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Lardeau Mining Review 1906-10-25

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Wi!,. rn doubt the great-
,.. , ui.iy in our City.
We fn die.   FOOT, the
EYE and the POCKET.
t Particulai attention given lo
Mnl Orrier**,.
Imyai iiii
;i   WDKI.WSfiCo.I'iop. .
. rs TOR,
Slaters  Bel!
\ in h. r.*l>\ given Unit with
I,..in ibe Brat pub*
■ >i in tb.* British Col*
1 intend  i"  epi Ij
[] . -,.. i   C.ii.ii.,:---
,,-•_.. Worki lor ■ specisl
i . ,ny away tlm-
he foi owing described
...l ,,  Weel K...'*
■ Claim    o 3.
Mlnnlo r. *ni .(*, l ,|rt(n,  ;.„.,,..
In IheTr. ut Lake Mining di I Ion
■I West Ki.o'i'inv disirict.
Where loce'edi  On Bouth Pork
•■I Cany.m Creek,
Take noMeo thai I, Fred ('. Klliott- V. M C No, B88187 acting as
agmt f.ri't'iiui Grace Westfall, ad*
"ini. iiiiinx u[ tl„* ,*.< ate nf J * ,i
W Wes fa i, K. M.e. No B 88093
■nl nd, r-ixtv dayi Irom date I
of. !■. ■ pply t . i|„* Mini,,..  ];,,. ...|.
"i   for  ;i t ertiflcato of fmprov -
Went!, fur tin* pUf) [ i, ''inn,, «
i ( i..un Oraui ..I ihe above 11..
Ami furilii i ink,* optica that .*..-
ti'.n uuder section 87, mini in* co
mmencod   before lhe i-- lance ol
■uch Certificate >.f  Improvements
Dated n.i- 18th day of Octobei
A. 11. 1906
FRED, C. Elliott.
[sotic   s In r.-l.y  given  lhal   CO
I iyi (n ni .li'..* !n ri* 'f I   intend  In
ipply til   th" ('ui   | .' i ii  i| ;   i   :
L.l di .v Vi., .    lo    .i ij ■  ni  li-
oi   t   ud can st ay lim
.1 r from  ihe   f   loin i y <'.. o
TROUT LAKE CITY, B.C..  ,Oct.25th. tc>6
No, .62
n ran mr
li it n " bsby net " f,,r ri mi,ii 1.1
stand mit for tb.* ri^iiis of iln* pBo*
p'e nf hir. I'k.v in,-.?     Some nf   tl
leading Liberal papen saj
v..* iiiink Hn* | euple "f   Ur* |.i*ov
li  ■■ will say .i Ben nt.    Ai in.* re*
1 ■• ni meeting  ..f   the I'i
rs,    II ruble
I Ids tonk iii- stand ihnt arrange-
menl .-f better termi ior British
Columbia, i-l.nnili be I. ft lo an arbitration li .rl couiiaiinii ol
.1 M.
Canadian mineral ehtlin, illuats in the
I ...in Lake mining division ol Weil
Kootenay district.
Where lucatod:   On Keren Mils creek
-^.•uili Fork ..I l.iinl.*ii.i
Iniii' notice tlmt t',0.11   N    Wilkie,
acting    iih   agent (dr  David    Cowan
K.M (.'.   No    I'.Ksiu::,    and John. H
Hickman I*'.   Al .   c. Nn
liHHIU'.',    illlcll.l,   HIx 1 >•    <in,n   tioin   t|,,.
lo    apply    to     ii
■ In.,'     hereol
",    ,        ",'        "|'l'.> '" I IK-
Mining Heeorder f...*  a Certificate nl
Inn 'in V. In i'ii. B,   [or   tin-   I'm i ,,,.,. ,,( ,,*,,.
'ri ning ,i  Crown (irnni ni i],,.  ai, re
And further lakg notice Umi uclion,
.imiii -,*.• iif,.. ,',;, musl  : ,
'*■■>•'•*■ Ilia i--.ni co ni ('■ rtiflt-att'   : in
■  i.'ii*-
Date.1 thia 80th -l.lv of An*/., a m i-un
A. K. fia, imn. lit 11   Hoy, Florence
neniber chosen by the Provincial.  Forbes Frsctl    ufooseap. (>looses]
' ,   V ..    • t    . : I..   	
t     i*ll   11 *    I*
,ii nn It.
• ■'. planted  once, if
one by the l> minion and one by
the Imperial Unverum. nt* Mr.
Mc, Bride made the deolaiation
i b u it was i ol n mat tor lu be con*
I bj  i .'* ■ onfei     hut one
which lay purely between lhe Pro*
vm*'. i i Bi it i.-li < '..Inuil. H and the
Domini • government. 'I hi-- view
•ii '1 * case must and will appeal
i" lhe g *.>'! s. ns *. | : he eleetorato
"f li.i- province* The arrange*
inert ited hy   the   <*..iif.*r-
No. -',''I." leap No. 3.. llmi e Ruu bods
.1 .mil.ij. Independent, Kootenay Ko, I.,
Kootenay No. '-' , Koitenay No; ll .Frae.
imn, l.'.iiln, Uornlog Star, May, ..*
N.i.I. May No,'.' , May No. ii, Muy No
I. Mny No.8 . Pilol Fraction, Pilot, Reward Fractio , Ki.ul.ir, Rattler No I.,
Union Jack Mineral tjlal.ni lituated iu
the 1 roul l.nk.* Mining division ol vVeel
K "ii.'lis) district.
Where located:—On ^i* and Keven
Mil.* creeks trlbutoriii ol tliu Sonth
I*.... "i I arneau Creek,
Take Notice  that I,   F. C. 1
. nl V    Ktn-
i.       *   nk  >'i
,, . Free   Miner.'  Cei liflcate   No. I   -
'• Britiah ( olnm- ;li.,.,._.  M   ,gBDl    lljr   Tlie   Kew,r,,
:   i   a  .|   Si--   Ui "i   and    Silver    Min
Wi it   K< 'i'ii.
i. v ■ -.   Iiei   ■ ■    t 80   I iin i
■■■ aouth   JO :n . i
ootnmenc mi ni.
(.  l: Norlhey.
I,    •   lOt lober 8th. 1 06
Notice ir* In r,  \  tl
in two months fr-■ •.. tht fi       P
lication hen  f in ll •■ Bi iilsh  ■ ■
im.Inn   i, ..  lie. 1    ntend  to apply
t,, the  Hon   Chi. f Comtnisi
i I hi.Is and Works, f- r i -i*
,.i,i c.irry away  tint
her Irom Ihe following <b—
aodi -if; .i --I in w - il   !■■ ■'•' U:'>
, ,! ., post planted
,,, T,f P„,,ii,r ,*r.*.*K 1 ::..>. rt...■.!::. V* "
1,.,iv,,l...Hl...i-"' Comn             Ul   * planted
,,  Poplat   m..rU.d   N    .t.n, N,,t leaf! c*ek
.  N     E,   corner   . "< Irom the river I
',  on   nhains   thence 8 mileefrom I'oplar, markwl I
"   '",ln-          ? Hanson's N. E.eoi              tbenee
-     . h ..!.-   I              ; _..,..   on
chains, lh i oe North   80 ehains
•      ,(  ,■   ,111111-I.C.Iil'   Ht.
I,, aed Sept 15,19 0*
. M*.*l.cllan
Tur.her Claim N.o 4.
mencinget aposl planted
North ride olPoplai   wee.
■   ,„ ibe creek be- ' aboul
;       . frem  P-npl"  m*,,x"]   N
I   N.   B.    <*ori.>i
,   || s)   chaini     '•
vi chains thonce E»«t 50
..    North  B
, i kto point <>l commencement-
i    ned •-. pi 18. -906-
. MoLellao
\\, -i s0 chains, thi        B      *  's"
Ihenee   East   B0 chains
Not cs ii hereby given lhal r''
dajrsafler "he fi'ft poWtoation of
lh*i notice in the Bntleh Colon
i   Osteite, 1 Intend t" apply >'
■      ii       i    m'  I oiniiiiiM.'ii"   ' '
■ ,*, I Works for n fpcciul I-'*
. , tocnl ni,.1 carry ttttty iit»>'
b*.*r from the lollQwlng deecribed
Isndi lituated In West Koot-»fc»>".
Cnitiiiieni' ,g  at n post planted
»tll.rrv Lengrsli X.  B. oorner
:r..;ii *l  i.iilcr   from  Tr«.ir
on the Beaton wagon road
mstked Ed  Hillmoui S W. ror-
'" i**i*i, thenee Bail *"*■' cbalm
Ihince North 80   ohoinl   then.'
^' I so ohaina thenee  B mita BO
ohai it to poiui, of cniiiniciu'cnii-ni:
l.ociiuJ Bopt IU, 1006.
Ed. Hillman,
Notice Is horohy given tbatsixiv
dnyi after dale I intend to nppl>
to Ihi Chief CJommliiloner Of Land
nil,l Works for permlislon to pur*
r**''*r' iha (nilowtng deeortbed I" d
Wlualed nt Trout Lnke, West Ki nl
' i I'iMiiict,andoommeiiolng al
poit marked E. L. Mas orion1
N-W. corner, thenco south 2
ch*-iii", tlicnco ciui 20 ohalm
more or lew lo shoreql rmut l.uli.
{Mttco northerly along lnko ihor.
Y> witith-cast corner  pent,  of Ito
jS'thonoe.WMt along line of Ln
j"  to pout ,,f cnniiiienc mint.ion
}m \ig 40 acres more or lose.
.lJ-. cd 2nd Aug., lynft.
E. L. Mastkhson
lh North B0 ch ick  to
p int. i. •iniii* i.ru. '.'
Loci.t.'.l Bept I'ii
Timber Claim. No 1.
. .   ob i* at a ;
on iht S   '   »Id ■ "f '"'V
:    .... I
n Poplar, mat
Hansom N. E, oorner post, tl
*.\-,..t 80 ehair.s, tbence v
ehains, thenc.    Easl    :0
thence N- nb BOchaine,
jwint of ooromencemi nt.
Local.d Bepl  IV l'*"';
Cbai H in* n,
Timber Claim No 1
Commencing al s posl i
on the North side oi Poplar creek
thont 6 miles from Poplar m
Chas Hansons N   E   eomer post,
thenoe   Weil W   ohsius,  ihene.
Sonth so chnins  thence  I    '  W
M thenc*  North  B0 chains,
loomi "'■
I   utted Bept, 15, I'•"»'•
t ; ,- Hanson,
E. A. Haggen.
s,ir'K BhsresndFlnanolalDroker
BalBstaiosnd taserance,
Fire, Mf". A"reid»n« II
Ous'snliosnil I    	
i lac litj I
Trout Uke '
and Csn borne
CorresTondenceprnrontly     }
ii —w        Ihey  ni-- iu rapt of their s iwancu -$2,
while the u lim-
ute ii                         i  British Ool*
- ihn. 1500.000
A lew "f lh ■ reasons why  we
■  •!   I' n i\''  >]■• ci .1 r. gnil ion
i down by M r. Mc Bi ide, an
w i;   Ii.ii •, * the last 84 y**-
i B. I    ' i.- pud nr.. il*   I' •
ion trcaoury  i.earlj   $19  I'
.■ti more than ii has r.ceivi .1
Whi ii  «•   entered  tl..'
,. ■ apt .....
term*, owing to the building > i tho
i   r i: which .it tli il • « n
I .."iiM I.i* 1. heavy burden on
"• * iini 4i, ii.i.i pr..-
*. ii being lhe greatos g -
lt h-is lines   transpired that tin*
building of the ( . P.   11. hai  been
i- great » lactor   in  building up
East  snd prai ie   j-i■ vinces  si
i li i* lim for I', f.      That while
the aver ige cosl "i  adininistraiion
f,«r the whole <-f   the   pi..vim . - is
t'J 3- !-"f .ipiiiii- ihe .-.> i lo Brit-
.    iniii.*. i «- -*r11   *■''-
I be distat ee from tl.e rammer*
, |,! industi  il and -*-lniiii.-ti itive
■i nl i
The non-industri il  characti i ol
■ i .- n/   ■ x • naivi;
;m|, | ,,  which taxes are
K  leral   ireasury   in a
.      to 1
.   . disadvanl iges  "f the  prov*
in n .iii'-n  lo lhe markei  for
Hi inn "l
II,..   action *.f tha   confi ri n«
• ■   •  *,,.* ,  ... ol  receive s
-.quire   d-*rtl  from  the east    All
| and agricultural pro
I, ughl by B C   Irom eaatoi
i;        . sreprote r»ed by a tariff
.Mill i.« high n* iii" Rockies Ihem-
wlVc«, bul when oui membi r. asked for protection l«.r llie products
,       {uu   I  in   cl..mn  3.
iiug   Compan*
Limited,      Kou-1'ersonal       Ual
in*-  lli ..*-.. rl ii ito No i --.''.I, in
tend, sixty dsyi [rotn Ibe date i   .*
lo apply  lo lbs  Minini: Heeorder  l"i
i'i, inn ut, *, nl   linptoveniei.il, lur ll.e
imi 1'"m* i.i obtaining Crown Urania ol
thr above claims.
And further take notice tlu.i act Ion,
under lection ;;7, iiuir*.  i.,- 4ft...'•-...'•'.■
Ii,-|..|>.    lli,'    l-rllul.ee oi   l-.l.ll I Vllllifllt,
,,t I inprovetneuis.
Dated  nut. Hi.    dav  of Oct.,    *.»,
PRED     C.     EI. MOTT,
I'rout Laki. B. C.     and Ferguson
W. A. Skinner returned Monday
nil-lit fiom ih.* Steamboat group
mi Lake creek. This creek ll noted
for it.- mammoth sr*.wings, and
th ■ " Steamboat " is i o exception.
When asked about the width of
tbo bad, Mr Skinner was very r*.-
ticent, itatirtg that it would hardly
he beleived if bo told ihe exact
width. We however, found out
from a rclihblc source that is full
7.j feet across tbe lead, und naked
lo the eye for tin* full distance of
three claims. While the ore is not
..f iiii high grub*, the values run
from 11 oz. in silver, and 42 per
cunt lend, IO 40 oz. and 62 per cent
It is a bin concentrating propt.ei
lion Bnd wi h ihe present prico of
in* all would be ft good profit
'I he group .* insists oi '' claims
and ir* i-itn-.i'-.i about four miles
up the creek from lhe Lardeau riv-
.i. The trail built by the government 'iii* year runs very close to
it. The property is owned by
Mi*.--'*- Skinner. Daney and Foote
of Ferrm on.
The ore from the Mum moth hae
ul been brought down. Ti ere is
about 580 sacks in -11 ready for
shipment to ihs imel er* Tbis ore
.will average f ill) S150. 00 per ton
The -'.i|.|i i.* and wood ..r.* all in
for ihe winters' work. Jee Vera*
choyle b is iliur*.-'.- "f the work.
Tbe Men unii'k brothers and a
crew of men hsve i;on ..p t<> build
ca'.ins nn theii Scott creek proper*
Tom \V*-lls is expecting to eturt
Up the 1>-1 Hay in a few days with
a crew of men.
■ Tiio    l«lt3oyo'Boct
I r' "
Little Di Abey met wi'.b a p.iin
ful accident a lew days ago While
playing with anoth e. little sharer
who was chopping with a band axe
little Di got his heid in the road
and received tbe blow in'ended
f .r the Io*^. A painful scalp w .und
was the result. The line fell* w is
getting around all O.K.
Notice is hereby given lhat 80
days after the firsl publication "f
this notice in ti.e L. C. Gasette, 1
iu end io apply to the Hon. * !hi< f
tnissiouer ol Lands and Works
for n -| ..inl lie. nee t.. cut nnd
,*.,; ry away i in.l" r from lhe f .1
lowing described lands -jituateH in
Wi -i Koo'enay District;
("ommeueing al a post planted
at Hurry LangrelsSouth-Eaatcorner |>.*-t marked Malcolm lieatons
N'orili East corner |K»st ab iut faur
miles Irom T-ont Luk.* on the
Beaton ».".-..n road, thence west
s.i chains, lb. nee South s|) chains
.' then.*' East 80 ohains, Ihcnci
North 80 chains to [wint <'f com-
I1..I  . rlll'llt.
i i Sept. 1st  1-006
Mu!** .in Beaton.
Commencing   at   a  posl   marked
M. In I1"!!'*- P. 1". corner p">i
planti '1 ab ml on.- mile North-Knit
■i I roul Lako waugon Road between Glenn creek and Boulder
. . h.i nee 80 chnins wesl thenee
north 80 chains, thenco east,8U
,!. ,in-. thence south80 nhains i
1 ".ml of .-. ii ii • i • '.n ■ r
Mc llllll.K STANDS PAT   [(ontii.ued]
,,f li C. thev were met witb 'he re*
Ij " >..rrv, g.-iitl,nu'U of B. C.
but you t-ee it would be a hardship
on our many friends in the east if
they had to pay more for theii
lumber or lead products".
lh.es not cut any ice how much
wo have to pay them for their products. Mc Bride was rightwhebJtf.
quit tbe outfit ond we trust that he
unl tb.1:0 who t-£ic.;* i bras, will
always stand pat until they re
cive what is riglitv our dues.
Pedro Mineral Claim. BituaU in
im I'rout Luke Mining division of
\\. si Kootenay Distr.c:.
When* located: On S,.uth Fork
.if Canyon Creek
lake nidice tbat I, Fred 0. Elliott, F, M. C   N.i   B88167, acting
us ngeut for Claia Grace Wealfall,
administratrix   of tho estate .*f
John W. W.*s fall, deceased >•'. M.
.    No. B88 fi;, J. M. Miller, F. M
'.' >.",. 1 88157  md M. F. Chestnut
F. M. C. No. B88163, intend   sixty
days from dale hereof, lo apply lo
lhe Mining  Reorder fora Certificate of Ini) rovementa, for tbe purpose   oi obtaining a Crown Grant
of the i.l.ovc claim.
And further take notice that action, under section 37,must l,e c m
m need belt re tlie issuance of su.-li
Certificate >.f Improvements
I>uii"l ihis 18th day October, A,
The Eva is working about 15
rn'-n on development. The uew mi
chinery for the 15 drill compressor
is ex; ected daily. The pipe line is
completed and tbe compressor is
in readiness f -r ibe machinery.
Th-repairs to the mill nre about
llillman and Ueaton bave started their logging camp at the mouth of Kubv Silver creek.
All   our  Hoot-,  lion,  iht
sma.'est Youth's  to the largest Men's sizes, contain noth
but No. 1 leather   and find
The cut represents our Boys
High cut Box Calf Bal It is
made with bellows toigue.
silver eyelets, and stud hook
over foot form last.
J. Leckie Co
iu     I  I. 1906 : D. 1908.
;   >■
A. G.
Mc- Kitmoii and Northy's and
Frank Burr's lodging camps are
bolh working full forces and making good pr.gr.-ss getting out logs.
On tbe Goldfinch men are employed. The south ledge has been
tapped and is now being .drifted
on. Cross cuts from the prosoect-
ing tunnel are being made to tap
the north ledge. These ledges run
para lei 1 about 250 feet apart. Some
very fine uie  has bten found ou
Uie su. luce uf  ibe eoUlj 1. Uge.
Mrs Atwy a..a duu^nu-r relum-
iruui the coast tasi wick, whore
ti.cy bare beeu v.biiug Uuriug i .e
past ien weeks.
Jiu. Suell, ll la auia, too,; an in*
voluntary bath one clay lusi wetk.
lie lUtouiled io take a young lady
*.ui iui a r.ov on the river, bui evi-
denty ;■..;.; a halh wuu.U du laui
a. ic _•*. a We always knew Jiui
was lunu of a swim, buiil was a
low down trick io beat ibe lady
uin >'i ..li row, Nexi luos, Jim,
iuke a piece ut soap aud a >u»ci
make a good joo uf it.
After a close du.vu ui a few days
ihe Silver .Dollar returned opera-
uunslast week with Put lleury as
foreman, Tlie tram wiHOecum-
pleted in about another week.
Work wus started itus week on
the building uf u.e new bridge across Fish river. The uew bridge
: will be buii about a quarter of a
i iniic adove tbe old crossing ut Perry's. Jim Suell bus ubargo ol tbe
a oik.
What might bave proved a fatal
accident, lu.; j-ened at llie Broadview mine Tuesday morning. The
*au-e nf the accident was a missed
hole, and tbe result, Jim Scott minus his right arm below the el haw..
The nighl shift noticed the fact
that there were two holes mi-sod
fire and returned—and as they
thought— fired bo.h. Tho second
cbargo evidently did not do i's
work leaving one of the original
charges unexploded, and wh3u
Jim Scott and Gus Enckson went
on in tbe morniue, took for granted everv thine *as sll right, and
.started to drill.
They were single jscking, ani
Scott was the unlucky one to get
in-.o lhe uuexploped charge. Erick
son was knocked down by the force
ol the explosion , but was practically uutouched. Hc at once pulled out to the open, and returned
with help for Scott, who , notwithstanding hi-i terrible injuries,
was making his wuy t" lhe open
On close examination it wa%
found lhat his right hand was com
pleiely blown off, his arm mia
j ed. and his face so disfigured,
tbat it was beyond recognition.
Ihe force of the explosion wss
such tbat his cloihe were nearly
ill lorn from his body.
Kenny Morrison made Ferguson
in 50 minutes ior Dr. Robinson,
who, on his arrival at lhe camp
temporarily fixed up the injured-,
man, and had him conveyed to the
hospital, where he amputated the
arm below theelbow joint
It was at first feared that Jim
had lost his eyesight, but the latest reports convey tho good new*
that no injury of any serious nat
ure had happened to his eyre.
Great gympathy is felt sll over
lhe distrct not ouly with Jim, but
witli bis mother and fsther, Mr
and Mrs Scott ol TroutJLake.
Gents Furnishings GentsFurnishings
Local and Ceneral.
ALthe :\eview office
Rev. Fattier Jeuuoile of Sum loo
came in Monday night. The reverend geutleman is an old pioneer of
iho Kootenays, and io tbo Ksview
expriBsed bis belief in the possibilities of Trout Lake matnet,
A very successful dunce was given Saturday night in the Odd Fel
lows hall. A largo number came
up from Gerrard, blinking with
ihem that | rineo of musicims,
Charlie Hanson of l'o: lar. Needless to h&y, all enjoyed themselves
thoroughly. The visitors returned
home Sui day ifternoon, well pleas
ed with lhe way in which they had
been entertained.
R I' Bell Smith, A W Misluw of
Cinoinatti. and D ,1 S Arnold, of
New London, aro visiting tho Broadview mine, which tbey acquired
from Uie local owners during the
Mrs. Newman Taylor lefl for
Victoria the end of last week, to
join Mr. Taylor, who now occupies a good position in the Landa
and Works department.
— ■      mm  •••       —
Robert S< ott is building a couple
of cabins on the Great Northern
hill trail.   	
Frank Paddeu, late purser on
the Procter, cime in from Arrowhead Saturday, to visit old friends.
Frank expocis to go on the Str.
Aberdeen„Okanagon Lake.
—. . wm —
'No place like home, Trout Lake" So said Fr<*d Mummery who
hae been sojourning at Arrowhead
for a couple ol months. Fred re-
turnd laat Mrnd iy night.
Mrs. Atherton und family leave
Friday for Sandon, to join Mr. Ath
ertoo, who is publishing "The San*
don Mining Review "
Tbe Lades Basket R'-* Club
will give a dance ou Hallowe'en
1A A -ft A tt ft A
a a^aKaaa^So»aW©aaaaaa«h$aa a
(('.ml limed.)
^vus tins conscious innocence or
hardened recklessness? The clerics ob*
served with surprise Hint Prosper tin.l
resumed Jiia-P-JinLiuaiuuu;, that sort
Of Icy Ii.iiiirliiiiii >,s.tliiit kept people at
n .IIM.'iiii*.* un.l 'iiiii.l.'  lilm en.'inles lu
tin- bank. Never would a si runner en>
terlng tbe roombavs supposed that
this   young   innn.   Idly   lounging   111   n
.imir mui playing with a pencil, waa
resting under an accusation of robbery
nmi wns about tn I.,- arrested, lie
soon stopped playing wltli Ms pencil
nn.l drew toward blm a sheet of paper,
upon which in- hastily wrote a few
"Ah, hn!" thought Fanferlot Uio
Bqulrrel, whose bearing snd sight
were wonderfully good in spite or his
profanndsleep. "Eb, ebl Ss makes bis
little confidences on paper, I see, Now
we will discover something positive."
Raving written   his   note.  Prosper
folded It carefully In the smallest possible size nnd, nfter furtively glancing
toward Hie detective, motionless lu his
corner, threw It to little Cavallluu with
n simple word:
"Gipsy 1"
Fi.nferlot was confounded and began to feel a little uneasy.
'"Iln* young man bas more liluek and
nerve than many of my oldest custodiers. This, however, shows the result
of education."
Yes, Innocent or guilty, Frosper must
have iniii endowed with great self
control nn.l pbwer of dissimulation to
affect this Imperturbable calmness and
presence ot mind at a time when bis
honor, his future happiness, nil that be
held dear In life, were at Btake. And
he was ouly thirty yearB old. Either
from naiiirnl deference or from the
hops ..f gaining some ray of light by a
private conversation tho commissary
determined to speak to tbo banker.
"There is uo doubt, monsieur," he
Bald ns soon ns they were nlone, "this
young man has robbed y.m. It would
bo a gross neglect of duty If I did not
secure bis person."
This docInrntli.il seemed to distress
the banker.   "Poor Prosper!" l,e snld.
Frostier wns now called In with I'un-
ferlot, whom tbey bud much trouble
to awnken, nnd with ths most complete —difference listened to the announcement of his arrest.
In response he calmly snld:
"I swear tbat I am Innocent"
M. Fauvel. minii mors disturbed and
excited tlmn hla cashier, made a lust
"There Is -still time, poor boy," lie
snld.  "Iu the name of heaven, reflect!"
Prosper did not appear to bear blm.
He drew from his pock, t a small key,
which he laid on the mantel, nn.l said:
."Here Is the key of your safe, monsieur. I hope for my sake thnt you
will some duy be convinced of my Innocence, nnd I hope for your sake
tbat It will not coin.* too lute" Then,
ns every oue was silent, be n.lded:
"Before leaving, here ore the books,
pniiers nnd accounts necessary f..r my
successor. I must at the snuic time
inform y..u that, without speaking of
the   stolen   three   hundred   and   fifty
thousand francs, l leave n deficit in
ensh. There Is il <Jili.it of three thousand five hundred francs on my cash
account,   which   has  been  disposed  of
In the following manner: Two thou-
sand taken by myself.ln advance of my
salary un.l fifteen hundred advanced
to my fellow clerks. This is tbo last
dny of the month. Tomorrow ths salaries will be paid, consequently"—
The commissary Interrupted blm.
"Were you authorised," bs demanded,  "to draw   money  whenever you
Wished to to nuike advances'.*"
"N.., but I knew that M. Fauvel
would not hnve refnssd me permission
i" oblige ii    Mends.   What I did Is
'•"■" rs.    I  bsrs simply fol
lowed in.  predecessor's example."
The banker niiule n sign of assent
"As regards that spent by myself,"
Continued tin* cashier, "I had n sort of
right in it, uii of my ssvlngs being
deposited hi this baiik-ab.iut fifteen
thousand francs."
"II.nt Is Im,*," said M. I'aiml. "M.
llertomy bus at least that amount on
'Jl.ls last question settled, the com-
mlssary's errand wns ended, and bis
report might now be made. He announced   Ids Intention of leaving nnd
ordered ths cashier to prepare to follow
blm. (.'surilly this moment, when
Stern   reality   Hares   us   In   the   face,
when our Individuality is lost snd wo
feel tbat no are being deprived of our
llberty-thls   moment   Is   terrible.     At
this fatal command, "Follow me,"
wblcb brings before our eyes the
yawning prison gates, the most hardened slnu.*r weeps and begs for mercy,
Itut Prosper lost none of that studied
phlegm which the coiiinilssnry secretly
pronounced consummate Impudence.
Slowly, with us much careless ease as
if going to breakfast bs drew on bis
overcoat nnd gloves nnd snld politely:
"1 «m ready to accompany you, mou-
The commissary folded up bis pock-
.etbook and bowed to M. Fauvel, snylug
lo Prosper:
"Let us go."
They left the room, nnd, with a distressed face nn.l eyes filled wllb tenrs
Hint he . "iild not restrain, the buuker
v ■.i.h,.,i  ibelr departure.
"Oood heaven:'' |„. exclaimed, -(;|,|,|.
ly would I give double ths sum Btuleu
to regain my old confidence in poor
Prosper and be able to keep blm with
Fanferlot had resolved *o obtain pus
session <,f Prosper's note, which bs
knew to bs in Cavslllon's pocket To
obtain tbis written .proof, which must
be un Important one. appeared ths
easiest thing in tbe world, Hs hud
simply  to  arrest -Cavslllon,  frighten
blm, demand tbs letter and,  if neces
surv. take lt by force.
fanreriot began taiaing witn un >..
Dee b..y and. after a few apparently
Idle quest Ions, bad discovered Hint tbe
Fauvel bank had no outlet on Victory
street and that consequently all tbe
Clerks were obliged Io pass In nn.l out
through the main entrance on Province
street From this moment the tusk he
hud undertaken no longer presented
.. shadow  of difficulty,    lie rapidly
crossed tbs street and look up his position  under il calling,' gale.
After iiwblle Cavaillon appeared nt
the door of the bunk, but before Step
ping ou the pavement he looked up
nud down the street hesitatingly. He
soon decided, entered the Faubourg
Moiitmarlreand walked up Noire Pi.me
street so rapidly, utterly regardless of
the grumbling passersby, whom ba <*i-
bOWed out of bis way, that Fanferlot
found It difficult to keep lilm lu sight.
Reaching   Cbaptal   street,   Cavaillon
| suddenly    stopped    nnd    entered    the
house numbered III*.    He had scarcely
taken three steps in tbs narrow corridor when he felt a touch on his shoulder nn.l, turning abruptly, found himself face to face With Fanferlot.
Hs recognized blm at once, nnd. ttirn-
; lug very pale, bo shrunk buck and
looked nround for menus of escape,
1 Itut tbo detective, anticipating the attempt, hnrred the passageway, Cuvuil-
lou snw thut be was caught.
"What do you want with mc?" be
asi.ed In a voice tremulous with fear.
"You will be kind enough, my dear
monsieur," snld Fanferlot, "to ex. use
the (Kent liberty I take. It Is only
ubout a trilling matter, and you will
overwhelm ms with obligations if you
will do uie the honor to accept my arm
und step outside for n moment"
Whut could Cavaillon do? He took'
Fanfcrlot'a arm aud weut out with
"Whnt I wished to sny Is. my dear
monsieur," begun tbe detective, "that
II. I'rosper Ilortoiny threw you n note
this morning. I nm sure you will be
kind enough to give It to me. Believe
me, n,'tiling but tlu.- must absolute necessity"—
"Never!" exclaimed Cavaillon. And,
believing tbe moment favorable, be
suddenly attempted to Jerk bis arm
from under FanlVrlot's and esenpe.
Itut bis efforts were villi*. The detective's sl length wus equal to bis
"Don't hurt yourself, young man,"
be snld, "but Hike my udvlce uud
quietly give up tbs letter."
"I am In your power," snld Cnvnll-
lon. then suddenly drew from btspock-
etbook the unlucky note and gave It to
the detective. F.infcrlot's hand trembled with pleasure ns be unfolded the
paper.    Vet,  faithful to bis habits of
fastidious politeness, before reading It
l.e bowed to Cavaillon and snld, "Witb
your permission."  Then bo read:
Dfir Nin.-On Hit rn-.il t of (Ml note tlk» #■*•
nr. Hung you hare In (lie hiuM, abeolutely rvtry-
tlntitf, .inl ,.1.1'luti ■rourwlt •nmrwtirrt at the
ullirr en,l of I'arit, Po not appear In puhli,-, l.ut
conceal youraelf aa much u pontile, ll, life
may ,.. |..,,'l on your ulte-llt-n.t. 1 am -KcuaeO of
an iinni. iiw robbefy and am about to be arrra.r-l.
You will nnd but) franca In the aecretary. I>i,e
your ■ Mi,m with Cavaillon, mho will rij :,in
what 1 canni't  aay.    ba hopeful,  whatever hap.
I" II.       ..'  '  lll.T. |*(1    .„,
IIh.1 Cavaillon been less bewildered
he would hnve sen blank disappointment depleted on tba detective's face
nfter Ihe perussl of tl.e note, l'niif.r-
lni hud cherished tbs hope that bo was
nb..in In |«iss,*ss u very Important document nmi wiio knows but thai u
would dearly prove the guilt or Innocence of i'rosper. Whereas ho bud
only seized a love letter writteu by a
man who was evidently more anxious
Sbout tho welfare of tbo woman be
lined than about bis own. Vainly did
be puzzle over the Idler, hoping to
discover bouio hidden meaning. It
proved nothing for or against tbe
writer. Tbo two Words "absolutely
everything" wore underscored. It Ib
true, but Ihey could be interpreted In
sn many ways. Fnnferl.it folded up
the note and slipped It Into bis pocket.
"A thousand thanks, monsieur, for
the Information, Bnd In return, If you
please, I will relieve you of tl.e tTOUblS
of executing your commission. I will
myself take this noto to Mine. Klua
Olpsy. I will nlso give you n pl. it.
of n.lvlce. If I were lu your place, I
would return ijuletly to business and
hnve nothing more lo do with this affair."
The poor fellow obeyed. Slowly and
with swelling heart  ho returned  to
Noire Hame Street lie asked himself
how be could serve Prosper, warn
Mine. Gipsy and, SbOTS all, bo revenged upon this odious detective who bnd
just mads blm suffer such cruel humiliation. He bad no sooner turned the
corner of tho street ihun Fanferlot
went Into the bouse, gave bis namo to
the |wrter as Prosper llertomy, went
up Btnlrs and knocked at tbo first door
be came to.
A young servant dressed In tbe most
fanciful livery opened tho door.
"Is Mme. Gipsy at home?"
The little groom hesitated. Seeing
tbis, Fanferlot showed his note.
"M. Prosper charged me to hand this
note to tuadaino aud wait for an answer."
".'"ni.. In, snd I will let madams
know you are here."
Tbe name of Prosper produced Its effect Fanferlot was ushered Into a little room furnished In blue nnd gold
■ Ilk damask, liut be had no tlmo to
pursue his Inventory. One of the door
curtains was pushed u-i.i., and Mme.
Nina (ilpsy appeared.   Mme. Gipsy ia,
or, to siM*nk more correctly, wns, quite
young, small and graceful, with a
brown, or, rather, gold colored quadroon, Complexion aud the bunds und
feel of S .1.11.1. .She eyed her visitor
With the most disdainful surprise.
"What do you wiinlV" she sold.
"i nm charged, my dear madame,"
be answered In his humblest and softest toue, "by M. llertomy to give you
| this note,"
I'linrei'iot sn.wiy .new i/rospurs note
from his pocket nn.l wilh a bow presented il to Mine, (ilpsy.
"Head." be said.
At u glance she rend Us contents.
She turned   very red, then   very  pule.
She trembled from bead to foot,   li.*r
llnilis seemed to give way, nud she loitered so that Fanferlot, thinking she
was about to full, extended his arms
to   catch   her,     Useless   precaution!
Mine. (Ilpsy WBS one of (hose women
whose Inert llsllessness conceals Indomitable energy fragile looking cren-
Hires whose [lowers of endurance nml
resistance are unlimited, catlike in
their soft grace nnd delicacy, especially ciltllke 111 their nerves und muscles
of steel.
"Kxplaln yourself! What docs nil
this menu? Ho you know anything
Sbout the contents of this letter? Frosper is to be arrested, accused of being
n thief!"
"Yes, madame; be is accused of inking 800,000 francs from the bank safe."
"it Is fills,*. Infamous, absurd!" she
cried. "Prosper steall it la absurd I
Why should be steal!   Is he not rich!"
"M. Ilertuiny Is not rich, lie bus
nothing but his salary."
Tills  answer  seemed   to  confound
Mine. Gipsy.
"Itut," she Insisted, "I hnve always
seen him have plenty of money. Not
ri, li   then"—
Bhe dared not finish. Hut her eye
met l'linferlot's, uud they understood
each other.
"No," she cried, "I regret to sny that
Prosper WOUld never hnve stolen one
cent for me! One enu understand ll
nnili who Is trusted robbing il bunk
for a woinun ho loves, but I'rosper
does not love inc. He never hns loved
me. Hut I love lilm, nnd It Is for ine
to save hlin! I will see his chief, the
miserable wretch who dares lo nccuse
blm. I will prove that be Is Innocent
Come, monsieur, let us go, nnd I prom.
Ise yon ilmt before sunset he shull l.e
free, or I slutII l.e In prison wilh blm."
Mine. Gipsy's project wns certainly
In in lul du nn.l prompted I.y lhe noblest
sentiments. Unfortunately lt wns lm*
practicable Besides, it would be going
counter to the plans of the detective,
"What will you gain by acting thus,
my dear nimli-ane'.'" asked Fanferlot
"Nothing, I cun nssure you that you
have not the least chance of success,
You will compromise Prosper.    Who
kuows if you will not be suspected as
his accomplice! M. llertomy expressly
forl.nde stub a course In bis letter."
lime, Gipsy remained thoughtful for
a moment, then a ray of light seemed
to cross her mind. an.I she cried:
"Oh, I understand now!   Fool that 1
wns for not seeing It before! llut
where am I to gof
"Did not M. Bertomy sny, my denr
lady, to tho other end of Paris—tu n
boarding bouse or hotel!"
"Iliit I don't know where to find
Fanferlot seemed to ho reflecting, but
he bud great difficulty In concealing
his delight nt a sudden Ides that flash'
e,i upon hlin.    His little block eyes
(airly danced with Joy.
"I know of a hotel," he said nt last
"but It might not suit you."
"Where is It?"
"On the other side of the river. Qual
St.   Michel   the   Archangel,    kept   by
Mme. Alexandre."
Mine Nina was uever long milking
up her minil.
"Hera nre writing materials.   Writ,*
your reci.iirtiieii.il.. i,m."
"With these three lines." he snid.
handing her the letter, "yon can make
Mine. Alexandre do anything you
"Very well. Now bow am I lo let
Cavaillon know my address! it Is bs
wim ibould have brought ms Prosper's
"lie was uiint.le to come, dear nin-
dame," Interrupted tbs detective, "Bul
I will tell him where he can lind you."
Mine. Qlpsy WSS about to send for a
carriage, bul Fanferlot sni.l bs was In
a hurry nnd would snnl Inr one He
Seemed t,, |„. in link Hint dny. for n
cab wss passing the door, aud be bull
ed It.
"Willi here." he said to lhe driver
nfter idling hlin thai he was a detec
the, "for a utile brunette who is pack-
Ing   her  trunks.     If  she   tolls  you   to
drive ber lo Qual St. Michel crack
your whip. If she gives you nny Other
BddrSSS, get down from your seal iiiiiI
arrange your harness. I will keep In
He  stepped   across   the   str.->t   nnd
st I in th.* door of a win..* store.   II"
had not long to wait In ll few minutes the loud cracklOg Of n whip apprised Iii* that Mine. Nina hud Started
for ll.e Archill.g' I.
"Abu!" said he gsyly. "I hold her, al
anv rule!"
(To ba Continued.)
What It Is Expocted Denatured Alcohol
Would Do For thr) Dominion
of  Canada.
"What's all this talk we hear shout
denatured alcohol?" la a Question thai
ihi* members of the l.niulni'in Parlla-
meiit ur,* likely to hear mosl frequently
from iheir constituents until t*hoy are
niiie to moke their eioape to Ottawa
again. If thev value their reputation
fur presolence, they had better posl
themselves an the subject, and If ihey
wish to retain their popularity it
would be well for ihem to give favorable answer to the further demand,
"What's the matter with us having |
cheap oloothol In Canada?" Already
the funnel*., and manufacturers arc
eagerly discussing the matter, and thu
i.'i'ii' is shaping lisi'if lino a polities!
issue. As yet, the lirst protest agalnil
removing the proh bltlve tux <>n alcohol thai has bi sn n adered unlit for
drinking has to i»' heard.
llen-li r. to the Farmers.
The oountry papers are printing letters frnm  leading  farmers,  wl.,. point
OUt    the   hen,-Ills   lh. y    WOUld   cxpe,*l    If
alcohol oould be Bold al about 10 oenti
ri gallon. Ona man makes tbs Interesting statement tlial the oornatalks on a
■Ingle acre, after the removal of the
oobs, .m.i
II Ormtro,. an  lllli.rm.in*. QoaBtltj •«
Potatora—iciiiei..,.. ii Ir.
Potato rot destroys evorj year an
enormous proportion of tho potato crop
of the whole world. The results of '•*•*
pertinents carried on from >''•"' '" •v''Mr
show that loss may be aluioel entirely
prevented by u cheap aud easj remedy
which consists lu spiny inn the tops of
the potatoes during growth, aboul the
1st of August lu Ibis district, or when
tbs potatoes are ..bout n foot high, with
tbo bordeaux in l.v I ure. composed of
coppor sulphate with lime or soilii to
neutralize   lis   Injurious   effects.    This
prevents the propagation of the dlssass
aud tin* consequent destruction of the
tubers almost entirely.
I'otalo bugs can be killed st ll.e
seme time by mixing purls green With
tho spray. The bordeaux mixture alone
Is uot SUfflclent to destroy the potato
bugs, but by uddiiiK pm'1*1 green iho
beetles an. destroyed Sl ths sums time
Uin! the potato rot Is prevented.
Prsctlcslly tbs same mlxturs would
do for inni trees, but rather s larger
proportion of copper sulpbStS csn bs
uiud on lhe potato plant.   For uso on
you will never return to the adulterate,)
teas of Japan.
Highest Award at St. Louis 1904.
Avers Pills
M    mS                   > ■ST'V      ««           *        '     ***""    *■"" ""'■II. ,11,   III   IrtMI.N
A                  * Tj'll      biliousness, slck.he.d.rhr    A1U_
Aver s rills ^m^
 *-*   _.
Keep saying It, over ,„ i
Ayer's I'llls. Avar's Pill,. ff*
Pills. Ths bsstllvsr pill, ever JI'
They  cure ftnsflpstlon, Ind
l.e  mini,'  iii yield iilvuii  170    fru|( trees, four pounds of Biilplii.t.
Th*   Wrlr,.„ir   ..aeat.
Whe Is be? The mini wbo calls on
s woman when be Is ut his very best
end who never slays too long. Oh,
that masculine visitors knew the peril
that lies In nn extra half hour! Almost
every woman likes to entertain men at
her own home nnd to receive Uie dell-
csto compliment of n personnl rail, hut
unless two people have the same hobby
or nro engaged to be married (or are
about to be) nny call that lasts over nn
hour Is filled with dlro tbrentenlngs.
"I know two men," niched a young woman to her best friend, "who nre both
handsome, Intelligent, courteous snd
SltOgSther delightful. One comes nt
edd Intervals and ntnys until 11 o'clock,
flolgho! The other arrives periodically, chats, laughs, tells tbe news—and
leaves In hslf nn hour. I shudder when
the flrst comes and sigh when the other
There are more things thnn letters
that should be Just long enough to
mnke the recipient "wish there wns
more of It," snd a call Is not least
smong them.
gallon, "f oommercial alcohol, if this
is .i oorreot estimate, the .lay mny ba
nt hand when the product, of th, farm
thai nro now practically useless win
supply  Ihe  ohiii i*  unli   fuel,   light ami
power, umi leave htm .. balance of cash
in hand, in Qermany the process af
inulling alcohol has become so slnipll-
ti. ,l that farmer, are their own manufacturer, In many Instance, Th,T,* th,
osl Is only ah.nit 16 cents n. gallon.
The  Importance of the  Potato.
in Qermany, n may ba noted, farmers and manufacturers work ln th,
greatest harmony. One stimulates the
..i her. In the matter of nloohol, f.-r
example, tho potato Is largely used 'o
produoa It; and to supply lhe market
the Qerman farmer, have beooms famous as potato growers, getting a
greater ami better yield per sera than
the farmers of any other country,
\\ In a It was found lhat after tho alcohol had been extracted there wus noil
a considerable residuum of t-otalo, the
Qerman, pr .needed to utlUsa it in the
manufacture of starch. From Qermany
the potato starch Industry has com.' In
this oontlnent and In one county of
Maine there ure mora Mian fio factories
engaged In the business. Now plant,
are being erected f.«r the manufacture
of alcohol. In connection with the potato starch works.
The   Uses   of   Alcohol.
Under tb, h. id ng "I'.ix Free Alcohol," Industrial Canada publishes an
article by Prof, Cohoe, ot MeMoatsr
Unlve-gfcy. An Interesting list of the
different uses to which alcohol is now
put is given In t'." -nler of their Importance they are as follows:—Making
varnish's, points, e: iiteis, etc., soap
manufacture, hat making, celluloid,
elher and chloroform, smokeless powder, etc.. medical extracts nnd choml-
OOls, dissolving d,*--s and col -rs. photograph Lis, ele. In all about
fifty .lisiii.it manufacturing operations
depend ng on alcohol are g-lven, and
many othi rs Indicated. For these purposes about 2,000,000 gal] >ns of alco-
hoi were u- I in ' ;r-nt Iiri'...in rlunn;
the year ■ n ling March I. 1901, No account is token "f the Industries In
which alcohol might be used If its price
were reduced aboul BO i"*r oant
H   .% sn Industry Wat Lost.
rp'f.   ..'■!. llVlde,   th,   use'   of  de-
nutiipil alcohol into three parts—as s
solvent, an n      ind as a source of
h.-.vr. light and power. Ha u»>*s und**r
the th.nl head hav, been pretty thoroughly discussed already, and it la In-
U n ns- i-i glance 01 the other purposes it s. rva, Il appear, that, as a
M vi in. .v. . , i| I, the very foundation
of Ihe smokeless powder Industry, and
lhal    It   cor .   very  Important
elini  nt In the cost of tlu- product    To
i   li        extent   It   Is   Important  In   the
manufacture of paints  and  varnislies.
.  rni^lit be mud" more cheaply If j
copper, four of lime nnd four ounces
of poison; on point..es, six pounds of
sulphate of copper, four of lima nud
the same am.uml of poison mnl forty
gallons of waler. Potstoei Will stand
a stronger mixture wlthoul Injury thun
fruit trees will.
A   Good    Irnrrniirr,   bat    l.r><-.   (•!«■«.
".nil.. Kir., Are Vol 111 1'ood.
▲ benefit to be derived by lhe fur r
from raising hogs comes from their
eating wssts products that would otherwise become u  nuisance,   Kitchen
■lops, tbe screenings from funning
mills end the waste from tbrssblng
machines can ull be Utilised In ll"* pig
yard, while the OSS of lm*;s In connsc
Hon witb beef production Is frequenfly
regarded by feeders us thu principal
•ourcu of profit.
If bogs are raised In connection with
dairying pork of the highest quality
may bo produced. Dairy byproducts
(skim milk, buttermilk and whey)
agree with hogs especially welL Bk m
milk Is especially valuable for pigs be
fore weaning and during the earl er
stages of feeding after ther ure weaned. Its value with hre.illng stock Is
slso vsry great. Whey Is also valuable,
though uot so um -Ii  so ns skim milk.
It should in* fed carefully, for large
amount, given continuously will cause
a sort of rheumatic IsmensM In pig,.
Care must be ti-.ken In using tegs ns
•cavengers. A good deal of stuff thnt
finds Its way to the bog lot should go
to the garbage bank. Deleterious sul>-
stunces, ,u.h rs lye, soup, glass, in.lis.
,tc, are very frequently In city swill,
snd such swill hns been known to
prove futul when fed.   '1. M. LtommsL
Weslei-B   Sheep   For   %»tt   KnclanS.
It appears from the stateinents of
New England Homestead ihnt Mrriuo
twes from Ihe fsr west nre In domsud
In tlie eastern region, (lue shlprueut of
4,400 ewes Is Instanced, nud ■ stock
company had some tlma sgo nlready
orders for over 6,000 sheep. Most of
the farmers Hint took sh,-,,p last yenr
bare ordered inure. Most of tbe flock,
or range ewes that were shipped last
yenr passed the winter in good condition. A few farmers have been unfortunate owing to vi.rlo.ia .an en. but
prospects for the general increase "f
sheep rulsli.g lu the New England bill
towus sre very bright.
Awnlesa   Br..me   uml.
When ths nortbwesl wns opened up
Deaerlptloa   of   a   ii„„ii„ei   in   ih*
I.ao.n'M   I'lila,-.*.
A corres] lent ol lhe London Time,
ni.., accompanied the grand Isms of
Tibet on ins recent return i" thst .".in-
p. after an absence "r so  months
; thus describes the fcnsiing m tbe luuu.',
pul.ic* iii honor "f tbe occsslon
i   "Proc lings begun  with  whnt hnd
ull Uu* appearance of a blessing, ex-
..•pi tbat each person brought t pre*
ini. which tbs lama touched nnd sn nt-
; ten,Inul took possession Of.    The pres-
icnts consulted of sliver shoes  worth
[about ISO, vessels of vs ■ precious
metals, roils of silk, i loth snd simitar
srtli les. When sll ths gift i bsd been
banded over ths Inevitable tea w.n
i igbt in. The lams bad u buge golden put. studded ..uii turquoises, nil to
himself, ah.'ini.mis passed smong ths
tea ted I.nuns und tilled tbs wooden
cups whi.h tbs latter produced from
the bosoms of their CSpaciOUS rolies,
I*'or us four there we]c , specisl teapot
nnd CblneSS bOWla    Hut as fur diiiik-
Iili.'.   WS  knew   belter      We  |.i .1.   ll   blow
at the surface to slide ths rancid butler off the top, made s sinking noise
with our months nnd then bsnded lnnk
the cup-, sufficiently nsnsestsd. without  dr.liking,   by  the smell  of  the lo,
uii'iie    Next cams tbs distribution "f
tbs fruit ui"! sweetmeats, of which we
re. • *.. ed nn smple simr,*.
'Tlien   the   great   il.H.rs   of   the   hall
were thrown open nnd there ponred in
a horde of atruggllng humanity that
rushed st gr,,. sts. k, of Tibetan I I
—a crisp, l.rowu lubstancc, tried In
butler  un.l   verv   pslstabls   In   I I
climate    Ths bread eras on tables in
blond piles s.\ f.,*i I, |h \\ Itb ,!•■»-
pernio fury lhe • r .*f the City fell on
this proi isiot. of iii,* gods nn.l crammed
the brittle stinks Int., -i. ks nnd  bos-
".ns. punching tbelr receptacles when
full lo make i.."iii f..r mora, Ther
fought like .uin,i'n.is for ths bread nn.l
■tote from each other when ihey .-ouid.
Aid ull lhe while the b. tors "f the mad
were smong ihem.   lashing  With  their
prodding with the heavy butts
nn.l striking w Ith I I >■ .   f..nn
bad two tacks snd, tl a un
mercifully, bo continued until I ith
were full and then ic.risi under a rain
of blows
■A.'.i .nine s religions controversy
between  two monk-..    These  i. h bed
up their clothes, siupitc.i tb. r I
together, stamped their feet  looking
for n verl.nl opening  |OSt SS S pugilist
for .*i '-iiiini .■ to gel in with his
left     represented B .< in and tha
il   WSN duly  free.    To j for Settlement It wns «« evident that °""'r M""" ,'""T"'1  I""-   '-"    U»S  dl*
the  cool  t.ir group    f ln.luslrl.-s <_eap! lomethlug would hnve Vv Introduced |'.'""  '•"""'-' **"•' "n* birth of Ilud-
oleohol is essential, and It Is said that   to take the plscs "f the unlive pralrl, ,      '      s*.'*.n   Mid   Buddhl    w.is   l„,rn
were   captured   from I hay and g*lvs heavier craps for ths ever n''' '"'"'•'■■''-•  nfter which sally
Bngland by Qermany becauos at the
time Hi" former country placed restriction, up"n tho use of alcohol.
Prut . ',i""- speaks emphatically "t lh,
arlltlci.ii siik industry and lis depend-*
ence  Upon ch' up SlOOhoL
Germany   Leads  the   Way.
ll th.. principal constituent In
ether, a commodity that h-.s become
>.i,e of ths vary necenitles of life. vTn ■
gur In larg, quantities is almost modi
trom ni. *.lioi, ami there are kotos "f
olher Insiancs of i's use as raw mater-
lad. Ii is Interesting to compare tin*
enormous c .nsumptlon of aicol.ol In
.•noun/,   where   it   Is   unlax**l.   with
its limited  use in Qraat  Britain,     in
ihe latnr country, ns noted,  a year'i
consumption wss about 2.000,000   gii
Ions.  "*•'..r 1 im Qermany used M.ooo.ouo
gal   AS   for   Industrial   purp .aes,   alnnn
1,0.10,000 gallons for .motor a."!  othei
engines, and  3 I,Mm,000 gallons  fT ll.ilil
and le.ii. u i< probabr, tbat lis use
f»r int* m.i]  eombustl n  engines    win
have doubled by this time, on account
of the remarkable Increase In lienor
bonis and autotnobltea It would Bc-m
t, be nn ,-*.-..-nr i.,1 to a country's prosperity In many lines of manufacture
that BO nrllllei .1 restrictions ahould bi
placed upon the use of alcohol.
The sucker Is the coyote and bog of
the watSTS, but he hns his uses.
Taught In tho early spring, the li  li  Is
firm and clean ami run*. |, ,,,,. ,, ,jr|e<]
and salt food of cummer, inl value. 1'lgs
and cattle can be fed on tins fish later
ln thu season, and If bollsd and mixed
with bran or meal ll given no taste
whatever to m*Ot  or milk.    .Successful
experiments havs been mule p, feeding
carp, suckers, and mullet to oattl, « lien
dried or suHed. If all other llsli nro
caught by Iho net li herman mul the
suoker Is thrown buck into th, water
the Inevitable result must he that o..|y
the sucker will rspisln. He ,,untunes
the wild rice and other wild-fowl find,
and also the food lhal would uuia»urt
batter flan.
In Prison For His Dog.
Eamonn McNulty, of Creeslough,
County Donegal, is snjoying a week's
sojourn ln Dorry Jail because be refuses
t.i take out a license for bis dog un
less tbe document Is isiued to him in
Irish. Tho Dunfanaghy Magistrates
lined hlin 5s.. or seven days" Imprison
ment, and Mr. McNulty selected tho
latter alternative Mr. McNulty', con
1. iit.K.n Is that It Is Impossible to spoil
bis name save in Irish In that language
bis name n Mac AnUltalgh.
Capt. Dernier1, Rou'.e.
This trip Capt. Dernier Is leaving fm
the polar seas by a route different from
tho one he followed ln 1904, attempting
to explore now Important channel*, and
at the namo Um, planting tiio Canadian flag in many new Islands. Hard
'* ;il Is to be found In large quantities
on these Islands. She will call at Dlseo.
on Ihe went shir,* of Greenland, from
whence she Will reach Canada abou.
two uiouLbs after, via Europaaa porla
\.*n Ci-eamory i.aw in Iowa,
Ths I,  '-Inline ,,( [0WS hns passed a
law requiring nil creamery operators to
pasteurise tklm milk ut 180 degrees be*
'""' delivery to tho patrons. Tbs bill
went through both houses with sub-
siiiniiui majorities, it is understood
tbat ths moving cause ..r ths law wus
ihe spread ..r tuberculosis smong hogs
that me led on tl,,. oiilliiuiy creuinery
skim milk. If every runner would do
ns he should do nnd liilierciilln lest his
civs .nne ciirli  ycr  we  would   soon
hu.e none or this dlssass to .lesiroy
OUT  cows iiiiiI  hogs.    When  the  pinch
".lues, maybe some of ibe... will •<-» It
Increasing herds of cuttle, lhe iwa
less   brome   grass.   Introduced   by   tha
Canadian experimental farm from Itus
•iu. has met all requirements and I,
now cultivated on thousands of acre,
In tbo west, giving heavy crops of ex-
rullent liny and of readily marketable
seed, while at the snine time lis cultivation very inu.i. Improves thu phy,-
Icil condition of tho soil.
Every farm has room for nt least
one colony of bee, to supply tl.e boms
Vermin   I,  the   most   fre.pient   cnifso
of fowls becoming restless and so paring unileMiiiblc habits, .-pe. uilly thlt
Of fe.ither pulling.
I.ettii'e Is n fine food for young
dn.ks.    It Is easy to raise, nud a huge
amount rosy i»* fed with profit
Don't in. sfrsld of overworking the
Bull end nshes nre n fine preventive
of Sickness In the bog yard. This
menus hardwood ashes.
The COWpSS Is n bot weather grow
lug plnnt. It Is useless to plant the
seed bei,.re the it.,und gets thoroughly
warm,   but   If  t|„.  „,.,.,\   |„.,|   |a  ,,„•_  ;„
good condition tbs plant grows quickly
enough lo make Up r.ir lost time
Successive planting, <.r ,*nrn win
givo n lot o' '-ow feed during the te*
son of ihoi"pasture, which so often
comes Iii late summer nnd early fall.
The man who Is farming lOOaCTSS In
corn nn.l will get forty to Ilfly bushels
per SCN Is not In the clSSS With the
furmer who Is funning fifty ncres and
wbo will gel seventy lo eighty bushels
■ n acre The latter bus about tWlCS
as much corn per a. ie with half the labor.   Kimball's Dairy Farmer,
If no blackbirds  follow  ..long tb,
furrow I know something's wrong.   If
my   boy   cannot   get   enough  fishing
worms In n half dny to go fishing I
know more humus i, needed lu U.e
land    J. E. iviuii
Walrr . onlenl  of Batter,
In experiments al ths Wisconsin stn-
iio.i working the butter Immediately
after  washing illgbtly  Increased  tbs
water content of the Inm,.,. „v,.r ,|mt
ohtslnsd when granular butter was allowed to drain Sbout half an hour before washing, Allowing ths granular
butter to stand iii water tor soms time
In. reused the waler content i.f the butter iis compared with working Itntnedl
nieiy sfter washing, Increasing ibe
amount of churning in n„. wash watai
.n.i not slways Increass ths water content of the butler.
in- weni into loud r.n.rs ,,f laughter,
which drowned tbe Indignant reply nf
b.s opponent The **
that Sutiiu had a I.nl. wi,,•r.:.i every
monk in lhe room laughed delightedly.
And   SO   lhe   two   kepi   :, I    ||   f,,r   :,|„„'it
hull sn hour.   When s.,1.,,1 looked
winner  ull   over   the   COUtTOVSraj
de. tared • loaed and tha stint the
tur- another Injustice to lbs devil
■low  lllaa  l:.,»,,rJ.
Porflrio Diss, (even times president
of m. ti..,. bss ii.i.i some wonderful n.i-
renture tlosl smsslngof nil was bla
'-'ni"* from b.s opponent- cluti hss oo
lbs steamohlp City ..r Havana, a
•plash as <.f a mnn overboard wn.
I.e. r.l hy the ship's wiil, I, nt night und
DISS wns at one* sought for and miss-
ed, while s ship's lire buoy was missing nlso.   As It was found a llttls Inter
thrown up on shore, tbors was inn*
tloubt that niaz hnd m.i,i,. good bis as*
• ips Nevertheless lha ste:,i„,.r ,,n ::,
arrival st Vara Ons wns rigorously
minutely saorebsd In rain, sun tiio
comandants of the port surrounded
ih,- icssei winie in harbor with boats
manned by soldiers to preclude nil poa
sihiiiiy of ins sseapa, Bnt ba aaeapad
aerertbeleaa. After having been for
seven daya and nights sown up, halt
suffocatad, In a sofs sent in tha pursers
cabin, where ba bad again and again
'""'  ■■'• "i y iin- officers who were
enrobing for blm, b atrlved, in ihn
disguise of a sailor, lo puss un.lete, 1,-d
through tha cordon of blockading hoata
H.« Noble Title.
Lord  I.elghlon  when  asked by   whal
title  he   WOUld  bs  called   to  tl.e  uppel
use at  once replied,  -|  am a w.irk-
Ingman and oannot afford io ohongs
my  name,  which is  „,v  trade-mark."
Tier" result mnny minor SOOlal .'infusions when the alteration In status ii
acroinpanbd   by   an   alteration   "f   lha
patronymic When, r,.r Inatanca, s-'i.
James  staOarsl-Hogg,  ral I  to ' th.
peerage  under  Hie  tn\r  of   I, ,rd   Mn, •
heramorno, first .itn.-.i out wiih hi* ne»
dignity the footman, unabl, to maatei
the sound, but refusing lo l.e beaiea
•""' ".i.e-d. "The lute Hlr James Mo-
(bird llorr"
Lord   ... i,,
Wil Kelvin
o'a   ..,..,.,,
"Jwea performed a daring
'il   "Unci  before,, clttMM „, „,      "
'•     "•course ,,r his •„,„„. ,„.S]|i, (
«       •uvol„,g,.„r;.,KKI,.rN  ^
;:,'l"1Vr:'" ' t«««>OfS  ;;,.,
IKiu would be hnrmless     n
11   ""<   '".VHclfl"  he snld K"'"
-Ha.I,,,,K   |.„„ ,,, ,.
a great saving m.,*, d
iin* un ff waabh ki
:i in a tin shaker    i
llillll     limes    fii.lli, i     ■ '
fro... the original p
doi or can with n . .
boles being pum bod i1 th, .ulrr
1 lrnliili.il.
Virginians sre .,
(nun a colonial ru
A  luilv  » i ileum, c   I lie   ■
ih.   ii-..*   "I    IIoIIiomi,
. i* in i • » lm hai ■
-lllll,*    ,.\|Nl..     ,l ,
I     .' .,
.-..   Don .i.i . nn,.   ,
. gl,   hav,  each    pmi
lll.l    Inlllilhu*
Minard's Liniment kclic.    NeurslA
4a   Anrleol   IrUh   in.,.
It la niiUit r .ra
the song of "Ti..- n
liajor Andi.-'a SS.
ky    IT   li.    IV.    \\
Qeorga  w aablngton . ,
lune is ar. ancient Irtab on* '
Saarar   tlrap.
Sug,r sirup i, Dl Id. I ■-»
Isted  ,.ig..r  with  ball
maaanrad by copl        I
• mm mii.t.U's. ck. ina 1 » '   v   •
writs worn pwicaa
Appetite  comes   v
and   each   square   of
IkJousness   icems   bul   I
room for more.
Mooney's Pcrfet turn
Cream Sodas
are   different   from    no-,
cracker.     Noihm<   heavy   or
doughy atxiut them  but
and   crisp   tli.it   they  a"
parent.    Mooney's   biscu
be a regular dish on   .
if you will try them.
Say "Mooney's" to ycxir-r*
walked  to n„
"I'luiralus  uml
iin he
. ,    "      ....ui ih   am    Hi.r..iv
_; t,b" ■— A"a
W    N     H    ,N„     ".l'l »wmm
t-HOMME PR0>08E.
nine, brlghtsr <i"y» ln "ll"'r ■*n*5j<
em yel myseoond self had died.
An,i through  life'   morn   with   nuked
oft ..., in.ll lo wulk wllb sluglu aim
g|nc,    - of one mind,  ono heurt,  one
bl I,
On, name    my nobler counterpart,
m, | drawn wiib baata   to   promised
, i
And all my "Kht of life grew dkm.
on earth there has not dawned for ma,
0, |,uman worth a goodlier form,
T:im n,l« fmi.I friend HOW .'eased lo be,
'■■,,.,,, ihis iruo SOUl In Liberty.
Nnr love of I ks, nor ert. nor song.
' m ,r ; ive of mighty thoughts of n,
N,'r i.i,. .,f right, nor hale of wrong.
x ,1 mutual bonds of gnat snd good.
I,,,, ,|, ,r  which truly  holds  them all—
i, .i.v, grandly human heart,
P p|t, ul gre.it and ■.mall,
-. ; u, to Ul, bliler end.
v    .. ,   ,  ning, for the golden Wast,
i ,,|,|.  r for martial fonts,
* i ... died ito* river's iu.-u.it,
i ,i|   ii lis further brink.
,jll,l f of the  virgin  tree,
Mings '-f a "liinlng ...ere,
A it ni" murmuring beea,
i in, wall, ths blsssad dawn.
■ -Byron NIoholson.
Old Land  Waken  Up  to   Importance of
Canada', Trad,.
ti,,.       ;  iiut bos often been mote
i , ni weii ns ..id Country
. l   while   Ihe    foiled   Hlal.-s
,Ni foreign oountrle, have ie...
In tbs Dominion by Con*
, i   . .nini' r.-i.ii   agent*,    .iie.it
I !. . 1 no    tll.-lal Irud,* r,-pre
iii *.  country.   Tim oon-
i-.  undoubtedly, been tbat
mi ableb "'io rwioa might
* •',.* Itotbi r Land lm* been
Aineilcan    and    Qerman
i\mu '  '" Hull bus at last uwnk-
, fact   .hat,   If  be  wanl,   to
. |i id,   he   haa.   or   tf   he
in, additional buslneas, t.e
•   -.lal*. aa his oompeti*
BlotOlly announced (hat Hi*
1 rl   of   Trade   (which   I,   a
deportment,   end   not   a
of huBines, men aa are our
I r Tr, Is), ha,, through Its ,d-
ntltSS nn commercial  Intel-
II to send a commission-
I, to Inveallsate and report
i legibilities,     other oom*
■  I"-' n previously sent lo
i.   Australasia,   Houth Am-
, sad I'.rsla. and tbelr I i
• ii rewarded  with cnii'l-
ISO     selected    for    the
. million     Is     Mr.     Richard
I Wlntfleld, Stoke. Davoaport
I      I ntly well qualified for the
I   r   many  yeara  Mr   Hrlgg
,Hilda, and line, leaving ll
,:*i, 1  a el.ne    coniie>"l ia
* Dominion.   Ha haa also been
« ■ u-- k loted    with    important
r       i  • rna In the north nf
•     Mr    Qrtgg   I,   thus qua.in. I
mm, relal experience ,nd
* * ■•   Dominion  f.>r  .he
Uu Im     .->  undrrlakrn.    Ill, prlm,ry
Inquire Into the present
' future proipect, of British
in-ida.      Ills   mlaalon   w..1
a wl.l.. and .nm; rehen-
l li li understood lhat the
r »!'.' have a free hand tn
•  Inqulrioa  In every  fleld "f
.  iikely to  yield  ua. ful ln-
; I r   lhe   betterment    of   th,
mrrlea      Mr
g  England  Immediately
hla  appointment,   an.l   will
tr   -' v '     abs.nl until the ,prlns or
* '   next   y, ar        In   this   Puiv
Dominion he will croa, lhe
und  vlr.lt   every place
-   >.np .lance from Halifax
•■ of the new policy of
' Trade, otrr. «p.in.lents will
I ;•! i'n. principal •
-   f tba bum-
bs their duty lo keep the
: of lbs ...oi,
■ hands, and to ad-
.   n.rrchanla   and   maiiuf*.--
inglng r,'lulrements of
n market and II may be as-
:  the correspondents  will be
' ;"dally q.inlin.-,t by knowl*
*   e lo give expert ad-
1 ■ ib trod, re
ii.i.i  la . ..al  Ml-aee.
Tl.' w   vr   in , .,,,1   mines  Is  usually
'• when   It   cur,.",   In   contact
" lines It forms anil*, of COP
i -..iii rup'.iii dlalntagrata
wn.*.   Tb'-y ..I*.. Interfere
».tt. ih.   working of  Ibe toanlators*
iry wherever eh*, tne
used i. ni ii.nie'. io hasp
ii'in nn:. from eontaet with water
"..'I  Fare Kev • Jarr.
a 11 ,!. jury had ban out for mini
' " S COS. snd. aa ll.e snppef hum
*•"•.,'   icblng, the presiding Justice
*" Beer to Inqnlrs if tba Juror,
* I Heir supper Barred lu the
' It seems the Jury stood 11 to 1.
'ud tbe young man who wa, (landing
out If, . -t the rest of the panel an-
•*'*r.■■! tbs iherllTa knock at the door.
11 i»ply  to ths mssaags  from  the
Id Juror sent the following.
1 tha Judge he can send ene
•"11* i foi  me aud eleven bnle, of hay
J   l •• .[even Jackasses  that sre la
■H With »,."_ito,ioo UoraW.
It Quiets
the Cough
This is one reason why Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral Is so vtlus-
hle la consumption. It stops
,he *esr and tear of useless
couehlng. Hut It does more
'■ controls the Inflammation,
^lets the fever, soothes, snd
he«l».   Sold for Myesrs.
tt. nS_2fS_ ■*'»rt?*»l Saa *aeeea raga-V
""' I ".. ,, J ni "! •""•■"-"•"la. .wl i fMl
|' i-.i.. - 'w.'!.'" "• •"•nf.tt.t eeraHre
I-,       •'      Wan an H. TaeiTT. Wawa,
■eka-mmed*. ,,,„.
Mohammedans divide themselves i._
two prhi.-ip.il ,oct,  .shmi. 1   tl    U
, the Persian, repreHemm',',,:"1;
the  former,  the Turk,  ,.,    ,     ,     "'
are  the condition  or  ti,,.  K„.n  ,,,
JS? "- u'- » Mlon eTetuS
iheKunm bsllsf I. tbat thers Is on."
I buHMu dud, wi,,,,. worki „„'"„;;
out beg inning or ,,„.„„„ tllul ^
be visible lo ths souls of the ble.   '
, of He soul „,,l ,„„;,,,„,„ that the el
I existent principles of -Zoroaster wiu
forever    contend    for    „,„    masts™
| \\ IU.  regard  to the pr„p|„.,*, mwof\
: «or», the Bunali claim tbat ths lawful
racnaau  of  Mohsmnwd   wU.   ai,u
Bekr snd sfter im,, Omar, Osman snd
All. nephew end son In law of Molniu,
med. The Bhlahs, however, reject tba
first three and bold that All „„» ti„
only legitimate successor.   Bhlahs prsy
but three tluiir, a day nml enjoin pil-
rlmsges to Nejef. Kerbein. KatlmaliL
Meshed (Persia), Samara und luim u,
*"'" lli t0 Ml a and Medina.   Htmtil,
make pilgrimages only to tbi, two lat-
ter cltle, und  pray  five tl.  a day
Krom this it can i„. readily understood
thut the dreomstanees of tbs Turk,
Is'lng In possession of tha shrine, of
Nejef (Meshed All), Kailmsln and Ker-
l«*la Is most dlsploaolng tu devout
KUahe.—Blackwood', Uagaslns
8 .tl-' No More Theie ,ro thou,
■"'■ •■ »h" liv. mi ei.,i,le live, bee, ,
0)  l"l'-.*>    dull      the     Faei.ltie     ,	
hadow, ,*\i ten . mil, „ ,.|,„„| ,,, ,|,.
i1" don tin .,.,, i„ ,i,..p,.| n„. ,.))0I
thai  hoael the ... Iimi ol thii disonter
• to ordei .1  i,   course   ol Porn •
km'*     Vegotshlo     Pill-,     which     ,n
smong the Is *  ,e:*,i„l,|.. pi||   ||,	
Iieing .*.,-.  i„ take snd are most  , Hi
einci   iu  theii  action        \  trial i i
ihem will prove tint
reachlns  and   ■••Hag.
"People in theaters," ,uys a dis-tor,
"do not cougb because they went to.
They COUgb Ih*'*iiiim. ihey cannot besr.
Two nenes connect ih.* tympanum of
th.* enr ami tha back of ths throat, w:th
the result thai if ll„* ears ure strained
through, ,ay, an u, tor's faulty enunciation   it  produces  irritation  iu  tbe
throat, which MtS up ' "Ughing."
Two Dram.lle .„,. <„„,r..„». Kpl.
■ode, |n ii,., , ,fe
Thlslellon-Ilyer. |„ !,!„ '*HoyHlly In
ah Ages," describes two dramatic
ind tragically contrasted episodes la
the life of Marls Antoinette, the lovely
'""' '" '"'"l HI " of Prunce.   Once,
"■ we 'lays of her greatest popularity,
wnen sbs went to lis opera of "Iphl*
jtonla," when AchllleH eumo to tbo Hue
Let us sing i,,„i celebrate tba queen,"
he turned toward the rudlunt young
loveielgn llnd BU|1|t (wo n(U1*|*01JU| |m.
promptu lines of charming compliment.
Hns graceful und unexpected homage
so delighted the audience that "all wa,
•bouUng und clapping of bunds, and-
Whal never happened ut the operu be-
fore the chorus was encored, and
Ihere   were   criSS   of   *I.oiig   live   the
queenr at which expression of feeling
ber majesty wss so uffected that ,he
hbe.l tears."
"n the next oceuslon, when Marie
Antoinette*, „m of popular favor had
Set uml she was Hearing tbo traflc
Close of her life, one of lhe actresses In
"Unforeseen Event," bowed to her as
Shs sung tbs  words "Ah,  how  I lovo
my mistress!" In a moment all was in
uproar, and tbe theater was full of
boars,*, angry cries of "N'o mistress!
No muster' Liberty!" and "No master!
No queen 1" aud It war. some minutes
before tbe tumult quieted down aud It
w,s possible to proceed wllb tbe play
*•*■ 3355 SKE
. .,.,  Theater.
The first American theater was opened lu 17J0 111 lhe city of Kaw York.
Minard's Uniment for sale everywhere.
i    lertaking lo live    f"r    •»■ i ■
lav,    *i.   ' ni   in,-all, a    dav    ol    tinned
tnd fish, • .nan tii Ing ..*  Harroi
ha. offered himself '•■ Heotr,   An ir
ihtbition in  London
(i.n.    Trtpill    ! 'i.i   "I
>   ••.,11-in   pl".   ..el   I"    .-ir    tb.
palare   a.el   *
A  Recognised  Regulato.     To bring
* In-   dig. *.'.,.    .,1 g«h-   into   -l Inn - '
«...king is the aii.i .,1 phyaiciam wh.-n
■., Bnd a patient luffering fraai
-t,una. hu* irragularitiea, an.l t"i tlu-
purpoas 'hei -.»'. p..-e.it*.- nothing
than Parallel - Vegetable
i*       which will be found » pi*
. .ne ,.t uirpruing virtue in bring
ing the refractor) organ, into nibjee-
t. ,u ami restoring them to normal ar-
>ti w In, h , ondition only ess
perform th... duties pr"|H*.!\.
T».r    It— dl|    llr.,1   Hate   A    Kaaelaa-
,l,i.   Kur   Ibe   U„rknten.
u k," saM tl.e
foraman    ' Von a ni nf.-.\ it."
lhe ii.tior donned ibe uncanny mask
y. .. i-s. uud tbs foreman led tba waj
to ll.e cyonlds of potssalnm depart
•\Ve n.ake WOO tons of cyiinide a
year.'- bs H I A dose of Bva grains
,. ., fatal one Thus "ur annual prod
mi la .* i I. to k.n 2,GOO,000 people '
11.* opeucd u d.H.r. and « room Ulled
w.iii wriUiIng Barnes, dense shadows
•parka, -u...k.* nnd weird figures lu
gl.i-s i.. i-k- wn* revealed Iu the .vu
ter of the room. In a great > uhlroii. IOC
iK,iii„is of molten cyanide of potas*
,,tim bubbled snd seethed.   Tbs iiau.es
giuiied itrsngely on tbs gins-. ...ask,,
•ii,.- foreman coughed
■ ll„~e fuUMS," be said, "are wbol.*-
,un,e      lb.<   u ■ n.   yOO  SS*,  are all  to
I,,, i i I,.,,,, known weakly chaps
srurklag  haes  smong   Iheaa   itrsngr
fun,i s. Io P"k up health and Strength.'
In another . lean, cool  r.s'in  the tin
:   . -. ,1,1.1.-   wus   Stored.      It   looked
•p..*   crysUUISSd    »UiU*   sugar,   tow)
enough  to eat
••CkxI enough to eat." suld the fore
ma., grarely. Weil. »,* bars bad
men eni it i'our men committed ml
rids iu that "..j
ll„.  fi «  s.-em  to .rente In our
men a der.ire t" taste tl.e drug Tbey
fight   Una  desue.   DMSl   of   tbem,   «UC
cesafully, but Ihey all feel It, ths aama
„ woriufa in coffee olanU want tu
-hew ti..* coffee beans, and soms f.*.-i
u ao strongly us to succumb.
"Francei McN,b."
Ml*, A-jnes Pra-str I France, McNab),
author, was b ,rn at llulslead Bases,
England, Dec. 7, 1809. Shu' Is tni
fourth daughter of Kev. ("anon Fra-n-r.
U. A. Hrr uliieatlm wa, carefully attended to In the home of her parents,
and iaier -the studle-l art at Heutherley,
■tudlo and at Hlada School, I^ondun. In
HSU ahe travelled to Algiers and In sub-
•equent yeara to South Africa and Norway. SIi,a Fraier was enminlaslon.d to
Writs a bo >k on tha resources of Hrlt-
l«h Columbia by the Government of
lhat province. She traveled through
lhat section of the Dominion In 1897
In connection with that work. Subsequently ahe visited Morocco and Asia
Min .r. Her publication. Include "No
Reply," "Fragment, of Life." "Cape
1 ny, the Transvaal and Natul,"
"llrlibh folunibla for Settler," and
•evcrai others.
A Centenarian Weaver.
Matthew F'lwld.a of Farwlek. near
Kilmarnock, who celebraied hi, lunh
birthday lhe other day. ,1111 earna hi,
livelihood aa a hand-!.i<,m weaver, and,
aa   he   works   very   skilfully,   he   c-iin-
...i.iii a ready sal, f"r    his   warsa
Kowlds was born al F.irwl.k. and ha,
never worked elsewhere Fir praetl. ally nine*.,- years h, h..s piled the hood*
i K3.ii. ills eliil.lr.-n. Including one «.n.
who I* a nomber ..f th.- Houae of Rap.
rea. niatives in N'.-w Zealand, gathered
at Farwlek to celebrate tbe birthday.
They toy Chat  .*, honeihoe 1, lucky.
We:      •        thai in.,,   ti,. true,
But ,*. r-.iir. v   not   if Ihe h.irae himself
Im handing it up to v u
Tke   llrrwuimr   Xihril.a.
The grewsome mahratta wadkah, the
weapon of the Hindoo ussssin, H
shaped like a tiger', i laws nnd fastened to tbe fingers of lhe right bund
by rings With n treacherous .-int.nice
tbe murderer clasps b.s victim and
tears bim open, leaving him mutilated
In a condition that leads the discoverers of the body to believe a tiger or
some other wild beast has cluived the
man to death.
rarro.a   and   llala.
r,rrot, are good barometers. Just
before a rain ll.e meal talkative uud
gabby parrot becomes silent.
Oead Fhe, by the Ton.
\ ,,,ti ,,f dead i'-'*. waa tha strange
Braall ....loaded «.t
,|„.  I.., ,| .,     i 1" i I   HISS are ad*
,, ■ .1.1..   f I   for    chickens,    birds    In
,i , and captive n*b'"*   Tbs river
Unas n abounds with filaa,  Brulllana
[tool   down   ths   atream   In   boils   ami
Koop in millions of tbe files which sir*
. „ in ,i,.,im. clouds Jusi above ih* « >>
,.r's   edge     ThS   files   sre   killed,   dried
thoroughly >" lh" """ nn'1 ,''"'k'.'1 "!
I,,K,       Thev  are  Ihen shipped.     Dead
B,M oomiltute "•• nf u.e rtcbeet of
foods for animals for ehlokens lbs
m,., ars mixed with other Ingredlenta,
 hi,.i,ii1..i I corn   hv ii.-..-iv-
the dies ars too rich, but tholr powe
nf nourish,,,,*.,, is s.. n -... thai a »™ ..
ntiintliy "f Hen. h>» •> """" '" "'' ,"
Meet Two years ago the Braa llsn
Oovernment    ltopp»d    thS    .x|".na.lon
being afraid thai u.e fish In - he rtvs«
would suffer by being deprived otthli
By f i   Bui th.- prohibition has been
"moved.    F.nnie.lv    4< "d    D)*t   10 Id   111
grown and the aupp y        >
30 cellls a pound [• ""w -*****•
What lo'Tlo with cold ron-l niest, Is
eSeTt    Cold Umbl, e»,-
„.„, wheu served III a-l'--J''11^   «™
tha tally or buy It, »1'"1' " r'    ,
, BR   „ good   every   way   an
Jon, „ nine in tha bottom o » ■*
sla, a...i trim th«n "'■""•v TT^Z
layer ol jelly li hard arraoff* th ssness
will, layer, of jelly '«"" ^'ftS
„,„, of ail.   Whan tha 41* !•
lir... mid «"d d^V£S
olives,    tri.lll"".   ''"I"'"   or   P'U"'
and garnish with water cross.
A   Doabtltat,   Ihouiaa.
Bhe- r>ld   you   let   father   know   yon
owned a lot of bonae property?   lie—I
blutetl at  It.    She   What did he s«yl
| IU- Ile ai.ld, "Deed, speuk louder than
A  , o,„,n,,„   nrloetoB.
One of  tbe commonest  of delualon,
,nd oue of tbs fStSlSSt Is ivher* ■ man
thanks be', lu » hurry - Puck
No m«n cu enjoj life or feel that he
I, really living who ha, oo work to da
IB,,,., mm.   " "-***lne
Ike   ... -I " I
It.ilw.HKl forests are pri.cticnlly tin-
liarn.isl by forest Urea, and It Is Common practice for the lumbermen to fell
ll,,' trees and p.vl ll.e bark from them
nnd when Ibe dry sens m Is on set lire
In thS fellrtl timber nnd burn the
branches and bark and other wreckage
without practical Injury to the snw
logs, which procedure would mean disaster to auy other wood. Ki-dwood
contains no resin or liir|H-ntliii- of any
kind. and. owing to lis great resistant
qnalltlaa in severs climatic conditions,
Is free from cracking or decay, where
cinders might lodge and start tires.
When burning. It Is easily rxtingulsb.il
with a small quantity Of water, lt bus
the nppoarnnce of burnt cork nn.l Is
tinnier to Iguile n second time than at
lirst.* Scientific American,
rat-U" Sr,*.,,,Ut,ami Market.
There Is a cuiinii*. Old market l.enr
Pnrls ln which everything Is sold at
second hand. Working girls can fit
themaelVSa OUI there from head to foot.
As a writer says, "Mlml can sell her
old felt bat and buy n strnw one, ei-
(hang" her Old dress for a new one
nnd, If she likes, buy a steak and a
salad fer her dinner, a paper bag of
fried potatoes, sweets aad somo flowers for her window I.emocrncy Is king
here, and DO more attention Is paid to
the millionaire who Is looking for something marvelous which be may pick up
cheap than to tba man with the wooden
leg who wants a new left hoot In exchange for a down sardine tlus, live
-*-*ves and a stocklua."
Cash or Cure
II Shiloh'i Conwmpboo Cura (uli to cure
y.-iii Cold or Cough, you get back all you
paid lor A.    You ara wia of a Cure ot
the Caih.
II it watn't a Hire cure, thu oBm would
not l<e made.
Can anything ha (aire* }
II you have a Cold, Cough, or any diaeate
ol the Throat, I unga or Air PaMagea, try
Vrt. pot begk    All daakwa juaiaaera A.
Itxinovas  l.nr.al Knlaraementa.
H.I,'ken.,,I    Tl, ,,   l,illli,:,i.,I
I'm U. hii.I un,   .'uir   or Si,, lll„L'.   '
' in-.   LamenaiN,   Alla-ra   l-ufti
without laying ttia bona ..p.   I»«>.» ,,,,,
tillRl.T, atatu ur r«tii,,va tlie lialr   ft.w a
I,"' i i'*. !• ii v, ■„.. i    i*u„ .j.i.i, i lc frae.
A1ISOIUIINK, .. It., for mankind, 11.00
bytt!,. Cure, Syi.ovilii, W»'«*|,nig H.ne-w,
Ktratnt, Until, or llliuuniatln I"|"",ll,,
r«*1,irt>, Varlrotfl Vvlrit, I..il'....., II ,i ,.,!.,,
,11... ,.-tin   J.ouk frt)«]   Ouliiili.ti li.M. unly Ity
W.F.Youna. P.D.F.,  137   Monmouth 8t
Springfield,  Man.
i'kii. Av tt    I.V....H   ■ "In*   "    CO.,    'tli  ne-i,
What  Nodu.e,  uo.   -
From the results of various expfrl*
m.rnts and observations at the Michigan experiment station it Ih concluded
that, while nodules on the roots of noy
beans and COWpsas on fairly fertile
soil muy not noticeably Increase tho
yield, they may Increase to un Important extent the relative  and  absolute
amoin.is of nitrogen in th..* plants und
thus add to their value us green manures uud as food.
Prize, For Young Thing, Only.
An exchange suggaata that fairs presenting exhibits of fut block Ihis sou-
son ahould five prizes "for young
tbliiKS only. This Is the duy of curly
maturity, aud tbu falra should encuur-
s«e IL"
"Hy Medicine Life May Be Pro-
longeo." So wrote Bhakeepeare
nearly  three hundred  yean  ago.   It
it. so to-day. Medicine mil prolong
hi.-, but l.e i-unc ol the qualitiee ..I tbe
medicine, Life .t prolonged I.y keep.
mn the body free From disease, Dr.
I'homiis' Kcloctric (bl used internal!)
nill cute oougli, ...ul cold.,, eradicate
asthma, overcome oroup and niv.,
■trengtb to the re-iplraiorj organs,
(live it  ii   I.isl.
Boiler  Explosions  In  England.
Diiriiix the twelve monihs ended .lun**.
so, 1804, ih.re wer.' f urtten person,
killed and forty Injured from Hritish
■team plant accident,, smaller returns
Hen for any year since lhe boiler ex*
plokton, iiirt of 1892 was passed, the
syerags for th, past twenty»two year*,
being twenty-sight persons killed and
sixty Injured.
On the olher hand, the I.oc .motive
published at Hartford, Conn., ulves 383
parsons as killed and SiS.Injured In the
United K'.'it'-s. The number of steam
boilers In Amerl.ru does not exceed by
50 per .•<• it, those in Ureal lirluiln;
hence the total number killed In the
State, Khould nu exoeed forty per annum, wbersas ihe actual .leath roil la
nearly ten times this amount.
Heavy flt.es ure Imposad In Creal
Britain on (aotory owners, engineers,
nnnlne builders and others to whom
nny blame attaches for explosion,.—
I'Yom a report bv U. S. Consul .M.,.*..li.,l
How Eca
Is Recognized
How it is Promptly Relieved and Thoroughly
Cured by
Dr.   Chase's   Ointment.
Tl..* Begin, si In,,,I board In.s decid
<hI to award icholarahipa for 1906-07
to the scliolu.s ulio pawed liist from
standard, \. \'l and \'ll st the recent
.lepuil mental examination.
81    iudoro, I'   Q.. Am.  1-.  )'.*,,
Minimi s  Liniment  i',...  Limited.
Gentlemen. 1 have Frequently
need MINARD'S LINIMENT sndalso
preocriba it  lor my    patienta, ..n.i    I
ciiiiselei*   it    the   best     all-roiim!      I.ini-
lliellt   extant.
Vours  trulv.
II I KKK/K.s -.Milt.
An srtiole iboul Hi II, Korwsy, has
•ui' ne.I in tlie Daily Press, The ehlel
attraotion "f tli* plane teams to be that
it fi.-.-z, * "Ver annually, but, at any
rate, .» Buffalo man. according r * •
Buffalo Commercial, though! of it ss a
i uible lummer reiort, and sought loi
it iu ib. gazetteer. Hell. Norway, wa,
ig, but be ("iiml instead thii -■ n
• if encyclopaedic literature, whether in
tantioual or >."t be know, nol     "Hell'i
BX, (     . imler    "f     lie      Hei'Il'lean
I-....   ,1'  nt   ten   miles    west    "f    K.n...
I*-       ni'tit   whieb   runs   betw    them
,- ■ ttremely rapid.
Worms derange il..* whole system
Mother Graves' Worm Bxterminatoi
deranges worms snd gives rest to th.
sufferer. It only costs 85 .eni*. to try
it hii.! be oonvinoed.
LnUitr  Metier.
At the end of a day's journey a traveler In 'he far west stopped for the
night ut u small farm. As he sut
on the doorstep with bis host a troop
of children began playing about them.
"These children all yours?" Inquired
the traveler.
"How many?"
* lei's see." nnd the farmer hesitatingly beguu counting thou, up on bis
Just then a flock of sheep came Into
"Yours?" ssk.-U tbe traveler.
"How many?"
"Kive hundred and sixty three,** was
the Instant response- Cassell's Journal.
"It's .ml il lot* ii voting luuu to loss
S good opportunity.''
"YeS,    because   lie   .litestl't      tin      allV-
tlnnn all tl.e real ..I Ins life but lose
tnn,. talking about >t "■ Philadelphia   U*iln»r.
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, etc.
rhey Are Stl.unU.li>>,,  bo.  Here Little   la.rlll.e   \»lnr.
Soups uud broths made of the meal
plovs Hlone and  without the addition
of meat aubstai  <•>:,.'*. sngetablea or
cereals have little nutritive value, al
though tbey do possess stimulating
A dog would starve to death ln ten
days If fed upou beef broth pure aud
Soup Interferes wilh digestion whenever a full meal Is eaten. I consider It
is bcinR entirely superfluous uud advise Its dlscontiuuuuce In a eubstuutlul
dinner meuti.
Soup, belnt; practically all water,
pluys an Important part In coujuiictloa
with the lurgo quantities ot other
liquids Injected during ineultlme In delaying and Interfering with dlKestloa
and luyiii*,- a foundation for stomach
trouble. Through tt and tbe other
liquids used the stomach Is not only
overfilled and unnecessarily burdened,
but the gastric Bt-cretioits are so weak
eued by dilution Hint they ran act but
slowly upon the food mass. Here
n*.*uiii wc have the food reuuilnlng ln
the stomach for too long a period, nnd
Ihere Is likely to Imi produced all of the
symptoms uud si-.n >r uu Intoxication
dm- to the absorption Into t'ie system
of the products of decomposed foods.
Soup oaten by itself or with a liuht
menl, ns a rule, does not act harmfully.
-Whut to Bat
ataoie  Manure  For Potatoea.
Tc.  much  has been  snld  by    some
peopio sgalnsl iiu- us., of manors in
potato growing, sais Alva Ak.-p in
National Slockman There must he
plenty of plant food to Rot a big ylsld,
and It Is a roo.1 deal belter to Ret It
In fresh manure than not to get It at
all. stable manure gives results in
the potato Held out of proportion to
the amount of tho fertlll7.1iiK eie.
msnts that It contains. It helps the
physical condition of the land, and
potatoes nre more depond.-nt upon
having that good than are most other
She    Tells   I low   Dr.   William's     Pink
Tills Saved Her Daughter.
Anaemia is tin, doctor', name Foi
bloodleuneu, It ia uu ailment tbut
effects almost every unl in har teen,
Womanhood  ...uk.*» ...*»  demand,  np
on   ber   blood   supply   that   she  cannot
meet.       Month    ult,*.     month    nei
strength, her very hie, ure being
.Irani.*.l uwuy. No too,! and no eur.
can -lo her any good, No contknon
medicine can save har, She need,
new blood. Nae blood is the ont
thing—the only thing   thut can make
a healthy Woman ol I.e.. Dr. William -- Pink I'llls actually make lieu
blood. That is «Iiy they never iail
to cure anaemia. That is how the)
save i.n'ii i." early grave scores ol
young nirls v.lnise health and sireiiHtb
depend   upon   tlnil   blood   si.pplv.      MI .-
Anion (lurk, Arden, Ont , lay,:
"Dr. William's I'ink 1'ilK buve been u
ureal bleeiing iu my family as two oi
mi daughter, bave used them witb
marked iuooeas, Wh.-n mi eldest
daughter .m- about seventeen she be
.'.in   to   fail   ii.   health. Her     blood
■earned ... have turned to water,   Shi
eras troubled with heu.lacl.es ami <!./.
■ii.ee,; the least exertion noul.l oauaa
.... heart to palpitate violently ami
she  could   not   walk   up s-taii*.  uitl I
■topping to r.st. Bhe doctored lor up*
war.1* i-i 1. year, and the dotftoi md
she .lid not  liuve lis milch blond in hei
holy ss an ordinarily healthy persoi
noul.l  have in  one arm.    Tl.e dodtor's
treatment did not do h.-r a particle
oi uo.sl Sin* teemed (lowly fading
sway. Then sj,,. became afflicted
with suit rheum and ber band, «er<*
almost raw   About thi, time u neigh*
bol    .,'lvise.l   the   .lie   ot    l>r,     ,, lllia-lu'l
Pink 1'il's .....I -I..* began taking then.
An. i using the pills i,,t a ion weeki
we cnld s,e un improvement, her up-
|K-tit,* began to improve aad ■  tract
• :   , "lot*   came   to   her     cheeks. She
iimi iiiiied taking the pills until -I.,
had  ..sell  I hi i teen  boXS,  when  sin- ua*
as rell and rtrong as ,*iet. every trace
.,1   both   iiiiii,'llllll   and   suit    iheiiiu   In,.!
dittppeared and she has sine,- enjoyed
the best oi health Later on my youngest daughtei aged fifteen began i*
lose bar health, but thanks to our an-
p.iteiiee with Dr. William's Pink
Pi'K u,* kti.-ii where to \..ok t"i ■ i or.
sr, I sfter 'i«iii|i four boxes ,,( pill*
s|„* was nil riinht sgain. I have ahu
us,. 1 the pills myaall for nervou,
ttoiib'es  with  complete  Miccees.
Itieh   ri>l     IiIihmI   is     the     set let      ol
health lb. William', Pink Pilla i,
th,* Mcrel  "t  rich r.sl blood.     They
actually   make   rich   red   blood,  that   11
why they cure unnemis, liea.lucli.-
and    backaches,    indigestion,       lielvoiis
proatratton, heart palpitation, neuralgia, rhenmatiam. Kiatioa, St. Yiin-
Dunce  and  the  ailments    that     mak,
the liv t ~o many women an.l grow*
i..u uiils -miserable. Sold by all
medicine dealers or   by   mail   st   GO
cellls a   box  or six     boxes    lor    ■-***.' "■'
from th»* Dr. William's Medicine (',.
Brockville, Out.
Then* ure many kind- of eczema,
but all hai*.* such lymptomi as fulness ol   the  skin,   ttith  a yellow tinge,
heal and inflammation, (welling, <lis-
ohargs ..I watery matter and tho
foiiiiaton ol  a oruat,
The moat constant and trouble*
sumo feature is th<> itching and burning which varies Frnm *'u.i which is
simply annoying to that which is positively unendurable.
Than there i, tbe tendency for ec-
Sems  In  Iteeoine  ehrotiic an.l   -^j,,.-,.iJ   to
it 111 *   pulls ol  the  body.
Peraistoni  treatment  is alums neo-
e-suiv.   but   you  eun  depend   oil   il   tlmt
lb Chase', Ointment «ill cure you.
Rebel will oome al.ei the lirst f,-«*
applications, snd ths healing process
..ill   he nia,luul  and   natural.
It is due to its remarkable rreoord
In the ours «i snssms that Dr. Chase's
Ointment   hasbecome  known the world
over        Kor   every     form   ot      itching
skin   .lis,-use     or     skin     irritation     it
is of incalculable worth.
Mrs.     Joseph     llrickiiiun,       Gilbert
I'luins.   Man.,   writes:*    "I   have   used
Dr, chase's Ointment with n..."l iuooeas. I'oi fifteen years 1 wus troubled
wti*i li   itohing burning skin disease uml
tii.sl many remedies ull to no ..vail,
until I us.sl Dr. Chase's Ointment,
This preparation nave immediate and
lasting relief and I would not be without it for anything as it is worth its
weight in gold "
Mr.     John     Gumming,      Coalfields,
Susk..   writes:*—"I   was     troubled   lor
*.|iiie liino with diaflguring bldtebes
.... tha ia... un.l tin,.ind I tried many
remedies both internally and externally could not net rid ,,| them. A
friend of mine reoomm •n.le.l Dr
('base's  Ointment  snd this preparation
aH.-l almost like magic III my ease
After iisiiiy it for some time tho
blotches entirely disappeared  and my
skin   was left  soft   and imooth."
Mother, us,,  Dr,  Chase's Ointment
for the ohaflng and skin troubles of
their babies in preference to unsanitary pore-ologging paW-ders; 60 cents
a box. at all dealers, or Bdmanson,
Hates A Coin-puny, Toronto.
Rot Soda  r.ii,,.
Hot soda hatha are re. .unmended Oy
sonie persons for rheumatism, and the
w/y they arc tukcu I, this: Till the
tu.. half full of wuter as hot a, eau be
horn.*, add half a pound of common
bsklug soda und Immerse the body for
at least twenty minute,, keeping up
the temperature by the addition o* hut
water from time to time. Vaseline or
...Id cream should be rubbed Into the
skin after the latter has beeu dried In
order to replace the uuturul Oil
Siiiin* persons have periodical attacks >,i Canadian .hoi,*.... dyaenterj
or diarrhoea, and have to use great
precautions to uvoi.i the diseaae.
Change >>t wuter. oooking, ami green
inm i- rare to brjun .... tha attacks.
To   iuch   persons   we   wool,I   I ecolliniclul
Dr J, D. Kellogg1, Dyaenterj Cordial
us being the boat medicine ... tha market   for .ill rammer oomplainta.   II a
few drops ur,< taken in watei when
il.,* symptoms .ue noticed .... further
trouble will ba experinoed,
All  the   ..,,..in.
Nicholas li. Is neither tsar, cxar nor
sur of Itussln. but emperor of all tl.e
Ruaalaa. 1*0 Call thS emperor of Itus
sll. a tzar Is n misnomer     He Is tzar
(kinKt of Moscow. Poland, Astrakhan
aud Kiizun. inni ti..- seventeenth can
lury Itussiu was tl kingdom (tzars
twol of Moscow." Peter the llr.-at us
suuietl the title "emperor of all the
Itiisslus" (Great Itussla, White Itussiu
aud Utile or Ited Itusslul.
Minard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.
Mica is often used In thin tn.nspnr*
ent plates f..r spectacles to protect the
eyes instead of glaas in places axpossd
lo beat uud In Itussiu even for windows. Combined with varnlsb, it Is
used ta make a glittering coating for
Wall paper.    11 Is also used In propar-
Ing u covering for roofs and as u puck-
ma iiiiii lubricator for machinery.
His Majesty the  Deilgner of  Hi, Own
Course  at  Windsor—Good  Judg,
of Playing Club,.
The ancient game of golf has always
t u   known   as   lhe   royal   game,    and
different Kings of Kngland have played It In lhe past, and are tolerably
cerialn to do so In the future. One of
the most oberiahed trophies of the
game, which is annually competed for
by the members of the premier club—
The Royal and Ancient of St. Andrews—Is the King William IV medal,
and lt Is spoken of as a possibility that
a future King. In Prince Kdward. may
aspire to win this prize, whose name It
bears. At all aventa, he will probably
become th,* temporary p -aaaaaor of the
Queen Adelaide .... I.i'. presented by
the consort of the sovereign Just mentioned, and which is formally held by
the captain of the year. If he does he
will only be following In the footsteps
of the present King, for lt may be forgotten now tbut Ills Majesty was once
u.illy the captain ot the Royal and
An lent Club, and it Is probably the
only case "n record of such an exalted
personage having been captain—as distinguished from presld'-nt or patron—
of any club devoted lo a mere game.
This was ln 1863.
The fact Is that young Prince Edward and Prince Albert of Wales have
lately been practicing golf more than
any other game, and they are s_id to
be attaining such proficiency at it as
Is only to be obtained In youth, and
which Invariably leads to the playing
of a fine game in after life. It Is said
that King Kdward. by his advice and
eiK-iur.igem.-ni. is indirectly responsible for the royal children belmg put
to the game at this early stage. "It
la a magnificent game," said the King
n *t long ago when on a oertaln links
with a friend. "I only wish that 1
had been set to lt property when 1
vu younger, then I might have played
really well. I fear It Is too late now,
and time has become too precious."
These regrets on the part of Ills Majesty arc Just those of so many other
golfers whose studies of the game have
been to some extent neglected In their
youth. But His Majesty did play the
game when y <ung. and Is still a great
enthusiast at everything connected with
lb As a boy lie was occasionally seen
with a club in hand on the famous
' links at Musselburgh when he was pursuing his studies at the royal high
school In Edinburgh. It Is said that
the King used to hit a very- good ball
with his driver, and-* lhat he was a
very accurate player on the putting
gi, ■ as
Ills Majesty I, a good Judge of placing clubs, and ln his time he has had
several set, made to his own order
and design. One of the last of these
was made only three or four years ag*r
by the famous North Berwick club-
maker and professional. Bernard Say-
ers. who received a special ooramla-
slon for the purpose.
HI, Majesty Is familiar with several
worses, and particularly with some of
' those on the continent. He knows the
Biarritz links well, and not long since,
when at Marlcnbad. he look part In
the opening ceremony of a new golf
course there. Hut the links to which
he Is most attached are those of which
he was himself the architect, these teeing situated In the grounds at Windsor,
commencing on the East Terrace and
extending for two miles by Adelaide
bodge to the royal kennels. This constitutes a good nine-hole course, over
which the KU.g himself, the Prince of
Wales and many other celebrated people have very frequest!ly played. Mr.
BalfOur, when Prime Minister, oftdii
took bis clubs with him when he went
down to Windsor to play over this
ln Queen Victoria's ltfeUme the
ground which Is now occupied by this
course was used for pa.sture only, but
the King felt the necessity ef having
a good private course of his own for
the use of his family and guest,, and
a very well-known amateur golfer,
Mr. Mure Kergusson, was Invited to
lay out these nine holea. They were,
however, rather neglected until th,
early part of last year, when the King
took them very seriously ln hand,
made a close Inspect bnt of the course
and ordered thc rough gras, to -be cut
from tbo "fairway." Then, under the
KUig's own personal direction, several
fresh bunkers were cut and dug out,
Ills Majesty having come to the con-
clusl >n that the golf on this course ol
his was rather too tame, and that tn
the Interests ef his guests he should
have mors traps nuide to catch badly-
played bulls. These bunkers, which
' were placed exactly where the King
ordered litem lo be, were also made
according to the pattern that His Mi-
' Jesty (uggmled, this being a rather
ii .wl one. A man haa to play very
line golf to "hole out" at all these nine
h.les «n the King's course lu thirty-
eiKht strokes.
Member, of Parliament to Hav, Wednesday Evenmgs Off—Provisions to
Restrict   Frivolous   Discus,ton.
The revised rules of the ll use eon-
tain very few Important changes from
the old rules. On y It out of 128 sections contain material alterations. The
greater number ure of a technical nature, and are not of general public Interest.
Those of public Importance are as
f -Hows: On Wednesdays the House will
meet at 1 o'clock and adjourn at S,
leaving the evening free. It Is provided by a new rule that returns to
orders not brought down ln one session
shall be brought down during the ensuing session, without renewal ot th,
The English rule aa to motions to
adjourn, made for the purpose of debating matters of urgent public Importance, will be adopted. This provides that the m-mber desiring V> bring
forward such matter, must obtain the
approval of at least twenty members
to enable blm to d" BO. If. however, be
only obtains the support of five members to that end, the Speaker puts the
question to vote, and the majority decide whether he shall be allowed to continue or not. The rule is atso guarded
with other restrictions taken from the
practice of the British House of Commons.
Trlvate bills leglslaM n has also received considerable attention, important
changes having been made pertaining
to feea and charges, and also to periods
for the presentation of petitions and
bills and publication ot notices. The
time fur presenting petitions for private bills has been extended from three
we«sks to six weeks, and for the Introduction of bills from 4 to 8 weeks. The
usual fee of tiOO n hills l, retained, but
additional charges are made for non-
pre,entatlon within the time, fixed.
There Is also an additional charge
made where the rules ot the House
have to be suspended for the benefit
ot a bill. Add:t: n.iI charges ore also
made proportionate to the capita! stock
or for Increased borrowing powers ot
iMinurbanltc (to visitor'-Oh, how are
you? Come right Inl Dont mind the
doc Visitor-But won't hc bite? Suburbanite-That's Just what I want to
see. I only bought that watchdog this
nothing   la   11.
First Burglar— I_>id Bill git much out
uv dat last burglary? Second Burglar
- No; he got so little dat h's lawyer
advised him ter plead guilty.
"Culture," said a college president,
"Is what remains when what you
•MM-aed in college has been forgotten."
A   Href  Teal.
To test beet press it down with tbe
thumb. If it rises quickly the meat Is
good. It should be line grained, of S
bright red color. With streaks of clean,
white looking fat. The meat will be
tough unless then- Is plenty of fat on it.
Tbacks-glvlnc  I'roclamatloaa.
The lirst proclamation of Tbunkiglv-
lng day thut remains in printed form
ts that Issued by Francis lU-ruard, governor In chief of tbe province of Massachusetts Bay. This document was
read at the council chamber In Boston
oa Nov. 4. 17.it
State of Ohio, City of Toledo.
Lucas County.
Frank J. Cheney innkes oath that ha
Is senior partner of the Arm of K J.
Cheney A Co., doing buslnean In tl.e city
of Toledo, County and State aforesaid,
and that said arm will pay the aum of
..NE 11 INURED DOI.LAK8 for each and
every case of Catarrh that cannot be
cured by the uae of Hull', Catan li .'.no.
Sworn to before me and subscribe,! In
mv presence thia 6th day of December,
A.  I'    188*1 A.  W.   OI.EASON.
(Seal) Notary  Public
Hall's Catarrh Cure I, taken Internally
and acta directly on the blood and mucous aurfacea of the system. Sen' 'or
teatlmonlals free.
F J. CHENEY   A CO..  Toledo, O.
Sold  bv all   Drusgtsts.  T\*
Take II ill » Family Pllla for constipation
The I.ltlle Toe to (lo.
A comparative nnutomlst says that
the little too has got to go; that It Is a
useless   appendage,   nln-mly   showing
signs  of degeneration  or  withering
awuy.    It Is proved Ihnt tlu* horse, In
the  course  of  several   centuries,  bus j
dropped four toos and now truvels on
ono, nmt somo think that ninti's pedal '
ivlreinillcs nre bound to follow a ,1m- I
llur Una of evolution.    In the horse it |
is the middle digit which has survived ,
as the attest,    lu man It will he the
lirst or treat toe.
reid ,t a Green Rider.
In connection with the annual point
to point steeplechases of a certain hunt
a rather good story Is told:
In the principal event a nasty spill
occurred, as the result of which th,
young son of a sporting farmer hod his
leg broken.
This apparently did not trouble htm
so much as did tbo indifference of tha
horse's owner — a wealthy woman In
the locality—who did not even ask II
the young fellow -was hurt.
"Oh, well," the victim casually remarked a day or two later, "t suppee,
lt shows her bringing up!"
This speech, being reported to Um
owner of the horse, brought her down
to the farm In a towering passion.
"How iUiv you moke euoh a remark?" she stormed. "I'm a well bred
woman, and I will not be publicly Insulted by a low born fellow with on,
leg In the grave!"
The im.iii i shifted hi* pipe to th,
other aide of bis mouth and. regarding
hi, vl,ltor grimly, mude reply:
"So thou'rt a well bred 'un, art tal
So wor tho 'oas I r de. An' thou'rt Ilk,
'lm tn another way—thou'rt nobbui hall
trained I"
W    N    V    No.    801
j. r-|  •*••** Tat
T »■  r
mmbhu       b, eel
*>rt*i.* IW* 1*1   - ■
rj   r>~.-       . "     '
Uy -
|     -
■    -
aw** timber fi
-   -
:. .  -
I   Tin*:..
-  ■
Legal Notices
a   60
B        •  - *■
north 8
-   8 '  ( uu-   te   .
m.uc ... ut.
Dated '23,-..    :
Ed- tl
Stailei it Trout Lake.
L*»     v    m   .■   . n    r v  T""*" *   t    y        T    "*   .'""">, -" * **  *■""""■ ?
10 i EL
•   -    ISO cli
~ .   - ..      -        -,■_  i  • «•***.•
.;*.-.    Bar wall Supplied guors & Cigars
GOOSflSl •     . . . .
I KJb\         _^	
J. w. I
tie : i        -. ROBT. 1£ADDE F    -   -   -     Prop.
on  t. ..    -
■   •
chai   - '        ~
. ■     ■
£rcmt Xa'he
Supply Oo.
~mr WW.
•r*     •
@ ■.
Hugh McPherson - • Sir.t.
tfMf________fiit_t_^ D
Trout   Lake _2^L?1ra^sfer
and Stage Line.
 \\-V .v\
; Ferguson
Trout Lake I
Wa H. Jones,
wo:o   vallamce   hardware CO LTD
Rani wan,  Mr- -   -
I* will I
Dotty Sta,*;
* m.\ ^: <-■■   m\       L'-/4i\-L<     ll\) it .iLy:
m:l>on, n. c
rsiei_sofM. a c
'S*   run  ^
leave   Fergwon
7 a.ra.
Trout Loke at fl
In ccenection.
john Simpson,        i opnstor.
*.  ... -
car* '   "
I   :
on I
n»i!*'     I
marked   D. -I
B. '.  -
T a i
• ■
*• ■
Excellent    Acccmi^oe-tion
j Best Liquors
£ Co.
A. M. Craig     Wm. Crawford
I And Very fittest Cigars
Best Hotel in  Town,
<?— Hotel,
Hotel and
Ceneral Store
■ •
*    .     .    .       '-
Imperial  Bank of Canada.
It    Id  I MP*-
eaorrat *..--.*>zeo ,.orwooo
C,P'"». =•■».; .' 4,60 CCO.
But «*. *«■■*..cro
Uvi   ROBEI.T J vm: vY •'. ta-hn
33ANCMES I -   Baaka      ■-«.• itlsb C'.nau,.
1*1 Uo. irte
I \.\KIN", 1 I Sl -I --   fitAKSACTKl)
SAVINGS CCPARTMENT. -,-io.l     tarsal a . .     , ill
t*n,nf * f account.
TROUT*  1_AKE1    B   C
3   C
: • • - ■ :   ' -
F. B. Wells
.  B  C
'.     *    W
\ :
VAt    trf
■   •    •'
Review Job Dept.
ThiAT Ijtmt. Br_S IIII. I.. Kl.'D,
i. o.o.r
Katber Sbop
Propriet r.
1      7 ' -"
i VU ,   -
: ii*-,* ■
■\ - -
- .
■ -
— roa * —
Oood >ha>e or Hair Cut
s= Hssavina =
:e5 paid. RBtirns&Co Wimam Schne,,«
5   SHANNON.   \<sjver
•;   AM-   URTAIL
M    I
He*, and Coid Baths
Barber Shop. I
    , I
For GoeH II. f > •    K
I, ul l      •
1    A   ll«n!
>   -<   PINK!! •»*
turn lairrn & pinkhhah
- i*u
cbc IDctcI ffieatc i
    BEAFON.  ;:..    1=
*■ -
•.OHr.       -
■mine sou...
ated Sept. 20 -. UM
J V iiu;.    -
■wr claim N-j 3.
mmeocin^ j; i post planted
b *■••■*" J 3f r.ir- |:
W. BOYD -:-
■:- Prop
.. -
•eek aJ»'i*.  Ij  x.'.oe eat. ol
hoamt markei  B. J. Cum-
-   3  E.  corner po?i *.;-.?";   j
■ iiith Ifcamt Sl c': i
nam.* .a.-'
b .;
Tim i-
no:'   .
. ■>    (K1l*lt i"
SetMB    -   .
>'.,;..«   •>
- *   *
na, mi
' °,J * .   .    * - |ipi il  >l coo
, -ner  -»i   L       "  -
chaina tsrf .   . ct torn ! ' '", "w,'c* *   '
■.ocHt«d&i?t 29 i30C
BJ.Ctijiij.^rs I'lcawr.
MMUll -IO i     ■
• *..<llt.
N«i»..n, Iiu. Juue, WHO.
Lssus Ha.1*
.   Copp, li. .
* -
• ■ ■ -
Tro-jt Lake
11 me
i  ftl
.' ■ • -
• .    ■ ."-i'i. 'I      7   •
i em - .  \,
H. McPherson
TrouL Lake, B.C.
Lots can be
obtained on
Moke your
selection at
• a
Then call oa
or   write  to
FT bee . exer had a   ' b« om
iztu-A'ii km* lifT. .tcady     I* ia
..i  . (  Mslfaitoa,   :. J
* :  "l •  Iar.i.. b-ai..'h
All r.-.t« ii>' the
to Tr ut Lsl *     !
f •   i
tt   on    the
.-     .    .
i*-.    ih.'   I.. |t*ii'.
i        -
ii,* ,iap .< u   u. .ler t!.«-
f  -   B   ■ i i. r:. Bt.A.; *
Watai sj -i. m : ^  v. : • n ,. t .
' |  i -itfiii(!«; jJ'ih '!•'
Ki d  Anpiicm. chur-ln-.*
an.l     ■    j     *«|iiHt.
■ -•* ■ . .... il- rsncli  lands
»» ih*   <>t-l.irts i.wattiirg »,n'ur*
• - an.   ii nin li
,i» u.ill   nill  *
OO f l    pr   .'r.v >S *l
t e  I onii i ( th.   !ai        |       it i. as
.   Bra   i mv i -
-    .v,*i v    y. ur.    -HI  I.    i ' w
•it- 0| n iug 1j|. I K'i. t. ..'iii*    !
Tfttra   » 11   le  a M| ur.li lh ■
nn     if    jr.ii     W-Sttld     know
"" re.  -ante   »?   one* tn   . i''U ' '
tbr agt*iit« At the a'iiiri*,*€" Itlow.
F. B. Wells
Ceneral Agent
Revelstoke, B.C.


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