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Lardeau Mining Review 1906-05-24

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 2^7     ^     "^
/-\<*v •. _ \
te" ,-'       ■     '-, •        ~?jr-
;j is .1 larger circulation than any
,v, irspnper In N.
Kootenay. Ib ji ad-
i*ertiaing   medium.
g Review
The representative
ol th'-' ticli Lardeau
country. Sent to
any address for $2
per an. in advance
VOL.  2
TROUT LAKE CITY, B.C.,  fifty 24, 1906
No. .0.
Provincial I.and 8111»eyof,
Mineral Claims Sarueyed
iiiiii Lr.m 11 (haul*- :il.t..ic   :
lie.Itl.'ll.e -N..»l lt*'ctt|tl mn
I'r.ttil l.il ,- 11 1
lid «rlrr. I
\   II, I'IMi II 1 .1
I   11.111.
,-ol.fi 1 1". il:.-   1 n
,  ,1   1.,,. loi 11111 erltl I ni I '■' ' ineile,
,'.'" Ibo»pii|liiliori'ol h Uke, shout
P ""■■" lr"". 1 1 Ink* City, murki'il
•'   0.    Murray's   nnrlli rati  cimer
I '     ' 11  ' Hill   -      Ml   ,  ! , •!„■„,,.
NO chains, 11,,'nic north »0i*l
thence, call   HO i-hatiis |u ilm , ,
I "ll  11 , in ftiicni
■'*" -'•   ' on men ■ .- .1  • ,   ,,,.
"I Wl Hie   llllltll   th. re  o|    Ir.llll    1    |.„
II '   ll   (1   ll .1"    .1    In.. 1   I uke I m'
II .'•,-. -• . ...,,,, „.'
' sill 80 chains H*   lhe
l"iii iiii    .11 l.l: i\
|. ■ ..   ii    ■ .  ,
1   ■■ 1  .   ,    |*,|    ,._,,,
Show Faith.
I A' Hi     IH-.il'IX      ,\\|)     MI--
MANA'tl.MI N I     AMi
I1AVI   HON nl I
1 y « iili a * I'-.-.r 11 it.* n/id evi
l rn-i" et "i sue.•. -.-."
'rin- 1".,,.-...>i 11 _• appeared in ihe
Nelson News ..i Ibe r.'il. li st. We
nre 1 I-.-; -..I lo note llmi Ihe in..
*.*. iiil.iii. 1: n in,, il have ii •• pluck
I*, sea  ihe pronoa'tlon through to ft-SPOt**!
in Mining.
lllll »::"'*. ill;-' tii*- 11-..1111 veil,(III '
[ED    <'-
ll'lll.l.  .Mi
',  l!   C.
Kl.f 10 CT.
•. :   \    1   ■
Hssapiitfl -***
1'  .. 1
, .|.| -,ii.i Cllvet
ii.,, ,     1 .1;
1. II.
:'  .'■
I    M!
I;   >
SHANNON. A.fttfyer
Tion* Uke, I!
• •ti.* i*   in hereby given
1 > ■•   ...-'llll,.   ilt,        llel,.;
.'    '■  ■    II   :     -      ,
I        I:  Mel     I"      »|,|,|)       |„        |t..
I  hil '■      '        -r     li|     i   ,     |,
•i i    •■.mi   timht'i   1 1   .. ,
■ 1 in n 111 ii   • ,
"*-.*    I.    < '■ tiiii,oi..   lift Din 11*11,1
"11  ll e •(■till
• ', 'l'l,ml    I nl:c   Ir   .   11
'1      I    ,-. , - 1 ..•
■    lit 1 ••■ i.t, II)    -0
■   ■    '
LI'i'.V      l  \\.\|il \\      ]'.\t IFfC
11 MI'.l. I:   COMPAN*
\\.\-  I ■ »l: M»;I».
• ■      .
-    ■     ■   I    111
- ■-. .        .   ll , ll  I - , I
•t     ..      I   ..,.,, 11
".-hi 80.        >. tlmni       ril
The nffqira of llie uufi.rlunaie
know.11  •>-  tii' Canadian
I in.In r and  S_u mills  (',, .   have
often hei 11  •■ i,iitn Hied   nn   in (l.e
papers    This company owned  a froij*;lit ohargo made ia tr_e, V* do
■      ;.        "v v   ''."ir   liini.cr,,,,.  i,,..;,.,.,.,„  ..j.,^,.,..,,,,,,,       yj,e
i.   lini-d
of the co'1'.i.y •*.• can asfum
nf   Ibe  iii'mtntr- success  of  their
\ _ 1:11s r*-. provided, ol oouise, there
ih  nol   ti   repetition ol Ihe fo»uet  GROSS   OB.E   VAU'K <>.•' THI
nidi.tt'lt of 'iniii;'   liiirii,. *s      U e
initMt,  ii'iii'i'irr.  lake exception to
the  . i:> iiiiicnt ii..i.lu   that   Trout
Lake City i-i  not   s   good location 	
for (he sawmill tawinew .,.,i(.        ^ „, l|i(.  Millist,.r of
Wl,,., the null was l.ii,ltl,*;re,Miii(.H <.,._ ^^^ UMMt)
„..,c-M,i|.-.„f tlie company's timrhM jlHl ,,„._ [whUiUetL tt will
ber wns located at the head ot. the bf. S(,„„ vUt „,, mMng |ndoitry
l.ik.'.H.i.l while the s.at...,..nt made (ft,j(: ,Vovi,lce is in  R m0Hl Mti|.
1  *•*••"*'factory condition.
Ii.ii."I nnd tor which only thia year
! .a-, a market been found. An yet,
' most 0) the zinc nre sold has gone
to the United States, but a /ine
I smelting  plant  having  been Hub
year erected at Frank, in Alberta,
I just east of the British Columbia
' l.iiuii.lniv, in all probabili'v Ibe
I lamer part of the tlritish Coium-
bi 1 output »ill in bitucebe treated
there.    A Commission appointed
bv the Dominiontioverninen*. and!    Two plea.tant rocial danoee wer
including   Mr.   «'.  K   Ingali,   of j |,eid on the  t.iKht of the i*4tb at
LLccal and General.
Mr. and Mr*. Elliott and Miriam
have bein visiting Nelson during
the week.
Mrs. A. B. Jowett returned Weil-
nesdav froni a visit to Nelson.
1'flOVINCE   fnlt    1905
New fork, snd Mr .tulip Argall
ot Colorado, "-■."•i.i ihn seoJon of
190"i in Investigating tbe possibilities of tino ore mining in Urit-
Isb^Columbia and methods of
ireatiiiK the ore
Ten yearn ng*. tin* ilea ,.f imi'It-
ing for a dollar a (on sod mining
fur #1.1(1 m   ton   uotild haw been
the Hall and Lskevlew Hotel.
W, N. Rolphe, of Nelaon, an old
resident of Trout I.ako during the
life of tbe C. T- A 8. Ltd., Is a visitor this week.
A   parly  of  about  4(J were all
iir    •■ -ft on I   lake  and   with Ljj ^,,,,
The gross viiliie of tbe mineral
production of tbe Province during
I        ...       loagenretil
Tl'-i.\\    l.ipi.l
So, SO
\ V   A A M
.'?!-.I       I l.lirnl:*'     i   11 1
■ llrethreti rordii ne 1.
i  ■   ' , -l.'.V.M
.it.i ii \. <.   _>:*.-' ■'
pi..  IV   11 rahan
17lli   l".
any Liiilt a (large capable L,je ,m w&8 ^t;. ...^ „u.
'   r,f handling ei.cars, and tbe CP.R.,, «_de bv the
""""1 ' .:,...  |    lawing waa |I0 per car,     ■       , „    ,,,    -,„,. .,„>   ', in
,   .      ., ' miii.-f **f tbe I nn ii,..*, a.iu an in-
•      ' •      ': '   lor tbo abaie- .h<,   ,   |. j*    ,,utting in a  xllii  at .. ,• ,  -	
,p ■• Icrease over the preceding year of ume of businesa done in the office,
#.,.S.'i.%tJ, or 18.4 per cent, whiiel thi*  ia accounted for by tbe foot
I . [.   -.,   man)
| .Hi..--        • IS  "   '.   >
Kngliah   com-
matiHged from
I uttipg
'*■ . -  .-I       I bus, th.
iii   a   -ii|'
ex Ira
ireadv   to   take  in  tbe Sports  ■
wonted in; impoMiWe     let thia Kag,       Vjc,oria „R   b^ owi
intra  beta 4we  a1    he  ««n*>J to a hitch io Um program suitabl.
.nine-, with an raeep.ionalv fav-,ttrra ngement!i jj sb boat fr01r.
orablr- ore an*.l exce,..,„nr.liy we I; Lflr,I(fconI(i „ot b(> ,nade. „ „t
applied skill      In J,nnw*-f.with| ,    ,jiBai)poin(ment   t0   „K.
low-priced   laboi   and fool. U»y      ^ ^       Take the will for the
smelt a uopper pyrrbutite for »1 .10 \r ^ v^ f   (
per ton."
The  rei  'ii  lhe Troul l.nke
Kilning Division bias followa i
" \\ i.i e.   •.*...  .-•. itistics  *b >w   a
considerable decrease in th*-* vol-
jdced, Kaslo
from the licad of the lake would be
it ia an incwaae over the year 19031 that daring  tin* year ther.*  has
■ - i : ;-.   ,..,..
"  ''■' l«ide Mc: l,cr","u',an,,,„fover2H per cent.   An analysis ■*»■■   conaiderably more dev
io| ■
showa,   however,
ment work done than prospecting.
As against thia ohargetbere ,   ,,f   .„„,.,„
'"■   "»   "«»   "f   l™in* ,1,,,   .hie   increase   ha,   D«n COn*
ment ia no doubi   blunied  ''-imim^, ,   Gerrard, which  we are ,.    ,  ,       rI -„   n-ieini.   Rnnih
..,,„,,,.,,.     -l". ,.,,,„,. ,  .found -   i ,i ,, r''""1    rU,n  t,l!"r|CH'  •s,,u'"-
""•'''     ' • satisfied  would  more than  offset i.-,.. K,_„r„nv tn» Boundary Dig* future, matertally increaae theout-
Iself with a'l its capital expcnrled the e_trn freiglit rate.     As a r»rac- '    .   ._....  \,': ni..___ ...d! put of the Divisiot
This I nm pleased tn sav, has in
many (ases been productive of
i;ooi| re-ulis, and will, in the near
I.thi:   i"l".i-
KO, I!
and a lieavi  load **f debt, which
l_|,U**        . ■ ■ •
in.- uded    unfnrtutiatt ,y.   si vera'
:  :-,, nlha'   ivagei of   the
|      ()    , 1     ) -r   • ,	
li.-ii "Hvmoustratiqn we have tl««
lit.w ii..in I.uiiibi'i Conipan; , *,i.<- *.l
in-el   sui >'■ --ful   iu   '.:-■•   I'ro-
triet. Nelson   Mintn<» Division and : I'1
fhe  Silver  Cup and   Nettie L.
r»le Mining Division, lhe remain* m|nei ul|(J  „|e -.Mjj;, ReducUon
:n*;  <Ii trn.'ta
t  . ■
>. )tt-     * ■   Mall   »*"
!«..:.*    kill «'
•i"t. I..
Mill   e
,1 , loyed .-.i iii   mill.   In this mh*,
'      ' |..|«.-v.i"     ll, i>,    Here    Iiii,   »'nie-:
**«   ;"••-  : i.„l, :,t (,.... »,.llX.«il..cl:l,,lI,,tf,ifi|ni|r||,,|.
oldcra who had  conodeuce in the ,0 Arrowhead   cxa.*ilv  as Trout
panv's property and.  who for-Lb ,.v  JH ti tjorrard.
■ • -   - '  " ■-.-■•• . ol  e.miiciiii'. nn
\   .    , ..-.•.• u .- -• i-.   rd lunateiy were
howlng  ii  more or[ Works, which  are connected   by
tne   woet  -i. c --iui iu  •-:-•  i r.-.,^ „..,,, ,.,j ,1..,.r,.fl,(.    ThegreaUr laeiial tramwaya, are tbe property
ing  a  newup-todate       , nf ,h<1   ,,„.,.,,.,„, is in t|u. tivoiof the .Vinson Mines, Ltd.    Uur-
., liistiictr,  In .South-1 ing ihe first pari.* ib-year with
.        : Iht- exeptmn ot March and April,
,t,.nat *•*■ i   mageof ore]abou, .,, ,,.„,,  ^ fmp\oyt>d on
Arthur Cowing aud Andy t'raig
returned from tho Okanssan on
.Sunday with a bunch of fine horses
H. N. Cotir.iier, of It ere] stoke,
was in this week drumming up insurance business.
PIANOS. The famous .ourlay
is the one to buy It is not k
cheap piano when you boy, bu!
you find you have practised economy when V'.u have tested and
tried it. When you want an instrument see the local agent,
Murray. He can fit you out with
anv style nnd at any price and
terms.   J. C. Murray, iocal agent.
mi '. • t   means nn.l
Ae i.i i
Kisi h i
[ 'I i*. .i •■'.:.
able t*< tioil moremoney.   These pBC*fic (,..,i,,.r r„. Kr« coiiccri..-.l.
*   Abi '■'•'.'    ■ IromMO.OOO WB wish theiu  all success,  but
mnl a'low   fur  one  moment Ihe
-. i - w r.
•   MO.Oft) a mi paid all Ihe li
t*t  I'   •-: " , ■ i,   •   ■   i
i to the. i * -I "•■ o '• pani   in   i
i   tllHAIIA h ,
'    '      ' ■   •    , ,, ii     .i
AS|i    ;;l I Ul. ■'-■'« I '■'     : '- •  '        : nd nil  other
lahilKiea   wer-   wniipromiei-d   i" ;_,H1Il ,,,- |-r„.., *..,),,. city.
1 .-.,        ._.*•     . _    «-• ■   ..     ':  " 	
ltic.ll   |,e„-    ,..
Fun at Beaton
I'.'tii ; it.,'t.-.i-   i 121   per rent, and
...f  the Can  , uu   .^   y   .^ ^   |h-   pr&f,np,   ,35 _(.r
oetit ovei Hi'- precediog ye.ir, while
"'fin Ihe Boundary the tonnage haa
,. *>. -, 1 *
1 ;;..i r i.ake. n.i
..r   ip       . - *      •   le   I
..  -   •
''        c
'.     .      •   • ■    .   ■    ■
F. B. Wells
In the 1 ■ nture
. .    .     :    ■
ni] lal "■■ nvei 'I ••   !"'■; 1    y
ihesc inn noil  bcii
.. ||   I 1     il.l be
.,*.;,... »'i-.u   nr ope momeni mo jncreMnd   o„ ]lt.r  C(.nti mil(J   ti„.
„,.t„,,...i,„,it   !•.  cover   up   their j v<llie oJ  he ootput 63.6 per oent.
- i.i draggina  a Gerrard h.-r-      The gloCjin   pj^rict shows the
irail  lothedetri*  mM{ m.irkt!<|   ,).., r,,w this year,
its out put Ix-inp   little   lK.t*rr than
half of what  it wat io tbe preceding yar.
The  Rossland camp inst nbout
II,   l«rjje pleasure grouudo »• held ita own  this paat war.   The
I ,  •      iwrc txed to the limit onit(,nl,ai(e of ore  mined   inoreated
Victoria Duy hy 1 -        '    1 Caiu-labonifi per cent, Imt  the values
1     *.-   ,,i: -nl.  i",,11, ■; i:_ ..:... per ton diminiahod somewhat on
Koot   races,   au O;) tbe a vera j*e, owing  10 the working
the Redaction Works Sine July
only development work has been
done. 20 men having been steadily
eravloyed.     Eigbb-hondred    and
I forty-live feet ofdrif'-nnd crosscuts  were  run  and   280   ferl   of
I raises made. One I indred and
tw nty tons of crude ore h.is l**en
shipped dince June, which represent!, only ore encounured during
development. The Nettie I., employed about 25 men up to tbe
latter part of April ; .-ince that
time 11 Mtnall amount of development n..:< only has baen done.
The I'ive Mile Reduction  Works
l,..ke, innrk.ft "O. AV.
........     ,..r,i,t'..ni.entr,,,n
..      I earl,   in the dav, and  ru 'ihr..ls.
,;.-,.      fulling     The ti nnago nf 1 re mined in the
cash  r>Rici:.s paid.
■iii      rii - run showed I.
■■•"■•it  ; ',',,, 1
Ine, tbey had la-en served      II
': !n-t
1.1.1" i, ,-.. impletion. I whole Province,  exclusive of coal,
I,.;„,.,... ;,.,(■ ,l::.' wn* tins past year 1,708.679 tons,
.... 245,070 ti na, m 10 per con
NOTICE it hereby ttKeii thtt the un-
■ I r-itntiontil pertona have rur.lt appli-
t-Lliiin un<i«r the provinont ol tha
" I.iquor I.ieanee Act 1W0 " for hotel
lurencet ut tho places set Opposite Ibtir
'•-■-, tire ntmet:
I .-miller Haunt, I-arJ., hotel, l.trdo
J I) MrLaehltii, Commercial L. lei,
John Munro, Kini* hotel. Aintwortb.
Mtrv Maddes. t'entrtl bate), Aint-
Ai-xsnd*r Laughton, l.tr.Ietu hotal,
tj. B. Slinjer, Ilal.n.rtl hotel. F«r-
D K Mcl_nutn. Wimltor nottl.Trool
were in operation fmm 1st danuary j -g^ A UwqiWi ,.,„, v,.w hotel,
to [Otll Jin..*   emplovinkt about 40 Trout Uke.
md  handling  10,000 tons of
Siiv,. ('up and Nettie I., ore. male-
in^ 615 tons of concentrate! and
.'t7.i;'J" ounces oi sili'er bullion.
Thc decision of tlie minsgemcnt
d the lni| dial   btank t > coniintie
'Ioperations in Trout I. ike will be
b..=T-l'fi,;ed-'wi,»r; :      '^ -        - ■   ;;-:;'•;; ;,,.UH. ,    l904, i( ,, 86 per. ■trflT«,The faithof  ioaUtution
iliiiu   wns mined inl in   I lie   ultimate   resu i        I hey
news to a'l    It de
.imp.   in,,I..*    i.i,     ■■   ■   • /i
. -,-    |;.,, i    ,!  ,•:.- ii ii lhe evi ill * I lhe n
I* ..' 11.mc .--..•
,    .    . Is .   Inul   pl
int.ri '■■ •- intense, aaj«»"  mcit-r
j haw
  ■ al wlthta  , ' ■" r,'*"N
>. re) |inhllcsll. n
o Dri -   * sOaaeile, in lor llie sawmill  !).;.-,ii:-•-.
•■   si    i   io   Uie   Ohlei      m„ fl    t ■ ,.,r\„ giv,i   t  i   ::'•   , ,; ,   .■:..■   lhe lumber wJiI'e the Swaroja-ra w rk;ed
I ii. rkt for'
■ t i
•   , ■:::i::z:t'i^-^'i^,, »^„,
|       Aboul ."'I | ■ '   cent, of  the silver
1   i .    li..
the reputation of staying
with a proposition through prosperity nnd adversity, and wc are
slad to know that at tin- present
time then* will be no exception
to lhe rule. Xow, yotl with cold
feet and supple spine, emulate
the'r example. f,tt in and drill,
and if you have not ihe crit, take
i drink   out of  'be boltnin of the
,,d.i  sal   i    *' ■  I  : i oil :"","•■■<" ,!„,„ (|,c lake and on  to ti,.- r .1
■■in ia,.   (■■   . '. '   '    ''.'.■''  ,"   ', ,, "   '   „.., .    ,       i extra cxpeuae of fl >VV'< ' :l Mnl  1,0"k
, r found associated tvi.h l^ad, in ar
■ --• i.n, -ii.,:. ■ ike abool  ' r  .1 -i ■
• nn, T„.„t  .•   -, ■       mark.     " rn awa.i    imner
.    ,,,  ng d 'I1"!   I*ll<  ■'   Mtlia   C !   * .      ,,,„     ,'el.ts    III
froi'inco   was] lake—where it is 500 feel deep.
I'('. Jno. Simpson arrested Gt
John Siinr*i',n, Tio.it t.tkt hotel,
Trout I-sko.
Edward Mohbt. I.ennoiville hotal,
Jacohton & An.lert :i, 'irtnl hotel,
CiiHt Iltnton, Minnrt' I.t tel. I'oplar
Dtvid Clark. Clark hotel. Pilot Hav.
A Hillman, Ten Mile hotel, T-.i Mil*
David Aitchitmi, Whiten alar hotel.
Georce H Founder. Ortirioid Bay
hotel, Crawford llay
A meeling ol the Board ol Ueenee
C.imniiasimeri of Dm Aiutworth
Ucsoce Dittrial «iii ho held to eontidtr
tuch applicttiont tt the I.trdesu hotel,
at Fenaeon, on Friday, tha ISth dtv of
June, Ii' V, at tht hour of eight o'clock
in the afternoon.
W. H. BcLLors-Wswisa,
Thief Licenoo lnii*i't*ir
Neltoii. »rJ May. t»0<5
Notice is hereby i*ivjn that 30
days after date I intend to make
application In the Hon Chief Corn*
n.issioiier of I.auda and Works for
i spe ial license  to cut and carry
. mis and white sweaterR ivi.tb tin*I produc
>■>,;   umpire gsntifermis ;alena, tiie remainderI    p.u. Jno. Simpson arrested ueo.
,|lc;   |M.;,, ■ ,-;,., •'•   ni conjunction  with! Weir and John Morgan at Gerrard away limber from  the following
(Iceribed  lon.le  situated abuut |
ol a unl.,* from ilm aoiitb  shore N
warmed  un i^ " and
1     • i     ..,:.'- r ■ i l.e d« a' d Woi
.• .I    ■!,:.•. *,.,.,,.',■-■-.•. im .ed. and thia  sddi-d .*  a   mil
o To'      : •    from Gerranl, wbi.li Jobnsoi   caller.     ,..-.   ...,  - Ion Wedueaday on a<*har«eofiUal
rom!bull was plaved.    fbc players got copper ore  -yjaions rrmu Arthur Oow*
At a preliminary hearing Trout  l.-ik- and    about 2 milea
Tiom Gerrard, commenoing at a
pus! marked Leslie Hill. XK corner poet, thence wet So chains,
thenoesooth!80 cha'na, thence eait
80 chains, lhui.ee north SO ohaiui*
in point of coiniiiciicenieiit.
Dated lllh ..f May. I!>06
j iv Rwmpr
Per A   lliggar,    gent
■   ... rraii
Motica  i*  hereby given that 80      . ,•••••,. „ot ..btaincd a,t Wer
•   . r I..u  wuh " i.  ,    ,  .,    1 infen    lo make
■  .,   n„ rtrsl iioblleai ■> ■ ■ .. ,   -i   ..."   „... ...:.*r,   was ordered
M ii kei -. 17 ; Swampers, 10.
In tIi>- I'.t man's race there were
preceding year of  19,984,469 lbs,
lor aboul ,'.1 p-i cci'.l.     ibis year's
away timber for the following de-
sci iix*.l Ian U situated on Ab alii m*
reek about J  of a mile from
-• .,. th. flnt i.ubll   ■          \n tittei  nan     "" '               , .,11-,|.1„,v  umcbiiuTV was ordered  .,.     nlr| ,   mily Uoyd  mnl ''™'-. ,,.„i ,,.,,„,.,, „   wi-', tie ^,,.,.1 ^" *-'r«'k ab,.ut | of a n„ e   r,.m
•'■•"■""• .iii'lM.ii""   10     hu_,,ou;., .       WalcmiiB Knulne com*   i                       ,■,.,,*,.■,. iv v,,,,      '''•',v'*\          /;,        ,!: Tr*cit Lake an-i ab ut 4 miles from
io apply    ...   •".;  M-,..,•..'„„,               fl„nd«n '                 *,!„,    i!.,\N     '                . xu      *^ ,io» "f ,h** maA(' '" 1900, '*thp Gerrard, commencing  at a  poll
ilmier of   Und.          .                           , .   ■.. .   I  st.d ,.,„,■ aid •* i   removal of Un mill  by a brail • both Uw 25 Ihs      ,.im         .pg, rV,.,  ,,,,.].. i„   ,hl. I'ro-imarked   A.  Blggar's N.W. corner
■,'■,;:■,' ;,";,:;i:lw;': carry ■«<   !«■■*' ««"  ',«°p; ■     ;     '      "":  :";:",;;"  '•--•',,.l ehiV«J "-<^'-.v;„,                                            P^thencIO chains east, thence
ilc,] Iii Wesl Koot- low inn   ...r.TiiM.l   landa   siiuuicu   ,.    .   .^p   K j 1-f  ,|„,   ..,ck ladilcr , k,     mdnben-hi I   -■■■■■   be       ,,   ._ :. :.   ,• ;.   „ ,„.,. south  «0 chains, ibence   west 80
rtua'teiiln West Kool-1 lowing   dcscrilied   lands   situated
,,!.. ut ii miles from Gerrard mi lhe
,,_   ,.  .i,..   ,. 1 ,.!'  tl.c  jack laddi
,1c ihv toiindHliona are buill
tldjnied ^ ■         , ; V.f 'I-I....I l..ar.W. Koot-  .»..,,.'»*,...*■„,.  •.....".-  "■'«"
•   s'-ili  d,or<   *■.,/.."   I r|'     (.,,„u,c.,.„..•   al   n iidil.i'i"^ nill be fuiii.sbed will.
' fOi  liiiraaoulh.Ldouhle cut band ^ and a re-
■    . II     tn   el_l,.a    ll.-ncc   _    .. e    ,...«!     lb*'liC     WCSl    •"'    ....      ,,,,1    iill!    l.iiW    :l   erllnii'llv l'l
llth  80 • Italna, ibence
menl keg, iiiii " •" ■ Ken iivi ,.,.,.„ :),,:,l ,;,;, Vc.ir a mat
was trying to gel mi'aide of it and I ,_-, increag„ j;1 the outpui ol
n-j,B| ,,.«■ It.iiO'S up. A!''•''" J":'--1,,,.,,,,,-, ,-,. production being
.„r,rof | •.■•.••.ir.-- tho gentleman L^,^ |j„ p Vr)]„,,| _tt.,87B.223
wh.. wuh hi,.-.I for ib- day io f'-'l-l,,,,   ,,„.,,.,„,*  „iv  iu* preceding
smith  80 chains, llience   west 80
chains, thence, north SO chains to
point of commencement.
Hand, May IHI.,, ,90«
A. Dkkmp.
I RO chains. ii..*...e north ao
' hiiis, thance easl 8(1 elisins. lo point
■   , inn ui. \   Mi I LAN.
pel 0. W, Abrahamson, iiicni
' il  \:ul I7lli, 100
any, called the Canadian
iui llannse to cut and .tarn awai
[luibsr  Irom  ti,u Following aescrlbed
Ittirls situated in West Kootenay:
"O.l.   ( miiii (riii'ing at apott planted'
new 0 'nip
TheU C ASSAY and CM tMCAl Pacific Timber Company, baa bee
SUFPLYOu., Ltd, formed,    The  torn Blmreholdera,
Vas...errs. li.c. I.Mr. Barton and Mr. PHklngton,
'' '|,.1V,, bad ihe pluck to dig up out
of th.ii own p'l.'keta ibe money required to pay oft the dehti of the
nld companv and to carry all tbo
exptOMI Until tboy could band
(he oroperty over to the new com-
Sutoc-ibt tor TR Mvi«w.
Approximately    .*,4.1o  ions  ..f
tine ore or zinc ooucentratoa were
donee to   (ubatanliate his state
met.    A very pleasant dance wan
held in the evening at ilu* Beaten
,     ,      ,     . un,   „     , sod this past vear, haying a valuuLdminn,   (hettcs   "list    20     . i us,
Hotel, when hoat Billy Bnyd again ^ ^ >    ^ J  Hbi)!]1 j ;„;'„,;,„,„, „,  Lardo river about
prm-ed himself an onterUiner par   ^^   Mw}%{ |Ho| lW(rillo|aO chains,   thence  along  lardo
e-*"j8****ncfl'  i ore cornea I'rum the IBlocau district,
IMi.8 Holmes, of Kaelo, ia sur* but haa not been all mined ibis
veying tbe limber limits of the, pant year, as Ihe ?ales include (ine
Canadian Pacific Timber Co. concentrates, which hud accumu-
ay District, and commencing at a
post marked Leslie Hill's south*
west   corner,    thence   north    80
river about  20 chains to point of
commencement   and    containing
about 10 aces more or less.
Hated 16th May, 1»06.
LvtSl ITttr.
Ginger Ale
Ginger Beer
Iron brew
Cream Soda
Champagne Cider
Club Soda Water
Llthla Mineral Water
Thorpe <& Co.
OtPlirJtJ I ■ '."'. /"'.'I'li.-t'Cn-
Against tlie autumnal yellow and
crimson glory of the urnplci the girl's
goldeii hair .111.1 dull red dreas made a
harmonious picture Wilfred Clay,
artist, brougbl tils wheel to a sudden
•stop, wondering If lie ever bad seen
anything sn ex. '*'    Surely
it was toward this thai he bad been
Journeying, tills wonderful breathing
j.iriujc.   Already be mentally planned
the blend nips of Madder nml lakes, nl
chromes and yellow, to reproduce the
ciitmi ns, steadying bit wheel against p
rock, lu* climbed the I'.mk.
"Is there any place rein by where I
can put up for u few ilnv..'." be In
quired, ttanding bareheaded before the
"Folks sometime*, stay at tin* farm
"Any you particularly n   immend?"
"None." was the 1st onl i sswer. The
young fellow laughed, noting tbe dis
content thnt diinii.e.1 thr girl's real
beauty. "How about tbsl one?" Indi
ratine » red chimney that stum, ,1
among the trees.
"I live there. Iti no worse than the
"It has attraction*, that the othei'.
lack," be d*etar.*d gallantly, but tbe
compliment flew wide of its sin. "Will
yon accompany me to present my
Silently the girl acquiesced, keeping
a little In advance: then, suddenly wait
log for blm to join her, she began t ■
talk rapidly. Her eyes never wavered
from the advancing Igurs of a nun. a
farmer from bit dross, who with n
switch lashed moodily al tbe goldenrod
and pasted without s word, tbe rising
color above tLe 1 KISS collar alone be
trtylng hit eoao. ; .usnsss of tbelr pre*,
•oce. After he had gout the girl tell
again into silence.
She left the arttst on the wide porch
and seat ber mother to Interview tb,
stranger. Clay promptly accepted the
terms und was soon smok ng iu home
like ease, wondering how be might
persuade ibe girl to lei ll ■ ; slot ber.
his fingers already Itching to be at
During supper, which lie iborsd with
the family, Clay endeavored n> draw
Winona-In* bad d - I to be
htr name—into conversation, but she
repelled such advances <■• tb monosyl-
lablet. Oue of her brother* chaffed ber
■an her ill burner, arousing '. to sharp
retort, whereat he lac .lily.
"Fortune's soured sis ' 'mi
uy bow some folks can't stand good
Later Clay found her leasing against
the trellis where tbe lung.
"1 congratulate yon on being «.u belr
ess. Independence Li n : ibe least gift
that riches confer."
Tbe girl raited her head rtbellleutly
"Why should A i.r:t Uss give me ber
money'; I don't want it l utrdly ever
taw her tnd eared  I ll right
had she to tpoil my Ufe'("   II. r vo  e
vibrated with resentment, and a low
Whistle escaped Clsy.
"Truly an unusual view to 1 ike.   If
you are in troul.Ic p • . . I can help
you.   I'd like to try."
Winona shook her bend. "Ooeea no
one can."
"What about the fellow wt met?" A
chance thot, but It mads the color
surge painfully tt the gli s face,
though siie kept silent.
"1  stayed  ever  to pi Dl  a   picture,"
proceeded  the  artist,
Ing the topic.    "I'm going lo I
the noting splendor ol s Sen  Eagland
fall, and -I want you in tii" shadow of
the maples—jUSt as j .day."
"If it depends on m« * u may as well
give up your picture."
"It would uienn u good deal lo me."
"I don't hold with iuch." returned
the girl indifferently snd weni Indoors.
Mining, Clay continued to pull al bis
brier.   It took a good deal to disc •
age hiin.   The subject WSS I n Ini
tion.   lie would paint bow ss before be
only dreamed Of d.    |     .'n the morrow he would sketch tie* _ ;-i  from
memory   her  |», ,-  were
pbotograpbed on his i - ,1 then
go to work on the backg
But ts the week passed ha found
himself no nearer his object W
who now conversed on trdlnary top-
lea, was (Iniiili v. bei .1 tin*
picture, nor did lie pi g n i , r coufl-
denet i.gardlug ber personal affair*..
It was from ber
thnt he learned the f
Previous to her aunt      ' •.*,
had "kept company" pbraa
ing for courtship  witb Keltb Adams,
but there had I ■
ment, for which f,,i ti,,. , ,.-1,.-r D0W
rejoiced,  at   with   her !   pros
peeta the girl   i,       | ,,-!,  better.
Mrs. Eager herself bsd privately ad
mlalstered soms bros I hints to ths ss
pirinj farmer, wbl. b bs I i i spp
ly accepted.   Did Winona ci rel   Well
she supposed thai Winona thought sbs
did, but ll I
a dozen tal ng inlo Con
trol of her tnoi duty to
marry well ami help ber brothers ami
"I'm told j om - e ..,,,'■ re
marked Cloy thai en using Wl
nona tu flare up one]
"I want null, | ,   \,., ,-,|„„,.
If 1 bad the money i ,,i, | ,| (.jve it to
yon—to any one   who'd go away and
nercr lei   I Qei
voice cboked suddenly, snd, covering
her face, sin* so m abandon
and p || lion that l'l.iv ie ht had seer
He felt uncomfortable, like all met
when confronted with women's lean,
nm be wi oh I to I \   ,in ail
thing) he want, .,
el vei j   be on, i
luni for ih. \i Hrsl
sin* madi I, nm
little   1 i   little     111    :; ■ nod  ii
he finished ill light .
"V"ii .mi ,: led
'Win. ever won an* llilug by uiuplug?"
When she retlr. *i . lay ■ .i i, i In
meditation. "It's pli i lug *■ th fire, hui
the picture's worth It,'
'■'nnn thai nighl lhe gli I's di n ■
changed, During the long sstumn days
kIh* posed for the painter beneath the
luiiplcH and cl.ailed gavli   With uiu ul
.lusk on the porch, iiiii always when*
her red gown might 1"' -.•... i.y one
passing on the road. Her mother smiled
knowingly al lhe neighborly gOSSlp lhal
reached her ear.
Meanwhile   U.e   picture   grew,   nud
! Clay knew It was U.e best he ever I.ii.l
I done though tho exquisite thus or the
! girlish face wer.* his deapalr, and tho
J tweet companionship caused the mom
..ry of a certain compact to dim.
Bach day  the young fanner paused
, ami repassed, and tbe more depressed
be seemed the mors gayly  Winona's
laugh pursued blm on his way.
one morning Clay was putting finish-
lag touches on the foliage when u
i-ii.ui ni darkened his canvas. Glancing up, expecting Winona, who was to
join blm, he encountered the angry
gaw of Keith Adams, for a moment
neither spoke; then iill llie pent up
jealousy and rage broke forth in the
"How dare yon paint her, making her
nam.* and face alike common?"
"Who are youf Inquired i'lay coolly.
"I speak aa man to man." replied tbe
other, "She's nothing but n child, for
all her years.   Leave her alone."
"i think I've helped her," remarked
"Lo you love her?" demanded Keith
Adams.  "Are you going lo nnirry her'.'"
"What business is It of yours':"
'-lie half smile lu tbe artist's rye
maddened Keith, and be gripped him
savagely by the collar, thrusting his
own face close.
"It's this aiuch that while I live uo
man shall slight that girl. I know you
painting men. You think you own creation—believe yourselves free to take
or leave and pay no bills. That girl's
name is being mixed with yours, and
it's time for yon to go unless you mean
hooest by hor.   Which is it to beV
"What possible right hare you to
"What right!" cried Keith, his voice
thick with passion. "What right: Why.
I love her-do yon understand} 1 love
"Then tell me so."
Keith dropped bis bold, agd. turning,
the two men saw Winona close beside
tbem, with all the witchery of love In
her eyes. Clay spoke slowly, a grim
acceptance of the Inevitable hardeuing
his face.
"It seems that my friendship has
been questioned, Winona, so you must
forgive me if I seem abrupt. Will you
be my wife?   I"—
"Hush!" cried the girl. 'Ton't spoil
tbe kindest friendship that ever a girl
had. It was not necessary between you
and mc," she added, with a laugh
Then, turning to the mau of ber choice,
his name fell tenderly from her lips.
Clay  considerately turned bis back
and, collecting bis painting outfit,  left
i them in the golden glory of the maple*.
"Ifs a good tiling the picture Is about
done." Then bis mouth closed inscrutably as be went down the road alone.
Cnlor  Blind.
John Dallon. without who*** discovery of tbe laws of chemical combination chemistry at an exact science
could baldly exist, was wholly color
blind. Ilia knowledge of tbe fact eatue
about by s happening of the sort which
we call chance, <ui his mother's birthday, wheu he wat a man of twenty-
six, he took ber a pair of ttockings
which he had seen in .1 shop window
labeled. "Silk, the newest fashion."
"Tin e has bought me a pair of grand
ho-e. John." slid the mother, "but what
made thee fancy tu.-h a bright c,*!or?
Why. 1 can never show myself at meeting l» them "
John was much disconcerted, but he
told her that he considered the stockings to be of a very proper go to meet-
lag color, as they were a dark bluish
"Why. they're r.-d as a cherry, John,"
was her astonish.tl reply.
Neither he nor ills brother Jonathan
could tee anything but drab In the
stockings, aud tbey rested In tbe belief
thai tbego'.ii wife's eyes were ont of order until she. baling consulted various
i.ors. returned with the vi
"Varra fine stuff, but Uncommon scar-
The consequence wns that John rial
ton became almost ihe first to direct
tie* attention of the scientific world to
tho subject of color blindness.
. ««   Ton   i.t'Onr Tliemt
How   many   people,   even   Sons   .im)
Daughters of tbe Revolution, can de
One the following words? To how
many does any of the Words convey e
picture! Vet they were all of good
usage In colonial days: Allibnnles, tml
cony.   bishops,   li.-.ths.   horsehair   bon
nel . mutbmelloo bonnets, wbaleboni
• •«. H ng,,n bonnets, beehli e bon
nett,      Hap      breeches,      "Franklin's'
. i. • hi *. lined win. i.-nth
ei i. Iron busks, whalebone btnk^. i
shell b.iiioiit (Washington bad a seti
byram, men's Newmarket cups, eba
peau   bras,   raushets,   (hints.   Cltx ks
loss, cuttanaes, cue de Paris
eiiuciiii.es, dtnnadur. dlckmansoy, tr
ting florettee, greatcoat, gray dn
toy.  gniix.  roil up stockings, Isslng
ban.*, huckabacks, .lobs tears, kltlaols
tatnonees, noree, naffermany, sailing
bam, tide lucks, skimmers, "mail cloth i
e, ctlm'd soosns, pack thread itsyi
ttiffntrs,  tandems,   Ucklenberg,   ton
plea, thriimlM. turkelts, oiled linen
wabrbeta, ihagrccn. etc.
A Successful Feeder On Handling Cattle In the East.
Information on the inanageiucnl ..f
entile for beet production by ll. Jones
of Payette county, 0., who is consld-
ered one ..f the mosl successful beef
feeders In the east, Is submitted  by
American Agriculturist as loi lows:
The old iuciin.il of' feeding In Ohio
and  nl her  [Jaces  has  been     to    lako
steers twu nmi one-half to four years
old und feed them to .. finish on shock
or ear corn alone Three-fourths or
more of the feeding has been done be*
nveen Oct l uml May I winter feeding. Experiment stations and progrea
BlVe feeders luiV|. time and again called
nltciiliiin to the wastefulness of an all
corn ration, to the advantages of t I-
ing younger and better cattle and of
making better provision tor the comfort nf the cattle, bul the majority of
the older feelers still go i.n In the
sanie old way.
Successful Feeding.
The leading essentials are: First,
g.....i. well drain, d corn and clovi r
lands, maintained In s high state of
fertility, it is Impossible to profitably
produce beef wlthoul iho employment
of large amounts (if grain ami I'm
and In these dais of high priced labor
and low priced beef only ilu* besl landa
caii be profltabl} farmed. Lands t im *
win produce corn and clover well will
also,produce almost any other crop
known to the corn bait region north of
•'is degress north latitude, li "ill produce pasture grasses, oats, barley, rye,
alfalfa and so) beans; sic I, proper
buildings, feed Ints, etc : third, lions to
follow lhe cattle, and. fourth, the proper kind of feeding cattle laid In ill :i
fair price.
Wasteful  Handling of Corn.
Com is the greatest of all cattle
feeds, it therefore should b. the principal crop. It is not expensive to raise,
but as usually managed it is verj  ex
peiisiv,. to handle. A large pari of the
corn crop in Ohio is cut and shocked,
husked and cribbed. Tb.* fodder is fed
cut or burned und the coin oil her fed
or marketed from iln* crib  See what
actual cash outlay for labor alone not
counting teams and  tools.  Is  involved
io all this--cut I ing. $1.25 to    12    per
acre: busking at I to .", cents per bush
el  I fifty bushels per acre'. $2 to $■.'""
i„ r acre; cribbing al i cenl per bush
el, BO cuts per acre; total, fl 7.", to t~■
per acre. or. say. in actual cash outlay'
for  labor   In   handling  the  crop  fullvi
equaling three times the actual cash
outlay in producing it   The worst f':i
tiirc of this method is thai II results
practically In wasting i" per cent, of
the corn crop
?WORljt> r
A Woman win,  Una Proved « Suc-
otiifal Theatrical *a«hhicci-.
Chicago bus the only woman theater
manager in the United States, There
was another not long ago In tha south,
but now Elisabeth Bcbober, guiding
power nt the Hush temple, ou the
uorth side, Is alone In her sphere. Man
managers hold the same position at the
Hush before Miss Schober. but not until she assumed charge did the theater
thrive. From tha time she wat appointed the little stock theater progressed until now It la said to be the
most prosperous playhouse of Its kind
In America.
I.Ike nil other enterprises, the family
theater bnd a struggle in the beginning.
( The proprietors of the house, however,
wero determined to place it ou a pay
' Ing basis.   Tlie services of good imuia-
| gers, good  directors and  good  players
! were secured.   Tbey fought their fight.
Some remained, others were vanquished,   but  about   three  years   ago   Mist
. the  room  It  dark  green,  lime green
! denim for the curtains, or if It Is black
have blue, green or yellow, whichever
win dt with rugs snd  furnishings.
Thlu white curtains may be set In close
lo the panes on lhe lower windows,
and the width of the thelf limy be reg
Ulated to throw the dark curtains far
or near from the window, ns best suits
the woodwork. A groove for pIStM or
platters upon tbe upper shelf makes
this still prettier as a dlulug room arrangement, while pieces of pottery and
ferneries on the second shelf all coin
blue to make a particularly attractive
window, - Philadelphia Ledger.
Keep Vour   II. . .-lei.
Keep a systematic account of all tht
money you receive and spend. He suit
lo get receipts for all that you pay out
aud tile ihem iu orderly fashion, alpha
betieally aud by date. Put each year's
receipts carefully away when the new
year comet. How long you ilioiil.l keep
them will depend upon tbe statute of
limitations In your state that Is (o say,
wltblu what length of tune anil must
be brought. Ia most states It Is tii
yean for a simple contract, oral or
written, but twenty yean If a seal baa
been attached to a written contract
The ttttute "begins to run" from the
time of tbe last payment on a note or
account. A new written promise or
acknowledgment of tht particular
contract, signed by the person who Is
"chargeable," will restore your rights
for another six years -Caroline J Cook
iu ciood Housekeeping.
How to Make a  Brooder Out    of   An
Old Packing Case.
Those who prefer the artificial meth
od of raising chicks can make s brooder out of an old packing case which
will iiecominod.il.- fifty < hi.■:.
of about a dollar Such a brooder has
given excellent results sl one of the
experiment .stations when u^-d In a
shed or colony house, iiet.iiis of con
ru union of a brooder of this kind are
shown in the Illustrations    The lower
seelion of the brooder, which contains
•he lamp tm beating, la a box   three
square made ol ten Inch boards,
which is covered wiih tin or gall am/.
ed Iron.
Above this cover, around the edges
of the lamp box, one inch snips are
nailed   Two one inch  holes arc bored
through these strips on each side of tho
box for the purpose of ventilation. A
!].....' ..r ni.,- Is i   laid on tbe
strips, a li,.;,- t |gh( Inches in diameter
is cut In tbe centre of this Boo
oi er it Is revei ted an old tin pan ti n
ui. bea in dlamet. i. tbe sides of   the
pan being punched full of   holes   to
allow  fr> e  circulation   ol   hen'     ilv.r
this is placed i.  table two feet   six
inches square,  with   b'gs  four and    a
half Inches high
Around the Bides ..f this   table   is
t a curtain of f.-it cul from top
to bottom at  Intel vals of five or six
IgCTIOll  TBBODOa   WOOLS 0»  liKiioliKIl
Inches to allow the chicks to pass in
and OU)   at   will,  the   whole  being sur-
rounded   by   boards   tour   inch's   high
iiiiii three feel long nailed together at
ihe corners and resting on the door of
the brooder   When  the chicks are tin
days old  one of the ,. hoards  may  be
taken away and s bridge used so tbat
tha chicks may tun from the hover to
the Boor of the room.
Schober, in whom one of the owners
recognised a woman of extraordinary
executive ability, was employed to assist iu the maintaining of the theater.
She came from her home in Hiion. HI.,
without au hour'a theatrical experience. At first she looked after geueral
business matters and the box otllce.
Within a year she was thoroughly i-ou-
versant With "ll departments of tht
theater. She had tn Inquiring mind,
an artistic temperament and a heart interest iu her work.
Tlien. two years ago. a general manager  was  needed      Miss  Schober  hud
displayed   Judgment,   accuracy   and
shrewdness In every previous task as-
Blgued her, This gave her the position
she now holds on her own merits,
through her own ability and qualifies
tions. And now tbe theater it a de-
elded weeess, with a woman and a
young woman tl that- to thank,    it
has   been   a   s.i fitful    producer   of
plays.    Although i neighborhood fain
lly stock theater, it has run some shows
for several  weeks at a time.    This Is
what Elisabeth Bcbober has done for
tbe playhouse.   Chicago Post.
I'nalnc  Fnr  a   I'lied,* rn ]>ti
when you  visit  the photographer's
Studio note these pits for tba unwary:
An attempt to "look pleasant" usn-
slly results iii the drawn smile of a patient, life long sufferer and will cause
th.- recipient of the photograph to spec-
ulale as to what secret sorrow you attempt to meet with a smiling face.
Unions your throat is above criticism
do not  wear a  collarless  or decollete
waist a neck which is not plump will
appear actually scrawny In tbe photograph.
If you are blond, remember that
l.la.k will furnish the best setting for
your charms, while the brunette it tt
her best In while.
If you attempt a dreamy expression,
you may expect u "wall eyed" photograph. If your lips are closed tight, you
will appear as a disciple of Shylock.
Always arrange your hair in the accustomed way. A new or uncomfortable gown will cause a stiff and awkward picture. Wear clothing that bas
become "set" to the figure and appears
as part of you- a harmonious whole
rather than a figure exhibiting new
Wearing apparel. -Holland's Magazine.
llu.U.   of   ll»ua lifei a
Where there Is more than one grown
! up  daughter  at   home   certain  duties
thould   be   portioned   out   to  each,   to
th.it they will know  what tbey art ex   !
peeled   to   do.     To   make   the   work
1 pleasant aud varied do not always give I
j tbem the same tasks day after day. as
, they   naturally   tire  of  tbem,  and   the
work will not be done to well.    Don'l j
alwayt give them   the  most  unpleus
aut  work  to do,  at  this  ia  often  the I
| cause uf girls taking such a dislike to
housework and causes much grumbling
and  discontent In   the  home.    Kor  in   ,
| stance,  one daughter might take over
', all tbe cooking for one week and  ilia*
Other the preparation of the table for j
meals and  tht care of the  bedrooms,
nud  the  next   week   tbey   can  change
1 over,  and  then  tht work  will not  be
I come to monotonous to tbem.
i i,,i,id,,ii i,r Hi.- Needle,
Seiimg needles of bone, stone, glass
anil  i.p.mie sntedate all i
OTda, Imi UlOSO Of iron, brass and steel
are comparatively modern,   Hone and
glass needles have been found In Egyp-
linn tntnbs  lhal  are kn.ni t. to be oicr
4,000 years old, and similar domestic
Instruments of bronze ami copper have
I if. :i   found  In  the mounds mill  burial
- ,,r Europe and America which
ar.* believed to be mucb older Hum
f,ur  I   wiih  the  Nile  iniunn.i.'S.
The I,--, die iir>t appeared In lis present
foi in  in   European countries  in  the
y.nr I 110, but the art of making thein
was kepi n secret for upward of KiO
..for lhe data IS i given. In Iho
year ins., (hey were first niade l.l Ibe
Amen, nn colonies,  but at what point
II a mooted question among the historian I.
Tliclr Quarrels.
Mi; Bdgerton Ulunt-Uut why did
T'.ii leave your last place? Applicant—
1 couldn't stand the way tbe mistress
nnd master used to quarrel, mum.
Mrs Edgertea Blunt (shocked)—Dear
mei I nd th.y quarrel much, thent Applicant Yes. mum; when it wasn't
. -    :.' 'Im It was me an' 'or.
Curt For Broken Wind.
Recently a market gardener stated
that he bad a lot of leaves, the waate
from a large crop of horseradish, and,
not having any other place for It, h"
guv,, ll to bis horses, one of ihem being
badly broken winded.   This feed effect-
ed n complete cure. The remedy Is
easily tried and can do no barm,   if
yon have a horse thus afflicted, iry tho
horseradish leaf cute and report.—
Farm and Fireside.
Clover On the Farm.
Clover should  be sown liberally nn
•very farm for many reasons. It mains I
the besl feed, and tlie manure from it ;
I Is rich. Then, as all know. It. improves
, the land, which should be    the    first
■ aim  of  every  farmer.   Whatever  system  Of rotation  you    follow,    always
hnve cloverin It- No man is too poor to
sow .lover, nnd you rIioiiI.1 not get this
Vegetables Qood For Swine.
Don't feed all thn unsalable potatoes
snd the pumpkins to the cows and
horBet. but. give the swine their portion
of it. Oreen food will keep their appetites In good condition.
Doetort charge for their Hint tnd
not for results. It Isn't a cent mort If
they kill tht patient.
It makwt an excitable mm red beaded when bt cttchet a villain red
After a man has knocked around tht
world he It apt to think that an bouest
mac is tht rtrtst work of Uod.
It ths automobile trying to make tba
mule look like t safe animal for children to play with!
A   Heme,,,Mile   Hatpin.
"I'm from the country," said a plainly dressed but wholesome looking girl.
Who Waa the special guest of the New
York girl who presided over the chocolate pot, "but If yon won't all laugh
I'll tell you about a little fashion of
mine Unit I don't think Is half bad. 1
wanted something new In a hatpin not
long ago—something original aud I
couldn't afford a Jeweled pin. to I
made a hatpin for myself. I first
bought a cheap signet hatpin. The bend
of this 1 covered with a thin layer of
wadding; then from a piece of cloth
of gold I cut a circle an Inch and a
half In diameter, and In the center 1
embroidered my monogram, After this
was finished I shirred up the piece of
gold cloth and slipped it over Ihe bead
of tbe hatpin and then wound silk
around the base of the bend until It
was tight, .lust as the wire is wound
around a broom. It made a very pretty hatpin, and It cost only a few cents.
If your monngrnin makes too complicated a design a single embroidered
Bower looks very attractive."- I'riiee
Margaret Hould In Woman's Home
Com pun Ion.
Attractive Windows.
Much prettier thnn lace curtains for
s dining or living room window Is an
arrangement of short eurtnini which
aliow* tiit woodwork. If you bavt i
orosd, low window or two windows
close together, the following trentmeut
la excellent: Have a wooden shelf
about tlx Inches In width made to run
serosa both the upper and lower tashes.
Have It stained to match the woodwork In tbe room nnd fit thort palrt
of curtains tlie length of tbe tath to tho
edge of both shelves by meant of a
small rod aud rings. The rings should
have easy action to that tht curtalnt
will draw easily, as the beat part of the
effect ia In the variety and checkered
effect of dark and light given to the
casement by tho short lengths drtwn at
different angles.   If  the woodwork la
('•MOB    \\«...    For   llra.lni
Why do UOt houtekeepert atb.pt cot
ton waste at t .leaning agent? Watch
the engineer pick up a bunch of waste.
Wipe off oil or dust and throw Ihe cotton into a heap, to lie burned at bis
convenience. How much better than to
DOS a cloth Which some one bad to
hem and some one else would bnie to
wash and iron. Why is not cotton
waste the tiest possible tlnff lo use in
stead of to many Boor cloths, wall
clotht, dust cloths. BtOVS eleanert aud
mops? It Is .heap, and It can be had
an.i where. , ot ton nasle, by the way.
Is one of the best agencies fur polish
ing waxed floors or furniture, - New
York Tost,
Let  In   the   I ,«*.,
• let plenty of light Into your rooms,
hall and passages says tn authority
Vou cannot have too much Light in a
house makei for health of n.lnd tnd
body Gloom makes for gloom of mind
and afftctt tho body injuriously See
that til windows nre provided with
ibuttert. Sliding shutters are the best,
ns they can be closed In tny weather
without difficulty, And, if you wish
your house to be warm ts t bed. have
double ibuttert. one on the outer and
one on tho Inner tide of each window.
The *. ,,!»._ .(„*-
A rug of linen crash will be found
useful by the woman who does not pos
less a sewing room. It not only keeps
scrap! and bits of thread off tht carpet, but proteett delicate fabric! from
the duit of the floor When the sew ing
Is over It can be taken up and shaken,
thus removing all tract of the fray,
and when necessary It cuu easily be
l.itttilni  Threnda  In  l.lnen.
The tedlout work of drawing tnreadi
In linen for beniitllchlng It dont with
greater eate If tlie fabric Is leaped.
Make a lather and apply over the tpa.-o
with a shaving brush, and when tht
linen It dry tht threads will pull out
more readily.
To sterilize milk place It In a bottle
snd close the neck with t plug of cotton wool. I'ut the bottle iu t large
taucepan, fill tht latter with cold water nnd bring It to (tolling point. Set It
tilde to cool slowly.
An escape of gas In one't bedroom
is injurlout to health, even though It be
a very alight oue. It Is frequently an
unsuspected cause of tort throat aud
Method Employed At   Minnetota    Ex
periment Station.
The following null.ml of eating for
calves ik in m ■ al |1"' Minnesota ox*
peiiu i   station   diary    barn    and
seams to give the    I   ■ itlafactory
results, writes P   i>  H   In Nortbwoa
tern   kgrloulturlsl   After the call bas
run wiih his in.*' I"■'  I *'" or lliiee dais
and has been pai In good oilier by bei
coiosii inn mini lie should  be    taki n
away and shut up In " Very sinaJI pen.
ii partition orr from tha large call pen.
so thai  he cniini't   slid,  llie oilier eal-
ir,   curs, which Is a 1' I I  nlljeii llllll.111.'
practice to allow In a bunch ..r calves
Now, liglll lit Ibis stage comes it
very critical time for the calf White
.scours ....ii too ..ft. 1. attach him at
this period, ami often, too, h.* is laid
low by calf oholesjs Now Is the nine
to give a preventive Take about a pint
bottle of milk at the temperature ot
its degrees P no oooler, snd pul In it a
tesspoonful ot any of the good creo
s..ie disinfectant compounds foi
in the market Thia, of course, It a
germicide und wU| kill the g. i m * ot
the cbolers In thi stomach ol lbs calf
I know ibis i.i be a good remedy and
If given will often sale I call ■   lift
The n.xi think ths calf must da is t..
learn to drink oul ol ■ pall This often
takes tun., au.I pal • ni s Be free a I b
both, as a little dun i calf three I
oi.i is pretty tandei snd must be ban
dio.i carefully rirst ..f all, you musl
have lhal whole milk al thu tempera
ture of th,, m.,the: 'a body, aboul '.is ii"
greoa. The cam f the mosl of the
senilis in CSll is  || f- ■  lim;  * oal  lull!.
Dip the finger in llie milk and then lei
the calf siK.k it off once or twice, mesn
while  drawing   his   head   In   this   n.ii
closer and closer to tba pall until his
muzzle is rlsht In the milk     Aft* r he
once gels  his  mouth  into  il   be    »
very soon learn to drink   He should be
fed on whole milk for about n month
and then for t«.. or three weeks on
half and half and then ou  --klui  mill,
At ihe station we tin,i n ,i wn good
practice to put blood meal ami bona
niisil Iii the skim milk   Others us.   ila ,
seed meal with very  git.nl  success
After the calf Is a muni h n',| p, •
haps he will sal a little hay, .md then
you can turn him mil in the big pen
with th,. rest of the call** N,.w. ,i-
theRe young animals ai,. ver)
tlblc to parasites ami dlaoaaaa and as
such pests thrive well  iii  ii,..1st. illriv
places, wa therefore tee thai ll ,
important that w,. keep 'he calves and
pen clean by the liberal use nf fnik
and brush and occasional applli
of a (llslnfeiiau* VUm, all thlt r | I
drinking palls must be kepi tempo
lously clean It takes a llttl. t,
course, but it pays, Im . , s it kills dl ■
ease iioirt he afraid to us>- plant] of
bedding to keep the little ...i., I
the damp floor.
Work to Be Done Indoon During W|.
ter Leliure—Brief Octcription
and  llluttration of Procest.
Root grafting, especlall*,   0(  u„<.
jtooks, ih performed al m , m,,,^. ,l
Ilm   whip graft.   The  ,M„ , 	
turmoil  in   winter.    The    ,,„ i '   '
plains one or iw.. >, ,,,    ,,: ,   l(     '
ami stored lu the fall  in
1'Vbr v the grafting   is   t„
tin,, mot grafting onlj plei
are  used,  Iiiii   some  person
use tha whole rool and
crown    in piece root
mo to r..ur ue.'K are mad.
Kingl "'     A piece "!     i    from t*0
In four Inches long Is USi
are  packed  away   In  aaiul
sawdust In ii cool Cl II ,
A Combination of    Coop    tnd    Qlttl
Covered Run.
A liberal supply i.f dd  b"
provided for the confinement ..f bans
with broods of small ehli ka .""I '"r
those hens which Insi-t upon sitting
at Inconvenient tines a few .Ins In
solitary retirement will .isualh break
up the dc*-ir,. to sl" and th- h.-u will
so.ni after i.-.iiiin.- l.iilug
The common A ahaped coop is  one
of the  moal   easily     ,
convenient forma In   . ue dlt
rot rati v tin nin inn ti
advantage conner'ed with it is the Bit
flcolty t,f removing tha   loading   and
drinking vessels for    Cleaning    ■
catching a bird In it wlthoul u mg*r ol
aoiue of tho bints .•-< aping   I ■ *
till! one of the slats may   be  u.
The  opening  made  by   sibling  thlt
slat is sum. i' ic t.. admit tie band and
arm ao that any pari of thi
bo reached without leaving aa
of escape ungiiaiii.il  Ki.r early batch
ed  chicks  which  con n   Wb«
atmospheric temperature is ao .■■ i
lo be injurious to tbem a combination
uf coop  aud  glass  eovtrfOd     run,    at
shown In the cut, has been found v. ry
The Bottle Trick.
Should the lions* I-.*- p.:    take   th«
trouble to tneiisiiie he provtalont she
buys lu bottles she would !"• I toul h
to seo how their OOSteata shun
her tak,, an ordinary guar! bottle of
catchup, for Instance, ami pour It Into
a standard quart maaaure, and it win
often fall away a third or a half pint
Olive oil will often be found t<> dwindle
iu the same way. Practically rdl the
bottlers of foreign oil have adopted
what la called tin. bordeaux measure,
according to which a so called quart
bottle contains twent) Inataad of thirty-two ouncci, a "pint" twelve Instead
of sixteen onneeg and a "half pint" six
lnsti*nd of eight ounces Bven thi •,
alzes have been "pinched,'' nnd certain
bottlers cnll eighteen iiuncs a quail,
ten ounces a pint and flu* ounoea a
hulf pint    New York Tribune,
Don't have aches nnd pnlns when yon
can keep yourself well. Itemember
tbat carelessness ninl.es more Invalids
thau bard work.
Placing a freshly washed hairbrush
In the lunshlne or near tbe fire to dry
soon spoilt tht color of tht br 1st let.
I ulilnela   Fnr   llrlc-a-brar.
An element that works for destruction In the average house plan It one's
pet odds and ends of bric-a brnc. Tlie
smaller the pieces the greater tbe dan
ger Of cheapening the effect as a whole
Nothing Is more belittling to a room
thnn a host of trifles scattered here and
there. Yet we cling most naturally to
our treasures. There are two ways of
disposing of tb. ui so ni uot to mar the
dignity of Hue aud arrangement. One
of these Is a clrjna cabinet, the other a
narrow shelf around tbe walls of Ihe
room, says thai Cleveland Plain Dealer
The cabinet is almost always a wise
plan and If carefully selected to cor
respond witb tho style of the other
furnishings is an unobtrusive note In
the room. When lhe shelf Is mbsll-
tiitcd, If it la to be high at all, let It
Come comfortably above the beads of
sl.iiiiilitig portions, yet at the name time
within easy reach.
<luiu Peas,
Quill pens mo prepared for use by
Hurting them, drying them lu hoi tand,
scraping them so as to remove Ihe outer skin, then hitrdeiilng them lu diluted
ultrlc.acIiL.. .1    -      '   •
Local Attachment.
Fowls are very fond of their hornet
and dislike being ."moved in new locations. If eggs are the object It Is
most important that birds should not
bo moved from pen to p. n. as It will
delay egg production and also diminish
the supply. Pullets for early laying
should If possible be brought up with
In sight of their future laying run ur
pen.—Home and Kami
Roott Qood For Poultry.
Boots of all kinds ran be fed to poul
try with advanlagu In lhe winter 11 mo
to supply green food. It Is a good practice to spilt the roots nnd allow the
hens to pick out the coin, ins    Wl	
the roott aro small drive a null
through one end and Into n board or
the side of the house to prevent tbi in
from being dragged inuuinl nml Boiled,
Louty Hencoopt.
When the brooding hen refuses to
voluntarily return to her coop nt Dlgbt,
but Squata outside, you can be pretty
euro thnt tho coop In either fearfully
louty, filthy or cloee or perhaps all
three. Investigate.
ii Mir t t, .1^^^^^
iA th,- itoeh    n
rt lun ui li
when llie two pai Is s
togvthei It ih,
Is Cool no' SbOl • I
will knit togethei s,, ,
planted without I.t .-■
apai t   If the < • ;:
win start initi grown
Scions ai" i a|   In  I ■
inn  iiiiii. before th.
spring Only the pn vlon
i in all ordinal
scions are stored In ian I
diisi m a cool    ■
liuiie.l  In a salnli   pl II ■ .
mon opinion thai
if .nt during f>* •   c
antborit)  foi   tbi   fi
Hon about  I his km,I ol
•hi- opinion is ni.fur
A   brief descrlpi.i.ii   u
of the proce ■
To make i « hip .   ifi *
(■ft dial  I ''
with  a  sharp  > ti'"
\   Place 'I..   ' nlf    i
from  the  end  Ol
right nr
stock in thi '
cii the it"*'
Ilk.* maimer, and   wh. n tl •
are  ft. ei
faces will fit n. •'
stock ar.     •  •
with wan i •
bands   im' -■
Compenuliont  In  Farm  '.   '-
hand   Y.•   I
,-«• il,_ «
llttl,  fellow •. la
has lilt office  i
*lai i.i  Dlgbt I
th,*  weather. Di I
chanlc, all
and it in*) warn .1 .1 •■ ,
off It I
i lading '■■   " ■: •
a little fortboughl, leavi
• 1   » ill bi   in  i   I
table   has   tbe
the COSt Of I I
fruit. I
it i|uitt- t., i,, p rock   ., I
ever) thing baa U I
It all of g.s.ti qualltj I
No mm,], i the city folk • a                 I
Wink iiii the term .in li.
l.e .itliin.
II.   has pur,.  «   I tad I
wlthoul stmt     His lawn i • I
luxurious as be ». bi ■ no ' I
humble the hone    I I
accessible  *ti  rhe   gOOTI ll   I
will bill u e a lit   .
the lawn is , stabllsbi d th I
of the In.Use wii; . -    I
lawn mow, i is providod
Telephone, rural dell*, erj
ar,.  fasl   bunging   lo lhe I.,
i intagM of cili  i,f.   an,I    ■
the rural charms  Mora snd
growing to be a life oi
ami happiness     ih,. Natloi
Remedy  For Hog Lice
The i,ct remedy i en ■
(111    Imi'-    was   I I II,It-   a ... 1 j   .,
leiiin. writes John M   lu.
New    Yoil,. .      i his   trill   ll
animals mi worn ..ft and i
'i'n cii'-* !* touches till i ■
b" ..'he   ii is claimed thai
oil «iii deetro) the eggi    i
know how ini,, this I... I	
of B . lean  Jul.  I  wieild  n  I
application >.f the oil i ■*■ ■
dais ,ift,-r the first   This, if t
win make s finish of all tl
crude oil can nol be bad i
buttermilk, well mixed, will     ll ""
Hie   lice   It   I.inches   The  COS
timer, when nst d alone   h
skin, especially if used In
Ing and Hi.   bogs nre oul  III  '        "
(luring  th,- dB]      Used  iii    I
it iiii t have this .'ffc.'
made  from  :i   illsiillatnui  of  •
used as directed by the man
are exre.lleni rm  ihis pui po
, vaporate must tun qulcklj ai
account require more freq
cation,   l.l.,. ara always i
to the thrifl of swine often
so tn nm Mm ih thai th. i at.  n
Injury, causing in health an i
from disease.
Mongrel! Don't Pay.
It oiisIh no more tO f I B r
than S bad one   If sou hau     ll)  "<»n
grels on tho faun dispose of ih1 l"
Illusions."   I
cigar    "Before
"III.   Ktra   Were   Kriufn."
Ope frosty morning a Gonial man
called to his sou In go and harness Ihe
donkey. It so hnppened lhal night, the
door being left open, a young bullock
bad strayed Inlo Ibe stable nnd driven
tbo donkey out. Johnnie, In bis hurry,
look no matches With blm to provide a for ber was a
light nml could Dot see the dllTerence.
iteing ii long time away, bis father
came nfter lilm   tc  see  whal  be  was
about, Haying, "Johnnie, what nre yon
doing''" Johnnie replied! "1 ean't g»t
the collar over his band.   His ears be
■ >..._   Illnnlra.
"Are you ready, item''.'"
"iii one minute, darting"
"Matrimony does   dispel nil n
muttered  as '
^^^^^^^JWo   were   n
thought  every   ini.incnt   I   bad   ' '  ""
eternity, and ■*
turned  out  to  tie."
The Ont Thin* He nrrn.lc'
Mrs. Ilet.hii.ii--Are yon al'i'iild '■'
Hsiiiu.ni  i wouldn't be if ■ f""
*,.-.__,,       ,. . "■      -».™    t..,.t    ,,„        .,«,.,,ii,,,-    ,      WOII.till   I     ".      "     -
rrozt. - Birmingham (England- Post,    j thnt  I   wouldn't  meet your ""'»""
*tHa*| With the Help of
the Ghost
Ight, tOOS, "1  ll'iiner Bpragut
■ i ■ >
Instead ,if
Wesley sctuolly bad begun n.
i, Biie could look older,   To he tlilr-
,..ghl   and   look   liicioy five  bad   its
,11     |n Ibis instance it bad  its nu n
. ||, uhir drawback   tba colonel wns
If the colonel bad been less certain
tin* younger men of bis set were
together desirable and ii.ni they were
j | ii ,1 suitable for ber to select
husband from, Miss Wesley would
,, heen better pleased snd probably
i ,,| iieier lun.' regretted looking so
mg    As ii was lhe colonel, although
. military bearing and iron groy hair
led attention under all dr.
,ucee,  UlOUgbl  Of  Ins  age   and  lii'-i
I to nsk ibe popular young 11 an
I rry blm
n,u ii" ,'i'i't it the Mai.r'-ys' dance
I    „ ,  need   Miss   Wcsl.-y   that   she   bad
I plenty of opportnnltlea, it ap
j .i ne, ossary that she give blm not
|o', - opportunity, but a helping hand.
|| ,    .',-.   ,|,-,l    |bs   ii as   ipi.it    pi ■
to de    I' only remained for her
le ti.e manner ..f its doing
.. ght of the dam a bs bad
,   nearer muatertng (he neceaaary
gt than ever before, but Jo
.iiiii• nt   when   the  air   i ame
, —~^_ charged with sentiment young
i"   unwell lud cum.* to their corner
„■ the i.brnry, and tbe colonel, with on
■ perceptible - . l tbe
,   io| folks aiiia.i- had something in
talk over tnd he WOUld go get 1, - tup
per >nd 1* off to lust as an old  man
m.*s Wesley felt t moisture In her
-      «>! do di 'l  then ami there, upon
tot of the helping band    There
uas only the queetton of when aud
It should be administered
,   r<t n,., k si,,- tnnouc ed her in-
, of going BOUth t,. Inspe. I  some
I family property that had been left
t i tu ..lit ti - 1" :   :•      .Ml her life
K ggle
gave nay
-if   a mux'
"V"»  I"'"!  gull"    ||„ ,„„,<  ,„.,. ,
^a'wratlngij    ■■ ,llv
Zy:V"'x\ « >o_	
■» "'"' mo ihrougliout life
throughout a dance."
sb" gave blm u quick smile
maybe ll you „.i.,-,|
"If J would „ I: -ou'." he exclaimed.
a™!11 '',,i" ""'■'■ <> trying to do
''"',';''" ^    ■' In'l Imagine you
;"'"" cure 'or ■ msn io much aider
^"yourself    l don'l believe l w„	
,|;|''" Uie courage now  bul your I
whlto i.i.ir makes m »eeu, ,  ..
','" lennc0 " " ■""' I bed lhe wbiis
Huff* man with bin llpi
Miss Wesley sighed, tin
to an  . repn    bio
"Colonel, do you th m, you could love
" d iltful womau?" the n ked
1 : I. although llftj   u ed the
perfectly propel  repl    • .    . ■
tion from a «
I could-you        ■    nt,. ,,,:,,| tioni "
1 ■ ten to ti,'-   *,,!■,   , ,ionel"   sn.*
took both hh  binds .,, hers snd
l">1' r-"'" "» '■• "    ""ii, ■■ u , g time
''""■ was -  . twenty toui
bad so severe sn stts ■  n,,,,
red mei h.-r bail
■ it  mis snowy whire     ii, ,  relt
tives ih,night  white bi       t hi
would place ber in n trying po
st. thev Insisted that sl - ,. ,t
urn I color   bro
The col l In      I start ed, but she
"She     kept      ,1     ,!
she continued, "and kepi look.
Ing rldli i.i iu - * young Rbe ,i dn t
mind 1 t-. ept for th. racl lhal tbe
man she csred for ws i wai
s'i.i ,1 t„ atk ber to marry blm on tc
count ..r ih.* teeming difference In tbelr
Tbe -  but
she I.. Id hli bai ■ ■ I irried over
the rent of I
"It wai ■ ;   an " she Mid, "and
it strui k mj | uiiitir ver
biy.   . leleate hsi i dram itlc s
, made the plan, rin,I I tci|uletced     N iu
tee, th*- poor old fa in
tn hcii^c f,,r hit ng  ni   ball   be mil
nrtl i out tbat I
had   been   Impo
these years     11 , ould
cure for a I WSS :i slight
note of anxlet) In bei r.    s
Ths   colonel   evidently   could   in,I
would     it"  rel tbe re
straining bandi I I k h*r lu his
tnns triumph
"We- '   •' ,l
ghost     be ei
Bouriah In tbe n ' \\ e il
trier try to lay I
^-^__I_C_ «
Ilm,  .•> (ill  Ihr I- ... I,  |„ Hnl,,.a Willi-
tiu.   Drtoktliu   il,,.  vulii.
An apple can I m in halves witb-
om breaking the skin, Wuh a line
needle aud thread take a atltcb in tbe
apple jut under the skin, as shown lu
1 ■ i and draw lhe I bread through
carefully, Now place the point of the
needle lu the bole from wblcb ll |u I
cama  I, pushing it gently under tbe
skin, lake an.,ther atltcb il'ig. 2), Keep
doing this until you bale gi
the apple, hut In taking the
in* around
last  stitch
f HAM KB   W_S1  I I      IVK  IN.
sbt bad heard of the old plantation,
la qucr old mansion, and ber
od biti reveled In tali -
,-!,o»t.   it v..... mi h a all
i***-    mischievous   ghost,   one   that
i itself bumping dot n
I quiet midu.gl.t hours or thought
nl scorning i,t gbeetl] dignit) i *
thr coven off : cold
night and leave ,uie trembling n Itb tcr
ror iod , ,,i,i combined
, Wesley west, therefore, a th
t'«  Stowed  Intentitiii  not only   nf  in
• .-*■ t.ng the properly, but of meeting
!     .     ' she bad Inherited witb it.
' *ok win. ler lir Howell's boa
-*>.   but   the   wore  one  of   the
■  * red rotes in tba bosom "f ber
.• gown.   Celeste, ber 1
Ml near her. smiling ns if there
■"r' something amusing la tha atmoa
ee weeki later Colontl I'arr met
Dr    Unwell  coming  down   tbo   club
ft ;i«
 1'iiel,   have   you   beard   of   Miss
* is terrible st k-" he ssked,
i be colonel stopped sbruptly,
"Terrible sbockl   Nol   Whst's imp
ptoedr be demanded sbruptlj
Bowel]   told   the   stoiy   With   what
seemed to the anxious colonel unbear-
•    I >l"ii nest.
It leemeil that Miss Wesley's COa. b
msn, left in town, bad received n letter
f    'a bis fiancee. Celeste, gn lug all Hie
* cf the myatarloni affair,   a.c
sordlng toOaleete's animated narrative
■'■    • Wesley had seen the family ghoat
•'"I the shock had ben too much foi
bei Ber mistress' hair had turned
Snow white from lhe shock.
"It is a strange phase of nature." snld
l'r   Howell.    "And to think of such fi
benirtifui womnn experiencing the lost
«f that wonderful head of l.rnivn hair:'
t.vmpsthetleally. "They return lo tin
eity llibs afternoon, the con. hinnii trill
•ne." he added.
The colonel rang the doorbell that
evening, feeling ill at ease a. to I. ni
lie should upress his sympathy for tin
woman lie lured.
"Vet. Miss Wesley la at borne anl
will he down It a moment." tald I'e
t*t*t, lliowttig him Into Un- library
I'ranete Wesley came In, her loni
bUcfc diva wailing softly. Tbe ..*'■>
nei's eyes Immediately fastened them*
S.'llCS   llpi.li   the  mi,my   hair  piled   111   11
Huffy mass upon lhe tup nf her bead
"VOU see,  I  am to be . lassed among
u.e ..hi folks hem oforth, col I," sh"
responded to tho look In ins eyes.
"i can't oiler sympatby," be said
•lowly,   "Vou arc more beautiful than
The color that came into h.-r face
Jusiiiiexi bis words, "ru sit uut tbe
dance, with you now, colonel, Instead
°f lining my programme with names,
The younger set will stand too much
<'i awe of my whlto hair to usk mc to
■•♦Iter   fee,   .,-oll'iar,."
The   Pre:,, h   lit    I i nt. :     •     lb.   I       I
by  tbe  ridge
their eye     ■   ■ t of I       I
r. *
Iben     When tl
l. •—>1  that It ' *
•rn.! not ■ f their owi
nib era •,( tbe I It il - l •
them io deploy snd charge lhe i tnnon.
; the greti-
occurred t1    1    -
ii: del
- of readers    I
d»s. r ,.1       t b Vol
taire Mas      '. how
the   I'reii, h ofl! -
I    er coats and Iheli vests
tnd st ■«. I the appro
- a   the
I to tht opposlug line,  n Ih ihe
words,    "Gentli i   of   the   French
guard, plea     ' ■ Ii the
. omte   d'Ants I
«e never I i   your-
Buch  ii a»  a   b ittle of tl s
grand .-nr*' as pictured by tl
n the
mirrors of the Ocll '  but In llie
:i   by   Hui    In   b    :   • ii  after ae-
i i,   •.,'       .i ler and, II
be feated, more natural version ef tbo
story    i.oiiii ,n Spe, :..tor.
t.m.y   ICnnnrtli.
"1 ■ t a s Immemoi lal " said a
i  .-.   i |||e lodge people ha*. I
been larloh ties   I thluk
ihere :, - thing In Ihe southern tem
persment which explains tic*    1 d dn I
start out on th.s. however, for ■■ , I
sophleal disquisition, but rather I
bow a cert.i a Kentucky gentleman es
• ■    bed valid I tic to the •
nel,   lie went to a tl
ll  friend   w ll   many scqil
ances ln the Buckeye metropolis snd
who '." every one ai
Col i Hi"" ii.   Every thing went sloni
smoothly until finally ons Omclnustiarj
asked of ihe Introducer
" 'i suppose your frletrt, Colonel
lirnvin. ii as lu iln- Confederate army.'
" 'No. sir: he WS
•"Well then, bs fought on the Dnlos
■    *i "i are wrong there too '
"'Oh,  I  see lieu,     lie got  his title by
Barring In the state militia?*
"•No; be never entered the militia.'
••Then bow iu thunder did be go< t,
be t colon.-l'l'
■"He drew i sword, ttr, it t churid
ftlrr "- Washington ••■*«-**■_
An Interrupted Wedilln*.
A curious Incldenl Is reported from
Colchester, England, Owing to various delays a wedding did not sunt un
tn soma time after the hour let for it.
•ih.* officiating clergyman hastened tbe
ceremony ss much ns possible, but waa
unable to Snlsb It before 8 o'clock In
th,* afternoon, sfter which hour wed-
cm,not legally bo performed in
ti, i country, 'Hn' cerei y bad to be
stopped In U.e middle, and ths pair ro-
malned unwed for ihe day, Tbe London Globe says, "Instances of marriages' being Interrupted In tl Is man-
net- are naturally  very  run*. LOW  Hull
the legal limit has been alte ed from
rj o'clock, but before that weddings
had very often 10 bS post] I OWlng
to there not being sufficient tlino to finish Uie eaaontlal pari of the isrvlcs.
TnrT lit,,,ilni,...   Air.
As through an spern runs th.* rhythm
of one dominant sir, so through men's
lives there rings n dominant note, lofl
in youth, strong in manhood snd sofi
tgnin in old age.   Hui it Is always there,
md, whether soft in the gentler periods
or strong amid the noise of tiir perl
hellnn. It dominates always and gives
Its tout to tbe whole lift.
be careful to draw the needle from out
of the hole it ininle ii hen luaerted to
in.ii.e the firsl stlti h.   Sow lhe thread
etely   encln les   the  apple  ouiy
.:,,:, r the skin, nnd the two ends
of tin* thread are seen hanging looae
8), Crossing these threads, pull
ib   a steadily snd firmly In opposite
■..ins. and In a few moments tbe
ap;,!,* will be cut completely In two
and Ihe whole of tbe thread will bavo
been drawn away through ..ue small
hole. If nicely done, no sign oi a
appear ou tbe iui
-gli   Ibe   sp| le   i-t   i  il   into   two
pai iv
A Gone Thai  la  Played  l»» Japnnea*
Bojt   and   l.lrla.
• il hing the "lizard's tall" is an out-
door game often played by Japanese
boys und girls One »f tht children
en made catcher, another is
then chosen f ir tbe lizard's head, or
leader, and i1 •■ othei players f,,rui one
I line behind, each putting bis or
ler bandi mi the shoulders of the one
in front. Tins represents the 1
body, snd tbe laal '.ne in tbe Ibis
Then  the  fun   begins.    The cat'her.
: ng   a   litt;' facing   the
, - ■ Idenly dathes forward and,
out touching the others, tues to
.  ths tall     Tbe lizard d*"^ her
l."st to protect her tail by II
■. . nd then that, «Itb bei
body holding on behind.    B
any of the players  lose bold ii.nl thus
. tbe Una the tall li ■ u    I. ed
■:..ight. Winn the tall is caught he becomes Cat. her.  and  the  f .*■;     ttl ll'T
bee,,   ■ Slid  test's  h,s  pi.e ,-  at
■ ,.,l ef tbe line.
The lizard may mot e In any din   I   a
. allowed to ^tiet* b oul
to keep oiT the catcher, but
iy in,i push b iu mi;.y    Thlt   - a
splendid outdoor game, and any num-
■  ii *li   in fact, "tl
• hnd.ir.   llnlT.
To   pl iv   shadow   buff   you   sh,.':' I
, a ibeel up at one end ol
room so that it will bang quite su tb
"itufT." let blinded, seats himself on n
low stool, with li - fs '  to tin* si t,
and a table, "ii whii i, i can
dle, Is placed about five feet behind
him.   The rest of the lights in Hi,
should be extinguished,   "Huffs" play
-   next    puss    in   success;,iu    lie
t«.• u the candle and him, ■! itort i -•
their features In as groteequa s man
ner iis poesible, bopping, limping and
I everything to make their shad
as  unlike  their natural  looks  as
ble,    "IlufT" must try to guess ' I
u hum the shadows belong, and if bs i-
correct ths player whose shadow bt
reeogi Izea I ikes ins plsce. "HufT" is
allowed I it one guess far sa. b p.
i>,,,_,..-  i hi.t.-i.
A go***! merrymaking game Is trying
to  repeat   difficult  sentences  over  and
over again   One of tbe simplest and
besl of these is "mixed biscuits."   An
.;g whip." and sven worst
than that  is "six  thick  lb,-tic sr.  ka "
Peter  l'iper fade.* into Intlgnll
ii heii compared with such jaw break
ers.   ii.nuig mattered them, attempt
"She at'iitd at the door welcoming him
i in" snd proceed to tbe direction whlci
the  writer has been obliged  to give
Stop St the shop at the top of Slo.inc
street"   Should any member "f tbi
company fifi sure of the prlso thus far
' an antidote to conceit Isi "There wsi
[ au Old woman, nnd she was a thlatll
lifter. She hud a sieve of sift.sl tblStlM
and a sieve of unsifted thlslles, ami sin
was a thistle sifter."
I   "I' ,, ml l it te.
Why Is It that every mini's pants nn
too short ? Because bis legs stick oul
two feet
why is it dangerous to go In thi
woods In spring! Because tbe bulrusl
is out, the cowslips around, the grassei
lime bladea, the flowers have pistiii
and Ibe little twigs nre shooting.
Alrraya Happy.
1 tin nnt sorrow when there's snow
ur ruin or fog er sl»rt.
There ore more toi s at home, thu knot
Than out there In tht ■t.pri
flo wtirtti»r we Vinv* l.rlclit lunltllnl
Or clouds nil Ihrouilli th* tliijr
I n*v*r Burrow nor repine,
Hit piny Hiul plnv and pltv.
.-Julin Kandllck Hunts In Bt, Nii-h.tlH-
-,r   incii   pay   as  they  go   because
don't know any other way to go.
Seine people Lad unhappy lives he-
cause it is against the luw to kill pre>
cm leiis youugsters,
However,  two  Industrious bens  in
the bushes are Worth much more thau
in English sparrow lu thu baud,
it uiakei a bald beaded bachelor tad
every Unit bt thinks that bt can't lay
It en a woman.
Una,   li'i'Tilliiu   I.i n  Scientist,  Ia  IU
I'diiUniiii i.im 1  Bnala.
Is the House of smell en lied by gases
oi particles? According to Dr, John
AIIlii-n, nn BngUsb specialist gas la the
fundamental   basis   of   the   sense   of
small, iii experiments bs tirst investigated musk, of wblcb It is possible to
detect by smell a microscopic .piautlty
Inconceivably minute, a fact well
known to scientists, lir. Altkcn carried out bis researches upon ths cloudy
ennii 'Hellion basis, sccordlng to which.
If odors are attributable to particles,
the latter form nuclei of cloudy condensation In supersaturated air and
thus make their presence visible,
Iii the case of musk no auch nuclei
were detected, proving Hint musk doet
not give off solid particles, but evapo-
rales as a gas or vn|M,r, nnd that It Is
gaseous particles from ths musu that
net on the sense of smell.    Of twenty
three other odorous aubstances not one
gave its perfume In solid particles,
nothing but gases or vapors escaping
from tbem.
I.r. Ailken points nut tint tbe nostrils appear to substantiate this theory.
'rin- perfume of snufT, for Instance, is a
soft, velvety sensation, while the effect
of the solid Is sharp snd b.tlng, more
allied to pain than plea
Man's  "I eaaer  slilr"   Worka   lo  Kee»
lhe  "Slrouarr  Mil."   I rrr.
A group of men, which included a
salesman for a Chicago cigar house,
st'-sl talking near the news stand lu a
hotel when tba subject of cigars cumt
"Say. Stribl.-n," said one of the men,
"you're a cigar salesman, Tell me why
It Is that all smokers hold their cigars
tu the left side of tbe mouth."
"They don't" replied StrlMeu—"that
Is, all don't It Is only He* right handed
men who do. Left banded men bold
their cigars ln tlie right side of the
mouth. The reas.'ii, I have been told.
Is this:  It  is natural with all  men to
make their  I r I de1 do what wnrk
it can to keep their 'stronger aide' free
thai II may meet emergencies. If a
man lias .-, package to carry he holds
It In his left band if be is right handed;
If In- Is left banded he lioldt it in bis
right  baud.    In either case the band
■ ilc moat confidence in is free
for emergency use   This same idea he
les to cover the muscles of his
lips. It Isn't the possibility that he
li.;,v ii"t"l the muscles "Il the right Bide
f,,r emergency ass tbat makes the right
banded man bold hli ,lgar In the left
I ,!.• of  'us  nc" -     . i tbat Idea
about but whole 'leaser -i*le' tbat makes
i, in do it."
The    llnrdral    <u    Make    Am    in.hlda
and    Ararrirau    ll.:,„i.    Ruaea.
The orchid and American Beauty ruse
an- the i * D. ult  flowers to
make    \ ik     1 worker can construct
only about t- \  A:...-:    ..;. Beauty
in oue day, und this number ouly when
eavea and        - are all ready to
put together.   'Hi" small flower*,, like
tlie jasmine, are als.t d.flicult to make,
and ouly sk.lltsi ban.Is cuu be Intrust-
•••I w-.th this work. The majority of
the small ami d*■'.. lately made Bowers
ted  for u MS are made
lu ti.e prisons ot I ran ••    The work
nf mi -       ;-,cisant aud for
i   bands  1 - rati", c  the  girls re-
celvlng ail the way fmui $_ a week for
beglni '  .for the beet « irkers.
Min li of the bfier grn -  -•    *n out
for home work, women nud girls taking , tes Of II oi er petals an.l
; r. One market
fur artitii ial Dowers is that of the bar-
nessmakers, who order buncbet of vto
lets snd othei n - au,i resell
tbem to grooin* f"i the decoration of
thc.r borsea uu tallybo trips aud other
gala oi **l   ••>  Of tbe hands.une
ge bouquets of i 1 vio
lets so minii admired at ths theater
aud    opera    are    artificial.
A   I...Ril"If.I    *■(.,... Inn.
Conductor  (Jerlcke,   known  as  the
"human in,' bad been .
a Wagner programme   After tbe
cert "i.e of ihe trombone players « it
t  fellow  mu
"Well. I am going to quit "   "Al
daffy'.-" san! bli friend.    "What's the
n.iticr':"    "Well, It's Jutl this: In that
'Tristan un.t Isolde' number 1 motnen
tardy forgot the technics of my Instru
ment, g"t entbus attic, filled my lun.-s
for that magnificent poasage for the
brass,  when up goes tl   i  fatal  left
hand, so I had to iwallow my eriihu
Slaam   nnd wind too.    If I don'l quit 1
am either going to burst or die of tuberculosis."
A   Fanny   rUiaprlnl.
One of the most ludicrous announcements that cut appeared perhaps a is
made by a London newspaper In tbe
sari er half of tbe  last century to the
effect that Sn Robert Peel "and i par
ty of fiends were shouting peasants  ..
Ireland."    The   Words   misprinted,   of
course,   WOTS   "frleuUs"   and   "phcat-
A   Via.ler   sl   SI..iter.
"Would you marry a woman who bad
nici another man for breach of prom
"Well, It WOUld depend lnrgely oo
bvw intteti tbo Jury had compelled him
to pay her."
She 1V„   it >-■>,■-
"Wlutt a luud peal that it at the door
"Yes; Mr. Cntchein it coming this
evening. 1 rather thluk that Is my tu
gagement ring."
Happy the man who early Ittrni th,
wide chaira that Ilea between hli
wlabtt and kit powtra.—Qoeth*
Miixiuiiu was  the only giant  a
the Roman emperore,   lie was eight
ami   one half  feet   III   height   and   very
heavily i'»:ii even foi thai - tature
lie was a Trnclan (barbarian) nn.l r,.-e
to  tin*  Imperial dignity   by   a
Skill and nnII n
oblci aro made by u singularly
Ingenious   |lll , e   ,,f    I h 1111 -III.    win. I,
es  plates  nf  poltshed   brass  or
tloel at one Itroke,   stamps them  lulo
tbape and Inul''* it"* Indmt ...ai-«-
I'lvlilrnrr    lit,,,   Would   loit.ltier   lhe
lit..I   (Dial inul,-   IliiUKliKf .mill.
'I be "iti lady bad losl tbe check to bet
trunk, und the depot officials said that
she must enumerate the contents nnd
satisfy tbem that II belonged to ber.
"Waal, now," she began, "rlgbl on
top of . rerytblng you'll Bud a red
woolen shot thai I waa taklug to my
brother William, William lias rheums
Usui, and red woolen is powerful good
for lhal."
"Whai else?"
"Then you come to three new sheets
for   Aunt   Mary,   with  B   new   bedquilt
for a iiii i Barab, Then then
drees pattern for Aunl Mary - oldest
girl ami a catskln cap for Aunl Sarah's
oldest i...y Then you come ; ■
clothes. There's s silk dreas thai has
been turned t'v to bottom and mads
over again, an,I there's"
"I Hunk ths trunk must l»- yours '
iniii the baggageman
•Waal, there's tbe old corsel I bought
five years ago, s white skirl that I'm
going te put soms new trlaftnlng on
and an alpaca dreas tbat I maj gi." to
Aunt   Mary   if  she  basn't  gTOWed   ttsi
Btntit.   Then you'll find'
"You can have the trunk. 1111111111."
"Then you'll find B Jar "f raspberry
Jam, a bottle of currant wine and
"Take It along, ma'am. It's y.uir
trunk for sun."
"Yes, it's my trunk, but now thai f IU
have got me naming Ibe contents I'd
like to tell yuti that there are two puts
Of shoes, three pairs ol .-. my
.i-i   year's   l>"; ■ strs   walst
Uut the baggageman pulled tbe trunk
around, brake off one "f tbe handles,
beat tbe lock and told bi
wouldn't be responsible for spontsne
ous combustion if the thing remained
there fifteen minutes longer. Baltimore American,
Successfully Used in Colorado In Top
Working Old Orchards—Commended By Farm and Fireside.
At the recent me ting of the Amerl
can I',. lowing
method of gral li    was descrll
a gentleman from Colorado « ho
that it. was thi  m tul meth
ml that be had employed In top work
ing old oi chard and that il could ba
ii ci! on branches i ■- lai ge ss four in
ches in diameter with i ess. It
Impi■      d ...■   ■        i. ettei than
l.l I IT   | tin K
ordinary i left . ly for
laige ■'. the fact ilm'.   the
of thi    a Ion were all smooth
and the sci.it..-, held more firmly.   The
■ rmlntng » bi i a   the   graft
had bet'er go. ti .  it off with
a line  saw and   ' "I.r iu    th"
side of the ll at A  This
is then cleaned on- with a knlf..
shown at B. A ss
for tb ■   of which
ia shown at K in tbe second * ut Ths
scion is cut .,- is usual In cleft graft-
in ir and is driven with some little force
Into tbe groo ;., as shown
at C   ad In thi ctl it D
It "■ : that sfter this graft
haa been drivi n tn it can only h*> pull-
■ . and
tt 1b held much more firmly than in ibe
(*.„,,_.,,   Aeei.rilliiic   In  llir  Calendar
nnd   Hint   in-   Wcnllier.
A   characteristic   of   the   Koreans
Which has helped to their undoing as
a nation was ibe fact that they were
guided wholly by precedent When a
new situation presented tbey did not
cope With it iu the light of the day
Ihey u iui* living, but wen* gullied entirely by the Old suns nud the ancient
nm suns of wis n wim had been
dead a thousand years or s... A striking Illustration or this national trait
was furnished in tbe matter 'if their
wearing apparel,  which mis changed
according tO an  ancient calendar and
without any regard to the temperature
of thc day.
Korea Is a land of great extremes of
heat an.l cold, and the man whn draft*
ed the calendar  by  which all clothing
Is changed, though s Chinese sag.*, it
Is said, wns not a success as a weather
prophet, unless, as amue niiiiiilain. the
climata in ibe course nf tbe hundreds
of years which have elapsed has changed, when the calendar announces now
begins the period of greatest cold the
conservative Korean, although the air
may be soft and balmy, pads out his
while garments with ill or seven
thicknesses of cotton wadding, until
the thin man becomes s tat man and
tlie stout pnrty swells up to inch enor
mous site aa to block up Iln* -
when he walki, or, rather, rollt, abroad.
Again, though spring and early iinu-
mer may have come and Hie beat pre
vailing be almost tropical, tbe Korean
swelters about In bis wadded i lotblng
lu perspiring veneration of b l beredl
tu ry calendar.
II..,,,n,.. .-  nnd   Reality,
The i ,,:u.- | "Ung
:, up the bill on tbe toboggan
and was amazed to find her moodily
silent when tin > ren. bed lhe top,
"What is wrong?" be
"if you bad any ran ' y IU,
y. i would have taken advantage of tbe
occasion and tl pportunlty ta
that you would bo I sppj t.. pull me up
tbe b 11 "f life forever und >•■.  :." ihe
S gll'-'l.
"But i but r-
' I'.ut   last  summer  when  we  were
f you said yon could think of no
brighter future than  to drift together
down the stream of life."
• i know, dear, but when a man -
a hundred and  '
up a naif mile bill be basn'l •
;   left   to saj   what   be  thinks
:.  a  boat   . mors
, and more
ma work tor I - arms."  .',
Wnr'a   <t ri. .,,..,, I,
The masterful ,  h"r ims*k
spouse stood at tbe ball .wed |
ber tirst bnsbaod.    "Here.'   I ■   si   I
Impressively, "lies a t would
nol b..ve Ik-.h my bUBband toda* Henry, bad BOt .1,'tin been killed i.t Hetty*,-
■mi.."   cried   Henry,   clutching  his
hands convulsively,    what :i curse w..r
Is!"—■ Woman's Home Companion.
I I   linn.
"I tell you.  mini  was  not  meant  to
live alone.   The yoong man iu br.-
who is u it nn.::
. spped "
"That's what] Not being able I
bis property in his Wife's name b.
ibe mercy of l.,s creditors
Staudard aud 'limes.
"Wer" you annoyed while on the wit-
i • ind'."
"Slightly,"   answered   the   great   cor
■ ii magnate.    'Hie Judge and one
•u two oilier people In tin* . lurtroom
seemed to think they were tjulia as important as myself."  Washington siar.
One  Ktrepllon.
Suffrage Leader    Yell don't seem the
least worried about the fact that women   are crowding  out  meu  iu  every
Sandy I'lkes- N„. mum.    Iley'll liev*-r
crowd men out in de tramp profession,
mum.-Columbus (O.) Dispatch.
A   t '.t|ili'
Tour nnarchlat plotters tn Ilrunt
llll.-Ilteil  X !• 'i   I,      !  Of   t'Olllt*.
Thti bad '   ■ sol a loadtd
Whin  hunt'  it txi
Anil ilrink tli» rcii'tiiraiors dumb.
Ilia    I.tal    I'rnp   Knnekril   Onl.
"Ignorance of the law, you know."
Bald the Justice of tho peace, "is no defense."
"In that case," replied the prisoner,
"you wouldn't have a leg to Stand OS
ir ihey •?■» battled yea a**,  would
SOU?"—Chlcnao  He-onl Herald.
Tiie science of  physiognomy dat.j
from the writings "f Levator, who was
born In 1741 and died In ism
Sen  VA'nler.
The Innumerable shades of blm
green which constitute what may be
called the natural color "f sea walvr
are due lo I greater or less prop
of salt held In solution. The appearance of luteii -e liin.. la the result of
tlie presence of large iiuantilira of
lallne matter.
or Tin. »  '    '1-od of
Ing for
unless with
:    with
A   II rtlrult" ■   llulHt   IVIifn   I .unlit
in  tht   UultUsniida.
The "mover's" wagon, canvaa covered
and travel worn, la I esrtue.
The traveling home for a family ami
all their worldly goods, from furniture
to poultry, Is still a familiar sight nn
western roads. Tbe spirit of dlatatil-
factlon and longing for newer held*
that lurks under that broad brimmed
bat is a spark of I
l,.s*D the  theme  of our hiatory.    By
hiiine Birciiin vi ij- 1 •" tbe    ittonwo
an evening you may sometimes see tb.s
half gypsy, nml tl.** fire,  with  ; -
aying smell of bacon and beans
! or the song and s BOgg.   '
a« you drive by why tbe roving has always Its fascinat
There are, however, the long dusty
days of travel a:
the occasional swollen  fordo,  and always present, tboug' aconn-
'••:•!.  are  the  quicksands  "f  the dry
bottom   streams.    Tbey   are  in .
gulshnble and silent.   Tbe shallow rlb-
f water flow over them as over
all the rest of the river bed. but once
fairly In tbelr grasp there It a remorseless, certain sett    .
only hastens and whl. b ends in sn everlasting   disappearance      Cattle    and
horses are caught In .' snd. if
s.-en 'n time, can be polled out with a
raps and horse, but Into
maw have gone hers
1 men.   and   even   a   locomotive   -
through a bridge, has been known to
:-ar In thia bottomless mystery-
Allen True In Oul   )
About the Stable.
The stable should have some means
by whi.-h tl r can   b«   I
_«.,. •   'ing the col*l    air
.iu  upon  iIn.-  animals.    In
■  days a door or
Itb de-
of bedding   Sawdust    and
■ ats, but p"
, value   Hay, .-•raw or
.,dd much of value to
•i saturated more
- with 'In* moisture of thc stable
and will be needed for the garden or
■  1   lawn  next, spring.    It    Is
• ■ blanket the horses, whether the I or not In a cold
inket should be
while ii s warm one a thin one of bur-
r like materia',  wi'l suffice
warmth it gives,   the
blank               the   coat smooth   and
S   i.    Hayuard tn   Suburban
Royal    t.snil.ler.
The   fascination    wblcl     .     ss   of
chance have exercised over eeutle and
simple  is  well   illustrated   In  the  de-
■  .n by stow of the entertainment
hy Henry P
don. In losiT, when ihe kings of I-'rauee
and Scotland, being ;    -
land, and the king of Cyprus on ■
to Edward 111 . the mi yor "ki
ball against all comers that were willing to  play at dice  and hazard.   The
Lady Margaret, bis wife, did ke,-; -
chamber to tin* same intent." The
mayor, having won GO marks frum the
king of Cyprus, returned blm tbe nn^i-
ey, saying, "My lord and king, be raw.
aggrieved, for 1
but your play."—Chambers' Jour;
Hortet Ovtrfed.
A g.„"l i ition for tho horse of any
kind of led Is about a pound ol .
and one and a half pounds of hay to
hundred pounds ot horse.   And
this  Would  apply  to alfalfa.    In  f.n".
hould d.i better on tho alfalfa than  with  the other bays und
portune lime to say that th.
of farmers ..' all
in fact,   ths
barn is wht re one of the great
' .      farm cau be found.—
Manure Waited In Small Heapi.
A  fanner  naked   Profi   -,.r   W.    P.
Woods at a recent meeting bow great
red   tbe   h"-s   ot   fertility
ii the practice ot taking manure
in th.. fielda and leaving it In   sm ill
h.-ap.- iu tba fall to be dtetributi d In
I     com]        i   ii 'h  carting
and spreading it In the spring, and ths
replj  was lhal i spi i Imenta fail
liable bad concluded   that   the
.1 it _ i i„ r ci nt. -American Cultivator,
A Divided  Srniliurnt.
Little Agues la twelve yean old. She
:s a poetess.   -        - i seme
of humor aud, positively, she did not
like ber stepmother "a tbe letter's
birthday the youthful rhymer put forth
all her powers to pleaae Ibe lady who
bnd usurped her own mother's |
Tht quatrain ran as toll
1 thank you for your kindliest,
I lhank inn for your love
And hor* Miiril you
By taking- you above.
Ilcr stepmother hardly knew whether
this was to be taken prematurely or
Uot.     She   supposed   uot.
Bnllle.  In   lite  Sen.
Figtits between ibarkl and por;
am said to be common In tin* waters
around tho Florida keys, and the fishermen thereabout declare that the por-
potSS always wins snd sends the shark,
which usually begins the tight, scurrying away. Tbe slunk has to turn on its
side tn bite,  and  the  nimble poi
easily keepe out of reach of its snapping Jaws and then jumps in and deals
the shark tremendous slaps with its
Removing Stumps.
A correspondent of American Cultivator slates that be removed n trouble-
tree stump from near his I
following iiiiinner. With an Inch
.; hole in the cei ■
imp ten Inches deep and pul Into
It about one-bait pound of oil ..f vlti loi
an.l corked the bole up tight, in su
months tbe whole slump and roots, ex-
tending through all tbelr rami fleatlono,
tied  tl.tl Ultuf  *.<«•
Woral   Ever.
"Yes. Indeed lie's Uu* homeliest man
lu public life today. Haven't you ever
seen hliuV"
"No, but I've leeu caricatures of
""h. they flatter lilm. You should
see    lil.u."
\ sniiitu smear,,
•■I s.iu-.l U lug pile of money todsy,"
mud Mr. Hardhead.
il    ta   lou'lil      ll*.iv."   said   his
end of going to law e Itb a man
for what l.e owed me 1 let him have
It."   !.,,■ i m I i Bits,
II,a   Slietlnlt*
M,-., in, . k. ■ Is your busliiinil nn
after dinner speaker. Mrs. Bocker So,
hut he docs a powerful loi of grumbling
during it.
A   lir.ai   Ilrlpellve.
"You   say   he   has   grown   whiskers
sin,si last you saw Iiim':"
"Ilow did you recognise hlrr?"
"By my 'jui*" «llu."- .Mil»'•-•'Ires 9»n.
sl.,-   Knew  lilm.
ltigley    (lotiil   fellows   are scarce.     I
know only two men wl i i can really
call my very g 1 friends.    Mis. l'ep-
pery—Teal    And  what  is  the oib.-r
man's   name,   Mr.   Blgleyl i.
I ncttii-LI,nl.
"Who aro your best patients, doctor'.'" was asked.
"The people who are always contending that life isn't worth living." replied the doctor Without tho illghtest
hesitation. --_-
■r» ■
nti LARD,
>> r :   ;•    •        nit I tktt.'tly, aim InMljiirt
i   ..ii I »•• arrrr I'mua.lay
, Ta. K 1 •   i   r   ■       ■>   ■ >',i   In in ae ll real	
_ lliiS I l| I .'.  ,-' '"  'I  '    'a (-rpi'ililriiu is.
-,„.»-,: In Iti cal        *
«,i;,. tin in; bs ■ .tried ..   i;,.'n;,- ,,'i'
..,:• p_r H       '  - linn, tfiil III   **"'''• pr,
llntitoh ■uiit.t.t- nam *.iii.*i .'.'•-,
TtV«S«j**ir 1'r«i|»1eiil linl "tl e. i'vr*' i.-' t
»iii .« made kn "-" en i.i"-i ■ ,.i ■ ■ ... iifln »
S.e,», rlullou ti ■• * rrar, In advance.
I ,1'ir* Si :*'s Act, ISA".
r>, fl
r      *r
b. jJAciHt i, Pron
Ci || .-..   '. ^iir,"
111 * 1,       111 fl
i, ■ , i. pro opl tc:
Still ,
Reward Gold ami   Silver Min
fug Ci mraii'v, Uitniteil," "\ u
Personal   LraWlity,    ■■ is '! :- 'l i
1 ,-• it registered a*  no |'x)■•. I
incial ( i.iii|j:i,■ v under Ilia " I ,
panles Act, 189, " to  * in ri}   mil u
"effect  ull or  any * t   Ihe nbjs   h
the Company to which  tl.e  > „ -
. .e atl :. : it) cl tbe Le *is atu.u ■
Lrititli Col uld bis extends.
Tbe htad oWce ul  U.e co
is situate at tl        J   I Waiel
in the i 'ounty nl Uodiiij toi .  u
State of So itli Dakota !__.._ ..._ 11 <_■ .-,.«",. j  ...rxu  I  ;-..,_»_    •   ****;,«,.■,.,-
i,,_  amount of  capital  nf tl..    QflP W_!l Supplied  With  LiqUO-PS & OlCTEr.
-%'    *''
cf.,  ,
Legal Noticee.
ci.aTirii.Tgs nr mPKOVg* Mitt OTICB.
.i.i'.. t'klall, I "i" Mar mineral elalms
situate In .he Trout Uke Uinta. Dlvl*
• ion ot Writ Konltiisydlilrict.
u here   Iui Unl '*»»    **«
Tike, ai.ii.t i.'.-'i I  J   *■*■   * ■ i*'"'. free
oilntr'i rt driest* No. iW.bll, fi i in)
*-i ti ,! ,. ii,*.'..t   n.r -.   I   - itherl. nd,
i ui,-  S ■ lis,' .t'i'..  Uii.i'k  ^ Idle.  I ".
v,    , -,-     t. |..!.la. I 111.*, No S8il
i i i no ,i.i tlitr il«tt hsieof, ii apply
.,, nt UlnlngRseordtr lorCsrllflratraol
l ,ti.rovniiiei.lt lor the purpose.oluhtail •
lag tromi grants of iht shot's claims,
imi (unlit, ttkt notlcs tint tctlun
aider asctlon S? must »» comiueneed
bt .r» tin .i.iiii.ci ..I nn I.  eriil  few
Im .root, rula I'a't'i: III*   •        IV ol
Wiv, a i*, itow
£• R- vifonJ
Trout, Uk« MVlry
A -'••--J.I.ly'i
Stable* Al   Trotit L
'.-_   A--1
HU i i*i
(Trout Xaiic    ww^^
tKori    ■
i a _r _
I'O at 11
■ spit
Companv is nine hundred i in
and dollars, divided into ni ■ hun
liii-'l tl.uuaainl shares . f one di.l t.
'J he head .Hi e of the C n pan)
in thia Province is Bitunti nt I'.i
gUSOn, an.l J >h i Morton, ini...
manager, whose address is !•'. ,■..
son, ia the attorney for llie I in
The lime nf the Existence .,f ll .
Companv is twenty vena fi oui Iln
llth day of April, 190..
Tin- company is sp< clal ly   ii
ted nn.Icr  sectiou  68  of  ti.e said
Given under my hand  and sea
>.f office  :it   Victoria,   I'rovin tu •
British Culuubia, tics 21 at day <> <
.".'■ril, one thousand nine hundred
and .- i S  Y. WOOT'I * iN.
Regislrar of Joint Sl 11.
1 he objects for nhii li thia ('.*tn i
■pany 1ms been established and|
registered arc : —
The aoijuii in., managing, developing working nnd Belling inm**.
mineral claims and minini; properties, and the winniirg, getting,
treating, refining and marketing <>i
miuerals therefrom
« j c i.i....'..: .ii  It ti ■•■.'.   l-.'irellrnt f'uisiue and Attendance
I S  I  tlJ   'el   W   i  H Ut l .       >    I    C   O ll    _  0
• t'^'vn
r-»»   » l  X      -.     •    1
i"r' < \
|t\   ui in'   o rtt.-r supplied   hy  ll s
,   in [.any you arc   assured  d •
i ,       i ,i  :. Analysis
In i.a, k up ilaten enl *
Hugh McPhorson - - Supt.
Trout Lake  City TranaJ
and Stage Line.
ssssasss o
Excellent    AcccK^Rxdction
Best. Liquors
And Very fmeit Cigsrs   £2
John Simpson,
Notice ia hori by giyen   thai ■''..
d lys niicr date 1   inl nd t*i ....ii..
application  lo   ilia    II *ii.    i'i.ici
Cuiiiuiiesiouei ..' Lands and W ok
i ir  ii  special  license  to ci,i hiiiI
..ii rj'   aivny   lim .er  from  Hi • fid
ovi ing  dt-M-rilc I    lu.tl   *-1,uii. il
uhout j of a   mile from tin* enull
•chore  if   Trout   Like,   mid cl, ,ni
2  miles  from  Gerrard, and ontn-
uiencii.g at  «  post marked J. li '
Kennedy's    .N.W.    comer   poei.l
I 1.intcd braille  a   post  muk ■! J.
It. Kennedy'*, N K  post, lhe;.,-   ,s
ciniitis past, Ibence son 111 M) clmins,
'iieii.r.- lAcst 80chains, ll oe imrilii
'.' chiiint iii ">oint ..f c nnn i n •
•mm     Dated, Mar 11, 1906 '
J. 1)  Kknnei v.
Per A  Bigger, Ag«nt.
None-*   ia   hereby  g'ven   Umi!
within two  months from th* fir»t
publication  hereof in the British
Culombia   Gaaetie,   1   intend   t.[
apply to the  Hon, Chief Conimi-j
eioner of Lands and  \\'*,rk.s  for a
Npeeial   license   tn   Cllt   itlnl   c.ini
away limber  ir-im  ihe fdluwing
described  lund-i  situated iu Went
K'u'.tt'iiay :
No.l.   Commencing at a ii'iet
I 1.nued on the South -sh r • of|
Trout Lake, tilnut l'l mil - irom
the head ami about , rre mi,- from
tba abore marked 0 W. Ab'rnhair*
aon^i iiotth-wist ciruer i • sr.
theneo eouili SO chains, t emt
. :iM PO eliaini., ibence n. rt K)
i.'balns, iliencc west 8o ebuiua tn
tin* point of commencement.
No. 2.   Commencii •.- at n poxi
planted south of Tn.in l„ik, a i.-ul
1.'! milch from the In nil nnd i.boin j
. one mile Bnut-i   from  the - ,n
marked 0, VV.Abrahams iu'« n. rth
east, coiner poet, thonca ... ih sin'
chain",   thence   weal  80 e
llienc.  north    -1 chains,  i ■   .-.
east i) i-litiins io tbo p dut n;
v...:!.   Commencing nt a poet]
planted on  lhe   smith   nliore . c
Tn.iit Like abonl I3j miles fmm j
Ha loud marked 0. \\   Ahreham-I
oil's southeast coin. • pogt, thoi.c
weal 100 chains   tii*n,',  norili in
•is. ibence    'act   ir,. , bnina,
thence south   4o   chaHis to iliei
point of c mimei • im, m
No  '.   f',*:iin,, ni ing :.:  n  pi.-t
planted on the w.eal  aids of An e
•in ira:l nhont om* mile fron,,
11oni I. k<- n arked 0 IV Abra-j
bamaou'a sontli rasl corner pm.t.j
thence iiortti BO chains, Ihelice'
west mi nlialM, |hence ronth Wj
hiiine. ibenoe east go ch-iiua to
the point of-com mi i ccoie* i.
N*'". u. Comn i in Ing at a posl
i.laiiteil nli,nn _.,,> i ynrd« c,-i .,f
American trail, and i,.,,,, j ,,,,*.
from Trom Lake, marked 0. W.
.brauamsoii.- sou:] west . irnei
cost, ihetire north 80 chains
ih.'.icj .'..si m. cbalut i1,.,,,,.
Mint fa  80 cbaina, thu  „,,., s,.
i-hailis to the   puiul of  .i.iiiiici.  ,
Dared May 21st. 10
" W  AniiAiujiaon,
When looking for a placs lo tpend
your holidsvs, brsr in mind
that Trout   Lake   is   an
ideal trimmer runt      The
gentry and climate artinsanifveiit
TROUT  LAKE,  13   C.
Best Hotel In Town,
felplers k Mu and Cossercia] Met.
General Merchants.
Trout Lake - - B. C.
ii Ferguso
TroutLako .
Boaton        hi
U DoiJy Stt:ir. wij, j
7 am.
I Trout Lckettfl
8     Ru
fcl        la connicllon
A. M. Craig     Wm. Crawford
Imperial  Bank of Canada.
Head Office*
CAPITAL  PAID  Or.   »3 600.000 , 0
siaravt fund      a iioo.ooooo
TOTAL   aaSlTS       39,000 00000
I)  R  ini KIR, 1'rrii.lcnt. ROBBRT JAFFRAY.iVI-o-Prt,
BRANCHES   in i'.« tVo»lneaa ol Alharta, Baska   lianaa,  BritishOohirii
Manitoba, Ontario and Qusi se.
SAVINGS DL'PARTMENT.- Deposit I r*«-,ivi^| tr, 1 Intsrosl  »     »*-l libit
snrrant rata from data of epaeiag i.f accooai
0r»na Nol t srallaMi la all | ir:i "t I aaaOa,
; ..:.,.i i-iair* sad r in ;».
"ij*v«i •lUnUon (iT*i, m aollsetloas »u*
Mii.ti.tr Bond*.
VV. H. Jones, W00D valu.mce hard
ware co ltd        Review Job Dept.
Thnt T f.ASir. BlUXCR—
T.  B. liAKr.t*,
I     ie    I   . I    Hinderi,    Fin*   Jul*
Printing. Hir!w«r#, ltii«i«' h<-   pliss, Pt-it*
NELSON, 0. C. sad Rangas.
ror Ui«h*ClaM Wnrk.
Lardean II |w
Stn&y Laughton
HEN  TJAiting  Fergnann you
(.hould staT mi iln- Laideau
II.'!*!.     IJ»#   the   siait'.r
■ MMl     W:"    'l8    S irrniin.lr.l    villi
'SJrVjl    linmn .iitiiforts    Kxrel	
i   1 ,,'      er.:-  i ■»,       iap!     t* i.' :la-"*-'l
sir!     «srt;)     roi n »,     tiejl
j   ftccke'l liar,  an.l   e'l-rytliing w
I   in rls Inwards   making yoiir ii«ii a
I   |.lcsi<aiit and msnt'irajdc i * a.
I        Kitri Tr.-iii tl   (Ut  ni'Wsr.l.v
Wc siri»e I., pleaaa our latrmia.
Starf.cs -S Co.
It   pari  to     ••   the      ■ ,
0 K
It   t«*»  I"  ":  the   T«I*rtiori*       A   ¥ ,r^m,           r                /-»> r
l-ik-tliT Ti|.ri.i i.'ion b« tntnt.   llfBr.i ifi V|5lt*|_^t4   MlhAJ^   9
•rHowui..!            ,.i  MW8_S?WaJr | klUtUtLl ^LC^ j
•*>«•.     I ..rttr.     ProdacS    S'.l    Jrmt   »,,!,, ,:   ,.-r.,P|,„J. (J  run A	
leBstonRk.lfos«|>liinsSt,N'*lion.n(*                                                                 't. (tool Sha\c or flair Cut
Lennoxville   G. M. YUILL j WMIi™J?*hnel1'
LHot an 1 Cold Qalhs
OO _t a3 iiCluiXJOO-r
Hotel and
General Storo
II    Ci
'.\'at-  . rriaiiing,    etc.      All   work
Oddfellowi M, Trail late; BC
Barber Shop.
Fer t.iK..l  llairrnilii ft i',|
tl AVIIIft g't   tn
T ct'r i*n . nr
Mot.  on4   Cold   B.tr.1.
Ac.ui.1,' I A'. ■*. 11 ■ ■ r
* I.i.l   I   1 AM , B   0
Unl*''le r. c.: •   i>    Intsrastl carffully
looks I slier.
"i>ii fo, t|. liter's p »"n«
n*-o <x-i-o-o oo o-cj o v. a~a t><j-e>o «-oooo<*
...  tTbe ©ofel JSeaton  ...
      BEATON,  B.C
Ylsnoi'.s an ilng al Betl  •    ll - tbresl old - ! tl • Urdsanl
im Arrowliead, «     find tliii ll«,iel lo    • fullr sqaippsa
for l.i.i, rli.F« .'»■> P.icellsnl •.•rt.rrn.,n.;it..,n A nell
»|.|.-ti,il«'t mnl l|i«i-it.i:« ,i:r .'- 'J.1 'll,«l.«l ■■'. U'lnes, BpllilS
and Cigars Personal •ttfi*>rr,»j*>i .{:,-■• In the requirerrtsntiol
|'»trnii»   Visitor* to th* I ■'('■•■u rti   rn   n ,"i. ■ n tt ::  « I .,'«(.
JW. BOYD -:- -:- Prop]
Vo* IMHM**>-o-a>->. -o>-»*. »**-a«»^ikJWk-»» r*»« r*~m «»-r. **^C
Maple Leaf
Tennis and lacrosse Shoes
Represent tir* acmr* of pe*rf>*fiion in athleti
footwear. Tlity are made over all styles nl
foolfotm lasts i-rn! r(.tne in either Tennis r>r
Oxford cuts, f'r.r durability, grac and comfit " MAPLE ULAF" OUTIW SHOES
have o*.-. ,*,^uals.    Ail: U* tliifli at your dealer*.
THERE l.nra l.een f**rtnn»s
in ie i.y jii'lic um Invaat*
i.< nl i.i Haul l.rlnt.*. an.l
m* re f.irtuoas wiil l.e ma*le (litn
•Tel' tha n**at two or Ibras yaara.
J i ■ s *,.,'. raaps Ilia hai^aal Is
tliH nrlg .,; larsator, for l,e lias
Lis in nisi on a 1 ai sinty.
.'■ .*! let n, 'Mil ii I inl lo ron tl.tl
t'li-ie ji n , boiler iiml nn :ii» Con*
i>> ur  !u_i  Katata tban
Trout Lake la tha pretlii-stS|mii
1"    'f*e   l> Iiajfa |  ne a  [leaanic
us .ti l| i as nn aqnal. fi*aiii g
ni l flslili'g may l.« iiidulgad In
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In t'i ia journal nill show t'.at all
Ira. les a. e fairly noil rejiresenti-il.
Wiite   with eon i lenre In Ageiila
H. McPherson
Trout Lake, B.C.
Lots can be
obtained on
Make your
selection at
once.   ::  ::
Then c#l? on
or   write  to
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c..,t, and a U..,! taw mill wltli a
capacity of 60.000 fi ter dav is at
»•'• Head .,f tb. uie. Tha mlnu
tiiliiiB.y ara ,,r.,»|Ilf. (Ill b-f-#r
irml.icets   erery   year,   will,   n.w
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'"ere   w(||   ba   a  big in.I, t_l.
rjAr, en ir T0II w,llll() k|i(iw
mora, wrlla et ones t„ ,n*,,r ot
tlie agents at tba adtlresies bslov
E. B. Wells
CMiaral Agaat
Revelstoke, B.O.
',;•»*- bimrm* v.   - v*$,


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