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Lardeau Mining Review 1905-01-20

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 I lias ii larger oirou-
i lation than .my
| N'owspapor   in    N,
SICootonay. Best advertising   medium.
■'at ■!     .   : J
ft » N& ^
$     JAM 2 i 1905
w j The re]
^K^B^^   »  «• -. Iifllier
pri scuta' IV
rich Linl'iiii
country. Sent to
any aadn bs for $2
per nn. in advance.
TROUT  LAKE CITY,  13.   C,   JAN. 20th   1905.
No. 11.
A Good Game   at Ferguson Last Saturday.
The hockey season was auspiciously opened at Ferguson on Snt-
urday night hist when the boarders of the Balmoral hotel and the
Hotel Lardeau took the ico to contest local supremacy, Rollicking
good humor prevailed throughout
the game, and the spectators, of
whom there were ;i largo number,
iveri treated to an exciting, if not
pcientifio exhibition. Certain
nil. - laid down which find
no nart in  the ordinary code and
fV ;A: 1   STAMPING    RESUMED   j    „ , : - iCE TALK.
Ferguson Items. — Lake Localets.  2  . -
,■...,..;..;  ...,., ./,..;/,._, ,a; ./, .;, .;,.',. At TSi  Eva  After a  Shut-Down For Now that the ring of ice is hoard
Hockey Kicks for sale at the
Review oflioc.
Dick Roberts find .liin Reeves
left town on Monday hist to proceed to Ymir, II. C. The former
Iiiis some claims there he is anxious
tO protect.
Repairs from Damage Caused
by Fire Last Summer.
« in  the district we look for great
The Queens   Hotel   patrons arc   i,:..-1       ,1 i t
'loins from the Bportmg element of
now regaled with sweel music each  tli(. tuin riti„,     Thm( h |1(ithin.,
haolaBh', bang, bur-r-r, therveDin«*uin,hedbyftgnim"0"phone|to  prevent  8   series  of   hockey
As a piece of general informs.-1matches being p'ayedbetween Ferguson and Troul Lake.    We know
there are a number of the enthu-
iasts just bursting fur a dust-up
Btamps at the eva mill commenced
Co drop on the  morning  of Jan. I li,,n '' lln.v '"' "s,'fnl ,n k,l"w tll!lt
as thc mill was put  into commis- Stove Woods is sharpening skates
sion for the iirst time since opera- creditablj on   hort notice.
Made  at  the   Famous
Nettie L Mine.
Rev. Sharp will Tninluct Divine tions were suspended last August,
owing to the tram and mine build-
Doc. Robinson is of the opinion
that Trout Luke has a trulvln althy
_ tngs being   burned   out   by the clinmte.    The onIy opei:ation he
„n this week for sVvera. days on ^IWa,foreSt *?. h«J»weptthe haa performed of hie was to cut
RKv,.,w business. The str.ff'lmve °"or Ao^ °f ***»&* »'0ll»- the appendix from a dictionary to
had an excellent time in hi* ab-'?'"','">'*    '■'   tum'H,rn;  •,I""1'   utUiioJfer pipe-lighters.
service on Sunday night.
J. (.'. Murray was  up   ut. Fergu-
•nee.    So as to get even with liin
All tin- machinery has sine, bei n
iverhauled by master mechanic J
T.   Vogler, and when  the  power
Jim Dagg has invented nn Ironing board which  for its kind will
ii we have " inadvertently " omitted  .
the" Royal Seal''items, ami expect  ^ ^Jtted fe ^water wheels l* tard to ,"':,!'    The table has
there'll he the devil to pay when
lie returns and counts up the
stock of there self same cigars.    As
on     Wednesday    the   machinery
started without a hitch nnd is now
working like a charm.     Thc tram.
imooth four-foof surface and can
1»- liffi <1 at one end to allow of the
ironing of -Kir,.-, etc.    The wh
Sandy  Laughton, of the Hotel also went into commission on th.- "" table '8 WnRcd^-are strong and
Lardeau   lias  invested   in   n Iirst same day at the  task ol transport- .a   "''""'   conven'l'n<    " "      |'"'
class  Berliner grim-p-phone, and ing ore from mine to mill.   Owing l'"'.'' ;H'':"': *''M' »hould ell for
he is laying in a large stock of the to all the cables being brand new, :l    8 Sillr'
newest records for the amusement the tram is  working  a  little stiff, A number of  ladies and gentle-
and edilicatii.n    of    his patrons, but this will  disappear when the men   from    Ferguson   joined  the
Sandy has just received a consign- cables got limbered  up after a few skaters atihe  rink  here on Tues-
tnent of a well-selected stock of j weeks usage.    Construction of the day njght.    All enjoyed themsel-
choice wims and liquors.
baby tram which  will connect the  pi
ami vot. 'i
the ice excellent.
for minor offences   which  came to
dice of r. f> tee  K. ( rawford.
At tin- prescribed hour the teams
fac .1 each other with a fierce glint
in.!, ir optics, the  Lardeau Sidel we said tetonr, we've had a great ^.j^^Vl^sUeen "built  underThe folda   "''   into    vel
Mi|i|..,s perhaps  having more of  "me.   Ye betcher life, supervision of Mr. J. W. McLeod, form and the^rcstlee upon whicl
that quality than the ltal-
mi ral B indtts The game wis
furiously contested throughout the
! ■ moiety of the game but Steve
Slit " i '•> bunch outmanoeuvred
theii oppoi . nts t . the tune of ."> to
I, It was stigge led that Kin.
Crawford as referee had an axe to
grind in this, as it was openly do*
clared that be gave a goal if the
puck -truck the timlicr anywhere
mar their opponent's end. Re
thi:- as it may. the teams
it It. ■ ed somen hat in the second
half and referee Crawford had
\ .i .1 that position to do duty
for the Lard au h »yg This, proved a i'r.iie.i.- move, as although
il. 'ni , als | nl up two more goals
opp ii ii - landed another six
in 15 minutes, thus leaving thc
game Ktauidiiij 7 all. Althopgr
this happy cniTirig was greatly <lc-
sired, th ■ 'moral - di claro they can
lick the Bide -1 i'i" ••- "ii the s [uare,
and a m.t , hi- '.en arranged for
to morrow (Saturday). In the
meantime Sandy is feadingupnii
outfit like prii    porkers and Steve
Whilst working on an upraise to
.'it it appears that everyone is I connect No. .'I level with old work'
expecting the "other fellow" to lings one day this week, the forces
tike the initiative. The sport who engaged at the Nettie I, mine,
devotes his latent energies to owned by the Silver Cup Mines,
materialising '.his particular line Ltd., made the wonderful strike of
of fun will immortalise himself, a 5 ft. lead of rich clean ore. The
ami abustol hisbady might oni strike is all the more remarkable,
day grace  the lobby of the "city M right along it was conceded that
na"'   the mine was a producer only of
Lame Hillnnin does not intend whftt faconsidered locally ashigh-
that his lease of the rink shall be «rade   concentrates,  although on
;i "flat'' one.   He is bubbling over
with   ideas  which   he   intends to
spring upon his unsuspecting pat-
>ns during tho season.     His lirst I
several   occasions    of    late   large
bodies of sacking ore have be n encountered,
Those  conducting   the  mining
essay is to be o Carnival, which i- °I'"r;,tlons w"-'r* therefore not pre-
billed for next Tuesday, and it is Pared for such a remarkable show-
■ ,   -taint* that he is working like jln*' ^bough it had been demon-
a trojan to
dg success of it.;
trated   that a  large body of ore
might be encountered here bv fol-
Four prizes are to given    the ladies.
and gente annexing two each. The lowin8 illon« lmea la,d down bv
prises respectively are to be won for ^""veyor Wilkie.
the daintiest and funniest costume. fhe n™* "{ Uua rK'!' ^,rikp ls
For this occasion  a band will dis- ywyjB»«7»ng, coming ss it does
SupUDodds was down  from the' "Pper   workings   with   the   main      h .^ _ ,  QUr  f|n!(  i{ the localJ course sweet  music,  and we shall at a time when everything in the
Triune mine on • Monday.     Tin-"'"" " progressing nie-ly. all the „,.„   d       , . .,,„,,,,.,,  thia w..,,   be greatly mistaken if the affair is ""!,m- ">*iwh7 locally is so very
recent  strike of high-grade ore is "'^^ being in  ppsUion.   When   ,,,.„...';..      h  ,        .           ..  not a big success. promising.    To readers who  are
v     o i        this tr-iin i« CDiiinleteil i, :ll '  ' Iu,t familiar with the geography of
proving continuous, in  No. .i tun- W1UI. "a*u 1B «v»b|ihji*u, vp wr nun ,        ,
ii.-). and the point is now reached treatment will he available from
at  which   the  upraise   to connect
ill part- of the mine. The r.'.-tm
IS    t'
,. tion of   operations   at    tic-   Eva
with   tl M  working
started.     Mr.  Dodda returned.toiPMl" hailed.with delight by C
climb the hill  to   the    1'
Cl  Ii!i.
the Triune the following morning.
bornitcs, as the Bound of tie- fall-
There   is  now five  feet   of Bnow  iuJ-'   Btamps   echoing tin   ■
heyond the lower termina'. t,,w" **m* '"  i,lMil!  B. ('"'  '
that  cannot   he  i xnlaii: id.      It is '
anticipated that in a  line
The usual bi-weekly Son
February  14th  will  he   a  r.-.l- our country  it will perhaps he in-
'J   " letter day, as it is intended to hold teresting to note that thc Nettie L
''    a monster carnival on that date at mountain looms directly over the
e on       eo  o r.|ik wi]| t)i, t;ijj.wj (i{ townsite of Ferguson, and that the
"gcx' by our children s. children.   The Nettie L mine was one of the first
I II  programme has not yet been properties staked  by  W. B. Pool.
upon, but  we are able to On the same hill, almost within a
: that the  ladies  will have a stone throw of this mine, are some
i ©key match all to themselves in of the 18 claims recently acquired
morning, and for the evening a by the Minneapolis  syndicate  for
: is being arranged between the purpose of^^thoroughly explor-
.^rr, our hockey team and one from an ing the  ground   bv   means  of a
outside point.     It is also intended tunnel   one-and-a-half   miles   in
b are having a high to hold a Beries of races for both length.'   A great deal of local in>
time * with ^ ther • sleighing ladies'aud a   its,       I the children torftst is cen red in  this  seheme,
ut   ii     :   -      .urn.
-  •.    ked under h
His  instructions  i   i
k (in.formaiii n    fr.'in  v,
-Mieo'.lliter d   at   .
aw   told     f   the  r
h .   i -]■ ci il c lUrso of training of J |,i
his own which  he believes will
mechanically pilot his  outfit lo
Teams Lardeau—Jack Cameron,
B I'. Smith, Ed. Hell. George
Weir, Asa Hillman, R. Hates, VV.
t-kinner. Mascot, Mayor Marshall.
I'aiinorah'S Slinger, I-'. Ilarher.
(ruled off twice), Ki I. Ward, J.
Brady, .1 Marat, I Cttaig, W.
Schnell     Mascot, Lew Thompson
As Others See us.
Running our. yes over our heavy
pile of exchanges, as is our wont,
we have lately blushed at some of
th> very things that the editors write of us. The following
encomium    is   culled    from   .the
lie,    *V«   held   on   Snn.lay  night,   ,,)e Kw {-M   jjj^   m ^
and was well attended. lUUt ,,)|1,1,r,.s,<,r tofaciUtal
A. .1. (I. Swinncy, manager of velopmi nt, the project m w
the silver Cup Mines, who is visit- under discussion.
ing lm family in the old Country.,       .        MI
expects t.i return to '.-Mile early in
April.   Mrs, Swinney return's with The Lardeau lUted H!/.i as a parties.   The piebald phantasm of are not to b    forgotten  in this re-|«»d the unbounded faith of every-
Field For Inveatn -jit
Fisherman    Jack    made   a   Liu'
bluff at clearing  up all  the work      More capital has. perhaps, been eel  bevy ol
that a pair of  big  mitts could ae- '"vested this year  in the Lardeau,relationship
complish   on   Tuesday  hist,     lie "'  **»   acquisition  and   dei     .- ,   nghton to.a cinch.
i the Abev boys is in great demand j spect.    An effort i- being made o»e in the venture has been agree-
-  andthelat-to find a  boy to compete against  ably  touched by  the news of the
rrivals   who claim young Ceorge   H;M, r. and if sue-; rich strike, as it is known that thc
ur   Joe have cessful the • n nl should prove very same lead traverses the new com-
inti r.>:in
In   the   meantime! pany's immense area.    Thc latter
reached   the   Pav   Roll   Centre all
nu-nt of mineral  claims  than
_   young G orge must practise faith-   tre now purchasing all theneces-
f fullv  and  take  a  reel in  in   his   <ary machinery for extensive min-
of th ■  "Fishi r Group"  E K
right but his blankets waddered any other district of the provu
back again unrolled.   Perhaps the wlththa P°88ibl° caption of the c ,^    ^^    I ^p,asswelled head is aTiahgerous »«g operations the coming.spring.
eld snap is to blame. high-grade section of;tht malady at his tender age. • Thi      The Silver Cup Mines, Ltd. have
ary, says the Mining  Report
Rons-On the, 9th inst.   to Mr.  Denver, Cola    The results
and Mrs. I). Johns, at •> Mile—a
.   daughter.
.•rations have been generally sati     Poplar   on    Wednesday    t>> look
factory, production costs hnv been  after his intereats there,
Jim Lamou quit 6-Mlle on Sat- UngMerably reduced .while it is     ,.,        -     .    .      „
uidav.   He embarked on Wednes-1 »•     '  ..   ■  -*l    "'" sale  of
curlers will also  have  a series of
iraham  made the  trip to I competitions,   and  the   following
now affirmed  that   the   method of
fugitive Parker was accomplished
day most of them will* journey to
11. —land to participate in the bon-
spiel there.
Sam Shan.ion ha" got the ice in
day's boat en route for Vancouver, concentration adopted at Five-Mile
... ,   , , ,       . r i      i  very satisfactorily  i>v Micntf it;iii|.i    v _ ,.. ,, ..-..,<■ ■.,. ,„., n.,,,. , ...
Several  of the occupants of the has   proved   quite successful.     A|     - ■■•     •        . u" 'erguson nnx in excellent con
Jubilee boarding house were hauled tolerably good showing has also "'    ,v,,l'k *^|dition,and-it isbeingl berally pst-
up before magistrates Batho'and been   made  by   the free ni
Newconihe on   Tuesday morning, quarts mines at Camborne, though
illiugjhftPPy knack   "'   wheedling full: r(„li/)Ml     Tik.   ;l.i!il,,.   intonds  to
surface values on every article put1,,,.,).,, things lrurif during thc season
encomium    is   run     from   .Uie  wotwuiwi  ««   ."••-'•.■.i   ...........M. .,«....*  D   'uDforbid     Georcc  mike- an ex-    -.i        i-    i n .
KootenavNLuiof the   ,1,1, ins,:       A   charge  of  "dissiuesa-  on  the  in tl «of one  m^ the principal   l    »';     ^;       '     "    ,"',k,■ ff   with  a   lively   pnigri,,,,,,,.      Put
'   .   ........ i ...      ,,        ..    ..i. ..        i       i''i  ni itiu i . vniir   iiintii'v   on   Sum—lie s a sure
■We congratulate tho owners of
the l.Aiii.t'M Mixing Rsviawon
the excellent paper they are turning out as tho result of the amalgamation of the Eagle and Topic.
The   Rl.MIW   i-   now    one   of   the
mosl interesting and nowsy papers
in tin- iiit.n lor.
With the Curlers.
Some vi ry good games were wit-
i cssed at the local rink this week
On Monday skip I'.lliott defeated
skip Edge by tho narrow margin
.f one. The game throughout was
k< eiily emit, sled,
8. Wood- !•:. K. Boultbeo
O.I.N.Wilkio  N.   I'avlor
A. M. Craig      N. Abrahamson
F. C. Elliott,     A. W Edge,
skip.. 12 skip...II
Tin second game, played on Tues*
day night, was  made up of teams
ns follows :
S, Woods N. Taylor
A. M.Craig      A. W.Bdgo
N. Abrahamson A. Nuilur
F. C. Campbell, l«\ ('. Elliott,
skip...II skip...!!
Although the-core indicates a riin-
away ricti ry for Campbell's quar-
ti tn- a ttOOd i'lllie resulted.
king's highway failed to stick, nnd  producing properties  work was i
for dome
thb bunch were discharged.   A fur- lavedby the destruction of plant
ther charge   of   being "it" was by bush fires during thc summer, poses i- being obtained .from the
proved against one of thp hoarders, The niffieulty  of securing capital,  mill I o nn by freighter Crawford
and the treasury is now-J|16 to the in  part ascribed to unreasonable
your money on Sam—he's a sure
tie pur-|winner. 	
A Deal \\ Zinc
valuations placed on properties b
claim owners, has limit-' I
in.   the
pro; rictor
i f   lhe     \* ImlsOr   hotel.
Spokane   Wash ,  dan. 16.—The
,.ean Mar ha- contracted 2,500
•   ns   of     i '.' I"   the   t iiite.l S nti'S
A merry party from rrout  Laao .        •      ,     ,,   ,    "wn   -    im G        i v, Ont  lo sat
»,           i fi« ineiit   oiieratlolis    in    the    1 oplar                               .                     ,.                          nminillt   it   P:i. ldo. ( olo.    It
sprung a surprise on Mr. and Mr-. '   .                               '        he expects to  Ik  .it   his old sta                     '
.,    ,    ,,         ,.i.i         ., creek   section,   win. h as  vet has        ,               ..'.. .                             run I   rty-nve percent sine.
8.  A.   Danoy at their residence on '                 :',   , • ,   bv the first of b eoruary.                                           .,, ,'          ,  ,
...   ,      ,     ' • .,      .    / ,,,. . .. , failed   to  iustifv   I.i-t   years hi^li                                                                nee  mouths will  he  needed to
\\ eihu-silav  nig i'.     A    lOUMlUTBe '                      ■                           , ,    ,      .         , ,     ,     r<
,        ,,   .      ..   • o    ,.„. i expectat ons.                                        t nl, i.ant-m   left  Hie Ferguson     j., jt
team brought along the jolly crtwd, I-       .  ..      ^_                       ^.^     ud   ^^   hom m
and the visitors   and visited  had a \.,„,.V,,   |.,^t.      III.   manv frinnda       Tl e l.u. !;v Jim . i
the goodwill of the people of the
country, and the Review tenders
congratulations to the management and all associated with the
Mineral Output of B C
Victoria. Jan. 18. -The approximate statement of the mineral output for the year 1004 is as follows;
Gold $ tt.400.o00
Silver     2,200,000
topper     4,ti0t),000
Lead       1,500,000
Miscellaneous.       ii00,00l>
Total mineral production other
than coal fl6,A00,00d
Coal and eoke . . .    4,470,000
Grand total.   tfl'.t.TTu.iK).)
v.iv iiieriv time    Th* party was     A represenjatv
comprised as follows : Mr. nnd Mrs P«id a visit to the -, l„...rv,^er.l.iy   '';" JJ"i '
(I,,.. N. Tav'or, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. itfleruoon. and while there did net        w,|
snd Miss Lotus Gttffith, Mils. A. E. Wlto notice thc imjirpvenjcut ipj Vl
.1 owe't. Miss M. Cook,  Miss Nellie i1"'   scholars   wroughl   by   .i,.i: i     Ihenew   offices oi. tl ■•  Wat. r-
Henderson, Copt. FiWsimmorisand Campboll, the school  teacher.   A  world>('ompany arl noWcomplct
Purser Muliins of lhe good ship lalirt cliuTS was in  full BWing.and aLattfl are comfortably atted uj
Procter,"    Recorder   Campbell, lour teacher appeared to: havejhW     WflJrcCB|ved   „„,   invoices!
Development at the Horssshoe
i- continuing apace, Alex. McLean
liospiTal   Hint   arrived    home  on
i,        ..   Mondiitj In-t.     Hi-  tnany friends
•'  in the ."-id! that sl""-'" district, has jwid Its second made the trip to town on Wethws-
ie  tlioro.iglily  con- tlO.000 dividend, and  the  lucky (|.iv   an(,  ,K,  lnforml   u,  tliAt a
f the property are doubt- BmftH shipment is sacked ready to
4n*-mwhi<b-d +l+»wiv=	
less of tlie opinion that it was ap-
p ..,•■ iut iiy named.,
Surveyor Wilklo,  Na'o  lay and h&nds pretty [til
tlie1  la'l".
Lave Morgan was down from the
It   is   iNi'Jv  to  uiulerstand whv   .        . "       . „.
.. ,.  ,.  ,      ',      , '•     .i.      .   ,   ,'   Miriu-iM'on Mondav      Wearein-
i"'  living is cheaper in   rrout  I«aki   ,        ,  , "        , ,
tunned that some  vcrv rich ore is
ul of our Large Consignment of to-day than it ever was bofore, and;
ii ,.i   t,' ....',..•      The   leirtv   irrived   iwiiiiher of .scholars   now regulars                             . . ,       ...         .       ,         .   >                                      , U'lng taken from No. 4 shaft.
Burt .row.or,     im   parts arnvon                                        ,-            |,1V t,,,,,,^ which will arrive in after you buy o few articles from "
home before chanticleer hofalded- ajtena\ng.(M08?.qn?fiU4.                  about two weeks.    We will  have Masterson, Griffith &  Oo.   Their A magic lantern exhibition will
the morn.                                        A bigger snap than ever can l.e [anything  you   want.   Masterson, gooda  are  the   best   ami  much be given iii tho Oddfellow's hall
If y..ii Want, to learn all about found at Mastorson,<3rifllth &Co's Griffith & Oo,                               cheaper than anywhere elso. 'his evening at S p. m. by the
lhfl  topography  of    the  Ferguson  store.    They^are                        <ne I     1:iiw (il( „„ ,,,,,,„ ini)„Tm„(la,i     ,,n,l,av. Ware .Vt',, h.nv taken ^J^V-'L^^
mines  read the occasional reports , week only nil oi  their   b.vits and oVer the nusinoss  and  stock of   1(. M",Jt ,.
in the Spokosman-Review.   Some- shoes at cost, nnd  they havo some     About 200 sacks of ore have now E. Drow & Co., general morohnnts, s,,°t8'      Admission,   ''(l<''. "'"'d-
1, 'Hneoucs. ,i   n  i     Idcd from the Reatrico,   iCaraborne, ten, 20c.
one is jobbing the ,i good The   LARDEAU   MINING
I » l'riiit*.! ut Trout l.iikc lily, una l'iilili*linl
Hi b't'iifiis*.!. unii J'l'out l,ul;.-t'vrry l''rlilny.
Tne Kdltot doaa nut noi.l blnaaulfreaiioiifc
i,,,  for tin. ,'|.ii.i,,n-. oi aorraapoadeuta ox-
pr.'SH.'ii in tt-* oohrmna
All loeais will be charged nt the rata of 16
c.-iiis perllne, llrsl Insertion, aod lectin.-, pe.
lint-oui'ti subsequent insert ion.
Terms for Transient .mil oiler aclvertlalng
win i'.' nut,te known on application at ollloe
Stiitmei-lpUun J2.lHluv.-ur. in advauoe,
Additional Lake Locals.
An '-At Home' will bo held at
the Methodist pursonago on Friday
eveninir, Jan, 27th. An interesting program will bo given, aftn-
which refreshments will be served,
All are welcome    Admission 2oc.|
A hockey ma'eh has been arranged between Ferguson and
Trout Lake to bo held here on
Wednesday next. Skating as
usual after tho match.
Try our Ceylon Tea at 22c. it is
fresh ami line. Also saurkraut
ga lore.
Methodist  church, service Hun-
day njxt, both morning and evening.     Morning service conducted
by   the pastor.      Miss  Cook  wil
have charge of the e veiling service.
The masonic? brethren invited
their wives to a banquet in the
OddMlows'Hall last evening. It
pro ml a very enjoyable function.
Miss A tun O'Brien left lhe firsi
) remaining unit,[part of the we^jk for Vernon, 1U'.,
Starker & <Io.j
KKgs,    Clice >e,    Produce    and    Fruit. ]
ll.nutoii Ilk., Josephine St. Noljon.B.O.
Everybody associated with the
inining industry in British Co!-
iiinbia is naturally hopeful that
the return of English capital to the
Province will ere long be assured.
Well we know English investors at
the present moment look askance
at anything appertaining to investment in otir staple industry,
end the reason is not far to seek.
In many instances the blame rests
s My en the shoulders of the iuvos-
tors themselves, for in nine cases out
of ten the exploited concerns have
been grossly mismanaged and in
lhe Nelson
Brewing Co.
Brewers of
Fine   Lager  Beer
and Porter
R. R.eisterer (8b Co.    -   Props.
Smith & Co.
45 Bleury Street, MONTREAL.
Masterson, Griffith
——®> Co.-—'
where she will remain for thc ha!
crooked work by  the sharks inf. s
ing the Biitish Columbia market, jance of the winter
have   killid   lhe interest.     It is
Faid that the gold   fields   of South
Africa   have   more   attractions  at
the present time  tor the investing
English   public,   and  if they are
more successful tliere it is because
business tactics of the latter have
undergone a change foi the bett' r.
Sooner or later they will return to
British Columbia,  but   not before
it is demonstrated  to them   that
the mines hero are likely dividend
payers.    It   seems   to   tho   public
across the Atlantic that  many of
the large companies   so recklessly
promoted seven or eight \eirs ago
have pro veil complete fa i lines but
it never occurs to them t
the blame to themselves, an
imagine that the   province of Brit-1
ishCilumbia is a  hotbed of mis- WHOLESALE   AND
representation. iV^£*^tlf
It is understood that a branch
of the Imperial Mink will h> opened up at Arrowhead at a very near
.l.ite. Dame rumor, tho fickle
jade, has it that E. K Boultbee
might be leaving us shortly.
Hockey Sticks
for sale
at TheR.eviewoff.ce
11.1. U' represented in tlie bar
dean     at     regular     intervals
throughout  tue  year.    Orders
or clothing will receive close attention
car repseaentati'e, 8,  A. Senti, in a
practical tailor, and will make clothes
lit.    Hi.Id your orders tor him.
Services on Sunday evening at 7.HO
'clock, Visitors ar« cordially wel-
.iiieil. REV, H. A. SOLLY,
Hardware, Miners' Bupplies, Stovei
and Uanges. 4
NELSON.  S3   C.
Some companies, however, with
business men at the helm arc
demonstrating thc wealth of our
hills and   nailing   down   the black
lie.    The  Silver   (up   Mine-;  Ltd.' — '
is   an     English    company    «i''' The B. C. ASSAY and CH-niCALi
English capital, anil   although   it . SUr*PLY Co   I td
ha-i not been   all   milk  and honey Yawix-ver   B C
lor tin in  by  na-oii of unforeseen  Headquarters for Aaaayers, Mining and|
disasters, they arc showing their'?     Supplies
colleagues  what  can   be  done by   Und~; F. W. Braun AGo.'a PataatCary
diirgiugand  rustling.    They have Fornaees, Bornefs. etc. :   Wm. Ain.
„   ,     - wr.rlh « Co. * 5-ine Balances, et<\. etc.
IN theCiunt) Court of Kootenay, holden
nt Tr..ut Lake, between Robert Madden
and* Levosque, doing business aa
Madden   >v   Levesqne,  of Tiont l.nke,
1, C.,    hotel keepers,    plain tills,    and
Waiter It.  Curtis, 01  Tr..iit Lake, B.C..
laborer, defendant.
FTAKE    NOTICE,   that imlepa   within
eight days after tho personal serviei
of thi.-. summons <>n yon, yon return to
the  Registrar oi this Court at Troul
Lake the dispute note below, dated
and signed by yourself (oryoursoli-
ritoi . and stating briefly your ground.
of defence to the action, you will not
afterwards  he allowed  to  make any
defence t.. the claim which the plaintiff makes on you, aa per margin, the
particulars ol which are hereunto annexed ; but the plaintiff may, without giving any   proof in  support of
BUch  rlaim,   herein   proceed   lo final
Judgment and execution.   If you retain mi.-h  dispute note to the.Registrar within thi-tiuie specified, tli ! K>'_'
istrar will -end yon, by post, nptice of
the day upon which the net inn will 1.0
Claim, IS'. ••">.   Fee h-r plaint and
service, *: o < .  Costs,  solicitors, eti ,
Sinn   :   I,,       me,nut ..! debt and COgta.
Sole a*«i.l» in B. C. for ' *"" :''    < ""'- "i Kari.i«hee. 18.10 ; Total
Morgan'Crucible Co ,^ Battersea. Bog- incl"
ealera in all kinds of Fresh Meat
erected near Ferguson one of the I
Questooncentratiug  plants on thei
coDtinent, the success of which is'
now  known   world    wide.     Tiny
have also  proved   beyi.ud a doubt
in spite of carping ciitici.-ni to '.he
contrary, that our mineral vslues
increase nt depth.    The rich strike
at the Ni ttie  I. this  week, as re-
reported   In   another Column, is a
proof of this, a-i the mine bus been |
(u- s'anily worked since IS'.'*, and I
tho output of ore has been treuun- i
dous.    The  same   with the Silver
Cup, another wonder owned by the
same  company,   which   has   bet
w,.ik»-(f  to great success since'!I7
Should   English  capital   again in
i.i.-' itself in the Province, it is   Q-
an assured fact that with efficient
management, the country, and especially the Lardeau, will prove a
luiiiful Held for Investment.
Dated this 10th day nl September, l'.'i
Registrar of the Court
Sandy Laughton
HEN   vi-iting   Ferguson you
should Slav al the Laideau
Hotel.    Here  the   visitor
will   be   surrounded   with
home comforts.    Excellent
cuisine,      well    ventilated
and    warm    rooms,    well
Bloeked  bar.   and   everything  which
tea d.-  towards   making ymir visit a
pleasant and memorable one.
Riite^ from $1  day upwards.
We strive to pleas* our patrons.
Our Goods
Were all shipped in Last*
Fall, and are the
When you want the
At Lowest Prices
Call on Us.
rout Lake
By Gilbert Parker, cloth. $1.50
By H S Merriman, cloth. 1.50
By l». W. rtiggins, Victoria,1.50
Cloth, |.50
Building Trad' -   Pi   k.-t fi.iok
Business Mnn's Pocket Book
Mechanic's Pocket Mem randum
Thrsi role  1.50
1'nt by the Internationa)) Correspondence School .it »'. each our price tl 60
[He Ma Ihi k MCo.
J. Y. Griffin & Co.
,5ij     Ik I «f^%^    f f the   time   f-r   you  to
'15      Iii   I W iy Ld.«.     Never were
I w ^«w   w ▼       lhe Prospects «rf Ferguson
so bright.
The Town ..f FERGUSON
will be one of the <iri-.'it«-.-t
(>r« Producing Camps in the
World. The high degree of
tuit'cesa achieved bv the
numerous   WEALTHY     and
COMPANIES m.w onemtiug
there   is   a    tribute   to    the
tremendous wealth of the 1,1; -
■5        ^        ^      ^
The Provincial legislature meet
for the transaction of business on
Thursday, Feb, inh.
VV inted al the Rei i< •• 1 '' ■
M.i'^i' tinier type-aetting mac-
bine Y..ii can help us lo obtain
this by paying np thai back sub.
s ii.^'-i Ipliona inin be ie.\ed nu«
•I. r the door, or forwarded any obi
way. We taki .-iil.s in gold dust
paper, or even quarts if there 1
not too inucbol a rock stn-.k.
We no ivtd an 1 ller this week
Ii .'in an ea-iei n quack mi >l . ni*
outfit who were unv 1 <• u^ to take 11 •■
an adverlisentent contract ivitli us
tur 11 space value of 1904. That
looked pretty healthy for in-, but1
nn reading tbc contra 1 wo found
the magiiif}oent sum of 1)8 wai
1 ftVred    We consigned the epistle
to lh» W.p.h.,   but   fully   ex|ieet to
see the ad. appl St In Ci rla: 111
!.   ..■.'..    ing and mon •■ 1
We have everything at our
Store    that   you    Require.
The Year   1905
Finds us at the Old Stand
striving to please you All
Celebrated Brands  >>f
and Rags.
Itaii., Bacon
B   C.
Nelnn, n C
Ho ,,... need a eoinairtafala bonart   if^.iry
I ll.r Mm-1'1. 11   II •     Well   f..rnl»li. <l   r.H.ins
Aril .lies   l«.Bnl.     Ii,
' th. I..., >...!.. in fin, 1 an nw heal SsaaMteana
| nnpuraed Ihjunn i.n.t .sui.rv.
Thomas Madden   Prop-
£. Ferguson & Co.
Wholesale dealeva In H iu«'.«. Liqaers
jn.i Cigars.    Axcuti. d.r I'hUi l'i, 1
Public School, Hospital, and
other institutions. Excellent
Waterworks system, Streets,
Stoles and RcmiIcuci'h illumined by Electricity, li.iily
mill i.irvice The towasite
is admirably laid out Ool in
NOW on the ground floor.
Lota can now  be purchased
T0WN5I rE A(il-NT
li. B.
Mem. O I  A
Regit »r an.I Special   tndiis,   Itefei
me    Canadian Bank ol 1 'ommerce.
nelson, ei. c
Itf^voisiL a:m:^. & ft.3 »w jfcVSiL^;® «
1 ....
;; •''-j ]
Lion Brewing Co.
Brewers of Beer & Porter.
Prospectors' Exchange |
BEATON, lie,
VISITORS urnuiiR iii Beaton llm threshold ol tho f^rdean)
\t.\ trrowhead, will IInd lids Hotel to be fully equipped
For hiah-claaa trade Kiecllenl arrotnmodatlon, A wall
appointed and spacious dining hall. Tbsbssi ol tVines, Spiiits
an.I ('mar...   Personal supervision 1* given to the rwiulramerits ol
palroiiN    Visitors to the i iir.liaii ,'hii nil 00 I iwnlort ill tliix hotel.
W. BOYD -:- -:- Prop.
:j ■-
T..e noted home fur travellers visiting
Ferguson, B.C.
A well itoekod Bar ol the choicest Liqours, Wines etc.
McDooooll  &   Blaok
In /.. Gordon < .oldberg and to I.. <i..1.1-
berg or to any  person ur persons In
whom they   may have transferred
their interests,
Take Notice,   I   the undersigned co-
owner with yin in the Little Robert and
Little Robert No. L' mineral claims situated at the extreme head of tha nortl
fork of Lardeau creek in the Trout Laki
mining division of Went Kootenay .lit
triet ami province of British Columbia
iia\>■ done the required  work on the
above—mentioned mineral claims for the
viiir 1903 iii order lo  hold the same undo Bsction -I of the mineral acl, and i'
within 90 days of this notice you fad or
refuse   to  contribute your   portion of
bui I, expenditure for work done, together with tin* cost of tldi advertin man)
vuiir interest in the mini mineral eltiuiis
will become   the  property ol   the tub-
hi ni,.'.I under section   4 of the Mineral
Acl  \ ndmenl Acl ..I   l«0u.   Dated at
Troul Lake tide 7th day of October, '04
ti.- 7'o4 Co-owner,
Mtti AssBssnsnt It
Nnti e is hereby uiren, in accordance
with lhe statutes, that Provincial Revenue Tas an.I all aaaeSfed taxes an.l in-
<-. inu tax, asiesaed and levied under the
"Assessment Acl 1003." for the Revelstoke Asseasraenl District, are due
and payable f..r the year 1005, at my
office, situate at the Court House, Hey-
elstoke. This notice, in term-, of law,
is equivalent to a personal demand by
me upon all persona liable for taxes.
Dnte.l at Reveletoke, It. t" , this 3rd
•lav of January, 1905,
A-^e^h.'i and Collector, Itevelatokc
Assessment   District
Broken Hill mineral claim, situate in
rrout Lake Milling Division of West
Kootenay district.
Where located:—Oil Rapid Creek, ad-
lining the Coronation.
lake Notice that I,  0, It. N.VVilkie,
.tint,' as agent for Culler T. Porter,
free miner's certificate No. B83331, intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder tors
Ceitincate ol Improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Crantof
the above claim,
An.l further lake notice thai action,
under section :t7, muat be commenced
before the lasuanceof such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 2tth day .'if November, ^ o
1904 0, B. N. WILKIE.
'-'.VII til
NOTICE is hereby given that .to .lavs
after .hue I Intend to apply to the Chief
Commissi.hut of Lands and Woika for
a special license to cut and carry away
limber from the following deacribed
Ian.Is ii. Weal Kootenay,commencing at
a post ou the eatt siile of I.anlo River
about k mile below Trout Lake, marked
B. I.. Kin man, a.a., corner ; theme
HO i-hams west ; theme B0 chains SOUth ;
thence 80 chains east; thence 80 chains
north to point of commencement.
I>nte.t this 13th .lav of December, a d.
1904. E. L. KINMAN.
It pays to use the Telerfhone. A
len/thv trip can often ho raved. OHii-es
at Fcraiiaon : Cuminini' Hture ; Trout
Lake, Post Office ; aho at Beaton, Cora-
aplix and Arrowheail.
All kinds of New Rec rds.
Sole Agent for the LarSeaq:
J. C. Murray
Trout Lake B. C.
TUSCAN     LODGE    U.   D
A   P. & A. M.
3rd    Thnraday     each     month
Visitora VTalcoma
Ceo Forddred, Rec, G. N. Taylor, W.M
Take Notire that I shall hold a Conn
of Revision ami Appeal, under ilia Assessment Act, 190S, for tlie Revelatoke
Assessment District, on Momlay the
twenty eighth duy of November, 1004,
at the hour of eleven o'clock in the
forenoon, at the conrI home, Revalatoke.
Dated at Revelitoke, this lat .lay of
November, 1904,
Judge nf the Court of Revision
anil Appeal, Rerelltoke Assess-
rneiit Diatrictof West Kootenay.
Grand Hotel
A. NO. 1  ROOMS.
Balmoral Hotel,
Ualton  lo  Ferguson  may   rely upon  the very heat of
ai'.nmiiiiKlatiiin  at thi»  well-known  hotel     Rooms are
well  furidabod  tluougliout.    The  Bar is stocked with
a choice assortment of palatable quenchers,
Under the /Management of S. Slinger
Abrahamson   Bros., Proprietors
BVKRYTHIr»0   HEW   AND     ieill8T.CI.AHH   lit   ALL   BKMl
Fire  Proof Safe
The hsiiM. || •tnek»4 with ins a .<« Wlaea anl Ql+ar« a   tin ;n»ri«l.
Trout    Lake,
Royal   Hotel The CENTRAL HOTEL Revelstoke
The ordinary annual ^.-n.-ral meeting
of the <H.I Gold Quarts am! Placer Mm-
inu Company, Ltd. Liab., will Is- held
at the office of the Company, Troul
l;.kf IJ.C, "ii i ridai, :tr.l day ..f I eb
ruary, 1905, at 3 o'clock, p.m., for the
purpoai ■ : e ecting directors for the ensuing jcar and Buch other lei'-mcss as
inaj pi   . ■ ue before the meeting,
li.H.L- mil be closed tor transfers from
.1 in 28thi 1006, until after the meeting
Dated at Trout Lake, I!, ('.. oth Jan
nan   l'Ktf.
Tho ordinarv annual general meeting
• i t.;.' Primrose < lold Mining Company,
Ltd. liab., will he held at the office ol
lhe i "in, any, Troul Lake,  n c . on
I riday, February 3rd, l'.«J,r.. at3 90 p.m.,
f,,r the i'iir|»,-e •.( electing directors f.-r
the eusoing year an.l such other bust-
in --..« may be properly brought before
II e meeting,
lt....ks will be closed for transfers fn m
Jan   28th, 1906, until after the meeting,
.1. M  MILI ER,
Racy, Treasurer
Hated al Trout Lake, U.C., 5th day of
January, 1006.
All the Latest
Magazines on
Sale at "The
Review." ::::::
Smokers' supplies in
great variety.
OUR SHELVES are chock a-block with
Kooi 00mforti for winter.
Shoes Slippers
Overshoes Rubbers
We Can fit out any ami every member
of the family, and at prices which will
please von.
Fancy Bar,
Musical 1 iatertainnent
Balletla   Board,
Mining News.
E L.
-  PROP.
ii U.*.r the ume Maaaitmtkt.
Nelaon, B. C.
Mail or.lers carefully ami promptly
attended to. Agent for Slater ami Net-
tlelon shoes.
Dominion Hotel
Pirat-Clasn in every respect.
The Travelling public carefully
taken caro of.
Ml & Nels3n • Props.
Are yon a
The [Jnion (gigar Factory
.Maniifaeturea only Cnion goodt, and besides
they are tho best on the market. They are
made of the beet Havana tobacco, and their
excellence in unriiiputed. hunt on getting
H.A.BrOWIl,   Proprietor.
I'nlnu n«ar K.ct.iry. IlKVELNTOKE, B.C.
1.1 1.1 >. j I  IN I   CO-OWNKHH.
To I'linie Kim. and J. W. Smith or to
whomsoever the. they may ban-1
transfer red then interest in the
" ) .| le leaf " mineral claim, eituale.l ,
..ii the south ea»t side of Poplar cre^k
and ahum ti... and a half milun from
the mouth of the iieek. in the Troul
I ;ike  Mining  Division of Wait Kool
You are hereby notified thai I, Arthui
I, Johnston, ...oHi.ei with you in the
" Maplt l>-nf" mineral claim above
described have performed ial»ir ami
n ads . spanditure on the r«ai.l claim to
tl stenl of 1100.00,'under tha pro-
\ i»i..uB al section "4 ..i the Mineral Act,
ii,   oi I. i   to   hoi'I   laid   claim,   an,I th.'
year i.'i winch said labor was performed
and expenditure made having expired,
I do hereby uive you notice to contribute
your proportion ol such  expenditure,
ami you   me   lurtllSI   notified   thai il at
Ilia expiration of wi <la\a >>f publication
horeol you fall or refuse to contribute
your pro|K>rliuu .,f Ihe expenditure so
made, togethei  with all costs of adver-
i    Interests in the said claim
■ball become veated in  me nndei and
|.. virtue ol   provisions of Election 4 of
the Mineral Act, amended Act H*t«i
Dated .-•: Poplar (. ieok. s.c , Dec, 81,'04,
\i:i'lll it 11. JOHNSTON, Co-ownai
.. i 1908
To John A   M.ii'ii.,l   J.  Foley, Geo. l
Sen mini ami  Wni    S.   New man Of to
any person or |>«r».nin ta whom the)
mux- have transferred   their iutSreatSi
'lake Notice I iIn' undersigned <■..
OWIier with you ill the Uold liltg mineral chum Hitiialeu ou the Kiiiilh fork of
l.iinlo  creek   near  Seven    Mile    in  the
Troul rake mining i1uihi.ui <>f IVesl
Kootenay diatricl and Province of Prit
isd Columbia have dona the required
work on the above-mentioned mineral
claims for the year m In order to hold
the same under section "4 "f the mineral net amI if within It) ihiyn of thia
notice you   fail   or   refuse   to contribute
your portion of such expenditure togetln
Or with the COll   of  thia  ailvert'iienieiit
your Interest in the said mineral claims
will become the property of the lei
signed iimler Hcction  4  of   the mineral
act amendment set of 'no. Dated at
Troul i.ake thin .'toth iinv of November,
PH1| I ,x    \\     | IVIMOST0N
Peo.2,'01 Co-Owner
500 Cords
M craiM or aidr eras
For   Sai t:    Lots   85    and   86
olock 47,  Trout   Lake.      Apply to'
Mrs, .1. II. German, 606 University
St, Seattle. Wash,
Uunnlnjj between Arrowhead, Mca-
ton anil C'umaplix. commencing ' n-t.-
(kt Htb, 1903, will tail a* follow*,
weather pennittiog.
Leaving Arrowhead for Beaton anil
Coinapllx, twice daily—101c and 5k,
Leaving llealon and I'omaplii for
Arrowhead, twice daily— 7:lok and
liitfik. Making close ooooeotiooi
with all ('. I'. H. Steumem and trains.
The   owners  reserve   the   right   u>
change   timer,   of    aaillngi     without
The Umpire I umber Co., Limited.
Low Fraction and Handy No'. 2 mineral
rlniina pituate in tha Trout Lake Mining Division of We.t Kootenay district
Whore located:—Near tho mouth of
Lynch creek on the K. & A. Hr.
Take notice that   I.  Alfred   I.  Carle,
acting as agent for  W, N. Brayton, free
miner's certificate No. Il 77,346, intend
lixty .lays after .Ian- hereof, to apply to
the Mimng   Recorder  lor Certificatei of
Improvements lor the purpose of obtaining crow n i;raiit« of the a!»ive claims.
And further take notice that action
under section 37 must be commenced
before the issuance ..f such certificate of
Improvements, l'ate.i this 88th dav of
October, A. D , 1904
oc.28'04 ALFRED J. CORI.K.
Excellent  Accommodation
Best finest Liquors
And Very finest Cigars   B
John Simpson,      Proprietor.
Subscribe for the Keview
This is a Snap.   . • Buy Lots in the
Busiest town in Kootenay.
NO. 41
Regular meeting! held in
Oddfellow'!    in.      tverjr
Tllri.,in v  ,, (In   Hi    •
o'clock    Vilnius broth-
araeordlarls wrirumc.
Kroil Mumnirrv. Nil.        J. K.-h in lit. Ser,
Daily Mail service, Banking Facilities, Head of Navigation, Good Hotels and stores, Express and Money Order
Office, government offices, Fine schools and churches.
I      Water-works system now Being Installed.
Wo an- watch people first of all.,
Wo iiiako watches mir g/eat apaci-
alty,     Wn  arc   in   fact   universal
watch providers.   TV. boast oftbel
moat  comprehensive   stock   and
prorapleet service.    Our patron*I
mh" proves tuir pre-eminence in,
the retail  watch   trade.    .-,.,-
patron, always « patron.
Iliiyiiig watrhea In lbs qnaotitj
that wo do, we are enabled to tc-
cure rlieoonnti Impoaiible lo the
■mailer dealer, and wo turn them
othi to y■ .ii at a enrrrapoadiug
redaotion in price. Writ, us for
Magnificent Timber, many Valuable Ranchs, The Richest Gold and Silver Zone in The Province.
Ewert, Bros.
Nelson, Roaslaad. Trail
Jewelers and Hngravcra
Saw-mill, capacity, 60,000 feet per day,   shingle and lath mills.
IE* Mines pay us Tribute.
F. B, Wells,
Gen'l Agt, Revelstoke.
H. McPherson,
Agt., Trout Lake -   ■  '   ■ II I a...
nting of every description will be faithfully executed at the Review Joto ^Pi,
City   Drug    Store
Liquors afad Sigars
Largo Oorafortftblo Rooms
First Class Boar '.
Talk about a Bcutiiewith capital,!
the writer tells a story the events
of which happened  in Ferguson a-1
few   weeks  ago, ami   for a lime it!
looked as if all the dormanl capital j
of western Canada was let loose.
For some reason   a little follow
with a heavy  black mustache and  mei      is OS
a tremendous gall .truck tl-e Pay ; [^ ^00 8H   &    iGVeSClLie
Roll Centre with the object of slut'-, '
ling some claims  ho held in East    '  '    '       ' '      '    ' '   '.' ~~~"
Kootenay.    The   stranger was of a. A   |    V*>> C3,T A<
voluble turn of  tongue ami he im-        Jp ^tL/J^£»^«»e
mensely tickled the old-timers
with stories of liis great bonanza
—with which ho regaled all  and
nil-:  pioSeer
onrl Tl
—with winch in- rcgaiea an  ana  y   • -»   tt"\ r^ j
sundry who had   nerve to plant I | tlJfQVXT   QYlfl    b  * fQ V    NT,
llliwntlll. ,„„,,,,,_, t01 D ,,;rui.,|i.ilvul j alia JL/icij  ut
c tables
Willi  each   succeeding   quencher
Freighting. Packing and
Teaming a Specialty    •
Capital Author '   i. I
I    pital   i lid ni-   -   8.000.900
Uest   -      -      -    3,000,000
his El Dora.!n arose by leaps and
bounds, and ere long his stowing
capacity was threelKoops up. The
little fellow produced from various
corners ol his apparel Borne wonderful specimens t f quartz, and it
was not to be wondered at that in
ii short tiim' Beveral of tho more
likely chunks were minus. indeed, the Imys who were about to
consummate a bluff, were acting in
accordance with their id
honesty. It was suggested by one
well-known practical joker that an
immediate purchaser could In-
corralled, so with this object an
adjournment was made to mature
the plan of procedure. Accordingly, l.y reason of his of
countenance ami a Bacrcd regard
f- r truth, Ed. Bell was selected as
the bloated capitalist. Half an
hour later he appeared on tli.'
scene in regulation yellow leggings,
a Bplendid array of shirt front, a
replica of the Kohinoor Becurely
cl pped to us handsome a cravat
as ever came out of Sam's emporium, a brand new Stetson, a huge
Btock ni swagger, and the crown-
ing touch added by the insertion
(glued un) of a monocle. |Ootsi
The smoking  room   of a  hotel
was soon converted into the tent- —
porary   office   of   the   man   with j     V. M. W«Stfall & Co
money* to burn,   ami meanwhile
the little fellow  with tho claims to
sell was being well primed with
lubricators ami information as t..
Saddle, Pack and Cartage Horse* Always for Hue
Dally st;'...i> le ives   Beaton :;t 12 o'clock lor rgnson and Cnrabomo
Leaves Ferguson, via Troul 1...'    for !'■ uton at 7 a.m.
Branch Stuhles at Trout Lake. Beaton, Ferguson and Camborne
Trout Like, 11.' C.     anil Ferguson.
.ii'o.s. MoCnrter. J. A.Harvey
A. M.   rinltliiiin.
Branoh'Mlt.'i'S  ul uolden. Keiulo anl-'oit
Steele, Ii, 0.
oltorafor Imporlnl Hunk of Ciuiuda.
B. A .  L.L.S.
A full line   of Choice Stationery
Just Received,
School supplies, PRorniETARY Medicinete,
toilet articles, Etc.  Prescription worh
Ri'V.'Uioko Station.
n. C.
..LHsriL .. .i:«k     ul     unnnlafnl"
B   J
Head Office:
Branches in tho JJorlhwost Ti -. I ■ ■'■ •    h Colunibia, Manitoba,
Ont.ii 10 in 1 Quebec.
T. K. MERRITT, President. D. R. WILKIE  Vice 1
K.llAi    Vssistant Oen. Manager,      \V. MOFI IT, Chief Inspetrt-
Trou i     l.nke,     I'*.
Savings Den
Hold available In all pnrU i
1,'nltoil, s and Bum)
Hp. .• al ntti'iii.i.ii given to "i'.' iiml
Mtiilua Bi u :-.
i   j|    Ii«nkin<    l!u<lne«»    TimimcIciI.
- received and intersat all,.wed.
i;.i;.r,l S|.,rv. l-'llll l.lnp
of I ,uiii^it Gofata, Kruita
in aeamn. Hlg oaaortnisnt
..i smoksra* 8nppU< a,
i ifflno ..nil.- liiit lii'ii.i Telephone ('<>
Best Hotel in Town,
Heaflprteni For Minium autl Csmmsrcial Mei
AccorvirvioDATiorNjs are:  first class.
W.   Abrahamson
Job Printing at TiTe
Mining Review	
s ■
- '    An.till,-. -_. -■r'v . _
IR0DT LAke B. 0.       VJ«    -^    X>ClLJLHJ   FUSE AND CAPS.
ooKod after.
Agent for ll.'liiizniiin'K ri:.i.»«
Mining Brokers,
Minim: I'll.' .in." l',p|viii.'il im.
Mm, - ..ii'l I'l'.'ii. < l> lluiiaiit and s.,li|,
MIiiiiii: l',..| UUtarforNon-Hcal
.   .   .   :• .   .   .
Post Office Block.
Main Street.
.     .. vC- vtt.rj?
the best method   of approaching jfijSjS},IIlfV«£' I. ike. H. C
financier Bell. The fun was waxing fust niitl furious and n few
mi nit"-; later Baw the buyer and
seller oloHoted together.   The tabh   ,   ,,    .-■,. „
 I «.i Mlvcr
was strewn with maps, forms oflfinldnnd Silvi
agreement, hills ol Bale, one or two ,""'.' n
old copies of the Review, and care- z
losaly   hanging   frop   Ed's coat
pocket whs a pad of yellow  Imperial  liniik  blanks.    The jokers|
in lhe know had ensconced their
bodiesat every conceivabl   point
of vantage to watch the fun, and
they had the opportunity  of wit-
uessiiig one of the  smartasl pii •   -
of financial engineeritig they ever j
heard or read df.   The little fellow,
in spite ol the smothered gif
from   iii^idi'   and  outside of   thi
apartment, had not caught onto
the bluff, and it was an  event of ti
lifetime for him.    II. al for
b $10,000 ii       . ,-h  paymi nt, hit)
. tttually    tin     .ii'.:        •-    pui
through for $7,060 Imnn iliato ensli,
Ihe odd  *'.n  k-ing added   by I
buyer  i«. treat   tho  hwys.    1 hoqe
who I>:.«I . \.i.,-'i.|   1. | |,, [|,,w ,il
this   particular jttm in       I   .■■
hasty retrial, and the little fellow {
armed with  the  two eherjm    proceeded to the Btreel   mid calh .1 in
everybody within h dl ..f his vo
Th" r"iiniiti(lir of   the  episode ' .,,i
well he imagined and^lnc-feeling*
of  tho  sltiffcr ran  bo understood
when on   presenting his lately . i
qtli red ehei|iir for   If ."ill   he u.i.- to   i
to "tgi t I.. [lades out <.f it."    'I Ii
liltle fellow  wiili   the  Id nk  iiins-j
ttiehe ;ue|_ the   bpj   ;-i How   I
was   fount!   half    an    hour   ai
wiir.l« sitting no tl,,   nidi walk   in
the cold. (i.Ill  snow,  and tho wild
look On hit   'li;i.l -in.l|. nt-'l
was tliinkiiij! very hartl  tl :;
" dapitalial i," nnd tl        f
.on in .
* Hosa^iinj m
  i 'i
  |1 50
S   SHANNI '-',  •-'■ iyer
Packina and   Fer*uson packing-:
And Builder.
Owner of thc Abraham-
son Addition to thc
Get a Rome
l-'oi   Yourself.
Doi\'t Pay
Rent -^
Provincial Laud Surveyor,
Mineral Claims Snrveyril
and Crown Orants Ohtalnod .■•
i:>-i,i.-ihi   Next Kecord Ofltei
I r.»it l.iki . II ('.
Hotel and
Cencral Store
; '
B   C
© K
Sarbei* Sbop
i un a
(loud Shave or Hair Cut
. . i. i . • -
William Schnell,
L'L'Dnl'uil\ I   ;    . .
I I I'l.l
1(1.1   I   i AK I.
Hot and Cold Paths
Transfer   Outfit.
■     tracts cntciad into for packing of Mining RoppIfeaT, etc.
to an'- point in the .liMrirt.
'     !, prompt service, and any work ondartaken giiarnntii-d
Ml -ni  i'.iv.
Ferguson.     s. Daney, prop. I
.- .-■
.--. -._>b...
A. It. II1.VI.AM>.
Mia -nil Claims Surveyed
W. H. Jones,
Loose   I • af   Hinder!.,   Flos  Job
Watch npniriiij..   «t• .     All   »   rl
(iu i     tec 1.
OiidfeiteBW, Ti-.ut Lnke.B.O
Foil Isvi--IMI >I    AM"    PrOTECTIOM
Rcvblsjtoui    ami    Trout Lakk
Value shodd bo your guide when buying
I Vaster
D<2Corat< )r
Goods.   :-: Best Values.
Entire Satisfaction.
Can Al'yhfdya be found ^t
«   •:     •
F. B. Wells,
VuASI I      WUCES     l>All)
F. A. Newton
Rosslnnd, •    B.
Member RottlaN Stock tachanH
If you have LurdcauM    KB Wl


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