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Lardeau Mining Review 1906-04-26

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■   \
"V?" ">:"
11 an n
larger oirou-
Minn    nny
lllpl'l"     ill      -N-
nny. Hesl ml-'
ng   in.'ilium.
ng levisw
Tho repri
^, iiintive
of tin' rid
1.11 111.'IHI
Sent to
nny address fnr *2
per nn. in
VOL. 2
(J H WILKIE, P.L.8..
I'l'uvi.i.'i.il Land Siirvej ur,
iMincrai Claims Surveyed
and Crown Grants Obtained
I,.„,-,.    N, || Hi,-,,i,I oltlr.".
Trout l.iilii'. II ('.
TROUT^LAKE CITY, B.C.. April 20, 1006
No. 26.
1,1 rr in-
(titoi* that within wesl Bflchahis, thence iinril 80 chains,
i . ",■';     r ?.,"t|-r. Ica"on """'•' ,:"' '" "•'■*"'■ ■" "'« I""-1"'
i'i     ''"I'" U iiuil.iu liHseite, confluent lent, \. U, l'l; \-i-.i:
'"   I'l'l'ly   to    Mn*    ',t..,-i ,„,,(,   iv   M,,,-
'nnn- in, agent,
ii.-.. i
A. 11 ,i-i'.i
-iil.H'lTnlis,  I I. .
.    ,/CLSTOKE   B. O
i imperial Dank *•! Qanada,
|i i' i: ii     i'.     E LLIOTT,
"i M.ir, ETC.,
■ j.-,j.*•. li C.     and Fergu on,
1= Essaying ■
( her.   .
|l,l  - I ver
«  shannon, i-.ssayer
Troul Lako.JJ
Oniiiinlsslonorof bunds sml IVorlm for   Dated Giril r,,l,   Cm,
I licence lu I'utentl curry mvm ' '
j'" Wi'   in ».   il"   folloivlng ,!,,;,-,,in,i
situated In Wesl  Koutenny. Notice ir- liereby given  tlial   tritliln
■ .... I.   Ciiii.iii.'iii'ini; ni aposi i'i.,ni,,,I   two i iiiiii From  Ibu'flrst publfrailoii
''" " " mlh shore o( Truut l.nku hlioul hereof In Ihci Uritin] I'oluinbi'i Gar.etto
'"<y ironi Tn,i,i im,, I'm,,,.;: ,,| I Inteiul lo apply io the lion. Chief
"•I  t . Had) ■  ii* nl, , rial corner |i.st," H -   t l-nnjU i    IV niks  foi
tlicnre muhIiKO.I i!   ,,,-,. v.,.. >,| it special license lo   cm m.lcnir*
Ihence  i,"i'i.  UUcliains, ili.ncu  limlier   bow   the  fnlloeing rleaciibed
' Imli     • ■ ; ob  com I: -1   -mi.ii..I In Wesl Kooti
""':';- ■'*"• I.   Ci i •: , inn ni n putt planted
"0> '--   ( "l! ncbiitat a posl plii.ilc.l  "?l tbo ti its Ii i hi ru ol I roul I. il u r.lioiii
';" '••« «"utli »li I front l ake .:,,:'' fro    Tr in U'-i* Oily,  i
'•{•Ilea from Troul   Ini,, City, mm  nl       ■ iliiti   nn'a   i.nrlli eiml  rornei
'_■!   C, lladt'-1. iili-* na| corni. ; Hi Ml t-hnina, Ibence
llienii .     i    : ui,.,., 11,<>i,,.- ,.,  . •
•■ si      tin ii ru north mi i imi,,., i  ,• ,-     lien.
-1>, il. • i oini ,i com      ,-.■   ciiniii    • in nt.
raent. J, (,  i;.\ir,. No, 2,   Con n am Ingair,   ,  ■   Innted
I * i 0, IV,  '.i rnbam on i, *.'.'' ' lore of Trout I ake, about
Dated .'   nl I7tb. I    •■ ■ i nml UkeCit*. a irke I
"A.  All . cornel
i la In n  thai  i    ' ■:   .i •! :*,-,.. , | _|nl
nlhal   -i   tin in-, i ubl i-..t.oiiii , In the I ilm ol
1 •'"   In 'i ' Briin-h Columbia <■:.. *iie, i neut,    \   illUAIIAMriON
I      i.il.'li.l      !*,    HI |1.       10     Ul"     li. -.      , .    . (.„'•., I
Wuel    i ,,.!,,in--,- ., I   ,,,    I in..!-     mil I'n    I April inii, lfr
i'i "l I - foi    a   sp'vl.i     I,,-.-, -,■   tn ,■ ||
.'.mi   .i.'.ny  ilmher from the fi lli,
il ial   I in Went 1
lo tl.e |     .
i ii i . i
I '       ,,;u
.Ni*. I.   Comiiieiii'iog ni i, *,,..- r. pi    ',
-,ii ii .• ri nth -   ■
i 00  urn in   8   ii Ilea  froni   I I ,
ed V. \  'a- i   . . ■ i. , ■ ■ eatti
poal   ' thei oulh        , ihenci
n cut SO cl aim, I In   i ■• i oi I   ■
I beln '   ' .i-i  BO i ■ , |
commi ■ ■■' ment.
,-.l ,.n  tli" south .hora oi ' roul
l   miles i.   Troul   I
A lv   ft  A M
3rd   '11.im.!.■•;,  each
\y    * moi ih.
r.n 'l'l   il
I i   i'   npUell.'V.Sl,
VKK   LODGE    I. 0.0,1
SO. -il
..-hi ui i
ig i.i .rti-
I'. M  Blwi Iiml. -*■
v LE
* ail k ii Ii *•  Fresh Mi-j.i
I ::■»* r J.AKI'. B.C.
B. WeUis
, vi:i.-t«)K!:. B. c.
1 "i*-',, givi nthal wiil,in inn
(inm ilu* Hi el nublicaiion lierc-
Uritiel   C. lu in bin i im
, '*. apply lo tin- ll'.n. Chiel I
l.i     i « -  for  a
■ ■   1 '■  i "'   ! ■   .    r   ;. I   I , ;,. ■ -.
i    f, llmi.iii.
■I in '-'■ .i|,.', ntn :
■  i .:,'!,: -i plant. .I
- .. li,,i
■  : • i   l rout
i   ■
n.i.i   l i ,.- , |ty,
.     I
I., i   i',-t,     Ibence   i mn   -■-
then. .* noi
• i;, in!■ ,n-i "-U eh i- 1.1
eirienl .\. M'-I.i:
pin   IV. Abi sgent,
Date*] A: ril lTih. IW)i
In lhe poll t of c
I IT    '111111 IAN    I.N
A .1 ■ il tins b len mo b in Robs*
land ii.ir< ivcek n hereby ilia Mohican  group .rn  il,iiii.t ere i<   has
i a   i- I en   ovt;    by the Poplar
Creek Gold M'n>,- . Limited, Bcour*
Ing us Ihi ir proportion 1,129,000
-' an - ol ll I..'i'ii.'ini capitalisation. Each .-■ i tl icate -bare of
Mohican will ca'l f i 501 0 -I ire<
i.i tl. in w .-.'ii I any. All pro*
Idi ra, which includi -
iho ' iii_riii.il Mi hican syndicate,
trill i ool their : >•!; uniil such
■ - ■:    ' . ;.  fully *,'■' -
vided i
'I ll '    h rllil: TS    if    lli*'   PVIlllil* it.
N,,tii o ii  li r- -ia givi n |   ii
I'm i , -:i iiion
lib i ilnmbia < la
I   ilii. l.l    I *  ii; Illy   l*i ll.*   '.
ir i IV. rkt
il  lies r ,*• i*. . ni and i arr) away
■ ft   il
mil :
No 1    ' i
..•I ti •
6 niilea Irom Troul Lake City,  marked
"J. ('.    Mui raj -
post." 11-> * ■ •■
»asi m lit tins, WHITES OK A.& K CH MM ER
ai ns to (I
■ 111 I   ,i" i  r  : rv tbn
1 ■'■'"-;,*:, abb l ■
Lucky Boy  are requested to nt once mail their
I   'r   ,- i ake,
ed "0. IV. Al -  i. ii i'i
test cornel *  ■ I    .
them  i calling  loi
>" i!.   CoimneiH'iiig al ■
k io lhe tnist.v. in
h iii be si nl
I iv'U  I'
III-.'  ..f
...  \i    Abrs - ii     n'i
■■ -•      •
.tli   10
o iv, inn III IMSON,
in   the  ii.'.v rompany unoi
ol I   •    i I.   at tl *
ii.*» f..r  .acli share
■• .1;.
Ii  is  understood  tint  nn work
will 1* ■ done on  tl      Rt 1   Rt   !
group until tb. n     -   f the M..i.i-
«*aii ! lull * | i  vidi-1 for.
Al h tn.* Mi -j "i ibe Poplar^Jreek
,,,,t  iSold M l iniUt*!. held April 7.
. the lol'owinji  board of  directors
T !; Morrow, whole*
ril i ii the sooth shots ol  1 >
ni * ..t c ml City,: I      .'i'i in railway mntier.    Ri .
marked ' J,   r   Murray's  i \| [i   ur __  me that I e stw 8 '■ Roaaland,
' r  |. at, '   I bei CO  I rO cl atl B,       '   ' ,,   , . , it    til
.   ~      I      - .    '' '   •   1 :
cbaitis    ' . I    r !.. Mil-
Ill.'Ilt. , ....
.i i   Ul RRAV. eging M.nt   i '■   »>>*.   :'   ;   '■'
r I'   '.'    i  •.
i••:..'.v .  •; ni ; W.   F.   i            tu"! dealer,
pectedol them. -   -       -president;
■ .                               ,.-.,-                      *-,• v fMr Mad               C. M. Oliver, i        i     I   !'.''. Tel*
Notice   :- I                en  that withlu      v " '"'     ■                                                  .    '
:                             -mSir'i .             '                                                      '!-(   • mX.'
Mr      . •-                                                     ",,f l!i"
,-h I ..''i.n ,
I    intend   i"   i   . tlie     Ho
v, ...I I
S ■        I iii, bo I   from   t!
ituati ,1 in   .Veal Kout-
ih -ii ii. ■       toted 1 -       .-'■'.
r had icli i  ■ ■  ■ i all the <
,ii ibe soul I iiin-t ii.i;
'   ,  "      I it,*., _ ,; ,   i   -■
:n thi.-kiii '    .  '
subsidy   should  1,   *:.*v..i. r.nd I
chains to I
ailv; *• i Oil lo v : ite Gallil i r i
..•!.,'•',, \    ■ -r   t.illifii
i i.nlli.ii
rrout I 0   Hi
IC ,   ' i   ','. ('     I nril  l'lr'     lflOfi
in  -it chs -      ' ;' "     -     ' "'  "
; i \ .\ a '
..1 a .nil.-'.    The i
in freight ni,.I li* iltuicnl  ".".iii
i-.-n I . ('. M   i
1 io P2oc3r Co-r**:a_y.
'o   I'.."   I>Ii!11r  oF   Mit'   I,rirlr.m
Milling II* vii'u.
Sir. If v'i'-i will kindly grnnl
in." a litt'e Rpace in your valuable
paper will try nnd an nt or n portion of a letter dated April 12th.
.-ij'iici1 Jacob Schmitt He being a
nrnclical mining manj und seeing
other .••.•uiiiiiL'r' going ahead which
have les show ii .' -. an.l mines
paying dividends on much lowoi
grade ore, it mak< a him impatient,
Hut clreums snees govern all.
Lack of capital, mismanagement,
and above all tb.> wrong kind of
people getting in first.
Hi* speaking ol the Broadview
mini", which by mismanagement,
reckless   expenditure  of  i ley,
grafl and abandonment, recentl.\
taken hold of by n fow [iracticai,
hoi est mining m.-n. with practically no cnpital, relying wholly
upon brawn and honest work, an.!
handicapped by lack of a little
money, Y. t the. mine was made
t.. pay fr.nn the Brat .-Imt and
ruml;.' oi the pick.
The writ.r has seen the llound-
ary country as slack aa the Lardean
evi r   was.       Y. t   the   lioundnrv
- '. ihe mountains of
■ ■ii il, ,t be I. i,,l an hns by i'nli-
.'iii. ii- I'i .• I;,*urr I iry w s more
furlui> ■ in ■.-:: itig t' e ri;_;!11 * laas
ifter t!..' ..r bj
Now I will have to say i little
on my "... behalf n connection
«i"'. the rii.'.-r mine, wliiiii Mr.
S   * i-i ak-   i  a-  located nenr
li ..ii • I ake T . - ii ,'•■ I, tees hi
ii.riit' ni       --,11 k'>'..\ bul
nre nt I mi .■ aud an- pnld for
riie work bus b^en slow, I. it thi
I'i-i. • r Co -■' an . xaniple for other
mines l.v paying labor every Sat-
ti day ni^iit. and nol overreaching
bul 'layim.' nil bills as tlicy went
I will own that the many Interested in tbe p'accr d. al are mostly
fr.iin Missouri, aud have t.. U
shown. And after thoroughly
_ the ground, sinking shaft,
etc., which ha- taken time, the
oompnny are thoroughly convinced
. -.   ..
.-   the   big .   wal<.    - bas
Pj ok ii   . ; .        ive up iii  *■ i
Larde iu for ll
i   ig.    I   won ! ii   if lli v have
moth 1.1' thc  Lardeau for
-: plucw -
Tin -. (i   I.    ■
•1" '■ '
ft is -1 fttithority
WEEDS =^   ===
...  -  Q
Garden and   Vegetable
Onion Setts
Development work on tin Bonanza group is. proving satisfactory
♦o tbe owners. The work to-datc
consists ..f a 156 ft. drift, on the
Bottom Dollar and Nancy Banks,
a crosscut for 126 feet, from which
a drift is run for _('. feet, and an
open-cut. In Mk> lii'r-t drift the
vein i- highly miueralized with
iron pyrites and grey copper, giv-
' ing values of tf 1! 00 gold and 60
ma. in silver. Th i 26 foot drift
bas nit through a 6 foot qnariz
ledge,   carrying   good   values   in
[galena.   The surface work at the
I open cut shows 1- inches of galena
; and grey copper
A true Assure vein ir- uncovered
on the Bonanza claim, from which
vain.'*, of $33 HO in gold and -fG M)
in silver were obtained.
The group .'.nir-i.'ts of six claims,
and located on Bonanza creek
about four miles from Gerard. The
formation is gra| bite, the s itne as
the -iivir I'llp.
The owners, P. A. Lindgren and
associates, intend to push development .Uuini' the summer.
i;|    Local and General.    |
The Broadview paid off this
week. Work will be resumed ns
soon as the trail is In condition.
Manager Ehrehart, of the Lucky
Boy, is expected in nt any moment, when work will be resumed
on the properly.
Madden & Levepipie are putting
some extensive repairs on tbe Lake
View Hotel, which will add greatly
to their patron's comfort.
Mrs J. A. Griffith and Miss
Lotus returned to Midway on Wednesday.
F. C. Merry, of the Silver Cup,
relumed from a holiday trip to
the coast cities. Work will be resumed in a few days.
Leslie Hill, of the Canadian
Timber and Sawmill Co., was a,
visitor tbis week.
Congratul ilions lo tin- Nelson
News, which celebrated its fourth
birthday on the 22nd inst. 'Brer
Deane m
V. C. Elliott returned from Victoria Wednesday night, where he
has been on business connected
with timber limits staked by a
local syndicate last week. After
spending a couple ol days thoroughly looking over the maps and
plans of limits, he found that
the 13 square miles staked by the
local men along Trout Lake was
all open ground. This, in addition
to other limits controlled will give
them sufficient timber to warrant
erection of a good-sized plant at
Trout Lake City.
Arthur Cowing has secured a
contract ior putting to the mill at
Gerard several million feet of logs.
Il-t   feel    llistv    lirolld of I-ri       _    , -u   u .-
'      ■' lhe  first  camp  will  be put iu at
tin- ii.t.uit lie   lias  reared, a.-d .he
people of the Ko.ti nays :.re proud
of the News and the man on uhose
shoulders ihe care ol producing a
daily newspaper—and a newoler
one Mure i- rot— in the verv heart
oi tbe Pi Ikirks The News is a
B< i lur il, : nd has never to
our ki .   in.il' red a'"yellow"
•..rin    li  ir- for Nelson and Hoot-
first, last  and all the time,
and as a daily  newspaper h an
thi     - 'ii vi' al   i,f    the
fittest—at least in   Nelson.    First
i-i the In !d with later   in ,■ - , f tho
world,   it   wi il   merits  the   nood i
i  ,       md a.ivi rtis*trs
for an unbroken run of prosjierity.
May iis score at is diamond jubi-
Haskin's  Point.     About  f)0 oiea
wiil be employed on the contract.
D. R. Mel.ennan returned Wednesday night from a trip through
the North-West. While away
Dan purchased about 500 acres of
farm land in tho Saskatoon country. He reports everything on the
boom throughout the whole North-
West, and the finest class of emigrants )iouring in from the United
States and Eastern Canada.
in nt of : - e read:'* Nelsi n N< t-s.20,1 0
Northern    Mines,   I have|notout."
Kev. Fr. Jeannotte conducted
services in town last Sunday and
Monday. There were a large number of communicants at both morning service-.
- lo lhe ftille i ■ \ .: r.Inr-
mint r.    In  ;:.    i wi le
y  ri *!• ubti dly  have   n
rty  s
: money
' ii_ iit
pul in, re
tin ns C..1...I • bo   cp      i
As a result of  a  little  write-up
Gourlay Pian h gh | iiml. °n a property in the Review a few
but worth their price.     What if a ",-''--k3 a«°.  the owners have re
Gpurlay piano di es cost ;•. f, w dollars more .'   Vou ■:.'( your money's
worth      Vou obtain  ii  in  >'.\tr.i
.- -years  m ito oi t rvicc
■ 'I f. r  by
its e instruction ;
.1   in   its dailv
,, ..j,!.
in lo Poplar Hon ! iy nl ;hl t-. look
•i!    . • in  «hi. h |
■■ d.
A. G. F
si • CE8SW I   BALL.
'Tin- lull night ' ■
.  II   I Club wi   an in
1 Mr
I.A i was
ceived a request from a prominent
man   in Cincinnati, Ohio, asking
for lull particulars.
Don't be afraid of coining in and
,. co«| i.   .. ,,i  telling us all about your property.
,vl  y0U obtain I All we want is the truth, and we
'I bat's what we
iwo-yottr delight w*i]  publish it
and pleasure   in   Its  exceptional -*1* "M8 *or'
-*-. a Gourlay
e   mint   yuu   to i
Congratulations   are   being ex-
Iended to Road Supt. McPherson
for the admirable way lie  is fixing
up the roads and walks in town.
Af . a long * xperionce witb
Chine* lab ir exlentlina over gov*
i ral wars I I nainua Lumber
.  ■ 11»i ■ my  has decided tn employ
iioMiiii:   bul   i' bite   labor.     The
\-iaii :s are being  lei  ."it  gradu-
,  the ci'iii; any  di eidl g  that
:..: or in tin   I i. ■ rim is the
'    an 1      ill ist      pry !'l "live
With Chinese lab ir there was iittle
prospect   of   Cheniaiiiiis ever be-Ito plant on his lots
ooroli li any larger, as iii iny as len [ school house.
and fifteen Chi'.amen  were living,    Tho kids won't do a thing I
Credil  '"  "" !"■■■ ■■•  :1   i""••-,• ' "" '' l"-'1'- 	
\[,     \. •;   Cralji  ..- I   Mrs   ■''-' " u'*-  !" occupied  by only     A.U:Fraser is maiing a beauty
W.Cr *i.' -*l.-   iwcrol Sl'"''   ;'     MW spot   out   of Lis  lots   across the
the affair!   A nice mo firtKabout Chinese ti„idg0i   Chief gardensr Mummery,
j    j  u,. ,hc, |ftU   | :  the mill,  things are look- whose reputation aa a hortioultur
the I. n club
The townspeople are now reaping the benefit of the entertainments given last winter in tho
shape of good sidewalks.
0. W. Abrahamson  has received
160 apple tree-, whhh  he is going
djoining the
lag bettai il Chomainua. Recent- •„{ is world wide, has been super-
iv soven tion houses were buill intending the plotting and plant.
ihere, ing nf ;i large variety of (lowers.
Tlmt Intrepid   hunter an 1  Imp- '
per, Walter Edwards, shook hinds      In  .,,,,. .    i:; ""  ~~
with   ,.l«lli  ,ti,,ii   .I,.-iln   il,i«ii   ,1; ,     i,        . »''•"' unadulterated pleasuro tako
.nin   ei\ i,i. ate.n   a;*,im   iiii-i. es |     ;.,,..   i,.   ,    m   mi   ing  tn irn- ,, ',    .
,    ;, ,, inilw   .,,,   i;    l,.,,..    -,.'. . ,     ■ .mi obi rule on the \ eniee canal
..* «'i r-i\ 111,iiiiiim  mi   i,i    imi. pj    |,«o thuds of  11C  iiiimiijt
.i tl,. hills.     II   fclurned with n
large number ol trophies.
A big gang ol men an ive,1 In
town last night en route lo Arthur
Qowlng'  logging camp.
Items were ab ml the Lardi an    lis
the   coming   country ;   w<tleh   us
I ti-h it. 	
nt lhe foot of the lake.
A marked sign of the faith of Iho
people in the future of the lown is
11, |p the Review,   li ll helping thc number of improvements bcinj*
you all the time. [wade to property, LARDEAU MINING RE VIEW, TROUT LAKE CITY, ILC
Buildings, Tuxedo Park,   Winnipeg,   (Looking South)
District     Around    New     Agricultural
College to be Called Tuxedo Park.
.Mriii.i facts are dally bringing loom'
notloe ilu' iiilvain'.'iiieiii iii Cans la's
Wesi.'rn metropolis the City of
Winnipeg—-and not leas: among these
Indications of advoncemenl Is the esl
ablishment by the Government of
Manitoba of an agricultural college,
an institution thai bas long 1 n de
Sin  1 aiui anxiously ;,ii    [i .1 In 'a lai ge
number nt progressive Western
In lhe year 1!  th. ■  for an
Institution io he devoted to ihe practical teaching of agricultural si lence
had hi-.'iinie sn * \ 1,1, in iiiai the Leg
Islature of Manitoba si nine,I a com
mission to Investigate and report upon the wis,inm and advisability of est-
a. ..sniiiK an 1 maintaining such an Institution anil also upon lie in..si im-
proved mnl modern method nt conduc-
iIng ii. as neii n.s iln- probable cost.
After careful consideration of the
results of iln- Investigation, ilm commission reported unanimously in favor of sueh an agricultural college,
emphasizing the advantage nf ihe
knowledge in be deii* ■ <i from scientific, theoretical an.l practical Instruc
tion ifn.i lis power in make farming
more successful,
The ultimate outcome of this report
was the passing ol a hill in iln- s,-s
Sinn which f'iiii nn-I I Its reception, the
Oral part of which mail-- as follows:
"There Bhall he established in ilm
Provinci of Manitoba, al such plac.
as Hie Lieutenant Govi - nor-ln-Council
may   di cide,   a   s.-i i to i"- called
"lhe Agricultural College nf Muni
tul.i.' for Instruction In ihe theory
mnl practice of agriculture, bortl
culture, forestry, ate.
shade trees, athletic grounds, golf
liniis, wi h- diagonal si reots mnl i Iver
frontage will remind one ol Washlui*
ton, n.r.. U,S, a . a eii.i im- famed for
iis verdanl beauty, An entirely new
departure will be the speedway, which
win provide iii regular roadway; (21
hn lie imi h : . :. horse speedway: 111
automobile speedway, as well as walks
anil boulevards,
\\ luie nn ihe western boundary is
situated the Citj Park, the eastern
side of Tuxedo Park has tor iis b mn I
ary the u ■« Hudson's Hay line of the
Can idian Northern Railway and also
the   Canadian   Pacific   Railway,   and
ne applied tor and ubtalued a patent
mi Ills Invention mi that an .me else
could deprive blm of tho profit II gave
llllll.   II was just llftet' III." war nf lsl_'.
mnl money wns Bcarce ami difficult to
gel. iiiii he worked early an.l late, and
as he earned money he bought Iron and
hired men In help him. In a few years
he was ablO In eleel 11 large factory llllll
|*m   111   ninehiner.i   for   lhe  making  nf
squares, which by this time bad found
their way nil over the country ami bad
made their Inventor famous,
Buch was iln* small beginning of a
Id ran ami linnuriant inilii-.ni-     Peonln
'Old  Time  Subjects'
Buffalo m  Winnipeg's m-u  City Park.
both these compnnios will build Bta
tions ami establish a suburban ser
nee Immediately the traffic warrants
ii. This, ii nil ih,- .i Ivnning ■ nl ih*
tiolley lines, practical!) bringing th.
city ri rin in i's door; Its i Iver fn.ni
age and the proxltnltj nf ihe new i'it.
Park, promts ■ to make Tuxe I" Pari
oil of the mosl popular BUbui
Winnipeg, With the careful fulfil
iii.ii. ..:  the plans ol  the
will truly lr,".-<  "The Suburb I
iii.ii. ' and will be an a Imlrnble ad li
tion rn whal   the ell -  and proi
authorities  are doing In  tl
in their new cltj park and agricultural
came miles to see toe wofiderrul forges,
the showers ot sparks dying from beneath the heavy hammers, and listen
to the .lin of the thousand workmen,
Silas llmi es lived to be a millionaire,
and he .li.l a great ileal ,.f good Willi
his money.   Congregntlonallst.
When   good  nanire is  DOlSy  It   Is iil-
moet as disagreeable as ill nature,
You are Interesting 1*1 your friends
as loos iis ymi are keeping something
Former    Canadian    Banker    Arralgni
Millionaire  Money  Grabbera.
"Perhaps you think n Impossible inai
a man's soul should entirely shrivel up
In the pursuit nf wealth,    It you knew
somo millionaires as well ns I know
them you would sgree with mo thai
they had lost the last vesilge of the
souls they may he presumed to linvi'
possessed li, fore Hie in.in.a fnr money-
gelling possessed them 1 would like
I,, acquire millions, bul if the pi
Is going to make me like aonio of the
Old devils I knew Who are millionaires
I don't want ths money."
Representative! ,,f isventy-thret
Presbyterian Churches In Chlcaj,
len.-,i in these words nn the nighl ol
Jan. ji, 1906, nm from em* iiIm neve!
knew prosperity, but from Mr. David
rt. .organ, vioe-preildenl "f the Firal
N'lillnn il   Hi.nk,   n h'.si*   Ini
platlons  with  many   leading capitalist*
In Chicago and elsewhere have given
him ample opportunity for judging ths
class of mon  ami  iienien of whom  hi
Mr. Forgnn Is a Canadian, having
bi en born in ihe Maritime Provinces,
but fnr the past tu * nly-tlve years he
has been ■ n wer In financial circles In
Chicago nml in Minneapolis,
He was formerly wilh the Hank of
Nov i Scoiio.
"To ma there can bo no * ,,l
tight," said Mr Forgan, "than an old
nian. already Incumbered by thin
world's wealth, bul '.ni'-r only to In
■ it before he topples from th."
earth. You yourselves have seen such
men.   Tiny   are   mora   numerous   in
smaller towns  111 in. In s. Al
most every small town has Us wealth;
men who never part with a dollar If
ih. y can help It.
' Re ently i saw a letter from a millionaire referring 11 iho death  of  a
who faithful y had   si rn il   him
years     Tin   man who wrote this
letter .i rated at $Ji'."00,ouO.   He la an
"In ihls letter af:er ,),..s_osln» of sev-
tob.i   Agricultural  College.
Our   l lr.1   I..-I, .ii„»•.-.
:.   llllll.i r    nr
traveler,  I .   I  to
make regular tr p« from bis home In
"i ■     ■., dis
... 1700.
I   I. . rn
-.i mis a • iter    A col
lection  nol ol   bis  pons
Agricuiural   College   Grounds   (Looking   West)
The lull also calle I toi the exp. adi
tare ni upward il iwo hundred and
im -.- thousand .• I i on buildings
alone. The site tha  n selected comprises ai.   hundred and unity si I ;h and dry
property in the ci ntn I Winnipeg's
newest suburb—"Tux. lo Park" lying
eastwar I from Un Cits Park,
which Is "i somi U - adred acres
in • steal and ritual the t
boundary ot the a. -•-      liurb.
Tim buildings no**  . i  rse ■
eetion are;  Main building   principal's
:, ne,-,   sclenci. and  live
stock   auditoriums,  hoi     and ■
barns and power ho -  -. Includ
ing campus and si bl -      will cov. i
an     area    Of tWI Ot; 1,  while  thi
balance   one bun Ired    ad seventeen
acres—will be devo od to experimental work in determin
ail  new varieties i
roots, etc., also to asttatlon ol
the possibilities and to the tea
large and small   fi uii .   as   well   as
shrubs, ornamental pli nts and foresl
tiees peculiar to thi   i
i be courses thai wl i ■ taught In
the different departm. i are
lows; Theory and p * ■ of agriculture, horticulture ad fo
the characteristics, car. I reeding and
n aaagemenl of farm - mala; butti i
an i eh,' se making; domestic Bclence;
construction and use ol bull lings,
fences, dralni machinery
tools, etc., requii ■    on s rai m, also
as much   English   an i   n ithi <
as are necessary to il farm
ing. The department ol domestii
sen nee is entirely a new Men In con*
in .-ii.in with an ni'i li ' lira] college.
There will be a building wholly de
\tted   to tins wi
daughters and others will be thoroughly   In:   riieleil   In   thi .   nml":
the   nlil*' direction from
.ii- Maodonald Instil ite ol Guelph,
Ontai in
'I a.- location of th. ,-. ill be
admirable, direct   comi on   be
u | made with the cltj . la tho Rlvei
ave and r il    thi
w innlpeg  Electric    Btreel    Railway,
plans for the exti a I : which, from
their   present   terminal     to the ni
City Pai     have bei n approved. Thi
former   will   continue   w. bi   on   th.
BOUth   hank   of   the   A      ml,nine.   th.
latter crossing the river via iln
bridge to be constructed tor rallwa:
i a 1 genera] traffic, for the buildlni
of v ii.ii tbe Manitoba governmeni
baa mode a muni of foi ty thousand
dollars. The e i xt. o ilons are t.
* * Tuxedo Park entrance, and li
so doing will pass the Agriculture
con   to .a Man
This new city park i yel anothei
evidence of Wi Btem and ox
panslon. The ver* rati i growth o
\\ innipeg during roceni     years    bni
em Ic   Ih"   inln,I, ::,,,.   thai   ir-
Hi.   near future thi  qui   Lion ol
lug public recr. is Win ,,„
continuall] Increasin
pi nsion *.'' ih" i ■. i. neiti.
easy aor an Inexpensive matter, si
'■'■ r council has taken time by the
"or. la i and purchased three nun
dred acres in this pari ol the city,
J""1 !l the pi i - boord I laying oul In
oleal and zoological gardens, having already transferred the buffalo
ii > ose nn,i deer there.
The growth ..f the oow suburbs around the Western metropolis Is \i-yy
n i'i'i. and amongsl the mosl attrac
tlve Of these Will    he   Tuxedo
which is situated on the
or the Asslniboine River, .... i,,,,,,,
considered by both tbe city and i
vliiei.'il   authorities,   in   making   ■•
story  of the   Invention  of   the  Tool
I »<•>! by Carpenters.
Thc large steel squares used by car
pouters are such tools that
perhaps few know when and where
they were first made and how they
.•nine to be used ..r even give the matter a ih.night. Tli aking of them is a
great Industry now, bul when the last
century came in there mis not one In
The Inventor was a  p • Vermont
blacksmith, Silas Howes, who lived in
Smith Bhaftsbury.
One dull, rainy day a peddler of tinware called    : his simp to have the
blacksmith fasten a Bb n his horse,
Snch peii.Hers traveled up and down
the country, calling at every farm:
l.'iiv *„• I'leri ijii.n-' In  Uie wiiy uf bai-
trom them.
Never watch others unless you are
prompted by the desire to lin.l
thing to applaud.
Somehow your rlgbl always seems
full grown and the other man's rlgbl is
a dwarf in comparison.
if you know of any patience tbat is
unl the patience "f a mother, compared
with thai kiml it is an adulterated
A g,**.*l  many times when yon think
you  ar.*  accepting  a    upllmentary
from n friend you are getting s seal
In tbe gall, ry al box pi ■
If iv uld see our backs, we would
probably find them blushing al things
said behind them to Bpare ih" fi i
of our faces.
im, ,»f Some N,,t,-,I 1 diversities.
Ii Is s.iid the i ijivcrslty of Oxford
• '.   he  n !■ rr*'il  to the
.   itally, and dl-
' n with the office
: his Inst Illness,   be ascer
i. the exact amount dun h
tha traction ot the month he bad work
ed be figured nut. and a cheque for thi
amount be mailed  to his widow,     D(
-,   that old curmudgeon has •
A Xt-'i   , off iln
i airship.
Eleven   Hundred   Con ing,
into     Tl.n -   l.l.in.I T
left the 1 im.n Station th
OU    "I
left I inr.ii:,, foi  I he western * •
. , t'nlon  men.
Thr   Mrnn   Man!
The late Mm O'Kell gate this advice
to bachelors "Many a woman smaller
than yourself."    Many a in.iu Couldn't
Bnd one,
rVtiilulnf.   Bel I.
When iv,iniea like each other, they
kiss; when they love, ihey do o
other's hair.   I..niy Evans lo I.
i'i'i "• i  ...v.. [ »  i-T-1
Tuxedo   Boulevaru
ler.    1 ins one nnd  D numoer iii
..ut sie.-i saws thai lie had picked up in
various places,   tlowcs bargs .1 for
them, shoeing the peddler's horse and
receiving lhe saws lu payment, and
each thought lie bad an excellent trade
His Idea was lu polish nml weld two
saws together nt right angles and thus
make a rule or measure superior <o
anything then in use After s few at-
temnts   bo   snccfimlnd   In   msklm*   »
was round.'.1 by King Alfred the UrtMl
in 872, The University ..f Cambridge,
ni-, rather, Ihe Bn i of tbe collegi ■ si
present comprised In It, was inm.,led
by Hug.., bishop of Ely, in 1237. Tbe
University nf Paris was founded by
King   Philip   II.  ali'iul   Iln*   it.ir   1200
The lirst German university was,  •
lishe.i at Prague In 1348,   Trinity col
lege, lpublla, was. Incorporated by roj
I X.. *tl7.>,*Wn .liii.'..As,i:.yM~Z..
Po.ver House—Manitoba
Whey   nailer.
At the recent meeting of the Wisconsin Cheesemakei
ur Ten mi.",,n stated thai for several
years  lhe dairy   Students  Bl   lhe Slate
university bad I o making an excel.
lent Quality of whey hotter from Swiss
,- "se wiev by skimming ths whey
with a separator snd using modern
methods ..f buttermaklng, During ths
summer be spent several weeks among
the 860 Bwlai cbe  factories In the
southern counties of Wisconsin studying ih." making of whey butter at ths
factories, lie found thai Bwlss whey
contained very often an much as 1 per
cent of butter fal.
r___ 1,;"k'
mull   hank
nn property
   —,  ...  ....,.....»,   Ilmir!
selections, as most suitable tor park
Kile and college grounds.    Winn com
plated tins suburb will be to Winnipeg whai Parkdale is to Toronto and
w.'Himount is to Montreal, and tbe
broad boulevards, extensive lawn ami
aqunre, iiiiii oi-ii  ir  iiii   iiiiii incurs una
tractions of Incbe .1 found tbat it
answered every purpose that be Intended II fur.
in the course of s few weeks be made
quite n number during his spare boors,
These In* seal mil I.y lhe peilillei'H, who
found every carpenter eager in buy
one. Bi  be tour 1 orders coming In
faster than be could supply tbe demand. Illlenf liissleel "in[US res" WOUld
sell tor $6 or |0, which was live limes
as much uji.lt coal. hUu...
Agricultural  College.
orennrter in .....i.   me . ,m,-,*-.... ...
Edinburgh was iirsi chartered In 1083
by King .lames  VI, uf Scotland,    Harvard   college   was  founded   at  Com*
bridge, Or, as It was then known, New-
town,  Mass., In   1080.    Vale university
was   iirst   established   at   Baybrook,
Conn., In 1700,    H rem.ned to Us pros
ini location, New Haven, In 1710.
Farewell Originally signified may you
fare or travel well or in safety,
The   llnlry   Hirer.
Wonderful powers of feeding ami
assimilation have been developed in
the high type *i, ry cow, says Qolsteln
I ' ■   i ill  11* gi-n-r.    That she transmits
both her feeding capacity and s -mi
Hating powei. tu her male progeny Is
i.et ■miiiig apparent in r ling expert*
in.a.i. " Itb dairy steers,   Ami
who have undertaken the task of .lis
crediting the vnluo of tbe dairy steer
ns a r ler hue s bard task befo s
Where lhe   llnlry  loir  Helena.
Profes-in i: klca <.r Missouri, who
lias been studying dairy conditions in
Europe, says thai the parti >.f Europe
developed to the ireatesl extent in sn
agricultural way are tlm noted dairy
■ections, ami the moat Intelligent ind
prosperous of European farmc™ are
dairy farmers, The rlehent land and
th" highest priced land over thoro fair
i» awarma .riii, ,i„i„ nefwa
I tl „u unite*.
ii is estimated thai sine.* the ".-..n-
fonndlng *,r language!" at Babel (hero
have heen something Ilk.- 5,000 different forms i.r speech. Thi'. eatlmate
reckons 1,800 dl tlnot languages and
8.500 collo_uinlH.
Assiniboine Drive.
Ruta.a   Wants $200,003,000.
t.'in i
iin'i   which
* )i ' m,in.
Dutch, i bul so
•mvii  im A mei n . 'li
me hrsi I   llmi   the   Grand
i - the
i     '.ins nf
thai    ih*'
steal   mills   in Canada have all they
can  lo for       i ta Ive   no
.in i ii nol in ii p...siii.in rn
mi ihi ii  that  is so,  then
the (J T.c  will i
Vmi i li an rail ■
\ nn i du
Unity  by  Commerce.
I.*.Il Inn      In  : i Ih "I
Sii John 1
1 ill    Ills     '
, iiiiinlly   ..[   . Al
friendl)   ri*i ed be
I. an I  would iill
ienal     pro
mpire.     Sii  John  l-
i.oi.i Btrathconi
ie,i.- when mpnth)
ni   nn
• a ih.   empire      Whei	
o   Canada,   South
ni'.   Nun   /."al.iii I   in   an
n( tbe Iiiiii- h   * mi, i •■   tbelr   wati h
word   ii,.    tbe   malntenani •■ an
■ ,,i th.  ■ mpire    'I hi  ■-■ ntimenl
however   ws -   nol    now sum. I.
inn i us together.    He tell  thai unit)
nnlsl   li.    u,.nn'.nm   I   mi   a   <*m,l
Price of Coal Advances.
Chicago      Tbroughoul   [lilm
the    min
I        I m, The
■ii   In   ll..-  in im   mi n   is  foi
the growing appr.
ui thai .i  il	
is a perfect cleaner ai nl will
not injure anything.
Best for all hou i h
poses, Sunlif;ln Soa|
loruy is mosl com pi uous in
thc washing ol clothi
Common soaps destroy
the painted or varnished
surfaces of woodwi rk and
take the color out of clothes,
Even the dainti*."* linen
or late, or lhe rm
rs maybe lafelyv
with Sunlight  Soap in the
Sunlight way (follow *
Equally good will
or soft water.
Vii.r money refnnde i'
fiom wKxn y,-,j buy SunllfJ ' -■    ,
fir d *i > i»ui.- :
I ne  r.r. :' .ri l.tniftrJ   T.r.nl.
The   U I      ■
.      * i
put in al  i
thi    r   .
I  ,; . i
: ■
Bi r I
I'   I  i -in"
1..I,   II
'I linl •
ll '     i , .       |
io""i. it'if i.,
Minard'e Liniment   Relieve! No.
Latent  report     frol       I
.i.   ilm.   i,
,.i   •■ I   d.nli
How  Dr.  Von  Slant Pineapple
Olve    In.lat,t    H.iirf
, ,
m , i    you   1- ■
im   * iifT'-i era | I    It    i
11,'f   ami    |,e,mmiii •
■ un, mi    »ith    queallon i
■ uli*.   besl    foi      ill     *<>. in    of
Canada's cus ,    revenu.
pasi nin.' months li  t ll.oifi
A. E. Mumford tells how Psychine
cured him after the Doctors
gave him up
" It I*. IWelVS 1,,. -.ni, e I'm, ■
me    ui    galloping    consumption,"    "*
■peakci wai Mr, A. E. Mumford, *4_ I**1
i..11, and lool I .it ha is ■ h ■'•,
healthy farmei     lie worki Ills own tit*
neai Magnelawan, Onl,
" I caughl my . old working ssal
"ii Ihe i .1" R     h.   . ,*rn.inn-.i.   " i  ijJ
nighl .ive.iK, i lulls .-iii.l revei and n
iv. oughed up i*i, resol my lung
■Inking rail .unl the do. tors
was nol Two month ■ i
i." nl ol I'i, liine pul ma rlghl on i
■"iii I hn,- had ii,i return ol lung irou**
Sim *'.''
| li  Mr,  Mumford   had  ilarled I.
1 ne when he iii si  caughl cold I"'
would hue laved hlmselfa i"i ol
and    siilleiinj..     I'si, lune   , inei  all   In"!
■i hv killing the r-armi   thi n
tho diiease,
al ih.   Zoo in Wlnnlpi -.■;. new City Park
l.. in    ,n:i   I.lull   11,elli i   in  tie-  e,liini
n,   ii   i
It   !     nu      Iinhilily.
a he   London   mei, -ground   ele. trie
rallwa)  »-,n rain i $-.'•'',"""..  foi  the
| III |,i,   ■    .   u|    Hie    .-ullil    II
Ii is estimate I thai th.  cosl of on
h    inm i\ Innlpeg for tbe Ureal Nor
i.i i,   RallWS .    WS     :    ii"",'ten
i:,„r farmers  are  demanding thai
thi   Chine e in South  Afi len  he nre
•., ni. , 1   From  < iiiiimiirni -   outrfl  '
i, tlrei i, will, ii'",   from  100 Q C
har. i.een discovered  In Naples in Ilu
i. tion "i i' *. -, lis -i n-'-t.
ii- i ,ii. e have confiscated
,i   | >:i in | > li I. I   v i ill, n  hy   Counl   TolStOl,
.■ hi,   i   ii  Possible?"
(PftmoUfN -"'I •Vtl *rrti)
50c. Per Bottle
Larger elxee »l and 02   "II druaf >•"'
OR.  T. A.  SLOCUM, Limited, Toronto.
W    N    U    No.    581 [f WESTERN  CANADIAN   EDITORS f
A Series of Articles Describing their Lives, their Alms
and their Influence.
IT, 11 a 111 ♦»v'^nvvnurvvnirn
C.   H.  LEMMON,
Editor of the  Elm  Creek   Mall.
1,.,. skilled i.n.I adaptable old ooun
i,       ,,..  „ ...ur- ...rn energetic,  bai
,    ,   ...... i... r.    \l ,    I    us   l.ilul .il.lt
I exploitation ..* hai
I hi   .i.il.    ill   inline 1.iilli   l .in
11,,   i.n.Je Imi.iii  ii  generally
md n i"   i"1"   adaptabihtj  i.
.     ,|i   Hie   |    -'I IU K   ull   hi    ll."
. i vVustern I aaadian In.' ii n* "
I,  i ono.
., Mi   (    II   Umnion
.  |,;,,|,i,,-it.i uml publuhei i,i 11"
j .   Mail, i.n   England U
I .   I,,  n,e  printing  busi
I \\  ,      '.II, I    .,l!.el., Al''   I •
i   „    in,- arbitei   **i  l"- loi
j . ,.-.... ui   was in  im".   "•
I ■   propriotoi   i*..,l  edil i   •
I in,    l.lm  l i.-rli     Mail
| ... i.. in the pitn  »i Man
-,,,.,, i   . -,. ution .a  tbi
md        in iiml, ly      lull,nn*
ii : , ,u   Mi    I., ii mon    he
, ,. .    ■    rural   publii stioi
| ,k printing establishmi nl
,  ,..,.!..,i.n  derives sowi
I                           hut n   In-   i it hi i   ei"
r   '   .i    «. i.    1 ten  Ol
1   I       llllll.    Us    lllll    I        11,111.    Ill
■ mning in sos e ol ' hi
,u l.un,t,,i^ Knglancl,
,, n thirl | its »u*
Norfolk,  bngland,   am
■     I   lllll lU.I      WHS      IP
1,1.:,. i   al  thi
-. ,   11.,   t \|,null,ni ol  hi
i ii ,.. .- uiii..    in   I.n..
-."., * ,nn ui. eaperienci
 mm in n in In
.nil    Mi -i
I . 00   thei
,,    ].iu. lie. sliin    with    In
iii    London, which   oontinuei
,i   i..iis.     Aliout   tl	
Mr.  I., a.limn oaugbt, u» be t.iin
liae i.i. > :.     ti raiting in hi
ral  in l ol    Winni| ■
.i   tem
ition i ii thi   Ma  .'■   i I i* ■
arrival,    i
•    ,,i  • -    milt   on   tl"
[ I the   Motdi ■■  • bi onit li   when
i:   ,, i. . ■        i:     | Itu* i
I nine moot hi
| ol    'l,ut    paper
titei     I. ..i in*.
ji M     i , ■      in retui nod ti
,:.     i.-    ran lined    '■■'
mthi   woi king    principal!)
, ■ .i    l i. •
: \i.
pun baaed fi
g the 1   ... i. * „ Mail.    11..
.  Mail was  not tin* i
ition  th it   Mi.   l.eiu.iiun  Im.
- i i .in    nine    montiit
„    taki n  |i,t-s,- -lun.
ind  ,.   thorough  knos
printing    I,..*..,*
Mail   prospered  Irom    tin
nil  am
nu  , i   i he
Offil 1-     "I     '
pnnti in    tin
muni, ipalit]   ol  Orej
.ill   men   el   nl..".I    i'i
I iiiiii tha installatioi
.ii   and  tii .•  Im* ,l.e
tn -.    ll.nlo.iul.ll
■ 11    printing    offi. ■ ■ ii
Las)    N"i* ni" i    Mr
I tailed a Diamond eylindei
I   ' i he papal al thi
ix calm
Mi   1 einninii ,n u ,1. t nl, ,1 icquisitin!
tl ,u.i 1,11 isl it progrssi ol I In
-  listrict .is n   i, .,".   Mav
I i.ii musii ..I win.
i ■ taki - u  loading pari
-  I, .,1   Ufa   ul   lhe   lull II        II,
• inns,, i   ui    boll
I ,,i i,ni    ii,eI 11,,     tnglicai
I ■    in I Im in , k. being unable.
ilu,       dual      poaitioi
.   i.n t    thai    I'lesi.ii, ,n,i
in mi i a i s me bald **.. si
i.       Hi-.,,i\   does    .'"'
i.i  this state ol affairs es
ii iha paui i'i i'i parsons *■.
'     ul    h,,| I,    , , UK    I,.I
• I    -t lines    ul    Ull    oditOI     el
' ■  ;      I i.,-i. Mail.
Ill'  Ill   In  nil" i.f  tin
ni. li planned,
,    '        llllll.       llllll        llelltl-
,ri attempt ta cross ilu- Med
in n balloon,
"il election In  Prance will
1 ' ■*• I'l-i.   s lai    Mat
'"I Hie second luill.it  on Mm  87
C imeglo    In  an  a IdreSS 111
ii 111■.i- -   declares I*
■ (| '"hi   .,. ,, ,,i the Boulh,
Twenty-five years ago it was difficult to
sell spring wheat rlotir for pastry at any price.
People didn't want it—they were using
soft, winter wheat flour, and yj.w no reason
for changing.
Hut hard wheat flour was persistently
pushed and prejudice has lieen overcome.
The women tried it, succeeded with it and
appreciated it.—To-day hard wheat flour is
the favorite for  pastry as well  as for bread.
I he lluur that is lining thc most for
the reputation of hard wheat flour is thc
brand known as
Ogilvie's Roya! Household
It is hard wheat flour at its best—-milled
hy modern methods, retaining all of the
good nl the wheat and none of thc bad—
it is without an equal for every kind of
baking in  which flour is used.
Talk to your grocer about it — if he
isn't enthusiastic it's only because he isn't
Ogilvie Flour Mills Co., _■*«,
".i.riiiirs n..,-l< i.t .i Cook," eoetaiat ijo
pact's uf r»i i-llrnl ret ,;,es, s.,,: e nriet  1'rlure
I Vour grucar can Ull jruu b .* to
gel ii l REE. 4
\  London actor tell- bos   !"■
rebuke I    the    Kile    maid **i all
im ompeten. s
I   ... .   i.n  the t
„i   the  fireplace  ami
mulon-       li,      roi   '   da   ..'   nil
mil lu snd tlien »lmt
The |.i>ur hui,- slave*, replied
■it, if thi ss to I
•lull   i;u  un   the
nin e
'   I
1. uid
I   Bl     '.*' .:    less,,lis  "
'flood!"   answered    Karmei    Corn-
'"SS,-| I ,,,'      I,,
s|ms mlti   n**in'   t<
Minard's    Liniment    Cures    Dandruff.
I   •   Berlin    police    »*.tl-
.    <• vitelline,   from   SO   to   BO   II'K-
in  llt-rl.n.
Too  Many  People  Dally With Catarrh.
--iik*.   MM   like   a   thun*t*'ti In.
vriopn »nii ■ rapid Ity thai no othei
' . « Catarrhal   I' **
■ ' pleas.
ant  iur- that  the tllrrnar tl.-nmn.1"
-,-allns  and
yrara of distress l'l   .lull,   mlh .n-
• rih       Africa i (lira i, In (  In len minutes.   Iii cent*
■   ..t  an ,-|.i ll
plioid level   ...  I.n.inln.  England   i..»i
year,  was  $'
Safeguard the Children.
i'h. - ling nh. n .i in.
lilm   h.   li* *   le I   in   li"iu*      wh* :•■  He lv
,ir,.  little ones    Therefore iln- prod
em mother stiii always keep ■ box ol
Bab] - . mn  i ablets oo band.   1 bene
. is   prompt
i ,,n,.H h   . onsllpatlon, dis
and  teethlni   trouble*.   Thej
. nr , roup
mmiiri  i mi" the child sound mn
.unl  ni.. p    Mothers have  thi
antee ol  ,i government  analyst  lhal
Tahh is   contain no opiate or
inns  untiling  niiiff     Mrs
l,ll,lllll.    I'li.r-s. I     llr,***i.      \      I'
II.,1,1  s   llllll     In IS    SI '    I'1*'     '
then .. Wile one l» III, nnd I would
not real safe without i   bos   In   the
*. sn id   I'
Iabletl  H'.m >"«<  "" '""' ,l'':,1''r ,'"
in  mall ...  --■ •- '" ',"'
in   Williams Medicine Co   Brockvtlle
i mi
To-day in China.
Uodernltj is reported to be making
s!"ni*-s iii china bul it la nol aspects!
. lent in   ih.-   Imperial   decrees
ii. re i- .. i> cent one: —
i.m   Long-Chung,   the   provincial
• immander In chief ..f Klanpel, baa
memorialise i   the   throne   thai   thi
nurs in  lim Jurisdiction  have kept
.m,i the im..ne has feii grateful
ii*i   ih.-  peacefulmaa *>f  the   rivers;
run- the throne   dedicates   five
s.( ks ot Tibetan Inoenaa each through
ild i.i.i Vung-chlng   i*.   all thi
temples  <.f  the  nml i.f tin*  rivers  In
thank blm tor their protection."
I  rani  to know.'   '.-ii*l the irate
,     Inm  much money my   tun-
band .lieu onl »t tins hank last reek
"I can t givt  .nn tlmt information,
■     answered    tin*  man  in    the
T Hl're tin*    paying    teller,  sren I
Ves     bul    I'm    not    the   telling
* bicago Tribune
It Is Hie Farmer's Friend—The farmer will Unl In Dr  Thomas' Bdectrlc
tm a potent  remedy t"r eronnda or
pains 'ii ih** iH'dy or for affections of
(hi* respiratory or-jans an.l for house-
iini i .is.- generally    He win also find
n a convenient friend in trotting in
lured  horses, cattle, ele . or rellevlni;
them win I. attacked hv eolda, congbs
or iiii>   klmlr-'il    ailments    tO    which
-.    hillijei'l
,„|   ('.nl.I.e.t lu* voluntnrilj takei
-he    1*1..     I".     I" *      ".is';.'""1       '"
clink   Kei I.   in    basing »t
Vldt .-'i"'
Kidney   Sssreh   LlohU.     —  Hn*'    WJ
, •■ r.. i drowsi    I*.* i.".i
n,,,,. re. I  ' ■ . 'I'"  I" ine
.   you   dullness? Have   yon a
in..I  ilmmtln* feellns  In  Ih;   .-si,...* ol
\.,i   and nil of the*,   linn
ni,   ki.in.i   ii,-n.,it«      H....U.   Amerlean
Kl.l.el     .".I."     I*    1.     'I'11.1,1    Ul'ltl"!      -1
|n,l   »,,*k*   « I, rli.l   im* *   I"   ..'•",   ' '""
Dill „!,,l   •   ,"•>      rl
| hen      1,1*-    .1  '»     "1*  I     '-"""    "   :
,, rugees in Berlin  noarlj all of them
Itch. Mange. Prairie Scratches. Cub
an Itch on Human or animals cured Ir
30 minutes by Wolford's Sanitary Lo
lion.  It  never fails   At  ail druggists
The Growing Time.
\ Walker*,  woman who was tall
 i iiin nml stiii. h when si..- !•"' "'
in,. .,.; ry to   * 'us*   ovei    lo   D
I  ,,, have in*.rn.  tremen
donsly in hei   dimensions win n   shi
returned *. few hours, later    \i* Inves
.,,„ ,„  ii,,,  private room of ihi
,,lllee    l'l    Wlllke.lllle   1. u. I
e,i ilm following explanations of ini
reini.ilii.l.l*'  tr..i.«f.'i imi' I""
,*, ntI-iii rol
, i itdren's dresses.
.|  mlts of nn I* i wear.
- , niiini ilr.'HH**s.
I i Imonas
i, pairs of ho
■ii„. i.,,ii we ..re told, wns n prom
Ineni Wnlkervllle socletj wotnati
nml she I hastened in make oul s usi
iH other W'nlliervllle ladles sll »i ll"
head nf Wntkcrvllle soclelj who were
luineii to i.i'.i'i similar m.
of   mui mi in.-   their   BgnrM   wood
Itook   Sellllll.l ItevloW.
Thev   ii,-.,'   s|M'akin*^ almnt   a   friend
of btn who l.ail married a bishop sl«
:   in   Kamvliatka  or  sen.'  Othei
•  en land
"| never mull! iitiilcrstau.l why Hie
married inm." «ai.l tl..* young woman
■ £n l on earth to
,  Bishop    She card s,,  1
tor  the  final ren     slid     rone. M-
ilmn the did t*>t church   work    an.l
sen ing • irelee
|i .,,.   pretty  arias   nowadays,"
aid  the  young  man,    "ami  'Im   gen
erall.i have a u"<s«l reason for marry-
.- n.,1 tiny iln A girl friend "I
married a doctoi   -" thai    si"
..liiuis he well  lor   not him:,  ami
uihiIm. this .iii married « bishop io
tlmt she might bs good foi nothing "
Minard's Liniment for sale everywhere
The Young Idea.
V  young in.nun. who teeOUSS a rlssa
in   a   .l.i-.v   I i'i   S.iu.lay   ScIkh.I   nn"*
recently talking t*. I..r pupil* relative
t„ tl,, desirability ot inoreaaing i'»
membership,   Wlnm *be   Invited   the
, p, ration lo thsl  oinl ol the several
members, tl..*  youngster neons*!   bei
sliiH.ol.   In.  Ilea.I  dubiously.
' I might tii one l>..y In .mr neigh
l„,lliiM,.|   to   eon..'."   lie   nxplailllHl,   "lllll
,11  tl then  kin  lick   in." "
For Thin,
Poor Blood
You can trust ■ medicine
tested 60 years I Sixty yeirs
of experience, think of ilistl
Experience with Ayer's Ssr-
vil-anils; the original Ssrss-
psrills; die strongest Ssrssps-
rilli; the Strsapirillt the doctors endorse for thia blood,
weik nerves, general debility.
Sal *.»«. .Mi tr..n oil _#4t«ta« raan*l 4.
II, Mil *••*! If Ike n»«r ll .«•»!..• ... I'.
|s.-.l* r.,.,.lr*'*«       t.t   ,m.  S««l ^Mllbte ,♦
ittlti, r.<n iS*nll !•■• ifift.l. •!•■•• »t *».*.
l-ll.i -se. ijllif lh« S«,iiparllU fit* n»*i
willfnlcSly rMf*aS, ..4 f will ilM Wwsl*.
Hiiskr;o  *?fi>r_ , i^wjii.
Ase ■s>uU«larei. •_
nam vmoi
aous cust.
His Case was More Serious than he
Thought, but Thanks to Dodd's Kidney Pi I Is he is Well and Strong Now.
HI. I.oot.n, QlO. I .... N. II, Apiil  16—
(Special.)- Mr. Patrick Downing, nf
this place, is a young man mill
iiv.nl> yearn (it age, but sume time
ut.*.) kidney .il«.■:.».• had him (Irmly in
iti. Ki'lp ami ha.I il nut lieen fnr Dodd's
Kidney Pills he would probably not
have  1,,',-n alive to-day.
"I think the cause nf my trouble
»as overwork," KayH Mr. Downing,
anyway it began with u heavy dragging pain in  my back and  across my
ilium. Th.-ii i was subject to headaches, cramp  In  the    muscles,    .lizzy
spells ami weakness till I full lit fur
ii'iiiiuiL'    ilm  ihe wursi symptom ot
my case was  when I   noticed that my
..nn.. was streaked wiih blood, then
I knew thai my ki.lneys were affected.
Hearing of Dodd's Kidney rills I sent
toi some ami I mu pleased to say the
pains have all gone since using them
ami   1  am  well  ami  sinmn  as  ever 1
v as."
Owing tu the increase ..I Hooligan
ism in Glasgow, ihe city authorities
refused tu granl four spplicstions for
boxing competitions,
ihe BE8T I.....MKNT In use
I gol my fool jamine i lately. 1
bathed it well with MINARD'S UNI-
MKNT.    and   it   was as well as ever
next .lay
Yours very truly,
t o, Mcmullen
The railusv oarriage in 11 l.icli Prince
Albert, regent m the Duohy "i Brun*
wiik. im- journeying '" Tun^ caughl
Itching   Pllss Dr.   Agnew's    Ointment
ts proof aculnst the tunni-nia of Itching
I'll, a Thousands of testimonials of
cures trffevti-il by its ust. No case too
ski. uvuttng ur too long hiiiii,1iiik for It
to soothe comfort and cure It cures ln
from   3   to 6 tileh"tt    36 cents.—96
Sir Edward Grey, foreign leeretarj
baa rtated tlm' the government »*ouw
iieleume   retoniis   iu   Maccloiiiuii     ..I-
ministration, ,
Bunlighl Soap i> better than othei
■oaps, imt .- beel when used in the
Bunlighl ii ay     Buj Sunlight Soap anc'
follow   (111 let lolls
K.iei ti it -al engineers propose to 'raj
n.ii in,w,r tu Johannesburg soroes rOO
miles  ul  .s.untry.
Minard's   Liniment   Cures   Burns,   etc
A  Bishop   was once    being    shown
ilirnii^Tt ths grounds *,i ■ steel   man
natc.     "Von   have   built   senial     Inn
reM'lcneev" ^;..<! I,*- iu the owner
"Vou have caused sparkling fountain!
to play ami beautiful garden*, t,
bloom li'ii can y...i Honestly say thai
the world Is any better for your bavin, lived in il • '
Well," reprred tlm millionaire, ' 1
don'l lay 'li.it il is sotoally .my better; bul   I think I may lay claim that
I'   look!   ll   little   Itettel ' l'lllla.li lltllill
A Milwaukee man. who stole gal
amounting to 1*6,000 hy tapping mains
v as sentenced to seven >ears.
The  Imperial Council of Hungar*
has decided to hold the    Hungarian
elections next autumn.
Blckle'a    Anti-Consumptive     Syru
nu  recommendation.     To  all
nin. are (..miliar with It. It speaks for
*ie..rs uf *is,. in ih.* treatment
oi col*!" ami coughs mil ail affections
of ihe throat has unquestionably established I's place among the very l.esi
medicines  for   such  diseases     If   yon
live ir a trial you will nol regret ll
You win tin.i H 16 cents W' ii Invested
The s.m of the Prussian Minister nf
justice lor   Beseler   has   been   senl
r., four months' Imprisonmnl f.n
ni.. iHng
He hnd lieen SWWI on ber for sonic
Unm. an i .me evening li*' dropped In
in Ills way home  from  the offlCU.
"I hope you win   excuse   me i"*"'
mllinc In my business suit.' In- Mini.
I.n'    "
■ nil that's all   right,"   Interrupted
the   fair  maid,   'lhal   Is.   If  1..11  tin an
An,I   nOXl   .lav   a  .Inmil.mn  jeii' '• r
separated him from a month's salar*
in exchange   f*.r tha   ring.   Chicago
N( H ,
An Appreciated Performance.
The 1 it,- Joseph Jofferson nse.I i„
say llmi his career came eery near lie-
ing nipped in the bud in a small western town. He at that time was a
men.her  ol   a   small   pioneer    company
iilneii  progrea •■ I  by meant, nt    three
"hull teams'' Iron, one inining n.mp
to un..ther. The) srere always neartilt,
received by the miners and oowhoys,
iilio ren.lily paid the live .I..liars in
gold required to ivitnesa tlieii perform-
nme. Mr. Jefferson waa Hn- traditional melodramatic villain anil in the
third net nn- supposed tu kidnap tin-
'■child.'' The supposed mother, hear
inn i's .in-, ni-lie., u|„,n the scene
just aa he i- about in escape, nn.l Urea
a tiuiiles- -Imt hum 1, revolver.
Upon    Ihi-    partn 11I111      ,,eiii-i,,ii      nil
Iiml gone well iiniil ihi- scene was
<eneli.nl, uml the audience, many of
whom had never before aeen any kind
ol a theai 1 ieal performance, aal a 1 if
spellbound. Ai the crack ol thc
mother1* revolver, however, the spell
ivas rudely broken.
"lly heaven, ihe missed him!" a red-
shit-ted miner i„ ihe front row shouted, drawing his .m,, "aix-shooter" and
leapin« to his f,.,.,, "Bound to the
back door boys und head Inm ,,/f i„,vs
for.- be k.u a hossl" be veiled, and
following In,,,, hull the audience stampeded for the exit,
The excitement waa finality allayed
by the 'mother ' und the iill,,,,, ap.
l-earmg hand ,,, hand before the our
''."'I, ""■!    ,l'-  " p 1  axpUnatioi,
0 ""' srtnmtHM. Wi,,-,, the perfortn
•""■", L,"' l"'"' concluded, the iudience
"surted on pajring anoOier admiasion
price and havi ig „„ immediate repetition from beginning to end, "Sue
oesa Uagaaine.
Immune to Poisons.
Certain substances which are deadly In their effects upon nun can be
taken by animate with impunity
Horses can take large doses of antimony, dogs of mercury, goats of tobacco, mice of hemlock, and rabbits
01 belladonna without Injury.
li*' there b Will Wisdom Points thi
Way.--Tlie sick man pines for relief,
but he dislikes sending for tbe doctor.
which means bottles of drugs never
consumed. He has not the resolution
to load his stomach with compounds
which smell villainously an.l taste
mi'-,-. But if he hnve tbe will to
deal himself with the ailment, wisdom
will direct his attention to Parmelee's
Vegetable 1'iils, which, as a specific
for Indigestion and disorders of the
dlgesiiie organs, have nu equal.
Tli..* Dominion government will
make arrangements with the two new
provinces for Joint control ..1 the
Mounted Police. Bach province win
i.e.. control ni whatever agencies ii
employs in administration of criminal
justice The police will be under
uoiulnlon jurisdiction, bul under provincial orders win n necessary.
Many   People   Weaken Their Systems
by   Dosing   With  Purgative
A spring medicine Beems  to  )"■ s
necessity.    Nature  demands  il  as an
aid in enriching th blood und carry-
lug off the Imparities that ha\*- accumulated during thi indoor lite of
in,, miner months. Thousands ol
people, recognising the necessity tor
a spring medicine, dose themselves
.vnii harsh, griping purgatives. This
is a mistake. Ask any doctor and in-
mu toil you thai the use of ,
Uve medicines weakens tbe system
and cannot possibly cure disease, In
in.- spring the system needs building
up—purgatives weaken. The blood
should i" made rich, red, and p
purgatives cannot do ihts. What is
nood id is a tonic, and the beat tonli
cal science haa yet devised la
in. Williams' Pink PlUs Every dose ol
ihis medicine actually makes new
rich blood, and ihis new blood
sireimtheiis every organ and evi rj
part Ot the body. Thai is why
puts banlah pimples and unsightly
skin eruptions. Thai Is why they
cure      heada.h'-s      and      backaches,
rheumatism an I neuralgia and o host
of other troubles that come from poor,
watery blood. That is why men and
women who use  Dr.  Wtlllama' Pink
l'llls eal well and Bleep well and feel
active iiiiii stroiis. Mrs* Abort 1.
Sampson, L'Ardolse,   N.8.. says:     1
have used  Dr.  Williams'    1'ink     I ids
wl 11 tbe greatest benefit 1 know pi no
outer medicine thai can equal   them
in building up People Who are weak
111  run dOWtt." , .,,
When buying a box of these pills
s„,, thai the fun name, Dr. Williams
rink Pills for Pale People, is printed
on the wrapper around .1"' box You
, ,„ ge, the mils trom an; medicine
dealer or by mall at SO cents a box or
at, boxes for I2-B0 from the Dr. Williams' Medicine Co,  BrockvUle., om.
This ambition nol to   I■■
«lih little things is ehsracteriatlc ol
men ..f greal Bber, and it had a great
deal to do In shaping Beecl
ir he had  had  an ordinary  an lb
I,,, never would have been the -
in the world thai  he wa
would have become one ..f thi
preacnera In the  world.     A atream
caiuiut rise higher than iis fountain
Dependent on Certain Elements  of Nature,
which are found in
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
Tin* Christian Bdentlsta are rlgbl
snough when they claim that tba
min,i Influences ihe bod]
Worry, excessive mental toll and
s'liiii,- emotions oonsures nervous sn*
ei ,ri  ,,i nn * inn iiiuiis rale,
itesi of iiiiii.I an i in ni > is essential
fm the restoration nf an exhausted
nervous system,
lim the mind is dependent on tba
brain,   ami   tin*   brain   In turn Is a
bundle i.f neiii" cells, which are niuir
lalii',1  and susl allied     I.y    pure,    rich
blood, ii*."' ii'.' ai.solute necessity
of supplying lhe elements from which
I,I,in.I  Is   made
These ele BtS of nature which   I'.n
to form new  rich blood and revitalise
misled   and   deplete.I   nerve   cells   nre
fonn.i in splendid proportions In Dr,
Chaae'a Nerve Food.
lli   iisIiik   tills   i .' Si   tOOd   cure  ynii
supply ihe material substanoes from
which are found lualn and nerve
By all melius have a cheerful, hope
ful mind, bul .io nol depend on thia
to make um strung nn.l well ..r von
will be lerrll.lv disappointed when 11
Is forever I.m. late.
It may ink,* weeks, oi • ven months
to thoroughly restore your health
wiih Dr, Chase's Nerve Food, but you
.■nu be absoluti ly certain thai everj
duse of this greal food cure is al leasl
ul  siu.i,- hen,-111   to i,,n
Mrs      tt'.   II.  Sulliei Iiml.    St.     And
ren b, .Man. wriii's: "In l'* bruary,
inn.:, i was stricken with paralysis.
ten helplessly on the Boor and had to
b , armed to bed, The doctor pro
pounced it a bad case aa i had im
power in my tongue or lefi leg, i re
malm d In thai condition for so
months without obtaining benefit from
tba doctor's proscriptions or othei
'Mi husband advised me to try Ur
chase's Nerve Food nnd by tne use
oi ihis treatment all symptoms of thu
disease disappeared.   I can now talk
plainly, nn   leg is ail  rlgut   and I can
do my housework "
The healthful complexions, the
wall-rounded forms, tha energy and
.-i.i ticlty of movemenl characteristic
nf persons who hale use I  Ih. Chase's
Nerve Food are Hie strongest evi
deiice of lis wonderful restorative In
lluence. .".11 cents a  hui, at  all dealers,
or Bdmanson, Hates & Co., Toronto
Ceylon Natural Green Tea, and you will be
convinced that it has the same delicious
quality that has made "Salada" Black
Tea famous.
40c, 50c   and 60c  per  ,b.
Highest Award at St. Louis 1904.
At All Grocers.
Every School Boy and Girl in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, to write   us   for our
Booklet containing Views of Winnipeg
and   Farm   Scenes.
Cause of
» T « 1 aches, biliousnesi
lieadaches ^-ns^.ii
Alli/UUuUHiO   »__________ ot .<
You must look veil after the condition
of your liver and bowels. Unless there
is daily action of Ihe bowels, poisonous
products are absorbed, causing bead-
aches, biliousnesi, nausea, dyspepsia.
enuine liver pills.
Imperial    Maple   Syrup
Always    Satikfaotory
Ask your daalsr lor Imperial Mapls Syrup.   Oo not allow him to substitute
■ n Interior article bsoauas It Is ohaapsr.
Stolen Pleasure
The children will show you
ihe merits of Mooney's biscuits
if you give them the chance.
Mooney's Perfection
Cream Sodas
have made themselves famous
all over Canada in a very short
time. Crisp, inviting, tasty.
Different from any other cracker
you J*-ave ever eaten.
Sa>   ^Mooney's" to your grocer.
Dr. 1 nbardt's Heat-Rold will cure
any enso ot pllos.
TMs statement Is male without any
Ii is In the form of a tablet.
It is the only pile remedy u.*=.'il in
II   is  m:' our.'   an  estab
lish* '*1 case of Piles  with olntmi
suppositories,   Injections nr outward
,\ $1,000 guarantee srtth erery pack-
r._.- i.f Dr   Leonbardt's ii'-m Rold.
IM..., all ir  Ths Wiison-
_yle r... Limited, Niagara Kalis, Out.1
"Why .lid   vim   persist In   calling
ynii:   visit  to Ihis r.mniry lasl
,i fi rewi n tour !' asked ber mat
(i Idly, li was In no *. nse
"Yes, ii  ii.is.'  replied  t_«  famous
prims .i.inii.i. "| im. ,i m-i-j  well" .—
The siiiiirim canal, which, is to Irrl
gate li
been opened
\ Cli ir Hi b. 9
oi in.- skin and i.mil hi - whii b Mem*
i i. beaut) in. in. re sll ..r Impure
blood caused bj unhealth) action of
the liver and Mdm > - In correcting
tills unhealthy sctlon and n storing
•. ui nini- in their normal con
Partn. , ■     \        ible Pills will nl the
same time  nse the blood, and the
blotches and eruptions will disappear
.u in.in leaving any ii  ,
Hutory of the Weather Bureau.
Like in*1 nun. whole, the
I'.iuaiiiiih  Weather    Bureau   evo
i sell in.in nebulae      Its beginnings
were vei j   modi st,   Indi e I.   Pounded
nail)  mora tnan  ball  s century
nnu, ii  continued lor som.
.•viiic'ici   of the  Insatiable  curloslt)
ol stun.- ol T i .1 ■ eai I) sell i
Since 1841, Indeed, observations have
been made In the worm-eaten old
building, niiii tor JO years afterwai i
it-iiined gentlemen continued to I
I atinnn ul   sun.   niunii   mil   Stars
iiii   the um  ni   the government
11 i**ti a grant of |6 000 wi
i .rn.   Kingston,  then  In  charge,  ths
niii.'iii  being anxious   to   i-'iv
warning     of     approaching
ii.  1880 ii." observatoiy had
ir government Bureau,
with Mi   Chi i  i '.'i iui* mi  nn r
it, in charge,   Por 11 years be
, ,ni. nu. ,i in this position, i" bi
i in Mr n r S pits
,m chief, iiinisi* special Qualifications
for tl ■■  been  widely  sck
nowledged     Vs to the Important
th,. p. red by the bun
■peak      Merchants,
farmers, mariners,   and   plckpl.
will vouch for ii    Timely prognostl
rations may have  saved millions of
■ worth  of property and nun
,,f lives      ttnttmelj prognostl-
valuable, bavs
'i, talk about For
nil of which wa should be gratoful to
, |] | prohs   Mall and Bmpira,
AT  35.  40   _  50c  per   tb
Ask     your     Grocer     for
Over a Quarter of a Century
wo have successfully treated nervoui
diseases caused by  Drink  anil   Drugs.
5oo...'«.   cures   is   our  record.   We
truly    and say that failure tc
obtain   a   cure  by  the  Kesley  Treat
ment Is n failure i.f '' ,1 ii"t
our methods.   Send   for facts.
Address In confidence
133 Osborne St., Winnipeg.
Easy to
Mivpole   Aoap
I -      glTfi     ft
f«»t. hrtlltaatcolor
but   mak**.   home
dylnf   ftftfr.  tu-f,
pltftMiit,  eaty.     No  mru or  trouble.
__'"'."" T. 'Tf     with
.t..,ef,..i„,. iVia_\'pole
loc for Colora, i y for
BUck.   All dtalert
or P L, BswintcT A Cti.,V"Trlr*«t.
When you bt^
you w*_n»
and long
These and meuw
other good points
are combined In
Fish brand
You canrt afford
to buy any othcr
Vewt* tM.a.. Co ..{
*V«0^*0      CAM,
■, i*rn tin, inai, 11 •>■ "i persons
ll* 11*1    ii i'h  tuberculosis    i    teague
i m beei   i ii ii,i,I in Hwitserland,
Mother Orares' Worn Bxtertn i
, equal for ilestroylna worms 1 tt
. btldren mui adults.   B. e n
n.un,- when im.
Tin   long   expo. '• I   nun.mn, •
i f the open dooi in Mam hn
l"l. ntli believe I to be imminent.
W    N    U    No.    581 THS LARDEAU RENS.G
HsPrl li.l I'.".n l..'!''' i", sun PuWIsbed
nl frtfUJ ni il i-l .'• I   ■ ■   -'■      ■' ' *  H.'.in.li.:'
T i' K lll.r   lis   i il ,i '   I   ll  Ml""*!!  '	
l#||,|l  ,-,   , ,.,,,,,,..,. »|..ill(ttnlK I
],:,.-,  I in Its (' 'imnilii
All Ideal* ii-lll '."' *■!. ire. !    "   i
■i-,,iili iierllne, iln' i I"  in I M« '■•- .* *
M iin- t.'.t.-ii -.ui.-1'.im ni In. 'ill"..
Terms for rmnalenl and ml.
ivlll I >■ '" ' le Ulittivn in  kim  •
'H.r.iM-rn.ii ,,, ,'.,i..i.-i u-.ir. III . il  -
Wedding Belle.
A   very   pretty   wedding    I
\ laic at  Gold  Nil! on ' »    i-    t        •>- -     ~
Ibe   19th   ins',   nin n   R«l»rl   P.j •      - ;   Pa'Op, f.'C"^ilSOU.
l/V;  Abrahamson!
Cob tractor
_ .  ...  LU ...
"i *
j. <
* .
f'.» .■:■,■ ■  :• i(,.,,.il ml,.   Inr i.-iclnni. ,>f Mining r**n*i***ll***s. ''.'.'-
.**  .':-.   il I.t Int. .linl , let,
• •      '.••-*..•   i ..rn n-f, .m.i .i:iy work nii.li'r'iilii'.i gtlarmiti-i'.l
.. any.
r   OwnSr of Iii * . bi'nlmm-
son \   litton to tiie
I   vvnsltc.
i ! r. ■ - ■■■
r    .*---x *-«r-».,»-j*^
O'Byrne, the popular t rcti.tn (
i.inn of Um A. 4 K.   I.'l.i ,
II. Fi.ll.iu.l lo Un* nl I.ir.
Tin- ceremony took plnco in
idlninj* room i f Iho Mini r'   I
tvhii'h   hn'1   I'n ,i   lasti'fti
rated  [or  the occasion
performed by the  Bi v   I
.Iriiuliulli*    iri    tiif    |.r. -   .
large number  of  friends   ■ ; -    -     -    ■ _*•        ,        :■--..*. [JflUOPS & C\ZG?Z
I', I       'Ol l: tl'.
n't i    •
Trout Loke Livery
Kg ■ -.iding
A H'l.flAI.TY,
Sfcbles At Trctt Lake.
Easy Terms.
/• U U7   [4DTFI
■ i . \Li u  il*<  - i i \_/ 1  1— JL
'I : ►; .
.   !.
liri.le and bridi gio im.    Ai   r I ■
c reraoiiy all sal d iwn to n
tuous   r- past,    si rv d    by   w u
hostess,  Mrs.   Ulvin, in In i
known style, and the healili of I
bride and  bi idi groom was *■
with nil  tin* honors, aft< r ivlii h
the gqests   in lulged   in   da
and game9 until midnight, wi o
Aul'l Lang Syne was sung an I t r
guests departed fi.r ilii'ir re |
homes, each cne vowing  thai ■...<■•.
Inul never enjoyed  lliem*.  .
. iniich bir.ct' tlu*t were boys.
A   very  pretty   wedding    :
place .■ :ilv 1 :-■' week at  tha rr   I
idence i f Un?.,G. Ki;tr_. .'•
when Miss Mary Molina Ki:
married to P. J. Devine by Rvv.
J. ;■_! i ..;■...; ... :. lli-i-t. i     I'..*  Ilrnl I'uisiiu    nd AI
.    J J 0     f r%-
".I I       _-■->-      - -» .     1-| ft T»   "»
ig.U'Juwil   V.."i    Uv«v»'..viiJ I   Ivu
(j.rout Sahc
lit  m   :■: Wotor supplied  by lhe
i "'.'•>r r.   Co . pai i vou are insured of nhso-
•-    ■    *>■****•* <   ! ,{,v.     (,. VI ri lir'Hl .'.
• »     /7a    Ul ■ tnmettU. ::'•••• ■
..: ...   .   fi
/   *.
Fr.J.annoUt,   Miss Sarah ( '
i.ct ',1 hs ini.l. wnn ii ro n *
J        ..    .
. >
_ Ver • •   .
_ & ir* J _ _'OoS
Trout  Lake  Pity Transfer
and Stage Line.
$ Ferguson   &
j Trout Lake p1
— ra
g Dtiily _.<• jto wiil j
| leave Perjotcn '
? cm.
Trout Lekotttd B
0 Beaton
W W-'trtr^v^-t. rWt'; t. W
i.n £
in connection.      jilt
Witl'.tiKM   .
A.M.Craig     Wm.Ora   f
E*    r
'■   ' •      i"fl
was supported by Alex McAlear
After   the   ceremony  n   ivetldini
breakfast was given al the Kiui
hotel, followed in the evening hy
reception ami dance.
The bride an.l gro *m «vi n  i!:*
recipiont.s of  many bi
costly   presents,   amtii.
wero a handsome silver ;•
and purrc pf gold pn j, nl
- miners   and  managem i I    i   tbi
Blue  Bell   mine.     Ti..    ;.;'..■'.*,
, ,Tii|.le left for i
the steamer Kas'o foi Si.- a and
other pofnts.
»' mgratulation fr
, and Ferguson.
T    -JUT !_ •    ::'. !_  G.
-rr' Lake - - B.C.
Imperial  Bank of Canada.
It nil on
- -■
... ■
. .   . _£L
.:       . Pf
IL r.'.IO  UP.   33 300.000 oo
VE   FUND 3.600.000 CO
TOTAL   'S-3S.TS       30,00000000
I). R. Will .   ' ROBERT J Ml V
BRANCHES    In tlie ■ i ,i       •
tuba, in.', i    snd (j
lain • i "I t ii mi.
n * ru ofCanada.
•     ■ - ».i i
'ii  .     |l - la
r.   He  J ,S, wc:D  vauasce   hard-
WAIECO-L-D* ;R2ViCW J0b   Dept.
Hardware, Miners' Bi   |>li •   Bl For High-CJast Work.
NELS6N, V. C.     ;. . .•
N _i_3orsi. B.C.
© 5 _
11. i : l \i * i   •
rial ster,
!ii)1                 X*      (.-■      C!,0. It  pars I           Hie Telsphona,     A
*-" lliy r ri|                          -,it-i|    i *ir,,T.
.,,,,.,         i     ,,  ,, »'   .'   ...   •                    ins' K
;  H0    ■•'A ■•• ' i ike.P sti
1   Fruit aplis and A -
..    .
: larberSbop
IN   the   County Con
K< olenay holden   al    Troul
Lake,     T.> Emc.«l
Maker, of Arrowhead, B. C.
Take notice, that a pi |  I •:-
lieen entered and a Biimm     issm il
agninsl you In tjie :.'   ,,  i
c.nri   I.y    Oeden   Clei. i.-,   ol
Nakuep, B, C. for the
B7, for cash lent, and I
paid by the plaintiff foi I
ant. and an  order has '
t al the publication of
Hip entry oi such plain!   in  i!.
Lardeau Mining Revii v.. . newspaper published  al   I'i    I   I
Ji. C. once a week for four
Clltive  we.ks, shall   I.,   |i - n wl   I-
be Rood and BUfli .   |
the summons upon you
i'ou   ar ■   required ,to  r-ntci
dispute  note within   ■
from the 27th day of  Apl
being the date of tho lasl
tion of tins notice, nl il
(rar's QtBce at Troul Lak .  U   *
•in.l if yon  do in il
dispute   nod*, judgmi nl
I you an I thi
I iff may proceed lo .*>•* ui
Dated line 20th day of March
Approved, T..M !!.. ,\   ■   ,.
Nelson II I .
-  ■
.• ; i ■. i <•  \. n
. \
1 or llsir Cut
. *      v
:   ■
■  '
: i $1 daj * ; ■   ;  -
..     7.  YUILL    WIHtamSohnall. j
Hotel and
neral Z'xv
J •     .,
■ • .     All   wn
Hoi C   Id Brths
Accountant. luntllor.
j. ■■. Mim; \v.
■'     LAKE, B. (
Impci ial
Barber Shop.
1 '..M-l     I' ll'll
Ir Inn i   .    -. I ■
, ,, |,
Hot. cr.d  C :d  i itfes.
. 2    t:*'.'v
.1 1
'.    -
...  ""■'>: t '   ton   ...
■;. ,•
VI st | ths Lanlsan)
'          '  ■ .A well
 •    » -    * . fsm   -~
*.( Wlnss
■ !» ri
W. BOYD -:-
..      I-* If'
I        .      .    I
kThe U. C. ASSAY and f HE/HCAl
V*.\i, DVIK, !    I
HesdqnarlBrs lor Assaysrs, Mini .
Mill Supplies.   Bolo agents in II i
Monjan Oroeibls Co . Batters.     I *, ■-
Und) l. W.Rmw dtCo.'i r.   „to«ri
I'lirnnres, Hnni.-r.», etc.  :   Win
nsrth A t'o.'s Fins Bslsnces, etc .
■_     :.:..-      -•..    •-;-:-- .
When looking for s | li  | , .!„..,,!
your holidays, bear in i. ,',;
that Troul   Lake  in  f
ideal lummer resort, The
(oenfryand climate aremsgnifi. nl
Subsc-ifc. for iSc P.e*.
TRADE **   MAF'c,
I here are ma-y kinds nf llubher Footwear, bul years of
experience have lattghl us the brands recognised an _> ...I
under other climatic ci may prove unsatisfactory for
this province.    Afler testing many line* we have ".elected
■$     ^bsa^S   Mi
-»iii:i;i: h ,v,* i„, n f„
ii. t|,,  in   [ ii < J ic iu    i    .  ' -
|        l    i.i    ileal   i:-lal*',   n.nl
"i ro I ll bo .ua ]*• than
II   •       in  ibrt'i  years,
t ■■   ■ i v ' i,  "or im   bas
•  in**.
nini out In you tl   '
i       -   ;   :.., li  , ■■ ■ p.* oi mi ;.... i
I   l<>   l.l       l: mi   iCsl ■:■■   tli J ii
f   Tfioi x l..-i ki*:,
Trout L?,!te Is the rm .   ■
i ■ i • Ki • i, ■ .•■;•■ u plea mi ro
!j i'n ' 11 has nn iiiiikJ. i' mi Ing
f    i*n*l {Islilng ■    i ,  -   ■   i in
I | whiln iii-, giunc
'■' ll rn i-    ii   to lllll   Ifatll il     *i
Maple Leaf Hubbers
:'■ the    • •  fur   dealers to   sell   nr Inrlivldnals   to   wear,
ii'O  may  profit by   mtr < x;>-■ ri.-r    by  iiu-im'i11^ on  your
dealer   giving   you   Rubbers   witli   tbe   Maple Leaf brand.
J. Y. Griffin & Co.-'_
•  Cckliiau-1 Brands "I  Ham, in, n
mid 1
NKLSON,       -       .      Q   Ci
Vancouver, B.C.      ::      Selling Agents to the Trade
ll       K«r>
ii.       I'N.      [ta  'liii.ai.r ia stipt-ih,     \.
■ .■; i xli Bini s, i
n  I   .■   mild    '■:.   v;  i I, y   nnd   ''.'ii'  III
I     Hin i: ci.       fl citll 1-  a   lis nil • • 1
tli ■ in   ! hotel     . ■ ■   ■   - lei ■,.   |n
I •   ■ I llll.'ll,      ;' :   ,*|R   are
■    i.'d in      i: i .i iO i!.   Tl ''ii-
* ■ r. -   : i.i ci int] K',.;i-i(.,
- .    ,:   the iiilv: rtlsi nu 0' t
in Hi    Joi i uaI « ill (■' ',» tion all
nre   fnii'ly Wl II   i    'ri*«eiif, il.
•   Willi   COIlfi lencn  tu Ag "Ills,
H. McPberson
cut. Lake, B.C.
i i i
Lots can be
cbtfiined en
Mr!'2 y&zir
selection at
once.   :;   ..
Then call on
or  write to
•'• i *rn Imi a   • i roui '•   lis
Riowin 11,- |,,,, ..,., ,lv     |, j,_
" '   I 'nil if rai Ration,  .■ , .
"'♦•,""  mlif il,.   Latdobiai.1.
'/ 'J»« <-M:.    All ruadi fl
' »*d***«)   had i„Tr, ni Lake.    !■
"  «ho i. ii „ .niai ,.,„,,,. , ( ,| _
'•"  »•   " ii>«nl    li-tu.t   ,„,   ,].
" ' :"" '   ""I h. * :.•■ I i.y ;, ,j|
,'" . I'l'vid.d   1,1    ihi    |„ ,,
11    •   Cam da . Ural eli -
' "'-.' * I.  under i!„    .     .
"'"   <t 8. Shni non, B.A.; si
"  ' * ■•)••»•* »1 Kiiwrnmenl ifflnu ;
1 l''""i"'l mil A m I tea n .I,., :, ,
in (I (i tin.., !,,„! j,, i
Theie .,,.* ,„ii:1(i ;   ,aiicl| ,„,,,
""'»"' oiiUWrls um      eg     in,,
''    «"»■-»'   '-..,. . ,,.   „,,,,,,,■
l""';"ia  bandsan u.ill  «,n, „
c»Pi'f».vofCO.OOOfi.pei day lB „,
«    ""l '"h" lake.   T,e mines
;'"" ; '>  ••"' I roving nul blnrr
'"" «--*ij  ver. wiih  ,,«
P^l'-ttsi-pmlng itpucti ImJJeaof
',,,';'r" »|11 '" n (fig r,,s|, ,1,1,
,l'"'   ""   i'   Jon    would   knot,
;; • "lil- "I  once t„ ,i,i(M(
the afffiifM n( the addreaiea U*low
F. B. Wells
General Agent
Revelstoke, B.O.
% sssmt". ixxiTsauKJi


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