vr mike no BMDtl n .1  in   |.,i*,n .0 llie
dj»tri, I liearmf llie name ut Lafs-ra.
•'.\',,w. whnt bave you to sny to
tlmt?" SSld lhe fnt num.
Prosper looked smaaed.
"lint win did t|. Fauvel treat Itaoul
ns lliS l.cphcll '.*''
"Vol!   uienn   lis   his   wife's   oepbl W
I«ot iin examine note No, 3. it is not
. h'i'nii. bal it throws s valuable light
upon the 30,000 imes Income of root
"Jul.. R,n, Henri .le larnra. lt*t al hit mme.
died m s     l:
In a . •■ v.    (Ie ,1 one
1 ' Itut la
- • '■ I'.il It all.
.imml.irra. one ot
., a !-... 1.1 at  Ai\. tad il..        n ■
i  mail  m.itliar.i  al  Ol-fOO,    Bit  ->Mm   .
I    rr-      ,!■:, lb   I,,   ene  ol  I.or rtl,II,,,.   .'„■   w,le
<f a i: h I   r I-, ir, I .-i       So l   I-. n ol the name
of Union liiraln (lie dmriil ol Ariel
"That Is all." said M. Verduret.
"Don'  .vou think it e'bougbT"
"Really, •monsieur. . I don't know
Whether I am awake or dreaming."
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bra Uid
Dr. Leonhardt's Anti-Pili
* rare cure for X-ndlfeitfon, BtlloDi*
ne*a, Jty-spepsl-ft, ConsU(»ntfotj and
•iii ailment* arintng Lhrrefroro.
mlflltyd free, in a plain package, un
reoeipt of name and a-ddrvM. fill
lo j' -ur name apd poet ofllce addreu
on doMed line- and m nd U>
Niagara Fills, OaL
Won-  I  wish to remark one thing,
Some people tuny assert Unit the Wiil-
| ow, I.niinrs had a child horn afler her
husband's death, not acknowledged,
l.ut bearing tbe father's name. This
objection is destroyed hy the age of
your friend, Raoul is twenty-four,
nml M. do Lagors has not heen dead
twenty yeara"
"Hut." snld I'rosper thoughtfully,
"who is Raoul?"
"I .lout know, 1 confess it Is easier
to lin.l out ii In. he Is than to know
who he Is not.   There is one mnn who
could give us nil th.- Information we
seek, hut he will take good care to
keep his month shut."
"M. de Chum-ran?"
"1 have always f.-lt the most Inexplicable aversion toward bin, Ah, If
ue could only get his record 111 nddl-
tlun to'what y.ni already have!"
"I have beea furnished with n few
notes concerning tbe Clamerae family
I.y y.ntr father, who knew them well.
They arc brief, hut I expect more."
"What did my father tell you?"
"Nothing    fn von. I ile.    ynu    tuny   be
sure.    I will read you the synopsis of
his Information:
"Louis de Clameran waa horn at tlie Chateau dt
Clameran, near Taraacan. He tiad an elder brother
named Casl.-.i. It. WIS, in oomasntoca oi an al*
fray ln vhlck he had Ihe misfortune to kill ont
man and t.ailly wound toolbar, he u-aa compelled
to fly the country, t.'aston waa an lionet, noble
youth? univerially bttoved, tools, on lhe con-
trary. waa a wi.ke,). d< saleable fellow, deteattd
by all who kr.ew I.i,:,.
"I'pon lha death of his father boula came to
Paris and in lest thai, two yeara had aquandcred
not only Ida own patrimony, but also thr share
ol ills exiled brother.
"Itulncd, harassed by debt, Louit entered the
army, but behaved ao disgraceful!/ that he wat
dismissed fr.mi the strife.
"After lcavintr tl.e army we Iott light of him.
All we know Is that he went to England and
thence to a German gambling resort, wbert ht
waa mixed up In a st-tu.Ialvius affair.
"Id l-*i.. we find blm agsta in I'aria. He waa
In great poverty, and his associatea were depraved.
"Itut he suddenly heard of the return ot hit
brother Oaatoa to frame. Oas.on had made a
lortaat In Meltcoi l.ut. l>pini: still a jrooas man
and accustomed to a very .hi ive lite, he pur*
clia.'.l an iron mill near Oloro-a. in.ending to
attend the remainder of his life In working ft.
Six months ago h* died iu .tie arm, of Iii, bt-aUMf
Louia. Uis death gave oui lie l Iiimmti an la
melt* (oriunt aud the title of marouia."
A light began to I.reak In on Prosper.
."Then." be said,."from all this I
ju.ige that M. .I.* Clameran wns very
poor ivheii I met him for the lirst time
at M. l'iUiMls."
"And aboul thai time Lagors arrived
from the country?"
"And uliout a month after bis appearance Madeleine suddenly banished
"Well." exclaimed M. Verduret. "I
am glad you nre beginning to understand tbe state of affairs "
He wns Interrupted I.y the entrance
of n stranger. Ths newcomer was a
spruce looking coachman, with elegant I.hick whiskers, shining boots
with finny tops, l.iifT I.re.-cl.es and a
yellow ya 1st coal with red and black
stripes, After cautiously looking around
the room he walked straight up to the
table wh.ie M. Verduret snt.
"Well. Master Joseph Dubois?" said
ti..* stout man eagerly.
"Don't speak of It," answered the
Bervant.   "Things nre getting warm."
Prosper concentrated aii hla attention
upon this superb domestic. He thought
he recognised his face, He had certainly somewhere seen that retreating
forehead and then- little restless black
eyee, bnt when* nml under what circumstances he COUld not rememlsr.
Meanwhile Master Joseph had taken a
seat at.. table adjoining ihe one occupied hy M. Verdure) and. having called
for some absinth, was preparing it i.y
holding the water sloft and Slowly
dropping it in the glass
"Speak," sni.l m. Verduret
"In the first place. I must say that
the position of valet and coachman to
M. de Clameran la not a bed of rosea"
"Go on. Vou can complain I morrow."
"Very  good,     fetter-day  my  mnster
walked out nt 2 o'clock.   Of course i
followed him. Do you know where he
went? The thing was lis good us a
fin..*, lie went to tin Archangel to
keep the appointment made hy Nina
"Weii, make baata,   They told blm
she wns gone.    Then?"
"i'h-ii? .tii. he waa not at ell pleas
ed, I assure you    II.* hurried hack to
the hotel where ii ther, M. do I*-
gors, awaited him .\n.i i h.ne nane
beard so mncb swearing! ,M. itnoui
nsk.d him wlmt bad happened to put
him In such a had bumor. 'Nothing,'
r. plied my master, 'except thnt little
devil has gone off, and no one knows
where she Is. .-she has ll *,;.<-d through
our Angers.' Then tbey hoth appeared
to he vexed BOd uiicn-v lines Bhe
know anything about us': nsUed ilnoul.
'Nothing hut what I told you.' replied
Clameran. 'Hut this nothing, falling In
the enr of a mini wilh any suspicions,
w..uld put him on the track of the
truth.' Then Lagors exclaimed. 'If It
Is as serious as that, we must get rid
of this little serpent!' Hut my master
shrugged his shoulders and. laughing,
said:  *V..u  Inlk   like au  Idiot.     When
one is annoyed i.y a woman of this
sort, one must ink.* measures to get
rid of her administratively.' This Idea
si fined   to   amuse   them   both    very
"I understand." said M. Verdunt
"It is nu excellent 1.1™. itut the misfortune is it is p... late to carry it out
'Jh.- nothing which made Clameran
uneasy has already fallen Into 0 knowing ear. Nevettbelees | must uot let
Ihem see my band."
Willi hreiithlesii curiosity I'rosper
listened to this report; ewry word of
which seemed lo throw light upou past
'vents. This Itaoul. Ill whom he bad
confided sn deeply, was nothing mors
than u scoundrel. A thousand circumstances, unnoticed ut the time, now recurred to his mind and mutle hint won-
in,  *,io,v   ne coiiiu  Imi'u been so long
Master Joseph continued his report.
"Vesterday nfter dinner my uuislei
decked himself out like u bridegroom.
I shaved him. curled his hair and perfumed him with especial care, after
which I drove hlin to Provence street
j to call on Mme. Pnuvel."
"Whnt!" exclaimed  Prosper. "Afler
: Uie insulting language he used the day
of tl.e robbery did l.e dare go to the
I house?".
"Ves. monsieur; he not only dared
this,  l.ut he alao Stayed there until
I uiidnl.Jit, to my great discomfort, I'."'
1 I got as wet as a rat waiting for blm."
"How  did   he   look   when   he eiinie
oul?" aaked M. Verduret.
"Less pleased than when he went In
! After grooming my horses nnd putting
! Sway my carriage I  went to see If lie
J wanted anything,   1 found tin- door
locked, nnd he swore ut  me through
I Ihe keyhole."
"Is that all?" questioned M. Verduret.
"All for yesterday, hut this morning
my master rose late, still in a horribly
had humor. At noon Itaoul errlved,
nlso unions. They at once began to
dlapute, nnd such a row! At one time
my master seized the other by the
tIn-..:.I mul shook lilm like 11 reed. I
thought he would strangle lilm. But
Raoul drew from his pocket a sharp
pointed knife, the sight of which made
my mnster drop him In .1 hurry."
"Itut whnt did tl.ey say?"
"Ah. Ihere Is the rub." snld Joseph
pil <ly.     "They spoke Knglish. 80 1
could imt understand tbem. Hut I am
sine they were disputing about money "
"How do yon know?"
"Because I learned nt the exposition
that the word 'argent' meant money In
every language in Europe, and this
word they constantly used In tbelr conversation."
M Verduret sat with knit brows,
talking In an undertone to himself, nud
Prosper, who was watching him. won
dcr.il If he was Irving to tnulc-stnml
and construct the dispute by mere
for. i reflection,
"Win*.i they Iini done lighting," eon
tinned Joseph, "the villains I rr-   tn
talk ln French again, but they only
spoke of trifles—a fancy ball which Is
Io l.e given by some banker. When
Itaoul was leaving, my master said,
Since this thing is inevitable, aud it
must take place today, you had better
remain ut home, at Veslnet, this even
lug.'    Haoul replied. 'Certainly.'"
Night tvns coining ou. uud the room
was gradually tilling with men, who
called for absinth or bitters. ..nd
v * .nl lis. u ho perched themselves upon
high stools and smoked their pipes.
"lt is time to go," said M. Verdure!
to Joseph. "Your master will want
you. Resides, here Is some one who
wishes to speak with ine. I will see
you tomorrow."
The newcomer wns no other than
I'liinlllon, more troubled and frightened than ever. He looked unenslly
around the room, as If he feared the
ivliole Paris police force to appear and
carry him ofT to prison. He did imt
sit down nt SI. Verduret's table, but
stealthily gave his hand lo Prosper,
und. after assuring himself that no
one  wns observing tbem,  handed   M.
Veruuret a package, saying:
She found this in a cupboard."
It waa a handsomely bound prayer
let ik. M. Venture! rapidly turned over
Ihe leaves and soon found lhe pages
from which tbe words pasted on the
letter  received   by   Prosper   had   been
"I had moral proofs." he said, hand
Ing lhe hook lo Prosper, "but here is
material proof sufficient in itself to
save you."
At sight of the book Prosper turned
pale ns u ghost. He recognised this
prayer book Instantly He bad given
it to Madeleine in exchange f«r the
medal. On Ihe fly lenf Madeleine had
Written. "Souvenir of Notre Dame de
Poitri-teres, IT January, is.'..',"
"i his book belongs to Mud.-h-im-.'"
he cried.
M. Verduret did not reply, but Walk-
ed toward n young man dressed like a
wine merchant, who had Just entered
the room. Ile glanceil at the note
which Ihis person handed to him and
bueteoed back to the (able.
"I think in* have got tbem now!" be
•a l.l excitedly.
Throwing a five franc piece on the
table and without saying a word to
I'avnlllou. be hurried Prosper from the
.. oui
"tVlnit fatality!" he said as he has
(.in .1 along the strct. "We mny miss
tl.ein I fear ne shall reach tin* St
i.nznre station too lale for llie St. Uer
... .ii train."
lot   henveu's  sake,   where are you
go •.■-■■•" aaked Pio-ikt
•i Some on We can talk on the aray."
Beaching Palais Royal place, M
Verdure! stopped before one .,r the
backs I..'longing to the railway sin
lion and . lnniiii.*d Ilia horses at a
"BOW mucb to Veslnet?" he naked of
u.e driver.
' I don'l know the road very well
lhal way "
The un me of Veslnet was enough for
"I will point,out the road," be Inter
rupted <|ui.*kly
' Well." suld the driver, "nt this lime
ol night in suell dreadful weiilher II
iv ill be 'Si frillies "
"Ami bow much for driving very rap-
"I leave that lo your generosity, but
if .1".. make u :i". franca I think"—
"Vou shall bave a hundred." Inter
rupted M. Verduret If you overtakes
..i.rli.ge wbleb has half an hour's atari
ol ua."
"lly thunder!" cried the delighted
driver. "Jump lu quickl We ure los
lug tltue!"
And. whipping up his lean horses, he
galloped Ihem dOWO'Valola street.
i'1'" in* continued.)
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structure were erected for astronomies
purposes. As early us the time of Jot.
nearly 2.000 yenrs before t'hrist. nio*r
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VVrouu   IliuipiONlfl.
Doctor-Have you taken nnv me.ll-
Patient- Tea,    i  have i n taking
Blank's took* for :. week back.
Doctor— Huh: There's nothing the
matter witb your back. Vou have
stomach trouble   Bohemian Uagaalqe.
Tbf Oni in.
The oii'iu is n hi * " ■• vegetable, hav*
Inn i.eei, used since t'ie dawn of history •
b* the Greeks, lbs Bomans and Uie
Be .   '•'na.
one- myself," laughed the portly party.
-Wh.-n 1 left college I decided thst
nothing but Journalism would enter to
the strenuons life ibsi i proposed io
lend.    In   looking over the lltUI    '
realised tbat the enstcru Held was too
cramped for my swelling ambition, so
i decided upon tbe free ."-1 boundless
west ns ih.* only spot where my bud
ding genius could properly expaud un*
hampered by the convent nlltles of
tbe elVete ensl.
"Well, I found u small town lu the
west where there "ns nu papal' and
proceeded at once to nil n long fell
want Soon after I bad established my
great molder of opinion a lynching
took plact., and 1 fet: thai the situation
called for a row burning words u|	
the subject Tbs ro ult •'.'" •'' two col
limn le.i.ler. wherein 1 handled the .nil
rage without glovut I ciuinol now re
.hm what I said except tbe sud, wbleli
rend something like Oils 'Oeutlemeu
think twice before you ngalu drag lhe
name of our beautiful snd future great
city tbtougb il..* mud.'
"The edition containing my Inspire i
and burning words was hardly Issued
ni i had a call ft un s delegal on of
my fellow clt.-uemi
•••Wlmt 1*1111 I do for you. gentls
men?' I asked, real ilng thai I was fai
ing :i condition, nol a tl y
•• 'We've kiin yere.' said ths sp ikes
mnn. 'to inform you tb .i we don't take
no shin.* io thai tlmr nrtlclo of yourn
'bout lynehln'. Our Brsl Impression
was to bring s rope sl ing with us. but
we remembered what you said 'boul
thinkln' twice, io we've Jes' called to
let yuii know ilmt we've bad our Ursl
tbluk.  We'll be yere again i imorroti '
•-1 took th.* blnl nnd ibe Brsl train
nut of town."   I''■"* i i ree Press.
S-viht  l.ltl   Mor,.
It was the vacte. on rurh in m.* bag
gage room of u..* big di pot Buddeuly,
without warning, there was sn ex
plosion that shook Uie building.
"The trunk of an ansrcbisl with a
bomb In if" shouted Un* de|»l detec
"Russian nihilists!" echoed s msn In
be crowd.
;  .* Black Hand!" nd led n third.
Bul just then a meek little mau
pushed bis way through ths crowd and
|. ek * I up ths fragment* of u binge,
"Lucy's trunk"' he ilghed       I  told
her if she forced uqytblug else in thai
trunk iln* wh,,!.* i"t> would blow ult.
but u mnn can'l tell .*. ivoiuau nuj Ib
when sbe la ,
Tenderly Ihey lifted ins i"«,i
"smasher" 'roui the Hour sud picked
from his anatomy one toothbrush ban
die, one curling Iron, .. loop tlisb and a
belt bu. kle   I li * tgo Nee t.
I h letas, a p,,ei ol I ••-. In ihe third
r*. li. c. was of Mnl. diminutive
- . .* thai bla ncjua ul luces hum tr ms-
I ..r him tb i I .• nn*. obliged to
weights of i   ..I in bis clothing to
i'.*     nt   himself   from   being   blown
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S.inlliern   llslf.
The pun * .rlnrii  Italy does
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In Un* ii.ul: It tie things the peo
ple do gathering tw bs, scraping for
miners from the road*t„cuttloghandfuls
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Ing,   Klriri.,ii A Marvin.
w. .:--....   inuKKi'i". Toledo, O.
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in i* i I.I.....1 and un..*-
.tua  .tiilttirt  ol   .he   aysfem.    Teeth, ..n
.nl*  seni   fit*.*       Price,   "6c.     per    bottle
. ala.s
Take llaii'a Family l*in» for Conailpatlon
I., rr, >»»mI*»    ...i.mic   In   Jail.
In is.,.1 tba inln. oi prison popula*
Hon was om* in ".ii." Inhabitants,   in
1800 it wn- ona In 1,047, In J*-?.. m
i 171. in 188 ia lu BBS and lo WO
on.* in T.".T.   In other Mollis. In (lie for-
,.,* yeur- Irom   1 *•.%". to  1800 the prison
population Increased nearly flvs times
.is fust iis population     Louisville t.'ou-
*   rilin.,   < rnl..
Wh le It I-i        '. employed i.y Euro.
*       **.!     1   I
■   • nan aran   of   lhe
-   '   '..•linen  of   In.li.i   iN   i.y   n I
Ilw 'iiii-i ,*\irnoi.iin iry i.f *  .■•■!
'      * slmplj  ol  *
. to fiber nnd ll.i-.li uitb the
► urf.i  tbe water.   <ni ii:**-.,* .i ii h
(sometimes two >.r more ii-.li.-r-
:- nini ii Ith ii single ..nr pad*
r I il* OUI to SOS     A  Mn.lr.is
Huberts , « ill venture oul a ben boatmen will nol launch iheir craft and
even In weather when i-mis eannoi i»*
launched be ».n a. tin gh ibe surf
oul lo ships m Ith loiters, for the
)  ...   .. li ■ ii lie nol- n  fen* pence.
in • i.|.*i lo cat. ir theie ships s few be-
laiei travelers have been known to
tru-t themselves on catamarans They
nre united in Um ststemenl that the
ride on tha i"-* was ths most '.en-
trying experience ihey bad undergone
in a land tlmt holds u new thrill for the
stranger al everj turn The sea and
nn occaalonal ducking bsvs no terrors
for these natives, uot even the ex-
ti-euu l.v young, and in reality the rata-
maran i- nut entirely to is. scorned, for
it is. niter nil, nonslnkal le.
Train uf • l-rereea.
A peeress' train varies In Irngth with
ber rank. A duchess may bate ber
train three yards long and a mnrcblon-
ess two aud a half yar.'s, while count-
eases arc limited to two yards.
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminate
!,... ii«,r require the help ol uuy purg
itlve medicine to complete tbs cun
iiiv.* ii u trial and be convinced,
Taro  r:|„*(.|,a.
In (lie Honeymoon- l.et me alt by
yon, darting, while you poor the tea.  I I
lore 10 v etch your while hands toying '■
wllb the CUPS,
Next  Sen-oii   What  does   the   maid
mean hy not putting another leaf In the
tablet   We might iis well be sitting Io i
each   other's   lun.   ele.
Wnlrr  I'lpr,,    .n.i   | ,,. t'.iu
ii'.n-.*! pers ..- n rule do nol understand   iihy  il   i-  ihe  hot   unl. r  pipe
Snt lo free.:., in very cold weather.   Tiny think thai n ',u.iit to be the
Otfa  i     uiy    nroiiiid    tlmt    hut    inner
ongbi lo iiiiiistniiii the low tempera-
tur.. longer than cold water will Tbat
decs seem reaaonable, l.ut a little in-
r. ' gatlon shows us that n is aot Hot
wuter fraasas more quickly than cold
nni.*.* for several In the lirst
I'i o •*    lllS   I*" ling   "f   ll  iter expels   thu
air from It, and water »iii not freeze
UOtll il bus parts 1 With Its air.    In the
s ml place, there Is uhvnys a  slight
SgltatiOU  00 Ihe sin face of hot wilier,
and iin- promotes congelation by ae-
elating tin* crystals tochanga their po*
siliol. until Ihey n-siime Hint most fa-
vornitie to solidification. Then the
particles In bol water divide Into smaller globules i.y reason of tba heat, ami
less resistance is therefore offered to
the cold tIn.n In cold water.
Tl.e simple ii.i.ir
Bride tatter the return from Ibe
bridal loun- I see by Ibis medical work
tb it a man requires eight linnm' sleep
nnd a woman ten. Ilridcgrn nil Ves,
I've lend thnt «..in.•where myself.
Bride—How nice! Vou can get up
every morning nn.l have Hie lire made
and Ihe breakfast ready before it Is
time for ine to gel up. I.oinlou Tit-
Don't Neglect A Cough |-
Many a case of I
chronic liion-l
chitia, PoaaSBeeia aad even dreaded Consumption it_lf,may I* traced I
directly lo "ouly a cough."   When tbe firet cold cumea, start in onl
IT CUKKS COUOHS — heals the Inflatnmrd surfaces —
ft.c.'.-ilieiia weak throats — puts the lungs In the atrongest
pra-ail.le condition to resist the trying affects uf a ■■■mb
Canadian winter.
Of        =*
,   )r\	
Sunlight Soap is better than
other soaps, b.it ,s boSI wh n
used in the Sun.^luwtiy (U, '
Hard rubbin? and
things  of the pan ,n home,
where Sunlight Soap uujftjy
Sunlight Soap will not inkm
even the dainu*st I., nc or ^
hands, and the clothe! will L
ptrfectly white, wooleni sa>
and fluffy. '
Sunlight Soap is absolutely p^,
contains no injurious chemcalj
- indeed, nothuis but the active
cleansing, dirt rem -.t'^ proper.
tics of soap thai ii nothing but
Equally good v\ *:. hard or
soft water.
In ii,•■ di alri  -
1 ' ■• .p " ),.u htu
nni saasa Bereoinplaiat
itvra BRoniras iimiiih iosom,
\n,l >.ki mil iiiiuii- I.nc ma,
Harold " saki Ihs tali young thing,
mill .in sxprassion ol harrowing doubl
..li  li.*r  In.*.*
"Always, my angel always! Till
ths >kn*> loll im-.•ibei as n -.i.tli and
the dead -tni- craah Into ths yawning
nl,.-- ol etarnit) I" declares ths noble
young man who has iworn t.. hei
nun nei image is indelibi) engraved
ipon his heart
am   a   *.,,,■*.   Tn.k.
"It tali,-* bin ii : |.tQ{ (.j,,
to ivrlli- .. Icll.r
"Tee, in*-, tiring I ■
pbfl.-d words as p - hoh^
Minard'j   Lininrunt   Curat   OandruH.
United States District ttl .rneji Bimi
il Chicago lm- been iuatructad i"
push cases In which ths Btandard nil
compan] i- accused "I riolaUng anti-
trusi lai
S'early nil intents ara moi
ul'jccl   to   tliiiiiliti>,i   und   inch     ..iii
.iiiiui- nini,* t -ethins nn,I   n-   iin.
period of tlien In.-- i- tin- in . t cut-;
cul. mothers should not bs without'
l b.itllc ol  ill    J    |.    1.
. on In.l        i in-  itit-.i.   ■
peciflc loi   iuch  * omplaii I
sn "i by those who ham
i-c I   it      The  proprietors  i laim   it |
will cm.  nm >*ii t cholera oi -uin-
nei complain!
II,"    tVlnit   In  tb..   vi ...   !  ,! ,| yoq id
your father I bad I    * i yon for]
She   II.- asked me liow far aloag re
„*iit   Detroit I'm* r
n,.-..Mr«.   . to..   .......
Bngllsbmen ara t ito*
"repatriating"   Ibe '  uidui-i
Uot) lie-, i wblcb bas : ■ ■   '..n.-ctiwt i
mui y .vuturi.-* In tbs     .bej of I'm.
lei-rault.   nc.ir  Siunnir.   In
of the I^.lre, Prance     *•    r.stloBin
ib!-, ,*ff-i*t are bow p      «• i*.*i»**«
Hir I'rau.is Merlin. Ilnii-I. to
nl   I'nrr-.  uud  Iln*   I rend) .: veruiaeat, ]
uml it in expected ti u Bi     *'. tnmn
nin be complied » ti.     m k»| n»
,..   IS.. '   l'l    ll.-.l.l    i.
lu   io pern-.li ll • ' nw r»
in ilua '., Kngl ...-I  Imii Um ii. ,
Weill    'Ilw. ii,.li.l    I.)    Hit*   I I»liCO lief
..  ii. M ar
ih,- Pullman companj 1- p ,*i
t,< Bgbl tb.* iit'ii int.* I.m. holding ii
conducts n hotal, nol transport il
President Roosevelt ord. ..**l   B
larj    Mctcnlf   to   Ban Prancia ■■ toi
•' ughl] Investigate the anU-Japao>
■    • iitiinciit on the Pa. IB
8    Isidore, P. Q    -Vug. U
Minard's Liniment i ■■ .  Limit, d
Gi ntlem. n    I have trequentl) u • *i
■nu* it f"i mi* pnti-iit. always uitb
iln* moat gratifying results,   snd    I
eonsidei it the besl sll*round liniment
Vmii- truly,
lilt   J.»    M .,   BIBIOS
Ths Qu Ippelie, Long Lake and -
swan liniliiii) and Bteamahip
company will spply nt lha next ••--
.1 parliament i"r an net authorising iln* I'.iiipiHiv in lease tbeii line
i' the i .\ l< uud to tn*,. ti,.
company running powers ll
Biotoux ittended    "is..--"
\i"   Buef'i efforts to seise Ban Fran-
listricl sttorney'- office an 1 pi •-
i.'.ii evidenos ••! boodling from going
t * the grand jmy
Calling Cards
•IJ Your name ensraverf ," p^t-
ful RytHt Sw.pl on a Co|?-» P.ut
will be fian.ihed by our Sia w«^
Department for 11.00 '
■ ng and pate pfittnnf of c I
Ca'l'ts Cardt will b« dwine I' M
a_i...jnal il 00.
Q Tt* jui tux* uaad ti mad»
•pecially to our order and .1 of tt
than 'anappy " aori. t) a. otnom
quality -akfanca
*J Our Caulojua coma. - * -
meni of engraved Wcdd.n| Invaa-
noiii. Soci«r Staf.ocx .   '.
Pmf mi a rrrt.I em.4 ..d *** tdt
wmJ- ,,.M t,., ij , km.gr ...
t..r.m,mt.imgm* it Jrm*.n    •.....'m.n-
LrmtHr* Ormdl. tl. ■
Thej srs Carefully Prepared IMi-
iilnch dissipate Ihemselvea m ths
stoma. 1. cannol be ixpected to have
in nh effect iipmi the inteatines, and
'" oven oms the eosUvenesi tlie med-
lei ..* administered musl influence lh
sdion  ol  these canala      Parmolee'i
Vegetable   Pills  si  mads   undei
iln* supervision ■ i sxperta, thai  the
' moe in Ihem intended lo operate "ii in.* mi,* tines 1- retarded in action   until   the)   pees   through   Um
lomach t.. ii,.* bow..
tt'lira   I..,.,.,,,, ,1,   Waa   r„,,lr4
Km nil Ilei lihrinlt uu,,.  1.-, j  >  1: ,,1,1,
aii'ltlfii  Bttael   of   hoi,: kn,.,,   »', |»
•be was trui.'iiiiK 111 eastern I 11	
Ibe Bene tei thai sbe » ** x .lug hs. i.
to Parle Immediately    Bu. I.areel >• ss
tlie  Bell  city  .111  tin.  1 „n,.  ;,,, 1   ||Hn
bardi'n bnpressrlo iii om t* wui lbs tei
hm I-*,- telegram t., bli sdvauce agent.
who mi*, then in th.- ttonn.anl.in cepl
Inl:   "Wirt* in,, innn,. Ii.ii,-I, B« follows:
'Nnbiiity ...ui leaders « ty prepaiins
Dsgaifleaol rec«| lion,   tllulairr ol Hue
■rt*, will i.e repraseuted siullou  i . . *i
ngtit proceaalon, aiamed ban n    u   ,•
ejnet  hour nrrlvul.'"    'i''.i«  |..|...-1 1 m
iraa   duly   aenl   ntul   th r, ,
•bowed it t« tba "actress, wbo r..n ,i bet
hemasleknsss in riew of the magulil
cent rsreption awaiting ber, When
tbey arrived there ware sixty salemn
gentlemen in evening .i.*.-sh. with mauy
decorations, on tbs plstfnrtn tiiere
were torches, Hh*.-h ...i.i dowers, ti.ii«,.ii
bnliiN [>lu.i(,il the "M:ir-.•iiinl-." mil
.he tiliiuipliul |.r..c--i.,ii alerted for
'he hotel. "An* yon tiol coming uilli
eef t-.u.i the Impresario to bis advance
sgent who sbowed -.ix-n-. ...' ramalnltu
ai the station Instead »f t t i. lbs
hotol, ",v..." be tMld. "i uin«i look
after iho nobility mul leaders of so
fli-ly. I um afraid Ihey iiill boll ivlih
their dress cloth.-.," I!.*l the 11, ire..
<o tbe bi ny «*ti**. nover gie-wuil Unit
the Mixty greal men nl lhe atatlou were
• U|.ern hired  I.y  tl.e ndvuii.e  Stfenl  nl
su ceutK u bead
l.„(i,lt,„*«   I*. ,   1 luvU.
Ths hour aud lha quarter woli lu* ol
iliir Hen lime in in. wound Iwlcs 1
iveoll,   lite opctiitiiiii   Ul kills   h'kiii   ||,*,.
Imurs In each .**.••* ri, * welghi fair the
quarters i*. jn«i nitoui,. ton nud n imir.
and ih.* hour welthi Im over a i m. The
pendulum, 1314 feel long, rlhraf.14 oni t
in two ends aud weighs nearlj tiki
Almost as Old
As the Hilts.
Johnsons A
baa beat, an lha aiarltat lar ''<■ )••'*
ana haa beea curlnr lamencaa. VtU
Suraa, hewlaea all lhal in.,     h
lh* , 11,'tm 11 aiaa aa na, ta M>     I
I *   JOnSOS A I « , Uaal'*,  Me*
Practically all
makers of gcxxl dot bei
in Canada use Hrwson
tettmrn. Look for the lag
that gtiarautca furl *••!■
Don't Get Wet!
will keep you dry U
noihingclne will, becauae
they ire the product of
the be .1 material! and
•evenly yean' experience in manufacturing.
^0WB?t|    a. J. TOWER CO.
j^fa-^4*   Boston, US A
jj _       TOWtlOA»ai)U»C0.i'-,t
W   N    U   No.   609 -JPfMB
Does fit
.   has the soft
'" warm      feel
the skin enjoys.
i li.. .* h ii ' t    itch
2  >^t£    Mada   for   menj   wo.
men  and   little    folka,
a    variety   of   styles,
ibrica      and      prices.
fe authorize every dealer in Peo-Angk
Underwear to replace, at cut coil, any
gaiiucat iaulty ui malarial a making
The flral anthropological society, for
ii„. itudy of mankind considered with
inference lo the animal history of tin*
i      una founded In London la im*;
Am  "i    ■■'  a-ali.
an ordinary  tablea] ufui of coin-
ni,,:. Halt, dry,  weighs ulni..»t exu.-tly
nlie ouues
■H,r   ll„rl«-r,-il   I.r.,., i-» „„M,
Theie .ne held hers ..... i.y  "cobflden-
bs   ihey   iir«-  called
„ii..ii ibe ceremony is kept nnusnslly
qu|,,|    I'.ul soiiiclliiies they me |.,,, nm.
ii.i.-iitiiii iu piei.se the relatives of ihe
TbS   coercion    nf    plospci tu e
1,11,1 iider M.i*i. circumstances is u
|   uell   niilhenti. iiletl  in   fuel
,,!,,! !*. nun.   a kidnaped brldagrooin,
er. Is  iiiiii.mil,  though  l.e Imp
I        ...  Bl   Qaorge's not long ago,
II.   ...,    ..  ireiilleini.il  of pisii.ou, and
sin .1 in marry s lady abo bad
i. i.i  through nil  lliuess.   Theie
Vj. i,   ran r just Impediment ssvs
„      1 he   u.lltietuuu   waa   dr
.i   nu.i li.e lady seconded bn
plaua iiiluiirnltlr.    Hill lhe d.iy* inul llie
leaked out, and before tbs time
■   inidegroom'i mala relstivee
■I ii.**;,niii   through   Had
,i01 itreel snd surrounded tbs ihiii.b
, ;■  iu  ii   biiiKoni  cab.    Willi
sd *"i tie expectant bride,
: lo alight    At. athletic uu
i  .i   brother  sprang   forward,
lliiii-l h.in back, « il ll S ''iini to u,.*et
I fellow" u.......,*r thai deceived
Bl .ii.   «bo ,,l„*.i Sd  thS *|.ii' k di
!..* hen.il  ni.'I  .Iron* the  three
ana.      I I.f   l..'l).    With   le.tis   lu   hei
 ,r  into u.e  ..-iii      There
.* uo ii.-l.l i.- sbe talil
"They've nn. .iitii.i iiiiii bun" And
tiwt rai lbs leal M Qaorge's beard uf
"Will, out."
11'n'" ';"''"  u'lrl "'"' Pro-Hed ovor
the sods fountain in Hockelmeyer's
drug store was accustomed to patrons
who did no know ibelr own minds;
'""' l'"1' habll oi tbougbl was difficult
lo chiiiiuc.
"I'd like n glass or plain soda," said
" '•".nt man, entering ono dm in evident linste ns well ns tlii
"Vou have vanilla or you have lemon? tranquilly inquired tbe j-ounswo.
"l want i.imn M,dn, without sirup.
1,1(111' *V(Jl1 understand mar" asked the
Klont imiii testily.
"Vims," i,,„i th8 pi;,,.,,, Qeman fBce
did not change tpresslon or color
"bul whal kind sirup .,„„ Wlint h*m
mltoutl Miiout vanilla or mltout lemon?"   youth i . ompanlon,
I".   I'.i.iiaalii,..
"Wlmt aid the prisoner ever do tu.it
Dopvlnced j r his Insanity?"
"' '"•"' »aw i im lot i, I, rowboal In
which were several women mid children."
"Thai M:i-ni inssalty, That was
criminal Idiocy. Proceed with the ease "
•< leveland Plain Dealer.
I ,,rr«u*  laaataral   Uralb.
•f nearly nil  foreata la rut
abort I.y  tlie "■   '->   the head et the
lumberman    When  B  aprece foreat ia
.*  ......I     I.y      Orr     i.tiiiik'
imt  at  me e ttpfteg  n;
«iier lhe bUTBOd uren     Tl.e s.-ed l-ei.r
...■   bOSO   I..IIII.-.1.   ll.ld   lhe
...,l« .,r ,.liter pl
tr, r. n '*i bf the a M P id
. r..-i    .' ba taek ..f pr,
. -t is bagw again, but
. to be " ibortei ..nc   The
■    the   Hie   moss,**   aud
i« • • .in   planta   upi-ear.
-,  .... . i  i,y  the ftisweed
: -»i*i, « b-tse M-eda nre pfO
I, nrs  ►.,  that  tbey  rea.b
wiy.   Tbass are
iimi*. nnd other
bssbta   tni.ag ih.-.* the yoaeg seed
• ii- agpeei  hi n t er.v few
•*..  gl .ii  rapidly and lu
• tars form s io« sonny for
Hon  - r   ikes s brilliant
-r iiiii. the dart groan forests
o,ia.,i ..i  »•.... Rooea.
*,-*..t r  begtal   'ii."i
.1 in tbe lir«t ' Iln*
• -I..-.I    In    IT'.'T,   iiml   the
-..■i.t   ia  that   ihey   arete
■!„•   I Mill I    of  .'lllllU'tllllld
Mrk- ..' ■ ...ice III     Iiiii  iiii .ntry In
tbea<•      - .if tb,. mitlir of the beess
.—l* ll,.-*t they  were found
Anne on Ann  •',. 1711   Tl.e
■li.l.   I«   Ilmt   Ascot   i
"'her   SOgUSt   In-IUu'
m.liin . developod from a gem se
• I III. ult    In   SB}   when   ll."*.'
At nny  '.it'-, th  i   "•-*"'
r ..r tbina ib-.t eiiihir
■ • • r.    A ll.e    WOOld   I..ne
•  SS   -i   Hi", ''nil.  Stunrt
- ..ii       ||    ii ii-   le I    .
i imoa i   « h ■•
. -• .i.i  I, h ,i-i* r.i* lag la
I i ,|..ii.,-./,-i it  iu  .
. liri.ne le
'-■.,.• i ootoooaaaa
i atfsease in Hui-
■ Itust. huk. gmetrla nu.i
"II   lhe   I.i.uiiIh..   \ .nnn   nil   lhe
"'«'l. ■      ii:,,| Shllllil.l ll. till- Ulterior.
, rieree   J,,l,,
"Well," In* grunted, "there's your old
'■"'" BP* I boj. you're utUOed with
the Job."
''■■ res dear," sbe replied dubiously, surveying (be dirt he bad made "I
suppose i in,i i be, tines you ure bo
thoroughly • -oted  with It"- PbUadel*
plihi i'i.
A Common   Trouble   Among   Growing
Boya-A   New   Blood   Supply   j»
Ni-eded—Dr.    William*'    Pink
Pilla    Actually     Make
New Blood.
1   ' imn
ual approaching manhood who havi
.iln,  lire out st l
work as
i   long   In
» hich bieak oul
hai  I a,„|
I,    ii
■  men   ahould    lak.     D
■ i tb,
I oi
It that I nu- I
un   i* \|*.   a|
i-i'.n.il    i
indigeatiou     I   *
* *
ine    Oui Iiiuiili
• gain
H     *
I. r    Wil
!■■   ...
. mi
Di   W
ati-n "'   '
'     '
,   I. .\
In.l   .he    lltlna
t;r« i*mi-i. (oa s vlril a ih ber bus-
ti    bow
,i   ho«   beautiful!    Ths  mag
ew    make*    me    perfectly
s[«-ts bl.
Mr Crabb Tl ea I'll boy tlie illla'-
I. lo
TbOSS   Thai    l,lM„    Urlt.,,    Vot   ,h9
Sake  uf  1-rotecl l»„.
Tl"*' •'•""I of feigning death for the
' •l'(*" et protei lion . un be obnei ■ sd
umoug many of the lower animals
animals which differ widely in family,
gaunt nn.l sp,., ,,.. inuood, this babll
* to ba observed In i iv:.turns mjcro-
* ■•Mh.* In size umi of exceedingly low
wganlsatlon, ns noil u iu those aa
high iu tin- scale ..f animal life us mau
himself,   for even  mm,  ,|,„.s lllJt  t„.s*.
tats on occasion* to avail himself of
Hiis natural lubtorfage wbeh he thinks
ll "in ni.l in the preservation of his
ti Ith tbe nid of ibe mtcroscops one
- .» obsorve aad study tbe natural history of the minute uulmul world, wblcb
otherwise would remain u closed and
unread volume. This instrumeul hut
! .hi im* beyond esvll thai creatures
as low in the teals ns actlnopbryans,
rery minute, microscopic animalcules,
proctlca death feigning when turprlsed
. . nn enemy from which tbey cannot
otherwise escape    Thus ; bare, lays
naturalist,  repeatedly  si   actltio*
pbrysns fold their delicate, bairllka
legs or cilia un.l sink to tbe bottom of
ibolr miniature ink.- (s drop of water)
when approached by a water louse,
which preys upon them. They remain
to sll sppesrances absolutely without
life until the water loose iwtmt away,
wben they unfold tbelr eltli nmi ij„
1 I* to their feeding groundt  t  i.it
of wafer weed or moat   or   decayed
The   ll. ••..!!   They   Are  v,i   tiiulr  <„
...nt .i.i.t a Week.
Tbs French h.ne a  fashion of ex-
I'i ilng un Indefinite but short period
of lime by ihe phrase "aboul eight
.lays." Under similar condition,, we
would    say    "iil-out    a    week."     The
French method seems unnatural, ours
 ual, for a week Is n distinctly rec
ogulasd  period.   We  believe Iboro i-
•*iiiy one way m wblcb wa use the
i.i period, snd Ibsl is in making
* lo. Its
l>1.1 ii ever occur lo you why wa
hava whal i- called nu eight dny clock
nud not one made lo nn. exactly seven
dayt? There la a good reaeon for ii.
't clock thai i- made to nm elgfal days
.- pretty ture to is* wound on t cer-
1 i ii day oi the week, tor it would be
niiiio-i Impossible for nny one tu te-
membei to «.nd n on every eiKhth da).
Therefore the interval between wind
la teven days pre. leelj u- 'he
ut.i Lei* desired and expected.
'Iln* n-a-oii  Is  Ihui n clock  tuns bet-
i* i ii bon it i*. nut allowed to rm. down,
• r. nearly .-o.   The tame plau   -
followed in making t watch; it mil ruu
(or  thirty  hours,  but ns nearly every
man aInds Uis .. r.i, al tbe seme hour
.•very day or night, the spring is never
fully exhausted Regolsrlty in wind-
big i- ..in* of tin* besl meant of keeping
n timepiece iu ordei
Your Doctor
Can cure you*r Cough or Cold,
no question about that, l.ut
why go to all the trouble and
inconvenience of looking him up,
and then of having hisprescription
tilled, when you can step into any
drug store in Canada and obtain
a buttle of SHILOH'S CURE
for a quarter.
Why pay two to five dollars
when a twenty-five cent
buttle of SHILOH will cure you
as quickly?
Why not do as hundreds of
thousands of Canadians have
done for the past thirty-four
years: let SHILOH be your doctor whenever a Cough or Cold
SHILOH will cure you, and all
dniMjists back up this statement
with a positive guarantee.
The next time you have a
Cough or Cold cure it with
The . lu,,,, it. 1„ il,r Orient.
Snys n writer iii lhe Poking nnd
Tientsin Times; '"ihe cigarette bas
caught the popuinr favor iu lha east
nmi fnr east, being ii KiiioUe seemingly
peculiarly adaptable to Asiatics.  The
Ion*.' stemmed pipe is giving ivuy every iv here to lhe Cigarette   All clis-,*^
..r Chinees take i > It, even rickshaw
.•.mhos, sume brands of the cigarettes
being so cheap that the beggars in Peking in.* seen often indulging lu »
qu.et smoke."
I'      Di  .| p in- Before Ii
n< '■*!   uffei pain «i.. r. th. \ have uvnil-
ible In   Tin,nm-' i..|,-cinc o,|.     jj
nol in iii.. bouse when required it can
'•    procured at the ...   *.' ■    • ore, si
all    merchants    •<■■ p    it    for    -:,].
Rheumatism .'.ml nil bodily psint di--
appeai wben n i- applied, and -
■*.t any time return, expei
'  •*  usei  >*.* 'n.   <iii  boa  to
deal i. nh n *
A S.'mple Device That Has Served Hi
Purpose Admirably In the
Poultry Yard.
As 1 coulil Dud i*. noli.* of my paper-*-:
or books a description of a feeder to
my notion, 1 nei sbout in devise   nn.l
build one. says IC  K. Whitney In Aiuui*
can  Poultry Joui .1   l   suoei ed d  to
my entire sallsfiu '..,;.* The accompanying Illustrations an.l detcrlption    will |
enable any one tu build similar ones. ,
Mine are eight r. .*.. long, twenty i
high and twelve Inches Wide, nnd will I
each accommodate thirty-two hens or
forty-eight half grown chlcl ■ wl
crowding. Calculate four hens to each
foot—that Is. two on each tide of I
er—or six chicks, and build any iniirh
desired.    It  requires  but little    imn**
labor to fljulld a long one than a sif.-ii
one, though a five or .six four fe. dei
would bs mors convenient for on
Bon to cany
Of dressed I mn *.. -r* teven-atghthi or
one Inch thick ii  mqulrei two |
II by- 19  inches,    nn..    p;..*.*    twelvi
Inches wide and einM ft i"  long i
nine Inches by eight feet, three   four
Inches -by eight fee. nm] tjxteeti
which in*., two in' li* I  by foul
fut notches l by  I Inchei in tb.
corners of tin* iwo 11 bv I'.i . nl boards
and nn.l cleats below a Iiii" Iin* ll
from tin- bottom ends Bevel four lathi
and  nail ihem on  Hie twelve  in'
eight foot board, the thick edges flush j
with the edges of    Hi.*    board.    The .■
Healthful, Delicious
and Cleanly Prepared.
Is all PURE TEA and is rapidly taking
the place of Japan Teas.
Ltsd     Packet!    Only,    40c,    Mo,    and    SOo    ?ar    Ib.      At   til    groetra.
..,*   Star.
ChoCy   Notvitt -   D'ye  know.   Mist
Smart, though I'i ly Just met you,
th. re se.>ms to be u sort of Intellectual
sympathy between at Ton know jusi
bow t«i nppei.i i.t nij taatea, yon ner
An- ion a literary woman! Doll*
Buiart -Xo; I'm n kindergarten taeehaa.
The   Opal.
it «.i.« Su W'lni.*, s i ii in. bel|>ed,
Lnnt ol  i-•,*.:;." io nn.ii-,. ths
"f the sii*"*;-:.!,.,!!- coucernlug
lhe   «,*.ir.'n;   of   thai   very   beautiful
loin* iin* opal, .iiij ii .ms u Qertnsn
dealer m guns uin. fostered that fear
• --fully for other ends than
•   ll* . ime t" England
lean, ni;.. "•• nre told by a Jeweler, Io
nil an order tinm one of the royal f.un-
i Germany   t wadding order, if
I remember rightly,   opals were then
II.* !. ..I pi nted il..* story that
...re unlucky .in.l spread tht r,*
|,.,il  diligent!)      lu a   tborl   l*m>   the
weal down, snd be was snibled
:. - older snd .nni.- .. bandsomt
n • rili ...-■.■
Coru  Taaael.
The .*"ni taaael i* symbolic ef rM.e<.
though tl..* I""  price "f tn.- pi".i*. t
dnr.uiJ the hut fe» .'car- hn- depri **«I
the tyuibol Of much of iu former tig*
The  r,-r».
Tin- fern  bat a  I i  peculiar and
original arrangement of Ita seeds, tneea
dispoaod in regulai oidei* on ihe
ha. k- ol   Ihe  lealW
I      ' "!* ' 00 I      l . ruerili-
itlmt youi *   riving   r*,.| h.-I!
' Hn'*.* i.iii*   bring  all   *.* I
into >..ui  il.iM",. ]if...  f,.(  they
maki ,   t|„.,n
well.   Mi-   J*-   Perland   Bt
''••i|i-. Que .  -ny- —"Sine.
little one linl.;.*'- Own Tni '
ni splendid health,  i-  r.
plumpei event .lev and I.n- lf.-iutif.il
rosy   ' beeki "   These   1
indigestion, colic, constipation, simple
unl  all  the
•I.. n..t contain *.f   the
:  and  in  nil  -....'lime i. .,,1 ,nii-t liquid prepar*
Tin*   Tal.'. •
with al.-' !	
born, si well ;.- the child "( advan-
* I'i* all no* I:* ine deal-
*  b)   nnn!   *    -
I.*.* writing the l"   Williams' Medicin.
Co .  Brockvill.
».. '-..u.prnar.
"Yes." said in,* oij Indian trapper,
"we kill a painter now aud tbeu, but
they're gottln' s.nr..*."
"Well. I woman t worry." responded
the tourist. "When they're iiU gone you
ran begin on tbe authors. I understand
they're   pi-'.t.ful    enough."-I.oui-*. lis
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia
A cashier ln tbe liuuuclal district of
New York, ou being advised by his
pbyslcian to take a vncatlon not long
ugo, wrote tbe agent of a South American Bteampship line as follows: "As I
am thinking of taking a trip to South
America, please advise me Immediately with particulars relative to rates, accommodations, and so ou. to and from
the rarle.is ports usually visited b.v
tourists at this season of tbe year."
Tbe answer cauie by special delivery,
marked private nmi ■ oulideutlal, "One
of our steamers will sail for Valparaiso
next Wednesday; shortest and qulckr
•at way out of the country."
The   In mil,   SfcololOa-
"llave tbey got .*, family skeleton?"
"I should say so "
'How do you kimii''"
"I   saw  their etdeat  daughter In  a
bathing suit this summer."—Houston
i I,, i. «.,!..• faieiara,
A* "'•
Lou.!* *  "I"  wai
;   i„   lhe I * ''■'"■
, th.H   ani;.
.... I      I' ■•
cent   I'*'   "I      ' ''
stand.ng Bit* am*
Suffered Keenly and   Unable to Work for
Days at a Time-Cured Three
Years Ago by
Dr. Chase's Ointment.
St.   Si. i...i. ..,,
Many p00| '■•■ Igl   i-.i'i of H-e Inn- bis-
lorj ..i iiu* church trill ba scandalised
When they reail the title of this article.
I., • then .ea.i it '.' ii"- ''nd   There
.   . ..i - i i  -..me  hundred  years
il, i, wil |.,,u- family called ths Ho
u,|.irii-    Then   llr-t   . hild   was   bon.
un tin*  15th of August,  Assumption
.. he looked rery small nud
. ni.*. wanted blm to ba baptised
ni delsy. Their priest .* wsanted
t„ p,*i i,.nn tin* ceremony, imt as it was
, iiaionmrj to give to ... i.ii.l tl..- name
ul lhe pillion saint of his or ber birth*
dai il..* gs.d priesl could not nud
ii.mill imi call Imn "Assumption lions
pun.* in ins etnbarraasmeut be ijok*
,,i carefully  ovor tba "Uvea of the
-    nml Buall)  found lhe name of
.i -.nut martyr who lu the Brat canto*
rlea ,,i tin* church had been stoned to
death 00 thai icy day of Aug, 1."..  Of
,   ne,lli,*r Mr   nor Mrs. Iluiinparte
,,1   tlmt    their   llrslburii   child
Should    I"'   ...lined    Napoleon,    hSVlBg
I bui iin* high pstronsga of a brave
martyr of Un early Christian chiirch.--
I.eller to PbllsdelpblS North American.
T>" ,r'r' °' v"»"r.
^ hat became of tbat life gnnrc
who had forty-one medals for savins
people's liiesv *
"•Hie t-oor fellow f,.,, ,„„ or „ law.t
with them all ou aud the combiuec
Weight sank  hlin."
Th,* Mott Popular I'ili    Th.* pill i-
ilie most popular ol .11 Conns ol nnd
i,in... nml of i'ili- tin* in..-- populai
, • I'm in.•l.*i*'- Vegetable Pllla, ls*-
• mi-t* they .I., ii -   *
full   tin.   nn,I   an*   not   put   forward   00
any flctitiout claims to excellence
They are oompaol and portable, they
an* f.i-ili taken, tint do no) nauaeate
..i gripe, snd they give reliel in tin*
mosl -inl.I..in .
l*r,»lraal..ni,l   ..i«..ll,
"What wagat .1 • i *ii expectf asked
Mi-   Randolph ot a un rinoii.e. wbo
h.nl i nmi' to bir> as cook
'Well. Al. t.ll you.   I.f All .ks an'
WSltS  on  de  table,  too   All  'SpOCta  f'i
el"*ii   nis'k   All   lives,  nut   ef  yo'  nil
bat family reach at tie table an' .th
Joe' liab i.*r cook, deu Ab cbargea er
dollar  mr   r„*   bits.'
Minard's Liniment for tale everywhere
So Sudden.
K.lie - Wen i "ii taken by lurpriss
«li,*ii   he  proposed,  thai I
Klla   il In.--   yeai   Why.   I   had
imi   even   looked   up   in-   financial
.-Inn.ling   -gAlly   SI,.pei.
KKEUEIl PatlTIT fl AllKl.
will prevent the feed being ra!,.*.! on
the sides. Then si t np the end I..
lay the bottom board nn Hi.
nail to them with light nails; also nail
through tin   • *,|s i„m th,   .    .
of the  bottom  br.ard  with   long nail-
Then a four Inch board is tr. |„   .
into the notches nt  ih.* top on each
side, and the frame Is m;,,;.
Into  twelve  inch   pieces  nmi  imil    on I
each side.    The ,   - .   •   u...        *,, i.n :
the feeder on on,* .-:•!,• leave the width '
of a lath and uaQ a lath right through.
Vse smull nails for tops uf ia".
that none will protrude Inside „f the
feeder.    No. :' wii   ■:,, foi   top, No   I
or 4 for hot'..un     Finish  both    tldei
alike, and yon ar- r.*,.|> foi  Hif oovei
Nail a four   inch ttrip uu top   .*
anJ binge r , ,- ,,   board   aloe
inches wide    n ,    tile t,.|   to
project over the  tide one In.l..  mak
lug it convenient to open
Crushed Grain For Horses.
Tbe following tagg. in** remarks on
the preparing ,,f food foi borses i-
taken from Hayes' book on stable management, and will he found helpful to
My experience in countries where
the soaking In water of gran given ns
food for horses i- genera ly adopted
hat convinced me that this practice Is
hurtful tn dlgef.inn beoause it not only
saturates ti • *h water, but also
facilitates the swallowing of the food
before the grain has been fully mast
rated,    tlratn  in  India and    corn    ir*
South Africa are the chief grains that
are soaked In water before being given
to horses   Both are best prepared   by
being broken and by being given dry
with brau. chop, or. In  the    case    of
matte, with the cob cut up   Bruising I
is specially applicable to oats, as It In* j
ere;. ses  the difficulty    of    swg'lowlng
this grain without thorough   met
tion. and by breaking Its husk lt ex-,
poses the interior of the grain to the |
full action of the digestive juices. Owing ta the smoothness of the surface j
of almost all  the    grains    given    to
horses, they can be much more easily
swallowed    without     being    properly
masticated   when   given   whole   than
when bruised, hence the advisability of
this process     If the  !"""  wai  '.::    ."
state of nature,  the  covering of the
grain  would  ob ite  him  to chew  the
ear, cob. or pod before be rould swal
low Its contents There can h- m
tion as  to the advantage nf bruising
oats and other grain for old    horses,
nnd for those who-.* chewing powers
are Impaired. Colin,    however,   main
tains that In ord nary ci-rs the brills
Ing of corn does not Improve the dl
ges'iblllty of grain.    Nevertheless    we
find thnt, in   ihe   experiments   from]
which he drew his    conclusions,   the
period of mastication waa i% per rent
longer, and the amount  of snliia  -*
crelcd  was  IT per cent,  greater with
bruised oats than  with  whole oatt   1
have found, tapeelally In training race
horses, that horses do better on  the
former than on the latter fond   I f, sl
strengthened lu this conclusion by thc
fact that, when such animals arc fed on
bruised  oats, lass  husk  is found    in
their dung than  when tuey are given
whole oeta, Leaving oats out of th.
question, there Is no doir' t that the
crushing nr coarse grinding of many
klnd« of grain—corn and barley, f.-i
Instance—greatly Improves thdlr dig,*-
Utility ami wbolesoroeness.
The breaking or grinding of grain
should be strlctll limited to thnt which
It sufficient in nullify the protective
nctlon of Ihe husk: for the smaller the
pi,*tides of the broken corn, the les*
will horses rellth It, mid probably thc
lets saliva will  be secreted.
t .■.Hn*  tarda,
In 1B57 tha fluke of !-arina had his
photograph u|*on his visiting cards.
Heme  the term  * cartes-de visite."
A   I.lun.I nr   In   Poets,
Tennyson  is  not  (he only poet lau-
.*.*..i.• n hom Regent street has known.
Southey relates i ludicrous sersps loto
which In* nu.i Campbell fell one day iu
ih.* Quadrant. Campbell wiebed lo
rollers a p*K>r womaa and rushed into
.in* nearest simp in change ■ sovereign.
Tin* Shopkeeper wat attending to cos
miners mid delayed  bilge hlin. and
Hu*  generous   i I   lost   hi-   tamper.
rhereupon the shopkeeper jumped t..
'!"• ".in lii-ion thut he lin.l two rniiu.-s
to .Ienl with and ra.-hiy ton) for the police. Campbell stood in helpless fury,
inn when Southey explained things to
the fonstiii.ii. tinii worthy, who happened   '"  I..*   l.   OlaagOW   Innn.  nt   ollee ex-
rlnlmed, "Ouldneas, mon, is that Male*
ler .'an..*]), the lord rector o' Ulalsgie?"
After tlmt it wim dlffleult to separate
Campbell   and   ths   shopkeeper,   so
warmly nei*,. their hands interclusped
'ii explanations and forgiveness. —
Westminster (Jaiette.
goals.   Ilrcnma.
A r-eli known authority nn dreams
and dream books tajn "To dream you
tee snakes or aerpmilt .-i**'.vk that you
win   be   imprisoned   and   encenntet
many   dangers     If   you   nre   in   love,
your sweetheart tiiii ite false. To
dream ynu kill a snake sbowt you
will overcome difficulties and euetnies
aud be successful ill love, trade or
farming, but unsuccessful ut sea."
Kol   Plndloir  Inuh.
"So you  never flnd  fault with tour
wife's cooking}"
I   Should   -ny   t„,t,*   answered   Mr
Meekton    "Win ,y wire condescends
i" cook I -hi  everything I ran to en
enrage bet*:".. -iv;,-!,,,,„,,... *-*.„.
fur in     and    FAiM    HELP     married    or
-   ttck    A-jrrii'tiUural
Di-strirU       NoM   i-upt'l.'d   without   unlit*
r-cli-rt ik i- -ail n ». N*-*
Tvrm. "r Spring Mamlard »»c*-** t-\pcri
«d Mail »ttfii- a inl «ue"*» offend dirwt
In fim-M I' I'.ailoiMiiit J-imcruii n ARt-nt,
Cumnock, Ajri-altfj-e, Bcoti^od. Blot* ad*
I'.i future ilw, a- many t»u.i-ti*d
fariiuri-t now pnguirioff fur additional help
thinkt oi
hit ttock-
And when itn't
he tearmg here and
there in hn rough-
and-tumble playing I
outwear two pain
of oidinary stockings
—and are comfort-
able   and. well-
Just try them.
Look lor the
•tag that telli" — on
every pair. .o
TheFootweai Question
Answered —
itt. iii  fun to doacrlbs ths
I  Sd   l.v     pilot     .m*l     lie
.met iiiii ....     iei-.nn
'   ■ ii   oan, r-u.'li n-. -mi'*
iiiiiI Burning with red
truthfully   stated   thai
mora excruciating pain
sretehodnoas   trf   feeling
* 'i .Ii-".i*.e  Ufa I. no'--
• l*"rlf,*i burden during the nttn. ks
l.iiniiiiK    innI    ttli
■ il un i.iKe   to   Imagine
i   ..i inii*   ii it* lm nl. in..
I   l.l.t.   tliev    * Sp  the   l ll
, j! and  body and skwtlj
lead lo Hu*  ruination ol
This Is tr...* ..f Itching
";:' l" 'Hiding .... troll n- ..I Moedii.fi
'* which  because ol tin* loss of
,,"' ibott r.i,,lrl in their disns-
j.'J' '.inlineiil brings gltno I
J"1"1' '  Hal fr.un the itching. Innn
YV , Hinging isnaatlom of piles, nn.l
"  '"' '''v.*  mul  thorough  euro  for
~ ,,f  this  wretched. I
Mr     I..I i.   '
of   I,
.    I     ,..!■.   I'       ITI
,;,    i. i""i i-i
,    , , mini mi . 'j'"'
■" ;; ,v
1 |n . ii
,„.*„' *
lu.lt  u-   Hi'. :,,,.,*.
inyonedoubl      '        in write dim
to   in-' " , ,       t| Iill
lir   Ohaae's   Oinl       ' „,
I       . ■    1    *, )l IT 111 "»
guaranteed run
p|e . BO -wn!    ■''  ho". •'
o,    b j   I
prire   l.v     l.'li ' on.     '"'
To. ..»«...tm   Hrllrfa.
Tin- Boroaitrlau faith n.-kuow ledges
Ormssd. -kbura Mssds, "Lord Wisdom" m the lupreme god, with sn
srcbsngels kmetht Spenta, un.l u
company „t sngels, Vasata, about blm
to rule nml golds tbs noihl.   Tbs lu*
ferns! bosl of Bends and srcbUsnds
,l|l„ nill* SgSlnSl   lli'liien lin.l  StTlTS to
dottroj ihe inline life of msn im le.i by
Ainu Malnyu, tbe erll spirit In dis-
L.UMlng wmi I'""'' Boroastrlaus tbs
hlll,„.,.i of im* origin of evil I found
,lu, [hey look upon Ihs lUprems being,
\huii Mssds. ns comprising  wniiiu
imn-eli  the  tWO  pOWKM  Of  good  ..U.I
,VII  mi ly, Bpeuta Mninyii. th« holy
,piril mui Ante M.uuyii, tl ril ipli
ii   xhli i» similar to tbs moaothslstlc
visa held by the Patsls of Indls lu
,,,,,,,,-ni,... to ths ttatsmsnl froquantly
w ,,,.„ -zorosttrisntsm is purs dual-
I ,„   *||i,.v believe alSO In ths resiiiT.-e-
,,„„ of tha dead, which tUoir faith bas
lauabt tin-in slues euiiy Umas, nud tuis
doctrtol It .-onne.led Willi the ballot
,|,„( there will ComS S snvloui* OT nil's-
,iub. .nll.il il»' Snosliyuiit.-A. \. WII*
lams lui'ksou iu Ceutury.
Sunlight Soup la better thnn otbei
soaps, but Ib best when used in tin
Sunllgln wny. Uuy Sunlight Soap
aud follow directions.
Ths Japanese ambaasadoi  bas  coquetted the   tmsiican authoritios to
ee thai the Japanese children In California are accorded iheli lull rights
The Pg U Cleanly.
The pig by nature Is    one    of   the
cleanest of animals snd in interna' run
"Vtrurti.,:i resomblOS He linnian being
more  closely  than   any  Other  ntilnial
wi.ni wonder than it Is thai wa bear of
so  mUCb   illse:.-.*   when   Ihey   nre   I.. M
under such nithy conditions n. we s*.
often s.-e. tilve them dean, healthy surroundings sn.i ne shall baai wry in
tie Of disease ami  they  Will be to us
the money making machines thoy hats
proved themselves—R. T. Arcbe'   In
American Cultivator.
I WWN^iSt*
Ration and Cow.
The dairy ri.tl.rn ibou .1 be palatable
It   shOUld    be   in*' SbOUld   be
digestible, sbundanl  and ss Inexpon
slve as possible after ths oth. • i
lists srs secured, it.. »*,■ should n.i.-r
loae light ..r tba f...*i thai no ration in
ever good '"...ugh or i igb in
.oa- .i pi oil I out of u worthless .mi.
The   lllilne   I',,, (III, nl.una.
'i in* early It..inm.'. found ihe iwlft
fiuit'iil of Hi.* libiiie tnffl. lent de enaa
ignl^itt th.* ui*.*.iiiii • Oohn in bill to
protect the peaceful settlors ngiiliitl nil
i.o ill.le danger sverj r..i.i nn Hie up
per it in in* imi net} convenient eroot
ing place on tbe lower ttreani ».i- fn***
tilled, uml thus i. ,-iii,tn ,,r |.,-i- was
extended from the sen t„ hits tbiug
'lite   l.ii.ii,,,,,.
Tin* illinium is u 1* .un i proline et n'l
the fruits of lbs earth, lielng forty-
foilr limes mors Iiiuiili. Iln* II...u |Mttu-
toes und loi time, inore than wheat.
For Northwest
Winter Wear
there  is   no other Underwear like
Warm enough to defy the
must severe blizzard
yet not too heavy for
Made in all weights and
sizes for all climates and
figures. „
Insist on having StanllrId's.
After Labor, Recreation
Travel   It tht  Acmt  ti
Stolen Pleasure
The children will show you
ihe merits of Mooney's biscuits
if you give them the chance.
Mooney's Perfection
Cream Sodas
have made themselves fintous
all over Canada in a very ihoit
time. Crisp, inviting, tasty.
Different from siny other cracker
you >>ave eve/ eaten.
Sa>   Mooney's" to your grocer.
Whea jrou travel s-jrure tha
belt ln tij.ni in,■<>'. comfort,
and aaiety, and uae tht
Ezeuraion rate-t thia w'nter
in tvtiy direction. i .-i.
Sout'i tnd Wait. Make your
wuutt known to tny Canadian Northern «Buiit. who will
be glad to fuiiuali tha tullott
Information,  or write
Traffic   Managtr,      Wlnniptg.
W    N    U       No.    609 ■
' j. im ii".-i". f. Trent Lafci-t lly, Attn Pubilalieil
rt Krrgutoo an* woat Lake tvorv x-imraaay
I* i ■ B I'tor J >"-■ nit ft"*!  blmaatl rt'pnn* .
.     .*, ■   'i**. is or eorruty^udtttta•»•
. prwaed in itt oulumna ,
All Incnl-i will Ur bbtrgSd nt llie rate .,f!6
•oiriiia per Iln-.*. llrm iiwcrtmii, unl i.' rai *.*.;... ;
I .ie* t*.u-.i. alMioQBOlit liittrUou.
Tei-maforTm.isle.it unl ntrer nV.*cr*I*U*n
n III II* lllil lo known Oil   li|lpllCillio:i III "irii.'i
Hi>Daor.|.|.<>» Al..-' n i e.r. li, .olvmn*,*.
Pedro Mineral Cl. im.  Bitnntt in i
1 h* T.va*.   Laka Mining division nf j
\\ es' Kootenay Distric.
Wlii.iL* locatsd: On Bouth PorV
nl Canyon Oreek.
• t   Take notice that I, Fred. C. Ell-
iott, 1*. Af. 0. Ko. E88107, lu-iii*-.
ns ngent for Clnis Gr.tcc  Weet ful I, |
administratrix   oi tho estate of
John W. U'es fall, deceaFi.il F. M.
0. No. 138800'., J M. Miller, P. Al
- li. No. B88157, *i. I hi. F Cheglnui
F M. C. No B8S168, intend   sixif
days trom date hereof,  in spply lo
Ibe Mining  Reorder for a Cert 6<
catc of Improvements, "foi the put-
pose   ct obtaining ii Ci-'Wti G,u-1
of the shore claim
And n.i'.iier take notice  ihnt a*
' lion, undei    ction 87,musi Lv* cjiu-
menced bei. re Uie issuance of nucl
Certifies'a of Improvements.
Dated ibis isth day October, A,
D. 1906.
i * - " -
'Goitmctt ontei
tn H-.e point 111
i ion 1, prompt c
S. DANEY, Prop.     Ferguson
mmwrm ■."
It ■    > ' I 'v'
" Ami further l*.e i hat action,
under sect im. J7,  muti   he mini
before the ill :,:'' "' ""'
;,i,iim'> .... min.
pr .it* llll.
Ihile I lh.= 30th Jtv
A*;*.*.. *
LAKE VIEW HOTEL Grout Xafcc wmmmmm
-...„, Bv uiinfi Water enppHed by the
lHJlnt^r (Si Company you are assured of tbi
^■.'u'.i.n.v. t. is* |llte I)Ur;u:    Government Aualyaw
SuddIp (So* ® t°b»ck°p«taieB,nt"-!;
^^   L    w Hugh McPherson - - Supt.
Bar well Supplied with Liquors & Cigars
Large Comfortable Rnnii.r.   Excellent Cuisine snd Attendance.
A K. Fraction, Bell   Hey.  Florence
I Forbi-t Fraction,   Olootcap. a.
So. 2.,01ooSctp So. 3.. Home R in Lode1
- Jumbo In i .pendent, Koo-enny No. 1. j
Kooienay Nu. 2., Kootenay Su. .1 .Frao. j
i lien. Lirib, Morniog S:ur, May, a*
No.l. Mny No. 2., Msy No. •>, Mny No
- 4. Mny No. 5 , Pilot Fraction, Pilot, I?>-
wanl Fractio , Rattier, Rutlei Ji •   1
* Onion-Jack Mineral Claims situated in
ihe Irout'Laka Siloing division ol Witt
Kootenay district.
Wl.ere Incited—On Six nud St-ve*. j
Kile ere.-'.s Iribotorias of tne Scut;,'
Fork of Laroeaa Creek,
WW ianPC     WOCD    VAllANCE    HARD-
e     aTia    *J I J> 11 *► ^ » WARE CO- I'D
Hardware, Muien' Br  piles, Siove
Take Kotios   ihsl I.   F.  C.  R!| i
Yrrt   .Miners'   'J.n li'ic.ite   >0. U-Wllji
acting   nt    i>g.-nt     fur    The     Reward
ijoid   and    Sjiver     .Mining   Comptlni i
United,      No i-Peisonul       fjabili ,
(•'.en lllnare Certificate No B88JW, ...
' tend, sixty dsjrs Irom  the dale heron..
Mapply to llie Mining Recorder   loi
- Ce.tiiicRtes of Improvements, tor the
I purpose ot obtaining Cioivn tirants oi
- tl.e above claims.
And further tuke notice ttint setion.j
■ under section 37, mutt ba oommencMlI
before the itsnancc of tuch Oertiflrst. !
• ol Improvements.
Dated li.it  Ith    dav  ol Ot.,    *.t> '
'. OC.
Notice is hereby  Riven   that  30
■ days from dati hcreo) I intend t>*
npplv lo the Chiel Comniisionor ..i
Lands & Works for n speriai ii-
cense . .. .1 c yaway tint
ber from the following described
Timber olaitn Kn I.    Common*
• cinj a>< h p*i-t (■! into 1 oi t .c north
side of Poplar crook, 30 feet fr*.in
tho creek hunk, ab mt 8 mile* f- in
Poplar marked Henry MagiiU on'-
ki. E. c .rner poll; thenoe ws 8 i
chain*, llienoe north 80 chain**,
tin net-cm SO ohaina, il.rnce mutl
■ 80 ohains baok to point of oomtueii
• cement.
Located Nov I8.ii.:0>6.
Henry Magnuaon, Locator
Eric Strand, A^i-nt.
Excellent    Accommodation
j Best. Liquors
And Very finest Cigars   8 j
John Simpson,      Proprietor,
Best HoteNn Town,
Readers fur Minion and Ciircial M.
Lome    1,-af    Uindert,    Fine   Jul,
ii.. I  Ur.;..--.
lt  pnvn  lo  UtS  tin*   Tfle|.l.on<*       \
length? tnp csn olten be tavni   *
Trout Lake
i.fssan— '    - *an»»»-*»»»»siHatiii.   .   ■
and Stage 1!
^jWitf-WJ-W^t^    fA.-<*    j.M
A. M. Craig     VvTm. C:
•mfai*|3i>1fl       .V      (' t^    •"  r'argnsoii: Coinn
^-^'ttlt, ii*v jr      w\      V^w.   1.;,^,.. r.-.t uiiici-; al*oatBeatou,Cum-
ERRS,    Cncc.c,    Produce    mid    l-'ruit
Houston BV., Josephine Bt, Kelson, B.C.
j*j.i.x and Aii...*
LennOXYfiHe       -V*** repairinir^
^— Hotel,
Hotel and
Ceneral Store
All work
i luaranteed.
dfsllows Block, Twnl Late, B.C
B   C
F. B. Wells
Sandy Laughton
11 KN  tithing   Fpii;ii-<ii.. vim
ih'.nUI sIhv hi iho La idea it
H.'t.-l.      Here   ll...    i.6l..r
w II   bi  inri. m.d "I   »in.
I., tne comforia.   K< aUeot
cu ini up,    well   v.-nii]a*ed
mi']    B'lirm    rwinis,   «< ll
Hindrci hut-,  and ev.ryililng which
le. d.i lownrda  uinkiiig yi.ur visit a
|.l.*.i-.i..t and incioornl.le nni*.
iu.-.'*- fntn $1 day iij wi r Is,
We strive t" please ..ur |*nt** i«.
No. 8B.
A P.  & AM.
f*y\   3rd   Tliiirt-day ench
'  \y    ^ nn.nth.
."■•JourriiiiK Uretlirdi rnrdiallv invilc.l.
1.  For.ldieJ.Sc.-. P.O.Csmpbell.W M
riiOUT   LAKK   l.OIH.K    1.0.OK
Raaalat .*.f-*iii.r. brut la
■kj^BBJiL/     ni u..i:,.i>-.   tun   r.*...
Jm ^*r-jBm*       ruovlar ..t«hi -,.   1
W^-^C^    t.f,..*K    .'uu...*,- brjtb-
>MJ jrT      nt.C., llU'lV  Wl-.'-iillll.
j •>. lacubtnn. N   ii. ;
Imperial  Eank 01 (
M .id ..like
TOI-JUN IO.    O.N 1 \
RCST 4 -rr.ro
n. R wiikik.Prasldwt.        II.,... BOBBftT   '•
BRANCHES   iii ths I'rovinces ol  \.i.*.u. Saakali
Manitoba, Ontario and Qu.  i
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT. -H'M'omt-. receive I ind Inti
furuii rata from u ...-..(•   ■
i.cttfrt nf -mtu Hsart sTsllaMt In saj
P«r   of Hit world
Sl-rcl*l atlsattoa «l»tn m eoll-wtleti •»•.
Ill I.tint l'...nti«.
Review Job Dept.
lur High-Class Work.
*.,  ._■.-      j  .i_..i:« ,.   .-.a-.
JSarbct* Shop •
f. M.S!ii.|.|irr,I. tirr.
— r.»u a —
(loud Shave or Hair Cut
..All. UN
n|P.BiamS &C0 ! William Schnall,
= iUc*a_ uo =
'Inn! or -^ilvrr    $!.',(.
.,. Id and *-*iI.--t       t'i01
Silver tnd Lead        '.'•'■cl
         i    *
7inc... |i yi
S   SHANNON, \ssayer
Troul T.ak..*. LL C.
D.ul. rs in all kinds of Freth M.it
Kl-. lllil.-KN
Hot and Cold Baths
- , - -.     ; r
llpo. N  MclMrtfr. I    A. IU..')
-M.ric'..'.; i Ior Intl *ri»l Hank nfl-%n*.l.
For Ci
T. i.i
Hot. aid   C
"f*mXr 0€X«U »-- OOQQ o :.*
'-•*=' tmt    ■ .; -fiM-i
TLhc Ibotel Beaton
    BEATON,   u. c.
No. 2.   CornT.or.ciiig nt n tni'
jiian'i-'i on the iiorth Kt.ie of P. p'«rj j.
Creek, 80 feat from t..e creek b-nfc I J
und adj iniug N i. 1  post,   abniitt aprn'nted and spselnns dinin-j In!..    The hett of Wines, spin'it
tn.l Olysrs    I'ersontl tnpervitlon it rn'ien lo lhe rcqulrcnu-nit of
YlRirOIlS arriving nt Beaton fths ttirofiiold nf Uie fjirdcan)
vis Arrowhead, will find iliis Hotel to be fully equipped
« _	
mil.H f- (im Pnr.l  r   *'„i,rl*,.H H, ■ r, I I "nl: <"'fHTr     ii*r«.n.ii t«n peninon in mien in ine rcq
inilLH iron lopl.r. ... ark-d Ji-. ri ( , patr()I1,. vitiiort to :be I B,de«u ran rclv uu comfort a thii hotel
M.i,'Huron's    N- E     CTinor   |0*i; s
th-nee soutl.S • c!n;n-, thence alu- 1
tl. 80 c*.nn »   thenoe v.ca' 80uhii:.r
theuoa   no.th   80 chiiu.-..   t lenb-*
.nnt 80 cliuin-.,  b.vk to point   oil i}
coininrnoeniHni, '•
Located Nov. 18tli 1908.
W. BOYD -:-  -:- Prop j
Henry Migi.tisin    locator.
Eric Strand  Agi-m.
No.8.     Cnmmeno'ng rt n post
planted on iho^north side of I'..|-
ilardcf!:, BOO feet from [tho oreek
l b.mic, and ob»ut H milea from Pop*
i lur. maiked Henry Magnmona N.
W. boi ner poll; tlie.ee eaat elm ini
• the-ico   a mlh fc'O   ohflli.i,   ti e ice
wn-t sq ehains.  tlerif**   norl ,   -i.
...      i    . '       J|i'i«rrck 1000 fe-t from oreek   3
. ciinms. back to point cf coalmen-'— .    ,       ,    ,    ,>
, cement. ml^from Utd.i  River  marked
Lr-rentc 1  X.v. 18th 1006:
Ifi-. ry M«*?r,'n(.i), Loos tor,
Ei'i" Sirsi d. Agent,
Nf.   1 Commencing   nl n
poHt ;.!i.ii!l-j on ih- n->rth   nide   r.f
Rapid Creel* I.i 01 reci from  crreK
2 miles from Lard > River mark *.l
Ch.ii". Hen-no's K JS corner poaii
ilinnce ares' 80cb li'.s, ihenoe >ou*
Ci 60 . hiiiiH thence e -ht SO o'mi.i*
thence.north HO chnins  bnc'*-  I.
place of roniiir ncement.
No 2     Commencing a1 n po* i
planted >.n t'i., i orth  side i,f Un
Cn-u Hansons N K   enrner josf;
hence ivp-tfiOciinins   tiienoo i6u-
tl. 8.1 ciuii' f, thenoe o i-t 80 ohaios
thence north  80 ^chains   back lo
poinl ofo< muiencecueut,
v given thai 601       No 3   Commencing at a potl
•cation  of planted on the north aide of Rapid
."'itirr   I.   her-fhy   giitn lhat  t-ixlv
.Inn       Irn.n    the '   fl: -I       p II) tr Iti. i'i
'       Mn ths !'• :  ih (...:.in.'nni i.. i *•
I     intend   la    Spply    In     IhS     Kor-
tibial   Con mini i    ,,|   j.uii.'..
Vi'tiTk. tar n ti*«eial license lo cut snd
••si y l«.''.  timber frnni lha ff.ll.m > .*
ihi-C.ibi.l lilnil-jtitua'Crl ir: H'etl KooU*
ni.i'i ;
Con rif-ni r-. rl i. ifri rl tnled nn ll.c
-reel Isi.i  i * I .. .v    ere 1;   «!»...( ';!...
milet hi", . ■■ month ninrl;-l L'.LCoppl
|. nthwrst rnrnerputt nl ilii.lier limit
"■ "'■< «■' ihenrn B'i i-hsnti
""«'• lh "in BU i halnt r.nrtli ihenee K0
i-l.sint "ft t'..*nr... . . chains sonth
to the point of commencement,
■'0.2 . Cnmmencipgal n pnsl plsntod
on the west fi.ln nf c. mon creek'
:!.*..t it miks from lis in..il., n>t*kv,!
C L Cnpn's louthwetl corner poll
Ihen-s f*.0 ohaim p.i*t, Ihonce 80 ol sins
in.Mh, tlien. e 80 rh.iiii"  «. *., .1, t*.,. | u
chniiii eouth to poinl.,/ comuiencsiutnt
thii no-ice in the B. 0, fiiis..-ie; l
ntend lo npyly o (lie Hon, Chief
■"ominissioijcrof Lands and Worki
f.-r a necial Licence to mt a<d
carry wray limber frnm the follow.
laaeribed I.nnds situated in
*>'.' eel boo'ensy Dirturt.
^T'-r.tu.ued in next co'umi.]
■* e
kHEBE 'nive horn f'.rluiiHS
inudc l.v jiidinioui In veal*
ii.t-i.t in Re..l Batata, and
mure f..iiu...*t win be made than
.••.rr t'.e ti* xt twiinr ibreayears,
The .hip .ihn r.'iipH Hi., Unr.est is
the original In teal or, for be has
hit n.ni.fi on a certainty.
No* let nt point out In ton ll.at
t'.. re i*» rn. heller epm ,.n the Con*
ti,:■*.,!   I.,   Imv   R,.,,!   blnUln   thun
Trout Lake ia il." prettiestspi.i
in .l.e K"..i. ii.*y-; un ii pleasure
HS-'i'i 't I.n*- n*> < i|iinl. li'.flliiig
.'ill lisl i.« tuny be iiiiliil<..e.| in
t'i.- v*"' n un i; while bin game
"i u■*..■.) mi e i- t" i lie loiind on
ih.- hi !-. Jim ilin.iii,, Ih suporh.
there  I..* ji g no kh ..| ex I rem. .*., ii
Lots can be
obtained on
 ,' :    "    ' "•"""• ■- ■*»!'>■.", ,i(ii;
tit.*.*.*  b-ii'g nn itn-at exlidiiiis, il It-'     ;
■' in   'I   in \v'i*i   nnd i-i-o' in j   MflKP    VOlir
 nor.     I   ..... i.. a-t.if ^tiue-.f . "**    /VHI
"li" liii"-t inifls  ui ii i.gi.loucfH iu I  e^l**—*.^-,    -a.
Sn 8. Commei rmp ni a f.r>ttplantt..l
k JOOOf.oifo.i «re3k   ah ut!r!'r ;»"».*«'»' "''!'• of■ C""-,nr; "r"1'
., t nl-r.ut   .   milet from its mnnih, marked
1 tni es rri.ru Lardo Riwr  niarkodlc   i  cores    northwest   coi nei   nnti
Mint  Htnenna   N  E corner Doat it6."? e.Y!!Woh*inl'' " "'i,r' s""'1' ' °
i, mh ner p'si ui,,,,,,*,,  ihenee wen   so eltnlna
Uu-nce iro«t hOdains   tlietoo enu-[80 ohslOs noi     ii     Into
Hi hOo'.oins thence ensl fi0lhHi'.s;mt',1,•
Ihcn-o north 80 chnii s   liHck   t'.
wcuted Oct. lai
point of commencement.
Locsted Oct. 28th 10C6.
('ho*, if.'iqi'.n lioitj (
O L. Copp, locator.
.       *
liriliell  C„!:|.||I,M.      It, Rtl-elH   :t,i,
«.'ll Ind mil nnd (.'it.ili ri. Tbem
it* Iw*. excclj.iil cenernl nior<s,
ai .1 <i *,'!'..(•- nt ile advertisement!
in this jonriiiil nill hhoiv thnt all
I miles nre felrly wel] r'*pre-«'iit'd.
Wiit'i   wilh   »oi,li.l,*i..n  t-r Ag.-tllH.
1    I    ~-. =a
H. McPherson
Trmit Lake, B.C.
selection at
Then call on
or write to
IT hns never had a   ' b. om "—Its
gioaii. I.nt been Heady.    It •.
tl.e  h»ad  if i.tvigstinn.   an'l    1
>oe terminal H ihe La nin bratf-h
«>■" ile C.P.R.    All roiit (in |he
Lard-ma) leadtoTrooi L«kt    li
I* il.i- commercial e.*i..re .f tl.<*
rltb'.al   mineral   distiict on   th«   j
cinitiiiii.l, nnd has Imnkin-*. I.ieili-
lii*.   pi.'v.l.d   by   lh«   I..'1'iihI
I'snk of Cum dt ; fi.i . Ism *
in <■< mui. daiii.ii under ibe  < n e
lion   i f  H. 8hiii.ii.,ii, Ji A.; » fo- ii
Water ayslfjn ; gi.vernmenl . fli.*. -;
Cf.tinly Cnori slttlngt* M, ih din
Kpieiopel aid Anglican t-buM"
and ii,ting.* In,.| |ia|,
Then* nn- valnabje ranch lai •
"" 'bi*outakiria awaiting kiiI.i-.
55' I,H'"n.ber retnurcea are msgni/i
Sj -*< it, mul ii Imnd Fftw mill „ ith a
cnpiiiti ..((,.. i.i.i. f. j,., c'ny :i m
t e lend il the Inke. Tic mines
liiliQlaiy ere proving mi bigger
irodi.i.iH every yiar, witb ittr
protpeots < pfi-ing up uch l-iilies ef
'Horn a ill I.,. „ tig rneb I hli
year, ei. if you would kept
more, write nl onre to uilejid
the ng. .ir nt the addt.sn-h I (low.
F. B. Wells
Central Agent
RevelstcLc, B. C,


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