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Lardeau Mining Review 1906-04-12

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lias :i larger eireu-
lation man any
Newspaper in N.
Kootenay. Boat Ad*
,, liming    llll'iliuill.
>iV. /'
7*-'roR\Ac --
Tlie representative
the rich Lar.l.nii
country. Sent to
any address for $'2
per nn. in advance.
TROUT LAKI: CITY, B.C., April 12, no6
J ,. WIUIE, P.L.S.
Provincial I.mid Surveyor,
Mlns/al Claims Snrveyed
and Crown (Irants Obtained
,,,,    n,._| li,r,...|.illlee, 	
I imil 1. .I-.   II I'.
Bcatonites Kick.
The residents _ of Ueaton nre
wondering when Bill Galliher will
se. .1 back that " mud hen " to
complete dredging the channel to
Benton, They dredged a piece at
iuch enil of Hie eiiiiniel leaving CANYON CRKKK
Iho   middle   portion      This  heing
.   He.    rl.-r. '
siii.K'lTOUs, Km,
:..< Iiii|h*-IuI 1 .ml. 111 .'nii.iiIii.
UKI»     0.      KLLIOTT,
- 1t1.lt*. ETC.
,:,k.', B.C.
A. Ihirv.} j lhe ciifie the work is of no praetii'ill
j iihe until lhe obstructing groltnd is
removed,   L'uiiiborne Miner.
Wi!l Celebrate.
The I.i; (i F. will  cell hi.i'e their
R7lh anniversary ofl  lhe 2iit.li of'
April.   Service will be held on lhe
29lh nl the Meth.iilisl . Imreh.
and Fcrgil-011.
aasa^iinj *
- Iwr...
I Silver.
I   .    mil head
'   "
.tl Ml
2 •ill
FOR HALE —Cottage and 2 lots
Qood location,    Apply,
.1. It. Hamii
Hour ley Pianos are high priced,
hut 11..ith their price      What if n
 i 1 .in
SHANNON,  ^.ssayer
Trout Luke. 1? C
1 no Gourlay piano docs coal a few dol-
lars more ?    Vou get vour money's
N-«. 80.
A P.  ft AM
3rd   Tliorsday each
Iielhreli I'.iriliiil'v lllVlted.
-.,   Ki' OwipbelLW.M,
The   slevclopineiil    done on  lhe
Grand sologreap 'usl season ivos
productive id good results. The
group consists of le n claims and is
owned I.y Tony Lindgn n and Ni Is
Hi iliii. It is situated nt tin.'lien.1
of Canyon ricek in nlose proximity
to the will Iciibwii I'i ilii and Linson View properth • 1 p to date
the development  wo 1;  i*bn lists of
Seven Foot. Pay Shoot*.
Tiie drifts on tha Silver Dal hi 1
me n.iiv in 100 fee' on either sidi
of the crosscut iniiiiel. Tticy an
seven feet wide, the  pay shoot be-j ""**'
ing the full "i'i lil of th- .1 lifts, I he j 	
wail of the vein  Fhowing on both OLD-TIMER HAS SOME'J
sides,   The vein Is free quarl z eon
laiiiing a large amount of iron an.
hunches nf  likely  looklno __ena. 'EA1 •- ENEMJ
Clng gali no
ore  1-   OCing   |'l ri" 'I   on   the
A, linl.ui.-. the   ii.iii.:i;" r, i- verv
pi' .1-' il 11 ith il e nppi sin nee oi tin
prO|iOI ly riiel    I. .    cl   ir.id I  of the
ore,  and  feels   r-nti-lied  thai mill
li' .Im.Tit will   yield   v.iln. - in ad*
v.11,1 ■■■ nl pn -1 m ca oulatlont. 'I be
snow is rapidly distip, earing from
ihe trail, no.I l.e ' >.\ ects tc be
hauling the mill machinery to Ihe
property in a m nth from now.
Some repairs uiii   have to be done
un   iln'   trail   I" torn   11
in..' hiie 1 \ i- i ii nm 11    1
1 aki:   i.ui'i.i:
Ml. 11
l. O.O.F
lli'llllllir liii.'l!lir« Il.lllll.
_»        llil.'h li"«V     Hull    .1,11
lie...(.i>  "Itlil ut   *
..vi... k      .1-11.lie  ..r.i'.h-
,-r. ..i,r.ll.lll>  Wf l.rulnc.
1". M.HIi,(,luril. Htt.
urns & Co
rs i 11 jrll kiti'lii of I'"rt-i*h Mi 1.1
B. Wells
1EVEL8TOKB, 11 0,
Worth Vou obtain it in extra
durability—years more of service
provided for hy the oott'inetsof
its construction ; and  you obtain
it   in   it.-   daily   use- your delight
linl    pl.rislire    ill    it-    excel, tlomil      ,
.' ,,. ' mnl .lep'h of ah
011..I  beauty,    We  mint   you   lo
ne a (J our I ay.
drifting on the led.' ■ 125 fit, nn.l
the showings air- bly line
I he ledge in four f. el in W idth an.I
has a paystreak "f 22 inches oi
■ juart/. and grey 1
The face of the ■: li 1 ■  a ver-
pth of nl,    •   |i 1 feet, ni..!
the \ sltieS   ohtilii 1   .   from Mintlll -
taken   there  ita, .■' 111   -
-ilver   nnd   17   pi r   cent   .'up' 1 1.
tl.e   County Court   of  W.st There is _ streak of four im
Kooienay holden   at   Trout Kr,.v , ,,.,.,-r ranni   ■   150Q ounees
Lake      T.. Km.-1   Augustus >ilvrr iinj 12 ,,c.r unl ,,,,,,,,
Baker, of Arrowhead, B.C. [t lathe Intenlioi ol th. owners
Take notice, thai a plaint has to n some work at an early dale,
been entered and a summons issued |n feet as soon ai 1 ok horseecan
against J»U In lhe above Comity l)e tult,.n ovt,r ,;,. ,..,,!. g
C.iirt I.y O'.l.ii Clemens, ol .„„., (;{ high-grade ore hat been
Nakur-p. I'.. r. for tho sum of $807. 8iU._,.,i. The groat neeJ of this
W, for cash lent, and for money ,,Hrtieu'ar loeality is n trai from
paid hv the plaintiff for the defend* ,|,r ,or_s 0f tn*. ,,..,, _
ant, and an order has been made Gerard, the present tra    1    ig the
1 »t the publication ol anotii f mountain side being both n hard
the entry  of  su.li  p'aint   in  the and costly one to pa.-k ....•!. ■
Urdeau Minim*  jtqview, a  news- „itating as it doe,   th   Irn
paper  publislicd  at   Trout   Lake, tion   of   horses   n: 1   sunpltei   ly
B.C. oneea week  for four e..ns."  steamer lo the  Liuson  View land-
.iitivi   weeks,   hill be deemed t.. '"i1; ,    ,
.... .       ,      t an von  creek   1- Blue
l„. good and M.ih.'..'.it   rerviee ol pt|| of- lhp , _rA.all
tl.eMi11111101iBUpo11v1.11. ',.,„„   w„.i,  tu  week   tn
to  enter a -..mie ot the meritorious  |
Al I', trial if tho • responsible
for tli- " running out " ol the
ChlrrameD from Pent cton recently,
• x 11,.1. am ing 1!." prominent instigator! if the disturbance
' wei v, iili  intimidati in.
1 in.   nun   waa  acquitli d  but the
I to a tine of
t thirty days' impris inment
man   paid   his  ii: e, but   the
other   f'.u     1 .        . wen-
■ i n w.-el: in which !•    1 ay tin-
m -y, chose   imprisonment   and
■  t.. K am lop us    Feeling
in i - r Ol i-   HtlOllgly in favor
ol Ihe nun. who havo refused offers
to have lift Bnen  paid anil 11.-«-1 ;.•
j iii to mark th.-ir s. ns*. of in*
ju-ii • ■'.l"ii • lo thorn. Tbaorowd
che 1  .1." prisoners  si .! hissed
To   the   K'liior  of  the   Lardeau
Mining Review.
Vol     Wl"
allow me p.wee in
your :.a;er. I would like losav a
tew words on th mdifron ..t tiio
Lardeau.    We claim to have thei here that wUI justify tlie  putting
richest and best  minora! resources in of tramways and mining mnch-
..f ni y section of its sire in British
nbia.    We  have as good ami
healthy a climajie as anyone could
wish t.> live in,    We have transportation ri,_lit at our  door?, then
why is that the  Lardeau does not
go alien.1 faster limn what  it .In.-.
I   would   like   1.1   hear from other
men  inii rested    in   tlie   Lard au
. . i ■   r paper, for a bat help.
11 sit 1 1 elp us hi.
We 1..iv found ..ut bi experience
th-it stni'k incorporationsuredoing
inery eo we can handle our low*
1_r:iUn oris as well as our hi^h
grade ore.
I Viou'.l lik" to ask. t'.rr>u«li
your paper, and have them answer
the same, that is. the Placer mining outfit operating juat above
Trout Lake, 'why is it that they
have not made a success '.' Is it
tbat they have their sluice boxes
at Spokane and are trying to make
their clean-up there '.' or is it poor
management at this end '.'    It has
No. 24.
.'ire sooner we got logether and le' I wrr^-jti'^wtjs*^
ibee-men know that wc mv .m i..||    Local and General.
them an.l give them a free pass oui "■
of tho country ; tho sooner we get
down lo facts iiml show men with
capital lhal we have a safe Investment for tl.em, thu  better wu  will
all be off nml capital will roll i.i of
1 - oh n accord.
The sooner wo get to working
along these lines ihe sooner we
will see lhe  Lar.lean move to the
front. But We have i;ot to j;el
tramways and miuine machinery
10 make this euiiiilry a success, for
I don't hesitate to s iy that if we
can get experienced mining men
1 me iii ami show them what ive
have on the surface nn.l what we
have in prospects that have been
developed properly, but will admit
that there are plenty of prospects
Dan McLennan left 011 Monday
for a trip to the Northwest. Dun
has already secured some fine
ranch land clo«e lo Saskatoon
along with his old Olengarry
O. A. Smith, representing ft. A.
Morris of Vancouver, was a visitor
this week.
<h. last Sfrlurday night a number of the younjr as well as old
people gathered at the residence of
Mrs, A. B. Fowler, on Lardeau
street to congratulate Mrs. Fowler
on the anniversary of her making
her appearance on this mundane
sphere. Cards, games and refreshments were the order, and all
thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
Dunk Stewart is mine host ot
the Windsor in the absence of
Daniel Roderick.
We learn on good authority that
K. C. Ilamble, government engineer, will recommend an expenditure of $.">00 on the river bank.
Tims. Leavall, of the Placer Co.,
left on Monday for Spokane.     Mr.
as more harm-than _ I. for they  ,„.,.„  proven  that there ia plenty IBa*11   w"[. have ^'^ of   the
i,,,.   ,    _  ,,,,,,   ,!,.   ,. ,,„,,..;   ,     ,,  ., , 1*   work until his return
line   been   working  tins country 10f »0i,j there,  ami no reason why
ior the last six n seven vears ami j jt should not be a Buccess
have   been   doin
You   are
dispute note within eight 'lays
from the -7th day of   April.   l'.HHi,
beiii;; the date of tha last publication of ibis notice, at lhe Ih "(is*
trar's Office at Trout Lake.   It.  C
ami if  y.ni  il t ■*> enter  tnich
dispute   note, judgment may   be
situated them.
Standing  of    pil| •. nioi
elaaaea ol Troul   L ike w hw
tiio month of March 1
Jr. .'lid    C V 1   "!   157, E Ab*
^|. PI ■ .-I.I, ill.
ruhniiisnn 118,   I'  M. : 1 ' rson
signed sgaiust vou and the plain-' K. Atherlnn M, T^John*
1 iff may pro d to execution
Sr.   Ilr.l—N.    Vip.n.l    198,   C
Haner 187, W. Join stoi  * 1
Sr   lib.    U     M'l 110   '
p. C. CAMPBELL VTpond IM, U   M n 109, M.
Kraser UMI. A. Murray "fl
Sr. 5th.    A.   McPherson KW, G
Met'heraon 881.
Dated Ibis 39th day nf  March
Approved, T.M I!. A-t  Renielrar,
Nelaon, IL C.
The citlicns . f  Kaslo have or*
.1 for il'.-ir nwuual celebra-
tii 11 mi   May '_4111.    Committees
hnve be. 11   appointed and every
■  will  !•"  n 1 ' make the
1   . ; ropost'!  program   ■ i i inii c folio iiiely.
I R .ir
.'.ilnll.i "i.                  le ami Iii. men's
-I oris, ..1 •!  ii   is the belii f «.f ibe
-   lh.it tin v will
be able t. furnish a most attrai
ai in.              -    The citizen's I
will il o prove one of t!i" gn at at-
tractions oi ilu   day and  it  i • in-
I tn keep  ' ne of the
- ope 1 all  d iy  with   mn ic in
ritti uihuiiv. which will in itself be
rce .'f le i ■ i'i  lo all visitors
on Vio'oria Day.
mostly 011 i'..i"';
.•ml of iii.- I.i.e. St,.■'.: corpora-
ire 1 1 1 ...1. n .■ 1..1 1 mi in a
legitimate and honest way, but if
not they should dealt with accords
ing to law f"r getting money under
false preti ni 1 s. For instance,
takin_ rami ol lhe stock coronations which have operated here.
Buying a prospect for a few ban*
.Ired dollars and going back east
If the
tlien    mining j |,P()ple who  have   bold   of it don't
at   the other I make it a success it will be another
black eye to   the country, and not
the  fault of  the   country   either.
Anther outfit 1 would like to bear
 ,1    , ,, , ... ciuUon of Kaslo e efforts along this
1101 tiny .-in.ul.l dealt witn :ro.nl-  from,  through   vour  paper, is the ,. ,. ,.    ,,       7
.,.   ., .r.        , * line hv sending a lug delegation to.
MiwiniU   (.omp.iny.      Ibev   have , • 5. .  •        . .,
. ;, ,     . , „ .  .' , participate on 14th Mav.   It would
spent •hoiiMiml-of dollars here, '."t ' r . :        , ,
,,  ,     ,   ,      ' .. .nc.urage a return visit  and be a
the   country would   be   better  uii , . . T  ,
.... , big tactor  in  our success on July
lo-day had they   never come her;.;    " '
Why is it '.'     It is not the fau t of    > ' 	
the country; there is something j     KJ   vipond,  Sid Graham. Bert
The Trout Lake people have de-
oided to have their Big Sports day
on 1st July under the auspices ol
the Fire Brigade. It would be a
good chance for ub to show appre-
niiii Mili.,_ shares on the strength rauieally wrong some place, and Fowler and the Nova Scotia Herring will resume work on the Noble
Five at an early date.
Garden and   Vegetable
Onion Setts
Trout Lake
nf a big assay ; a glittering* piece
of galena and an exaggerated report made up by some lumberjack
who Ihey have hired as a foreman.
They don't intend t.. 'nine at liii-
end :i - long as tin y can sell share*
and work the pay chute at tbe
other end < i the line and stick lhe
money in their pockets.   Tbe man
ub.. inv.r-ts  bis ;: 1 money  In
shares, ■ 1 for two 01
years, and then begins t.
w..i..1. r why he .iocs not gol somi
returns for his money, no maltei
l.o.i '_iii.ia prosj ect the company
Tii.1- ■ shares are not worth
tho paper they are written on if
the money taken in for ti.. -■
share- is nol spent on the property
.unl spent properly.
Evi iy 1 T..|ir 1 ty or prospect in
tb 1.ir.h. which has had a fail
-bow has made a record for iua If.
T.r e f ir im lai c - thu 1 roadvu »,
which was turned down and abandoned by the Home-Payne company a number ol y< irs sge*—a
company which operated and spent
tie uaands of dollars in difft rent
p.His of Uritiih Culumbia, i ul
never spent it proper'v. Tin men
uf Tn.ut Lake, pi incipallj i u*i
men an.l men Interested in the
.unl'..ny lo.'r. hold of ii i.ist Nov -
ember, put men 11 ith level heads
in .'In i.e . 1 lhe work, and they
have been working il ever sine.' at
A gang of Trout Lakers left on
Monday for Gerard, where they
will work on the const ruction of
the new sawmill
the sooner we «et te the bottom of
these things and show ibe outside
that it is not the fiult of the con 11 -
try, lhe sooner the Lardeau wi'l
will wake Up and come to the front.
Iacob S. hmitt.
Trout Lake. DC, April 10, 1908.
It Advertises. Sipiire Mobbs, of Gerard, is im-
The following item is taken from I proving his place of business to
the Nelson News under the heading of " Noteworthy activities  In
tho Kootenays," and demonstrates
t'.iat the  Lardeau is being closely
watched.    It  is. however, a Trout
Luke syndicate and not a   Rosa-
land one which has con trot:
"Oncol the Trout Lake mines,
the Broadview, owned principal!)
by  a  Rossland syndicate, is ship*
piu^ appreciably and  with - mi
success.    There arc a e.reat many
other mines in the  Lardeau which
will bear opening up and shipping
aa soon as belter facilities have
been  provided.    'Iho  Broadview,
although one of the latest to assume prominence, is likely to be*
come   1  well-known  figure  at  a
later date."
Pledge Fulfilled.
Rossland mine owner.' have
tnnilc liieir pledges good which
they give to lbs Miners' Union
on the occasion of the strike sun..
The Ollly salisfae-
u   nice   linl" profit eveu though hvo years og<
working at a diaadvantagi : boiat- -ion ohtained by the union nt the
iji^  their ore with a   whip and termination of the war wat a pir-
horae, sorting il  ou top with cold wise on the part of the mine own*
liie.'.r-, and  rawhidin*  down   to or; that the shovellers would be
ii.iii-,... 1 itioi .     These  m. n  went given
i 1 « ill.   a  il.'tei-iniii 11 imi   lo mak
handle*the increased trade caused
by the construction of the mill,
lie has purchased the building last
occupied by Billy Schmock. and is
lilting it up like a palace so as tn
enable the men to sleep like
princes The squire is a hotel msn
par excellence, and his patrons are
living on the phat of the land.
P. C. Gamble, government en-
gineer, came up on Monday's boat
for the purpose of examining the
river bank opposite the Recording
office. The bank here has been
washed away during the last two
ins about forty feet, and at
present there is great danger during high water of the rivet working a new channel from that point
down through the centre of Iho
town. O. \V. Ahrabauison and J.
0. Murray met Mr. 1ia1.1l.le and
piloted him over the danger point.
lie promised to report the facts to
the Hon. Commissioner of Lands
and Works at once. -The estimated cost of the protecting work
male by Surveyor 0. H. N. Wilkie
at the instance of lhe Trades'Com.
mit tee is 91000.
,1 .,!..: eotnil that Ihey 1 ut
in on ihe start, and this spllng
they in. o.i Iho rood lo success,
Just si\ months, ivhero -lock corporations have  worked r-i\  years
ami haven't .lone ns niueli.    Then'
ni*ieased   pay   as   soon   es
•** .
conditions warranted  it.    While
noi depreciating tho spirit in which
the rise is given, it is saul ihat a
difficulty is experienced in retaining competent "muckers," us it
was the custom fo1' these men ns
soon as Ibev fell safe of their
U'oilnil to   leave for  other mining
Fraser has got 111 this week
onion setts, vegetable and garden
seeds, (lowering bulbs, clover,
Timothy, and Garden City lawn
gra**'     .. 	
A number of men are leaving
for lhe Beatrice mine to rcsunio
operation*, says   the   Camborne
creased pa}'.    <treat satisfaction is. dux's'  pay.    The  contractors  who
however, fell by tlm Miners' l'ni 11  i»i"V" been working In the mine for
„t   the  fulfilment of the ,l;"   ■?»■*__?_»  nio.uh^ didexeep-
The ni"ii hnve received a
are  a hundred other prosp. cl
this district ju-i as good and bettei  «
surface showing  lhan  the Bioad
view   J.VM   viaiti'g   for    met!   with
capital and level beads to ope,, officials at the fulfilment of   he (. Jt     ^ ^ wh,ohhM<&
,!„,,, up. ' '; ld«.      ln",m"" havo rece,v<'"1 ■'  n.on.-trated beyond doubt that tho
Another thing fiat it holding
the 1.1 lilt :l VI b ick   Is tli il tli.i'i' are
men here that are too handy wilh
their little hammers because they
haven't got brains enough to make
a dollar.   Thev don t want to see
ns. '■; .■: • n .i.n
Ih-uIi ice is, a rich property, and a
big one at that.
li'b our town grow " is set n ~~
Archio McDonald returned from
is' in a
c result
Trout Lake people is that they get 0{  nn  accident  from which  he i»
t           ..    ;.,  .,„„_,.,„o,u knnaii,,,. Arc mo nicuoiia tl reiurne
freuueiitlv in newspapers boosting ....              „r                ,,
1        •           „„             ,.    .,     , Midway on Monday,    lie  i
up their town.    Ihe peculiarity of rathcr wcak  oonditlOB,  the
[ their    neighbor   wake   anything. \ to work and make it grow.
By Martha
Willie, ma
CbpyrfpM, i^1': !'« '■'   ■ D""*''"*
Mary-Cindy swung down the line,
waving ami weaving, tier bands ns
bigii ns tier beat, nil the while chant-
lag with the rest:
"Whirl   about   nml   wheel   about,   Hone
Betsy Llnal . _ ,
Wheel about and twirl  .   iut, Ho-sa Bet-
_wlri -bcX wh'lri  about,  Ro-sa  Bet*sy
Ll-nal , .       ,„
I want you for my d-u-r-1-l-n-g.
Her chanting wns thin nn.l sweet, n
fine thread of melody tlirougb the
ramping, romping chorus, whirl, the
rhythmic footfalls, heavy »r light, accented Into something weird, almost
barbaric. Tho motion, too, bad a touch
of primitive savttgerj ' "as s0 fr,v'
mi unrestrained, so vlvl   s vital.
The n.w of playei       n nil the big
room's length, men o     -nl.'.  wi in
the other, «.ii, H"' I ; ' ''""I'1'' ever
changing ns those wl . u id stood head
swung down the middle together, then
separated, meeting and parting nml
swinging ns thej met up the si.les
again. The play was bo more than a
reel, lucking only Hie piping or the
Oddllng. lint good Mrs. Dowdell, who
held dancing a ileadly -in. stood by
looking ou happily nn.l laughing heart-
iiy at the antics nml shufflings of the
more vigorous players.
Mnry-1'iiidy's fool was ns light as
thistledown. Her mother thought proudly how clumsy she made the other girls
look, unintentionally, of course Mary-
Cindy would nut think of willfully outshining them thus iu her owu house at
ber very first party.
Mrs. Dowdell had been doubtful over
lhe party. Now she was very glad she
had let Mary Cindy have her way. The
trouble bad been nothing to speak of,
nnd ns fnr tbe expense well, she reck-
Dne.l she could call In the neighborhood
young folk to feast uml frolic this one
night without aaklng anybody's leave.
\\Tint If she bad not quite paid back all
the money she bad to borrow when ber
husband died? She owed it to her
brother, a bachelor, and ns fond ns be
rould be of Mary-Cindy, Certainly be
wouldn't make her trouble. As for
other folks, let them saj what they
Thus the good dame said to herself
openly iu her upper mind. Down beneath she felt Hun il' : rty was worth
while because it had br ight young KI
lerton again within rai - • of Mary-Cln
dy's eyes. He bad sei I struck with
her ut the big meeting, now six weeks
buck, but had somehow not come to
rull, ns she had confld. ntlj expected be
would. But nobody could say she had
run after htm. II - ng «:is, after
a sort, accidental si i I. id but said to
Jack Edwards thai be might (etch
whatever young men i." chose, nn.l
Jack hud chosen I i erton.
EUerton bsd Insl . being Ma
ry-Cindy's partner In all tbe plays. He
bad said, too, he .' ng n> make
her t.ike liini in t - so as to be
sure of getting n full -
things, ah night be I
lug nn.l as full of prim
out of school.   He Imi
clous enough to drag M
self Into oue play—for n single round,
of course—aud he bad fallen lulu the
way of culling  her  M     my   Dowdell,
»s  did nil  the other boys,  whom she
hud about bait brongl tup
"Ain't he a guy one?   1 wonder how
bis wife'd  liko It ef
carryln's on!"  Pamel
Mrs.  Dowdeli'a ear,
■poke toward Ellertoi
Pauieln,  tul]  mnl t\
very pretty.    Now, nt thirty, thinning.
fading, wilh her soul [e,      e was
ipiteful withal, a gon , the lir-t water. But Mrs. Dtfwdell wns a match
for ber.
"Nobody's wife has -.- ■ nny call to
mind her busband's beln' at my I se,
pi.i iy or no party." she told, wiih h.-r
easiest smile "But i belli re In beln'
keerful, Thafs why t i ,1,1 Prank El
lerton he'd have to pul up mostly «Ith
Mary Cindy tonight. I wouldn't have
blm beautn1 around II i other gals I
knowed Mary (3ndy 'd keep htm out «.'
Pamela's Jnw dropped, "i.n, I
thought y..u didn't 1 n ao more'n
the i..si:'' she ei... ul
■iu-1 Ui"ii the rush •     upper swept
in-r  away  supper  wl   ',   meat •
roast imi.e.. b irbei  1 ,
of cake nml live of      tart, Dot to
■ hut coffee and br     . fruit
1'    dell Iiml stinted Doi     _. but -
how ns she glanced ui    at doi
long table siie bad ->: ■   "1 such housewifely pride It Keen,"; • 1 her suddenly
to bold naught but .: . t and ubea
She bad lied bravelj  1 1 Pamela.   It
Was Its only thing to d 1 if she would
save her child from Pamela's nerd
tongue, ii.r heart weni down, down
us she looked to the f.: ■■;• end of the
room nm] snw Mary On ly with cheeks
like damask roses and starry eyes
laughing nt sometl ■ g EUerton
bnd said, then suddenly .hirting away
from blm to greet n late airival
"You don't deserve a howdy nor n
crumb of supper, you horrid Belly
Slowpoke," she si 1 ' tbi newcomer,
witii n smile thai took all sting from
the words. "Vou tried your besl to
slight my party, but 3 m couldn't" she
went on. "Don't try to make excuses,
I know."
"My excuse made Itself It's within'
for us OUtSlde,"  B rj  said  very
low   iis   he   spoke.   Stepping   l.elv. eeii
Mary-Cindy  sad   the  r. I     "i   wist,
you'd come und see it," I,, went on. "I
found   It  In  lhe road,  nin]   whril  In dn
with ii beats me plumb .'.ml clean*."
"Whmv win, is it?'' Mary-Cindy
whispered ns Billy half dragged bet
toward a seated figure in the deserted
big I'.'.m. "Vou nu," 1: iij- whispered
back.   "All 1 know Is Ifi somebody
ho,nin' Up lunik Blleiton- si.niebndy
Hint hud got ItUCk ,n lhe mud dOWTJ
Ibis side the creek, 'lhe buggy mie
■-, nn.l WS Im.I 11 time r.pllein' It"
"Vou siiid WS should (ind my bus-
In.nil. Where Is I11V" lhe llgine di
minuted, rising up nnd turning to taci
Ihe pair. "Mr. lillertun, I inenii. Till
blm to come at OllOi "
■'I'hll blm!"  Mury-i nnly said,  wheel
Ing   Upon   Billy,     She   wns   white   :unl
trembling, hut her voice rung clear,
The stranger girl looked at her curiously with eyes full ot dancing llgl ts
lights that unit.In.1 well the wavery
color In ber cheeks, Hut she sni.l nothing until Hilly came back with young
EUerton, who started at sl| bl of her,
ye! evidently not in dismay, lie caught
both her bauds nnd looked down nt
her with 11 Working face, his eyes risking questions his lips could m.i frame.
"PrauU!   Oil, Prank!   it's nil right—
we're    friends   imam   and    free!"    the
Stranger cried Joyously, Dluglug ber
arms about his neck nml bugging him
tight. "And I'm so glad I almost love
you." she went  on.    "They   wanted  IO
send for you—said I ought to wait until
you came, hut you know 1 bate waiting. I simply hud to .oiiie nnd tell you
the good news."
"You darling Edith," Frank said affectionately,  pattlllg hel' .heel..     Tl.i'h
he turned to ihe wondering pair b. ■ le
hin, nml explained, itlll keeping h ild of
Edith's hand. "We've bad fearful trouble, all tor nothing v<>,, see. we g'.t
married in n Joke aot in tbe lea il
meaning to da it two years back.
When we found OUl we were tied hard
iiiiii fast our pe .pie. wh 1 were delight
ed to hnve ns lie I, tried bard n. per
simile di Into accepting the situation.
All we would agree to wns to wall
awhile, n year or such matter, before
undertaking to set oui lelvi 9 free. Hut
the linger we though I of the tie the
less we liked being bound, although we
kept on being tbe best possible friends.
Ami then there came a time when we
both found 11111 things thing; about
ourselves and other people, We didn't
want n di."i.e 1 li.l.-, d, we couldn't
well get it. Annul,milt wns hardly
practicable, so we were at our wits'
end. And then 11 blessed lawyer dug
out the chance of Jactitation of marriage, and somehow he has carried it
through, ami we're consequently ready
to dance ol en b otli r's wedding "
"Yes," Edith Bald, nodding sad blushing, ih.-n holding 0 it ber band to Mary-
Cindy. "Mine is next week. Vim must
be sure to come.   Will you .1" Iti"
"Certainly she u ll," EUerton answered before Mary Cindy could speak.
"She'll come and be your matron of
honor. Ton know I'm going to be Joe
Bent's besl man."
"I'm   glad   you   hnve   it   nil   settled,"
Mary-i said, running away, but
with a blush that promised all the most
eager lover could ask.
'.     !...«•
:.- of the goo I
I 1 n laugh-
as a boy just
ren been auda-
■ i lowdell her-
■ knowed h.s
ttlckl  sni.l   In
loddlng  as  she
ty, bad I- en
Aceitrdlnu   lo   llir   Letter.
There nre s e lit. 1.1I minded persons wh.. are oever satisfied with the
spirit of the law, but who consider it
accessary to enter Into eompn
with the letter. Of such was un old
citizen of Hopklnton. N. II.. n good
many years ago, and hi*. Juggling with
insolence Is recorded by Mr.
records of the town.
The old man used to boast tbat he
never went back "n his exact word,
but bad do compunctions In going
round it. Once be « ihi 1 to buy a eer-
trect "f load, rimi when tbe owner
Darned the price 1 ■• 1 cell
"I won't give It!   1 tell you 1 win
never give it!"
Tlie owner did Dot yield Devi
A few- days after** ird  the old man
railed again,    Hi | about
the land, bul stepped Into the owner's
barn and picked up „ flail.
"Willi's lh.u'r" be tl
"That?   Ob. that's 1, Hail"
"So y.111 call thai  a  Bait, do you*
Weil, what wmi!.1 ■, for it?"
Tbe owner named a very small sum.
"Now, I'll tell y..u wh il I'll do," con-
I il M man    "I'll give you the
price you mentioned for your land nnd
II,   Ar.i you mustn't forgi I
Salt   It in ri led in the .:
s.   tbe   leg itnent   wns  duly
made 1 and delivered, r
Ing tbe "f n certain tra. t ol
iltnated thus and so bi
ns follows, nml also ,1 Cl
Iii i.liill.uinr,    Mm.|||.Iii_
Mrs. Compton looked nt her patient
but bewildered husband with ,.n ex-
presaion of good nntured superiority.
"Dear mc, Qeorg ' cheerfully.
"I don'l see tbe . (toes.
plain io you, but I'm perfectly willing
"1 did Inten I, as yon say to buy a
kit. hen table, ni..l I came boms wiih n
Imil mirror. I'.nt il was SO absolutely
aataral cbai
"First  1   looked  »t kltcheo tables.
'Iln,1 ihe clerk called my attention to
ll 1 v.. 1. nnd
everything,    '11. how  much
ihey ;        • bureaus, except ih.it
they '■■ 1 ie' showed me
nlie  With  ri   gl| M,   ,'ir,.|   lliil.  he laid  lie
bad -m h 1 pretty bureau if I cared to
r It
"80 I Idol •  lad it ni" pret
ty, but the glass wis rather stniill.   So
then    he    sin."id    III"    11    ill*
w Itb ■ I snlil
■-. !...t ■ lad 11.en ho
■aid, 'If you wool 1 1  et 1 One pie. e of
iw you one of our new
iiiiii mirrors.'
1 of course  Oi yon e:m un-
'.'I tbat when  I  snw that lil-.'llit 1-
fill mimir I  bad  to b:ive It: nn.l  you
know you don't like 1 e i» nm up hills
in new places, rn, 1 1 hadn't enough to
buy n kitebSO table, too, sn   now isn't
It clour'/"— Youth's Companion.
The  Inmll.l.   af  In.Iln
Applying for n posl in the police of
tbi central pruvi,, f India, n native
wrote: "1 id  long equlllne
1. i»i'. pli 1 g ej ■■ bes on n icmy-
globular  fi good  pbj
My fun,lly bus 11 b buy Hint tnl.es my
Pn.'igiii to three pi digress,
wbea my grandfather wns a mllllooer.
Willi tlie vtulcltude iiiiii limes mntler
change nnd mj father wai driven to
lhe Here.spy I     nceepl   :.   s, h',-,llh:|ster
ship, niiiiinteiy he enjoyed bis well
earned pension bj lbs nine i.e gave op
ins gh'i-i   In case my aspirations turn
out  11   reality   I  shrill  ns n  null l.-r  (if
i.e b und 1 • i i"y Ood for your
long lift* nml prosperity."
*<<>t   In   lip   nciirntt-fl.
"Vi■■." nn .1 I Indian lighter wn* any-
Ing. "ih" Blous done something to me
tlm! ihey 10 never do again,"
"What  was Hint?"
"Tiny SCalpt 'I ni.r"
Jealousy Is tho greatest of misfortunes n ml the lesil pitied by those who
en use HP 'i
Tliliitfn   lo   lie   Seen   In
I.llll llll II    I is 111 111 In ll llicllI.
II' the render COD Imagine lhe cure of
every one of the 5,000,000 In 8,000,000
persons living iu London of some ailment or disease he holds Iii Ills mind's
eye  11   Hue   imil,re  of   lhe   vast   work
done by Uuy's hospital since its foundation. The BOUth sen bubble, like ninny
another financial catastrophe, ruined
thousands  of  citizens,   bul   it  ennbled
Thomas Guy, win. sold his Investments
In the stork (o the great advantage of
other people lis well us himself lo
I.n,ml lhe Institution which bears his
name and to restore to health (down to
the present time, over 6,000,000 human
Among the many curiosities exhibited In the famous museum nt Uuy's Is a
large  piece  of  ear.I board   bearing  the
remnants of thirty live pocketknlves,
Which were swallowed by .111 American
sailor. His name was John t'liiunilngs,
and he was admitted to the hospital iu
1823, A small book, containing also
tho manuscript of tbe printed copy,
narrate! the particular! of tbis remark*
ibli ease,  and  it  may  be  perused  by
lhe privileged visitor to (lily's,
ll appears that  Cummlngi  during H
sprat ashore challenged tba feats of a
conjuror who had made s pretense of
swallowing knives, Encouraged by his
drunken comrades, the sailor actually
swallowed uii opened pocketknlte, 10
ihe amasement'of ihe conjuror, Peel
Ing no Immediate pain, he put live other
knives oul of sight iu lhe same way.
Ill tWO yean' time he bad, in lhe course
of his drunken bouts, shown sufficient
bravado to enlarge his Internal armory hy twenty nine additional knives,
When, Hfter his foolishness had brought
liini to tbe hospital nnd subsequent!;
lo his grave, n postmortem exauiiiintli.il
was made the thirty-live knives were
removed from his stoinncli by the amazed surgeons.
These Interesting relies are exhibited
suiong others lu ihe surgical classroom,
whither tlie students return from the
dissecting room to correct their impressions, close by 1s another Interesting
object a glass case containing a number of what appear to be Illuminated
parchments.   The grewsome nature of
these exhibits grows upmi the visitor
when be learns that Hey are limply
patehes of tattooed human skin preserved in -pirits. The inscription upon
each enables one to trine the occupation ami character of tba unfortunate
patient from whom it was taken. One
wns a colored tailor, a native ..f Africa.  (Ill some twelve Square umbos of his
skin is worked an artistic repreienta-
'.   the  most   bl HI ml   plmuaged
birds known In the trnj
iiuy's anatomical wax modeli are
said to be the Unset Iii ihe world.   One
of these is extremely valuable, the h ...
pitai   authorities  bavlug  refused  the
sum i.f £3,000 offered for it by a f .r-
1! celebrity.    It Is nn ub-
Mlotel) p.,-;..! model of the upper ex-
ty  of thi body,  showing every
mUSCltt gland,   vein, nerve uml  I
it took Joseph Towne, a clever demonstrator at Guy's, fully two years to
make it. but Willi him 111 1879 also died
,et i.f the process by Whl, h the
•; ful stru. tion "f Hie human
body was reproduced in wax with iuch
marvel..us r '    .dot Standard.
Then his Rheumatism and other pains
Vanished    Once    and   for   all—His
Case One of   Many.
Barwick, Out,, Apr, :',    (Special).—
Thai   llnilil's    Kidney   Pills  will     cure
Rheumatism, or any othei disease ra
sulling iron, disordered Kidneys is lhe
experience or man) of ihe Bottlers of
this Rainy itlver country, The .-nse
rn William John Dixon, of this place
is i. fair Bam pie of lhe work ihe greal
Canadian Kidney Remedy is .loin;;,
"I had Rheumatism so bad 1 had to
In us!- a Stick lo Walk. I hail pains lu
illy back ami right hip, and I had no
COmfOri   ill  sleeping.
■ 1 could nn more than dress ur un
ii. .   myself for Dearly two   months,
and I wns fur marly three weeks 1
could  nol   la.'1' my  rlgbl  shoe.
"My bin,her advised me ta tr)
I...Id's Kidney Pills nn.l I did so
Viler taking three boxes 1 could walk
around and luce up my slums an I dn
nu wmi, Bli boxoi cured me com
pletel]   '
!>.. Ids Kidney Pills are 1 lie one sure
mile tor sick Kidneys 8lck Kidneys
..,v ihe cam ■ ..f inn.' tenths nf the Ilia
the human family Buffers from.
[tal)  now possesses   over   thirteen
.nl men llcants, according i.i n
ISSUed   lo   the   COUnCil   "f   relief
.111,1 benevolence,
Tlie Hungarian cnblnel bus decldi
io postpone 'Im general elections t.
a few months.
Holloway's   ('urn   Cure   destroys   all
kin Is   uf   emus   and   warts,   rool   ami
branch Who. then would endure
il'in whii such n cheap and effectual
ren 1 d)   within reach?
Sailors Talked to Admiral.
Some years ago. while traveling
from Scotland, Admiral Sir William
Kennedy was J.lned In his carriage by
1*0 young sailors returning to <helr
snip at Chatham, and he took the role
of a commercial traveler anxious for
Information on nautical matters.
The sailors answered his questions as
to life aboard ship, and when he asked what Iho officers weri like, and whe-
<!i.t the admirals and captains got
drunk and used bad language, the men
replied. "Oh. no. sir. At least, not in
the dockyard:"
1 in the arrival of the train at Uugtiy
tho admiral revealed his identity, but
though he wis later appointed commander-in-chief at Kheerneas. all his
efforts to find the young s.i,
In telling Nine story In "The Army
ami Navy Qaaatte*" Admiral Sir Willi.no Kennedy says "if ever these lines
should meet the eye "f my traveling
.'■inns. I trust ihey win remember the oommercial gent In the
and tallow trade,' who would be glad to
  He m .11: i.ri .; .  -, the affair*
of tho navy."
The   I.n nil   of   I'i'i...In.
Burma n the bind of pag idaa,   Trom
■ ,,f every mountain, of every hill or hlllo. k. from above than.! ro.ks nii.1 fmin among the WOOdl
ef thi Islands "f the broad Irawadl rise
the graceful forma and glided plnnaclet
of 1.nn.i.e. in— pagodas. Often they nre
crowned by n golden btee or umbrella,
II are rare!;. templm In the true
They are DiUall)  Mild, tiperlhg
liuii.lihi.-H placed over real or Imitation
reli.s, 1 |.,s.. by. among grove* of palms
nn.l baiian ;- illy to be seen
tlie carved and seven storied roofs of
tho ki"iiiiL-«. or 1 lonasteries.
Oay ami :,^ht hearted a- ara tha Hur-
mana, they realize another nnd future
evi-ti", dly   as   they   do  the
present Ufa, and Hi,- teacbiogi ot the
great Hod.Ilia   IN • ■• r | r. -. nl I.. Hear
III..    ...  1 .    Of   Hi.     Metal,     \.  . ..r.lintf    10
Varloaa   Authurlllra.
The  Bible speaks of Tubal I'sin ns
the dlst-nverer of  Iron und  the father
of smith*,   u.e Bgyptlam Imputed to
llnptiaetjtui thu same lienor, while 1
ny mentions It having been discovered
by   Iliietyles on   Mmiiit   Ida   lifter  the
forests 011 the mountain sldo hn.l been
dtitroyad i.y llg! 1 was «tx*ut
1,433 years II   0,    J.r mh nnd Eze-
klel both mention Iron In their Scrip
turni writings, the latter specially rasa.
iiiiv.i f ti.e metal ami
railing one bright Iron, w hi h wu* probably ste.-l.
MoM uiootlons nn Iron furunc*>, nn.l
Job speaks of It n* betaf taken out of
thi tilth. Thousand! >.f years before
i1" "peniiig of the Christian em the
Egyptians ii*.-rl Iron Iii milking sickles,
knives and sueli  things,    Sparta  llrst
osed iron for money, Britain "No u*.*i
It as a medium of barter nnd ex. lun,go
prior to the COUqgnl by the llonum*.
Tbo Britons be' I "f clrrlst
nse.l to export Iron to Qsut, and after
tbe ltoinun compost the ooinpierois <■«
tabllshed extensile smelting works,
Which  ex!*'. '   ns  late as Ibe
Ssion couyueiit.-St. Jnines' Gazette.
A Choice of Evils.
A young Beotchman fresh from his
naru.• land bad ' to i
ern fanner as a imrvest hand.    IP
.-  Industrious and full uf snthus.
ia-:... but the moiQultoei weri a reve-
tn ail )... iaperiem •■ he
nevei   ei    antered   anything   sn
1'hir-iy a:..I  persistent, and
ihey made bll life  re   erabti
"Tie,- won't bother you, Bandy." said
ib  1. • -, "if v .0 sniiik*
.1 when they're round  ••
s.i, iy had never "smoklt,"   l.ut   he
proeui ■ '  1 i tobacco and
led I
FOr   a   few   III..' 1   With
mueh  teal  a,. I
lb-   1 lid   th..   pipe
1  the tobacco by  it.*
" 'Tl.«  varra guile tae keep the tren-
,.   ,1., ,: " ht it Id, with
a long  quivering breath, "but I iirefalr
1 .
Shakespeare   and   English.
There w tn old, 1 very  ild  '.He told
of a  -. 'ly.  i' to, tfti .    •■ ...k
the play "f "Hamlet" fur tl •
It I    1 very good play 1
g     bul  ■'  ■    m ite up nf i|ii'»r..ti,.ns.'
This   good   dame,   although   thi   wai
bly unaware 1 : It, was tcknoa'
i-ilk'inc   In a r". . pei haps,
the  in lebtedne     1 f the  Bngll ih  Ian-
gunge tn mir national bard     p
,'nl   .--erie   lines   wh-.l"   Iiii.'S
f/.iiu  hi* writings  b.'iv,.  been . rystal-
II'....I.   IS   It   were,   llll i    '.,11.11    Km-.
1, h   and there are probably in.-r.- quo.
di., .111   from    ibe   works   ol
Sn..!..  peart than  from thoat of an)
other   auih r    anelent   ut   modem—
Chambers   J.iiinU.
IO ...l.l.   Mor.i.e.    Kiln.
Mnrriuge fetes in liiilniiil, ns ill Nor
way, a,'' often prolonged for several
days, even nmoiig folk of humble rank.
One piCtlllarttyi Whii h may excite linni'
surpiise than approval among ellgibla
■ulton in ..ur own country, is 11,at the
Finnish lover aover himself "pups th"
inieslioii" to lhe girl nf his choice Tin.
mom.>nt..us prODOUl I* made through s
ihir.i person, called ihe "talman," to
whom u.e happy couple give a p.. sot
whan in* deli, ate mediation provai sue
I nnd ends In a Wedding Nnl un-
eon.moldy their ulft lo lhe talmnii t. !»•-.
the iinroiiinnlle f.irin nf 11 shirt.
in like manner the clergyman who
presides over the nuptial terviCi re
celVM n slmpl" nnd Inexpensive pm
ent, oflen .1 lun.dkei, hlef nml n |iair »f
warm hair glove*. A ilmlla( gift Is be
StOWad U|mn the nltleiiillng priest at
fun.Till*. I'pmi lh.".e DIOUrnfUl neen
•Ions the servlee Is exeeediiigly h1im|>I<*
-  11 nre so than WOUld satisfy tho views
of iiritisb undertaken  but tha burial
Is, nt n rule, folloWid I.y Inr^e hnspilal.
Ity on tbe pnrt of the bereaved fnmllT.
Al,    l:i|,rrlmr.,l    Willi    Hlllrr,
Take 11 |niii.1.1 nf water lie- tempera
tore of w Iiiiii 1- M) degree! C ami mix
11 wiiii ,1 1 rut nf water at /..to, or
frees!ng 1 1    11 • mixtnrt will make
tw.. p...mils nf water u.e temperature
of w in. h 1- lo dagreM C
Now takt another pound nf water at
SO daSFBM C, ami  inn   wilh 11 11 pound
of cruabid lei that is. Ice crystals at
zero <"., the same temperature a* the
en'd writer in tl I lirst mixture, nml the
result Is Hint  we have two pminds of
water at freetlng point
In DOtl a Hie weight of water at
rem I'. Introduced Int.. lhe Warm water
was tie- same, but bfrfort ihe lea crystals .'.uld assume a liquid condition
tiny had lo sbsorb n eeiinin iiueiiint of
In . t     Thnt  Inii   was drawn   from   the
warm water mnl consequently reduced
Its temperature, bul 11 did not raise ti 0
temperature of ihe Ice. It simply acted
n* energy In enabling the ICB In beCOI&i
liquid  nn.l  remained  ,11  that  liquid  In
the   form nf inl. nt   Ileal,   tn be gtVBfl   Up
again ns s'mn g \ Hie writer renssiimisl a
crystalline form,
Woaitrfal  Fldilee,
'  "f Hi.- uiniiest liddles that evrr
Were known was Hi be seen III the
Trim b ".nil nt Hie lime of Charles IX.
This wa, a viol no large Unit several
boys COUld be placed Inside of II.
These boyi n  .1 .0 sil Inside this .pieer
Instrument ind slog the air* thai tha
man wi... handled Hie bow was playing
on ilu* vini outside,   Ti (fed is tald
to baVS lieen very beanllful, though It
WOUld seem 11. If tin* presenee uf the
lads In ,1s Interior would seriously In
terfere wilh il„. tune (,f (he "great fid
die." 11* II im called. Many years lifter soother huge instrument of thin kind
wn* used ni , trti 111  Boston,    it
was s.i I.line that to piny It the llddler
bad to Stand on a tuble to use bis bow
it tlie proper p..Iiii on lhe Htrlngs.,Thl*i
In 11 urn. nt was called "tbo graudfu
Uier of fiddles."
Mr* n m I"' prim-s O1.1l
Bunllghl Softp loni.tiiik Jiny
Ir\Jurioui  I'lifinitiila   or uny
form ol -uiiiiui.itu'M.
is equally good with hard or soft water.
If you use Sunlight Soap in the Sunlight way (follow directions)
you need not boil nor rub your clothes, and yet you will get better
results than with boiling and hard aibbing in the old-fashioned way.
As Sunlight Soap contains no injurious chemicals and is perfectly
pure, the most delicate fabrics and dainty silks and laces may be
washed without the slightest injury.
Lever  Brother*   Limited, Toronto
Your money refunded
by liw dealer from wl. 1  .,
Sunlight  Soap if you li  I _,y
cause f.^' complaint.
■*.. 1,      1 1._...«■     ut     Uealrorllue
Adopted   br   Ibe   Ufa*/**.
The I'nite.l Stales navy lias Just
l.li.ptt.l 11 new ei.niue nf destruction In
Us- shape of 11 high speed turbine tor*
pislo, Ibe llliss l.envilt. It Is elasned a*
one of  the must  powerful and deadly
lea weapons In existence today,
'Phis self propelling s. a monster travels through lhe water nt a pace of thirty six knots ami has an extreme range
nf 4,000 yards.  3,800   being  the guur-
iintood contract range. Owing to lis
luperior advantage! in speed umi range,
being capable of going eight kinds, or
tB per cent, faster and nearly double
the distance of the latest Whitehead, It
win supplant tbe latter, now considered
bi be obsolete, 'ihe besl performanca
of tin- Whitehead is u tpeed of twenty-
eight knots, going lint 2,000 yards.
Thi new torpedo has an additional advantage nnd one espeeially adapted for
mi.marines, inasmuch us it can be dis-
charged squally well from submerged
tubes .'IS nil   deck,   ll   felt   never Ml. 1 ess-
fllll}- sccompllahed with thi Whitehead,
The  torpedo  Is  Bred   out  Of  a  tube
some twenty feet In length, tho Interior
being well greased. About twenty min*
utes are required b> force the 2,'2M
pounds of compressed nir Into lhe air
chamber,   An impulse charge of ninety
p..un.ls    Starts   the   glistening,   cigar
shaped shell of steel nu lis .mirse.    On
ships gunpowder and electricity are
elso us.sl for tills purpose After making 11 live foot dive, Striking the wuter
nearly hnrinontally. lhe torpedo darts
on* on a bee line, foaming and tearing
through Hie water 1.. attack Iti Imaginary foe.—The w'nri.i Today.
lie    ■>•
Water   llrluklnc
After all tlie effurts ..f physicians to
make their patlenti drink water copl
on-iy ami of ihe aforesaid patlenti to
dlipoie nf .|u:irts nf water dally It Is
nothing ihort ..f discouraging to lie told
by a m.sin al wriler Hint ex. essive water drinking often works serlnus barm.
Brain workers with too mtio muscular
activity   "I"   men    "Im   have   e.M'essivo
muscular activity without proper by-
■upervlslon nearly always take
11 sufficient If I.nt an e\. essive ipiautlty
of Uqulda In  the  form of  tea,  coffee,
bier, u.id; ..r water, declare! ibis nu-
tbor as quoted In tbe Woman*! Medlo.'il
Journal.   The normal 11,11.Hint of water
required daily is a mathematical cal*
culatlon regulated by thi sensation of
thirst, Many condition! must 1)0 con-
r-der.-i before water drinking is pre-
si i'ibi-1. she snys further, un.l Its ef-
fectS slmiild Ih- iis earefiilly noti*d US
tliose of any other therapeutic ineusure.
Some   TI111I    Are   >„l    W.irlh   tin
lieiiae  of 'II,,,,.   nml   liner|[>.
Women eertnlnly lire lhe eniiservu
lives nf the race. Long SgO men learn
ed that time was too valuable to waste
on useless details lint wnineii still
cling to their  Idols,    line reads  In  tbi
correspondence   coluti a   nf   women'i
magazines perfectly absurd paragraph!
on small t nomlei   Oue woman rec
minuends saving lhe gummed ends "f
old letters and i ireiilars In use In patch
lug books, sheet 11,us,.', baking tins. .-t.■
Imagine wasting til rutting old envelopes <o pieces fnr gummed paper
wliieh nmy i.e purchased bv the in I
for 11 few cents! A roll of passe paifOUl
paper. t,!ie thinnest kind. COitl ibout 4
cents. One piece would Inst for mend
Ing purposes a! least  a year    Am.ther
economist  write!  with evident  pride
that she saves nil the empty breakfast
fOOd boxes, pistes 11  while paper illlige
on the flap to strengthen the oovcv,
l.u.vH n wooden box to bold a number nf
tlie paper bOXM and labels the latter
imply spools, string, rubber rings nml
other things, mostly not worth preaert
Ing Buch small Havings are i,,,t worth
while at the expense "f time ninl en
ergy, snd the sooner women get thai
Into their 1,en.is Hi,, bitter.   New ■.
Keceivrd Ihe Lye'l M.
Tim   distinguished   1.
I.yell lie .lal, I ,r I'rank 1 >.,
pud. si t of goologjp in Mi
Miy, was born In  Montn
1 ile ef lhe null. 1
hi    held   n  prof.   1.1
1       ■. ing ni. ti'. 'i ■   .
in   natural   and   tppllt 1
.a.i nu ,ently   sin
SIletll.M  S.I. 111   ".    s. h
ami   al    IP Id, ','   '
the   degr. e   «'f    I'll 1.
: I .ir   in i'iv   i.n:   1 .
ell    III.'    ||   i'i    I l|
cal Survey, snd I   1
einilS     |'l|"  1^,     ib      1     .,-     ,
1 1 .,i . res    if   in-
cruet   '1    '    .    11 I
1 'in ei 1
I e     Ida1
him nn nu!1
ni :.. .1 >ta  thai
in th.. chair "t .•
Will     I '    11    "II.    I'   I
In   11 In   tin-   l'l ti   -i   i
is the *■
hijrii : t
Their Comolete Hom«
I   of iU
•1 AliJ
r of bb
When   sli.ing   nn   onion   In   llamr   11
ttew or salad score each illci Brat be
fore cutting it off.
It is -.lid tnal I- itti dm.
n longer tlmt if ,1 ,s covered trllh inut
top rm ins'.-.ui nf in.-I,. ,1 butter,
When p..s are read] for H" in en.
make a tube nf dean pel*" 1 and put In
tbe - .1 h, the .■>•..i.t nf the pie li will
prevent the ju.ee from bo ling over, uml
the pit ^ will be nice and ii"i-t
A    I'i'i" li    c that
freshly ;. Ile 1 1 eul  la ' etler for m ik
lug boul 1 iu, as ll
and   Bavo       I' . ,   ami   top
'   lhe neck, the sliin and tbe -h nil
der  are J11 ,-y  and appropriate fnr this
famous - iup
Afier cutting oranges in  two part*.
p  lemon ream.. ovw ..
i.ler  and   with   lies  extract   the   Juno.
.;.. h   . up-   i
■ the plate fnr t breukfaal course,   It Is
more   enjoyable   than   the   ordinary
1 nietb
Free  to   fleidera of   Th
for Limited Period 0.
\     linn I     I
giving iii
ami Paralyajt, with li
compl. '
World,   r. . ..lun,. n !•
ami and mad
high!) Inatructlvt
w   11
Onlveraltj of W 1
I  and M..  will re.
fr.-.-  b>   return
i)i-ag r.mip my, ! i 1.
'I h • 1 niu in t mn ni
Or ',i»,i   prep. : 11. '   ni
Minard § Linin'ent for sale eve-
1 ... hi,    Million*'   Worth   ..f   1  Kin. ma.
Thirty rears igo 1 camera was a
rnrily. Tho enthusiast who possessist
ono currl.sl 11 mountain nf traps iillel.l
and smothered In a tent during his
tedious manipulation of ihe wel platas,
Lail y.i.r lhe I niled States alone
iiniile .'ICki.ikki eameras, wi.rking with
thi mere pressure of I bulb or button,
nnd tin- photographic buslines reached
the respectable commercial tutu! of
Buch ligores, too, do not even tt 1 tit at
tin. true  iXtenalon  Of  Ibis  use  of thu
suns aid in obtaining end coplM of
anything thi eyi can tee. If ana were
tu tell nn ordinary business man that
photography has ■ mora pervading Influence mi his daily life than nny other
one discovery of Which Wa have an until.-nlie record hi would probably Ihb
highly Incredulous, yet it is aa ludis-
putublu tact   World'! Work.
The Herman government has I" come
active!) Intereate 1 In reining the em
hiplniiiilin ..f the
gl   ..' 1 1 ol s '.iinen
\   Requli 11    im   thi  Hum 'mi    On
tttle ranges ..1 the Wi
men and  stock ara far from doctor!
and tpothecariet,  lu   Thomaa' Bclec
rilc nil is k.pi .ui hand h> the ini.-iii
gem   as a   ,. eii ma le medicine, nol
Onl)   fin   main   human   ills.   Inn   as   ,1
hi.rse    umi   cattle medicine 1
,,g  iniii!       \ boras and catile
ran. h.-r   win   tin.I matters   great!
simplified in- using tins ml.
The   ".
ut  Montr. ..1
"I'd   Rather  be   D-ad   II
111 • .1
e 1
\   r. 1
1.11. f
Mn line!   I •
.       ntenc • 1 a' n. '•'
Imprtannment    f 11
penny 1
The United stares will make no 1 n
•atom to Turkey In tb< riff dispute
until the American demanda regarding  o'clock
The  to,,,,!,    .liil.hil.ii.
Mart Parson is regarded us a snfe
WlltcbdOg of lhe treasury lu Washing
Inn  my.  Kan , nu BCOOUDt of nil III-
ei.linl which happened while i.e was
road overseer. Ile was working 11 road
thai separatee Washington ami Repub*
lb unties.    Along eaine 11  wolf tlmt
Innl b.s'ii hniiie.l nearly to death nn.l
lay down nn U.e Washington side of tlie
Hue lo die. It was an utterly gone Hint
tlie presenee of mail seemed to have no
«'h*.st on It.   The foMS nf men working
on 11..• road gathered around it. it
paid im attention to them, nml llmilly
Mr. Person, seeing II was bound to die,
spurred It over aeross tho road to thu
other side, saying, "There, you seoiin-
tlrel, If yon me going to die, go over
Into Republic county und i.t them pay
the bounty."    Kansas City .Toiirnul.
■oaewhera i:i«e n>«i Time.
Jostles Pickering of Bprlngfleld does
in.l 1 elievo III eheap labor. Thi oilier
day Im married a COUpla nnd Indignant
ly spurned  11  tender of %IM fur bis
servlees. "I never paid any inure than
that   for  gelling   married,"   remarked
tim bridegroom.   "Hut 1 am not deal
Ing lu .ul   rale marriage Bervlees," re-
piusi the Justice, Then tha bridegroom
offered to make it |1.GO. The lostlct
remained adamant   lie said ids rati
1 was .*'-' mi,I the bridegroom must pro
dUCS, "Ain't I worth |81" nske.l the
bride.     "I  lUpDOSe  ymi   are,"  said   lhe
bridegroom, and with n heavy sigh be
paid full fare, bill wurneil lhe justice
Hint be would never emim lo him again j
lo get  married  Jefferson <'iiy (Mo.)
!'-.» Iilenl.
Utile Millie I.id you tell your mother you hud 11 good Un><r nt my blrthdiiy
I.mie Willie I didn't have to. 1 was
tick for two dnya. — Yonkers Stutes-
■ ini'iK imi. 1 n settled.
Itch, Mange. Prairie Scratches, Cub
an Itch on Human or animals cured
in 30 minu'.et by Woltord'a Sanitary
Lotion. It never fails. At all druggists
William Wall le sni.i in i.e ihe oldest
sun nine,   nomini   1.1  tbi   I D ",i  SI 01)
iu ih.- i mi War, recent!) celebrated
th>- t< 1,it, aflnlveraai i ol in   birth.
Weak,   Tired   and    Depressed   People
Need a Tonic at This Season to
Pul   the   Blood  Right.
Spring blood   Is  bnd  blood     lndooi
life during ihe   winter   months
sponsible nu   weak,   watery.   Impure
blOOd    Vn.l  II I   a  '1.1.1,   in I. ill'!  lip tin
hi. 1.1 I ill Ihe Kpilnr. jus' Bi mueli us 1.
in- •  I Is  mil   ' n|i  in  give  ii   vllalll )
fnr the summer in thi spim". thi hi 1
blood shows Itself ii) many ways, in
some i! broads filmpiei and eruptions
in others it may be through oecailonal
beadacheii 1 rai labia appetite, p>, haps
living.a of neuralgia,, nr rheumi
or a lazy feeling in the morning mei
11 desire 1.1 avoid exertion.   For theie
sluing iifflui'iils 11 Is a tonic SOU need,
nn.l ihe greatest blood-making, health
giving lonle III    all lhe    «... bl   i>   IM
Williams' Pink Pills, Bverj do ,
in'ips in make new, rich  red,   health
giving   blond,   whieh   real hi
liel \e   .unl    eVelV      lllgllll    ill    ill''       llinll .
bringing health   itrengtl 1 energ)
p. weak, despondent, ailing men and
women Here li proof iii ■ Chai
Blackburn, Ayleiford Station, N.8.,
"For ' im p.1 1 ion yean Dr.WII
limns' pink I'His is the onl) medicine
1 hnve taken when 1 round 1 needed -
medicine, 1 a I pi Ing 1 wai Feeling
poorly, wns weni.. easily tired snd 1 ■
pressed, I gol three boxes and ihey
made me feel m.e n new pi or
Theie pills   ;it,- ihe belt   1 Heine   1
knOW   >lf   Willi!    'lie    III I   I      lllll    llf   nr
Thousands of   people   imi   actually
lick  need a I.mie l.l (lie lining, iiiiiI  1.1
iiii theie a box ..r Dr. Wllllami' Pink
I   IIIK    Will    I'lltll'     lleW     .in" 1 1 1     ||"W
'in Hi-Hi 'ii. iiinne «iiii mm he more
serlouily ailing, who are suirerlng
from any <,r the ailments due 1.. bad
1.1.....I a fair treatment with theie
pllli will bring in« health Bnd rltallt)
You inn gel  these pill! Ir  nn.   und
lelne dealer or bv mall from the lu-.
Wllllami'  Medicine  Co.,    Bfookvllle,
Onl . al Ml oentl 11 box or six boxes for
for »2.r.l.
Caradian   Northern Changes
MAIN    I INK    WB8
n.nil.in   N rt
1 1
l.i'l Wee 1      Winnipeg     ..ml     I
..ind  leaving *a
eli      ,.■      S
a,     B lllliillliili    II   I .   .. '
e, pi    \P
mon ton  19 IB    o'i lock
1 •   ,.
■ I 1.1 Bund..
Ki III... I.I. .11 'El
oni    in     wm    of   1
11'    I     III      en, |l     rf||
monlon nn 1    Wlnnlp.
lorvlng rn.   '.I..,.
Til.       Mile     ll.i !..'-,
W 111 ti 11.--.     *  	
daj   Wi die '
11 1       IT   pi      ,.. lot
ll.lllpll   ll      :'      in     ,. 1  h"
■a in .-■
 iii..,,    winnlp
w innlpoK   v 1 .
■in   W, nd I
11 ii,., 1,
i-'.issm iiv BRCTION
connectinn    an   1
tion    h, 1 u... I,  1;,,   ,.
i" folios \\
Wlhllipee   V   0(1   ,,■ 1,"       MOI
le        |fl ,,.|,|        1
 el  i. I
111.;     H-i
Inl   an I   l'-t-| lai
ntpeg 11 io Tueaday,
Snl 111,In 1
WINNIPB00318   i'i ll  1 i"
Uauphln    1 i'i lot 1, Tie
irrlva Wins
O'clock.        IP'inn    hnilie:    V.
"  1      ' '"I  1. clock   We,In.    1
'in.   srrlvlns Diuphln  1  in
Dauphin   1  ... in, 1,   Mini '
ni  daj   and   t\ I In       si 1 p. In
RlVet       !'l      ill        O'l Im k,        I' n>
HI.. I   1 :  111   M1.11.I !■   mid   W.
.111 Ui,ur    Melfmi    IT.  I ,  Tie
Thursday       Sill   bound,   Iron
for     ? un    Wednetds
inrlviii"     Bwan    1
lenve Bwan  liner ■: 1:00 ..'' I".
dm      \\ , . re     Ini    nn I   Pil.lni
Dauphin      1 0(1     o'clock     1"
1 '>"•   11-   nu 1  Baturd 1.
Ban ne mi othei   braai i"
'in   ..mie us heretofore
Ti.e  imi,mie,1 service tl
in ' in ol   i.e,ween  Wlnnlp,
iiimiiiin  is  proving ni   	
vantage  1   settler!  and  land •
nnd rn. far all trains have I"
riled    wilh    new    nnli Hi,   f	
oountrtei, nil leeklns, n ho
greal   ami  fertile  Batsnteh
A Seriea of Articles Descrlb
their Lives,  their Aims
and their Influence.
German   Publiciat,   Who   Has   Traveled   Through   Empire,   Fiercely
Arraigna   Government.
11 llln    Startling    reporl -  of    the
 IO"   I mure   of   RUMla'l   '■.
"""     ''   « .'•'-,'      I |e    lee,   nil .     I,,
","!'i,i meeting m the Contra!
rellel Leaguo, of Germany,
Paul    Nathan   n  well  known
Jell I    'i
I,.'.      I.I
"Is Dr.
Your Doctor?"
Have you Learned to Cure Biliousness, Indigestion and Constipation witb
i.ii i■• -t it  Mam
Editor ol the   Morris  Herald.
i   ...,,,!,„ „llv    in.lepe ideal   iii    Ihi
. . advocated al all liim  ■ ""' M*»'
,,, ,,,!,!   has   tile  .1.sin.el. ...  nl   b. in,
. . ;, edited ..'■ ■   I'i'i" '      SI
r,     .bu    ih.    y,
,,.,   i ..men.hi   Wi I   in  thi
,1    , I...II
ne   nl
in    -,
il,,.      Morns      Herald,      ne
 p nl   Ml
|.,.,,ii..||. has imi	
,i   importance  in   the  bty -
.,    ll.iniiiili.1,   bul   also  ii
,,,  the - " i n  and  politi. ..I al
if,,. |ii„ii    i lire
illll .   nn,I   ..lib1.'.   "I    Mi
Mi      In
I,.,in  in     188H  in     Ihn.un,'
,   In
,   ..,,,.111--.
ihn i.-hi   . I
■  .   majority   .u   tl,.   llntial
rear tBOl  Mi    I ■
I  . i ppoi lilllltl. - ■ H. ."I l<
i,en,-    ,,. ii spa|'
...       I
.   ainod  up"'  tbe |
.    „.    the    held    'I
ie.ll-     M I
irough  kin,nl,
■. ■,.!,. r   the   i'|.|"
,   ,'. I nin
. , Iv   through   lu-  ■
i||      I  ■ .   , . il   Hint   in   '
li -I-1    and •
.  I   i-.,nl.nl     nl      tl.e      I
i: the    opportu,
\: :.i    a,
^1 l
..'      th,
-I    ul   tip.
■   '
,i.    .
.... irae in |
- d
OO! ii In ,
.  -I  that   |h ople   " .il  'I'",
• ll
\1 II.   .'.I I
'    nailiai
,   .1     Inline l\ I
-   Morris Hi raid ,- "i tbi
 In   ul    Iln
\l     | . nm II ha
,. j, i'..-1, ,,
ii in |
ri     I . n anient
I.    It   I  i
l! rllii   publicist, wim has    returned
i, on .in  ' Ktomlve trip through Itus
■-    i    ' In      pi ' inl   emlisai)   ol   the
Jewl li    iihllunthn its  in   Bnglan I,
} llr; '    Germany, tu    nrrar,
for n..  dlitrlbutlon nf the relief fund1 '
nf tl 500 .m.i railed   after   the   ma
ii '  autumn,
Dr    Nathan    paints   a    horrlfylni
picture ni  the plight  and    proipi cts
nf   hi     00 i, llglonl ,, I    nn I     fori
ti    .un   hum   r, ..en. i   nm    n  ,
nn  Iii    extenl    and    terror    nil
■  le Iui        ii     left   s,
I'lderil i   the  Him   eoiu'eiiut,
thai   ih-    M it nd
letl pel,,    iu,  iiii     iii i, D| thi   i
i h qui Btlon I malic and  mui
■1 l     I'Xti'l n,ll,,,iluli
I l|       .'..,' linl,     I I ,l'l    tO    Hie    III. , I   ■
I     I  I  ll      ll,  i'K      I,,     ll,,
gin in, ,n ai  ni>        calling  upon thi
and crush I be trail
ills   Who    ai e    |ll illili ,     'ii    lips   ,      lib
i      and
iii, iiinte   I,,    n  .,   bu|ah  empire
in    N.iiiinn  , uiieluded   wilh  u  pai
.■   app, ul    lo llll    ,br
puiiers ui   the   world  to   arreil   Ilu
, i„,i .-un, i     The I'm
,ni ei orld    hould    call  a
nul   null    l"l   hum.in!
imi  im   practical
,■ ■ ,u   •
A medicine, like a physician, is ie<
looted   peealise  Of  the  a.i.Uil  reSlllls  II
i   i,nun,i in bring about,   Moil people
are slow  In choosing etthei  phyatctan
u meiieiiie until the) know ..i oaaei
have proven successful,
in   calling    your   attention   to Dr
I • ,'|  Kidney Liver I'HI.s  II  Is  only
iieeessaiy  In point   to their sueeess ill
the pa,,, for the) are known In neai ly
"Very Inline.
By meani ..i their direct and ipec*
i lion   mi   the   liver   caualnfe a
healthful flow ur  bile   they  regulate
,,, I enliven the action ..f the boweli
an i en ui,- good digestion In the In-
\r the ruin- time the) itlm
iilate i'n- kidneys In their work ol Bl
■ pni ions from 'le- biuu i
Tin   pit ni in- proci ii    -, ,n ;n ii
b)    in    ,'h:,', .'i    Kldne) Mvor   Pills
mean h cure of bllloumeii,
ii ,1    Indigestion,    loi pld    liver,
bin I nation
ii    ,, is   a restoration of health.
and .'.unfurl  where there bus
been pain, weakness and suffering, li
means o removal ol condition! which
lead to backache, rheumatism, lum
bago, Bright'a dlieaae, appendicitis
nini diabetes,
Mr,   <;.   Martin,   Fletewode,   Baak.,
Writes.       "I    desire    In   bear    willl.'HS   to
the Indisputable efficacy ..f Dr. Chase's
remedies. I haie nol wrii,en sooner
because i wlihed to l.e convinced thai
the use of Dr. Cbaie'i Kldney-LIvei
IMI Ih would accomplish tbe desired result!, In each case in which we have
had occailon to use them In onr family they have nm only brougbl prompt
. bin   have also effeet! I .i I
cure Ai i deilre ulnars to have Dr
<h, i'i Kidney Liver Tills In the
house ii   , neia, I   iiiii   en
closing one dollai for hie I
Ih.   (bases   Kidney Liver   I'llls. one
pill a dole, 28 eein    n  buy   al  all deal
• r     or Bdmanson, Bates a Co., Toronto.   Tii" nor trail  and elgnatun
In-   \,  W   chase, the  famous recelpl
book author   are on every box,
hall to H
ui I.
llllll   11  ■
publish, i   bi •■
i  outbreak ol  the Bui
i..n I., i i la Imi
Tie   C, mini   Revolul on i)   R*. i
■   r]
qnnntll and ammunition
Oi     :
il, i   rt Will   im'     li-h'   iii
.will    . mi,:,,,     lhe    bun '
Die     uf
the    ■ nm
is  l.-
.f   rail
in ' .-i-
throu ' ■ "in" I
n moment
Budden     Dratfi
on    the     IncrtAM. —
—    I|r
■n.    und
A   1.000  Barrel  Flour   Mill   Jus,
pleted   at  St.  Boniface,
The Weateni Canada Flour Mills
Co. Ltd. are Justly proud of their
magnlflcenl plant now rapidly ap
proachlng    completion     Th"    initial
.i.piuii.i   will   be   1,1   bbls.   and   also
provl lo , hi    i" "h  ma i" for Increas
Ing to ;. large extent ns their   bust
Tin-    hull      and   ware
house   are >.i    '■■ ■      and   eoncn t.
Chinese Opinion of America.
'Ih • Chinaman unlike the Euro
penn. regard Ami i li i u only temporarily bis home, preserves his rfi
tlonal . ii '"in ■ mi i pei iillai Itk s, and
finally returns, carrying his savings
with him He is nm attracted by
.mi In ' i' Ution - nini In rims w eh him
in. !..i" ui Aineilean Ideal!, To blm
tbe United States Is i Held to be ei
pl di,-I inn nothing nnn" Tlm Knr-
.ip.iin casts ill his Iui with us, mingle! wiih the population, and in a f>w
generations, bis Identity i.s losl in
our compoaite race, lie has neither
peculiarities of thought m.r of dress
to dtitingulib him from thus.- among
li.- labore, an I hii children are soon
nu Indlatlngulahable parr of the com-
Copper   ClopDed   Out   of   the   Hocks
In   Large   Chunk*   by   Eskimos.
in    view   of   Ontario's claim to b
large  traci of  land  lying along   the
- ot I In- Units.m's Bay, nnd the
possibility ihai ihe Temlscaming railway may b • extended Into the tei 11
tiny,     Information     on   Ull   resources
i.r linn  van  nortbein country i     ol
iinuaual lntereit,   The Intaii m
thai    brougbl    by  William Beech, ol
Winnipeg, a proipector, who ha
rein ii from i.n exploration trip ol
si'verni months' duration. Samples
ui copper, mien, plumbago, and lrjm
be has brougbl bat I , and report!
having lean partlolee of gold In the
, g|on of ii Hudson's Bay Com
i.an.v factor. Copper, he laya,
abound! In the vicinity ol Ch.
Oeld'i [ntat, und is chopped out w.
iln- rocki In large chunks by tbe El
lilmos   and* explorers.       Tbi   i,
hammer n  Into  pipes,  trinket! and
dishes, or us.- II to patch guna,
The     plumbago   depoilti   In    ihe
neighborhood   of  Port    Churchill he
,i,ei ne.   to be very  valuable, and a
Winnipeg  newipaper   pron
aampli fine grade    U i
nisu very common, both white an i
hi n'.i n Ki a, i'i,nri bill alio be I
■amplei of Iron ore, bul the value of
ib,- deposit is nu' yel known. On.
Important polnl la thai the ore li on
.In- sh res ni ill" bay, rind could be
I..I   un  ■■ direct   from    tbe
nines     Mr   Beech   says  thai
proapectoi -  are al   work  in thi
ilift.  among them   l   W   Tyrell, late
ol  ih- Geological Survey, and   i
Col,  Turnbull,  bul   ,u   Bee. I,  b
tbe     distinction     uf    staking     the
lirsi   mining  claim  on    Hudson   Bay
ami i" ll wiih tbe Dominion
Qovi  nmenl
while all Interior work ia of approved | munity„    Nol so with   the Chinese
Twelve   Million  Candle Power.
hi   K.    •
■ '"' :
,„ ii    trial
Burns,   etc
Both  Git   Annuity.
\ Se.iiiish life officer sol I an annu
iii to Mi   Patrick  Mai ,y, and paid
and paid until they re rkoned i,
about  100, when Ihey sent an In
tor tn Tlpperary to Intel view the annuitant, an wi ,,
payin ■  the nnnutt)    to   the   |
person.   'I i:               i   called  .,
cottage and naked if Mr. pal Malonej
was in.   No, I, ■    was   In    the    field
plowing.     A    centenarian    woi
ploa man seemed  i ather on i notnal)
'1 h ■   Insurance   n an  found the  Held
ami i man about  CO  al   woi i.    " In
.in  Mr. Patrick   Matoi
dd, ' I ara "      \i" you  the  Mr
Mnl..n.-v wim draws the annuity from
I Iniui .n ,
Vis,    be lad,   inul   mi lather b
•   ^
up in sealed lead packets  to  preserve
its many excellent qualities.
40c,  00c   and  60c
per Ib.
Highest Award at St. Louis 1904.
At All Groceri.
Imperial    Maple   Syrup
Alwaya    Satlafaotory
Ask your daalsr tor Imperial Mapla Syrup.   Do not allow him to substitute
an Interior article baoauao It la ohaapor.
S.mi"   persons    are    mon
| ible tn colds  limn   ur'
■ i",nr.. of   the  pull
guns i,.un
should always have al band i I
of  Blckle'a  Antl Coniumpfl
tbe   preii ni ivei Ign   i -
o ighs  catan h and Inflamn
ul ile- liimrs,    |t  will effecl
you  ■ ann n  affoi I   to  be   wltl
rt m. i.i    Iii,"    l:
mill . -i nf ihe Inl
nnd   ' , oupli d   with   a
nol   ■ \
In    \ i n    » ii!   rr,-.
■vlinard'a  Liniment   Cures
\l.     II      1
madt In i
ii,.,. ih<
, i onl..
t Un    i "
landard <nl Compan)  hni op
'   on      l"l    Ule   1 has"   "I
• ni.- iii reform In Chlcagi
i a  polloeman fr.un  eontlnuln i
Safety  For Children.
...   n  « ■
worth m
or girl an I cure th,
IK   v.    1
. I..,n Harbor, !* -
nd   h.n,    found
then   .. -bh n Ild i • dlclne     I iril
.   HI   ,,,:    ':
bos ol
 l'l He  I    '•'"    '"
Med ' "   !'•"" •
-tile  .. ■ in   ii l».\
Heavy   Br.t.sh   Helmets.
eiin.ii   ih.   Brill
Which    tt, tgll I   re url)
ih.-   helm.
 I   i
- Hal
i •  b l w,
enl   tank  construi
and to 'ii the worklne I
w ill have n capaclt] of 501  bush
bit li is  likely  t,i be  doubled  al
The  working
with everything  poi
ad up
r ■       tor in the .-min
run, r  f,,r  the    entire    ■)stem
will   I btained  from    the   Lac  du
Bunnell    Powei  Co      The    working
-. operation tor the paal
a  i .   thi   compan)   exp.
i ,i.   ti ntire plant l-iiiiniiir^ at an
earl) date
1 in i   ere  nol only  distinguish!
tbelr   dr.-.ss    lai md    babtta,
imi :;. ntirely    separate
an i apart  from those among   wh.nn
Eighty Ytan Old—Catarrh  Fifty  Years
Dr.     Ann' vi s    .'.ii..:   ■ ,i
him.    w.in* il  the
DOW. r
this   universal   disease?   Wai I
uf   th.
I., wis Bhamokln .», 11- si rai —"I
look upon my e.ir- is t nilre i- It re-
Ui yea  In   ten  minutes
Every woman may I.<* attract*
Ive Bright eyi i, pink cheeki
and red hps are ner nature-
given righl A sall.^v skin, lark
oi animation, low spirits and
weak i ■ !"• avoided I.y
• ol Bi e, ham's 1 'ills, a
remedy tbat well deservel the
confidence ...f every woman.
Again an.l aKain they have
proved to be invaluable at those
recurring times when so many
I debilitati '1 and suf-
fi r (rom nervousness, headache
and depression II is wonderful
the way thi ie pills assist Nature
an.l relievo the suftcrini,'.
Every woman who values
health and good looks should
become a user of
Prepared only bv Thomas IWcham,
St. Helen*, Lancashire, England.
Sold Even where in Cana.'a an I O, S.
America.    In boxes 23 cents.
nf the lowest  poi   the)  dwell.    This    difference  li du
■ i    nut only '.« th"  wide dissimilarity in
history, tradition nnd habit, bul also
lack ol an. i" rman. nl nr patio the land in   which
tiny sojourn.
I' would    require    generation!   to
bring "nr people down   to   a   plane
upon which they could compete with
Chinese, and 'his would  Involve
ge  impairment  of the efficiency
nf   thi It   WOI 1.        It    ll    l1'"    jllst    tO   tile
Inln.lim; men of ilm United 81
thai they should be compelled to labor upon ih" basis .it Chinese coolie
labor or stand Idle and allow tbelr
- -ii be filled l.v an alien
with no thought of permanent
Identification with our country. The
Ami tiean nol only produces the
wealth of our nation In time of ■
bul he is nu,' it's sun- defender In
time of war who will say thai his
welfare and the welfare of Ins family   shall   be   subordinated   to   the   111
- of those who abide with ui
ful bin a time, who, while with ui
nr . xempl from draft or military
ine len an I win., on their return,
drain ..ur country of lis currency?
\ fur. iirn landlord system is almost
universally recognized as a  curie to
a   imtl in,   1" e.uis"   the  rent   money   is
oul    of   the   country.   Chinese
in mlgratl in on n   large seal,-   would
gtvi  us all ih" evil effect! <>f fi
landlordlam  In addition  to Iti other
objectionable     features William
Jennlngi  Bryan    In   "8ucceii  Mag*
To succeed these days you
must have plenty of grit, cour-
irc, strcii|itti. I low is it with
the children? Arc they thin,
pale, delicate ? Do not forget
Aycr's Sarsaparilla. You
know it makes the blood pure
and rich, and builds up the
ucncral health in every way.
Tl,«   rl,l',1,.ii    f-tmii.t    |H.,,|],1,    |i.„..    , I
[••am l>.< Hi* l...»,li ir* In |,r,i|*n romll
J.I..I     A .lug,I.It   llvsf  ■.»'"" ■ r«>Rt*<l lougu*.
tiM ltrs«tli, f ,.|...»,r Iiii.Hi.   t'lirrsrt ,11
IU.. I., ,-1..,,, ,111,11 I.,,lli.- .!,.«», el A,I'I'I
rin.  Ar -
UK«W NLS_   .   M.MNOI
■,  Ml.   lies
-.      IS     III"
Hen ran
,,.,..1  lo
lllll     be
'"\'." Hundred Dollars for
'•""   Ti 'nm
gold  >     i'
Tnlie II ' '
' 1
r iki
ii ii i-
n -ne ■   ■   Iris
1,,     I .1 ll     ill'I'lIU"
Hi    iv. ii, ni    condition
,    Toi, do  O,
ns for ennsiii'itlon
i, K- ,.'■'.' .us,i saatse,
I, J   .'    ly.r <'„ .!,,,».II. MUt.
A1,0 m«,,,,f.   I„, ri, Sf
9_   Hon nffltia.
mil I CUM).
t onaer  t.rl..
conger tali html for the octoooa ana,
when found, proceed to browie on Ita
i-i,,, octopus ni."* i" hug tba
Hllnn-   .'inner   tight,   bul   In
Boding It! Hmbi growing
Its ink  In tho fine Of
I,,,- coyer "f tbi turbid
hasi.v retreat   n K '"
„ pressing attention of It!
|„,,-.esses    lhe
limbs.    '
vain,  nnd.
less, discharge!
Hie foe and  urn
water benti >
icape the
r„,s that  H '"i"1"
banging if color to corre
Plant    Premiums   of   Western   Horticultural  Society.
Following   its   practice   of   former
i, ara,    the     .Vestei n    Horticultural
8ocl i.   i-  this  spring again offering
. ni" r   the choice ol i numbei
plan)  I'leniiiiuis.   Then  premium!    ni" lelected witb n  ri w  to
Introducing to the    members    of the
, . i    "i planta linn have
. ■ - nntii  tried i" give an as
■ -  . i  hardiness and .lesir
Inn   ih,it  have  out   yel   bi • n
iced a     iiiih-ly   a-   then   tie I II ■
warrant    Thi   plant! a III I"   sent oul
wilh  -.11 charge!  prepaid
entitled lo one
,n nu   following i-iiitii pan
in   ri      snedlini;     apple
11,. -     ur,   un.- year old   se idlings   ol
mh i:u,i   varieties   mow n  from
I   in   the   nullhwest
ihi ii,,    pianl   ru.ibeeiiia    (golden
hi     ,    .ilm   bard)   peren
i,   ir«  brl in   yellirii   ..
i, i ii,i" |i| ui'  upright  h"ii. yitickle
ih.    upright   lion. |   ickla   li one of
ii uf the shrubs thai
mil thrive iu the Northweel
i,|i Twelve   plant!  itflawberri,
 a ■    plant    Virginia    creepier
The Virginia creeper is the moil de-
■ .   climber tor  thia country.
hi Sir, plant! raipberrlei.
I   inn plant! gypiophlln panlcu-
iata   ihnins Breath).   Hardy  peren
nini with ilm  white I1..W.IS borne in
iliiiuilunee on  long graceful  stems
11, i Six cuttlh. each nf Ruielan
,.,„,,.i ;,„,| French laurel willow. Both
beautiful willows either for hedges
or ai ilngle treei,
vnj peraon may take advantage 01
•hla aiitrlbutlon b) lending the reg-
ular memberahtpafee («t.00. pe*T*«rl
l0 lh,. , en tar) treaeurer, Qeo. Batno,
li,,x   i nu.  W'innll'.'K,
Cures    Dandruff
Woman   Cave   Dweller.
Sydnt)     \ woman baa be. n found
living     in     a     cave   on   the
shut-" near South    Preemantle,  Aui
tralia     When dlicorared
ed  thai  she wai  nm
ploymi nt and had  been II
The  Origin of the  Garter.
I'h.   ;. IU. Ol
! ■ •
comman i vin
...   ..
Bugt ie ,' ii rlere,   one ol
modern and moat unique French paint-
era   die l   at  Pari! ol cam er ot the
Tim United Statei   crula. i
md   Qalveaton   are   proc.
from    Port  Sai.l.    Egypt,    to I
i:. .i
:. chronicler! tell their tatei
Over a Quarter of a Century
we have successfully  treated nervoua
diseases cauaed by  Dnnk  and   Drugs.
.-urel    ll    our   record.    Wi
,. truly    and  say that failure to
obtain   a   cure  by   the  Keeley  Treatment Is a failure of tbe man and not
our  method!.   Bend   for facta.
Addresa In confidence
1S3 Oaborne  at.,  Winnipeg.
Berlin deapatchea deny thai Cl
lor Vou Buelow of Qermany hai loal
the confidence ol the emperor.
I was cured of A.-ute Bronchitis by
Hay of Island!   ,i M CAMPBELL
l wns cur,-1 nf Facial Nenralgti by
Springhlll, N  S    WM. DANIELS
I was cured of Chronic Rheumatism
Klttert i'n. NU.     GEO TIN.ll.KV
mmation   ■
I     • 'u f
died forth  man]
-   ■
In the pllla
blood   i'i '    ***»J
and tl mmedlatel)
fr„m BwlKi
Maxim Ooi ■    f"r
Rhfiimatlsm— What's     the     Cimtt —
Where's   the   Cure'    Tl
Ing cause ol  this i
hours  - ■■!».—,e
At Lausanne Unlvenlty Mile   I
car has received ber diploma aa con
siilliin   - ■     ■
nm r
of us surrounding!
,,i„,.i,I with Ihn I
A v«nl«li'ii«  ■>i>*'
li is melam bolj to
nil lis ihortcomlngi,
bus ar.
think Hint. «'1"1
ii„. dayi nf tilt'
umbered.   What ' orman,
,i motor face, will ever
dial greal artlil In
,i aloft on ins llttli
wilh Ins I
take the place "r
i, who, 11" I"
!, .with, flower I sbuttonhol.
|lh whip "nvius.'.  bis 111 I
„f life?    T l|->
Ifclrtl   deslrnellnn
gtroyed  Is  lhe  greateil
, „„|.   cortnlgblly Bovla*
Ibreads bin
traffic I""1
, sideshows
his improrlng > retaatlon
dangoroui may through Oi
with i '•' ty " ,
way With which M
wiihi.ui  being de
thing  of  Us
War   Balloons.
Berlin The Kalaer lmr. turned his
attention to aerial navigation, with
-i iai reference to war.
His Majesty has been spurred to
this effort by the announcement thai
the French Government baa adopted
a navigable alrahtp, Invented by M.
jtilllot, a French engineer, for use In
wai in tbe French army, The Km
peror feels itrongly that Qermany
oughl not to lag behind In this re
Biiect, and probably owing To ihe
difficulty he mlghl eaperlenee In per-
Biiadtng the Belchatag to vote aiiffl-
cli in fundi for the purpose, he de
eideii in obtain money by private
ii,. therefore appealed to the pal
rlotlsm of four .i.'w-lsh mUHonalrei
who are promlnenl In the commer
eial life of Berlin, and between them
(he)      have    subscribed      BSO.OOO     to
form a company to curry oul thi en
■■:';,::,:;: ^,::!:!:i: ,;,:!cr:,;. 7 ■,.;s,,;j:r::!!;:
— able for military purpoaei,
The   Oldest  Woman.
i„ ;1 refuge fur the aged In Madrid
there is now a woman who haa claimi
in being the ..blest or her lea In the
world, She Is an Andaluatan and was
horn   in   Qranada in  178*'   s'"' ,,:ls
Hi,,,I I,, Madrid for 108 years and has
been the mother of twenty one children, all Of Whom nre dead, tin.null
most of them Ined In it fairly old age
There  is  nothing emaciated or end
averoua  aboul   the old woman,   The
! siiln hns ii henlthy appearance, there
|l euliir ill the cheeka, and her eye Is
J still dear and bright, The mrgeon
in oharge of the   home   thinks   she
mnv still live n eiiiiRl.Ioruhle time,
--New York Tribune.
The Vlctorli
nun be reachi
Falla, In   Al
il by u modern train de
'i he operating
. \|i. us. - ",   Port n
only is i'.i ■
The) Drive Ptmph s Awa)     *
covered   wuh   p
It    t. in    of    Internal    In
which   should   ' '" ''
wmi,i, - you
I,mui   tint   the   blood   rn,.-
them i"11   will   '• ave  the
,kin cli u an i clean Try them,
an i rt,' i" will I"- anothei wttneaa t,.
their ' i
M.nard's    Liniment
r£ DODDS 7,
But thc Great Consumptive Preventative brought Health and Happiness to his Home
"Our doctor said there was no cure for
mv wife as both her lungs were affected,"
says Mr. L. H. Walter, of Pearl Street,
BrockviUe, Ont. "It »«s a snd disappointment to us both, just slartniK out m
hie only married a short time.   Bat b*fo*"i
she had finished the tirst buttle et 1'syi ..me
lhe pain in her lungs quickly went away,
and alter taking six hollies Mrs. Waller
was a new creature and perfectly W..-11
Thai is just one of the nisiiy families
into which Psychine has brought hope,
health and happiness.    It is a living prool
that Paychlns cures Consumption.    But
don't wait fbr tunsumption. Cure your
l ai...i'i'i", your lough, your Bronchitis,
your Catarrh, or your Pneumonia with lha
remedy that never fails—
0*i iin.nin- i .i Si-kttn)
50c. Per Bottle
Larger alara si and !J   nil druggist*
OR.  T. A. 8L0CUM. Limited, Toronto.
\  * three   per cent    itate
bund Issue bus been authoi
!>, nhagen,
Minard's Liniment Relieve! Neuralgia
The Interior di partmenl hns issued
n new edition of the homeatead map
.   Manitoba,    Saakatchewan, nnd Al
bei ta,
Bunltgbl Sinn, is better than other
snaps,  bin   ll  best   when   Uied  In   the
tunlight    way.   nny   Bunllght   Soap
ml fuiiow direction!,
Ait.dud  te any   Garmont is a
Guarantee   ot
Q30D   MATtllAL
and Good i:ear ng Quantise
W   en Buying OVERALLS,
See   that  each article hetrs a
label like abi.«a
I islst on Getting
--King of the Road" Brand
And Take no Other
Something    New    and    it    Delighted.
Feels Like a Boy.
Mr    M   N  i
. ,        Iborna    BL,
Toronto,  says:
"'I    have    I'
aufferer   from   djri
pepsin   fnr   i
have    !
0|*| and have
Uken many ne li-
etnes w,rh only
teiiuiuraiy relief
Blnce using Dr.
l.e.'nhar.U's Vntl
I'lll 1 can eat any-
IhiiiK 111,' same .^
when   ;r hoy.    1   Und
they  regulate both
stomach and boweli.     Mj   old  Hnio
vii;..r has return" I.  sn thai   my spirits
are biii.iani nml temper normal, i give
ail credli to thin wonderful remedy -
|.r    InuiihariU's   Mill -I'lll.
All dealers or The
Limited. Nlaunrn  Kal
The  l.v man   H.   Morse  tdvari
, | . ui \"w VniK. one ol the old
. stabllihinenti   ol   its   kind In
vin, ii" i bus found it expedient 0
.uu th   of   builneis   to adapt It
to 11   enlarged sphere of opera
Hon I ng its business style to
International   tgency,   US
Row,  Ni w York    11« Ing in the
Kj  for larger offlcaa,  the coi
■ in inul" its offices nn Maj
I |o it,,- u.'villnu building,  18   \'.   ll
::ith Btn el  New York,
M. N.Dafoe
Wllion I'M." Co.,
s. Ont «"i
Three hundred ahd
ready 1 ll laid.
fifteen miles of
eal.le have    al
i, ,,, iiipii-,-" Millet, ih" artlil bro
■ Jean Prancoli Millet, tlm fam-
, mter died In Parla,
i ipi r; n panera ara pralatng Jacob
ii s.-iiiff for his lervioei In railing
jripaneie loam In Amarloa,
no matter how
b&A the weathn;
afford to be
without &
When voubuy
look for tho
W    N    U    No.    580 ■
.' IZ 4.ARDEAU Mwrwg
,; Tiiilll l,,i ■■■
llllu-ltl  I'i' >]fl ..a1"' t'V
K III il   111.   I )1  .eil I   li
,   ■ , ■  . ,   i, i is -if e ..'I',
■ I In 11 , i-,,l,line-
In    llllll l.VMi-hel
1 ll 1.. -il 1>
..■II lespue-
, - ■ ,        ,. ■ r. - nm
illerils v-llll. ■   .'l.'r" I    '     "l"""  '■'      I
i- -,.,, :,,". IP-- i,i,'i,-„,, in I H-** ►I"
loll suVaoiqueut ■,,- erll.in
■  .insrnr rmnaletil iu***  ' " IverU-l'ii
i , kmilfll or. >;l"|il" u "" '" "■""
f. i ...'iliiliiii liUOll leal. |ll liillillltlO,
We    ,.,,-,v    tin.     tuii   lillR   ll<**-.
... I.-, in tho Colonial i
Ottawa, April 4th.   Tl c natic.ir-
i  ii'iiii.reiiiiiiiieiit.il  railway onin*
oioncre .'.inii.it agree upon ten*
i" [_i .;..• cast .n section   Uognn
, ul McDonnl 1 aro tho lowest led*
- le.;l |,ho  i'Tniiii-- -   i'n-'-s'
pi icea  inr' '" I low and tvni i
C>   • ' KA
r i
I'll    ,1  l||t''
i  . ,   . .-.. .   v   A   i     _   .■»•".' • f.   •». -     V
W.   Abrahamson
AM Builder,
O.vner of His Abi-ttham*-
son Adiitjon lo ihe
Pon't. Pay .RentJ
Easy Terms.
TrouL Lake Livery
Stcblts at Trout Lake.
i   .   prices nro too low unit want    .       »    y  .**•—' ;   M a***" 1   »  f       5"   ^ ■—■ r**~* ,""
M   tl«coiitmcttn      . Grand   LAj'\^   ./I ___, W       i'*A  w    1   il L
link   1 n   ii i, who in  turn n ll
iblei ii to M. I". Pnvi    I Ottnv i,
..   real friend ol tlie y \ rnmentV
[ t   llCCl]      \ • : '■      11 ■     : '
.   iili  W. A. Uollihl :  n    .!.-i. r I'.i"
, i  l\R, in tho A. & K. I liarter .-.
i.msion   mill   Iho   II -1    Rgilwny
. miniissi i'i"is for tho *. Tl'.. the
plu   « I.,.-.'    inii ri it*   ll.'.v    BJ* •
I poacd    to    i ni.-' rv.     arc   o\\i" 9    J I
- • wall Sj;\:'..:,.. with Licjjorj &ClgEJ';
1 nr. . L'ouili rtuLIt- lim •• i.   I xii-llii.t «"i       ■ • i ti Ail n '. n ;c.
mist ii.     Wo wonder whore ll e
■ .lim Hill will Ret his pull wl on
■ -turfV his road" from Winniu g
Vancouv. i '.'
I.  •> »> — -»
1   il,':f
RHvor continues to decline.   The
itatlon lu ' indon Tues lay wns
. a point   lowi r than Monday'it,
I in New York two points lower.
I   i i  an i     ; per  prices Bhow i p
The Easter scrvi : - In the Metli
:   church  will be  eot)du< le I
u.tli morning and e\   ing oy the
;• r, - tt, boh ■ i ii.-;
- 'iject nl morning sermon : " The
I'inlahed.Work," and ol tho even*
i ta, "Tne First Fruits " Sin ciai
Hasten musk fill • • nderefl bj
choir. Rev. D. W. Scott will
i. neli nt t'ainl. di," ' 11 a.m.,
Ueaton at 2:M ptm., uu 1 C ipsa. ix|
,;i 7.8Q p.m.
__   _\    - J   k i__V     . bC        A  SUmm*
■tli    _af.k    A
' *   rr    %  - ■       **i
_w*->    -/   ..'    -   *
r    - '■   ' "
•. .     _ .       .. -^        ■ «— •-
tout xane
Supply C5o. ®
I'.v ii, ii j Wuh r lunpHed by ll c
f,ini|.iinv v.m are uaaurod of ahso.
juh, , m},y,     (i, vi Miinrlil AlUlyWl*
;,, i,,,-!; up Btntomeiita. i    : '• • • •
H jj(a McPhenon - - Su?t.
E1A.TERS0N  and
Goserd Merc^asits.
Trout Lake - - B. 0.
Local and General.
The family of Mr. BedoU, ol the
r  Co.,  arrive.l   in   town last
t.   Tii-v will taki ti] residence
i. re.
Fred Elliott  jrpturncd Lift night
I i  Ne r> n. wl.   . be  baa 1
1.1 ting  through  a   deal on  'In-
I rcadview ftroup.    II   i xp< ots to
■   mattera  clo* I  up  during
i  xt week.
Pr. Robinson, of Ferguaon h -
pi tal, ia seriously ill.    A win •
out this morning; for another
iiyaician.    Wc  trust tlie doctor
i. ill soon be aroum.1 again.
TROUT  \-rO.\<.   -    £3   C
li_.v.*_„Jii  is _lo-'c'-i.. 2    i...j     1 tf Wllf
Eeaiii_ffla. Si Mil   .   Smaod io.
P. P. RctENNi !!,  pp.op
Trout   Lake   City  Transfer
and Stage Line.
.If^llWlXjVlltfWttll, I;
M, Wr^tfWtl^tftjJt^pl^V,
I Ferguson
1     "    —
I Trout Lake
t£j*4 tiitt u^ _^^**vtiru*tt^ti*tt^i'w
tf I
^ Doily Stage wDI
W Fcave  Ftij,utc
Trout Lake at 8
in ccnnectlcn.
A. M. Craig     Wm. Crawford
» . -.
Imperial  Bank of Canada.
It.nd till 1.1-:
RESERVE   FLND 3,900,000 CO
'     TOTAL  ASSETS       30,000 000 00
|. i: wi: k ii:. Iv.,i.i.-..t. ROBERT JAFFBAV, v.- I
BRANCHES   m ti.e 1'r.viee* ..( Alberta, 8iekale!iewM,  British!
Manitoba, Ontario and Qui i*c,
SAVINGS BC PART ME NT. -Depoelis rie.-n.-l nel Inter --I allowt.
eiirri r.i ra'e Iruin ilrtir nl <i|hi Ing ol nir.nltit.
Di nfi- Upl 1 rn .i'i..'* Iii nil i irl»"ll»iii>il».
I ullr.l Mnli , ,.n.t  l- t.i..| . .
,i..    il  i,l»i-i,I ,,ii  (tvtu to r-. l.efl-.n. anil
ll         I/_T>f_r-     WOOD    VAU.-t^CE    HARD-    "*Mii.ii,tf'.•''■.'
•    !__•   «Ji/la*«^_'9 I   	
ware co-1 Review Job Dept,.
'i i..ii t iMil Hk/ \. ii—
T. II. BAM :
I.iw.je    I eil    lliiiilerr.,    Vine   Job
Prinllnf. Hardware, Minora'.. 81   ullet, 8uvi
N_!_iON,  I). C. and Ranges.
For Iligh.tMnss Work.
;.  ,-   .      n. ri ..   •* .-r
StflthCV      <_\     CO.     «i pars 10 dm the Telephone     A J     ^       ^   ** .
m  Kentoaon: Commlns' Pture ; Trtiul   ,i   JWCll*w'*-l    •WUV.y
IVHOfESAI.B PKA1.ERS In Bolter,  , jk. [,,M on-lce _ »i,0 »t Ballon.Curt-  •
t£jgts,    Ci.oc.t',    I'i.,iiiiii.'    nml   Kruii   aflix and Arro*»l»-»i!  Ktill A	
(Joud Shn\c or tl»ir Cut
r* •
I Hnnaton BW.,1 nepliine St. Nel-mr. I' 0.
I). /.   Mel,, iillllli    .    . , II1J* OUl nf
:   ,iin .-., at Beaton,
*Q__ _r**
v L^.ujhton
Pr»pri;t' r.
« 1 .'.III N   railing   Ferguson you
1   H     '. >ll ,|.',1  SlHV  ill   .lie  I. I,li. Jll
111.lei,     II. if   ilm   visitor
wr|; I if .'ii iiiiii il"'l «ith
le -me ixitiifurtR. lOx'cll.i.l
rin- im',     well   ventilnleil
HI   1      W n I'lll      1'..llllll-,      Wl il
si'i.-l.e I 1111 ,,i f\. ryihing «I icli
let da i.r'-.ini-- niukinii your ii.-ii a
pi, .1 mini  : inl   11 1 ir   11 il>|i> one.
I.i''- fri >ii $1  .in;.   ti|iwiirrls.
\\ .   .,-1.1.  • . ;• '--.i-i.' our 1 at"' 1 rr.
Craig .*v-   O^wfor<l..piit the firsl
■ I tliiuui*h to Beaton W'eJn..--
Th.' last of tiie mhe.\ .iill ihortly
|.e seen in tntMi.   bill ll » ill be two
.   tbree wuk  hi :•• ■ ml ae-
':vily wiil lie^iii on Ihi 1 il
-   ii Rulherland r>■: urne 1 firs-t .■!
i .■• in ' l. from :i it ■     lhe coast,
Lennoxville 'G. M. YUILL|| w""*?S£*-n*"-1
Wai. li repairing,   etc.
Hotel and
Ceneral Store
Hot and Cold Paths
■ l3-4L» €3r%V
111     _r,.lr A.f«UI.I»l.l.        .... Amlllol.
Barber Shop
I „r i,,„.l  lli. •. nnn r
bliavlnggi   '
C. A. CHEESE!:/.
T, ne 1 i iKi . :. *.
Hot and   Cold   Bathv
-C-   i
D   C
BJilloisBM, Trom Late, Bj
TROIT I.AKI . 1'.   0
it company*** Interests eareiullj
looked  alter.
Agrnl |oc l.ourlm'* 1'imi.M
*.   ^.•*J'i*'» _IM>_C'0_O0 ' **•-■,) ?_3_*
..  TLhc tjotel SGeaton  ...  I
-   BEATON.   D.c t
Mr, and  Mi».  M • nou
ii tiding ut Qroenwood.
\ -' \eie wind -I- rn  |,issed pvei
'   Wn In-i *1.illin!:.;. .v..
■ 1 i..11.-1 damage is r p. rted heyond
1 .liiiig trees,  chimney  pots and
. 1. wimluns.
SVlSITORf arriving al Real       ' •. ,.* 1 ,,( >i , I.ar.lrae)
'-. /       , 1  *, nm Itentl. wiil Iii    tiit Until iii.*. lolly equipped
I    ' |l    I '..".., \    H"||
il      ..      , ilinintl In Tl      ■ ■■    1 ■
nn.l ti.'iir*     I'e -:...,.        - 'en mil ol
pairoi     \     •-..*.i 1.1 •' c ! .• 1 rclv',11 comloi   .   I  !• hotel
; W. BOYD -:-  ■:- Prop;
1- _.   -     • - _       _ <
Kroction .if in w sid. walks will
hrgin   in   >i few days,      Bevert\l|
lliousgnij feel ..f lun.In r ha« b
.lit ill rirU'll
There are still several hooka be*
nging tothe 111.nny out.    Thi ■
Itiust  lie  broii};lit to the  Review
llicc without il.lay.
.. __I„'7_.-;, -;',_;*7 a. - -• t , L"icj__. ai2__s_sas
( he U. C. ASSAY nnd ( H TUCAL
SUPPLY! ,, Ltd.
VixrocvEii. B. C.
Hi sdquarters I'.r Also; 11 ■   Mining nml
•U ?•■■, I le'   .      r-   :    1 , |j, ('. ),,,
Morgan Crucible Oo . Batti raea, I-'ul.'-
iid ; 1'. \V, Urn.in A Co ■ PatantCaryl
' iiriin.".*.,  BtlrlierS,   ele.   r    Win. AillS*
..•iili d t'o.'s In ■     ;.,i.,. 1, eic, etc.
aple   Lesf   Rubbers
There are no others " Just as good."
Ask    -Tor    them    at   iyour    Dealers.
When loplping for a piatja to gpen 1
your holiilin.., 1 ear In mind
that Trout   Luke,   ia   un
itloal   suiiinii-r   resort,      T
1   nery r'.iirl 1 rtimte r,re iimgnilio
ml      I
if. 1.1  *
.utss ibe for TBe Review.
Belling Agents for tin; West.
Vancouver - - - - B. C,
i        "       i
kllKUF.  Imve   been   f ii,.i. ■-
madS    I'V     |ll'li"l..ll-<    illl.~!
in.'iit in Kml Kiiliite, nml
ne im fni linn * will In- niailt" than
cvrr  thi   in Xt   Iwu 1,1   Ihren yiatr.
The one wh'i rvnpathe hnr>.-i i»
tin* original ln»i*alor~ inr he  haa
his III' mi" v tin a leiliiint \
N.iW let n*. point 1.lit In \.,i| 1 Inii
I'Mie in ||ii liiiler r>|iiil  I'll  ill" I'nli-
tir"ni in 1.1.v Ke.ii Kstate tiinn
Trout Lake la lhe prattles) -.i".'
in the K'li.ii nny*; us u pleasure
ri'Surl it 1.1- nn • i|iinl. Busting
mi 1 llahiiig muy I't* Indulged in
tho ytiir muml; wlillu hn* game
in it'..1.nl.in. e I- In ilio foil Ild .ni
Iho hi'!.. Ii« t'litiiiiti) in aupi'rh,
(here bring im creiit estremi'S, it
li Ing inilil in wn tt'r nml ir.-ti' in
k U in titer. It cm In list of a"inc nf
ihe finest hntelg and residences In
Uiitiah Columbia, It*i Kir. eiH nro
well inii nm mnl niii.l'tl. There
nre tW'. excellent cenem] aturet
an.I a (tliint'e nl ll.i* Bilvi'rtlaeinonls
in this journal will show Unit nil
Iratlra tin. fitirlywi.il h'|i -«.eiil. il.
Write  with I'.inlideiii'i" t'. Agonts.
H. McPherson
Trout Lake, B.C.
Let?, can be
obtained on
Mcke you**
selection* at
* *
Then call on
or   write to
n m v. 1 I ml n    ■ 1 , , ,,i '".   |i,
gtowiji has bet n tin *j*    ft iR
II a I.i ml 1 f 1 avij.alii.ii. at tl
the lerinlral if tl <• Uidn bianrli
"f II." CPU. All ,..,U (i„ the
lau'.a'i) I. ml lo Tit Dt Lnkfc li
'• 'In " 11 11 M. inl c. niie if the
rleh*»l n 11 rial limi.t mi ihe
«u 1 Inn 1 ai .1 has I». tii. hrlll*
• lw |i'i.l..l bj lhe lu-Mial
Hank of I'm. tin j fiiPt rlsas sclool
at i-i 11 an "glli 1,   „, ,!,,,.  |i1(,    (||)( f
1 I B. Shannon, H.A.; a geod
jrairr ayattmi gumi raenl 1 JBrrs;
r.ui.ii C< 1 n alulnga; M.ih..ll»t
1 1' '"I <•! «"l Anglican ehurjhes
nml 11 Hags lit.-| ilal.
'•  are raluaMr- rm th Im i!n
n« 'he ntikkirls aurailli'- unl, r-.
IIS I..11 I tr tcmiiifi a nre 11 nemll
<•■' ', and a hunt! >aw n in wit), a
«•«p. un of 60000 fi. |n- day is ni
f'a land ,f t|„. ukf. Tl.e mix;*
'nl mini- are |r..\i*iK mi hljrpir
I reducers cm.) vmr, eriilt inr
i.i..*i'itt- '|.ii'ii,gi,|,.Mi. i,tir.H..f
There will he H 1,^ ,,„|, lr,ig
,"",    •»    if   > mi     woi, hi    kliOW
"""<•. whip ai mice tn 1 iii 11 t.f
iii" a_.11ir.ni ii„. gddrrasra helnw
F* B. Wells
Ceneral Agent
Revelstoke, B.O.
»     . -.»-
•   *»


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