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Lardeau Mining Review 1907-07-25

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 *  •**•,»■  «J
mimt-       • --**.,•.
.1   II
lUl-   J
ining Review
"'  *;.i!'ri..l^r":i)Jl.ii.li
jtffruntry.    k'JfA t*.
CW*\ :
ii.jjtf.,A,...   ,
LLmJI..  ;   '
TROUT LAKE CITY,   B.C. July 2511,""!907.
* "    -
BER isroTro].
TAKE OOti *    Unit Arthur  Uow
ing nf Trout Luke,    occupation—
lugger-  in ajijily   for   n
•    licence    over the
tollO'.i . ' .:   '
Coi ,: it a post planted
about in Trout f.nke  lo
u;;on road  i.n   the  tvest
corner   p
'1   Chan i;
Ibence nor-
chaiua; to point oi
ntaining CIO aces,
Av.' ■  ■'_
May Ti'.h  19
KKVKIt-TuRK 1..'.'
rater of wkst i   tk-a
TAK- at A rth-.. •
] ing. "f Trout Laki
ntends   lo  a*.
-   licence   over the
sd   ■•
™«CATE OP improvements I   THE YELLOW   PERIL.
"Reunion" Miheral
•laiint.        H	
•Situate in tin, Trout Lake Mia*
•»k Division ul tl.o Koytcmiy dii-
Where located: At the )lt*a(i
at Haley Creek, adjoining the King
" Illiam in ine..11
TAKI-] NOTICE that I, H.   Ah-
Chinesc immigration incron eg
by lnnps and bounds in spite of
tho barrier which, requires of the
Chinnmnn thesum ° cf five hundred dollars-beforo he ca;. becoinn
a resident of Canada.
Up to a few months ago, fourteen Chinamen on  ono  ship   had
,     nu-iuull  VJlUUHUItill 011    one
Free Miner's Certificate No, I been the highest  dumber  to pay
B12556, intend, sixty days fromjthis high head tax; then caino a
the date hereof, to   apply   to   tho: steamer wi th seventy-five Celesti-
Mining Recorder for a Certificate ale, and now the a.s.  Empress  of
."f [mprovements, for tiie purpose!China caps the record with a con-
lof obtaining a   Crowa   -Grant   of jsignment of eighty-three who con-
the nhnooni..:  tribute a  total of  141,500 to  the
coffers of the Federal Treasury.
BY   E.   A.   HAGGEN
■■ve claims. ^^^^^_
And further take notico that
action, under section 37, rotiHt be
commenced before tha issuance of
such Certificate of Improvements,
Dated Ihia Uth. day of July
A D. I
District of West Kootenay.
thai B. '
B, <".,   Prosper-1
pply lm a
• '*  a   j • ■ :   :
-nh from the di-
'   3  miles southern
■■:   theuce «■■
•   north  ri) chains;
-.In*; then. •
|, int ofcomn.
ing  640  *
,i. i*   K. tray.
-   .
neneing at a post planted
irom Beaton and \
Trout Lake wagon road
mark' » *  - -
r   post,"    thence   north   SO
thence south •"
- '     ing O-b'?
Arthur Gowing.
Dated Iti
TARE   notice   that   Fiederick
N\"iiliakn. Leach, of Gerrard, Storekeeper, intends to apply for per-        (QI
mission lo purchase the  following'wn;..
desciibed .
Commencing at a post planted
aitlieB.E.  corner   of   Lot   4728,
thence   north   20   chains; thence
10 chains;   thence  Eouth   20
ehains more or less to Trout Lake,
thence westerly along north shore
ol i'rout Lake io point ol common
int, and containing ISO acr»s,
or lees.
Frederick William Leaen.
O R. N. Wilkie, Agent.
June llth   .
Some leading educationalists ol
three western provinces are making an effort (o establish tt largo
university in some part of western
Canada. At present there in no
provincial university in British
Columbia, Saskatchewan or Alberta and it it. believed that if (he
three provinces united tbey eau
procure, in a very abort time, a
great westers university, which
very shortly will bfe on a level in
point of efficiency with Toronto or
restrict of WeaKootenay.
B  i'.. I'r,i-|
•  ■ .: tim-
th<    I 'l.-wing de-
I'oplar am. c*scs>le
miles   BOUtherly
■ River, tl
:   i i i»i n 3
■Jl)   chains;   ll
oi in lining OD
B, I
■   , !*.
..it ii. K. Beamy,
B, i . Prospaotor,
l lor a sppoial tlm
i ib* ioi!,... .i
at a peal  plant*"*
. ii Oie second on
<>* "' I'upliir Crce^, ab uut 1
f abovo the fork, t»vy.c« trot
'"•""Mlienee 109th Hi-Ii chain*
,c««ast 40 ohaina; thenoe nor*
w chains to point of eommen.
"lt*«n-l,.n,,MII|.,„  e40ftWe,
trict ol West Koo'.enay.
i-    * -
inten *      • , leoial tim-
.- de-
'   lork
a - milt's
:irat south Jo*
• ins;
tlu nee nortii en-se
I; Ihenc*  south  *(0
chains io point of ment
and containing W0-acres mote or
Jinies.il  I ll. F. Reamy
Take notice that Otto William
Abrahamson of Trout Lake, B. C,
Carpenter, intends lo apply for a
special timber license over the
following desribed laods:
Commencing at a post planted
oh Abrahamson Greet ibout  half
._'a mile from the lake, marked   "O.
) I) i
j W.    Abrahamson's   North    East
rict of  West   Kootenay.
post'* thence south 60
chains; thence ea*t 40 chains;
thenee south 40 chains; thence
west SO chains; thence north 120
chaina; thence east   40 chains to
. E notice that David Booth,
B. C.   Minor,   in'.emlB ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
toapply for a   "pecial   Umber   li- P0'"-- of corameucement and coo-
following described: **>ning 640 acres more or less,
lands: j Jun« 8'h- 1907.     Otto William A-
•   mmencing at a posl  planted  braham_m.
on the west hunk of Poplar Creek,   .,,,,. ,_ "li
■ilioutii miles from the Lardeau  R*<\*'T*TOK£LANl>DISTRCT
River and adjoining Timber Lease j      District of West Kootenay.
Lot 6281, also adjoining T. L 135 	
■f.0 on the with,   tbence   wob!   80 j     t«V» »niu'ii,., rn    ,     r
lake notice that Charles L eelie
chains; thence aouth 80 chains; ;Copp> „f Trout Lako BC Proa-
thenc* hains; thence nor-: peclor)    kUjnJ|    t0  flp. lv' for a
ib 80 chains to poinl of .4)mmence,pee,,, timber ,icenae   owpi
In eycry community will be
fonud men so narrow minded that
fourteen of Ihem could sit in the
single seat of Craig's "buckboard."
li one person has a 'deal' on,
whereby he will sequestrate a few
dollart, there ore oihcrs who, dim-
ply because they aro not In the
deal, will do their best to "queer"
it. C«e aftor case haB come ap
in the-Lardeau in which this bas
been done.
No later than last week a dea
which means the opening-np of
our resources to a larger extent
than evor before, was spoken disparagingly of—in a confidential
way, of course—lo the very men
who aro doing their best to raise
capital for development,
SorotTpeople imagine that their
property ie the only one and if
they can "kuock,, tho -'other fel]
low" there will be a sure deal for
them. Well, when you feel like
that, take a pointer and 'hit the
trail* for New Westminster, and
at the gate of the Provincial Asylum'tell your tale. They wou't.
hesitate about taking you in.
Trout Lake has citizens who
are pushinjr, energetic and trying
to make good. Tho resourcei are
unlimited, but tbeir chances for
success are enhanced by the
"knocker" who has dropped his
little ta'-k-harnmer, and is now
coing about with the business end
A rifal wn-made on Tuesday at
Trout Lako, whereby K. A- Hap-
'■cr. of Ilcvelstoke, secured control
of the Calumet and Heela on Rip-
id Creek. The price of the bond
runs into fire figurea.
The present owners aro John
Simpson', Capt. Fitzimmons, W,
B. Mollis, Jack Chism and Jack
The property bae had considerable work done on il, consisting of
open cuts, -shaft, and tur nel.
There ir a big gold ehowing on
the turfaco ae well sb in the shaft, j
The tunnel driven to Up tbe lead
at depth wiil be continued by Mr.
Haggen at once and ho hopes—he-
fora a month expires—to have il
opened up.
Why Punish
Rv    bniing    ill-shaped
(,Mj(w;*ar?       " Leek le
Bocta "     r.'<piiro    no
breaklagiln.      Iln*)-  Ct
like    a   flovo   the Jim
limr thi»y   jire  trieil an,
end v.ill Manil mere hard
t*'ar than any i •
sold ,n Canada to-day.
They are m-nle ov.-t
loo Mor ir. laatili in atl
tp'A'.itie.R, i. -ota tii-. heaviest boots ior lop■••
prospeoyre ami miners
to iin.irt city b'.'Olr fi :
busineBS men'a street or
rainy day weir.
Ask for Leckie Bo.-iiS at
j our deiilers ami luok for
llittr^ilfiiv.arkon tlier.
a Cal
[ J. Leckie Co. Ltd
Vatiouver, B. C.
Senator Forget, of Montreal,
the purchaser of the Payne mine,
is forming a new company to develop* and operate the property.
Up to 1902, $1363000 were paid
out in dividends.
Julv 12th. 1907
David Iioolh.
Take notice thai B. F   Beamy,!
I!  (' . !
Is to apply i'-r a sp<
her licem
in ted
iii bank pf Po|
ll  U niilei    .
rk ol   l'.i|
160      .        . -nijih   40
tin-nee north l'io chains '-> point
i    i nine
B. F.
Kl * Ml
Diiliiet oi W. li Ko..;,'i.
Ti.k. i ol     that]     l'   Reamy,
of Poplar *. rorl., B, O.i Priipector,
Intends lo apply fnr a special tiio
i,er license ovor thp following de-j
• i i'ui Is:
Commencing at a post ptautod
on tho ••iiiiii bunk of Poplar I ivd.
ftboul 1} miles nl,nr.* the tir.st sou-j
lh fmk of   Poplar   Creek,   theno*,
eaHt Ititlciiiiiim; liitfiivt) south   I"
chains; thenr-e went,  180 chains;
thence iiniih 40 chains lu point of
immencemrnt   nnd   containing
'•Hi a-'iri, more or lees.
JuniStli.'lPdt.        B f. tikttny.
tea,   Cretonnes,    Linens
Victoria I^awu, S;.tni*n',, Mus-
lins, Laces & everything
everybody,   Ladiea Corsets
and Covers, Silk Waists, Hose
Mens'Shirt?, Collars,   Ties&o
ol ii -hii'l,        .; i in teed  to give
the utiiii.it on  both aB
.'■'irniila priie and adaptability
Also good lines   in Stationery.
TobflCOon   Pipe*, Cigars &
Fancy Co.ids nf nil kindu
following described lands
Commencing at a post planted
on tho south side of Canyon Creek
aboul 7 miles from its mouth,
marked "C. L. Copp's Eoiith-west
corner poet" thence north 80
chains; thence east 80 chains;
thence south 80 chains; thence
went 80 chains to point of eommen
cement and containing 640 acre^,
more or less.
June 20th 1907.   Charles L. Copp.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notico that Jas. W, Living
fiton. of Ferguson, Prospector, in-
I tends to apply for a special timber licence over the following de-
sorlb d lands:
Ci ta nencine at a post planted
on north bank of Lardeau Greek,
about a quarter of a mile east ol
5 mile mill and marked "J. W.
Livingston's {North Wesl corner
post" thenca south 80 chains;
thence east 80 chains; thence north 80 chains, thence weat dO
ehains to point n( commencement
mid containing *ii40 acref more or
July 8th. 1007. J. W, Livingston.
ol a pile-driver 	
Jast a word oi advice: If you
are not satisfied with the Lardeau
and can't keep your tongue quiet^
"pull out." Tf you are 'broke,' let
it be known quick, and y sur faie
will be paid to any point far enough away which will guarantor you
not getting back.
Many people fuus and
fume and fret over the
Tne others lite    "Riajng
Sun'' Flour.
Andy Craig has It for
John Pullman i.s busy markc*.-
ing hio strawberry crop, Mr.
Pullman hns one ac re under culti-
vaMon and this year a-ill market
over 500 crates. .So far, they have
netted him about $2 per ct.tte; in
all they will net him at least $750
Ono acre- 1750.00 profit.
The Adams Bros. Wm. Adams
and Andy Ward have all hue
crope, but have not gone into the
cultivation of this delicious fruit
so extensively as J. P.
At Mcaton, George Lux aud oth
ers have hud magnificent crops.
For fruit-faraiinp, '.he valleys
between and around Trout Lake
and lk'aton, can't he beat and
there ie no danger ol falling-ofT as
iiibtancud by tba Kaslo Kooten-
aian of last week.
Mr. Zuber, of Allegiienr.y, Ph.
ie out looking into matters pertaining to tho Triune, on behalf
of the shareholder!".
It is to be hoped- that arrange,
merits will bo made for tho early
resumption of work ou this property.
A comparison of tho totals oi
1S99 and 1SJ06 respectively, show
that the mineral production of
British Columbia has doubled in
value in eight years
Tho Geological Survey of Canada has estimated the production
of copper in Canada for lt-06, at
57,029,231 pounds, valued at f 10,-
9*14,095.00. Of tbis production,
79 per cent was contributed by
British Columbia.
£.  -Local and General.
A trial u! Rising Sun Flour
is sll that is necessary. Alter
that you'!! use no other.
Miss Cc:a  Eokenb*.rry,   c*
r/ooii,    Ind.,   who   is   associated
with the Elwood Tin-workert   Uo,
is visiting the L.irdaau.
Mias E. Taylor, arrived recently on the "Empress of Britain'*
;rom Bi-jhopstone. England.
Mm. Wm. Doyd of Beaton., accompanied by Mi?s Boyd, of Ana-
conda, Mout. were visitors tbis
The smelting industry in Canada is officially slated to have increased from ovor $7,000,000,00
in 1901, to over $28,000,000.00 in
O. W. Abrabamaon aud family
lelt on Wednesday's boat for NeL
Mr. Abrahamron's removal
from Trout Lake causes uuiverral
regret. As a citizen, he has been
foremost in every project which
hui bnd (or iU end the good of the
town an.l district.
Ah owner of the Towinllo Addition, h* has built up the north
end of the town tyul added materially to its beauty uud wealth.
lie nlso filled the po*ilioii ol
School Trustee faithfully and
Tho "ReviBiv" wi'ihos hhn, all
lands oi success wherever he ma/
C. T. Porter has a crew of men
en the Jewel claim on Hall creek.
P. W. Guernsey, ol the Triv.i
Smelter, 5. S. Fowler, Mining Engineer, and Ed. Baillie, of Nelson
were up ou a visit of inspection tu
(he Mammuth group this wee1*;.
Mi. Guernsey in ah.o vii-iiiii^
the Noble Fivu group, iu company
wilh B-.rt Poivk-r.
W. J. Bh'n and wife, ol Denni-
son, Ohio, are visiting tho Broad,
view and Bilv*r Dollai properties
in whieh tluy arc interested.
An    "undesirable"   receivt
ruit compile 1 of tar ,mJ fee I here
at Uerrard on Sun-Jay.
Mrs. A E. Jon-ell, r.f lhe
Trout Laks City Hotel, lelt oij
Monday's boat for a business tr:-.
to Nelse::.
Tiio uew machinery al the
rard mill is all in, and working
beautifully, Tne plant is up-tc
date iu every paiticular, and cat.
turn out tbe finished product at
fhe minimum cost.
A hearty invitation is extended
to everyone requiring anything in
lhe shape of uress goodc, tub!* linens, fanoy cbinaware, pi.   ..
cards t%o. to coiiie and Inspect
,-aried stock ,it F. Murray's.
F-red C. Elliott left on Wi .
day's bout (oi a bosineai  trip *
Until further notice the services
n the Methodist  Church  will   be
hold on alternate Sundays only.
Fred Mummery has been appointed Fire and Deputy (lame
Warden nnd hgl received instructions to see that lhe provisious of
the Game Act ere rlgorousl y enforced.
Ti.e following urn * few extracts
from the Acl that aro nut perhaps
gc-ticially known:
Close season for Trout —November 15tb. to Mart'h 2&th. Truut
under 0 inch.'* not to be t.iki*:i in
any time.
Close season for moimlain goat,
December (5th, to August •''•"•'•t*
Caribou, Cow or Calf,   noi to I,
taken ut any time.
Cpvein youwU accordinfly.
Sam Sutherland came in iron.
Revelstoke a few dayB ago, to i;e-
new old acquaintances in the !.:ir.
In the passcngrr list (*fj he s.a.
rolumbiu, whieh was sunk on tii.
California coaBi, in a collision
ivith tbe San Pedro, wo nt/tuo the
uame-»Wm, >\'.iiu-r. Wc \».".
der if this is our old Ferguson
friend of thai name*
-mrtll   li   mui, ;:■;
SXV. A, *. Sf Sl-RSNSO.N.
it'- na.
Sunday   Swhoo! 10.80 a.m.
Regular Service 7.80 p.m.
Service at Ferguson, J p.m
A   cardial   inv.'tltioi   e* ,-i d*'.
The Two Vanrevels
Auta-M* ot "1 Im Coillimu rrom Indiana" and "Manaiour Baauaalr**
Cotrrright.  1BU2. kjr a S. McOiin Ca.
i^notiuued From   Cast Week.)
logetner tney ran through tlie hall
to the library. Crailey was lying ou
the long sofa, his eyes closet!, hla head
like h piece of earven marble, the guy
uniform In Which he lind tricked himself out so gallantly open nt the throut
and his ivhlte Iiuen stained with a tew
little splotches of red.
Beside him knelt .Miss Hetty, holding
her lace handkerchief upon his breast.
She was as white ns lie and ns nn.
tlonless, so thut as she knelt there,
Immovable, beside him, her ar-u. I>k*
an feu ter, usees au sreaat, taey imgiu
bar* kf«i a iculpter'i group. The
liiiii«ik»ri*hi»f wee aulaed a little, like
the liueo, and. Ilk* it, teo, stained but
a little. Near ky en the floor stood a
flask of broad) naJ a pltebiir of water.
"Year* Mils Betty's face showed ao
change nor even a faint surprise as her
eye* fell upon Tom Vanrevel, but her
lips   soundlessly   framed   th*   word,
Tom Sung himself on bis knees beside ber.
"Crailey!" be cried in a sharp rote*
tbat bad a terrible shake In It. "Cral-
Uy! Crailey, I want you to hear me!"
11* took en* of the limp hands ln his
aud bogan to chafe lt, while Mrs. Tanberry graapsd the other.
"There's still a movement In tbe
pulse," she faltered.
"Still!" echoed Tom roughly. "Tou'r*
road: You made me think Cralley was
dead! Do you think Crailey Gray Is
going to die? He couldn't, I tell you—
he couldn't. You don't know bim!
Who's gone for tlie doctor?" lie dashed some brandy upon bis handkerchief
and let it to tbe white lips.
"Msmle. Sbe was here in the room
with me when lt happened."
"'Happened: Happened:' " be mocked bur furioaely. " 'Happened' la a
beautiful word!"
"Uod forgive me:" sobbed Mrs.-Tanberry. "I was i. ting In th* library,
and Mamie had just cobs* from you,
whan w* heard Mr. Carewe sbout from
the cupola room, 'Stand away from
my daughter, Vanrevel, aad tak* this
like a dog!' Oaly lhat, and Mamie and
I ran to the window, and w* saw
through th* doak a man In uniform
leap back from _l&s Betty tbey wer*
ln th* little open spare near th* hedge.
lie caBed out a—11 thing and waved his
band, but th* shot came at th* same
time, and be fell. Bran then I waa
sure, la spite ef wbat Mamie had said,
I waa aa sure as Uobert Carewe was,
tbat It was you. lie came and took
one look—and saw—and than Nelson
brought th* horsea and made bim
mount and go. M stole ran for the doctor, aad Retty and I carried Crailey In.
It was bard work."
Miss Body's hand had fallen from
Crailey'* breast where Tom's took Ita
place. She rose unsteadily to bar feet
and pushed back th* hair from ber
forehead, shivering convulsively as sb*
looked down at the moUonless flgure
on the sofa.
"Crailey!" said Tom, In tb* same
angry, shaking vole*. "Cralley, you've
got to rouse yourself! This won't do;
you've got to b* a man! Cralley!" He
was trying to force tbe brandy through
the tightly • Undid! teeth.   "Cralley!"
"Crailey?" whlsperod Miss Betty,
leaning heavily on tb* back of a chair.
"Cralley?" Sbe looked at Mrs. Tanberry wllh vague Interrogation, but Mra.
Tanberry did nol understand.
It waa then tbat Cralley'a eyelids
fluttered aud slowly opened aud bis
wandering glance, dull at lirst, slowly
gnw* clear aud twinkling as it rested
on the aaby, stricken fac* of bia best
"Tom." be said feebly. "It was worth
tbe prlea to wear your clothes Just
And tbeu at last Miss Betty saw and
understood, for not th* honest gentleman whom every on* except Uobert
Carewe held lu esteem aud affection,
uot her father's enemy, Vanrevel, lay
before ber with the death wmiml In hla
breast for her sake, but that oilier.
Crailey (Jray, the ne'er-do weel aud
light o' love—Crailey Uray, wit, poet
aud scapegrace, tbe well beloved town
He buw that she knew, and a* bit
hrlghleulng tytt wandered up to her
he -.iiul.it family "Even a bad dog
likes to bav* his day," b* whispered.
ILL CtnOtlNOa bad abandoned Uie pea for the sword until
such I nne ns Santa Anna
should ery for quarter, and
hail left the otllce In charge of an Imported substliute, but late that night
be came to his desk once more to write
the story of lhe accident te Corporal
QtAJ, and the tale that be wrote bad
been already put Into writing by Tom
Vanrevel us It fell from Cralley'a lips
after the doctor bad come, so tbat none
might doubt It No ,..u- did doubt tt.
•What reason bad Mr. Carewe to Injure
Cralley Gray? Only Ave In Itouen
knew tbe truth, for Nelson bad gone
with bis master, and, except Mamie,
th* other servanta of lha Carewe house
bold bad been among tha crowd In
front of the Rouen llousa wben tb*
shot was fired.
So the story went over th* town bow
Cralley bad called to say good by to '
Mrs. Tanberry; bow Mr. Carewe bap-
penod to be examining tbe musket bla
father bod carried In 1812 wben tb*
weapon was accidentally discharged,
th* ball eutvriug Cralley'a breast; bow
Mr. Carewe. stricken with remorsa and
horror over 'this frightful misfortune
aud suffering too severe anguish of
mind to remain upon the scene of tb*
tragedy which his careleasneas bad
made, bad fled, attended by hla servant, and bow they had leaped aboard
tlie evening boat as lt waa pulling out I
and wer* uow on tbelr way down the
rlv*r.        * .*.
And tbi* was th* story, too, that Tom
told Fanchon, for lt was be who brought
her to Crailey. Through the long night
sb* knelt at Crailey'* side, his hand always pressed to her breast or cheek,
her *y*s always upward and her lips
moving with her prayers, not for Cralley to b* spared, but that the I-'mlu-r
w.,uld tak* good car* of him In heaven
till sh* came. "I bad already given
him up." sb* suld to Tom meekly ln a
small voice. "I knew It was to come,
and perhaps this way Is littler (ban
that- I thought it would b* far away
from me. Now I can be with him. aud
e-arhap* I shall hav* bim a llttl* longer.
for h* waa to bave gou* away beror*
Tb* morning sun rose upon a fair
world, gay wltli bird chatterlugs from
th* big trees of tbe Carewe place and
pleasant wltb tbe odors of Miss Betty's
garden, and Crailey, lying upon tha
bea of th* man wbo had shot blm,
hearkened and smiled good by to th*
summer he loved; and, wben tbe day
broke, asked tbat th* bed b* moved so
tbat he might lie close by tbe window.
It was Tom wbo bad borne blm to tbat
room. "I bar* carried him before
this," ha said, waring the others aside.
Not long after sunrise, wben tb* bed
bad been moved near th* window, Crailey begged Fanchon to bring blm a
mlnlatur* of bis mother wblcb he bad
given ber aad urged ber to go for lt
herself. He wanted no hands but hers
to touch It, h* said. And when sbs
had gone lie asked to be left alone with
"Give m* your head, Tom," he said
faintly. "I'd like to keep hold of It a
minute er a*. I couldn't bave aaid tbat
yesterday, could I, without causing us
both horrible embarrassment? But I
fancy I can now because I'm done for.
That's tee bad, isn't It? I'm very
yeuag, after all. D* you remember
wbat poor Andre ChenUr said aa he
weat up to be guillotined?—'There wer*
things in this bead of mine!' But I
want to tell you what's been th* matter with me. It wa* Just my being a
bad sort of poet. I suppose that I've
never loved any one, yet l'r* cared
more deeply thau other men for every
lovely thing 1 ever saw, and there's so
little that hasn't loveliness in lt. I'd
be ashamed not to have cared for tba
beauty In all the women I've made
love to—but about this one—the most
beautiful of all—I"—
"She will understand," aald Tom
"She will—yes—she's wis* and good.
If rmiction knew, there wouldn't be
even a memory left to ber, aud I dou't
think she'd live. And, do you kuow, 1
believe I've done a favor for Miss Het
ty iu getting myself shot. Carewe will
never come back. Tom, waa ever a
man's knavery so exactly tbe architect
of bia owu destruction as mine? Aud
fur what gain? Just tha excitement of
tb* comedy from duy to day, for she
was sur* lo despise me as soon as she
knew, aud the desire to bear her voice
say anoiher kludly thtug to me, aud
the everlasting perhaps lu every worn
nn, and thia oue the heart's desire of
all the world! Ah, well! Tell me—I
want to bear lt from you—bow many
hours does the doctor say?"
"Hours, Cralley?" Tom's band twitched pitifully iu tho otber'a feeble grasp.
"I know It's ouly u few."
"They're all fools, doctors!" exclaimed Vanrevel fiercely.
"No, no. And 1 know tbat nothing
eau be done. You all seo lt, and you
want nie to go eaally, or you wouldu't
let in* have my .mu way ao much. It
frightens me, I own up, to thluk thut
so sn*u I'll be wiser than the wisest lu
the world. Yet I always wanted to
kuow. I've sought aud I've sought-
but now to go out alone ou the search-
It must Itt the search, for the Holy
•Tlease don't talk," begged Tom tn a
broken whisper, "for mercy's sake, lad.
It wears ou you *o."
Crailey laughed weakly. "Ilo you
thluk I could dl* peacefully without
talking a great deal ? There's one thing
I waut, Tom 1 want to see all uf tbem
one* more, all tho old frleuds that ar*
going doaru tlie river at noun. Wbut
barm could It do? I want tbem to
corn* by here ou their wuy to the boat,
with tbe bund and the uew flag, llut
I want th* band lo play cheerfully!
Ask 'em to play 'Kosln th* Bow,' will
you? I'll never believed lu ni.jurnf.il
heen, aud I dou't waut to aee any of lt
now. It's tlie raukeat Impiety of all!
▲nd, bcaldes, I waut to se* tlieni as
they'll be wben they cms* marching
bome— they must look gayf
"Ah, dou't, lad, don't!" Tom flung
on* arm about th* other'* shoulder, and
Cralley was silent, but rested bis band
gently ou his friend's bead. In tbat attitude Fancbou found them when sbe
Tha volunteers gathered at tbe courthouse two hours before uoon. They
met each otber dismally, speaking In
undertone* as tbey formed In lines of
four, while their dispirited faces show
ad that tbe heart was out of them. Not
»o with tb* crowds of country folk and
townspeople wbo lined tb* streets to
se* th* last of tbem, for tbeae, when
tb* band came marching down tb*
utriw-i and took Its place, sat up a royal
cheering tbat grew louder a* Jefferson
Ilareaud, th* color bearer, carried tb*
flag lo the bead of (lie proceaslon. Wltb
tbe recruit* marched tb* veterans of
1812 and tbe Indian wars, tho on*
legged cobbler stumping along beside
Crucial Trumble, who Icoked very dejected and old. Tlie llmi stood In
silene* and responded to the cheering
by quietly removing their bat*, ao that
the people whispered that It was mor*
like au Odd Fellows' Sunday funeral
than tb* departure of enthusiastic patriots for the seat of war. Oeneral
Truinble's was not tbe only sad fac* In
th* ranks. All were downcast and n'err-
oys. even those of tb* lads from th*
country, wbo had uot known tb* comrade they were to leave behind.
Suits Every Taste
If you have been drinking Japan Tea you will enjoy
It Has a Most Delicious Flavor and Is Absolutely Pure.
L..d    Packets    Only,    40c,  SOc,  and     60c     Par    Lb.    -V    All    Qroctrs
jci.'ersou mi'iiNed the flag, "Marsh
if'ive the word of cnuimiiiid, (lie bund
begun to piny a quickstep, nnd the procession muved forward down the cheering lane of people, who waved little
ilags and handkerchiefs nnd threw
their huts In the Sir us they shunted;
hut, contrary tu expectation, the parade
wus not directly along Main Street to
the   river.     "ltlght   wheel!      March!"
commanded    Tapplngbam    hoarsely,
win lug hlu sword, and Jeffersou led
the way inlo Carewe s(reet.
"For Ood'S sake, don't cry now!" and
Tapplngbam with a large drop streaking down hla own check turned savage*
ly upon Lieutenant Ciiiuiiiliig*,. "Thut
lau't what he wauls,    lie wants to se*
us looking cheering and smiling. XY*
ran do It for him tills ouce. I guess: I
sever saw him nuy oilier way."
"You look very smiling yourself!"
snuttted Will.
"I will when we turn In at the
gates," retorted the captain. "On my
soul I swear I'll kill every mi i":n;
Idiot that doe-iii t! ln line, there!" be
aturuied ferociously at a big recruit.
The lively strains of tht- bund and
the shouting of tho people grew louder
and louder lu the room where Crailey
lay. Ills eyes gllsteued as he heard,
and he auiiled. not the old smile of the
worldly prelate, but merrily, like a
child when music ls heard. Tbe room
was darkened, save for the light of tin-
one window which fell softly upon bis
beml and breast and upon another fair
heail close to his. where Fnncbou knelt.
In .he shadows at oue end of the room
ive!" Miss Betty und Mrs. Tanberry
aud Mrs.  Bureau ! aud the white huir-
Old Roman Houses.
The Roman houses nnd palaees wen*
so Imperfectly  lighted that In  many
living rouina tin- Inmates were forced
In depend on lumps by duy a.s well as
by night.
Qrub Street.
All Kngllsh writer asserts tlmt there
never was any (!rub street In London
t'ie   niiine   lulling   been   Invented   h)
I'lipe.   Hungry antbora I am* Identl
Bed with that street becnuse they were
always tryine t.< iimi it.
Suffered for Five  Years—Cured  by   Dr
Williams   Fink   Pills
AK-.iiii.inK pains, sometimes in ont
pun of the body, sometimes in another, mure often In th* buck or Jolnls
Unit's rheumatism. Bai li day mak*s
iho disease worse lm Ceases tin* torture, iir. Williams' Pink Pllla have
cured thousands. They cured Mr.
Horace riunie. of Sorel, Que., of a
most aggravated case of rheumatism
I walked us if my bunts were tilled with
pebbles, The pains, starting In mj
led, spread 1.1 iill parts of the body;
my buck mul joints became affected.
Fur upwards of live years I suffered
the greatest agony.   Often l waa con
lined lo bed, hurdly  able t.i move.  No
thing seemed to help me.   I despair
ed of ever being well iiKiiln By guild
limine l>r. Wllliama' l-iuk rills wen
hruught to my attention and I decided
to Iry tliein. I gut six boxes—.before
.ii.i) w• n* K"iie I fell ii great Improvement l i-i.ntiinti.-.i tin* treatment nnd
my health gradually came buck tin
nuw I do imi feel the least pain   i am
totally cured. Ii was u surprise I" in>
friends i" s. .• me on the street again
Well und strung ufter live years oi torture, They wanted to know uiuu
brought ubuut the change. I told
(hem Ur. Wllliama' link I'llls. for 1
luuk no other medlcllne once I began
their us,*. Rheumatic sufferers Kiv*
Ur. Williams' I'mk (ills u fair Inul.
iiu > will surely do Car you what thej
did  for llie "
K is in (he iii.Kij — poor bl 1
that such troubles us rheumatism,
in,in--'-nun. dlsslneas, heart palpitation, anaemia, weakness und a hoei
of other diseases timi their rool      It
l* the bl .ml thai I >r. Williams' link
1'ills :ii i un. They make It pure,
rich, r.i and health-giving, Thai li
why Ihey cure all the common all-
iii. nis of everyda) lit*' Bold b]
drugglsis or by mall at 60 cuts u boa
or -ii boxes for $2.50. from (h.* It
Williams' Medicine Co.. Hroi-kvlllv. ,„i(
"Here they come!"
ed doctor who had said, "Let blm bar* *
bis owu  way  lu  all  he asks."   Tom
Stood alone, close by  the head of th*
"Hall to tbe band!" Cralley chuckled 1
softly. "How th* rogues keep lh* j
time! It's 'Itosln the Bow,' all right!
Ah. that Is as tt should be. Mrs. Tan-
berry, you aud I have one tiling ln
common, if you'll let me flatter my
self so far. We're always believed lu
good cheer, you ami I, eh? Tbe best
of things, even if thing* are bud, deur
lady, eh?"
"You darling rugi-bond!" Mrs. Tanberry um. nuiii il, nylug to smile buck
to blm.
"Hark to >m!" sai-1 Cralley. "They're
very near! Ouly hear the people cheer
them! They'll iuutcb awuy so gayly,'
won't they? And how right that Is!"
The vanguard appeared lu the street,
and over (be hedge gleamed the oncoming banuer, the flesh colors dying
oul ou a strong breeze. Crulley greeted
it with a brea Hi less cry. "There's the
flag- look, Fsuclion, your flag!—waving above tbe hedge, and It's Jeff who
euriies It. Doesn't 11 always make you
want to dance:   Bravo, bravo."
The procession halted for a moment
In th* street, aud llie music ceased
Then, with a Jubilant tlourlab of braas
and tbe roll of drums, th* baud struck
up "Tb* Star Bpanglcd Banner," and
Jetferaoa Bareaud proudly led the way
through thc galea aud down tb* drive
way, th* bright silk streaming over-
bead. Behind him briskly marched tha
volunteers, with beads ereot and cheerful fac**, aa they knew Corporal Oray
wished to see (hem. thalr captain flour
lablng bis sword lu the air.
"Her* they come! Do you aee, Fan-
ebon?" cried Crslley excitedly. "They
ar* all there—Jeff and Tapplngbam ana
the two Msdrillens ond Will, the dear
old fallow- he'll never write a decent
paragraph as long as he liraa, Ood
blaas him!—and young Frank—what
deviltries I'v* led th* boy Into* and
there's th* old g*a*r*l, forgetting all
th* tiffs w*'v* bad. Ood blaas them sll
and grant tbem all a safe return! Wbat
•n earth ar* they taking off their bate
for?   Ah, goedby, boys, good by"'
They saw the while fac* at tb* window and tha slender hand fluttering Its
farewell, and Tapplngbam baited bia
"Three tltoe* three for Corporal
Oray!" ba shouted, managing somehow to keep tha smile upau bla lips.
"Tbrea time* three, nnd may b* rejoin
bis company before w* enter th* Mexican capital!"
II* beat th* time for the thunderous
cheers tbat they gave. Th* procession
described a circle on tha lawn and
then, with the band playing and colore
flying, passed out of th* gates aud took
up tha march to (ju* wharf. .
(To  Be  Continued.)
Danger In Linoleum Making.
In   lhe   uiatiufiii-turt'  of   llliule.im   n
lipri.listed   lights are allowed  lu  lh.
ui'.ii'g department This is on aecoon
.1   Ibe great  dangor of exploding  th
•rk dust flouting In the air.   An Mid
1 nini  danger  In   linoleum   making  I
:.u(   the mixture of cement ami cur
11st   bus   the   unpleasant   property   1
|nnt:.n<»..iisly    Igniting    If   left    in    1
arm   place,     It  Is  therefore cukIuii
17 t • mix the uniterlul a SSCkfOl nt
me in order tu reduce tlie risks of Bl
,.   .sum.
Ask  for   Minard's  and  Tune   no  Other
Prisoner—111 reform. Judge, if youi,
give me time. Judge—All right I'll
Bite vou thirty days.
1** Way Judg* Thaeher Dodg*d a
Challenge to a Du*i.
Document* hi the Congressional library at Washington shun* that when
the establishment of the mint WU
uuder discussion lu Washington's time
there wera some ainmniu: debate! l»
congress concerning the devices Uia
coins should bear. There Is ono uc-
count of a sijuabble over the deslgu
for the silver dollar.
.'t appears thut a member of tbo
bouse from a southern Mute I.Kterlj
opiKwed the choice of tlie eagle ou account of lis being Uio "king of birds,"
and benCS neither suitable uor proper
to represent 11 niilloii whose Institutions und Iiitereats were wholly lu-
Iniicn'l to monarchical forma of government.
Judge Timelier In reply bud playfully
suggested linn  pel hups 11 gooso might
suit tin- gentleman, na it wss rathsr a
bumble mid republican bird und would
slso be serviceable in other respects,
as lhe goslings would iiiiHWiT to place
upon the dimes.
Tills reply created considerable merriment, ami the Irate southerner, con
siiiei'ing the humorous rejoinder an Insult, sent n challenge to Judge Tbscb-
er. wbo proudly declined It. The bearer, rather astonished, asked, "Will you
be branded ss s coward?"
"Certainly, If l„* pleases," replied
Timelier. "I SlWSys was one, nml In*
knew It, or he would never hnvo risked
a challenge."
Ilie alTuir caused much mirth, but
wns Anally sdjnsted, cordial relations
being restored, lbs Irrltabls sentbern
er oooclodlng that Ihen* wns nnlhlng
to be gained In lighting one who flied
nothing but Jukes.
System Exhausted  by Worry and Lo88 j
Sleep— Perfeot Health the Result
of Using
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food,
Buoh  ourei  ** this  maks  ii   Impoi
ilble  to doubt    tb*    restorative  Influ*
.•m,    ol   l>r.   Chase's   Nervi.    I  I
Mrs.   K.  J.   Vanderburgh   ol   Bastenn
Wetland  avenue,  St.  Catna s,  Out,
■tat*s: "I*", iwcnij um years I was
badly afflicted with bsarl trouble, nervousness sud iiiiii.ps in ib- limbs, ul
.„, mn, hlng "i  il,"  musi l*s, and   n, >■
m 1-    I,..,in.ins.      I    I-- ' nm"    W'llk,   dc
biUtated aud smaolsttd. Mj oondl
11,11   mis   distressing   and   1   wus   mad"
musi* through worry and loss "i
■i   1 i    11    hundred    ,• m*dl<»    in
mm. nnd reading aboul Dr, Chase's
v 1.,- Pood I -ic ci--! ," ny ,1 tfti.
iiaviug uaed ban a doaatn boxes ol
iiu. preparation my uld troubli bad
entirely  vanlahid  and   I   »»-  enjoying
I., ltd ' In nil li    Ihau    I    had    sunt*    prl
hood,    I un. nots paal middle \itt
:, 11   in   perfect   n*altn.    I    would   	
t.ike world* today ami gu back i" ax)
t.. 1111.1 state."
I her,,   is   uu.."   *.r   I*-s   ii.i.i. iy   am!
,p.uin  us 11. ilu* ip*( ib*   :.' 'uii "1  man)
drugs,   but   ll   I-   ,
ii.ii    kiiuwii   lhal   ii.,,   1,
OOrpUSOltS    ill    llie    I.i
mi 4.
oorpusoiss  in  th*  bl,
words,   ii.sk, h  Iiii    bin, i|  rii/'.
ishin*. '
I' jj
», II
Iln     1 r. .11     lion.
lUlO     ;1     del...lie
: t.. rel  uf tin- iu,.,
j.Vclvc   I*' I   is   il
Iiiiii d    Willi     cilltiii,
j i*ii  as  iii   make
lie     Used     Willi     11  ,      .,,,,.
ei.ii    be    mOSi    ,*
- in.
Dr.    Obsae'i    N, 1
■di'lillv     I.. s.«- 1   .      ,
iii'iuimc. md •
»\ 11*01   Hi-Hi. n   I
Iiii  action  ol    tin
nni  eM retorj    -
11    .mu    would
sllellKlll.il        II,.
...   nasi  ami  'I,-
Vl«..r    Use    III      .   '   ,.,
cents   a   b„>,   S   b
1" lb 1-,       "I       lli. 11 1
Trying   In   Its   Monotony,  Though   ths
Food  Is Substantial.
A distinguished author unci* described 1111 unrip.* persimmon ua u tun* lu
eeutlvs to generosity, since we would
niiht-r give It lo another than SS!  II
oumelvss, Ami perhaps ths Bngllsh
breakfast muy be likened io the early
MulKiUiny Is the keynote of Uie early
meal In 11 llrltisb household noI bill
thin (he fo .,1 is good nn.l substantial,
bi:( (here is a sniueiicNS year iu and
yeur out alKiiil tin* dishes thut la trjlng
bi«.-iil to 1111 American. Here Is u list
of   eatables   uud   drinkables   iiiu.lt-   up
fnnn ihe breakfast menu of ten middle
elaas ttagtlsb households umi teu pore
ly liiglisb hotels
Porridge, served with sugar and
milk; lm tii an I  eggs, eggS ami  hucuu
griiii-il bam, boiled snd poached eggs.
fr.ed sausages, dried flsii (herrings "r
haddocks), dry toast, whits or br*i..n
briul ami butter, marmalade or Jam.
te • ur isitTc.'
'.lie man or woman who hai be-en nc
enstotned to break the fust with wheat
ca'ies iiiiii maple sirup, followed l»|
gr lied bluelisli nnd a Juicy |>orter
bp*ise or jiurk ten lerlotn, I..*1|hs| uut by
fr-.-iiiy groand coffee, cranberry Jelly.
Vl.-glnliiii honey and u choice uf a huii-
dns| or mure delights in the way of
breud nn.l freshly linked cukes, sits
down to Iireukfiist lu Kugluud with a
Th* Mayflower-**  Passenger*.
The   Mui lb.»it's   paswngent   tiefon
landing drew   up  and  signed  a  dis-u
mi-111   which wns to serve us the con.
■ pint tu bind them together.    Ilerv «n*
the names of Ihe signers:
Isaac Allertun. Jobu Aldvn. John Al
lerton,     William     llra.Ifi.nl.     William
Brewster. John itinington, Potef
Brown, Richard niHIersge John carver, I'rumis . .sik. James Chilton,
John 1 nu kutun. HP-hard Clarke. 1..I
nar.1 I'oly, Krniicia Raton. I liomss
Kngllsh, fs.imuel Fuller. Kdward Fuller. Muses lietcher, John OoOdmtUk
Itlchnrd OsllllllSI. John llowluod. Bte-
plien Hopkins. Kdward lj-bitcr, Chrl»
lupher Mania. William Muilins, IM
mund Margi-son. |.cg..ny Priest. Thomas Itogi*",. John lllg.liile. Captain Miles
Btandlsh. OeOfge Soiile. Kdward Tilly.
Jobu Tilly, Thomas linker. John iur-
n.-r. Kdward Winslow, William It hits,
Itlrhard Milrren. Thomas Wllliama,
i.llls-rt Winslow. And servants aa
follows Carter CopOf, Kly. Iliilberk.
Ilis.ke. I.aiigciii"rc. I.uih.iiii. Mlnter,
More. Prow er. Sampson. Slory, Trevor,
Thompson, Wilder. Woaeo and children lucrc'iscd ibe tula' number to
Philosophy Is a good horse In BM
stable, bul su arrant Jade on a Joor
I'aients   buy    Mother    (irsie,    Wuim
Exterminator because they know II Is
a safe medicine for tbelr cl.il.lr. 11 and
an   effectual   expelier   uf   worms.
To the mullah-, who were dl.pl. I**d
I'   uis  1111,lotion  Into  li"' insHoniy,  th*
Amir explained on in- return from In
dis llll* ,h'*n* was no.hlng in lhe 1 lift
op| oeed  io Mohammedanism.
wtoie ci»n 1 get some of Hollowsjr'a
Com Cure. 1 was eimrtlv cured nt
my corns by (his remedy ami I wi-b
• uiiu inoi" of it for my fin mis. Bo
writes   _r.   J.   W.   Brown,  Chicago.
Right Handed and Left Legged.
Must |-i-<i| le would thluk thai us man
Is. with very few cxevptiuiiji. "right
bnndi-d'' be would be n( the same time
"right legged." Itut this Is not the
caae. Almost every right handi-d man
use* his left leg more than his right.
Por Instance, must people llud it much
more natural to go nruuutl circles to
the right Ihun to tin- left    That Is be-
eeaee they smrt wtfa the Isfl leg.   iu-
lug stronger, it Is more readily brought
Into uiiioii. and it Is 011 this account
that tsslii-s of soldiery alwaya atart to
march with the left foot. Almost sll
courses for foot races a,e made out for
running to the rtght. and dancers will
Indorse ihe statement that the majority
of movements are fur mon' euslly executed lu thnt dlrecliuii. The left foot
Is the one thai Is placed In HM atlrni|i
for mounting s borsft and In Jumping
It ls from the left foot that the athlete
"takes off." Thus it will be swn, ns n
gom-r.il rule, "ngni handed'' people are
-left legg.l-
A   I.rule  wis  sued   in   !
hreshments it bei
list     wis     lour   and
In er.   011.    ,pi ul   -     1
one   bo.lb*   Kin.
t inl   nt   sin ny,    oil, I
so lus.   leluulis.
Wmrrmmlott to Chrt S.tltttmjk
Caustic Balsai
III Imitators Bot No C:?:imj
A   R*f%, Hj-wvly   tn]   ,    ■'<.(.•,!
CvV Iijc.l Bw *i», r,.:^ irt I
ItrklftM   Twioob.    I'mUtt,  tm
fuffi, _**4 til UawwH hm -Hs'\
liaffc-Mb*    *»-!   m*l.er   tear   team \
Oitr-M til tkia -iifatos m ?•*■
Tknufc.     D.fhUert*.      ftevtt
ft-satfe-M trmm Tmttnet m Celt.*
•*• m Bjm&a   M-f» »   ' -   Wt
•msIm.   |c-i  TLreat.   M
Tt's-rr   hfUm  t.t  Ca««tl*   *»-Mp **»1
Vferrei tm4  to Jp**» tmtmimt*X4 m-» M
pmt brnAtle    JH.I bv 6rt§*gn*«   - h -1*3
Km*, rhmrpe* r*id,  enxn   f-       '-*-.-» j
tiem     tlTAtmt,   t   r    !•«■■*■  ;*,«    .reAm}
• U*t1 ..   iU*t •(.      A     ■*..
Tht I J m, tn,t-\\ l'l din. -.
ftMiw^'i  •  ,     m I
tsr»M'» 1* _ M44«n a       '',-'■*■
PMMwtuta ol Um» itui -ee    *W**J|
UM *r me  la** «r t* • • . -I
trtttl/ Villi mkot UM iLi>» .« futuMI
Ayx»^ I
-Nrfnm tW rvt-1-.'Qf |
■iw* .-M teck %t*4 tor':
ml hmni     um p *t 1 v
)A cmiU tht em Umee u
V*ry  Impoiing.
"How was It Dr. Km.wil got sucb
a big f.-e from Talkative?"
"Ilis'iiuse when he wai called to attend Mra Talkative for a alight nervous trouble be told her sbe bad an
acute attack of Inflammatory verbo-s
"And recommended absolute quiet
as tlie only means of averting paroxysms of caeaothes loquendl. She's
aeared dumb."
Director of Record foundry Co.
Thtre aie few men in (he Maridme Provinces, or, lor thai matter, am where in
Canada, better known to tha public than
Ih* Hun. H. R. Einmerson, Minister ol
Railways and Canals.
Hon. Mr. Kmmcrson is a son-in-law of
Iho late Charles B. Record, who, some 7J
years ago etiiblinhrd the Record Foundry
and Machine Co., a( Mom-ion, N.B.,and
is a heavy stockholder and a director
therein. He is rejponiible for much of
the uiilirioif energy whi.h has advanced
Ihis concern to a Iront rank in Canadian
induiiriet. The Un. m.i Foundry and
Machine Co. now have works at Montreal
and Moncton, and have also ules branches
in Moncton. Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg,
Calgary and Vancouver,
It is Hie whnl»som* Shr*ddf.I Wh-st wsfsr. Dllpls■■»■* 1 iin«'J ,*l
bread or era, ken. bseaniS Of lit superior nuttllin- quslitlll ntmf
Served »ilb soup si 1 cro.iliiii; wilh clues*. |ir«s<n*i, c ..« -
oolale,  Of   lOSStod,   wilh   butttr.
Try   III.-   ITT  for   Brenfasl;  TRISCL'IT  for  I.ui.l- "
All   Qro  .rs— 13c   ■ c irton,  or J lor 2Sc
An Acc*mpliih*d Youth.
"Well, Freddie. I suppose you nave
learned to read by tbis time?"
"Yes." said Freddie.
"Words of one syllable. thT'
"Not yet, air," snld Freddie, "but I
can rend words of one letter witb uiy
left eye."
K*ep Minard'i Linim*nt in th* Houi*
Send   for
FREE book-
worth   your
Remember this—tbat a very little Is
needed to make a happy lir-.. Marcus
Tbe hour wbJcb gore* us life begins
to take It away.-Seneca.
Babies and Cocoa.
A liiri-iini physiohin lir. Varot. rend
a paper before tbe Hospitals Medical
society the olher day. In which be snld
that a certain number of children bud
come under bis notice who bud been
fed regularly uiion cocoa since they
had been Wsensd. The children liked
this diet uml In many cases refused
any other form of nourishment. However, they mem l«*i;nii to suffer from
constipation nnd niiiiembi; thoy were
puffy, pale, did not gain In weight nn.l
becume nervous and Irritable,
Get the foots
you roof
a thing.
Of Oshawa
•tl-l cm, su w
Your Grandsons Will-B
Old .Men Before Thi
"Oshawa" Roof Wears Obj
Hoof your buildings with " Oshawa " Gslvaniied Btssl Shs
this year, and that will be a GOOD roof In KM-   w,r,'!
jrou a written guarantee, backed by $260,000, that »""h * J
properly put on, will need no repairs snd no pointing for •'
twenty-five years.
make roofs water-ti^ht, wind-proof, weather-proof, -^''-Ji
flro-proof for a century,—our plain guarantee ke«-p» 11 "1
26 years without  a   cent of c^st to the roan wno'IBH
Made In ONE QUALITY ONlYf-of 28-0un#,
semi-hardened   STEEL   double-^alvanlzcd
They lock on all FOUR sides-the ONLY MKTAL
shingle that need NO CLEATS. Easy to put on-a ham*
rSon'"1 ? ?nips, (tinners' shears) are tools enough. O*
LlvSS and last lonKer than any other roof. Tell Ul the
•surface area of any roof on your placo and we <P
I   you  exactly what it will cost to roof it ritfht.
00 I hui..** St.
70 I-njil-^nTtV
$lb !>■..'»' NL |1
"', 5W »*_. "hee-mell prove (t ,„ yon.   f„„,H ,TT. V5Sfd< ■■^B W **%*    W
StLf. "W *P«Hon Wttemmm -ore It to yon.
maim it ..HI utronger In wrylce.  It ki,
THE     rAO(   WIRE
rolhim  not, rrlmtml.   This
I'liluUx]   W1IITK out l,i„ •»
•Uyi imn.
IWW1.nlHn1r-n111tr.roof.   Kvnerienoediliwleriiloeroetlt.   I-*"'!"", W<
 "°"   ~mt I'1 writ.    Oel llluatratcd booklot and WW |irli™  '" '""lA
W.lH.rvlll..  T--emltm.   M.ntrml,  at.   Jofen.   Wl""" JZEMA AGAIN
G.itctul   Testimony
[A  Farmers
f eCl .iui.  Skin iIIhci io,  ■ i
, iid bt despaired   il ur,
liaa lie i  applied.      Tbe
Vl,     | run I"     l-cii'ill    ul     Si
i   |   ., powerful llluitra-
ufllracy,     He says:
et . .inn fur two I* ai -
il number ol rem, dlei
however, Beamed i" do
i im ailment waa m
m i   bulb     theai      wi re
fi .ii in
I   .,   pi'.p.r  supply,  iiiiiI
i  had uaed ii  fe*   imi
.. |)    i ur. 'I "
kin*'**,  ili.u I.    A
i ,.x    of   /.nm- Iiul.
and   even   SO    in-iell   h
did  nu- n  Utile k -nl
iisriM .f h.i m.,, Bltl    Ft.,, 8,id
*o El. Untru.
A sksptteal person ,„,„„, „,„,„„
01. ( lull Iiuh  be,„ try|ng  (.
whether wolves nmi bei
uin n
II   ItlC  Htll-
 i to Iln*
grsy wulf,
summered w ltd
i       innn     ordinary
,roi .ill   ... IU      I ..III,HI:
iill nr Iui       H  <
ii I'lng,    herbal
in  Ideal nniiir.il , um-
ind   purlt)      li li
...ui   Imtantl)   kill-,
■ h
,ii i -km ti
,   i     |...     I.    . i
i . ,   . -      ui,., -.
, rup-
...rin.   spreading
, mblea,  i liiiiiiii;   i
nni qualb *i      n also
.nu,  stores
fi , .   Zam Buk  i.'o.,
i.   '     v   -   toi   1
ita   woman   bei 	
, several  BnglUh lordi
.  iiiign if, aaslai  in i -
ibiu    un   ilu     Kjigluh
i babies nre ab k bablei
i- alwayi happy   Per-
i..   nothing i"
.    miiller.  but   >■
id.r.-   Is    something
.  . „.  ,,r be would ii "I
!      . |   Of   ll'.l"'-,   tlw.lt
n nova   tbs   - suss    and
, ipp)      Th. v ur*   a  ■
i    Ilia   uf   bul.
- mother* keep Ihem eon-
.   |o Kuiit*! ag
... u ,,r baby     \
, HI  k**ep  Ibe little  "ii**'
. . Jewen  Boever 11. r
i have given I
mv    l.nl.%     *
.   Nl a iln\ old      Tie i
.*.   at s I
ild «li.   I- ii liin- health)
■ -   i think, an
•i . r- of v..unit ' I
. .*   i-    ur b)   iiiiii!
•■ in Tb* I--   win
IT .. kvllle. Ont.
.   bs   Ibe   fashionable *
no* b*r ilu* Transvaal.
ing and tu.au. > i
iaki-11     ur     ire     bu
li.l  nut
■rs sre malign-
■M -J tin- popular itorle* of tbelr
eating ways nmi writ*! his
SUDS fur Kecremlnii.
i-'irai i„. triad running dowi
ries   (old   iu   newspaper
l'"ll.'.l In this etTurt, lie i
Indians,   They knew n„
having wintered und
him.  Had they em known
dlnn being killed by one',   N a,
Mlngau   wns   very   crafty
much to be dn-iided.
yullc ho.    hut, once for all, hn,| be
ever to (heir knowledge killed „ manl
Ko, bet tbey bed heard- so it wen
always th* „„„„. intgagibig, un.,
firmed rumor snd tbs name absence
"N"w for n few fiictsns to the w. If"
writes St. Croix. "He cnn go tight
days without food und can Own sal
forty pounds uf meat at o sitting so
tbe   Indians  suy.    This  Is  prellv  felt
for uu animal  weighing  but eighty
ixiunds.     Vet   we   do   uut   knnw   the
lenglh i.f the sluing.
'The wolf will not venture on glare
Ire; he never l-fOSSM n hike until there
ls MlOUgfa siiuw to bide thS I"* To
WSttfng his feet he U ua averse us the
domestic cm. JIe W|>| „ot kl|| b||
game In (|,,. sbeKcr of the fur.*
ways driving it into aome open place
for the kill.
"When . basing a deer, be goes iit a
leisurely |,,-«., sitting down at Inter
vals to give the most dolorous iod
bloodcurdling bowls.    This drives tb*
Saves A Lot
of Bother
The starch that needn't
te cooked..that won't
•«•*   tliatgivei.bril-
liant glogg wkh almoat
■JO iron -effort., isn't
tha tho .tarch you
ouKl't to have them
one on your clothes?
Bu* 't by name.,
CSUSSS   of   thi   Qigsntic   Cratiri   and
Greit Fiimri Eruption*.
ll 1- SVldsnl tunny one wbu gluiuvs
upward sl ths moon that Ita roli-snoea
ure 00 nn iii.iiiensely lurgiT si uie Uian
those whieh stud our globs    Ons eg.
i.iiiiiiiiinii, now abandoned, is that tbs
force of griiiltutlou being there only
oncsuth (hat of the earth tb* mutter
expelled from a crater would be spread
fur nn.re Widoly, and explosions would
be generally on a far more magnlflcenl
seels. Professor i-ickering i(uon-s this
theory only to refute it In some , ,„„
perlaons which be made between the
great  volcanic   region  cf  Hawaii   and
poor Victim Into a wild gallop and noon '""' "r ■■"•■ "muller craters of tb* moon,
eihauits It, uud as the wolf never tires '""' f'"'u "sem to him to be tbut tbe
he bi sure s.-.ner or later tu catch up mtfet .rulers ou the moon came Into
with tho quarry, existence when the thin, solid crust
"In winter tbe Am often mukes for ' eoverlng tbs molten Interior was. ow-
aome wild rapid, into which it plunges. t**B I" the solidification aud contraction
knowing (bat the wolf will uot follow, Of ths crust, uiucb too small tocoutuiii
Too often the di-cr drowns, but better ; "1*-' "'I"1'1 material. The craters wars
auch a death than one by the fangs        therefore formed by the luva bursting
I. mr   ul   life    B nc*   f-i
iueu    hive    Ik en   seeking
•  nf..  wbb b  ',« ' '
I Dl       lb    Hia-      I      '
.    i ii.ii  11 tor* »!.i' li pain
It   i»   made   up   i.i   mv   • -
ni• tu11 >   blended  io thai
,.   properttti    ar.    coi
1*  ba.  i     • tool   •
lumbago,    rheumatism
; ami.
"In Summer a couple of wolves will
aecure all the doer they need by ver)
simple ladies Having put up (lie
qnerry, one  wolf drives it by saaj
stages (., M.iue nttle lake I s|>onk now
of the Ijiureiitian country—and on
reaching (be shore the d,-er plunges
unhesitating!., in, for Ita lnstlmi nils
It the cii.-mi  will not dare lo follow.
"So on n swims, while the pursuer
•Its on his haunches ami howls dismally, no d..ub( because hs SSSS Iili
dinner escaping At length tbe tired
doer drugs Itself wearily from the
water and shakes the drops from ita
coat on the suu warmed strand Tl .*n
the companion wolf, which bus waylaid Its is.iniiig. springs at its throat
ami when the lirst wolf Jolm him they
bave a gorge tbat makes them independent of fate for a whole week."
tbrongh tbs .*nis( und so relieving the
pleasure. I.aier, after this relief bad
been foiiiul him I (he crust bad thicken
Sd, tbs Interior regions by cooling
shrunk away from the solid shell,
which wii> now ,oo Isrge uml. being
Insufficiently supported, cared In. permitting tbs great fissure eriptions
which   prodocsd   the  so  called   luuar
*°on    The ilensive outflows of lava
dissolved tho original soHd shell when
ever they name mto contact with it.
much a*, thej do iu tbe present day In
Hnwsu Had the moon been much
smaller tbSSO eruptions might not have
Occurred at all. and If tbe moon bad
been much larger their relative size
would li.iu* been greater. Most probably on tbe earth similar oulbursts were
greater, am] our original gigantic era
ten were destroyed by the outflow of
tbe earlier archaic rocki which com-
plelely nbffierged and dissolved tliem.
London Post.
Soun.it ot Many Sayingt We Are Fr*
quently  U*,ing.
Bome ul  the  uiooi  tainilier ijuoi*
tlOIlD    llllVU     tilt'    llill.1    l.lll.llil.ll.ll     ,-Oill
con. 'Iwo, whloh ara oidiiuiiily ultn
buU-.i U. ll.c lliblij, are; ' I li iiiiiiiicni
is next to godlniuBi" uml "Qod liin
pan the wind to lhe shorn l.-iuilj." 'i lie
lorinei is from the "Journal" ul John
Wesley, one of u,« luundors ol Mu*
tliodisin, nnd tlie latter la from
Sterne's "SentimenUil Journey."
Btcino was a rector ol the Church ol
"lietter late than never" is an
uveryday expression, yet lew know it
to be from Don Qiuiote. "A tiling ol
beauty is n joy forever" is of most familiar iittermico. It occurs in Keat'i
I.ii.lyiiiioii "Hrevity is the soul ol
ml" is in .liiily use by people who
do not remember tlmt It was written
by no less a personage than Shakea-
pellic in  "lliiinlet."
"Can; will kill a cat, therefore let'i
be merry." lias a Sliake.-|,carean
sound, but in truth is Irom the pen
ol George Withers.
He thai complies against his will
Is ol the same opinion still.
A Wall-known expression, yet few
people have ever relit) Hiiiiiu, I 'itutler'i
"Hudibras," Uie great sutire in
wliicli it occurs.
"For men must work and women
must weep" has been made more fn
miliar  through   the  poem.   Kingslsy'l
"Three Fishers," being set to music
In Hcott's "Mormion" occurs the
Oh, what ,i tangled web we weave,
When first we practice to deosivs
A quotation every child heats in in-
lessons on integrity.
The hostess, wishing to pay delicate
tribute  to  her  guest,  speaks  ol  h.i
visit as being "Uke angel visits, f.»
umi   lur  between."   which  axpn
originated  with  Thomas Campbell  in
Ins   "Pleasures   of   Hope."      ,'oinn
events  cant their shadows  before"   i
from the name souroe. Milton wrote
"They also serve who only stand am!
wait."  "Damn  with  faint  piaise"  i-
from   Alexander   Pope,   sa     is     also
"Order la heaven's first law " Another
familiar  quotation    from     Pojk*    ii
llojs' springs eternal in the human
I" i-i." from his "Essay on Man "
ami y.*t a fourth well-known Pope
quotation is "A litUe learninc Is a
dangerous  thing."
I,r>'l.*n is responsible fnr "None
bul lhe brave deserve the fair," an.l
nl-.i "Men are but chil.lien of a
linger growth." while from Thomas
Dray   we  have    "Where   lrnirance   i.-
ii- lolly to be wise "
In    Oliver    (ioldsmith.-    Is-autiful
Vicar ol Wakefield" we Bnd the following paragraph:
"Well,  upon  my  word.  Mr*.  Prim
rose, vou hsve the finest children in
'"le country."
"Ay, neighbor,    she wn**' I an* •*.**.
"thev are as le-iiv-n oiide ♦'  ••,,   | .   .'
 neb ,1 they be ro ,| enough
loi   handsome is aa haml-icu* doi
Lightning has no efFeot od them. They are absolutely fireproof. Eain and snow—heat
and cold—can't rust, crack or warp them. The perfect fitting sido lock (exclusively
Eastlake) mukes the roof absolutely leak-proof, and cost of putting on much less.
our guarantee:
Wo guarantee Eastlake Metallic Shinglei to be mide of better material, more scientifically and
accurately constructed, to be more easily applied, and will last longer than any other Metal
Shinglo on tho market    Our guarantee ii absolute.    Oar Shingles have been made since 1885.
Eastlako metallic Shingles aro marie either galvanized or painted.    They aro
handsome in design, attractive on tho house and last a lifetime.    Our
cheapest   grade   will   last   longer   and   costs   less than the best
wooaon shingles.    Our best Metallic Shingles nuke as superior ,>,
a roofing to wooden shingles, tin, elate, etc , as these wero papc*
to sod roofs.    Let us send you the proo£    Write us.
Complete information free.
COMPANY, Limited.
Toronto ind
I n      • *
u. .1    Indian   lalan
1   HooUorrai,    to    ■
• In ll •    of    ibS    ' Mllll.g
• k*i»i*ii •enu..*.
M inge,  Prairi* Scratchu and
Iry torm ot lOntagiout Itch on hum
|c an.milt cured  in 30 minutm by
ori 1 Sinltary Lotion.
fi.trinn   lll.l   111
-    iliil    in-   ii *n.  y
.   ipel  io  It.
.Jl- ll'
There la a little wolf am] a little rabbit In every man.
one waj to bs unhappy la to enry
Uie liiil'i'lue-i.*. of ..(hera.
A lack; mun always polnta with
prlili- (o hh c«*d judgment.
How many tilings there are In a
grot-pry store you never «ill call for:
If you want to oblige a frlenil, do
aoiiH-dilng for lilm bla uiy lnsteail of
your owu way.
A gn>nt nu ny jieople tee tbemwlies
aa others SSS them, but they don t believe what IbS} see.
Ever ociur to iuu that many o( your
sorrows sri* silly sorrows Uiat Is. sorrows that are not Important:
Kducatlun ls u great tbiug. no doubt,
nut tbe best huusekee[-ers didu't get
their kiioHleilge out of books.
if you :hink you need s tonic,
hi ynur doctor. If you think
rou need somethlni for your
►•ood, ask your doctor. If you
Ihmk you would like to try
jeer's non-slcoholic Ssrsips-
I'Ha, a«.k your doctor. Con-
]ult him often. Keep in elose
■ouch -*,th him.
*• puVliak tur tetmu.tmo
W..fc»»i.h   a       ...
!>#■ .or rn.Ai.tye.
We «,y yen tm
..... I ye.'
Tht Imprtttion Ht Gavt.
Bil honor Judge Willis, on one occasion going boos in an omnibus which
lunded lilm nt an Inn known as tbo
Qf-OOII Man, us usual pas-Mil (!..* tune
111 frieiidly discourse with lhe passeu-
gers. To one housewife »h» hu.l bssn
marketing be remarked that, owing to
fn-e trade, she was enabled to buy
uimli more for her money tbau if she
In.-.! In a tariff country. To otbers be
talked fri-Hy and dispensed counsel
and ndviit, indiscriminately. Arrived
at bis destiuadon, be Intimated to tbe
conductor, "I want to B»*t out at Uie
Green Man." Accordingly (he omnibus
alow ed down, but aa be was leaving
bis seat a lady touched blui on tbe
aleere anil earnestly Inquired, "My
good man. don't you think you've bad
enough ?"-I-ondon Tit Bits.
£1 >our doctor to name some of the
sulti of tonitipatioo. Hn long lilt will
II". wuh nckhosdsche, biliousness,
nP<*r«ii, tbin hlood, bid ikin. Tbea
p mm if he would recommend yeur
fn« *ftr I hlli.
•»» "• i. 0. Ajm Os.. Lt-nii. ha	
njoy Life
health  makes good nail everyone had a sound
■ach there would be no pes-
N«i in tilc wofij,    £)0 not
|!1 "«• l weak stomach or a bad
r" to rob you of the joy of
•vlnP*   Take
the world laughs with you.
1 'hen for rose-colored
r '•' '    Beechim'i Pills start
rlh ^'rations to all parts of
°dy, while putting a ruddy
'" "" ''Pl and cheeks. There's
""' '" every box. Health for
,rv man, woman and child.
^ 1'ills
Nw How
'rwliere.     in boaes 28 cants.
"Old Hundredth."
••Old Ilumlredlli" bas t*t*u variously
aacrllie.1 to Martin Lutber, nr. John
Dowlaud and WlllUm Kranik. Pr.
Lowell Maenu wmte quite a treatise
on the „ld tune ln It&i. saying emphatically that It waa written l-y QbH*
laim..- (Wllliunii Kranck lu 1M;I Hut
later muslmil historians and antiquarians who hsve InvesUgateil more close
ly aay It was composed by lx>uls Ikiur-
feoie. born about 1500 ami died alxnit
lSTJ-Bome say In tbe massacre of St
Bartholomew, to 1551-61
tht   Littl*   On*   It   Carried
Cirtd For by tht Mother.
Tbe arriial ln tbe world of the
youthful Kxkimo Is Dot greeted l.v
the iirtlunloi cradle slid swaddling
clothes. Practically till he iuu shift
; for himself he lives absolutely iiiikiil
:<* his mother's sealskin blouse.
ikla to ikln keeping him warm.
This imngl incut allows the niutber
to go al«nit her vork almost Imtin-
.li.inly. iiinl ibt can also travel and
bant ulllii.ut a i-erainbulator nn.l
»iiiii.ut lijuiig to leave any one at
boms to "11.unl" the baby. Tbe moth-
•■- - Arsas is almost eiactly like the
f.ilber'!.. eie.pt that It has 11 long sort
of tail reaching nearly to the ground.
einliryo. 110 d .ul't, of tbe modern
Spared Ihs tnlssrlss of soap ond
WSter and early weaned to tbe readily
•willow*] diet of blubU-r an.l raw
MSl ment. (he Infant rapidly develops
that Invuliiiilile layer of lUbCUtansOQS
fit which, while It enhances the "Jul
ly" appearance of tbe lads and the
•bapellneu of the nmldens. ssslsts 11111*
l.riiilly in iTonomy In clothing
Thus In (heir frigid clline. once In
their skin tent, the whole family will
diu-st themselves of every stit'li of
Clothing, unembarrassed by tlie fact
Ihut so many famillee share the tent
with them. Sot-lability Is early devel-
o|ied when one's ueit door neighbor
011 eu.-b side Is only separated by nn
Imaginary Hue lietween the deerskin
imi -li-cii 1111 and (he one he uses. The
winter deerskin serves as bed nnd
nodding at nl-tht and as parlor furm
two during the day. Community of
CikhIs H almost  lui|K*ratlve under this
arrangement   Thus when one kills a
seal  all   are   fed.   and   likewise   when
he   doesn't   all   go   hungry   together.
Collte* ol  Forestry.
At tli** Canadian Institute, Toronto,
lasl week. Thomas Bouthwortfa took
u[i the rohjoct: "Do Ws Need a Col
lag! of lore.-try," and in a clear, in
ci ive in.niii. r ar*rued that Itteh an
lotion, to ndiliate miUi our agri
eultoi ■ would   U-  ol  Inglil
Wi-iiing at Modern Business.
W'liuliii*.'  is   11   .sii,ull   enterprise  com
mre.l iiilh the great Industry of long
ago. The old lure, oil, is scarcely
'.bought of today, the vegetable world
iinvlng so completely aupplanted tbe
leviathan In the arts. The bone's tbe
tiling It bus never been higher In
price, some JG.50 a pouud today, and a
right ivh.ilt- will average more than
'Si.uitu pounds of bone. Two whales
will yield a ship a dividend. Five Is
the average catch,    lt coets about $15.-
DO, including advances to the personnel, luter deducted from tbeir catch
i..T.i*ntiige, to outllt a ship for a sum-
1 it iii the Arctic. Often the catch Is
north I1SX000, of which about $£1,000
(OSS to the skipper. There's money In
whaling, often more than In mining
und si.l-iiuii canning, the north admits,
ml so eveu greater lawlessness exists
i'iiiii lu those pursuits.
■.aunt ruth thr tell of tht dlacaae.
Catarrh Is a blood or constitutional disease, and In order to curt It you mutt
lake Internal remedies. Haiti Cuanb
Cure li liken Internally, and acti dtr-
ertlv 01. the blood and mueoui surfaces
llllll Catarrh Cure li not a quick medicine. It wai pretcrtbed by one of tht
best phyilclans In the country for yrots
an-1 Is a remilar prescription.    It  Is con,-
•" ^ I- \:,rj ^.n'X ti\ K' Ss, ^s:
ol our ipMnaid IniiL- r resOUrOSS IC ln« dlrenly on the mucous turfacet.
the nortii, an.l an u.i, ortant fact.u Th*", perfect cnmblnatinn nf the (wo in-
111 the criitiiaJ reforcslrv ,,( It.. ,1.. pea!,-',*" Is what produces tuch wonder-
in in graanai relorestn ol UM aa fU| raaulu In cuHng Catarrh. Send for
nu.l.'l  dlatnetS   of  older  On'. , ,es(lm"n,sl« free. ..
The scienliflc  value  of such  n  col     I" ,' f"HKNFV A ro .   Props..   Toledo,  a
Fold hv   nrugclsts. price  7Se.
Take Hall i Family Pills for consllMdoa
lege woul.l in a few years establish
ss a common pracUcal knowledge in
lore I propagation what la now con-
tui'-i to the lew who have made a
Ipecial •study of the question, and
! snabfs "iir agricultural distil.-- to regain in Utnber what la aa-
i! ('• the successful economy rt
every tannine country, as well BS the
climatic benefits in the way of regular rninfall ami atmospheric moistnrs,
both of whioh are essential lo the
Inchest   results  in  crop production.
Prof B J Zavity of Uie (iuelph
tgricullural College gave nn Interest*
ing lantern exhibition of "wnste la.'.d
planting." showing the success that
bsd tioen attained in forest tree pro.
p.-icaticn and culture at the Ontario
Agricultural College, as well as instances of successful reforestry in
various parts of the province.
Brings    to    Light     Many    Cut
Phases of Human  Nature.
Card playing gives an observer an
Insight Into one of tbe many curious
phases of human nature- tbe almost
universal belief ln luck even aoioufi
educated men of more than average Intelligence.
Oue player 1 knew weU-I must admit be also believed ln astrology—
absolutely refused to play cards during
one special mouth In each yeur. because be had reason to believe that
that month was unlucky to bim Yet
be was one of tbe most level beaded
card players 1 have known and ln or
dinar}' matteEH a man of great common
I was at one Ume Intimately acquainted wttb a club wbere the stakes
played for were comparatively hlgb
and wbere the players were, with
hardly an exception, hard headed men
wbo were keen about winning and who
were ut the same time a singularly aortal, kindly and liberal minded body
of men.
Among the members was a very
pleasant, quiet old gentleman whose
only occupation was to sjiend bis days
at bis dab, and especially In its card
At tbe period when I first knew blm
be had ceased playing cards himself,
but was extremely fond of watching
otber people play. Ue was the most
Inoffensive of spectators, never made
comments or crlUclsms and simply
amused himself ln watching tbe fall
of the cards.
'    Gradually, however, experience show-
*  mi- itiuiL-ined to show that any
: player whose cards he overlooked held
Lad bands with, as lt was asserted, an
extraordinary regularity.
He Invariably asked permission before sitting down beside a player, and
tbe moment tbe player held bad cards
be offered, without being asked, to
leave the table, an offer which. I am
ashamed to say, was Invariably accept-
Bome   persons     have     periodical     al ■*■*"
ta. ks   of   Canadian    cholera,   dysentery To put the fact plainly, be was tain   diarrhoea,  and   have   to   om   gr. ^t booed from watching card plavlng be-
ivoid     Uu-    disssao. ,.„„„«.  |le  waB  supposed  to  bring 111
( liange   of   waler,   cooking,   and   c
A caravan of aU>u, flfie gypaica arrived at Maul., uge, in ai ians. miiit'
ly. to the great alarm of 'lie lnhabi
tints.      The   poll lo    arrtei
Minard'i    Liniment,    Lumberman's
veterinary        irg, *    -      liavt
new   di-. a-.     in
din '.. i' I
-  in-art.     Ii  appiars thai  do|
verv  fond  of riding  m  motor cir-.  bol
lhal   tiit ir  htai-ts can't   stand   it.
Algernon      Charles     IwinbtUM,     the
i-i engaged   in writing  i  uew tra-
gody,   thi    subject   of which is   Cesare
Minard's Liniment Used by Physicians
An Inquest wis held rsesntiy in
London on a woman who dud from
hlood polaoning caused by the inftc
lion of a "chappt I" hand.
Not a Nauseating l'ill—The excipi
ent of a pill ia the substance which
enfolds the ingredients ami makes up
the pill mass. Thst of Pan ■
Vegetable 1'ills is so compounded as
i" preserve their moisture, and they
mav mto    am     latitude
without impairing lheir ' strength.
Many pills, in order to keep tbem
fiom adhering, an- roDed u. powders,
which pioie nauseating to the laste.
Parmaleo'i Vign«ole I'dli ire so pie
pared that they ire agreeable lo the
most delicate
In Um w-ek ended February 4 four-
teen mfains were icporled m (lie ci'iei
uf  Knglaud as sufiocalid iu  bod.
sll lisril. mil ,.r nallonfd iuiups snd lilrtuisbes
Iri.in   l.ui..'-     1.1,...,,      .j.svui.      rurlit,      splints,
.rn.   and
s.i.  f'.o   in   um*
Warrant. .1   tl„.   im.si   H.iu'drrful
llleiaish   Cur.'   .-i ■ :   , *
New   South   Wales   offers   $30   a   bead
toward the  pas.sa£.   ii.ioi.ei   of aj j ■
agriiultunl   slid -ervanis   to
*20  a   head   tor  olher
:ie unmlgrai
flint, is sun* to bring on ihe attack!
To sued poraom we would n**
Dr.  J.   IL   Kellogg'i  1'ysuneri Cordial
m  i*. Ing ii.*   boat    medicine In   the
market for alt suuiniet oomplainta. If
a few dr.is uie iiimii ill water when
iln* lymptotni an* noticed no furthei
trouble will be experienced,
luck by the mere fact of his vicinity.-
Tail Mall Magazine.
An   association  of  Cape   Town  bust
nu n   has   been   form, .1   to   Ml Oil
the permanent eatabliahmenU of ■ dla.
iiiotid   cutting   iii'lust.i    iii   tin*   colony.
Time's Changes-
"You," said sho aa ihe came down
the stairs leisurely pulliug ou her
gloves-"you used to say 1 was worth
my weight In gold."
"Well,   whnt   If   I   dkir   be  asked,
looking ut bis watch for tbo third time i
ln fifteen minutes.
"And now you don't tblnk I'm worth j
a wait of two tnlnutea."
Migntlic Mediums.
"You'ie got ii pretty had headache,
sir. haveu't you?'" asked the barber,
giving a dry shampoo.
••'null's Just what's bothering me."
replied the man iu tbe chair. "Uut
how did ynu know?"
"Tell  It  by  my   wrists and  hauds."
explained ths bartier.    "You aud I arc
whut   they'd  esll   magucMc  mediums.
And the electricity In my fingers takes !
the pain out of your bead,    llut I get j
It.   That's why I kuow.   My bunds are I
aching now.    I  don't  often  Btrlke  a
customer  like   you.   however,   or   I'd
hove to go out of business.   I'll bet my
arms ache for a half hour after you're
Fought In thi Rebellion.
Prince hd nard county can proud-
1) la. claim to having as a real-dent
uin* of tbe oldest men of lhe Province in llie parson ol Mr. John 1'y-
Uier. who iicently celebrated his ono
hundred and third birthday. This
very ii-iiiiirkiibie man is now living
witli his daughter, Mrs. hovell. in
tin- village oi liloomfield, near Picton,
Despite ins very long life, he la com- I
puiuineh hale luid hearty, though
uecessurily    feeling    his     weight    of
yoars   While he has been out oi his      , , ,   ,     ,,
bome very little  this winter, he was   uta^.8*uH%B°NT
quite   active   abr-ut   the   village   la-t '      , nlUc„;nlKli   SAONDBM.
summer     More   Uian   a   centenarian,   i).,||, „.«!,..
Mr    I'liner   was   born   in   Liverpool.
Knglaud,  on  Aptil   18,   ISO*.   He  was      I   Hired  a   horse    badly    lorn   by    a
married   when  29  yeara  ol  age.   and   pltohtork,     wiih      MINAiili>     I.1M
wltli hiR wile emigrated to Canada in   MKS,,1            ,, „        ,.,....    , ,.., ,,,,.
1835.   In   1K37,   during  the   rebellion, ( >!    *****•.   '   "'       EDW*   USUI?.
he  was   present  and  engaged   at  the      |   ,.unii    a    h,,r„.  „f a  hmd celling
battle of the Windmill near PrescoH. | w,,h   HINABD'B   LINIMENT.
Kor more than fifty years he fanned | Bitlmrst.  N.H.     THOB.   W.   PAYNE
in the Hurr settlement in this county.
However, since the death of his wife
eighteen  years  ago  he  has  lived  retired.   During   his   long   life   hc   has! -	
never used liquor or tobacco in any |   Twenty minnies of rain In a year is
form, and he attributes his long life  •ometimea  all    ihsi    •onthern    Egypt
to the abstemious habits he has practised
Thty Go Together.
"Any littles? Any rsgsT
"Queer comblnatlou you deal in, my
friend." .      ,   ...
-Not so queer.   Peoplo as has bottles
generally biB rata."	
Knew Hit Place.
The village  carpenter had   glren  so
H .erously of his services and sound
«,.,lce toward rebuilding tin* little nie
in .rl.il  cbspi-1 Umt when  It  WSS com
I,i i,-,i all the summer psopls «WJ
U,„t be should be eaked tO SpSJ|Ejttttt
the luncheon which ws. to follow tos
diHlleallon ,-xerclsee.   Tbe day and ths
cai.cnter's turn came duly.
"I^dlea snd gentlemen, dear friends.
be  began, Ms R"««  brown face  very
red Indeed. "I am
Entr'acti   Thint.
If I were a man, eonlesscs a writer
hi London Opinion, I would invariably before going to a theatre take a
ten-mile walk, smoke a couple of
strong cigars, and drink three bottles
of lemonade or sodawater.
Thon when I had comfortably settled into my stall I should sit there
as contented as a log, and should not
be impelled by an ever-recurring, insatiable thirst, by an uncontrollable
muscular restlessness, or by a lever
lor nicotine, to tread upon the toes,
disarrange tho hair, and exasperate
tho tempers of tlie hapless women who
should chanco to be along the route
of my perpetual goings out and comings ill.
gels,    and
there    is   m.  dew   in   tint
Independent Qirls.
The girl of today no longer smokes
tbe fragrant cigarette by stealth up
ths chimney of her bedroom. She playn
golf with tier meu friends; she shops
In Sloan street, unattended by a duen-
nii, she drives lu hansoms alone; she
comes aud goes as ahe pleases—In a
thousand wnys Bho tastes tho Joys of
Independence. Aud what Is tho result?
A girl when she marries ls mucb moro
of a companion for her husband, eau
a good deal batter
fli?eill,f|,|r*Uthe"scsiroW tban for puhllr   tn *" n-^ „| iJntict, ttylet ind   pneea   manage bis home better and takes up
..     ., u   ,11   mo   lor   women,   mta  ind   d,e ro|0 0f bostese as to the manner
"e'-he,   he rcallwd  whst hc lind  laid   <iddna§ ^ |ua.iateed by youi own deal*.   bom._LolHion World,
and Mt down amid roar, of laughter.
A Small Pill, but Powerful.-Thcy
lhal judge ol die powen of a pill by
iis size would consider Parmelee'a
Vegetable Pills lo be lacking. It is a
Utile wonder among pills. Wlui. it
lacks in size it makes up in potency.
Tin* remedial whieh it carries are put
up m these small doses, because tiny
are  so   powerful  that   only   small  doaei
are required.   The lull strengtl   of the
.v.,.  la   is     ecure.l   in   this   form   and
do iheir work thoroughly.
Milwaiikie labor unions have started
a movement (o huve all onion men
quit  work   one  luuir  earlier   in   May.
DODD'S "/>.
&,, PILLS 4
Secret of tht Poor Performance at a
High Clan Concert.
"Musical critics sometimes complain
of what they call the roughness of an
orchestral performance without always
considering tbat the cause may be
found In tbe Instruments rather than
In tbe performers." At least so says the
leader of a St. Loult organization.
"There was some criticism of the orchestral numbers given at a concert last
winter, but I know that the fault was
. not thut of tbe men so much us of (he
Instruments. Almost even- player bus
at least two. sometimes three or four,
Instruments, and one at least ls the
best he can afford to buy. This Is es-
|ieclally true In the case of the strings,
for sccidents will happen, and to be prepared ngninst them string players have
usually two or three violins one for
ordinary work, like teaching, dancing
and rehearsing, und a superior violin
for solos and concerts.
"Now, It happened that on the evening of tbo concert In question tho
weather was atrocious. It was snowing and sleeting und raining by turns.
A geuuine violinist thinks uliout us
much of his best fiddle as he docs of
his youngest child, and so on the concert night the string player thought to
himself that he wouldn't take out bis
good fiddle, lt might get dump or he
might fall off the street cur with It
and smash It to splinters, so be revolved
to leave *,t at home and take bis everyday fiddle, thinking that In tbe ensemble nobody but himself would notice
the difference.
"Hut every other string player
thought the same thing, so most of
them left their best violins st home
snd brought their practice Instruments.
The public didu't notice the difference,
but the players and the lender did. und
In un nudieiice tbere arc nlwuys people
with almost miraculous ears for vurlu-
tlons of lone, and some of (hose did the
Ueiawsret Ancitnt Liw.
Delaware'! ancient inw requiring a
bridegroom to give the stats an i*
damnify bond never causes any serious trouble, und If tl"* pennlty wns
enforced It must huve beeu a long
while ago. Tho mnn going on tbe
bridegroom's bond engages that the
children Unit may come of tlbe pro*
sp'-ctlve union shnll uot become a
charge upon the stilt.;.
The Oscillatory Process Denounced
by   Scientists as   Extremely
Dangerous—How the Danger Can be Removed.
A keen discussion ii being carried
en by torn* «f tht but icitntiitt at to
the dinger and "crime" of killing, led
by Dr. Somen. Health Officer of Atlantic City, and Dr. NalpaiM, of the
Medical F'iculty of Pirn Thty charge
tht kiss with spreading grippe, scarlet
fever, measles, mumps, whooping
eough, typhoid fever, diphtheria, ery-
•ipelai. meningitis, tuberculous, and
many infectious skin disease!. They
suggest legmition on tbe subject, snd
thi posting of aoticei in railway sta-
llons. street can and ether pub'ic
placet, but tbey lay it would be ut»-
itit to post thtm on verandahs, in
ooiy cornera, porches, shady nooks,
er moonlit lawni. Tbey alao propose
compulsory lagiilition for methodi of
disinfection of the mouth and purifying the briath, especially with a view
to the protection of tbe innocent babiai
who art particularly subject to infection Thi greiteit and mott effective
punfltr ana gtrm deitroyer known to
medical tcinut for the mouth, throat
and breath, as well ai for tba blood,
itomach and lungs, it Psychine that
triumph of tht medical world that it
attracting almost unjveraal attention
becauie of the wondirful rttults attending iti iih One of its recent tn-
umphi ii told it a matter of experience in thi following brief itatementi
Dr. Slet-oa Co.
I an ttndlnf yen photo ind HtUnoolal htr*.
with lor your greti rtmiKtr l-sri'BINS. Youi
rtatdlts dM mm. Ian tor me     I wis sisiiil 2* et
Knanelue whtn I i.. . PSYCHINE. Tht
doctors bad given me up is in Incurable entuninp-
■vi Mr lunfi tad ever? organ ol tbe hndy wera
•trribl-r dllMMd md willed Friends and neuh
bon Iboufhl I'd never get belter But P9YCHO.B
aav-Mtbt. Mr lungs hivt ntvtr bolbtred au
uot, ibd Psychine Is i permintnt curt.
»1» Btthunt Sl. London. Ont
Piychini. pronounoed Si-keen, ii admitted to be the most wonderful of all
disease and girm^lettroying agencies
For building up the run-down system
and curing all forms of itomach
trouble! and diienes of the chest,
throat and lungi or head, it it limply
unapproachable. It ii a reliable home
treatment. For nie at all druggists.
Wo and $1.00, or Dr. T. A. S'ocum,
Limited, 179 King Street Wait, To-
Yod cannot possibly hare
a better Cocoa than
A delicious drink and a sustaining
(ood. Fragrant, nutritions ana
economical. This excellent Cocoa
maintains (lie system In robust
health, and enables It to resist
winter's extreme cold.
Sold by Grocers and Storekeepers
In J-lb. and i-lb Tins.
W.    N.   U.    No.   636 ■
**■■« ■
icltj  and Pi
i Lake  •-•*■ v i'i mi .-nt rt >*
,      st hold  Mmielf res-pott-
iu loin of oorrscpuudenti tn*
l     l,. ..ilii
A.U local
«ntn i>*"
, i.-r 00 rli
i IT)
1 ji* (lisrRnil nl l.'.enil' ori6
"•11. and lOwntipo.
mart Ion.
t       ll advauoe,
. r- EM
.     JON,   13 C
>.« W-ym—■■OUre-WI I HI fl Mrl-M BISK WillSl
Corstiacts   Entered into foi Packing of Mlnin g Suoplics  Etc
to any Point in the District.
ppet |2I
. ,,*r metaii on a;>i li..-.tion
ng by ex] res« oi  mo I
: i.ion    r.O. Dfawor
m     MpFARLMl^E
-    ' Id.)
$    GOOD. Rj
|j       FROtVSPT |jj
S. DANEY, Prop,
Any Work
iiEVCLSTOKt.   O.  O,
Boat Wines, I.in«oi-p nud Clflftjrs.
Unit's Jl a day.
•J. A. STONE   -   - Prop
a VI
Revelstoke, B* C
Ftret-clasi S« ■imnioilalion fur travcllern
Rates $l and $1*50 per day
KASLO,   B. 0.
Bar woiJ Supplisd with Liquors & Cigars
Large Comfortable Booms.   Excellent Cnisiue a::J Attendance.
_-k:: i..
t oi W
b( Kootenay,
that Arthur Gow-
-.:::  nm: F.   Reamy, of
I  .. B, C. re-
I      pe itor
,   .'iitenil to apply foi n
il  I., r lice:.a* over {lie fol-
• eri i;  ■
'■-■■; . poal pb u ted
from Gerrar.l.
e from North-
Lake, marked
li. F. Refttny's
post" (hence
■ a   mile
) ,i  mi
I  Trout
* : g   and
i*  -: . ■ rner
.. tit i
... ;n e'tai ■ ■
ib. 130
■*.i (f, Reamy
Iiy hla Agent)
KiO cli.-.iiiK;
to  point ol
.-«t Koclenay.
co Uiat li, F, Reamy   ct
Creel,   II. C, intends  to
: .. \i*'-    u timber  li. snse
*• following described lands
Cornm ncing at a post
on the  meet hank oi Rua-
.., about 8 miles south of
R ver,   thenco  weet    1G0
thenee north 40   ohains;
Ut   160   chains:    thenoe
•   10 chains to   point  of  eom-
■ it   r.n.l   oontaining   640
more .-r li te,
07,       B. F, it-
' '' %   u'rtimenciiig at  tt  post
••..•don the wei: bank of Rue
.  ,     .-      • .' miles s >uih
*.    thenoe  m sl
,■■;:*.i -       ih'-r.ee    south   40
thenoe   eaat 160    ch
a.' ..'•.,.
■ i   at    .tii'.l   containing
■ - i..uri- or loss.
ISA. iro;
B, I*   *
Excellent    Accommodation
Best Li<jiiors
And Very finest Cigars   St
 - : 1
John Simpson,      Proprietor,
Central Hotel
Firat Class in every respect. All modern conveniem
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1  50 per Day* Special Weekly Rates
(Ebe ftotel Beaton
 .   BEATON,  b.c     -
VISITORS arriving at Beaton (the threshold (,f ,,,
via Arrowhead, will fiiul thla Hotel u> i„. ,.,, .'"    ' ""■
Ior hiab-clasi trade.   Kxcollent aoootninoilgi
appointed snd spaoious dinlnij hall.    The best ol u,
is.! Cigar*    Personal supervision m uiver. to the rei*n
patrons. Visitors to theXerdeau can ralr on comfort a
W. BOYD -:- -:- Prop
Croat Xal
Supply 0o.
*    Xfoe
My using Water supplied by tbo
Company you are assured of abao-
lute purity. Government Analysis
to hack up .statements. :::::::
Hugh McPberson - - Supt.
frtfMTflT'l»im:ii:d m »i tt «
Trout  Lake   City Transfer jl
and Stage Line
i ic   I ■     tei   mi ■ i   iwn ii mtSmt -J*w-MS*aaa-Mi—
»l':' nm\\*m*m*ti
£ Ferguson
Trout Lake
\ Daily Stag, will j
" leave  Ferguson
7 a.m.
Trout Lake at fl
WOOD    i ,\rd I
\tt •rtinn«
Andrew M. Craig
Best Hotel in Town,
fieaHQoarteni for Miii ni Commercial hi
|E. A.   HaggenJ
B. C.
. -• ur3 iiul I'ii i iiu Brj'o
District of West Kootenay.
District or *'an Kootsna .
TAKE notice \Jiat Arthur (lowing, of Trout Lake, occupation--
Logger, intends to apply for a
special timber licence over tho
following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted
ahout   1   mile from Beaton,    on
Fish River on E.i*.i Hi.undary of
T.L. 8&S5, miirked   "Arthur Goir- -James Hiflop,
ing's   North-west   corner    post,"! J*'L McDonald,
"Maiama" Mineral Claimi.
Situate in the Trout l.ako Mini..:
Division ol Wait Kooteuar district
\V!,-re   located;       On divide be
tween 8  tills Creek (Trout Lake)
ami lirnwn   Creek (South Fork  ol
1... 1.1 i Kiver)
N. Wilkie, acting as agent for Edward Baillie, F. M. C.B8S88f>,
„ „ 1I9277G
i. ., Iiv
thanco south 40 chains; thence I Cordon Logan,,, ,, „ 5196,
,*ast 1(50 chttins; thenco north 40 intend, aiity days from date hon*
ohains; thenoe waai 160 ohains  to M" lo apply to tbe Mining Record-
point of commencement, and con
taining 610 ^cros, mors or ic-sa.
Dated June 1
Arthur Gowing.
'th. 1907.
tier.] Estate, Irsaranco and
General Commission Agent
JS Kopresentative lor
is V.in Tarifl Imuranue Boalness in
m    Troul uke Kerunson Boston
S snd
•gC'.*ri' )■]    i .i oca pn Iniaranre mat*
tera will have |,.    ipl , ■   ,-.;,,■, 3
n m
Take notice lhat B. F.- Reaniy,
of Poplar Creek,   B. O.,   Prospector, intends to apply for a special
timber license ovor Ibe following
ribod lands:
Commencing at '-a post plnnlcd
on the north side of Poplar Creek,
about 200 feet from the creek  and
'about 1 mile above tLu firat SOtfth
; fork of Poplar Creok, thence  west
180 ohains; thonce south 80 chains
i tlience cii.t 80 chains] thenco nor-
: th 80 chains to point of commence
i ment and containing 640 acres,
more or less.
June 8th. U B. F. Beamy.
Distriot ol West Kootenay.
1      'AN
No. S9
A.l*. & A.M.
3rd   T.'uirniay each
"inng Brethren cordiallr invited.
t*. Forddr-id, Sec. F.C. Campbell.W.
er for a CortiScato of Improve-
menta, f.,r the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above
And further take notice that
action, under section 37,   must be
. em ' i i fore the issuance of
such Certificate of Improvements.
Da led this '2*2ud. day of Mav
A.D. 1907.
O B. N. Wilkie,
Trout Lako,   B. C
23 5 07
Imperial  Bank of Canada
capital paid-up.. A.at a.tea.
RUT 4.328000
D. R. WII.KIK, Prutid.et. Hon. KOBKRT JAFT1.
BRANCHES   in lb*  1'rorinces' ol llbetla. S-iikalchawau,
.daniloba, Oulario and Quai-cc.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT.—Deponit-f ri*re-?i*.l and lateiw
current rati) from data of opening of accent,!
Head Office
t.rtt»r» or  -"rr41t. luuei] »t»,I»l.1« !n   nor
par   ofthtworlil
.   icriiil  tllfl.t ...I   |,IH  IA   m    m     ..'   ALO
Miniiir litiiidi.
Arrowhead Brand:
8. .    •
Review Job Dept.
For Hifjh-tlass Work.
j»-ayoo-»pc »>** <
©K       I
Barber Shop §
— run a - -
Good Shave or tlair Cut
, ..1 :   ,'■*.
William Schnell,
rrsiK.i— •*
Hot and Cold Baths
_:»._ — ~. ~   -
OM. H. BHllWI, J    1   Illli)
A   M. l'l.-*kUlS
Holl«tU>ri lurlwptriAl Hank art'AiiadA.
Barber Shop.|
For Gaod II»
f l> A TIC g    u   t*
THt't'l  LAS I
Hot. and  CoW ftithi.
.it   :t   poat
ty Crf.ri;. nii...i: 3 th   of
.    11 i i •. i.  11 •   1QO
■ii*    norlh  40   chi
. Wist lOCfl.iiir.aiht'ncc south'1.'.':l",''i il,J" '•■ "' r\
- lu point ,. f cornm
iin; CiC .
more or less.
notice is hereby given   thnt     8
.lays aft'.-r date I intend to apply
lo tkt ii ■•*. Chief Commissioner *r
Ln nds and Works for a S|
oense to cut andran-v away l!m-
m  the following d-arcribed °    °P k*       '' Pf0,pw,or
ands sitnAle iu Wi    • ,v.     int»nd« to apply for a epeolal tim
ber lit tt tbe following do-
Take notice that B; P. Kcnmy.
N -. 1.   0)i
i*.      ,.
Ifith. Iili*. B. !•"  KiTiinv
it a
■ -1 un the weet bank of   .
•   • ubout 8 mi"c8 <;mith
f ihe Lardo River, Ihenee cast 80
hains; uth SO cbaina;
*'i••>.-.."       ■    i chaina; li. i .*■• nor
-iii; CiO   acre a
tf. I.  Itj.iBiy
Located Juno 2i) th.1907.
CommAncing at a p'lat planl-d
■     '    i. *,..,A.!...'f I*..p!,f l*:..k.
■ * n.hecre.k and
a tbe first south
•'      north 80(olkofPoplttrCra,k) tllcnoo vnl
'   SO chain,; 80 chaina; tbeooe north 80 chaina;
''•he.     * |chains; thenoe ^
pnint of con,!,
■ t and containing  640 ac'rw,
John Croft, Locator        .'"'""orlcsR.
2   Coomericing al a , '    ' i; v- :V;'">
' ibobl    miles houth of A    ' t'KTIFICATt   Ol
LAK8   I.'
NO. 41
1. 0.0.
O, Jut. : \
!1*T" 'isllllh
Hiul   * .i*n
Till    ll..*   IIIRllt  Kl    8
l.u I
l.l....I* ••lc.HI.9
;*. m.o .,,.,
PRBD  C    1:1.1 lllll
BarriHtec, Molar; Pulilii j;tc,
flCl'ii'-' Iii -1-
McCormio'i's pre-emption on Hal- j
mon Creek, aaried "No. 2. J.ilm!
Crofl'a 803th ciiBt corner post,"
W<  I   SO chnins;     thenco I
,."*''-' B    chains;   Ihenee east 801
chains;   tl mice south 80-ehaii.
point id commencement.
:    *    *   *  ■    10th   1907
John Oroft, ixicator,
Su. .',   Commencing .,1 ..   post
planted fcboot 1 mile weal of No. 2
winked    A  McCrniick'K  No, .3.
■ ■ 1st r'l.-i.d" (hence wi SO
j< bndn»i '-• '•"<   north 80   chain ;
thence easl 80 chains; thenee sou-
ehalui to point of coznmenc-j
men I.
Located June2:ith   l'.K,7.
A. M Qormick L
•Tr.d-.-x." "H»4 ciiir." "noyal
it" mnl  "Ili.iien T.viiHiire"   Min-
luiiiif*,    liftiate in tho 'I rout
Lake Mining DivUlon ;,t Wast Koot
eo'ay District.
Whora lorated 1   Pa cold (.1 .
■ '     (iaincr Cr. ok,
TAKE KOT1CE th-ii I,  Ernest A.
Cleveland, aitini n*> agi'iii for:
James   Dixon,     km. C. Ho. BS086.
l'. Muude Wicken.len,   „     ,.     I,
ami c. 0. Wlekeoden   ,,    „    1
inienil.f/l rtnya fiom the ilatc horaof, lo
apply to the Mining Recorder  for Or
tea ef Improvements for the -pur-
|K>M ol obtninliiK Crown Cirants of lhe
And  furllier tako notici) tbat action
under teOUon 87, most be oommenosd
before ths iuoanoo of euch Certificates
Ol Iiiii.roifiiricnli*.
Outed this llth day of Mav, A.D. I
-,i,*, I
1  r-eri i    Olsceland
".HKI.E have been fortunes
made hy judicious invcat-
meiil in Keal Estate, hu.1
mure f.-rtunes will be made than
ever the n**it two or thri • years.
The one who reaps the harreat is
the (iiijjiii.il Inveetor, for |i« has
his money on a certainty.
Now let us point oottr, you that
theie i» bu ' alter spot nn *ln» Con«
linent to 1.,iv !•>,*,! Ratate than
'iU'.l   ,   :     CE.
Trout Lake is the pretlieat afiot#
in the Kootetjayaj aa a pleaaurt'
resort It bamo K]nnl. Booting
and Dulling rnay he Indulged in
th" year round; while bis"gsme
in abundanca ia to ihe found on
the hills. Ita olioiate is aupcrb,
there being no great extremes. It
being mild in winter and ,* ,,,
rammer, ft eun boost -if tome ,,f
tho fina-it IkkpJb ami resldenOM in
British Columbia. liHutreeiA are
well laid out and graded There
are two excellent ceneral stores,
and a glance at the advortiseuenle
ia thia journal will il,ow that all
trades are fuirly weii r**pienented.
Writ*  with confidence to Ageuta.
H. McPherson
Trout Uke^ B.C.
Lots can be
obtained on
Make your
selection at
|T h
1 s
Th«« coll on
or writo to
iias nevs*- bad a  ' beesa "-- Ita
rowlli bas hoea steady.   I» is
the Inul ,,f nYlg-Atioe,   aed
lhe terminal .f ike Latdo braaek
O' the O.P.B. AU roarli (ia tb.
Urdooo) l.idu Trust Lake. I»
Is ihe roeiH.rrial erntre if lb.
richest mineral diatrict ea lbs
c-ntineut, and has banking leeill-
lies provided by lh. Fmp,.i»;
Bank ef Canada ; lint elaaeeeiieel
accommodation Doder the  «iir*».
lion   (f  S. Shannon, JI.Jl.; « n„,«J
water sy»t»iu ; giiTartirornt pfloes
'   unty Ci.in ilttlngi, Meih< dial
Kpisropa] «, J Anglican chur.*hss
and 'i-ttsgs hojpiial.
There ar. ralual-l. ran«k lands
on IhsouUkirts awaiting settlers,
lis lumber  immure* are  msgnift
eimf, and a   handsaw mill   with a
'.lil.ulaiy ars proving oal bigc»i
prtlduceri  .vny  year,  witb   w.w
proepe«ta oj..cii.g „p r,c|, bodies »f
Thor. will I,, , |lfK r|1f)| ,W(
yar, M jf t0. Wl)„y mtsow
■ore, writs at one. to ril Ifi of
'hoeeeateet th. sildrcs.cs b.lnw
P. B. Wells
G«ft«ra] Ajicnt
Revelstoke, B.C.
.-.,..... m .min ii. mui wiin a
opacity of Cv.iMO ft. per day ii at
IN head of th. lake.   The minus


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